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bynnx 1 , Q. 70 ' I r 'R 'I' I NU! , l I 'oh DY, 1 xjga ,pf 557' zfaubofv-w-eLWj, I X NR 0 MMQZJMAQLAK 1 f I Q, R x -:.., -, A 1 Q K," x ' RQ X ' X E , ' V N I ,Q 1- d M A3598 .G 5 L X 'Nui X55 Q1 R 'T Q Q PM E il ,F QNX .Up N . , N QM fly N ' Wg 5 BM X-its 5 5 N - R, EX 41 ,x 'wi af f' 'ff' XJ' rf . ,eff "Miz X ,ff 3 0 -5 P F1 fx f -J 3 hx A iw 'Q-1 vk , - cs ., xf' 'R V luv Yx Tl fig? fr, if Q -i x., is tux .J Lf' I C ix is I Q9 kk My f A W X Tm ' of 'vw TVLEK- .W ! l fs J XX ' w -S lg ' Xb ,L . I xv I f ,nf 1 .I A ' N-K, f "Wg, f31,q5?Q 4511 my We M W S L ...Q ,? F 5 i AA LT 5' rl ji! 5 . ., .. T...C,:. '-3'X,.'x 1-12 .- ., 1 ,- Uf -:U 'L l:,l f rf f -cz w .I w ' w Ii .'. ' 'I ,u,,: 5 V 1 I Y ' Z ,' 1:-,,..K ,x mm 'I 'Ig k In VE 7 u' 14+ J U A fl? - -'i-JW 'H' ' 1022 ' .4 ..,. , , zh' .- :-' 5:4 r.r u'..-' iv.-,1a'w-I V I, 4 1 . 1 ' , ,-?,r 1 r L , , w 'ifiifw 3 -1 K-6- A4 J so L x 4 '-1 1 4 Q u u ' n ' ' , .4 V' 'f w .-.. L.-:-- AA- M - ,,, - - - A ,A ., M M.. - 1 The Hornet N QCA 1963 - ANNUAL-STAFF H MUENSTER HIGH SCHOOL MUENSTER, TEXAS Dedication 1 w is a, H M N H" 5.-1. 33. L i ,K r it 2, if-rs 'Q ns in 53? ix , Q W is s. " W ,gary '- ef .U 0. Af ' if-2 3 2, rr -M---+--"A" if w 1. as sera Q53 We feel that we are deeply indebted to you, the citizens of this community, for sup- porting our activities wholeheartedly during the years in which we have been in high school. Without the support of this community, there would nothave been any sports, plays, or even an annualg and it is with a deep sense of gratitude and pride that we, the Senior Class of Muenster High School, dedicate this annual to our community. I' i I' I 5 lr ' gs ,. .uf-uf " ,- fa Hwy r..'-yi--1 ., I I I !l'lx Cl Nts R 1-, 54 .h'r'f' 1 ' 4 ' x 'TT , .K , X N ' 1IllX1xll':'-su GMX 1kN - ,,- ,,N .,.,,... 'ff Q2 Q " ' 'A ",'l1...' T' , Blu" .. Ah-. ,.. . .. 1 -744 .lf-.Q f., .... ,--,Q.- . .L -.,,..,. , .,..- .,-. ,, ,. , ,'... .. n-.. ,al .,.,..,,, , N4 44 -7.14 -A.4.,f1-' .1 ANL ,....,. ..,,,,,,.,f...... .-... , V, .., ,,..,..4-. fy., ,H-1. f,.... ,,, - 0 -.,.1. ,,.,.. f.,..,--, F. 7 -f -az.. ,, L. ,Aff-H 5-4-- X ,--.-.- AML... .., ...., -..,, -...,,. -- .,., ,.,J,,:m W., -.,f,-,-- -- - ,4, .AM TW,,,,, ,,.7.. ... T.. , ,. -T I-,ffjegwwfjf '3C'iQ.Zf'f fu' " .,- lux., Nz,-fy f-'n - - ., .., A .,,4,,,-..Li-4y"'f' . ,f.f,.lQ1 : 'Qs-'Z .'fLf.',, 1 . ho-.- ,. .I - AJ V .,- ,- a 'Q' ADMINISTRA Tl0N L. B. BRUNS Superintendent M G. E. HELLMAN Principal iw iiiii n as Message May we congratulate each of you for the efforts you have put forth during your high school days. You have distinguished yourselves as a group as well as individually. May we also compliment you on the job you have done in producing this year's "Hornet." We realize that this book represents many hours of labor on the part of the Annual Staff and the Sponsors. As the years go by, it will become more valuable to youg and only then will you fully appreciate your efforts. We will be watching the careers of each of you. When you have made a great name for your- self, we can say proudly, "That is one of our former students. " lp-r BOARD OF TRUSTEES Ed Cler, Urban Endres, Joe Galloway, David Trachta. Seated: Charley Hellman fPresidentj, Jerome Pagel fVice-Presidentl, Ray Wilde fSecretaryj PARENT -TEACHER ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Mrs. Urban Endres fVice-Presidentj Paul Fisher fPresidentj Glenn I-Ie-llrnan Ujarliamentarianj Bettye Dodds fTreasurerJ Mrs. Charles Davidson fSecretaryj People We Appreciate LUNCHEON PERSONNEL Cecilia Trubenbach Ira Fleitman Flo Walterscheid .e 'J is 4,41 CUSTODIAN TAX COLLECTOR James Eckart Loree Bruns Q ,., I V, I 'I 42251: 'jr' jx, 9 Gi, i!jTf'2'3J J lf, FACULTY BESSIE MILLER lst and 2nd CCJC BS - SESTC - Okla. NTSU GLENN RICHARDSON 7th and 8th ' High School Coach Baylor - Ranger Junior TCU - BS - NTSU CAROL ANN KING 3rd and 4th CCJC BBA - NTSU CARL RAY KING Math CCJC - NTSU I,I ahh-if-A PRUDENCE SELBY 5th and 6th CCJC BS - NTSU DORIS JANE VAVRA Homemaking BS - TWU EMMETT WALTERSCHEID Indusmal Arts Drlvlng CCIC BS NTSU K Y I DIANN HENZLER 1 English A Asc: BS - NTSU EDGAR DYER Agriculture BS and MEd - ETSTC Q7 .. Ai. BETTYE JANE DODDS Business Decatur Baptist JC A x BBA and MBE - NTSU u ' K K MARIE MOSMAN Science BS - NTSU A 84 M MS - TWU ANTHONY MICHOLSKY Band Robert E. Lee JC Baytown, Texas BM - NTSU LIBRARIAN Patsy Sloan SCHOOL NURSE STUDENT COUNSELOR Kahtryn Basinger R. N. Thomas Riddle SENIORS TOMMY MOSMAN CTransferred to Muenster for Junior Yearj With lots of time for fun and knowledge, He's sure to succeed if he goes to college! Class President 4 Class Vice,-President 3 High Boy Average 4 Balfour Award 4 Most Likely to Succeed 4 Science Award 4 ' Math Award 3 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 3 Football 3 ,4 Track 3,4 Tennis 4 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Science Club 3,4 FBLA 3 ROSEMARY FISHER Drum Major and athlete A more active girl you'1l never meet Majorette 2, 3 Drum Major 4 Annual Staff 4 Typing Award 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Co-Captain 4 Tennis 2 Chorus 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band President 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 FHA 1,2, 3,4 FHA Secretary 3,4 FBLA 3,4 FBLA Officer 4 Science Club 3 ROBERT KLEMENT Our football captain is a ladies man The right girl for him, he's sure to land. Class President 3 Class Favorite 2 Agriculture Award 3 Student Council 2 Class Officer 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Football Co-Captain 4 Football All-District 4 Basketball 3, 4 Track 3,4 Junior Play 3 Science Club 3,4 FFA 1, 2, 3 FFA Secretary 3 CHARLOTTE WOLF Our editor's always ready for fun Her "gurgle, gurgle, " will get the Job done! Annual Editor 4 Valedictorian 4 Betty Crocker Award 4 Shorthand Award 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Football 3,4 Class Officer 2 FBLA 3, 4 FBLA Vice-President 4 FHA 1,2,3,4 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Annual Representative 3 Science Club 3 FHA Officer 3,4 1 ,LK -H T DONNY VOGEL As football captain he did his best - He'll stand with ease the strongest test. Class Favorite 4 Most Handsome 4 Most Friendly 4 Best All-Around 4 Class Vice-President 4 Annual staff 4 Football 1,2, 3,4 Football Co-Captain 4 Football All-District 4 Basketball 2, 3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 FFA 1, 2, 3 FFA Treasurer 2,3 Science Club 3,4 Science Club President 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 FBLA 4 SHARON KLEMENT Though some may say she s vain With beauty she shall reign Class Favorite 1 3 Class Vice-President 1 Homecoming Queen Candidate 4 Best Groomed 2 Cheerleader 4 Hom em aking Aw ard 4 Band Award 4 Chorus 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Band 1,2,3,4 FBLA 3 FHA 1,2,3,4 FHA Officer 4 Science Club 3 6? war ROY MONDAY When his face turns red and he bows his head, You know that to Roy some quip has been said . Football 3,4 Basketball 1,2, 3, Basketball Captai Track 3,4 Junior Favorite 3 Senior Play 4 Science Club 3,4 FFA 1, 2,3 Junior Play 3 4 n4 RITA FISHER As "a maid" she was a In class she was a wit! Class Treasurer 4 Annual Staff 4 Salutatorian 4 DAR Award 4 Girls' Football Band 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3 Science Award 3 History Award 2 FHA 1,2,3,4 FHA President 3,4 FBLA 3 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Science Club 3 i TOMMY HARTMAN Shy but bright Our Ton'1my's all right! Football 4 Basketball 4 Track 3, 4 Shop Award 3 Science Club 3,4 FFA 1 Junior Play 3 DIANE HORN Diane was selected Best All-Around A more worthy person could not be found! Class Secretary 4 Annual staff 4 Best All-Around 4 English Award 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Co-Captain 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Secretary 4 Girls' Football 3,4 FHA 1,2, 3,4 FBLA 3 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Science Club 3,4 WALTER LUTKENHAUS A farm boy with lots of "go, " A btunper crop he's sure to show! Typing Award 4 Track 3,4 Science Club 3, 4 Junior Play 3 FFA 3,4 FBLA 4 BRENDA TUG GLE A blond who's always very neat Will make a receptionist hard to beat! Student Council 2 Math Award 2 Science Club 3, 4 Science Club Treasurer 3 Junior Play 3 A FHA 2, 3, 4 FBLA 4 DAVID HUCHTON Red-headed and full of fun, In our book he's second to none. Athletic Manager 2 Tennis 2, 3,4 Basketball 4 Science Club 3,4 SANDRA WOLF She really can't spell, But with boys she doe Senior Play 4 Basketball 3, 4 Science Club 1 FBLA 4 FBLA Treasurer 4 FHA 1,2, 3,4 s swell! JOHN YOSTEN Happy go lucky and full of fun He's always there when there's work to be done. Athletic Manager 2,4 Tennis 2, 3,4 Science Club 3,4 Science Club President 3 Best Groomecl 4 Senior Play 4 CHARLOTTE MCELREATH She will beautify your hairs As she laughs away your cares Class Favorite 4 Senior Play 4 Basketball 1 Science Club 3 FHA 3,4 FBLA 2 , 3 JAMES WHITT He left us early to take a wife, . sztfggfsf l ' 'Ji But he has a pleasant future life. Class President 2 'lf Class Secretary 1 Mechanical Drawing Award 1 . FHA Sweetheart 4 Senior Play 4 FFA 1,2, 3,4 FFA Secretary 2 FFA President 3 FFA District Treasurer 4 Football 1, 2 , 3, 4 Football Co-Captain 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 Science Club 3, 4 l. V A ' CLASS OFFICERS: Diane Horn, Rita Fisher, Tommy Mosman, Donny Vogel, Robert Klement Cnot picturedj. CLASS SPONSORS: Mrs. Mosman, Mr. Walterscheid. Baby Pictures Hi , as 1- W . "--' X L :"' 'Z 1 1, - 4 . ' ' if , 1 5.1, - -a .. A , "-Q1 "' , 1 " ' 2 David Huchton Rita Fisher is '1f'l? Tom Mosman Charlotte Wolf Donny Vogel James Whitt Diane Horn U or I- . ta a r .1 , ' ' V I. John Yosten Sharon Klement Sandra Wolf Roy Monday Brenda Tuggle - r ,J utr. . ,yylex H' 31 4 ny Tom Hartman 5' nk Walter Lutkenhaus Charlotte Robert Rosemary Mclilrearh Klement Fisher , Q 1 n S ,r ig as A H fl Last Will and Testament of 1963 Senior Class We, the Senior Class of Muenster High School, of the City of Muenster, County of Cooke, State of Texas, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking any and all wills made by us before the present date. First: RITA FISHER wills her ability to portray "Hu1da" to the character actress, SAN- DRA CAIN. Second: ROSEMARY FISHER wills her majorette suit to anyone who can stand the cold weather: basketball co-captain position to DOLORES MONDAY. Third: TOMMY HARTMAN wills his quiet disposition to loquacious LARRY GOBBLE. Fourth: DIANE HORN wills her singing ability to MARY FRANCES KNABE. Fifth: DAVID HUCHTON wills his water bucket to JOHN WALTERSCHEID. Sixth: ROBERT KLEMENT wills his ability to play hookey from school for months to industrious DORIS FISHER. Seventh: SHARON KLEMENT wills her vanity to PAT FETTE. Eighth: WALTER LUTKENHAUS wills his pleasant smile to solemn EILEEN ENDRES. Ninth: CHARLOTTE MCELREATH wills one of her brother-in-laws to GLENDA BRIDGES Tenth: ROY MONDAY wills his, lunch bill to anyone who will pay it. Eleventh: TOMMY MOSMAN wills his after-tract-event to athletic WELDON VOGEL. Twelfth: BRENDA TUGGLE wills her long, blond hair to short-haired JANET LUTKEN- HAUS. Thirteenth: DONNY VOGEL wills his care-free attitude to ANITA GPAHAM. Fourteenth: JAMES WHITT wills his ability to arrive to class late and his ability to sleep after he arrives to vivacious DONNY FISHER. Fifteenth: CHARLOTTE WOLF wills her uncontrollable outbursts in typing class and her famous "slogans" to DONNA TUGGLE. Sixteenth: SANDRA WOLF wills her date bureau to sister BARBARA so that their brother will always have a date. Seventeenth: JOHN YOSTEN wills his hot-rodding around in Mr. Hellman's car when Mr. Hellman isn't looking to hot-rodder, LINDA FETTE. We - DIANE HORN and SANDRA WOLF - will our outside interests to BARBARA WOLF and DONNA TUGGLE: and our ability to get into embarrassing situations to any junior who will take it. We - RITA FISHER, ROSEMARY FISHER, and CHARLOTTE WOLF - will our discussion club at school to SANDRA CAIN, LINDA FETTE, and PAT FETTE. We - CHARLOTTE MCELREATH and SHARON KLEMENT - will our first period home- making class to GLENDA BRIDGES and BARBARA WOLF. We - BRENDA TUGGLE and DIANE HORN - will our sunburns from the Regional Track Meet to EILEEN ENDRES and MARY FRANCES KNABE. The Senior boys will their pull and push to get ahead to the Junior boys who have one more high step to make. For the 1964 Seniors, the 1963 Seniors will their persuasive abilities that the faculty may be as lenient and patient with them. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and our seals on this twenty- sixth day of April in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three. JUNIORS Linda Fette Doris Fisher Pat Ferre Janet Lutk enh aus Sandy Cain Weldon Vogel Mary Knabe Eileen Endres Larry Gobble John Walterscheid Nita Graham Kathy Trubenbach Dolores Monday Glenda Bridges 1 A1 Larry Sparkm an Donnie Fisher Ie, Donna Tuggle Barbara Wolf v ,-fl' f D mgxx XX IE' WQQXXX xv X XX gi CLASS OFFICERS Mr. King Miss Vavra Larry Gobble Sandra Cain Donna Tuggle Pat Fette , , SQ fix X' .1 .-:iii , . - I w""1T' 6A Sy' E I! ' I .. jf' 1 I . , 'nl XL . ,auf X , lyk if HH, fp, .. W Qxs- 13 y , ' ff 'X 4 X 95: X' X -4- M- --1 XNQXNAXEE If , Prophecy of Senior Class 1963 The scene is the 1983 World's Fair in Muenster, Texas. It is said that it will be the largest and greatest World's Fair ever to be held. As we look through the crowd we spot DR. ROY MONDAY, the great scientist, who is displaying the little green Martians that he picked up on his last trip to Mars. He has recently wed the former SHARON KLEMENT after their on and off engagement for twenty years. Roy meets ROBERT KLEMENT who now weighs 110 pounds because of the constant henpecking of his wife, the former CHARLOTTE WOLF, and his fifteen bratty children. As Roy and Robby view the fair they think about their former school days at Muenster High School. They see members of the Senior Class of '63, As they walk along the fair grounds they see an old bum digging in the gutter on his hands and knees looking for cigar butts. To their utter amazement he turns out to be their old classmate, TOM MOSMAN, who was voted "Most Likely to Succeed." They pitch him a quarter and walk on. As they come to the side shows they see BRENDA TUGGLE, the Fat Lady, who weighs 500 pounds. She waves her flabby hand and giggles as she recognizes them. Moving on they find themselves at the burlesque show. Standing on the platform is the star of the show, Flirty Flo. Roy and Robby recognize her as the former SANDRA WOLF. At the next side show they find Mr. Atlas of 1983, the mighty, muscular DAVID HUCHTON, better known as "Hooker" to his former classmates. As they walk on through the crowd they run into JOHNNY YOSTEN who is now the owner of a chain of Ford Companies across the nation. His wife, the former ROSEMARY FISHER, keeps interrupting their conversation with her giddy giffling. Roy and Robby find themselves a little bored with her constant chatter so they hurry on. As they continue walking through the crowds, they meet DONNY VOGEL. He seems to be having marital problems with his wife, the former DIANE HORN, because she is still in love with "Little Joe" and Donny can't seem to keep away from his gambling. Roy and Robby find themselves having to hurry on. They run into the legs of what seems to be a giraffe. Looking upward they find it is WALTER LUTKENHAUS who now is the star player for the Globetrotters. As they say good-bye and are leaving to go their separate ways, a man in the crowd begins shouting for them to wait. As he stumbles towards them, they hardly recognize TOMMY HARTMAN because of his bald head and red mustache. He is followed by his family of boys decked out in their Scout uniforms and his wife, the former CHARLOTTE McELREATH. Tommy is still a Scout Master, and it seems he's even got his wife in the act. On their way again a sign advertising Hulda's Maid Service Inc. catches their eye. It seems that RITA FISHER is doing a nation wide business now. All of a sudden Roy realizes that he has stayed away past his curfew so he quickly says good-bye to Robby and quickly rushes toward home. Thus, my friends and schoolmates, brings us to the end of a look into the future. From the Junior Class we want to wish each and every one of the Senior Class of 1963 the best of everything in the future. P I v SOPHOM ORES Wanda McE1reath Roy Hartm an D1 Tommy Flusche Roy Wimm er Cmdy Cam Peggy Branch Linda Whitt Tommy Swirczynski 6 -1 Brenda Cason Roy Reiter avr' 1 , Eddie Hellman Donnie Hellman Debbie Fette Florence Walterschled Rita Trubenbach Joe Williams Joyce Rllmley David Sicking Sandra Cler Alvin Sicking .-Y Margaret Lawson Wayne Trubenbach Norma Lutkenhaus CLASS OFFICERS: Tommy Flusche, Rita Trubenbach, Joyce Rumley, Debbie Fette, Roy Wimm er . SPONSORS: Miss Henzler, Mr. Dyer. I f' Chunk X, 1" IC If S CJ N I' fl YV nSll'uL:::l1-.-l'llnv I-111 I I l'IIl'f KI. ISIIXYHHS Kfgacll gqwif llllfllx .ffl x N Uthfllzlc Dull s' I ' 1'-an L. FRESHMEN Louie Hellman Peggy Hellman Dale Klement Winifred Mclilreath Loretta Holt Jimmy Robinson Ray Rumley Rose Ann Knabe Dickie Embrey David Fisher Diane Ambrose Glenn Fleitm an Robert Fisher Patsy Arend Joe Hartman Robert Russell Karen Coursey Wayne Sicking ,ax Janice 'TrUb6HbaCh Randy Wimm er Carol Mosman Virgil Swirczynski Nancy Roper CLASS OFFICERS: Virgil Swirczynski, Peggy Hellman, Robert Fisher, Sponsors: Miss Dodds and Mr. Hellman. 2, .iw QI A Yi AT' ? rr 1, yo' -0 99,7 DSN' + 1. 0' S 'pi -D x Wd' n X fy.. X ,X , xx L ff r. If 1' W f ,u f Y -wwf. . Q A yy- X - "1 99 I 'x 'F fff v., " f 3' , fvv 7 ' ,fy fy 'K' 2- V fix 4pg0e'-7 qff 4? 'Payee 47,1 o ,, 63 - 'Ju- l A ' 'M' ' vr I ELEMENTARY Mrs . Miller Ricky Allen Paula Brewer Barbara Davidson Dyw ayne Hellman Laneta Reid Kathy Selby Diann Simmons Deborah Allen Mrs. Millergs lst and 2nd Charles Arend Charlotte Foster Iames Graham Ricky Ramsey Philp Russell Ronnie Simmons Susan Sloan Mrs. King Becky Davidson Gwen Fleitm an Donna I-Iuddlston Billy Joe Pratt Mrs. Kingps 3rd and 41511 Jeannine Owen Bobbye Tuggle Larry Dawson Toni Embrey J. D. Rumley Ricky Tuggle Brenda Wallace Mrs . Selby 9 1 Mrs. Selby S 5th and 6th ff Kenny Roper Sandra Sloan Ahce Arend Carroll Bridges Frankie Tuggle Debbie Cain Michael Cason Karen Graham Barbara Huddleston Becky McE1reath Ronnie McE1reath Sammy Sparkman James Wallace Sharon Williams Dwight Wolf 5' Eighth Grade David Bridges Terry Cason Jimmy Cler Debbie Russell Tommy Tuggle Betty Knabe Dorothy Cain Keith Mitchel Faye Embrey Walter Hacker Linda Owens Linda Wilson Seventh Grade Chris Cain CLASS FAVORITES OF THE 1ST TO 8TH GRADES Chris Cain 8th, Michael Cason 5th, Charles Arend 2nd, Kathy Selby lst, Brenda Wallace 4th Debbie Cain 6th, Debbie Russell 7th, and Billy Joe Pratt 3rd quot shownj. Elementary School High Honor Graduates Valedictorian Chris Cain Salutatorian Terry Cason K W 53 fi' f FA VCJRITES LQ Sq,- AJ .'e W , ,mg I fi 5552? ' ' gf W I Y" Hornet Beauty PEGGY BRANCH .. els init V-, Handsome Hornet DONNY VOGEL IUNIOR FAVORITES Patsy Fette Larry Gobble SENIOR FAVORITES Charlotte McE1reath Donny Vogel FRESI-IMAN FAVORITES Peggy Hellman Glenn Fleitman SOPHOMORE FAVORIT ES Debbie Fette Roy Hartman EQ' J Cindy Cain James Whitt FFA AND FHA SWEETHEARTS Doris Fisher Diane H0rn Tommy Mosman Donny Vogel MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ALL AROUND Sandra Cain Debbie Fette Weldon Vogel Donny Vogel MOST POPULAR FRIENDLIEST Donna Tuggle Doris Fisher IOIIHHY YOSICII Tommy Hartman BEST GROOMED MOST COURT EOUS Sandra Cain Linda Whitt Roy Monday Larry Gobble MOST ATHLETIC MOST WITTY Florence Walterscheid Diane Horn Joe Williams ENGLISH MOST BASHFU L 1 IJ X I I r swf-' I N, I Walter Lutkenhaus Charlotte Wolf TYPING SHORTHAND Margaret Lawson Sharon Klement SOCIAL SCIENCE HOME ECONOMICS DOIiS FiShCI Tommy Mosman MATH SCIENCE John Walterscheid Roy Hartman AGRICULTURE SHOP Sharon Klem ent Robert Russell BAND MECHANICAL DRAWING K7 " V Rita Fisher Charlotte Wolf D. A. R. AWARD BETTY CROCKER AWARD 1'5" SALUTATORIAN Rita Fisher High Honor Graduates VALEDICTORIAN Charlotte Wolf ' 1. I' ' P' 5 X I U ', 1 X 3' ' . "Sanur I f Q' f . V ' O fs 1 gy! ' -3 , 5 Qggnnrurlvs uAs's 5 -, f , mmxvu Y4-v COMPLETE A N G N, ATHLETICS Football Queen and Court Sandra Cain Peggy Hellman Sharon Klement Sandra Cain Debbra Fette COACH Glenn Richardson CAPTAINS DONNY VOGEL ROBERT KLEMENT IAMESAWHITT A11-District A11-District 2nd A11-District A11-Area 2nd A11-Area A11-Area Hon, Men A11-Star Team T 4' 1 N 11 4 K 1 W' V f gf, I L.. ROY MONDAY End 2nd A11-District A11-District All-Area Hon. Men. 2nd A11-Area WELDON VOGEL Qtr. Back TOMMY MOSMAN TOMMY HARTMAN LARRY GOBBLE Tackle Tackle Halfback ROY WIMMER TOMMY SWIRCZYNSKI TOMMY FLUSCHE Halfbgck Center Guard IW , 7 ..x- 7 - 2 Hornets 1 963 LEAGUE SCHEDULE TEAMS WE THEY Pilot Point 0 O V. V. Clowa Parkj O 18 Windthorst 8 0 Chico 18 0 Sadler-Southmayd 16 12 "' Callisburg 26 8 " Sanger 6 13 " Era 6 15 'Valley View 6 29 4 Saint Jo 38 12 " Conference We had a fine team this year and we are hoping for a fine one next year. 1.1. l Muenster High H omettes CO-CAPTAINS Rosemary Fisher Diane Horn COACH Glenn Richardson LEFT to RIGHT: R. Fisher, M. Lawson, S. Cler, E. Endres, P. Fette, B. Wolf, D. Tuggle, P Branch, S. Wolf, C. Wolf, D. Monday, C. Cain, S. Cain, K. Trubenbach, D. Fette, B. Cason, L. Whitt, P. Hellman, R. Trubenbach, D. Horn. MGRS. 1 N. Graham, L. Fette, Coach Glenn Richardson. Muenster High Hornets CAPTAIN Roy Monday COACH Glenn Richardson MGR. J. Yosten, R. Russell, J. Robison, T. Hartman, I. Whitt, R. Monday, T. Flusche, W. Vogel, R. Wimmer, R. Reiter, L. Hellman, Coach Glenn Richardson Cnot pictured R. Klementj Diann Forward Rosemary Guard Sandra Forward Co-Captain 2nd A11-District A11-District Delores Guard Cindy Forward Donna Guard Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Basketball Teams Elementary Girls Elem entary Boys X DONNY VOGEL TOMMY MOSMAN ROY HARTMAN Shot Put All-Dist. 220 A11-Dist. Discus A11-Dist. TRACK HIGHLIGHTS. The M .H. S. track team took third place in the district track meet in St. Io. Donny Vogel was first in the shot put with a throw of 40 feet, Roy Hart- man also took first in the discus with the best throw of 107-2, while Tommy Mosman was second, running the 220 yard dash. We were proud of the results of the District Meet and of all the members who made this possible. V H1 '29 f' 5 x -QW' -1-595' xX'45i 3' ORGANIZATIONS MUENSTER HIGH SCHOOL BAND THE BEG INNERS' BAND W 4 W Y I 1 Sharon Klem ent I Nita Graham CHEERLEADERS MAIORETTES Sandra Cain DRUM MAJOR Debbie Fette Rosemary Fisher Peggy Hellman Rita Trubenbach fx "H H W Q1 FHA OFFICERS Rosemary Fisher, Sandra Cain, Cindy Cain, Nita Graham, Charlotte Wolf, Debbie Ferre, Sharon Klement, Pat Ferre, Rita Fisher. Advisor: Miss Vavra Future Homemakers of America MAKERS 99. -29 of 5 ' '2 rf' 5 az Er 2 1, '1 ' 3 - e 1290 NO NEW HO 0 Future Farmers America 1 5 f Xxno 'xgm My I 'UG 1,10 .,.j': , .Z Z. '-Q ,, , X95 il O 4' o -' 5 rf? "o " df' QMWWH WSDL 1,1 FFA OFFICERS Larry Gobble, John Walterscheid, Tommy Flusche, Wel don Vogel, Roy Wimmer, Roy Hartman. Advisor: Mr. Dyer Future Business Leaders of America SPONSOR: Miss Dodds OFFICERS: Sandra Wolf, Sandra Cain, Charlotte Wolf, Rosemary Fisher Bus Drivers Science Club l1A,,R 'l'S Ogg u .x x 1. l.l.NIllll 0Vlil!'l'0Nl! VND W AVIES wma Linn' WHAT MAKYS JlE'l'1i FLYT 0 n x-mn.-,n I 'ummm A mia K ! I I K l,l,l1ll'l f S2 ' , A NUM yen mu. S Science Fair .En Mila 01 I, FIILLD l'll0-lliiwl' wnlnl, Aul'vl.ul. -.nun I 1.5, J +39 f , 2' 'L a. 'L+ ACTIVITIES He faintedl GCI the Smellirlg Guess what I found! Better get the linirnent. Ma! salts. Senior Play Hey, did Clyde 1116 Camel Bertie, get on that horse! come through here? -:Qui Is Hulda suffering from tired Girls, meet Rain-In-The- How do Indians kiss?'?? blood ?? Face Swmg Your Pardnerw r 'l,xx, .' Sorry, Sam, but you're just not my type! Henrietta Dudley - - Jim Dudley - - - Jane Christian - - - Bessie Palmer - - Carol Hayes - - - Sam Banks - - - Hulda - - - CAST OF CHARACTERS Co-Owner of Dudley's Dude Ranch I-lenrietta's lesser half College girls from the East The forem an-tall, good-looking The maid, rather slow and lazy Sally Dudley- - - --------------------------- - - - - Henrietta's daughter, twenty and attractive Barbara Young --------------------------- ------ Bill Hicks - - Bertram Weeks- - - Hubert Young - - Sally's cousin, also twenty and attractive A good-looking cowboy A timid, little fellow Barbara's father, robust, jovial man i You call this dancing??'? - - Rosemary Fisher - - -Tommy Mosman - - - Sharon Klement - - - - - Sandra Wolf Charlotte McElreath - - Donny Vogel - - - Rita Fisher - - Diane Horn - - - Charlotte Wolf - - - -James Whitt - - - Johnny Yosten - - Roy Monday Get all spruced up - companys Excuse Pa - Gloria got Pepper! - You ain't no ape- comin' ! nervous man! Junior Play Pa, you right sure Pepper's We're going to catch our death under here?? of pneumonia What side this here feud was Mouse and Friend Ya'11 come see us right soon she on, anyway?? now! Heading or cz Weddin' CAST OF CHARACTERS Larry Gobble- - - -------------------------------- Homer Hollowbone Dolores Monday - - - Weldon Vogel - - - Nita Graham - - - Pat Fette - - - Eileen Endres - - - Virgil Swirczynski - Linda Fette - - Donald Fisher - - Mary Francis Knabe Janet Lutkenhaus - - John Walterscheid - Sandra Cain - - - Doris Fisher - - Donna Tuggle - - - An awkward, good-looking hillbilly of 18 ------------------- --MawHollowbone A hard-working drudge - - - Paw Hollowbone Lazy as Maw is industrious ------------------ ---SarahIoHollowbone The eldest daughter ------------------- --GracieMayHollowbone Obviously dirty, about 15 ----------------- ---FannieIaneHollowbone Industrious, about 14 - - Pepper Hollowbone Looks like Sis - - Sis Hollowbone Looks like Pepper ---------------------------- Grandpappyl-Iankley Spry old chap who lives by hunting ----------------------------WidowBlairhouse Heavy-set woman with a booming voice Bertha Blairhouse Replica of her mother - - Slim Blairhouse Bertha's brother - - Melissa Dugan A debutante ------------ -- I-lortenseTodd An old maid - -Isabel Todd Haughty business woman Christmas Party Run, Red, Run! l ! what ya mean rur1??? David! You didn't tell us! Santa, can I have a dolly, Rita, please! I'd rather do m0?? it myself! Oh! Life at the North Pole Santa, my house doegfft Oklahoma, here we come! I was never like this! ! ! have a chimney! Junior-Senior Prom Could this be Mr. I-Ie11man??? And she said it was so easy! N- bw ruQi-QW, , LA c, , "1 fu. .r , Smile - you're on candid Eat hearty! Now, who could this be?'?? camera Is this the line-up'?'? Teachers at play! Hey, let's twist! .llir-Qfif' in ir "' , QI' G 'UPN w 334-iff 1 5 il ,Q ' . . 4 ,f .41 3 1 ff, 1' 0 M x 'N 92 11 , , EXT 1 UTI' 'iq .rx QQ V. . v , 1, ' Tv?-r"?afiL1t' ' A -, . lg ,Tx A , 11:53 W I .A 1 i V, ,215 Q if-f"fr l- N , li r Pn- 495191 111 Ill B WWW, I", Y 1, Jil -- 55? g. fsg -'34 if ' WN ff., Y? I . -1. "..a- SENIOR TRIP May 7- 12 See you in a week! What ya thinking, Robbs Gambling is not allowed! Give a cheer for we are Take it easy while you can here! I Girls. where are the boys'?? The coons are in the Watch Diane, she 's cheating back ??? Don't anybody move Sweet Dreams! Pose for the camera OH 01-lr way agaili Where are the ghosts?? Those lazy seniors! ! Sharon, who are you going to Let's have a party! I I Did someone mention the see tonight? three stooges?? Cider, anyor1e?? Caught in the act! Come on, y0u're not that tired! Our energetic sponsors! Another one, please! Smile for the birdie Ugh! More steps to climb Red Rock Amphitheater, Look at the monkeys Denver Denver Museum A11 Aboard! vs! X 5 3 ' 9.3 H Hu 'P' w z., THANK GOODNESS WE ARE THROUGH WITH THE ANNUAL! 1 Vs? I 1 l 1-12" -15" f ew A ZZMW' x, A - l ' n S' C .: ' ' :5. X H MW 'W M- ADVERTISERS MUENSTER WHOLESALE BEER DISTRIBUTORS ASSOCIATION CLYDE D FISHER GILBERT F ENDRES URBAN J. ENDRES DIXIE DRUGS MUENSTER ENTERPRISE Q lty P t g g , G ft d C rnetics Muenster, T Muenster T Compliments of MUENSTER DRESS R AND M Auro SERVICE MANUFACTURING COMPANY P. O. B 356 Phone 16 Muenster T Muenst T W , xy X' X A, W ,X . .3 L, U , ' . ' K .- ., 1. X-',.,, " as 1 nizuq -,"'f:-- ., , . ' f . ' ,M gt . I ,. A. A , . H . HAHA ' A A f . ' ' 1: ft. 'E' - t f-,,, ' f' ' V5 4 .-v- 'mi 4 -- - '7""" ' 7"'W'- 'ff' 'iffy z ffy xg- , ,. ' ' - fl Biwi5. 'FI X'-' lfA5i'?'.'4f l"fJ'."7,6f1f.. w. Ji- L ' uf' 'X H r ',. - I A 1 ,pf - . , w at f , 3" '13 ' f- I , 5' l'j5:!M'rr 4556 'f ' ' ' ' 1 'f,1f,,,:'-1"-,,Z1wp.., k3,.,v.3:'fN' -U wwf- '11 -1-Q., . -. ' ', 1":.g.'QE 7'ff:'f,?1fL"l B. , '. --A Fe.awL,f-511254, "G ' 'l 41.1 V ,., -. -L , ww.. pg- -. ,., M. ,,, , am GM3 'P A ' ' - 1 . . rf fr i ' f A B A ,f A A +we.w+ V, ' , , ' A ., A. .- ,. ' ' vhseewganr- 'rf r , :Ui3."' we-:af ' " - . . 55' 'F 9' f":- 59: - A - -. "5 Q. ' -'J 5 an V322-lg ' V 5 " 2 "Qi .f A ft 1 it 5 - , 535, ' ,. izff g, nf I eff'-:' W ' " 2 'f If M ' 'fl 'ff' f Y Pkv- ,X r I A , ., ,JL ,W 5 X ,gh Hjlif ' -' A - nf 5 5 Y "' f- ,L f 1 X, ' ' ' 5 ' 1' ' ' ' tml' H lx' X H "k'Em':iff'F 'f ni ' Ssfffir' 5. 5? ' 4 :' 1 9 . u , W- Li' ' ' Y ' " 112'-icggz' A -K'l'lf-ff ..ifV" if i , um fn, ..y , I. ,W It-V-v-5.1km i 1 V it A , V -f , fyd.r,.3 i -1 Q I ,gg ff., 4 w, -1- ff A . - B - - v- C - '. N X , ., . f. .. V . ,,-'. . ,. ' ' W'9"' " " "1--55H"vi-' L'SZi.'21:""5' 4 '- '4B...,..""f?'f?" -I-.L ,UIIHFT 4 " ' rm- : " ' IN-Q'-Ug,,Qf'bf?1,1I,. 5 14, , ' ' . 1 , 1 - I ' :N U C. D. SHAMBURGER Muenster, Texas Ph, 32 MUENSTER BEAUTY SHOP Phone 9 1 Muens ter , Texas PEARL WILLIAMS Owner and Operator --LEO" HENSCHEID INSURANCE AGENCY Next Door to City Hall Fire, Auto, and Liability Phone 343 Box 368 Muenster, Texas WOLF BARBER SHOP Dealer in Custom Made Clothes LOU WOLF Muenster, Texas J. M. WEINZAPFEL INSURANCE AGENCY For A11 Your Insurance Needs J'. M. WEINZAPFEL HERBERT HEURER EARL J. FISHER Muenster , Texas 4 Q. f EBSQ. Community Builder s COMMUNITY LUMBER CO Lime, Sash, Doors, Lumber, Cement, Bui1der's Hardware RODY KLEMENT AND JEROME PAGEL Phone 49 Muenster -5 f x" - 1. Q- I it ' f , 5: -L li 'i K . 2 52' 'Q 5 1 .. gf- . at ' :E S? iivkigigf-ig?-J-Zf'I'5 k .,. 3 nts' - 3 1.-.-,.g...-,-,.:.'P 'sun qu A um : - 5'2-!-:-'- '-V at 2" 54 5 N SAC qv' x Q 'il' - -:gg-,, : Q.. 2 2 x " - : : .Q F--:se - - - - Ig F X s 5' QR EIXXMALJ- WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT ,Aff f . ":2'q..,,., ..i, - ll.nml!rrrmnnn.l le I M W ' f l nnllSi -.1f'4"l ' ' emzcp 9 , ' Q- ,fl '-iz--.-air' 3,1 H b M L'- ml er en. eurel I I l i I I Rite Executive Vice-President .-5-..I.,.,f,gQK J., it ie.-.,,.--O I . ,,, Earl I. Fisher --' H' Vice-President and Cashier Henry G. Weinzaptel Assistant Vice-President Marian Gruber Assistant Cashier lehi Directors I. R. Danqelmayr R. I. Hellman Earl I. Fisher I. W. Fisher Herbert Meurer Henry G. Weinzapfel I. M. Weinzcrpfel Muenster State Bank Muenster, Texas ,.-. lf' N5 14 lr X1 f , 4 I 5 llllllll 2 -' , mums! ., I ' mmm . -5 maxim 1' 4 f 4' I f Serving the financial needs of this area since 1923 .1 82 LIQUOR HENNIGAN AUTO PARTS Owners CARL AND WILLIAM Wholesale Parts and Accessories WALTERSCHEID Ph. 39 Night Ph. 126-W P. O. Box 246 Phone ll Muenster Muenster, Texas If It's Good Food You Want . . . Visit ROHMER'S RESTAURANT Thick Steak, Fresh Sea Food Highway 82 Muenster, Texas Compliments of MUENSTER MILLING COMPANY Fully Insured for Your Protection GREWING BROTHERS Cable Tool and Well Service Contractors Walker-Neer Sz Clark Spudders Wichtex and Cooper Well Service Rigs Phones: RICHARD, 182 STEVE, 182-W WALTER, 278-R RICHARD GREWING, Mgr. P. O. Box 387 Muenster, Texas ENDRES HAY COMPANY We Buy and Sell Muenster, Texas Phone: 266 EMMET J. FETTE P. O. BOX 267 Muenster, Texas General Agent The Franklin Life Insurance Company J. P. FLUSCHE PIPE 8. SALVAGE Your Enco Dealer Phone 105 - Residence 45 Muenster Box 2.07 Phone 85 Muenster, Texas Oil Field Supplies BILLY MILLER J. P. FLUSCHE DON FLUSCHE HOFBAUER'S J. J. WIELER Muenster, Texas Wholesale Distributor for MOBIL OIL COMPANY Phone 99 - House Phone 41 FOOD 8: LOCKER SERVICE ANDY HOFBAUER, Mgr. Muenster, Texas Phone 252 Box 37 ig J's BAR Muenster, Texas TUGGLE MOTOR CO Sales and Service Genuine Parts Phi11iP5 66 and Acce s sories ' P """v S Gas and on Muens ter, Texas Phone. 75 Once You Cook With an ELECTRIC RANGE It's 1000 to 1 You'11 Never Change TEXAS POWER AND LIGHT CO. Beer and Short Orders THE CENTER CLARENCE HELLMAN S I COFFEE SHOP H'H BAR I 6 Phone 353 3. k S DON'T WORRY . . . GET HER GIFT ' 'f ' AL FELDERHOFF and '15 5, ee-- RICH GREWINC I'If'il4p'0 ' Iq PA'-ACE o d o f 'F' DRUG Wners an Pera. OTS Ain' ,pu - "IRQ fir x v 0 I - un :runs 09 IK 4 3 I .+!' Q 'JH' You cm RELMIN-" MUENSTER FURNITURE STORE Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE ANTHONY AND LEONA LUKE CURTIS MARTIN WELL SERVICE Rod s , Tubing, Swabbing Telephones: Residence 995-2272 Office 995-2450 Box 447 Saint Jo, Texas Gainesville Phone HO 5-9807 MUENSTER LXS COMMISSION COMPANY Sale Every Thursday DICK CAIN, DICKIE CAIN, AND WENDELL RICHEY Owners and Auctioneers Phone 130 ENDRES MOTOR CO. Muenster, Texas 4 . Faicon Thunderbird "Your Store" . PAGEL'S STORE Muenster, Texas FEED STORE A aggj, W iii - STOCKMENS I ,f I 1 f z 5? ' Grinding and Mixing Muenster, Texas FERD'S GULF STATION Phone 68 Muenster , Texas Service When You Need It MOBIL STATION WILLIE WA LT ERSCHEID Phone 99 Muenster, Texas snows TExAco MUENSTER BUTANE Butane Propane Westinghouse Appliances Sales and Service Zenith TV SERVICE STATION Beer and Gas Muenster, Texas Phone 207 Phone 111 Muenster, Texas TONY'S SEED STORE Tested and Re- Cleaned Seed Fertilizer TONY TRUBENBACH M-W OIL FIELD SUPPLY Phone 358 Muenster, Texas COOKE COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Electric Power for Rural Progress TOMMY'S HESS BARBER SHOP SINCLAIR STATION TOMMY HERR Phone 251 Night 205-W4 Owner Muenster, Texas Muenst , Tex RAY WILDE Compliments INSURANCE "Coverage for Any Need" Ph 80 '-'l " L"' one fCHEV3-qLETf I Muenst T Complete Body Shop Service LUKE'S FINA SERVICE Gas and 011 St t 78 Warehou 78J2 Bt dPp M106 WW MW W FIRST NATIONAL BANK Melnber F D I C PEDlGO'S PHARMACY BAYER BRO. CONCRETE ,zz Phone 225 J' 1 Q' S t I M AND I Muenster T SAVE T ,1S9.,4,1l A... AT MUENSTER EQUIPMENT COMPANY "Your Ford Tractor Dealer" Phone 65 Muenster, Texas VICTOR KOELZER WELL SERVICE Phone: 101-R P. O. Box 293 Muenster, Texas GREEN GABLE DAIRY QUEEN BAR AND LOUNGE DRIVE-IN Beer' Wine and Cha-rnPagne Thick Malts and Shakes Good Food JOE BEZNER, Owner Highway 82 Linds ay, Texas Gaine sville, Texas Compliments of EARL ROBISON COMMISSIONER OF PRECINC T 4 WOODRUFF PHARMACY Phone: HO 5-2876 Next to Post Office Gainesville, Texas Nothing but the Finest M MERRY GO ROUND DRIVE-IN Jumbo Hamburgers Thick Malts and Shakes R. AND MRS. C. M. HOWARD 525 North Commerce Gainesville, Texas Compliments of A FRIEND Ice NOCONA JEWELERS Compliments of , AUBREY ADAMS DADDY WARE U . Watches, Gifts, Diamonds CLEANERS Saint Jo, Texas 206 Clay Street Nocona, Texas LIPSCOMBS DEPT. STORE Ready-to-Wear - Sportswear Footwear for the Whole Family Phone: 825-3571 Nocona, Texas Compliments of BOONES BARGAIN HOUSE Resident Phone: 2479 Saint Jo, Texas WEED STATION AND GROCERY Saint Jo, Texas BO'S SINCLAIR STATION Phones 2530 and 2269 Box 416 Phone: 2472 Saint JO, T FENOGLIO SERVICE STATION Compliments of Fina Products Nocona, Texas Tires A FRIEND Compliments of MILTON THOMASON G. D. BELL INSURANCE AGENCY Dependable Insuranc e of All Kinds DISTRICT CLERK Compliments of MANHATTAN CLOTHIERS STREET PHARMACY LEO M KUEHN Gainesville, Texas Gainesville' T WATT'S BROTHERS KG AF Will Fill Your Prescriptio as the Doctor Ordered Stereo FM Music Gainesville, T Gainesville WARDS MOORE'S SEED STORE APPLIANCES Field and Garden Seed Fertilizers Phone HO 5-4071 Gainesville, Texas - . f 5- X! For All Home Needs Ph. HO 5-4003 1' f Comp ments O STANLEY CHADWELL JEWELER H. L. TUGGLE . . All Watch and Clock Repairing Electronically Timed and Ultrasonic Cleaned Used Cars 317 N. Commerce Gainesville, Texas DISCOUNT FABRIC SHOP Quality Fabrics at I Discount Prices 314 F-asf California JIMMY LEHNERTZ, Distributor HO 3,8201 For Fine Gulf Products Gainesville, Texas Phone HO 5-4562 METZLER BROS. CLUB "60" DRIVE INN Curb Service Food and Beer Specializing in Pit Barbecue and Beer to GO Downtown Lindsay Lindsa-Y: Texas You-All Come Highway 82. FINEST ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT!!! LARGEST FRAME SELECTION!!! SENIORS OUR SPECIALTY!!! 'L ifjiius "M l"'sTfE'Sf63' ' I a U? I - E E. -A --- 'Q -- em - 1 Ei 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE!!! so WW, DEPENDABLE!!! ENID. OKLAHOMA Compliments THE GAINESVILLE NATIONAL BANK Gaine sville , Texas WAPLES-PAINTER CO. Lumber and Building Materials Hardware - Dutch Boy Paint Plumbing Supply 301 W. California Gainesville, Texas ROBRAN 'S DRIV-IN CLEANERS Phone HO 5-5517 42.1 N. Dixon Gainesville, Texas Your N-A -P-A Jobber Everything Automotive HENLEY-HARRISON SUPPLY 205 S. Commerce Gainesville, Texas Since 1884 It's KADEN, THE FLORIST Choice Cut Flowers Floral Designs and Plants Phone: HO 5-5221 P,O, Box 833 DILLY DIP DRIVE INN Ice Cream, Malts Hamburgers and Susie-Q Potatoes MR, AND MRS, CLYDE HATCHER REDDY'S MEN'S 8: BOYS' WEAR 104 S, Dixon Gainesville, Texas Phone I-IO 5-3132 COCHRAN'S RESTAURANT Fine Steaks Charcoal Broiled Special Meals for Children North Highway 77 Gainesville, Texas THE FIRST STATE BANK Gaine sville , Texas Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SANDS MOTEL AND RESTAURANT N. Interstate 35 Gainesville, Texas Phone HO 5-2856 MR. AND MRS. VIRGIL L. MEEK KUBIS AND SONS MOTOR CO. 835 N. Grand Gainesville, Texas Phone HO 5-9711 New and Used Cars and Trucks Paint and Body Shop Day and Night Wrecker Service ANTHONY LUKE Owner THE B. B. STORE Clothes for All the Family 209 North Commerce Gainesville, Texas Men's and Boys' Wear COMMERCE STREET STORE The Home of Branded Merchandise You Know Best Gaine sville , Texas TEMPLE PHARMACY Gaine sville , Texas Prescriptions and All Your Drug Needs GREENWOOD WELDING SUPPLY Everything for the Welder 731 E. California Street Gainesville, Texas Phone HO 5-2.864 Building Materials Roofing, Siding JOE WALTER LUMBER CO., INC. Pho. HO 5-5577 705 Summit Avenue Gainesville, Texas Ambulance GEO. J. CARROLL 81 SON FUNERAL HOME 602 Lindsay Street Gainesville, Texas ENDERBY BU TANE Zin GAS Phone HO 5-3457 Gainesville, Texas Compliments of CURTWOOD RESTAURANT KINNE'S JEWELERS Since 1889 Gainesville, Texas FRANCIS WIESE -- Watches H, O. KINNE -- O.D. Read All the News in the GAINESVILLE DAILY REGISTER Gaine sville , Texas RUDLOFF FIRESTONE DEALER STO RE Tires and Batteries Home and Auto Supplies Phone HO 5-666 l 106 N. Chestnut Gainesville, Texas De signing and Planting Service Free Estimates PROFFER 8. WOOL FOLK NURSERY Roses - Trees - Shrubs E. Highway 82 Gainesville, Texas 1 AUGHTRY'S FLOWERS Phone HO 5-2731 802 South Clements Gainesville, Texas MITCHEL AIR CONDITIONING Authorized Lennox Dealer 305 South Chestnut Pho. HO 5-5101 Gainesville, Texas LEVINE'S We Appreciate Your Trade Phone HO 5-4512 Gainesville, Texas We Give S8111-I Green Stamps TYLER 8. SIMPSON CO. Wholes ale Grocers Gaine sville, Texas Principal Office Gainesville, Texas Branch Hous es Ardmore, Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma TOM THUMB SUPERMARKET 1110 E, California St, Gainesville, Texas We Give Frontier Stamps and Bonus Cards PARKER ELECTRIC C ontracting - Supplies Phone Phone HO 5-2721 HO 5-3263 Gainesville , Texas COLLIERS CONOCO SERVICE STATION Complete Auto Se rvic e "Use the Best - It Doesn't Cost Any More" Use Conoco Products Phone HO 5-8291 415 N. Hwy. 77 Gainesville, Texas WARDS BEAUTY CENTER Profe s sional Work LENOMA WARD BRENDA Mc LAUGHLIN PAT BROWNING 1208 O'Neal HO 5-9837 Gainesville, Texas NEWLAND FURNITURE COMPANY Everything for the Home 201 N. Dixon St. Phone HO 5-2461 Gainesville, Texas Compliments of CRYSTAL ICE CREAM CO. Gainesville, Texas Your Friendly COCA-COLA BOTTLER Gaine sville, Texas FARRAR'S A Home of Good Shoes Gainesville, Texas Keep Building and Drilling with Compliments of GARY-NEES LUMBER COMPANY DR. A. A. DAVENPORT Everything in Building Mat. Gainesville, Texas HUNEYCUTT JEWELRY STORE Watches, Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Gaine sville, Texas Compliments of J. R. WIMBERLY 77 BOWLING LANES Bowling is Fun Let's Have a Party and Go Bowling Gainesville , Texas HUNTER TRUCK STOP AND ICE DOCK 24-Hour Wrecker Service Washing and Lubrication Tires and Batteries Phone HO 5-6924 Highway 82 Gaine sville , Texas FRED AND RALPH H. SNUGGS Oil Producers Gainesville, Texas SIMPSON'S SPORTING GOODS Gainesville, Texas Serving North Texas and Southern Oklahoma MCCUTCHEN NEON SIGN CO. P. O. Box 651 2235 N. Hwy. 77 Phone HO 5-4122 Gainesville, Texas REFINERY ROAD VETERINARY CLINIC 1913 Refinery Road Phone HO 5-4478 Gainesville, Texas H. 8. K. AIR CONDITIONING Phone HO 5 -445 1 706 E. California St. Gainesville, Texas 02 Drive in Window Free Parking WATTS PRESCRIPTION SHOP N. Grand HO 5-3438 C1ainesville's Only Pharmacy With Drive In Service. JERRY SHAHAN'S NEW AND USED CARS Bus. Night HO 5-2181 HO 5-5784 115 North Weaver Gainesville, Texas 9 DEPARTMENT STORE GAINESVILLE, TEXAS BOYD AND BREEDING STUDIO Gainesville, Texas Glamour Photographs Weddings Family Groups Compliments of RUSSELL C I-IIROPRA C TIC C LINIC 410 N. Dixon Street Gainesville, Texas TOMMIE LOU'S Fine Shoe s 202 N. Dixon Phone I-IO 5-6081 Gainesville, Texas Complimen ts of FRANK DUSTIN School and Office Supplie S Gaine sville , Texas aw Eiffel? Ni RAY'S J - TRUCKING SERVICE K CUT RATE Lllupg RAY SWIRCZYNSKI C. J. KAISER BO 264' Pho 759-4454 Muenster, Texas Muenster, Te AUTQGRAPI-ls W Egiexha .wt Mft? M fled! ww W0 f M4 CK WM W iff ffm, llmgd ' i lam? ,,1.a?i .U X --x. 1 ww N . ' 49 4 5 W' '42 Q X , 4 I N , jf , W if J R fy 4 4, M My W4-4 - Q 7 V MW' ,,ff"1!, 2 - Wi ffflff W 72 W W, QQMW ,M ' J 0fvfLfl4'I!f,- 1 I 5 M WQ 4 44 KW K i- fi, 4 , 4 VW W f X 4 df vqgjifyffif 0 Q fi X X S mmfwwi 931127 ff i'- E X VIV , q 1 1 A 4 1 F S A 4 A V K 4 4 W ++ ff 4 A K J ' Q X W 54, - X "' TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPAIL X Q. GD ' ' " we . VA M -vs-. wmm' -.n.-v v..v slag vwuw-..a." wffw ,Q Q mtg , HM La, , SQ H 4 4 I -a X' ' V ' X V . ,4-'sv X 'IVAN-4 SL QM , 710 ' 4 , ff! fjifw W wif fb Nu W' 740' ?Mn grazyh ' WY 'I A640 ,f . fx Q07 jfif ' V :ff ,,,, J Q, 071-4 ., 775 cw, , ff f 'KW jx A ffm ,ww X MW I Ai. 'if1QJZ, 5? ff mff ,f W.-V. , f an W ,4 QE .mfg Qggr ff 7 ix Eff ' , lbw, Q Q5 , ' ffWlJt ,QffQ f 1335 fam., -.f Q . WMQQMJQ gl mdgw JMWQ-M221 if jA0j17,,l'UZ f2ff1alQ,ilvblw.JAfJf1 W 6 fjjwj' Q ' Jzfcwe Alwmdfmf' jf U 9- ' ' N .4 I MmQmfQJ.,xfJb WW Navi? , Wwzk, BMJ M523 ,ly5,,.,L1fwjJ,if,7wMfN', AW ,NQbZ9VZWwG5',yVjjIM1L gmyjmgw : W .- "L," . , 1 .,- - -- . . , A, 1 M ff is , J A 1 F' l ff Q 1k??Zf -- - 16143 1011111 Cf ,cm 1.14, L-W ' ,fQ41f7'f'i? ,EL ,Ill -'.,5x,fL.,f lui-'C-Cufe V13-'L' -Za, Qirzzlg-f'f , , .u v '12-fflf x, AJUJLQ V AN-L, A ,f7vx,1,,-JMU T: K, . 4i,?,'4.,:j4 -- ff' f . l I i I 'V f i fl: 5? A, AW , ' ' .fp ,f-'ii' A xxx I, A ,GQ wk?-L., 7ii,.1':l f'f5fif:,f- X ,f-'if V wg' Q21 ,f f .Q I 5 cf if-M3--.2 2.2251-f My J J X ' A ' 0'Yx.nfW wiifqf 9216 K, , ,fx , T: V 7 .1 1 Q4 J bf '. " A 4, j! - EJ!! ' gvilggitj ,Wal fgil? Q Q 54,5 ,QL4,,. M"" C lUf,fW""'?i n 4 , mb ,Z . J U, u. I UQ iv'2i41:",Q !Z.1,1.!L. If - gui" A gun XA H E "ig f 1 gush! ,Lui I yqLt.,L.ML . 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Suggestions in the Muenster High School - Hornet Yearbook (Muenster, TX) collection:

Muenster High School - Hornet Yearbook (Muenster, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Muenster High School - Hornet Yearbook (Muenster, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Muenster High School - Hornet Yearbook (Muenster, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Muenster High School - Hornet Yearbook (Muenster, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Muenster High School - Hornet Yearbook (Muenster, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 26

1964, pg 26

Muenster High School - Hornet Yearbook (Muenster, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 81

1964, pg 81

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