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' l " " x s- , j- cj f _ 3 -. 3 ' J - - - -a.,. 11 . it " Conce. T KTico:) T:4-shcx cj i ' -4onn ] l y - ' -. s A ' V « A I . , TQ. 002 N|oo %inK I ' r ' ajcJh ( u -, T jjsV oosW go abog UjvW xpu.. Xh Do die Vo ooe r- f W one p0f5o ' uiJK l noe buV vVs V g- c « i2. end ' s|£ r " I I MOUNT SAINT MARY ACADEMY CHRYSALIS 7987 3756 DELAWARE AVE. KENMORE, NEW YORK 14217 TABLE OF CONTENTS Seniors Underdassmen Faculty Student Life Sports Activities Senior Directory SENIORS ' k k 1 . •«■ ' CMSS Of 7987 Maria R. Alleca Good times, days I will remember Fun times, days I ' ll always treasure Take me back to the world gone away For memories seem like yesterday. Friends forever — Wee and Amos Bread is life — Right A.M. It ' s all over! C ' est la vie!!! Thanks to all the little people: Dad, Mom, Kansas, Kristen, Stormy, Amos, Amy, Kristen, Kathy, Jackie, m., G.P., Patty and Jen. Lisa Marie Argenio But if the while I think on thee, dear friend. All losses are restored and sorrows end. Shakespeare Mary Avino Though I may move a ihousand miles And leave good friends behind. The good times we have shared together Will always be in my mind Our thoughts are different each day; But our memories are the same and v I Love U! I last forever Donna L Ball I ' ll teach you to swim I ' ll teach you to try I ' ll teach you to laugh but not to cry. I ' ll teach you to trust me when you think I lie I ' ll teach you to love me until I die! Prince Jill Belcher We broke the rules- But we won the game. Nothing to lose and everything to gam. Tom-Tom Club I know that life is sometimes full of Grief, but your love is my relief. — Marley Kimberly Bothwell In all the history of the world there was never anyone exactly like us. And in all the infinity to come there will never be another us. Congratulations to the Class of ' 87! Dawn Marie Britt Time and time and time again. Time will never wait. Time will never end. Triumph Buffy Leigh Broncato We ' ve reached the end and almost closed the door And someone walked in I can never remember who All i know is that we found the strength to make it through- — " love always finds a way " Peabo Bryson Thanx 4 the memories! Thanx Mom F F She)! Nicole Rachel Brown Think back to the joys and sorrows ' Put them away in your mind For memories are what you borrow , To spend when you get to tomorrow. Allison Marie Buscaglia Take your time to think a lot Think of all the things you ' ve got. For you ' ll still be here tomorrow But your dreams may not! — Cat Stevens — Thanx Zak Uh, Excuse me Question? P.D. A.B. Kalhy Campbell This is the time to remember ' ciuse it will not last forever Frack Where ' s Kris? The future ' s so bright I gotta wear shades. Lisa Candmo Life is a series ol hellos and goodbyes, I ' m afraid it ' s time tor gtiodbye again, Billy Joel Michele Lynn Carrol Some say it ' s holding on that makes you strong. Sometimes it ' s lellmggo. I Love You Mom and Dad I Love You Too Sully Smiles make the memories, but memories bring back the smiles. 10 Amy Mane Caruana Take my hand You know I ' ll be there, If you can I ' ll cross the sky for your love ancll understand these winds and tides. This change ot times won ' t drag you away. Hold on, hold on tightly. Hold on and don ' t let go Of my love. — U2 (Money can ' l buy happiness, but it can buy you the kind of misery you prefer.) Michelle Catani Money doesn ' t always bring happiness. People with 1 million dollars are no happier than people wilh 9 million dollars. Hobarl Brown " Some men see things as they are and say why, I dream Ihings ihjt never were and say why not. " — R. F. Kennedy paraphrasing George Bernard Snaw Yesterday is only a dream And tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well lived. Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. — unknown To my dear friend Byron Lawerence whom I miss dearly: Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. — Dylan Thomas Catherine Ann Christiano 11 Kristen Cockerell Guess Whal? . . . I ' m in Love? Fruk Where ' s Kalhy? ;£ 8i l iJ K I ' v K ; K ' n? ' St ■J K V SA Cretacci Time goes on People touch and then they ' re gone And you and 1 will never really end We ' ll never love again Like we did then. 12 Carmind Cunanan So many adventurer coulnn ' l happen today So many songs we torgot to play So many dreams out of the true We ' ll let Ihem come Irue Forever Young YOMALORYIP.R, 13 SS ' ' ' ' ti ' l l " flrS i 1 ? Dave until Ihe end o your passing lime, you will live in my heart, mind and eyes. MiLhelle Damiani If you, know where you ' re going, there ' s nothing you can ' t do ' cause problems will come and they will leave you, the world will try to deceive you, But the truth will always be in your souL — thanks Mom, Dad, and Molly m m H H H H : !■ Christina Mane DiBia-ie It Ihe sky that we look upon should tumble and fall, or the mountain should crumble in the sea, I won ' t cry, no I won ' t shed a tear. Just as long as you stand, stand by me, — I love you Mom, Dad, John, U. Bob, A. )ude, Bobby, and Kim Gina and Chrissie Best friends forever Me and my leddybear forever and ever . . , 14 IP jjtjijkt ' -- ' I BI flHr flP ' kjggj ' w l l l.irl),ir.i A DiC.irlo Some walk by night Some fly by nay; We ' re [ust Moonlighting strangers, who just mel on the way . , . — A, jarreau % 1 I r a..:: . . I Love you guys . . I ' m gonn.i miss ya ' Bui we Hid have a not. 1 ■H R HH I ..j -s l iM !?: 1 2 H| EPv ' H - HllM fl 1 H IT B I IM Pamela DiGesare See me. Single and free No tears, no fears What I want to be Young guns Relax ... I ' m the driver Thanks Mom and Dad 15 Lisa Ann DiPalma How can I ever forget The first time, ihelast time we ever met. Phil Collins I love you. Mom and Eddie Love is all that I need. And I ' ve found it there - Straight from ihe heart. Suzanne Donoghue Inside ever little girl there lies a woman. And inside every woman there lies a little girl. As we grow older. Let not the little things be forgotten . . . 16 Margaret M, Douglass Wherever lime will take us Wherever we may be I always wani you to remember how much you mean to me. Thank you Mom, Dad. T,|,. David and Jeff - You are very special and I love you all! To all my friends, We had Ihe best of times. I love you and will miss you all. Especially you Carmma! 17 Amy Eliz.ibelh Dziekan If there ' s no rule against it, You ' ll have no tun Home it. Matthew Swinarski psyche! Love ya Mom, Dad, Kathy, Karen, Shannon, Mollif The best mirror you have is the face of a friend. 18 A j J. Susan Mary Elias If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run — Yours IS the earth and everything that ' s in it and — which is more — you ' ll be a man, my son Rudyard Kipling Friends forever Friends so Irue I want forever to be with you. The times we ' ve shared Have been the best Although they ' ve put us through the lest. Secrets told And memories shared I can ' t believe how much you ' ve cared. Standing by like no other known Love and caring is what you have shown. All of this to lei you know What a true friend is most likely to show. — K.F. Kathleen Fisher For all the heartaches and tears For all gloomy days and fruitless years I do give thanks, tor now I know These were the things that helped me grow See this smile on my face? You put il there! Thanks Mom, Dad, and Iriends! AmvR. Foschii) We are lace to tace with our destiny and we must meet it with a high and resolute courage, For us is the life of action, of strenuous performance of duty: let us live in the harness, striving mightily; let us rather run the risk ot v earing out rather than rusting out, — Theodore Roosevelt 19 Martha Cites We made the world our neighborhood And it sure looked good from where we stood and every day we knock on wood Cause Itte is great and life is good, — torn lorn club Shannon George It ' s a human race. It ' s a brave new place, Now you ' re at the gate, Welcome to the real world- 20 L mm Hh| m wM K k B e Do not ask to have your life ' s load lightened. But ask for courage to endure. Do nol ask for fulfillment in all your life. But for patience to accept frustration. Do not asK tor perfection in all you do, But for the wisdom not to repeal mistakes. And finally, do not ask for more Before saying " Thank You " for what you have already received. — Brenda Short Kim Giordano Thanks Mom and Dad M.H.,M.R., D.K., L.C, B.D. y- H Now descend the day to (all upon my waking eyes, Inviting me and inciting me to rise. Sitting back I think about the years that passed before, wondering if the times we had will lasl forever more. K|R 21 Autographs 22 Chnsline Craet We shall not cease trom exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the plate tor the first time - - . Dag Hammarskjold Thanks To My Best Friend I was alone and bewildered Before you came along. You directed me in a positive way And you helped me learn right from wrong. You taught me to like myself And you sorted out my mind. Even when I am upset or angry, You have always been kind. You ' ve always been so loyal to me, You ' re forever by my side. When other people deserted me. Our friendship you ' ve never denied. The best friend a person could have Is who you ' ll always be. For you ' ve always been terrific you ' ve really supported me. Thank you, friend, for everything. Your kmdness and your care. I am ever grateful For the friendship that we share. — Cathy Belben eanna Crasso , ome people think it ' s holding on that makes you strong, but sometimes it s tling go. Suzanne Crillo If you need me call me No matter where you are — No matter how far. lust call my name and I ' ll be there. Thanks Guys!! love you, Mom, Dad and Tom couldn ' t have done it ' ithout you. 23 Chnsiina, thiinks for M the memories you mean the world to me I love you!! Manluk We ail dream a lot Some are lutky some are nol But it you think il Want il, dream il Then it ' s real You are what you teel, thanks mom and dad FOUR STRONG WINDS In memory ot |ohn and F.V. ' 86 iMur.if Mii .Md.lsihai Mow lonely Sfveowa lhal (un high. All those things that don ' t change Come what may. And the good times are all gone. And I ' m bound tor moving on, I ' ll look for you If I ' m ever back this way Thanks to all my great friends for the fun, laughter, and memories of the past 4 years! Special thanks to those who helped me " survive " : KG and BD — I love you MH 86 Marilyn Melinda Hartley Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die. Life is broken winged bird that cannot fly. 24 v;. ' Like a river flows surely to the sea. Darlin ' so it goes some things are meant to be. Corey Harl " Thanks for always being there, babe. And for being a very special part of my life. ' Anne Marie Higgins These are the times to remember, cause they won ' t go on forever. These are the days to hold onto, ' cause we won ' t know where they ' ve gone to. Billy loel 25 Dear World, I know this opening sounds pretty sappy but I didn ' t want to leave anyone out! I just want to say THANKS to anyone who ' s ever " saved my life " or just smiled my way. Please know that I am eraterul and that Move you all. Always remember be my breath should I grow old Hugs and Kisses, Jane P.S. I love you Mom, Dad, and " kids " ! P.P.S. Always " write back " AC, SL, and BD, " You ' re in my heart, you ' re in my soul. You ' d You ' re my best friend. You ' re in my soul. " (RS) JaneA. Hilbert " Adieu, adieu, adieu. Remember me. ' Hamlet EXCITEMENT!!! Thanks MOM! Just call out my name and know wherever I am, I ' ll come running . . . to see you again. Kathleen C. Horrigan " This is the time of love and laughter , of the rest of our lives. " . golden, with happiness . . . the first day 26 olleen Ann |oyce his world that we ' re a-livin ' in . mighty hard to beat; ou get a thorn with every rose, ut ain ' t the roses sweet! — Frank Lebby Stanton Life is a song of love — Which every heart must sing; Life is also a seashore of woes — We must travel this way too with a smile. Life is also a riddle — And a companion through good and bad; Life is an oath — That everyone must keep. Whatever you give, you will receive a hundredfold in return. If flowers don ' t grow, you must make do with the thorns. It doesn ' t matter if your goal is far. No matter how difficult the road, If the way is not lit by stars — You must start a light within your heart. Shephali Katira Whether life brings you pain or sorrow Do not fear the morrow If thou hast but one true friend Your riches shall never end. t I 27 In my dreams, ll ' s still the same, your love is strong, il still remains. Dokken Renee Keeloii Cone msane from the patn they surely know For whom the Bell Tolls time marches on MLTALLICA " Where ' s |en and Mary A.? Dawn Mane Kelly May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. May Cod hold you m the palm of his hand. An Irish Blessing 28 Amy Kencik No one knows how I leel or whal I say Unless they read between the lines. Stevie Nicks A time will come for singing a song by hearts foretold, Tnal kings have sought lor ages, and treasured more than gold. Us lyrics turn lo silver when sung in harmony. Deep within my heart there lies this tender melody. A time will come for playing that song by hearts forelolcf A time lor hands to tlourish upon magic keys of old Each note shall leave behind a Imgering melody Sweet is my tune my friends provide the silver harmony The time is here, the song Is playing deep inside my heart, I join the race of which now and always I shall be a part. Nancy Kathleen Klocke Already yours, these unicorns, as aught you owned yestre ' en, This castle, real as memory, that none but you have seen. — Karen Anderson L 29 JennKer Catherine Kogut If you can make a heap ot all your winnings. And risk tt on one game of pitch-and-toss, And lose and start again at your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss Yours is the earth and everything that ' s in it. — Ktnling Thanks Mom, Dad and crew I.L.Y.CandA! La ' Am I really a boy?! Green Lightning! Fido4-ever. I don ' t want to be tied to anyone ' s strings . . . Don ' t lei time pass without our meeting Al least one more lime. ).A.K. lenniler Krasney Memory is what We choose to remember And friends are those Who want to remember The very same things. Thanx a bunch Mom and Dad Look, I made It! 30 i " WE GO TOGETHER " lulic Ann Leone FaiihtuI people who can Relate lo one another. I know it involves work, but Eventually everyone Needs to Depend on that Special someone- Without friends what would we do St. Ice ' s Swing Choir Christine Lotfredo Now I find peace ot mind Finally found a way ot thinking Tried the rest, found the best stormy days won ' t see me sinking. lules hold on to your dreams. 31 Suzanne Marie Lopardi " The access to success is through the mind " You ' ll always be a part of me . . . Mom and Dad . and. . , AC, |H.. Thanks Friends Forever Thanks for all the fun and special times, hope we have many more!!! Gina M. LoTempio The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart! H.K. 32 These are the best of times! Rosaria Marzullo The love that you have given cannot be bought nor sold, It is worth more than money. It is worth more than gold. You have given me space to learn and discover, and I am proud to call you my father and mother. I love you! SENIOR POLL Favorite Hangout: Canada Favorite Concert: Monkees, Psychedelic Furs Favorite Group: U2 Favorite Parly; Physics class, Gerald Murphy ' s, Sue Lopardi Favorite Song: Forever Young, Somebody Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Gill Favorite Subject: Physics ■ " avorite Store: Limited, )enss Favorite Brand of Clothes: ESPRIT, Forenza Favorite Movie: Top Gun, Standy By Me Favorite Word or Phrase: " Psyche, " " He ' s Hot " Favorite Lunch: Chicken, Pizza Favorite Field Trip: Psychiatric Center Favorite Boy School; St. Joes Favorite Excuse For Being Late: Williamsville bus. Guidance Favorite Sports: Volleyball, Soccer Favorite Bar: Sneakers, Regan ' s, Kelly ' s Korner Favorite Magazine: Seventeen Favorite T.V. Show; Moonlighting, Alf Well we know where we ' re going Bui don ' t know where we ' ve been And we know what we ' re known ' But we can ' t say what we ' ve seen And we ' re not little children And we know what we want And the future is certain Give us time to work it out. — Talking Heads ; 1 H e - H -;.:J| ■ k K V B I . ' ■ 1 ■ H ■ --» K H 11 t: - .. .. hI flP i l ijBKVjipt 1 fl Jennifer Lynn McKowan Let ' s just say I was testing the bounds of reality I was curious to see what would happen. That ' s all It was; just curiosity! Morrison 34 i ; nne Mane Mt-ans [ .ive only for one day, dream only of tomorrow; ' ■or tomorrow is a million dreams away!! [Thanks Mom, Dad, Tom. Cram, Reiscn ' s, Cheman ' s, Bannigan ' s, m b, G. P. joveyou! 1 LisaA. -BREADISTHECIFTOF LIFE ' FRIENDS FOREVER — Kermit The past four years, have been unique I met two special people, who I will always keep. Though others I have met, and good limes we have shared. They just don ' t equal. This pair so rare We did It all, we did it together. All 1 ever want, is our friendship forever. Times may change, and so might we But I always hope, that we will always be. Forever friends me and you, The times we ' ve spent, seem now too few. A simple thank you, a simple talk For in my mind, an everlasting thought. Friendships fade, and friendships end. But we three, together, and forever friends. When 1 was 17 I did whal people told me Did whal my father said And let my mother mold me. Bui that was long ago I ' m in control Never gonna slop, control To get what I want, control I ' ve got to have it all, control Now I ' m all grown up. Laura R Mersberg Forever we ' ll be friends Even though we ' re apart To be young, wild and free is what life is all about. Thanks Mom and Art 35 Beth Ann Morse A fool never knows whal he ' s leaving behind So take some time to know the real story Because a soul that ' s true is your ride to Glory! Stevie Nicks Se e ya! Thanks Mom ' You and me against the world. Leslie Murphy Our memories of yesterday " ' last a lifetime, We ' ll lake the best, forget the rest And someday we ' ll find these are the Best of Times. — Styx 36 Terry Nirelli Never deny the songbird her bony. Let her sing forever more. , 37 Kelly Ann O ' Connor A longtime ago you knew me for a few short years - . - you don ' t know a thing about me. MISS YOU GUYS! Thanks Mom and Dad Nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower 38 Carina Palmisano I ' ll remember all the laughter as we go our separate ways but there ' s so much we ' re still learning and we just can ' t be afraid. Thanks Mom i Cydney Parib Nothin ' left to do But smile, smile, smile. The Grateful Dead Thanks Mom and Dad Me and my left arm. Ij. ,.- BillilHlyt.s ' .irii Kikiv I HJK i HHRR mjl " !■ B hk fl WKk. p 1 - Jm i P.- 1 Annmarie Petruzzella Love is rare, life is strange, nothing lasts, people change. 39 Jackie Picone Good-bye to Romance Good-bye to Friends Good-bye to all the best I guess that we ' ll meet We ' ll meet in the end Love Ya, Burger Colleen Piscilello " I try to find the beauty in where I ' ve been and where I ' m going. " I love you Mom 40 leanelteM K, K nd.izzo moments lost in time like tears m the ram Jenniter Risthmiller Aloot and light-hearieH I take the open road. Healthy, tree, the world betore me The long brown path betore me leading wherever I choose , . , W Whitman 41 Sue Ririlmg When you ' re knocked on your back — and your life ' s a flop. And when you ' re oown on the bottom there ' s nothing else but to shout to the top The Style Council Thanks for everything! Mom, Dad and J! 42 Buz! Buz! Buz! Buz! , . . We sometimes taich a window. A glimpse of what ' s beyond Was it |ust imagination Stringing us along! More things than are dreamed about Unseen and unexplained We suspend our nisbelief And we are entertained — We break the surface tension With our wild kinetic dreams Curves and lines — Of grand designs , . . Foma, a pack of foma!! Buz! Buz! Buz! Buz!. . . oanna B Rogalski ; wonder how many of us would be judged devoid of human dignity if the ( standards were based on our compassion rather than on our intelligence. ; Thanx Mom and Dad Melissa Rossi We laughed until we had to cry We loved nght down to our last goodbye We were the best I think we ' ll ever be Just you and me for just a moment LC. DK, MRF F 43 SSi.. ■ r . : ' i n Sj l H - 1 " r " I H 4 1 Lindii Suilerno OK .seeya ' Uler, BYE!! Wilhout you, where would I be Your love means everytliing to me!!! COOKIE MM, Love and Thanks MOM, Dad, Shen, Mark %« ' R - " B m Gina ind Mii.hael 1 r M 3 Ginj .ind Chrissie Best Friends 44 Gmj Marie Santercole As the river of lite (lows on. It ' s time tor us to sail away. Though Ihe current may push , us each our separate ways, I ' ll always cherish laughing, learning, and sharing good times with you! AlcheleShiralli Jever shall I forgel he Hays which I spent with you . . . _ " ontJnue to be my friends, s you will always find me yours. — LudwigVan Beethoven One day at a lime, this is not enough. Do not look back over the |)ast, foi it IS gone; and do not be troubled about the tulure, for it has not yet come. Live in the present and make it so beautilul that il will be worth remembenng. Ida Scolt Taylor ?-«- Thanks for the Across the fields of yesterday. She sometimes comes to me, A liltlegirl just back from play — the child I used to be. Emilie Schneider Love in your heart wasn ' t put there to stay; Love isn ' t love till you give it away. 45 Christina Seelbach Memories may be beautiful and yet, what ' s too painful to remember, we simply choose lo forget. So it ' s the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were. B, Streisand Joan, Thank you for being my best friend. Sharon Marie Skulicz Graduation is like a stage on the final night of a performance. You stand there with an empty feeling, realizing you will never perform the same thing with the same people again. But the curtain calls will remain forever — Thanks Mom and Dad — I love you Mom I love you Mom. Dad, and Gary, Thanks lor everything. I love you, too, Ttm! I ' ll always be your P.G. Susanne E. Styn " The value or true friends cannot be measured on a chart. No scale on earth can weigh their worth except the human heart. ' You have not lived unless you have taken the risk of love. You have not loved until you have felt the extreme danger of that risk and still believed it was worth it. I never say the words " I love you " without truly believing it I can ' t afford to be so careless with my heart. Lisa Marie Veronica Terech 47 E • " JH 9 ■ m m LI m " " . «» ' -- B ■Bfe. ,.- . . ' . v iS fjMj HTvtfP v%. « ISh gg f 1 ■HflH H HH K iHr ' f 1 E 1 H ■_J lulie Ann Tibollo Sweet memories flashing very quickly by. reminding me giving me a reason why, I know Ihal my goal is more than a thought. I ' ll be there when I teach what I have been taught. Rush Mithele Lee Walbert It ' we tire the candles, We musi make sure they burn through the night. For it they should die, there ' d be no light. The Alarm 48 ■ Sarah Walsh I It doesn ' t matter il you ' re rich or poor As long as you ' ve gol money. — |oe E. Lewis Character is destiny , Heraclitys (540-475?) B.C. Deborah Anne Wehrlin Thomas Patrick Klein Debbie Wehrlin When the heart rules the mind, one look and love is blind. 49 Mary Wilson Together is the nicesi way to be. Thanks Everybody! — I couldn ' t have done il wilhoul you I love you Guys. Bye. Our memories will always be treasured REMEMBER WHEN... The Hills were so crowded, and )en was a man Marilyn ' s hair wasn ' t four different colors Dawn didn ' t talk back in classes You shopped at lost and found You had so many doctor and dentist appointments Jane and Kelly weren ' t bushwackers You vowed never to have a baby after seeing " The movie " in health class Buffy wasn ' t wearing a cast You saw Kathy without Kristen, and Kristen wasn ' t wearing pink The Superbowl Shuffle Sharon left the date dance with her date " Sneakers " were things you just wore on your feet A new concept was introduced in Physics-Gill Sue Lopardi didn ' t fall down and worship Madonna Malograms were sent with the great news that the Mount wasn ' t closing Mrs. Gill ran off the answers to the test on the back of the test Margie, Diana, and Amy were chipmunks Lisa Cretachi break danced at the dance-a-thon Michelle Carroll introduced the siren We dissected our first frog The drinking age was raised — oh well Mrs. Stanton did a split in her skirt English honors didn ' t know about King Arthur Those educating talks in religion We thought Miss Harmon was a senior Sr. Josepha had ESP The Spinners made their debut We wore bastad clogs and carried combs Math was comprehensible Linda wasn ' t called cookie There was a day when Sr. losepha didn ' t ask " who say Gandhi? " Colleen, Nancy, and Suzanne turned tables at the Freshman retreat 50 UNDERCLASSMEN CLASS OF ' 88- ' 89- ' 90 51 JUNIORS Hmrm. 202: 1st Row: D. Stevenson, C. Frawley. 2nd Row: G. Aurelio, L. Eichner, C. Hamilton, C. Licata, N. Yarmal, K. Raccuia, S. Pope. 3rd Row: F. Lauta, M. Saviano, M. Farrell, K. Keyes, J. Hach, D. McDougal, M. Elias, M. Sourada, C. Milazzo. 4th Row: D. Mancini, ). Bagley, A. Bevilacqua, J. Daly, M. Ricigliano, J. Minneci, J. Aiello. Hmrm 204: 1st Row: ). Thomas, K. Draksic. 2nd Row: S. Flanders, S. Forzisi, R. Tully, |. Lennon. 3rd Row: T, Potenza, K. Marshall, J. Eberle, K. Cordes, D. Naple, R. Guiliana, M. Liberatore, M. Wortman, E. Garden. 4th Row: G. Tota, K. Horrigan, M. Buckland, L. Brick, D. McMahon, C. Sheehan, C. Carney, M. Milazzo, L. Armbrewster. Hmrm. 209: 1 st Row: P. Hemedinger, L. Hollister, K. Beyea, J. Kenny, P. Fischer, ). Smolen, T. Dilapo. 2nd Row: J. Mancuso, K. Strzyz, K. Piloz- zi, D. Canci, S. Muscarella, J. Cicero, A. Cavaretta. 3rd Row: C. Kasper, T. Puleo, M. Farrell, C. Sullivan, K. Kieffer. Missing: M. Baer, M. Mistretta, A. Marabella. Another exciting day at MSM. " Big bubbles, no troubles " CLASS OF ' 88 yn« m i f m vr ' V • ■ ■ P ' «W -3 BBSJSRgBiaH JRjT:: " ' .. " TruV J Don ' t look at me like that! 58 SOPHOMORES Hmrm 108: 1st Row: |. LaPuma, A. Syposs, C. O ' Connor. 2nd Row: H. D ' Errico, L. Smith, N. Nicosia, C. Topolski, F, Eucaliptus. 3rfl Row: C. Argenio, R. Romano, J. Strychasz, C. Tota, C, Smith. 4th Row: M. Beam, S. Isydorczak, ). Bielicki, A. Pagano, H. Hoffman, D. Haguet, K. Johnston, A. Deck. Missing: L. Barber, M. Broeker. Hmrm 109: 1st Row: C. Nearhood, M. Boegers, M. DiCamillo, M. Martino, K. Kaminski, P. Kelleher, M. Bahleda, N. Eucaliptus, D. Agnello, T. Koch, S. Poltowicz, P. Hemedinger. 2nd Row: M. Schneider, J. Sander, L. Vathy, |. Sullivan, C. Todaro, K. Carroll, A. Dill, |. Battel, K. Redding, M. Mongiello. 60 Hmrm 112: 1st Row: ). Englert, L. Ryan, S. O ' Connor, J. Valenti, L. Candino. 2nd Row: L. Williams, ). Paolini, S. Giliforte, ). Maranto, M. Tierney, 3rd Row: M. Tomasello, B. Cardarello, M. Sorce, K. Blaha, L. Azzarelli, ). Burger, j. Annunziata, D. Lauta, ). Cagliano, L. Michel. Miss- .ing: C. Pujolas. ' 1 •■%s» ' . H ' Hfcv l V ' w l. 62 aSiiiiiitiis. FRESHMEN Hmrm 106- 1st Row S Velasco, P. Crean, B. Kencik, B. Sullivan, E. Sander, B. Dzielski. 2nd Row: S. Swan, A. Malecki. 3rd Row; M. Nelson, M. Mertz, M. Abdelmessih, ). Robertson, J. Scheublein, A. Cescon, K. McCarville, K. Mancuso. 4th Row; K. McGuire, K, Dentico, R. Muscarella, ). Kozolowski, M. Grasso, R. Deyell, R. Rzepecki, M. Klein, M. Dehn. If: Homeroom 107- Row 1: P. Gravenor, K. Anderson, C. Dobbins, M. Miller, L. Costello, P. Heavner, E. Mack, C. Foust. Row 2: L. Rak, S. Swiergos, N. Young, E. Starr, K. Norton. Row 3: K. Browne, K. Beyea, ). George, E. Noble, K. Kirwan, C. Colombek, D. Lang, J. Hilbert, M. Moscati. Row 4: J. Goldstein, B. Tota. W0 IK 66 68 FACULTY 61 Mrs. Sylvia Barry Librarian Sister Mary Eileen Quinn Assistant Principal What greater or better gift can we offer the republic than to teach and instruct our youth? Cicero Mrs. Norma Defilipps Mathematics Fr. Francis Weldgen Chaolain Mrs. Elizabeth Binner Nurse Sister Margaret Mary Duggan Foreign Language English 70 Mrs. B. A. Fanning Health Mrs. Trudy Feltges English Dr. |ohn Franzmann Music Mrs. Mary Gill Science Mrs. Anna Hale Home Economics Mrs. Anne Marie Kokolus Science r Sister losepha Craeber Social Studies Mrs. Terry Joyce Alumnae Recruitment Assistant t Mrs. Joanne Granger Science Mrs. Nancy Koch Art Sister Mary Jo LaMastra Recruitment Direc lor Religion Mrs. Mary Marzo Foreign Language Mathematics Ms. Kathleen McDonald Campus Ministry Religion Mrs. Patricia Means Alumnae Director 71 Mrs. Jeanette Mikida Guidance Counselor Sister Regina Murphy Social Studies Religion Mrs, Mary Beth Richey Math Computer Science Sr. )oseph Marie Miner Development The true purpose of educa- tion is to cherish and unfold the seed of immortality already sown within us; to develop, to their fullest extent, the capacities of every kind with which the God who made us has endowed us. Mrs. Jameson Sister Mary Josephine Ruszaj Foreign Language Mathematics Mrs. Mary Ellen Mulvey English Mr. Gary Preston Business Mr. John Rybarcyzk Mathematics Computer Science 72 Mrs. Sandra Smith Social Studies Mrs. Susan Stapell Business Mrs. Nancy Strychasz Religion Mrs. Sarah Stumpf Physical Education Sister Mary Xavier Hefner Library Assistant Mrs. Delores Bauer Bookstore Mrs. Sabrina Vircillo Franke English Sister Sally Mills Alumnae Assistant Sister Mary Aloysia Zuczuski Mathematicas Miss Cynthia Holmes Music %». ,.»f Mrs. JoAnn Fik, Mrs. Kitty Schumann, Sr. Denise Hurley, Mrs. Eileen Naples Secretaries Mr. Henry Van Wagner, Mr. James Shaw, Mr. Thomas Hitchcock Maintenance Cafeteria Stan 73 Sally ..«:■ ipiost -Humorous — Mrs. Gi Most Shy — Miss Webbers Most Talkative — Sr. MargareF aryJMrs. Fik, Sr. Most Athletic — Mrs. Stumpf, Sr. Mary Jo Most Creative — Mrs. Mulvey, Mrs. Koch I Most Organized — Mrs. Granger, Mrs. DeFiiipps " " Most Serious — Sr. Josepha, Sr. Mary Josephine Most Motivating — Miss Campbell, Sr. Joseph Marie -i; Most Musical — Dr, Franzman, Mrs. Stapell Most Likely to Call your Parents — Mrs. Fik, Mrs. Schuman Best Smile — Sr. Kathleen, Sr. josepha | Best Laugh — Mrs. Gill Best Dressed — Mrs. Mikida, Mrs. Virchillo-Franke Best Speaker — Sr. Regina Best Lunch Moderator — Miss Kuznia Best Storyteller — Miss Campbell, Sr. Margaret Mary Best Sneeze — Mrs. DeFiiipps Best Tan — Mr. Preston Best Disciplinarian — Sr. Mary Eileen Best Blue Light Moderator — Mrs. Feltges Friendliest — Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Fanning, Mrs. Joyce Cutest — Sr. Denise, Sr. Joseph Marie Tallest — Mrs. Naples, Mrs. Mepns 74 STUDENT LIFE 75 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Biggest Spaz — Maria Alleca Best Typist — Lisa Argenio Best Walk (Strut) — Mary Avino, Nancy Klocke Best Smile — Donna Ball, Anne Higgins Most Likely To Talk About Gross Things At Lunch — Jill Belcher Friendliest — Kim Bothwell, Amy Caruana Sweetest — Dawn Britt, Carina Palmisano Best Dancer — Nicole Brown Most Likely To Become President Of The U.S. — Buffy Broncato Best Friends — Gina Santercole and Chrissie DiBiase Kathy Campbell and Kristen Cockerel! Shyest — Lisa Candino, Terry Nirelli Most Likely To Make A Siren On The Announcements — Michele Carroll Best Guitarist — Michelle Catani, Leanna Grasso Most Likely To Get A Doggin Promotion At Bells — Lisa Cretacci Most Likely To Park in The Teachers ' Section Of The Parking Lot — Cathy Christiano, Sue Grillo Best Dressed — Carmina Cunanan Most Likely To Send Her Kids To MSM — Sue Daly Best Sneeze — Michelle Damiani Most Likely Never To Wear A Uniform Skirt — Barb DiCarlo Most Likely To Use A World Record Amount Of Hair Spray — Ram DiGesare Most Likely To Be Art Teachers — Lisa DiPalma, Ann Petruzella Most Likely To Have A Tupperware Party — Sue Donoghue Most Likely To Get Married First — Margie Douglass Best Excuse Maker — Kim Giordano Most Likely To Be A Game Show Host — Mary Doyka Most Likely To Wipe Out On The Ice Outside School — Kathy Fisher, Amy Dziekan Most Likely To Go To Bed Early — Shannon George Smartest — Sue Elias Cutest — Amy Foshio Most Likely To Be Late For Class — jen Graber, Melissa Masters Most Artistic — Marty Gates, Amy Kencik Most Studious — Christine Graef Most Likely To Ignore Her Date At The Date Dance — Allison Buscaglia Strongest — Jill Gethoefer Best Uniform Skirt — Joan Hardick Best Leader — Maureen Heffern Most Reliable — Marilyn Hartley Always Scoping Guys — Jane Hilbert Best Eyes — Kathy Horrigan Most Likely To Be A Librarian — Shephali Katira Most Sarcastic — Dawn Kelly Most Likely To Be Rebellious — Renee Keeton Most Likely To Be a Man (ALMOST) — Jenny Krasney Most Likely To Make A Bomb In Physics Lab — Jen Kogut Mos ' Likely To Be A Teacher — Julie Leone Most Likely To Skip School — Collen Piscitello Most Likely To Be A Private Investigator — Colleen Joyce Most Likely To Trip Over Her Own Feet — Sue Lopardi Most Likely To Be A Housewife — Gina LoTempio, Emilie Schneider Most Likely To Wear The Most Jewelry — Chris Loffredo Most Likely To Try And Finish First In The Walk-a-Thon — Anne Means Loudest — Jackie Maranto Most Likely To Organize A St. Joseph ' s Table — Rosaria Marzullo Most Likely To Ask For A Dollar — Laura Mersberg Most Likely To Be In The Fairy Tale Rapunzel — Beth Morse Worst Drivers — Jen McKowan, Leslie Murphy Best Hairdo — Remie Naples Most Likely To Wear An Outfit From The Lost And Found — Kelly O ' Connor Most Easily Frustrated — Cyd Paris Best Laugh — Jackie Picone Most Likely To Write Her Own Excuse — Jeanette Randazzo Quietest — Jenny Rischmiller Most Likely To Lose Money In The Vending Machine — Sue Rittling Most Likely To Eat, Wear And Think Green On Thurs. — Joanna Rogalski Best Partier — Melissa Rossi Most Athletic — Margaret Robertson Most Likely To Carry Every Book In Her Locker — Michelle Schiralli Stupidest Jokes — Chris Seelbach Most Likely To Hit Broadway — Sharon Skulicz Most Likely To Dye Her Hair — Sue Styn Best Cookie — Linda Salerno Most Unorganized — Lisa Terech Most Likely To Be At A Heavy Metal Concert — Julie Tibollo Most Likely To Be A Nun — Mary Wilson Most New Wave — Sarah Walsh Most Likely To Have More Than One Boy Friend — Michele Walbert Most Likely To Say Her Dog Ate Her Homework — Debbie Wehrlin 76 VOLLEYBALL SEASON HIGHLIGHTS 1 ) Final Record: 1 wins, 6 losses. 2) Playoff Record; finals consolation match. 1 win, 2 losses. 3) 4th place overall. 4) Jill Gethoefer — 2nd team All Catholic. 5) 5th straight playoff appearance. 6) Participation in Sweet Home Invitation. 1st Row: |. Gethoefer, M. Douglass, M. Robertson. 2nd Row: A. Means, ). Kogut, B. Tota, ). Hach. 3rd Row: Mr. Preston, P. Hemedinger, A. Dziekan, L. Argenio. The team had an excellent season as they competed in the Monsignor Martin Volleyball League. Composed of seven seniors, one junior, one sophomore, and two freshmen, the team showed great spirit and skill. The girls held together and showed great character all season long. We finally defeated Sacred Heart in the first game of the match, only to lose 2-1 games. Thanks to superior coaching, fine managing, and much support from the fans. Coach: Mr. Preston Tri-Captains; J. Gethoefer, M. Douglass, M. Robertson. 80 FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL Row 1 : K. Beyea, M. Miller, S. Swiergos, D. Roth, A. Malecki. Row 2: M. Klein, K. Browne, E. Nobel, P. Heavner, L. Rath. GYMNASTICS The Varsity Gymnastic Team had an outstanding season last fall. Coached by Sally Stumpf, the girls showed spirit and determination as they competed with larger and more experienced teams. Team Members (from left): S. Swan, Hilbert, K. Johnson, M. Nelson, L. Recti, N Young. I iR Varsity Gymnastics Scoreboard Amherst 91.5-n8. i Wslv, North 91.5-91.0 Maryval l jt 83.15-87.85 Pioneer| P«R 94.35-103.2 Ken. vv l " -- 58. 7-93. 95 Akron ■i 58.7-85.4 SOFTBALL St. Mary Lane. 4-6 Sacred Heart 3-5 O ' Hara 3-10 Turner Carroll 8-4 Niag. Cath. 13-9 Mt. Mercy 8-7 Mt. St. Joe ' s 26-3 Villa Maria 8-4 St. Mary Lane 10-14 DeSales 29-1 Mt. Mercy 3-7 Villa Maria 6-21 All-Catholic — J. Hach and M. Robertson 82 SOCCER w • - 1st Row: C. Paris, K. O ' Connor, P. DiGesare, J. Belcher, M. Carroll. 2nd Row: P. Potenza, T. Koch, C. O ' Connor, S. O ' Connor, A. Bevilaqua, M. Baer, A. Syposs. 3rd Row: K. Marshall, D. McDougal, D. McMahon, M. Riclgliano, J. Burger, C. Argenio, H. Derrlco. B.Sem. 0-7 Park postponed | O ' Hara 0-3 S. Heart 0-6 Nardin 0-6 C. Centr. 3-1 H. Angels 6-2 Mt. Mercy 0-5 Park — forfeit 1-0 All Stars: S. Lopardi, K. O ' Connor, T. Koch. — CONGRATS This year ' s soccer team showed much enthusiasm and effort throughout the year. Even though the record may not show many victories, the girls have proven their abilities. A note of thanks goes out to each participant and to coach, Mr Doyle. BASKETBALL Row 1 ; J. Daly, D. Wassmer, M. Robertson (Co-captain), L. Argenio (Co-Captain), M. Crasso, ] Ganci, K. Draksic, ). George, P. Hemedinger, Asst. Coach Jim Shaw. Hach. Row 2: Coach Gary Preston, L. Ryan, C Villa Maria Academy Mt. Mercy St. Mary ' s of Lancaster Sacred Heart Academy Desales Niagra Catholic Turner Carroll Mt. St. Joes Cardinal O ' Hara Bishop McMahon 43-28 W; 48-24 W 49-42 W; 29-40 L 49-54 L; 27-44 L 31-85 L; 20-57 L 56-36 W 48-24 W 40-27 W 34-39 L 34-36 L 31-30W The MSM Varsity Basketball Team had an exciting season this year. Having a great first part of the season and a tough schedule the second half, they continued to battle for a final record of seven wins, seven losses. There was outstanding spirit throughout the season and especially at all the home games. The support of the fans and the parent boosters contributed to the record attendance for all home games. The team consisted of many young players which will provide for a competitive and encouraging team next year. Also, return- ing for his sixth year as head coach is Mr. Gary Preston and as assistant coach Mr. Jim Shaw. The team song, selected by the stu- dent body was " VICTORY " by Kool and the Gang. Congratulations to our varsity team for a great season and thanks to all the team managers. 84 85 BOWLING CHEERLEADING Row 1 : L. Rak, D. Lang. Row 2: |. Bjelick, K. Nearhood, G. Dota The 1986-87 Cheerleading Squad, coached by Mrs. Sally Stumpf and Miss Joan Kuznia, cheered our Basketball team to victory. MANAGERS Basketball: Row 1: H. Derrico, K. Beyea. Row 2; S. Muscarella, K. Kieffer. Volleyball: Row 1: C. Cunanan, K. Cockerel!. Row 2: S. Muscarella, E, Row 3: K. Cockerel!, A. Means, A. Dziekan Sander, K. Beyea 86 DOWNHILL SKI CLUB 87 BADMINTON ' 86 1st Row; A. Bevilacqua. 2nd Row; |. Kenny, M. Baer, K. DiVita. 3rd Row; M. Sourada, A. Marabella, ). Krasney. TENNIS ' 86 1st Row; ). Kogut, ). Belcher, C. Craef, D. McDougal. 2nd Row; M. Heffern, L. Salerno, C. Cunanan. 3rd Row; K. Johnston. 88 r 2 Mr , ' r- 90 ACTIVITIES €Y€RYTHIMG eLMWOOD I,y4;:|jiiiix 4;yiiii?iili : ! «i(::; I- 91 CHRYSALIS EDITORS: CO-EDITORS: Barb DiCarlo Kristin Kieffer SENIOR SECTION: Michelle Carroll Anne Means Kelly O ' Connor JUNIOR SECTION: Jackie Daly Christine Sullivan SOPHOMORE SECTION: Lisa Azzarelli Laura Candino FRESHMAN SECTION: Peggyanne Heavner Jean Hilbert FACULTY SECTION: Jill Belcher Pam DiCesare SPORTS SECTION: Sue Lopardi Jennifer Kogut ACTIVITIES SECTION: Jen Bagley Jen Lennon STUDENT LIFE SECTION: Lisa Eichner Kathleen Johnston BUSINESS EDITOR: Audrey Syposs ADVISOR; Ms. K. McDonald Co-Editors: Kristin Kieffer, Barb DICarlo This page sponsored by KNACK RICHARDS, INC. 4295 Harris Hill Rd. Williamsville, New York 14221 (716)633-5466 92 The tradition of the Blue Light was upheld this year to the high standards that have been set in the past. Three issues were published, and received high praise from both the faculty and student body. The newspaper ' s patient and understanding moderator Mrs. Feitges, and the dedicated staff made the editors ' jobs much easier. Their accomplishments this year have made ail at MSM proud. Editors: |. Rogalski, S. tlias, J. Hilbert. Assistants: S. Donoghue, B. Broncato (pic- ture right) STUDENT COUNCIL EUCHARISTI C MINISTERS 1st Row: S. Donoghue, S. Elias, M. Hartley, B. Morse, |. Hilbert, M. Robertson, B. Broncato. 2nd Row: L. Terech, M. Walbert, M. McDougal, D. Mancini, D. McMahon, E. Schneider, J. Bagley, L. Armbrewster, C. Carney. 3rd Row: |. Rogalski, N. Klocke. COMPUTER CLUB 1st Row: J. Rogalski, N. Klocke, S. Katira, M. Boegers. 2nd Row: C. Graef, M. Sourada, L. Williams, C. Joyce. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS CLUB S. Katira, C. Graef, N. Klocke, C. Joyce. Missing: J. Strychasz. 95 GLEE CLUB r M iiS r x - -flft i b ii HP II B T B j IM, . MKi MODEL U.N. CLUB The halls of the Mount were alive with music this year as Dr. John Franz- mann directed glee club. Row 1: K. Dentico, N. Klocke. Row 2: C. Topolski, C. Craef, S. Katira. INTERNATIONAL DINNER 96 ORATORICAL SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1st Row: B. Broncato, E. Schneider, A. Caruana. 2nd Row: Paolini, M. Sourada, L. Williams. 3rd Row: A. Syposs, N. Eucalip- tus. 4th Row: M. Bahleda. 1st Row: E. Schneider, ). Hilbert, S. Elias, N. Klocke, C. Joyce. 2nd Row: M. Carroll, M. Hartley, M. Robertson, B. Broncato, S. Katira. Students of character, service, scholarship, and leadership. SCIENCE CLUB PRESIDENTS: K. O ' Conner, S. Lopardi. SECRETARIES: L. Candino, P. DiCesare. TREASURER: B. Kencik. 97 THE SOUND OF MUSIC CAST 98 STAGE CREW 99 SENIOR DIRECTORY Alleca, Maria Argenio, Lisa Avino, Mary Ball, Donna Belcher, Jill Bothwell, Kimberly Britt, Dawn Broncato, Buffy Brown, Nicole Buscaglia, Allison Campbell, Kathleen Candino, Lisa Carroll, Michele Caruana, Amy Catani, Michele Christiano, Cathy Cockerell, Kristen Cretacci, Lisa Cunanan, Carmina Daly, Suzanne Damiani, Michelle DiBiase, Christine DiCarlo, Barbara DiGesare, Pamela DiPalma, Lisa Donoghue, Suzanne Douglass, Margaret Doyka, Mary Dziekan, Amy Elias, Susan Fisher, Kathleen Foshio, Amy Gates, Martha George, Shannon Cethoefer, Jill Giordano, Kim Graber, Jennifer Graef, Christine Grasso, Leanna Grillo, Suzanne Hardick, Joan Hartley, Marilyn Heffern, Maureen Higgins, Anne Hilbert, Jane Horrigan, Kathleen 162 Commonwealth 54 Cleveland Dr. 67 Wenonah Terr. 37 Nicholson Ct. 64 Oakland PI. 63 Morris Ave. 87 Candlewood Ln. 306 Willow Bend 16 Argus St. 91 Crestwood Ln. 451 Woodstock Ave. 105 Northwood Dr. 281 North Park Ave. 89 Oakridge Ave. 169 Avery Ave. 33 Wedgewood Dr. 380 Warren Ave. 38 Wenonah Terr. 1 30 Fernwood 343 Woodward Ave. 129 Brookside Terr. 54 Regency Ct. 324 Parker Ave. 198 Knowlton Ave. 416 Elmwood Ave. 164 Mang Ave. 153 Brookside Terr. W. 41 Chestnut Hill Ln. S. 237 Homewood Ave. 27 Neumann Pkwy. 104 Taunton PI. 46WoodleyRd. 164 Parkhurst Blvd. 416 Elmwood 104 Irving Terr. 28 Traymore 16 Legion Dr. 143 DebraLn. 15 Delham Ave. 14 Oakridge Dr. 299 Heath Terr. 83 Greenfield St. 278 Paramount Pkwy. 1640 Dodge Rd. 71 Leicester Rd. 168 Midland Ave. Bflo., 14216 Bflo., 14223 Tona., 14150 Bflo., 14214 Bflo., 14222 Bflo., 14214 Wmsv., 14221 Tona., 14150 Bflo., 14207 Wmsv., 14221 Tona., 14150 Bflo., 14223 Bflo., 14216 Ken., 14217 Bflo., 14216 Tona., 14150 Ken., 14217 Tona., 14150 Gr. Is., 14072 Bflo., 14214 Tona., 14150 Amh., 14226 Bflo., 14216 Ken., 14217 N.Ton., 14120 Ken., 14217 Tona., 14150 Wsmv. 14221 Ken., 14217 Bflo., 14223 Bflo., 14216 Bflo., 14215 Bflo., 14223 N.Ton., 14120 Ken., 14223 Bflo., 14216 Ken., 14217 Bflo., 14207 Bflo., 14216 Wsmv. 14221 Bflo., 14223 Bflo., 14214 Bflo., 14223 E. Amh., 14051 Ken., 14217 Ken., 14223 875-1352 873-2065 832-2150 834-7931 884-3502 834-1256 688-5708 693-2643 876-5250 689-9092 838-2814 873-1694 832-1865 875-0429 874-2925 694-9291 875-5019 832-8134 773-5221 835-9051 695-3647 832-8587 832-1689 876-0659 693-7126 876-3565 694-2142 688-4006 876-3767 874-0672 876-9126 836-5075 832-7427 693-7126 873-6645 875-4897 876-1030 876-6831 875-5899 688-6833 832-2488 836-2167 874-2450 688-8533 876-8942 835-4694 100 Joyce, Colleen Katira, Shephali Keeton, Renee Kelly, Dawn Kencik, Amy Klocke, Nancy Kogut, Jennifer Krasney, Jennifer Leone, Julie Loffredo, Christine Lopardi, Suzanne LoTempio, Gina Maranto, Jacquelyn Marzullo, Rosario Masters, Melissa McKowan, Jennifer Means, Anne Mersberg, Laura Morse, Beth Murphy, Leslie Naples, Remie Nirelli, Terry O ' Connor, Kelly Palmisano, Carina Paris, Cydney Petruzzella, Annmarie Picone, Jacqueline Piscitello, Colleen Randazzo, Jeanette Rischmiller, Jennifer Rittling, Suzanne Robertson, Margaret Rogalski, Joanna Rossi, Melissa Salerno, Linda Santercole, Gina Schiralli, Michele Schneider, Emilie Seelbach, Christina Skulicz, Sharon Styn, Susanne Terech, Lisa Tibollo, Julie Walbert, Michele Walsh, Sarah Wehrlin, Deborah Wilson, Mary 166 Mayfield Ave. 321 Colonial Dr. W. 226 Lovering 37 Dakota St. 370 Frankhauser Rd. 70 Briarhill 105 Fernwood Ln. 22 Garden Ct. 252 Wardman Rd. 115 E. Maplennere Rd. 21 Greenfiled Dr. 89 Lovering Ave. 19 Alden Ave. 296 North Park Ave. 277 Wardman Rd. 185 Curtis Pkwy. 89 Mayfield Ave. 248 Pryor Ave. 221 Delaware Ave. 364 Southwood Dr. 1 39 Bedford Ave. 66 Ranmsdell Ave. 47 Warren Ave. 224 Woodgate Rd. 510 Connecticut St. 359Colvin Ave. 120 Wabash Ave. 315 Paramount Pkwy. 242 W. Delavan Ave. 285 Ayer Ave. 1 7 Fallwood 376 Fayette Ave. 1 64 Peter St. 100 Virgil Ave. 637 Woodbury Dr. 2 Willowgrove N. 38 Commonwealth Ave. 69 Hawthorne Ave. 328 Hartford Ave. 57 Newgate Rd. 1 39 Alberta Dr. 107 E. Monmouth Ave. 112 Saranac Ave. 89 Pin Oak Circle 230KeonigRd. 4409 Chestnut Ridge 757 Parker Blvd. Tona., 14150 G. I., 14072 Bflo., 14216 Bflo., 14216 Amh., 14221 Wsmv., 14221 Gr. Is., 14072 Amh., 14226 Ken., 14217 Amh., 14221 Tona., 14150 Bflo., 14216 Bflo., 14216 Bflo., 14216 Ken., 14217 Bflo., 14223 Tona., 14150 Tona., 14150 Tona., 14150 Ken., 14223 Bflo., 14216 Bflo., 14216 Ken., 14217 Tona., 14150 Bflo., 14213 Bflo., 14216 Ken., 14217 Ken., 14217 Bflo., 14213 Wsmv., 14221 Ken., 14223 Ken., 14223 Bflo., 14207 Bflo., 13216 N.Ton., 14120 Tona., 14120 Bflo., 14216 Ken., 14223 Bflo., 14223 Amh., 14226 Amh., 14226 Tona., 14150 Bflo., 14216 Gr. Is., 14072 Tona., 14150 Tona., 14150 Ken., 14223 835-6170 773-3899 876-2216 876-2176 633-9248 688-4876 773-3253 836-4825 874-4655 634-0778 694-4461 875-6260 832-0947 874-3742 875-2764 835-4206 832-5330 836-8569 832-1526 876-1538 877-0262 874-4014 874-5517 832-7803 886-4044 873-2283 874-3221 876-0276 885-4971 633-6787 875-8062 833-9838 873-3840 873-7234 694-8736 694-0163 877-2204 837-1046 873-7458 835-7760 835-1719 833-0048 875-2284 773-2518 832-7026 691-3306 832-6547 101 SIX-CYLINDER LIGHTNING STRIKES The new Mercedes-Benz 190E2.6 is a 158-hp six- cylinder sedan that rivals even the lofty performance ambitions of the exotic 190E 2.3-16. Zero to 55 mph in a scorching 7.2 seconds. Test-track maximum: 133 mph. And as one stint behind the wheel will confirm, its handling capabilities are equally striking. Fostered by what Britain ' s Car magazine has called ' ' the most advanced steel suspension ever put into volume production " — the Mercedes-Benz multilink independent rear suspension system. The new 190E 2.6 lightning-quick performance is awaiting your test drive. GREAT LAKES MOTOR CORP. 3068 Main St. Buffalo, N.Y. 14214 (716)832-1137 Mt. St. Mary Student Council 7986-1987 Would like to thank all the students and Faculty who helped to make this a wonderful year! We hope you have a great summer! Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class of 87 MSM ADMINISTRA TION, FACULTY AND STAFF P.O. BOX 7596 (716) 875-8012 BUFFALO, N.Y. 14240 (716)662-4618 J J Promotions, Inc. Specialty Advertising Distributors " Imprinted Advertising Items " ASI Joe Winnert ASI 232515 Co-Owner SARDINA ' S ITALIAN RESTAURANT PIZZA HOUSE 2835 DELAWARE AVE. KENMORE, N.Y. 14217 FREE DELIVERY DA Y OR NIGHT SCHMIDTS Auto Body Glass Inc. SARDINA ' S SPECIAL PARTY PIZZA — CHEESE PEPPERONI A BUCKET OF 50 WINGS, INCLUDING BLEU CHEESE CELERY NO COUPON NECESSARY $16 20 Plus Tax Richard Rey 876-1300 Towing 838-5566 Party Pizza 30 SLICES CHEESE PEPPERONI $9.20 THOMAS TURTLE OPTICIAN, INC. THOMAS TURTLE, PRES. DA VID DOEBLER, V. PRES. Plus Tax 3834 Delaware Ave. Kenmore, N.Y. 14217 874-2345 102 144 Payne Ave. N. Tonawanda, N.Y. 14120 693-1280 LARGE CHEESE PEPPERONI PIZZA PLUS 30 WINGS INCLUDES BLEU CHEESE CELERY $9 ' ' ' ' plus lax Lg. Cheese Pepperoni Reg. or White SICILIAN $4.85 + Ta TUESDAY SPECIAL 50 WINGS CHEESE CELERY $6 plus tax Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1987 The Means Family BELL ' S BAZAAR 1717 SHERIDAN DR. Tonawanda, N.Y. Best of Luck to the Class of 1987 The MSM Parents Association i HOFERT JEWELERS, INC. 2876 DELAWARE AVE. KENMORE, NEW YORK 873-5694 since 7929 QUALITY — SERVICE — VALUE Rittling Dispensers, Inc. 451 Northwood Drive KENMORE, N.Y. 14223 (716)874-2218 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1987 WEAN, INC. 3763 DELAWARE AVE. Kenmore, New York 14217 Buffalo — Kenmore — Tonawanda ' s LORETTA SCHAEFER — PRES. SAMUEL L M ARABELLA JR., Ph.T. Physical Therapist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 1089 Kinkead Avenue North Tonawanda, N.Y. 14120 692-6388 Congratulations to the Class of 1987 Special thanks to: Mrs. Means, Mrs. Naples, Mrs. Fik, Ms. McDonald and Barb D. Thanks also to: Anne, Carmina Kristen, Amy, Kathy, Lisa, fill, Jenny Alyson, Melissa Molly — LOVE — Kristin 103 STUDENT PATRONS Nay.LayJay, I JUST LOVE IT! Pat attack! Jen-Hach it! LONGLIVEGREENPEANUTM M ' S! " Love ya Mom Dad " — They made me say that! — TOOFRESH! PatwomanUhavebeenagreatfriend.AlwaysstayU.LuvJen Wee AmosUguys are the best.l ' llNeverforgetyou.LuvJen ORT-ORT.TPK4-EVER.BMWLIVESONTHATSMYSEA T.THANXSSAH Cathy — Leslie and Jackie — I LOVE YOU!!! SA SUE YOU ' LL ALWAYS BE MY THUMB SISTER!! LUV YA BETH GP — Concerning the game on Friday. KC Wee — are you worried about the game on Friday? KC GP — Who ' s your buddy, Who ' s your pal? Kief — Good Luck next year with you know who!! KC Sarah Amy — I really envy you guys! GODDESS ES SG — Good luck in all you do luv, KMAC KARC CORE — IT ' S BEEN A GREAT 4 YRS. GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE. LUV KC AMOS WEE — IWUV YOU BOTH. V B BALL WERE AMAZING, THANX KRIS ANNE — I hate to see some men stretch. Don ' t you? — LUV, KRIS DEAR FRACK — HEYBUDDY,WE ' VEBEENBESTFRIENDSFORALONGTIME. YOUALWAYSSTICKBYME.NOMATTERWHATHASHAPPENEDYOU ' VEALWAYS BEENATRUEFRIEND.COLLEGEMAYSEPARATEUSBUTWE ' LLALWAYSBE FRICK FRACK.GOODLUCKW WERNER INEVERYTHINGTHATYOUDO,l KNOWYOUWILLSUCCEED. LOVE YOU. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER LOVE — PRICK. BaBaBaBumTheCatCameBack . . . WeThoughtHeWasAGonerLeos 1 SPACEBALLS 6 24 87 BETHERE — Becky,Bridge,Debbie!!! CONGRATULATIONS KRIS! WE LOVE YOU!! MOM DAD 33 — THANX4YOUR SUPPORT+FRIENDSHIP IN B-BALL, RUNNING BUDDY! STAY IN CONTROL!!!! LOVE WEE — AMOS WORDS CAN ' T EXPRESS MY THANX 2U4 YOUR SUPPORT AND FRIENDSHIP. LOVE — WEE PAT JEN — THANX4THE SPECIAL MEMORIES+FUN TIMES WE HAVE +4 YOUR SUPPORT. UR GREAT FRIENDS! I ' M REALLY GONNA MISS U! DIET PEPSI 4 EVER! GOOD LUCK! LOVE YA! WEE CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO OUR NEWEST ALUMNAE — " THE CLASS OF ' 87 " — THE MSM ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION. v LISAANDANNBESTCUNNAFOREVERILUVU — LD LDTHANKS4KICKINGTHEFLUFFOUTOFMYLUNCHURTHEBESTCUNNA JenEmPegK+MaryJoARETHEBEST!Here ' stotheCLASSOF90 — KHB ILOVEYOU,MEAT.BESTFRIENDSFOREVER,PEEWORTHY. — LD Uw oMeislikeCORNFLAKESw oTHEMILKAFMHLDJPTHEHAUL — AF TO DOR MY BEST FRIEND THANX FOR BEING THERE DONNA JOANIE — THANKSFOREVERYTHING! LOVE YOU! — CHRISTINA )H,KH(LH,CM) — SHERKSTON,McCLOUD,FT.ERIE! — LOVE,CS JH,KH — REMEMBER PROMS FLORIDA(2TIMES) — LUV,WOOGIE GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 87 — LUV, CHRISTINA S. NIK:BFTHANX 4 MEMORIES — CW+RBS+PPee — WeegsatSADWPKJJ BF4-everMW NBNever4-getCW KBPW TATE|USTTATE QT! PAWN, YOU ' RE THE BEST. LUV YOU, BESLIE. CC ALWAYS REMEMBER JPDANSKIORMEATBALL LUV U, MURPH TO JACK AND SA LUV YOU BOTH, LESLIE lennyB — MaybelnlOyrs.l ' llhavemychildrenE+C J+MLUVEM Moewa — allthoseNAMES! Someday . . . LOVE ALWAYS Em Sarah — togetheragain4Lunchnextyear!ILUVU;Bye, Em Bes — You made H.S. fun — you ' re the best — LUV U — Pawn ILOVEYOUKDN!THANKSFOREVERYTHING!MYSPECIALFRIEND!DB GOOD LUCK KATE FROM Mr. and Mrs. Malecki. LESE and Amosl ' llneverForgetyouguysURtheBest.LuvPat JenPleaseneverleavemeherealone.takemetoAz.w uLuvPat MAWGWETwe ' llmissUlotsWeLuvUINeverForgetUsDenandJat VB BBThanxteam GPformakingthi5vearthebest!LuvPatJen AMOS WEE KRIS CAM — Thanx4allthefun — I ' llmissUallnext year — UguysRtheBEST! — KIEF KERMIT — UR2funE- Thanx4thefuninfree — Keeponhoppin ' downthehall — STUDYINGACCT?WHAT ' STHAT?GoodLucknext year — I ' llmissyou— WHO ' SGOINGTODOTHECLOCK?LUV KIEF Carm — Didyoubring$ — 4thetoll?rMBROKE!HOW ' STHE PENGUINFACTORY??GoodLucknextyear — Fromtheone only — KIEF LA — V B BALL WAS GREAT! " BREAD FOREVER " love Ya ANNE KK GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR ACCT. IN FREE ' S NO MORE ANNE MRS. NAPLES — Thanks for all you have done Luv AM TRUE FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS THERE THANKS A LOT GPIAnne MR. AND MRS. RONALD BRONCATO 104 (JJC hAA t, OJM:, Rtym-oulM uuncLVi oaf XuJC fiJ cjn , (J5U -fco- ' AjLlna- mJL Krn 4o L(tlC , ix ) Uln AiuvjL-4 5D(R uy f O C rx (nJb ' woe, ' AVuxt - t)ol Ti-xrce more ckij " X . Xo i_+5 Deeo - ' :v Cvrr Q_ „ I r t --■,-- ta .• ' C Ok r b r jtjv ' yr--

Suggestions in the Mount Saint Mary Academy - Chrysalis Yearbook (Kenmore, NY) collection:

Mount Saint Mary Academy - Chrysalis Yearbook (Kenmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 78

1987, pg 78

Mount Saint Mary Academy - Chrysalis Yearbook (Kenmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 83

1987, pg 83

Mount Saint Mary Academy - Chrysalis Yearbook (Kenmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 104

1987, pg 104

Mount Saint Mary Academy - Chrysalis Yearbook (Kenmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 100

1987, pg 100

Mount Saint Mary Academy - Chrysalis Yearbook (Kenmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 20

1987, pg 20

Mount Saint Mary Academy - Chrysalis Yearbook (Kenmore, NY) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 11

1987, pg 11

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