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4 4 CIARLA 1975 MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Table of Contents Academics — Faculty and Clubs .... page 18 Special Events . page 66 Social and Honorary Fraternities . . page 106 Sports page 126 Candids and Current Events page 178 Underclassmen and Admissions . . . page 190 Seniors , .... page 202 4 All my life’s a circle Sunrise and sundown The moon rolls through th night ime, ’ til the daybreak come around. All my life’s a circle, but I can’t tell you why. The seasons spinning round again, the years keep on rolling by. 9 Seems like I’ve been here before, but I can’t remember when. But I’ve got this funny feeling, that I’ll be back once again. 13 ADMINISTRATION Dr. John H. Morey, President of the College Dr. Charles S. Bednar, Associate Dean of the College 20 Henry A. Acres, Chancellor Dr. Charles S. McClain, Acting Dean of the College Dr. R. Dale LeCount, Jr., Dean of Students Rev. George F. Eichom, Jr., Director of Church Relations Thomas E. Dixon, Assistant Treasurer Anne Graham Nugent, Associate Deem of Students and Dean of Women Charles R. Stecker, Jr., Controller Clair F. Fetterhoff, Treasurer Roland W. Dedekind, Registrar Francine B. Zoll, Coordinator of Housing David M. Seamans, Union Director RESIDENT ADVISOR FIRST ROW: Jim Hewitt, Dave Kobza, Craig Bemecker, Betty Rybowski, Mary Conley, Chris Beebe, Warren Ventriglia, Patty Nigro. SECOND ROW: Karen Rygalo, Kathy Hem- street, Sally Badgley, Mike Yaklich, Jane Sessler, Mike Reid. THIRD ROW: Becky Saeger, Sue Spitzer, Mary L. Pretz, Steve Eadline. G. William Armold, Jr., Director of College Relations Gene M. Miller, Assistant Dean of Students 22 Fredric B. Cort, Alumni Affairs and Timothy Romig, Director of College Alma Deutsch) Director of Personnel Resources Loretta Mitchell, Director of Purchasing and General Services 23 Dr. James R. Vaughan, Biolosrv. Department Head SCIENCE Dr. John C. Weston, Biology Dr. R. L. Schaeffer, Jr., Biology Mrs. Patricia Ann Seyer, Biology Dr. Carl S. Oplinger, Biology Paul W. H. Weaver, Biology 24 Dr. G. N. Russell Smart, Chemistry Dr. Donald W. Shive, Chemistry Dr. Katherine Lee Chen, Chemistry Dr. Richard A. Rauner, Chemistry Mrs. Mary Jo Gilbert, Chemistry Dr. David N. Stehly, Chemistry 25 Dr. Harry L. Raub, ID, Physics Dr. Robert A. Boyer, Physics, Department Head LEFT TO RIGHT: Kurt Frantz, Keith Mertz, Thor Thorson, Tom Rinehart, Bill Franz, Steve Albers, George Mozurkewich. SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS Muhlenberg’s Society of Physics Students is a campus or ganiza- tion dedicated to the advancement and appreciation of the science of physics. The Society has members who are students in the physics department, as well as in other majors. During the 1974-75 academic year, the Society has sponsored bi- weekly colloquiums. Topics for discussion have come from all branches of the physical sciences, presented by films and lectures, from student research, physics department faculty interests, and from outsiders in the field. Each year, the SPS schedule of events is culminated by a spring picnic at Cedar Park, attended by society members and the phy- sics faculty. A close rapport has developed in the physics department between faculty and students, largely due to the efforts of the SPS, and beneficial to all concerned. 26 ECOLOGY ACTION CLUB ROW ONE: Rich Braunschweiger, Lauri Snyder, Rhonda Witt. ROW TWO: Ken Knowles, Ed Ulions, John Bolster, Sue Blumenstein, Steve Brand, Tom Michels. The Muhlenberg Ecology Ac- tion group functions to educate members of the college com- munity about environmental problems, and to confront sources of environmental dis- ruption in hopes of finding sui- table solutions. At meetings, the group dis- cusses ecological problems and probable remedies, and fre- quently includes speakers on various aspects of the environ- ment and man’s relation to it. Robert J. Wagner MATH Dr. Adnah G. Kostenbauder, Department Head Dr. Ernest C. Ackerman Dr. John I. Nassar Dr. D. Craig Munshower Robert K. Stump 26 ECONOMICS Wilson N. Serf ass, Jr. Dr. John G. Voyatzis Dr. Rohini P. Sinha, Department Head Dr. Henry M. M. Richards Richard C. Bauer 29 SEATED: Steve Weiner, Eleanor Hamilton, Dr. Silas White, Debbie Zellner, Naomi Rosenthal. STANDING: Marilyn Pawluk, Kathy Parks, Katiebelle Edwards, Kevin O’Connor, John Schnehl, Gail Loigman, Judy Jones. PSI CHI Psi Chi, the honorary psychology fraternity, kept interest high with the presentation of Nos Fer- atu, the original “Dra- cula” film. Career speak- ers in psychological fields highlighted meetings. Psi Chi’s year ended with the meeting of their colloquium during the first weekend in May, and a re- tirement reception for Dr. Walter Brackin. Dr. George A. Frounfelker Dr. Kenneth R. Graham Dr. Thomas F. Lohr, Department Head PSYCHOLOGY 30 Dr. Theodore Maiser 31 POLITICAL SCIENCE wL , ■m .... Jam Mm SEATED: Gail Nelson, Dan Hershman, John Schmehl, Elyse McFetridge. STANDING: Ed Kut- chin, Jay Zagoren, Larry Hershman. Dr. Charles S. Bednar, Department Head JOHN MARSHALL PRE-LAW SOCIETY The John Marshall Pre-Law Society is an organization of students interested in a law career. The society invites law school deans to the campus during the year and sponsors other programs whose purpose is to acquaint members with the various aspects of a law career. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS CLUB The International Affairs Club is relatively new at ’Berg. Its pur- pose is to create a sense of aware- ness of international affairs on campus, to sponsor and organize the annual Model United Nations excursion, to promote speakers, forums, and films relevant to in ternational problems, and to pro- mote international understanding, with the hope that this can be a means toward world peace. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Stedman, Ellen Donsky, Elyse McFetridge, Cliff Barr, Dennis Klein, Dan Hershman, Sue Packer, Barb Coxe, and Larry Hershman. 32 SEATED: Mike Kaliner, Diane Walters, Barb Coxe. STANDING: Bill Stedman, Sarah Mueller, Chris Poulos, Ellen Donsky, Lynne Ikeda, Steve Griffing, Georgia Crump, Dennis Klein. MODEL UNITED NATIONS This year, thirteen delegates were sent to the National Model United Nations sponsored by Harvard University at the Statler Hilton in New York. The students prepared by studying the country they represented, Pakistan, writing resolutions for the various committees, and studying parliamentary procedure. While at the confer- ence, they attended a reception at the U.N., and participated in mock committee and General Assembly meetings. Alton J. Slane Dr. Stewart S. Lee Dr. Lawrence Juda SOCIOLOGY Dr. Frank J. McVeigh 34 Charles W. Tremer Dr. Roger Baldwin Dr. Joseph A. Francello, Department Head FOREIGN LANGUAGES Dr. Robert Gordon, Spanish 35 Dr. John T. Pearce, French and Spanish Dr. Kenneth W. Webb, Spanish Robert K. Bohm, Classics Dr. Biruta Cap, French 36 Dr. Albert Kipa, German and Russian Dr. Raymond A. Phillips, German and Chinese Dr. Adolph H. Wegener, German 37 ETA SIGMA PHI The Alpha Rho Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, the national honorary classical fra- ternity, was formed in 1931 as an out- growth of the Classical Club. It is open to students who have completed Greek or Latin courses and are interested in the culture, beauty, and wisdom of the ancient world. The 1974-1975 activities included speakers from area colleges and the national convention in Miami, Fla. LEFT TO RIGHT: Chris Hanley, Sue Blumenstein, Mr. Bohm — advisor, Craig Staller, Kevin Bausman, Missing From Picture: Cheryl Hoeffler, Andy Feldman, Henry Herbener, Dale Fein- blatt, Steve Fermier. PHI SIGMA IOTA Phi Sigma Iota, the national romance language honor society, meets monthly to deal with certain phases of the cul- tural life of countries where the romance languages are spoken. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruta Blatchens, Kyle Griffith, Bonnie Gibson, John MacLaughlin, Ellen Donsky, Mike Kane, Liz Bemecker. 38 RUSSIAN CLUB The Russian Club serves as an organization to acquaint inter- ested students with the life and culture of Russia and the other republics of the Soviet Union. The club sponsors such activities as speakers (Dr. Nicholas Balabkins who spoke on Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago); films (The Brothers Karamazov), talks, and slide shows by stu- dents who have visited the U.S.S.R. Cultural activities play a large part in the club’s purpose: Russian folk dancing or Ukrain- ian Easter egg dying have been featured. The club’s advisor is Dr. Ziedonis. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marie Talpach, Steve Griffing, Lauren Hely, Tim Koch, Sue Packer, Debbie Martinsen, Brooke Daley, Marilyn Macknik, Lynne Marcus, Linda Roddenberry. DER DEUTSCHE Der Deutsche Verein, the oldest departmental group at Muhlenberg, stimulates in- terest in German Language and heritage, through specia- lized programs and informal use of the language. FRONT: Kevin Pemicano, Bonnie Matt, Ingrid Haenni, Susie Vogel. BACK: Deborah Eichom, Patricia Brose, Gayle Legenza, Diane Henley, Barb Muldrow. ON FLOOR: Claudia Beach. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club promotes interest in the language and culture of Spain. Dinners, movies, lectures and fiestas make the activity calendar of the club. Spanish Club members are also involved in teaching English to the Allentown Spanish Community. DELTA PHI ALPHA The national German Honor Fraternity, Delta Phi Alpha, seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship. The Fraternity aims to promote the study of the German language, literature, and civilizations, and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture which are of universal value and which contribute to man’s eternal search for peace and truth. 39 ENGLISH Debbie Higgins, Bryan Zeiner, Kathy Bouzakis, Kathy Kennedy, Dan Humbert FORENSIC SOCIETY The “Mumbleberg” Forensic Team is a debating organization which also participated in public speaking contests. They began this year without a coach or a team and now have two coaches and one of the largest Forensic teams in Muhlenberg history. They attended seven tournaments this year, won numerous trophies in both debate and public speaking, and several of their members have qualified to attend Public Speaking Nationals in Niagra, New York. Also, it is the only co-ed team on campus. 40 Dr. Stenger, George Mozurkewich, Ellen Nemesnyik, Cyndy Ciangio, Jon Phillips, Rosa Palmer, Allen Weiner, Bill Franz, John Gaggin, Steve Fermier. PI DELTA EPSILON The main purpose of Pi Delta Epsilon is to recognize individuals who have been outstanding in the fields of journalism, communications, and creative writing and to promote cooperation among the various campus media. The fraternity works throughout the year to enrich and assist the student publica- tions and communications systems. SEATED: Jane Watts and Cyndy Ciangio (co-editors). STANDING: Dave Cooper, Barry- Rovner, Bonnie Matt, Fred Schaaf, Carol Porter, Ray Gibello, Steve Purcell. Missing: Phil Algosino, Dave Berry, Dr. Stenger (advisor). ARCADE The Arcade is the school literary magazine which comes out once each semes- ter. As one of the four forms of student communication on campus, it attempts to incorporate a great variety of creative endeavors such as poetry, plays, essays, short stories and other prose complemented by photography, drawings, paint- ings and other two-dimensional pieces of art. The Arcade staff attempts to select the material which in their opinions is of the highest quality of all sub- missions. Anyone may join the staff for either or both semesters, although most people join for at least one year. This past year the Arcade joined Sigma Tau Delta and Pi Delta Epsilon in honoring Dr. Harold Stenger, Jr., at a dinner and dramatic reading for his twentieth anniversary as chairman of the English Department. The Arcade also sponsors poetry readings during the academic year. Anthony C. San tore 41 WEEKLY Attempting to achieve an in- tellectuality in reporting as well as in analytical writing, the Weekly staff publishes approxi- mately twenty-five times each academic year. Besides covering campus events, it stresses issu es on other campuses and in the nation. Faculty and especially students look forward to Thurs- day each week, when free copies are available at the Union desk. BEHIND THE TABLE: Nancy Gussow, Emily Schmidt, Rich Kloss, Bruce Gamer, Greg Fox, Bill Franz, Patty Sheppard, Dave Berry. ON THE TABLE: Todd Kelman, Chris Finch, Charles Wray. IN FRONT OF THE TABLE: Lisa Masakowski, Margaret Smith, Marcia Futter. Donald L. Moore Craig Staller, Rosa Palmer, George Mozurkewich (editor), John Gaggin. WEEKLY SENIORS 42 ROW 1: Dr. Harold Stenger (advisor), Jacqueline Swick, John Gaggin, Rosa Palmer (officers). ROW 2: Fay Whalen, Shelley Minchin, Charles Wray, Stephanie Zimmt, Cyndy Ciangio, Patricia Garrell, Judy Pappas, Jim Palermo, Janet Hooker. SIGMA TAU DELTA The purpose of Sigma Tau Delta is “to promote the mastery of written expression, to encourage significant reading, and to foster a spirit of fellowship among men and women specializing in English.” Chapter activities during the past year have included a drama poetry reading and banquet in honor of Dr. Stenger’s twentieth year as English Department Chairman, a Robert Frost Festival, a theatre trip, and casual get-togethers for discussion and reading of literature. To be eligible for membership an undergraduate must have completed at least four courses of advanced work in English, have attained an average of 3.25 in all English courses taken, and have achieved a minimum cumulative average of 2.75. In addition, he must have demonstrated a vital interest in literature and in the activities of the fraternity. Dr. Jay H. Hartman Dr. Claude E. Dierolf 43 w •tn f s 1 ROW 1: Ken Wonderland, Bill Woods. ROW 2: Bruce Holes, Larry Moray, Dave Steinberg, Janet Hansen, Gail Nelson, Dante La Rocca, Steve Ginsburg, Jayne Beckler, Matt Rudd. ROW 3: Maribeth Todisco, Camillo De Santis, Phil Harris, Sally Rubinstein, John McLaughlin, Cyndi Lodge, Barb Snelbaker, Carol Bremiller, Gail Long. MUHLENBERG EXPERIMENTAL THEATER The Muhlenberg Experimental Theater is a student theatrical group which experiments with unusual contemporary plays and with new theater media. A workshop was conducted by MET on directing, and a sensitivity and improvisation session was featured in March. The Fall. 1974 production was Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the Spring 1975 production was Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard, directed by Cyndy Ciangio. ALPHA PSI OMEGA The Gamma Mu chapter of Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic fraternity with membership extended to upperclassmen who have made a significant contribution to drama on the Muhlenberg campus. Bob Malchodi, Tom Fortmuller (president), Dotty Toran (secretary), Kris Leesment (vice- pres.), Neil Berkowitz. Dr. Nelvin L. Vos Dr. Robert B. Thornburg ROW 1: Kris Leesment, Bob Malchodi (treasurer), Dotty Toran (secretary), ROW 2: Bill Braak, Bev Porrazzo, Eleanor Hamilton, JoAnne Hoehing, Tom Fortmuller (president), Holly Ed- dinger, Neal Berkowitz. Dr. Andrew H. Erskine MASK AND DAGGER Mask and Dagger is a society to promote interest and oppor- tunities in the dramatic arts on the Muhlenberg campus through at least one contemporary play and one classical pro- duction. This year’s undertakings were Robert Anderson’s Tea and Sympathy and Shakespeare’s Othello. Dr. Minotte M. Chatfield 45 HISTORY Dr. Joanne S. Mortimer Dr. Victor L. Johnson Dr. John J. Reed, Department Head PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta, the national honorary history frater- nity, has as its purpose to recognize “conspicuous attain- ments and scholarship in the fields of history.” The chapter meets periodically for discussions, not only of his- torical, but also of political and economic value. Field trips of historical import are also taken. 46 SEATED: Bonnie Sheeder, Larry Hershman, Wendy Zahn, Chris Beebe. STANDING: Jeff Gordon, Jon Koch, Carol Fuller. Dr. Edwin R. Baldrige, Jr. 47 EDUCATION FIRST ROW: Louise Stong, Karen Dickson, Linda Armbruster, Elise Grytko. SECOND ROW: Alyece Brown, Linda Speidel, Valerie Slott, Jeanne Merten, Nancy Brobst. THIRD ROW: Debbie Higgins, Sue Petrick, Cyndi Lodge, Debbie Reinhard, Joanne Lacamara, Katiebelle Edwards. FOURTH ROW: Sue Schabacker, Diane Henley, Carol Fuller, Lynne Eriksson, Sherrie Shoen- berger. STANDING: Mr. Edward Anhalt, Jill Sangrey. EDUCATION SOCIETY The Muhlenberg College Chapter of the Student Pennsyl- vania State Education Association was founded in 1943. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for inter- ested students to become better acquainted with the various op- portunities and problems in the teaching profession. The Society’s activities include field trips, se- minars, conferences, and guest speakers. Membership is open to all interested students. Mrs. Gail Famham 48 ft Edward F, Anhalt Mrs. Ann W. Tarola Dr. M. Scott Phenix Dr. John C. MacConnell, Department Head 49 RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY Dr. David H. Bremer, Religion; Chaplain Dr. Hagen Staack, Religion Department Head Dr. William Jennings, Religion Rev. Jesse B. Renninger, Religion HILLEL Officers — President: Cindy Grossman; Executive Board: Steve Brint, Amie Feltoon, Cornelia Peckman, Carla Siegelbaum. Hillel provides an opportunity for the Jewish students at Muhlenberg to meet and associate with other Jewish stu- dents and to continue their Jewish education in an infor- mal setting. Hillel deals with areas in religion, politics (Israel and its various relations), culture (Jewish art, films, music), and other topics of interest which are relevant to the Jewish student. Activities during 1974-75 included: a reception for fresh- men and parents during orientation; the screening of Ex- odus; a slide presentation and lecture about Soviet Jewry; a Hanukkah party; and a lox and bagel brunch. Hillel also sponsored an informal lecture and discussion with Dr. Juda on “possibilities of peace in the Middle East”, a game room night, regular Sabbath services, and a swim party at the Jewish Community Center. The group plans an informal lecture series on Jewish customs and social problems. Dr. Rodney E. Ring, Religion MUHLENBERG CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Muhlenberg Christian Association moved in full force in 1974-75. The group newsletter Eschaton was born in the Fall. The MCA participated in witnessing for the Leighton Ford crusade, and also the World Hunger Appeal at Thanksgiving, when seven Thanksgiving baskets were personally delivered to needy families in the Lehigh Valley. A Forum series was sponsered, entitled “The Christian and Contemporary Society.” Weekly Contemporary Eucharist, Bible Study and Sunday evening fellowship groups met throughout the year. Two retreats highlighted the year, one each semester. In the Fall, the theme was “Exploring the nature of Community.” The Spring retreat, held jointly with Cedar Crest College was entitled “The Richness of Christian Life.” MCA also sponsored a Korean orphan child through the Christian Children’s Fund. The Enlightening Fire, presented as Chancel drama, and Natural High, a musical expressed faith on stage and in song. MCA members kept musically active in singing Christmas carols and sponsoring a square dance. Dr. Frank Seilhammer was featured speaker for the MCA’s Institute of Faith in the Spring. FRONT ROW: Stephanie Ostrowski, Kevin Bausman, Kim Monson, Steve Kauffman, Jill Yorgey, John Hazel. SECOND ROW: Peter Kopperman, Craig Staller, Rick Becker, Steve Hart, John Elfers, John Gaggin. Dr. Dan D. Crawford, Philosophy Dr. J. Miriam Blackwell, Religion Dr. Ellen Callmann, Art, Department Head Alfred J. Colarusso, Art Nancy Sanquist, Art FINE ARTS Linda Weintraub, Art Thomas R. Sternal, Art L. TO R. Sue Vogel, Jane Sessler, Joel Harding, Tom Fortmuller, Lynne Eriksson, Ingrid Haenni, Liz Jones, Ted Lithgow, Dave Zavaleta, Bruce Walker, Matt Koch, Dan Kleinrock, FRONT Tom Rinehart INSTITUTION OF SOUND The Institution of Sound is a performing musical group of singers and instrumentalists. The group performs locally at country clubs, restaurants, schools and churches, and gives annual benefit concerts at local prisons. L. TO R. John Kruglinski (business manager), Peter Auster (FM program director), Sue Meyer (secretary), John Phillips (station manager). W.M.U.H. WMUH-FM (89.7) began its second year in full stereo in theFall, 1974. The mixed progressive, jazz, classical, and top 40 schedule was enhanced with several new shows. Tuesday and Thrusday nights brought to Allentown the Old-Time Ra- dio Theater shows originally aired in the golden age of radio such as the Jack Benny Program, Inner Sanctum, and Fibber Magee and Molly. Live at ’Berg spotlighted a Muhlenberg musician every Sunday night and Comedy ’Berg presented a weekly hour of record comedy. Alan Weiner lead the Sports department, and broadcast all football and basketball games. The 1974-75 year was one of a greatly expanding staff and renewed interest by listeners and staff on WMUH-FM stereo 90 and WMUH-AM 640. Sill ps S3M FRONT ROW: Ron Langella, Peter Auster, Kathy Haines, Ken Novian, Sue Meyer, Steve Herman, John Phillips, Dave Middlemas. MIDDLE ROW: Shaun Murphy, Steve Fermier, Howard Maymon. BACK ROW: Eric Lund, Rich Braunschweiger, John Kruglinski. THE COLLEGE BAND 54 The Muhlenberg College Band performs two concerts during the academic year, as well as during halftime activities at home football games. This year the band had the honor of performing at the State Capital in Harrisburg. if | 1 | ’M f K 1 HI 1 1 1 1 1 1 if -M 1 d r Ajj gy 1 1 w $ ) -Ahi Si ' Si a K f . m , JIM - M • ' " " fl iOB yWf, ■ . j , r f ■ rr v [ML , JftjT " u A y A FIRST ROW: Ann Benson, Ellen Nemesnyik, Lynne Eriksson, Dotty Toran, Joe Brown, Wendy Schwab, Jan Hooker, Cyndi Lodge. SECOND ROW: Charmaine Brandow, Michelle Leposa, Lauren Lee, Mike Boyer, Sue Faye, Ginny Petersen, Marion Kan del, Dave Kirlin, Craig Staller. THIRD ROW: Gail Skowron, Sue Lose, Alfred Cottrell, Kathy Dahlberg, Ken Wonderland, Jim Christie, Jeff Green, Steve Kauffman, Tom Fortmuller, Steve Weiner. MUHLENBERG MUSICAL ASSOCIATION The Muhlenberg Musical Association presents a popular mu- sical for the college community each spring. This year’s produc- tion was Promises, Promises by Neil Simon with music by Burt Bacharach and lyrics by Hal David. Jeremy Slavin, Music Ludwig Lenel, Music FRONT ROW: Barbara Mikkal, Jacqui Swick, Lauren Lee, Nancy Hood, Patricia Reynolds, Georgia Crump, Sue Petrick, Kay Neiman, Virginia Petersen, Cathy Dahlberg, Diane Walters, Becky Saeger, Nancy Hill. SECOND ROW: Ingrid Haenni, Sara Henrich, Gail Skowron, Sue Endres, Barbara Reitz, Charmaine Brandow, Sara Mueller, Lisa Moyer, Barbara Muldrow, Kathy Collins, Ellen Keuhn, Karen McNulty, Dene Pekter, Leanne Kuhnsman. THIRD ROW: Cindy May, Mary Pretz, Lynne Eriksson. FOURTH ROW: Jon Hand, Mike Boyer, Tom Rinehart, Jon Worley, Lee Ward, Neil Feltham (manager), Gary Kalajian, Harry Morrow, Bruce Cook, Steve Kauffman, Tristan Kohut. FIFTH ROW: Wayne Rinehart, Scott Recker, Tom Stackhouse, Tim Koch, Peter Gifford, Craig Staller. COLLEGE CHOIR The Muhlenberg College Choir presents two concerts on campus each year, sings for mid- week Chapel services, and takes a spring tour for several days presenting concerts in churches. This year the College Choir visited New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. FIRST ROW: Magretta Jolliff, Sara Henrich, Peter Rustico, John Hazel, Pam Larsen, Mimi Groman. SECOND ROW: Lisa Masakowski, Nini Zanetti, Barbara Schake, Kathy Bouzakis, Kathy Treweeks, Anne Merl. THIRD ROW: Bob Reynolds, Wayne Rinehart, Chris Finch, Bill Hutcheson, Kim Anderson, John Elfers, Linda Dunham, Roberta Assenheimer. CHAPEL CHOIR The Chapel Choir performs each Sunday by leading the singing of the hymns and liturgy and providing special choral music for the Sunday morning services. An outing is held each spring at which time recognition awards are given. Harvey Huiner, Music 56 ATHLETICS Mike Maliefsky, Tim Weber, Don Pasqualone, Mark Stephens. VARSITY “M” CLUB The “M” Club is an organization of those athletes who have earned a varsity letter and are in good academic standing. The Outstanding Junior Athlete Award is given each year to the junior who has received distinction both athletically and academically. CHEERLEADERS The Varsity Cheerleaders arouse school spirit at all home and away football games and all home and some away basketball games. Raymond J. Whispell Helene H. Hospodar FIRST ROW: Debbie Tragesser, Mara Levinson, Barb Mattlage. SECOND ROW: Linda Haberem, Mary Beth Bouboulis, Nancy Hill, Mary Ellen Schaaf, Karen Greber. THIRD ROW: Joan Bean, Debbie Bianco, Kyle Griffith. 57 Samuel T. Beidleman 58 FIRST ROW: Barb Blatt, Sue Kronenthal, Helen-Marie Shriver, Beth Anderson. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Smith, Jane Kotch, Ellen Donsky. COLOR GUARD (above) POM POM GIRLS (left) MODERN DANCE (below) Color Guard, Pom Pom Girls and Modem Dance Club are three activi- ties under the direction of Mrs. Con- nie Kunda. The Color Guard and Pom Pom Girls provide colorful and creative halftime shows at home foot- ball games. The Modem Dance Club studies dance technique, composi- tion, and improvisation which cul- minate in their annual spring perfor- FIRST ROW: Leana Maloney (co-captain), Betsy Urmston (co-captain). SECOND ROW: Linda Liquori, mance during Festival of the Arts. Barb Schake, Mary Culp, Susie Greene, Barb Shoemaker, Leslie Win. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Hall, Roberta Assenheimer. Connie Kunda ON FLOOR: Leslie Winn, Valerie Parsons. STANDING: Lisa Clausen, Cheryl Hall Mara Levinson, Mary Thompson, Michele Dungee, Nancy Gussow, Lisa Gear, Alyece Brown, Pam Larson, Craig Stump. 59 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Pat Nigro, Karyn Helene, Karen Aresty, Martie Koehler, Bev Burd, Judy Jones, Laura Fentin, Jan Schroeder, Claudia Beach. Frank P. Marino L. TO R. Chris Finch, BUI Matthews, Charles Wray, Dean Cartier, Khether Raby. THE SPOKESMEN This club brings together a group of cycling enthusiasts who enjoy touring the local country side. Among the club’s activities are the Covered Bridge Tour, the spring picnic, and the annual overnight trip. Ronald J. Lauchnor 60 TOP ROW: Steve Muench, Eric Bluestone, Pat Gluchoski MIDDLE ROW: Lee Massie, Louisa Vilensky, Donna Miedama (president), Flip Kramer, Norm Tabas, Joel Harding, Ed Strauch. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Cuskley, Scott Aldinger, Anne Merl, Rick Simon, Lou Pozner. MUHLENBERG SKI ASSOCIATION The Muhlenberg Ski Association provides students with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and skills of skiing. Its monthly meetings consist of films, informal dis- cussions, and the planning of trips. Each year, the ski club plans a winter trip to New York or Vermont. Jean A. Hecht William Farrell Dr. Thomas H. Weaber, Jr., Student Health 61 JANUARY TERM RUSSIA 62 During the January term, ten Muhlenberg students travelled to the Soviet Union with Dr. Albert Kipa for a two and a half week visit to the Communist world. The Muhlenberg contingent comprised half of the total Citizen Exchange Corps group; the remainder of the students came from other colleges throughout the country. The 33 students travelled under the auspices of Sputnik, the Russian Student Travel Agency. The tour lived the life of the Russian student tourist by staying in second-class hotels, eating lower-class food, travelling in a less than luxury coaches, receiving a new schedule with each arrival in a different city which was always subject to change. The trip was arranged to be not only a tour, but to be also an opportunity to meet and speak with the Russians. Royally wel- comed in each city at the local House of Friendship, the tour learned all the wonderful things that were always in store. Split into small groups, each group of Americans was placed with one or two Russians of somewhat similar academic interests. At each stop, the Americans were able to participate in a question and answer session with the Russians: discussions usually began with a friendly topic and ended with a more controversial one. The tour found no lack of the arts in the USSR. In each city many paintings and sculptures, as well as the other art forms of ballet and opera were prevalent. In Lenigrad, the American students saw one of the best ballet groups in the country, the Kirov Ballet, and also spent time at the Hermitage Museum. One section of this museum is the old Winter Palace of the Tzar, a lavish and beautiful edifice. The beauty of this building is compounded by the vast volume of treasures it contains. An unfamiliar art form was seen in the Icon, a religious painting on wood, which is a unique Russian craft. In Riga, the group met with local citizens in a cafe, where local factory workers had arranged an evening of music, danc- ing, drinking and talk. Riga is also the site of the Riga Concen- tration Camp, where the eternal flame stands to the memory of those who were murdered there by the Nazis; the marble struc- ture emits a heartbeatlike sound every few seconds, creating a most eery atmosphere. A flight to Minsk ended three short days in Riga. Minsk is a modem city, rebuilt after World War II. The Soviets refer to the war as the “Great Patriotic War”, and have many memorials to those killed during the war. One of the memorials visited was at Khatin, a Bellerussian village completely destroyed by the Na- zis . The memorial stands to the villager’s inhabitants, and other Bellerussians who were killed. The final stop was the capital of the USSR, Moscow. One of the major attractions was the visit to Red Square and the Lenin Mausoleum. The Russians are pledged to atheism, quelling any attempt to preach religion; in its stead, they spread the gospel of Lenin. Lenin is omnipresent in the USSR; his picture, bust, or statue appears in all public buildings, railway stations, air- ports, and city squares. The Russians line up daily for hours to get a look at their enbalmed leader. The Americans had to wait only 30 minutes to see the great man. For almost three weeks, students of Muhlenberg and other institutions saw some small parts of the Soviet Union. The tour took home many pictures, new friendships, and a new under- standing and appreciation of freedom. Indeed, it was an eye- opener to see how the other half of the world lives. The Ameri- can students were glad, in the end, to return home. i 63 JAN TERM FLORIDA Question: What has many legs, is sunburned, and is always looking up at birds? Answer: The January term’s Bio. 37 course — the mighty Muh- lenberg Everglade’s Expedition. The group of nine pale explorers left an ice-encrusted lot behind the Shankwieler building on the morning of Jan- uary 5 and the next day invaded Georgia’s Okeefenokee Swamp. While some of the expedition looked around (“Gee, is that alligator stuffed?”), several met an old-timer named Vernon Head, who was nice enough to guide the northerners the following day on a 15-mile boat trip through the bald Cyprus swamp to an out-of-the-way place called Big Lake, also stopp- ing at a deserted logging camp on Billy’s Island, where Mr. Head had worked as a logging train engineer. That night, the expedition realized that it hadn’t gone far enough south, as the thermometer dropped to around 33 degrees. Over the next two days, the travelers journeyed through Florida towards the Everglades, making several stops along the way. One visit of note was at the Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. The preserve was a fascin- ating profusion of plant and animal life, especially birds. (The expedition ran into the vacationing Dr. Howell (of philosophy fame) with whom they exchanged some dirty bird stories.) On the evening of January 9, the expedition invaded Everglades Na- tional Park, hacking their way through the steaming jungle . . . well not really. It was the dry winter season in the Everglades so that the wild places investigated were not paved and catwalked for tourists, and were found to be, in general, quite dry. In fact the expedition headquarters at Flamingo campsite was located just off the ocean (note: nice breeze) and looked like a golf course dotted with coconut palms. Over the next 12 days, members of the expedition worked on different ecological projects, including plant distributions and bird behavior, exa- mination of microorganisms found in the rainwater trapped in air plants, and behavior of the Florida Chameleon. All of the members learned a lot about the Everglade’s wildlife and picked up experience working with several field biologists, including Muhlenberg graduate Ruth Shea and her husband Dave. Other highlights were a 10-mile trek with Ruth, where the hikers examined (and were examined by) many species of mosquitos, a day’s canoeing on some of the great water trails in the Park, and a visit to a friendly “Steak and Brew” restaurant near Miami. The trip back to ’Berg was notable for two slight diversions taken by the sensation-hungry expedition: first, was a two-day stay at the Florida Keys, during which intense ultra-violet experiments were conducted on blankets at the local beaches. The second stop of the homeward trip was at Orlando for a day’s visit to Disney World. The weary ecologists returned to the same empty, icy lot on the morning of January 25. Members of the expedition included: Dr. Carl Oplinger — Scoutmaster. Sue Gonshore — legs in charge of morale, Sue Packer, Peter Vaselenko, and Jeff Lynch — plant people, Stan Mack — head water (and other beverages) tester, Howie Jacobson and Dave Kirlin — the papaya kids, and Bob Reynolds — general peon. 68 " A 1 " Vr-: • ; - : ' c- : ;i Mrs. Sidney Weikert, Ralph Ardolino, and Donald S. Boyer HOMECOMING 1975 Homecoming Queen Candidates: Kathy Parks, Lauren Angstadt, Nina Scott, Linda Haberem, Debbi Bianco I Glenn Salo receives the Sidney G. Weikert Memorial Sophomore Athlete-of-the-year Award. Traditional Fall Homecoming activities began Friday, October 18, as alumni attended open classes throughout the day. That evening, the Allentown Alumni Club hosted members of the 1949 Muhlenberg football and soccer teams at dinner. Special guest speaker was Floyd “Ben” Schwartzwalder, former Muhlenberg football coach, and mentor of the Silver Anniversary Team. Saturday’s activities began with a continental breakfast, followed by a soccer game between Allentown and Phila- delphia area alumni. In addition, President John H. Morey held an informal question and answer session that morning in Prosser Lounge. In the afternoon, a picnic on the Mall preceded the Muhlenberg — Ursinus football game, which the Muhles won 28-18. During halftime activities, the col- lege spotlighted the Silver Anniversary football and soccer teams, presented Glenn Salo the Sidney G. Weikert Me- morial Sophomore Athlete - of - the - year Award, and crowned Nina Scott the 1975 Homecoming Queen. That evening, the undergraduate Union Board hosted a recep- tion for alumni and friends which included live entertain- ment. On Sunday morning, the Rev. Dr. Arvids Ziedonis, Jr., head of the college’s Russian Studies Program, concluded Homecoming activities with services in Egner Memorial Chapel. Nina Scott, 1975 Homecoming Queen 69 MUHLENBERG CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION NATURAL HIGH THE CAST MURPH Bruce Cook JACKIE Charmaine Brandow JOHN Mike Boyer CAROL Cathy Becker THUMBS John Hazel with Nancy Thompson Larry Bakalian John Elfers Robert Shaw Barbara Reitz DIRECTOR Mike Galley MUSIC DIRECTOR Oren Frankel 71 LECTURES Ralph Nader: The Restructuring of the American Political System Dr. Peter H. Juviler; “The U.S.S.R. in an Era of Detente: Implications for U.S. -Soviet Relations.” John Kirkpatrick: Charles Ives Centennial Program Arthur S. Link: The Woodrow Wilson Papers Dr. Milic Capek: “Philosophical Implications of Modem Science” Dr. Paul C. Empie: “The Church and South African Apartheid” Dr. Henry Hatfield Renee C. Fox 72 Gus Solomon Dance Troupe Dr. Alfred Le S . Jenkins : ArthurS. Link Dr. Andre Von Gronicka Dr. Ivan Svitak: “Kafka and Prague” Dr. Andre Von Gronicka: Centennial Program Dr. Henry Hatfield: Thomas Mann Centennial Program Renee C. Fox: “Is There a ‘New’ Medical Student?” Dr. Bernice Sandler: Sex Discrimina- tion or “Yes, Virginia, There Really is Discrimination”. Leighton Ford’s Band idiQQS % Dr. Seilharaer Gus Solomon Dance Troupe Dr. Seilhamer: “Impelled to Personhood; the Divine Call to Become” Dr. Alfred Le S. Jenkins: “Mao’s Great Experiment” Festival of the Arts. Leighton Ford 74 75 MUHLENBERG EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST CAST OF CHARACTERS Chief Bromden Aide Warren Aide Williams Nurse Ratched Nurse FI inn Dale Harding Ellis Billy Bibbit Cheswick Martini Ruckly Col. Materson Randle P. McMurphy Dr. Spivey Aide Turkle Candy Starr Nurse Nakamura . . . Sandra Bruce Holes Alan Wolfe Joe Bavonese . . . . Jeanie Hacket Janet Hansen . . . Dave Steinberg Steven Eisenhauer Jim Miller Phil Harris . . . . Scott Goodling Bruce Arnold . Camillo DeSantis Larry Moray . . . . Rich Anderson . . Ken Wonderland Barbara Coxe . Eleanor Hamilton . . Pam Blittersdorf Director Assistant Director Stage Manager . . John McLaughlin Brenda Wise Matt Rudd 76 MASK AND DAGGER THE CAST Laura Reynolds Lilly Sears .... Tom Lee David Harris . . Ralph A1 Steve Bill Reynolds . Phil Herbert Lee . . . . . . . Dorothy Toran Paula Rosencrantz Jim Christie Joe Brown .... Bob Malchodi Drew Balogh . . . . Kevin McLain Bill Braak Martie Ross . . . Neil Berkowitz Director Asst. Director . . Stage Manager . Faculty Advisor Thomas S. Fortmuller Robert L. Malchodi Dale Feinblatt Dr. Andrew E. Erskine 78 FIRST ROW: Sue Farber, Secretary, Jo Anne Hoehing, Kathy Hemstreet, Stu Thau, Pete Auster. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Macknik, Treasurer, Nancy Hutton, President, Barry Stein. THIRD ROW: Mimi Groman, Elizabeth Weeks, Juli Werson, Kandy Petry, Carol Porter, Holly Eddinger, Neal Cohn. FOURTH ROW: Paul Silverman, Joy Kelly, Sue Faye, Joel Harding. UNION BOARD The Union Board plays a major role in organizing the social events on campus. The activities they sponsor are educational as well as recreational. The two major events sponsored by Union Board are Homecoming and Union Board Week. This years Homecoming activities included the traditional crowning of a Homecoming Queen and a wine and cheese party with live entertainment. Union Board Week included movies, a special concert, and var- ious other activities. The Board schedules about six- teen movies per year, this years main attractions being: A Clockwork Orange and Last Tango in Paris. Other activi- ties include art exhibits, tension breaks during Reading Weeks, and running the coffeehouse, the Night Owl. UNION BOARD WEEK JANUARY 27, 1975 — February 1, 1975 Monday: Movie Sleeper Tuesday: Movie Sleeper Wednesday: Concert — “Forest Green” Thursday: Scavenger Hunt Friday: Open game room night Saturday: Wine and cheese party in Prosser Pit 80 “FOREST GREEN” 81 SENIOR BALL 82 MUHLENBERG MUSICAL ASSOCIATION Presents THE PLAYERS Chuck Baxter . . J.D. Sheldrake . Fran Kubelik . . Eddie Mr. Dobitch . . . Sylvia Gilhooley Mr. Kirkeby . . . Ginger Mr. Eichelberger Vivien Wong . . . Dr. Dreyfuss . . . Jesse Vanderhof Miss Kreplinski Office Girl Nurse (office) . . Doctor (office) . Miss Olson .... Hostess Waiter Watchman .... . . . Jim Christie Scott Goodling .... Jan Hooker . . . Craig Staller . . . . Dave Kirlin . . Nora Wunder Steve Kauffman Marion Kandel . . Steve Weiner . . . . Lauren Lee .... Bruce Cook . . . . Mike Boyer Ginny Petersen Ginny Petersen Lynne Eriksson . Alfred Cottrell . Kris Leesment Lynne Eriksson . . . Craig Staller Jeff Green Miss Della Hoya Charmaine Brandow Miss Polansky Gail Skowron Marge MacDougall Dorothy Toran Bartender Jeff Green Mrs. Sheldrake Dale Fein blatt Karl Kubelik Jim Hewitt Young Man Jeff Green Intern Joe Brown Chorus-dancers . . . Charmaine Brandow, Joe Brown, Jeff Green, Lauren Lee, Mara Le- vinson, Sue Lose, Wendy Schwab, Gail Skowron. THE PRODUCTION STAFF Director Thomas Fortmuller Producer Ellen Nemesnyik Vocal Director Mike Boyer Stage Manager Cathi O’Neill Business Manager Ed Kutchin Faculty Advisor Richard F. Bennett, Jr. 84 85 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday APRIL Beatitudes I tom the Brahmin Beneath the b 8:00 pm Cedar Cres! College Center Theatre BALLET REPERTORY INSTITUTION OF SOUND 8 00 pm Garden Room UNION BOARD FILM: Cinderella Liberty 10:00 pm Garden Room OARRYL PONICSAN 7 30 pm Garden Room UNION BOARD FILM Cinderella Liberty 9 00 pm Garden Room 10 12 COLLEGE CHOIR 3:00 pm Chapel FREE U FILM: Who is Harry Ke Herman r 6:30 and 8:30 pm Science Lecture Hall DANCE FILM 5:15 and 7 30 pm Garden Roofn 13 14 15 OR ALFRED JENKINS Seminar I 00-5 00 pm Union 109 Lecture 8:00 pm Garden Room MATTEO ETHNO-AMERICAN DANCE THEATRE Performance 8.00 pm Cedar Crest College Theat. KELLY FREAS 8 00 pm Science Lecture Hall ANTHONY BURGESS 8 00 pm Garden Room 16 17 18 19 COLLEGE BAND 3:00 pm Chapel MODERN DANCE CONCERT 8:00 pm Garden Room CONVOCATIONS: SISSY FARENTHOLD 8 :00 pm Garden Room CLASS OF 1975 TALENT SHOW 8:00 pm Garden Room CRAFTS DAY AND STUDENT TALENT DAY 9:00 am-6 00 pm Brown Hall Gym Art Building Chapel 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 MIGUEL RUBIO 8:00 pm Chapel ROBERT FRuST POETRY READING 8 00 pm Chapel WILLIAM AUSTEN 8 15 pm Chapel MASK DAGGER S Othello ' 8:00 pm Garden Room 27 FREE U FILM: The Point 1 .00 and 4 00 pm Science Lecture Hall ROD SEALING 8 00 pm Garden Room ART EXHIBITS IN THE UNION Music Boom ( Oates to be announced) Kelly Freas — Science Fiction Illustrations Edd Cartier — Pen and Ink Drawings Kevin Pernicano — Photography Corridor and L obby 1 -27 Rama — Photography James Carlin — Mixed Media E. Ingersol Maurice — Mixed Media Rhoda Yanow — Mixed Media Robert Waterman — Graphics Robert Anderson — Air Brush Ellen Renner — Sculpture Linda Ciangio — Sculpture Admission charged for these events. Serling films to be announced. 88 FESTIVAL OFTHE ARTS COMMITTEE SEATED: Marion Kandel, Sue Meyer, Denise Baxter. STANDING: Barry Stein, Cyndi Lodge, Sherri Lander, Dave Greenwald, Kris Leesment, Becky Saeger, Chuck Wray, Cyndy Ciangio. BEATITUDES FROM THE BRAHMIN BENEATH THE BOX TAXICAB BALLET REPERTORY DARRYL PONICSAN MATTEO ETHNO — AMERICAN DANCE THEATRE ANTHONY BURGESS COLLEGE BAND SISSY FARENTHOLD 91 ROD SERLING KELLY FREAS MIGUEL RUBIO MODERN DANCE CONCERT 93 94 n 95 JUNIOR PROM 96 97 THE PLAYERS RODERIGO IAGO BRABANTIO OTHELLO CASSIO SENATOR DUKE DESDEMONA MONTANO GENTLEMAN EMILIA BIANCA LODOVICO GRATIANO DIRECTORS STAGE MANAGER Joe Brown Bill Braak Scott Goodling Bob Malchodi Jim Palermo Wynn Edwards Bruce Holes Eleanor Hamilton Kevin McLain Kevin Bausman Dorothy Toran Jean Hackett Bruce Cook Steve Secrist Bev Porrazzo Dr. Andrew Erskine Dale Feinblatt MASK AND DAGGER 98 100 The culminating event of the ODK carnival was the enter- taining Spring Fling. The men from East Hall retained their championship with their skit, “The Wizard of ’Berg.” The wo- men of Brown and Benfer took second place as the “Martian Minstrels.” And third place went to the men of ATO for their medley of songs. 101 102 103 MUHLENBERG EXPERIMENTAL THEATER PRESENTS “ROSENCRANTZ GUILDINSTERN ARE DEAD” THE PLAYERS ROSENCRANTZ Larry Bakalian GUILDENSTERN Kent Rissmiller THE PLAYER Tom Stackhouse ALFRED PLAYER-QUEEN Patty Garrell TRAGEDION 1 POISONER Dave Steinberg 2 PLAYER-KING Lynne Marcus 3 SPY Holly Eddinger 4 SPY Duane Piersol HAMLET Larry Moray OPHELIA Jaynie Beckler CLAUDIUS Mike Pocalyko GERTRUDE Shelley Minchin POLONIUS Craig Staller SOLDIER Duane Piersol HORATIO Holly Eddinger AMBASSADOR 1 Charlie Wray AMBASSADOR 2 Jacki Rubin FORTINBRAS Barb Snelbaker Donna Micucci LAERTES Bill Matthews ATTENDANT WITH HAMLET Bill Matthews PAGES Barb Snelbaker Donna Micucci DIRECTOR Cyndy Ciangio STAGE MANAGER Craig Staller 104 105 PHI BETA KAPPA FIRST ROW: Karl Bourdeau, Debbie Martinsen, Steve Levinberg, Susan Cooper, Rosa Palmer, Beth Leibowitz, Debbie Klein. SECOND ROW: George Mozurkewich, Matt Koch, Tom Michaels, Bob Stets, Joan Steiner, John Gaggin, Gail Smith. THIRD ROW: Tom Rinehart, Eric Koch, Bob Djergaian. WHO’S WHO PFvv H fp|§ I A Mi dUi SEATED: Denise Baxter, Bob Djergaian, Nancy Hutton, Jan Hooker, Tom Rinehart, Tom Stackhouse, Craig Bernecker. STANDING: Ed Kamens, Karl Bourdeau, Sarah Mueller, Neal Berkowitz, Nancy Hill, Seth Mellman, Chris Ward, Cindy Ciangio, Michelle Dungee, Chris Leesment, Marilyn Macknik. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA SEATED: Karl Bourdeau, Bob Djergaian, Liz Jones, Marilyn Macknik, Chris Leesment, Nancy Hutton. STANDING: Seth Mellman, Neal Berkowitz, Tom Rinehart, Tom Stackhouse, Sarah Mueller, Bill Franz, Kent Rissmiller. WOMEN S TASK FORCE Founded as a national honor- ary leadership society for men, Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) accepted women into its mem- bership for the first time in 1974. As a result, Lambda Epsi- lon Delta, the Women’s Honor Society of Muhlenberg, was dis- banded and its members were accepted as members of ODK. The society recognizes emi- nence in five major phases of campus, life: scholarship; athlet- ics; social and religious affairs; publications; and speech, mu- sic, and dramatic arts. During the fall semester, ODK initiated ten new members and held a bake sale as a fund raising activity. In the spring, nine juniors were ini- tiated as new members, and the annual ODK Carnival was held in conjunction with Joint Coun- cil’s Spring Fling. Both the Car- nival and Spring Fling were held on the mall, and proceeds from the Carnival went to the Todd Romig Memorial Fund. 1974-75 Officers: President Bob Djergaian Secretary-Treasurer ..... Tom Rinehart Advisor Dr. Ludwig F. Schlecht SEATED: Gail Laser, Fred Cort, Dr. Carol Richards, Regina Conlin. STANDING: Dr. R. Dale LeCount, Dr. Joel Siegle, Debbie Moyer, Pat Sacks, Dixie White, Margaret Smith. The Women’s Task Force was appointed by President JohnH. Morey in September, 1974, to raise the awareness of the col- lege community to the changing roles of women in our society. Members of the WTF include representatives of the faculty, administration, student body, secretarial staff, and faculty wives. The major project of the WTF was the February symposium, “Choice and Challenge: Chang- ing Roles of Women and Men,” which, through a series of work- shops, provided opportunities to examine and discuss the chang- ing status of women and men and to evaluate these changes in terms of one’s career choices and personal life. Other pro- grams were arranged: such as a women’s film festival, a pro- gram on rape, and another on sex-stereotyping in education. “Open dialogues” were held 1 and, in general, the WTF laid the foundation for further pro- jects concerning the changing roles of women on campus and in society. VOLUNTEER SERVICES Carol Riker, Marcia Futter, Ellen Donsky. Sylvia Mazack, Jody Edgar, Nancy Hinkleday, Kim Anderson, Karen Zaboy. DELTA PHINU Delta Phi Nu acts as a service sorority to the college and to the community. Members act as campus guides, hostesses of various functions, and workers for sev- eral projects on campus, and aid in charity drives and special events in the com- munity. The Muhlenberg College Volunteer Services coordinated student vol- unteer programs through the college. Under its direction, students worked at such places as the Good Shephard Home, the Lehigh County Prison, and the Allentown State Hospital, and sponsored activities such as a Christmas party for the patients of Allentown State Hospital, and a speaker from the Red Cross who discussed how the volunteers could extend their services to that organization. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega, which is a national service organiza- tion dedicated to serve the college and community, dur- ing the past year strove to fulfill its goals through var- ious service projects. Certain projects are continuous en- deavors. Weekly, the frater- nity conducts a Boy Scout program for a group of re- tarded boys at the Jordan Lutheran Church in subur- ban Orefield. Each semester the fraternity conducts a campus-wide Blood Drive through the Miller Memorial Blood Center in Bethlehem. Semesterly, a group of stu- dents perform various odd jobs at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Home in Allen- town. Chapel ushering is performed at least once a month. Sue Kummer, Henry Herbener, Pat Reynolds, Dave Zukowsky, Steve Hart, Diane Henley, Nancy Tupin, Pete Copperman, Paul Schimke. 110 rm j : wlMi Ei Uufl SEATED: Keith Mertz, Bill Franz, Holly Kinchley, Kent Rissmiller, Lynne Braunstein, Jeff Dobro, Cyndy Ciangio. STANDING: Karl Bourdeau, Joe McGrath, Kathy Kennedy, Kathy Ullestad, Lee Anne Gelletly, Sarah Mueller. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Body elects its own president and President Kent Rissmiller ’76 representatives to Student Council. The Council is the Vice President Sarah Mueller ’75 supreme governing body, through which all business is Corresponding Secretary Holly Kinchley ’76 transacted and all the decisions pertaining to the student Recording Secretary Kathy Ullestad ’76 body rendered. Academics Committee, Big Name Enter- Treasurer James Yergey ’77 tainment, Festival of the Arts, and Convocations Commit- tee are some of the committees sponsored by student coun- cil. John Bolster, Emily Altemose, Bill Woods, Joe Bavonese, Carol Riker, Joe McGrath (picture), Bob Nehring. FREE UNIVERSITY Free University is a Student Council Committee headed by Joe McGrath. Their purpose is to extend extracurricular and academic opportunities to the Muhlenberg students. Through- out the year, Free University sponsors lectures, movies, and mini courses. I in 1 H: ilj ■PP IHr Rich Braunschweiger, Warren Ventriglia, Sue Meyer, Elyse McFetridge, Barry Stein, Ed Illions, Fran Rosenfeld, Tom Stackhouse, Stephanie Zimmt, Mike Pocalyko, Sandy Dionis, Bob Stets, Tom Michels. STUDENT COURT The Student Court is the supreme student judicial Officers: body on the Muhlenberg College Campus. Its function is President Tom Stackhouse to try all infractions of the social or academic regulations Chief Attorney Rich Braunschweiger which are appealed to it by lower courts or referred to it by faculty members or students. DORMITORY COURT The Dormitory Court, subordinate to the Student Court, has jurisdic- tion in all cases in- volving infractions o f the dormitory regu- lations established by the Dormitory Government of Muh lenberg College. The Court publishes its decisions in the Weekly, but it with- holds the names of those involved. Sharon Gibson, A1 Zipkin, Nancy Hill, Eric Carlson, Dave Duhl, Chris Ortolon, Gail Nelson, Loran Duem- mel, Sally Rubinstein, Faye Moul. 112 JOINT COUNCIL The purpose of Joint Council is to pro- vide for self-government of the residence halls, to improve the quality of life in the residence halls, to provide opportunities for participation in social and extracurri- cular life of the residence halls, to provide an opportunity for residents to participate in all college activities, and to foster fel- lowship and unity among the residents, and to refer those residents who violate the rules established by this organization to the judiciary branch for further action. Joint Council works in cooperation with the Office of the Dean of Students, and is responsible to its constituency. All deci- sions of the council are subject to the ap- proval of Student Council, the Student Affairs Committee and the Dean of Stu- dents. ON GROUND: Sue Haney, Carolyn Smith, Lee Massie, Sue Meyer. IN TREE: Scott Davis, Steve Tyree, Craig Staller, Michelle Dungee. MUHLENBERG FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Muhlenberg Fraternity Council is composed of the presidents of the six so- cial fraternities plus a President and a Secretary-Treasurer elected in the spring of each year by the six fraternity presi- dents. The purpose of the Council is to regulate and coordinate fraternity affairs in an atmosphere of mutual trust and re- sponsibility. Toward this end the Council coordinates rush and pledging and spon- sors joint parties and community service projects. Jeff Bates, Steve Kanner, Mark Shachat, Ed Kut- chin, Bill Poutsiaka. 113 SEATED: Ronald Wong, Georgia Crump, Josephina Inglesius, Eric Sun, Anita Anayar, Marcia Futter. STANDING: Debbie Mohr, Barb Muldrow, Stylianos Philippides, Sue Rosen, Ellen Donsky. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION The purpose of the International Students’ Association is to bring together the foreign students of Muhlenberg College, to promote international understanding, to represent to the college and Allentown communities a diversity of foreign cultures, and to cooperate with other international student organizations in the Lehigh Valley. COMMUTER’S CLUB The Commuter’s Club aids the com- muting students in becoming an integral part of the college, and assists these individuals in deal- ing with problems unique to them, and helps facilitate com- munication between commuters and the college adminis- tration. Donna George, Mike Butler, Elyse MaFetridge, Debbie Buddich, Steve Weirbach, Debbie Seibert, Robin Weingrad. 114 , ' nmmmm imimiim Mike Butler, Steve Purcell, Eric Butler, Barry Rovner, Jeff Haberern. CHESS CLUB The Muhlenberg Chess club is an or- ganization devoted to the promotion of chess among Muhlenberg’s students. The club is a member of both the state and national collegiate chess organiza- tions. Matches are held each year be- tween Muhlenberg and area schools. This year Muhlenberg lost two to Le- high and beat Moravian. Mike Butler won a trophy for top collegiate player at one weekend tournament he attended. The club also played the Faculty twice and enjoyed the satisfaction of winning both times. INSTITUTE OF FAITH The 1975 Institute of Faith was held on February 16-19. The guest speaker was the Reverand Dr. Frank H. Seil- hamer, President of the Hamma School of Theology. His presentation was ti- tled: Impelled to Personhood, the Di- vine Call to Become, and his three lec- tures centered around man’s responsi- bility as the caretaker of God’s world. SPELUNKING The Muhlenberg Spelunking Club provides equipment, information and practical instruction for anyone inter- ested in spelunking or various other out- door activities. Charlie Wray, Dean Cartier, Ste- phanie Ostrowski, Khether Raby. 115 TOP ROW: Russ Nichol, A1 Cohen, Keith Oredemann, Bob Shaffer, Kevin Lokay, Tom Smyers, Jack Shields, Greg Johnstone, Jim Munn, Chuck Worrilow, Kirk Huber, Steve Mitnick, Scott Armstrong, Rick Musz, Dave Nark, Jeff Bates, Don Clemons, John Cobb. BOTTOM ROW: Owen McGillicuddy, Dave Field, Jim Oliphant, Chuck Speer, Bob Dalsey, Doug Cornwell, Bill Dalsey, John Dunne, Jim Gaydos, Bob Freed, John Reitz, Dick Porter, Glenn Salo, Harry Gebert. ALPHA TAU OMEGA President Jeff Bates Pennsylvania Alpha Iota Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Vice President Doug Cornwell is the oldest fraternity on campus. ATO is very active in Secretary Scott Orens campus affairs, as defending Homecoming float champions Treasurer John Reitz and third place finishers in Spring Sing. The Tau’s are Worthy Usher John Dunne very proud of their diversified brotherhood whose activities span the spectrum of Muhlenberg College life. ATO is represented in Student Council, MCA, varsity athletics and many honorary fraternities. 116 TOP ROW: J. Casabona, S. Correale, H. Coons, K. Hedden, P. Beutel, C. Beyer, M. Goldman, Rocky, B. Ferenc, B. Martinez, R. Boll, H. Sanders, B. Ray, B. Shirvanian, R. Hamill, T. Weber, Phineas, M. Maliefsky, M. Harmelin. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Kohr, Mrs. Whittaker, D. Lesher, J. Liss, B. Ollar, D. Fisher. BOTTOM ROW: H. Servante, G. Podenak, J. Yelencsics, M. Keck, S. Trigiani, J. Keil, J. Newman, E. Berg, C. Faul, M. Baran, G. Crouch. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA President Tim Weber Vice President .... Mike Maliefsky Treasurer Ken Hedden Secretary Billy Ray Pledge Master .... Mike Harmelin 117 I NOT IN ORDER: Ben LoCicero, Evan Krakower, Dale Dieffenbach, Herb Ridyard, Ed Kutchin, Wayne DeVantier, Joe Hacker, Dave Donde, Jim Robinson, Jay Smith, Karl Bourdeau, Bruce Walker, Craig Miller, Jim Barile, Jeff Waterhouse, Dick Haines, Jeff Swanson, Rolf Wolfrom, Steve Crane, Mike Wesnofske, Craig Beinecker, Brian Reigart, Bill Unger, Bill Clarkson, Joe Brand, Mitch Possinger, Tom Stamer, Tom Stauffer, Gil Strohm (cook), Steve Wolf, Bill Gibbs, John Minerowicz, Barry Ja cobson, Ralph Wire, Jim Hewitt, Tony Salandra, Tom Reilly, Lee Solomon, Joel Fleischman, Bill Poutsiaka, Dan Hickey, Tom Mather, Paul Hermany, Tom Fortmuller, Joe DeLisi, Win Edwards, Steve Bajan, Dave Pontell, Arch Knisely, Dave Lightkep, Greg Muntz, Kevin McClain, EdDlions. PHI KAPPA TAU President: William J. Poutsiaka Vice President: Karl S. Bourdeau House Manager: Herbert W. Ridyard Treasurer: Richard R. Haines Steward: James J. Barile This past year the brothers of Phi Kappa Tau participated in various community and campus activities. A blood drive was held in the spring and the brothers organized a party for the underprivileged children of Wiley House. On campus, the “Phi Kappa Tau Ma- chine” was again a great success at the ODK carnival. Also, Phi Kappa Tau was repre- sented in every IM sport, as well as all major intercollegiate sports. Highlighting the social calendar were Parents Day, Spring Weekend, a Halloween Costume Party, and the Faculty Christmas Cocktail Party. 118 KNEELING: Steve Nix, Kurt Philips, Tom Eslinger, Dave King, Dave Cressman, Frank Flisser, Mike Pocalyko, Don Bobbitt, Eric Sun, Steve Weiner, Suki, Chuck Kuehn. SECOND ROW: Jim Mulherin, Mike Schaff, John Kruglinski, Scott Wiedeman, John Hacker, Jay Koplove, THIRD ROW: Bruce Richman, Bill Carhart, Martin Linton, Mike Galley, Greg Gordon, iBob Berkowitz, John Hazel, Kevin Shafer, Scott Recker, Steve Muench, Jeff Gardner, Bill Hutcheson, Rick Slimmer, Mike Hostina, Constantine Ellis, Charlie Mark, Lew Nagel, ON ROOF: Jim Yergey, Jim Christie, Ray Schilling, Dan Mullock. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Officers: The Pennsylvania lota Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon President W. Stephen Fermier marked a banner year in 1974-75. Honored by the national Vice-President Richard B. Slimmer Sig Ep organization for Manpower, Scholastic Achieve- Recording Secretary Michael Hostina ment and overall chapter improvement, Muhlenberg con- Corresponding Secretary f Mark P . Werrell tinued the successs of two past Run-A-Thon charity ven- Comptroller Charles A. Kuehn, Jr. tures and filled an active calendar with band parties, cocktail receptions and informal social gatherings among the brothers. Highlights of the year included: the Freshman women’s reception, four beer parties, three cocktail parties, Homecoming Weekend, a semi-formal dinner, and the Faculty Christmas Party in the fall; rush functions, four band parties, two cocktail parties, and Spring ' Weekend ' in the second semester. With a pledge class of 24, the Sig Ep house retains its position as the largest on campus, numbering among its members campus leaders in all fields, members of college athletic teams, and scholastic leaders. 119 SITTING: Robert Posner, Douglas Poliak, Craig Stump, Joe Balliet, Bob Nace, Jeff Scott, Bud Wolkomir, Ron Romary. STANDING: Mike Stanton, Paul Silverman, Wyatt Kleinrock, Mike Bierhoff, Ken Wonderland, Steve Chamish, Dante LaRocca, Gilbert Carlson, Russ Mazda, Bill Chapogas, Steve Griffing, Marty Elner, Lew Wolensky, John Albertini, Mike the Cook, Sam Stovall. TAU KAPPA EPSILON Officers 1974-75: Tau Kappa Epsilon had an excellent 1974-75 year in Prytanis Joe Balliet that they initiated eighteen new brothers which brought Epi Prytanis Lew Wolensky the total membership up to fifty-five, the largest in years. Grammateus Carl Sillman The drive this year was for increased participation on Hegemon Bruce Belcher campus. The House is proud of its role in the IFC, and the Pylortes Bob Reynolds fact that two of its brothers are presidents of their classes Crysopholi Wyatt Kleinrock (1977 and 1978). Two brothers also served the school as Steve Griffing members of student council. In addition, TKE had the Histor Russ Mazda pleasure to announce Dr. Hagen Staack as their new Hypophetes Doug Poliak chapter advisor. Socially, the House has had renewed interest in special “theme” parties much in the same vein as the Halloween Party that was held with the brothers of Phi Kappa Tau. Many of the costumes were both original and quite amus- ing. The brothers hope that this interest in novel parties will continue in the forthcoming year. Also, the House hopes to become more involved in community affairs, such as hospital services and day care centers. 120 ZETA BETA TAU i 1 n IK. lm j KNEELING: Steve Rothstein, Steve Ginsberg. MIDDLE: Mark Krawitz, Ken Shapiro, Stu Thau, Larry Hershman, Stu Frieman, Steve Kanner, Elliot Schmuckler, Mark Pessin, David Levy, Harold Hillman, Mike Kane. IN WINDOW: Tony Utley, Manny, David Binder, Marc Shachat. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer . . . . . Steve Kanner . . . Lawry Payne Larry Hershman . . Mark Krawitz 121 SPOfffS FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Frank McCants, Henry Coons, Randy Boll, Peter Molendyke, Steve Correale, Tom Oleksa, John Cobb, Chuck Beyer, Taylor Wallace, Tom Dillon. SECOND ROW: Gene Christian, Jim Stampfle, Ben Martinez, Bill Ray, Walt Staehle, Steve S. Wolfe, Jeff Swanson, Jim Munn, Joe Pellegrino, Eric Butler. THIRD ROW: Leland Lott, Keith Ordemann, John Minerowicz, Sam Stoval, John Holland, Don Clemons, John Dunne, Mike Reid, Jim Oliphant, Mark Stull. FOURTH ROW: John Mill, Tom Smyers, Joe Yelencsics, Tom Dinkelacker, Phil Federico, Bob Shaffer, Dick Kraemer, Brian deBiasse, BUI Dumchus. FIFTH ROW: Nate Shephard, Ben Jeffries, Mike Baran, Scott Schooley, Corey Faul, Joe Kelleher, Russ Nichol, Frank Hodgkinson, Gary Brandt, Steve E. Wolfe. SIXTH ROW: David Nark, Bob Shirvanian, Kevin Lokay, Mike Carey, Bruce HUt, Steve Eisenhauer, Carl Norman. LAST ROW: Don Kichline, Mark Holland, BUI DiGiacomo, Richard Butler, BUI Farrell, Frank Marino, James Waite, Sam Beidleman, Bob Fagen. THE GRIDIRON SEASON In 1973, Muhlenberg’s football team boasted of a 7-1-1 record, their best in several years. 1974 started with high hopes on the part of coaches and players. By November, it was apparent that the season had not gone as well as expected; the Mules had won 2 and lost 7. A most disappointing observation was that many felt the 1974 Mule$ were superior to their ’73 counterparts. Many reasons were advanced to explain the poor showing, expecially the many injuries sustained by key personnel throughout the season. The 1974 opener was a 9-0 loss at home to the Johns Hopkins University. In Troy, New York, the Mules dropped number two to Rensselaer Poly Tech, 7-2. The Lebanon Valley game saw a 20-0 Muhlenberg halftime lead develop into a bewildering 21-20 loss. At the Homecoming game against Ursinus, ’Berg had the first win of the season, 28-18. Hopes for a second victory fell short as Dickinson outlasted Muhlenberg 39-33 in Carlisle. At home again on EPSY Day, a fired up team trounced Swarthmore by a score of 35-7. In Chester, a vengeful Widener College team had been waiting a year to get back at the Mules, who, in 1973, ruined their undefeated season and MAC championship. For three quarters, the smaller Muhlenberg team played excellent ball, but faltered in the final quarter and bowed, 22-9. The Franklin and Marshall game, at home, was completely dominated by F M, the Mules losing 45-13. Lehigh Valley rival Moravian College fought a see-saw battle with the Muhlenberg gridders in Bethlehem. The Mules lost this final game of the season in a hard fought contest, 42-27. Though in many ways a disappointing season, individual performances were not lacking. Tom Oleska led the NCAA Division III in kickoff returns. Oleska, a defensive back, and Tom Smyers, a defensive end, were first team selections on the MAC Southern Division All-Star team. Middle guard John Holland received honorable mention on the All-Star squad. 1975 graduating seniors include Oleska, receiver Randy Boll, guards John Cobb and Chuck Beyer, defensive backs Tom Dillon and Henry Coons, and defensive linemen Steve Correale and Frank McCants. Coach Frank Marino will find it hard to replace this fine group of senior squad members, but will have plenty of good material on hand in the Fall 1975 season. Many positions of the ’74 squad were manned by underclassmen, and the 1975 class of seniors will be the largest in a number of years. With leadership and experience the Mules look forward to a fine gridiron season to rekindle the winning spirit. 124 Muhlenberg Opponent 0 Johns Hopkins 9 2 Rensselaer Poly Tech 7 20 Lebanon Valley 21 28 Ursinus 18 33 Dickinson 39 35 Swarthmore 7 9 Widener 22 13 Franklin Marshall 45 27 Moravian 42 125 127 128 129 SOCCER FIRST ROW: David Field, Todd Cassel, Paul Doghramji, Craig Bemecker, Allen Zipkin, Dale Dieffenbach, Tom Stauffer, Assistant Coach Michael Miller, Head Coach Ronald Lauchnor. SECOND ROW: Ken Walsh, Tom Weller, Dave Miller, Karl Bourdeau, Jay Zagoren, Jon Henning, Tom Rohrbach, Greg Muntz, Dave Lightkep. THIRD ROW: Jim Galgano, Bruce Perry, Lew Huettel, Brad Leathers, Mike Dissinger, Steve Secrist, George Schoenberger, Ron Rose. FOURTH ROW: Ken Boyle, Randy Light, Joe Mangone, Randy Kutz. Muhlenberg’s hooters succeeded in capturing the 1974 ECAC Regional Championship by defeating Kutztown State College with a score of 4-1. Under the guidance of Coach Lauchnor, the team compiled a 1974 season record of 10-4-1, bringing the three-year total to 33-8-3 and finally establishing the Mules as an area soccer power. The season opened as ’Berg edged Gettysberg 3-2, and then fell short in a valiant comeback attempt against Lehigh. The Muhlenberg machine destroyed Widener 9-1, before returning home to an unprecedented televised game against Franklin and Marshall. A large home crowd saw the first shutout of the year as the Mules won, 4-0. After an impressive regular season record was compiled, Muhlenberg played host to the ECAC tournament. The Mule team swept the field by defeating Susquehanna, 4-0, and Kutztown, 4-1. A conference mark of 4-1 enabled ’Berg to share in the MAC Southern division championship with Swarthmore. Tremendous depth appeared to be the strong point of Coach Ron Lauchnor’s squad as he utilized several players in each game. Lauchnor and Assistant Coach Miller combined veteran strength with a measure of freshmen talent to post a starting lineup which at times boasted five freshmen. Ron Rose, a freshman from Valley Stream, New York, led all scorers with 10 goals, highlighting a balanced offensive attack. Senior George Schoenberger, who saved his best performance for the ECAC tournament, gained ALL-MAC honors with junior Greg Muntz and fellow senior Tom Stauffer, as he broke the college career assists record. Muntz continued to dazzle the opposition with superb ballhandling and served as the pivot of the team’s offense. Co-captains Dale Diffenbach and Dave Lightkep, both tireless workers, provided most of the spark on offense alongside of freshman Randy Kutz and senior Karl Bourdeau. The squad’s excellent depth enabled Lauchnor to utilize three goaltenders — Tom Rhorbach, Jay Zagoren, and Jon Henning. A strong defense was anchored by center fullback Tom Stauffer and flanked by Lou Huettel and Brad Leathers. Joe Mangone played the challenger position, as the Mules’ defense limited their opposition to 19 goals in 15 games for a 1.26 goals against average. The team offense scored 55 goals for an average of 3.6 goals per game. The three goaltenders combined for 5 shutout games. Although five starters will graduate, a surplus of undergraduate talent should make the Mules’ next soccer season one of exciting action. 130 131 Muhlenberg Opponent 3 Get tys berg 2 2 Lehigh 3 9 Widener - Q 1 4 Wilkes 2 4 F M 0 1 Moravian 2 1 Swarthmore 2 5 Dickinson 0 3 West Maryland 0 1 Lafayette 3 7 Lebanon Valley 1 3 Ursinus 0 2 Kutztown 2 1 132 133 134 ! 135 WOMEN S FIELD HOCKEY FIRST ROW: Cyndi Lodge, Nancy Tupin, Lauren Angstadt, Miriam Piwoz, Diane Verity, June Weber, Debbie Luppold. SECOND ROW: Jean Hecht (Coach), Elaine Robson, Janet Cassard, Sharon Brennan, Jan Williams, Jane Shoemaker, Becky White, Liz Jones, Mary Kelly, Fay Whalen. THIRD ROW: Debbie Smith, Sylvia Mazack, Lee Massie, Sue Lennon, Arlene Darlington, Becky Potts, Chris Hoffman, Sally Wayne, Nancy Hinkledey. In September 1974, the women’s field hockey had more than twenty players try out for the team; making it Muhlen- berg’s largest team in several seasons. With plenty of spirit, under the energetic encouragement and guidance of Coa ch Jean Hecht, the hockey team developed into a coordinated unit, producing a winning 5-2-1 record. A tight defense allowed only six goals to be scored against ’Berg and an aggressive offense produced nineteen goals.- Fourteen of these goals were scored by two sophomores center forward Sally Wagner and left inner Debbie Luppold. The 1974 season opened with a disappointing 1-0 loss to a strong Kutztown team. Muhlenberg bounced back to soundly defeat Cedar Crest 8-0 in a game which emptied the ’Berg bench. After a 1-0 decision over Albright, Muhlenberg tied rival Lafayette College. Despite the aggression and power of the Lafayette women, Muhlenberg stood pat and came close to gaining a victory. However, the team settled for a 3-3 tie, the only one of the season. Muhlenberg showed good form in a slow paced 3-0 win over Moravian. After losing to a tough Lehigh team, the ’Berg women concluded the season with a solid victory over Philadelphia College of the Bible, and handed Moravian another defeat. After regular season play, seven team members competed in the second annual Lehigh Field Hockey Tournament hosted by Albright College. Seven area teams were represented in the tournament. All seven members of the Muhlenberg delegation were elected to the 1974 Lehigh Valley College Field Hockey Association all-star team. Elected to the first team were Becky White and Becky Potts. Sally Wagner, Debbie Luppold, Jane Shoemaker, June Weber, and Jan Williams were named to the second team. Next year’s defense will miss Becky Potts and Lee Massie who are graduating seniors. Given the remainder of the 1974 team along with potential demonstrated by several underclassmen, prospects for the 1975 season look promising. 136 Scoreboard Muhlenberg 0 8 1 3 3 0 2 2 Opponent Kutztown 1 Cedar Crest 0 Albright 0 Lafayette 3 Moravian 0 Lehigh 2 Phila. Coll, of Bible 0 Moravian 0 137 CROSS COUNTRY 1974 Cross Country Results Muhlenberg Opponent 25 Elizabethtown 32 41 Franklin Marshall 20 19 20 26 27 . 4 . ... 25 39 Dickinson 43 Delaware Valley 29 Scranton 29 Lebanon Valley 30 . A % Albright 23 31 . . 31 19 . 32 . . 45 . . Drew 34 Kutztown 25 . . York 25 . . . Philadelphia 42 Western Maryland 23 Widener 17 45 Swarthmore 15 34 Ursinus 21 20 Haverford 37 138 FIRST ROW: Joel Harding, Don Bobbitt, Mark Dewalt and Steve Nix (co-captains), Art Douglass. SECOND ROW: Coach Bill Flamish, A1 Williams, Mark Rogoff, Dave Miller, Fred Fetzer (manager). The 1974 cross country squad went through a tough, competitive season with the primary aim of rebuilding. The team was composed of one senior, two juniors, two sophomores and four freshman and managed to compile a record of 4-12. What the win-loss record does not indicate is the amount of work the Mules put in the improvement of the team as the season progressed, and the close scores of many of the meets. The team was captained by juniors Steve Nix and Mark Dewalt. After a superb showing in a pre-season meet, Dewalt sustained an injury which sidelined him for the year. This ruined Muhlenberg’s chances for a very successful season. Nix held the team together, winning ten races and setting a new school record for the Muhlenberg course. Later in the season he also suffered an injury and by the time of the MASCAC meet, the Mules had few healthy runners left. Out of the twenty -six schools in the Middle Atlantic Conference, the Mules placed a mediocre four- teenth. However, looking toward the future, Dewalt and Nix will both return for the 1975 season in top form. An unusually young team, the Mules had to rely on four inexperienced freshmen for much of the scoring. Joel Harding, Mark Rogoff, Don Bobbit and A1 Williams all accounted for important team points by usually placing among the first ten meet finishers. Sophomore Dave Miller was consistently among the top three Mule scorers. Howie Gen- delman, the teams lone senior, was the most improved runner during the season and heavily relied upon at the end of the season. Sophomore Art Douglass, much improved since last season, could be counted on when needed and helped provide desperately needed team depth. Next year, with the return of eight veteran lettermen as a strong, solid core, the Mules will once again be back in their winning ways, and Coach Flamish could guide the finest cross country team this school has ever seen. 139 ICE HOCKEY | FRONT: Mike Kelley, KNEELING: Bruce Perry, Ed Kutchin — captain, Tom Stauffer, Dave Donde, Ken Hedden, Mike Harmlin, Chuck Beyer, Scott Schooley, Randy Hamill, STANDING: Dave Field, Eric Berg, Scott Kee, Fred Ziegler, Scott Brylinsky, Dave Kramp, Alan Cohen, Buddy Seedor, Joel Wolinsky, Alan Tyson, Dan Wohl, John Morey Jr., Missing: Les Rosenthal, Jim Keil, Paul Kearcher, Ron Rose, GregChemey. The Muhlenberg College ice hockey club finished a successful season in 1974-75. The club, coached by sen- ior Ed Kutchin, won its first four games before dropping the finale to Lafayette. The season got off to a flying start with the Mules coasting to a 6-3 win over the Clinton (N.J.) Comets. The undermanned Comets, bringing only eight skaters, finished the contest with three members of the Cardinal and Gray playing for them . The Lehigh University “B” team proved to be a real test. After jumping off to a 1-0 start the Mules found themselves tied at 1 each. A late Muhlenberg goal sal- vaged that win. Both teams exhibited excellent skating and passing. It took a good positional and excellent checking game for the Mules to beat Moravian by a 4-1 score before an enthusiastic crowd at the Albeth Ice Palace. An extremely physical game between the Mules and the Jersey Spartans, complete with high sticks, also saw the Mules come out victorious. The Mules skated off with a 5-3 win. In a 5:30 p.m. start, which ranks as a “matinee” for Muhlenberg hockey games, the Mules suffered their first and only loss of the year. The Laffayette squad overcame a 3-0 first period deficit to beat the Mules 3. Captain Kutchin suffered a separated shoulder with eight seconds left in the final game of the year. Clinton Comets vs. Mules 3-6 Lehigh “B” Team vs. Mules 1-2 Moravian vs. Mules 1-4 New Jersey Spartans vs. Mules 3-5 Lafayette vs. Mules 6-3 140 141 BASKETBALL tk n tJ 7 .... J 1st ROW: Arch Knisley, John Schmehl, Glenn Salo, Jim Barile, Bill Filipovits, 2nd ROW: John Reichl, Gary Kinyon, Randy Kemmerer, Bob Freed, Jim Hay, 3rd ROW: Coach Ken Moyer, Jim Knerr, mgr. Bob Beck, Asst. Coach Ron Lauchnor. THE CAGER SEASON The 1974-75 Mule basketball squad finished a season which can best be described as “disappointing”. Muhlenberg fans at first expressed high hopes for the ’73-’74 runner-up in the MAC Southern division. Despite hard work and perserverence, the team struggled through the season, ending with a win-loss record of 6-14. Opening the season with a heartbreaking six point loss to Lafayette College, the Mules’ strength seemed to be in game planning and the individual play on the boards. The opener also saw the debut of freshman forward Jim Hay, 6’5”, and one of the few really bright spots of the season. Hay averaged double figures in both scoring and rebounding. Following Christmas break, the Mules sank into a slump, dropping eight straight games, as Coach Ken Moyer tried a new lineup in every game — searching for the winning combination. Included in this group of losses were the Navy and Penn State games, each against strong teams, and two crucial MAC games, with Johns Hopkins and Western Maryland. Only after elimination from the playoffs did the Mules regain form for three season- ,. . . , , . , . , T i • , ji jtt , A1 Sincavage - 4 year letterman ending wins, including arch-rival Lehigh and playoff- bound Haverford. Individual achievement was hardly lacking in 1974-75. Junior co-captain Glenn Salo displayed his remarkable talents all season long and was subsequently named to the second team All-Conference squad. Seniors A1 Sincavage, Bill Filipovits, John Schmehl and co-captain Jim Barile won their last home court appearance, after each had lettered for four seasons. Barile’s rugged rebounding, Sincavage’s great inside play, Filipovits’ all around steady shooting and Schmehl’s outside play served as the core for the end-of-the-season comeback. Coach Ken Moyer will have a strong playing nucleus upon which to build his 1975-76 team, including junior Arch Knisley, sophomore Gary Kinyon and freshmen Jim Hay, Randy Kemmerer, and Bob Freed. 142 m D) Mules 76 Lafayette Opposition 84 85 S wart h more 78 79 Albright 81 56 Kutztown 66 92 Washington 73 67 St. Michael’s (Tournament) 79 76 Lemoyne (Tournament) 82 55 Navy 76 67 Penn State 81 62 Johns Hopkins 67 56 Western Maryland 66 60 Lebanon Valley 65 68 Moravian • 75 72 Ursinus 67 54 Delaware Valley 59 62 Franklin Marshall 97 40 Widener 51 73 Lehigh 61 87 Haverford 69 74 Dickinson 67 . 143 144 146 147 WRESTLING 1st ROW: Corey Faul, Jim Gaydos, Herb Ridyard, Paul Anodide, Dan Boskett, Jeff Swanson, 2nd ROW: Coach Bill Farrell, Rich Slimmer, Rich Weida, Steve Burak, Keith Mertz, Mike Butler, missing from picture: Doug Cornwell, Steve Eisenhaur, Bill Scheff, and Dave Berry. THE GRAPPLER SEASON The 1974-75 wrestling season began with high hopes of improving upon the team’s ’73-’74 record. Each weight class would be filled with an experienced grappler, several outstanding new freshmen would join the ranks, and the team would be directed by Coach Farrell — new to Muhlenberg and himself a wrestling star. Through a series of injuries, the grapplers lost several good men as the season progressed, contributing heavily to the losses. The season opener was lost to a tough Swarthmore team, followed by wins over Haverford and Ursinus. Key wrestlers in these wins included freshmen Rich Weida, co-captain, junior Steve Burak, and sophomore Henry Boyd. Going back and forth between the win and loss column, the Mules lost a heartbreaker to the better conditioned Susquehanna team, before winning over Albright with good shows by Freshman Corey Faul and senior co-captain Jim Gaydos. A loss to Lebanon Valley and a win over Scranton followed, as the team also dropped a double decision in a tri-meet with Delaware Valley and Moravian. In the final match, a triangular before a home crowd, the Mules trounced both Rutgers and Kings College with fine shows by sophomores Jeff Swanson and Steve Eisenhaur and the rest of grappler squad. The team will be losing senior Doug Cornwell and also Jim Gaydos who proved to be one of the most outstanding wrestlers Muhlenberg has ever had. The outook is good, however, for next season since experience will not be lack- ing, especially with returning junior Steve Burak who fin- ished 3rd in a bid for the MAC 1901b. title. Mules Opposition 8 Swarthmore 33 21 Haverford 18 25 Ursinus 18 18 Susquehanna 27 18 Albright 27 5 Lebanon Valley 38 26 Scranton 23 8 Delaware Valley 38 5 Moravian 35 27 Rutgers 9 32 Kings 12 149 151 FENCING FIRST ROW (L. TO R.) William Clarkson, Dave Binder (captain), John Smith, Coach Tony Santore. SECOND ROW (L. TO R.) Dave Steinberg, Mark Zwanger, Eric Sun, Vitaly Sawyna. THIRD ROW (L. TO R.) Jeff Scott, Mark Maletsky, Larry Krevitz, Marc Vengrove. THE FENCING SEASON The 1974-75 fencing season started with an Alum- ni Varsity Three-Weapon Tournament in which Var- sity men won five of the nine medals. The results were: FOIL 1 - Fred Thomas ’72 2 - Larry Krevitz ’76 3 - Mark Maletsky EPEE 1 - Tim Duelfer ’72 2 - Vitaly Sawanya ’75 3 - Eric Sun ’75 SABRE 1 - Dave Binder ’75 2 - Tom Hubbard ’72 3 - Mike Stein ’73 The Jan Tour 75 trip to New England tested the Mules against five new teams, including two of the top ten teams in the country. The results were three wins and two losses: Mules 19 — Holy Cross 8 Mules 5 — M.I.T. 22 Mules 5 — Harvard 22 Mules 18 — Trinity 9 Mules 20 — F airfield 7 The regular season followed and resulted in a very dis- appointing 3-7 record. For a variety of reasons, there were few matches in which the team was at full-strength, be- ginning with a three bout forfeit to Havervord. In addition to posting a 6-9 record, the team finished fourth in the M.A.C. Championships, just three points out of second place, again fencing short-handed, missing Dave Binder whose season record was 25-8. Eric Sun was the team’s lone medalist, taking the bronze in epee. This and his 30-15 individual record earned Eric the “Most Valuable Fencer” award. Although the record does not show it, the 1975 team was the strongest and best-balanced team Muhlenberg has had in many years. It was also the last team coached by Anthony C. “Ace” Santore, who left Muhlenberg after six years as coach. 152 Muhlenberg Opponent 12 Haverford 15 11 Paterson 16 7 Hopkins 20 20 William and Mary 7 11 Stevens 16 17 Drew 10 11 Clemson 16 21 Lafayette 6 12 Montclair 15 11 Temple 16 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL r 4 iKil. ygjy 4ft a 1 1 mw i » I ft| fU? dm N» m ] L 4 1 l i flV Jr ; m y.i i rw T ' jf , • rx . ... ■ ypf " -ft L ..7- ft v f I - •- p l f Wfm r js]i If HI I— . - isVH .CTft M Ml - A Mi T r T t w i ggSHli, IHj Hi V t ttp ] I k. HI MiA k 1 1st ROW: Jackie Paulson, Jean Mittman, Becky Potts, Karen Helene, Sue Packer, Beth Linde. 2nd ROW: Lauren Costello, Fay Whalen, Sharon Brennen, Kathy Kiehl, Pat Cashion, Sue Winship, Ellen Donsky, 3rd ROW: Mrs. Helene Hospodar, Dina Uliani, Arlene Darlington, Jan Williams, Kim Monson, Ann Peters, Nancy Hufnail, Kathy Sloan. THE WOMEN CAGERS The 1974-75 women’s varsity basketball team completed its best year ever with an impressive 10-1 winning season. Hard work and determination pulled the team’s members together. Led by senior — captain Becky Potts, the squad included junior guard Jan Williams, and three talented sophomores, Laurie Costello, Beth Linde, and Ann Peters. Sue Winship, Jackie Paulson, Arlene Darlington, and Dena Uliani provided a strong bench making substitutions freely available. The remainder of the team provided inspiration, determination, depth and a spirit which refused to give up. The dynamic squad of women opened its season against Allentown College with an impressive display of teamwork that carried throughout the entire year. The second game had Muhlenberg traveling to Wilkes College to add a second victory, before a tough battle with Albright was pulled off in the last minutes of the game. Lehigh was the next team to be defeated by the enthusiastic Muhlenberg squad. A touch-and-go thriller followed with Lafayette, with Muhlenberg gaining a victory in the closing seconds of the game. The girls met with Marywood, then Miseracordia, in what proved to be two relatively easy wins. Unfortunately, the Kutztown State College team proved to be a tough opponent; with seven victories behind them, the Muhlenberg women suffered their first defeat. A combination of factors created problems for the starting five, resulting in the season’s only loss. Recovering from the disappointing defeat, Muhlenberg’s girls got back on the winning track with a strong victory over Drew University in a preparation game for the season rematch with Kutztown. Brilliant teamwork and a complete change in defense saw Muhlenberg in its most impressive game of the year — a revenge victory over the formidable Kutztown squad. The Muhlenberg women put the finishing touch on a near perfect season with a win over Lafayette College the final game of the year. The Women’s Basketball team was coached by Mrs. Helene Hospodar, provider of the inspiration and incentive needed by the team for the completion of their very successful season. 154 Muhlenberg 47 Allentown College Opponent 18 63 Wilkes 45 38 Albright 33 45 Lehigh 31 37 Lafayette 35 68 Marywood 39 61 Miseracordia 49 52 Kutztown 81 57 Drew 29 51 Kutztown 40 43 Lafayette 29 SEATED: Bob Beck, Tom Oleksa, Jim Knerr, Randy Boll, Bill Filipovits, Henry Coons, John Mill, Phil Frederico, and Gary Brandt. STANDING: Mr. Sam Beidelman, Mark Hamchak, Tom Dillon, Dom Pasqualone, Mike Reid, Mark Stephens, Eric Butler, Dan Fisher, Doug Farrell, Bill Ray, A1 Keim, and Jeff Gordon. THE NINE OF DIAMONDS Although the overall record of the team with 9 wins and 10 losses, 2 wins and 4 losses in conference play, did not “live up to” expectations, there were a number of out- standing individual performances. Dom Pasqualone was the leading hitter with an average of .323. John Mill re- corded a perfect fielding average and Bill Filipovits had the best infield average at .978. Mike Reid was the most effec- tive pitcher with a 3-1 season record and he also led in strike outs with 29, and had an ERA of 1.16. Phil Frederico ended the season with a record of 2-0 and an ERA of 0.92. Bill Filipovits and Mike Reid were chosen for the all MAC team as first baseman and pitcher, respectively. Team Co-Captains were Mike Reid and Mark Stephens. Seniors, Bill Filipovits, Randy Boll, Tom Oleksa, Henry Coons, A1 Keim and Tom Dillon will be missed in the season to come. ’Berg Opp. 2 Lafayette 3 3 Lebanon Valley 5 3 Lebanon Valley 1 2 Ursinus 3 2 East Stroudsburg 3 10 Dickinson 2 10 Dickinson 5 2 Lehigh 19 3 Albright 0 0 Moravian 4 2 Moravian 4 3 Gettysburg 4 10 Haverford 6 1 Franklin Marshall 0 3 Franklin Marshall 2 2 Delaware Valley 7 8 Swarthmore 0 0 Western Maryland 1 1 Western Maryland 0 156 157 159 LACROSSE FIRST ROW: Phil Smeraski, Neil Barg, Stu Frieman, Doug Conwell, Eric Berg, A1 Cohen, Ron Michaelis. SECOND ROW: Rich Braunschweiger, Andy Spatt, Steve Mitrick, Jack Shields, John deJong, Tom Dinkelacker, Ron Langella. THIRD ROW: Glenn Salo, Tony Coviello, Jim Stampfle, Bruce Sieczkowski, Steve Eisenhauer, Scott Schooley, Andy Fader. FOURTH ROW: Coach Marino. MISSING: Captain Michael Prelovsky. In a disappointing season, plagued with injuries and se- veral heartbreaking losses, the 1975 Lacross Team still had some bright spots. Perhaps the brightest of these was jun- ior and leading scorer Glenn Salo, with a season total of 26 goals and 15 assists. Glenn also caused 54 turnovers, and was named to the first team of USILA Eastern Division. He was also named a midfielder on the All-Conference second team. Other notable scorers were: Doug Cornwell with 27 goals and 2 assists, Jack Shields with 16 goals and 11 assists, and Ron Michaelis with 13 goals and 8 assists. Goalie A1 Cohen did an excellent job as well, with an average of 12.3 saves per game, and Eric Berg caused 49 turnovers during the season. With all of these outstanding individuals returning, Coach Frank Marino can anticipate a solid base for a good 1976 team. iv ’Berg 16 Swathmore Opponent 8 11 Widener 8 11 Kutztown 23 8 Lebanon Valley 9 6 Dickinson 13 19 Stevens 6 10 Wilkes 20 5 Franklin Marshall 18 11 Haverfond 7 8 Lafayette 11 160 TRACK 1st ROW: David Miller, Joel Harding, Eugene Christian, Michael Maliefsky (Co-Captain), Craig Bernecker, Karl Bourdeau, Dennis Koczirka, Kevin Lokay. 2nd ROW: Steve Nix, Mark Dewalt, Gerard Schultz, Michael Stanton, Bruce Bird, Alan Williams, Arthur Douglass, Ken Wonderland. 3rd ROW: William Flamish (Head Coach), Mark Stull, Steven Scott, Mark Rogoff, Harold Stovall, Randall Kemmerer, Archibald Knisely, Scott Orens, James Hay, Frederick Fetser (Manager). MISSING FROM PICTURE: William Farrell (Asst. Coach), Walt Staehle (Co-Captain), Bill Steelman. MULES FIGHT FOR EVEN SEASON Spring season ’75 saw Muhlenberg’s thinclads surge through what appeared to be a dismal season to a 4-4 record. The first three meets were lost to Ursinus, F M, and Lebanon Valley, respectively, but fine individual per- formances by Scott Orens in the discus and shot, Craig Bernecker in the 100 and the 220, and Steve Nix in the 1 and 2 mile runs helped to keep ’Berg competitive. Against Lebanon Valley, Orens set a new school record in the dis- cus (154’9”) and freshman Jim Hay leaped to a record 6’5” in the high jump. A week later, the cinderman copped victories from both Albright and Wagner in a triangular meet. Orens broke his own record with a new toss of 161’2” and the mile relay team of Shultz,, Lokay, Staehle and Bernecker provided the final points for victory. Against Sarthmore, Hay, Nix and Orens continued as double winners, and the mile relay once again was the margin of victory in the final event. ’Berg rolled past Kutztown and Hay continued his dominance with another record leap of 6’6 1 2”. Dickinson closed out Muhlenberg’s season with a loss, but the MAC’S provided the much needed individual showcase for ’Berg talent. Freshman Hay took a second in the high jump, Stull a fifth in the discus, Orens a second in the discus, Kniesley sixth in the high jump, Tri-captain Bernecker fourth in the 100. Steve Nix took first place in the 2 mile in 9:35.6 breaking Mark Dewait’s record of 9:46.4 set the year before. The mile relay team registered a 3:27.3 clocking; .3 seconds off the school record set in ’42 and 13 seconds faster than their season time. ’Berg finished sixth in the overall competition with 25 points, making next season’s outlook extremely bright and promissing. ’Berg Opp. 55 Ursinus 84 60 Franklin Marshall 84 60 1 2 Lebanon Valley 84 1 2 68 Albright 46 Wagner 67 76 Swarthmore 68 79 Kutztown 66 60 Dickinson 83 MASCAC at Dickinson 164 165 FIRST ROW: Jeff Haberern, Joe Hacker, Keith Ordemann, and Lance Branton. SECOND ROW: Tom Davis (Coach), Tom Hadzor, Ken Moyer, Jr., Dave Kramp, Jim Robinson, and Rev. Richard Bonser. THE LINESMEN The golf team had a disappointing season Haverford Delaware 382 of 6 wins and 7 losses. Despite a lot of talent, they just “couldn’t put it all together.” Cap- ’Berg 420 41o tain Joe Hacker, a senior, had the lowest team score at the annual MAC tournament ’Berg Ursinus Wilkes at Hidden Springs Country Club. Another senior, Jeff Haberern, also scored well and 421 430 437 the third senior team member, Ken Moyer, served as co-captain. Freshman Lance Bran- ’Berg 402 Moravian 407 Dickinson 402 ton showed great potential as one of the team’s “hopes for the future.” ’Berg Wilkes Scranton 412 410 419 ’Berg Lycoming Lebanon Valley 411 464 406 ’Berg Lafayette Moravian 416 414 386 167 GOLF MEN’S TENNIS THE TEAM Gene Frank Stu Thau Joel Friedenberg Harry Servante Dave Kobza Steve Kanner Alex Levin Kurt Phillips Ricky Herrin Coach: Dr. Kenneth Webb The 1975 Men’s Tennis Team came very close to having a .500 season with a 4-5 log, and enthusiasm ran high throughout the spring. Fortunately for future teams, two key players were freshman Joel Frieden- berg and Harry Servante. Joel had an excellent sea- son, compiling the best individual record, and he and top-seeded senior Gene Frank represented Muhlen- berg at the NCAA’s. Senior Steve Kanner made a very good showing and was another key in the team’s victories. With a nucleus of the 1975 team returning, Coach Ken Webb can look forward to an even better 1976 season. ' Berg Opponent 1 Haverford 8 6 Moravian 3 2 Dickinson 7 0 Franklin Marshall 9 1 Lehigh 8 6 Albright 3 3 Lafayette 6 7 Ursinus 2 6 Wilkes 3 168 169 WOMEN S TENNIS KNEELING: Elise Larson, Jill Robertson, Betsy Urmston, Nancy Boyd, Nancy Tupin. STANDING: Laurie Smith, Lauren Costello, Brenda Seller s, Isabelle Hawman, Nancy Brobst, Janet Cassard, Carla Drozdowicz, Sue Nelson, Karen Greber, Miss Jean Hecht (coach). The Girls Tennis Team, under the superb direction of Miss Jean Hecht, wound up their 1975 season with a dis- appointing 1-6 record. Although several losses occured, the girls fought hard against their overwhelming opponents. Their single victory was over Fairleigh-Dickinson. Return- ing players to the team were Janet Cassard, first singles; Jill Robertson, second singles; and Izzy Hawman, second doubles. Newcomers this year were Lori Costello, a sopho- more who played third singles; Carla Drozdowicz, also a sophomore who played first doubles; and two freshmen, Lora Smith, first doubles and Suzanne Nelson, second doubles. Matches during the season included Albright, Fairleigh-Dickinson, Lehigh, Lafayette, Cedar Crest, Mor- avian, and Kutztown. HI Farleigh Dickinson 1 Lehigh. Lafeyette 1 Cedar Crest Kutztown • 2 170 171 172 173 September 1971 to June 1975 September 13, 1971: The Class of 1975 has their first day of classes at Muhlenberg . . . Prosser Hall becomes Muhlenberg’s first coed dormitory . . . Nixon begins Phase Two of wage-and-price controls . . . Poco and Seatrain come to ’Berg as Big Name’s Fall ’71 concert . . . Red China is admitted to the U.N. General Assembly . . . Greaser and 50’s parties become prevalent . . . After a battle, George’s sells b eer as well as hoagies . . . “Melanie” concert is a financial disaster for Big Name . . . East Pakistan becomes the new nation of Bangla Desh . . . Violence erupts in Northern Ireland . . . “Dolly” arrives on Muhlenberg stage . . . Gene Shepard brings his unique humor to Muhlenberg . . . Sha-na-na sings in the Spring . . . After 3 1 2 years, Nixon calls for massive bombing of North Vietnam . . . “Women’s Lib” becomes a household word . . . Jane Fonda arrives with Tom Hayden and laryngitis as part of her Indochina Peace Campaign . . . McGovern is defeated by Nixon in a lopsided election . . . 1972 soccer team beats Philadelphia Textile in NCAA Regionals, but loses to East Stroudsberg in a muddy, injury-ridden game . . . Trial of seven defendents in the Watergate break-in begins, with Judge John Sirica presiding . . . LBJ dies . . . Vietnam peace agreement signed in Paris . . . Muhlenberg suffers the loss of Sidney G. Wiekert . . . Talk goes on about merger with Cedar Crest: “Cedarberg?” . . . “Company” came . . . B.B. King and Steeleye Span play to a meager ’Berg audience in a Sunday night concert . . . Visitation hours exist on paper only . . . Spiro Agnew resigns as VP when charged with income tax evasion . . . Nixon names Gerald Ford as his choice for VP . . . Big Name has a success with “America” in concert . . . Muhlenberg graduates first student, Bob Small, with perfect 4.0 cumulative average . . . Nixon refuses to surrender evidence in the Watergate Case . . . The 1973 Football team compiles a winning 7-1-1 record . . . Students try to adjust to a two-day reading “week” and exams before Christmas . . . “Jan Term” becomes “Open January” as the fuel crisis hits harder . . . Traveling ’Berg students meet Alexander Solzhenitsyn on Christmas Eve, prior to his expulsion from the U.S.S.R. . . . Student support of the APC Governance Study doesn’t sway the faculty, and students must settle for voice but no vote on faculty committees . . . Otto Preminger draws a crowd for Festival of the Arts . . . “Streaking” sweeps the country, and ’Berg is no exception . . . Tenure becomes a big issue to students as well as faculty . . . Mules advance to the MAC Basketball finals, but lose to Johns Hopkins in double overtime . . . Bad reviews don’t deter “Fiorello” from becoming a success on Muhlenberg’s stage . . . First Annual Dorney Park Day is a huge success, proving cooperation with Cedar Crest can be a good thing . . . Ground is broken for the much-needed Fine Arts Center . . . Nixon resigns and is later pardonned by his successor, Gerald Ford, the first unelected president of the United States . . . Ralph Nader arrives late due to personal “consumer overawareness” in regard to cars . . . Unemployment keeps rising as the national economy totters on shaky ground . . . 1974 Soccer team wins MAC Championship again . . . Snow causes Muhlenberg to close for the first time in ten years ... A successful Senior Ball and Junior Prom tell of a renewed interest in semi-formal affairs . . . Darryl Ponicsan returns to Muhlenberg after a fifteen year absence . . . Almost more dogs on campus than people . . Rod Serling’s last public appearance is at Muhlenberg, “Billy Joel” is a sell-out, with 1500 tickets sold at Muhlenberg alone . . . War in Vietnam finally ends, as Communists take over South Vietnam, renaming Saigon “Ho Chi Minh City” . . . “Promises, Promises” . . . Allentown is named “All-American City” and the banquet is held in our own Garden Room . . . After almost two years of darkness, the library dome is relit at the end of Spring Semester, 1975, as a tribute to the year’s graduating class. preceding his untimely death . . . 179 AN UNBOUND CIRCLE The old man offered a hand Creased and furrowed In the passage of all his years. And as I grasped the hand he gave, I looked at the rough dark brow Harboring steel-gray eyes That in themselves kept Some strange insect Buzzing eternal youth, A vaulted aisle Of backstair memories, And a promise — Of a dawning tomorrow Much more his than mine. The secret behind those eyes Is not mine to know, old man: But allow me to learn, Give me the seeds Of your time among men — I want to hold my own experience, Little as it is, Next to your own — To draw something clear, From a stream Where two muddy currents collect. So he opened his cracked lips And began to speak. Yes, and I wonder still About that strange and unreal address. Now, if I pretend understanding, I only fool myself. But his words were filled with some quality Of everlasting mirth, As he orbited wisdom In an unbound circle. “Open your eyes,” spoke the elder, “For your eyes see And your eyes seek. They find the only measure Of the first circle. But listen: This circle is one Which you will never fill. List in it All of your simple sensations Of that natural world, Where you can gawk at a well-formed bosom, Pet a wet dog, Make steaming breath on a frosty day, Listen for the flight of wingless clouds, And argue, And draw sketches, And have love.” In his gray, bent form, The old man paused here, For effect, As he put a hand to his aged face And told me how to use This “circle.” “You must learn to grow In the first circle, As it fills With time and practicality. You are a man: Reach from your heart, Feel your own place expand Even as this circle grows In a limitless And unbridled passion For all pleasures — Those embodied In the thrill of sport Or an early walk In pouring rain.” “Horizons, the next; Your eye can transcribe The fragmented second circle Of Life, and the components, Love and Death. Pieces of this sphere Collect throughout a lifetime Barely held By the magnetism of reason, Often illuminated By a spark thrown from a flame Fueled by study. Love is the largest part Of this circle And we inch along love’s arc, as We touch lives, We imagine romance, And we create beauty in art.” My own puzzled gaze Greeted my old friend here: His face glowed As he brought the second circle To its full meter. “Learn lessons well; They are the other pieces Of the second circle. Through the role of scholar You can carry yourself To the horizon’s edge And bring the distal elements Of a living past In ordered perspective: The points never touching, Yet growing ever closer On higher levels Of heartfelt understanding.” His smile faded, The glow of his face retreated To a sparkling pair of gray eyes. “But it is a cold union When the parts of this open figure meld. Death brings together your horizons. It captures song, Arrests the artistic instant, And redevelops life. So, the noose That solves all mysteries Ends in beginning Their only resolution.” “The third is not a circle at all, But the translucent container For the currents Of the Universal Being: The part of you and I — Our collective Soul — Dwelling in and among Parts unknown; The other side Of the horizon’s limit, A fluid form Holding untold mysteries In The Spirit, A Spirit of Man, One of all unanswered questions The Spirit is a song Spreading over all humankind, Singing about a new genesis Of the Soul, In Life and in Love.” And then he stopped, And the gray eyes were clear. Too clear, as the stars In the cool summer sky. “Part and particle of God,” Concluded the old gentleman, “And soon I shall end my quest In a perfect union Toward some superior end.” The old man is gone. I can remember yet The touch of his hand. Somehow, There was a power in his truth. — MICHAEL POCALYKO ©1975 183 • « NEW FINE ARTS CENTER MUHLENBERG COLLEGE BEING CONSTRUCTED BY PENNSYLVANIA HIGHER EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES AUTHORITY GOV MILTON SHAPP PRESIDENT ROBERT G GERHART EXEC DIRECTOR PROJECT NO 52 C ' AftTSON ASSOC »■ -OWf ON BURGff AJVMiftrrc SO MERSCONSTRU CT 10 N CO INC GENERAL CONTRACTOR A.DE°0 E BY r tt " L‘ LTH EDUCATION WELFARE DED BY A FEDERAL INTEREST SUBSIDY GRANT H.E.W. PROJECT NO. 5-3 00668-0 DELIVERY OF MATERIAL 185 UNDpcL ss ro D MISSMDNS ADMISSIONS George W. Gibbs Josephine Gibson FIRST ROW: Fran Rosenfeld, Barb Coxe, Carol Porter, Cyndy Ciangio, Eleanor Hamilton, Marion Kandel, Marilyn Macknik, Elyse McFetridge, Carl Raber, Ron Romary, Lauren Healy, Mimi Groman, Dave Zukowsky. SECOND ROW: Rich Bennett (advisor), Becky Saeger, Chris Ward, Holly Kinchley, Cyndi Lodge , Tom Barry, Kathy Bouzakis, Ellen Nemesnyik, Bob Djergaian, Wayne Rinehart. THIRD ROW: Gary Dorshimer, Tom Stackhouse, George Gibbs (advisor), Nancy Hill, Jim Udell, Olga Calamidas, Debbie Bianco, Neal Berkowitz. 188 David S. Boyer Richard F. Bennett, Jr. FRESHMAN ORIENTATION COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Ellen Nemesnyik, Mimi Groman, Olga Calamidas, Sarah Mueller, Rich Bennett (advisor), Holly Kinchley, Elyse McFetridge, Kathy Bouzakis. SECOND ROW: Nancy Hill, Neal Berkowitz, Marilyn Mack- nik, Bob Goodman, Seth Mell- man, Kathy Kennedy. FIRST ROW: Bob Berkowitz, Bruce Gamer, Lee Anne Gelletly, Marlene Alterman, Alyece Brown, Pete Auster, Patty Mat- teo, Emily Schmidt, Mimi Groman, Dave Steinberg, Pete Rustico, Kathy Bouzakis, Steve Hart, Ellen Nemesnyik, Cyndi Lodge, Neal Berkowitz (treasurer), Cindy Grossman (secretary), Denise Lorz (president), Dave Clark (vice-president). SEC- OND ROW: Ruta Blatchins, Joe Hershman, Kim Anderson, Nancy Hill, Valerie Slott, Mara Levinson, Joan Hamburger, Claudia Beach, Lynn Ikeda, Carol Porter, Eleanor Hamilton, Jim Udell, Paul Schimke, Barb Coxe, Sally Rubinstein, Debbie Higgins. THIRD ROW: Barb Snelbaker, Dave Kobza, Dan Stauffer, Joan Bean, Anne Merl, George Gibbs (advisor), Holly Eddinger, Paul Silverman, Mike Buffington, Wendy Bengston, Glenn Brooks, Rich Bennett (advisor), Joann Weidlich, Anita Nayar. ! ■ »-■ tHifltCSS JSg r»m 1 iil n a HH z r w - CD O n H-H H 189 G.U.T.T. DAY “Get Un-Tight Together” Day was sponsored by the Admissions staff on May 9, 1975, the last Friday of classes, in order to ease end-of-semester tension. The first of its kind, G.U.T.T. Day proved to be high- ly successful, as many professors were lenient on at- tendance, permitting students to unwind with games of volleyball on the lawn and plenty of refreshments. 190 191 FRESHMEN President . . . Bryan Zeiner Vice President . . . Greg Crouch Secretary . . . Joy Kelly Treasurer . . . Jane Kotch The Class of 1978 won the hearts of many with its open- ing event — the Valentine-Making Contest. Prizes were awarded for the funniest, prettiest, and wierdest valen- tines, and, of course, the valentine with the most romantic message. To follow this up, the class sponsored a scavenger hunt for St. Patrick’s Day, namely the “Greenstuff Hunt.” All searched high and low for 30 green items. As tradition has it, the Freshman class joined in the fun of the ODK Carnival. Its creation of the Dunkin Donut Roulette wheel was loads of fun, quite tasty, and even made money for ODK! To finish the year, the Class of 1978 sponsored a Computer Date Dance featuring the group “Patchwork.” To pass on the wisdom and knowledge the class gathered throughout the year, the Frosh compiled the Freshman Tips Book. Best wishes to the Class of 1979 — may they have as much luck and fun as the Class of 1978. Bryan Zeiner, Joy Kelly, Greg Crouch. 192 193 SOPHOMORES President . . . Jim Christie Vice President . . . Ken Wonderland Secretary . . . Cathy Bouzakis Treasurer . . . Fran Rosenfeld The class of 1977 plunged right into the school year with a new twist to the traditional Soph-Frosh event: A Sadie Hawkins dance. Besides providing a fun time and an op- portunity for the classes of 1977 and 1978 to meet each other, the dance gave “liberated” women a chance to change roles and do the asking! In what seems to be a sophomore tradition, the class sponsored a used book sale — a service to the whole school. After seeing stacks of Prob. and Stat. and Anthropology books that weren’t being used that semester, the class de- cided the best way to make themselves feel better was to spread joy to others. So they took orders, baked and deli- vered Valentine cookies all over campus. Maybe the best way to the heart is through the stomach! Last but certainly not least, the class of 1977 held up another sophomore tradition: compiling and publishing the Student Directory. No small task, the class confronted a few problems along the way, but they finally succeeded in providing a clamoring campus with finished directories. Cathy Bouzakis, Ken Wonderland, Jim Christie, and Fran Rosenfeld. 194 195 JUNIORS President . . . WaltStaehle Vice-President . . . Fay Whalen Secretary . . . Lynn Ikeda Treasurer . . . Wayne Rinehart This year, the junior class was quite active in many phases of campus life. During the fall, they sold Muhlen- berg buttons and cushions to promote spirit at football games. In December, the class decorated Christmas trees and warmed up afterwards with a party in front of the fire in Prosser Pit. Just before winter ended, the Class of 1976 sponsored a successful “Night on Ice” at Albeth Ice Palace. The major event of the year for the class was the Junior Prom entitled “Anything Goes.” The cocktail party was a speakeasy in Brown basement, complete with horse race. Following that, the prom itself was in the Garden Room, with music provided by “Patchwork.” Highlights of the prom were casino games, a miniature golf course, and a Charleston contest. Throughout the year, the class also sponsored volleyball games and several movies. 196 Wayne Rinehart, Walt Staehle, Fay Whalen, Lynn Ikeda. SENORS CLASS OF 1975 OFFICERS President: Larry Hershman Vice President: Tom Messbauer Secretary: Elaine Huber Treasurer: Jim Udell LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Udell, Larry Hershman, Elaine Huber. 1 2 1 1 fKvS fm | 200 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Denise Lorz, Steve Brand. ROW TWO: Jean- ette Bianco, Ginny Brust, Marcia Uhl. ROW THREE: Dave Duhl, John Hartman. Mary Anderson Emilie Altemose Barbara Annechiarico David Asciutto Sally Badgley Frank Baldino, Jr, Kenneth Bahrt 201 Jeffrey Bates Kevin Bausman Denise Baxter Claudia Beach 202 Donna Beischl Gardner Gary Benton Christine Beebe D- W «y ne Berma « Craig Bemecker John Betz 203 Eric Bluestone Ste P hen 80(11131 204 Deborah Brown 205 Virginia Brust Deborah J. Budich Kathy Buehler A kind of nervous energy possesses me; My head is spinning with a thousand schemes. The restless tempo of my life distresses me; All logic fails to subjugate my dreams. My sensibility is lost to sentiment; Released from prior restraint, I laugh, I cry. Bared emotions overcome embarrassment — The future flirts. I never want to die. Compulsively I hoard these hours, these “good times, ” Knowing well the magic show is brief. From the midst of youth’s ideals, the cynic climbs; Destruction reigns. The world gives no relief. Too soon society demands my recompense, So, for the while, I’ll revel in my innocence. Sarah Mueller Michael Buffington Beverly Burd Sara Jane Bums Catherine Burris Frido Buschmann 206 .M Janice Buscher Michael Butler Mark Caine Olga Calamidas George Caligan Samuel Carlis Dean Cartier Gregory Chambers 207 208 Francis Conlin Janice ColagTeco Denise Conover Bruce Cook Henry Coons Susan Cooper David Cooper 209 David Cornell Douglas Cornwell Steven Correale Georgia Crump Therese Decoursey Brooke Daly Ellen Donsky 211 Jon Eldridge Trudy Fatzinger Martha Durham Gordon Edwards B. Michelle Dun gee Robert Elgin, Jr. S. Neil Feltham John Epps Arnold Feltoon 212 William Fermier Donna Fisher William Filipovits Robert Fliegelman Stanley Forman Thomas Fortmuller Robert Fox Richard Frederick Eugene Frank 213 Stuart Freiman Marcia Futter James Gaydos Herbert Gerbert, m 214 Howard Gendelman Bonnie Gibson Steven Ginsburg There’s a road that runs a circle To a destination drowned in time, While thoughts do soar a spiral Down updrafts of the mind. Stephanie Ostrowski Michael Goldman Susan Gonshor Jeffrey Gordon David Greenwald Richard Gresh 215 216 Stephen Harris Frederick Hankins John Hartman James Hauff William Haver, HI Maryann Heine Isabel Hawman 217 Henry Herbener Cheryl Hoeffler Mark Holland Lawrence Hershman Janet Hooker Joanne Hock Nancy Hill Patti Jean Hooper 218 Jerrold Jacobson Cynthia Asta Johnson Elsa Ann Johnson Ruth Ann Johnson 219 Alan Keim William Kimble 220 Matthew Koch Pamela Kistler Daniel Kleinrock Jonathan Koch Susan Kronenthal 221 Joyce Lang Kochinsky Cynthia Lambert Sherri Lander Elise Larson 222 Pamela Larson Sally Lawlace Patrice Lebovit Helen Leesment Beth Leibowitz Gayle Legenza Steven Levenberg Arthur Levin 223 William Lewis Janet Lowe T -y- John Lozak, Jr Janet Loy Dennis Levy Denise Lorz 224 Francis J. Mac Donald Jeffrey Lynch Burroughs Mack Stanley Mack Marilyn Macknik Deborah Majer Elizabeth Maiser 225 Deborah Mart ins en Nancilee Massie Steven Master 226 Sidney Matthews Alexander Mac Arthur, TIT Frank McCants John McLaughlin C. Lanning Meade Seth Mellman 227 Keith Mertz Barbara Menzel Robert Messbauer Barbara Meyerdierks Susan Meyer Staphanie Milardo Thomas Michels Donna Micucci Craig Miller 228 Lewis Nagel 229 Richard Niemiec Patricia Nigro Kevin O’Connor Life’s intricate tapestry, woven with the delicate threads of seasons, Winds in a circular path around man’s growth in knowledge and reason. Spring’s freshness holds the questions of youth in each flower’s bloom, Unfolding to challenging ideas and newly resolved answers in June. Summer’s sun ripens the fruit and they fall from the nurishing tree, Only to be picked up by the mature man who also wants to be free. Autumn sets the forest ablaze, as the height of nature is on display, Portraying man’s achievements and confidence as he too reaches his heyday. The color soon fades as winter tells man and nature to rest. The world lays peacefully quiet for those who contri- buted their best. The tapestry continues though, as another Spring has begun, And the tired man finds at his side a new son. Karen Kelca Thomas Oleksa Daniel O’Reilly Ronald Ost Christopher Ortolan Wistar Paist, Jr. 230 Eugenia Paolillo Rosa May Palmer Judith Pappas Kathleen Parks Barry Pascal Jane Pearson Jean Pellicci ■ — 231 Susan Petrick James Peters Jonathan Philip® Barbara Podsen David Pontell Richard Porter Beverly Porrazzo 232 Michael Prelovsky Donna Reese George Reitmeier Joseph Reimers Rebecca Potts William Poutsiaka 233 Bruce Richman Barry Ries 234 Susan Rosen Richard Rotondo Jacki Rubin Michael Rudomin Thomas Rushmore Betty Anne Rybowski i Karen Rygaylo Barbara San grey 235 V. Vitaly Sawyna Catherine Sawyna Barbara Scaxnmell John Schmehl Mary Schaaf Janet Schroeder Jack Scott Richard Scott Debra Schultheiss 236 Helen Shriver 237 Richard Slimmer Gail Smith Carl Snyder Lee Alan Solomon Tracy Southworth Linda Speidel Thomas Stackhouse Craig Staller 238 239 James Tamaroff Barbara Taliaferro Thomas Thomasik, II H. Thor Thomson Jeanette Tobing Charles Trigiani Dorothy Toran 240 Marcia UM James Udell Winona Valentine Karen Van Loan Janet Van Syckel Diane Voegeli Peter Vasilenko, HI 241 Christine Ward Jane Ellen Watts Timothy Weber 242 Marianne Windish Lewis Wolensky Dagmar Wolf RolfWolfrom 243 Charles Wray, Jr. Wendy Zahn Gayle Zanetti Stephanie Zimmt David Zukowsky 244 245 Richard Ben-Veniste COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM THREE O’CLOCK Presiding John H. Morey, Ph.D. President of the College Music by the Allentown Band March “Americans We” Toccata March “Bicentennial” Processional: Triumphal Albertus L. Meyers, Conductor H. Fillmore G. Frescobaldi J. P. Sousa Halvorsen All stand as the procession enters and remain standing until after the Invocation. Academic Procession Victor L. Johnson, Ph.D. College Marshal National Anthem Oh, say can you see, by the daivn ' s early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight ' s last gleaming. Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air. Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? Invocation The Reverend David H. Bremer, Ph.D. Chaplain of the College Recognition of Faculty Conferring of Honorary Degress Doctor of Science in Education Louise Burroughs Doctor of Divinity Theodore L. Fischer Doctor of Humane Letters Eric Hoffer Doctor of Laws Richard Ben-Veniste Address Richard Ben-Veniste Attorney-at-Law, Former Chief of the Watergate Task Force of the United States Department of Justice Eric Hoffer 246 All stand Hymn — God of our fathers, whose almighty hand National Hymn God of our fathers, whose almighty hand Leads forth in beauty all the starry band Of shining worlds in splendor through the skies, Our grateful songs before thy throne arise. Thy love divine hath led us in the past. In this free land by thee our lot is cast; Be thou our ruler, guardian, guide, and stay; Thy word our law, thy paths our chosen way. From war’s alarms, from deadly pestilence, Be thy strong arm our ever sure defence; Thy true religion in our hearts increase, Thy bounteous goodness nourish us in peace. Refresh thy people on their toilsome way, Lead us from night to never-ending day; Fill all our lives with love and grace divine, And glory, laud, and praise be ever thine. Amen. Recognition of the Class of 1925 For the Class of 1975 Thomas G Stackhouse Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees Candidates presented by Charles S. McClain, A.M.D. Acting Dean of the College Awarding of Diplomas All stand Alma Mater I love to sit and think and dream And oft conspire; And yet amid the swelling stream Of fond desire, My heart still ever turns to thee: Alma Mater, Alma Mater Thee will I ever sing, To thee my heart shall cling, Of thee my praises ring, O Muhlenberg! Alma Mater, O my Muhlenberg! Benediction Chaplain Bremer Recessional: Men of Honor H. Fillmore The audience is requested to refrain from applause until all members of the class have received their diplomas, and after the ceremonies, to remain in place until the academic procession has withdrawn. Thomas G. Stackhouse I 1975 CIARLA STAFF John Eckhardt, Barb Coxe, Sue Kummer, Ellen Nemesnyik, Dave Zukowsky, Jim Udell. Helen-Marie Shriver, Sue Kronenthal, Cathy Smith. Editor: Barb Coxe Co-Editor: Ellen Nemesnyik Business Manager: Jim Udell LAYOUT: Sue Kummer, Cathy Smith, Joe Brown, Bill Chapogas, Dave Zukowsky, Hindell Straus, Janet Orsini. COPY: Helen-Marie Shriver, Barb Blatt, Sue Kronenthal, Cyndi Lodge, Mike Pocalyco. PHOTOGRAPHY: Kevin Pernicano, Janet Orsini, John Eckhardt, Larry Bakalian, Ron Servi. BUSINESS: Lynne Braunstein, Chris Will, Gail Robinson, Wendy Bengston, Sue Gonshor, Loran Duemmel, Walt Staehle. ARTWORK: Isabel Hawman, Fred Ziegler. 248 The Ciarla Staff of 1975 would like to extend its appreciation to those members of the faculty and student body who helped with the produc- tion of this yearbook. We thank Mr. Chuck Genna, the staff of Seegers Union, Mr. Donald Moore, and Mr. Tom Sternal for their continued support of this project. Special thanks go to Mr. Tony Mazzocca and Davor Photo for their time and effort in the photography and senior portraits, and to Bill O’Brien, our yearbook representative, for his va- luable guidance. Lastly, I would personally like to express my gratitude to all members of my staff who put in long hours on this book. My sincere thanks to Jim Udell for his excellent management of our business affairs. Words cannot express my gra- titude and appreciation for Ellen Nemesnyik, My co-editor and right-hand person, whose aid and perserverance helped make this book a reality. Barb Coxe — Editor 249 SENIOR DIRECTORY EM I LIE JANE ALTEMOSE Brodheadsville, Pa. 18322 A. B. History Art. MARY ANDERSON 215 Devon Road, Westwood, N.J. 07675 B. S. Mathematics. BARBARA IRENE ANNECHIARICO 11 Longview Dr., Towaco, N.J. 07082 A.B. Social Science Social Welfare Student Intern, Intramurals. DAVID ASCIUTTO 70 Prospect St., Demarest, N.J. 07627 A.B. History Phi Alpha Theta, John Marshal Pre-Law Society, Intramurals, Redcoat Club. SALLY A.BADGLEY 2116 Waycross Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada A. B. Sociology French Volunteer Services: Coordinator, Girls’ Football, Faculty Board Re- treat Committee, Resident Advi- sor. KENNETH M. BAHRT 221 Cardift Rd., Fairless Hills, Pa. 19030 B. S. Biology Intramurals. FRANK BALDINO 1903 Woodland Dr., Yardley, Pa. 19067 B.S. Biology. DEBRA SUE BARD 6089 Main St., East Petersburg, Pa. 17520 A. B. Psychology Intramurals. NEIL L. BARG 434 Wingate Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. B. S. Natural Science. JAMES J. BARILE 117 Cherry Ave., Bound Brook, N.J. 08805 A.B. Economics Phi Kappa Tau: Steward 1974-75, Varsity Basketball; Co-captain 1974-75. THOMAS BARRY 57 Colonial Parkway, Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 B.S. Natural Science Biology Resident Advisor, Freshman Advi- sor, Intramurals, Cardinal Key, Middle Atlantic States Accredita- tion Committee, E.V.I., Transpor- tation Committee: Coordinator. JEFFREY L. BATES 329 Mill Rd., Havertown, Pa. 19083 A.B. English. KE VIN GEORGE BA USMAN R.D. 1, Box 156, Lehighton, Pa. 18235 A.B. Social Science Commuter’s Club, Muhlenberg Christian Association; Christian Witness Committee, Institute of Faith, Eta Sigma Phi: Treasurer, Mash and Dagger: Othello. DENISE A. BAXTER 512 Bernita Dr., River Vale, N.J. 07675 A.B. Economics Social Science. CLAUDIA G. BEACH 753 Janice Ct., Wyckoff, N.J. 07481 A.B. German. Cardinal Key, German Club: Secretary-Treasurer, Bernheim: President, Delta Phi Nu, Intra- murals. CHRISTINE J. BEEBE Box 193, RFD 2, Putney, Vermont 05346 A.B. History Phi Alpha Theta, Resident Advi- sor. GARYN. BENTON 22 Allison Ave., Newfoundland, N.J. 07435 A.B. Economics Accounting Intramurals. STEVEN E. BERGER Stackhousemill Rd., Newtown Square, Pa. 19073 A. B. History. NEAL JERROLD BERKOWITZ 101 Cambridge Rd., Broomall, Pa. 19008 B. S. Natural Science Class President: 1971-72, Student Council, Mask and Dagger, Muh- lenberg Board of Associates, Muhlenberg-Cedar Crest Joint Plannning Committee, J.V. Basket- ball, Intramurals, Freshman Advi- sor, Freshman Orientation Com- mittee, Cardinal Key: Treasurer 1973-75, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, Who’s Who in America, Senior Class Gift: Chair- man, Pre-Med Advisory Commit- tee. D. WAYNE BERMAN 21 Leslie La., New Hyde Park, N.Y. 11040 B.S. Chemistry College Band, College Band Com- mittee, Chess Club and Team, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Coffee House Committee. CRAIG ALLEN BERN ECKER 146 N. 12th St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A.B. Psychology Student Council, Resident Advi- sor: Head Resident Advisor 1974- 75, Phi Kappa Tau, Soccer, Track: Captain 1974-75. JOHN CHRISTOPHER BETZ Chatham, N.J. A.B. Psychology. CHARLES V. BEYER II 2929 E. Main St., Mesa, Arizona 85204 A.B. Economics. JEANETTE M. BIANCO 30 Rambling Brook Rd., Upper Saddle River, N.J. 07458 A. B. Psychology. DAVID BINDER 231 Lloyd La., Philadelphia, Pa. 19151 B. S. Natural Science Varsity Fencing, Zeta Beta Tau. MAR YELLEN ROBERTSON BIRDSEY Allentown, Pa. A.B. Art. ERNEST R. BLAINE 441 N. 23rd St., 1st FI., Allentown, P.A. 18104 A.B. Social Science. RUT A BLATCHENS 202 Harding Ave., Collingswood, N.J. 08108 A.B. French Phi Sigma Iota, Cardinal Key Club, Education Society. BARBARA A. BLATT 13 Nichols Ct., Fanwood, N.J. 07023 A.B. Psychology Social Science Ciarla, Class Executive Council, 250 Color Guard, Intramurals, Volun- teer Services. ERIC CARL BLUE STONE 119 N. Jerome Ave., Margate, N.J. 08402 B.S. Biology. RICHARD L. BODNAR 448 Stein Way, Saddle Brook, N.J. 07662 B.S. Physics Cardinal Key Club, Society of Physics Students, Sigma Pi Sigma, Soccer, Varsity Baseball, J.V. Bas- ketball, Intramurals. STEPHEN A. BODNAR, JR. 2213 Washington St., Allentown Pa. 18104 A.B. Economics Accounting. RANDY DEAN BOLL 3872 Oakleigh Dr., York, Pa. 17402 A.B. Social Science. DANIEL CL YDE BOSKET 1041 Washington Ave., Allentown, Pa. A.B. Economics Accounting Muhlenberg Black Collegians: Treasurer, Wrestling. NANC Y ANN BOS WOR TH 23 Evelyn Rd., Roseland, N.J. 07068 A. B. Economics Accounting Junior Class Executive Council, Twirling Squad. KARL STEVEN BOURDEAU Aspetuck Knolls R.R. 1, New Milford, Conn. 16766 B. S. Natural Science Political Science Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track, Var- sity Basketball, Indoor Track, In- tramurals, Student Council Class Representative, Student Council Vice-President, Academic Com- mittee Chairman, Polling Commit- tee Co-chairman, Course-Faculty Evaluations Co-chairman, Free University Chairman, Student Dean’s Selection Committee, Young Republicans, Phi Kappa Tau: Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Who’s Who in American Colleges, Dr. John A. Haas Award, Muhlen- berg Pre-Medical Society Award, William H. Shideler Award. STEVEN J. BRAND 19 Fieldmere St., New Rochelle, N.Y. 10804 B.S. Natural Science Ecology Action Club, Class of 1975 Executive Council, Intramurals, Physics Tutor. JOSEPH W. BRETZ R.D. 2, Box 264, Slatington, Pa. 18080 B.S. Chemistry. ALYECE BROWN 210 N. Huntington Ave., Margate, N.J. 08402 B.S. Mathematics College Finance Committee for Re- accreditation Self-study, Cardinal Key Society, Math Club, Educa- tion Society, Union Board, Hillel, Modern Dance Club, Senior Ball Tickets and Publicity Committee; Chairman, Ciarla . DEBORAH JANE BROWN 334 S. 14th St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A. B. English. LA WRENCE D. BROWN R.D. 2, Kutztown, Pa. 19530 B. S. Biology Natural Science Commuter’s Club, Transfer Orien- tation Committee. VIRGINIA E. BRUST 216 Hampton Rd., Hatboro, Pa. 19040 B.S. Mathematics Varsity Basketball, Cheerleading, Class of 1975 Executive Council. DEBORAH JOANNE BUDICH 2225 Greenleaf St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Humanities Commuters Club, Class of 1975 Executive Council. KATHY ANN B UEHLER 2139 Washington St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A. B. Psychology. MICHAEL VINCENT BUFFINGTON 169 Third St., Hanover, Pa. 17331 B. S. Biology. BEVERLY BURD Maddock Rd., Box 285 C. Titusville, N.J. 08560 A.B. Social Science Elementary Education Intramurals, Women’s Football, Dorm Vice-President, Joint Coun- cil. SARA JANE BURNS 234 W. Franklin St., Morrisville, Pa. 19067 A.B. Spanish Elementary Education Cardinal Key, Education Society, Muhlenberg Experimental The- atre, Muhlenberg Musical Associa - Ition, Dorm Council, Spanish Club, Mask and Dagger. CATHARINE CAROLINE BURRIS 8 Colmar Rd., Colwick, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 A. B. Music. FRIDO W. BUSCHMANN 3736 Pine Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006 B. S. Natural Science Soccer, Muhlenberg Musical Asso- ciation, Beer Party Players. JANICE BUSHER 380 Rahway Rd., Edison, N.J. 08817 B.S. Natural Science Cardinal Key, Class of 1975 Execu- tive Council, Freshman Advisor, Pre-Med Society. MICHAEL FRANCIS BUTLER Hawthorn House, Treichlers, Pa. 18086 A. B. Political Science Track, Wrestling, Cross Crounty, Chess Club: Vice-President and President, Commuters Club: Secretary-Treasurer and Vice- President. MARK CAINE 1107 Berwind Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. 19096 B. S. Natural Science. OLGA M. CALAMIDAS 847 N. 28th St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Social Science History Ciarla, Freshman Advisor, Fresh- man Orientation Committee Summer Advising. GEORGE RICHARD CALIGAN 4 Brierwood Dr., Woodbridge, Conn. 06905 A. B. Economics. SAMUEL ALAN CARLIS 1006 Piper Rd., Wilmington, Del. 19803 B. S. Natural Science. DEAN EDWARD CARTIER 80 Pine St., Ramsey, N.J. 07446 A. B. History 1975 Festival of the Arts: Art Com- mittee Chairman, Muhlenberg Spelunking Club: President, The Spokesmen, Dorm Council, Resi- dence Hall Representative, Free University, Muhlenberg Ecology Action Group. GREGORY R. CHAMBERS 170 McFarlane Rd., Colonia, N.J. 07067 B. S. Chemistry Choir, Band, Institution of Sound. STEVEN GEORGE CHANDA 47 Allen Dr., Wayne, N.J. 07470 B.S. Natural Science. STEPHEN BOSWELL CHILDS 7 Westerly Way, Severna Park, Md. 21146 B.S. Biology. PATTI J. CHRISTIE 1016 Fordham Rd., Neptune, N.J. 07753 A.B. Psychology Ski Club, Intramurals. CYNTHIA M. CIANGIO 22 Underwood Dr., West Orange, N.J. 07052 A.B. English Arcade: Art Editor 1972-74 and Art Editor Co-Editor 1974-75, Festival of the Arts: Chairman 1974-75, Women’s Fencing Club, Founder- President 1972-73 and Secretary- Treasurer 1973-74, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Student Council, Senior Class Pledge Drive, Freshman Advisor, Dining Committee, John Marshall Pre- Law Society, Who’s Who in Amer- ican Colleges, Muhlenberg College Experimental Theater: Director of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Student Life Sub- Committee of Middle States Eva- luation. JOHN R. COBB R.D. 3, Box 231, Lebanon, N.J. 08833 A. B. Economics Varsity Football, Alpha Tau Omega: Public Relations Officer and Pledge Master, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Allentown Rugby Club. WARREN ELLIOT COHEN 103 Boulder Rd., Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462 B. S. Natural Science. NEAL COHN 1726 Green Valley Rd., Havertown, Pa. 19083 B.S. Natural Science Program Board: Coffeehouse Man- ager and Films Chairman, Student Council Academic Committee, Cardinal Key, Freshman Advisor, Hillel, Intramurals. JANICE MARIE COLAGRECC 174 Hillcrest, Leonia, N.J. 076u5 A.B. English. FRANCIS JOSEPH CONLIN 736 N. 9th St., Allentown, Pa. 18102 A.B. Social Science. DENISE ADELE CONOVER P.O. Box 432, Absecon, N.J. 08201 B.S. Biology Phi Beta Kappa, Cardinal Key, In- tramurals. BRUCE R. COOK 87 Woodland Park Dr., Tenafly, N.J. 07670 B.S. Natural Science Muhlenberg Musical Association, College Choir, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association Drama. HENR Y ROBERT COONS 500 East 77th St., New York, N.Y. 12001 A. B. History. DAVID B. COOPER 1104 Edgewood Dr., Charleston, W. Va. 25302 B. S. Natural Science English Weekly, Arcade, Volunteer Ser- vices. SUSAN JEAN COOPER 47 Dean St., Madison, N.J. 07940 A.B. German German Club, Delta Phi Nu, Intra- murals. DA VID ELLERSON CORNELL 33 Monroe Lane, Princeton, N.J. 08540 A.B. Psychology. DOUGLAS EDWARD CORNWELL 21 Venus Rd., Syosset, N.Y. 11791 A. B. East Asian Studies. STEVEN T. CORREALE Box 404, R.D. 4, Dover, N.J. 07801 B. S. Physics Varsity Football: Co-Captain 1974, Varsity Track, Society of Physic s Students, Lambda Chi Alpha: House Manager and Rituatis. BARBARA ANNE COXE 1142 Lehigh Avenue. Wyomissing, Pa. 19610 A.B. Social Science Ciarla: Editor-in-Chief 1974-75, Pi Delta Epsilon, Freshman Advisor, Freshman Orientation Com- mittee, Muhlenberg Experimental Theater, Cardinal Key, Cheer- leader, Intramurals, International Affairs Club, Model United Na- tions. DA VID GREGOR Y CRESSMAN 11 Maple St., Danville, Pa. 17821 A.B. Political Science History Sigma Phi Epsilon, College Choir, Forensic Club, John Marshall Pre- Law Society, Sub-Committee on Resources and Finance for the Muhlenberg College Accreditation Study, Phi Alpha Theta. GEORGIA NELL CRUMP 7338 El Dorada St., McLean, Virginia 22101 A.B. Political Science College Choir, Model United Na- tions, International Affairs Club, International Students Associa- tion, Cardinal Key, Senior Class Executive Council, Intramurals, Delta Phi Nu, Chapel Choir, Spokesman. BROOKE Y. DALY 332 Guys Run Rd., R.D. 2, Cheswick, Pa. 15024 A.B. Russian Studies Russian Club: President. DIANE M. DAVISON Farmersville Rd., R.D. 1, Easton, Pa. 18042 A.B. History Psychology. PA UL ENGLISH DA VISON, JR. Easton, Pa. 18042 A.B. Psychology. THERESA DeCOURSEY 417 Bradshow Ave., Haddonfield, N.J. 08033 A.B. Social Science Ski Club, Cardinal Key Society, Cheerleader. DALE DIEFFENBACH Route 3, Lebanon, Pa. 17042 A. B. History. THOMAS DILLON 906 N. 25th St., Allentown, Pa. 18104 B. S. Natural Science. JOSEPH JOHN DIXON 444 E. Chestnut St., Hazelton, Pa. 18201 A. B. Political Science. ROBERTS. DJERGAIAN 11 Linden Dr., Broomall, Pa. 19008 B. S. Natural Science Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa: President 1974-75, Sopho- more and Junior Class President, Freshman Advisor, Freshman Dir- ectory Editor, Student Representa- tive on Academic Policy Commit- tee, Assistant Chairman of Fresh- man Orientation. ELLEN W. DON SKY 7705 Woodlawn Ave., Melrose Park, Pa. 19126 A.B. Political Science Spanish Spanish Club: Officer, Cardinal Key, Delta Phi Nu, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Weekly: Contri- buting Editor, WMUH, Color Guard, Women’s Basketball: Man- ager, Phi Sigma Iota, International Students Association, Interna- tional Affairs Club. WILLIAM CRAIG DOUGHERTY Chatham, N.J. A.B. Psychology. CHRIS DUELFER 79 Oreland PL, Oreland, Pa. 19075 A. B. Economics. LOR AN DUEMMEL 7766 Candlewood, Worthington, Ohio 43085 B. S. Biology. DAVID DU HL 210 Cyril Ave., Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410 B.S. Biology Senior Class Executive Council, Dorm Court, Student Affairs Com- mittee. CHARLES NELSON DUNG AN 32 W. Cliff St., Somerville, N.J. 08876 A.B. History. B. MICHELLE DUN GEE 7 Lucas La., Wayne, N.J. 07470 A.B. Social Science Social Welfare Student Council, Dorm Council, Joint Council, College Council, Vo- lunteer Services, Freshman Orien- tation Program, Intramurals, Mo- dern Dance Club, Community Day (Board of Associates), Chapel Choir. MARTHA ALICE DURHAM 72 Veterans Parkway, Pearl River, N.Y. 10965 A. B. Psychology French Phi Sigma Iota, Psi Chi. GORDON WINDLEY EDWARDS 12130 Pebblebrook, Houston, Texas 77024 B. S. Natural Science Student Court, Soccer, Interna- tional Students Association. STEPHEN JOSEPH EICHERT 101 Beechwood Dr., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006 B.S. Natural Science Chemistry. JON JEFFRE Y ELDRIDGE 8 Arnold Dr., Kingston, N.Y. 12401 A. B. Political Science. ROBERT J. ELGIN, JR. 101 Gordon Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19118 B. S. Biology. JOHN CL A YBORNE EPPS 702 Wakefield, Neptune, N.J. 07753 B.S. Biology Russian Studies. DOUGLAS FARALDI Ridgefield, N.J. A.B. Economics. TR UDY CAR OL FA T ZINGER 216 Carbon St., Lehighton, Pa. 18235 A.B. Psychology. STANLEY NEIL FELTHAM 60 Melody Lane, Huntington, N.Y. 11243 A.B. Biology Choir: Manager. ARNOLD FELTOON 710 Landmark Two, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 A.B. Psychology Hillel, Class Executive Council, Weekly: Photography Staff. W. STEPHEN FERMIER 2 Walnut St., Danville, Pa. 17821 A.B. Psychology. WILLIAM FILIPO VI TS 1827 Washington Ave., Northampton, Pa. 18067 A. B. Economics Accounting Varsity Basketball, Varsity Base- ball, Student Intramural Director. ROBERT FLIEGELMAN 1014 Melrose Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19126 B. S. Natural Science Hillel, Intramural Basketball. STANLE Y ORKIN FORMAN 100 Cambridge St., Broomall, Pa. 19008 B.S. Natural Science. THOMAS S. FORTMULLER 467 Rolling Hills Rd., Somerville, N.J. 08876 A. B. English Phi Kappa Tau: Recording Secre- tary, Mask and Dagger: President, Alpha Psi Omega: President, Who’s Who, Muhlenberg Musical Association: Director, Muhlemberg Experimental Theater, Freshman Advisor, Institution of Sound, Fes- tival of the Arts. ROBERT MARK FOX 221 Barclay Circle, Cheltenham, Pa. 19012 B. S. Natural Science. EUGENE BENNETT FRANK 2649 Landis Ave., Vineland, N.J. 08360 B.S. Natural Science. ARCHIE FRAZIER Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. Social Science. RICHARD FREDERICK 320 Broad St., Harleysville, Pa. 19438 A.B. American Studies. STUART W. FREIMAN 78 Hudson Ave., Maplewood, N.J. 07040 A.B. Economics. MARCIA A. FUTTER 54570 Whispering Oak, Mishawaka, Indiana A.B. German Der Deutsche Verein, Delta Phi Al- pha, Weekly, Pi Delta Epsilon, Delta Phi Nu, Spring Sing: Co- chairman, Intramurals. JOHN GAGGIN 504 Lorraine Ave., Oreland, Pa. 19075 A.B. English French. DONNA BIELSCH GARDNER Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. French Spanish. PATRICIA SUSAN GARRE LL 224 N. Bend Dr., Manchester, N.H. 03104 A.B. English. RANDOLPH H. GAUL R.D. 3, Oakwood Apt. 44, Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Social Science. MAURICE GAUZ 923 Center St., Freeland, Pa. 18224 A.B. Psychology. JAME S M. GAYDOS 1429 Budd Ave., A. B. Psychology. HOWARD ELIOT G END ELM AN 9278 Darlington Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19115 B. S. Natural Science Russian Stu- dies. NONA GHENT Columbus, Georgia A.B. Economics Philosophy. BONNIE CAMERON GIBSON 515 Ramsey Rd., Oreland, Pa. 19075 A. B. Spanish. Phi Sigma Iota, Spanish Club. STEVEN GINSBERG 1201 Sandringham Rd., Bala- Cynwyd, Pa. 19004 B. S. Natural Science Mask and Dagger, Ciarla, International Affairs Club. 253 MICHAEL JOEL GOLDMAN 1406 Roller Rd., Wayside, N.J. 07712 B.S. Natural Science. SUSAN GONSHOR 335 Howard Ave., Middlesex, N.J. 08846 B.S. Biology Environmental Stu- dies. Ciarla: Business, Women’s Awareness Group, Intramurals. JEFFREY GORDON 22 Jonathan Dr., Edison, N.J. 08817 A. B. History WMUH, Phi Alpha Theta, Intra- murals, Baseball and Football Manager, Weekly. DAVID HOWARD GREENWALD 19 West 39th Street, Wilmington, Del. 19802 B. S. Chemistry. RICHARD H. GRESH 39 Howes Lane, West Chatham, Mass. 02669 A. B. Psychology. Lacrosse, Intramurals. CINDY GROSSMAN 919 Laburnum Lane, Wyncote, Pa. 19095 B. S. Natural Science Cardinal Key, Hillel, Freshman Advisor, Freshman Orientation, In- ternational Affairs Club. RICHARD ALFRED HAASE 79 2nd Street, Fanwood, N.J. 07023 A. B. Economics. JEFFRE Y LEE HABERERN 1416 N. Main Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 B. S. Natural Science Chess Club, Golf Team, Com- muter’s Club. JOSEPH F. HACKER III 3021 Turner Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 B.S. Natural Science Varsity Golf: Captainl975, Junior Varsity Basketball, Phi Kappa Tau. INGRID HAENNI 21 Fordham Road, Livingston, N.J. 07039 A.B. German College Choir, Institution of Sound, German Club: President 1973-74 and Vice-President 1974- 75, Delta Phi Alpha. RICHARD R. HAINES Elm Drive, Medford, N.J. 080 55 B.S. Mathematics Phi Kappa Tau: Executive Council and Treasurer, Varsity Baseball, Intramurals, Class of ‘75 Executive Council, Freshman Advisor. ELEANOR HAMILTON 2916 Maple Road, Camp Hill, Pa. 17011 A.B. Psychology Social Science Mask Dagger: Treasurer 1973- 74, Muhlenberg Experimental Theater, Class of ’75 Executive Council, Psi Chi, Cardinal Key, In- tramurals, Volunteer Services. FREDERICK E. HANKINS RD 6 Fairview Drive, Flemington, N.J. 08822 A. B. History. STEPHEN HERBERT HARRIS 14 Condit Street, Newton, N.J. B. S. Chemistry JOHN N. HARTMAN 37 Maple Shade Avenue, Trenton, N.J. 08610 A. B. Sociology Social Work Alpha Phi Omega Vice President, Class of ’75 Executive Council, Dormitory Council, Chapel Choir. JAMES N.HAUFF 226 N. 38th Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 B. S. Biology WILLIAM E. HA VER III 1 Race Street, Pittstown, N.J. A.B. Economics Accounting Intramurals, Weekly staff. ISABEL SUE HA WMAN 36 Lynne Avenue, Wyomissing, Pa. 19610 A.B. Economics KENNETH E. HEDDEN 66 Reservoir Avenue, Dover, N.J. A.B. Social Science Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Hockey Club. MARYANN HEINE 1 West End Avenue, Summit, N.J. 07901 A.B. Economics Accounting VERA L UTYI HELM AN Whitehall, Pa. A.B. Psychology HENRY E. HERBENER 3517 Sharon Street, Harrisburg, Pa. 17111 A.B. History Alpha Phi Omega: President, MCA, Freshman Advisor, Chapel Assistant, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN MICHAEL HERMAN 800 N. 26th Street, Reading, Pa. 19606 A.B. Political Science SUSAN JANE HERMANY 324 Haethorne Drive, Center Valley, Pa. 18034 A.B. Music LA WRENCE LEE HERSHMAN Rydal East Apts. 512, Jenkintown, Pa. 19046 A.B. History Class of ’75 Executive Council: President, Phi Alpha Theta, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Inter- national Affairs Club, Hillel, Zeta Beta Tau: Corresponding Secre- tary, Tutor, Intramurals. NANC Y JANE HILL 20 High Street, Wharton, N.J. 07885 A.B. Social Science Psychology Band, Big Name Committee, Car- dinal Key, Cheerleading: Captain, Choir, Class of ’75 Executive Coun- cil, Dorm Court, Freshman Advi- sor, Freshman Orientation Com- mittee, Intramurals, Student Life Committee for Middle States Eva- luation. JOANNE KAY HOCK 326 Wayne Avenue, Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Economics Accounting Commuter’s Club. CHER YL ANN HOEFFLER 384 Roosevelt Blvd., West Hemstead, N.Y. 11552 A. B. Humanities Classics. JOSEPH B. HOFFMEIER 4304 Embur Terrace, Easton, Pa. 18042 A. B. Psychology. MARK ALEXANDER HOLLAND 86 Elbert Street, Ramsey, N.J. 07446 B. S. Biology. JANET A. HOOKER 3880 Byron Road, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006 A.B. English Muhlenberg Musical Association, Varsity Hockey Team, Modern Dance Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Women’s Awareness Group, Week- ly, Education Society, Intramur- als, Library Aide. PATTI J. HOOPER 1260 Woodside Road, Scotch Plains, N.J. A.B. Economics Accounting 254 Intramurals, Executive Council, Women’s Football. ELAINE MARIE HUBER 132 Colonial Avenue, Pitman, N. J. 08071 A. B. Psychology Class of ’75 Executive Council: Se- cretary, Big Sister Chairman, Freshman Advisor. IUDITH ARLENE HUNTER 313 Evergreen Road, Horsham, Pa. 19044 B. S. Biology. NANCY HUTTON 47 South Locust Avenue, Marlton, N. J. 08053 B.S. Biology Union Board: Treasurer and President, Institute of Faith, Who’s Who in American Colleges, Omicron, Delta Kappa. THOMAS ROBERT I AEGER 164 Octagon Avenue, Sinking Spring, Pa. 19608 A.B. Ecnomics. JERROLD ILAR VEY JACOBSON 1521 Elliot Street, Williamsport, Pa. 17701 A. B. Psychology. CYNTHIA AST A JOHNSON 2204 N. Harrison, Wilmington, Del. 19802 B. S. Mathematics. ELSA ANN JOHNSON 7320 SW. 145 Terrace, Miami, Florida 33158 B.S. Natural Science. R UTH ANN JOHNSON 1383 Mt. Vernon Road, Somerville, N.J. 08816 B.S. Mathematics Cardinal Key, Math Club, Intra- murals. JUDITH ANN JONES 250 Lincoln Avenue, Mt. Holly, N.J. 08060 A. B. Psychology, PAUL M. KAERCHER 7 Rolling Hills Drive, Holland, Pa. 18966 B. S. Biology. MICHAEL H. KALINER 944 E. Solcum Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19150 A.B. Political Science Model United Nations, Cardinal Key, International Affairs Club, Living-Learning Program, Hillel, Intramurals, Cedar Crest Judicial Board. EDWARD A. KAMENS 333 Radel Terrace, South Orange, N.J. 07079 B.S. Natural Science College Convocations Committee, Student Representative to Alumni Office, Middle States Evaluation Steering Committee, Freshman Advisor, Weekly Restaurant Critic, Student Alumni Group. STE VEN LEE KANNER 1220 E. Elmer Road, Vineland, N.J. 08360 B.S. Natural Science. MARC L. KANOFF 41 Garfield Avenue, Clifton, N.J. 07012 A.B. Economics Accounting Cardinal Key, Ciarla: Photo Staff, Weekly: Photo Staff, Hillel. FRANK KAROLY, JR. 925 Vi Tilghman Street, Allentown, Pa. 18102 A.B. Social Science. ALAN RICHARD KEIM 38 Circle Place, Camp Hill, Pa. 17011 A. B. Natural Science. FRANCIS CHARLES KEMPF, JR. 2250 Allen Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 B. S. Biology. WILLIAM E. KIMBLE 24 Downs Avenue, Wharton, N.J. 07885 A. B. Economics Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon, E.O.F. PAMELA DENISE KISTLER 436 N. Oswego Street, Allentown, Pa. 18103 B. S. Chemistry Mathematics. DEBRA KLEIN 44 Hampton Road, Clifton, N.J. 07012 A.B. Social Science Hillel, Cardinal Key, Freshman Orientation, Psi Chi. DANIEL JOHN KLEINROCK 35 Bartsch Avenue, W. Paterson, N.J. 07424 A.B. Economics. DA VID LA WRENCE KOBZA 3 Colonial Heights Drive, Ramsey, N.J. 17446 A.B. Political Science Philosophy. ERIC CHARLES KOCH 135 Genesse Street, Oneida, N.Y. 13421 A.B. Philosophy. JONATH AN C. KOCH 1933 Fairview Avenue, Easton ,Pa. 18042 A. B. History Student Representative, Board of Trustees: 1972-73 and 1974-75, Phi Alpha Theta: President 1974-75, John Marshall Pre-law Society: President 1974-75. MATTHEW A. KOCH 1933 Fairview Avenue, Easton, Pa. 18042 B. S. Natural Science Mathematics College Band, Muhlenberg Musi- cal Association, Phi Beta Kappa, Muhlenberg Jazz Band. JOYCE KOCHINSKY 2230 Allen Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Sociology Alpha Psi Omega, Mask and Dagger, Muhlenberg Musical Asso- ciation. KEITH KOSCIS 238 E. Tioga Street, Allentown, Pa. A.B. Economics Accounting Commuter’s Club. WILLIAM F. KRAUSS, JR. R.D. 2, New Tripoli, Pa. 18066 A.B. Economics. SUSAN H. KRONENTHAL 33 Garwood Road, Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410 A.B. Social Science Elementary Education Ciarla, Color Guard: Captain, Education Society, IntramuraL. JOHN ANTHONY KR UGLINSKI 41 Baltusrol Road, Summit, N.J. 07901 A.B. Economics Accounting WMUH: Business Manager, Intra- murals, Sigma Phi Epsilon: House Manager. SUZANNE LOUISE KURENT 456 W. Shore TRL, Sparta, N.J. 07871 A.B. German. MICHAEL PA UL KURTZ 175 Penn Avenue, Dover, N.J. 07801 A.B. Economics. ED WARD DA VID KUTCHIN 9 Pagerd, Lexington, Mass. 02173 A.B. Social Science Ice Hockey Club: Captain, Frater- nity Council: President, Resident Advisor, Class of ’75 Executive Council: Vice-President and Trea- surer, Volunteer Services, Phi Kappa Tau, Intramurals, Muh- lenberg Musical Association, Jcnn Marshall Pre-Law Society. CYNTHIA ANN LAMBERT 1726 Union Blvd., Allentown, Pa. A. B. Psychology PsiChi. SHERRI MICHELLE LANDER Box 467A RD 2 Whitehouse Station, N.J. 08889 B. S. Biology Festival of the Arts: Secretary, Committee of Human Sexuality, Intramurals. ELISE AMY LARSON 840 Beechwood Road, Orange, Conn. A.B. French Spanish Varsity Tennis, Mask and Dagger, Intramurals, Chapel Choir, Muh- lenberg Experimental Theater, Muhlenberg Musical Association. PAMELA R UTH LARSON 304 Rutgers Avenue, Swarthmore, Pa. A.B. Sociology Chapel Choir, College Band, Var- sity Field Hockey, Modern Dance Club, APO, Intramurals. SALLY L AWL ACE Margaritas 94 Colonia Florida Mexico 20, D.F. Mexico A.B. Psychology Elementary Education PATRICE LINDA LEBOVIT 2605 Nazareth Road, Easton, Pa. 18042 A.B. Art HELEN KRISTIN LEESMENT 15 Elizabeth Street, Dumont, N.J. 07628 A.B. English GAYLE LEGENZA RD 1, Box 153 Canadensis, Pa. 18325 A. B. German Delta Phi Nu, German Club, Delta Phi Alpha. BETH JAN LEI BO WITZ 1844 Chester Avenue, Abington, Pa. 19001 B. S. Natural Science STEVEN LEVENBERG Cedarbrook Apt. 227, Wyncote, Pa. 19083 B.S. Biology ARTHUR LEVIN 1732 Lark Lane, Cherry Hill, N.J. B.S. Biology Junior Varsity Basketball, Joint Council, Vice-President of Benfer Hall. DENNIS P. LEVY 28 Winding Way, Woodcliff Lake, N.J. 07675 B.S. Biology Muhlenberg Musical Association, Biology Museum Tours. WILLIAM DALE LEWIS 2220 S. Lumber Street, Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Economics BENEDICT LOCICERO, II. 100 Fairway Avenue, Gedrgian Crest, Verona, N.J. A.B. Social Science Phi Kappa Tau, Cardinal Key. DENISE E.LORZ 330 Luhmann Drive, New Milford, N.J. 07646 A. B. Social Science Chapel Choir, Dining Committee, Class of ‘75 Executive Council, Cardinal Key: Vice-President 1973-74 and President 1974-75. JANET LOWE 726 Turner Street, Allentown, Pa. 18102 B. S. Biology JANET E.LOY 90 Trexler Road, Schnecksville, Pa. 18075 A. B. History Education Society, Phi Alpha Theta. JOHN LOZAK JR. 1436 Myrtle Avenue, Plainfield, N.J. 07063 B. S. Natural Science Cardinal Key, Intramurals. JEFFREY R. LYNCH 1600 Oak Avenue, Haddon Heights, N.J. 08035 B.S. Natural Science. FRANCIS J. MAC DONALD 674 Washington Avenue, Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. German. BURROUGHS P. MACK 19 Pine Hill Drive, Upper Saddle River, N.J. A. B. Psychology. STANLEY SCOTT MACK 24 Pitman Place, Wayne, N.J. 07470 B. S. Natural Science. MARIL YN MACKNIK 1005 Lower State Road, Chalfont, Pa. 18914 A.B. Russian Studies Social Science Student Council: Corresponding Secretary 1973-74, Student Affairs Committee, Academic Policy Com- mittee, Long-range Planning Com- mittee, Freshman Advisor, Fresh- man Orientation, MCA Drama, Chapel Choir, Alumni Association Executive Council: Student Rep., Russian Club, Cardinal Key, Un- ion Board: Secretary 1973-74 and Treasurer 1974-75, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Epsilon Delta: President, Ad Hoc Committee of Governance, John Marshall Pre- Law Society, Who’s Who, Student Aide in Admissions Office, College Council, Intramurals. FRANCIS JOSEPH MAGUIRE 2720 E. Texas Blvd., Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Sociology. DEBORAH ANNE MAJER 442 E. Federal Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Psychology. MICHAEL MALIEFSKY 19 Nokomis Avenue, Rockaway, N.J. 07866 A.B. Economics Political Science. EILEEN MALONEY 4601 Country Club Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15236 A. B. French Secondary Education Pom Pom Girls: Captain, Class of ’75 Executive Council: Treasurer 1973-74, Cardinal Key, Delta Phi Nu, Freshman Advisor, Freshman Orientation, Intramurals, Educa- tion Society, Chapel Choir, Acade- mic Evaluation Committee, Dorm Council. ROBERT E. MANNHERZ 728 Sycamore Drive, Southampton, Pa. 18966 B. S. Natural Science Intramurals, Class of ’75 Executive Council. CHARLES B. MARK 45 Burnet Hill Road, Livingston, N.J. A.B. Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon, Psi Chi, F.O.F.: President. ROBIN ANDREA MARTIN 433 Station Avenur, Haddenfield, N.J. A.B. Social Science. DEBORAH ANNE MAR TIN SEN 19 Powder Horn Drive, Wayne, N.J. A. B. Russian Studies French Russian Club, Russian Studies De- partment Research Assistant, Spokesman, Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Tennis. NANCILEE MASSIE 426 Quentin Road, Stroudsburg, Pa. B. S. Biology. STEVEN BR UCE MASTER 2209 Cambridge Road, Broomall, Pa. A.B. Social Science. SIDNE Y WILLIAM MA TTHE WS 1912 Hanover Street, Silver Spring, Md. A. B. English. ALEXANDER MCARTHUR 178 Lookout Lane, Willow Grove, Pa. 19090 B. S. Natural Science Wrestling Team, Student Court Justice, Phi Kappa Tau. FRANK MCCANTS 76 Palmotto Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. A.B. Economics Varsity Football, Association of Black Collegians. MAR Y MARGARET MCGRANE 236 S. Buckhout, Irvington, N.Y. A.B. Political Science. THOMAS J. MCGRATH Alicante, Spain A. B. East Asian Studies Student Council, Free University, Who’s Who, Committee of Human Development, East Asian Society, Education Society. JOHN THOMAS MCLA UGHLIN 336 Ridge Avenue, Allentown, Pa. B. S. Biology Spanish. C. LANNING MEADE 5323 Garfield Avenue, Pennsayken, N.J. 08107 A. B. Economics Varsity Soccer, Intramurals. SETH L. MELLMAN 2518 W. Chester Pike, Broomall, Pa. 19008 B. S. Natural Science Elementary Education Cardinal Key, Band, Muhlenberg Musical Association, Education Society, Class of ’75 Executive Council: Vice-President, Freshman Advisor, Big Name Chairman, Weekly, Omicron Delta Kappa. BARBARA LEE MENZEL 201 French Avenue, Westmont, N.J. A. B. French German. KEITH DALE MERTZ 511 Merrick Drive, Dover, N.J. B. S. Physics. ROBERT MESSBAUER 5 Crestwood Drive, Somerville, N.J. 08876 A.B. Music Band: President and Student Con- ductor and Librarian, Institution of Sound, Class of ’75 Executive Council: Vice-President, Muhlen- berg Musical Association, Talent Show Director, Senior Recital. S US AN PA TRICIA ME YER 278 Grove Drive, New Milford, N.J. A.B. English. BARBARA M. MEYERDIERKS Gotham Road, Watertown, N.Y. A. B. Sociology Dining committee, Ski club. TOM MICHELS Star Route 332 Norwich, N.Y. 13815 B. S. Natural Science. DONNA L YNN MIC UCCI 238 Malapardis Road, Cedar Knoles, N.J. A.B. Art. STEPHANIE ANN MILARDO 16 Oweno Road, Mahwah, N.J. 07430 A.B. Economics Accounting Cheerleading, Cardinal Key, Intramurals. SPENCER. MILLER Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. Psychology. SUSAN E. MILLER 219 N. Main Street, Coopersburg, Pa. A.B. Psychology. PETER MOLENDYKE 478 Turnpike Pompton Plains, N.J. A.B. Social Science Varsity Football: Captain 1974-75, Intramurals, Redcoat Club. KENNETH THOMAS MOYER JR. 439 N. 23rd Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 A. B. Economics. GEORGE MOZURKE WICH Rear 206 Main Street, Blakely, Pa. 18447 B. S. Physics Weekly: Editor-in-Chief, Pi Delta Epsilon: President, Society of Phy- sics Students: Secretary, Zeta Beta Tau: Treasurer, Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Student Repre- sentative to Tenure Study Com- mittee. SARAH ELIZABETH MUELLER 3808 Littleton Street, Wheaton, Maryland 20906 A.B. Political Science Student Council: Vice-President, Freshman Orientation: Chairman, President Pro Tempore Class of ’78, Student Court Justice, Student-Alumni Group, Class of ’75 Executive Council, College Choir, Lambda Epsilon Delta: Secretary-Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Model United Na- tions, Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee, Who’s Who. BARBARA I. MULDROW 1120-B Ironwood Street, Fort Dox, N.J. 08640 A.B. German Russian Studies College Choir, Chapel Choir, Ger- man Club, Russian Club, Interna- tional Students Association, Delta Phi Alpha, MCA. RICKMUSZ 7680 S. Kit Carson Drive, Littleton, Co. 80122 A.B. East Asian Studies. LEWIS P. NAGEL 2201 Burkey Drive, Reading, Pa. 19610 A.B. Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon. JEFFRE Y BLAKE NEIMAN 111 Main Street, Quakertown, Pa. 18951 A. B. History. ELIZABETH NICKLE 205 Jefferson St reet, Delaware City, Del. 19706 B. S. Chemistry Varsity Hockey, Varsity Basket- ball, Intramurals, Women’s Foot- ball, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes. RICHARD N I EM I EC 199 Route 206 S., Somerville, N.J. 08876 A. B. History. PATRICIA L. NIGRO 27 Wedgewood Drive, Wayne, N.J. 07470 B. S. Chemistry Resident Advisor, Intramurals. 257 KE VI N NEAL O ’CONNOR 20 Whittier Drive, Greenlawn, New York 11740 A.B. Psychology. GAR Y TA YLOR OESTERLE Landenberg, Pa. 19350 A.B. Psychology. WILLIAM CLIFFORD O’HARA White Haven Pa. A. B. Russian Studies German. THOMAS OLESKA 660 Berger Street, Emmaus, Pa. 18049 B. S. Math Economics Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Alpha Tau Omega. DANIEL MARTIN O’REILLY RD 2 Petersburg Road, Hackettstown, N.J. 07840 A.B. Social Science. CHRISTOPHER JOHN ORTOLON Holly Drive R.D. 3, Dover, N.J. 07801 A.B. Social Science. RONALD JOHNOST Bethlehem, Pa. A.B. Economics. EMRIKA JULIET PADUS 2110 Union Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 A. B. English Art History Cultural Exchange Program in USSE 1974, Chairman of Set, De- sign for Muhlenberg Musical Asso- ciation 1972-1973, Commuters Club, German Club. WISTAR PAIST 611 Macungie Avenue, Emmaus, Pa. 18049 B. S. Natural Science. ROSA MAY PALMER Sunset Avenue, Norristown, Pa. A.B. Enlgish. EUGENIA PAOLILLO 80 Parkview Drive, Searingtown, N.Y. 11507 A.B. Psychology Psi Chi. JUDITH ANN PAPPAR 2409 Alan Road, Norristown, Pa. 19401 A.B. English. KATHLEEN PATRICIA PARKS 17 Lynnfield Drive, Morristown, N.J. 07960 A.B. Social Science Psychology Psi Chi, Union Board. BARR Y HO WARD PASCAL W. Bloomfield, Mich. A.B. Social Science. MARIL YN PA WL UK 40 Winter Street, Ansonia, Conn. 06401 A.B. Psychology Education Society, Modern Dance Club, Psi Chi, Women’s Awareness Group, Intramurals. IANE CAROL PEARSON Bethlehem, Pa. A.B. Social Science. JEAN PELLICCI 7 Keith Place, Glen Rock, N.J. 07452 A.B. Psychology Elementary Edu- cation Psi Chi, Education Society. JAMES PETERS 20 Rochdale Terrace, West Haven, Conn. A. B. History. SUSAN PETRICK 21 East 7th Street, Pottstown, Pa, 19464 B. S. Mathematics Secondary Edu- cation Muhlenberg College Choir: Assis- tant Manager, MCA, Institute of Faith, Alpha Phi Omega, Institu- tion of Sound, Math Club, Educa- tion Society, Intramurals, Madri- gal Singers, Lutheran Brotherhood Scholarship Award. JON A THON PHILLIPS 15 Middlebury Lane, Cranford, N.J. 07016 A.B. History WMUH: Station Manager 1974- 1975, Director of Special Pro- gramming 1973-1974, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Delta Epsilon, Phi Al- pha Theta, Hillel, Association of Retired Pinball Addicts, F.O.F.: President. BARBARA J. PODSEN 267 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, N.Y. 11701 A.B. Art Elementary Education Education Society, Union Board. DAVID PONTELL 513 Rustic Road, Oradell, N.J. 07649 A.B. Social Science Phi Kappa Tau: Rush Chairman and Athletic Chairman, Intramur- als. BE VERL Y JOAN PORRAZZO 10 Shenandoah Drive, North Caldwell, N.J. 07006 A.B. English RICHARD LEE PORTER 568 Parkview Avenue, North Plainfield, N.J. 07063 A.B. History REBECCA ANN POTTS 523 Marks Road, Oreland, Pa. 19075 A.B. Psychology CHRISTINA POULOS 21361 Lemontree Lane, Huntington Beach, Cal. 92646 A.B. Political Science Russian Studies Russian Club, International Affairs Club, Model United Nations. WILLIAM J. POUT SI AKA 108 Oakview Avenue, Maplewood, N.J. 07040 A.B. Sociology Phi Kappa Tau: President, Ameri- can Society for Personnel Adminis- tration: Secretary, Class of 1975 Executive Council, Muhlenberg Fraternity Council. MICHAEL JOSEPH PRELOVSKY 1234 South 3rd Street, Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. History Varsity Lacrosse: Co-captain 1974- 1975, Education Society, Varsity M Club. DONNA L. REESE 1400 St. Nicholas Blvd., Plainfield, N.J. 07062 A.B. Political Science Cheerleader: 1971-1972, Intramur- als, JOSEPH L UTHER REIMERS 55 West 8th Street, Lansdale, Pa. 19446 A.B. History. GEORGE FREDERICK REIT MEIER 12997 Centerline Road, South Wales, N.Y. 14139 A. B. Psychology. JOHN VINCENT REITZ 720 North Franklin Street, Shamokin, Pa. 17872 B. S. Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega: Treasurer. PATRICIA B. REYNOLDS 391 Sycamore Street, Rahway, N.J. 07065 A.B. Psychology College Choir, Alpha Phi Omega, Psi Chi: Secretary, Chapel Choir, Opera Workshop: 1972. RANDALL JAMES RICHARDS 16 Colony Drive, North Caldwell, N.J. 07006 A. B. Economics. BRUCE E. RICHMAN 906 N. Cedar Crest Blvd., Allentown, Pa. 18104 B. S. Mathematics Sigma Phi Epsilon, WMUH, Col- lege Choir, Jazz Band,. BARRY CRAIG RIES King and Sugartown Roads, Malvern, Pa. 19335 B.S. Natural Science. THOMAS ALAN RINEHART RD 2 Box 108, East Stroudsburg, Pa. 18301 B.S. Physics. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH RISSER 132 Winding Way, Camillus, N.Y. 13031 A.B. German English Secondary Education Weekly, Delta Phi Alpha, German Club, Education Society, Cardinal Key, Dorm Council. THOMAS ANDERSON ROHRBACH 134 Jefferson Street, East Greenville, Pa. 18041 A.B, English ROBERT ROMPILL A 3350 St. John’s Drive, Whitehall, Pa. 18052 A.B. Economics. SUSAN NIT A ROSEN 330 Thomson Avenue, Paulsboro, N.J. 08066 A. B. History Delta Phi Nu, Cardinal Key, Inter- national Students’ Association, Education Society, Hillel, Dining Committee, Intramurals, Spring Sing: Co-chairman 1973. R. LOUIS ROTONDO 208 Hillview Drive, Rochester, N.Y. 14622 B. S. Biology. JACKI SUSAN R UBIN 1148 Woodmere Place, Plainfield, N.J. 07062 Modern Dance Club, Intramurals, Ecology Club, Women’s Awareness Group. MICHAEL RUDOMIN 3 Devon Drive, Merrick, N.Y. 11566 B.S. Biology Volunteer services. THOMAS HIDLA Y R USHMORE 23 Parker Drive, Morris Plains, N.J. 07950 B.S. Biology. JAMES ED WARD R YAN 15 Ridge Drive, West Roslyn, N.J. 11576 B.S. Biology. BETTY ANNE RYBOWSKI 1105 Maurice Avenue, Clark, N.J. 07066 B.S. Biology. KARENJ.RYGAYLO 1033 Hancock Avenue, Franklin Square, N.Y. 11010 A.B. Social Science Resident Advisor. ANDREW MICHAEL SACKS 2257 North 51st Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19131 A. B. Political Science Varsity Fencing, Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel. BARBARA JILL SAN GREY 50 North Kings Hwy., Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 A.B. English Education Society, Chapel Choir, MCA, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, English Depart- ment Committee of Majors, Stu- dent Representative to Faculty Committee on Teacher Education. CA THERINE SA WYNA 2224 Liberty Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 B. S. Biology Varsity Field Hockey, Cardinal Key, Junior Prom Committee, Education Society,. VITALY SAWYNA 2224 Liberty Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 B.S. Chemistry Student Court Justice, Varsity Fencing, Intramurals, Alpha Phi Omega, Cardinal Key Society, Al- pha Tau Omega: Scholarship Chairman, Pre-Medical Society. BARBARA CATHERINE SCAMMELL Surf City, N.J. A.B. English. MARY ELLEN SCHAAF 1337 Hidden Circle, Mountainside, N.J. 07092 A.B. Social Science Cheerleader, Intramurals, Ski Club, Volunteer Services, Ecology Club. JOHN SCHMEHL 5 Cherokee Street, Emmaus, Pa. 18049 A.B. Psychology John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Varsity Basketball, Psi Chi, Joint Council, JANET SCHROEDER 100 Wood Lane, Valley Stream, N.Y. 11581 A.B. Economics Accounting Intramurals, Women’s Football, Chapel Choir. DEBRA ANNSCHULTHEISS Route 5, Box 184, Newton, N.J. 07860 A. B. Psychology Ecology Action Group, Education Society, Intramurals. JACK ALAN SCOTT 289 Green Drive, Churchville, Pa. 18966 B. S. Natural Science. RICHARD W. SCOTT 130 Sandra Avenue, Willow Grove, Pa. 19090 B.S. Biology. JOHN WADE SEEDOR 104 Plush Mill Road, Wallingford, Pa. 19086 B.S. Natural Science. STANTON LEWIS SEGAL 9727 Morefield Road, Philadelphia, Pa. 19115 A.B. Psychology. BARBARA SEIFERT 1937 Butztown Road, Bethlehem, Pa. 18017 A. B. Economics Accounting Dorm Council, Intramurals. RONALD JOEL SER VI 3 Angier Road, Lexington, Mass. 02173 B. S. Biology, MARC GENE SCH ACHAT 86 Hudson Avenue, Maplewood, N.J. 07040 A. B. Political Science. THOMAS SHAPCOTT 750 Loch Alsh Avenue, Ambler, Pa. 19002 B. S. Biology Varsity Wrestling. WALTER ALEXIS SHARSHON 2026 Donna Drive, Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Economics. CAROLE. SHIMER 1945 Windsor Road, Bethlehem, Pa. 18017 A.B. Social Science Volunteer Services, Transfer Orientation Committee, German Club, Com munity Day on Cam- pus. GEORGE CHARLES SHOENBERGER 2406 Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 B.S. Natural Science. HELEN-MARIE SHRIVER 838 Kellogg Road, Lutherville, Md. 21093 A.B. Social Science Cardinal Key Society, Color Guard, Ciarla, Volunteer Services, Intramurals. ALLEN SIN CAV AGE 811 N. Plymouth Street, Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. History Varsity Basketball. RICHARD SLIMMER 742 N. 11th Street, Reading, Pa. 604 A.B. Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon. PHILIP JOHN SMERASKI 3009 W. Queen Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 19129 A. B. Psychology. GAIL BARBARA SMITH 205 Cedar Road, Wallingford, Pa. 19086 B. S. Natural Science Weekly, Class of ’75 Executive Council, Cardinal Key, HOLL Y CAROL SMITH 5453 Second Street, Whitehall, Pa. 18052 A.B. History. CARL LEONARD SNYDER Box 222, Birdsboro, Pa. 19508 A. B. Economics. LEE A. SOLOMON 6915 N. Lawnton Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. B. S. Natural Science English Phi Kappa Tau, Hockey, Intra- murals. TRACY O. SOUTHWORTH 1134 Winding Drive, Cherry Hill, N.J. B.S. Biology Weekly: Photo Staff. LINDA MARGARET SPEIDEL 708 Dianne Court, Rahway, N.J. 07065 B.S. Mathematics Secondary Education College Choir: Section Leader and Librarian, Education Society, Al- pha Phi Omega, Modern Dance Club, Volunteer Services, Chapel Choir, Cardinal Key, Madrigal Singers, Math Club. THOMAS G. STACKHOUSE 146 Maple Shade Avenue, Hamilton Square, N.J. 08690 B.S. Natural Science Student Council, College Choir, Resident Advisor, Student Court, Freshman Advisor, Omicron Delta Kappa, Muhlenberg Experimental Theater, Who’s Who, CRAIG S. STALLER R.D. 2, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 17972 A. B. Music Weekly: Advertising Manager, Eta Sigma Phi, Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association: Worship Com- mittee, and Christian Relations, Institute of Faith Drama, Muhlen- berg Musical Association, Middle Atlantic Lutheran Student Move- ment: Secretary, Institution of Sound, Student Representative to the Board of Associates, Joint Council: Secretary-Treasurer and President, College Choir, Der Deutsche Verein. THOMAS CHARLES STARNER 143 Garden Terrace, Nazareth, Pa. 18064 B. S. Biology. THOMAS E. ST A UFFER Box 332, R.D. 1, Macungie, Pa. B.S. Biology Varsity Soccer, Ice Hockey. DA VID LOUIS STEE VES P.O. Box 1401, Allentown, Pa. 18105 A.B. East Asian Studies. JOAN FRANCIS STEINER 45 Sanderson Avenue, West Caldwell, N.J. 07006 A.B. History American Studies. ROBERT DAVID STETS 43 Monivision Road, Mt. Pocono, Pa. 18344 A.B. American Studies Econo- mics. ELIZABETH ANN MAISER STEVENSON Allentown, Pa. A.B. Social Science. MICHAEL IRA STUMP 24 West Second Street, Alburtis, Pa. 18011 A.B. Psychology. ERIC SUN 48 Cleveland Street, Somerville, N.J. 08876 B.S. Biology Varsity Fencing, Freshman Advi- sor, International Students Asso- ciation, Union Board, Sigma Phi Epsilon. JACQUELINE M. SWICK 4 Greystone Road, Phillipsburg, J. 08865 A.B. English Secondary Education College Choir, Sigma Tau Delta: Secretary-Treasurer, Weekly Car- dinal Key, Antistrophe: Editor, Muhlenberg Opera Workshop, Chapel Choir, Education Society. BARBARA MAXINE TALIAFERRO 102 N. Bradford Street, Allentown, Pa. 18103 A.B. Social Science Association of Black Collegians,. DONNA LYN FISHER TAMAROFF Selinsgrove, Pa. A. B. Psychology, JAMES LOUIS TAMAROFF 262 Lincoln Avenue, Highland Park, N.J. 08904 B. S. Natural Science. THOMAS THOMASIK, III 1920 Church Road, Bethlehem, Pa. A. B. Political Science East Asian Studies Commuters Club, Ski Club, East Asian Studies Club. HJORVAR THOR THORSSON Hals. Fnjoskadal, S. Thing, Iceland B. S. Physics Mathematics. JEANNETTE LOUISE TOBIN G Stratford, N.J. A.B. Spanish. DOROTHY EVELYN TORAN 6606 Tucker Avenue, McLean, Virginai 22101 A. B. Sociology Social Welfare Modern Dance Club: Vice- President 1973-74 and President 1974-75, Mask and Dagger: Secre- tary 1974-75, Alpha Psi Omega: Secretary 1974-75, Muhlenberg Musical Association: Choreo- grapher 1974-75. CHARLES JOSEPH TRIGIANI 25 Bryan Street, Havertown, Pa. 19083 B. S. Biology. JAMES UDELL 4540 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19135 B.S. Natural Science Class of ’75 Executive Council: Treasurer 1975, Ciarla: Business Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon, Freshman Advisor, Freshman Orientation Committee, Cardinal Key. MARCIA MARIE UHL 15 Stevens Road, Edison, N.J. 08817 A.B. German Varsity Tennis, Class of ’75 Execu- tive Council, Delta Phi Alpha. WINONA C. VALENTINE 8016 Lyons Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19153 A.B. English KAREN BETH VAN LOAN 362 Boulevard, Pompton Plains, N.J. 07444 A.B. English Spanish JANET VAN S YCKEL 219 Liggett Blvd., Phillipsburg, N.J. 08865 A. B. History Joint Council, Cardinal Key, Edu- cation Society, Phi Alpha Theta. PETER VASILENKO, III 53 Pleasant View Drive, Waynw, N.J. 07470 B. S. Biology DIANE CLAIRE VOEGELI 512 Barry Drive, Springfield, Pa. 19064 A.B. Psychology Chapel Choir. SUSAN VOGEL A-l Mt. Washington Drive, Clifton, N.J. A. B. German Der Deutsche Verein, Institution of Sound, Intramurals. JEFFREY MARC WACHTEL 28 Dale Drive, West Orange, N.J. 07052 B. S. Biology BRUCE DA VI D SON WALKER 1850 Long Hill Road, Millington, N.J. 07946 B.S. Natural Science TAYLOR WAYNE WALLACE 233 Springer Drive, Coraopolis, Pa., 15108 A.B. Economics Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon. DIANE CAROL WALTERS 1079 Nova Circle, Arnold, Md. 21012 A.B. Political Science Model United Nations, College Choir, Ski Club, Delta Phi Nu, Big Name Committee. Cardinal Key, International Affairs Club, MCA, Intramurals, International Stu- dents Association, Class of ’75 Ex- ecutive Council, Spring Fling: Co- Chairman. CHRISTINE LEE WARD 84 Oakdale Drive, Millville, N.J. 08332 A.B. Humanities Art Student- Faculty Committee of College Governance, Student Af- fairs Committee, Faculty Review Board, Dining Committee: Chair- man, Freshman Advisor, Women’s Awareness Group, Who’ Who, In- tramurals, Arcade, Ciarla, Art League. JANEE. WATTS 48 Sunnyslope, Millington, N.J. A.B. Sociology Arcade, Editor 1974-75, Modern Dance, Secretary-Treasurer, Pi Delta Epsilon. TIMOTHY JAMES WEBER R.D. 2, Box 353, Hackettstown, N.J. 07840 A.B. Economics Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity M-Club. GEOGGREYPAUL WEIGAND 32 Donamer Lane, E. Longmeadow, Ma. 01028 A.B. History ALLEN PA UL WEINER 437 Densmore Road, Philadelphia, Pa. 19116 A.B. American Studies STEPHEN ANTHONY WEINER 300 S. Main Street, Yardley, Pa. 19067 A. B. Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon, The Room Cy- linder Association — President. KERRY IRA WEISS 151 W. 65th Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19120 B. S. Natural Science GEORGE EDWARD WHEELER 21 Lumber Street, Buckhannon, West Virginia 26201 A.B. Art MARIANNE F.P. WINDISH 233 Hillcrest Drive, Doylestown, Pa. 18901 A.B. Psychology Mask and Dagger. LEWIS MERRILL WOLENSKY 414 N. 28th Street, Allentown, Pa. 18104 A.B. Political Science DAGMAR W. WOLF 2067 Pheasant Hill Road, Lansdale, Pa. 19446 A.B. German Delta Phi Alpha. RALPH STEVEN WOLF Leonia, N.J. A. B. Political Science ROLFB. WOLFROM 600 E. Orange Street, Shippensburg, Pa. 17257 B. S. Natural Science Phi Kappa Tau — Chaplain, Rush Chairman, Executive Committee, Intramurals, Freshman Advisor, Cardinal Key, Student Represen- tative on Faculty Curriculum Com- mittee. CHARLES WRAY, JR. 234 Hadden Avenue, Collingswood, N.J. A. B. English Cardinal Key, Weekly-Editorial Assistant, Sigma Tau Delta, Festi- val of the Arts — Drama Chair- man. LAWRENCE NEIL YAGER 540 Wakefield Drive, N.J. 08840 B. S. Biology Natural Science Cardinal Key, Hillel. WEND Y CAROL ZAHN 18 Warwick Circle, Springfield, N.J. 07081 A. B. History Phi Alpha Theta — Secretary Treasurer 1974-75. GA YLE JEAN ZANETTI R.D. 2, Box 380B, Hackettstown, N.J. 07840 B. S. Mathematics Chapel Choir, Math Club. STEPHANIE L YNNE ZIMMT 418 Haverford Road, Wynnewood, Pa. 19096 A.B. English ALAN J. ZIPKIN 327 Shea Drive, New Milford, N.J. 07646 A. B. Economics Accounting Varsity Soccer, Intramurals, Dorm Court, Senior Class Pledge Drive, Phi Kappa Tau (Social Member). DA VID J. ZUKOWSKY 202 Winters Avenue, Hazleton, Pa. 18201 B. S. Biology Alpha Phi Omega — Treasurer, MET — Treasurer, MCA Drama, Ski Club, Freshman Advisor, Ciarla. FACULTY PATRONS Dr. Charles S. Bednar The 1975 Ciarla Staff Harvey D. Huiner Herbie Dr. John H. Morey Kenneth T. Moyer Office of the Dean of the College Psychology Department Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Romig Henry Schmidt SENIOR PARENT PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baldino Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Barg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barry Dr. and Mrs. David N. Beach Norman and Doris Benton Mr. and Mrs. Percy Berko witz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bosworth Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bourdeau Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bretz Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Buehler Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Burd Mr. and Mrs. John Busher Mr. and Mrs. George Chambers and Jeff George and Doris Chanda Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cobb Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Coxe Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. DeCoursey Ben Dover and Eileen Over Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Eldridge Mr. and Mrs. William Filipovits Morris and Bella Forman Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ginsburg Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Hacker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Haenni Herbert Harris Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Iaeger Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Kanner Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Keim Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Kleinrock Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kronenthal Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Larson Helvi Kullam Leesment Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Leibowitz Mr. and Mrs. Rodman H. Lynch Rob’s Laddie MacDuff Rob’s Princess Morticia Mr. and Mrs. Ken T. Moyer Mr. and Mrs. James Gardner Muldrow Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paolillo Mr. and Mrs. Mykola Pawluk Mr. and Mrs. James E. Peter Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Pontell Dr. and Mrs. John W. Poutsiaka Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rybowski Mr. Peter Rygaylo Mr. and Mrs. Joesph J. Sangrey Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Schaaf, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Winfield D. Scott Mr. and Mrs. William C. Shriver Mr. and Mrs. William T. Southworth Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Steiner Mr. and Mrs. John M. Toran Dr. and Mrs. Louis Udell Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wachtel Mr. and Mrs. Ian D. Walker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Tex Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wray, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Werner S. Zimmt 8 r kJ{5H£6 0 a J) LUCK 0LL. r 7W£ £l S3 2 ' ?£ 263 264 GEORGE ' S HOAGIESHOP M. W. WOOD INC. Food Service Management 3320 Hamilton Boulevard Allentown, Pennsylvania 435-6751 linen uniform service, inc. LEHIGH VALLEY INDUSTRIAL PARK P.O. BOX 2268 • ALLENTOWN, PA. 18001 265 BROWN, FULFORD MUNSIE Banking is just a little bit easier at Merchants III Bank ■ Pneilw TUP KanL ir» trl Easily . . . THE bank in town. 21 Great Banks to serve you Customer Services Phone 821-7215 9 Offices in Allentown plus • CENTER VALLEY • EASTON’S PALMER ON ROUTE 309 • COOPERSBURG • COPLAY • EGYPT • EMMAUS • FOGELSVILLE PARK MALL • SCHNECKSVILLE • TREXLER MALL • WESCOSVILLE • BETHLEHEM’S WESTGATE MALL • WHITEHALL MALL 266 BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1975. YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! THE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Congratulations Seniors THE NEWS CHRONICLE COMPANY Printers — Publishers Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Grace T. Wolfrom, President OFFICE UTILITIES, INCORPORATED COMMERCIAL STATIONERS AND OFFICE OLTFITTERS 1221-29 Sumner Ve. • lkniu«ii. l’j. I SI 02 • rc.i Code 1 2 1 5 1 423-21 1 2 H. RAY HAAS COMPANY PRINTERS PUBLISHERS CALENDAR MANUFACTURERS 514-28 N. MADISON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. 215-435-1509 OFFICE SUPPLIES PENDAFLEX DATA SUPPLIES DESKS CHAIRS FILES FREEMAN’S DAIRY 7416 SEVENTH STREET NORTH ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 268 269 Congratulations To The Class of 1975 DAVOR PHOTO, INC. 621 Bristol Pike Andalusia, Pa. 19020 215-638-2490 Publishers: AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY Topeka, Kansas Campus Representative William J. O ' Brien 270 C olltjCr l L%((C Q r- WaJL --Ss « 4 s) c b [ y •Gs 0 a in N f • Vt . S • r- c • 4 vs 4 rn£ffTft haW FiwKfo wrt « Mr yau 9 ll t ony tO se«A AAS •W — ' 1 “Thaa HtvfA » Htrf i VCO T Q«a 4 c 4 W Cknyf Ji€4 for OUUT 5(f S X t is A ye ( ' si StqrA neu f 7 o 0 LOCU, .y Acf dtsuppoirt Ki ' m t ...or JVI f i sA. ' i £ ! £ 6 £. E • flP - •V jt - »jr 4 i»JU.“ To dt$m it C« »m ' «t ii ,., Ad j ' MAti’p n»7 0 J ? 1 M ' MQJUAV£ Vp. Q, 271 I’ll look through this book a thousand times, I hope you’ll do the same. But then we go our separate ways, it’s just like a children’s game. And as I see you here again, the thought runs through my mind: Muhlenberg memories are like a circle, let’s go round one more time. “ . . . this circle grows In a limitless and unbridled j ■y sion.

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