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CIARLA MUHLENBERG COLLEGE 1983-1984 VOLUME 91 Hi? - AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY A DIVISION OF JOSTEN’S TOPEKA i 1 . H p__ j { " i! TABLE OF CONTENTS REGULATORS AND 6-35 POSTULATORS GROUPS AND GREEKS 36-65 IN THE SPOTLIGHT 66-109 THEATER PAGES 68-85 STUDENT LIFE PAGES 86-109 THE GAMES WE PLAYED 110-151 THE UPPER CRUST 152-209 SENIOR FORMALS PAGES 154-186 THE ’BERG 1980-1984 PAGES 187-192 SENIOR 1NFORMALS PAGES 193-208 THE LAST HURRAH 210-223 SENIOR WEEK PAGES 212-215 GRADUATION PAGES 216-223 SENIOR DIRECTORY 224-229 PATRON ADS 230-245 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 246-247 - . ;; IN HONOR OF The Ciarla staff wish to recognize and give thanks to the following men for their contributions to the college during their terms of service: Dr. John H. Morey, President 1969-1984; Dr. Harold L. Stenger, Jr., Professor, Vice President and Dean of the College 1946-1984; and Reverend Dr. David H. Bremer, Professor and Chaplain 1952 to 1983. Dr. John H. Morey was named President of Muhlenberg College in 1969 and retired July 31, 1984. He was the eighth chief administrative officer of the college. During his fifteen year term at Muhlenberg, Dr. Morey has brought many changes to the college. In the seventies the most dramatic sign of progress was the $14,000,000 expansion of the college’s buildings. In 1976 the Center for the Arts was completed. The construction of this building was Dr. Morey’s idea, and he found the funds and the architect to build this building. Also, in the seventies the John V. Shankweiler Biology Building, the sixty-bed addition of New Prosser, and the seven small-unit student residences known as MacGregor Village, (completed in the winter of 1980), were built on the campus. Renovations to several buildings on campus occurred. They are: the Trumbower Science Building, the Seegers Student Union, Martin Luther Hall, and the Egner Memorial Chapel. The late seventies and early eighties saw some changes that are still noticable today. The addi- tion of a computer center in the basement of the Ettinger Building and the new technical services cen- ter in the Haas Library, plus the expansion of Memo- rial Hall to the New Life Sports Center, (completed August of 1982), were major physical changes to the college. Dr. Morey also added several new majors to the college. In the seventies the college created a Business Administration Major, an Art Major, a Dra- ma Major, and a Communications Major. In the eight- ies a Computer Science Major and an Information Science Major were created and have continued to expand. Dr. Morey also has inititated the preceeding for the building of a new library on the campus. As with any President there was much turmoil and controversy in the college community. Throughout Morey’s presidency students have complained of his lack of concern and interest for student concerns. Results of these feelings were student protests in the seventies and the creation of the Roundtable in the winter of 1981-1982 at which time there was a Revo- lution meeting in the East Quad. Not much seemed to change as a result of these student protests. Then on May 4, 1983 at a special faculty meeting the Commit- tee on Faculty Concerns and the Faculty Personnel and Politices Committee presented a resolution: where ‘the Faculty, having lost confidence in the President, do urgently request the Board of Directors to seek immediately his retirement.’ The resolution was approved by a vote of 16-0 in the two commit- tees and approved by the faculty by a vote of 73-25. This resolution received much support from the ma- jority of the student population. However, the Board of Directors gave Dr. Morey a Vote of Confidence on May 6, 1983, disappointing many students and facul- ty members of the college community. The summer of 1983 brought forth Dr. Morey’s plans for retirement by July 31, 1984, and many people were happy. There were more controversies this last year with Senior Week Relocation and the Student Court dilemna. But controversies occur with every president of a huge organization or institution. All these controversies should not be weighed too heavily instead, one should consider all the good that Dr. Morey has done for the college in his fifteen year term. And it is for these deeds that we of the Ciarla staff wish to thank him. The Reverend Dr. David H. Bremer served as Chaplain and Professor of Religion at Muhlenberg College from 1952 to May 21, 1983 when he died of cancer. In addition to his duties as Chaplain and personal counseling of stu- dents, faculty, and administrators of the college, he taught several courses in religion; such as. Psychology of Religion, History of Religions, and Applied Christianity. He was also responsible for arranging the Coffee and Fellowship Lec- ture series which brings many current and important issues to the college community in an informal atmosphere. Dr. Bremer was also a guest preacher and lecturer on many college campuses in the United States and Canada. He has written numerous articles and reviews for religious journals and is the author of a study book, The Jesus We Know, published by Muhlenberg Press. In 1943 Dr. Bremer graduated from Wittenberg College and in 1945 from Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary. In 1949 he received a Ph.D. degree in Psychology of Religion, and in Counseling from Boston University, and he was ordained by the Illinois Synod of the Lutheran Church in America. From 1949 to 1952, Dr. Bremer served on the staff of the Board of Higher Education. During this time, he devel- oped procedures for counseling and guidance of candidates for the ministry and other church vocations and was active in the formation of the Department of the Ministry of the National Council of Churches. We of the Ciarla staff express our thanks and gratitude to Dr. Bremer for thirty years of fatihful service to the spiritual needs and intellectual life of Muhlenberg College as Chaplain and Professor - 1952-1983. Dr. Harold L. Stenger, Jr. has served as teacher and administrator in his years at Muhlenberg College. Dr. Stenger came to Muhlenberg in 1946 when he joined the faculty as an English teacher. By 1956, he had become head of the English Department. During his teaching years, Dr. Stenger became the first professor to hold the John and Fannie Saeger Professorship in Comparative Literature and earned the nickname ‘Prince Hal’ from his students. In 1975, Dr. Stenger was appointed dean of the College, and in 1979 retired as professor and chairman of the English Department. He was named Vice President and Dean of the College on June 3, 1980. During his years at Muhlenberg College, Dr. Stenger has done much for the school. A member of Phi Beta Kappa he achieved top academic distinction for the College by help- ing to secure a Phi Beta Kappa chapter for Muhlenberg. He is credited with establishing the College’s present program in humanities. He has received an Alumni Achievement Award for distinguished service to the college by a non- alumnus and has received the Lindback Award for distin- guished teaching. It was his love of teaching that inspired many Muhlenberg students to study with him. and for those same students to establish the Harold L. Stenger, Jr. En- dowed Scholarship, to be presented annually beginning in 1985 to a graduating senior who plans to do graduate work in the humanities. On April 4, 1984, Muhlenberg College awarded the honorary doctor of literature degree to Dr. Stenger for his thirty-eight years of outstanding teaching, scholarship, and academic leadership at Muhlenberg. It is for his service and dedication to the college that the Ciarla staff wishes to honor and thank Dr. Stenger. DR JOHN MOREY PRESIDENT CLAIRE FETTERHOFF TREASURER DR. HAROLD STENGER, JR. DEAN OF THE COLLEGE PETER SHULTZ DIR. OF DEVELOPMENT DR. DALE LECOUNT DEAN OF EDUCATION LUCILLE BA VARIA EILEEN KERN DIR. OF FINANCIAL AID REGISTAR KURT LTHIEDE DEAN FRESH. ADM. DAVID SEAMANS DIR. UNION CA ANNE WRIGHT ASS ' T DEAN OF STUD. DR. JAMES BRYAN DEAN OF STUDENTS ROBERT CLARK DIR. COLLEGE REL. ■ DR. HIRSH DEAN OF CONT EDUCATION LAURA THIEDE ASST DEAN FRESH. ADM. REV. GEORGE EICHORN DIR. CHURCH RELATIONS JAMES MORGAN ASST TREAS. TIMOTHY COX ASST. DEAN FRESH. ADM. NANCY MARTIN COLLEGE RELATIONS GAIL GARDNER ANN RAINES ASST DEAN FRESH. ADM. CAREER COUNSELOR STEVEN BELL ASS’T DIR. OF FIN. AID STERLING WILHOIT DIR. SAFETY SECURITY TAMMY BORMAN ASST DEAN FRESH. ADM. ALMA DEUTSCH DIR OF PERSONNEL BETSY CAPLAN MACCARTHY DIR ALUMNI RELATIONS HAROLD FORNER DIR PLANT OPERA TIONS PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. LINDA GARRETT MR. RALPH KIRCHENHEITER MR. KENNETH MOYER MRS. HELENE HOSPADAR MR. RAYMOND WHISPELL MR. WILLIAM FL AMISH 12 THE ARTS 15 DR. HENRY SCHMIDT 16 ENGLISH 1 7 FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND CLASSICS MS. ANNA ADAMS MS MARY REDLINE MRS. REBA MARBLESTONE DR. ROBERT WIND MRS. PATRICIA DEBELL1S 18 DR. JOHN BRUNNER DR. JOHN PEARCE DR ARV1DS ZIEDONIS. JR DR. ALBERT KIP A DR JOES LOPEZ DR. ADOLPH WEGNER DR. KENNETH WEBB DR. CAROL RICHARDS 19 PHILOSOPHY DR. THEODORE SCHICK RELIGION BIOLOGY 22 23 CHEMISTRY DR. RICHARD HATCH DR. DONALD SHIVE MRS. HAZEL ZIEF DR. DAVID STEHLY Ce Pr Nd Pm Sn Th Pa U Np Pu DR. MARION SMITH DR RUSSELL SMART DR. MARSHA BAAR MRS. COLLEEN SERENCSITS Eu Gd To Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No Lr , MATH MR. ROLAND DEDEKIND DR. WILLIAM SEAMAN PHYSICS O lav DR. HARRY RAUD DR. JOHN MACCARTHY BUSINESS , ECONOMICS MR. JOHN HORCHNER 28 47VD ACCOUNTING JOHN BIGLIN EDUCATION 9 8 3 8 G 9 o -1 + 4 -4 -3 7 9 7 4 4 G JiKijiwl HISTORY 1867 1914 MDHLEH ECq Founded 1917 V V I RUSSIAN REVOLUTION DR. KA THERINE VAN ERDE DR DANIEL WILSON WOMEN ENTER MUULENBEQG wwi STOCk MARKET CRASH. j 5 - 20 -1984 KENNEDY ASSASSINATED VIETNAM WAR ENDS CPADUATION 31 POLITICAL SCIENCE DR ALTON SLANE DR. STEWART LEE DR. CHRISTOPHER HERRICK PSYCHOLOGY 33 SOCIOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY WA YNE HASTEN BUILDINGS GROUNDS a 0 ! R. SCOTT RODGERS COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST y PATRICIA SACKS DIR OF LIBRARIES B«!s» gnBflOS® ACADEMICS OM1CRON DELTA EPSILON: First Row: A. DiChiara, R. Delfiner, S. Lenz, J. Gilbert. Second Row: L. McCoy, E. Gansl, M. Cohen, W. Campanale, S. Coslett, M. Cohen, E. Rassmussen. PHI SIGMA IOTA: First Row: N. Marcus, H. Schwartz. G. Gorton. Second Row: J. Robinson. W. Bromleigh, S. Coslett. PHILOSOPHY CLUB PSI CHI.M Cohen, S. Miller, E. Stein, S. Van Zyl, T. Marino. ACCOUNTING CLUB: First Row: L. Fassberg, J. Stromeyer, A. DiChiara, L. Steiner. Second Row: S. Tackack, S. Stocker, E. Gansl. R. Farber, J. D ' Lauro. B. Sjaardema, M. Nash. BUSINESS-ECONOMICS CLUB: First Row: K. Nelson, K. Glevis, L. Terhanian, E. Gansl, T. Freedman, P. Beauchamp. Second Row: M. Gennari, K. Garcia, M. Molinari, N. Friedman, M. McKee, S. Janin. S. Coslett, H. Altschul. Third Row: B. Campanale, D. Burk, R. Delfiner, M. Mann, M. Sellinger. Fourth Row: M. Cohen, C. Flopkinson, P. Serfass, R. Corm ier, J. Flamburger. T. Gagnell, M. Friedman. MA TH CLUB: First Row: K. Mundi. J. Schumann, L. Bjorklund, A. Bazanowski, S. Flillard, S. Cristol. Second Row: J. Schuhmann, C. Nelson. J. Schwartz, L. Bottjer, D. Slimmer CHEMISTRY CLUB: First Row: P. Smith. C. McCall, E. Felbin, C. Clark, D. Pertnoni, S. O’Connell, R. Shober, K. Schey, J. Schwartz, V. Tranchetella. Second Row: M. Kowalczyk. B. Quay, P. Nathan, B. Bratina, K. Mundi, J. Pizzuto, S. Labcoff, D. Sabeh, L. Farrell. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB: First Row: D. Scurnick, L. Stein, L. Comer, L. Schwartz, FI. Schwartz, A. Vitelli, M. Marcovici, C. Lerner. Second Row: E. Ricker, J. Agnello, C. Stein, J. Feudi, N. Carper, D. Driban, S. Freud, A. Weinberg, L. Rampil. Third Row: S. Walsh, D. Anderson, S ' . Merrit, L. Miller. EDUCATION CLUB; First Row: C. McFlugh. Second Row: K. Offerman, J. Michelman, R. Mondschein, M . Young, L. Rilke. Third Row: R. Flendricks, E. Rickert, R. Cornaglia. COMMUNICATIONS CLUB: First Row: L Sonzogni, A. Garthly, A. Weinberg, S. Gross. Second Row: J. Herbst. R. Bardell, L. Joslyn, B. Hannon, M. Mandic, N. Friedman. Third Row: C. Peil, Dr. Wright. J. Dubiel, D Talbot, B Doyle, D. Werfel, M. Smith. L. Tar kin, K. Cooney. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA: First Row: C. Cromer, N. Marcus, D. Pedicini, S. Teich. L. McCoy. Second Row: S. Van Zyl, B. Leiber, Dr. Graber, C. Katz, S. Lenz, D.Megna, Mr. Seamans, J. Stromeyer. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: First Row: L. Rosen. E. Jensen, L. Lama, A. Choi, L. Bottjer. L. Brand, K. Raudibaugh. Second Row: B. Bushnell, A. Bazanowski. M. Peters. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION: First Row: A. Tsie. R. Nufio. Second Row: K. Raudibaugh, B. Svenson, F. Brouse. Third Row: L. Awal, Armando. 41 RUSSIAN CLUB: First Row: J. Henderschedt, E. Weisberg, N. Kowalczyk, L. Ouellette, G. Dollin, A. Reumann. Second Row: L. Charbonneau. R. Ziedonis, M. Goldman. G. Schroeder, G. Wetzel. D. Soloman, K. Martin. FRENCH CLUB: First Row: F. Denlinger, M. Squires , B. Sven son. Second Row: M. Roxberry, SPANISH CLUB: D. Kellogg. F. Brouse, B. Edwards, J. Yanovich, G. Gorton. L. L. Tarkin, K. Cocheo. Third Row: H. Napoliten, R. Keator, F. Brouse. L. Lama. Braverman, M. Andriani. GERMAN CLUB: First Row: M. Shupp, A. Reumann. D. Kovach. K. Alexander, M. Hinkle, K. Knott. D. Guether. E. Neuken. Second Row: J. Kovach. G. Schoeder. A. Wackernagel, D. Rosolia, B. Schwabb, P. Davis, H. Dutmer. S. Rapplaa, J. Brndjar. Third Row: G. Wetzel. P. Bachman, E. Magnusen, A. Miller, J. Schubmann, M. Paukovits, C. Mayer, S. Schick, D. McKeeby. mt ■+ INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS CLUB: First Row: M. Marovicci, J. Western, N. MAPA . First Row: R Van Keekem, L. Clark, Y. Evrich. Second Row: C. Creasi, M. Wilson, J. Marcus, A. Goffman, R. Farber. Second Row: H. Kellis. P. Serfass, D. McKeeby, E. Min , erU H Dr j ennings . Third Row: R. Cirincione, D. Van Houten. Weisberg. PRE-LAW SOCIETY: First Row: J. Jurden, N. Romeo, Ft. Kellis, B. Doyle, R. Berman, A. Goffman, M. O ' Hare. Second Row: J. Pillar, E. Gansl, J. Fierro, I. Ackerman, T. Greedman, M. Wladis, M. Gennari, M. Mann, R. Cormier, N. Marcus, M. Cohen, B. Stutman, R. Farber, M. Hanlon, D. Cervino. THE NEWS MAKERS STUDENT COUNCIL. First Row: B. Leiber, B. Unger, D. Pedicini. E. Chapman. Second Row: C. Furiga, C. Allen. G. Dollin, A. Garthly, R. Berman. B. Clark, L. Schwartz. Third Row: P. Fairchild. M. Bailey, J. Winters. J. Schoen, J. Jurden, S. Whittier, P. Nathan, M. Cohen. " I I CONCERT COMMITTEE: First Row: A. Garthly, B. Unger, D. Sanders. Second Row: J. Cabot. D. Pedicini, M. Sellinger. Third Row: E. Ederman, B. Brown, F. Miele. PROGRAM BOARD: First Row: D. Mackie, L. Lama. C. Nelson, R. Berman, M. Cohen, D. Boxill. Second Row: K. Psula, R. Cornaglia, B. Lazofsen, A. Leinberg, E. Chapman. M. Hudson, G. Stransky, L. Gosney. S. Goldman, M. Ko- bulsky. A. Krauss, J. McNamara, S. Labkoff. Third Row: Mr. Seamans, A. Garthly, F. Meile, B. Leiber, C. Allen, D. Reichard, E. Gansl, J. Allen, J. Carmanty, J. Toll, L. Ler- man. 44 THE NEWS REPORTER C1ARLA: First Row: C. Katz, K Wolbach, M. Nitti, M Cohen, S. Whittier, B. Davis, Second Row: E . Jensen, J. Schoen, L. Fassberg, B. Leiber, S. Miller, W. Campanale, D. Pennom, C Hopkinson, B. Goodliffe, B. Unger WEEKLEY: First Row: E. Jensen, V. Ba- sheda, G. Weidner, D. Kovach. T. Burke, E. Blumen. Second Row: L. Brandt, J. Herbest, D. Talbot, D. Boxill, J. Kovach, M. Stites, M. Andriani, J. Agnello, M. Mandic, M. Rox- berry, D. Martinyw, C. Reinhart, L. Braver- man. Third Row: B. Davis. B. Bushnell, M. Leeds, A. Walton, D. Sanders. ARCADE: First Row: M. Roxberry, D. Sabeh, L. Pettera, M. Shupp. Second Row: L. Weston, E. Edermer, L. Peterson, I. Van Aken. S. Surnamer. Third Row: R. Gaffney, E. Weisberg, D. Boxill. 45 STUDENT LIFE I s. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE: P. Nathan, J. Cohen, R. Berk, S. Coslett, A. Strober, D. Pennoni, S. Whittier. STUDENT ADVISORS: First Row: T. Burke, L. Peirce, H. Halik, S. Teich, D. Keck, L. McCoy, M. Nitti, S. Lewis, D. Somers, E. Moyer, R. Trabert, Second Row: C. Furiga, L. Fassberg, E. Edge, G. Wilkinson, E. Chapman, C. Prino, M. Koblusky, D. Cummins, N. Whang, E. Davenport. Third Row: K. Hauser, B. Byrne, K. Mills, M. Squires, A. Bazanowski, P. Brew. J. Duma, B. Svensson. G. Rolando. S. Spar. Fourth Row: S. Bolindz, J. Freeman, K. Goldman, J. Robinson, C. Schnabl. M. Cardillo, M. Feldman, T. Marino, J. Neely, S. Clark. RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL: W. Sherman, P. Kettles, J. Stromeyer, L. Tarkin, D. Itzie, J. Larsen, L. Schwartz, L. Pierce, W. Bromleigh, J. Mitchell. HOCKEY CLUB: First Row: T. Wellhan, R. Bucich. A. Luzier. C. Shultz, B. Fenlon, K. Hopper. J. Marshall. Second Row: J Pillar, M. Young, R. Zaffeus, J. Zeiler, F Pepai, J. Bocchino. D. Kellis, A. Block, J. BurdalL ULTIMATE FRISBEE CLUB CLASS OF 1984 CLASS OFFICERS: D. Burk, I. Baron, L. Katz, C. Hopkinson. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. R. Delfiher, J. Stromeyer, L. Fassberg, B. Lieber, M. Cohen, B. Unger, D. Pennoni, D. Itzie, M. Rein. ALL together again PLEDGE DRIVE COMMITTEE: First Row: B. Lieber. Pedicini, L. Katz. Second Row: B. MacCarthy, S. Teich, Cohen, J. Robinson. s s= r w . if M m pi w ■ 1 SI £ 7 v - jpl i s CLASS OF ’87: First Row: E. L.uglio, D. Fiergang, D. Guether, L. Nouelline Second Row: I. Schmoyer, B. Cook, K. Yorn, F. Russell, S. Sonkin. 49 HARMONIZERS COLLEGE CHOIR: First Row: C. Housel, M. Elston, W. Ayers, S. Ward, Y. Eurich, L. Tripolitis, E. Moyer, E. Edge, E. Felbin, Dr. ' McClain. Second Row: FI. Martin. S. Schultze, S. Fortkamp, R. Rosenfeld, D. Mackie, G. Casciano, S. Teich, L. Peppier, A. McKaig, L. Allen. K. Decker. Third Row: B. Wayman, S. Van Zyl, L. Finkle, M. Sterling. W. Wiebalk, L. Farrell, J. Klempel, K. LaFaver. D. Maack, L. Stucliffe. Fourth Row: C. Gill, K. Wolbach, T. Havig hurst, J. Willauer, T. Gillice, J. Rebman, J. Balias, G. Thompson, H. Colocott, C. Furiga, D. Woods, K. Buckwalter, B. Moore. CONCERT BAND: First Row: A. Holzman, S. Miller, S. Pusecki, J. Garland, K. Trach, L. Malkin, B. Edwards, F. O’Donnel. Second Row: L. Miller, C. Maya. D. Sabeh, C. Veltri, K. Panza, L. Ouellette, S. Hoffman, S. Weaver, M. Flynn. Third Row: B. Knickerbocker, K. Mundi, C. Amuck, E. Lama, E. Manuson, J. Schoen, A. Elverud, D. Kupcha, C. Connor, J. Rowland, G. Zumberge, T. Stettler, J. Hoyd, J. Freeman, S. William, J. Elder. CHAPEL CHOIR; First Row: H. Martin, A. Bazanowski, M. Kraft, D. Mackie, D. Heckert, L. Malcon, L. Luther, D. Lehman, E. Edwards, M. Schupp, K. Martin. Second Row: C. Schnalb. A. Miller, J. Schimann, A. Pearson, K. Mills, B. Quay, M. Hudson. Third Row: G. Stransky, T. Havighurst, G. Zumberge, B. Wetzel, J. Norton, J. Kle mpel, J. Kroninger, E. Lama, K. Buckwalter. jrrtfiftiffil iW ENTERTAINERS MUHLENBERG THEATER ASSOCl- A TION: First Row: J. Brewer. J. Spereda- kos. M. Richner, L. Farrell, D Magar, S. Clark, L. Wirth. C Richter, J. Gilbert. O. Baer, B. Rubin, P. Fairchild, B Hannon. Second Row: M. Murphy, S. Schulze, J. Mitchell, B. Kline. S. Willaims, A. Burkholz, D. Shapland. Third Row: H. Freeman. N. Strongylov. D. Lyons. D. Girt on, S. Olson, A. Kenner, M. Norinsberg, M. Sterling. DANCE CLUB: First Row: M. Per one, C. Peil, J. Ickovics, K. Fullam, E. Davenport, D. Wright. Second Row: D. Evertt, S. Miller. P. Serfass, G. Dollin, S. Witcher, M. Elsoon, V. Dahmel, C. Allen. Third Row: A. Lockhardt, S. Quielger, D. Huang. J. Elder, B. Boachie, G. Kevorkian, L. Olson, B. Wayman. YACC: First Row: J. Brewer. J. Schwartz, C. Schwartzenbach. Second Row: I. Van Aken, Y. Eurich. N. Strongylov, J. Herlst, L. Malkin. Third Row: H Freeman, E. Hol- brook, L. Arrowsmith, S. Schulze, D. Kart- man, C. Cromer, L. Rampil, S. Ward. 51 RELIEF AND BELIEF ABOVE : CHEERLEADERS: First Row: G. Rolando, P. St. George, S. Snyder, K. Koar, P. Bolter. Second Row: R. McAndrew, N. Sbarbaro, L. Coffey, N. Whang. Third Row: K. Mills, M. McKee. D.Ciaffone. LEFT: POM-POMS: First Row: L. Freaman. K. Fullam. Second Row: P. Goodman, S. Mortensen, S. Paul, L. Flong, D. Katz, J. LeRuo, S. Larah, J. Dannone. Third Row: D. Cervino, R. Cormier, G. Dadus, L. Novelline, M. Vitulli. B. Thomas, D. Garibaldi, M. Scholt, M. Mancuso, M. Mann. ALPHA PHI OMEGA: First Row: S. Miller, J. Semper, M. Kobulsky, C. Allen, J. Lieto, D. Turner. Second Row: A. Bazanowski, E. Gansl, D. Megna, A. Andalft, D. Pennoni, C. Flanau, S. Westphal, G. Blumenson, L. Ryan, H. Martin. Third Row: K. Mills, G. Woodruff, B. Galloway, J. Pizzuto, J. Scott, K. Schey, D. Wright. FIRST AIDE CORP: First Row: J. Bastidas, H. Martin, J. Raheb. A. Bazanowski, S. Moyse. Second Row: M. Fludson, J. Bove, D. Garibaldi, K. Winter, K. Keck. Third Row: S. Kesler, D. Smith. P. Dickson, M. Vitulli, K. Cocheo, M. Kobulsky. Fourth Row: F. Manak, K. Mills. G. Woodruff. R. Berk. 52 NEWMAN ASSOCIATION: First Row: K. Wittreich, S. Whittier, D. Shapland. Second Row: G. Weidner, G. Holland, T. Widner, G. Wilkinson, M. Cox, J. Winter, M. Hudson. i, MUHLENBERG CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: First Row: K. Wolbach, C. Nelson, L. Luther, P. Kettles. G. Stransky, M. Hudson. Second Row: R. Shober, R. Fritz. D. Heckert. H. Martin, M. Dieter. A. Bazanowski, L. Lama. Y. Eurich, D. Boxill, R. Hendricks, A. Reumann, G. Wilkinson, A. Yost. Third Row: Rev. Timm, T. Albright, S. Kuehm, K. Mills. A. Pearson, N. Carper, B. Quay, J. Levy, B. Macaluso. L. Rasmussen. HILLEL: R. Berk. G. Speier, S. Labkoff. H. Kesselman, M. Cohen. Dr Baar, J. Cabot, D Burke. M. Cohen, R. Delfiner. L. Berger, A. Snyder. S. Blank, L. Rosen, P. Lipman. 53 CAMPUS CHALETS BERNHEIM: First Row: M. Hinkle, C. Nelson, M. Shupp, D. Kovach. Second Row: W. Wieblak, A. Wachernagel, C. Mayer. S. Teich, S. Schick, M. Paukovits, A. Miller. EVE ELIZABETH: First Row: S. Olson, D. Lyons. Second Row: S. Williams, A. Kenner, C. Vogley. Third Row: B. Goodliffe, B. Leiber, A. Burkholz. Fourth Row: M. Norins- berg, G. Thompson, J. Speredakos, S. Percy, E. Boies. FREDERICK AUGUSTUS: First Row: S. Helson, C. Freedman. P. Park, G. Speier, L. Arrowsmith. Second Row: H. Nepolitan, H. Kellis, J. Western. N. Marcus, G. DiDio, F. Brousse, H. Watson. I I 54 mk ¥ |c m Mr JB HENRIETTA: First Row: S. Altman, J. Leitgeb, C. McHugh, R. Delfiner, Second Row: S. Butler, L. Maurel, M. Peters, W. Bromleigh, D. Burk. Third Row: S. Miller, S. Ziegler, L. Whitman, T. Duffy, R. Monds- chein. MILLERHEIM: First Row: F. Manak, J. Norton, Hare Bear, J. Triollo, C. Campbell, E. Jensen, J. Mitchell, D. Woods, J. Roland. Second Row: J. Bastidas, V. Fabievti, P. Dave y, R. Kiter, J. Raheb, G. Brignola. Michele and Debbie stroll down Acedemic Row. ALPHA TAU OMEGA BACK MOW: A. Stieir, C. Kelly, S. Jaffe, T. Murdock, T. Bassman, C. M. Frohm, B. Rizzo, J. Boggs, J. Andrews. T. Nader, S. Hersch. J. Vlattas, D. Easterbrook, J. Moffitt, J. Krutch, Tunk, J. Ivankovits, D. Goldstein, G. Cafiero, M. O’Brien. FRONT ROW: B. Ekezian, M. Sellinger, R. Chamberlin, Eisenbed, F. Papera, J. Gisolfi, Kochese, E. Roghuein, T. Schmidt, B. Brown, M. Avrigian, E. Turbak, T. Applegate. Intensity of mind and body ■ John Gisolfi. 56 Dave Goldstein and Mike Pavelchek enjoy a little football inside ATO. Welt enjoying a little snack during exams. RIGHT: Brother Rob Saturday night. PHI KAPPA TAU , Jack, Tom, Scott and Bill Party on a FIRST ROW: T. Sacramone. M. Leno, C. Nagle, M. Bisbing, H. Marcantoni, S. Asmitage, A. Kahn, R. Barritt. SECOND ROW: D. Seipert, T. Novutnak, L. Scancilio, C. Viti, R. Stoyer, C. Swatek, T. Langdon, B. Reinger. T. Ryan, S. Gahi, J. Kaeracher. S. Leyden, B. Abies. THIRD ROW: M. Doherty, D. Kurtz, M. Young, S. Cooperman, P. Kelly, J. Farrell, T. Fritz, R. Catherina, D. Brenner, E. B. Heyman, R. Merle, A. Bullman, M. Lawless, J. Sacco, S. Ritardi, B. Erlenbach, R. Clanc, T. O ' Neill, R. Schu, J. Canning, K. Rogers, D. Litsky, E. Schmoywer - Advisor. SIGMA PHI EPSILON SigEp brothers relax in the Snack Bar after a hard day. Intramural Basketball in the Field House. FRONT: B. Macaluso. FIRST ROW: E. Ramadon, D. Slimmer, D. Rice, J. Keating, C. Veltri, R. Goldberg, D. Keck, P. Spohn. B. Coll, Baron. SECOND ROW: M. Berg, G. Wetzel, T. Russel. J. Viola. F. Miele, R. Bucher, S. Taylor, P. Rosa, K. Mulhearn. THIRD ROW: J. Black P. Wasserman, P. Morris, B. Till, S. Woodrum, G. Sears, M. Cardillo, C. Repsher, S. Clelland, J. Freeman. ROOF: M. Kopper, T. Newkirk, A. Wasserman. T. Williams, P. Spohn, G. Schneoder, K. Connelly, A. Gyimesi, M. Turygan. Tod, Scot and Todd cram in SPE ' s tibes during finals. Thanksgiving Day dinner - SPE style. LEFT: It’s called style guys! ABOVE: Nice shot Kevin! Baron - house pet. TAU KAPPA EPSILON ABOVE: A TKE cheering seciton for a Mules game. BELOW: A Hogger, a Golden Boy and a Campy share a drink or two. What does Keith want from Santa Clause? What is Kevin Koonjy checking out? First Row: K. Schey; V. Tranchetella; G. Brignola; P. Davey ; S. Cervillo. Second Row: E. Rasmussen: B Baker; M. Ramundo; K. Woodbridge: B. Campanale- J D ’Amato; E. Beagell; S. Grosswald; R. Hunn; K. Koonjy; F. Franzese; C. Hahn; K. Maehrer; C. Tessier. Third Row: D. Wilson; B Budszinsky J Dowling ' T. Koutoufaris; R. Prestiano; S. Campbell; B. Clark; K. Hopper ; V. Fabietti ; S. Vena; C. Campbell; P. Jarossy; D. Bachman; J. Petrak; K. Matyas. Fourth Row J Hinsch J. Elder roof; J. Pizzuto; J. Heigl SITTING: N. Levine, S. Binder, A. Mustin, R. Mendelsohn, P. Halper, T. Gottlieb, M. Duvall. L. Fenton, L. Marcus. STANDING: L. Lerman, J. Neely, S. Block. J. Susskind, K. Resnick, R. Witt, E. Stettin. K. Beal, P. Sockler, P. Zeitz, C. Kahn, D. Kline, H. Kesselman, R. Ullman, R. Dana, G. Carmody, J. MacArthur, G. Venezia, R. Josloff, J. Cohen, M. Faecher, A. Lee, D. Flegg, A. Sokaler, R. Elgart, K. Miller. Andy, Ken, Oscar, Lloyd, Paul and Ken “live it up’’ at a ZBT formal. P. Prez. ABOVE: Did someone say drinks are on the house ? ABOVE RIGHT: Phil, Scott and Neil survived Senior Week. RIGHT: A ZBT function brings past and present brothers together. 1 00 The new president, Bob Debbs, takes office. 65 H S S B O LIGHT I j j ’Mam 9mwm 1 : 5 j DOCTOR SPITE OF HIMS ' — . The Doctor in Spite of Himself, written by Moliere, is a slapstick comedy about a back woodsman who is accidentally mistaken as a doctor. (The accident is planned by his wife.), The play tells the story of what happens when Saganarelle, the doctor, tries to cure Monsieur Geronte’s ' daughter of a fake malady. Lucinde wants to marry Leandre, but her father would prefer, itj she marry someone with more wealth. The Doctor fli Spite of Himself was directed by Gloria Muzio Thayer, a guest director at Muhlenberg. Recently she had directed and developed several plays in New York, and prior to that she had been an .associate professor of theater at :rsity of Bridgeport. ctor in Spite of Himself was performed on and October l. " . ' !. The jealous husband, Lucas (Laurence Lerman) protects his wife, Jacqueline ( Jill Brewer). ■ Baer) seek Saganarelle (Eric Boies) is offered money to cure M. Geronte’s (Robert Debbs) daughter. : ' V V " . ,» ' ' ■ ' ■ , HH . -Mother Courage resolves to stay with her wagon, and to continue her business. An Ordinance Officer (Doug Girton) tries to trade with Mother Courage as Yvette Pettier (Michelle Sterling) looks on. Two Soldiers (Alan Burkholz, Laurence Lerman) and the Chaplain ( beg Mother Courage for shirts to save a peasant man (Lon S. •.peasant woman (Louanne Wirth). MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN Mother Courage, which was performed November 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, and 19 was written in Germany in 1939 by Bertolt Brecht. It is a chronicle of the seventeenth century’s Thirty Years Wars, but more importantly it teaches lessons about war as a way of life. Mother Courage is a trader who is torn between her children, or praising the war for bringing her so much business. In the end, she loses her three children not to the fighting per se, but rather to the affects that war has on all innocent bystanders. All she is left with is her trade wagon, the symbol of her business. The lead character, Mother Courage, was played by Melody James, who was in residence at Muhlenberg College for the fall semester. She has been previously involved in MTA pro- ductions such as Canaries, Sitting Ducks, and The Water Engine, in addition to being a twelve year old veteran of the San Francisco Mime troupe. Mother Courage was entered in the American College Theatre Festival, (finals were held at Muhlenberg in January, 1984), and although it did make the finals, it did not win. However, Mother Courage did win the overall award for best props. Elif (Jonn Speredakos) sings of heroism and war. : w. MISS JULIE The author of Miss Julie, August Strinberg, uses the stage to portray his very strong feelings a bout social strusture in Eigh- teenth Century Sweden. It is a play depicting various power struggles — between classes, between sexes and among reli- gions. The action takes place entirely in the kitchen of Miss Julie’s father’s house (he is a Count), on a Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden during the 1880’s. In the first half of the play, Miss Julie dominates and manipulates her valet, Jean; she uses her power to seduce him. The turning point of the play comes when the characters in a sense “rape each other,” and Jean (representing Strinberg’s belief in man as the dominant sex) assumes power over Miss Julie. The play only had three main characters; in addition, it was performed in the round, therefore the audience was very close to the action and could feel apart of the play. Melody James directed Miss Julie, which was performed Feb. ,5,8,9,10,11. ; In the end, Jean is the dominant person, and as such is able to insult Miss Julie • : ;vi SI Wintergreen has found the one who can really make corn muffins. H V OF THEE SING Of Thee I Sing is a satrical musical about election campaigns presented by the Muhlenberg Theater Association on March 30 through April 7. Written in 1931 by George S. Kaufman and Morris Ryskind, the musical follows the campaigning of candidate John P. Wintergreen for president. Wintergreen’s election committee decides that their candidate shall run on the platform “Put Love in the White House.” Part of the plan is that Wintergreen marry the winner of a national beauty contest after proposing to her in every state. However, this doesn’t work for Wintergreen falls in love with Mary Turner, a girl who can make corn muffins. Diana Devereaux, the South- ern belle who won the beauty contest, isn’t happy about the situation and tries with the aid of the French Ambassador to make Wintergreen pay for her humiliation. The plot weaves through many complications and subplots to a happy ending with Wintergreen being a daddy. The musical was superbly directed by Charles Richter with excellent set design by Curtis Dretsch. The cast was great with the leads being: Eric Boies as Wintergreen, Linda Tripolitis as Mary Turner, Alison McKaig as Diana Devereaux, David Ly- ons as Throttlebottom and Gary Thompson as the French ambassador plus a large supporting cast. Mary Turner, (Linda Tripolitis), is waiting for her groom. m mi ms M m a w fV]f. ml ■ A She ' s the illegitamate daughter of an illegitimate -■ Trouble in the White nous m mat mm i i: i I | I ] The Muhlenberg Opera Group’s production of Gian Carlo Menott’s The Old Maid and the Thief was a doubly delightful experience. The double casting and two student directors made the opera workshop a unique experience. The comedy takes place in a small American town in the home of Miss Todd, the Old Maid. Miss Todd and her beautiful, young maid Laetitia be- come enamored by a charming beggar named Bob, and they steal from friends and neighbors to keep Bob on as a guest in their home. Interwoven in the plot are comic confrontations between Miss Todd and her friend Miss Pinkerton, the town gossip. Eventually, after a series of comical events including a liquor store robbery, Bob and Laetitia decide to steal everything Miss Todd possesses, and run off together. The opera ends on a serious note as Miss Todd sings her final plea for help. The first production, directed by senior Scott Olson, boasted the talents of Linda Tripolitis as Miss Todd, Wendy Wiebalk as Laetitia, David Ly- ons, as Bob, and Stefanie Miller as Miss Pinkerton. The second cast, student directed by Stephanie Schulze, included entertaining performances by Alison McKaig as Miss Todd, Barbara Wayman as Laetitia, Jeffrey Gilbert as Bob, and Sandra Van Zyl as Miss Pinkerton. Accompaniment for the performances was provided by Margaret Gar- wood, and vocal direction by Jeremy Slavin. Hf m _ tip P ip l ' P ; : : .p : 4P%: ■ i ■ Ip • , - -■ S , •; ' • a pa . fppaap ' ' ' :-. a in BELOW: Miss Todd and Laetitia Bob to stay Miss Pinkerton spreads the local gossip. — mm mm •v Billy Idol singing and dancing to " Rebel Yell " . Steve and Billy performing “ Dancing with Myself " . Guitarist, Steve Stevens and Billy Idol rock Memorial Hall. 80 BILLY IDOL BRINGS HIS “REBEL YELL ” TOUR TO MUHLENBERG. Billy Idol singing for a " White Wedding The Rescue warms up the audience for Billy Idol The Rescue was the opening act for the Billy Idol Concert on December 1, 1983 held in Memo- rial Hall. Then there was the main act, Billy Idol, wearing black leather pants and vest, a post-punk dyed blond haircut, and his signature sneer. Gui- tarist, Steve Stevens shared the spotlight with Idol on many guitar solos. The concert featured songs from Billy Idol’s latest album “Rebel Yell.” “White Wedding”, “Rebel Yell”, “Mony, Mony”, “The Untouchables”, and the popular “Dancing with Myself” are examples of songs that were per- formed. Originally in the group Generation X, Billy Idol attracks a following which consists of people with varied musical tastes; although many of his fans are punkers. Billy Idol and Steve Webster sing to " Mony, Mony " . 81 THE STRAY CATS BRING “ ROCKABILLY ” TO MEMORIAL HALL. | Above: Lee Rocker, on bass fiddle, plays " Sexy and 17 " . Left: Brian Setzer strumming out " Jail house Rock " . Brian Setzer sings the " Stray Cat Strut. " Memorial Hall roaked and rolled to the “rockabil- ly” sound of a three man group from Long Island who call themselves The Stray Cats. With Brain Setzer on lead vocals and guitar, Slim Jim Phantom on drums and cymbals, and Lee Rocker on bass fiddle and vocal, they kept the near capacity crowd of 2800 fans on their feet for most of the concert. The night began with an opening dance set per- formed by the Sharks. They were followed by a five man a capello group called Fourteen Karat Soul, whose Motrown tunes revved up the anxious crowd for The Stray Cats opening rocker, “Tonight’s the Night”. For almost an hour, the group kept the audi- ence dancing and screaming with such hits as “Stray Cat Strut”, “Sexy and 17”, and an added surprise - a rockabilly rendition of the theme from “The Mun- sters.” Their encore sets included “Rock This Town”, and “Teenage Rebel”. And true to rockabilly tradition, The Stray Cats paid tribute to their musics early beginnings with the closing, house shaking ren- dition of “Jailhouse Rock”. Fourtenn Karat Soul croons to the audience at Memorial Hall. 83 DANCE CLUB . . . COMPOSITIONS: AN EVENING OF DANCE PERFORMANCE " A Study in Brown ” by Jim Elder and Kelly Fullan. Beth Knickerbocker and Suzanne Ziegler represent “The Spirit of Good in Acies ”. “Original Dixieland One Step " by Nancy Chang and Mark Shanaman. On February 24, 25, and 26, the Muhlenberg College Dance Club presented its Spring Concert entitled “Compositions: An Evening of Dance Performance.” The program which consisted of four suites, each about 20 minutes long, contained all original Student Material. E. Laura Houseman, the resident dance instruc- tor for this year, helped the students fine-tune their work. The first suite was “A Diversion” and was a ballet. The Second Suite was entitled “Acies” and told the story of two waring factions. It consisted of three parts - The Preparation, The Con- flict and The Aftermath. The Third Suite gives us a look back through the History of Jazz. “Regressive Progression” represent- ed Modern Jazz through the cocatoo and traced Jazz back to its roots in “A Study of Brown.” The program closed with “The Spoiler.” 84 Jane Jubilee portrays the instigator of evil in Acies. Jeanette Ickovics and Greg Kevorkian during " The Preparation of Acies ' 85 SORORITIES COME TO THE ' BERG After several years of hard work by students and administrators, sororities have become a part of Muhlen- berg College. The three sororities established on the campus are Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Zeta, and Phi Sigma Sigma. All stress service, friendship, and academ- ics and encourage these qualities in their sisters. On February 18, 172 sorority bids were given out and the desire and the dream of many Muhlenberg women became a reality. As founding members of three national sorority chapters at Muhlenberg, these pledges have much work ahead of them. Also, they must organize and choose leaders, develop service projects and plan social functions. They are in a colonization period in which they must prove themselves worthy to become an offi- cial chapter. As Senior Jill Robinson, a Delta Zeta pledge, said, “It’s a chance to build camaraderie that guys have in the five fraternities on campus and a chance to serve Allen- town and Muhlenberg.” This was evident in the Spring of 1984 when the sororities held fund raisers and other functions together, separately, and with the fraternities. The Sororities will add to Muhlenberg’s Greek life as well as its social life. Phi Sigma Sigma representative talks to prospective pledges. Pledge initiation. Julia Yanovick (left) and Jackie Duma discuss pledging requirements with an Alpha Chi Omega representative. RIGHT: A happy sister receives her sorority pin. 86 Delta Zeta Bunnies deliver Easter candy. Alpha Chi Omege sisters in the tug-of-war contest. Sorority sisters serve food during Greek Week. IT’S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE SENIOR BALL 1 1 : ■ APRIL 28TH Mike and Dawn enter the ballroom. Checking in at the ball. Dinner obviously didn ' t satisfy Mike. Lee takes on two. Khris and Matt ■ sweethearts till the end. Barry and Debbie dance up a storm. A classy evening. 89 I ' m cool. And our next couple on Dance Fever Cheers! Smiles for all. Excues me? Michele and Jim enjoy each others company. Dancing in the dark. LEFT: An evening of fine food, wine and music. 91 as the evening draws to an end. A toast to the Class of 1984! BELOW: Need another drink Dave? WELCOME NEW STUDENTS ; • ‘ : v ; ■ ;■: i ALLENTOWN ARE A ALUMNI ASSOCIATION HUHLEMmsCSmi ABC sports televised the Muhlenberg-Swarthmore football game. BELOW: Will this count for gym credit ? 1 VJf — f w A mi ip pPr IjP W fl - If ' t j i y SL ■ ®Sli2 ______ ABOVE: Renee Delfiner helps organize the Senior Ball. ABOVE: Suzanne Altman enlists to convass for the Senior Pledge Drive. BELOW: Dean Bryan discusses the merits of a dry campus. tOVE: Chuck Katz oversees the Class of ’84 dinner as ■LOW: Sue Whittier, Kate Gordon, Butch Leiber, and Me- ie Parker toast the occasion. We come ALUMNI Homecoming ’83, under the direction of Alumni Director Besty MacCarthy, brought together hundreds of Muhlenberg’s alumni, students, faculty, and friends for a weekend of fun. Hiahliqhts of the weekend were the tailgating picnic in the Center for the Arts parking lot, the departmental open-houses, and the President’s Reception in the Center for the Arts corridor. However, the biggest event of homecoming weekend, as al- ways, was the Mules football game. This year the John Hopkins Blue Jays fell victim to the Mules. The Mules set the pace and kept on rolling to finish the game with a 16-0 win; their fourth win of the season. At halftime the annual inductions into the Muhlenberg Hall of Fame were made as well as the honoring of a present day great athlete — Gloria Ann Hardy. Also at halftime the 1983 Home- coming Queen, Diane Pedicini, was crowned. Miss Pedicini was chosen by the student body to be the senior girl who most represents what Muhlenberg means. The process began months beforehand when about 100 senior girls were nominated for queen, and then interviewed by the Homecoming Queen Com- mittee. Ten semi-finalists were picked and from them, through voting by the student body, the Court of five finalists was chosen. Homecoming 1983 was a time of reunion, fun, and remember- ing — a time for everyone. The brothers, beer and bell carry on a Muhlenberg W £ " ;..‘j? ' ' W -4 1 It JB MfPP - w c » " ' VffM TH - Bf k. Miff PBWr PBESl I 9BHP ' raMgL jhry j r ] ' JzSL A mn k W ' iy rn ' Ki i §» ra - 4£J ; : W £P m m f h «E JB I® i Vi " i ilh -fay f |j if li i ' afif " w» iMbim ■HUH MM THE CROWNING OF A QUEEN The Homecoming Court consisted of Suzanne Altman, Kim Eyerman, Linda McCoy, Diane Pedicini, and Beth Unger. On October 15, the win- ner, Diane Pedicini, was announced by Program Board President Rob Ber- man and crowned by last year’s queen Tammy Bormann. The queen announces the winner of SPL hot air balloon ride. The crowning and Diane Pedicini emerges as Muhlenberg’s Homecoming Queen for Todd Ackerman, Suzanne Altman, Alex Cascardo, Linda McCoy, Kim Eyerman, Jim Goryeb, Butch Leiber, 1 s i y 1 ilTP ® v i HlVX ' a ' ! I mm l I [ I 1 m, " , 1 i wY psPS W%, fBfc if i p w IV wA a «■ - ji ■ ■ ■ 1 dk I §■ v HK1 ■■Sp | i’ ' -! i ’ ;®|] : ‘ . Blliftilsil V ' ;! J. gifffi ABOVE: An alternative to union meals. BELOW: Hackey-sack - the new craze. ABOVE: “Girls just wanna have fun!” Scott Olsen: ' BELOW: Mike O ' Brien loosens up for his bout with the copy me Wmrmudr vMi CARNIVAL Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society whose members are juniors and seniors who have exhibited leadership ability while achieving high aca- demic standing. The major event sponsored by ODK is an annual spring carnival for the benefit of a charity. This year proceeds from the carnival benefitted children with learning disabilities. Each year all clubs and organizations on campus are asked to organize a booth for the carnival. Student Council provided its traditional pie-throwing booth while some new additions included Residence Hall Council’s jail and Program Board’s handwriting analyst. Food booths were also quite popular this year. The highlight of the carnival however, was the traditional auction. Dr. Graber, ODK’s faculty advisor, was the auctioneer; auctioning off items donated by students, faculty and friends. The most successful item in the auction this year was a trip to the library’s bell tower. All in all the day was an enjoyable one for every one who participated. Dr. Graber the ODK carnival’s chief hawker. ABOVE: Amy Garthiy proved to be a popular target for the Student Council pie throwing booth. BELOW: Mike Feldman prepares the first aid booth APO helps make the ODK carnival a success. | f : i iyi _ tr ' j«es . - ■ Jr ' rrp J-S pSr Jr tafe T Q aUSS w li PL u:: r rr ' 1 lk J _Jr «■ y± 9 ' . ' £. flP ztl , ' p ■f lL, f%fr 3 Hiftlfe ,, .frft fc • 1 Jk ' ] w ji tf¥ev fMF|yr i ; _x- I ' it Bwai a P | ik - vJLqBv i ' ; • i‘ F ■sir a s • ,1 ,3j The East Folk Fest rocks to the beat of many talented musicians. ABOVE: Drugs you want - Drugs I got. BELOW: I like to sit and dream and oft conspire Wm. . ABOVE: Check HIM out! LEFT: Jim Mitchell auditions for MW Wood BELOW: The SKAM: Hugh Colocott, Jim Rowland, and Erik Steinert. 1 . - ' HI r £ i n i . GREEK WEEK “Greek Week-1984” proved to be exciting despite the restrictions imposed by the administration. Gone was the traditional campus crawl and drinking contest, but the key toss and tug-of-war remained as highlights of the week. Other events included a foosball tournament, tennis tournament, weight lifting contest, frisbee-golf championship and an arm-wrestling competition. All of the houses provided some outstanding individual performances, but once again ATO was victorious. The annual “Greek Week Party” held at the week’s conclusion was a Toga Party again this year. Resident’s Hall Council also provided free hotdogs and hamburgers and live entertainment by The SKAM. The Tug of War struggle the expressions say it all. BELOW: Jeff Toll warns that moving targets don’t count in frisbee golf. BELOW: Frisbee golf is all in the delivery according Dave Elliot. ESh W ABOVE: Nick Lena has been practicing all year for this. BELOW: John Gisolfi struts his stuff. ■ 9 1 I f .v WNH Bfl ij§| ¥ 1 imiiiiiainiii ii i |9bl ' ■■ £■ ' ■ t % f W r v t I ? . jF IHr kT 2 Mi mM a 1 tr t -t i Jr. " vE I ‘ m j L W i ' jfltljii hM4 r rjpl WMlSIJit ' tO r ■■HH jflfSk I wtC r ■ s jja HMHIp ■ aj ss ! -. «.a ’ 1 ‘ Jy " -4._, ., ■ri a ; LJp .JfLt Wp. ' |Bsf m ijM If jss pi BOVE: Commentator Sue Fiore asks Janine Feudi vhat she really thinks about the Mules’ lineup. ABOVE. Steve Vena offers his sneakers for Kevin Koonjy’s l BOVE: Lisa Hannon and Lisa Minervino puz- ■e over another lecture. ELOW: Patty Kettles, Linda Luther, Heidi Ha- and Martha Dieter enjoy a quiet evening in r own. ABOVE: Diane Pedicini and Laura Pierce find that the Leaky Valley lives up to its name. «H3! »T HBH WE PEAYED FOOTBALL Muhlenberg initiated the 1983 season by posting the team’s best start in 37 years. The momentum began as the Mules defeated the Red Devils of Dickinson, 17-6 on opening day. The following week defense was the word with the only points being provided by freshman kicker Tom Mulroy in a 3-0 victory over F M. The Mules continued their winning ways by thrashing Western Maryland 24-0 the following week. Without question the highlight of the season came in week number four. The Mules and the Little Quakers of Swarthmore hit the airwaves in a regionally televised NCAA contest between two unbeaten teams. Although the going was tough for those first few minutes in front of the cameras, the Mules broke it open with a spectacular catch and run from Pete Broas to Tom Neuman for the go ahead touchdown. A fine defense held the Little Quakers at bay for the remainder of the game as the Mules hung on to win 10-7. After coasting to an easy victory over Johns Hopkins, the wheels seemed to come off the 5-0 football machine. The Mules dropped three of their last four games to post a final record of 6- 3. Despite a discouraging late season slump, the Mules were able to hang on to share the first Centennial Conference Champion- ship with Gettysburg and Swarthmore. In addition, the Mules shared the All-Conference player lead by having five players named to the all-star squad. 1983 marked a tremendous turn around for Ralph Kirchen- heiter’s Mules. After a less than memorable 1982 season, the Mules proved in ’83 that they will be a force in the new Centen- na ; l Conference for years to come. Quarterback Broas leads the offense. Senior Nick Leno checks the offensive signal. 112 FIRST ROW: R. Graff, E. Porter, R. Merle, M. Bisbing, R. Beneke, N. Leno, R. LaDuca, W. Groller, T. O’Neil. SECOND ROW: M. Bailey, P. Broas, T. Langdon, K. Rogers, T. Ryan, S. Lauer, B. Hersh, C. Nagle, W. Reiner, T. Neuman. THIRD ROW: D. Miller, G. Brunst, J. Thomas, T. Novatnak, R. Blank, C. Peischl, J. Andrews, C. Kelley, D. Kelley, D. Orphenides, R. Allman. FOURTH ROW J. Renald, M. Maquera, J. Reitz, M. Litsky, S. Cooperman, P. Spohn, C. Schultz, T. Russel. T. Fritz, K. Mei. FIFTH ROW: A. McDonald, G. Ross, E. Della Valle, S. Sonkin, J. Keller, T. Farrell, J. Hobby, A. Kopacz, M. Goldfarb, T. Carroll. SIXTH ROW: R. Gahwyler, C. Vorhees, T. Mulroy, E. Roth- wein, D. Peebles, F. Papera. C. Cheatham. T. Moyer. SEVENTH ROW: J. Kaercher, D. Schildhaus, B. Wolfe, R. Danson, A. Zdroik, J. Loperfido, R. Shapiro, D. Fischer, J. Watson. EIGHTH ROW: B. Abeles, T. Murdock, W. Cronin, S. Rossinow, K. McCracken, T. Greaney, E. Still, C. Easterbrook. STAFF: G. Legath, S. Luckenbill, J. Morgans, K. Mirth, R. Kirchenheiter, S. Nemes, T. Doddy, B. Schaffer, T. Cocca. ABOVE: Senior Co-captain Mark Bisbing going into action. RIGHT: Senior Co-captain Ray Beneke runs back an interception against Johns Hopkins. s ABOVE: Quarterback Pete Broas prepares to fire a bullet. LEFT: ABC TV captures a Mule victory. ABOVE LEFT: Mules offense poised for battle. ABOVE: Junior Mike Bailey looks for daylight. 1 n .■w «. m l N KTl • » ti AS t ' jsi 114 Freshman Charlie Vorhess comin ' at ya! Freshman kicker Tom Mulroy waits to put his foot into action. I I ABOVE: Bill Reiner and Kevin Me: maul a Hopkins ball carrier. BELOW: Senior Rich Graff stretches for the deflection. A hungry defense awaits the snap. Tom Neuman celebrates a Mule score. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 16 DICKINSON 7 3 F M 0 24 WESTERN MARYLAND 0 10 SWARTHMORE 7 16 JOHNS HOPKINS 0 7 GETTYSBURG 34 9 URSINUS 17 ! 20 LEBANON VALLEY 14 7 MORA VI AN Won - 6 Lost - 3 24 HALFTIME The Muhlenberg College Pep Band began its season early in Septem- ber with rehearsals under the student direction of Steve Williams. New music had been ordered during the summer, and a repertoire of newly published tunes, old favorites, and some standard band compositions were prepared for the upcoming football games. In addition to half-time performances, the band played many short, familiar tunes in the stands to provide entertainment, encourage school spirit, and sometimes — just to stay warm! Final preparation of half-time shows for these games was accom- plished during Saturday morning rehearsals with the Pom-Pom squad. The squad also practiced during the week to help polish their routines for half-time entertainment. Throughout the game cheering and spirit were provided by the Muhlenberg Cheerleading Squad. Last but not least the MULE, our college mascot, provided entertainment for young and old throughout the game with his many antics. The Muhlenberg Pep Band, led by student director Steve Williams. Suzanne Snyder roots the Mules to victory. BOTTOM: The Mule, P. Bolter, P. St. George, N. Sharbaro, K. Koar, L. Coffey. TOP: K. Mills, D. Ciaffone, M. McKee, S. Synder, G. Rolando. ABOVE: The Mule terroriz es another small fan. BELOW: Mary McKee and Lynn Coffey show their stuff. Artie Clifton puts the band through its paces. The squad poses for a Homecoming shot. 117 SOCCER As in previous years, the 1983 Soccer season started off impressively. The team had a 4-1 record after the first five games and was ranked as the 11th team among NCAA Division III Middle Atlantic Conference regional teams. Again, as before, the rest of the season was inconsistent. The Mules finished with a 7-8- 1 record, an improvement from last year’s 6-9 record. One reason for this year’s sub-. 500 record was an injury to sweeper co-captain Tom Carle. Coach Ted Martz and assistant coach Carlos Madeira accepted this setback and tried to fill the gap. Led by co-captain Mickey Wlaker, mid-fielder Eddie Mul- lane, and senior wing John Dipalma, the Mules rebounded from several consecutive losses for an improved record. Leading the scoring was Second Team MAC member John DiPalma with six goals. Scott Eisdorfor netted 4 goals while Eddie Mullane and Mickey Walker had 3 goals a piece. Juniors Scott Eiddorfer, Eddie Mullane, and Ken Hughes played well for the Mules this season and will be serving as next season’s tri-captains. Excellent play was also turned in by Sopho- mores Tom Probola and Rob Cantrell, while Freshmen Rob Christman and Rich Ruch proved their ability to play at the college level. The Mules say good-bye to seniors Mickey Walker, John DiPalma, Tom Carle, Scott Tafuri, Kevin Woodbridge, Jim Linton, Chuck Swatek, and Rick Mendelsohn. FIRST ROW: Coach Ted Martz. S. Tafuri, A. Binnie. J. Linton, J. DiPalma, D. Kellogg, THIRD ROW: B. Hart, S. Eisdorfer, R. Mendelsohn, M. Dias, R. Cantrell, B. Williams. M. Walker, C. Benner, R. Stolz, Assistant Coach Carlos Madeira. SECOND ROW: K. FOURTH ROW: A. D ' Antonio, R. Christman, T. Pezzi, C. Swatek, L. Bellucci, J. Hughes, R. Ruch, E. Mullane, K. Doyle, L. Frantz, P. Cilento, T. Probola, K. Levine. Norton, M. Reilly. 118 at aa Eddie Mullane, midfielder, steals the ball from a Swarthmore player. Eddie Mullane and Mickey Walker speed toward the Swarthmore goal. 119 Junior Scott Eisdorfer skillfully passes a defender. Freshman Rob Christman outruns Swarthmore. Muhlenberg nets a goal! Andrew Binnie dribbles around the defense. Sophomore Eddie Mullane prepares to take on the opposition. 120 Sophomore Rob Cantrell drives toward the opponent’s goal. Mickey Walker and John DiPalma celebrate after the winning goal. Senior Co-captain Mickey Walker executes a tackle. FIELD HOCKEY FIRST ROW: N. Clark, W. Gillespie, G. Gorton, G. Hardy, C. Leone, J. Giardina. Hospodar. C. Mahoney, D. Walker, C. Nisch, L. Manning, J. Jurden. C. Grasso, L. SECOND ROW: L. Beninati, C. Drivas, S. Seplow, L. Martin, M. Aimone, B. Fisher, L. Braverman, A. Daubney, C. Gosnay, Coach J. Jacob. Widmer, C DeMarco, P. Hewson, J. Duma. J. Schoen. THIRD ROW: Coach H. I The year 1983 was a good one for the Women’s Field Hockey Team. Under the guidance of Coach Helene Hospodar and assis- tant coach Judy Jacob, the team recovered from an injury prone ’82 season with a 4-5-2 record, and went on to an impressive 10- 3 overall record. At one point, the “Lady Mules” were ranked 12th in the nation among Division III colleges. Although teamwork was the key word throughout the season there was a lot of individual talent. Co-captains Gloria Ann Hardy and Gwynne Gorton provided great leadership, skill, and enthusi- asm the entire year. Hardy also led the scoring, followed closely by freshman Chris Nisch. At mid-field the squad was very strong with veteran players Gwynne Gorton and Leslie Manning and new comer Leslie Widmer. Widmer also received an honorable mention in the MAC Eastern Division. The defense was extremely powerful with sweeper Jaclyn Duma and freshman goalie Coleen Grasso allowing very few goals per game. Unfortunately, the team will lose three talented seniors to graduation: Chris Leone, Jen Giardina, and Gwynne Gorton. The 10-3 record was not good enough to enable Muhlenberg to be involved in MAC post-season play because of disappointing losses to Drew and FDU. However, as the team said in their pre- game cheer, “just you wait, we’ll get you yet!” GloriaAnn Hardy, MAC Northern Division first team member, challenges FDU. I 122 Sophomore Leslie Manning races toward the goal. A shot on goal by the offense led by GA. Hardy, co-captain. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 0 HAVER FORD 2 2 MARYWOOD 0 2 ALBRIGHT 0 3 DELAWARE VALLEY 2 5 CENTENARY 1 0 DREW 1 3 DICKINSON 1 1 LEBANON VALLEY 0 3 MORAVIAN 2 2 FDU 3 7 CEDAR CREST 2 2 SWARTHMORE 0 3 MORA VI AN Won 10 • Lost 3 0 Leslie, Jaclyn, Gwynne, Coleen, Leslie, Jan prepare for a penalty corner. I CROSS COUNTRY The Cross Country team opened the season with their usual optimistic outlook. Following a good summer conditioning period, the Mules were ready for the challenges ahead. After dropping the opening meet on September 21, to a strong F M squad, the team scored a convincing victory over Elizabethtown. Unfortunately, it was an uphill struggle for the rest of the season. Injuries hit hard and often. Just a few weeks into the season senior captain, Scott Ffolzauer, was forced out of competition due to injuries. The same would be true for Dave Lisan and Chuck Hoff- man. This type of misfortune characterized the Mules eight meet losing streak. Despite tremendous effort, the Cross Country team could only muster a 2-12 record. This dismal season did have some bright spots, though. Junior Dave Lisan continued past success by being the team’s best perform- er. Dave will serve as captain for the 1984 squad. Freshmen Mike Halpern and Neil McAslan also turned in good seasons. The new core of ’87 runners should prove to be a good base on which to build future winning teams. Senior Jeff Campbell runs through mid-air. Junior Dave Lisan takes the stick from captain Scott Hoizhauer. FIRST ROW: C. Hoffman, N. McAsIan, M. Halpern. D. Lisan, S. Lowell (Manager). SECOND ROW: S. Holzhauer, J. Berdell, J. Campbell, J. Phillips, D. McKeeby. I Neil McAsIan out on the course. Senior captain Scott Holzhauer crosses Ott Street with the help of Chuck Hoffman. 125 VOLLEYBALL The bench anxiously watches the action on the court. An expanded and more competitive schedule plus the return of nine play- ers helped contribute to a very suc- cessful 1983 season. The Women’s Volleyball Team posted an impressive 16-12 overall record this year. This marked the third straight winning sea- son under head Coach Donna Koehler, and the best record in the five year existence of Varsity Volley- ball. After suffering two tough losses to Moravian and Albright, near the end of the regular season, the highlight of the season was a bid to the MAC playoffs at Juniata College, for the second con- secutive year. The team fared well de- feating both Scranton and Moravian. The senior members of the Team: Lisa Baird, Linda Matthews, Cristina Palasits, captain Diane Reppa, and Laura Stauss provided leadership and enthusiasm throughout the year. This, in addition to their skill and talent, enhanced the solid, competitive team. The future looks bright for volley- ball, as the team will have eight play- ers returning next season to carry on the winning tradition. Nice job team! 1 MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 2 Scranton 0 3 Ursinus 0 2 Wilkes 0 | 1 Lehigh 2 0 Lafayette 2 0 Moravian 5 $ 3 Widiner 0 2 Kings 0 l 2 Cedar Crest 3 0 Albright 3 2 Swarthmore 0 0 Allentown 3 3 Delaware Valley Wins - 7 Losts - 6 0 1 Allison Casparian - ready to return the shot. 126 RWSr ROW: C. Palasits, L. Baird. D. Reppa, L. Stauss. L. Matthews. SECOND ROW: oach D. Koehler, B. Bratina, S. Spar, S. Hilliard, L. Bottjer. A. Casparian. THIRD ROW: Coach J. Stein, L. Laub, G. Fox, S. Lindert. 1 27 BASKETBALL The Men’s Basketball season had a strong start with the Mules winning their first few games, but the season ended up having its many ups and downs. The second half of the season was marked by problems on the road and wins on the home court, such as those over F M and Gettysburg. Unfortunatly, the Mules fell a game short of the play-offs with a disappointing loss to Moravian. It was even more disappointing to senior co-captains, Ken Chwatek and Chris Kahn, who felt it was a successful season anyway. There was alot of good ball played, as witnessed by the Muhlenberg fans. Many of the wins were characterized by the strong effort on the boards by the Mules big men and the accurate shooting and intelligent play of the guards. Adding to the offensive help was the accurate shooting of Matt German, the intelligent ball handling, and shooting of Jim Farrell, Mike Doherty, and Steve Siepert, and the aggressive offensive rebounding of Chris Kahn. Also helpful was the intimidation and scoring threats of Reinout Brugman and Ken Chwatek. They also displayed their power with numerous slam dunks. Although losing two starters, Ken Chwatek and Chris Kahn, the Mules will return next year with a strong team who hope to make the play-offs. A promising team exists for next year with continuing and growing enthusiasm. ABOVE: Senior Chris Kahn drives for a score. RIGHT: Reinout Brugman goes for “two " . Jim Farrell strains to get the rebound as Reinout Brugman looks on. SITTING: Coach S. Moore, M. Doherty, M. German, K. Chwatek, C. Kahn, J. Farrell, D. Siepert. STANDING: W. Soltis, D. Nye, G. Mansfield, R. Brugman, D. Walsh, T. Johnstone. I Freshman Glerrn Mansfield attempts the foul shot. Farrell looks to pass to Chwatek. ABOVE: Freshman Matt German searches for a fellow Mule. LEFT: Chwatek feeds the ball to . 130 Chwatek waits underneath for a Kahn shot. Sophomore Mike Doherty dribbles around a defenseman. Kahn goes for the jumper. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 88 HAVERFORD 62 71 EAST STROUDSBURG 58 56 MESSIAH 46 62 ST. PETERS 78 89 DICKINSON 72 68 LEBANON WALLEY 70 45 WIDENER 61 66 ALLENTOWN 56 69 NYU 50 52 TAMPA 76 59 ECKERD 63 62 WESTERN MARYLAND 55 65 URSINUS 69 72 DELAWARE VALLEY 59 66 GETTYSBURG 58 53 F M 61 51 MORAVIAN 54 73 WESTERN MARYLAND 64 61 DICKINSON 51 59 ALBRIGHT 65 83 ALVERNIA 63 58 LEBANON VALLEY 67 47 GETTYSBURG 67 66 F M 55 49 MORAVIAN 59 Kahn shoots for two. 131 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL The 1983-84 Women s Basketball Season featured a combi- nation of the old and new. It marked the end of careers for Captain Diane Reppa and Paige Brenner as well as the begin- ning of an improved basketball program consisting of six freshmen and new assistant coach Linda Davis. Being considered as mostly inexperienced did not stop the young team from proving themselves competitive in every game. Having a season plagued with many defeats was frus- trating, yet the Lady Mules never backed down. Results of their determination include close and exciting games against MAC Perennial Powers Dickinson and Widener - losing by one and two points respectively. Women’s Basketball at Muhlen- berg is definitely on its way to become a tough competitor in the strong Middle Atlantic Conference. Highlighting the season were outstanding performances by senior forwards Brenner and Reppa. Brenner was named to the Susquehanna Crusaders All-Tournament First Team to compliment a successful three year career. She finished the season with 199 points and a career tally of points. Finishing an illustrious four year career, Reppa established herself as the all-time scoring leader. She set single season records for points (344) and rebounds (247) as well as career points (889) and rebounds (665). In recognition of her strong and successful season, she was selected to the MAC Southeast Section All- Star Team. Coaches Foerster and Davis offer a new strategy to the team. STANDING: S. Donnenfeld. Coach L. Davis, C. Grosso, S. Seplow, S. Andrews, M. Paukouits, M. Suhadolnik, A. Guttermuth, B. Rubin, Head Coach K. Foerster. KNEELING: D. Reppa. P. Brenner. Diane Reppa, Muhlenberg ' s all-time leading scorer, shoots for two. leppa concentrates on foul shot while teammate prepares for possible rebound. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 59 SWARTHMORE 38 45 MARYWOOD 57 59 FDU 63 40 ALLENTOWN 56 60 CEDAR CEEST 45 37 FROSTBURG 54 49 THIEL 52 51 URSINUS 55 64 DICKINSON 65 78 DELAWARE VALLEY 38 61 DREW 65 55 MORAVIAN 65 44 WIDENER 57 62 LEBANON VALLEY 64 46 ALBRIGHT 55 50 F M 44 54 WILKES 74 43 MORAVIAN 68 59 ALBRIGHT 68 WINS: 4 LOSSES: 17 ABOVE: A happy Muhlenberg squad celebrates after a victory! BELOW: Seniors Paige Brenner and Diane Reppa display that extra effort ! ■W ; WRESTLING Senior co-captain Andy Strober concentrates on the match. STANDING: Coach T. Sloand, J. Campbell, G. Waller. A Flower, A. Wasson, Davenport, B. Barrick, F. Stoyer. R. Trenker, E. Porter, A. Strober. The 1983-84 Wrestling Team, led by Tri-captains Andy Strober, Fred Stoyer, and Samir Giha, had the most successful season in Muh- lenberg’s history, compiling an 11-5 record. Under the direction of Head Coach Michael Spirk and Assistant Coaches Tony Cuoto and Tom Sloand, the team devasted opponents like Rutgers-Camden, Ur- sinus, Swarthmore, and Widener. One of the seasons high points was the teams first ever victory over Ussinus with Andy Wasson gaining a dramatic last second pin to secure the victory. Individually, Fred Stoyer led the team in the point category with a 19-7 record and 78 total points. Stoyer, a senior, leaves the Mules with the distinction of being the Mules first MAC Champion since 1973. He also leaves with an impressive 68-29-1 career record. Other outstand- ing wrestlers were Bill Barrick, who was second in total team points and set a new single-season record for the most pins (6); and Rusty Trenker, third in team points and a leader in the statistical categories of take- downs, reversals, and escapes. Trenker, a sophomore, also placed fifth in the MAC Championships. This year, Muhlenberg was the host of the 47th Middle Atlantic Conference Wrestling Championships held in February. Unfortunately, injuries and bad luck prevented the Mules from finishing higher than 15th place. Next year the team will look to capture the MAC Championship as eight out of ten starters will return to action. The team will miss the valuable skills and leadership of Fred Stoyer, Andy Strober, Mike O’Brien, and Erf Porter. M. O ' BrienMD. Schildhaus, Head Coach M. Spirk. KNEELING: M. Grossmann, P. Successful Fred Stoyer, 19-7 overall record, raises his arm in victory. Freshman A1 Flower struggles for position in an important MAC match. Sophomore Rusty Trenker looks for hand control. Freshman Peter Davenport awaits an opportunity for a takedown. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 28 RUTGERS 12 29 LA SALLE 12 24 UPSALA 25 46 ALBRIGHT 12 24 URSINUS 22 42 MESSIAH 2 23 SWARTHMORE 21 31 LEBANON VALLEY 16 0 LAFAYETTE 49 31 WIDENER 16 3 DELAWARE VALLEY 44 5 MORAVIAN 32 35 KINGS 21 38 ELIZABETHTOWN 14 21 JUNIATA 12 15 SCRANTON 23 WINS: 11 LOSSES: 5 Bill Barrick, ‘Berg’s record holder for most pins in a season, dominates his opponent. 135 BASEBALL Coach Sam Beidleman started the season with a young, reconstructed baseball team and hopes of qualifying for the playoffs. Unfortunately the team record ended with 8 wins and 19 losses. The season began with a trip to North Carolina over spring break, where the team was ready and full of high hopes. While in North Carolina the Mules’ demonstrated their talent by beating Duke University in three games. During the second game the Mules were losing 8-3, but they edged their way to an 8-6 deficit with bases loaded and two outs in the seventh inning. Then senior centerfielder Steve Weidner came up to bat and hit the ball over the right field fence (360 ft.) for a 10-8 win for the Mules. All team members played well, so the Mules returned to the ’Berg with high expectations for a winning season. However, the Mules dropped their first four games in the regular season to Ursinus, Franklin Marshall, and Lafayette. The rest of the season was a volley between wins and losses for the team with some very close games. Unfortunately more losses seemed to prevail as did the bad weather and injuries for the season. The team bids farewell to seniors Steve Weidner and Scott Lenz. With the remaining members of the team, the outlook for the future is good. Tom Moyer Scores one of his fifteen runs for the Mules. Khan on his way home and sliding into score. ABOVE LEFT: Scott Cooperman steps lively into home. It’s all defense Sliding into first: The mules (LEFT) and the opposition (BELOW). 137 FIRST ROW: A . Khan, C. Peischl. S. Lenz, S. Weidner. T. Bagnell. V. Tritto, D. Kurtz. SECOND ROW: G. Kunkle. S. Falatko, T. Lukasiewicz. J. Keller, G. Sears. D. Weiss (Asst. Coach). THIRD ROW: R. Endres. T. Moyer, S. Garfield. S. Beidleman (Coach). B. Browne. S. Cooperman. MUHLENBERG 5 1 7 1 10 2 0 2 1 9 18 6 8 5 6 1 12 7 8 15 10 12 5 6 3 Ns6 7 VA WESLEYAN VA WESLEYAN METHODIST, NC DUKE DUKE DUKE URSINUS F M F M LAFAYETTE ALLENTOWN DICKINSON DICKINSON MORAVIAN MORAVIAN LEBANON VALLEY LEBANON VALLEY ELIZABETHTOWN ELIZABETHTOWN WILKES SCRANTON SCRANTON LEHIGH ALBRIGHT EAST STROUDSBURG WESTERN MARYLAND WESTERN MARYLAND WINS - 8 LOSSES - 19 OPPONENT 10 10 5 8 8 3 5 19 3 17 3 5 5 7 - 17 2 1 8 3 21 12 8 10 9 12 13 Scott Garfield fires away Garfield ' s form shows why he won half the Mules’ games. ABOVE AND BELOW: Senior Steve Weidner leads the Mules. LEFT: Sopho- more Tom Bagnell led the Mules pitching staff in ERA. 139 y v 4 ' - „ . 1 SOFTBALL The Lady Mules Softball team opened the season with a bang by winning their first two games against two Lehigh Valley opponents - Lehigh and Lafayette. Strong play on the field was seen by pitcher Mindy Feinberg, shortstop GloriAnn Hardy, outfielder Sharon Andrew and first baseman Diane Reppa. The batting was there when need as is indicated by the total of 23 runs for the two games. The Lady Mules were set to take the conference title. But bad weather and team injuries interfered, and, though they came close they did not get the title. They ended the season with an 8-8 record overall. Senior Diane Reppa had a great season ending up with a .303 batting average and being named Lehigh Valley Softball MVP. The team will miss her talent next year, but with all the other teammates returning the Lady mules promise to be a team to reckon with in 1985. I Sophomore Jaclyn Duma provides excellent defense at shortstop. Gina DiDio MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 8 LEHIGH 5 15 LAFAYETTE 0 5 KUTZTOWN 4 1-3 SWARTHMORE 3- 8 0-0 URSINUS 1- 4 6-6 ALBRIGHT 3- 3 0 ALLENTOWN 2 10-9 WIDENER 9- 4 8 NCACC 13 3 DELAWARE VALLEY 2 3-4 MORAVIAN WINS-8 LOSSES-8 7-10 Four year student. Diane Reppa. looks for a hit to improve her. 303 batting average. FIRST ROW: B. Travers, J. Abrams, S. Weiss. SECOND ROW: S. Andrews, N. Clark, C. Crasso, S. Clark, M. Reinberg, S. Lorah, J. Duma. THIRD ROW: D. McCulloch, P. Gathers, G. DiDio, G. Hardy, S. Landzettel, S. Seplow, D. Reppa. FOURTH ROW: Coach W. Pichler, Coach C. Foerster, Coach S. Graff man. Centerfielder Sharon Andrews sprints toward third for a triple. T41 MEN ' S TENNIS i ■r ! • ■ S. Bifuico; S. Kirsch; J. Susskind; A. Berliner; R. Striefler; D. Kline; and B. Coll. Last year, the Men’s Tennis Team finished with an 8-1 record with their only loss coming at the hands of Franklin Marshall. This year with a new coach, the team tried to avenge the loss. ■ Coach Gene Zalutsky helped lead the Mules Tennis Team to an 8-3 overall record. Four starters from ’83 returned including Senior co-captains Bill Coll and Steve Kirsch. Coll led the Men’s singles with a 10 and 1 record. In doubles, sophomore Jeff Susskind had a team leading 9 and 1 record. Other singles leaders were A1 Berliner at 7-3; Dave Kline and Steve Kirsch at 6-5. Of four division games this year, the Mules once again lost only to Franklin Marshall. Hopefully, next year, the Mules can beat their rivals. ABOVE: Al Berliner backhands the ball. BELOW: Da ve Kline struggles to keep the ball in play. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 4 SCRANTON 5 9 GETTYSBURG 0 5 DREW 4 3 KINGS 6 8 MORAVIAN 1 9 WILKES 0 6 URSINUS 3 6 DICKINSON 3 4 FRANKLIN MARSHALL 5 5 ALBRIGHT 3 6 ALLENTOWN 3 WINS: 8 LOSSES: 3 SECOND ROW: L. Garrett, coach; J. Ellean; S. Moyse, S. Reutz; L. Arndt. FIRST ROW: R. Bardell; E. Zafrani; R. DeMayo; J. Fierro ; E. Neuber. WOMENS TENNIS ■ The Women’s Tennis Team had five of their top six single players return from last year, and they repeated their ’83 division championship. Sophomore co-captain, Elisa Zafrani returned as the number one seed as did junior co-captain, Jackie Fierro (number four seed). Also returning were sophomore number 2 seed, Jennifer Eileen and number 3 seed, Susan Moyse. The Mule’s beat division rivals Fairleigh-Dickenson 5-4, Cedar Crest 6-3, and Drew 5-2; only to lose to Elizabethtown in the MAC regionals. Most of the team will return again next year, hopefully to repeat once more as division champs. Sue Moyse serves away. Jennifer Eileen returns the ball for a point. Robin DeMapo shows off her serve. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 4 URSINUS 5 5 FAIRL EIGH-DICKINSON 4 0 LAFAYETTE 9 3 ALBRIGHT 6 6 CEDAR CREST 3 4 HAVERFORD 5 7 MORAVIAN 2 5 DREW 2 1 DICKINSON 7 MAC’s 0 ELIZABETHTOWN 9 WINS-4 LOSSES-6 Elisa Zafrani looks for an ace. Freshman Robin Bardell sends a powerful serve to her opponent. 14 5 TRACK Preseason hopes faded to mid-season disappointment as the Mules fell to a 2-9 win-loss record. Despite a large indoor squad and the prospects for a successful! spring, lack of depth and team desertions crippled any chances for a winning season. The Mules were not without standouts however. Senior co-captain Bob Goodliffe, participated in five events every meet earning him the most team points and Player’s Player. Goodliffe also became the 1984 MAC champion in the high hurdles. Senior co-captain Brad Erlenbach also turned in an outstanding season. Erlenbach consistently placed in the discus and shot put, and went on to win the Mac silver medal in the discus. These fine efforts were complimented all season by valuable performances from Tom Mullane, Eric Hyman, Bob Allman and Scott Lowell. 1984 marks the end of an era in Muhlenberg Track as Coach William Flamish retires after twenty-seven years. ABOVE: Shot putter Eric Hyman tries his hand at the discus while freshman Neil Me Aslan and senior Jeff Campbell lead in the mile. RIGHT: Senior co-captain and MA C hurdle champ Bob Godliffe. FIRST ROW: B. Rein , D. McKeeby, G. Barden, B. Erlenbach. B. Goodliffe, S. Persing. M. McAslan. SECOND ROW: S. Fortkamp Manager J Bocchino D 146 Nunziata, J. Jolmgren, T. Mullane, T. Cameron, C. Dorman, K. Knott, Manager. THIRD ROW: C. Hoffman, B. Allman, D. Lisan J. Campbell S Lowell FOURTH ROW: K. Zwilke, W. Flamish. (Coach), T. Cocca, (Asst. Coach). __ Bob Allman comes in first. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT | 39 HAVERFORD 70 | 39 WIDENER 71 50 URSINUS 94 56 SWARTHMORE 80 57 SCRANTON 18 ' 57 UPSALA 33 57 MORAVIAN 71 25 DICKINSON 48 y 2 I 25 SUSQUEHANNA 104 V 2 37 LEBANON VALLEY 40 37 ALBRIGHT 93 ! WINS: 2 LOSSES: 9 ABOVE: Scott Persing gets a good jump start. BELOW: Dave Lisan sprints to the finish. 147 ' Another starting lineup. % LACROSSE Finally, after a long uphill battle, the Women’s Lacrosse Team was award- ed Varsity status beginning with their 1984 season. This change provided the Muhlenberg women with tougher opponents, a head coach and assistant coach, and the release from carrying the goal cages to and from practice every day. It was a disappointing season for the team; they fought hard in all of their games, but could only win one game against Lebanon Valley on a cold and rainy Saturday. The team always played its best in the rain, which proved to be quite often in this very rain-delayed season. Besides the lead ership on the sidelines from coaches Pat Dierking and Molly Matchette, there was a great deal of leadership and talent on the field. Co-captains Laurie Tarkan and Jill Robinson, both four- year players, showed leadership and skill on the field as a high-scoring attack wing and goalie. Other outstanding players were senior Andrea Vitelli, the team’s leading scorer; senior Chris Leone and junior Lisa Gosnay playing excellent defense, and junior Sally Clark who was the connecting link for offense and defense at midfield. Newcomers Jan Jurden and senior Cris Palasits helped Muhlen- berg’s game a great deal in their first year playing lacrosse. The team looks forward to a great season next year, although they are losing many talented seniors. Besides Tarkan, Robinson, Vitelli, Leone, and Palasits, the team will be losing the skills of seniors Karen Cooney, Diana Megna, and Jennifer Giardina. FIRST ROW. K. Phelan. A. Vitelli, J. Robinson, L. Tarkan, J. Giardina. SECOND Dierking (Coach). THIRD ROW: A. Neaves, D. Megna. L. Beninati, J. Tichansky. T. ROW: M. Matchette (Asst. Coach), K. Connelly, L. Primmer, A. Dowhower, A. Ottinger, C. Leone, C. Palastis, S. Clark. Reumann, L. Gosnay, J. Mecurio, S. Whicher. K. Brady, C. Drivas. K. Cooney, P. 148 Lisa Gosnap attempts to block the pass from a Washington placer Senior Laurie Tarkan is all smiles after scoring for Muhlenberg. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 6 F M 16 6 DREW 13 5 WASHINGTON 15 4a CEDAR CREST 6 4 HAVERFORD 5 15 LEBANON VALLEY 13 3 DICKINSON 12 9 WIDENER 14 7 BEAVER 9 WINS: 1 LOSSES: 8 Sally dark awaits the draw at the beginning of the first Varsity game. Freshman hate Phelan waits for her chance to steal the ball. 149 GOLF This year five senior lettermen returned to the Muhlenberg Golf Team. The team played well this year to end with a 5 - 6 record. Strong play was exhibited by all the players. Senior John Noyd began the season strong with both good long ball and putting games. Seniors Eric Rassmussen, Kevin Schey, Paul Abplanalp and Luke Leymeister showed consistently good play throughout the season. Three freshmen also put in good seasons. Chris DeSantis, was consistently a good long ball hitter while Mike Halpern and Dave Nye showed good play overall. The season ended with the Middle Atlantic Championships at Shaw- nee on the Delaw are. The team did well, placing 9 of 21. The team was led by freshmen David Nye and Mike Halpern who had scores of 80 81 and 86 77 respectively. Three seniors also did well with their best scores of the MAC’s: K. Schey - 82, L. Leymeister - 86, and Paul Abplanalp - 89. The team will miss their five starting senior members, but with the return of teammates such as Halpern, Nye and DeSantis the team has a bright future. Senior Eric Rasmussen putts his stuff. A warm up swing. Senior Kevin Schey and ' 83 alumnus Les Beatty. MUHLENBERG OPPONENT 444 LEHIGH 392 429 KUTZTOWN 439 434 KINGS 419 439 LEBANON VALLEY 431 439 SUSQUEHANNA 418 425 DELAWARE VALLEY 433 425 ALBRIGHT 430 438 SCRANTON 413 438 FAIRLEIGH-DICKINSON 408 450 UPSALLA 495 450 GETTYSBURG 465 450 MORAVIAN WINS-5 LOSSES-6 439 SH " “ HS-: CRUST THOMAS S. ALBRIGHT RICHARD J. ALEXANDER, JR SUZANNE H. AL TMAN HEIDI SUE ALTSCHUL THOMAS B : APPLEGA TE USA AULFINGER WILLIAM ROBERT ABELES, JR. PAUL ABPLANALP MASON AVRIGIAN, JR. PATRICIA BACHMANN LISA A. BAIRD FRANK STEVEN BALDINO DIANE M. BALLEK SUZANNE LYNN BARKER IVAN M. RAY BEN EKE CRAIG JOSEPH BAUDEND1STEL m - ' • TODD BASSMAN . JAMES S. BETON1 STEVEN BRETT BINDER jj ' ■ . . {, } : V ; mm - JOHN J. BOCCHINO A. BLUMBERG S. PAIGE BRENNER WHITNEY A. BR0MLE1GH - . I SUSAN DEBORAH BUTL ANDREW J. CAFIERO ' MORRIS B. COHEN MICHAEL P. COHEN HUGH JAMES COLOCOTT LESLIE ANNE COMER KEVIN P. CONNELLY KAREN O. COONEY SHARON K. COSLETT CORENE MARIE COSSA JOHN R. D’ AMATO AMY H. DANBERG LEONIA USA DEHEER RENEE R. DELFINER ELAINE DENNERLEIN MARTHA L. DIETER GERALD K. DIETER ANNA DICHIARA CYNTHIA L. CROMER DEBRAH CUMMINS : ‘ ' S.hty’ ' ■ BRIAN H. FENLON ' ' i ' • : . ■ LAURA M. FERRARO JANINE F. FEUDI .. mm. ■ L S l B. FASSBERG . STEVEN H. FEIT : : • J iss USA JOAN FRANK FRANK A. FRANZESE CLAIRE FREEDMAN . rftr jni mm mam i RICHARD M. GOLDEFEDER zHARI CYD GOLDMAN . DAVID W. GOLDSTEIN ROBERT J. GOODLIFFE JENNIFER L. GIARDINA JEFFREY W. I ' ARP! P. GYIMES1 MATTHEW F. HA BENIGHT BRYAN HAGAR WILLIAM J. GROLLER ' LISA A. HAND LISA A. HANNON JOHN HE1GL, JR- KAREN ELIZABETH HELLER ■ S 919 -v.’ V . A. HOP KIN SON ■ LEO CHUCK KATZ HOLLY L KELLIS ADAM KENNER MARY LYNN HESTER : - ; , t ’■? » . . % • ■: 4, , aa ?sf--Y w • ! - ' P BaasaMi CHRISTINE YOLANDA LEONE PAMELA A. LEPERA CHERYL DIANE LERNER ANTHONY S. LEVIN NEIL LEVINE SHARON KATHLEEN LEWIS MARTIN LUTHER LEYMEISTER, III JAMES P. LINTON PAUL C. LIPMAN DAVID LISS ■ .• ; :: ■ • V. ' H DAVID C. LYONS. JR ANTHONY J. LUPOSELLO M| mm DONNA J. MAACK DARIA MARTYNIW LINDA MATTHEWS SHERYL MARIE MCCALL LINDA A. MCCOY . . BROOKE SUZANNE MCDERMOTT CAROLINE M. MCHUGH MARY FRANCES MCKEE WILLIAM C. MCKEEBY, III ROBERT MCNAMARA APRIL L. MILLER LESLIE MILLER MAUREEN ANN NASH CARLA A. NELSON THOMAS G. NEMETH KAREN L. NEULINGER - ■ MICHELE NITTl ROY E. NORCROSS. JR SUSAN O ' CONNELL FRANCES M. C O ' DONNELL KA THR V TV OFF ERMA NN PAMELA R. PARK MELANIE A PARKER " r - • • . ■ ' ■ MICHAEL J. PAVELCHEK ft A ,. : . mm MKMwmmm ' sV ■ ■ ROBERT PRESTIANO MARK JAY PRESSMAN , ' . i CATHERINE J. REINHART DIANE E. REPPA 919 . LEONARD SANCJLIO, JR LORI SCHAEFFER , I KEVIN L. SCHEY . PATRICIA A. SCHIAVONE ■■■Hi BARRY C. SCHILLER CHERYL ANN SCHNABL SCHWARTZBACH LISA SHARON SCHWARTZ CARYL JAE C, SCHWARTZ DOROTHY SHAPLAND SHILPA S. SHAH RICHARD A. SHOBER WAYNE E. SHERMAN JULIE EILEEN SMITH , WILLIAM DA VID SMITH r _ OCKLER DEBRA LYNNE SOMERS GLORIA MERLE SPEIER JOHN J. SPEREDAKOS tgmm PETER SPOHN WILLIAM L. SPRAGUE rf ' $ ' ? • : FREDERICK C. STOYER. JR. GEORGE E. STRANSKY, Ill CA1 ' CYNTHIA J. « aKSHi m ■ . mmmm JOANNE M. STROMEYER RICHARD C. SZUMEL SCOTT M. TACKACK SCOTT A. TAFURI LAURIE TARKAN STEVEN P. TESCH LISA L. TERHANIAN SABINE TEICH mmmM MICHAEL JAMES WALKER LISA ANN WADE ■■■K7 m mm -wmsm nHHBHi STEVEN M. SCOTT E. WELUVER P. STEVEN WILLIAMS DAVID LEE WILSON P SUSAN WHITTIER MARY E. YOUNG PAUL S. ZEITZ Js , ■ ; ; M ! ; MlmMM ONCE UPON A ARTS COLLEGE IN NORTHE L( iFR ' tSHME 1 A true sign of friendship from the upperclassmen What ' s a PLAYFAIR? Oh, then give me a standing Rick Rizolli leads the Muhlenberg Kazoo Symphon - r-- s. . .«§u» I ! .a lljgdf ‘ " ' A Were any of us really prepared to leave home and open that door to the future? We unpacked the cars and boxes and arranged our rooms, getting ready to arrange the next four years of our lives Three days of orientation, which included Playfair, a lunch with the president, a picnic-in-the-park, and a sere- nade by a kazoo band prepared us for our first days as college students. Very quickly we learned that there was more to the ’Berg than met the eye. We found the Allentown Fair, Dorney Park, and George’s even before the first classes began. All we needed now was to find someone with I.D. But the Party ended all too soon and it was eight A.M. Wednesday - college work was upon us! CALCULUS CALCULUS CALCULUS CALCULUS ALCULUS LAICULUS CALCULUS CALCULUS CALCULUS CALCULUS A CALCULUS Academics played a major role for all of us at Muhlenberg. We all suffered through Gen. Chem., Economics, Humanities, Accounting, History, and the dreaded Foreign Language. We sat through numerous hourlies, mid-terms, and finals. Don’t forget those pop-quizes thrown by our favorite professors when we weren’t prepared for them! Late nights in the lounge in front of the typewriter led to many dark circles and a craving for DOMINO’S. 770- 1551 was a number held close to many hearts. Popcorn, pizza, candy, and coke were an integral part of every diet. With our classes came registration - a student’s nightmare! “Mom, I’m changing my major again.” “So, what else is new?” Drop-add, Pass-fail, Gut, Dick, and Boring were our battle cries. We complained about no- credit gyms, closed out courses in our major, and not getting ‘squared’. But we all survived somehow, and when problems arose we thought of the administration. There was always a place to go with your problems from the Dean of Students to the Career Planning and Placement office. From housing to financial aid, help was available. But finding it was a problem at times. In the winter of ’81-’82 a few students took it upon themselves to begin the Roundtable. The purpose of the Roundtable was to make the administration aware of student concerns and to make students aware of administrative decisions. The promise of an X-rated film lured students and administrators alike to the Quad to hear student leaders read their demands. Unfortunately, the projector froze, and the Warner Brothers’ film was not able to be shown. But, in the days that followed, Women’s Lacrosse did become a team sport. The birth of the housing office, the expansion of the Career Planning and Placement Office, and a new Dean of Admissions and Freshmen were just a few of the changes that took place in the administration in the last four years. But as we leave Muhlenberg, more changes are about to occur as the Morey Era draws to a close. At times life at the ’Berg seemed like life on an island. It was possible to lose touch with the outside world. But a lot has happened in four years - Ronald Reagan was elected our 40th pres dent; - Hostages were released in Iran; - Reagan and the Pope were shot; - John Lennon was killed in NYC - Space Shuttle Columbia was finally off the ground and in orbit; - Polish workers striked and Solidarity stood strong; - Anwar Sadat was killed; - Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married; - Wars broke out in the Falklands, Grenada, and Lebanon; - M A S H came to an end; - Rock and Roll took on new meaning with MTV and Michael Jackson; - The first black Miss America was crowned; - A.T. T. was forced to break up; - Korean Airliner 007 was shot down over Russia. — - Mf CALCULUS 1 r — 1 1 i n 1 fm 1 A lot happened in four years in the world, but it seemed like even more happened on campus. Many men pledged fraternities their freshmen year. Tunks - featuring strippers, beer, and X- rated movies, led to rush with more food and more beer. Rush, of course, led to pledging, which of course, led to push-ups. But it was senior year when rush became a problem-and dry. Plenty of arguing and many disagreements between brothers and the ad- ministration caused bad feelings on both sides. Eventually, the whole campus became involved in the problems with housing and relocation for senior week, a new Social Judicial Board, and no campus crawl for Greek Week. Dean Bryan was attacked weekly in the Weekly and defended almost as much. But there was more to the frats than drinking and pledging. TKE’s soccer marathon and the SPE canoe-a-thon are just a couple of examples of their community projects. The frats also provided plenty of parties on the weekends, and their backtest files helped almost everyone. No one could go through four years of the ’Berg without being touched in some way by the frats. They were a major part of the campus. However, the girls were somehow left out. Our junior year we celebrated the twenty-fifth year of women on campus. In the twenty-sixth year of copopulation, after years of hard work, sororities finally came to Allentown. Three national groups opened chapters at Muhlenberg: Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Zeta, and Phi Sigma Sigma. Although only one member of the Class of ’84 pledged a sorority, everyone could feel their impact. keep on tickin’. It is unfortunate that the faculty beat the student team, but a rematch would have been too painful for either side. Studio M dances began in the Union, and the Night Owl struggled for survival from the basement of the Admissions House to the basement of the Union. The best laughs, though, were always heard in the infamous “Garden Room”. That was the school’s pretty way of saying cafeteria. It was the goal of every group to see how many people could fit around one table. The conversations and food fights may have been funny, but the food itself was no laughing matter. Fried Cheese!?! Romeo and Juliet sandwiches?!? And there was that one fateful Sunday when we had to endure - Ham with peanut butter sauce sandwiches! The food did improve, and by senior year, we had the option of the wonderful Wellness Choice. Entertainment did not stop there! The Concert Committee made sure that Memorial Hall would rock twice a year. The Pretenders and Chrisie Hynde came to abuse the Muhlenberg audience. The Stray Cats, the Outlaws, and Harry Chapin graced the stage as did Beatlemania. Festival of the Arts brought us other big names such as Ella Fitzgerald and Alexander Godenuv. But there was always something to hamper the fun - usually it was schoolwork. The Greek life is only one part of the “Muhlenberg Ex- perience” (that is one phrase that has been extremely over- used). The Muhlenberg The- ater Association always made for a major topic of conversa- tion. They were always trying to outdo themselves on stage and off. On stage they shocked us with Last Gasps and made us laugh with Once Upon a Mattress, The Doctor in Spite of Himself, and Of Thee I Sing. Off stage, the singing telegrams of sopho- more year and Compute-a- song at the ODK carnival were big hits. For more entertainment there was Family Feud, talent shows, and the ever present WMUH. There was always some way to stay enter- tained. One of the biggest fads became the Killer and the Assassin games. Wander- ing through campus became dangerous, as you never knew when the Ace of Spades would pop up in front of you, or the assassin’s wa- ter pistol would shoot you down. Donkey Basketball ju- nior year proved that Dr. Lo- pez could take a lickin’ and If there is one thing we learned at the ’Berg it was how to get the most from the fewest hours of studying. We spent hours in the library or our favor- ite study places trying to perfect our study habits. Everyone had a huge supply of highlighters, pen- cils, erasers and notebooks. And we needed a lot of them! Most of us sat through Perils and Potentials thinking of the perils the course could have on our cums. And no science major could escape Gen. Chem. and Calculus unscathed. For the business major, there was Micro, and Macro. Economics. Grit. Brit, for the English majors and Art History for the Art majors were just as bad. Each of us had that one course that worked as a “weeder” for our major. But we persevered through it all! Perseverence, though, took all kinds of sacri- fices. The first thing we usually sacrificed was sleep. Nearly everyone has pulled an all-nighter or come close to one. Of course most all-nighters consisted of a lot of fooling around or plain old “blowing off.” Term papers were the normal cause for sleepless nights. Hours were spent in the library trying to find the proper sources. More time was wasted waiting for the books we needed to come in from other libraries. The library wasn’t just used for research. When the snack bar was at it’s low usage times, the library was in peak use and we could sit on the first floor and scope. If you became tired of Muhlen- berg, Cedar Crest’s library was within walking dis- tance and Lehigh wasn’t too far a drive. — ■ tips 0 It takes a lot of Heineken to understand a little P. Chem! BELOW: The prime spot for scoping in the C.A« Haven’t you two ever heard of a sidewalk? BELOW: Pac-man . . , one step beyond. BELOW: The best from Sandy and Kris. LEFT: “All right. I’ll give you back the booze!” BELOW: Flash that coppertone tan! “Who’s behind those Foster Grants?” BELOW: “ Another Pubnight at Duke’s?” Girls just wanna have fun! LEFT: Is everyone in the picture? BELOW: True Comaraderie. Another Saturday night at the ’Berg! Rob and Eric shopping for next fall. BELOW: “Not another road trip!?!” exclaims Cathy. Checking out the birds in N.J. swamplands. A walk down Academic Row. BELOW: Geri and Chuck enjoy a sunny afternoon. Todd and Larry skiing in Vail. BELOW: Smile . . . only two months until graduation! Debbie carries Muhlenberg devotion too far! Mary, Sheila, and Sharon taking one of those infa- mous study breaks. BELOW: The girls enjoy a post-game celebration. RIGHT: Another freshman year stunt. BELOW: Dave, Steve and Chris sharing a few beers. Ivan and Rich - will they ever grow up? “Who is holding whom up?” Welcome to the Muhlenberg Institution for the Mentally 111 . The right blend yields a perfect THE bag. Inge “checking it out! Heide and Cheryl relax on a fine fall day. BELOW: “Did somebody say stripper?” It isn’t easy trying to be beautiful! BELOW: It looks so peaceful from the outside — r “Where’s the beef?” Studying, Laura? You can’t fool us! Morris makes his move. “Fiesta, Forever!” Bermuda will never be the same, White Thunder strikes again! Dave Goldstein Bon Appetite ala 104 MacGregor. But where is Santa? Karen and Janine on a new crash diet. A toast to the new Social Judicial Board. Has anyone ever seen these people together before? Happy Halloween! Trian portrait of a Muhlenberg Student. 16 True friends forever! This bra doesn’t fit, and I’m not going to wear it anymore! It’s “PARTYTIME’ again! Alright, take the picture already! BELOW: Nancy and Claire sharing a ABOVE; Hey, Mike - is this bliss? ABOVE: “Ah, freshman year!” BELOW: Jim discovers Herpes Simplex 3. ABOVE: Marie, how can you study on such a beautiful day!?! BELOW: Even boys just wanna have fun! FOR THE CLASS QE 1984 President Morey, Members of the Board, Honored Guests, Distinguished Faculty and Administration, Beloved Family and Friends; Now the real summer vacation begins. Today when we close the doors to our rooms here, unlike the beginning of summer vacations past, we know that we will never return to Muhlenberg. We will never live here again. We will never study here again. 1 mean, who would want to, right? It is over in that respect. But packed into our cars, alongside the streamer trunks and typewrit- ers, are four years of wonderful, and not-so-wonderful, memo- ries. Handle with care. These are the real souvenirs, that long after our Muhlenberg sweatshirts have ripped and Muhlenberg cocktail glasses have broken, if we do not rip and break them on purpose, will become more valued with age. These memories will make us laugh and cry. What is the difference? The important thing is that we felt them, good or bad. Hopefully, they have, at least, balanced. Is that life? Do good and bad balance, and is luck when there is a little more good than bad? We cannot have one without the other, as this place has shown us. We can only be as foolish as we are smart. We can only be as happy as we can be sad. What are we today? What is today? Are we happy that it is the end? Are we sad that it is the beginning? Are we sad that it is the end? Are we happy that it is the beginning? The answer to all four ques- tions is “Yes.” Winston Churchill once said, “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” With the end comes a sense of achievement. With the begin- ning comes a sense of adventure. With them both comes a responsibility to ourselves and to the world. There will come a time when our “take, take, take”will have to turn to “give, give, give.” Are we prepared for that? These four years have been the most intellectually and emotionally challenging years of our lives. But what about the next four? And the next four after that? By our tenth year reunion will we be drained or full? I think so much of it depends on us. It is the little things that matter. We m ust tackle what we can tackle and overcome the things in life which are so big that they are not in our control. After four years, I hope we have all maintained our individual- ity, but we also share many things in common. That is clear today since everyone of us, as individualistic as we may be, is dressed in the same black acetate robe. Two of us might leave here with the same school rings on our fingers. The rings of the world are all the same. Fingers, too, by nature, are equal. But they can do good or bad. And that is what is up to us. Man and women — we are both equally capable to face the world and to face each other, hopeful- ly in peace and not in war. Think of the friends we have made here in four years — friendships that have endured, and can continue to endure. Again, it is up to us. Think of the friends we have lost, too, and why. Let everything in life be a lesson. The world is a kitchen equipped with all the utensils and ingredients for success, but to taste success, you have to make success. Never settle for mediocrity. Be good or bad, be both, but never neither. Be proud to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in, but we will not always win. Muhlenberg has taught us that. Who do we have to thank for where we are today? We have to thank each other. Never have I seen such a competitive commu- nity, but never have I seen such a supportive community, either. We were all racing down academic row trying to win, and we were all struggling to drag the same heavy goals and expectations along behind us. We did it. This black hoard is living proof. To the facutly, well, even though we hate to admit it, we would not be here without you either. You have given us invaluable lessons and you have given us a lot of garbage, too. It is up to us to keep what we want. Thank you for your interest and dedica- tion. To the administration, I hope that you do not have to outfit Ettinger with cannons. As an innocent bystander, I have seen battle after battle between the students and administration. I can only say that in years to come, please start working together to keep Muhlenberg a good place for everyone. And if you do not, students, administration, faculty, and Muhlenberg will suffer. And to whom do we give the biggest chunk of thanks and love today? How many times have these folks said, “You will do better next time?” Our wonderful, sensational parents. We love you. We only hope that you are half as proud of us as we are of you. You have given us roots and you have given us wings. You have given us what you thought we needed and what we thought we wanted. In essence — everything. And we will always be there for you. We promise. You may have all the money in the world, but you will spend it. You may be the most intelligent people in the world, but you can go senile. But you will always have us, your beautiful children. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be a graduate of Muhlenberg College. I am proud to be myself, as we all shoud be, and I am honored that you allowed me to speak with you today. Be nothing but optimistic and even though we know we will endure, “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye.” Trian Koutoufaris Muhlenberg College Commencement May 20, 1984 HURRAH SENIOR WEEK WED. THUR . FRI. SAT. HAPPY HOUR ! AT THE VILLAGE 4:00-? ATLANTIC CITY TRIP CLAM BAKE AND RIBROAST HAGEN FIELD 3:30 - 7:30 CLASS MTG. CAPS GOWNS ALUMNI PICNIC BIO. BLDG. 3:30 - ? PUB NIGHT AT THE ALE HOUSE 9:30 - ? PUB NIGHT AT FAIRGROUND SALOON 9:30 - ? FREE NIGHT FOR ONE LAST PARTY WITH FRIENDS FINAL PARTY AT TKE 9:30? ORGANIZED BY: ROBERT BERK AND BETH UNGER Mason explodes with joy as graduation nears. LEFT: Kelly, Dave and Diane relax after surviving Inorganic. ABOVE: Friends gathered togehter to talk of the past and the future. LEFT: Jim helps Karen eat her clams at the Clambake. 213 ABOVE: Happiness is evident the day before graduation. RIGHT: Brad fills his plate with food at the Alumni Picnic. Trian lets out a yell of relief for graduation. Hillary and Sandy enjoy a few last beers and last moments together. 214 215 Liz Stein is caught in a moment of sorrow. ABOVE: “I ate too many clams and ribs - ugh!’’ LEFT: Jeannette Ickovics raises her glass to fo ur years at the Berg. Bret and Paul gaze on the picnickers. GRADUATION MAY 20 Diane and Donna ready themselves for Baccalaureate Service. Dr. Timm organizes the line for the procession. The profs file in to pray for the graduates at the Baccalaureate Service. A family busies themselves with a game of Trivia Pursuit before Commencement. 216 Early rising graduates attend the Baccalaureate. ABOVE: Happy graduates attend the morning service. RIGHT: Caroline McHugh sings a hymn of joy. Karen Cooney participates in the morning service. ABOVE: Reverend Wagner delivers the morning sermon. RIGHT: Friends and families gather together till commencement. ' 217 ABOVE: G.N.R. leads the procession. RIGHT: Melinda Peters sheds a tear for days gone by. Jill Robinson bubbles over with joy at graduation. ABOVE: Anticipation is clear on Kris’ and Louanne’s faces. LEFT: Two graduates get ready to receive their diplomas. 219 The Class of ' 84 ponders Trian ' s words. ABOVE: Laughs and smiles were bountiful during Trian’s speech. LEFT: Suzanne Altman wonders if there is life after Muhlenberg. 220 ABOVE: John Bocchino eyes the speaker. LEFT: Terri and Linda rest their eyes for awhile. ABOVE LEFT: Ruth and Bill stand to have their B.S. degrees con- ferred upon them. ABOVE: Cheryl, Lee and Rob wait to receive their diplimas. LEFT: Sit down Jeff it s not your turn yer! Rich tries to understand his diploma. 222 ABOVE: and then the rain came down. BELOW: but the graduates kept coming. ABOVE: A drenched Debbie and Whitney walk away with smiles. LEFT: Sandy, Sue and Suzanne brave the rain to watch their fellow classmates receive their diplomas. ABOVE: The message says it all for everyone. LEFT: Afterwards a reception in the CA for graduates, friends and family. 223 SENIOR DIRECTORY WILLIAM ROBERT ABELES, JR. 1617 Fountainhead Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 A.B. Business Administration Econo- mics Resident Advisor, Weekly, Junior Varsity Basketball, Var- sity Golf, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Manager Varsity Football PAUL ABPLANALP 31 Ware Road, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 A.B. English Varsity Golf THOMAS S. ALBRIGHT R.D.3 Box 34, Northampton, PA 18067 A.B. Business Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship, Alpha Phi Omega, German Club RICHARD J. ALEXANDER, JR. 75 New Street, South Riv- er, NJ 08882 A.B. Business Administration Intramurals, Tennis 1,2,4, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity SUZANNE H. ALTMAN 3550 Southwood Drive, Easton, PA 18042 A.B. English Festival of the Arts, MAPA, Intramural Soccer Volleyball, Lacrosse, Freshman Class President, Committee of English Majors, Study Abroad Program, College- bowl, Weekly, WMUH HEIDI SUE ALTSCHUL 18 Landry Road, Somerset, NJ 08873 A.B. Business Administration Sociology Freshman Ad- visor, Hall Representative, Intramural Volleyball - Captain, On- Campus Hostess, Member Lehigh County Big Brother Big Sister Assoc., Business Economics Club - Secretary THOMAS B. APPLEGATE 67 Chestnut Street, Bound Brook, NJ 08805 A.B. Business Accounting Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Ski Club LISA AULFINGER 130 Sunset Drive, Carlisle, PA 17013 B.S. Biology Freshman Adviser, Tour Guide, German Club MASON AVRIGIAN, JR. Roberts Road, Ambler, PA 19002 A.B. Political Science Worthy Master-Alpha Tau Omega Frater- nity, Muhlenberg Fraternity Council, Worthy Sentinel-Alpha Tau Omega, Student Court, Varsity Track, Intramurals, Presi- dent-Pi Sigma Alpha, John Marshall Pre-Law Society PATRICIA BACHMANN 204 Rivercrest Drive, Toms River, NJ 08753 B.S. Biology Natural Science German Club, Ski Club, Wind Ensemble LISA A. BAIRD Burnth’se Hill, R.D. 4, Doylestown, PA 18901 B.S. Natural Science Psychology Women’s Varsity Vol- leyball, Intramurals, Psychology Club, Ski Club FRANK STEVEN BALDINO 12-62 Third Street, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 A.B. Accounting Political Science Student Council, Student Court-Justice, Pre-Law Society, Accounting Club, Pi Sigma Alpha, Omicron Delta Epsilon DIANE M. BALLEK Box 489, Rt. 8, Allentown, PA 18104 A.B. English Sigma Tau Delta-Treasurer, WMUH, MAPA SUZANNE LYNN BARKER 207 Welch Way, Westfield, NJ 07090 A.B. Business Administration Business Economics Club, Intramural Sports IVAN M. BARON 18 Tudor Court, Springfield, NJ 07081 A.B. Political Science Class Vice President, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Student Court, Pi Sigma Alpha, Big Brother DEBRA E. BARRATT 10 Rumson Road, Livingston, NJ 07039 A.B. English Drama Muhlenberg Theater Associaton, Muhlenberg Summer Music Theater TODD BASSMAN 500 Fireside Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 A. B Accounting Business Administration Ski Club, Intramur- als CRAIG JOSEPH BAUDENDISTEL 53 Black Rock Place, Holland, PA 18966 A.B Business Economics Varsity Track RAY BENEKE 3308 Plaza Road, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 A.B. Business Administration Varsity Football ELIZABETH BENN 79 Indian Cave Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 A.B. American Studies DEBRA L. BERGMAN 11 Marlin Court, Westfield, NJ 07090 B. S. Chemistry American Chemical Society, Dance Club, Muh- lenberg Theater Association, Tutoring ROBERT LAWRENCE BERK 1115 Bergan Road, Oreland, PA 19075 B.S. Chemistry Natural Science Hillel President, First Aid Corps, Freshman Orientation, Tour Guide, Intramur- als JAMES S. BETONI 97 Militia Hill Road, Warrington, PA 18976 B.S. Biology Tour Guide, Program Board, Residence Hall Council STEVEN BRETT BINDER 38 Beech Road, Randolph, NJ 07869 A.B Accounting Business Administration Muhlenberg Fraternity Council President, Head Attorney Student Court, Pledge Father Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Student Council, Ac- counting Society, John Marshall Pre-Law Society MARK A. BISBING 1309 Pennsylvania Avenue, Emmaus, PA 18049 A.B. Accounting Business Football, Phi Kappa Tau Fra- ternity, Intramural Sports, Muhlenberg Fraternity Council JEFFREY BLICE 16 Majestic Avenue, Lincroft, NJ 07738 B.S. Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Muhlenberg Theater Association, College Bowl GREGG A. BLUMBERG 6 Korwel Court, West Orange, NJ 07052 A.B Political Science Varsity Football, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity JOHN J. BOCCHINO RD 4, 3 Dunbar Drive, Trenton, NJ 08691 A.B Business Administration Basketball-, Ice Hockey-, Business Economics Club JOHN MARTIN BOGGS 780 Parker Lane, Springfield, PA 19064 A.B Business ERIC CHRISTIAN BOIES 404 Henderson Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10310 A.B. Drama Muhlenberg Theater Associ- ation, Muhlenberg Summer Theater SHARON E. BONASONI 12 Old Pierce Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 A.B. Business Administration Field Hockey, Student Council, Program Board MICHAEL BOTTOS 3302 Highland Drive, Easton, PA 18042 A.B. Business Administration Non-Resident Student Associ- ation, Intramural Soccer, Track S. PAIGE BRENNER 1405 Old Mill Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610 A.B. Psychology Drama Basketball, Softball, Theater WHITNEY A. BROMLEIGH 172 Mountain Avenue, Gillette, NJ 07933 A.B. Business Administration French Tour guide, French Club, Resident Hall Council, Class Representative INGE L. BRUNNER 328 N. 26th Street, Allentown, PA 18104 B.S. Biology Woodwind Ensemble, Festival Choir EDWARD BUKSTEL 269 Red Lion Road, Huntingdon Val- ley, PA 19006 B.S. Natural Science Philosophy DEBORAH SUE BURK 704 Killdeer Lane, Huntington Val- ley, PA 19006 A.B. Accounting Business Administration Class Secretary, Class Executive Council, Ciarla, Business Econom- ics Club, Accounting Society, Hillel, ALAN BURKHOLZ 3 Bruce Road, Morganville, NJ 07751 A.B. Drama WMUH - Business Manager, Muhlenberg Theater Association SUSAN DEBORAH BUTLER 484 Wheeler Road, Monroe, CT 06468 A.B. Art Spanish Muhlenberg Theater Association, Youth Are Capable Concerned, Art Club, Spanish Conversa- tion, Volleyball Intramurals JEFFREY CLARK CABOT 15 Tuxedo Drive, Livingston, NJ 07039 B.S. Natural Science WMUH, President East Hall, Con- cert Committee, Intramural Sports, Class Executive Council, Ski Club ANDREW J. CAFIERO 410 Ocean Avenue, North Wild- wood, NJ 08260 A.B. Political Science Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Night Owl Committee, Swim Club WILLIAM J. CAMPANALE 271 North Bowman Avenue, Merion, PA 19066 A.B. Business History President Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Treasurer Tau Kappa Epsilon - ’82-’83, Student Advisor, Ciarla - Business Manager, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Phi Alpha Theta, Varsity Wres- tling JEFFERY T. CAMPBELL 2755 Hazelwood Lane, Green Bay, WI 54304 A.B. Psychology Cross Country, Track, Amnesty International, Intramural Basketball SCOTT R. CAMPBELL 950 Woodlawn Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446 B.S. Biology Natural Science W. SCOTT CAMPBELL 809 Malin Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073 A.B. Business Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon Frater- nity - Intramural Sports, Newsletter Committee, House Officer EILEEN R. CANNING 4 Carter Brook Lane RD 4, Princeton, NJ 08540 A.B. Spanish Varsity Tennis, Tour Guide, Student Adviser, Phi Sigma Iota GARI D. CARABIN 51 Franklin Avenue, Saddle Brook, NJ 07662 B.S. Biology BRIAN J. CAREY 646 Parkside Drive, Jericho, NY 11753 A.B. Political Science Varsity Soccer, Weekly, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity THOMAS J. CARLE 45 Afterglow Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044 A.B. Business Administration Soccer, Track, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity JOHN B. CATALANO 65 Roberts Avenue, Bridgeton, NJ 08302 B.S. Biology MICHAEL D. CESARE 611 Davey Avenue, Pen Argyl, PA 18072 B.S. Natural Science Biology THOMAS A. CESARE 200 Davey Avenue, Pen Argyl, PA 18072 A.B. Psychology Football, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity ROBERT A. CHAMBERLIN 9020 Willow Valley Drive, Poto- mac, MD 20854 A.B. Accounting Economics Varsity Basket- ball, Vice President Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Omicron Delta Epsilon LILLIAN CHARBONNEAU 64 McLaren Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701 A.B. Russian Studies; Minor - Chemistry Muhlenberg Alliance for Progressive Action, Russian Club, International Affairs Club, Tour Guide, Ciarla, Muhlenberg Theater Associ- ation KENNETH CHWATEK 310 Elm Street, Stirling, NJ 07980 A.B. Accounting Business Administration Varsity Basketball, Zeta Beta Tau Fiaternity BRIAN J. CLARK Box 132 Copuke, NY 12516 A.B. Business Administration History Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Student Council, Muhlenberg Fraternity Council SCOTT A. CLELLAND 148 South Ridgedale Avenue, East Hanover, NJ 07936 A.B. Accounting Business Sigma Phi Epsi- lon Fraternity, Intramural Sports, Accounting Club SUZANNE MARIE COCCO 1549 Oakshire Lane, Manas- quan, NJ 08736 A.B. Business Administration Psychology Psy- chology Club, Business Economics Club, Program Board KAREN A. COCHEO 25 Kayeton Road, Allendale, NJ 07401 A.B. French Art French Club, Lacrosse Club, Varsity Cheer- leader, First Aid Corps, Powder Puff Football, Intramural Soc- cer Volleyball, French Tutor JERI ANNE COHEN 2302 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18104 A.B. Communications Communications Club, WMUH, Intramural Sports, French Club, International Association of Business Communications MICHAEL P. COHEN 230 Pennsylvania Avenue. Mount Ver- non, NY 10552 A.B. Business Accounting Student Council, Assistant Budget Review Chairman, President Martin Luther Dorm, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel, Chess Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Accounting Society, Business Economics Club a MORRIS B. COHEN 230 Pennsylvania Avenue, Mount Ver- non, NY 10552 A.B. Business; Minor - Computer Science Alpha Phi Omega, C ar a-Section Co-Editor, Vice President Program Board, Tour Guide, Intramural Sports, Dining Com- , mittee, Faculty Representative, Student Council, Psi Chi, Finan- i cial Chairman-Senior Pledge Drive RANDY L. COHEN 7 Sand Hill Court, Parsippany, NJ 07054 A.B. Business WMUH Music Director, Muhlenberg Rifle Club - Treasurer WILLIAM XAVIER COLL 1023 Indian Pipe Circle, Carmel, IN 46032 B.S. Natural Science Biology Varsity Tennis, Sigme ft Phi Epsilon Fraternity HUGH JAMES COLOCOTT 275 Grahaber Road, Tolland CT 06084 A.B. Communications, Program Board, Chorus Night Owl, Communications Club LESLIE ANNE COMER 2019 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 A.B. Psychology Psychology Club, Community Volun- teer Work KEVIN P. CONNELLY 310 Wilson Avenue, West Collings- wood Heights, NJ 08059 A.B. Psychology President Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity - ' 82’84, Tour Guide, Muhlenberg Fraternity Council, Psychology Club, WMUH, Fraternity Board of Review KAREN O. COONEY 390 Phillip Lane, Watchung, NJ 07060 A B Communications Spanish Hall Representative, Freshman Orientation Committee, Lacrosse, Weekly, Tutor, Phi Sigma Iota, Study Abroad, Spanish Club, Communications Club, SHARON K. COSLETT 78 S. Landon Avenue, Kingston, PA 18704 A B Business Administration French Omicron Delta Epsilon, Phi Sigma Iota, Business Economics Club President, Orientation Committee, Pom-Poms CORENE MARIE COSSA P O Box 1428, 11 Rabbit Run Rd., Malvern, PA 19355 A B Communications Lacrosse Club, Communications Club CAROL CREASI 453 High Street, Westwood, MA 02090 A.B. Social Science Psychology C ar a-Photographer -’82, ’83 STEPHEN CRISTOL 244 South Coconut Lane, Miami Beach, FL 33139 B.S. Physics Mathematics Society of Physics Stu- dents, Math Club, Fencing Club CYNTHIA L. CROMER 621 Country Club Road, York, PA 17403 A B English Drama Muhlenberg Theatre Association, Values Action Committee, Omicron Delta Kappa, Committee of English Majors, Youth Are Capable Concerned, Lutheran Student Movement, WMUH -’82- ' 83, Wind Ensemble-’80-’81, Project Coordinator Women’s Health and Sexuality Project, MARIE CROWE 10654 Montrose Avenue, Apt. 2, Bethes- da, MD 20814 A.B. English Field Hockey, Lacrosse DEBRAH CUMMINS 63 Pinecrest Drive, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07675 A.B. Social Work Steering Committee for Student Ad- vising, Student Advisor, Resident Advisor, Tour Guide, Student Receptionist JOHN R. D’AMATO 31 Harding Drive, New Rochelle, NY 10801 A.B. Political Science Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity - Social Chairman LEONIA LISA DEHEER 5 Faber Drive, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 B.S. Biology Ciarla, Intramural Sports DENISE DICARLO 79 Walt Whitman Way, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690 B.S Biology Romance Language House, Intramural Sports, Dance Club ANNA DICH1ARA 29 Maple Drive, North Caldwell, NJ 1 07006 A.B Accounting Business Administration President Omicron Delta Epsilon, Accounting Society Vice President, ! Special Events Chairperson JAY ALDEN DIIORIO Fiddler’s Creek Road, Titusville, NJ 08560 A.B Business Administration JOHN R. DIPALMA 202 Ginger Avenue, Millville, NJ 08332 A.B. Economics Varsity Soccer, Freshman Orientation Commit- tee, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Admissions Receptionist, Weekly, Pi Kappa Delta, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity - Soccer Marathon, Keg Roll Co-Chairman AMY H. DANBERG 39 Gail Court, Springfield, NJ 07081 A.B. Accounting I ELIZABETH ALISON DAVIS 37 Coachlight Square, Bridge- port, CT 06606 A.B Communications Tour Guide, College Relations Photographer, Weekly, Ciarla - Section Co-Editor, In- tramural Soccer, Volleyball i RENEE R. DELFINER 1049 Warfield Lane, Huntingdon Val- ley, PA 19006 A.B Business Administration Class Executive Council, Hillel Vice President, Omicron Delta Epsilon Secre- tary, Program Board ELAINE DENNERLEIN 8 Old Musket Lane, Ridgefield, CT 06877 A.B. Psychology GERALD K. DIETER 1825 Hanover Avenue, Allentown, PA 18103 B.S. Chemistry Football MARTHA L. DIETER 7438 Catalpa Drive, Macungie, PA 18062 B.S. Biology Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship, Muhlen- berg Alliance for Progressive Action, Chapel Choir, Festival Choir, Tutor JEFFREY DOWLING 269 33rd Street, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 A B. Psychology Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, WMUH, Youth Are Capable Concerned, Muhlenberg The- ater Association TARA ANN DUFFY 539 Old Woods Road, Wyckoff, NJ 07481 B.S. Biology WMUH, Alpha Phi Omega, Spanish Club, MARTIN JOHN DUVALL 201 Leppo Road, Westminster, MD 21157 B S. Chemistry Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Secretary Rush Chairman, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, WMUH, Big Brother MICHAEL E. EARNER 5 John Glenn Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 A B Psychology Wargaming Club DAVID J. EBERT 1043 Beaumont Road, Berwyn, PA 19312 A.B. Business ELIZABETH ANNE EDGE 222 Skylands Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456 B.S. Biology Natural Science College Choir, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Lutheran Student Movement JAMES P. ELDER, JR. 40 Woodland Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052 B.S. Biology Natural Science Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Concert Pep Bands, Muhlenberg Theater Associ- ation, Tour Guide, Intramural Sports, Percussion Ensemble SUZANNA E. ELLEFSEN 155 Shenandoah Boulevard, Toms River, NJ 08753 A B Political Science International Affairs Club, Muhlenberg Alliance for Progressive Action, Freshman Orientation RICHARD ELGART 796 Triumphe Way, Warrington, PA 18976 B S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Big Brothers DAVID ELLIOTT 7 Tralee Road, Hazlet, NJ 07730 B.S. Biology Freshman Orientation, tVeek y-Business Manager, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Philosophy Club, Intramural Sports BRAD ERLENBACH Dorset Lane, Brookfield Center, CT 06805 A.B. Business Administration Accounting Track, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Ac- counting Society, Week y-Photographer JOHN B. ESODA 115 Station Avenue, Haddon Heights NJ 08035 A.B. Communications Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Rifle Club, WMUH KIM MARIE EYERMAN 61 Pawnee Drive, Commack, NY 11725 A.B. Communications Resident Advisor, Head Resident Advisor, Intramural Volleyball PHYLLIS A. FAIRCHILD 18 Sheraden Avenue, Staten Is- land, NY 10314 A.B. Psychlolgy Student Council, Recording Secretary, Muhlenberg Theater Association, Curriculum Com- mittee - Core Curriculum, Psychology Club, Muhlenberg Alli- ance for Progressive Action, Chairman Fund Raiser for Heart Association, Young Americans for Freedom President, Festival Choir ROBERT D. FARBER 15 Pleasant Place, Deal, NJ 07723 A.B. Asian Studies; Minor Accounting Forensics, International Affairs Club, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Student Council, Festival of the Arts, Tour Guide, Class Executive Council, Accounting Society, Security Task Force LOUISE A. FASANO RD 4 Box 221-A, Hillsdale Rd., Eliza- bethtown, PA 17022 A.B. Psychology LISA B. FASSBERG 5 Salem Court, Spring Valley, NY 10977 A.B. Accounting English College Committee on Stu- dent Affairs, Student Council, Class Executive Council, Ac- counting Society-Treasurer, Student Advisor, Board of Associ- ates Representative, Student Receptionist, CiarlaSe ction Co- Editor STEVEN H FEIT 683 East Drive, Oradell, NJ 07699 BS Natural Science Student Advisor, Weekly, Zeta Beta Tau-Rush Chairman, Treasurer MICHAEL FELDMAN 159 Donor Avenue, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 B.S. Chemistry Biology Student Advisor, Chemistry Tutor, WMUH, Wellness Committee, First Aid Corps Instructor BRIAN H. FENLON 56 Highland Avenue, Chatham, NJ 07928 A.B. History Phi Alpha Theta, Ice Hockey Club LAURA M. FERRARO 12 Millbrook Lane, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 A.B. Psychology Dorm Representative JANINE F. FEUDI 44 Knollwood Road, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 A.B. Sociology Psychology Intramural Volleyball, Soccer, Powderpuff, Hall Representative, Dance Club, Psychol- ogy Club LISA JOAN FRANK 5 Cranbury Woods Road. Norwalk, CT 06851 A.B Political Science International Affairs Club, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Tour Guide, Freshman Orientation, Pi Sigma Alpha FRANK A. FRANZESE 7 Starlight Drive, Morristown, NJ 07960 A B Business Student Advisor, Tour Guide CLAIRE FREEDMAN 167 Maple Hill Road, Huntington, NY 11743 A.B. Psychology Orientation Committee, Dance Club, Intramural Soccer, Volleyball HEIDI MICHELLE FREEMER 97 Heather Valley Road, Hol- land, PA 18966 A.B Social Sciences Muhlenberg Theater As- sociation, Youth Are Capable Concerned, Muhlenberg Alli- ance for Progressive Action ROBB FREES 201 Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460 A.B. Business ROBERT E. FRIEDMAN 8 Cornell Drive, Livingston, NJ 07039 A.B Business Administration ROBERT M. FRIEDMAN 1410 Alsace Road, Reading, PA 19604 A.B Business WMUH MICHAEL C. FROHM 119 Hale Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605 A.B. Business SAMANTHA FRUIT 201 Woodlawn Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446 A.B. Economics Dance Club COR1NNE L. FRYHLE 132 North Vivyen Street, Bergenfield, NJ 07621 A.B. Art Art Club, College Choir ROBERT L. FULLER 609 King Road, West Chester, PA 19380 B.S. Chemistry GINGER P. GALLIENNE 63 Cannon Court, Huntington, NY 11743 B.S. Chemistry Business Tour Guide, Varsity Softball, Muhlenberg Theater Association BRYAN C. GALLOWAY 31 DeForest Avenue, North Plain- field, NJ 07062 A.B. Accounting Computer Science Baseball EVAN C. GANSL 300 Winston Drive, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 A.B Accounting Alpha Phi Omega, Big Brothers of Allentown, WMUH, Forensics Society, Program Board, “Studio M“, Accounting Society, Business Economics Club, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Hall Representative JENNIFER L. GIARDINA 1302 Wedgewood Road, Spring Lake, NJ 07762 B.S. Biology Natural Science Student Advi- sor, Varsity Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Dance Club, French Club, Tour Guide DIANE GIGLIOTTI 88 W. Trenton Avenue; Morrisville, PA 19067 JEFFREY W. GILBERT RD 4 Valley Stream Road, Strouds- burg, PA 18360 A.B Business Economics Muhlenberg Theater Association, Residents Hall Council, Omicron Delta Epsilon Vice President, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Student Advisor RUTH ANN GILBERT 16 East 36th Street, Reading, PA 19606 B.S. Biology Varsity Tennis KAREN E. GLEVIS 16 Country Club Lane, East Hanover, NJ 07936 A.B. Business Economics Business Economics Club, Intramural Volleyball ALLISON S. GOFFMAN 8 Suburban Drive, West Orange. NJ 07052 A.B. Business Administration International Affairs Club Vice President, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Dance Club, Johb Marshall Pre- Law Society RICHARD NEAL GOLDBERG 121 Knightsbridge Drive, Yardley, PA 19067 A.B Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon - Execu- tive Board, Alumni Newsletter, Fundraising, Computer Lab Assistant, Student Council RICHARD M. GOLDFEDER 51 Orchard Road, Woodbridge, CT 06525 B.S. Biology Natural Science Residence Hall Coun- cil SHARI CYD GOLDMAN 514 Old Gulph Road. Narberth, PA 19072 B.S Biology Art Fencing, Muhlenberg Theater Associ- ation, Program Board, Art Club DAVID W. GOLDSTEIN 508 Morris Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 B.S. Natural Science Varsity Football, Alpha Tau Ome- ga Fraternity Charity Organizer, Rifle Club ROBERT J. GOODLIFFE 30 Woodland Road, Green Brook, NJ 08812 A B History Track, Gar a-Section Co-Editor, WMUH KATRIN V. GORDON 1841 Horace Avenue, Abington, PA 19001 A B Accounting Business WMUH, Muhlenberg Theater Association. Accounting Society, Intramural Sports, Varsity Softball GWYNNE GORTON 19 Magda Lane, Somerville, NJ 08876 A B. History Spanish Field Hickey Captain, Muhlenberg The- ater Association, Spanish Club, Dance Club, Study Abroad RICHARD GRAFF 12-22 Edward Street, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 A B Business Administration Football, Intramurals JONATHAN GREENBERG 3116 Denton Drive, Merrick, NY 11566 B.S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Big Brothers of Allentown, Intramurals WILLIAM J. GROLLER 3933 Mechanicsville Road, White- hall, PA 18052 A B. History Russian Studies Varsity Football, Russian Club, Rifle Club ARPI P. GYIMESI 69-65 112th Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375 A.B Business Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, WMUH, Intramural Sports, Business Economics Club MATTHEW F. HABENICHT 900 David Drive, Richmond, V A 23229 A.B Social Sciences Tour Guide, College Choir, Track, Resident Advisor BRYAN HAGAR RD 2 Box 49C, Emmaus, PA 18049 A.B Communications GERALD JOSEPH HAGGERTY III 609 South Chester Road, Swarthmore, PA 19081 A.B. Communications WMUH Sports Director, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Outing Club CHARLES G. HAHN 83-43 241st Street, Bellerose, NY 11426 A.B. History HEIDE ANNE HALIK 143-39 Rose Avenue, Flushing, NY 11355 A.B. Organizational Communications, Muhlenberg Alli- ance for Progressive Action PHILLIP MARK HALPER 400 Hogeland Road, Southamp- ton, PA 18966 B.S. Biology President Zeta Beta Tau Fraterni- ty, WMUH, Student Advisor, Big Brother, Tour Guide, Alpha Phi Omega LISA A. HAND 310 South Arch Street, Allentown, PA 18103 B.S. Physics Society of Physics Students LISA A. HANNON 46 Rapids Road, Stamford, CT 06905 A.B. Psychology Computer Science Intramural Sports JOHN HEIGL, JR. 80 Reservoir Avenue, Butler, NJ 07405 A B. History Basketball, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity KAREN ELIZABETH HELLER 1135 Albright Avenue, Wyo- missing, PA 19610 B.S. Mathematics Intramural Sports, Pom Poms YOTA P. HERRON 458 Center Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018 SHARI L. HEYTINK 1-28 28th Street, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 A.B. Spanish Dance Club, Intramurals, Tutor MARGARET E. HINKLE B ox 73 RD 1, Weatherly, PA 18255 A.B. Psychology German Club, Psi Chi, Lutheran Stu- dent Movement JAMES A. H1NSCH 99 Central Park Road, Plainview, NY 11803 B.S. Natural Science EDITH S. HOLBROOK 74 Endicott Street, Congers, NY 10920 A.B. History Phi Alpha Theta, Youth Are Capable Concerned, College Bowl, Intramural Volleyball, Education So- ciety SCOTT JEFFRY HOLZHAUER 15 Crestwood Drive, Ran dolph, NJ 07869 A B Business Psychology Varsity Cross Country Captain, Varsity Track, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity House Manager, Big Brother ANDREW S. HOLZMAN 4 High Point Road, LincrofL NJ 07738 B.S. Biology JEFFRY H. HOMEL 3778 Wheatsheaf Road, Huntington Valley, PA 19006 A.B Business Administration Accounting Student Council, College Committee on Student Affairs, WMUH, Hillel, International Affairs Club Weekly CAROL A. HOPKINSON 217 Wingate Road, Upper Darby, PA 19082 A.B. Business Administration Chemistry Class Trea- surer, Class Executive Council, Gar a-Section Editor, Muhlen- berg Alliance for Progressive Action, Business Economics Club, Chemistry Club KEITH A. HOPPER 68 Woodland Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456 A B Accounting Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity - Executive Committee, Pledgemaster, Ice Hockey Club, Accounting Society, National Association of Ac- countants CHARLES C. HOUSEL, JR. 606 Cedar Hill Drive, Allen- town, PA 18103 A.B History College Choir, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Fellowship, Chapel Choir, Chapel Council JOHN C. HUFF 400 Knickerbocker Road, Tenafly, NJ 07670 A B. English Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Resident Advisor, Intramurals, JEANNETTE ROSE ICKOVICS 53 Cynthia Drive. Richboro, PA 18954 A.B. Psychology Dance Club President, Convoca- tions Committee, Wellness Program-Student Board, Psycholo- gy Club, Psi Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa DAWN MARIE ITZIE 780 Fairbrook Lane, Roswell, GA 30075 B.S. Biology Student Advisor, Pom Poms, Class Execu- tive Council, Tour Guide, Dorm President, Intramural Sports, Powderpuff Football STEPHEN R. JAFFE 503 Fireside Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 A.B Business Administration SHEILA A. JANIN RD 2, Box 7; Thomas Road, Glen Gard- ner, NJ 08826 A.B. Economics Business Administartion Busi- ness Economics Club Treasurer, Ciarla, Student Advisor, Intramural Sports-Powderpuff Football, Volleyball, Dining Committee ERIC C. JENSEN 51 Royden Road, Tenafly, NJ 07670 A.B Communications Business Weekly, Ciarla, Photography Club, WMUH, KAREN KAFFINE 524 E. Locust Street; Bethlehem, PA 18018 CHRISTOPHER STEVEN KAHN 4 Corvair Court, Flanders, NJ 07836 B.S. Chemistry Varsity Basketball Co-Captain, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Tour Guide, Resident Advisor MYLES KAHN 7 Seneca Avenue, Rockaway, NJ 07866 A.B. Human Resources Administration Student Court Chief Attor- ney, College Committee on Student Affairs, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Class Vice President-Fresh. Yr. SANDRA ELLYN KANE Box 334, Canadensis, PA 18325 A.B. Communications Dance Club, Communications Club Sec- retary, WMUH, Intramural Volleyball, Softball, Tour Guide, Photography Club DOUGLAS E. KARGMAN 21 Hill Lane, Roslyn Heights, NY 1 1577 B.S. Biology LEO CHUCK KATZ 19 Dell Drive, East Rockaway, NY 11518 B.S. Biology Class President, Omicron Delta Kappa, CiarlaC opy Editor, Student Court, Student Rep to Board of Directors, Student Advisor, Tour Guide HOLLY L. KELLIS 47 Briarwood Drive, Holland, PA 18966 A.B. English John Marshall Pre-Law Society President, Student Court Attorney, Athletic Committee, International Affairs Club, Weekly, Student Advisor, ADAM KENNER 272 Rockaway Street, Boonton, NJ 07005 A.B Drama WMUH-Engineering Director 2,3, Station Manager 4, Muhlenberg Theater Association, MARY LYNN KESTER 31 Franklin Street, Verona, NJ 07044 A.B Social Work Program Board, Intramurals SHERRIE M. KIRKHUFF 1971 Pinehurst Road, Bethlehem, PA 18018 B.S. Natural Science STEPHEN KIRSCH 31 East Drive, Woodbury, NY 11797 A.B. Business Administration Varsity Tennis, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity CAROL KLEMENS P.O Box 78; Trexlertown, PA 18087 JOANNE NANCY KLEMPEL 10 Lafayette Street Hunting ton, NY 11743 A.B. Accounting Business Administration Col lege Choir, Chapel Choir, Intramural Volleyball BECKY R. KLINE 3157 Phimont Avenue, Huntington Valley PA 19006 A.B. Communications; Minor-English Muhlenberc Theater Association, Fencing, Intramural Soccer, Kickball, Col lege Bowl DEBBIE G. KNOX 1119 Raritan Road, Clark, NJ 07066 B.S Biology Psychology Intrmural Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball Psychology Club, Hall Representative KEVIN M. KOONJY 2 Michael Court, Pompton Plains, N, 07444 A.B. Business Resident Advisor, Head Resident Advi sor, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity TRIAN KOUTOUFARIS 10 Carnoustie Road, Dover, DE 19901 B.S. Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Studen Advisor, Advising Steering Committee, Tour Guide, Russiai Club, Student Receptionist DEBORAH J. KOVACH 28 Scenic View Drive, Akron, Pf 17501 A B. English Weekly Co-Editor-in-Chief, German Club Chapel Council, Secretary Sigma Tau Delta, Society of Colle giate Journalists, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Committee o English Majors MICHELE A. KRAUSE 1131 South Jefferson Street, Apt. 6 Allentown, PA 18103 A.B. Psychology Psi Chi MICHAEL BRUCE KROUSE 7 Dahlia Road, Somerset, N, 08873 B.S. Natural Science Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Bic Brother SCOT G. KUEHM 945 Black Oak Ridge Road, Wayne, N« 07470 A.B. Business Administration Accounting Alpha Ph Omega, Accounting Society, Spanish Club, Muhlenberg Chris tian Fellowship, John Marshall Pre-Law Society SABRINA E. KURTZ 6905 West 16th Drive, Hialeah, FL 33014 A.B. English WMUH Assistant Music Director, Ultimat Frisbee Club, Study Abroad, Hillel RICKY LADUCA 105 Echo Ridge Lsnr, Easton, PA 18041 A.B. Accounting Business Football, Alpha Tau Omega Frater nity KAREN ELIZABETH LAFAVER 120 Carol Street, New Cumberland, PA 17070 A.B. History College Choir, Chape Choir, Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship JANICE L. LARSON 80 Alpine Drive, Wayne, NJ 0747( A. B. Business Varsity Softball, Intramural Volleyball, Basket ball, Soccer, Benfer Vice President President, Weekly-Pho tographer, Program Board DIANE L. LEHMAN 334 South Linclon Street, Palmyra, Pf 17078 A.B English Tour Guide, Chapel Choir, Arcade BUTCH LEIBER 706 Bergen Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111 B. S. Natural Science Student Council-Treasurer, Class Treasur er, College Bowl Chairman, Program Board Executive Council Ciarla Assistant Editor, WMUH, Senior Pledge Drive Canvas: Chairman, Tour Guide JEAN M. LEITGEB 1124 Hokendauqua Street, Coplay, Pf 18037 B.S. Natural Science Wellness Program NICHOLAS J. LENO 34 Benedict Crescent, Denville, N 07834 A.B Political Science Varsity Football, Student Cour Justice. Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity - Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice President, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, International Affair Club, Intramural Sports SCOTT L. LENZ 113 Gnarled Hollow Road, East Setauket NY 11733 A.B. Accounting Economics Vice President Tai Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Varsity Baseball, Resident Advisor Head Resident Advisor, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Delti Epsilon Treasurer, College Bowl, College Committee on Admis sions Freshmen CHRISTINE YOLANDA LEONE 2 Eastwoods Lane, Scars dale, NY 10583 A.B Psychology Spanish Field Hockey, La crosse, Psychology Club, Student Advisor, Spanish Club, Intra mural Volleyball PAMELA A. LEPERA 117 Boulder Road, Plymouth Meeting PA 19462 B.S. Biology Alpha Phi Omega, First Corps, Tou Guide, Wind Ensemble, Student Advisor CHERYL DIANE LERNER 7045 Large Street, Philadelphia PA 19149 B.S. Biology Psychology Tour Guide, Psychlologi Club ANTHONY S. LEVIN 2018 Spring Mill Road, Lafayette Hill. PA 19444 B.S. Natural Science Intramural Soccer, Big Brother of Lehigh County NEEL LEVINE 127 Kline Boulevard, Colonia, NJ 07067 A.B Accounting Accounting Society, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Big Brother of Allentown, Russian Club, Intramural Football, Bas- ketball SHARON KATHLEEN LEWIS 34 Lynwood Road, Verona, NJ 07044 A.B. English Communications Tour Guide, Student Advisor, Steering Committee, German Club, Communications Club, International Association of Business Communicators, In- tramural Sports, Lacrosse Club, MARTIN LUTHER LEYMEISTER III 1114 Keystone Drive, Sellersville, PA 18960 B.S. Natural Science Golf, WMUH JAMES P. LINTON 14 Nassau Circle, Reading, PA 19607 B.S. Biology Varsity Soccer, Ski Club, WMUH PAUL C. LIPMAN 1704 Walter Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810 A.B. Psychology Psychology Club, Psi Chi, WMUH, Hillel DAVID LISS 10119 Clark Place, Philadelphia, PA 19116 B.S. Natural Science Phi Sigma Iota, Hillel Intercampus Chairman NICHOLAS J. LOMBARDI 576 Prospect Street, Maple- wood, NJ 07040 A.B. History Government Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity CHRISTOPHER J. LUPARIELLO 19 Pershing Avenue, Ew- ing Township, NJ 08618 B.S. Biology Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity - Senior Marshal, Ski Club, Intramural Sports ANTHONY J. LUPOSELLO 33 High Street, Croton-on-Hud- son, NY 10520 A.B. History Phi Alpha Theta DAVID C. LYONS, JR. RD 1 Box 197, Carlisle, PA 17013 A. B. History Muhlenberg Theater Association, John Marshall Pre-Law Society DONNA J. MAACK 6619 Birchwood Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214 B.S. Biology College Choir, College Wind Ensemble, Varsity Basketball, First Aid Corps, Intramurals BRETT MACALUSO 755 White Pond Road, Stormville, NY 12582 B.S. Biology Russian Studies Ski Club President, Ger- man Club Vice President, Russian Club Vice President, Muhlen- berg Christian Fellowship, Tour Guide ROBERT H. MALKIN 935 St. Davids Road, Williamsport, PA 17701 A.B. Philosophy WMUH, Alpha Phi Omega FRED W. MANAK, JR. Box 26 RD 2, Newton, NJ 07860 B. S. Chemistry First Aid Corps, American Chemical Society, Cardinal Key Club, Eta Sigma Phi DION T. MANHOFF 2429 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 B.S. Biology Natural Science Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Intramural Basketball, Photography Club, Cardi- nal Key Club, Chess Club HENRY WILLIAM MARCANTONI Raemont Road, Granite Springs, NY 10527 B.S. Biology Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Student Court, Resident Advisor, Tour Guide, Varsity Soccer, Intramural Soccer Volleyball MONICA MARCOVICI 1319 Prospect Hill Road, Villanova, PA 19085 A.B. Psychology Student Advisor, International Af- fairs Club, Forensics, WMUH News, Psychology Club NANCY JOY MARCUS 644 Robinson Lane, Haverford, PA 19041 A.B. Political Science Art President International Af- fairs Club, Head Delegate Model United Nations, Residence Hall Council, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, President-Phi Sigma Iota, Vice President-Pi Sigma Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, WMUH KIMBERLY ROSE MARINO 128 Partree Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 A.B. American Studies Pom Poms - Captain, Intra- mural Volleyball, Hall Representative I TERESA M. MARINO 68 Deerfield Pike, Bridgeton, NJ 08302 A.B. Psychology Spanish Psi Chi, Psychology Club, Student Council MICHAEL MARKOWITZ, JR. 5 South 11th Street, Emmaus, PA 18049 B.S. Physics Society of Physics Students JANET K. MARSH 312 Wallace Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360 A.B. Poitical Science Accounting Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Student Receptionist, John Marshall Pre-Law Soci- ety, Intramural Volleyball CRAIG ALAN MARSHALL RD3, Box 175E Ramsey Road, Hockessin, DE 19707 B.S. Physics Society of Physics Students - Vice President, WMUH, Nite Owl GEOFFREY MARSHALL 69 Oakwood Court, Fanwood, NJ 07023 A.B. Economics Hockey Team - Vice President, Ulti- mate Frisbee Team- Secretary DARIA MARTYN1W 3 Houston Road, Yardley, PA 19067 A. B. Russian Studies WMUH, Weekly- Lay-Out Consultant, Russian Club, Tour Guide LINDA MATTHEWS 263 East Pierrepont Avenue, Ruther- ford, NJ 07070 A.B. Business Art SHERYL MARIE MCCALL 46 River Drive, Marlboro, NJ 07746 B.S. Chemistry Natural Sciences American Chemical Society LINDA A. MCCOY 2641 Majestic Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810 A.B. Business Administration Economics Coordinator of Freshmen Advising, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Omicron Delta Kappa-Secretary, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Student Recep- tionist, Student Representative to Alumni Association, Presi- dent Pro-Tempore Class of 1987 BROOKE SUZANNE MCDERMOTT F21 900 Mickley Road, Whitehall, PA 18052 A.B. Communications, Minor - English Chief Attorney - Student Court, Resident Advisor, Omicron Delta Kappa - Vice President, Tour Guide, Student Advisor, WMUH, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Communications Club CAROLINE M. MCHUGH 699 Day Avenue, Ridgefield, NJ 07657 A.B. Humanities Education Society - Treasurer, Student Court, Wellness Program MARY FRANCES MCKEE 49 Manor Road, Livingston, NJ 07039 A.B. Business Art Student Advisor, Co-Captain Cheer- leading Squad, Festival of the Arts - Treasurer, Business Economics Club WILLIAM C. MCKEEBY, III 24 Crestwood Avenue, Hillsbor- ough, NJ 08876 B.S. Physics Society of Physics Students, Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship, Intramural Sports ROBERTR MCNAMARA 29 Harrison Street, Little Falls, NJ 07424 A.B. Accounting Business Intramural Sports, Basketball Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity DIANA TANINA MEGNA Box 24B, Lebanon, NJ 08833 B. S. Chemistry Residence Hall Council - Vice President, Trea- surer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega, American Chemical Society, Tour Guide, School Mascot, Fencing Club - President, Lacrosse, Intramural Sports RICHARD LEE MENDELSOHN 126 Radcliffe Road, Plain- view, NY 1 1803 A.B. History Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Varsity Soccer, Cardinal Key Society, Intramural Volleyball, Basket- ball, WMUH, John Marshall Pre-Law Society ROBERT MERLE, JR. 144 Shongum Road, Denville, NJ 07834 A.B. Business Administration History Football, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity THOMAS MESSINGER 29 Lawrence Lane, Bay Shore, NY 11706 JILL S. MICHELMAN 29 North Lake Road, Armonk, NY 10504 A.B. Sociology Education Freshman Advisor, Tour Guide, Education Society, Student Receptionist FRANCIS ANTHONY MIELE 36 Cherry Tree Farm Road, Middletown, NJ 07748 B.S. Biology Jazz Ensemble, Program Board, Concert Committee, Osbourne Research Committee APRIL L. MILLER 3 Charred Oak Lane, Hightstown, NJ 08520 A.B. Business Administration German Club, Transfer Advisor, Chapel Choir LESLIE MILLER 60 Peace Acre Lane, Stratford, CT 06497 A. B. Psychology Psychology Club, Intramural Volleyball, Wind Ensemble, Dance Club, Pit Orchestra, Band Secretary, ROBERT MILLER 17 Rainbow Lane, Levittown, NY 11756 B. S. Biology WMUH, Jazz Ensemble SHARON K. MILLER 29 Mara Trail, South Windsor, CT 06074 B.S. Biology Band, Tennis STEFANIE C. MILLER 25 Jeffrey Road, Wayne. NJ 07470 A.B. Psychology C ar a-Section Editor, Psi Chi, Dance Club, Psychology Club, Tour Guide, Alpha Phi Omega, Muhlenberg Opera Group, LISA MINERVINO 46 School House Road. Randolph, NJ 07869 A.B. Business Administration Suite Representative, In tramural Sports JOAN MIN1ERI 58 Davenport Avenue, Tenafly, NJ 07670 A.B. Social Work Muhlenberg Alliance for Progressive Action, Grievance Board, Faculty Representative JOHN J. MOFFITT 3893 Rosewood Lane, Whitehall, PA 18052 B.S. Natural Science Exchequer Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Ski Club ROSALIND P. MONDSCHEIN 680 Day Avenue, Ridgefield, NJ 07657 A.B. Psychology Psi Chi Vice President, Psychology Club, Education Society President, Student Court CELESTE P. MORETTI 2 Cedar Hollow Road, Wallingford, PA 19086 A.B. Political Science Orientation Committee, Tour Guide, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Hostess for Day Night on Campus, MAURA J. MURPHY 44 Carter Road, Princeton, NJ 08540 A.B. Drama Muhlenberg Theatre Association ANDREW JAY MUSTIN 3135 Burn Brae Drive, Dresher, PA 19025 B.S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Big Brother of Allentown, Phi Beta Kappa, Tutor, Intramurals SUZETTE MICHELE NANOVIC 37 Lehigh Street, Slating- ton, PA 18080 A.B. Accounting Majorettes, Weekly, Non- Resident Students Association LINDA L. NARROW RD2, Mount Bethel, PA 18343 A.B. History MAUREEN ANN NASH 78 Evergreen Drive, North Caldwell, NJ 07006 A.B. Accounting Business Alpha Phi Omega, Tour Guide, Accounting Society, Business Economics Club, Stu- dent Advisor, Intramural Volleyball, Powderpuff Football CARLA A, NELSON 5 Laurel Place, Fairfield, NJ 07706 B.S. Mathematics Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship, Program Board, Chapel Council, German Club, Tour Guide, Phi Sigma Iota THOMAS G. NEMETH 47 Vi North 3rd Street, Coplay, PA 18037 B.S. Chemistry Football, Intramural Basketball, Volley- ball, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity - Executive Council KAREN L. NEULINGER 550 Chestnut Street, Wyckoff, NJ 07481 A.B. Art MICHELE NITTI 540 Academy Street, Maplewood, NJ 07040 B.S. Biology Student Advisor, Gar a-Section Co-Editor, Tour Guide, Intramural Sports ROY E. NORCROSS, JR. 241 Preston Terrace, Cheshire, CT 06410 B.S. Chemistry Art Weekly, Ciarla, Photography Club, Cardinal Key Society, International Student Association JOHN NOYD 14 Jutland Road, Binghamton, NY 13903 A.B. Business Golf, Jazz band, Concert Band, Intramural Sports MICHAEL J. O’BRIEN 57 Reeve Road, Rockville Centre. NY 11570 A.B. History Wrestling, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity SUSAN O’CONNELL Ironia Road, Box 160E, Flanders, NJ 07836 B.S. Chemistry Tour Guide. American Chemical Soci- ety, Intramural Sports FRANCES M. C. O’DONNELL 23 Bacon Road. St. James, NY 11780 B.S. Biology, Minor - Music Wind Ensemble Presi- dent, Class Council, Pit Band, Allentown Band KATHRYN OFFERMANN 1325 Foxcroft Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601 A.B. English Elementary Education Intramural Sports, Education Society PEGGY O’KEEFE 1830 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18104 B.S. Natural Science SCOTT M. OLSON 177 Berger Street, Emmaus. PA 18049 A.B. Drama Muhlenberg Theater Association, Transfer Advi- sor, Muhlenberg Summer Music Theater Festival TERENCE PATRICK O’NEIL 53 Schultz Avenue. Phillips- burg, NJ 08865 A.B. History Computer Science Football PATRICIA E. OVERTON RD3 Wetzel Street, Box 287, Al- lentown, PA 18104 A B Psychology ERIC A. PACKEL 1959 Audubon Drive, Dresher, PA 19025 A B Business Administration Intramural Sports CRISTINA MARGARET PALASITS 176 Mountain Way, Rutherford, NJ 07070 A B Psychology Varsity Volleyball, Psy- chology Club, Lacrosse, Intramural Sports, Eta Sigma Phi, Tutor PAMELA R. PARK 763 Glen Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046 B.S. Biology Philosophy Hall Representative, Orientation Committee, Intramural: Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Ski Club, Car dinal Key Society MELANIE A. PARKER 289 Bayside Avenue, Oceanside, NY 11572 B S. Natural Science Biology Muhlengerg Theater As- sociation, WMUH, Intramural Sports, Tour Guide MICHAEL J. PAVELCHEK 591 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, NY 10501 B.S Biology Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Tour Guide, Ski Club, Osbourne Research Committee, Intramural Sports DIANE M. PEDICINI 2264 Old Farm Road, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 A.B. Sociology Social Sciences Omicron Delta Kappa- President, Head Resident, Resident Advisor, Student Council- Vice President, Tour Guide Coordinator, Student Alumni Board, Senior Pledge Drive Canvassing Chairperson, Home- coming Queen, Concert Committee, Advisory Committee for Admissions, Dining Committee, Intramurals, Ciarla, DIANE C. PENNONI 3211 Highland Avenue, Drexel Hill, PA 19026 B.S. Chemistry CVar a-Editor-in-Chief, American Chemi- cal Society-Treasurer, Alpha Phi Omega-President, Tour Guide, Class Government- Executive Council, College Commit- tee on Student Affairs, MELINDA LEE PETERS 16 Madison Lane. Whitehall PA 18052 B.S Biology Photography Club, JOHN W. PHILLIPS 94 Deerhill Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877 A. B. Economics Team LAURA PIERCE 81 Willoughby Road, Fanwood, NJ 07023 B. S. Biology Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Student Reception- ist, Pom Pom Squad, Steering Committee, Day on Campus Hostess, Dining Committee, Vice President MacGregor Village JOHN PIZZUTO 11 Harvard Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10710 B.S. Chemistry Natural Science Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity- Chapter Historian, Alpha Phi Omega-President, American Chemical Society, Intramural Sports, ERFORD E. PORTER, III 402 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT 06870 B.S Mathematics Varsity Football, Var- sity Wrestling, Student Receptionist, Wind Ensemble, Dance Club JILL PRECOURT 8 Spruce Street, Tenafly, NJ 07670 A.B. Business Administration Residence Hall Council MARK JAY PRESSMAN 110 East Fariston Drive, Philadel- phia, PA 19120 B.S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity- President Parliamentarian, Alpha Phi Omega, WMUH, Fresh- man FACT Committeee, Hillel ROBERT PRESTIANO 184-19 Aberdeen Road, Jamaica, NY 1 1432 B.S. Biology Big Brother, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity CRAIG RAIA 33 Birch Street, Lynbrook, NY 11563 A.B English Drama Muhlenberg Theatre Association, Senior Class Pledge Drive Committee, Sigma Tau Delta, Study Aborad, Muhlenberg Advancement Program EDWARD RAMADON 295 Karen Drive, Orange, CT 06477 A.B. Business Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Intramural Sports ERIC RASMUSSEN 30 Birdseye Glen, Verona NJ 07044 AMY E. RATNER 502 Benner Road, Allentown, PA 18104 A.B Business Transfer Advisor MICHELLE REIN 4 Wildhedge Lane, Holmdel, NJ 07733 A B. Social Sciences Class Executive Council, Tour Guide, Ciarla, Student Court Clerk, Program Board CATHERINE J. REINHART 2 Edgemoor Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15238 A.B Business Administration Weekly, Business Economics Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon DIANE E. REPPA RD 4, Box 8, Coopersburg, PA 18036 A.B Business Administration Accounting Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball, Business Economics Club, Ac- counting Society DARRAH E. RIBBLE, III 391 Wartman Road, Collegeville, PA 19426 A B Psychology WMUH, Muhlenberg Theatre Asso- ciation DOUGLAS RICE 419 Washington Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033 A.B. Business Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Accounting Society, Intramural Football, Volleyball STEVEN F. RITARDI 1256 Mt Airy Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 A.B. English American Studies Phi Kappa Tau Fra- ternity, Sigma Tau Delta, WeeA y-Sports Editor STEVEN F. RIULI 8 Falcon Place, Wayne, NJ 07470 A.B. Accounting Business KENNETH RIZZI RD1 Soundcrest Lane, Huntington, NY 11743 B.S. Biology Natural Science Newmann Association, Intramural Basketball BRIAN RIZZO 232 Collfield Avenue, Staten Island NY 10314 JILL ANN ROBINSON 1 Parmly Street, Rumson, NJ 07760 A B. English Senior Class Pledge Drive Chairperson, Varsity Lacrosse Captain, Phi Sigma Iota, Varsity Basketball, Student Advising Steering Committee LOUIS M. ROSSI 384 Atwood Place, Wyckoff NJ 07481 MARK S. ROSSI 46 Cubberly Road, Trenton, NJ 08690 A.B. Philosophy President Ultimate Frisbee Club, JOSEPH A. SACCO 38 Sunset Drive, Port Reading, NJ 07064 A.B. History Education Football, Weekly, Newman As- sociation, Eucaristic Minister, Wargaming Club, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity MICHAEL S. SADOW 19 Lawrence Place, Spring Valley, NY 10977 A.B Business Russian Studies Omicron Delta Epsilon, Business Economics Club, Russian Club Treasurer, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Dobro Slovo LARRY SAIFMAN 51 Brighton Terrace, Wayne, NJ 07470 A B. Political Science Skiing LEONARD SANCILIO, JR. 33-17 158th Street, Flushing, NY 11358 A.B Psychology Head Resident, Resident Advisor, In- tramural Sports, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity LORI SCHAEFFER Ridgeway Drive, Old Zionsville, PA 18068 B.S. Biology, Intramural Volleyball KEVIN L. SCHEY 1116 Bellair Drive, Allentown, PA 18103 B.S. Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Fratnerity, Alpha Phi Ome- ga, Tour Guide, Varsity Golf, American Chemical Society-Presi- dent PATRICIA A. SCHIAVONE 10 Maple Street, East Bangor, PA 18013 B.S. Biology Lacrosse, Intramural Sports, Tour Guide BARRY C. SCHILLER 1059 Old Ford Road, Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 A.B. Psychology Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Hillel, Psychology Club CHERYL ANN SCHNABL Box 275 A, RD1, Sugar Bottom Road, Furlong, PA 18925 B.S Biology Student Advisor, Stu- dent Receptionist, Chapel Choir, Tour Guide, First Aid Corps, College Choir GEORGE S. SCHROEDER 42 Springs Drive, Doylestown, PA 18901 A.B. Political Science Russian Studies Weekly, Cross Country, Convocations Committee, Russian Club, Pi Sig- ma Alpha, Dobro Slovo, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Tour Guide, Ski Club HILLARY ANN SCHWARTZ 289 Mount Hope Avanue, Apt. W-12, Dover, NJ 07801 A.B. Psychology Spanish Psy- chology Club-President, Phi Sigma Iota-Secretary, Psi Chi, Tour Guide, Day on Campus Hostess, Intramural Volleyball JAE C. SCHWARTZ 12508 Medford Place, Philadelphia, PA 19154 B.S. Chemistry Mathematics Mathematics Club, Ameri- can Chemical Society LISA SHARON SCHWARTZ 15 Walsh Way, Morris Plains, NJ 07950 A.B. Psychology Human Resources Administration Prosser Dorm President, Residence Hall Council, Student Council, Academics Committee, Hall Representative, Tour Guide, Student Advisor, Student Receptionist, Day on Campus Hostess, Dining Committee, Psychology Club, CARYL SCHWARTZBACH 36 Huckleberry Lane, West Hartford, CT 06110 B.S. Chemistry, Minor - Physics American Chemical Society, Society of Physics Students, Intramural: Soc- cer, Volleyball, Basketball, Residence Hall Council, Tutor MICHAEL SCOTT SELLINGER 66 North Hillsede Avenue, Livingston, NJ B S. Biology, Minor - Business Concert Commit- tee, Business Economics Club, SHILPA S. SHAH 136 West Charles Street, Wernersville, PA 19565 B.S. Biology DOROTHY SHAPLAND 6 Johnston Drive, Convent Station, NJ 07961 A.B. Psychology Muhlenberg Treatre Association, Newman Association WAYNE E. SHERMAN 667 Summit Road, Union, NJ 07083 B.S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Concert Com- mittee Chairman, Tour Guide, Cardinal Key Society, Student Court, WMUH, Prosser Dorm Vice President, Residence Hall Council RICHARD A. SHOBER 114 Fausnacht Drive, Denver, PA 17517 B.S. Chemistry WMUH, Muhlenberg Christian Fellow- ship-Executive Council, First Aid Corps FRANCIS SHOVL1N 173 Paul Court, Hillsdale, NJ 07642 A.B. Accounting Business Administration MICHAEL SCOTT SILVER 23 Gail Court, Springfield, NJ 07081 A.B. Business Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity DAVID C. SMITH 711 E Lexington Street, Allentown PA 18103 JULIE EILEEN SMITH RD1, Box 81C-2,- Palmerton, PA 18071 A.B. Communications Religion Ciarla, Weekly Photog- raphy WILLIAM DAVID SMITH 12 Garden Place, Chatham, NJ 07928 B.S. Physics Society of Physics Students, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Rifle Club, WMUH PETER EDWARD SOCKLER 640 Foothill Road, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 A.B Political Science Head Resident, President Rifle Club, Eucharistic Minister DEBRA LYNNE SOMERS 427 Coolidge Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 B.S. Biology Student Advisor, Student Receptionist, Lacrosse, Alpha Phi Omega CANDACE JO SOMMER 100 Brubaker Road, Litits, PA 17543 GLORIA MERLE SPEIER 851 Furrow Lane, H untingdon Valley, PA 19006 A.B. Accounting Hillel, Phi Sigma Iota, Youth Are Capable Concerned, Residence Hall Council JOHN J. SPEREDAKOS 14 Carol Place, Pequannock, NJ 07440 A.B. Drama Community Stock Theater SCOTT D. SPIELMAN 24 Jasmine Road, Matawan, NJ 07747 A.B. Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha, Rifle Club, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Residence Hall Council SCOTT ALAN SPIRO 4 Garnet Street, Morganville, NJ 07751 B.S. Natural Science College Bowl - Captain, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity-House Manager Sportwear Chairman, Hillel, I Intramural Sports PETER SPOHN 220 South Broad Street, Nazareth, PA 18062 B.S. Chemistry Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity-Social I Chairman, Ski Club, Intramural Sports WILLIAM L. SPRAGUE RD3, Box 109, Tunkhannock, PA 18657 B.S. Biology Natural Science Alpha Phi Omega, Ger- man Club, Tour Guide PATRICIA LEE ST. GEORGE 12 Wellington Drive, Prince- ton Junction, NJ 08550 B.S. Biology Varsity Cheerleading, Tour Guide LAURA J. STAUSS 8 Hopi Court, Oakland, NJ 07436 A.B Accounting Business Administration Volleyball, Tour Guide, Business Economics Club HELEN STEBILIS 1129 Linden Street, Allentown, PA 18102 CYNTHIA J. STEIN 772 Barr Boulevard. Lancaster, PA 17603 A.B Business Psychology Business Economics Club, Psychology Club, WMUH, Psi Chi, Intramural Volleyball ELIZABETH H. STEIN 1 Boulder Lane, Scarsdale, NY 10583 A B. Psychology Social Sciences Resident Advisor, Psi Chi, Psychology Club-Vice President, Cheerleading Captain, Dance Club-Treasurer, Tour Guide, Student Receptionist, Well- ness Program MARC A. STEINER 30 Red Spring Lane, Glen Cove, NY 11542 AB Business NATASHA STEPHENSON 5 Pollard Road, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046 A.B. French French Club, Spanish Club CHRISTINE M. STEVENS 310 Chapel Avenue, Allentown, PA 18103 B.S. Natural Science President Non-Resident Stu- dents Association KENNETH BRIAN STODDARD 15 West Long Drive, Law- renceville, NJ 08648 A.B. Business Adminsitration WENDY STOUGH Box 198 RD 4, Coopersburg, PA 18036 FREDERICK C. STOYER, JR. 396 Oak Terrace, West Read- ing, PA 19611 A.B. Accounting Business Varsity Wrestling, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Treasurer GEORGE E. STRANSKY. HI 110 Thornhill Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 A.B. Psychology, Minor- Religion Program Board, Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship, Chapel Choir CATHERINE A. STRAVINO 1942 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18017 A.B. English Volleyball Manager, Tour Guide, Muh- lenberg Alliance for Progressive Action ANDREW M. STROBER 44 Cornflower Lane, East North- port, NY 11731 A.B. Accounting Business, Student Coordina- tor of New Student Orientation, Wrestling-Captain, Baseball, Tour Guide, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity JOANNE M. STROMEYER 91 Emeline Drive, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 A.B. Accounting Business Residence Hall Council President, Accounting Society President, Walz Dorm President, Student Advisor, Class Executive Council, Tour Guide, Student Receptionist, Omicron Delta Kappa, RICHARD C. SZUMEL 110 Balch Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854 B.S. Chemistry SCOTT TM. TACKACK 442 Grant Street, Allentown, PA 18102 A.B. Business Administration Accounting Accounting Society, Business Accounting Club, Non-Resident Student Association SCOTT A. TAFURI 430 Walker Street, North Babylon, NY 11704 B.S. Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Officer, Varsity Soccer I LAURIE TARKAN 152 Grandview Avenue, Monsey, NY 10952 A.B. Communications French Lacrosse, Communica- tions Club, Weekly, Cance Club, French Club, Benfer Dorm Vice President, Wellness Committee ‘ SABINE TEICH 260 Chaucer Drive, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 B.S. Biology English Program Board, Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, College Choir, Stu- dent Advisor, Student Coordinator-Day Night on Campus Pro- gram USA L. TERHAN1AN 6207 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144 A.B. Business Economics Tour Guide, Day on Cam- pus Hostess, Intramural Sports, Business Economics Club, Student Receptionist STEVEN P. TESCH 950 Wood Street, Woodmere, NY . 11598 B.S. Natural Science Intramural Basketball SALVATORE J. TESTANI 18 Westcott Street, Norwich, NY 13815 A.B Political Science RAYMOND F. T1NUCC1 100 West Knowles Avenue, Glenol- i den, PA 19036 B.S. Biology KELLY A. TRACY 2414 Larchwood Road, North Graylyn Crest, Wilmington, DE. 19810 B.S. Chemistry PAUL TRIOLO 204 North Edmonds Avenue, Havertown, PA 19083 LINDA M. TRIPOLIT1S 304 Stevens Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA 19608 B.S. Biology College Choir Manager, Section Lead- er, Muhlenberg Opera Group, Muhlenberg Theatre Associ- ation, House Represetative, Tutor, Ciarla EDWARD F. TURBAK 134 Summit Avenue, Ramsey, NJ 07446 A.B. Business Administration Intramural Sports, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity MARK STEPHEN TURGYAN 60 Hinkle Drive, Bordentown, NJ 08505 A B Accounting Business Sigma Phi Epsilon Frater- nity ROBERT D. UHLER 31 Suburban Way, Catskill, NY 12414 A.B. Psychology Varsity Wrestling, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Psi Chi ANGELA J. ULIANA 712 Pen Argyl Street, Pen Argyl, PA 18072 A.B. Political Science Russian Studies Pi Sigma Alpha, Dobro Slovo, Russian Club, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Tour Guide BETH ANNE UNGER 91 Alps Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 A B Business Administration Student Body President, Student Council, Class Executive Council, C ar a-Section Co-Editor, Concert Committee Co-Chairperson, Representative to Board of Directors, Board of Associates, Aiumni Association, Convo- cations, Presidential Search Committee, Student Advisor, Tour Guide ASTRID VALENTIN RD 2, Box 28, Melrose Drive, Chester NJ 07930 A.B. Accounting Business SANDRA CONSTANCE VAN ZYL 25 Knollwood Drive, New Providence, NJ 07974 A.B. Psychology, Minor-Religion College Choir Section Leader, Psi Chi, Muhlenberg Opera Group, Omicron Delta Kappa, “Once Upon a Mattress”, Val- ues Action Committee, Head Resident, Resident Advisor JAMES VIOLA 108 Howard Place, Nutley, NJ 07110 B.S. Chemistry Osblurne Research Committee ANDREA C. VITELL1 Plymouth Road, Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437 A.B. Business Psychology Lacrosse, Business Eco- nomics Club, Psychology Club Treasurer, Tour Guide, Intramu- ral Volleyball CRAIG GEORGE VITI 1458 White Oak Road, Allentown, PA 18104 B.S. Natural Science Biololgy Resident Advisor, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Intramural Sports, Omicron Delta Kappa, Rifle, Club, Eucharistic Minister, Tour Guide LISA ANN WADE 22 Cypress Street, Tenafly, NJ 07670 A.B. Social Work Nite Owl, Residence Hall Council, Muhlen- berg Alliance for Progressive Action, Amnesty International, Resident Advisor MICHAEL JAMES WALKER 3095 Mark Terrace, Broomall, PA 19008 B.S. Biology Muhlenberg Fraternity Council Secre- tary, Treasurer, Captain-Varsity Soccer ANDREW WASSERMAN 324 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 B.S. Mathematics, Minor - Physics Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Vice-President, Math Club, Society of Physics Stu- dents, College Bowl HILARY A. WATSON 85 Norman Place, Tenafly, NJ 07670 A. B. French Intramural Soccer, Junior Year Abroad Program, Residence Hall Council, French Club DAVID WEBER 235 Leppo Road, Westminster, MD 21157 B. S. Chemistry Student Court, Varsity Soccer, Student Advi- sor, American Chemical Society, Tour Guide, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity GREGG G . WEIDNER 101 Ennerdale Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 A.B. English Natural Science Co-Editor-in-Chief Week- ly, Sigma Tau Delta President, Newmann Association, Society of Collegiate Jounalists Vice-President STEVEN M. WEIDNER 121 South 10th Street, Coplay, PA 18037 A.B. Business Administration Baseball, Intramural Sports SCOTT E. WELLIVER 29 Benedict Avenue, White Plains, NY 10603 A.B. Art Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship, Eta Sig- ma Phi, Intramural Sports, Track Field JEAN F. WESTERN 38 Girard Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603 A.B. Political Science International Affairs Club Treasurer, Pi Sigma Alpha, Cardinal Key Society, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Muhlenberg Alliance for Progressive Action, Intramu- ral Soccer, Volleyball ELIZABETH WHITMAN 35 Herfort Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 A.B. Communications - Muhlenberg Theater Associ- ation; P. SUSAN WHITTIER 409 Monmouth Avenue, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 B.S. Biology Student Council, Tour Guide, Residence Hall Council, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, New- mann Association, C ar a-Section Co-Editor P. STEVEN WILLIAMS 159 Western Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960 B.S. Biology Wind Ensemble, Muhlenberg Theater Association, Big Brothers Association DAVID LEE WILSON 8 Jan Court, Montvale, NJ 07645 B.S. Biology First Aid Corps, Ski Club, Intramural Sports, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity LOUANNE WIRTH Spring Valley Road, Ossining, NY 10562 A B. Communications Muhlenberg Theatre Association Busi- ness Manager, Consulting Editor- Weekly, WMUH KEVIN CHARLES WOLBACH 426 South Second Street, Bangor, PA 18013 B.S. Biology Ciarla - Photography Editor, Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship-Treasurer, College Choir KEVIN WOODBRIDGE Pond Brook Road, Newtown, CT 06470 B.S. Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Big Brothers of Allentown GEORGE W. WOODRUFF 121 Pennswood Road, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 A B Psychology Sociology Alpha Phi Ome- ga, First Aid Corps DANA JOHN WOODS 7 Ann Drive, Tolland, CT 06084 B.S. Biology Natural Science First Aid Corps, Eta Sigma Phi, Col- lege Choir, Assistant Carpenter for “Mother Courage” MICHAEL EMIL WOOLBERT, III 1202 Robert Best Road, Mays Landing, NJ 08330 B.S. Biology KRISTINE M. YAHNA 60375 Arnold Market Road, Bend, OR 97702 A.B English Sigma Tau Delta, Resident Advisor, FACT Committee GEORG1NE A. YORKE 435 West Patterson Street, Lans- ford, PA 18232 A.B. Sociology Music MARY E. YOUNG 2501 Franklin Avenue, Broomall, PA 19008 A.B. English Education Club, Big Sisters of Allentown PAUL S. ZE1TZ 1042 Old Ford Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 B.S Biology Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity-Historian, Dance Marathon Coordinator, Tour Guide, Ciarla, Ski Club, Hillel, Hall Representative PENNY ZELIGMAN 8 Jacobs Lane, Scotch Plains, NJ 07090 A.B. Business Administration Dance Club, Business Econom- ics Club RUTH SONIA ZIEDON1S 507 Green Court, Bethlehem, PA 18015 A B. Russian Studies Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship, Lutheran Student Movement, Russian Club SUZANNE VERONICA ZIEGLER 37 Rosedale Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940 A.B. Communications, Minor - French Weekly, Dance Club, Phi Sigma Iota, Communications Club Treasurer, International Association of Business Communica- tions, French Drama, College Choir, BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’84 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1984 THE DELFINER FAMILY BEST OF LUCK TO CAROL AND THE CLASS OF ’84 THE HOPKINSON FAMILY MR. MRS. JAMES G. HANNON MR. MRS. GARRIE DEHEER BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ’84 THE PENNONI FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS KEN ALWAYS KEEP TRYING CONGRATULATIONS J.C. AND THE CLASS OF ’84 ' ... CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. JOHN D. CATALANO GOOD LUCK, KELLY! LOVE YOU, MOM DAD 111 :: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 JACK NANCY LINTON 230 SUCCESS AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL - CLASS OF 1984 CONGRATULATIONS TO EDITH MARTIN MARGARET HOLBROOK HOMEL HOMEL JEFFRY HOMEL HOMEL HOMEL WE ' RE PROUD AND LOVE YOU MOM-DAD AND STEWART CONGRATULATIONS SHARON! MOM-DAD MELISSA ALLISON _ DEAREST DAVID, MAY YOU FIND YOUR DREAMS, KNOW SUCCESS; AND ITS WITH PRIDE AND LOVE WE WISH YOU MUCH HAPPINESS. DAD, MOM, STRACIE, CRAIG, FOO-FOO! CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL . . . AND THE CLASS OF 1984! THE SADOW FAMILY DR. MRS. NEIL FRANZESE MR. MRS. HOMER B. MCCALL GOD’S BLESSING TO THE CLASS OF ’84 THE REVEREND PAUL H. SPOHN THE REVEREND GEORGE FRITCH MUHLENBERG’S QUEEN OUR PRIDE AND JOY LOVE MOM AND DAD Sis ? 7 v _ _ i i BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 THE SCHAEFFER FAMILY 231 GOOD LUCK TO ALL GRADS! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’ 84 MR. MRS. S. RAIA BEST WISHES MR. MRS. HY GANSL TKE MEN NOW YOURE BROTHERS TO ADD TO YOUR OWN GREAT FRIENDS AT SCHOOL AS WELL AS AT HOME. DAD AND MOM, MARC AND TAKl TOO ARE VERY, VERY PROUD OF YOU .... CONGRA TULA TIONS, TRIAN KOUTOUFARISJ TO C.J. - OUR MESSAGE REMAINS THE SAME. ' SOAR INTO THE FUTURE ON WINGS OF HOPE . . . LIVE DARING TO BE AS YOU HAVE DREAMED. LOVE YA, HONEY- MOM DAD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS., ANGELO J. ULIANA AND LISA HALLELUJAH! THE SHAPLANDS Wmmm ... . ■ ' ' THE MORETTI FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS! ERF II JANE PORTER MARK TURGYAN: CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES AS YOU TRAVEL ALONG THE ROAD TO EVEN GREATER SUCCESS AND A CHIE VEMENTS- WE ARE PROUD. LOVE, MOM, DAD, KAREN, SHARON CONGRATULATIONS TO PAMELA PARK! MAY THIS BE A STEPPING STONE TO A SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY LIFE. WITH LOVE . MOM DAD 232 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 84 THE REV. MRS. THOMAS EDGE — LOADS OF LOVE TO LISA FRASSBERG FROM RONNIE, RICHARD, AMY STACY CONGRATULATIONS SUZANNE V. ZIEGLER WE ALL THINK YOU’RE THE GREATEST! LOVE ALWAYS- DAD, MUMSIE, RICK, WILL, JOY-JOY CONGRATULATIONS STEVEN CRISTOL THE CLASS OF 1984 MOM DAD ' : ? ' " CONGRATULATIONS TOM NEMETH FROM YOUR PARENTS DEAR JOAN: WE RE SO PROUD OF YOU. CONGRATULATIONS AND LOVE MOM, DAD, PHYLLIS , ALAN, MAGGIE GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ’84 DR. MRS. W.D. MARCATONI BEST WISHES CLASS OF ’84 THE SANCILIO FAMILY MR. MRS. EMERY WEIDNER TN MEMORY OF DAVID , OUR SON STEVE S BROTHER ’ BEST WISHES TO THE l CONGRATULATIONS CLASS 6f ’84 V " ' . ' - . ■ ' ■ • JANINE THE STOYERS MOM DAD 233 WELCOME TO THE MR. MRS. JOHN C. WORLD OF MUHLENBERG APPLEGATE ALUMNI, SUZANNE ALTMAN TO THE (. :lass OF 1984! LOVE, DAD ’53 STEVE RUILI, BEST WISHES FOR A BRIGHT AND PROSPEROUS FUTURE. MOM AND DAD MAY THE FUTURE BRING YOU SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS. MR. AND MRS. H. BENEKE 7 ® GOOD LUCK CRISTINA GOOD LUCK CRISTINA GOOD ° CONGRATS TO OUR FAVORITE MULETTE LOVE DAD , MOM , DAVID , MARISA GIANNA “CONGRATULATIONS!” TERRI MARINO JOHN CATALAND LOVE, MOM , DAD, SHERRI, DEBBIE GINA c o n 2 c r H Z o i aooo vniisiho Mom aooo vniisiho modi aob MIKE KROUSE ... CONGRATULATIONS TO A FUTURE D.C. MOM, DAD, AND RANDI N-JOY ILY5P THE MOOSEYE CLAN PAPPA MOOSE - JULIE MOOSE AND THE MOUSE MUCH SUCCESS TO THE MUHLENBERG CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. HOLZMAN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 - FROM MR. AND MRS. DESMOND PARKER MR. MRS. NORBERT J. WEIDNER B4 WHITNEY- WATCH YOUR TOP KNOT! LOVE-MOM, JIM, CALLA, CARRIE, JAMIE, MICHELLE, STEPHANIE TIM CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON TONY THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. ALVIN M. LEVIN JODI ROB DEAR CAROLINE, CONGRATULATIONS, GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. - " TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE.” LOVE, MOM AND DAD MR. MRS. TERRENCE T. BAIRD CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1984 AUDREY FRANK COCHEO DEAR “X” IT HAS BEEN BOTH AN HONOR AND A PRIVILEDGE TO BE YOUR SISTER. YOU HAVE PAVED THE WAY FOR MY VENTURES AS A CHILD OF OUR LOVING FAMILY BEST OF LUCK ALWAYS AS YOU PURSUE YOUR CAREER . (I AM WAITING FOR THE PORSHE.) GOD BLESS , LITTLE X ” CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1984 GRADUATING CLASS FROM MR. MRS . PATRICK SHOBER MR. MRS. BERNARD FARBER SINCEREST CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 - FROM THE PARENTS OF MICHELE NITTI EDWARD WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU ON YOUR GRADUATION FROM MUHLENBERG! LOVE, MOM, LEON, ESTER, DAVID, AND DEBBIE HH CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984. MAY YOUR DREAMS BECOME REALITY. THE DICARLO FAMILY 235 CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO OUR DAUGHTER MICHELLE AND THE CLASS OF 1984! DR. MRS. HARVEY REIN ANDREA PHYLLIS — — m CONGRATULATIONS TO ANDREW WASSERMAN ON KEEPING THE MUHLENBERG-JEFFERSON CONNECTION ALIVE. DRS. THEODORE WASSERMAN AND NORMAN ROBINSON CLASS OF 1957 MR. MRS. BURTON COHEN 111 ' _____ VUIMjKM 1 UL i 1 1UI S iU THE CLASS OF 1984 y FROM THE CARLE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 THE MARCOVIC1 FAMILY rr jyiiJLi CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 " mu— CONGRATULATIONS NICHOLAS LOVE-MOM, DAD ANGELA UUNUKAI ULA11UNS SUSAN WITH LOVE FROM MOM, DAD, LINDA STEVE MR. MRS. HANS TEICH _______ GOOD LUCK AND BESTWISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS 0 0 0 THE GORTON FAMILY TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE IRA MARILYN KATZ 236 SHELIA JANIN- LOTS OF LOVE AND SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE. LOVE MOM DAD JON- CONGRATULATIONS YOU’RE THE GREATEST! LOVE , MOM DAD MR. MRS. ROBERT C. BENN TODAY’S REALITY IS YESTERDAY’S DREAM! CONGRATULATIONS SABRINA THE CLASS OF 1984 mm ■ TO DOUGLAS KARGMAN AND THE CLASS OF 1984 ONWARD AND UPWARD! MR. MRS. KARGMAN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN CLARK AND THE CLASS OF 1984 WITH LOVE FROM DAD C.W. CLARK DEAR CHRISTIE, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. LOVE - MOM AND DAD AND LEIGH ANN MR. MRS. ALBERT RITARDI CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1984 ■ ESPECIALLY TO OUR DAUGHTER. MARTHA DIETER, FOR A JOB WELL DONE. LOVE, ALWAYS, MOM DAD 1 ! W STEVE KIRSH AND JIMMY VIOLA GOOD LUCK TO TWO GREAT BUDDIES AND TO ALL THE REST OF THE GRADUATES. 237 DR. MRS . EDWARD R. GILBERT OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’84 MR. MRS. GEORGE ■ REPPA CONGRATULATIONS BOB! WE’RE VERY PROUD OF YOU. LOVE ; MOTHER , DAD GRANDMA MARCY CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON IVAN ON HIS GRADUATION LOVE MOM CONGRATULATIONS TO BRETT AND THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. DAD CONGRA : TULATIO N! y BEST 1 I MACALUSO GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. TINUCCI WISHES TO OUR SON ROB AND THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. JOHN MCNAMARA CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 FROM MR. MRS. ST. GEORGE TO ROBERT L. BERKS HIS CLASS- MATES: MAY YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE BE FUL- FILLED. YOU HAVE THE ADMIRATION AND BEST WISHES OF DR. MRS. HEN- RY M. BERK FAMILY GOOD LUCK DEBBIE AND THE CLASS OF 1984 LOVE, THE BURK FAMILY 238 REV. MRS. : : TORE O.N. FRYHLE CONGRATULATIONS: CLASS OF 1984 FROM CRAIG BAUDENDISTEL AND PARENTS , MR. MRS. W.E. BLAIR MR. MRS. PAUL H. LEHMAN MARY LYNN: WERE VERY PROUD OF YOU. MUCH SUCCESS IN YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSION ALL OUR LOVE , MOM, DAD, CARL MARY HESTER WENDY L. STOUGH EXPRESSES BEST WISHES TO CURTIS DRETSCH, MILDRED GREENE AND FUTURE MEMBERS OF M.T.A. - : ' 1 4 — HI SCOTT SPIRO, BEST OF LUCK ALWAYS, WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. MUCH LOVE, MOM, DAD TRACEY STEVE MAZEL TOV TO OUR WONDERFUL DAUGHTER , HEIDI. YOU MADE IT. KID! LOVE, MOM, DAD, AND ADAM CONGRATULATIONS WITH LOVE TO NANCY MARCUS FROM MR. MRS. BARON TO THE GRADUATING CLASS, VEL GLUCK UND ERFOLG IN DER ZUCUNET!! MR. MRS. CARL JENSEN CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. ALLEN H. UHLER MR. MRS. RICHARD L. REINHART CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. DONALD W. WESTERN 239 240 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MAXINE CARL BERGMAN TO DARIA MARTYNIW CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION MOM AND DAD MR. MRS. JOHN BOCCHINO AND TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. JOHN M. LUPARIELLO MARY-FRANCES PETER MR. MRS. ROBERT P. FREEDMAN RICK , BEST WISHES TO YOU AND THE CLASS OF 1984 LOVE, MOM, DAD, LISA DUSTY DEAR LARRY, MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. WITH LOVE, - MOM, DAD, MICHELLE, MUFFIN, TIGER TOO!! BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1984 THE STRANSKY FAMILY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 DR. MRS. FRANK COCCO CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS-NOW AND IN THE FUTURE! “THE MERLE FAMILY” SL H THE MR. ICCESS AND PPINESS TO CLASS OF 1984 MRS. MICHAEL I7 77H mmm TO THE CLASS OF 1984 BEST WISHES THE WELLIVERS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 PASTOR AND MRS. RICHARD HINKLE DR. MRS. GEORGE MARINO CUrSCtH I UL 1 1U1 S MU THE CLASSOF 1984 MR. MRS. ALLAN J. : , CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF “84” MR. MRS. DOUGLAS OLSON LsMZLJL AlMU BEST WIi HE. S TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. GEORGE TERHANIAN DR. MRS. HERBERT SOMERS WISH THE CLASS OF 1984 THE BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 WALT SHIRLEY OFFERMAN MR. MRS. BARRY ICKOVICS CONGRATULATIONS ANNA WE LOVE YOU AND ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. DAD , MOM , MARIA , JAY, ANGELA AND RUSSELL BEATRICE JOSEPH GIARDINA FAMILY JENNIFER LEE MUHLENBERG 84 ELIZABETH ANN KATHERINE NOEL 241 HEALTH AND HAPPINESS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 ANTOINETTE FRANK LEITGEB ■ V : : i| i. ' m THE BEST OF SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 KAYE AND JOHN FENLON mmmm ON TO SUCCESS! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALLISON AND HER CO-GRADUATES. MR. MRS. MONROE GOFFMAN JEFF MR. MRS. SIEGFRIED W. VALENTIN — J MR. MRS. EDWARD A. COMER MIKE - WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND WISH YOU MUCH SUCCESS IN FUTURE YEARS. LOVE MOM at ‘IT’S BEEN WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS . . DIANA MEGNA __ 99 : - GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1984 — CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BOYS IN BENFER 203 AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1984 PAT AND TOM CAREY CONGRATULATIONS JIM BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE LOVE MOM AND DATE TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MARC STEINER AND THE GUYS BEST WISHES JILL , ROY NEIL GARY STEINER 242 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. FREDRICK W. MANAK 1 — — . CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR LOVELY DAUGHTER , DAWN ITZIE. WE RE VERY PROUD OF YOU. LOVE MOM DAD CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO B ETH. WE ALL HOPE YOU BECOME A FOREMOST ‘ COMMUNICATOR ”, LOVE , MOM, ERICK ; ME-MA, POP-POP — BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 1984 BERTHA FELDMAN CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 MARGE AND WALT RIZZI — iFELlCITAClONES! EILEEN i BUENA SUERTE , DE SU FAMILIA CARINOSA MOM, DAD. SHEILA, PAUL, DENISE JERRY, MIKE, DAN, THERESA t. THE PARTY’S OVER . . MR. MRS. ROBERT PRECOURT 9 — Him i— i MR. MRS. KENNETH CAMPBELL " WHAT IS AS IMPORTANT AS KNOWLEDGE ?” ASKED ROBB S MIND. “CARING ANSWERED HIS HEART PROUDLY FROM OUR HEARTS , MOM DAD CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES LINDA AND THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. MRS. JOSEPH E. NARROW WILLIAM E. NARROW, M.D. BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE TO ANDREW JAY MUSTIN AND HIS CLASSMATES OF 84 SHERRYL, BUZZ, MARLA MUSTIN 243 CONGRATULATIONS, KEVIN! WE’RE PROUD OF YOU. A BRILLIANT AND SUCCESSFUL FUTURE AWAITS YOU. LOVE YA PAL - MOM, DAD, BOB TRICIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE EX-BUSINESS MAJOR. MANY THANKS TO THE HISTORY DEPARTMENT. “THE CORE OF MUHLENBERG’S CURRICULUM.” THE GOODLIFFES Congratulations Dina And Muhlenberg College CLASS OF 1984 Good Health , Good Luck Great Future GRADUATES ’84 GEOFF — .1 : r Congratulations Seniors DR. MRS. PHILLIP VITELLI Congratulations Diane - Love - MOM, DAD , SHARON LORI, AND “PICCINA” Beth, May All Your Dreams Come True 11 Love, DAD, MOM, AND JACK ___ . _ v p ■ .v - vs . Congra tula tions. Tugger! MOM DAD ; V " ; m CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! -THE CIARLA STAFF ' -• Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 The Alumni Association is especially proud to welcome you into the ranks of our Alma Mater’s alumni. Your pledge of commitment to the College beyond your undergraduate years is a sure sign of the continuing vitality of Muhlenberg College. THE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Lona M. Farr ’62, president John R. Lawrie ' 51, vice president J. Eric Helsing ’55, secretary treasurer ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Editor-In-Chief Assistant Editor Photography Editor Business Manager Advisor Diane Pennoni Butch Leiber Kevin Wolbach Bill Campanale Bob Clark SECTION EDITORS Regulators And Postulators Beth Unger Dina Garibaldi Groups And Greeks Morris Cohen Beth Davis In The Spotlight Theater Lisa Farrell Sue Whittier Student Life Carol Hopkinson The Upper Crust Senior Formats The f Berg 1980-1984 Senior Informals Stefanie Miller Butch Leiber Lisa Fassberg Michelle Nitti The Last Hurrah Diane Pennoni Senior Directory Stefanie Miller Patron Ads Debbie Burk Michele Rein Bill Campanale Cover Design Sue Butler PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dawn Itzie, Patty Nolan , Beth Davis , Eric Jensen , Carol Creasi, Diane Pedicini, Track Photography By William Zwikl ARTISTS: Corine Fryhle, Melinda Peters, Sue Butler, Nancy Marcus HELPERS: Paul Zeitz, Linda Tripolitis, Donna Maack, Brad Erlenbach Mason Avrigian, Kevin Connelly, Gina DiDio, Robert Berk, Chuck Katz, Joan Minieri, and Everyone Else Who Contributed DAVOR PHOTO , INC. For Film, Developing And Senior Portraits. MR. BILL O BRIEN Of JOSTEN’S AMERICAN YEARBOOK CO. As the last pages of the yearbook are being finished, I wish to take this opportunity to reflect on our years spent at Muhlenberg as the Class of 1984. Since we moved into those tiny holes they called rooms, which we later came to call home, we’ve grown and learned together - acedemically, emotionally and socially. It’s been four years of laughs and tears, fun and pain, and joy and sorrow. We’ve struggled through term papers, tests and finals to last a life time. From those ‘gut’ courses to the ones that required all-nighters, we’ve shared it all. It is these memories that we’ll have with us always. The Ciarla staff has tried to catch most of these moments in pictures and words. It is to the Class of 1984 that this book is dedicated to and it’s yours to cherish and remember ‘life at the ’Berg’ by. To help, we’ve added a special section this year - The ’Berg 1980-1984 - that deals with the four years of our college career. In this section we’ve tried to put pictures and words that will help everyone remember Muhlenberg from Freshmen Orientation with its standing ovations, to commencement, with its tears and good- byes. I wish to give thanks to every person on the staff. It was t heir hard work, creativity and late nights that have made this book possible. I feel thai all the effort and work that went into this book was well worth it. I’ll admit the book isn’t perfect, and there are errors in this book. But they don’t really matter much when one considers all the hours that went into putting this book together. Anyone who knows someone who has worked on this book knows of the thought and time that went into this book. I think my two ‘secretaries’ - Donna and Linda - can testify to this by all the phone messages they took for me from staff members trying to reach me with questions and problems. We’ve struggled through rushed deadlines, copy problems, lack of captions or stupid captions as Jen referred to them, and lack of pictures. The result is this book you have before you. The whole staff can be proud of their effort and time spent, and you the reader should be proud of them. I would like to give my deepest thanks to Mr. Bill O’Brien of Josten’s for teaching me all there is to know about putting a yearbook together, (in a few years time I might even be able to produce a perfect book), and for his guidance and help throughout the year. Also I’d like to thank Mr. Bob Clark of College Relations for all his help with finding needed pictures and ideas, and especially for his help in the summer- time. There is also Welles Lobb and Arlene Gisolfi of College Relations to thank for answering my many questions and their help. Lastly, I’d like to thank Carol Hopkinson who finished the last pages of her section on her own so that I could go on my summer trip. I wish all the members of the Class of 1984 good luck in the future. Diane Pennoni Editor-in-Chief 247

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Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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