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THE SENIOR CLASS OF MUHLENBERG COLLEGE PRESENTS THE 1960 CIARLA iSI iS u TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION 4 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE ... 6 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION .... 10 CLASSES 22 ACTIVITIES 76 SPORTS 110 FRATERNITIES 134 SPECIAL EVENTS 160 AROUND CAMPUS ADVERTISMENTS .... 178 3 DEDICATION TO DR. JAMES E. SWAIN DR. SWAIN IN 1930 „ .. ‘ Dr. Janies E. Swain was born in Rockville, Indiana, and received both his bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees from the University of Indiana, from which he was graduated with the Class of 1921. He broadened his education with extensive travels and research in Europe and with graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received the doctor of philosophy degree in 1926. Dr. Swain has been a member of the Muhlenberg faculty since 1925. He is the author of several books, among them the widely used “History of World Civilization”, used as a text in a number of colleges across the country. Dr. Swain is a leader in Civic affairs in Allen- town. He served for several years as chairman of the Council of Social Agencies, a group that analyzes the needs of the community for welfare and character building agencies and relates them to existing or anticipated organizations. He holds membership in the American Historical Association, the Association of University Professors, the American Museum of Natural History, the Auth- ors Club of London, the American Society of Inter- national Law, and numerous other learned societies. His breadth of vision, his ability to make history live, and his scholarly interpretations of the news of the world against the background of the past have made him a popular and inspirational teacher. To Dr. James E. Swain we dedicate this book, in recognition of his dedication to his chosen pro- fession and to the students of Muhlenberg College. 5 J. CONRAD SEEGERS Ph.D., Litt.D., L.L.D., L.H.D. President, Muhlenberg College 6 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Our very best wishes attend you, members of the class of ]960, as you leave the College. Your paths will he cpiite different. Some of you will teach, some serve through the healing arts, some will enter the ministry. Many will become lawyers, and many others will go to graduate school. A great many will go into various types of business. I hope some of you will eventually become concerned with and active in some phase of govern- ment, state, local, or national. The variety of activities represented by our alumni, the multiple manner in which they contribute to the life and structure of state and country, of community, of church, is a never ceasing source of both amazement and satisfaction. It justifies the thesis which we at Muhlenberg have consistently held — that a liberal arts education provides the kind of experience which prepares broadly, and which lends itself widely to many purposes. We do not offer a vocational type of training. Rather we seek breadth and try to stimulate intellectual curiosity. This variety notwithstanding, there are certain elements which all of you surely have in common, certain others which we hope you share. All of you have been introduced to the world of hooks and writers. In varying de- grees you have learned that although you have had intimate contact with teachers, many of them truly great teachers, ultimately and primarily what you learn depends upon you, and intelligent, analytical reading is the basis of much of that learning. All of you have learned the value of discussion, and have had experience in hav- ing changed your opinions and your ideas as your contacts became more numerous, more broad. All of you have been challenged as you presented your views and have been ask- ed to present evidence for what you have written or said. All of you have been challenged to make your religion dynamic in your life. All these and more have certainly been in your experience here. We hope you share, in addition, a challenge which will produce that intellectual curiosity which will never let you rest, a spiritual zeal which will ever spur you to better, more useful, more consecrated lives, a social conscience which will literally never permit you to seek to live alone, needless of others and their needs. Finally I hope you share with me an undying affection for and interest in this College which I too — but for a second time — soon will he leaving. President Editor in Chief Steven A. Fisher Managing Editor _ Murray Seidel Business Manager Ted Meyer Associate Editors Joel Po3ell, Peter Skutches Editor at Large ; David Paskin Senior Editor _1 Michael P. O’ Donne 1 Fraternities Editor jt » .k Ettorina Fantozzi Sports Editor | | ij|i_ Robert Rosenheim Activities Editor MargareLTodd Copy Editor , Sylvia Schumacher Photography Editor C, C. Read Art Editor . _ Barry Leighton Circulation D. Bernstein, P. Golove Staff — M. Peters, R. Klaus, R. Feldman, D. Auerbach, R. Hervey, G. Darby, D. Reiss, R. Grimm, W. Smith, G. Kushner, D. Mayer, A, DeCheraev. L. to R. P. Skutches, T. Meyer, J. Podell. Steven A. Fisher Editor-in-Chief THE I960 CIARLA Standing L. to R. R. Klaus, M. Seidel, D. Bernstein, M. Peters. Seated L. to R. B Leighton, M. Todd, E. Fantozzi, R. Rosenheim, D. Paskin. The 1960 Ciarla is the sixty- sixth class yearbook to be publish- ed by the students of Muhlenberg College. It is the sincere hope of the entire staff that the 1960 book will be the best ever turned out. We have tried a few new innova- tions. such as color, which we hope will meet with the approval of the student body. Our deepest thanks are due to our publisher Bradbury. Sayles. O ' Neill. Hurley, and Thomson, Inc., and to our photo- grapher Merin Studios Inc. Steven A. Fisher H. Ted Meyer 9 Henry M. M. Richards, Pli.D. Dean of Faculty (1954) Professor of Economics A.B., Muhlenberg College, 1932; 1947; Ph.D., 1951, New York University. DEANS OF Harry A. Benfer, A.M. Director of Admissions and Director of Men’s Dormitories (1925) A.B.. 1915; A.M., 1916, Albright College. 10 Anne Graham Nugent, A.M. Assistant Professor of Education and Dean of W ' omen (1958) Ed.B., University of California at L.A., 1932; M.A., State University of Iowa, 1945. THE COLLEGE Stephen L. Angell, M.A. Lecturer in Sociology (1959) B.S.. Hamilton College, 1941 ; M.A.. School of Social Work, University of Chicago, 1947. J. Gysbert Bouma, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English (1956) Ph.B.. Brown University, 1932: A.M., Columbia University. 1944; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1956. Hubert A. Boyer. Ph.D. Professor of Physics ( 1941 ) A.B., Susquehanna University, 1938; A.M., Syracuse University, 1940; Ph.D., Lehigh University, 1952. Aurelia M. Arre, M.A. Instructor in Romance Languages (1958) A.B.. 1955: M.A.. 1958. Pennsylvania State University. James R. Bloomfield. M.A. Instructor in History and Political Science (1959) B.A.. Muhlenberg College, 1957; M.A., Lehigh University, 1959. FACULTY Walter H. Brackin. Ph.l). Professor of Psychology ( 195 4) B.S. in Ed., 1928: A.M., 1931, University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., Temple University, 1954. George H. Brandes, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry (1926) B.Chem., 1918: Ph.D.. 1925, Cornell University. 12 David H. Bremer, Ph.D. Chaplain and Professor oi Religion (1952) A.B.. Wittenberg College, 1943; B.D., Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1945; Ph.D., Boston University. 1949. I960 Anthony S. Corbiere. Ph.D. Professor of Romance Languages ( 1921) Ph.B., Muhlenberg College. 1920: A.M.. 1923; Ph.D.. 1927. University of Pennsylvania. Andrew H. Erskine, Ph.D. Professor of Speech and Drama (1942) A.B., University of Pennsylvania. 1933: A.M.. University of Alabama, 1948; Ph.D., New York University. 1951. John W. Brunner. Ph.D. Associate Professor of German (1955) A.B.. Ursinus College, 1949; A.M.. 1950; Ph.D., 1957, Columbia University. John S. Davidson, AM. Librarian (1940) A.B., University of the South, 1930; A.M., Syra- cuse University, 1933; B.S. in L.S., Syracuse University School of Library Science, 1938. Luther J. Deck. AM. Professor of Mathematics ( 1921 ) Secretary of the Faculty and Marshal A.B.. Muhlenberg College, 1920; A.M., University of Pennsylvania. 1925. John E. Bulette. AM. Instructor in English ( 1954) A.B., Amherst College. 1941: A.M.. University of Pennsylvania, 1947. 99 0 % 13 John M. Ferguson, Ph.D. Visiting Professor of Economics (1959) A.B., Harvard College, 1908; M.A. Columbia University. 1909; Jur.D.. Leipzig University, Germany, 1912; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1927. William M. French, Ph.D. Professor of Education (1953) A.B., New York State College for Teachers, 1929; Ph.D., Yale University, 1934. George A. Frounfelker, Jr., A.M. Registrar (1947) Ph.B., Muhlenberg College, 1941; A.M., Lehigh University, 1953. FACULTY Mary A. Funk, M.S. Assistant Librarian (1939) B.S., Simmons College, 1927; M.S., Columbia University School of Library Service, 1933. Ralph S. Graber, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English ( 1953) A.B., 1946; A.M., Lehigh University, 1948; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1959. Morris S. Greth, Ph.D., Litt.D. Professor of Sociology ( 1946) A.B., Muhlenberg College, 1922; B.D., Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, 1926; A.M., 1924; Ph.D., 1930, University of Pennsyl- vania; Litt.D., Muhlenberg College, 1953. Alice T. Griffith, M.S. Instructor in Chemistry ( 1958) B.S., 1932; M.S., 1937, University of Minnesota. 14 Truman L. Koehler, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics (1927) B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1924; A.M., 1930; Ph.D ., 1952, University of Pennsylvania. John C. Hadder, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology ( 1957) B.S., 1947; M.Ed., 1949, University of Maryland; Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1957. Victor L. Johnson, Ph.D. Professor of History ( 1937 ) B.S., Temple University, 1931; A.M., 1932; Ph.D., 1939, University of Pennsylvania. Ludwig Lenel, M.M. Associate Professor of Music (1952) Diploma, Hochschule fuer Musik, Cologne, 1935; Diploma, Conservatory of Music, Basel, 1938; M.M., Oberlin College, 1940. I960 John R. Gustavson, M.A. Instructor in English (1959) B.A., Upsala College, 1955. Adeline E. Kreinheder, Ed.D. Professor of Education ( 1959) B.S., College for Teachers, University of State of New York, Buffalo, 1935; A.M., 1953; Ed.D., Columbia University, 1958. William L. Kinter, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English ( 1947) A.B., Lafayette College. 1938; A.M., Yale University, 19 40; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1958. V-. $ 15 Thomas F. Lohr, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology (1955) A.B.. Brown University, 1941 ; A.M., Columbia University, 1952; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1956. Heinrich Meyer. Ph.D. Professor of German (1947) Ph.D., Freiburg i. Br„ 1927. Bessie Michael, M.A. Instructor in English (1958) A.B.. Moravian College for Women, 1950; M.A., Lehigh University, 1956. Charles E. Mortimer, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry (1950) B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1942; M.S., 1948; Ph.D., 1950, Purdue University. Harry L. Rauh, III, Ph.D. Professor of Physics ( 1947) B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1941; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1947. FACULTY David A. Reed, I.A. Assistant Professor of Philosophy l 1958) A.B., 1953; M.A., 1955, ' tale University. John J. Reed, Ph.D. Professor of History ( 1948) A.B., 1934; A.M., 1940, University of Rochester, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1953. 16 John V. Shankweiler, Ph.D. Professor of Biology ( 1921) B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1921; A.M., 1927; Ph.D., 1931, Cornel! University. Rodney E. Ring, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religion (1955) A.M., 1950; Ph.D., 1954, University of Chicago. I960 Janet Stamm, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English 1958) A.B., Mount Holyoke, 1935; M.A., 1951, Ph.D.. 1959, University of Pennsylvania. G. N. Russell Smart, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry (1947) B.Sc., 1942; Ph.D., 1945. McGill University. Jesse N. Roeder, Ph.D. Visiting Professor of Education (1958) A.B., Franklin Marshall, 1917; M.A., T.C. Columbia University, 1923; Ph.D., New York University, 1933. Robert L. Schaeffer, Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Biology ( 1954) B.S., Haverford College, 1940; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1948. Wilson N. Serfass, Jr., C.P.A. Associate Professor of Economics ( 1959) B.S., Albright College, 1952; M.B.A., Indiana University, 1957; C.P.A., State of Indiana, 1956; C.P.A. , State of Pennsylvania 1959. 17 Hagen Staack. Ph.D. Professor of Religion ( 1954) M.S.. Rostock University, 1936; S.T.M., Berlin Theological Seminary, 1939; Ph.D.. U niversity of Hamburg, 1938. Harold L. Stenger. Jr.. Ph.D. Professor of English ( 1946) A.B., 1936; A.M., 1940; Ph.D., 1954, University of Pennsylvania. Edward B. Stevens, Ph.D. Professor of Classics (1948) A.B., 1925; Ph.D., 1930, University of Chicago. FACULTY Margaret W. Sullivan, M.Ed. Instructor of Physical Education ( 1959) B.A.. Wellesley College. 1953; M.Ed.. Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina, 1954. David E. Thomas, R.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology ( 1959) B.A., 1942; B.D.. 1945, Gettysburg College; S.T.M., 1947, Yale University. John E. Trainer, Ph.D. Professor of Biology ( 1939) B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1935; M.S., 1938; Ph.D,. 1946, Cornell University. James R. Vaughan, M.S. Instructor in Biology (1956) B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1952; M.S., Lehigh University, 1954. 18 John G. Voyatzis, M.A . Assistant Professor of Economics ( 1956) LL.B., University of Athens, Greece. 1951; M.A., University of Miami, Florida, 1955. Thomas H. Weaber, Jr., M.D. Director of Student Health, Assistant Professor of Hygiene (1942) B.S., Muhlenberg College. 1936; M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1940. Kenneth Webb, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages (1946) A.B.. 1939; Ph.D., 1951. University of Pittsburgh. I960 Raymond J. Whispell, B.S. Director of Athletics, Varsity Football Coach, Director and Assistant Professor of Physical Education (1956) B.S., St. Bonaventure University, 1950. William C. Wilbur, Jr., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History (1940) A.B., Washington and Lee University, 1937; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1953. Adolph Wegener, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of German ( 1956) B.A., Muhlenberg College, 1948; M.A., 1951; Ph.D., 1956. University of Pennsylvania. Harry D. Wood. A.M. Assistant Professor of Political Science ( 1953) A.B., Haverford College, 1948; A.M., University of Chicago, 1951. 19 ADMINISTRATION MR. HOWARD MacGREGOR B.S. Comptroller MRS. HELEN B. BAILEY B.A. Director of Publicity 20 21 CLASSES " TilgR HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1960 The spring of the year brings many things to the Muhlenberg College campus. It brings the bright pink tulips that grow outside the Administration Building. It brings spring fever to many students who retreat to the sunny warmth of Lake Muhlenberg to study — among other things. It brings blaring radios, dashing convertibles, and smiling faces. And, to the seniors, it brings reflection on other springs and other seasons, memories of times past. It surely does not seem like four years since some 250 apprehensive, bewildered, excited, and just a little too cock- sure, Freshmen invaded the Muhlenberg campus for a week of orientation, dinners, teas, picnics, and all sorts of meetings. And. much too soon it seemed then, these just a little too cocksure Freshmen became the humbled Frosh. reciting, singing, dancing, cheering, dreading the harshness and gibes of all the upperclassmen. “There is a time to pray and a time to fight! Now is the time to fight!” Who can forget it? But the class of ' 60 became a solid unit, dragging the Sophomores through grease and grime into the cold waters of Cedar Creek in the annual Soph-Frosh tug-of-war. We were victorious too, in a very wet football game, and we were rewarded by the waiving of “regs” at Halloween in- stead of Thanksgiving and by the pompous burial of the T ribunal. Those first six weeks brought things other than “regs.” They brought what seems to be a monstrous history book, freshman themes, and laboratory experiments. We had to adjust to a whole new way of life and study. We were ch eered on by a booming voice that kept saying. “You can do it, boys; you can make it. Work now and you ' ll be happy later. You can do it!” Most of us did. What had been rumor became established fact in our Sophomore year when the girls arrived. We were no longer an all-inale class. There were feelings of anticipation and apprehension in the minds of many male faces. But fad- ing smiles were soon replaced by mischievous winks. In addition to Miss Heimtraut Dietrich, the first dean of women, there were other rather amazing innovations as West Hall, the old Frosh dormitory, was converted into the women’s living quarters, as such things like two o’clock curfews, formal wear in the Commons, and a swarm of Life photographers and reporters appeared. Tradition be- gan to disappear. This was the new Muhlenberg. That was the year too of the Asiatic flu epidemic, the year Alpha Mu Iota became a national chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the year of an infamous expedition after lingerie. Taimi Toffer, a Sophomore and transfer from Cedar Crest, became the first Homecoming Queen. The Fall semester of our Junior year brought still more girls to the college campus as the nurses were added to the swelling student body. Phi Kappa Tau proudly moved into their new fraternity house. Students swirled in the Spring semester at the annual Junior Prom with its color- ful theme of “Showboat.” Spring brought I.F.C. week- end, and the robbing of a Nike missile; May, the first Omicron Delta Kappa Carnival; and June, graduation of the first four co-eds to attend Muhlenberg College. Naturally, it is the Senior year that lives on most vivid- ly in our memories. There is a sad finality about that word Senior that makes one want to capture and vivify every moment of this last year. The Fall Semester saw a conflict over Freshman regu- lations, the installation of a working Student Supreme Court, and the beginning of a campaign for a new Stu- dent Union Center. One of the lighter notes of the semester was the Mask and Dagger play, “The Poor of New York,” a magnificent spoof of the melodrama. The Senior Ball was a tropically colorful success with its “South Pacific” theme and the magic rhythms of Ralph Flanagan. “Waiting For Godot,” an existential play produced by M.C.A., and “Down In The Valley,” the college’s first attempt at opera, were two of the entertaining highlights of the Spring Semester. Junior Prom, I.F.C. , and O.D.K. Carnival weekends swiftly came and too swiftly passed. Final examinations were over before we knew it, over for the last time. We had arrived at the end of our enjoyable days at Muhlenberg College. And so it is that in the spring of the year we fondly reminisce. As we do so, however, we realize that we are in the spring of life with a bountiful future before us. We know that, as we looked over the Muhlenberg campus for the last time as students, we did not only graduate; we commenced. Peter Skutches 24 1960 CLASS OFFICERS President Thomas Carpenter Vice President Gorden Warner Secretary Albert Stott Treasurer Joseph Berghold CLASS OF 1960 1960 CLASS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Joel Podell Arthur Jacquette Edward Davis Albert Beers Asher Krafchick Barrie Weisman Richard Weller JOHN A. ALMEIDA A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. Veterans’ Club; Pre-Law Club. JAMES A. ANGELACCIO A.B. Levittown, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha; Psi Chi; Newman Club; Intramural Sports 2,3.4. RICHARD J. ANDERSON A.B. Haddonfield, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega — Rushing Chairman 3, Social Chairman 4; Class Vice-President; Class Executive Council; Cardinal Key So- ciety — President 4; Mermaid Tavern So- ciety; Canterbury Club; Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,4; Varsity Football 2,3. JOHN M. ARNER A.B. Lehighton, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega; Cardinal Key Society; Der Deutsche Verein; Mask Dagger; Choir. 26 GRACE M. BAER A.B. New Ringghold, Pa. Der Deutsche Verein; Education Society; Library Committee. DAVID E. AUERBACH A.B. Chester, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi — Treasurer 2,3; Class Treasurer 1.2,3; Junior Prom Committee Chairman; Student Council — Vice-Presi- dent 4; Omicron Delta Kappa; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Who’s Who; Mermaid Tav- ern Society, Social Codes Comm. Chrm. ROBERT F. BARTHOLOMEW B.S. Breinigsville, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Court; Foot- ball 1.2; Intramural Sports 3,4. CHARLES W. BADER A.B. Ridgewood, N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon — House Manager 2,3, Jr. Marshall 3, Pledge Master 3, I.F.C. Rep- resentative 2, I.F.C. Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 4; Phi Sigma Tau; Psychology Club; I.C.G.: Intramural Sports 1.2,3, 4; WEEK- LY. ALFRED F. BEERS B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Newman Club; Student Court; Veterans ' Club — Vice-President 3,4; Der Deutsche Verein; Executive Council; Phi Sigma Tau; Intramural Basketball 4. 27 JOSEPH BERGHOLD A.B. Allentown., Pa. Alpha Tau Omega — Treasurer 4; Class Treasurer; Business and Economics Club — Treasurer 4; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Mermaid Tavern Society; Student Council Liaison Officer for Campus Athletes; Varsity “M” Club. WILLIAM C. BROBST A.B. Mont Clare, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon; College Choir; AR- CADE; Dormitory Council; Opera Work- shop; Executive Council; Intramural Sports 2,3. JEROME E. BLOCK B.S. Atlantic City, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi; Sociological Society; WEEKLY ; Chess Club — Corresponding Sec’y 3, Vice-President 4; Pre-Medical So- ciety — President 4; CIARLA; Wrestling 1; Fencing 1. LANCE E. BURGESS B.S. Allentown, Pa. WMUH; Fencing; Cross Country; Com- muters’ Club. JOHN R. BORNEMAN, JR. A.B. Boyertown, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha; Psychology Club; Edu- cation Club; Varsity “M” Club — Presi- dent 4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Fresh- man Football; Varsity Football 2.3,4; Track 2; Varsity Baseball 3,4. REGINALD BYRNE A.B. Wildwood, N. J. Varsity Fencing 1,2,3,4. 28 ERICH CALLMANN B.S.B.A. Allentown, Penna. Veterans’ Club. JOSEPH T. CASALE A.B. Belleville, N. J. Newman Club; Phi Kappa Tau; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3, 4; I. F. T. THOMAS R. CARPENTER A.B. Haddonfield, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega; Student Council; Class President; Interfraternity Council — Treas- urer 4; Chairman of Big Brother Program; Mermaid Tavern; Class Executive Council; Muhlenberg Christian Association; Varsity Football 2,3. JOHN JOSEPH CARTY A.B. Allentown, Pa. Choir; Business and Economics Club; Phi Sigma Tau; Fencing 1; Track 2; Cross Country 2,4. MARK CERCIELLO B.S. Allentown, Pa. Newman Club; Pre-Medical Society; Com- muters’ Club; Band; Concert Band. BURTON V. COHEN B.S.B.A. Massepequa, N. Y. Poetry Workshop; Business and Economics Club. DOUGLAS L. CLAUSER A.B. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau — Rushing Chairman 2.3; Big Brother Program; Business and Eco- nomics Club; Intramural Sports 1,2.3. HERBERT G. COHEN B.S. Hew York, N. Y. Pre-Medical Society; Mask Dagger; Intra- mural Sports 1. 30 EDWARD M. DAVIS, JR. A.B. Pottsville, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau — House Manager 3, Ath- letic Chairman 4; Class Executive Council; De Molay Club; Cardinal Key Society; Edu- cation Society; Senior Ball Publicity Chair- man; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2; Intramural Sports. ROBERT J. DOLAN B.S.B.A. Bethlehem, Pa. Business and Economics Club; Veterans’ Club; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. ROBERT E. DONATELLI A.B. Allentown, Pa. WMUH; Newman Club; Pi Delta Epsilon; John Marshall Pre-Law Club; Sociological Society; Publications Board; Jazz Society; Freshman Class Executive Council; Senior Class Executive Council. GLENN E. DAVIS A.B. Berkeley Heights, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega — Public Relations Officer 4; Pre-Law Club; Sociological So- ciety — Vice-President 4; WEEKLY; Card- inal Key Society. RAYMOND R. DO ITS A.B. Quakertown, Pa. Commuters’ Club. 31 ROBERT G. DROFFNER A.B. CoUinswood, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha; Economics Club; So- ciological Society; Varsity “M” Club; Cross Country. STANLEY S. DUDAK A.B. North Bergen, N. J. Class President; Executive Council; Soph- Frosh Hop Chairman; Choir — Assistant Manager 3; Cardinal Key Society; Tau Kappa Epsilon — Rushing Chairman 3. President 4; I. F. C.; U.S.N.S.A. S.B.P.C.; Intramural Sports 1,2,3; Freshman Track; L.V.S.G.A.; Student Council — President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa — Vice-President 4; Dorm Council. ANDREW DOWNIE A.B. Pottstown, Pa. Veterans’ Club — Sec’y 3,4. RONALD S. DUNGAN B.S.B.A. Feasterville , Pa. Phi Kappa Tau — ■ Treasurer 3,4; Cross Country 2; Band; Business and Economics Club; Varsity “M” Club; Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,4. 32 A.B. WALTER J. EMSWILER Andalusia, Pa. DAVID A. EVERITT. JR. B.S. Allentown, Pa. Mathematics Club — President 4; Intra- mural Sports 3,4. IRMGARD ENGELHARD A.B. Moorestown, Pa. Psi Chi; Psychology Club; Education So- ciety; Der Deutsche Verein; Women’s Coun- cil; Choir; Hockey 3; Intramural Sports 1 . 2 . F. KENNETH FAGERHEIM B.S.B.A. Pleasantville, N. .1. Sigma Phi Epsilon — Controller 2,3; I. F. C. — President 4; Choir; Business and Eco- nomics Club; Intramural Sports 2,3. DAVID B. EVANS B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha — Sec’y 3,4; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball; Intramural Sports 3,4. CARL A. FENSTERMAKER B.S. A Ilentown, Pa. 33 CARL R. FENSTERMAKER B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon — Historian 3; March- ing Band; Concert Band; Commuters’ Club; Business and Economics Club; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. RONALD C. FLAIG B.S. Westfield, N. J. Phi Kappa Tau — House Manager 2, Vice- President 4; Pre-Medical Society; Executive Council; Big Brother; Student Council — Sec’y 4; Who’s Who; Cheerleader; Intra- mural Sports 1.2, 3,4. RICHARD E. FISHER B.S. Kutztown, Pa. Band — Treasurer 2. President 4; Choir — Librarian 3; Tau Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Phi Omega — Sec ’y 3.4; Chess Club; Dorm Council — Sec’y 4; Big Brother. JOHN C. FLEMMING B.S. Allentown, Pa. Science Club — Treasurer 4; Commuters’ Club — Sec’y 2. STEVEN A. FISHER A.B. White Plains, N. Y. CIARLA — Managing Editor, Editor-in- Chief 4; WEEKLY; Varsity “M” Club; Pi Delta Epsilon; Phi Epsilon Pi — Record- ing Sec’y; Publications Board: Big Brother: Hillel Club — Treasurer; I. F. C.: Fencing 1.2; Intramural Sports. BRENT S. FOLLWEILER B.S. Allentown, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega; Cardinal Key Society; Pre-Medical Society; Der Deutsche Verein; M. C. A.; Varsity Tennis 2. 34 CHARLES W. GEMENDEN US. Franklinville, N. J. Science Club; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3, 4. ROBERT N. GILLESPIE A.B. Allentown, Pa. Business and Economics Club; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. HELMUT GERMER A.B. Irvington, N. J. Der Deutsche Verein — Corresponding Sec’y 2, Recording Sec’y 3, President 4; Mask Dagger, Sociological Society; WMUH; Freshman Soccer. HERBERT E. GISHLICK A.B. Scarsdale, N. J. Choir; Mask Dagger — Vice-President 4; M. C. A. — Treasurer 3,4; Institute of Faith — Treasurer 4; Phi Alpha Theta; Business and Economics Club. 35 JOHN J. GRAY A.B. Hatfield, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon — Historian 3; Soci- ological Society — Sec’y 3, President 4; Soccer 1,2; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. JAMES H. GRIMM B.S. Tower City, Pa. Mask Dagger — Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4; Chess Club; Cinema Series Pro- jectionist; Science Club — Vice-President 4; Alpha Psi Omega. RICHARD R. GRIMM A.B. Allentown, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon. A.B. Choir. JEAN G. HAAS Bethlehem, Pa. 36 JOSEPH W. HAGER A.B. Pipersvill-e, Pa. Pre-Theological Club; Sociological Society; Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,4. THOMAS L. HAINES A.B. Allentown, Pa. Veterans’ Club; Intramural Sports 4. DONALD C. HAGEY A.B. Lansdale, Pa. Choir; Pre-Theological Club — Sec’y 3; Sociological Society; M. C. A. CHARLES S. HANNA, JR. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Commuters’ Club; Jazz Society; Business anti Economics Club; Veterans’ Club; Fresh- man Football. PHILIP R. HAINES A.B. Millburn, N. J. Phi Kappa Tau — Financial Sec’y 3, Pledge Master 4; Psychology Club; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. JOYCE M. HARMONY A.B. Center Valley, Pa. Phi Sigma Iota — Sec’y 4; Muhlenberg Chapel Altar Guild. 37 ROBERT W. HARTJE A.B. Millville, N. J. Phi Kappa Tau; Rifle and Pistol Club; Psi Chi — - Nominating: Committee 4; Psychology Club; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. PAUL T. HERMAN B.S. Mertztown, Pa. Color Guard; Science Club. TERRENCE L. HARTMAN B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Business and Economics Club - — • Program Director 4; WMUH — News Editor 4; Student Supreme Court — Special Investi- gator 4; Intramural Sports 4. ROBERT A. HERVEY A.B. Palenville, N. Y. WEEKLY; CIA R LA; Mask and Dagger Society; Freshman Tribunal; College Choir; Muhlenberg Christian Association; Phi Kap- pa Tau; Wrestling — Manager 2,3. 38 CHARLES F. HOLDER, JR. A.B. Short Hills , N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Political Science Con- ference — - President 3; Pre-Law Club; In- tramural Sports 1, 2,3,4; Varsity Fencing 2,3.4 — Captain 4. r DAVID E. HOOVER A.B. Norristoivn, Pa. Varsity “M” Club; Business and Economics; Lambda Chi Alpha; Freshman Baseball: Varsity Baseball 2,3; Intramural Sports 2,3. RUSSELL J. HIBBETS B.S.B.A. Oakhurst, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha; Economics Club; Fresh- man Football; Intramural Sports 2,3.4; Varsity Golf 3,4. RICHARD C. INSKIP B.S. Allentown, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega; Freshman Tribunal; Pre-Medical Club — Vice-President 3,4; Varsity Track; Inter-Fraternity Sports. 39 ELEANOR JACOBS A.B. Havertown, Pa. Psychology Clul ; Psi Chi; Education So- ciety; Della Phi Nu; Women’s Council; Leadership Conference. CHARLES L. JEUELL B.S. Wilmington , Del. Lambda Chi Alpha — Pledge Trainer 2,3. Rushing Chairman 3,4; Concert Band: Marching Band; Muhlenberg Collegians; Science Club. ARTHUR B. JAQUETTE, JR. B.S. Greensburg, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pre-Medical Society; Varsity “M” Club; Executive Council; In- tramural Sports 3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4. GLENN JOHNS A.B. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Varsity “M” Club; Mask Dagger; AR- CADE; WMUH; Intramural Sports 3.4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2,3, 4. KENT L. JOHNSON A.B. Allentown, I J a. Psychology Club; Commuters’ Club; Fresh- man Basketball; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. RICHARD M. KLAUS B.S. Phila., Pa. WMUH; Concert Band; Marching Band; WEEKLY; Pre-Medical Society; Phi Epsi- lon Pi — House Manager 2.3,4; Varsity Fencing. EWALD KALMBACH A.B. Phoenixville, Pa. Der Deutsche Verein; Education Society; Varsity “M” Club; Intramural Sports 1.2,3, 4; Varsity Football 2,3; Varsity Track 2,3,4. FRANCIS KNOTZ A.B. New York, N. Y. JEAN L. KISER A.B. Weatherly, Pa. Concert Band; Marching Band — Corres- ponding Sec’y 3; Psychology Club; Delta Phi Nu; Psi Chi; Women’s Council. ASHER KRAFCHICK B.S. Maplewood, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi — House Manager 2; Royal- laires Quartet; Cardinal Key Society; Pre- Medical Society; Hillel; Executive Council; Cheerleader; Intramural Sports 2,3,4: Track 2 — Letterman. 41 EILEEN M. KRAUSE A.B. Allentown , Pa. WEEKLY; Phi Sigma Tau. MICHAEL B. KURTZ B.S. East Greenville, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega — President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa — President 4; Who’s Who; Honor Court; Der Deutsche Verein; Pre- Medical Society; Cardinal Key Society; Social Codes Committee; History of Ideas Seminar; ATO Thomas Arkle Clark Award Winner; Intramural sports 1,2,3, 4; Fresh- man Football; Varsity Football 2.3,4. DAVID G. KREWSON. JR. A.B. Phila., Pa. Alpha Tau Omega — Vice-President 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa; M. C. A. — Presi- dent 3.4: Pre-Theological Club — Vice- President 3; Mermaid Tavern; Executive Council; Intramural Sports 1,2.3,4; Fresh- man Baseball. ROBERT N. LAUSCH B.S. Reifjton, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha — Pledge Trainer 3.4: Intramural Sports; Pre-Medical So- ciety; Band; Varsity “M” Club; Soccer 1.2. 3.4. JAYNE L. KNUTZLEMAN A.B. Bath, Pa. Women’s Council — President 2, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Big Sister Program — Chairman 3: Education Society; Der Deutsche Verein; Delta Phi Mu; Student Advisor; Leadership Conference; Social Codes Committee. THOMAS R. LAWALL B.S. Catasaqua, Pa. Mathematics Club — Treasurer 4. 42 RICHARD L. LEWIS A.B. Quakertown, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau; “M” Club; Varsity Track; Cross Country. DAVID K. LILLEY A.B. Springfield. Pa. Education Society. ELIZABETH A. LEBO A.B. Tower City, Pa. Women’s Council -- Vice-President 2; Leadership Conference; Psychology Club; Delta Phi Nu; Psi Chi. BARBARA E. LINDSAY A.B. Fanwood, N. J. Psychology Club; Psi Chi. 43 MORRIS J. LINNETT P.S. Phila., Pa. Track; Wrestling; Executive Council; Fenc- ing 2,4; " M” Club; WMUH; Sociological Society; H il lei ; Tau Kappa Epsilon — House Manager 2, Vice-President 4; Pre- Medical Society; Intramural Sports 1,2,3, 4; Soph-Frosh Dance Committee; Murder in the Cathedral; Inter Fraternity Council; Phi Sigma Tau: Jazz Society; Forensic Council; WEEKLY; Chess Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha. SIDNEY A. EUCKENBACIJ A.B. Northampton , Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Sigma Tau; Fresh- man Proctor. FRANZ E. MARSCHALL H.S. Easton , Pa. Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Kappa Tau; Dorm Council; Pre-Medical Club; Newman Club; Varsity “M” Club; Cross Country 3,4; Fenc- ing 3; Track 1,2. 3,4. 44 DENNIS R. MASON A.B. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Education Club; Psy- chology Club; Sociological Society; Intra- mural Sports 4; Varsity Football 2. GEORGE S. MERZ. JR. B.S. Abington, Ba. Alpha Tau Omega — Worthy Usher 4; WEEKLY; Intramural Sports 2,3,4; Fenc- ing 1,2,3. LESTER J. MAYBERRY B.S.B.A. Pottsville, Ba. Phi Kappa Tau; Veterans’ Club; Business and Economics Club; Intramural Sports 1, 2.3.4. HERBERT T. MEYER A.B. Glen Ridge, V. J. Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Delta Epsilon - Treasurer 4; WEEKLY - - Advertising Mgr. 2, Assistant Business Mgr. 3. Business Mgr. 4; CIARLA — Business Mgr. 4; Forensic Council; Cardinal Key Society; Psychology Club; Intramural Sports 1.2.3, 4. 45 KENNETH R. MILLER A.B. Tamaqua , Pa. Alpha Phi Omega — Recording Sec ' y 2,3, President 4; Choir; Opera Workshop; Commons Committee; Big Brother. JOHN R. MONDSCHEIN A.B. Nazareth , Pa. Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Alpha Theta — President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pre- Law Club — Vice-President 3,4; Freshman Tribunal — President 4; Student Council — Chairman of Constitutions and Elections Committee; Student Advisor; WEEKLY; Who’s Who. ROBERT J. MILLER A.B. Allentown, Pa. Newman Club; Mask and Dagger; Educa- tion Society — President 4; Mermaid Tav- ern; Lambda Chi Alpha — Ritualist 2; Freshman Tribunal; WMUH; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2; Wrestling 1. RONALD C. MOYER B.S. Souderton, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau: Science Club; American Chemical Society; “M” Club; Intramural Sports; Soccer 2; Fencing 2.3.4. ROBERT L. MILLER A.B. Allentown, Pa. Phi Sigma Tau; Commuters ' Club; Intra- mural Sports 2,3,4. JAMES NONNEMAKER A.B. Sellersville, Pa. Mermaid Tavern Society; Intramural Sports 2,3,4; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2,4; Freshman Baseball; Baseball 2,4; Freshman Basketball. 46 MICHAEL O ' DONNELL B.S. Allentown, I J a. CIARLA — Senior Editor 4; Parlor Brother of Phi Epsilon Pi; Pre-Medical Society; Commuters’ Club; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. BARBARA A. OSBORN A.B. Scotch Plains, IV. .1 . Psychology Club; Women’s Council; Cheer- leader 3,4. JAMES R. ORR A.B. Perkasie, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha; Freshman Tribunal; Varsity “M” Club; Psychology Club; Psi Chi; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3. 4; Track 1.2, 3,4; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2,3,4 — Co-Captain 4. F. HERBERT OWENS. Ill A.B. Audubon, N. J. Education Society; Intramural Sports 2.3,4; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Freshman Football: Track 2,3,4; Varsity “M” Club. m 47 DAVID L. PASKIN B.S. Phila., Pa. Homecoming Queen Committee — Chairman 4; Student Council Social Committee; Pre- Medical Society; WEEKLY; CIARLA — Circulation Manager 2, Fraternity Editor 3, Sports Editor 4; Big Brother Program; Phi Epsilon Pi — Vice-President, President, In- ter-Fraternity Council; Intramural Sports; Omicron Delta Kappa — Spring Carnival Chrm.; Who’s Who; Student Affairs Com- mittee; Social Code Committee; Hillel. WILLIAM A. PUKAS A.B. Audubon , N. J. Psychology Club; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. ROBERT PEARSONS A.B. Mt. Ephraim, N. J. Mermaid Tavern; “M” Club — Vice-Presi- dent 4; Freshman Football; Freshman Base- ball; Varsity Football 2,3,4 — Co-captain 4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Intramural Sports 2. JOEL C. PODELL B.S. Phila.. Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi — Corresponding Sec’y, Pledgemaster; Soccer 1,4; Cheerleader; Pre-Medical Society; WEEKLY; Fencing 1, 2; Alpha Phi Omega; CIARLA — Photog- raphy Editor, Representative to Faculty Publicity Committee, Associate Editor; Sen- ior Ball Chairman; Intramural Sports; Big Brother; Jr. Sr. Class Executive Com- mittee. G. MICHAEL PETERS B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Pre-Medical Society — Treasurer; WEEK- LY; CIARLA; Chess Club — President; Phi Epsilon Pi — - Pledgemaster; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4. 48 ■ 1 t CARLTON C. READ A.B. Merchantville, N. J. Band; WEEKLY; WMUH; Psychology Club; CIARLA — Photography Editor 4. HOWARD J. REED. JR. A.B. IPycombe, Pa. Der Deutsch Verein — Vice-President 4; Alpha Phi Omega — Treasurer 4; Choir; Veterans’ Club; Dormitory Council. PRUT REBANE A.B. Yeadon, Pa. Der Deutsche Verein; Choir; Sociology Club; Phi Kappa Tau — - Vice-President 3; Pre-Theological Club; Intramural Sports 1.2, 3,4. LEROY E. P. REITZ A.B. New Tripoli, Pa. Commuters’ Club; Sociological Society. THEODORE RINDFLEISCH B.S. Briarcliff Manor , N. Y. Alpha Tau Omega — Sec’y 4; Cardinal Key Society — Vice-President 4; Mermaid Tav- ern; Band; Science Club; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. ROBERT R. ROSENHEIM A.B. New York, N. Y. Varsity Football 2,3; Track 2,3; “M” Club; John Marshall Pre-Law Club; WEEKLY — Sports Editor 4; CIARLA — Sports Edi- tor 4; Phi Epsilon Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Intramural Sports. DONALD L. ROBINS B.S. Oreland, Pa. Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball 3,4; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4 — Co-captain 4. ROBERT A. ROTH A.B. Fullerton, Pa. Commuters’ Club; Veterans’ Club. THEODORE H. ROMBERG B.S. Glenside, Pa. Choir; M.C.A.; Institute of Faith — Sec’y 4; Pre-Medical Club; Pre-Theological Club; Der Deutsche Verein; Commons Committee; Dormitory Council. SERGES J. SALIVONCHIK B.S. Catasaqua, Pa. Science Club; Mermaid Tavern; Dormitory Council — President 3,4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3, 4. 50 JOEL E. SARNER MATTHEW SCANLAN, II A.B. Norristown, Pa. Phi Sigma Iota — President 4; Eta Sigma Phi — Sec’y 2,3,4; Executive Council; Edu- cation Society; Newman Club — Treasurer 3. WALTER R. SCHIRBER A.B. Englishtown, N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Psychology Club; Mask Dagger; Freshman Soccer; Intramural Sports 1,2.4. ■ 1 . 52 STEVEN C. SEYER A.B. Northampton , Pa. Phi Alpha Theta; Education Society; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Commuters’ Club — ■ Vice- President 3, President 4; Newman Club; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. ERROL L. SMELTZ A.B. Hegins, Pa. M. C. A.; Institute of Faith. DONALD C. SIMMONS A.B. Northampton, Pa. Phi Sigma Tau; Commuters’ Club; Choir; Pre-Theological Club; Sociological Club. SHELDON SMITH A.B. Nutley, N. J. M.C.A.; Business and Economics Club: I.F.C.; Psychology Club; Chess Club. PETER G. SKUTCHES A.B. Slatington, Pa. Phi Sigma Iota — Vice-President 4; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Omicron Delta Kappa ; WEEKLY; ARCADE; CIARLA — Associ- ate Editor 4; Commuters’ Club — Publicity Mgr. 2,3; M.C.A. play; Student Council Representative — Faculty Committee on Curriculum. THOMAS B. SMITH, JR. A.B. Plainfield, N. ]. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Psychology Club Treasurer 4; Intramural Sports 1,2,4. 53 IVAN S. SNYDER B.S.B.A. ' Barto , Pa. Veterans’ Club — Treasurer 3,4. ROBERT W. STENGL A.B. Garden City, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.F.C.; Intramural Sports 1,2,3, 4; Varsity Baseball 3. FRANCIS W. SPIESS A.B. Allentown, Pa. Veterans’ Club; Commuters’ Club. RICHARD W. STEPHAN A.B. Phila., Pa. Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Tau Omega; Psi Chi; WEEKLY — City Editor 3; Cardinal Key Society; Mermaid Tavern; M.C.A. — Vice-President 3; Soccer 1,2. ARNOLD 0. STEFFENS B.S. Phila., Pa. Phi Kappa Tau; Pre-Medical Club; Der Deutsche Verein — Treasurer 3,4; I.F.C. — Sec’y 4; Intramural Sports 2,3,4; Soccer 1 , 2 . RICHARD A. STERN B.S. Hellertown, Pa. Science Club; Commuters’ Club. 54 RICHARD STERNER A.B. Allentown, Pa. Basketball Manager 1, 2,3,4; Track Manager 1,2,3; Football Manager 3,4; Baseball Man- ager 2,3,4; “M” Club; Education Society; Commuters’ Club — ■ Vice-President 4. RALPH L. STOESSER A.B. Green Village, N. J. Der Deutsche Verein; Varsity “M” Club; Freshman Soccer 2,3,4 — Co-Captain 4. KENNETH STEWART B.S. Norwich, N. J. Phi Kappa Tau — Pledge Master 3; Presi- dent 4; I. F. C. ; Executive Council; Intra- mural Sports 1,2, 3,4; Varsity Tennis 2,3. ALBERT W. STOTT A.B. Warminster, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega — Vice-President 3, Scholastic Chairman 4; Eta Sigma Phi — President 3,4; M.C.A.; Pre-Theological Club; Class Sec ' y; Student Supreme Court — Associate Justice; Executive Council; Who’s Who; Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,4; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2. 55 DAVID G. STRAUSS A.B. Allentown, Pa. Chess Club; Commuters’ Club. DONALD B. THOMAS A.B. Northampton, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Commuters’ Club; Psy- chology Club — Treasurer 3; Psi Chi — Treasurer 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,4. ROBERT J. TABORN B.S.B.A. Elberon, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega — Historian 4; Soci- ological Society — Sec’y 4; Business and Economics Club; Newman Club; Freshman Football; Intramural Sports 1. 2,3,4. TAIMI TOFFER B.S. Allentown, Pa. Commuters’ Club; Science Club — Sec ' y 4; Women’s Council; Commuting Women President 2,3; Homecoming Queen; Laurel Blossom Princess; Girl’s Tennis 3. JOHN F. TOTH A.B. Allentown, Pa. Veterans’ Club; Psychology Club. C. De FORREST TREXLER A.B. Allentown, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau — Sargeant at Arms 2, Sec’y 3, Chaplain 3; WMUH; I.C.G.; De- Molay Club — - Vice-President 1, President 2,3; Band; WEEKLY — - Feature Ed. 3, Managing Ed. 4; Pre-Law Club — Sec’y- Treasurer 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta — Sec’y — Treasurer 4; Pi Delta Epsilon — President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa — Sec’y 4; Stu- dent Council; Delegate to Nat’l Student Congress; Who’s Who. LLOYD TRESSEL B.S. Baldwin, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha; Science Club; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2,3,4. DOUGLAS G. TROYER A.B. Chatham, N . J . Psychology Club; Varsity “M” Club; New- man Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Freshman Soccer; Soccer 2,3,4. FRANK J. VELIE A.B. Hawthorne, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha — Treasurer 3,4; Psy- chology Club — President 3,4; Psi Chi — President 4; Education Society; Intramural Sports 1,2,3, 4. 57 ROBERT G. VOORHEES B.S. Plainfield, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha; Dorm Council; Varsity “M” Club; Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3. DAVID J. WARTLUFT A.B. Robesonia, Pa. Marching Band; Concert Band; Dance Band — Treasurer 3; Eta Sigma Phi — Treasurer 3,4; Pre-Theological Club — President 4; Der Deutsche Verein - — Vice- President 3; Institute of Faith; Brass Quar- tet Brass; Proctor 4. C. GORDON WARNER B.S.B.A. Yardley, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha — Vice-President 3, President 4; Varsity “M” Club — Sec’y 4; Business and Economics Club — - Vice-Presi- dent 4; Class Vice President; Student Coun- cil; Who ' s Who; Freshman Football; Soc- cer 2,3,4 — - Captain 4; Wrestling 1,2,3, 4 — Captain 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,4. B.S. CRAIG W. WEBER Butz town. Pa. 58 GEORGE WECKMAN A.B. Phila., Pa. Der Deutsche Verein; M. C. A. — Sec’y 2, Vice-President 4; Choir; Phi Sigma Tau; Institute of Faith — Chairman 3; Pre-The- ological Club; Pi Delta Epsilon; M-BOOK — Editor 3; ARCADE — Editor 4; WEEK- LY; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who’s Who; Eta Sigma Phi. DANIEL H. WILLIAMS, III B.S. Pennsauken, N. J. Pre-Medical Society; Science Club; Soccer 1, 2, 3,4; Wrestling 2. BARRIE L. WEISMAN B.S. Plula., Pa. WEEKLY; Pre-Medical Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Tau Kappa Epsilon; WMUH — Business Manager 3,4. FREDERICK C. WINDBECK, JR. A.B. Allentown, Pa. RICHARD D. WELLER A.B. Boyertown, Pa. Soph-Frosh Hop — Co-Chairman; Tau Kappa Epsilon — Pledgemaster; Class Ex- ecutive Council; Choir — Assistant Man- ager; Pre-Theological Club. GEORGE E. WINZER B.S. Emmaus, Pa. Der Deutsche Verein; Science Club; Vet- erans’ Club. 59 HAROLD G. WOLF, JR. B.S. Plainfield, N. J. Science Club; Chess Club; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4; Soccer 1. JOHN U. YOUNG B.S.B.A. Salfordville, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha; Business and Eco- nomics Club — Sec’y 4; Intramural Sports 2,3,4. BRUCE T. WOMER A.B. Allentown , Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,4; Commuters’ Club. ROBERT J. ZELKO B.S. Allentown, Pa. Mathematics Club; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4; Varsity Golf. 60 ROMA E. ZIEGLER A.B. Allentown, Pa. Commuters’ Club. HARLAN S. ZIMMERMAN B.S. Allentown, Pa. Commuters’ Club; Veterans’ Club; Science Club. SENIORS DO YOU REMEMBER? 62 1st. Row L. to R.: G. Weckman, G. Warner, M. Kurtz, S. Dudak, J. Mondshein. 2nd Row L. to R.: D. Auerbach, R. Flaig, D. Paskin, A. Stott. WHO’S WHO The students recognized in WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES each year are nominated from approxi- mately 650 colleges and universities. Campus nominat- ing committees are instructed to consider, in making their selections, the student’s scholarship; his partici- pation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities; his citizenship and service to the school; and his promise of future usefulness. WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES awards each mem- ber a certificate of recognition presented on the campus at an honor award ceremony. Also, it provides a place- ment of reference service to assist seniors seeking em- ployment. This year eighteen men were given the award. DAVID AUERBACH STANLEY DUDAK RONALD FLAIG DAVID KREWSON MICHAEL KURTZ THOMAS McCABE JOHN MONDSCHEIN DAVID PASKIN ALBERT STOTT GORDON WARNER 63 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Front row 1. to r. : Thomas Reinsel, Elizabeth Kenely, R. Diamond. Second row. Mur- ray Seidel. THE CLASS OF 1961 JUNIOR CLASS EXECU- TIVE COUNCIL Front row 1. to r.: Patricia Missimer, Raymond Dymond, Thomas Reinsel, Elizabeth Kenely, Murray Seidel. Sec- ond row 1. to r.: Margaret Sos, Jay Van Kempen, Doug- las McGeorge, Garry Nicho- las, Edward Nase, John Kramer, Ronald Gougher. ALEXY, CARL W. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. BABIN, STEPHEN G. B.S. Plainfield, N. J. BALLIET, GLENN L. A.B. Springtown, Pa. BARHASH, JUDITH A. A.B. Maplewood, N. J. BARLOW, CLINTON L. A.B. Haddonfield, N. J. BARNETT, P UL J. A.B. Valley Stream, N. Y. BAUDER, JOSEPH L. A.B. Center Valley, Pa. BAUN, RAY J. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. BEAKY, MICHAEL H. B.S. Emmaus, Pa. BECK. DONALD P. A.B. Rockville Centre, N. Y. BERARDELLI. LAWRENCE J. A.B. Wildwood, N. J. BOOTH, KENNETH E. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. BORELLI, JOELYN E. A.B. Reading, Pa. BOTTUM, MEREDITH ANN A.B. Saddle River, N. J. BRESSLER, NORMA ANN B.S. reeland, Pa. BUDNER. ALICE M. A.B. Allentown, Pa. BUTZ, ROBERT A. B.S. Easton, Pa. CALLAHAN, EDWARD R. A.B. Baltimore, Md. CAPRON, DAVID W. B.S.B.A. Wescoesville, Pa. CHAPLIN, STANLEY S. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. CHARROT, EDWARD C. A.B. Wescoesville, Pa. CHASE, RALPH E., JR. A.B. Easton, Pa. CHASEN, IRVING JACK B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. CLIFFORD, EDWARD A.B. Cheltenham, Pa. cohen, Barry h. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. COLLIE, JAMES R„ JR. B.S. Davisville, Pa. COWEN, WILBUR G. A.B. Mount Vernon, N. Y. CURREY, DIANA M. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. DAVIES, KENNETH W„ JR. A.B. Flushing, N. Y. DIAMANTI, SONYA VEE A.B. Bristol, Pa. DIETER, GENE L. A.B. Palmerton, Pa. DREHER, ROBERT J. B.S. Wind Gap, Pa. DRUNCHENMILLER, RONALD F. A.B. Kutztown, Pa. DURHAM, WILLIAM H. A.B. Richmond, Va. DYMOND, RAYMOND E. B.S. Newtown, Pa. EGNER, MADELINE M. A.B. Roselle Park, N. J. ENGELHARD, IRMGARD E. A.B. Moorestown, N. J. FANTOZZI, ETTORINA F. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. FELDMAN, JAN B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. FETTER, LESTER EDWARD, JR. A.B. Glenside, Pa. FOLEY, RICHARD L. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. FORSCHiNER, PATRICIA ANN B.S. Allentown, Pa. FRALEY, ANN E. A.B. Allentown, Pa. FRANK, JEROME B. A.B. Allentown, Pa. FREIMAN, HELENE A.B. Scotch Plains, N. J. FRETZ, BARBARA J. A.B. Telford, Pa. FREY, FREDERICK P„ JR. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. GACK, DORIS I. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. GOLOVE, PHILIP J. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. GOJUGHER, RONALD L. A.B. Northampton, Pa. GUM, WILSON F„ JR. B.S. Pen Argyl, Pa. GUN DRUM, George C. B.S. Hamburg, fa. HAAS, ROBERT F. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. HAFER, RICHARD J. A.B. Hamburg, J’a. HAGEMANN, RONALD F. B.S. Shohola, Pa. GEHMAN, MARCIA M. A.B. Allentown, Pa. GEMENDEN, DOLORES H. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. GIANNELLI, LOUIS A. A.B. Allentown, Pa. GILFILLAN, A. GEORGE B.S. Riverton, N. J. GLASER, ROBERT E. B.S. Schuylkill Haven. Pa. GLENN. PETER B. B.S. Haddonfield. N. J. HAHN. ARTHUR L. A.B. East Lansdowne, Pa HARARAS, JOHN S. A.B. Allentown, Pa HEIL. EDWINA MAE B.S. Bethlehem. Pa. HERBENER. EDWARD G. A.B. Freeland, Pa HIRSCH. NATHAN B. B.S. Philadelphia. Pa HOBERMAN, ARNOLD A. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. HODGSON, CAROL M. A.B. Moorestown, N. J. HOFFMAN, DONALD B„ JR. B.S. Allentown, Pa. HORN, RICHARD W. A.B. Perkasie, Pa. HORVATH, JANIS M. A.B. Allentown, Pa. HOTTINGER, CAROLYN P. A.B. Allentown, Pa. HOUTH, ROBERT J. A.B. Prompton, Pa. HUMMEL, NANCY L. A.B. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. HYMAN, MYRON A. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. IFKOVITS, FRANK P. A.B. Allentown, Pa. INGLESE, THEODORE B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. JACOBI. ERROL G. B.S. Norwich, N. Y. JOHNSON, JOANNE L. A.B. Allentown, Pa. JOHNSTONE, ROSS E. B.S.B.A. Center Valley, Pa. KATZ, MICHAEL D. B.S. Allentown, Pa. KENELY, ELIZABETH D. A.B. Roselle Park. N. J. KENNEDY, EUGENE T. B.S. Catasauqua, Pa. KERMAN, BARBARA J. A.B. Palmerton, Pa. KERN, RICHARD D. A.B. Perkasie, Pa. KIMMEL, HENRY R„ JR. A.B. Easton, Pa. KING, MICHAEL J. A.B. Rockville Centre, N. Y. KIRSCHENBAtJM, RICHARD A.B. Livingston, N. J. KISTLER, GALEN H. B.S. Pennsburg, Pa. KISTLER, WILLIAM L. A.B. New Tripoli, Pa. KLECKNER, BERNARD J. A.B Lansford, Pa KLINE, EDWARD A A.B. Allentown, Pa. KOCHER, PHYLLIS C. A. A.B. Allentown, Pa. KOHLER. MARILYN D. B.S. Allentown, Pa. KONDRICK, NANCY M. A.B. Pluckemin, N. J. KRAMER, JOHN H. B.S. Plainfield, N. J. KRAYNAK, PAUL B.S. Allentown, Pa. LANDIS, D. CRAIG A.B. Boyertown, Pa. LATSHAW, DAVID R. B.S. Allentown, Pa. LEHMAN, PHYLLIS A. A.B. Freemansburg, Pa. LEHR, CAROL R. A.B. Reading. Pa. LEIGHTON, BARRY R. A.B. Riverdale, N. Y. LIPSCHUTZ. ARNOLD H. B.S. Philadelphia. Pa. LIPTAK, PHYLLIS A. A.B. Raritan, N. J. LIPTON, CAROL A.B. Allentown, Pa. LOEFFLER, HERBERT H. A.B. Huntington, N. Y. LOOES. JOHN R. B.S. Maywood. N. J. MACGEORGE, DOUGLAS C. B.S. Berwyn, Pa. MADDOCK, JEROME T. B.S. Drexel Hill, Pa. MALLOY, THOMAS P. A.B. Allentown, Pa. MATHEISEN, ALICE A.B. Somerville, N. J. MAZEPA, JUSTINE M. A.B. Raritan, N. J. McCULLOCH, DAVID H. B.S. Westfield, N. J. MEDER, CAROLYN A. B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. MELTZER, SHELDON M. B.S. Irvington, N. J. MENZEL, PAUL II, B.S. Allentown, Pa. MEYER, WILLIAM E. B.S. Hawthorne, N. J. MILLER, ROBERT B. B.S. Millville, N. J. MISSIMER, PATRICIA B.S. Lafayette Hill, Pa. MOORE, CONSTANCE B. A.B. Allentown, Pa. MOYER. CRAIG A. A.B. Northampton, Pa. MOYER. FLOYD W. A.B. Fogelsville, Pa. MOYER, LUTHER S. B.S. Slatington, Pa. MRAZ, JOSEPH G. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. NACE, EDGAR P. B.S. Collegeville, Pa. NENNSTIEL, WILLIAM I. A.B. Cambridge, N. Y. NICHOLAS, GARY G. B.S. Northampton, Pa. NICOL, DONALD 0. AB Chatham, N. J. NIEBAUM, LOUISE K. A.B. Mohnton, Pa. NOVAK, DOLORES M. A.B. Allentown, Pa. O’BRIEN, TERENCE B. A.B. Bound Brook, N. J. OHNMACHT, CYRUS J., JR. B.S. Phillipsburg, N. J. ORMOND, JOANNE E. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. OST, EDWARD J. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. PANCOAST, RICHARD W. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. PEIFLY, SANDRA D. A.B. Stroudsburg, Pa. PETERSEN, ROBERT A. B.S.B.A. Teaneck, N. J. PETREE, JUDITH E. A.B. Hicksville, N. Y. PRY, THOMAS W. B.S. Allentown, Pa. PURITZ, ELLIOT M. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. RACHMIEL, MARLENE R. B.S. West Orange, N. J. READ, C. CARLTON A.B. Merchantville, N. J. REED, JON R. A.B. Mamaroneck, N. Y. REEVES, GEORGE W. B.S. Haddonfield, N. J. REGIS, RONALD M. A. B. Bethlehem, Pa. REICHENBACH, BARBARA L. A.B. Neffs, Pa. REID, JAMES J. A.B. Allentown. Pa. REIFF, JUDITH E. B.S. Allentown, Pa. REIMER, LOIS A. B.S. Bangor, Pa. REINSEL, THOMAS H. B.S. Reading, Pa. RENNINGER, JUNE E. A.B. Dublin, Pa. 66 RENSHAW, JUDY R. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. RENSHAW, MARTIN D. B.S. Palmerton, Pa. REX, CHARLES R. A.B. Slatington, Pa. RIFE. LUTHER L. A.B. Pottstown, Pa. RIFFLE. PAUL G. A.B. West Pittston, Pa. ROMATOWSKI, ANN B.S. Allentown, Pa. ROSENBERG, GAIL P. A.B. Maplewood, N. J. ROSSO, VINCENT R. B.S.B.A. Baltimore, Md. ROTH, ROGER R. B.S. Allentown, Pa. RULOFF, SARA J. B.S. Stroudsburg, Pa. RUOSS, MARTIN A. A.B. Mechanicsburg, Pa. SAYLOR, JOHN W. B.S. Allentown, Pa. SCHIRBER, WALTER R. A.B. Englishtown, N. J. SCHOELLKOPF, BENEVAL H. A.B. Perkasie, Pa. SCHWENK, FREDERICK N. A.B. Greenville, Pa. SEEBURGER, CAROLYN J. A.B. Abington, Pa. SEIBERT, ERIC R. A. B. Allentown, Pa. SEIDEL, MURRAY K. B. S. Elkins Park, Pa. SH ALTER, PATRICIA J. A.B. Reading, Pa. SHULMAN. HAROLD B.S. Hillside. N. J. SILVERMAN, LEON A.B. Elkins Park, Pa. SIMPSON, JOHN H. B.S. Vineland, N. J. SINNING, GARRET G. B.S.B.A. Hawthorne, N. J. SLOTTER. JAMES H. A.B. East Greenville, Pa. SMITH, RONALD C. A.B. Allentown, Pa. SNYDER. JOHN W. B.S.B.A. Bethlehem, Pa. SOS, MARGARET A. A.B. Northampton, Pa. SPATZ, RAMONA M. B.S. Bethel, Pa STAUFFER, ANDREW J. A.B. Kutztown, Pa. STEVENS, CLINTON IL A.B. ‘Chatham, N. J. STONE. PAULA L. A.B. Allentown. Pa. STRAVINO, HELENE F. A.B. Allentown, Pa. STUMP, CECILE A. A. B. Kempton, Pa. SWEDER, GERALD M. B.S. Flushing, N. Y. SWIECICKI, ALAN R. B.S. Haddon Heights, N. J. SWOPE, WILLIAM B. B.S. Easton, Pa. TAYLOR, BARBARA L. A.B. Allentown, Pa. TELGHEIDER, ELIZABETH A.B. Springfield, Pa. TODD, MARGARET E. A.B. Bethlehem. Pa. TOFFER. KRISTINA A.B. Allentown. Pa. TOSCANO, VINCENT L. A.B. Lodi, N. J. TREXLER. MILTON C. A.B. Allentown, Pa. VAN KEMPEN, JAY R. A.B. Ridgewood, N. J. VERZINO, ANTHONY J. A.B. Allentown, Pa. WARD, LORRAINE E. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. WARGO, GEORGE T. B.S. Palmerton, Pa WEAVER, SALLIE A. B.S. Allentown. Pa. WEBER. WILFORD A. A.B. Pennsburg, Pa. WFJDMAN, DAVID E. B.S.B.A. Portland, Pa. WEISER, CONRAD W. A.B. Pottstown, Pa. WERLEY. C. GEORGE F„ JR. B.S. Allentown, Pa. WESSNER, ROBERT A. B.S.B.A. Emmaus, Pa. WEST, CORDONFRED W. A.B. Raleigh, N. Carolina WHITE, DIANE D. B.S. Bath. Pa. WIGHTMAN, WILLIAM W. A.B. Forty Fort, Pa. WILLIAMS, DAVID R. B.S. Palmerton, fa. WILLIAMS, MARGARET I. A.B. Allentown, Pa. WILSON, RICHARD N. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. WINKLER, I.ELAND M. B.S.B.A. Plainfield, N. J. WOLFE, MERLE D. B.S.B.A. Andreas, Pa. YOST. EDGAR L. A.B. Allentown, Pa. ZIMMERMAN, EDITH S. A.B. Maplewood. N. J. 67 CLASS OFFICERS Russell Harwood President Bruce Fryer Vice-President Ellen Bergheim Secretary Carl Gimber Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Front row, 1. to r.: Bruce Freyer. Russell Harwood. Second row. I. to r.: Ellen Bergheim, Carl Gimber. CLASS OF 1962 SOPHOMORE CLASS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front row, 1. to r.: Ellen Bergheim, Bruce Fryer, Mr. Baldridge, Russell Harwood, Carl Gimber. Second row, 1. to r.: John Meyer, Robert Singleton. John Cameron, Walter Barnes, David Bernstein. Martin Renr.inger, Anita Leone EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Walter Barnes Ellen Bergheim David Bernstein John Cameron Bruce Fryer Carl Gimber Russell Harwood Anita Leone John Meyer Martin Renninger Robert Singleton ABEL, MARTIN S. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. ACKER, LEONARD E. B.S.B.A. New Tripoli, Pa. ADAM, RICHARD A. A.B. Hamburg, Pa. AJELLO, VINCENT S. B.S.B.A. Massapequa, N. Y. ALCARD, EDWARD H. B.S. Souderton, Pa. ALLEN, BRUCE J. B.S. Northfield, N. J. ALMQUIST, ROY G. A. B. Ridgewood, N. J. ALTHOUSE. EDWIN L. B. S. Kutztown, Pa. BOMBERGER. H. FRED A. B. Palmerton, Pa. BOWKER, LEE H. B. S. Bethlehem, Pa. BRACKIN, JAMES B. A.B. Reading, Pa. BREINIG, ALFRED 0. A.B. Warrington, Pa. BUCHHOLTZ, JOEL I. A. B. Bayonne, N. J. BURTON, WILLIAM J. B. S.B.A. Baltimore, Md. BUSCH, FREDERICK M. A.B. Brooklyn. N. Y. BUZAS, LORRAINE C. B.S. Easton, Pa. DeHAVEN, BETH A. A.B. LaVale, Md. DeLAWTER, PATRICIA ANN A.B. West Englewood, N. J. DENNIS, DOROTHY ANN A. B. Hawthorne, N. Y. DEVORSS, JAMES E. B. S. Mountain Lakes, N. J. DIHOFF, IVAN R. B.S. Thorofare, N. J. DODGE, WILLIAM B. B.S.B.A. Fair Haven, N. J. DONMOYER, JOHN E. A.B. Allentown, Pa. DOUGLAS, RAY G„ JR. A.B. Bethlehem. Pa. ERIKSON, LESLIE E. B.S. Shrewsbury, Mass FAIRWORTH. LEONARD B.S. Philadelphia, Pa FARR, LONA MAE A.B. California, Pa FEDER, LAURENCE F. A.B. Allentown, Pa FEGELEIN, JOHN F. A.B. Park Ridge. N. J FELDMAN, ROGER P. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. FETTEROLF, CAROLINE J. B.S. Allentown, Pa FINNEGAN, JOHN J. A.B. ' Pennsauken, N. I ANDERSON, CARL E. B.S. Moorestown, N. J. CALLIE, ALBERT S. B.S. Bangor. Pa. ANDREOZZI, KENNETH J. A.B. Brooklyn. N. Y. BAER, RICHARD F. A.B. New Ringgold, Pa. BALSLEY, DONALD G. B.S.B.A. Linwood, N. J. BARNES, WALTER F. A.B. Union, N. J. BARTON. ANDREW W. A.B. Penn Valley, Pa. BASH. IRA E. B.S. Bronx, N. Y. BELL, DAVID J. A.B. Lansdale, Pa. BELL. ROBIN LEE B.S. Easton, Pa. CAMERON, JOHN D. A. B. Allentown, Pa. CARPENTIER, JOSEPH A. B. S. East Greenville, Pa. CHRISTMAN, JUDITH I. B.S. Allentown, Pa. CHRISTMAN, THOMAS H. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. CHUANG, LYDIA S.C. B.S. Allentown, Pa. COBB, HAROLD R., JR. A.B. Oreland, Pa. COUNTESS, WENDELL C. A.B. Oak Ridge, Tenn. COYLE, THEODORE R„ JR. B.S. Towanda, Pa. BERGHEIM, ELLEN A.B. Dunellen, N. J. DANIEL, CONSTANCE E. A.B. Elizahethville, Pa. BERNSTEIN. DAVID A. A. B. Elizabeth, N. J. BIDAMAN, K. MICHAEL B. S. Harrisburg, Pa. BILLY, BENEDICTA A. B. Binghamton, N. Y. BLEAM, CARL L. B. S. Nazareth, Pa. BLOOD, JOSEPH, JR. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. BOCK, EDWARD E. B.S. Norristown, Pa. BOENNING, MARY JO A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. DANIEL, DAVID P. A. B Bethlehem, Pa. DARKES. WILLIAM F. B. S. Orwigsburg, Pa. DAVIES, THOMAS L. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. DAVIS, RICHARD A. A.B. Media, Pa. DEBUS, DEBORAH A. A. B. Consohoeken, Pa. DECKER, CAROL SUE B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. DEERY, A. DAVID A.B. Phoenixville, Pa. EASTWOOD, WALTER H. A. B. Allentown, Pa. EHINGER, WENDELL C. B. S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. EINFALT, STEPHEN J., JR. A.B. Allentown, Pa. EMHARDT. CAROL LEE A.B. Oreland, Pa. EMMER. SUSAN L. A.B. Roselle, N. J. ENGLUND, NANCY JO A.B. New Providence. N. J. ERDENBERGER. GORDON C. B.S. Peekskill. N. Y. FISTER, SARAH W. A.B. Allentown, Pa. FOCLEMAN, JANET L. A.B. Allentown. Pa. FRANKENFIELD, SUSAN BETH A.B. Bethlehem. Pa. FRITCH, DAVID SCOTT A. B. Scranton, Pa. FRYER. THOMAS B. B. S. Royersford. Pa. GALLOWAY. CHARLES H. A.B. Oakhurst, N. J. GANGWER. DORIS ANN A.B. Easton, Pa. GARDNER, BARRY L. A.B. Dover, N. J. GASH, JEFFREY F. A. B. Elmont, L. L, N. Y. GAYNOR. MICHAEL W. B. S. Southampton, N. Y. GEHRINGER. EDWARD M. B.S. Emmaus, Fa. GEHRIS, DAVID VANREED B.S.B.A. West Hartford, Conn. GENDALL. JOHN H. B.S. Ashley, Pa. GESSNER, GEORGE K. B.S. Oreland, Pa. CIMBER, KARL 0. A.B. Philadelphia. Pa. GLEAN, CHARLES R. B.S. Bronx, N. Y. CLOCKER. EUGENE K. A.B. Royersfoed, Pa. GODSHALK, DOROTHY L. B.S. Easton. Pa. GOETZ, CHARLES J. A.B. Bavside, N. Y. GOGGIN. JAMES E. A.B. Flushing, N. Y. GOLDSTEIN, MARK K. A.B. Allentown, Pa. GONZALEZ, MARGARET G. A.B. Plainfield. N. J. COODLING, ROGER N. A.B. Scranton, Pa. GREEN. RACHEL M. A. B. Kunkletown, Pa. GREENE, DONALD F. B. S: Somerville, N. J. GROSS, MALCOLM 1. A. B. Allentown, Pa. GURNIAK, THEODORE R. B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. HAJEWSKI, THOMAS J. B.S. Allentown, Pa. HALDEMAN, JOHN F. A. B. Tamaqua, Pa. HALTRECHT. LEONARD B. S. Yeadon, Pa. HANKEE, JERYL A. B.S. Lehighton. Pa. HANS, RICHARD E. A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. HARTZELL. ROBERT E. A.B. Collegeville, Pa. HARWOOD, RUSSELL T. A.B. Abington, Pa. HAUSER, BRENDA M. A.B. Linden, N. J. HAWMAN, AMY LOU A.B. Wyomissing, Pa. HERD, SANDRA D. A.B. Bath, Pa. HERRON. FRANCIS D. B.S. Coaldale, Pa. HESSINCER, RONALD L A. B. Fogelsville, Pa. DIETER, DOUGLAS H. B. S.B.A. Garden City. N. Y. HIOTIS, CHRIST G. B.S.B.A. Reading, Pa. HITCHCOCK. WELDON T. B.S.B.A. Trappe, Pa. HLATKY, HELEN E. A.B. Allentown, Pa. IIOBELMAN, ELAINE M. A.B. Secane, Pa. HOFFMANN. MARY M. A. B. Lansdowne, Pa. HOUSEKNECHT, ROLAND T. B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. HOY, G. MICHAEL A.B. Lock Haven, Pa. HUNT. RICHARD S. B.S.B.A. Bethlehem. Pa. HUNTER, THOMAS II. A. B. Allentown. Pa. HUSTON, MARIE R. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. IVISON. RONALD A. B.S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. JACOB, HELGA K. A.B. Easton, Pa. JESSE, WILLIAM. JR A.B. Allentown. Pa. JORGENSEN, ANNE W. A.B. Drexel Hill, Pa KARP, ROBERT J. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. KATSIARAS, DINO B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. KEHRLI. GEORGE E. A.B. Dttnmore, Pa. KELLY, DAVID J. A. B. Allentown, Pa. KINGFIELD, THOMAS J. B. S.B.A. Stewartsville, N. J. KITCHEN. , ROBERT D. A.B. Stroudsburg, Pa. KLEESE, JUDITH M. A.B. Allentown, Pa. KOCHER, ROBERT D. A.B. Fogelsville, Pa. KOGZAN, THOMAS E. A.B. Allentown, Pa. KOHUT, ALFRED E. B.S. Lehighton, Pa. KOVACH, DONALD J. B.S. Egypt, Pa. KRATZER, LAWRENCE A. B.S. Emmaus, Pa. KRAUSE, JACK C. A.B. Dushore, Pa. KRESSLER. JUDITH A. A.B. Bangor, Pa. KUMMERY. JUDITH A. A.B. Allentown, Pa. KUNKEL. ADRIENNE A. A. B. Weatherly, Pa. KUNTZ, DAVID G. B. S. Slatington, Pa. KUNTZLEMAN, CHARLES T. A. B. Bath. Pa. KUNZ, ALBERT B. B. S. Allentown, Pa. KUSHNER. GARY G. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. LASSLO. CONSTANCE B. A.B. Jamaica, N. Y. LENTZ, REBECCA J. A.B. Lebanon. Pa. LEONE. ANITA L. A.B. Westfield, N. J. LEVINE, LINDA B. A.B. New York. N. Y. LEVINE. ROBERT D. B.S. Paterson, N. .1. LEWIS, CONSTANCE L. A. B. Quakertown, Pa. LEWIS, RICHARD J. B. S.B.A. Allentown. Pa. LICK, THOMAS A. B.S. Allentown, Pa. LILLY. CHARLOTTE L. B.S. Allentown, Pa. LONG, RONALD C. A.B. Sharon Hill, Pa. LUTHER, ALEXANDER J. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. MACK, ARTHUR J. A.B. Slatington, Pa. MAHAN, VAL R. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. MAKOUL, RICHARD J. A. B. Allentown, Pa. MAMANA. JAMES R. B. S. Easton., Pa. MARQUARD, CARL 0. B.S.B.A. Newton, N. J. MARSHMAN, WILLIAM P. B.S. Drexel Hill, Pa. MASS. BURTON B.S. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. McDonald, matthew w. B.S.B.A. Pottsville, Pa. McFarland, malcolm, jr. A. B. Wyncote, Pa. MELPOLDER, JOHN B. B. S. Wallingford, Pa. MENDHAM, THOMAS W. B.S. Easton. Pa. METZGAR, MARY JO A.B. Easton. Pa. METZGER. ROBERT A. B.S.B.A. LIpper Saddle River N. J. MEYER. JOHN S. A. B. Ridgewood. N. J. MILLER. RICHARD A. B. S. Wescoesville. Pa. MILLER. WILLIAM B. B.S.B.A. Abington, Pa. MINER. MARTIN P. B.S. BA. Flushing, N. Y. MORVAY. WILLIAM J. B.S. Vineland, N. J. MULL. SYLVIA L. A.B. Wernersville, Pa. MUNROE. PHILIP C. B.S. West Hempstead. N. Y. NACE, BARBARA A. A. B. Souderton, Pa. NAGY. JUNE A. B. S. Allentown, Pa. NARSICO, DAVID P. B.S. Sharpsburg. Pa. OBERT. HORACE D. B.S. Lehighton, Pa. OCHS. RICHARD J. B.S. Baltimore, Md. OELJEKLAUS, DORIS A.B. Lansdowne, Pa. 70 OPLINGER. WAYNE F. B.S.B.A. Northampton, Pa. OVERCASH, DANIEL R. B.S. East Lansdowne, Pa. PEARCE, PATRICIA E. B.S. Hicksville, N. Y. PEISCHL, VICTOR C. A.B. Topton. Pa. PIERSON, JAMES R. B.S.B.A. Hazelton, Pa. POLLOCK, THOMAS G. B.S. Lansford, Pa. POPADAK, JOSEPH F. B.S.B.A. Garwood, N. J. PULLEY, MARIANNE F. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. RAAB, WILLIAM A. B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. RAMSAY, ROSS A. A.B. Fullerton, Pa. SCHOELLHAMMER, FREDERICK E. A.B. Bath, Pa. SCHRIFFERT, EDWARD J. B.S. Hellertown. Pa. SCHWEITZER. CARL G. A.B. Lehighton, Pa. SEIBERT. DONALD J. B.S. Maywood, N. J. SHAPPELLE, CLAUDE E. B.S. Somerville, N. J. SHEMIN, LEONARD H. A.B. Bayonne, N. J. SHOEMAKER, SYLVIA A.B. Danielsville, Pa. SIEKMAN, SALLY A. A. B. Wescoesville, Pa. SINGLETON, ROBERT J. B. S.B.A. Lake Mohawk. N. J. STAUFFER. KENNETH A. A.B. Pottstown, Pa. STAUFFER, NANCY M. A. B. Allentown, Pa. STREHLOW. CLIFFORD D. B. S. Montvale, N. J. SUPERKA, JOHN M. A. B. Coplay, Pa. SWIGAR, MARY E. B. S. Nesquehoning, Pa. SYMONS, MICHAEL J. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. TAUBER, STUART P. A.B. South Orange, N. J. TENGLER. ROBERT C. A.B. Sharon Hill, Pa. TERRY, RUTH N. A.B. Ringtown. Pa. VANDERHYDE. JUDITH L. A.B. Baldwin, L. I., N. Y. VANDERHYDE, SUSAN J. A. B. Baldwin, L. I.. N. Y. VERZINO, WILLIAM J , JR. B. S. Emmaus, Pa. VOEHL, DAVID C. B.S.B.A. Hewlett, N. Y. WACHS, THEODORE D. A.B. Woodmere, N. Y. WAGNER, JOLEITA S. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. WAHRMANN. MARY L. A. B. Palmerton, Pa. WALKER. HUGH G. B. S.B.A. Oreland, Pa. WARNER. FRANK R. B.S. Yardley, Pa. WEBER. JOANNE C. A.B. Fullerton, Pa. RAU, JUDITH A. A.B. Allentown, Pa. WEIDNER, JANICE M. A.B. Allentown, Pa. REAGLE, MARTIN F. B.S.B.A. Easton, Pa. REISS, DONNA K. A. B. Allentown, Pa. RENNINGER, MARTIN B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. REYNOLDS, CRAIG H. A.B. Allentown. Pa. ROBBINS. STANFORD E. A.B. Phillipsburg, N. J. ROBERTS, LINDA A. A. B. Bethlehem, Pa. ROBINSON, CHARLES B. B. S. Rome, N. Y. ROCCO, ANTHONY J. A.B. Alle.ntown, Pa. WEINGARTNER, JAMES J. A. B. Allentown, Pa. WENNER, JERRY W. B. S.B.A. Media, Pa. WF.RTHER. NORMAN M. B.S. Teaneck. N. J. WHEELER. RUTH E. A.B. Fullerton. Pa. WHITING. LINDA L. A.B. Easton, Pa. WIEDER, JANET G. A.B. Allentown. Pa. WILFINGER, JUDITH B. A. B. Emmaus, Pa. WINING. HOWARD F. B. S.B. Philadelphia, Pa. RODMAN. CHARLES W„ III A. B. Haddonfield, N. J. ROSENBERG, IRA B. S. Wyncote, Pa. ROTH. CLIFFORD W. A.B. Baldwin, L. I., N. Y. ROURKE, WILLIAM E. A. B. North Wales, Pa. RUSSELL. MILTON G. B. S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. SANBORN, HUGH W. A.B. Park Ridge, N. J. SCHATZLE, FREDERICK J. A.B. Allentown, Pa. SJOSTROM, DORIS I. A. B. Upper Darby, Pa. SLOANE, RONALD L. B. S. Jackson Heights, N. Y. SNYDER, GLORIA J. A.B. Allentown, Pa. SNYDER, JANICE C. A. B. Collingswood, N. J. SONNEBORN. DUANE G.. JR. B. S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. STARK. RICHARD A. B.S. Reading, Pa. STAUFFER. EDWARD B. B.S.B.A. Hellertown, Pa. THOMS, FRED A. A.B. Egg Harbor City, N. J. TOMLINSON. WILLIAM M. A.B. Sharon Hill. Pa. TREIBLY, CHARLES E. A.B. Wayne, Pa. TUNNELL, AMY J. A. B. Fort Washington, Pa. UHL, RICHARD J. B. S.B.A. Haworth, N. .1. ULRICH, MARY A. B.S. Jenkintown, Pa. URBAN, SANDRA L. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. WOLF. RONALD K. A.B. Telford, Pa WOLF. VERNA D. A. B. Drexel Hill, Pa WOLFF. EDWARD B. S. Brooklyn. N. Y. WOOD. WILLIAM L. A.B. Springfield, Pa. YOCOM, THOMAS R. A. B. Pottstown, Pa. ZIEGENFUSS. CYNTHIA T. B. S. Harrisburg, Pa. ZIEGER. PAUL C. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa 71 1 CLASS OFFICERS Sid Weikert President Dean Wentz Vice-President Jean Lippman Secretary Ed Meyers Treasurer THE CLASS OF 1963 72 ACHENBACH, CAROLE, ANN A.B. Reading, Pa. ACOSTA, KAY S. A.B. Wyomissing, Pa. AHNER, VERNON C. A. B. Lehighton, Pa. ALBERTSON, BRUCE B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. ALLEN, GEORGE R. B.S. New Britain, Pa. ALTEMUS. BENJAMIN D. B.S. New Florence, Pa. ALTO, ROBERT B. B.S.B.A. Emmaus, Pa. ANDERS, LESLIE R. B.S. Lansdale, Pa. ANNUS, MAIMU A.B . Camden, N. J. ANTHONY, GARY A. A.B. Catasauqua, Pa. ANTHONY, RONALD C. A. B. Jim Thorpe, Pa. ARDOLINO, RALPH J. B. S.B.A. West Long Branch, N. J. ARMENTANO, THOMAS V. B.S. Allentown, Pa. ARNDT, La VERNE B. A. B. Vera Cruz, Pa. ASSORGI, SALVATORE C, B. S. Valley Stream, N. Y. AYERS, WILLIAM E. B.S. Fullerton, Pa. BACHMAN, JOHN K. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. BAKER, THOMAS B. B.S. Emmaus, Pa. BALLA, DENNIS M. B.S. Ormrod, Pa. BANDLE, ALBERT B.S.B.A. Egypt, Pa. BARLOK, RONALD A. B.S.B.A. Hillside, N. J. BARNES, JAMES N. B.S. Union, N. J. BAUMAN, RAYMOND D. A. B. Chalfont. R. D„ Pa. BAUMGARTNER, CAROL E. B. S. Haddonfield, N. J. BEAN, GAIL K AB Plymouth Meeting, Pa. BEIDLEMAN, SAMUEL T. A. B. Hokendauqua, Pa. BEIDLEMAN. WILLIAM E. B. S. Northampton, Pa. BEYER, VICTORIA A. A. B. Ithaca, N. Y. BILHELMER, DAVID W. B. S. Allentown, Pa. BILLIG, ROBERT A. B.S. Bayside, N. Y. BITTNER, CAROL E. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. BITTNER, RONALD L. A. B. Bethlehem, Pa. BLEAM, HOWARD J. B. S. Quakertown, Pa. BLUE, WALTER A. A. B. Mt. Holly, N. J. BOCK, RONALD R. B. S. Lebanon, Pa. BOETSCH, VIRGINIA K. A. B. Glenside, Pa. BOHM, ROBERT K. A. B. Philadelphia. Pa. BORTHWICK, MALCOLM J„ JR. B. S. Shavertown, Pa. BOSSERT, NEAL E. B.S.B.A. Quakertown, Pa. BOUCHARD, DIANA P. A.B. Springfield, N. J. BOUGHTER, STEVEN D. A.B. Souderton, Pa. BRADY, MARION JEANNE A.B. Lafayette Hill, Pa. BREWER, DORIS M. A.B. Ridgewood, N. J. BREY, GARY B. A. B. Allentown, Pa. BROSCHARD, LEWIS T„ JR. B. S. Somers Point, N. J. BROWN, ROBERT C. A. B. South Salem, N. Y. BRUMBACH, GEORGE E., Jr. B. S.B.A. Wyomissing, Pa. BRYAN, BARBARA ANNE B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. BUCHANAN, WILLIAM F. A.B. Reading, Pa. BUFF, JON C. A.B. Haddonfield, N. J. BURNOSKI, JEFFREY V. A.B. Roosevelt, N. Y. BURROUGHS, JUDITH ANN A. B. Ambler, Pa. BUZZARD, ROBERT A. B. S. Allentown, Pa. CARMICHAEL, WILLIAM W. A.B. Plainfield, N. J. CARNEY, STAN LEE A.B. Easton, Pa. CARTA, EDWARD K. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. CATER1NA, DEANNA K. A. B. Vineland, N. J. CELKE, LINDA JANE B. S. Penfield, N. Y. CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN C. B.S. Slatington, Pa. CHUSS, THOMAS G. BS Bath, Pa. CINQUE, RACHELLE E. A.B. S. Norwalk, Conn. CISTONE, PETER J. A.B. Roseto, Pa. CLEMENTS, JAMES M. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. CLYDE, ARTHUR G. A. B. Souderton, Pa. CLYMER, ROBERT J. B. S.B.A. Sellersville, Pa. COLLINS, RICHARD L. B.S.B.A. Oakhurst, N. J. COOPER. WILLIAM R.. JR. B.S. Woodbury, N. J. COOPERMAN, WILLIAM C. A.B. Allentown, Pa. CORRELL, LARRY G. B.S. Slatington, Pa. CROUTHAMEL, WILLARD W. B.S. Solebury, Pa. CUNNINGHAM, JAMES A. B.S. Valley Stream, N. Y. DALE, FRANKLIN W. B.S. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. DARBY, GEORGE H. A. B. Richmond Hill, N. Y. DeCHERNEY, ALAN H. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. DEERMOUNT, ROGER A. B. Nutley, N. J. DEMIKAT, EMIL J. B. S. Rockeville, Conn. DEPPE, ROBERT E„ II B.S. San Francisco, Calif. DEUTSCH, JUDITH E. A. B. Allentown, Pa. DIEHL, EDWARD J. B. S. Trexlertown, Pa. DONALDSON, DIANE E. A. B. Allentown, Pa. DORN, BARRY C. B. S. Chester, Pa. DOWNING, ALPHONSO E. A. B. Trenton, N. J. DOYLE, DOROTHEA MAY B. S. Cherryville, Pa. DRATCH, MICHAEL B. B.S. Elkins Park, Pa. DREISBACH, KARL J. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. EARL, LESLEE T. A. B. Whippany, N. J. ECKHART, KENNETH LeROY B. S. Doylestown, Pa. ENGELBRECHT, ANNE C. B.S. Philadelphia. Pa. ENGELMAN, STEPHEN J. B.S. Palisades Park, N. J. EPSTEIN, BRUCE J. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. ERBER, WILLIAM F. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. EVANS, CHARLES H. A.B. Coatesville, Pa. EWELL, JUDITH E. A.B. Haddonfield, N. J. FAD, ARTHUR G. A. B. Fort Washington, Pa. FAGER. THOMAS MICHAEQ B. S. Reading, Pa. FENSTERMACHER, JAMES L. B.S. Allentown, Pa. FEYRER, David A. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. FIELD, ROBERT C. A.B. Oreland, Pa. FISCHEL, KLAUS M. A.B. Caldwell. N. J. FLESCH, JUDY E. A. B. Elmhurst, Pa. FOCHT, WALTER J. B. S. Wernersville, Pa. FOULKE, LANNY M. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. FRABLE, PAUL R„ JR. A. B. Alpha, N. J. FRAUNFELDER, JOHN P. B. S. Nazareth, Pa. FREDERICK, BARBARA L. B.S. Haddon Heights, N. J. FREEMAN, JOHN W. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. FRERECKS, EYVIND N. B.S.B.A. Brooklyn, N. Y. 73 FREY, HAROLD A., JR. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. FROELICH, JAMES S. B.S.B.A. Robesonia, Pa. FROST, JUDITH M. B.S. Hillsdale, N. J. FURST, GILBERT B. A. B. Wescoesville, Pa. GACKENBACH. JOSEPH G. B. S. Allentown. Pa. GARRISON, HARRY W. A. B. Hamilton Square, N. J. GEARHART, THEODORE C. B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. GENATOWSKI, HERBERT J. B.S. Little Neck, N. Y. GEORGE, ROBERT L. A. B. Middleport, Pa. GILHORN, JOHN G. B. S. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. GLEADALL. RAYMOND J. B.S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. HAAS, BARBARA ANN A.B. Breinigsville, Pa. HANSARD, ROBERT D. A. B. Altoona, Pa. HARI, RONALD L. B. S. Allentown, Pa. HARRISON, RUTH W. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. HART, BETH ANN B. S. Garwood, N. J. HAUBNER. JOSEPHINE G. B.S. Wallingford. Pa. HAUPTMAN, STEVEN P. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. HEINTZELMAN, WALTER J. B.S. Camp Hill, Pa. HEINTZELMAN WILLIAM J. B.S. Neffs, Pa. HELLER, W ' lLLIAM J. B.S. Coplay, Pa. HERR, JEAN L. A.B. Collegeville, Pa. GOLDBERG, ALLEN B. B.S. Allentown, Pa. GOYNE, ESTHER E. A.B. Allentown, Pa. GRAEFE, RICHARD F. A. B. Roselle, N. J. GREEN, RICHARD F. B. S.B.A. Hellertown. Pa. GREENBERG, ELLEN M. A. B. Allentown, Pa. GREENBERG, STEVEN J. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. GRIFFITH, ELAINE A. A. B. Glenmore, Pa. GUM, BARBARA S. B. S. Pen Argyl, Pa. HERRING, KAREN E. B.S. Kutztown, Pa. HICCINS, LAW ' RENCE W. B.S. New Tripoli, Pa. HITTINGER, THEODORE W„ JR. A. B. Allentown, Pa. HOATS, RICHARD E. B. S. Allentown, Pa. HODES, ARTHUR B. B.S. Newark, N. J. HOFFMAN, RONALD B. B.S.B.A. Trenton, N. J. HOOD, RICHARD G. A.B. Hudson, Ohio HOSSLER, FRED E. B.S. Hamburg, Pa. HUNT, CLIFFORD F. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. JABS, EDWARD A. B.S. Richmond Hill, N. Y. JACOBS, ALEXANDER M. A. B. Glenside, Pa. JACOBS, RICHARD J. B. S. Haddonfield, N. J. JAKOUBEK, ROBERT G. B.S.B.A. Douglaston, N. Y. JAMES, WALTER F. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. JOHN, MATTHEW M„ III A.B. Pottstown, Pa. JOHNSON, ELMER E. A.B. Easton, Pa. JOSEPH, ALBERT F. A. B. Allentown, Pa. JOSEPH, CARL W„ JR. B. S. Ambler, Pa. KAHLER, GARY R. B.S. Washington, D. C. KATZ, ARMAND H. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. KATZ, MYRON E. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. KAUFMAN, JOHN D. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. KEES, CHARLES J. A. B. Wayne, N. J. KEIPER. RONALD R. B. S. Allentown, Pa. KETNER, CHARLES F. B.S.B.A. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. KIESERMAN, FREDERICK B. B.S. Jenkinton, Pa. KINDRED, ROBERT H. A. B. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. KLEIN, CONSTANCE A. B. S. Valley Stream, N. Y. KLEIN, JOAN E. A.B. Ocean City, N. J. KLEPPINGER, GRETCHEN S. A. B. Allentown, Pa. KLINE, HARRY A. B. S. Allentown, Pa. KLUMPP, JOSEPH J., JR. A. B. Villanova, Pa. KOBROVSKY, STUART B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. KRATZER, GUY MILLER B.S. Allentown, Pa. KRAUSS, RICHARD E. B.S.B.A. Quakertown, Pa. KRAUSS, WALTER P. B.S. Wyndmoor, Pa. KREISHER, KATHRYN E. B.S. Catawissa, Pa. KRUMENACKER. CAROL A. A. B. Hieksville. N. Y. KURTZ, CHRISTIAN F„ JR. B. S.B.A. Allentown. Pa. LAHR. GERALD K. A.B. Easton, Pa. LAICH, MARGARET A. A. B. Merchantville, N. J. LAKY, FRANK W. B. S.B.A. Coplay, Pa. LANDINO, LOUIS J. B.S. Thorndale, Pa. LANDIS. ROBERT W. B.S. Perkasie, Pa. TANGLE, CAROL A. A. B. Hawthorne, N. Y. I.ANZ, CAROL ANN B. S. Worcester, Pa. LaROSE, PHILLIP L. B.S. York, Pa. LAUER, PHILIP W. B.S. Ashland, Pa. LAUFFENBURGER, BARBARA J. A. B. Audubon, N. J. LEAR, RAYMOND C. B. S. Willow Grove, Pa. LEONARD, BARRY A. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. LEVINSON, NEALA S. B.S. Morrisville, Pa. LEVY, BARBARA J. A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. LIPHAM, DOLORES L. A.B. Mahwah, N. J. LIPPMAN, JEANNE E. A.B. Harrisburg, Pa. LISSY, UTE D. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. LUNGER, RICHARD T. B. S. Montoursville, Pa. MACSEK, VIRGINIA M. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. MAJOR, CAROLYN A. A. B. Allentown, Pa. MARCHIONI, ALDO J. B. S. Clifton, N. J. MARTIN, FRANKLIN S. A. B. Florham Park, N. J. MARTIN, ROBERT R. B. S. Macungie, Pa. MATLOCK, PAUL E. B.S. Bangor, Pa. MAYER, DAVID P. A.B. New Rochelle, N. Y. McDERMOTT, PATRICIA A. A.B. Allentown, Pa. McKEE, BRIAN F. A. B. Allentown, Pa. McKENNA, JAMES L. B. S. Rydal, Pa. MELENSON, RICHARD S. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. MELROY, CHARLLES N. B.S. Washington, N. J. MEREDITH, DALE H. B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. MERKEL, LEE L. B.S. Media, Pa. MESSENLEHNER. JAMES M. B. S. Northampton, Pa. MIGATZ, MITCHELL H. B.S. Allentown, Pa. MILLER, DAVID H. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. MILLER. ELAINE J. A. B. Bath, Pa. MILLER, RICHARD 1 E. B. S. Nazareth, Pa. MONACO. JAMES F. B.S. Littlei Neck. N. Y. MORGAN, DIANE M. A.B. Reading, Pa. MOTZ. ARTHUR H. A.B. Sellersville. Pa. MULHOLLAND, MARY I. A. B. Green Lane, Pa. MUMMEY, RODNEY 0. B. S. Slatington, Pa. MUNZ, WILLIAM C. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. MURTAUGH. JOHN M. B.S. Allentown, Pa. MYER. EDWARD L. B.S. Haddonfield, N. J. 74 MYERS, STEVEN J. A.B. Sellersville, Pa. NACLE, WILLIAM A. A. B. Egypt, Pa. NEWMAN, W. BRUCE B. S. Carmel, N. Y. NOTI, JOSEPH C. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. O ' BRIEN, CHARLES W. A. B. Allentown, Pa. OCHS, LEONARD A. B. S. Great Neck, N. Y. O ' DONNELL. EDWARD D. B.S. Cementon, Pa. OLSEN, JUDITH L. E. A. B. Glen Rock, N J. ORBAN, JOHN E. B. S. Coplay, Pa. PAPENHAUSEN, VIRGINIA A. B.S.B.A. Upper Saddle River, N.J. PAPPAS, PETER N. B.S. Flushing, N. Y. PARKS, BONNIE L. A.B. Baldwin, L. I„ N. Y. PARKS, RICHARD G. A. B. Allentown, Pa. PATTON, NICHOLAS W. B. S. Bloomfield, N. J. PAULES, EDWARD P. B.S. Haddonfield, N. J. PAULUS, LEON C. B.S. Easton, Pa. PENNOCK, RONALD B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. PEOPLES. WILLIAM J„ JR. B.S. Trexlertown, Pa. PETERS, JOHN E. A. B. Audubon, N. J. PETERSON, WILLIAM R. B. S. Levittown, Pa. PHILLIPS, DAVID R. B.S. Secane, Pa. PINK, DEBORAH E. A. B. Paterson, N. J. PIZZOLA, LORRAINE M. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. PLARR, CATHY C. A.B. Allentown, Pa. PONCHAK, JOHN G. A. B. Raritan, N. J. POPOLOW, MICHAEL L. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. POSIVAK. DAVID T. B.S.B.A. Bethlehem. Pa. PRUESS, PAUL G. A.B. Glendale, N. Y. QUIER, KATHLEEN M. A. B. Hellertown. Pa. RABERT. JOYCE 0. B. S. New Tripoli, Pa. RADZIO. ELSBETH M. A.B. Union. N. J. REEDER, JOANN M. A.B. Springfield, Pa. REINHART, RICHARD M„ JR. A.B. Broomall, Pa. REISEN WEAVER, HELEN D. A.B. Conyngham, Pa. REX. REXINE R. A.B. Allentown, Pa. RHOADES, CHARLES I. A. B. Nazareth, Pa. RISLEY. WALTER P. B. S. Kutztown, Pa. ROGERS, EMIL A. B.S . Trenton. N. J. ROSENBERG, JOHN B. 1 A.B. Allentown, Pa. ROTHMAN, MICHAEL L. B.S. Lehighton. Pa. RUTSCH. DONALD R. A. B. Teaneck, N. J. SAEGER, PETER M. B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. SAKS, JOSEPH J. B.S. Allentown, Pa. SATINSKY, JONATHAN D. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. SAUERWEIN, JOHN R. A.B. Haddonfield, N. J. SCHMIDT, EDWARD C. A.B. Philadelphia. Pa. SCHMIERER, ROBERT E. A. B. Elkins Park, Pa. SCHMOYER, IRVIN R. B. S. Allentown, Pa. SCHNESSEL, BENJAMIN S. A. B. Carbondale, Pa. SCHOENEMAN, FRANKLIN D. B. S.B.A. Pottsville, Pa. SCHOENLY, DONALD A. B.S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. SCHRADER, CHARLES J., JR. B.S. Alhurtis, Pa. SCHULZE, THOMAS B.S. Hatboro, Pa. SECHLER, ALMA M. B.S. Allentown, Pa. SEIBERT, WAYNE E. A. B. Catasauqua, Pa. SEIP, BARRY LEE D. B. S. Allentown, Pa. SEMMEL, BERNARD R. B.S. Lehighton, Pa. SHAFER, JOHN A. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. SHALLCROSS, WILLIAM S. B.S. Linwood, N. J. SHARPE, JAMES M. B.S. Wantagh, N. Y. SHEIDY, NICHOLAS J. A. B. Reading, Pa. SHELBERT. MICHAEL E. B. S. Bel-Air, Md. SHERRERD. FREDERICK W. A. B. Haddonfield, N. J. SHUPE, SANDRA L. B. S. Creamery, Pa. SIEFERT, KARL F. B.S. Allentown. Pa. SIMPSON, JAMES D. B.S.B.A. Springfield, Pa. SMITH, FREDERICK E. A.B. Camp Hill, Pa. SMITH, RUTH M. BS.. Wilkes-Barre. Pa. SMITH. WALTER E. A.B. Norristown, Pa. SOLL. LOUISE H. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. SOLLIDAY, JOHN D. A. B. Allentown. Pa. SPINOSA, SHIRLEY A. B. S. Allentown, Pa. STAHLEY, JOANNE R. A. B. Allentown. Pa. STEIGERWALT, JANICE J. B. S. Andreas, Pa. STEIN, IRA A. B.S. Philadelphia. Pa. STEINBERG, KENNETH H. A.B. Woodbury, N. J. STOCKTON. LYNNE M. A. B. Pittston, Pa. STOLBER. ROBERT L. B. S. Philadelphia. Pa. STOW, BARRY A. A. B. Allentown, Pa STRICKLAND, MELVIN J. B. S.B.A. Warminster, Pa STRINGER, DOROTHY E. A.B. Absecon, N. J TAYLOR, SANDRA L. A. B. Morwood, Pa TRAUTWEIN, ERHARD C. B. S. Coopersburg. Pa TRUITT, JOHN F. A. B. Darby, Pa TLIRTZO, JOHN A. B. S. Pen Argyl, Pa WAGGONER, DONALD E„ JR B.S. Hudson, N. Y WEISENBACH, RICHARD A. B.S. Southampton, Pa. WEISS, ALLEN J. B.S. Allentown, Pa. WEISS, JEFFREY A. A.B. Rockville Centre, N. Y. WENTZ, DEAN J. A. B. Maple Shade, N. J. WETTER AU, RICHARD K. B. S.B.A. Mountain Lakes, N. J. WIESENBERGER. STUART K. B.S. Allentown, Pa. WILL, RICHARD S. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. WILSON, KAREN L. A.B. Rochester, N. Y. WALKER. MICHAEL L. B.S. Philadelphia. Pa. WALLACE, PETER H. A. B. Newton Square, Pa. WALLACE. WILLIAM F. B. S. Ashland. Pa. WALSH, PATRICK J. A. B. Reading, Pa. WALTERS. BARRY E. B. S.B.A. Easton, Pa. WARD. CATHERINE R. A. B. Allentown, Pa. WEAVER. BERDEL W. B. S. Andreas. Pa. WEBB. OLIN S. B.S.B.A. Catasauqua. Pa. WEBSTER. HAROLD J. B.S. Towanda, Pa. WEIKEL. LARRY F. A.B. Sellersville. Pa. WEIKERT. SIDNEY G. A.B. Gettysburg. Pa. WOLF. RICHARD N. B.S.B.A. Lanark. Pa. WORTHINGTON, HARRIET P. A.B. Belleville, N. J. WULFF. RODNEY P. A. B. Glen Rock. N. J. YERGEY. ALFRED L.. Ill B. S. Willow Grove. Pa. YOST. JAMES S. B.S. Paulsboro. N. J. YOUNG. WILLIAM 0. B.S. Shamokin. Pa. ZADZORA, TIMOTHY P. B.S. Catasauqua. Pa. ZEITLIN, MARK H. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. ZELLNER. JUDITH E. A.B. Allentown. Pa. ZLMMERMANN. DEL E. A.B. Hasbrouck Heights. N. J. 75 ACTIVITIES 76 F Xr i . A1 c. I CITY STAFF Muhlenberg Weekly Serving Muhlenberg since 1883 SPORTS STAFF Telephone — Allentown HE 3-3191, Ext. 221 TERRY O ' BRIEN Editor-In-Chief MAR6B SOS City Editor CHUCK TREXLER Managing Editor BOB ROSENHEIM BARBARA FRETZ Sports Editor Feature Editor WALT BLUE PAUL ZIEGER Associate City Editor Associate Feature Editor City Staff: Glen Davis ’60, Edwina Heil ’61, Barry Leighton ’61, Jerry Maddock 61, A1 Kohout ’62, Richard Graefe ’63, Armand Katz ’63, Cathy Ward ’63. Feature Staff: Eileen Krause ’60, Pete Skutches ’60, Jan Horvath ’61, Myron Hyman ’61, Betsy Kenely ’61, Ed Ost ’61, June Renninger ’61, Anne Jorgenson ’62, Bob Bohm ’63, Jeff Burnoski ’63. Sports Page: Barney Barnes ’62, Carol Decker ’62, Martin Miner ’62, Ronnie Sloane ’62, Dick Jacobs ’63, Joe Klumpp ’63, Ed Myer ’63. Wenig ’62, N. Werther ’62. Photo Editor: Cliff Strehlow ’62. Asst. Photo Editor: Dick Stark ’62. Copy Editors: Mary Alice Ulrich ’62, Jim Monoco ’63. Office Managers: Pete Glenn ’61, Cookie Farr ’62. TED MEYER Business Manager TOM MENDHAM PHYLLIS LIPTAK BARRY COHEN Advertising Manager Asst. Business Manager Circulation Manager Owned and published by the students of Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania. Sub- scription — $1.50 per semester in advance. Published weekly during the academic year except Thanksgiving Recess, Christmas Vacation, Mid-year Recess and Easter Vacation. Entered as Second Class Matter, October 31, 1927, at the Post Office at Allentown, Pa., under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. FEATURE STAFF Ndembcr Intercollegiate Press Pssocided Cblle de Press Member CIRCULATION STAFF TERRY O’BRIEN Editor-in-Chief The Muhlenberg Weekly, Muhlenberg College’s student newspaper, has as its purpose the presentation of an unbiased view of campus life. The paper is pub- lished weekly during the academic year and has never missed a publication date since its establish- ment on campus in 1883. Back in 1883, the newspaper was published monthly and was known as The Muhlenberg Monthly. In 1888, the name The Muhlenberg was adopted and in 1914, when it began to be published every week, the present name of the Muhlenberg Weekly was ap- proved. The Weekly in conjunction with the student newspaper of Gettysburg College sponsored the an- nual “Tin Cup Trophy” at the Muhlenberg-Gettys- burg football game. Naturally the newspaper became involved in a number of campus controversies during the year. The annual April Fool edition was bigger than ever and was followed by the Weekly banquet at which time the staff for next year was officially an- nounced and awards were presented to graduating seniors. OFFICERS George Weckman Editor Richard Kern Assistant Editor Dr. Harold Stenger Advisor The M-Book is the official student handbook of Muhlenberg College. As a supplement to the College Bulletin, the M-Book provides information on the extra-curricular aspect of Muhlenberg and summarizes the academic, social, and registration regulations. The book contains the constitution of the student body, as well as a synopsis of the activities of each campus organization. A faculty directory, an Allentown church directory, and the complete college sports schedules, as well as a calendar of special events, completes the information available to the student. BOOK 80 — mm W BRPK mml f 4 | Top Row: G. Weckman, S. Fisher. Bottom Row: J. Maddock, T. Meyer, T. O’Brien. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Executive Secretary Ted Meyer Secretary Bob Donatelli Advisor Dr. Truman L. Koehler The members of the Publications Board are the editors-in-chief of the student publications and the associate members are the business managers of these publications. The purpose of this board is for the editors of th ese school publications to come together and establish close cooperation be- tween the publications on financial and editorial matters. Standing, left to right: Ute Lissy, Myron Katz, Charles Hanna, Gretchen Kleppinger. Seated, left to right: Edith Zimmermann, George Weckman, Alan Davis, Carol Lanz. ARCADE OFFICERS George Weckman Editor Dr. Harold Stenger Advisor The Arcade is a means by which talented writ- ers at Muhlenberg can give vent to creative ener- gies. The publication is produced once during each semester, and has become, in recent years, one of the finest collegiate magazines of its type. Short stories, poetry, artwork and essays are included in the publication. The staff is composed of a select group of students who have’ displayed outstanding ability in their creative attempts or in the handling of administrative work. Each manu- script is submitted to the staff which discusses the relative merits of it at weekly meetings. The Arcade is also active in sponsoring poetry readings and discussion groups, which may spur interest in and the creation of poetry and artistic prose. The Arcade serves, perhaps, one of the most vital purposes on this campus and should be a major source of pride to both the faculty and the student body. 82 STUDENT COUNCIL Top: G. Warner, R. Tengler, G. Kistler, R. Almquist, F. Moyer, B. Leighton, R. Harwood. Bottom: C. Trexler, R. Flaig, D. Auerbach. S. Dudak, J. Van Kempen, J. Mondschein, T. Carpenter. STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Stanley Dudak David Auerbach Ronald Flaig Jay Van Kempen This year under the direction of Student Coun- cil the new student parking lot was put to use. A new system for fining was established to cover parking violations. Council also continued to help in the establishment of the Student Court which promises to play an important part in future campus affairs. A great deal of work has been done by Coun- cil to establish a Social Code for the college. Al- though the Code has not yet been accepted a firm foundation has been laid. In the athletic field Council met with Ray Whispell, Athletic Director, to discuss some of the problems with which Muhlen- berg is faced. By completing work started by the previous Council and starting on new problems, this year’s Council has helped work towards a greater Muhlen- berg. 83 Top: C. Hottinger, C. Stump, J. Keiser, D. Gack. Bottom: B. Osborn, E. Jacobs, P. Missimer, J. Kuntzleman, S. Shipe. WOMEN ' S COUNCIL OFFICERS Patricia Missimer Jayne Kuntzleman Doris Oeljeklaus Amy Hawman Miss Anne G. Nugent President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor According to its constitution, the Women’s Council has been established for the purpose of promoting high standards of honor in all matters of conduct, co-operating with the faculty and all other student government organizations, helping to provide, establish, develop, and administer rules for group living, promoting the interest of women students in college sponsored activities, and pro- moting general co-operation among the women stu- dents. The Women’s Council consists of four officers, one representative from each major section of the dormitory, two commuter representatives, and two freshman representatives. Aside from its administrative responsibilities, the Women’s Council has the duty to organize ac- tivities pertaining to all the women students. Some of these activities include the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance, the Pajama Party, the Faculty Show, and the traditional Spring Sing and Ring Ceremony. 84 FRESHMAN TRIBUNAL MEMBERS John R. Mondshein, President Mr. Robert Hervey Mr. Robert Miller Miss Ettorina Fantozzi Mr. Barry Leighton Miss Edith Zimmerman Mr. Martin Abel Mr. Vincent Ajello Mr. Walter Barnes Mr. David Bernstein Mr. Michael Bidaman Mr. Alan Davis Mr. Leslie Erikson Mr. Thomas Mendham Miss Marianne Pulley The Freshman Tribunal was an appointed arm of the Student Council to assist in freshman orien- tation and to act as a disciplinary group to pass judgement and penalties upon infringements of the Freshman Regulations. The Tribunal, long the hazing leader on the campus, shifted its emphasis this year. It under- took to generate a strong college spirit among the freshmen by adding to its program such events as a tug-of-war with an opposing school, a huge pep-rally, and a program of group skit competition. This year was the last year for the Tribunal. The activities of the group were incorporated with the Big Brother program and The Freshman Week program into a whole new Student Orientation pro- gram. This will mean a complete absence of haz- ing by shifting the whole emphasis to a more positive approach of orientating incoming students. 85 Top row 1. to r.: C. Landis, T. Yocum, R. Wolfe, T. Marshall, L. Moyer. Bottom row 1. to r. : T. Romberg, P. Glenn, S. Salon- vonchik, R. Fisher, H. Reed. MEN ' S DORM COUNCIL OFFICERS P resident Serges J. Salivonchik Secretary Richard Fisher Treasurer Peter Glenn Advisors Mr. Harry A. Benfer, Dr. Claude E. Dierolf Consisting of twelve residents of the men’s dormitory, the Men’s Dormitory Council is a disciplinary arm of the Student Council, from which it receives its authority. The purpose of the Dormitory Council is to provide just and uniform discipline within the men’s residence halls and the dormitory areas. The intention of the Council is to encourage good citizenship, and, if necessary, to serve as a judicial body for administering disciplinary measures when equal rights, uniform procedures, and rules have been disregarded. The keystone of the Men’s Dormitory Council and the framework within which it operates in enforcing all dormitory rules and regulations is the Demerit System. Besides maintaining proper living and studying conditions, this year the Men’s Dormitory Council has undertaken the project of securing additional furniture for the recreation room in Martin Luther Hall. Also through this organization, each of the men’s residence halls has been identified with a plaque placed above its doorway. 86 Top row 1. to r.: C. Landis, T. Yocum, R. Wolfe, F. Marshall. L. Moyer. Bottom row 1. to r.: T. Romberg, P. Glenn, S. Salon- vonchik, R. Fisher, H. Reed. WMUH Bob Donatelli Jerry Maddock George Allen _ Harry D. Wood OFFICERS Station Manager Program Director Chief Engineer Advisor Now in its tenth year, WMUH is a student organization for the promotion of interest in radio broadcasting. Any student with such an interest is invited to join the organization. Positions are avail- able for radio programming, editing, engineering, and technical work. WMUH is a closed circuit radio network broad- casting on a frequency of 640 K.C. It is on the air seventeen hours per school day and five hours on Sunday Evenings. The studios, transmitter, and console have been, entirely renovated during the last two years. Another interesting feature is the United Press International wire service, which has been added recently. Student newscasts on an international, national, and local level are broadcast every hour. The staff of WMUH, originally a mere ten students, has now expanded to upwards of thirty students. Broadcasting is not limited to within the studios. Campus events and other local hap- penings are brought to the student either live or on tape. Projected for next year is the broadcasting of away sporting events. 87 Top row 1 to r.: J. Haas, L. Fetter, A. Stott, D. Fritch, T. Romberg, D. Wartluft, D. Hagey, M. Gehman. Bottom row 1. to r.: H. Gishlick, D. Gack, D. Krewson, G. Weckman, U. Lissy. MUHLENBERG CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor David Krewson George Weckman Doris Gack Herb Gishlick Dr. David Bremer The Muhlenberg Christian Association is a fellowship group of students and faculty at Muhlen- berg College, united by a common loyalty to Jesus Christ. The members seek to understand the will of God through worship, study, and action and strive to realize it in both personal and social living. Meeting every second and fourth Monday even- ing of each month, the M. C. A. strives to en- able greater student participation in its program and to render itself more to student needs by hav- ing six standing committees: The Worship Com- mittee, which promotes understan ding and appreci- ation of the Christian faith on campus through special worship services, distribution of devotional literature, and service in the chapel such as in the Altar Guild; The Service Committee, which is in charge of the World University Service drive; The Publicity and Membership Committee; The Social Committee; The Institute of Faith Committee, which conducts a religious emphasis week on campus; The Religious Art and Drama Committee, which promotes religious arts on campus and spon- sors a religious play. The work of these committees is unified by the Executive Council which consists of four officers. 88 Top row 1. to r.: G. Weckman, D. Fritch, J. Haas. Bottom row 1. to r.: E. Smeltz. H. Gishlick, T. Romberg, M. Gehman. INSTITUTE OF FAITH OFFICERS Chairman Dick Kern Treasurer Herb Gishlick Corresponding Secretary Dave Williams Recording Secretary Ted Romberg Advisor The Reverend Jesse Renninger The Institute of Faith, a permanent committee of the Muhlenberg Christian Association, annually presents programs concerned with Christianity and the contemporary world. Outstanding Christian leaders and scholars are brought to the Muhlen- berg campus to take part in the type of program designed to appeal to students’ intellectual curiosity, interests, and problems. The theme of the program this year was “Christianity and the Arts,” the major speaker being Dr. Nathan A. Scott, Jr. of the Federated Theological Faculty at the University of Chicago. In his chapel presentations, discussions, and semi- nars Dr. Scott addressed the student body on the problem of the human situation in modern liter- ature. Also included in the program were a drama. Waiting for Godot ■ a concert given by Ludwig Lenel and Walter Carringer, tenor; a co ntemporary art exhibit; an art lecture by Richard Hirsch. di- rector of the Allentown Art Museum: and an Ash Wednesday Holv Communion service. 89 CHAPEL CHOIR Ludwig Lenel George Weckman William Brobst Patricia Forschner Gene Dieter Richard Horn Ruth Terry Marcia Gehman Director Organist Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Librarian Librarian The College Choir, with a full complement of 84 members, began its activities for the 1959-1960 season by singing at the Quakertown Lutheran Church in celebration of the one hundred-fiftieth an- niversary of its founding. On Reformation Sunday it sang at Christ Church in Hazleton, Penna. Con- certs were also given at Audubon, N. J., Phila- delphia, Egypt, and Sinking Spring, Penna. Short- ly before the Christmas recess, the choir partici- pated in the traditional candlelight service in Egner Chapel. Immediately following the Easter recess, the group, accompanied by members of the Allentown Symphony Orchestra, presented a Bach cantata, Christ Lay In Death’s Dark Prison. The highlight of the season’s activities was the mid-semester tour. Traveling approximately 1,100 miles, the choir sang for more than 3000 people. The tour took the choir members to Teaneck, N. J., Annadale, Hollis, Amsterdam. Rochester, Syracuse, N. Y., Attleboro, Mass., and Wilkes Barre, Penna. The small choir, in its second year of existence, continued its activities with concerts at Bethlehem and Pocono Manor Inn, Mount Pocono, Penna. Linder the direction of Mr. Lenel and Mr. Robin- son, this group presented Kurt Weil’s Down In The Valley, a folk opera. At the present time plans are being made for next year’s tour. The choir is also planning to make its fourth L. P. recording this spring. 90 JOHN A. W. HAAS PRE-THEOLOGICAL CLUB OFFICERS David J. Wartluft President Richard D. Kern Vice-President David Fritch Secretary Ronald Wolf Treasurer Chaplain David Bremer Advisor The John A. W. Hass Pre-theological Club is an organization of students preparing to enter theological seminaries. The purpose of the club’s functions is to stimulate the minds of the mem- bers to explore and more fully understand the various aspects of their intended vocation. In addition to considering various theological, social, and practical problems which a pre-theological student faces, the club also seeks to aid in deepen- ing and strengthening the spiritual lives of its members. The name of the club now bears is in honor of the Muhlenberg College president who was in- strumental in the formation of this group in 1933 . Carrying out the year’s theme. ‘ ' Modern Con- siderations of a Pre-theological Student”, various clergymen, scholars, and laymen serve as speakers and discussion leaders at the meetings. The prep- aration of a Pre-theological Student — Dr. Staack; Considering the Problem of Death — Pastor Mohr; The Musical Heritage of the Church — Professor Lenel; The Ecumenical Movement — Pastor Berk- emeier; The Place of the Confessions in the Church — Pastor Engdahl; Modern Man and the Sacrament — Pastor Teter; Dealing with Life Situations — Pastor Keller; and a program on ecclesiastical art plus a trip to the Cloisters in New ork are the highlight meetings of the year. 91 MUHLENBERG BAND OFFICERS President Richard Fisher Vice President Conrad Weiser Recording Secretary Patricia Pierce Corresponding Secretary Lorraine Buzas Advisors Mr. Albertus L. Meyers The instrumental music program at Muhlen- berg is embodied in the marching and concert bands. It aims to round out the liberal arts edu- cation by providing the opportunity for the re- hearsal and performance of music from the modern band repertoire, as well as acting as good will ambassadors for the college. These aims are realized under the expert di- rection of Mr. Albertus L. Meyers, who also leads the world-famous Allentown Band, at athletic events, especially football game half-time shows. the spring carnival, and concerts in the Chapel, Memorial Hall, and area high schools. Band per- sonnel are often utilized to accompany the excel- lent choral groups appearing in the Chapel Con- cert Series. The marching band has grown to fifty members and has enjoyed a successful season under Drum Major Ed Kline. Through a schedule of rigorous rehearsals, the Muhlenberg Band has earned a well deserved place in the Lehigh Valley music circles, the cradle of American bandsmen. 92 M h j Wl i Jf 1 4 v ' ' ■ ' ' A I T- L m A yrC! T y V Top row 1. to r. : G. West, C. Hanna, J. Weiss, D. MacGeorge, R. Foley. Bottom row 1. to r. : B. Leighton, H. Aristotle. C. Strehlow. J. Maddock, M. Linnett, W. Durham. JAZZ SOCIETY President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Advisor OFFICERS Jerome Maddock Robert Donatelli Clifford Strehlow William Durham Claude E. Dierolf In this, its fifth year on Muhlenberg’s campus, The Muhlenberg Jazz Society was able to present a first. The Randy Weston quartet and female vocalist Hoagie Maggot were sponsored here as this college’s first package jazz concert. The Preachers, a local group, were also presented here by the Society. Its primary purpose is to promote an appreci- ation for jazz on campus and to feature jazz con- certs throughout the academic year. Discussion groups, jam sessions, and record listenings are featured at the regular meetings. The wide variety of fields in this controversial musical form afford the student with an interest and appreciation when approached from various tangents by such means. Membership is extended to any student with an interest in jazz or to anyone who desires to develop an appreciation of jazz. All members have an opportunity to plan and to take an active part in the preparation of jazz concerts. 93 lop row 1. to r. : I. Dihoff, T. Mendham, R. Almquist, J. Barnes, A. Kohout, M. Touss, R. Feldman. ' Bottom row 1. to r. : M. Sos, J. Grimm, H. Gishlick. J. Weidner, C. Hottinger. MASK AND DAGGER SOCIETY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser OFFICERS Jim Grimm Herb Gishlick Pat Shalter Marge Sos Dr. Andrew H. Erskine Under the practiced direction of Professor Andrew H. Erskine, the Mask and Dagger Society has added two more successful productions to its record this year, with the fall production of The Poor of New York and the spring play, The Male Animal. The fall melodrama reatured Sylvia Mull as Lucy Fairweather, the pure-hearted heroine, with Robert Alto as her hero. Ivan Dihoff, the moustach- ed villain, attempts to swindle Mrs. Fairweather and her son Paul, played by Marge Gonzalez and Alfred Kohout, of their family fortune, but al- though assisted by his daughter, Lorraine Pizzola, the money of old Captain Fairweather (Val Mahan ) is left to its rightful owners, and the villain comes to a just and unhappy end. The Male Animal pits brains versus brawn against the setting of a small midwestern college. Earnest young Professor Tommy Turner and his wife, played by Martin Ruoss and Judy Burroughs, find their lives disturbed by the simultaneous ap- pearance of Glenn Johns, Mrs. Turner’s former football star boy friend, and a campus crisis. Mrs. Turner’s younger sister. Janice Weidner, finds her- self in much the same triangle situation between Alfred Kohout and Ted Miers. The mild-mannered dean of the college, Alan Davis, and blustering trustee Thomas Mendham complete the merry mix- up which at last comes to a happy solution. Besides providing entertainment for the student body and the citizens of Allentown. Mask and Dag- ger gives its members practical experience in all aspects of stagecraft. 94 Top row 1. to r. : E. Davis, M. Hoy, A. Jacobs, G. Kistler, F. Sherred, R. Brown. M. Kurtz, C. Schappelle, T. Mendham. Second row 1. to r.: T. Pry, E. Myer, D. MacGeorge, F. Truitt, R. Roth, R. Smith, R. Foley. J. Wenner. Bottom row 1. to r.: P. Cistone, R. Jacobs, R. Anderson, T. Meyer, R. Almquist, R. Harwood. CARDINAL KEY SOCIETY Officers 1959-60 President Dick Anderson-1960 Vice-President Ted Rindfleisch-1960 Secretary-Treasurer Murray Seidel-1961 Since its conception on May 28, 1940, by six members of the class of 1942, the Cardinal Key Society has dedicated itself to promoting a greater Muhlenberg through extension of cheerful service to the college and good will to visitors on campus. The Society was the idea of a Muhlenberg minded student, Ray Turner. Ray saw a need for a welcom- ing committee to Muhlenberg’s many guests and a service society available to anyone on campus who might call upon it. Now twenty years later, the Cardinal Key Society’s twenty-eight brothers are still promoting the ideals of this honorary service organization. The Cardinal Key Society consists of seven members from each of the three upper classes, with seven Freshmen being elected after a competitive pledgeship in their first semester. Eight associate brothers, who though not voting members, partici- pate in the activities of the Society and complete the membership role. During the past year the organization instituted a training period for pro- spective freshmen, seven of whom were initiated into the Society to fill the vacancies created In graduating members. The Cardinal Key men usher at special chapel services. Mask and Dagger production, the Movie Series, Boy Scout Day, Mopsy Day, Parents Day, the Sunday Concert Series, and this year the Boston Pops and Rodger Williams concerts. The men of Cardinal Key regularly usher prospective students around- the campus and aid at the grad- uation ceremonies. Through all these activities. Cardinal Key men strive to serve Muhlenberg in every possible way to further a favorable impression with all who visit and with all who are associated with Muhlen- berg College. 95 Left to Right: Richard Fisher, Morris Linett. FORENSIC COUNCIL President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Leon Silverman Irving Chasen Morris Linett Dick Kirschenbaum Dr. Andrew Erskine The purpose of the Muhlenberg Forensic Council is to give those students with debating ability an opportunity to publicly display their talent and to increase their skill through exper- ience. After a year’s inactivity the club became reactivated because of increased student and facul- ty interest. During the month of April the club sponsored a political debate which included faculty and student members and Mr. Curtin and Mr. Toll, members of the House of Representatives. The debate concerned the general topic of 1960 elec- tion issues. Also in April the topic, “Resolved that college is the best place to get an education.” was debated between the faculty and student members of the club. Debates with other colleges and uni- versities in the East were planned for the com- ing fall. Next year the Forensic Council hopes to send its new members to the Middle Atlantic Novice Debate Tournament, in addition to enter- ing the annual debating tournaments held at Brook- lyn College and Cornell University. 96 Top row: L to R, C. Barlow, R. Horn, M. Toffer, P. Glenn, R. Rosenheim. Bottom row: L to R, T. Smith, J. Gray, J. Block, H. Freiman. SOCIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS John Gray Glenn Davis Tom Smith Robert Taborn Dr. Morris Greth Mr. David Thomas President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Advisor Advisor The Muhlenberg Sociological Society is an or- ganization devoted to the scientific study of human social life. Organized in 1949, the Society has risen to a position of prominence at Muhlenberg college. The members of the society are from every field of study brought together by a common desire to explore more fully group life and social interaction and their affect upon the individual personality. The Society’s activities include discussion groups, speakers, and film strips. One of this year’s highlights was a speaker on Puerto Rican problem. Also proving quite beneficial to ali was a field trip to New York City. 97 Front row 1. to r.: Dr. Boyer, Jim Grimm, Taimi Toffer, E. Helfrich, Dr. Smart. Second row 1. to r.: Sally Weaver, Wilson Gum, John Simpson, Charles Juell, Christine Toffer. SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Ernst Helfrich Tiatni Toffer Dr. Boyer, Dr. Smart President Vice President Advisors The Science Club was founded for the purpose of promoting interest and understanding in the field of Natural Science. The club, which meets monthly, endeavors to bring outstanding personalities in education, re- search. and industry in the scientific field to the campus in order to present talks on various aspects of science. During the past year the Science Club has dis- cussed such fascinating scientific topics as astrology and alchemy. Following the lectures were question and answer periods which were generally quite spirited. It is hoped that in the coming year we will he able to hear speakers on “bird calls,” and “the supernatural in the Lehigh Valley.” 98 Standing: left to right. Ute Lissy, George Wecknian, David Wartluft. Ewald Kalmbach, Ted Romberg, Jo Ann Orrman, Ralph Stoesser, Gene Dieter. Seated: left to right, Irmgard Englehard, Alice Mathison, Howard Reed, Art Stephens, Jayne Kuntzleman. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN Helmut Germer __ Howard Reed Arnold Steffans _ Alice Matheison Robert Dreher Dr. John Brunner OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Advisor Der Deutsche Verein. the first departmental or- ganization of our college, was founded by Dr. Preston A. Barba in the year 1925. The concept of using German as a living language outside the classroom was the primary aim of the organization. Ultimately this purpose was put into effect by our Verein forefathers. Through the years interest in our organization rose and fell. The history of the Verein had its high- points and its low points, hut never in its entire history was interest altogether eliminated “Das Deutsche ist und bleibt unter uns!” During the past year the Verein enjoyed several excellent programs In the fall the emphasis was on the cultural, where as in the spring the emphasis was on the social. We heard Dr. Staack. Dr. Brun- ner. and Dr. Meyer deliver stimulating talks on sub- jects connected with Germany. A German feature film was shown depicting the first half of the 20th century. At an old red schoolhouse, “sans electri- citee” we held a spring dance, at which our West Hall directoress, Mrs. Heinneman. acted as guest of honor. With the current emphasis on language, we pre- dict a growing Deutsche Verein leading to a better understanding of the German language and culture and above all creating a better Muhlenberg. Those of us who are graduating this year say to our Alma Mater: Muhlenberg wir danken dir! Front row .1 to r.: Vince Rosso, Robert Dolan, David Hoover, Albert Beers, Joseph Berghold. Second row 1. to r.: I. Young, C. Gordon Warner, Charles Hanna. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Robert G. Droffner Gordon Warner John V. Young Joe Berghold Terry Hartman President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Program Director ADVISORS John Voyatzis John Ferguson The organization was founded in 1955 and strives to stimulate a greater academic and intel- lectual interest in important economic problems. This objective is accomplished by field trips to sur- rounding business and industrial sites and by monthly discussions revolving around various dis- tinguished guest speakers. The Business and Economics Club has. through its varied and diverse program, both informed and aided its membership in understanding and coping with the problems which they will later face as members of industry and as citizens. The organization has strived, in the past, to sup- plement the strictly academic training received in the classroom with the practical experiences and views of those who actually practice those academic principles. 100 First row 1. to r.: R. Klaus, A. Romatausky, P. Missimer, M. Rachmihl. E. Wolfe. R. Hagemann. Second row I. to r.: R. Sloan, E. Nase, V. Shankweiler. J. Block, S. Chaplin, G. Keishner, N. Werther, G. Sweeder. Third row 1. to r.: M. Peiers, D. Williams, E. Jacobi, I. Bash, W. Parkes, R. Miller, M. Popolow, B. Cohen, J. Devoress, J. Blood, R. Feldman. Fourth row 1. to r.: M. Seidel. G. Kistler, A. Steffans, I. Marshall, G. Nicholas, G. Reeves, P. Mensell, A. Hoberman, D. Paskin. PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS Jerry Block Richard Inskip Stanley S. Chaplin Edgar Nace Dr. John V. Shankweiler President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor The Pre-Medical Society of Muhlenberg was founded in 1931 by Dr. John V. Shankweiler. The society has gradually developed until it has become one of the largest organizations on campus. Mem- bership in the club is open to any student who de- sires to enter the medical profession, who has com- pleted at least one year of college, and who has maintained at least a C average in freshman chem- istry. The Society’s program is designed to give its members a glimpse of as many different phases of the medical profession as possible, thus bringing the student into a more personal contact with his future profession. The major event of the 1959-60 year was an overnight trip to New York City where the mem- bers visited the Downstate Center of the New York State Medical College. The bimonthly meetings included various films and speakers, who included Dr. Amaedo Bondi, Chairman of the Department of Microbiology at the Hahnemann Medical College: Dr. Feezer. Superin- tendent of the Allentown State Hospital: Dr. Har- oun Shamai. a graduate of Muhlenberg and a prac- ticing physician in Bagdad for eleven years; and Dr. Nye, Assistant Dean of Jefferson Medical Col- lege. 101 Top row 1. to r. : B. Leighton, J. Almeida, C. Holder, M. Hyman. Bottom row 1. to r.: G. Davis, C. Trexler, J. Mondschein, E. Fantozzi. JOHN MARSHALL PRE LAW CLUB OFFICERS John R. Mondschein President C. DeForrest Trexler Secretary-Treasurer Dr. J. Edgar Swain Advisor Uie John Marshall Pre-Law Club was founded in 1932 under the leadership of the late Dr. Henry R. Mueller. The club fosters a program which outlines the aspects and opportunities of the legal profes- sion. Any student interested in the study of law may be admitted to membership in the club. The club’s meetings are stimulated by discussions with prominent lawyers and law school representatives, on matters pertaining to the law. The organization’s advisor is Dr. James E. Swain, chairman of the History and Political Science department. 102 Front row 1. to r.: Edward Callahan, David Hoover, Ralph Bornaman, Thomas Wargo, Charles Holder. Second row 1. to r.: Steve Fisher, Barry Leighton, Robert Rosenheim, Edward Kombach, Douglas Troyer, Gordon Warner. Third row 1. to r. : Luther Moyer. Vice Rosso. Fredick Schwenck, Ronald Druckenmiller, Ralph Stosser, E. Yost. VARSITY “M” CLUB OFFICERS Ralph Borneman Robert Pearsons Don Nicol Gordie Warner Dr. Kenneth Webb __ President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Advisor The “M” Club is an organization which is com- posed of Muhlenberg athletes who have achieved a varsity letter in any one of the intercollegiate sports. Its purpose is to create a friendly and healthy in- teraction between the Muhlenberg athletes. In ful- filling this purpose, the club meets every month, sponsors the “M” Club vs. Faculty baseball game, and annually awards a trophy to the outstanding junior athlete of the year. 103 Front row 1. to r.: Eleanor Jacobs. Elizabeth Kenely, Carolyn Seeburger, Mededith Bottunr, Barbara Kerman, Phyllis Kiptak, Anita Leone. Second row 1. to r.: Henry Kimmel. Madeline Egner. Doris Cangwer. Diane White. Martin Ruoss, Brenda Hauser, Jayne Kuntzleman. Erlward Callahan. I. other Moyer. EDUCATION SOCIETY OFFICERS Robert Miller Meredith Bottum Fred Schwenk Ed Callahan Dr. William M. French President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor The main function of the Education Society is to acquaint the future teacher with the many dif- ferent facets of education wi th which he will be faced when he begins to teach. In accordance with this function this past sear’s programs have con- sisted of such discussions between high school stu- dents and members of the organization concerning what attributes students look for and admire in a teacher, reports from student teachers about their experiences and various other programs all dealing with actual situations present students will encounter upon entering their chosen profession. The societv has become more active this past academic year because of the setting up of an elementary education curriculum, which has result- ed in the enlargement of the organization’s member- ship. Because the society membership consists of both secondary and elementary education students, the club plans to have in the future divided pro- grams once or twice a year with special features for each group. Membership in the Education Society allows the student to become a member also of the Student National Education Association or the teachers’ association which the student will become affiliated with upon graduation and entrance into actual teaching. 104 STUDENT COURT Thomas McCabe Chief Justice Kenneth Andreozzi Robert Bartholemew Albert Stott Albert Beers Leon Silverman Donald Hoffman Mary Alice Ulrich Margaret Sos The Student Supreme Court of Muhlenberg Col- lege was voted for and accepted by the student body last year. At present, it is operating with de facto recognition by the President of the College, pending acceptance of its constitution by the Faculty. Members of the Court are from the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore classes, and are appointed by the Student Council. Once appointment lias been made, the members retain their seats on the Court until graduation or resignation. Cases that the Court has thus far acted upon in- clude breaches of both academic and social regula- tions. It is this body’s responsibility to recommend the necessary penalties to the Administration. Nine members comprise the body of the Court. There is one Chief Justice who presides over every hearing and meeting which the Court might have. 105 Front row 1. to r.: Michael Peters, Gordon West. Second row 1. to r : Morris Linnett, Jerry Block. CHESS CLUB OFFICERS G. Michael Peters President Jerry Block Vice-President Fred Bomberger Treasurer Gordon West Corresponding Secretary Edith Zimmerman Recording Secretary Minotte M. Chatfield Advisor The Chess Club was organized in the fall of 1955 under the advisorship of Mr. Chatfield. The club has enjoyed a rapid growth since then and presently has a membership of approximately 15. The purpose of the organization is to encourage student interest in the game of chess. The club is open to those students who either want to learn to play chess or those wishing to improve their game. The meetings, which are every second and fourth Monday of the month, are devoted to competition between the members. This gives the members an opportunity to learn new moves and to perfect old ones. The club also has competed in inter-collegiate meets. This year the chess club traveled to Prince- ton University, Penn State University, Kutztown State College, and Franklin and Marshall College. It is hoped that in the future there will be an even greater number of inter-collegiate meets. In addition to these meets, there is an annual chess match with the Muhlenberg faculty, and a team sent to the Pennsylvania Inter-Collegiate Team Chess Cham- pionship. 106 Back row: left to right. T. Haines. C. Hanna. H. Reed. A. Downie, J. Aimeida. Front row ' : left to right. Mr. Balldrige. A. Beers. A. Verzino, R. Dolan. I. Snyder. VETERANS’ CLUB OFFICERS Tony Verzino A1 Beers Andrew Downie Ivan Snyder Mr. Edward Baldridge President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor The Veterans’ Club, officially organized on November 2. 1957, was founded to provide assist- ance and advice concerning problems and adjust- ments to college life and to provide a means for social adjustments for all veterans of Muhlenberg College. The club, which meets twice a month, is restrict- ed in membership to students who have served at least six months of active dutv in the F nited States Armed Services. One of the highlights of the year was the suc- cessful continuance of the serv ice project with Top- ton Orphans Home. In connection with this project the club acted as hosts to a group of boys from the orphanage at an athletic event. 107 Standing: left to right. W. Countess. J. Finnegan. W. Durham, C. Strehlow, W. Brobst, W. Kinter, B. Michael. Seated: left to right, M. Ruoss, C. Alexy, G. Klepringer, F. Busch, E. Zimmerman. G. Allen, A. Davis. POETRY WORKSHOP ADVISORS Dr. William Kinter Mi ss Bessie Michael I he Poetry Workshop was originated in 1060 by a group of Muhlenberg students and has three main purposes: to encourage the writing of poetry and to improve the work produced h regular meet- ings for criticism and discussion of poems: to pro- tide an outlet for poems written bv members through public readings and a small, privateh pub- lished magazine: and to hate contemporart poets of known reputation to read their own works on Muhlenberg’s campus. Although most of the members at present are Muhlenberg students, the organization is not offici- ally a part of Muhlenberg and membership is open to anyone upon consideration of poems submitted. Thi s year Charles Hanna is editing a mimeo- graphed magazine called New Poets which will be distributed to bookstores across the country. The group has read for various local groups, including Hope United Church of Christ. The West End kiwanis Club, the Bath Lions ' Club, a group of sec- ondary school English teachers, and St. George’s Syrian Orthodox Church. On March 21 members of the workshop read on campus. 1 heir purpose in these readings, in addition to obtaining an audience for their works, to show to the general public mod- ern trends in poetry and to create interest in new poetry. In conjunction with their third aim. the group has brought Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Robert Duncan to the campus for readings. They feel that these two poets represent the best in contemporary poetry. 108 Front row 1. to r.: Susan Vanderhyde, Janice Snyder, Linda Levine. Ettorina Fantozzi, David Bernstein. Judith Vanderhyde. Second row 1. to r. : Patricia De Lawter, A. DeCherney, Myron Hymen, Edward Ost. Nelia Levenson. John Mver, David Voehl. Fredrick Bush. Third row 1. to r.: Stu Taubert, J. Miller. John Croon, Richard Baer. Kenneth Davis, Kenneth Androzzi. POLITICAL SCIENCE CONFERENCE OFFICERS Ettorina Fantozzi President Theodore Wachs Vice-President David Bernstein Treasurer Linda Levine Corresponding Secretary Mr. II. Dunseth Wood Advisor Founded only a year ago, the Political Science Conference of Muhlenberg College is the youngest and fastest growing club on campus. Founded last year by twelve students, the club has grown to its present membership of 32. The Political Science Conference has as its aim: the exploration of all phases of government, and the understanding of international problems and how they effect our everyday lives. Under the guidance of our advisor. Professor Wood, the club has done many interesting things in this, its second year of existence. On election day the members went to Philadelphia where, under the sponsorship of the Committee of 70. they became election monitors; getting a good view of local politics in action. The club, later in the semester, had an interview with Mayor Dilworth of Philadel- phia. Through this interview, the members got an idea of the problems of running one of the nations largest cities. Some of the club members also went to Kutztown where there was a national collegiate conference on government. For the future are planned trips to survey na- tional and state levels of government, as well as films and speakers. The club also, through its tie-in with the Foreign Policv Association, has the op- portunity of hearing many foreign dignitaries speak on world problems. The membership is open to all students with an interest in our modern government and the world around us. 109 SPORTS 110 Knir " ' IF $y -■ • m Mr 1j ■ r» ' - al M 1 jjHr 1 B Mr ML , JH First row: Joseph B. Blood, Jr.. David J. Kelly. Richard J. Makoul, Wilford A. Weber, Robert A. Butz, John F. Fegelein, Raymond E. Dymond. Donald G. Balslev, Edgar L. Yost, Phillip C. Ehrig. Second row: Robert L. Pearsons (co-captain); Edward B. Stauffer, G. Thomas Wargo, David W. Jones, Martin D. Renshaw, Edward R. Callahan. Ewald Kalmbach, Merle D. Wolfe, Roland T. House- knecht, James R. Orr (co-captain). Third row: Charles R. Kuntzleman, William J. Burton, David P. Narsico, John E. Donmoyer, Cyrus J. Ohnmacht. Jr., Vincent S. Ajello, Arnold A. Hoberman, Clifford W. Roth, Vincent R. Rosso, Frederick N. Schwenk. Fourth row: Richard J. Sterner (manager); Beneval H. Schoellkopf, J. Ralph Borneman, F. Herbert Owens, Glenn F. Johns, Milton R. Russell, Kenneth A. Stauffer. Craig A. Moyer, Frank H. Sivitz, Frank P. Ifkovits, C. George, “Skip” Werley, (manager). VARSITY COACHING STAFF Standing: left to right. Joe .1. Federico, Austin Short. Seated: left to right. James Kozlowski, Raymond J. Whispell, William A. Flamish. 112 The 1959 season proved to be a tough one for the Muhlenberg football team. Hampered by in- juries and bad breaks they were only able to post a 3-6 record which was one of the poorest in a number of years. It was the first losing season for head coach Ray Whispell who had a record of 4-4 for each of his three previous seasons. Pre season predictions figured that the Mules would be a formidable opponent against anyone on the schedule. The Mules had 16 lettermen and a backfield which figured to be among the best in the East. The only trouble spot was in some parts of the line. The loss of Ed Yost for most of the season was one of the key factors in our loss of scoring punch. Led by their captains Bob Pearsons and Jimmy Orr the gridders won the opener against a rugged Scranton team. Emerging as one of the stars was sophomore sensation Rollie Houseknecht the Mule quarterback. His sharp passing was a key factor in the Mule offense all season. Three men including Merle Wolfe, Herb Owens and outstanding sopho- more Charlie Kuntzleman scored touchdowns against the Royals. The final score was 21-12. The following week against a powerful Lafayette team the Mules played their finest game of the year only to succumb 19-6. Five times the bridders were inside the Leopard 20 yet they only scored one time. Rollie Houseknecht outstanding quarterback completed 15 of 37 tosses for 194 yards. His pin- point passing kept the Mules in the thick of things the whole afternoon. The Leopards who had two and three deep at each position could not wear out the inspired Mule team. The next week the Mules hit the winning side again as they downed an inspired Temple team 14-13. This was probably the most exciting game of the year as Berg pulled it out in the closing minutes of the game. It took a 76 yard pass play from Houseknecht to Owens to win the game. Owens after catching the pass just outran the last Owl defender for the winning tally. This win put the Mules season record at 2-1. 113 A stubborn Lebanon Valley team picked up a quick touchdown after a Mule fumble and then held on to pull out a 12-7 upset win over Berg. The Mule s got back in contention on a beautiful 63 yard touchdown run by the leading ground gainer of the Mules Herb Owens. This was not enough and the loss put the record at 2-2 for the vear. The traditional battle for the Tin Cup proved to lie a heart breaker as the gridders lost their second straight game by the identical score of 12-7. The Mules scored on a blocked kick which Vince Rosso picked up and ran over for the score. The Bullets put the game on ice when they intercepted a pass and on the following plav scored. The Mules, hoping to end their losing streak faced a strong Hofstra squad in the rain and were not able to generate a strong offense. Hofstra in rolling to an easy 18-0 win kept their undefeated record intact. This was the third straight loss for the Mules and brought the record to 2-4. SeemingL to have the game all wrapped up the Mules lost their fourth straight game to Albright in the last 59 seconds of play. An 8 yard Chapman to Olivo pass broke the hack of a Berg team that had just rallied to take the lead 22-20 with just 2:20 left in the game. Less than two minutes later the Lions came back to take the lead and hold it until the end. The final score was 27-22. The Mules went down to their fifth straight de- feat at the hands of F M. 22-6. The Diplomats show- ed all around balance to send Berg to an overall 2-6 record. In the finale of the year the Mules finally came out of their slump to play one of their better games as they downed Moravian 20-8. This strong win soothed an otherwise poor season. The Mules ended up with a 3-6 overall record. Co-captains Bob Pearsons and Jim Orr will be departing along with other key men including Herb Owens. Glenn Johns, Ralph Borneman and Ben Schoelkopf. 114 115 Standing L. to R. Coach Theisen, R. Klaus, F. Marshall, D. Ochs, R. Gougher. Kneeling L. to R. X. Harrier, E. Rourke, G. West, 0. Breinig. CROSS COUNTRY Muhlenberg ' s cross country team coached hv Chuck Theisen was not able to gain a win as they posted a poor 0-4- 1 record. The small Muhlenberg squad consisted of six men at the most. We came close in a few meets but lack in depth hurt us. The Mules dropped the opener to a strong Lafayette squad 15-49. In cross country low score wins. The Leopards ran away with the first six places. Gordon West was the first Mule runner to finish for a seventh place. Against Lehigh both the Mule Varsity and Freshmen teams were defeated. Dick Ochs the outstanding Mule run- ner finished second in Varsity competition. The final score was 19-46. Dick Ochs won his first meet of the season against Al- bright but the Mules were still defeated 24-35. Depth again hurt the Mules as they only entered three men. In a triangular meet with Elizabethtown and Temple the runners finished second. Ochs was again victorious but it was in vain. Muhlenberg only entered two men. Final score Elizabethtown 22. Muhlenberg 52. and Temple 54. Juniata College downed Muhlenberg 25-38. The Mules then salvaged their only meet of the year as they tied Franklin Marshall 28-28. Dick Ochs again won the event as Gordie West and Ollie Breinig finished third and fourth respectively. In the last meet the harriers finished third in a tri- angular meet with Ursinus and Moravian. The team had only two seniors John Carty and Franklin Marshall. All the other men including Ollie Breinig. Dick Ochs, Ed Rourke, and Gordie West will be back this coming year. 116 The 1959 soccer team again coached by Rudolph Amelio had their most disastrous season as they were not able to gain a single win as opposed to eleven straight losses. In- juries to many of the players was attributed as the key reason for this letdown. The team posted a 2-7-1 record the year before. The team was also shutout in seven of the eleven con- tests played and only scored 7 goals for the entire season. High man for the Mules was Don Nicol who continually paced the Mule attack. In the first game against Lehigh a team rated one of the best on our schedule, the team held their own until the over- time period when the Engineers tallied three times. This game was also costly in regard to injuries to goalie Elliot Puritz and others on the team. After this the Mules were continually in bad shape and were downed by all of their next ten opponents. Only two of these were actually close. F M downed us 5-3 in a game we almost won and in which we displayed our greatest of- fense of the season and almost half of all the goals we scored all year. Against Wilkes we were edged 1-0 in a heartbreaker for our only other chance at a win. Outstanding for the Mules besides Nicol and Puritz were Captain Gordy Warner. Doug Trover and Rick Stoesser. 117 VARSITY BASKETBALL The Muhlenberg basketball team opened the sea- son with a hang winning its first two games against Lebanon Valley (71-61) and Scranton (77-22). Ron Druckenmiller, the team’s high scorer for the season, paced the Bergmen with 18 and 25 points respectively. Overconfident, the team suffered an upset at the hands of Moravian 92-84. However, the Mules came right back and scored a victory over Upsala, 68-56. Un- fortunately. this was the end of Muhlenberg’s fleeting success for the Mules dropped the next nine games. Gettysburg started the scourge as they romped to a 104-67 victory. The Mules next went down to a well balanced Albright attack 75-51 and Smith’s 41 points enabled St. Peters to gain an easy victory 94-76. To put it mildly the Bergmen were now down in the dumps as they lost their fourth straight to Rutgers. 79-59. Then came Muhlenberg’s annual sojourn to the Palestra in Philadelphia, where Villanova displayed its power with a 74-46 victory despite Dick Hunt ' s fine exhibition. The Bergmen could do nothing right as Lafayette glided to an easy 85-69 decision. After eight straight setbacks, the Mules were determined to break the hex and put up a great battle against St. Josephs finally succumbing in the final minutes of the game. 85-71. Finally the sun shone again and the Mules rallied to defeat F M. 92-75. due to the fine shooting performances of Joe Berghold and Dick Hunt. I he 118 Mules liked the taste of victory and trampled Lehigh 86-74. as Chris Hiotis lived up to his potential and shot 5a r from the floor for 18 points. Victory was short lived as a talented Georgetown quintet easily won 93-72. In one of the most exciting games of the season featuring Dick Sekunda’s brilliant play. Temple just squeezed by 68-61. A st rong LaSalle team then ripped into Berg. 86-63. Lafayette then made it two in a row with a close 78-74 win. Muhlenberg was not dead and struck back as the Mules whipped Delaware and five men scored in double figures. As the season was drawing to a close LaSalle took its toll of the weary Mules and easily won 91-59. Undaunted by the rough beating, the Mules, to the extreme satisfaction of the fans, pulled out a squeaker over Wagner in the last seconds of the game. Hiotis once again starred with 29 points. Two more setbacks to Lehigh. 78-77, and Bucknell 83-71 set the stage for the long awaited Berg explosion. Joel Sarner. playing his last game and one of the best of his career, led the Bergmen with 23 points as they romped over Gettysburg 101-75. The Mules did not have a very successful season ending up with a 7-19 record. However good looking freshmen iii the form of Downing and Hoffman may be the needed punch to give the Bergmen a winning season in 1961. Sekunda’s jump shot 1960 Robbie up for two Sekunda to Berghold 121 VARSITY WRESTLING Muhlenberg wrestling coach Carl Frankett had a full scale rebuilding job on his hands during the 1960 season. Five of last years eight starters were lost by graduation and Frankett had only four lettermen on hand to serve as a nucleus for the squad. The matmen opened up their season against Swarthmore and were downed 23-9. Art Jacquette. Gordie Warner, and Ed Callahan were the lone Mule winners on decisions. Berg was then smashed by a powerful Bucknell squad 33-3. The Bisons won seven out of eight matches. The lone Mule win was by Berg’s captain Gordie Warner at 137. The Temple Owl’s set the Mul es back for their third straight defeat. 24-6. Warner was again victorious, along with Callahan, both on decisions. The winless Mules were downed by Moravian 23-3 in their fourth match of the year. Rick Cobb was the only Mule to score as he gained a 6-0 decision in the 123 pound division. Captain Warner lost his only match of the year against eight wins. The Bullets of Gettysburg kept the Mules on the winless track as they edged Berg 17-9. Warner, Cobb, and Kuntzle- man. who made his wrestling debut in this match, were all victorious for Muhlenberg. Lafayette then hosted the Mules and proceeded to blast us 26-4 for the matmen ’s sixth straight defeat. Kingfield and Callahan averted a shutout for the Mules by battling to draws. Delaware sent the Mules reeling their seventh straight and last defeat of the year. The Hens won the last four bouts to edge the Mules 19-9. Ollie Breinig, Captain Warner, and Ton Kingfield were all winners on decisions. The first win for Berg came against Lebanon Valley. The Mules swept the first six bouts and then coasted to an easy 23-8 victory. I his was all the incentive the matmen needed as they rolled on not losing another match. The matmen rolled to their second straight 23-8 win. this time over Ursinus. Again the Mules scored early to win easily. The winning streak was extended to three as the Mules closed out the season with a 21-11 win against Albright. The Mules ended the season with a 3-7 record. Things look bright for Berg wrestling next year because all the lettermen on the squad will be back with the excep- tion of Gordie Warner. Standing L. to R. C. Reynolds, A. Kunz, M. Katz, M. Linett, R. Moyer, Dr. Erskine, Coach. Kneeling L. to R. R. Klaus, W. Morvay, D. Beck, G. West, C. Holder. VARSITY FENCING The Mule fencers under the direction of coach Andrew Erskine greatly improved over the previous seasons record as tbev finished up with a highly respectable 3-3 overall record. The fencers opened their season against Haverford and lost a heartbreaker 14-13. The foilers lost their second straight match at the hands of Stevens Institute 17-10. The first win of the year came from Temple in a squeaker 14-13. The Mules again were defeated for their third loss of the season by John Hopkins 21-6. This was the worst defeat of the year for the foilers. This was the last losing match as Berg came on strong as they whipped Lehigh 14-13 and the Lafavette Fencing Club 20-7. These last two wins gave the foilers an even record at 3-3. In the Middle Atlantics, Muhlenberg tied with Lehigh for last place. This was not a good showing for the foilers as they had finished fourth the year before. Tbe fencers also competed in the North Atlantic Fencing Tournament at Madison. New Jersey, and finished fourth with twelve teams competing. Outstanding for the foilers this year were Chuck Holder. Ron Mover. Mike Katz. Rick Klaus. Don Beck. Dave Abram- son. Bill Morvay, and Morrie Linett. 124 VARSITY TRACK The Mule track team broke a long famine as they won their first meet in nine years this past season. The runners who haven ' t won since 1951 lost their first match of the year by a scant four points to Albright 65-61. The closeness of this match was a sign of things to come. With such out- standing men as Herb Owens in the 100. Charlie Kuntzle- man in the 220 and 440, Ed Yost and Jim Orr in the field events it was just a matter of time before the Mules would win. The first win in nine years came at the expense of Juniata 66-60. The Mules showed good all around balance and the team was confident. In their first triangular meet of the season the runners finished last with 33 points as compared with 50 1 5 for Bucknell and 70 1 5 for Delaware. It was in this meet that the Mules received a serious blow when Herb Owens their ace sprinter pulled a muscle near the finish line of the 100 yard dash. Owens in two previous events had been undefeat- ed in the 100 yard dash and was well in front when he pulled a leg muscle. The Leopards of Lafayette completely dominated all the events as they took every first place and ran away with the meet 110-16. This was one of the worst defeats in Berg his- tory. In the Penn Relays the Mules entered a relay team and finished fourth in the Middle Atlantic Division. This was a big improvement over the year before when the Mules failed to qualify. In their next meet a triangular one with Lehigh and Gettysburg the Mules were once again defeated. The Bullets scored 58% points to win while Lehigh was second with 55 points and Muhlenberg last with 40%. The second big win in nine years came at the expense of Lebanon Valley 65% to 60%. Scoring well espec ially in the field events Berg was able to edge the Dutchmen. The last meet of the year was with Ursinus who downed us 69% to 56V2. The closeness of the score showed that Berg is definitely improving in track. Outside of Lafayette there was no meet on the schedule that was not close. Most of the men will be back next year and Coach Flamish is very optimistic. Graduation will claim such outstanding men as Herb Owens in the sprints, Jim Orr and Glenn Johns in the weight events. 125 The Mule baseball team had their worst record in the schools history as they went down to 14 straight defeats without a win. Coach Kozolowski who has been having his troubles as Berg baseball mentor was only able to win 2 of 17 encounters the year before. The opener was a 9-6 loss against Wilkes from whom we had gained one of our two wins the year before. This loss seemed to be a sign of bad things to come. Delaware. Mora- vian. Lehigh. Rider and Scranton all proceeded to keep our winless streak going. The closest we came to a win was against Gettysburg. The Bullets needed ten innings to squeak by us 3-2. In the remainder of the games the Mules were never really in contention except against Albright who downed us 9-7 and LaSalle who edged us 8-6. The Mules were the vic- tims of bad breaks and with any luck at all could have pulled out a few wins. The other losses included Lafayette 15-6. again to Mora- vian 6-0. West Chester 10-3. Lehigh 4-1. and the finale at Bucknell 9-1. The diamondmen were only shut out twice in 14 encount- ers. The Mules tallied 48 runs during the season for an aver- age of 3.5 per game. This is not very high and showed an overall lack of hitting. Our opponents averaged 8.5 runs a game against us. Leading hitter for Berg was co-captain Bob Pearsons. Other key men were Ralph Borneman, Tom Wargo, Jim Nonnemaker, Don Hoover. Bob Butz. Don Nicol. Don Rob- bins. VARSITY BASEBALL 126 127 WOMEN’S TENNIS Coach Hecht and Pupil. The Muhlenberg College women’s tennis team just missed a winning season as they posted a 2-3 overall record. Coach- ed by Miss Jean Hecht the coed’s, in all their matches, either won decisively or lost by a great margin, as the scores indicate. The first match was at Westchester State where the coeds were downed by a score of 4-1. At home the following week the coed’s blanked a good Drexel team 5-0 to even the season’s record. Again the coeds took to the road and lost to East Strouds- berg by a score of 4-1. The coed’s found it difficult to win at an away match. Returning home the Mule coeds hit the win side of the ledger in downing Moravian 4-1. Again they evened the sea- son record. In the last contest of the year, at home with Ursinus. the coeds had a chance to finish over the .500 mark, but were shutout by a strong Ursinus squad 5-0. Letterwinners for the girls included Deanne Caterina. Barbara Fretz. Mary Hoffman. Rebecca Lentz. Jeanne Lipp- man, two sport letterwinner Carolyn Seeburger. and three sport letterwinners Carol Emhardt and Ruth Smith. 128 The Muhlenberg tennis team was only able to salvage one win in six matches. Coach Ken Webb had to do a tre- mendous job of rebuilding since five of last year’s six letter- men did not return. Veteran netman Ken Stewart was also lost to the tennis team due to acadamic difficulties. The opener against Lafayette was a run away. The powerful Leopards swept all six singles matches and the three doubles matches to win 9-0. The Lions of Albright were almost at tough for our green and young netmen as they dumped us 8-1. The lone winner for the Mules was Dick Kirschenbaum. who also was the top individual winner for the season with three wins. The Mules only win of the season came in a return match with Albright in a tough 5-4 match. Winners for the Mules in the singles division were Kirschenbaum. Levine and Kushner. The doubles combos of Silverman-Levine and Weisman-Sweder gave us the margin of victory. A powerful Lehigh team led by eastern champ Lowell Latshaw smashed Berg 9-0. The Mules had another chance for a win against St. Josephs but lost a squeaker 5-4. In the singles division Sil- verman, Kirschenbaum and Levine gained wins while in doubles the team of Silverman-Levine won. The Mules need- ed but one more win in the doubles to take the match. In the last match the Bisons of Bucknell downed us 7-2 by sweeping all the singles events while the Mules went on to salvage two out of three of the doubles matches. Lettermen on the team include Bruce Frver, Nate Hirsch. Dick Kirschenbaum, Peanuts Kuslmer. Gerry Sweder. and Barrie Weisman. With Weisman the only senior the outlook for the future is good. MEN’S TENNIS 129 Standing: left to right, J. Borelli, R. Smith, M. Boenning, B. Nace, C. Dekker, D. White. Seated: left to right, C. Emhardt, S. Diamanti, L. Niebaum, I. Engelhardt, M. Bottum, C. Farr, J. Haubner, K. Acosta. WOMENS FIELD HOCKEY The first girl’s intercollegiate Hockey team at Muhlen- berg college was a great success. Under the able coaching of Miss Jean Hecht. the coeds not only went undefeated but also unscored upon in four encounters. The coeds opened their season at home with Marywood College of Scranton. Berg completely dominated the game as Carol Emhardt. Sonya Diamenti and Ruth Smith each scored two goals apiece. Marywood could not penetrate the coed’s defense and never got past our 25 yard line. The final score was 6-0. The second straight shutout win was at home against Moravian, 4-0. High scoring Carol Emhardt tallied 3 times. Mary Jo Benning added the other marker. The final score, 4-0. The coeds took to the road to gain their third straight win at Marywood College in Scranton. Again the Berg de- fense prevailed and the coeds rolled to an easy 3-0 win. Carolyn Seeburger. Ruth Smith and Carol Emhardt scored for the Mule coeds. The coeds traveled to Bethlehem to face Moravian in the last game of the year. They managed not only to stay un- beaten but also unscored upon as they downed the Grey- hound coeds 4-0. This gave the Berg coeds a perfect 4-0 record with no goals scored against them. The great season the coeds had is even more pleasing when you note that there was not one senior. The whole squad including Kay Acosta. Joelyn Borelli, Meredith Bot- tum, Carol Emhardt. Lona Mae Farr. Josephine Haubner, Barbara Nace, Louise Niebaum. Carolyn Seeburger, Ruth Smith and Paine White will be back. 130 WOMEN ' S TENNIS Caterina. Deanna K. _ _ Freshman Emhardl. Carol Lee Sophomore Fretz, Barbara J i - Junior Hoffman. Mary M. ..f ' 4 " Sophomore Lentz. Rebecca J. _ Sophomore Lippman. Jeanne E. — Freshman Seeburger. Carolyn J. Junior Smith. Ruth WJ Freshman Coach — Jean A. He cm — - Winners in two sports — Winners in three sports 1960 FENCING Beck. Donald P. _ .... Junior Holder. Charles F. _ _ Senior Katz. Michael D, Junior Klaus. Richard M. . _ Senior Kunz. Albert B. ... ___ Sophomore Linett. Morris J. Senior Morvay. William J. _ _ Sophomore Mover. Ronald C. ... . Senior Reynolds. Craig H. — Sophomore West. Gordon fred W. . . . . junior Coach - — Erskine. Andrew H. 1960 GOLF Haines. Thomas L. __ _ __ _ Senior Kratzer. Lawrence A. _ _ . Sophomore Metzger, Robert A. Sophomore Sekunda. Richard J. — . ._ Senior Thomas, Donald B. Senior Zelko. Robert J. , Senior Coach — Senger. Erwin " Ned” 1960 BASEBALL Borneman. J. Ralph . _ _ __ Senior . Brackin, James B. . Sophomore Butz. Robert A _ Junior Cobb, H. Richard _ — Sophomore Hartzell. Robert E. _.i _ Sophomore Hoover. David E. ._ Senior K Nonnemaker. James W. __ — - __ Senior Pancoast, Richard W. .. J : • " r ' " ' %0’k Junior VAJRS Pearsons. Robert L Rollins.: Donald L. Sophomore Toscano, Vincent I unior Junior mnas ... . " Sterner, Richard j Werley, C, George wski. James D. .a n a ire rs Junior Berghold, Joseph P. . Druckenmiller ' . ' Ronald F, . Senior Junior Junior Sophomore ,T__ Senior Hiotis. Christ G. Senior ' " Sterner, Richard J Crum. J. Birney Coker. Lee 1%0 TRACK Gougher, Ronald L. - Junior Gum. Wilson F. Junior Kalmbach. Ewald Senior Kuntz. David G. Sophomore Kuntzleman, Charles T. __ _ -Sophomore Ochs. Richard J. Sophomore Orr. James R. Senior Schoellkopf, Beneval H. — — Senior Wolfe. Merle D. Junior Yost, Edgar L. j L __L Junior Coach — Flamish, William A. 1960 TENNIS (MEN) Frver. Thomas Bruce - Sophomore Hirsch, Nathan B. — Junior Kirschenbaum, Richard 1 Junior Kushner, Gary G. — Sophomore Levine. Robert D. — _ - Sophomore Silverman. Leon — Junior Sweder. Gerald M. Junior Weisman. Barrie L. - Senior Coach — Webb. Kenneth W. Winners in two sports Winners in three sports INNERS 4tr. 1959 FOOTBALL . ' W.:s“ g. ' ’Borneman. J. Ralph Butz, Robert |A. ’Callahan. Edward R. Hoberman. Arnold A. Houseknecht, Roland T. Johns. Glenn F. _ Jones. David W. ’Kalmbach, Ewald ... ’Kuntzleman. Charles T. Kura, Michael B. _. Moyer, Craig A. .. ’Ncmnemaker. James W. Orr. James R Owens. F. Herbert ! ’Pearsons, Robert L. Renshaw. Martin D. ’Rosso. Vincent R. __ ....... „ Roth. Clifford W. Russell, Milton G. ’Schoellkopf. Beneval H. Wargo. G. Thomas ’Wolfe, Merle D. ’Y ost, Edgar L. Manager — ’’Sterner, Richard J. Coaches — Whispell, Raymond J. Flamish, William A. Kozolowski. James D. Short, Austin E. Federico, Joseph J. “if — 1959 CROSS COUNTRY ’Breinig, Alfred 0. _ .J1 Carty, John J. A ’’Gougher. Ronald L. w - ■ Marschall. Franz E. ’Ochs, Richard J. . ’West, Gordonfred W. Coach — Theisen, Charles j. Sophomore Senior .... . Junior Senior Sophomore Junior 1959 SOCCER Althouse. Edwin L. Clifford. Edward Feldman. Roger P. Sophomore — Junior Sophomore I — r- Greene, Donald F. Lausch, Robert N. Marshman. William P. ‘Morvay, William J. Moyer. Luther S. Nieol. Donald 0. ... Puritz. Elliot M. ..... Sonneborn. Duane G. ... Stoesser, Ralph Lr| -Bpl Trover. Douglas G. ’Warner. C. Gordon Williams, Daniel H. 1 . .. Manager — Stevens. Clinton R. Coach — Amelin, Rudolph G. lomore Senior Sophomore Sophomore T, Junior Junior Junior Sophomore ._ . Senior Senior • Senior c . _ .. Senior . Junior v- i % ims B fc. T ila j. JjW 1960 WRESTLING ’Breinig. Alfred 0. Sophomore ’Callahan, Edward R. Junior ’Cobh, H. Richard Sophomore Fegelein, John F. . Sophomore King-field. Thomas J. ........ Sophomore ’Rosso, Vincent R. . _ ... junior ’Warner, C. Gordon __ Senior Manager — ’’Gougher. Ronald L. ... . Junior Coach — Frankett, Carl W r . ’ — Winners in two sports — Winners in three sports WOMEN ' S HOCKEY Acosta. Kay S. _ i, Borelli, Joelyn E. Bottum, Meredith A. ’’Emhardt. Carol Lee . Farr, Lena Mae Haubner, Josephine G. Nace, Barbara A. . Niehaum. Louise K. ’Seeburger, Carolyn J. ’’Smith, Ruth M. _ White. Diane D. Manager — Carol Sue Decker Coach — Jean A. Hecht M ' 133 FRATERNITIES Alglja JJIii (Dmaga Sannra Salta phi Mortal Saruira lEta Sigma Phi . . (Elaaaiaal IGanguagaa ©mirrmt Salta Kappa .... Artiuitiaa Plji Alpha (Thata liiatarg Plji Sigma lata . . Komanaa Kattgaagaa Pig Sigma ®au philuanphy pi Salta 3Epailnn Kmtattaliam Pai (Elji . . Payaljalagy Standing: left to right, H. Kimmel, F. Marschall, H. Reed, R. Fisher. Seated: left to right, W. Wightman, M. Ruoss, X. Miller. ALPHA PHI OMEGA President Kenneth Miller Vice President Frank Marschall Secretary Richard Fisher Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity composed of college and university men who are or have been previously affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. Its purpose is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and promote service to humani- ty. Service is rendered to the student body and faculty, the youth and community, the members of the fraternity, atid to the nation as participating citizens. The chapter at Muhlenberg was founded two years ago. and was chaitered as the Gamma Mu chapter last spring by the national fraternity. It has taken its place with the other honorary fraterni- ties as the newest on the Muhlenberg campus. Any student fulfilling the membership require- ments and showing a desire to do service for others is invited to join. 137 First row: left to right, E. Jacobs, B. Lebo, P. Todd, B. Kennely, G. Rosenberg, S. Emma, P. Liptak. Second row: left to right, A. Vanderhyde, L. Levine. B. Lentz, C. Farr, P. Sehalter, B. Vanderhyde. Third row: left to right, M. Bottom. J. Keiser, C. Seeburger, J. Kuntzleman. M. Hoffman, D. White. DELTA PHI NU Betsy Keneley Gail Rosenberg Peggy Todd OFFICERS President Vice-President _ Secretary Delta Phi Nu. the first social service sorority at Muhlenberg College, is dedicated to the promotion of charitable service and the extension of good will. Intracollegiatelv. the organization has been striving toward more adequate guidance for per- spective coeds: increased assistance and encourage- ment for handicapped fellow-students; and greater participation and adeptness in faculty projects. An- other endeavor is that of supplementing the activi- ties of similar school fraternities. Through its work with local auxiliaries and national organizations. Delta Phi Nu functions as a liaison between the school and the communitv. Under the guidance of Miss Stafford, the local sororitv was organized and granted a charter in 1958. Under the constitutional provisions, its pri- marv objective is concerned with a service rather than social program. Qualifications for entrance in- clude commendable academic and social standing, proven qualities of capability, and a willingness to strive unselfishlv for the improvement of the col- lege and community. Roth pledging and member- ship are maintained on a percentage system. To enable greater participation and render more con- centrated effort. Delta Phi Nu is divided into a number of committees. 138 Seated: left to right, D. Wartloft, A. Statt, M. Scanlon. Standing: left to right, Minna Omega, G. Weckman. ETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS Albert W. Stott Matthew Scanlan David Wartluft Dr. Edward B. Stevens Prytanis Grammateus Chrysophylax Advisor The Alpha Rho Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi. the national honorary Classical language fraternity, was first installed at Muhlenberg College in 1931, replacing the Classical Club. The primary purpose of this organization is to encourage an interest and an appreciation of ancient languages and cultures. To the members comes the awareness that the an- cient languages are not dead, for they continue to play a vital part in the modern world. THE NUNTIUS is the periodical published by the undergraduate members of Eta Sigma Phi. It affords the opportunity for original research and program development for the members of the Fra- ternity. In March, the Alpha Rho Chapter will hold an initiation for interested qualified students. The Chapter recently established an annual award for Allentown High School students who are outstand- ing in the subject of Latin. 139 Standing: left to right. Dr. Wilbur, D. Krewson, Dr. Johnson, D. Paskin, G. Weckman. Seated: left to right. D. Auerbach, C. Trexler, M. Kurtz, S. Dudak. J. Mondschein. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS Michael B. K urtz Stanley S. Dudak C. DeForrest Trexler Dr. William C. Wilbur Dr. Harold L. Stenger President Vice-President Secretary Advisor Advisor Onticron Delta Kappa. National Leadership Honor Society for College Men, founded December 3. 1914. at Washington and Lee University, recog- nizes and encourages the achievement of exemplary character and superior quality in scholarship and leadership. Membership is as much an obligation and responsibility in citizenship as it is a mark of highest distinction and honor. The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa is three- fold: first, to recognize men who have made ex- ceptional achievements in leadership in collegiate activities; second, to create an organization which will help to mold sentiment on questions of general college interest; and third, to bring together mem- bers of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Since its inception, the ODK Idea has spread to the campuses of more than ninety colleges and universities. The Muhlenberg Circle was established on March 22, 1930. 140 First row: left to right, M. Hyman, Dr. Wilbur, C. Trexler, J. Mondschein. B. Fretz, B. Leighton. Second row: left to right, G. Whom, H. Gishlick, Dr. Johnson, R. Haeffer, Dr. Baldridge. Third row: left to right, F. Windbeck. D. Hoffman. F. Schwenk, Dr. Bloom- field. PHI ALPHA THETA OFFICERS John R. Mondeschein C. DeForrest Trexler Edwin Baldridge President Secretary-Treasurer Advisor Phi Alpha Theta, the national honorary history fraternity, is represented on the Muhlenberg campus by the Kappa chapter. Phi Alpha Theta is open to students of history who have shown high achieve- ment and interest in advanced study. An 85 average in history, an overall 80 average, and a minimum of 12 hours of history study are required for eligi- bility in the fraternitv. The members of Kappa Chapter meet every month to discuss historical problems, politics, and to critically evaluate undergraduate term papers. In the past year, speakers such as Dr. Robert Schaeffer of the Biology Department who spoke on the Pennsylvania Dutch have contributed greatly to the interest of the membership. A field trip and a banquet rounded out the year’s activities. 141 Standing: left to right. D. Curry. B. Leighton, C. Hodgeson. Seated: left to right, M. Scanlon. J. Harmony. PHI SIGMA IOTA OFFICERS Matthew Scanlon President Joyce Harmony Vice-President Dr. Anthony Corhierre Advisor The Lambda chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, national romance language honor society was the second honorary society established on the Muhlenberg campus. It was installed on December 5. 1928 through the efforts of Dr. Anthony Corbiere. ' 20, chairman of the Romance Language Department, who has been the national executive secretary and editor of the News Letter since 1929. At the monthly chapter meetings, papers based on original research dealing with some aspect of the countries where the Romance languages are spoken, are read by senior un dergraduate members. Requirements for membership are superior grades in the Romance Languages as well as the other segments of the cur- riculum. 142 Standing: left to right, J. Carty, J. Freud, M. Ruoss. Seated: left to right, S. Luckenbach. Aristo Plato. B. S. Linnett, G. Weckman. PHI SIGMA TAU OFFICERS Morris Linnett Martin Ruoss Dr. David Reed President Vice-President Advisor Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, national hon- orary Philosophy fraternity, was founded at Muh- lenberg College in 1930 by the late Dr. Russell W. Stine, under the name of Alpha Kappa Alpha. In 1957 a merger was effected with Pbi Sigma Tau, another national philosophy fraternity. The fraternity is composed of students and pro- fessors interested in the study of philosophy and her implications for other disciplines. This interest is encouraged by monthly meetings of the group and by the annual publication THE DIALOGUE. Linder the guidance of Mr. Reed. Assistant Pro- fessor of Philosophy, the fraternity pursued “The Philosophic Implications of Science” during the first semester, and “The Quest of Beauty” during the second. 143 - n Standing L. to R. J. Maddock. T. Meyer. T. O ' Brein. G. Weckman. Seated L. to R. C. D. Trexler, M. Sos, B. Fretz, S. Fisher. PI DELTA EPSILON Chuck Trexler Terry O ' Brien Barbara Fretz Ted Meyer Dr. Harold L. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Stenger Advisor Pi Delta Epsilon, a national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity pledged to the promotion of a student participation in undergraduate publica- tions. seeks to establish a code of ethics among the staffs of the individual college publications. It is the purpose of the fraternity to elevate the cause of journalism, to foster the mutual welfare of student publications, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, to encourage loyalty to their Alma Mater, and to reward the journalists working on the student publications for their ef- forts. services and accomplishments hv admission to membership. This year Muhlenberg’s chapter of the fraternity undertook the sponsorship of a freshman term paper contest. Held during the second semester, the fraternity in conjunction with the English depart- ment selected the three best papers written in Eng- lish ' 2. Three cash prizes were awarded to the three winners. Pi Delta Epsilon feels that stimulation in creative writing is good for the field of journalism. Muhlenberg’s chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon was established on the campus in 1953 and is the oldest national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity in the country having been organized at Syracuse University in 1909. 144 Standing L. to R. G. Rosenberg, I. Engelhardt, B. Osborn, W. Purdy, W. Pukas, J. Keiser. B. Lebo. Seated L. to R. J. Barhash. D. Thomas. F. Veile, P. Tood, E. Jacobs. PSI CHI OFFICERS Frank Velie Donald Thomas Margaret Todd Eleanor Jacobs Dr. Brackin President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Psi Chi is the latest addition to the rank of hon- orary societies on Muhlenberg’s campus. It is a na- tional organization devoted to the various fields of psychology. The Muhlenberg chapter has taken over from what used to be called the Psychology Club. Society meetings are held bi-monthly and various field trips are arranged. The requirements for mem- bership are: A student must be an accepted psy- chology major, or must have completed nine semes- ter hours of study in the Department of Psychology. 145 Standing: left to right. L. Fetter, D. Paskin, M. Kurtz, F. Schwenk, J. Van Kempen. R. Hafer. Seated: left to right, S. Fisher, S. Dudak, T. Carpenter, Dr. Dierolf, G. Warner. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS F. Kenneth Fagerheim President John Kramer Vice-President Arnold Steffens Secretary Thomas Carpenter Treasurer Dr. Claude Dierolf Advisor Three representatives from each social fraternity on the campus comprise the Interfraternity Council which endeavors to promote mutual understanding and harmony among the fraternities and to regulate problems and difficulties concerning the fraternities collectively. Each year the council awards trophies to fra- ternities for outstanding achievements in scholarship and athletics. One of the major contributions of the organization is the Interfraternity Ball held in early spring. This year the council has begun attempts to re- organize in order to become a more efficient body and to promote the common interests of the fraterni- ties more effectively. 146 147 OFFICERS 1959-60 Michael Kurtz Worthy Master David Krewson Worthy Chaplain Joseph Berghold _ Worthy Keeper of Exchequer Robert Taborn __ Worthy Keeper of Annals Ted Rindfleisch Worthy Scribe George Merz Worthy Usher Wilson Gum Worthy Sentinel Bruce Romig Adviser ALPHA TAU OMEGA The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, the first Greek-letter fraternity organized after the Civil War, was founded in Richmond, Va.. on Sept. 11, 1865, for the purpose of binding together men of both the North and South in the ties of brotherhood. From the establishment of its first chapter at Virginia Military Institute in the same year. Alpha Tau Omega has expanded to include 117 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The Pennsylvania Alpha Iota Chapter, established at Muhlenberg College on September 23. 1881. is the oldest fraternity on the Muhlenberg campus and has the distinction of being the second-oldest ATO chapter north of the Mason- Di xon Line. The present chapter house was constructed in 1923. The active chapter of fifty-one brothers is well represent- ed in many student activities and has maintained a scholastic average well above the average. A large, active pledge class promises to uphold the present high house morale and to strive toward the lofty ideals of the fraternity. To ' the fifteen members of the class of 1960. active membership in Alpha Tau Omega has been a rewarding, unforgettable experience. 148 ★ ★ Jiluhlcnbcrg 19 60 149 OFFICERS C. Gordon Warner Jay Van Kempen David Evans Frank Velie _ Charles Jeuell Dr. Beider President _ Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Chairman __ Adviser LAMBDA CHI ALPHA The Nu-Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha at Muhlenberg has been a part of the social life of the campus since 1940. at which time Theta Kappa Nu merged with Lambda Chi Alpha to form the present chapter. Lambda Chi Alpha founded at Boston University in 1909. is now the largest national fraternity, with 155 active c hapters. The Muhlenberg chapter house at 407 N. 23rd Street has been the home of Lambda Chi since the inception of the chapter in 1940. The home is adequate and comfortable, housing eighteen brothers easily. The commisary serves three meals daily to the brothers and pledges during a five-day week. Socially. Lambda Chi has always highlighted the school year with many successful events. All school functions, as well as house parties, were enjoyed by the brothers and their dates. House party themes included a Chi Lodge, a Crazy Hat. and a Roaring Twenties theme. In the spring, the annual picnic completed an outstanding social year. 150 Gambia (Chi Alpha GORDON t SCFN5ERCEO IJCHANAN What happened to paying cus- tomers? 151 OFFICERS 1959 D. Paskin Superior B. Leighton Vice-Superior S. Fisher Recording Secretarv A. Lipschultz Corresponding Secretary Treasurer 1960 M. Hymen Superior D. Bernstein Vice-Superior A. Hoberman Recording Secretary M. Seidel Corresponding Secretary B. Mass ___ Treasurer Dr. Kinter Advisor We didn’t say we could sing PHI EPSILON PI Phi Epsilon Pi was established at Muhlenberg in 1932. The house went inactive during the war and re-organized in 1947. Since 1947 the house has been expanding so rapidly that we are now about to move into a new fraternity house on campus. The fact that Phi Ep has never had a house on campus has not curbed the extra curricular activities of the brother- hood. This year like every other year for Phi Ep has been one of bigger and better victories. First of our achievements for the past year has been the acquisition of our new house. The brotherhood owes a debt of gratitude to the 1959 Exec Council and their leader President Dave Paskin. If it were not for their untiring efforts a new house might never have become a reality. Once again Phi Ep won the scholarship trophy which makes the house record pretty impressive since we have lost it only once in the past eight years. Although we did not win any trophies in the field of athletics we were always strongly in contention placing second in both basketball and football. Not to be outdone we must say that our prospects for next year look even better. Being a social fraternity Phi Ep never forgets its week- ends and the 1959-1960 social calendar was loaded with all sorts of social events. Homecoming was such a success that there was very little room for brothers due to the influx of campus visitors. Junior Prom was our weekend for putting on the “dog.” We really did a job and everyone enjoyed themselves. W e will never forget IFC weekend with its plege show by our not to be duplicated pledges. With a new house we should come to be referred to as “the” house on campus. 152 ]}hi epsilon ]}i jfluhlcnbcrg To Cedar Crest in P J ' s Seniors at play? OFFICERS 1959-1960 Kenneth W. Stewart President Ronald C. Flaig Vice-President Philip R. Haines Pledge Master Conrad Weiser Recording Secretary Ronald Dungan Treasurer Richard Hafer Chaplain Donald Hoffman Alumni Secretary Roger Roth Corresponding Secretary Floyd Moyer Rushing Chairman Henry Kunmel House Manager Arnold Steffeur IFC Representative Joseph Hager Steward Mr. Charles R. Stecker. Jr. Chapter Adviser Rushing can be fun. PHI KAPPA TAU The Eta Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau has made this one of its most successful years in its history at Muhlenberg. The year has seen a continuing growth not only in size, but also in the role it plays in the life of the college. Eta Chapter has been active in every activity on the campus. It has given leaders to many organizations and willing and able workers to many more. One of the outstanding events of this year, and of its life on the campus was the opening of a new residence for the chapter. The new house stands as a sign of the growth of the fraternity and the school, and displays the fruit of a healthful cooperation of the two. The new house was specific- ally built as a fraternity house, and gives the brothers a spacious modern location for living, working and recreation. The new facilities have greatly aided in the chapters’ social activities. The brothers have been able to entertain their guests with greater ease and comfort and have made many contributions to the social activities of the school. The Eta Chapter has had a year to be proud of, and hopes to continue as an active participant in the activities of the college. 154 Phi Sappa 5au jSluhlcnbcr 10 60 155 SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS 1959 C. Bader E. Jacobi C. Barlow L. Rife C. Fenstermaker 1960 E. Jacobi V. Toscano D. Beck L. Rife R. Hagemann Dr. Graber President Vice-President Secretary __ Comptroller Historian President Vice-President Secretary Comptroller Historian Advisor The Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity was founded at the University of Richmond. November 1, 1901 and is now in its fifty-ninth year. The fraternity has grown so that norv it ranks second with one hundred fifty-two chapters. The Pennsylvania Iota Chapter was established on the Muhlenberg College campus on April 10. 1938. Sigma Phi Epsilon is duly proud of its members partici- pating in inter-collegiate activities. Sig Eps can be found participating in fencing, wrestling, track, baseball, and golf. Sigma Phi Epsilon is also proud of its members partici- pating in campus activities. The activities in which Sig Eps participate are: the Mermaid Tavern Society, the Pre Medi- cal Club. Sociological Society, Der Deutsche Verein. Cardi- nal Key Society, the Band, the Commuters Club, the John A. W. H aas Pre-theological Club, and others. Sigma Phi Epsilon is the fraternity “with a Golden Heart ' . Sigma Phi Epsilon has a well-rounded program emphasiz- ing scholarship and a good social life. Besides maintaining an excellent scholarship standing, our parties this year were the best ever. 156 rgvEWS oo w no G0« 3 EH fSENKlNGE 1 aiTMOLDS 157 fife . OFFICERS 1959 S. Dudak Pi ■ytanis M. Linett Epiprytanis R. Weller Grammateus T. McCabe Crysophylos E. Puritz Histor T. Reinsel Hypophetes B. Weisman Pylortes W. Weber Hegemon 1960 R. Miller Prytanis L. Silverman Epiprytanis J. Kramer Grammateus R. Glean Crysophylos C. Strehlow Histor G. Nichloas Hypophetes K. Stauffer Pylortes W. Weber Hegemon TAU KAPPA EPSILON The local Alpha Mu Iota was initiated at Zeta Eta chap- ter of Tau Kappa Epsilon on January 10, 1958. Teke, the largest national fraternity, embraces the ideal of true fraternalism basing membership on “personal wealth and character” rather than on race or religion. In all phases of campus life, Teke again made a strong showing. Teke’s participated in most campus organizations. The fraters are active in varsity athletics, student govern- ment. the choir, WMUH, and the student court to name a few. For the third consecutive time Teke won the annual Spring Sing. Our intramural softball team won both the IFC and intramural trophies. The house has been renovated by the fraters. and plans are being formulated for a new house to accommodate our increasing brotherhood. Socially, Teke had another good year. The Soph-Frosh party, the pledge show, clambake, and Pocono party will long be remembered. At the Teke banquet on Junior Prom weekend Carolyn Hottinger was chosen as the Teke sweet- heart. 158 p oro ev meh h sri o os - PH LA t Pa 159 SPECIAL EVENTS 160 FRESHMAN HAZING The fall of 1959 brought an end to an era at Muhlenberg with the demise of that nemisis of all Freshmen the Freshmen Tribunal. Those of us who were at Muhlenberg before the co-eds arrived realized that Tribunal would have to change and in our four years saw the events which lead up to the revamping of the system. 1959 was the last year that fresh- men would do various stunts but to those of us who knew the Tribunal as it used to be, it will always be a fond memory of our years at Muhlenberg. 162 163 HOMECOMING Homecoming 1959 began with the traditional Alumni Dance traditio nally held in Memorial Hall. Thursday elections were held to decide which of Muhlenberg’s beauties was to be the Homecoming Queen for 1959. While anxiously awaiting the re- sults everyone happily danced to the music of Matt Gillespie and his Orchestra. The suspense was final- ly lifted when the dance chairman. Dave Paskin. an- nounced Berg’s new queen. Miss Irmgard Engle- hard. Saturday was the day of the big game but the fates were all against Muhlenberg. Not only did it rain but the Mules lost a close one to Gettysburg. The rains made it uncomfortable in the stands hut later in the evening everyone had a “hall at the various house parties where no amount of gloom could prevail. 164 165 DANCE COMMITTEE Joel Podell, Chairman Arthu r Jacquette Ed Davis A1 Beers Tom Carpenter Gordie Warner A1 Stott Joe Berghold Ash Krafchick Dick Weller SENIOR 19 166 BALL 60 Ralph Flanagan and his orchestra with its catch- ing cha-cha heat provided an apt musical atmos- phere for the Senior Ball held December fourth in the Frolics Ballroom. The theme of the dance was South Pacific and the ballroom was bedecked with tropical flowers, plants, and palm trees. As the orchestra played its mystifying rhythms, contented couples swirled about obviously, in the tropical paradise — a lasting Senior memory. 167 MASK Spring 1960 “The Male Animal” DAGGER The evening of February fifth found the social set of Muhlenberg migrating to the Castle Gardens for the annual Junior Prom. The couples were conveyed into the setting of Rome Eternal as they danced among a decorous parthenon of gods and goddesses. Ray McKinley and his 170 orchestra provided the music for the gala event, and as a committee of faculty and administration judges cast their Roman lots to choose a queen. A glowing Doris Sj ostrum was later crowned and awarded by the class president. Tom Reinsel. and the dance chairwoman. Pat Missimer. 171 SPRING Two well-attended and much-appreciated events highlighted the Omicron Del- ta Kappa, honorary leader- ship fraternity. Weekend of May eighth. These were the Mask and Dagger Produc- tion of 7 he Male Animal by Thurber and the ODK Carni- val. I he Carnival was Muhlen- berg’s second and was re- sounding with such slogans as " a buck a brick.” and “let s build a new Student Center,” since the major WEEKEND purpose of the affair was to raise money. There was a colorful array of booths from Phi Sigma Iota’s French Waffles to Alpha Tau Ome- ga’s Pie-Throw among in- numerable others. There was a root-beer garden, auctions, sales, gold-fish eating, wheel- barrow racing, and a jitter- bug contest as Parke Frank- enfield and his Dixielanders blared away and beckoned passers-by to the big ODK Carnival. ! INSTITUTE 174 I960 This year, Institute of Faith week was held from Febru- ary twenty-ninth to March second and was sponsored, as usual, by the Muhlenberg Christian Association. The guest speaker was Dr. Nathan Scott who spoke on the influences of existentialism on modern literature. His excellent lec- tures baffled some but inspired many. The weeks activities were climaxed by the presentation of Samuel Beckett’s in- teresting, amusing, and existential play, Waiting for Godot, produced by Dr. Kinter and directed by Pat Shalter and Myron Hyman. Honorary Degrees HONORS SUMMA CUM LAUDE Thomas McCabe, Valedictorian Peter G. Skutches, Valedictorian Michael B. Kurtz, Salutatorian George A. Weckman MAGNA CUM LAUDE Paul T. Herman John R. Mondschein Roma E. Ziegler CUM LAUDE David E. Auerbach Robert F. Bartholomew Alfred F. Beers Mark J. Cerciello David B. Evans John C. Flemming Herbert E. Gishlick Donald C. Hagey Eugene B, Kern Morris J. Linett Sidney A. Luckenbach G. Michael Peters Barrie L. Weisman GRADUATION 1960 Doctor of Divinity Samuel E. Kidd Doctor of Divinity Daniel D. Kistler 177 AROUND CAMPUS AND ADVERTISEMENTS 178 iVMBitfl 180 " THE BEST NAME TO GO BUY " Lehigh Valley Dairy 1000-1160 North 7th Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. No other anthracite gives you more heat per ton than carbon-rich Jeddo- Highland. Because it burns slowly it gives steady, healthful heat. So save on comfort. Look for this Certification Stamp on Your Delivery Ticket JEDDO-HIGHLAND COAL COMPANY JEDDO, PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF APGAR OIL COMPANY 26 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE H. N. CROWDER JR., CO. HOME HEATING FIELD ★ 639 E. CONGRESS ST. ALLENTOWN, PA. HE 4-5195 ALLENTOWN— BETHLEHEM— EASTON PENN COAT APRON SUPPLY CO. INC. FURNISHES LINEN FOR ALL DORMITORY STUDENTS AT MUHLENBERG COLLEGE 181 COMPLIMENTS O F KERN ' S H. RAY HAAS CO. PRINTERS ☆ 514-528 N. Madison Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. HE 5-1509 C. E. ROTH J . S. BURKHOLDER FUNERAL HOME 1601 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF FORMAL WEAR TUXEDOS by AFTER-SIX Call HE 2-9452 206-208-210 N. TENTH ST. SAY IT WITH FLOWERS TREXLER FUNERAL HOME 182 WHY NOT WITH OURS NEW YORK FLORIST CO. ALLENTOWN, PA. YOU CAN DO BETTER WITH GAS GOLD STAR COOKING REFRIGERATION WATER HEATING SUMMER AIR CONDITIONING HOME HEATING CLOTHES DRYING SMOKELESS INCINERATION . . . . . . they’re all done better with GAS. Gas is the only fully 100 per cent automatic fuel. No fussl No bother! No muss! But instant and quick response from your Gas flame, no matter what the home need. GAS still leads the parade for the seven big jobs in your home the year ' round. Visit one of our seven show rooms and see the latest in modern conveniences and new ideas for your NEW FREEDOM GAS KITCHEN. UGI LEHIGH VALLEY GAS DIVISION Phone HE 5-3862 LAMM SALES— SERVICE Open Evenings CARL LAMM, Prop. Eosy Tgrms SYLVANIA— DUMONT OLYMPIC— MOTOROLA ADMIRAL Cor. 5th Gordon Sts. Allentown, Pa. C. W. SHOEMAKER, INC. FINE WALLPAPERS AND PAINTS 246 NORTH SEVENTH STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. THE UNITED GAS IMPROVEMENT COMPANY SMORGASBORD SAT. NIGHT ALL DAY SUNDAY Penna. Dutch Style (All you can eat) AMERICUS HOTEL ALLENTOWN, PA. H. W. Clark — Gen. Mgr. UNITED MATERIALS COMPANY 314 Gordon Street, Allentown, Pa. Telephone HE 4-6194 Builders ' Supplies Ready Mixed Concrete Ace Hotel Bar Supply Co., Inc. Restaurant — Hotel — Bar and Institutional Supplies Commercial Refrigeration — Soda Fountains and Supplies 125-127 N. 7th St. ALLENTOWN, PA. Phone HE 5-9534 Phone HE 5-9534 RADIO ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. OF LEHIGH VALLEY, INC. Wholesale Distributors of RADIO, TELEVISION and ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS ALLENTOWN — BETHLEHEM — EASTON 183 SHMjH TEMPORARY Congratulations To THE CLASS OF 1960 MILK ICE CREAM If you don’t know Furniture.. Know your Furniture Dealer! 514 N. 13th ST. ALLENTOWN, PA. Congratulations To The Congratulations To The CLASS OF 1960 MILLER ' S PRETZELS 732 TILGHMAN ST. ALLENTOWN, PA. CLASS OF 1960 Owen M. Bastian Inc. LINOLEUM CONTRACTORS TREXLERTOWN, PA. 186 Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF THE ROSEMARK BARBER SHOP CLASSIC PHOTO LABS, INC. ☆ New and Allen Sts. ' ALLENTOWN RUSSEL (PAUL) BEKE Sat. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuei. to Fri. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. " Your Camera Supermarket " Mon. Closed ALLEN ELECTRIC CO., INC. 524 HAMILTON STREET ☆ 4140 TILGHMAN ST. ALLENTOWN • PA. THE FINEST BOWLINS FACILITIES AVAILABLE JORDAN BOWL TONY’S Member L.V.B.P.A. OPEN 24 HOURS TONY SODL — Proprietor HE 5-1 1 1 1 BARBER SHOP The Willows Restaulant BUD EAST TEXAS, PA. MEALS DAILY ROOM ■ BOARD KIVERT’S BANQUET S- PARTY ROOMS EX 5-2321 EX 5-2750 187 Happy ,f j Johnson % f) r e6c COMPLIMENTS OF M. W. WOOD INC. Food Service Management COMPLIMENTS OF Heimbach Baking Corp. Bakers of DUTCH MAID BREAD The Freshest Thing in Town 9th and Trig h man Streets — HE 3-4265 — Allentown, Pa. 190 COMPLIMENTS O F KEIPER ' S PHARMACY 39 N. 7th ST. ALLENTOWN, PA. E. C. MACHIN, INC BUILDING CONSTRUCTION ☆ 1024 N. Quebec Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. DDQ.B 0 B U $ ©00000000 0 OOOQOOOOOOOtt ; 000000000000 ■ 9000000000 1 E 2 ask for " on-your- job " demonstration h. a. ESTERLY son i Business SXCachines 239 NORTH TENTH ST.. ALLENTOWN. PA. Phone HE 4-1275 SALES - SERVICE . SUPPLIES . RENTALS ORLANDO DIEFENDERFER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Contracting Industrial Commercial I 16 So. 2nd Street, Allentown HE 4-9597 Consulting JlemmerPy 3 23rd and WALNUT STREETS ALLENTOWN, PA. Proprietors — LUCILLE and ROGER JONES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 FROM THE CLASS OF 1963 COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF I960 NINETEENTH STREET THEATRE m ' 1® jF i V ■ 1 1 K j • , • , a mi Jjjj n CALL-CHRONICLE NEWSPAPERS congratulate today ' s Graduates . . . tomorrow ' s Leaders! You never stop learning if you read a newspaper. A newspaper ' s " campus is the entire country, its professors are trained reporters and editors and columnists, its " endowment " is the American Bill of Rights clause guaranteeing a free press, its classrooms are everywhere . . . the home, moving vehicles, places of work. You, as an individual, through enlightenment received from the newspaper, can become a better citizen properly conditioned to life ' s stresses, aware of its problems and challenges. FREEMAN ' S BLENDED VITAMIN II MILK 13TH GREEN STREET PHONE HE 4-9666 194 TREXLER LUMBER CO. Lumber - Millwork - Paints Hardware - Building Supplies New Showrooms - 430 N. 1 6th St. ALLENTOWN, PA. 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KEMMERER PAPER COMPANY (Division of Garrett-Buchanan Co.) SAMUEL D. BUTZ ROBERT J. K. BUTZ SAMUEL D. BUTZ Distributors of AGEYEY IiYE. Standard Products of America ' s Foremost Manu- facturers representing the entire range of qualities for every requirement of the ☆ modern schoolroom ★ 32 South 7th Street ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 2030 Vultee Street ALLENTOWN, PA. GENERAL INSURANCE 197 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1960 MERIN STUDIOS 1010 CHESTNUT ST. PHILA. 7, PENNA. ' Ljour ' Ljccirlool ? f- liotocjraiylier FRANK F. PAVING HAUSMAN CD., INC. 1229 N. Quebec Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. Phone HE 4-5263 198 ■ r® mm iiliilili ililh; Bradbury, Sayles, O’Neill, Hurley Thomson, Inc. Yearbook Publishing and Photography Sales and Executive Offices: Chrysler Building 405 Lexington Avenue New York 17, New York Phone — MUrray Hill 7-8862 199

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