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alumni office MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA ( f 1 m3 ' BT ■Mk .. ■ V If ' ■: ' ' - jaEj? - K ’ h, 4k jJ t a MF% . 0. . Jp m i I St w . ■ ' 1 1® m 5 f% J Hst .... 1. MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN PA 18104 FOREWORD Attempting to put together a yearbook that is not merely a picture book but rather a collection of signifi- cant photographs, explicit write-ups, and general thoughts summing up the 1976-77 year, has been a task. Muhlenberg means various things to different people and for this reason, we have tried to capture diverse aspects of this college. Each section of this book— from Administration and Faculty to Seniors— reveals changes which have occurred within the Muhlenberg community. Obvious contrasts between the pictures depicting Muhlenberg of the past with ones showing Muhlenberg of the pres- ent manifest the college’s progressive changes. Carefully examine this annual, page by page, and ap- preciate the dynamic Muhlenberg College. A.F. M.W. 2 Clubs Organizations 92 Special Events 54 Student Life 182 Sports 136 3 4 ■1 Ij. ■ ! 41 1 7S l • ' 5 6 7 Muhlenberg College has attempted to keep in stride with the passing of time and has changed to meet the various needsof its students and the community. « i 8 Spsw? One obvious change on campus has been the construe tion and completion of the Center for the Arts. in the Fail of 1976, the Center opened its doors to all students and friends of the college. Designed by Philip C. Johnson in contemporary American arch- itecture, the Center has a unique 220-foot glass- enclosed “street” or galleria which provides access to the theatre, recital hall, galleries, and other facilities used in the instruction of the arts. ■■ W ■ M F - Mm — ' m ' m T rends had an impact. Interests and ideas rapidly altered to meet the needs of the time. 12 13 14 1 1 15 16 Muhlenberg Thanks Dr. Victor L. Johnson Dr. Victor L. Johnson, a member of the Muhlenberg history faculty since 1937, will retire at the completion of this school year. He is renowned as a scholar of major importance in the area of the American Revolution. In his role as department chairman, he brought dignity and decency to the history department. A native of Philadelphia, Dr. Johnson is a graduate of Temple University and holds graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. His forty years of ser- vice have contributed greatly to the Muhlenberg community. 17 Administration Dr. John H. Morey, President Dr. Charles S. Bednar, Associate Dean of the College Rev. George F. Eichorn, Jr., Director of Church Relations Dr. Harold L. Stenger, Jr., Dean of the College 20 George W. Gibbs, Dean of Admissions and Freshmen Clair F. Fetterhoff, Treasurer Dr. Frank Yourga, Director of Development Denise L. Scott, Assistant to the Dean of Admissions and Freshmen William Armold, Director of College Relations Timothy A. Romig, Director of Alumni Affairs 21 James F. Morgan, Assistant T reasurer Dr. Pamela A. McAbee, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Thomas H. Chapman, Career Services and Counseling Director Lona Gross, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs Deborah J. Dwyer, Financial Aid Director Charles Genna, Assistant Director of College Relations Mary Lou Fox, Staff Intern 23 Henry A. Acres, Chancellor William E. Thygeson, Assistant Dean of Admissions Harold J. Forner, Business Manager 24 Patricia H. Urken, Associate Dean of Students Roland W. Dedekind, Registrar Alma Deutch, Director of Personnel Rev. Dr. David H. Bremer, Chaplain Francine Zoll, Assistant Dean of Students 25 Sociology And Anthropology Dr. Joseph A. Francello, Department Head Dr. Roger Baldwin [ m i Dr. Richard G. Walker Dr. Frank J. McVeigh 26 11M 27 Dr. R. L. Schaeffer, Jr. Biology Dr. James R. Vaughan, Department Head ' A Patricia Ann Seyer Dr. Irvin R. Schmoyer Dr. Carl S. Oplinger 28 Above and Right: Dr. John E. Trainer Paul W. E. Weaver Dr. John C. Weston 29 Chemistry Dr. David N. Stehly Dr. Richard C. Hatch Above and Below: Dr. G.N. Russell Smart, Department Head Dr. Donald W. Shive Dr. Charles E. Mortimer 1 Dr. Richard A. Rauner Dr. Katherine L. Chen 31 Economics Dr. Rohini P. Sinha, Department Head Dr. Henry M. M. Richards Wilson N. Serfass, Jr. James Marshall Dr. John G. Voyatzis 32 Education Dr. Kathleen A. Dalgaard Above and Below: Dr. John C. MacConnell, Department Head Dr. Ann E. Wonsiewicz Edward F. Anhalt Gail F. Farnham 33 Above and Right: Dr. Harold L. Stenger 34 Dr. Jay H. Hartman Dr. Joel R. Kehler ► -v« l pTj • wF . E ojftjl 9M 9 ‘ ■ ' Qn w ? J jV ji fi fVJ hfti y Jm jp fJQM F fA m mrnri l, i Dr. Ralph S. Graber Dr. Patrick J. Chmel 35 Dr. Minotte M. Chatfield Reba F. Marblestone Classics Dr. Michael E. Hattersley Robert Wind 36 Music Ronald H. Demkee Dr. Charles S. McClain, Department Head Ludwig Lenel Dr. Henry L. Schmidt III 37 Foreign Language Dr. John W. Brunner, Department Head Dr. Arvids Ziedonis, Jr. X r. ' Above and Right: Dr. Albert A. Kipa 38 Fernando R. Jimenez Dr. Kenneth W. Webb Dr. John T. Pearce 39 History Dr. Joanne S. Mortimer Dr. John J. Reed, Department Head Dr. Katherine S. Van Eerde Dr. Edwin R. Baldrige, Jr. Dr. Renville Lund Dr. Victor L. Johnson Dr. Indrikis Sterns Dr. Joel D. Seigle 41 Robert J. Wagner 42 Roland W. Dedekind Above and Right: Dr. John I. Nassar, Department Head Robert K. Stump 43 Dr. Dan D. Crawford 44 Religion Rev. Dr. David H. Bremer Dr. William H. Jennings Rabbi Dr. William Greenburg Dr. Hagen Staack, Department Head Dr. Rodney E. Ring 45 Physical Education Frank P. Marino Raymond J. Whispell, Department Head Jay Mottola 46 Kenneth T. Moyer Samuel T. Beidleman Helene H. Hospodar William A. Flamish 47 Dr. Walter E. Loy, Jr. Drs. Boyer and Raub Dr. Robert F. Milligan Dr. Harry L. Raub III Dr. Robert A. Boyer, Department Head Physics 48 Political Science Dr. Charles D. Bednar, Department Head Dr. Alton J. Slane Dr. Lawrence Juda Dr. Stewart S. Lee 49 Dr. Pamela A. McAbee Dr. George A. Frounfelker Psychology Dr. Vimla Swani Sinha Dr. Kenneth R. Graham 50 Dr. Theodore Maiser 51 B lrj im ? Jean A. Hecht December 25, 1932-November22, 1976 53 - ;• ■■■■■■■■ m sisi.s ODH cftmuvm OO w ?• % ■ L ■; yl a r n c my ' M A Jgs . 10 . 1 WBWE spf ia? aJ - - I ■ A HA, X . ; : Wk rij 1 ' ■ ; J 1 ■ 1 f " -v . ‘ 1 f :. ' ® .rfi . ■•■■■• ' • V ; -. ' . r. M -i - . : =te •- 4c ' X.V, • ' U ■ Bfiifi V- JB fjj ' W 4 gpl Snrg ' ’ yj s M • feiJ ' " W ' BL c iJ ’■. Lr? ■ ' ■•.■ 1 r ' FiO BPi F 1 1 Freshman Orientation 57 I I Homecoming Muhlenberg College alumni and their families returned to campus for the 1976 Homecoming activities which were held the weekend of October 29-31. Num- erous festivities, German folk music, an alumni concert, and a tailgate picnic, were planned for an enjoyable weekend. Saturday’s football game, pitting the undefeated Mules against Swarthmore, was the highlight of the weekend. During the game’s half-time, Deborah J. Lup- pold was crowned as 1976 Homecoming Queen. She was selected by student ballot. Also, Randy Kutz was awarded the Sidney G. Weikert Award, a coveted athletic award. Kutz, participating in a varsity soccer game that day, could not personally accept the award. Kenneth Moyer accepted the award on Kutz’s behalf. 58 59 61 62 Tanning Of The Shrew 64 65 67 ! Program Board Presents DIALOGUE 68 January Session Tour Of Civil War Battlefields Muhlenberg students participated in an instructional tour of battlefields, important in the history of the Civil War. Emphasis was on general Civil War history, and included the study of the organization of armies, the Anaconda Plan, weapons and tactics employed, and brief study of the prin- cipal generals involved. Under the fearless leadership of Dr. Baldrige, the session included one week of orientation on campus, followed by eight days of travel and concluded with two days on campus for sum- mary and examination. Contemporary Theatre In Britain England will never be the same since a visit by sixteen Muhlenberg students over January term. Led by Nelvin “D.V.” Vos, the group travelled throughout England, some members reaching as far as Scotland and Wales during a four-day independent- study period. The theatre ex- periences included almost fifteen shows; such shows as Blithe Spirit, Yahoo, Equus, and Dirty Linens were viewed by the students. Spare time was spent sightseeing and experiencing the British and their traditions. Memorable events in- cluded a confrontation with a Beefeater at the Tower of London, a rugby match, a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, shopping at Portobello Road Market, visits to the English pubs (despite our leader’s loss in a chug-a-yard contest), a lOp donation to a beggar and tubing to Speaker’s Corner and Hyde Park. All in all, the group was “terribly sorry” to leave for home. 69 70 Modern Dance Concert 71 Junior Prom 72 i li 73 74 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDA MARCH 20 ANN RYLANDS Concert 3:00 p m. CA Theatre ARTISTS’ RECEPTION 8 00 p.m. Center for the Arts 21 MARGALIT Master Classes Jazz 12.30-2 00 p.m, Margalit Style Dance 4:00 — 5:30 p.m. Cedar Crest College Lecture Demonstration 8 00 p.m. CA Theatre 22 MARGALIT Perlormance 8 00 p m. CA Theatre 23 MARGALIT Master Class Music -choreography 9:30-1 1 00 a m. Cedar Crest College Co-sponsored Convocations EDWARD ALBEE Open Forum for Students 4 00 p.m. CA Theatre Lecture 8 00 p.m. CA Theatre 24 LEVIN AND McGRAW Concert 8.00 p m CA Theatre 25 Student Presentation THE ZOO STORY by Edward Albee 8 00 p m CA Recital Hall In residence MARGALIT DANCE THEATRE COMPANY 26 PANORAMA OF 1 ARTS 10.00 a.m. -4 00 p Center for the A Joanne Pearce 8.30 p.m. Theati Temple Opera Gr 9 15 p.m. Theati BIG NAME CONCERT Bonnie Raitt with Liv T ay loi 8 00 p.m. Memorial Hail 27 " The Gold Rush” 7:30 p.m. " Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde " 8 15 p.m. Science Lecture Hall 28 M Dr. Henry M. M Richards and Mrs. Grace E Davies Recital 12 15 p.m. CA Theatre " The Gold Rush” 7:30 p.m. " The Blue Angel” 8:15 p.m. Science Lecture Hall 29 " The Blue Angel " 7:30 p.m. " Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde " 9 1 5 p.m. Science Lecture Hall FILM SERIES — Co-sponsored by Program Board and Festival of the Arts 1977 " Wild Strawberries” 7:00 p.m. " Fellini Satyricon " 8:15 p.m. Science Lecture Hall 12 " The Bicycle Thief " 7 00 p.m. " Wild Strawberries " 8 1 5 p.m. Science Lecture Hal 30 NEW SHAKESPEARE COMPANY” " The Tempest " 8.00 p.m. CA Theatre 31 APRIL 1 13 " Fellini Satyricon " 7.00 p.m. " The Bicycle Thief " 9.1 5 p m. Science Lecture Hall 14 YOUSUF KARSH Lecture 7 30 p.m CA Theatre •Admission charge ‘Admission by ticket only which may be obtained tree of charge at the Seegers Union, FILM SERIES -Co-sponsored by Program Board and Festival of the Arts 1977 Levin And McGraw i 75 Edward Albee Edward Albee, one of America’s leading playwrights, has emerged as a controversial dramatist. Albee composed his first play Zoo Story in 1958. Five years later Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? catapulted Albee from avant- garde attention to public notor- iety. This prolific artist has written numerous other plays. His presen- tation at Muhlenberg College was informative as well as enjoyable. Student Presentation Of ZOO STORY 76 Panorama Of " Qiecylrts and dra fts Pair Community Open House In The Muhlenberg College Center for the Arts • Saturday, March 26, 1977 9 A FASCINATING DAY OF ARTS, CRAFTS, AND SKILLS . . . including demonstrations and ex- hibits of Raku Pottery . . . Wood and Stone Sculp- ture . . . Weaving and Handspinning Muzzleloading Firearms . . . Colonial Furniture . . . Enameling and Hand Wrought Jewelry . . . Macrame . . . Black- smithing . . . Salt Glaze Pottery . . . Quilting . . . Photography . . Batik . . . Bronze Casting . . . Stuff- ed Sculpture . . . Hand- built Pottery . . . Glass- blowing . . . Silver Jewelry . . . Woodwork- ing . . . and more. i i i t 77 New Shakespeare Company Presents THE TEMPEST The New Shakespeare Company captured the magic and passion of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This play, the last of Shakespeare’s great works, has been con- sidered a poetic testament, a farewell to the theatre by the aging Bard. Utilizing not only the stage area but the audience as well, the actors transformed the theatre into an en- chanted isle which raged with excitment and power like the sea-tossing storm for which the play is named. The National touring company from San Francisco is in its sixth year. Under the direction of Margrit Roam, the company’s actors brought to the stage a sense of creative joy and enthusiasm which au- diences across the country have found con- tagious. 78 Yousuf Karsch Yousuf Karsch, a renowned photographer, presented an interesting lecture about his experiences and his portraiture. Karsch’s work includes an impressive cross-section of historical figures as well as of contem- porary dignitaries. His artistry was on display in the Center for the Arts during the two-and-a-half week Festival. Karsch’s per- sonal philosophy and humanistic approach to photography has brought this man inter- national acclaim as a photographer. Margalit Dance Theatre Company i » 79 Get Un-Tight Together Day 80 ' • -Jjsc 1 ' ' April 29, 1977 81 82 83 84 Dorney Park j Day 85 THE MUHLENBERG MUSICAL ASSOCIATION PRESENTS rtrinrYifP JuUliJllD nn THEATRE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE CENTER FOR THE ARTS March 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19, 1977 Benefit Performances: March 17 — American Cancer Society March 18 — The Muhlenberg College Choir 86 87 88 MUHLENBERG THEATRE ASSOCIATION Presents TWO ASYLUM FLAYS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES Repertory Performances: April 29 - May 7 TICKETS: SINGLE BOTH Adult 2.00 3.00 LVAIC Faculty 1.50 2.50 Student Sr. Citizen 1.25 2.00 Group Rate 1.00 For Ticket Reservation and Information, Call 433-3191 ext. 326 2.00 Phi Beta Kappa First Row: S. Farber, K. Zaboy, N. Zanetti, B. Balog, R. Pariser, N. Hinkeldey, R. Stauffer, Dr. Johnson. Second Row: J. Pevar, M. Maletsky, G. Dorshimer, G. Gordon, M. Korman, S. Woodward, R. Tepper, L. Kraus, P. Gilman, B. Rinker, J. Zackowski, B. Fletcher. Who’s Who First Row: S. Henrich, S. Farber, S. Kauffman, M. Kandel, K. Bouzakis. Second Row: S. DiYanni, L. Braunstein, P. Matteo, G. Gordon, J. Hamburger, J. Hand, B. Braak. Third Row: K. Wonderland, H. Eddinger, L. Morse, G. Christian. Omicron Delta Kappa National honorary leader- ship society . . . recognition of eminence in cam- pus life . . . held annual carnival . . . donated funds to American Cancer Society. C. Stump, J. Brown, A. Bausch, M. Davids, W. Ventriglia (sec.-treas.), L. Morse, J. Dobro, K. Kennedy, S. Farber (pres.), S. Henrich, J. Shoemaker. Alpha Phi Omega First Row: K. Gardner, D. Heivly, A. Nayar, L. Robbins, L. Castor, L. Benson. Second Row: D. Wenger, D. Jeffery, N. Holsten, M. Dotti, T. Barrington, M. Kovar, D. Horn, P. Schimke, G. Steck, C. Miyamoto, B. Gurdak. . . . National service fraternity . . . helped others . . . Good Shepherd Home . . . Cub Pack for retarded boys . . . Head Start . . . Negro Cultural Center . . . EPSY and Com- munity Days . . . blood drives . . . sponsored APO Chapter Meeting . . . an active association of aware peo- ple. 95 Phi Alpha Theta First Row: G. Carlson, M. Groman, D. Sycher, V. Chisholm, E. Mendelman, J.Koplove. Second Row: G. Gordon, K. Althouse, M. Yaklich, J. Brown, Dr. Seigle. Pi Sigma Alpha First Row: S. Wagner, N. Hood, S. Dionis. Second Row: S. Henning, Dr. Juda, Dr. Bednar, Dr. Van Eerde, Dr. Lee, N. Elton. Third Row: S. DiYanni, R. Palazzo, D. Her- shman, J. Beckler, B. Golden. 96 Sigma Tau Delta First Row: J. Brown (sec.-treas.), A. Medleycott, Dr. Graber. Second Row: D. Luppold, S. Farber (pres.), L. Weckworth. Third Row: M. McDevitt, D. Kashner, P. Schneider, M. Wilson. Phi Sigma lota First Row: M. Jolliff, V. Slott, K. Griffith (pres.), I. Feldman, C. Smith. Second Row: F. Jimenez, J. Kerdell, N. Hamlin, D. Luppold, L. Lukaitis, L. Marcus (vice-pres.), E. Mills. Missing: B. Thompson (sec.), S. Nelson, R. Long, T. Fritzinger, J. McLoughlin, J. Marx, J. Freeman, Dr. Webb (faculty advisor and treas.) 97 Pi Delta Epsilon M. McDevitt, M. Wilson, C. Drout (pres.), L. Braunstein, A. Fran- zoso, J. Larkin. Alpha Psi Omega K. Wonderland, M. Davids, C. Siegelbaum, C. Will, H. Eddinger, B. Braak. 98 Sociology First Row: L. Weckworth, A. Maguire. Second Row: L. Weeks (pres.), J. Kelly, B. Williams, Third Row: L. Apgar, N. Shephard, W. Loucks. Education First Row: J. Merten, J. Hamburger. Second Row: D. Higgins, N. Brobst, M. Alterman, L. Apgar, M. Koehler. Sigma Phi Sigma K. Walsh, F. Glatter, L. Masakowski, G. John- stone, J.A. Klinkowstein, Dr. Loy. 99 International Affairs . . . Scheduled eminent speakers . . .films . . . con- ferences with other col- leges’ international affairs clubs . . . sponsored Na- tional Model United Na- tions. First Row: K. Kennedy, M. Schwanger, S. Blumenstein, M. Groman, J. Marx. Second Row: N. Elton, J. Ashen, S. Henning, B. Kleintop, B. England. Third Row: J. Eckhardt, J. Kelly, A. Dewing, Dr. Juda, M. Alonzo, M.B. Todisco, P. Arlt. John Marshall Pre-Law . . . A legal-intern program . . . acquainted juniors and seniors with the operations of local private law firms . . . sponsored trips, films and speakers . . . informed members about law school admissions, job prospects for lawyers, and Muhlen- berg’s pre-law program. First Row: B. Krenz, M. Lloyd, E. Sobel, P. Braverman. Second Row: E. Martz, A. Rosenbaum, A. Gorovitz, S. Holland, S. Stein, B. Golden, P. Arlt. Third Row: S. Greenspan, M. Leiter, R. Gower, K. Green, G. Young, R. Palazzo, K. Adamec, Dr. Slane. Fourth Row: B. Tomlinson, R. Muehl, S. Schutzman, G. Gordon, C. Kratzer, J. Stocker. 100 Forensic Society First Row: R. Cook, K. Kennedy (pres.), K. Green, B. Zeiner. Second Row: R. Gower, K. Meyer, D. Higgins (vice-pres.). . . . Public speaking and debating society . . . participated in seven tour- naments in seven states . . . com- peted against many colleges on the East Coast. Business And Economics First Row: W. Bottlick, B. Clay (treas.), L. Simon, D. Ostergaard, S. Miller, L. Dunham, M. Groman, M. Meskin. Second Row: C. Will, C. Siegelbaum, D. Klinger, S. Butler, J. Koehler, N. Walsh, P. Van Etten, K. Fusek, L. Kamprad, K. Kennedy. Third Row: J. Waterhouse (pres.), S. Crane, M. Alonzo (vice-pres.), R. Light, D. Miller, N. Hussain. . . . Furthered the understanding of economics and business beyond the scope of the classroom . . . trips to business centers (N.Y. Stock Ex- change) . . . guest speakers ... in- volvement of members in formulating business internship programs. i , Model U.N. First Row: J. Marx, M. Groman. Second Row: J. Eckhardt, M. Schwanger. Third Row: B. Kleintop, K. Kennedy, B. England. Fourth Row: M. Alonzo, N. Elton, Dr. Juda, P. Arlt, A. Dewing. . . . Sponsored by International Af- fairs Club . . . group prepared for five- day conference in New York . . . sim- ulated nation-states (Mexico, this year). 101 Russian Club First Row: B. Riti, C. Konopelski, E. Ganz, I. Feldman, J. Kerdell. Second Row: R. Clever, Dr. Ziedonis, N. Kulp, J. Gardner, A. Cubler, J. Bedrin, H. Sperduto, J. Beckler. Der Deutsche Verein 102 First Row: E. Hoffmann, B. Riti, E. Szabo, K. Meyer, M. Shoemaker, A. Nayar. Sec- ond Row: J. Servey, G. Busch, R. Cook, D. Hoff, J. Freeman, P. Boorse, M. Hamlin, B. Urbano, A. Medleycott. Spanish Club First Row: C. Erler, J. Kerdell, J. Archetko, J. Iglesias, K. Cook, Dr. DeBellis. Second Row: F. Jimenez, V. Rodriguez, R. Metz- ger, M. Sajiun, C. Rostran. . . . Interest in language and culture of other countries . . . numerous activities . . . film presentations . . . guest speakers . . . Kaffee Stunde . . . Oktoberfest . . . dinner at “Le Creperie” restaurant . . . Ukra- nian egg dying demonstra- tions. . . Semi-annual Spanish dinners . . . separate entities working together . . . Interna- tional Dessert Night . . . broadening horizons. Le Cercle Francais First Row: J. Kerdell, D. Luppold, L. Marcus, E. Mendelman. Second Row: L. Under- wood, L. Lukaitis, K. Griffith, S. Orgel, I. Feldman, S. Kucirka. 103 Institute Of Faith . . . Exploration of spiritual beliefs . . . presented informal discussions and speakers . . . probed the significance of Christian faith for contemporary life and culture. First Row: W. Long, A. Gardner, M. Jolliff, R. Reier, F. Moul. Second Row: S. Ericsson, S. Kauffman (chairman), R. Greenwood, C. Robbins. Missing: S. Schabacker, T. Cover, Dr. Ziedonis (advisor). . . . Strive for Chris- tian awareness . . . various social and charitable activities . . . Fall retreat at Bear Creek Camp . . . “Luther” . . . square dances . . . Bible studies . . . Contem- porary Eucharist . . . “The Innocent” . . . Winter retreat at YM- CA Camp Bernie . . . roller skating party . . . gave memorial gift to library in Jean Hecht’s memory . . . presented chalice and paten for Chaplain Bremer’s 25th Anniversary as chaplain ... an organization of spir- itually and socially active people. First Row: C. Dahlberg, S. Schabacker, F. Moul, R. Greenwood, K. Graudin, Chaplain Bremer. Second Row. T. Boyer, C. Robbins, L. Hoffman, B. Reitz, B. Flet- cher, M. Jolliff, P. Rustico, J. Hazel. Third Row: G. Russell, J. Benson, R. Romary. M.C.A. 104 Hillel First Row: R. Weingrod, B Goldman, L. Berens, T. Ed wards. Second Row: R Friedland, L. Simon, K. Cook P. Newman, S. Stein, A Gorovitz. Third Row: I Langer, H. Wilpon, K. Dunoff M. Goldblatt, L. Heusick, M Kovar, E. Tomkin, M. Bern stein. Fourth Row: E. Spiller R. Simon, M. Meskin, A Rosenbaum. . . . Activities for Muhlenberg’s Jewish community . . . deli dinner . . . gameroom night . . . discussions . . . movies . . . bagel and lox brunch . . . Purim Party ... a wide-range of ac- tivities for everyone. 1 i V H . ] s • m ' If First Row: P. Garbarini, J. Robertson. Second Row: D. Jain, M. Mihin, C. Melroy, S. Smith, J. Kauffman. Third Row: R. Gower, S. Mabourakh, K. Reineite, S. Henning, T. Dietrich, D. Conrad, D. Schumacker. . . . Integrates the commuting student into campus life . . . intramural sports . . . attempting to estab- lish a Commuter’s Lounge for members and on-campus students. Commuters 105 . . . Played for all home football games and an alumni picnic during alumni weekend . . . fall concert . . . spring con- cert . . . involved in a change program with Ur- sinus and Drexel . . . con- certs with the combined hands were held at each school. Band First Row: J. Vaughan, B. Bradley, E. Eskelund, N. Gromet, J. Robertson, K. Ryder, J. Kauffman, R. Demkee (Director). Second Row: N. Kinney, V. Phillips, R. Wong, L. Moser, A. Kitchen, L. Adam. Third Row: B. Dawson, K. Brunner, M. Stanton, R. Silver, P. Wheeler, D. Free, R. Reier. Fourth Row L. Apgar, J. Michalski, J. Wolfe, J. Robinson, A. Shelley, B. Huffard. Chapel Choir First Row: C. Shaner, L. Robbins, A. Rukakoski, J. Newhart, J. Schwartz, A. Merl, A. Gardner, V. Phillips. Second Row: J. Elfers, P. Donis, T. Griscom. A. Kistler, B. Krenz, B. Peake, R. DeAngelis, K. Ryder, P. Rustico. Third Row: K. Kunz, M. Jolliff, S. Smith, S. Yerga, E. Mendelman, C. Kazal, S. Kucirka, K. Meyer. Fourth Row: E. Eskelund, N. Fisher, E. Mills, N. Zanetti, S. Lindstrom, S. Henrich, Dr. McClain. . . . Choral music for Sun- day morning services and special events . . . October retreat in Poconos, the first one for the Chapel Choir . . . concluded year with an annual steak fry. 106 College Choir . . . A hefty schedule . . . productive September retreat in the Poconos . . . concerts . . . singing telegrams . . . Weill’s Down in the Valley . . . Christmas candlelight service . . . engage- ments in the Philadelphia and New York areas . . . two-week tour of England . . .concerts in historical British cathedrals ... a year of memorable experiences. Front to Back— First Row: T. Hurtt, K. Leite, L. Howat, K. Sloan, E. Kuehm, C. Jones, A. Philips, M. Minnich, I. Pekter, T. Kohut, S. Kauffman, D. Hauk, K. Witmer, T. Cover. Second Row: R. Pfeifer, L. Greiman, N. Hood, R. Moyer, S. Bail, P. Young, K. McNulty, B. Reitz, R. Clever, A. Shelley, T. Micklas, S. Walker, K. Hardy, W. Peake. Third Row: Dr. McClain, G. Russell. Fourth Row; L. Bartorillo, H. Breuniger, S. Henrich, A. Wainright, S. Wickstrom, J. Risser, J. Stymiest, J. Kirschman, P. Gifford, W. Krenz, P. Dritsas, W. Long, W. Deibler, R. Vagias. Fifth Row: C. Ekizian, V. Evans, V. Petersen, S. Hubbell, L. Ziegler, N. Kulp, V. Slusser, C. Dahlberg, T. Boyer, H. Morrow, B. Gumpert, J. Hand, M. Paris, D. Hemphill. 1 - V ft ■ ft Modern Dance . . . Weekly exercising and dancing under Donna Rehrig’s direc- tion . . . hours of plan- ning and practice . . . unique choreography . . . interpretive danc- ing . . .unmistakable talents . . . efforts culminated in Modern Dance Concert. First Row: L. Morse, N. Hall, L. Kaufmann, S. Gussow. Second Row: R. Effman, M. Feldman, M. Murray, R. Sugar, A. Burcham, M. Thompson. 107 Students On Academic Policy Committee Student Court First Row: J. Eckhardt, D. Higgins, Second Row: M.A. Kocon, K. Kennedy, S. DiYanni. First Row: D. Hershman, D. Steinberg, B. Golden, A. Wiliams. Second Row: B. Zeiner, P. Murphy, S. Greenspan, S. Dionis, D. Humbert, K. Sheneman. Student Council First Row: S. Nierenberg, C. Drout, B. Fine. Second Row: A. Bausch, D. Per- cival, M. Goldblatt, E. Kuehm, B. Kuebler. Third Row: S. Farber, M. Schwanger, P. Silverman, L. Morse, J. Dobro, K. Kennedy, J. Kelly, J. Werner. 108 Muhlenberg Fraternity Council . . . Plans fraternity activities . . . organiz- ing Rush and social events . . . new, weekly Happy Hour . . . annual Christ- mas party for the underprivileged. First Row: J. Yergey, D. LaRocca, P. Hermany, G. Gordon, L. Rosenthal. Second Row; F. Hodgkinson, S. Crane, G. Crouch. . . . Opportunities for extracurricular life for resi- dent halls dorm parties . . . Benfer progressive dinner . . . backgammon tournament . . . informal discussion with Dean LeCount . . . Mall Party. First Row: D. Levine (pres.), B. Shoemaker, B.J. Lazur. Second First Row: N. Hood, J. McKeon, N. Huehnergarth. Second Row: J. White, M. Kovar, J. Slovak. Row: L. Carlson, P. Gullo. Third Row: G. Robinson, N. Elton, R. Jacobs. Joint Council Dorm Court 109 Freshman Advisory Committee First Row: R. Berkowitz, J. Werner, A. Rukakowski, M. Kandel, J. Kelly. Second Row: D. Stauffer, B. Christensen, C. Erler, M. Groman, B. Shoemaker, P. Matteo, B. Zeiner. Third Row: R. Romeo, T. Hurtt, E. Mendelman, C. Ekizian, M. Goldblatt, P. Murphy. Fourth Row: M. Gray, R. Schenck, D. Heier. Fifth Row: P. Silverman, M. Schwartz, A. Hutter, J. Weis, J. Koehler, J. Michalski, V. Phillips, S. Bennett, S. Gussow, J. Green, C. Brennan, S. Faye, W. Marsh, J. Manizza, C. Konopelski, K. Anderson, L. Ziegler, M. A. Kocon, M. Davids. Sixth Row: R. Posner, D. LaRocca. First Row: W. Ventriglia, B. Goldfinger, K. Boyle, C. Stump, D. Verity, D. Bradley, F. Harwick. Second Row: W. Long, S. Ericsson, L. Summins, J. Dean.Third Row: P. Urken, P. Weidner, T. Luckenbaugh, C. Dixon, H. Eddinger. Fourth Row: K. Ryder, E. Kuehm, M. Fox, S. Krawitz. Resident Advisors no Freshman Orientation Committee First Row: A. Mer!, M. Demagistris, K. Levine, K. Kennedy, H. Ennis. Second Row: D. Steinberg, L. Braunstein, J. Mitilineos. Ill First Row: M. Hanson, S. Lerner, K. Fusek, E. Elwin, E. Spiller, E. Enriquez, P. Newman, P. Anodide (pres.), D. Klinger, C. Rostran, W. Marsh, J. Pinski. Second Row: J. Osenkowsky, K. Hain, S. Scott, P. Rustico, D. Klees, B. Goldfinger, J. Bern- stein, E. Krame, O. Levy, J. Weinstein, A. Hutter. Third Row: S. Maslin, K. Levine, M. Zwanger, B. Gordesky, R. Friedland, J. Manizza, C. Seyfert, H. Eddinger, C. Shaner, B. Christensen, S. Felzer. Fourth Row: M. Schwartz, L. Linley, C. Erler, K. Sachse, A. Merl, S. Smith, D. Cohn, P. Harris, P. Posner, S. Faye, J. Kelly. Fifth Row: K. Kennedy, L. Farrell, A. Maguire, L. Gaskill, R. Cook. Sixth Row: M. Haynes, D. Wiesner, J. Heist, J. Fry, E. Nappen, D. Stauffer, J. Green, H. Ennis, J. Michalski, D. Shulman, P. Kofsky. Cardinal Kay . . . Conducted tours for prospective students . . . held tours for visiting groups, such as alumni ... set up and helped to usher for Big Name concerts and musicals. 112 Weekly HUHLENBEK . . . A busy staff of editors, reporters, and photographers . . . Tues- day nights of frustra- tions, corrected galleys, and last-minute articles . . . publish a newspaper of fun and facts every Thursday. First Row: T. Boyer, C. Dahlberg, S. Lerner, L. Keefer, A. Gardner. Second Row: T. Broad, J. Chambers, K. Fusek, K. Cook, T. Kohut, K. Levine. Third Row: B. Krenz, M. McDevitt, M. Goldberg, L. Kraus, T. Kelman, D. Abramson. Fourth Row: D. Hersh- man, J. Eckhardt, M. Alterman. WMUH . . . Student-owned and operated . . . located in the depths of Seeger’s Union . . . direct communication link to the com- munity presented diver- sified program- ming. First Row: F. Stephenson, T. Sommers, A. Leeti, S. Kloss, J. Biddle, G. Cherney, R. Jacobs, T. Griscom, D. Dearden, D. Middlemas. Second Row: K. Meyer, J. Larkin, W. Bottlick, B. Alnott, E. Krame, B. Lanning, P. Ziegler. 113 For its fourth year had a very successful social calendar designed to involve as many classmates as possible . . . Pub Nights, Pledge Dinners, ODK Carnival Booths and the most successful of all, the Senior Ball having a record atten- dance and our favorite band, “SPRING- FIELD” . . . greatest wish in leaving Muhlenberg is that we have left the school a part of ourselves and an ex- emplary tradition of enjoyment and tradition for “BERG”. Senior Class Officers First Row: K. Bouzakis (vice-pres.), L. Finkel (sec.), Second Row: D. Higgins (treas.), K. Wonderland (pres.). Junior Class Officers . . . Enthusiastic class . . . numerous activities . . . Cof- fee House Nite . . . Night Club Nite Holiday Party . . . sponsored Muhlenberg Pep Band . . . gave funds to American Cancer Society in Jean Hecht’s memory . . . donations to TKE soccer marathon . . . wrapped up busy year with Junior Prom— “Le Promenade.” L. Summins (vice-pres.), B. Goldfinger (treas.), H. Ennis (sec.), S. Faye (pres.). 114 Sophomore Class Officers Freshman Class Officers G. Gompers (pres.), B. Davis (sec.). . . . Organized a variety of affairs . . . raised $50.00 for cancer research by providing motivation— GENNESE CREAM ALE . . . Grimy Gus and Greasers perform for 50’s Dance . . . Sadie Hawkins Semi-Formal Dance. A. Koerner (sec.). G. Jacobson (vice-pres.), D. Shulman (treas.), A. H utter (pres.). . . . Welcomed the freshmen to Muhlenberg with a Soph-Frosh Fifties Dance . . . greased up and danced to the music of Grimy Gus and his Super Greasers . . . sold ice cream sodas at the 1950’s price— only 10 p . . . sponsored a used book sale . . . held second annual St. Valen- tine’s Semi-formal which was attended by over one hundred couples. 115 Big Name . . . Worked diligently in sponsoring many “Big Name” produc- tions . . . presented Billy Joel first semester . . . spon- sored Bonnie Raitt and Liv Taylor to highlight the spring calendar. First Row: B. Woods, J. Dobro, S. Ericsson. Second Row: J. Fleishman (chairman), P. Rosen, P. Zeigler, A. Bausch, M. Karl, J. Kaplan, G. Cherney, T. Sommers, D. Simon, E. Krakower. First Row: K. Wonderland, K. Ryder, G. Skowran, D. Donde, K. Reilly, S. Ericsson, M. Kocon, H. Eddinger, J. Green. Second Row: R. Clever, J. Hamburger, C. Koplin, C. Angst, L. Berens, J. Brown, J. Christie, R. Friedland, J. Mitilineos, M. Davids, L. Nangle, M. Thompson, C. Will. . . . Result of merge of MET and Mask and Dagger . . . headed by a five-person Ex- ecutive Board . . . Dramas performed in new Center for the Arts under Dr. Chmel’s direction . . . successful fall per- formance of Taming of the Shrew . . . spring exploded with repertory theater pro- ductions of two asy- lum plays The Mad- man and the Nun and Chamber Music . . . plans made for 1977-78 season with one or two perform- ances per semester . . . the genesis of innovative organiza- tion. i ri 7 . 1 nv o .Hi, h Ijm-rl ■ Mv J Muhlenberg Theatre Association 116 Festival Of The Arts Committee . . . Sponsored a month of cultural ac- tivities . . . lectures . . . dance concerts . . . craft demonstrations . . . musical talent . . . movies . . . presented a brilliant panorama of the arts. First Row: M. Kandel, G. Petersen, D. Steinberg, M. Groman, B. Rinker, C. DeSouza. Second Row: A. Tiernan, K. Raby, T. Sternal, R. Metzer. Program Board . . . Student interest allowed for many suc- cessful events . . . First semester sche- dule included films, wine and cheese par- ty, Tension Breaks, Halloween Party, and Banner Day . . . Sec- ond semester includ- ed a lively agenda— Disco Note, Casino Nite, Dialogue con- cert, Dorney Park Day, Spring Folk Fest . . . provided diverse entertainment for all students. First Row: H. Eddinger, K. Fry, S. Henrich, H. Ennis, C. Brennan, Second Row: G. Robinson, S. Faye, E. Krame, J. Kelly, I. Langer, M. Groman (pres.), J. Gardner, A. Merl, I. Feldman. Third Row: C. Konopelski, L. Weeks, J. Manizza. 117 International Students . . . Brings together foreign students . . . promotes international understanding . . . International Dinner . . . excursion to Boston. First Row: D. Jain, A. Nayar, S. Mabourakh, T. Ahmad. Second Row: R. Wong, E. Farrell, L. Linley. Third Row: N. Hussain, P. Doghramji, A. Rukakoski. Fourth Row: L. Vu, K. Bouzakis. First Row: J. Uecker (treas.), L. Morse (pres.), H. Horlick. Second Row: Dr. Ackermann (advisor), F. Glatter, K. Sachse, N. Wunder, L. Downs (sec.). Math Club . t i i :i: ' 118 G. Eisenberg, J. Gardner, M. Bernstein. Free University . . .Extracurricular and academic opportunities to all students ... ex- pands creative thinking . . . Hatha yoga classes . . . numerous movies . . . mini-courses on bread- making, dancing, and leather working. . . . appointed by Presi- dent Morey . . . raised awareness of Muhlen- berg Community — its students, faculty, ad- ministrative staff, alum- ni and friends— to the changing roles of men and women in today’s society . . . sponsored discussion series, photography contest on images of Women, dis- cussion on ERA . . . sup- ported a symposium on human sexuality. Woman’s Task Force First Row: R. D. LeCount, J. Seigle. Second Row: M. L. Fox, J. Conlin, L. Gross, P. Urken, C. Richards, A. Wonsiewicz, P. MacAbee, C. Schubert, L. Summins. 119 Martial Arts . . . A newly-formed club . . . develops mind and body in the Oriental arts . . . Okinawan Kempo Karate . . . Aidkio . . . Hung-Gar Kung-Fu ... a unique diversion from the academics. First Row: K. McCarthy, R. Wong, R. Lee. Secon d Row: B. Carhart, E. Elwin, D. Klees, D. Chapman, D. Bodner. Third Row: S. Scott, R. Berkowitz, L. Paxton, S. Eisenhauer, B. Zoha, M. Yaklich. Table Tennis J. Robertson, K. Blankstein, M. Freedman, R. Cutrufello, R. French, M. Hanson, P. Doghramji, G. Czulada. . . . Thirteen members . . . undefeated in the past four years . . . won impressive standings in the annual regional tournament for recreational sports . . . planned intra-club tournaments . . . good power and teamwork. 120 Spelunking f m [ L IV ■tSL Jj r . . . Sport of caving . . . exploration of Dragon Cave near Virginville, Pa . . . lack of financial aid from college caused dissolution of club . . . con- tinued spelunking as an informal group. A. Cubler, B. Zeiner, R. French, B. Urbano (pres.), C. Seyfert. Ski Club . . . January trip to Smuggler’s Notch in northern Vermont . . . enjoyed slushing down the snow-covered slopes in sub- zero weather. First Row: I. Langer, D. Stauffer. Second Row: A. Merl (pres.), I. Feldman, C. Schosser, C. Erler, K. Barth. Third Row: J. Wolfe, R. De Angelis, S. Maslin. Spokesman . . . Took many heavenly Sunday trips throughout the Lehigh Valley . . . trips to the new Trexlertown Velo- drome, where members per- fected racing skills . . . will spend the summer preparing for another exciting year of riding. L. Cravetz, L. Berens, V. Thompson, K. Shelman, H. Wilpon, S. Nieren- berg, K. Cook, N. Gro- met, K. Raby, J. Cham- bers. 121 Women’s Softball First Row: T. Handlon (coach), J. Uecker, S. Quis, C. Banks, D. Eilenberger, A. Peters (pres.), K. Helin. Second Row: C. Shumaker, N. Wunder, N. Hamlin, W. McNamara, L. Benson, L. Herweh, D. Hansen, D. Reeves, E. Guest, N. Hufnail, L. Costello. Third Row: L. Pinero, L. Linley, B. Bleakney, S. Wickstrom, J. Croll. Fourth Row: J. Werner, B. Buck, J. Shoemaker, J. O’Connell. Dining Committee First Row: K. Fry, J. Werner, J. Tihansky, M.B. Todisco (pres.), A. Tiernan, L. Mangold. Second Row: N. Ventriglia, S. Holland. 122 Taoist Association M.B. Todisco (Chuang-Tzu), A. Tiernan (Lieh-Tzu), J. Yund (Lao- Tzu), W. Ventriglia (Cosmic Clod). First Row: S. Schnall, G. Wesley, S. Mabrurakh. Sec- ond Row: D. Sossong, D. Jain. Chess First Row: T. Edwards, R. Shaw (pres.), Se- cond Row; T. Broad, P. Kofsky, L. Moser, H. Ennis. First-Aid 123 Colorguard J. Kotch, S. Kassem, P. Reinhart, A. Durning, R. Cutrufello, (Missing — D. Bradley). Cheerleaders First Row: M. Levinson, J. Bean (capt.), L. Anderson, B. Mattlage, R. Davis. Second Row: K. Greber, K. Griffith, V. Rodriguez. 124 A. Hightower, T. Otto, J. Booth, M. Murray, R. Assenheimer, Z. Howard, B. Shoemaker, S. Trubilla, L. Liquori, N. Hall, (Missing— K. Lehman). Pom-Pom Squad D. D’Amico, J. Koert, N. Rice, K. Franklin, D. Klinger, E. Grosse, D. Stevens, (Missing— L. Spizzirri). Majorettes 125 First Row: J. Johnson, B. Schaeffer, D. Kraemer, F. Hodgkin- son. Second Row: J. Carlino, S. Harrod, R. Metzger, S. Schooley, J. Munn, A. Cohen, R. Tornberg, S. Gilchrist, D. Clemons, D. Field, C. Speer, A. Fader, E. Andrews. Third Row: D. Gomeringer, T. Higgins, E. Sobel, R. Bernstein, M. Malzberg, K. Weidler, R. Keegan, J. Morrison, B. Bennington, B. Ferguson, G. Johnstone, J. Mason. Fourth Row. T. Benson, M. Neri, J. Wilson, H. Gerstein, Masked Man, G. Brandt, J. Reichl, R. O’Neill, D. Farrell, D. Swoish, R. Shaffer, D. Nark, P. LaPrad, G. Modica, V. Worrillow, J. Miller, J. Fahy, R. Nichol. Alpha Tau Omega 126 1 ■ Sy Hiyig ■ till 41111] K ' ■m MM WUHBjg Pi«l Lambda Chi Alpha First Row: L. Liss, M. Strange, G. Tanzer, D. Snyder. Second Row: Mrs. Whitaker, B. Vlosky, S. Trigani, R. Young, D. Fisher, Mrs. Kohr. Third Row: G. Crouch, R. Allen, B. Kay, C. Faul, J. Chu. Fourth Row: J. Keleher, M. Keck, B. Ollar, T. Nivison, A. Tyson, J. Newman, M. Weismiller. 127 First Row: D. Miller, P. Anodide, J. Waterhouse, M. Zuckerman, G. Wible. Second Row: R. Jones, R. Wire, D. Borislow, R. Mitstifer, G. Singer, D. Piersol, T. Dinkelacker, N. Shepard, A. Wiliams, D. Moyer, R. Linkenheimer, E. Krakower, S. Rathjen, P. Dritsas, J. Pin- ski. Third Row: J. laquinto, J. Dannenberg, R. Hennig, D. Donde, D. Simon, G. Strohm, R. Kevitch, S. Crane, G. Brown, J. McKay, J. Henning, B. Menzer, S. Kurtz, P. Leodori, M. Vengrove. Fourth Row; R. Kemmerer, A. Hut- ter, J. DeLisi, P. Weidner, K. Boyle, T. Bollard, M. Leiter, R. Rose, J. Magone, F. Rittinger. Phi Kappa Tau 128 Vs - ■ J » ’St i. m Mi Vdb; - K fi ' 1 m f r Jfv -i. First Row: T. Byer, I. Brown. Second Row: J. Ingoldsby, E. Spiller, E. King, J. Menell, R. Frankel, L. Salines, C. Feyk, T. Mainzer, J. Kennedy, D. Horn. Third Row: F. Stephenson, B. Benn, S. Woodward, S. Walker, J. Mulherin, J. Hazel, J. Yergey, McCarthy, S. Woodland, M. Zwanger, M. Murphy, P. Rustico, S. Alspach, S. Abrams, B. Rasco. Fourth Row: K. Althouse, J. Gardner, S. Wiedeman, K. Lightfield, M. Linton, M. Davids, G. Wesley, E. Enriquez, L. Paxton, M. Rogoff, B. Berkowitz, A. Bausch, E. Boakes. Fifth Row: C. Kratzer, M. Schaff, D. Koc- zirka, K. Lahm, B. Balog, J. Hirschberg, J. Bachofer, P. Muench, S. Fahy, C. Gardner, D. Pancamo, J. Pyrz, A. Tannen- baum, R. Weida. Sigma Phi Epsilon 129 First Row: P. Silverman, B. Jakavick, J. Brown. Second Row: D. Shulman, M. Meskin, S. Brylinksy, S. Aldinger, R. Hauck, M. Berson, M. Hansen, M. Schwartz, R. Kronewitter. Third Row: R. Fecanin, M. Lano, D. Izzo, J. Green, M. Gray, J. Weis, R Romary. Fourth Row: B. Nace, R. Romeo, D. LaRocca, R Posner, B. Bird, M. Haynes, I. Magi II, S. Gerson, J. Koehler. Tau Kappa Epsilon 130 First Row: B. Shore, K, Shapiro, R. Lustig, P. Rubenstein, R. Herrin, R. Rothenberg, R. Domsky, A. Creli, H. Hillman, Rory, D. Goldberg. Second Row: B. Kline, S. Pass, M. Spikav, H. Wilpon, M. Pessin, S. Renner, M. Cooper, L. Kraus, R. Simon, G. Eisenberg, H. Pickle, D. Klebanoff, R. Hall, S. Lobel. Third Row: D. Levy, B. Bornstein, J. Freedenberg, S. Felzer, P. Kofsky, P. Harris, P. Lagueras, M. Goldberg, D. Ennis, D. Cohen, M. Bernstein, E. Isser. Fourth Row: J. Berman, O. Levy, C. Ginsberg, D. Wohl, C. Melroy, D. Hemphill, S. Smith, S. Mabourakh, I. Langer. Fifth Row: L. Schilder, P. Garbarini, G. Gilman, A. Gorovitz, P. Gilman, C. Brown. 131 Frederick Augustus First Row: E. Enriquez, E. Spiller, D. Swinton, B. Snyder, V. Thompson (House Mascot), H. Derrick, B. Peake, J. Siner (House Mascot), M. Kovar (House Idiot), T. Griscom, E. Thurston, J.Hirsch, B. Highet, B. MacNamara. Missing: K. Graudin, V. McDevitt, D. Betts, P. Monroe. Millerheim First Row: L. Spikol, M. Bosner, S. Maslin, A. Flexner, D. Gomeringer, S. Greenspan. Second Row: D. Hershman, K. Cuomo, E. Shoemaker, M. Rowan, R. Cook, T. Herberner. Missing: B. Bakalian, S. Herman, R. McCoy, B. Schwartz. 132 133 ALUMNI OFFICE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 134 135 iMM ;;■ ' •v i . v • ;u H.t ? Wv A - v • • •■ r- »V " ‘ W-H V: igyii Cross Country . . . An invigorating five-mile stint around Muhlenberg Lake and the park . . . har- riers fared well for the majority of season . . . team plagued by injuries late in the season . . . Miller, Douglass, and Fetzer, whose spirited efforts sparked the team’s determination, finished their fourth year on Muhlenberg’s cross coun- try team . . . Williams, Rogoff, and Gers- tein proved to be the mainstay of the Mules’ attack . . . Hussain, Freedman, and Kebler aided the team . . . Coach Flamish eagerly awaits the start of his seventh season as the Mules’ mentor. Muhlenberg Opponent 21 Elizabethtown 34 50 Franklin Marshall 15 29 Dickinson 26 48 Delaware Valley 15 47 Scranton 16 32 Wilkes 23 50 Lebanon Valley 15 32 Albright 25 22 Drew 34 25 Phila. Textile 31 49 Kutztown 15 24 Western Maryland 35 42 Widener 16 15 Moravian 48 50 Swarthmore 15 48 Ursinus 15 138 Left to right: M. Freedman, H. Gerstein, N. Hussain, W. Flamish, (coach), M. Rogoff, D. Miller, F. Fetzer (manager), R. Kebler, C. Feyk, A. Douglass, P. Leodori. ALUMNI OFFICE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 139 Football . . . A young and inexperienced team . . . twelve new starters learned quickly . . . superlative effort by explosive offense and stingy defense . . . defeated one team after another ... a winning attitude prevailed . . . Schlechter, Sules, Shaffer, Carey, and Sar- tori named to ECAC . . . record-breaking per- formances . . . riddled with injury . . . team spirit amazed spectators . . . undefeated team in MAC South throughout most of the season . . . Sules and Sartori named to MAC All-Conference Team as was Stovall as a kicker (honorable mention to Clemons and Dumchus) . . . remarkably potent offense of the “S-quartet” . . . forty other dedicated athletes . . . Clemons and Dumchus named to 1976 All-Lutheran College Football Team (Stull and Sartori received honorable men- tion) . . . Stull named to 1976 College Divi- sion Academic Football Team . . . coached by Co-Coach of the Year in the MAC— Frank Marino . . . records showed an outstanding 31.2 point game average (fifth in nation) and an unexpectedly successful gridiron season. Muhlenberg Opponent 45 John Hopkins 6 10 Western Maryland 10 14 Lebanon Valley 12 28 Ursinus 7 38 Dickinson 14 52 Swarthmore 10 6 Widener 21 14 Franklin Marshall 33 14 Moravian 36 140 First Row: J. Fahy, C. Faul, D. Brooks, J. Dean, L. Lott, D. Clemons (co-capt.), B. Dumchus (co-capt.), G. Christian, S. Stovall, G. Brandt, F. Hodgkinson, J. Kelleher. Second Row: R. Mitstifer, M. Carey, B. DiBiasse, N. Shephard, B. Shaffer, D. Nark, P. Federico, S. Schooley, M. Stull, T. Benson, R. Ed- wards, J. Schlecter. Third Row: M. Kwiatkoski, J. Tobias, K. Lusardi, J. McCusker, E. Andrews, C. Smith, M. Kelly, J. Brun- dy, J. Galgano, J. McKeon, B. Spinelli, D. LiGregni. Fourth Row: K. Schroeder, S. Gogerty, A. Wessel, J. Sules, V. Mulvihill, J. Wagner, J. Sartori, J. Schwartz, B. Kay, P. Wallburg, T. Hanlon. Fifth Row: T. Nivison, D. Sommerville, G. Tanzer, J. Trump, G. Barry, M. Esposito, L. Bakes, B. Schulte. Sixth Row: D. Kichline (trainer), D. Butler (coach), R. Bornemann (coach), P. Shoemaker (student trainer), J. Hazel (student trainer), C. Pyne (student trainer), J.Munn (manager), J. Mackenzie (manager), D. Sniscak (asst, coach), S. Beidleman (coach), F. Marino (coach). V 141 142 143 Soccer . . . A slow start caused by pre-season in- juries to key players ... the team search- ed for offensive and defensive con- sistency and played to its potential for a series of late season victories . . . Alumni Soccer Day . . . tri-captains and key seniors Huettel and Michealis worked with new head coach Mottoia and new assistant coach Lightkep . . . Kutz led Mules for second consecutive year in goals scored . . . Donald recognized as “most improved player” . . . Huettel and Kutz named to MAC Southern Division All-Star Team . . . Leathers, Light, and Kutz named next year’s tri-captains . . . season highlighted with impressive teamwork, leadership, and individual ef- forts . . . rallied from a 1-5 start to a 9-6-1 overall season with impressive victories over NJIT, Swarthmore, Lafayette, and Gettysburg . . . Mules invited to ECAC tournament for third straight year . . . with nine starters returning and plenty of excellent reserves next year’s team has the potential to be one of the best in Muhlenberg history. Muhlenberg Opponent 0 Lasalle College 3 5 Elizabethtown 8 1 Wilkes 2 2 Franklin Marshall 3 5 Moravian 4 4 Swarthmore 0 1 Dickinson 3 2 Western Maryland 1 3 Lafayette 1 4 Lebanon Valley 0 3 Ursinus 0 3 Gettysburg 0 2 Lehigh 2 5 N.J. Institute of Tech. 3 5 Widener 0 ECAC Tournament 0 Shippensburg 1 144 First Row: P. Rittenhouse, J. Henning, J. Osenkowsky, B. Leathers, R. Kutz, L. Huettel, J. Donald, D. Miller, C. Accetta. Second Row: R. Moyer, K. Walsh, T. Birch, P. Auger, J. Mangone, G. Wible, J. Pinski, R. Light, M. Sullivan, G. Hettrick. Third Row: J. Mottola (coach), J. Swanson (manager), K. Lickfield, C. Hackbarth, R. Grampp, S. Fairchild, R. Rose, K. Boyle, J. Galgano, P. Zolper, F. Rittinger, R. Michaelis, D. Pretz, T. Cassel, D. Shoenberger, B. Gurdak (manager), D. Lightkep (assistant coach). 145 146 147 : ■ y; t ' •r ' -.ii ' tcim M cC ' S-S? ' m mm. 335SMUR Women’s Field Hockey . . . Soundly defeated P.C.B. 5-0 in their opening encounter . . . could not muster sufficient scoring power to break two back-to-back tie games with Albright and Mora- vian (both ending at 2-2) ... ex- cellent first half against Lehigh but team could not hold strength and was defeated . . . Cedar Crest game ended 2-1 marking the se- cond victory of the season . . . Kutztown forfeited ... in remain- ing games team showed deter- mination but yet lost to its op- ponents . . . team rallied to a 3-3-2 season . . . Angstadt chosen first team wing and Wagner chosen second team right inner in L.U.C.F.H.A. Tournament . . . team dedicated season to Miss Jean Hecht, who had been critically. ill for the entire season. Muhlenberg 5 2 1 2 0 1 2 0 Phila. College of Bible Albright Lafayette Moravian Delaware Valley Lehigh Cedar Crest Kutztown Opponent 0 2 4 2 1 3 1 3 148 First Row: J. Baldauf, K. Greider, D. Eilenberger, D. Luppold, J. Wagner, B. Riti. Third Row: H. Hospodar (coach), K. Zehner, L. Shoemaker. Second Row: J. Selle, S. Griffing, D. Heier, S. Rosenberg, C. Baker, E. Robson, C. Lightkep. 149 ' M : ' A i4. ;v v i ! I s 150 I ft yjw ggrg i V y VV ' Vv ■W ' f-Ti tew isaiipiii «. • •’ , v ' -.+ ' «; ,, , ' 4 1 $ ,, s V « v: $ " : ■ Wmmm 151 Wrestling . . . Grapplers under direction of new coach DiGiacomo . . . ali weight ciasses represented . . . early and mid-season injuries handicapped team’s capa- bilities . . . impressive per- formances given by freshman Strange . . . outstanding in- dividual efforts by seniors Maiuso, Ollar, and Swanson . . . records reveal a disappointing record of 3-8 .. . with many grapplers returning next year, prospects for the 1978 team look promising. Muhlenberg Opponent 21 Albright 22 24 Scranton 22 17 Lebanon Valley 20 10 Swarthmore 34 7 Delaware Valley 38 13 Moravian 37 0 Kutztown 46 35 Kings 17 24 Ursinus 22 12 Haverford 29 9 Widener 39 152 First Row: B. DiGiacomo (coach), P. Anodide, B. Menzer, G. Ammon, B. Ollar, K. Althouse. Second Row: M. Strange, R. Weida, E. Berg, M. Keck, D. Kirshner. Third Row: P. Maluso, G. Brown. 153 Men’s Basketball . . . A young but eager team . . . fast-break style of offense and tenacious defense . , , Freed elected as team captain . . . Hay, named to ECAC All-Star basketball team, MAC, and All-Lutheran basketball team, was first junior in seven years to score 1,000 points . . . Campisi, Freed, Altemose, and Shaffer recognized as significant contributors to the team . . . Kinyon, a senior, showed great agility and speed on the court . . . team gave ex- cellent performance at Upsala Invita- tional and Keystone Invitational Classic . . . overall record showed an 8-16 season. Muhlenberg Opponent 68 Lafayette 94 71 Western Maryland 49 69 Dickinson 80 46 Penn State 64 63 Lebanon Valley 62 69 Upsala Invitational Tournament at East 72 93 Orange, N.J. 79 65 Albright 90 63 Keystone Invitational Classic 93 60 Bloomsburg 68 55 Delaware Valley 62 73 Gettysburg 89 71 Franklin Marshall 74 61 Kutztown 58 47 Moravian 50 81 Western Maryland 82 70 Allentown College 63 61 Dickinson 57 65 Albright 63 60 Lehigh 68 73 Lebanon Valley 75 77 Gettysburg 73 70 Franklin Marshall 93 61 Moravian 95 154 First Row: R. Altemose, J. Hay, R. Freed, R. Shaffer, R. Kem- merer, G. Campisi. Second Row: J. Reichl, J. Johnson, G. Kin- yon, M. Clinton, R. Miller, C. Cooper. Third Row: J. Haines (assistant coach), J. Lahr (manager), J. Mottola (assistant coach), K. Moyer (coach), P. Kichline (trainer). ( »• - 155 156 157 Women’s Basketball 158 . . . Hampered by poor shooting percentages and lack of depth . . . team suffered second los- ing season in the history of Muhlenberg women’s basketball . . . excellent per- formances against Kutztown and Lehigh (although these games ended in defeat) . . . team completed season with a disappointing 4-7 record . . . Stich recognized as high scorer for the season . . . individual game high won by Winship (scoring 26 points) . . . graduation claimed senior starters Peters, Costello, and Poulson. Muhlenberg Opponent 43 Allentown College 49 40 Wilkes 51 46 Albright 58 58 Cedar Crest 47 60 Moravian 38 38 Lafayette 64 42 Delaware Valley 51 32 Kutztown 46 42 Lehigh 57 56 Drew 44 First Row. S. Winship, L. Costello, A. Peters, C. Drozdowicz, K. Helin, J. Wirth, J. Lloyd. Third Row: H. Hospodar(coach), K. Kisbach. Second Row: W. Stich, J. Wirth, D. Eilenberger, K. Sloan, N. Hufnail, S. Freeman. 159 ' : •: - 1 UN • w , - 161 . . . Men’s team joined by women’s fencing as a full varsity sport, both under the tutelage of Coach Santore . . . men’s team plagued by season defections and later injuries . . . Pires and Rath- jac displayed excellent skills . . . Maletsky, Mitilineos, and Vengrove all show good form . . . team never fenced to full strength . . . women’s team, coached by Laser, was very balanced . . . all members played to their potential . . . Muhlenberg fencers look optimistically to next year’s season. Men’s Muhlenberg Opponent 6 Paterson 21 9 John Hopkins 18 19 Univ. of Maryland 8 6 Stevens 21 9 Drew 18 8 Lafayette 19 7 Temple 20 Women’s Muhlenberg Opponent 7 Stevens 9 9 Lafayette 7 2 Temple 14 162 Fencing First Row: H. Eddinger, A. Santore (coach), L. Keffer. Second Row: H. Straus, G. Laser. ! B. Benn, D. Steinberg (captain), S. Smith, J. Pires, A. Santore (coach), S. Rathjan, M. Vengrove, J. Mitilineos. 163 Lacrosse . . . Team under the direction of Co- Captains Freed and Berg . . . injuries crippled the team with the loss of midfielders Schooiey and Dinke- lacker . . . Fader, Cohen, and Piersol successfully filled the gaps for the Mules . . . excellent efforts put forth by Guida, Weller, Kelley, and Freed . . . teamwork is not strong enough to overcome opponents . . . overall records show a losing season. Muhlenberg Opponent 4 Gettysburg 22 2 Lebanon Valley 13 2 Swarthmore 11 4 Widener 11 4 Lafayette 8 4 Kutztown 22 7 Stevens 6 1 Wilkes 17 1 Franklin Marshall 24 3 Haverford 13 9 Dickinson 10 164 First Row: J. Danenberg, S. Kurtz, B. Freed, E. Berg, A. Cohen, D. Pretz, E. Andrews. Second Row: A. Fader, T. Weller, D. Pier- sol, C. Acceta, P. Wallburg, T. Handlon, R. Guida. Third Row: C. Geffken, M. Kelly, D. Field, F. Marino (coach), S. Schooley, B. Tretter, K. Tachino, C. Speer. 165 Baseball . . . Twenty seven candidates set out to de- fend their Middle Atlantic Conference South West title , . . disappointing season . . . efforts put forth by returning lettermen not strong enough to hold onto title . . . significant contributions by Knerr, Brandt, Sules, Edwards, and Trump . . . look forward to next year’s seasons with a more exper- ienced squad. Muhlenberg Opponent 5 Lehigh 6 1 Lafayette 10 2 Widener 17 0 Swarthmore 5 1 Dickinson 2 6 Dickinson 7 1 Gettysburg 8 4 Gettysburg 8 4 Ursinus 5 9 Western Maryland 8 5 Western Maryland 4 1 Franklin Marshall 3 0 Franklin Marshall 6 12 Delaware Valley 10 4 Moravian 2 0 Moravian 1 166 First Row; M. Hanichak, J. Knerr, B. Trump, G. Brandt, Y. Edwards. Second Row; S. Beidleman (coach), B. Schulte, J. Curry, B. Gumpert, B. Altemose, F. Rittinger, J. Mill. 167 numun:i!lli;i ■ i ■ ismunuugf 168 169 Women’s Tennis . . . Great potential in the form of fine individual players . . . impressive per- formance given by senior women . . . raquetteers gained much experience . . . faced an extremely frustrating season . . . failed to live up to their potential but look forward to next year’s season. Muhlenberg Opponent 0 Lafayette 5 2 Cedar Crest 3 4 Moravian 1 0 Kutztown 5 0 Fairleigh-Dickinson 5 2 Drew 3 5 Moravian 0 2 Cedar Crest 3 170 First Row: S. Gussow, A. Eckenthal, E. Grosse, H. Straus, D. Federschmidt, N. Blair, N. Brobst, L. Smith, S. Nelson, Mrs. Sulon. Second Row: J. Montgomery, J. White, L. Fisher, G. Seagreves (coach). 171 Men’s Tennis . . . Team under the direction of Coach Webb and captain Freedenberg . . . Miller, Kleb- anoff, Rittenhouse, Gorovitz, and Goldberg displayed ex- cellent skills on the court . . . team spirit and individual skills boosted the team’s winnings . . . one of the best seasons in the history of Muhlenberg. Muhienberg Opponent 0 Lehigh 9 2 Dickinson 7 1 Moravian 8 6 Albright 3 7 Western Maryland 2 0 Gettysburg 9 0 Franklin Marshall 9 9 Lebanon Valley 0 172 ■ The Team B. Miller J. Freedenberg D. Klebanoff D. Goldberg P. Rittenhouse H. Servent A. Levin A. Gorovitz 173 Track . . . Worked with 28 candidates for the 1977 team . . . nine lettermen and fourteen freshmen vied for spots on the club . . . team had a slow start . . . freshman helped the Mules, scoring a third of the team’s total output . . . freshmen standouts — Crist in the distances, Clinton in the 880, Hackbarth in the sprints and Shroeder and McKeon, who jumped and vaulted . . . team will miss senior co-captains Wonderland and Stovall . . . Mules could not pull team together for a victory — team had a disappointing season. Muhlenberg Ursinus 54 91 Muhlenberg Widener Haverford 38 Va 91 V 48 Muhlenberg Albright Franklin Marshall 37 46 98 Muhlenberg Swarthmore 69 76 Muhlenberg Kutztown PhiladelphiaTextile 61 108 7 Muhlenberg Dickinson 93 51 Muhlenberg Lebanon Valley 41 104 174 ggK f v jjj f ( • rssji if i m First Row: S. Stovall (co-captain), B. Bodine, C. Lambert, H. Gerstein, C. Sachs, J. McKeon, M. DeRosa, K. Wonderland (co- captain). Second Row: N. Hussain, P. Leodari, D. Crist, M. Clin- ton, L. George, B. Keebler, M. Berson, C. Hackbarth. Third Row: B. Feldbaum, J. Servey, P. Moss, G. Schultz, A. Williams, C. Melroy, E. Sobel, K. Schroeder. Fourth Row: Coach Flamish, M. Stull, F. Fetzer (manager), J. Haines (assistant coach). 175 176 T. Davis (coach), J. Jones, J. Mottola, C. Cooper, L. Liss, L. Branton, M. Nero, Rev. R. Bonser (advisor). Golf . . . Three letterman return from last year’s winning squad . . . newcomers boast some fairly good handicaps . . . Juniors Branton and Jones display ex- . cellent effort . . .looking forward to next season. Muhlenberg Lehigh Kutztown 421 406 444 Muhlenberg Franklin Marshall 418 420 Phila. Mulhenberg Haverford St. Joe Textile 448 423 402 437 Western Muhlenberg Ursinus Maryland 407 423 415 Muhlenberg Wilkes Moravian 430 402 Lebanon 439 Muhlenberg Valley 418 394 Delaware Muhlenberg Valley Albright 436 448 424 Muhlenberg Scranton 432 418 Muhlenberg Lafayette Moravian 426 398 424 177 178 179 180 181 wmm -A Wm ™T ill HB I V ■; .. mA % wk aft • B gjBHk » ;bb I B ft i B ‘ B B A ■ - B Student Activism 184 185 i vV v;v 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 L - 3 v. ■Vw iSk - $£- •£ ■ v ' i.’iU EpIS d wl ' . ' ' v? 197 198 199 200 201 r t iJtj f 1 .. v JB if.fl ' fc 2 ' o y f ' V Leonard R. Adam Beth Jean Anderson Balint Balog Karen L. Adamec Lauren B. Angstadt Christine Banks Marlene D. Alterman John Bachofer III Barbara A. Bareis 204 Joan Bean Bruce Bird Sidney Blake Jeffrey Biddle Susan E. Blumenstein Edward Boakes Daryl Bodner 205 Katherine Bouzakis Lynne Braunstein Patricia Boorse Wayne Bottlick William Braak Joseph Brand Carroll A. Brennan Karl Bretz 206 Nancy Brobst Scott Brylinsky Richel Burkey Joseph A. Carlino Gilbert Carlson William E. Carhart Lynn B. Carlson 207 Athena Carpousis Dennis E. Cavanaugh Deborah E. Charles Gail Chrysler Alan Cohen Barbara E. Clay 208 Karen Cook Peter Coppola Louise Connolly Lauren Costello Stephen P. Crane Andrea Cosor Richard Crist, Jr. 209 Eric Daniels Mark Davids David Dearden Joseph DeLisi Patricia DellAngelo Steven DeStefano 210 John Deutch Tracey Jo Dilworth Ralph DiMattia Sandra Dionis Cyrise Dixon Susan DiYanni David Donde Jeffrey Dobro 211 Carla Drozdowicz Gary Dorshimer Arthur Douglass, Jr. Caroline Downs Linda Dunham Holly Eddinger 212 Gary Eisenberg Steven Eisenhauer John Elfers Amy L. Epley Thomas Eslinger Norman Elton Susan Farber Thomas Felder Susan Ettelman 213 Fay A. Ferchie David W. Field Frederick Fetzer Mary E. Ferro Leigh S. Finkel Joel M. Fleishman Beth Fletcher 214 Daryl B. Gai I lard Robert L. Frankel Kathy L. Franklin Jeffrey P. Gardner William K. Gibbs Peter K. Gifford Philip B. Gilman 215 David N. Goldberg Beth R. Golden Gregory M. Gordon Alliene Graver Susan E. Grebe Kyle M. Griffith Margaret E. Groman 216 John Hacker Nancy L. Hall Joan E. Hamburger Mary H. Hamlin J ohn H. Hand Tom S. Handlon Katie L. H. Taylor 217 John F. Hazel, Jr. Frederick W. Harwick Sarah E. Henrich W. Scott Henning Paul R. Hermany Ricky Herrin Debra J. Higgins 218 Harold S. Hillman Jerome R. Hill Deborah M. Hoff Christina D. Hoffman Nancy A. Hood Brent A. Hosage mmm Nancy S. Hinkeldey Joseph G. Holland, Jr. 219 Jacqueline L. Hublitz Daniel W. Humbert Elaine N. Joecks Magretta H. Jolliff Rosalie E. Kalman Gregg A. Johnstone Marion E. Kandel David R. Kashoff Stephen R. Kauffman Dean E. Kashner Ronald M. Keegan Mary A. Kelly Kathryn A. Kennedy Nancy L. Kern 221 Johnny R. King Karen E. King Gary J. Kinyon David B. Klebanoff Bradley H. Kline Kenneth A. Knowles Marcia A. Koehler 222 Jay S. Koplove Michael J. Korman Karel D. Kovnat Evan R. Krakower Charles Kratzer III Larry A. Kraus Ri chard Krause Michael A. Krawitz 223 Jeffrey I. Krieger Ellen L. Kuehm Robert R. Lanning Gail E. Laser John P. Lavery Alan R. Leeti Mara Levinson Debra L. White 224 David B. Levy Susan I. Lindstrom Martin R. Linton Linda Liquori Robin C. Long Steven M. Lobe I Lauren A. Loeffler 225 Susan Lose Leland E. Lott Leeann Lukaitis Deborah J. Luppold Eric S. Lustig Mark E. Maletsky Peter Maluso Stephanie M. Marchak 226 Thomas N. Mather Lynne M. Marcus Joan F. Marx Joseph Mason III Barbara L. Mattlage M fc.J Kimberly A. Maskell Patricia A. Matteo 227 James S. Maurer Anthony J. Mauro Mary F. Mazzocchi Kevin G. McLain Barbara J. McMahon Wendy L. McNamara Alice E. Medleycott 228 •5 ; - ' »3 Jeffrey B. Menell Ron C. Michaelis Jeanne M. Merten if? 0 y Denise Merkle John C. Mill David S. Miller David A. Middlemas 229 Susan A. Miller Eric A. Mills Lynn M. Morse James J. Mulherin Daniel C. Mullock James R. Munn Robert C. Nace Anita Nayar 230 Kay E. Neiman James E. Newman, Jr. Robert N. Neilson Linda A. Olsen Donna L. Ostergaard Ronald H. Pariser llene L. Pekter 231 Mark F. Pessin Ann R. Peters Virginia K. Petersen Jacqueline D. Poulson Mitchell G. Possinger Joel B. Pevar Khether E. Raby Donna L. Rahme 232 Robert C. Reier Patricia A. Reinhart Anvery Rajmohamed Barbara E. Reitz Gary C. Remmel John Repasch, Jr. John L. Ricci 233 Barry D. Rinker Charles Robbins IV Gillian L. Robertson Gail L. Robinson Linda J. Roddenberry Ronald N. Romary Elliott R. Rosen 234 Richard N. Rothenberg Elizabeth M. Rowell Anthony Salandra Susan J. Schabacker Edward W. Ruisz Michael D. Schaff Alan M. Schaffer Carol A. Schneck Bonnie Schreiber Debra A. Schuhalter Mary E. Schwanger 236 Jane L. Shoemaker Jeanne A. Sikorski Carolyn Shubert Scott D. Silverstien Kenneth P. Shapiro j Carla J. Siegelbaum Lisa J. Simon Kathryn F. Sloan Valerie J. Slott Richard F. Spaide John Smith, Jr. Catherine V. Smith Richard A. Stauffer Andrew D. Spatt Michael E. Stanton 238 Harold S. Stovall II K athleen M. Sullivan Richard F. Tepper Jeffrey W. Swanson Darryl R. Sycher Barbara J. Thompson Mary A. Thompson 239 •••■ ' • . Nancy E. Thompson Audrey C. Tiernan Larry W. Todd Maribeth Todisco Ronny C. Tornberg Kathy A. Treweeks Brad D. Trump Jennifer L. Uecker Patricia L. Van Etten John L. Van Kirk Warren J. Ventriglia Sally Wagner w Ruth A. Van Leer Nancy T. Walsh Jeffrey R. Waterhouse 241 Lynn S. Weckworth Stephen C. Weida P. Kenneth Weidler Scott Wiedeman Christine A. Will Elizabeth A. Williams m r f Susan R. Winship Ralph Wire, Jr. Alfred F. Wolkomir 242 Kenneth B. Wonderland W. Steven Woodward James A. Yergey Alan J. Yund Karen A. Zaboy Joleen L. Zackowski Nina C. Zanetti Paul C. Ziegler 243 Commencement One hundred and twenty-ninth academic year. ;s, Chairman of the National Endowment 3 keynote speaker. for the of 77 approvingly check their diplomas. SC v sbcvn. C n t Conduciot xu .vto « Robertas U N- " y 1,11 jn Cart» ' , Oiu ' « c " H c-a-- 1, s. R " nsh w licrhoz arr R- Zorn 1 p«0£ sS,Of ‘ A CA5 fcM ‘ « T » SV .nd e _ ' toot £ ?£ ...,d - P -■ wb o’« “ a :; , ■ Bt e o " ln d lbe „o« oa vid £ coU - Sunday, May 29, 1977 w " _ »«» , id „ui oV: ' " 1 ?, ft " - C ' °‘ sa " .-s«S « tw t « • v tM , % » £7. « ,. »i M ® S 0001 Brave M 01 »« »»« " ‘ n | i on - |h« PT. the tob 50 " . ViC coU % ' ir v g£l n ss 01 ¥- e ' “ ' of -rt ClJ , sie t ’ oS ° . i „ lW « crfw C.® ° , t o ® ® 1 4 V e 0 osv ° ° f , of 0 ' yvoW S M ' s0 « » CO? »» « All St« nd a - 4 - brt® " NU v« . NW .1 «»• .-•• ' « »» ' ' .in l e 244 Victor L. Johnson, College Marshal, leads the procession. Kenneth B. Wonderland, class president, addresses the audience. 245 246 247 W the f, t tnxul f c i dent nnli l Joel Site " , . 1 V V -«S V x o« C« v ’ ° qu t ' onable °fo re ' 4 ? jr v 9 ' Retrospect oA Pro Q E o t » 52 o i » i i a o E i i 4 0 Q 3 Co Dr- 0 ID rr- CD CL Co Q N 0 Co ules ere r a? -a •fe c £ gam title a Ul VI «u o s S vi w g © i i a 3 VI s E a a i i o H I o a September 2, 1973— Class of 77 begins Freshman Orientation . . . getting ad- justed to Muhlenberg and the “college life” . . . M. W. Wood, Inc., Food Service? ... as freshmen, we discover George’s Hoagie Shop . . . classes begin and the bookstore lines get longer and longer. . . Penn Linen and linen exchange become the weekly routine . . . football games and Homecoming provide the Fall enter- tainment . . . the red and yellow Muhlenberg-Cedar Crest bus is a familiar sight around campus . . . Mules basketball team becomes MAC Northern Division Champs . . . Big Name brings America to Muhlenberg . . . MMA puts on Fiorello in the Spring . . . Spring Sing and the ODK Carnival end the year of fun and games . . . dedication ceremony is held for the Fine Arts Center site. . . Nix- on resigns in 1974 . . . 1974 is the year of Muhlenberg’s soccer champions . . . MET produces One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead . . . January term sees ’Berg students in both Florida and U.S.S.R. ... a dinner and reading honor Dr. Stenger’s 20th anniversary as chair- man of the English Department . . . Mask and Dagger produces Othello and an ac- cidental stabbing of one of its stars . . . Ralph Nader speaks on “The Restructur- ing of the American Political System” . . . MMA has Promises, Promises . . . Billy Joel packs Memorial Hall for Big Name . . . Rod Serling and Miguel Rubio are in- cluded as part of the Festival of the Arts Dr. Victor otter four c o CO CD D cr CO a L_ 0 s Pe c s U c o co . . . SPE holds run-a-thon for charity . . . May 9, 1975 is the first annual G.U.T.T. Day . . . Construction of the Center for the Arts is begun . . . Anne Nugent leaves Muhlenberg . . . The “Leaky Valley” and the Weekly are regulars . . . the bicenten- nial year is celebrated at ’Berg through the Bicentennial Lecture Series . . . women claim Lieberman House after controversy ... Dr. Chmel is introduced to Muhlenberg through theatre-in-the- round and The Twin Menaechmi . . . Big Name has Renaissance and ELO . . . Jan term students go to England, Florida, Spain and Africa . . .Fiddler on the Roof is the musical for 1976 ... in the fall of 1976, the Muhlenberg College Center for the Arts opens its doors . . . Weston replaces Mortimer as Natural Science Director . . . Monroe Denton is named as director of the C.A. . . . Jimmy Carter is elected president of the U.S. . . . Happy hour is the hit of the frats ... as freshman enrollment increases, cums decrease . . . TKE raises money for the Red Cross in a soccer marathon . . . Muhlenberg mourns the death of Jean Hecht . . . Taming of the Shrew is a big hit . . . the Senior Ball is held on February 1 9, 1977 ... Big Name presents Bonnie Raitt . . . Bjorn Borg plays tennis in Memorial Hall . . . “Reading Day” upsets ’Berg students . . . Muhlenberg College Choir prepares for their tour of England . . . the Class of 1977 graduates on May 19, 1977. I.P. n o c 13 n O — 0 “O co Q rv Q “O o — Q 3 0 0_ ■■■■ • 13 CQ to to to C Q_ 0 13 X 3 o s . p- p- Johnson decades retires at Berg pX C pH 3 p p Be 9uac -o 0 f •§ Electric Light | Orchestra Denton r 9 c h °ng es Named as Director Senior Directory LEONARD RAY ADAM 246 E. Main St., Kutztown, Pa. 19530 A.B. Accounting Alpha Phi Omega: Treasurer, Com- muter’s Club, Student Transfer Ad- visor. KAREN L. ADAMEC 325 Walnut St., Catasauqua, Pa. 18032 A.B. Political Science John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Car- dinal Key, Commuter’s Club, Interna- tional Affairs Club. MARLENE DALE ALTERMAN 600 Laverack Rd., Glenside, Pa. 19038 A. B. Psychoiogy Elementary Educa- tion Weekly: Sports Editor, Editorial Board, Cardinal Key Society, Educa- tion Society. BETH J. ANDERSON 782 Birchwood Dr., Wyckoff, N.J. 07481 B. S. Biology Cardinal Key Society. LAUREN BETH ANGSTADT R. D. 1, Box 114, Kutztown, Pa. 19530 B.S. Natural Science Psychology Varsity Field Hockey, Muhlenberg Board of Associates. JOHN L. BACHOFER III Box 51, R.D. 2, Bangor, Pa. 18013 A. B. English Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Car- dinal Key Society. BALINT BALOG 519 N. Muhlenberg St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 B. S. Natural Science Mathematics Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Ecology Club, Commuter ' s Club. CHRISTINE CAROL BANKS 25 Shaver Ave., Shavertown, Pa. 18708 B.S. Natural Science History Softball Club, Junior Prom Commitee, In- tramurals. BARBARA ANN BAREIS 562 E. Scenic Rd., Springfield, Pa. 19064 B.S. Chemistry Ski Club, Ciarla. JOAN E. BEAN Bridge Rd., Creamery, Pa. 19430 A.B. Psychology Elementary Educa- tion Cheerleading: Captain, Psi Chi: Vice President, Cardinal Key Society. JEFFREY F. BIDDLE 417 Strathmann Dr., Southhampton, Pa. 18966 A. B. History Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Delta Epsilon, WMUH Radio Station. BRUCE A. BIRD Ramblebush Rd., R.D. 7, Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360 B. S. Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Vars- ity Track. SIDNEYS. BLAKE 76 Morris Rd., Ambler, Pa. 19002 B.S. Chemistry Beer Party Players, MET. SUSAN E. BLUMENSTEIN Oak Hill Apts. 312 N., Narbeth, Pa. 19072 A. B. Political Science. EDWARD V. BOAKES 510 Cooper St., Woodbury, N.J. 08096 B. S. Physics DARYL GEORGE BODNER 117 Glenn Oak Rd., Norristown, Pa. 19401 B.S. Chemistry Honorary Muhlenberg Mathematics Society: Treasurer, Muhlenberg Mar- tial Arts Society, Spokesmen Cycling Club, Varsity Fencing. PATRICIA L. BOORSE Knapp Rd, North Wales, Pa. 19454 A.B. Psychology German Club. WAYNE ALAN BOTTLICK 14 Macopin Dr., Livingston, N.J. 07039 A.B. Accounting Business Admin- istration WMUH Radio Station, Business and Economics Club. KATHERINE N.BOUZAKIS 1 Scudder Rd., Trenton, N.J. 08628 A.B. Accounting Business Admin- istration Class of 1977: Vice President, Secretary, Forensic Society: Presi- dent, International Students Associa- tion, Chapel Choir, Cardinal Key Society, Freshman Advisor, Business and Economics Club, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIAM FREDERICK BRAAK 101 S. West St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A. B. English Drama Mask and Dagger, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Muhlenberg Ex- perimental Theatre, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, Board of Direc- tors: Secretary, Treasurer, Alpha Psi Omega; Business Manager, Presi- dent, Committee of Majors: Chair- man, Weekly. JOSEPH M. BRAND 117 E. Hazard St., Summit Hill, Pa., 18250 B. S. Biology Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Cardinal Key Society: Vice-President, Freshman Advisor. LYNNE HARRIET BRAUNSTEIN 8833 Calbert St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19152 A.B. Social Science President Pre-Tempore Class of 1980, New Student Orientation: Chairper- son, Student Council Representative: Corresponding Secretary, Pi Delta Epsilon, Who’s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Faculty Cur- riculum Committee: Student Repre- sentative, Ciarla: Business Manager, Student Advisor, Cardinal Key So- ciety, Alumni Executive Council, Homecoming Committee, Student Council Academic and Curriculum Committees, Big Sister Program: Chairperson, Sociology Club, Pro- gram Board: Publicity Committee. CARROLL ANN BRENNAN 2 Baker Rd., Livingston, N.J. 07039 B.S. Natural Science German Program Board: Publicity Chairper- son, Pre-Med Advisory Committee: Chairman, German Club, Cardinal Key Society, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Pledge Drive: Co- Chairman, Intramurals. KARLA. BRETZ R.D. 2, Box 264, Slatington, Pa. 18080 B.S. Biology NANCY J. BROBST 121 Grant Ave., New Providence, N.J. 07974 A.B. Psychology Elementary Educa- tion Education Society: Vice-President, Eastern Region PSEA Delegate, Var- sity Tennis, Festival of the Arts, Car- dinal Key Society, Intramurals. SCOTT D. BRYLINSKY 1217 Crane Dr., Cherry Hill, N.J. 08003 A. B. Accounting Psychology Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Ice Hockey Club, Outdoor Club. RICHEL E. BURKEY 628 W. Bellevue Ave., Reading, Pa. 19605 B. S. Natural Science Festival of the Arts, Volunteer Ser- vices. WILLIAM ERIK CARHART 29 Waldron Ave., Glen Rock, N.J. 07452 A. B. Accounting Karate Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Athletic Director, Junior Marshal. JOSEPH A. CARLINO 30 Lawnview Ave., Hicksville, N.Y. 11801 B. S. Biology AlphaTau Omega Fraternity. GILBERT R. CARLSON 125 Culpepper Dr., Penllyn, Pa. 19422 A. B. History Phi Alpha Theta, Intramurals, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. LYNN BARBARA CARLSON R.D. 1, Box 58, Dingman’s Ferry, Pa. 18328 B. S. Biology Natural Science Spokesman, Dormitory Court, Ecology Club. ATHENA ESTHER CARPOUSIS 1716 Olive St., Reading, Pa. 19604 A.B. Business Administration Ac- counting DENNIS CAVANAUGH 319 Liberty Blvd., Phillipsburg, N.J. 08865 A.B. Social Science DEBORAH E. CHARLES 76 Plain Rd., Wayland, Mass. 01778 A.B. English VALERIE WYNN CHISHOLM 5609 Belle Vista A ve., Baltimore, Md., 21206 A. B. History Phi Alpha Theta: Secretary- Treasurer, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Joint Council, Young Republicans Club. EUGENE P. CHRISTIAN 533 Robinhood Lane, McMurray, Pa. 15317 B. S. Biology Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. JAMES DEMAREST CHRISTIE 20 Greenwoods Rd., Old Tappan, N.J. 07075 A.B. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Class President: Freshman, Sophomore, Student Council, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Mask and Dag- ger: Vice-President, Treasurer, Muhlenberg Theatre Association: Theatre Board, Alpha Psi Omega: Vice-President, Freshman Advisor. GAIL C. CHRYSLER 129 E. Dickinson St., Woodstown, N.J. 08098 A.B. History BARBARA ELAINE CLAY 23 Euclid Ave., Pitman, N.J. 08071 A.B. Accounting Business Admin- istration Joint Council: Floor Representative, Senior Class Pledge Drive: Invest- ment Committee, Intramurals: Volleyball, Economics and Business Club: Treasurer. ALAN COHEN 12 E. Colmar Circle, Margate, N.J. 08402 A.B. Political Science International Affairs Club, John Mar- shall Pre-Law Society, Model United Nations, Alpha Tau Omega Frater- nity: Officer, Ice Hockey, Varsity Lacrosse, Student Court. LOUISE CONNOLLY 65 Sunrise Dr., Portsmouth, R.l. 02871 A. B. Psychology Sociology Program Board, Cardinal Key Society, In- tramurals: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. KAREN GWEN COOK 625 W. Macada Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. 18017 B. S. Biology Hillel, Weekly, Spokesman, Spanish Club, Intramurals: Volleyball. PETER WILLIAM COPPOLA 187 Inwood Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. 07043 B.S. Natural Science WMUH Radio Station ANDREA COSOR 140 Cedarwood Dr., Laflin, Pa. 18702 LAUREN ELLEN COSTELLO 66 Franklin Ave., Nutley, N.J. 07110 B.S. Biology Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball. STEPHEN P. CRANE 1665 Whitehouse Rd., Maple Glen, Pa. 19002 A.B. Accounting Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: President, Business and Economics Club. RICHARD C. CHRIST, JR. 234 Miami Ave., Norristown, Pa. 19401 A.B. Psychology Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity: Presi- dent. PATRICIA ANNE CROOKER 54 Waverly Terrace, Shelton, Ct. A.B. Business Administration Accounting MICHAEL C.CURY 515 N. Tenth St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A. B. History Pre-Law Phi Alpha Theta. ERIC DANIELS 103 Martin Rd., Livingston, N.J. 07039 B. S. Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. MARK STUART DAVIDS 1629 Rose Glen Rd., Havertown, Pa. 19083 B.S. Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Car- dinal Key Society, Student Council, College Convocations Committee, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Mask and Dagger, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, Freshman Orientation Committee, Freshman Student Advisor. DAVID R.DEARDEN 402 Oreland Mill Rd., Oreland, Pa. 19075 A. B. Philosophy WMUH Radio Station. JOSEPH C. DELISI 29 Echo Ridge Rd., Upper Saddle River, N.J. 07458 B. S. Natural Science Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. PATTI DELLANGELO 121 Wayne Ave., Norristown, Pa. 19401 A. B. Psychology Elementary Educa- tion Psi Chi: Secretary. STEVEN DESTEFANO 2821 Royle Street, Bellmore, N.Y. 11710 B. S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society. JOHN DEUTSCH 1703 S. Albert A-8, Allentown, Pa. 18103 B.S. Chemistry TRACEY JO DILWORTH Box 594 A, R.D. 6, Newton, N.J. 07860 A. B. Economics Psychology RALPH R. DIMATTIA 341 Rambling Way, Springfield, Pa. 19064 B. S. Natural Science Spelunking Club, Mathematics Club, Chess Club. SANDRA L. DIONIS 17 Frost Hill Rd., Trumbull, Ct. 06611 A.B. Political Science Student Court, International Affairs Club, John Mar- shall Pre-Law Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Intramurals. CYRISE L. DIXON 1217 W. 7th St., Chester, Pa. 19013 A.B. Psychology Muhlenberg Black Collegians, Resi- dent Advisor, Freshman Advisor, Car- dinal Key Society, Psi Chi. SUSAN DIYANNI 36 E. Munson Ave., Dover, N.J 07801 A.B. Philosophy Social Science Weekly, Faculty Academic Policy Committee: Student Representative, Student Representative to Faculty Meetings, Student Representative to Financial Aid Director Selection Committee, Lieberwoman Program- ming, Who’s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. JEFFREY DOBRO 7420 Malvern Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19151 B.S. Natural Science Student Council: President, Vice- President, Beer Party Players, Pre- Med Advisory Board. DAVID DONDE 358 Whitman St., Haworth, N.J. 07641 B.S. Chemistry Ice Hockey: Captain, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: House Manager, Secretary, Muhlenberg Theatre Association: Stage Manager. GARY WILLIAM DORSHIMER 2537 Columbia St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 B.S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society, Commuters Club: Secretary-Treasurer, Vice- President, Freshman Advisor, Pre- Med Advisory Committee, Phi Beta Kappa. ARTHUR F. DOUGLASS, JR. 1224 Ripley St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19111 B.S. Natural Science Varsity Cross Country, Varsity T rack. CAROLINE R. DOWNS 2055 Overlook Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. 19090 B.S. Mathematics Accounting Mathamatics Club: Secretary, Mathematics Honor Society, Business and Economics Club, Feature Twirler, Lacrosse, In- tramurals. CARLA KIM DROZDOWICZ 339 High St., Nutley, N.J. 07110 B.S. Biology Varsity Basketball, Varsity Tennis. LINDA ELAINE DUNHAM 34 Beacon Hill Dr., East Brunswick, N.J. 08816 A.B. Accounting Business Ad- ministration Chapel Choir, Business and Economics Club, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association, Intramurals: Volleyball, Senior Pledge Drive: Can- vasser. HOLLY L. EDDINGER 576 Village Rd. West, Princeton Jet., N.J. 08550 A.B. English Secondary Education Cardinal Key Society, Chapel Choir, German Club, Mask and Dagger, Muhlenberg Theatre Association: Ex- ecutive Board, Weekly: Photo Staff, Nite Owl: Secretary, Chairperson, Transfer Student Advisor, Freshman Student Advisor, Freshman Orienta- tion Committee, International Affairs Club: Secretary, Model United Na- tions, Varsity Fencing, Varsity Ten- nis, Intramurals: Soccer, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa lota Sigma, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. GARY EISENBERG 129 Brooks Ave., Monroe, N.Y. A.B. Russian Studies Political Science Weekly: Editor, Arcade: Editor, Free University, Zeta BetaTau Fraternity. STEVEN MICHAEL EISENHAUER 720 Guilford St., Lebanon, Pa. 1 7042 A.B. Economics Accounting Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Lacrosse, Muhlenberg Ex- perimental Theatre, Intramurals. JOHN A.ELFERS 33 Fieldstone Dr., Whippany, N.J. 07981 A.B. Music Chapel Choir, Alpha Phi Omega, Muhlenberg Christian Association. NORM ELTON 19 Cora Lane, Chester, N.J. 07930 A.B. Political Science Convocation Committee, Muhlenberg Student Lobby, Dor- mitory Court, Model United Nations: Chairperson. AMY L. EPLEY 731 Fairview Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. 17325 A. B. American Studies THOMAS M.ESLINGER 1745 Lincoln Ave., Northhampton, Pa. 18067 B. S. Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Car- dinal Key Society, Intramurals: Foot- ball. SUSAN C. ETTELMAN 74 Erick Ave., Hewlett, N.Y. 11557 A.B. Political Science Social Science John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Legal Intern Program, International Affairs Club, Intramurals, Senior Class Pledge Drive, Eta Upsilon Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha. SUSAN KAY FARBER 627 E. White St., Bowmanstown, Pa. 18030 A. B. English Program Board: Secretary, Special Events Co-Chair, Publicity Co-Chair, Sigma Tau Delta: President, Omicron Delta Kappa: President, Student Council Representative. THOMAS C. FELDER 25 Dogwood Ct., Maple Shade, N.J. 08052 B. S. Chemistry WMUH Radio Station. FAYA. FERCHIE 506 Miller Lane, Whitehall, Pa. 18052 A.B. Psychology Education Society MARY ELLEN FERRO 42 Bourndale Rd. S., Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 A. B. Psychology Intramurals: Volleyball FREDERICK PAUL FETZER 927 Miller St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 B. S. Natural Science Varsity Track: Manager, Varsity Cross Country: Manager. DAVID W. FIELD 196 Nottingham Rd., Ramsey, N.J. 07446 A.B. Economics AlphaTau Omega Fraternity. LEIGH S. FINKEL 14 Glen Lane, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08002 A.B. Psychology Social Science Class Secretary, Senior Pledge Drive Chairperson, College Committee on Student Affairs, Cardinal Key Soci- ety, Freshman Advisor. JOEL M. FLEISHMAN 511 N. Douglass Ave., Margate, N.J. 08402 A.B. Psychology BETH P. FLETCHER 513 Guilford Ave, Staunton, Va., 24401 A.B. Psychology Social Science Muhlenberg Christian Association: Vice-President, Social Ministry, Psi Chi. ROBERT L.FRANKEL 10 Brookfall Rd., Edison, N.J. 08817 A.B. Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. KATHY LORRAINE FRANKLIN 621 E. 7th St., Lakewood, N.J. 08701 A.B. Sociology Elementary Educa- tion Ciarla, Majorettes. DARYL B.GAILLARD 2201 Rosa Dr., Mobile, Ala. 36617 A. B. Spanish Elementary Education Pom-Poms, Spanish Club, Education Society. JEFFREY PHILLIPGARDNER 238 Deer Run, Media, Pa. 19063 B. S. Biology Russian Studies Free University: Chairperson, Weely: News Features Editor, Sigma Phi Ep- silon Fraternity, Russian Club, In- tramurals: Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country. ALLIENE G. GARVER 127 N. Franklin St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A.B. Accounting Commuter ' s Club. SUSAN E. GREBE 206 Varian Rd., Peekskill, N.Y. 10566 A.B. Psychology KYLE MILLICIENT GRIFFITH 198 Mountain Ave., North Caldwell, N.J. 07006 A.B. French Phi Sigma lota: President, Cheerleader, French Club, Intramurals WILLIAM K. GIBBS 196 Diane Ave., Hatboro, Pa. 19040 A. B. Accounting Business Admin- istration Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Resident Advisor. PETER K. GIFFORD 706 Warren St., Reading, Pa. 19601 B. S. Mathematics Computer Science College Choir: Asst. Manager, Tenor Section Leader, Alpha Phi Omega, Muhlenberg Musical Association, In- stitution of Sound: Choral Director Muhlenberg Theatre Association: Musical Director, Joint Council, Dorm President. PHILIP GILMAN 1016 Penn Towers, 1801 JFK Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19102 B.S. Natural Science Weekly, Arcade, WMUH Radio Sta- tion. DAVID N. GOLDBERG 407 Salisbury Rd., Wyncote, Pa. 19095 B.S. Natural Science Zeta BetaTau Fraternity, Shadows. BETH RANDI GOLDEN Cedarbrook Hill Apts. B-317 Wyn- cote, Pa. 19095 A.B. Social Science Student Court: Chief Attorney, Pi Sigma Alpha. GREGORY GORDON 715 Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 19026 A.B. History Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Presi- dent, Phi Alpha Theta: President, Long Range Planning Committee, Jazz Band, John Marshall Pre-Law Society. Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity; Presi- dent, Phi Alpha Theta: President, Long Range Planning Committee, Jazz Band, John Marshall Pre-Law Society. 251 MARGARET GROMAN 1 108 Gloria Lane, Yardley, Pa. 19067 A.B. Business Administration Program Board: Publicity Co-Chair- person, Treasurer, President, Phi Alpha Theta, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Freshman Advisor, Chapel Choir, Festival of the Arts, International Affairs Club, Model United Nations, Student Coun- cil: Curriculum Committee. JOHN F. HACKER 3021 Turner St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Political Science John Marshall Pre-Law Society. NANCY LYNN HALL 629 Ridgewood Rd., Westwood, N.J. 07675 A.B. English Elementary Education Pom Pom Squad: Co-Captain, Modern Dance Club: Vice-President, President, Intramurals, Big Sister Program. JOAN E. HAMBURGER 201 W. Cuthbert Blvd., Oaklyn, N.J. 08107 A.B. Humanities Education Society, Muhlenberg Theatre Association MARY HELEN HAMLIN 38 Palmer Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 A.B. Music German Club, College Choir, Recorder Consort, Weekly. JONATHAN HAND 1705 Cloverly Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. 19046 A. B. Music College Choir: Manager, Muhlenberg Musical Association: Conductor, Board-Faculty Retrea t, Weekly. THOMAS S. HANDLON 3252 Birch Ave., Allentown, Pa. 18103 B. S. Natural Science Psychology KATHIE TAYLOR 1436 Chew St., Allentown, Pa. 19102 A. B. Elementary Educa- tion Psychology Muhlenberg Christian Association, Intramurals. FRED HARWICH 225 Ridge St., Emmaus, Pa. 18049 B. S. Natural Science Psychology Resident Advisor, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Muhlenberg Musical Association. JOHN F. HAZEL, JR. 727 Sharon Ave., Collingdale, Pa. 19023 A.B. Social Science Muhlenberg Christian Association; Executive Council, Sigma Phi Ep- silon Fraternity, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Drama Workshop, Student Athletic Trainer, Chapel Choir, Mask and Dagger, Muhlenberg Experimen- tal Theatre. W. SCOTT HENNING 3006 Lindberg Ave., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Political Science Commuter’s Club: President, Secretary-Treasurer, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Pi Sigma Alpha. SARAH E. HENRICH R.D. 2, Box 76, Mertztown, Pa. 19539 A. B. Art Omicron Delta Kappa, Chapel Choir: Manager, College Choir, Festival of the Arts: Art Chairperson, Program Board: Art Chairperson, Center for the Arts Policy Board, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. PAULR. HERMANY 324 Hawthorne Dr., Center Valley, Pa. 18034 B. S. Natural Science Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Freshman Advisor, Muhlenberg Fraternity Council: President. RICKY HERRIN Place One, Apt. 932, 777 W. Ger- mantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462 B.S. Natural Science Mathematics DEBRA JEAN HIGGINS Box 336 E. Gordon Rd., Robbinsville, N.J. 08691 A. B. Psychology Elementary Educa- tion Cardinal Key Society, Forensic Society: Vice-President, Class of 1977: Treasurer, Freshman Advisor, Teacher Education Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Intramurals, Senior Pledge Drive: Co-Chairperson, Homecoming Court. JEROME HILL 734 High St., Bethlehem, Pa. 18018 B. S. Chemistry HAROLDS. HILLMAN 4512 Quarles St., N.E., Washington D.C. 20019 A.B. Psychology Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity: President, Vice-President, House Manager, Steward, Black Collegians: Presi- dent, Sophomore Representative, Cardinal Key Society. NANCY S.HINKELDEY 4103 Landgreen St., Rockville, Md. 20853 A. B. Psychology Varsity Field Hockey, Intramurals, Psi Chi: President, Vice-President. DEBORAH M. HOFF 363 Meadowbrook Rd., North Wales, Pa. 19454 B. S. Chemistry German German Club, German Honor Frater- nity. CHRISTINA HOFFMANN Station A, Trenton, N.J. 08625 B.S. Biology Intramurals: Volleyball, Varsity Ten- nis, German Honor Society, Tutor (German). JOSEPH HOLLAND 27 Ocean Ave., Massapequa, N.Y. 11758 A.B. Business Administration Ac- counting. NANCY A. HOOD 6 Juniper Rd., Andover, Mass. 01810 A.B. Political Science Muhlenberg Musical Association, College Choir: Historian, Cardinal Key Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Dor- mitory Court: Clerk, President, Dor- mitory Council: Representative. BRENT HOSAGE 3122 Goldsboro, San Antonio, Tx. 78238 A.B. English Arcade, Weekly, Intramurals. JACQUELINE LEWIS HUBLITZ 3424 Highland St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Economics Society of the Arts. LEWIS J.HUETTEL 3134 Highland St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. English History Varsity Soccer: Tri-Captain, Phi Alpha Theta. DANIEL W. HUMBERT 280 Grant Dr., Hanover, Pa. 17331 A.B. History Student Court, Forensic Society, Phi Alpha Theta. ELAINE N.JOECKS 709 Hickory Hill Dr., Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 A. B. Economics GREGG A. JOHNSTONE 13 Klinger Rd., E. Hanover, N.J. 07936 B. S. Physics Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: Social Chairman, Varsity Football, E.V.I. Senior Busdriver. MARGRETTAH. JOLLIFF 1173 St. Dominic PL, Mobile, Ala. 36609 A.B. Spanish Muhlenberg Christian Association: Social Committee Chairperson, Vice- President, Chapel Choir: Librarian, Spanish Club, Phi Sigma lota, Altar Guild, Institute of Faith, Mid-Atlantic Lutheran Student Movement: Ex- ecutive Committee. ROSALEE. KALMAN 28 Hardenberg St., New Brunswick, N.J. 08901 A.B. Psychology Cardinal Key Society. MARION E. KANDEL 88 Winona Rd., Mt. Pocono, Pa. 18344 A.B. Psychology Social Science Festival of the Arts: Chairperson, Freshman Advisor: Student Coor- dinator, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Cardinal Key Society, Intramurals, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. DEAN EARLKASHNER R.D. 3 2, Danville, Pa. 17821 A. B. English SigmaTau Delta. DAVID R.KASHOFF 2 Forest Lane, Levittown, Pa. 19055 B. S. Natural Science STEPHEN R. KAUFFMAN 2041 Vine St., Apt. 11. Allentown, Pa. 18103 A. B. Social Science Muhlenberg Christian Association, College Choir, Institute of Faith: Chairperson, Omicron Delta Kappa, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Chapel Deacon. RONALD M. KEEGAN 146 Haisey Ave., Rockaway, N.J. 07866 B. S. Biology Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. MARY A. KELLY 1624 Berlin Rd., Cherry Hill, N.J. 08003 A.B. Social Science Psychology KATHRYN ANN KENNEDY R.R. 1 Jericho Run, Washington Crossing, Pa. 18977 A. B. Political Science Business Ad- ministration Student Council: Vice President, Stu- dent Curriculum Committee: Chair- person, Forensics Society: Presi- dent, Varsity Debator, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Sigma Alpha, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities, Faculty Curriculum Commit- tee: Student Representative, Student Representative to Faculty Meetings, College Council, Convocations Com- mittee, Business and Economics Club, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, International Affairs Club, Model United Nations, Student Freshman Orientation Committee, Cardinal Key Society, Intramurals. NANCY LEE KERN 1105 Liberty St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 B. S. Biology JOHNNY KING 621 50th St., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20019 A. B. History Arcade, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Dormitory Court Justice. KAREN E. KING 108 Farmingdale Dr., R.D. 3 2, Wex- ford, Pa. 15090 B. S. Biology Intramurals: Director. GARY J. KINYON 145 Hillside Ave., Metuchen, N.J. 08840 A. B. Political Science Varsity Basketball. DAVID B.KLEBANOFF 8818 Patton Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19118 B. S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Varsity Tennis. WILLIAM A. KLEINTOP 3261 Rim Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. 18017 A. B. Political Science Commuter’s Club, International Af- fairs Club: President, Model United Nations. BRADLEY H. KLINE 1903 Colonial Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. 17112 B. S. Natural Science Philosophy Free University, Weekly. KENNETH KNOWLES 6 O 6 V 2 Linden Ave., Riverton, N.J. 08077 B.S. Natural Science MARCIA A. KOEHLER 121 Hillcrest Rd., New Canaan, Ct. 016840 A.B. Psychology Education Society: Secretary, Alpha Phi Omega, Transfer Orientation: Chairperson. JAY S. KOPLOVE 349 Hampden Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. 19082 A.B. History Phi Alpha Theta. SUSAN J.KOREN 219 N. 16th St. Allentown, Pa. 18102 A. B. Accounting MICHAEL J.KORMAN 41 Highland Dr., West Caldwell, N.J. 07006 B. S. Biology KAREL KOVNAT 1707 Kendrick St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19152 A.B. Psychology Intramurals: Volleyball, Big Sister, Women’s Awareness, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, Dormitory Representative, Cardinal Key Soci- ety. EVAN REID KRAKOWER 18 Marlow Rd., East Brunswick, N.J. 08816 A.B. History Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: Treasurer, Rush Chairman, Big Name Commit- tee, Freshman Advisor. CHARLESS. KRATZER III Rt. 2, Walnutport, Pa. 18088 A.B. Political Science Legal Internship, John Marshall Pre- Law Society, Intramurals, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Pi Sigma Alpha. LARRY ALAN KRAUS 211 Barclay Circle, Cheltenham, Pa. 19012 B.S. Natural Science Arcade, Chess Club, WMUH Radio Station, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Weekly. RICHARD H. KRAUSE 151 Hillside Dr., Coppersburg, Pa. 18036 B.S. Physics MICHAEL KRAWITZ 5646 Birch Ave., Pennsauken, N.J. 08109 B.S. Natural Science JEFFREY I.KRIEGER 340 Weymouth Rd., Norristown, Pa. 19403 B.S. Natural Science Resident Advisor ELLEN L. KUEHM 167 North Ave., Westport, Ct. 06880 A.B. History Chapel Choir, College Choir, Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Tennis, Stu- dent Council, Head Resident, Col- lege Convocations Committee, Dor- mitory Court: Justice, Intramurals. ROBERT R.LANNING 437 Merion Dr., Newtown, Pa. 18940 A.B. Economics Student Observer Board of Trustees, Institution of Sound: Director, WMUH Radio Station. GAIL LASER Box 402, Clintondale, N.Y. 12515 A. B. Economics JOHN P. LAVERY 13415 Worthington Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19116 B. S. Natural Science DEBRA L. WHITE 131 S. 5th St., Apt. B, Perkasie, Pa. 18944 A.B. Psychology Elementary Educa- tion ALAN R.LEETI R.D. 3 1, Biglerville, Pa. 17307 A.B. Business Administration WMUH Radio Station: Chief Engin- eer, Phi Delta Epsilon: Secretary- T reasurer. MARA LEVINSON 1825 Market St., Warren, Pa. 16365 A. B. Performing Arts Cheerleading: Co-Captain, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Track and Field Official, Cardinal Key Society, H i I lei, Modern Dance Club. DAVID BRIAN LEVY 1912 Paper Mill Rd., Oreland, Pa. 19075 B. S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity: President, Student Court. SUSAN ILEANA LINDSTROM 507 Ryeside Ave., New Milford, N.J. 07646 A.B. Philosophy Alpha Phi Omega, Chapel Choir, Altar Guild: Chairperson, Deacon, Lector, and Acolyte. MARTIN R. LINTON 31 Kent Rd., Glen Rock, N.J. 07452 A.B. Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity 253 LINDA ANNE LIQUORI 964 Broadway, West Long Branch, N.J. 07764 A. B. Accounting Elementary Educa- tion. Pom Pom Squad: Captain, Business and Economics Club, Cardinal Key Society, Dormitory Representative, Education Society. STEVEN M. LOBEL 2464 McGovern Dr., Schenectady, N.Y. 12309 B. S. Natural Science LAUREN A. LOEFFLER 19 Aldbury Dr., Upper Saddle River, N.J. 07458 A.B. Sociology Art Varsity Fencing. ROBIN CAROL LONG 92 Beechwood Dr., Wayne, N.J. 07470 A.B. French French Club, Spanish Club, Russian Club, Phi Sigma lota. SUSAN CAROLYN LOSE 1108 Davis Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 17603 A.B. Psychology Spanish LELAND LOTT 443 Locust St., Moorestown, N.J. 08057 A.B. Political Science Pre-Legal Internship, Muhlenberg Black Collegiates: President, Varsity Football, International Affairs Club. LEEANN LUKAITIS 207 N. Union Ave., Cranford, N.J. 07016 A.B. French Art History Phi Sigma lota, French Club. ELLIN LOTWICK REITMEIER 3420 McKinley Pkwy., Blasdell, N.Y. 14219 A.B. Psychology DEBORAH JANE LUPPOLD 295 Pepper Rd., Huntington Valley, Pa. 19006 A.B. French English French Club: President, Varsity Field Hockey, Lacrosse Club, Phi Sigma lota. MARK EVAN MALETSKY 34 Pequannock Ave., Pompton Lakes, N.J. 07442 B.S. Natural Science Chemistry Fencing, Tau Kappa Epsilon Frater- nity, Intramurals, Cardinal Key So- ciety, Freshmen Advising, Math Club, Pre-Med Advisory Committee. PETER N.MALUSO 15 Bergen Rd., Murray Hill, N.J. 07974 A.B. Business Accounting Business and Economics Club, Var- sity Wrestling. STEPHANIE MARCHAK 639 Harrison St., Emmaus, 18049 A.B. Political Science LYNNE MARCIA MARCUS 390 Haviland Rd., Stamford, Ct. 06903 A.B. Russian Studies French Phi Sigma lota: Vice-President, Rus- sian Club: Secretary, French Club: Treasurer, Lieberman Programming. JOAN F. MARX 2037 Wehr Ave., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Spanish — Political Science Phi Sigma lota, Pi Sigma Alpha. KIMBERKYMAEKELL 8 Blueberry Hill, Wilbraham, Mass. 01095 A. B. Business Administration Resident Advisor, Dorm President, Business and Economics Club, Fenc- ing, College Band. JOSEPH MASON III 39 Houston Rd., Little Falls, N.J. 07424 B. S. Biology Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: Secretary, Vice-P resident, Social Chairman, Night Supervisor, EVI Bus Driver. THOMAS N. MATHER RD 3 3, Elmer, N.J. 08318 B.S. Natural Science Environmental Studies Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. PATRICIA A. MATTEO 105 E. Balfour Ave., Linwood, N.J. 08221 A.B. English Festival of the Arts: Secretary, Freshmen Advisor, College Commit- tee on Student Affairs, Antistrophe: Editor. BARBARA LYNNE MATTLAGE 44 Wheatsheaf Rd., Clark, N.J. 07066 A. B. Business Administration Cheerleading, Intramurals, Business and Economics Club, Hall Represen- tative, Dorm Representative. JAMES S. MAURER 316 Williams St., Slatington, Pa. 18080 B. S. Chemistry Philosophy ANTHONY JOSEPH MAURO 2650 E. Texas Blvd., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Accounting Business Admin- istration MARY FELICE MAZZOCCHI Jockey Hollow Rd., Bernardsville, N.J. 07924 A.B. Accounting Cardinal Key Society. KEVIN MCLAIN 230 Washington Ave., Pleasantville, N.Y. 10570 A.B. Economics Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Varsity Soccer, Intramurals, Economics and Business Club, Legal Internship Pro- gram. BONNIE MCMAHON 81 Rural Lane, East Longmeadow, Mass. 01028 A.B. Psychology Muhlenberg Theatre Association, In- tramurals: Volleyball, Women’s Awareness Group. WENDY LYNNE MCNAMARA 89 Parkview Dr., Bloomfield, N.J. 07003 A.B. Accounting Business Admin- istration. ALICE MEDLEYCOTT 1120 Bristol Rd., Churchville, Pa. 18966 A.B. English German German Club. JEFFREY MENELL 123 S. Adelaide Ave., Highland Park, N.J. 08904 A.B. Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. DENISE LEE MERKLE 860 Frank Dr., Emmaus, Pa. 18049 A.B. English German German Club, Intramurals. JEANNE M. MERTEN 33 Old Colony Rd., Bernardsville, N.J. 07924 A. B. Psychology Elementary Educa- tion Academic Policy Committee, Freshman Advisor, Orientation Com- mittee, Education Society: Treasurer, Psi Chi, Institution of Sound, Car- dinal Key Society, Floor Represen- tative, Joint Council: Vice-President. RON C. MICHAELIS 75 E. Shore Dr., Massapequa, N.Y. 11758 B. S. Natural Science. DAVID A. MIDDLEMAS 9 Yolanda Dr., Little Falls, N.J. 07424 B.S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society, WMUH Radio Station, Muhlenberg First Aid Corps, Table Tennis Club, Weekly: Photographer, Ciarla, Spokesmen. JOHN CURTISS MILL 137 S. 7th St., Coplay, Pa. 18037 A.B. Business Administration Ac- counting Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football. DAVID WAYNE MILLER 829 S. 25th St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Business Administration Ac- counting Varsity Cross Country: Captain, Var- sity Track, Business and Economics Club. SUSAN ALISON MILLER 659 Tinton Ave., Tinton Falls, N.J. 07724 A. B. Accounting Intramurals, Business and Eco- nomics Club. ERIC ANDREW MILLS 9351 Hoff St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19115 B. S. Natural Science Phi Sigma lota. LYNN MARIE MORSE 446 Hartford Ave., Wethersfield, Conn. 06109 B.S. Mathematics College Convocations Committee: Treasurer, Student Council: Treasurer, Math Club: President, Modern Dance Club: Secretary- Treasurer, Vice-President, In- tramurals. JAMES J.MULHERIN 102 Glen-nor Ave., Glenolden, Pa. 19036 A.B. Accounting DANIEL MULLOCK Apt. 1, 2029 Vine St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Russian Studies Air Force ROTC. JAMES ROBERT MUNN 444 Roosevelt Ave., Lyndhurst, N.J. 07071 A.B. Accounting, Varsity Football. ROBERT C. NACE 1011 Windy Hill Rd., Norristown, Pa. 19403 A.B. Accounting Business Ad- ministration Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. ROBERT N.NEILSON 92 Wood View Dr., Doylestown, Pa. 18901 B.S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society, Sigma Phi Ep- silon Fraternity. KAY NEIMAN Station St., Palm, Pa. 18070 B.S. Mathematics Psychology Math Club, Math Honor Society, Col- lege Choir, Psi Chi. JAMES NEWMAN JR. 1901 Randolph Way, Wall, N.J. 07719 A.B. History Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Vice- President, Alumni Affairs Chairman, Int ramurals. LINDA ANN OLSEN 219 Rankin Ave., Cranford, N.J. 07016 A.B. Political Science Accounting. DONNA OSTERGAARD 27 Woodruff Rd., Morristown, N.J. 07960 A.B. Business Administration Ac- counting. RONALD H.PARISER 1653 Surrey Lane, Havertown, Pa. 19083 B.S. Natural Science WMUH Radio Station, Intramurals, Hillel, Tutor, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. ILENE LINDA PEKTER 537 Paddock Rd., Ambler, Pa. 19002 A. B. Music Psychology College Choir. MARK F. PESSIN 48 Calle 3 2 Los Almendros, Ponce, Puerto Rico 00731 B. S. Biology Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, The Shadows. ANN R. PETERS 9 0akwood Circle, Schnecksville, Pa. 18078 A. B. Psychology Varsity Basketball, Softball Club. VIRGINIA K. PETERSEN 418 Carriage Lane, Wyckoff, N.J. 07481 B. S. Biology College Choir: Assistant Manager, Muhlenberg Musical Association, In- stitution of Sound, Festival of the Arts: Music Chairperson, Long Range Planning Committee. JOELPEVAR 551 Shoemaker Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. 19117 B.S. Natural Science Ciarla. MITCHELL G.POSSINGER R.D. 5, Box 278, Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360 A.B. German Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: Steward, German Club. JACQUELINE D. POULSON Box 256, Kings Rd., Oldwick, N.J. 08858 A.B. Social Science KHETHERE. RABY 40 Greenleaf Hill, Great Neck, N.Y. 11023 B.S. Chemistry Natural Science Spokesmen: President, Festival of the Arts. DONNA LEE RAHME 1203 Sylvan Dr., Haddon Heights, N.J. 08035 A. B. Psychology Social Science ANVERY RAJMOHAMED 1 18 S. 12th St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 B. S. Chemistry International Students Association, Cardinal Key Society. ROBERT CARL REIER 2608 Southern Hills Rd., York, Pa. 17403 College Band: president, Muhlenberg Christian Association: Photographer, Weekly: Photographer, WMUH Radio Station. BARBARA ELAINE REITZ 155 Ladderback Lane, Devon, Pa. 19333 A.B. Music Psychology Muhlenberg Christian Association, College Choir. GARY REMMEL 65 Draby St., Center Valley, Pa. 18034 A. B. Accounting JOHN J. REPASCH JR. 1544 Lansdale Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. 18017 B. S. Chemistry JOHN L. RICCI 1839 Hance Bridge Rd., Vineland, N.J. 08360 B.S. Biology. BARRY DALERINKER 426 E. Walnut St., Nazareth, Pa. 18064 B.S. Natural Science Chess Club, Intramurals: Tennis, Volleyball, Festival of the Arts, Fraternity Social Member. CHARLES FRANCIS ROBBINS IV Glen Ave., West Orange, N.J. 07052 A. B. Sociology Muhlenberg Christian Association: Social Action Committee. GILLIAN L. ROBERTSON 42 Cousins Rd., Stamford Ct. 06903 B. S. Natural Science Chemistry Tennis Team, Intramurals. GAIL L. ROBINSON 208 S. Singer Rd., New Freedom, Pa. 17349 A.B. Social Science Program Board, Yearbook, Section Representative, Dormitory Court Justice. LINDA JOHANNERODDENBERRY 1468 Heather PI., Pottstown, Pa. 19464 A.B. Russian Studies Art Russian Club, Muhlenberg Christian Association. RONALD N. ROMARY 512 Hartung Dr., Wyckoff, Pa. 07481 A. B. Art. ELLIOT R. ROSEN 7914 Rodgers Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. 19117 B. S. Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, In- tramurals. RICHARD NEAL ROTHENBERG 2602 Avenue L, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 1210 B.S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. ELIZABETH MAY ROWELL 41 Winter St., Waterville, Maine 04901 A.B. History EDWARD W. RUISZ 1453 Cedarwood Rd., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. History Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: Vice- Presi- dent, Varsity Track, Phi AlphaTheta. ANTHONY R.SALANDRA 174 Elkwood Ave., New Providence, N.J. 07974 A.B. Psychology Joint Council, Benfer Hall: Vice- President. SUSAN JEAN SCHABACKER 6189 W. Mill Rd., Flourtown, Pa. 19031 A.B. Psychology Muhlenberg Christian Association, Education Society, Chapel Choir, College Band. MICHAEL DAVID SCHAFF 305 Waring Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. 19117 A.B. English Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta. ALAN SCHAFFER 55 Loumar Dr., Pittsfield, Mass. 01201 A.B. Psychology Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Festival of the Arts. CAROL A. SCHNECK 2030 S. Second St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. German Education Society. BONNIE L.SCHREIBER R.D. 3 7, Box 50, Kingston, N.Y. 12401 A.B. Business Administration Ac- counting intramurals. DEBRA ANN SCHUHALTER 15 Hawthorne Dr., Livingston, N.J. 07039 A.B. History Education Society, Phi AlphaTheta. MARY E. SCHWANGER 419 Valley St., Marysville, Pa. 17053 A. B. Political Science Alpha Phi Omega, Student Council: Elections Committee, Self- Evalua- tion Committee, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Transfer Orientation Committee, In- ternational Affairs Club: Treasurer, National Model United Nations. SCOTT ALLEN SCHWARTZ 22 Walnut St., Macungie, Pa. 18062 B. S. Natural Science JEFFREY L. SCOTT 83 Federal City Rd., Trenton, N.J. 08638 B.S. Biology. i 255 J. ARTHUR SEEDOR 104 Plush Mill Rd., Wallingford, Pa. 19086 B.S. Natural Science Hockey Club. KEVIN E. SHAFER 837 Lopatcong St., Belvidere, N.J. 07823 B.S. Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. KENNETH P. SHAPIRO 7958Theuren Ave., Phila., Pa. 19150 A.B. Psychology Zeta BetaTau Fraternity, Psi Chi. JANE L. SHOEMAKER Box 144, Dell Rd., Fairview Village, Pa. 19409 A.B. Psychology Intramurals, Campus Girl Scouts, Omicron Delta Kappa, Varsity Field Hockey, Muhlenberg Christian Association: Secretary, Christian Witness Committee, Retreat Com- mittee Chairperson, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. E. CAROLYN SHUBERT 1141 Victor Lane, Ft. Washington, Pa. 19034 A.B. Psychology CARLA J.SIEGELBAUM 221 Wilson Dr., Hazelton, Pa. 18201 A. B. Psychology Psi Chi, Alpha Phi Omega, Hillel, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, Ciarla, Business and Economics Club. JEANNE A. SIKORSKI 1 Lincoln Blvd., Jamesburg, N.J. 08831 B. S. Biology SCOTT D.SILVERSTEIN 2920 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 17601 B.S. Natural Science Psychology Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Cardinal Key Society, Pre-Medical Advisory Board. LISA J. SIMON 1216 Locust St., Williamsport, Pa. 17701 A. B. Economics Hillel Officer, Business and Economics Club: Secretary, Educa- tion Society. KATHRYN E. SLOAN 14 Freeman PI., Nutley, N.J. 07110 B. S. Biology Varsity Basketball, College Choir, Opera Workshop, Chapel Choir, Floor Representative. VALERIE JILL SLOTT 900 Valley Rd., D 303, Melrose Park, Pa. 19126 A.B. Spanish Elementary Education Education Society, Spanish Club, Phi Sigma lota, Cardinal Key Society. CATHERINE SMITH 315 N. Harrisburg Ave., Atlantic City, N.J. 08401 A. B. Spanish Phi Sigma lota, Spanish Club, Tutor, Ciarla, Intramurals. JOHN S. SMITH, JR. 130 Orchard Ave., Hightstown, N.J. 08520 B. S. Natural Science RICHARD SPAIDE 435 E. Lynnwood St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 B.S. Natural Science ANDREW D.SPATT 1049 Mayfair Rd., Baldwin, L.I., N.Y. 11510 A.B. Political Science Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Var- sity Lacrosse, Intramurals, Ice Hockey Club. MICHAEL E. STANTON 906 Lakeview Dr., New Port Richey, Fla. 33552 A. B. Art College Band, Varsity Track, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. RICHARD A. STAUFFER R.D. 1, Box 332, Macungie, Pa. 18062 B. S. Natural Science Varsity Soccer. HAROLDS. STOVALL II 26 Condit Rd., Mountain Lakes, N.J. 07046 A. B. History Varsity Football, Varsity Track: Co- Captain, Tau Kappa Epsilon Frater- nity: Secretary, Pledge Trainer, Radio Station. KATHLEEN M. SULLIVAN 316 Britt Rd., North Wales, Pa. 19454 B. S. Biology Natural Science Ciarla, Intramurals: Soccer, Basket- ball, Volleyball, Alpha Phi Omega. JEFFREY W. SWANSON 89 Possum Way, Murray Hill, N.J. 07974 A.B. History Education Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: Social Chairman. DARRYL R.SYCHER 230 S. Fulton St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A. B. History Commuters Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Alpha Theta, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association. RICHARD E.TEPPER 512 Sabine Circle, Wynnewood, Pa. 19096 B. S. Chemistry Natural Science. BARBARA THOMPSON 524 N. Dauphin St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Spanish Phi Sigma lota: Secretary, Com- muters Club. MARY A. THOMPSON 116 Hendricks St., Ambler, Pa. 19002 A.B. English Modern Dance Club: Program Chairperson, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, College Choir. NANCY THOMPSON 3012 Glenview St., Phila., Pa. 19149 A.B. English Eschaton: Editor, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association, Muhlenberg Weekly: Reporter, Cardina; Key Society, Chapel Choir. AUDREY C.TIERNAN 166 Sackville Rd., Garden City, N.Y. 11530 A.B. Art English Muhlenberg Weekly: Photography Editor, Ciarla: Photography Staff, Ar- cade, Festival of the Arts. LARRY TODD 416 North Law St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 B.S. Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Varsity Basketball. MARIBETH TODISCO 126 Ochsner Place, Bridgeport, Conn. 06606 A. B. East Asian Studies Humanities Muhlenberg Theatre Association: President, Dining Committee Chairperson, Women’s Awareness Group, Muhlenberg Experimental Theatre, Mask and Dagger, In- tramurals: Volleyball. RON NY C. TORN BERG 6 Roanoke Ave., Rockaway, N.J. 07866 B. S. Mathematics Ski Club, Mathematics Club, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: Rush Chair- man, Public Relations Officer. KATHY ANN TREWEEKS Box 200, R.D. 3 3, Bangor, Pa. 18013 B.S. Mathematics Education Muhlenberg Christian Association, Mathematics Club, Chapel Choir. BRAD D. TRUMP 162 Elm St., Emmaus, Pa. 18049 A.B. Economics Accounting Varsity Baseball. JENNIFER L.UECKER 708 North Hills Ave., North Hills, Pa. 19038 B.S. Mathematics Mathematics Club, Mathematics Honor Society: T reasurer. PATRICIA L. VAN ETTEN 8 Colonial Rd., Dallas, Pa. 18612 A.B. Accounting Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Program Committee: Poster Commit- tee, Economics and Business Club, Ski Club, Intramurals. JOHN LUPTON VAN KIRK 492 Hance Rd., Little Silver, NJ. 07737 A. B. Economics Varsity Basketball, Business and Economics Club, Bonanza. RUTH ANN VAN LEER 622 Dutton Circle, Springfield, Pa. 19064 B. S. Chemistry Ciarla: Business Editor, Mathematics Honor Society. WARREN J.VETRIGLIA 705 Evans Rd., Springfield, Pa. 19064 B.S. Natural Science Student Court, College Committee on Student Affairs, Resident Advisor, Omicron Delta Kappa: Secretary. SALLY WAGNER Grasshopper Lane, Gwynedd Valley, Pa. 19437 A.B. History Varsity Hockey, Phi Alpha Theta. NANCY T. WALSH 79 Glenmere Terrace, Mahwah, N.J. 07430 A.B. Accounting Junior Prom Decorating Committee: Co-Chairperson, Program Board: 256 Poster Committee, Economics and Business Club, Freshman Orienta- tion Committee, Intramurals. JEFFREY ROBERT WATERHOUSE 642 Beech Ave., Glenolden, Pa. 19036 A.B. Accounting Economics and Business Club, Presi- dent, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Col- lege Committee on Student Affairs. LYNN SUSAN WECKWORTH 185 Swain Ave., Meriden, Ct. 06450 A.B. English Sociology College Band: Secretary, Sigma Tau Delta, Sociology Club: Program Chairperson, Lieberwomen Program- ming. STEPHEN C.WEIDA 2893 Weida Lane, Allentown, Pa. 18103 A. B. Accounting Business Ad- ministration Economics and Business Club, Tutor, Varsity Track. P. KENNETH WEIDLER 1338 Mansel Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 17701 B. S. Natural Science AlphaTau Omega Fraternity. SCOTT WIEDEMAN 16 Old Towne Rd., Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 B.S. Physics Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Ex- ecutive Board, Student Advising, Runathon. CHRISTINE WILL 206 Gravel Bend, Cherry Hill, N.J 08034 A.B. Business Administration Muhlenberg Musical Association, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Business and Economics Club, Chapel Choir, Ciarla. ELIZABETH ANNE WILLIAMS 76 Browning Ave., Nashua, N H 03060 A. B. Psychology Sociology Psi Chi, Sociology Club: Publicity Chairperson, Chapel Choir, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Pledge Drive. SUSAN R. WINSHIP 251 Division Ave., Belleville, N.J 07109 B. S. Chemistry Women’s Varsity Basketball, Chapel Choir. RALPH WILLIAM WIRE, JR. 2417 Harvard Ave., Camp Hill, Pa., 17011 B.S. Business Administration Ac- counting ALFRED FRANCIS WOLKOMIR 222 Main St., New Milford, N.J. 07646 B.S. Natural Science KENNETH B. WONDERLAND 46 Harding Ave., Hatboro, Pa. 19040 B.A. History Education Junior Senior Class Pres., Track: Captain, Teacher Education Commit- tee, Student-Faculty Representative, Muhlenberg Theatre Board, Muh lenberg Musical Association, Muhlenberg Christian Association. W. STEVEN WOODWARD 285 S. 17th Ave., Coatesville, Pa. 19320 A. B. History Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Alpha Theta, College Republicans: President, Muhlenberg Christian Association. JAMES ALAN YERGEY 2700 Carrell Lane, Willow Grove, Pa. 19090 B. S. Chemistry Sigma Phi Epsilon: Social Chairman. ALAN J.YUND 1624 Cleveland Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. 19610 B.S. Natural Science KAREN A.ZABOY 170 Tilghman St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 B.S. Biology Cardinal Key Society, Intramural Volleyball. JOLEEN L. ZACKOWSKI 1153 Perry St., Reading, Pa. 19604 B.S. Biology Spokesmen NINAZANETTI 77 Ridge PI., Wayne, N.J. 07470 B.S. Biology Chapel Choir, Valley Camerata Or- chestra, Phi Beta Kappa. PAUL C. ZIEGLER 634 Highland Ave., Glenside, Pa. 19038 B.A. English Chemistry WMUH: Station Manager, Chapel Choir. 257 Patrons And Ads Mr. and Mrs. John L.C. Bachofer, Jr. Mr. And Mrs. Thomas F. Biddle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Bottlick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Bretz Dr. and Mrs. P. William Coppola Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeLisi Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Dixon, Sr. Randolph and Cyrise Lanelle Dixon Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Hacker Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hazel, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Henning Mrs. Robert E. Hollis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hood Mr. and Mrs. David F. Humbert, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Johnstone Mr. and Mrs. Cyril F. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. S. Chuck Kline and Family Steve M. Marchak Mr. and Mrs. Paul Menell Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Stacey J. Mobley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Peters Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rauner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schabacker Inger B. and Robert H. Stovall Mr. and Mrs. T. Lewis Thomas Raymond Todisco Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Treweeks Mr. and Mrs. Elwood VanLeer Vincent and Irene Ventriglia Mr. and Mrs. Claude Weida, Jr. Ray Whispell Mr. and Mrs. W. Will Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Winship Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wm. Wire, Sr. Ann Elizabeth Wonsiewics Mr. and Mrs. Boleslaw Zaboy Bob and Sue Ciarla Staff 258 FREEMAN S DAIRY 7416 SEVENTH STREET NORTH ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Congratulations to the Class of 1977 Davor Photo Inc. 621 Bristol Pike Andalusia, Pa. (215) 638-2490 259 WELCOME CLASS OF 1977 to the MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Walter Zieger ’50 President Theodore C. Argeson ’51 First Vice President Bruce R. Romig ’46 Second Vice President John R. Lawrie ’51 Secretary Geoffrey A. Legg ’65 Treasurer BOARD OF TRUSTEES REPRESENTATIVES Frank H. Reisner ’40 Dr. George M. Sieger ’41 Walter Zieger ’50 GENERAL ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES: Kerrin (Desmond) Wertz ’69 Dr. Marvyn D. Jaffe ’50 Roy H. Kehm ’50 Bruce J. Epstein ’63 The Rev. William Laird ’50 Nancy (Hummel) Johns ’61 Ralph J. Ardolino ’63 Dr. Norton L. Behney ’36 Charles L. Garrettson, Jr. ’37 Allan G. Stead ’44 Philip B. Wavrek ’70 Michael G. Fidorack ’49 Richard J. Jacobs ’63 Verna (Wolf) MacGeorge ’62 Charles O. Miers ’30 Karl A. Peckmann ’54 Dr. William L. Quay ’56 Jean (Reid) Dacy ’74 Edward C. Meyer, Jr. ’59 Doris (Sjostrom) Gilfillan ’62 LeRoy G. Ziegenfuss ’44 Ralph W. Kieffer ’29 William T. Hughes ’34 Ronnie (Siegel) Serafas ’71 BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS . livid. featuring . . QUALITY PACKAGING BOX 189, SOUTHAMPTON, PA. 18966 215-322-1010 -CLYDE E. MEDLEYCOTT, PRESIDENT " IT (MGmiulatlm s Classr of VKZ Graduation signifies the beginning of many things, including money management and financial responsibility. First National Bank offers over fifty services including: Free Checking, One Statement Banking with consecutive order check listing, and four convenient 24-hour Golden Tellers. 4 st 4 st 4 ' x 4 st 4 s[ — 4 st — 4 | MA ffl M L r A Il°Jl AL l NA Il°u N L I NATIONAL I NATIONAL I BAHK BANK -j BANK BANK -J BANK -J Allentown . Bethlehem . Catasauqua . Coopersburg . Emmaus • Hellertown . Kutztown . Macungie . Quakertown . Trexlertown . Whitehall fvf — N NATIONAL BANK 261 Windsor Card Shops Congratulations Inc. Ron Tornberg Berkshire Mall S H Fastener Co., Inc. Shore Mall 152 West 25th Street New York, N.Y. 10001 Rio Mall Madeira Plaza Glen Oaks Mall Congratulations to the Class of 1977 Wm. T. Cooke Publishing Co., Inc. P.O. Box 96 Devon, Pa. 19333 (215) 687-4771 First Row: K. Sullivan, M. Wilson (co-ediior), A. Franzoso (co-editor), C. Robertson, R. Wong. Second Row: R. VanLeer (business editor), M. Berson (photography editor), J. Riester, R. Tepper. CIAIRLA )TAFF This yearbook is not a one-man job. We, the co-editors of the 1977 Ciarla, wish to thank all those people who helped to engineer this project. Janet Riester and Cathy Robertson, members of the layout staff, deserve recognition for their fine work. We also want to acknowledge Ciarla ’s contributors; their efforts were essential in the completion of this an- nual. They are: Kathy Sullivan Chuck Genna Tim Romig Jim Stanfield The Weekly Ron Wong Kevin Graudin Wendy Schwab llene Pekter John Riek Mrs. Frankenfield Mike Schaff College Computer Office Muhlenberg Post Office The business end of the Ciarla was handled by: Ruth Van Leer (editor) Steen Woodland Richard Tepper Liz Nangle Paul Doghramji Our crack corps of photographers proved that a picture is worth a thou- sand words. Our photographers are: Marc Berson (editor) Aietia Morgan Audrey Tiernan Ann Gardner Larry Kraus Rich Kloss Jeff Chambers Special thanks must be extended to Lou Guarrieri, representative of Cooke Publishing Co., and Davor Photo Studio (especially Abe Orlick— a very patient man). Anne Franzoso Melissa Wilson 263 264 PUBLISHED BY COOKE PUBLISHING. INC DEVON, PENNA. ALUMNI OFFICE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA

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