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E21-,Z QE y f fffffjf fjfff-f ffff WW 5 ,XX 9 M X .99 : og ul 3 I QQ 25366 , 9-. 'Q o I Q 9, ' 0. ' -, JA M Q if . ', it :ei -v f 156' Lf, .,' 'Q 5' r W- f, , , , .S ' ' O, x . y a' Q :v af, ',f' '56 Q, "ofvf"'Xf1' ,- avg 2. fwllvy .Wav f. ,O X4 4., , ' v . fffw , . Lv-" .In ' ', 4'c,.,e3,,- Rox Q15 'Q v ,if Q. 5 ,S . 0 f. , L ' 1, 0 'f, ' O .' f91,f'., jo go 0 3, ' , 0 1, ' , 419 ol f. x, 0 -v 'sf Q Q ,Of O 9,0 "5 fQ v 'Q ' o- x if , A o x 4 Q .3 ,Q . Q w,. , 0, , ' Q 0, 1-,W y - . ,. Q, 0. ' 5 , A. K. , 'Q 4. y w'f.x'. . v cf Q no 4 , , '-th. 1- so 0 Q o , , ll, xp ,Q 4 . Q fc f . ' Q, go Q ! xf. ' '. 'Z " ' ,Q 0 9 .- ,Y 1, 3 Q -, , Q ,If W w?i f-- ..., Q 0 05 ,,fo,l. '1 QQQQQ O , Q Q Q Q . .f,f Q ,, gvvn , . no y , Q, 4 Q o , O .Q Q v Q, L 53,1 0' 45.4 Q 0 ' A, ,, ,uf o 1 xo! 4, X 5 Q . 14QA4,f ,", ei Q ,, Q Q' Z' -' -' z- 'o Q. , ' y , Q' ', Q 3 .Q KQSNQFS' 0 ' ,- ff ,-ox f'4b,s,s. . Q :ORN . ,gg ' 4 9 1' O, , Q. ' x Q, 4. wt Y' Q v y , ,f fa JZ' xo: Q' 1 o ' -,.'v', J , 'x Q," ' V6 ' ' P W , 0 x ' o Q, 0 x 'A I Q v Q Q o yo o fpl!'nQnTourrx MZWL -ZF wg:-1 uw My L 'l 1 , 1 ' ' . , . Q , .., ' .dufuq if M. in El' HN J4 A' 'f "4 Tw 'F , f ,MI ,ul . ' 1? uk: V . , -H: , -5- .' :, Y 4. M.--,.:.7',g,,,,,,rf-, ",m.,.,'-'..,,,f,,.w,k 3 wx: U- I QA- H :L :nw 1 1, ,E-QM I '-W. - 4 fm. -.w , -, ,nm X -,,3:g'.,, , -5551 ' - A. -- ,N '- rw-. 1 35531, wgzw I- gg " 'A- .4 A ? ' WHL: I --r , ', - J- Y .N 11 ww ,- W. Ig '-4 'gi ,,!Gff5,Q5:ETF-5f:.E3 "- EVE' V MTN- -' . ,'- ',- 3 W- I - L ' ' A ' '. s 2 .negigsfqiifr I I'Qw'Eg. ". "'a.g1' y' , , yr' :M .I EV"-' 1. ., ' .- Im- ,win pp- . I 2 V5-f -I -5-1,-gf Wg ' - fu . ,- . , " ' '- AV Y' '- ,I L 1, ,ZF :, . W -- .7 .1 V' , :i - , , w, -lk'. .L1, 'Pu-'f -1 f' I! J' ' 'V fir? ,H , .M, .Wir - tx mi 1 . I M. w ,MJ 'fflx , u 'V' .vw , , 3 ' , ' is 1 fx ,i W 4 lvl 1 Al" V I' t U5 ,V 1 ... A, .kr '-.ul ',,' '-"' '-, , A' ' U . , ..I ,,. . A ., I " , Q wg.f'l. M... ,, , , , . . 5 I, L4..,,:3lav:..iE1Lb'nTGm.i5:.- .:.-T 44, f V H f1.11L.i-1 ,N -.J 4 hh, ,' -4 ' ' - ' m-. f u ,A L 17,1 'mn V' H J fy, 1 I .'.'L x .-' 'ju 'M' u 'H' , 1 n , l -ri u ut Ur V31 'L-1 Wu . 1 D .14 vs , ,,.l-, , Q, J? J !-,- f - ,I +L -7:1 'L V V , 'Q H . '5x'.'1i,Q'HQLQ' , - . 43- N , f. 13 1 .. , 1 A , , ' ' 5-I:-4. xg-!,L .,,. EJ.: -u vw A. H -- '.:,- -1-11, .K . -V-Avy-.. ..--fu, U I . JJ J 1 H Q, X-V ,QA I I XSAMTJ In q H," lx I I 1 ,H ,..,, -.T-.. ,-,,,,,,f,.-.,-,. Y Avg W- '--"f :Wi"f1r eQ.a ms- ' J " Y B , xg nfl 'cn 4 V I .,, fn .- , N aw , L W- , ,, W, f' , L U." u 4 'N 51" .Aj L- K+ Q-QM. .11 -'Elf Q '-,I gf -' ff img gl U 'V f,.A11..x-.gif 5 5. - S Ji' 1-2 , ,- . 1 .: -ff' ,, .JL-1 F. I uf " .FL ' I , 15" 1 , -'Z-" ' 'P' , .f , ' 3' - w V K1 A w ...U .f-, . , 4 w n M G' - 1 149516 " , N ' ' J vluzjli v ' Y' W- , , X, .. -..Q-A M53 , ' ' 'N ml-, Q' ' x , , .. A' L' L. w fr' 75.5, Af 151. Si' ' -.n ug, vm: : H - 1 fail' 'N wi -- '1 L I P , Hllllgfv MIM 1 it v i. . - , nm:-.: - , 1: '- , . Y ALJ, I, .x - i- 'f'r' '. 4 ,f '.LI',: .':L ' , , 1 dvi: li A ., .Ml WJ.. A X 4 f A ,. f sf Zia, .- ' ,tv :52 1 iff.. .. 34 1 w. j - IV . L :Hia lv' , , I, T' -M , Q-My 1 -..,IiW.,, ,,,. f'fff , 'xii-,7' Au 4 -563 'fu- ikfp'-n-.pi 1 15.4,-11" ,big Akkllku . u"':',.' f . ,ff Q, '..f'- K f . .-6. ' f fc 1 .X W - H. " ' MW- w 1' 55. . J . A 5" ' L- HW-'.'7. Q4 Q was-9. . 1 J . Iwfg- .' f ,v .ij r,,v-,, 1- . 1- - W , i.S.lJis ,'Zl'Wr" 1. f .1 N - -.f"'N".1 5' 1941 :F -'5 if 141 1 w - f'3:v1Ju1, fH1:E,A,E,QgvIf.k.5QfLa, J.gJgqfgr',.,'gM 1'-'GEN' '59 f 'i .V ..,.A - 17'fQi X. , I fM1 1'qp f - , LLEJQI Qi - ff,-1-1,1 , W I' -"' - K, W W W X W A 5. ' X H W 1 ,I , X . W I -rf'v,1 .L W , . W I W ,X W X , , Wg W N' , A ., . - 'EL " 'v ,, 51173 + f' , A . Q q.'.g-ap, ... Qhgiaf 4 ' 1-' ' " " 'I' "M L V. I . Y X .-ev - 1' 1 , Lai , '. 'JPL i-.:' "' 1 W -' f'-' -- -' '- - - , , 1 N ' - V -' , 5, .1-, f.'.,1-.Y-ff,:.f', H '2f"7 f' ,IIN . 'i 1 1 1 f, ,gf ' ' "'A 4- . El' ' tl- A' . ' 1 X' M- 1 I 'A-4,1.C:'wn'1T1.','sw ff 1 . U xv- ,e ,, .-r,. 4F.. , - Lkmi im LP X . X3 I ,, ,A, ,.,. 7 QZQBQXN 'aexf If , l ll """1 I I " f, 'fi Ga 160 r Ir. f i ,5f4'..1l.': ' -, f A Qihitor in Ghizf : ' 1 " WX V! - DAVID A. MILLER. ,I A. :x jg, ,' Qlssuriutc QEDUUYBI .A 4 Z I A I f f HARRY C. KLINE, K ' . U ' ' FRANK C. LONGAKER, Z H ,X gk WM. H. S. MILLER, qv, J ' GEORGE s. OPP, I -fl I ww. U. KISTLER, ' 1 ALLEN V. HEVL, W I.ff,II J. WM. H. HEINT7 b, W llhrsiuzss jiflanagersg -, A5 " MARTIN L. TREXLER, .. K, MALCOLM W. GROSS. X . my A' ' -H1-14 . ' El", mv.- if I f 18194 A3542 'iff' ' I . ik . f LL. 1 ' , H X If Um ,MR n ,Q X -at V 4 v . y . q,g, 5 ,xi ,Q ia '1 I- fl- v' H-. 'II ,JHIPFL -+1591-' .24 'L -1 .ff-412.14 -A -' " mfg" , f W 'Q' , inbl 'Editorial Tareiaee. " All that men are engaged in, their Wishes, fears, anger, pleasures, joys, and varied pursuits, form the hoteh-potch of our book." Ya gl-IE IDEA of publishing a College Annual at Muhlenberg my QM is still new. The Class of '93 started itg we second it, www In time this work will simplify itself It will attain such a standard as will call for little improvement. Until this limit is reached the classes will have tedious work. The most liberal idea has been taken for the words "College Annualf' It concerns all. Why shall not the competent ones be contributors? We have simply introduced the plan. Classes following us will reap the better results. We have endeavored to be brief in all our literary work, thus facilitating the reading of the book. The artist work was done by one man. Our mission is partly to jest. We have tried to do this in such a manner as to leave no sting. If you read our volume in the same warm, unprejudiced manner as we give it, our mission will not be misunderstood. 8 62010131-Qafdinal and Gray. MIJHIENBERG CGLLEGE COLLBGE XELL R 1 R 1 R 1 I R1 P1 R1 Rl' R1 Rl' M11 b 6-P 56 igggkv? fi! -J x5pQIIgL' ix fh E f ,HX 4 qlf fff ai! XXX vip I G I, Xxffx 17392 eptl FITST ierrn beqam ec19 21 Sinn aqrmwl xamwairons fee 21 4 Tterm Cn ed cmfkmflms WJWJWIGJV f Q as Q Sig Jan 5 Pcaml Term be an Q 1? Jan 24 5 ml Jlnnxud QBoanlcjMec'fU1q -W JYIA 25 Jifvflf gasfer CRCCCS5 f a. 22 Zlffynawl fammuhow f emar- lass Jamal? cBa.Cco.XAmreafYe Serum Jvymecpresulenf Ig FV Heoirekgpww vnf 79 reendE'71T5 To f Cm 2155 me 79 .60 lammefl 1 F laws F cpromaffuorn gp,-1:19 20 5xa,1nl,'nB.'llo71f- fl 551 'C G H526 Jawa 2,1 J rgiofucol o'nTesT JVITHWNQ' 9.71527 nnual Board dntetung CRfI-CVHOO71 E If Jung21 cjlnnual dqlumnxfmffln gf dqffef-man Z unegz om-mencemeni' A 1 nf v-mu fifcfreeg I unegz resxlenfsnme T I IW" ' duh' 32- 0m'n1611 67-1167-:T M,7-,,1gy- nj -if f svmmun WJIGJIZTIOJK I" V ' 8670? CJ-UST Terrn begins y , I vwff UVM? 561111 JJnnwl16,rdTrr171AT1o11g " W1 .Mic 20 J7n'5T Tevm GTLCLS SZ W' . I , . 1' QP- " H j' 1:2 V , V vf-' " 4'-:"" , ,,, '14 jg. KW? I I Q I 1 + . X I If - IIIIIIIIIIIIII, II .E I .. B, I, I - f f M 523 52- X x l,!, WV " 5 M 'Gia N XXI A ' , f III H I - T 'f' 3 1 , f' aa , I - w 1 I Jo . - , I -- 5 1 . .U . . QT J . Inf - A y ' Y ei N 4f X . 5 g . w I " . Q . I N , Q' f , L2 ' ' 6 ' I X I, aj K f T. " ' . , x 1 uw 5 S G ffwl f F' " ' 0 -' , .hi 5 F ..I . I'II"' ,Q X Q ' H " 1- I1 If? F EI JK D I ei I I I K' fn I x .JD ' qfecejo Q 71 0 S or6I . ATN It K IL. J , I MJ -my on 9 9 ' I 1 ,N - ff 4 3.2 - Z .5 ,' f, . Kel . unrnoro D G ' 0 - K ' -f SE - - '7 I 4 I I - OH I -' . I -. 3 6 , 'n 60 2 a 5 - A ,I ,QI 1 -' X r. " V ex? ' C Cfb lon. Tllifnzlfees of the Ciollege. HON. REV. REV. HON EDVVIN ALBRIGHT, E. AUGUST BAUER, . CHARLES 5. COOPER, C. J. ERDMAN, . JACOB REGLEY, . REV . REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. F. E. FRY, . D. H. GEISSINGER. . . GUSTAV A. HINTERLEITNER, D.D., I MAHLON C. HORINE, D.D., . DANIEL K. KEPNER, . . GOTTLOB B. KROTEL, D.D., LL.D., E. B. LEISENRING, . . . JAMES K. MOSSER, GEORGE H. MYERS, . . . REV. SOLOMON E. OCHSENFORD, REV. JEREMIAH R. OHL, . AMOS W. POTTEIGER, . . REV. STEPHEN A. REBASS, D.D., . ALFRED G. SAEGER, . . THOMAS W. SAEGER, . HON. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. EDWARD S. SHIMER, . BENJAMIN W. SCHMAUK, . JOSEPH A, SEISS, D.D., LL.D., . FRANKLIN J. R. SCHANTZ, . JACOB D. SCHINDEL, . GEORGE F. SPIEKER, DD., EDWIN H. STINE, ESQ, . . A. STANLEY ULRICH, ESQ., ROBERT E. WRIGHT, ESQ., . REV, SAMUEL A. ZIEGENFUSS, II Allentown. Lehighton. Allentown. Allentown. Pottstown. Bethleh ein. Easton. Pottsville. Reading. Pottstown . New York. Maueh Chunk Allentown. Bethleheni. Selin'S Grove. Quakertown . Reading. Allentown. Allentown. Allentown. Allentown. Lebanon. Philadelphia. Myerstown. Allentown. Allentown. Allentown. Lebanon. Allentown. Germantown. CESZICZLIITVQ emcl Instructors REV. THEODORE L. SEIP. D.D , Presidefz If , Professor of Moral Science and Nalural. Theology, and .Massey-Keck Pffqesior U Gieek. ' A.B., Pemzsylvavzia College, '64,' AJW., '67,- D.D., C!Y7ZZ.ZfE7'5llJf cy'Pe1z12sylva1zia, '86. DAVIS GARBER, PH.D., Przwssor zyf Mallze17zalz'cs, Aslffonomy and Meleorology, amz' Lib1'orz'a1z A.B., Pemzsylzfafzia College, '63,- Alf, '66,- PH.D., U7'SZ'7lZ4.Y College, 391. REV. MATTHIAS H. RICHARDS D.D, ,P7'M'SX07' of llze English Language rzfzcl Lilevfalure and Meizlol :mil Social Science. A.B., Pemzsylvaazia College, '60,- AJW., '6 ' D 3, .D., '89, REK7. WILLIAM WACKERNAGEL D , .D., Przyfessor of the German Language and Lileratmfe, amz' Hisiorfjf. ALM. Ui. c.jZ1I,ll ' - Z1 z enberg College, 81, D.D., Uiziversily of Pemzsyloavzizz, '83 REV. JOHN A. BAUMAN, A.M., Asa Packer Prrwssoi' zyf llze Nalmfal and Applied Sciences. A.B., Mzilzlefzberg College, ,73,' AJW., '76. I2 GEORGE TAYLOR ETTINGER, PH.D., P1'fy"e55o1' of Pedagogy, and Assoezlzle Professor of llze Lalifz Language cmd Lileralwfe. A.B.,11hlzle:zbe1fg College, '80,' AJIK, '83,- PH. D., Uflioersfly ofthe Cily W'Nezo York, '9 REV. GEORGE F. SPIEKER, D.D., Pefjessor of Heorefu. ,4.M. gh. aj Mzzhlefzberg College, ,811 D.D., Roanoke College, '87. REV. STEPHEN A. REPASS, D.D., Prqfessoff of C hezlsliavz Eoirlenees. - fl.B.,"Roazzoke College, '66, A.lll, '69,- D.D., '8o. HENRY H. HERBST, M. D., Pezyfessor zyf Plzysiezzl C allure. A.B., Illzzhlenoerg College, '78, AJM, '81,' JMD., Uzzioersily qfPennsyloa1zia, 291. F.CZE,1Ci21T2iCZ eparifmerzif. GEORGE TAYLOR ETTINGER, PH.D., ' fvzslrzlclor in Latin, Greek and Ceifmzm. EPI-IRIAINI S. DIETER, M.E., Ivzslrzzclor in Jwzlhezmztics :mel English Branches IME., Keystone Slczle N'01fmrzlSch0al, ,77. REV. FRANK C. OBERLY, A.M., Associale f71Sf7'ZlL'Z07' in Lcrlirz, Greek amz' German A.B., !lfulzle1zl1e1'g College, 'Sgy AMW., '92, 1 1 r Special Tbecztufez 159211893 RWE' REV. CHARLES L. FRY, AM., '73, " The Siudevzt Ideal of To-day." REV. JOHN NICUM, A.M., '73, "Witle1zberg and Me Greazf Rqf0r1vner." REV. I-IIRAM PETERS, A.M., 771, " The Supremacy :pf C07LSEf67l66.,, REV. OLIVER P. SMITH, A,M.,'71, " The Posizfizwe Chaffzzcfesff' PRES. SILAS F. NEFF, "HdV11I0lIZ'0Zl5 Cullzrre and 01'czt01'y.' 1 Quin QQuarter:G2enterz1'zial Qklebration. ..'Lmmm..fz. Quarter-Centennial Commencement, celebrating the Lil twenty-fifth year of the existence of our College, was WWW held during the week beginning june 19th, 1892. The exercises held throughout the week were a grand success. Our "Alma Mater" was beautifully decorated. The celebration was ushered in with an excellent Baccalaureate Sermon, by our President, Dr. Theo. L. Seip, delivered in St. j'ohn's Lutheran Church. His sermon was based on the appro- priate words of I Samuel, vii, I2,"iHlfl1CftO hath the Lord helped us." Dr. M. H. Richards conducted the Liturgical Service. President and Mrs. Seip tendered their usual reception to the members of the Senior Class on Monday evening. This feature is always looked forward to with great delight. On Tuesday evening, in Music Hall, the Freshmen displayed their ability by showing us how quickly they could dispose of Livy. Dr. Sadller delivered an address before the Junior Oratorical Contest took place on Wednesday morning. A full programme of the latter appears elsewhere. In the afternoon the Board of Trustees met in the College Chapel. Besides doing their regular business they elected three new Professors, in the persons of Dr. S. A. Repass, H. H. Herbst, M.D., and G. T. Ettinger, PI-LD. 17 At 1.30 P. M.. Wednesday afternoon, a re-union of the Euterpean and Sophronian Literary Societies took place. Rousing and inspiring speeches were delivered by the Alumni. One of the most pleasant features of the week took place in the evening. The Alumni and Friends of the College held their banquet at the Hotel Allen. This was an elaborate affair. Thursday morning the Annual Commencement was held in Music Hall, Dr. F. A. Muhlenberg delivered an address at the beginning, after which hfteen young men were graduated. Dr. Seip presented the diplomas to the graduates and announced the degrees which were conferred by the Board of Trustees, and also the College Prizes. Immediately after the Commencement Exercises, by special request of Dr. Seip, the friends of the College, Students and Alumni, prdceeded to the College Chapel, where the President held ai reception. After which the annual dinner given by ladies was served. Immediately after dinner a large number of people gathered on the front campus to listen to the addresses of prominent men from various institutions of learning. Delightful music was furnished by the Allentown Band. In the evening the Alumni held a Reunion in Music Hall. This was a grand success. With this ended the most enjoyable. interesting and successful commencement ever held at Muhlen- berg College. IS , JP ST . 9x Lf VT,iifg f. - MMR f- V E 0 s"1i .,,2I QQ PRESIDENT, . A 91.1155 of 793. " ANIMO ET FIDE. " COLORS-LAV'END ER AND IWAHOGANY. Glass Qfiic-zefzs. FIRST TERHK VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, . . TREASURER, . . HISTORIAN, . PRESIDENT, . . VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY, . . TREASURER, . . HISTORIAN, . . A.X SECOZVD TERIIK ,.. 20 EUGENE STETLER .M. B. SCIAIMOYER V. LEIBENSPERGER . . . xv. GQ SMOYER . . R. E. ALBRIGHT . M. B. SCHMOYER . . . . P. G. SIEGER EUGENE STETLER . . .W. B. BROBST R. E. ALBRIGHT History of "lP2inot'gJEEl'zr'ee. '., 5-,Z HE immortal class of Ninety-t'Sree" now ..,,,. Q' leaps into the CIARLA arena and makes Ol .I ' I :iff E -Z it's second and last bow to the College .. 1 775. ik ' 4 world. For four years Muhlenberg has ' 'I ' . . 'xg been blessed with our presence-lor " A four years her students have had ample . ..., F I ffl! "a',' o ortunit to observe us. We feel C" X, Y ,fi 'Q A .pg Ql,.,,-, that enough of our sweetness has be en .' I 5 ' - 2 , . f . perhaps L' wasted on the desert air," so ' jlU'x . 1- ' H. - sadly we pack up our ponies and our sheepslzins and now bid farewell to the "boys" in public-adieus to the ladies will be strictly private. We have tasted all the joys and sorrows of College life. We have lent dignity to all College customs and "state oceasionsf, Our faces have frowned at Calculus and smiled upon Bacchus Ca Za Bz'ckeZ.D The ladies have been gallantly attended by our beaux. The Faculty have been encouraged by our presence. What more can we do? Ninety-Three has always held her own. Our athletes have been industriously chasing lawn-tennis balls and searching for the Ucommodious gymnasium, while our literary men have won dis- tinction on the less bloody field of letters. We attained all this by 'LANIMO ET FIDE." The College Annual was resurrected by us from it's long sleep, 93,5 stock immediately " shot up " far above par. Our memorable 21 battles with our departed friends of ,QQ will never be forgotten Cindeed one honored alumnus is still hunting his hatl. Our Livy Cremation was a revelation to the entire theatrical world, and the banquet at Reading stands forth as a lasting monument to our Class unity. Indeed were the Historian to draw aside the curtain of the past and query " What's the matter with ,QS ?l' A deafening chorus would thunder forth "irrespective of race, color or pre- vious condition of servitude,'l "She's all right" l Il! We are fast fading hom the admiring gaze of "Classic Muhlen- berg," we now pause and take a long last look, and then- "Farewell, a long farewell to all our greatness." RODERIC E. ALBRIGHT, I7Q's!01fz'a1z . My JW 22 4,1 mr if , C. :Qi jf 3 Q ' v ,IQ ' , . my -it ' K ff? fl Y' ff Q, , R- 4 . ' . ' Q SH? 'P ' A ' f- f '. 'J' ff!! 1 2 ,' 2 , . , M iv 1 N E' ff? " , Qfl' ff-Z flfx' V , 1 765 ' fi.. V M :l1gz1,,f'igxfi,,-ff, ,Q 3'.s'eQq 1 ' '11-1-f., I' "4 Y ., , i H - 'Lf 3 ,-1- K' E.-:pf . lf? 'ui 13 Q w X 'I Slmlfs HK SEN ILEFAH. v , H. if? ,il J ag, Seniors. as RODERICK EDWIN ALBRIGHT Allentown, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889 , 11' T A , Class, Pres. and Historian g Sophroniau Literary Society, Banjo, Mandolin Club, Ass. Ed. of '93 CIARLA, Ass. Ed. of IVIUHLENBERGQ Bicycle Club. SAMUEL BENJAMIN ANEXVALT Allentown, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889 , fb I' A , Sophronian Literary Society, V. Pres., Banjo, Mandolin Club , Frat. Base Ball Team, Captain , Bicycle Club. WILLIAM BROBST Bernville, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889 , 1l1I'A , Sophroniau Literary Society , Missionary Society, Glee Club, Frat. Base Ball Team, Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERG. ALFRED OLIVER EBERT New Tripoli, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889, Class, Pres., Sophronian Literary Society, Pres., Missionary Society, Sec., Shakesperean Club, Augsburg Society, Bus. Mgr. of MUHLENBERC.. CHARLES JACOB GABLE Reading, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889 g fb T A , Sophro-nian Literary Society , Glee Club , Frat. Base Ball Team , Editor-in-chief of MUHLEN- BERG. GEORGE AMBROSE KERCHER I Kutztown, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889, Class, Pres., Euterpean Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres., Missionary Society, Press Club , Augsburg Society, Ass. Ed. of '93 CIARLA, Editor-in-chief and Bus. Mgr. of MUHLENBERG , Hon. Men. junior Oratorical Contest. EDVVIN TIMOTHY KUNKLE Kresgeville, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889, ll: I' Ag Class, Pres., Sophronian Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres., Missionary Society, Pres., Glee Club, Pres., Press Club, Pres., Ass. Ed. of ,93 CIARLA, Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERG. 23 is is I i '1 l 1 VVILLIAM OSCAR LAUB Siegfried's, Pa. Entered College, September, ISSQQ flf I' A , Class, Pres., Euterpean Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres., Frat. Base Ball Team, Ass. Ed. of '93 CIARLA. AMBROSE WILLIAM LEIBENSPERGER Maxatawny, Pa. Entered College, September, 18895 Euterpean Literary Society, V- Pres., Missionary Society, Glee Club, Augsburg Society. CHARLES LEVI LICHTENWALNER Alburtis, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889 , Euterpean Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres., Glee Club , Ass. Ed. of ,93 CIARLA, Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERG. JOSHUA MILLER Gilbert's, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889, Class, Pres., Sophronian Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres., Missionary Society, Glee Club, Ass. Ed. of ,93 CIARLA, Editor-in-chief of MLTHLENBERG, Columbus Orator on Columbus Day. EDWVIN JACOB MOSSER Steinls Corner, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889, A T 52 , Euterpean Literary Society, V. Pres., Missionary Society, Glee Club, Bus. Mgruof ,93 CIARLA, Sophomore German Prize. WILLIAM FRANKLIN MOSSER New Tripoli, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889 , Class, Pres., Soplironian Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres., Missionary Society Pres., Shake- sperean Club, Augsburg Society, Press Club, Glee Club. XVILLIAM RICK Bethel, Pa. Entered College, September, 1890 , A T S2 , Euterpean Literary Society , Glee Club, Bus. Mgr., Banjo, Mandolin Club, Leader, Foot- Ball Team, Artist of YQ3 CIARLA, Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERG. CHARLES ESCHBACH ROOS New Hanover, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889, Class, Pres., Euterpean Literary Society, Pres., Missionary Society, Treas., Sliakesperean Club, Augsburg Society, Press Club, Pres., Glee Club, Proctor, Editor-in-chief of MUHLENBERG. MELVILLE BENJAMIN SCHMOYER Trexlertown, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889, Class, Pres., Euterpean Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres., Missionary Society, Augsburg Society. 24 PETER GEORGE SIEGER Stettlersville, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889: A T S23 Class, Pres., Euterpean ' Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres., Missionary Society, See.: Press Club, Pres., Augsburg Societyg Athletic Association, Pres., Class and College Base Ball Teams, Manager, Ass. Ed. of ,QS CIARLA, Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERGQ Hon. mention in junior Oratorical Contest: Sophomore Botanical Prize. XVILSON GEORGE SMOYER Allentown, Pa. Entered College, September, 18893 Euterpean Literary Society. EUGENE STETLER Malianov, Pa. Entered College, September, 1889, Class, Pres., Soplironian Literary Society, Pres. and V. Pres.g Missionary Society g Press Club, V. Pres., Augsburg Society, Ass. Ed. and Bus. Manager of BTUHLENBERG. HARRY AUSTIN YETTER . Binghamton, N. Y. Entered College, September, 1890 5 A 'l' SZ g Euterpean Literary Society 3 Foot-Ball Team, Manager, Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERGQ Editor- in-chief of ,93 CI.-xRL.-xg junior Oratorieal Prizeg Columbus Orator on Columbus Day. -,..-f -. '- ---F.-. V ., . tilt 4 7 - in 25 Glass of '94, UQUOT HOMINES TOT SENTENTIAEH' PRESIDENT, . . VICE PRESIDENT, . SECRETARY, . . TREASURER, . . HISTORIAN, . PRESIDENT, . . VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY,. , TREASURER, , . HISTORIAN, . COLORS-RED AND BLACK. Glass Gbffieefz. FIRST TERIVL .SECOND TERIII. 26 . . D. A. MILLER J. XV. H. I-IEINTZ W. U. KISTLER . .S. P. MILLER . . H. C. KLINE W. H. S. MILLER S. P. MILLER . .C. D. ZXVEIER . .A. V. HEYL . . H. C. KLINE 'Hisbtorg of 'IF2inet'QfElou1a. Us ae .53 ,J H, what adelight it is, attimes, to sit and 0-' 49' reflect upon what was, is, and is to fl. i, Q f ,I lfqg, ' L come. f g vxkiiiy xp U . l ' Q, slip f' To-night as we sit in our rooms and I l ' realize that since the beginning f . I -lui.: of this collegiate year we are feel- ' 1 f . . . . . ' I ' ing the responsibility of our posi- "s1. 'riff' 5' . . ' tion as revered, respected juniors. . A I, ,WHY ' ff Fellow Student, have you . - igmgf. -qs uf '31-f " M L "ff- '-a- -- thought that you are more than -' i j? " " ' -1 half way through your College course, do you look back upon the past with any rerets? I think I voice the sentiments of the class when I say UNO." JQ4 has done nobly ever since its existence in Muhlenberg. It has made a success ot' everything that it has undertaken, as our previous history shows. To-day, '94, stands equally as strong in number and quality, as our motto predicts, " Quai' homines for senz'e1z!z'ae," as when it started upon its first year's course as Freshmen, which is more than very many classes can say. We have lost several of our class-imates who have withdrawn from our number for various reasons, one of which is worthy of special note. His mortal diaphram seemed to have been lined with something better than the ordinary students He was the only 27 one in our class who could devour and digest " camel back ducks." Wliat will we do if we have anything like that presented to us at our next banquet? Dear readers, if you can digest this history with as much ease and comfort as our "camel baclc duck friend," we will have no reasons to complain whatever. . '94 with the loss of those few and respected students has increased and stands again within one of its original number. The latest addition to our class is War1'en Nickel, of South Bethlehem, formerly a student at Gettysburg. Now as we are well on in our Junior year, we feel that sense of duty and responsibility, which sooner or later comes to every student, that we are within the Classic walls of our Alma Mater for mental improvement. And many were the good resolutions made. " Whene'e1' a noble deed is wrought, Wher1e'e1' is spoken a. noble thought, 'Our hearts in glad surprise, To higher levels rise.'l Thus '94 has noble deeds wrought in the past and may it do many more in the future, such as we all may be proud of and be an honor to our Dear Alma Mater. HARRY C. KLINE, i hG's!0fz'a7z. Z gf 0 -9 97 28 eAwmcs-xt Pmu juniors. eats? GEGRGE DESCH DRUCKENMILLER Old Zionsville, Pa. Entered College, September ISQOQ Euterpean Literary Society: Missionary Socictyg Press Club, Treas.g Augsburg Society, Shakesperean Club 3 Glee Club, Bus. Mgr. of MUHLENBERC9. IRA THURMAN ERDMAN Aiieutown, Pa. Entered College, September, 18905 Sophronian Literary Society. MAX SCHALL ERDMAN Allentown, Pa. Entered College, September, ISQOQ A T S23 Sophronian Literary BTALCOLIVI Enter Society, Banjo, Mandolin Club, Athletic Association, Pres., Bicycle Club. WEIGLE GROSS Allentown, Pa. ed College, September, 1890, A T SZ, Class, Pres., Sophronian Literary Society Q Foot Ball Team, '91-l92 g Base Ball Team, Y93, Captain, Bus. Mgr. of ,Q4 CIARLA. JACOB XVILLIAM HENRY HEINTZ Philadelphia, Pa. Entered College, September, 18903 Euterpean Literary Society, V. Pres.g Missionary Soeietyg Shakesperean Club, Sec., Augsburg Soeietyg Press Club, V. Pres. and Sec., Glee Clubg Artist of 394 CIARLAQ Hon. mention Botanical Prize. ALLEN VANHEYL Allentown, Pa. Entered College, September, 1890, A T S25 Soplironian Literary WILLIAM Enter Society 3 Glee Club 3 Banjo, Mandolin Clubg Foot Ball Team g Ass. Ed. of ,94 CIARLAQ Sophomore Botanical Prize. ULYSSES KISTLER Lynnville, Pa. ed College, September, 1390, Euterpean Literary Society, V. Pres., Missionary Society, Shakesperean Clubg Augsburg Society, Press Club, See., Foot Ball Team, Ass. Ed. of ,94 CIARLA, Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERG. 29 HARRY CHARLES KLINE Philadelphia, Pa. Entered College, September, 1890, Class, President and Historian, , Euterpean Literary Society, V. Pres., 'Missionary Society, Organist and Treas., Shakesperean Club, Augsburg Society, Press Club, V. Pres., Glec Club, Leader, Ass. Ed. of '94 CIARLA1 Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERG. LUTHER DECH LAZARUS Allentown, Pa. Entered College, September, 1890, CD I' A, Sophronian Literary Society, Frat. Base Ball Team. . FRANK CARROLL LONGAKER Linfield, Pa, Entered College, September, 1890, Euterpean Literary Society, Missionary Society , Shakesperean Club, Secretary , Augsburg Society , Press Club, Sec., Ass. Edd. of '94 CIARLA, Bus. Mgr. of MUHLENBERG. GEOGRE CHARLES LOOS Philadelphia, Pa. Entered College, September, 1890, Class, Pres., Euterpean Literary Society, V. Pres., Missionary Society, Secretary and Treas., Augsburg Society, Athletic Association, Sec. DAVID AARON MILLER Allentown, Pa. Entered College, January 5th, 1892 , A 'l' SZ , Class, Pres., Sophronian Literary Society: Bicycle Club, Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERG, Editor-in-chief of '94 CIARLA. SAMUEL PETER MILLER Allentown, Pa. Entered College, january 5th, ISQ2 ,- A T Sl, Sophronian Literary Society, Banjo, Mandolin Club, Sec., Bicycle Club. VVILLIAM HORATIO SEYMOUR IVIILLER Allentown, Pa. Entered College, September, 1890, A T Sl, Class, Pres., Sophronian Literary Society, Pres., V. Pres., Missionary Society , Ass. Ed. of '94 CIARLA, Bicycle Club. WARREN NICKEL South Bethlehem, Pa. Entered College, january, 1893 , Sophronian Literary Society. GEORGE STUART OPP Bethlehem, Pa. Entered College, September, ISQOQ Class, Pres., Sophronian Literary Society, V. Pres., Ass. Ed. of '94 CIARLA. 30 MARTIN LUTHER TREXLER Bernville, Pa. Entered College, September, ISQOQ ill 1' Ag Euterpean Literary Society, V. Pres., Missionary Society, Sec., .Sllakesperean Club, Moderator, Augsburg Society Q Press Club g Glee Club g Bus. Mgr. of ,94 CIARLAQ Ass. Ed. of MUHLENBERG. FREDERICK WILLIAM WACKERNAGEL Allentown, Pa, ' Entered College, September, 1890, Ill I' Ag Sophronian Literary Society, Chapel Organist and Choirmasterg Frat. Base Ball Team. EDWIN STEPHEN VVOODRING Allentown, Pa. Entered College, September, 1890, Euterpean Literary Society. CHARLES DRUCKENMILLER ZWEIER Palm, Pa. Entered College, September, 18905 Sophronian Literary Society, Missionary Society: vShakesperean Club, Moderator: Angs- burg Society. R iff if , 31 6214152 Qi '95 "IN VIRTUTE ET SAPIENTIA FIDEMUSX' PRESIDENT, . . YYICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY, . . TREASURER, . . HIS'l'ORIfXN,. . PRESIDENT, . . VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY, . . TREASURER,. . HISTORIfXN,. . ,.. COLORS-'PINK AND BLUE. 912155 Gbfiieefz. i-1 FIRST TERJW. SECOND TERIW. jo . C. E. PETERS . .W. J. ELLIS . V. J. BAUER W. J. SCHIvIID'r . . A. P. LENTZ' A. A. KILLIAN .E. E. SNYDER . C. KRAPF . .w. J. ELLIS , .A. P. LENTZ History of iQinetQJElioe. . , S53 . 4 Nf' V T last we belong to the College world. The history of our class, since the publication of the last CIARLA, is well known 5 it has become C 3 T part of the College history. ' x H b:',.E Y- vw I' l I f QQ f f As Freshmen, the Class of ,QS has won , , great renown, and its brave defense of its it rights and privileges will Cause it to be 3 .- 3 . I 1 if remembered with kindly feeling by all, who have come into contact with it. In june, of '92, we passed hom the ever verdant and green pastures of our Freshman year with great rejoicing. With thanks- giving, because we had Hired so well in this, the worst year in college life, and also because we had so successfully battled with that wicked enemy of every student, "Titus Livy,', whom we con- signed to the dark and gloomy realms of Grcus, whence he will nevermore return. On the ISt of September, ISQZ, fourteen men of our class found their way back to Muhlenberg, having spent, according to all accounts, a pleasant vacation. We came with charity towards all the Freshmen whom we found assembled in the Chapel, on that eventlul morning. We had the misfortune to lose twelve of our honored members, some of these have joined other classes. We are heartily sorry forfthem, because of their miserable surroundings. 33 ' But if we did lose some, we had the good fortune to receive five new men in the persons of Messrs. P. A. Behler, L. D. Gable, W. I. Snyder, E. H. Kistler and J. E. Sandtg men, who have won great renown for their literary abilities, at the various institutions, which they attended. The space allowed to us, is very limited, therefore, we must leave many things unsaid, which would be of interest to patrons of this publication. In conclusion, we would express our heartiest wish that ,QS may continue in its course, the way it has in the past. May it continue to learn the lessons assigned to it, so that when it arrives at its destination, its friends may greet it' with the. same respect in which they hold it at present. Adieu. A. P. LENTZ, ffI.a'll0l'Z'LZ7L. 34 EA,wmGHI FMLA Zoplfzomofes. 659' VICTOR JAMES BAUER, wr A, . VITALIS JESSE BECRER ,.,. PRESTON ALBURTIS BEHLER, EORLEY ASTOR EBERT ,... WARREN JACOB ELLIS, ,L , . LUTHER, DANIEL OABLE, TFA AMMON ALVIN KILLIAN, . . CHARLES EDWARD KISTLER, EDWARD IIAINES KISTLER, . FREDERICK CHARLES KRAPF, . PHILIP ANDREW LI-:NTz,. . . NEWTON MILLER, IATA ,,.. CHARLES EUGENE PETERSV JOHN ELMER SANDT ,... MORRIS EDWIN SCHAD13. . WILLIAM SCHMIDI' ,..... EDWARD PETER SCHUMAN, , ELMER ELLWOOD SNYDER, . . Macungie . . Royersford . jacksonville Schnecksville . . Jonestown . . , Reading Bismark . , Lynnville . . Allentown . . Newark, . .Paxton . . Limerick . . .Saegersville Sandt's Eddie, SCl1adt's P. O. . . . Freeland . . Allentown Ma1'tin's Creek XVELLINGTON JACOB SNYDER, 112 T A, . . . . Tower City JOSEPH HERBERT STOPP, ...... .' .. .Allentown 35 Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Del Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa CBIUEE of '96, UENERGIA ET STUDIO VINCIMUSH' COLORS-WHITE AND PURPLE. Qlazz Gbffieefz. FIRST TERM. PRESIDENT, .... ..,...A.., . . J. E. SNYDER VICE PRESIDENT, . . . . . GEO. T. SPANG SECRET,-XRY,. . . . . SAM. G. TREXLER TREASURER, . . .FRED W. FEGLEY HISTORIAN, . .,......,. . . A. B. STOPP SECOND TERM. PRESIDENT ,-... ,...,.,..,.... O . R. B. LEIDY YVICE PRESIDENT, . . . . LEOPOLD WEDDIGEN SECRETARY ,... .... F . S. RUNTZ TREASURER, . . . . E. P. XANDER HISTORIAN, . . ....,..... . . A. B STOPP THIRD TERM. PRESIDENT ,... ........... P LARRY K. LANTZ VICE PRESIDENT ,... ...... G EO. T. SPANG RECORDING SECRETARY, . . . . MARCUS S. HOTTENSTEIN CORRESPONDING SECRETARY, . . . JEREMIAH H. SCHINDEL MONITOR ,.......,.. . . . JOSEPH H. HEILMAN TREASURER, . . . GOMER B. MATTHEWS HISTORIIXN, . . . . . .... S. A. B. STOPP 36 History of ilfiinetgriiig. NTO the classic halls of Muhlenberg there r ,-.. came last September thirty-five young' men, as handsome and studious a class as has ever entered this temple of learn- :ig ..., If ing. The Sophomores manifested L "ii" ' ' .' . ' ' ' v I A im!!-7 evcpllent chommon sense in not , Kai 51, mo estmg t IS notewoithy company, 'cl ' and well pleased with their pleasant recep- ii huh tion, the men of '96 began their college it T fi A had course under the most promising auspices. 3 Q The work of the class-room aroused the E interest and enthusiasm ofthe new-comers 'lf and men who had n,ot yet been proposed in either society 'I listened to the arguments advanced by both sides, and, alter mature deliberation, signihedvtheir choice and were initiated into each scholarly body with due form and ceremony, The Lehigh County Fair and the Teachers' Institute, two of Allentowns most prominent annual occurrences, were attended and gre atly enjoyed by our men, and their knowledge of agriculture in all its departments and of pedagogics, we trust, is materially increased. The Columbian celebration also found them enthusiastic and patriotic participants, and high honor was paid to the memory of Geno:1's great hero by the students of Muhlenberg, and especially by the men of '96 37 Nor did we play an inconsiderable part in the great political campaign of the year. By reading, debates, and attending parades 'mid blazing torches and the din of the brass band, the great issues to te decided at the polls were kept before our minds, and, by the votes that may have been cast and their wide-spread influence, we trust, our men have done much toward the improvement and exaltation of this glorious land. After the Christmas holidays, when Winle1', with his icy breath, chilled all the land, over the snow-covered roads and past larm- house and village, the class sped on its sleigh-ride to Coopersburg. The memories of their warm reception and courtly entertainment will ever linger in the minds of all who enjoyed that remarkable trip. The year has passed smoothly and pleasantly. Some of our members have left us but we still consider our class a credit and an ornament to the college, and hope, while here we sojourn, to dwell peaceablyg to make many new friends, and to be Worthy sons of grand old Muhlenberg. SAMUEL AUGUSTUS BRIDGES STOPP, I1ELvz'01fz'a1z. March Me fourfh, ezlgfzfeen hundred and 7zz'nezjf-Mree. 35 HE 3 8 sus, , 17r:cI:a4IDuiZaA tEFeSbInen. XVILLIAH PENN BARR. . . . . , . . . FREDERICK EVGENE COOPER, A T SZ, . GEORGE KVILLIAM GENSZLER, . . , . 'WILLIAM ISAAC GOLD, GTA, . . ALFRED STANLEY HARTZELL, . JOSEPH HENRY HEILMAN, . . SAMUEL HOLCK HENRY, A T 52, , . MARCUS STEPHEN HOTTENSTEIN, A T Q, , . IYILLIAM FRANKLIN KLEIN ,...... JOHN FREDERICK KRAMLICH, . . FRANKLIN SAMUEL KUNTZ, 611' A, . . HARRY KAUFFMAN LANTZ, ATS2, . OWEN ROSS BRYAN LEIDY,1bTA, . . GOMER BENJAMIN MATTHEXVS, . CHARLES ADAM MOHR ,..... ROBERT FRANK REED ,..,... CALVIN SYLVESTER REICHARD, . EILUS OTIOMAR SAYLOR ,... IEREMIAH JACOB SCHINDEL, . . JOSEPH CONSTANTINE SLOUGH, . . JOHN FRANKLIN SNYDER ,..... GEORGE THEODORE SPANG, A I Q, . GEORGE HENRY SPIEKER ,..... WILLIAM HENRY STEINBICKER, . . MARVIN HARRY STETLER, ....... SAMUEL AUGUSTUS BRIDGES STOPP, I SAMUEL GEISS TREXLER, AIA, . , . XVILLIAM MARION WEAVER, .... . LEOPOLD FREDERICK WEDDIGEN, IIIA EDGAR PETER XANDER, ........ 39 . Allentown . Allentown . . Hillegas . . Nazareth . Allentown . Lebanon . Boyertown . Allentown . . Reading . . Kntztown Conynghatn . . Lebanon . Boyertown . .Pittsburg . .Maenngie Northampton . Bethlehem . Allentown . . Allentown . Allentown . Allentown v . . Lebanon , . Allentown . Catasauqna . . .Exnans . Allentown . . Bernville , Birdsboro XVillianISpOrt . Lehighton I I 1 I I 9 4 'lplfzi Gamifna elta. FOUNDED, ,1S4S. E COLOR-IQOYAL PURPLE. FRATERNITY JOURNAL-KD F .3 QUARTERLY. Graduate Cilaapterz. DELTA, . . . Chattanooga, Tenn, EPSILON,. . .Colun1bus, O. ZETA, ..... Kansas City, Mo. ETA, ........ Cleveland, O THETA, .............. Williamsport, Pa. IOTA M U, . P1 IOTA, . . NU DELTA, UPSILON, 0MEGA,. . N U EPSILON, THETA Psi, JKAPPA NU, ALPHA, . BETA, . . . DELTA, . . XI, . PI, . Girarzcl Qilaapter, NEW' YORK CITY. SECTION I. . . Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass . . . Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass . . . . , . . Yale University, New Haven, Conn , College of City of New York, New York City . . . . . . . Columbia College, New York City . . . University of City of New York, New York City . . . . . . Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y . , . . . .Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y SECTION II. . . Washington and jefferson College, Wasliingtoii, Pa . . . University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa . . . . . Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa . , Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa . . .Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa 42 EPSILON DEUTERON, . . SIGMA DEUTERON, . BETA CHI, . . , . GAMMA PHI, . . BETA MU, . . EPSILON, . . . OMEGA ,.,. BETA DELTA, . . . . DELTA DEUTERGN, , ZETA DEUTERON, . RHO CHI, .... . ETA, . . SIGMA, ...,.., THETA DEUTERON, LAMBDA DEUTERON, . . OMICRON DEUTERON RHO DEUTERON . . ALPHA PHI, . . . ZETA, . . LAMBDA, . TAU, ...... . PSI, ....... . ALPHA DEUTERON, . GAMMA DEUTERON, , . MU SIGMA, . . NU,,.... K.APPA 'l'AU, . . PI DELTA, . , ZETA PHI, . . DELTA XI, . . . LAMBDA SIGMA, . . . MUHLENBERG COLLEGE, ALLENTOXVN, , . . . . .Lafayette College, Easton, . . . . . . Lehigh University, Bethleheni, . Pennsylvania State College, State College, SECTION III. V . . . john Hopkins University, Baltimore, PA Pa Pa Pa Md University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C . . . University of Virginia, Univ. of Va., . . . . , . . . . . Roanoke College, Salem, Hampden-Sitlney College, Prince Eclw. Co., Washington and Lee University, Lexington, . , . . . . . Richiuond College, Richmond, SECTION IV. . . . . . . . Marietta College, Marietta, Va Va Va Va Va Pa . , . XVittenberg College, Springfield, O . . Ohio Wesleyan University, Delevvare, O . . Denison University, Granville, O . . . Ohio State University, Columbus, O . . . . . .Wooster University. Wooster, O . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich SECTION V. . Indiana State University, Bloomington, Ind . . . . DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind . . . . . . . . Hanover College, Hanover, . . , . . . Vlfabash College, Crawfordsville, . Illinois 'Wesleyan University, Bloomington, . . . . ., . . . . Knox College, Galesburg, SECTION VI. Incl Ind Ill Ill . . University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn SECTION VII. . . . . . . Bethel College, Russellville, Ky . . . University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn SECTION VIII. . . . University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas . . . . . . NVIII. Jewell College, Liberty, SECTION IX. ' . . . . . University of California, Berkeley, Leland Stanford, jr., University, Mayiield, 43. M o Cal Cal 'Flfzi Giamina elta. tlipzilorz euiferorz, ESTABLISHED 1867. ZITEIWBERS OF FACULTY. MA'r'1'H1As H. RICHARDS, D.D., E. FRANK C. OBERLY, A.M GEORGE TAYLOR ETTINGER, PH.D. RESIDENT Z1TEIl1fEERS. Hon. Constantine I. Erdman, E, Prof. Francis D. Raub, Rev. jacob D. Schindel, E, Preston A. DeLong, Rev. J. A. Singinaster, E, George Lazarus, George S. Butz, Fred. E. Lewis, Esq., Reuben J. Butz, Esq., Morris Hoats, Esq., Rev. Tilghman F. German, Rev. George XV. Richards, Hon. Milton C. Henninger, John F. Saeger, Frank T. L. Keiter, Esq., Joseph P. Shinier, Samuel J. Kistler, Esq., Harry S. Snyder, Harry M. Klein, john L. Schwartz Esq., Herbert T. Koehler. UJVDE RCRA D UA TE 1lfEIIlEEI1'S. 1895. Roderick Edwin Albriglit, XVillian1 B. Brobst, Samuel B. Anewalt, jr., Charles J. Gable, Edwin Timothy Kunlqle, Xviiilkllll Oscar Laub 1894. Martin Luther Trexler, Luther Dech Lazarus, Frederick William Waekeruagel. 1895. q Victor I. Bauer, Newton T. Miller, Luther Daniel Gable, Wellington Jacob Snyder. 1896. 'William Isaac Gold, Owen Rose B. Leidy, Franklin Samuel Kuutz, Leopold F. Weddington. Samuel Geiss Trexler. 1897. Yxfillard Daniel Kline. 44 "FFF .3 ur j.-5, :Msg -5'2"1,-L ':-57 fgl ':f., :Q H' --I-gp 7' ,l..Q mf. ' .f- - - -. -J,-fa 'ff' ' ' ' :-' i:-- - ' f 'J -1-11. 5-4, 1 nw fy xv, C A Vw-'af-1 Pmma Ala . Alpha Epsilon, . Ala. Ala. Cal Fla Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ill. Ill. Iow La. Tilpha Eau Qinegga. FOUNDED, 1865. COLORS-Sin' BLUE AND OLD GOLD, FRATERNITY JOURNAL-ALPHA TAU OMEGA PALM. LIST OF ACTIVE CHAPTERS. Beta Beta ,... Beta Delta, . Beta Psi, , . . Alpha Omega, . Alpha Beta, . Alpha Theta, . . Alpha Zeta, . . Beta Iota, . . Beta Nu ,.... Gamma Gamma, Gamma Delta, , a Beta Alpha, . . Beta Epsilon, . . Maine Beta Upsilon, Maine Gamma Alpha, Mass. Gillllllla Beta, . Mich. Alpha Mu, . . Mich. Beta Kappa, . Mich. Beta Lambda, Mich. Beta Omicron, N. I. Alpha Kappa, . N. Y. Alpha Lambda N. Y. AlIJl1tL01l'1lCfOU B. N. N. N. Y. C. Alpha Delta, . C. Alpha Eta, . . C. Alpha Cl1i, . . Beta Theta, . . , . A. and M. College, Auburn, . . . Southern University, Greensboro, .... University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, , . . Leland Stsnford, Jr., University, Palo Alto, University of Florida, Lake City, . . . . University of Georgia, Athens, . Emory College, Oxford, , . . , . . Mercer University, Macon ,....,,. Ga. State School of Technology, Atlanta, M. and A. College, Milledgeville ,...r North-western University, Evanston, . Chicago University, Chicago,. . . . Simpson College, Indianola, . . Tulane University, New Orleans, . Maine State College, Orono, . Colby University, XVaterville, . . Tufts' College, Tufts, . . Adrian College, Adrian, . Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, . . . , University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Albion College, Albion, .,,... , Stephens Institute, Hoboken, . . Colnmlbia College, New York, . . St. Lawrence University, Canton, . . Cornell University, Ithaca ,... . . . University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill ii--, Asheville, .... . Trinity College, Durham. . . 45 1885 1885 1885 1892 1884 1878 1881 ISSO 1888 1888 1893 1893 1885 1887 1891 1892 1893 1881 1888 ISFS 1889 1881 1881 1832 1887 1879 1881 1872 Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Penn Penn Penn Penn Alpha Nu, . Alpha Psi, 1 . Beta Eta, , . Beta Mu, . Beta Rho, . . Beta Omega, Alpha Iota, , Alpl1a Rho, . Alpha Upsilou, Beta Chi, . . Penn Tau ,... S. C. Alpha Phi, S. C. Beta 1'hi . S. C. Beta Xi, . . Tenn Alpha Tau, . Te11n. Beta Pi, . . Tenn Beta Tau, . Tenn. Lambda, . Tenn Omega, . Vt. Beta Zeta, . Va. Beta, . . . . Va. Beta Sigma, . Va. Delta, . . . Va. Epsilon, . . . LIST OF Ala. Association, , Ark. Association, . D. C. Association, . Fla. Association, . Ga. Association, Ill. Association, . Ky. Association, . Mich. Association, N. C. Association, N. Y. Association Ohio S. C. Association, . . . Association, . , . . Mt. Union College, Mt. Union, . . . lVittenberg College, Springfield, . . Wesleyan University, Deleware, . . Vtfooster University, YVooster, . . . Marietta College, Marietta, . . . . Ohio State U11iversity, Columbus, . Muhlenberg College, Allentown, . . . Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, . . . Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg ,.... Haverford College, Haverford, . . . . . University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, . South Carolina University, Columbia, . . . XVofford College, Spartanburg, . . . . Charleston College, Charleston ,... . S. W. Presby. University, Clarksville, . . Vanderbilt University, Nashville, . . . S. XV. Baptist University, Jackson, . . Cuinberland University, Cumberland, . . University of the South, Sewanee .,... University of Vermont, Burlington, . . . . Vtfashington and Lee University, Lexington Hampden-Sydney College, Prince Edw. Co, University of Virginia, Charlottville ,,.. Roanoke College, Salem, ....... . STATE ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. Tuscaloosa, ....,.,..... . Little Rock, . . Xlfashington ,.., . DeFe11Wick Springs, . . Macon, ...... . Chicago, . Louisville, . . Ann Arbor, Raleigh, . . . New York, Titlin, . . Spartanburg, . . . Nashville, . . . Tenn. Association, Va. Association, . Total Active Chapters, ..... . . Total Associations, . Richmond, , . . 46 1882 1883 1887 1883 1890 1892 1881 1882 1882 1891 1881 1883 189o 1889 1882 1889 1890 1889 1877 1887 1865 1890 1868 1869 1886 1888 1886 1885 1884 1892 1883 1892 1887 1892 1888 1882 I892 1882 T ILA wnusnn mu Rlplfza Warm Qmega. 'Pennzglzvania fllllplaa. flora Qhapifer, ESTABLISHED 1881. MEMHEIE IN FACULTY. EPHRAIM S. DIETER. RESIDENT Il1lE!IIl1El?S. Ira W'ise, B.S., Rev. Elmer O. Leopold, Ralph Metzger, Esq., Alfred' I. Yost, J. 'Willis Hassler, M.D., james B. Vllerner, VVillia1n H. Cooper, Leo XVise, Malcolm Metzger, Oswald W. Hacker. UNDERGRADUATE IVIEIWBERS. 1393. Edwin jacob Mosser, Peter George Sieger, VVillia1n Rick, Harry Austin Yetter. 1894. Max Schall Erdlnan, 'William Horatio Seymour Miller Malcolm Vlleigle Gross, Samuel Peter Miller, Allen VanHcy1, ' David Aaron Miller. 1896. - Frederick Eugene Cooper, Marcus Stephen Hottensteiu, Samuel Houck Henry, George Theodore Spang, Harry K. Lantz. 1897. John Frank Stine, G. Fred. Kuhl. 47 Zophrorzian Eiterarg Zoeietfg. J'.mmm.:L Sophronian Literary Society was organized in 1867. if Its object is to train the student in reading, declaiming, WWW debating and oratoryg to give him a thorough drill in parliamentary rulesg and to bring him into closer Contact with his fellow students, thus causing him to grow more cultured and liberal minded. On June 22, a very pleasant reunion was held in the Society Hall. Many of the Alumni attended, and enlivened the meeting with their witty and inspiring speeches. 48 ' a fi" 1 riff. ' .T. . 1,7 'fa , -1-A-.Q ..,. , - V- KK, , V 5,1 risk I0 fy W 4. 0 ' .Ven n -Yx,l-:sglj Q Q:-2 , gpg ? . Qi on " ' 151 1 9255 P 510 5- ' " 1 FQ? , ff? , " .Dw'1fa I?1u'ln . Zophfonian Eifefafg Zoeietg. REQ! MOTTO-THE END CROWNS THE XVORK. PRESIDENT ,.... VICE PRESIDENT, . . SECRETARY, ...,... . CORRESPONDINO SECRETARY TREASURER ,........ LIBRARIAN ,...,.. ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN, . CRITICS, . EDITOR BUDGET, . CHARIJIIN, . . Qffieefz. ,.. 49 . . . . W. I-I. S. MILLER . .MALCOLM W. GROSS FREDERICK E. COOPER . . .HARRY K. LANTZ . . JOHN E. SNYDER E.A.EBERT FREDERICK C. KRAPF EDWIN T. KUNKLE, EDWARD H. KISTLER . . . .LUTHER GABLE . CHARLES D. ZXVEIER Zoplzroniarz 'Literary Zoeierg members. 1893. Roderic E. Albright, Charles J. Gable, Samuel B. Anewalt, Edwin T. Kunkle, William B. Brobst, joshua Miller, Alfred O. Ebert, William F. Mosser, Eugene Stetler. 1894. Ira T. Erdman, Samuel P. Miller, Max S. Erdmau, William H. S. Miller, Malcolm W. Gross, Warren Nickel, Allen V. I-Ieyl, George S. Opp, Luther D. Lazarus, Fred. W. Vlfackernagel, David A. Miller, Charles D. Zweier. 1895- . Forley Ebert, Newton T. Miller, Luther D. Gable, Charles E. Peters, Frederick C. Krapf, William I. Schmidt. 1896. Frederick E. Cooper, Calvin S. Reichard, Alfred Eggert, Elmer O. Saylor, Frederick W. Fegely, Jeremiah J. Schindel, William I. Gold, joseph C. Slough, Oswald VV. Hacker, john F. Snyder, joseph H. Heilman, George T. Spang, Marcus S. Hottenstein, George T. Spieker, Frank S. Kuntz, William H. Steinbicker, Harry K. Lautz, Leopold F. Weddigen, Malcolm Metzger, Edgar P. Xander, john G. Brode. 50 Euterpean ibiterarfg e Zoeietp. Qa UTERPEA'S history for the past year is one of prosperity 35 and advancement. True to her Motto, "WATCH AND mmm ADVANCE," she made long and rapid strides toward the realization of her lofty ideals. Her work is to discipline the powers of the mind and soul of each of her members, so that they may be able to engage manfully in life's stern conflict. Her history, while it could be made to Hll pages, can aptly be expressed in these words, t'She has done well lu SI 'Eutefpean Tbiterafg Society. E354 Qffieerz. PRESIDENT, . . A . C. LELICHTENWALNER VICE PRESIDENT, . . . . . . J. W. H. HEINTZ RECORDING SECRETARY, . . . . W. M. WEAVER CORRESPONDING SECRETARY, . . . .O. R. B. LEIDY TREASURER, ......., . . . C. A. MOHR LIBRARIAN, . , . . . M. L. TREXLER G. S. GENSZLER ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS, . . E. E. SNYDER. F. C. LONGAKER CRITICS, . . . H. C. KLINE. CHAPLAIN, . . .S. A. B. STOPP BUDGETEER, . . . . G. B. MATTHEWS 52 ,... tm-fasdwg Palu- 'Eurerpean 'liwirerarg Zoeieifg Kercher, Laub, Leibensperger, V Smoycr, Druckemniller, Heintz, Trexler, Bauer, Becker, Behler, Ellis, Barr, Genszler, Hartzell, Henry, wig Members. ' SENIORS. Lichtenwalner, Roos, Mosser, E., Sclunoyer, Rick, Sieger, Yetter, j UNI ORS. Kistler, Longakcr, Kline, Loos, Woodring. SOPHOMORES. Killian, Sandt, Kistler, Snyder, E. Lentz, Snyder, W Schadt, Stopp. Sclluman, FRESAUWEJV. Klein, Reed, Kramlich, Statler, Leirly, Trcxler, Matthews, Weaver. Mohr, f-'1 FJ '75 . V M, K IN 67 + 'Yr Ff Y ' ' -l--- F V ll bk U, 1--A ' X .- . h A , t n 4 Y , , Y Y YI it 1. 1 1 aw- 5"'L'l n , M' S 'Mig Sm WVU yww3A0'J'zaL?":' 1. V. nr 54 Tneaclemie apartment. ang Zifuclenifzs. Arthur W. Albright, Allentown, Louis R. Albright, Allentown, Daniel S. Artz, Artz, Hiram J. Balliet, Orefield, Henry H. Bechtel, Coopersburg, joseph S. Benner, Fullerton, Walter Best, Allentown, Irwin H. DeLong, Catasauqua, Jesse N. Edwards, Allentown, Grant U. Eichelberger, Camp Hill, John S. Fegley, Allentown, Edmund F. Harmony, Catasauqua, Wilmer F. Held, Lehighton, Charles H. Hetrich, Lanark, Marvin L. Kleppinger, Allentown, Aaron H. Kliclc, East Hanover, William D. Kline, Allentown, Howard M. Klotz, Minnich's P. O. Wm. H. Knappenberger, Cetronia Joseph S. Knanss, Allentown, George F. Kuhl, Allentown, Edwin T. Laubach, Catasauqua, H. A. Litzenberger, Mountainville William H. Marsh, Allentown, Charles L. Metz, Trenton, N. J., Thomas B. Metzger, Allentown, Christian C. Miller, Reading, Charles F. Neuweiler, Allentown, Ira O. Nothstein, Lehighton, Charles E. Ochs, Allentown, William H. Pascoe, Allentown, William F. Ruhe, Allentown, Howard E. Schlouch, Allentown, John F. Stine, Fogelsville, Frederick W. Struntz, WilkeseBarre Jacob A. Trexler, Shamrock. William A. Wackernagel, Allentown john P. Walter, Newlin, Howard P. Weber, Redington, Robert A. Wright, Allentown. 55 Eowell Eitefamfg Zoeietfg. EEK Tieademie epamftfrrzent. E . I Gbffieefz. M. H. KLOTZ ,..... . . PRESIDENT IRA O. NOTHSTEIN, . . , . . .VICE PRESIDENT W. D. KLINE ,..... ,,.. S ECRETARY D. S. ARTZ, . . ...,.. TREASURER C. L. METZ, . . . . . . EDITOR OF BUDGE1 W. F. HELD, . . . . ,...... CHAPLAIE YV. A. NVACKERNAGEL, - - . . . CRITIC 56 1 .J ,Q X Qv ,1 - ' ' W M , Q7 X f m ' ' - 1 'J-Yfoyy EWS iff gp 5 JN f X -. ' M. ' 'Hi-, X-.ix f f ' Q X V,- 11 .:1,,M. mf! , 015710 f's'?'?UM AMW fl: ' yi, 'P1?af1 + Q 125 waH'i i - - MU 5 155 2 5,131 5X ,.,, ' , i ii jk v fx . 0 -'ln - i ,' WV' , ,,, ,I missionary Zoeierg. Gbffieerz. XVILLIAM F. MOSSER, ..,,,,4,. . PROP. VVILLIAM WACKERNAGEL, D.D., . MARTIN L. TREXLER ,........ FREDERICK C. KRAPF, HARRY C. KLINE, . William B. Brobst, Alfred O. Ebert, George A. Kereher, Edwin T. Knnkle, G. D. Druckenmiller, I. VV. H. Heintz, Harry C. Kline, Vitalis I. Becker, Preston A. Behler, WY Penn Barr, Frederick Cooper, George W. Genszler, Albert O. Hartzell, 'William H. Held, Marvin L. Kleppinger, Aaron I I. Klick, members. CLASS '93. A. W. Leibensperger, Joshua Miller, , Edwin I. Mo5Ser,- Williani F. Mosser, CLASS '94. William U. Kistler, Frank C. Longaker, George C. Loos, CLASS '95. Cl1arleS E. Kistler, Frederick C. Krapf, CLASS '96. Frank S. Kurtz, Harry K. Lantz, Gomer B. Matthews, Wni. H. Steinbieker, S. A. Bridges Stopp, PREPARATORY. W'illiam Marsh, Charles Metz, C. C. Miller, 58 . . . PRESIDENT . . VICE PRESIDENT . . SECRETARY . .TREASURER . . ORG.-XNIST Charles E. Roos, Melville B. Schnioyer, P. George Sieger, ' Eugene Stetler. William H. S. Miller, Martin L. Trexler, Charles D. Zweier. Philip A. Lentz, W'illia111 J. Schmidt. Saiunel G. Trexler, XV. Marion 'Weaver, Leopold F. Vlfeddigen, Edgar P. Xander. Ira O. Nothstein, William S. Struntz, 'WnI. A. XVael:e:'1'1agel. -up AZ ' -Aff -R 1- I' 44"-"" -, 555 ff -- 1 017 1 NESS. , E.,,"!4" 133555 . P f f a' H ff. fxN ..f - f H1-f'5i3535!!!mEQ!Wf5'?i - 5 71,31 ' ' + 'iq' Nfl! If' - - - - EJ' 4 p' 'ug' ll!-?f ' 'S' I'v':' Wu. -if '71 y' if lf. 'Ez ' ' -WT .' ' 44 Q' EW' 'E ug. " ' T- .Jill 'X X -'I U -- - ,. "-' ' ..-I "Tl ':.. . ff Quail, 5 Y fi'- R-rg' 2" l- 23-S '.h- A i y L'- - I -X I - , ,L:fsE.- li . . ' 1 1. ' ' I 'R' '11 - - H I E ' L--r-'.4f.TFr -. '. ,. .. f R 'h'1! "' 3' Gbffieerz. R. GEORGE SIEGER, . .... -PRESIDENT. HARRY C. KLINE, . . . . .VICE PRESIDENT. DR. M. H. RICHARDS, . . DR. DAVIS GARBER, . . . .SEcRETARx'. . . , . TREASURER. CURAYURS. CHARLES ESCHBACH Roos, ALFRED OLIVER EBERT. 59 631.110 iQ2?.1di1"'2QfLQOO1'1"2 fEUZa1::le. Tbailg T5eIpeIQ2s. ALLENTOWN-CHRONICLE and CITY ITEM. PHILADELPHIA-TIMES, PRESS and LEDGER. NEW YORK-HER:XI.I3, XVORLD and MAIL AND EXPRESS. READING-EAGLE. LEBANON-REPORT. weekly Taapefz. FUCK, JUDGE, LESI.IE'S, IiARPER,S, N. Y. EVENING POST SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ,IND SUPPLEMENT, NORTHAMPTON DEMOCRAT, PERKIOMEN V,xI.I,EY PRESS, INIONTGOBIERY LEIJOER. L1TDOI21'1'z1Q Tiaapefz. SCRIIaNER'S, HARPER'S, CENTURY, FORUM, NATION.-II,EIIUCATOR REVIEXV OF IQEVIEXVS. iT.Qe1igiOuz Faperz. LVTHERAN, LUTHERAN OBSERVER. HERALD .IND ZEITSCHRIITT LUTHERAN STANDARD, VVORKMAN, CYNOSURE, YOUNG 1X1EN,S ERA. 6O 61 Huggzlourg Zoeielfg. Tveeifurer. REV. XVILLIAM WACKERNAGEL, D.D. Charles E. Roos, Eln1er E. Snyder, Gomer B. Matthews, Warren J. Ellis, George A. Kercher, J. W. H. Heintz, A. W. Leibensperger, George W. Genszler, Martin L. Trexler, VV. Marion XVeaver, Melville B. Schmoyer, George C. Loos, John E. Sandt, Harry C. Kline, Marion H. Stetler, Alfred O. Ebert, members. S. A. Bridges Stopp, XVil1ian1 U. Kistler, G. D. Druckenmiller Preston A. Behler, Xvilliani F. Mosser, Frank C. Longaker, Samuel G. Trexler, Joshua Miller, ' Eugene Stetler, Charles D. Zweier, Philip A. Lentz, Frederick C. Krapf, Vitalis J. Becker, J. Fred. Kramlich, Charles E. Kisller, XV. Penn Barr, XVil1ian1 F. Klein. 62 A ,I I1rI.IHg I.I'lL -I II. ,L-In ,,,-, ,,,,, Inn, -IaiI I I I I.: I I I I In1.!,Q'.:'-15:1-IlJ:l'l-In I Il-J J. -I '..Ill1'!il.n,g'1Jg.nH:. 155: 'I I I : .I..'L'L'.'.',J . : I: E:-'5E'TI'l I'I'l'l'l'I I I'I'l'l I-'lfl'I'I7IT'l7I'IfILiI'.'-'-'I' ' " ' 'I':'-'."'.'P'."hThis , .,InIIfIIIn.IllilrIpl l.l-I-1'u.u.I.v ll I uIIIIImIIII.lII Inn .. I IIIInIl.vI.I-II-.IInrl-li- .-...I-IIIII II -III Ip.,- I I I II I In In I rl 'I'I " J'-"I'-": : I I Ir-'I::- ,I ' 4 I'-'- I I"Ik": I' 'II:In I I' N 'I' L -1 I ' 'I'-'1 ' "' 'H' I N - , rg-.+f,.'E'g 'I'I"I 'III-u'L'n'l'l. I li I n'I- VMI 'l'I'I'S II , """l':1lI mfg-1,-5-I ul SI-lI5SIIa-I -'In' nllj 'I'I'l'.n"-will-'f-I2'g'.:f'J ' """"" -' 1-.l,,,7,Ix V' in I5 Iw"I51 THIN IQ! Iilflfllflll ,irq I llfl 1-- ..I4.:.-:-lf: .M .. .,ip'-5:95, .fglggiii N """'1I'2'f'4 'fl S1fg,f?,.,Ig "IZ I I J- 'ww-4 .. .:: .1 - . - 3:--fu I H ...'. . 5 ,U 4.5 ' .... . . ,.','.' ' :Y:l:l:3 , 2516, I II I II ..I.a,q Ifg-'iii-I1.'fIIII1.:lI.I: -: "III l - '.hr.L,' 5 1 uuultrlu-Is.IIuIIIII I I1 ll' ,fo I, I I1 II":T: I : - '. IIT., I:I'h.n.'IJ'.5'.l,1.l,:I,H , .1 5 :nlnrc ISIIEI-'Iln In Z I' :I-:I-I IIIII ,, I I I- I' - U ' I ,Inf-IImI.uImI - H+- ---.-.:.--.f.'-.'I-w'- :: ':: f -- -- if I I III I n -.I " 1 ll ll ',,'.n ,.g"I ,,,, ,, " 'I'I I'Iun I IIA -'Il - II-I. -I.: l I' ,: I III I I II UF ,, v,, ,,, .II.I' 1- "" 'J' .L :fl """! , :XIII OYHTKQJYDS7, " .-- ,, .gl r f . . '-QE::I:fE.A..-fi: 45274, -.2r.-.i 1- ' ,--f . - ., , -,. f:Q." -X 2Fi!:"'2F:7:i:i5rQ::?'E'ff''iTfEf,..,--I ,,:1If'7.i""f"Q7' , V , :IV - - 7.-' ' 2.5:-:'fi"' i fy ,.,g-55' ,, .4--J.if..,f Q ,yr -' jj ,-11-F ','.Tjf" jfg' g '- .- Q 1' ' .1 .If I'pi.f7,' 5 ff."-Q 4 -152:13 G ?5.57"f2, Z' 913: 2 If- If 1 - "ea...-,Lf 'I -I ' F v ' '- 'ff' f' f 5 LIT-avg 4:5 .K l"?f':'L..K J..-123529.-i:3gigig1,'f''Q1- Fl Wai"-'. ' ' - IL' ':'ffgQ9ii,! -- F:":::f:5:I:"f'."5"if' -J' f. Tess'-IFN : I '- Z- If ma --H-uri 1 11.1. -. 5- -:"f.1:1If.'I-var' '1 '- . ,..-. .. I. ..,,, ,. . ' .u I' TH--' '. ' ' ' I.-al-. 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Qs.: .f -4... 3. ...,.. f i,.g-.--ggzg-5-ff-'-fL:-5-f-mug.. ' ' - I --:' r:f":I - :'- - 1 '.'-rt. ul .. . - - -- '- ' A- .r '-.' r "-if-I-J -.'. -4. :Mi y EI... l 93: I 5 -L,-3, -A-H,:,y:,...:F.,5.i:!::5,',4,:,:, 55 EL-I hr . 1.4, ' 9-. .. -. . 1 vskfffzpr:f--rg-waz! X ' fi:-' 5:-:iff ... . . .,i,- V. . ls. Tbeerurer. REV. WILLIAM YVACKERNAGEL, D.D. VV. Penn Barr, George VV. Gcuszler, William F. Klein, J. Fred. Kramlich, Harry K. Lantz, O. R. B. Leidy, Gomer B. Matthews, Charles A. Mohr, 'lVIB.embe11z. R. Frank Reed, Calvin S. Reichard 1 William H. Steinbicker Marion H. Stetler, S. A. Bridges Stopp, Samuel G. Trexler, W. Marion Weaver, Leopold F. Xkfeddig Edgar P. Xander. 63 en, f-7' lVIODERATOR,. . SECRETARY, . . G. D. Druckenmiller, Alfred O. Ebert, I. VV. H. Heintz, VVillian1 U. Kistler, Harry C. Kline, Cfilfffieerzs. . CHARLES D. ZWEIER . . FRANK C. LONGAKER members. Frank C, Longaker, XVilliam F. Mosser, Charles E. Roos, Martin L. Trcxler. Charles D. Zweier. 64 HTHLUICS The Hfbletie Tmsceiaticn. PRES1DENT,. . . VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY, . . TRPEASURER, . CLTRATOR, , . 45,9 MMR.: C9ifieze11z. 67 . . . MAX S. ERDM.-XX FREDERICK C. KRAPF . . . ALLEN V. HEYL . . ,DR. M. H. RfICH-ARDS FRANK C. LONGAKER A, V. Hevv., W. U. Kngmri, H. A Yemen, F. C KR-RPF, J. H. Hmmm, M. W. GROSS, W. RICK, G, T. SPANQ, E. P. XANDER, ' J. E. SANDT W. J. SCHMIDT, N. T. MILLER, W. H.'STElNElCKER, C. S. REICHARD. Q. Fest 185111 Uiiealm. , . ff 'T-1-:L P' Nb. 3, . - f, , . Y. 424, P.-...f s...l,l X ,, ,,....g f 4' fi Q NN f 1241? YWPJJ J ' :Q - g f : ug k ., . " ', '- f - J' f -f SQ..-cv - ,Y-ww .. 1- - . '4f1 5Qy3.. 'uf ..-f'-fi 1 'N' .- I '- ww ..f J' .. ...ff -- - 1 f ,.4 -- I . Q5 " H. Y -,Z 1-R, - Q 1' ri-A , 1 ' 1 .E-.AX -. f,- :-4 - "' fb 'aww' ' . . ,. ' 255: ' -Alf - iu kiw ' , 2, H 2, , J ,g5'f.V,.' e-.-1.1 f an 4 I- " - ' f:zf"11.,f '2':,:wQg4 Aff- fag:-.r , ,- , Xyggiiff . -'E5.1.':L:f1 "" "f-"' Y fc- " Lf. 1 . wfz ef, , . '.. ',C'k9 " Q' .. -QEQQ:-'X' . 1' . ,Z 4: ' 40- "--- ' .nzggff -X" W. "":azusn5F-' - - 1 '1J:.'1'-':.- N, xv.-..-.- 1...,,,: .r -,-arf-M. , -A , L f' i':. E'l'J'Aw ':F 'l - . V f -r k,,a ,gyLz::"""' ...Q R Tfrz11.rg'c'1'.- H. A. YETTER. Cazjnzfzzim- GEO. T. SPANG ' Cefzlre, C. E. PETERS. Gzmrri, Gllllffll, W. U. KISTLER, P. XAXDER. V Tama, yzwkff, M. W. GROSS. J. F. KRAMLICH. End, fjZlIZ7'fL'1', End, F. G. KIQAPF, W. RICK. W. J. SCHMIDT Hay Ham N. MILLER. W. B. BROBST. Full. G. T. Slum... Szzlzslcfflzles, HEYI., SANDT, STEINBICICER, REICHARD I-IElI.x1AN. 69 V. J. EAUEN, F. S. Kuxrz, F. W. WACKERMAGEL, W. O. LAUH, W. J. SNYDER, C. J. GAaLE, R. B. Lesov, S. B. ANEWALT, W. B. BROEST, N. T. MILLER . J clmhi Gamma elm Page Eall Qlub. S. ANEWALT, ss. and Captain, N. MILLER, c., F. KUNTZ, eb., V. BAUER, 3b., W. BROBST, lf., C. GABLE, p., F. WACKERNAGEL, Ib., W. LAl7B, rf. O. R. LEIDY, cf. 7I W. SNYDER, Mgr Qollege Ease 182111 Tlleams. was Senior Time. W. B. Brobst, c., C. I. Gable, p., P. G. Sieger, Ib. and Capt., XV.QRick, 3b S. B. Auewalt, ss., KV. O. Laub, ab., J. Miller, rf., YV, G. SIIIOXGY, lf., H. A. Yetter, cf. junior "Dine, J. VV. H. Heintz, c., ' F. XV. Wackcrnagel, p. and Capt., M. W. G1-055, Ib., A, xx H65-1, 313. XV. Nickel, ss., L. D. Lazarus, 2b., F. C. Longakcr, ri E. S. VVoodring, lf. XV. H. S. Miller, cf. 72 Sophomore glflirze. Peters, e., Miller, p. and Captain, Bauer, Ib., Snyder, 3b , Stopp, ss., Ellis, 2b., Sanclt, rf., Lcutz, lf., Becker, cf. Freshman "lQi1'ze. Barr, C.. Spang, p. and Captain, W'eddigen, Ib., Leidy, 3 Slough, ss., Kramlich, Qb., ' Kuntz, rf., Hotlenstein, lf., Henry, cf. H. K. Lantz, Manager. Cooper, Henry and Gold, subs lliarepafaifovg "l92irze. Kline, c., Laubach, p., Rube. Ib., Kuhl, rf., J. F. Stine, Manager. Schlouch, gb Struutz, ss., Knauss, 2b. and Captain, Kleppiuger, lf., Trexler, cf. 73 1i3ICY.CLE CLUB, 18233. V S. B. ANEWALTP W. H. S. NHLLEF5, ' ' D A. MILIJER, ' S. P. MILLER R. E. ALBRIGHT M. S. ERYDMAN, J. H. STOPP f42Ee1rz1f2i2s Qlub. ..w.,?f ww? Z V. Ei: A ' 'aw vW Qs?E2?:WHs.Q.f M. 1 u, ... 2,3 , 6?Z'w- Eh.: -f Q .:- A+ ,ja .A ,J4L,i ' is Anewalt, Brobst, Cooper, Erdmau Gross, Heintv., I-Ieyl, M., g -.5 ' ' -1 3: U.,-v,.Q , 4. .iv -my JTV Q Y S' 3?? 4' Qfobv' ofbbok mfg ' X 'a.g.a",m o-rdf- R' Yfg gn!! ' 1 fn 11-I n,' 'WAX if A f .F -il ,git 6 -1, K.. if - ur X 2 lf A 'Q .9W.H.Wn1x .. Af? . ,WE x- , 1? I 47 T' 5 JF J, 6 . A ' f "ff , I . fl' 1 7 1 m 'L I A " 4, 'wg' 1 - ..?'q -.f 5 Q .4 006: O fel 'QQ 55' QUIK E53 'b4sf,+ . ' R , ' f AVAV tl 1 ' W 'gf 'Y " 'lil 'i If 4 if IV. .lf " '.. ,. ' ' .. , A FI ' ' ' ,I 'f ff?-E? ' ..-tl. ':..f5f1ffI',-L33 Q In ' ,f:Q'3jf J- " ,,f. SQ.'2f5'3'f:,5i?" . 3 Kuvraivi' '37, . f . gr' 'f '- -1,Wih"is' A "' N " ' dvr. . Qi .7 -:1Af?f1.:f5.'g if . HV Aru- - .5 1 In . ,4,,:,,,,, M.?u,:,. 'lHQembe10s. Krapf, Kline, Lazarus, Lic11te11wa111er, Lougaker, Looe, Miilcr, N., Miller, VV., 75 Miller, D., Rick, Schindel, Sieger, Spaug, Stopp, Trexler. I A XV X .X L-..A. Q5 Q L Af? I-'V ,, "Mg .. -er W ,- , A A MM V V J 'L JJ: qv f,ftL"xQj'X- G.: "'4' Y iA Q' Q' f A T6 'N' Q 'TSN- I, :Y .,:. K - ,LM S' X 45 32? N, Vi ulf lyqfj " A 1552- , " gin I, 1 4 G A ,. .ua Q gy ,V y 5 ' m-- f la ,,1f ' ' W J ' "h'9r.1.'." -fe 4 rf! gi' U TIN? . 121: 5, 1 .ig-.Lf J - I- 'gl 1 , Eqegli I 32: x C Q f W S1J. l2?J'ix4' ' jj l W .5 A 6 Wine Genevieve. bw? Lichten walner, Miller, Spang, Kramlich, Lantz, Snyder, Heilmau, , Heyl, Peters, Lazarus, Gable, Leibeusperger. The Zatumalian. we Loos, Brobst, Zweier, Ebert, Lougaker, Druckeumiller Eichelberger. 78 Elem. Zem. Tlnnezg. wie ii Barr, Klick, Kercher, Gcnszler, Held, Stetler, Xanders, Metz, Becker, Matthews, Nothstein, Lentz, Walters, Killian, Ebert. nffpmer Familms. ',l'2ec-zlfarbirze. Q24 Ellis, Trexler, S., Roos, Kline, Trexlcr, M., Mohr, Sanflt, Snyder, Gable, Krapf, Leidy, Miller, Sclmiidt, VVeaver, Heintz, Struntz, Kuntz, Gold 79 f- 75 L.. o members. NVackeruage1, Lon gaker, Roos, Henry, Brobst, Kistler, YV. U., Schmidt, Gross, 80 JWMH Hcintz, Klein, H. C Sicger, Zwcier, Loos, Erdman, I., Errlulau, M. Trexlcr. his? Qlub., 5264 0 1,557 , 'W Go 459 J rf, , , .x,"'x" - Azxgif-1, five- 'f , F V- ena- 'vzf " ' W' .J 'arf' ,ci-15: I Q, A- 4. , V. . 'Y g'E251'2 5- f 1 '55 "f" I f ' 1 'J 1 :vs-.4 4 . d u- Z 6 Jgglaii? Brobst, Ebert, M iller, J., Karcher, Roos, Schmoyer, Kistlczr, C., Loos, members. 81 Zweier, Becker, Leutz, Schadt, Mohr, Matthews W'eaver, Geuszler. . ,, - ix s 2 f M, Q-ig -Qfw f' h 5 - - Q ' S ' 3 QEQN, Lf'-if f 5: 3 'B xx? X b" ' - - . K fx, ? ? P Qjg bu y , -. In I Y rf T- E Q I I M' 5 x x g Q ' , 4- 55? ...' fl U g 3'i'a,rA 4 f U V, N W Aff ' .rrn P:-..-'9r',u's,. x' ' '- L 1, ' .Q HXIIQQI Nxi !?'T 1 X, A , 1 - 1 my X ' 'jf 25' NB gg , Q ,5, ,, .azaifrazw , 1 """' ' lL tT4,3-,,f PR1-C511'm13N1', , . Albright, Brobst, m2mb21QZ. I31'l1CkC11111i1lCI', Efdlllilll, M., Gable, C., Gross, I'ICi11l1ill1, 82 . . P. A. LENTZ Kistlcr, Miller, S., Peter, Rick, Spang, XVHCkCI'llE1gCl, Yctter. y, F, V 1 1 ' C. E. Roos, W. I. Gow, C. L. LICHTENWALNER, F. W. WACKEQYAGEL, J. F. KRAMLICH, W. F. Mossen, E. T. KUNKLE, W. B. BnossT. W. F. KLEIN, W. J. SNYDER, G. D. DRUCKENMILLER, C. J. GABLE, H. C. KLINE, J, W. H. HEINTZ, NI. L. TREXLER, E. J. Nlossen, A. W. LEIBENSPERGER, A. V. HEYL, E. E. SNVDER, J. MILLER, H. K. LANTZ. ,A 1. gf 'W FW- EP JWHFINTZ 'M I .. 'j in . I , - ., Q ,,'. .' nw, ,. ' I Lt- . 'lil J' ' "' I ' ' ' A ' 'I 'LI-Y g,, ,- gg'-.j:v,, ' ' fl '. mr f""'. if WA Kflfe.. i'...I- us' alfa? ,J . ' Af,-f fl I : A -- .. N Y H:-'.A-.EFI nll x : 5 -- l1'ii.f ,I V 'I I' -- VL.. U -- jak. ,QL '- A J v Qu . " -H-.. La-rx - , 1 I " 7..' I "fn, Si.. . '15, ' . "f' . -- ' vi ,. r I A "'1-:-:i-- -W' nj 1.3 ' . ' 1 .1 " ' "'N"31f7fF- -- I I I . I -ffif. ' 1 .. ' - , 7 --'4' ' ft f 1 ,- . , ' ' . ' -. . xi - f fry" - f"' iiaffi' ' ' -S3-L? ' 'I Eg Al' 5 E' . ff ' ' Q --'I :"' ,- ' , at .K , , H . . v:if, ,, -11-',4.g,p '- . ' HARRY C. KLINE, '94, . EDWLN T. KUNKLE, '95, J. FRED. KRAMLICH, '96, WVILLIANI RICK, 'Q3,. . . FIRST TExoRS: G. D. DfL1CkC11111i11Cf, 394, VVIII. F. Klein, '96, C. E. Roos, '93, W. J. Snyder, '95, E. E. Snyder, ,95. FIRST BASS: XV. B. Brobst, '93, J. W. H. Heintz,.'94, J. Fred. Kramlich, '96, E. J. Mosser, IQS, M. L. Trexler, '94. Gbifieefzs. . . BIUSICAL DIRECTOR. . . . . PRESIDENT. . . . . SECRETARY. . . . . . . . .BUSINESS NIANAGER. Members. SECOND TENORS : XV. J. Gold, '96, A. V. Heyl, '94, C. L. Lichteuwalner, '93, A. XV. Leibeusperger, '93, joshua Miller, '93. SECOND BASS. C. J. Gable, '93, E. T. Kunkle, '93, - H. K. Lautz, '96, XV. FQ Mosser, YQS, F. VV. YVacker11'5.ge1, ,94. 35 . J- J- SCHINOEL. F. E. Cowen H. K.fL,xN-rz, A V. Hen, J. H, HEILMAN M. S. HOTTENSTEIN, S. P. MILLEP, W. RICK, S. H, Hs:-mv, R. E. ALBRIGHT G. T. SPANG, M. S. ERDMAN. v 1 mandclin, Earzjo arid Guitar Qlub. Qffieerz. W. RICK, ...... . . DIRECTOR M. S. I-IOTTENSTEIN . . PRESIDENT S. MILLER, . . . . ..... SECRETARY S. HENRY, . . . BUSINESS MANAGER members. MANDOLINS: S. Henry, S Miller. MANDOLASZ J. Schindel, A. V. Hcyl. PICCOLO BANJO : BANJEAURINE: J.'HGi11118l1. M. S. Hottensteiu. BAN-IOS: R. E. Albright. M. S. Erclmzm F. E. Cooper, GUITARS: G. T. Spang, S. B. Anewalt, KV. Rick. CELLO : H. K. Lantz. 37 C21'zape1 Qboir. SEQ? Gbfganizt. FRED. UV. VVACKERNAGEL. XV. B. Brobst, YQ3, G. D. Druckeumiller, ' G. W. Genszler, '96, Allen V. Heyl, Y94, G. C. Loos,' Members. 94, SS Harry C. Kline, '94, E. T. Kunkle, YQS, H. K. Lantz, '96, VVilliam O. Laub, ,QS 94- QUARTER-CENTENNIAL COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES, IN THE ORDER OF THEIR OCCURRENCE. Eaeealauneate Zemnon, By PRESIDENT T. L. SEIP, D.D., St. john? EuI'1'2efa1'z Qhureh, Zmindag, june 19, ,QQ "'lI1'!hcr!0 hall: Me Lora' hcQ'9ed us."--I Sam., Vil I2 LITURGICAL SERVICE was conducted by DR. M. H. RICHARDS. Zenion Reeeprion, BY PRESIDENT AND MRS. SEIP, IN THE TL91Qeeideni"z Taaflorz, monday Evening, 'june 201117 90 9522, Hwy Qrematioig. SEQ? flhfszk I-fall, Y?ze.fa'ar1f Ezgemkzg' TITUS LIVY, . . Lawyer Montague, . . Harry Clifford, . . Marffaret Meredith, . 6 Hon. joseph Meredith, Leader of Students, . C2az1". P7'0fkSSOI' ry Lalin, . LQg'11ZAcZ'z.fis01', . .Nezu1SZ1zde1zt, . . Efzfzleerlx' Dfmglzlezf, . .Bzznker,. . . .Eeelzebulg . . , func efsf. A. P. Leutz. E. E. Snyder. . .. F. C. Krapf. . . .A. A. Killian. . . V. I. Bauer. . T. Miller Detective ,..... ...,..... . G. H. Spieker. Sambo, . . Colored Mznsiriafz, . . , . C. E. Peters. Servant, . ......... . . C. E. Kistler. Servant, ..... . .F. N. Fegley. Sly-fellow, . . Y7'lA1'k.S'fE'l', . . . VV. I. Schmidt. janitor, . . . ....., ......... 'V '. J. Becker. Students, , . . . J. H. Stopp, E. O. Saylor, F. A. Ebert, NV. J. Ellis. QI Synopsis. ACT I. SCENE 1.-Livyls Study. Arrival of New Student. Great Expectations. SCENE 2.-College Room. The Reception. Caught. A Declaration . SCENE SCEN FC SCENE SCENE SCENE ACT H. Rejected. "A friend in need is a friend indeed. Interview. ACT HI. Mereditlfs Parlor. A dark plot. "The old fellow needs watching." L' Delays are dangerous. Street Scene. The crime conmlitted. On the alert. Livy'S Oflice. A dream. Two unwelcome visitors. ACT IV. Meredithls Home. A sorrowful scene. Flight. Street Scene. The arrest--An explanation. "I murdered Harry Clifford " CREMATION." . 92 y W junior Gbrarorieal Qorzrest. SEQ? Zllmzk fifzzll, PVe'a'7zem'ay, fmze 2201. 5354 Qrder of Eigereizez. MUSIC, Prayer, . ...... Rev. Prof. john Sander, Y77 Address, . . ..... Rev. Benjamin Sadtler, D.D MUSIC. Mauna Relation. to Man, . . ....,, . . Eugene Stetler Tlie Past mirrors the Future, ......, . . P. George Sieger MUSIC. Vanishing Dreams, . . . ,... . . George A. Kercher The Grave, Glory's End, . ...... . . Harry A. Yetter MUSIC. Our National Pride, . . ....... . . Charles I. Gable Fair Lady Una ,... ,... . . .joshua Miller Mosie. Prize awarded to Harry A. Yetter. Honorable Mention as to Matter, ....,...... P. George Sieger Honorable Mention as to Manner of Delivery .... George A. Kercher IUDGES : HON. JUDGE REEDER, HON. JUDGE ENDLICH, SENATOR Coram. 93 Telumrzi ileancluet. Hole! Allen, Wedfzesdajf Ezfezzzkzg, fzzzzc 22r!. EERE Menu. " Now good digestion wait on appetite, And health on both." NIACBETH, 111, 4. L1'rTLE NECK CLAMS ON SHELL, POIVIME DE TERRE PARISIENNE. ' He hath eaten me out of house and " If he had been forgotten, home." Il HENRY IV., 11. 1. lt had been as a gap i11Our great feast." IVIACKBETH, 111. 1. KENNEBEC SALBION. " Our stomachs XVill make what's l'lOl'l!BlQ',Si1X'OI'j'.U CYAll3l'Il.1Nli, 111. 4. RAmsHEs, LETTUCE, SLICED TOMATOES, OLIVISS, YOUNG ONIONS, P1C1cLEs. " Brimful of sorrow and clismayfl '1'EM1fEsr, V. 1. FILLET OF BEEF. " What say you to a piece of beef, and Mustard ?" '1'AM1NG OF THE SHREW, IV. 3. YOUNG TURREV, GIBLETS AND CRANBERRY SAUCE. POTATO GRATIN. 'K How bless'd, how envied were our life, Could xvebut 'scape thepoulterer's klllf-Syl But mass, curs'd mass, on turkey's preys. GRAv's FABLES. NEAPOLITAN ICE CREAM. CAKES. " For this relief, much thanks g 'tis bitter Cold." HAMLET, 1. 1. CHEESE. CRACKERS. " You shall nose himfl PIAMLET, IV. 3. CONSOMME ROYAL. " Nay, you must stay the Cooling too, Ur vou mav Chance to burn your lips." ' "l'R01l.US AND CRESSIDA, 1. 1. CLARET PUNCH. Good wine is a good, familiar creature,-ifit he well usecl g exelalm 110 mo1'e against lt." MUSHROONIS AND ASPARAGUS. " lf you poison us, do we11otdie?" MERCHANT OF VEN1CE, III. 1. LOBSTER SALAD. " So may he rest g his faults be gently on HENIQX' VIII., 1v. 2. him." STRAWBERRIES. " The strawberry grows underneath the nettle 3 U U - And wholesome berries thrive and ripen best. Neighhored by fruit of baser quality." HENRY' V., 1. 1 COFFEE. " Excellent I l smell a device." 'l'wEi.F'rH NIGHT, II. 3 CIGARS. " O thou weed, NVho art so lovely fair, Rlld smell'st so sweet NVoulcl thou hadst ne'er been born." OTHELLO, 1v. 2 MUHLENBERG COLLEGE. " My heart is ever at your service." 'l'1MON OF ATHENS, 1. 1 Quarter:Qentennia1l Qomnfzerzeenfzerzt. 5354 Jhzszk Hall, Y-hZLlf.S'lZlQ1f,-fZ!7ZE 2ja'. beef? NVQ' Qiecler of 'Ezgereizes MUSIC. Prayer, . . .... ...... I lev. S. Laird, D.D Address, . . . . Rev. F. A. Muhlenberg, D.D., L.L.D MUSIC. LATIN SALUTATORY, QSeeond Honor,l . . . . .j. Richmond Merkel MUSIC. iiLife's Hyperbole, . .,.. . . Oscar F. Beruheiin Oratory, Au Art, . . . .Edwin M. Beysher 'WShadowed Tiuie, . . .... ,... P aul S. Ulrich History in Stones, .....,...... . . Edward H. Trafford MUSIC. f5The Modern Pillars of Hermes, ..... . . ' ..... Leo Wise No Armor Behind, . ........ . . Henry B. Richards Wfhe Genius of Pr-Itestantism, .... . . Charles G. Spieker The Sun-born Youth, .......... . . Harvey O. Butz MUSIC. PHILOSOPHICAL ORATION, gThird Honorg . . .... Clarence Beck GERMAN ORATION, CThird Honoi-,J ..... . . Ulysses G. Bertolet MUSIC. Moral or Spiritual, Which? ....... .... F rederick Doerr i'iThe Literature of Power, . . ,,,, . . Frederick VV. Spieker Nature's Alembic, .......... . .... Isaac H. Stetler MUSIC. VALEDICTORY, qFirst I-Iouor,j ...... . .Adam L. Rainer MUSIC. Comferring of Degrees .........,.,. ,. . . By the President Distribution of Prizes. Announcenients. BENEDICTION. Received Honorable Mention, . . . I. . Henry B. Richards and Leo Wise Exeused from speaking. 95 egneez Qonlferned. master of 751415. REV. E.xRNEs'r M. GRAHN, Easton, AJ. XVVLLIS HASSLER, M.D., Allentown, REV. JOHN B. HEII., Hamtown, REV. JOHN W. I-IORINE, Reading, REV. PRESTON LAURY, Hcllcrtown. REV. ELMER U. LEOPOLIJ, Girardville, REV. FRANK C. OBERLV, Catasauqna, REV. JOHN H. RAKER, Pen Argyl, REV. HARRY K. GREGORY, Selin's Grove G'lDOe1fOf Of "lPl'zilO2sOpl'zQ. PROFESSOR GEORGE STUART, Fullerton. UDOC-zifon of Tiwiniifg. REV. IVIAHLON C. HORINE, Reading, REV. REUBEN HILL, Luth. Theo. Seulinary, REV. H. C. SMITH, Rzjahxnundry, India flDOeifOr of Eireraifune. Literarum Humaniorum Doctor, QL.H.D.J REV. JOSEPH A. SEISS, D D., LL.D., Philadelphia. 96 ' Prizes Hwawclecl. Zenior 912155. :A Presented by Prof. G. T. Ettinger, Ph.D.,3 A. L. RAMER. "THE BUTLER ANALOGY PRIZE," Presented by Hon. Cyrus A. Lautz, A. L. RAMER. 'Humor Gllazz. "THE ALUMNI ORATORICAL PRIZE," Presented by Alumni Association, HARRY A. YETTER. HONOR.-kBI.E MENTION-GEO. A. KERCHER, P. GEO. Sophomore Qlazfs. "THE ELIZA BOTANICAL PRIZE," Presented by Rev. W. A. Passavant, jr., ,75, ALLEN VAN HEYL. HONORABLE MENTION-J. W. H. HEINTZ. 97 THE AMOS ETTINGER HONOR MEDAL," SIEGER who Qnarrer:Qenlfennial Qelelorarion. SEQ? College Campus, Thzmfsday AfZ677Z007Z, fzme 2361. 5354 Qrcler of 'Ezgereisaea Prayer, . . ............ Rev. William Ashmead Schaeffer. ADDRESSES XVERE DELIVERED AS FOLLOVVSZ Rev. Prof. Adolph Spaeth, D.D., President of the Ministerium of Pennsyl- vania, and Professor at Luth. Theo. Seminary. Rev. Prof. Charles VV. Schaeffer, D.D., LL.D., Chairman of the Faculty of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. Rev. Prof. Herman V. Hilprecht, Ph.D., of the University of Pennsylvania. Rev. Prof. F. A. Muhlenberg, D.D., LL.D.. President of Thiel College, Greenville, Pa. Rev. Prof. J. S. Stahr, Ph.D., D.D., President of Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa. Prof. E. D. Warfield, LL.D., President of Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. Rev. F. J. F. Schantz, A.M., represented the Board of Trustees, as one of the three members of the original Board. Rev. William H. Myers, A.M., '73, Reading, Pa. LETTERS XVERE READ FROM THE FOLLOXVINGZ Mr. W. F. Harris, LL.D., United States Commissioner of Education. Rev. G. F. Krotel, D.D., LL.D., New York. Provost William Pepper, M.D., LL.D., University of Pennsylvania. The Allentown Band was in attendance. BENEDICTION, . . . ..,........, Rev. Charles W. Schaeffer. 98 Tilumrzi Reunion. 5362? lmljiki Hall, Thursday Evemrzg, fwze 2361. Tarogramme. MASTER OF CEREMONIES: REV. XVILLIABI A. PASSAVANT, JR., C'75j, Pittsburg, Pa. PART I Song-"Lauriger Horatiusf' ......... Englished by M. H. R THE AUDIENCE. Anniversary Poem, . . . Rev. G. H. Gerberdiug, f'73j, Fargo, N. D QRead by Professor I. A. Bauman, '75.j Dnett --Marche Militaire, .........,.. . . . Schubert MISSES BOWEN AND DESHLER. " Our Ministers," .... Rev. Carl N. Conrad, Q'79j, Rochester, N. Y Piano Solo-Fantasie-Les Huguenots, ......,... Meyerbeer MISS MEYERS. Chorus-" Hark ! hark the Lark 1" ......... . Schubert QArranged by Professor C. A. Marks.j THE MUSICALE. " Our Lawyers," . . . . . Geo. B. Schock, Esq., C'79l, Lebanon, Pa Trio-Marche Trioniphale, . . ............ Gobbaerts MISSFIS KOHLER, INIARTIN AND YEAGER. 'A Our Doctors," . . . .john K. Reinoehl, M.D., C'79j, Lebanon, Pa Vocal Solo-"Spring Songf '............ Willem Coenen MRS. W. H. s. MILLER. 99 PART II Piano Duett-Andante from Fifth Symphony, . . Beethoven MISSES SHIMER AND IXIAYS. L' Our Business Menf' . . . M1-. Geo. D. Krause, f,79j, Lebanon, Pa Song, ......, . . , . . ....,..., " Alma Materf THE AUDIENCE. Piano Solo-" I111pTO111plLLl , , .... . , Schubert MISS IDA BOYER. L' Our Teachers," . . . Prof. Geo. T. Ettinger, Pl1.D., CSOJ, Allentown Chorus-4'The Yeon1an's W'crlzling Song," . , ,,... Poniatowski THE MUSICALE. "Our Sweethearts," .--.. ,. . I. J. Snyder, Esq., f'S6j, Allentown Piano Duett-"Minstrel's Serenade," ..... . .... Loevv IXIISSES BIRCHENOUGH AND BREINIG. 4' Our 'XVives,l' . , ..... Rev. Chas. L. Fry, 1781, Lancaster, Pa Song, , . ........ " Auld Lang Syne., THE AUDIENCE. IOO Zorzgz Zurzg at the 'lE2eurziorz SEQ? Tbauriger Trloraifiufs. Engnshed by M. H. R. Poet Horace, students' friend, Deepest truth thy sayingg Swifter than the east wind's Flight, Time our joy's decaying. CHORUS.-Where, oh, where the days of old, Sweetest their aroma, Student friendships, student flames, Studies, tricks, Diploma. Sweeter tastes the ripened grape, Fairer grows the maiden, But the A. B. drieth up, Though with knowledge laden.-CHO. VV hy then study overmuch, Crave the fame that saddeus? lVe must sometimes also taste Social joy that gladdens.-CHO. Muhlenberg, thy sons to night College joys live over l In the furrow leave the plough, Colts once more in ClOVC1'.-CHO. IOI Elma mater. , Alma Mater ! we hail thee with loyal devotion, And bring to thine altar our off'ring of praise, Our hearts swell within us with joyful emotion, As the name of Old Muhlenberg in chorus we raise. The happiest HlO1l1C11l.S of youth's fleeting hours, VVe've passed ,neath the shade of thy time-honored walls And sorrows as transient as April's brief showers, Have clouded our life in our dear College halls. And when life's golden autumn with winter is blending, And brows, not so radiant, are furrowed with care Q VVhen the blightings of age on our heads are descending, 'With no early friends all our sorrows to share g Oh ! then as in memory backward we wander, And roam the long vista of past years adown, On tl1e scenes of our student life often we'll ponder, And think of thee, Muhlenberg, in Fair Allentown. IO2 ZTXHSQELLEINT gorge vgorzzls for saber Hj6iS1jT I6 ploy : Sonja 11j6u51jfs 16 gige you cljeerg EET fuxfiljin THQ cc snjilci sfragy, Pjixjcl reader, ge, ljof base. Hood work 'Begins at Home awk There's a maiden that lives not far away, And a goodly lass is she 3 For Sunday morns with the break of day She passes our cozy lee. Her steps are bent with good intent Toward the mission in yonder vale Q And many's the praise I after her send 'When she goes clown the dale. But then I wonder why far from home She does her work of gold, And comes not here where we do roam To teach a little fold. If other boys would feel too proud And claim their titles clear, They all were able to read aloud Ilcl say come near, come near- I'll open my heart and confess it trne A sinner I am, I know Q But I should like to be taught by you And a saint go forth I trow. The pipe, the cards and all the arts Of more or less value NVonld van ish soon and leave no doubts Of a life begun anew. Then Maiden of the Mission School Think long, ere far you roam 5 And tell me that I have the rnle : Good Work begins at home. , 4. ff, 1 VKH' fig Elks- , ff xii , s -af 1..- r -114 ,4 aff' Vp lv Q1-fa 'A Ii Il lini sw. r" . -. A , 4 IL' 4:25227-:5..1f'll-v, "L ' ""-'f -JK' LHAFXSQSSKXA-41' YY 104 - Muhlenberg Eehoez., Rah, Rah, Rah! Hip, Hurrah! Hip! Hurrah! Rah, Rah, Rah! Three Cheers for Alpha Tau I Rah, Rah, Rah! Hurrah ! Hurrah! Hurrah! Muhlenberg I MMP! fee Rouge-e tH Noir I Noli Me Tangere I Rouge-et-Noir! M. C. Muhlenberg! Muhlenberg! Ninety-Three ! Ninety-Four l Rah-Ray! Ru, Ra, Rix ! Rah-Ree! Ru, Ra, Rix! Ninety-Five M. C 56 63 64' Hippy, Hippy, Hi Rip, Zip, Zelba! Ri, Ru, Ra, Ra! Fix, boom, ba, hal 111. T. A. 5? 5? A, B, C! 1, 2, 3! V111 21 Freshman ! Don't you see! AL 11 Hick-a-de-Ri ! Hick-a-de-Re l D94 Conunittee ! l IOS Muhlenberg ! Muhlenberg ! Ninety-Six I Ha, Ha, Ha! Rha, Rha, Rha! XVe all shout! Sophronia ! Rhu, Rha, Ray ! Cardinal-Gray !' Fiz, boom, ah! Ru, Ra, Ray! Ru, Ra, Ray! NVe all shout! Euterpia ! Hmong MQ Ebooks. fl-QQ? I spend my days among the innnortal dead, Forever young, forever fresh and free I walk with Shakespeare? light upon my head, Or sit with Byron by the stormy seag I see with H0l11CT,S eyes the days of old, Or trace with Gibbon's lightning-feathered pen An Empirels fall 3 and wonder, as I'm told, If great COlL'lI1lbl3,S pride, lacking mighty men Shall sink like Rome into the depths forlorn, And leave no Empire to her after-born Because her manhood rotted to decay 3 And sighing, hope, " Far distant be the day IU The frivolous living talk not with my soul, I weary of their senseless jeat and jeer, And strive to keep within a calm control My scorn and sorrow for the insincere, And if I fail awhile, I strive to dip My spirit in the ocean of old Time, My happy Books,-where, sailing like a ship, I visit, conquering, every shore and clime l I'n1 lonely in the crowd g amid my tornes I have the choice of rich ancestral homes, W'here I can dwell with an exultant mind, Pleased -with myself, at peace with all mankind. G. 106 S fab XD Qs? MEI' 'M ' :EL- Elie GEresl'zrnan'z 'lialaint 5325? Hic, Haec, Hoc. I know that I'l1 be stuck NVheu I'n1 called up in Latin. Confound my wretched luck ! I-Iujus, I-Iujus, Hujus. Now, I Call it a shame To say this rot is granimar. It don't deserve the name. I-Iuic, Huic, Huic. I'l1 either curse or pray 3 It reads as dreadful backwards As it does the other way. Hume, I-lane, Hoc. Can't get this in my head. The only way to do-it Is to use a horse instead. Hoc, I-Iac, Hoc. I'n1 going down to class 5 If I can't get a pony, I'll be myself an ass. .A,, 1 , QQ? .-.-IZ-. , , 'fy IO8 GM2L1I'2i21'2iO21'g Tarizes. ,dp WMA-1 The folfozcwzg' 215' zz Zzk! fy' Me przfzcx g'l'lZ7ZIf6'IZI ai 1MzhZe1zZ2e1g' 1886 1887 1888 1871 1886 1887 1888 1874. 1871 1885 IS'j'I 528566 725 eprzlvfefzfeg Zerzior cliorizes. AMOS ETTINGER HONOR MEDAL. 1889. John VV. Horine, 1890. Irwin B. Kurtz, 1891. Milton I. Bieber, E. T. Kretschman, Reuben J. Butz, George Gebert, 1892. Adam L. Rarncr. BUTLER'S ANALOGY PRIZE. 1889. 1890. J. Charles Rausch, 1891. George Butz, 1892. Adam L. Ramer. Frank C. Oberly, Hiram Peters, E. T. Kretschnian, Reuben J. Butz, james M. Wenrich, ULRICH PRIZE.-QMATHEMa'1'1cAL.J 1870. john H. Garber. ULRICH PRIZE.-QBUTLERIS ANALOGYJ Oscar E. Holman, 1875. Edwin H. Stine, Edgar D. Shimer, 1876. Frank E. Meily. GERMAN PRIZE. A. J. Long, 1886. J. H. Waidelich, A. M. Weber, 1887. john W. Richards, C. W. F. Hoppe, 1889. Frank C. Oberly. PRIZE ESSAY ON PHYSIOLOGY. G. T. Weibel, 1872. I. A. Bauman. SOYVDEN PRIZE. 1874. Edgar D. Shimer. IO9 1870. 1871 1872 1873 1874 1375 1876 T377 1878 1379 ISSO 1883 1373 1886 1883 1884 1885 1886 1870 1881 1884 Uurzior Prizes. ORATORICAL PRIZE TAKERS. jacob H. Neiman, George T. Weibel, john A. Bauman, Oscar E. Holman, Y7Villia111 A. Passavant, Charles F. Camp, M. Luther Zweizig, Charles L. Fry, George D. Krause, George T. Ettinger, joseph W. Mayne, 1881. 1882 1883 1884. 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891. 1892. Harry A. Yetter. Lewis J. Bickel, Irwin S. Uhler, Herman D. Fox, Frank F. Fry, Edwin F. Keever, John W. Richards, William F. Bond, J. Willis Hassler, George S. Kleckner, Hiram F. J. Seneker Isaac H. Stettler, PRIZE FOR COLLECTION OF MINERALS. Samuel G. W'eiskot'ten. 1884. Luther M. Horne, 18851. Daniel E. Brunner. GERMAN PRIZE. james L. Becker, 1887. George Gebert, john XV. Richards, Edward F. Ritter. Sophomore Tlarizezs. BOTANICAL PRIZE. Daniel C. Brun11er, Howard S. Seip, George P. Stem, Clinton J. Schadt, James F. Lambert, 1887 1888. 1889. 1890 1891. 1892. Allen V. I-Ieyl. ' GERMAN PRIZE. J. Geo. Sehaidt, 1884. Charles E. Keck, 1886 Elmer L. Krauss, 1889 1891. E. I. Mosser. IIO Preston Laury, George S. Kleekner, Milton I. Bieber, E. H. Trafford. P. G. Sieger, S. G. Weiskotten, VVilliam F. Bond, C. W. F. Strasser, Sophomore Trizez. SACRED HISTORY PRIZE. 1887. Frank C. Oberly. SCIENTIFIC PRIZE. 1886. VVilliam F. Bond, 1887. john W. Richards. ULRICH PRIZE. 1870. john H. Garber. Freshman 'Prizes GERMAN PRIZE. 1870. A. P. Pflueger, 1886. John B. Heil, j. A. Bauman, 1887. J. Charles Rausch, 1871. Oscar E. Holman, 1888. C. W. F. Strasser. ANATOMICAL PRIZE. 1885. john H. Raker. mtilalenberg College. 186748Q2. QUARTERMCENTENNIAL Memorial Volume, being a History of the College and a record of its men, edited by Rev. S. E. Oehsenford, A. M., Class of '76. 584 pages, handsomely bound in Cloth and Morocco. Only a limited edition has been published, which will soon be exhausted. Every student and friend of the College should have a copy. Price, in Cloth, postpaid, 143.003 in Morocco, 34.75. Your order is solicited. Address, C. J. COOPER. lllzafzlezzberg' College, Alleulozwz, Pa. NOTE.-It is with pleasure that we reconxrnend this bool: to all parties interested in our College. An Alumnus cannot aHord to be without it and , a friend w1l1 iind it a most interesting volume. As a book of reference alone it will repay itself many tunes in the course of a few years. III K N- J- W- H. HEINTZ, E. STETTLER, IVI. L. Tannen, F. C- LONGAKER, W. F. Mosssn, W. J. ELLIS W, U. KISTLER, H. C. Kuna, C. E. Roos, P. G. Suzcsn, G. A. KERCHER, E. T. KUNKLE. 'Press Tissoeiatioq Qffieerz. E. T. KUNKLE, . . . PRESIDENT J. W. H. I-IEINTZ, . . VIC14 PRESIDENT F. C. LONGAKER, ...., . . SILCRETARY G. D. DRUCKENMILLER, . . . TRFASURER x c.. D. xv. J. J. W. G. A. xv. U. H. C. members. DRUCIQENLIILLER, ELLIS, . H. HEINTZ, IQERCHER, KISTLER, KLINE, M. E. T. IiUNKLE, F. C. LONGAKE XV. F. NIOSSER, C. E. Roos, P. G. SIEGER, STETLER, L. TRIQXIJSR. II3 Zoeieifg 'Reeorol of Zoplzomorez. I. Bauer, A. Behler, I. Becker, A. Ebert, J. Ellis, Gable, A. Killian, E. Kistler, H. Kistler, C.: Krapf. A. Lentz, Miner, E. Peters, E. Sandt, E. Schadt, Schmidt, P. Schuman, E. Snyder, . J. Snyder, H. Stopp, Euterpean, Euterpean, Euterpean, Sophronian Euterpean, Sophronian Euterpean, Euterpean , Sophronian Soplironian Euterpean, Sophronian Sophronian Euterpean, Euterpean, 1 v v y 1 1 Sophronian, Euterpean, Euterpcan, Euterpean, Euterpean , FEW Missionary Missionary Missionary Missionary, Missionary Missionary II4 Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin, Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin, Franklin Franklin Franklin Augsburg Augsburg Augsburg Augsburg Augsburg A u gsburg Augsburg Augsburg Augsburg Augsburg Augsburg Zoeierg 'Reeorcl of Freslzmerg. W. P. Barr, F. C. Cooper, G. VV. Genszler, W. I. Gold, A. S. Hartzell, I. H. Heilnian, S. I-I. Henry, M. Hottenstein, W. F. Klein, I. F. Kramlicli, F. S, Kuntz, H. K. Lantz, O. R. B. Leidy, G. B. Matthews, C. A. Mohr, R. F. Reed, C. S. Reichard, E. O. Saylor, J. I. Schinflel, J. C. Slough, J. F. Snyder, G. T. Spang, G. H. Spieker, VV. Steinbicker, M. H. Stetler, S. A, B. Stopp, S. G. Trexler, VV. M. Weaver, L. F..W'ecldigen, E. P. Xander, Euterpean, Sophronian, Euterpean, Soplironian, Euterpean, Sophronian, Euterpean, Sophronian Euterpean, Euterpean, Sophronian 1 a Soplironian, Euterpean, Euterpean, Euterpean, Euterpean, Sophronian, Soplironian Soplironian Soplironian Sophronian Sophronian Soplironian 1 y y 1 x 3 Sophronian, Euterpean , Euterpean, Euterpean, Euterpean, Sophronian, Soplironian, Missionax y, Missionary, Missionary, Missionary, Missionary, Missionary, Missionary, Missionary, lvlissionary, Missionary, Missionary, Missionary, 115 Franklin Franklin, Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Fran kl in Fran klin Franklin Franklin, Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin, Franklin Augsburg, Augsburg, Augsburg, Augsburg, Augsburg, Augsburg, Augsburg, Augsburg, Au gsb urg, Augsburg, Tl111Otl1 ean Timotliean Timothean Tinioth ean Tiniotliean T iniothean Tiniotliean Tiinotliean Timothean Tiniotliean Tiniotliean Tiniothean 75 'Blarnfzlezz Tteeiclerzt. are T was late one afternoon in October, while returning from a ramble through the mountains, that I missed my railway connections in the city, and was forced to wait several hours for the next train. Being weary in flesh, I did not care to visit any of the art galleries or public librariesq but, I tool: in preference an occasional stroll up and down the spacious " Waiting Room," glancing hither and thither to find some object on which my imagination could play. Suddenly my walk was arrested by a young girl, who appeared. to have loomed up like an apparition I-IO111 some unseen nook. She ap- proached, and smilingly said : " Mr. Wygle, I was more than ordinarily pleased with your last story which appeared in the Ra71z6!e1'." Becoming a little vain at such flattery, I replied rather simply Q "Thank, you. I've had few criticisms contrary to yoursg and, if the words of one of my friends are true, that a novel or story, meeting the approval of a school girl, would live through several editions 5 mine is certainly assured of longevity." As I said this, I looked into her eyesg then she smiled one of those smiles which make you feel that you have gone a step too far or said a word too much, and said: " But, Mr. VVygle, I'm not a school girl." " Beg your pardon, then 5" and I looked anxiously through the window- It is the case that anon we meet persons, upon whom we, at first sight, seem able to play with our lighter views of thoughtg but who, after a mo' ment's conversation, mutely tell us that we are wofully mistaken. A After a moment of painful silence, she continued: " I am surprised that you don't remember me.'l Q " I confess that I don't." 116 'I XVell, I'll tell you my name. It is Mary Lees." " Mary Lees, of LinHeld?" "The samef, "XVell, indeed: after some years of an aimless life, trying simply to amuse myself and a few others with poetry and romance, I have forgotten the majority of my acquaintances at Liniielclf' " But," she replied, truly in earnest: " the lapse of years can only mel- low and sweeten old recollections, certainly not make ns forgetful of them." " Vvhat you say seems trueg yet, why have I forgotten 1 ?" V011 was the word that I intended to say, but for a reason now well known to me, I left my verb without an object. 'L Oh, with you the case is differentg you are a poet, and around you is perpetual mirth andjoy. You live in a world of fancyfl ' " Here you are wrongg if I could dispense with this mortal clay, I might live on aerial nothing." " I disagree with youg but it's time for my train. When you come to Linfield, stop to see me, and I'll prove my point. Good-bye." Strange to say, it may not seem so to you, I visited tl1e scenes of my childhood in less than a fortnight. Mary Lees has not yet proved her point, nor do I think she will ever again tryg for long since she is of the opinion that I could not live without her. APRIL 3, 1893. , nf ' Qi,- . A . un . 1 .-'nur N. E. 'gggggh 'Illll -. - Nffirf - fu.--rf' at ::::':.,.. , llllllE,,y' V lllngiissx .L,il:nl-55.4 73 ---' :L .nu--iljiffjl - M ifisugfiviltggfffgf- A va mllllegggu . lg- tin... nlllagaailtt' , in-9 . llllliffffffr E guiiigif --Fira, 'qsfihf-5'! sn. + . ft- All'-' I "sL:u-.gL.zsg4.a1f' , Il Wwieawolol Wales. Tlibe ewclrop. HE Jeweler tries to imitate the dewdrop. He places a diamond on an ear-ring or breast-pin. But do you believe that this is half so pretty as the devvdrop we see glistening on a blade of grass on a bright Summer morning ? Tlilze Gioocl Qld TMITZGZ. ALK about your good old times. What was the typical window? It was a hole in the Wall, without any panes. Then it was a Wind Ol Give me the good times of the present and you may have " The good old times." E122 Qroeuz Blossom. N a pleasant February morning I noticed a Crocus pushing its way through the frozen sod. I said: Look out little bud, you will he nipped. 4' The next day it snowed." The snow was about six inches deep, After it had melted the crocus was there in all its glory. Everything in season, Gentlemen. i'?f1f':wR ,Lq,-5i?.:-- o. 1.4.2313 A" 'sig-'Zff'f":'fixes-.. ESQ: - - -ff 1, 1 "fl'52:f-:'e-u.,E"-'Ig .'..- Q. , ,,.,a 432 "Q 'rsniyfv' ff 1- A 5. , ,:---:HIQ-U -..,.... .--,, emi 4 :. ' -.i . I 1 X L... Cbmjxixmfgxq of Ctasjs 01 194 O W 0v.m.H.R. a fm , . IIS ik F ' if : QW 'ff qi . cp "9 ' 5j 1, ,I 1 Q w' bi ff , ww Xi' f ,, ,,:-' . f' . " V , f 1, - ,Mi ' X f J s f1.'::-x-LMI s -F' . - ' f 1 I , ' , Mew:-Q5 'X 1' ' f .1 . . 1 'wg' f " Q' 1 1' f' f ' Q f' ' ,. zu ' M,-, Fl ' l ,-' f 451 4' .lm M V Av A 'ff ' 'f 1' ' x A 1 . ' . ' ' "' ,..- W will of if 1, V, , Q, f, 'nw , " " 1 " 1 . f .1 'lx Q I A t , . I - ' - 1 1 . .1.f ,?,, ,. 5,0 5, 'Q ' .M I .. If ., , W. . - X , 'V fu 1 ' 1 ' . u f 4- ,gif ' ' , P ' -'Hi?""- -A f , , ' ft X 'K X I , . 'NK Q V 1 . I - -1- g,- ,. X 1 , I 1 - f 1 s, V XX fy 1 X X M A V Rf X U. -Y 1 ,I Fe I' .: ,-7, -' , ew! El, 7 WM qv ' 'I I X' Y 1 'lm K U Wi lm r nm'f'f mfrr .vt , ft K ' ' 1' 1' I N., ltx i lm? f N, A 'xx 'N K f, -f-" 4. l 4 "N, Q f gg Q 5 , I F1 IU ' I ',. . ' I g p'4 4Q'Tf" 'X E ' 'N g fi "Wig Ji Q M W' f- 1 ' , gl gf if' , fl I fir- .I X? 4' .L S L , ' -1' '11 'I if-I-5 -MS. .' cv L! s J lj! I 'lla 1 Y- 5 ,- XE-l - Lwclct ' ' 5 ? K LL mf 11+ ww E , Q' x x ! If L I mn Q Q -ff .-40 J . v E , f 53'YQR f m G XS Q A NX xy, XX I K N 5 hx, uh e enfk Q! "'m'f""Y"""""""-ml f ""5""""'N' f -- S- - -.- -1 U- -- 'XX XX N 44' 'f . XX ff I 155 qL:..-,,vz9fff.. 5.1 Qing.,-LQz,.,..,:.-.,. 4,XLQ:.w.,S.. ,.:.4y,3:,::zvc,.' fe fi, z., JA f X-:T em : A '71 r. -5 4: vf fl! Q 5 Q 41 VLQA f ,7::. fig. ggg 3. 'U QT A gg A ..1, li if xl 3 5 5 1, '- 2' JL Q, 9 ISE ill,-.SQ :gm rmgfmmsfz X 5 F5 11 5: 'WW self? Q I -.9 f 'f' !1' u- 'felfwlx-fffmdrc ,j+,fX 1.1. Aw? -W' 12 7 L. A fr ,wo , N14 Imp ,f ':1 ,I 71 QQ, QA. 1 1.1 'EW . fig SONS Sf' :I " Yi dzb yq 'mi WJ '- 'V' J? xi Clfxd 'duff Q . .. . N1 f Q- ,A Ng .-,,x,,,,,-C,N,x N :., vw.,,f QV- -, ,, .7 .I 'I x W' kfvf-w'r"'x ,fL1V'Wt:1Lfv 'wn"'f!m 1' 'ww' 'Sf10,'N-Zvlneff' ' L X I I .X . . .. ,... f. - - f . 44 Tillie TE1..1l'zlenloergf' STAFF FOR 1892-93. 'Elirzt 'Giermz Zeeoncl cilierml EDITORS-IN--CHIEF. Joshua Miller, Charles E. Roosy George A. Kercher. Charles J. Gable. ALUMNI EDITOR-G. T. Etti11ger,A.M.,Ph.D. ASSOCIATE EDITORS. D. A. Miller, LffK7'tl7',1f, M. L. Trexler, LZ'f6'J'fZ711f M. S. Erdmau, Loml, XV. U. Kisller, Local, C. L. Lichteuwalner, Eprrhmzge, E. Stetler, Exchavzge, H. C. Kline, Persoazal. W. B. Brobst, Pursafzzzl. BUSINESS MANAGERS. A. O. Ebert, A. O. Ebert, F. C. Longaker. G. D. D1'11CllC111l1lllC1'. 'L 6551122 Qiarlaf' EDITORS IN '92, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.-HARRY A. YETTER. ASSOCIATE EDITORS. P. George Sieger, VVillia111 O. Laub, Roderick E. Albright, George A. Kercher, Edwin T. Kunkle, joshua Miller, Charles L. LlCl1'ECZ1XV21ll1C1', XVilliam Rick. BUSINESS MANAGER.-E. J. MOSSER. 120 6213122 Tuibr-'arp of Tlihouglfzif Glorious are the books Vxfith joy and wisdom fraught, Un written-not unread, In the library of thought. The ripples of the river That sparkle to the sun, And whisper to tl1e woodlands, Rejoicing as they run. The foam crest of the billows That surge against the shore, The deep psalm of the forest Wfhen the wild Winds rave and roar. The crimson gold of sunset Before the west grows dark, And in the mellow morning The anthems of the lark. The palaces of cloud-land, Illuminated by the moon g In the fullness of her splendor The balmy month of June. f The deep dark blue of midniglit To our poor human eyes, Revealing while concealing Thegwonders of the skies. Andlnoblest book of all, To read-if read we can- In words of blazing lustre, The destinies of man Marching from good to better In God's eternal plan. G. S. B. I2I Eookirzg Eaekwarol. 1894-1919. WENTY-FIVE years after graduation the Class of 394 of Muhlenberg College returns to hold a reunion. How changed all things must appear to them. The City has grown enormously and the College has long moved to more spacious quarters where the buildings are surrounded by a beautiful park and spacious pleasure grounds. The boys have grown older. The hair of some are tinged with gray. Care and work have left some traces on their countenances, but when we think of the quarter of a century one must say that fate has dealt kindly with them. Let us look into their nelds of labor: Mr. Druckenmiller has charge of tl1e Congregations near his old home, Old Zionsville. Mr. Gross stands at the head of a VVl1olesalc Dry Goods Hrm in this City. Ira Erdmau employs several' .hundred men in his Sewing-Machine 'Works in this City. Max Erdrnan belongs to the Law firm of Erdman 8 Son. He is an aspi- rant for Congressional honors. Mr. Heiutz has charge of a Congregation in Germantown. Mr. Heyl is a Broker in Wall Street. N. Y. Mr. Kistler l1as lately started two new Congregations in Kistler's Valley- Mr. Kline serves a large Congregation in Philadelphia. Mr. Lazarus is a Physician. He is a Professor in the University. Mr. Longaker is the E. P. Roe of the Class. He preaches at Linfield, and has published several volumes of fiction. Mr. Loos took charge of a Mission in Philadelphia. He increased his fold from one hundred to fifteen hundred. 122 W. H. S. Miller is our City Superintendent of Schools. S. P. Miller is a Physician. He has charge of the Allentown Hospital. D. A. Miller preaches to a flourishing Congregation in this City. Mr. Nickel is Assistant Professor in Chemistry at Muhlenberg. Mr. Opp directs the Music in the Metropolitan Opera House, N. Y. I Mr. Trexler is Financial Manager of the Church. Mr. Wackernagel is Prof. of Literature at Gettysburg. Mr. Wbodringupreaches to a large charge in this City. Mr. Zweier has charge of two Congregations near Palm, Pa. The boys truly are not idle. As we look at them parading about the grounds in pairs with locked arms, or seated in a circle recalling early scenes we see again the same boys as they were in '94: Vxfarni-hearted and true. Fornialities are laid aside. All seein to forget their long years of separation. They live again in their College days. Last night they held a banquet at the Hotel Allen. The following is the result: We the undersigned Class of 1894 of Muhlenberg College, do hereby pledge ourselves to pay jigIO0,000.00 to the College. The same is to be used as an endownient for a Chair, such as thc board may see at to found. It is to be lcnown as the " YQ4 Professorship. H Such friends of our College are a power. Daffy Chronide cmd 1Ve'zUs, june 24th, 1919. Cbrzlp at million. " There's millions in it," the agent said, As he showed the student a folding bed. It was something new, Quite pretty to view, And he thought it cheap at the price he paid. " There's millions in it,l' that student swore In the night as he flopped out on the floor. The new bed was filled With something he killed With a vengeance, but his sleep was o'er. IZ3 THE UCIELRLAU' STAPXF. A. V. Hen, W. U. Knsnen, F. C. LQNGAKER. W. H. S. MILLER, -G. S. OPP M. W. Ghnoss, J. W. I1. Hsnrrz, D. A. Mmea, H. C. Kuna, M. L. Tnsxuan. Tl. Hetrospeet. . QW EVER did a year at Muhlenberg begin more auspiciously than 1892-93. All the old students, with a few exceptions, returned to resume their accustomed regimeg and the new ones formed not a small portion of the faces we greeted. New Professors also' greeted us. These, by their wise instructions and fostering guidance, now have our esteem and love. The omens of the bright September morn proved to be no deceptions. As we contemplate the class-room work and the spwfls of the year, we feel that all was well done. Muhlenberg's sons have signalized this year not only for their high attain- ments in scholarship. The organization of clubs and societies is an especial mark of '92-'93. The Press Association, representing more than twenty-hve papers, was organized early in the year. The object of this Association is to supply the local and metropolitan journals with interesting news of our College. A Shakcspearian Club quietly found its way into Muhlenberg. The society was organized by members of the junior Class, but afterward members of the Senior Class were admitted. Weekly meetings are held at which are read and discussed the plays of Shakespeare. There are at present ten members enrolled. The Augsburg Society, organized by Rev. Dr. VVacker- nagel, at the solicitation of the students having the Ministry in view, holds its regular meetings every Friday evening ln the Drls. recitation room. The Augsburg confession and kindred subjects are discussed. After the Drls. lec- ture on an article of the Confession, questions pertinent to it and and the Christian religion are informally discussed. Last but surely, not least in importance, were organized The Glee and Mandolin Clubs. During the winter these clubs met several times a week for practice, and are now ready to nll any engagements. Several have lately been aceeptably hlled. I25 Nor did Muhlenberg lack in Athletics! The Foot Ball Team played with teams from neighboring towns and won a due share of laurels. The inter-class contests in Base Ball were not void of their results. Lawn Tennis and Gymnastics received due attention. Although Muhlenberg took part in no parade on Columbus Day, the day was, nevertheless appropriately observed. Reeitations were suspended for the day, and at an appointed hour the students and friends of the Institution assembled in the College Chapel, where a number of short addresses by Pro- fessors and students were delivered. The exercises were interspersed with national airs. The work of the Students' Missionary Society was zealously carried on during the year. The work of tl1is Society was by no means in vain 3 many a struggling Mission in our own State and others was made glad by neat little sums g while the information on Missionary topics which was imparted, alone would have repaid the trouble incident to the meetings. Thus as we sit in the twilight of the early spring evening, reviewing, and calmly reflecting upon what the scholastic year 1892-'93 has revealed and' accomplished, we must say in conclusion as we began, " all was well done." : A 3 I ' QTQTT 'T T17 ' hilt f -- N .M f-1 ,y y i jff w 7 J 2 1 ' f f - "" 'f so--3-X EQ 'ff 7 " Q- .7' -X . ,M 1, ,'j,"yf' iff, 5 VI iv . 'fffck' Q, 3 fur ',, f 'filly l1',' "7 ' ' if y t s l ' ,fm 1 ,hy E51 ?'i:iLf'l., 'LW' 'H , '-' "S FE? THE PRESS CLUB. 125 A '.1' A 'J-i 3 :,A 435, 1 --II ,.,, ' w?-,,Q,u.A,..,- 0 inf,- The gcyfhe Qrowg Sharp Wlqen ground Qsxrighi, fxnel 'the mower goeg form in glee: My mindlg goyihe, 'fwill grow more briglff If YOUH grind if ex EH for me. 6. 9. 9 IO 75 ag with at Qollege Sport. , SEQ? 00 A. M.-Rising Bell. .30 " Rises from his c0ncl1 and prepares for breakfast. .30 " Chapel Bell. 00 " A German. Reading Schiller. .30 " Shipped. .00 " An Englishman. Reading Fairie Queen. .30 " Squaslied. .00 " A Greek. An hour with Homer. .30 " Reading it as it stands. .30 P. M.-A Philosopher. .00 " Giving the words of the book. .30 " Grand promenade in the Gyni. .00 " Box in Music Hall. .oo " Between the Acts. A bracer or two. .00 " H The Bowery " for the beneiit of the sleeping students .00 M.-He rests in peace. 128 Taopulaf T9l2I5c"lZ25 and Quotationsa Used lop the Faeultg. 5524 Take another. " Non sequiturf' " Reductio ad absurduinf' "Multum in parvo." Gentlemen, the Judgment Day will came! Work the next page on paper. " Ex nihilo nihil Ht." H E pluribus unumf, " Ende gut, alles gut IU You who are from Ophir are excused. It comes out very nicely. It's well always to wear old clothing in the labratory. Now, to get our full hour, we should be in here until 12.15, P. M. T11ere's nothing at all funny about that, because it has nothing to do with this. ' Now boys, iZl1C1'C,S no Royal Highway to Knowledge ! " I know a man by the company he keepsf, " When the devil was sick a saint was he Q But when the devil got well, the devil a saint was he." Suhtlcieut. I29 Tiew 'Hdoeftizements T we -IOUND.--In PeteI's 1'oon1,so111e geological speci- mens. For further information apply at the IEll'lltO1',S headquarters. 4OUND.-My ideal. A. O. E. XAIANTED.-Sonlebody to squash. I H. A. Y. ANTED.-An anti-sleep remedy. E. S. W. XIANTED.-A heart that eupid's darts can severely woundg one that is able to endure privation. G. C. L. A OR SALE.--The books used in German Class in 189293. I. T. E. OR SALE.-A volume on Language Culture. A G. s. s. -4 OR SALE.-A pair of garters, nicely embossed in gold. Found near Coopersburg. Author of " Travels Afootf' WH M. XV. 'OR SALE.-A supper, that was intended to be eaten at Trexlertown by The Freshnlen. 130 For Bale Qbeap. Tlihoze who eall Early aeeure Tear Bargains. HE above notice may seem strange to very many who read it, but to the average student of Muhlenberg it is of great importance. There was a certain large clothing establishment advertising its spring goods by a placard placed above them :something similar to the heading of this article. Several of the leading clubs, which are represented in this book had their photographs taken and placed Linder the placard in the large show window of the clothing. establishment. You may ask what about it? just this much dear reader. Imagine a host of the fair sex gazing at those photographs and seeing that placard above them. They naturally thought that the individuals were placed on exhibi- tion for sale, and commenced to bid on their choice. Schmidt 395, was taken for a girl, and twenty-Five dollars was bid for him because he had a base ball suit on. Gable '93, was also taken for a girl, and because he had a full dress suit on, seventy-hve dollars were bid for him. One young lady called out above the others. I bid one hundred dollars for that fellow, meaning Heintz, ,94, which was the highest bid offered. Trexler l94, had such an angelic look that a hundred dollars was bid for him. There were many more bids made but space forbids us to record them. As a student with some feeling, I appeal to you Dear Mother, Sisters and Sweethearts, who read this article, because you are the only ones that can sympathize with us. VVould you sell your Son, Brother or Lover for nfty or a hundred dollars ? 'Would you like to have him called a girl when he is a boy? I dare say, No. Schmidt has been so provoked that he couldn't eat a square meal since. Gable came near fainting several times, but Trexler was so completely out-done that when he wanted to have his photograph taken with the Glee Club the second time, his face turned, and caused Kramlich '96, to be sick in bed for two weeks. This was an awful mistake on the part of the fair ones, and We hope it will never occur again. I3I 'Dew laulolieatiorzs. EVM HOW I BECAIVIE A FREAK OF NATURE! BY G. s. Glu. 'tAlthough this is the Hrst of Mr. G-r's works, the public hails it with delight. The subject was selected with good judgment, and appears to be well adapted to Mr G-r's style."-Aizzeyville Rambler. it . 5? N HOW TO DEAL WITH A RIVALI BY C. D. Z-R. Those best acquainted with the author of this remarkable work unite unite in pronouncing it a masterpiece. MY ESTELLA AND I l-QA POEMA BY G. B. M-S. " A work able to commend itself. It tells tl1C sad tale of a rejected lover in a manner so touching that few can read it without sympathizing with the forloru Gome1'.',-Piiisbmfgh Habe1'dnshe1'. at " an STUDIES ON HAMILTON STREET.-QALLENTOWN.j BY W. M. W-itz. H Mr. Wir is well fitted to publish a work of this sort. His two years' residence in tl1e vicinity of Hamilton Street enables him to give cor- rect statements."-Birrisbolfo 1921276 Callezjv. an " sz HOW' TO CHEAT IN CARDS! BY G. S-WR, JR. "A work to be commended to all gamblers and secondfrate card- players. "-The IlYzzhZL'7zbe1'g. 132 4 D J, ki ! xl My CL H it -,-.' 1 "' ' - I I .' al' fl 212' fl Q C. J.Gf. " a.'fB: 71 if 4'+22fr! 1 C: 4 A+ Q M. AJP Cf R' PGf.s. W-8.8. C1 Q : 'irizf Z4 X Q ---S BA. A A.K ..,. K 32. K- ... - - REA. - . m. J :I xii? 'J M. RN, ,fl fx N 0 0 9' 8. . 55 ' - ipfg. 15744. X 1 ,7 VI, ,0 , , 0 Sz' .. SLM. :ll I ..,,,- - -,-.f-ff . A.vv.L. C.L..L M- . .411 .WW if C 31 o f " . f -. 'b " 5 .ffl WAS, ',2?'?fg59fa'?r3'f-4x- ' in 1, A" ,ff "' :S Q. 11 fjg'!,1-4' Q15 ,AW fgfl 4,-5 '19 1. - " MF V ff 4 12 N 3 ' D. v . - ' gcfifzzifi-" f A ., ' V. ,' Lliwiillffi I I I Sy- 31 f - in-NK - !l'!Hl-.-.f,.' yy 1: ,4 F .if Nix' - I .Sd 4 -- 2. '- G 1 Q - - .. Y , f. L 'Y I M. B. s. 53:-YN' 2 .1 mg" A. 0.15. 'S- 1 QQ?" . , -5-,L ,Lp.5.,gj, A... K ,il x A 3 X a w ,594 1 V ff lr fu- rj-Hi EN 'fl' fiifffw Ti . 'H Wag? .A 'M M5 .1-,M U I Q79 . . fic .., 2:-. JI' V -A V -x 11.1K A' -'LL " - ii ii: '1 Lf. wa. L. W. R. VY- Gr. 9. Wf- M- W'-'- -Qw OUR EXPORTS. Q4.'HeinTz 'dihe First Tllrip of the Gilee C2lub. ' L ' if T - fa Q L .,. 2- . ' ' ' ., i r T i , il , tie'-1fd19.Uszfl 1 - 6 T txt ft t Il L - , sl ,-A .. .wt , 5 , N., , I X- ' Ji .- - is X tw.i...1l'8l ftlinl lllll lil c 1 N a certain town not many miles from our Alma Mater, were found notices and posters stating that the Glee and Mandolin Clubs of Muhlenberg College were to perform in the Opera House this evening. Photographs of the clubs were placed in the large show windows of the leading establish- ments. Imagine the commotion when some of the fair sex saw those photo- graphs. It was the talk of the town. " Oh, we must go and see them." The hour for performance was drawing nigh Q the people were streaming towards the Opera Houseg the Glee and Mandolin Clubs were bustling about in their full dress suits getting everything in readiness g and a few moments before the time when the curtain would rise, applause after applause, that sounded like the roar of some mighty cannon, came from the now crowded house. The Glee Club was arranged in a semi-circle with toes out, shoulders back and bodies erect. Twenty strong hearts were beating so rapidly that they were forced up into their throats. A The foot-lights were ablaze. The curtain bell rung, and in the twinkling of an eye the curtain disappeared and exposed the Glee Club to the audience. Oh Z what a queer sensation that was. The pitch was given and that beau- 134 tiful selection of K' Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" was rendered. After which the air was so dense with sheep-wool that the Glee Club was invisible. When they came into sight again after the applause and showers of iiowers ceased, they sang for an encore "The Boy and the Bee," during which Brobst squirmed so much and had such expressions of pain on his face that we all thought he was stung by that bee. After this selection the curtain? was dropped amidst a volume of applause. But great Caesar ! Was this the same Club that sang so sweetly a few moments before? To look at if you would not think so, their toes were turned inward, their bodies were bent forward and all was in general disorder. When did it happen? Were we singing in that condition? Vilas asked. It must have occurred when we were out of sight. Then the Banjo and Mandolin Club arranged to give us a fine selection, after which Max was so gracmcl that he we11t through the head of his banjo. The balance of the programme was very well rendered. After much applause and another shower of Howers the good night song was sung, H Come again" dropped from the lips of every one as the parting shake was given. And we believe they meant it. Xl If 77: SQ MN 135 orzaifiorm to Qollege Ttyibrarg. Shri? What relations does the Pony bear to the Donkey ?" A scientine treatise, by E. S. Vtflg. The Funny Boy.'l An Autobiography, by J. H. Sip. The Gym, it's past, present and fnture.', An Essay on decreasing arith- metical progression.-XV. J. E--S. Seventh Street Scenery." A Descriptive Essay.-C. D. Z--r. Could I but be near thee." A Lyric Poem, by G. D. D-r. The Accomplished Horsemanj' or 'A How to Ride- With Easel'- W. J. S-t. When I'm a manf' or " A Peep into the Distant Future." by A. S. H--1. Allentown by Night," or " The Snares of a Great City." QWritten from experience.j By B-t, Y-r 8 Co. How to Play Cheqnersf' XVith a collection of deep Mathematical Problems.-I. Mir. Me and Myself,', by C. E. P-1' Q with sequel, " Some more of Myselff' QThe subject was so vast that it had to be efiamined by sectionsj When Will I Graduate ?" A Soliloquy, by G. H. S-1'. The Girl I Left Behind Me." A sad, sad story.-V. J. Blr. Hung in Mid-Air." A story of hair-breadth escapes.-G. XV. G-r. 136 "' 2 f Tlihe T+L uirze Wzxrado . .X -- 1 , V lj, i f H gs A Student had a little horse, The smallest in the World 5 I i ' - It had a head, was minus legs, ' I X - Its hair, it wore it curled. ff f He rode it often day and night ' l And used it right alongg , 2 'xx ,.,. c 5 He gave it naught to eat or drink, 5 , - all ., Nor was he doing wrong. I 'QA 1 -, He rode it into school one day, y f iff, ' ' W'hich was against the rule 3 1 1 ' i fi It made the others laugh and play '- Il' I '. V f To see the horse at school. ' . ' ' The Student didn't care a Isinch f ' For what the children said g . ,H.H He used the horse with ood intent , J. I! 8 ' " To push his class ahead, Looking for his Pony. He pushed his class ahead so far, QAnd 'tis most sad to hearj, It left him and his horse behind, And now he's at the rear. 137 Rite in the ihalooratorg. A COMEDY IN ONE ACT iiaerzorzae. PROFESSOR AND STUDENTS OF JUNIOR CLASS. I-IE scene is laid in the Laboratory with Dr. S-p's yard in the back- ground. The students are smoking, joking, and frequently throwing broken test tubes into the waste boxes. The Professor carrying his school- bag, is on his way to the Laboratory. Time, I P. M. Efzier Pro-f?5s01'.-QLively Musiel All.-Good afternoon, Professor. Prwssor.-Please take your seats. Before we commence I would like to give a few rules to the class, namely: Never enter the supply-room without permission. Always arrange yourselves in a line when coming to the supply-room for your material. N0 visitors allowed in the Laboratory without special suits. They can be engaged at a small cost. QProfessor asks students a few questions and then orders them to their desks. Class commences to filter precipitate. After a short time, Professor passes around to see how students are progressing. Reaches Trexlenj Yifexler.-For fully half an hour have I tried to filter this precipitate. Alas I my fluid will not clear, even if it takes five minutes for one drop to pass through. It makes IIIC mad. Must I keep on filtering? Prfwfssor.-Well-you might- 138 Wacky.-Professor, I think the unknown substance you gave me was arsenic. Am I right? Pifojkssor.-just a few moments, then I'll see whetherltfk hissing sound is heard in the neighborhood of Miller W's. desk, followed by the crash of a beaker which he tries to grab, but only burns his fingers. He throws down a bottle of acid in the atteniptf Glass is scattered around him. Trernulous music. Students are silent for three minutes.j G1f0ss.fSay, Billy I Billy.-Well? Gross.-Did you drop something? QMusic ends.j Billy.-Since I am in the Laboratory I always had good luck, but the mischief knows what's the matter with the stuff, I must have gotten the wrong bottle of acid. Enimzzfz, M.-I've smashed quite a number of beakers and test tubes, several 'evaporating dishes, and spilled lots of acid. The fellows growl at me for intentionally allowing acid fumes to escape. One day I soiled my clothes by accidentally pouring some acid on them. These things may seem funny, but sometimes I feel like swearing. A,ZZ'7l6.-HCTC comes the Professor. Get to your desks boys and com- mence to nlter. QEnie1' Prcwfssor.-Slow music. Passes around and goes into the sup- ply-room. Livelier music.j Evfdi-nan, I.-Wlien will the next base ball game take place. Ild likeito see Muhlenberg do something. Boys, whatls the matter with having a song while the Professor is out. All sing.-Oh I who will smoke my meerschaum pipe, Oh I who will smoke- Efzler Professor.-fPounds on desk with lead peucil.l Gentlemen, this noise must be stopped. Proceed with your work. BOOM I I QThe room is filled with fumes and smoke. Sulphur at a discount. Kistler opens the window. When all is quiet Professor prepares to leave.j T59 Prqfessoff. -The class is excused for to-day. Our time is exhausted. You did very well not considering accidents. Try and do better though next time. fOne by one the students clean. their apparatus, throwing stray beakers and test tubes into the Waste boxes and depart. All have gone except Heintz, who lingers. Heifztz.-Hom' pleasant, at the close of day, to Wipe the dirt from one's face and try to clean one's hancls,-but in vain. I Wish for a Laboratory where all is peace and loveg where results agree and glasses donlt breakg where Professors who analyze are not to be found. Ah ! when will it be. QI-Ieintz departs.j CURTAIN. ff!- J 1 ff I..--M ,F 15259212 1 1 -. -1 ,Q , ,Q X"2"4z 1 mf? ffflsnfif' 'Ziff' 'ff 1 '- "' 5'a5?'3'f.iL .?4'Q-.Q ' D ll ilitiiwrifn N 1 40 114 51" . -.111--1' --1...w.4..1,f1-yi-, 1:-F.:'g . -"'T1.l'-. wefnl - -" -"uh X- Ib.-'-r X 5 ,Xi .fl ' .12 . 5 1 1 Xuu 11, if " X X 11- 0 -41 'P 1 " .1 1 F' 14. 11 A, 11, 1 ,X 1 XX 1 X' XXX NX X XXX? Xe., ,X-X N ,i , 1 1 551' -,-- ' 1 11' .HN 1.1 X -,Y T-1: .1 X X '-iL1- ,- i '11 W' P1, "Fl 'X X" " -A , 91' 1 TT". . ,Hg 55.1. .nf 11,1 1 - X ' , 111 ' 9 X. , . ,.1..X XX .1 - -1 X XX 111 X 1 X X, K ' 1 Q J 1 ..n. ' .- 4, 5 if'f?Ugj:15"E.17-. 7342'- - , 1 1 1-.,XX 1 .. 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 X . .111 1 1 1 1 - . X 1 A' -X'::,:f .1' I ' ' 1 .RRY 1 1 ,'. ,,- ,,. X. ., . 1 1 1 1 1 4 K '11 .1151-J 1.1 ,X X1 '15121 " . 1 n - . 41-,J-ui..-.QQQXJ 1 V -7- ' X,,,,g 1' ,. 51. 1 ,X .J .71 1.,.,,.1H 1111 1:15. 1 ' 5111X"1l"' 3' J' F1 11. 1 H.- X XX X155 XQXX X A 1 111 1h M 6 z,Q.,,1-Qg...,...,,., ...XC-,M 1111111111: .11 1' " 1111 1' 1 44112. M . W X V . , 1"11.?1g2.1': 511 L' J 0.111 ,ff 1111.11 -, iw-X11XgXXX..X 1XX1X -.11 WX" 1113213 iX11XEy1' ' f1'13'Xg'1 'R' X. 11.11911 E1 Q FP 117-1. 11111 1E11li' "111 PN " 1 W1 .U 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 11 1 ' 1 ' 1 1. .V t '11 -1 ' '1 . .. 1 1'---1-1 -A . .. 1 ., ,, we . , w 11 1 11 ' -47 1 1 111 11 1 1 ., .X I' .1 . . ' -uP!'.K-' X '. - 11,-1 1' 1 . 1 1' VF ' 1 - f .. Hi- 1 , 1 X 1 rf " 1 X, 11 , 1 1,H, , . ,- 111 , 1 - 1 1 1 - 11 X' ' 1 11 1 .... f.-1. J X 1 1 1. , 11 . - , 11 , X -. 11. . .. .-1,. 71 X 11 e.. ' . .1 ' 1,1431 11 1 4. 1 . 1 11 11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1: . .Pill .1 ls, if - v A-11519 . -ri-,-f gg I. ,7- U ' K F f f Zerziorz. are ALBRIGHT AND ANEVVALT : Our opinion of College studies is that they consume entirely too much of the Students' time. If we were given a vote in Faculty meeting, two reeitations a clay in the forenoon should be deemed sufheient. BROBST: There is but one thing I can't understand at and around Muhlenberg, sciences and classics excluded. VVhy do the boys pay so little attention to physical culture, especially that part which I have heard called pugilistie science? EBERT AND IVIOSSER, XV. F.: Our opinion of the Literary Societies is simply this: Two afternoons instead of one each week should be devoted to this cause. The work done here is what tells in after life. The credit for having raised Sophronia to the high standard she enjoys to-day is hereby due to our uniiagging labor i11 her behalf. LAUB Z There are few men like myself at Muhlenberg. A good student, a fair athlete, a handy laborer. In short, a man to the core. It is seldom that accomplished gentleman like myself find it necessary to go as far as Senior. KERCHER: Time indeed has wings. It seems but yesterday since I immortalized my name at Muhlenberg in our Titus Livy Play. To feel that this same character now shoots off Butler before a large and successful S. S. Class. I can hardly believe my own eyes. 143 STETLER : There is entirely too much sporling blood in our College, and I think it would be well if the Faculty considered this question. The place should be relieved of such material, But then there will be an improvement next year, as some of us expect to enter the Seminary in fall. SCHMOYER AND SMOYER : VVe believe that the true student shall surely :receive his reward, if not in this world, in the world to come. At least we hope that we have not rid- den on in majesty for four long years in vain. IWILLER, J., AND ROOS1 fBoth were substitute teachers during the spring termj Say Roos, what was your experience as Professor in the Allentown High School? I tell you, old boy, up there in old Monroe, people went fairly Wild over the stock of knowledge I laid out before them. My only trouble was that every lady in the place thought sl1e had the best claims upon me. 13005.-Well, I think I dazzled some people with the manner in which I scattered wisdom broadcast: but as to the ladies: My trouble was just the other way 5 only one tried to Hirt with me. But then I suppose all the others knew I was engaged. GABLE : 1 Why isn't Muhlenberg more tony? It seems a shame that I have spent the four best years of my life in trying to instill some style into the place. And yet my efforts are all in vain, for the only man who has somewhat cor- rectly followed in my path is a certain Freshman. RICK AND YETTER : VVe can express our love and sentiments only in noble verse 1 For foot-ball forever shall we be to the bone, Though ignorant of her rules are we both as a stone. Not for centre, half, tackle, or guard do we 'spire 3 But as umpire and referee shoot off all our iire. T44 KUNKLE AND SIEGER : We believe that Muhlenberg is able to turn out ideal men. She has clone so in a few instances in thc past. She is not behind in '93. Look up to us, fellow students, and, if possible, attain our high water-mark in letters and physical culture. MOSSER, E. J.: My favorite study is VV01112l11,S heart and mind, and how best to please her, still remaining free for future engagements. Yes, I believe I could pass a successful final examination in this branch. LICHTENWALNER AND LEIBENSPERGER: How can the ladies of Allentown ever get along without us? What will Muhlenberg do when we are gone? How entirely forlorn will the chapel records appear when our names are omitted. I il 1 g e lg, Q I 1' ., l " --If fyvj- f HN,,,i,X,QN,5-W.. I, gn, U, : -:. 'ER .. H -I. f ' ' , L ' ' " L'5 fx,-2-A' .VK ,"'e', qifaifif f ' ' 'QS X-mL'5Nfqf3'! f f 1 w My ' ' jfffffvzf-f .- . f - x 'l . ,, DA MMM' L NC Ai, ..,, 1 .il M ,QT , ,, gi ISKAARPZXKQT X? if WHA n - N M, in O H3 54 I :ff 1 M SN 41' owlfmu f ' f l A-? H g'Jfif'Y1mf 5-SM V! df fzfv' M4 M' fy ' Wi." 6, ff QR ,Z A , yfjgwigxf ,W 34 JQQJHEQZEK n - KHAWGA I ii M . A V19-mffmfmflff. N177 J ' YW! VW. ' Sffw Y W' W' ffwfyaf f . AL uh ' '1 'f y ,i,, , fk ' guns' .a h 4' 5 + ' --li D -.I . Quffn f f 1 juniors. 5321 DRUCKENMILLER AND ZWEIER: No, we don't claim to stand Hrst in our class. Can't see much honor in that anyway g and besides, our Qkj nightly acts of philanthropy in the north- ern section of tl1e City consume too much of our time. ERDMAN, I.: Why does every one think me a philosopher ? As it cannot be on account of my actions, my appearance must solve the problem. If I werejudged a poet, I should not feel flattered. ERDNIAN, lXI.1 Yes, I've been told before that I'm graceful on the wheelg but, let me tell you, it dosn't all end there. I'n1 also a rapid rider. HEYL: The ladies have never yet troubled me. They know there's no use trying My make-up is too solid for nonsense of that kind. GROSS 2 I must agree with the better element of the Senior Class in demanding less theoretical and more practical and field work. This would do away with some of the emaciated forms so often noticed Within college walls. KISTLER AND LONGAKER: Yes, we are quite close buddies. During sober moments, we criticise each other. Longie writes love stories and is well versed in the mysteries of distilleries, and I admire his stories, would like to write some too. We both hail from the section where applejack is pure. LAZARUS1 Yes, I've lost a little of my junior year, but I don't think my loss is great, for I've kept up with the class in calculus, and that's all the Faculty can ask of a student. T47 LOOS : There should be less blovv about base ball and foot ball, and more interest taken in tennis. That's the only ganie I really love, so my excelling in it is easily explained. MILLER, D. A.: I am anxious to see this volume of the Ciarla a monument for '94. MILLER, S. P. : I hold that faithful Literary Society work will benefit a man as much as faithful work in any distinct study in our course. KLINE AND HEINTZZ Yes, we think we deserve the title of artists. In what do we differ? Well, Harry sings splendidly, talks little, paints none. I draw and paint well, sing little, talk much. MILLER, W. z Yes, I believe the Ciarla will not only compare favorably with similar books of other Institutions, but will not be far from the head of them all. A glance at the committee picture will prove this assertion. NICKEL 1 I admit that I have a pretty good opinion of myself, but, then, it's highly necessary. If I ani only allowed to enter the contest, then the World can see for itself. OPP : The pleasures of niy life consist of Mathematics, Music, and the Ladies. They are all equally deep in iny affections. XVere it not for this fact what is now pleasure would be work, and work drudgery. TREXLER AND WOODRING: No, we have never seen a pony, and are thankful for our innocence. How our conscience would bite, were this not the case. We stand or fall on our own nierits. VVACKERNAGEL: Outside of athletic sports I have but one fault to ind with Muhlenberg. If We could induce the Trustees to discard Mathematics after the Sophomore year, and open wide the gates for Irving, Dickens, WHgl1C1', and Schubert, there would be more here to interest nie. 148 -1 '.',,1'r's: 11, ., -1s11iw1-,1 E115 g...L-fsrqrlpf ' 5- -L, -1-,:- lf. .V N1 1 4.1 an 'T' -,.. - A Y, 11 1 ' 1 1 11' I U .-.I11-MMP'-. -41 'V 1mL1:'1'l?1e2f,:f1f'-4-51 ' .x1'u1 1" - ' ,M 3- iq-I t . , - -11 W-,11-'1113 1' A1 11-1175 X 15 QP , 92 11 1 , E1 H' I 1 MJ 1 iifflj 1 fm ' '1 " ' " 111 11-A I 1 1 1 111, 1- 11'-1 ' '1 r - .gp " .F F'Z'5f11?.P1'L:"'?f71'5'f ?'T!E7'1 11 ,. .H - 1 1 I,1"11L I "1 . 1 1 1 11 7? .1 I-, V1 11 51 1 11 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1- ' 34 , . 1 1 1 I 1 1 X 1 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , I V 1 1. ' "Qi-ifE1"f'E""f7 ,271 11'-,21'21Z7'111"2"1' -Tm'-1, Z 'X ,'L'L.,fs' 1 ' ' ' 1,4 3' 1 V ' 3525.1-11 1ff1"1'1i 1' f fi 1 1' YQ Q ,1 'fx Y 11 511311 11. 655,11 1111 J-X11 1 1U'L1,1'f1" 1 W-Q! 111111 "" 1 1 1' 1 'V -:11j'.1,L'M 11 . 5141 1 .1111'?151g111 1 11111 1111 111111 11 1 . 1 A - .1111 11 'S11 1... 311 111 111,1X,N1, ,,,-Q, 5.1111 3 WV Q A 111 111 11 1111 if ' 1 1 , - 1,5 1-1, X 1 1 ' ' 1 I 1 1 , 1 ' 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 b 1 1 ' I 1 ' N 1 . 1 1 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 1 2 I , 1 1 - . 1 'Y - '. 1 ' 1 Y 1 X 1 ,Q fi- .Y 1 11 1 gf.L.44.,,:1AlZui Lf.k .4560 q ,.... -UU-' V- ! 1.115 III 8--10 76 'D I' ' - 5 M-'7'7,.,.A 0:3SigQ ffJZZr6T1loEg I 4' l .Li I QS' 0'w1'1'1f' S-'4c?'i'8'LlELf' - ix I , , - Pr -1251102-zfe,i1f,5 , 1 Q I . EPC 1111t a MJ S P' '1?I1frf5Ex'jmT1 'ffwmw' S ' m 1: . ,. 151 ' t su 1's'7f"f,1.' 1 1,4 Hsqsfww M ' Hgdiilcgos ue 33050 c Eueo7 S1151 W fig? ,ff Y m AIR 5 77' Eg IQ El u gi?Ee uajsg -159. at . I3 I C 1 711 U? :E f r cortgngit ' ra u yghfh r Wf AM-,yi-A I 9 M620 xQ1,ere,n1n Eg11lnif'eaml1bens.Ai3 g 737-f X. .em.na111e,vce gk'-A-7 t T ' s' b'b r L X? W wiwfw, E or c MB'1ce e ID -2 is A t , 'P LX. Nlora . u,L9lr1E'i7""l,,4m WM x M uvA1L3aa1gksgfL'e',11:sELu1f1Hua3," uw. 5 1 JZ. itr uc1ast1u ct4J52m1i5i1b,A,L, If a,dhEe11ts et gsxigi 'xet n1vEaN M544 I c uAB11f1r.7 A791 . N I 1'i1.E9llJ7X cnc iMgol1e srligigbia , ix WL ge ggzivnfi 125-0 gngs4? 10 S nt en I el 1 1en1proci. EX 5,h, n gensffwikm' 07l2yg11an1 " ll egegrff em nec preces 'ec ll c SY'1o3al15H t1um g W- ,6-W 1 5 nlium 18 deductos 21 qunmx-is s situm X Zophorrzores. 5354 BAUER, VICTOR J.: Bauer will learn soon after Commencement that he can make more money by joining a circus and posing as the giant than in any other profes- sion he can possibly enter. BECKER : Becker will stand a good chance to become famous in a short tin1e, pro- vided he does not lack sulifieient push. 'BEHLER : Behler will become a scientinc farmer, and again prove to the world that the man of brains is always on the top of the heap. EBERT : . Ebert will apply for the position of Librarian of Muhlenberg, and at the same time uphold and practically prove the theory of the evolution of man, ELLIS 2 Ellis will be so great a ladies' man that all his spare time will be taken in seeing to their numerous little wants. GABLE, L., Gable will enter tl1e confectionery business, and thus save a fortune, for he will no longer be obliged to Spend all his spare cash for this cause. KILLIAN Z Killian will shortly follow his inmost longing by filling an engagement with a 25-cent show. He will furnish all the music. 151 KISTLER, C. E.: Kistler will never become a minister. He will change his mind soon after graduation, and take up the fortunes of a country violinist. He will doubtless make his fortune. KISTLER, E. H.: Two years hence will find Eddie one of the great pulpit orators of the day. He will astonish the populace with the rhetorical flourishes of his logical sermons. KRAPF1 ' No professional life for Krapf. He has already demonstrated that he could niake the paint business pay. Yes, Fritz, there's roon1 on top for good artisans. LENTZ 1 Lehigh Street will ind Lentz in the soap-boiling business in a few years. There is a good opening there for a Well meaning young man. MILLER, N.: The N. Y. Athletic Club will shortly find Newt. as its honored President. He will astonish the natives with his ability as an all-round athlete. PETER : - Pefe will soon stop school. His physical make-up is too delicate. If he keeps on studying his nervous system will break down. His fortune lies in the sausage business. SANDT: One of the great foot-ball teams of the Country will soon be honored by securing Jonnie. He will there conscientiously spend all his energy, and trouble no one in the future. ' SCHADT: Schadt will become a Minister and often quote Latin and Greek in his Sermons. I52 SCHMIDT: Schmidt will travel Barnum as 'the German-Irish-American Clown. He will also dispense with Irish Stories at the lemonade stand free of charge. SHUMAN Z Shnman is studying the sciences as an aid in 'the railway construction to the moon. SNYDER, E. E: Snyder will not find it necessary to attend College very long. His general appearance will secure for him tl1e position of chief clerk of a com- pany store. ' SNYDER, VV. I.: Snyder's honesty ought to Work him into a bank, but the fact that the oliicials demand bail, fairly disgnsts him. So he will begin lower and end only with the Presidency. STQPP, J. H.: Joe will study mechanical engineering and prove to the world that bicycles have not yet reached the limit of perfection. ' fi for ,f6'Q'FOs KW 153 ,f,-X. . .E 335- ff --"X f-1 'A " . - - B u , E K fxi cgghn u na f' l ,2 12-ff V 2 i2f'xS'2'f"'! 'f ' 45 4 1,2 ,..Q-,rf , ' f f y' I I " J 7 I I If -f olLfi9f,, V , - ! , . Q K rj: gxkx J 'N - " gg 'X E - - , f x gx 51 7 ' 'Ui 5 1' 5. ME 'l ,f 5" A ,l 1: 4 . ' Xl KN fixf X J ' ' ' ' ' if f4l V N5 fx f jf 'ff' M , Hrjfg, Lg X . 5. ' gmfgx , 'UM 5333" V, g , r 4 ,iff f f 79 -.,,,,4f2, -1-. Freshmen. BARR Z Two years hence will ind Barr the proprietor of Hotel De Allen,' where he will board students at half price. COOPER 1 Fred will shortly settle down to married life. He will eventually rise to a high railroad position. i GENSZLER: George will soon learn that he was not created in vain, and that his use- fulness lies in the chemical world. Here he will be a success. GOLD AND LEIDY : These gentlemen will become partners in the dry-goods business, and in a few years amass a fortune when they will enjoy their wealth by living the happy life of bachelors. HARTZELL AND SLOUGH: Allie and joe will become messenger boys for the YVestern Union, but they will not be Content to stay there long. A few years will ind them run- ning the Company. HEILNIAN AND KRAMLICH Z Not many years will be required to prove to Joe and Freddie that their proper sphere is the farm. They Will, of course, be 'L fancy" farmers. HENRY: Sam is a lover of gold. So to California he will go, where his fondest hopes will be realized. 155 HOTTENSTEIN AND LANTZ 1 The stage will find these gentlemen in a short time. As Tragedian and Opera Singer they will be second to l1Ol'1C. KLEIN AND RTOHRZ Purity, chastity and obedience will be the vows that these men will take upon thernselves ere long. KUNTZ, TREXLER AND VVEDDIGEN: Thus will be the firm name of the Marshal, Field K Co., of the far West. These men will honor Muhlenberg and teach her Alumni how to endow Colleges. REED AND REICHARD 1 These men will enter the poultry business and supply the Allentown and Bethlehem Markets " with Spring Chickens all the year round." SCHINDEL: Jerry will study law, be successful in politics, and hnally become a State Senator. MATTHEWS AND SPIEKER: These young men will make a splendid team for any business or profes- sion exeept the Ministry. SNYDER AND STEINBICKERZ Two model preachers will these young men become. They will have more than a State reputation in their noble calling. SPANG I George will enter the Law Department at Harvard. He will shine on the foot-ball team and win his greatest laurels in the field. STETTLER : Marvin will become a farmer and run the Emaus Post Olihee as a side issue. 156 STOPP, S. A. B.: Bridges will become the Chief Editor of the "Luthera11'i soon after l1is graduation from tl1eSen1inary. He will fill the position with dignity and grace. WEAVER: Xvilliani will become Cashier of one of Berks' oldest Banking Houses. He will be conspicuous for his extreme honesty. XANDER 1 Edgar will be a College Prof. He is an "all round" student. Col- leges desiring his services need not mention what chair is to be filled. He can till any. ML . fi 157 CCEDur 'Heigglzloorz' Tfltimprs. 1. gf 92143 Miller to Gross: Mal! How do you manage to n1ake such a good display with your speeches? Gross: Why, Sam, I have a little secret of writing a short piece of poetry for the close of each. Albright, fmzzkivzg his Ins! ml! Z0 his 6655 girlij I And is this really the last time that I am allowed to call ? She : I mean what I say. He, ffilifflitllg' IZZUIZJYD : Alas the vanity of human wishes. Mr. Heintz: Dr. I think two weeks is too short a time to write a Latin Essay. Dr.: Don't you think you will be able to do that? I-Ieintz : I don't know anything about it. Dr. W. to Schmidt : 'When were the dark ages? Schmidt: Don't know. Dr. VV.: Do you know, Spieker? Spieker : Yes. They were before gas was invented. it it it- Heintz to Dr. W.: Dr. I don't believe that the guillotine kills amau instantaneously. I once saw a man walking along Chestnut Street for fifteen minutes after his head was cut off. 66 it E? Prof. J. to Erdnlan, ,M.: How do you keep copper.,fron1.getting brittle? Mr. E.: Stir it with anything green, Prof.: A Freshman is green. Mr. E.: . ' . 158 Dr. to Kistler, VV., '94: YVhy do you ask me so often to excuse you during recitation, Mr. Kistler? Mr. K.: I have important business, Dr. Q.K'i5llc'7' hllfllillg' zwzrcd hls 7IlU.Yf!IL'flL' 1'el1l1f1z.v.j Dr.: Oh, perceive ! U V I 1: w at Sam. Anewalt, ,93, Qslalulifzg mf lhe ZL'Z.7IIl70ZU in llze reading 7001115 : Boys, did you ever see a more puffed up thing than that going down there ? A crowd gathers: We can't see anything. Sam 1 Don't you see that foot-ball ? YVaekernagel, '94, in Psychology recitation: Dr. this morning I found myself trying to comb my hair four inches above my head. How do you explain that? Dr. : Qwho has seen bays willz swelled heads bcyforej : I guess it needs no explanation. XVaekernagel, 3941 Prof. Can you see through a brick? Prof. : Yes. That is done by using reflecting mirrors. WV. 2 Y KVhat do you think of the opera glasses by which we can look over the hats of ladies? Prof. 2 Good thing. eh-i-sh-i. +G it N To Mr. Wfoodring, foul czzllifzgl Q I think you look so sad to-night. Mr. W.: Ah, yes! I ate a "sad" cake for supper. Trexler, fial the p7'f7ZZ'i7Zg" qjice hafzdling zz page cyf live mczlierj .- This I think will make a nice page of Ads. Dutch : Yes, sir. QA! zflzis lime Trenfler raises llze page and llze lyjne jhlls lo llzey7001'.j Dutch, Hooking avfomzdj : Trexler, is it heavy? QTre:L'le1f walks om' wilhoul saying a 7U07'Il'.7 9+ it W johnny to his father: Pa, I didn't see anything so very funny in Mr. KQfCl1CI,S mustache. Papa: XVhy? Johnny 1 Why, I heard sister say it tickled her last night I KAI! 0'cl0ck Z'lZbfEfZ7l.J 159 VVhile Matthews was conversing at a certain Young Peoples' Meeting- suddenly there was a crash and a smash, and " Matchesi' disappeared. When the ladies looked for him he was mixed up with the chair that hadjust separated. It was only a chair that could not bear the strain of H Matches" con versation . , EG N 9? Gold and Matthews appealed to Dr. to prove an alibi when the Professor locked the door and prevented some of tl1e Freshmen from reciting. It was their hrst odense. Kramlich: Now, Mr. Photographer, I want you to take a beautiful picture. Artist: Yes, sirg but who will pose for it? 1: vv 1: Moser, E. 1 Do you expect to go out into society with russet shoes on Mr. Stine? John 1 Why certainly. Is it not right? Moser Z Not at all. john 1 Well boys I shall not go then. Kercher : "What's your ambition, George? To be a poet ?" Loos : " Not a bit 3 poetry doesn't pay. I want to become a fad." '75 -X it Zweier : " I wonder why you women are so awfully fond of sweets ?" Miss --1 " And I wonder why you nien are so awfully fond of s-ours I" Ebert : " I heard 0116 of the boys rented a house on Turner Street near Twelfth 3 I wonder who ?', Brobst 1 H Yes, I heard Druekemniller did." 5? it N Prof. Qin Geology Class: I think I shall go over the Central to New York, when we go on our Geological trip. It will cost me only half rate Pres. of '93 I Prof., We have decided to pay your fare. Moser, E. 1 Prof., will you go over the Central anyhow? it 65 S? Prof. of German 1 Mr. Erdman, I. If you don't want to read over your lesson before you come in here you had better go T Erdman, I. I West, Dr? Prof. : No, East Where the wise men come from. 160 "Elare:'GEl'zee: ell. we Thou messenger of happy vein ! Go forth to meet thy friends g And tell t11e simple tale again Of our year's aims and ends. 'We are loath to leave thee now, Dear Friend, Welve grown to love thee true 5 But fate says, ON, seek other strand, Old friends exchange for new ! Fear not to meet and brave the storm, I A Cahn will follow sure: Some hearts will make thy greeting warm And a home for thee procure, Then go-with aim at least to cheer And bear with thy varied lore The greetings warm for many a year From the boys of 794. 161 1 5 1 1 l fiij, : vb! I. ,, Q A ' N x 3 V ffl If 1lf'1 ' f 7 'W E I ' 4 A REM W u f f " 1e 'i zQ'P "w, Q 3f wf?ff: Ln ,!3gsg1,i5:g,,,. X f . ,wfn V, N V l 1l M 1 'fi ' g ' f I im f" 1'.'v,Nfs," "g 1 ' f 1 " 1 l'!i'fii5i1 5llM"i . x ff fm f f f MMJy1 ' o" x . 17 W xgf VJ!!! I 1- j X ' :I "J.w.u.n-5,111 q I. B , f f J .-v- 1--:Ui W-nk:-iii wh-1 .ii iff: :ii' ii 'M -if.-i .i 1 T "' .- Reknowledgments. EICl111llfiillgthCil'l:lI'I21l bow, the Editors desire to express their thanks for assistance rendered in the publication nf their book: The I'rol'essors who have assisted us in various ways have our thanks. The Students composing the diHerent clubs have our thanks for the pictures so cheerfully furnished. We are indebted to Mr. G. S. Butz for two poems. Our lithotype and photofengraving work was done hy the Philadelphia Photo Electrotype Co., of Phila. Our binding was done by the Murphy-Parker Co., ol' Pliilaclelpliia. The book is from the press of Haines X VVorman ol' this City. Mr. Robert J. Seanlin is their foreman and Mr. Harry Lee I-Iorn is their pressman. Our dealings with the above firms and their em- ployees have been ofthe pleasantest nature, and the excellence of their work is attested by the general appearance ol' our book. We recommend them to the kind consideration of future editors. 1 e 0 e E idvertisement . If you are wise You will pez frozzjze Those who herein Do ecziverijse. In love or business The Same holds irnze .' Who ere true to you. Be true zfo those W 1 fill PMI T i titiill til Ewiiflllhiiff Z i Qs 2 igfg! fx 9 f E-1 E i S V iffseiis OPERATING AND RECEPIION ROOMS NO 4 XORIH SIXIH QI ON FIRST FLOOR XI l I N IOXVN P-X 164 '-3i1i4CDUFQlI6- IS OPEN AND READY! Such qualities and prices have never been offered before. Stock thoroughly Hrst class, combining Quality and Elegance, with prices strictly fair. Call to see us in our NEW' HOME. 7 G7 ca 9 6 :in zijn ' V ,Q c, Q, c. 9 Sixth arfd, I:IeLu'1i1to11 Sts., ALLENTQXBZN, PA. 7 7 ,Z Ee fe A fa fc Qin: IN' EASTERN PE1N7NSVL VANIA ! Read what G. C. Aschbach repre' h ,, sents and for which he is sole agent: I -,, . Q E ,,,n.e -e 169 gygqwzn iv soxggpos, I W x 4 nmsox zu H,xul.1N a3iESTEY omnws, o g MASON Sz mson vormuoxs, JI! 11773 , ' n xmcox x WHITE SYMPHONY onmws, 1 h cself-Playingg ynsnnuvmgmagmv sms GUITAQ AND MANDOLINS QTEWARD a no1zsom'sBANJ0s. mg' 'S ' X Write for catalogues and information. 41 4 . Q. C. ASCHBACH, 'ff - ...+x---ALLENTOWN, PA 165 SPGRTI G+ GOODS EMPORIUM ' NIETN li l? - OF - EL' ill? N .'lQ,i .li NN. c. Ebbeke E co., z.Np1NNN.T 606 HAMILTON STREET, ALLENTOWN, PN. f--. fx,- a-xxx, -X,-N,-X.,-N.,-Xfx,-'l',-N:-Q:,lt'X" -,X-, K-.M --.XJ .v,N-, .,-.-,..,Yg.,iXfX'X-fx-f Bicycles. The Five Victors. The Hickory, The Creclendas. The New Mail. The Reading Racker. The 173 VVynnew0oClS. The Queen City. The Nonpareils. And a full list of second-hand cheap. Gym nasium Goods. VVe ht out Gymnasiums or sell articles singly. Fishing Tackle. We are headquarters for Fish- ing Tackle. -x,5.-N.,x.,,-X,5.,-N-,x.-X.,-..-X, f-G,-N.,-X,x,X,-N.,-,,X,-X,-X, Base Ball Goods. Club Outhts aspecialty. VVe have the largest stock ofgoods which we sell at New York prices. Foot Ball Goods. Everything used. Lawn Tennis Goods. XM: sell at 25 per cent. below regular prices. Croquet Goods. XVe always carry a large stock ol these goods. Rifles, Guns, Ammunition. We make this department one of our specialties. -N,--- x.,A..f-X,-.J-N,-.1-x,A..--W - v f-X,-N,-X,-x.,'X,x,f-X,-X.,-X,-X., -X.,x..,..N,-, 1,-X.,-5,-X.,-L,x.,X,K.,-L,-XJR,-x..x,x. VVe also deal in Hardware, that is in Build- ing, Farming, Gardening, l-lousehold and General Hard- ware. Prices always the lowest. I .f-X, ,. ,7X:4x.,-hi,-...,X,,-X.. 'N-4:-f-jlxix-lx-ix-f T444-il .:.j,.9 FIN QNOTHING HND FURNISHINGS, ,V--1L.g.T ?.g.-..,v,l: 645 HHNIIINIK N STREET, Ono door east of Hotel Allen. FXLLEXITGVVN, 105, Southwzxrlt Soup Works, l53?-39-41 Anthony St., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Ari absolutely pure Soap ofextra quality. Made with the ut- most care, from the c li oi c est materials. S W e e tl y perfumed and pressed in cakes of a convenient and economical form. Honest Soap is used by the best families of Philadelphia and vicinity. 1 w '-4-v ' ,www NE 'I ' H r f Q E we 2 of-'ff' -l N y X lf MANUFACTURED BN Roof HQQVILQLUN s, sopi, NKPHEI taoeyf Honest Soap has a superior merit,wl1ich will be acknowledged by all after one trial. Honest Soap will last longer and do more bones! work than any other Soap on the market. HonestSoap will not chap your hands, or injure any article of clothing, and will lather freely in hard water. Give it a trial and be con- vinced. lfltflilljilla A ELLEN Largest and Best Equipped Hotel in the K ALLENfFOXUN, PA. Lehigh Valley. Has Passenger Elevator ancl all first-class facilities. Rates tt2.5O and 353.00 per clay. Fine Restaurant at- tached, JOHN I-1. HHRRIS, Proprietor. 167 Live and energetic canvassers for our English and Gerxnan pub- lications. A splendid opportunity for stu- dents to earn enough during va- cation to keep themselves in money for an entire term. All our books and pictures are fast selling. Address, Pilger PubIiSl7ing Qouse, READING, VH J-W.H.H. HN dar you sxwpx 168 H. W. HUNSICKER, Mir mums. ,3 3 2 Qummins, A A A NCWUQNSA QW'-WETSA A A A A QLQARS, un. QLQTHS, 'S' "' 15:5 4 TCI' 9 SHADES, sac., asc., 0 C915 Eighth. and. Ilargilfon. Sfs-A. QELENIQWN, 13135 is CHRPETS HND FINE DRHPERY. gk -y,-X.,-X,-N, -2,-N.,f-X!-X., S.,x.,X,-X., VVQ are constantly adding new goods, and intend in the ful S tl I sl, to show ghe best quality of goods to be round the ket t tl lowest prices. if .SHINER 6' LFIUB, A 637 Hainilton Street., ALLENTOWN, PA. A J .. HELFRIGH, WEAVER si co., . A, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN E k g - - iizgigiiiagwggilig i m House and Oiflee Fuifmtutfe, ,,,, M91 l.XlxI.OR SLI I S, our on n make a speualty. iw AA.. A 133' P1c'1'UaE FRAMES of evei-A N, description. 3 - 734 -Hamilton St., ALLENTOWN, PA. HEADQUARTERS 2: :s: :s: As: HOME-MADE Cf-XNDIES, A GEO. ?. NONNEMAKER, 169 Pianos, Organs, i + Miller 84 Hutchinson, + - vlll Sexving 1 7 807 Hamilton St., 1i.- M3ChiIlQS, LQILLENTQWN, WEL, di-'- f- H9 H xg ,la and all kinds of bl. than from any other l C L dealer in the whole 1Esieal lVQehand1se j Lehigh Valley. can he bought cheaper from .h,u-Q.-N 1 I" and be COI1ViECSd.- EAGLE CLOTHING HALL. Ulflanufacluvev of Wlenb, Boys' anb QIgiIb1Qen's Clothing, NO. 618 I:Iar11ilto11 Street, HLLENTQWN, VH. -A TQ: n H a , -A-X' Q Q U LE ' A DENTHSTD A Fleurs: Ho. Eernjilfifig glxfeel, 8 Aalllaifgllgifllli M' fAlIen'r0bJ11, PH. it H 1-: " - k v X I-Ulisffwi ll' 'X x . it . .--, 1-sary: bfillgglmn , ' I ..--,- '..m-la" ' ' ' 11 - . ...-,,.,,..: ?- A X H. , -l -. .'..,..,.a..2rr-' - - - - gg-r ---' ,1 --:-:gin X -f' ""- I U 1 :'1 - ,....--i-- ing to afdoorjdore. 1 70 Someth -x,-C.,X,x,-.,. ,-L,x.,i.,x,-k,1.,X,-X.,-C,-X, A Stubents' 'Z1our'naI. - ...-yZ...3.,'g.:'x4.... fr SUBSCRIBE F012 it Mllewlia Sulascrilalieij Brice, Eels year. journal, conducted and sup- 1 HE MUHLENBERG is 21 mounriy lf' iz? i ported by the literary societies to the Personal, Local and Inter- ii Collegiate Columns, it containsliterary i l productions intended to cultivate a de- i sire for reading matter of a higher 1 order among subscribers. We solicit the patronage of the friends of the Institution at large, as- 4' l suring them that in no other way can they better acquaint themselves with ffl Muhlenberg college and her proceed- I ings. Address, of Muhlenberg College. In addition H THE MUHDENBERG, " ALLENTOWN, PA. 171 ijN:-'Q-.z1:-":,ie:"Xf'- -sf--f-x.,A-fx.,-.., - ..,-g,. ifv llcbmoncl Straight Gut No. 1. lligarettes l mio fffiisttzfz Are made from the brightest, most delicately flav- oregl and highest cost GOLD LEAF grown in Vir- 1- -' f g 1 " 'H- 'l'hi5 is the OLD and ORIGINAL Brand of X Straight Cut Cigarettes, and was brought out by us in the year 1875. BEWARE of imitalions, and ob- Niif wg V N serve that the Firm name, as below, is on every pack- lfg - a kin! .lord 51" - 'CDG Allen 54 Qmief 'BPHUCU of the American Tobacco Gompany. I X X x X XX N 5 N MANUFACTURERS. - VIRGINIA. N , N X E A ll RICHMOND, - - Leinelonag ffgllologrexph Q3 For flee most nrlzk exllery. 'lor Zl".?VA?77Z!ZlZ5lZlf go Zo tio jbosiflg nmol Sllpgl Zollefgg 6929 rillllliierccmlii sr., A ALLENTWQWNQ roi., 9 A A A Emeril: S kxfmwlflook Headquarters of the Va ey ll 6' Tex! Bookx fil' Sclzools mul Colleges, lllerrlmzzdzlve' azzcl Ojfio Slaizofzoijf, Arlzkls' ll!m'.e1'zkzls, Leczzlzer :mtl Glass Gooak zkz jzllosl wzffzlely and beslprzkes. fxllenlown, 10 732 lxlexmillon Sl., 172 CA DREK Fine Stationery and Engraving House, I l l2l Chestnut Sireet, Philadelphia. COLLEGE INVITATIONS l WEDDINGINVITAUONS CLASSSTNUONERY l VBVHNGCMRDS SOCIETY STATIONERY ' BANQUET MENUS PROGRAMMES, SAOOES OTRLOMASANOMEOALS STEEL ENORAVTNO FOR FRATERNITIES, CLASSES AND COLLEGE ANNUALS. Designs, Samples and Prices sent on application. All ork is execui l in Lhe establishment under the personal supervision Ot'M1'. Drel-:L cl ly in theb t '. U q ll dl "l'L' dl ff p" 'T l '1 erience enabl- 1 1 etliez I l t t H t l l 1 l is Z1 guaranl f the quality of the procluclions of this house. KRAMER? MUSK WAREROOMS, ,,E, 95--H - ' 3 A is lVliRllnlO5 iggggi 10512551-1-ga-A: ,Flaw ' 'T?"'T'l E-E2 2 A 3 Aim A A 2 fi- . Us-1 K 'i km , 1Q QiL1.1gL T, l m , S R' -W Oflhe Hiohes! G ada' solz' l - 1-9,5 A N A sf ff ,Jie i V! 071 21531 Zerms. y A5 L 'ff ml,65L,,ffA MU5enLeeOOOs .. 'W ....,.., ' E lfiilfli Of EVERY DESCRIPTION, an prices W - to suit everybody. 54:45 HAIVIILTQN STREET, 54:4 AI.Ll4.NT0XVN, PA. 173 Three Departments-Primary, Academic and Collegiate. Instruction thorough. Music and Art a specialty. Building heated by steam and lighted by gas. Rooms comfortable and boarding excellent. For catalogue address, REV. J. W. KNAPPENBERGER, A. M., President, ALLENTOWN, PA. THE ELLEN' STEAM LHUNDR , l lil Souily Clgurclg Siveel, Allentown, Pa. Equipped with the most improved machinery. First-class work gnarzinteed. Orders solicited. Xifagon will call for and-deliver work. Connected by Telephone. All Ladies' wear entirely under charge of lady assistant. WHOLESALE AN? RETAIL DEALERS lN Carpets, Oil Cloths. Ge., 609 HAMILTON STREET, -O-i-- -QELLLEINTOYSTN, 3?55L. - . LEH Sc CQ., XVHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS OF BQOT A W A SHOES. MONEY SAVED by buying SHOES from the lVIz1nufacl.ui'e1's. 10,000 pairs of our own make at CUT PRICES. LION HALL BUMDING, Nos. 626-628-630 Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa. 174 DR. Tl-IOS. A. STRASSER, 914 Penn Street, Reading, Pa. AT THE'OF'FlCE OF Dr. J. D. Erdnflan. fX116I1tCDXNJl'l, every Thursday Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat and Nervous Diseases o fspeoialty. Refraetion of Eye and Adjustment of Glasses. Spectacles, Eye Glasses and Lenses supplied at Lowest Cash Prices StEL1'1ClZ11'C1 an el Reliable mATs'+:s LEINBACH se B1QO., B- Cor. 8th and Ffenn Streets, READING, PA- FHIRJT QILEJJJ QILQTIHIHNQI EIT JKIEEUONEI LE KEVTIEJ eeezes, age eeeieeg Ladies, Dining Roornfs, Ice C1'ea1'r1 lVIa1nufaet11rerS 627 I-Ianniltou and zzz N. 7th Streets, Allentovvn, Pa. zx5 Front Street, Catasauqua, Pa. i-ILINE se B1-eo., HATE, eeesksimew eeoeso TRUNKS, BAGS AND UMBRELLAS. No. 605 Hamilton sweet, QLLENTQWN9 WEL, 175 JEWELER Wg 'HT' , ,O SILVERSMITI-i. CLASS Pug I AND BADGES P A SPECIALTY, 711 Hamilton St., Allentown. DR.j.BONDWATT, DENTIST, WF WF MALM 636 HAMILTON ST., ALLENTOWN, PA. MALM EX? EVERY OPERATION PERFORMED SKILFULLY AND AB' SOLUTELY WITHOUT PAIN. CHARGES VERY REASON- ABLE. I I "E' I I --,'- IIIEII' ' S .. . A If. IIQQ ' I 'gp5"AnirlT' F' - iffy, A if c1uK :.3.,i-l.,:,3..,: 12 f"If'5""fA 'A 116 EAEERS ' IIQIFSFFE' , A RQDW A .A I ii J 1 '-'. '1':.'Tff'2f1f ,- qS,CRHmlGE1SRT:EL L 1 cLASS,PQgN ?ER5 SIZWIIICS an ' ,Q ,, , I , I , . Z.14235'2'iMN"wN P2T'Lij3..,, ,I IIIIII ' ' 176 RTN f. 7 ' " ik " W 'wiv '-61"-S235 T - - -.,,.w:-7:2-:fI -v , I- - ' .-:aa 5 3 -SF: k-Risk. IDl2'.f":12:'I +':f:sfsfIr5Sfi"v '4.C v- vff'2" 2' -c -I-1 4 . IIN-if-Eiw. I ... se.. -I f gi: i k, I 3 ggzr. ':I1g:1..-N '-'qw?ff:az:. '- 1.112231 5pEj1?'I'1:5 ,. -s f x -- i Q1 fI-"'V ,-:- if J' I -' 'V I G M. vafi 51-wfS':s'il:.' If-f Q " -. - ' V- 1 ' - ' 1 -I 31 1 ' .I , I ,i1:,Sz?:I::- . If M-: w x If .-sgasw:-f:.A: er::: ., .,.,-I--:e' f 'fff ' 5 I q ,.: ..., 1 ff:- L -. : , A- :::..5-'sS..aI:1-I -2 gf3w. :1,:1::5:zsH- In .,- :H ..- 'f Nia,-New-csxg:-25215 x f-qv:-: - .wwf ,Q - - ' 1 . ' 'fR2'34'5I'-4.5: 2. . -, I2 'I' .3 Q '12 :f':r,'i '-::3-'avvlrx'NS.,:Q-Nil .351'l?'?ft 2 f'fiffE:'b'.7f:fi5335-' 'OYIQ' " 'f - E17 '21, '-3-:'-, 'ii Dix"-EE? J."-I ., M551 xv f , , " s..::.'x:::,.: . 1:13 ww1:HMis:bfiwifR9E1F'1 .:.-.s::-fm-?P'Iv '- X- -.LL-Q" swf" -' F F- E. I 'Ex ' R R '- Rv- 2 F: f-I-J "-'Simi' 22- , g Q.. .--me " wi-I:wwxc:'-:ssfeitwif-Ifikfx. Is. '- ' I- . -vqqswxgfae .4 .V M. -g .ff 1 n f --nz-ww.-.Qg:1x.-I.:,,-xgf- ., ,.'w,..,..xm?'-x, , Xxxww N '?i-- 5,g,Nm, .N ,.,.. ,r,,,.., ...fx Ig. ,sg wg- DN... -:f-f-f'-1w'svm-f- -.m,Im..I , , -. 43,.zff.::sx:1N-.f'b.::--mg. Q::f,.v-g.:x':.wMm wil. . wqww- I. -fB?g.,....,,g:.z.xi.. ,if .,,,.Wx xxgwxy., ,, X-+I .- -, I x, iv- Nw , H In - . yn, , " - f- ff ' IS :.2I?'DS1awr:r4,.,-fseegcirswIf1:51-:::9,,:1a'v:'f-'w, :tgp ,,w:I " F.Z?:: 'I If -7- - M56 xl:-X . . I. ' ,--I :Iwi-Ziff?-1'5s:Ir2f .nf-5r.:2:.L-IRW .J iw-'-'ID-'M-'-Q' 1I3?f5:.-.-Txsiw, ms. . e- '122x e??f. 1-' L ......f111v. -1-ff -. '-:SPN-I v 1 .....f..Xf,,,Im. ..1..9-,--max. .. MA ..,. , .xx II- .-.qw s. my -I -I - .- .. Q- Q 1 I fm-I-9,12-I-.w.ufQ-Q. w?+f.s-:.,f'1., ,- ' I .V-:wma .2-Q -:-sw 'X F fx .J M. rx .f N II. fl-x . -.W S5-?:?j'SI SY-N .I .Q t - 'SSSXXKY' Q- ' ' ' wmv , ' H- 5. 'N L .- ' 5' "T"V'Qf'I -1 fffhr-"e9:P2'2' '-1v'4wI-'iw55'ivYi2:.1- 'l' X- Cs..5:-I5-1x.:'I'Sf'2-.'4fX'::',.-"-:q"Ci??5l3f"'i'N11 X,-c-.l:f:i:S"f'1e',:vA'.f'fw3.. 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Mwwwy w -fig .-.1 I. V - :ff-2. I.e,f-.1-g.'-11 .931-1225 --.Lug ,. I'-Q ax. - , . A L .I-fffgv.. I' I : ,- ,X 5 a I . X I I f I ., " . I Y" " Q Lwars- Fm.-,. ,awxw-.wwx.:.xa Mb- I--M ., I., XI.,-upI:.1--wpswb-ww...-W.-....X.vm-ff: I I xx . .- I . . . S .- ,. .. A- - I me'-Dx I Y. - -. we I W.-, If :f'1QN:.srx.--1.1,'-.Q.S::53gxy3 S ,, -I 3. -yg,.iNg:..ezq.-:III-f .f:Qf..:.1f,. .:,.2:x1::+:Ic'-nz..fix,I-4:19-I . :,.-- -' 1 I- 'I . wx . ., ,S V, . . - 12. '-'vu mx I- -'L-'Iam ' I mm- -I 'I-, I i I 1 . R : - , - . I '- I 1 X' AX IIIQII - , -.f 'M' ,I an 314:-1 ., IX MQ- J I., ,I -N I.-f-I '-I - .,-'zikvu ..f:'.f:gEI.'1'-:1Q:-Pg--gf '2 - - I . - ' . ., .,, -. I-11, N-as - .ff gg 1 A . - If -I-2.. I ,gk -. " L - S. - - 'Q' " Y .Q I-I -A Wm . ,, ,- 1-1-LI.. .. .. 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' . - :faq s 1 2- .,. - r , ., f 5-It . ' ' 1, I- Q-,ft--. W'-Vi,.H. ., ,.- ml :Fvsfri I-Is'-:Nix 'Y-3-.N-' -'I-rc I sg. -52" Q 51.2, XS' 1 :xI.,r,-I .Q -wg-F . .. 'sgvxv I , I A . I 3? -, AM EN GRAVINGS FOR ALL PURPOSES AND 'BY ALL METHODS. HALF-TONE, MEZZOTINT, 'PHOTOGRAVURE, AND PHOTOGRAPHS, PAINTINGS AND WASH DRAWINGS. ESTIMATES AND SAMPLES FURNISHED upon APPLICATION. PHILADELPHIA' ELECTROTYPE CQ. COLOR WORK ETCHED ON COPPER FROM Koo Pylelr College, HAGERSTOWN, MD., ESTABLISHED 1851, OH'ers graduate,underf,1raduate and preparatory courses for young women and girls. .Full Classical and Art Departments for Degrees. Post-graduate studies in Literature, Languages and Music, with Art and Normal electives. Special attention Lo Physical, Social and Reli- gious Culture. Being within three hours ofW'asl1ingloii, Baltimore or I-larrishurg, with Gfty passenger trains daily over Your trunk Iines,the accessibility and surroundings oller a superior location, ncterl rehiiement and liealtlifulness. To advance woman's hi,ifher education and encourage post-graduate work, general scholarships have been endowed. For further iri- formatiomcatzilogue and "journal,"address REV, C. L. KEEDY, A. Nl., IVI, D. A. H. ELLSWORT , fi.o -reisr, . 5553 '. Y -. N.320N.S'tl1St.,lJ1-Ch dG d . Bsanch Plaocgilor. Fouith Snegilggmaggty YA' ROSEBUDS ALTZSFAYS ON HAND. J. cl. LACK 84 SUN, Ladies' and QGl2iiQIfQGD,S Pine Tailoring, LflZif07'1ll3' IUIK? Lz'1'e1'1'e.4', 0Ke1'2'c'ffZ mul Dre.v.s' tS'za'!.s', 53 Main Street, 45-A WfeBE'l'HLEHEM, PA. 3690090OQ09600090000669006969009009006000000009000g W b t 1 I t ' D- - Get thE? BEST. f u I 3 tiongryg,g.rrFewnb2g?iaE'CZJ?ri41coJgr A Famliy Educaior - 3 O to cover, is the successor of the ,f ,if , , Q Q authentic "Unabridged," Ten A Fmal Afblfgf' 'I' 'a' 0 2 Zggrsdiyigere spent ini regising. ,X L 2 e 1 ors em e a. over - , , 3 Esotopoo expegqlgg gefgre the WEBSTEITS A Daily Handbook - 2 rs co was rin e . 3 mi P' INTERNATIONAL 1 230 nag buy replguti of ohsg- 0 eean coma.ra1ve wr- O A Choice ' ' DICTIONARY less editions.p Y 0 3 Q A G , Send 101' tree paniplilet containing Q g rand lnvggimgnt specimen 1lZ1g9S3I1fl1l.l11IJZIIIICLIIZUS. 3 , , G. 8: C. MERRIAM COMPANY, 2 A Llbrary EI1 HSBH? Sold by PUBLISHIQRS, 0 4 All Booksellers- Springfield, Mass., u. s. A. 2 0006009060090000690QOQOOOOQOOOQOQOOOQQOOOOOQOQOOO 1 7 S Qgzmddgi gm, a:zJj7liL6L1Lf ., E. J. FAUST. C. A. STERNER. FHKUT -Q53 JTERNER, JEWELERS. 715 -Ii8.L'I1i1tCJl'l St., .Allcfzntoxvlm Pa. Diauiouds, Watches, Eyes Examined for all Errors and of Refraction, free of Fine jewelry. Charge. IVIICKLEY cE LANDIS, 710 Hamilion Si., fxlleniown, pa. f - M . fe . ,. 96229 555633 6? M59 805 HAMILTON STREET. The Largest and Cheapest line of v v BOOTS v AND v SHOES v v Ever exhibited. Call and be convinced. 2 DOORS ABOVE CROSS KEYS HOTEL. 179 Gif FXQOJFIPCZIHUPQ CGIIJ LIZ S3219 O11 G11 WFWEWIKESSELS Wemtets ext-icnelmte Fteyetx 2 2 A A A Igbcefigrecerpb No. 131 North Seventh Street. fre-L--2.-A -4.773 A F2916 Cwzyozz giffgil Free wzkh IZ Dozen Wf am' Hzgfz Gnzde Cabzbzeis. S. B. ANEWALT 4:2 CO., HIEXTS, 9595 6 Cen Agents for H. H. Roelofs 80 Go. New Process Stiff Hats, the Best in the Market! S. E. Cor. Eighth and Hamilton Sts., HLLENTOUHN1, PH, 'QNDEALER lNQf Clocks, watches anb QQQDJQBPQ, 625 liamilton Street, 015175. 62617126171IeQfbl'77lECfC-AZUTA, 2 2 WHO ISO .nn Q ,4. if 'Qx50fi.f::'Fgi'fn"F fg55if5QgfgGfQ:gE'P! 511323 ' Aaj"fQg1fL Ugg' "4' 1 'gn' 4'Q.:.?jfgjigh ,f5QQT.54q:,al -ggfqt ng, ', " ' 92 bi E: 6 C3SliT'3 C X610 CISG. T' FA The gyrhnasium is now universally recog- Z: it nized as a necessary adjunct to a college . ,. , . yi ,,,, l. 1 . . :EI X-M iss- -1 fir, education. But there cornes a time when the ...J L" weather is too warm and outdoors too inviting 3 is it s to Work inside. Then what is better for all- ff, , 'Q ' "'i4g2gf around exercise than the bicycle? It will -F R gi : K J EX take you swiftly along the smooth streets V' Ri. iq , 9' V i WS, of the city or carry you out into the X af. wx? fgesxlrniirsoidglie open country. Back ag in 25 with clear brain and quiet nerves. But your l " 'i""w 651- nerves will not be quiet if your bicycle does XL S ffl notgrun easily, so get a Columbia, for Coluin- say KW 1 j-"' 5 L b1HS run easiest, Wear longest, and look the Eli ' I vi fyltfhsv '. is D - 1 .453-H i?1Ill'Ef5f52'LI..'fi best' . . We QQ-ff:FF?ffJ?i 55355 Have you ever thought of taking abicycle gl -H, ?!5 ,wifi 5 ' tour durinff vacation? Nxt" it ix """r F' Eg, We havze a inely illustrated book about Yi ji' Columbia bicycles. Send to us for one. X. A A " 'X'- 5' f BOSTON, NEW YORK ' CHICAGO, HARTFORD. v ' 4 go ' 'Xi' Ulf- . Qja, .v-.-Q-'F .gfvr ,p fl rf' 1' In 'U 11 ,I 1 1 I 'A 19 up ev 'I A I Y tv, , 4:91515g,.g,..4Wg,cfnfgFYg,,f,Wm 1?'w.-S,l.owI'.1gI afntfwfla f ,a 01: hr nl 1.24, ' L ' - -f - f fl, ' -11, v - ' ' . 'H 125:11 v'rIv,1f3,qr-' '-.1g,.f',f51,I' 4' 1, lf, u , 3,35 I ,,'p',-4 ' 'O ni, g l ' ,f , I " I-V5 'E 'QI Q 0 ..I' H pn g 9 V: A . p Q weight and ninety Stables, Lan St., South of Hamilton, Allentown, Pa. First-class teams to hire at moderate rates. Competent and careful drivers furnished if desired. The best and most stylish turnouts in the city. Telephone connections. JAMES ALBRIGHT, Proprietor. Sinitliis Ladies, Hair Dressing Parlors, Rooms 7 and 8, Weightman Building, Third Floor. Bangs Cui amz' Cmfled, Back Hair Dressed, fiend-Shczvlipooed, and KZ'8ljffhT7Zg pefftainivlg' Z0 Ladies' firm' D7'65SZ'7Ig. , C!ziZzz'1'e7z's Ha'z'r Dressing a specialiy. Z,?55SaEYS'f'3',Z?O2'i? Sf M' ALLENTOWN. PA. WE DITIIDE THE PROFITS WITH OUR PHTRONS. -,,..3LQ-..,-.. By this we mean that prices are placed where cus- tomers get the beneiit. In Books, Stationery, Fine Art Goods and Novelties aaa we meet the demand in prices, while we maintain the high standard of all articles offered in our line. A A sritas, A A 529 Hamilton Street, ALLENTOWN, PA. Sllhe Fgew arber hop, Fashionable Hair Uniting and Shaving. Asif. X. C5-QIIVLQQ'-A SECOND FLOOR, 603 HAMILTON STREET. 182 for ilye Qollege ogs. ioi PRICE of work to Suit ex'ei'yl'1odyg teeth exainined l l and advice given free. Gold lillings a specialty. X ' l Aching teeth treated and hllerl or a gnlrl can put on W them and a useful tooth made ofit. Partial sets ofteeih ' . put in with gold witlnwut plates, called lwitlffe work. Hamllton Sb" ' All kinds ofartihcial teeth made. P- ople froiii abroad l can come in thc morning and wear their new teeth the ALLENTOWN, PA. i same day. Teeth extracted positively without pain by i our secret preparation. 20 dihierent othces in 20 diiiier- " -'T' ' W ent cities. Call and examine our wrn'k. German 5'GN OF E'G TOOTH' QI spoken. Lady in attendance. Remember the place. Anchor Clothing Dall. i3iFQTHl.Eii5 ..i. Eli? . .5.35 5li . ..,.ii if 5il:FOR--: 7 1 9 HANIIL'l'O N STIQEE'l'. IFFCI-IILDR3E1N'S CLOTHING A S?ECIALTY.CQl TH LLENTQWN INMEQNM. BANK, A.liLE N TO VV N, PA- CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, S600,000! DEPOSITS OVER 57,000,000 I The Oldest Bank in the County. Largest Deposits in the Lehigh Valley. County, City and Court Depository. County, School and Municipal bonds and good business paper pur- chased at ruling rates. Good public bonds, mortgages and l-:cal securities generally on hand and for sale. Safe deposit boxes in use and lnnglar proof vaults to rt-nt at hall the usual rates. DIRECTORS-R, E. XVright, Geo. O. Albright, A. j. G. Dubbs, Solomon Boyer, Jonas German, Charles H. johnson, Wm. Herhst, XVIII. R. Lawfer, jacob H. Saeger, R. Peter Steclcel, Thomas Steekel, Alexander Singnzaster, W. L. Williams. ' down eowzam. ...F S Iltl G 0 Q ERIES, lell L 809 AND 811 HAMILTON STREET, -I all-l-l-ALLENTQWN, PA. 183 BOGKS BGUGI-IT. If you want a book, no matter when or where published, call at our store. We have, without exception, the largest collection of Old Books in America, all arranged in Departments. Any person having the time to spare is perfectly wel- come to call and examine our stock of two to three hundred thousand volumes. without feel- ing under the slightest obligations to purchase. EARYS OLD BOOK STORE, 9 South Ninth Street, QFirst Store below Market Stl PHILADELPHIA W-I T .zz '.'. . ,X I 'a gar - 1 a Rem , O No ! O 1 V ' , -ff'-wi.'5'iM'M'i'-X , ' , -XR if -- -- . W if f i -Q. . 12 , Ml Ii -, Q ,W 'Nj' QE--F vwwfl-if 3. IH l mZ3r'1 if l.H , -1. in Xt , . lllli 1 'EJ' I? - ' ' A 'i a l, . ,,,, '- FIM W i ft-it in .ti 'rf ff r Xl Lil' ' 9 - "H" r leans-vs' 'rj ' W- L' N ,yNF.k,xi,fT lm g fyit ,4,,x 234 ig mwah 'za ':,'l4l.l' , E ' . 1, 2- hx.f '.. '. 1 ' 'rr tl -r 1 r ' 5 in -?Q , Q 4 I Hilti?-EEEEEEE IGHT at the trade centre. Only a step Irom the Penna, R, R. Station or from the new Readmg Terminal Station. VViLl1 the very best selections ofpatterns obtainable, the most superior wiwkinanship, and a low range of prices, our establishment continues to be I-It-aclquarters tin' stylish and natty clothing for young men. We show an excel- lent line of Full Dress and Prince Albert Suits, fully equal to custom make at less than half the cost. Always up lo date' in Furnishing Goods. Latest Novelties in Neckwear, Gloves and Hosiery. A. C. 1' .-x'l'Eei az CO., 13th 8: Chestnut Sts., Phila. 184 lffiglnttn the 3 l ACQQPLEQF' f C 4 Ettatigelisal i.t1ii...f...tiaa2s The 27th scholastic year opens THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1893. The curriculum embraces all the branches essential to a liberal education and a thorough preparation for the study of the learned professions. It is designed to meet the requirements of ad- vanced Christian scholarship, as well as to furnish a mental training that shall best fit the recipients for success in the various vocations oflife. The institution furnishes superior advantages for obtaining a collegiate education. The moderate size of the classes secures to each student the constant attention of the Professors, who are ex- perienced in their several departments and have sole charge of the instruction of the College. 5C.'SCZIAQ,IlJ1C ZIEQIPTIUZUT provides for a general business education, or for admission to a College course. Careful attention is given to the religious and moral training of the students. REV. THEO. L. SEIP. DD.. PRESIDENT. G. T. ETTINGER, PH. D., E. S. DIETER, M. E., Prizzczfzzls Mike Academic Dept. 185 for an Qasg anb fi'f'5T-Class1Ii- Q Q Smal if --'N-GO TO THE-S'-- AMERICAN 2 IOIISORIAL 2 ROOMS A. O. FRANIiENl?IEI.D, Prop., 535 HAMILTON sTREE'r,' Q--+-ALLENTOWN, PA JQ139 IDNIDING INIIQNDIITIDNSAIL .MDM 0' ANNOUNQEMENTS OQk5e3EJ ee AND as as Zifaificplzgf I VISITING QAIIDS 20 s. sth st., nnnsmowm, PA. ENGRAVED AND PRINTED Troymeamhaundry, G. GIIYIXIER xg BRD., Cor. Hall and Court Sts., ALLENTOWN, PA. lid? Ile .. ., ,fx ,Lf 41,5-:I f -,,,, I ,f -' I Wi I'II?ayI59f?I"i:?' , . .. I1-1 '-2u..11y,'s:IN::'IfiI I5 Z - 1 -1!I:5Q"IIIImJ'fEDZ:1i A 21214 2 5:1112-21 Je .HMT 1 M I-Sf Q V ai: 186 Y glggglgglgrr amass MiKlil?E'F si..-tom. E Nl Ni E E 11111, IIJDLPIIIX LEADING SCHOOL OF .fd Gratrluam-S ot' lmlh sexes zmwixrt-il to mmfl usilions. , . P Saud for Oxrculurs :md Report ul' Commencement. TITLENTOWN P llllllllllllll, MORRIS SCl'IMllJ'l', Proprietor, 605 and 607 HtlH1llt0HSlrtel, Sid Floor, ALLENTOWN. PA. All Work gu otherwise, will be ztrzmtcecl to give perfect satisfaction, and when clone over Iree of cliztrgte. All goods insured against loss by Fire. Goods left at Kline 85 Brds Hut Store will be promptly attended to. OFFICIAL JEWELERS. li il ERATERNITY PINS, JEWELS, ETC. QI 'sf , QP ah? SINIGNS BRO. LVL, have added lo om' variety of ailraciive 1zaz1eZZz'e5 in F1fzz!e1f1zz'lyjezve!Vy, zz berzutyful llSS07'f77ZEllZ' of Link Bulzfofzs, Sczzvy' Pius, Watch Chawfzs, Pius, 5535. These are alffrfzcliffely mozmfezl' in lE'ubz'es, Sapplzires and Diamofzrls, in f7'fL'ES 7'H7lgZi7Zg'f3f07ll 55.00 Z0 JS'-50.00. W2 can .mggesi fzoilziug more appropzfiafe for mem- bers QfF1'ale1'1zz'!ies. H75 woulrijuffzfher vfeffziuzrl them of our large rzssortmenzf of Sif7JEVZUlZ7'E and fzozzellies 51ni1frz!J!ef01' gQ'Zs Qf all desmfipliovzs. 81 Co., 616 AND 618 CHESTNUT ST., 611 AND 613 SANSOIVI ST., PHILADELPHIA. 187 H. Horbort Horbst, M. D., 28 N. Fifth Street, fa-ALLENIO WN, PA. Gonstantiqe J. Erdma Attorney 81 Counsellor at Law ,WH Fifth and Count Sits., we-HHBENWQWN, PH LAW OFFICES OF JAMES L. SGHAADT, District Attorney for Lehigh Go., No. 536 Hamilton Street, 2d door, ALLENTQWN, PA. Afforneg-ai-fam. ..,....L.fgT.:,....... NO. 618 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. ff F o 1 . ,gr gi 'fl I -1' K . ' .- 'U- o of . X ,LQ X p ,ff , 171 X 1:1-5 , 1, 'ff' V, I I A 2 in Wa . , Q N K :hu 1 ' W 'f I 1 , 54' ' ......... li' 1 J of ' -' UH IYOTZ Going fo I Pre 44 ,f ,' ,,, CIEQE... -.Q.:i'g'i':E y S. E. Cor. Centre Square, A.LLElYI'l'CDXZSZN, PA. CHAS. A. BOWMAN, PROP. 'II IOP- I RcSlg1u1.n:lI1n5 been thoroughly renlted zxncl refu1'nlseec'I,a11cI II e al ac Cl L . 'cz ofa Sll1JCI'IOI'!II1CI inviting cI1arz1cLei', All the clelicacies of-the se O ."eCI at mr I 'Me rate.. 'Il - I ai' is supplied with nnnc but the best brands of Wi l I- quors, Ales Cf' is, Siu. O1 c Day and Night. Ladies' Dining Room in the Rpm. EJfiiiEh5.nkWeinf THE LARGEST AND LEADING Clothing and Gents' Furnishing House IN TI:IE LEI:IIGkI VALLEY, IZQCQL 8.1193 Bklilllillgv QENIBE' SQUARE, ALLENTOWN, PA. nUGUs'ifUS IQBER, Esmblzlvhed in Alleizzfozwz ziz 1855, 61? llamillon Shfeel, '9I AI..I.ENTOWN. YA. . Eninwnnm Biq0s.QCe3i0., g -DEALERS IN- SJR HIITSGAPS AND FIIIIS, I I - e15 HAM11.'1'oN STREET, X5 2 2 2 , ALLENTQWN, PA. 189 QA:- 5Q 'svn Our immense display of goods to select from in our Custom Department, with our expert Cutters and Workingmen, should induce every one that wishes to dress well to procure a New Suit of Clothes or a pair of excellent- htting Pantaloons at the Lion Clothing Hall. Fine assortment of NECK- VVEAR always on lmnd. H, Nl. l. l-l Ci CO., 641106452 Hamilton Si., We eeeeelthhEIilTOWIxt, PH. FOR CHEAP AJVD GOOD FURNYTURE CALL Aff' TIJE PVAREROOHJS OF CC. A. DGRNEY Q GO., 333-335 HAMILTON STREET, AI,LE NTQX2SfN, PA. H9?Everytliing imaginable for the Parlor, Bed Room, Dining Room, Library, Hall and Kitchen. that all Lutherans should wear, price, gold, - 51.503 rolled gold, So cents: silver, 40 cents, gilt, 25 cents. Luther Souvenir Spoon, coffee size, St.5og tea size, S2.5o. Luther Coat 0: Arms Spoons, Sl.2j. All Sterling Silver. beziutifulpearl plztcqne of Muhlenberg College, St.5o. College Badges, Engraved Com- mencement lHVIlZ1ll0IlS,8lC.,OL1l' own work. Send for samples. G. A. SCH-ll.ECHTER, READING, PA. ff - 12 E Willlll' 'lllllll w A . f '?" 5 wiilllff .- 5, ---- . , M 25- , . if . f , Q 1 gd, M, iiii ll- --i"'1l--i--ii'-' lulliiiilll xv! .lilislszieitlg ""' if : ge ---f-- N l?5f9lli l IQO

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