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CIARLA 1976 MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN, PA. 3 Henry Melchior Muhlenberg LJHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENI Early in his ministry, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg was offered “a call to the dispersed Lutherans in Pennsylvania.” Muhlenberg’s parish tried to persuade him to stay, but he left Germany because he saw it as the will of God. When he arrived in Philadelphia on November 25, 1742, he was shaken physically from the rough and hazardous journey, but still undaunted spiritually. He set out for Trappe on the day of his arrival and had his first experiences with the untamed American wilderness. When he arrived in Trappe, he found that the congregation had contracted with a quack doctor to serve as a preacher. Furthermore, they doubted Muhlenberg’s credentials. His accomplishments were numerous despite this. He saw to the erection of church buildings, such as St. Michael’s Church in Philadelphia and the Augustus Church in Trappe. He was also involved in 2 Pastor Henry Muhlenberg holding a service in a local barn :rgmuhlenbergmuhlenbergmuhlenbergmuhlenbergmuhlenbergmuhlenbergmu the establishment and running of schools. Muhlenberg was instrumental in organizing the Lutheran Church in America through the establishment of the Synod of Pennsylvania. At that time, a governing body of six clergymen and many lay people decided that it was time to establish themselves as a free church in a free state, thus breaking away from their European antecendents. As the Revolution broke out in 1776, the elderly Henry Melchior was preparing for retirement. As a minister, he had remained aloof from politics throughout his career, and remained officially neutral towards the war. He respected the British for allowing him to carry out his ministry. As the war continued, Henry Melchior was plagued by divided loyalties. At first he saw the war as a punishment of the unfaithful people on both sides, but as time wore on, he sympathsized more and more with the 3 John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg as General -ILEN BERG MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERGMUHLEN cause of the patriots, although he still hoped that a resolution to the colonist’s greviences could be negotiated with England. So while he continued to dislike the “unnatural and inhuman war,” he also noted that the young people of the time were right in their fight for their “God-given native liberty.” There is little known of the four daughters of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg and Anna Maria Weiser, but the three sons were men who each achieved fame in their own right. All three: John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg, and Gotthilf Henry Ernest Muhlen- berg, were trained as Lutheran clergymen and served for a time. One remained a clergyman, but all three won their chief distinction in another sphere. The other two abandoned the ministry for a secular career. Their leaving the clergy was due to a call by their fellow countrymen for their services. 4 General Muhlenberg throwing off ministerial robes after final sermon IGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERG MUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMU The three sons of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg were important leaders in the age of the American Revolution and in the establishment of American Republic. One provided military leadership, another political leadership, and the third provided intellectual leadership. In the times immediately prior to the Revolution, tensions mounted with regard to British authority. These tensions inevitably affected Peter’s congregation — and therefore Peter also. The congregation found a leader for the times in Peter Muhlenberg. After the Virginia legislature was dismissed by the governor for resisting Imperial authority, there was a move to establish a legislature independent of the crown which would derive its power from the people. Muhlenberg was chosen to lead the delegate selection convention in his county. In the end, he was chosen to be one of the 5 Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg IHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERG MUHLENBERGMUHLET delegates to the Virginia Convention which was held in the summer of 1774. After the convention, he returned to Woodstock troubled over the inconsistency between the clergy and politics. He attempt- ed to resign his political positions, but his neighbors would not allow him. He attended the second meeting of the Virginia Convention, and as a result, was called upon to be the leader of the German regiment of the Virginia militia. Frederick Augustus Conrad Mulhenberg saw his brother’s drawing away from the clergy and tried in vain to dissuade him. Ironically, he found himself having to make the same choice four years later, when in March of 1779, he was called upon by the Pennsylvania Assembly to complete an unexpired term of a delegate to the Continental Congress. He accepted and did such a magnificent job that he 6 Gotthilf Henry Ernest Muhlenberg GMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUI was elected to a full term of his own the followin g November. After that, his neighbors drafted him to the General Assembly where he was so well regarded that he was chosen to be that body’s speaker. His next position was chairman of the Pennsylvania Convention for the ratification of the Constitu- tion in 1787. Shortly, he was joined in politics by Peter, who was elected to the Supreme Executive Council of the State in 1784, and then to its vice-presidential post. Peter had to assume many of the responsibilities of the President, Ben Franklin, who was in failing health. Both Peter and Frederick were elected shortly to the House of Representatives and so were part of the First Congress of the United States. On April 1, 1789, Congress, on its initial organizing act, elected Frederick Muhlenberg as its first Speaker. He served continuously from 1789 to 1797, declining to run for re-election in 1796. 7 MARKED THE FIRST OF 200 YEARS IN THE EXISTENCE OF AN AMERICAN NATION CALLED IN- TO BEING BY A REVOLUTION WHICH EXCITED THE IMAGINATION OF THE WORLD. AND WHICH CONTINUES TO FASCINATE THOSE IN THIS COUN- TRY AND ABROAD WHO SEE THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION AS ONE WHICH SET IN MOTION PROCESSES WHICH HAVE NOT YET COMPLET- ED THEMSELVES. THE QUESTION OF WHAT THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION MEANS IS A QUESTION THAT EACH AMERICAN GENERATION RAISES ANEW AS IT CONFRONTS THE FACT OF THE REVOLUTION WITH ITS OWN COMPLEX OF VALUES, ASPIRATIONS. ANXIETIES. ★ For Thomas Jefferson as he faced the question of American independence the meaning of the revolution was some- thing other than what the revolution may mean when seen from the specific perspective of a corporate America, an America which is an international nu- clear power, an America that has just recently experienced severe urban dis- orde rs. student dissent, the Watergate crisis, and the appearance of environ- mental and even spiritual limits to incessant industrial and technological growth. What, as we now see it, was the overall social impact of the revolution; how does the city comport with the revolu- tionary ideal; how does the revolutionary heritage relate to our changing perspec- tive on the world; how did religion deal with the revolution and the revolution with religion; what unique themes enter American literature reflecting the ex- perience of the revolution and its his- torical background; what impact in ed- ucation, especially higher education, did the revolution have? ★ As a principal segment of its year-long program of special events commemorat- ing the 200th anniversary of the birth of the United States of America, Muhlen- berg College presents a public Bicen- tennial Lecture Series by six distin- guished American scholars, each ex- aminin g different aspects of these themes. WE CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO JOIN THE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE COM- MUNITY, AS CONTEMPORARY AMER- ICANS EXPLORE THE PERENNIAL QUESTION — WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION — FROM THE VANTAGE POINT OF OUR Thursday, February 19, 1976 Edward C. Banfield Professor of Public Policy Analysis and Political Science University of Pennsylvania “The City and the Revolutionary Tradition " Science Lecture Hall 8:00 p.m. Monday, February 23, 1976 Gordon S. Wood Professor of History Brown University “The Revolutionary Heritage and Changing Perspectives on the World " Science Lecture Hall 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 2, 1976 Robert A. Nisbet Albert Schweitzer Professor-Elect of the Hu- manities Columbia University “The Social Impact of the Revolution " Science Lecture Hall 8:00 p.m. Thursday, March 25, 1976 Leo Marx Professor of English and American Studies Amherst College “The Uniqueness of American Literature " Science Lecture Hall 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 21, 1976 Marvin Wachman President. Temple University “The Impact of The Revolution on American Education " Science Lecture Hall 8:00 p.m. Monday, April 26, 1976 Peter L. Berger Professor of Sociology Rutgers University " The Churches and the Crisis of the American Creed " Science Lecture Hall 8:00 p.m. HLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLEN Thus, both brothers were involved in the politics of Pennsylvania and the United States at a crucial time. Gotthilf was the youngest son of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, and usually signed himself Henry. Of the three brothers, he was the one that followed in his father’s footsteps most closely. He served for a time as president of the Ministerium of Pennsylvania and spent the last 25 years of his life at an influential church in Lancaster. He was named the first principal of Franklin College (which later evolved into Franklin and Marshall). His preaching career was interrupted in 1778 when he had to flee Trappe, where he became quite involved in botany. He educated himself in the field to the point where he could converse as an equal with the world’s leading authorities. Later, at Lancaster, he G MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUI made an exhaustive collection of the varieties of plants in the area, and in 1791, he contributed his cataloging of the nearly 1100 species from the area to botanical science. It is perhaps interesting to note that while his brothers became highly involved in politics, Henry Ernest was a political quietist who devoted his attention to God’s presence in nature, not history. So, although the Muhlenbergs grew up in the same house and the same church, their opinions on the American Revolution differed in range from neutrality to militant support. Regardless of position, the Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvania were truly leaders in their time — a time critical to the birth of this nation. The Bicentennial Celebration at Muhlenberg College was highlighted by a full week of special 9 Flag raising ceremonies . . . and musket firing at Muhlenberg HLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERG MUHLENBERGMUHLEI public events including lectures, historic tours, music, film, colonial liturgy, and re-enactments. It was inaugurated with a keynote address by Dr. Arthur P. Dudden, professor of history at Bryn Mawr College, Monday evening, February 9. Tuesday’s activities included a tour of Trout Hall on S. 4th Street in Allentown. Trout Hall, was the Revolutionary War home of James Allen, who was the son of Judge William Allen, founder of the city of Allentown. This served as the first home of Muhlenberg College. A special chapel service featuring the first English Language Lutheran Liturgy used in Colonial American churches, as developed by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America, was offered Wednesday morning in Egner Memorial Chapel. The Rev. Dr. Edward T. Horn III, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church,. Germantown, was guest preacher. The GMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERGMUHLENBERG MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERG MUHLENBERG MU feature film adaptation of the Broadway musical “1776” was shown Friday, February 13. Bicenten nial Celebration festivities culminated on Saturday, February 14, with a flag raising ceremony, ? demonstration of musket firing and drill, a re-enactment of a colonial battle, and inspection of th( troops by the audience. The ceremonies were performed in full costume and full regimental uniforn by men and campfollower women of the Allentown Company of the Second Pennsylvania Regimen of the Continental Line under the command of David Nicoll, non-commissioned officer in charge o the company. 1 npci- BI CAfij Seventy-two years passed between the time of the signing of the Declaration of Indepen- dence in 1776 and the founding of Muhlenberg College in 1848. Yet the College retains strong personal and material ties to Colonial America and the birth of the nation. Most significant O T ' O v among these is the name Muhlenberg. Muhlenberg is an official National Bicentennial College, as designated by the Congression- ally-established American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (ARBA), Washington, D.C. The citation re cognizes Muhlenberg for programs and activities planned for the Bicen- tennial Year — programs judged to have met all of the themes established as criteria by ARBA. 7 6 -l9 “THERE IS A TIME FOR ALL THINGS, — A TIME TO PREACH AND A TIME TO PRAY, BUT THERE IS ALSO A TIME TO FIGHT AND THAT TIME HAS COME.” — John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg January 1775 FACULTY ■HP ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION Henry Acres, Chancellor Dr. Charles S. Bednar, Associate Dean of the College Dr. Frank Yourga, Chief Development Officer and Asst, to the President Dr. John H. Morey, President of the College Dr. Harold L. Stenger, Dean of the College Dr. R. Dale LeCount, Dean of Students 20 Charles R. Stecker, Jr., Controller Harold J. Forner, Business Manager Thomas E. Dixon, Associate Treasurer Timothy A. Romig and Lona Gross, Director and Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs Roland W. Dedekind, Registrar Clair F. Fetterhoff, Treasurer 21 Francine Zoll, Assistant Dean of Students Dr. Thomas H. Weaber, Jr., Student Health Director Kathryn E. Glover, Financial Aid Director Patricia H. Urken, Associate Dean of Students Seth Mellman, Dean of Students Intern Dr. Thomas H. Chapman, Career Services and Counseling Pamela A. McAbee, Clinical Psychologist 22 Rev. George F. Eichorn, Director of Church Relations William Armold, Director of College Relations Alma Deutsch, Director of Personnel Loretta Mitchell, Director of Purchases and General Services 23 ADMISSIONS w ill William E. Thygeson Denise L. Scott Richard F. Bennett, Jr. George W. Gibbs Josephine Gibson 24 Alfred J. Colarusso 25 BIOLOGY Dr. James R. Vaughan, Department Head Paul W. H. Weaver Dr. R. L. Schaeffer, Jr. 26 Dr. John E. Trainer Patricia Ann Seyer 27 CHEMISTRY Dr. G. N. Russell Smart, Department Head Dr. Charles E. Mortimer Louise Shive { ,L J Dr. Donald W. Shive 28 Dr. Katherine L. Chen Dr. David N. Stehlv Dr. Richard C. Hatch Mary Jo Gilbert Dr. Richard A. Rauner 29 ECONOMICS Dr. Henry M. M. Richards U S. GOVERNMENT • FY 1976 BUDGET OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT • 1973 1 s o HE BUDGET OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT • 1 972 f THE BUDGET OF THE UNITED STATES G0VERNMENLl197V THE BUDGET OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT 1970 Dr. John G. Voyatzis James Marshall Wilson N. Serfass, Jr. Dr. Ann E. Wonsiewicz Dr. M. Scott Phenix Gail F. Farnham Edward F. Anhalt EDUCATION Dr. John C. MacConnell, Department Head 31 ENGLISH Donald L. Moore Dr. Claude E. Dierolt Dr. Minotte M. Chatfield Dr. Nelvin L. Vos. Acting Department Head Dr. Joel R. Kehler 32 Dr. Ralph S. Graber 33 ENGLISH Dr. Andrew H. Erskine Dr. Robert B. Thornburg CLASSICS Reba F. Marblestone Robert Wind 35 Dr. Arvids Ziedonis, Jr. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Dr. Carol V. Richards Dr. John W. Brunner, Department Head Dr. Albert A. Kipa Dr. Kenneth W. Webb Dr. Raymond A. Phillips HISTORY Dr. John J. Reed, Department Head Dr. Edwin R. Baldrige Dr. Katherine S. Van Eerde Dr. Victor L. Johnson 38 Dr. Renville Lund Dr. Joanne S. Mortimer l f Dr. Indrikis Sterns Dr. Joel D. Seigle Peter T. Sardo 39 MATHEMATICS Dr. John I. Nassar, Acting Department Head Roland W. Dedekind ■mm. 40 Robert J. Wagner 41 (I) MUSIC Jeremy Slavin Dr. Charles S. McClain, Department Head Dr. Henry L. Schmidt III 42 Ludwig Lend 43 PHILOSOPHY Dr. Dan D. Crawford Dr. David A. Reed, Department Head Dr. Ludwig F. Schlecht, Jr. PHYSICAL EDUCATION William A. Flamish Raymond J. Whispell, Department Head Frank P. Marino Helene H. Hospodar William T. Farrell 46 Kenneth T. Moyer Jean A. Hecht Ronald J. Lauchnor Samuel T. Beidleman 47 Dr. Robert A. Boyer, Department Head Dr. Robert F. Milligan PHYSICS Dr. Walter E. Loy, Jr. Dr. Harry L. Raub, III 48 POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. A lton J. Slane Dr. Lawrence Juda Dr. Stewart S. Lee Dr. Charles S. Bednar, Department Head 49 PSYCHOLOGY 50 Dr. Theodore Maiser Dr. Kenneth R. Graham 51 RELIGION Dr. David H. Bremer Dr. Rodney E. Ring ■Mil ' Dr. William H. Jennings Dr. Hagen Staack, Department Head Rabbi Dr. William Greenburg 52 Dr. Roger Baldwin Dr. Joseph A. Francello, Department Head SOCIOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY Glenn M. Taggart Charles W. Tremer Dr. Frank J. McVeigh 53 FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Tom Smyers, Eric Butler, Mike Reid, Bob Shirvanian, Walt Staehle, John Dunne, Bill Ray, Ben Martinez, Jim Stampfle, Jim Oliphant, Steve Wolfe, Keith Ordemann. SECOND ROW: John Holland, Lee Lott, Steve Folger, Sam Stovall, Jeff Swanson, Don Clemons, Gary Brandt, Mike Kelly, John Dean, Glenn Hart. THIRD ROW: Mike Lonetto, John Mill, Gene Christian, Mike Wesnofske, John Minerowicz, Natt Shephard, Russ Nichol, Phillip Federico, Bill Dumchus, Kevin Lokay, Brian DeBiasse, Bruce Menzer. FOURTH ROW: Charles Brown, Ken Tacchino, Dave Nark, Joe Kelleher, Corev Faul Chuck Smith, Gerry Schultz, Mark Stull, Ed Andrews, Gene Amman. FIFTH ROW: Dave Middlemas, Dom Pasquelone, John Schlechter, Steve Alspach, Gerry Fahy, Mickey Carey, John McCusker, Tom Benson, Rich Mitstifier, Charles Smith, Bruce Hilt, Jon Case. COACHES: Don Kichline(trainer), Bill DiGiacomo, Dick Butler, William Farrel, Jim Waite, Sam Beidleman, Frank Marino (head coach). The Muhlenberg Football Team returned this year with high hopes. There were 29 returning lettermen that provided a well-balanced and experienced club. Coach Marino’s team started out the season with solid proof of a potentially great season. The Mules romped over Western Maryland 41-0. However, from this point on, the season was disappointing. The Mules only won one of their remaining nine games. The best efforts were shown against Johns Hopkins, Ursinus, and powerful Widener. Injuries plagued the Mules throughout the season. The most serious of these occurred at Swarthmore when star running back John Mill tore up his knee badly. His chances of playing again remain doubtful. Mill had started for two seasons and was named the Sidney Weikert Sophomore Athlete of the Year. Although the team’s record was discouraging, many individual honors were awarded to the Mules. Three players were recognized to the All-MAC squad. They were co-captains John Dunne and Billy Ray, and Sophomore John Dean. Four Mule seniors were selected to the All-Lutheran College Football team as well. First team defensive back selection was Billy Ray. Honorable mention went to quarterback Mike Reid, linebacker Tom Smyers, and tight end Eric Butler. The greatest personal recognition however, went to Butler. He was selected to the Academic All-American Team. This represents only the second time in school history that a Mule player has been selected for this honor. Accompanying this honor was a post-graduate scholarship. Inexperience will plague next year’s squad as Coach Marino loses 13 seniors. Many of these have played four seasons. They are co-captains John Dunne and Billy Ray, Mike Reid, Tom Smyers, Eric Butler, John Holland, Jim Stampfle, Keith Ordemann, Steve Wolfe, Ben Martinez, Bob Shirvanian, Walt Staehle, and J. Nelson Oliphant. Next year’s team will need to fill up many holes. Players expected to pick up the load include Bill Dumchus, John Dean, Gerry Fahy, Gene Christian, and Chuck Smith. Combining the freshmen with the returning players, the Mules hope to be back on the winning trail. i J IMmWm %m. s Muhlenberg Opponent 41 Western Maryland Johns Hopkins Rensselaer Poly. Inst. Lebanon Valley Ursinus Dickinson Swarthmore Widener Franklin Marshal Moravian if 28 7 7 14 21 12 0 14 0 fifl 57 58 59 HOMECOMING Homecoming 1975 was officially begun with the reintroduction of an old tradition at Muhlenberg — the Homecoming Parade. Organized by Holly Eddinger and the assistant director of athletics, the parade featured an escort from the Allentown Police Department, a fire truck that carried musicians and cheerleaders, and a convoy of decorated auto- mobiles. The remainder of Friday evening was highlighted by the Silver Anniversary Sports Dinner which honored athletes from the teams of 1951. Saturday, October 25th, was the date of the soccer and football games. Just as the Mules’ soccer team rallied to beat Kutztown, the football team also secured a victory over Dickinson. The rivalry between the Mules and the Red Devils began in 1923. Muhlenberg added to their lead of wins by a 21-20 victory over Dickinson. Half-time ceremonies at the football game featured the recognition of the Silver Anniversary Teams, the viewing of floats, and the procession and crowning of the Homecoming Queen. The honor of being crowned the 1975 Homecoming Queen went to Karen Greber. A special event, the third annual Sidney G. Weikert Memorial Sophomore of the Year Award, was included in the half-time activities. This coveted athletic award was given to John Mill, a running back on the football team. The alumni of Muhlenberg were entertained by picnics, parties and receptions for the rest of the weekend, which ended Sunday with a service conducted by Chaplain Bremer in the chapel. 60 61 SOCCER When the soccer season opened this year, Coach Ron Lauchnor was unsure of his young team. Graduation had left the Mules with many holes. Fifteen games later, no one co uld question this team’s season. A 12-2-1 record proved to be one of the best and most successful in school history. The turning point of the year was probably the second game against the University of Pennsylvania. The Mules lost a tough 1-0 decision to this nationally ranked power. From this point on, the Mules played with confidence and desire. The season was highlighted by a combination of great teamwork, leadership, and individual efforts. Injuries at key positions called for the use of the reserves and the response was excellent. The leadership was provided by the tri-captains Greg Muntz, Dave Lightkep, and Lou Huettel, as well as Coaches Lauchnor and Miller. Individually, many people should be recognized. Randy Kutz shattered the single season school record with 21 goals. After two seasons, he has tallied 30 — also a school record. Kutz was selected to the All-MAC team. Senior Dave Lightkep capped off his career with a strong season. His four year total is 24 goals and 18 assists. For the fourth season in a row, Greg Muntz amazed the audience and confused the opposition with his spectacular play. He was named the leaue MVP for the second time in his career. He leaves after scoring 22 goals and 33 assists — the latter being a school record. The defense also contributed a strong season. Goalies Jon Henning and Jay Zagoren combined with fullbacks Lou Huettel, Ken Boyle, and Brad Leathers to allow the opposition only 19 goals. Next year’s captains are Kutz, Huettel, and Leathers. Three seniors will be lost at graduation. However, the greatest loss could be the absence of Coach Ron Lauchnor. In 8 seasons, he has amassed an outstanding record of 75-27-10. The past 4 seasons his club has received post-season tournament bids — two resulting in ECAC Regional Championships, which includes this past year. The Muhlenberg soccer program will miss Coach Lauchnor. FIRST ROW: Randy Light, Joseph Mangone, John Pinsky, Gregory Muntz (tri-captain), Randy Kutz, Kenneth Walsh, Brian Rasco. SECOND ROW: John Hazel (trainer), Scott Rathjen (manager), Jay Zagoren, Jon Henning, Kenneth Boyle, David Miller, Bruce Heitman. THIRD ROW: Robert Gurdak (manager), Michael Boyer, Fred Rittinger, Kevin McClain, Gregory Wible, Todd Cassel. FOURTH ROW: Ron Lauchnor (coach), Ron Michaelis, Jeff Donald; Brad Leathers, Vincent Galgano, Ron Rose, David Lightkep (tri-captain), Mike Miller (assistant coach). Missing Lewis Huettel (tri-captain). Opponent m V v Va- JL i ( jTCSn Muhlenberg 4 Gettysburg 4 1 Lehigh 0 0 Univ. of Penna. 1 10 Widener 0 7 Wilkes 0 0 Franklin Marshall 1 2 Moravian 1 3 Swarthmore 0 3 Dickinson 2 3 Western Maryland 2 1 Lafayette 0 10 Lebanon Valley 0 4 Ursinus 1 4 Kutztown 1 ECAC Championships 4 East Stroudsburg 2 3 Kutztown 2 64 65 CROSS COUNTRY 1 ; vj §f 1 | BACK ROW: William Flamish (Coach), Art Douglass, Jim Wilson, Alan Williams, Mark Rogoff, Dave Miller, Craig Feyk, Fred Fetzer (Manager). FRONT ROW: Don Bobbitt, Mark Dewalt (Co-captain), Steve Nix (Co-captain), Howard Gerstein, Tom Mainzer. The 1975 Cross Country team showed a lot of improvement from the previous year. The squad was composed of two seniors, two juniors, four sophomores, and three freshmen, and finished the season with a 7-8 record. Five of the seven victories were recorded at home. The team was captained by Steve Nix and Mark Dewalt. Both seniors had been the top runners for the Mules in their previous years. However, Coach Flamish’s squad suffered a setback when Nix was only able to compete in one race this season. His junior year had produced 10 individual records and a school course record. He had been counted on for a lot of strong races this year. The bulk of the scoring was left to Dewalt and the underclassmen. The lack of many seasoned runners hurt the squad. However, the future will be brighter when the squad gains experience. Those returning for next year include Art Douglass, Dave Miller, A1 Williams, Jim Wilson, Mark Rogoff, Don Bobbitt, and Howie Gerstein. The season was marked by the te am’s constant attempt to get over the .500 mark in the standings. From beginning to end, the team recorded a victory for every loss. The last race against Swarthmore kept the team from a winning record. The most impressive victories came against Elizabethtown, Drew, and Phila. Textile. The season was capped off by the MAC League meet at Gettysburg. The Mules finished 13th — one spot better than last year. Top finishers were Mark Dewalt (26th) and Howie Gerstein (31st). Next year’s squad should improve on this season’s record. Coach Flamish will have nine out of eleven runners returning. The team’s added experience should push them on to a winning season. 66 Muhlenberg Opponent 22 Dickinson 33 37 Delaware Valley 19 35 Scranton 21 26 Ursinus 29 42 Lebanon Valley 19 48 Widener 15 27 Albright 30 21 Drew 40 45 Kutztown 15 23 Phila. Textile 38 19 Elizabethtown 41 44 Franklin Marshall 19 45 Swarthmore 17 67 WOMEN’S FIELD HOCKEY retttq FIRST ROW: Dawn Eilenberger, Nancy Tupin, Terry Hurtt, Rebecca Riti, Cynthia Lodge, Laura Linley. SECOND ROW: Diane Verity, Sandra Griffing, Lauren Angstadt, Jane Shoemaker, Janice Williams and Rebecca White (acting co-captains), Karyn Helin, THIRD ROW: Martha Sajiun, Lisa Rosenberg, Susan Lennon, Denise Heier, Carla Lightkep, Janet Selle, Charlotte Baker, Arlene Darlington, Elaine Robson, Nancy Thornberry, Jean Hecht (coach). The women’s field hockey team played a successful sea- son this year, in spite of disrupted practices due to a rainy fall. They won four games and lost two, and undeniably their best game was against the team from Lafayette Col- lege. A great rivalry exists between our team and La- fayette’s team. The women from ’Berg were determined to win, and played skilled hockey to accomplish this aim. Their coach said they put forth tremendous effort. Accord- ing to spectators, it was a great game. The final score was 2- 1 in Muhlenberg’s favor. Sandy Griffing and Carla Light- kep scored the goals for the Mules. Both the coach and the team combined hard work and good times with every practice and game. The tournament at Moravian College was played in pouring rain. This did not deter the drive of the Muhlenberg team. Of eight play- ers, five won positions on the first or second teams of the Lehigh Valley All-Stars. The women named to the first team include Jan Williams, left fullback, Sandra Griffing, left inner, and Carla Lightkep, center forward. Those on the second team include Lauren Angstadt, left wing, and Rebecca White, right wing. Next year’s season looks optimistic, since there are only two senior starters graduating. 68 BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Robert Freed, James Hay, Glenn Salo (co-captain), Arch Knisely (co-captain), Raymond Schilling, Randall Kemmerer. SECOND ROW: Robert Altemose, Richard Shaffer, Gregory Campisi, John Reichl, Arthur Symonds. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Moyer (coach), Robert Beck (manager), Jay Haines (assistant coach), Ronald Lauchnor (assistant coach). The hoop season ended up with a 6-17 record. Itwas marked by inconsistent team play in which the Mules played both excellently and poorly in the same game. Every player seemed to have his individual outstanding games but the squad could not seem to put it all together for any long stretch. The highlight of the season came near the end. After being eliminated from playoff contention, the Mules played very well against the tournament-bound teams. Included in this stretch were upset victories against Gettysburg and Franklin Marshall, and a close loss to Moravian. The other victories came against Dickinson, Delaware Valley, Allentown College, and Lebanon Valley. Graduation will claim Glenn Salo — the Mule captain for the past three years. Against Franklin Marshall, he became only the seventeenth Mule player to surpass the 1000 career-point milestone. He was named to the first team of the All-Southern Conference in the Middle Atlantic Conference for the second time in his career. Howerver, he’ll probably be best remembered for the competitive spirit and hustle which he displayed at all times. Sophomore Jim Hay was the team’s leading scorer and rebounder. He aver- aged 16.3 points and over 8 rebounds a game. His outstanding games included 32 points against Delaware Valley, 27 points against Lebanon Valley, and 26 points against Kutztown. Two other seniors who played an important role were Ray Schilling and co-captain Arch Knisely. Knisely ended the season with consistent- ly good play. Schilling, after sitting out a year, surprised Coach Moyer with several outstanding games. Coach Moyer will have to rebuild next year. Return- ing next year, will be forwards Jim Hay and Randy Kemmerer, and guards Bob Freed and Greg Campisi. With a few fershmen and some hard work, Moyer hopes to return to a winning record next season. 72 Muhlenberg Opponent 66 Lafayette 112 61 Western Maryland 64 70 Dickinson 66 76 Delaware Valley 65 73 Lebanon Valley 84 62 Concordia 76 72 Wartburg 94 88 St. Olaf 91 66 Navy 90 61 Penn State 91 59 Franklin Marshall 65 62 Kutztown 80 56 Moravian 75 84 Western Maryland 89 77 Allentown College 76 77 Dickinson 84 58 Albright 77 61 Lehigh 97 71 Lebanon Valley 66 47 Gettysburg 81 65 Gettysburg 49 66 Franklin Marshall 60 56 Moravian 62 FIRST ROW: Kevin McCarthy, Jay Smith SECOND ROW: Scott Smith, Bill Clarkson (captain), David Steinberg, Steve Chamish, Daryll Bodner, John Douglas MISSING: Marc Vengrove, Larry Krevitz, Mark Maletsky, Andy Dewing FRONT: Hindell Strauss MIDDLE: Holly Eddinger, Leah Keefer BACK: Kim Masked 76 MEN’S TEAM Muhlenberg Opponent 12 Haverford 15 , 3 Paterson 24 12 Johns Hopkins 15 8 Stevens 19 9 Lehigh 18 14 Drew 13 17 14 Lafayette Temple 10 13 ■ : TSjjjfh " Muhlenberg WOMEN’S TEAM Opponent 4 Stevens 12 1 Univ. of Penna. 15 77 WRESTLING Mk. £ _i 2 I li 1 V Yr II til J LJ5 r ■EV] HP " j FRONT ROW: Jeff Weiss, Geoff Brown, Dave Berry, Herb Ridyard, Paul Anodide, Jim Hewitt. BACK ROW: Bill Farrell, Dave Brooks, Bob Goodman, Steve Burak, Steve Eisenhauer, Rick Weida, Wayne Roeder (manager). The season on the mats resulted in a 4-6 record. The victories were tallied against Haverford, Ursinus, Kings College, and C. W. Post. Coach Farrell’s Mules had the disadvantage of only one home match. How- ever, it turned out to be the most exciting contest of the year. Pins by senior co-captain Herb Ridyard, sophomore Corey Faul, and senior Dave Berry, com- bined with a superior decision from senior co-captain Steve Burak to give the Mules the close win. At Hav- erford, the Mules got a decision and three consecutive falls from Jim Hewitt, Rich Weida, Steve Burak, and Dave Brooks respectively, to rally for the 28-18 victo- ry- Burak was the leading scorer (34 team points) as he referee’s decision in the MAC league match. However, his efforts did earn him a shot in the Nationals held in Iowa. Ridyard, at 7-2, was the second leading scorer with 27 points. Faul (5-3) and Weida (5-5) tied for third at 24 points. Next year’s squad should have depth and exper- ience — something the Mules mat men haven’t been able to obtain in a while. People to look for include Faul, Weida, Steve Eisenhauer (2-0), Dave Berry (3- 6), Dave Brooks (3-3), and Paul Anodide (5-4). The Mules, however, will lose their young, hardworking coach, Bill Farrell. 78 Muhlenberg Opponent 13 Swarthmore 40 28 Haverford 18 25 Ursinus 23 9 Albright 33 9 Lebanon Valley 36 12 Scranton 30 9 Delaware Valley 37 17 Moravian 28 38 Kings College 11 27 C.W. Post 18 79 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL ?7LMa b FIRST ROW: Nancy Youngster, Ann Peters, Janice Williams, Jami Lloyd, Dawn Eilenberger, Mrs. Hospodar. SECOND ROW: Janet Wirth, Judy Wirth, Kim Monson, Lauren Costello, Carla Drozdowicz, Sue Winship, Kathy Sloan. THIRD ROW: Nancy Hufnail, Karyn Helin, Wendy Stich, Kathy Diehl, Beth Linde, Arlene Darlington, Sue Packer. , .wi i i r: — j- — gtx , - j k J F n Pi 1 " 1 Sft v, Mr jflrB li m ? i ' I ) M ■r t 1 cl A m cl 80 Muhlenberg Opponent 63 Allentown College 30 40 Wilkes 35 40 Albright 46 47 Cedar Crest 27 36 Villanova 68 34 Lafayette 72 41 Kutztown 62 34 Lehigh 63 44 Kutztown 48 41 Lafayette 53 The women’s basketball team had a disappointing season this year. Although four starters from the previous year returned, the team faced tough competition from the other colleges in the league. This situation, along with poor shooting percentages, contributed to their overall performance of three wins and seven losses. The team’s best game was played against Lafayette in their second meeting. The Mules held Lafayette’s best scorer to only half of her average number of points. Next year, expectations are high for a better season, despite the loss of three seniors, including the captain, Jan Williams. Interest in the team has remained strong, and will continue to be a binding force for next year’s team. 81 ICE HOCKEY ?35 It ' » « K Sm 4 . FRONT: Mike Kelley, KNEELING: Bruce Perry, Ed Kutchin, Tom Stauffer, Dave Donde, Ken Hedden, Mike Harmlin, Chuck Beyer, Scott Schooley, Randy Hamill, STANDING: Dave Field, Eric Berg, Scott Kee, Fred Ziegler, Scott Brylinsky, Dave Kramp, Alan Cohen, Buddy Seedor, Joel Wolinsky, Alan Tyson, Dan Wohl, John Morey, Jr. MISSING: Les Rosenthal, Jim Keil, Paul Kearcher, Ron Rose, Greg Cherney. The hockey season produced a 4-4-1 record, starting back in November with a 12-1 loss to the University of Delaware. The team then lost to Drexel 5-1. By now the squad had been completed and the next two games marked the highlight of the season. The Mules defeated Lafayette 12-6 and Moravian 10-1. John Quinn tallied 6 goals in the first game and Chuck Smith had 4 in the second contest. Returning from winter break, the team lost to Lafayette 6-3 before defeating Moravian again by the score of 15-1. The season ended on an upswing with a 9-1 victory against Bucknell and a 5-5 tie with Lafayette. The Mules had a very balanced attack this year with the first two lines doing most of the scoring. Besides Quinn and Smith, the lines included Moose Kelley, A1 Tyson, Dave Field, and Buddy Seedor. The defense was anchored by goalie A1 Cohen. Playing in front of him were defensemen Bruce Perry, Dave Donde, Joel Wohlinsky, Roy Hall, and Fred Ziegler. The hockey squad should be stronger next year after losing only two seniors — John Quinn and Mike Harmlin. The captains remain the same as this year: Donde, Perry, Field, and Cohen. 84 Muhlenberg 1 University of Delaware Opponent 12 1 Drexel 5 12 Lafayette 6 10 Moravian 1 3 Lafayette 6 15 Moravian 1 9 Bucknell 1 5 Lafayette 5 LACROSSE FIRST ROW: Steve Mitnick, Rich Braunschweiger, Glenn Salo (co-captain), John Dunne (co-captain), Mike Harmelin, Tony Coviello, Alan Cohen SECOND ROW: Scott Schooley, Bob Dalsey, Jeff Dannenberg, Kurt Zimmer, Tom Dinkelacker, Duane Piersol, Mike Kelly, Kevin Tacchino THIRD ROW: Dave Nark, Steve Purcell, Bill Dalsey, Bob Freed, Ed Andrews, Andy Fader, Ron Michaelis FOURTH ROW: Scott Kurtz, Bernard Bowman, Tom Weller, Frank Marino (coach) MISSING: Jim Stampfle, Bruce Sieczkowski, Ron Langella (manager), Steve Eisenhauer The 1976 lacrosse season ended with a 4-7 record. The victories were recorded against Widener, Stevens, Dickin- son, and Swarthmore. The main reason for the losing season can be attributed to a lack of experience and depth. Many players were in their first season of this sport. Coach Marino was forced to leave his experienced stickmen in a little long- er than he would have liked to, and this hurt the Mules in the final periods. However, the inexperienced players did perform surprisingly well and their experience should show in the next few years. The bulk of the attack was left in the hands of senior co- captain Glenn Salo. He recorded 20 goals and 22 assists, and ranked high in the league individual scoring race. To most viewers, it seemed he was in some way responsible for almost every goal scored by the Mules. The second leading scorer was senior Rich Braunschweiger who tallied 19 goals and 3 assists. Freshman Jeff Dannenberg chipped in 5 goals and 12 assists to round out the scorers. The defense revolved around goalie Ron Michaelis who recorded 220 saves in 11 games. His defensemen were senior co-captain John Dunne, senior Bruce Sieczkowski and freshman Ed Andrews. Next year’s squad will have to find a more balanced attack and replace the seniors on defense. However, many players picked up valuable game experience and will be expected to carry the load. They include middles Bob Freed, Tom Weller, and Scott Schooley; attackmen Mike Kelly, Ken Tacchino, and Jeff Dannenberg; and defensemen Ed An- drews, A1 Cohen, and Tom Dinkelacker. With these exper- ienced players returning, Coach Marino could wind up with a winning record in 1977. 86 n ,r Muhlenberg Opponent 8 Kutztown 27 8 Lebanon Valley 10 11 Swarthmore 3 8 Widener 7 4 Lafayette 14 7 Gettysburg 14 8 Stevens 5 4 Wilkes 15 6 Franklin Marshall 14 3 Haverford 8 13 Dickinson 6 87 BASEBALL FIRST ROW: Bob Beck, Dom Pasqualone, Mark Stephens, Mike Reid, Eric Butler, Bill Ray. SECOND ROW: Mark Hanichak, Bob Edwards, Mike McCall, Jim Knerr, Gary Brandt, Brad Trump. THIRD ROW: Sam Beidleman (coach), John Mill, Bob Altemose, Fred Rittinger, Phil Federico The 1976 baseball season ended with one of the most successful records in a long time. The Mules rallied on the last weekend to take the division title in a playoff game with Gettysburg. However, they lost the confer- ence championship to Widener in a close battle, 5-1. Along the way, the Mules scored many key victories to earn their division title. They included: Moravian, Al- bright, Swarthmore, Ursinus, and sweeps against Frank- lin and Marshall and Lebanon Valley. Individually, many players had a fine year. Freshman Yogi Edwards starred both offensively and defensively. He led the team in hits (24), stolen bases (14), batting average (.312) and fielding percentage (.976). Senior co- captain Mark Stephens had the leadng “on base” per- centage, the most assists and several key hits including a “game-winning” homer vs. Albright. Eric Butler played his first full season at first base and responded with a good season. His batting average (.299) and fielding average (.975) ranked among the tops on the team. Out- fielder Jim Knerr hit a solid .284 striking out only four times in seventy-four times at bat. Dom Pasqualone came off a hot junior season to hit only .224, but led the team in doubles and tied for the most home runs. Cen- terfielder Brad Trump had a good year as he hit .296 and led the Mules in runs scored (17). On the mound, the Mules’ staff had a balanced year. Mike Reid (5-3), Bob Beck (4-1), and Bob Altemose (3-1) all had good outings along the line. Next year’s squad will have trouble retaining their division title. They lose their top three pitchers and four of the remaining eight starters. Coach Beidleman will have to rebuild his team to remain competitive. 88 Muhlenberg Lehigh Opponent 3 5 1 Lafayette 8 2 Dickinson 10 10 Dickinson 2 7 Ursinus 2 1 East Stroudsburg 2 10 Western Maryland 3 5 Western Maryland 8 3 Swarthmore 2 2 Gettysburg 1 1 Gettysburg 10 12 Franklin Marshall 4 7 Franklin Marshall 6 6 Delaware Valley 3 0 Moravian 5 6 Moravian 1 9 Albright 7 3 Lebanon Valley 2 11 Lebanon Valley 0 5 1 Gettysburg Play-off Widener-MAC Play-off 3 5 89 90 91 WOMEN’S TENNIS FIRST ROW: Hindell Strauss, Betsy Urmston, Nancy Hooper, Sharon Leskanic, Ellen Kuehm, Jean Hecht (coach) SECOND ROW: Jill Robertson, Joyce White, Laura Smith, Suzanne Nelson, Nancy Brobst, Brenda Sellers MISSING: Sue Gussow, Lynn Ikeda, Karen Greber The Women’s Tennis Team was hurt immensely this year by the absence of their number one player, Janet Cassard. Much effort was exemplified, though, in the performances of key players such as Jill Robertson, Suzanne Nelson, Sue Gussow, Laurie Smith, Ellen Kuehm, Nancy Brobst and Brenda Sellers. The entire squad returns next year with the exception of Betsy Urmston and Lynn Ikeda. Coach Hecht can look forward to a better season in ’77 with a more experienced team and hopefully, Janet will return to round out the squad. 92 Muhlenberg Opponent 1 Lafayette 4 1 Cedar Crest 4 0 Lehigh 5 4 Fairleigh-Dickinson 1 2 Albright 3 0 Kutztown 5 3 Moravian 2 0 Cedar Crest 5 TRACK FIRST ROW: Mr. Bill Flamish (coach), Ed Ruisz, Eugene Christian, Walt Staehle, Steve Nix, Don Bobbitt, Dave Miller, SECOND ROW: Ed Sobel, Ken Wonderland, Sam Stovall, Mark Rogoff, Howard Gerstein, Steve Weida, THIRD ROW: Mr. Bill Farrell (coach), Alan Williams, Tom Prelovsky, Randy Kemmerer, Carl Melroy, Kevin Lokay, Fred Fetzer (manager), FOURTH ROW: Laura Fentin and Hilary Ennis (Statisticians) The 1976 track team fulfilled much of the promise that the 1975 season had predicted. The team, composed of experienced upperclassmen and a good crop of freshmen, posted a 6-4 record and 7th place in the MAC league meet. The highpoints of the season included tough victories over Ursinus, Widener, and Albright. The other wins were re- corded against Philadelphia Textile, Haverford, and Leba- non Valley. Co-captain Steve Nix missed most of the season with injuries. He did score well, though, in most of the events he was able to run in. The other co-captain, Scott Orens, was second in team scoring for the season. Only once did he lose in the discus-throwing event in a dual meet. Over the course of the season, he set school records in both the shot put (49’5”) and discuss (164’5”). After two years of placing second in the league meet, Orens took first place in the discus. This allowed him to enter the IC4A and NCAA meets in the summer. The leading scorer this season was freshman Carl Melroy. During the season he set a school record in the triple jump (45’4”) and also lost only once in both the long and triple jumps in dual meets. His fine efforts were rewarded with a first and a fourth place in the league meet. The remainder of the scoring was done by many people. A1 Williams (hurdles), Ed Ruisz (440), Jim Hay (high jump), Tom Prelovsky (100, 200, relays), and Gene Christian (pole vault) all had a fine season. The outlook for next year is good for the Mules. Coach Flamish will have a good nucleus to work with and it is hoped that the 1977 season will further improve on this year’s efforts. 94 Muhlenberg Opponent 92 Ursinus 67 Philadelphia Textile 17 84 h Widener 7 Haverford 22 48 Franklin Marshall 97 85 Lebanon Valley 59 77 Albright 68 69 Swarthmore 76 40 Kutztown 104 58 Dickinson 82 MASCAC — 7th place 95 96 r ¥ i A S 1 W r WrM E il f f 4 • A Pm FIRST ROW: Jim Robinson, Lance Branton, John McKay, Dennis Charles SECOND ROW: Jeff Jones, Jim Shoener, Keith Ordemann, Tom Davis (coach), Rev. Richard Bonser (faculty advisor) MISSING: Tom Hadzor, Ken Carey, DeForrest Marchant The Muhlenberg golfers produced a very successful season in 1976 as they won 12 or 17 matches, including 9 of 11 in their conference. Their best efforts were against Delaware Valley and Albright (396), versus Lafayette and Moravian (395), and versus Franklin and Marshall and Scranton (401). The team’s strength was based on a consistent line-up. The first four players all averaged around 82 for the season. Senior Dennis Charles proved to be the toughest Mule at home, with his best effort being a 74. Senior co-captain Keith Ordemann wound up the most consistent as he shot in the low 80’s every time out. Seniors Jim Robinson and Tom Hadzor both played well and gave the Mules good depth. Sophomore Lance Branton rounded out the top five scorers as he posted an 84 average for the season. The MAC league meet allows the top four averages from each team to participate in this tournament. The Mules placed 9th out of a field of 20. Ordemann shot a 161 earning him 10th place. Charles, at 169, wound up 36th. Robinson shot a 172, good for 52nd, while Hadzor took 55th with a 173. Next year’s squad may have to rebuild. The Mules lose the top four players. Those returning don’t have alot of playing experience. People to look for include Lance Branton, Ken Carey (74 against Lafayette and Moravian), Jeff Jones, and Jim Schoener. Muhlenberg 444 Muhlenberg 401 Muhlenberg 411 Muhlenberg 418 Muhlenberg 420 Muhlenberg 408 Muhlenberg 415 Muhlenberg Lehigh Kutztown 410 436 Franklin Marshall Univ. of Scranton 449 407 Haverford Univ. of Delaware 439 378 Ursinus 419 Dickinson Allentown 417 499 Wilkes Moravian 401 415 Lycoming Lebanon Valley 470 422 Delaware Valley Albright 468 425 Lafayette Moravian 413 429 97 GOLF MEN’S TENNIS FIRST ROW: Steve Ravich, Rich Solomon SECOND ROW: Dr. Ken Webb (coach), Spence Gordon, Dave Klebanoff, Alex Levin, Stu Thau, Don Chapman, Joel Freedenberg The men’s tennis team finished the season with a disappointing record of 1-10. The lone victory came against Moravian. Coach Ken Webb had to work with a very young team comprised of 3 seniors, 1 junior, 2 sophomores, and 3 freshmen. Many of these players were in their first season of collegiate tennis. The most successful sin- gles were Joel Freedenberg (3-7) and Dave Klebanoff (4-5). These two also com- bined to form the most successful doubles pair as they won two of their sev- en matches. Next year’s squad loses only three men to gradu- ation — Stu Thau, Steve Ravich, and Mike Maizel. With the addition of trans- fer Bob Miller, and the ad- ded experience of the younger players, the tennis team should improve on this year’s record. 98 WjjA mi ' : ' ' ' ?yyyv vV ' V ’ ’ ' V. ' ,- . w 1 f Muhlenberg 0 0 0 5 Forfeit 3 1 0 0 2 4 Lehigh Haverford Franklin Marshall Moravian Dickinson Western Maryland Albright Gettysburg Lafayette Ursinus Wilkes Opponent 7 5 99 (O OO 03 ORGANIZATIONS 5: S3 J gp.llll S ” - f JS c: £ g 5 S’ I = - 3 ■ —° ' tT ' re » re a ? 3 • 5:? g_M 3 S.S I? " . -J- og 3 o o 3 r 1 5 S =.0»D .C re “ 3 ;£ c sr I ® 3 » 3 S r 1 3 3 i -« i:||il! w ■ , f O - re _ 3 33 i J ii jii n to c » 3 a ■ q. » ® 3 a o- ™ 3 3 (B re _ PO O 3 m re a _ X 3 3 3- 2. SjS’- 2. 3 5 21 S.®S. M a- X ' CS‘CTQ 3 2. £L PO 3 ?r j» o sr ! - co § o ?i 5J- § 3-re re - 3 re 3 g sc » g 225 C rb 2 S3 ? « O- ' O OB , ' re 3 " £ 3-2? g DO - rs- O- 3 E 2 O b - r- re q. re 7i -3 ,-. O . n 3 ft c O o 3 3 3 c 3 3 3 b t r § 2 2 3 |-= 1 3 g=-SgS • n o O cb a. — . 7i 3 cr " re i | ' 2-re ' o 0 - -° C.O? jS ca rb rb 0) 3 “ =3 7 3§ 3 03 0002 b » o 3- » g 2 " c c IS re -to re -• o - £P - § 1 ■2-S Sf Ore V rr S 2 re n t B 3 C 5 re „ .. Co re - D? p a. cc c ' £ tn 3 re | ®S?§ 2 ? = T|£ TO O re re mere - 3 g . 2 2- s _re 3 » S» • -0 ' c. “ O “ 3 ' 03 § XJ “» 2TQ s- § cr 2r 3 3 3 03 JQ 1 % s rb c 3 s £ 3 W 3 rb - -« P0‘ § 3 J Q. S- or zr 30? . c n » r 3 7i g a z o re re bi ' ? 3 a. — Ti 3 - ■ 2- 33 3 re ' 3 2 pr SP - CC lor — — t re 5 x 3 DO - “ =■ o — 3 ft -• __i 3 05 O 3 ■ G _L H 33 03 3 3 " " 0 03 Q3 3 O O-? x 05 0 ?T rt - 3 G c_ 3- c 3 -T " rb 102 ALPHA TAU OMEGA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA :» vwl pii®P 1 i i ihMiSi ' .tlihluii •in uitun«ii |f ill • m-ir ?! ■ V J2 1 i tij m?, 4 — i « « ' . IW ' r i j u ft 5 I 103 FIRST ROW Bob Shirvanian. John Savchark, Gre g Crouch, Jay Kronick, Dave Catrambone, (vice-president), A1 Tyson, Ben Martinez, Mark Weismiiier (secretary), Eric Berg, Ivan, Mike Doug Snyder, Jay Chu, Larry Lias, Jim Kiel, Joe Kelleher SECOND ROW: Mrs. Kohr. Mrs, Baran, Bohden Ferenc, Wilbur, Bruce Perry, Dave Zotter. FOURTH ROW: Bill Ollar, Paul Whittaker, Rich Braunschweiger, Dave Lesher, Corey Paul, Mike Keck, Dick Allen THIRD Beutel (treasurer), Loren Copeland, Bill Vlosky. ROW Jim Stampfle, Randy Hamill. Jeff Donald, Harry Servant (president), Jim Neuman FIRST ROW: Ron Rose, A1 Williams, John Minerowicz (steward), Tom Dinkelacker, Greg Reilly FOURTH ROW: Joe DeLisi, Mike Wesnofske (recording secretary) Joe Brand, Mitch untz. Missy, Jay Smith, Brian Reigart, Steve Crane, Bill Gibbs SECOND ROW: Dave Possinger, Gil Strohm (cook), Jim Galgano, Wayne DeVantier (president) Dan Hickey (vice- Lightkep Steve Bajan, Jim Robinson, Dave Donde, Steve Wolfe, Arch Knisely, Evan Krakower, president) Paul Hermany, Ed Ruisz, Todd Cassel ' , Paul Anodide, Jon Henning, Bill Unger, Mike Bill Clarkson Joe Mangone, Barry Jacobson (treasurer), Ralph Wire, Bruce Hilt, Jeff Water- Reid, Duane Piersol, Jeff Swanson, Brian DeBiasse, Kevin McLain, Gary Singer Mark Zucker- house, Joel Fleishman, Marc Vengrove THIRD ROW: Herh Ridvard, (house manager), Tom man Dave Miller Jim Hewitt 104 PHI KAPPA TAU SIGMA PHI EPSILON Jt .s £? $ g? « g or; a « £ 2 o c 3 2 r ' CL 03 C m X 6 r 2 - to - jc -.V .c jg - C .53 P qj 2 ' D ® N •5 j 5: £ ■£ 4 T 2 SO L- i 2 W i 2 1 c •; = • • 5? 5 -S ac o | 3 -5 o . -r £ c§c2 £-«.£ g4 - ' s » . » S “ St 2 3 6 2 " 5 .- -o ” x gas “ c o .£ ■ cj . « 1 J ® 2 K 3 g X S « ■ • 13 4 C 2 „ as . « -c . g O »J- -S ® J ? 1 - G 8 r® at a 2 -O ' g is « . . « - ?3e ■ P ,r cc C ras : P- ■ - S _ »i • P “■g £ »t-2 w IS $ £“ -O fe£ s c j «a£ r|£ •03: • • . r j S .„, jp " IS HE p ' Jr §► ' % fe ' tfc. » . ? JJ fcT 3 «M 5 s Q Q £ 2 OS a J • — ' • • ' r 3 r S to ! V. 4 a ” v " o 35 e • ' . C ® a « CS r • -gO c g -g ■ a ;■-§ Ss uf £Q S 2 ® to to 2 2 £ I g jf -s V e " t a -5 % S g te £ ' 3 ' w 8 J 4 g v c 3 .£w = ,® 4 . " 2 cj ft- a S o x -S ,- c « S .2 « S 3 g g- :H3 8 5 g a ' c | x § S £®lf_r 4s ffl x ca 3 §, ttC " Tt ■ 0 O feT c .H 5 X 4 Q ft ► t N 4 3 -« ' c s ..... 4» w _ | s ■£ f t £ £5 f5 fl , - : i 5 S n c t sc «5 j ;5 -Jj _ « w» CQ : S ' 4S ' ® w . ' £ 2 -s 5 S • -c ® = - c « 6 - - X « J £F 552=1:|f t x 3 : o-g t to o i u e c i i«l 45 1 rn JJ v vT 33 ’ + W nsL. - ■ m 4 J “ o iiS t 3 - Z • Fa p |), ,|s . -- !cc --x . p ' ■jX ' _i P :Q - P .Si P 5 x 5 ts .22 « o ?r _-tw £i £ : = S4 g 9-c l : x g S a? ; — ' a iS to (- ' to 4 to 1 « . — ' fi to ■ E m 4 =; c to . to „ C 33 j= 4 o : 5 § = « N i ifc c g- SsS 3 , a £ - E _ i, .c g O to ffl: C .i « Q a e .£ O £ £ u - j §3 g|s S; leg I s “ U C a -= 8 O . p w 3 ft;- p J - 2 3 - •■ s .osg « 1 2 £ § c O 3 o a -C o XaiSB-Chcc 105 5 rf § 5 5 s??s|s;c 2 " ® SpO™. Is °£ S JoS £. 05 w r r 3 O P 5’ s-s si i -n g o- O fD os o - 3 « 2o GVt. § ii Fs • I " S ' | £ c 3»?i2| c: £ = =. n- 1 3 " g " s S?sc 5 1 i.l S » s ss §- S § 2 0“ 5-aTJg cm g 3 ® " » CO W (T) X 3 ZH ' ? ' T3 V n — • 9 % 0 £ i crq i- 5 c+ N § ? D iris, jjj ® S ’ 1 as Ch f-i g 3 0 3- o 0 c 3 cr o - C 3 O - o o 3 0) o «— • JO 3 ►X c CL £ t r s-?!! » — 2. 2 ST “ ‘ di 3 ft to ■ no CO® §: c £ g 5 s» a| Co 03 g. ® Sj _ si |£ B s?| Co 2 “ ' 03 “ f ( O r m i ■s 3 § jf l S S3 3 f I “ o s 8 ' ' C_ 2 » o 3 3 ® § co ® £ c _ c s D a f L to — r c? r os hfl ET ■ 2 c » - Iff; 5 co O C 3. O O - 3 Q. 3! O O 3 O- — ft 3 03 “ 3 Q- cr =r : ' ■a ' 106 TAU KAPPA EPSILON ZETA BETA TAU o 107 Rich Crist (TKE), Harold Hillman (ZBT), Mark Werrell (SPE), Wayne Devantier (PKT). ALPHA PHI OMEGA MUHLENBERG FRATERNITY COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Dave Cohen, Greg Hagerty, Mark Kovar, Len Adams. SECOND ROW: Laura Castor, Anita Nayar, Paul Schimke, Linda Benson, Linda Robbins. THIRD ROW: Steve Hart, Rick Becker, Susan Kummer, Jill Yorgey, Eric Carlson. 108 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA FIRST ROW: Greg Fox, Ellen Nemesnyik, Dr. Dale LeCount, Kathy Kennedy SECOND ROW: Steve Kauffman, Linda Abbey, Sue Packer, Dr. Joanne Mortimer, Scott Goodling, Henry A. Acres, Dennis Klein (sec-treas) THIRD ROW: Dr. Ludwig Schlecht, Kent Rissmiller, Dr. Robert Gordon, Liz Jones (sec-treas), Jane Shoemaker, Cyndi Lodge, (president) FOURTH ROW: Jeff Dobro, Jay Wortzel, Peter Auster, Keith Ordemann, Eric Butler, Sue Farber, Bill Franz, Warren Ventriglia. The Alpha Epsilon Circle of ODK was established at Muhlenberg as the local chapter of the national leadership society for men. In 1974, ODK began accepting women members. The society recognizes eminence in five major phases of campus life: scholarship, athletics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music and dramatic arts. In the fall, ODK initiated four new student members and one faculty member. Twelve new student members and four faculty members were initiated at an initiation dinner in the spring. The traditional ODK Carnival had to be held in Memorial Hall because of inclement weather. The Carnival was held in conjunction with an Institution of Sound concert and Carnival proceeds went towards the purchase of a piece of sculpture for the campus. DELTA PHI ALPHA The national German Honor Fra- ternity, Delta Phi Alpha, seeks to rec- ognize excellence in the study of Ger- man and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship. The Fraternity aims to promote the study of the Ger- man language, literature, and civiliza- tions, and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and cul- ture which are of universal value and which contribute to man’s eternal search for peace and truth. Mary Aiken, Kathy Heine. 109 FIRST ROW: Naomi Rosenthal, Debbie Zellner (Secretary), White Rat, Nancy Hinkeldey (Vice-President). SECOND ROW: Katie Edwards, Cyrise Dixon, Liz Williams, Joe Bavonese, Cyndi Lodge, Steve Hart. PI DELTA EPSILON SEATED: Bill Franz, Greg Fox (President), Sue Hummer. STANDING: Chris Finch, Howard Maymon, Rich Kloss, Ellen Nemesnyik, Dave Berry, A1 Leeti, Barry Rovner (Secretary-Treasurer), Dave Dearden. 110 Sp 1 j ■ft ■mi i K V ■ . ■ ■ fci f i LLJ t Ur F P ft E . ‘ I SEATED: Robert Malchodi, Bonnie Sheeder, Evelyn Lewis, Valerie Chisholm, Thomas Smyers. STAND- ING: Gregory Gordon, Jef- frey Biddle, Bruce Lukens, Joanne Hoehing (Presi- dent), Jay Koplove, Carol Fuller (Secretary-Treasur- er). Absent: James Frick, Louise Stong, Carol Wil- liams, Philip Braverman, Daniel Humbert, Elizabeth Rowell, Debra Schuhalter, Darryl Sycher, Sally Wag- ner, Steven Woodward. PHI SIGMA IOTA Phi Alpha Theta, the national honorary history fraternity, was founded in 1926. The Muhlenberg chapter was admitted in 1929 as the tenth among what now numbers more than 350 chapters. The purpose of the fraternity is to recognize “conspicuous attainments and scholarship in the fields of history.” The chapter meets periodically for discus- sions and during 1976, Phi Alpha Theta sponsored a week-long bicentennial tribute. PHI ALPHA THETA Arlene Smith (Secretary), Pat Wright (President), Liz Bernecker, Cindy Hinaman, Roberta Smith, Dr. Robert Gordon (Advisor). Absent: Patrice Caldarone (Vice-President), Dr. Kenneth Webb (Advisor). The Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, an Honorary Romance Language Society, is limited in membership to upperclassmen of superior academic qual- ity. The goal of the club is to promote understanding of the customs and lifestyles of the peoples speaking romance languages. The activities of the group center around programs presented by senior members on the inhabitants of the romance language-speaking countries. in SIGMA TAU DELTA fr7= FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Nina Scott, Fay Whalen, LeeAnne Gelletly SECOND ROW: Susan Farber, Dean Kashner, Shelley Minchin FIRST ROW: Becky Saeger SECOND ROW: Patty Matteo, Marion Kandel (assistant chairperson) Brenda Wise (chairperson) THIRD ROW: Jaynie Beckler, Sue Packer, Sarah Henrich, Ginny Petersen, Mike Pocalyko. 112 PHI BETA KAPPA FIRST ROW: Jeanne Mitman, Karl Doghramji, Donna Miedama SECOND ROW: Steve Hart, Linda Abbey, Mary Aiken, Peggy Smith, Flip Kramer THIRD ROW: Laurie Kruger, Don DeLorenzo, Eric Carlson, Linda Timmons, Lawrence Bressler, Sue Packer, Kim Monson, Marci Moyer, Barry Jacobson, Wayne DeVantier, Gail Nelson. WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES FIRST ROW: Kim Anderson, Cyndi Lodge, Ellen Nemesnyik, Sue Packer, Wayne Rinehart, Kent Rissmiller, Bob Garbak, Becky Saeger SECOND ROW: Wayne DeVantier, Liz Jones EDUCATION SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Marlene Alterman, Joni Hamburger, Debbie Bianco, Louise Stong, Cyndi Lodge, Kathy Collins, Katie Edwards SECOND ROW: Dr. MacConnell, Carol Fuller, Brenda Sellers, Kathy Diehl, Dave Wall, Valerie Treichel, Linda Armbruster, Karen Dickson, Lynne Eriksson, Mrs. Farnham JOHN MARSHALL PRE-LAW SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Mitch Goldblatt, Elyse McFetridge (president), Dan Hershman (recording secre- tary), Kent Rissmiller SECOND ROW: Liz Bernecker, Sandy Dionis, Tim Dietrich, Greg Fox vic resident FIRST ROW: Andy Dewing SECOND ROW: Mary Schwanger, Lynn Ikeda (treasurer) THIRD ROW: Holly Eddinger (secretary), Dennis Klein (presi- dent) Kent Rissmiller V INTERNATIONAL CLUB AFFAIRS MODEL UNITED NATIONS FIRST ROW: Kent Rissmiller, Dennis Klein, Lynn Ikeda, Mary Schwanger, Mark Werrell SECOND ROW: Holly Eddinger, Andy Dewing, JoAnne Hoehing, Steve Griffing (chairman of delegation) This year, thirteen delegates were sent to the National Model United Nations sponsored by Harvard University at the Statler Hilton in New York. The students prepared by studying the country they represented, The Netherlands, writing resolutions for the various committees, and studying parliamentary procedure. While at the conference, they attended a reception at the U.N., and participated in mock committee and General Assembly meetings. 115 RUSSIAN CLUB i£’L A w 9 w mk The Russian Club serves as an organization to ac- quaint interested students with the life and culture of Russia and the other re- publics of the Soviet Union. The club sponsors such activities as speakers (Dr. Henry Morton who spoke on “The Death of Marxism in the Soviet Union”), talks, and slide presenta- tions by the students and faculty who have visited the U.S.S.R. Cultural ac- tivities also play a major part in the club’s purpose: Ukrainian Easter egg dy- ing and poetry readings have been featured. The club’s advisor is Dr. Zie- donis. FIRST ROW: Dr. Ziedonis, Lynne Marcus, Cliff Barr, Linda Roddenberry, Uene Feldman SECOND ROW: Phoebe Patt, Sue Packer, Julie Werson, Lauren Healy. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN FIRST ROW: Pat Boorse, Anita Nayar SECOND ROW: Kathy Heine, Mary Aiken, Bonnie Matt, Peggy Shoemaker, Lynne Randis THIRD ROW: Dave Middlemas. ■ i M ' A JaR XZJtio k v ' f Or 3 t 2T r 116 FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW: Liz Bernecker, Pat Wright, Cliff Barr SECOND ROW: Cindy Hinaman, Alexis Kapikian, Ilene Feldman, Lynne Marcus. SPANISH CLUB m FIRST ROW: Libby Siver, Arlene Smith, Peter Brandow, Joe Iglesias, Rob Nehring SECOND ROW: Cliff Barr, Sherrie Feldman, Sydria Klein, Dr. Robert Gordon, THIRD ROW: Holly Eggenweiler, Jan Lahr, Joan Popovich, Julie Werson, Joann Sordellini. WMUH EXECUTIVE BOARD WMUH, FM Stereo (a 20 watt educational non-commer- cial station) and AM carrier cur- rent, this year experienced a great renaissance in terms of ? both student participation and j audience response. Program- ming included all aspects of musical expression, with an em- phasis on progressive music in j particular. On-the-air hours in- ! !- creased 22 % weekly to a whop- l ping 103 hours per week with a more than corresponding in- crease in listeners in the entire Lehigh Valley. Plans for the fu- ture include a frequency change j; and power boost. Howard Maymon, A1 Leeti, Shaun Murphy, Paul Ziegler WMUH FIRST ROW: Shaun Murphy (Business Manager), Dave Dearden (Music Director), Pete Auster, Joan Bedrin, Bill Porter, Eric Wachspress, Chuck Kuehn, Eric Lund, Bob Reier, Dave Middlemas, A1 Leeti (Chief Engineer). SECOND ROW: Paul Zeigler (FM Director), Howard Maymon (Station Manager). FIRST ROW: Dan Hershman, Patty Sheppard, Dave Berry, Larry Bakalian, Kathy Levine SECOND ROW: Bill Franz, Greg Fox, Laura Fentin, Joe Hershman, Sandy Weidner, Marc Berson, Elliot Shoemaker, Rob Reier, Chris Finch, Rich Kloss, THIRD ROW: Peggy Smith, Jeff Gardner, Flip Kramer. WEEKLY Attempting to achieve an intellectuality in reporting as well as in analytical writing, the Weekly staff publishes approximately twenty-five times each academic year. Be- sides covering campus events, it stresses issues on other campuses and in the nation. Faculty and especially students look for- ward to Thursday each week, when free copies are available at the Union desk. FIRST ROW: Peggy Smith, Jim Wyatt SECOND ROW: Jeanne Mitman, Bill Franz, Chris Finch THIRD ROW: Rich Kloss, Greg Fox. WEEKLY SENIORS 119 FIRST ROW: Sally Rubinstein (secretary), Dave Steinberg, Gail Nelson, JoAnne Hoehing, Barbara Snelbaker (president), Cyndi Lodge (treasurer), SECOND ROW: Chris Finch, Paul Monroe, Peggy Smith TOP TO BOTTOM: Jeff Green, Wayne Long, Pete Gifford, Candy DeSouza, Joan Hamburger, JoAnne Hoehing, Mark Davids, Cyndi Lodge, Nancy Hamlin, Jeff Chambers, Chris Finch, Peggy Smith, Ginny Petersen, Dave Kirlin, Cindy May, Ellen Nemesnyik, Larry Bakalian, Bob Vagias, David Grossman, Matt Bosner, Sue Faye, Nancy Hood, Sarah Henrich. MUHLENBERG EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE MUHLENBERG MUSICAL ASSOCIATION The Muhlenberg Experimental Theatre is a stu- dent theatrical group which experiments with un- usual contemporary plays and with new theater media. The Fall 1975 production was Kurt Vonne- gut’s Happy Birthday Wanda June directed by Dave Steinberg and the Spring 1976 production (with Mask and Dagger) was A n Italian Straw Hat directed by Dr. Patrick Chmel. MET also assisted with the Festival of the Arts production of John Hawkes’ The Undertaker. The Muhlenberg Musical Association presents a popular musical for the college community each spring. Dedicated to the American Bicentennial and the people of the Anatevkas of the world, the 1976 production was Fiddler on the Roof by Joseph Stein, with music by Jerry Bock and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. It was directed by Richard F. Bennett, Jr., of the Office of Admissions and it drew the rest of its participants solely from the student body. 120 (— r MASK AND DAGGER FIRST ROW: Holly Eddinger, Joe Brown SECOND ROW: Mark Davids, Dale Feinblatt, Bob Malchodi, John Hazel, Peggy Smith, Jim Christie, Bill Braak MODERN DANCE CLUB The Modern Dance Club studies dance technique, composition, and improvisation which culminate in their annual spring performance during Festival of the Arts. FIRST ROW: Lynn Morse, Sue Gussow, Val Parsons SECOND ROW: Nancy Hall, Debbie Bianco THIRD ROW: Lisa Kaufmann, Robin Miller, Kathleen Mulder, Mary Thompson, Sue Trubilla y y 121 COLLEGE BAND The College Band, under the di- rection of Ron Demkee, a music director at Freedom High School, performed two concerts this year and provided music for the home football games. In addition, the band participated in the Bicenten- nial programs on campus, and had a combined band program with Kutztown. mMkwrjmi Jr ■ 13 I £ rX ' i m mm m FIRST ROW: Mr. Ronald Demkee (conductor), Peggy Shoemaker, Lori Apgar, Valerie Phillips, Laurence Bakalian, Glen Kressley, Alan Kitchen SECOND ROW: Joan Blevins, Suzanne Butler, John Robertson, Kenny Ryder, John Laskey, Lisa Barry, Rich Conrad THIRD ROW: Joe Billy, Karin Brunner, Patty Lynch, Keith Harley, Barbara Dawson FOURTH ROW: Glenn Pinto, John Siner, Bryan Lebo, Jeffery Kauffman, Len Zon. FIFTH ROW: Marc Berson, Joel Robinson, Robert Reier, Jack Michalski, Robert Eckert SIXTH ROW: Scott Smith, Ed Foster, Curt Baumann MISSING: Mary Jane Hartman, Ed Ewing, Paul Schimke, Bill Seifort, Harry Ditzel, Pam Wheeler, Fred Harwick, William Kleintop, Brian Reigart, Dave Luck, Harry Morrow, Mike Stanton, Robert Gross, James Mariani, Lori Lerner, Shelly Roseff INSTITUTION OF SOUND FLOOR: Bob Lanning (co-director), Ken Ryder, Larry Bakalian RISERS: Steve Chamish, Jim Hirschberg, Sue Faye, Adela Rubio, Pete Gifford, Karen Hain, Jane Sessler, Ted Lithgow (co-director) Garry Kalajian, Derek Pretz, Cindy May, Lisa Bartorillo, Jeanne Merton, Lynne Eriksson MISSING: Joel Harding, Jeff Kauffman, Dave Zavaleta The Institution of Sound is a performing musical group of singers and instrumentalists. The group performs locally at country clubs, restaurants, schools and churches, and gives annual benefit concerts at local prisons. 122 K ' ■ JL A fc ml : ; w v j i l |i IT 1 COLLEGE CHOIR FIRST ROW: Lisa Bartorillo, Sarah Henrich (section leader, librarian), Nancy Hood, (historian), Roberta Moyer, Vicky Stout, Cathy Dahlberg, Laurie Ziegler, Vicki Evans, Leslie Howat, Adela Rubio SECOND ROW: Dr. Charles McClain, Ann Wainwright, Charmaine Brandow, Kathi Sloan, Carol Ekizian, Susan Endres, Virginia Slusser, Virginia Petersen (section leader), Loretta Greiman, Kathy Collins (assistant manager), Mary Hamlin, Andrea Philips THIRD ROW: Mindy Minnich, Michael Boyer (manager, section leader), Wayne Rinehart (assistant manager), Barbara Reitz (librarian), Ilene Pekter, Holly Breuninger, Tristan Kohut, Harry Morrow, Timothy Boyer, Ellen Kuehm FOURTH ROW: Gary Russell, Bob Vagias, Ken Witmer, Wayne Long, Jonathan Worley, Tom Micklas, Peter Gifford (section leader), Garry Kalajian, Allan Shelly MISSING: September Bail, Paul Dritsas, Lynne Ericksson, Ed Foster, Jonathan Hand (assistant manager), Doug Hemphill, Steve Kauffman, Terry Hurtt The Muhlenberg College Choir presents two concerts on campus each year, sings for mid-week Chapel services, and takes a spring tour for several days presenting concerts in churches. This year the College Choir visited Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. JAZZ BAND Seth Mellman, Dave Zavaleta, Rob Reier, Tim Summers, Larry Bakalian, Tom Leyh, Jack Mi- chalski, Terry Edwards. MISS- ING: Lore Greiman, Don Chap- man, Bill Seifert, Len Zon, Jeff Kauffman, Greg Gordon, Joe Worthington, Dan Humbert, Joe Billy, John Laskey 123 CHAPEL CHOIR FIRST ROW: Jennifer Newhart, Terry Hurtt, Linda Robbins, Evelyn Lewis, Nancy Youngster, Valerie Phillips, Karen Gardner, Barbara Crosby, Julie Campbell SECOND ROW: Debbife Jeffery, Naomi Schenck, Nina Zanetti, Nancy Holsten, Brenda Sellers, Linda Abbey, Laurie Ziegler, Ellen Thomas, Linda Dunham, Kim Anderson THIRD ROW: Chris Finch, Wayne Rinehart, Tim Griscom, Peter Rustico, Aaron Kistler, John Elfers, Jim Yergey, Bob Reynolds, Jim Christie, Elise Mendelman, Ken Ryder, Sandy Weidner. The Chapel Choir leads the singing of the hymns and liturgy every Sunday and provides special choral music for these as well as holiday services. A steak fry is held each spring and recognition awards are given for faithful service in the choir. SOCIOLOGY CLUB FIRST ROW: Joseph Yelencsics, John Grove, John Holland SECOND ROW: Julie Campbell, Jackie Poulson, Ellen Nemesnyik, Janet Werner, Dr. Baldwin (advisor) THIRD ROW ASCEND- ING: Paula Wood, Kathy Franklin, Sylvia Ma- zack, Marianne Dakin, Helen Mederer, Kim An- derson « tv , rm 7 ' A i ' m k | ■ -y, lrjn 1 1 ■ 124 m I INSTITUTE OF FAITH Steve Hart, Pete Rustico, Deb Zellner, Sue Ericsson The Muhlenberg Christian Drama Work- shop took the chancel drama, “The People vs. Christ” to the five neighboring Lutheran churches this spring after performing it for Muhlenberg students in the Chapel. MUHLENBERG CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: John Grove, Wayne Rinehart, Sarah Henrich, Sue Entires, Linda Abbey SEC- OND ROW: Bob Beck, Oren Frankel, Ralf Greenwood, Steve Hart, Pete Kopperman, Dave Wall 125 CARDINAL KEY Members of this organiza- tion give tours of the campus and help the Admissions Of- fice with “Days on Campus” for prospective students. They also usher at concerts and musicals. FIRST ROW: Rich Lubetkin, Ellen Nemesnyik, Mary Mazzocchi, Rosalie Kalman, Mary Jane DePaul, Elissa Lewin SECOND ROW: Mark Davids, Pete Rustico; Joann Weidlich, Anvery Rajmohamed, Anita Nayar, Sally Rubinstein, Barb Coxe, David Clark, Gary Dorshimer, Joe Hershman, Noreen Troccoli, Debbie Jeffery, Chrit Griffith, Wendy Schwab THIRD ROW: Lynn Ikeda, Dennis Klein, Kathy Bouzakis, Holly Eddinger, Larry Bressler, Mark Malesky, Dan Stauffer, Jo Iglesias, Joy Kelly, Sandy Weidner, Joan Hamburger, FOURTH ROW: Susan Packer, Mimi Groman, Pete Kopperman, Lisa Summins, Hilary Ennis, Bobbie Goldfinger, Glenn Brooks, Anne Cooper, Laura Fentin, Karen Greber, Sue Lipskin, Eric Carlson FIFTH ROW: Patty Matteo, Jeanne Merten, Steve Hart, Tony Salandra, Dave Wall, Joel Fleishman, Debbie Higgins, Bob Dalsey, Gregg Johnstone, Jenny Rahn, Cynthia Hinaman, Lisa Geehr, Anne Merl, Joyce White, Jack Michalski, Robert Jankelnus FORENSIC SOCIETY This year the team partici- pated in six tournaments in five states and won trophies at most of them. The team also sponsored both the local and district Bicentennial Youth Debates. FIRST ROW: Holly Eddinger, Kathy Kennedy, Dan Humbert, Jim Pfrommer SECOND ROW: Bryan Zeiner, Kathy Bouzakis, Paul Mon- roe, Keith Green, Debbie Higgins pip) 1 jfl 1 1 1 f hA v v vL_J 126 3 pll §§«b|| • ' jffi r . • HILLEL Hillel tries to provide meaningful and enjoyable religious, social, and educational experiences for the Jewish students on campus. Hillel has brought in informative speakers, and has sponsored brunches, parties and picnics. FIRST ROW: Mark Kovar, Mike Bernstein, Sherri Feldman, Joe Hershman, Steve Brint (president), Ron Adelman SECOND ROW: Oren Levy, Bruce Garner MISSING: Marion Haltzel and Robin Weingrad (executive board) 127 BIG NAME COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Pete Auster and Shaun Murphy (co-chairmen) SECOND ROW: Paula Rosen, Joel Fleishman, Eric Lund, Alan Schorr, Andy Bausch, Howard Maymon, Andy Hutter, Bill Woods, Kent Rissmiller, Hindell Strauss During the 1975-76 school year, the Big Name Committee celebrated a return to the days of multiple successful concerts. October brought the sensational classical rock group, Renaissance, with rising stars, Little Feat. The spring semester brought two sell-out shows. The hard rock of Kansas and Rory Gallagher shook Memorial Hall in February. And in March, The Electric Light Orchestra gave an excellent performance in front of a capacity crowd. It seems to have been a return to the days when Muhlenberg was the “concert capital of the Lehigh Valley.” PROGRAM BOARD FIRST ROW: Chris Konepelski, Sue Farber, Mimi Groman, Ian Langer, Anne Merl, Julia O’Connell SEC- OND ROW: Dennis Klein, Hilary Ennis, Joy Kelly, Sue Faye, Sarah Henrich, Jane Manizza, THIRD ROW: Wendy Petry, Juli Werson, Holly Eddinger, Paul Silverman 128 FREE UNIVERSITY Free U offers an alternative to the traditional college academic curriculum by providing diverse programs for the educational and or entertainment benefits of participants. This year we showed these films, to name a few: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Flesh Gordon, Hearts and Minds, MacBeth, Monty Python’s And Now For Something Completely Different. We also had mini-courses on yoga, breadbaking, horse-racing, John Hawkes, and hypnosis. Tom Shapcott, Joe Bavonese, Bill Woods, Joan Bedrin MISSING: Mary Jane DePaul, Bill Grill, Jeff Gardner, Rob Nehring, Brad Klein STUDENT COUNCIL Kim Anderson (recording secretary), Cyndi Lodge, Kent Rissmiller (president), Peter Auster, Lynne Braunstein, John Eckhardt, Mitch Goldblatt, Jami Perri, Kathy Kennedy MISSING: Steve Nierenberg, Wendy Loucks, Bill England, Marta Koehler, Lynn Morse (treasurer), Dante LaRocca, Jeff Dobro (vice-president), Mark Davids, Bill Franz, Andrew Rosenberg, Holly Kinchley 129 STUDENT COURT FIRST ROW: Glenn Holmes, Carl Koplin, Paul Monroe, Warren Ventriglia, Jay Wortzel. SECOND ROW: Jill Peterson, Kathy Sheneman, Ed Illions, Dave Steinberg, Bryan Zeiner, Alan Williams, Zelphia Howard, David Simon, Pat Murphy, Beth Golden, Stan Greenspan. The Student Court is the supreme student judicial body on the Muhlenberg College Campus. Its function is to try all infractions of the social or academic regulations which are appealed to it by lower courts or referred to it by faculty members or students. DORMITORY COURT SEATED: Paul Monroe, Cyrise Dixon, Eric Carlson, Johnny King, Faye Moul, Sue Lennon. STANDING: Sally Rubinstein (President), Suzanne Kerney, Lynn Carlson, Ellen Kuehn, Gail Nelson, Nancy Hood (Recording Secretary). 130 The Dormitory Court, subordinate to the Student Court, has jurisdiction in all cases involving infractions of dormitory regulations established by the Dormitory Government of Muhlenberg College. The Court publishes its decisions in the Weekly, but it withholds the names of those involved. Kim Maskell, Becky Saeger (Head Resident Advisor), Tom Graves, Sue Ericsson, John Dean, Mark Maletsky, Warren Ventriglia, Debbie Mohr. RESIDENT ADVISORS FIRST ROW: Robin Weingrod, Donna George (Vice-President), Paul Garbarini, Elyse McFetridge (President), Marge Tretter. SECOND ROW: Tom Hofstetter, Dilip Jain, Rob Gower, Kevin Rein- hart, Dave Gladu, Rich Deighan, Scott Henning (Secretary-Treasurer), Liz Jones. The Commuter’s Club aids the commuting students in becoming an integral part of the college, and assists these individuals in dealing with problems unique to them, and helps facilitate communication between commuters and the college COMMUTER’S CLUB administration. 131 OFFICERS Faye Whalen (Vice-President), Kathy Ullestad (President), Wayne Rinehart (Treasurer), Lynn Ikeda (Secretary). The Class of ’76 had a year of successful activities. During football season, the class sponsored their traditional “Muhlenberg Mule” to promote spirit at home games. At the Homecoming Game, the seniors won first prize for their Bicentennial “Float” — Wayne Rinehart in a costume riding the mule. Also in the fall, the senior gift was decided upon — a Pledge Drive. The work on this project continued almost until graduation. The drive required excellent organization and an all-out effort by all involved. Its success was well earned. The Senior Ball was well attended and enjoyed by both seniors and faculty. Thinking ahead to graduation, the speakers — both adult and student — were chosen by the class. Spring activities included Muhlenberg’s first Trivia Contest, a lawn sale, and Son of Flubber. Senior Weekend consisted of a De-Orientation picnic, cocktail party, and beer party — before GRADUATION! JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kathy Bouzakis (Vice-President), Debbie Higgins (Trasurer), Ken Wonderland (President) MISSING: Leigh Finkel (Secretary) The aim of the Class of ’77 is to be a service organization to the students on the Muhlenberg Campus. The class sponsors many activities open to the college community like the annual Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, Valentine Cookie Sales and Deliveries, Christmas Carolling, O.D.K. Party Raffle, and Ice Skating expeditions. The wish of the Class of ’77 is to continue such worthwhile functions and to continue to aid in broadening the social spheres of the students as long as we exist, (or until the money runs out). 132 ► . T • i i l % Andy Hutter (President), Drew Shulman (Treasurer), Harry Pickle (Vice-Presi- dent), Laura Bostrom (Secretary) SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Bobbi Goldfineer (Treasurer), Joy Kelly (Secretary), Greg Crouch (Vice-Presi- dent), Paul Silverman (President) To start off both the fall and spring semesters, the Class of 1978 held used book sales for those who don’t mind an excess of highlighting and a minimal price. Early in the fall semester, the 1975-76 Student Directory was started. Yet following the tradition of our predeces- sors, it didn’t come out until much later in the year. The Soph-Frosh Dance, held Oct. 17, had an old movie theme this year. Prizes were awarded to those with the best costumes. To get in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Sophomores sponsored a bake sale on November 24. Students, faculty, and administrators baked delicious cookies, cakes and brownies that raised about $40. This money was donated to the Lehigh County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Assocation for Retarded Children to aid in sending retarded children to summer camp. For a special Christmas and Hanukkah attraction, the Class of ’78 held a Holiday Party in Prosser Pit for Sophomores and their guests. The party featured a warm, cozy fire and delicious egg nog. Not allowing Val- entine’s Day to pass unnoticed, a Graffiti Sheet was posted for Valentine messages, poems and more. Along the same loving lines, the class provided a Kissing Booth for the ODK Carnival. Highlighting the year, was an event co-sponsored with the Nite Owl-Night Club Extravaganza! The audience enjoyed wine, cheese and bread as well as the music of Steve Rose, Pete Gifford and Harold Hillman and Dusk. All in all, it was a very good year. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS A very successful year was enjoyed by the class of ’79. The social calendar began with the Soph-Frosh Movie Masquerade. The Valentine’s Day Semi-Formal was a great success and will be repeated next year. Many mem- bers of the class worked with the Admissions Office, participating in informal discussions with prospective Freshmen. The class hopes to maintain their enthusiasm and interest throughout their stay at Muhlenberg. — 133 FRESHMAN ADVISORS FIRST ROW: Patty Matteo, Debbie Higgins, Wayne Rinehart, Sarah Henrich SECOND ROW: Scott Wiede- man, Mimi Groman, Lynn Ikeda, Paul Silverman, Cyndi Lodge, Cliff Barr, Sally Rubinstein, Elyse McFetridge, Charmaine Brandow, Wendy Schwab, Gary Dorshimer, Jeanne Merten, Ginny Petersen, Sue Packer, Sue Kerney THIRD ROW: Rich Bennett (advisor), Glenn Brooks, Paul Hermany, Holly Eddinger, Jay Smith, Joy Kelly, Ellen Nemesnyik, Joni Hamburger, Karen Greber, Marion Kandel, Peter Rustico, Holly Kinchley (president pro tempore), Bobbi Goldfinger INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: Cliff Barr, Anita Nayar, Dilip Jain, Ronit Sugar, Shahriar Ma- bourakh, Cindy Rostran, Laura Linlay SECOND ROW: Lisa Farrell, Ron Wong, Tai Wai Wong, Karl Doghramji, Debbie Mohr, Paul Doghramji, Tariq Ahmed, Monique Van Veen, John Douglas 134 CHESS CLUB Jeffrey Goodman (sec-treas), Barry Rovner (president), An- drew Rosenberg, Tim Summers, Shahriar Mike Mabourakh, Glenn Holmes, Jack Ricci MISS- ING: Steve Purcell (vice-pesi- dent), Marc Shartz, Bob Gower, Dilip Jain, Andrew Howley. FRESHMAN ORIENTATION COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Peter Rustico, Marion Kandel, Holly Kinchley (chairman), Bobbi Goldfinger, Larry Krevitz, Wayne Rinehart SECOND ROW: Joni Hamburger, Kathy Kennedy, Holly Eddinger, Glenn Brooks, Joe Hershman, M ark Davids, THIRD ROW: Ellen Nemesnyik, Sally Rubinstein, Sue Lipskin, Mary Jane DePaul, Karen Greber, Anne Merl FOURTH ROW: Kathy Levine, Barb Coxe, Sue Packer, Rich Bennett (advisor), Wendy Schwab, Paul Silverman, Mimi Groman, Joy Kelly, Hilary Ennis, Charmaine Brandow, Elyse McFetridge, Joan Popovich 135 THE SPOKESMEN FIRST ROW: Khether Raby (sec-treas), Chris Finch (president) SECOND ROW: Larry Bakalian, Bonnie Matt, Dave Middlemas, Rob Reier, Jeff Chambers, Marc Berson, Gary Russel, Allan Karsh, Lynn Carlson, Joleen Zackowski, Tim Griscom Our organization came alive this year when riders participated in the Annual Covered Bridge Tour and took a hike over South Mountain to Lost River Caverns at Hellertown. In addition, we entered riders in a Hill-climb sponsored by the Gothem Cyclists and Allentown Recreation Department. In the stock division, Chris Finch finished first, Rich Lubetkins finished second and Jeff Blakeslee finished third. The most memorable occasion, however, was the Spokesmen’s tribute to the Bicentennial — a six months premature 200 mile relay that went unheralded except in the legs of four valiant, weary riders. SPELUNKING CLUB Barry Stein, Tjed Spack, Steff Ostrowski, Peggy Smith MISSING: Karin Brunner, Joel Harding, John Douglas, Kathy Johnson, Barbara Urbano, Lisa White, Larry Bakalian Throughout the year, the Spelunking Club visited several caves in the area. One was a cave clean up trip and several were for the purpose of training novice members. 136 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION Bill Woods, Joe Bavonese MISSING: Bernie Gordon, Sue Blumenstein, Sherri Pattison This organization sets up free introductory lectures on Transcendental Meditation for students on campus and disseminates infor- mation on advanced lectures and p rograms to practicing students. Scott Brylinski, Jill Jeske, Joel Harding (president), Bryan Zeiner, Darci Haeseler OUTDOOR RECREATION CLUB ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION CLUB Sue Blumenstein, Mitch Goldblatt — r 137 MAJORETTES CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: Arlene Smith (solo twirler), Kathy Franklin (captain) SECOND ROW: Donna Klinger, Ellen Thoms, Zelphia Howard Vivian Rodriquez, Linda Haberern, Karen Greber, Susie Bell, Barb Mattlage, Joan Bean MISSING: Debbie Bianco, Chris Haberern 138 POM POM SQUAD The Pom Pom Squad, under the direction of the co-captains, pro- vides color to the home football half-time shows. We develop and subsequently practice our routines during the week. The Squad then performs their routines with the help of the College Band. Our ad- visors are Mrs. Hospodar and Don- na Rehrig. FIRST ROW: Allison Koerner, Sue Trubilla, Alex Hightower SECOND ROW: Betsy Urmston (co-captain), Linda Liquori, Barbara Schake, Barbara Shoemaker, Susie Green (co-captain) THIRD ROW: Nancy Hall, Roberta Assenheimer, Janet Booth. FIRST ROW: Jane Kotch, Rita Cutrufello, Donna Bradley SECOND ROW: Sharon Kas- san, Patti Reinhart (co-captain), Carolyn Davis (co-captain), Sue Lipskin MISSING: Joanne Lines 139 ' IARLA 1 FIRST ROW: Kevin Graudin, Jackie Bernstein, Chris Hertzog, Susan Rummer (editor) SECOND ROW: Gail Robinson, Dave Field, Kathy Sullivan, Anne Franzoso, Melissa Wilson SEATED: Jeff Chambers, Elliot Shoemaker STANDING: Marc Berson (photography editor), Rich Kloss, Joel Pevar, Larry Bakalian CIARLA 1 BHa 140 CIARLA 1976 EDITOR: Susan Kummer BUSINESS MANAGER: Lynne Braunstein PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR: Marc Berson COVER AND DIVIDERS DESIGNED BY: Fred Ziegler OTHER ARTWORK: John Riek, Mr.vTom Sternal LAYOUT: Barb Bareis, Jackie Bernstein, Kathy Franklin, Anne Franzoso (sports editor), Bob Goodman (theme editor), Janet Ries- ter, Melissa Wilson (seniors editor) COPY: Dave Field, Chris Hertzog TYPING: Kathy Sullivan, Kevin Graudin, Ellen Kuehm BUSINESS: Greg Fox, Gail Robinson, Carla Siegelbaum, Ruth Van Leer, Chris Will PHOTOGRAPHY: Larry Bakalian, Jeff Chambers, John Eckhardt, Chris Finch, Rich Kloss, Peter Menger, Joel Pevar, Rob Reier, Elliot Shoemaker, Audrey Tiernan, Jeff Yund THANK YOU TO OUR ADVISORS: Mr. Tom Sternal Mr. Don Moore . . . “Best wishes in your future en- deavors” Putting together this remembrance for such an important year as that of our nation’s bicentennial was truly a memorable learning experience for me, proving that some of the most valuable experiences are not in between those four walls commonly known as the classroom. In this year that I have been editor, I have experienced great joys and along with the joys, frustrations from time to time. I have learned how to deal with both and have learned to live with them. It has given me a chance to meet many wonderful people. I could not have asked for a better staff. Thanks to one and all for giving their valuable time. They gave 110% on a campus where 50% is considered by most to be too much. My special thanks go to Melissa Wilson and Anne Franzoso, who took the place of an assistant editor, and did it superbly. In the same manner, Lynne Braunstein was more than an excellent business manager. She gave support whenever it was needed. I was also very lucky to have someone like Marc Berson to takeover asphotography editor when Janet Orsini left in October. I realize that as a freshman pre-med it was a difficult position to be thrown into, but he did a good job of pulling it all together. I will always be indebted to the Weekly photography staff and particularly to Rich Kloss and Chris Finch, who never failed to come through in times of crisis. They, along with Audrey Tiernan, were an integral part of making this book what it is. Greg Fox also helped out in many different capacities, and for this I will eternally grateful. I am glad that I also had the opportunity to work with Bill O’Brien, yearbook representative, and Tony Mazzoca and the entire staff at Davor Photography Company. I appreciate, more than words can express, the fact that they were always there to provide any help or guidance that they could. Thank you also to all of the people who each helped in their own special way — Mr. Roland Dedekind, Mr. Tim Romig, Mr. Dave Seamans, Mrs. Bonnie Troxell, Mr. Chuck Genna and his staff and Mrs. Carol Frankenfield in the physical education office. Hoping that I have not missed anyone, this is to all of the “unsung heroes” of this book. Please accept my thanks as a token of my appreciation. SPECIAL EVENTS FALL FOLK FESTIVAL DOUG KATSAROS MINI-CONCERT 144 HALLOWEEN PARTIES BIG NAME CONCERT LITTLE FEAT 148 149 150 MASK AND DAGGER DIRECTOR ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Dr. Patrick Chmel . . Robert Malchodi THE TWIN MENAECHMI THE CAST PROLOGUS Robert Malchodi LADIES-IN- WAITING Jane Dobkin Dale Feinblatt Lisa Masakowski Shelley Minchin PENICULUS Mark Davids WIFE OF MENAECHMUS I Liz Nangle MENAECHMUS I Joe Brown EROTIUM Jeanie Hackett MIXMASTER Robert Malchodi MENAECHMUS II Scott Goodling MESSENIO Bill Braak MAID TO EROTIUM Sandy Holley OLD MAN Jim Christie DOCTOR John Hazel WHIPSTERS Scott Orens Istvan Takacs 7 || R - ■ ■ 153 HOLIDAY SEASON HftPPV THE CAST PENELOPE RYAN Holly Eddinger HAROLD RYAN Jim Mitilineos DR. NORBERT WOODLY Alan Schorr COLONEL LOOSELEAF HARPER Alan Wolfe PAUL RYAN Ed Isser HERB SHUTTLE Drew Balogh WANDA JUNE Gail Nelson MAJOR SIEGFRIED VON KONIGSWALD Skip Blake MILDRED Kathi Reilly DIRECTOR Dave Steinberg MUHLENBERG EXPERIMENTAL THEATER Bernice Sandler: Sex Discrimination “Yes Virginia, There Really is Dis- crimination.” Dr. Alice P. Kenney: “Silence is Gold- en: Dutch Culture in the Hudson Val- ley.” Dr. Kurt Baier: “Technology and the Santity of Life.” Dr. Howard Nemerov: “Poetry Read- ing with Commentary.” Dr. William Sullivan: “Prometheus Unbound: The New Ecological Con- servatism.” Dr. Kurt Baier Dr. William Sullivan Dr. Paul M. Sweezy 158 Gus Giordana Dance Group Dr. Paul M. Sweezy: “The U.S. Eco- nomic Situation.” Dr. Charles Fu: “Taoism and I Ching.” Dr. William N. Fenton: “Iroquois Confederacy and the American Revo- lution.” Dr. Richard Schoeck: “The Crisis in the Humanities.” Gus Giordana Dance Dr. Howard Nemerov Dr. Alice P. Kenney 99H Dr. Charles Fu 159 SENIOR BALL Under the fearless leadership of Dr. Nelvin Vos, fifteen students and Dr. Ludwig Schlecht travelled to Great Britain for a unique experience in theatre. Various forms of the dramatic art were encountered ranging from the traditional Shakespearian play to the truly absurd. Included in the twelve plays we viewed were Henry V, Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land, Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Samuel Beck- ett’s Happy Days, and Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. Using London as our home base, we trav- elled to the charming towns of Stratford- on- the-Avon, Coventry, Cambridge, Leather- head, and Canterbury, touring each one quite thoroughly. Contemporary theatre in Great Britain was considered by all to be a jolly good show! z o o 161 JANUARY TERM AFRICA . . . The Dark Continent ... At Last. Led by the fearless safari-king, Dr. John “niki-niki” Trainer, a small but courageous troop of Muhlenberg hardies braved the bush of deepest Africa. Armed with instama- tics, canons, and an ample supply of Tusker Lager (a pop- ular native cure-all), the band made its way through treacherous Tanzania and Kenya. There were frequent sightings of the big game during January’s expe- dition — in the shadows of Kilaman- jaro the cheetah was tracked down — lions were seen from the plains of Samburu to the depths of the crater Ngorongoro — and the leopard was spotted at the crossing of Serengeti, in the midst of the famous wildebeest migration. After spending some time explor- ing the terrain, we soon became ac- customed to its character. Facing danger every waking moment simply became a fact of life and fortunately there were no casualties among us. Departure from this majestic land turned out to be the most difficult part of the voyage, even though this concentrated study of the East Afri- can tundra postponed our vacation from the academic life for another se- mester. Eleven students with Dr. Gordon and his wife, Kay, welcomed the Bicenten- nial New Year aboard a 747 as they began their three week study in Madrid, Spain. The experiences of a different culture and language were some which would never be found in a textbook. Each student was placed in a Spanish family and learned quickly to cope with a very real communication gap. Among the many treasured memories are the many pastry shops, eating polio in El Minco, the Burger King that sold beer and wine, and the meeting-place that began the day. FLORIDA During the January term, ten Muhlenberg students and Dr. Carl Oplinger of the Biology Department drove to the Florida Everglades in anticipation of original biological research, camping experience and glorious tropical sunshine. Well, two out of three is not bad. The rainy, cold, windy weather led to wet sleeping bags, cold feet and tents being knocked down by the wind. But we took lessons from Dr. Oplinger on how to become rugged individuals. We acquired a taste for corn curls and Busch beer. Whenever possible, days were spent outside in search of exotic wading birds, vegetation, reptiles and other strange critters of the swampy area. After a gourmet dinner, we huddled in tents not only to discuss the day’s events but to try to keep warm. After two weeks of intense research, the trip was topped off by Beef Steak Charlies, the Florida Keys, and Disney World. MUHLENBERG MUSICAL ASSOCIATION THE CAST Tevye, The Dairyman Golde, His Wife Tzeitel (His Daughter) Hodel (His Daughter) Chava (His Daughter) Shprintze (His Daughter) Bielke (His Daughter) .... Yente, The Matchmaker . Motel, The Tailor Perchik, The Student Lazar Wolf, The Butcher . Mordcha, The Innkeeper Rabbi Mendel, His Son Avrahm, The Bookseller . . Nachum, The Beggar Yussel, The Hatseller Grandma Tzeitel Fruma-Sarah Constable Fyedka Sasha Ivan Shaindel, Motel’s Mother . Ruchel Shurley Mirala Naomi Rohda Heike Esther Zurich Levi Rifka and The Fiddler Robert Vagias . Ellen Nemensnyik . . . Ginny Peterson Leslie Howat Natalie Kulp Cyndi Lodge . . Joan Hamburger . . . . Roberta Moyer Jeff Green Dave Kirlin . . . . Scott Goodling Scott Orens . . . Steve Kauffman Mark Davids Pete Gifford . . . Dave Grossman Ken Ryder Carol Ekizian . . . Candy DeSouza Jim Yergey Jim Christie Joel Harding Joe Brown .... Lisa Bartorillo Cindy May Sue Faye .... Nancy Hamlin .... Sarah Henrich Nancy Hood . . . Candy DeSouza Carol Ekizian .... Jeff Chambers Duane Piersol . . Loretta Greiman George Eichenhofer 164 167 168 THE ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA AND JOURNEY MARCH 24 169 | LAUPfL HAIWV •r " The fixer Uppers wc ru i ns ■p ' lhe fio f 5pecialisl RUDOLPH VAI INIINO r " 5on of f te 5hiek " marx fmnnn.5 k " Piqskin Capers " J — l 4-i JUNIOR PROM N«W n i iNc 170 FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS MARCH 22- APRIL 13 Jean Shepherd: “Growing Up in America” GEN. JOHN PETER MUHLENBERG II Calendar Of (Events SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY March 22 23 24 25 26 27 scon JOPLIN " AFRICAN QUEEN ' BIG NAME: CONVOCATIONS BRUCE 6AHRENBURG PERRY KING AND HIS FRIENDS ELO LEO MARKS The Remaking of King Kong ' ' Film Star Workshop 7 :00 p.m. Performance 9:00 p.m, Science Lecture Hall 8:00 p.m Memorial Hall 8:00 p.m. Science Lecture Hall 7:30 p.m. ’ Science Lecture Hall 8:00 p.m. Garden Room Garden Room 28 29 30 31 April 1 2 3 CONVOCATIONS: DAVID AMRAM COLLEGE CHOIR CLAUDIA VISCA ' BORN YESTERDAY " JEAN SHEPHER0 Workshop 2:00 p.m. 3 :00 p.m. Soprano 8:00 p.m. Chapel 8:00 p.m. Chapel Science Lecture Hall Garden Room Seeger ' s Union P. B. FOLK CONCERT’ ROBERT NELSON DAVID AMRAM Workshops Performance 8:00 p.m Garden Room Seeger ' s Union Lounge LEHIGH VALLEY POE S — 8:00 p.m.. Coffeehouse 2:00 p.m.. 3:30 p.m. Seeger ' s Union Garden Room 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 FREDERICK BUSCH JOHN STROHMEYER 8:00 p.m. SIGMA TAU DELTA " All Come to Look for America " 8 00 p.m Garden Room MASTER CUSSES READING BY JOHN HAWKES ONE-ACT PUYS BY HAWKES: " The Undertaker " and " The Questions " Seeger ' s Union Chapel MASTER CLASS Performance Memorial Hall 9:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. LECTURE DEMONSTRATION Garden Room 7 30 p.m. ANTONIA " Elizabeth the Queen " 8 00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. Cedar Crest Garden Room Science Lecture Hall Memorial Hall Cedar Crest College Center 8:00 p.m. Science Lecture Hall In-residence: DAN WAGONER AND DANCERS JOHN HAWKES SYMPOSIUM 11 12 13 COLLEGE BAND LVAIC Scholar: FILM: 3:00 p.m. THOMAS GREGORY Some Like It Hot Chapel " A Cine structuralist Approach 8:00 p.m. 172 FREE U:- to Film Study 8:00 p.m Science Lecture Hall ilh let receptions, the progiem lined elendei tie open to Mr public el no (huge " King Lear " Science Lecture Hall Ire on tor which Ihtit it to non chtige tit indiceted with to eiltncb Science Lecture Hall MODERN DANCE CONCERT - 8 00 p.m . Garden Room 173 DAN WAGONER AND DANCERS 174 • • ■ John Strohmeyer 175 PROGRAM BOARD FOLK CONCERT John Hawkes Symposium Perry King 176 MODERN DANCE CONCERT LECTURES Dr. Arthur P. Dudden: “The First Continental Congress.” Professor Gordon S. Wood: “The Revolutionary Heritage and Changing Perspectives on the World” Professor Robert Nisbet: “The Social Impact of the Revolu- tion” Dr. Charles F. Leek: “The Importance of Social Behavior of Tropical Birds” Dr. Marvin Wachman: “The Impact of the Revolution on Edu- cation” 178 Professor Peter Berger: “The Churches and the Crisis of the American Creed” Professor Edward C. Banfield: “The City and the Revolutionary Tradition” Michael Tuck: “Television News in the Political Process” George W. Bonham: “The Present and the Future of Liberal Educa- tion” Dr. James Dow: “The Attempt on Hitler’s Life: A Rebellion of Conscience” 179 180 ' f r kM : 3- ' k 181 MASK AND DAGGER AND MUHLENBERG EXPERIMENTAL THEATER THE CAST Fadinard Nonancourt .... Beauperthuis Vezinet Tardiveau Bobin Emile Tavernier Felix Achille de Rosalba Helene Anais Baroness de Champigny Clara Virginie Chambermaid . . Corporals Guests Members of Wedding Party Gentleman . . . Jim Christie . . .Paul Monroe Bill Braak . . Bob Malchodi . Dave Steinberg Ed Isser .... Jim Krouse Joe Brown . Stefan Cenkner Candy DeSouza Holly Eddinger . . . Gail Skowron Joan Hamburger . . . . Kathi Reilly Hope Lajeunesse Ira Brown Rod Reber . . . Mark Davids Jan Krouse . . . Peggy Smith Natalie Kulp . . . David Donde (j ±kju O ' 182 ■H s 184 185 SENIORS Catherine M. Barbone Leslie Stone Baron Frank Bassoff Stephen Bajan Joseph Balliet Nikolas John Thomas Baran 89 190 191 Rich Braunschweiger Sharon M. Brennen Lawrence P. Bressler Steven Usher Brint Glenn F. Brooks Ann Marie Catherine Bryk Stephen W. Burak Michele Burda 192 Eric L. Butler Timothy Burke Eric B. Carlson Jon Scott Case 193 194 Robert M. Dalsey William Dalsey Carolyn Davis Marianne Dakin Anthony L. Coviello Jeffrey M. Crespy Karen Cribbs Brenda J. Daggett 95 Debra Ann DeFranca Scott Charles Davis Mary Jane DePaul Donald P. Delorenzo, Jr. Karen Ann DeLuca Louise Ann Detwiler Wayne R. DeVantier 196 Kathie Lynn Diehl David Dunn ■■■■■■■■■■ John Dunne Sandy Carol Dorfman Karen L. Dickson Mark W. Dewalt Karl Doghramji 197 Stephen Eadline Andrew M. Ecker Martin E. Ellner Katiebelle Edwards Patricia A. Eitner Lynne Eriksson Susan Endres Rebecca S. Erb 198 Dale Ann Feinblatt Andrew C. Feldman Laura Joan Fentin Edith Forstner Michael Forster Christopher L. Finch Bohdan M. Ferenc Frank E. Flisser ■ • • -.S ' " ■C ■ 199 200 Robert C. Garbak Michael S. Galley Lee Anne Gelletly Donna R. George 201 202 Susan Green Harold Greathouse Stephen P. Griffing William H. Grill John Darrell Grove Klise Grytko Linda Haberern Thomas B. Hadzor 203 - Lauren Ann Healy Scott Heimbach Kat harine Heine Michael C. Harmelin Greg Hagerty Susan Haney Ann Christine Hanley Stephen J. Hart 204 Diane Carol Henley Katherine B. Hemstreet Joseph Hershman Margaret Heloise Hetrick James A. Hewitt Daniel J. Hickey Cynthia L. Hinaman JoAnne Marie Hoehing 205 William B. Hutcheson Carolyn Ikeda Edward H. Illions Barry Jacobson Mark Ingerman Michael P. Hostina Kirk Huber 206 Elizabeth M. Jones Howard I, Jacobson 207 David R. Kirlin Janet Anne Klamer Dennis Klein Richard C. Kloss Archibald G. Knisely, IV Peter Kopperman Philip Warren Kramer Mark Krawitz y 208 1 V Carolyn E. Krenos Larry E. Krevitz Laurie Kruger Susan M. Kummer Charles A. Kuehn, Jr. Michael LaFay Jeffrey B. Lang Ronald Langella 209 W M m - : H I ■Hi I W»p J «£ y , 210 211 Sylvia Mazack Russell Mazda Bonnie Joan Matt Howard James Maymon ■ i ' Terry Y. Master Robert L. Malchodi, Jr. Cynthia Jane May Ben Martinez ■ » 212 Owen McGillicuddy Helen J. Mederer Donna Miedama Barbara Mikkal Craig Miller 213 Jeanne Mitman Deborah Mohr Kim E. Monson Rebecca Morris Susan B. Motaytes Janet E. Moyer 214 215 Stephanie R. Ostrowski James M. Palermo Susan Packer James N. Oliphant Cathi V. O’Neill Keith E. Ordemann 216 Scott Papier Richard A. Parisi Joseph L. Pellegrino Domenick Leonard Pasqualone Kevin M. Pernicano Catherine Perry Jill Merril Peterson 217 Michael Pocalyko Douglas Richard Pollack Joan M. Popovich Carol Lynn Porter Darryl Playter 218 Scott Recker Michael J. Reid Brian Lee Reigart Mary L. Pretz Stephen Purcell David Rauschenberger 219 — ■ Thomas F. Reilly, III Robert B. Reynolds 220 Naomi B. Rosenthal Barry William Kovner Stephen Grant Rothstein Rodrick Rohrbach Andrew Eric Rosenberg 221 George Frederick Schieder, III John Hunter Sarnies 222 iwm 4j , Raymond Schilling, III Emily Schmidt Deborah Y. Seibert Jane Sessler Dennis Schoeneberger Nina Scott Diana Seri a 223 David N. Sharp Bonnie Lynn Sheeder Patricia D. Sheppard Robert Shirvanian Sherri Shoenberger Bruce Sieczkowski Elizabeth Siver Carl Edwin Sillman 224 Thomas B. Smyers, Jr Roberta Lee Smith Margaret A. Smith Susan J. Snyder Barbara W. Snelbaker Lauri Lee Snyder 225 HHH ■MH 226 Robert Terry Edward Robert Straueh, Jr. Louise Ellen Stong fk ' .’V Mark Stephens Gary Stich Norman Tabas Arthur Charles Syrnonds 227 Linda M. Timmons Stuart Curtis Thau Richard The is Jennifer Torbet Davette L. Tippett 228 Valerie Triechel Stephen Ross Tyree William Unger Kathy Ullestad Robert Valenti Betsy Urmston Eric Stuart Wachspress Vincent R. Vicci, Jr. David M. Veleber 229 hhbhhh Lily A. Wallman David Wall 230 Carol Ann Williams Rebecca Anne White Janice Lee Williams ■■ ■H| 232 Joseph A. Yelencsics Lisa Ann Yanolko David Zavaleta Jill Yorgey Jay Zagoren Debra Ann Zellner Elizabeth A. Zimny 233 RETROSPECT Thursday September 7th, 1972 — Class of 1976 arrives at Muhlenberg to begin Freshmen Orientation . . . Willen- becher House purchased by the College . . . Jon Voight appears on the Muhlenberg campus to campaign for Senator George McGovern . . . Fran Zoll named Coordinator of Housing . . . Cedar Crest and Muhlenberg Colleges announce joint cooperative program . . . Richard M. Nixon re-elected President in a landslide victory . . . Dr. Paul Empie elected Chairman of the Muhlenberg College Board of Trustees . . . Lyndon Johnson dies . . . Peace agreement signed in Paris ending the Vietnam War . . . Film “Reefer Madness” rolls on campus . . . Soccer team defeats Drew University to win first MAC Championship . . . Muhlenberg learns of the loss of Associate Director of Admissions Sidney Weikert . . . Free University program temporarily cancelled by President John Morey . . . B.B. King appears in concert . . . Otto Preminger highlights Muhlenberg’s Festival of the Arts . . . Spiro Agnew resigns as Vice-President of the United States as Watergate controversy begins to bleed America . . . Gerald Ford confirmed as Vice-President . . . Academics Policy Governance Report issued . . . Showing of the film “Pink Flamingos” stopped by the College . . . Signs of pets invading the campus . . . Berg students take exams before Christmas for the first time . . . New partying records set by Berg students living at Cedar Crest College — “So this is college!” . . . ATO attacks ZBT . . . College announces renovation of the basement in Martin Luther . . . Streaking hits Berg . . . Center for the Arts received the approval of the Muhlenberg College Board of Trustees . . . APC Governance proposal defeated by the faculty, 44-39 . . . Nixon resigns and is later pardoned . . . Ralph Nader speaks at Muhlenberg . . . Women’s Task Force appointed by Dr. John Morey . . . Faculty and Administration approve concept of a College Committee on Student Affairs . . . Omicron Delta Kappa goes coed . . . 1974 soccer team wins another MAC Championship . . . Darryl Ponicsan appears to help celebrate the 1975 Festival of the Arts, as does Rod Serling making this his last public appearance before his untimely death . . . Billy Joel gives a sell-out performance in Memorial Hall . . . South Vietnam falls to the Communists . . . Library dome is relit for the Class of 1975 . . . Bring your own pillows for pillow talks or pillow fights . . . Eleven women file suit against Muhlenberg claiming sex discrimina- tion in housing . . . Agreement with the State Human Relations Commission delivers Lieberman House to eleven women with the understanding that it will rotate each year between men and women . . . Board of Trustees commends President Morey . . . Student Council has a less than favorable opinion . . . Jim Wyatt causes a splash as he hits the columns in the Weekly . . . 1975 soccer team brings home still another MAC Championship . . . Renaissance appears on campus . . . Congratulations to Dr. Pat Chmel, the first drama director in Muhlenberg’s history, for the successes of The Twin Menaechmi and Italian Straw Hat . . . Ronald Reagan pressures President Gerald Ford in Presidential sweepstakes . . . The Board of Trustees votes to rename the small houses after the Muhlenberg family . . . Bicentennial celebrations take place on campus . . . College announces it will admit a larger freshman class in the fall . . . Center for the Arts nears completion as many ask, “Why White?” . . . Electric Light Orchestra fills Memorial Hall to capacity . . . Fiddler on the Roof is staged in the Garden Room and is a smashing success . . . Faculty defeats APC Governance study once again, 52- 31 . . . New pet policy means they will be phased out . . . Loren Eiseley chosen as 1976 Commencement speaker . . . Jimmy Carter nears the Democratic nomination for President . . . Library dome is relit once again for graduating seniors ... Walt Staehle is elected by the class to speak at graduation . . . Muhlenberg Weekly changes its masthead . . . Sunday May 30, 1976 — Class of 1976 graduates from Muhlenberg College. SENIOR DIRECTORY AND COMMENCEMENT LINDA ABBEY 114 Green Street, Somerville, N.J. 08876 B.S. Natural Science Chapel Choir Manager, Muhlen- berg Christian Association, Long Range Planning Committee. RONALD ADELMAN 1587 Marian Road, Abington, Pa. 19001 B.S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau, Officer of Hillel. WAYNE RICHARD ADKINS 1018 Valewood Road, Towson, Md. 21204 A.B. Psychology Varsity Soccer, Varsity Lacrosse. MARY L. AIKEN 26531 Aiken Drive, Clarksburg, Md. 20734 A.B. German Der Deutsche Verein KIM SUSAN ANDERSON 47 Springdale Avenue, White Plains, N.Y. 10604 A.B. Sociology Chapel Choir, Volunteer Services — Sec. Treas., Student Council — Recording Sec., Class of ’76, Cardi- nal Key Society, Sociology-Anthro- pology Club. LINDA ARMBRUSTER 116 Yellowstone Road, Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462 A.B. Psychology Education Society, Student Coun- cil. DALE HOPE ARMSTRONG 500 Lanfair Road, Melrose Park, Pa. 19126 A.B. Psychology Advising Subcommittee, Experi- mental Psychology Demonstra- tions, Modern Dance Club. SCOTT B. ARMSTRONG 20 Lougheed Avenue, W. Caldwell, N.J. 07006 A.B. Economics Accounting KATHLEEN ANN ASH 213 N. 16th St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A. B. Psychology PETER AUSTER 22 Sara Lane, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10804 B. S. Natural Science Big Name Committee Co-Chair- man, Student Council, WMUH- FM Director, Program Board, Elections Co-Chairman, Freshmen Advisor, Cardinal Key Society. STEPHEN BAJAN 158 North Whitfield Street, Naza- reth, Pa. 18064 A.B. Economics Accounting Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity — So- cial Chairman JOSEPH BALLIET 669 South Cedar Crest Blvd., Al- lentown, Pa. 18103 A. B. History Tau Kappa Epsilon, President of I.F.C. NILOLAS JOHN THOMAS BARAN 99 Centennial Road, Warminster, Pa. 18974 B. S. Natural Science Muhlenberg Christian Association, Pre-Med. Committee, Intramural Football and Wrestling, Modern Dance Concert, Folk Festivals, Cof- fee House, Inherit the Wind, Com- pany, Taxi. CATHERINE M. BARBONE 118 Wayne Avenue, Trooper, Pa. 19401 A.B. Psychology Education Society, Psi Chi. LESLIE STONE BARON 2602 W. Greenleaf Street, Allen- town, Pa. 18104. A.B. Psychology FRANK BASSOFF 2553 Owens Court, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 A.B. Economics Intramural Basketball and Foot- ball, Karate. JOE BAVONESE 181 Longhill Road, Bldg. J-7, Little Falls, N.J. 07424 A.B. Psychology Free University, Students Interna- tional Meditation Society — Presi- dent, Psi Chi, Muhlenberg Experi- mental Theater. ROBERT D. BECK 105 E. Broad Street, E. Strouds- burg, Pa. 18301 A. B. Psychology Muhlenberg Christian Association, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Varsity Baseball, Basketball Man- ager. FREDERICK BECKER 2571 Park Road, Warrington, Pa. 18976 B. S. Biology 235 Muhlenberg Christian Association, Institute of Faith, Alpha Phi Ome- ga: Historian, Joint Council, Cardi- nal Key. DENISE MICHELE BECKETT 20 E. Hollywood Avenue, Beesley’s Point, N. J. 08223 A.B. Psychology Psi Chi, Ski Club. BRUCE ROBERT BELCHER 755 Pinewood Road, Union, N.J. 07083 A.B. Russian Studies Political Sci- ence Tau Kappa Epsilon: Pledge Train- er, Young Republicans, Muhlen- berg Musical Association, Muhlen- berg Christian Association, Fresh- men Advisor, Institution of Sound, College Band. WENDY BENGSTON 776 S. Maple Avenue, Glen Rock, N.J. 07452 A.B. Political Science German Model United Nations, Resident Advisor, Cardinal Key, Floor Re- presentative, John Marshall Pre- Law Society. DOUGLAS BERG 253 E. 21 Street, Northampton, Pa. 18067 A.B. Psychology Muhlenberg Christian Association, College Choir, Sigma Phi Epsilon. ELIZABETH BERNECKER 724 N. Berks Street, Allentown Pa. 18104 A.B. Political Science French Phi Sigma Iota, Class Pledge Drive, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, International Affairs Club. DANIEL S. BERNSTEIN 115 Elmwood Terrace, Linden, N.J. 07036 B.S. Natural Science Student Representative — Aca- demic Policy Committee, Fresh- men Orientation, Freshmen Advi- sor, Student Representative Alum- ni Association, Dean Search Com- mittee, Student Council Represen- tative, Student Council Academics Committee, Student Council Par- liamentarian, Student Council Polling Committee, Class Treasur- er. DAVID W. BERRY 510 Spring Grove Lane, West Ches- ter, Pa. 19380 A.B. English Arcade: Co-editor, Weekly: Sports Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon, Wres- tling, German Club. DEBRA JEAN BIANCO 30 Rambling Brook Road, Upper Saddle River, N.J. 07458 A. B. Psychology Cheerleading: Co-Captain, Presi- dent of Modern Dance Club, Edu- cation Society Member, Chapel Choir, Freshmen Advisor, Inter- murals. MARK BIERHOFF 1558 S. Allen Avenue, Vineland, N.J. 08360 B. S. Natural Science ANDREW BLUMENTHAL 2800 Anzac Avenue, Roslyn, Pa. 19001 B.S. Natural Science MICHAEL R. BOYER 352 S. Second Street, Bangor, Pa. 18013 236 A.B. Sociology Muhlenberg College Choir, Muh- lenberg Musical Association, Muh- lenberg Christian Association, Chess Club. PETER A. BRANDOW 824 W. Church Rd, Elkins Park, Pa. 19117 A.B. Spanish RICH BRAUNSCHWEIGER 123 Orescent Road, Florham Park, N.J. 07932 A.B. Political Science SHARON M. BRENNEN 2643 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A. B. American Studies Varsity Basketball, Varsity Field Hockey. LAWRENCE P. BRESSLER 416 Rittenhouse Circle, Haver- town, Pa. 19083 B. S. Chemistry Natural Science Tau Kappa Epsilon, Cardinal Key, Intramurals, Chess Club, Russian Club. STEVEN USHER BRINT Cedarbrook Hill Apt. 9, Wyncote, Pa. 19095 B.S. Natural Science Weekly, Hillel, Cardinal Key. ROBERT WALLACE BUCK 90 Gristmill Lane, Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 A. B. Psychology History STEPHEN W. BURAK Road 2, Nicholson, Pa. 18496 B. S. Biology Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Wres- tling. MICHELE BURDA 116 Warrenville Road, Green Brook, N.J. 08812 A. B. History ERIC L. BUTLER Box 499, Treichlers, Pa. 18086 B. S. Chemistry Varsity Football, Varsity Wres- tling, Varsity Baseball, Chess Club, ODK. PATRICE T. CALDARONE 84 Woodridge Drive, Stamford, Ct. 06905 A.B. French JULIE ANNE CAMPBELL 110 Urban Drive, Lancaster, Pa. 17603 A.B. Spanish Sociology Chapel Choir, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association: Social Committee Phi Sigma Iota, Student Member of the National Association of So- cial Workers. Dr. John H. Morey, Presiding JON SCOTT CASE 110 Delaware Ave, Catasauqua, Pa. 18032 A. B. Psychology Mathematics STEVE CHAMISH 2463 E. Sherman Avenue, Vine- land, N.J. 08360 B. S. Natural Science Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Fenc- ing. GLENN F. BROOKS 400 Warick Road, Wynnewood, Pa. 19096 B.S. Chemistry Cardinal Key, Freshmen Orienta- tion Committee, Freshmen Advi- sor, Intramurals. ANN MARIE CATHERINE BRYK 312 W. Baldwin Street, Hackett- stown, N.J. 07840 B.S. Biology LOIS JEAN CARLSEN 451 Hunter Road, Ridgewood, N.J. 07450 B.S. Biology ERIC B. CARLSON 18 Magda Lane, Somerville, N.J. 08876 B.S. Chemistry Natural Science Alpha Phi Omega, Cardinal Key Society, Dorm Court, Intramural Sports, Phi Beta Kappa. DENNIS G. CHARLES 1033 E. Cedar Street, Allentown, Pa. 18103. A. B. Political Science LORRAINE CHERISHIAN 206 Manchester Road, River Edge, N.J. 07661 B. S. Biology DAVID CLARK 526 Gordon Circle, Hagerstown, 237 Md. 21740 B.S. Biology WILLIAM M. CLARKSON 48 Wellington Road, Livingston, N.J. 07039 A. B. Social Science Varsity Fencing Team, Student Court Attorney, Phi Kappa Tau, Faculty Review Board, Varsity Soccer Team, Academic Commit- tee, Institution of Sound. KATHLEEN D. COLLINS 14 Greenbrier Road, Green Brook, N.J. 08812 B. S. Math College Choir, Education Society, Math Honor Society, Math Club. MARY F. CONLEY 271 Bickley Road, Glenside, Pa. 19038 B.S. Biology R.A., Forum on Human Develop- ment, Ecology Action Club, Cardi- nal Key Club. ANNE COOPER 8205 Newbold Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 19918 A.B. Social Science Hillel, Weekly, Cardinal Key. ANTHONY L. COVIELLO 11 Midvale Drive, New Providence, N.J. 07974 A. B. Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha, R.A., Varsity Lacrosse, John Marshall Pre-Law Societv, Intramurals. JEFFREY M. CRESPY 209 Barlow Drive South, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234 B. S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society, Hillel, Big Name Entertainment Committee, Intramurals. KAREN CRIBBS Road 1, Newtown, Pa. 18940 B.S. Biology Intramural Volleyball, Delta Phi Nu. BRENDA J. DAGGETT 115 Lincoln Avenue, Coatesville, Pa. 19320 B.S. Biology Hall Rep., Student Council Sub- committee on Advisory Systems, Intramurals. MARIANNE DAKIN 60 Arlington Road, Forty Fort, Pa. 18704 A. B. Sociology Anthropology Sociology Club: President. ROBERT M. DALSEY 4 Dakota Trail, Medford, N.J. 08055. B. S. Biology Natural Science Student Council Rep., Co-Chair- man Polling Committee, Foreign Student Liason, ODK, Student Council Academics Committee, Al- pha Tau Omega, Pledge Commit- tee, Fraternity Academics Commit- tee, Intramurals. WILLIAM DALSEY 4 Dakota Trail, Medford, N.J. 08055 B.S. Biology Alpha Tau Omega. CAROLYN L. SMITH DAVIS 31 N. West Street, Allentown, Pa. 18102 A.B. Art Color guard, Cardinal Key, 1976 Alumni Reunion Committee, Young Alumni Association. SCOTT CHARLES DAVIS 137 Messinger Street, Bangor, Pa. 18013 A.B. English Joint Council: President. DEBRA ANN DEFRANC A 6 Judy Road, Succasunna, N.J. 07876 B.S. Biology DONALD P. DELORENZO, JR. 2637 Allen Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 B.S. Natural Science Alpha Tau Omega KAREN ANN DELUCA 20 Cedar Street, Catskill, N.Y. 12414 A. B. Social Science MARY JANE DEPAUL 2707 Liberty Street, Easton, Pa. 18042 B. S. Biology Freshmen Orientation Committee, Freshmen Advisor, Free U., Cardi- nal Key, Varsity Field Hockey, Ecology Club. LOUISE ANN DETWILER Box 232, Road 1, Reading, Pa. 19607 B.S. Biology Cardinal Key, Big Sister, Fresh- men Orientation Committee, Intra- murals. WAYNE R. DEVANTIER 1002 Mt. Pleasant Way, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 B.S. Natural Science R.A., Phi Kappa Ta-, Muhlenberg Fraternity Council, Who’s Who in American Colleges. MARK W. DEW ALT Box 124 Road 1, Oley, Pa. 19547 A.B. Social Science Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Varsity Cross Country: Captain. KAREN L. DICKSON 414 Darlington Road, Media, Pa. 19063 238 A.B. Psychology Education Society. KATHIE LYNN DIEHL R.R. 1, Box 363, Lake Hopatcong, N.J. 07849 A. B. English KARL DOGHRAMJI 240 David Drive, Havertown, Pa. 19083 B. S. Natural Science Chapel Choir, Premedical Advisory Committee, Intramurals, Interna- tional Student’s Association, Phi Beta Kappa. SANDY CAROL DORFMAN 817 Timber Lane, Dresher, Pa. 19025 A.B. Social Science RICHARD LEOPOLD DOUGLAS Mt. Rt. 40, Easton, Pa. 18042 A. B. Psychology DAVID DUNN Chestnut Hill Road, Box 60, Star Route, Pottstown, Pa. 19461 B. S. Chemistry JOHN DUNNE 261 Springfield Avenue, Summit, N.J. 07901 A. B. History Alpha Tau Omega: Rush Chair- man, Worthy Usher, Worthy Mas- ter, Education society, Varsity Football Team: Co-Captain, Varsi- ty Lacrosse. STEPHEN EADLINE 416 Revere Road, Lafayette Hill, Pa. 19444 B. S. Natural Science R.A. ANDREW M. ECKER 649 Oak Shade Avenue, Elkins Park, Pa. 19117 B.S. Natural Science Key Club. KATIEBELLE EDWARDS 134 Copley Road, Upper Darby, Pa. 19082 A.B. Psychology Education Society, Ecology Action Club, Psi Chi, Cardinal Key Soci- ety. PATRICIA A. EITNER 39 Shepherd Hills Avenue, Wescos- ville, Pa. 18106 A.B. Economics Accounting Commuters Club MARTIN E. ELLNER 99 Country Club Road, Willing- boro, N.J. 08046 A.B. Economics Tau Kappa Eqsilon, Cardinal Key, WMUH, Weekly. SUSAN END RES 322 W. Passaic Avenue, Ruther- ford, N.J. 07070 A.B. Social Science College Choir, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association. REBECCA S. ERB 6460 Main Street, East Petersburg, Pa. 17520 A.B. Social Science Sociology Club, Intramurals. LYNNE ERIKSSON 245 Cedar Lane, RiverVale, N.J. 07675 A.B. English College Choir, Institution of Sound, Union Board, Sigma Tau Delta, Musical Association, Educa- tion Society. DALE ANN FEIN BL ATT 19 Chappaqua Mt. Road, Chappa- qua, N.J. 10514 A. B. Classics Eta Sigma Phi: Pres., Education Society, Mask and Dagger, Alpha Psi Omega. ANDREW C. FELDMAN Box 178, Road 2, Walnutport, Pa. 18088 B. S. Biology LAURA JOAN FENTIN 1507 Athens Road Green Acres, Wilmington, Del. 19803 Conferring of Doctor of Laws on Rober t F. Blanck 239 A. B. History Cardinal Key, Hillel, Class Council, Freshmen Tips Book, Student Di- rectory, Soph-Frosh Dance, Wom- en’s Football, Intramurals, Varsity Track, Weekly. BOND AN M. FERENC 7 Kenneth Road, Morris Plains, N.J. 07950 B. S. Biology Lambda Chi Alpha. CHRISTOPHER L. FINCH 79 Cortland Street, Norwich, N.Y. 13815 B.S. Natural Science Weekly: Photography Editor, Chapel Choir, Muhlenberg Spokes- men: President, Mask and Dagger, Muhlenberg Experimental The- atre, Muhlenberg Musical Associ- ation, Pi Delta Epsilon, Ciarla. FRANK E. FLISSER 621 E. 4th St., Bethlehem, Pa. 18015 A.B. Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Conferring of Doctor of Humane Letters on Melville J. Boyer Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. MARY LOU FOX 42 Tennyson Ave., North Haven, Ct. 06473 A.B. Social Science Resident Advisor, Cardinal Key Society. A. B. History Phi Alpha Theta. ERIC LAWRENCE FRUEH 8556 Rudderow Ave., Pennsauken, N.J. 08109 B. S. Chemistry Table Tennis Club: Captain, Beer Party Players, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association. MICHAEL FORSTER 2915 Meadowbrook Circle N., Al- lentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Psychology Psi Chi. EDITH FORSTNER 2606 Sunset Blvd., Broomall, Pa. 19008 A.B. German German Club. GREGORY J. FOX 11617 Kelvin Ave., Phila., Pa. 19116 A.B. Economics Weekly: Editor- in-Chief, Student Court, Pi Delta Epsilon: President, Omicron Delta Kappa, John Mar- shall Pre-Law Society: Vice-Presi- dent, Ciarla, College Council, OREN H. FRANKEL 1038 Central Ave., Plainfield, N.J. 07060 A. B. Music WILLAIM T. FRANZ 1513 Jill Rd., Willow Grove, Pa. 19090 B. S. Physics Mathematics Weekly: Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor, Associate Editor, Society of Physics Students: President, Stu- dent Council, College Council, Mathematical Association of America, Honorary Math Society, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa. JAMES R. FRICK 833 N. 7th St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 CAROL ANN FULLER 8 Thorne PI., New Monmouth, N.J. 07748 A.B. History Phi Alpha Theta: Secretary, Trea- surer, Education Society, Intra- murals. MICHAEL S. GALLEY P.O. Box 5147, Clinton, N.J. 08809 A.B. English Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, WMUH, Muhlenberg Christian As- sociation, Muhlenberg Musical As- sociation, Muhlenberg Christian Drama Workshop. ROBERT C. GARBAK 717 Raikes Rd., Huntingdon Val- ley, Pa. 19006 240 B.S. Biology Student Council, Program Board, Polling Committee, Dining Com- mittee, Weekly, Free University, German Club, Academics Commit- tee, Festival of the Arts, BRUCE FREDERICK GARNER 712 E. 18th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 A.B. Psychology Hillel, Cardinal Key Society, Spokesman Club: Vice-President, WMUH, Weekly. Student Affairs, Sigma Tau Delta, Senior Pledge Drive. DONNA R. GEORGE 819 New St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 B.S. Biology Commuters Club: Vice-President, Education Society. GAIL MARY GEREK 200 Kingsley Rd., Peckville, Pa. 18452 B.S. Biology Freshmen Orientation Committee. 11542 A.B. Economics Accounting WMUH, Chess Club. ROBERT GOODMAN 3344 Woodward Ave., Wantagh, N.Y. 11793 A.B. Sociology Student Council, Women’s Task Force, Sociology Club, Ciarla, Car- dinal Key Society, WMUH, Trans- fer Orientation Committee, Social Life Subcommittee for Middle At- lantic States Evaluation. HARRY FALCK GEBERT 323 Clinton St., Greenville, Pa. 16125 B.S. Natural Science Alph. Tau Omega Fraternity, Var- sity Golf, Intramurals, Muhlenberg Christian Association, Pre-Med Advisory Committee. HERBERT GEORGE GEBERT, III 323 Clinton St., Greenville, Pa. 16125 A.B. Economics LEE ANNE GELLETLY 223 Drake Rd., Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 A.B. English Student Council, Joint Council, Cardinal Key Society, Freshmen Advisor, College Committee on SHARON GIBSON 103 Magnolia Ave., Selinsgrove, Pa. 17870 A. B. Sociology Social Science Joint Council, Dorm Court, Cardi- nal Key Society, Freshmen Advi- sor, Psi Chi, Sociology Club. ROBERT STEVEN GILLER 17 Erwin PL, Caldwell, N.J. 07006 B. S. Chemistry Hillel, Intramurals. HOWARD M. GOLDSTEIN 54 Fieldstone Rd., Levittown, Pa. 19056 B.S. Natural Science Intramurals. JEFFREY JACK GOODMAN 19 Whitney Circle, Glen Cove, N.Y. A gift from the Class of 1926 BERNARD GORDON 4404 Tennyson Rd., Wilmington, Del. 19802 A.B. Economics THOMAS GIRARD GRAVES 803 Kingston Rd., Princeton, N.J. 08540 A.B. Social Science HAROLD GREATHOUSE R.D. 1, Annandale, N.J. 08801 A. B. Economics SUSAN GREEN 50 Shirley Rd., Hatboro, Pa. 19040 B. S. Biology Pom Pom Squad: Co-Captain, Vol- unteer Services Club, Intramurals. STEPHEN P. GRIFFING 208 School Lane, Norristown, Pa. 19401 A. B. Political Science Russian Studies WILLIAM H. GRILL 3 Cheryl Dr., West Long Beach, N.J. 07764 B. S. Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon: Pledge Master, Dorm President, Joint Council, Free University. 241 JOHN DARRELL GROVE 4 S. Cadillac Dr., Somerville, N.J. 08876 A.B. Sociology Muhlenberg Christian Association: Chairman of Christian Witness Committee, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Varsity Soccer. ELISE GRYTKO 250 Shady Lane Dr., Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311 A.B. German Education Society, German Club, Delta Phi Alpha, Intramurals. ROBERTA LELA GUINTHER 955 W. Erie St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A. B. Economics LINDA HABERERN 4205 Lehigh St., Whitehall, Pa. 18052 B. S. Biology Cheerleader: Co-Captain. THOMAS B. HADZOR 139 Matterhorn Rd., Monroeville, Pa. 15146 A.B. Social Science GREG HAGERTY RR 4, Simcoe, Ontario B.S. Natural Science Muhlenberg Christian Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Intramurals. SUSAN HANEY 3579 Westwood Dr., Easton, Pa. 18042 B.S. Biology Joint Council, Dorm Vice-Presi- dent, Institution of Sound, Senior Pledge Drive. ANN CHRISTINE HANLEY D2 Birchwood Dr., Fredonia, N.Y. 14063 A. B. Classics Eta Sigma Phi, Coffeehouse, Col- lege Band, Education Society, Ski Club. ANNE MARIE HANSEN 107 A Niles Hill Rd., New London, Conn. 06320 B. S. Natural Science English MICHAEL C. HARMELIN 16 Overbrook Pkwy., Phila., Pa. 19151 B.S. Natural Science Ice Hockey Club, Varsity Lacrosse, Lambda Chi Alpha: President. STEPHEN J. HART 538 E. Passaic Ave., Bloomfield, N.J. 07003 A.B. Psychology Muhlenberg Christian Association: Treasurer, Institute of Faith, Al- pha Phi Omega, Cardinal Key Soci- ety, Psi Chi. LAUREN ANN HEALY 3 Lantern Dr., Ridgefield, Ct. 06877 A.B. Russian Studies Freshmen Advisor, Russian Club. SCOTT HEIMBACH R.D. 1, Zionsville, Pa. 18092 A.B. Psychology KATHARINE ELIZABETH HEINE 944 Curtin Ave., Lewisburg, Pa. 17837 A.B. German Spelunking Club, Delta Phi Alpha, Muhlenberg Christian Association: Social Action Committee, Varsity Tennis, Dorm Council, German iuryT ' ' m Club: Vice-President, Intramurals: Volleyball. KATHERINE B. HEMSTREET 99 Lynwood Ave., Easton, Pa. 18042 A.B. Art Freshmen Advisor, Resident Advi- sor, Program Board: Art Commit- tee. DIANE CAROL HENLEY 687 Old Schoolhouse Dr., Spring- field, Pa. 19064 A. B. German Mathematics Alpha Phi Omega: Corresponding Secretary, Der Deutsch Verein: Secretary, Treasurer, Education Society, Tutor, Transfer Student Advisor. JOSEPH HERSHMAN 124 Krewson Lane, Cheltenham, Pa. 19012 B. S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society, Dorm Coun- cil, Weekly, College Self-Study Committee, Hillel, International Affairs Club, College Convocations Committee. MARGARET HELOISE HETRICK 537 Conly St., Phila., Pa. 19120 A. B. German Intramurals: Volleyball, Der Deut- sche Verein, Tutor. JAMES A. HEWITT 8715 Maple Ave., Pennsauken, N.J. 08109 B. S. Biology DANIEL J. HICKEY 55 Hudson St., South Glen Falls, N.Y. 12801 B.S. Natural Science Phi Kappa Tau: Vice-President, Intramurals, Varsity Track, Free University. CYNTHIA L. HINAMAN R.D. 2, Williamsport, Pa. 17701 A.B. French German French Club: Secretary, Cardinal Key Society, Education Society, Intramurals. JOANNE MARIE HOEHING 125 Baker Dr., Exton, Pa., 19341 A.B. History Program Board, Freshmen Advi- sor, Mask And Dagger, MET, Muhlenberg Musical Association: Make-up Chairman, Phi Alpha Theta: President. JOHN JEFFREY HOLLAND 86 Elbert St., Ramsey, N.J. 07446 A.B. Sociology MICHAEL P. HOSTINA 609 N. 5th St., Reading, Pa. 19601 A.B. Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. ANDREW M. HOW LEY 307 Bewley Rd, Havertown, Pa. 19083 A. B. Economics German KIRK HUBER 580 Doremus Ave., Glen Rock, N.J. 07452 B. S. Biology Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. WILLIAM B. HUTCHESON 821 Kirk Rd., Decatur, Pa. 30030 B.S. Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Chapel Choir, WMUH. CAROLYN IKED A 912 Lawrence Dr., Emmaus, Pa. 18049 A.B. Political Science Senior Class Secretary, Junior Class Secretary, International Af- fairs Club: Treasurer, Cardinal Key Society, Varsity Tennis, Commut- ers Club, Intramurals, Board of As- sociates, Model U.N., Junior Prom Committee, Transfer Orientation, Pledge Drive Committee, Senior Ball Committee. EDWARD H. ILLIONS 21 Siegfried PI., East Northport, N.Y. 11731 B.S. Natural Science Student Court Justice, Faculty Re- view Board, Student Selection Committee for Associate Dean of Students: Chairman, Ecology Ac- tion Club, Phi Kappa Tau Frater- nity, Intramurals, Hillel, Freshmen Orientation Committee. MARK INGERM AN 804 St. Francil Dr., Broomall, Pa., 19008 B.S. Natural Science BARRY JACOBSON 226 Fawn Hill Rd., Broomall. Pa. 19008 B.S. Natural Science Weekly, Student Court, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: Treasurer. HOWARD I. JACOBSON 5 Amherst Lane, Hazlet, N.J. 07730 B.S. Biology Muhlenberg Musical Association: Set Construction, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon Fraternity: Hegeman. ELIZABETH M. JONES 725 N. 29th St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Psychology Social Science Omicron Delta Kappa: Secretary- Treasurer, Psi Chi, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties, Student Court Justice, College Committee on Student Affairs, College Council, College Band, In- sitution of Sound: Business Man- ager, Personnel Manager, Muhlen- berg Musical Association, Varsity Hockey, Track and Cross Country Statistician, Intramurals: Soccer, Softball, Freshmen Advisor, Fresh- men Orientation Committee, Car- dinal Key Society, Student Repre- sentative to the Board of Associ- ates, Commuters Club, Student Aide in Admissions, Weekly. DUANE THOMAS JONES Flint Hill Rd., R.D. 1, Coopers- burg, Pa. 18036 B.S. Physics MICHAEL D. KANE 3707 Marquis Lane, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006 B.S. Natural Science Spanish Spanish Club, Phi Sigma Iota, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. RICHARD EDWARD KALAMAR 3010 Westminster Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. 18017 A.B. Economics ALEXIS CAROL KAPIKIAN 650 Park Avenue, Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 A.B. French College Band, French Club, Rus- sian Club, Fencing Club. BRIAN D. KARSIF 200 Maple Ave., Wyncote, Pa. 19095 B.S. Natural Science Hillel, Cardinal Key Society, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. SUZANNE ELIZABETH KERNEY 11507 Parkedge Dr., Rockville, Md. 20852 B.S. Biology College Band: Co-Chairman, Dorm Court, Representative to Joint Council, Freshmen Advisor, Spokesman Club, Ecology Club, Intramurals: Volleyball. DOROTHEA MONTGOMERY KERSTETTER Bridle Path Woods, 10C, Bethle- hem, Pa. 18017 A. B. Psychology HOLLY KINCHLEY 67 Forest Ave., Ramsey, N.J. 07446 B. S. Mathematics Student Council: Corresponding Secretary, Honorary Math Society, Student Alumni Group, Class Sec- retary, Freshmen Orientation: Chairman, Intramurals, Freshmen Advisor, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Education Soci- ety. DAVID C. KING Shore Acres Rd., S. Dartmouth, Ma. 02748 A. B. Political Science Social Sci- ence DAVID R. KIRLIN 129 Cherry Tree Lane, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08002 B. S. Biology Cardinal Key Society, Freshmen Advisor, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra- ternity, Muhlenberg Musical Asso- ciation, Muhlenberg Fraternity Council: Secretary-Treasurer, Chapel Choir: Manager, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. JANET ANNE KLAMER 36 Crescent Dr., Whippany, N.J. 07981 B.S. Chemistry Cardinal Key Society, Intramurals, Senior Class Executive Council. DENNIS KLEIN 42 Hudson Ave., Maplewood, N.J. 07040 A.B. Political Science Russian Studies International Affairs Club: Presi- dent, Program Board: Movie Chairman, Omicron Delta Kappa: Secretary, Weekly: Associate Edi- tor, Curriculum Committee, Edu- cational Laboratory, Russian Club, Student Mobilization Committee, Model U.N., Who’s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. RICHARD C. KLOSS 1850 Chew St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Economics Accounting Weekly: Photography Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon, Ciarla, Senior Class Pledge Drive. ARCHIBALD G. KNISELY, IV 1915 Rockford Lane, Lancaster, 244 Pa. 17601 A.B. Economics Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track. PETER KOPPERMAN 2449 W. Tremont St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A. B. Economics Cardinal Key Society, Commuters Club, Muhlenberg Christian Asso- ciation, Alpha Phi Omega. PHILIP WARREN KRAMER 2221 Cambridge Rd., Broomall, Pa. 19008 B. S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society, Intramurals, Weekly: Advertising Manager, Ski Club. MARK KRAWITZ 926 N. Arch St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 B.S. Natural Science Psychology Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity: Treasur- er, Pre-Med Advisory Committee, Psi Chi. CAROLYN E. KRENOS 423 Ridge Ave., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A. B. Psychology Psi Chi, Muhlenberg Experimental Theatre, Festival of the Arts. LARRY E. KREVITZ 7611 Lycoming Ave., Melrose Park, Pa. 19126 B. S. Natural Science Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Varsity Fencing, Drama, Freshmen Orientation Committee. LAURIE FRANCES KRUGER 1189 Jefferson Ave., Rahway, N.J. 07065 A.B. Social Science CHARLES A. KUEHN, JR. 203 Alderson Rd., Washington, N.C. 27889 A.B. Economics Acounting College Band, WMUH: AM Direc- tor, Top 40 Music Director, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Comptrol- ler, Assistant Comptroller, Vice- President. SUSAN M. KUMMER 650 Pebble Hill Rd., Doylestown, Pa. 18901 A. B. Economics Ciarla: Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega: Corresponding Secretary, Transfer Student Advi- sor. DOUGLAS R. LABAR 166 S. 8th St., Bangor, Pa. 18013 B. S. Biology MICHAEL LAFAY 6523 Crusswoods Dr., Falls Church, Va. 22044 A.B. Political Science WMUH, International Affairs Club, Hall Representative. JEFFREY B. LANG 797 Ocean Ave., Long Branch, N.J. 07740 A.B. History Humanities Phi Alpha Theta. RONALD LANGELLA 34 Marwood Ave., Merrick, N.Y. 11566 A.B. Political Science WMUH Radio Station, John Mar- shall Pre-Law Society. JOHN LENTINI 112 Villiage Lane, Phila., Pa. 19154 A.B. Psychology Psi Chi, Intramurals. DAVID LESHER 3825 Stoudts Ferry Bridge Rd., Reading, Pa. 19605 A.B. American Studies ELISSA LEW IN 8091 Fayette St., Phila, Pa. 19150 A. B. Psychology Cardinal Key Society. EVELYN ROSE LEWIS 111 McIntosh Rd, Stamford, Ct. 06903 A. B. History Economics Phi Alpha Theta, Muhlenberg Christian Association, Chapel Choir, Otto plan Member of Stu- dent Council. GINA MARIA LIBASSI 304 Mineola Blvd., Mineola, N.Y. 11501 B. S. Biology Joint Council: Secretary, Treasur- er, Dorm President. DAVID H. LIGHTKEP, JR. 1268 Limekiln Pike, Prospectville, Pa. 19002 A. B. Economics Accounting Varsity Soccer: Co-Captain, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. JONA THAN LISS 335 White Horse Rd., Phoenixville, Pa. 19460 B. S. Natural Science Lanbda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Dr. Harold L. Stenger presenting candidates for degrees 245 TED LITHGOW 36 Mountain Trail, Stamford, Ct. 06903 A.B. Psychology Institution of Sound: Manager, Co- Director, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra- ternity. CYNTHIA L. LODGE 743 Redwood Dr., Southampton, Pa. 18966 A. B. Psychology Omicron Delta Kappa: President, Psi Chi: Vice-President, Student Council, Freshmen Class Vice- President, Sophomore Class Presi- dent, Freshmen Advisor, Cardinal Key Society, Who’s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, Fes- tival of the Arts, Muhlenberg Ex- perimental Theatre: Treasurer, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Senior Class Pledge Drive, College Choir, College Band, Education Society, Varsity Field Hockey, In- tramurals. RICHARD SETH LUBETKIN 29 Greenwood Dr., Millburn, N.J. 07041 B. S. Biology Varsity Wrestling, Chess Club. BRUCE W. LUKE NS 27 Wallingford Ave., Wallingford Arms Apts. 6F, Wallingford, Pa. 19086 A.B. History Education Phi Alpha Theta, Weekly, Educa- tion Society. ERIC BRADFORD LUND 10 Cottage Ave., Staten Island, N.Y. 10308 A.B. Political Science WMUH: Sports Director, Resi- dence Hall Representative, Varsity Baseball, Big Name Committee, John Marshall Pre-Law Society. SCOTT G. MAGUIRE Box 155A Brookside Terr. R.D. 5, Flemington, N.J. 08822 A. B. Economics Chess Club, Intramurals. MICHAEL MAIZEL 1207 Manoa Rd., Phila., Pa. 19151 B. S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society, Weekly, In- stitution of Sound, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity: Treasurer. ROBERT L. MALCHODI, JR. 14 Loder Rd., Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598 A.B. History Mask and Dagger: President, Stu- dent Court Justice, Phi Alpha The- ta, Alpha Psi Omega: Vice-Presi- dent, Cardinal Key Society, Week- ly Photography Staff, Dining Com- mittee. BEN MARTINEZ 459 E. Pine St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042 A.B. Political Science Spanish Varsity Football, Lambda Chi Al- pha Fraternity, Spanish Club. TERRY L. MASTER 1860 S. 2nd St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 B.S. Biology Commuters Club. BONNIE JEAN MATT 745 Amosland Rd., Morton, Pa. 19070 A.B. English Muhlenberg Christian Association, German Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Chapel Choir, Weekly, Arcade. CYNTHIA JANE MAY 128 County Line Rd., Lansdale, Pa. 19446 A.B. Art Psychology Institution of Sound, College Choir, Muhlenberg Musical Associ- ation. HOWARD JAMES MAY MON 11 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Holmdel, N.J. 07733 Conferring of Doctor of Divinity on Luther N. Schaeffer 246 A.B. Economics WMUH Radio Station: Music Di- rector, Station Manager, Weekly, Big Name Committee, Intramur- als: Football, Pi Delta Epsilon. SYLVIA MAZACK Kulp Rd. R.D. 1, Pottstown, Pa. 19464 A. B. Sociology Volunteer Council: President, Transfer Orientation Committee, Committee to Select Associate Dean. RUSSELL MAZDA 409 Atwater Rd., Broomall, Pa. 19008 B. S. Natural Science Varsity Fencing, Cardinal Key So- ciety, Chess Club, Tau Kappa Ep- silon Fraternity: Historian, Intra- murals, President of Residence Halls. MICHAEL L. MCCALL 242 Hillview Dr., Springfield, Pa. 19064 A.B. Economics Accounting Varsity Basketball, Joint Council. ELYSE A. MCFETRIDGE 818 N. Marshall St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Political Science John Marshall Pre-Law Society: President, Commuters Club: Presi- dent, St udent Court Attorney, In- ternational Affairs Club, Freshmen Advisor, Freshmen Orientation Committee, Big Sister, Intramur- als, Senior Class Pledge Drive, Summer Advising. OWEN MCGILLIC UDD Y 12 Lee Dr., West Caldwell, N.J. 07006 A.B. Economics HELEN J. MEDERER 294 North Ave., Fanwood, N.J. 07023 A. B. Sociology Sociology Club: Co-President. VICTOR PAUL MESSINA 510 Orchard Dr., Whitehall, Pa. 18052 B. S. Chemistry DONNA MIEDAMA 115 Elm Ave., Morrisville, Pa. 19067 B.S. Biology Varsity Tennis, Table Tennis Team, Ski Club: Secretary-Trea- surer, Cardinal Key Society. BARBARA ANN MIKKAL 303 Newington Dr., Hatboro, Pa. 19040 A.B. Music College Choir, Institution of Sound, Opera Workshop, Muhlen- berg Musical Association, Phi Sig- ma Iota. CRAIG MILLER 25 E. 61st St., Apt. 2R, New York, N.Y. 10021 A.B. Psychology Spanish Varsity Soccer, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Semester in Seville, Spain. SHE LLEY L. MINCHIN 12 Cedar Grove Rd., Somerville, N.J. 08876 A. B. English Sigma Tau Delta. JOHN MINER OWICZ 25 Salem Drive, Whippany, N.J. 07981 B. S. Biology Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: Ste- ward, Rush Committee, Varsity Football. JEANNE MITMAN 617 Fairway Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 17603 B.S. Chemistry Natural Science Weekly: Sports Editor DEBORAH MOHR 6 York Court, Northport, N.Y. 11760 B.S. Biology International Students Associ- ation, Women’s Task Force, Resi- dent Advisor. KIM E. MONSON 14 Main St., Netcong, N.J. 07857 B.S. Biology Muhlenberg Christian Association, Varsity Basketball, Cardinal Key Society. LYNN ELLEN MOORE 393 W. Paletown Rd., Quakertown, Pa. 18951 A. B. Psychology REBECCA MORRIS 1251 Hart Lane, Warminister, Pa. 18974 B. S. Biology Chapel Choir, Valley Camarata Or- chestra. SUSAN B. MOTAYTES 1144 Haines Ave., Oakford, Pa. 19047 A. B. Economics JANET E. MOYER 417 Hobart St., Gordon, Pa. 17936 B. S. Biology Intramurals, Officiating Women’s Varsity Basketball, Dorm Section Representative. MARCELLA J. MOYER 2435 Washington St., Allentown, Pa., 18104 A.B. Psychology Philosophy Commuters Club, Psi Chi. STEPHEN D. MUENCH 1128 Mahantongo St., Pottsville, Pa. 17901 B.S. Natural Science Ski Club, Curriculum Committee, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Dorm Council, Varsity Track, Var- sity Wrestling. MARGARET ELLEN MULFORD 7 Miller St., Caldwell, N.J. 07006 A.B. Psychology Education Society, College Band. GREGORY SCOTT MUNTZ 420 S. 5th St., Hamburg, Pa. 19526 A. B. Economics Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Varsity Soccer: Co-Captain. SHAUN PATRICK MURPHY 712 Turner St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 B. S. Biology Big Name Concert Committee, WMUH ROBERT EDWARD NEHRING, JR. 440 Bedford Rd., Armouk, N.Y. 10504 B.S. Biology Spanish GAIL SHARON NELSON 30 Oakwood Rd., Allendale, N.J. 07401 A.B. Social Science Dorm Court: Justice, Pre-Law So- ciety, Sociology Club. ELLEN LOUISE NEMESNYIK 207 Ridge Rd., Nutley, N.J. 07110 A.B. Sociology Social Science College Choir, Chapel Choir, Car- dinal Key Society, Sociology Club, Muhlenberg Experimental The- atre: Stage Manager and Cast Member, Muhlenberg Musical As- sociation, Ciarla: Editor-in-Chief, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Pi Delta Epsilon, ODK, Freshmen Advisor, Fresh- men Orientation Committee. STEPHEN E. NIX 163 Mountain Ave., Summit, N.J. 07901 A.B. Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Var- sity Cross Country, Varsity Track. JAMES N. OLIPHANT 5 Park Lane, Madison, N.J. 07940 A.B. Economics Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Var- sity Football. CAT HI V. O’NEILL 18 West Cliff Rd., Colonia, N.J. 07067 A.B. Psychology College Band, Young Republican President, Muhlenberg Musical Association: Stage Manager. KEITH E. ORDEMANN 20 Laurel Hill Rd., Mountain Lakes, N.J. 07046 A.B. Economics Varsity Football, Varsity Golf: Captain, College Committee on Student Affairs, Student Member National Accountant’s Association, Academic All-American, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: Officer, Basketball Statistician. SCOTT ORENS 66 Northview Dr., North Hills, Pa. 19038 B.S. Biology Varsity Track: Captain, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: “Secretary, Vice President. ELLEN E. OSGOOD 11 Boody St., Brunswick, Maine 04011 A. B. Political Science Varsity Field Hockey, Internation- al Affairs Club, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Prom Committee. STEPHANIE R. OSTROWSKI 100 N. Van Buren St., Rockville, Maryland 20850 B. S. Biology Muhlenberg Christian Association: President, Coffee House, Spelunk- ing Club, Arcade. SUSAN PACKER 310 Paper Mill Rd., Oreland, Pa. 19075 B.S. Natural Science Russian Studies Middle States Self-Steering Com- mittee, Dean Search Committee, Associate Dean Search Committee, Festival of the Arts: Films Chair- man, Women’s Intramural Diector, Varsity Basketball, Student Coun- cil, College Curriculum Committee, Cardinal Key Society, Freshmen Advisor, Freshmen Orientation Committee, Russian Club, College Band, ODK, Who’s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, Pre- 248 Medical Advisory Committee, Phi Beta Kappa. JAMES M. PALERMO 413 Lower Main Blvd., Allentown, Pa., 18104 A.B. English Ecology Club, Mask and Dagger, Education Society: President, Eng- lish Dept. Committee of Majors, Sigma Tau Delta. BRADLEY PALMER 220 W. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N.J. 07202 A.B. Political Science Cardinal Key Society, Weekly, In- ternational Affairs Club. SCOTT PAPIER 15 Greenwood Dr., Millburn, N.J. 07041 A. B. Economics RICHARD A, PARIS I 16 Byron Place, Livingston, N.J. 07039 B. S. Natural Science Intramurals, Young Republican Club. DOMENICK LEONARD PASQUALONE 121 Prospect St., Lodi, N.J. 07644 A. B. Economics Varsity M-Club, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Varsity Baseball. CORNELIA LYA PECKMAN 32 N. Wyoming Ave., South Or- ange, N.J. 07079 B. S. Natural Science JOSEPH L. PELLEGRINO 81 Brookside Dr., Greenwich, Conn. 06830 A.B. East Asian Studies German German Club, Varsity Football. KEVIN M. PERN I CANO 58 Sonia Lane, Broomall, Pa. 19008 A.B. Psychology Weekly: Photo Editor, Arcade, Ciarla, Psi Chi: President, Pi Delta Epsilon, Dean Search Committee, Freshmen Advisor, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties, Board of Associates. CATHERINE PERRY 220-12 93 Rd., Queens Village, N.Y. 11428 A.B. English Ski Club, Cardinal Key Club, Edu- cation Society. JILL MERRIL PETERSON 31 Dewey St., Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 A. B. Psychology WENDY B. PETRY 1111 Saw Mill Rd., Mountainside, N.J. 07092 B. S. Biology Program Board: President, Chair- man Special Event s, Ski Club. JEFFREY R. PFAFF 139 Denman Rd., Cranford, N.J. 07016 A.B. Psychology Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. STYLIANOS A. PHILLIPPIDES 56 St. Andreas Ave., Nicosia 106, Cyprus A.B. Economics International Students Association DARRYL PLAYTER 66 Arrowhead Way, Woodbury, Conn. 06798 A.B. Social Science Chess Club, WMUH, Ski Club, In- tramurals. MICHAEL POCALYKO 3250 Lewis Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Address by Dr. Loren C. Eiseley, Benjamin Franklin Professor of Anthropology and History of Science at The University of Pennsylvania 18017 A. B. English Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Stu- dent Court: Chief Attorney, Festi- val of the Arts, Ciarla. DOUGLAS RICHARD POLLAK 13 Ladik Place, Montuale, N.J. 07645 B. S. Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity: Chaplain, Historian, College Band, Muhlenberg Musical Association. JOAN M. POPOVICH 2423 E. Texas Blvd., Allentown, Pa., 18103 A.B. Spanish Chapel Choir, Spanish Club, Com- muters Club, Freshmen Orienta- tion Committee. CAROL ANN PORTER 159 Lawn Ave, Sellersville, Pa. 18960 A.B. Art English MARY L. PRETZ 134 Walnut Lane, Wayne, Pa. 249 19087 A. B. Psychology Varsity Fencing, Resident Advisor, College Choir, Harrisburg Urban Semester. STEPHEN PURCELL 815 Heritage Rd. Cinnaminson, N.J. 08077 B. S. Natural Science Chess Club: Vice-President, Ar- cade. DAVID RAUSCHENBERGER 100 Dill Ave., Perkasie, Pa. 18944 A. B. Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Col- lege Band, Intramurals. STEPHEN JAY RAVICH 7 Seward Dr., Woodbury, N.Y. 11797 B. S. Natural Science Cardinal Key Society, Intramurals, Dining Committee, Varsity Tennis, Ciarla, Weekly. WILLIAM STEVEN RAY 114 Somers Ave., Moorestown, N.J. 08057 A. B. History RODERICK REBER, JR. 215 Surrey Rd., Chalfont, Pa. 18914 B. S. Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. SCOTT RECKER 1935 Port Bishop Place, Newport Beach, La. 92660 B.S. Natural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Asst. House Manager, WMUH, College Choir, Freshmen Advisor, Muhlenberg Musical Association Orchestra, Ski Club, Young Repub- lican Club. DONNA LEE REESE 1400 St. Nicholas Blvd., Plainfield, N.J. 07062 A.B. Political Science MICHAEL J. REID 200 Woodland Ave., Summit, N.J. 07901 A. B. English Varsity Football: Captain, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Education Society, Committee of English Ma- jors, Resident Advisor. BRIAN LEE RE I G ART 1101 Southern Rd., York, Pa. 17403 B. S. Natural Science Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Free University, College Band, Valley Camerata Orchestra. THOMAS F. REILLY, III 28 Plymouth Dr., Marlton, N.J. 08053 B.S. Natural Science Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: Orien- tation Chairman, Rush Chairman. ROBERT B. REYNOLDS 116 Hickory Lane, Naugatuck, Conn. 06770 B.S. Biology Varsity Football, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon Fraternity, Chapel Choir, Muh- lenberg Musical Association: Set Construction HERBERT W. RID YARD 310 Prussian Lane, Wayne, Pa. 19087 B.S. Natural Science Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Varsity Wrestling. CAROL RIKER 489 Riverview Drive, Totowa, N.J. 07512 A.B. Social Science Big Sister, Intramural Volleyball, Delta Phi Nu: President, Women’s Awareness Group. WAYNE A. RINEHART R.D. 2, Box 108, East Stroudsburg, Pa. 18301 A.B. Economics Accounting Class Treasurer, Muhlenberg Christian Association: Treasurer, Intramural Volleyball. KENT JAMES RISSMILLER 147 Upton Rd., Westborough, Mass. 01581 A. B. Social Science Political Sci- ence Student Council Representative, Student Body President, Weekly, ODK, MET. JAMES A. ROBINSON 11 Walnut St., Cooperstown, N.Y. 13326 B. S. Natural Science WAYNE S. ROEDER 351 Lakeview Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 19026 A.B. Psychology Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Varsity Wrestling, College Choir. KATHRYN A. ROHRBACH 216 S. 16th St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A.B. Humanities College Choir, Resident Advisor, Sigma Tau Delta, College Synod Committee. RODRICK ROHRBACH 1029 Sunset Dr., Bluebell, Pa. 19422 A. B. History ANDREW ERIC ROSENBERG 1097 Squirrel Lane, Jenkintown, Pa. 19046 B. S. Biology Natural Science Student Council, Chairman of Fac- ulty Review Board, NSL, Chess Club. NAOMI B. ROSENTHAL 7508 Winchester Ave., Margate, N.J. 08402 A. B. Psychology Campus Girl Scouts, Psi Chi, Delta Phi Nu, Education Society, Hillel. STEPHEN GRANT ROTHSTEIN 1031 E. Vernon Rd,, Philadelphia, Pa. 19150 B. S. Natural Science Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Hillel. BARRY WILLIAM ROVNER 17 Roosevelt Dr., Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 B.S. Natural Science Chess Club: President, Arcade, Pi Delta Epsilon: Secretary-Treasur- er. SALLY ANN RUBINSTEIN 133 Wesley Rd., Ocean City, N.J. 08226 A.B. Psychology Ciarla, Cardinal Key Society, Freshmen Advisor, Freshmen Ori- entation Committee, Muhlenberg Experimental Theatre: Secretary, Dorm Court: President, Senior Class Pledge Drive. BONNIE L. MACLEAN RUBY 133 N. West St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A.B. Russian Studies Russian Club. REBECCA SAEGER 1629 Evans Dr., McLean, Virginia 22101 A.B. Social Science Psychology Resident Advisor, Head Resident Advisor, International Students Association: Secretary, College Choir, WMUH, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties, Freshmen Advisor, Dorm Council Representative, Forum on Human Development. NADINE ELYSE SAHAYDAK 255-04 Kensington PL, Great Neck, N.Y. 11020 A.B. Psychology Psi Chi, Fencing Club: Director of Activities, President. KATHRYN GRACE ST. JOHN 13 Eagle St., Cooperstown, N.Y. 13326 A. B. Social Science GLENN SALO 1701 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown, Pa. 19031 Varsity Basketball, Varsity La- crosse, Intra-Fraternity Council: President. JOHN HUNTER SAMIES 250 W. 11th St., Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815 B. S. Natural Science Alpha Phi Omega: First Vice-Presi- dent, President, Volunteer Ser- vices: Member of Coordinating Council, Muhlenberg Christian As- sociation: Social Action Commit- tee. JOHN PHILLIP SARGE 1915 Cathedral Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006 A. B. History GEORGE FREDERICK SCHIEDER, III 452 Philadelphia Ave., Egg Har- bour, N.J. 08215 B. S. Natural Science Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Varsity Golf, Cardinal Key Society, Chapel Usher, College Band. RAYMOND SCHILLING, III Box 401 R.R. 1, Furlong, Pa. 18925 A. B. Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Rush Chairman, Run-a-thon Com- mittee, Pledge Master, Senior Pledge Drive, Varsity Basketball, FCA. EMILY SCHMIDT Box 147, Jutland Rd., R.D. Hamp- ton, N.J. 08827 B. S. Biology Arcade, Weekly, Student Repre- sentative of Career Planning and Placement Office, Der Deutsche Verein. DENNIS SCHOENEBERGER 681 Jacobsburg Rd., Nazareth, Pa. 18064 A.B. Social Science Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Var- sity Baseball. NINA SCOTT 250 Barnert Ave., Totowa, N.J. 07512 A.B. English Sigma Tau Delta, Education Soci- ety. DEBORAH Y. SEIBERT Box 565, Route 1, Macungie, Pa. 18062 A.B. Economics Accounting Commuters Club, Big Sister. DIANA SERF ASS 1507 Stafore Dr. North, Bethle- hem, Pa. 18017 A. B. Economics Accounting Intramurals: Volleyball, Lacrosse. JANE SESSLER 110 Maiden Lane, Bergenfield, N.J. 07621 B. S. Biology Resident Advisor, Institution of Sound. DAVID N. SHARP 2316 Chew St., Branford, Conn. 06405 A.B. Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Walter O. Staehle speaking for the Class of 1976 Senior Class President, Kathy Ullestad, accepting the flag BONNIE LYNN SHEEDER N. Church St., Moorestown, N.J. 08057 A.B. Art Phi Alpha Theta, Education Soci- ety. PATRICIA D. SHEPPARD 15E Sutton Ave., Moorestown, N.J. 08057 A.B. English Weekly: Business Manager, Stu- dent Representative of Library Committee, Pi Delta Epsilon. ROBERT MARSHALL SHIR VANIAN, JR. 53 Arlene Drive, West Long Branch, N.J. 07764 A.B. Sociology SHERRI SHOENBERGER 2406 Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Sociology Education Society. BRUCE SIECZKOWSKI 41 Dartmouth Rd., Parlin, N.J. 08859 A.B. Economics Accounting CARL EDWIN SILLMAN 671 Beverly Rd., Holland, Pa. 18966 B.S. Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity: Secretary, Vice-President. ELIZABETH SIVER 334 Norton Ave., Endwell, N.Y. 13760 A.B. Social Science Spanish Spanish Club, Resident Advisor, Phi Sigma Iota. ARLENE R. SMITH 76 Brookview Dr., Woodcliff Lake, N.J. 07675 A. B. Spanish Phi Sigma Iota: Secretary, Spanish Club, Cardinal Key Society, Edu- cation Society, Majorettes, Pro- gram Board, Student Council. DEBORAH LEE SMITH 1650 Muhlenberg Dr., Norristown, Pa. 19403 B. S. Biology Commuters Club. MARGARET A. SMITH P.O. Box 511, Chester Springs, Pa. 19425 B.S. Chemistry ODK, Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Psi Omega, Mask and Dagger, Weekly, Muhlenberg Experimental The- atre, Muhlenberg Musical Associ- ation. ROBERTA LEE SMITH 10 Willis Dr., Closter, N.J. 07624 A.B. Spanish Education Society, Varsity Basket- ball, Spanish Club, Neighborhood Community Center Volunteer. THOMAS B. SMYERS, JR. 52 Glenhaven Dr., Glenshaw, Pa. 15116 A.B. History Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Tau Ome- ga Fraternity: Treasurer, Varsity Football. BARBARA W. SNELBAKER 10 Hastings Court, Turnersville, N.J. 08012 A. B. Economics Accounting Muhlenberg Experimental The- atre: President, Mask and Dagger, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Cardi- nal Key Society, Intramurals. LAIJRI LEE SNYDER 150 James St., Landisville, Pa. 17538 B. S. Biology Ecology Club: President, Cycling Club, Beer Party Players, Fair- mont Club. SUSAN J. SNYDER 2824 Elm Ct., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Art Music LEHR A. SORDEN 1339 Division St., Baltimore, Md. 21217 A. B. Political Science East Asian Studies Society, Muh- lenberg College Association of Black Collegians, International Af- fairs Club. HOWARD A. SOURIFMAN 23 Furber Ave., Linden, N.J. 07036 B. S. Natural Science TED SPACE 1861 Wood Rd., Scotch Plains, N.J. 07076 B.S. Biology Spelunking Club, Intramurals, Tu- toring. ROBERT SREDL 35 Nottingham Rd., Glen Rock, N.J. 07452 A. B. History Big Name Concert Committee. JOHN STAGIAS 307 Pitney Dr., Brookside, N.J. 07926 B. S. Biology WALTER O. STAEHLE 20 Rave St., Hicksville, N.Y. 11801 A.B. Economics English 252 Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Class President, Senior Class Pledge Drive, Convocations Award, Intramural Basketball. WILLIAM BRUCE STEDMAN 1051 Hickory Terrace, Boca Raton, FI. 33432 A. B. Political Science BARRY DAVID STEIN 1012 W. Clivedon St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19119 B. S. Biology Union Board, Festival of the Arts, Coffee House, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. MARK STEPHENS 15 Thruway Dr., Bridgewater, N.J. 08807 A.B. Psychology Social Science Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Var- sity Baseball: Co-Captain, Intra- murals. GARY STICH 18 Malvern Rd., Norristown, Pa. 19403 A.B. Economics Russian Studies Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. LOUISE ELLEN STONG 2708 Madison St., Chester, Pa. 19013 A.B. History Education Society: Treasurer, Phi Alpha Theta. CHARLES HENRY STOY, IV 54 Red Rowan Lane, Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462 A. B. Political Science EDWARD ROBERT STRAUCH, JR. 1024 Liberty St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 B. S. Chemistry ARTHUR CHARLES SYMONDS 21 Tibbals Bridge Rd., Madison, Ct. 06443 A.B. History Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Ju- nior Marshall, Athletic Chairman, Varsity Basketball, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Young Repub- licans Club, Intramurals, Weekly, Education Society. NORMAN TABAS 152 Overhill Rd., Bala Cynwyd, Pa. 19004 B.S. Natural Science Ski Club, Table Tennis, Varsity Basketball. STEPHEN FERENCE TAKACS 10 Gerald Place, Rockaway, N.J. 07866 B.S. Physics MARIE T ALP ASH 12 Williams St., Edwardsville, t ' a. 18704 A. B. Russian Studies ROBERT TERRY 13 Mayfair Dr., West Orange, N.J. 07052 B. S. Biology Intramurals: Basketball. STUART CURTIS THAU 993 Ceil Place, Baldwin, N.Y. 11510 A.B. Psychology Social Science Forensic Club: Treasurer, Varsity Tennis, Program Board: Coffee House Chairman, Homecoming Queen Chairman, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Cardinal Key Club. RICHARD CARL THEIS 1021 Raymond Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. 18018 A. B. History LINDA TIMMONS 1630 Manitou Rd., Rochester, N.Y. 14626 B. S. Biology Freshmen Advisor, Phi Beta Kappa. DAVETTE L. TIPPETT 4046 Westaway Dr., Lafayette Hill, Pa. 19444 B.S. Biology Intramurals: Volleyball, Softball. GRACE M. TONKINSON 127 Cedar St., Ephrata, Pa. 17522 A.B. Psychology JENNIFER TORBET 412 Lyncrest Rd., Shillington, Pa. 19607 A. B. Psychology VALERIE TREICHEL 435 W. Athens Ave., Wynnewood, Pa. 19096 B. S. Mathematics Math Honor Society: President, Math Club, Education Society, Tu- tor, Muhlenberg Christian Associ- ation. STEPHEN ROSS TYREE 132 Emerson Lane, Berkeley Heights, N.J. 07922 A.B. History Joint Council, Dorm President KATHY ULLESTAD 23 Shagbark Lane, Hightstown, N.J. 08520 253 A.B. English Spanish Phi Sigma Iota, Homecoming Queen Court, Chapel Choir, Cardi- nal Key Society, Student Council: Secretary, Freshmen Advisor, Freshmen Orientation Committee, Senior Class President, Represen- tative to the Executive Council of Alumni Association, Track Statis- tician, Education Society, Spanish Club, Jr. Prom Chairman, Intra- murals, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIAM UNGER 28 3rd St., Congers, N.Y. 19020 A.B. Psychology Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Karate Club. BETSY URMSTON 10010 Leisure Lane, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 A.B. Economics Pom Pom Squad: Captain, Ski Club: President, Varsity Tennis Team. ROBERT VALENTI 900 Shelburne Ave., Absecon, N.J. 08201 A.B. Psychology DAVID M. VELEBER 71 Merit Ave., Dumont, N.J. 07628 A. B. Psychology Psi Chi, Intramurals. VINCENT R. VICCI, JR. 210 Stoughton Ave., Cranford, N.J. 07016 B. S. Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. ERIC STUART WACHSPRESS 67 Alexander Dr., Syosset, N.Y. 11791 A.B. Political Science WMUH, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Model U.N. DAVID WALL 20 Lindley Rd., Churchville, Pa. 18966 A.B. Psychology Muhlenberg Christian Association, Education Society, Cardinal Key Society. LILY A. WALLMAN 107 Ramblewood Rd., Moorestown, N.J. 08057 A.B. Political Science PATRICIA WAPNER R.D. 2, Allentown, Pa., 18103 A. B. Political Science Commuters Club JOANN L. WEIDLICH 66 Fairview Ave., Somerville, N.J. 08876 B. S. Biology Cardinal Key Society, Senior Ball Committee. BRUCE A. WEINSHEIMER 2413 S. Carbon St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Political Science Commuters Club. STEPHEN J. WEIRBACH 936 N. Leh St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Political Science Commuters Club. MARK P. WERRELL 3 Pulaski St., Bloomfield, N.J. 07003 A.B. Political Science Russian Studies Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: President, Secretary, Russian Club, Model U.N., International Relations Club. JULI ANNE WERSON 635 N. Wood Ave., Linden, N.J. 07036 A.B. Russian Studies Spanish Program Board: Special Events Co-Chairperson, Phi Sigma Iota, Russian Club, Spanish Club, Intra- murals: Football, PomPom Girl, Tutoring Service. MICHAEL J. WESNOFSKE 153 Haverford Rd., Hicksville, N.Y. 11801 A.B. Economics Accounting Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity: Re- cording Secretary, Resident Advi- sor, Intramurals. DAVID WESTERDUIN 311 Calvin Ct., Wyckoff, N.J. 07481 A.B. Psychology Intramurals. CHERYL ANN WETZEL 6 Laurel Dr., Scranton, Pa. 18505 A.B. American Studies Women’s Task Force. FAY A. WHALEN 232 N. 18th St., Pottsville, Pa. 17901 A.B. English Senior Class Vice-President, Sigma Tau Delta: Secretary, Treasurer, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Hock- ey. REBECCA ANN WHITE 34 Wheatland Ave., Shillington, Pa. 19607 A.B. Psychology Varsity Hockey, Ski Club: Secre- tary. SALLY JEAN WIENER H 47 Radwyn, 275 Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010 A.B. Humanities CAROL ANN WILLIAMS 49C Village Green, Budd Lake, N.J. 07828 A. B. American Studies History Phi Alpha Theta. JANICE LEE WILLIAMS 1731 Sycamore St., Haddon Heights, N.J. 08035 B. S. Chemistry Varsity Hockey, Varsity Basket- ball, Faculty Curriculum Commit- tee, Muhlenberg Christian Associ- ation, ODK. NANCY ANNE WILSON 9 Sussex Rd., Mt. Holly, N.J. 08060 B.S. Biology Lacrosse Club, Intramurals, Fresh- men Orientation Committee, Ski Club. JAY VICTOR WORTZEL 14 Ridgewood Dr., Livingston, N.J. 07039 B.S. Natural Science Student Court Chief Justice, Pre- Medical Advisory Committee: Chairman. ROBERT C. WILSON R.D. 4, Bethlehem, Pa. 18025 B.S. Chemistry BRENDA WISE Scotrun, Pa. 18355 A.B. English BARRY WISER 2 Abbott Valley View Dr., Cumber- land, Pa. 02864 A. B. Psychology ALAN JEFFREY WOLFE 334 Rees Drive, King of Prussia, Pa. 19406 B. S. Natural Science STEPHEN S. WOLFE 2619 Tunnel Hill Rd., Lebanon, Pa. 17042. A.B. History Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball. PATRICIA E. WRIGHT 456 Main St., Peckville, Pa. 18452 A.B. Social Science Phi Sigma Iota: President, French Club. LISA ANN YANOLKO 2333 S. 3rd St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Economics JOSEPH A. YELENCSICS Oak Grove Lane, Edison, N.J. 08817 A. B. Sociology Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. JILL YORGEY 1735 31st St. S.W., Allentown, Pa. 18103 B. S. Biology Alpha Phi Omega: Social Chair- man, Muhlenberg Christian Asso- ciation, Cardinal Key Society. JAY ZAGOREN 6 Heritage Ct., Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 A. B. Political Science Varsity Soccer, Varsity Basketball, Model U.N., John Marshall Pre- Law Society. DAVID ZAVALETA 211 Junius St., Thomasville, Ga. 31792 B. S. Natural Science Institution of Sound. TARAS WILLIAM ZAWARSKI 1629 Hastings Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. 18017 A.B. Economics DEBRA ANN ZELLNER 31 Stedman Ave., Lehighton, Pa. 18235 A.B. Psychology Psi Chi: Secretary, Alpha Phi Ome- ga, Muhlenberg Christian Associ- ation. ELIZABETH A. ZIMNY 838 N. Kiowa St., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. English German Sigma Tau Delta. 255 BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1976 CATCH THE SPIRIT THE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION THEMEBcn s NATIONAL III BANK MUHLENBERG COLLEGE PROGRAM BOARD WISHES THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ’76 THE BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE. Dunkin Donuts Customer Services 821-7215 22 Great Banks to serve you Merchants IIIBank V C ailu TUC hont in Easily . . . THE bank in town. MEMBER FDlC 15th Tilghman Sts. Allentown, Pa. 18102 Open 24 Hrs. — 7 Days Week MARKER COOPER COLOR INC. Donald C. Urmston President 3006 Mercury Road South, Jacksonville, Fla. 32207 904 733-2855 257 M. W. WOOD , INC. Food Service Management 3320 Hamilton Boulevard Allentown, Pennsylvania BROWN, FULFORD MUNSIE 435-6751 258 FREEMAN’S DAIRY 7416 SEVENTH STREET NORTH ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 259 CONGRATULATIONS To The Class Of ’76 From The Class Of ’ 79 linen uniform service, inc. LEHIGH VALLEY INDUSTRIAL PARK P.O. BOX 2268 • ALLENTOWN, PA. 18001 260 With more than 50 services ! NATIONAL BANK st — st — st — . -4 ' ! -v. 4 sl " V. t - jt 4 ■ NATIONAL I NATIONAL | NATIONAL f NATIONAL ' ' I NATIONAL f NATIONAL (NATIONAL (NATIONAL ' I NATIONAL I BANK BANK BANK BANK - J BANK BANK BANK BANK BANK f sf " N, NATIONAL BANK DAVOR PHOTO, INC. 621 Bristol Pike Andalusia, Pa. 19020 215 — 638-2490 Photographer: Tony Mazzocca FACULTY PATRONS Many thanks to Don Moore Dr. Charles S. Bednar The 1976 Ciarla Staff K. S. Van Eerde The Rev. and Mrs. George F. Eichorn Lona Gross Jay H. Hartman Herbie Pam McAbee Dr. John H. Morey Kenneth T. Moyer Dr. Richard A. Rauner Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Romig Henry Schmidt Drs. Rohini and Vimla Sinha Ann E. Wonsiewicz SENIOR PARENT PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Nick Baran Leonard and Ruth Bassoff Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Becker Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Beckett Ernest and Lila Bierhoff Robert Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cherishian Mr. and Mrs. Edward Conley Mr. and Mrs. William DeLuca Dr. and Mrs. R.H. Detwiler The Dicksons Mr. and Mrs. Hager E. Erb Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Feinblatt Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Finger Dr. and Mrs. John H. Forster Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fox Mrs. Gerald M. Frick Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Garner Dr. and Mrs. H.G. Gebert, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gelletly Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gerek Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Giller Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Green Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grill Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Grytko Mr. and Mrs. Clinton J. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Herman S. Hershman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Joeseph G. Hoehing Mrs. Emily Hostina Mr. and Mrs. George K. Ikeda Jone and Ed Kinchley Mr. and Mrs. Oscar A. Klamer Mr. and Mrs. Irv Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Kuehn Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Kummer Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Langella Mr. and Mrs. Russell Leatherman Mrs. Claude Lodge Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mazack Emil F. Mitman Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Monson Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mulford Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Muntz Office Utilities, Inc. Bob and Harriet Ordemann James S. Playter and Arthur F. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Warren Seibert Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Shirvanian Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A. Smith Jr. Chaplain and Mrs. James Snelbaker Mr. and Mrs. William Sourifman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Staehle Dr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Stephens Sarah Strong Dr. and Mrs. David W. Tippett Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Ullestad Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams Dr. and Mrs. Martin H. Wortzel Mr. and Mrs. Max Zagoren Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Zavaleta Publishers: AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY Topeka. Kansas Campus Representative William J. O ' Brien 262 A SAD ( ? ) FAREWELL FROM THE CLASS OF ' 76 (Juniors — Eat Your Hearts Out!) 263 XUOW 1 V . ' C ' sfb O ' N d this- . J , ■C ' S ri ' eK O ' Qj $ 1 he. UH-le Re J I 4 en , U i c 0 P jf.y. u Uhc u)Ul Kelp nne p an+ -Hus ujhea+? ' “A ot T 54. +Ae dodc. " Then X . i i r 11 i ill do Y- LLe-n , 1 — it Uii(t do + rviusel : P “ Stf-c Lf C ?, { " V,. A+eo , " U+ 5 w.- a.|jo ea+ -tfc«. brwd Q 8 iC 5 -Uprjp nrvvj 5 tlf voKen - e, 4-» ' ne co ones . " Iov£ you and lookjog -foi —I N ° A 5 always, j£ Utand v J 5 For ”3 S ' nqtrs TMNKil i r TMNKij Love. v W y - AJofrrws r v v Co ' • V c ' ° € Roumd TftBLE Cv l n TvTr e, 01 bceofet, (_x U £®wX vOo. cr ot ' «•? . °o We i$ W A 3 ©W) „V A J“ n _u. ' ks Q ) £L. J ' v tAvSBCb " ' - i bot - r vx»toi «- ■S V»

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