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,U M N W Fw WWW am M 9' JV W' UEHQM Jigbww "Lai we MW WWW SWM5, Qosgxbxcw SZ Q- Kwwmgmqigl NYS -5 Q X U30 li Q0 ,giwf , 090 x QSQQKLX-'fiof L' M X . .5 0?llX06"o tw QQ, SS J my 'EJ X9 6 wb ,FV vi fu 5 3? may gf 2325? x Q WQ,ffffwf , Qi 55525215 J ff XM 2x,X iQSi 3 ay fx Si 3 J?m?g c,Ww05Q xox . Q ON ig gg Qbxfoiffiwiffyy 143 Q km QQYJSO. X100 QZQXQQQWQLJ in-5. SKNSXQE wwigofifbi 4 QPQ fi A K Q? M04 P QSC VS 4935? Jkmxijiggck Mwmii A6655 6 My Aw QW x0 Wy . 42x05 Sly M V W My J QV A wt E W MD My Aiijg-glimw Wig M25 W 'X j Yxpygg cf M m! 32 MQ My Yi .S 'Q JV if I is fflngwlw X W' vim , ig OM10jM!W!W 55275552552 W 9354255 , My fo, -, l Q- -an-c-'Y 6 ,K Sports Page 82 Faculty Page 20 Underclassmen Page 118 f ll' I Activities Seniors Page 42 Page 140 3 , ,M E ,A il ,. 1 Q15 Q, , .f ga! lf?J1i?4Eiflel' ,,, N L flzzaww V, n . ,A3,'Qg:!5iif,q:Q3A My 5 MV 1' I fviiiiillfiiil' , 'Zi f- mzrie-:::.:2' , . msfwzznye fm ' V w " ' L 6 V51 , 'LM i--Wifi: vw if L ysummwmlx, , W 4... ' Obvious, subtle, even lost at first, a motif co-ordinates a year's experiences. 5 Simplicity reduces often complicated, confusing issues to their bare framework. 6 Y we'-lm 'Mg' K? 1 F . 'JT' Kf52i1'7rA""f"l32 "h?i,1b.f2"I?" I ' 3 F Q i Q Q in-..1......,.. 2? E 10 Harmony discovers common interests in apparent diversities 11 In the llashing physical sparkle of an outstanding place or the inner light of an interesting individual, color adds beauty. - -s -I... Accurate perspective and personal stability require a balance of academic and social activities. I X. rf .X l , X r, gh was 9 14 IK S 16 Repetition strengthens a weak frame of reference enabling a creative spark to take the routine a step further. K. I 4 17 18 IN MEMORIAM Kathleen Jane Ritz December 6, 1949 February 25, 1967 Lord, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood, as to understand, to be loved, as to loveg for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. St. Francis of Assisi 19 5 1 'B' Xml Q -, Xi gg I FACULTY +.'r'e 15 .A-es. .J.........1....-Q.s...zr .Q as , A.,, 22 23 in-.... Dr. Floy Penn, director of instruction, evaluates educational innovations. Cf The school board, working with the administration, determines school policy in Mt. Lebanon. Members include Miss Miriam Headley, secretary, Mr. Rob- Mr. Louis Stark, president, Mrs, Virginia Sherman, vice president: Horsman: Dr. Joseph Keiferg Mrs. June G. Cameron, Mr. John Mr. Eugene Maddexg Mr. Donald Bush, Mr. George Kesselg Mr. ert Dyson, Dr. Ralph Dickinson, John Loosg and Dr. William Hall. Dr. Joseph C. Keifer, assistant superintendent of schools, over- sees the work of other administrators and directs the curricular program. 24 V .7 Dr. Ralph D. Horsman, pervises the direction of education in the school system. superintendent of schools, su Miss Elizabeth A, Evans, vice-principal in charge of the academic curriculum, also heads the independent study program. ,aafhf ,L Principal Dr. Nelson Mills correlates and supervises the various phases of education at Mt. Lebanon High School. WW MW VVVV A W Vice-principal Ralph W. McDermot directs scheduling as one of his administrative duties. The administration co-ordinates the complex facets ofa modern educational system. To maintain a program best adapted to the needs of students and faculty, the principals, superintendents, and school board members supervise scheduling, public relations, and school policy. The administration also considers changes in curriculum method, constantly striving to provide a progressive approach to education. l Home and school visitor Miss Ruth Gordon meets with par- ents to promote a close rela- h l. SC OO dures. Administrative assistants Mr. Gene Shaffer, Mr. Allan Blacka, and Mr. John R. Ramsey distribute supplies to district schools and over- see building maintenance. Miss Fern High and Miss Patricia Croke manage the medical ofhce and sponsor the school's chapter of the Future Nurses of America. 26 tionship between home and Mr. D. Moore, school psychologist, appraises ' new vocational and academic testing proce- Three groups of faculty members devote their time and skills to working with students in areas outside those of the teaching faculty. The nurses treat minor injuries and keep health records. The guidance counselors help students select courses and colleges, while the activities directors sponsor Student Congress projects and club affairs. In performing such tasks, these people supplement the efforts of students, teachers, and administration. Secretaries Mrs. C. Rodgers, Mrs. B. Cassedy, Mrs. L. Gerhold, Mrs. M. Steffans, Mrs. F. Taylor, Mrs. R. Clatty, Miss R. Wass, and Mrs. J. Booth assist the administration by keeping precise student records. Jin Librarians Miss Jean MacKinney and Mrs. Jane Kehoe order and catalogue books for students' use. Mrs. Ferne Horne, director of guidance, main- tains records of students' post-graduate activi- ties. Mrs. Elsie Cox and Mr. Basch assist sophomores in their adjustment to the high school. Mrs. Irene Menges and Mr. Andrew Zeedick acquaint juniors with Senior counselors Mrs. Luella H. Caldwell and Mr. Joseph B the opportunities available after graduation. Price aid seniors in choosing a college. Activities director Miss Dorothy H. Grove oversees commencement and the extra-curricular activities pro- gram. Mrs. Stephanie Broglie, assistant di rector of activities, compiles records Miss Barbara J' Maflinas Speeeh of students' participation in commit- ihefaPiSt, helps SU-1del1fS e0ffeet tee and squad activities. Speech diificulties- DR. MICHAEL A. ACCETTA World Literature English Co-ordinator MISS JUDITH A. CALGARO English 3 and 5 DR. MARGARET ANDERSON Psychology MISS JANET L. CURTIS English 7, Opening Exercises Squad MR. PHILLIP A. BIANCO English 3 N.F.L. Speech and Debate MRS. JEAN J. DITTMER English 3 and 7 Display Case Squad MRS. GERALDINE ADAMSON English 3AP 11th Grade Guidance Council Advisory Council MRS. JOANNE BAILEY English 5 Humanities Make-up Committee Auditorium Usher Squad MISS KATHERYN H. FROBESE English 5 70 r 3 I 6 Tift! 'i I l tffs' The English teacher guides the student in appreciating the meaning and techniques of literature, prerequisites to the clear expression of logical, perceptive thought. The study of such Works as The Pearl, Moby Dick, and The Canterbury Tales enables students to survey literature of very period and genre. Lecturing on background material, provoking class discussion, and correcting compositions, the English teacher establishes a firm basis for the further MRS. RUTH S. FURLONG English 7 Critical Reading and Writing English Co-ordinator MISS HARRIET N. MANNING English 3 i,,. exploration of literature. MISS RUTH GORDON English 3 Home-School Visitor Commencement Properties MISS JEAN HAY English 7 MISS JACQUELINE M. HUGHES MISS ETHEL L. KEARNS English 3, 5, and 7 Cafeteria Dispatcher M ISS FLORENCE MCLAUG HLIN English 7 Journalism Lebanon Lantern Achievement Bulletin Publicity 29 MR. HARRY MCCANN English 7 World Literature 10th Grade Guidance Council English 3AP and 7AP MR. MICHAEL MCMAHON English 5 Varsity Track MR. JULIAN T. MYERS Public Speaking Dramatics Oral Interpretation National Thespian Society Studio Director of Dramatics MISS ELIZABETH BARBARA SIPE English 5 MISS JOAN RUDZINSKI English 3 Costume Committee MISS JANICE MELLINGER English 5 and SAP Mounty MISS MAY K. SNEARY Choral Music Humanities English 3 Triple Trio Modern Music Masters Spring Musicale MISS JEAN PIROTH English 3 Mt. Lebanon Log MRS. LINDA ZACUR English 5 MRS. ELEANOR T. RINNE English 7 12th Grade Guidance Council The mastery of a language demands more than rote memorization and repetition. Besides conjugating verbs and learning conversational speech, the student must assimilate the culture of another people to fully understand the language he is learning. The language teacher, by introducing foreign concepts through works such as Vergil's Aeneid or Camus' L'Etranger, enhances international understanding while providing students with deeper insight into world literature. MR. HENRY BUDAHAZI Russian l German 1 MRS. STEPHANIE BROGLIE French 3 French 7 and 9 Assistant Director of Activities MR. HOWARD M. JONES MR. SHELDON S CAMPBELL German 3, 5, and 7 Stage Crew MR. STEPHEN P. FORMENTO French 3 Football Baseball MISS DOROTHY I. DEAN French 5 and 7 MR. DANIEL J. KACZOROWSKI French l and 5 MISS ARDETH V. LUCAS Spanish 1 and 3 Spanish Club MISS MARGERY MCCLURE Latin 3 Junior Classical League MISS MILDRED LENK MISS RITA M. ROEGGE Latin 1 and 5 SPHHiSh 3, 5, and 7 Spanish 1 Red Cross Junior Classical League 32 an MR. EDWARD N. OESTERICH German 1 and 3 -,-. W9 MISS MARY V. THORPE Spanish 3 MISS JEAN French 1 Spanish 3 Spanish Club MAGU RA MR. RICHARD D. BARCLAY Sociology Western World Cultures MR. JOHN J. CANNING World Cultures Properties Committee W DR. JOHN DENBOW U.S. History MISS PRISCILLA HALL Anthropology Non-Western World Cultures Western World Cultures MR. HARRY C. HADDEN U.S. History AP U.S. History MR. VICTOR M. DOAK U.S. History Intramural and Varsity Tennis MR. DALE A. CABLE AP European History European History MR. WILLIAM H. EMERY Social Studies Co-ordinator US- HiSf0I'Y Social studies teachers, by instilling an understanding of the dynamic forces underlying American or European history, connect names, dates, and facts. Through studies of world relations both past and present, students learn a variety of historical interpretations which serve as exercises in obtaining objective perspective. Thus, aided by the co-ordinator, the social studies teacher helps students analyze causal relationships to appreciate the legacy of the past and the possibilities for the future. 33 MR. DONLEY MOLLENAUER U.S. History Cross Country Track MR. ALBERT N. STANISH MR, WILBUR C, MQORE Non-Western World Cultures World Cultures FO0tball Athletics Director Golf 34 MR. ROBERT MATHIAS Economics U.S. History MR, RICHARD L. JONES Special Education Football Wrestling MR. GEORGE W. KLINE World Geography American Government Current World Affairs MISS ALICE RASMUSSEN European History Student United Nations MR. JAMES F. JAKLICH Chemistry Basic Chemistry The solving of a friction problem, the distillation of copper sulfide, and the cultivation of mold represent applications of the scientific method. Experimentation and logical thought enable the student to relate the specific to the abstract. Categorizing facts and theories into an organized system of knowledge, biology, chemistry, and physics teachers demonstrate the fundamental relationships MR. SHERRICK GILBERT Biology Chess Club of the physical world. MR. CHARLES O. LOHR Biology MRS. GLORIA GOODWIN Basic Physics Basic Chemistry Audio Visual Aids Co-ordinator Projection Squad it i 5 Ei DR. CHARLES F. BECK Chemistry AP Chemistry Chemistry Laboratory Squad 35 19 Qu, g i . N V ' --. ..f- MISS MARGARET I. BILLINGSLEY Health MR. EDMUND S. ASHBURNER Biology Basketball Football Track MR. GLENN S. ASTON-REESE Health Director of Admissions MR. THOMAS S. TAYLOR Chemistry Public Address System Score Board MR. ROBERT D. ZACUR Physics Physics Squad MR. ROBERT A. RUTH Physics AP Physics 1 MR. REED RAINES Chemistry MR. LEE VROBLE Biology AP Biology 36 ss QM.. K. iw? nm MR. JOSEPH A. MASCETTA Chemistry Basic Chemistry Science Co-ordinator MR. MERCER CLARK Integrated Algebra Physical Education Baseball Football Usher Squad MISS KATHERINE BIRRIS Algebra 1 Plane Geometry MR. RICHAD D. BLACK Plane Geometry Integrated Geometry Basketball Intramural Sports Varsity Club MR. FRED R. GAERTNER College Mathematics 1 Trigonometry MR. HARRY E. FELICH Math 3AP Integrated Algebra 2 5 T. MISS ALICE ELMS Math SAP and 7AP MR. JOHN R. WAGNER Matrix Algebra and Computer Science Trigonometry Fundamentals for Advanced Mathematics Whether explaining graphing techniques or developing a careful proof for the binomial theorem, the mathematics teacher gradually unifies a complex World of abstract thought into a body of practical knowledge. Courses offered in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus form a broad basis for college level mathematics or a career in business or science. Familiarity with the various methods of mathematical reasoning enlarges the student's capacity for logical thought. 37 MR. RICHARD PITCOCK Plane Geometry Integrated Geometry General Mathematics MR. NORMAN L. GOODWIN Algebra 3 MISS ELEANOR ZAKRAJSEK Geometry Trigonometry Costume Committee Bulletin Board Squad MR. EARL L. WHIPKEY Algebra 3 MR. RICHARD L. FERGUSON College Mathematics 1 Plane Geometry Algebra 3 38 MR. ROBERT MEYERS Integrated Algebra Trigonometry Ski Club MISS BARBARA I. HILL Algebra 1 Business Math Qlunugg MISS EILEEN NESBITI' Geometry MISS MARY LOUISE HARPER Home Economics Future Homemakers of America M R. GEORGE LAMPRINAKOS Driver Education Wrestling Football MR. DAVID HARBISON Driver Education Track MR. DOUGLAS SHANER Art Art Squad MRS. GERALDINE D. OELSCHLAGER Shorthand 1 and 3 Notehand Typing 2 Business Law MR. KENNETH C. HELD Typing l and 2 Consumer Economics General Business Lantern Typing Staff MR. THOMSON L. LEIPER Communication Skill Laboratory Study Skills Speed Reading MISS THELMA WHINNIE Bookkeeping Office Practice Transcription Typing 1 and 3 Diploma List Many electives offer students the opportunity to learn technical skills or pursue their creative interests. Participation in art, band, chorus, or orchestra enables students to enrich their cultural backgrounds as well as to develop their talents. The bookkeeping, shorthand, and typing courses emphasize practical knowledge important for business careers outside the high school. Other courses, such as Wood shop, metal shop, and mechanical drawing, combine creativity with the useful techniques of applied mechanics. 39 p MR. ARTHUR YAGELLO Orchestra Orchestra Woodwind Ensemble Violinettes MR. ROBERT G. PITTAVINO Technical Drawing Descriptive Geometry Architectural Drawing MR. DANIEL CAPANNA Driver Education MR. A. W. BERNHARDY Machine Shop Wood Shop 'P ' . -s X 'F JE MRS. NORMA A. ISLER Physical Education Q 1 i f " Fi: Cheerleaders Q . .' - Z G.A.A. ,B ' ..iiI WW Leaders' Club Q K f Pep Club '. X l We mfg! Q e Q' if utt. tg MR. RICHARD PAULSON Metal arts Wood Shop MRS. GLADYS HAZLETT Girls' Modilied and Adaptive Physical Education MISS DONNA J. SHAVER Physical Education G.A.A. Leaders' Club Girls, Varsity Sports Co-ordinator MR. RALPH FIFE Physical Education Football Golf MR. WILLIAM M. GRANT Physical Education Swimming MR. LOUIS A. SCARCI Football Band 40 Cafeteria assistants wash and stack the dishes. Custodians regulate the temperature in the building. "-xr E if -. Cafeteria workers dice eggs for egg salad. The school custodians and kitchen staff promote sanitary conditions and maintain school property. The work of these two groups manifests itself not only in clinking trays and clean halls, but more importantly, in the efficiency and pleasantness added to the daily routine of students and faculty. 41 . .s, 4' 4Q '-I H Jgygf' MQ f A twelfth grade section organizes its Christmas project during a Thursday morning homeroom period. Second semester Congress ofhcers Ted Swisher, Tina Bauman, and Charlie Phillips read a stu- dent newspaper containing fund raising ideas for school projects. Pete Marsh initiates a discussion concerning a trafic light at Cedar Blvd. and Mt. Lebanon Park. Participants in Student Congress, Student Court, and the Advisory Council consider matters concerning the entire school as well as individual problems, Representatives elected to Congress from all grade levels express ideas on proposed projects and vote on the projects after appointed committees have thoroughly examined them. To accomplish tasks such as raising funds for the American Field Service or filling Christmas stockings for Kane hospital, Congress members co-ordinate the efforts of the student body with the guidance of the faculty. In after school sessions, twelve peer judges selected for Student Court review the circumstances of pupil disciplinary problems. Advisory Council members, meeting with Dr. Mills, discuss school policy on issues such as the painting of the stadium. Members of the Student Court including Chris Banerjee, Regina Kelly, Diane Miller, Natalie Martini, Marc Small, Robert Ruck, David Bankston, Dave Donahoe, Greg Carrington, and Jim Wholehan review out-of-orders. Con Howe helps in painting the stadium, a first semester Student Congress project. Mrs. Adamson. Dr. Mills, Mrs. Oelschlager, Mr. Mathias, Da- vid Fasulo, Ted Swisher, Alice LaRosa, Jack Howard, Arlene Cohen. and Sally Beidler of the Advisory Council meet to effect co-operation and understanding between the faculty, ad- ministration, and student body. Vice-president Jane Ortner and secretary Judy Beachler record motions and minutes of a discussion led by president Con Howe. 45 Test scores earned semi-finalist status in the National Merit competition for eighteen Mt. Lebanon students. FRONT ROW: John Phillips, Charlie Schlot- ter, Debby Gratz, Margaret Milnor, Leslie Reed, Jane Zanolli, Karen Mikus, Tom Phillips, Barb Schilberg, Stewart Putnam. ROW 2: David Leland, Rick Shields, Cindy Reschke, Leslie Kohman, Bill Milo. Meredith Moorhead. and John Tischuk. Mark Miller is not pictured. " YY , XM .Tl-A, Mary Rapp, Gayla Kraetsch, Pam Watts, Carolyn Additon, Chris Holland, Barb Hauss, Ron Frisch, Tom Stechschulte and Steve Hirsch earned activities keys at the end of their junior year by accumulating one hundred activities points. Missing from the picture are Tina Bauman, Karen Koegler, Pete Marsh, Karen Mikus. Barbara Schilberg, and Barry Wyerman. 46 For exceptional involvement in school activities, Gayla Kraetsch and Bruce Rosen were awarded activities guards. Not pictured are Jon Delano and David Dona- hoe. , 'ir 9 -us-I Elected by members of the senior class, Candy Conrad was honored with the D.A.R. award. Students elected to membership in the Cum Laude Society include: FRONT ROW: Judy Lebo, Marcia Fink, Anne Heston, Barb Schilberg, Lynn Walsh, Louise Krugh, Karen Koegler. ROW 2: Virginia Ross, Marjie Harris, Debby Gratz, Karen Mikus, Mary Rapp, Karen Wampler, Leslie Kohman, Meredith The recipients of national and community awards win honors on the basis of noteworthy scholastic achievement, exemplary character, and initiative. In the National Merit competition, a measurement of academic achievement in all areas, eighteen Mt. Lebanon students placed as semi- finalists. Forty students whose grades consistently demonstrated high performance throughout their high school careers obtained membership in the Cum Laude Society. For those participating in extracurricular activities, the high school offers keys and guards in recognition of outstanding contributions of time and talent. For special athletic ability and character a senior girl received the Sportsmanship Award for Girls' Junior Tennis in Western Pennsylvania. The D.A.R. award honors one senior girl for academic excellence and outstanding citizenship. Moorhead. ROW 3: Leslie Reed, Charlie Phillips, Margaret Milnor, Carolyn Additon, Cindy Gray, Candy Conrad, Regina Kelly, Tina Bauman, Linda Loos, Barb Thompson. ROW 4: Pete Sorg, Bob Seiferth, Chuck Brodbeck, Nancy Ackerman, David Leland, Rick Shields, Mark Miller, Gus Benedicty, Malcolm Andrews. Missing from the picture are Ellen Baggott, Beverly Layne, Dan McKinley, Rebecca Wiegers. Barry Wyerman, and Ralph Young. In the fall semester of their senior year the following students received activities keys: FRONT ROW: Lynn Stock, Anne Heston, Suzanne Zwinggi, Louise Krugh, Elaine Mumy, Marcia Fink, Judy Beachler. ROW 2: Ellen Sargent, Cindy Gray, Lynn Garvey, Mary Cathey, Ellen Sitomer, Regina Kelly, Jane Ortner. ROW 3: Rob Sandberg, Con Howe, Kathy Grotevant, Marjie Harris, Gary Sawhill, Graham Carter. Not pictured are Ellen Baggott, David Bankston, Sally Beidler, Bonnie Frear, Linda Gottschalk, Jim Haney, Mike Shapiro, and Vic Surma. 47 Barb Thompson holds her award plaque pre- sented in recognition of outstanding participa- tion in tennis competition, In the choral room, officers Marjie Harris, Mike Henderson, Marcie Fink, and Ellen Sargent open a Tri-M meeting. The honor organizations at Mt. Lebanon High School, including the National Forensic League, Modern Music Masters, and the National Thespian Society, award membership to prominent students in their respective areas. National Forensic League members gain poise in public speaking, whether debating the various aspects of foreign aid or defending Ian Smith in parliamentary discussions. In addition, by meeting and talking with students from other high schools in Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon debaters exchange viewpoints with other students on many topics. Chapter 547 of Modern Music Masters admits students outstanding in chorus, orchestra, or band. Projects this year included a performance at a local rest home and monthly drawing room recitals. Students who earn one hundred points by acting or working backstage become members of the National Thespian Society. Members meet to discuss current trends in theater and technical aspects of theater production. Several trips to the Pittsburgh Playhouse and the troupe's presentation of the World of Carl Sandburg highlighted the year. National Forensic League members Mary Rapp, Susie Parker, Mark Miller, Tina Bauman, Mindy Genstein, Jon Delano, and Carolyn Additon evaluate the tournament held at Mt. Lebanon. 48 Pam Watts, Carolyn Additon, and Karen Kgegler, honored by membership to Quill and N.F.L. members Cindy Wilson, Ann Deering, Patty Phares, Steve Goldsmith Scroll during their junior year, discuss new Sue Quinn, Libby Stewart, Eric Josephson, and Marc Small arrange transporta journalistic trends, liOIl with their COaCl'1, Mr. Bial'1CO. Beverly James, supported by her partner Greg Jones, delivers an alirmative rebuttal to the skeptical negative team, Robert Ruck and Ron Holroyd. Thespian members earning one hundred points at the close of last year include Bruce Rosen. Gayla Kraetsch, Cherie Amick, Ron Frisch, Cheryl Houser, Steve Shields, Charlie Wells, Susan Hirsch, Ted Kubiak, Greg Maclver, and Rob Finley. 49 Bonnie McDowell, Judy Brown, Kathy Grotevant, Sally Hankey, Valerie Gibbs, Georgia Kent, Tina Bauman, and Pam Schwartz, honor award committee members, determine and record activities points for all students. The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade guidance councils, in conjunction with the Achievement Bulletin staff, the honor award committee, and the tutorial squad, recognize and stimulate student achievement. The guidance councils, composed of students selected from the three grades, plan two programs a semester designed for the specific needs of each grade level. The programs, planned by members of the guidance councils and presented by home room vice presidents, consider topics such as involvement in life or the problems of college planning. The Achievement Bulletin staff collects and distributes information about the accomplishments of students, faculty, and alumni. Members of the honor award committee, by recording activities points, determine the key and guard awardees. Saturday mornings, members of the tutorial squad help McKees Rocks grade school children complete their assignments and strengthen their understanding in weak areas of study. Through responsible planning, these squads encourage student participation in school and community affairs. Eleventh grade guidance council members Kyle McQuade, George Kincheloe, Marian Genstein, Bill Campbell, Jim Read, and Chris Haus organize programs to assist juniors' college selections. Pam Watts, Katheline Kimmick, and Barbara Baird compile and type information concerning Mt. Lebanon students, faculty, and alumni for the Achievement Bulletin. A 554W .Q f- Na .t.f.f' f' Carolyn Crothers, Pat Martin, Sally Colon, El- len Barnhart, Nancy Parker, Judy Kanarek, Lynn Zimmerman, Paula Jennings, Margaret Fenton, Lynn Phillips, Nancy Nordurft, Kate Worcester, Sue Reed, Peggy Dillinger, Linda Prine, Tim Hoff, Anne Copeland, and Debbie Petoile, Mt. Lebanon students, tutor children in McKees Rocks on Saturday mornings. Myers Linda Sapienza Scott Fields Linda Simon Denny Moore and Debby Tutors Chris Rutheffoffl and Kafhl' Nesbit USC 311 edu Hamilton design programs to help sophomores adjust to high school Catlonal game In 3 lutofmg 56531011- Con Howe Bruce Rosen Carolyn Addtton Jon Delano Pam Watts and Debby Gratz of the senior guidance council outline homeroom discussions concerning post graduate plans. Members of the bulletin board squad Mary Kay Tucker, Mary Student art committee members Linda Henry, Helen Mayers, Lou Knuth, and Sue Thomas design decorative and informa- Keith MCDCFHIOII, Debbii HUiChiI'lSOl'l, and A1 Bollinger en' tive bulletin boards for display around the School, COUl'2lgC interest in art by exhibiting paintings in the halls. Members of the bulletin board, art, decorating, hospitality, and information squads, work to achieve an attractive setting in the high school. The bulletin board squad plans the displays in the first floor lobby, and the art squad brightens the halls with paintings borrowed from local art dealers and students. To create the appropriate atmosphere for dances, the decorating squad improvises in the gym with props, streamers, and lights. Members of the hospitality squad welcome new students and visitors, while the information squad guides them to requested rooms. In contributing their services, squad members get satisfaction from contact with their fellow students. Students convert the gym into a Hawaiian scene for the Junior Senior Prom. 52 - . f' .:, .fp-:'f:1.ff-ze-21-'. e L' -' Q W 2 x . Q 'P 'kvfff1f"f-" V A A ' ff 5 ' ' i'z,:f'-:fig 3-1-'.,,, rf 71.131 ' ,S ,L .'f::'q,g,g-u A , ' l , ,' D if ' , A 1 f 1 V A 1 25 f Q ww- '- allum, and Sally Younkms, 1 n dlrect v1s1tors entermg the h1 V .K fs, ,pl , AX .,,X-asf X Q . f WTR X, --N, I no Q Q. . ,VH . 5.25 7321 .S"'i . 23" f . '55-Kgs +fM 1 4 Q" A 1- wr ,-E.. 'fm ,L ff . K3 . 45: 2 f 2 M3 . ,E Q ,,, ef .fs -if i fi Vw Marsha Lauterbach and editors Regina Kelly and Debby Fawcett confer in the Mounty office. Z Mounly consultant Dave Donahoe chooses a holiday poster to brighten the publications ofiice. 1 g, 5 I ,, ,,,. li R l I I li After careful selection, editing, and typing, Mounty editors Regina Kelly, Debby Fawcett, Rick Shields, Pete Sorg, Karen Koegler, Charles Schlotter and Margie Darroch publish two issues of student literature. The Mounty topped all previous subscription sales again this year, featuring as its campaign keynote Rob Sandberg,s offer to run a mile for every copy sold over five hundred. By producing one comprehensive issue each semester, including a wide variety of poems, essays, stories, and plays, the Mounty provides a sounding board for student opinion and a channel for literary creativity. The editors, with the guidance of Miss Janice Mellinger, select and revise student work for publication. From perceptive satire to existential exploration, the Mounty reflects a broad spectrum of student talent and taste. 54 Bold heads and pertinent photos keynote the theme of major articles in monthly issues of the Lantern. To get the material for a typical issue, reporters interview people outstanding in different fields outside the school, as well as students who represent every facet of school life from sports to the foreign exchange program. The Lantern staff assembles articles, editorials, and photographs into attractive page spreads reproduced by a local printing firm. The Lantern also contains two supplements. The ffDeviletteU, a mimeographed section, features entertaining student polls on topics such as current hair styles or famous ancestors. In contrast, the Roto, a national publication, presents informative articles on common teen-age interests and problems. With these two publications added to its regular format, the Lantern provides students with a cross section of news and opinions. Editors Marno Doczy, Molly Youngling, Gayla Kraetsch, Pam Watts, Barb Baird, Bob Neuworth, and Karen Koegler consolidate news articles, editorials, and fiction for a Lantern issue. A , ,'.- f "Devilette" editor Peggy Drake works closely with mimeographer Marie Paolicelli in issuing the "Devilette." Marno Doczy, Jeanie Haney, and Karen Koegler set deadlines for Lantern articles. Pam Schwartz, Roberta Chivers, Ricka Nassikas, Diane DuVall, Margaret Milnor, Ronna Jacobson, Donna Rubinoff, Ellen Sitomer, Terri James, Susie Parker, Barb Schilberg, Marjie Harris, Virginia Ross, John Tischuk, Dave Leland, John Heffernan, George McGunagle, Con Howe, Marcus Hallum, Kelly Bruckart, Malcolm Andrews, Francine Pattak, Leslie Kohman, Betty Gordon, Paul Humes, Gayla Kraetsch, Barb Yissat, Joyce Shoeppner, and Lynn Walsh work on Log staffs. book. Through imagination, hard work, and a combination of all their Members of the sports staff and editors Keith Milton and Jon Delano balance a layout with various sports pictures. talents, the editors of the 1967 Log tried to create an artistically effective yearbook that would portray all sides of a diverse student body. Planning layouts, cropping pictures, and revising write-ups in a constant effort to meet deadlines represented only one aspect of producing the yearbook. Besides learning the techniques of pens, dip sticks, and Hcopy Ai' sheets, the editors, consulting nightly with their staffs, the editorial assistants, and faculty advisor Miss Jean Piroth, acquired an understanding of the problems and rewards of any dedicated group undertaking. 56 Carolyn Additon, editor-in-chief, reflects the excitement of assembling a year- Log editorial assistants Mary Grummer, Marian Genstein, Thomasine Bartlett, Bill DeLeo, Caroline Crothers, Ron Hol- royd, and Bob Ruck develop editorial skills while typing and captioning for the editors. 4 I Students congregate in the publications office to work after 3 school. new Producing the 1967 Log, the editors Keith Milton, Rick Spangler, Carolyn Additon, Jon Maflagillg YCafb00k HHHHCCS, Lvg Delano, Andee Hession, Doug Harding, Karen Mikus, and Ellen Baggott supervise and bUSlUCSS editors Jeff Fisher and Gus correlate the work of their respective staffs. Benedicty file financial reports. i 5 7 Library squad members Sue Bower, Nancy Logan, Paula Favaro, Sharon Wenger, Margaret Milnor, Patty Welch, Mary Lou Hughes, Beth Lammert, Bonnie Spruill, and Debby Carr check, shelve, and card books. Cafeteria dispatchers Georgia Clark and Sally Markgraf call classes to lunch at scheduled intervals. Library assistants work at the check out desk after school, stamping books for students. WPIALCH The various service squads supplement the daily routines of students and teachers. The lab squad checks, cleans, and repairs equipment from ringstands to lead-caked beakers. The squad may also prepare a special mixture of HCL, or set up a complex physics experiment. Medical squad members fill out routine forms and check supplies to help the nurse. By stamping books and locating reference materials for students, members of the library squad free librarians for the more important tasks of purchasing and cataloguing books. The attendance squad collects absentee sheets at the beginning of each period and helps the attendance office maintain accurate records. Cafeteria dispatchers call classes at scheduled intervals to prevent congestion in the cafeteria. With the donation of their time and practiced knowledge these squads facilitate the smooth functioning of school life. I 'Hmm r 1 f-'Y-V15-55513-,L f ' 1. Assisting the school nurses, Mary Waldron, Bonnie Frear, Martha Wolfensper- ger, Margie Darroch, Hanna McGeeney, Sandi Solomon, and Barb Vissat update student medical records. Martha Auner, Jill Lamont, Natalie Martini, Sue Benson, Beverly Pasco, and Linda Mogab of the attendance squad collect attendance slips and type absen- tee lists. ::. 2" V -'N ff-f arp um DK Ll 1, -, 1' Members of the chemistry squad Kit Ketchum, John Carpenter, Ilene Rosenberg, Sue Reed, Bobbi Stein, William Laroche, Carol Ehlers, Greg Maclver, Terry Edelstein, Steve Jones, Jim Judkis, Stuart Miller, and Doug Harding assemble lab equipment for class experiments. 59 Ski committee members Louise Krugh, Bonnie Frear, Debby Davis, Jane White, Barb Dixon, and Sue Lyons return to the bus after skiing all day at Laurel. ...W By taking advantage of the resources and activities offered in various clubs, students can pursue individual interest and career possibilities. Future Nurses of America participants receive training in applied medicine when members visit and work at Kane Hospital. Similarly, students in Future Teachers of America practice teaching at community schools to further their exploration of special educational fields. Future Homemakers of America develop practical housekeeping skills while sponsoring bake sales. The Junior Classical League and the Spanish Club reinforce language study with movies and programs slanted toward cultural depth. The newly formed Student United Nations represents Poland and Nepal in the larger Western Pennsylvania organization, while chess club enthusiasts represent the school in interscholastic competition. Ski club members, skilled in safety precautions and skiing technique, enjoy weekend trips to Laurel Mountain resort. These organizations provide students with opportunities for relaxation and enrichment. Student United Nations members Sandee Rosecrans, Gail Ritchie, Ann Deering, Pam Schwartz, Kris Banerjee, Mary Sue Sweeney, Terry DeWolf, Marc Small, Rob Ruck, Jennifer King, and Debbie Cohen discuss U.N. procedure. Junior Classical League ofiicers Nancy Drozynski, Susie Parker, and Linda Sortino discuss articles to be sold at the flea market. F.H.A. oflicers include Pat Conway, Sally Keisling, Mary Alice Whittier, and Lynn Stock. Officers Bonnie Lingenfelter, Jackie Hawkins, Candy Conrad, and Judy Reynolds demon- strate hospital bed-making techniques for F.N.A. members. gxsXNXl?9fe df-e f lyk' In an after-school game Bruce Leverett. Greg Jones, Mike Kall, Marty Stern, and Gus Bardy plot strategy for future chess tournaments. 5, , .Q wg.,- 'f ll xt , nxnerzrm 1' .xr 4 W 1 I . 'J 'X '- . 'QJWEK w r V Y' - m".'f.T. ' l x Future Teachers of America ofhcers Louise Krugh, Nancy Parker, Betty Gordon, and Linda Loos organize the annual potluck dinner- Officers Chuck Colver. Sharon Purvis, and Nancy Parker post items of interest to Spanish Club members. 61 Members of the opening exercises squad, the studio announcing squad, the projection squad, the checkroom squad, and the boys' and girls' usher squads perform needed services for the school. The opening exercises squad introduces ideas on current problems every Thursday morning over the PA system. Each day, members of the studio announcing squad keep students informed of club and committee meetings, college interviews, and sports scores. Helping teachers to present new topics through films, the projection squad members learn the essentials of showing movies and running projectors. The boys' usher squad hosts afternoon auditorium programs, while the girl ushers, aided by the checkroom squad, help the audience enjoy evening performances. Displaying a responsible and pleasant attitude, students of these groups help both school and community. Mike Shapiro, Susan Sage, Jim Evans, Sue Zook, Jon Delano, Bruce Rosen, Rob Sandberg, Priscilla GEHCS COHClL1dCS lhe John Nicklas, and Bob Ruck, studio announcers, present announcements and tapes for school morning bf021dC3Sl with organizations and projects. thought for the day. if awiiilv bmw 4f-.u,'l.m.-: tl Members of the girls' usher squad Leslie Butler, Mary Wal- dron, Joyce Schoeppner, Lynn Stock, Vicki Zabetakis, Cindy Gray, and Chris Holland collect tickets and distribute pro- grams for evening functions in the high school auditorium. ,-nn., Projection squad members Doug Harding, Mike Dinning, Dave Jennis, Greg Merrill, Jose Pardo, Steve Anderson, and Robert Kobelak distribute films and show movies for teachers. The play ends as Grandpa, played by Keith McDermott, gives thanks for the privilege of individuality. 1. F7754 Penny, Ed, and Donald attempt to quiet Jane White playing a drunken actress. uw.. , .sgsasa Before the arrival of l16r d2l11C- At dress rehearsal, Mr. Myers clarifies curtain call directions for cast members Priscilla Gates ing instructor, Lynn Walsh, HS Mike Berry. Eric Plotts, Bruce DuPre, Suzanne Zwinggi, Ted Kubiak Keith McDermott Jim Essie, practices jumping while McKee, Cheryl Houser, Bruce Rosen, Lynn Walsh, Dan McKinley and Diane Hixenbaugh her husband Ed, Bruce Rosen, composes music on the xylo- phone. 64 Korsakov. played by Bruce DuPre, demon- strates his wrestling hobby by pinning Dan Mc- Kinley, as Mr. Kirby, to the Hoor. Moss Hart's You Can't Take it With You, this year's senior class production, depicts the problems of the carefree, eccentric McCoys. A conflict develops when a boy with a conventional background courts a daughter in the family. In the hilarious denouement the boy's father recognizes the authenticity of the McCoys, whimsical philosophy. Directed by Julian T. Myers, the play starred Keith McDermott, Suzanne Zwinggi, Cheryl Houser, and Jim McKee, with a supporting cast of nearly twenty other seniors. Performances on November 12 and 13 fulfilled the anticipation of five weeks, rehearsal and preparation. Eric Plotts, Mr. DePinna, ruefully admits his loss of hair has changed his appearance from that in his portrait. Priscilla Gates, as Rheba, laughs at Korsakov's offer to make her a ballet star. Penny McCoy, played by Suzanne Zwinggi, entertains the unexpected Kirby family with a disastrous word association game. 65 Backstage, Bruce Rosen and Rick Wolfe memorize lines before rehearsal. The F antasticks, the l966 all-school play, starred Cheryl Houser, Ted Kubiak and Rick Wolfe. To encourage their children's relationship, two fathers feign a quarrel with the construction of a brick wall between their adjoining properties and plan an abduction, The young boy and girl, disillusioned by the deception of their parents, escape to the dream world of El Gallo. Narrator Rick Wolfe, as El Gallo, purposely destroys the lovers' confidence in him to make them realize the value of the lives they have abandoned. The theme song, 'fTry to Rememberj, heightened the impact of the spring performance directed by Julian T. Myers, faculty advisor, and Sharon Latchaw, student director. L . tts? .11 .,'" After the final performance of the Fanlastif-ks, Cheryl Houser shares her roses E' f'ff if with cast members Tom Remington, John Bosley, Pete Marsh, Reed Wood- house, Evie Strom, Sharon Latchaw, Barry Bronson, Tom Aberant, Dan Mc- . R Geary, Bruce Rosen, Rick Wolfe, and Ted Kubiak. X Still dressed as Luisa and El Gallo, Cheryl Houser and Rick Wolfe enjoy the cast party, 66 Cheryl Houser exhorts the world to l'Let a joy kill you." In The World of Carl Sandburg, the fall Thespian show, twelve students recited some ofthe poet's best lyrics. Through folk music, dialogue and verse the actors conveyed the author's personality as well as his poetic ability. The audience participated in singing tunes from Sandburg's Songhag and heard both published and unpublished poems depicting the various stages of man's life from birth to death. Professional use of spotlights added to the elfectivcness ofthe inspirational theater-in-the-round performance. X Singing g'Down by the Riverside," Laurie Marshall dispenses peace and love as she shakes "hands around the world', with Bruce DuPre, Dan McKinley, and Michelle Belluomini. Keith McDermott, Jim McKee. Bruce Rosen. Dan McKinley, and Bruce DuPre provide a rhythmical background as Gayla Kraetsch echoes, "The machine, yes, the machine." Ricka Nassikas, Laurie Marshall, Cheryl Houser, and Bruce Rosen join in singing as Jim McKee opens the program with a folk tune from Sandburg's Songbag. ' . ,.hg ., Various organizations work together in the weeks and hnal minutes preceding any high school dramatic production to unify the backstage facets of the theater into an artistic whole. The stage crew acts as a liaison between the lighting, sound, and scenery squads. Members of these squads create settings, backdrops, and special effects designed to enhance each stage presentation. The properties committee helps to locate obscure or unusual items necessary for a realistic production. With the careful application of cosmetics and the fashioning of an appropriate wardrobe, the make-up and costume committees prepare characters for stage roles. These six student organizations learn the methods of the professional theater while making an invaluable contribution to the success of Mt. Lebanon High School performances. Ron Frisch co-ordinates lights and curtains by reading stage directions to crew members Steve Shields, Charlie Wells, Ray Carlin, and Rob Finley. . - -A' On stage, Kathy Getz, Gale Weaver, Ruth Ann Dunker, Linda Calland, Leslie Butler, and Krista Happe of the properties committee, hurriedly change a table setting for the next scene. 68 Barb Dixon pencils on eyeliner to emphasize Jane White's features. i Using grease paint and powder, make-up committee members Jane Murray, Vicki Linge, Jill Taylor, Sue Hirsh, Candy Conrad, and Chris Holland prepare Gayla Kraetsch and Laurie Marshall for brilliant stage lights. S'-w I After You Crm? Take It With You, Gayla Kraetsch, Mary Rapp, Louise Krugh, Debbie Davis, Peggy Dorrell. and Bonnie Barber mend costumes before packing them away. 69 Scenery committee members design Wall paper for the set in You Can't Take It With You. To prepare for its two April performances, the high school orchestra practices daily from September through spring. Mr. Arthur Yagello's critical guidance unifies the technique and refines the tone of the brass, percussion. woodwind, and string sections. After playing at the annual Spring Concert and auditorium program, the orchestra performed for the first time at Monroeville High School. At this event four high schools performed together and individually. The orchestra's diverse format included works such as 'lPique Dame,', by F. von Suppe, and selections ' from The Comedians Suite, by Kobalevsky. This year the orchestra broadened its musical scope to further its artistic success. Accompaniment of the percussion section in- cluding Jim Hirschfield, Bob McKee, and Ray Carlin regulates the rhythm of the music. Clarinetists Lowell Meek and Sherry Barber concentrate on a difiicult score. String section members include FRONT ROW: Roger Frisch, Deidre Young, Lynn Garvey, Joyce Schoeppner. ROW 2: Beverly James, Liz Gawron, Charles Wells, Elizabeth Drake. ROW 3: Bob Levin, Karen Wenger, Dorothy Sparks, Linda Sapienza. ROW 4: Christopher Brown, Marie Silverthorn. ROW 5 : Kirk Kimmell, Wylene Ducla, Franca Benedicty, Betsy Putnam. Bill Martin, Dave Ferguson, Warren Hickey, Steve Delano, Pam Schwartz, and Mary Ann Walther of the brass section relax after practicing a complex instrumentation. Elizabeth Drake develops a Howing theme by playing a muted violin. Mr. Yagello directs a practice for the Christmas program as orchestra sec- retary Diane MacLean listens. Woodwind section members Jackie Archer, Sue Hudson, Maris Peters, Pat Shaw, Anne Heston, Marcie Fink, Marjie Harris, Rick Shields, Lowell Meek, Sherry Barber, Jeannette Davies, and Jim Andrews wait to rehearse musical numbers for the Spring Concert. 71 L.,-qw piano accompaniment. program. Martha Coughanour and Susan Dahlman harmonize with A section of the two hundred students participating in PMEA rehearses its 5? Q! .r,,,-1 x f ' xa:.f,,.. ' K 1- i .5 WNN. .ff Y! . Members of Girls' Ensemble include: ROW l: D. Applin, C. Elmen, Knowles, P. Wolfson, C. Kunkle, P. Brownlee. ROW 2: W. Rosfeld, Coughanour, S. Conlon, L. Capoferri, L. Bronson, C. Schaefers. ROW 3: Edelstein, M. Auner, P. Neelly, S. MacWilliams, P. Critchlow, J. Coles, Scattaregia. ROW 4: M. Portella, M. Shord, D. Bickel, S. Dahlman, McHenry, J. Fittkau. 72 S. M. T. L. C. The mixed chorus studies a wide range of music in depth. ln their work with numbers such as 'The Doew from Six Chonsons and the spirited "Americana," chorus members, directed by Miss May K. Sneary, concentrate on technique as the means of interpretation. Gradually, the chorus develops a harmonized blend of voices, enabling it to perform operettas, arias, and popular songs successfully. After weeks of rehearsal, the Spring Musicale in May gives the chorus the opportunity to display its talent and training. -v Miss Sneary directs mixed chorus members to their places on risers in the auditorium. Linda Forrester, Liz Cheney, Cheryl Houser, Mary Jolly, Pat Scoggins, Deb- bie Fitzgibbons, Molly Youngling, Ann Bronson, Suzanne Zwinggi, Gail Hol- ben, and Bonnie Hazlett of the Triple Trio perfect their program for a Rotary luncheon. At a dress rehearsal, mixed chorus members practice choir numbers for the Christmas Program. Members include FRONT ROW: C. Mager, L. Forrester, S. Lieberman, A. Cohen, S. Kalson, J. Swisher, P. Close. ROW 2: L. Cheney, B. Hazlett, W. Duda, J. Graftan, C. Swinney, E. Koury, D. Deady, D. Gray, C. Amick, L. Charnell, C. Hamilton, G. Holben, G. Krofcheck. ROW 3: A. Deering, P. Andres, K. Harris, B. Perrin, P. Crosby, B. Baird, W. Spooner, C. Smith. D. Carlson, M. Youngling, P. Scoggins, M. Jolly, A. Bronson, S. Zwinggi, L. Kowallis. ROW 4: C. Houser, G. Woodhouse, N. Morrow, S. Hamilton, D. Fitzgibbons, S. Amdur, T. Kubiak, R. Gray, J. Weise, P. Tieman, N. Auner, M. Brown, S. Davis, J. Laros, D. Hackenberg, L. Tilton. ROW 5: M. Morton, K. Pidgeon, D. Leitch, J. Gray, P. Franke, A. Novak, J. Dietrich, D. Sharrow, G. Paterson, T. Waters, W. Llewellyn, K. Johnston, J. Larmett, S. Hirsch. Y Playing their French horns, Rob Coho, Jack Westerman, and Mary Cathey rehearse dur- ing activities period, Tuesday morning. Cindy Gray practices a flute score for the Spring Concert. In formation, the band plays f'Tijuana Taxi" for its T.J.B. show. Under the direction of Mr. Louis A. Scarci, the Mt. Lebanon High School Band exhibited professional showmanship and responsibility. Through hours of practice beginning in the second week in August, the band maintained its reputation as a colorful, well-trained marching unit. The Tijuana trumpet formation, the theme of HA Taste of Honey," and the drum roll at kickoff time highlighted the strong school spirit evident during the football season. On New Year's Day, the blue and gold marched in the Cotton Bowl Parade at Dallas, making the Mt. Lebanon Band one of the few high school bands ever to participate in all three major bowl parades. The successful Spring Concert concluded an entertaining season. 74 l The brass section plays the half-time show at Pitt Stadium for the W.P.I.A.L. play-off game. Members of the band include B. Adair, D. Allen, M, Andrews, S. Asmond, P Baker, M. Berry, J. Berwanger, E. Bleiberg, C. Bohden, K. Bombik, P. Bower, G. Bradley, C. Brantley, T. Brett, T. Bridwell, B. Brown, J. Brown, B. Burch, J. Butch, M. Caldwell, M. Cathey, J. Clingerman, R. Coho, D. Cook, C. Cunningham, B. Dau, J. Delano, B. Detwiler, M. Dinning, N. Duffy, S. Duffy, S. Erenrich, L. Favaro, J. Federici, D. Forsyth, R. Frisch, D. Gaynor, C Gray, K. Hails, B. Hall, J. Hall, R. Harris, D. Hatfield, T. Hearn, M. Henderson, C. Holland, M. Hornby, N. Hyzer, G. Iskra, J. Jacobs, P. Jame- son, T. Junker, S. Keisling, J. Kemper, G. Kincheloe, J. Kincheloe, L. Kustes, J. LaGuardia, B. Laird, R. Lang, N. Logan, S. McDonald, D. Macoy, K. March, G. Mayer, S. Misplay, C. Mollers, L. Molnar, E. Mumy, C. Myers, J Nees, P, Nelson, K. Niemeier, W. Oberlin, M. Ottino, D. Paige, L. Purvis, J. Raso, J. Redmond. C. Remington, Bill Reschke, B. Ronksley, E. Sargent, L. Scarci, C. Schlotter, J. Schlotter, T. Schultz, L. Shrader, R. Simons, L. Sirinek, S. Slavkin, D. Smith, G. Smith, D. Snefsky, G. Sollenberger, J. Solomon, R. Spring, M. Starr, D. Stern, L. Stock, P. Stokes, N. Swartz, D. Szabat, M. Watts, M. Welton, J. Westerman, J. Wholehan. M. Wolfensperger, and B. Wyer- man. Managers include A. Criner. D. Gray. J. Murrell, T. Sgro, P. Bott, G. Clark, C. Hardisty, C. Pensyl, D. Russell. M. J . , J "PV ' . ., . J . , , 1 rv . WW ,ag ..'rr --wt' f f: 'N' 2-1' 4' ' ' P - ' . J. 4, f I' I, ,lar E j . ' at . .x....g W . -"2'f"wU fu 'wal . 3 VAT Ein' V3 I ' u v 4?'.f4,,,,,.xr, J ' '- Priest Al 51 we .T Q15 . V 'S A' ' -Y 'B -mf'- , f, . 3 . S - g ffl.: .- - . ..,KfM,g7 ?.g3,, :Q V-J A W :gr Q Qc. ,bit lf v V 5 ' 3 ,await Q Je' M ,V W Q-EJ 5 ,fc n ff? . I . ,g 9 - Y' . kg' T , m.- arg- Q ' HW "LJ .... " .. aa- ,J i . .. .. . - If V! 'wig' --. M., -if, , L. ' A as 5" , ' f in J Q ' I 1 ltfxx The Mt. Lebanon Band marches in the nationally televised Cotton Bowl Festival Parade. 75 J 'X Rockettes march along the three mile route of the Cotton Bowl parade. Members of the Rockettes include FRONT ROW: C. Matthews, B. Schilberg D. Giles, C. Brown, S. Reynolds. ROW 2: E. Baggott, T. Clement, T. Dreven s N. Parker. ROW 3: C. South, S. Phillips, N. Heights, C. Hardisty, J. Kem- merer. ROW 4: L. Kaufman, M. Ottino, B. Gordon, C. Conrad. ROW 5: K. Valentour, T. McKinley, B. Koch, M. Donahoe, J. Pascarella. ROW 6: R. Kelly, D. Davis, C. Hackman, B. Schriber. ROW 7: K. Happe, J. Moore N. 1 Alex, V. Lupean, J. Grubb. ROW 8: D. Samples, D. Wheeler, L. Mills, C. Frank. ROW 9: E. Sitomer, L. Young, N. McKown, L. Reed, S. Hauden- shield. ROW 10: D. Evans, S. Shakarian, S. Roberts, B. Danforth. ROW 11: K. Kropf, B. Richards, P. Krill, P. Wood, C. Cunningham. ROW 12: J. Sarver, P. Moretti, L. Phillips, C. Burr. ROW 13: L. Loos, C. Friday, M. Harris, C. Bengston, P. Cunningham. ROW 14: C. Nichol, K. Ronksley, L. Gottschalk, D. Russell, L. Scarlett. ROW 15: D. Miller, L. Calland, K. Grotevant, J. Shaughnessy, P. Jennings. ROW 16: A. Rectenwald, M. Schledt, P. Stickle. Rockettes mark time before dancing to the 'lonely Bull." 76 Mr. Scarci and Mr. Duda watch the remaining minutes of the lirst half before positioning Rockette and band members at the goal line. IT l, . l l 3 Facing downfield, Rockettes stand at attention on the thirty-yard line. The steady tempo of the Rockettes, street beat focalizes half-time spirit at football games throughout the autumn season. The Majorettes, in the delicate balance of their baton twirling, exemplify the precision of the rhythmical drills which the Rockettes perform. To the jazz-orchestral sound of the Pink Panther, the Rockettes march through a variety of formations that include the double crisscross Whip and the zigzag. With a combination of enthusiasm and practice, they have earned a reputation as one of the most colorful marching groups in the area. Faculty advisors Mr. Scarci and Mr. Duda co-ordinate the Rockettes and Majorettes with the band to create a half-time ceremony complementing the other achievements of a memorable season. Majorettes Jane Harter and Gina Meade lead the band and Rockettes onto the Held for the half-time show. Terry Lenhart and Greg Gearhart collect tickets at home games. At sports events and assemblies, members of the scoreboard squad, the parking squad, the sportscasters, the ways and means squad, and the ticket takers aid students through responsible effort. The scoreboard squad posts point totals at football and basketball games, while the sportscasters give a running account of the action. The ticket takers work at the gates before games. Members of the parking squad guide traffic and facilitate parking at all school events. To help raise money for Student Congress projects, the ways and means squad sells candy at games and after school. These squads give willing students the opportunity to perform necessary services for the school. Members of the ways and means squad Bruce Mcllhenny, Dennis Cover, Pete Nicholson, Tim Tumas, Randy Freas, and Ernie Thompson sell refreshments at home football games. A A.. 1.-. L Ways and means squad members Peggy Winschel, Jane Barnes, Carol Cantalupo, Gail Paterson, Marie Paolicelli, Marylou Hamen, and Debby Can sell refreshments and programs at home football games. we 4. N 'it -9 L- 3? s .. , , Sv., .. An., " '.ffg..jq.g.1. I . ., , ., M ,Q , 5 4 Q 4 2 E .1- ' f--,Q if Q M jp fi VW -ff- - iff , yi, ,, 4 if W A xg 22 6 ,Q W . ww: -,.. M ' vi M, Q 'sf K. fr mf Z' ,EV O 1 ? lx.. ,X Q... 4' -...... at asia, 41 Q Q kimkx milf' Sw X Q XS, an f g Qtr. 5,I:::,:: , A ,. ,, :Tiff ' Qi 3.113 "lf,Ty, L-S' gy gl 1' K ,qw ,fpl ef , .qw ' A wi' ik if If vkiifk fb' I ,ry 3' K gg.-,X ,HA " Al? K' W' ff -'f ,535-" 5 H7:X?1:fIxL , 175 2 1"x!95ili-5 1' - 'L 'f1eQx'fK1:1v g f ' V A 2 AQQQQ QXXWXFM ,VI 'f"Vm5" 'tx!x.Xwfs"'1 't- I LL-, V ' Q ' V "M-?'m"5,g?iffQf :Y a L' ,, N wtf A m'R.53kg-ij' .h Q, Q 64.9 tigfivbmi, , 415,31 ,M , 4 X. H H 2 VL SX 1 U.,.Q:Af,A52-5: , K R Km Ex in wmv. '51 f Spirited varsity cheerleaders Judy Beachler. Kay Ritz, Jane Ortner, Nancy Kirby, Paula McCallum. Jackie Hawkins, Terri McCully, Sally Beidler, and Nancy Collins generate excite- ment and enthusiasm at athletic events. Through pep rallies, color days, and P.A. announcements, the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders, aided by the Blue Devils and Pep Club members. promote the success of Mt. Lebanon's athletic teams. The cheerleaders' precision formations and practiced chants inspire a competitive spirit and the full support of an enthusiastic crowd. Blue Devils Ciayla Kraetsch and Donna Teodori also exhort enthusiasm for the team with signs and zany antics among the fans in the bleachers. The Pep Club chairmen Pat Kramer and Leslie Anderson lead the tlashing of red and white cards with which members of the Pep Club greet visiting opponents. The lettermen of the Varsity Service Club accept new trophies for the school and maintain the trophy cases in the Hall of Champions. All of these organizations encourage participation and sportsmanship in school athletic 9' SVCIIIS. With a roar, the crowd rises as Lebo players score a touchdown. K l . " 'etffi li 3' ia xi - 11: -. sisfff ig M . .t i eie Tension mounts in the final seconds of a wrestling match. Blue Devil Donna Teodori dons a borrowed megaphone during a time-out. .Agp 1 - 4 -1 w f - ,,, , Q 29 22 if fl , f f . ,f ' .wi 4 Q Z Q X Q Q f x Q RX Q 1 X , :xx x 4 ., ' 'ilk N , wa , . i Q M A 5 , ff - 11,4 13 i A i W K J. J- ,. 'B fs 1 ef 92 . ' 11- E V. T k ful . 'fx 2 ! , A if W 5 Y KL,, , H K v f- -4 V Qs W W wg fr Q7 ffm ev I AZ? -af!!-:I w c QYW WW 0 'f' IQ 'Q 5, W Vw X, F 4' it f?if'gg,, my .... r,LV gag, my , waff z 'L ' K -,hk, XA W"L " 1 'I K"'- " if ,--' L ' UQ- "', in V' ,w-,WM ,,,,.. A , Mfamgwf, " f -',- HQ' -"' 'Suv' .-1 . I f f. A Q., -' -A 'J-ww H um ax, . 1f'r'afqgf '- , ,. ' X' ' - -",,' ,,m3ii?'w 'If I 85 Coach Fife discusses defensive strategy with Co-Captain Ted Swisher. The bench despairs as Hempfield increases their early lead. Capturing the coveted W.P.I.A.L. championship, the Blue Devils compiled a flawless 10-0 record in the best football season in Lebo history. Fourteen thousand spectators saw Mt, Lebanon High School come from behind to defeat Hempfield High School by the score of 18 to 14 at Pitt Stadium. Previous highlights of the season included the 45-0 romp over Uniontown, the defending W.P.I.A.L. champion and the 14-0 thriller with Bethel, in which neither team scored until the fourth quarter. The team's Western Conference and W.P.I.A.L. hopes rested on the outcome of the Baldwin game, and a record crowd of 13,000 at the high school stadium watched the Blue Devils defeat the Highlanders, 27-6. Under the direction of Head Coach Ralph Fife, the varsity squad's potent wing offense gained yard after yard with its ground game, with senior Steve Foster and junior Vince Russo carrying for most of Mt. Lebanon's touchdowns. When the team needed long yardage, quarterback Gary Sawhill threw passes to Tom Stechschulte and Bob Seiferth. The defensive unit, led by Vic Surma and Jack Mathison at guard, gave up only one touchdown throughout the regular season. The tribute assembly to Coach Fife and the football team concluded the 1966 season on a triumphant note of personal and team achievement. Heading for the sidelines, Steve Foster cuts downneld. 86 9 Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Mt. Lebanon W.P.I.A Mt. Lebanon Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Vince Russo plunges into the Hempfield line for a first down. ,- 1-- - VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: B. Dispenett, A. Walker, L. Molosky, F. Bonelli, A. Caramana, S. Vidmer, T. Swisher, J. Valentbur, V. Russo, C. Brodbeck, B. Lochran. ROW 2: G. Sawhill, S. Foster, D. Porter, K. Bruckart, F, Ali, T. Laboon, B. Lichter, J. Wicker, C. Dellapina, B. Armentrout. ROW 3: J. Howard, A. Dean, H. Egal, J. Caramana, B. Myers, R. Heeter, D. Eberhardt, A. Roach, D. Holzworth. ROW 43 J, Mathison, H. Rusbridge, V. Surma, G. Duda, J. Jacoby, L. Hafer, J. Green, B. Seiferth, J. Fleming. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 42 Peabody 7 14 Bethel 0 48 Trinity 13 3 3 Canon-McMillan 0 20 Washington 0 63 Chartiers Valley 6 45 Uniontown 0 27 Baldwin 6 27 Keystone Oaks 0 .L. CHAMPIONSHIP GAME 1 8 Hempiield 14 t 1 Q g W iff' 9 L 1 . ' ' W- 'Q Bob Seiferth gains 30 yards on a pass from Gary Sawhill. The elated Blue Devil coaches stride to the locker room Effective Blue Devil blocking enables Al Walker Vince Russo completes Gary Sawhill's deflected pass. to drive for a first down. 88 J.V. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon I3 Penn Hills Mt. Lebanon 26 Canonsburg Mt. Lebanon 54 Keystone Oaks Mt. Lebanon 26 Washington Mt. Lebanon 39 Trinity Mt. Lebanon 38 Chartiers Valley Mt. Lebanon 32 Bethel Mt. Lebanon 13 Baldwin Coach Fife briefs Tom Stechschulte on the next offen- sive play. J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: J. Williamson, R. Shafer, J. McMahon, B. Schmidt, L. Housner, K. Kirkland, M. Bannon, R. Emery, B. Skirball, W. Carnes, D. Young. ROW 2: P. Braun, D. Clare, J. Smith, N. Opperman, B. Cox, J. Lucas, B. Page, J. Bates, R. Miller, D. Fasulo. ROW 3: D. Welsch, D. Kelly, R. Drummond, M. Whipkey, M. Roberts, T. Yorty, T. Sistek, S. Johnson, P. Tillson, R. Smith, B. Boyer. ROW 4: R. Fife, M. Walsh, R. Bennett, D. Dean, T. Emack, J. Acklin, B. Lunoe, G. Heckman, D. Aderholt, J. Perry. ROW 5: D. Bittner, A. Bertini, L. Carlin, D. Jones, R. Sunseri, A. Roach, G. Grant, T. Valicenti, D. Grube, G. Kaatz, B. Falk, P. Anderson, G. Avdey. S9 The late maturing talents of many Mounties, plus the fine showing of several runners new to the varsity, sparked the Mt. Lebanon cross country team to a strong late season finish. After losing an early season meet with Bethel, the team increased its margin of victory in each successive meet as the season progressed. The team's improved form and coordination enabled it to take second place in the Follensbee Invitational Meet and seventh place in the W.P.I.A.L. championship meet. Mike Nolan paced the Harriers, bettering the Mt. Lebanon High School home course record and the course record at the Mountaineer Invitational. As his most outstanding achievement, Mike Nolan captured a fifth in the State Cross Country Finals. Dave McCarty, a sophomore, and juniors Dale Frayer and Dave Helwig all performed consistently as freshman runners. Seniors Rob Sandberg and Tom Battaglia returned to the form they displayed last year in the second half of the season to contribute to the team's excellent 5-l record. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-FRONT ROW: J. Brownlee, M. Nolan, T. Battaglia, R. Sandberg. ROW 2: Coach Mollenauer, D. Frayer, D. Helwig, M. Beachler, D. McCarty, P. Nicholson, Coach Toler. Warming up for a meet, the cross country team performs calisthenics. Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE 25 Baldwin 44 Bethel Thomas Jefferson 15 Trinity 20 Ambridge Butler North Hills 26 Washington 15 Hopewell Follensbee Invitational Meet C2ndJ 30 17 65 40 77 45 121 29 40 Tri-State Coaches Meet t4thJ Mountaineer Invitational Meet C3rdJ Central Catholic Invitational Meet f7thJ W.P.I.A.L. Sectional Qualifying Meet t3rdJ W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet C7thJ Running a slow jog, cross country runners build endur- ance during a practice session. 90 With a final burst of speed, Mt. Lebanon runners near the finish line. JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon 33 Baldwin 22 Mt. Lebanon 23 Bethel 44 Thomas Jefferson 68 Mt. Lebanon 15 Trinity 40 Mt. Lebanon 27 Ambridge 88 Butler 58 North Hills 101 Mt. Lebanon 19 Hopewell 38 Mt. Lebanon 17 Follensbee Invitational Meet t2ndJ Tri-State Coaches Meet C8thJ W.P.I.A.L. Sectional Qualifying Meet Clstj W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet f2ndJ Washington 36 4 Letterman Mike Nolan strains to better his record time J.V. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-FRONT ROW: N. Perry, L. Hartford, G. Brown, J. Sanstead, D. Wright, R. Soisson, D. Leland, R. Seymour, L. Cook. ROW 2: Coach Toler, M. Enright, P. Nicholson, B. Rugh, P. Adams, B. O'Conner, W. Sagan, W. Martin, M. Mordaunt, T. Magillin, A. Lankford, J. Dullas, M. Kennedy, R. Stirling, W. Martin, T. Kennedy, Coach Mollenauer. 91 For the seventh consecutive season, Coach Dick Blackls Mounty roundballers captured the section title in the W.P.I.A.L. after tough sectional competition. The Blue Devils edged Bethel twice by two-point margins, compiling a iiawless 14-0 sectional record. Going into the W.P.I.A.L. playoff games, Mt. Lebanon had lost only one game, a one point defeat inflicted by Uniontown in a non-league game. After drawing a bye, the Blue Devils triumphed over West Mifflin North in the quarter finals. Then, in a thrilling triple overtime, Mt. Lebanon shaded a lighting Laurel Highlands team 82-75 to advance to the final round. Although Ambridge defeated the Blue Devils, the spirit of Mt. Lebanon fans remained at a high pitch until the last buzzer sounded. The team played a tight defensive game all season and exhibited unusual bench strength as injuries hampered starters John Valentour, Gary Brown, and Don Porter during the second half of the campaign. Jim Haney, high point scorer, Vic Surma, leading rebounder, and Tom Stechschulte also contributed to the Mounty's outstanding ball control and team balance. The 1967 basketball team finished the season with an excellent 24-2 record. Frank DeWitt drives past Bethel defenders to score two quick points 'L . , . . i I Gary Brown spots a Mt. Lebanon player cutting for Coach Black and Vic Surma agree to adopt a full court press. the basket. 92 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW D Coughenour R Schnure, R. Young, G. Brown, J. Haney, D. Porter G Gates J Nicholson ROW 2: Coach Richard Black, T. Marshall, T. Stechschulte M Hallum V Surma, B. Schnippert, S. Hein, F. DeWitt, W. Wright J Valentour Coach Edmund Ashburner 5- Mlm! . Q2 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCH EDULE Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon 64 Wilkinsburg 75 South Hills 75 Shaler 6l Fox Chapel 64 Uniontown 62 Trinity 99 Canon-McMillan 55 Norwin 68 Baldwin 84 Brentwood 77 Washington 77 Upper St. Clair 62 Bethel 62 Keystone Oaks 51 Sto-Rox 59 Trinity 96 Canon-McMillan 86 Brentwood 90 Washington 68 Upper St. Clair 65 Bethel 66 Keystone Oaks W.P.I.A.L. PLAYOFFS 64 West Mifflin North 82 Laurel Highlands 52 Ambridge Jim Haney shoots despite his opponents block. Frank DeWitt pulls down a rebound. 94 Cheerleader Terri McCLilly pins a mum on Mrs. Haney at the Senior Recognition game against Bethel Park. ,N-ff! Tom Stechschulte arches back to make a shot. Heavily guarded. Rick Schnure looks for an opening before passing the ball. Vic Surma blocks a Uniontown player enabling Jim Haney to get the rebound. J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM4FRONT ROW: B. Anstadt. B. Hubbard D Driscoll, R. Bennett. J. Bates, P. Nickenig, D. Fasulo. ROW 2: H. Alterman S. Weiss, D. Clare, G. Jacoby. R. Schnure, S. Viviano. B. Sagan, D. Taylor S Fields. Coach Edmund Ashburner. Mt. Lebanon 40 Mt. Lebanon 66 Mt. Lebanon 39 Mt. Lebanon 5l Mt. Lebanon 41 Mt. Lebanon 33 Mt. Lebanon 53 Mt. Lebanon 54 Mt. Lebanon 48 Mt. Lebanon 52 Mt. Lebanon 4l Mt. Lebanon 40 Mt. Lebanon 36 Mt. Lebanon 46 Mt. Lebanon 7l Mt. Lebanon 48 Mt. Lebanon 56 Mt. Lebanon 69 Mt. Lebanon 24 Mt. Lebanon 59 Rex Bennett turns to avoid an oncoming opponent. 95 J.V. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Wilkinsburg South Hills Shaler Fox Chapel Uniontown Trinity Canon-McMillan Brentwood Washington Upper St. Clair Bethel Keystone Oaks Sto-Rox Trinity Canon-McMillan Brentwood Washington Upper St. Clair Bethel Keystone Oaks The potential of the 1967 swimming team became evident when it captured second place in the tough Grove City College Invitational. Despite the overall 3-7 team record, several individuals formed the nucleus for depth and consistency as the season progressed. All American Dick Rydze remained undefeated in diving competition. He set a new W.P.I.A.L. diving mark and totaled 97.04 points in one meet, more than anyone had accumulated previously. Dick Rydze and Nick Douglass, the diving relay team, and the 200 yard medley relay team composed of Andy Weisbrod, Nick Douglass, Bill Bruegmann, and Wally Coles continued to the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association finals. The medley relay team set a new western regional mark in this event with a time of l:43.4. Coach William Grant, aided by diving instructor Mr. Will Saunders, paced the training of the team and directed the talent of individuals in mastering the many swimming strokes and dives. SWIMMING SCHEDULE " Lebanon 40 Baldwin 5 5 Lebanon 48 Churchill 47 Lebanon 40 Bethel Park 5 5 Lebanon 54 Gateway 41 Lebanon 45 Butler 50 Lebanon 41 Baldwin 54 Lebanon 37 Churchill 5 8 Lebanon 3 5 Bethel Park 60 Lebanon 5 8 Gateway 3 7 Lebanon 41 Butler 54 W.P.I.A.L. Team Championship-4th Chris Douglass performs an open back flip in diving competition ,N . .. .. yt' SWIMMING TEAM-FRONT ROW: B. Ramsey, J. Rice, D. Mogan, C. Douglass Grant, C. Wichmann. ROW 2: C. Osburn, V. Carducci, J. Mogan, S. Soloman Wyerman, A. Covert, T. Stirling, J. Meyer. ROW 3: A. Weisbrod, W. Connor Rydze, N. Douglass, C. Rowe, J. Scott, L. Killeen. ROW 4: T. McGillan, D. Hepper Sistick, W. Coles, B. Bruegmann, J. Lebo, N. Stewart. 96 , , :us J H I l ,,,, NK Q 5 6 C g , ,, V M . , I 5 a J . . 4 W . ' ..-'ftQ7"f?ff9'i:g7-l.,??,Qik,.w"gh..fyzgqmgiigi,gx kA,k ,in ,. , ,... '. ,L N " L"' M -.A, :L W.. .:,-www QW 5 ' N' '4" W ,.gg ,, ,,,, ,g,.. 2 Q, 1 it S L., Na- , ., ,,, bl .T E , 3 3 -xv leg : if-N X fxi jp. 3 Q An experienced 1967 gymnastics team finished the dual meet season with three victories and three defeats in which the Mt. Lebanon squad trailed by less than four points. The team took third place at the Western Pennsylvania Gymnastics Meet and hfth place at the Pennsylvania State High School Gymnastics Meet. Senior co-captains Pete Sorg and Ed Taylor paced their team members and aptly practiced Coach James Dallyls instructions on graceful form and disciplined balance. Pete specialized in the rings and the parallel bars to amass the highest individual point total in sectional competition. Other outstanding competitors included Neil Frick on the sidehorse, John Schweinsberg on the still rings, John Tischuk, Pat Lawrence, and Lowell Meek in the free exercise event, and John Kazenjian on the long horse. l Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Senior Gary Sawhill vaults over the long horse. 98 Co-captain Pete Sorg executes an iron cross on the still rings. Pat Lawrence performs a difficult stalter on the high bar. GYMNASTICS SCHEDULE 47 West Mifflin South 49 59 Kiski Area 37 61 W Springdale 34W 46 Belle Vernon 50 67 West Mifflin North 29 47 Penn Hills 49 W.P.I.A.L. Sectional Meet-3rd W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet-4th Pennsylvania High School Gymnastics Championship Meet-5th Q 4 af . ff :kk I .f V .J I A ' 'ww i 1: ' '4R9'h'i .N-name. Q GYMNASTICS TEAM-FRONT ROW: L. Meek, P. Lawrence, E. Taylor, P. Sorg, J. Kazanjian, J. Finestein. ROW 2: J. Schweinsberg, J. Tischuk, J. Maxwell, B. Wilson, S. Schaeffer, R. Shields, B. Randman, B. McKee. Neil Frick holds an L-seat before attempting an olympic cross. State Champion Lowell Meek perfects the strudle-L during his free exercise routine 99 Winning the Section I Championship for the lifth consecutive year, the Mt. Lebanon wrestling team compiled an impressive 12-2 record. Only Waynesburg and Canon-McMillan defeated the Blue Devil grapplers in closely contested dual season meets. Coach George Lamprinakos guided the team to its 30-15 decisive victory over rival Trinity. In the Western Conference Christmas Tournament, Mt. Lebanon finished a strong second. Dick Herrington, Bob Neuworth, Ted Swisher, and Alan Walker utilized a knowledge of wrestling holds to achieve individual records during the season. In the sectional linals at the conclusion of the 1967 season, Mt. Lebanon wrestlers triumphed in eight out of thirteen weight divisions. Coaches Richard Jones and George Lamprinakos study the progress ofa decisive match. 100 Wrestling in the unlimited weight class, Tom Mont- gomery struggles for the take-down. Feigning the pancake, Bill Newhams grabs his oppo- nent's leg to take him down. Pete Wray tries to roll his opponent over for a pin. In the 165-pound weight class, State Champion Ted Swisher cradles a Chartiers-Houston wrestler. VA RSITY WRESTLING SCH EDU LE Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon . Lebanon . Lebanon . Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon 32 North Allegheny 30 Trinity 34 Carnegie 12 Waynesburg 43 Hopewell 18 Canon-McMillan 58 Elizabeth Forward 31 Peters Township 36 Washington 41 Baldwin 34 Chartiers Valley 32 Chartiers-Houston 46 Keystone Oaks 39 Shaler Western Conference Tournament-Znd W.P.I.A.L. Section Tournament-lst W.P.I.A.L. Tournament-2nd VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: A. Robinson, K. Hatcher, J. Leonard, C. Capizzi, M. McGough, M, Beachler, B. Mong, D. Brindle, B. Newhams, M. Eckenrode, D. Herrington, P. Wray, P. Marsh. ROW 2: Coach Jones, L. Housner, A. Walker, J. Fleming, K. Bruckart, B. George, V. Russo, D. Matter, T. Swisher, K. Myers, T. Montgomery, Coach Lamprinakos. Alan Walker positions a Trinity grappler for a pin Reaching for his opponenfs arm, Kelly Bruckart struggles for the fall. J.V. WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: G. Garside, B. Henry, M. McGough, M. Beachler. B. Mong, B. Caughie, J. Volkwein, R. Stirling, D. Brindle, C. Matthews, M. Tracy. J. Cullison. ROW 2: Coach Jones, J. I-loak, R. Kountz, G. Housley. R. Bruckart, C. Donahue, B. Cox. P. Tillson, R. Smith, J. Caramanna, B. Falk. Coach Lamprinakos. 102 Dick Herrington utilizes a snap-down to gain control of his opponent. Struggling for a good hold on his opponent, Bob Neuworth tries to win a control position. 103 J .V. . Lebanon . Lebanon Lebanon . Lebanon . Lebanon . Lebanon . Lebanon Lebanon . Lebanon Lebanon . Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon WRESTLING SCHEDULE 42 North Allegheny 30 Trinity 23 Carnegie 29 Waynesburg 42 Bethel 17 Canon-McMillan 34 Elizabeth Forward 36 Peters Township 27 Washington 36 Baldwin 21 Chartiers Valley 34 Chartiers-Houston 39 Keystone Oaks 36 Shaler Coach John Neal instructs Merianne Miller and Lynn Garvey in the Accuracy and a thorough knowledge of equipment characterized the goals of the 1967 rifle team. Coach John Neal supplied the technical information to team members who strove to polish individual shooting skills every night after school. The Mounty sharpshooters posted a successful 6-2 record losing disappointing matches to Munhall, one of Mt. Lebanon's toughest rivals. Seniors Lynn Garvey, Anne Heston, Marty Ackenheil, and junior Nancy Leathers achieved an outstanding degree of precision marksmanship. techniques of scoring. RIFLE TEAM-FRONT ROW: L. Garvey, M. Maxwell, M. Starr, C. Banks- ton, G. Yorke, A. Heston. ROW 2: N. Leathers, K. Valentour, J. Greene, B. Richards, S. Burroughs, M. Miller, J. Lebo. ROW 3: M. Ackenheil, G. Calla- han, J. Redmond, G. Houser, A. Mazzoni, P. Adams, E. Elborne. RIFLE SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon 500 Keystone Oaks 477 Mt. Lebanon 499 Bethel 495 Mt. Lebanon 499 Millvale 493 Mt. Lebanon 496 Munhall 500 Mt. Lebanon 500 Keystone Oaks 487 Mt. Lebanon 498 Munhall 500 Mt. Lebanon 500 Bethel 494 Mt. Lebanon 500 Millvale 498 Rifle team members compare scores after a practice match. Members of the rifle team look on as Anne Heston veri- fies a bull's-eye. Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon GOLF SCHEDULE Bethel Fort Cherry Canon-McMillan Canon-McMillan Bethel Fort Cherry Chartiers Valley Chartiers Valley GOLF TEAM FRONT ROW N Gustafson B Lichter J Read, B. Bron- son T Hastings ROW 2 C Brodbeck R Larsen T Broderick, R. Ban, J. f f Mt. Lebanon 5 Upper St. Clair Mt. Lebanon 4 Upper St. Clair the ninth hole. Under Coach Ralph Fife, the 1966 Mt. Lebanon golf team combined straight soaring drives and precise putting to finish a close second in section five W.P.I.A.L. competition. In the most exciting game of the season, the Mounties defeated the eventual section tive winner, Bethel, by the decisive score of 12-4, the only loss inflicted on Bethel in regular season play. Tom Broderick, ajunior, and Norm Gustafson, a senior, consistently defeated their individual opponents to lead the team to its successful 8-2 performance. Rick Ban lines up his putt before attempting a birdie. 105 Tom Broderick takes a practice swing before playing Versatility and individual proficiency keynoted the 1966 Mt. Lebanon track team. The Blue Devils finished third in four different meets, the Mt. Lebanon Invitational, the W.P.I.A.L. relays, and two tri-state meets, under the coaching of Mr. Donley Mollenauer. The talents of runners Mike Nolan and Jack Brownlee in the 220 dash, Don Carlson in the 440 dash, and Jim Orr and Tom Stechschulte in the 880 dash and mile run brought numerous laurels to the Mounty team in track events. ln field events, Gary Sawhill in pole vaulting, Vic Surma in the discus throw, and John Valentour in the javelin, contributed to the depth of the Mounties' participation in every meet. A highlight of the season occurred when Mt. Lebanon swept the Canon- McMillan relays on its home field. In Class A, W.P.I.A.L. Section I competition, the 1966 track team posted a 3-3 record. VARSITY TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: A. Williams, J. Valentour, T. Battaglia, J. George, J. Robinson, J. Orr, M. Kennedy, B. Driskell. ROW 2: D Lalonas, J. Lichter, B. Silverthorn, G. Hinchliffe, D. Koerner, T. Stechschulte, D. Werner, D. Carlson, V. Surma, M. Robinson, Coach Mollenauer. ROW 3: Coach McMahon, D. Bates, J. Brownlee, J. Howard, T. Emack, D. Eberhardt, J. Mayhue, D. Crouch, J. Hoon, B. Kleinman, B: Myers, S. Schaeffer. ROW 4: B. Davies, A. Knapp, D. Hein, D. Jones, S. Harvey, S. Hein, R. Schnure, L. Hafer, D. Whipple, M. Nolan, B. Sandberg, G. Sawhill. VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon 81 Johnstown 64 Mt. Lebanon 79 Washington 62M Canon-McMillan 36W Mt. Lebanon 66 Bethel 79 Mt. Lebanon 53 Penn Hills 92 Mt. Lebanon 101 McKeesport 43 Mt. Lebanon 51 Baldwin 36 Bethel 94 Tri-State Coaches Indoor Meet C3rdJ Tri-State Coaches Outdoor Meet Grd! Canon-McMillan Relays tlstj W.P.I.A.L. Relays C3rdj Mt. Lebanon Invitational Meet t3rdJ Allegheny County W.P.I.A.L. Qualifier C4th-tieb W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet t8thJ Coach Richard Toler demonstrates a balanced stance to discus hurler Vic Surma. f .. - Gary Sawhill successfully clears the bar, add- ing points to the Lebo score. r' J.V. TRACK TEAM--FRONT ROW: G. Kincheloe, R. Belke, J. Kincheloe J. Sanstead, B. Rugh, B. George, J. Koerner, D. Erskine, L. Kennedy, A Lankford, T. Stirling. ROW 2: T. Reynolds, A. Bollinger, A. Molosky, J Green, D. Anderson, A. Oram, D. Rowles, T. Sullivan, D. Helwig, B. Staley J. Larmett, T. Crull, R. Mayberry. ROW 3: M. Hardman, G. McGrath, F Seiler, M. Laster, L. Howard, B. Meyers, R. Spangler, J. Zetis, N. Schwartz K. Zimmerman, B. Schnippert, B. Kreeble, T. Jennings, G. Cipriano, T. Win- schel, B. Roffus, R. Soisson, D. Prayer, D. Sweeney, Coach Meell. 5 sm. ' I I I l . l. W..,.......-.. 1 aa 5 If 1 behind, leads his competitors in the 200-yard dash. JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE Al Williams, with Brad Kleinman and Jack Brownlee close Mt. Lebanon 99 Canon-McMillan 46 Mt. Lebanon 29 Penn Hills 116 Mt. Lebanon 76 Bethel 69 Mt. Lebanon 66 Hopewell 79 Mt. Lebanon 109 McKeesp0rt 25 John Valentour strives for distance in the javelin competition. Mt, Lebanon 1 19 South Fayette 11 Mt. Lebanon 83 Bethel 53 Sophomore Meet f4thJ 107 The 1966 tennis team, coached by Mr. Victor Doak, got oif to a fast start by capturing its first five matches, and continued to hold school interest for the remainder of the season. Seniors Frank Willison and Tom Remington paced the Mounty team with their excellent serving and ball control. Juniors Les Dundics, John Schweinsberg, and Jeff Dietrich captured the initiative from opponents by utilizing swift, powerful forehands. Taking second place in Section Two W.P.I.A.L. play, behind West Mifflin North, the Mounty netmen compiled a strong season mark of nine wins and five losses. FRONT ROW: T. Remington, L. Dundics, J. Schweinsberg, T. Huzella, B. Solenday. ROW 2: B. Bennett, B. Rosen, V. Sazunic, J. Dietrich, F. Willison, Coach Doak. Coach Doak criticizes Bruce Rosen's forehand. ..,,...,,.e... NV.. - 5 ' k,,.,..N O HL g pJ.,, 5 ..,t tssst. 1 ef. '4 wi it lil Mllmmz- .. lllllllll ggggggg, I egnuiinunnn i t T ' '::5" ' nu +++a+-5-if 'ill w - alll!! gg . s, ll nun: wffi++l+rf+-wt llll llllll '!'TT4"'5'+'+: T ll unionists: B zllgzgm l ggilllllllll ' : g Q A 1 Les Dundics advances to forecourt for a net shot. Tom Huzello pivots into position for a fast forehand. Tennis team members await their turn on the court during a practice Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon .,.4 , . , 1 John Schweinsberg waits in ready position as his partner serves to the opposite COL1I'l. 109 TENNIS SCHEDULE Tarentum Thomas Jefferson Peters Twp. Brentwood Bethel West Mifflin Shadyside Thomas Jefferson Peters Twp. Edgewood Brentwood Bethel West Mifflin Churchill session ,ffs iw 1 fix, . lx ,fir 1. j Y ff, X x I up x 1 ,gk M - . . .xl fx . x .lf A Mounty batter eyes the oncoming pitch. F. Coach Mercer Clark considers a defensive switch, while Coach Steven Formento studies the game. BASEBALL Mt. Lebanon 4 Mt. Lebanon 5 Mt. Lebanon 3 Mt. Lebanon 3 Mt. Lebanon 0 Mt. Lebanon 1 Mt. Lebanon 2 Mt. Lebanon 4 Mt. Lebanon 0 Mt. Lebanon 6 Mt. Lebanon 1 Mt. Lebanon 3 SCHEDULE Chartiers Valley Bethel Upper St. Clair Snowden Baldwin Thomas Jefferson Chartiers Valley Bethel Upper St. Clair Snowden Baldwin Thomas Jefferson vang 3 0 3 0 2 3 4 5 4 l 9 5 110 Jim Haney strives for a level swing during batting practice as-112: it aug., - 4.1 1' + . - U - Marc Hallum stretches from first base for the shortstop's peg. Despite poor weather and an unusual number of injuries, the 1966 Mounty baseball team lost only one game by more than two runs in charting a 4-7 season mark. Under the coaching of Mercer Clark and Steven Formento, seniors Bob Altman and Wayne Porter totaled the most RBI's, while Marc Hallum and Wayne Porter compiled the highest slugging percentages. Junior Graham Carter hurled a 3-0 no-hitter against Snowden, the highlight of a series of strong mound performances by Graham, Steve Nickenig, and Jack Kime. The hard-fought, low scoring nature of such contests kept Lebo fans following the fortunes of the team throughout the spring. inlay...-1 " '-f' "f V - A . V . .-,. . .. , f - ...f .. .V ,. h . .. BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: T. Marshall, P. Lawrence, M. Perez, D. Porter, M. Hallum, J. Haney, W. Porter, C. Goldberg, F. Bonelli, J. Stock. ROW 2: Coach Formento, W. Hickey, H. Alex, B. Altman, B. Seiferth, R. Bennett, S. Weiss, A. Dean, B. Garland, Coach Clark. ROW 3: J. Kime, J. Watchorn, J. Gianoutsos, G, Carter, S. Nickenig, J. Fleming, B. Moir, J. Lebau. 111 Opponents compete for the jump ball to begin the fourth quarter. Dave Oermann blocks his opponent's shot. 112 The boys, homeroom basketball tournament provided keen competition and recreation for any boy who wished to participate. Brian Harrison's team defeated Mike Robinsonis team to finish the intramural season with a flawless 6-O record. In the spring, homerooms formed co-ed volleyball teams which they named after popular singing groups. In addition to the friendship these games fostered, all teams developed a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship. l l Gordon Kimpel Watches a teammate make a shot. -I A W W ?z4'v?Z . ,. 2-lf s l if- .L . Nia' .t aaa. ,X 'E at v M 3 U Q"""""' s... D K , elif? ,, ,,, . ,-gp-na-seal' no-we Bonnie Frear and Willa Rote vie for the ball to begin a 'V G.A.A. basketball tournament. . . Y lf . , . . ,,ll s . e..tte , ..ei .. . M , , Chris Mager aims a set shot from the key. The Girls' Athletic Association sponsors organized activities of physical and mental benefit to all participants. A picnic, attended by over three hundred girls, highlighted the opening of the G.A.A. year. The Leaders, club, staffed by G.A.A. members outstanding in sports and scholastic ability, plans and referees tournaments in kickball, volleyball, basketball, A 7 W , bowling, and tennis. On the basis of involvement in A ,,i..ti ii , We ..., , athletic competition, members receive awards , , iiii A recognizing their contributions to the G.A.A. Girls perfect an Israeli water dance after school. . . . . . organization and their outstanding sportsmanship. 113 Barb Thompson demonstrates a backhand grip to tennis team members Christine McHenry and Gail Woodhouse. In its second year of competition, the girls' interscholastic sports program, co-ordinated by Miss Donna Shaver, offered three new sports. Besides basketball, track, swimming, and gymnastics, girls could choose to participate in tennis, golf, or volleyball. The new teams, as well as those formed last year, accumulated records that exceeded the expectations of the inexperienced players. Liz Kowallis and Carolyn English, co-captains of the swimming team, exhibited a strong free style which led the team to victories over Churchill and Munhall. In basketball, Mary Cathey and Sue Zook led the rebounding and point making as the team compiled a 4-4 record. Participants in tennis, gymnastics, track, and golf strove to overcome the handicap of inexperience in the tough competition with a combination of spirit, sportsmanship, and a willingness to learn. Debbie Carlson practices a jackknife as teammates await GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM-FRONT ROW! W- Dllda, A- H0ffmaf11 C their turns on the board. English, L. Kowallis, M. Hill, W. Stone, S. Lyons. ROW 2: P. Vockel, B Lammert, C. Mathison, D. Carlson, S. Zook, M. Jones. ROW 3: L. Loxter- man, C. Christopher, B. McDowell, L. Crisswell, P. Shaw, L. Carnes. 114 GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: M. Mansfield, G. Woodhouse, L. Walsh. ROW 2: L. Crow, H. McGeeney, B. Thompson, C. McHenry. yards of the race. Carolyn English surges for the rope in the final " 175: l , fs., , Vg. vie-.. 'Q 1 sm.. W .-:iX:,..f1.fj5v W .. , L . -mf "3 as..." wig. ' - ., ,,,, -I .QQ '35 . fm - ..a'1211HV .t, - Y , A, . f A ,,.,. r U 1: 5 K A , ...X - W I 1 ' .. ' X . 1 i. l 5",.,,' ind. as 'F i-'fi --92 4 'gif sem'-'gi .fhfiy rf 'if- ' '- f.. Q' hr, .. .A ., , . Q, . Q, ,., . N R 5 1 f ' K ' lr?1',5'f-z':k:-sifglg, w e-'1 4' l'?':.g?f - .. fl GIRLS' GYMNASTIC TEAM-FRONT ROW: M. Maxwell, M. McCarthy, M. Cosgrove, V. Sorg, J. Archer, K. Wichmann. ROW 2: J. Coles, S. Hildabrand, C. Sweeney, B. Moore, S. Bostwick, D. Snefsky. ROW 3: G. Teichmann, P. Andres, H. Hull, G. Woodhouse, A. Russell, M. Younkins, Miss McHenry. 115 1 l Betty Jane Cerutti jumps to block an opponent's spike Mary Cathey eludes a Pantherette by dribbling down center court. i ::,.....,,,,, GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: M. Jones, M. Cathey, J. Barnes, C. Mager. ROW 2: P. Phares, A. Meadows, L. Whitford, S. Zook, B. Cullen, M. MacNamara, L. Mclntosh. ROW 3: T. Bauman, L. Young, L. Crow, B. Frear, N. Roberts, W. Rote, R. Kane, C. Freeberg, B. Hamilton. 116 GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM--FRONT ROW: N. Drozynski, D. Paul, C. Manning. J. Sprecher, C. Charters. ROW 2: N. Wolfensperger, N. Alcorn, P. Neely, K. Miller, D. Clay, B. Cerutti. N , Q! Q R! bm-. ,,....-M" Patty Andres, Mimi Younkins, and Mary Maxwell spot for Mary Cosgrove as she practices a split on the balance beam. 117 'Y Jane Barnes dribbles upcourt for a Lebo bas ket. J ,QA 3 Q I A Q' ' A ' 4 gigwggs 8 f UNDERCLASSMEN at K 'C b Qu Q 5 fu! Q E 3 ,.- , 1 1' .. I- fn-lfllg .4 4 ...W f ' f .. ' Y ,ab ,ww , 10-1 Dr. Anderson FRONT ROW: A. Bertini, D. Kelly, J. Lammert, R. Skirball, D. Jones, B. Hall, J. Hoak, D. Petrelli, J. McMahon, G. Campbell. ROW 2: A. Cohen, J. Nees, J. Buckle, B. Grosso, K. McMahon, A. McEvilla, G. Cardamone, C. Mollers, R. McKelvey, R. Levin. ROW 3: R. Beach, S. Morgans, S. McChesney, M. Bates, K. Schardong, B. Jack, M. Maddex, P. Donovan, N. Froehlich, M. Hunt. 10-2 Mr. Whipkey FRONT ROW: S. Innocenti, S. Bennett, K. Wilson, C. Pensyl L. Brand. ROW 2: L. Favaro, J. Jensen, K. Peters, L. Foun tain, V. Johnson. ROW 3: R. Simons, M. Starr, M. Jennings, K. Keller. ROW 4: M. Abelson, P. Jameson, L. Ali, A. Greenawald, S. Fields, C. Myers. ROW 5: R. Dell, R. Bies, P. Pond, P. Tillson, M. Labash. I0-3 Mr. Felich FRONT ROW: J. Schilberg, K. Kimmell, M. Capone, P Baker, E. Marian. ROW 2: W. Oberlin, D. Wyatt, D. Sawhill M. Sabo, B. Leverett. ROW 3: F. Brubaker, B. Eichinger, F Hoffman, K. Vanzin, K. Kimmick. ROW 4: T. Michenzi, W Vetter, D. Wright, A. Zacchero, J. Rubinoif. ROW 5: D Bitner, M. McSwig, C. Anderson, G. Housley. ROW 6: R Hughes, G. Cousoule, G. Kaatz, J. Gibbs, D. Chambers. 10-4 Mr. Raines FRONT ROW: S. Frank, G. Shadle, M. McGough, P. Brownlee. ROW 2: T. Sgro, D. Farrell, B. Willman. ROW 3: D. Shields, J. Rubinoff. ROW 4: I. Rosenberg, Sf Rile, J. Furlin. ROW 5: V. Minnotte, M. Kaplan. ROW 6: Vi Pukanic, W. Miller, C. Covert. ROW 7: J. Bohaski, D. Hagan. ROW 8: B. Schiffhauer, L. Appel, P. Lamport. ROW 9: C. Brown, J. Dulis. Row 10: R. Bennett, P. McGuire, H. Watts. 10-5 Mr. McCann For the sophomore especially the first few weeks of high school involve unforeseen difficulties-hopelessly confused schedules, endless lunch lines, congested stairways-and as yet undefined challenges. But gradually the desire for achievement couples with a feeling of direction, and the sophomore develops mature judgment. He reconciles the demands of second period math and fifth period English, decides whether to join a publication or a varsity sport: chooses between a Friday night football game and a play rehearsal. All the competing activities and fresh responsibilities resolve themselves into a pattern created by the sophomorefs sudden sense of awareness. FRONT ROW: R. Mong, S. Tipping, J. Judkis, C. Rowe, M. Enright, N. Opperman, J. Collery, S. Josephson, J. Kirley. ROW 2: H. Downing, R. Brownlee, D. McNeill, W. Rosfeld, C. Kaplan, S. Mercer, L. Kelly, M. Hutchison, S. Rosecrans. ROW 3: S. Levy, P. Fawcett, K. McGeeney, D. DeLong, S. Stewart, K. Johnson, K. Rector, C. Hettman, C. Baker. Ui 1, 10-6 Miss Calgaro FRONT ROW: G. Crissman, D. Schlamb, G. Callahan, H. Wall, R. Welch, B. Deemer, J. Perry, S. Marshall. ROW 2: G. Iskra, L. Hartford, A. Walker, L. Greber, B. Clark, D. Hawkins, C. Tumpson, G. Spinks, G. Mautz. ROW 3: J. Brush, K. Miller, M. Farrington, E. Mock, C. Weaver, N. Creps, C. Reda, L. Nicklaus, B. Grove, T. Donoghue. 10-8 Mr. Campbell FRONT ROW: J. Harold, D. DeLong, B. McGahey, M. Douglas. ROW 2: C. Yenke, D. McCartney, D. Delong. ROW 3: L. Simon, E. Dilling, G. Woodhouse, C. Badolato, A. Tatangelo. ROW 4: M. Auner, D. Silhol, C. Rogers, K. Reeves, A. Alexander. ROW 5: P. Metzger, L. Housner, T. Welch, A. Feinberg, J. Youngquist. ROW 6: M. Underwood, B..Hubbard, B. Schelly, C. Myers. ROW 7: B. Friesel, G. Grout, D. Clare, G. Murino, S. Delano. 10-7 Mr. Leiper FRONT ROW: C. Remington, J. Wolf, G. Bradley, M. Hohenbrink, P. Smith. ROW 2: M. Graziano, S. Goldsmith, J. Sessa, D. Young, B. Sloan. ROW 3: D. Fink, L. McIntosh, M. Perry, S. MacWilliams, M. Fleming, D. Schwager. ROW 4: D. Benatan, F. Kaszycki, G. Avdey, D. Fasulo, S. Duffy. ROW 5: M. Dillon, D. Paige, A. Novak, G. Gearhart, S. McClure, R. Kountz. 124 10-9 Mr. Mathias FRONT ROW: M. Heights, K. Wichmann, B. Klein, K. Hatcher. ROW 2: R. Stirling, D. Leland, B. Harter, B. Fleming. ROW 3: R. Page, B. Pade, C. Amick, P. Bower. ROW 4: R. Kane, J. Parker, M. Jones, G. Eppelsheimer, M. Coughanour. ROW 5: R. Philson, A. Devenyi, C. Freeburg, N. Bradley, D. Paul, J. Hill. ROW 6: J. Gorin, J. Gray, D. Hamilton, B. Collins. 10-10 Miss Mellinger FRONT ROW: J. Molinari, C. Cafarell, D. Sneberger, D. Thomas, R. Nowe, D. Halvorsen W. Brown, D. Medvid. ROW 2: J. Resnick, G. Price, D. Dimmock, E. Cooke, C. Rooney, C Kunkle, S. Sauer, W. Jones, J. Johnson. ROW 3: S. Markgraph, M. Brecher, F. Benedicty, L Lopatnikov, E. Cheney, J. Pozzi, L. Calkins, M. Hough, A. Deering, D. Sparks, C. Wilson. 125 10-ll Mr. Doak 10-12 Mrs. Dittmer FRONT ROW: J. Hagy, J. Murrell, J. Feinstein, C. Douglas, FRONT ROW: M. Wollet, C. Ware, L. Sapienza. ROW 2: E. Gething. P. Anderson, P. Smith, J. Acklin. ROW 2: A. Faulkes, M. Sweeney, S. Wissler, D. Moody. ROW 3: McCardle, L. Sabetti, N. Alcorn, B. Swiecicki, W. Rigby, E. Dillinger, D. Deady, M. Beachler. ROW 4: C. Schade, Steranko, P. Kulik, B. Zolot. ROW 3: C. Bohden, L. Bomeli, Caughie, J, Cullison, M, McArdle. ROW 5: S, Reed S. Schreiner, J. McHale, D. Moffatt, D. Milo, M. Phipps, D. Wholehan, ROW 6: T. Kane, M. Joyce, B. Boyer, R. Shields Levine. 10-13 Miss Zakrajsek FRONT ROW: F. Young, B. Soroker, P. Shields, J. Smith, J. Kiefer, G. Hussey, M. Dunker, P. Nickenig, J. Patrinos. ROW 2: R. Ali, C. Schaefers, M. D'Alessandro, J. Bradbury, B. Pachilis, K. Jenkins, C. St. Clair, D. Husse, E. Shiring. ROW 3: A. Williams, M. Kennedy, K. Ross, T. Williams, D. Barnett, N. Dixon, K. Souder, N. Norduft, L. Kustes. 126 10-14 Mrs. Bailey FRONT ROW: M. Mitro, D. Applin, S. Conlon, B. Moore, J. Dietrich, S. Miller, P. O'Bryan, P. Gribschaw, L. Mancuso, A. Marvil. ROW 2: T. Shaw, J. Worrall, J. Alexander, K. Wentzel, T. Junker, D. Beck, P. Wetzel, E. Josephson, N. Bernard. ROW 3: M. Dewald, G. Brady, T. Brett, S. Wholey, D. Bickel, S. King, N. Hyzer, P. Shaw, B. Crawford, B. Anstadt. 10-15 Mr. Kline FRONT ROW: K. Layne, P Adams, D. Mottsman, W Duda, G. Lohman. ROW 2: A Soloway, D. Drost, B. Warner J. Westerman, M. Hornby ROW 3: J. Magnus, D. Hou ston, T. Phillips, M. Whipkey R. Smith. ROW 4: S. Jones, T thorn. 127 s Brennan, W. Bauman, M. Mc- Carthy, R. Sistik, M. Silver- I0-16 Miss Rocgge FRONT ROW: C. McGrane, S. Rump, M. Stahl, C. Wise, K. Blair. ROW 2: E. Holzworth, L. Purvis, S. Sauer, K. More- land, J. Fletcher. ROW 3: B. Bruckart, R. Shore, R. Johnson, J. Haines, T. Schultz. ROW 4: W. Ryan, T. Hardie, H. Wylie, M. Wolfensperger, C. Logan, ROW 5: R. Spencer, S. Dan- forth, G. Carrington, A. Copeland, W. Mullin, G. Scott, J. Jones. 10-17 Dr. Beck FRONT ROW: C. Bauman, J. Ramsey, C. DeWolf, E. Harding, L. Tatum, L. Drake. ROW 2: D. James, W. Mercer, J. Bates, J. Barker, C. Colver, C. Seigle. ROW 3: B. Markey, J. Kalla, J. Coles, R. Schmidt, B. Wardell, S. Kraber. ROW 4: S. Van Dusen, J. Erickson, B. Falk, M. Byrne, S. Donovan, H. Ruby. 128 10-18 Mr. Vroble FRONT ROW: L. Winschel, B. Williams, J, Caramanna, M. Chamberlin, T. Lenhart, C. Moretti, G. Carson, D. Moore. ROW 2: B. Riebel, J. Kaley, J. Wilson, P. Elborne, B. Henry, J. Swisher, K. Spiegel, N. Bouyoucas. ROW 3: T. Swenson, S. Sayer, S. Sherlock, A. Widmer, N. Drummonds, G. Brettholle, T. Edelstein, L. Swanson. B. Putnam. 10-19 Miss Lucas FRONT ROW: D. Lorenz, L. Woolf. ROW 2: C. Kernan, B. McGill, S. Lang. ROW 3: S. Clayton, M. Higgins. ROW 4: J. Andrews, N. Miller, L. Molosky. ROW 5: D. Stewart, H. Hull. ROW 6: M-. Kmec, K. Williams, J. Benson. ROW 7: C. Mcl-lenry, D. Yadon. ROW 8: G. Jacoby, B. Hostetler, J. Monahan.. 10-20 Mr. Pittavino FRONT ROW: C. Ritter, B. Thorpe, W. Ditrovati, W. Llewel lyn, R. Miller, L. Stein, R. Cox, W. Bruegmann. ROW 2: J G. Pagone, D. Schuck, A. Cohen, P. Lee, N Berwanger, Swartz, G. Stephens, B. Butler. ROW 3: S. Christman, D Belluomini, A. Russell, C. Laboon, J. Gustafson, D. Johns, D Woodward, W. Wick. , 129 l W-g.--...-.., - ., -+5 10-21 Miss Hughes FRONT ROW: J. Volkwein, M. Cook, S. Anderson, Kirtland, M. Siyufy. ROW 2: B. Schar, N. Leathers, Rubin, T. Vidmer, B. Pasko, K. Ketchum. ROW 3: Patterson, C. Petracca, M. Gillilan, P. Pollara Mahan, N. Duffy, M. Pantone. ROW 4: J. Hallum, Portella. W. Robinson, D. Brueggemann, J. Aitken, Johnson, 10-22 Miss Hall FRONT ROW: S. Lather. ROW 2: P. Close, K. Letchner, C. Overend, D. Harmon. ROW 3: S. Jones, B. Stein, D. Upton. ROW 4: B. Lily, B. Colella, K. Mathison, L. Prine. ROW 5: J. Geyer, B. Cissna, K. Hawkins. ROW 6: J. Newman, D. Volmrich, T. Sekowski, L. Abromovitz. ROW 7: J. Lucas, S. Etheredge, D. Taylor. 10-23 Mr. Hadden FRONT ROW: E. Jones. l. Mallet, S. Knowles, P. Phares. ROW 2: S. Shumaker, N. Martini, C. Campbell, E. Barnhart. ROW 3: L. Richey, C. Steele, N. Correll, M. Weidl. ROW 4: P. Neely, S. Ackenheil, D. Hawkins, C. Ferris. ROW 5: B. Driscoll. J. Strutzel, P. Cincotti, W. McAleer. ROW 6: W. Laroche, A. Roach, J. Molever, D. Driscoll. ROW 7: D. Faulkner, P. Timms, S. Viviano. I0-24 Mr. Mollenauer FRONT ROW: S. Rose, J. McNulty, D. Scar- paci, D. Michaelson. K. Hall. ROW 2: V Worthy, P. Thompson, E. Coughlin, S. Piltz, S Mulert. ROW 3: R. Shaffer, J. Knutson, B Mallinger, D. Reynolds, B. O'Connor, M. Mos- ley. ROW 4: D. Dillner, R. Panicco, T. Tracy C. Larmett, S. Klapproth. ROW 5: D. Grube W. Lunoe, M. Heine, C. Jernstedt, R. Housley J. Hirschfield. Sophomores missing from homeroom pictures: FRONT ROW: H. Alterman, P. Stokes, D. Briner, P. Motiekaitis, R. Deal, R. Cerutti, G. Oates, M. Smith. ROW 2: L. Carlin, B. McKee, R. Hixenbaugh, B. Dundas, M. Beauchamp, J. Knutson, D. Francis, J. Moore, A. Robinson. ROW 3: M. Sable, K. Josephson, L. Bronson, P. Burns, P. Bartram, S. Dahlmann, J. Davies, N. Thomas, J. Lowe, L. Zimmerman. v The junior seeks to use his newly assembled patchwork of observation and experience to improve a world of growing dimensions. Meanings jell, assume importance, and grow. A formula learned in math yields the key to a chemical analysis. The theory of gasoline engines becomes ,more than theory in the process of learning to drive. By questioning an idea on transcendentalism, criticizing the voting procedures for Student Congress ofiicers, or examining his own talent, the junior establishes his identity. With sharper insight and perceptive curiosity, he enriches himself while preparing for even greater challenges. 11-1 Miss McClure FRONT ROW: S. Smith, C. Keith, S. Chute. ROW 2: L Langford, E. Atsalis, B. Simon, R. Evans. ROW 3: B. Perrin D. Mogan, M. Toder. ROW 4: B. DeLeo, B. McMahon, D Walker, B. Gabig. ROW 5: S. Reich, I. Fittkau. ROW 6: P Wimler, J. Magnus, A. Johnson. ROW 7: L. Kennedy, R. Perr, S. Quinn, C. Friday, H. Lucas, G. Mangieri, M. Stanier. 11 2 Miss Rudzinski FRONT ROW: T. Moore, D. Derr, C. Rowe, W. Connor, P. Cerutti, E. Chase. ROW 2: D. Porter, J. Howard, D. Dellapina, D. Forsyth, C. South, D. Cook, D. Duerksen, S. Rich, M. Dinning. ROW 3: M. Grummer, M. Sweet, J. Laros, S. Keisling, R. Tuchman, C. Bengston, K Ronksley, P. Andres, P. Zaremba, J. Viehman, J. Grubb. 132 11-3 Mrs. Furlong FRONT ROW: K. Pidgeon, D. Rump, M. Small, G. Gates, F. Kountz, S. Slavkin. ROW 2: K. Hails, D. Willen, P. Crosby, J. Grosso, V. Breide, I. Rappaport, R. Puck. ROW 3: N. Parker, M. Dawson, N. Drozynski, M. Bach, J. Collins, K. Smith. 11-4 Miss Whinnie FRONT ROW: J. LaGuardia, S. Schecter, P. Henderson. ROW 2: P. Kramer. ROW 3: B. Graham, S. Hildabrand. ROW 4: L. O'Brien, S. Simmons, A. Meadows. ROW 5: J. Moore, L. Whitford. ROW 6: S. Brennan, J. Lamont, M. Maxwell. ROW 7: R. Finley, R. Carlin. ROW 8: C. Berkowitz, H. Hamilton, A. Bortz. ROW 9: R. Seymour, R. Aronson. ROW 10: B. Belke, J. Datesh, J. Nicklas. .f""""" 5351'- 11-5 Miss Dean FRONT ROW: D. Wagner, L. Stewart, D. Cohen, K. Zoller, S. Folan. ROW 2: D. Lampert, J. Shannon, M. Younkins, B. Nurnberger, B. Burgess. ROW 3: C. Greenwald, P. Haggerty, S. Gelin, J. Collery, M. McCarthy. ROW 4: B. Clatty, C. Unger, T. Peterson, C. Kelly. ROW 5: J. Carpenter, R. Hol- royd, D. Driskell, C. Sanders, T. Freeman, P. Salvatora. ROW 6: T. Yorty, J. Koerner, B. Wells, B. Rugh, J. Williamson, F. DeWitt. 133 1 1-6 Miss Frobese Brflikf v ,.,: 11-7 Miss Sneary FRONT ROW: C. Frame, D. Stern, D. Aderholt, R. Ban. D, Porlella, K. Zimmerman, G. Swindell. C. Stephan. ROW 2: G. Yorke, E. Felder, K. Harris, G. Chandlee, E. Kent, L. Hauss, J. Fraher, R. Chivers, S. O'Neill. 134 FRONT ROW: A. Olson, R. Davia, G. Heckman, B. Weiss, B. Martin, D. Frayer, R. Spickard, M. Laster, M. Monsein. ROW Z: S. Misplay, G. Kurtz, S. Speicher, S. Younkins, A. Hoffman, L. Stern, D. Kennedy, E. Emack, M. Laign. ROW 3: D. McMillen, L. Sachs, M. Ramsey, S. Amdur, J. Haney, S. Charnell, M. Silvernail, L. Mogab, B. Hazlett. ll-8 Mr. Bianco FRONT ROW: L. Wehner, C. English, B. James. ROW 2: G Steel, E. McGrath, K. King, K. Banerjee. ROW 3: A. Oram, J. Egal, V. Russo. ROW 4: J. Archer, C. Charters, J. Car- diges, M. Maxwell. ROW 5: R. Wedell, J. Heffeman, B Newhams, W. Conner. ROW 6: L. Criswell, B. Lohman, S Hanke. ROW 7: M. Morton, B. Adams, M. Scheu, P. Burk- hart. 1 i ,A 11-9 Mr. Gilbert FRONT ROW: C. Wells, G. Merrell, T. Sistik, T. Marshall, R. Soisson, R. Wolf, S. Long, R Kanspedos. ROW 2: J. Rudick, J. Weber, M. Graziano, J. Weezorak, M. Cosgrove, D MacLean, J. Leonard, T. Huzella, P. Brown. ROW 3: J. Bogart, B. Dougherty, L. Anderson, P. Moretti, N. Morrow, P. Conway, L. Rafferty, L. Amdur. 11-10 Mr. Ruth FRONT ROW: P. Drake, M. Lahera, S. Douds. ROW 2: L. Kott, C. Haus, L. Schoedel, D. Troppoli, L. Tilton. ROW 3: S. Branchen, G. Graf, Y. Wery, H. Harris. ROW 4: S. Haudenshield, B. Kenny, J. MacPherson, V. Lupean. ROW 5: R. Ruck, R. Frisch, B. Grotevant, A. Lankford, T. Fair. ROW 6: M. Bannon, B. Bennett, B. Armentrout, M. Stern. 135 C. Hamilton 11-ll Mrs. Zacur FRONT ROW: K. Brennan, L. Colton. ROW 2: P. Morgus, N. Heights, J. Hawkins. ROW 3: S. Purvis, P. Cunningham, S. Chavern. ROW 4: M. Contes, R. Drummond, B. Rothfus, J. Howe. ROW 5: D. Jennis, B. Antion, D. Guiney, J. Dibrell. . 9 . 2 . r -gi t f , Q I Z N 9 ' .1 he ' T .fa I 1-12 Miss Billingsley FRONT ROW: N. Gaskill, C. Elmen, C. Brown, S. Lieber- man, E. Clement. ROW 2: D. Gaynor, H. Mayers, K. Junker ROW 3: A. Stout, J. Grafton. ROW 4: J. Troan, S. Morfee C. Valentour. ROW 5: H. Mason, B. Reschke. ROW 6: M Shord, P. Favaro, D. Carlson. ROW 7: L. Mills, S. Worley ROW 8: C. Nichol, B. Campbell, J. Reynolds. ROW 9: J Barnhart, D. Gallagher. ROW 10: D. Levin, R. Seidenstricker J. Roberts. 'lg l llLl3 Miss Lenk FRONT ROW: W. Hickey, B. Kleinman, D. Rowles, M. Schneider, P. Humes, R. Farmer, D. Wells, T. Scattaregia. ROW 2: L. Cadwallader, M. Rich, J. Higgins, R. Cunningham, J. Pardo, S. McLaughlin, R. Kobelak, P. Welch, F. Dailey, L. Griffith. ROW 3: D. Carr, B. Adair, C. Farnham, B. Baird, S. Burroughs, D. Mueller, D. Miller, W. Spooner, J. Sarver, B. Schmidt, N. Kirby. J ll-15 Mr. Kaczorowski FRONT ROW: C. Daugherty, C. Rutherfoord, S. Thomas, T Chakos, T. Woodworth. ROW 2: P. Vockel, B. Stuedler, B Collins, V. Zabban, L. Henry. ROW 3: P. Schwartz, H. Cough- anour. D. Allen, J. Greene, D. Ferguson. ROW 4: C. Jones, J. Smeal, G. Barach, D. Dean, T. Jennings. ROW 5: D. Hep- per, C. Shirley, V. Sazunic, M. Kall, T. Sutton. - ."c'. .I 11-14 Mr. Stanish FRONT ROW: S. Bostwick, R. Harris, J. 1 King, C. Miner, P. Son, N. Parker. ROW 2: L. Q Zemelka, S. Erinrich, M. MacNamara, D. Y Cunningham, K. Burton. ROW 3: D. Smiley, R. Bisbe, M. Camarinos, M. Walther, M. 1 Lawler, K. Miller. ROW 4: C. Burr, K. Danko. P. Tieman, M. Fenton, K. Cotton. ROW 5: D. Duchene, D. Meinbresse, K. Bom- e rf bick, A. Brewer, T. Gosnell, E. McCready. 11-16 Mrs. Adamson FRONT ROW: J. Dunn, S. Worden, J. Sprecher, G. Kent. ROW 2: P. McCallum, B. Schaaf, C. Manning, M. Irwin. ROW 3: L. Sortino, K. Hagan, S. Benson, D. Roberts. ROW 4: J. Mock, K. Niemeier, K. Mikus, W. Murray. ROW 5: M. Welton, D. Erskine, S. Johnson, J. Read. ""' W ll-17 Miss Magura FRONT ROW: K. Shogry, K. Nesbit, D. Roscoe, C. Capizzi, S. Machajewski. ROW 2: L. Nassar, D. Hackenberg, L. Fitzgerald, M. Lehman, G. Gold. ROW 3: D. Samples, P. Bott, L. Phillips, P. Wood, K. McQuade, P. Pantone. ROW 4: J. Hall, J. Wichmann, P. Hearn, T. Evans, J. Federici. ROW 5: C. Freeberg, J. Houston, W. Wright, F. Schnure, W. Martin, R. Detwiler. 11-18 Mr. Barclay FRONT ROW: L. Stewart, S. Kalson, M. Youngling, V. Sorg, T. Teichmann, N. Bernhart ROW 2: S. Asmond, T. Sullivan, J. Scanlon, D. Hartney, G. Moore. ROW 3: S. Morris, M Gabel, S. Betzold, R. Mayberry, D. Reece, J. Purpura, D. Camiola. ROW 4: B. Schriber, S Roberts, K. Kropf, D. Fitzgibbons, H. Brandt, B. Rosenberg. 11-19 Mr. Jaklich FRONT ROW: B. Paulson, W. Williams. ROW 2: B. Abelson, K. Kimmell, B. Phillips. ROW 3: D. Haller, D. Clever. ROW 4: S. Hudson, B. Schmid, M. Brown. ROW 5: D. Clay, L. Gawron. ROW 6: J. Fleming, C. Fleischman, M. Nazmack. ROW 7: G. Jones, R. Belke. ROW 8: D. Sharrow, J. Perry, S. Hein. 11-20 Mr. Gaertner FRONT ROW: R. Miller, J. Saxon, C. Kubiak, B. Dau, D Teodori. ROW 2: M. Morgan, M. Beckes, J. Pitney, K Worcester, S. Leonard, A. Sessa. ROW 3: J. Squier, G. Kin- cheloe, N. Stewart, K. Kane, L. Miller, M. Jolly. ROW 4: M Banks, H. Dinneen, B. Bittner, S. Shields, J. Junker, A. Maz- zoni. ROW 5: K. Hanna, M. Mordaunt, G. Houser, K. Wiegers Juniors missing from homeroom pictures: FRONT ROW: G. Krofcheck, D. Giles, S. Kalson, C. Crothers, T. Bartlett, T. Teichmann, B. Spitz, K. Smith. ROW 2: M. Youngling, P. Scoggins, P. Gee, A. Devenyi, G. Lanfrankie, A. Patdelich, T. Lothrop, N. Chaffey. ROW 3: B. Stuedler, J. Moore, C. South, L. Kaufman, J. Greene, I. Reynolds, S. Shakarian, N. Bell, D. Russell. ROW 4: D. Rowles, B. George, C. Myers, R. Heeter, J. Howard, C. Nowe, A. Covert. ROW 5: R. Belke, D. Helwig, M. Hardman, J . Kincheloe, C. Donohue, J. Sanstead, B. Mitro. ROW 6: T. McGillen, G. Tatterson, J. Rice, J. Adamiec, P. Humes, J. Cooper. ax is A , I r X Wg! . A N w I' AW S f V QI' 1 .K SENIORS MICHAEL STEVEN ABERANT 42- T3 J ROBERT EDWIN ADAMS CAROLYN JUDY ADDITON NANCY CLARISSA ALEX FRANK R. ALI, JR. MARCIA MARIAN ACKENHEIL NANCY LYNN ACKERMAN in-5, W +I- If E N E CHERYL JEAN AMICK I ,V AQ CC DONALD S. ANDERSON jgjx M r . l Q A I, KAREN MARIE ANDERSON f X f MALCOLM WILLIAM ANDREWS v'k .,.a ,L Q ' K 7: 4:5 me W ' 'EZ' ir- Q-'fr Faces, books, teachers, meetings, lockers, dances, lunches, and exams RICHARD C. APPEL NANCY ELIZABETH AUNER ELLEN PENDLETON BAGGOTT BELINDA BAKER DAVID PAUL BANKSTON 142 BONNEY BARBER SHARON C. BARBER 13, MY' in .356-1 ..., 43215: .. - , :Ig -- I. - i 5-gig?-EZ. I 4 , 'H :Si-za: iif , . , 'EFL ! I 2 . -HI , " ' '1 25, " - QE JANE LINDSAY BARNES . k, . I Q I ,.'5,g,wg5g .ig CHRISTINE BAU MAN JOYCE - 1 KAREN M. BENINTEN DE KENNETH MICHAEL BERLINER BARBARA JANE BERNARD 143 CAROL SUSAN BARTRAM THOMAS A. BATTAGLIA I an ale Q.. 4 N CATHERINE BAYER .IUDITH ANNE BEACHLER DAVID BEAUCHAMP JAMES R. BECKWITH BRUCE A. BEEHLER SARAH KAUFMAN BEIDLER BARBARA ANN BELLISSIMO MICHELE ANNE BELLUOMINI GUSTAVO BENEDICTY snowball into a year W-.. 7 MARILYN BESS BENTLEY MELISSA BERGENER MICHAEL KEVIN BERRY FRANCES LORENE BILLANTI ROBERT S. BINEK RICHARD KEPPLE BIRNEY CHRISTINE LOUISE BLACKBU RN NANCY JOSEPHINE BLACKWELL BENNETT MARK BLOCK DEBORAH JEAN BLOCK I MICHAEL DAVID BOGDON ,ag-, ALLEN PAUL BOLLINGER FRANK G. BONELLI JULIE BOWEN SUSAN ELLEN BOWER JAMES PATRICK BOYLE DEBORAH JEAN BRADLEY KAREN ELIZABETH BRADSHAW DAVID DALLAS BRANTLEY Accepting the burden of responsibility, seniors succeed last year's first 144 DOUGLAS JOEL BRAUN CHARLES RICHARD BRODBECK THOMAS WILLIAM BRODERICK ANN BRONSON GARY DUNCAN BROWN JEFFREY EWING BROWN J UDITH BROWN JOHN ALEXANDER BROWNLEE III KELLY THOMAS BRUCKART JAMES EDWARD BURNS ALAN RICHARD BURT LESLIE JEANNE BUTLER LINDA ANN CALLAND BRUCE CAMPBELL string halfback or Student Congress President. 145 CAROL ANNE CANTALUPO PAUL ELLIS CAPLAN LINDA MARIA CAPOFERRI Blue and gold brighten the stadium for a game preceded by a day of AMIEL B. CARAMANNA SONIA ANGELICA CARANDE VINCENT ROBERT CARDUCCI DONALD BRAUND CARLSON x LINDA LOUISE CARNES ELIZABETH ANN CARTER GRAHAM Y MARSHALL CARTER MARY PATRICIA CATHEY Eu RON CEPIKOFF BETTY JANE CERUTT1 D' PHILIP DAVID CHAM BERLIN LINDA JUNE CHARNELL ROBERT T. CHARTERS III -s GLENN HOLLIS CHILD LORRAINE FRANCES CHIVERS CARLA JO CHRISTOPHER 146 BRUCE W. CLAGG ' EDWARD BRYAN CLARKE SAMUEL DALE CLARKE DORIS LEE CLARKSON SUSAN MARCELLA CLARRY DUDLEY W. COLES IOI-IN MITCHELL CLINGERMAN an 1ll"'!" , JAMES E. COLLINS NANCY H. COLLINS WILLIAM H. COLLINS ROBERT ALDEN CONN EDWIN BRADFIELD CONNELLEY CANDACE CLAIRE CONRAD VINCENT H. CORVINO throbbing halls and thundering chants DENNIS COVER SUSAN EDITH COX FRED CHRISTIAN CRAMER 147 NANCY JO CRITELLI LINDA JEAN CROW ELIZABETH IVIE CULLEN MARY ALICE CULLINAN CANDY L. CUNNINGHAM LAWRENCE CUTTER JEAN LOUISE DAILEY BARBARA LEE DANFORTH MARGUERITE ANN DARROCH CONNIE I. DAVIS DEBORAH DALE DAVIS JO ANN DAVIS SHARI LYNN DAVIS fbi ALFRED RICHARD DEAN JONATHAN WILLIAM DELANO JOHN ANTHONY DELEO CHRISTOPHER LOUIS DELLAPINA Backed by hours of brushes, nails, needles, and scripts 148 is 'nv' sr-ff' JAMES MICHAEL DEVLIN JANICE LYNN DEWALD HAROLD DEWOLF 'hi' DON JEFFREY DIETRICH MAURICE EVERETT DISPENNETT BARBARA DIXON MARNO ELIZABETH DOCZY BARBARA MARIE DONAHOE DAVID LAWRENCE DONAHOE DEBORAH ANN DORE DALE DAVID DOREN THOMAS JOSEPH DORNETTO MARGARET ELLEN DORRELL EARLE NICHOLS DOUGLASS TERRY ANN DREVEN DARCY LOU DRISCOLL GARY RICHARD DUDA JOHN KANE DUGGAN seniors deliver a play to the footlights 149 CAROL M. RUTH ANN DUNKER LASZLO DEZSO DUNDICS DUNN BRUCE PETER DUPRE DIANNE MARY DUVALL BOBBI R. EBY 8 Gray T i wil' 4 MICHAEL DONLEY ECKENRODE SCOTT MCCALLUM EDWARDSEN HENRY PETER EGAL LINDA GRACE ENGEL DANA LOUISE EVANS DEBORAH PATRICIA FAWCETT ALEXIS SUE FEINEIGLE 'NN QA 'SW CAROL ANN EHLERS Candidates fasten tiny tags to collar buttons LINDA ANN FERRIS 150 4' JOHN C. FIEDLER JUDITH E. FIDLER MARCIA LEE FINK LELAND E. FLOYD STEPHEN M. FOSTER RICHARD SPEIGHT FOUNTAIN TOM EDWARD FRASIER BONNIE CROCKETT FREAR LINDA EVELYN FORRESTER ROBERT EDWARD FISCHER JEFFREY DAVID FISHER MARK FISHERKELLER BABS FISSINGER PATRICIA HELEN FLAHERTY DUNCAN A. FLEMING BARBARA AN N FLINT JOHN LEWIS FOSTER ' 1 and multicolored posters to doorways. RANDALL VERNER FREAS NEIL W. FRICK RONALD WILLIAM FRISCH JILL DIANE FULLERTON 151 LINDA ANNE GANZAR WILLIAM KENNETH GARDNER LYNN ALISON GARVEY PRISCILLA ANNE GATES Pale dresses, flowered wrists, and polished shoes JEROME WAYNE GEORGE MARY KATHLEEN GETZ s DONALD JOHN GIESMANN CATHERINE MARIE GILLIGAN LINDA LEE GOLIGHTLY BETTY JANE GORDON JAMES MICHAEL GIANOUTSOS VALERIE ANN GIBBS HARRY S. GIERHART ALICE ELIZABETH GOSNELL NANCY EILEEN GOSNELL LINDA K. GOTTSCHALK 152 EILEEN MARY GRATTAN DEBORAH JANE GRATZ CYNTHIA SUZANNE GRAY DENIS MATTHEW GRANCE LAIRD THOMAS GRANT 4 Q ROSEMARIE HAFEN RICHARDSON KERR GRAY JEFFREY HOFFMANN GREEN SCOTT HUNTER GREGG KRISTINE NELL GREGORY BARBARA MARY GRIFFIN KATHLEEN ANN GROTEVANT PAUL I. GUINTHER CYNTHIA LYNNE HACKMAN whirl to November instruments LAUSON STUART HAFER CHARLES R. HAIN JOSEPH JAMES HALL 153 'ht ff! Dancers churn Pitt Sta.dium's field. to , - SUE ELLEN MERRITT HAMILTON JAMES ANTHONY HANEY SALLY LOU HANKEY KRISTA MARIE HAPPE MARCIA ANNE HALL MARCUS VERNON HALLUM MARYLOUISE LAY HAMEN MARGARET ELIZABETH HAMILTON Na If ... Ja A f9' :A 3 E E STEPHANIA ANN HARDEN v i DOUG HARDING W A CAMILLE ANN HARDISTY DOUGLAS ALFRED 313 HARDTMAYER Names pile onto Snowball ticket waiting JANE EVERETT HARTER ALISON JANE HARVEY at A THOMAS WILLIAM HARPER I MARJORIE ANN HARRIS , BRIAN CURTIS HARRISON 154 GARY A. HEALEY KAREN ANN HELBLING KATHLEEN HELBLING JOHN MICHAEL HENDERSON an EDWARD CUMMINS HASTINGS BARBARA SUSAN HAUSS MARILYNN VIRGINIA HAYES MARY AMANDA HAZLETT 3 THOMAS S. HENDERSON JOHN RICHARD HENRY MARIA TERESA HENRY RICHARD ALLEN HERRINGTON lists. Dallas ropes off streets until 2 a.m. January resembles September wfawf .5 J- L "vp l , MARILYN DIANNE HILL MARTHA LEE HINCHLIFFE Zag 'ff' ANNE DEARBORN HESSION MARY VIRGINIA HESTER ANNE ELIZABETH HESTON BEN JAMES HILL 155 l SUSAN HIRSH MARGIE SUSAN HITE WENDY ANNE HIPPLER STEVEN HARVEY I-IIRSCH DIANE LOVING HIXENBAUGH Washington Road's trailer trucks and insistent custodians' bells SUSAN LYNN HOAK E511 -,- Q . SQ? in "'. s ee CAROL ANN HOFFMAN A ' DAVID MILTON HOGAN :lf CINDY LEE HOKE GAIL LYNNE HOLBEN Fl' CHRISTINE DIANE HOLLAND RICHARD K. HOLZWORTH tg? CAROL JEANNE HORGAN NINA PHYLLIS HOROWITZ A s te itf ANITA LUCY HOUGHTON CHERYL ANN HOUSER QU CARL ERIC HOWE 156 JOHN CHARLES HUCKESTEIN JANET RENAE HUFF MARY LOUISE HUGHES mmgle Wlth lectures on carbohydrates or the Ehzabethan Era DEBRA EDYTHE HUTCHINSON WILLIAM HALL HUTCHINSON CHRISTOPHER N. HYSLOP RON JACKSON TERRI DAWN JAMES ELSA LEE JERNSTEDT , THOMAS JODY NANCY GARRISON JOHNSON 157 A suddenly grasped T-square technique or a CHRISTOPHER DENNIS JONES DAVID PARKER JONES MARCIA LOUISE JONES NANCY LOU JONES NEIL WAYNE JONES 9,5 ROBERT GEORGE JONES ROBERT JOSEPH JUNKER MICHAEL JOSEPH KELLY REGINA MARIE KELLY JUDITH ELLEN KEMMERER MARGARET ROBINA KERR DENNIS PAUL KIEFFER KYLE ANN KIMMELL GORDON M. KIMPEL JUDY LYNN KANAREK ROBERT WALTER KANE PHILLIP JAY KATZ JOHN H. KAZANJIAN new sense of purpose triggers a consciousness of twelve years formrng PATTY ANN KIRBY SARAH L. KIRBY PETER K. KNOWLES MARY LOU KNUTH J I f Wi a 'vi E ' 5 ' .M . f .Z DAVID A. KNUTSON REBECCA LOUISE KOCH MARILYN RUTH KODISH KAREN KATHERINE KOEGLER LESLIE JANE KOHMAN ,Nw 'tzvf - W2-A LOUISE KATHERINE KRUGH THEODORE ANN ELIZABETH KOWALLIS 3 . GAYLA ANNE KRAETSCH ' " FRANCIS XAVIER KRILL MARGARET JOAN KRILL LSSR A A .ii PAUL KUBIAK SUZANNE WENDY KULESZ DIMITRO C. KULIK 3. 159 THOMAS A. LABOON JR. WALTER JOSEPH LACEY WILLIAM ROBERT LAIRD BETH ANN LAMMERT JOHN CLUTE LARMETT MARSHA JANE LAUTERBACH WAYNE RUSSELL LAVALLA PAT LAWRENCE BEVERLY GAYNELL LAYNE J ERROLD ALLAN LEBAU JUDITH ANN LEBO PAMELA ANN LEHMAN RICHARD W. LEITCH Seen behind stage podiums, on basketball courts, and in 1 if' DAVID FREDERICK 1 'b eeb LELAND JR. ' Seb' VICTORIA ANN LINGE ANN BARBARA LEVER ROBERT B'RUCE LICHTER 'gi YF. "7 V Q 160 11, . 'if :BQ we ,:f4,b,,,f' ,:, , ' I 5 ' he arf at if 2 I " ag., Y, is iii: 9 BONNIE MAE LINGENFELTER - SANFORD LIPSMAN ROBERT DALE LISLE as ::,.-iii JANE ANN LOXTERMAN - LINDA RAE LOXTERMAN J,A , 1' " s X if . I Y 1 i S GREGORY MATTHEW MACIVER DONALD SHELDON MACOY ANDREW CHARLES MACPHERSON KAREN SYDNEY MACPHERSON NANCY P. LOGAN WENDY BARBARA LONG LINDA JEAN LOOS N- ROBERT THOMAS LOUGHRAN SUSAN RUTH LYONS publication offices, faces match jobs BARBARA ELAINE MADDEX until names match faces CHRISTY ELIZABETH MAGER LINDA MALLOZZI ,Bb ROSEANN M. MANCUSO 161 PETER KIRTLAND MARSH MARGARET H. MANSFIELD KENNETH ALLEN MARCH BECKY SUE MARRS Released to the halls by a bell, teachers and students dodge elbows, LAU RIE ANN MARSHALL PATRICIA ANN MARTIN JOHN JOSEPH MATHISON DAVID STUART MATTER MAXCY CHRISTINE M. MATTHEWS CHRISTINE MCCLELLAND JOHN H. MAXWELL BRADLEY DALE MAY CHARLES ARTHUR MAYER GARY W. MAYER HENRY LEWIS MAYERS FRED R. MAZZARINI JR. DEAN FRANCIS MCALLISTER 162 kr' DAVID MICHAEL MCCLOSKEY ROBERT EDWARD MCCLURE THERESA VIRGINIA MCCULLY KEITH MCDERMOTT briefcases, sliderules, and water fountains. BONNIE JEAN MCDOWELL IOHANNA G. MCGEENEY SUE ELLEN MCGRANE GARRETT O. MCGRATH ' GEORGE PATRICK MCGUNAGLE JAMES L. McKEE JOHN WILLIAM MCKENNEY CHRISTINA LYNN MCKINLEY DANIEL J. MCKINLEY NANCY ANN MCKOWN LF' 163 CHARLES VANCE MCLAUGHLIN CLAIRE LOUISE MCMILLAN DAVID ROGERS MEADE VIRGINIA GERTRUDE MEADE Third year locker partners share quotations, cartoons, and clippings MARY ANN GERMAINE MEAGHER LOWELL JACKSON MEEK RICARDA ANNE MEIS BARBARA KATHERINE MERCER faewia n -5 F Wt' , JOHN ANTHONY MEYER KAREN CLARK MIKUS 3 I ppp - ur ,A MARK ANTHONY MILLER MERIANNE CATHERINE MILLER STUART BURKE MILLER MARGARET TOSLAND MILNOR WILLIAM HOWARD MILO I . is. KEITH CHARLES MILTON MARY MARGARET MoCK so xx .L 'V LOUIS WILLIAM MOLNAR LAWRENCE B. MOLOSKY MATTHEW ROBERT MONSEIN I THOMAS WILLIAM MONTGOMERY 164 G. NELSON MOORE MEREDITH MOORHEAD MARIBETH MORELAND PATRICE ANN MORETTI CAROL LOUISE MORTON MARSHA LYNN MOSLEY ELAINE MARIE MUMY JANE FRANCES MURRAY ROBERT M. MUSTIN KURT MICKLE MYERS i RICKA NAss1KAs qi 1 .. JEFFREY A. NELSON r..l MARY BETH NASSAR while learning to tolerate muddy boots, chemistry goggles, and slippery bathing caps PAUL GEOFFREY NELSON BRUCE ALAN NESVIG THOMAS NETTER JEFF A. NEUBAUER 165 Homeroom programs, Christmas projects, and holiday gifts reafiirm I ,Q -2', :1--' A f-, fi. -- I- f . ROBERT HEN RY NEU WORTH N ir' PETER CARL NICHOLSON 'QS' KATHLEEN MARY NILLES MICHAEL K. NOLAN THEODORE MARK DAVID HENRY OERMANN OCHODSKI MICHAEL FRANK OETTINGER In ROBERT D. OLSEN i" " ' I GARY MARTIN OLSON JOHN HOWE OLSON ROBERT FRANCIS O'NEILL 'V 1 I 51,5511 f A xqkiif vgtr Si' 'K JAMES T. ORR JANE CHRISTINE ORTNER C if hr CHARLES DAVID OSBURN MADELYN JEAN OTTINO STEPHANIE LEE :g f OVERFIELD I st s 'I I 'ri 7 MARIE IRENE PAOLICELLI Q LAWRENCE MICHAEL PARKER MARY MARGARET PARKER 166 SUSAN LEE PARKER JOANN MARIE PASCARELLA GAIL ANN PATERSON the afiinity between a homeroom and its teacher. FRANCINE MARSHA PATTAK THOMAS C. PERRY MARIS RAE PETERS CHARLES BOARD PHILLIPS EDMUND HENRY PHILLIPS JOHN DOUGLAS PHILLIPS RAYMOND S. PHILLIPS IR. THOMAS R. PHILLIPS DONALD LEWIS PILARSKI PHILIP ANTHONY PISCHKE N SQ 1 S I 167 ERIC CONRAD PLOTTS ELIZABETH LORING POLLACK RICHARD JAMES POULTON TOMMIE LYNN PROCTOR I- TIM PROVANCE STEWART C. PUTNAM ARTHU R BARTLEY RAGUSO BENNETT CHARLES RANDMAN JANICE MARY RAYMO 1T MARY MARGARET RAPP pp p,s,a1 Vizb JOSEPH FRANCIS RAso ' RARA I m ANN STUART RECTENWALD LESLIE ANN REED MARY LINDA REED CYNTHIA SUE RESCHKE JOHN TERRY REX SUSAN JANE REYNOLDS THOMAS ARTHUR REYNOLDS SYLVESTER RICH MARY KATHLEEN RICHTAR RICHARD R. RIEGER Pamphlets announce board scoresg approving initials litter diploma lists 168 n A " K' :wiv if if xx f' tw "f"":-I X LYN RINEHART GAIL FRANCES RITCHIE DIANE ELIZABETH RITZ NANCY RUTH ROBERTS MICHAEL L. ROBINSON SINDI JANE ROSE BRUCE MARK ROSEN CATHY FAYE ROSS VIRGINIA POWER ROSS WILLA A. ROTE DONNA DIANE RUBINOFF A DEBORAH KATHRINE RUSSELL RICHARD ANTHONY RYDZE April envelopes conceal next year's destinations SUSAN ELAINE SAGE ROBERT K. SANDBERG ELLEN JANE SARGENT 169 f' 2 JANE FRANCES SARVER PATRICIA LYNN SCARLETT GARY S. SAWHILL LOUIS A. SCARCI 2 MARSHALL CRAIG SCHEIMER MARTHA ADELE SCHIFFHAUER BARBARA SUE SCHILBERG MARGARET JEAN SCHLEDT THOMAS PAUL SCARPACI RICHARD SCOTT SCHAEFER JAMES ARTHUR SCHARBROUGH '57 CHARLES JOHN SCHLOTTER CAROLYN ROBOTHAM SCHMALZ BERNARD WILLIAM SCHNIPPERT KEVIN A. SCHNUPP JANICE JANE SCHNURR JOYCE ANN SCHOEPPNER Students and advisers climax hours of controversy 170 CAROL LYNN SCHULTZ NED S. SCHWARTZ JOHN R. SCHWEINSBERG JR. WILLIAM ALLEN SETTLE GEORGE GRAHAM SHADLE MICHAEL ALLAN SHAPIRO JEAN SHAUGHNESSY MARTHA JOANNE SHAW CHARLES SHEEHY ROBERT J. SHEKELL ANN ENNI A I . Q5 . S INIIN S . fi . , f JOHN CHARLES SCOTI' ROBERT ALAN SEIFERTH FRED J. SEILER III 4 ' , L ,1. . DIANA MARIE SHIELDS RICHARD CURZON SHIELDS WENDY JEAN SHIELDS LINDA KATHRYN SHRADER with hours of creation to produce a composite of semor talent 171 A senior passes through the 180 days until I I . L CYNTHIA KIRK SMITH 5 HELEN FRANCES SHU MAKER MARY ELLEN SIBERT MARSHA ANNE SIKORA ELLEN RENEE SITOMER LEON RAYMOND SMITH JUDITH N. SMITH LYNN CAROLE SMITH ROY BROOKS SMITH ROBERT N. SOLENDAY GEORGE HACKETT SOLLENBERGER SANDRA LEE SOLOMON VERNON W. SMITH JOHN CHARLES SNYDER 4, , HERBERT PETER SORG NICHOLAS WILLIAM SOROKA DANIEL NORMAN SORTH RICHARD CONRAD SPANGLER III 172 I in 2 in V'--v STECHSCHULTE BARBARA ara' JEAN MARGARET STEINHART :'Z f '37 K ' - MARY RITA STETZER PAMELA LOUISE STICKLE ' TIMOTHY A. STIRLING ' 'uf K MARY LYNN STOCK CLAIRE ALICE STONE WOENDI M. STONE KH 'E BONNIE JEANNE THOMAS ANDRE PATRICIA LOUISE SPARKS ELEANOR LEIGH SPEICHER WALTER SPELAR KENNETH GEORGE SPILLIAS SPRUILL W JANE STEHLE ua 'III' VICTOR JOHN SURMA CHRISTINE LOUISE SWINNEY TED JOHN SWISHER EDWARD IRA TAYLOR the dawn of horns and evening of soft 173 lights belong to him. Ribbons fly at half mast as gowns and mortar boards JILL THOMAS C. THOMAS BARBARA ADELE THOMPSON ERNEST FRANCIS THOMPSON JR. is W ' 1 4 lf? L p ,Q BROWN TAYLOR GRETCHEN MARIE TEICHMANN ROSARIA MARIA TERESA TENACE SUSAN E. THOMAS QW? Illia 5 ' sv' qv- H RANDALL HOWARD TOMB SANDRA RAE TRIMMER MARY KAY TUCKER ROBERT THOMAS PALLEY TUMPSON CATHERINE URSU LA TUTTLE JOHN EDWIN VALENTOUR THOMAS M. VALICENTI GILBERT W. VETTER 174 DAVID MOUNTSIER THORN JOHN LESLIE TISCHUK JOHN M. TOBIN SUSAN R. TODER replace the red and white salute. BARBARA ANN VISSAT MARY A. WALDRON JAMES DOUGLAS WALNEY LYNN ELIZABETH WALSH FRAN KLIN DAVISON WALTE RS CAROL ANN WALTZ KAREN MORELAND WAMPLER TIMOTHY WATERS PAMELA ANN WATTS GALE WEAVER PAUL DOUGLAS WEBER Cr' WARREN MCCLURE WEBER CHARLES DE Q. WEHRUM JR. JOHN ANDRE WEISBROD AIM JANE CAROLINE WEISE KAREN LYNNE WENGER SHARON LOUISE WENGER JAMES S. WETMORE 175 Outlined by finality, senior year, high school, twelve years, DIANE MARY WHEELER CATHERINE JANE WHITE SUZANNE DARLEAN WHITEHEAD JOHN WILLIAM WHITFORD - "W , , JOHN MARY ALICE WHITTIER JAMES R. WICKER REBECCA MARY WIEGERS JAMES E. WILLIAMS I MARGARET ANN WINSCHEL THOMAS ALBERT WINSCHEL KAREN SUE WILLIAMS WILLIAM G. WILSON NANCY ELIZABETH WOLFENSPERGER DEBORAH JEAN WOODS 176 STEPHEN WHITTIER ELEANOR DUSTIN WISE MARY CASSANDRA WOLF CLIFFORD WOLFE JR. JEFFREY CALVIN WORK PETER REID WRAY ,.,,f M CAROL LYNN WRIGHT WILLIAM S. WRIGHT 'S fear 2 ,q,V.., E ,,,... , , , I i QfN W 4 Q an ' . RALPH SHERRICK YOUNG BARRY ROBERT WYERMAN JAMES WILLIAM YEE A A - . Q DEIDRE JEANNE YOUNG LINDA PATTERSON YOUNG I wg I :cab VICTORIA ANN ZABETAKIS K O Y WSSSSA ' A:AS 7 if A J Y ii' I L . KEITH ALAN YOUNGMAN 3 1 'v, N'5"'f ' A 37 5' PAMLA ANN YOUNGQUIST I JANE ANN ZANOLLI MICHAEL G. ZASTEMPA SUSAN LINN ZOOK JOHN P. ZOTIS SUZANNE CRAIG ZWINGGI and a part of life catapult to completion 177 Windows lighted in a "67" intensify the spirit at the Senior Recognition Game. SENIOR DIRECTORY MICHAEL STEVEN ABERANT Wrestling, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, P.A., Studio. MARCIA MARIAN ACKENHEIL Rifle, J.V. Rifie, Homeroom Off. NANCY LYNN ACKERMAN Honor Roll, Pep, Spanish Club, Tutoring. ROBERT E. ADAMS Gymnastics, Wrestling. CAROLYN JUDY ADDITON Activities Key, Rifle, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lag Edi- tor-in-Chief, N.F.L., Quill and Scroll, Student Guidance Council. NANCY CLARISSA ALEX Devilette, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog.. Honor Roll, Rockettes. FRANK R. ALI JR. J.V. Baseball, Football, J.V. Football. Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Log, Tutoring. CHERYL JEAN AMICK Chorus, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, My Fair Lady, Under Milkwood, Frmlasticks, Thespians Sec. DONALD S. ANDERSON Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Ski Club. KAREN MARIE ANDERSON Cafeteria Hostess, G.A.A., Library, Scen- ery, Tutoring, Christmas Comm. MALCOLM WILLIAM ANDREWS Band, Honor Roll, Log. NANCY ELIZABETH AUNER Chorus, F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor P.M.E.A. ELLEN PENDLETON BAGGOTT A.F.S. Comm., J.C.L., F.T.A., Home- Roll, room Off.. Honor Roll, Log Activities Ed. itor, Rockettes. 178 DAVID PAUL BANKSTON J.C.L., Chemistry, Honor Roll, Projec tion, Ski Club, Student Court. DAVID T. BANNON Chess Club, French Club, P.A. BONNEY BARBER Chorus, Costume, Decorating, Home room Off., Honor Roll, Mounty. SHERRY C. BARBER Attendance, Bulletin Board. Homeroon Prog., Orchestra. JANE LINDSAY BARNES Basketball, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog. Library, Ways and Means. CAROL SUSAN BARTRAM Bulletin Board, Decorating, F.T.A. G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Medical, Pep Rockettes, Ski Club. THOMAS A. BATTAGLIA Cross Country, J.V. Cross Country Track, Projection. CHRISTINE BAUMAN Activities Key, Basketball Mgr., Track Homeroom Off., Honor Award Comm. Leaders Club Treas., Mounty, N.F.L. Student Congress Sec. JOYCE CATHERINE BAYER Decorating, G.A.A., Secretarial. JUDITH ANNE BEACHLER Track, Cheerleader, J.V. Cheerleader, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll Leaders' Club, Pep, Student Congress Sec. DAVID BEAUCHAMP Boys' Usher JAMES R. BECKWITH Honor Roll, Ski Club, Boys' Usher. BRUCE A. BEEHLER J.V. Ride, Cafeteria Dispatcher. SARAH KAUFMAN BEIDLER Advisory Council, Cheerleader, Decorat- ing, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Ski Club. BARBARA ANN BELLISSIMO F.T.A., Homeroom Prog., Library. MICHELE ANNE BELLUOMINI Attendance, Devilette, Honor Roll, You Can't Take It With You, Properties, Pub- licity, Thespians, Tutoring, Log. GUSTAVO BENEDICTY Intramural Sports, Band, Honor Roll, Log Business Editor, M.M.M., Ski Club. KAREN MADDELENA BENINTENDE Bulletin B o a r d , Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Library, Properties. ARTHUR TIMOTHY BENNETT Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Honor Roll. MARILYN BESS BENTLEY J.C.L., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. MELISSA BERGENER Attendance, Cap and Gown, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Medical. BARBARA JANE BERNARD Decorating, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Secretarial. MICHAEL KEVIN BERRY Band, You Can't Take It With You. FRANCES LORENE BILLANTI Pep, Ways and Means. ROBERT S. BINEK Intramural Sports. RICHARD KEPPLE BIRNEY Intramural S p o r t s , Homeroom Honor Roll, Parking. CHRISTINE LOUISE BLACKBURN F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Pep. NANCY JOSEPHINE BLACKWELL Attendance, Costume, D e c o r a t i n g , F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, In- formation, Mounty, Pep. BENNETT MARK BLOCK Intramural Sports, Honor Roll, Spanish Club. DEBORAH JEAN BLOCK Gymnastics, Cap and Gown, Chemistry, Honor Roll, Secretarial. ALLEN PAUL BOLLINGER Art, J.V. Track. FRANK G. BONELLI Intramural Sports, Baseball, Football, J.V. Football, Track, Homeroom Prog. JULIE BOWEN F.T.A., Chorus. SUSAN ELLEN BOWER F.T.A., Library, Pep, Secretarial. JAMES PATRICK BOYLE Off., J.C.L., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Library, Tutoring. DEBORAH JEAN BRADLEY Tennis, Honor Roll, N.F.L., Red Cross. KAREN ELIZABETH BRADSHAW Decorating, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log, Pep. DAVID DALLAS BRANTLEY A.F.S. Comm., Chorus, Honor Roll, Stage Crew. DOUGLAS JOEL BRAUN Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Cafe- teria Host, Projection, Boys' Usher. CHARLES RICHARD BRODBECK Intramural Sports, Football, Golf, Home- room Off.. Honor Roll, Varsity Club. THOMAS WILLIAM BRODERICK J.V. Football, Golf Captain, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern, Varsity Club. ANN BRONSON J.C.L., Chorus. Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, M.M.M., My Fair Lady, Publicity, Triple Trio. GARY DUNCAN BROWN Basketball, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Track, Varsity Club. JEFFREY EWING BROWN Band, Homeroom Off., M.M.M. JUDITH BROWN F.T.A., Honor Award Comm., Pep, Scenery. JOHN ALEXANDER BROWNLEE Intramural Sports, Cross Country, J.V. Football, Track, Varsity Club. KELLY THOMAS BRUCKART Football, J.V. Football, Wrestling, J.V. Wrestling, Homeroom Off., Log. JAMES EDWARD BURNS J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Home- room Prog., Lantern, Mounty, Ski Club, Ways and Means. ALAN RICHARD BURT Intramural Sports, Golf, French Club, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Ticket Taker. LESLIE JEANNE BUTLER F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Log, Pep. Properties. Ski Club. Girls' Usher. LINDA ANN CALLAND F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Music Let- ter, Properties. Rockettes. CAROL ANNE CANTALUPO F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Mounty, Ways and Means. PAUL ELLIS CAPLAN Projection. LINDA MARIA CAPOFERRI Aclzievrfment Bulletin, Chorus, G.A.A., Lantern, Library, Pep, Projection, Publicity, Secretarial. AMIEL B. CARAMANNA Intramural Sports, Football, J.V. Football, Homeroom Prog. SONIA ANGELICA CARANDE A.F.S. Comm., Decorating. VINCENT ROBERT CARDUCCI Swimming, Honor Roll. DONALD BRAUND CARLSON J.V. Cross Country, Track, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Stage Crew, Varsity Club. LINDA LOUISE CARNES Swimming, Spanish Club. ELIZABETH ANN CARTER Decorating, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog. GRAHAM MARSHALL CARTER Baseball, J.V. Baseball, Basketball, J.V. Basketball, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Social Comm. Co-Chrm,, Varsity Club. MARY PATRICIA CATHEY Basketball, Tennis, Track, Band, F.T.A., G.A.A., Leaders Club Pres. The Pep Club and band honor co-captain Ted Swisher at the Senior Recognition Game. 179 Mt. Lebanon's Rockettes highlight the Senior Recognition game with a silent tribute to seniors. RON CEPIKOFF Log, Spanish Club. BETTY JANE CERUTTI Basketball, Track, Volleyball Co-Capt., F.T.A., Pep. PHILIP DAVID CHAMBERLIN A.F.S. Comm., Intramural Sports, Cho- rus, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog. Ski Club, You Can't Take It With You. LINDA JUNE CHARNELL Chorus, Decorating, F.T.A., My Fair Lady Pep. ROBERT T. CHARTERS III J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Football, Track, Homeroom Prog. GLENN HOLLIS CHILD Honor Roll. LORRAINE FRANCES CHIVERS Costume, Student-Arts. CARLA JO CHRISTOPHER Swimming. ED CLARKE J.V. Ride. a SAMUEL DALE CLARKE Gymnastics, Tennis, Homeroom Prog., Lantern, Intramural Sports. DORIS LEE CLARKSON Honor Roll. SUSAN MARCELLA CLARRY Attendance, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Red Cross, Secretarial. JOHN MITCHELL CLINGERMAN Intramural Sports, Band, M.M.M., Music Letter. DUDLEY WALTER COLES Intramural Sports, Swimming, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off. JAMES E. COLLINS J.V. Track, Honor Roll, You Can't Take It With You. NANCY H. COLLINS Track, Cheerleader, J.V. Cheerleader, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Pep. WILLIAM H. COLLINS Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Ski Club. ROBERT ALDEN CONN Intramural Sports, Golf, Homeroom Prog. CANDACE CLAIRE CONRAD Decorating, F.N.A. Sec., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Make-up, Rockettes, Ski Club. DENNIS COVER Track, Cross Country Mgr., Ways and Means. SUSAN EDITH COX Achievement Bulletin, Band, Lantern Ed- itor, Secretarial. FRED CHRISTIAN CRAMER Projection, Stage Crew. NANCY JO CRITELLI G.A.A., Lantern, Pep, Scenery. LINDA JEAN CROW Basketball, Tennis, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Leaders Club, Lantern, Pep, Secretarial. ELIZABETH IVIE CULLEN Basketball, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., You Can't Take It With You, Properties, Secretarial. MARY ALICE CULLINAN Attendance, Costume, D e c 0 r a t i n g , G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Pep, Student Directory. CANDY L. CUNNINGHAM Band, Bulletin Board, Decorating, G.A.A., Library, Rockettes, Secretarial, Ski Club, JEAN LOUISE DAILEY Library, Pep, Publicity. BARBARA LEE DANFORTH Advisory C o u n c i l , Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Rockettes. MARGUERITE ANN DARROCH J.C.L., Honor Roll, Lantern, Medical, Mounty Typing Editor. CONNIE I. DAVIS Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, Ski Club. 180 DEBORAH DALE DAVIS Swimming, Costume, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Rockettes, Ski Club. SHARI LYNN DAVIS Chorus. ALFRED RICHARD DEAN Baseball, Football. JONATHAN WILLIAM DELANO Activities Guard, Band, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log Sports Editor, M.M.M., N.F.L. Pres., Student Guidance Council, Studio. JOHN ANTHONY DELEO Gymnastics, Decorating, Physics, Ski Club. CHRISTOPHER LOUIS DELLAPINA Football, J.V. Football, Track, J.V. Track, Honor Roll. JAMES MICHAEL DEVLIN Cross Country, Track, J .V. Track. JANICE LYNN DEWALD F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. HAROLD DEWOLF Library, S.U.N. DON JEFFREY DIETRICH Intramural Sports, Tennis, Chorus. MAURICE EVERETT DISPENNETT Intramural Sports, Baseball, Football, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Wrestling, Homeroom Prog. BARBARA DIXON Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, My Fair Lady, Secretarial, Ski Club. MARNO ELIZABETH DOCZY G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Lantern Execu- tive Editor, Lantern Circulation Editor, Medical. BARBARA MARIE DONAHOE G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Pep, Rockettes. DAVID LAWRENCE DONAHOE Activities Guard, Activities Key, Sr. Stu- dent Mgr., Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, N.F.L., Secretarial, Student Court. DEBORAH ANN DORE Decorating, F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Rockettes. DALE DAVID DOREN 1 Intramural Sports, Rifle, Homeroom Prog., Spanish Club. 1 THOMAS JOSEPH DORNETTO Gymnastics Mgr. MARGARET ELLEN DORRELL 5 Checkroom, Costume, G.A.A., Honor ' Roll. l EARLE NICHOLS DOUGLASS Swimming Co-Capt. TERRY ANN DREVEN Homeroom Prog., Honor Award Comm., Honor Roll, Lantern Feature and Asst. News Editor, OPEX, Publicity, Rock- ettes, Spanish Club, Ticket Sales Comm. DARCY LOU DRISCOLL G.A.A. GARY RICHARD DUDA Football, J.V. Football, Wrestling, Wres- tling Mgr., Varsity Club. JOHN KANE DUGGAN J.V. Football. LASZLO DEZSO DUNDICS Intramural Sports. Tennis, Band, Stadium Usher. RUTH ANN DUNKER A.F.S. Comm., F.N.A., G.A.A.. Honor Roll, Library, Pep, Properties, Secretar- ial. CAROL M. DUNN Homeroom Prog., Information, Secretar- ial. BRUCE PETER DUPRE Decorating, You Can'l Take It With You, Thespians, S.U.N. DIANNE MARY DUVALL F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Scenery, Homeroom Prog, RICK DAVID DYER Gymnastics, Homeroom Off. BOBBI R. EBY Library, Pep, Secretarial. MICHAEL DONLEY ECKENRODE Intramural Sports, Wrestling, Parking. SCOTT MCCALLUM EDWARDSEN Intramural Sports, Ticket Taker. HENRY PETER EGAL Intramural Sports, Football. CAROL ANN EHLERS Attendance, Chemistry, Chorus, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., H o m e r o o m Prog., Honor Roll, P.A. LINDA GRACE ENGEL Attendance, Checkroom, F.T.A., G.A.A., Pep. DANA LOUISE EVANS Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Pep, Rockettes, Secretarial. DEBORAH PATRICIA FAWCETT F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Maunty Editor. ALEXIS SUE FEINEIGLE A.F.S. Comm., J.C.L., F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Award Comm., Medical, Pep, Properties. Keith McDermott responds to Cheryl Houser's comment. 'gGrandpa, you're so wonderful!" during the climax of the senior play. If RONALD JAN FELDMAN French Club. LINDA ANN FERRIS F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Library, Pep. JOHN C. FIEDLER Intramural Sports, Baseball, J.V, Foot- ball. JUDITH E. FIDLER Basketball, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library. MARCIA LEE FINK Checkroom, Homeroom Off., Honor Award Comm,, Honor Roll, M.M.M., Orchestra, Woodwind Ensemble. ROBERT EDWARD FISCHER Gymnastics, J.V. Track. JEFFREY DAVID FISHER A.F.S. Comm., Intramural Sports, Deco- rating, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Business Mgr. MARK FISHERKELLER Chemistry. BARBARA G. FISSINGER F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Information, Library. PATRICIA HELEN FLAHERTY Cafeteria Dispatchers, Library, Secretar- ial. DUNCAN FLEMING Swimming. BARBARA ANN FLINT F.N.A., F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Leaders' Club, Medical, Pep, Ski Club. LELAND E. FLOYD Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. STEPHEN MICHAEL FODOR J.V. Football, Decorating, Homeroom Off. LINDA EVELYN FORRESTER Chorus, Homeroom Off., M.M.M., Music Letter, My Fair Lady, Publicity, Triple Trio. JOHN FOSTER Honor Roll. STEPHEN M. FOSTER Football Capt., Wrestling Capt. RICHARD SPEIGHT FOUNTAIN Intramural Sports, Publicity. TOM FRASIER Ski Club. BONNIE CROCKETT FREAR Basketball, F.N.A., F.T.A., G.A.A., Home- room Off., Leaders' Club, Medical, Pep, Ski Club Chrm. RANDALL VERNER FREAS Chemistry, Boys' Usher, Ways and Means. NEIL W. FRICK Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Ways and Means. RONALD WILLIAM FRISCH Activities Key, Band, Stage Crew Chrm., Set Designing, Thespians. JILL DIANE FULLERTON G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Pep. LINDA ANNE GANZAR F.N.A., F.T.A., Log, Medical, Opex, Ski Club. WILLIAM KENNETH GARDNER Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. LYNN ALISON GARVEY Rilie Co-Capt., Checkroom, Decorating, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Make-up, Orchestra, Pep. PRISCILLA ANNE GATES Decorating, F.N.A., F.T.A., Homeroom Prog, Honor Roll, Information, Proper- ties, Studio, Thespians. JEROME WAYNE GEORGE Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Track, J.V. Track, Homeroom Prog. MARY KATHLEEN GETZ F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom OIT., Honor Roll, Medical, Pep, Properties Chrm., Thespians. JAMES MICHAEL GIANOUTSOS Baseball, Football, Gymnastics. VALERIE ANN GIBBS Attendance, Honor Award Comm. Chrm., Honor Roll, Pep, Secretarial, Display Case. HARRY S. GIERHART Intramural Sports, Swimming, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Boys' Usher. DONALD JOHN GIESMANN Homeroom Prog., Lantern, Library, Spanish Club, Tutoring. CATHERINE MARIE GILLIGAN Devilette, F.N.A. Treasurer, F.T.A., G.A.A., Pep, Ways and Means. LINDA LEE GOLIGHTLY Decorating, F.T.A., Spanish Club. BETTY JANE GORDON Costume, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lag, Mounty, Rock- ettes. ALICE ELIZABETH GOSNELL F.T.A., Honor Roll, Library, Secretarial. NANCY EILEEN GOSNELL Decorating, F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. LINDA K. GOTTSCHALK Bulletin Board, Decorating Chrm., F.T.A., Homeroom Off., H o m e r o o m Prog., Honor Roll, Rockettes, Tutoring. DENIS MATTHEW GRANCE Intramural Sports. EILEEN MARY GRATTAN Checkroom, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Pep. DEBORAH JANE GRATZ French Club, Homeroom Off., Home- room Prog., Honor Roll, Log, N.F.L., Pep, Scenery, Student Guidance Council. Seniors decorate cars to boost enthusiasm for the Hempfield game. CYNTHIA SUZANNE G RAY Band, D e c o r a t i n g , F.H.A., F.N.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, M.M.M. RICHARD KERR GRAY Chorus, My Fair Lady, Honor Roll. JEFFREY HOFFMAN GREEN Football, J.V. Track, J.V. Wrestling. KRISTINE NELL GREGORY A.F.S. C o m m ., Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Pep. BARBARA MARY GRIFFIN Cafeteria H o s t e s s, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Library. KATHLEEN ANN GROTEVANT Chorus, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Award Comm., Honor Roll, Mounty, Rockettes. PAUL J. GUINTHER Gymnastics, Band, You Can't Take It With You. CYNTHIA LYNNE HACKMAN Homeroom Prog., Publicity, Rockettes. LAUSON STUART HAFER J.V. Basketball, Football, Track, Home- room Off., Homeroom Prog. CHARLES R. HAIN Intramural Sports. 182 JOSEPH JAMES HALL Intramural Sports, Tennis, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., In- formation, Ski Club, Boys' Usher. MARCIA ANNE HALL Track, F.T.A., G.A.A., Secretarial. MARCUS VERNON HALLUM Baseball, Basketball, J.V. Basketball, Homeroom Off., H o m e r o o m Prog., Honor Roll, Log, Varsity Club. MARYLOUISE LAY HAMEN Chorus, My Fair Lady, Ways and Means. MARGARET ELIZABETH HAMILTON Basketball, Swimming, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog. SUE ELLEN MERRITI' HAMILTON Chorus, Mounty, Pep. JAMES ANTHONY HANEY Intramural Sports, Baseball, Basketball Capt., J.V. Basketball, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Varsity Club. SALLY LOU HANKEY G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Award Comm., Honor Roll, Lantern, OPEX, Ski Club. KRISTA MARIE HAPPE Honor Roll, N.F.L., Pep, Properties, Rockettes. STEPHANIA ANN HARDEN Chorus, Library. DOUG HARDING Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Decorat- ing, Homeroom Prog., Log Photographer, Projection, Spanish Club, Stage Crew. CAMILLE ANN HARDISTY Band, Library, Rockettes. DOUGLAS ALFRED HARDTMAYER Intramural Sports, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. CAROL LINDA HARKINS Decorating, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Properties. THOMAS WILLIAM HARPER Intramural Sports, Swimming, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Mounty. MARJORIE ANN HARRIS Checkroom, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, M.M.M. Sec., Orches- tra, Rockettes, Woodwind Ensemble. RHONDA LYNN HARRIS Honor Award Comm., Spanish Club. BRIAN CURTIS HARRISON Intramural Sports, J.V. Basketball, Golf, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. JANE EVERETI' HARTER Devilette, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Home- room Prog., Library, Majorette, Ski Club. ALISON JANE HARVEY Ski Club. EDWARD CUMMINS HASTINGS Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Cafeteria Host. BARBARA SUSAN HAUSS Activities Key, Ritle, Cap and Gown, Chemistry, Honor Roll, Orchestra, Stu- dent Court. , IN. 51- .., ii' I Ally T WMMM, Janey Ortner, 1966 Snowball Queen, smiles as Ted Swisher examines the silver charm given to each girl. . MARILYNN VIRGINIA HAYES Attendance, Checkroom, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Library, Pep, Ways and Means. MARY AMANDA HAZLETT G.A.A., Honor Roll, Pep, Ways and Means. GARY A. HEALEY Intramural Sports, Football, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. KAREN ANN HELBLING Basketball, Library, Medical. KATHLEEN HELBLING Basketball, G.A.A., Library, Secretarial. JOHN MICHAEL HENDERSON Intramural Sports, Baseball Mgr., Band, Homeroom OIT., Honor Roll, M.M.M., Music Letter, My Fair Lady, German Club. THOMAS S. HENDERSON Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host, Homeroom Off. MARIA TERESA HENRY F.N.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, In- formation, Library, Medical. RICHARD ALLEN HERRINGTON Intramural Sports. Wrestling, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. 183 ANNE DEARBORN HESSION A.F.S., French Club, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log Art Editor, Make-Up, Scenery. MARY VIRGINIA HESTER Pep, Ski Club, Ways and Means. ANNE ELIZABETH HESTON Ritle Co-Captain, Checkroom, Home- room Off., Honor Roll, Log, Orchestra, Pep, Woodwind Ensemble. BEN JAMES HILL Ski Club. MARILYN DIANNE HILL Swimming, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Lantern, Orchestra, Ski Club, Span- ish Club, Log. MARTHA LEE HINCHLIFFE G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Award Comm., Honor Roll, Rockettes. WENDY ANNE HIPPLER Homeroom Prog., Pep. STEVEN HARVEY HIRSCH Activities Key, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, N.F.L., You Can't Take It With You, Ski Club, Student Di- rectory. pf' SUSAN HIRSH J.C.L., Chorus, Make-up, My Fair Lady, P.A., Set Designing Staff, Scenery Chrm., Ski Club, Thespians. MARGIE SUSAN HITE Library. DIANE LOVING HIXENBAUGH G.A.A., Homeroom OIT., Mounty, You Can't Take It With You, P.A., OPEX. SUSAN LYNN HOAK Attendance, G.A.A. TIMOTHY G. HOFF Intramural Sports, Chess Club, Tutoring. CAROL ANN HOFFMAN A.F.S., Decorating, Devilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Log. DAVID MILTON HOGAN Intramural Sports, Tennis, Ski Club. CINDY LEE HOKE Chorus, F.H.A. GAIL LYNNE HOLBEN Chorus, Homeroom Prog., M.M.M., My Fair Lady, Triple Trio. CHRISTINE DIANE HOLLAND Activities Key, Band, Costume, F.H.A. Off., Honor Roll, Make-Up, P.A., Stage Crew, Girls' Usher. RICHARD K. HOLZWORTH Football, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Ski Club. CAROL JEANNE HORGAN F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Secretarial. NINA PHYLLIS HOROWITZ G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Medical, Mounty, Secretarial. ANITA LUCY HOUGHTON Cap and Gown, Mounty, Pep, Secretarial. CHERYL ANN HOUSER Chorus, Homeroom Off., M.M.M., Fan- tasticks, You Can't Take It With You, Studio, Thespians, Triple Trio. CARL ERIC HOWE Band. CON EDWARD HOWE Advisory Council, Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Hospitality, Log, Student Congress Pres., Student Guidance Council Co-Chrm. JOHN CHARLES HUCKESTEIN Intramural Sports. JANET RENAE HUFF J.C.L., D e c o r a t i n g, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Pep, Publicity Co- Chrm., Ski Club. MARY LOUISE HUGHES G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Library, Pep, Secre- tarial, Ways and Means. LINDA FRANCES HUMES Girls' Varsity Athletic Mgr., Decorating, Devilezte, F.N.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Medical, Ski Club. BARBARA LEE HUNT Track, Attendance, Decorating, Home- room Prog., Information, Library, Secre- tarial, Spanish Club. DEBRA EDYTHE HUTCHINSON Art Squad, Cap and Gown, Honor Roll, Rockettes, Ski Club. Rick Spangler, Debbie Davis, Jim McKee, Terry Dreven, and Marno Doczy congratulate each other on the result of their early morning decorating. WILLIAM HALL HUTCHINSON Honor Roll, Projection. CHRISTOPHER N. HYSLOP Intramural Sports, Football, Track, Homeroom Prog., Mounty, Projection, Boys, Usher. RONNA CAROL JACOBSON Decorating, G.A.A., Lantern, Log, Pep Squad, F.N.A., Publicity, Homeroom Prog. TERRI DAWN JAMES A.F.S., Swimming, Cap and Gown, J.C.L., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Log, Li- brary, OPEX. JAMES RUSSELL JAROSZ Intramural Sports. BARBARA JENNINGS Track, Checkroom, Honor Roll, Library. Projection. JAMES HENRY JENNIS Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. ELSA LEE JERNSTEDT A.F.S., Attendence, Pep Squad. THOMAS JODY Honor Roll. NANCY GARRISON JOHNSON Art Squad, J.C.L., F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Secretarial, Ski Club. ALBERT LEE JONES II Decorating. CHRISTOPHER DENNIS JONES Intramural Sports, Gymnastics. DAVID PARKER JONES J.C.L., Honor Roll, You Can't Take It With You. MARCIA LOUISE JONES Basketball, Swimming, Leaders' Club, Lantern, Pep Squad. 184 NEIL JONES J.V. Wrestling. Honor Roll. ROBERT GEORGE JONES Wood Shop, Machine Shop. JUDY LYNN KANAREK F.N.A., Library, Tutoring. ROBERT WALTER KANE Cafeteria Host. PHILLIP JAY KATZ Checkroom, Homeroom Prog., Lantern, Spanish Club. JOHN H. KAZANJIAN Gymnastics. REGINA MARIE KELLY Honor Roll, Mounty Editor, Rockettes, Student Court. JUDITH ELLEN KEMMERER F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Rockettes. MARGARET ROBINA KERR Library, Pep, Ski Comm., Ways and Means. KYLE ANN KIMMELL Costume, Decorating, F.N.A., G.A.A. GORDON M. KIMPEL Intramural Sports, Track Mgr., Band, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Ski Club, Spanish Club. PATTY ANN KIRBY G.A.A., Medical, Pep. SARAH L. KIRBY Cap and Gown, G.A.A., Medical, Pep. PETE KNOWLES Intramural Sports, Track, Chemistry Squad, Boys' Usher. MARY LOU KNUTH Bulletin Board, Checkroom, F.H.A., F.T.A., G.A.A., Lantern, Log, Library, Secretarial, DAVID A. KNUTSON Cross Country, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Publicity. REBECCA LOUISE KOCH G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Mounty, Rockettes. MARILYN RUTH KODISH Devilette, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Li- brary, Pep, You Can't Take It With You, Thespians, Ways and Means. KAREN KATHERINE KOEGLER Activities Key, Art Squad, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern Editor-in- Chief, Mounty Art Editor, N.F.L., Pep, Quill and Scroll. LESLIE JANE KOHMAN Art Squad, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, OPEX, You Can't Take It With You, Ski Club, Tutoring. ANN ELIZABETH KOWALLIS Swimming Co-Capt., Chorus, Decorating, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, My Fair Lady. GAYLA ANNE KRAETSCH Activities Guard, Blue Devil, Costume Chrm., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern Art Editor, N.F.L., OPEX Chrm., Thespians V.P. MARGARET JOAN KRILL Swimming, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Rockettes Capt. LOUISE KATHERINE KRUGH Costume, Deco rating, F.T.A. Sec., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lantern, Ski Comm. THEODORE PAUL KUBIAK Chorus, Homeroom Off., Fantasticks, You Can't Take It With You, Thespians. SUZANNE WENDY KULESZ F.T.A., Medical, Pep, Secretarial, Spanish Club. DIMITRO C. KULIK J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Football, J.V. Track. THOMAS A. LABOON JR. Football, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Varsity Club. WALTER JOSEPH LACEY Intramural Sports, J .V. Football, Track. WILLIAM ROBERT LAIRD Band, Stage Crew. BETH ANN LAMMERT Swimming, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Library, Medical, Pep. JOHN CLUTE LARMETT J.V. Track, Chorus, You Can't Take It With You. Boys' Usher, S.U.N. MARSHA JANE LAUTERBACH Attendance, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Information, Mounty. WAYNE RUSSELL LAVALLA Homeroom Prog., Projection, Ticket Taker. WILLIAM PATRICK LAWRENCE II Baseball, Gymnastics, Homeroom Off. BEVERLY GAYNELL LAYNE Honor Roll, Library, Ways and Means. JERROLD ALLAN LEBAU Baseball Mgr., Football Mgr., Swimming Mgr., Cap and Gown, Checkroom, Honor Award Comm., Ticket Taker, Ways and Means. JUDITH ANN LEBO Rifle, J.V. Rifle, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Leaders Club, Pep, Public- ity, Decorating. PAMELA ANN LEHMAN Library, Pep. RICHARD W. LEITCH Intramural Sports, Chorus, Properties. DAVID FREDERICK LELAND JR. Intramural Sports, Tennis, Honor Roll, Log, Ski Club. SANDRA JO LEOPOLD F.N.A., Homeroom Prog., Library, Pep. ANN BARBARA LEVER F.T.A., Honor Roll, Publicity, Tutoring. ROBERT BRUCE LICHTER Football, Golf, Homeroom Prog., Honor Award Comm., Varsity Club. VICTORIA ANN LINGE Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Make--up Chrm., Medical, You Can't Take It With You, Secretarial, Thespians. BONNIE MAE LINGENFELTER F.N.A. Pres., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Secretarial. SANFORD LIPSMAN Tennis, J.V. Track, Homeroom Prog., Projection. NANCY PATRICIA LOGAN Band, Library. WENDY BARBARA LONG Attendance, J.C.L., Costume, Decorating, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Ski Club. LINDA JEAN LOOS Swimming, F.T.A. Pres., G.A.A., Home- room Off., Honor Roll, Mounty, Rock- CIICS. ROBERT THOMAS LOUGHRAN Intramural Sports, Football, J.V. Foot- ball, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. 185 JANE ANN LOXTERMAN G.A.A., Homeroom Olf., Honor Roll, Li- brary, Scenery. LINDA RAE LOXTERMAN Swimming, G.A.A., Homeroom Off. SUSAN RUTH LYONS Swimming, G.A.A., Homeroom Off. Pep, Scenery, Ski Club. GREGORY MATTHEW MACIVER Cap and Gown, Chemistry, Honor Roll, Stage Crew, Thespians. DONALD SHELDON MACOY Band, Cafeteria Host, Music Letter. ANDREW CHARLES MACPHERSON Gymnastics. KAREN SYDNEY MACPHERSON Properties. BARBARA ELAINE MADDEX Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Li- brary, Art. CHRISTY ELIZABETH MAGER Basketball, Chorus, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, M.M.M., My Fair Lady. LINDA MALLOZZI Secretarial. MARGARET H. MANSFIELD Tennis, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log. KENNETH ALLEN MARCH Band. BECKY SUE MARRS Art, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Medical, Pep. PETER KIRTLAND MARSH Activities Key, Wrestling, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, The Fantasticks, You Can't Take It With You, Studio, Thes- pians, Boys' Usher. LAURIE ANN MARSHALL A.F.S. Comm., Art, Gymnastics, Chorus, French Club, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, OPEX, Thespians. ANN LINDSAY MARTIN J.C.L., Lacrosse. Rick Spangler, Debbie Davis, and Marno Doczy sign Logs before break- fast on Senior Day. PATRICIA ANN MARTIN Decorating, G.A.A., Pep, Tutoring. JOHN JOSEPH MATHISON Intramural Sports, Football, J.V. Foot- ball, J.V. Track, J.V. Wrestling. DAVID STUART MATTER Wrestling, J.V. Wrestling, Homeroom Off. CHRISTINE M. MATTHEWS Cafeteria Hostess, J.V. Cheerleader Capt., G.A.A., F.N.A., Homeroom Prog., Pep, Rockettes. CHRISTINE MCCLELLAND MAXCY G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Medical. JOHN H. MAXWELL Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, J.V. Track, Cafeteria Host, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. BRADLEY DALE MAY Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Honor Roll, Parking. CHARLES ARTHUR MAYER Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Lantern. GARY W. MAYER Band. HENRY LEWIS MAYERS Intramural Sports, Decorating, Log. FRED R. MAZZARINI JR. Intramural Sports. DEAN FRANCIS MCALLISTER Intramural Sports, J .C.L. DAVID MICHAEL MCCLOSKEY J .V. Football, Honor Roll. TERRI V. McCULLY Cheerleader, J.V. Cheerleader, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lantern, Log. KEITH MCDERMOTT Art, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, You Can't Take It With You, Thespians, Tutoring. BONNIE JEAN McDOWELL J.V. Rifle, Swimming, J.C.L., F.T.A., Homeroom Off., H o m e r o o m Prog., Honor Award Comm., Honor Roll, Pep. JOHANNA G. MCGEENEY Tennis, B ulletin Board, Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Lan- tern, Medical. GARRETT O. MCGRATH J.V. Track, Honor Roll. GEORGE PATRICK MCGUNAGLE Gymnastics, Cap and Gown, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log, Scenery, Ski Club, Boys' Usher. JAMES L. McKEE Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Decorat- ing, Homeroom Off., Parking, You Can't Take It With You, Thespians. JOHN WILLIAM MCKENNEY Intramural Sports, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Publicity. CHRISTINA LYNN MCKINLEY F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Rockettes. DANIEL J. MCKINLEY Chess Club, Honor Roll, You Can't Take It With You, Thespians. NANCY ANN McKOWN Swimming, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Properties, Publicity, Rockettes. CHARLES VANCE MCLAUGHLIN Intramural Sports, J .C.L., Homeroom Off. A parking lot of decorated senior cars reflects the sunlight. l 186 CLAIRE LOUISE McMILLAN Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Library, Pep, Secretarial. VIRGINIA GERTRUDE MEADE Art, Attendance, Homeroom Prog., Ma- jorette. MARY ANN GERMAINE MEAGHER J.C.L., F.N.A., Library, Medical. LOWELL JACKSON MEEK Gymnastics, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Orchestra. RICARDA ANNE MEIS Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Medical, Spanish Club. BARBARA KATHERINE MERCER G.A.A., Log, Pep, Secretarial. JOHN ANTHONY MEYER Swimming, Cap and Gown. KAREN CLARK MIKUS Activities Key, Costume, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Classes Editor, OPEX, Student Court, Student Guidance Council. MARK MILLER Band, Honor Award Comm., Honor Roll, Log, N.F.L., Studio. MERIANNE CATHERINE MILLER Rifle, Decorating, Devilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Log, Ski Club, Social. STUART BURKE MILLER Chemistry Chrm., Honor Roll. MARGARET TOSLAND MILNOR J.C.L., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log, Library. WILLIAM HOWARD .MILO A.F.S. Comm., Tennis Mgr., Chemistry, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Ways and Means. KEITH CHARLES MILTON J .C.L., Log Literary Editor. MARY MARGARET MOCK Pep Club. LOUIS WILLIAM MOLNAR Band. LAWRENCE B. MOLOSKY Football, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off., Ski Club. MATTHEW ROBERT MONSEIN Intramural Sports, Football, J.V. Foot- ball, Homeroom Off. THOMAS WILLIAM MONTGOMERY Football, Wrestling, J.V. Wrestling, Var- sity Club. MEREDITH MOORHEAD Lantern, Log, S.U.N. MARIBETH MORELAND F.T.A. PATRICE ANN MORETTI Swimming, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, Pep. MARSHA LYNN MOSLEY Attendance, F.T.A., Honor Roll, OPEX, Pep, Secretarial. ELAINE MARIE MUMY Band, Decorating, F.H.A., F.N.A., Honor Roll, Music Letter. JANE FRANCES MURRAY Attendance, Honor Roll, Make-up Co- chrm., Medical, Secretarial, Thespians. ROBERT M. MUSTIN Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Spanish Club. KURT M. MYERS Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Wrestling, J.V. Wrestling. MARY BETH NASSAR Track, A t t e n d a n c e , F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Pep. RICKA NASSIKAS F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log, Lantern, You Can't Take It With You, Scenery, Thespians. JEFFREY A. NELSON Swimming, J.V. Track, Spanish Club. PAUL GEOFFREY NELSON Band, Cafeteria Dispatchers, Log, The Madwonmn ofCl1aiIl0t, P.A. BRUCE ALAN NESVIG Homeroom OIT., H o m e r o o m Prog., Honor Roll. THOMAS NETTER Lantern. JEFF A. NEUBAUER Gymnastics, Chemistry. ROBERT HENRY NEUWORTH Wrestling, J.V. Wrestling, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern Sports Editor, Quill and Scroll, Varsity Club, Home- room Prog. PETER CARL NICHOLSON Cross Country Mgr., J.V. Cross Country Mgr., Football Mgr., Lantern, Log, Lost and Found, Stage Crew, Ticket Taker, Ways and Means. KATHLEEN MARY NILLES Attendance. Decorating, F.N.A., Secretar- ial. MICHAEL K. NOLAN Cross Country, Track, Homeroom Off.. Ski Club. THEODORE MARK OCHODSKI J.V. Football, Track, J.V. Track. DAVID HENRY OERMANN Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Home- room OH., Homeroom Prog., Tutoring. MICHAEL FRANK OETTINGER Football Mgr., Baseball Mgr., Check- room, Ticket Taker. ROBERT D. OLSEN Football, Golf. GARY MARTIN OLSON Ticket Taker. JOHN HOWE OLSON Rifle, J.V. Rifle, Lantern. ROBERT FRANCIS O'NEILL Chess Club, Lantem, Library, Electronic Classroom. JAMES T. ORR Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, Swimming, Track, J.V. Track. JANE CHRISTINE ORTNER Cheerleader Capt., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Pep, Student Congress V.P., Secretarial. CHARLES DAVID OSBURN Intramural Sports, Swimming, Homeroom Off. MADELYN JEAN OTTINO Band, D e c o r a t i n g, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Log, Rockettes. a-:annum Sonia Carande's senior spirit explodes. STEPHANIE LEE OVERFIELD French Club, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom OIT., Honor Roll, Lantern, Rockettes, Sec- retarial. MARIE IRENE PAOLICELLI Decorating, Devilette, F.H.A., Medical, You Can't Take It With You, Secretarial, Thespians, Ways and Means. LAWRENCE PARKER Football. MARK MARGARET PARKER F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Pep, Track. SUSAN LEE PARKER J.C,L. Pres., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, N.F.L. JOANN MARIE PASCARELLA Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Mounty, Rockettes. GAIL ANN PATERSON Checkroom, Chorus, F.H.A., Music Let- ter, My Fair Lady, Fantasticks. 187 FRANCINE MARSHA PATTAK Honor Roll, N.F.L., Orchestra, Wood wind Ensemble. THOMAS C. PERRY Honor Roll. MARIS RAE PETERS Attendance, Homeroom Off., Informa tion, Library, Spanish Club, Orchestra. CHARLIE BOARD PHILLIPS Intramural Sports, Homeroom Off. Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Mounty Student Congress V.P. EDMUND HENRY PHILLIPS Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Band. JOHN DOUGLAS PHILLIPS Honor Roll. THOMAS R. PHILLIPS Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, J.V Wrestling, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll Boys' Usher. 'in-..,.,, DONALD LEWIS PILARSKI Intramural Sports, Football Manager, Homeroom Prog. ERIC C. PLOTTS Honor Roll, You Can't Take It With You, Tutoring. ELIZABETH LORING POLLACK Honor Roll, Library. RICHARD JAMES POULTON Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. TOMMIE LYNN PROCTOR Swimming, Honor Roll. TIM PROVANCE Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog. STEWART C. PUTNAM Intramural Sports, Track Manager, Deco- rating, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Ski Club. ARTHUR BARTLEY RAGUSO Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Decorat- ing, Homeroom Off. BENNETT CHARLES RANDMAN Gymnastics, Orchestra. MARY MARGARET RAPP Activities Key, Swimming, Costume, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, OPEX, Thespians, Tutoring. JOSEPH FRANCIS RASO Band, Homeroom Off., Stage Crew. JANICE MARY RAYMO F.T.A. ANN STUART RECTENWALD G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Mounty, Rock- ettes, Secretarial, Ski Club, J.V. Cheer- leader. ,fi LESLIE ANN REED Cafeteria H o s t e s s , J.C.L., Costume, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Pep. MARY LINDA REED J.C.L., F.T.A., Lantern, OPEX, Pep, Rockettes, Secretarial. CYNTHIA SUE RESCHKE Swimming, Honor Roll, Medical, Pep. JOHN TERRY REX Biology, Chemistry, Projection. SUSAN JANE REYNOLDS Track, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Log, Rockettes, Ski Club. THOMAS ARTHUR REYNOLDS Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Cafeteria Dispatchers. MARY KATHLEEN RICHTAR G.A.A. RICHARD R. RIEGER Intramural Sports, J.V. Track. LYN RINEHART Chemistry, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. GAIL FRANCES RITCHIE F.T.A., G.A.A., Log, Pep, Spanish Club, S.U.N. Sec. DIANE ELIZABETH RITZ Swimming, J.V. Cheerleader, Decorating. F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Pep. KATHLEEN JANE RITZ Cheerleader, J.V. Cheerleader, Decorat- ing, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Leaders' Club, Pep. 188 Ned Schwartz, Steve Hirsch, Linda Ferris, and Ricka Nassikas introduce A.F.S. student Sonia Carande to the tradition of signing Logs on Senior Day. NANCY RUTH ROBERTS Basketball Co-Capt., F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Hospitality, Pep, Secretarial. MICHAEL L. ROBINSON Intramural Sports, J.V. Basketball, Golf, Track. CYNTHIA ROSE F.N.A. BRUCE MARK ROSEN Activities Guard, Tennis, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, You Can't Take It With Yau, Student Directory, chrm., Stu- dent Guidance Council, Studio, Mgr., Thespians Pres. CATHY FAYE ROSS Attendance, F.H.A., G.A.A., Library. VIRGINIA POWER ROSS J.C.L., French Club, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Hospital- ity, Log, Pep, Secretarial. WILLA A. ROTE Basketball, F.T.A., G.A,A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. DONNA DIANE RUBINOFF J.V. Cheerleader, Chemistry, Costume, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Library, Pep. DEBORAH KATHRINE RUSSELL Band, Chorus, Log, My Fair Lady, Secre- tarial, Girls' Usher, Ways and Means. RICHARD A. RYDZE Swimming Co-Capt., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. CHERYL LYNN SABO Cafeteria Dispatchers, Secretarial. SUSAN ELAINE SAGE Checkroom, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Medical, Pep, Secretarial, Ski Club, Studio. ROBERT K. SANDBERG Intramural Sports, J.V. Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Mounty, Varsity Club, Sportscaster, ELLEN JANE SARGENT Band, Bulletin Board, Costume, F.N.A., Honor Roll, M.M.M., OPEX, Publicity. JANE FRANCES SARVER Band, Pep. GARY S. SAWHILL Activities Key, Intramural Sports, Foot- ball, Gymnastics, Track, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Boys' Usher, Varsity Club. LOUIS A. SCARCI Gymnastics, Band, M.M.M. PATRICIA LYNN SCARLETT F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Pep, Rockettes. THOMAS PAUL SCARPACI Intramural Sports, Track, J.V. Track, Decorating, Projection, Varsity Club. RICHARD SCOTT SCHAEFER Gymnastics, Track, J.V. Track, Ski Club. JAMES ARTHUR SCHARBROUGH Tennis, Ski Club. MARSHALL CRAIG SCHEIMER Wrestling. MARTHA ADELE SCHIFFHAUER Pep, Ski Club, Ways and Means. BARBARA SUE SCHILBERG Activities Key, Advisory Council, Home- room Off., M.M.M., Mounty, Orchestra, Fantasticks, Rockettes, Woodwind En- semble. MARGARET JEAN SCHLEDT Decorating, Devilette, F.T.A., Honor Roll, Rockettes, German Club. CHARLES JOHN SCHLOTTER Band, Honor Roll, M.M.M., Mounty Edi- torial Assistant. CAROLYN ROBOTHAM SCHMALZ F.N.A., Medical, Ways and Means. BERNARD WILLIAM SCHNIPPERT Basketball, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Track, Honor Roll, Hospitality. JANICE JANE SCHNURR Checkroom, F.T.A., Medical, Tutoring. JOYCE ANN SCHOEPPNER J.C.L., F.N.A., G.A.A., Orchestra, Pep, Girls' Usher Chrm. CAROL LYNN SCHULTZ Attendance, G.A.A. NED S. SCHWARTZ Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Band, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Lan- tern, Log. JOHN R. SCHWEINSBERG JR. Gymnastics, Tennis, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. JOHN CHARLES SCOTT J.V. Football, Swimming, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log. ROBERT ALAN SEIFERTH Intramural Sports, Baseball, Football, J.V. Football, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. FRED J. SEILER III Intramural Sports, J .V. Track. MICHAEL ALLAN SHAPIRO Activities Key, Intramural Sports, Golf, Honor Award Comm., Honor Roll, Log Studio Sportscaster, Varsity Club. JEAN SHAUGHNESSY Homeroom OIT., Library, Properties Rockettes. MARTHA JOANNE SHAW Decorating. CHARLES SHEEHY Decorating, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track. ROBERT J. SHEKELL Intramural Sports. DIANA MARIE SHIELDS Homeroom Off., Spanish Club. RICHARD CURZON SHIELDS Honor Roll, Mounty Poetry Editor, N.F.L., Orchestra. WENDY JEAN SHIELDS F.N.A., Pep, Ways and Means. LINDA KATHRYN SHRADER F.H.A., Band, Ski Club. HELEN FRANCES SHUMAKER F.H.A. Sec., F.N.A., Honor Roll, Mounty. ELLEN RENEE SITOMER Ritie, Checkroom, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Pep, Rockettes, Secretarial. CYNTHIA KIRK SMITH Swimming, Attendance, Chorus, Decorat- ing, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Log, Secretarial. JUDITH N. SMITH Cafeteria Hostess, Homeroom Prog. LEON RAYMOND SMITH Intramural Sports, Parking. LYNN CAROLE SMITH Bulletin Board, Decorating, Devilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Information, Log, Medical, Mounty. ROY BROOKS SMITH A.F.S. Comm., Intramural Sports, J.C.L., Honor Roll, Log. GEORGE HACKETT SOLLENBERGER Band, Chemistry, Chess Club. ROBERT N. SOLENDAY Intramural Sports, J.V. Rifle, Tennis Mgr., Projection. SANDRA LEE SOLOMON F.N.A., Medical. HERBERT PETER SORG Intramural Sports, Baseball, Gymnastics, Homeroom Off., Mounty. NICHOLAS WILLIAM SOROKA Log, Publicity. DANIEL NORMAN SORTH Football, Homeroom Off., Mounty. RICHARD CONRAD SPANGLER Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Trackf Decorating, French Club, Homeroom Off., Log Photographer, Hos- pitality. ELEANOR LEIGH SPEICHER Attendance, Secretarial. WALTER SPELAR Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, J.V. Track. 189 v KENNETH GEORGE SPILLIAS Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. BONNIE JEANNE SPRUILL Library, Publicity, Secretarial. THOMAS ANDREW STECHSCHULTE Activities Guard, Activities Key, Basket- ball, Football, Track, Homeroom Off., Spanish Club, Varsity Club. BARBARA JANE STEHLE G.A.A., Pep. JEANNIE MARGARET STEINHART Basketball. PAMELA LOUISE sr1CKLE Gymnastics, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Li- brary, Rockettes. TIMOTHY A. STIRLING Intramural Sports, Swimming, J.V. Track, Homeroom Prog. MARY LYNN STOCK Band, Costume, F.H.A. Treas., Home- room Prog., Honor Roll, Ski Club, Girls' Usher, S.U.N. CLAIRE ALICE STONE A.F.S. Comm., Gymnastics, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Pep, You Can't Take It With You, Secretarial. WOENDI MARIE STONE Rifle, Swimming, F.T.A., G.A.A., Home- room Off., Log, Secretarial. VICTOR JOHN SURMA Basketball Co-Capt., Football, Track, Homeroom Off., Varsity Club. CHRISTINE LOUISE SWINNEY Gymnastics, Attendance, Chorus, My Fair Lady. TED JOHN SWISHER Advisory Council, Intramural Sports, Football Capt., Wrestling Capt., Home- room Off., Honor Roll, Student Congress Pres., Varsity Club. EDWARD I. TAYLOR Gymnastics Co-Capt., Homeroom Off., Varsity Club. JILL BROWN TAYLOR F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Home- room Prog., Make-Up, Medical, Social Co-Chrm. GRETCHEN MARIE TEICHMANN Gymnastics Mgr., Pep. SUSAN E. THOMAS Swimming, Bulletin Board, Checkroom, Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Pep. THOMAS C. THOMAS Intramural Sports, J .C.L., Ways and Means Chrm. BARBARA ADELE THOMPSON Tennis, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log, Public- ity. ERNEST FRANCIS THOMPSON JR. Boys' Usher Chrm., Ways and Means. DAVID MOUNTSIER THORN Intramural Sports, Track, J.V. Track, Football Mgr. JOHN LESLIE TISCHUK Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log. JOHN MICHAEL TOBIN Intramural Sports. Students twist streamers into a kaleidoscope of color in preparation for the Senior Prom. SUSAN R. TODER F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Ways and Means. RANDALL HOWARD TOMB J .V. Wrestling. SANDRA RAE TRIMMER Art Squad, Track, Volleyball, Decorating, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Pep. MARY KAY TUCKER Bulletin Board, Checkroom, F.T.A., G.A.A., Library, Pep, Red Cross, Secre- tarial, Tutoring. ROBERT THOMAS PALLEY TUMPSON Homeroom OIT., N.F.L., The Miracle Worker, Boys' Usher. CATHERINE URSULA TUTTLE Art Club, Tennis, Attendance, J.C.L., Costume, G.A.A., Information. JOHN EDWIN VALENTOUR Basketball, Football, Track, Decorating, Varsity Club. THOMAS M. VALICENTI Intramural,Sports, J.V. Football. BARBARA ANN VISSAT J.C.L., G.A.A., Log, Medical, Pep. MARY A. WALDRON F.N.A., Medical, Girls' Usher. LYNN ELIZABETH WALSH Tennis, Checkroom, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, My Fair Lady, You Can't Take It With You, Thespians. CAROL ANN WALTZ J.C.L., Chorus, Costume, Drawing Room Recital, Honor Roll, Lantern, M.M.M., Music Letter, My Fair Lady. KAREN MORELAND WAMPLER French Club, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Mouniy. JAMES PATRICK WARD Golf, Wrestling, F.T.A., Ski Club. TIMOTHY WATERS Intramural Sports, Chess Club, Chorus, Decorating, Music Letter, My Fair Lady. PAMELA ANN WATTS Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern News Editor, N.F.L., Quill and Scroll, Student Guidance Council, S.U.N., Tutoring. 190 GALE WEAVER F.N.A., Properties. WARREN MCCLURE WEBER Cross Country, Track, Honor Roll, Li- l brary, Projection. CHARLES DE Q. WEHRUM JR. Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, Decorating. JOHN ANDRE WEISBROD J.V. Cross Country, Swimming, Varsity Club, Homeroom Prog., Decorating. JANE CAROLINE WEISE Chorus, M.M.M. KAREN LYNNE WENGER G.A.A., Orchestra, Library, Pep Squad, Ways and Means, My Fair Lady. SHARON LOUISE WENGER Track, J.C.L., F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Library, Medical, Pep Squad. JAMES S. WETMORE Intramural Sports, Football Mgr., Honor Roll. DIANE MARY WHEELER Library, Rockettes. CATHERINE JANE WHITE Attendance, Ski Club, Tutoring, My Fair Lady, You Can't Take It With You. JOHN STEPHEN WHITTIER Projection. MARY ALICE WHITTIER Pep Squad, F.H.A. Pres. JAMES R. WIC KER Intramural Sports, Football, J.V. Foot- ball, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Usher. REBECCA MARY WIEGERS French Club, F.N.A., Honor Roll, Pep. KAREN SUE WILLIAMS Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Li- brary. JAMES E. WILLIAMS Intramural Sports, Parking. WILLIAM G. WILSON Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Home- room Prog., Social. MARGARET ANN WINSCHEL Attendance, Ways and Means Chrm. THOMAS ALBERT WINSCHEL J .V. Track. ELEANOR DUSTIN WISE Costume, G .A .A ., Homeroom Honor Roll, Lantern, Secretarial. MARY CASSANDRA WOLF F.N.A. Off., NANCY ELIZABETH WOLFENSPERGER Volleyball, Bulletin Board, Checkroom, F.H.A., F.N.A., Honor Roll, Medical, Pep Squad. Secretarial. DEBORAH JEAN WOODS Attendance, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Chorus. JEFFREY CALVIN WORK Intramural Spo rts, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. PETER REID WRAY Intramural Sports, Wrestling, J.V. Wres- tling, Homeroom Off., Orchestra, Varsity Club. CAROL LYNN WRIGHT Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Information. WILLIAM S. WRIGHT Intramural Sports, Wrestling, J.V. Wres- tling, Homeroom Prog. BARRY ROBERT WYERMAN Activities Key, Intramural Sports, Swim- ming, J.V. Track, Band, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, M.M.M. JAMES WILLIAM YEE Intramural Sports, Homeroom Off. DEIDRE JEANNE YOUNG J.C.L., Honor Roll, M.M.M., Music Let- ter, Orchestra. 191 LINDA PATTERSON YOUNG Basketball, Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Pep, Publicity, Rockettes. RALPH SHERRICK YOUNG Basketball, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Track, Homeroom OIT., Honor Roll. KEITH ALAN YOUNGMAN Intramural Sports, Cap and Gown, Deco- rating, Honor Award Comm., OPEX, Ski Club. PAMLA ANN YOUNGQUIST A.F.S., D e c o r a t i n g, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom OIT., Homeroom Prog., Pep, Rockettes. VICTORIA ANN ZABETAKIS Chorus, F.T.A., Girls' Usher, Ways and Means. JANE ANN ZANOLLI Lantern, Mounly, Secretarial. SUSAN LINN ZOOK Swimming, Basketball, G.A.A., P.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Leaders' Club, Ski Club. JOHN P. ZOTIS J.V. Track, F.T.A., Homeroom Prog. SUZANNE CRAIG ZWINGGI J.V. Rifle, Chorus, Drawing Room Re- cital, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, M.M.M., Thespians, Triple Trio, You Can't Take It With You. Steve Foster and Candy Conrad begin the senior weekend with a dance at the prom. LOG STAFF Carolyn Additon Ellen Baggott Karen Mikus Andee Hession Keith Milton Jon Delano Jeff Fisher Gus Benedicty Rick Spangler Doug Harding Thomasine Bartlett Caroline Crothers Bill DeLeo Mindy Genstein Mary Grummer Ron Holroyd Bob Ruck Miss Jean Piroth Editor-in-Chief Activities Editor Classes Editor Art Editor Literary Editor Sports Editor Co-Business Manager Co-Business Manager Photographer Photographer Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Adviser ALMA MATER 'Neath Cedars stately. midst hills so bold, Stands our Mt. Lebanon, realm of Blue and Gold, Radiant with splendor, valor, virtue, and truth, Moulder of our destiny, guardian of our youth. Ever our praises shall ring. Alma Mater. for thee. Charles Ruch, '32 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho graphic printing, Sole producers: Wm. J, Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No other printing firm is a uthorized to use the Velvatone method QR fx 'F X X, M 1 1 xl 'zz mmlnfg ,,,:,fE1, WZYXPQZYF? f' f' D fa! If , - , 4, f 7' 77' qs Q- 1 f V, ! 7 Q f , I , A All X Aj A 1 A 7 zffzffwf ffffff' ffffl' ff.fV3fw ffZJ 1? My jf 1 ' ' , I, lfgf f'ff'??f?c"f7g'7' lf, fy 'fyzc' In W Q ' Zh 37' Mama? 7 72:-MP' FVTECV W 'affix zf 'vY74" wifi ' I f , , 2fV?' ,lf Ay'j1!,y,zq ,f X f 0 f ' Yiflyf' -? ??f"7f'fQi7f,fL 7"f4 w 77544 , 'uf uf , ' g KS ,ff ,, M-, Y 1 N W W '71 C4 XYL-X ,-X C-1 XM! H X7 -1 xp I I U ! KQV X. 15 FK ' 'E f N P . N X X 1 V k , i V A 5 W 1 v ' r I lx X I X X X P f Y I a I I 1 1 I I .1-' aa.-V . 0? r

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