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Le L paul klee ancient sound kunstmuseum, basle the educational institution struc- tures the student’s environment and provides for him a suitable frame of reference, yet, decidedly, it is the people whom we have met during our stay that have been most instrumental in making of these four years of life a college experience, paul klee’s ancient sound is a painting without a be- ginning and without an ending, the relationships we have shared during these years had subtle be- ginnings, but their profound influ- ences will have no end. the theme of this yearbook is people, the 1968 ciarla is dedicated to the memory of those years when youth’s daring and idealism, its struggle for independence and self-identity, and its unsuspecting naivity have permitted the sponta- neous formation of human rela- tionships greater in intensity and in number than, perhaps, ever- more. and, it is dedicated to the memory of those days of learning, involvement, emotion, and matur- ation through which the muhlen- berg college community has guid- ed, and gently prodded, each one of us. in a sense we leave muhlen- berg much as we arrived — bearing anxious expectations towards tomorrow, reluctant to abandon the established security of yesterday, prone to move on from the neutrali- ty of today, but more, we came — and we depart — alone, each reader is invited, here, to reconstruct that which existed for him during the intervening years. all of the arts, poetry, music, ritual, the visible arts, the theatre, must singly and together create the most comprehensive art of all, a humanized society, and its masterpiece, free man. bernard berenson S ml i| . ,r ?2sS- teS» jy|E2£_.‘ - =”=•” = = = = rip— irT f jiiilliif fK 4» J» := = r = 5 [s £ -.---. r j Sej gtg g=rg Hrvra5gt S5SS rgy — j __l 1 ■ __ rp | psgg V- ■ fii n. Si l ■■BM S? If where would i go, if i could go, who would i be, if i could be, what would i say if i had a voice, who says this, saying it’s me? samuel beckett “david, david look at me, look at me . . . what do you see? what do you see?” lisa “i am my own comedy and tragedy.” ralph waldo emerson now i go alone, my disciples, you too go now, alone . . . one repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil ... now i bid you lose me and find yourselves; and only when you have all denied me will i return to you. metzsche time is the most precious gift in our possession, for it is the most irrevocable. dietrich bonhoeffer i president of the college erling n. jensen “i assure you that i will continue to make decisions that are in the best interests of muhlenberg college, a liberal arts, church-related institution of higher education, dedicated to excellence in all areas.” October 18 , 1967 dean of the college dr. philip b. secor associate dean dr. edwin r. baldridge jr. dean of women miss anne graham nugent dean of students dr. claude e. dierolf shirley j. ashton barbara c. dunenkamp baiba j.m. djirnis susan f. henry carolyn r. hille rebecca a. griffith leslie kappes georgann m. lango glen b. moyer barbara m. lasswitz joy m. frieland judith e. jones margaret r. gatter susan m. gerlitz f. judith oakley walanne j. padus susan d. strong margaret m. von kummer nancy e. warner judith a. weierbach sherrill j. silberling nancy I. straky wendy j. wetmore ellen b. whitaker diane a. wronski mimi— ■muif- rodger e. berg coralie j. bloom robertg. brundage joan a. dark david drucker kenneth c. elam william f. entler alan j. feldman richard s. garnet jr. gene h. ginsberg kenneth j. foster peter a. freund robert I. gordon janetg. gregory ralph s. grimes paul k. gross jerry I. haag stefan p. goslawski charlotte j. gross craig t. haytmanek louis j. jacobs larry p. haberman douglas c. henry lawrence t. hill john h. howell edward m. ifkovits katharine d. jessen robert kricun marilyn k. jones lee a. krug yasuko kuki robert s. I ustig carey m. marder jack m. long paul f. low matthewe. naythons herbert n. ochitill joan m. koechel parke w. kunkle norman w. levin joseph g. lichner daniel m. lilly judith headrick me coy daniel j. me garrigan william g. meyer wayne a. muck marc b. osias irene r. pucci william c. ressler donald e. rothrock Jeffrey g. schueler richard v. reilly bruce d. reish karyn I. schmitz donna m. schultz joseph e. rich robert e. reiter kathryn d. reitz anthony r. rooklin richard w. rissmiller roger a. rockower s. william snover raymond c. stump kathryn j. tegtmeier joanne strehle barbara a. wilcox george e. wilkinson jr. r — mm— — no— thomas g. barlow marjorie e. alexander marc a. bartlett richard n. beltzner judith a. bower carol I. brighton li—l II Mil HI 1 gordon j. bennett gail I. bulanchuk frank churchman linda j. clauss chariest, bargerstock thomas lee berry elizabeth burton andrew d. cooper frederica g. blausten marjorie a. carll william courtright burckard k. blob alexis j. dailey linda b. borkan robert n. davey harold h. dougherty richard I. douglas kenneth f. entler paul g. fischer david a. gearhart Jonathan a. gehris ronald m. henry frederick s. hass mary ann graham james I. heidecker jeffry e. grim richard c. heil arlene c. hirn gloria r. jacobs kathleen jarvis jan g. kaag Pamela I. hemstreet david r. hendricks gretchen a. henninger james I. henry david h. johnson richard t. johnson bonnie s. jones paulettee. kaessinger phillip c. kiedel Catherine c. lorenz anthony r. loy joseph g. kloss betty lou landzettel roger p. luckenbill carol a. mack frank g. miller marilyn a. miller richard m. miller david c. maclean robert e. mabey john I. mancinelli kandy davis mitchell gary g. mooney bruce e. mapes michael mathey franklin a. mummey Pamela g. moore rosemarie e. moretz marian e. myers alice e. nagle edward I. newcomb valerie a. nocek mary louise pardee phyllis a. perna brent I. peters telisport putsavage henry r. raab jeffrey r. munro harry w. overholtzer II dorothy I. Oswald george e. pivetz carl j. pletenyik richard h. ochs richard bryan radcliffe glenn r. reichenbach doris a. reitz howard e. schaffer erica reiss susan tyler schellenberg waiter sch iff howard j. schwartz helen a. seidle jon a. schlenker royce c. seifert lee r. seras ann I. rittenhouse carol I. reymann Jeffrey j. schmitt waiter a. rinehart ronald p. schneck carol a. schuler grace e. schuler robert c. roeper susan m. sellers Virginia h. sellew nancy a. shea suzanne e. slenker james e. strangfeld alan m. strigga william e. swartz toni a. szamski donald s. travis samuel I. tyler louanne t. voelkner susan j. vogelsberg marilyn vogt helen m. sobey mary a. stahley linda theresa watkins joan g. walker waiter r. weaver Stephen k.zartarian student council row 1 — paul gross, president; lynn anderson, martha schlenker. row 2 — wayne muck, kenneth elam, matthew naythons, Charles nagel. row 3 — alain sheer, leonard el I is, lee krug, richard bennett, robert rocper. student court justices row 1 — theodore lewis, Stanley katz, roma theus. row 2 — Catherine curt, peter shaw, marc osias, chief justice; linda roenning, margaret gatter. missing — parke kunkle, richard gross, howard schwartz. left to right — david fritchey, karen hamm, bruce hoffman, john romberger. student court attorneys interfraternity council row 1 — kenneth elam, richard olm- stead, david johnson. row 2 — h. wayne kartzinel, robert reiter, howard wolny, dennis jeff , howard schwartz, theodore lewis, roger rockower. br ' ■ row 1 — roger rockower, michael stoudt, robert brunning. row 2 — russel koerwer, alexander lieberman, jamie malatack, su- san dogler, kristin cutshall, Virginia young, janice murray, paul low, larry grossman. row 3 — roger spencer, kenneth entler, emily ditzel, judith jones, cynthia manna, toni szamski, mark gordon, norman levin, missing — alain sheer, chairman. freshman orientation committee senior class officers left to right — margaret von kummer, secretary; robert roe- per, vice-president; wayne muck, president; donna schultz, treasurer. senior class executive council row 1 — kathy harman, susan henry, row 2 — robert goeltsch, mary molesworth, rob- ert reiter. row 3 — frederick hass, william meyer, judith jones, carol reymann, linda vogt, russel koerwer. junior class executive council seated — gamil shaw, nancy sih- ler, kristin cutshall. standing — kathleen mclellan, william gas- barro, linda knoche. junior class officers left to right — ronald miller, vice-president; alain sheer, president; bryan smith, treasurer; charlotte greer, secretary. sophomore class officers left to right — dona Id crane, president; diane schmidt, secretary; thomas burk- holder, vice-president, missing — ned rahn, treasurer. sophomore class executive council kneeling — john van brakle, peter eastwood, lee herskowitz. standing — jeffry gilbert, dorothy benvenuto, janice murray, nancy ruch, jacqueline turnauer, russell schmidt. freshman class executive council row 1 jack mccallum, david tribble, bruce macartney, james thacher, kae ernst, joseph yanger. row 2 — karen dammann, kirn knight, nancy millican. row 3 james mickle, anne keller. missing — robert roeper, president-pro-tempore. kneeling — mark hastie, william gasbarro, robert treat, row 2— jeff schueler, frederick hass, robert peters, frank stevens, herbert doll- er, Christopher ask, william meyer, president, row 3 — donald cart- er, tom miller. men’s dormitory council women’s council stairs — brenda collins, mary klopfenstein, cynthia francis, linda wat- kins, judith jones, marian myers, elizabeth weller, president, balcony — leona palm, elizabeth burton, coralie bloom, sarah schaffner, gail smith, dorothy maxwell, ingrid krohn, susan degler. cardinal key circle k row 1 — robert teeter, james richards, Stephen herbes, kenneth elam. row 2 — harry wonderland, edward hadden, richard bennett. missing — jerry haag, president; george wilkinson, Stephen albert. W. alpha phi omega delta phi nu Nr I vl . " ' . flg| t .9 II T® ' -jjj k: f " S A. ( ■ r| 1 t y ii y union board kneeling — william entler, rodney riffel. seated — Virginia young, toni szamski, president; susan strimel, ellen wolkov. standing: Constance fisher, michael stoudt, philip parker. muhlenberg Christian association row 1 — kathryn reitz, president; glen moyer, ronald miller, david deakin. row 2 — carol brighton, barbara harris, gail bulanchuk, edward hadden. altar guild left to right — linda watkins, cynthia lloyd, audie lynn hoehle, kathryn reitz, president. row 1 — francene kirsh. row 2 — arlene koso, robert wacks, trudy trachtenberg. missing — herbert ochitill, president. hillel institute of faith seated — dana bianca, paula tannebring. standing — carole fahrner, david deakin, katharine jessen. college choir chapel choir institute of sound wmuh 640 am 89.7 fm muhlenberg weekly donna schultz editor-in-chief malcolm parker managing editor libby burton, barb dunenkamp tel putsavage news editors business manager sports editors: larry wellikson, pete helwig news asst.: richard gross photo editor: ted brooks advertising manager: robertgoidman circulation manager: craig haytmanek Cartoonist: andrew kolar lacuity adviser: richard c. hatch arcade gene ginsberg, editor-in-chief joy freeland, art editor donald o. peck lynnette mende david kressler mark schannon oh god, if i had but onesilenthourin which to sort and separate my thoughts, if i could once, for all, be done repeating that i do not know, nor can i understand, i would be too complacent for any need of you or other men. lynnette mende colleges and universities throughout the na- tion are presently experiencing the growing pains of a great transitionary process and muhlenberg is no exception, the days of ra- coon coats have passed long ago; today the university is becoming, indeed, a self-con- tained community, where the world is studied out of context, the past is evaluated and we smile at follies, where the future is calculated on ideals, it is a place where we try on different identities for awhile and where we might fi- nally discover one tailored to our own person- ality. it is here we experience a state of being which is less structured than it has been or will be. during recent years the various ciarla staffs have arrived at the conclusion that the col- lege’s annual publication must not remain static during these years, it has become clear that the yearbook should more closely approx- imate a personal expression of four years of life rather than its traditional, cool, statistical “reference” book style, but, the muhlenberg community is often less receptive to change than it would admit, furthermore, too often the yearbook occupies the role of ego fulfill- ment. the problems of change are further compounded by a ciarla staff that changes and dwindles throughout the year; each fall requiresan initiation into publishing for a new group of individuals, the student body is disin- terested in much more than seeing their own names and pictures in print and offering caus- tic criticism when they fail to appear. this issue has not sought to include every item from the academic year 1967-68 — limits of time, space, and money prohibit such an am- bitious undertaking, furthermore, not every- thing assumed importance to all. it is the hope of the staff of the 1968 ciarla, not that 1 500 people will be personally satisfied with the publication, but that we have accomplished enough to aid the books that follow in initiat- ing more radical innovations in style and con- tent. with many thanks to american yearbook representative bill o’brien without whose as- sistance and patience this production would have been less than possible. alan strigga, editor kenneth w. smith paulette kaessinger beth yarnall louis jacobs staff 1968 ciarla aaron boxer bob diamond herb doller bruce hoffman jill kennedy arnold kunes cindy manna rosemarie moretz terence pike cheryl taylor candy thomas larry wellikson contributors cheerleaders — row 1 — cindy rundlet, co-captain; mary hohman, linda knoche, meralee whit- man, jamie malatack. row 2 — linda deibert, peggy reinhart, anne kell- er, susan earn, row 3 — judy fries, peggy von kummer, captain. cheerleaders - ■ u | w J - jgH " %kr ' 2 } Mrl w - MM fflB ‘Heft iuli c i ' rife ?j§ Jl , f i , majorettes — left to right — gail smith, mary ann evans, carol mack, lynn major, judy oakley. captain; janet gregory, kae frantz, sue slenker, rosemarie benignc. majorettes color guard color guard — row 1 — cindy manna, captain; kate hosier, row 2 — Ilnda fellows, leona palm, carol gemmill, kathy eline. mask and dagger row 1: glen moyer, john tomasi, mark schannon. row 2: don peck, lynnette mende, karen geiger, ingrid biel, rica blausten. susan men- gel. S3 • • ‘ ; . . I 1 1 " V r j 1 1 ■g left to right: ingrid biel, don peck, glen moyer, mark schannon, rica blausten, john tomasi, clare bernardo and joanne friedman (rica’s friends from adelphi), lois west, patricia gabe. muhlenberg experimental theater 1 alpha psi omega left to right: john tomasi, rica blausten, mark schannon, don peck, ingrid biel, susan mendel, glen moyer, lynette mende. muhlenberg musical association 1 | Pjjf i m { ..f SjL 1- ti flONER kneeling: david kressler, glen moyer, don peck, standing: jinny bell, linda myers, cindy rundlet, cindy manna, margaret gatter, judy jones, carol mack, susan henry, rosann perretta, martha schlenker, judy oakley, gail saxon. sigma tau delta row 1: mr. bruce snyder, mr. moore. row 2: mr. jay hartman, dr. claude dierolf, dr. harold sten- ger, chairman; dr. nelvin vos, dr. ralph graber. row 3: mr. griffith dudding, dr. minotte chatfield, dr. andrew erskine. ,v left to right: barbara farrow, walanne padus, goldie alexander jokiel dr. rodney ring, baiba dzirnis. esperanto club left to right: susan gerlitz, kate bosler, janet ott, gail balanchuk, janet armstrong, nancy Starkey, leona palm, peggy von kummer. phi sigma iota der deutsch verein russian club omicron delta kappa theodore lewis, lee krug, wayne muck, mr. george gibbs, don peck, paul gross, matt nay- thons, marc osias. missing: glen moyer. wMISii lambda epsilon delta left to right: martha schlenker, donna schultz, margaret gatter, marian myers, peggy von kummer. pi delta epsilon left to right: aaron boxer, larry gross, tel putsavage, mary, barbara dunenkamp, john, brian radcliffe, craig haytmanek. henry raab, gail atwood, dave fritchi, glenn deibert, ken entler, joe gulka, sheila taenzler, cindy swank. phi alpha theta V. ■ J ■ ■ glen moyer. paul lawrence, ron miller, doug seidel, mr. robert bohm, dave eames, pete shaw. eta sigma phi i , vj w ' JEU V I f-!’7il a — v i r;« W iwiffjMrf 1 r;jj, 1, . 1 V «d ■ education society phyllis blaze, peggy rodgers, julie doscher, susan pearson, cathy deisher, carol brlghton, khrls cutshall. sociological society 11 young republicans ? ' ' r, .-■ ■ U r . Qc? r, • .V " ■ rt ’ ■ f!W ' chess club k rW; tau omega p : ' 5MHWI0N • ttf i IbT rfrm iHHB (C | M ' ® £ f J r yf i JHP fr JgttpK j fyff uf jr ’ uw f| 1 | ' hk ' ' TqSBWJ W 6ft. k r 7 . JH MtnJ ' jCSj L ■ ‘i iTiiTiiiaTiiiiiilVVBiiil? I Wm :: rw u X Mrr % 2 2 ROBERT Q KRICUN LOUIS J. JACOBS PAUL K GROSS ALAN L BURDEN WILLIAM M UFFNER LARRY T. HILL RECORDING SECRETARY PETER K SHAW VICE SUPERIOR ROGER A ROCKOWER SUPERIOR EARL A SURWIT TREASURER NORMAN W LEV IN CORRESPOND INC SECRE TARY PAULFLOW GENE H GINSBERG MARK R GORDON PHILIP I HARBER MARC 8 OSIAS GEORGE EWILKINSON JR HOWARD SCHWARTZ ALAN J FELDMAN RICHARD M MILLER ARTHUR E FELDMAN MATTHEW ENAYTHONUS ROBERT L GORDON STEPHEN R SHORE CAREY M MARDER ANTHONY R.ROOKLIN LARRY B GROSSMAN LAl«ENCE DWELLIKSON WARREN A BROOCKER ROBERT L BRUNNING RODERICK J HAFER RICHARD J. GROSS ROMA W. THEUS II PETER J. MORIARITY ALAINHSHEER LOUIS J OROCOFSKY STEVEN M. SLOANE LARRYI FEINBERG WILLIAM PNORVILLE ROBERT B. GOLDMAN MARK S.PASCAL STANTON J. ROTHOUSE DAVID J. KRESSLER jplji Epsilon 13f Huhlenbercj € allege BARRY L.FRIEDBERG BARRY THILL HERBERT I. KATZ BRUCE I HOFFMAN JACK W. LONG JOSH D KIMELMAN CLARE G.SCHREI8ER DR. DAVID N STEHLY MICHAEL H.GREENHAWT JOELD BEAVER LAWRENCE M HODES MICHAEL S. ROSS LAWRENCE B FOX THOMAS J SCHREIBER RONALD P. MAKE FRED H. MILLER IRA E SPITZER MARK P JARRETT STEPHEN L. GOLDMAN MARK A ZAGER NEIL L. ISDANER DANIEL B HAHN MICHAEL JFElNSTEIN KENNETH H HARRIS ALEXANDER LIEBERMAN PAUL E ROSENTHAL I STANLEY PORTER RICHARD A. SNEPAR ALAN C MONHEIT PHILIP A SHORE CRAIG A DISE LAWRENCE M.HURVITZ j EDWARD H LOWENSTEIN JEFFREY F ALLYN DAVID J RISSMILLER JOHN J KNAPPENBERGER ROBERT WETZEL DONALD D CRANE RODERICK K MACKENZIE ROBERT E ALBEE III RICHARD F BENNETT RUSSELL L SCHMIDT ROBERT D LOEFFLER BARRY H BURKHARDT SAMUEL R HILLMAN BRUCE W REITZ JR JEFFREY L GILBERT HOWARD F VAN GILDER MICHAEL A WElTZ HARRY H WONDERLAND JR HERBERT J DOLLER THOMAS 0 BURKHOLDER JOHN D LADLEY D THOMAS DERSTINE THOMAS M HENNESSY GLENN S KRATZER THOMAS E MILLER 2 1ft lit ■ , — i mk . . f; dm THEODORE D BROOKS DONALD E. ROTH ROCK PARKE W. KUNKLE WILLIAM F ENTLER RICHARD V REILLY RECORDING SECRETARY BRUCE D.REISH VICE PRESIDENT TED R LEWIS PRESiD£N T ROBERT R BAIR -41 w jam . 1 o ■ m Jjjp Wk — 1 — 1 O m 3r M dkh . 1 life tti JEFFREY G SCHUELER ' LEE A KRUG JONATHAN T FISCHER KENNETH C ELAM S WILLIAM SNOVER JACK M LONG JR EDWARD L NEWCOMB JAMES £ STRANGFELD JERRY L HAAG JAMES D RICHARDS BRUCE E SATTERLEE ROBERT W TREAT HOUSE MANAGER DOUGLAS C CHARLESTON MICHAEL D STOUDT FRANK L FIASCHETTI PAGE R BELMORE F ANK H STEV NS JR RUDOLF E BOONSTRA JR DAVID P KIDD DAVID H PlERCE CHARLES P NAGEL PAUL S FELD WILLIAM G SCHWAB JR PHILIP A. TERHUNE RONALD S NORTH T-w i iwrl V r ap ' ' 1 M r fijg W ' if ir MrU J®j A -- ■ Ey jjfl I. f Jft Wm Q “y ini ■ ■■■ O ‘ o, j!l ki m J tl 1 life ROBERT G BRUNDAGE JEFFREY W KNAUSS THOMAS E CUNDEY MYKOLA HALETAJR FRANKS MILLER LOWELL C THELIN WALTER R WEAVER JOHN T KRAMER o it r Jj " % ' W ! . § 4H £ f m CLARKE KRAMER WILLIAM G TOMKIEL KENNETH H MCCLUSKEY LEONARD W ELLIS MALCOLM H. 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SMITH ALAN M STRIGGA DALE L. GRAMMES DAVID A REIWVIEL CRYSOPHYLOS HISTOR PYLORTES DOUGLAS T SEIDEL ROBERT D MC COURT WAYNE KARTZINEL ■ WILLIAM H STAUFFER JOHN D WADE WILLIAM C. ROEGER ROBERT H BURY DANIEL H. MILLER ALAN R HARRIS TERENCE B PIKE MICHAEL E DEITZ DONALD W MONTONEY RICHARD T JOHNSON GEORGE I WEINBERGER HEGEMON JOSEPH E RICH BURKHARD K. BLOB HYPOPHETES GRAMMATEUS ROBERT L.BLEIMANN STUART B. NORTHUP JOHN M ONDOR ROBERT J LAUDENSLAGER BARRY K ERBER STEPHEN J BELL WILLIAM C. PARFITT JR ROBERT J RINGER RANDALL A HOFFMAN WILLIAM D SCHWENKE SHELDON B. GREENBERG RUTH E HUMISTON SUZANNE M. RANDEL ALAN B EINHORN VICTOR R ROEDER ®au jfiappa epsilon fftlufylettberc} (Bollecje WILLIAM L. SHAUD the gridiron one might safely say that the mule ' s season log of 2-5- ldidnotreallyreflectthecalibreoftheteam.the forces of head coach ray whispell dropped three con- tests by a total of 12 points, and each of these games was lost in the warning minutes on come-from-behind drives by the opposition, muhlenberg presented one of its most potent offenses in years, but its defense was young and in some cases inexperienced, one gloats over performances by such freshmen gridders as randy uhrich, a former quarterback who sparkled in the running back slot for the mules with his crash- ing hard -nose style of play, tight end ted dick, al- though hampered by injuries later in the season, proved his ability with sure hands and good blocking as he filled in admirably for injured tri-captain don travis. injuries dampened the pre-season hopes placed on tom saeger. paulwerrell showed mulefansthe style of play on which one can comfortably place fu- ture hopes, noteworthy, too, is spirited and aggressive linebacker, mike harakal and extremely poised fresh- man bill evans. any mention of muhlenberg football during the past four years has brought thoughts of ron henry and justifiably so, for henry has been " mr. everything.” his team value far exceeded his role of quarterback; he not only excelled in passing, but was one of the mac’s top rushers, a take-charge type of guy, ron ' s ambition and drive was an inspiration to his teammates, most likely many seasons will pass before the muhlen berg gridiron sees another leader and sportsman the calibre of ron henry, offensive lineman frank churchman, tri-captain and middle guard chuck bargerstock, and tackles, sam tyler and john blend will certainly be as difficult to replace. the 1967 season began on a sour note as berg man- aged no better than a 6-6 stalemate against ursinus. however, asif to serveasan indication ofthingsto come, henry, along with dave yoder turned in brilliant individual performances, the following Saturday saw muhlenberg bow to pmc 28-24 after blowing an 18-7 halftime lead in a real heartbreaker. senior fullback gordy bennett tallied three times for the mules, leba- non valley was berg’s first victim as it fell to the tune of a 14-7 defeat, henry punctured the sails of the flying dutchmen with his clutch performances all afternoon and late in the fourth quarter he dropped back and rifled a pass into the arms of glue-fingered speedster markhastieforthevictorytally.Andsoitwent — a homecoming throng witnessed one of mule’s disput- able defeats to dickinson, swarthmore proved to be a most satisfying victory, the mules were trounced by lycoming, and humiliated by franklin marshall, the gridders closed the season with a disappointing loss of 19-8 to moravian in which ron henry left the field with- outthe mac rushingtitle. mule heroics did not go unseen and both henry and bennet were named to the mac southern conference, 1st team in the college divi- sion; henry and tyler were named to the all-lutheran team, and uh rich was cited for the swath more game by being named ecac 1st team half-back for that week. es opp. 6 ursinus 6 24 pmc 28 14 leb valley 7 21 dickinson 28 43 swarthmore 32 14 lycoming 32 28 f m 29 8 moravian 19 1st row — left to right — frank a. churchman, paul g. fischer, carl j. pletenyik, lee r. seras, Charles t. bargerstock (co-captain), donald s. travis (co-captain), gordon j. bennett (co-captain), john w. blend iii, ronald m. henry, james I. heidecker, samuel r. tyler. 2nd row — daniel j. young, p. mark hastie, waiter I. reisner, Joseph d. dipanm. james t. farrell iii, glenn m. roth, david d. yoder, robert m. vaniderstine, kerry p. geissinger, bruce g. kilroy, james a. romberger, j r . , Stephen I. goldman, erwin j. schummer. 3rd row — bruce j. macartney jr., martin p. frankenfield, theo- dore dick, andrew s. bargerstock, robert d. loeffler, john w. harding, robert a. young jr., glenn s. kratzer, Christopher j. schutz, paul n. borrell. william d. selim, john I. pricher. 4th row — hugh d. storey, thorn e. saeger, samuel p. light, william r. aitken, jesse c. achenbach, joel s. pretz, j. randall roorbach, robert e. truet, william j. evans iii. anthony marino, michael sipala, peter a. marvel. 5th row — p. donald kichline (trainer), donald I. Sylvester (manager), roger r. conrad, richard f. brueckner, j. randolph uhrich, gregory b. fischer, robert k. polster, paul j. werrell, mi- chael p. harakal jr., Charles d. devnew, paul I. vikner, joseph j. scholtes, jr., (head manager), top row — robert a. fagan (equipment manager), raymond j. whispell (head coach), douglas r. wenrich, herbert a. ecker, jr. (student trainer), samuel t. beidleman (assistant coach), william a. flamish (assistant coach), frank p. marino (assistant coach), john r. piper (assistant coach), robert e. truet (missing from squad picture). since it was initiated into muhlenberg’s athletic pro- gram in 1943 , the mules have struggled to keep their noses above water, managing only 6 winning seasons, fourinthelastfouryears.thisyear, however, the mules busted out with ten victories against only two setbacks, scored a record 36 goals, and turned in the most successful season in berg’s 25 year soccer histo- ry, when coach lee hill announced his plans to leave muhlenberg many wondered how our rapidly-improv- ing soccerteamwouldfare.coachhiM’sspiritand drive, hisambitionand hustleshoneonthe faces of every upperclass booter in September and accompa- nied them to each of their victories, coach ron lauch- nor had a monumental task before him and “arrived” with flying colors, he took a team of high-spirited, but often erratic lettermen, added a few highly-touted neophytes, and molded them into a machine that became the Cinderella team of the southern division, drawing praise and admiration wherever it travelled, both in victory and in defeat, berg’s hopes were damp- ened by the mid-season injury of mike stoudt but the stellar performances of such men as fullback bob preyss and halfback co-captain lee krug, both named to the mac southern division all-stars, earned victories regardless, after an injury-ridden junior season, se- nior goalie and co-captain tony rooklin received hon- orable mention in the mac southern division all-stars, as did junior lineman ed gilroy. playing an aggressive, shades of “tom preston” type of soccer, frosh bruce fechnay scored ten of the mule’s goals and earned an honorable mention in the all-pennsylvania-new jersey- delaware-area soccerteam. the seniors are gone but the potential of frosh such as fechnay, appel, rittlej and knutila, augmented by the spirit they inherited, permit an optimistic, thumbs-up attitude towards the seasons ahead. 5 3 4 3 3 5 1 3 1 1 4 3 bill appel tom castorina larry cook tom derstine herb doller gordon dunham john ellington bruce fechnay fred flotheimer ed gilroy ed guldin john knutila lee krug pete moriarity bob preyss ken rittle jim roark tony rooklin al sheer frank staub mike stoudt ron tuma ken van gilder mules 50 dickinson opp. 15 46 delaware valley 17 45 elizabethtown 15 49 lehigh 15 29 scranton 26 28 albright 27 47 lebanon valley 16 50 haverford 15 50 ursinus 15 46 franklin marshall 15 cross country the mules cross country team wound up with a win less 1967 season, facing teams strong in both quality and depth, the nine man team was virtually outclassed by most of its mac competition, the nearest the mules could get to victory was tight but losing attempts against scranton and albright. injuries accounted for a large portion of the team’s failures — at one time or another six of the nine runners missed meets due to either injury or illness, in early november a tri-meet with pmc and Philadelphia textile had to be forfeited because only four men on the team were healthy enough to run. the season ended on a somewhat brighter note when the mules ran in the mac’s in Phil- adelphia. there, muhlenberg beat scranton and al- bright on the belmont plateau, perhaps, the toughest course in the league, and offered its finest mac per- formance in several years, doug henry and ralph grimes were the outstanding runners of the season. ■ ps@ mules opp. 7 moravian 0 7 upsala 0 4 albright 1 2 lebanon 0 valley 2 phila. 1 college of bible 3 m i I lersvi I le 0 1 elizabethtown 1 field hockey sally barbour evlyn baus coralie bloom jane chapman carol crown kae ernst merri gehr charlotte greer kathy harman karen hoffman judy jones jean kraynak marylu mccarthy janice murray linda roenning peggy rogers sarah schaff ner louise snyder ginger sellew kathy stri mel sue stri mel lyn vogt betsy weller betty wheat maureen davey, mgr. donna reifenrath, mgr. cl history continued to re peat it self as the 1967 field hockey team zoomed another winning season into its full cage of victories, soundly defeating six of its seven opponents, the team’s only disappointment was a frustrating 1-1 tie against elizabethtown. as a result of muhlenberg’s aggressive pursuit of the ball and never tiring defense, only three points were tallied against the team, playing hard and fast, the girls hit each ball as if it were the decisive one. coach jean hecht will miss the skills of her five senior lettermen, coralie bloom, betsy weller, judy jones, lyn vogt, and kathy harman, but looks optimistically towards the upcom- ing ranks. basketball al winner cheyney state bythe score of 94-67, and then pushed nationally known Philadelphia textile to the limit before dropping a high scoring 105-94 deci- sion to the rams, during the regular season, the mules path to the championship was strewn with both glory and defeat, starting off the year with a “win one lose one” record, muhlenberg finally got on a winning trail by gaining five victories out of six games, including a strong fifth place finish in the Christmas pocono clas- sic. later in the season the mules continued their hot pace by walloping northern division runner-up lycom- ing by a then record score of 109-93. they then went ontotaketheirsecondwinofthecampaignfrom neighboring moravian. the courtmen maintained their st ring by next beating ha verford, before losing to scranton. the mules, facing one of their sternest tests of the sea son, destroyed eventual regu la r season champ johns hopkins 90-66. but the lowest part of the othe rw i ses pa rklingy ear lay ahead. Losing three games in a row to lehigh, lebanon valley, and dickin- son, the mules playoff chances looked dim. but when the berg men came back to reel off a record 121 points against strong ursinus, things started to brighten up. muhlenberg’s 1967-68 basketball team continued a recent tradition of winning athletics by capping the mules first mascac title in over two decades, led by mvp freshman bob mcclure the mules won the playoff staged in memorial hall by downing johns hopkins 92- 53, and then topping ursinus in the finals, in addition, by virtue of their league championship, muhlenberg played in the ncaa mid-eastern regionals at albright. inthistournamentofchampionsthemules found themselves out of their league, facing three teams, all of whom had won twenty games during their regular season, nevertheless, even in defeat berg’s men of- fered a fine performance, moyer’s men lost to eventu- besides breaking a school team scoring record, the ursinus game was the scene of the best individual performance in some time, sophomore ned rahn return- ing to last year ' s form after recovering from a leg injury, tallied 43 points, tying the school mark, the season ended with the mules losing in o vert i me 80-79 to delawarevalleyand notchinga playoff clinching 92-84 victory over contender pmc. highlights in the season were senior tom barlow who made all tournament teams in both the pocono classic and the ncaasmallcollegeregionals. mickey miller, continuingthe promise he showed during his freshman season, was the team’s most consistent rebounder, placing mascac’s top ten. ned rahn main- tained hot scoring pace the entire year and finished third in the league with just over an 18 point average, mike mathey added that playmaking ability so vital to a championship team, leading the squad in assists, tom hennessyand patroth- deutsch proved invaluable in spelling the starters and in filling in when the regulars were injured, mike lester and bob shirk saw limited action, but much is expected of these talented freshmen, this year’s team was a champion, with miller, mcclure, and rahn returning, along with most of the reserves, coach moyer can anticipate much of the same for the next few years. ■ • ' . t+ ' imxf ' Z -. vz+j won 7 lost 7 james o. hoveland eric a. johansen Patrick a. rothdeutsch richard c. Stauffer frederick s. sunderlin robert e. touhsaent 7 john c. behrend roderick j. hafer curtis c. klinger ronald t. lemezis george e. rahn, jr bruce w. reitz, jr. berg 9 0 9 0 8 6 0 0 9 6 7 1 opp scranton 0 dickinson 9 kutztown 0 haverford 9 moravian 1 pmc colleges 3 lehigh 9 f m 9 wilkes 0 albright 3 ursinus 2 lafayette 8 jeffrey j. schmitt richard w. zeoli robert a. wacks george h. barber lee t. berry richard f. brueckner, jr. douglas s. cramer craig a. dise ti mothy j. ferguson frederick e. flothmeier martin p. frankenfield jack b. gardner david gotlob ralph s. grimes douglas c. henry robert n. kittila paul d. koehrsen james w. march ronald k. mengel michael I. miller norman p. pedersen russel I h. pope, jr. terry e. richwine william j. robinson randall j. roorbach harry h. wonderland, jr. daniel j. young kurt d. zwikl berg opp 44.5 pmc colleges 100.5 82.5 lebanon valley 62.5 48 ursinus 97 49.5 dickinson 95.5 59 f m 86 69 haverford 76 52 swathmore 92 i n berg opp 2 lebanon valley 14 2 stevens 11 2 farleigh-dickinson 9 1 lehigh 14 4 dickinson 5 0 villanova 14 3 lebanon valley 14 4 lafayette 10 4 f m 16 gordon j. bennett march a. boshko theodore brooks william burdick donald r. carter frank churchman james t. farrell drew w. felldin edgar j. gilroy jerry I. haag lee a. krug Christopher j. lockwood robert d. loeffler bruce j. macartney peter a. maruel william e. mayerik marc a. parrilli ira s. porter Stephen j. rockower james e. strangfeld samuel r. tyler robert vanilderstine robert walborn william j. wentz ' i v 1 S Aat berg 3 6 7 7 4 3 7 9 5 3 5 4 10 1 3 11 4 2 5 lafayette la sa lie dickinson moravian ursinus pmc colleges albright drew wagner moravian lehigh wi Ikes haverford f m del. valley lehigh scranton barry h. burkhardt richard I. chalal edwin c. detwiler paul g. fischer mark p. hastie thomas m. hennessy, jr. mark t. hough lawrence w. houp anthony r. marino glenn h. meyer larry e. miles thomas e. miller william I. miller thorn e. saeger lee r. seras randolph j. uhrich richard j. yeager the academic year of 1967 68 was born into un- rest as leroi jones unwittingly led academic free- dom in its fight (victorious) for life, the heroics of president erling n. jensen won the unconditional support (and hearts) of the student body and within a couple of weeks the college was again immersed in the mundane, pass-fail was initiat- ed. the mules fell to defeat at the hands of dickin- son on the homecoming gridiron and ron henry played his last season, hundreds danced in the aisles as motown psyched memorial hall; weeks later “negro canary” dionne Warwick, after a perspiring two hour wait, provoked tears in her unsequined but artful performance, in november the faculty approved junior keys, muhlenberg’s first affiliate artist norman paige refused to vocal- ize in the garden room and the proposed fine arts building moved up a notch (psychological) in priority, sometime on Sunday, december 3 stuart davis’ oil ursine park took its place among a se- ries of campus art thefts, it hardly snowed at all. spring semester found the college ' s flag at half mast, mourning first the tragic loss of director of admissions dewey I. brevik, then the untimely assassination of martin luther king jr., and the sudden passing of english professor j. gysbert bouma. the muhlenberg community proudly accepted its charter from phi beta kappa, the young rascals never posted, berg’s cou rtmen went to the mac’s; the coffee house opened its doors, the announcement of the cancellation of graduate school deferments brought plans and unplans and groping, cries on other campuses against the war and its immorality were merely whispers at muhlenberg as the student body en- trenched itself further i nto the secu rity of the campus microcasm. the spring rains were less cruel and “tops-down” weather came early, new rushing rules were proposed regardless of wkap’s april broadcast of the death of the greek system, everyone saw the graduate twice and simon and garfunkel were sold out days ahead of time, the festival of the arts? nationwide choice ’68 ballot- ing reaffirmed student support of senator eugene mccarthy. an architect’s sketch of the new sci- ence building was released, the spring arcade received a good review i n the weekly and otis redding experienced a renaissance, on june 2, foil owing an extended period of laugh te rand tears, triumphs and defeats, loves and hates, and growths, the graduating class of 1968 passed si- lently into the world. I Ml - ■ 1 ■■ R ‘5 ■ I X ... , ii y ii ' ■ 1 y S r leroi jones leroi jones, the ‘power’ controversy and certain other avant- garde elements contrived what could be called a variance of the more serious student uprisings founded on other college cam- puses — to the tune of academic freedom, compared to the florid and violent attitudes expressed at larger universities, muhlenberg’s management of the issue suggested a lesser sequel to the cause of student privilege within the academic institution, nonetheless, the college image suffered, as was true in the case of hip’ poet alien ginsberg, the neighboring com- munity reacted unfavorably to muhlenberg ' s student aligned taste in assembly speakers, playwright and social critic, leroi jones, in particular, proved decisive in flamingthe hearth of academic freedom reportee. early in October, 1967, president erlingjensen was forced to deliver a statement of jones, in which a justification of his appearance was made in the light of the62moresociallya cceptedguest speakers whohadap- peared last year, earlier, martha schlenker, chairman of the assembly program committee, was confronted by a local radio station to defend the language used by jones during his essay, read before the student body in September, 1967. the “epilogue to jones’’ was personified by none other than civil rights lawyer conrad lynn. the lawyer spent some 40 minutes exploring the enigma of jones ’tirade of word sand thoughts which had rocked allentown. and, although there were only a few deroga- tory epithets to the white man, and a pervasive suggestion to revolt directed to the negro, the conservative voice was about to be heard, and significantly, against the “assembly status quo.” acknowledged facts, supposed to betrueatthetime, espoused that the president has resigned because the board of trustees threatened to pass a clearance restraint motion con- cerning the selection of campus speakers, what followed later was a six minute statement by the president denying the rumor and an assurance that he would continue “to make decisions ... in the best interests of muhlenberg college ...” the four tops homecoming 1967 madalyn murray o’hair theodore husted dr. howard witcomb, moderator junior prom institute of faith dr. william j. mccutcheon dr. h. stenger, president dr. k. van eerde, vice president dr. c. bednar, secretary-treasurer dr. r. schaeffer, historian Q) ”0 festival of the arts I I i n Hi FT f J lawrence ferlinghetti terez-nelson dance group arthur hall’s afro-american dance ensemble simon and garfunkel robert creely three days of hopeful glances skyward failed to recon- cile the gods and the I eh igh valley succo imbed to heavy rain the morning of june 2. president erling jen- sen declared that his decision to hold exercises in- doors was one of the easiest of his administrative ca- reer; he followed this declaration with the formal reso- lution of one of his most difficult decisions — that of his augus t 1969 resignation, poignantly, yet, uncon- vincingly presented, james farmer’s eloquent oratory figuratively and, seemingly, literally lifted the damp- ness of the afternoon and the rays of a warm sun wel- comed the graduates of muhlenberg’s 120th academ- ic class into the world. senior biographies the seniors whose photographs appear in the follow- ing pages have been elected to who’s who in ameri- can colleges and universities. marjorie e. alexander a.b., psychology 2609 reel street, harrisburg, pa. german club 1,2,3; esperanto club 1,2, 3, 4 (president); college choir 1 . shirley j. ashton a.b., english 566 merchantville avenue, pennsauken, n.j. college choir 2,3; basketball 1; delta phi nu 3,4; hospitality commit- tee 1; newspaper 2; education society 1,2; sigma tau delta 3,4. beverly d. atkinson a.b., Spanish 217 park avenue, phillipsburg, n.j. Christian science organization; education society; phi sigma iota. gailm.atwood a.b., history plum street, west barnstable, mass. delta phi nu 2,3,4; phi alpha theta 3,4; education society 1,2. ralph p. aufheimer a.b., psychology 204 east 84th street, new york, n.y. Stephen g. ayers a.b., political science greenbrier lane, paoli, pa. robert r. bair a.b., psychology 515 west union street, fullerton, pa. Charles t. bargerstock a.b , history 3020 greenleaf street, allentown, pa. executive class council 2,3; football 1,2, 3, 4 (co-captain). thomas g. barlow a.b., social science mundock road, jarrettown, pa. marc a. bartlett a.b., political science 26 cushing avenue, hingham, mass. political science conference 1,2, 3, 4; intramural sports 1,2, 3, 4; in- tramural official 3; bridge club 3,4. janis m. basista a.b., psychology 120 riverview, whitaker, pa. Catherine I. baumer b.s. 1 17 Pennsylvania street, allentown, pa. thomas k. beitelman b.s. 1602 north 27th street, allentown, pa. richard n. beltzner a.b., political science 316 Pennsylvania avenue, kutztown. pa. band 1. gordon j. bennett a.b., psychology rd 4, easton, pa. union food planning committee 1,2; varsity football 2,3,4 (co-cap- tain); varsity lacrosse 4; lambda chi alpha; ski club 3; intramural sports 1,2, 3, 4. martha schlenker rodgere. berg b.s., chemistry 1818 laubach avenue, northampton, pa. intramural sports 4; dean ' s list 3. thomas lee berry a. b., sociology 23842 berdon street, woodland hills, calif. football 1,2,3; track 1,2, 3. 4; dorm council 2,3; muhlenberg Christian association 3,4; phi kappa tau 2,3,4; varsity-m 1,2, 3, 4. judith birdsall a.b., english rd 4, ballston spa, n.y. frederica g. blausten a.b., psychology 73 bayview avenue, great neck, n.y. muhlenberg musical association 2,3,4 (director); mask and dagger 2,3,4 (secretary 3,4); muhlenberg experimental theater 2,3,4; band 2,3,4; tutorial project 2,3; alpha psi omega; hillel 2,3,4; orchestra 3. john w. blend a.b., social science 78 shaw drive, merrick, n.y. burckhard k. blob a.b., political science 27 south brentwood avenue, pitman, n.j. varsity fencing 1,2, 3, 4 (captain 3,4); political science conference 1; tau kappa epsilon 1,2,3 (secretary), 4; der deutsche verein 1. coralie j. bloom b.s., natural science 1309 school lane, warrington, pa. varsity hockey 1,2, 3, 4; varsity basketball 1,2; women’s council rep- resentative 4; delta phi nu 1,2,3 (treasurer), 4; intramural volleyball 1,2,3. peter a. boltz a.b., psychology 1968 mahantongo, pottsville, pa. linda b. borkan a.b., psychology 224 winans avenue, hillside, n.j. dormitory council 2; delta phi nu 2,3,4; education society 1,2, 3, 4; hillel 1,2,3; weekly 1; ciarla 1; fellowship center 3; intramural volley- ball 1,2. judith a. bower a.b., psychology 106 chelsea lane, allentown, pa. aaron boxer a.b., english 9 cherry street, richland town, pa. weekly 1,2, 3, 4; ciarla 4; wmuh 3,4 (news director and rock director 3,4); pi delta epsilon (president); m-book 4 (editor); festival of the arts 4; big brother 3,4; sigma phi epsilon 2,3,4 (publicity chairman); inter-fraternity council 2,3; muhlenberg Christian association 3,4. carol I. brighton a.b., sociology 41 devon lane, williamsville, n.y. chapel choir 1,2; muhlenberg Christian association 1,2,3 (sec- retary), 4 (social action chairman); sociological society 3,4 (presi- dent); junior seminar 3; senior counselor 4; spanish-american tu- torial project 3,4 (co-organizer); lambda epsilon delta 4. paul lawrence theodore d. brooks a.b., economics 1310 sumneytown pike, lansdale, pa. varsity football 1,2; varsity lacrosse 2,3,4; alpha phi omega 3,4; weekly 3,4 (photo editor); phi kappa tau (rush chairman). robertg. brundage b.s., mathematics 44 evelyn road, roseland, n.j. sigma phi epsilon; math club 1,2, 3, 4; big brother program 2,3,4. gaill. bulanchuk a.b., economics 27 sixth street, pelham, n.y. phi sigma iota 3,4 (president); muhlenberg Christian association 3,4 (secretary); dormitory council 3. elizabeth burton a.b., history 5010 del ray avenue, bethesda, maryland weekly 2,3,4 (news editor); student council academics committee 2, 3; delta phi nu 2,3; women’s council 3,4. marjorie a. carll a.b., sociology 531 shiloh pike, bridgeton, n.j. education society 2,3,4 (vice president); sociology club 2,3,4; delta phi nu 2,3; fellowship house 3; big sister program 2; union board committee 1; intramural sports 1,2,3. frank churchman 333 monroe avenue, laurence harbor, n.j. a.b., history joan a. dark a.b., mathematics 1520 linden street, reading, pa. math club 2; delta phi nu 2,3 (pledge master and historian), 4; course and faculty evaluation committee 3. linda j. clauss a.b., psychology 145 abbey street, massapequa park, n.y. cheerleading 1,3,4; big sister program 2,3; tutorial project 2; le cer- cle francais 1,2. andrew d. cooper a.b., social science 85-30 161st street, jamaica, n.y. cardinal key 1,2,3; political science conference 4;skiclub3,4; union board committee 2,3,4; wmuh 1,4; young republican 1,2, 3, 4 (vice- chairman); intramural sports 2. diane n. cope b.s., physics 2545 main street, schnecksville, pa. american institute of physics 2,3,4; chess club 1; muhlenberg Chris- tian association productions 3. william courtright a.b., social science thomas e. cundey b.s., mathematics 139 jackson avenue, gibbstown, n.j. alexis j. dailey a.b., history box 12, narrowsburg, n.y. chapel choir 1; college choir 2; delta phi nu 2,3,4; dormitory council 4; decade of women 4 (chairman). robert n. davey a.b. 404 cress rd., oreland, pa. theodore h. davis, jr. a.b., psychology 3 beechwood road, florham park, n.j. college choir 1,2,3 (assistant manager); muhlenberg musical asso- ciation 2,4; phi kappa tau (historian); intramural sports 1,2, 3, 4; wmuh 1; muhlenberg Christian association drama committee 3; opera workshop 2,3. glenn a. deibert a.b., history 1518 lorraine road, reading, pa. sigma phi epsilon; phi alpha theta 2; college choir 3; math club 1; french club 2; world university chairman 1; muhlenberg Christian association executive council 1. jane I. deutsch b.s., natural science 1221 ott boulevard, allentown, pa. muhlenberg Christian association dramatic committee 3; tutorial project 2; women commuters club 1,2, 3, 4; mca publicity commit- tee 4; orchestra 4. abigail m. devoll a.b., psychology 540 bridle road, glenside, pa. ski club 3,4; delta phi nu 3,4. john c. devries a.b., history 281 Washington avenue, Clifton, n.j. big brother program; cardinal key 1,2; alpha tau omega. ; ■ J! g -1 11 H ?i iTi -j | cj 1 1 ' A A f 91 ' ! | 8 1 margaret gatter barbara r. diehl b.s., natural science 1110 north 22 street, allentown, pa. chess club 1,2, 3, 4 (secretary); pre-medical society 2,3,4; der deutsche verein 2; intramurals 1,2. emily m. ditzel a.b., psychology 109 sheridan avenue, roselle park, n.j. women ' s council 2,3; dormitory president 3; dormitory council 4; education society 1,2, 3, 4; delta phi nu 2,3,4; tutorial project 1; freshman orientation 3,4; senior counsellor 4; psi chi 3,4. harry h. dougherty a.b., economics 1403 monroe avenue, wyomissing, pa. david drucker 415 east 94th street, brooklyn, newyork tau kappa epsilon 2,3,4. b.s., natural science barbara c. dunenkamp a.b., english weekly 1,2, 3,4 (exchange editor 3, news editor 4); delta phi nu 2,3,4; chapel choir 1; pi delta epsilon 2,3,4 (secretary 4). baiba I. dzirnis a.b., english 251 3rd avenue phoenixville, pa. kenneth c. elam b.s., natural science 4125 royal avenue, pennsauken, n.j. 08109 interfraternity council 2,3,4 (secretary-treasurer); freshmen orien- tation committee 3; student council 4; co-chairman festival of the arts 4; natural science dept, evaluation committee chairman 3,4; circle k 1,2 (vice-president), 3.4 (president); phi kappa tau 1,2, 3, 4; who ' s who in american colleges and universities. Kenneth f. entler a.b., history 102 thelma avenue, merrick, n.y. 11566 phi kappa tau 1,2, 3, 4; phi alpha theta 3,4 (president); class execu- tive council 1,2, 3, 4; men’s dormitory council 1,2,3 (treasurer); car- dinal key society 1,2, 3, 4; freshmen orientation student advisor 4; big brother program 2,3,4. william f. entler b.s., natural science 102 thelma avenue, merrick, new york 11566 union board 1,2,3 (treasurer), 4; baseball 2,4; phi kappa tau 1,2, 3, 4 (social chairman); who ' s who in american colleges and universities, w.u.s. service 3; vvmuh 1,2,3. david j. m. erskine a.b., german rd 1, barto, pa. 19504 fencing 1,2, 3, 4; track 1,2; soccer 2; lambda chi alpha 1,2 (vice presi- dent), 3,4. susan emily evans a.b., english 78 abbington terrace, glen rock, n.j. 07452 wmuh 3; fellowship center 3,4; sigma tau delta 3,4. alan j. feidman b.s., natural science 101 1 east Sydney street, Philadelphia, pa. 19150 pre-medical society 2,3 (vice-president), 4; class executive council 2,3; circle k 3,4 (treasurer); big brother program 3,4; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4; hillel 1,2, 3, 4. arthur edward feidman b.s., natural science 101 1 east Sydney street, Philadelphia, pa. 19150 class president, 2; chairman national student association 2; chair- man student parking 2; cardinal key society 1,2, 3, 4; big brother program 3,4; circle k 3; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4; hillel 1,2, 3, 4. Jonathan t. fischer a.b., psychology 211 Oakland place, north wales, pa. 19454 union recreation committee 1; union publicity committee 1; alpha phi omega 1,2,3 (sgt. at arms, chaplain), 4; phi kappa tau 1,2, 3, 4; weekly 3,4; intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; big brother program 1,2, 3, 4; muh- lenberg glee club 4. paul g. fischer a.b., economics 149 north haledon avenue, north haledon, n.j. 07508 varsity football 1,2, 3, 4; varsity baseball 1,2, 3, 4; varsity m-club 3,4; alpha tau omega 1,2,3 (house manager), 4; intramurals. ericj.fogt b.s., chemistry 614annadale road, staten island, n.y. 10312 pre-medical society 1,2; circle k 1,2,3; big brother program 3. Kenneth j. foster b.s., mathematics 25 macaltioner avenue, woodstown, n.j. 08098 joy m. freeland a.b., humanities 1118 north ott street, allentown, pa. 18104 art editor, arcade 3,4. peter a. freund b.s., mathematics 47 kenvil avenue, succasurma, n.j. 07876 math club 2,3,4. richard f. garnet, jr. b.s., natural science 281 west greenwood avenue, lansdowne, pa. 19050 intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; pre-medical society 2,3; big-name advertising committee 2; alpha tau omega 1,2, 3, 4. margaret regin a gatter a.b., english 1441 69th avenue, Philadelphia, pa. 19126 student court justice 2,3,4; sigma tau delta 3,4 (president); lambda glen moyer epsilon delta 3,4; prosser executive committee 3,4; class executive council 2,3; freshman orientation committee 3,4; delta phi nu 2,3,4; student council social committee; recipient of fulbright teaching assistantship to india. david a. gearhart a. b., psychology 334 north 26th street, allentown, pa. 18104 bowling league, 1; philosophy club 2. Jonathan a. gehris a. b., psychology 51 brunswick avenue, west hartford, conn. 06107 timothy m. gehris a. b., psychology 320 south 24th street, allentown. pa. 18104 alpha tau omega. susan m. gerlitz a. b. T french 914 valley road, blue bell, pa. 19422 la tertullia espanola 3; education society 3,4; delta phi nu 3,4; senior counsellor 4; phi sigma iota 4. joseph r. geschel a.b. 26 south madison street, allentown, pa. 18104 susan giebel a.b., humanities 1317 chew street, allentown, pa 181022 gene h. ginsberg b.s., natural science ciarla advertising manager 2; pre-medical society 2,3,4; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3. 4; arcade 1,2. 3, 4 (editor in chief); muhlenberg musical as- sociation; hi Mel . robert e. goeltsch b.s., natural science spring road, rd 2, malvern, pa. 19355 cardinal key society 1,2, 3, 4 (vice-president); union board art com- mittee 3,4; pre-medical society 1,2; class executive council 4; gradu- ation weekend committee co-chairman. mark r. gordon b.s., natural science 1034 east dorset street, Philadelphia, pa. 19150 freshman orientation committee 2,3,4; student court investigator 2. 3,4; pre-medical society 1,2, 3, 4; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4; ski club 3,4; hillel l,2,3,4;studentcouncil publicity committee 1,2; student council polls committee 1,2. robert I. gordon b.s., nautral science 601 main street, phoenixville, pa. 19460 wmuh 2,3; pre-medical society 3 (secretary); ski club 3,4; phi epsi- lon pi 2,3,4; hillel. stefan p. goslawski b.s., natural science 2019 livingston street, allentown. pa. 18104 phi epsilon pi 2,3,4; big brother program 2,3,4; intramurals 2,3.4; manage r, tennis 2; wmuh 1,2, 3, 4; pre-medical society 2,3,4; com- muter ' s club 1; newman club 1,2, 3, 4; mca art contest 3. mary ann graham a.b., psychology box 84, laporte. pa. 18626 french club 1,2; big sister program 2,3; delta phi nu 2,3,4; intramur- als 2; senior counsellor 4; psi chi 4. dale IVgrammes b.s., mathematics rd 1, wescosville. pa. 18090 tau kappa epsilon 1,2, 3,4. janet g. gregory b.s., natural science 2025 south Virginia street, allentown, pa. 18103 della phi nu 1,2; majorettes 4; publicity committee 1. rebecca a. griffith a.b.,english 1 130 a I bright avenue, wyo missing pa. 19601 jeffrye. grim a.b., economics 933 cedar street, allentown, pa. 18102 sigma phi epsilon 2,3; mathematics club 1,2; young republicans 1,2. ralph s. grimes b.s., physics 47 dubel road, wayne, n.). 07472 sigma phi epsilon 1,2, 3, 4; big brother program 2,4; alpha phi omega 1,2, 3, 4; varsity track 1,2, 3, 4 (co-captain); varsity cross-country 2,3 (captain), 4 (captain); american institute of physics 3,4. charlotte j. gross b.s., mathematics 166 south midland avenue, norristown, pa. 19401 delta phi nu 1,2, 3, 4; math club 3,4; sociological society 4; lacrosse 4; senior counsellor 4; big sister program 2; publicity committee 2. herb lorentzen paulk. gross b.s., natural science 1014 smith drive, bala cynwyd, pa. 19004 weekly 1,2; freshman orientation committee 2; cardinal key society 1,2, 3, 4; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3. 4; student court justice 2; student coun- cil representative 3; student council president 4; class executive council 3,4; odk 3,4; who’s who in american colleges and universi- ties. jerry I. haag b.s., natural science 628 sixth avenue, Williamsport, pa. 17701 varsity lacrosse 2,3,4; circle k 2,3 (secretary), 4 (president); phi kappa tau 2,3,4 (house manager). barbara k. haas a. b., sociology 1927 1 2 liberty street, allentown, pa. 18104 mca theatrical productions 2,3; phi sigma iota 2,3,4. larry p. haberman b.s., mathematics 216 south ninth street, lehighton, pa. 18235 intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; circle k 1. edward I. hadden, jr. b.s., biology 1 10 east maplewood avenue, mechanicsburo. pa. 17055 science club; mca (treasurer); circle k. mykola haleta, jr. a.b.,english 21 wayside lane, trenton, n.j. 08638 sigma phi epsilon 3,4; russian club 3 (vice-president), 4 (senior advi- sor). philip i. harber b.s., natural science 6206 trotter street, Philadelphia, pa. 19111 mask dagger 1,2; pre-medical society 2; phi epsilon pi 1,2,3; mermaid tavern society 3. eleanor k. harman a.b., psychology 631 farragut avenue, haddonfield, n.j. 08033 varsity hockey 1,2, 3, 4; freshman orientation student advisor 2; education society 3,4; delta phi nu 2,3; senior counsellor 4; student council secretary 3; psi chi 3,4; executive council 2,3,4. richard w. hartman a.b., history rd 2, box 64, hamburg, pa. 19526 concert band marching band 1,2, 3, 4; chapel choir 1,2,3; educa- tion society 2,4; sigma phi epsilon 1,2, 3, 4; big brother program 2. frederick s. hass a.b., psychology 1616 longshore avenue, Philadelphia, pa. 19149 football 1,2; men’s dormitory council 2,3 (sgt. at arms), 4; class executive council 3,4; weekly 1,2; ciarla 3 (sports editor); intramur- als 3; union food committee 3. craig t. haytmanek b.s., chemistry 2930 highland street, allentown, pa. 18104 weekly circulation manager 2,3,4; freshman orientation committee 3,4; alpha tau omega 1,2, 3, 4; pre-medical society 2,3,4; mermaid tavern society 4; pi delta epsilon 3,4; big brother program 2,3,4. raymond c. hedger, jr. a.b., french 8 saxon court, glen cove, n.y. 1 1542 tau kappa epsilo n, chess club, french club. james I. heidecker a.b., economics 449 grandview boulevard, bethlehem, pa. 18018 richard c. heil a.b., history star route lanark, coopersburg, pa. 18036 football sports manager 2; basketball sports manager 1,2; baseball sports manager 2,3; wmuh 1. dennis heif 101 north ridge road, perkosie, pa. 18944 pamela I. hemstreet 1031 woodlawn street, scranton, pa. 18509 n.e.a. 2,3; mca art committee 3. david r. hendricks 151 south ninth street, quakertown, pa. 18951 sigma phi epsilon 1,2, 3, 4; intramurals 1,2, 3, 4. gretchen a. henninger 1631 dauphin avenue, wyomissing, pa. 19610 dormitory council 3; co-chairman women’s council homecoming float 3,4. a.b., history a.b., psychology a.b., economics a.b., psychology kathryn reitz donna schultz douglas c. henry b.s., natural science 74 fairview street, huntington, n.y. 11743 james I. henry a.b., economics 3631 calumet street, Philadelphia, pa. 19129 ronald m. henry a.b., social science rd 1, box 9, slatington, pa. 18080 susan f. henry a.b., english 824 north main street, allentown, pa. 18104 ski club 3; class executive council 4; sigma tau delta 4. robert k. henschel b.s., natural science 21 melrose terrace, middletown, n.j. 07748 pre-medical society 2,3,4; intramurals 2,3,4. ivan w. hess a.b., economics 336 west ridge pike, limerick, pa. 19468 lawrence t. hill b.s., natural science 711 nicholson street, n.w., Washington, d.c. 2001 1 phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3. 4; class executive council 4; pre-medical society 2,3; wmuh 1,2; big brother program 2,4; pre-medical evaluation committee 3; intramurals 1,2,3. carolyn r. hille a.b., french 1841 white street, north bellmore, n.y. 11712 education society 2,3,4; delta phi nu 2,3,4; weekly 2; women’s coun- cil 4; phi sigma iota 3,4; dormitory council 2. Virginia a. himler a.b., french route 7, box 49, Westminster, md. 21157 cercle francais 2,4 (secretary); education society 2,4; college choir 1,2,4; field hockey 1; delta phi nu 4. arlenec. hirn a.b., psychology woodland lane, old brookville, n.y. 11545 psi chi 2,3,4; delta phi nu 2,3; freshman executive council 1; parking committee 2. kathryn e. hoffman 1666 berkshire road, merrick, new york 11566 Virginia r. horn a.b., humanities perkiomenville, pa. 18074 education society 3,4; sigma tau delta 3,4. john h. howell, jr. b.s., chemistry 333 sylvania avenue, avon-by-the-sea, n.j. 07717 college choir 1,2; german club 1; junior prom committee 3; muhlen- berg musical association 3; alpha tau omega; american chemical society 4; mermaid tavern society 3,4 (vice-president). edward m. ifkovits b.s., chemistry 351 east ninth street, northampton, pa. 18067 mca drama 3; tutorial project 3. gloria r. Jacobs a.b., psychology 799 lyons avenue, irvington, n.j. 071 1 1 tutorial project 2; delta phi nu 2,3; intramurals 2; psi chi 3,4 (secre- tary); course and faculty evaluation committee 4. louis j. jacobs b.s., natural science 1304 east weaver street, Philadelphia, pa. 19150 phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4; ciarla 3 (advertising manager), 4 (business manager); pre-medical society 1,2,3; natural science evaluation committee; hillel; wmuh. kathleen jarvis a.b., psychology 24 mayfair drive, huntington, n.y. 11746 intramural s 2,3,4; psi chi 3,4 (treasurer); senior counsellor 4. thomas e. jennings a.b. 1204 oak lane, reading, pa. 19604 alpha tau omega 1,2, 3, 4. katharine d. jessen b.s., mathematics 1525 chestnut avenue, haddon heights, n.j. 08035 marching band 1,2, 3, 4; concert band 1,2,3; student council publici- ty committee 3; dormitory council 3; delta phi nu 2,3,4; course eval- uation committee 3; math club 3,4 (vice-president); institute of faith 3; co-chairman institute of faith 4; senior counsellor 4. kenneth elam david h. johnson a.b., history main road, mount freedom, n.j. 07970 wmuh 1; baseball statistician 2,3; baseball manager 1; football manager 2,3; student director of intramural athletics 3; sigma phi epsilon 1,2, 3, 4 (president); inter-fraternity council 3,4; w.u.w. chair- man 4; mca executive council 4. richard t. johnson a.b., political science 51 wales avenue, bald win, newyork 11512 track 1,2; intramurals 1,2, 3, 4. bonnie s. jones a.b., sociology 183 b hancox avenue, nutley, n.j. 07110 chapel choir 1; education society 2; college choir 2,3,4; opera work- shop 2,3,4; muhlen berg musical association 4; intra murals 1 ,2,3,4. judith e. jones a.b., english 530 crafton avenue, pitman, n.j. 08071 hockey 1,2, 3, 4; basketball 1.2, 3, 4 (co-captain); freshman orienta- tion committee 2,3,4; class executive council 3,4; women’s council 4 (treasurer); education society 1,2; sigma tau delta 3,4; senior counselor 4; delta phi nu 2,3. marilyn k. jones b.s., biology 2 linn street, harrisburg. pa. 17109 delta phi nu 2,3,4; intramurals 1.2. robert w. jones a.b., political science 624 franklin street, slatington, pa. 18080 jan g. kaag a.b., social science 1215 east wyomissing boulevard, reading, pa. 19602 fencing 1; wmuh 1; muhlenberg musical association 4; ski club 3,4; union board rallymaster 3. paulette e. kaessinger a.b., sociology 1640 imperial avenue, new hyde park, n.y. 1 1040 delta phi nu 2,3,4; basketball 1,2,3; intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; union board recreation committee 1; big sister program 2,3; senior coun- sellor 4; ciarla 4 (senior editor). leslie kappes a.b., english 128 west end avenue, ridgewood, n.j. 04450 phillip c. keidel a.b., social science 660 penllyn pike, blue bell, pa. 19422 daniel r. kiel a.b., psychology 193 center street, new milford, n.j. 07646 margaret I. kirkland a.b., sociology 3211 brighton avenue, belmar, n.j. 07719 chapel choir 1,2,3; college choir 3,4; french club 2; pax 3,4. curtis c. klinger a.b., social science 42 lessing road, west orange, new jersey 07052 mary ellen klopfenstein a.b., economics 1919 east fairmont street, allentown, pa. 18103 weekly 1,2,3; commuter’s club 2,3,4 (president); women ' s council. Joseph g. kloss a.b., accounting 625 north new street, allentown, pa. 18102 newman club 1,2,3 (treasurer), 4; parking committee 3,4. mary k. klotz a.b., sociology 13 lynn road, port Washington, n.y. ski club 4; senior counsellor 4. jeffrey w. knauss a.b., psychology 622 north poplar street, allentown, pa. 18102 band 1,2,3 (vice-president), 4 (president); sigma phi epsilon 1,2, 3, 4; choir brass ensemble 1,2, 3, 4. joan m. koechel b.s., biology 132 86th street, brooklyn, n.y. 1 1209 chapel choir 1,2,3. w. russell koerwer a.b., economics 501 highland avenue baederwood, jenkintown, pa. 19046 cardinal key society 1,2; sigma phi epsilon 1,2,3 (vice-president), 4; class executive council 3,4; freshman orientation committee 3,4. laurence d. kopp b.s., chemistry 293 fillmore street, centerport, n.y. 11721 phi epsilon pi; choir tour violinist; string quartet. arlenef. koso a. b., history 1714 fox chase road, Philadelphia, pa. 19152 tutorial project 2; big sister program 3; muhlenberg musical asso- ciation 3; h 1 1 lei 2,3,4; ski club 3,4. brenda kozak route 1, macungie, pa. 18062 john t. kramer a.b., political science 942 lawrence drive, emmaus, pa. 18049 sigma phi epsilon 2.3; wrestling 1,2,3; varsity-m club 1,2, 3, 4. dennis f. krautsack a.b., psychology 1019tilghman street, allentown, pa. 18102 intramurals 3,4 robert kricun b.s., natural science 2000 quill lane, oreland, pa. 19075 big brother program 2,3,4; class executive council 1; pre-medical society 2,3; weekly 2; ciarla 2; lehigh valley student government association 3; natural science evaluation committee 3; alumni board 1; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4 (social chairman). lee alien krug b.s., chemistry 1117 north fifth street, reading, pa. 19601 soccer 1,2, 3, 4 (co-captain); lacrosse 1,2, 3, 4; odk 3,4 (treasurer); who ' s who in american colleges and universities; college council 1; student council 2,3,4; treasurer student council 3. yasuko kuki b.s., mathematics 12-306 ogikubo danchi, nishida-machi, suginami-ku, tokyo, japan college choir 2; delta phi nu 3; math club 3,4 (secretary). parke w. kunkle b.s., physics 510 bryant street, stroudsberg, pa. 18360 alpha phi omega 1,2, 3, 4; secretary-treasurer, president american institute of physics; math club; transfer student orientation com- mittee chairman 3; student court justice 3. david I. kunsman a.b., accounting 227 south 16th street, allentown, pa. 18102 betty lou landzettel a.b., history 4 fulton place, fair lawn, n.j. 07410 mca 2,3,4; women ' s council 4; education society 4; intramurals 2,3, 4; dormitory president 4; women’s council homecoming float chair- man 4. georgann m. lango a.b., german 329 first street, port carbon, pa. 17965 der deutsche verein 3,4; education society 3,4; newman club 1,2,3, 4. barbara m. lasswitz a.b.,english betsy welter 130 cinnamon hill road, king of prussia, pa. paul d. lawrence, jr. a.b., philosophy 212 harrison avenue, glenside, pa. 19038 chess club 1,2 (president), 3 (president); eta sigma phi 1,2, 3, 4 (act- ing president); phi sigma tau 2,3,4; mca worship committee 3; pax acting chairman 3; pax, editor news letter 4. peggy j. leapson a.b., psychology box 11, vera cruz, pa. 18049 class executive council; union board; newman club; math club. richard I. leeds, jr. a.b., psychology 161 ellison avenue, bronxville, n.y. 10708 alpha phi omega 1 (historian), 2 (second vice-president), 3 (first vice-president), 4 (president); soccer 1,2,3; glee club 3. edward j. leefeldt a.b., history 20 leuckel avenue, trenton, n.j. 08619 raymond leh a.b. 2029 penna st., allentown, pa. 18104 robert j. lehmann a.b. 147 elm st., Southampton, n.y. 11968 norman w. levin b.s., natural science 7415 euston road, melrose park, pa. 19126 class executive council 2; wmuh 1,2; publicity and poles committee 2; tutorial project 2; intramurals 2,3,4; freshman orientation advi- sor 4; phi epsilon pi 1,2,3 (corresponding secretary), 4; pre-medical society 4. theodore r. lewis a.b., history 10 south riverside drive, easton, pa. 18042 student court justice 1,2,3, 4; glee club 1,2 (manager), 3 (director); phi kappa tau 1,2,3 (chaplain), 4 (president); inter-fraternity council 4; freshman orientation advisor 3; committee on student-faculty relations 3; intramurals 2,3,4; odk 4; big brother program 2,3; who’s who in american colleges and universities. francis j. liberi a.b., psychology 432 queensboro lane, haddonfield, n.j. 08033 phi kappa tau. Joseph g. lichner, jr. b.s., mathematics 622 broad street, tatamy, pa. 18085 alpha phi omega 2,3,4; intramurals 3 (secretary 3). daniel m. lilly b.s., mathematics 404 lincoln avenue, walnutport, pa. 18088 intramurals 1,2,3. kathryn v. linn a.b., sociology old zionsville, pa. 18068 donald lohr a.b. 969 butternut road, coopersburg, pa. 18036 david a. lombardi a.b., psychology 544 julie lane, penndel, pa. 19047 intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; psi chi 3,4. jack m. long, jr. b.s., natural science 942 evergreen street, emmaus. pa. 18049 pre-medical society 1; glee club 3 (director); band 1,2, 3, 4; college choir 1,2, 3, 4; phi kappa tau 2,3,4; director, institution of sound; muhlenberg musical association 3. herbert t. lorentzen, jr. a.b., english 145 walnut street, englewood, n.j. 07631 muhlenberg experimental theatre 1,2, 3, 4 (lighting technician); mask and dagger lighting technician 3,4; wmuh 2,3,4; pi delta epsi- lon 3,4; muhlenberg musical association 2,3,4 (lighting technician); festival of the arts 2,3,4; pax 3,4 (chairman); who’s who in american colleges and universities; mermaid tavern society 4 (chamberlain); alpha psi omega 3,4. Catherine c. lorenz a.b., psychology 33 euclid avenue, maplewood, n.j. 07040 color guard 1; delta phi nu 4; dining committee 4; senior counsellor 4; junior prom committee 3; spring sing committee 3. paul f. low b.s., natural science 15 Suffolk avenue, maplewood, n.j. 07040 cardinal key society 1,2, 3, 4 (president); pre-medical society 2,3 (treasurer), 4; weekly 2 (circulation editor); phi epsilon pi 1,2 (secre- tary), 3,4; tutorial project 2; student council social committee 2; student council publicity and polls committee 2; natural science evaluation committee 3; freshman orientation committee 4; big brother program 3,4. anthony r. loy a.b., sociology route 2, box 227, palmyra, pa. 17078 intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; circle k 3; sociology club 2,3 (vice-president), 4; lambda chi alpha 2,3 (rush chairman), 4 (vice-president). robert s. lustig b.s., chemistry 1436 east 7th street, plainfield. n.j. 07062 track 1,2, 3, 4; tau kappa epsilon 1,2, 3, 4 (vice-president). robert e. mabey a.b., political science 271 lake avenue, newton highlands, mass. 02161 carol a. mack a.b., economics, english 61 east centre avenue, topton, pa. 19562 hockey 2,3; majorette 3,4; ski club 3,4 (president); intramurals 2,3, 4; delta phi nu 2,3,4; sigma tau delta 3,4; weekly 3,4; freshman ori- entation committee 4; senior counsellor 4; faculty evaluation committee 3,4. david c. maclean a.b., history rd 4 mountain view drive, dallas, pa. 18612 wrestling 1,2; weekly 1,2; circle k board of directors 3; tau kappa epsilon 1,2,3 (secretary) (pledge trainer). ted lewis john I. mancinelli a.b., economics 67 bush avenue, west paterson, n.j. 07424 sigma phi epsilon 1,2 (recording secretary) 3,4; intramurals 2,3,4; mask and dagger 3. brucee. mapes a.b., psychology 282 franklin turnpike, mahwah, n.j. 07430 class executive council 1; alpha phi omega 1,2; sigma phi epsilon 2, 3,4; student council publicity committee 2,3. carey m. marder b.s., natural science 838 north main street, allentown, pa. 18104 golf 1; pre-medical society 2,3,4 (president); open forum committee 3.4; circle k 3; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4; big brother program 2,3,4; nat- ural science evaluation committee 3. michael mathey a.b. 2222 south 9th street, allentown, pa. 18103 basketball judith hendricks mccoy b.s., natural science hockey; dormitory counsel; der deutsch verein. daniel j. mcgarrigan b.s., natural science 6129 lincoln avenue, pennsauken, n.j. 081 10 football 2; big brother program 2,3,4; ski club 3,4. jon j. mertis a.b., psychology 25 carlise street, wilkes-barre, pa. 18702 sigma phi epsilon william g. meyer b.s., chemistry 104 south burtis avenue, trenton, n.j. 08690 class executive council 1,2, 3, 4; cardinal key society 1,2, 3, 4; men’s dormitory council 1,2, 3, 4 (president); mermaid tavern society 4; alpha tau omega 2,3 (secretary), 4 (treasurer); freshman orienta- tion committee 3. frank g. miller a.b., psychology 1521 Washington avenue, northampton, pa. 18067 sigma phi epsilon. marilyn a. miller a.b., psychology 509 trenton boulevard, sea girt, n.j. 08750 education society 2,3; lacrosse 3; junior prom committee 4; spring sing 4. richard m. miller a.b., psychology 414 salem harbour, andalusia. pa. 19020 phi epsilon pi 1,2 (recording secretary), 3 (house manager). 4; tutor- ial project 2,3; big brother program 4. hilary r. missimer a.b. 43-18 44th street, sunnyside, n.y. 11104 kandy ann davis mitchell a.b., sociology 4104 jackson drive, lafayette hill, pa. delta phi nu 2,3; fellowship center 3,4; sociology club 3; junior prom committee 3. mary e. molesworth a.b., history 515 wilson place, frederick, md. 21701 delta phi nu 2,3 (president); freshman orientation committee 2; education society 1,4; class executive council 4; phi alpha theta 3,4 (secretary); lambda epsilon delta 4. garyc. mooney a.b., psychology 223 east main street, bath. pa. 18014 intramurals 1. Pamela ]. moore a.b., psychology 60 kleyona avenue, phoenixville, pa. 19460 bridge club 4. rosemarie e. moretz a.b., political science rd 1, wescosville, pa. 18090 weekly 1,2, 3, 4 (feature editor); intramurals 1,2; women ' s commuter club; pi delta epsilon 3,4. glen b. moyer a.b., english 1675 north mark twain circle, bethlehem, pa. 18017 mask and dagger 1,2, 3, 4 (president); muhlenberg experimental theater 1,2, 3, 4; muhlenberg musical association 3,4; mca drama 2, 3,4; class executive council 3,4; sigma tau delta 3,4; alpha psi ome- lee krug ga 2,3,4; odk 4; who ' s who in american colleges and universities, esperanto club 3,4; eta sigma phi 4; wmuh program director 4. wayne a. muck b.s., chemistry 32 anderson avenue, bergenfield, n.j. 07621 class vice president 2; class president 3,4; student council 3,4 (aca- demics committee chairman); odk 3,4; mermaid tavern society 4; alpha tau omega 1,2,3 (worthy keeper of annals), 4 (worthy chap- lain); freshman orientation committee 2; cardinal key society 2,3,4; who ' s who in american colleges and universities. robert e. mularz a. b., psychology 1966 morrison, union n.j. 07083 franklin a. mummey a.b., psychology rd 2, walnutport, pa. 18088 jeffrey r. munro a.b., social science 613 latona avenue, trenton, n.j. 08618 math club 2; circle k 1,2; class executive council 1; freshman orien- tation committee 4; alpha tau omega 1,2, 3, 4 (worthy scribe); intra- murals 1,2, 3, 4. marian e. myers a.b., history rd 3, elmer, n.j. 08318 alicee. nagle a.b., history 213 saint peter street, Schuylkill haven, pa. dormitory council; intramurals. matthew e. naythons b.s., natural science 1 1 1 grasmere road, bala cynwyd, pa. 19004 student council 2,4; chairman open forum committee 2,3,4; chair- man big brother program 4; chairman publicity committee 2; chair- man polls committee 2; class executive council 4; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3,4; odk 3,4 (president); pre-medical society 2,3; cardinal key socie- ty 1,2, 3, 4; weekly 1,2; circle k board of directors 3; freshman orien- tation committee 3; ski club 3,4; who’s who in american colleges and universities. toni szamski edward I. newcomb a.b., economics 8106 hull drive, Philadelphia, pa. 191 18 phi kappa tau; golf 2,3,4; intramurals; big brother program. valerie a. nocek a.b., history 19 gaynor place, glen rock, n.j. 07452 tutorial project 3; education society 4. f. judith oakley a.b., english 7 hoffman avenue, cherry hill, n.j. 08034 majorettes 2,3,4 (captain); senior counsellor; sigma tau delta 3,4 (program director); education society 2,4. herbert n. ochitill b.s., natural science 316 Columbia place, broomall, pa. 19008 philosophy club 1; science club 1,2; big brother program 2,4; steer- ing committee of ecumenical study group 3; pre-medical society 1, 2,3; tutorial project 3; natural science dept, evaluation committee 3; hillel 3,4 (president); intramurals 2,3,4; mermaid tavern society 4; tau kappa epsilon 3,4; muhlenberg musical association 4. richard h. ochs a.b., political science 62 hinckley road, waban, mass. 02168 lambda chi alpha 2,3,4. james p. ogden a.b., political science 27 willowbrooke court, staten island, n.y. 10302 lambda chi alpha. francis e. ogle b.s., physics 629 walnut street, emmaus, pa. 18049 math club 3,4 (president); american institute of physics. marc b. osias b.s., natural science 828 midwood street, brooklyn, n.y. 11203 student court clerk 2; student court justice 3; president of the stu- dent court 4; odk 4; pre-medical society 2,3,4; cardinal key society 2 3,4; big brother program 4; student council committees for pub- licity and parking 2; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4 (chaplain); who’s who in american colleges and universities. dorothy I. Oswald a.b., psychology 2501 maryland road, willow grove, pa. 19090 psi chi 3,4; delta phi nu 2,3; intramurals 1,2; women’s council 2,3; dormitory president 3. janet e. ott a.b., psychology, french 2113 Springfield avenue, union, n.j. 07083 delta phi nu 2,3; phi sigma iota 3,4 (secretary); psi chi 3,4; educa- tion society 2; freshman orientation committee 2. harry w. overholtzer II a.b., economics 1480 farmington avenue, pottstown, pa. 19464 college choir 1,2,3 (ass’t manager), 4 (manager); intramurals 4; opera workshop 1,2,3; sailing club 3. walanne joy padus a.b., german 2110 union street, allentown, pa. 18104 esperanto club 1; delta phi alpha 2,3,4; der deutsch verein 2,3,4 (vice-president); russian club 2,3 (treasurer), 4. mary louise pardee a.b., history 38 bedford place, glen rock, n.j. 07452 delta phi nu 2,3,4; education society 2,3,4; class executive council 2 . jeffrey r. parsons 27 east central avenue, east bangor, pa. 18013 donald o. peck a.b.,english 27 peck street, attleboro, mass. 02703 college choir 1,2, 3, 4; opera workshop 1,2, 3, 4; glee club 1; marching band 1; muhlenberg experimental theater 1,2, 3, 4; mask and dagger 1,2, 3, 4; muhlenberg musical association 3,4; festival of the arts 2; mermaid tavern society 2,3,4; alpha psi omega 2,3,4; sigma tau del- ta 3,4; pi delta epsilon 3,4; ciarla 2; weekly 3,4; arcade 3,4; odk 3,4 (secretary); who’s who in american colleges and universities, phyllis a. perna a.b., psychology 1119 south lumber street, allentown, pa. 18103 delta phi nu 2,3; tennis 2,3; psi chi 3,4; philosophy honor society 2, 3,4. rosann e. perretta a.b., english 1152 inwood place, flainfield, n.j. 07062 cheerleader 1; union board 1; dormitory council 1; delta phi nu 2,3, 4 (historian); education society 2,3,4; muhlenberg concert band 1, 2,3,4; muhlenberg musical association 3; senior counsellor; spring sing leader 1,3,4; sigma tau delta 4; intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; big sister program 2,3,4. brent I. peters a.b., political science route 1, breingingsville, pa. 18021 intramurals 1; band 1. nina c. peterson a.b., english 404 estate drive, lake harmony, pa. 18624 intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; ciarla 3; mca drama 2. joseph j. picken a b., social science 1309 7th avenue, swarthmore, pa. 19081 george e. pivetz, jr. a.b., economics 1812 benton avenue, Philadelphia, pa. 19152 carl j. pletenyik a.b., history 510 concord avenue, trenton, n.j. 08618 football 1,3,4; alpha tau omega 1,2, 3, 4 (worthy sentinel); circle k 2; intramurals 1,2, 3, 4. robert j. preyss a.b., english 43 west bel meadow lane, chagrin falls, ohio 44022 soccer 3,4; weekly 1. irene r.m. pucci b.s., biology 1 17 gallagher road, wayne, pa. 19087 education society 1,3; delta phi nu 2,3,4; newman club 1,3; senior counsellor. telisport putsavage a.b., economics 9518 farmview court, fairfax, va. 22030 bruce k. quier b.s., mathematics rd 1, coopersburg, pa. 18036 henry r. raab a.b., history 700 3rd avenue, parkesburg, pa. 19365 alpha tau omega ronald b. radcliffe a.b., psychology 421 Windsor street, reading, pa. 19601 wmuh 1,2,3 (chief engineer), 4 (station manager); pi delta epsilon 3, 4; judo club 2,3,4. wayne muck 1 r " , 0 | i ja S jack d. raymore a.b., english 27 dekalb place, morristown, n.j. 07960 glenn r. reichenbach a.b., accounting 436 north 7th street, allentown, pa. 18102 richard v. reilly b.s., natural science 724 fitzwatertown road, willow grove, pa. 19090 phi kappa tau 1,2, 3, 4 (recording secretary); ski club 3,4. bruced.reish b.s., natural science rd 5, box 78-c, Stroudsburg, pa. 18360 track; intramurals 1,2,3; natural science evaluation committee 3; phi kappa tau (vice-president). erica reiss a.b., psychology 2503 Washington street, allentown, pa. 18104 psi chi 3,4; hillel 4; education society 2,3,4; commuters’ club 1,2,3, 4. robert e. reiter jr. b.s., mathematics 632 penn avenue, ardsley, pa. 19038 men’s dormitory council 2,3; cardinal key society 2,3,4; class exec- utive council 1,2, 3, 4; track 3,4; alpha tau omega 1,2, 3, 4 (president). dorisa.reitz a.b., sociology 800 south new street, west Chester, pa. 19380 sociological society 3,4; ski club 3; big sister program 4. kathryn d. reitz b.s., biology box 11, leek kill, pa. 17836 tutorial project 1; german club 1; concert band 1,2; spring sing gen- eral chairman 2; weekly 2; altar guild 2,3,4; mca 1,2 (secretary), 3 (president), 4 (president); lambda epsilon delta 3,4 (secretary-trea- surer); senior counsellor; who’s who in american colleges and uni- versities. david a. remmel a.b., psychology 1 153 galaxy circle, bridgeville, pa. 15017 tau kappa epsilon 1,2, 3, 4. william entler william c. ressler b.s., biology 1614 butler pike, ambler, pa. 19002 intramurals. carol I. reymann a.b., psychology 336 fairfield avenue, ridgewood, n.j. 07450 class executive council 3,4; ciarla 4; muhlenberg musical associa- tion 4; education society 2,3,4; chapel choir 1. joseph e. rich b.s., natural science 268 south main street, new york, n.y. 10956 fencing 1,2,3 (co-captain); cardinal key society 1,2, 3, 4; german club 1; pre-medical society 1,2, 3, 4; mask dagger 1; muhlenberg musi- cal association 4; science club 1; intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; tau kappa ep- silon 1,2 (sgt. at arms), 3 (chaplain), 4. waiter a. rinehart, jr. a.b., economics 8 hemlock avenue, sea girt, n.j. 08750 soccer 1; fencing 1; sigma phi epsilon 1,2,3; bridge club 3,4. richard w. rissmiller b.s., natural science 235 main street, hatfield, pa. 19440 big brother p rogram 2,3,4; pre-medical society 1; phi kappa tau. anne I. rittenhouse a.b., sociology 227 aurora street, phillipsburg, n.j. 08865 dorothy n. robohm a.b., psychology main road, southold, n.y. 11971 women’s council (treasurer); chapel choir; big sister program; edu- cation society; delta phi nu. margaret e. rocheleau a.b., history 135 south 2nd street, lehighton, pa. 18235 phi alpha theta. roger a rockower b.s., natural science 1022 church road, wyncotte, pa. 19095 big brother program 2,3,4; freshman orientation student advisor 4; phi epsilon pi 1,2,3 (treasurer), 4 (president); inter-fraternity coun- cil 4. ; «»C • robert c. roeper a. b., economics 568 countess drive, yardley, pa. 19068 class treasurer 2; class vice-president 3,4; president pro tempore freshman class 4; freshman orientation student advisor; student council 4; alpha tau omega; bridge club; ski club. anthony r. rooklin b.s., natural science 524 manayunk road, merion station, pa. 19066 soccer 1,2, 3, 4 (co-captain); pre-medical society 2,3. donald e. rothrock b.s., mathematics 27 sweetwood drive, cedar grove, n.j. 07009 phi kappa tau 1,2, 3, 4; intramurals 1,2, 3, 4. severino j. salazar b.s., chemistry 343 north 16th street, allentown, pa. 18104 gaila.saxon a.b.,english 150 tryon avenue, englewood, n.j. 07631 sigma tau delta 4. marc osias howard e. schaffer a.b., political science 1035 north 29th street, allentown, pa. john p. schantz, jr. a.b., psychology box 118, rd 4, emmaus, pa. 18049 lambda chi alpha; football; wrestling; lacrosse. susan tyler schellenberg a.b., political science 421 north 22nd street, allentown, pa. 18104 college choir 1,2; tutorial project 2; phi alpha theta 4. waiter sch iff a.b., history 872 dona road, union, n.j. 07083 chapel choir 1,2,3; weekly 2,3,4; phi alpha theta 4. jon a. schlenker a.b., sociology 827 college lane, allentown, pa. 18103 sociological society 3,4; tutorial project 3; big brother program 4; track 1,2; varsity m-club 3,4; intramurals 3,4; lambda chi alpha 3,4. martha m. schlenker a.b.,english silverdale, pa. 18962 women ' s council 1.2 (treasurer); student council 3,4 (vice-presi- dent); freshman orientation committee 2; sigma tau delta 3,4 (sec- retary-treasurer); lambda epsilon delta 3,4; chairman of assembly programs 4; college council 4; student life study committee 4; col- lege choir 1,2,3; who ' s who in american colleges and universities. e. regina schmidt a.b., german, Spanish 429 north broad street, allentown, pa. 18104 der deutsch verein 2,3,4; education society 2,3; tutorial project 3; phi sigma iota 2,3,4; delta phi alpha 2,3,4. jeffrey j. schmitt a.b., economics 242 north brookside avenue, freeport, n.y. 11520 tennis 1,2, 3, 4; soccer 1,2, 3, 4; varsity m-club 3,4; cardinal key socie- ty 1,2, 3, 4; alpha tau omega 1,2, 3, 4. susanne m. schmitthenner a.b., humanities 405 candlewyck road, camp hill, pa. 17011 weekly 2. karyn I. schmitz b.s., mathematics 17 breen terrace, wayne, n.j. 07470 delta phi nu 2; intramurals 2,4. ronald p. schneck a.b., psychology 544 north 9th street, allentown, pa. 18102 intramurals 1,3,4; young republicans 1. jeffrey g. schueler b.s., natural science 1265 hoffman road, ambler, pa. 19002 men ' s dormitory council 2,3,4 (secretary); phi kappa tau 1,2, 3, 4. carol a. schuler a.b., economics cedar lake road, blairstown, n.j. 07825 french club 1; education society 1; college choir 1,2, 3, 4. grace e. schuler a.b., economics cedar lake road, blairstown, n.j. 07825 college choir 1,2, 3, 4; education society 1,2, 3, 4; delta phi nu 1,2; french club 1,2. donna m. schultz b.s., mathematics 146 mallard avenue, willow street, pa. 17584 weekly 1,2, 3, 4 (editor-in-chief); class executive council 2,3,4; class treasurer 3,4; lambda epsilon delta 3,4 (president); co-chairman festival of the arts 3; pi delta epsilon 2,3,4 (vice-president); cheer- leader 2,3,4; big sister program 2,3,4; student court investigator 1, 2,3; tutorial project 2; student life evaluation committee 3,4; wom- en’s dormitory council 3; who ' s who in american colleges and uni- versities. barbara a. schwartz a. b., Spanish 410 east wadsworth street, Philadelphia, pa. 19119 muhlenberg musical association 2,3; hillel 3 (president), 4. Spanish honor society. howard j. schwartz a.b., political science 52 hedgerow lane, jericho, n.y. 11753 inter-fraternity council, president 4; weekly 4; student court clerk 2, 3,4; phi alpha theta 4; odk 4; basketball 1; phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4. helen a. seidle a.b., psychology 103 jackson avenue, Wilmington manor, new castle, del. 19720 education society 1,2; delta phi nu 1,2,3; college choir 1; weekly 2,3; psi chi 4; bridge club 3. royce c. seifert a.b., accounting 320 northampton street, hellertown, pa. 18055 investment club 3; intramurals 2,4. richard j. sekunda a.b. 314 schaeffer street, brooklyn, n.y. 11227 susan m. sellers a.b., psychology 1515 college avenue, reading pa. 19604 student council social committee 1; faculty and course evaluation committee 3,4; delta phi nu 2,3; weekly 2,3,4 (advertising manager and associate business manager); ciarla 3; muhlenberg musical association 3; education society 2,3,4 (treasurer); psi chi 3,4; pi del- ta epsilon 3,4. Virginia h. sellew a.b., economics evergreen road, new canaan, conn. 06840 lee r. seras a.b., history 18 michigan avenue, wharton, n.j. 07885 football 1,2, 3, 4; baseball 1,2,3, 4 (captain); intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; var- sity m-club 2,3 (secretary), 4; 1967 muhlenberg outstanding athlete award; 1967-68 scholar athlete award; alpha tau omega 1,2,3 (senti- nel), 4. peter k. shaw b.s., natural science 20676 fairmount boulevard, shaker heights, Ohio 44118 phi epsilon pi 1,2, 3, 4 (vice-president); inter-fraternity council 2,3; pre-medical society 2,3,4; freshman orientation committee 4; big brother program 2,3,4; student court justice 3; union board art committee co-chairman 2,3; weekly, 2; faculty course evaluation committee 3,4. nancy a. shea a.b., psychology 159 hillside avenue, succasunna, n.j. 07876 institution of sound 4. Stephen r. shore b.s., natural science 201 wembley road, upper darby, pa. 19082 pre-medical society 1,2, 3, 4; natural science evaluation committee 3; big brother program 2,4; circle k club 3,4; tutorial project 3; phi epsilon pi 1,2,3 (historian), 4; intramurals 1,2. sherrill j. silberling a.b., english 1935 west norwegian street, pottsville, pa. 17901 delta phi nu 2,3; education society 3,4; sigma tau delta 2,3,4. suzanne eileen slenker a.b., psychology 818 north leh street, allentown, pa. 18104 education society 3,4; psi chi 4; majorettes 3,4; delta phi nu 3. gailm. smith a.b., psychology 36 beechwood drive, reading, pa. 19606 majorettes 2,3,4; psi chi 3,4; senior counsellor; women’s council 4; intramurals 3,4; delta phi nu 3; big sister program 3,4. kenneth w. smith a.b., history 52 high street, mount kisco, n.y. 10549 education society 1,2, 3, 4 (president); tau kappa epsilon 2,3 (rush chairman), 4 (treasurer); hillel 3,4; big brother program 2,4; mer- maid tavern society 3,4. paul gross s. william snover b.s., natural science 236 hickory road, Warminster, pa. 18974 soccer 1; band 1,2,3; phi kappa tau 1,2, 3, 4; intramurals 2,3,4; big brother program 2,3,4; circle k 3. helen m. sobey a. b., history 944 clover hill road, wynnewood, pa. 19096 young republicans 1,2,3 (vice-chairman), 4 (chairman). mary a. stahley a. b., psychology 1816 Pennsylvania street, allentown, pa. 18104 commuters’ club 1,2, 3, 4; publicity committee 1; big sister program 4; mca drama 3. richard a. stark b.s. 215 west 39th street, reading, pa. 19606 nancy I. straky a. b., Spanish canadensis, pa. 18325 phi sigma iota 3,4 (vice-president); tennis 1,2, 3, 4; delta phi nu 2,3,4; basketball 1,2; education society 1,2,3. james e. strangfeld a.b., psychology 76 south central avenue, ramsey, n.j. 07446 lacrosse 4; class executive council 4; phi kappa tau 1,2 (rush chair- man and sgt. at arms), 3,4 (pledgemaster); big brother program. joanne strehle b.s., biology 1 163 george road, meadowbrook, pa. 19046 basketball 1; chapel choir 1,2; big sister program 2,3; delta phi nu 2, 3; mask and dagger 1; young republicans 1,3. alan m. strigga a.b., psychology 716 madison avenue, baldwin, n.y. 11510 big brother program 2,4; intramurals 3; inter-fraternity council 2,3; tau kappa epsilon 2,3,4 (historian); ciarla 2,3 (copy editor), 4 (edi- tor-in-chief). susan d. strong a.b.,english 686 birchwood drive, wyckoff, n.j. 07481 color guard 1; delta phi nu 2,3,4 (treasurer); education society 3,4; senior counsellor; union board 1; big sister program 2. raymond c. stump a.b., mathematics 1946 hanover avenue, allentown, pa. 18103 intramurals 1,3,4; young republicans 3; math club 3,4 (treasurer). william e. swartz a.b., psychology 1421 beech avenue, melrose park, pa. 19126 union board 1; concert band 1,3,4; marching band 1,3,4; judo club 2,3,4; wmuh 4. toni a. szamski a.b., sociology 2525 alien street, allentown, pa. 18104 women ' s council 1; class executive council 1; union board of direc- tors 2,3 (secretary), 4 (president); festival of the arts 4; freshman orientation committee 4; who ' s who in american colleges and uni- versities. sheila a. taenzler a.b., history margaretta road, boonton, n.j. 07005 phi alpha theta 3,4; delta phi nu 2,3,4; dormitory council 2 (secre- tary); intramurals 1,2,3; newman club 1. kathryn j. tegtmeier b.s., biology 1121 greenacre road, towson, md. 21204 union board 1; intramurals 1,2,3; mask and dagger 2,3; muhlenberg musical association 4 (business manager). lowell c. thelin a.b., psychology 126 east spring street, somerville, n.j. 08876 big brother program 2; tutorial project 3; sigma phi epsilon 1,2, 3, 4. paulette a. toppin a.b., sociology 2 rod lane, wantagh, newyork 11793 college choir 1,2, 3, 4; phi alpha theta 2,3,4; lambda epsilon delta 4; mca 1,2; ecumenical study group chairman 2; chapel choir 1,2; fes- tival of the arts 2. trudy trachtenberg a.b., psychology 6492 ardleigh street, Philadelphia, pa. 19119 education society 3; union board 3; psi chi 4; hillel 4. donald s. travis a.b., psychology 31 lenape island, denville, n.j. 07834 business club; alpha tau omega; football 1,2, 3, 4 (co-captain); afri- can student fund. donald peck V. K£ samuel r. tyler a.b., political science 56 reed street, agawam, mass. 01001 track 2; football 2,3,4; lacrosse 4; lambda chi alpha 2,3,4 (sec- retary). luana k. uhler a.b., psychology 1 south fairview street, nazareth, pa. 18064 intramurals 1,2; basketball 1,2; education society 3; young republi- cans 3,4. claire I. van horn b.s., biology 2626 helen street, allentown, pa. 18104 chapel choir 1; weekly 4. fredlyn verker a.b. psychology camelot apts. marion avenue, levittown, pa. 19053 french club 1,2; tutorial project 1,2; mask and dagger 1,2; muhlen- berg experimental theater 1,2; psi chi 3,4 (vice-president). luanne t. voelkner a.b., psychology 383 sicomac avenue, wyckoff, n.j. 07481 senior counsellor; dormitory council 4; delta phi nu 3,4; education society 3,4. susan j. vogelsberg a.b., psychology 127 pine tree, radnor, pa. 19087 delta phi nu 2,3; bridge club; fellowship center. marilyn vogt a.b., psychology 900 blythe avenue, drexel hill, pa. 19026 hockey 1,2, 3, 4; class executive council 1,2, 3, 4; education society 2, 3; delta phi nu 2,3; psi chi 3,4; muhlenberg musical association 3. margaret m. von kummer a.b., Spanish 323 prichard lane, wallingford, pa. 19086 cheerleading 1,2,3 (co-captain), 4 (co-captain); class executive council 1,2, 3, 4; class secretary 1,2, 3, 4; delta phi nu 3; education society 3,4; phi sigma iota 3,4; tutorial project 3; course and faculty evaluation committee 3; freshman orientation committee 4; lamb- da epsilon delta 4. joan g. walker a.b., history 261 summit avenue, hackensack, n.j. 07601 education society 3,4; intramurals 3; junior prom committee. nancy e. warner a.b., french 20 barn hill road, monroe, conn. 06468 linda t. watkins a.b., psychology 2504 keeney drive, york, pa. 17403 psi chi 3,4 (president). george w. watson a.b., psychology 25 north jefferson street, allentown, pa. 18102 waiter r. weaver, jr. a.b., history rd 3, bethlehem, pa. 18015 Judith a. weierbach a.b., english box 49, upper black eddy, pa. 18972 sigma tau delta. elizabeth f. weller a.b., sociology 122 wallingford avenue, wallingford, pa. 19086 women ' s council 2,3 (secretary), 4 (president); hockey 1,2, 3, 4; bas- ketball manager 2,3; class executive council 2; college council 4; who’s who in american colleges and universities. gregory r. wells a.b. 38 blythewood, doylestown, pa. 18901 william j. wentz b.s. 722 eaton road, drexel hill, pa. 19026 lambda chi alpha wendy j. wetmore a.b., german 357 byrd avenue, allentown, pa. 18103 wmuh 1,2 (secretary); delta phi nu 2; der deutsche verein 2 (execu- tive board), 3,4 (president). ellen b. whitaker a.b., english 39 knollwood drive, east longmeadow, mass. 01028 college choir 1,2, 3, 4; delta phi nu 2,3 (vice-president); education society 2,4; tutorial project 4. matt naythons barbara a. wilcox b.s., mathematics 17 Stearns road, binghamton, n.y. 13905 delta phi nu 2,3,4; math club 2,3,4; intramurals 2,3,4. george e. wilkinson, jr. b.s., natural science 26 south arkansas avenue, atlantic city, n.j. 08401 phi epsilon pi; pre-medical society 2,3,4; circle k 3 (vice-president). david a. williams a.b., psychology 107 south madison street, allentown, pa. 18102 lambda chi alpha; intramurals. thomas j. Williamson a.b., psychology 39 canaan street, carbondale, pa. 18407 howard a. wolny a.b., history 524 barren avenue, woodbridge, n.j. 07075 track 1,2; tau kappa epsilon 1,2, 3, 4 (president); inter-fraternity council 3,4. russell j. wood a.b., economics 1595 centre street, newton highlands, mass. 02161 alpha tau omega; ski club 3,4; investment club 3; russian club 3,4. george p. worthington, jr. a.b., english 41 van reyper place, belleville, n.j. 07109 lacrosse 3,4; alpha tau omega 1,2, 3, 4 (treasurer). diane a. wronski a.b., Spanish 18 oakwood drive, north haven, conn. 06473 chapel choir 2; muhlenberg experimental theater 2,3; tutorial pro- ject 3; intramurals 2. Stephen k. zartarian a.b., history 7012 woolston avenue, Philadelphia, pa. 19138 wmuh; festival of the arts. kenneth c. zimmerman a.b., psychology rd 1, milton, pa. 17847 stefan r. zucker a.b., history 46 fernwood road, east orange, n.j. 07412 a d v e r t advert i s merits s m e n t s best wishes to the class of 1968 from the class of 1969 “the best name to go buy” lehigh valley dairy 1000-1 160 north 7th street allentown, Pennsylvania tony’s barber shop 2248 liberty st. allentown, Pennsylvania alien’s laundry allentown, Pennsylvania freeman’s blended vitamin d. milk 13th green street phone he-4-9666 harold Stephen’s company institutional purveyors 414 north fulton st. allentown, pa. mest pharmacy george’s prescription center 2246 liberty st. fellow of the american college of apothecaries allentown, Pennsylvania 1601 chew street allentown, pa. phone 435-8026 reg. no. 3520 best wishes to the class of 1968 from the class of 1970 apgar oil co. for heating — cooling comfort allentown, Pennsylvania roxy linoleum co. floor coverings and Venetian blinds electrical appliances hardware and toys 1826 alien street allentown, Pennsylvania 433-5875 l _ letthewordgoforthfromthistime and place, to friend and foe alike, that thetorchhasbeenpassedtoanew generation of americans . . john f. kennedy paul klee ancient sound kunstmuseum, basie

Suggestions in the Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) collection:

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