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H , 1 wh' H. Q Lt '.:MNN1:1W' xi rm E-be W gg Ml' l w w lw m g ' W wmmww M Hl vMHNWHMNMQQQww W 'W H Hu -X C17 nz kin D014 and hi Kay Here at Mount Tahoma We have a great deal to be proud of. We have a beautiful school, an enthusiastic student body, and a conscientious faculty. This year Mount Tahomans had something else to be proud of - our championship basketball team. Coach Don Moseid and his Mount Tahoma Thunderbirds did an extra- ordinary job during this year's basketball season. The Thun- derbirds started the season by Winning the Hoop-Go-Round for the second year in a row. They went on to become the first team in Tacoma's history to be undefeated in both the City and Capital Leagues and in regular season play. Through their fine example of hard Work and good sportsmanship, Coach Moseid andihis Thunderbirds boosted the pride and spirit of Mount Tahomans to an all-time high. Because We feel that they have achieved the most for Mount T ahoma this year, we are proud to dedicate the 1964-1965 Totem to NDashin, Don and his boysf' X M X. . X A K x R X + X9 5. ' ' ii x . x X ill? 5 XX 3.4 N Q x , X .msw 1 X LLmL if 1 .,, 954335555 We lffw' P g f S q QCD 0 4 N 1-45 64 65 T hlc of Contents .... .Seniors .Hue Rrls -Rfllllllty , mr 6 E:!lEw ' .Iuniz l .QHJIIEIIIFES 437253 F ulliqn .um Q T ffl: f - ix X X S : 'if Q, K '- K xx -kk. l -xgilgfgif . X is 5 3 -Q1--2 W1.0:W ,Aim X -N, W- I ' 1 5 f ,.,.. .W X X W M K f ,s k Xkn.... Q sis SN fx X X np J . V -Sap:--.1--.3112 . f, . KLK-k ' X 4 N,-,fn . s' Ni- hgh- W '- 4, , - nl -L .,.. ,,..,.... S i Q ' S" if .,, W N A.. Q, . 'iSi'5 ' if5?'f-- 1311 -. - .X 'xg , . A QQ .. . Q " - - . A ,gm -1 1 Lf ' fv airs, X fr -E if f .' f K ww f: K iff-5 W - Q. . -8 . A . ' Ti J . -Q 'H fn-fy , ,, 2 3 - . W V- 3----W Mgzfw.-.- T 15-. g ggi P Q ' . 'N' ' - W A, ' W ' ,. k W Q I D Q ei - ' W -fgLZgi"x..'5'-1' A , f 1 ,x Q .K I' I ii . i - 3? ' Q43 W ., K ,AM fm L' 'K' ' If 5 L1 bg-X WT. ' :Ln 4. v ,,,, 4:1 S- can-I w mi , .Z ., .... . . AV at SL f E-gil 'ifkafsf ' b - . . ' J , m WX. 1 4.-..., ' 2 3 Y , T I., Q Q g f 1 E K HY MEDIA mm M 0 U ' ff 4,f,. CRIMSON, WHlTE AND GOLD FOREVERp LET OUR SPIR!TS EVER SOAR 1 V A K I , 5 ,, ,Lf,4, ,,,Wf ,- QW , . g ,iz " .- - ng Q, "5 'il"51'?i'i'35f I4 mm, .V,.. Mm. ' E' -, W I f A ,,, VV V, infur- fflX ,Vp H , is QL Vw , , fVV, V9, Q:,, ,QW 5 n If V 1,2 ' , W Y if V -5, A I ' ,ye V A Q, 2 xii 1 L 1' 263.1322 ....f-- MV- 'W , ' WWWMWWWMMW., 1 , ,,., , .V,, , . V ,. 'ff K , mi ' V V ' V V ' M72 " , yu WV 5 ,f- ' V t A 7 ,V if A f W 1 721 J ' V' ,f3iQfTE?'9'g' Nmc QWVQQ C-50' gi ! 71 K Twelve A.S.F. EUNTRIBUTES TU THE SEHUUUS SUCCESS DALE STIRN President MR. ORLANDO Advisor The most fundamental organization governing Mount Tahomas student body is the Associated Student Federation. Tremendous responsibilty is shown each morning in room l43 as the council carries out its varied duties which involve the authorization of posters and sales, the approval of all social athletic events, and the planning and execution of the school's extracurricular budget. However, the most vital duty of the ASF is the efficient governing of the Mount Tahoma student federation. The representatives of ASF are selected from the executive posts of the three classes, including class and club presidents and the class representatives to council. I I I ir BRIAN HARTZELL SUE BROWN KARIN LUND CONNIE RASMUSSEN Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer THRUIIGH URGI-INIZATIUN UF CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Th "WERE THE CLASS WITH ALL THE DRIVE, MOUNT .gf K L' LLLI x LARRY WESTHOLM IEANETTE HANSON ANN FRANKLIN .RQBBIE WELCH Vice President Secretary Treasurer Glfls Repfesemduve Fourteen DON HERBERT President Each and every senior Will recall his own memories gained at Mount Tahoma. Some have been here the lull three years, others only a short time. As sophomores we had three years to anticipate activities, such as proms, tolos, pep Weeks, balls, the i'big" cruise, picnics, banquets, festivals, and championship athletic teams. Now, as seniors, we recall our memories and eagerly await entering the adult world - some as students in institutes of higher education, and others as participants oi the Working force E each in his Way striving to pursue his lifetime goal. The seniors ot the class ot "65'l will never forget being known and respected as "THE CLASS WITH ALL THE Dl:tlVE." A QFBG RQN WIBURG MRS. LANDAHL MR. MCNEAL MH. LANCASTER BOYS Representative Advisor Advisor Advisor TI-IHUMA 'E5" RINGS AS SRS. RULE UVER SPIRIT .P X., SR, RR. REPS. -- Row I: N. Petersen, K. Poker, C. Kerr, E. Aalbue. ROW S - 1 A 2: W. Stephens, R Penn, D. Wichman, G. Brazil, I. Robben, T. Maves.. Omor C ass meeting' Row 3: B. Hutchinson, L. Hoskins, R. Tollefson, T. Hoard. Fifteen nu, HUNUR GRADUATES These are the students who Worked diligently to main- tain a 3.5 or above grade point average during the last four years. They have upheld a high set an example for fellow students To follow in the coming years. IOHN DEVEREAUX V .:,l m fg , , I E ,,.l A- 'f" 5 will SHERYL I. IONES KATHY MCBURNIE WENDY STEPHENS SIXIGCH FLOYD FROST ,1 ww LINDA M. KEITH GLEN NELSON . -,,,l 2 'Z' ' - 4 J . Q I H.,l ., DALE STIRN standard and have NORMAN BEIGHLEY , f I Yew , ,, f ,f iw A 5' 1 W 2 'Q Wim A Q.,-ml .,, .V , PATTI GRANOSKI EDWARD R. GRANT ..,,.,.,e V X 5. I 'fc f , ' 41 ,,,, 5 i,.- 1 ,,.,', .. f QQ 9 J YW 5. IE if IOHN W. LOBLAND BRUCE T. MALFAIT KATHLEEN A. NORMAND CONNIE RASMUSSEN gf? we lf li? 3 M 'Z' mf WILLIAM R. SWEET LINDA THOMPSON CAMP DON HERBERT NANCY L. MARTENS MARILYN SIHVO GARY WHEELER 1 jg f ' I57f???fPVLfV 0.4 my 5 km, in ,r AWK . W TERRY CRO GHAN IANET HUBBARD DONNA MASSOTH I O SIMPSON ANN R. WHITELOCK 5106 17' ' BETH AALBUE DAVE ADAMS ALFONSO CAZAR ALCAIDE AUTUMN ALFERNESS GAYLE MARIE ALLEN SENIURS DISPLAY A BRUAD ASSURTMENT UF TALENTS ""' E , ,,., 5- ' ' ' ' ,e , 1, na, -f f 1 ' 'fs ., I Q ,,,I'f,f Wf amy f ff! f 5 "hug 5 LARRY W. ANDERSON LINDA ANDERSON PATRICIA L. ANDREWS R. DAVID ANNIS LARRY ANTILLA RUTH A. APTHORP PETE ATKINS PEGGY L. AUGUSTINE CAROL A. BAKER LOU W. BARNA Seventeen X , , 6 w , ff , DURING FALL, PRUSPEETIELIEMERADUATES PURCHASE MVR 6 GREGORY A. BECK JACK S- BENNETT IANIS LEE BERG Eighieen DON BECHTOLD NORMAN BEIGHLEY LOUISE BELL VICKI BELLAMY IUDY ANN BERGER A 5 f Q CARY C. BERMUDEZ PAUL BERRY ROBERT A. BIGGERS IACK BILES Qs KATHY BIRCHMAN Mighty Thunderbird grows cold. l i K , PERMITS AND ORDER SENIUR PICTURES NK BRAD BOWLES 1 f , GLORIA BOWMAN MARGARET BRADFORD LYNDA E. BRAGA HM BRAIS Nineteen DOUGLAS R. BRANT ROSANNE L. BROWN 1 f fu Z L. Zia ROWELETTE S. BRAZEL Ecgqgui ,at Y GLENN I. BRAZIL II 2 , S F' SUSAN L. BROWN mf'-f-R' ' I . fy? I I 3 . . and it Was! 'Z SHARON G. BRYANT SENIURS SET TRADITIUNS FUR UNDERCLASSMEN DON BURBEE Twenty Wm, ,,, V ,A , ,.., 13 ,.,, 1, ,,V",.. , m f',.. :-- - ' ' WZ V 1 M V ' ' iff? M yggzgfflzi, , 'f f- M 1, A W MIKE BURKE PAULA M. BURMAN TOM BURMESTER BETTY BUSCH f 1, x , 1, v TU SFULLUW AND PASS IN THE COMING YEARS wanna!! --Q QQ Drat that bird, anyway, : , 2? 1 KATHLEEN M. CAPENER SHERMAN CARD GAIL CARMICHAEL 105 CARMIGNANI MARGARET I. CARPENTER MARIANNE MARIE. cAHnoL1. Twenty-One SXEEAEATEAWKINS lm BEEEEMEQTYEEHVEEiVSEXi5iVE W1""'7' ROBERT C. CLIFF KATHLEEN THERESA COLYAR CHRISTINE MARY COLYAR Yum! Yuml . . . Donuts. CHARLES E. CONNER DAVID COOK MARIAN L. COOPER Twenty-TWO in eiix PATRICIA CORCORAN CURT CORNELIUS ED CORRIGAN Going to copperbottom after a pep assembly. GARY C. COSGRO IOE COZINE PAUL CREYSSEI-S AS SENIURS HUT-UU DERBLASSMEN IN GRUBS X x A , A .I I I fe W A I . ,, 1 I N7 VIRGINIA CREYSSELS STEVEN A. CUHRAN I TERRY CROGHAN ROBERT L. CUMMINGS CHRIS F- DAVIES TweniyfThree DOUG DAVYIE s BOB DEHAAN MICHAEL H- PENNY Many hours were spent in preparation fOr' Pep Week. X IOHN DEVEREAUX MICHAEL E. DEVEREAUX SANDRA DIAMOND SENIURS PREPARE EUR FUTURE YEARS BY TAKING WU' JIM DION MARYA ANN DOANE DAN L. DODSWORTH PAT L. DOLAN TRINA DOLESKI Twenty-Four -.l?Zf" IANICE DONAHUE KATHY M. DoY1.E MILDRED A. DRAHOS PART IN EULLEGE CUNFERENCES Hail to the chief. ' Y 5 . f ANNARITA DRAKE PENNY MARIE DROST DENNIS R. DUDLEY IANIS NAOMI DURANCE MADELYNN I. DUTHIE DAVE EASLEY DENNY EDWARDS COLIN A. EHLI Twenty-Five 1 Q ff. ,Ny L TERRY ELTON RICK ERICKSON LINDA A. ERKERS Flfffflf GRLBEEKEES ENTERTAIN ALUMNI WITH THE fuoww' IEANNE M. ETHERINGTON ME DICK FAIRCHILD KATHLEEN MARY ELLEN EAKEH 1' Hush! 2 L ' IIIVI FALK SUSAN L. FELDMANN RICHARD B. FERMO Twenty-Six GEORGE R- FERRISS BERT I. FITCH IAMES D. FLATELAND CARMELIE SUE FLEWELLING LESLIE "MIKE" FLICK RUDOI-F H. FONT WM This was the night that was for Seniors. BALI-I UF HUMEEUMINE ANU NAULD LANG SYNE" 3 I ANNALEE FRANKLIN FLOYD FROST FRANCES FRYE TERRY FUCHEK ,WMM 'N 'Ez' kv, KARYN FULLERTON Twenty-Seven GLENNIS GANSTROM THERESA GEIGER Anything interesting, girlsl ' ,XQZZM fb., , BRENT M. GATHWRIGHT ROBERT COURTNEY GEPPERT MARY ELLEN GETCHMAN ,V . J 6 GAIL F. GNIRK NIIMERUIIS SENIUII ACTIVITIES I-IRE PRUVIIIED BY :rf ff .I ti SHIRLEY GOAN I. MITZI GOODREAU RON GRAHAM PATTI L1-:R GRANOSK1 EDWARD R. GRANT Twenty-Eight T-Birds! Go! Fight! Win! FRANCES HAHN LINDA DIANE HALE HX gps fb' win Y REEXfiEiEG UFWEEEEISTMKEL Eliins x I VENISHIA GREGG IOE GUNTHER MIKE GUSTAFSON MARY A. HALKO ANNETTE B. HALL RICH HAMBLEN Twenty-Nine STEVE HAMILTON CATHRYN M. HANLY SPIRITEIJ SRS. PARTICIPATE CHRISTINE C. HANSON LOIS IEANETTE HANSON 'Q f ..-Am. NANCY C. HANSEN I Fresh in the morning. ,IMHAQQGM IN VICTIJRY MARCH IOHN I. HARRISON LARRY HART Thirty 'W"""r BRIAN HARTZELL TERRY HAYDEN IOHN I.. HENDRICKSON 'Riagg 3319 'J X ' in DENNIS HENDRICKSON 'T GORDON HIGGINS IW. DON HERBERT LYNNETTE LEE HERTH 5 Mltks been a hard days night." IOANNE HILTS TIMOTHY V. HOARD THRUUSH THE SUUTH TAEUMA BUSINESS AREA Yggfrr' HARLAN E. HOLCOMB ff' ffwd, KAY!-EEN I. HOLLER ANIKO HOLLOS SHERRIE HOLMES RICH HONDEL Thirty -One Ss S W E. 1 Q gslgtx X Xxxxf NX xxx . :wx 1 SX xx X :-- X R 1 ' mf X - QQ i S N W ,N X R ,mx N , sv Q W , -' ,. I . 17, ,Wm 4 I Z wisgg.: Na., R M aww E Ir' I." rr: o 5 CU E 'JJ 'JJ '-4 rn o 'U E o o U E z U :U- :1: o SU z U3 U1 '4 V, ,, E g Trying to walk a straight line, Mark? X V' , SANDY HORTON BUD HOSKINS BOB HOWARD FRIENDS AND EELLUW STUDENTS MUURN THE f f N e f I' x Z , 3 , , 29 4 ' K f X RALPH L. HOWLAND JANET HUBBARD GARY E, HUFFMAN NANCY E. HUNTER IUDITH L. HURNBLAD Thiriy-Two mE15ETSZEEnTELbF mfffss ur AE EfiInR mIEEiE Minu-Ef22iHN 4-,lei GARY I. IOHNSON IANNENE IOHNSON IUDITH K. IOHNSON IULIE M. IOHNSON KATHY IOHNSON PATRICIA IOHNSON X :Q sg What is this? A lunch line . . Thirty-Three y I W in ,k 6E1 isQb i3Ei 1::EsD fiEE f1SQLL li13ANK 13E3sUEEKC 21Tivn QW1' WW GERI IONES SHERYL I. IONES EDWIN IOSEPH f""X MQ'- ' Y, 1 ,3 ,: ' ! , f 5 9 The mountain accents the tower. IACKIE L. KACHENKO LINDA KARR LINDA KAY Thirty-Four TNQ? N, R Ns Y f G' fri? fxxfyif X 'SQ IEANNE ICEETON LINDA M. KEITH CRAIG 1. KERR We Warned you about that first step, Don. KENNETH IAMES KERZIE DELORES KETTLEWELL CAROL KIENOW AEHIEVEMENT AS EUMMENCEMENT APPRUACHE5 -we-ddlv' IEHRY A. KINC1-XID MARY L. KING NANCY E, KING DICK I, KLAPSTEIN STEVE KLINGER Thiriy-Five Z CHERYL KNAPP ELAINE KNIGHT DUANE R. KNOLL I " ' -,,....----f ll ,f X 'NIQEIFIF -A S Ap, ' .5 -+gix 'Si W' l- ' '- . i' 4 J- -- Q . Arn! ' ' SHE I I I F N ' 'I QI... 'I s QQ' E' NLM. 2' i ax , gi' ,j1fg...., ii A '15, 'QE 'T. 1 . M, 'V 1 I f K7 Y ' Y r Y Y 7 qv :.- --. 1 ...--'E 'L'-'F-.l H. ALAN KNOX WILLIAM I. KRAMER LEO G. KRASINSKI , - W- , 'T"'? -. f -, Y-jR'ji-V 3- EUR THREE EUNSEEUTIVE YEARS, THE CLASS UE AUREI-IA KRUGER RONALD P. L1-IRI-XIVIIE APRIL ANNETTE LARSON B. A. LARSON I Thirty-Six LYLE M. LATHROP 5? B iE 131gKi? 5b EEE1 L4E1GE tii3E ' i1E11 REMEIVIN Tidviiiii As I was saying , '45 K: IAMES A. LORENZ KRISTI O. LUDINGTON KARIN L, LUND KATHY MCBURNIE DAN MCCAFFERTY KATHY MCCLURE Thirty-Seven EHIIURS DISIQLIE A Eiihliin AEEEEEMENT 015 is-ai www SANDRA LEE MCKAY PRUDENCE MCKENNEY KRISTI D. MCLEOD 'armr- Interested Srs. support the class of '65, IANIS MARIE MAIIALA IAN L. MAKELA SHE!-I-EY N- MCMAHILL Thirty-Eight x L 1 fe? , 4 i . V T X 9 ' 1 'Zi' BRUCE T. MALFAIT I. A. MAPLETHORPE LINDA LEE MARINI 6 wwf an-r""' si'l'?' Put away those pennies. A NANCY L. MARTENS DONNA LEE MASSOTH IOEL MATHISON TALENT AS THEY PRUDUEE A UNE ACT PLAY r IIM MATTHEWS DIANA LYNN MAULDIN ff' in TERALD M. MAVES SUE MAY DONNA MAYCLIN Thirty-Nine N 'QS PATRICIA GALE MEARS DEBBIE MEEDS BRIAN MEIDINGER WSW 5 Q One of the numerous pep signs signifying T-Bird spirit. SENIURS PRPPARE AND. EQUIP THEMSELVES TU Sgr" 1 ALAN METZKER IANET E. MEYER RALPH MEYER M'ELODY MICKENS DAVE MILLER Forty 3 Tliiffm UN RllElSMi3ENs1B1illflEs AQARYIEEIT llllflhlfllfg PBT MOON FRAN C. MOORE ION c. MOWRY MICKEY Mum PATRICIA E. MORRISON IUDY K. MUIRHEAD Girls' Club potluck is very successful. Forty-One cn1Cii1NEYENcEi3lixNi3ks HIEOIESMZENG 5iF1?xD13iiARnsGLEE2ibs v,X...,,-M Forty-Two K X aw-ms EX i ..,--:' 1 S ,gifig L mf:-I y ,WW .Af5, B S Oh, our aching feet. GEBRY A- NERGE BONNIE CAROLE NICHOLS GEORGE NICHOLS 5 Q , , nw ROSEMARY NOBLE ROGER NOHBOM KATHLEEN A. NORMAND MICHAEL A. O'BRIEN 409' S , LINDA K. OLSON EDWARD F. OMLAND Fill 'er up. WILL STRIVE TU MAINTAIN IN CUMINB YEARS HARRY OWENS GARY LEE OWINGS , 1 AMELIA PASKINS ANITA PAUL I DAVE PAUL Forty-Three u , f ' ' f 1 3 I V,., I, ' ED PAUSCHERT RICHARD W. PEDLAR DACE PEDECIS 11524 Soaking up sun during leisure time. ROSEMARY PENN IIM PERKINS GINGER PETERS MANY SENIUR5 ANTIEIPATE ENTERING THE jiwwf? TERRY IEAN PETERS MICHAEL R. PETERSON NANCY PETERSON KATHI PHILLIPS Forty-Four KEITH PHILLIPS CAROL MARIE PHIPPS ENE SCHARON PIERCE CAROL ANN PLUMMER GEORGE PRATT MARK PRATT CAMPUS WHIRL UF SEHULARS AND SUEIALITES 'quo' IRENE CARYLE PROCTOR FRANK PosToN NANCI RAHM 'Pwr we X That excuse Won't work this time, Larry i GROVER RAMSEY 4 z f X , 4 CONNIE RASMUSSEN TOM RAY Foriy-Five ifffzg, Vx, I I ff I I IOHN REDMAN SHARON REED IEAN REIT1-:R BETTY REYNOLDS LOU RICE THE BELL IN THE TUWEH RINGS WITH EH!-ITITUIJE ,V 4' f E. SUE RAICHART IQE RING IANET K1-XE ROBBEN Salute to the T-Birds! IOELLA ROBERTS IUDY ROBERTS PAULA IO ROBINSON ForIy'Six The tower is a welcome sight as students pass, TU THE SRS BILL ROWLING 13 gb DIANE ROGERS KEN ROGERS LANDIS ROHRER BARBARA ROOT ,mM, S 'ff FRED ROTH NANCY LEILANI ROWEN FUR IT'S INSTALLMENT I DIANA MARIE RUGERS mm '1 CHERYL L. RUPE fzflffik .1 IULIE ANN RUSH MARK RUTHERFORD Forty-Seven LINDA M. RYAN SENIURS BUD SCHULTZ Forty-Eight BRUCE B. RYTKONEN CAROL LYNN SANDERSON ASF Pres., Dale Stirn, throws out the Welcome mat io the Wilson ASB Pres. HAVE FEELINGS UF BLISS AND SURRUW DAVE SCHUMOCK SUE SEBADE DAVID L. SHADE DENNIS R. SHARP QM. wwe! I V, ff 1 t X x ID THEIERY wi I0 SIMPSON IOSEPH L. SMITH Il , EUGENE A. SODERBERG DAVID I. SOHN I gig' .5 if LINDA ANN SMITH IANET E. SOVIE Students and faculty express pride by awarding a trophy to our victorious T-Bird team, Forty-Nine 'flu ,W-v-' PATRICIA A. SPENCER TERESA A- STAMEY WK W f 1, , f ff PAULETTE STANLEY CAROLYN STEELE DONALD D. STEFFENSEN IN SYMBULIC CAPS AND GUWN5 GRADUATES ACCEPT lk , X As, A 49 SALLY STERN WILLIAM C. STEVENS 5 if 1' SHARON MARIE SUNICH THOMAS ANDREW SUTICH Fifty A WENDY STEPHENS DALE STIRN VICKI STUDLEY CONNIE D. SWANSON WILLIAM R. SWEET LARRY CARL SYKORA FLORENCIO I. TARAYA IR. MARIA TARAYA BOB TAYLOR IAMES M. THOMPSON LINDA LOUISE THOMPSON ik , , RICH THOMPSON B. WAYNE THOMPSON CHERYL M. THORESON CHRIS THORSON RICHARD TOLLEFSON THE CHALLENGE UE ENTERINB THE ADULT WUHLH LARRY TORNQUIST MIKE TRUAX DON W. THUMBLE SHARYN P. TRUMBLY IUDI USSELMAN F1ityfOr1e ,nm T JZ M X MW 1' 1 f ff 7 f f 26 WAYNE USSELMAN DONNA A. VANDERMEER LARRY VANDEGRIFT RON L. WATSON ROBBIE IEAN WELCH HSA Emmy EU T,-TETER THREE TEARS UE STUDY ANU FUN AT M T GARY WHEELER ANN R. WHITELOCK TAMMY WHOBREY RON WIBURG DAVID M WICHMAN Fifty-Two CANDACE M. WICKMAN CAROL L. WRIGHT APRIL VVILLIAMSON BARBARA WILLIS IAN E- WINBURN SUIJEMN GRADUATIUN IIEREMUNY IS FINALE IUDY ANN YOUNG R. DANIEL ZITTEI. YVONNE L. ZITZMAN Fifty-Three SENIURS ENJUY THEIR LAST EEW WEEKS AS THEY SENIOR BANQUET Cn May 8, the Masonic Temple Fellowship l-lall was the scene of the Senior Banquet, With knife and fork in hand, the Seniors sat down at 7:30 to a delicious buffet dinner. A congratulation goes to coechairmen Chris Hanson and Tim Hoard for their efficient planning which re- sulted in a very memorable evening. As napkins were crumpled, the Seniors danced and laughed with the realization that commencement exer- cises were not far away, SENTOR WEEK: Autumn Alferness and Brian Hartzell. SENIOR WEEK May Slst through lune lith was a week of fun and enjoyment for Mount Tahoma seniors, as Senior Week l955 got underway. lnterested stu- dents aided co-chairmen Autumn Alferness and Brian l-lartzell plan and work hard for each day. Among the numerous activities enioyed were a bicycle ride to school, an annual signing party, a dance at the Red Carpet, a hayride, a senior swim, a crazy clothes day and many, many other fune filled events. A big thanks goes to all seniors who planned as well as participated in making Senior Week i955 the best ever. Fifty Four 'Q-. ,PKK SENIOR BANQUET3 Chris Hanson and Tim Hoard. M SENIOR BALI.: Linda Hale and Ion Mowry. SENIOR BALI. The Seniors of the Class of "ESS" danced away the night of May 22. Through the efforts of co-chairmen Linda Hale and Ion Mowry, and other seniors, an evening of "Golden Memore ies" was provided. The beautiful view from the Browns' Point Clubhouse along with the im- pressive decorations set the mood for a most successful Senior Ball. SENIOR CRUISE The day of Iune I5 had come. Commencement was over, and thanks to Terry Croghan and Nanci Rahm, the new alumni of Mount Tahoma were able to take a cruise to Dr. Schultzs island, where they danced, ate, and laughed the night away. In the early morning all piled back into the boat for the return trip home. Filled with happiness and laughter, the seniors enjoyed their last moments together as a class, each realizing the future that lay ahead. SENIOR CRUISE: Nanci Rahm and Terry Croghan. PARTICIPATE IN FIINFIIIEII SENIUR ACTIVITIES Connie Rasmussen and Don Herbert represented Mount Tahoma at the Evergreen Girls' and Boys' States, respec- tively. Both States were held during the week of Iune l5e22, the girls at Central Washington State College, while the boys occupied the campus at Pacific Lutheran University. At both conventions Connie and Don took part in setting up state governments with subdivisions of counties and cities. Elections were held in which state officials were selected. Meetings were held in which the solving of the state problems was the main purpose. However, during the week all was not work. Recreational activities and facilities were offered, friends were being made, while democratic forms of government were being learned. Both Connie and Don agree that the conventions were well worthwhile. BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATES: Connie Rasmussen and Don Herbert. Fifty-Five P 'lf ' J' B F E S R I T E N D L L 0 I WM' E K ,,,,,.,, S G Fi1yS N 4 1 fr THE 1955 SENIUR T Autumn Alferness and Jim Falk Harlan Holcomb and Robbie Welch Sherrill Bartoy and Bruce Malfait M T O O S T S U L C I C K E E E L D Y if 1 HALL UF FAME Dale Stirn and Sheryl Jones , 1 L," ---11 Francis Frye and Pat O'Neill "85EsQ, ri' ' " ' . x,, 'A Jan Robben and Brian Hartzell Fftys Don Boehm and Penny Drost Connie Rasmussen and Don Herbert Fmy-Exghi P E P P I E C S T T I V E M O S T T A L E N T E D Sue Brown and Sherm Card B l I G G E s T F L I R T S Julie Rush and Jon Mowry Chris Colyar and Tom Burmester Marianne Carroll and Bob Cliff Uma S H Y E S 2 au V 4315 Fifty-N nistralinn ,N-.5 .G X - 1 QV. SK o 'W 9'0" vw 'Y - v 4'3m'ivfo'1" S - ,X I -'aims 5 6, ,WX E ,. H ' 1- . 1 ' - B6--" Q5 H' "Nf- . . 0hQ59o New mv: I x ! QQ- Q. gg ff at v-QQ? s wg f -f , . 1 K v , E . .9 L 5 wg., . N ' 'S - - 6 PX , M : f NX -- -Q f , 1 1 3 - x Q' A V , A , J ! gig? I Q 1' V 1 XJ . 0' w vQv9 X 0 o'f R 036 fl? 04 121. O' g A QQZZ' 94 ' Q.. Q 5, W,.fkQ ZOE' J L in 1, K l a 'l NI , . ,Nj 'X - ' fan' A i C' , f 5. x' 5 :- 'f X :EC -UI f ,gxg - v'?.' fm Y? v .gl ,- . 7' ?. II , A . Q I, Q ' , i ' 9? 74 2 ' ' , an 'HQ y . . X - ' f f I 0 f F . 'r - , 1 :O o , f .M v. X- oxgt ,O K 65's '33 5: 's A 0 , ' 6' ,,. g., ww-,e,:x L 4 X 00:4 "MW, . n 98 . W ' r' Q' 0' 0 , , W ' sa S Q 45.0, , I' O Q ' Q, gs V s 9 e Q .S p' x5,v59 D C Srazn 'xfo , Q .9 ,x'n 'HQ 0 if 'Q v' :gOQs':x O'O 0 gse- O We 5,9 9 K 1 ' ,. L .41 Qs 4KefK6Q ' txggf Y I Q X 'I 0 Q . !""'g':':9'SXu, 3 ' QS .0 4 6 , 3 F49 "5 '94 0 Q Oo 4 5 9 O 9 QQ , 0 QQQ ' ' C .02 v' 0 X K AR WM D , 7 I QF? x'. 2 wifi? ,f AFX V my 3,94 5 ew MWA Z. Slxty-Two School board members of the Tacoma District, HUGH:-Wispqy mass I A ti A Message for Mount Tahoma Graduating Seniors The graduating seniors of l965 have been a part of an eventful period in school history. As students you have personally experienced many of the changes that have been taking place in the school curriculum. l hope each of you will agree with me that these changes have provided a greater scope of opportunity and have enabled you to better prepare for your future. What lies ahead for you is certain to be just as exciting. lf l can make any certain prediction, it Will be that more changes will talce placeg and if l can give any advice, it is to expect and be prepared for changes. l am confident that you are better prepared to face change than any preceding generation, I would Wish each graduating senior success in a career and satisfaction in living in the years ahead. ANGELO CHAUDRONE Sixty-Three MUUNT TAHUMIYS EFFIEIENT LEADERS ll The challenge of the world to high school graduates was never greater than it is today. Violent changes are taking place. Minorities in our own country are demanding equality, as guaranteed by the Constitution. Coun- tries all over the world are no longer satisfied to be the pawns of imperialistic powers. Everyone wants the kind of life that will give him freedom, equality, and recognition. Present and future citizens will have some difficult and important decisions regarding the place of these peoples in our local and worldfwide communities. Unbelievable changes are taking place in science. Every few months new and startling reports tell us about the next step in space flight. Before long someone will be landing on the moon. After this development, the whole universe will be within reach. The new advancement begun by these explorations will radiate throughout the entire world. The economy will explode with new demands. New frontiers will be opened for exploration. And again, many decisions will have to be faced by the citizens of this country f individual and national ones. Rapid changes are continuing to take place in our economy. Automation is creeping into every business and industry. lt is beginning to be felt by those with unskilled and semi-skilled positions - - they are losing their jobs. Television programs are beginning to picture men who have been successful production workers but who are now walking the streets without a source of income. This means retraining, re-education, reedevelopment of skills to fit a new way of life. Decisions againl ln reality, everywhere the high school graduate looks today he sees the necessity for devisions. He must choose from a multitude of occupations for his life work, he must choose from a plethora of training institutions for further education, he must choose where he wants to live. And in addition, he must be ready to help make decisions in an increasingly complex world of human relations. The staff at Mount Tahoma has tried to present a curriculum of general education that would help each student to become better prepared to make some of these decisions. We hope we have been succssful. More than this, however, we hope that we have given to each graduate the desire to continue to learn and grow. It is only by continued growth that we shall be able to successfully face the future and the important choices that must be made. On behalf of the entire staff, l wish to express to each of you sincere best wishes for your future. sixty Four FRANK PRICE 9' tj - Principal A644- TAIN ADMINISTRATIVE RESPUNSIBILITIES Because of our unigue political and economic structure, every American is afforded the greatest opportunity mankind has ever known for education, self development, and self fulfillment, Within the framework of this system is the opporf tunity for citizens to develop themselves to their highest levels, through study and assimilation of the best thought of mankind. Every person has the right to a sound, complete education that will enable him to become a responsible, worthwhile citizen and to lead a rich and rewarding personal life. Though the student has this right to an education, he has a correspond- ing obligation to utilize his educational opportunities to a maximum. Every student should have the opportunity to develop skills in arithmetic, reading, and oral and written expression. From his school experiences he should create an appreciation of our democratic heritage and should stimulate growth in factual knowledge, critical thinking, cultural values, ethical stands and social responsibility. Every student should use his skills and knowledge to prepare and progress in endeavors of value to himself and society, lt is our responsibility to define traditional values in terms fitting for our place in our American Society and our countrys new place in the world. We can demonstrate this personal responsibility by studying public issues, supporting good legis- lation and helping to elect good public representatives. We can also demonstrate our responsibility by our choice of personal goals and by what we think, say, and do in our daily lives. If we are responsible in our beliefs concerning freedom, freedom of opportunity and the essential dignity of each indivf idual, and if we practice and protect these ideals in our daily lives, we affirm and birng to life a heritage that belongs equally to all of us, The tomorrow for which we learn and build must be fashf ioned with the full recognition that as individuals we play a small but highly significant role. The results of our single efforts may not be visible to us, but our responsibility is no less great. Enrolled in our classes today are the teachers, decorators, engineers, custodians, doctors, lawyers and laborf ers of the years ahead, lt is hoped that all of us will be aware of and sensitive to the dignity and worth of all kinds of honest endeavors and to help others, when possible, to achieve their fullest potentiality. This is highly important for the welfare of the individual and for the sake of our society, because from the individual moral fiber our national character is woven, EUGENE TONE MF? C 1- ,. - X. Vi e Princi al fi , If V Sixty-Fiv ACCURACY IS ESSENTIAL 1 3, 1 MARGARET Fasnmcxs LOUISE FENTON DORIS PEARSON SHARON HILL The ringing of telephones, the click of typewriters, and the faces ot the people Who make the wheels turn are always present in our administrative offices. The buzz of the 2:45 bell in the afternoon does not end the day for the oitice stall. Their business and Work continues until it is completed. For their etticiency and accuracy in all their duties performed, the student body of Mount Tahoma gives special thanks to Mrs. Fenton, Mrs. Fredricks, Mrs. Hill and Mrs! Pearson. Sixty-Six CH - - .fl Qs He calls the same time every daylll Did you know we got a cut slip on Mr. Price? CUUNSELURS FURM FUTURE Graduationl What an exciting time to be entering the Wide, Wide World of today. Such challenging, interesting opportunities are available through the many doors that have opened to you -W doors that have been opened by your teachers, your parents, your minister or your priest, your employees, and your friends. You must make the choice on which doors to enter. Young people of today have job possibilities in professions and vocations that were unknown even at the time you entered high school. Choose well each day as you travel life's Way and your yesterf days and tomorrows will be filled with happier memories, dreams, fulfillments, and hopes. Best Wishes for successful com- pletion of all your goalsl SENIOR COUNSELOR ,M , J ,df-1444.2 - rb5f,tffrA4gf-yf,if1lZ sopuoivroarz COUNSELOR X2 'fifty X-Q4r1ac!,,f Mr. Homer T. Anderson, the sophomore counselor, and Mr. Clifford McNeal, the junior counselor, are very active throughout each year at Mount Tahoina. Mr. Anderson is busy with late entries, approving withdrawals, and Working with the Tacoma Vocational lnstitute conf cerning students attending from Mount Tahoina. liflr. McNeal devotes Week upon Week for career day, is military counselor, the coordinator of the basic testing program, and is in charge of occupational litera- ture. Both of these men work very hard to advise and encourage students as to the present and future, IUNIOR COUNSELOR fkfffwf Wisffwf? Sixty-Seven LIBRARIAN AND NURSE Okay, stick out your tongue. Our nurse, Mrs. Wilkins, and her assistants perform one of the most im- portant tasks in our school. This year, as always, Mrs. Wilkins has insured healthful conditions within Mount Tae homa and it is always a comfort to know that someone of experience is here when we need her. -tft ' E E ANN WILKINS Nurse 'W DOREEN FAURE' During the past year, students at Mount Tahoma have, through their frequent use, shown appreciation of and dependence upon the beautiful and spacious library available. Under the supervision of Mrs. Faure and her assistants, the library was able to offer many sources of help and information. Librarian wr X if A f 4 Q if xi" -.Q 1 lv t J 2 A k Sixty-Eight' 2 tEl Z f E it ts: V t 1 iz ff 55: X 6 f 1 ff w ' it 4 9, Q 144- 1 f To , , l'i 4 I I fl., A 6 E - :I Student librarians help Mrs. Hildebrand. -ev EUUKS AND EUSTUDIANS COOKS: E. Skavlern, V. Waddell, A, Botnen, M. Peterson, M. Kellogg, B. Perez, E, Braketield. - fi-i ii- Mount Tahoma is fortunate in having a crew of custodians second to none. They have kept the school clean and in Working order during the school year. Their cheertul dis- position is a noted characteristic around the campus. lt it were not for the Work of these men every spilled jar ot ink would be unclean- ed, every leaky pipe would still leak, and the entire maintenance ot the school would go unattended. A special thanks is extended to each custodian for his friendly atti- tude and patience. To prepare daily meals that sat- isty hundreds ot ditterent appetities and still remain nourishing is the job of our cooks. They are also responsible for keeping the clean, healthy atmosphere ot the cafeter- ia and supervising the students Who work in the kitchen. Theirs is not a job easily done and We at Mount Tahoma extend to each of these ladies thanks and apprecia- tion tor their Work. if , ., ll Q V iillw, Q! I CUSTODIANS i Row l: I. Glaser, H, Sjurnesen, A. Chabot, H. Richardson. Row 2: B. Mercle, H. Pelley, W, Boje, A. Fatland, V. Englar, W. Webster, R. Sparks. Sixty-Nine i 1 , -ff M X f '.i.v.'jg5Q5:Q"':.' 4 M75 gf? 111 Z ,f Y I 1 , M A M if 45' K if 7 -V4 fm V " ' IDEAS TAKE NEW SHAPES IN GIETED HANDS if A ,,,,4f,.,.i A I ' , , ,.,, A 9 2 -' iff , , 4 A " my L , 1 , my , E H i ,A E' A .V " Qu. E A f f 1 . 6 , f. 14 vi f Q , W az Q? g 1 Q mm GM LILLA BAARSLAG Z Home Economics EVELYN BARNER Business Education ,ez W 9 ' LAWRENCE BLANCHFIELD HENRY BRUENN Business Education Com NANCY BAUSBACK CARLENE CQLE Lfiflgllage Social Siudies Seventy muniiy Laboratory EVE CLEMMONS Language Arts DEDICATED EDUEATURS INFLUENCE THE FUTURE 1 ,.,. 4 Q Ti S ELDON COWLING Social Studies DORA de ALTMAN Language AEM 1 F! TAY DOWNS FET' ROBERT EHRENHEIM Social Studies Languagg f S ic T N1 Q4 F, NE-2 'E K i " . k w5.i,S..,k,, K .ii , ii ..,k i X,-,wi -. M Q ,, E.-4. .. ,. .. ,- W . ic, 4 Q ,M .K .M i.. in K , E .c ROLLAND EVANS GREGG FRIBERG Community Laboraiory Social Studies Seventy-Ono :: ,,,s:5:-mesa wgfh, Ifarwrsi WWW? WNY -. .: -www' S - - NM ., , , .... P- - -- K' DR. IOHN GILL GEORGE HAALAND Social Studies Drafting s IOHN HANSON Language Arts WARREN IAECH Mathematics NEIL HANSON Science Seveniy-Two ROBERT IENSON Science aw' Bubble gum blowers go unnoticed. Angry teacher takes action. Pop! go the bubbles. E n GENE KRONLUND Mathematics it it it Q ' . if X D X xi gt 6 Nu. X t X i. s qi X F5 A FRANK KURRIGER Mathematics 1 THOMAS 'IOHNSON GENE LANCASTER Industrial Arts Social Studies Seventy-Three 1 l i I., , 4 1. fi if , S mann:-F M our ' W 32- - k -L - TTPW1 . 7 .5 .E -- .Q 'I ' K at Sf3TSiEiwsw - ' ,, :ri sl., ' Q S S if-1' .K S, hE DIANA LANDAHL Social Studies F DOROTHY McLARNEY Home Economics Y . X1 :fx is V xi 1. K X.X..Q.,Xm,, . 3 1AMEs MCDONALD Social Studies 5 2 W. , .......-- HARRY LARSON BURTON LEMMON Team teachers of Social Studies: Seventy-Four M6ll19H1dllCS Language Arts Robert White, Diana Landahl, Gene Lancaster IEAN MCLEOD Language Arts Y.. Q .:.- T. f in 'tr DEAN MELLOR Language Arts S,tL.,' kA EDGAR MCNEAL Science PAUL MICHAELS Art DONALD MOSEID Social Studies im Seventy-Five PETER NAGRODSKI Community Laboratory GEORGE NORDI Business Education l i 4 I Se-ventyASix r E wi HELEN NELSON Language Arts ROBERT ORLANDO Community Laboratory 'Aka E g ' as S Q ya i':3 2 i S 3 8' Q 3 3 i S S 'X :fi S R' 5' g A if s Sf Q ara S 2 L 5 S ' . 1' .i,5, 3 i RICHARD PERKINS Science S A.... . r.-A ' k .L NNN, ,,.W,.f,,,,,g K - f . sew' :f p -is , .W Q . i,.,M,. 5 ' . .. f-'- A moment of peace. 'viii RONALD REHER Industrial Arts ETHEL PLOMASEN Language Arts i -S After weeks of hard work . . . DANI RADONICH Language DEAN RENNIE Business Education - f-A ,f -:ws i - sm ,s.,,,,,s. ,is .Qi , ,. is Seventy-Seven WW.. r3r:.if1:2 'hiigiw Q - ,swxsie-is g , 2 W Q KL? .. A X3 ROBERT RIFE ED ROALKVAM Language MS Indusirial Arts , N? S nnnnltu -QQQQHBQIIUQ1 :QQ :fs -, 'S iv:- ' F' 2 E: K ""' M. .... , ..,A. A ,4.,,,,.. sig .ij-A-1,3 DONALD SABOL STANLEY SALMON BUSUIGSS Educaiion Business Education WILLIAM RYAN SIHRLEY SCHREIWEIS FACULTY COMBO - Mr. Timmerman, Mr. Language AMS Language Arts Whne, Mrs. Sormtag Seventy-Eight GENE SCOTT Physical Education P1 wa 'ls BETSY SONNTAG Language Arts VELMA SMITH Language Arts 76' 91 Q I4 A,,,,, 1 l Q wg, MA IOHN STINSON Social Studies KIMO STREETER Physical Education L M ED STRICHERZ Driver Education W -, Seventy-Nine DONALD SUNDQUIST Eighty Music .2 MILTON THENO Mathematics LARRY UBBEN Industrial Arts ' J f ,f f5fz!zz:" "YH ,,hj':Q'j L my .J 'iv-.M 0 ,,s,t . q .M ff.. ELLEN THORNBURG Business Education H . .A . 1 ' WAYNE TIMMERMAN Music ,4- ik QW ARLENE WALTON Community Laboratory Q' Muna GEORGE WHITNEY Social Studies ROBERT WELLENTIN Science l is DAVE WILLIAMS LYNN WILLIAMS Physical Education COTTIUIUUIIY I-GbOFalOfY BOB WHITE Social Studies .W - x . I if KATHERYN WYNSTRA rw' 'Jai v L 4 .i language Arts Mr. Hanson snatches goodies at annual affair. Eighty-One f A X Q Z Q0 we S is BAND WINS lst PL!-ll I I ir. , MAIORETTES: Kathy Hanes and Charlene Hetler. PERMAN HICKS 1 Drum Major 1 i Under the direction of Wayne Tifnmerman, Mount Tahoma's l965 band has experienced a year of superior ratings, a first place trophy and strenuous work. For its participation in the Santa Claus parade a proud band received a first place award from the Tacoma Eagles Club. This year for the first time, ensemble groups were entered in the annual State Music Contest. Of the seven groups which entered comp etition five received superior ratings. The soloists, Skip Peterson, Dennis Sharp, and Irene Frost, also received excellent ratings in the yearly contest. Special credit goes to another soloist, Floyd Frost, who received the honor of being chosen student soloist for the Tacoma Symphony. This year's band schedule included four foot- ball games, eleven basketball games, four con- WAYNE TIMMERMAN certs, two parades and all the pep assemblies, Director For their hard work, school spirit and a year of success, this years' band deserves special credit and congratulations. s I BAND - Row l: F. Frost, l. Frost, I. Bennett, R, Brown, S. Exeley, I. Fortier, I. Martin, N. King, S. Morgan, S. Lipp, D. Skavlem, S, Bergman. Row 2: L. Lathrop, P. McTighe, I. Moore, I. Dorman, E. Mooney, K. Moberg, M. Farley, I. Leppard, D. Shade, N. Hiscox, R. Rowland, I I. Iverson, I. Eudaily, D. Kalinski, D. Sharp. Row 3: D. Sheetz, A. Swanson, P. Berry, R. Howland, B. Georgia, D. Shriner, F. Clouse, W. Matheson, R. Beckner, C. Wilcox, E. Kinney, I. Schattilly, L. McEleney, D. Stell. Row 4: Mr. Timmerman, P. Higgins, C. Hetler, K. Hanes, M. Boyle, F. Owens, A. Brower, D, Ostrander, l. Muller, D Higgins, D. Gerber, S. Peterson. Eighty-F our - I SANTA CLAU5 PARADE -M... A -4 -,W ,v.- ,-,. W 7 ,,, ,img , , A fi ,Q 7 Y 6 it , 1, W f , ,Q ,, ' r j A Sf ' L, M244 , f A 4 wne1wm:,w.,4 W, V ,AA.wAi SA,, 4 , A , 1s7ff,i',, ' ' 'H :V 1,'f 3. 4--Y L77 W f W 11- ,,,. , , ,M N L ' A f , ffli , HL, A ' A If-WA A Eighty-Five S f A? S MUSIC BRUUPS PERFURM ,, BAND SOLOISTS - l. Frost, D, Sharp, S. Peterson, F. Frost. l TROMBONE QUARTET - D. Sheets, A. Swan- son, R. Howland, P. Berry, Eighty-Six "I sprang from my wagon to see What was the matter!" BRASS CHOIR - D. Shriner, A. Swanson, P. Berry, R. Howland, D. Sheets, D, Kalinskie, D. Sharp. 3-MJ ' ,' 3? K in .Mwst " W' wi t f Es, is up 5 at I NX me warm w l In Girls' Trio fks tk SSRN x Q 'N 'QQ saws? R Qsssnsaf .ss wiv Sl? Rst A353 R' ,swf - -- A, --x g, - , r l f L, - ,. -. ..-et s, Y - tt.--Q sg, -N 1 geeks - - ff: ego -: , 2: .-sz:-at szfifs.: Z' - - mais - If-tu ' " i . A X My X . S ,.,, . -X X-as J --fr Qi - . . . .:tg,,s:: X R5 .i Fis k k " W, S "" A C, i': , MMI V 5 5W My , .: , , flilf t,,,Ll,: . , h Girls' Sextet . k,k, , I I ' A GIRLS' GLEE - Row l: G. Usselman, D. Hinz, M. Taraya, G, Allen, S. Branharn, S. Cryer, S. Hildebrand, P. Schafer, F. Martin, M Beerll KiKirby, L. Herd, K. Roley, S. Query, N. Hoffman. Row 2: K. Rouse, K. Malfait, S. Casteel, D. Roland, B. Cobb, L. Holden, S. Raichart, G. Marker, L. Har- rison, C. Mitchell, E. Garton, T. Norton, N. Bronson, A, Brown. Row 3: I. Bjarlce, I. Young, R. Guinn, A. Hollos, R. Brown, E. Goan, P. Swanson H. McCracken, M. Camus, L. Gerovich, V. Williams, M. Halko, K. Doyle, T. Starney, R. Wheeler. Row 4: M. Martindale, L. Tichy, S. Wright, L Iohnson, L. Silva, T. Geiger, G. Clawson, M. Stevens, I. Etherington, B. Silva, I. Wiclcstrorn, I. Donahue, G. Rousseau, M. Boynton, G. Bronson 1 1 F1 fs.. ... K. Knoll. v. ,SSE W 3 vi E. 2 Q .54 "' bi f Q 7 I1 . Di If I ,am l - i x BOYS' GLEE - Row l: K. Kenyon, F. Lemmer, I. Simpson, I. Green, B. Hoarauf P. Conner I, Brai R K ll R 2: R. Hall,s,P. Burke, C. Ross, I. Wells, D. Miller, M. Loomis, H. Iackson, G. Booth, F. Hahn. Row 3: Brazil ?.gRoggi'xsi D. Cook, R. Meyer, D. Sohn, M. Pratt, C. Wells, I. Dion, F. Higgins, M. Flick. EightyfSeven MT Plagers Present "Ten Little Indians" Miss Wynstra gives final instructions before curtain time. The set, here in its early stages, Was designed by Iohn Williams and painted by the art workshop. Curt plays the first victim of the mysterious deaths that occur throughout the play. Eighty-Eight Bow l: T, Maves, T. Neitzel. Row 21 P. Robinson, D. Miller, H. Owens, P. Drost, M Boyle, M. Bruce. Row 3: Miss Wynstra, P. Berry, S. Harr, D. Boehm, Miss Cole. TEN LITTLE INDIANS, a suspense filled drama by Agatha Christie, Was the first production selected by the drama de- partment to be presented by the Mount Tahoma Players. It Was presented on November 13th and I-4th, IQG4. Under the expert direction of Miss Katheryn Wynstra, and with the help of Miss Carlene Cole and Linda I-Iale, the various committees and the players themselves made the play a tremendous success. THE CAST Paul Berry ....... ......... W illiam Blore Don Boehm .... .......... D r. Armstrong Mike Boyle ...... .....r... T homas Rogers Mary Bruce ............ ........ Mrs. Ethel Rogers Curt Cornelius ....... ....,............. A nthony Marston Penny Drost ....... ...................... V era Claythorne Sid I-Iarr ........ Terry Maves ....... Dick Miller Tom Neitzel .. Harry Owens Paula lo Robinson ..... Sir Lawrence Wargrave Indictment speaker .......General MacKenzie .............Fred Narracott ......Philip Lombard ..........EmiIy Brent Senior Plag: "lin Ingenue of the Sierras" AN INGENUE OF THE SIEBBAS is a zany, Wild west adventure which starred ten enthusiastic iactors from the senior class. lt took place at Sugar Pine Station in the High Sierras and was presented With the Pep Club Variety Show. Many seniors worked hard to produce the hammiest play yet to be staged in the Mount Tahoma auditoriuml THE CAST Autumn Alferness .... c.,,,ti P retty Petty Mullins Cathy Colydr ., .,iii.ii..ii R ebecca Wixett lOl'11'1 Ellingson VV,... ,..,,,, l udge Thompson Linda H616 .YVVVV ..ii,i....,,,.. L etitia Floss Gregg Hallen t,i,, ,,,t,,,i B ig lim Rendem Brian Hartzell o...t,,,,,, ,,,,.,V,VV,VV,, Y uba B111 Harlan Holcomb .,i,,i,,i,w ,.,,,7w,,,, I , I, lacgbg Donna Lee Massoth ,,,, t,o,,,V, H ettie Wixell Paula lo Robinson ..... ,,r,,, A bagail P1055 Dale Sliffl ..,,,,,,,,,......,,,,,...... ,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,w C harlie Byng Because of the devoted time and help of Miss Kathryn Wynstra and P. Robinson, G. Hallen, C. Colyar, H. Holcolm, and L. Hale. fi T STAGE CREW - a job well done. student directors, Don Boehm and Chris Hanson, here stand our ten senior actors for their curtain call: B. Hartzell, D. Massoth, D. Stirn, A. Alferness, I. Ellingson, Our hard Working stage crew has had a busy year working on pep assemblies, traveling assemblies, the variety show, andlvarious con- certs, They are a devoted team of boys who rarely receive credit for we Iudge Thompson takes the bitter . . . with the betterl 2 , v eil 'I 'T Ln .Aw 2 .C y ,L The play endg with e Crushing defeat fgf Yuba Bill and many Row 1: M. Burke, C. Bermudez, D. Shawnesee. Row 2: I. Doellefield, S fond memories of rehearsals, a Wonderful director, and a senior MCEUGVYI R- Ki1'1C5d9, D- R0biUS01'1, P- B9fTYi D- MCCGHGTTY- year. Eighty-Nine MT EHURAL GRUUPS One ot the most significant facets ot our American culture is music, and in Mount Ta- homa our choral music has been truly comple mented by the Work ot Mr. Sundquist, our vocal instructor. lt is he who shapes and torms students into an exceptionally good choir, studio choir and various ensemble groups. He is responsible tor a great part in our tall, Win- ,uw ter, and spring concerts which bring enjoye ment to everyone who attends. His Work, as Well as the combined ettorts ot all his pupils, achieves the results which he hopes tor from the beginning 4 a fine example of entertain- I ment at Mount Tahoma for its student body, taculty, parents, and friends. DONALD SUNDQUIST Director DAVE COOK President CHOlR - Row l: Y. Zitzman, M. Berg, S. Brown, I. Durnace, K, Ehrendreich, K. Rouse, C. Hayne, L. Smith, Mr. Sundquist, I. Larson, A. Alter- ness, G. Iones, I, Rush, S. Coleman, S. Feldmann, L. Werth. Row 2: C. Wight, C. Rice, I. Rollins, B. Dietz, R. Ormsby, M, Drahos, I. Brais, A. Alcaide, M. Mellor, S. Klinger, F. Hahn, R. Kellogg, S. Exley, M. Bointon, L. Hale, M. Laursen, N. Hanson. Row 3: C. Sanchez, M. Rasmussen, S. Reed, M. Peterson, K, Doyle, M. King, M. Mauermann, I. Green, G, Higgins, B. Hoaraut, I. Dion, B, Hutchinson, B. Edwards, C. Ross, B. Ellwanger, K. Lund, C. Baughrnan, N. Hunter. Bow 4: M. Duthie, C. Tatrrian, S, Wright, V. Gregg, C. Sanderson, H, Iackson, M. Flick, F. Poston, C. Wells, D. Cook, B. Stevens, D. Sohn, B. Bell, I. Campbell, F. Higgins, P. Clawson, M. Sihvo, M. Wright. Ninety RATE HIGH IN IIUNTEST Studio Choir, Girls' Sextet, and Girls' Trio, are three ensemble groups that are formed from try- outs. Those who Were accepted this year have had a great amount ot experience and success. At the Solo and Ensemble Contest at Poster High School, Studio Choir received a rating ot superior plus, the highest rating given. Girls' Trio received superior and Girls' Sextet received excellent. Congratulations. Q : -rx fr El, . L .t K 'Q swfim in Q . 4' A F -QS . . . X if if T 2: U .'L, . Karin Lund g - Venishia Gregg, i as ' if +A E E 5. Nl i v z- -4 Q C Qs if S .. 1 i 3 . 5 Q ,Q sy 5 s Q 5 8 S STUDIO CHOIR - Lett, up staircasez A. Alferness, l. Rollins, C. Rice, L. Hale, B. Dietz, M. Peterson, Row l: S. Brown, M. Mauerrnann, I. Larson, F. Higgins, R. Kellogg. Row 2: K Lund, I. Brais, P. Hahn. Row 3: H. lackson, S. Klinger, Row 4: N. Hunter, D. Coolc, I. Dion. Marilyn Sihvo, GTRLS' SEXTET - B. Dietz, M. Petersen, M. Mauermann, P. Clawson, I. Rollins, I. Larson, M. Laursen. Ninety-One ghgQQnl Barxtogp- Vinci?-5 W X, k D - ' QS mfxli 1232.22 Lffeixasslimffwkess mmxm A 'f AVF S-Ho ' Q-ww RXb2'3fQQ,xQhzin5f nvx2f2xemQ'fn"9 5oAl3 Mennenfja - Ir. A'HQ,n-,doyxi Izez Whzdzr -kgoph. A+TZhdQn'X' Ncmclj Muvhns-AcX'xvAxX Rckek Queen ChQTx2Y'lQ DQ, Cqdcrino. -gf. VTROQQSS Krks Karger 'SOQYN-PYKUCQSS Sieve, DQYISKQQ " UV Pham er JZM e Somjnerd - 'Dcivsg Mag A pr-RX LQYSGYX- Tok: Queen Li FAQ Thomgfacm-Sr. Ph mags KQWL5 Due 7 1Yr.PFmces5 Beck Cars - ' X X2 5 'n.P Don H iv- xxx mpgs 51222553 Carol ueen of Smdw 'KQV' X XX Activity 'Cicket Royalty As each school year begins, Mount Tahoma competes with Lincoln High School in an Activity Ticket Contest. This year, in the second annual contest with Lincoln, Mount Tahoma won by a margin ot eight and one-halt percent. Last year, Lincoln could compliment itself on a victory of only one-halt ot one percent. Mount Tahoma's victory in the activity ticket contest illustrated the vivacious spirit and tremendous pride the students at Mount Tahoma hold tor their school. As winners ot this contest, Mount Tahoma received seventy- tive percent ot the protits from the dance which took place on October l5, l965 in the Lincoln gym. The defeated Lincoln High School received twentyetive percent ot the profits. While the contest between the two schools was in progress, there was also a contest between each class to decide who would represent their class in Royalty. The roll room from each class with the highest percentage ot activity tickets sold were rewarded by the opportunity to chose a princess tor Royalty. Mount Tahomas senior princess had the honor ot reigning as Queen ot the dance since her class and school won the contest. Representing Mount Tahoma as royalty were: Nancy Martens, Senior Princess, Charlene DeCaterina, lunior Princess, and Kris larger, Sophomore Princess. At the dance, Queen Nancy received a bouquet ot red roses. The night proved to be very enjoyable tor the students, the Queen and her court. The victory in the activity ticket contest is proot that Mount Tahoma does the best in everything they pursue, W S a d i e H a W I4 Nmety-Fwe Kerry ec Kinda diff Ninety-Six LIIYY .mr S F' a d e 9 I4 0 U a l f 11' 0 m 6 m C 0 W1 Z V1 V 0 Ninety-Eight SHIQ 0 I Zvabcllf ll n 0 S U yy ufu Ninety-Nine S M 6 1' 1 1' z l l Y l One-Hundred ti f- tr f l l l I l I fl I ,l l l l l l NRI' fi' Ji PENNY DROST SHERRIL1. BARTOY DONNA LEE MASSOTH With a radiant smile, Sherrill Bartoy accepted the bouquet of daffodils from Mayor Harold Tollefson and began her reign as Mount Tahoma's Daffodil Princess on the evening of Ianuary l4th. The selections took place in the auditorium of Stadium High School. Along with Sherrill, the two other candidates who accompanied her from Mount Tahoma were Penny Drost and Donna Lee Massoth. Each of the candidates from the four Tacoma high schools were judged on the basis of poise, appearance and speaking ability. Each and every girl did an excellent job of representing her school, and the judges had a difficult time in selecting the four princesses. But finally, Diane Lind from Stadium, Gretchen Klinkert from Lincoln, Sue Richmond from Wilson, and our own Sherrill Bartoy were the judges' choice to run for Daffodil Queen. Sherrill and these girls had several weeks of busy activities to look forward to before the queens selection at Spartan Hall in Sumner. Though Sherrill was not chosen as Queen of the Daffodil Festival, We will all remember her as our own queen, and on April 9, the day of the big parade, all the spectators could see that Mount Tahoma is a very proud school to have Sherrill as its princess. One-Hundred-One Daucfaa TER REE? r0pENsxC'5 S Xi--ia 6 STARTING EARLY WITH HIGH IDEALS, THE TUTEM ' cial' iaiiififiiil DENNIS DUDLEY HARLAN HOLCOMB Sports Editor Sports IAN BERG SUE SEBADE Copy Editor Copy CHERI KNAPP DAVE EASLEY Business Manager Business LINDA HALE LINDA THOMPSON Organization Editor Organization One-Hundred-Four i TIM HOARD Editor Due to excellent leadership, fine cooperation, and good planning, the l965 TGTEM was finished well before its deadline. Annuals were sold under a new system this year. They went on sale during December and all those who wished to purchase a TOTEM either made a down payment or paid for it all at once. In this way, the TOTEM staff knew exactly how many annuals to order. Many hours of frustration, hard work, and fun were spent in putting together this year's TOTEM. We hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. The TOTEM Staff STAFF PRUDUEES A RECORD UF THE YEAR WILLIAM RYAN Advisor Z,-1 YVONNE CLEMENTS Class Pictures Editor ..,: z :" .X - - T" , X XX X k fu, X 'Y A -BE Q IAN ROBBEN Eine Arts Editor 'Q-Q? SHERMAN CARD Art Editor 'J QQ COLLEEN WELLEN Class Pictures AUTUMN ALFERNESS Fine Arts NANCY BOWEN Dedication ED KEITH Spring Quarter A-vm? vp IEANETTE HANSON Class Pictures PAT SPENCER Girls' Athletic Editor 405 will "rw CATHY COLYAR Art Editor JULIE RUSH Hall of Fame One-Hundred-Five JUURNALISM TECHNIQUES LEARNED AND PERFEETEU WZWWMZZWW Q awww LINDA ANDERSON CHRIS HANSON Copy Editor News Editor I Qu-21,3 WENDY STEPHENS APRIL LARSON Editorial Editor Feature Editor 'fn J RON WATSON ROBBIE WELCH Sports Editor Circulation Manager MISS COLE MISS WYNSTRA Advisor Advisor ANN FRANKLIN Editor THERESA HIOTT BRUCE LARSON Business Manager Advertising Manager One-Hundred-Six AS TUWER STAFF PRUDUCES BI-WEEKLY NEWS ,wt .- 3 .,. TOWER STAFF - Row 1: V. Schroder, V. Cheyssels, A. Franklin, R. Welch, S. Snider, T, Hiott, I. Clark, B. Larson, S. Wrolson, I. Nelson K Weaver. Row 21 S. Horton, I, Sosky, W. Snover, T. Bolek, A, Larson, C. Hanson, L. Anderson, R. Watson, M, Boyle, W. Stephens. ,,,.,....J Working busily to produce their bi-weekly edition, the news staff members learned quickly the secrets of editing a paper. Each reporter or editor on the staff spent many confusing but rewarding hours Writing articles to cover the events at Mount Tahoma. The Tower managed to come out on schedule almost every time and as it was given to the students, a sigh of relief came from each staff member. Their producing a bi-Weekly was rewarded by the enthusiasm of the students when they received their accurate and inter- esting newspaper. One-Hundred Seven GIRLS IIUNUIIARY WHILE SERVING MUIINI' TAIIUMA of J we X X x X ' 1 3, x X K Arm sw IM, HRW? xx 'sein .N .4 .. . M, .N ... xx xv X we X so MHS. FAURE Advisor CLEOPHAS Row I S Dlamond I Iolnnson L Thompson P Robmson A Wh1I9IOCk Row 2 C Rasmussen N Martlns, I. Foriier, I. Cottmi, M Smathers IC Due L SOVIG M Laurson I Slmpson Row 3 F G11IetI1 S Dougherty K Ludmgion N Hlscox I Hanson, T. Redfield, D Skavlem I Tucker Row 4 M Lockrldge K H111 E Sommer S Bryant C Hanson D Kay L K61II'1 A Larson W Stephens, I. Gardner. PRUUIILY, JUINS GIRLS IN LASTING FRIENDSHIP W Is na. Mount Tahoma girls invade Lincoln territory. .,,,.j:af-...,Q, y If If ,f ff' ' Q r N 1 f J' Mount Tahoma takes pride in its Girls' Hon- orary Organization, Cleophas. To become a member of Cleophas a girl must represent the name of the club, which is Hebrew for "friend- ship," and also maintain a 2,8 accumulative grade point average while serving the school. Cleophas began a year of excitement and enthusiasm with the initiation and traditional slumber party for new members. Through service to Mount Tahoma, the members usher- ed at school plays, concerts, and the T-Bird relays, as well as serving at the various teach- ers' teas. One of Cleophas' most time-consum- ing activities this year was the organization of the Homecoming dance and reception. It is not uncommon to see a Cleophas member selling donuts, scrubbing cars, or raking leaves in order to add to they treasury. Not only does Cleophas serve its school, but during the fall the members served their community at South Tacoma Chevrolet and Russ Dunmire's Olds- mobile. To say farewell to the seniors and to recollect memories shared by all, a final gath- ering Was held to end the year. Imagination flows and the new members experience an unforgettable initiation. at as I iii I I I v wi t 'fx is ,535 i Xa: sl Cleophas girls sell fresh donuts. Energetic members wash cars. One-Hundred-Nine EABER DEBATURS DRILL FUR TUURNAMENTS PAULA IO ROBINSON President The Mount Tahoma debate team under the super- vision ot Mr. Eldon Cowling and President Paula Io Robinson, provided its members with a chance to develop their talents in formal speaking, their vocal expression and their ability to speak on a moments notice. During the course ot the l964-65 school year the de- bate team attended many tournaments. Their season began in Bellingham and continued at tournaments in Seattle, Bremerton, and Tacoma. Something new this year was the purchasing ot debate jackets. .120 tk X ,pe-'fd trvtsf MR. COWLING Advisor ef t Yi? Debators Work with hands as well as t with mind 2 DEBATORS - Row l: I. Hernandez, D. Mulholland, S. Horton, G. Soderberg, G, Beck, T, Bgwles, P, Robinson. ROW 22 W. Meeds, B. Williams. P. Drost, G. Hallen, P. Berry, M. Pratt, F. Frost, N. Beighley, L. Christian, I. lones, A. Swanson. One-Hundred-Ten lv D. E. TEACHES TECHNIQUES UE FAIR BUSINESS me 5 'T' S32 sg 1 'V-'Qs RETAILERS - Row l: l. Ryder, G. Peters, P. Burman, M. O'Brian, G. Nerge, How 2: Mr. Sabol, M. Cooper, M. Black, I. Bauman, W. Thompson, C. Battson, K. McClure, Mr. Larson, Row 31 S. Wetz, P. Conners, T. Fuchek, T. Beales, D. Knwll, R, Wiburg, L. Anderson. MIKE BLACK President The Retailers Club teaches the basic fundamentals ot buying, advertising, and selling. Members gain experience in outside jobs obtained through their Distributive Education class. By selling a variety of things ranging from paper- back books to dill pickles, the members learn to budget money. Their talent and originality shines through the clever arrangements in their display window. Through the initiative of this year's members, a paperback sec- tion in the school library was started. 'WP MR. SABOL Advisor ltwti if-in .1 thi, -. . U s All - J - 'tqu 0' DE. students sell books daily. One-Hundred-Eleven THE GIRLS AT MOUNT TAHUMA WORK A5 UNE UNIT CHRIS HANSON President Starting this year's activities with the Big and Little Sister Picnic in the summer, Girls' Club continued their list of events with the Welcoming Sophomore Potluck held early in the year. Following these were the other Girls' Club sponsored pro- jects including "Wonderland by Night," this year's theme for the annual tolo, held on December 12. Each girl in school is automatically a member of Girls' Club, which is divided into three different departments: Social, Service, and Friendship. This gives each member a chance to participate in the type of Work she enjoys most. One of the most rewarding projects this year was the adoption of a little girl from Rainier School in Buckley. Girls' Club members worked hard on each project as- signed to them and have truly offered their services to the enrichment of Mount Tahoma. One-Hundred-Twelve iff V-4.' 1 V.yV 3 . KRISTI LUDINGTON DEBBIE MEEDS Vice President Recording Secretary . -qw' WENDY STEPHENS Corresponding Secretary er 9 APRIL LARSON SHERRILL BARTOY MRS. MCLARNEY Treasurer Tempo Editgr Advisor GIRLS' CLUB CABINET - Row li M. Carroll, K. Hill, C, Lanken, Row 2: M. Smathers, S jones, l. Robben, I, Tucker, K. Dew. TU INSURE A VERY SUCCESSFUL YEAR IN 1965 Students dance to the gay music of the Deacons The girls work many hours to pro To keep in step, the Girls' Club sponsored the annual Christmas Tolo and the Father-Daughter Banquet during the school year of l964-55. The girls can congratulate themselves on two very successful events. The Tolo was held on December l2th with the enchanting theme, 'lWon- derland by Night." After many hectic weeks of prepara- tion the couples relaxed to the peaceful music of the Dan Waddell Quintette. The Queen and her court were pre- sented during the evening. As everyone left for their dinner engagements, the couples gathered memories of the successful dance. "King of the Parade" was the theme to honor the girls' fathers at the banquet. The friendly atmosphere was in- a creased by the clever decorations of Easter bunnies, E i S f .x baskets, and golden crowns. The evening was begun with a delicious dinner. The program which followed consisted of speeches about how "grand" fathers and daughters are. A fashion show was presented with all the girls wearing light, gay dresses which they had made. The night was concluded by music by the Mount Tahoma Girls' Trio. All the fathers thanked their daughters for such a wonderful night. Something new was tried this year, a Girls' Club All- School Dance. The students danced to the gay music of the Deacons. The theme, "Spring Fling," was comple mented by flowers and pretty girls. Once again, the Girls' Club provided a fun-filled evening for Mount Tahoma students, .gg at the 'Spring Fling' duce an enchanting atmosphere. Co-Chairmens Linda Keith and lan Tucker. One-Hundred-Thirteen PHILUSUPHER5 EXPLORE REALMS UE THE UNKNOWN GLENN BRAZIL President Although one of the newer and lesser known clubs at Mount Tahoma, the Philosophy Club, was not with- out interest. The club's main purpose was to provide a means by which students may seek knowledge ot the fundamental ideas and principles on which all reality rests, and also to tind guide posts tor the direc- tions of human conduct. Yearly activities included various candy sales and car washes tor the purpose ot promoting greater inter- est in the club and to obtain additional materials tor future study by Mount Tahoma students. MR. DOWNS Advisor Thought is the key to success 1' if Sass Pl-HLOSOPHY CLUB - Row l: E. Keith, I. Sage, B. Hutchinson, B, Braz il, R. Grazzini, C. Wellen. Row 2: L. Chr1st1an Mr Downs G lones Y Clements. Row 3: D. Miller, N. Hiscox, P. Burke, I. Pompey, S. Lynch, I-X. Dernarest, P. Frye. One-Hundred-Fourteen DRI-IMI-ITIE ABILITY FL!-IRES IN NEW CLUB Drama Club is an organization open to all students interested in the performing arts. The students are given the opportunity to partici- pate as stage crew members, actors, commit- tee members and student directors. The nucleus of Drama Club is Thespians, which is a national organization. A student must have earned ten points in dramatic Work to be eligible for this high honor. Being a member of Thespians provides active students with privileges, such as holding offices. The purpose of the Drama Club isfto extend the knowledge and experience of students who are interested in the field of speaking and acting. The club supports and backs all forms of dramatics at Mount Tahoma High School. DON BOEHM President DRAMA CLUB - Row l: N. Martins, I. Lepbart, L. Coe, S. Overy, P. Robinson, D. Boehm. Row 2: L. Hale, G. lones, I. Cottini P. Drost, Miss Wynstra. Bow 3: L. Enzler, P. Berry, S. Brown, I-X. Alferness, B. Aalbue, A. Franklin. Row 4: M. Boyle, L. Christian K. Ludington, S. Sargent, N. Kerr, I. Clark, D. Kay, D. Mahoney, I. Hanson, D. Diess. Row 5: K. Norman, C. Hanson, B. Willis Y. Clements. Row 6: S. Harr, M. Lawler, L. Thompson, T. Maves. 1 1 1 One-Hundred-Fifteen FUR THE FUURTH EUNSEEUTIVE YEAR, KEY CLUB DENNIS DUDLEY Key Club members working to make a fence'?' President For the fourth straight year Key Club took part in a great number ot activities both at Mount Tahoma and in the com- munity. ln promoting their doctrine ot service, Key Club tell heir to odd jobs around the school. This year they were given the job ot cleaning "Old Copperloottomn and taking care ot the reader board. ln their money making projects Key Club held two dances, co-sponsored the Homecoming Dance, and sold class buttons. The high-light of the year came in their ettort tor the March ot Dimes. IIM FALK DON HERBERT BOB GEPPERT ION MOWRY MR. LEMMON Vice President Treasurer Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Advisor One-Hundred-Sixteen REMAINS AMONG THE LEADING CLUBS AT SCHUUL KEY CLUB M Row li B, Knox, I. Berg, M. Gomsrud, B. Williams, I. Hernandez, G, Stevens, T. Crist, B. Iezek, D. Smith. Row 2: B. Flateland, S. Densley, B. Muir, B, Gundstorn, R. Hamilton, G. Pieruccioni, A, Ferari, I. Sage, B. Hager, B. Martell, T. Morris, D. Dudley, R. Wiburg, K. Phillips, B. Geppert, C, Davies, E. Grant, T. Croghan, B, Gathwright, I. Mowry, D. Dudley, D. Herbert, D, Hendrickson, I. Falk, I. Flateland, I. Matheson. One-Hundred-Seventeen DILIGENT STUDY EARNS ACADEMIC RECUBNITIUN t. I lit. SEPT ' lvl' 5 X X X 4....,..- at-t 2- i iv-+ . HONOR SGCIETY --- Row l. I. Dovereaux, B. Maliait, L. Wczstholrn, R. Sweet, Row Z: L. Keith, W Stephens, I. Cottini, S Exley, M. Carpenter, L. Redman. Row 3: G. Gan- sztroyn, D. Stirn, D. Ioiner, D. Herbert, C. Rasmussen. How 4 N, Beigliloy, G. Vtfheeler, G. Nelson, B. Vtlarner, B. Yau. How 5: I. Gardner, G DeCatorina, K. Vorak. K. Hill, E. Sommer, I. Mastrude. How 6, K. McBurney, N. Martins, L. Thompson, I. Williarns, S. Harr, D Hall, D. Meyer. Row 7: S, Daugherty, T. Bolok, W. Hiscox, S. Lynch, I. Camp, M. Sihvo, F, Frost Row 82 D. Clawson, D. Odden, D. Peusa, T. Redfield, D. Skavlem. How 9: M. Smathers, R. Penn, S. Ionezfs, M, Laursen, P, Drost, I-X. Vtfhiteloclc. One-Hundred-Eighteen GLENNIS GANSTROM President This year, more than ever, Mount Tahoma's Honor Society is trying to fulfill its purpose. By initiating a student service program, the members ot Honor Society show an active interest in their school, a trustworthy leader- ship, and exemplary qualities ot Mount Ta- homa students. Each member works hard to raise the money needed tor a hundred dollar scholarship which is presented yearly to a de- serving student. This project and the 3.3 accu- mulative G.P.A. required tor membership promote enthusiastic interest in developing scholastic ability. The objectives ot this year's program are to provoke thought and encour- age new ideas. MRS. SMITH Advisor SPURTSMANSHIP THRIVES AS GIRLS ENJOY B.A.1-l. . - - ' K. Birch- T-CHICKS - ROW li R. Nobel, I. Sovie, G. Gnirk, F. Frye, B. Ellinger, D. Xfandermeer, C. Hanley, I. Roberts, K. McBurnie, L. Braga, ' man. Row 2: M. Drahos, P. Mears, B. Root, I. Simpson, N. Tones, D. Iones,-l Kulcht Nt KGTTDM- l-GYSOHI It C0UI1IT11MP- Savage- ROW 3- SA Dlamondf P, Lee, M. Dawson, R. Wheeler, C. Moak, I. Clark, M. Clausen, T. Redfield, A. Moe, B. Wise, S. Stephanie, . artins, DONNA VANDERMEER President T-Chicks, the Girls' Athletic Association, promotes and betters good sportsmanship, physical fitness, and an in- terest in athletics. To begin the year of activities T-Chicks sponsored a splash party followed by a pot luck. In October and Feb- ruary TfChiclcs held their annual candy sale which is the main source of funds for the club. The Christmas party in December included a twenty-five cent gift exchange and refreshments. This year, for the first time, T-Chicks is'offering a one- hundred dollar scholarship to a deserving Mount Tahoma student. Membership in T-Chicks is open to all girls at Mount Tahoma Who have earned a letter in intramural sports. MRS. SCOTT Ah , . . fresh air and exercise. J Advisor One-Hundred-Nineteen VARSITY CLUB CONTINUES TU KEEP TRAUITIUNS 1 BRIAN HARTZELL Vice President IOHN LOBLAND Secretary The Varsity Club exists to promote and up- hold sportsmanship in all athletics at Mount Tahoma. Though the club recognizes the need. tor all levels ot athletic participation, member- ship is reserved tor those athletes who have earned at least one varsity letter. ln addition, the club annually sponsors a Donkey Basketball Game, This year the taculty managed to tie the Varsity Club team. Later in the year a regular game was held between the same two teams. This game showed the friend- ship that develops between faculty and stu- dent body in all schools that are as successtul as Mount Tahoma. This year the club under- took concession sales at school events and dur- ing the morning break. This helped to retire a long standing debt, as well as bolster the club's treasury. The many Varsity Club members who have worked long hours tor their club and school can be proud ot the job they have done. yt.. Q Q BRUCE MALFAIT President 1: OS ' gg X A S A E 5 bltlbvl at DENNY HENDRICKSON MR. FRIBERG MR. MOSEID Treasurer Advisor Advisor One-Hundred-Twenty X 1 X' A32 1-11 F u N. 3 . s 5 A nv N SKIERS PERFECT SKILLS WITH MUIINTI-IIN TRIPS 5' sp.- SKI CLUB - Row l: N. Bowen, M. Williams, K. Larson, I. Tucker, B. Bockett. Bow 2: S. Graham, P. Day, G. Sater, I. Newsham, S. White. Row 3: M. Impala, S. Densley, C. Schuss, I. Fleck, L. Christian, I. Clark. Row 4: C. Phipps, K. Iverson, K. Phillips, D. Iohnl son, D. Zittle, I. Makela. Bow 51 A Larson, M. Denny, B. Gundstrom, K. Kerzie, G. Mitchell. Row 6: G. Meier, D. Brant, D. Stirn, B. Bytkonen, T. Iohnson, M. Devereaux. Bow 7: K. Lakin, I. Coleman, P. Atkins, M. Hubert, G. Brazil, I. Redman. Row 8: K. Cap- ener, I. Meyer, L. Redman, L. Hamilton, A. Ferari, I. Matheson. On e-Hundred-Twenty-Two BRUCE RYTKONEN President The purpose of the Ski Club is to provide for an organization through which skiers may meet and participate in a variety ot activities. This year's activities began With a ski trip in December to Crystal Mountain. Later in the month, the club sponsored the Skating Party during Homecoming Week. The year Was brought to a close with a successful dance and many enjoyable ski trips. There were approximately titty members in Ski Club this year. Everyone is welcome to join, even if they do not ski. There is always something for everyone to do throughout the year among the Variety of projects and activi- ties offered. MR. EHRENHEIM Advi sor FUTURE NURSES GAIN BY RUSPITAL EXPERIENCES HEALTH CAREERS -- How li S Martin, P. Lee, B Gctchnian, I Iohngzon, G. Wilbur, S. Nelson, L. Wilfson. Cla'.x'.aon, TS. Vvlillis. K. Capener, T Vfiriburn, L. Muirhead. KATHY CAPENER President Row 2: B. Aalbue, B. Reynolds, G. The purpose ot Health Careers is to enlighten the mem- bers in the possible occupations in the tields of health. This year the club had a speaker who was a registered nurse and commissioned otticer in the army. She related to the members her experiences and the opportunities in the army. The girls also Went to the University ot Wash- ington's open house ot the school's medicine, nursing, dentistry, and occupational therapy. Money making projects consisted ot bake sales and candy sales. Another project which was in the spirit ot giving Was the making of menu covers tor the people at Western State during Christmas. I We wb , MRS' WILKINS Nurses are needed in schools and in hospitals. Advisor One-Hundred-Twenty-Three ENTIIIISIASM AND SPIRIT PIIUMUTEIJ IIS ACTIVE GARY PIERUCCIONI Vice President i 1 r J IILL THOMAS Q ' Secretary ETX I 52 L Q-,,. ' I ' "1-' N--N , 1... By organizing pep assemblies, sponsoring pep LINDA JOSEPH busses, and supporting the team at the games, the Treasurer Pep Club has increased Mount 'I'ahoma's all-around school spirit. Traditions Were preserved at pep assemblies as Pep Club awarded the pep trophy to the most spirited class, and as pennies were thrown into "Old Copperbottomn tor good luck. Skits and stunts also added to the program. Pep Club has sponsored a great number of activities including a Sadie Hawkins Day dance, the annual Spring Variety Show, and Pep Week activities. As usual, this club, which boasted the largest membership of anyextra- curricular activity, was open to all Who have a desire to make Mount Tahoma a better school. One-Hundred-Twenty-Four ED GRANT President MR. MCNEAL Advisor SUPPURTERS LEAD PEP AT EAMES ANU IN SCHUUL EVGH Wet lumber does Um dampen T'Bi1'dSi Spirit- Much talent is exhibited at the annual Variety Show. Shown above, from left to right, is the biggest Pep Club turnout of the year. OneAHundred-Twenty-Five ASPIRINS STUDENTS AIM AT TEACHING CAREERS The purpose of Mt. Tahoma's Future Teachers Cluo is to acquaint the high school students With the teach- ing profession and to promote interest in the pro- fession. Any Mt. Tahoma student can loecome a mem- ber of FTA. During the year the members attended teas, con- 't ventions, and visited colleges around the state of Washington. To increase their treasury, the club sold candy loars throughout the year. This money was spent . to give parties for the children at Buckley, St. Ann's Home, and their annual onefhundred dollar scholar- KAREN PETERSON ship. Also at the meetings the members saw films and president listened to guest speakers. lif t' A . - X ,fl t l A l V A s'-pl. - -frfwff-'-ga- MR. TONE Their future goal . . . Advisor ... FUTURE TEACHERS - Row l: M. Platzer, T. Huffman, C. Leingang, R. Wheeler, D. Kay, N, Kerr, M. Peterson. Row 2: R. Higginbottom, I, Hilton, A. Thomas, M. Handley, P. Mazzoncini, l. Frost, L. Chandler. Row 3: I. Tyler, D. Peusa, F. Gilletti, S. White, I. Sampson, T. Crist, R. Iezek, l. Clark. One-Hundred-Twenty-Six BUUU DRIVING HABIT5 PUBMED THRUUBH LESSUNS Students begin to conquer the techniques of driving by study- ing Written ma- terial and movies, and by having actual experience on the road. Behind the Wheel, the student gains confidence and ease through helpful guidance by a teacher with professional ex- perience. When the student has completed the course, he bene- fits not only by becoming a cap- able and reliable driver, but also is given a low insurance rater KJ? CHARACTER BUILT AS SPADE5 AID HANDICAPPED CAROL SANDERSON Patience and devotion are given to the handicapped Weekly President Under the leadership of the new advisor, Mr. Kimo Streeter, Spades offered many exciting and rewarding experiences to Mount Tahoma students this year. It not only gave handicapped persons an opportunity to develop various swim skills in our beautiful pool, but also offered many lasting and memorable moments to every member. This year Spades participated in many activities out- side their weekly swims with children. Once a month they assisted the Tacoma City Wide Youth Council with "Handicans," a teen party tor the handicapped children. CHUCK PAIN KERRY DUE MR STREETER Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Advlsoy One-Hundred-Twenty-Eight THRUUGH WEEKLY SESSIUNS AND HANUICANS 'Ib' 2 SPADES - Row l: D. Herbert, D. Roberts, S. Stephanie, S. Martin, I, Moore, K. Holler, P. Smith, E. Sommer, L. Smith, V. Cryssells, C. Sanderson, F. Gilletti, L. Pain, K. Due. Row 2: I. Harper, D. Iones, I. Simpson, S. Daubherty, B. Klein, S, Cryer, P. Robinson, I. Leslie, M. Platzer, N. Bronson I. Fortier, P. Iohnson, C. Rasmussen, D. Massoth, C. Doss, B. Seitz, G. Bronson, M. Impala, L, Rowen. Row 3: D. Hall, I. Lambert, B. Fitch, A Brower, L. Enzler, C. Sanchez, I, Tucker, N. King, S. Byassee, W. Meeds, M. Handley, I, Leppord, M. Nelson, B. DeHann, D, Meeds, N. Hunter R. Thompson, R. Hundven, I. O'Dell, M. Muir, S. Query, P. Berry. f Handicapped children enjoy themselves greatly at the monthly parties. One-Hundred-Twenty-Nine Q4 Q' H, L f. QV? 4- ff 59:3 " Q . 'M' Q ' is 5 5- A - P573 wfifsigj ., .Xgg i X. V l:,2 ' Q :-Q I 5 f, - -':- dm will ' . "': - if1-5si5.,...- - W .., , One-Hundredffhirly A .SQ iillkfsig , .Q WATCH Q UHYANINSHED T. 8 R IBS L One' HundmdfThifi 4 55 . . 'QQ f-ooomooow 1000950 . vOf'O009O0 6006 oo oo 'awvw QQ oo frxowoo vo 0900 oo oo 0 0 o 0 o ' 60.2 ooo o 2.0 0 9 s ' ' o O 0.0: O .21 ' O O0 O O I 33 0 I ' o Y 09 0 O O 00 60 O0 00 ff' W xxx V L eb 0 00 Q 4 Oo 9 0.926 oo - o ff I i Z lp Q10 aft' 30 0 0060 no 000 D06 ' In I xf W f Z I 3 5 .x f ffl-3 Zf , C, f yi ff ,X , 5 1 VN P C GENE SCOTT Advisor One-Hundred-Thirty-Fo ur BETSY SONNTAG Advisor The Girls' Athletic Association at Mount Tahoma offers each girl the opportunity to earn a letter as well as foster good sportsmanship and friendship. A letter is earned by participation in two team sports, two individual sports, one hobby sport, and one extra, either team or individual. Mrs, Scott and Mrs. Sonntag set up a program which offered as team sports: volleyf ball, basketball, softball, synchronized swimming, and drill team. lndividual sports made available were badminton, archery, tennis, and plunges. An activity organized other than at school is considered a hobby sport. Those suggested include skating, horseback riding, skiing, bicycling, skating, hike ing, bowling, and golf. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS - Row 1: G. Beegle, I. Wheeler, W. Carson, M. Bickford. Row 2: L. Calher, S. Morgan, S. Bergman. K.. .22 We ug: f - Row 1: Chns Hanson, Sharon Bryant, Lmda Thompson. Row 2: Gail Carmichail, Patty Iohnson, Ann Whitelock, Iudy Iohn- son, Donna Lee Massoth. Anyone for tennis? Reddlf - V - Aim - - - One-Hundred-Thirty-Five WEE-NUUK-SHI 1964-65 GENE SCOTT Advisor L - R: Treasurer, Ianis Tucker, President, Kristi McLeod, Vice President Glennis Ganstrom. EVE CLEMIVIONS Advisor WEE-NOOK-SHI - Row l: M. Williams, K. McLeod, D. Mauldin, A. Wh iielock, P. Iohnson, D. Meeds, R. Noble, H. McCracken, C. Sanchez, G Ganstrom. Row Z: I. Tucker, L. Olson, I. Simpson, B. Root, I. Hubbard, S. Diamond, K. McBurnie, B. Seitz, S. Bryant, D. Iones, I. Kucich, N. Iones F. Gilletti, I. Cottini. Row 3: M. Bliss, K. Larson, S. Iones, I. Hurnblad, W. Meeds, C. Baker, Ni King, D. Massoth, C. Iarger, S. Hensley, I. O'Dell C. Doss, S. Dougherty, M. Dawson, M. Getchrnan, P. McTighe, C. Rasmussen, L. Rowen. One-Hundred-Thirty-Six I Wee-Nook-shi, Mount Tahoma's synchron- ized swimming group, gives girls an opportun- ity to enjoy aquatic sports and to learn from swimming skills. Each fall girls showing aptitude and who can perform the basic swimming strokes are accepted. The more difficult skills, proper rhythm, and timing are learned after they be- come members. Every Monday after school Wee-Nook-Shi met under the direction of Mrs. Scott and pres- ident Kristi McLeod. A business meeting and deck exercises would be followed by practic- ing strokes and stunts in the water. On April 8th, 9th, and lOth, they presented their annual water show to the public. The theme for the pageant was "Swimphony" and each of the members participated in at least one of the acts. Synchronized swimmers execute a Sunburst. A great leap led to a great performance by Kristi McLeod, Males are rare and not frequently featured by Wee-Nook-Shi. One-Hundred-Thirty-Seven MUUNT TAHUMA TAWANKA DRILL TEAM 1954-B5 . .k.k TAWANKAS - Row l: C. Fitterer, C, DeCaterina, I. Berg, L. Ioseph, I. Iohnson, I. Bjarke, K. Holler, N. Marten, M. Warren, K. Lund, M. Mickens C. Rassmussen, P. Granoski, M. Iackson, P. Burman, M. Saunders. Row 2: D. Massotb, M. Carroll, K. Ludington, K. Vorak, S, Brown, A. Alferness I. Bush, D. Meeds, I. Gardner, T. Bolek, B. Hubbard, I. Tucker, M. Geichman, R, Higginboitom. Bow 3: P. Spencer, I. Iohnson, L. Lund, L. Hursh S. Dougherty, C. Swanson, A. Franklin, M. Whipple, R. Brown, Y. Zitzman, I. Robben, I. l-lurnblad, L. Keith, S. Iones, A. Larson, M. Anderson K. Larson, M. Bliss, L. Smith, L, Herth, S. McDougall, M. Sihvo, S, Feldman, L. Thompson. l965 Daffodil Parade, One-Hundred-Thirty-Eight BILL RYAN WAYNE TIMMERMAN Advisor Advisor Tawankas represented Mount Tahoma with poise and grace for the fourth consecutive year as they provided entertainment at football games and participated at special events. Under the leadership of the president, Pat Spencer, and the supervision of Mr. Bill Byan and Mr. Wayne Tim- merman, these girls strived with enthusiasm and determine ation toward their finished product, Which was well Worth the long hours of practice. The drill team made an appearance in the l964 Santa Claus Parade and, in April, put on another impressive perf formance in the annual Daffodil Parade, The Tawanas, a select group of girls chosen from Ta- Wankas, deserve mention for their fine performances. Charged With the duties of performing at basketball games and promoting school spirit, the Tawanas effectively car- ried out their responsibilities with great effort and much practice. PAT SPENCER LYNN HERTH President Vice-President TAWANAS - Row l: D. Massoth, S. Sebade, I. Berg, I. lohnson. Row 2: S. Brown, A. Alferness, K. Lund, l. Rush, P. Granoski, C. Rassmussen, Row 3: P, Spencer, I. Robben, L. Keith, C. Colyar, C. Colyar, L. Thompson, M. Getchman, A, Paul, A. Franklin, L. Herth. PATTI GRANOSKI APRIL LARSON Treasurer Secretary ANN FRANKLIN MELODY MICKENS Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Arms One-Hundred-Thir ty-Nine BETTY LOU GETCHMAN j MARSHA SMATHERS O 6 MARY HELEN LOCHRIDGE KAREN HILL One-Hundred-Foriy lla!! Stay .api vf""'t1v X DON BOEHM CURT CORNELIUS Pep Staff showed enthusiasm and vigor as they led the Mount Tahoma student body in yells and songs to help promote spirit and sportsmanship for both spectators and players. Their determination furthered loyalty to Mount Tahoma. Even though football games were often Wet and cold, and basketball games were frequently played in crowded and stuffy gymnasiums, this staff was always there to let the team know that loyal Thunderbirds Were behind them. The results of diligent practice and enthusiasm of the lunior Varsity pep staff could be observed at the lunior Varsity football and basketball games and at the pep assemblies in Which they participated. E PGP Staff led CGDGCUY Crowds df GVGTY home game. The sky is the limit for Mount Tahoma's school bell. One-Hundred-Forty-One NANCI RAHM PATTI CORCORAN One-Hundred-Forty , E J -Two ff .x ROBBIE WELCH PAT WEBER NANCY BOWEN ROSE HALE PENNY DROST LINDA HALE One-Hundred-Forty-Three M' e X . xxx ' Q Y ',, " 4 ' i X N ,fxf p A N X X Q ' f I N 4 5: XX RIG' ' 6 Q 25 , !CH in , 53258 "4 - ' , -gy A w ' ,gf if , L Xi 1 Q4 ff, ,f .4!Z,- mal fw ' ' Q Q, ,i'1TE5.fx X Xl, Q ,. M Q .., 151 N f ' ,Yu ,A : , .MESA x :, - X vw" f A-N L If' " Q ,f ' if . - .f1w-z2- ,f 1, , ' I f fin ' f ' f 41354 ae! s, ff , , n 'ngigfw ' jf 5 " h , ,, 'fs ,tggff TI' fglsti ' ' AF- A fr ,beg af ' fi 'A X y 4 X -'Q 24- --J' 4 f SL Q lg fggfzzgyiv y is l I ' 65?'glfZ"flff. xi ii - Jo X 9 - Q -' 24 'J P 1 vi aaa' ,7l'll'lfl6'hh10l'yl7f 'i 7'W?-' ,Corrie ?rahh Crathzah We aea'ieate oar ,llthletie Seetioh "Che hoar of departure has arrioed ahd we ao our Ways .... I to die, ahd you to lioe. Whieh is the oetten Goa ohly kl10WS. " Socrates .L-A .Aa- 'eh 016,11 ,,..a 1 X 'f' mms 44 'Qfhhflgfa the W , X 9 I Zi' ff- :Hr A 'f 197 X "Cy n I X ff i Y A If 2' f if ', y Nga ' X X E X li A if 2 I g Z U 'I N xumumw . 6 l ' 'f V ' y I If K r ff fhff for ff " Z Neff . 1 X 1 U X - f 1 D ' h J H' - X V T ff Q A ' XV X V 1 f . 0 X XXX f 'N , 'Ill if if- .AWWP I .2 If . Tzu . A 1. -iz 1 x xxx '-,431 'H 6 XBKHQI If I I H ' .lll " M N U X X3 2 an FINE CUAEHINB LEADS T-BIRD ATHLETICS GREGG FRIBERG DQN MOSIED GENE KRONLUND DEAN RENNIE DEAN MELLOR Football Basketball Wrestling Swimming Baseball Behind the tremendous spirit generated by the enthusiastic Mount Tahoma athletes lies the competence of a fine coaching staff. Often these men are forgotten when congratulations are dealt out, Their time, effort, and devotion to sports account for a great deal of the success of Thunderbird athletics. Under the leadership ot Athletic Director David Williams, Mount Tahoma has developed an outstanding prograrn with a young and dedicated coaching staff. ROBERT EHRENHEIM GEORGE NORDI HARRY LARSON nonznr ORLANDO DAVID WILLIAMS Tfdfik Tenms GOlf Rifle Athletic Director One-Hundred-Forty-Seven SPIRITED MUUNT TAHUMA FUUTBALLER5 The l964-65 Varsity Football Team The T-Birds, under the leadership ot Coach Gregg Friberg, opened their season With an impressive victory over the East Bremerton Knights. Despite their tinal record ot two wins and six losses, the Thunderbirds played deter- mined tootball. Lead by experience in the line and tine support from an impressive group ot sophomores, the TfBirds posed as a threat to all their opponents. lnjuries to the experienced players and an excedingly tough schedule, ine cluding three stateerated teams, kept the T-Birds from attaining an outstanding record. The highlight ot the season came in the final game Where an inspired defense held the Bellarmine Lions to no tirst downs and only twelve net total yards in a 6 to O win tor our TeBirds. One-Hundred-Forty-Eight END SEASON WITH TWU AND SIX RECURD GREGG FRIBERG Head Coach DEAN MELLOR IIM MCDONALD GEORGE NORDI IOHN HANSON Backlield Line Coach SophOmOT6S Sophomores THIINIIEIIBIIIIJ 1964 VARSITY GRID REEURII Mount Tahoma ..III.....YV.. 18 Mount Tahoma .,,,.. Mount Tahoma .I,... Mount Tahoma ,,.... Mount Tahoma I..... Mount Tahoma .tt... Mount Tahoma .,t,.. Mount Tahoma ....,, East Bremerton West Bremerton Lincoln .t,I.. .. Wilson ..... Stadium ,,,.,cI.,,, Franklin Pierce Puyallup .,,. Bellarrnine ..,. Kneeling: W. Fishback, L. Holler Standing: I. Miller, D. Duncan. This years coaching staff consisted of tour dedicated men Who, along with the team, strove toward the goal of Win ning games and promoting lair play as Well as displaying sportsmanship, The coaches spent many of their spare hours scouting other teams and working on new strategies tor upcoming opponents not because they were paid to but because they love the sport ot football. The coaches were invaluable to this years team and to them we owe our many thanks for their devotion and a job Well done. One Hundred Forty Nine MUUNT TAHUMA SQUAD SHUWS UFFENSIVE ,ft 1 : E . W' -- 1 X fag. an K Rvws , - ,. IIM FALK Halfback IOE SMITH End TERRY CROGHAN Quarterback One-Hundred-Fifty xr N DON HERBERT PAT O'NEILL HM FLATELAND CHRIS DAVIES Tackle Haltback Tackle Pullback Davies intercepts Lion's pass for touchdown. POWER IN 18-12 VICTORY UVER EAST .,:, L kr Q.. . ,I 'P O O ff f , ' .. BRIAN HARTZELL BOB HUTCHINSON IOE MAPLETHORPE DAVE COOK RICK T01-LEFSON Guard Center Center Tackle Tackle GROVER RAMSEY Tackle Cardinals rush T-Bird passer. DALE STIRN Halfback One-Hundred-Filly-One INSPIRED T-BIRD DEFENSE HULIJS LIUNS TU NU Ist DAVE WICHMAN Quarterback DICK PEDL1-XR Guard H I I' Sophomore arr re urns pun . , s . . , I I ,..1 ,P m . ' 5 . , IA' M x -a 5 5-5. 4 I .1 E. .-r X I -. Irr- -L,-- I K V LARRY TORNQUIST BOB BIGGERS DOUG PETERSON DAVE KRNKELA RON CEY End End Guard Guard Halfback One-Hundred-Fifty-Two ,-32551. -- UUWNS AND 12 NET YDS., IN S-U SEASUN FINALE DAVE HUNTINGTON End Cey rambles for extra yardage. Rlggfgfign N, HM BERG IOHN CORNELL LARRY BIGGERS SYLVESTER IOHNSON CARY MASON Quarterback Guard Halfback End Center One-Hundred-Fifiy-Three THUNDERBIRWS RUN EEY AND ' Developing into an even better player than in his sophomore season, junior Ron Cey ted att the City ground garne in becoming the first TABird underctassrnan to reach an All-City position. O Hundred-Fiftyilfour BRIAN HARTZELL GAIN ALI.-CITY PUSITIUNS Another Mount Tahoma player to make the All-City squad is converted fullback Brian l-lartzell. Along With this high achievement, senior guard Hartzell was also chosen Captain, Most Improved, and Inspirational Award winner by his teammates, One-Hundred-Fifty-F IMPRUVEU RESERVES FINISH 3-3 RESEHVTEDFOOTBALL - Row li I. Cornell, I. Aiken, I. Berg, S. Parks, T. l-liedt, S. Newton, L. Biggers, C. Mason. Row 2: G. Trutman, P Colombini, T. Terrien, B. Flateland, D. Stephens, G. Ramsey, R. Hamilton, L. Harrison, D. Wood. Working under a new coach, lim McDonald, the reserve squad compiled a 3 win 3 loss record. The role ot the reserve player is one of importance. Serious effort on his part will put vital pressure on the varsity player. Coach McDonald commended the team on its line overall improvement during the season and acknowledged the final game with Wilson as their best played, despite the 20-12 loss. Many players of this T-Bird squad will comprise the varsity team of next year. One-Hundred-Fifty-Six 7-U IIEIIURD BRINGS SUPIIS CITY CHAMPIONSHIP SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL - Row l: I. Rudsit, D. Falk, I. Gilletti, I. Simpson, E. Stevens, G. Schiesz, C. Card, D. Mears, E. Bushaw, S. Peterson, P. Burke, M. Barnard, Coach George Nordi. Row 2: B. McEvoy, I. Wright, R. Ellwein, M. Gomsrud, D. Campbell, D. Smith, T. White, D, Aiken, G, Nighswonger, P. Kirby, G. Bailey, D. Iones, D. Samalaska, L. Edminister, R. Settle, Our highly talented Sophomore squad, coached by George Nordi and a new mentor, Iohn Hanson, rolled out an impressive record of 7 Wins and no defeats in capturing the City League Championship in its division. This exceptionally outstanding team was only scored upon once in the entire season, this being a touchdown by Wilson in the initial game. The Sophomores fine record and brilliant play gives promising hopes to Mount Tahoma's foot- ball tuture. One-Hundred-Fifty-Seven T-BIRDS REPEAT AS HUUP-GU-RUUND TITLIST5 Standing: Coach Theno, T, Burmester, H. Holcomb, B. Mali 't D, D dl D. H d ' k L bl d D S h ' Schatz, R. Cey, Coach Mosied. Kneeling: I. Miller, I. Hengricksonll Mealhagersfn Nc Son! I- O an I I tep eng' D' Hummgton' B' Taylor' R For the first time in the history of high school baslietballia team went undefeated for the entire season, this team was the mighty T-Birds of Mount Tahoma. Behind the able coaching of Don Mosied, the talented T-Birds started the season off right by winning the Hoop-Go-Round for the second straight year. From that point on the Thunderbirds picked up momentum with every victory, until in the final stages of the season their poise enabled them to withstand the pressure exerted on them. With the final regular season game over the Thunderbirds prepared themselves for the District Two regional games. Facing the Renton lndians, the eventual regional champs, the T-Birds Went cold offensively and failed to Contain the hotf shooting lndians, in losing their first game of the season. The true power and overall superiority of the Mount Tahoma Thunderbirds is shown by their domination of the All-City selections. This fine team has set a tremendous standard for upcoming T-Bird teams. One-Hundred-Fifty-Eight MOUNT TAHUMA RATED SEEUND IN AA PULL Q DON MOSEID Head Coach ln only four short years as a coach, Don Mosied has compiled an out- standing record. Progressing from a dismal two and eighteen season in his first year to a twenty and ought season this year, Coach Mosied has made his coaching prowess felt throughout the state. Another commendable coaching job is being done in Mount Tahoma basketball. Reserve Coach Theno has, for the past four years, groomed his eager young reserve athletes for future varsity action. Mount Tahoma athletes usually, unless they are exceptional, begin at some level below varsity. One of these levels is sophomore athletics. At this level the TfBirds have two fine coaches of sophomore basketball in lim McDonald and Larry Ubben. Cver the years they have turned out some good hopefuls for Coach Mosieds varsity. x MILT THENO Assistant Coach 'S fi IIM MCDONALD Sophomores LARRY UBBEN Sophomores One-liundredelfifty-Nine THUNDERBIRU5 BULL TU FIRST PERFECT Q 6 aw BOB TAYLOR PAT O'NEIL Forward Guard Cey drives for score. A8 IOHN LOBLAND BRUCE MALFAIT RON CEY Center Forward Guard One-Hundred-Sixiy X :swam T-Birds plan attack. SEASON RECURD IN CITY HISTURY TOM BURMESTER RON SCHATZ Guard Guard MT Tahoma W. Bremerion MT Tahoma ,,,, E. Bremerton MT Tahoma ,,,,, Lakes ,,,,, ,,,, , W MT Tahoma ,.,,,,, ,-AYY,,,, E. Bremerton MT Tahoma ,, Peninsula , MT Tahoma ,, Lakes ,,,,, , ,,,,, MT Tahoma ,,,, Lincoln, ,,,,,, H43 MT Tahoma W. Bremerton MT Tahoma , Wilson , ,, MT Tahoma , Bellarmine MT Tahoma , Lincoln , MT Tahoma , Stadium , , MT Tahoma , Peninsula MT Tahoma , Stadium , ,, MT Tahoma ,, Bellarmine , MT Tahoma ,, Lincoln ,, ,, MT Tahoma Wilson ,, , MT Tahoma Stadium MT Tahoma , Bellarmine , MT Tahoma , Wilson DENNY HENRICKSON DENNIS DUDLEY Center-Forward Forward HARLAN HOLCOMB DWIGHT STEPHENS Guard-Forward Center DAVE HUNTINGTON Iolm Hendrickson Maliait lays in two. Forward Iolm Miller One-Hundred-Sixty-One dre ALL-EITY LUBLAND LEADING REBUUNDER Senior center, Iohn Lobiand, for the second year, landed a position on the All-City tive. The 5' 5" hoopstefs contributions to the outstanding T-Bird team were many. Along with being the team and city top rebounder, Lobiand was the second man in the Mount Tahoma scoring punch. CAPTAIN MALFAIT LANDS ALL-CITY BERTH Senior forward Bruce Maliait gained much praise in his finest year as a T-Bird hoopster. An academic standout, Malfait showed his basketball Wizardry by leading the fine Mount Tahoma team to a perfect season. His ability, leadership, and l8.6 scoring average inspired his teammates to elect him captain. dred-Sixty O Hundre RUN EEY ACQUIRES MURE ALI.-CITY PRAISE d-Six lunior guard Ron Cey adds to his All-City laurels by becoming the third T-Bird on the mythical squad. A versatile athlete, Cey was the third man in the Thunderbird scoring punch with an 11,2 average. His accurate shooting, tops in the league in both tree-throw and field goal percentage, sparked the T-Bird offense. T-BIRDS LOSE lst GAME TU REGIONAL CHAMPS Lobland lofts jumper, After winning twenty straight games during the regular season, the TfBirds fell to the Renton Indians in the second garne of the region two playoffs. The usually hot-shooting Thunderbirds couldnt keep up with the blisters ing pace set by the lndians in absorbing their first loss of the year, 5560. The next evening, the TfBirds, with nine senf iors playing their last game for Mount Tahorna, rallied to beat the Franklin Pierce Cardinals, 5552. The game turned into a hardffought triple overftiine contest. Cey fires from the corner. O'NeQl and Tavlor control boards, One-Hundred-Sixty-Five RESERVE SQUAD HAS BEST SEASUN EVER RESERVE BASKETBALL - L. Diess, B. Grant, S. McCoid, D. Huntington, B. lloyd, l. Berg, D. Lipp, D, Martonik. Camera shy: l. Dorman, D. Steph- ens, M. Gornsrud. Coach Milt Theno and his lunior Varsity squad enjoyed the best season ever shared by a I. V. squad a t Mount Tahoma. h th r es Would tield a good team at the start oi the season Picking his team from an enthusiastic lt Was evident t at e rese v . rou ot juniors and sophomores the reserves Went through the season compiling a record of eleven Wins and tive losses. Q 19 I Strong consideration will be given these cagers by Coach Moseid when he picks his varsity squad next year. One-Hundred-Sixty-Six SUPH'S DEDICATIUN PRUUF UF FUTURE SUCEESS SOPHOMORE GOLDS BASKETBALL E Stevens . Wells, B. Knox, M. - y II Barnard, D. Iohnson. In his fourth year of coaching the sopho- mores, Mr. McDonalds Red team, although not always in the winner's circle, enjoyed a satisfactory season. Both sophomore teams were the earliest of the hoopsters as they started their practices at 6:00 a.m. They may have been tired, but the eager sophomores rarely failed to make their early morning work outs, Even though they were limited to floor space, the sophs took advantage of every min- ute in developing their scrappy teams. This year's Golds under the guidance of Coach Larry Ubben, had a very successful season, Although they didn't win the Champ- ionship, they represented Mount Tahoma in a truly fine fashion. They showed improve- ment throughout the season and were able to defeat the rival reds in both games. The competition was keen between these strong spirited sophomores and many of them are looking forward to next year's varsity and reserve teams. SOPHOMORE REDS - Kneeling: M. Nelson, T. Rice, T. Bowles, M. Burkette. Standing: B. Stewart, T. Scott, S. lohnson, D. Samalaska, R. Harr. One-Hundred-Sixty-Seven VARSITY WRESTLERS PUT ELEVEN BRAPPLERS IN TERRY BRAZIL 103-106 lbs. IIM OVERLAND 103-106 lbs. STEVE PARKS 127-130 lbs. One-Hundred-Sixty-Eight GENE KRONLUND Coach CHARLES IOHNSON 127-130 lbs. J 'ass .X f . GLEN BRAZIL TIM PETERS 112-115 lbs. 112-115 lbs. Coach Gene Kronlund greeted six returning let- termen plus many enthusiastic grapplers to open the 1964-65 Wrestling schedule. The Wrestling team put on a phenominal performance when they pin- ned every Bellarmine Wrestler for their first Win of the season. This was a match that made Tacoma City League history as being the first time one team beat another by pinning every single entry. This year Mount Tahoma sent eleven fine Wrest- lers to the district meet, but all were defeated at that point. For a fine season and making history, We con- gratulate our Mount Tahoma grapplers and Coach Kronlund. TOM YQRK TIM WHITE 133-136 11-,Sl 138-141 lbs. CRAIG KERR 120-123 lbs. 5 159 BOB HUTCHINSON 154-157 lbs. ROLLY BRAZEL 145-148 lbs r 1 4' l 'W TU DISTRICT MEET TU CLIMAX BEST SEASUN EVER 5 Q ss . Q af X I V f E X , X 5 E as I ROY ALLEN DENNIS SMITH TOM RAY TERRY WHITE RICK TOLLEI-'SON 168-175 lbs P Y -W i ..EA I 1 TOE IVIAPLETHORPE 165-168 lbs. 175-191 lbs. 175-191 lbs, 191-Unlimited Unlimited IACK GILLETTI 145448 lbs' Tollelson pins another opponent. One-Hundred-Sixty-Nine J.V. WRESTLERS HAVE VIETURIUU5 SEASON 5 .sg is K Fats Si sk? RESERVE WRESTLERS - Kneeling: I. Overland, G. Widland, D. lohnson, T. Peters, B. Warner, S. Parks. Standing: Coach Kronlund, M. Massoth, D. Stewart, D. York, I. Gilletti, L. Mildoon, S. Newton, D, Duncan, manager. Losing only one match during the entire season, the reserve matmen, under the guidance of Coach Gene Kronlund, enjoyed the finest season ever at Mount Tahoma. Throughout the year, the reserves repeatedly challenged the varsity grapplers tor their positions, creating competition among teammates and improving the skills ot all Wrestlers. With all these grapplers returning, the future looks very good tor the varsity team. One-Hundred-Seventy WEBFUUTERS SPLASH TU BEST SEASUN EVER DEAN RENNIE Head Coach 'GP . .F , Backstrokers ready in city preliminaries. Ralph Hawland Dick l-lall With tive returning lettermen, Coach Dean Rennie embarked upon his tirst season as Mount Tahomas swim coach, With experience being gainf ed as the season progressed, the swimmers turned into an enthusiastic group ot victory-hungry mermen. The highlight ot the season was the T-Birds third place 'finish in the city swim meet. The tine spirit of these swimmers insures Mount Tahoma ot many tine swimmers in years ahead. Mike Deveraux Dan Hilleran One-Hundred-SeventyAOne T-BIRDS PII-IEE THIRD IN EITY MEET Chuck Fam CWI BSHSOU PauI Berry Rich Huudven Tay Hutton Darn Zitte-I r.r1'wllluv- sf wage. Swimmers strain for early lead. Colin Emi One-Hundred-Seveniy-Two J.V.S' SHUW IMPRESSIVE WIN UVER STADIUM RESERVE SWIMMERS - P. Hillern, I. Crawford. Row l: D. Moberg, l. Hill, M. Farley, B. Swanson, S. Mower, K. Vandleehoovel, S. Densley. Row 2: G. Brand, R. Hanson, C. Coburn, I, Morgan, B. Elateland, D, Hundven, Coach Rennie. After greeting an enthusiastic group of swimmers, Coach Dean Rennie and lunior Varsity Webfooters started out on a year of improvement which was clirnaxed by a victory over the Stadium Tanlcers. This victory points out the fact that the future varsity swim teams can look forward to many victorious seasons, as many of these lunior Webfooters make the lump to the varsity team. One-Hundred-Seventy-Three HARD-HITTINB AND FINE DEFENSE The l964-65 Varsity Team The Mount Tahoma T-Bird baseball team started practice with Seven returning lellSTII1Gl'l, Several promising players and a coach eager to improve on his fine previous season record of thirteen Wins and five losses. Behind hardhitting and fine defensive play, the Thunderbirds started their action with a fine pre-season record. As their pitching improved, the Thunderbirds began making their presence felt and showed signs of making their pre-season co- favorite predictions come true. Coach Mellor relied heavily on a young infield and an experienced outfield to come up with one of the finest defensive squads in either league. With a show of improvement in the area of pitching, Coach Mellor's T-Bird baseball squad had the potential of becoming the best ever at Mount Tahoma. One-Hundred-Seventy-Four CARRY T-BIRDS TU FINE SEASUN SHUWING DEAN MELLOR Head Coach l-L.. GREGG FRIBERG Assistant Coach VARSITY SCHEDULE Stadium .........,...,..... W. Bremerton ....... Lincoln ........,,,...., Horne Horne Horne Bellarrnine ,,..,, Heidelberg Wilson ......... Heidelberg Stadium ........,i.. Heidelberg Curtis ,7..77,,7,,,7,7,w,ww,,,,..... ,,,,i,v,,,,,,., C urtis W. Bremerton .YY,..i., Brernerton Diamond-Go-Round ....... o,.,..i,,oi.. C heney Lincoln ,,,,,,,7,,,,.Y,,,,,,. Heidelberg Bellarrnine ,i,,,,.i,i..... Wilson ....,,. Home Heidelberg Qs Managers: L. Pate, L. Holler. Coach Mellor contemplates strategy, One-Hundred-Seventy-Five MUUNT TAHUMA BASEBALLER5 PICKED Shedrock tires to Lincoln opponent. -,Q rt ' ' 4 QI, lf' XX it at 1 SX . . ts, J TOM BURMESTER Outfield RON CEY TERRY CROGHAN CHRIS DAVIES BOB EMSLIE Third Base Catcher First Base Pitcher IIM BERG Shortstop Xi F ' bfi- I ED PAUCHERT Outfield BUTCH PASQUALE ED SHEDROCK Letthander Shedrock sends pitch on its Way. Catcher Pitcher One-Hundred-Sev enty-Six AS CU-FAVORITES IN CITY LEAGUE RACE .Nm GENE SODERBERG DAVE LIPP DAVE HUNTINGTON Pitcher Second Base Pitcher GARY NIGHSWONGER Ouifield .- sf 551514 A V f i - ' .LL - 33: . ic K ' eeee eee' E --:- . LARRY TORNQUIST Outfield T-Birds size up opponents. ird raps a h One-Hundred-Seveniy-Seven RESERVES SHUW A PRUMISE UE FUTURE TALENT RESERVE BASEBALL - Row 1: T. Heidt, D. Samalaska, D, Mears, M. Stevens, R. Harr, D. Martinik, D. Lovel. Row 2: C. Schmidt, G. Bailey, G, Trutman, G. Nighswonger, R. Lowland, G. Bushaw, R. Hamilton, P. Columbini, B. Grant, M. Gomsrud, Coach Friberg. With a large group of returning letter Winners, and a fine group ot sophomores comprising this year's varsity team, Coach Friberg met many familiar faces at early reserve turnouts. Many ot these faces were members ot last year's fine reserve squad, and with much the same team back, Coach Friberg Was able to concentrate on improving last year's fine season. Thoughout the season these fine aspiring athletes strove tor recognition, and a chance at a varsity position. Many were rewarded with a chance, and some made good the opportunity. Coach Eriberg and his fine reserve 'team deserve a hardy Well-done. One-Hundred-Seventy-Eight T-BIRDS REPEAT AS FED WAY INVITATIUNAL CHAMPS VARSITY TRACK - Row l: D. Duncan, L. Rice, G. Vandegrilt, B. Gundstom, I. McGritfin, T. Morris, T. Terrien, D. Wichrnan, B. Muir, R. Settle. Soy? 2: Coach Ehrenhiern, B. Schultz, I. Falk, L. Vandegritt, L. Hart, R. Tolletson, M. Greer, I. Hallowell, S. Ring, B. Hutchinson, D. Kinkela, V. 1 iams. Starting the year out right, the Mount Tahoma track team took two decisive victories in early season meets. Both victories, in the Federal Way lnvitationals, and the Daffodil Relays, were lor the second straight year. Beginning early in the tall, many of Coach Ehrenheim's cindermen began getting in shape tor the up coming season. This year's team, which was greater in depth than any previous team, was Coach Ehrenheim's hopes for statewide recognition. By improving, each track- ster helped fill the void lett by graduation ot last year. Although the team lost some standouts in track, overall depth made this year's team even better than any previous track team at Mount Tahoma. Congratulations to Coaches Ehrenheim and Cowling for their tine ettort in building an outstanding track squad. One-Hundred-Seventy-Nine TRACKSTERS SHUW DEPTH IN EAPTURINI3 l ff in S1 ,ivf ffm K lx Bob Taylor Buck Muir its N S-H Dave Wichman Rice flashes to low hurdle Win. lim Falk ia "' - I 'QV . .W Q NN. 9 pw l ll K l X'.f Q , A Rick Tollefson Larry Hart Bud Schultz Bob Reagan Bob Hutchingon One-Hundred-Eighty A 3 2nd STRAIGHT DAFFUDIL RELAYS Bill Gundstrom Vi1'1Ce Williams Dave Kinkela Gary Vandegrift lack MCGiffen w.. Sam Ring Q Iohn Hallawell Tom Morris Muir crofszsefs tape fins! Iohn Green Ono-Hundred-Eighty-One RESERVE EINDERMEN STRIVE EUR VARSITY SPUTS Bow l: I. Green, S. Densley, A, Callier, E. Cox, M. Barnard, T. Rice, T, Crist, I, Aiken, E. Bleck, M. Ioiner. Bow 2: C. Corey, G. Bryant, D. Aiken, S. Newton, B. Swanson, B. Biggers, B. Knox, D. Paul, D. Manley, I. Sampson, T. Gendreau, P. Hicks. With a great amount ot depth in this year's varsity track squad, Coach Ehrenheim was faced with a better overall group tor reserve track action. Working hard with these eager varsity aspirants, Coach Ehrenheim was able to comprise a squad Worthy ot praise for the line representation ot Mount Tahoma. Their improvement over the season put a great deal ot pressure on the varsity cinderrnen, forcing them to improve to keep their positions. Their hard Work and ettort will pay off in the fine varsity teams they will torm in the tuture. One-Hundred-Eighty-Two MARKSMEN ENJUY EUMMENDABLE SEASON RIFLE TEAM - Row l: R. Fish, E. Griggs, S. Cryer, D. Gennrich, S. Hildebrand, R, Font. Row 2: Coach Orlando, T. Stewart, E. Omland, l. Allen, D, McMakin, D. Ehlers, l, Devereaux, D. Mulholland. The Thunderbird rifle sguad, behind Coach Robert Orlando, finished high in their league this year. This year's marksmen fared Well in all action due to a better experienced squad. Rifle is the unique sport at Mount Tahoma because it is the only sport to have female participants. Congratulations to the sharpshooters for their fine effort and accomplishment. One-Hundred-Eighty-Three EXPERIENEED TENNIS SQUAD SHINES 5 2 Row 1: B. Sweet, I. Gunther, D, Bechtold. Row 2: D. Stirn, B, Rytkonen, B. Malfait. For the third straight year, Coach Nordi was greeted by his entire squad ot lettermen. Starting when they were sopho- mores, this year's squad, mostly comprised of seniors, has progressed from year to year and now present a City and Capital league threat. Looking tor a good tifth man to fill out his quintet, Coach Nordi has high hopes tor his experienced Thunder- birds. One-Hundred-Eighty-Four s T-BIRDS LINKSMEN MEET RUUGH CITY RIVALS W. W 4 X5 3 5 A .S 1 -P Ei t GOLF TEAM f Left to right: C. Lambert, A. Hendrickson, W. Matheson, T. Sutich, L. Hunter, Coach Larson, I. Cozine, I. Dewispelaere, D. Sohn, D. Stephens. Golf mentor Harry Larson greeted three returning letternien and six reserve letter winners on the first clay of turnout for the TfBird linlqsinen, Losing two of his top five inen frorn last year, Coach Larson hopes to coinplete his squad with aspiring young golfers and set out on a cainpaign of tough City League competition. With three of the first five linksinen loeing underclassinen, Mount Tahomas golfing future looks promising. One-Hundred-Eighty-Five S S 4.6 9 Wd Cuffs i J S59 V' THE SENIOR xllllllll mmf? W X T1f.::m1lQ SCHEDULES QWPJEQ? H W '4 A593151 RE M JUNIUR STATE IULIE IOYNER President Although it has been said that the lunior year is the lull ol a students high school career, the class ol '66 would not accept this and contorm to the rule, Through a continuous ettort to become a leading class at Mount Tahoma, the luniors held many activities -- the most important being the lunior Prom, held on April 24, under the direction ot Mary Helen lsocliridge and Dick lflall. The theme, "A Touch of Venus," Was carried out with a Greek atmosphere. Those luniors who attended had a very successful and enjoy- able evening W- one they Will treasure torever. The luniors began at the tirst ot the school year to anticipate taking on the responsibility ol being next year's Senior class. As the Seniors ot l955 leave Mount Tahoma, the Iuniors will be prepared to take over the longfawaited leadership. gp.--r f. DICK HALL SHARON ROHRER MARY HELEN LOCHRIDGE DiA1j1E WESTHOLM Vice President Secretary Treasurer Girls Representative One-Hundred-Eighty-Eight DUANE KANAR MRS. SONNTAG MR. KUHHIGER Boys' Representative Advisor Advisor IR. HR REPS 7 Row l' L. Iofseplr, N. Brorrfsorr, I. Forlier, L. Hanson, M Iacl-msorx. ROW 2' M Whipple, A Mae S. Magaila, M Cole, I Gardner, C Sanchez. Row 3: I Hafsmwsnzerr, G. Pierrucciorli, R Hari, L. Vandgrifl, W. Snover, B, Biber. Lamlwerl, I. lx ,mm IUNIOR PROM' X I Q 2 W 1 ,fx . . I-wr .3 Mary Helen Lochridge and Dick Hall. The unstoppable T-Birds stop traffic. One-Hundred-Eighty-Nine Abbott, Iames Aiken, Ioe Allen, Ierry Allen, Ray Anderson, Ieanne Anderson, Marlene Andrisek. Ioy Appling. Dick Archer, Sandy Ashworth, Bill Ausserer, Iames Axlen, Cheryl Bailey, Bill Bartlett, Bob Bean, Gloria Beck, Ruth Beckner, Robert Beell, Gordon Beell, Marilyn Belcher, Regis Berg, Melody Berquist, Becky Belshart, Diane Biber. Bob Billingsley. Richard Bjarke, lanine Blair. Dave Bliss, Marlene Bloomquisl, Iack Bolek, Thalia 1 B f N, . Q' E gf Qi 15? The light of life is upon our door. Bolvin, Iohn Bonogofsky, Mary Bose, Sandra Bowen, Floyd Bowen, Shirley Bower, Pamela Bowman, Chris Bradley, Dick Brand, Gary Brannon, Soledad Bricker, Linda Bronson, Norma Brower, Alva Brown, Linda Brown, Richard Brunelle, Mike Bullard, Wilfred Burke, Linda D. Burki, Roger Burleigh, lohn Burmester, Ed Burnett, Lynn Busch, Richard Byassee, Sue Bynum, Kathy Caillier, Al Caillier, Terry Callies, Marylee Camp, Rick Campbell, lim Smile! Youre on candid camera. 'K gifi fi l r C :E2 1 One-Hundred-Ninety-Two Camus, Mary Carpenter, Mary Carson, Billie Case, Nadine Cey, Ron Chapman, Larry Christensen, Dean Christy, Ronald Clark, lean Clausen, Maryalis Clawson, Patricia Clifford, Iudy Clinton, Ron Clouse, Frank Cofield, Annette Cole, Mary Coleman, Iudy Coleman, Susett Colombini, Perry Cornell, John Cottini, Iule Cox, Edd Crabtree, Patrick Csonka, Iulius Darlow. Mike Dawson, Mary DeCaterina, Charlene C , S is Nix' X ,g igs 5 sf' i if W' C 8 z sf Yiiai 7 Q X. ., ,of . -sh - ,S ,,-- at X lj X if Wi ':" E X S or lg X Ik . W se. vw .. as ga Q DeGraw, Marilyn Densley, Steve Dickson.. Eileen Diess, Leonard Dietz, Barbara Dills. Renee Doelleleld. Ioe Dougheriy, Sandy Drew. Marvin Dudley, Doug Due, Kerry Durance, Dan Dye, Ierry Eaion, Vickie Ehnat, Iohn Elery, Bob Emslie, Robert Enzler. Linda Ereth, Leonard Erickson. Chris Ewton. Shari Exley. Sandra Eyresf lane Fain. Linda Federighi, Dave Ferari, Al Fish, Randy lk 51,-'aalzke .-2-Q Mw ilfls-, 'S K .SN . , g k er S? ' f f . Eli P w .... , a su ss Mu ISSUES 5 34 H X . 5' - 5 N 'rf Gp r ,l4:4h'l' , ggi? K., ku- wWwM.,g,-j ,X W. . ' X . 5-fi 4, . , U-" K kk L A 'J ggi! :fd ,HF ,fe - K 5 mr. -rf' 'wiki U Q k g , e- . ,... Ii ! J icky.,-32' as A 1 ,aero . 3 ,. is l gn M H 5. :Wi ' -li? lif Q 4.3 1 ca, 'I 1' ' l"'?"5.1 ' ki, 'Q Q, " ri One of the many Key Club functions. One-Hundred-Ninety-Three All frustrations taken care of. LKL1 K.. L i G. V"2 A I k,., E 1'.' .4-5 ,- , . '5 "" ,Q Q1-FS: One-Hundred-Ninety-Four I "5-T' Fisher, Art Fisher, Steve Fitterer, Claudia Flani, Ierry Flateland, Bob Forseth, Ion Fortier. ludie Fredriclcson, Dave Gardner, Ioyce Gennow, Marilyn Gennrich, Linda Gerber, Harold Gerovich, Anna Getchman, Betty Gettman, Ken Geving, Anita Gilletti, Francie Gilliardi, ludy Gilman, Ioe Ginnis, Ellen Glass, Roy Grant, Bob Grigg, Linda Green, Iohn Guinn, Iack Guinn, Rena Gundstrom, Bill Gustin, Gerry Guthmann. Bonnie Hager, Bob X? Ei- if Q3 . , .. mi VZ 5 if X 1,43 gk, X. Hale, Rose Hall, Dick Hall, Pennie Halloway, Marlyce Hamilton, Larry Hamilton, Rob Hamilton, Scott Handy, Carolyn, Hane, Sherry Hanes, Kathy Hanson. Barbara Hanson, Linda Hanson, Roger Harper. Iohn Harr. Sidney Harrison, Larry Harrison. Pat Harrison, Valerie Hart. Linda Hart, Ron Hauss, Ianis Heidt. Terry Hendrickson. Chery Hinchclift. Linda Hensley, Sharon Herd, Lillyane Hernandez, lim Hersh, Linda Hetler, Charlene 1 'Nu rw n uns, :" S711 We are great? One-Hundred-Ninety-Five li. '95 mf r if .. fl Qs ::Q,, 5 L 'fs-it . Oneellundred-Ninety-Six Herstad, Wayne Hicks, Perman Hrggmbottom, Roxy A z "QS :QZE - A " Higgins, Donald " 4 a Higgins, frank Hilleren, Daniel Hilton, ludi Hilts, Hilts, Hinz, Hiott, Bill Robert Donna Theresa Hill, Karen Hiscox, Nancy Hitchcock, Sheri Hobart, Donna Hoffman. Mike Hoffman, Niki Hoffman, Tom Hoit, Iim Holder, Iudy Holler, Karen Holst, Iohn Holstrom, Sue Horn, Richard House, Klareen Hoyi, Kathy Hubbard. Becky I ' -'i' ffl" -on-. .,,.- 1- xafgg: rp.: . .Q x 1: Q X gp., i N X ac , , fi it , .K X l if X 5 Q X gi X Y QT ,. x S X N S' ,aw What? No rain! Ss N 3 3 Q, we 1531 Balloons symbolize soaring spirit. Hughes, Iulia Hunotte, Dan Ismay, Ioe Iverson, Karen Iackson, Herbert Iackson, Iack Iackson, Marcy Iensen, Betiy Iensen, Don Iohnson, Silvester Ioiner, Mike Iones, Dolores Iones, Nancy Ioseph, Larry Ioseph, Linda loyal, Mike Ioyner, Iulie Kanar, Duane Keith, Pat Kellogg, Ray Kerr, Nancy Kimball, Linda Kinkela, Ken Kirby, Kathy Knoll, Dwight Knoll, Iim Knox, Russell fu Q 9 N Q-W! 2 NN 42203. - , sf, Ns. Q Fw K P 2 :L 'R S' wiv x kv' Q N f X . N ii. . Uli - ses " Q.: . .N s. aus 1 is Oneslelundred-NinetyASeven f- 54 B 'Nun . X Q1 is , 'Emi f N i i If 6 .. r, jf 5 f One-Hundred-Ninety-Eight Krxudtson. Bob ' ' 5 Konschuh, Kathy Q -:.L 5 Krogstad. Bob W Krueger, lim Kuich, Ianice '- Q X ,. S L:-A X .Em -ser sk . N. , X Lambert. Ierry Land, lim Larkins, Pat Larsen, Bill Larson, Greg Larson, Iane Larson, Kathy Larson, Mike Laursen. Margaret Lawrence, Dave Lathrop, Laurie Lee, Pat Lehmen, Don Leingang, Cindy Lemmer. Fred Lipp. Sharon Litke, Wendell Livington, Lee Lloyd, Bob Lochridge, Mary Helen Long. Bill 'iHuloble, bubble, toil and trouble at in Sk Loraas, Linda Xv.' y-glean X e - , , I Lund, Leaha Q ,E 5 5, Lynch. sue - if :fg .mx --as.fv,NeS? ag E LLLL X E' . -Wg? - ---,ggfei V .mi c a .X ss . 4 " X . f Q. . X A K ,. Q, 1 - H ,. 'ii 4 Mahoney, Dianne A - f if Maijala, Sonja , Mallatti, Karen A iq - r, wk '- , . s ,S 'Sa A we 4 2 a WL-h , w f ga E in K Q if l S a is - Manley, Sue ' 5 A SQ Q I Markham, Georgia I y t 5, Martin, ludy Vkkr ,K r ,, J , fi-Sk - . - x gXAXk Q' K k.Lg Martell, Bob . - Marhn, Sundee X' c Martindale, Mane Girls decorate for annual Homecoming Dance. ,fbn my -- I c w, Matheson, Walt Mauermann, Marilyn McCormick. Bob McCormick, Dennis McCoid, Steve McFarland, Larry McKean, Annette McKinnon, Darlene McTighe, Pamela Mello, Lee Mellor, Mic Mennenga, Pat Meyer, Don Meyer, ' 5 ,svn an fav FN fe. ' 1: xx.. if -new XX X me an in .Y X X One-Hundred-NinetyANine I 'x X, : ' .:, I ' te Posters play an important part for a successful pep Week. Two-Hundred Meyer, Dave Miller, John Mitchell, Dina Mitchell, Donna Moak, Cathy Montgomery, Len Moore, Carol Moore, Dick Moore, leanne Morford, Ieif Morgan, Iefi Morgan, Sue Morris, Tom Mower, Steve Mulholland, Dan Muir, Millard Narducci, Sandy Nelson. Ianice Nelson, M911 Nelson, Marlene Newton, Sam Nolan, Eunice Norton, Trudy Odden, Doris O'Del1, Chris Olson, Lester O'Neill, lim Overland, Iim Owens. Ray Page, Bill XX5 N ' 'xiilx t . . ,A st, Slim L t XS , X X 1' - . . X . ig ww N, 5 X S J , Q.. F. X J P-. .N ., ' '- Q XX X 'K Parker, Alice Parks, Steve Pasquale, Butch Patterson, Pam Payne, Ieanette Peters, Tim Pederson, Barbara Peterson, Doug Peterson, Karen Petersen, Marv Pfau, Dan Phillips, Howard Phillips, Tom Pickett, Terry Pieruccioni, Gary Pompey, Iosephine Pritchard, Arlen Peusa. Donna Pernell, Iewell Rang, Alfred Rants, Mark Rasmussen, Iohn Rasmussen, Marilyn Resch, lim Redfield, Terry Redman. Loni Rice, Carol Ring, Sam Renggli, A1 Riksford, Larry Be careful? You might fly away. WN-Q im... W .f K Y K vm fax . 5 i we Sw Two-Huncl d One ee, Q Wi, X X X X N N X K sw X VK I XX 'xg , : L, ir 'bk X Two-Hundred-Two "Uncle Ralph" makes his firsi dent, Robben, Dave Roberts. Dianne Roberts. Dick Robinson. Leanne Rodgers, Iim Rollins. Iudy Rohrer, Sharon Ronich, Inez Rosenquist, Mike Ross. Carl Rouse, Dana Rousseau, Gail Royse, MaryLou Russel, Janet Ryan, lack Ryan, Shirreen Sanchez, Carol Savage, Pam Saucier, Elaine Schaiferi, Ron Schirmer, Wolfgang Schmidt, Gary Schmidt, lim Schorba, Ice Schwarz, Vivian Schuss, Carrol Scoit, Larry Scott, Roxy Seitz, Beverly Sargeni. Sonia 'Q A 5 ,,,, y i s NSN Sh as X QA if S Q ,Qw- qw fe .4 . ,.... N W Q U Sheetz. Dick Sherrod, Dave Shier, Terry ghoemaker, Steve honause. hm Shoop, Bob Shull, Bob Schultz, Linda Silva, Betty Silvernail, Steve Simonsen, Barbara Simonsen, Donna Simonson, Arthur Simpson, Ianice Sires, Gary Skavlem, Diane Smathers, Marsha Smethurst, Larry Smith, Linda Smith, Penny Snider, Stephanie Snover, Walt Snyder, Linda Sommer, Elaine Spencer, Gail Stanley, Stearns, Stevens, Stevens, Stewart, Sue Chris Mark Marti Tom Isnt that cute, X Q -. .ff Q Q '55 'E : Q . ' li " Q5 '1'woAHundred-Three . -0 sa. X-,: ' wr an I , . fs. 6 f ix". - .L L H Q i x X ls it mandatory that we return lo class? Two-Hundred-Four Stiles, Phil Slaufier, Dave Swaleson, Iean Swan, Ioe Swanson, Al Swift, Nancy Syslo. Rita Takamoto. Susanne Tech, Donna Tech, Margaret Terise, Dick Terrien, Terry Theimer, Ken Thomas, Aleta Thomas, Iill Thores. Rob Tichy. Linda Tipton, Linda Tornquist. Bruce Tracy, Ieanne Trummert, Ianis Tucker, Ian Thompson, Steve Tweden, Ron Tyler, Ianice USSelman, Gloria Vandegrilt, Byron Vandegrifl, Gary Vidovic, Iudy Wackstrom, lill Waller, Bill Walters, Terry Wallier, Iack Warner. Bruce Warren, Bill Warren, Mary . wx as f 5 , , X X x N E R X .5 X M-we ' X x l 11 - ,,..q R ,- l 5 c 5 ,,... 'Q eg f, . X- Ns-r N? litmu- W . . .l i .. 5 K we 'QU Y X X 1- X 'r S . 2 . Q5 xi 0 R Weakly, Don Weber, Pai Westholm, Dianne Wheeler, Ruth Whipple, Marilyn White, Susie Whithead, Anne Wight, Gail Williams, Don Williams, Iohn Williams, lim Williams, Marjory Williams, Williams, Tim Vince Willis, Ron Wilson, Linda Wilson, Ted Wintermute, Pat Wise, Bonnie Wolfgeher. Gary Wood, Don Woodford, Allen Worrell. Phil Wright, Alan Wrighl, Lynda Wrighl, Sheila Wright, Sue York, Don York, Tom Youk, Emily Young, Iudi Young, Regina Zencrota, Corky Ostrander, Dennis Mennenga, Sally -X. N. -S , ' X. e K. : .- ,Xa x N , is W. 'QA 'V . Q X XX X , sau 2 -va, K X x xx u ik N x Q... .M ,. . 5 'fwoflslundred-Five JU NIOR Sans: OCC Y4 can' EV "cuss 'V SSBEHQPTIDRE F BIRDS SUPHUMURE STATE TIM BOWLES Vice President i Secretary RICH HUNDVEN President On becoming a member of the student federation of Mount Tahoma, the Sophomore felt a little confused and dejected as he wandered aimlessly around the halls. However, as the days quickly passed, the lonely Sopho- more found strangers to be friends and he found his position in the high school life. Within the first month of the school year, an election was held in which the officers were chosen to lead their class to success. Colorful and original campaigns showed the upperclassmen that the Sophomores had a class that is really "revin". As the Sophomores participated in the pep assemblies, clubs, and games, a feeling of respect towards the service for Mount Tahoma developed. As the year climaxed, the Sophomore antici- pated becoming an upperclassman and a leader of the school. QQ., VAL SCHHOEDEH Girls' Representative 29 - MR. PERKINS Advisor MARDELL DIENSLEY M . Nw! MISS SCHREIWEISS Treasurer Advisor A-dViS0f Two-Hundred-Eight SOPH. BB. REPS. - Bow l: K. Lakin, D. Bechtold, P. Burke, C. Bowman, L. Coe, M. Impala, R. Hundven. Row 2: I. Moak, B. Warren, Fl. Harr, G. Saler. Row 3: D. Martonik, I. O'Dell, M. Farley, D. Smith, B. Knox, K. Van- denheuvel, T. Bowles. I Q 1 :ll . B ' A ,Y HU ,,,.',l'5Ul" A ' , : I 1 l ' i ' - . I A.. .W Lln lull MW-'Q' A i . lm., - f' 1. . W VI' W., . ,L4,,J 5 -.. ' 1 Ii A l. ,,. 'fl - - v , .Q . - DWI ll'l-I n ll ' ' , .A 4 . ,mtwuxuikl-ww-'Q 1 'G : .,ll""""""' 'f' ' Magnificence comes in many forms. ' V Y F "-'--ki V,-My V ' l.,,,,..-"""" 5 .. - ' "',.-'5"' '. Two-Hundred-Nine Aiken, Don Alexander, Louise Anderson, Daniel Ansteth, Iohn Antoon, Tom Arnold, Vicki Artner, Roysalinde Axlen, Pete Axler, Sherilyn Bailey, Gary Barnard, Mike Bartholomew, Kathy Bartlett, Dave Bean, Tom Beardemphl, Dan Becker, Sandra Beech, Carl Beegle, Gloria Berg. Iim Bergman, Sharon Bergstrom, Larry Bernardo, Mary Berven, Phil Bechtold, Dona Bickford, Marcia Biggers, Larry. Blair, Don Bleich, Eric Boltinghouse, Kitty Bolvin, Chris Bonner, Bob Boring, Elaine Bowen, Skip Bowles, Tim Boyle, Mike Braedt. Norm Braford, Roger Braidwood, Kirk Branham, Sherry Brannon, Teresa Brazil, Terry Bickle, Sandy Briscoe, Bonnie Britson. Warren Bramlette, Sandra Bronson, Gerry Browitt, Ernest Bruce, Mary X . Alb: 1 X -m. 'K X E , . X 1-if lf' K fa 1 I fi .. . L 5' 3 N Q x N N X X Q t O Sk 1 xt X " 3' 0 N vm 'X 5 ,sf n ar -px . y . gg Slwrwri S . .., , ii ! S-as in 551 at . .. fs" .,,,.:, i , it Q n e we Q wr I fs .. Jrks is X W 5.. ,ar . Buechler. Vina Burke, Pat Burke, Pat Burkelte, Mike Burleigh, George Burrows, Ray Bushaw, Gene Buss, Pam Butler, Brad Butler, Dave Butler, Teri Butts, Don Caillier, Sharon Callies, Linda Campbell, Dave Campbell,-Don Campbell, Roger Card, Clarence Carli, Gary Carlyle, Becky Carroll, Ron Carson. Wendy Casteel, Sandra Catron, Connie Caywood, Lillian Chandler, Linda Chenier, Pat Clifford, Kay Clinton, Carol Cobb, Robin Cobun, Iohn Coe, Laura Condon, Kathleen Conner, Beth Cooper, lim Corrigan, Dan Crawford, lack Crist, Tedd Cryer. Sharon Curtis, Dan Daniel, Dennis Daugherty, Don Davies, Linda Day, Pat Denny, Ierry Densley, Mardell Diess, Diana Donnally, Lynn - rg O' auf,- 'in X . X is X ' K X AER: .V,k 'U "Listen my children and soon you shall hear." X' sf' N ' - jfs. V. 'Q L' ? Q t -5 f i K . ' :"' X r , A "3 :R M sw tb ' r Q' 'ar , rr.. -X f - X ra . ,X --C. is X ' .., . ,M -as :-, - - 'R as Two-Hundred-Eleven D sow 9 5? . DQR 5. SH .... X x M 5 XX .,.. X X f X N .e K' xx i :.2 "We three kings ' F 'lf f r J k fr ,Q X ,ig We Two-Hundred-Twelve Doss, Carol Dumas, Dave Duncan. Dave Duncanson, Bob Dykeman, David Edminsler, Lee Eckroih, Grant Edwards, Iim Ehlers, Dennis Ellwein, Ron Emmeii, Carol English, Nancy Enzler, Linda Eudaily, Ieanette Evans, Mike Ewer, Lynda Exley, Susan Eyres, Cynthia Falk, Dick Farley, Mike Ferrante, Pete Firth, Doug Fisher, Mike Fisk, Gloria Fitierer, Dave Fleck, Ianie Flick, Pat Foreman. Kay Fouls, Earl Fraizer, Barbara Fredricks, Kathy Frink, Bill Frost, Irene Fry, Claire Gallagher, Greg Garton, Eudean Geiger, Iohn Gendreau, Tom Gennow, Mike Gennrich, Delores F ai fl, Q " 'im Xi, ,gs Y. X K an K I sg l ax Q ji : .., 5 ,,, F . 4 ' er , :Lx ' A X Gerovich, Lora Getz, Jennie 5' Gilletti, lack ,Q Glassman, Linda Glew, Raymond A if Gomsrud, Mike 'iwy Y Gores, Roberta in " is Graham, Sylvia li I ,- K 2 X S xs- 'CI' ,six :,.f:, ,.,5 .i,.a, . H, 'N We N. New x X , . y gy ., Y G rs if Q, , . ll,,. , X QF SEQ ,'--' i vm my Q C S X ik J M g if ii I Granoski, Charles Grant, Nikki Grigg, Yvonne Grogan, Vanessa Gronka Ellen Hager. Gary Haggard, Steve Hahn, Bill Hall, Ron Haller, Larry Hamelsmith, Charlene Hamilton, Gary Hamblen, leanne Hamilton, Rod Handley, Mary Hansen, Darlene Hanson, Ken Harlow, Billi Harr, Richard Harris, Mike Harris, Richard Harrison, Ion Hartso, Aiko Hinchcliil, Linda Hendrickson, Alan Hess, Cindy Hildebrand, Sue Hill, Iack Hill, Wayne Hilleren, Doug Hochstein, Vince Hoerauf, Bruce Hoff, Susan Hoffman, Tracy Holden, Linda Holmes Lorraine Hoit, Iim Horcher, Marion Horn, Ianice Horton, Mike Hoskinson, Charles Howard, Denise Hubert, Robert M. Hundven, Dennis Hundven, Richard Hutchinson, Cheryl Imhoil, Loni L ggssg R S' 31 3 as X' S' N X W if X 2 1 Q. :fn , W 1 h S. -. - 4 C ,X va.. 1 . X lg T X X . .fi ' f , Q, This is a car Wash? Two-Hundred-Thirteen 5-?3 sw, as E - X X 1 in ii A 5 .. .1 'fr 5 ef , 5 Qxxlkf 5 K f G A 5 ,X f , is A5 my S. J' k :il 9' C". Ng E 15 s ' 5:3 iwh by ......-nu-.,...,..,, 'Q-was in "' Q- sv as-X A- 4' .W is-5 www it - K nf fy S ' Q-N SN -Nm RW Q , .. Y Q Q 1 W A S I 'N Q A sig, x L N ' an 1 " X. . W ,E N M. AWN E f N' 1- X' . il' Q Ns' anis 45 E Knox. Robert Kramer, George Kresse, Arnold Kronquisl, Larry Kuhn, Charles Lakin, Kathy Land, Duane Larison, Gary La Roque, Terry Lawing, Linda Lawler, Melinda Lee, Iohnny Lee, Larry Lemon, Carol Leppard, Ianice Lepper. Phil Lipp. Dave Leslie, Iean Longozo, Ray Louko, Marilyn Lovelady, Maxine Lovell, Dave Lovstrom, Darlene . , W4 Q t K. A . i'. K X4 + I! E hol fire. X in ad' I The cinders fly as the alumni and Mount Tahoma students have a time at the homecoming bon- 'l'w'o-Hv nn ,lr-ed-F1f1cQn 5' V' xn uwi - Nm., 3.5 QW Y., E w e 'W Q X . f K . aw . L. Q gg 13' Q is - I K :, 955122: - an-A. Q ,gx I . :A e Q- S if We it 1 4.1-M --n ...-ii ....,,.,. -in-1 .- y .. Q Q .H Q X 5 A X gf- 0 0 -- ,.e- - U 1. E E ' 5 rf X V y , ei U' E7 1 Q gf: I 3 o I - 1 " fg- X x51,fl 'NVE-V 1- X-fha yi' 4. 'up X Ia!! Z H ' X bd: i Q I A ' s - I A llllll 1 -+R - -7 N 1 l'wo-Hundred-Sixteen Lucas, Rich Lund, Terry Lundberg, Tari McKay, Gary Magruder, Bob Mahoney, Pam Mahoney, Pam Maines, leannetir: Mabbott, Ed Manley, Daniel Manuel, Rosita Marchesini, Iohn Margeson, Sharon Marini, Larry Marker, Gloria Martin, Eva Martinec, Barbara Marlonik, Don Mason, Cary Massolh, Mike Matthews, Virginia Maves, Price Maxwell, Ioe Mayclin, Linda Maycumber, Iulie Mayo, Rita McCarthy, Mary McClure, Candy McElravy, Don McEvoy, Bill McKenney, George McLein, Larry McLeod, Ierry McMakin, Dale Meeds, Wendy Mears, Doyle Meidinger, Ron Melvard, Tom Meyer, Tom Mildon. Lewis Miller. Ieannette Miller, Terry Mitchell, Carol Mitchell. Doug Moak, Jean Moberq, Dean Monta, Carol Mooney, Ernest X X. R X X x N x i D i X fm , i Nia f l X K 2 is 'L is S I nf .Iq- - NDN'- . gf-Q 'Q -Q' 4 ,- - , rt...,. .- J f 4 Q 'B- xQX X S Q 1 X gt A :gk K . Y 1 ZA," K ff I ..- . I X if . ' M- if gun Morgan, Dan Moseson, Linda Muirhead, Loretta Mulholland, Denette Munt, Diane Myers, Chuck Nelson, Dan Nelson, Dawn Nelson, Mark Nelson, Terry Newman. lim Newton, Shirley Nighswonger, Gary O'Dell, Ieanne O'Malley, George Otto, Barbara Owens, Frank Parker, Robin Parker, Sue Parsons. Marv Ann Pasquale, Iim Pate, Larry Paul, Dave Paulsen, Linda Payne, Patricia Perkins, Sue Peters, Iudy Peterson, Stan Pezanowski, Sharon Phill, Bill Phillips. Frank Platzer, Marlene Poston, Peggy Pratt, Rhonda Pray, Nancy Pugliese, Laura Ouery, Sandy Ramsey, Kathy Rang, Walter Reece, Margaret Reeves, lack Reynolds, Don Reynolds, Sharon Rice, Terry Richardson, Rick Ridout, Christy Rita. Ioanne Rockett, Sally S PM X9 , ,X E X . X ,Sa N . V' 1 .. -. , ' ' 5 are ,,,, ,fer M. 'N-af" 4 -x f"" , ' Q.. ,5 P - 'ffl'-P ,Z-' 'Z' 'l' W "mmf,-'lwlwl 1 R will ll J 4. . 'f ' l ,I N N- .f ,1 , l A l k . Nh A I F ll My f 1 5 1 K N A l my - ,,.X ' .'yx ,WJ , t ti N Sy Qt, N, X X it w. xx- L P X ts 'N' me ' Two-Hundred-Seven e PL Q, in 1 3 :Q Q X , 4 o-I ,. . . vs - ,..f. : wr: , A I Ta .aww .. W - n n f nfs ' , 'l'wo-l-lundredfliigllteen My 'fra' S ll' 1 .1 I ll S 1 l M ll t ' 11, ill it :gf 'llllllllw f. g y 1. y .tt it at Roley, Karen Roller. Norma Rollins, Dennis Rollins. lune Rose, Terry Rosellini, Dave Rowen, Leslie Roland. Diane Rowland, Rick Rudsit, lim Salatino, Rosemarie Samlaska, Dick Samson, lim Sandvold, Linda Sater, Gail Schafer, Marian Schwebs. Lorraine- Schiesz, Gregg Schmidt, Charles Schmidt, Don Schreiner, Ken Schroeder, Valerie Schubert, Barbara Scott, Marilyn Shaughnessy. Dave Sherouse. Marjorie Short, Victor Simonson, Kathleen Simpson, Barry Simpson, lay Sinclair, Alberta Sircello. Sandra Smith, Dennis Smith, Iudy Smith. Marlene Smith, Mildred Solheim. Rosalyn Sollars, Dave Sohn, Debby Sovie, Carol Spencer. Mike Speidel, Al Staker, Gayle Stanley, Mary Steckler, Benno Steifensen, Dora Steichen. lulie Stell, Dale Stevens. Eugene Stevens, Karen Stewart, Bob Stewart, David Stoumbaugh, Donna Stoumbaugh, Eleano Strawder, Earl is if fl r its f I l N was ,MT L A ,, 36 "" x ii X Q X N . Q --QF X Y ,,,., . N rx X . ,X sf. .. Qin . X N M 1' . X S ir SQ-. sake .Sw ,AN Sw x atss X is sf I . 1 5 'N R G X in Q, wi 1 al ,, :' 1 - Q .Y . ,L 1, Q all A X sf + Strege, Maxine Strege, Mike Swanson, Bill Swanson, Pam T . 1. Tiffilff sffiiia Thayer, Sally Thomas, Ieannette Thompson, Robert Thompson, Bruce Thompson, Corinne Thompson. Ianet Tice, Ierry Tichy, Bill Trumbly, Ion Trutman, George Tucker, Lynn Turner, Iennifer Vandenheuvel, Keith Vandenheuvel, Ken Velez, Stephen Verderico, Pam Verderico, Pat Wagner, Gary Walbridge, Steven Walker, Bill Walker, Rick Walsh, Ierry Walter, Shirley Warren, Robert Watkins. Dick Wells, Frank Wells, Iames Welton, Dave Wheeler, Isabella White, Terry White, Tim Widland, Gary Wieme, Phil Wilcox, Carla Williams, Bob Williams, D. Les Williams, Pam Williams, Vickie Wilson, Mary Ann Witham, Lewis Wode, ludy Woodley, Laconia Woods, Les Woods, Marilyn Wright Marilyn Wright, Iim Young, Bill Young, Doug Yurisich, Danial i N ff' , ,. r .Z -fa: X N S Wa I X N is - X Ls Q s 1 Q his . X. . ix N N 1 s s X w X is X ,N X " W Q M 'iii X in X viii A -Q 31 fi . 5. . ' 'WMMEQI Q E 1 Diligently Working on pep signs. F .,,,,,,5s r, X my ' s W' Two-l'lund: cd-Nineteen GIRLS Aalbue, Beth-15, 17, 115, 123 Adams, Terry-17, 89, 90, 91 Alexander, Louise-210 Alferness, Autumn--17, 54, 89, 90, 91, 105, 115, 138, 139, 156 Allen, Gayle-17, 87 Anderson, leanne-190 Anderson, Linda--17, 106, 107, 138 Anderson, Marlene-190 Andrews, Patricia-17 Andrisek, Ioy-190 Apthorp, Ruth-17 Archer, Sandra-190 Arnold, Vicki-210 Artner, Rosalinda-210 Augustine, Peggy-17 Axlen, Cheryl-190 Ayler, Sherilyn-210 Baker, Carol-17, 136 Bartholomew, Kathy-210 Bartoy, Sherrill-18, 100, 101, 112, 150 Battson, Cheryl-18, 111 Baughman, Caren-18, 90 Bean, Gloria-190 Bechtold, Dona-209, 210 Beck, Ruth-190 Becker, Sandra-210 Beegle, Gloria-135, 210 Beell, Marilyn-87, 190 Bell, Louise-18 Bellamy, Vicki-18 Berg, Ian-18, 104, 138, 139 Berg, Melody-90, 190 Berger, Iudy-18 Bergman, Sharon-135, 210 Bernardo, Mary-210 Berquist, Becky--190 Betshart, Diane-190 Bickford, Marcia-135, 210 Bickle, Sandy-210 Birchman, Kathryn-19 Bjarke, Ianine-87, 138, 190 Bliss, Marlene-136, 138, 190 Bointon, Mary-90 Bolek, Thalia-107, 118, 138, 190 Bolien, Debbi Boltinghouse, Kitty-210 Bolvin, Chris-210 Bonogofsky, Marv-191 Boring, Elaine-210 Bose, Sandy-191 Bowen, Pamela-191 Bowen, Shirley-191 Bowman, Christine-191, 209 Bowman, Gloria-19 Boynton, Margi -e 87 Bradford, Margaret-19 Braga, Lynda-19 Bramlette, Sandra-210 Branham, Sherry-87, 210 Brannon, Soledad-191 Brannon, Teresa-210 Bricker, Linda-191 Briscoe, Bonnie-210 Bronson, Geraldine-87, 129, 210 Bronson, Norma-87, 129, 189, 191 Brown, April-87 Brown, Linda I,-191 Brown, Rosanne-20, 87, 138 Brown, Susan-13, 20, 90, 115, 138, 139, Bruce, Mary-88, 210 Two-Hundred-Twenty 98, 99, 158 Bryant, Sharon'-20, 108, 135, 136 Buechler, Vina-211 Burke, Linda D.-191 Burke, Pat-114, 209, 211 Burman, Paula-20, 111, 138 Burnett, Lynn-191 Busch, Betty-20 Bushaw, Lavonne-21 Buss, Pam-211 Butler, Teri-211 Byassee, Sue-129, 191 Bynum, Kathy-191 Caillier, Sharon-211 Callies, Linda-135, 211 Callies, Marylee-191 Camp, Iudy-16, 21, 118 Camus, Mary-87, 192 Capener, Kathy-21, 122, 123 Carlyle, Becky-96, 211 Carmichael, Gail-21, 135 Carpenter, Margaret-21 Carpenter, Mary-192 Carroll, Marianne-21, 112, 118, 135, 138, Carson, Billie-192 Carson, Wendy-211 Case, Nadine-192 Casteel, Sandra-87, 211 Catron, Connie-211 Caywood, Lillian-211 Chandler, Linda-126, 211 Chenier, Pat-211 Christian, Linda-22, 110, 114, 115, 122 Clark, lean-115, 122, 26, 192 Clausen, Maryalis-192 Clawson, Gwen-22, 123 Clawson, Pat-87, 90, 91, 118, 142 Clements, Yvonne-15, 22, 105, 114, 115 Clifford, ludy-192' Clifford, Kay--211 Clinton, Carol--211 Cobb, Barbara-87 Coe, Laura-115, 209, 211 Cofield, Annette-192 Cole, Mary-189, 192 Coleman, ludy-122, 192 Coleman, Susett-90, 192 Colyar, Cathy-22, 89, 105, 139 Colyar, Chris-22, 139, 159 Condon, Kathleen-211 Conner, Beth-211 Cooper, Marian-22, 111 Corcoran, Patti-23, 142 Cottini, lule-108, 115, 118, 136, 192 Creyssels, Virginia-23, 107, 129 Cryer, Sharon-87, 128, 183, 211 Davies, Linda-211 Dawson, Mary-136, 192 Day, Patricia-122, 211 DeCaterina, Charlene-94, 118, 138, 192 DeGraw, Marilyn-193 Demarest, Rhoda-114 Densley, Mardell-211, 208 Diamond, Sandra-24, 108, 136 Dickson, Eileen-193 Diess, Diana-115, 211 Dietz, Barbara-90, 91, 193 Dills, Renee-193 Doane, Marya-24 Dolan, Pat-24 Doleski, Trina-24 Donahue, lanice-25, 87 Donnally, Lynn-211 1 Doss, Carol-129, 136, 212 Dougherty, Sandra-108, 118, 129, 136 138 193 Doyle, Kathy-25, 87, 90 Drahos, Mildred-25, 90 Drake, Annarita-25 Drost, Penny-25, 88, 101, 110, 115, 118 143 158 Due, Kerry-96, 108, 112, 128, 193 Durance, lanis-25, 90 Duthie, Madelynn-25, 90 Eaton, Vicky-193 Ehrendreich, Karen-90 Ellwanger, Billie-26, 90 Emmett, Carol-212 English, Nancy-212 Enzler, Linda - 26, 115, 129, 193, 212 Ericks on, Chris-193 Etherington, leanne-26, 87 Eudaily, leanette-212 Ewer, Lynda-212 Ewton, Shari-193 Exley, Sandra-193 Exley, Susan-90, 118, 212 Exres, Cunthia-212 Exres, lane-193 Fain, Linda-129, 193 Faker, Kathy-15, 26 Feldman, Susie-26, 90, 138 Fisk, Gloria-212 Fitterer, Claudia-194 Fleck, lane-122, 212 Flewelling, Carmelie-27 Forem an, Kay-212 Fortier, Iudie-108, 129, 189, 194 Fraizer, Barbara-212 Franklin, Ann-14, 27, 106, 107, 115 38 Fredricks, Kathleen-212 Frost, Irene-86, 126, 212 Fry, Claire-212 Fry, Frances-27, 114, 156 Fullerton, Karyn-27 Ganstrom, Glennis-28, 118, 136 Gardner, loyce-108, 118, 138, 189, 194 Garton, Eudean--87, 212 Geiger, Theresa-28, 87 Gennow, Marilyn-194 Gennrich, Delores-183, 194, 212 Gerovich, Anna-194 Gerovich, Lora-87, 212 Getchman, Betty Lou-140, 194 Getchman, Mary Ellen-28, 123, 136, 138 139 Getz, Iennie-212 Geving, Anita-194 Gilletti, Francie-108, 126, 129, 136 194 Ginnis, Ellen-194 Gilliardi, Iudy-194 Glassman, Linda-212 Gnirk, Gail-28 Goan, Shirley-28, 87 Goodreau, Mitzi-28 Gores, Roberta-212 Graham, Sylvia-122, 212 Granoski, Pat-16, 28, 138, 139 Grant, Nikki-213 Graves, Carolyn-29 Grazzini, Rose-29, 114 Gregg, Venishia-29, 90, 91 Grigg, Linda-183, 194 Grigg, Yvonne--213 Grogan, Vanessa-213 Gronka, Ellen-213 Guinn, Rena-87, 194 Gustin, Geraldine-194 Guthmann, Bonnie-194 Hale, Linda-29, 55, 89, 90, 91, 104, 115, Hale, Rosalie 143, 195 Halko, Mary-29, 87 Hall, Annette-29 Hall, Pennie-195 Halloway, Marlyce-195 Hamblen, Ieanne-213 Hamelsrnith, Charlene-213 Handley, Mary-126, 129, 213 Handy, Carolyn-195 Hane, Sherry-195 Hanes, Kathleen-195 Hanly, Cathryn-30 Hansen, Darlene-213 Hansen, Nancy-30, 90 Hanson, Barbara-195 Hanson, Christine-30, 54, 106, 107, 108, 115, 135 Hanson eanette-14 30 105,108,115 , 1 , , Hanson, Linda-189, 195 Harrison, Pat-87, 195 Harrison, Valerie-195 Harlow, Billi-213 Hart, Linda-195 Hartso, Aiko-213 Hauss, Ianis-195 Hayne, Cheri-90 Hendrickson, Cheryl-195 Hensley, Sharon-122, 136, 195 Herd, Lillyanne-87, 195 Hersh, Linda-195 Herth, Lynn-31, 138, 139 Hess, Cindy-213 Hetler, Charlene-195 Higginbottorn, Roxy-126, 138, 196 Hildebrand, Susan-87, 183, 213 Hill, Karen-108, 112, 118, 140, 196 Hilton, ludi-126, 196 Hilts, loanne-31 Hinchcliff, Linda-195, 213 Hinz, Donna-87, 196 Hiott, Theresa-107, 196 Hiscox, Nancy-108, 114, 118, 196 Hitchcock, Sharon-196 Hobart, Donna-196 Hoff, Susan-213 Hoffman, Niki-87 Hoffman, Tracy--129, 213 Holden, Linda-87, 213 Holder, ludy-196 Holler, Karen-129, 138, 196 Holler, Kayleen-31 Hollos, Aniko-31, 87 Holmes, Lorraine-31, 213 Holstrorn, Sue-196 Horcher, Marion-213 Horn, Ianice-213 Hornsby, Linda-32 Horton, Sandra-32, 107, 110 House, Klareen-196 Howard, Denise-213 Hoyt, Kathy-196 Hubbard, Becky-138, 196 Hubbard, lanet-16, 32, 136 Hughes, Iulia-197 Hunter, Nancy-32, 90, 91, 129 Hurnblad, Iudith-32, 136, 138 Hursh, Linda-138 Hutchinson, Cheryl-7213 lrnhoft, Lola-33 lmhoff, Loni-213 143 1 Impala, Mary-122, 129, 209, 214 lnce, Wadine-33 Iverson, Karen-122, 197 lackson, lanette-214 lackson, Marcy-138, 189, 197 lackson, Mary Ann-214 larger, Kris-94, 136, 214 lensen, Betty-197 Iensen, Kathy-33 Iohnson, Diane-214 lohnson, lannene-33, 138, 139 lohnson, Iudith-33, 108, 135, 138 Iohnson, lulie-33, 123 Iohnson, Kathy-33 Iohnson, Linda-87 lohnson, Maryf214 lohnson, Patricia-33, 129, 135, 136 Iohnston, Michele-214 lones, Dolores-129, 136, 197 lones, Geraldine-34, 90, 110, 114, 115 lones, Iudith-214 lones, Nancy-134, 197 lones, Sharon-214 Lovelady, Maxine-215 Lovstrom, Darlene--215 I Ludington, Kristi-37, 108, 112, 115, 138 Lund, Karin-13, 37, 90, 91, 138, 139 Lund, Leaha-138, 198 Lunda, Terri-216 Lundberg, Tari-216 Lynch, Sue-114, 118, 178 Mahoney, Dianne-115, 198 Mahoney, Pam-216 Maijala, Sonja-189, 198 Maines, leannette-216 Malfatti, Karen-87, 198 Manely, Sue--198 Manuel, Rosita-216 Margeson, Sharon-216 Marini, Linda-39 Marker, Gloria-87 Markham, Georgia-198, 216 Martens, Nancy-16, 39, 94, 108, 115, 138, 185 Martin, Eva-87, 216 Martin, ludy-198 Martin, Sundee-123, 129, 198 Martindale, Marie-87, 198 Iones, Sheryl-16, 34, 112, 118, 136, 138, 156 Iordan, Vicki-214 Iorgenson, Susan-34 loseph, Linda-38, 129, 189, 197 loyner, lulie-95, 188, 197 Kachenko, lackie-34 Karr, Linda-34 Kaufman, Kathy-214 Kay, Donna-108, 115, 126 Kay, Linda-34 Keeton, Ieanne-35 Keith, Linda-16, 35, 108, 118, 138, 137 Kerr, Nancy-115, 126, 197 Kettlewell, Delores-35 Kienow, Carol-35 Kilen, Barbara-129, 214 Kimball, Linda-197 King, Mary-35, 90 Keith, Linda-16, 35, 108, 118, 138, 139 King, Nancy-35, 129, 136 Kirby, Kathy-87, 197 Kirk, Melanie-214 Knapp, Cheri-36, 104 Knight, Elaine-36 Knoll, Karen-87 Konschuh, Kathryn-198 Kruger, Aurelia-36 Kuich, lanice-.136, 198 Lakin, Kathy-112, 122, 209, 215 Larkins, Patricia-198 Larson, April-36, 96, 106, 107, 108, 112, 122, 138, 139 Larson, lane-90, 91, 198 Larson, Kathryn--108, 122, 136, 138, 198 Lathrop, Laurie-198 Laursen, Margaret-90, 91, 108, 118, 198 Lawing, Linda-215 Lawler, Melinda-115, 215 Lawson, Sharyl-137 Lee, Patricia--123, 198 Leingang, Cindy-126, 198 Lemon, Carol-215 Leppard, Ianice-115, 129, 215 Leslie, lean-129, 215 Linman, Sandy-37 Lipp, Sharon-198 Lochridge, Mary Helen-108, 140, 189, 198 Lorass, Linda-198 Louko, Marilyn-215 Martinec, Barbara-216 Massoth, Donna-16, 138, 139 Mastrude, ludi-118 Mauermann, Marilyn Mauldin, Diana-39, May, Susan-37 Mayclin, Donna-39 Mayclin, Linda-216 39, 89, 101, 129, 135, 136, 216 Matthews, Virginia- -90, 91, 198 136 Maycumber, lulie-216 Mayo, Rita-216 Mazzoncini, Pamela-126 McBurnie, Kathleen-16, 37, 118, 136 McCarthy, Mary-216 McClure, Candy-37, 216 McClure, Kathy-37, 111 McCormack, Sharon-38 McCracken, Henriette-87, 136 McDougall, Sue-38, 138 McKay, Sandra-38 McKean, Annette-199 McKenney, Prudence-38 McKinnon, Darlene-199 McLeod, Kristi--38, 136 McMahi1l, Shelley-38 McTighe, Pamela-136 Mears, Pat-40 Meeds, Deborah-40, 112, 129, 136, 138 Meeds, Wendy-36, Meier, Patti-40 Mello, Lee-199 110, 129, 216 Mennenga, Sally-99, 205 Meyer, Ianet-40, 122 Meyer, Sandra-199 Mickens, Melody-40, 138 Miller, Ieannette-216 Miller, Teresa-216 Mitchell, Carolyn-87, 216 Mitchell, Dina-199 Mitchell, Donna-99 Moak, Cathy-199 Moak, lean-208, 209, 216 Moe, Alta-189 Monta, Carol-216 Moon, Pat-41 Moore, Carol-199 Moore, Fran-41 Moore, leanne-129, 199 Morgan, Susan-135, 199 Two-HundredlTwenty-One Stearns Morrison, Patricia-41 Moseson, Linda-217 Muirhead, ludy-41, 123 Muirhead, Loretta-217 Mulholland, Denette-110, 217 Munt, Diane-217 Narducci, Sandi-199 Neal, Cindy-42 Nelson, Dawn-217 Nelson, 1aniceQ107, 199 Nelson, Marlene-4129, 199 Nelson, Sherry-123 Nerge, Geraldine-42, 111 Newsham, lanne-122 Newton, Shirley-217 Nichols, Bonnie-42 Noble, Rosemary-42, 119, 136 Nolan, Eunice-199 Normand, Kathleen-16, 42, 115 Norton, Trudy-187, 199 O'Brien, Maureen-111 Odden, Doris-118, 136, 199 O'De1l, leanne--129, 217 Olson, Linda-H43, 136 Ormsby, Roberta--43, 90 Ottesen, Marcia-43 Otto, Barbara-217 Overy, S.-115 Parker, Alice-201 Parker, Robin-217 Parker, Sue-217 Parsons, Mary Ann-217 Paskins, Amelia-43 Patterson, Pam-201 Paul, Anita-43, 139 Paulsen, Linda-217 Payne, leanette-201 Payne, Patricia-217 Pedecis, Dace+44 Pederson, Barbara-201 Penn, Rosemarie-15, 44, 118 Perkins, Sue-217 Pernell, Iewel-201 Peters, Ginger-44, 111 Peters, ludith-217 Petersen, Mary-90, 126, 201 Peterson, Karen-91, 201 Peterson, Nancy-15, 44 Peusa, Donna-118, 126, 201 Pezanowski, Sharon-217 Phillips, Kathi-44 Phipps, Carol-45, 122 Pierce, Scharon-45 Platzer, Marlene-129, 126, 217 Plummer, Carol-45 Pompey, Iosephine-114, 201 Poston, Peggy-217 Pratt, Rhonda-217 Pray, Nancy-217 Proctor, 1renew45 Pugliese, Laura-217 Query, Sandi-87, 129, 217 Rahm, Nanci-45, 55, 142 Raichart, Edith Suee-46, 87 Ramsey, Kathy-217 Rasmussen, Connie-13, 16, 45, 55, 129, 136, 138, 139, 158 Rasmussen, Marilyn-90, 201 Redfield, Terry-108, 118, 201 Redman, Loni-118, 122, 201 Two -Hundred-Twenty-Two 108, 118, Reece, Margaret-217 Reed, Sharon--46, 90 Reiter, lean-46, 111 Reynolds, Betty-46, 123 Reynolds, Sharon-217 Rice, Carol-90, 91, 201 Ridout, Christy-217 Smith, Iudy L.-218 Smith, Linda A.-49, 138 Smith, Linda L.--90, 115, 129, 203 Smith, Marlene-218 Smith Mildred-218 smithf Penny-129, 203 Snyder, LindaE203 Rita, loanne-217 Robben, Ianet-15, 46, 105, 112, 138, 139, 156 Roberts, Dianne-129, 202 Roberts, IoEl1a-46 Roberts, Iudy-46 Robinson, Leanne-202 Robinson, Paula lo-46, 88, 89, 108, 110, Rocket, Sally-217 115,129 Snyder, Stephanie-107, 129, 203 Sohn, Debby-218 Solheim, Rosalyn-218 Sommer, Elaine-108, 118, 129, 203 Sovie, Carol-218 Sovie, lanet-49, 108, 119 Spencer, Gail--203 Spencer, Pat-49, 105, 138, 139 Rogers, Diane-47 Rohrer, Sharon-202 Roland, Diane--87 Roley, Karen-87, 218 Rolland, DianeM218 Roller, Norma-218 Rollins, Iudith-91, 190, 202 Rollins, Iune--218 Ronich, lnez-202 Root, Barbara-47, 136 Rose, Terrye-218 Rouse, Dana-202 Rouse, Karen-87, 90 Rousseau, Gaile-87, 202 Rowen, Leslie-129, 136, 218 Rowen, Nancyh47, 105, 122, 143 Royse, Mary Lou--202 Rugers, Diana-47 Rupe, Sheri-47 Rush, Iulie-47, 90, 105, 138, 139, 159 Russel, lanet-202 Ryan, Linda-48 Ryan, Sherreen-202 Salatino, Rosemarie-218 Sanchez, Carol-90, 129, 136, 189, 202 Sanderson, Carol-48, 90, 97, 128, 129 Sandvold, Linda-218 Sargent, Sonia-115, 202 Sater, Gail-122, 209, 218 Saucier, Elaine-202 Saunders, Madeline-48, 138 Savage, Pamela-202 Schafer, Marian-818 Schafer, Pamela-87 Schaff, Susan-48 Schroeder, Valerie-107, 208, Schubert, Barbara-218 Schultz, Linda-203 Schuss, Carrol-122, 202 Schwarz, Vivian-202 Schwebs, Lorraine-218 Scott, Marilyn-218 Scott, Roxy-202 Sebade, Sue-48, 104, 139 Seitz, Beverly-129, 136, 202 Sherman, Mary-49 Sherouse, Marjorie-218 218 Sihvo, Marilyn-16, 49, 90, 91, 118, Silva, Betty-87, 203 Silva, Linda-49, 87 Simonsen, Barbara-203 Simonsen, Donna-203 Simonson, Kathleen-218 Simpson, Ianice-129, 203 Simpson, lo-16, 49, 108, 136 Sinclair, Alberta-218 Sircello, Sandy-218 Skavlem, Diane-108, 118, 203 Smathers, Marsha-108, 112, 118, 140, 138 203 Staicer, Stamey Stanley Gayle-218 , Teresa-50, 87 , Mary-218 Stanley, Paulette-50 Stanley, Sue-203 Christine-203 Steele, Carolyn-50 Steffenson, Dora-218 Steichen, Iulie-218 Stephens, Wendy-15, 16, 5 118 Stern, Sally-50 Stevens, Karen-218 Stevens, Marti-87, 203 Stoumbaugh, Donna-218 Stoumbaugh, Eleanor'-218 Strege, Maxine-219 Studley, Vicki-50 Sunich, Sharon-50 Swaleson, lean-204 Swanson, Connie-50, 138 Swanson, Pam-87, 219 Swift, Nancy-204 Syslo, Rita-204 Takamoto, Susanne-204 Taraya, Lorna-218 Taraya, Maria-51, 87 Tech, Donna-204 Tech, Margaret-204 Thayer, Sally-219 Thomas, Aleta-126, 204 Thomas, lill-124, 204 Thompson, Corinne-219 Thompson, lanet-219 0,106,10 7, 108, 112 Thompson, Linda-16, 51, 96, 104, 108, 118, 135 138, 139 Thoreson, Cheryl-51 Tichy, Linda-87, 204 Tipton, Linda-204 Tracy, leanne-204 Trumbly, Sharyn-51 Trummert, lanis-204 Tucker, lan-108, 112, 122, 129, 136, Tucker, Lynn-219 Turner, Iennifer-219 Tyler, lanice-126, 204 Usselman, Gloria-87, 204 Usseltman, Iudi-51 Vanc1erMeer, Donna-52 Verderico, Pam-219 Verderico, Pat-219 Viclovic, ludy-204 Vorak, Kathleen-118, 138 Wackstrom, lill-204 Walter, Shirley-219 Warren, Mary-138, 204 138, 204 Conner, Charles-22 Weber, Patricia-142, 205 A Welch, Robbie-14, 52, 99, 106, 107, 142 Wellen, Collean-52, 105, 114, 156 Werth, Linda-52, 90 Westholm, Diane-188, 205 Wheeler, lsabelle-99, 135, 219 Wheeler, Ruth-87, 126, 205 Whipple, Marilyn-138, 189, 205 White, Susie-122, 126, 205 Whitehead, Anne-205 Whitelock, Ann-16, 35, 52, 108, 118, 136 Whobrey, Tamara-52 Wickman, Candace-53 Wickstrom, Iill-87 Wight, Carol--53, 90 Wight, Gail-205 Wilcox, Carla-219 L Williams, Marjory-122, 136, 205 Williams, Vicki-87, 219 Beardemphl, Don-210 Bechtold, Don-18, 121, 184 Beck, Greg-18, 110 Beckner, Robert-190 Beech, Carl-210 Beell, Gordon-190 Beighley, Norman-16, 18, 110, 118 Belcher, Regis-190 Bennett, lack-18 Berg, Iim-117, 153, 156, 166, 176, 210 Bergstrom, Larry-210 Bermudez, Cary-18, 89 Berry, Paul-18, 87, 88, 89, 110, 115, 129 Berven, Phil-210 Biber, Bob-189, 190 Biggers, Bob-19, 152, 182 Biggers, Larry-153, 156, 210 Biles, lack-19 Billingsley, Richard-190 Campbell, Wayne-21 Card, Clarence--157, 211 Card, Sherm-21, 105, 158 Carli, Gary-211 Carmignani, Ioe-21 Carroll, Ron-211 Cates, Mike-22 Cey, Ron-152, 154, 158, 160 164 Chapman, Lary--192 Christensen, Dean-192 Christy, Ronald--192 Christy, Terry-22 Cliff, Bob-22, 159 Clinton, Ron-192 Clouse, Frank-192 Cobun, Iohn-211 Colombini, Perry-156, 178 Conner, Pat-87, 111 Willis, Barbara-53, 115, Wilson, Linda-123, 205 Wilson, Mary Ann-219 Windburn, Ian-53, 123 123 Wintermute, Patricia-205 Wipf, Penny-53 Wise, Bonnie-205 Wode, Iudith-219 Wood, Kathleen-53 Woods Marilyn-219 Wright Lynda-205 Wright Marilyn-219 Wright Mary-53, 90 Wright, Sheila-205 Wright, Sue-87, 205 Wrolson, Shirley-53, 107 Black, Mike-19, 111 Blair, Dave-190 Blair, Don-210 Bleich, Eric-182, 210 Bloomquist, lack-190 Boehm, Don-19, 88, 115, 141, 158 Bolvin, Iohn-191 Bonner, Robert-210 Boothe, Gerald-19, 87 Cook, Dave-22, 87, 90, 91, 151 Cooper, lim-211 Corey, Cal-182 Cornelius, Curt--23, 88, 141 Cornell, lohn-121, 153, 156 192 Corrigan, Dan-211 Corrigan, Ed-23 Cosgro, Gary-23 Cox, Edd-182, 192 Bowen, Floyd-191 Bowen, Skip--210 Bowles Brad-19 Bowles Tim-110 167 208 209 210 Baym,1Amhaer-88,1b7,i15,i1o Bradley, Dick-191 Braedt, Norm-210 Cozine, Ioe-23, 185 Crabtree, Pat-192 Crawford, lack-211 Creyssels, Paul-23 Crist, Tedd-117, 1226, 182, 211 Croghan, Terry-16, Csonka, Iulius-192 23, 55, 117, 121, 150, 176 Youk, Emily-205 Young, ludi-205 Young, Iudy A.-53, 87 Young, Regina-205 Zitzman, Yvonne-53, 90, 138 BOYS Abbott, lames-190 Adams, Dave--17 Aiken, Don-157, 182, 210 Aiken, Ioe-156, 182, 190 Alcaide, Alfonso-17, 90 Allen, Ierry-121, 183, 190 Allen, Raymond-169, 190 Anderson, Daniel-210 Anderson, Larry-17, 111 Annis, Dave-17 Ansteth, Iohn-210 Antilla, Larry-17 Antoon, Tom-210 Appling, Richard-190 Ashworth, Bill-190 Atkins, Pete-17, 122 Braford, Roger-210 Braidwood, Kirk-210 Brais, Iim-19, 87, 90, 91 Brand, Gary--1824, 191 Brant, Doug-20, 122 Brazel, Rowelette-20, 87, 168 Brazil, Glenn-15, 20, 114, 121, 122, 168 Brazil, Terry-168, 210 Britson, Warren-210 Brower, Alva-129, 191 Browitt, Ernie-210 Brown, Richard-191 Brunelle, Mike-191 Bullard, Wilfred-191 Burbee, Don-20 Burke, Michael-20, 89 Burke, Patrick-87, 157, 211 Burkette, Mike-167, 210 Burki, Roger-191 Burleigh, George-211 Burleigh, Iohn-191 Burmester, Ed-191 Burmester, Tom-20, 121, 158, 159, 161, 175 Burrows, Ray-210 Busch, Richard-191 Bushaw, Gene-157, 178, 211 Butler, Bradley-211 Butler, Dave-210 Cummings, Robert-23 Curran, Steve-23 Curtis, Dan-211 Daniel, Dennis-211 Darlow, Mike-192 Daugherty, Don-21 1 Davies, Chris-23, 117, 150, 176 Davies, Doug-24 Davis, Eugene-110 Denny, lerry-21 1 Denny, Mike--24, 122 Densley, Steve-95, 117, 182, 193 Devereaux, Iohn-16, 24, 118, 121, 183 Devereaux, Mike-24, 121, 122, 171 DeWispe1aere, Iohn-185 Diess, Leonard, 166, 193 Dion, Iim-24, 87, 90, 91 Dodsworth, Daniel-24 Doellefeld, Ioe-89, 193 Drew, Marvin-193 Dudley, Dennis-25, Dudley, goug-117, Dumas, M9212 Duncan, Dave-149, Duncanson, Bob-21 Durance, Dan-193 Dye, Ierry-193 104, 116, 117, 158, 161 121, 193 179, 212 2 Ausserer, lames-190 Axlen, Pete-210 Bailey, Bill-178, 190 Bailey, Gary-157, 210 Barna, Lou-17 Barnard, Mike-157, 167, Bartlett, Dave-210 Bartlett, Robert-190 Bauman, Iohn-18, 111 Beals, Tom-18, 111 Bean, Thomas-210 182, 210 Butts, Don-210 Byassee, Ed-21 Bynum, Iames-21 Caillier, Al-182, 191 Caillier, Terry-191 Camp, Rick-191 Campbell Dave-211 Campbell, Don D.-157 Campbell, Don W.-211 Campbell, Iames-90, 191 Campbell, Roger-211 Dykeman, David-212 Easley, Dave-25, 104 Eckroth, Grant-212 Edminster, Lee-157, 212 Edwards, Denny-25 Edwards, Iim-212 Edwards, Robbie-90 Ehlers, Dennis-183, 212 Ehli, Colin-25 Ehnat, Iohn-193 Elery, Robert-193 Two -Hundred Twenty Three Ellingson, Iohn-26, 89 Ellwein, Ron-157, 212 Elton, Terry-26 Emslie, Robert-176, 193 Ereth, Leonard-193 Erickson, Rick-26 Evans, Mike-212 Fairi, Charles-128, 129 Fairchild, Dick-26 Falk, lim-26, 116, 117, 150, 156, 179 Falk, Richard-157, 212 Farley, Michael-209, 212 Federighi, David-193 Ferari, Al-117, 122, 193 Fermo, Richard-26 Ferrante, Pete-212 Ferriss, George-27 Firth, Doug-212 Hamilton, Gary-213 Hamilton, Larry-122, 195 Hamilton, Rob-156, 178, 195 Hamilton, Rod-117, 213 Hamilton, Scott-195 Hamilton, Steve-30 Hanson, Ken4213 Hanson, Roger-195 Hargrove, lim-30 Harper, lohn-129, 195 Harr, Richard--153, 167, 209, 213 Harr, Sid-88, 115, 118, 178, 195 Harris, Mike-213 Harris, Richard-213 Harrison, Iohn-30 Harrison, Ion-213 Fish, Randy-183, 193 Fishback, Wayne-149 Fisher, Art-194 Fisher, Mike-212 Fisher, Steve-194 Fitch, Bert-27, 129 Fitterer, Dave-212 Flani, Ierry-194 Flateland, Bob-117, 156, 194 Flateland, lim-27, 117, 121, 150 Flick, Leslie-27, 87, 90 Flick, Pat-212 Font, Rudolf-27, 183 Forseth, lon-194 Fredricksen, Dave-194 Frink, Bill-212 Fouts, Earl-212 Frost, Floyd-16, 27, 86, 110, 118 Fuchek, Terry-27, 111 Gallagher, Greg--212 Gathwright, Brent-28, 117 Geiger, lohn-212 Gendreau, Tom-182, 212 Gennow, Mike-212 Geppert, Bob-28, 116, 117 Gerber, Harold-194 Gettman, Ken-194 Gilletti, lack-157, 169, 212 Gilman, Ioe 194 Glass, Roy-194 Glew, Raymond-212 Gomsrud, Mike--117, 157, 178, 212 Graham, Ron-28 Granoski, Chuck-213 Grant, Edd-16, 28, 117, 124 Grant, Bob-166, 178, 194 Greaves, Barton-29 Green, Iohn-81, 90, 181, 182, 194 Greer, Mike-179 Guinn, Iack-194 Gundstrom, Bill-117, 121, 122, 179, 181, Gunther, loe-29, 121, 184 Gustafson, Michael-29 Hager, Bob--117, 194 Hager, Gary-213 Haggard, Steve-213 Hahn, Bill-213 Hahn, Francis-29, 87, 90, 91 Hall, Richard-118, 129, 171, 188, 189, 195 Hall, Ron-87, 213 Hallawell, Iohn-179, 181 Hallen, Greg-89,110 Haller, Larry-149, 213 Hamblen, Rich-29 Two -Hundred-Twenty-Four Harrison, Larry-156, 195 Hart, Larry-30, 179, 180 Hart, Ron-189, 195 Hartzell, Brian-13, 30, 54, 89, 120, 121, 151, 155, 156 Hawland, Ralph-171 Hayden, Terry-30 Heidi, Terry,156, 178, 195 Hendrickson, Alan-185, 213 Hendrickson, Dennis-31, 117, 120, 121, 158, 161 Hendrickson, Iohn-30, 158, 161 Herbert, Don-14, 16, 31, 55, 97, 116, 117, 118, 121, 129, 150, 158 Hernandez, lim-110, 117, 195 Herstad, Wayne-196 Hicks, Perman-182, 196 Higgins, Don-196 Higgins, Frank-87, 90, 91, 196 Higgins, Gordy-31, 90 Hill, Iack-213 Hill, Wayne-213 Hilleren, Daniel-171, 196 Hilleren, Doug-213 Iensen, Don-197 Iezek, Robert-117, 126, 214 Iohnson, lohnson, David-167, 214 Charles-168 Iohnson, Dennis-170 lohnson, Gary-33 lohnson, Sam-167, 214 Iohnson, Silvester-153, 197 Iohnston Iohnston, lohnston Cliff-214 Danny-122 Tom-34 122 loiner, Dana-34, 118 Ioiner, Mike-182, 197 lones, Doug-157, 214 lones, Frank-34 lordin, Thomas-34 Ioseph, Edwin-34 loseph, Larry-197 Ioseph, Rudy-214 loyal, Michael-197 Kalinski, David-86 Kanar, Duane-188, 197 Keith, Edwardf105, 114 Keith, Iim-214 Keith, Patrick-197 Kellogg, Ray-87, 91, 197 Kenyon, Keith-87, 214 Kerr, Craig-15, 35, 121, 168 Kerth, Tom-214 Kerzie, Ken-35, 122 Keselburg, lim-214 Kincaid, Ierry--35 Kinkead, Robert-89 Kinkela, Dave-152, 179, 181 Kinkela, Ken-197 Kirby, Pat-157 Klapstein, Richard-35 Klinger, Steve-35, 90, 91 Hilts, Bill-196 Hilts, Bob--196 Hoard, Tim-15, 31, 54, 104 Hochstein, Vince-213 Hoerauf, Bruce-87, 90, 213 Hoffman, Michael-196 Hoit, Iames-213 Holcomb, Harlan-31, 89, 104, Holler, Larry-149, 175 Holst, Iohn-196 Hondel, Rich-31 Hoover, William-32 Hopwood, lerry-32 Horn, Rick-196 Horton, Mike-213 Hoskins, Leo-15, 32 Hoskinson, Charles-213 Howard, Bob-32 Howland, Ralph-32, 86 Hubert, Robert-122, 213 Hullman, Gary-32 Hundven, Dennis-213 Knoll, Duane-36, 111 Knoll, Dwight-197 Knoll, lames-197 Knox, Alan-36 Knox, Robert-117, 167, 182, 209 215 Knox Russell-197 Knudtson, Robert-198 Kramer, Bill-36 Kramer, George-215 Krasinski, Leo-36 Kress e, Arnold-215 Krogstad, Robert-198 Kronquist, Larry-215 Krueger, Iames-198 Kuhn, Charles-215 Lamb ert, lerry-129, 185, 189 Land, Duane-215 Land, Iames-198 Laramie, Ronald-36 Larison, Gary-215 LaRoque, Terry-215 Hundven, Richard-129, 208, 209, 213 Hunotte, Dan-197 Hunter, Lon-185 Huntington, Dave-153, 158, 161, 166, 177 Hutchinson, Bob-15, 33, 90, 114, 121, 151, 168, 179, 180 lsmay, Ioe-197 lversen, lackson, left-214 Herbert-87, 90, 91, 197 lackson, lack-197 Iackson, Sherman-33 Larsen, William-198 Larson, Bruce-36, 106, 107 Larson, Greg-198 Larson, Mike-198 Lathrop, Lyle-36 Lawrence, David-198 Lawrence, Gene-37 Lee, Larry-215 Lehmen, Don-198 Lemmer, Fredrick-87, 198 Lepper, Phil-215 Lipp, Dave-166, 177, 215 Litke, Wendell-198 Livingston, Lee-198 Lloyd, Bob-166, 198 Llo d Rube-37 Y , Lobland, Iohn-16, 37, 120, 121, 158, 160, 163 Long, Bill-198 Longozo, Ray-215 Loomis, Mike-87 Lorenz, Iim-37 Lovell, David-178, 215 Lowland, Richard-178 Lucas, Rich-216 Mabbott, Ed-216 Magruder, Bob--216 Make-la, lan-38, 122 Maltait, Bruce-16,39, 118, 120, 121, 160, 162, 163, 184 Manley, Daniel-182, 216 Maplethorpe, Ioe-39, 121, 151, 169 Marchesini, lohn-216 Marini, Larry-216 Martell, Bob-117, 199 Martonik, Don-166, 178, 209, 216 Mason, Cary-153, 156, 216 Massoth, Michael--216 Matheson, Walter-185, 199 Mathison, Ioel-39, 117, 122 Matthews, Iim-39 Maves, Price-216 Maves, Terry-15, 39, 88, 115 Maxwell, Ioe-216 McCa1ferty, Dan--37, 89 McCoid, Steven-166, 199 McColm, Gary-38 McCormick, Bob-199 McCormick, Dennis-199 McCormick, Gerald-199 McElravy, Don-216 McElravy, Steven-38, 89 McEvoy, Bill-157, 216 McFarland, Larry-199 McGitfin, lohn-38, 179, 181 McKay, Gary-216 Mclienney, George-216 McLein, Larry-216 McLeod, jerry-216 McMakin, DaleMl83, 216 Mears, Doyle-157, 178, 216 Meidinger, Brian-40 Meidinger, Ron-216 Meier, Gary-40, 122 Mellor, Mic-90, 199 Melvard, lerry-40 Melvard, Tom-216 Mennenga, Pat-199 Metzker, Alan-40 156, 158, 162, Morlord, le-it-200 Morgan, Dan-217 Morgan, Ietf-200 Moris, Tom-117, 179, 181, 200 Mower, Steve-200 Mowry, lon-41, 55, 116, 117, 159 Muer, Mickey-41, 121 Muir, Buck-117, 129, 179, 200 Mulholland, Dan-121, 183, 200 Muller, Ira-42 Myers, Neitzel, Nelson Chuck-217 Thomas-42, 88 Daniel-217 Ne-lsoni Eldon-42 Nelson, Glen-16, 42, 118 Nelson, Mark-167, 217 Nelson, Mel-200 Nelson, Terry-217 Newman, lim-217 Newton, Sam-156, 182, 200 Nichols, George-42 Nighswonger, Gary-157, 177, Norloom, Roger-42 O'Brian, Mike-43 O'De1l, Olson, Chris-200 Lester-200 O'Malley, George-217 178, 217 Omland, Edward-43, 121, 183 O'Neill, Iim-200 O'Neill, Pat-43, 150, 156, 160 Ostrander, Dennis-205 Overland, lim-168, 170, 200 Owens, Frank-217 Owens, Harry-43, 88 Owens, Ray-200 Owings, Gary-43 Page, Bill-200 Parks, Steve-156, 168, 201 Pasquale, Alfred-176, 201 Pasquale, lim-217 Pate, Larry-175, 217 Paul, Dave E,-43, 182, 217 Pauschert, Ed-44, 176 Pedlar, Richard-44, 152 Perkins, Iim-44 Peters, Time-168, 170, 121 Peterson, Douglas-86, 152, 201 Peterson, Michael-44 Peterson, Stan-157, 217 Plau, Dan-201 Phill, Bill-217 Phillips, Frank-217 Phillips, Howard-201 Phillips, Keith-44, 117, 122 Phillips, Tom-201 Meyer, Dave-200 Meyer, Donald-118, 199 Meyer, Ralph-40, 87 Meyer, Tom-216 Mildon, Lewis-216 Miller, Dave D,-41, 87 Miller, Dave L.-40 Miller, Dick-41, 88, 114 Miller, Miller lohn-149, 158, 161, 200 Ron-41 Mitchell, Doug-216 Mitchell, Gary-41, 122 Moberg, Dean-216 Moberg, Ken-41 Montgomery, Len-200 Mooney, Ernest-216 Moore, Dick-200 Pickett, Terry-201 Pieruccioni, Gary-117, 124, 189, 201 Poston, Frank-45, 90 Pratt, George-45 Pratt, Mark-45, 87, 110 Pritchard, Arlen-201 Ramsey, Grover--45, 121, 151, 156 Rang, Alfred-201 Rang, Walter-217 Rants, .Marr-201 Rasmussen, lohn-189, 201 Ray, Tom-45, 169 Reagan, Bob4l80 Redman, lohln-46, 122 Reeves, lack-217 Renggli, Al-201 Resch, lim-201 Reynolds, Don-217 Rice, Louis-46, 179, 182 Rice, Terry-167, 217 Richardson, Rick 217 Rikslord, Larry-201 Ring, loe-46 Ring, Sam-179, 181, 201 Robben, Dave-202 Roberts, Dick-202 Robinson, David-89 Rodgers, lim-87, 202 Rogers, Ken-47 Rohrer, Landis-47 Rollins, Dennis-218 Rosellini, Dave-218 Rosenquist, Mike-202 Ross, Carl-87, 90, 202 Roth, Fred-47 Rowland, Rick-218 Rowling, Bill-47 Rudsit, Iim-157, 218 Rutherford, Mark-47 Ryan, lack-202 Rytkonen, Bruce-47 Sage, Ierry-114, 117 Samlaska, Dick-157, 167, 178, 218 Samson, Iames-126, 182, 218 Schaftert, Ronald-202 Schatz, Ron-48, 158, 161 Schiesz, Greg-157, 218 Schirmer, Wolfgang-202 Schmidt, Charles-178, 218 Schmidt, Gary-202 Schmidt, lim-202 Schorba, Ioseph-186, 202 Schreiner, Ken-218 Schultz, Bud-48, 179, 180 Schumock, Dave-48 Scott, Larry-202 Scott, Taylor-167, 219 Settle, Richard-157, 179 Shade, David-48 Sharp, Dennis-48, 86 Shaughnessy, David-89, 218 Shedrock, Ed-49, 176 Sheetz, Richard-86, 203 Sherrod, David-203 Shier, Terry-203 Shoemaker, Steve-203 Shorause, Iim-203 Shoop, Bob-203 Short, Victor-218 Shriner, Dennis-49 Shull, Robert-203 Silvernail, Steve-203 Simonson, Arthur-203 Simpson, Barry-218 Simpson, lay-87, 157, 218 Sires, Gary-203 Smethurst, Larry-203 Smith, Dennis-117, 157, 169, 209, 218 Smith, Ioe-49, 150 Snover, Walter-107, 203 Soderberg, Eugene-49, 110, 177 Sohn, David-49, 87, 90, 185 Sollars, Dave-218 Sosky, loe-107 Speidel, Albert-218 Spencer, Mike-218 Staulter, Dave-204 Steckler, Benno-218 Steftensen, Don-50 Two -Hundred-Twenty Five Stell, Dale-218 Stephens, Dwight-156, 158, 160, 185 Stevens, Bill-50, 90 Stevens, Eugene-117, 157, 167, 218 Stevens, Mark-178, 203 Stewart, David-218 Stewart, Robert-167, 218 Stewart Tom-183, 203 Stiles, Phil-204 Stirn, Dale-12, 16, 22, 50, 89, 118, 121 156, 184 Strege, Mike-219 Swan, Ioe-204 Swanson , Al-86, 110, 204 Swanson, Bill-182, 219 Sweet, William-16, 50, 118, 121, 184 Sutich, Thomas-50, 185 Sykora, Larry-50 Tornquist, Larry-51, 152, 177 Truax, Mike-51 Trurnble, Don-51 Trumbly, lon-219 Trutman, George-158, 178, 219 Tweden, Ronald-204 Usselman, Wayne-52 Vandegrift, Byron-204 Vandegritt, Gary-121, 179, 181, 189, 2 Vandegrift, Larry-52, 179 Vandenheuvel, Keith-209, 219 Vandenheuvel, Ken-219 Velez, Stephen-219 Wagner, Gary-219 Walbridge, Steven-219 Taraya, Florenco-51 Taylor, Robert-51, 121, 158, 161, 180 Terise, lDick-204 Terrien, Terry-156, 179, 204 Theimer, Kenneth--204 Thompson, Bruce-219 Thompson, lames-51 Walker, Bill-219 Waller, Bill-204 Walters, Terry-204 Waltier, lack--204 Warner, Bruce-118, 170, 204 Warren, Robert-219 Warren, William-204, 209 Zengota, Arthur-205 Thompson, Rich-51, 129 Thompson, Robert-219 Thompson, Steve-204 Thompson, Wayne-51, 111 Thores, Rob-204 Thorson, Chris-51, 90 Tice, Ierry-219 Tichy, Bill-219 Tollefson, Richard-15, 51, 121, 151, 169, 180 Watkins, Dick-219 Watson, Ron-52, 106, 107 Weakly, Donald-205 Wells, Chris-87 Wells, Frank-219 Wells, lames-87, 167, 219 Welton, Dave-219 Wescott, Larry-52 Westholm, Larry-14, 52, 118 Wetz, Steven--52, 111 Tornquist, Bruce-121, 204 Two-Hundred Twenty-Six Wheeler, Gary-16, 52, 118 04 White, Terry-169, 219 White, Tim-157, 168, 219 Wiburg, Ron--15, 52, lll, 117 Wichman, Dave-15, 52, 152, 179, Widland, Gary-170, 219 Wieme, Phil-219 Williams, Don-205 Williams, lim--205 Williams, lohn-118, 205 Williams, Les-219 Williams, Robert-110, 117, 219 Williams, Tim-205 Williams, Vincent-179, 181, 205 Willis, Ron-205 Wilson, Ted-2105 Witham, Lewis-219 Wolfgeher, Gary-205 Wood, Don E.-156 Wood, Donald F.-205 Wood, Les-219 Woodford, Allen-205 Woodley, Laconia-219 Worthington, lim-53 Worrell, Dennis-205 Wright, Alan-205 Wright, lim-159, 219 Yau, Benny-118 York, Donald-205 York, Thomas-168, 205 Young, Bill-219 Young, Doug-219 Yarisich, Daniel-219 Zittel, Dan-53, 121, 122 1 Ittakes many hours, much patience, and several disagreements to make a yearbook become a reality. As spring came upon us and those deadlines neared, moments of panic and fury became ever present. Now that the all-night marathon slave sessions are Complete I can feel free to say those many thank- yous that each of my staff members so duly deserves. To Autumn Alferness and lan Robben -e It is amazing how those long hours of procrastination and selection could produce such a fine section. To Ian and Autumn go a special thank you for a part in this book that is new, different, and well done. To Pat Spencer -A Few people, especially boys, are unaware of the many girls' activity programs that are carried on each year at Mount Tahoma. Pat was given the job of presenting these girls as they are seen marching down the street, splashing about in the pool or flashing around in the gym. To Sherm Card 4 As deadlines pressed closer and frustration grew great, "Mr. Artist" came through wonderfully to fill space where unknown pictures were to be, Thanks to the "greatest" artist ever. To Nancy Rowen e Nancy joined the staff late and was not really given a great deal to do, but I feel what she did have assigned to her, she finished extremely well. She is responsible for our dedication and the presentation of the Tacoma School Board Members. To Dave Easley F Mr. Art Critic was the person who took those many needed trips downtown that are so essential to complete an annual. Dave' was also found leading many discussions in the evening that left the boys staying up long past bedtime each night. To Iulie Rush - Another late comer, lulie found her assignment to be small, but very important to many seniors. She was given the job of producing this year's Senior Hall of Fame. To Ian Berg f Her job was one that entailed many trying moments while typing copy for the Totem. If you don't believe me try reading some one else's writing some time. Thank you, Ian, for doing a fine job. To Cathi Colyar M Cathi was a real asset to our staff this year. Last year she became very experienced in putting out an annual, but this year we lost her services for the first part of the year. When she came she did a real fine job of helping when needed. Thanks, Cath. To Sherry Knapp - The only time the business end of the annual got messed up was when I felt I knew something about it. Thank you, Sherry, for a fine job. To Yvonne Clements A Yvonne was one of the few experienced members who entered our staff in the fall. Because of her ability, hard work and fine ideas she was able to come up with the finest class picture section ever assembled at Mount Tahoma. To Linda Thompson - To Linda goes a special thank you for filling in at the first of the year.for Cathi when she left. Linda, as well as Linda Hale, was responsible for the new ideas and the big changes in the Organizations Section. To Colleen Wellen - Colleen was a welcome addition to our staff this year. She was part of a group that did an outstanding job on the class picture section. To Dennis Dudley and Harlan Holcomb - I believe that it is necessary to recognize the fact that the Athletic Section is by far the hardest to complete. This year they finished only two weeks after the deadline. I feel that Dennis and Harlan did a fine job. You see, student photography has been a problem throughout the year and this kind of photography is essential in order to produce an effective section. To Sue Sebade - A person who is given the job of typist for a yearbook holds a position not to be envied. I am sure Sue will never forget the many hours she spent writing every name in the school and then typing each to complete our eight page index. To leannette Hanson - No one fits the name of "hardworker" better than Ieannette. All I can say is thank you, Ieannette, for many long hours of devoted work and a fine section. To Linda Hale - Linda was responsible for the excellent ideas for a new format for our Organization Section. To Linda goes a big thank you for a fine job. To Mr. Ryan - Mr. Ryan has left me with many memories I am sure I will never forget. He is beyond a doubt a wonderful personality, a great advisor, and one who I was always able to look to for help. Thank you, Mr. Ryan, for everything. Thanks to Miss Cole and her staff, Iohnson-Cox Printers, and Richards Studio, for their never-ending help on the TOTEM. It has been a pleasure working with these people to make the TOTEM a reality. To the Senior Class 4 Because the great class of 1955 was so willing to donate a portion of the treasury to the annual, we were able to present the beautiful color picture found in the front and back of the TOTEM.Thanks Seniors. I can now only hope that the i965 TOTEM staff has produced a story of the year that may be enjoyed by the faculty and students for many years to come. Thank you. Tim Hoard THE EDITOR Two -Hundred' Twenty-Seven TYPOGRAPHY 0 LITHOGRAPHY I BOOK BINDING BY UNION CRAFTSMEN AT JOHNSON-COX COMPANY, TACOMA uns

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