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X X 1 1 1 1 , v 1 r L 1 V mx 11'L ,,'L vix 1 1 1 x ' K. , 1 . 1 1 k C Faculty A2t1wt1eS Sports Underclassmen Sewers 68 89 117 129 149 , f L t First Miorlle Jr., etc. s It will help us 3 L L- ' L! w..JY-A-W? L' application wit! ir sql .ifjfggi receive it. i4 ils4ilgx3j, f 6l , Mpplication for Admission to Harvard College Instructions To Applicant Complete and return your application by Novenfber 15 if possible. january 1, 19 i 32 7 l for applying, but arlapplication filed later than that will be accepted if there are and if it is possible for the Admission Committee to consider it. p 2. As soon as you decide to apply to Harvard Cdo not wait until you submit your o Applicant Please Pnnt Name: ..... ......,..,..,.............................,..........,..4......,..,...... D ate of B, S , Q , 4 ' xmas 1XI' fy Ik QW kj fvafq. . K J . A' -1. y ' 2 -if-Q . . wb: 1 V w,.h..1 ky, .,,. 5.53. .1 K all if w iim, WE? . fw 4"h A' . , v. 1 ' QM? A"A f A . M , 1 I , . G: . A v W ,WA .2 V, , 7 ' ,Ai I F ,, 'lil A .V wig A ' K , Q v , 1 .- A . , U V. V x V . ,.,, K ' - - I A,.:' " ,lf L M A K V' .. , I 1 IM, , . . 'Q 'r awk 1 . H, P' f 1 7 s is 1 5: J t E ' Q ' 'x S 3? ,gf Elf f , .K ,f - Qt, 'wp - lxm g' ' A In W 5 if JP my f 13, 5:1 My was 9 iw' Q 'f S Im M ' lip: as 'K '46 W f 2 ':-gm ! fwg Q-an J . , .F 7 X! -5 '- " A . ,, if .4 ,, . - i . : K f's..'ff 13' ' ,, if ' M1521 ': A an Q 'Q 4 P 1? i mi IU 'snr fa KE ., , Q fig 59 X x,., f ':':' gd' J EVL ,X X r ,Y 'WJ ,, ji' xl , 'y fi? 'L Ss U 1, f. v, -we N, ww Z 1 .X W W,-N W 'X , H ,, M , 1' Q cg' ' -5 no .E Q VI . .., '7 Q , fl!! , , ,,,' Q1:f3"?'f' , 1 -. 'iijlilf ' f ,psi . an Q , ., V I 6915 '3 Losing only the Class AA Championship, the 1967 Mt. Lebanon Blue Devils again demonstrated the ex- cellence in sports at Nlt. Lebanon. Impressive victories in crucial games against Uniontown and Canon-NlclVlil- lan climaxed a season perfect except for the Thanks- giving Day loss to New Castle. In his first season of coaching at the high school, lVlr. Art Walker molded individual, outstanding stars into a fine team. Vince Russo, high school All-American, and most Valuable Player in Class AA football, led the Blue Devils to an undefeated record in the Western Conference. Winning recognition asan outstandinglineman was Jack Howard at right tackle. Quarterback Steve Vidmer directed the winning backfield of Terry Phillips, Don Porter, and Vince Russo. Coach Walker expects returning players Rex Bennett and Alan Walker to help lead the Blue Devils to another championship game. 8 'iifl rig En! li fi IK , "' if E1 52 'f fp Q 1? ,M js -3 E Q4 71 hz: gb: W 'X ff? . 292 :K- ,A H2 5 ii EW m A-' A. 4: lm -M-.4.1MLum-1-W.L--,MA-v.--vmf.w:wmJm.u.-mc-1'-.vm LvvmmmmmunuwmmjuyufxmmLv,.1M1mnwv.xwlm-f,.M-M Nnmuf- .mn-Q.1.vmv,-,:..-,.m.n n.ff.An-..1.f4,. --mv-x -nf -J.-w.1m,,y.-wwV-.-vrwmv.--W-w. .ww.,f. mmmm.-,w..fmA-.-.N -,-- -M., F-,.'. ,- . M'-4. -,W . 4 --,,..,x- - -nw.-ww J '1 If Qi' . f2s.n'r, A 1 fa! auf 55.5554 1, F F4'xz ,f1 l Senior stars Bill Rugh, Bill Mar- tin, Dave Helwig, and Dale Frazer led the 1967 Harriers to great suc- cess in dual competition. Although no Mt. Lebanon runners went to the state cross country finals, the team finished fifth in W.P.l.A.L. competition. Coach Donley Molle- naur led the team to a sweep of the Mountaineers Invitational to highlight the fall cross country season. i 7 , k 4 r ' ,--, H fe - . . , ., , , 77.75535 .- . , V H ,, J A wsz..a.,gi,. 1 v . 'is -uw of W 5 , av 1 .1 . , Vgvqkgl A X M 13 . J-ml I V ,A .W f -Viv ,X Am www .A law-" :V ik V g F 5 Q! fi EV ag, fi Enacting the humor and intrigue of Peter Ustinov's Romanoff and Juliet, the 1968 senior class presented a modern development of the Romeo-and-Juliet theme. Leads Jack Moore as Romanoff, and Molly Youngling as Juliet, play the young lovers caught in the diplomatic in- trigue of an eastern European country. The idyllic atmo- sphere converts spy George Kincheloe into a monk and calms the political tempest for a happy ending. 16 E 2 w 1 7 , ,A.,A ,. Mt. Lehan n Passes First H ANT t GS New East! Mt. leham Kisk' Clim Bethel Park Bowsp Chczrtiers Valley, Hempfieid Beaten Three Win Har In 'AA' Bnfifm Last yearys WPIAL Class AA champion, Mt. Lebanon, passed its first test for the new year 0 . 'wut h boziixeed th the man who led xt Ralph Fife, and the lost to it in the game, Hempfield, "it for a Park last 3' 'S Val- Mifflin Nong: -Press Pho?o Ev Robert Pav , A.,, ,A es registered by Paul Morris who goes for five yards before 2 ef ' ,' ',? it.ML5bonc3r?Xls kfjoul Tillson who is Oufrunning on often' fc i :me Qi e Binotto. Mt. Lebanon won lost niglfafs c " in Ae M -O, and remained in the WPSAL Class AA chompionshipw Q e e 5 lee ns x e is e e LThe Pimbgrgh Press, Friday, Sepwmrber 25, 8967 VH. Lebanon In Key Tes k pionship hopefuie ionighf he 9 'AA' Champs Befhel Par I ?Burgettstown af Wayrxesbn l . ,, gl 1 gg-H, ,Munhall at Brentwood L -W I ff, 2 5 2 E 4 E Mt. Lebanorfs Jock Howard infercepts a pas: ak Reaches 18 L Lebanon Whl s Unlomown fin W W Elmo Goofs? 52 L 1 1 ' ' ll Boolf. l'l,S57 Wolfe Ezaoiosaoillssg Hblffal fllwrsfsjts o Boo? Rod rilsrslzfafsfs Wiih Eis'o:':i3 52122531 o nv 1 A op fx' Sim la bf N f l ri l LQ A fm 1 X il wi r ,jr I V i, ig , gh KM ? , 7 A oqzgizyai - k w. . V, j" 'i:A 5 'V , , , Q1 1 ni H, ay , , , ,Q A ,"1 l'w l'My mges 5 Z lf W, ., ,,, . Lv,, ,M ,Q li. Lebanon Shoofih Wills 2515 WC Ck-To-Buck Till' Titlgln Rgw ML lglamn Stock Rnses Blue Devils Baldwin, 25-7 S . Hgh - WWM . ffm. lralglill Yzvgslirg lllwkllfg I .l5fW,l5v 2, ' :viz vhamniomhm and 7'l"lf?l' 5 fowl X A ,liwl ,U Russo Sparks 19-C5 Triumph Mi. Lebanon 1 R9 2 Devils Explode ne Eranlle. Sly in lv - I' l i , meld ofbiflasszli W QT, , w. a 4 20 L 1 21 'U 'Ei'-6 iff' X' ff' Q 'W' ,, q , X 3'ig 5 ti O ' , ,,f,.. ganlilf' -Ai u f 4 if gm T X ,IM f M ,fi 5 i Q 5 i 5 ,Q K xw.. , ' f AJQ T w ,V 1 V ' W' L25-i I , ,ffffg,ff'V 22 X aj ,yur Ui-h+bL ff 'W 4eQZ P A 0,9 yi 25 The Blue Devil basketball team won Coach Dick Black his eighth consecutive section championship by charging through Section 9-A undefeated. With an overall record of 22-O in regular sea- son play, lVlt. Lebanon again entered the W.P.I.A.L. Championship Tourna- ment. Stars Frank DeWitt, Tom lVlar- shall, Don Porter, John Bates, and Steve Hein led Nlt. Lebanon to impres- sive showings with victory margins of up to seventy points. The triumph in our own Holiday Tournament and victo- ries over Uniontown, Washington, and Bethel marked another successful sea- son. Coach Ashburner's J.V.'s again ran up a fine record in season competition. 4 BASKETBALL Students from such places as Sweden, Japan, France, Greece, and Iran add an international dimension to Nlt. Lebanon High School. With a warm friendliness and a willingness to answer all manner of questions about their homeland, they help achieve a greater international understanding. Despite a vigorous aversion to any temperature below sixty degrees, Shahla Farivar QRIGHTD, our Iranian exchange student, finds lVlt. Lebanon a wonderful place. She is hxaving a great time and en- joys working and being at lVlt. Lebanon's toboggan run. She is also going on a ski trip, a real endeavor for such a warm- climate girl. Monica and Peter Otterland CBELOWJ, who have moved around a lot before coming to lVlt. Lebanon, call the United States the "Country of Opportunity." De- spite a little homesickness for Sweden, their native land, and some trouble with English, both have come to like it here and have made many close friends. SWK. Ii 12- f 0 M' . ,.,. l S ai la l Cathy and Cally Xanthoudakis QABOVE LEFTJ call the island of Chios, Greece, their home. With their parents, however, they have come to America and have found many different experiences. Their favorite subject is English, while reading is their main hobby. When they leave Nlt. Lebanon, they will regret having to leave their numerous, new friends. Gigi Pre-Horn CLEFTJ, who came to this country from France, has resided in Monaco and Belgium before com- ing to America. She is active in the Make-up Squad and works as a secretary in the guidance office. She likes the freedom we have here best of all and enjoys at- tending our basketball and football games. "Mas" Yukimoto CABOVE RIGHTJ, our exchange student from Japan, has won a large place in the heart of lVlt. Lebanon High School. Active in Judo Club, he was also named honorary Vice-President of our Stu- dent Congress. K 1,1 ,, f?'f.?'ffG2? ,-f,K4,1f 2, Q, 1 ' 42 , , if - I ff f Q55 Q ..- . 2 E2 Sim' F v 35 M1 J X . 2, ,F , .55 4, ws Jin., The Ski Club, headed by lVlr. Robert Meyers, sponsors trips to nearby ski areas. This year's agenda included an outing to Bear Rocks. Here the beginners enthusiastically, even if somewhat awkwardly, learned and practiced skills, while the more advanced skiers swept down slopes and enjoyed a chance to enter racing events. ,AI N ,.A.A------hpL-- , gif' x V f' X' 1 x ...-ug... 'mis "F"',V lr gnu-u-up ,xxx X if 1 sl pnqlnvv' ,wp-an my , ,vi 1 The rifle team also shot its way to a success- ful season. In winning its first six matches, the team reached the perfect total of 500 three times. Senior girls Kathy Valentour, Gloria Yorke, Bobbi Richards, and Sharon Burroughs set the pace for precision sharpshooting. State finals in rifle were held at Penn State on April 6. Q ,. ,, S be K .4 S g .,, Snowball Queen-Don na Smiley COURT Carolyn Friday Sue Haudenshield Sue Hildabrand Jane Howe Lynn Kaufmann Kathy Kropf Michele Maxwell Pat Scoggins Judy Troan Terry Woodworth W i k 3 F, , 15 --...,,-su gs., 3? I A ' QQ -. 1,-2, , K 5w4 ig Q LW.V get Jw. :J ' x A Q, L Y, My Tffijfi, kg at f l we .. , ,, lm its ' 1 x ,,., Y 'I' ,ww ,W 2226 gfdff mezzfagefxz N WJ, an H 'ww-U 'Q , if 1 45,5 .wifi 3 U I 'ff Ja an as u UMIQIGIIQI Mgqf rlgap ,qg 4 is +'Wiff'Eew5lfQS?1w5 With interscholastic competition in tennis, volleyball, and golf, Nlt. Leba- non's girls' athletic program expanded to include seven sports. The swimming team won all its dual meet competition, including the difficult Bethel meet, and then went on to win the W.P.l.A.L. Championship. Also having successful seasons were the gymnastics and the track teams. The girls' basketball team played a competitive and exciting brand of basketball, defeating several tough ri- vals. Although the girls suffered some tough setbacks, they beat rival Baldwin and downed Sewickley Academy 35-20. Capping the girls' sports season was the Girls' Sports Banquet on Nlay 23, when outstanding competitors were awarded emblems and letters. 40 r, . Wil Wi 'lsr The outstanding achievements of five Lebo swimmers at the Grove City Relays highlighted the 1967 swimming season. Driving lVlt. Lebanon to a second place finish, Dick Rydze overcame all competi- tion in the diving events, while the four- some of Andy Weisbrod, Nick Douglass, Bill Bruegmann, and Wally Coles finished second in the Medley Relay. With the re- turn of talented swimmers Wes Conner, Cliff Rowe, Chris Douglass, and Bill Brueg- mann from last year's team, Coach Will Saunders expects a fine 1968 season. 43 44 1 LL il - -'Q-. X. J . ,Q HS 5 QTWMK 3235-M NXQXS W 46 If gf SH K . . 5 waiiilr f,1.??fi'. f J " -1 R' M. , Many 5 ' ' : Y5fzAi,' 32127 3 K' .viii :fi-E391 7 57. .Q Q-1,. xfwff 3 1' X 2 K ,' :il ,,ff - Vg5,f.-wigff r "9 S N 1 4 v f 'SW 1 ,. A, wi 1 4. " K? f , Jim a,e12:E':y'-.Lialjifmki if f 115389 Wiiicr' f f, 5,,71, 3 5 ,Fi 'fi Lyiigiffifll Uffixirgaif- V, - Q.. gm, -112 if - V ,1 15 I wi fi aa.- Q ' Y .2 lg 41. S vs ' ilif'-iii? 9 ' ' Q -e Q S v 1 Q .,, , . Q FK S, 1 41 'A 11 , ,.,, 1 2-1211 ,.lg:,,,Jg ,.ff.4.:1 7- -y,:'fAfex1 if 1wyQ'g,V.v. . L- .QM , ,zisizigp , 'ig,A,Q',ig1fQe7 wwfqmf ww My fa- 5555, .Y mg? H, . ,k ,Vik I , E--f E illi- Za , ex Q 9 if' " F M l g? 1 X' , 5 f,f . 3 -yn F ,Z . Z ,, , . 'E . W,,,,: . Q ,uf .. - V W .M V. -f.. Lv , ,, ' H wiizgfxfif- l rd 4 E Yi 'Z I W' f 54, my f K 'fx bww ,. gp .Q ze' 2 .2 -an ' x. mn hy F. ,,Y, M ifdllflf-T'W"' E' MMM,!.,M,, W Q Q . L Zvfr vm .N if mi 114: Y I Nw -if-" fy ,. f it if 2 H+ 1 I , ,. , -Q. Q ,taxi-,A.N.h '-K' aw' :.,.,, dd si B -. V Q 'LA yr 49 lv 'x 5 f U Wh 5 , ,lm 5? ,MQ 4' Q, Q? ' it-up .X 5. ""-,af K' ah, 'M' 4 Q 1, 1- 1.-15" Featuring the individual accomplishments of several N.P.l.A.L. champions, the 1967 track team enjoyed a successful spring. Steve Hein in the discus throw, Mike Nolan in the two- nile run, and the team of Jack Brownlee, Don Carlson, Tom Stechshulte, and Rick Schnure in the mile relay all won N.P.l.A.L. championships, with Mike and the relay team setting N.P.l.A.L. records. The exciting season which featured crucial neets with Penn Hills, Bethel, and Baldwin, was capped by Mt. -ebanon's third place finish in the W.P.l.A.L. Championships. 53 W! 1 X f , , 4 Q5 W. K, WW a is . , 5 Q 'ORE Presenting popular tunes from Broadway shows for last year's Spring Niusicale, the Mixed Chorus, Triple Trio, Or- chestra, and Girls' Ensemble produced A Bit of Broadway on May 13. Lead performers Ted Kubiak, Paul Franke, Judy Troan, and Debby Fitzgibbons featured songs from musicals such as "Gypsy," "West Side Story," "Music Man," and "My Fair Lady." , ,M Iii ' ,,.-u In 1 A double-header sweep of Upper St. Clair 2-1 and 13-1, climaxed an exciting seasor for the 1967 baseball team. Led by seniors Al Dean, Bob Seiforth, Pete Sorg, and Gra ham Carter, the team placed second to Thom as Jefferson in its section, finishing witt a nine and three record. Coaches lvlercei Clark and Dick Pitcock expect returning ju niors Don Porter, Tom Marshall, and Jacl Howard to lead the 1968 baseball team to a victorious record. Y , l x sf x lGiving boys an opportunity to have some fun on the courts or elease some frustration on a soccer ball Cor an opponents winsj, intramural sports highlights spirited competition. Varsity Jaches and gym teachers, hopeful of developing some talent, avote time to organizing intramural programs, which presently clude five sports, ranging from tennis to touch football. dl we , . 5 L' 1 WSU. ' ,g i 1 at-na ,KW KO lv., Coach Dan Capanna expects an excellent 1968 golf team. Last year's team won every one of its regularly scheduled matches before losing in the W.P.l.A.L. semi-finals. Juniors returning to this year's squad in- clude Jim Read, Joe Perry, and Rick Ban and Steve Vidmer, two of the three golfers who represented lVlt. Lebanon last spring in the W. P.I.A.L. individual cham- pionship matches. 58 Coached by lVlr. Victor Doak, the 1967 lVlt. Lebanon tennis team had a very successful season. Dominating its opponents, the ten- nis team compiled a ten and four record in working its way through a tough section. Al- though losing to Beaver in the W.P.l.A.L. playoffs, the 1967 team still gave an indica- tion during the season of the high quality of play expected of the 1968 team. Led by se- nior Les Dundics, John Schweinsburg, and Jeff Dietrich, the 1967 team included ju- niors Bob Bennett and Bill Sagan, who con- tributed to a winning season. If f .JH .F 7 12, s ww .xc 4 593,523 . ' wx ,ww MW, P Q Akx ,gg 1 av A A K WM, M gm CV , NV xg , fig? 'W 4.-4' L A I ' s was ffl Sig ' L? . 2 Wu, mai' A " .,.. e A5354 .V The god of doors turns one face for- ward, but reserves another to look behind. f E- Kwai 4 3 43 'ml 1 1 'f.-gl , - A' ' . "E "' iw 25 1 !-1,11 ?2.flQ,:.f1' 4335 7, 5 3 lyrft . X4 rw-1 aff.f'V1Sif'li5f - - .r ff' ' V -'H 91, , lf- -,mfr -. .1 ,1 '1 Q .-A , M fy' uf, '-,, Q' " BEM QWKXVS' - - ,L':, ?TF4f 91, Ili ,4,,, . . . . . A , . . A :wig 6.2 E? . ., VV 573 '?V .T-"5"+f!1f, 2 V vw w E.. fffffekr' .EA A': . . 3e.i2:5517 mf? 34, N ' , 's"'-fyfi h' . "fa,1?ii-3,f:'r'f,fi4 '41-5:1 nm -f :fn 6:94 ,525 , V. - ,ge g5'M,1V:,-V.Qgr,fgf,.,'aiV, M 'K --f V V nmmg'-aK:ga1,k, af- V' f-g,4,1aa. X 'Wai 41 yqggka' 'iw' 'ff'4p!'1.v- . , J , 1 , 3- A-ff I, ., -3514 -fzbyiq , V ,v..'1"Ej"3-flxgiiig 'IQ " YW' 1 QFD'-1 1'fX"5U1' ,.' .1 1?-Vxf- 2, fmt- .QA wi? -'-5-4 '- .,, '- 1115: ,.a, jf wiki' . :mix 'lil - ."fV?.4. '- ff 5354 ,,u,,,g -mf 155. V, ff rf , . ,Q xf '- , V Q . Hg: .,,-3 -VMAY1 H' gg, S, A nf 4, ',. ,wen 3-,,.q3-'x11..H . , . , . f -ff m -, 'TT'fvgw':if4:7 : 'N 5' .V , A .'-V-,w,p, fmsf., 1 ,gr -w .V L 21 . I! r' , .gm - , !?i5fffeVVs.S.'.f'--, ga-?f" L' - M W V . Anil, tg, gun: 1.41 1 5:.lLa,,,.,. V. fi, fy " ' Xifffv'g5f,t1iT3:'1V25f?,..' glfff H. "1mJ!"e3ii! My , V-1. 411324, Win- z.rJ,111v,f: M ,g.4:.s',ff rn-, IMA- 7:5 """'1-5 '3' ' - fill'-V' 1 -J - ' F'fs'55AV.'A " z, 41'- Amr" .FFA Af'-ff ' ' ?'Qf,fi?.1L 7. W' wi? 1 'wif' '3.2'f, -I 1. 1Qf3,'f9,rf'2gf"- C91 54'-A 13-Qfv' , . -ff, f:l1'?5'i' M -fix ' Wr'i:..?' Y , x,,'g g-f.?11'F r-'fb-1:5 1 '1 ' .. " J ' ',. '.-4,-.Li ,iw 'f'-:i'25Vf'? 'ff ,' ., g fl . ' ' Lv "- I 12 , f 5,r"41'.u.-N 4fg2.F' ' fr.-J , . , ' V . ,wp-q'l'f m'T::w?4" w,:,fA??vgV4-1..:, . , , :1Qf1V"efg? K.-VE-1"-H"-'55 '1 'gli . - , ,'-V bl W' ,-, M ' w fig FL, Q-59' 1 5,-'f33'?f"f7'd2,,Vg:'J,af'i A ji" , 4 "'If, ', -' Z Q'3'1l'f,,-35?-a'1 f'FVif."si" i4:e4"fsIf- ' A ' , U P u Q19 ,AJ Vw- e. ,r 'A 'x?:5'i6R, 5: , E, 1 W3 4' ' 1 1 RQH Phys 'im g' K' its "ii Rx 4 fi 'fn " Q 3 QQ fq4.?7: ' i, i w V' '5 - VV.. JSF - ' ' V " 'fAZiJf. B4 ' XXQA, 3' Q A , 4. '- r 'f' ' 4 fi , V ...N fmifgg, A231 u 1 ' :,-- V'-' V: ., -vf. 1 '1:.l.2- V '- f i.ff-Qflwff-" 5 We hi VH- 3 34 4 . V . WF iw f' fa-WA V? ' 1+ .1221-q2fyi "' Q, H- L. tiki ll-i ss 1 yr . fi fu . -. 'is of 1 -ruff -sn .157 1 w , us-X5 ' 6 ,. . Q MF- 'P!f4Z'V. 55' "lW'L5'2 53 , -5' ' ' x'!y1'x'?f!X"V-E:X9'V A-I' fm "U'E,?k21xE' 1 . 'f PLT" j"i: 'e fi' t .I -3 P , lb ,V?fVR2, f 'I Stiviaif B-U' X wiffiii-.vfr-V03 'wkiffft-ff'iui' Et?" .W "9 f'?-fi--:M 1 ff ' Y -., "Qi5Q5'Tri.iw - KH W wif. A .,, R 'EM ' 1J'iJ'l'n1lY!,'l 'DFW-1 ,ca'BT'l1Qr:1bkPLlilll.?i1'l 1 Ml Milfs!-'TLGR if-FIA .. H 1"hfff V1g,ixf2"f ' f-Z'V:vj ' ff Vy.'.:, .:f:,' 1. ' vVrQg,.g3g1-,g?+5'G :gig 'Riff 'lit .l'-9'5" V1 FACULTY ii i 5 .. I., pf Dr, Joseph C. Keifer and Dr, Ralph D, l-lorsman Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of Schools A It 'mil L... Dr. Floy Penn Director of Instruction ef'-rf School Board Members. ROW 1: Miss Miriam Headley, Secretary: Mrs. June Greene Gameron, Mr. Louis Stark, President: Mrs, Virginia Sherman, Vice President: ROW 2: Mr. Robert Dyson Mr. Donald Bush, Mr. Eugene Maddex, Mr. John Loos, Mr. George Kessel, Dr. William Hall Missing from picture: Mr. John Dickinson 1 gg Dr. Nelson Mills Principal Correlating the many facets of the edu- cational process in Mt. Lebanon, the ad- ministration directs a progressive and effective school system. Dr. Ralph P. Hors- man, superintendent of schools, admin- isters school policy, which is determined by monthly meetings of the school board. The assistant superintendent of schools, Dr. Joseph C. Keifer, co-ordinates the functions of the administrators of the var- ious schools in the system, while Dr. Floy L. Penn, director of instruction, applies new educational theory in progressive cur- riculum changes. Dr. Nelson Mills directs the total educational process at Mt. Leba- non High School, in cooperation with the vice-principals Mr. Ralph McDermot and Miss Elizabeth A. Evans. Mr. McDermot handles student scheduling as one of his duties and Miss Evans, vice-principal in charge of curriculum, also supervises inde- pendent study students. Miss Elizabeth A. Evans Vice-Principal-Curriculum 65 Mr. Ralph W. McDermot Vice-PrincipaI-Administration Secretaries, STANDING: Mrs. Clatty, Miss Wass, Mrs. Browarsky, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Schilit, Mrs. Tohey, Mrs. Booth. SEATED: Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Gerhold, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Steffens. Miss Jean MacKinney and Mrs. Jane M. Kehoe Librarians These faculty members contribute their time and talents to students, teachers, and administrators. ln sched- uling basketball physicals, setting out books on Greece, and mailing college transcripts, the nurses, librarians, and secretaries fulfill the specialized needs of the students. Directed by Mrs. Ferne l-lorne, the guidance counselors solve student problems ranging from sched- uling dilemmas to college applications. Miss Dorothy Grove and Mrs. Stephanie Broglie, activities directors, sponsor Stu- dent Congress projects and co-ordinate student activities. Miss Fern High and Miss Nurses XX. .L 0" V . 'Q' 3.3-viii Patricia Croke Mrs. Ferne W. Horne Director of Guidance Miss Dorothy H. Grove Activities Director MSI' Mrs. Stephanie Broglie Assistant Activities Director Mr. Edward Basch and Mrs. Elsie A. Cox Miss Barbara J. Martina Speech Therapist Junior Counselors W ff Mr. D. Moore School Psychologist Mr. Joseph B. Price and Mrs. Luella H. Caldwell Sophomore Counselors Mr. Andrew P. Zeedick and Mrs. Irene F. Menges Senior Counselors .hf4"'a..hf1,l'f MRS, RUTH S. FURLONG English 7 Vocabulary Enrichment Critical Reading and Writing English Co-ordinator MRS. MARTHA G. CUSSLER English 3G English 5 English 7G 'Z 'G' L, a i' J i . ' ,. E 1I1E4,,dis.V .2 "Nw fe 'im gr 1 n, -HL MR. PHILLIP A. BIANCO English 3 English 5 N.F.L, Speech and Debate MRS. JOANNE B. BAILEY English 5 Humanities Auditorium Usher Squad Girls' Usher Squad Make-up Committee MRS. GERALDINE C. ADAMSON English 3AP 12th Grade Guidance Council 68 ' 1 MISS JUDITH CALGARO English 5 and 3 Journalism Lebanon Lantern Achievement Bulletin Publicity I I I IIISS KATHERYN H. FROBESE .nglish 5 MRS. JEAN DITTMER Display Case Squad English 7 By reading Greek plays or attending read- ings at the International Poetry Forum, En- glish students are exposed to various means of expression, and to ideas common from Aeschylus to Robert Lowell. Through the En- glish program, students learn techniques to communicate their ideas. Readings from Mark Twain for oral interpretation, editorials com- posed for journalism, and a poem written for English submitted to the Mounty are all ex- amples of the English student's creative ex- pression. 69 MISS ELIZABETH BARBARA SIPE Effective Reading Vocabulary Enrichment Speed Reading Study Skills Listening Skills 5 ffi. ftif ' f , tiff fats. MISS JEAN HAY English 7 :emi .2 ,K PZQMEB1 ww: 359653 kwin: ww 13 W 2 af. 5573253 mm 'Hex MISS JANET L4 CURTIS MISS JOAN RUDZINSKI MRS, NANCY WALDUM English 7 English 3 English 3 Opening Exercises Squad Costume Committee World Literature rw, MR. RICHARD GOFF English 3 Listening Skills Vocabulary Enrichment Football 'fwrvr I l MR. JULIAN T. MYERS Acting Public Speaking Oral Interpretation Introduction to the Arts National Thespian Society Studio Director of Dramatics id MISS JEAN PIROTH English 3 Mt. Lebanon Log Quill and Scroll SS JANICE MELLlNGER glish 5AP English 5G unt A y English 7 MR. HARRY MCCANN 71 MR. KENNETH C. HELD English 3 Lantern Typing Staff N.F.L. Speech and Debate l MRS. ROSALIND F. KALIDEN English 5 MISS HARRIET N. MANNING English 3 Vocabulary Enrichment ra I . 5' MISS JACQUELINE M. HUGHES English 5AP English 7AP 72 tx-r f , MRA ROBERT A, RUTH MR. ALBERT SUNSERI Scientific Physics BI0l0gy AP Physics AP Biology ,fs MR. LYLE W. BERGMAN Biology JT . . 5 Q-12, X r wi MR. THOMAS S. TAYLOR Scientific and Academic Chemistry Public Address System Score Board MR. D. REED RAINES Scientific Chemistry E fi S 'W 1 Earth and Space Science Football MRS. GLORIA GOODWIN Academic Chemistry Academic Physics Projection Squad Visual Aids MR. GERALD C. DYER Academic Physics Scientific Physics MR. EDMUND S. ASHBURNER Biology and Basic Biology Football, Basketball, and Track MR. CHARLES O. LOHR Biology MISS JULIA A. FREY Academic Chemistry Biology if 'R U A lVlR. SHERRICK GILBERT Biology Chess Club A systematic physical explanation of his envi- ronment and the mastery of scientific proce- dure are the goals ot the science student. Through a qualitative analysis of the properties of oxygen or the identity of a cation, he fits his observations into a logical body of knowledge. During lab periods he acquires the techniques of setting up a gas-generating apparatus or wir- ing a parallel circuit. Science MR. JOSEPH A. NIASCETTA Academic Chemistry Engineering Concepts Science Coordinator DR. C, F. BECK, JR. AP Chemistry Scientific Chemistry Chemistry Laboratory Squad 75 MR. JAMES F. JAKLICH Scientific Chemistry Contemporary Trends in MR. VICTOR M. DOAK U.S. History Intramural and Varsity Tennis DR. JOHN E. DENBOW A US. History gg?iBaW The social studies teacher tries to reveal to his students the underlying economic, political, and cultural forces that govern the operation of a society. The confusing myriad of dates and revolutions examined in history and the impor- tant cities and rivers studied in world cultures form the necessary basis for an understanding of these forces. Complementing a study of past events is the emphasis on current affairs as ex- pressed in a classroom discussion on the effec- tiveness of the United Nations or in an informal conversation between a group of students and a Vietnam war correspondent. 76 MR. RICHARD BARCLAY Western World Cultures MRS. PRISCILLA HALL ZAPPA Anthropology Non-Western World Cultures Sociology MR. H. C. HADDEN AP U.S. History Great Men of History MR. DAVID R. WRIGHT European History MR. DALE CABLE AP European History U.S. History Social Studies Co-ordinator NIR. WILBUR C. MOORE DR. MARGARET ANDERSON World Cultures Athletics Director Psychology ,kb rm, ,xt-A ,,. A dw E 1 THE 77 I mee? " suvitf uii '1 ,,:f',, N ls' xiii-,fig 'ku MR. GEORGE W. KLINE American Government Western World Geography Non-Western World Geography MR. WILLIAM H. EMERY General History U.S. History Economics MR. ALBERT N. STANISH World Cultures Football Golf Humanities Mixed Chorus Triple Trio U.S. History Cross Country Track MR. ARTHUR WALKER U.S, History Western World Cultures Football Girls' Ensemble MISS MAY K. SNEARY Introduction to the Arts Modern Music Masters Barber Shop Quartet Q86 MR. DONLEY IVIOLLENAUER MRS. ALICE TROUP Non-Western World Cultures Anthropology Student United Nations an MISS RITA M. ROEGGE Spanish 1 Spanish 5 Spanish 7 MRS. STEPHANIE BROGLIE French 1 French 3 Assistant Activities Director Giving the student the practical skill of effec- tively communicating in another language and broadening his range of understanding are the objectives of the language teacher. Language study emphasizes oral communication in the re- sponse to a taped dialogue or in the conjuga- tion ofa verb in the subjunctive. But for the stu- dent to assimilate the culture of a country is also essential, whether through reading its con- temporary literature or by daydreaming while staring at a travel poster. MR. HOWARD M. JONES French 7 French 9 MISS ARDETH V. LUCAS Spanish 1 Spanish 3 Folk Cultures Spanish Club .44 MR. ARTHUR A. MANION Chinese 1 French 5 Ski Team Judo Club 79 IVIISS IVIILDRED LENK MISS JEAN MAGURA Spanish 1 Spanish 3 Latin 3 French 3 Junior Classical League MR. SHELDON S. CAMPBELL German 5 German 7 Foreign Language Co- ordinator MISS DOROTHY I. DEAN French 5 French 7 MISS MARY V. THORPE Spanish 3 if I I MRS. JOAN HENDERSON German 1 German 3 MR. DANIEL J. KACZOROWSKI French 5 i a M.t.s,,Jw1mf- MR. HENRY E. BUDAHAZI German 3 Russian 1 Russian 3 ., sf ,4-A .if 1..- 7 G .av 451.113, ff MISS MARGERY J. McCLURE Latin 1 Latin 5 Latin 7 Classical Mythology Junior Classical League MR. EDWARD N. OESTERICH German 1 German 3 German 5 MISS MARGARET LAND MR. FRED R. GAERTNER College Mathematlcs Trlgonometry Trigonometry College Matnematlcs Algebra 1 Math SAP Recreatlonal Matnematlcs MR. MERCER CLARK Integrated Algebra Fundamentals for Advanced Mathematics Baseball Football Usher Squad MISS ALICE ELMS Math 5AP Math 7AP Integrated Algebra I . - MR. NORMAN L. GOODWIN MR. EARL L, WHIPKEY Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Algebra 3 Algebra 3 J E22 ...rum Hr ,aw k ..., K MR. RICHARD PITCOCK Algebra 3 Academic Games Co-ordinator Baseball MR. RICHARD D, BLACK Plane Geometry Integrated Geometry Basketball 2:2 f If lg. i ff , 4 i at MR. JOSEPH R. HERSCHL MISS Ell-EEN NESBITT TVIEOWOVTWETVY Plane Geometry Algebra 1 Integrated Geometry General Mathematics Football Track From Congruency theorems to matrices and derivatives, the math sequence is a pro- gram designed to enable the student to work practical problems and to understand com- plex scientific theory. Math students find spe- cial ways for challenging their ability-difficult problems met in recreational math, or intra- mural WFF 'N PROOF competition. Tedious inductive and deductive proofs and Fortran programming are both methods by which the student develops his reasoning ability, and both offer theoretical areas for the interested student to explore. 83 MR HARRY E FELICH Integrated Geometry Math 3AP MR. ROBERT J. MEYERS Matrix Algebra Trigonometry Ski Club I gi If ,MM- I-annul JTT1 X MISS ELEANOR ZAKRAJSEK Geometry Costume Committee Bulletin Board Squad MISS BARBARA HILL Algebra 1 Algebra 3 Trigonometry Analytical Geometry MISS KATHERINE BIRRIS Geometry F.T.A. Ee oe MRS. GERALDINE D. OELSCHLAGER Shorthand 1 and 2 Typing 1 and 2 Notehand General Business Business Law Consumer Economics R. JONES Special Education Wrestling Football MR. GEORGE LAMPRINAKOS Physical Education Wrestling Intramurals g J ff-fi 3. fy MR. WILL SAUNDERS Physical Education Swimming Techniques-a radial line development, Gregg shorthand, oil painting, skills useful either in creative expression or as practical preparation for a job, are - taught by the school's shop, drawing, art, music, and study skills teachers. The creative ideas of the stu- dent find expression in the working of a lamp base on the lathe and in the fashioning of a bust in clay. The requirements of the individual govern his selec- tion of these practical and enjoyable electives. 8.3 MISS DONNA J. SHAVER Physical Education G.A.A. Leaders' Club Girls' Varsity Sports Co-ordinator MISS GAYLE F. LUCHIN Physical Education Cheerleaders Pep Club G.A.A. MR. ROBERT G. PITTAVINO Technical Drawing Descriptive Geometry Architectural Drawing MISS MARGARET J. BILLINGSLEY Health MR A W BERNHARDY Machine Shop Wood Shop MR GLENN S ASTON-REESE Health Director of Admissions ' A, , .5 1, 1 M I i 'kk 5 , MISS THELMA WHINNIE Typing 2 and 3 Shorthand 3 Bookkeeping 1 and 2 Business Math MR. RICHARD PAULSON Wood Shop Metal Arts Stage Crew R DAVID HARBISON Driver's Education Driver's Education Golf Track Football MR. D. CAPANNA MR. ROBERT DEHAAS MRS. JANET ALLEN Driver's Education Home Economics Social Living Interior Decoration F.H.A. MR. LOUIS SCARCI Band Sculpture Techniques-a radial line development, Gregg shorthand, oil painting, skills useful either in creative expression or as practical preparation for a job, are taught by the school's shop, drawing, art, music, and study skills teachers. The creative ideas of the student find expression in the working of a lamp base on the lathe and in the fashioning of a bust in clay. The require- ments of the individual govern his selec- tion of these practical and enjoyable elec- tives. MR ARTHUR YAGELLO Orchestra MR. DOUGLAS SHANER Introduction to the Arts Advanced Art Art 1 and Art 2 The custodians and cafeteria workers perform daily services necessary to the effective functioning of the school. Arriving early to open the building and staying into the evening to clean up the halls and the classrooms, the custodians keep the school in good condition for special func- tions as well as for classes. The cafeteria workers accept the daily challenge of pre- paring varied and interesting menus. 'UMW ceixff il i 'Y ,-1. A -4' ,. a- "iz , '31, , 97- SE at V, .Z 3 .5 , K" ' '91 ,V I.. if Wi 0 ACTIVITIES In 1968, Mount Lebanon student gov- ernment constructively approached so- lutions to school problems. Conferring with Dr. Mills, the Advisory Council worked on policies affecting the study hall system and student smoking. Rul- ing on out-of-orders, the Student Court gave students the chance to express the other side of the story. To aid students in choosing a profession, the Guidance Council and Guidance Counselors planned a career night for spring. Pat Wood and Beverly James both were recipients of important awards. Seniors selected Pat Wood to receive the D.A.R. award. The National Council of Teachers of English cited Beverly as an outstanding student of high school English. ,IMO ABOVE.Student Court. FRONT: G. Carrington N Martini D Farrell R Ruck A La Rosa, R. Aronson, M. Mosley. ROW 2 M H Caika S Taubeneck L Fazio R Wil son. Missing from picture: D. Miller. hu., ABOVE. Second Semester Student Congress Officers: George Kincheloe, Mas Yukimoto, Debbie Carr, Buz Myers. ABOVE RIGHT. First Semester Student Con- gress Officers: Kathy Nesbit, Rick Schnure, Jim Read. 90 wr , C5 RIGHT. N.C.T.E. Awardee: Beveriy James. BELOW. Senior Guidance Committee: G. Kincheloe. C. Haus. J. Read. B. Campbell, M. Genstein. J. Collins. X Q Qi ffflvd . A-.5 , Wig .. . W . an ' .4ri5gff'imf,.w or .sf ffff RW H -su i '- ff 4' if ABOVE. D.A.R. Award Winner: Rat Wood. RIGHT. Advisory Council. FRONT: Dr. Mills, Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Rinne, Mrs. Adamson. ROW 2: B. Myers, A. Sprecher, D. Carr, M. Carr, J. Roberts. Missing from picture: J. Bates, J. Pozzi, R. Schnure. 91 Many students are recognized for out- standing achievements at Activities As- semblies in January or June. Student Congress officers award Activities Keys to students who have records of out- standing contribution in school activi- ties. Several students who had been awarded keys last spring received their guards. The twenty National Merit Semi- finalists from Mt. Lebanon represented the largest number from any high school in the Pittsburgh area. Members of the editorial staffs of the Log, Lan- tern, and Mounty were inducted into Quill and Scroll, the national society honoring excellence in student publica- tion. Having built a high record of high school academic accomplishment, many seniors became members of Cum Laude. TOP. Junior Year Activities Key Awardees: M. Genstein, R. Puck, R. Holroyd, D. Ferguson, B. Baird, P. Schwartz, M. Grummer. ABOVE. Ju- nior Year Quill and Scroll Members: M. Grummer, M. Youngling, B. Baird. RIGHT: Activities Guard Awardees: P. Schwartz and M. Grummer. fwwgi ' 4 My ' H44 LEFT. Activities Key Awardees. FRONT: B. James, M. Lehman, P. Wood, T. Bartlett, G. Kent, P. Drake. ROW 2: D. Miller, C. Friday, S. Keise ling, P. Zaremba, D. Snefsky, P. Tie- man, K. Kropf, B. Richards, K. Val- entour, J. Hawkins. ROW 3: D. Reece, M. Morgan, P. Welch, C. Crothers, L. Phillips, S. Quinn, M. Youngling, D. Carr, N, Kirby, R. Car- lin, J. Schlotter. ROW 4: G. Kinche- Ioe, J. Read, J. Nicklas, J. Roberts, R. Seymour, J. Perry, R. Schnure, C, Wells, R. Meyer, D. Porter, B. Myers. LEFT. N.M.S.Q.T. Semi-finalists. FRONT: B. Baird, M. Grummer, D. Cohen. ROW 2: P. Jennings, G. Yorke. ROW 3: J. Schlotter, A. Lanktord, A. Johnson. ROW 4: A. Brewer, D. Jennis, R. Holroyd. ROW 5: G. Merrill, J. Roberts, M. Schneider. ROW 6: J. Nicklas, B. Campbell, G. Kincheloe. ABOVE. Cum Laude Awardees. FRONT: B. Graham, D. Cohen, M. Lehman, J, Troan, D. Mueller. ROW 2: B, James, W. Williams, M. Grummer, B. Vaird, P. Wood, K. Worcester. ROW 3: G. Yorke, M. Rich, M. Morgan, G. Gold, P. Schwartz, B. Roth, fus, R. Stern. ROW 4: G. Kincheloe, A. Lanktord, R. Holroyd, D. Levin, H. Alexander, R. Seymour, D. Jennis, ROW 5: R. Ruck, J. Roberts, A. Johnson, R. Schnure, J. Nicklas, B. Weiss. Missing from picture: B. Hazlett. 93 I Mt. Lebanon S.U.N. club members pre- sented the views of Lebanon, Gabon, and Zambia to the General Assembly of the Student U.N. by proposing and debating resolutions. ln formalized debates or in lively Student Congresses, National For- ensic League members argued over con- temporary questions. February 15-17, the Mount Lebanon Thespian troup pre- sented The Glass Menagerie as theater- in-the-round before an audience seated on the stage. Modern Music Masters, or Tri-M members, performed at several recitals and held a Christmas program for a retirement home. Selected as "Outstanding Teenagers" by the students, seniors Jim Roberts and Rick Schnure were honored at the January Activities Assembly. l ABOVE ROW 3 Bianco J. King. . N.F.L. Members. FRONT: R. Ruck. A. LaRosa. ROW 2: S. Shepherd. A. Deering iM. Sullivan. S. Quinn. ROW 4: E. Josephson. C. Ritter. ROW 5: R. Rhares. Mr BELOW. S.U.N. Officers: R Schwartz, S. Rosecrans. M. Grummer, B. Graham 94 BELOW. Tnespians. FRONT: H. Brandt, C. Hamilton, D. DeLong, L. Lyndes, D. Snefsky, R. Carlin. S. Shields. ROW 2: H. Mayers. C. Wells, C. Frank. L. Mills, P. Jacobson, S. Quinn, R. Frisch, T. Hearn, R. Finley. ROW 3: K. Brennan, B. Campbell, H. Alexander, M. Monsein, J. Moore, D. Erskine. ROW 4: R. Seymour, D, Aderholt, T. Simonds. Missing from picture: B. Meyer, D. Willen, M. Young- ling. i LEFT. Modern Music Masters Officers: B. Hazlett, D. Forsyth, D. Giles M. Jolly, R. Frisch. ABOVE. Outstanding Teenagers: J. Roberts, R Scnnure. Enjoying the thrill of studying abroad this year were Masaharu Yukimoto and Shahla Farivar, our AFS exchange stu- dents. Not only did "Mas" and Shahla broaden their experiences through AFS, but also our own Pat Wood was able to spend the summer in Germany. Students working on squads con- tribute their time to performing helpful services for students and faculty. Mem- bers of the Hospitality Squad extend their friendly service to new students and visitors to the high school. Another student group, the Honor Award Com- mittee makes possible the recognition of students who have participated wide- ly in school activities. Making Miss Wass's job easier are members of the Attendance Squad, who aid in dis- tributing attendance sheets. The Stu- dent Art Committee and the Bulletin Board Squad brighten up the halls with exhibits of student and faculty art and with colorful bulletin board displays. 1 BELOW: Attendance Squad: J. Lamont, P. Welch, C. Friday, S. Younkins, P. Zaremba, D. McMillan. LEFT: Bulletin Board Committee: J. Tannenbaum, C. Wiehn, J. Swenar- ton. BOTTOM RIGHT: Honor Award Committee. FRONT ROW: D. Bradley, N. Leathers, G. Kent. S. Rosecrans, D. Teodori. ROW 2: B. Graham, S. Mercer, P. Schwartz, D. Guiney, B. Comerford, P. Pond, C. Wiehn, L. Brenner. . ! . 96 ABOVE: Hospitality Squad: C. 'Hayes, M. Jolly, R. Emery, BE- LOW: AFS Students: Mas Yukimoto, Japan, Pat Wood, U.S. to Germany, Shahla Farivar, Iran. ABOVE: Student Art Committee: H. Nlayers, K, Jenkins, M. Capone, J Collery, B. Stein, V. Worthy, T. Bartlett. 97 Q as X lnterviews with pop recording stars and pictures from the W.P.l.A.L. cham- pionship game are typical highlights of the monthly LANTERN issue. Covering all aspects of school life, the LANTERN regularly includes select news articles, accurate sports reporting, and enter- taining features. Faculty sponsor Miss Judith Calgaro worked with editors lVlol- ly Youngling, Nlarty Stern, Jim Schlot- ter, and Dave Ferguson to publish a newspaper that satisfies students' wide interests. Accompanying each LAN- TERN are the "Scholastic Roto," with articles on subjects from Vietnam to the new car models to LSD, and the "Devil- ette," the monthly supplement fea- turing students' humorous articles. 4. ABOVE LEFT: "Devilette" editors: L. Henry, P. Favaro. ABOVE RIGHT: lVlolly Youngling, LANTERN editor-in-chief. BELOW: LANTERN Editors. FRONT ROW: B. Baird, K. Kim- mick. ROW 2: J. Schlotter, D. Ferguson, lVl. Stern. Z Q Q E E MOUNTY Editors: John Nicklas, Mary Lynne Maddex, Beverly James, Sue Quinn, Clark Frame. fx Providing an enjoyable sample of student writing tal- ent, the MOUNTY includes student creative writing ranging from serious anti-war poetry to humorous infor- mal essays. Highlighting the activities of this year's staff was the light-hearted advertising campaign, during which flower-decked MOUNTY salesmen gave M8tM's for each subscription to the MOD 1968 MOUNTY. Editors Beverly James, John Nicklas, and Sue Quinn worked with Miss Janice Mellinger in producing an enjoyable lit- erary magazine. Log Staffs. ROW 1: Sharon Purvis, Barry McGahee, Carol Wise. Morgan. ROW 4: Kathy James, Martha Fitzgerald. ROW 5: Pat ROW 2: Barb Baird, Jennifer Abele, Lenee Nicklaus, Debby Moody. Wood, Bobbie Stein, Dotty Farrel, Kelly Frank, Nancy Correll, Kit ROW 3: Peggy Drake, Bonnie Hazlett, Paula Jennings, Marlene Jenkins, Valorie Worthy, Sherri Rose, AI Bertini. 100 Amidst the deadline confusion of un- numbered layouts, unsized pictures, and unchecked copy, the 1968 Log staff focused on the expression of the uniqueness of the 1968 school year. The editors, counciled by faculty adviser Miss Jean Piroth, worked out the complex- ities of their sections with their staffs, and trained the editorial assistants, the "little ones," for next year's editori- al positions. The 1968 Log, with a new publisher and a new look, tried to cap- ture verbally and pictorially the essence of a new year. Log Editorial Assistants and Photographers. ROW 1: Jim Judkis, Don Thomas, Jon Resnick, Chuck Myers. ROW 2: Ellen Harding, Lisa Scattaregia, Carole Kunkle, Mary Jo Weidl, Debbie Levine, Anne Copeland. .rv L Log Editors. ROW 1: Mary Grummer, Caroline Crothers, Thomasine Bartlett. ROW 2: Ron Holroyd, Mindy Genstein, Kent Mikus, Bill De- Leo. 101 Qt .. ABOVE. Spanish Club Officers: P. Burns, S. Kraber, D Snefsky, M. Chamberlin, S. Douds. RIGHT. J. C. L. Officers FRONT ROW: C. Myers J.Sessa, H. Alterman. ROW 2: E. Stew art, F. Benedicty. BELOW. Chess Club: D. Shonberg, G Jones, B. Brown, N. Hyzer, B. Leverett, C. Ritter, M. Kall, L. Helf man, R. Dell, B. Kleffman. ABOVE. F.N.A. Officers: N. Duffy, J. Reynolds, P. Kramer, P. Con- way. BELOW LEFT. FTA. Officers: N. Parker, K. Hawkins, D, Daniell, C. South. BELOW RIGHT, F.H.A. Officers: P. Welch, J. Swisher, P. Conway, S. Keisling. Students use their free time creatively through participation in various school clubs. Spanish Club members explore Spanish culture and improve their speaking, while J.C.L. members learn about an ancient civilization by trans- porting it to the present through club programs and plays. The Chess Club provides its members with the chance to improve their skills and to meet the challenge of interscholastic competition. Members of F.N.A., F.T.A., or F.H.A. ac- quire both new skills and interesting ex- periences by helping the nurses with physicals, by teaching in the junior highs, or by organizing a bake sale. ll .-v W N By signing up for work on a squad, students commit their special talents to- ward getting an important job done. Chemistry Lab squad members prepare jugs of standard solutions for experi- mental work in the labs and setup appa- ratus for the chemistry teachers. Senior Barb Baird compiles and types up in the Achievement Bulletin all the honors won by Mt. Lebanon students. Working with Miss MacKinney and Mrs. Kehoe. the Library squad helps card the hundreds of new books the library ac- quires each year. Boys on the Projection squad dis- tribute projectors and thread the movies for teachers using visual aids in the classroom. The Ways and Means squad members sell candy after school and man the vending stands at home foot- ball games to help finance Student Con- gress activities. Assisting Miss High and Miss Croke in the medical office, girls on the Medical squad aid in vision and hearing tests. Thus, these students take the responsibility to provide helpful as- sistance to the faculty and to other students. ABOVE. Ways and Means Committee members: D. Carr. P. Shaw. L. Wehner. ABOVE ACHIEVEMENT BULLETIN Typist: B, Baird, RIGHT. Projec- tion Squad R. Cox. P. Jameson. J. Pardo, D. Fassinger, G. Merrill, B Kobelak M. Dinning, T. Offutt. 104 Sh! ABOVE. Library Squad. FRONT: J. Fraher. F, Dailey, S. Douds, B. Rag uso. P. Welch. A. Bostwick. B. Graham. ROW 2: R, Romanetti, B. Col lins, P. Bott, S. Purvis, K. Kane. C. Logan, C. McHenry, S. Reed. S Kall, D. Paul, LEFT ABOVE. Chemistry Squad: H. Alexander. A. John son, M. Mosley. P, Jameson, S. Kraber. Missing from picture: G. Gold B, Steverman, M. Farrington. J. Stoltzer, N, Hyzer, B. Wick. J. Klopper S. Cafferty. D. Lorenz. M. McCarthy, V. Minnotte. M. Scheu, S. Sump Son. LEFT BELOW. Medical Squad. FRONT: G. Lanfrankie, J. Grubb, P Kramer. D. Clay. V, Zabban. ROW 2: D, Mueller. M. Silvernail, D. Rob erts, P. Conway, J. Reynolds, L. Langford. 105 Practicing Monday through Thursday sixth period in the band room, the or- chestra prepared for feature perfor- mances scheduled for the spring. Di- rected by lVlr. Arthur Yagello, it per- fected such pieces as Schubert's "Rosa- munde Overture," Kobalevsky's "The Comedians," and Siennicki's "Park Ave- nue Hoe Down." Playing for an assem- bly on Nlarch 5, and again in the Spring Orchestra Festival with the Mellon and Jefferson Junior High Orchestras on April 5, the orchestra had a heavy schedule. Another highlight of the sea- son was the orchestras performance before a conference of Nlid-East music educators on April 6. 106 I g 3 Q 5 I I' ..II. . A fv , Arn. ABOVE: Orchestra. I Violin: R. Frisch, concertmaster, B. James, R. Levin, C. Brown, M. Vater, E. Longini, S. Vetter, D. Hoffman, E. Ja- cobson, A. Accetta. ll Violin: D. Giles, C. Wells, D. Beley, B. Motz, M. Tuchman, L. Sapienza, D. Sparks, J. Rubinoff, S. Cafferty, G. Miller. Viola: K. McGeeney, W. Duda, Cello: F. Benedicty, L. Rouval- is, B. Putnam, H. Chizeck, J. Rich. Bass: K. Kirnmell, W. Simonds. I Oboe: J. Davies. ll Oboe: J. Andrews. I Flute: J. Collins, P. Bell, S. Hudson. Il Flute: J. Archer, Pf Shaw, J. Benson, I Clarinet: J. Whit- tington, C. Cusack. ll Clarinet: R. Conroy. l Horn: M. Walther. ll Horn: P. Schwartz. I Trumpet: D. Ferguson. ll Trumpet: W. Martin. I Trombone: W. Hickey, L. Saul. ll Trombone: S. Delano, Ill Trombone: C. Barr. Tuba: D. Anthony. Percussion: R. Carlin, R. Mc- Kee. Timpani: J. Hirschfield. Piano: J. McGhee, P. Standfest. Secretary: D. MacLean. 107 RIGHT. Triple Trio: B. Hazlett, K. Bacon, M. Jolly, D. Fitzgibbons, L. Chen- ey, T. Edelstein, P. Scoggins, M. Youngling, A. Sessa, A. Deering, S. Kalson, K. Johnston, F. Hegyan. ABOVE. Mixed Chorus. FRONT ROW: T. Edelstein, F. Hegyan, W. Rosfeld, J. Swisher, P. Close, G. Krofcheck, K. Phillips, M. Moore, C. Burger, H. Chivers, l. Rappaport, D. Applin, P. Wolfson, B. Haz- lett, S. Kalson. ROW 2: L. Cheney, P. Scoggins, G. Woodhouse, C. Kennedy, P. Neely, C. Schaefers, C. Zinger, E. Koury, M. Hyzer, P. Jones, M. Otterland, J. Bodkin, S. Lieberman, K. Pikras, A. Sessa, M. Jolly. ROW 3: A. Deering, J. Coles, P. Crosby, C. Koe- gler, S. Brungraber, M. Leatham, J. Mulvihill, F. Cappelli, P. Ja- cobson, B. Andres, M. Brown, P. Horn, K. Harris, J. Grafton, K. Bacon. ROW 4: L. Tilton, J. Laros, D. Hackenberg, K. Pidgeon, R. Nicklas, P. Franke, J. Liebmann, B. Cissna, J. Gray, W. Keast, M. Morton, D. Carlson, B. Perrin, M. Dockum. ROW 5: W. Spooner, M. Portella, N. Clarke, P. Tieman, D. Fitzgibbons, K. Johnston, S. Dahlmann, D. Bickel, L. Schreiber, P. Eisele. Under the direction of Mr. Louis Scarci, Mt. Leba- non's nationally recognized marching band contin- ued to provide first class musical entertainment. Ac- companying Rockette drills during the halftime pre- sentations last fall, the band played popular tunes including "Georgy Girl," "Born Free," and "The Girl Watchers' Theme." Also on the band's schedule were the traditional appearance in the Memorial Day Parade and a spring band concert. The chorus, led by Miss May K. Sneary, presented a choral con- cert in December, featuring the girls' ensemble, the mixed chorus, the Triple Trio, and, new this year, a madrigal group. l s 5 1 Q 5 3 F i 3 5 5 sf 4 5 ? F 5 S BELOW. Girls' Ensemble. FRONT ROW: L. Yanger, N. Gaskill, G. Walker, B Abelson, C. Viola, B. Brunk, L. Pugh. ROW 2:K. Josephson, K. Brewster, B.lWin ters, J. Leitch, D. Mitchell, C. Jones, C. Coho. ROW 3: C. Roney, L. Stiefel, C Ware, B. Pasko, B. Wheeler, B. Birch, B. Emack, J. Jennings. ROW 4: S. Mars M. Besselman, J. Stirling, D. Brown, C. Clarke, B. Carpenter. 5 E R Q 3 2 5 6 L 108 MA 4-N I X? 5, , ,Z gi? ff 4. H N M W' X - 4. ff" f Q, ' IQ .w"'-nge 5 it 5 ' x R 46 if? Q 1 if ' F-255 ai 7,,l' X -3, " Q 21 K- 1 3 .sf ' 4 ' ,pf A 7 ,, 'W . ff: fi? ' ' ,Q- Q Z, A in 5 E s W X pu-ur X BELOW. Costume Committee. FRONT C. Friday, C. Bengston, L. Favaro, S Haudenshield, J. Lamont, D. Delong ROW 2: B. Ditrovati. A. Tatangelo, T Junker, W. Spooner, P. Gee, L. Mogab. L. Amdur. Missing from picture: E Koury. BELOW RIGHT, Properties Com mittee. FRONT: R. Seymour, S. Schrein er. G. Pre?-Torn, J. Davies. K. Kimmiok ROW 2: K. Kimmell, D. Wright, D. Hal Ier, N. Parker, L. Simon, T. Lothrop, J Halium. BELOW. Nlake-up Committee: S. Conlon, P. Tieman. L. Mills. D. Bickel, C. Frank. D. Snefsky, D Nieunbresse, K. Ketchum. 110 Behind the scenes at school plays, as- semblies, or community programs in the auditorium, these students are es- sential to the overall success of the pro- duction. Stage crew members operate lighting and design and build scenery and backdrops for plays and musicals. Getting together props and improvising when necessary, properties committee members try to create a realistic setting for thespian productions. Costume com- mittee members obtain costumes for roles varying from Sir Thomas lVlore in A Man For All Seasons to the Trapp chil- dren in A Sound of Music. By powdering hair or by adding lines to a face make- up committee members transtorm the players into people ot all ages and races The boys usher squad serves for school guidance programs assemblies and occasionally at a public meeting in the evening The checkroom squad mans the coatroom for the public ABOVE. Checkroom Squad: E. Koury, J. Ramsey, B. Putnam, R. Nlars, L. Swanson, K. Nloreland, A. Alexander. ABOVE. Ushers. FRONT: R. Emery, T. Sullivan, lVl. Stern, P. Salvatora, lVl. Schneider, R. Belke. ROW 2: G. Cipriano. R. Holroyd, R. Spickard, G. Tatterson, T. Huzella, D, Hepper. R. Paulson, D. Rowles, D. Ferguson. LEFT. Stage Crew. FRONT: R. Carlin, R. Finley, L. Lyndes, R. Frisch, J. Johnson. ROW 2: D. Guiney, K. Pidgeon, S. Shields, B. Wells. ROW 3: C. Wells, B. Antion. "Ns-of ABOVE: Ticket Takers: Tom Hardie, George Coussoule, Scott Fields. BELOW: Parking Lot Squad: Jeff Jones, John Fein- stein, Mark Chamberlain, Jim Keifer. Sportscasters: Bill Bruegmann, John Nicklas ei ff' 'e'-g?Zt,4?f , Q Ways and Means Squad. ABOVE. Dorothy Sparks, Pat Shaw, Nicki Bouyoucus, Kathleen Kelly. RlGl-lT: Dale Haramic, Gary Oates, Rick Stacy, Doug MacQuown, Carl Mason. Scoreboard Squad: Bob Meyers, Jack McKinnon, Bob Finley, Dale Reece. 113 5,9- Members of the Parking and Score- board Squads andthe Ticket-takers serve students as well as adult members of the community at home athletic games. The Parking Squad directs cars entering the parking lot and facilitates an easy flow of traffic after the games. Ticket- takers work at the entrance gates, and members of the Scoreboard Squad work the scoreboard at home football and basketball games. This year's sportscas- ters, John Nicklas and Bill Bruegmann, broadcasting from the press box, identi- fy the players involved in each play, give halftime statistics, and introduce band selections. Also working at the Friday night games are the Boys' and Girls' Ways and Means Squads. By selling popcorn and soft drinks at home athlet- ic contests, these students earn money to help finance Student Congress activities. Rockettes. FRONT ROW: S, Sauer. J. Wolf. E, Cooke, A. Weintraub P. Bartram, D. Wyatt, P. Brownlee. D. Giles, R, Harris, C. Brown, J Schilberg. ROW 2: S. Phillips, C. South, P. O'Bryan, N. Parker, Nl Phipps. M. Fleming, J. Wilson, G, Lohman, S, Mulert. T. Clement. K. Wichman. ROW 3: B. Schriber. M. J. Weidl, L. Nicklaus, M Coughanour, J, McNulty, G. Eppelsheimer, G. Stephens, S. Rile. N Heights, V. Lupean, J. Moore. ROW 41 N. Bradley, M. Jennings, K Souder, J. Pozzi, P. Burns, P. Grainger, T. Swenson, D. Bellvomini T. Shaw, S. Miller. ROW 5: D. Upton. M. Morgan, S. Roberts. L Mills. C. Frank, J. Holliday, D. Schuck. B. Richards, D. Samples, K Valentour, T, Vidmer. ROW 6: J. Sarver. S. Danforth, S. Shakarian P. Cunningham. M. Haudenshield, L. Phillips, C. Laboon, J. Erick son, W. Bauman. B. Schmidt, K. Kropf. ROW 7: P. Jennings, D Miller. L. Pieger, C. Covert, C. Burr, C. Bengston, C. Freeburg, L Prine, L. Calkins, T. Brennan, J. Ford, L. Scattaregia. V, ... - .. i - Blue Devils. ABOVE: Susie Schechter. RIGHT: Dee Camiola, Kathy Nesbit. um! ,Q' AS V. .F I viii ' F,-an tiff: . I W i!rEi.'-faitf 'K liixisxa, Q 1 Us F: itsyffitxi at 'WV QP ' .f time A iffx' A 44 Q st it-1 ABOVE: Varsity Cheerleaders. FRONT ROW: Lynn Kaufman, Dianne Schvvager, Judy Troan, Nancy Kirby. ROW 2: Debby lvlilo, Bonnie Lohman, Jackie Hawkins, Paula lVlcCallum, Leslie Anderson. BELOW: Rockette Director, lVlr. Henry Duda. Stepping to the beat of "The Girl Watcher's Theme," the Rockettes pre- sent one ofthe most colorful and enter- taining halftime shows in the area. Un- der the direction of lVlr. Louis Scarci and lVlr. Henry Duda, the Rockettes have de- veloped precise and colorful routines to accompany the band's selections. Other features of the Friday night games are the Blue Devils and the Cheerleaders, who encourage the students to display their school spirit. E ABOVE: J.V, Cheerleaders. ROW 2: Mimi Parker, Sandy dy Soroka, Lynne Peresman 115 FRONT ROW: Linda Erickson, Betsy Kaufman. Stevens, Barbara Liu, Kathy Keim. Sue Ritz. Cin- m.,,,,-N , . 35' , " ' si? 17 " , If .f'f x ,: QD i L gg, 5 61 ts fl , ,wa , N- 1 fs . ng., ABOVE LEFT: Opening Exercises Squad. ROW 1: Steve Le- vine, Susan Chute, Bobbie Stein, Ed Bleiberg. ROW 2: Eric Josephson, Marlene Morgan, Sue Roberts, Leslie Nliller, Sally O'NeilI. ABOVE: Studio Announcers. ROW 1: Georgia Kent, Janet Grubb, Doron Levin, Jim Roberts, Kathy Kropf. ROW 2: John Nicklas, Pat Wood, Bill Bruegmann, Paul Sal- vatora, Wes Connor, Dan Aderholt, Rob Ruck, Rich Seymour. 116 Sacrificing a few extra minutes in the morning are the members of the Open- ing Exercises Squad and the Studio staff. In searching for an inspiring or en- tertaining quotation for a Thursday morning broadcast or in directing the announcements and making special an- nouncements, these students con- tribute to the pleasant opening of the day's routine. A Q 4911:- in "" "s-,l1",'f' .Lb f A- if ,cv A. 3,--." - , . ,mtl Y ,', .,,.z. 3' '1 A' 9' -'bl r . ' ." f I 'rm Q 'Lux '. 1. -,5 55,1 f 1 Li W " ' I' , TZ' ,v f sf ra , 1-,f -x ', v K 4 rs' K Jn' .Xu : s.-.L 4 'U Jnf- , r 734. 9' ,,. ' Qixlzfr ,K-wx. , U , W . ,.,., . .,,, l t . . , 1 4 1 1, , -u - f .A , . ! . - ., is 5 QM 'Eff Z 5s.....,... 'N-...N-N W-N., iv' 'LY ,gm is Y W 1 if gigwif f Avv.. I A. . Varsity Football Team. FRONT ROW: B. Mercer, K. Wentzel, J. Walker, D. Hart, A. Walker, D. Howard L. Hausner, P. Tillson, D. Fasulo, A. Roach, S Phillips, S. Vidmer, M. Walsh, R. Heeter, J. Flem ing, B. Myers, R. Bennett, T. Emack, R. Miller G. Jacoby, G. Katz, M. Roberts. ROW 4: B. Armen ' Johnson, J. Williamson. ROW 2: J. Perry, C. Nowe, trout, B. Bayer, D. Porter, J. Caramanna, T. Yorty, , M. Whipkey, T. Valicenti, G. Grant, C. Wichmann T. Sistik, H. Rusbridge, S. Hein, B. Sagan, R. Sun J. Howard, V. Russo, J. Roberts, M. Monsein, P. seri, T. Jennings, R. Drummond, P. Brown. Kreible, D. Dean, K. Kirtland. ROW 3: R. Smith, T. l l l VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Lebanon Bishop McCort O Lebanon Bethel Park 12 Lebanon Trinity 18 Lebanon Canon-McMillan 0 Lebanon Washington O Lebanon Chartiers Valley O Lebanon Uniontown 6 Lebanon Baldwin 7 Lebanon Keystone Oaks 13 Lebanon New Castle 20 JVFOOTBALLSCORES " f" , . gf 3255253531-lla. S33im!'!!!Qi! Mr. Lebanon 14 Penn Hills 13 ik - -T it E - 'M '1 it 'ff 5 Mt. Lebanon 26 Cannonsburg 21 Mt. Lebanon 13 Keystone Oaks 12 Mt. Lebanon 7 Washington 13 Mt. Lebanon 19 Trinity 0 Mt. Lebanon 38 Chartiers Valley 6 Mt. Lebanon 14 Bethel 18 Mt. Lebanon 13 Baldwin 7 J.V. Football Team. FRONT ROW: C. Pascarella, B. Frank, L. Ali, J. Laboon, B. Faulk, M. Joyce, G. Gingrow, D. Schoeppner, P. Smith, J. Aitken, J. Wagner. ROW 2: D. Tucci, C. Hazlett, B. Dev- lin, R. Stechschulte, W. Young, J. Palka, D. Anderson, T. Koszorsky, J. Dietrich, R. Sunseri, G. Wright. ROW 3: D. Young, D. Bitner, N. Opperman, B. Crawford, D. Schaefer, H. Larule, D. Brin- dle, G. Katz, D. Jones. ROW 4: K. Wentzel, R. Fife, J. Smith, R. Skirball, D. Beckes, D. Welch, P. Shields, D. Grube, P. Anderson. ROW 5: E. Troppoli, D. Kelly, D. Waltz, P. Roach, D. Kraft, R. Sharkey. 119 E VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Tri State Coaches Nleet Western Conference Central Catholic Invitational W P l.A.L. Qualifying-Southern Division WP l.A.L. Class "A" Championship Mountaineer Invitational J. V. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Western Conference Central Catholic Invitational W P l.A.L. Qualifying- Southern Division W P l.A.L. J.V. Championship 31 23 31 47 67 33 33 38 34 6th lst 5th lst 5th lst 34 20 27 39 53 30 36 19 lst 6th 2nd 5th Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon SWIMMING SCORES Bmdwui 44 ChurchHl 41 Bethel 63 BuHeH 28 Buher 60 Bmdwni 40 ChurchHl 26 Bethel 60 BuneH 32 BuHer 50 Swimming Team. FRONT ROW: Coach Krall, C. Douglass, B. Brueggemann, J. Rue, C. Rowe, W. Connor, T. Sistik, D. Hepper, J. Mogan, A. Covert, L, Killeen, W. Jones, Coach Saunders, ROW 2: B. Martin, J. Gorin, D. Mangan, T. Rafferty, D. Moore, J. Acklin, S. Solomon, A. Fein- berg, T. Connor, P. Oermann, P. Shields. ROW 3: R. Bartlett, T. Buchanan, M. Cromer, J. I-lagy, R. McKelvey, M. Zwingi, D. Bonwell, D. Levin, B. Young, W. Robin- son. ROW 4: l-l. Phillips, R. Fleischauer, T. Smith, T. Appelbe. J. Dailey, B. Hill, D. Mogan, B. Mitro. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Wilkinsburg South Hills Shaler Fox Chapel Uniontown Schenley Penn Hills Baldwin Trinity Canon-MclVliIlan Brentwood Washington Upper St. Clair Bethel Keystone Oaks Trinity Canon-McMillan Brentwood Washington Upper St. Clair Bethel Keystone Oaks Montour Duquesne ,Q Junior Varsity Basketball Team. FRONT ROW: T. George, B. Cunningham, J. Findley, D. Craft, D. Beckes, R. Pyerita. ROW 2: A. Young, D. Bender, S. Laster, D. Schoeppner, M. Opperman, S. Viviano, B Stechschulte, W. Amdur, S. Weiss, E. Troppoli. Varsity Basketball Team. FRONT ROW: H. Alterman, J. Bates, R. Bennett, D. Porter, E. Cipriano D Coughanour, Mr. Ashburner. ROW 2: Mr. Black, B. Sagan, S. Viviano, R. Schnure, F. DeWitt, S. Hein J.V. BASKETBALL SCORES Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Wilkinsburg South Hills Shaler Fox Chapel Uniontown Schenley Trinity Canon-McMillan Brentwood Washington Upper St. Clair Bethel Keystone Oaks Trinity Canon-MclVliIlan Brentwood Washington Upper St. Clair Bethel Keystone Oaks VARSITY WRESTLING SCORES Lebanon Washington Lebanon Trinity Lebanon Carnegie Lebanon North Allegheny Lebanon Waynesburg Lebanon Peters Township Lebanon Canon-McMillan Lebanon Elizabeth Forward Lebanon West Mifflin North Lebanon Baldwin Lebanon Chartiers Valley Lebanon Chartiers Houston Lebanon Keystone Oaks Lebanon Shaler Varsity Wrestling Team. FRONT ROW: A. Robinson, D. Hicks, K. Hatcher, J. Leonard, G. Jones, B. Henry, B. Mong, B. Newhams, J. Koerner, L. McKeithan, M. Tracy. ROW 2: Mr. Jones, J. McLaughlin, L. Housner, A. Walker, J, Fleming, R. Smith, J. Walker, P. Tillson, C. Donohue, T. Gosnell, J. Caramanna, B. Boyer, B. George, Mr. Lamprinakos. Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon 123 J.V. Wrestling Team. FRONT ROW: erland, R. Lawrence, J. Vockel, D. D. Anderson, D. Schaefer. ROW 2: Belluomini, J. Kropf, D. Waltz, B. Kramer, Mr. Lamprinakos. S. Schweizer, B. Suth Bennett, H. Hawkins Mr. Jones, C. Bon, P O'Conner, J. Neal, J J. V. WRESTLING SCORES Washington O Trinity 6 Carnegie O North Allegheny 11 Waynesburg 6 Peters Township 2 Canon-McMillan 17 Elizabeth Forward 5 West Mifflin North O Baldwin 5 Chartiers Valley 11 McKeesport 11 Keystone Oaks 15 Shaler 3 Golf Tearn: M. Shapiro. W. Llewellyn. J. Read, T. Broderick, R. Ban, C. Brodbeck. Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon .iw Mt. Lebanon ,Q-Q ' M Mt. Lebanon gf?" Mt. Lebanon 'W Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon L"W"'w Mt. Lebaon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon GOLF SCORES 111'2 10 10 1116 111'2 1192 13 11 12 12 Upper St. Clair Chartlers Valley Bethel Canon-McMillan South Park Chartiers Valley South Park Canon-McMillan Upper St. Clalr Bethel RIFLE SCORES 499 499 498 500 500 500 500 500 500 796 Keystone Oaks Bethel McKeesport Churchill Munhall Keystone Oaks Bethel McKeesport Churchill Munhall Rifle Team. FRONT ROW: N. Leathers, B. Richards, A. Mazzoni, C. Valentour, K. Ronksley, J. Red- mond, M. Maxwell, G. Yorke. ROW 2: M. Starr, C. Bengston, N. Miller, S. Amdur, R. Brandenstein, G. Houser, G. Callahan, B. Beck, B. Brownlee, G. Walker, P. Adams, Mr. Neal 41"2 6 6 4142 412 4172 2 5 4 4 492 494 496 495 494 494 497 495 497 797 Varsity Track Team. FRONT ROW: D. McCarty, M. Nolan, T. Battaglia, J. George. ROW 2: B. Martin, D. Leland, A. Lankford, C. Howe, T. Stirling, D. Helwig, R. Ali, J. Barker, C. Wall. ROW 3: Mr. Harbi- son, R. Sandburg, G. Jacoby, M. Hardman, T. Emack, B. Myers, A. Roach, T. Phillips, R. Soisson, Mr. Toler. ROW 4: V. Surma, T. Stechshulte, D. Carlson, R. Schnure, J. Brownlee, J. Greene, S. Hein, G. Gates. I . -. s. ...maifl J. V. Track Team. FRONT ROW: G. Cipriano, R. Sunseri, K. Kirtland, B. Pade, L. Stein, R. Miller, K. Wentzel, G. Bossart, F. Kaszycki, D. Buchanan. ROW 2: J. Barns hart, B. George, B. O'Connor, C. Kelly, G. Crissman, R. Hixenaugh, J. Strutzel, B Steverman, B. Coughie, B. Schmidt, D. Kelly. ROW 3: B. Page, J. McMahon, L. Cook T. Sullivan, L. Killeen, B. Hostetler, P. Wetzel, R. Skirball, J. Smith, J. Sanstead Mr. McMahan. ROW 4: A. Lankford, B. Kriebel, L. Winschel, D. Sneberger, D. Volmj rich, J. Lucas, W. Martin, B. Rugh, G. Kincheloe, J. Kincheloe, D. Wright. 125 VARSITY TRACK SCORES Mt. Lebanon 60 Mt. Lebanon 1OO Mt. Lebanon 76 Mt. Lebanon 70 Mt. Lebanon 47 Mt. Lebanon 66V2 State College South Hills Washington Canon'McMillan Bethel Penn Hills Bethel Baldwin Tri-State Coaches Indoor Tri-State Coaches Outdoor Canon-McMillan Relays W.P.l.A.L. Relays Western Conference Allegheny County W.P.l.A.L. Class "A" P.l.A.A. Class "A" J. Mt. Lebanon 56 Mt. Lebanon 88 Mt. Lebanon 73 Sophomore Meet V. TRACK SCORES Penn Hills Bethel Hopewell 2nd 36 44 62V2 42V2 74 98 60 54V2 6th 3rd 3rd 3rd 2nd 2nd 3rd 5th 89 51 72 X 1 Baseball Scores S V M B Mt. Lebanon 5 Wilkinsburg A Baseball Team. FRONT ROW: D. Bitner R. Panicco. J. Bates R. Bennett. . iviano, . annon, - , ' ' . h t T. Marshall. ROW 2: M. Hallum, G. Carter, A. Dean, J. Fiedler, F. Bonelli, D. Dean, M. Beauchamp. Mt Lebanon 3 C ar 'ers Valley f Mt. Lebanon 1 Bethel , ROW 3: P. Sorg, B. Mercer, S. Weiss, J. Howard. ROW 4: Mr. Clark, B. Boyer, B, Seiferth, F. Ali, J. I Gianootso, D. Porter, Mr. Formento. Mt- Lebanon 4 South Pafk 4 Mt. Lebanon 2 Baldwin C Mt. Lebanon 2 Thomas Jefferson 6 I Mt. Lebanon 13 Bethel 2 c' Mt. Lebanon 6 South Park 2 ""+.:- . Mt. Lebanon 1 Thomas Jefferson 1 Mt. Lebanon 9 Baldwin E Tennis Scores Mt. Lebanon 3 Tarentum . Mt. Lebanon 4 Churchill Area Mt. Lebanon 5 Thomas Jefferson l Mt. Lebanon 5 Peters Twp. l Mt. Lebanon 5 Brentwood l Mt. Lebanon 3 Bethel I Mt. Lebanon 4 Edgewood 1 Mt. Lebanon 5 West Mifflin l Mt. Lebanon 5 Thomas Jefferson l Mt. Lebanon 5 Peters Twp. t Mt. Lebanon 5 Brentwood I . Mt. Lebanon 4 Shadyside 2 Mt. Lebanon 5 Bethel l Mt. Lebanon 5 West Mifflin l .. , .. . . . . Mt. Lebanon 3 Fox Chapel 1 5 ! Tennis Team. FRONT ROW: D. Aderholt, L. Dundics, B. Harrison, J. Hall, B. Bennett. ROW 2: J. Schweinsberg, B. Sagan, B. Rosen, C. Colver, J. Gorin, Mr. Doak. 126 From touch football in September to girls' track in June, Girls' Athletic Association members compete on an informal level. Holding competition in many sports after school, the G.A.A. provides competition, exercise, and fun. Leaders' Club members, who officiate and or- ganize tournaments, are selected from girls who have made outstanding contributions to G.A.A. The 1968 Girls' Gymnastic Team, strengthened by the return of many girls from last year's team, looks forward to far surpassing their 1967 record. G.A.A. Volleyball Team. FRONT ROW: P. Hunt, K, Peters, P. Lee, G. Ste phens. ROW 2: Miss Sabolewski, R. Kane, C. Freeburg, K. Marlen, S. Dan forth, K. Ross. Girls' Gymnastics Team. FRONT ROW: J. Bodkin, D. Snefsky, S. Hildabrand, M. Cosgrove, B. Moore. ROW 2: Mrs. Cunningham, D. Fitzgibbons, Nl. Miller, M. Junker, M. Younkins, H. Hull, N. Bell, N. Drummonds. ROW 3: G. Woodhouse, A. Deering, K. Wichmann, J. Coles, M. Maxwell, V. Sorg. 127 Girls' Volleyball Team. FRONT ROW: N. Alcorn, S. Rosecrans, A. Meadows, K. Mor- land, P. Phares, P. Neely. ROW 2: L. Gingrow, G. Stephens, K. James, V. Lupean, K. Ronksley, L. Whitford. With the goal of providing athletic opportl if Q . 1 1 I f Girls' Basketball Team. FRONT ROW: C. Frank, P. Hunt, B. Hartsough, N. Bell, W. Bauman, L. Mclntosh, R. Kane, S. Stewart. ROW 2: C. Manion, J. Shaw, K. Mathison, J. Pozzi, N. Morrow, P. Schwartz, S. James, M McGough, C. Freeburg. ROW 3: P. LaValla, L. Edwards, L. Whitford, M MacNamara, B. Beckmann, J. Benson, P. Phares, A. Meadows, G Stephens, P. Heizer as nities for girls, Miss Donna Shaver and tl' Girls' Athletic Association sponsor a divers program of sports for girls. The members c the G.A.A. participate enthusiastically in suc sports as tennis, basketball, volleyball, gol track and field, and swimming. The swin ming team began the season by winning tt Girls' Western Pennsylvania Swimmin Championship. Judy Beachler, a member c the team, received The Kathleen Ritz Ml morial Trophy. This award is given to tl' club letter-holder who most exemplifies tr values of good sportsmanship. The volleyba team completed its season with a 7-6 recon a fifty-percent improvement over last year. l the same spirit of achievement, the baske ball team anticipates a good year. Four Members of the Girls' Swimming Team: R. Douglass, C. English, J. Bastian, P. Vockel. l l i . WLEQEQVVEU V., 1, xv ,f x U, N ,, .NI-J, XX .- 'X. f'xN -' KX fl X Nb' 5 v Y ' Y N fb-A It xx . I X If X VI, xl A N8 4 ' Q N 2 1 Q .' 1' I .fxffxfxlf f!X f-X X X f " xx' X fx gif ,' ,X 1' x N X m X 1, , , 'N Q ,V ,'t1 ' X. x ' X, ' ' , w x , ' . . H. J N 1 f' X I Y N Y wx X IX- I x ff. X ,. N , X X 4 Wx .X I Q ' Y' u x my x X X ' , , - ' .' r 'X I 1 s ' J 1, ' ' ,V f f I, I . l. . . 1 I f , f ' ,f- ,. .l X Q .gf , A 5 J. A If Il, -I ,'lx'. 'WX 'XX X . .fx , - ' I x KX"xxY,'x'NXX 3 NX Xp XXX! Vx Qxfiaf x XXV' Y YYXX' 'QIVXQ .XmXx.yx+ - r k A ,N . WX , tl K. f X 1 : N . f y , . 1 'll X, " - , , ti xx xx" mx Xxx!! ll, m NX XI! l V '. I. 'I Nfl' kk fx- lx Xt if VV Y s' YR!! ' 'X Y 4 UNDERCLASSMEN High school to the sophomore means an entirely new set of experiences. The chlorine-reddened eyes after a swim- ming class, the free Cbut unusedj Tues- day morning study hall, and the excite- ment of an impromptu pep rally Friday morning in the hall all represent a de- parture from what he has seen and felt before. With the added responsibilities of high school life, the sophomore ac- cepts the opportunity to begin determi- ning his future now. 10-1 Mr. Herschl FRONT ROW: M. Parker, M. DeLeo, M. Vucich, M. String, B. Brown, L. lannacchione, J. Molinaro, ROW 2: M. McKiernan, J. Levy, J. Larson. ROW 3: P. Koh- man, M. Jordan, P. McCallum, D. Brettholle, M. Mill- er, J. Bruno. ROW 4: M. Golightly, R. Bernotas, K. Ho- rowitz, P. Eisele, L. Rosenfelder, K. Kelly. ROW 5: V. Ullmann, S. Rodden, M. Pantelich, C. Frank. ROW 6: R. Rogan, T. Herrington, M. Donohue, P. Wilson, D. Hughes, G. Taylor. .... , W V 10-2 Mr. Goodwin FRONT ROW: C. Cicchino, P. Connelly, M. Fishell, S. Greene, R. Brown, R. Sperling, A. M ley. ROW 2: J. Staley, B, Beckmann, C. Spangler, M. lrwin, J. Jennings, R. Hoskins, L. i Neill, G. Colver. ROW 3: K. Fuhrer, E. Longini, F. Federici, P. Hastings, D. Brown, J. Rya A. Heinrich. ROW 4: N. Weiler, H. Devlin, E. Troppoli, J, Neal, D. Wilson, T. Carlin, J. Cla 130 .O-3 Miss Kaliden TRONT ROW: V. Decarlucci, L. Peresman, B. Bieber, P. Smith, S Dolson, B. Willison. ROW 2: K. Cosgrove, P. Horn, K. Pikras, S Iohnston, B. Brunk. ROW 3: G. Walker, R. Curry, C. Camarinos, L rickson, E. Duffy, S. Andrews. ROW 4: T. Shannon, L. Kasper, D wager, D. Tucci, C. Grego, L. Saul. ROW 5: P. Kraus, R. Hampton I. Hiscott. ROW 6: R. Romanetti, G. Barnes, S. Williamson. ROW 7 D. Anderson, G. Welinsky, J. Geraud, J. l-lauth, L. Boelen, J. Schel ale. ROW 8: T. Whittington. -i sm' Zlf. gn' A ykkk- : .fn 7 ' V T ig ' J V i . gi, if S? ti 1 X 7 3 10-4 Miss Thorpe FRONT ROW: D. Gold, G. Dewey, D. Bennett, J. Mulvihill, W. Bender, F. Otti' no, D. Wilson, J. Carden. ROW 2: R. Harton, T. Maclntyre, D. Bradley, M. Klein, E. McDowell, E. Lindsay, B. Dulis, M. Kambouris, C. Wiehn, D. Marks, G. Miner, C. Soroka, D. Foulkes, C. Bohrer. ROW 3: J. Carducci, N. Swarsh, G. Martin, K. Walker, P. Loos, S. Laster, T. George, J. Ton, J. Franklin, R. Roche, S. Davidson, K. Law, C. Mercer, J. Bastian. 'Li -nr 11 A ff' O l ' ' i T Q ', i ' , Qs... 1: f"'11vfff'H'f ' ' ' t fi . - 10-5 Mr. Clark FRONT ROW: C. Clark, V. McLaren, L. Porach, J. Battaglia, N. Fleming. ROW 2: M. McGough, J. Gorman, R. Deramo. ROW 3: J. Dyson, P. Kleffman, A. Evans, J. Tannenbaum, T. DiFiore. ROW 4: M. Welsh, T. Ultch, B. Ramassini, M. Landerfield, C. Cooke, A. Coughenour. ROW 5: G. Bogart, M. Pottenger, D. Trisler, M. Trethewey, B. Fisher. ROW 6: J. Sable, B. Cunningham, K. Nichol- son, T. Loehr, J. Hornor. ROW 7: D. MacQuown, M. Lester, T. Massella, G. Hilner. 131 10-6 Mr. Held FRONT ROW:C. Barr, M. Zwinggi, B. Hunter, J. Gabel, B. Sutherland. ROW 2: L. Schlotter, J. Stewart, K. Disque, L. Pugh, D. Simon, M. Danko. ROW 3: J. Palka, L. Buchanan, D. Harmon, M. Dowds, T. Ross, B. Jack. ROW 4: G. Kramer, D. Schaefer, L. Heckman, J. Goray, T. Smith, J. Jennings. 1 L. 10-8 Mr. Meyers FRONT ROW: N. Miller, L. Gaylord, J. Nelson, S. Parks. ROW 2: D. Stone, B. McMillan, P. Coleman. ROW 3: L. Fazio, M. Terry, M. Lewis, E. Shaughnessy. ROW 4: J. Swenarton, C. Greer, B. Smith. ROW 5: D. Zotis, L. Schwartz, S. Bonnet, D. Bliss. ROW 6: C. Macoy, G. Miller, R. Stacy, M. Conroy. ROW 7: B. D'Andries, K. Gifford, W. Shoemaker, D. Eisenbeis. 132 10-7 Mr. Jones FRONT ROW: M. Pierce, R. Stewart, L. Rouvalis. ROW 2: B. Henderson, N. Swope, A. Sprecher, S. McCully, P. Standfest. ROW 3: J. Rich, B. Hartsough. ROW 4: M. Colosimo, C. Cox, M. Dockum, C. Hayes, C. Somogyi. ROW 5: T. Farrell, R. Rampton, C. Ward, F. Cappelli, S. Shepherd. ROW 6: P. Bo- nello, J. Patton, R. Fischer. ROW 7: C. Marshall, R. Gregory, J. Pagan, G. Banner. l . YN' if T' . f T .. -W 4 4 1 W D 1' 10-9 Mrs. Rinne 10-10 Mr. Lohr FRONT ROW: T. Huff, T. DiFiore, R. Morrison, M. Silver, P. Herrup, H. Chigeck, R. Conroy, J. Mo gan, D. Rieger.ROW 2: J. Clark, L. Nesbitt, P. Jones, H. Hall, B. Froelich, S. Ritz, L. Oppenheim, K. Baum, K. Cosgrove. ROW 3: B. Caldwell, C. Brewer, D. Barson, J. Reed, E. Huber, M. Blair, P LaValla. 133 FRONT ROW: D. Mangan, K. Dash, C. O'Bryan, E. Hockinberg, R. Cox, C. Hazlett. ROW 2: P. Pade, C. Oliver, E. Moore, D. Gray, R. Lawrence, B. Young, A. McMahon, L. Brozenick, J. McGinnis. ROW 3: N. Lascheid, L. Abraham, S. Stern, J. Evans, M. Bese selmon, B. Lambl, C. Clark, C. Walker, C. Arbenz, C. Armentrout, D. Hooten. ? .Q C 2 X 10-11 Mrs. Zappa FRONT ROW: M. Gorin, B. Raguso, K. Happe, D. Schar- brough. ROW 2: J. Stirling, J. McCarty, P. Murry, D. Smiley. ROW 3: P. Scarpaci, M. Geist, L. Grant, S. Kall A. Angelacci. ROW 4: J. Mawe, J. Trimmer, B. Bosley, G. Nelson. ROW 5: B. Hill, D. Mihaly, B. Watson, D. Dickey. ROW 6: D. Hoffman, B. Carpenter, M. PODI9, H Chivers. ROW 7: G. Nelan, S. Harris, T. Offutt. L 10-12 Miss Nesbitt FRONT ROW: B. Landman, D. Murr, J. Killeen, E. Croxson 10-13 Miss Manning FRONT ROW: E. Mock, A. Auslander, K. Nomides. ROW 2: K. Phillips, R. Massielo, J. Bodkin, S. Parker, F. Kricos. ROW 3: G. Vawder, B. Kaufman, E. Azen. ROW 4: J. Oxenreiter, B. Charters. ROW 5: B. Wheeler, J. Hofmann, G. Reed, F. Taylor, M. Challenger. ROW 6: P. Roach, P. Soisson, D. Kimmel, W. Young, J. Perrin. ROW 7: J. Fortwangler, B. Kodish, S. Levine, P. Koerner, D. Wissell. J. Mazzarini, D. Haramic, G. Root, K. Ketchum. ROW 2: B Guy, M. Levitt, J. Walker, G. Smith, D. Anthony, B. Frank, M Washil, C. Andersen, D. Seay. ROW 3: C. Koegler, H. Wilson P. Hofrichter, N. Freas, C. Flint, S. Rosenberg, A. Accetta, L. Hirsch, K. Scarlett, K. Weaver, K. Donahoe, S. Donohue, S. Vetter, J. Woodworth. il 10-14 Miss Hay FRONT ROW: B. Lee, B. Bower, E. Sargent, J. Marovic, S. thurS, P- Kelly. S- Guifleyi B- Motz, N- H0ffm3Vli K Belle. ROW 2: R. Pyeritz, J. Seals, J. Krodf, R. Hart, C. S. Lyle, N. Ross, M. Swartz, C. Netter, D. Jurik, D. Vorndran, B. Bianco, J. Tlschuk, B. Beck. ROW 3: A. Ar- P. Blackburn, M. Tipping, B. Outten, M. Sutton. 134 -15 Mrs. Troup 'ONT ROW: D. Delehanty, J. Wiley, S. Smith. ROW 2: G. Minerd, P. Bol- 1, J. Siegel. ROW 3: K. Kotula, C. Aronson, S. Barcic. ROW 4: D. Lewis, Morrison. ROW 5: J. Weinstein, D. Brigham, J. Wagner. ROW 6: S. ily, J. Barclay. ROW 7: M. Harden, M. Gordon, B. Dinning. ROW 8: C. wger, C. Heper. ROW 9: M. Perrino, R. Miller. ROW 10: E. Graziano, J illagher, J. Hughes. ROW 11: J. Beidler, B. Cissna, M. Lafferty. Q c L 10-16 Miss Curtis FRONT ROW: B. Emack, D. Cohen, R. Lowrey, M. Ochs, C. Edgar, J. Behrend, M. Kasalas, J. Murphy. ROW 2: P. Belluomini, L. Yanger, M. Burick, N. Kane, M. Mooney, C. Meagher, V. Peluso, D. Brown. ROW 3: D. Kraft, R. Bartlett, K. Solomon, D. Fassinger, T. Bacranan, R. Shar- key, R. Miller, D. Andrews, K. Brown. 06? . .5 ir .lf ,J , l l . 5 4 ..a...T.N.4 J-17 Miss Birris . Vissat, R. Koch, K. Aiken, P. Crosby, J. Co- en. ROW 2: G. Hubbard, C, Jueng, T. Stevenson, l. Stern, D. Waltz, M. Rosenthal, T. Coyne, L. QONT ROW: D. Crotchett, D. Critelli, M. Vater, Brenner, J. Galley, J. Harrison. ROW 3: C. Fium- . Rydberg, S. Findley, E. Jacobson, L. Lerman, ara, D. Reilly, M. Morgans, H. Lloyd, K. Sheply, L. Schreiber, J. McGhee, C. Jones, C. Viola, D. Dunker, F. Hegyan. 135 10-18 Mr. Black FRONT ROW: K. Pabst, C. Cusack, V. Bametzrieder, J. Holt, C Welton, L. Clement, J. Seidlman, C. Martin. ROW 2: J. Wyer- M. Engel, D. Stein, C. Covert, J. Hampe, S. Harvell, S. Crothers, man, M. Carr, B. Stout, C. Sargent, J. Vockel, B. Visco. ROW 3 C. Hanna, C. Ryan. ROW 4: J. McMinn, A. Young, Nl. Hyzer, R Skwarecki, D. Bender, D. Beckes, S. Solomon. .Q ' 39 10-20 Miss Hill FRONT ROW: R. Niemeier, S. Mars, N. Brewster, N. Charlier, J. Leitch, M. Grupp. ROW 2: H. Phillips, C. Adamiec, J. Langue, D. Ali, J. Finelli, J. Sunseri, H. Hawkins. ROW 3: J. Walters, M. Briner, C. Menefee, M. Bellissimo, D. McCarthy, D. Scott. ROW 4: M. Steele, B. Bortz, E. Koury, M. Fittkau. ROW 5: R. Hirsh, S. Procter, T. Reilly, D. Schoeppner, R. Paterson, L. Nelson. 10-19 Mr. Ashburner FRONT ROW: J. Oehm, K. Calabrese, B. Wagner, K. Madden. ROW 2: A. Ker ing, B. Stetzer, J. Shaw, M. Rountree. ROW 3: M. Sullivan, R. Johnson, S. Clag C. Coho. ROW 4: E. Cook, R. Mars, M. James, R. Serokis, L. Malorano. ROW D. Johnston, P. Bucey, J. Benson, D. Walsh. ROW 6: W. Long, D. Sipe, J. Wel: S. Jacobs, B. Simonds. tt in 1 H Qi 4 , .ae V' .af 41 10-22 Mr. Manion FRONT ROW: J. Griffin, B. Winters. ROW 2: M. Steitz, S. Cafferty, J. Leaver. ROW 3: K. Worden, W. Pattak, P. Callahan, K. Forbes. ROW 4: M. Bonelli, K. Keim, K. Lucchino. ROW 5: J. Phillips, D. Thompson, D. Nicklaus, S. Gratz. ROW 6: D. Jennings, J. Ganzar, M. Radasky. ROW 7: T. Kennedy, T. Dailey, D. Appel. ROW 8: D. Watts, R. Wilson, S, Taubeneck. ROW 9: C. Hoffman, C. Pascarella, B. O'Connor, H. Curzer. 10-21 Mr. Pitcock FRONT ROW: C. Bon, C. Berger, D. Letzkus, J. Collins, K. Olson, D. Brumbaugh, G. Jones. ROW 2: A. McCandIess, J. Smith, M. Tuchman, L. Stiefel, R. Permar, P. Stewart, T. Bell. ROW 3: J. Griffin, N. Sachs, M. Spelar, P. Jones, D. Beley, S. Stevens, B. Liu, M. Moore. ROW 4: G. Palin, R. Nicklas, J. Psilos, J. Kiefer, E. Amdur, M. Leatham, F. Barnes. Sophomores missing from homeroom pictures: FRONT ROW: J. Cipria- no, N. Bonaros. ROW 2: M. Byers, C. Kennedy, A. Bostwick, T. Snyder, A. Hoak. ROW 3: C. Smith, D. Davia, D. Howard. ROW 4: J. Laboon, P Roach, B. Anderson, S. Shepherd, J. Thompson. 11-1 Dr. Anderson FRONT ROW: G. Campbell, D. Kelly, D. Petrelli, J. Lammert, Nl. Cromer, T. Baltich, J. Bugay. ROW 2: J. Hoak, R. Skirball, C. Nlollers, K. Maedin- ger, G. Cardamone, K. McMahon, B. Levin, J. Nees, R. McKelvey, A. Co hen. ROW 3: P. Donovan, J. Buckle, A. McEviIla, B. Grosso, M. Maddex, R Beach, S. Morgans, M. Bates, B. Jack, P. Hunt, N. Froehlich. MJF-',,., The junior year is one of impatience. Having been through one year of high school, the junior has a better under- standing of the purpose of his educa- tion and has a clearer idea of what he would like to do in life. He becomes im- patient that he has still one more year to go. Things like report cards and class rank assume almost equal importance with the junior's class ring as gradua- tion and college approach. l 11-2 Mr. Whipkey FRONT ROW: L. Fountain, K. Peters, V. Johnson, S. lnnocenti, S. Bennett, K. Wilson, L Brand. ROW 2: S. Barcic, M. Jenning, K. Keller, S. Brungraber, L. Rizzo. ROW 3: M. Starr, L Fisher, L. Favaro. ROW 4: R. Simons, L. Ali, P. Tillson, C. Meyers, P. Jameson. ROW 5: J Knutson, R. Dell, M. Labash, P. Pond. 138 -3 Mr. Felich ONT ROW:J. Schilberg, E. Marian, D. Wyatt, D. Sawhill. ROW 2: F. Brubaker, Oberlin, M. Massucci. ROW 3: M. Sabo, K. Vanzin, M. Capone, J, Rubinoff. W 4: B. Eichinger, B. Leverett, T. Michenzi, K. Kimmell, ROW 5: W. Vetter, Housley, D. Chambers, A. Zacchero. ROW 6: C. Anderson, J. Moore, D. ight. ROW 7: M. Medwig, R. Hughes, G. Kaatz, J. Gibbs. ,.,, ig 'E' 11-4 Mr. Raines FRONT ROW: T. Sgro, A. Robinson, C. Brown, W. Miller, D. Ha gan, M. McGough. ROW 2: M. Kaplan. P. Lamport. J. Klopper H, Watts, A. Carson, J. Bohaski. ROW 3: D. Farrell, S. Rile, J Rubinoff, V. Minnotte, P. Brownlee, S. Frank, ROW 4: I. Rosen berg, J. Furlin, V. Pukanic, C. Covert, L. Appel, S. Dahlman, B Schiffhauer. J, y N, ,Q 11-5 Mr. McCann FRONT ROW: W. Rosfeld, S. Levy, S. Rosecrans, P. Hutchison ROW 2: D. McNeill, E. Lahman, L. Kelly, C. Baker, D. DeLong N. Horgan, S. Mercer. ROW 3: K. Johnston. S. Stewart, K. Rec tor, K. McGeenen, L. Gingrow. ROW 4: J. Collery, J. Judkis, B Mong, B. Brownlee, C. Kaplan, C. Downing. ROW 5: S. Joseph- son, B. Coho, C. Rowe, P. Stokes, J. Kirley. 11-6 Mr. Budahazi FRONT ROW: J. Davies, C. Tumpson, L. Greber, B. Grove, J. Spinks, G. Mautz, B. Deemer, G. Crissman, N. Perry, T. Brush, E. Mock. ROW 2: C. Reda, K. Miller, D. Hawkins, M. noghue, L. Hartford. ROW 4: G. Oates, A. Hall, G. Callar Farrington, N. Creps, C. Weaver, L. Nicklaus. ROW 3: G. D. Schlamb, R. Welch, B. Mumy, H. Wall, S. MacDonald. l f l l 'P . Q I ' I Gi . 'AFP' Vatu V W.. . . L, .gg.tfifi:fft ' Q-f v V 1 T ?+4.' ' s . ,Qc f W ' . i . 11-7 Mr. Leiper FRONT ROW: C. Remington, D. Young, D. Schwag- er, J. Stewart, J. Wolf. ROW 2: J. Sessa, D. Fink, D. Benatan, G. Bradley. ROW 3: S. Duffy, M. Per- ry, L. Mclntosh. ROW 4: D. Briner, G. Avdey, S. Mc- Clure, H. Alterman, G. Gearhart. 140 8 Mr Taylor ONT ROW: J. Harold, D. DeLong. ROW 2: B. McGahey, M. Douglass, C. Badol 1 ROW 3: C. Yenke, L. Simon. ROW 4: M. Auner, G. Woodhouse, K. James W 5 D Silhol, A. Alexander. ROW 6: K. Reeves, A. Tatangelo, J. Youngquist Metzger ROW 7: C. Myers, L. Housner, A. Feinberg. ROW 8: S. Delano, B bbard B. Schelly. an In .ph 5. 11-9 Miss Sipe FRONT ROW: D. Dorsey, B. Klein, R. Stirling, P. Bower, J. Fleming K. Hatcher. ROW 2: W. Phillips, D. Leland, B. Pade, J. Gorin, A Klein, J. Gray, B. Harter, B. Comerford, J. Schorner, M. Heights ROW 3: M. Fitzgerald, K. Wichmann, M. Coughanour, G. Eppelshei mer, K. Stacy, A. Devenyi, D. Paul, R. Kane, J. Parker, C. Freeberg N. Bradley, B. Collins, C. Amick, R. Philson. 11-10 Mrs. Waldum FRONT ROW: D. Halvorsen, B. Brown, L. Lyndes, J. Johnson, W. Jones. ROW 2: B. Ronksley, J. Molinari, C. Cafarell, D. Sneberger, G. Price, J. Resnick. ROW 3: L. Zimmerman, S. Markgraf, S. Southworth, E. Cooke, D. Sparks, F. Benedicti, C. Wilson. ROW 4: M. Brecher, S. Sauer, L. Lopatnikov, C. Pershing, L. Cheney, M. Hough, A. Deering. 11-11 Mr. Doak FRONT ROW: B. Zolot, A. McCardle. ROW 2: Alexander, B. Swiecicki. ROW 3: N. Alcorn. G. 4: D. Levine, D. Milo, M. Phipps, A. Blanco. Rigby, D. Shonberg. ROW 6: C. Douglass, S. Bomeli. ROW 7: J. Murrell, T, Gething, B. Sprouse, K. Beckert, J. Acklin. P. Anderson. E. Steranko, P. Kulik, L. Belle, R. Lammert. ROW ROW 5: J. Feinstein, W. Schreiner, J. McHale, L. Steyerman. ROW 8: J. 5' - al F11 :px 33' . rf- Q ' " ' . A i .- Igf X .. V. , , ', K .. V' 1 A i A . . :gbyf il, .. If an 4 . .. A 'i as 4 ' . 1, . i gem' y i 1 v ' x Q W 4 .S Q ,. HL, ...exe . ' u - as . .45 Q '42 , In A il QQ if .A g ,., . ' , - .. . : , ...X ,.. Q . 5 " Q' 1 1 3 "'l'1v1 ,yn . 1 ' ' ' .1 2 f e o ' gi N ' - We f - Q In . 2: .0-.u o-'ii i K I """'lvn...auv"" 11-12 Mrs. Dittrner FRONT ROW: M. Joyce, M. Sable, D. Deady, W. Caughie, M. Beachler, J. Culleson. ROW 2: M. Caldwell, A. Bertini, B. Boyer, R, Cerutti, D. Buchanan, T. Kane, R. Shields. ROW 3: J. Lowe, M. Foulkes, L. Sapien- za, D. Moody, C. Ware. M. Sweeney, C. Schade, M. McArdle, P. Dillin ger, S. Wissler. 142 Lv , "il . Xie? it, Rad as N ' 'his-gQf1..l.fii'f!? 2 1 li - jf. 452:121-- fzegii.-i..:f,1... iiiiiffzifi.-1.i.' ,wiiugxif . im ,, , fy .... W. 5 ... . Q 'QP 1 fs EQffg.'v"5a','. N. ' i 12551 J-Q5 5. I . ' 1 11-13 Miss Zakrajsek FRONT ROW: K. Satler, C. St. Clair, J. Bradbury. ROW 2: C. Schaefers Pachilis, K. Jenkins. ROW 3: K. Souder, N. Dixon, L. Kustes. ROW 4: Johnston, N. Nodurft. ROW 5: T. Williams, S. Fazio, K. Ross. ROW 6: Nickenig, D. Hesse, G. Garside. ROW 7: J. Patrinos, E. Bleiberg, E. S ing. ROW 8: P. Shields, J. Smith, J. Kiefer. 1-14 Mrs. Bailey RONT ROW: J. Worrall, J. Dietrich, D. Applin, P. O'Bryan. ROW 2: P. Gribscnaw, L. fossin, B. Moore, S. Conlon. ROW 3: L. Mancuso, N. Bernard, D. Bickel, P. Shaw, P. iletzel, V. Chase. ROW 4: J. Alexander, M. Dewald, B. Anstadt, S. King, S. Wholey. 4 l is-vi 1-15 Mr. Kline 'RONT ROW: J. Kemper, D. Drost, J. Westerman, A- Weintraub, B- Fife- T- PhiHiPDS- ROW 32 P- Bal' S. Weiss, M. Whipkey, B. Warner, R. Smith, ROW tram, M. Marsalak, M. McCarthy, T. Brennan, W E: P. Adams, K. Layne, D. Mottsman, G. Lohman, Bauman, B- SiS'fiCk, L. Swtfaregia. 143 11-16 Miss Roegge FRONT ROW: S. Saver, D. Atherton, K. Blair, C. McGrane. ROW 2: J. Fletcher, C. Wise, K. Moreland, S. Rump. ROW 3: C. Logan, M. Wolfensperger, L. Purvis, A. Copeland, P. Burns, S. Dan- forth. ROW 4: B. Bruckart, E. Holzworth, J. Haines, W. Ryan. ROW 5: R. Shore, J. McKinnon, T, Hardie. ROW 6: S. Wylie, G. Carrington, J. Jones, G. Scott, W. Mulllin. l , .. Q., ,,Qx.,, ,,AiV:kAhWVhVAA V H K N ,W A .H 'fggsbh' 5 p i A M WgmwwwrnwkwmM?M,,.,.....M A .grfffee -fa New 1 1 L. 11-17 Dr. Beck FRONT ROW: R. Schmidt, W. Ruby, C. Colver, J, Bates, W. Barker, W. Mercer, A. Seigle, P. Sipe ROW 2: J. Kalla, B. Markey, V. Alter, C. Pantelich, E. Harding, J. Ramsey, C. Bauman, R. Falk ROW 3: C. DeWoIf, L. Vawter, S. VanDusen, J. Coles, J. Erickson, S. Donovan, C. Weston, S. Kraber 144 if Sly' 1 5 11-18 Mrs. Lambarth FRONT ROW: J. Kaley, R. Wallin, J Swisher, L. Swanson, B. Riebel, K Spiegel. ROW 2: C. Chijner, G Brettholle, J, Wilson, T. Edelstein, N Drummonds. ROW 3: N. Bouyoucas B. Henry, S. Sherlock, A. Widmer, P Elborne, T. Swenson. ROW 4: M Parker, B. Putnam, J. Ford, L. Win schel. ROW 5: R. Hixenbaugh, G Carson, J. Caramanna, B. Williams D. Moore. ROW 6: M. Chamberlin, T Lenhart, C. Moretti, L. Carlin. 1-V 11-19 Miss Lucas FRONT ROW: S. Lang, B. McGill, L. Woolf, P. Grainger. ROW 2: L. Con- ley, N. Miller, M. Kmec, S. Clayton, J. Benson, L. Molosky, K. Williams, H. Hull, C. McHenry. ROW 3: D. Brindle, N. Thompson, D. Lorenz, M. Higgins. ROW 4: J. Monahan, J. Dailey, G. Jacoby, R. Fife, D. Yadon. 145 i f- Q. . ? . 2 iiii i li .. 11-20 Mr. Pmavano . f FRONT Row: B. Butler, N. Swartz, A. cohen. Row 21 4 Z l . jj. J. Berwanger, P. Lee, G, Stephens, D. Belluomini. - S ROW 3: J. Pagane, A. Russell, S. Christman, J. Gus- 'Q ,,,.A J 1' ' 'Z ..""""' tafson. ROW 4: B. Wick, B. Ditrovati, B. Bruegmann, R. Miller. ROW 5: B. Thorpe, L. Stein, B. Cox, C. Rit- O"'O T ":J lg' ter, W. Llewellyn. - Y? 11-21 Miss Hughes FRONT ROW: B. Schar, P. Pollara, M. Pantone. ROW 2: M. Gillilan, N. Duffy, N. Leathers. ROW 3: J. Mahan, M. Rubin, B. Pasko. ROW 4: K. Ketchum, J. Hallum. ROW 5: T. Vidrner, M. Portella, B. Patterson. ROW 6: J. Volkwein, M. Siyufy. ROW 7: M. Cook, D. Brueggemann, M. Johnson. 146 11-22 Mrs. Carpenter FRONT ROW: P. Close. ROW 2: S. Lather, S. Josephs. ROW 3: B. Lilli, K Lentchner, D. Carras, ROW 4: B. Colella, C. Overend, D. Morouse. ROW E' K. Hawkins, L. Prine, J. Geyer, D. Upton. ROW 6: S. Jones, D. Harmon, Abromovitz. ROW 7: J. Clark, B. Cissna, D. Szabat, C. Matthews, Etheredge, D. Volmrich, J. Lucas. -23 Mr. Hadden ONT ROW: D. Driscoll, W. LaRoche, P. Timms, D. Faulkner. ROW 2: J. McKee, J. 'utzel, W. McAleer, P. Cincotti, S. Viviano. ROW 3: P. Phares, N. Martini, E. Barnhart, Shumaker, L. Donovan, C. Campbell, I. Mallet. ROW 4: B. Driscoll, D. Hawkins, S. henheil, C. Ferris, M. J. Weidl, P, Neely. iii iors missing from homeroom pictures: FRONT ROW: M. Watts, J. Dietrich, P. Bar- n, L. Woolf, D. Shields, S. Rose. ROW 2: S. Thomas, M. Phipps, M. Fleming, J. Poze T. Shaw, R. Stein. ROW 3: T. Brennan, K. Mathison, B. O'Connor, J. Kallan, D. Bit- . ROW 4: T. Welch, T. Junker, F. Cohen, T. Bret, B. Crawford. ROW 5: G. Smith, M. sh, G. Coussoule, R. Johnson, N. Hyer. 147 .l 11-24 Mr. Emery FRONT ROW: B. Trullender, L. Coughlin, S. Mulert, D Scarpaci. ROW 2: D. Michaelson, J. McNulty, K. Hall, P Critchlow. ROW 3: S. Klapproth, D. Reynolds, S. Piltz, R Spring. ROW 4: L. Fremd, J. Knutson, M. Mosley, C Jernstedt. ROW 5: R. Panicco, J. Hirshfield, M. Tracy ROW 6: C. Larmett, M. Heine, B. Lunoe, D. Grube. 91 8 wx. . eg, 52' nf W ww 'Q C , , fl?- Q' x figm-. ff. -f,' ' Wifmln - -41 if -Q H ' few x , H' -A fy 4 'L 'Kaz -fs , iam We W W M Q by SENIORS l "' X NJ-...a 7 :L Hugh Alexander ,,... Q 1 V we K? .A , ,Q Shelley Amdur Jennifer Abele Barb Abelson Bonnie Adair Jan Adamlec I -44 5 M-. A , Bill Adams it ' " David Allen gl' Leslie Anderson ---f Jacquelyn Archer i 'I ww Richard Aronson Steven Asmond Effie Atsalis Linda Azzolina Maureen Bach elfvzw ' ' .- 1 - Q Rick Ban Thomasine Bartlett Nancy Bell Carol Backes 1 T, . -Q Mark Banks 7 1 795 Marcie Beckes Carol Bengston Barb Baird M, Mark Bannon ii at it , x . K.. , '... ' Vx Jac.- 'HE ,- mf Q v K A. Rob Belke Bob Bennett Gloria Baird "-it It Gary Bafach Bafhhaft Sue Ellen Benson Carl BGYKOWHZ wif? 5 A-1 Q ' be ff My 9 l 2 2 s , "'Q1M'r' Q ,Q L Berny Besselman is ' ,it Sgqgw 'gi umm' William Bittner Jean Bogart Susan Betzold K W M I ,.. ii i Y Kenneth Bombik ...swf wwf' fCL?355?5?5f?'K V ' 'V 7 Y rem A i . mm Dick Bird Carolyn Bonwell 5, . I , Ron Bisbee ' JM: .wif ,Q Sue Bostwick Patricia Bott Dave Bowden Suzanne Branchen Held: Brandt Christopher Brantley 152 'Wy' 'uv' il' if rer J' Mark Braughler A Alan Brewer Grant Brown Beverly Burgess Elaine Cale Vivian Breide Betsy Brown ,... Marilyn Brown Candy Burr Manel Camarinos Karen Brennan Suzanne Brennan 'A ":K4 f , B B - .B we of Carol Brown " ffm v':" "" " we M- I Phil Brown Bob Bunch Barbara Burch for ,..gj.,.,, f J 5 'X WWI' wg? if Sharon Burroughs John Butch Linda Cadwallader B B ri : ,Wray Y- , Pkffws ' B 1 5 B J Dee Camiola Bin campben Y Raymond Carlin .-xv 131' Deborah Carr L .1 wi I' 'THA n"'3' 1 . ..Q.,. -Fab: . ,-,- 7 53' s Gerard Campbell fg -1 Chris Capizzi Debbie Carlson Pete Cerutti Gaye Chandlee ir K.. . 'M 'ws A .ff Cynthia Cantelupe Joyce Cardiges ' -Aw- Lee Carpenter Tina Chakos Scott Charles lk ilu 'gigs . we W f l A 'Q 3 1 , Christine Charters Edgar Chase Suzanne Chavern 4-s. as fb 'Vi Susan Chute Guy Cipriano Susan Clagett 51 Beth Clatty Debby Clay Taffy Clement Deb0l'8h Cohen Jah C0ll6fy Brenda Cglling 'A' fs-'Q -Lf Qi at Roberta Chivers 4-.-ferr , . 5. ik M3 tl 'Q .aw If KT Georgia Clark Dave Clever 5 Jane Collins - B? M. Nancy Clarke Jane Cobb ROUGH COWHS Lal-IFB Colton Bill Comerford Wayne Connor Wes Connor iz'-'w s e Wm Y A Mike Contes Pat Conway Mary Cosgrove Kathleen Cotton Harry Coughanour Andrew Covert Pat Crosby Donna Danieil E : g i i Caroline Crothers Margaret Cunningham Kenneth Danko Diane Cook John Cooper David Coughenour Kim Coutsis Q x Tom Crull Dale Cunningham ,Q-wv Richard Cunningham Frances Dailey John Datesh Barbara Dau Carol Daugherty Bob Davia Louise Davis Mary Dawson fgggf ,-.. xifffsfe g gfi Q, g ,y k 5, , gl 'S -' -g n, j ev- fe-v 1 , sfffifi '1 ,. iai3:.i' 1 Q I f 4? K 'Mt' David Dean Bill DeLe0 Debbie Dellapina ... "2 ' D - D gk- D eh' 5 F ern' i 4 pa Dave Derr Bob Detwiler Ildi Devenyi I Ralph Dewey Frank DeWitt D if Mike Dinning Therese Dobrowolski Pete Donohue Chris Donahue Jack Dibrell f o "'. wigiwi U25 J X3 3 ' ' QQ "" K H Dan Driskell Linda Edwards Mark Dorrance Sue Douds ii Nancy Drozynski Roger Drummond . 4 , ffm. . ie V James Egal Ted Emack Steve Erenrich Timothy Evans Thgmas Fair Bonnie Dougherty Peggy Drake xi' 'Kr' ig ...,.,. Dave Duchene Joanne Dunn Richard Emery Carolyn English Dave Erskine Resa Evans Shahla Farivar Nancy Farmer ,,si,:l11 ...W lp'-. ,Q M. Q i 7 5 ww Rick Farmer Margaret Fenton LeAnne Fitzgerald Cindy Farnham Wm V"-on. David Ferguson 4 Debbie Fitzgibbons Paula Favaro Ginny Fink L K.. .. ,.x Q! Joe Federici Rob Finley 2. ,Q . 3? Ellen Felder km- w. , 1- lm 3 Q. 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L Pat Haggerty ualzii' Jack Hall 45,5 ',A U Carol Hamilton Howard Hamiiton whip Dave Harber! g -.N S I 1 I Mike Hardman J-A H Kevin Hails , X J I: ' 2 Dori Halier , , X52 " , E 1' ax fa' Jeanie Haney Sara Hanke Gail Harris Harile Harris 'Tiff Kenneth Hanna Kathie Harris wp! W4 Roni Harris Jeff Harrison Christine Haus . . """" ' W we or LQ! X Dale Hartney John Hatfield ' Laura Hauss Jacklyn Hawkins B0l'lni9 Halleff ix Trish Hearn Gregg Heckman Robert Heeter g g- K A 34, A 'ESQ F Steven Hein Leslie Helfman David Helwig O Peggie Henderson Linda Henry Douglas Hepper warren Hickey Sue Haudenshield L -4 V John Heffernan Nancy Heights ,.,,s.W,1iYp , ,., .ig 3 , , A ., H Zm 3i?2.+'f2i , Wf3,5,.,1g, 'f ?',e,.!' 2 - f 2 .A 1+ Q, 5 f' J iw' ,J ff Jvan Higgins Susan Hildabrand John Himmelrich ,of he if . W, H 5 4 f . 5 ' W .1 g . V, 3 53 V ,J f L' f i will M 'A . 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V 'N main, L Robert Kanspedos Lynn Kaufman Sally Keisling arf' Darlene Kennedy Larry Kennedy Lyndon Killeen Robert Kobelak , at-wigs:1'-smgy,-my " .W A if - -. wal, .f fs .-'i ,, if 3 :+- , :P .. :Ja '::,f?2ilv.2 Bill Kriebel Mark Kennedy Kirk Kimmell Jennifer King Jim Koerner Gloria Krofcheck A .. F we 3"'ffi Barb Kenny 11. . mf. : as ., 1 1 ?qE:,jg1,:,, ,. . ., me ,, George Kincheloe Nancy Kirby Lynne Kott 'Rs Q if Dir 4- , ,X I ' ,1 M 1 x 7, is Kathy Kropf Emily Kent we., John Kincheloe 'W' it qt 2 Y ,QLWA i',.w"5?3',a5' 1 William Kleffman George Kountz George Kurtz Georgia Kent Karen King Brad Kleinman Patricia Kramer Jan LaGuardia 'R Q' , S si ,, ig Q jiti til , E E L aw. N I K Michael Laign Jill Lamont Deborah Lampert Gail Lanfrankie Rick Lang . -rs ' fl' 2' 1 . ,L ESL nb. Andrew Lankford Linda Langford JudY Laws x 1 A 5 .v-f-v X- Alice LaR05a Anne Larsen Mary Jo Lawler Si: fic Maxine Lehman Karen Leech Jack Leonard Stephany Leonard Doron Levin L gf 1.5. I . - W 3, 1 4 23 i A nm ? I Sybil Lieberman Jim Liebmann Trudy Lothrop Herb Lucas ,J i f 1 M r i ' 'fly W, qi' qw ...W M ri r awk me 1 Vicki Lupean Ken Lynch fz7?lf.E:f,' - fimga 1' 1 I BL 33. VJ 2 Q' Sue Machajewski 'Q we is , . AL Q 0 ' M5 W V K 9+ if W " .ba - H 'f r . V A z Vuz 5 Diane MacLean Mary Lou MacNamara Jean MacPherson W we ff Q ,of . V , . I fm2gfe,1?' 4 cific uk 4-'W it M 5 5 'f N' J W W, V 5? Bonnie Lohman Steve Long -,.:' 1 , i'1i as fe' 1,' f - we . V Sandy Macwilliams John Magnus if ,M , ff: f ..,,,,, 1323 any Vi El Eu. Douglas Mallicote George Mangieri l. , I , 5-Ann ' 'f- ia.: f F 4 ' Ir, C V '- Bill Martin Wayne Martin f ' '41 xl f iii-for SW Michelle Maxwell Rob MHYUGYYY , 1 ' L ' Q W. lf' 11 r as " 5 E Margaret McCarthy Susan McChesney .Mb ww 'V' Erin McGrath Bruce Mcllhenny st' S f' ga E 435 'ga Lex Carol Manning 'fr K., .,..,.,,. :eff fix., ' ' 5- Howard Mason lg N fe 3 E J" 1 ' A in ,Q H2 ' a X. 9 Helen Mayers Edward McCready -00-""" fs,-H Steve McLaughlin Af-nr Pat Marlowe Mary Maxwell Tom Marshall V . . Q, I '- if H Aw? gr: K I Aldon Mazzoni , Q am 5 if Ns, -. J Y Q 4' .I ? 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Suggestions in the Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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