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I960 MOUNT MERCY ACADEMY it a wr. ■™ ) GC 977.402 G748MO, 1960 • Al a . 3 1833 018815842 ft rftw AA C, r se Hti Vj U ' i WtfMA sa — Y J. yuyy Tp J nxzJi rsfs % x2L t „ vf " , . . sC Jl J. Si A £ . ' stf . . - - 2 - - - ■ a r . i . .. . . ! - - u. . ' i - MousU Me icy, Academy Q 04iAJlcupuuii F Michigan, 1960 MeAxUoH, Arlene Bonczyk, Editor Dorothy Hansen, Assistant Editor Sue Badaluco, Art Editor MetnosiaJUe MamesUi la 04 , £a£y 0«AfU uU4O4l fyautk RecuUif, 9 Ue U Dedication Foreword 5 Administration Student Body 14 Spiritual Living 34 Academic Endeavors 42 Cultural Advances 60 Club Activities 70 Social Highlights Advertisers 90 Senior Directory 102 Staff 104 In the life of every Mercian, phases of personal development are linked in a strong bond of unity by closely knit principles and In the life of every Mercian, phases of personal development are linked in a strong bond of unity by closely knit principles and ideals. These serve to contribute to the total maturity of a learned, expressive, sensitive young woman. Individual seeds of advancement are nurtured and bloom rapid- ly under the careful cultivation of Christian educators in an atmos- are nnsea in a strong Dona 01 unity uy ciusciy iuhl pnui_ipi ideals. These serve to contribute to the total maturity of a 1 expressive, sensitive young woman. Individual seeds of advancement are nurtured and bloom ly under the careful cultivation of Christian educators in an phere of radiating INSPIRATION. Thus, the faculty influenc YOUTH in its vibrant expectation. A student life of PRAYER, KNOWLEDGE, and the refi of BEAUTY is mingled with the LAUGHTER, deepening I EST and GRATITUDE of eager minds. Thus the bright shining gem that is a Mercian c through amplification of all her potentialities. She i: nrnmise. EST and GRATITUDE of eager minds. Thus the bright shining gem that is a Mercian develops through amplification of all her potentialities. She is a woman of r promise. k ,f a % j 7a Out £ ol HAoutU Metoif y fl i ■ • Mr 4r ■ ■ I • " . p The inspiring model of every Mercian, Helpful solace amidst teenage tempests, An understanding friend through daily experiences, A deep incentive for youth ' s ambition, Designed and executed by Sue Badaluco The staff dedicates this I960 MERCIAN. 94iAjM urf4 M The INSPIRATION which fosters a true realization of life ' s pur- pose and leads students safely through its many intricacies, is a faculty boundless in dedication to the uplifting of the mind and heart to the Divine Creator. % w ■ H Km s :,-. t Jle4 fJiii oj 9dexdU Pt . . . Dear Girls, Graduation is a rather mixed up thing. There are tears of joy — and tears of sadness. Every- one is glad uith the feeling of accomplishment, a long-time goal finally achieved. And yet there is an undeniable pang of parting. The past is much in mind as memory works overtime. Perhaps even more in mind is the future, the unknoicn future, the promising, frightening future. A door closes. A door opens. The Faculty? Theirs is a feeling of helpless- ness. So much time, effort, thought, planning and striving go into every Graduation Class. Every faculty member realizes that a part of himself goes out the door and down the drive uith every graduate. But from that point on, the Faculty is helpless. They can only hope and pray that happiness be yours, that your dreams come true, that your life be full to the brim uith all of God ' s good things. That teas our hope and prayer through all the years we were together — and that will be our prayer for you through all the years to come. JU -J-Z , — a ji p _. . Spiritual (director, teacher, lecturer, playwrite, disc-jockey aptly describes Mount Mercy ' s illus- trious chaplain! His ability to foster friendly relations is evident in the feeling of co-operation and enthusiasm he has created through his bound- less zeal. Though extra time is almost completely lacking in his detailed schedule, Father is avail- able for an answer to any problem and is willing always to help a " Mercian in distress " ! Reverend Hugh Michael Beahan Qo te buMuUf 9 kaluU Keeping Mount Mercy on the road of progress, maintaining a watchful eye on the development of every student, acting as senior advisor, teach- ing mathematics and junior religion are only a few of the many duties performed daily by Sister Mary Constance, R.S.M., principal. For Sister, these phases of education come as naturally as her radiant smile. To know her is to realize the " Quality of Mercy " . My Dear Students, You were God ' s gift to us. What we have helped you to become is our gift to God. W e needed your cooperation in this task and you have been generous in giving it. In some cases this gift to God has not reached the degree of perfection which we desired. In most cases we are thrilled with the results of our endeavors and feel confident that uhen you leave Mount Mercy to continue your education or to take your place in the world, your life will be dominated by strong Christian prin- ciples. We have watched you grow in virtues of loy- alty, dignity, purity, courage, dependability, and love of God and neighbor. The depth of these virtues will be tested severely after you leave on your graduation night. May our gift be so enduring that your virtues will shine brighter after the trial is over. May God bless you always and help you to achieve the purpose for which God created you. Sister Mary Constance, R.S.M. K«xwuledcfe fy tie ti, fie tjjul Jle tou Uf Conferences on the selection of textbooks give Sister Mary Loyola and Sister Mary Rebecca advance know- ledge of the newest publications. Sister Mary Paschal ' s artistic tendencies prove to create a working combination with Sister Mary Rachelle ' s dramatic endeay-ors. Our librarians, Sister Mary Edmund, Sister Mary Stephen, and Sister Mary Michael, check Mercian reading fare. Working in the business office is only one of the after school tasks of two busy faculty members, Sister Mary Placide and Sister Mary Alphonse. L The music department fosters outstanding Mercian talent under the instruction of Sister Mary Albertina and Sister Mary Vincenl Local educational meetings keep Sister Mary Inez and Sister Mary Immaculate in touch with the latest teaching trends. Mrs. Theodore H. Segar gives the girls an opportunity to relax during study-filled Thursday afternoons by availing them the enjoyments that physical education offers. Reverend Hugh M. Beahan Chaplain, Religion, Spiritual Counselor Sister Mary Constance, R.S.M. Principal, Geometry, Religion, Algebra II, Senior Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Albertina, R.S.M. Religion, Music, Freshman Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Alphonse, R.S.M. English, Latin, Religion, Journ- alism, Publications Adviser, Junior Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Annunciata, R.S.M. American Government, United States History, Sociology Sister Mary Edmund, R.S.M. Assistant Librarian Sister Mary Eustacia, R.S.M. Study Hall Teacher Sister Mary Immaculate, R. S.M. English, Study Hall Teacher Sister Mary Inez, R.S.M. World History Sister Mary Jerome, R.S.M. Study Hall Teacher Sister Mary Loyola, R.S.M. English, Home Economics, Senior Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Paschal, R.S.M. Art, English, Religion, Sophomore Homeroom Xeacher Sister Mary Michael, R.S.M. Assistant Librarian Sister Mary Placide, R.S.M. Business Manager, Commercial, Junior Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Rachelle, R.S.M. Speech, Latin, English, Sophomore Homeroom Teacher, Sodality Moderator Sister Mary Rebecca, R.S.M. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Freshman Homeroom Teacher, Sodality Moderator, YCS Moder- ator Sister Mary Roch, R.S.M. Algebra, French Sister Mary Stephen, R.S.M. Librarian Sister Mary Vincent, R.S.M. Piano, Voice Culture, Glee Club Theodora Hunt Segar Physical Education 11 AiMuluvu b ta Cduc4iii04i, . . . Special touches which are essential to the Mount ' s familiar atmosphere are the faces of our well-trained auxiliaries. Assurance that Mrs. Seymour is always ready with an outside line, the fact that you can always expect a surprise at lunch time from the kitchen staff, and the know- ledge that school will always be a pleasant place are due to expert care provided by willing workers who serve to add finishing touches to the Mount ' s already exceptional administration. Misses Ruth Smith, Clara Hormuth, and Mrs. George Bunn take time out to sample some of their culinary efforts - steaming, delicious baked apples. Taking the perennial afternoon coffee break are Mrs. Ethel Simmons, Mrs. Stephanie Pylypczuk, and Mrs. Cassie Pasikowski. Besides being cafeteria manager, Sister M- Claver also directs the workers who prepare the noon meals for the girls. GostupJiete, AdMiiMAin M n PictuAe, The keeping of Our Lord ' s House is a duty which Sister Mary Remigius, R.S.M., never considers as real work. Shining corridors and a friendly smile are outstanding trademarks of our school custodian, Adolph Mikulenas. Mrs. Katherine Seymour, switchboard operator at the Mount, through her years of service has become an indispensable member of the school ' s administration. Mr. Theodore Scheidel and Mr. Lewis Scheidel enjoy their work as chauffeurs for the faculty but most of their duties are in maintaining the huge plant that is Mount Mercy. 13 IfoutU YOUTH sparkling in its breathless vitality and goodness is a student body living a most bewildering life amidst exhilaration which can never be recaptured once youth becomes adult. ,ir - !■ ;, « . ' f f ( OMAfont lieCfinj UiXf, GUu o 1963 Mary Jo Alt Susan Alt Sandra Banka Diane Base Mary Jeanne Bentley Susan Bizio Donna Ann Blake Karen Bogush Mary Boonstra Mary Budnick Christine Buege Charlotte Carter Judith Carter Ruthanne Cebelak Geraldine Centers Carol Conway Alice Czarnopys Kathleen Diskey Mary Doorenbos Pamela Dunneback Charla Emery Margaret Erhardt Juliann Faucz Kathleen Felicioni Kathleen Ford Carol Francis Shirley Gedris Sharon Gerke Diane Gilbert Jean Gogulski Janice Gorecki Phyllis Grzecka Claudia Haskamp Jacqueline Heitz Gloria Hodyna Kathleen Hofmann Rosemary Hoogterp Susan Hornberger Patricia Horter Jean Ignasiak Catherine Jacewicz Geraldine Johnson Constance Kawka Mary Jane King Veronica King Joan Krzewski Mary Lamoreaux Michelle Leonard Rosalie Lewis Catherine McCall Laureen Miller Marilyn Miller Sharon Mungerson Mary Novakoski Christine O ' Connor Suzanne Ollis Catherine O ' Neill Jan Overmire Linda Paganelli Mary Jo Phillips Patricia Raap Sheryl Rademacher Carol Renis Dorlaie Ruczynski Margaret Ruth Ann Sandusky Sharon Sienko Susan Suchowolec Christine Swierbut Jane Thiefels There se Tomaszek Frances Viventi Marsha Whitman Geraldine Wood Theresa Zalewski Donna Zamierowski President - Catherine O ' Neill Vice-President - Jane Thiefels Secretary - Claudia Haskamp Treasurer - Diane Base 17 A JlciAifU}, Medium ts fi ' £ 0 ? 2 Donna Bailey Diane Barecki Alveia Bogaski Julie Burghduff Mary Burtch Mary Pamela Colton Nijole Dimavicius Mary Dub a Betty Everse Sylvia Felicioni Mary Fix Elizabeth Fron Lorraine Gabert Patricia Gerulis Kathleen Gietzen Kathleen Herman Marilyn Hoffman Patricia Hotovy Marilyn Hupp Mary Kaye Johnson Patricia Johnson Rosalie Johnson Sandra Johnson Judith Joswick Barbara Jurewicz Judith Kennedy Nancy Kooistra Mary Kowalczyk Constance Kuno Mary Kuslikis Er ? , i m 18 Margaret Kumko Mary Kumko Carol Ann Lipscomb Barbara Malek Joyce Masalkoski Maureen McDermott Sharon McDonald Kathleen Mickna Bernadette Mlynarchek Sandra Muraski Carol O ' Hearn Patricia Omilian Jerri vine Peterson Bonnie Price Kathleen Priest Mary Reens Lois Rock Therese Ron an Mary Beth Ruth Marilyn Schmidt Sandra Schumaker Maria Siedlecki Shirley Siegel Janice Skinner Arlene Smith Arlynn Smith Jennifer Stokes Karen Van Loo JoAnne VanOeffelen Kathleen Wehler Betty White Edwina Zayko President - Mary Duba Vice-President - Maria Seidlecki Secretary - Mary Kuslikis Treasurer - Mary Beth Ruth 19 7 e Voice, o Cxft uesice ! GlaU 0 1961 Carole Alt Sandra Anikowski Patricia Anisko Rita Aultman Anna Bala Marianne Barto Susan Braun Constance Bronkema Bonita Brown Dianne Brown Janet Brown Margery Buffin Linda Buroccki Edith Butler Mary Coffey MaryBeth Diskey Sandra Dykstra Mary Jane Fennell Noelle Graham Geraldine Heitz Eleanor Host Margaret Ignasiak Jean Ingersoll Sharon Johnson Geraldine Kelly Cheryl Kline Carolyn Knauf Michele Konkle Sharon Larson Maribeth Leu Lynda Lipinski Patricia Makowski Mary Ann Markham Mary Lee Markham Joan Ellen Martin Judith Martin Sharon McClatchey Diane Miller Judith Olewinski Mary Ann Peters Carol Ann Piechocki Cecilie Platte Loretta Platte Marlene Przelomski Susan Quinn Linda Rasch Barbara Rakiec Marcia Redlon Barbara Robach Barbara Rollins Sharon Schindler Nancy Schoenborn Sandra Schuitema Karen Schumaker Judie Smith LaDoris Steffes Mary Jane Terakowski Elaine Tisch Kathleen Tobin Beatrice Ullom Geraldine Weber Patricia Wierzbicki Patricia Zickus President - Patricia Zickus Vice-President - Cecilie Platte Secretary - Jean Ingersoll Treasurer - Carolyn Knauf 21 Vop Stud nU Z jcel In £eGdeAAJiip Class Colors - Rose and Ivory Flower - Pink Rose Motto - Earth now; heaven forever. Dorothy Hansen and Mary Lou Fochtman lead the Class of 1960 as Valedictorian and Salutatorian. The Class of 1960 plan the year ' s activities under the leader ship of Senior Class officers B. Fennell, president; C Lang, secretary; D. Meyer, Vice-president; E. Waters, treasurer. Elected for outstanding leadership, scholarship, service, and character are members of the National Honor Society (top row) D. Ward, P. Glowina, M.L. Fochtman, M. Gedris, D. Hansen, J. Strzalko (bottom row) A. Bonczyk, S. Alt, M.B. Kennedy, V. Benzer, M. K. Oosdyke. 22 tf-osi, £aclt Josmxwumajl, Memosuel . Sandra Jean Alt Cordial refinement attracting all . . . Scholastic Honors, Student Council Vice-President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Sodality, YCS, MTAC, Latin Club, Writers Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff, MERCIAN Staff Barbara Louise Arsulowicz Sincerity emphasized by congenial- ity .. . Carol Ann Augustyn Paging optimism in the great hall ot life . . . Scholastic Honors, Sodality, YCS, Scholastic Honors, Sodality, YCS, Future Nurses Club President, MTAC, Glee Club, Latin Club, MERCIAN G-AA, Latin Club, Brush and Palette, Business Manager Writers Club eiau 0 1960 Sue An Perfect as a Dresden doll Gloria Jayne Bartz Sterling gentility that will never tarnish . . . Scholastic Honors, Sodality Prefect, Scholastic Honors, Freshman Class President, Sodality, YCS, Future Nurses, Latin Club, Brush and Palette YCS, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club Club, MERCIAN Art Editor, Perfect Attendance 23 " J Virginia Lee Benzer In her knowledge, her stature . . . Scholastic Honors, Senior Student Council Representative, Sodality, YCS, GAA, Glee Club, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Columnist Arlene Kay Bonczyk Lures loyalty with her faithfulness . . Scholastic Honors, Junior Class Treasurer, Sodality, MTAC, Future Teachers Club President, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff, MERCIAN Editor Sharon Ann Boulet A prize winning bouquet of the exo- tic flower called happiness . . . YCS, Future Teachers Club, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club Qua tyirtit jbn imcMo Zwd ao i . . . Rita Jane Carr Marilyn Eva Covell Jennie Clare Bustraan An easy-going way abetted by deter- Casting away her cares but not her Finder of the treasure called mination . . . responsibility . . . exuberance . . . Junior Class Secretary, Senior Stu- dent Council Representative, YCS, Future Teachers Club Vice-Presi- dent, GAA, Glee Club, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Transferred from Catholic Centra Sodality, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Transferred from Catholic Central, Senior Student Council Representa- tive, YCS, MTAC, GAA 24 fei Sonia Marie Craig Constant in her shimmering eager- Sodality, YCS, MTAC, GAA Presi- dent, Latin Club Mary Ann Dara Continually flirting with gaiety and joy . . . GAA, Glee Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Diane Antoinette Dauksza A thesaurus of vivacity . . . Sodality, Future Nurses Club, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club Secretary, Glee Club, Music Graduate y 1U Claw , 1Uat Ran Away " Barbara Anne Fenn ell Placed on a pedestal by those who know her . . . Kathryn Edith Ferguson As gentle as the golden rustle of autumn leaves . . . Mary Louise Fochtman Not conscious of the goodness she Senior Class President, Junior Class YCS, Latin Club Vice-President, YCS, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club radiates . . . Scholastic Honors, GAA, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff 25 V e jb uuf, ff a A eta n uSUtio4t . . . Sandra Joanne Fochtman Enchanting ways leaving us spell- bound Marie Helena Gedris A penny for her thoughts, ' a penny for a fortune . . . Sandra Lee Gilewski Holding the key to everyone ' s heart . . . Senior Student Council Representa- tive, Sodality, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff, Music Graduate Sophomore Class Vice-President, Scholastic Honors, Sodality, YCS, Glee Club, Latin Club, Brush and Palette, Writers Club, HILLTOP NEWS Editor Scholastic Honors, YCS, MERCIAN Staff Pamela Joyce Glownia A pattern woven of good nature and dependability . . . Scholastic Honors, YCS, GAA, Glee Club, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Kathleen Jean Goggins Blue ribbon winner for uprightness and good will . . . GAA, Latin Club Mary Ellen Graham Unpredictable nonsense opening the gates of tension . . . Future Nurses Club, MTAC, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff 26 yy £ pJt04n ie Be uuce jbcuf, Dorothy Michelle Hansen Flexibility harmonized with poise . Scholastic Honors, Sophomore Stu- dent Council Representative, Sodal- ity, YCS, MTAC, GAA Treasurer, Glee Club, Latin Club, MERCIAN Assistant Editor, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Barbara Ann Heitz Something special in her demure simplicity . . . Latin Club, GAA Marlene Ann Heyboer With artistry spotlighting her debut YCS, Brush and Palette Club, MERCIAN Advertising Manager Katherine Elizabeth Kampfschulte Chiseling away at life ' s problems with laughter . . . Sodality, YCS, Future Nurses Club, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club, Writers Club President, MERCIAN Staff, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Columnist Mary Elizabeth Kennedy Praised in truth and talent . . . Ann Marie Kleff armth of Reserve melted by th her heart . . . Scholastic Honors, Sophomore Stu- dent Council Representative, Sodality, Sodality, YCS, HILLTOP NEWS YCS Treasurer, Future Teachers Photographer Club, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club 27 Charlotte Anne Kozlowski Imagination cultivating artistic abilities . . . Future Nutses Club, Glee Club, Brush and Palette Club Geraldine Kujawa A tranquil nature supporting genuine friendship . . . Sodality, Latin Club Carol Marie Krieger Homemaking artist, glowing felicity Scholastic Honors, Sodality, YCS, Future Teachers Club, GAA, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Business Manager " ScMf na ia ' ' . . . A BfiectcuuilaA Mary Lynn Lamoreaux Bubbling forth impishness which provokes none . . . YCS, Future Teachers Club, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club, Brush and Palette Club 28 Catherine Frances Lang More precious than the Hope diamond . . . Senior Class Secretary, Junior Stu- dent Council Representative, Sodal- ity, YCS, Future Nurses Club, Future Teachers Club, Latin Club, MTAC President, GAA, Glee Club, Writers Club, MERCIAN Staff, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Jerene Barbara Laszewski A personality hemstitched in wit and humor . . . GAA, Latin Club, MERCIAN Staff Frances Carol Lombardo Cast in a dramatic role by thought - fulness . . . Patricia Anne Lowell A magnet of personality drawing Scholastic Honors, Latin Club, Louise Ann Maggini An exquisite bud unfolding her petals . . . Sophomore Class Secretary, Schol- astic Honors, Future Teachers Club, Brush and Palette Club, MERCIAN Staff WlukL o 9m x inaiia % Patricia Jane Majewski A rippling brook always traveling onward . . . MTAC, GAA, Writers Club Joan Louise Martinaitis Everyday tasks sweetened with her liveliness . . . Transferred from St. Mary Academy, Prairie du Chi en, Wisconsin, Schol- astic Honors, YCS, Future Teachers Club, Brush and Palette Club, HILL- TOP NEWS Staff Donna Clara Meyer Sophistication delighting and dazzling . . . Senior Class Vice-President, Junior Student Council Representative, Sodality, Future Teachers Club, Latin Club Vice-President, MERCIAN Production Manager 29 Cape iti Jold ike . . . Patricia Ellen Napieralski Gentle reserve adding a lovely attractiveness . . . HILLTOP NEWS Staff Paula Louise Napieralski As the spring - refreshing and spirited . . . Student Council Representative, Future Nurses Club, Latin Club Susan Kay Napieralski Effervescence fascinating every- one .. . YCS, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Janice Marie Norder Genuine responsiveness, smilinj vibrance . . . MTAC, GAA, Latin Club Priscilla Anne Ogren A serene classic of our time . . . Transferred from Oakleigh High School, Scholastic Honors, YCS, Future Nurses Club, Writers Club, MERCIAN Lay-out Manager Mary Kathryn Oosdyke Capabilities not determined by her size . . . Scholastic Honors, Junior Class President, Sophomore Student Coun- cil Representative, YCS President, Latin Club, Writers Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff 30 " ' laU l Iwo GUiU " Margaret Mary Platte Eminent in the art of altruism • • • Scholastic Honors, Sodality, Future Teachers Club Mary Esther Preston Bewitching blue eyes casting their spell .. . Freshman Class Secretary, YCS, Future Teachers Club, GAA, Brush and Palette President Sandra Lee Pryor Our panacea for irksome worries MTAC, Latin Club Violet Ann Raap Carol Rae Radecki Cheerfulness, the main ingredient in Competence and poise carrying her her recipe for charm ... to the heights of success . . . GAA, HILLTOP NEWS Staff YCS, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Marcia Kay Rau Unassuming sensitivity, an omen of distinction . . . Transferred from Creston High School, YCS 31 Marcia Diane Rayhert Janet Marie Rizzon Hostess to unaffected consideration Mirth shadowing every footstep GAA, Latin Club GAA, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Norma Jean Rupprecht The regality of an affectionate princess . . . GAA, HILLTOP NEWS Staff A Mint o£ SpAinCf lin uKjJit . . . Nelda Frances Schindler Katherine Lena Siegel Kathleen Marie Stowe The genie in the magic lamp entitled A serious countenance belying radi- Eyes reflecting the twinkle from the ant animation . . Scholastic Honors, YCS, Latin Club, GAA, Latin Club HILLTOP NEWS Staff 32 Judith Ann Strzalko The sunshine lassoed . . . Scholastic Honors, Student Council President, Sophomore Class Presi- dent, YCS, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club, MERCIAN Staff, HILLTOP NEWS Staff Linda Katherine VandenBerg Sparkling and fragile as spun glass . . Scholastic Honors, Sodality Vice- Prefect, YCS, Future Teachers Club, Diana Marie Ward Ambitions building a majestic cathedral . . . Scholastic Honors, Freshman Class Vice-President, Sodality, YCS, MTAC, GAA, Latin Club, HILLTOP NEWS Advertising Manager " flune in floMAtGSuf, " Elizabeth Ann Waters Threading life ' s needle with gener- osity . . . Senior Class Treasurer, Junior Stu- dent Council Representative, GAA, Latin Club, MERCIAN Staff Sharon Anne White An authentic and desired gold piece . . . Diane Patricia Wills Youth ' s enthusiasm forecasting the future . . . Sodality, Future Nurses Club, MTAC, Future Nurses, GAA, Latin Club Latin Club 33 detneat Stiki yousuj, QcUk Uoi . . . Enjoying an after-hour conference with Father Ralenkotter are C. McCall, J. Olewinski, P. Wierzbicki, P. Lowell, and R. Cebelak. " I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. " These words of Our Lord express basically the purpose for a retreat. The life of grace given gratuitously is brought to the surface in this time of devout meditation. The practice of saying Stations of the Cross, the rosary, and assisting at Holy Mass regularly in an atmosphere of complete silence helps a re- treatant to obtain answers to many problems and uncertainties. Conferences and instruction given by the retreat master serve to awaken many dor- mant principles of faith in the mind which have been clouded by ever broadening materialistic attitudes. A retreat given just before the turn of a new year helps the student take stock of her activities of the past twelve months and through graces obtained at this time she is enabled to strengthen her individual convictions. She is able to form resolutions which can be put to use in her future life. Father Howard Ralenkotter, C.P., was a source of inspiration to all Mercians. Father helped students grasp material presented in Confer- ences by using a blackboard for illustrative outlines. 36 P S. Gilewski seeks solace in talking with God. K. Priest finds Confession a most necessary feature in making a good retreat. K. Hoffman, G. Wood, J. Rizzon, and C. McCall offset the many phases of retreat with selected Spiritual Reading. ta Pn cticcU ActixM, Newly erected outdoor stations help S. Larson, M.K. Oosdyke, S. Quinn, and C. Knauf enjoy God ' s beautiful creation. 37 Bodaluti Reaclt fJ Uti, One opportunity availed to Mercians for strengthening their spiritual motives is the Sodality. This special mode of life enables those who wish to incorporate a living faith with ordinary everyday activities to reach their goal with Mary as their model. Daily duties, special indulgences, and apostolic actions serve to formulate a standard rule giving sodalists a sound foundation for sanctification of their neighbor through indi- vidual convictions and practice. Sodality action is heightened by the devoted dedica- tion of sodality officers, G. Bartz, prefect; L. Vanden Berg, vice-president; L. Steffes, secretary; and E. Host, treasurer. Mary, the height of a sodalist ' s inspira- tion, is a shining beacon of Mercian ' s faith and hope in her Divine Son. 38 ilt uuufli Ma uf, One of the most beautiful ceremonials of the school year is the May Crowning enacted by Sodality officers. The traditional Easter clothing drive gives sodalists, S. Craig, R. Can, and A. Bogaski, an op- portunity for helping others. 39 ilelUfiouA, £ndeao ti, Animate, Mercians are privileged to have many oppor- tunities of strengthening their spiritual life. Religious activities correlate with scholastic functions to satisfy needs of both the soul and mind. A student chapel provides devotional atmos- phere for daily Mass, Communion, and special visits. Hence, prayer filtrates moments of work and play in a student ' s daily life. Mercians express their spiritual con- victions through external action with active participation in the Offertory procession at daily Mass. To celebrate Mercy Day, C. Bronkema and S. Alt depict the works of the Sisters of Mercy since their foundation in Dublin, Ireland. Mercians love to sing,and caroling at Christmas time provides a wonderful opportunity for festive j aunts. Carolers are S. Sienko, B. White, K. Stowe, M. Reens, C. Krieger, J. Gogulski, and M. L. Coffey. A i ' i fCnx iAMem e KNOWLEDGE gained through in- tensive study helps a Mercian climb ever higher the ladder of success. Acquisition of these treasures awakens dormant capa- bilities of individual intellects. " " " iCS - " ncjurifT IjouHXj, QatUoUoi QaUi . . . The foundation on which all other phases of intellectual development are based at Mount Mercy Academy is religion. To every Mercian, her faith is her teacher, her solace, and her way of life. Freshmen cultivate their study of the Catholic Church and its fundamentals by taking a general course in principles. Sophomores delve into Church History and the early beginnings of Catholicism. The study of the Commandments and the application of these in actual Christian social living is the purpose of intensive study in the junior year. Seniors prepare for their life in the materialistic world of today by trying, through Apologetics, to determine plausible arguments in defense and explanation of the faith when the need arises. A Catholic cannot be truly so called until he is able to explain and defend his faith with adequate background. Discussing the Ten Commandments and citing their influence on Catholic living are juniors, (standing) S. Dykstra, D. Miller (seated) S. Braun, and J. Brown. Sophomores depict three orators of Church History, St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregory the Great, and St. Francis of Assisi. They are S. Johnson, B. Price, M. Duba, L. Rock, B. Jurewicz, P. Hotovy, and P. Omilian. 44 m beefiefr Kaxuudedcfe o Jlte fo tyaitU In Apolegetics class Father Beahan helps seniors prepare for their entrance into an anti-Catholic world. Panel discussions help freshman Religion students get new viewpoints. Taking part are J. Gorecki, C. O ' Connor, J. Ignasiak, J. Heitz, M. Whitman, and V. King. 45 w a to- Poetsuf, BUnudcdeA, Assisted by Sister M. Rachelle diligent seniors tackle references for their term papers. They are (left to right) P. Napieralski, V. Benzer, P. Lowell, and K. Stowe. An imaginative world of Mr. Chips ' and Tom Sawyers ' open their gates to Mercians exposing them to many literary treasures. Reader interest is intensified, appreciation of poetry is fostered, and the b eginnings of American and English literature are studies at yearly intervals. Special stress is placed on acquiring the basic principles of good grammar. Constant drill in this area leads to better writing composition and increased know- ledge of ordinary English usage. A new addition to the English department, this year, is a Jour- nalism class which acts as a proving ground for members of both the HILLTOP NEWS and MERCIAN staffs. The class under the direction of Sister Mary Alphonse cites its objectives as, first, preparation to work on a high school publi- cation and, second, the development of a critical attitude toward news sources. Junior left to right: M.J. Terakowski, L. Platte, M.A. Markham, J. Olewinski, and K. Schumaker make a final check on essays to be submitted for publication in the " Annual Essay Anthology ' of the National Essay Association. WosJziHXf, GnUjAM AlUif, J. Faucz, J. Gogulski, and M. Ruth enact a scene from the " Merchant of Venice ' with dolls they had dtessed to reptesent Shake spearean characters. N. Schindler and M. Coffey prepare their journalism assignments while N. Graham adds her contribution to the class bulletin board. M. Duba helps Sister M. Loyola ' s English class understand the historical background of Charles Dickens ' " Tale of Two Cities. " mm MR fra% E. Tisch explains some phases of French culture to members of the French I class (left to right) K. Tobin, D. Brown, N. Graham, L. Steffes, and R. Aultman. Gender, number, person, and case create a whirl of activity for French and Latin students discovering a new world of linguistics. Besides the Helvetians and the Gauls, conjugation and declension are conquered on the battlefield of the classroom. Finally victory is achieved ! The assimilation of four conjugations, first to the fifth declensions, singular and plural is complete. At the same time anxious mademoiselles absorb a variety of verb synopses and daily translations. French advocates also acquire a solid background in French culture through study of the people and their customs. Learning their Latin vocabulary by association are first year students (kneeling) K. Diskey, G. Centers, (standing) C. Francis, S. Suchowolec, and S. Banka. 48 T. Ronan, M. McDermott, M.G. Kumko, M. Reens, and S. Schumaker study the features of Roman life at the time of Ceasar. BpexsJz um£U AiAMSixwce, Second year French class takes dictation from a French record to increase their under- standing of pronunciation, seated left to right are D. Meyer, D. Ward, M.B . Kennedy, M. Preston, P. Ogren, S. Badaluco, and P. Napieralski use their listening skill. 49 MeAxUxwA, View. . . A complete study of the social sciences provides community-minded Mercians an opportunity to view the process of our earth ' s civilization. In World and American History the girls interpret historic events and compare them with existing elements in the present era. American Government students analyze the basic structure of our democracy, its origin, or- ganization, powers, and its truly functional char- acter. As a result potential citizens are acquaint- ed with the simple precepts of government which has made us a strong, productive, and free America. Trained in habits of observation and sound judgment and versed in sociological theories Mercian sociologists make practical application of Christian principles to the demands of our complex social life. Since inherited characteristics play such an important part in the nature of man, K. Kampfschulte, A. Kleff, and A. Bonczyk seek answers to social problems due to hereditary influence. D. Zamierowski, T. Tomaszek, L. Miller, M. Leonard, and S. Bizio find that " This Week ' magazines are helpful aids in keeping up with current events. 50 In American Government, M. Fotchman, and S. Badaluco explain the steps in the election of the President to their fellow panel members P. Majewski, M.K. Oosdyke and D. Ward. Ame Uoa Uim At 9ti Bedi Concentration on the beginnings of America gives P. Zickus, N. Schoenborn, M. A. Markham, B. Rollins, K. Schumaker, and M. J. Terakowski a new outlook on their duties as citizens. 51 MeAC4 ni Pl p te jpsi Ra e . . . Checking catalogues for new pattern styles are members of Clothing I class. They are (left to right) K. Gietzen, M. Reens, S. Felicioni, M. Kumko, K. Mickna, R. Johnson, and M. Schmidt. As years pass, graduates from the Mount sep- arate and embark on new careers in the world. The majority of the girls herald marriage as the most popular choice. Because automation has in- fluenced our civilization so emphatically it is necessary to become familiar with the basic standards of modern home management. The Home Economics Department directed by Sister Mary Loyola provides the girls with training in the domestic arts. Wardrobe planning, basic construc- tion, and sewing techniques combine to expose clothing students to the problems they will inevi- tably experience in the future. Budget economy, balanced diets, and versatile menus head the daily agenda for the food classes. Determined efforts of these novices will be truly realized only when they themselves become tomorrow ' s homemakers. Admiring V. Raap ' s newly completed outfit are second year clothing students F. Lombardo, G. Kujawa, and M.L. Lamoreaux. 52 Engrossed in their dish- washing chores are foods class members D. Dauksza, E. Waters, and K. Siegel. C. Knauf, M.A. Markham, A. Bala, and iM. Buffin pre- pare a window display with their decorative Christmas cookies. o Modem JfomemciAe U K. Stowe, S. Craig, J. Rizzon, and S. White find that foods class takes on a new look when experiencing the advantages of gracious living. 53 McMtesfuUfoi Produced The study of mathematics molds keen minds in ways of logical and accurate thinking. This acuity of intellect may then be transferred to other situa- tions which call for deep conviction and quick action. In Mathematic classes students become acquainted with the system and order of the uni - verse. They honor God by manifesting the works of this omnipotent creator. Algebra, geometry, and trigonometry challenge active minds and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow. First year algebra students find that charts and illustrations help in mastering complicated prob- lems. Intent on M. Budnick ' s explanation are S. Alt, S. Sienko, M.J. Bentley, K. Bogush, A. Czarnopys, K. Hoffmann, P. Horter, and P. Dunneback. R. Johnson shows E. Zayko, P. Hotovy, B. White, M. Burtch, and P. Omilian that geometry principles can be put to practical uses. The figure made of blue straws is a Christmas decoration. 54 T AoouAtrfe, a u JltHfioal UUthetti, S. Muraski sharpens her mathematical skills by solving geometry problems through concentrated effort. S. Schindler finds that advanced algebra problems are easier when you can explain them yourself. B. Rollins and P. Makowski watch curiously. Yl% 55 litid CxfUosiebl Pi neefr God ' s creation of man and of elements in the uni- verse arouses curious scientists to probe the un- known world of atoms and micro-organisms. Pro- vided with books, test tubes, microscopes, and laboratory materials, inquiring Mercians tread the paths of destiny under the guidance of Sister Mary Rebecca. They accumulate data, classify it, and apply laws and principles pertaining to it. The study of biology, chemistry, and physics serve to help students arrive at the basic truths through scientific methods. Juniors J. Martin, B. Ullom, and M. B. Diskey work on their chemistry project, weighing manganese dioxide a catalyst for use in the preparation of oxygen C Lang, B. Arsulowicz, and P. Ogren are engrossed in a laboratory prep- aration of sulphur dioxide. 56 tke, Wosdd o Science Hamsters are wonderful specimens! Examining Yogi ' s blood are J. Stokes, J. Joswick, and J. Masalkowski. Sister M. Rebecca compliments B. Brown, A. Bogaski, and R. Aultman on their successful attempt to inoculate agar with bacteria. M. Gedris, S. Alt, and J. Norder, learn through experimentation that volume of a gas is related to the pressure exerted upon it. Sister M. Placide helps Shorthand I students get the feel of different strokes by " writing in air, " an added stimulus to learning. Me i ia uL 9 no-ode, Fired with the drive of self-made executives and harboring the diplomacy of Wall Street tycoons ambitious commercial students are initiated into the modern business world. Guided by Sister Mary Placide, typing students are trained in basic skills and the application of them in practical situations. In Shorthand I the girls are acquainted with the principles of the Gregg method and in- corporate them early into dictation. Stenography has a twofold purpose: first, improvement in dictation is reached through intensive speed drills and shorthand transcription and, second, potential stenographers are briefed in phases of secretarial practice including good grooming, office procedure, letter forms and composition. In Bookkeeping, the girls record profit and loss under debits and credits and finally emerge with balanced ledgers. P. Majewski, C. Radecki, and C. Augustyn demonstrate the " do ' s and don ' t ' s of good secretary ' s appearance. 58 a Mode , fcuMneU ttivdd First year typists make mind and fingers co-ordinate, then achieve the goal of speed V and accuracy. (left to right) P. Glownia, K. Ferguson, A, Kleff, and N. Rupprecht find that mastery of Bookkeeping fundamentals takes special concentration. 59 Qe utif, The sound of fingers tapping an ivory keyboard, the majestic swish of an artist ' s paintbrush, and dra- matic exclamations echoing the promise of Catholic Theatre reflect interior talents of an individual ' s personality. Through her attempt to re-create BEAUTY in music and art, a Mercian adapts herself to life in an aura of poised refinement. 4 Modem AniaU . . Much of the bustling activity engulfing first floor is due to the fact that its nucleus is an intensely spirited Art Department. Its members are constantly striving for a means to express their bubbling enthusiasm. As a result art and ceramic room walls are lined with endeavors of these " future Rembrandts " . Their numerous attempts to capture individual ideas and ideals merge to develop a deeper and more realistic attitude toward life through the medium of art. Adding another picture to their already over-flowing collection of student endeav- ors is Dianne Brown, one of the depart- ment ' s many contributors. Sister M. Paschal gives M. Preston, P. Ogren, and K. Tobin, some of the fine points of art appreciation. 62 ' S. Badaluco and C. Kozlowski try their hand at silk screening for another of the department ' s projects. Maite i, A eui ecJwutflU i After taking their pieces from the kiln M. Heyboer and M.L. Lamoreaux see the fruits of their labor taking on reality in ceramics class. 63 cdesded Ml uUatui Qn ate, Sandra Fochtman and Diane Daursza have completed their piano training and have earned the Certificate of Recognition in Music. The Music department heralds God and His magnificent creation through the glories of song. Eager freshmen take pride in their early knowledge of basic fundamentals and their mastery of Gregorian Chant sung at Mass. The Senior Glee Club having more experience is able to produce an effect of melodious harmony of the highest calibre. A voice culture class and piano students under the instruction of Sister Mary Albertina, and Sister Mary Vincent give music enthusiasts opportunity to demonstrate individual talents. Sister M. Vincent ' s voice culture class practices note readin for better music understanding. R. Hoogterp, M.J. Phillips, C. O ' Neill, D. Ruczynski, C Haskamp, B. Ullom, H. Ford, J. A. Faucz, S. Gedris, A. Sandusky, and D. Zamierowski. Piano students directed by Sister M. Vincent enjoy an aftei school recital. They are M. Miller, T. Tomaszek, C. O ' Con and S. Bizio. Preparing for their next appearance, the Senior Glee Club conducted by B. Rollins number as members M.B. Ruth, B. Brown, B. Ullom, C. Lipscomb, J. Skinner, C. Kline, P. Makowski, B. Robach, D. Dauksza, J. Olewinski, J. Masalkowski, S. Muraski, L. Buroccki, P. Anisko.B. Mlynarchek, A. Bogaski, J. Brown, M. Burtch, S. Johnson, (bottom row) M. Siedlecki, V. Benzer, M.K. Oosdyke, M. A. Dara, S. Dykstra, C O ' Hearn, L. Rasch, and S. Quinn. a Uo ld o Mutic The Freshman Glee Club leads in practice sessions to perfect the recessional at the conclu- sion of the liturgical Mass. Mount Mercy organists, who glorify God by their playing for liturgical functions are V. Benzer, D. Zamierowski, J. Thiefels M. Konkle, P. Grzeczka, and D. Base. SpeecU Stud nti tyi u . . . Speech, man ' s most important means of communica- tion, is used to inform, intetpret, and entertain. Sister Mary Rachelle helps speech students gain confidence enabling them to speak with assurance in a fluent and intelligent manner. Gradual advances in speech training lead to an introduction to actual dramatic interpretation. Here individual talents create living characters in famous roles. Juniors enjoy doing an original adaptation of Stephen Benet ' s " The Devil and Daniel Webster " for their speech project. Portraying characters are P. Makowski, P. Wierzbicki, J. Ingersoll, E. Host, and M.L. Coffey. In first year speech, emphasis is placed on public speaking, the beginning phase of dramatic train- ing. C. Lipscomb tries to convince her audience through her persua- sive tactics. In senior speech class, Sister M. Rachelle helps M.B. Kennedy with M. Heyboer ' s make-up while S. Fochtman and P, Napieralski complete their model of a Shakespearean theatre. Z x 2AeMdJ0 i in bkamcdiol The Mercian Theatre Arts Club ' s first en- deavor in the field of theatrical production took form in Arthur Jearue ' s version of Louisa May Alcott ' s Little Women.l or the first time, boys interested in dramatics were invited to join the cast in male leads. :m ' mm Amy, Marmee, Mr. March, Hannah, Meg and Jo watch silently as their little Beth begins slipping from them. D. Jannereth and M. Covell give exceptional performances as Meg and Mr. Brooke in one of the play ' s most dramatic scenes. JUUU Wosnatt Members of the cast include (standing) D. La Fave, S. Fochtman, G. Weber, D. Pokora, M.B. Kennedy, D. Jannereth, B. Arsulowicz, D. Bouzas, J. Strzaiko, C Lang, D. Nahs, S. Larson (seated) B. Rollins, J. Rizzon, B. Waters, and M.B. Diskey. ,Ullc 7 te Senior Glabi PleAetvU l I don ' t care! I don ' t want to die here! ' Now you listen to me, young lady. " Dorothy Hansen Joan Martiqaitis Marie Gedris Josephine McGrath . . Priscilla Ogren Barbara Fennell Catherine Lang Sandra Alt Virginia Benzer . Kay Kampsfchulte Gloria Bartz . Paula Napieralski Sue Badaluco . Pat Maje-wski . Marybeth Kennedy, Diana Carole Radecki, Susan Ward, Napieralski, Sharon Boulet, Marcia Rayhert Carol Augustyn, Mary L. Lamoreaux, Mary Kay Oosdyke, Mary Lou Fochtman, Marlene Heyboer . . Kathy Stowe, Diane Wills Barbara Heitz, Sandra Gilewski, Jerene Laszewski Sandra Pryor, Janet Rizzon, G eraldine Kujawa, Betty Waters, Nelda Schindler l( As I always say to Herbert, ' Herbert, you... lt 68 " Holy Mary, Mother of Mercy, Receive me at the hour of my death. . . " ' It works! It works! The light ' s on; the light ' s on! " Between scenes, the stage crew give their command performance. Crew members who also constructed stage sets are L, Maggini, P. Napieralski, B. Heitz, M. Platte, S. Craig, P. Glownia, M. Covell, and L. VandenBerg. ' We ' re off to the snow gleaming hills above us; wouldn ' t you like to go? " 69 9«£eteU INTEREST in the activities of varied student organizations is manifested by students who tread the paths of new ventures and explore the fascinating realm to which only curiosity can lead. Active participation in the extra- curricular serves only to broaden the scope of the basic curriculum. An Iciiue Student Go uuul S. Fochtman Active cooperation between teachers and students fulfills the main objective of the Mount ' s student council. Elected from the student body, delegated officers guide the functioning of the council in accordance with established patterns for school life. Through representative channels students are able to voice their opinions on certain meas- ures, alert officials to defects in the present system, and present solutions for immediate im- provement. ft ni% ir ]. Bustraan f Student Council officers leading the student body by their own example are: President J. Strzalko, Vice-president S. Alt, and Secretary-Treasurer M. J. Terakowski. P. Makowski S. McClatchey n Qn cd L Zjjljectiue, fcelcM nl As a hall guard and hostess K. Goggins maintains order in the corridors during inter- vals between classes and extends Mercian hospitality to school visitors. The annual Student Council Christmas Party features a holiday tableau with seniors participating. $%K tori M. McDermott a A. Czarnopys cm D. Ruczynski art S. Ollis 73 IjGS ' eM, llOnk, jud and Act In YCS, skilled officers, M. B. Kennedy, treasurer; M. J. Fennell, vice-president; M. K. Oosdyke, president; and D. Brown, secretary, carry out the organization ' s apostolate through individual social action. A YCS sponsored style show gave M. Heyboer and B. Arsulowicz an opportunity to model their favorite Marylike f ashions. The Young Christian Students seek to awaken in their members a genuine zeal for their apostolate, the perfection of their own lives as students. At weekly meetings the gospels are studied in terms of their relation to student situations. A gospel action which is based on a particular teaching is performed during the following week. Special activ- ities such as the annual Father-Daughter Dance help improve social living in the school and com- munity. Hence, YCS attempts to inject the Christian viewpoint in a secularist society. 74 Gluhb GuttUMzie The Mercian Theatre Arts Club advances knowledge of the theatrical profession by special workshops, club productions and visits to interpretation con- ventions. Dramatists are acquainted with the arts of acting, directing, costuming, lighting, and make- up, thus creating an appreciation of drama and its essentials. The Brush and Palette Club, through its activities, stresses an appreciation of fine art. Sister Mary Paschal, R.S.M., club advisor, helps keep members constantly ascending the stairway of cultural living, guiding students by her own knowledge and enthusiasm. An art show designed to aid others in understanding the many phases of drawing techniques is the subject of a special assembly sponsored by the club. The annual trip to an art center such as Cranbrook or the Chicago Institute of Fine Arts taken at the end of the year is a brilliant highlight to which the members look forward. Members in the Brush and Palette Club are: (top row) S. Rademacher, C. Kozlowski, and R. Cebelak; (3rd row)K. Diskey, L. Steffes, K. Tobin, L. Maggini, E. Butler, K. Kampfschulte, M. L. Lamoreaux, J. Joswick, B. Everse, M. J. Terakowski, A. Smith, S. Braun, E. Tisch, D. Brown; (second row) J. Kennedy, K. Schumaker, S. Alt, P. Hotovy, M. Hupp, M. B. Leigh, M. Kowalczyk, M. Siedlecki, S. Badaluco, S. Ollis, M. Ruth, M. Buffin, B. Malek; (bottom row) J. Gorecki, J. Ignasiak, M. Preston, P. Wierzbicki, K. Herman, C. O ' Neill, B. Rakiec, C. Piechocki. MTAC Seniors are (back row) L.-Vandenberg, S. Badaluco, D. Ward, D. Dauksza, L. Maggini, M. Graham, K. Kampfschulte, P. Majewski, M. L. Lamoreaux, B. Waters; (second row) D. Hansen, P. Ogren, B. Fennell, D. Meyer, J. Strzalko, M.Gedris, J. Martinaitis, K. Stowe, S. Boulet, A. Kleff, M. Platte; (first row) A. Bonczyk, M. B. Kennedy, P. Napieralski, C. Lang, S. Fochtman, M. Covell, S. White. MTAC Juniors number twenty-five(back row) J. Ingersoll, S. Larson, P. Makowski, J Olewinski, B. Ullom, M. Kinkle, M. Coffey P. Zickus, G. Weber; (second row) S. Quinn B. Rollins, B. Robach, L. Platte, P Wierzbicki, L. Lipinski, M. L. Markham M. B. Diskey, D. Brown, N. Graham; (fir st row) C. Alt, E. Butler, S. Schindler, E. Host, S. Dykstra, S. Johnson. MTAC Sophomores include (back row) M. Kowalczyk, M. K. Johnson, P. Colton, C. Lipscomb, B. Fron, K. Herman; (third row) L. Rock, M. McDermott, J. Joswick, C. O ' Hearn, B. Jurewicz, D. Bailey; (second row) E. Zayko, S. Muraski, J. Kennedy; (first row) A. Bogaski, B. Mlynarchek, B. White, P. Omilian. 75 Qa iee i Minded Me uUanl Future Teachers Club members number thirty-three: (top row) J. Ingersoll, P. Makowski, K. Tobin, L. Steffes, K. Kampfschulte, L. Maggini, M. Coffey, M. Konkle, J. Martinaitis, C. Krieger, L. Platte, M.L. Lamoreaux, P. Anisko, M. B. Diskey; (second row) L. Vanden- Berg, D. Brown, M. Preston, S. Boulet, D. Meyer, M.J. Terakowski, G. Weber, S. Larson, K. Stowe, C. Lang, C. Alt, S. Dykstra; (seated) K. Schumaker, S. Schindler, M. B. Kennedy, President A. Bonczyk, Vice-President J. Bustraan, Secretary M.A. Markham, and Treasurer N. Graham. The Future Teachers Club, newly organized this year under the sponsorship of Miss Jacqueline Deeb, cites its main objective as familiarizing its member with the profession of teaching. The study of the qualities and aptitudes which good teachers possess and the cultivation of these in their own characters are achieved by monthly meetings devoted to the many phases of teaching as a career. A Faculty Party to promote better student-teacher relations and a Career Week to acquaint the entire student body with opportunities in various professions are club activities designed for members. The Future Nurses Club advance members ' knowledge of the nursing profession by assisting in bringing seasonal cheer to patients at St. Mary ' s and Blodgett Hospitals. Special tray favors and holiday decorations give patients special tonics and provide the girls opportunity to acquaint themselves with this new and exciting atmosphere. A year filled with many profitable activities is summed up in a capping ceremony for seniors who plan to enter nursing training in the fall. Sponsors, charting the club ' s progress are Mrs. Sally Kline, R.N., and Mrs. Audrey Walters, R.N. Members of the Future Nurses Club are (top row) A. Bala, M.J. Fennell, J. Martin, K. Tobin, P. Ogren, M. Leigh, P. Zickus, P. Napieralski, S. Badaluco, S. White; (second row) C. Kozlowski, C. Lang, G. Weber, C. Platte, B. Ullom, K. Kampfschulte, D. Dauksza, M.L. Fochtman, D. Wills; (seated) M.L. Markham, treasurer, C. Kline, vice-president, E. Host, secretary, B. Arsulowicz, president, was unable to be present when the picture was taken. 76 QAA MoJdi CUcufifUospi Volley ball tournaments between seniors and juniors are an important means of arousing school spirit among the students. A rousing spirit of sportsmanship, spectator action, and a healthier body are achieved through student participation in the Girls Athletic Association. Special GAA awards for after-school sports help the girls inject their physical education training into outside activities. Membership in this organ- ization stresses character building and encourages leadership. The Girls Athletic Association is active during the year sponsoring outside sports activities, holiday parties, and volley ball tournaments. Officers include M.L. Markham, secretary; M.J. Fennell, vice-president; S. Craig, president; and D. Hansen, treasurer. 77 Qaiertiial fJo44AAUilltii Pn pxrte, High school journalists inducted into the Quill and Scroll Society are M. Gedris, A. Bonczyk, J. Martinaitis, N. Schindler, N. Schoenborn. The Quill and Scroll, an International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was organ- ized to encourage and reward individual achieve- ment in journalism. Members in the club strive to acquire an ideal of scholarship, promote exact and concise thinking, and produce clear and forceful writing. Hence the profession ' s standards are raised by developing better journalists and by establishing a higher code of ethics. Members of the " Youth Parade " staff are getting an insight into the workings of a news- paper by contributing articles to this section of the Grand Rapids Press. Here the girls are able to see their efforts reach a vast number of readers. Writers Club members who produce articles for Youth Parade are (top row) C. Lang, J. Gogulski, B. Arsulowicz, P. Majewski, P. Ogren, M. Bunch; (bottom row) T. Tomaszek, N. Graham and K. Kampfschulte, co-editors; and S. Alt. Iqsi Special AteMftomesiti News stories, lay-outs, and dummy sheets play an important part in the busy schedule of HILLTOP NEWS staff members. The girls, versed in newspaper ethics and news writing success- fully publish seven issues of an interesting and quality-plus school paper. Discussing new ideas for page layouts are Sister M. Alphonse, pub- lications advisor; M. Gedris, editor; N. Schoenborn, assistant editor; and the four page editors, M.K. Oosdyke, B. Robach, D. Brown, and J. Martinaitis. A. Kleff, HILLTOP NEWS photographer, practices close-ups on staff members V. Raap, S. Fochtman, D. Ward, and J. Bustra P. Glown page layo typist, C. material. nd S. Napieralski study their first ut while M. Rayhert keeps her fellow Radecki, busy with incoming news ]U J00f «r« v ° ' w !KH ia» s f Jlautflite i, Lightheadedness reaches its forte in th e LAUGHTER of active and fun-loving Mercians. This laugh- ter penetrates the serious and dignified exterior of a Mercian ' s composure thus helping to mold a steadfast and personable member of a society. MeftcAGsvi Z+deSi ) Out of the darkness comes the beat of myster- ious drums; overhead can be heard the weird calls of strange birds. The slim palms sway and the night grows older. EXOTICA takes shape as Mercians , feasting upon delicious island rarities, recall memories of high school days and get a preview of what the future holds. The seniors will never forget the beautiful and mystifying scene presented by the juniors at the annual banquet. Palm trees and birds of para- dise help set the scene of LAND OF EXOTICA. Three juniors, M.B. Diskey, C. Hathaway, and S. Dykstxa, reli ve the joys of EXOTICA after a success- ful evening. Making plans for a " really different " banquet are Co-chairmen M.J. Terakowski and P. Zickus with aides, P. Wierzbicki, D. Brown, B. Rollins, and B. Robach. Social Itilusd Soft music, the scent of roses, and a faint rustle of crinoline echo melodiously the ecstasy of Mercians anticipating the Junior-Senior Prom. This event serves to climax an already memory filled school year. It is a Mercian ' s moment to retain a place in the teenage world of laughter and excitement. In this starlit atmosphere is time chanting its farewell message. Cathy Lang and Paul Colby look forward to the prom with sparkling anticipation. Betty Waters, Dave Nahs, Marie Gedris, Dan Pokora, Sandra Fochtman, Vince Fox, find that a before-the-prom get together sets the pace for an evening of fun and dancing. 83 PotpOMASU oJjj Actufitii b Senior Speech members take a curtain call after their presentation of " Everyman. " Eighth graders view the Mount at Open House. Alumnae invite seniors to annual breakfast as honored guests. S Government students dramatize " signing " on Constitution Day. Glee Club music highlights Student Council party. 84 Civic Theatre previews Red Shoes ' at arts assembly. ;r KedfAwt i School y GA Seniors revive " twenties " for their " little sisters " at the Senior- Freshman Mixer. MeAcioAvL BfixriLcflit Which shall I wear to the prom? A energy builder for those exam week blues. . . Anyone for Florida ? The critical study of source material. My this yearbook looks interesting! 86 60 r 4, Becandi Party Girls After a hard day, right at the door, a ride. . . I wish I ' d worn my uniform ! 87 QtixitUuae, Beyond adequate expression is the feeling held by every Mercian of sincere appreciation and GRATITUDE to the persons who have so whole-heartedly given their support to the production of this annual. ij9| 1 ! iPI ?jM 1 1 ..1 1 PA NT LI ND IOTEL 01 wr$i Pabumi Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Augustyn Reverend Hugh Michael Beahan Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Benzer Miss Carol Bustraan Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bustraan Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Diskey Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Duba A Friend Mr. and Mrs William A Ferguson Dr. and Mrs. T. W. Fochtman Miss Sandra Fochtman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Glownia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Heyboer Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Xampfschulte Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kennedy, Jr. Miss Laureen Kennedy Miss Marybeth Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Lyle F. Lowell Mrs. Fred A. Lamoreaux Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Meyer Miss Patricia J. Majewski Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Napieralski Mr. and Mrs. William Norder Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. O ' Hearn Mr. and Mrs. Albert Preston Mr. and Mrs. Leo S. Pryor Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Rau Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Strazalko Mr. Carl Tusch Miss Carol Vanden Berg Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Vanden Berg Mr. John Vander Veen Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wills SpxMAxVii NEWHOUSE OLDSMOBILE 92 North State Street Sparta, Michigan TU 7-0971 BONCZYK BROS. GROCERY 1005 Michigan Street, N.E. GL 4-6701 CLIFF ED COWDIN ' s TEXACO SERVICE 1021 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 8-4759 OGREN ' S GARAGE 711 2nd Street N.W. GL 8-1938 SEAR ' S MARKET 756 Burton Street S.E. CH 3-0644 BURTON BOOTERY 2039 Division Avenue S.E. CH 5-3530 PARTY LINE GROCERY 1211 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 6-5796 GALEWOOD BAKERY 1070 Burton Street, S. W. CH 5-8160 STAN DAVIS FLORAL COMPANY 1330 West Leonard Street, N.W. RI 2-3459 WAGENAAR TRAVEL AGENCY Keeler Building GL 8-1165 MEADOWS CATERING COMPANY 1614 Vinecroft, N.W. EM 1-2627 MAKSIM ' S SAFETY SERVICE 235 Seward Avenue, N.W. GL 4-6484 B. AND J. SERVICE GARAGE 817 Ottawa Avenue, N.W. GL 4-1338 90 NORTHWESTERN PRINTING COMPANY 314 Leonard Street, N.W. GL 6-1624 TASSELL HARDWARE COMPANY 4135 Lake Michigan Drive N.W. GL 3-2423 LA VEAUX ' S DRESS SHOP 411 Standale Plaza, N.W. GL 3-0301 MART CLARK ' S GULF SERVICE 1549 Alpine Avenue, N.W. RI 2-3136 ELECTRONIC ORGAN SERVICE 222 Valley Avenue, N.W. GL 6-5091 • QeRRie tauteR School of dancing w 154 Indiana Ave.,NW Grand Rapids 4, Michigan GL 4-7928 BRIDGE STREET ELECTRIC COMPANY 812 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 8-4209 MARI-LIZ DRESS SHOP i02 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 9-8512 VALLEY RAMBLER COMPANY 412 Valley Avenue, N.W. GL 9-2402 C onaiatuLationi. -Jo -J lis. Cliaii 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Majewski Or it i. uj oxth hhotoqzahliinq , it t ' i ivoztlz the bzi.t. iDuz ot coinhztznt aitiiti. aiz aLivaUi. auaiLabLz to iztuz uou. V E R S L U I S STUDIO 41 Monroe Avenue GRAND RAPIDS GL 9-0245 MICHIGAN Hj. T s CONGRATULATIONS To The Graduating Class of 1960 ST. MARY ' S HOSPITAL GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN M tf CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 60 Harry L. Colton Associates cffxch.its.cti. H. R. Terryberry Co. Official Manufacturers of MOUNT MERCY RINGS Grand Rapids, Michigan 313 Allen, N.W. GL 8-1391 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 TOWN and COUNTRY GIFT and CERAMIC SHOPPES 1693 LEONARD, N.W. Anderson-Krupp Artist Supply Everything for the Professional and Amateur Artist Pictures and Frames 28 Louis opp. Herp ' s Garage 02 Congratulations, Class of 1960 Arthur Boulet Plumbing Phone: CH 3-7403 2131 S. Division Grand Rapids NAWARA BROS. BALL PARK HARDWARE Builders Hardware Appliances Phone: GL 9-7098 1030 W. Fulton St. Grand Rapids, Mich. Western Radio Service TELEVISION SERVICE GL 8-4617 401 Valley at Bridge Grand Rapids, Mich. Compliments of Arsulowicz Brothers Funeral Home 585 STOCKING, N.W. GL 8-1297 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATE! The day you receive your diploma for a job well done will soon be here. May we, at Michigan Consolidated Gas, join with family and friends in wishing you continued success and happiness. Whether the road ahead leads to college, a career or marriage, we hope, some day in some small way, that we may serve you. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY 93 Graduation , D ay tor many young women means the beginning of a new life in the busi- ness world. Telephone work is interesting, im- portant work, and the pay is good. If you ' re looking for a worthwhile job, why not call Glendale 9-999(5 lor an appointment? MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY " A Good Place to Work " Faultless Heating Cooling Co. SJutnaczs. rfii- C onaitionEii. 24-HOUR SERVICE 1021 W. Fulton GL 8-1293 BARTO SON FUNERAL HOME 1401 Quarry, N. W. Rl 2-1196 S. J. Barto GL 4-8179 Bernard Barto voss Portable Typewriters Typewriter Sales and Service 10 Lyon St., NW Phone: GL 9-5324 BEST WISHES BALL PARK DRUG CO. 1 1 57 West Fulton Street Grand Rapids 4, Michigan GL 4-0822 S. E. MEETER H. E. PUNCHES EISENBERG 0 ' HARA No Greater Compliment Could Be Paid Our Uniforms Than That They Are Being Worn By The Students Attending MOUNT MERCY ACADEMY . . . 1 307 Market Street Philadelphia 7 Pennsylvania 94 (2}zh Dfie !Blggz±t ' Bui On Down ! tft CHUCK WAGON BREAD Best Wishes, Class of 1960 P. B. GAST SONS CO. fox Clzanlnq 515 Madison Ave., S.E. Grand Rapids ELECTRICAL CITY, INC. 22 WEST BURTON STREET £ J 0(L T £T«Oiii£ of ' VaLuti. CH 1-1679 LAWRENCE R. BROWN BUILDERS 1125 Roosevelt St., Conklin, Mich. Custom jhudt crfomei. d zmodsLinq Conklin TW 9-2277 RICHMOND CUT-RATE 1554 ALPINE Open 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Phone: GL 8-0917 COIFFURES by CARLO RAMONA PLAZA 2159 Wealthy, Southeast doncjtahiLationi. Do Dki Clan of I960 BLANCHE LeBARON 15 JEFFERSON GRAND RAPIDS COATS . . . SUITS . . . DRESSES . . . SPORTSWEAR . . . FURS . . . 95 donqiatidationi. Do Dks CU± of 1960 Haviland Products Co. GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN Congratulations to the Class of 1960 SLATE PLATING AND FINISHING 820 Cottage Grove, S.E. CH 5-0535 Grand Rapids Michigan Compliments of LINK, INCORPORATED 2066 BRISTOL N.W. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN GRAND RAPIDS FORGING AND STEEL COMPANY 617 Ottawa, N.W. CUSTOM FORGINGS OF ALL TYPES Carbon — Alloy — Tool Steel Hi-Carbon — Hi-Chrome Warehouse Stock • Cold Finished and Mild Steel Bars • Rounds, Squares and Flats • Carpenter Matched Tool Steels • Water and Oil Hardening Drill Rod • Gauge Stock RAY REED TRUCK SALES Mack Truck Sales and Service 959 Chicago Drive, S.W. CH 5-2144 Office: Rl 2-1275 Res. Rl 2-0597 WOLVERINE Roofing and Insulating Company Alsar Aluminum Siding — Stone Buildings Insulated — Blown-ln Insulation J. M. HANSEN 1251 Plainfield, N.E. 96 CONGRATULATIONS To The Graduating Class of 1960 PRESTON PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED Grand Rapids Michigan Jelens Die Stamping, Inc. Manufacturer of Tools-Dies Bert Jelens, Pres. Mgr. Phone: GL 9-0211 1015 Monroe Ave., N.W. Grand Rapids, Mich. Micron Manufacturing Co. cff-utomatLc esM,achin.£ i zoducti 333 FRANSMAN, S.W. C-ongxakuLationi U ' a IJlzs. Oaii of 1960 McIXEmfEY Spring Wire Co DETROIT OFFICE 9II FISHER BUILDING DETROIT 2. M ICHIGAf JIAXIIFACTIIREKS 655 GODFREY AVE.. S.W. Ghasd Rapids 2, Mi cm gas CUSHION SPRING CONSTRUCTIONS • INTERIOR TRIM • CONVERTIBLE TOPS CLIPS FASTENERS • SMALL STAMPINGS • WIRE ROD FORMS • MECHANICAL SPRINGS 97 CAMERAS FILM SUPPLIES FOR THE AMATEUR Westown Foto Center 1159 Leonard St., N. W. Open Evenings ' till 8 P. M. Sat. ' till 6 P. M. Phone Rl 2-1318 BEST WISHES ! VERBRUGGE ' S SERVICE PHILLIPS 66 " Woody £inU. " 840 Bridge St., N.W. GL 4-6291 gtCMtHin 1903 Albert J. Alt Sow. f m W-z LP J $ G A : RAP:DS J. M:CHIGA NAVVARA BROS. Home of World Famous " Brand Name ' Appliances, Boats and Motors Frigidaire Philco Tappan Gas Ranges Hamilton Maytag 1000 W. Fulton Evenrude Glasspar Starcraft Wagemaker GL 1-0854 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 A FRIEND WM. MATHEWS AND SON PHARMACY Bridge at Valley Avenue • MATHEWS PHARMACY AND GIFT SHOP Edison Plaza Lake Michigan Drive at Covell 98 Masck ' s I.G.A. Market 1601 Alpine, N.W. Grand Rapids Michigan Compliments of Platte Brothers ' HARRISON PARK DAIRY 741 Richmond, N.W. Rl 2-2277 BEST WISHES PARKSIDE FOOD MART 1153 Fulton Street, W. Grand Rapids Michigan LAMOREAUX ' S DRUGS 3924 W. River Drive, N.W. Phone: EM 1-2659 Comstock Park Michigan AMERICAN BREAD COMPANY Variety Bread Pastry — Don uts— Cakes Decorated Cakes for ail occasions 712 Bridge St., N.W. PHONE GL 8-3201 Compliments of TIP TOP MARKET Corner Fourth and Garfield Compliments of NEHI BEVERAGE COMPANY BOTTLERS OF PAR-T-PAK AND R-C COLA 1267 Burton, Southwest 99 9«de . Advertisements 92-99 Albertina, Sister Mary 1 1 Alphonse, Sister Mary 10, 79 Alt, Carole 72, 75 Alt, Sandra 22, 23, 39, 41, 57, 72, 75, 78, 104 Alt, Susan 57, 75 Anisko, Patricia 65, 76 Arsulowicz, Barbara 23,39,56,67,74,78 Augustyn, Carol 23, 58, 104 Aultman, Rita 48, 57 Auxiliaries to Education 12-13 Badaluco, Sue 23,49,51,63,75,76,104 Bailey, Donna 75 Bala, Anna 53, 76 Banka, Sandra 48 Bartz, Gloria 23, 38,39 Base, Diane 65 Beahan, Rev. Hugh Michael 8, 45 Bentley, Mary Jane 55 Benzer, Virginia 22, 24, 46, 65, 72 Bizio, Susan 50, 64 Bogaski, Alveia 39, 57, 65, 75 Bogush, Karen 55 Bonczyk, Arlene 22,24,50,75,76,78,104 Boulet, Sharon 24, 75, 76 Bouzas, Daniel 67 Braun, Susan 44, 75 Bronkema, Constance 41 Brown, Bonita 57, 65 Brown, Dianne 48,62,74,75,76,79,82 Brown, Janet 44,65 Budnick, Mary 55 Buffin, Margery 53,75 Bunn, Mrs. George 12 Buroccki, Linda 65 Burtch, Mary 54,65,75,78 Bustraan, Jenny 24,72,76,79 Butler, Edith 75 Carr, Rita 24,39 Cebelak, Ruthanne 36,75 Centers, Geraldine 48 Claver, Sister Mary 12 Coffey, Mary Linda 41,47,66,75,76 Colby, Paul 83 Colton, Pamela 75 Constance, Sister Mary 9 Covell, Marilyn 24,41,67,72,75 Craig, Sonia 25,39,53,77 Czarnopys, Alice 55,73 Dara, Mary Ann 25,65 Dauksza, Diane 25,53,64,65,75,76 Dedication 5 Directory, Senior 102-103 Diskey, Kathleen 48,75 Diskey, MaryBeth 56,67,75,76,82 Duba, Mary 44,47 Dunneback, Pamela 55 Dykstra, Sandra 44,65,75,76,82 Edmund, Sister Mary 10 Everse, Betty 73,75 Faculty 8-11 Faucz, Juliann 47,64 Felicioni, Sylvia 52 Fennell, Barbara 22, 25,39,75 Fennell, Mary Jane 74,76,77 Ferguson, Katherine 25,59 Fix, Mary 75 Fochtman, Mary Lou 22,25,51,76 Fochtman, Sandra 26,64,66,67,72,75, 79,83 Ford, Kathleen 64 Foreword 4 Fox, Vincent 83 Francis, Carol 48 Freshmen 16-17 Fron, Elizabeth 75 Gedris, Marie 22,26,57,78,79,83 Gedris, Shirley 64 Gietzen, Kathleen 52 Gilewski, Sandra 26,37,41,104 Glownia, Pamela 22,26,59,79 Goggins, Kathleen 26,73 Gogulski, Jean 41,47,78 Gorecki, Janice 45,75 Grahan, Mary Ellen 26,75 Graham, Noelle 47,48,75,76,78 Grzeczka, Phyllis 65 Hansen, Dorothy 22, 27,75,77,104 Haskamp, Claudia 64 Hathaway, Carol 82 Heitz, Barbara 27 Heitz, Jacqueline 45 Herman, Kathleen 75 Heyboer, Marlene 27,63,66,74,104 Hilltop Staff 79 Hofmann, Kathleen, 37,55 Hoogterp, Rosemary 64 Hormuth, Clara 12 Horter, Patricia 55 Host, Eleanor 38,39,66,75,76 Hotovy, Patricia 44,54,75 Hupp, Marilyn 75 Ignasiak, Jean 45,75 Immaculate, Sister Mary 11 Inez, Sister Mary 1 1 Ingersoll, Jean 66,75,76 Jannereth, Donald 67 Johnson, Mary Kaye 75 Johnson, Rosalie 52,54 Johnson, Sandra 44,65 Johnson, Sharon 75 Joswick, Judith 57,75 Juniors 20-21 Jurewicz, Barbara 44,75 Kampfschulte, Katherine 27,50,75,76, 78,104 Kennedy, Judith 75 Kennedy, Mary Beth 22,27,39,49,66,67, 74,75,76 King, Veronica 45 Kleff, Ann 27,50,59,75,79 Kline, Cheryl 65,76 Knauf, Carolyn 37,53 Konkle, Michele 65,75,76 Kowalczyk, Mary Chris 75 Kozlowski, Charlotte 28,63,75,76 Kreiger, Carol 28,41,76,79 Kujawa, Geraldine 28,52 Kumko, Margaret 49,52 LaFave, Dennis 67 Lamoreaux, Mary Lynn 28,52,63,75,76 Lang, Catherine 22,28,56,67,75,76,78, 83 Larson, Sharon 37,67,75,76 Laszewski, Jerene 28,104 Leigh, Marybeth 75,76 Leonard, Michelle 50 Lipinski, Lynda 75 Lipscomb, Carol Ann 65,66,75 Lombardo, Frances 29,52 Lowell, Patricia 29,36,46 Loyola, Sister Mary 10 Maggini, Louise 29,75,76 Majewski, Patricia 29,51,58,75,78 Makowski, Patricia 55,65,66,72,75, 76 Malek, Barbara 75 Markham, Mary Ann 46,51,53,76 Markham, Mary Lee 75,76,77 Martin, Joan 56,76 Martinaitis, Joan 29,75,76,78,79 Masalkoski, Joyce 57,65,73,75 McCall, Catherine 36,37 McClatchey, Sharon 72 McDermott, Maureen 49,73,75 Mercian Staff 104 Meyer, Donna 22,29,39,49,75,76,104 Michael, Sister Mary 10 Mickna, Kathleen 52 Mikulenas, Adolph 13 Miller, Diane 44 Miller, Laureen 50 Miller, Marilyn 64 Mlynarchek, Bernadette 65,75 Muraski, Sandra 55,65,75 Nahs, David 67,83 100 r Napieralski, Patricia 30,46 Napieralski, Paula 30,41,49,66,75,76 Napieralski, Susan 30,79 National Honor Society 22 Norder, Janice 30,57 O ' Connor, Christine 45,64 Ogren, Priscilla 49,56,62,75,76,78,104 O ' Hearn, Carol, 65,75 Olewinski, Judith 36,46,65,75 Ollis, Susanne 73,75 Omilian, Patricia 44,54,75 O ' Neill, Mary C. 64,75 Oosdyke, Mary Kay 22,30,37,51,65,74, 79 Paschal, Sister Mary 10,62 Pasikowski, Cassie 12 Patrons 90 Phillips, Mary Jo 64 Piechocki, Carol 75 Placide, Sister Mary 10,58 Platte, Cecilie 76 Platte, Loretta 46,75,76 Platte, Margaret 31,75 Pokora, Daniel 67,83 Preston, Mary 31,49,62,75,76 Price, Bonnie 44 Priest, Kathleen 37 Pryor, Sandra 31 Pylypczuk, Stephanie 12 Quinn, Susan 37,65,75 Raap, Violet 31,52,79 Rachelle, Sister Mary 10,46,66 Radecki, Carole 31,58,79 Rademacher, Sheryl 75 Rakiec, Barbara 75 Ralenkotter, Rev. Howard, C.P. 36 Rasch, Linda 65,72 Rau, Marcia 31 Rayhert, Marcia 32,79 Rebecca, Sister Mary 10,57 Reens, Mary 41,49,52 Remigius, Sister Mary 13 Retreat 36-37 Rizzon,- Janet 32,37,53,67 Robach, Barbara 65,75,79,82 Rock, Lois 44,75 Rollins, Barbara 51,55,65,67,75,82 Ronan, Therese 49 Ruczynski, Dorlaie 64,73 Rupprecht, Norma 32,59 Ruth, Margaret 47,75 Ruth, Mary Beth 65,75 Salutatorian 22 Sandusky, Ann 64 Scheidel, Lewis 13 Scheidel, Theodore 13 Schindler, Nelda 32,47,78 Schindler, Sharon 55,75,76 Schmidt, Marilyn 52,73 Schoenborn, Nancy 51,78,79 Schumaker, Karen 46,51,75,76 Schumaker, Sandra 49 Segar, Mrs. Theodora Hunt 11 Senior Class Officers 22 Seniors 23-33 Seymour, Katherine 13 Siedlecki, Maria, 75 Siegel, Katherine, 32,53 Sienko, Sharon 41,55 Simmons, Ethel 12 Skinner, Janice 65 Smith, Arlene 75 Smith, Ruth 12 Sodality 38-39 Sophomores 18-19 Sponsors 91 Steffes, LaDoris 38,39,48,75,76 Stephen, Sister Mary 10 Stokes, Jennifer 57 Stowe, Kathleen 32,41,46,53,75,76 Strzalko, Judith 22,33,39,67,72,75,104 Suchowolec, Susan 48 Table of Contents 3 Terakowski, Mary Jane 46,51,72,75,76, 82 Thiefels, Jane 65,73 Tisch, Elaine 48,75 Tobin, Kathleen 48,62,75,76 Tomaszek, Therese 50,64,78 Ullom, Beatrice 56,64,65,67,75,76 Valedictorian 22 VandenBerg, Linda 33,38,39,75,76 Vincent, Sister Mary 11 Ward, Diana 22,33,41,49,51,75,79 Waters, Elizabeth 22,33,53,67,75,83, 104 Weber, Geraldine 67,75,76 White, Betty 41,54,75 White, Sharon 33,53,75,76 Whitman, Marcia 45 Wierzbicki, Patricia 36,66,75,82 Wills, Diane 33,76 Wood, Geraldine 37 Zamierowski, Donna 50,64,65 Zayko, Edwina 54,75 Zickus, Patricia 51,75,76 ,82 101 Setuob bi iectosuf, Alt, Sandra J. 1400 Oakleigh Road, N.W. GL. 3-1833 St. Mary Parish Arsulowicz, Barbara L. I56I Oswego Street, N.W. GL. 4-4437 St. Adalbert Parish Augustyn, Carol A. 311 Rosewood Street, S.E. GL. 8-0575 St. Thomas Parish Badaluco, Sue A. 152 Graham Road, N.W. GL. 9-5930 St. James Parish Bartz, Gloria J. 1727 Havana Street, S.W. CH. 5-2919 Holy Name Parish Benzer, Virginia L. 687 Carpenter Avenue, N.W. GL. 3-1227 St. Adalbert Parish Bonczyk, Arlene K. 949 Innes Street, N.E. GL. 9-6736 St. Isidore Parish Craig, Sonia M. 1941 Galewood Street, S.W. GL. 2-3371 Holy Name Parish Dara, Mary A. 26 Delaware Street, S.E. GL. 2-2550 Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Dauksza, Diane A. 835 Valley Avenue, N.W. GL. 9-8750 Holy Spirit Parish Fennell, Barbara A. 2202 Frances Avenue, S.E. GL. 2-2596 St. Francis Xavier Parish Ferguson, Kathryn E. 3657 Francis Avenue, S.E. GL 2-7106 St. John Vianney Parish Fochtman, Mary L. 650 Garfield Street, N.W. GL. 6-9202 St. James Parish Fochtman, Sandra J. 70 North Union Street, Sparta TU. 7-932 3 Holy Family Parish, Sparta Graham, Mary E. 1444 Fourth Street, N.W. GL. 9-2535 St. James Parish Hansen, Dorothy M. 2300 W. Leonard Road RI. 2-0597 Holy Spirit Parish Heitz, Barbara A. 444 Leonard Street, N.E. RI. 2-8696 St. Alphonsus Parish Heyboer, Marlene A. 0-240 Lake Michigan Drive GL. 3-0887 Sacred Heart Parish Kampfschulte, Katherine E. 315 Ball Park Boulevard GL. 8-1993 St. Mary Parish Kennedy, Mary E. 320 Bristol Avenue, N.W. GL. 9-730 2 St. J ames Parish Kleff, Ann M. 314 Lane Street, N.W. GL. 8-4096 St. Mary Parish 3oulet, Sharon A. 2557 Evernia Street, S.E. CH. 3-6623 St. Francis Xavier Parish Gedris, Marie H. 1219 Broadway Avenue, N.W. GL. 6-9957 SS. Peter and Paul Parish Kozlowski, Charlotte A. 552 Pine Street, N.W. GL. 4-7017 St. Adalbert Parish 3ustraan, Jennie C. 1638 Alpine Avenue, N.W. RI. 2-4142 St. Anthony of Padua Parish Carr, Rita J. 4702 Grantwood Avenue LE. 2-08 39 St. Mary Magdalene Parish Covell, Marilyn E. 326 Ames Street, N.E. GL. 8-3170 St. Alphonsus Parish Gilewski, Sandra L. 234 Richards Street, N.W. GL. 8-5262 Sacred Heart Parish Glownia, Pamela J. 1119 Park Street, S.W. GL. 1-3240 Sacred Heart Parish Goggins, Kathleen J. 1901 Knapp Avenue, N.E. EM. 1-9790 Blessed Sacrament Parish Krieger, Carol M. 1105 Parkhurst Avenue, N.W. RI. 2-3576 St. Mary Parish Kujawa, Geraldine 935 Butterworth Street, S.W. GL. 6-1832 Sacred Heart Parish Lamoreaux, Mary L. 3261 W. River Road Comstock Park EM. 1-0560 St. Mary Parish 102 Lang, Catherine F. 1409 Turner Avenue, N.W. GL. 4-9644 St. Anthony of Padua Parish Laszewski, Jerene B. 1428 Fourth Street, N.W. GL. 8-0657 Sacred Heart Parish Lombardo, Frances C. 1149 Butterworth Street, S.W. GL. 6-1304 Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Lowell, Patricia A. 461 Benson Avenue, N.E. GL. 6-7897 St. Isidore Parish Maggini, Louise A. 1818 Lake Michigan Drive GL. 6-5645 Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Majewski, Patricia J. 451 Eleanor Street, N.E. EM. 1-2595 Blessed Sacrament Parish Martinaitis, Joan L. 413 Valley Avenue, N.W. GL. 6-8964 St. Jame s Parish Meyer, Donna C. 730 Lyon Street, N.E. GL. 8-2157 St. Isidore Parish Napieralski, Patricia E. 703 Innes Street, N.E. GL. 4-5269 St. Isidore Parish Napieralski, Paula L. 1701 Oswego Street, N.W. GL. 8-9135 Holy Spirit Parish Napieralski, Susan K. 2487 Lafayette Avenue, N.E. EM. 1-1843 Blessed Sacrament Parish Norder, Janice M. 4660 Burton Street, S.E. GL. 2-8073 St. Stephen Parish Ogren, Priscilla A. 1120 Westend Drive, N.W. RE. 8-7611 Bethlehem Lutheran Church Oosdyke Mary K. 2518 Coit Road, N.E. EM. 1-5300 Blessed Sacrament Parish Platte, Margaret M. 737 Fifth Street, N.W. GL. 6-7665 St. Mary Parish Preston, Mary E. 1451 Seventh Street, N.W. GL. 8-8854 St. Adalbert Parish Pryor, Sandra L. 852 Diamond Avenue, N.E. GL. 4-9364 St. Isidore Parish Raap, Violet A. 4201 Peach Ridge Road, N.W. EM. 1-9517 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Radecki, Carole R. 93 Woodcrest Drive, N.W. GL. 6-8943 Sacred Heart Parish Rau, Marcia K. 921 Ellsmere Street, N.E. EM. 1-7672 Park Congregational Church Rayhert, Marcia D. 1913 Fruitwood Avenue, N.W. GL. 4-4033 Sacred Heart Parish Rizzon, J anet M. 536 Emerald Street, N.E. GL. 8-4558 St. Isidore, Parish Rupprecht, Norma J. 222 Valley Avenue, N.W. GL. 6-5091 St. Mary Parish Schindler, Nelda F. 4005 Hendershot Avenue, N.W. EM. 1-2349 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Siegel, Katherine L. 4751 W. River Drive, Box 41 Comstock Park EM. 1-6807 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Stowe, Kathleen M. 215 Dickinson Street, S.E. CH. 3-8264 St. Francis Xavier Parish Strzalko, Judith A. 146 Eastern Avenue, N.E. GL. 8-4968 St. Isidore Parish VandenBerg, Linda K. 4159 Robert Avenue Comstock Park EM. 1-4548 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Ward, Diana M. 916 Carpenter Avenue, N.W. GL. 3-2035 St. Adalbert Parish Waters, Elizabeth A. 1134 Seneca Street, S.W. CH. 3-8496 Holy Name Parish White, Sharon A. 125 Bristol Avenue, N.W. GL. 8-0033 St. James Parish Wills, Diane P. 1035 Washtenaw Street, N.E. EM. 3-2118 Blessed Sacrament Parish UiDS Blur ;s 103 tyatewell to. 196 Originality . Ingenuity . . Dedication . Loyalty . . . Perseverance Laughter . . . Pensive editor A. Bonczyk, remains calm amidst frantic deadlines, lost captions, and mountains of copy. usiness management and ad sales, M. Heyboer ' s and C. Augustyn ' s responsibilities, are indispensable phases in the MERCIAN ' S production. B. Waters realizes that even year- book typists, J. Laszewski, and S. Gilewski can make mistakes! Lay-out problems present a challenge and a headache for D. Meyer, D. Hansen, and S. Alt. " That ' s all there is to it! " K. Kampfschulte tells her fellow photographer J. Strzalko. P. Ogren and S. Badaluco look forward to seeing the pages of their dummy book take shape in the finished product. Love . . . Dignity . . Success ! I960 is a memory. fl ■ x? i u a c f - i A msJ w- — ; Q j_ . I f i a 1 AU J e.) JL M - W 4 ; — — HS.3 u .W ;£- 5 . . - X.L - " Cw - , ' x 1 ' " T " -4. -. d3J •-1_4» ' 0 3 — Y •t n . cl Lex atZ-fJ- fc Ml l Ujiii Mil m.-l i a ji j , u l± J r Z 1 1 1 1 V — v l-f A

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