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av '5 'Q' 3 Qphg K JK WJJPQ? Q 1 f ,E K M sf 'N ,X X5 my sl WA ' .- -f"'L'1'- - ' - ,.w-:,..,,.....----:yan , , M A . ,,..,,,., ,, A - JK 4? 1 3' V , ., .. . ,,, . ,,, 66116 , .,-vw! wx J iv NRJJX X X -1. LDMM b7lM0,,L5 MQ., Nz' N R s Ny' X ,Mfr FQ Q .A X. f v 11. ta ,A ,Q 1. w Q. 5 ,m ' . ii '41 w... M ', 'R 1 'Q , w W, . X-.. A X -- , f " 5 X V . 1 , L . N I fx ,Al -Rl 1 2 . . V . V5 , ' .N T . V "f" x 12, ' x j if ' - -, ,: 1 KN X' 'L 1. X . A ,Ki . x X .-.f . Nr Q K . F' x. h 1 ,, , I , . K, 2. ., , Jw ... .3 . I V uxxt 1 V, X ,-,VL sl Q -mf' X., . . Rx ,Ii . ,N ' 1 ...A X ' '..,,.,, .1 ,, 'QP' V E, 'f .,. 3 .1 ,...,,h -4 -gm. l:5x..f O , . yy' . CY, 5 1 'W-.N .,,. ,X , ts. 3 . -,f 'W .X ,X .- .XR A ,l , x ,.- .cux . L x, y , X., ,.. X L... ' . 1 ' ak, ,gi 1, x "s.' 'H ' - 1 "'b. ' 1. . ' ' 'QS 's Q' ,Q- 'NJ V ' -..- H .. W 1 x. .f u, 'Q ,H ...WM wx. Y .B - ' "L "- . x x inf ,Tl f""- . F 5 'N A N -5. . , xi 5 ' N , 1 1 M1 x v. 1 .Aa .. 'f-.. f g Vx., N K- mx ,-v- . x, 3, , N .. '. 1 Ex, 3 1 lx ' , X 1, as - 'J . . Q ., , ...M-"'2..f ,,,...-f fwllw. ,,.,.. W'- ,,.- ..w"' , A-,,,,. ,',,,, 1 . J.,-1' -M.. W...---"W x x ,TJ X Q 4, " . ' 'N . X5 -L L '-:Y . Mx 1 , A - ' ' ' wi ,W ,sxv , , , ,, . 'N--.,,1 g f' 1 .. . . NR !,., . Q., . Ri' X A -. :K " x A . , """x,J , S -3 "3 ,ff K . xg V-Q , . X ' -5 xx .1 . sm . . . , .x , 1 U . .H n '-hu X .,,, .., 1,81 . s J. .X K- ., X .A , , . F., 1 ,V - w. -N , -:QA if lg pw N 5 ,,.. ff' Mi' -MW I A I Q3 xv Q31 u tl . 9 by f Q Q X 'q ' Q N . A X X Ni' W Mk f J 5 A v x . . , cf . ' 5 , 5 M 9 5,0-F G9 5 as :g-..-- gM,- .., , -H., ,M-- V ' ' QQ ' ' 1 C gfgit 5 . I A J 7?g' xi V E N-.Nj ,, 53 wf if 1 , X x 5' -J U A WX gxxh I Q I ,531 X51 4' . 1 'N firikif W XR? X SN 1 fi , . . I V s X"'k I ,, , ,. vi WEN ' Q " vm, N5 Q tx i MMM E A ' Q QQ.-Q X KK 'X X VJ E35 - , -,X C " 5 X Nl", 'N r" 'X Xi. - -,X ? l5:.fl.x:5i mx xl., B :TN A X X 'fi ,I V 3 3,,.. M M, N W X 5 X Q 1 ,b x x ,gh 'V Q I iq x XX s X., K 5 ,jf ' fu ' J Q NL li l .x . A A , V .xxx I ,Ami Rex T X Ar I K f5,.J ' gjg Xi Rf J NX N' v I G J ki" N R xx' x wtf J X ww! ' . X c Q3 If W X X' X , 1 5 Q ke N X 1 fu! ' Y R - 'QS I 'i Q 5' x ' ' L x - 1 fakgxt ng .J KW NX X.. f "2 . 1 ' M 4 3 L X X f ,J , f 'X " 'Y g q .9 W fl K 1 :Q XR I RX my .1 D, . 3 my hawk fs W: N 3' ' M. J x Q mix xl X x ESX e Q M 'KJ' ,Kwf J., Q SX X R M. if , it V3.3 X5 .y 'X xl rj X 'Xxx 'AQ 'w N X. X' 'U M X, 4 km K . V K X NI fs, ,X 5 5 . X 1 " X x Y . x M 9 5,15 1-,bs NB X if XS-J 1 . H-J , X K x Y Q A H .X 'Q mf, Q x I x R En if M' 33 1 X' TK wvx NJ X1 J S NOVV THEN! 1981 TQTEM IVICDUNT TAHCDIVIA 6229 South Tyler Tacoma, WA. photo essay senrors k ' dl faculty student lute tune arts royalty TABLE CDF CONTENTS junrors b S orts r e Ol' 8l'llZ8TlOl'lS b so homores oonoludrng essay 226 Index 230 1 krrn hoover ' 12 teresa leln teresa reed ' ' 100 49 deb ie frederokson carol davrs 120 I E1 hy ru angela bruno harurni tuoker sandra patzer , Q 180 74 de ie groux lrsa bustruok 210 Q2 degbie collins krrsta Carson pam lusk ' kim hoover NOW TI-IEN IT IS IMPORTANT TO LOOK BACK AND REMEMBER THE PAST. . . Remember when gas was 300: a gallon? Of course that is when you went on Sunday rides to grandma's with mom and dad and stopped by the gas station to fill up the tank on the way. Remem- ber when you could buy a candy bar for 8ct and there really was PENNY CANDY! A lot of things have changed since we, as students, can remember. Styles for example. Most of us can recall the old bellbottom pants in those wild colors and the mini skirts with those cloddy shoes! The awful stripped pants the boys wore that came above their ankles YUKI That was only about 10 years ago can you imagine 20 years? Those were the days of crew cuts and cat eyed glasses now we have PERMS AND WIDE SUN SENSITIVE TINTED LENSES Who knows how much they paid for gas then all we know is we are stuck paying over S1 00 for it now' TWENTY YEARS AGO boy that seems like a long time but not really Mount Tahoma was built 20 years ago In 1961 the plans were finalized and the work started on what was to be the most modern of all high schools in Tacoma It was the first school to run completely on electricity Designed to look like a mini college campus it was to have a football stadium baseball soccer and track fields Portable classrooms were put up until classrooms could be finished and have remained there since Because it is the 20th anniversary of our school we the 1980 81 TOTEM staff have chosen the theme NOW AND Tl-IEN re flecting on the school s past and its people However some of the past sometimes carries into the present' We have nine staff members who have been here since the school first opened in 1961 they are Mr J McDonald Mr G Freiberg Mr O Nordr Mrs D Pearson Mrs E Thornburg Mr L Blanchfield Mr L Ubben Mrs A Wilkens and Mr R Ehrenherm For this reason the 1980 81 TOTEM staff proudly dedicates this book to those nine who have been at Mount Tahoma for its first 20 years d ch accept cong atulato fo G d go Mount Taho C Ca 1961 l r,ttitt 'wwlwy QTY - ft ,jf DEDICATICDN First rovv: Mrs. E. Thorn- burg, Mrs. A. Wilkens, Mrs. D. Pearson. Top rovv: Mr. L. Ubben, Mr. G. Friberg, Mr. G. Nordi, Mr. R. Ehrenheim, Mr. L. Blanchfield, Mr. J. McDonald. H V H Talking vvltn fnends Snarmg the news. . Mount Tanorna stands proud. . .Like our tower The old and the nevv Awards Fnends Assemhlres Sports manshrp It s all been here for 20 years ,Qi ,mfg-S' no Jackie is only a sophomore , A - iq fra Former MT Students circa 1961 Sophomores in their Sunday best BB' ,,.i,,,,.....-.W -.Q-ry . S.. ii X " "K 1 . A W ist?-g Q , ,Zig . gl' l X A A K N , ,, f Wd ri ' .. r in M . . A I H 4- gl, I u , 5- , . . V .. K , K 9 , Ai' y. . . an M A 1, 1 i H ,rr - M R, ,, - K- ,H Nfiv N35 1-J ' . ,wg Q .9 :Q .3 f 'fs " a,'- -- 4 'K 'wo , I 4 , V-A.: '- .. bw. ing. ,q,f f, .,?,. ffgt-f A , A' "Lg,-' ,',' .Jw -M.- ' ' f3S?'g"01""y",'13b-44 X 1- r ,Q M., , . 4? , ,ff . .. , .- A . Q . Af A ' 4? ,K 1 guns f ' Q M 'S N1 , sf,-.ff 4 X-1" 7 FY-34 u Ng, , "-f"3 '. " 4 "'x"1?F'gk EVE., N T-Birds show sportsmamship I x Ox ', h W S we I ff' f e x ' QPF' E xx 1 N rr R ER ,..,. - R, X , J , sig K ASQQ5 , K ., W b ,115 55,5 v. ,N - ' R . .. - Agn. - .i ff: f m e . . Scooter receives AH-American gymmastrcs award 7 Student Stls and thinks Kathy sprkes another ball Crarg tucks for three lm tt . . gl iligg 'Tj' f i: 8 tr-1 - X . , -muff -fvf-- 1: if K its r r fits? Fay Rupp performs at assembly Andy and Srgne walk to Class '- i 3 . It Tx T-Brros are 31 wr' Kelly enjoys a schoot tunch? 3 Jeanette and Debore talk at lunch W1 Jett has those drearnin' eyes. x I . 4, .,t,,t,,,Qg 5 5 as 132.911 Student learns about careers t ' va X e 5 L .Ss X if t.,, Sw x if 'i ,.,.v . . ,. Sopnomores due too rule! Donna dunng a game Mr. Boughton instructs Hanks W Johnny and gang at tuncn Arnte takes a nap dunng nattttme Hard at work " 9 31 LSIE k B fm tx , K ' V 4 4' .ff 1 Bridgette and Dorothy N tt 24 Q , ?"???ii?fi5, ,' 35233355 - , - t 'Q 3 amen mmm Huw mm ll mm .51 fd all QP' W F' , ff V ' f A. 5 1 5 5 1 f Q . get 5. I EV git ll Q 5 ftggit 3. tt tt . ,M K v 1 - Y 55813: :P 410' as v X , 5 ' W ' Ei neg ., - ,- -,L S., ,v A . Eg. fall 'IH nl ' 2 I Aerial snot of MT before construction began. x 44, ' K MN . su, Q M . "Q moe? :WT .. V I ll!"-v . V , .L I 5, .., W Q-. Ak I k .,. V -1. ','f,1Qr-.J -- 981 .A E The rock-ITS CLEAN!!! Looking dovvn on what was to be Mount Tanorna 1981 3 Looking at what vve've rnado. if r SENIGRS NOVV 'Z' J- . ., 1981 Facing Graduation Faces of old and faces of new People we know and people we knew Growing together, then drifting apart Always an ending and now a new start At graduation we all grow nearer And all of our friends seem so much dearer And all we say our final good-bye One last embrace and one rnore cry A "keep in touch" and a "promise I will" A "remember when", out better still A place in my heart, you all will stay This is what's said, as we go our own way. by Roxanne Clouse EDITORS: Teresa Kleindl Teresa Fleed sENion i I-IALL GF FAIVIE Most Talented: Arnie Richard and Kim Lowery W L lag Friendliest: Kathy Walker and Maurice Hanks Shyest: Sue Stephens and Gary Pederson TE do if D2 reachefs headache: Bob GHDSOV1 and Carmen Most Intelligent: Aaron Williams and Shawna Elover Clarke -so Q 5 S M fffgge R H RQ Cutest Smile Cheryl Kalerak and Craig Meyer 1-Fl-QPT day. Most Creative: Kelly Kovacs and Kathy Rue. Dependable: Kam Hoover and Ahoy Holla- Biggest Flirt: May Patajo and Lori l-lupp. Most Likely to Succeed: Mike Vihdivich and She- Iia Stubbs. .cv-"' 3-gl 1- "' 1141 wen ,vw 5.2: 5: ,trite Teachers Pet: Jeanette Anton and Ronnie Harris. L mms Ilost Talkative: Quintus Baxter and Cheri Wai- ace. Bruce Worobec and Diana Bloom. Best Looking: Sandy Owings and Darrin Holme Peppiest: Dee Ball and Dennis Armstrong. Best Dressed: Ron Manalao and Annalyn Cabigting. rm'gy"f' i S ffffws-ef hifi X Q Y fi' G Cutest Couple: Kelly Kovacs and Kim Hoover. Most Athletic: Mike Vindivioh and Kathy Rue. 'Class Cut-Ups: Art Stephens and Lori Hupp. Dreamiest Eyes: Debbie Harrison and John Spevak. SENIDFK CLASS Standing: Mike Vindivicn Kathy Walker Kelly Kovacs Darrin Holme Karen Duncan Seated: Dennis Armstrong David Almonte Annalyn Cabigting John Spevak Not Pictured Jody Jacobsen ADVISORS Mr. Wickman Peggy Garrison Mr. Lancaster Not Pictured Mr. St. Clair m W !'f'k"' vr? 2' ami dxxlf, Li N, A , E . Sn y y ,v 1 Y f , V Mil" im wan: my Af " L, ,xl V1 5 t WM X W 0 , 173 'W ,. ,, , 4,21 'L' Ji!!! if N , , A-x :- xi X5 Q , .1- - 5.5 if QQ , x , My-W 81:0 www? 'QW wif ,Q mx M ,. .4 . ,V V . ,. Y M I M is fl " 'TV'-T lf, , ef , wg N 6 ,A Fu 42 ff F 4 o. n i ' I A J 4 , 4 . Y r , ' A w , , 5 r x. 4 ,' l v ' V ' 1 ' uf. f 'S' 'S -' 'ew - . "o N- 'wa - L' ' e ' -'fl - ,.' ' 'W 'Y ' ' ' uf- al- -A - 1 , 4 , I- I , - .. , ,.. , W gp 9 ,. w. ' x ny v' az I5 s 1' ' bu , 2. 3 R P dx' . .4.5,'.,.ek , . -1. 3 I r ,... A I. Q, .u 1 i ., 2 ' A "df fin:ff.,1,1,,1,-1,',.L,1 ':ue1"-"Y: "' ' ' 1 .uw , , -L Janette M. Absten Norlas Alien Davie A- Almome Honor Graduate Dana M. Anderson Denise K. Anderson Lorraine Anderson Yvonne M. Anderson Jeanette '- Amen Deborah A. Archibald Honor Graduate Dennis VV. Armstrong Lisa L. Arnestad Tina M. Arnold Honor Graduate Deanna L. Ball Debora A. Arp Honor Graduate Brett B. Barkman ,. if Ronald A. Bate Fredrick T. Baxter Quintus O. Baxter Robert E. Beck Donna M. Begay Lisa S. Bishop i Thais M. Bissenas Thea M. Bissenas Diana I.. Bloom 111,53 Lisa R. Bolieu - Honor Graduate Jon' M' Bowen gaihflhu Lisa Britson Shawn A. Brodigan John J. Bryant Kimberly A. Burns Yulya Busnvvell Lisa D. Bustruck Ingrid M. Brassinga Angela G. Bruno Mark L. Burris David T. Byrd Honor Graduate Aftf1H'Yft Fi- CGUQUVWQ Lioya A. Caldwell Sandra L. Caldwell Honor Graduate Kimberlyrt J. Campbell Clyde P. Cartrtori Patricia A. Capvvell DP Krista J. Carson Celia S. Casas Horror Graduate Teddy W' Carter Honor Graduate A if Lg -wt 1 - " Sandra L. Cecchirti Sang I. Chae Jae-ln Chong - V Honor Graduate Honor Graduate Steven P' Chnsnan Susan P. Christian Mark A. Clanton ATfiL'?f'Gr?'laLgE'k F . , 1 l 1 Phill N. Clark Shawna A. Clarke - Hong Graduate Honor Graduate Charles D. Clrfton Jr. Dina A. Cole Beverly J. Collier Tracey Cook Honor Graduate V xl Frederick R. Cooper Jr. Patricia M. Corrigan Michael Fi. Cummings , Janet L. Curtrignt Carol L. Davis Earl J. Davis J' vi Walter G. Deooursey Raymond R. Delavergne Leanne M. Denney Edward L. Dethample Linda C. Dewey Tami L. Dieffenbaon Honor Graduate Honor Graduate Alan G. Domingue Honor Graduate 3 N Robin D. DODOIWUG Lori Hupp advertising for the Haunted House. .A Johnnie L. Douglas LouAnn A, Dougtas Kenneth R- DOYIG Honor Graduate Ingram M, Drueding Karen L. Duncan Eric L. Eaton Honor Graduate Brenda B. Eckhart Kevin D. Eggert Loni R. Elmore s NM? X E Gregory A Ester Elizabeth A. Eubanks Lynn M. Fairley ' Honor Graduate Honor Graduate patrick J' pischer U88 M. Flora Shari D. Flores Honor Graduate Honor Graduate John M. Frazier Iii Deborah L. Fredrickson Kim A. Freitag Honor Graduate Sylvia K. Friend Kaylee M. Froembling Kellie M. Gabel ,..,,.--, Tameia L. Gardner Came A' Gaynor Lance VV. Honor Graduate B ...J-fi ,. Robert J. Gibson Mark A. Gien Carmen L. Glover Judy S. Gomez Todd M. Goodeon Nestor P. Gorospe 2' fl ii 3 Kenneth N. Gosteli ' N W 9 "Mi ' i':'39-3.41 A -x 5 it Y -31' ii 5 Lisa Bishop shows ner Senior confidence. H9LiS6y M. Gray Kimberley A. Grooms Debra E. Groux Brigitte Guilliaurne Q . f" nn.. Carrie L. Hagen Sandra B. Hale Bradley J. Hall - - Maurice D. Hanks . Eno A. Harnrlton Honor Graduate Krm D. Hansen ,,c-V -Q? ' 1 f ' 1' W It . I V ff . X Lenette M. Harris Mafk W' Hams Ronnie M- Hams Honor Graduate Honor Graduate 6' Debggralt SEPJUZQISOU Daniel M. Hart Tarnrnie J. Hartman 'Biff' Arthur L. Haskins Marvin K. Hayes Teresa J. Hazelrnyer Michele R. Heinz Tim Helgren Karen Heller Stephen P. Helier C2gEyJGr?dfJQ5e9' James R. Henry Toron C. Hightower June L. Holler Andre P. Holliday Darrin A. Holme Hi-Kyung Hong Kimberly A. Hoover Honor Graduate David M. Hoye Dana o. Huddleston ijgffogi 55 'U' Dennis J. Hunotte Bridgette A. Hunter Lori A. HUDD 'Y gs. 5 Joseph M, Hurgey KPEQC2 grazitggh Brenda K. ISDGII Jordon A. Jacobsen Honor Graduate Charles A. Jenkins Albert B. Johndrovv lll Johnny Johnson 915 mein -1--1-29 Flarnon A. Johnson Rebgggg aaigaqgson Richard A. Johnson Sonya M. Johnson Priscilla M. Jonassen David W. Jones Jeffery S. Jones Kathy A. Jones Teresa Jones Hifgrggajgaqe Cheryl L. Kalerak Theresa lvl. Keller Mi A. Kim Michael T. King Sherrie D. Klein TGVGSH E- KIG-ind' oaie K. Krmiei Mark J. Kriobbe Honor Graduate Donna L. Kollar Kelly D. Kovacs Kimberly Y. Kunze Honor Graduate Honor Graduate W, ' wNW s A 5 1:3 M xxxx ,N 54 WMP V n-QW -31,-. W n ME 5 N 1' U ,A as T56 i:i2il,,,li::i1NhmUiuw ,,,, ,,,, , ,Q 1 , W., 'S KN wltsf ' 'Q xv ' if Mu ry W H ,Y ,,- M 4 Mm, , VWlllhihasqwisilwqs- 1:f,,1ww11111wi, , ""N" XQXNN , im. mr, r, x x 'Q' YU "" WH QW! EH' S '21-ii 5' a V ,, XX.. "'::::p.:,, 5 !-111,113 w N 'Nu ,Jw f M '17 'f1i.1I75' 1 hull ' .- 1 w w. ' W fm.. 1- L+-'1,:: -img, , !!111s:-,, ' ,. 11: 1 ,. Wm "',lQfii1f'ilHNNNl1iiQf" ' H 1 Qfx- W ,, , W -AK l 1 - I . r l . .V Robert E. Leppard Cameron B. Lerum Kimberly A. Lowery Pamela K. Lusk Karen L. Martelli . - Honor Graduate Honor Graduate Kimberley A' Martin Cynthia L. McClure Barry A. McCollum Becky A. McCollum Glenda L. lv1cCurty Tammi J. McLeod Joan T. Molvlullin Honor Graduate 1, I -'S 3 K if ? as . Christine M. Meacham Cfaig A' Meyer Sandra Molinari Honor Graduate Margaret A. Monte Bill B. Moody Maria L. Moore Ramon C. Moore Kimberley A. Moorehead Louise Morales Stephanie A, Moultgn Larry W. Murphy Debra P. Newman David K. Nielsen Signe E. Ocasio Tanna E. O'FalIon Mark E Olive - Kae S. Paek Honor Graduate Sandra M' Gwmgs Honor Graduate ixxkk , O0 iv-S Q N xi Xii Y Yun 5, , Sandra A. Parish - May Pataio Hmm Gradume Steven M. Pastian Hmm Graduate Johnnie Pattergfpn Ill Inky Drueding and S-aiOrrie' Casas enthused during Mr Garnrneiis class Horror Graduate Sandra S. Patzer Comma K. Pease Gary G. Pederson Jr Honor Graduate Honor Graduate lvlark E. Pervlnloh Pod V. Peterson Honor Graduate Honor Graduate Steven A' peterscn Denise A. Petitt Daniel M. Petramaio Dlfk A' Pellill Honor Graduate William F. Phillips lll Carol Fi. Pickle Sean B. Piper Brian A. Potter Constance L. Prevvitt Karen L. Proctor Kenneth R Reed Teresa L. Reed Edward A. Reeves Honor Graduate Honor Graduate Linda M. Reeves Gregory A' Rehms Tari L. Reid Honor Graduate Brenda L. Reynoids Kathleen S. Reynolds Cornelius A, Richard Honor Graduate P1 i if S N' Q W We 2 if ilu r f by Lisa S. Richie "Mark Pervinich, is that your Ultra-Bright smile?" Jeffrey A. RiChfT1OI'1d Robert R. Rickgauer Christy M. Roberts Joseph A. Robinson r,,,-gwlw Allen R. Robison Kimberly D. Roehr Tarnarah A. Rohr Jeffrey F. Flohrs S. Joann Flomo Tara L. Ross 5 2 l f D . s 5 Kathryn L' RUG Nannette M. Salas Lamonte S. Sandling onor Graduate - Carl J. Schneider John G. Schuett Susan S' Schmitz Honor Graduate Honor Graduate WISH' Q"-"Bill Diane M. Schwab Ken G. Seal Michael VV, See Tohihia Sharp Laura Louise M, Shepard Thomas W. Skeim af' 4+ : f " gi . K Thgmgg R SKQQQ Elizabeth A. Smith James R Smith Kevin A. Smith Robert E. emim Mimae' D- SOUVUGV Honor Graduate Johathah E. Sohstehg Dohha Lu Sparks Darcy E Speidel Honor Graduate Kenneth D Spencer John K. Spevak Rhonda M. Staples ' Honor Graduate H0nOr Graduate Gabriela B. Steinert Sue Am Stephens Carl T. Stettin Honor Graduate Arthur D. Stevens Wesley A. Stewart Kristy A4 S1-Otts Honor Graduate James M. Strickland Shelia D. Stubbs Robert S. Suplido Laurie L. Tahher Monte E. Taylor Stuhheo. Kathy Walker and Chae Pak asking. "We have to learh all of these?" John C. Taleh Teresa R. Tiegardert Carol A. Towers Hong-Thuy Trart Laurie A, Trottier Sharon Tuggle Honor Graduate Mai-Lie M. Turnley Scott ivi. Ver Valin Kim Grooms hard at work in Office Machines Juanita M. Valiiant Linda R Veira Bruce S. Vignai Michael A. Vindivich law- Qin.. Carol lvl. Vlray Linda B. Wahl Debbie A. Wakin x. 5 Robin A. Waldherr Kathleen E. Walker Lacy B. Walker News .1 .: Cheri Y. Wallace Michelle A. Wallace Lisa J. Walton -1 ., 12,5 QM ,. -ii Trgy H, Waits Snella Stubbs announcing that Seniors won ine Spirit Award. . . vvii Pamela H. vveiis Allen L. Willie Aa,QfQOfA'G,adLfjimS Thomas M, Willigmg Shannon T. Wills Tami J. Wilson QR.. I i Gary M, Wwe, Eijflgfsfggfgfaiff James L. Wooldridge P 4 -vamp' 'HU Steven C. Woolery BrUsSmyyCg,Rg?ebeC Mafk A- VVWQW Hae Soon To Yang Charles M. Young SUWQ O4 YU ,K 'if' 7' T Y Y FACULTY EDITOR: CAROL L. DAVIS ADMINISTRATION Mr, Doran, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Buffaloe Principal ! iv This is my 31st year in the Tacoma Schools but only my first at Mount Tahoma. l well re- member when Mount Tahoma was being built and I came to the dedication of the school. Since those first years Mount Tahoma has es- tablished itself as a first rate high school and now that I am here I understand why. There is a feeling of togetherness in this school among the student body, the entire staff and the communi- ty. lt's a feeling of pride and a concern for each other, elements which are basic in the society of this country. l consider myself fortunate to be a part of this school and l am immensely proud of the achievements of the students, both past and present. I Sincerely, John Buffaloe, Principal Teachers were asked the following questions: iAl How have high school students changed in twenty years? CBJ Who is your favorite actor!actress!T.V. personality? QCJ What are your hobbies? Michael Appleby no comment .. , ,,..Yl-1 Joe Baldassari no comment A- T 1 E,5f Larry Blanchfield iAt Students are caught up in the attitude ofthe given time whether that be twenty years ago or today. QBJ Osmunds, Gary Cooper, Clint Eastwood QCD Camping, fishing, numismatics, Knights of Colum- bus. 5, sst. ,, Henry Arnold no comment X X 1 5425 4 l N SE E ill? XX we-X - N x Sue Batali no comment Glen Bos CAJ Students have lost the desire to do well in school. An education does not mean a great deal to them. Hardly any hobbies or interests are developed iBJ Burt Fleynolds, Bob Hope CCD Fishing, golf, bowling, weight lifting, camping, and, movies. is U . ,ov 'M - S 1 Roger Buranen it 5 lAl Students who want to leave today have more opportunities and are doing a fine job. However, I do see more and more students who are less ambi- tious or patient, and who want more rights with less responsibility. QBJ Lou Grant, Ed Asner QCJ Fishing and woodworking. Beryl Buoklin N C QCD hiking, classical piano, my house, reading, traveling Ak Stan Charlston l'l O C O TTT TTT 9 l'T T Robert Burgess KAD Less school spirit, more interested in a good time. QBJ Diana Keaton, Howard Cosell QCD Jogging, golf, reading. 'Q 'G F, , Eve Clemmons Dave Clogston CAB The majority of students do not come to class KAJ The girls have gotten prettier. The boys bigger and prepared to work. all of them are younger. KBJ Ingrid Bergman QBJ Sonny Tufts, Bo Derek, Alan Aida CCD Swimming, bowling, hiking, water skiing. KCJ Camping, photography, jogging. f sz .4 L f O Margaret Clogston no comment Lee Coufal - A QAJ Socially different and more worldly. QBJ Clint Eastwood QC5 l-lunting, fishing. 1 r Betty Danielson CAJ More worldly, less academic, more cynical about establishment values. QBJ Lawrence Olivier, Julie Harris CCD Stitchery Q Qf . .J I Marilee Donohue QAJ I think high school students today are more sophis- ticated in their views of the world, and in a positive way they are more individualistic than high school students were 20 years ago. QBJ Robert Bedford, Julie Andrews, Alan Aida CCD Jogging, hiking, horseback riding, sewing, drawing. Phyllis Drakeford QAQ High school students do more things than they used to do. CBJ Ciceli Tyson, Billie D. Williams, Carol Burnette QCQ Gardening, reading. Devere Duby QAJ Their commitment to academic excellence has decreased severely. QBD Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Archie Bunker QCD Golf, fishing. L tt' Bob Ehrenheim KAJ Students do not know how to listen as well, plus their learning does not have as much depth. QBJ No favorite KCJ Traveling and touring Gregg Friberg QAJ Much more open in stating their thoughts. QBD Alan Aida fCl Sports, crafts Curt Gammell fAl Generally they are less respectful toward the feel- ings and well being of others. There is still a group of students that are responsible and strive for suc- cess but the group has diminished drastically. fBJ Dustin Hoffman, Steve Landesberg, Lonnie Ander- son QCD Fishing, photography, flying Qs l Q .. Z "Eff9Wzf X ,gif-vi' 5114, Q 1-H 9 , -1,11 , Xa- W 977 'V Dale Fountain QBJ Paul Newman, Jane Fonda, Kenny Rogers KCJ Skiing, travel, camping, ranching. ifmfif Robert Gallucci KAQ Students are much more open concerning their values. lBJ Sophia Loren, Carl O'Connor, Robert Goulet KCJ Jogging, Good films an Jean Gleysteen no comment v ie S L. it Terry Gregersen QAJ They are more individualistic and their activities are more diversified. tBl Gary Cooper, Jane Fonda, Johnny Carson, Jack Nicholson QCD Beading, collecting old books, fishing, playing Bay Hansen QAJ The students have less desire to learn. tBl Clint Eastwood, Barney Miller CCJ Fishing, reading, watching sports. 'R Trish Harrison QAJ Dress and lifestyle of'today's high school students is much more casual than when I was in high school KBJ Steve McQueen, Jane Fonda, Carol Burnette QCJ Boating, gardening, sewing Lisa Holderith tBl Dustin Hoffman, Jane Fonda, Dick Cavett KCJ Tennis, sailing, swimming, sewing in Elsie Hilton QAJ Through the multimedia the students these days are exposed to much more than their immediate environment. CBJ Richard Chamberlain, lngrid Bergman QCD Beading, Dancing xxxkh Q X Z"-' Y Yi-'ar i .-A, o r '39 I X 'A sv Bob lufer tAl More aware of external influences on their lives. QBJ John Ritter, Archie Bunker CCJ Golf, fishing is 5-as I 1 Kelly Jarvis no comment Tom Johnson KAD Students are much less interested in school related activities. QBD Paul Newman CCD Snow skiing, fishing, camping -MN ziggy ,X 4 Charlotte Johnson QAD Students were more serious about their studies and were active. KBD Steve Lansberg, Max Gail QCD Gardening, travel, sewing Sandy King CAD Less motivated and more opinionated but less self control. QBD Clint Eastwood QCD Camping, biking, crafts, sewing 'L 1 Frank Kurriger QAD Achievement has slipped greatly. QBD Ed Asner, Tim Conway KCD Camping, biking Q ,eh x Gene Lancaster no comment 5 Qs N Y . Diana Landahl lAl I see an improvement in behavior and attitude from a few years ago. QBJ Richard Chamberlain, Dinah Shore, Benny Hill QCJ Professional writing, animal care -' 1 9 S N Us .4 ...A K George Landeis fAl High school students today are not as serious about education as they were 20 years ago. fBl Bob Hope fCl Keeping my home in good repair. ek 2 V Stuart Lane no comment Don Leebrick CAD I like to believe students are much more individual- istic than we were 20 years ago. CBJ Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand QCJ Backpacking, skiing, coaching -aff AUM .J ' 9 if if Kris Lenke fAl Now students are more outgoing in both positive pam McGee and negative Ways' fAl Students are physically more mature QBJ mchjrd Chamberlain, Diane Keaton, Robin Wil- U35 Martin Sheen' Katherine Hepburn, Ed Asner , m .. . . A fCl Sailing, fishing, art QCD Water sports, backpacking Q 'IQ' ,Q lvlcLarney Students seem to have more outside interests than the young people of 20 years ago. QBJ Alan Aida KCJ Fishing, hunting Art QM Clyde Miller QCD Travel, landscaping, reading George Nordi QAJ Students have become more out going and are not as involved as much in school activities today. U35 Don Meridith, Bo Derek, Frank Sinatra iCl Boating, investments, sports Jack McLin QAJ Have less self direction and are less willing to as- sume personal responsibility. QBQ Dustin Hoffman QCD Fishing Wig? id S-' f Louise Most no comment L.VV. Parker QAQ Students have changed from a disciplined student to a free spirited one. QBJ George Scott, Julie Andrews, Johnny Carson fCl Skiing, basketball, baseball 57 Kathleen Peterson QAD They are not as concerned for the future or for the preparation for it. CBD Richard Chamberlain, Vera Mills, Gregory Peck, Gary Cooper. fCD Crocheting, crewel embroidering, bike riding. W . or C f X Lo Joe Rallo no comment Dean Rennie i QAD As a whole, students put forth less effort in their school work and in achieving academic success than those of 15 or 20 years ago. QBD Carroll O'Conner. QCD Waterskiing, camping, football, boatracing. Alphretta Peyton CAD Today's high school student seems to be more Mme" oriented than students 20 years ago. QBD Jane Alexander- actress. QCD Reading and working. -azz? Kim Rasmussen QAD They've lost interest in most school activities in- cluding clubs and dances and even football games. CBD Dustin Hoffman, Jane Fonda, Johnny Carson. QCD Photography, skiing, sailing. Ray Richards fCD Hiking, camping fx. 1 Walter Roth CAD Today's students are not as interested in learning. QBJ Clint Eastwood, Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett KC! Boating, fishing, sports Paul St. Clair no comment i 'i"M . 9' it fi.. CS' Stan Salmon - QAJ High school students are more mature and more Ken Schulz determined to follow their convictions. QAJ Students in general do not show respect for teach- QBJ Paul Newman, Sophia Loren CCD Dogs, raising cattle Bob Singleton tAl Students are more socially sophisticated and less mature. QBi Lou Grant ' QCQ Fishing, golf, dancing ers. IBD George Scott, Peter Sellers, Madeline Kahn QCJ Golf, fishing, photography , i 'Nwf , . .I i ,K - ff! i, V l I . , I ,f , ! fx, 1 R- James Smith QAJ Students have not changed much. They still range from 15 to 20. fBl Roscoe Brown QCQ Hunting, fishing, camping I , Jon Speck QBQ Katherine Hepburn, Barbara Andrews, Lauren Ba call fCt Swimming, skiing, gourmet cooking Dave Stokesberry no comment Boy Stenger QAJ Students have become more accomplished in their art ability. CBJ Yoda fEmpire Strikes Backj fCt Sculpture, camping Bill Streeter QAJ Students are more informed but less interested in education. ' QBJ Pat Robertson CCD Swimming, fishing Don Sundquist QAQ Students are more willing to accept mediocrity. QBJ Keith Jackson QCJ Fishing, hunting, skiing Ellen Thornburg no comment x ,,,,X,,, Q s li i Jesse Trujillo Jan Turnbull QAJ Students have not changed. KAJ Students today may be more sophisticated. tBl Peter Sellers, Woody Allen fBl Robert Redford, Katherine Hepburn, Johnny Car- QCD Golf, Fishing, kids, sports son QCJ Golf, skiing, reading, traveling Larry Ubben John Vick QAJ Students are about the same. QAJ Students are more independent, fBl Shirley McClain, Walter Matheau CBJ Stephanie Powers, Robert Wagner tCl Fishing, boating iCl Camping s sg, A 1 ' L " t" : 1 lrt' Arlene Walton Bob Wellentin QAJ Students have become more sophisticated. KAJ Students no longer want to do the work necessary U35 Richard Chamberlain, Barbara Streisand, Harry to get an education. Reasoner tBi Bob Hope CCD Camping, boating, reading QCD Fishing, hunting, gardening is il Lee Whitehall QAJ Many students now place less value on getting an education because outside interests dominate their time. QBJ Richard Chamberlain, Alan Aida, Robin Williams QCD Reading, writing, shopping, traveling Ann Wilkinson no comment 4 Ms at L f Torry Wickman lAl The decrease in student and parent involvement in education. QBQ Mike Farrell lOl Tennis, cooking, reading -1.555515 R X tis? Eg R 'F tri 3 Mr. Salmon discussing Business Law. l udy Wagstaft, Vanna Day, Doris Pearson, Rose Kibbe, Peggy Garrison, Laurel Joyal, Karen loettcher irst Row: Charlotte Breckenridge, Brenda Martin, Connie Bratholm, Patricia Folk, Second Row: Mei ashington, Polly Sweet, Ruthanne Kather, M. C. Connally ina Pearson, Carolyn Nordeen, Elizabeth Olsen, Shiela Hampton, Cheryl Will, Elizabeth Kehn, Katherine Sellers, Joan Sahon, Cora Jackson, Nelida Huddleston l Peggy Garrison Vanna Day Judy Wagstaft Doris Pearson W ' Q55 4. 1 , 4 N , Polly Sweet Connie Bratholm Laurel .loyal I-IDNCDR RDLL ,WZ ri' Jeanette Anton Dennis Armstrong Deanna Ball David Byrd Annalyn Cabigting Krista Carson Sang ll Chea Philip Clark Linda Dewey Alan Dominque Elizabeth Eubanks Lynn Fairley Deborah Fredrickson Carrie Gaynor Maurice Hanks Mark Harris Ronnie Harris Deborah Harrison Carla Henkel Khanh Huynh Jordon Jacobson Rebecca Johnson Teresa Kleindl Kelly Kovacs Milton Lew Pamela Lusk Graig Meyer Mark Olive Kae Suk Paek Sandra Parish May Patajo Johnnie Patterson Ag--e 5.- Sandra Patzer Gary Pederson Mark Pervinich Rod Peterson Daniel Petramalo Teresa Reed Kathleen Rue Carl Schneider Michael Sonnier Rhonda Staples Sue Stephens Arthur Stevens Sharon Tuggle Aaron Williams Evelyn Wolff Bruce Worobec Jim Wooldridge TGP TEN i I ... I v .2Sf'.:lX " :X34 f W X i i P ,. i ii an i I Teresa Reed-4.00 j i i ii . . 4 ix 2 f 5 i I I , V ' 4? i i ' cnae Pak-3.96 Shawna came-3.93 W Mark Pervinich-3.91 Kathy Rue-3.87 Dirk Pettitt-3.86 , mari ri fl . . , . Xe Aaron Williams-3.84 Philip Clark-3.83 Sang Chae-3.81 Craig Meyer-3.81 Nom! Tnen .in wi K is I . , ,Yf ' "" Xb o Y . Lrk. :',:1"l a 1 - Y is A Y Student Lif Section Editors G Angela Bruno Sandra Patzer YOU Call 3 You can a by the You can a by their You can a 'T ways te ways te ay they ways te little bun ways te by their noble oe w by the way they ix x, , ex . S K a Senior, p and gown. a Junior, strut around. e Sophomore, oh, a Sophomore, run to lunoh! by: Lori Hupp 6 S ? Y' Mike Young addresses stude nt body, E iii if u' Krista thinks Pam is doing a great job as Royalty Editor!'?! Linda Veifa and her grade book , H 559 .P X E L David takes his punches frorn Carmen sitting down. X X' .-:: 11 Charolette Baxter t'I'm so cute!" Janet and Kathy took pretty keen in their 50's outfits. Steve, Ramon and Rich "Quick hide the stuff! Tim, fingers this week, toes nextl? Brian Potter is practicing his "who me" look k fag. 5 "Si x f yi an i L. fi g U F. f 51 It 8.2 Art, did your mom wash the answers off your sleeve? Allen Dominique's new way of cramming! J a n e w t, h gun i ' ' I I e m C h d r r i e s a I m rn i a n s g ! bl - O f a A -- 3 -. 11-S:-,fig -un , " , 2 is ei if 23 925. iq. X , .AQ SN Tis Maid aw an 1 in f JK Q., N4 ...lg , me. SCH. REAL PEGPLE FINE ARTS Section Editor: l.isa Bustruck Fine Arts is a very important part of cluture. Mount Taho- ma's musicians, actors, and artists, are really very good' at their work. It at a concert or play, you hear or see a mistake don't tell people that they were terrible. We are all human beings, and we all make our mistakes. Never go to a concert or play to just be entertained. Think along with them, and give them your support. l-low many times have some ot you gone to look in the art classes and showcase? We have some really good artists in this school. lt isn't easy to act, sing, play an instrument, or paint a picture. They deserve a lot more credit for their good work. 11 L fi if g 15 K .. i, -we Mr. Stenger helps Terri Hazeimyer. :gf if if ' -E j g Q Kevin, Mike, and David harmonize. Threefs Company. Mai-lie wonders who cut Eveiyn's che-ese?! CHOIR 'www-"'-x E --.. N gh wi :i22:i'--- F lt: 3 'N-f "-"' 1 ,..:f.,:.. K .52 ' ic.: 1:ff"fg f - 1515 . M215 3" - - - f5wf.Q..:: .. . 5' i .TE iiii N CGNCERT Cl-IGIR Front Row: Debbie Ruedin, Lan Nguyen, Barb Hathaway, Gina Denton Tammy Rohr, Hyun Jung Kwon, Geun Ja Kim, Diana Harvey, Vicki Riviera, Tracy Gleason, Julie Ericson, Jaein Chong, Carol Scheuneman, Lori Hupp, Shari Flores, Mr, Sundquist. 2nd Flow: Michelle McGarey, lngrid Hammon Pricilla Jonason, Brenda Reynolds, Toni Cook, David Hoefer, Lance Kih- linger, Steve Moser, Troy Watts, Kevin Smith, Brian Miles, Shelly Heinz, Mai- lie Turnley, Verieen Moore, Becky McCollum, Lori Trottier, Deree Reimers. Back Row: Donna Carter, Laurie Ericson, Kim Lowery, Beckie Johnson, Evelyn Wolff, Terri Hazelmyer, Joni Bowen, Scott Guinn, Johnny Johnson, Mike McVey, Tim Ketron, Mike King, Berry McCullum, John Butler, Pam Edminster, Marie lndrebo, Dailene Harris, Wendy Hamilton, Doo Re Chun, Kae Suk Paek, Joyce Peterson. Wendy and Carol lead sopranos in solo. l l ,H X .-:au m n m v rv-nn' I nm iff? This year the Concert Choir, as many of you who attended any of the performances know, had an entirely new look. The new red robes seemed to add to the harmony of the voices. The choir had a lot of fun giving con- certs, traveling, and singing their hearts out. Swoio origin 6 f ' ' Front Row: Tami Fihor, Donna Carter, Terri Hazelmyer, Joni Bowen, Kim Karen Tegner, Mr. Sundquist. Back Row: Kevin Smith, David Hoefer, John Vig, Pam Edminster, Mai-lee Turnley, Marie Indrebo, Carol Scheuneman, Johnson, Troy Watts, Mike King, Barry McCollum, Lance Kiblinger. Lance and Karen participate in fall concert. Kim serenaed by Troy. Pianist: Pam Edminster. The Studio Choir is a very special, talented group of students. ln order to be in this group you must have a sence of musical knowledge, a good voice, be relaxed, and love to sing. Of course we all get the jitters before performing, but the key is not to let it show. For the Christmas concert they per- formed "Twas the Night Before Christ- mas." They entertained the audience by both singing and acting it out. MIXED Cl-ICDRUS X 4. . ' f . -. Xt f 'J 5 'Ml r 3? 'sz g f 5 f 3 ,, . I S ,215 y ,. rrv ,:,,,,m,tr. :Q S.,-f f ,v 1' A gf. v. Q-Hx ,l ' QR -V ' ' "Tlx Front Row: Ann Bobenhouse, Tami Wilson, Rochelle Reed, Betty Delfazio, Chris Trotter, David Sewer, Randy Keller, Steve Smith, Scott Guinn, Otis Kim Heinz, Vicki Riviera, Jill Nelson, Julie Riley, Asondra Hunter, Lisa John- Abron, Dana Huddleston, Annette Bungart, Romona Elli, Ann Campbell. Son, Becky Chapin, Mr. Sundquist. Back Row: Leslie Lones, Becky Curry, -'MIX 'Q STAGE BAND Row 1: Lynn Fairley, Mark Harris, Carrie Gaynor, Kris Hartley, Kathy Messe-rsrnith, Francis Scheer. Row 2: Mr. Lane, Peter Thomas, Tracy Gleason, Joe Myrick, John Huntsman, Leroy Standifer, Mike Johnston, Stu Wallin, Kevin McLaughlin, Art Manniko. ING , g. , 5 ,. "'9' P t ' 5X'g Y? is i , Hi... .,"Z ff 53. ,"S"-- sf ?"?- 'Ex Ff.ff f I' V 'iv 3 Y ' np, 'R' .ly 0' Q 3-in , ' 1 n Lf' CDFKCI-IESTFRA First Row Cathy Shannon, Don Fleed, Lori Trottier, Eric Sanchez, Dave Third Row Deborah Collins Karin Stege Kathy Schmitz Charolotte Grout Peterson Andy Schoolmaster, Second Row: Mr. Speck, Tony Fawwcett Tina Arnold Wendy Hamilton Liz Smith Flon Acosta Tim Ketron, Victor Keizer, Bill Cheatham, Art Keene Orchestra, Losing their all-state par- ticipants trom last year, is bringing out other talented players this year. There are competitive ensembles. They per- form at our school concerts, at other schools, and in the South String Festi- val. Last Year they had the largest num- ber ot people in their history, and in the future they hope to do the same. This year, although a smaller group, is filled with a group of nice, hard working peo- ple who play their instruments well to- gether. K I -Q .. x, lv iii"- Pp F Q- ml 1 DRAMA CLUB Front Row: Wendy Hamilton, Ruth Dillon, Deanna Cartindale, Joyce Peter- Liz Smith, Debbie Fredriokson, Victor Kiser, Lynn Hanks, Matt Earnest, John son, Marticia Mullen, T.J. Tvedt, Cimdy Cornelius. Back Row: Mrs Johnson, Fuhrman, Debbie Collins. 1 , X I .. A 1' The Mount Tahoma Drama Club al- most wasn't this year. Thanks to some of the dedicated people from last year's club we survived but didn't get underway until November. The club put on the production of "Who Dunit" and also gave a variety show. There were many hard times such as learning lines and getting to rehersals but it was all worth it and we all had lots of laughs and a good sense ot accomplishment. Debbie Fredrickson ARTS St CRAFTS w NK+'sa Tami Rohr constructs a masterpiece. Evelyn Wolf deep in thought, Jodi Jacobsen plans on making his own baseball cleatsi?J Lisa and Patti work in art class. N ,g..-- . A J 'ig Scott Hobsen paints a gnome, xx Joni Bowen at her Uartistic best These three knew their pictures were being taken. RGYALTY Princess Ingram Drueding 1981 Princess Ouida Weaver 1961 now lives in Lon- don and has since 1967. She plans to receive her Lawers Degree this year. She is the owner of the Ouida Weaver Hotel. One of her activities includes being a spectator at the Wimbledon tennis tourna- ment. FINALISTS: Seated: Shawna Clarke, Jeanette Anton Standing: Kaylee Froembling, Ingram Drueding, Annalyn Cabigting 'fwflf 'S Yi f 2' . A ,ff X 2 f 3, rw- ik-nf J Q, . E Ls 3 ,gf wdfwm im DAFFODIL PRINCESS FRUEDING Xl? 3- IIINKYII The 1981 Daffodil Festival Theme, "International lnterlude," pretty deep, huh? There are so many angles to approach this theme that I can't give you a definition. Instead l'lI let you use your imagination which is something essential to every Daffodil Prin- cess. Being Mount Tahoma's Daffodil Princess has brought many things with it including community awareness and envolvement, eighteen new friends from all over Pierce County whom I can't say enough about, the honor of representing tand the opportuni- ty to boast abouti the mighty Thunderbirds and most of all to see my friends and family stand behind me when support is what I needed most, Thanks to all of those people who have taken an interest in what I have done making my reign just that much more enjoyable. 1981 Daffodil Princess Ingram ilnkyl Drueding 51, . .ttt.. t sr Itt Q . K, , K I " fx S I N 5, AQRL Qc 11: kkf, A A . ... . . , 5 ZLZ . 5 . ,mm.,, . ig is . S -nu O' ,ff -fi x , N, . 'Q ' X ns. N A 14 -bij XI X .. new vang ..,,, k w- -, .sm .L 'I Y . ,kgxgii .Wik- qakfi if - 0 w - X 5,0 K X Y' 1 4. k Q . x ,, .. Y .. VA. .N , - , YN, X . .. J. .1 -YN --N ak, I-IDIVIECDIVIING PRINCE AND PRINCESS: Jeff Owings Teri Guesman DUKE AND DUCHESS Manuel Gomez Mary Jane Manalac sam K R RN gg X xx Q ....,,.. SI-IELIA Q is 5 . it The theme of this year's Afro Pageant was "Believe in Yourself." this was quite an experience for me as well as for the other eleven young ladies in the competi- tion. l hope that many of you girls participate in next year's show. It is a lot of hard work, but the rewards of meeting people, acquiring the self-confidence, and re- spect for yourself and others, is well worth it, I am truly proud to have represented Mount Tahoma because l represented a great and supporting faculty and student body. Shelia Stubbs 1981 Afro Princess 99 JUNICDRS SECTION EDITOR DEBBIE EFIEDRICKSGN CDFFICERS Kathy Messersmith, Treasurer, Carol Medley, Vice-Presidentg Cardell Simmons, President, Kathy Murray, Secretary, Senators: Jeff Newcomer, Ben Clark Marie Indrebo, Kim Ketron. Not Pictured: Teresa Costi, Bill Tannahill. Advisorsi Connie Bratholm, Dale Fountain, Pam McGee, Not Pictured, Don Leebrick. At the beginning of the year Cardell Simmons, Junior Class President, was asked some questions about Mount Tahoma and the Juniors. l feel that the Junior Class will accomplish great things. Maybe not as a whole, but our individual determination and drive has already proven we can conquer any problems blocking our goals. As sophomores we took second in the penny drive. Dodging eggs and trying not to get taped to a pole were also some things we can all remember. This class is a model class with "Real People." l'm glad I had the chance to be involved, and serve this great school and fellow classmates. Junior Class President Cardell Simmons B I .xg g l Sf Birch Abraham Bonald Acosta Sherry Addington Q: l Q . Scott Arnestad Terry Arnold Jeannine Arrington N Ky Shannon Barnes Christine Bartley Carla Basto i Deanna Ambrose Sybilla Banks 'Ov t Q WS A Q5- John Batty Charlene Anderson Betty Arndt Brian Barabe Paul Barnes Evelyn Baxter Julie Beardslee F 3' r l Eric Begay Tracy Benton Brenda Bergen Lance Bierman Kelly Billingsley D D Birch ,mr Lori Bishop Michael Bolte Karen Bowen Leah Branson FlOnald Brooks Bobert Brown , ,wt , X W XX . Kathy Buck Anita Bungart Annette Bungart J x X James Burgess Samuel Burks Alfred Butler Jr. E l pg' SN, . Phillip Cade Evette Campeau Socorro Caro Donna Carter Kevin Carter Margaret Caswell JG-ri ff Q 5 'fsxin rv o 5 William Cecchini Steven Chandler Jackie Cheatham ae l J Benjamin Clark Alonzo Cockfield Dan Colburn Deborah Collins Michael Conner Toni Cook Curt Chojnowski Doo Be Chun Timothy Church Q if 'S "I couldn't find a phone booth." ,,.f?" ' , ACN KAN wwf w 'S gm, ikqi W Q -, X .. ,:, A - ws E S i b fy I M, AE ix L i Ali- : Q 'KZ if .m g 4 4 7-'gif if 5 V H ,. 4 www W xitaa-QQ X 10 we fi is 'Sf xt X t 1' i . William Eberhardt Pamela Edminster Karen Elliot Julie Erickson Laura Erickson Mitchell Erwin ,Mg .Us E Robert Etheridge Nanette Ewing Tina Fahre Anita Federighi Ricky Picker Kelly Figllo R: ,A X X . , . , Daniel Flannery Karen Porous Melinda Frazier l-lane Ereyberg Kathleen Fuller Mark Gabel Tony Gaglnaroi Robert Garcia Gary Garner Yvonne Gee Angela Genoa Virginia Gilliam "Who rnev' , Toni Gilman Christina Girdler Vicki Girnau B 4.1! Gary Goodner Lawanda Goodson Daphne Goodyear 3 -Wm, X we 17:11 A' l f fx. l Michael Gleason Tracy Gleason Scott Godsey qv I 3 wa-, Y X . ,N,fA 2 T'- Cindy Grabowsky Adrianna Greco Louis Green lll Charlotte Grout Terrie Guesman Norma Guiler Scott Guinn Teresa Gustafson John Hadaway v- ,Q K ,fl ,f xr f 4 ,T 4, EEL-iiiri ,. lr- 2'-,gy , -r i4?.l,22.'-L v "'f-Wir' . f' 1 , mfr - ,414 rnvgw .N w,N,,K,,4l.',,, if' 'r"'7?11'1"",f,aw'w 'v7T?'.f..f ,yeV,W,52 ,lien W vial: . 9,.H, 1 l wwigff- f, gsemlhfz ffj bp ng!- R' Todd Hagen Sharon Hale Richie Hall . 3' 'ytwg ' W1 -r fa. ext! fre- if in .X J52:3:1,ft-i1,13?Ef1. ' W 45,,m 4 455, M, M. fr -1- -,-S: ' . ' f::2?Zu-jX:,z Y 1 .f-A .ix 106 "Take my picture!" bp X Randal Haller Young Ham Paul Hamilton "TWP "I'm leaving!" Dianna Harvey Aleta Haskins Lori Hermansen Patty Hestla 1 Mi-YOHQ HOHQ Steven Hoye Barbara Hathaway Herbert Hinton III Barbra Hughes Wendy Hamilton Ingrid Hammond Cynthia Hancock Lynn Hanks , 7 i 'Q t Sharon Hayden Cynthia Hempstead Jay Hobbs Stacy Hobson June Han Christine Hartley Mary Herd David Hoefer Donald Hummel John Huntsman Marie lndrebo Timothy Ketron Lance Kiblinger Yong Kim Youn Kim f - Vrctor Kiser James Kolbas l Jolie Knoll Mark lacrosse l inn l egaull lvlicnael lennian "N QM Cnae Song Kim Chong Hyun Kim Geum Ja Kim Hui Kim if Q A 3 hi fi Q VV Janeen King ,x W '-"' ,,unn.u- -U" Jeff Knepper "Oni Tnat'5 terrible"' in Qfvffs X I I K ,gil 9X l .Qu Richard Lamonica Jr Liana Larson Robert Leal Michael Lee Karen leingang Micnael leopard Susan leskalan Deborah Letzring .1 Q usty Lewis Steven Linn Joy Lovingood 0 ' V: f 1..J--'+L' l , - . A in ? in so f 'x..... M W-as 2' ,.,,E-.M-ago ,W , K S f f il 1 J' l N A R: l Y 1 J - Q l -, A s ' X .Q U - wi l W i ' in- il , 1 A " ' A il H fo' -' lm - F ' ..., . ,IV ' l 'N K ":Q'q,T,, - ' o A ,- ' ., f .l l -Zllfffr . 5-,a ,W - 1 Q ,- , f , i 'M S X 8 9 i v F, X Rss- , Y VV 5 H14 , 1 ,wwf l i . -..?. " gsm. - -J. f ' Qi . ' + -- - ,oz-1:1 sa X x , 1, N , i-,:T3g1 Ak6 A ,, - ,A f 1 -as-A- we y The start ol our school. L Tuan Ly Michael Lynch Edward Mabin 'K' M A i - , I s , . x A Arlecia Maes Stephen Main Carolyn Manalac Aurthur Mannikko Michael Marcoe Allen Mason S nnek D fi M M., I . . Douglas Mathies Tony Mathis Carl Matteson Shawna Mays Douglas Mazzine Deborah McBride . as A Floberl McBride 'Brian McElroy Michell McGarey Robert McKechnie Kevin McLaughlin Robin Mcphaden Michael McVey Kellie Meaney eq'-"'W S Katiya Messersmith Debra Metcalf Jimmy Montgomery Jo Morales Stephen Moser Matricia Mullen X 1157 Carol Medley Suzanne Medley Patrick Mercurio Donald Merklin Stephen Miller Julia Milligan Kenneth Millsap Michelle Milten Donna Morton eff? 1' y V' 7 X A 1 3 A Kenneth Munoz "VVh3T'S Q0lflQ Om!" N 'S .fs D 3 , Xa snr KIM? Kathleen Murray Joseph Myrick Sylvia Nacis Bridget Neagle Debbie Nelson LOri Nelson 111 4 1 vs 'T -1 f .J af .. i v?1"'H?iF4:f: -3, . i Q QQ Y I ii I ml Q i x- . , Q1 'X . I .v .,.. fx 5X""""'. 7 an o 'X 11,45 QQ f S.. f.. .gifs .,, f ' lf f.-3' g 4 we - 'Q me .142 'Six iq K i w N x .. 4' sf S m .viii A Ss 2 nw """"Nl!W - :,,,,a,f1. 'ii' --1 :mn 5 , Q.. wav' Xi iW"""'L John Tveter Nancy Uren -U 1 If ' Donette Villalba Sandra Vindivich Elizabeth Warren Tricia Watkins sly, ,KQ..:?, X Jeffery Westmark Kenneth While Tonya Wisse Vicki Worthen Frank Vance Robert Varner qc- - ff get fttiii E 35 Susanne Vonappen Lori Wahl Nas' K Timothy Watson Katheryn Weber Bernard Williams John Williams l Richard Wright Phillip Yahne x 2 gm Stephen VerValin Kimberly Vig gn-Q. Dawn Wakin Stewart Wallin -Ir'-umm, Jeff Webster Mona Weller Maurice Williams Steven Williams 11, 77' X51 ft Yolanda Young Kathryn Zuber Juniors show artistic talent. How the West Was Won SPECIAL , Q XA? David Bartlett Marion Bass Shelly Fitzpatrick Clarence Ford . At Christopher Maples Keith Matson Keith Schmidt EDUCATICDN Tracy Bell Gary Bostrom Christopher Condon Jimmy Hockley Margaret Huffman Thomas Kutschia C 1 Charles McCarthey Chris Mitchell Sandy Ryan Denise Shimizu Robin Stone Willis Ternes Can we do something, now? .k.,.. Q4 al ,gurl tal' .W A Shelly sits patiently. Ready to hear from Tracy? Whiie we are waiting. Thomas plays ball. :SET , k W' -' ' fi55l'f1'5' . ' ' 53-.sfiiff Siifi L' k ' iw f . EDWORS: KATHY RUE HARUMI TUCKER THEN T-BIRD SPCDRTS T-BIRD FGGTBALL Front Row: Craig Meyer, Johnny Johnson, Alain Patton, Maurice Hanks, Todd Goodson, Quinn Baxter, Dirk Pettitt, Steve Blomgren, David Cabrera, Ken Hanks, Ken Spencer, Earl Davis, Brian Rychner, Robert Ross, Fred Baxter. Second Row: Ramon Moore, Louis Green, Mike Carrington, John Fuhrman, Alonzo Jennings, Scott Nordi, Dan Nelson, Rich Lamonica, Ken Gosteli, Robert Murphy, Joel Harper, Fred Cooper, Dan Hart, Arnie Richards, Lacy Walker. Third Row Mike Vindivich, Mike Young, Mike Sonnier, Jody Jacobson, Dan Flan nery, Bob Gibson, Mike Boite, Rob Leonard, Chris Horn, Steve Hoye Jett Daschofsky, Robert Callaghan, Ted Carter, Coaches: Mr Boughton, Mr. Nordi, Mr. Leebrick. w tt-Rs A J 2 QS , x km - K X ..h. K - f X Q Y 'Q 'dig' ' J' Y N Q W i Q . . , " 7 S , ,kk. -. W"W ' . " N L 5 L .L N ' m 'Tl2.4Ef5f'i L lx - , -i .'.-- Q K f K . .. X k ,, 1 ,. 1 .-.b ,,.. " I .1 y-:w,,.yr::f.::.::ff:-:ng 3 -kkkkf , - 1.1.1. , .um:'::::m.,f1!xf::rgg5:::ff1:-fm - -- err "'- x .::-w:g1p.:fE'f mifzzn . ,. ee,-E . Q- Uf:f1f.fe:'ef , E Ai,5,ggi:LQ2511fiigmmsfiwzifn-T,:Q,Mg::xiii, , ., ,,,.. , ,,,. ,.ga:.g-2-M ,... ,V X '35, I If352323:gS!?EEbai,i5EiSg5Kiwi?5353515551f:5gggz5igLg9:,,gfgzgggkigszz, ' :' - ' ,Q Yfiiifgf-:-,ii :gpg f,,s5axnr1.W.!ESiQ511'rxx 11595256-:15q?!'Tiw5?SS9fE15SS?'Fii-551' . -- . 1111..TEEN!"Gigli'?553555555555!F5?32'51'-viiiliis 15i37f9559?9fTi5fl ' 1 ' ,:gg,5g:q55g,,g:3::g:1g3,5a'gg-gy:,::q, ' g -'-N55 -- , -Q53,Ei355553,5lggg::,z:!55yggggniiiwiiiii, 155532555 S 'TL f ' '-'1''SSGE:-2552'NBEEEQQSSSAS1,552525fff1i'?7'5195:-if-iii-Y?2:53. "1fiQ9?fY V kkkkky, :3gg:gE::,5:gk5g-,ga153A ,:-3. kk I ig -:wr331-E135553-553,,:g,gg5g5!g9X5,:,:2Si::115f555?i A If rx 1E,.2f5:i?2:.:F5112359132131193fss2fss7ff5f::3S-iifiiYEEEQIQZE,mf-I " :2.e::::11 5,5 --ff,-- ,gigg K. M355 7,54 7 ,- ::1f5g755,b,f5: Jfmfkflgggpzfi--mms. '1?Q15iE1i:25Ef2.!?2. " :1wf21lS5E1'S5Y,2:11nfs?:fi1:Wifi'-1'-ff,-2SQ5?Q?5?S:fl5S f -. ff: n ...,, I -- I ..,, - , , J fi il?-x Q4 ag . 3 '55 fi.. S . I-i f L f PM ' i . -.-i--0+ Mm,-,'-. 1 A , ,...I1'5i1-'-'fi is f gyda' 5 Q v X A MW QHWOVW 'ms K :KE J . K 'kkk V... " M .J .X MWWM.W?M -+A Ni Q 4 . Q-f 112, N..-R,-Q-. .. K A K Q K - k,,:,.. , ...:,.- 1-Qswv-A ,:,,N,,wwp.. N W,kk .. f krik. ' :W mm ro as ami- , 3 X A J W , 4, i is . '-': HM A ..-, M,y,1N.xww"W' If fyvf QKWWW' L, Q.. QT 1 . X :mg A V U may A,:k :qw :..X, - :W M M - ikywwiwwwmwk W, ,NMMA -- Yk..,.:.- - ,Y,.,,x. ,.,. A Lvfxx " "" A Ckx ,k,k X ,,,:. MX ., ,qffxxwxl . K kg 5 2 3 3 22 tg is if XEAI N ----b ' ' L N 1. ramona 7 0 3 5 E V A,1,e5n,f2 um,W9, , ,-N,,xQ. J, ,Q..A,a,,,W.Q,.,. , ,..,,, j ' if .. A 1 ' 25- X.L- Z is ig mmXA,. 1. me f 4 - -L'xLW" mw-L-- f Ti 'mm'k I m f . ,. h b H . X-m T ..'L' ' . -. KX - I K-.- . if Kifh gl 5- - - ' - - -- ' aww Liam-f" -ff ff'355x5uA!i r I F I t Y 'Q g. K ' s 5 i N wk' 'S'-Q N Q Q f' -3-lifi sjf' gk ""ffl'.1.:'1"Mx file ,,,,.,.. ,Y - K K . ?,,x,:,,.?,,,.-,,,.,. .... , 5-WV MQ- -. .,.Y .,.,.. aw... ,A we -- - - K A N A W , 'Y in ' X ,Q L N 3 ', N,...-,,., A s .. at x F .xx 5, Y ev f-v 's I- xiii. 5-4. Y - fi 5 5 GUI? CCAC!-IES ARE Tl-IEE BEST! Coach Boughton Coach Leebrick Coach Nordi The mighty T-Birds did it again! To start the season off right, coaches Nordi, Boughton, and Leebrick's Thunderbirds captured the annual Grid-Go-Round title. That set the pace as the team snatched victory alter victory from opposing schools. ln regular season play, the stingy T-Bird defense gave up only one touchdown. Entering into the playoffs, the "red ball express" disposed of tough opponents in the likes of, Capital, Richland, and Evergreen. This paved the way for a second trip to the Kingbowl. Roll out the red carpet! Putting a 24 game winning streak on the line, the undefeated T-Birds made history as they trampled Issaquah High School 21-3. The victory preserved the championship trophy to remain in its place, at the only school in Washington history to win back-to- back state championships, Mount Tahoma High School. Various honors were achieved by many members of the championship squad. NARROWS ALL LEAGUE: First Team: Lacy Walker, Mike Young, Fred Baxter, Mike Vindivich, Craig Meyer, Maurice Hanks, Ramon Moore, Joel Harper, Quinn Baxter. Second Team: Quinn Baxter. Honorable Mention: Todd Goodson, Steve Blomgren, Dan Hart, Dirk Pettit, Mike Sonnier, Arnie Richards. All State: Mike Vindivich and Lacy Walker. All American: Mike Vindivich. Mike also made State's Back of the Year. Lacy Walker intimidates on coming tackler. T-BIRD ALL STATEFRS Mike Vindivich enters the endzone for another score. f-'gm N LL, L ,W ,L ,W 1.L fL?f vhwg mi'.,.1e 13,5 gwaiwmw Mx" ., ' K . . .L .. kk.: f A ..., , , Rail , ,ggw ,, KK . we , ,A . . N.. rf r - Razr. A, ,A M Q 9 .L ir VL A k kl. swf, . 4w3 15KR,ki5g5,'p .h . M . .X . -W..eQ5r"s . - .fEfq?12Fqi' Q' ' 5' m'1': k' K"" N' ' QQ N A , -L - ., .. N. .. -' as-' . , k'- A V ET " 'L . 5 . M ' 5 I W ' 4 -'re reee Q.. 'r L ' e Alain stops "Issy" ball-carrier dead in his tracks. Fred tiptoes through enemy territory 4- f. Q 4, ' HI 51.--'wg A I ' 1 '-- W 'Q is Y .' ,- 'fkff-?1"'i ' 5' 7-35 it 1 T ' - 5 L ' A3?"1QJ"""f'fW4 'FA " ' g..g ar" " lk 45N -7 ,, i f ,fffg-f+ uf., .Q V A 4 ,.,.f-" it - ' " an Q ' 1 av'-w, Q M, M, M .K 6 -..- Q, ,.:,.Jg -..g, i34fQ Q 1 "'u'yg,4 and f 'i vi -'NJ f"""Hs Why .0 3 .A-M if f H .ir W A W. .-:, ' f dbyai it 1 ' f ' 6 It ,, , u Q Q S if if 'Q K . WA,,., A H K . IF, Q 'Q Lk: 1. YF NRWNQQQSL mmf ff: 5 -':' A . - We an K , . s but-2-V KINGDOIVIE IS GUI? GRCDUND Vindivich breaks into open field. Arnie runs back interception. Ramon displays T-Birds awesome defense. pf : 3 in 5 gee . . Maul ..... fe' AAA" STATE CI-IAIVIPICDNS "SECOND TIME AFTGUNDH se S i P l 5351 . X , , X 7 , i G Y . tw ' Coach Fountain Teamwork! That was the word enforced by Coach Fountain as he led the Mount Ta- homa Volleyball team to success. Undefeat- ed in the Jamboree, a first place finish in the Narrows League, then a trip to state. Just as impressive on the court as in the classroom, the T-Birds first eight varsity players accu- mulated an average gradepoint of 3.47. Back Flow: Coach Fountain, Norma Guiler, Kim Burns, Theresia Hersch, Sharon Tuggle, Kathy Rue, Lawanda Goodson, Donna Kollar, April Livingston, Blanca Molinari. Front Row: Sandy Owings, Lorraine Anderson, Betty Ardnt, Harumi Tucker, Teresa Reed, Shelra Stubbs. 131 T-BIRDS HAVE Tl-IIF-RST FUR FIRST . . . Teresa Reed soars to spike as Kathy prepares to cover, 4 ' 'kkkr'i' 'k.j- .3- if is LWEEQV prim' mr fs NNW LaWanda Goodson executes a spike HEAD TCD STATE Kathy Rue drills ball to floor. i hW.x if X ffl 5 , Q' Q l , ,l i I , ' , ,nl I Lkf , ' ' . .2 l Xi' . . X X f w Q 'K' ' Q0 Kim Burns drives the ball through a defending blocker. X J i ' .... Q 5 J' .,.Me1. ,www .t..,w.'s 2 v"""""'ww' 5 T 5 A y S S M-MN' M V ,Af---"M 'L-44" -4" ly!! ' 47 ,,,"""N ls "-"M ----N ,M ""F iM,.,-f"'M'-N ' ' M ---""lllInnq:f W., ,MN Gamepoint. . . the pass is accurate, the set just right, and a drilling spike ends the match with the T-Birds victo- rious again! Match after match is vvon in this fashion leaving the opponent to the tune of "Another one bites the dust," The Spiker's outstanding leap- ing ability and steady defense intimi- dates every challenger. Diving saves of tipped balls are the T-l3ird's specialty. While "hustle" is the team's middle name. Our T-Birds are the best! Sharon Tuggle bumps ball to eager teammates. -3 CQ T-Birds take the Jamboree undefeated. lv 1 1 stainless f Sharon and Teresa attempt a double block, Rue SPIKERS FINISH AS NAFRFRCDWS LEAGUE CI-IAIVIPIGNS! Q 3-.s T'Bird runners warm-up for race. K, .9 ,, we 5 ..2ie., , 4 .. I 4 Mx, Mount Tanoma runners. get off to a good start Tony Matteson races to vrctory CROSS CCDUNTRY -..N Top Row: Joe Flussell, Derek Jones. Middle Row: Tony Hernandez, Stewart Wallin, Carl Schneider, James Burgess, Ken Kentron. Bottom Flow: Joe Lawless, Tony Matteson, Dan Buiz, Lonnie Cockfield, John Williams, Walt DeCoursey. ,. in-. ., ,gt , ..,,,., ,W K - -ww-we-vt X i John Williams "Most valuable runner." Coach Bob Burgess Bang! The gun sounds. . and they're off! The awesome T-Bird run- ners attack the rough terrain. Mile after mile is accomplished effortlessly. Bed and Gold is worn with pride. The victo- ry tape is near, t .and emerging from the pack is a T-Bird runner! Previous T- Bird records are shattered with ease. Highlights include MT's outstanding defeat of Foss in a dual meet. Our Cross-Country team is No. iff!! BUYS SWIMMING N, X M. A , A t t. -we-SWN. - 'A ,J T-Bird swimmer brings in winning time. A strong swim team outfitted the thunder-duck pool, as records were broken almost every meet. Phil Clark, a senior diver, held national acclaim with his olympic-style diving. tix Coach Streeter S 33 f, M' ff . my Y , , v t t N or N 1 ,, 'Yrs W If .. .. -- i:..! eu N . 5, - . , 5 .3 2 .sm QL, .- " r as - QD he 'lin Qi nl, "' , -. . Q' " 'P gt 49 . 'W f h. A ' Q r Front Row: Todd Hagen Mark Divona, Dave Byrd, Vic Peterson, Carl Schneider. Middle Flow: Dan Ruiz, Tony Hernandez, Glenn Stalder, George Grace, Joe Flussel, Roy Kamisugi. Back Row: Assistant Coach Kelly Jarvis, David Jones, Tony Schaffer, Arron Robinson, Jim Arnold, Coach Streefer. 139 My r i f ,, .Fi wzifi 5' f .-rzvifjfifg Em'-', L .g Na- WN,- ag, " WML... ' Qi' 3' vm Deborah Collins races for a victory. 'Nair-"WNW'Fw r . f- 1- A V "hk K A' J' -:Fsg5gs:f,.,xqM.ff " -' - X ' Q, L , J ' ""F':iff'fi",,J vlifivfgvw' ., "5k.1, "" ' my v ., , . ' I -. rv. -x-' r 11 I , -- . r 5,53 ,.,,. A , ' 'f .sy 1 .W r 4 K , , ui? '4-J' , , .. -:k'f 1' K rf? 'r gif? - ' V v X - 1, in .,,111,,,: at A ,... ,, I ,, , , A ,LAL r N ' .V I I E l : g Dorothy Pietras strokes to a strong finish. SWIMMING we . .ii Y A , f Splash! Stroke, stroke. , , here come the goggled-eyed swimmers exhibiting another exhilerating performance! Cru- cial dives, important relays, and dra- matic finishes are all accomplished by T-Bird athletes. Jeanette Anton displays good diving form. Coach Ehrenheim 3 Front Row: Francis Scheer, Susan Perry, Jodi Olive, Yvette Dyer, Kathy Schmitz, Debbie Collins, Suzy Scheer, Nanette Delande. Back Row: Erin Hastings, Julie Jordan, Kathy McClure, Mrs. Ehrenheim, Mr. Ehrenheim, Valerie Reynolds, Jeanette Anton, Johanna Pettitt, Dorothy Pietras, Shannon Barnes, Stacey Warren, Carrie Stewart. k - - - W BUYS BASKETBALL S s i Q i X AHA '76 Ai '2 Q? 5:3 YU ,gn Standing: Coach McClarney, Jeff Daschofsky, Jerry Ladson, Art Haskins, Toron Hightower, Tony Gagliardl, Mike Rome, Doug Rettko, Tom Thompson, Reggie Green. Kneeling: Andy Holliday, Tom Skeim, Fred Baxter, Rob Suplido. Coach lv1cClarney instructs Tom Skelm. Lai. X, K. sa rw ,Nix 55 Q, 55 X X Shia XX Nz is T x 1, fr . N: RSX gg E X 3 X X X we mf Tenacious defense and superior often- sive spurts carried the Mount Tahorna boys basketball team through an un- doubtedly exciting season. The fans were always treated to a high flying Hslam jam" dunk or an "alley-oop in the hoop" bank- er otf the glass. Ouickness, good leaping ability, and heads-up play, were dis' played at every contest. 1 mg! X M- '41 5 4 91 ,dt M4 N K. , Xb.. ,X ,WN X -A wa K N Q ""! Mfiiilsff Q 1 8 it U S S 5 Skeim on the drive 'QW Fred eyes hoop. Toron battles for rebound. ' - g Another lay-up for Tony, Hightower scores under pressure 'er' . , JUNIGFR VARSITY N H f-wmfw-vxmm-new W + - f r .1l 1 1. 1N L. . . fwb ' iii i " QQ5, 1 L ii -. . "": L A L-r- kkyk V fv! K 1 ., b YF 5 W rj L- EHR L 'NB .Q frfgiy I , .. 'XL'Q'i-1 . XM L 'bks f if 1 A gs, or gpg: -r i m ,wwe if H 4 . 5 . W' , ..x. ' L55 iin , K L 4 S, , K . v Q, i ' 1 : x E L A::,, i A A b . L fflvina- W s ' - , K ' " 1 rs: " ,V K V .1 - . v .S-fr -1- or -X A Na., K. poi . A mi Standing: Coach Fountain, Mike Rome, Mark Reagan, Jeff Dasohofsky, Tom Thompson, Alonzo Jennings, Larry Cade, Doug Rettko. Kneeling: Paul Tremlin, Eddy Lowery. Larry fights for possession. Coach Fountain Alonzo scores on fast break. J ' 5 k Q ww. 1 rssfii' T , rg L -L . A X E M5 W W ,ik Aw 3. A . L is www SQ fs eg X X N N 5 SEN 5, 1 1 aug 1 L 'fi-""' 14 7 .--uni L! Q f 1,1 Q " f .... l g 5, y Q 9 A7 ---ve--3 ----. 'W'-v. -4. k k diff .. K GIRLS BASKETBALL MQQ .. .m.aa,, .. ,T Coach Gregersen explains new tactics A550 Jodeen weaves through opponents. Determination and just plain hustle were evident in the play of the T-Bird girls basketball team. "We're very competitive" said coach Terry Gregersen of his short but quick squad. Even though the team lacked a few inches they made up for it with a terminating defense that quickly halted any fierce offensive-minded opponent. The girls deserve a "high five" congratulations for their outstanding efforts. Coach Gregersen -..,..M...-..- ' r"""i TAH34, Ulla' 'zu 32 Brenda Echart, Jill Nelson, April Livingston, Lawanda Goodson, Kathy Rue, Kimmy Burns, Sue Medley, Jodeen Olsen, Mr. Gregersen Q fw rffwu x,,..... N. ., Kathy Rue pulls in rebound, Lawanda concentrates on hoop, Kimmy protects ball while looking for assistance ff" rm- if if www x Kirnmy for two! Sue scores on power lay-up. -g..f , A a...,,. Medley applies tenacious defense. Kathy Rue displays shooting finesse ,ffbe 152 e t-""t lx! wif M...-' J-ft. xt J. af:- ll.. JUNICDR VARSITY ua"-4 Ng f Coach Gregersen, Jackie Croskey, Maureen Milton, Lori Nelson, Nanette Ewing, Carmon Glover, Vicki Worthen, Shelly Eckroth, Norma Guiler. Coach Davenport An inspired group of ath- letes made up a successful ju- nior varsity team. Led by the enthusiastic coaching of Char- lotte Davenport, the consis- tent team play led to consis- tent victories. Each outing the players gave 110 percent and very seldom did they exper- ience defeat. Maureen Shows her stuffy Shelby goes in tor a lay-up on a fast break. rf? 1 Q-MA ,Mk W. H1 Lance Ghoison puts a strong hold on his opponent. 1 154 i i Lance tangles with the opposition Greg displays wrestling skills, T-BIRD WRESTLING 'Nu-nr Kneeling: Eddie Winch, Randy Smith, Bill Samples, Scott Thompson, Greg Peterson, Tony Fawcet, Lance Gholson, Standing: Martin Oliver, Pete Thomas, Stacy Hobson, Randy Rash, Randy Keller, Dale Mulholland, Robert Callaghan, Maurice Hanks, Rob Leaonard, Joe Hersey, Mr. Swope, Maurice Hanks overpowers his opponent. Coach Swope Skillful athletes and a tine coaching squad were the nucleus ofa very com- petitive wrestling team. Seniors Lance Gholson, Maurice Hanks, and Joe Her- sey dazzled the crowds with their awe- some techniques. The T-Bird mat men held their own as they were tough to beat on thunderbird turf. 1? 15 E SE 5 ei QQ 'x fi 3 5 5' if K3 'K' ii 15 52 - , 5' ' k . . ii 1 g K ' '. Dale Mulholland in the process of a take down Randy Keiler begins his attack. in .K ,, 4' A., -J' .mf-W X, K ypvw' V - -M .L-x - www' F u , .,., .,.sgEx'?JQi2:f'- VI si :...,.,..,...-....,,.,-,.,,,. S wx., .,,, ., ,,,. ,I 4' ,,,..w 93 M w -Q mmm-ta QW Jill Nelson, Drena Trowbridge, Kim Burns, Kelly Billingsley, Sue Medley, Donna Kollar, Kathy Rue, Coach Ken Schulz, Jodeen Olson, Julie Fliley, Cheryl Kalerak, Janet Curtright. Coach Schulz Teresa MTR", Reed hits taco' Janet Curtright throws out runner at first. T-BIRD SLCDVVPITCI-l an -H -1 Donna charges around the bases as Kimmy spaces. I E : 5 I I Y Kelly Billingsley drives one to the fence 352 i v f S aa 5 Fl . 1 s il 5 K6 Q 3 1 3 K uaarmvvw 1-A fd! WJ 5 ., X 2. N a Q i ... , sex Q Q Y 54 ff'-x X v -T: ,J i""' me y i ,W Charlotte Baxter, Kathy Schmitz, Robin Kimsey, Lucia LeGauIt, Carrie Stewart, Mary Moore, Karen Baldtrip, Sybilla Banks, Carol Levesque Kim Heinz. 159 Grace, poise, and beauty along with difficult stunts and maneuvers brought high points from the judges and awed the crowd. Spectacular exercises con- sisted of flips and tvvirls, mastered with confidence. The girls gymnastics team reigned supreme. Coach Ketler Back Row: Blanca Molinari, Asst. Coach Natalie Belvill, Kellie Meaney, Coach Tammi Ketler, Debbie Law. Front Row: Sylvia Nacis, Juanita Glover, Asondra Hunter. aunts GYIVINASTICS QM wi ii. ,. Blanca displays graCefUlrWeSS. Sylvia performs difficult balancing stunt. Juanita COFTWDEHES OD the UDSVSFIS. Asondra aweg the Crgwd, l Sim i'li Q . M i l .ill. gim- up-s .i K I MMZWEW I T-BIRD BASEBALL 9 N . K .Af-A-..,., Q "1 . x. K0 K . , :Q S "'3j 4 J 'W lf 5. 1 J! . if, 4 4 git. X. . fi Q vQ t , ' X1 N 5, 1 , nl ? 5 - ,gf . abr 4 V 'vs x .fksr ' r , wk -uv.. Q f f .L gf I ' ,F lg qw , 1 -V-JA. ' V Row 1: Buddy Robison, Kirby Donaldson, Dan Flannery, Kelly Kovacs, Jody Jacobsen, Paul Tremlin, Phil Cade. Row 2: Jay Hobbs, Steve Hoye, Darrin Holme, Ramon Moore, Randy Norsby, Row 3: Coach Leebrick, Arnie Richard, Tony Gagliardl, Mike Sonnier, Mike Vihdivioh, Bob Gibson. ll?" Xfire V .3 - , 1 r v.2fs.W:' W5 . ' M,- X' f .4 - , . f 4 ki - 5 ,K ,F ,A ,rx f ,R J, ', V 'Q ' 9 ' ' - K K - f 'rl' 7 . . g 5 .l W 1 P+' ,L , I W ,, by v r ff J 3' .M ig , - A Y' JN ly PI . 1 is I Coach Leebrick Mike Sonnier swings at pitch. l 'I 64 JUNIOR VARSITY m, 4 ww, Row 1: Kirt Fiohrs, Bryan Rychner, Troy Fiassmusen, Kent Fiohrs, Vic Carlson, Danny Asheim, Joe Rauch, Row 2: Brett Sheflin, Fiick Dennison, Tony Matson, Mark Ginnis, Fion Waider, Don Reed. Row 3: Stuart King, Pete Lawrence, Mike Rome, Larry Cade, Tim Church, Coach Sealy. Kirt Fiohrs acts as relay man. The strength of the varsity lies around the junior varsityg the building blocks for future years. The play of the J.V. is just as intense as the varsity, and just aas exciting. A junior varsity program is the core of any team, they are the ones who work so hard to move up. T-BIRD TRACK Cf Row 1: Coach Wellentin, Robert Ross, Mark Ragan, Martin Oliver, Stu Wallin, John Williams, Lonnie Cocklield, Bill Bowden, Bob Taylor Coach Rallo. Row 2: Fred Baxter, Lamont Sandling, Rob Leonard, Tony Mathis, Aaron Williams, John Christiansen, Mike Lehman. Row 3 Brian McElroy, Quin Baxter, Steve Blomgren, Mike McVey, Joe Hursey, Andre Sledge, Rick Bailey. Row 4: Lacy Walker, Art Haskins Maurice Scott, Richard Lamonica, Derrick Jones, Gary Garner, Charles Jenkins Top Row: Maureen Milton, Sue Laudermilk, Brenda Echart, Norma Guiler, Asondra Hunter, April Livingston, Lawanda Goodson, Coach McLarney. Bottom Row: Blanca Molinari, Vicki Worthen, Angie Martinez, Kathy Walker, Diana Bushey, Salabeth Prall 1 1 x 4 A Lamont Sanding Shows Olympic form Norma Guiler throws the shot with temendous force Lacy'WaIker prepares to throw. T-BIRD GOLF ff? Bottom: David Almonte. Top: Sean Piper, Wesley Stewart, Bruce Worobec, John Furhman, Art Stevens, Jim Wooldridge, Jim Wooldridge concentrates on chip. David Almonte lines up putt Quality soccer is seldom found in the high school ranks, but one exception is the intense professional-like play of the Mount Tahoma T-Birds. Coach Vick Back Row: Jerry Vick iAssist. Coachj, Linda Veira imanagerj, Mike Thomas iAssist. Coachj, Craig Meyers, Scott Schuchmann, Jeff Jones, Todd Hagen, Doug Rettko, John Spevak, Dennis Armstrong, Ronnie Harris, Daie Mullholland, Larry Abraham, Steve Moser, John Vick CCoachJ, Helen Owen imanagerj, Linda Dewey imanagerj. Front Row: Greg Peterson, Ken Reed, Chae Kim, Lance Bierman, Pete Owen, Joe Lawless, Darcy Speidel, Ed Dethampie, Dan Petramalo, Mike Kardash, Anthony Perry, Gary Pederson. 1 K -- K , - 'K '-" - Eat: K Ef'J5i ' K' f . - fff K Boys SDCCER .yy fi is-is J' Wwimww ,asv ,l M V ff' 172 . - s, if QR ' Q Q i , f ... ea , q an Chae Kim shows skillful footwork. '79?ffiv5kiigf - .L T-Birds apply awesome defense. Chae weaves through traffic. f 6. ..Q,, . .XDA -+ WW 'S . Dennis leaps to head ball. Spevak races to score NNW ,.,pdlv"' 1 Linda Viera attempts a goal. Linda lights for possession as Kelly looks-on. GIRLS SCDCCEF2 Helen Owens displays kicking form 'Jh . xr, - E Q, , 3 SQ fr x . 5 f 5 1 4 L -. f '75- , it P .,,.,m., ...- - -ff Q BUYS TENNIS , i 3 N., . S.. --is Coach Trujillo N-uq,,t.,, 4Ww'1""'w.""'N:2"..""Q-"- May Pataio leaps for ball, Allen regains balance after powerful serve. Andy Holiday, Sam Burks, Dave Peterson, Jim Burgess, Victor Kiser, Bussel Croft, Paul Barnes, George Budd, Tony Schaeffer, All Bohrs, Vincent Rosencuften, Kelly Smith, May Patajo, Allen Dominque, Managers Judy Thompson, Dawn Budd, Coach Trujillo. en Chapman, Jeff Mona Weller shows match-winning form. Shawna Clarke adrnlnisters volley. GIRLS TENNIS Charlotte Grout concentrates on serve Top Row: Teresa Gustafson, Shawna Clarke, Karen Forbus, Asondra Hunter, Sylvia Nacis, Mona Weller, Kyong Kim, Joy Lovingood, Coach Batali. Bottom Row: Janet Curtwright, Dawn Budd, Judy Thompson, Juanita Glover, Charlotte Grout. Mona smashes the opponent's lob. - disf- SQ Coach Batali Ace! A T-Bird tennis player displays her overhead smash. Zip, zip, another unreturnable serve. Rackets, fuzzy yel- low balls, and enthusiastic players en- dure the stamina of competitive high school tennis. Incredible backhanded saves, consistent serves, and excellent mind concentration make up the mighty T-Bird force. CDFIGANIZATIGIXIS xv, Six I IN USE 1980 AUDITOFIIUIVI 1960 J . ff EDITOR: DEBBIE GFIOUX wt Back: Donna Kollar, Sandy Vindivich, Yong Kim, Fay Flupp, Socoro Caro. Front: Terrie Guesman, Cheryl Kalerak, Kathy Walker, Yong Kim shows her spirit, lt's really sad to see this year come to an end. From the beginning at camp where we won spirit ribbons to the last pep assembly, I feel we've grown to- gether as a group. With the support of our pep club, mascot, and our band, our games were more exciting and more worth while. Homecoming week was a success. With our crazy days throughout the week, the spirit grew more and more. With our own Blues Brothers, Yoda, and Miss Piggy we showed our return- ing cheerleaders that the Thunderbirds are still very much alive. The pride that grew within the school this year was terrific. With Tequila as our "spiritual revival" we were ready for anything to come our way. I was proud to be a Thunderbird and will re- main a Thunderbird forever in my heart. I hope that in the future the cheerleaders will have as good a time as we did in 80-81. Kathy Walker VARSITY Cl-ll-l-I-tl I-ADI-HS Yell King: Mark Clanton Kim Lowery getting beaked oft Vvikk l .- --... . Yell Staff: Donna Kollar, Terrie Guesman, Socoro Caro, Kathy Walker Song Stall: Cheryl Kalerak, Sandy Vindivich, Fay Rupp, Yong Kim JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS x in V . 'Z "F Michelle Ford, Leslie Lones, Sandra Hunter, Kim French .y .,,,...-f- 6 J S :" ffdnfiixihqwla v .4 A- sk '- t ' xg me . L ,gs ' ' o 'K + - ' A 1 ' A - -f A f '73 K " 'f' in X i R' fftgi-: i - -- if A Rfufzt ' o 2 - 2 - 5 K at Ig , if ' Q5 -. A E E gift'fm.gge 2 A 'E A ' A A A it A . Us . . 5: ,sian , M ,,.. fy r N - , i E .. Q efjtg 'JQMA' .- A A M 'Y E 'W' A -'K " t ,Q 1 x .. - .Q , t " , ,Tx X- 'Q' I v .TL ' 'i J.V. Cheerleaders show their spirit. at ,L 1 Advisor: Mr. St.CIair TCDTEIVI STAFF 1980-81 Advisor: Curt Gammell, Edt K H sf H T k e-l""3 . l , i Senior Editors: Teresa Kleindi. Teresa Reed Jw.. 5, Q Royalty Editors: Krista Carson. Pam Luck Standing. Lisa Bustruok. Caroi Davis. Debbie Giroux, Tim Ketron. Debbie Frednckson. Debbie Collins. Teresa Kieindl Sitting Pam Lusk. Krista Carson. Teresa Fieed, Kim Hoover. Kathy Rue. Angela Bruno. Harurni Tucker. Sandra Patzer :NN Seek fri r. I i is Faculty Editori Carol Davis , ga S l!fTY""f -, gr -u M... Student Life Editors: Sandra Patzer, Angela Bruno Q 411 1,5 Debbie displays layout for this page. Sports Editorst Kathy Rue, Harumi Tucker -, 'wr .ff Q nga A I ' FH " 'L-f?'51:5'-fwf r' , H 'P Ks' Si il ' N W N is E Junior and Sophomore Editors: Debbie Frederickson and Deborah Collins. ff Fine Arts Editors: Lisa Bustruck Organizations Editor: Debbie Groux. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS CE AMERICA First Flow: Annalyn Cabigting, Debbie Harrison, Tara Ross, Carol Pickle, Corrina Pease, Teresa Kleindl, Yong Kim, Socaro Caro Second Row' Diana Bloom, Robin Sanders, Carla l-lenkle, Donna Kollar, Khanh Huynh, Kim Burns Third Pow' Monique Martin, Kathy Gaynor, Dina Cole, Theresa Hersch, Mark Pervinich, Teresa Reed, Debbie Archibald, Glenda McCurty Fourth Rowi Verleen Moore, Allen Chapman, Debbie Groux, Shawna Clarke, Karen Martelli Fifth Flow: Gaby Steinhert, Lisa Bishop This years FBLA started out pret- ty well. We elected our officers and started our club off by selling calen- dars. It seems to me that this year everyone was more involved. We at- tended many conferences which a lot of our club members enjoyed. This year wouldn't have gone so well if we vvouldn't have had our ex- cellent advisor, Mr. Parker. He has helped us tremendously, I think that next years FBLA will go just as well if they have good elected officers such as we have had. Lots of thanks to Mr, Parker Mr Parker, Advisor, Officers Sandra Patzer, Donna Kollar, Sandy Vtndivich, Cheryl Kalerak, Karen Gaby Stemen Martelli, Gaby Steinhert, Ron Manalac, Debbie Groux Debbie Groux PUSH! EXCEL Third Bow: Hans Freyberg, George Budd, Alan Fiobinson, Katrina Richards, Connie Prewitt, Charles Brown, Kae Paek, Dawn Budd, Julie Thompson, Jackie Coleman, Shawna Clarke, Lori Nelson. Second Plow: Lisa Holdrith, Sung Kim, Harumi Tucker, John Hartman, Tara Boss, Kathy Scmitz, Barbara Hathaway, Sherry Addington, Brenda Ableman, Kelly Kendel, Kris Lenke, Brenda Eckhart. First Row: Myva Schmitz, Juanita Glover, Bene Hale, Sybilla Banks, Susan Schmitz, Patricia Stitts, Stacey Bowman, Carol Viray, Mi-Yong Hong, Sharon Hale. Pushflixcel Bulletin Board Community Liaison: Lisa l-lolderith TAVVANKAS ,- , , 3. f-M-M Left to Right: Carolyn Manalac, Ronda Slaughter, Marie lndrebo, Carol Medley, Carmen Glover, Robin Fleinke, Kim Vig, Dianna Solheim, Bridget Neagle, Vicki Riviera, Lenette Harris, Advisor: Mrs. Breckenridge Treasurer: Kim Vig, Secretary: Carol Med- ley, Vice-President: Robin Reinke, Presi- dent: Carmen Glover TAWANAS my km, ,.'fi ' i Q 'ii First Row, Dianne Hall, Anne Bobenhouse, Diane Severson, Stacey Schearer, Second Flow, Sheila Stubbs, Melinda Tovas, Ingrid Hammond, Jacki Coleburng Third Bow, Bridget Naagle, Dianne Solheim, Beth McCullough, Allison Wood, Fourth Row, Brenda Ableman, Vicki Riviera, Michelle Johnson, Joleen Shields, Fifth Flow, Dawn Budd, Cheryl Johnson, Roxanne Aube, Kelly Kendal, Sixth Bow: Carol Medley, Robin Reinke, Kim Vig. Sheila Stubbs: President, Robin Reinkeg Vice-President Carol Medley: Secretary, Kim Vig: Treasurer. 5 . 'sl if H , . .55 ,Mg 5 Top Rowg Dee Ball, Sharon Tuggle, Lori Hupp, Tracy Wills, Bottom Row: Kim Heinz, Kris Trotter, Jill Nelson, Cheryl Kalerak, Debbie Fredrickson, Donna Kollar, Terrie Guesman, Mary Jane Manalac, Betty DeFazio, Chanelle Arneberg. PEP CLUB i f ,--, ., as 7 Officers: President Sharon Tuggle, Vice-President: Carmen GI er, Treasurer, Donna Kollar, Secretary, Lori Hupp, Recorder, IJ Ball. 0-KI-I-II Y' I First Rowg Carrie Stewart Second Row: Brigitte Guilliaume, Corrina Pease, Dorothy Leal, Third Rowg Carla Henkle, Terry Reed, Tina Arnold, Kim Roehr O-Ki-Hi, an Indian term meaning helper, is very appropriate. This group helps the wrestling team by attending the meets, cheering on the 3 team, taking stats, and rolling up the mats after i the meets. They also bring refreshments for the guys to munch on. Vice Presidentg Brigitte Guilliaume, Secretaryg Tina Arnold, Treasurer, Terry Reed, Presidentg Dorothy Leal. TGVVER W STAFF 0 R 0 UR usoknn ion This year the Tower Staff was a large one and this enabled us to bring a wide variety of news and sports to the school and the community. It was fun for everyone to put together a real quality paper. Bruce Worobec Tony Gagliardi Advisor: Phyllis Drakeford Chief Editors: Bruce Worobec, Tony Gagliardi xi 'iff . .11 31 LQ., i t veil in Wx, L E X 3. f 'N ,., Q '33 ' r I i News Staff: Jeannette Anton, Shawna Clarke, Mark Harris, Carl Schneider, Robin Reinke. Photographersg Lisa Bustruck, John Butler. s wb S, N! . 1 kr - ,. 1 Mark Harris asks another probing question 4 x ke in 'Rn , ewes Features Staff: Karen Bowen, Dawn Budd, Mitchell Erwin, Fay Rupp, Aaron Williams, Dee Ball, Kelly Figliola, Sandy Vindivich, Shawna Clarke, Theresa Keller, Robert McBride gf' Ad Staff: Chae Paek, Sang Chae, Shari Flores, Khanh Huynh T11 l Section Editors: Dell Ball, Jeanette Anton, Tim Church, Tony Gagliardi. Robin Fqoinke Sees Qgod looking guy Q x l l .. Y C 4 AVE? Md' Sport Editors: Fay Rupp, Sandy Vindivich, Aaron Williams, Bill Cecchini, Tim Church, Robert McBride, Carl Schneider, Tony Gagliardi. SKI CLUB 3 Kneeling: Bob Gibson, Birch Abraham, First Row: Shawna Clark, Cheryl Kalerak, David Almonte, Kris Ernest, Second Row: Debbie Groux, Kathy Rue, Lenette Harris, Robert Flickgauer, Donna Kollar, Dennis Armstrong, Kelly Kovacs, Kirt Rohrs, Don Leebrick, Peggy Garison. The Ski Club had fun on the slopes once again. They took special ski trips by bus to Crystal Mt. There, the more experienced skiers helped the less ex- perienced. The club also contains non- skiers who enjoy just going for the at- mosphere and the snow. President: Cheryl Kalerak, Vice-President: Teresa Reed, Trea er: Sandra Patzer, Advisors: Peggy Garrison, Don Leebrick. CLUB Y g sky t if rx is -f D X o s - 3 S ' S t s . it E 1 3 5 2 x 'ni Sky Club members pose with Special Education students. The purpose of the Sky Club is to help the handicapped people learn how to swim, and help improve skills of those who knew how to swim already. The dedicated group came to school on Saturday mornings. Some people complain about coming to school, but the people in this group come to school an extra day. Helpers: Jody Olive, Wendy Hamilton, Sonja Watkins ASSCDCIATED STUDENT FEDERATION l ,,...,.....-o-D'-""" ,,,.....L. Treasurer: Craig Myers, Corresponding Secretary: Kim Burns, President: Sheila Stubbs, Recording Secretary: Stacey Warren Vice President Ronnie Harris. A.S.F. has been a worth while exper- ience for all of us. We enjoyed what we were involved with due to the fact that we, the students, had helped set up our various projects. As long as stu- dents are involved in the business as- pects ot school life, I feel that A.S.F. will continue to be an excellent oppor- tunity for students to voice their opin- ions and their goals. A.S.F. would also like to give special thanks to Mr. Nordi who assisted us when we needed him the most. Ronnie Harris A.S.F. Vice President. George Nordi - Advisor ,. S , President. Sheila Stubbs Vice President. Flonnie Harris sk Q.-,. C 'SN EK A' Sharon Tuggle tells it like Zim Burns, Ronnie Harris, Sheila Stubbs, Stacey War en, Craig Myers it is at A.S.F. meeting. Treasurer: Craig Meyers 5 ,,,. hge--sevvv Recording Secretary: Stacey Warren f. t fvMwQfz!. - Corresponding Secretary: Kim Burns The Mount Tahoma Swim Club, con- sisting of the boys and girls swim teams, supports the swimming and div- ing teams, The club helps by timing and keeping score at the meets. The advisor this year was Mr. Bill Streeter. Mr. Kelly Jarvis assisted Mr. Streeter in advising the club. First Row Tony Schaeffer Chris Brovvn, Todd Hagen, Boy Kamisugi, Joe Russel Phil Clark John Williams Second Row: Tony Hernandez, Scheer Deborah Collins Back Row David Byrd Carl Schneider Mark Kevin Smith Mark Eddy John Wood, Glen Stalder, George Grace, Suzi Divona Jim Arnold Jim Burgess Aaron Robinson 'fff'mA' ' Q' gizlFf,:fl'?--7 T 9133115 X CAIVIP CGUNSELGRS Can you think of a better way to spend a semester than enjoy- ing the outdoor life? First the camp counselors are trained in areas such as, first aid, songs, skits, and general information they will need to know. After they finish their training course the big test comes, trying to control and teach a Cabin full of sixth grad- ers. Marty Scheibal, Karen Forbus, Hui Kim, Robin Waldherr, Shannon Barnes, Michelle McGarey, Barb Hathaway 6 Seivht Need some help Mr. Lane? '? Fi x ' lit f Front: Asondra Hunter, Kim French Back, Michelle Ford, Leslie Lones 204 Craig, Kim, Sheila at A.S.F. meeting. ist. PBMQQK-in ks 2, Harumi says "What's so funny? Doesn't everybody p utt QRS ...nw ,J .,.. eyyl - X .. Q11 4 ,,.. heir feet in their drawers? f I 1 Alan say's "l'tl go half way with anything!" Q... . S ,,,,pv4 X, gg , QQ Q A as Cafeteria worker shows school spirit. is 5 ' 4 it E5 4 O ' : K- . 35, S , . .. r.rzr., 1 f g ,gt ti y 1 K 5 2,5 55 . A K 9 E .., 3 ul gfwir - sv, , I 2 2 it X i an - ig. ite? E i Sheila, Carol, and Lisa, the three stooges! Q! 'QQ' Mary Jane working hard. 205 3 E s Fay Rupp phones in new cheer. Shannon Barnes butterflies to strong finish. .....,,,,, :AML .. r GW yfsrzfsr- Q pn! 11 Mr. Buranen's class frames up ASF store. X .M S - A Q S 2 is Q S E U25 535 5534 Qszf SS! :I 5. :fi iii rf! get ! iii X ,KIA 1 M ' ig it if E i msg E it a i it is i sg, it i El , yi iris E sw ii 'itz tk Tim says, 'LSO this is what it is like on the other side of the camera!" il U , , ,... ,M ff- .J Debbie Collins works on her layouts. Five chiefs and one Indian. ... .,t..., Kathy Walker speaks at assembly. 207 if lx Peter Thomas frames ASF store. M.,--f-1""""" Mike Vindivich takes stitch during Kingbowl Kim explains yearbook layout to Teresa 1? EQ Sophomores at Election Assembly 32-ig 5-3 iii L g 3 if ie A. Sophomores leaving Pep Assembly El X Q NOW SOP!-IOIVIOFRES SECTION EDITOFRQ DEBORAH COLLINS THEN OFFICERS: 1 we-'O Q A 'F ffl T kr 3 ,ff-' X fix.. FRONT ROW: THERESIA I-IERSCH3 SECRETARY, OTIS ABRONQ PRESIDENT, MARY MOORE1 VICE PRESIDENT, VICKIE KALERAK3 TREASURER BACK ROW: ANN GAGLIARDI, NATE VAUGHN, MARY J. MANALAC, MANUAL GOMEZ3 SENATORS. NOT PICTURED3 JODY OLIVE, JOHN MURRAY CLASS ADVISORS: MRS, DANIELSON, LISA HOLDERITH, MR. Bos. Ableman, Brenda Abraham, Larry Abron, Otis Adamson, Kristine , Alejandro, Rosemary Almonte, Yvonne Anderson, Arthur Anderson, Cherie Arneberg, Channelle Arnold, James Aube, Roxanne Baldtrip, Karen Ball, Jeffrey Barth, Karl , Beardslee, Deborah Beazley, William Bennatt, Scott Bennett, Robert Blair, Shelley Blakey, Brian Bobenhouse, Ann Marie Bobenhouse, Susan Arnold, Roy Asheim, Danny Batty, Shawna Baxter, Charlotte Benton, Cynthia Bernier, Susan Bonner, Trevonna Bosmans, Mary a l ..., Bowman, Stacey Bowman, Tracy t K .1 U . ,tl Brese, Joe Britton, David Brown, Christopher Brown, Tito Budd, Dawn Budd, George Buselmeier, Chris Cade, Larry Brasstield, David Broadhead, Kimberly Brownell, Melanie 'WWII Burk, Loren Callaghan, Robert V Brenzel, Brede Brown, Charles .NA vm-Rl. 'W 1 4 C "B '51, s gif' Eff' 5, gig' Buckner, Harold HCOWBOY ANN", -r, 3 Burmeister, Julieann Burns, Barbara Burrell, Jacqueline .ff Campbell, Ann Campbell, Heide Carlson, Victor 213 Carrington, Mike Castle, Tony Chandler, Karen Chapman, Allen Christiansen, Bryan Christopher, Cordell Chung, Kelley Chung, Michelle Colburn, Michael Cole, Stuart Coleman, Jacqueline Constadopoulos, Mythel wx Creamer, Natalie Croutch, Denice C'-1lb9ViS0Vl, Cubean, Kevin it Curtindale, Deanna Curtis, Sheri Davis, Mark Defazio, Betty Cheatham, William sa Chris TGHSGD, JOhI'l Clark, Juliana Clements, Peter Coomer, Angel Craig, Kimberly Cullaugh, Curry, Rebecca u Denney, Karen Domingue, Pamela Donohue, Cathy .,..f 1 I Duke, Linda who l l I Eddy, Marc Fairbanks, Lynette ,, . , Lt , .-,,, gf' Draper, John Dressler, Holli Duban, Larry Duban, Thatiana Duffy, Rebeka 5, ti r x 1 ., .Qxi - ',a' 'V Dunbar, Wilford Durgin, Michelle Dyer, Yvette Earnest, Matthew Eckhart, Ftichard ses . wi' f, , l NT ' T L l , Ehli, Ftarnona Elmore, Ftichard Ernst, Kristine Ester, Wendy Eudaily, Julie Fairley, Lee Fautenberry, Stephen Fawcett, Anthony Fendel, Jody Flora, Anthony Ford. Michelle Foster, Kevin Foster, Melissa Frederick, Karen French, Kim Gagllardi, Anne R , . Q4 fr G x , l 'I-Na., .ai in Gardner, Terry Gaynor, Kathleen Gholson, Christine Gillen, Rhonda Gish, Roberta Givens, Frank Glover, Juanita Gnirk, Jon Gray, Diana Greco, Aileen af 6 l ' Grolf, Stanislaw Groff, Teena Hall, Brian Hall, Dianne Gnirk, Ronald Gomez, Manuel Grace, George Graf, Michael Green, Dagmar Green, Reginald Guiler, Edwin Hale, Aniee Halvorson, Phillip Hanks, Kenneth in K5 QT' X at Hanson, Danette Harris, il 3 S l ig Hastings, Erin Hays, Julie FANG FACE PLAYS HIS FRENCH HORN." 13,2 gl. 1 .4 N Harrison, Bernard Hartman, Darrin Hartman, John Harwood, Edward iN Q , Heinz, Kimberly Hietzman, Mike Hemingway, Earnest Hernandez, Anthony Hersch, Theresa Hickman, Elizabeth Hogencamp, Tammy Holland, Greg T: Holmes, William Hominda, Robin Hoppe, Gregory Horn, Christopher 7 Horrigan, Shaun Hunter, Asondra Hyatt, Troy Irving, Christopher 41 i Jackson, Rodney xiii? Vx XXX Johnson, Cheryl Kalerak, Vickie Kiblinger, Traci 3 N., as N lf' Kittleman, Teresa mm.. K,-T-'iv it X Janson, Chris ,. K 'f 1 fx My Y Johnson, Deanna Johnson, Michelle Jones, Anthony Jones, Robert . X n ,1 5' ,R ,fi- Kamisugi, Roy Kapsh, Steven Kavanaugh, Robert Kendall, Kelli ff' f V Kim, Sung Kim, Young King, Stuart Kinlow, Yolanda Knobbe, Micheal Kobolka, Eva Krebbs, Judy Kuljis, Margarita an-gy ,- x - 4 X 5' gg: Jeanblanc, Melaine Jennings, Alonzo Johndron, Johndrow, Keith Jordan, Julie . R. Ketron, Kenneth Kirk, Juannan Kwak, Nojo ta J, J-f s -r Lakin, Lori Lane, Darryl in-+45 Lawless, Joseph Lawrence, Darren ,TU wx l -1. Lehman, Kenneth Leingang, Jeff 'f Q K ,s Lones, Leslie Long, Cynthia an Manley, Brian Manning, Kristine my Lane, Michelle Lara, Shane Larson, Lance Laudermilk, Lawrence, William Lee, Lorna Lee, Sandi Leevey, Luann Arr N '53 Leonard, Robbie Lewis, Brian Lindholdt, Tamara Livingston, April .fl ' 3 , , , 1- X ' q Lorton, William Mai, l-lanh Manalac, Mary Manges, Dawn we C? Q . 1' x uf Marks, Sheila Marr, Charles Marlin, Monique Martinez, Angela Matchett, June Y-fmqw-NF' McClure, Catherine Mclvor, Karen Miller, Christopher i Mattsen, Anthony S' K. 5 Mau, Frederick McCurty, Annette McWilliams, Cathy Miller, Daniel li si Q Y McCurty, Owen . .Q 1 ' .. ,,,,..':1f QM. .. Ttthf D, r . -1,,,a:.,,,y, .-.. . . , ,ggl,-sql.--wry' , ,..u. . ,1:.,-- - - in Meaney, x ew, CK, at Kimberly f ea, Milten, Maureen aim. Moore, Verleen Morris, Gina Morse, Michael McCarthy, Donald McCarthy, Ruth McDermond, Angiolina McDonald, Robert Merryman, Lawrence Merghon, Mark Molinari, Blanca Moore, Mary Mulholland, Dale Mullin, Paula McClain, Diedra McGowan, Debra Messer, Sherri Moore, Shane Murray, John X 3 Muse, Angela Myers, Joy lb- Nelson, Melinda Norclsby, xxx "N-. ' Oieole, Jacqueline Olive, Jodyann Patton, Alain Perry, Denise W 5. Pride, Frederick Profitt, Dave 'TSW Myers, Lou Napier, Charles Neagle, Janet Nelson, Jill ,,,,s.t. -2" C r ,, 6 Obrien, Tonya Odonal, Glenn Olberding, Diana Oleary, Daniel xy,.,,N X K -. it ' fgykw Oliver, Martin Orse, Patrick Pak, Lucia Parish, Lee 59 Plummer, Michael Prall, Celibeth Price, Cheryl Price, Derenda 3 if ci Q I tti ri if is Rachel, Susan Flagan, Mark Ragland, Darlene Ramsey, Cathy b ai, say- Q'-fi' X We Rapozo, Peter Rash, Randy RGSVWUSSGVL Troy Rauch, Joseph Reed, Rochelle Rehms, Kenneth Rettko, Douglas Reynolds, Valorie .. , Ricks, Paulla Riley, Julie Robinson, Aaron Robison, Allen Romanio, Tony Rooth!Rauschert, Lorne Rosencutter, Vincent Russell, 'Joseph xy i ti Sanders, Robin Sandholm, Michael Sandling, Lennie Schaeffer, Kelley 'iqevf Raymond, Angie Reed, Donald Maw- -,va-.,, Richardson, Kimberly Richmond, Shelley KI, Rohrs, Kent Rohrs, Kirt Rychner, Bryan SBFNDIES, William Scheer, Suzanne Schmitz, Katherine ll4XL.".?' , S X I 4 siii Schoolmaster, Andy Schuchmann, Scott Shaw, Heidi Shearer, Stacy S Slater, Dale Slaughter, Keith 'exp 1, 5 Smith, Randy Sodon, Christina Stewart, Robin Stillwagon, Richard Sieungh, Chaie Shepherd, Monica fs. I, f...i.- its -, ,fx Severson, Diane Shields, Jolene Sloan, Lisa l Sparks, Suzette Stalder, Glenn l Street, James Swanson, Pam N Seward, David Sexton, Angela CY' 'Miki WSE Simmons, David Sin, Ki Smith, Brenda Smith, James iii?" if STHVNQY' Lamont Stewart, Carolyn Taylor, Robert Terry, Lareasa Thomas, Jeannette Thomas, Kathy Thompson, Judy Thompson, Michael Thornton, Jerry Threadgill, Jonathan f fm, X YG 'x- ,X in x i' Tolleson, Tower Toole, Renee Tremblay, Kerry Trotter, Christine Tvedt, Tammy Vaughn, Nathaniel Waldherr, Ronald Warren, Billie Jo Watkins, Lane Watkins, Sonja Watts, Traci Wescott, Gary - . 4 White, David Whitford, James Whitney, Christina Whitwell, David Wiles, Daniel Q Williams, Doris Q..- i ,Er Williams, Tanya Wilson, Georgianna Wilson, Timmy Winch, Edward Wood, John Woodard, Woods, Joeseph Woods, Alison Yancey, Gary Xt? QTUIY 5.2 rf! f r Young, Marnie Zawacki, Joeseph 5 ,ga I " nf . :ERN "Scott s ERSITY hows "WSU" spirit." I don't know exactly what the Soph- omore class will accomplish this year. This is our first year, like seventh grade again. I feel we will learn a lot from the Juniors and most of all the Seniors. There are a few things I would like to see improved at Mount Tahoma. I would like to see the smoking fdrugsl and vandalizing to stop, because it gives our school a really bad name. When I was in junior high I was not very involved in school activities. So I said to myself, when I enter high school I'm going to get involved in as much as I can. This is why I ran for president. I do plan to run again in my junior and sen- ior year. I had a great time and I'm looking forward to returning to Mount Tahoma next year and taking over Ju- nior power. But for now Sophomore Power. Hey, to me the class of "83" is alright! Sophomore Class President, Otis Abron' Nise Baxter shows us her expert typing skills. Mike Young and Steve Woolery on a foggy MT morning x. 1 ..n-ww.: X: how '3- Q f f- KA 99' This year . . . Activities . , . Homecoming and more ., For some it was our first for some ,... our last . . . we will use this book to remember Staff members getting "ready to ride" at the Donkey Basketball game. 33 ' Q ,Q 3,-nur 3- NB Q LETTER FROM THE EDITGFZ NOW AND THEN, the theme of this year's annual, reflects on the past twenty years of Mount Tahoma. As l look back on the production of this yearbook I see eighteen people who put their time and hard work into mak- ing this book the masterpiece that it is. From printing every picture, pasting, writing copy, staying after school and on weekends, the 1980-81 Totem statt did it all. As for our advisor, Mr. Gammell, we couldn't have asked for a better man. He devoted as much it not more than anyone on the statf. His expert knowledge in photography helped up reach our highly set goals for this edition of the Totem. l hope you enjoy this year's annual. Alot ot hard work and dedication went into it and I am very proud to have been the editor Best wishes to the classes ot 81, 82 and 83. Kim Hoover l IN IVIEIVICRY CF CAPTAIN PATRICK WELCH The life of Captain Patrick A. Welch, 27, was abruptly ended with a crash of a U.S. Air Force C-141 transport, in Egypt. All 13 persons aboard, including 6 McChord airmen, were killed instantly when the aircraft exploded ih the desert outside Cairo. The airmen, all members of the 8th military airlift squadron at McChord Air Force Base, were on a mis- sion to test the new U.S. Rapid Deployment Force. The death of Captain Welch takes on a special significance to those of the Tacoma area, because not only was he a life long resident of Tacoma, but also a graduate of Mount Ta- homa in 1971. Welch is also the brother-in-law of Dean Rennie, a Mount Tahoma faculty member, Welch became aware of the military at an early age, be- cause his father, Robert Welch, was a pilot with the Army Air Corps. Later Patrick developed a stronger interest in the Air Force at Mount Tahoma. Welch marked his stay at Mount Tahoma with many achievements. As a sophomore, he was a member of the Cadet Band, and as a Junior, he played J.V. Basketball and Baseball. In his Senior year, Welch was the homecoming chairman, and a member of the A.S.F., Studio Choir, Concert Band, and the varsity baseball team. After graduating in 1971, he went on to Central Washing- ton University where he earned his degree in geography, by way of a two year ROTC scholorship. After graduating in 1975, Welch received cryptography assignments, which took him to bases in Texas, and Alaska. lt wasn'f until later that he received the much awaited flight school assignment. Follow- ing that assignment Welch went on to a C-141 school in Oaklahoma. He received his Captain's bars in February of 1980 and was only on his 6th overseas mission as a co-pilot, when the crash occurred. Survivors include, his wife, Ruth, two children, Robert and Audrey, his mother Betty Berling, and His father Robert Welch. Captain Welch also has two sisters, Robbie Rennie, and Barbee Booth. A Ableman, Brenda 189, 212 Abraham, Birch 102, 198 Abraham, Larry 170, 212 Abron, Otis 80, 211, 212 Absten, Janette 19 Acosta, Ronald 86, 101, 112 Adamson, Kristine 212 Addington, Sherry 84, 101, 189 Alejandro, Rosemary 212 Allen, Norlas 19 Almonte, David 5, 17, 19, 67, 69, Almonte, Yvonne 212 Ambrose, Deanna 102 Anderson, Arthur 212 Anderson, Charlene 102 Anderson, Cherie 212 Anderson Dana 19 Anderson Denise 19 Anderson Lorraine 19, 131, 175 Anderson, Yvonne 19 Anton, Jeanette 8, 15, 19, 93, 141, 195, 197 Archibald, Deoborah 19, 188 Armstrong, Dennis 5, 15, 17, 19, 67, 170, 171, 198 Arndt, Betty 102, 131 Arneberg, Channelle 192, 212 Arnestad, Lisa 19 Arnestad, Scott 102 Arnold, James 139, 202, 212 Arnold, Terry 102 Arnold, Tina 19, 86, 193 Arnold, Roy 212 Arp, Debora 20, 84 Arrington, Jeannine 102 Asheim, Danny 165, 212 Aube, Roxanne 212 Bailey, Ricky 167 Baldtrip, Karen 159, 212 Ball, Deanna 15, 20, 192, 196, Ball, Jeffrey 212 Banks, Sybilla 102, 159, 189 Barabe, Brian 102 Barkman, Brett 20 Barnes, Paul 102, 177 Barnes, Shannon 102, 141, 205 Barth, Karl 212 Bartlett, David 118 Bartley, Christine 102 Bass, Marion 118 Basto, Carla 102 Bate, Ronald 20 Batty, John 102 Batty, Shawna 212 Baxter, Charlotte 69, 159, 212 Baxter, Evelyn 102, 226 Baxter, Fredrick 20, 121, 126, 127 Baxter, Quintus 15, 20, 121, 167 Beardslee, Deborah 212 Beardslee, Julie 102 Beazley, William 212 Beck, Robert 20 Begay, Donna 20 169, 198 197 , 145, 167 Begay, Eric 102 Bell, Tracy 118 Bennatt, Scott 212 Bennett, Robert 212 Benton, Cynthia 212 Benton, Tracy 102 Bergen, Brenda 102 Bernier, Susan 212 Bierman, Lance 102, 170 Billingsley, Kelly 102, 158, 159, 175 Birch, D. 102 Bishop, Lisa 20, 28, 188 Bishop, Lori 102 Bissenas, Thais 20 Bissenas, Thea 20 Blair, Shelley 212 Blakey, Brian 212 Blomgren, Steve 176 Bloom, Diana 15, 20, 188 Bobenhouse, Ann Marie 80, 212 Bolieu, Lisa 21 Boite, Michael 102, 121 Bonner, Trevonna 212 Bosmans, Mary 212 Bostrom, Gary 118 Bowden, William 167 Bowen, Joni 21, 76, 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178, 179, 189, 195, 196, 198 Clements, Peter 214 Clifton, Charles 23 Cockfield, Alonzo 103, 137, 167 Colburn, Dan 103 Colburn, Michael 214 Cole, Dina 188 Cole Stuart 214 Coleman, Jacqueline 180, 214 Collier, Beverly 23 Collins, Deborah 86, 88, 103, 113, 14 185, 187, 202, 207, 229 Condon, Christopher 118 Conner, Michael 103 Constadopoulos, Mythel 214 Cook, Tony 76, 103 Cook, Tracey 23 Coomer, Angel 214 Coon, Gina 104 Cooper, Frederick 24, 121 Cornelius, Cynthia 88, 104 Corrigan, Patricia 24 Costi, Teresa 104 Craig, Kimberly 214 Creamer, Natlaie 214 Croft, Russell 104, 177 Croskey, Jacqueline 104, 198 Croutch, Denice 214 Crown, Margaretta 104 Cubean, Kevin 214 Cummings, Michael 24 Cummings, Scott 104 Curry, Rebecca 80, 214 Curtindale, Deanna 214 Curtis, Sherri 214 Curtright, Janet 24, 69, 71, 158, 179 Dascnofsky, Jeffrey 104, 121, 147 Davis, Carol 24, 185, 205, 229 Davis, Earl 24, 121 Davis, Larry 104 Davis, Mark 214 Davis, Thane 104 Decoursey, Walter 137 Defazio, Betty 80, 192, 214 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Edminster, Pamela 76, 78, 79, Eggert, Kevin 26, 84 Ehli, Ramona 80,215 Elliott, Karen 105 Elmore, Loni 26 Elmore, Richard 215 Erickson, Julie 76, 105 Erickson, Laura 76, 105 Ernst, Kristine 198, 215 Erwin, Mitchell 105, 196 Ester, Gregory 26 Ester, Wendy 215 Etheridge, Robert 105 Eubanks, Elizabeth 26 Eudaily, Julie 215 Ewing, Nahette 105, 153 F Fabre, Tina 105 Fairbanks, Lynette 215 Fairley, Lee 215 Fairley, Lynn 26, 82, 85 Fautenberry, Stephen 215 Fawcett, Anthony 86, 155, 215 Federighi, Anita 105 Ficker, Ricky 105 Figliola, Kelly 105, 196 Fischer, Patrick 26 Fitzpatrick, Shelly 118 Flannery, Danniel 105, 121, 1 189 105, 109 64 Flora, Lisa 26 Flores, Shari 26, 76, 196 Forbus, Karen 84, 105, 179 Ford, Clarence 118 Ford, Michelle 183, 204, 215 Foster, Melissa 175, 215 Frazier, Melinda 105 Frazier, John 7, 26 Frederick, Karen 84, 215 Fredrickson, Deborah 26, 88, 185, 187, 229 Freitag, Kim 26 French, Kim 183, 204, 215 Freyberg, Hans 105, 189 Friend, Sylvia 27 Froembling, Kaylee 27, 93 Fuhrman, John 33, 121, 169 Fuller, Kathleen 105 G Gabel, Kellie 27 Gabel, Mark 105 Gagliardi, Anne 211, 215 Gagliardi, Tony 105, 146, 167, 194, 197 Garcia, Robert 105 Gardner, Tamela 27 Gardner, Terry 216 Garner, Gary 105, 165, 169 Gaynor, Carrie 27, 82, 84 Gaynor, Kathleen 188, 216 Gee, Yvonne 105 Genga, Angela 105 Gholson, Christine 216 Gholson, Lance 27, 154, 155 Gibson, Robert 13, 27, 121, 164, 198 Gillen, Rhonda 216 Gilliam , Virginia 105 Gilman, Toni 106 Girdler, Christina 106 Girnau, Vicki 106 Gish, Mark 27 Gish, Roberta 216 Givens, Frank 216 Gleason, Michael 106 Gleason, Tracy 76, 82 Glover, Glover, Carmen 13, 27, 69, 153, 170 Juanita 179, 189. 216 Gnirk, Jon 216 Gnirk, Ronald 216 Godsey, Scott 106 Gomez, Manuel 97, 211, 216 Gomez, Judy 27 Goodner, Gary 106 Goodson, Lawanda 106, 131, 132, 15 167 Goodson, Todd 27, 121, 127 Goodyear, Daphne 106 Gorospe, Nestor 27 Gosteli, Kenneth 28, 84, 121 Grabowsky, Cindy 106 Grace, George 139, 202, 216 Graf, Michael 216 Gray, Diana 216 Gray, Heusey 28 Greco, Adrianna 106 Greco, Aileen 216 Green, Dagmar 216 Green, Reginald 216 Green, Louis 106, 121 Groft, Stanislaw 216 Groft, Teena 216 Grooms, Kimberly 28 Grout, Charlotte 86, 106, 178, 179 Groux, Debra 8, 28, 84, 185, 186, 187, 188, 198, 229 ' Guesman, Terrie 97, 106, 181, 182, 192 Guiler, Edwin 216 0, 151, Guiler, Norma 106, 131, 153, 167, 168 Guilliaurne, Bridgett 10, 28, 193 Guinn, Scott 76, 80, 106 Gustafson, Teresa 106 H Hadaway, John 106 Hagen, Carrie 28, 84 Hagen, Todd 106, 139, 170, 201 Hale, Anjee 216 Hale, Sandra 28, 189 Hale, Sharon 106, 189 Hall, Bradley 28 Hall, Brian 216 Hall, Dianne 216 Hall, Richie 106 Haller, Randal 106 Halvorson, Phillip 216 Ham, Young 106 Hamilton, Eric 29 Hamilton, Paul 106 Hamilton, Wendy 76, 86, 88, 107, 199 Hammond, Ingrid 76, 107 Han, June 107 Hancock, Cynthia 107 Hanks, Kenneth 121, 216 Hanks, Lynn 88, 107 Hanks, Maurice 9, 13, 29, 121, 155 Hansen, Kim 29 Hanson, Danette 217 Harper, Joel 121, 127 Harris, Lenette 29, 170, 198 Harris, Mark 29, 82, 84, 195 Harris, Ronnie 15, 29, 170, 200, 201 Harrison, Bernard Jr. 217 Harrison, Deborah 16, 29, 188 Hart, Daniel 29, 121 Hartley, Christine 82, 84, 107 Hartman, Darrin 217 Hartman, John 189, 217 Hartman, Tammie 29 Harvey, Dianna 76, 84, 107 Harwood, Edward 217 Haskins, Aleta 107 Haskins, Arthur 29, 71, 144, 167 Hastings, Erin 141, 217 Hathaway, Barbara 76, 107, 189 Hayden, Sharon 107 Hayes, Marvin 29 Hays, Julie 217 Hazelmyer, Teresa 29, 75, 76, 78 Heinz, Kimberly 80, 159, 192, 217 Heinz, Michele 30, 76 Heitzman, Mike 217 Helgren, Tim 30 Heller, Karen 30 Heller, Stephen 30 Hemingway, Ernest 217 Hempstead, Cynthia 107 Henkel, Carla 30, 188, 193 Henry, James 30 Herd, Mary 107 Hermansen, Lori 107 Hernandez, Anthony 137, 139, 202, 217 Hersch, Theresia 131, 188, 211, 217 Hestla, Patty 107 Hickman, Elizabeth 217 Hightower, Toron 30, 146 Hinton, Herbert 107 Hobbs, Jay 107, 164 Hockley, Jimmy 118 Hoefer, David 76, 107 Hogencamp, Tammy 217 Holland, Greg 217 Hollar, June 30 Holliday, Andre 8, 14, 30, 177 Holme, Darrin 15, 17, 30, 164 Holmes, William 217 Hominda, Robin 217 Hong, Mi-Yong 107, 189 Hong, Hi-Kyung 30 Hoover, Kimberly 14, 16, 30, 184, 185, 208, 229 Hoppe, Gregory 217 Horn, Christopher 122, 217 Horrigan, Shaun 217 Hoye, David 31, 163 Hoye, Steven 107, 121, 164 Huddleston, Dana 31, 80 Huffman, Margaret 118 Hughes, Barbara 107 Huh, Jong 31 Hummel, Donald 107 Hunotte, Dennis 31 h Hunter, Asondra 80, 167, 179, 183, 204, 217 Hunter, Bridgette 30 Huntsman, John 82, 84, 105, 107 Hupp, Lori 5, 14, 16, 17, 25, 31, 76, 192 Hursey, Joseph 31, 167 Huynh, Khanh 31, 188, 196 Hyatt, Troy 217 lndrebo, Marie 76, 78, 101, 105, 107, 170 lnglett, Ernest 108 Irvine, Jack 108 Irving, Christopher 217 lssacs, Frank 108 Isbell, Brenda 31 J Jackson, Charles 108 Jackson, Patricia 108 Jackson, Rodney 218 Jacobsen, Jordon 17, 31, 88, 121, 164 Jansen, Robert 108, 218 Jeanblanc, Melanie 218 Jenkins, Charles 32, 165, 167 Jennings, Alonzo 121, 147, 218 Jennings, Eric 108 Johndrow, Keith 218 Johndrow, Albert 32 Johndrow, Cheryl 218 Kapsh, Steven 218 Kardash, Thomas 108, 170 Karwoski, Lawrence 108 Kavanaugh, Robert 218 Keal, Janey 108 Keene, Arthur 86, 108 Keller, Randy 80, 155 Keller, Theresa 33, 196 Kelly, Julie 108 Kendal, Kelli 218 Kelly, Ivory 108 Kenyon, Martin 108 Kenyon, James 108 Kerr, Kim 108 Ketron Kenneth 84, 218 Ketron, Timothy 76, 84, 86, 101, 185, 186, 229 Kiblinger, Lance 76, 78, 79 Leingang, Jeff 219 Leingang, Karen 109 LeMon, Kimberly 34 Leonard, Robbie 121, 155, 167, 219 Leppard, Michael 109 Leppard, Robert 35 Lerum, Cameron 35 Leskajon, Susan 109 Letzring, Deborah 109 Lewis, Brian 219 Lewis, Rusty 110 Lindholdt, Tamara 219 Linn, Steven 110 Livingston, April 131, 150, 167, 219 Lones, Leslie 80, 183, 204, 219 Long, Cynthia 219 Lorton, William 219 Lovingood, Joy 110, 179 Kiblinger, Traci 218 Kim Chae Song 170, 172 Kim, Chong Hyun 172 Kim, Geum Ja 76 Kim, Mi 33 Kim, Sung 189, 218 Kim Yong 188 Kim, Yong 181, 182 Lowery, Eddie 147 Lowery, Kimberly 13, 34, 35, 76, Lusk, Pamela 35, 68, 185, 229 Ly, Tuan 110 Lynch, Michael 110 182 Johnson, Deanna 218 Johnson, Johnny 9, 32, 76, 78, 121 Johnson, Lisa 80, 108 Johnson, Michael 108 Johnson Michelle 218 Johnson, Ramon 32, 70 Johnson Rebecca 32, 76 Johnson, Richard 32, 70 Johnson, Santillan 108, 175 Johnson, Sonja 32 Johnston, Michael 82, 84, 108 Jonassen, Priscilla 32, 76 Jones, Anthony 218 Jones, David 32, 139 Jones, Jeffery 9, 32, 170 Jones, Kathy 32 Jones, Paul 218 Jones, Robert 218 Jones, Ruth 108 Jones, Teresa 32 Kim, Young 218 King, Michael 33, 76, 78 King, Stuart 165, 218 Kinlow, Yolanda 218 Kirk, Juannan 218 Kisor, Victor 88, 177 Kittleman, Teresa 218 Klein, Sherri 218 Kleindl, Teresa 218 Knittle, Dale 33 Knobbe, Mark 33 Knobbe, Michael 218 Kobolka, Eva 218 Kollar, Donna 9, 33, 131, 158, 181, 198 Kovacs, Kelly 3, 5, 8, 16, 17, 33, 164, 198, 228 Krebbs, Judy 218 Kuljis, Margarita 218 Kunze, Kimberly 33 Kurriger, Timothy 32, 70 Kutschia, Thomas 118 Kwak, Nojo 218 Kwon, Hyun 34, 76 L LaCrosse, Mark 109 Ladson, Gerald 34 Lakin, Lori 219 Lamonica, Richard Jr. 109, 121, 167 Land, Kathleen 35 Lane, Darryl 219 Lane, Michelle 219 Lang, Alisa 34 Langford, Rick 34 Lara, Shane 219 Larson, Lance 67, 219 Larson, Liana 109 Laudermilk, Jennifer 167, 219 Lawless, Joseph 137, 172, 219 Lawrence, Darren 219 Lawrence, William Jr. 219 Leal, Dorothy 10, 32, 173 Mabin, Edward 110 Maes, Arlecia 110 Mai, Hanh 219 Main, Stephen 110 Manalac, Carolyn 110, 170 Manalac, Mary 97, 192, 211, 219 Manalac, Ronald 16, 188 Manges, Dawn 219 Manley, Brian 219 Mannikko, Arthur 82, 84, 110 Manning, Kristine 219 Maples, Christopher 118 Marcoe, Michael 110 Marks, Sheila 219 Marr, Charles 219 Martelli, Karen 35, 188 Martin, Kimberly 35 Martin, Monique 133, 219 Martinez, Angela 167, 219 Mason, Allen 110 Matchet, June 220 Mathias, Douglas 110 Mathis, Tony 110, 167 Matson, Keith 118 Matteson, Carl 110 Mattsen, Anthony 136, 137, 220 Mau, Frederick 220 Mays, Shawna 110 Mazzine, Douglas 110 McBride, Deborah 110 McBride, Robert 110, 196, 197 McCarthy, Charles 118 McCarthy, Donald 220 McClain, Diedra 220 McClure, Catherine 141, 220 McClure, Cynthia 35 McCollum, Barry 35, 78 McCollum, Becky 35, 76 McCurty, Annette 220 McCurty, Glenda 35, 188 McCurty, Owen 220 McDermond, Angiolina 220 McDonald, Robert 67, 220 Joo, Sun 33 Jordan, Cedric 108 Jordan, Julie 141, 218 K Kaeser, Joseph 215 Kalerak, Vicki 211, 218 Kamisugi, Roy 139, 202, 218 Leal, Robert 109 Lee, Lorna 219 Lee, Michael 109 Lee, Sandi 219 Leevey, Luann 219 LeGault, Linn 109 LeGault, Lucia 159 Lehman, Kenneth 167, 219 Lehman, Michael 109 McElroy, Brian 110, 167 McGarey, Michell 76, 110 McGowan, Debra 220 Mclvor, Karen 220 McKechnie, Robert 110 McLaughlin, Kevin 82, 84, 110 McLeod, Tammi 35 McMullin, Joan 35 McPhaden, Robin 84, 110 McVey, Michael 76, 111, 167 McWilliams, Cathy 220 Meacham, Christine 36 Meaney, Kellie 111, 220 Medley, Carol 101, 107, 111 Medley, Suzanne 111, 150, 152, 158 Mercurio, Patrick 111 Merklin, Donald 111 Merryman, Lawrence 220 Mershon, Mark 220 Messer, Sherri 220 Messersmith, Katiya 82, 84, 101, 111 Meyer, Craig 8, 14, 36, 121, 127, 170, 201, 204 Miles, Brian 76 Miller, Christopher 220 Miller, Daniel 220 Miller, Stephen 111 Milligan, Julia 111 Millsap, Kenneth 111 Milten, Maureen 111, 167, 220 Mitchell, Chris 118 Molinari, Blanca 131, 167, 220 Molinari, Sandra 36 Monte, Margaret 36 Montgomery, Jimmy 111 Moody, Bill 36, 84 Moore, Mary 36, 159, 211, 220 Moore, Ramon 36, 121, 128, 164 Moore, Shane 220 Moore, Verleen 76, 188, 220 Moorehead, Kimberley 36 Morales, Jo 111 Morris, Gina 220 Morse, Michael 220 Morton, Donna 111 Moser, Stephen 76, 111, 170 Moulton, Stephanie 36 Mulholland, Dale 155, 156, 171, 220 Mullen, Matricia 88, 111 Mullin, Paula 220 Munoz, Kenneth 111 Murphy, Larry 36 Murray, John 220 Murray, Kathleen 84, 101, 111 Muse, Angela 221 Myers, Joy 84, 221 Myrick, Joseph 84, 111 Nacis, Sylvia 111, 179 Napier, Charles 221 Neagle, Bridget 111, 170 Neatle, Janet 221 Nelson, Daniel 121 Nelson, Debbie 111 Nelson, Jill 80, 150, 158, 192, 221 Nelson, Lori 111, 189 Nelson, Melinda 221 Nelson, Pamela 112 Nettleton, Steven 112 Newcomer, Jeffrey 101, 111 Nielsen, David 37 Nordi, Scott 112, 121, 227 Norsby, Randy 112, 164, 221 North, Margaret 112 Nunes, Michael 112 Obrien, Tonya 221 Ocasio, Manuel 112 Ocasio, Signe 8, 37 Octuck, Penny 112 Odonal, Glenn 221 Ofallon Tanna 37 200, Olberding, Diana 221 Oleary, Daniel 221 Oleole, Jacqueline 221 Olive, Jodyann 141, 199, 221 Olive, Ma rk 37 Oliver, Martin 155, 221, 167 Olli, Sherryl 112 Olsen, Jodeen 149, 150, 158 Oneal, Michael 112 Orse, Patrick 221 Orvis, Perry 112 Owen, Helen 170, 174 Owen, Peter 170 Owen, Tina 112 Owings, Jeff 94, 112 Owings, Sandra 15, 37, 131 P Paek, Kae 37, 76, 189 Pak, Chae 44 Pak, Young 112 Parish, Lee 221 Parish, Sandra 37 Parker, Donna 112 Pastian, Steven 37 Patajo, May 14, 37, 177 Patterson, Johnnie 37 Patton, Alain 121, 126, 221 Patzer, Sandra 38, 185, 186, 188, 229 Pease, Corrina 38, 188, 193 Pederson, Gary 13, 38, 170 Pegee, John 112 Perry, Anthony 170 Perry, Denise 221 Perry, Susan 112, 141 Pervinich, Mark 38, 40, 188 Peterson David 86, 112, 177 Peterson: Gregory 112, 155, 170 Peterson, Joyce 76, 88, 112 Peterson, Rod 38, 139 Peterson, Steven 38 Petitt, De nise 38 Petramalo, Daniel 38, 170 Pettitt, Di rk 38, 121 Pettitt, Johnna 84, 90, 106, 112, Phillips, Dawn 112 Phillips, William 38 Pickle, Carol 38, 188 Pieplow, John 113 Pietras, Dorothy 113, 140, 141 Piper, Sean 38, 169 Piquette, J. 113 Plummer, Michael 221 Potter, Brian 39, 70 Prall, Celibeth 167, 221 Prewitt, Constance 39, 189 Price, Cheryl 221 Price, Derenda 221 Pride, Frederick 221 Proctor, Karen 39 Profitt, Dave 221 R Raboteau, Cynthia 113 Rachel, Caroline 113 Rachel, Susan 221 Rader, Naomi 113 Ragan, Mark 221, 167 Ragland, Darlene 221 Ramsey, Cathy 221 Ramsey, Nanette 113 Rapozo, Peter 222 Rarick, Howard 113 Rash, Randy 155, 222 Rasmussen, Troy 222 Rauch, Joeseph 222 Rauch, Mary 113 Rawlings, Kenneth 113 Reed, Donald 86, 222 Reed, Kenneth 39, 170, 171 Reed, Rochelle 80, 222 Reed, Teresa 5, 39, 131, 132, 135, 166, 185 8, 229 Reeves, Edward 39 Reeves, Linda 39 Rehms, Gregory 39, 84 Rehms, Kenneth 222 Reid, Tari 39 Reimers, Deree 76, 113 Reinke, Robin 113, 170, 195, 197 Rettko, Douglas 147, 170, 222 Reynolds, Brenda 39, 76 Reynolds, Kathleen 39 Reynolds, Valorie 141, 222 Richard, Cornelius 9, 13, 39, 121, 128, 164 Richard, Katrina 113 Richardson, Kimberly 222 Richey, Christina 113 Richie, Lisa 40, 205 Richmond, Jeffery 40 Richmond, Shelley 222 Rickgauer, Robert 40, 198 Ricks, Paula 222 Rider, Ronald 113 Riley, Julie 80, 158, 222 Rivera, Vicki 76, 80, 113, 170 Robbins, Gayle 113 Roberts, Kristi 40, 229 Robinson, Aaron 139, 202, 222 Robinson, Joeseph 40 Robinson, Allen 40, 164, 189 Roehr, Kimberly 40, 193 Rohrs, Jeff 41, 177 Rohrs, Kent 222 Rohrs, Kirt 165, 168 Romanio, Tony 222 Rooth, Lorne 222 Rosencutter, Vincent 177, 222 Ross, Robert 121, 167 Ross, Tara 42, 188, 189 Rudolph, Sonja 113 Rue, Kathryn 8, 14, 16, 41, 131, 133, 150, 151, 152, 158, 185, 186,229 Ruedin, Deborah 76, 113 Ruiz, Dan 113, 137, 139 Rupp, Fay 8, 108, 113, 181, 182,196 Russell, ,Joeseph 137, 139, 202, 222 Ryan, Sandy 118 Rychner, Brian 121, 222 Rychner, Lisa 113 S Salas, Nannette 41 Samples, William 155, 222 Samuelson, Eric 113 Sanchez, Eric 86, 113 Sanders, Robin 188, 222 Sandholm, Michael 222 Sandling, Lamonte 41, 167, 168 Sandling, Lenrique 114 Santos, Lisa 114 Saunders, Julie 114 Schaefer, Kelley 222 Schaffer, Tony 139, 177, 202 Scheer, Frances 82, 84, 114, 141 Scheer, Suzanne 84, 141, 202, 222 Scheibal, Marty 114 Scheuneman, Carol 114 Schindler, Deborah 114 Schmidt, Keith 118 Schmitz, Debbie 114 163 135, , 197 Schmitz, Katherine 86, 141, 159, 189, 222 Schmitz, Myava 114, 189 Schmitz, Susan 41, 189 Schneider, Carl 41, 137, 139, 195, 197, 202 Schoolmaster, Andy 86, 223 Schuchmann, Scott 170, 223 Schwab, Diane 41 Seal, Ken 41 See, Michael 41 Severson, Diane 223 Seward, David 80, 223 Sexton, Angela 223 Shaw, Heidi 84, 223 Shearer, Stacy 223 Shepard, Laura 42 Shepherd, Monica 223 Shields, Jolene 223 Simmons, Cardell 84, 010, 103, Simmons, Darren 114 Simmons, David 223 Simmons, Deneen 114 Sin, Ki 223 1 Tannahill, William 115 Tanner, Laurie 44 Taylor, Christopher 115 Taylor, Monte 44 Taylor, Robert 167, 223 Tegner, Karen 78, 79, 109, 115 Ternes, Willis 118 Terry, James 115 Terry, Lareasa 223 Thierry Jr., Alfred 115 Thomas, Jeannette 224 Thomas, Kathy 224 Thomas, Thomas Thomas Peter 82, 115, 155, 208 Stacey 115 , Theresa 1 15 Thompson, Carmel 115 Thompson, Judy 177, 179, 224 Thompson, Michael 224 Thompson, Thomas 115, 147 Thornton, Jerry 224 Thrall, Doreen 115 Threadgiol, Gary 115 Walker, Lacy 46, 121, 125, 167, 168 Wallace, Cheri 15, 46 Wallace, Michelle 46 Wallin, Stewart 82, 84, 116, 117, 137, 167 Walton, Lisa 47 Warren, Elizabeth 116, 141, 200, 201 Watkins, Lane 224 Watkins, Sonja 84, 199, 224 Watkins, Tricia 116 Watson, Timothy 116 Watts, Troy 47, 76, 78, 79 Weber, Katheryn 116 Webster, Jeff 116 Weller, Mona 116, 178, 179 Wells, Pamela 47 Wescott, Gary 224 Westmark, Jeffery 116 White, Allen 47 White, David 224 White, Kinneth 116 Whitford, James 224 Whitney, Christina 224 Whitwell, David 224 Skeim, Thomas 42, 144, 145 Skidmore, Bacil 114 Slater, Dale 223 Slaughter, Keith 223 Slaughter, Rhonda 170 Sledge, Andre 167, 223 Sloan Alisa 223 Smith Brenda 84, 223 Smith Elizabeth 42, 86, 88 Smith James 42 Smith James 223 Smith Karen 114 Smith, Kelly 114, 177 Smith Kevin 42, 76, 78, 202 Smith Randy 85,155, 223 Smith Robert 42 Sodon, Christina 223 Solheim, Dianna 114, 170 Sonnier, Michael 42, 121, 164 Sonsteng, Jonathan 42 Sparks, Donna 42, 84 Sparks, Suzette 223 Speidel, Darcy 170 Spencer, Kenneth 43, 121 Spevak, John 5, 16, 17, 43, 170, 173, 175 Stagg, Richard 114 Stalder, Glenn 139, 202, 223 Standiter, Leroy 82, 84, 114 Stanley, Lamont 223 Staples, Rhonda 43 Steffensen, Scott 114 Stege, Karin 114 Steigerwalt, Roy 114 Steinert, Gabriela 43, 188 Steinert, Ronald 115 Stephens, Sue 13, 43 Stettin, Carl 43 Stevens, Arthur 16, 43, 169 Stewart, Carolyn 141, 159, 19 Stewart, Robin 223 Stewart, Wesley 43, 169 Stillwagon, Richard 223 Stitts, Patricia 189 Stone, Robin 118 Stotts, Kristy 43 Street, James 223 Strickland, James 43 Stubbs, Shelia 11, 14, 4 200, 201, 204, 205 Stumpf, Joseph 115 Sullivan, Robert 115 Suplido, Robert 44 T Talen, John 44 3, 223 4, 47, 98, 99, 131, Threadgill, Jonathan 224 Tiegarden, Teresa 44 Tolleson, Tower 224 Tolson, Kerri 115 Toole, Renee 224 Torrey, Timothy 115 Totland, Edward 115 Toves, Melinda 115 Towers, Carol 44 Tran, Hong-Thuy 44 Tremblay, Kerry 224 Tremlin, Paul 115, 147, 164 Trisko, Mary 115 Trotter, Christine 80, 192, 224. Trottier, Laurie 45, 76, 86 Trowbridge, Drena 115, 158 Tucker, Harumi 115, 131, 184, 185, 186, 189, 204, 229 Tuggle, Sharon 45, 131, 134, 135, 192 Turnley, Mai-lie 45, 75, 76, 78 Tustison, Lisa 115 Tvedt, Tammy 84, 88, 224 Tveter, John 116 Uren, Nancy 116 V Valliant, Juanita 45 Vance, Frank 116 Varner, Robert 84, 116 Vaughn, Nathaniel 211, 224 Veira, Linda 45, 68, 170 VerValin, Scott 45 VerValin, Stephen 116 Vig, Kimberly 78, 79, 116, 170 Vignal, Bruce 84 Villalba, Donette 116 Vindivich, Michael 3, 14, 16, 17, 45, 96, 121, 125, 127, 128, 164, 209 Vindivich, Sandra 116, 181, 182, 188, 196, 197 Viray, Carol 189 Vonappen, Susanne 116 W Wahl, Lori 116 Wakin, Dawn 46, 116 Waldherr, Robin 46 Waldherr, Ronald 224 Walker, Kathleen 3, 13, 17, 44, 46, 69, 96, 167, 181, 182, 207 Wiles, Daniel 224 Williams, Aaron 13, 167, 196, 197 Williams, Bernard 116 Williams, Doris 224 Williams, John 116, 137, 167, 202 Williams, Maurice 116 Williams , Steven 1 16 Williams, Tanya 224 Williams, Thomas 47 Willis, Shannon 47, 192 Wilson, Wilson, Georgianna 224 Tami 47, 80 Wilson, Timmy 224 Winch, Edward 155, 224 Winner, Gary 48 Wisse, Tonya 116 Wolf, Dennis 48 Wolff, Evelyn 48, 75, 76 Wood, John 202, 224 Woodard, Rickie 225 Woods, Joseph 225 Wooldridge, James 48, 169 Woolery, Steven 48, 70, 226 Worobec, Bruce 15, 48, 169, 194 Worthen, Vicki 116, 167 Wright, Mark 48 Wright, Richard 116 Y Yahne, Philip 116 Yancey, Gary 225 Yang, Hae Soon 225 Young, Charles iMike1 48, 68, 121, 226 Young, Marnie 225 Young, Yolanda 116 Z Zawacki, Joeseph 225 Zuber, Kathy 116 19 Qxwqw, 0 Q Qwxxpwmu iw cmd ww X Wfwcw Ufyfw giixfgglkif 1573, WT Lmwymw W x . 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Mount Tahoma High School - Totem Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Tahoma High School - Totem Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 152

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1981, pg 105

Mount Tahoma High School - Totem Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 188

1981, pg 188

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