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My O K ,MM MSWMWWMQ? mm W erm QQWJV W QQ? rs - ,W 27 ' f R f Q 1+-Qlf-: Gif Qfg - M AA , l MT. LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA K KN , . , , -.-Y up lun. A V -L., ww I QVQTILLL JCLUQE .,LInC?'k'N QUIT fc QQQLAJ 5.?,L,3-A c,1XQxiE'v:.S fi NSPS VVEM' 'KLQ wuvcl I IRT S,XmOwA.2.fL '-XT: X Civyvgffk A QQ? K N C Cvvjk xlpgsn, ff. -in JLQ3,L.5kg1, , C11-'QGKXJLS' Ckixflkj I fy. Q CLL,-v.L -VXA -LLQQQS CL vii L. LEG. L L n klfii JL A W-f . f Qi I I f A f Q I 1 ,. -X 1 flvvk :S nk, v., X rcww Q, A NOX N . - -:L . LL XQ.- i A C C VL dpqkk i.M,G,,ux XR- NW-, .5 Q'L'1,uLf3 lkkx R-A L 'CQ' K-wir? 7 'XX fx , wk AK- Q'-u'.fA-'Wk S- Ill xr-HX 1 H THE ' fm Iv-A LEBANON LOG X-..,, .X ,f Jfgv, -Z1 fi 232 acts ,Q QW? SEL Q3 96? CQ? 1 72 fa if 1 ,Q W ,, . X Y fr' X 'Rx ' a -. F v. Q tif. 3 , E' 5. .55 .F 1 , g s , W -.. '15, vs' . 5, mama ,wk A " A 5:3 I. TQ , 53 file, , rp Yu. ' Q, X f . A " , , 79351 Ziff: . 'K X, ww .,,A. ,,-qw 5 A M l 'Q f. ' 2. 2,1 ? ' Nl wr , . 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L , 4 3453 VS ifgxsfikiiiiixi Sis is 35559 isiziig M2 tension, relaxation 10 Q f 'X aff rv M35 my 2857 Wfwl LL, wi ' Q. - ,J xQfQP wg!-yf ,WNV dy 1ff'P'5'5Mj-ai9+l ' ,wry - Q. If I Off-3" QJi0lvJ 3,Lb-f J Uv W ,J 0 'X' ,wily W Jw W 'Xyu-ji X6 pq 11 jlYmQ,M,Wi. wv4X5LX ,KD LXLUXVKJ qpfv ,IJJ5 V: , Www 'J frustmtration, compnlsion,freec1om, and attention compose a scloool day 13 A i A , 14 Anticipation, participation Z' " . ..,, fr A ,, f-x1 . H, lt: -. 1-1" 31,1 . vgsif' L . 'S A M fh'ff"V Q V 5,3 I nf .W 'ly "xr .- f ,,. . l ig: 39,-K4 v , 1 K, 75293 X in H. M1 W 4 . if-.f W .." -fn" V I vi , nk A 1, . .X-, . P12 , 1 li I A H 124 9 . g .xr t. ., .,.'f , A ,, B A.. wg X 1 n ' 5 gg. -f" Qin.. 1 fix 'i X . - e rw. ' ' ,M f is . 3 .4150 is at , ,i'3's" I Q ff! , '2 r, , -'Q hx, fix, .gw 4.- , gg a,54Q I QM .slynf ,-' 'ik' M Q 4 .,-if excitement, and enjoyment make up a night of dancing. 1 Cooperation, concoction, contemplation 20 F g Conversation and recreation comprise home life. -.2 Ax . X 1 NIM 435: KJ ,X , If KQV" 'f ' ? flzuf .,. X. rn, X' Em, 1353?-f I Hmm Q . ff.-' Y K2 jf 3, ,e AY, wi og 5 if-ind wi . N , I f l 5 ' 22 i owff QQ wi? WW mfs Fellowship, study, and worship further our understanding ,of God. 23 ' 2 1 1 . yan- .Nidgsxiis .fiislks gu W - x5x,2,, xi:.3.i91,paM ,345-Q,a3x.v2fQ'NuQi . umm aw, V ' K-Cziitzg ' ' Map ' 24941 Wm, 1237 ZQWW- XVMAI X k?xi4wQi4M0iZ3JZjm?wmQwwMmM A , J,1,,,U f,,, Zjfiijakliwiw wwwm Wckwf MKWKQ MJ Wm wwmxfiffy mm , . W H Qilh KES? f?07ffQ'fUQl"fZfdMZ5jWvmf4w1,VQLoJLg mmp C K J J D O.LLTgg5gJnZwiZx0+f2Qn1k Scddvw amcb wail, mm 1 kacufw ' f . A ,am hMUmEEiMmMmqEgg36V w Q Q -flapc QJHIUM1 UMdZZflLQeJQ- fE,ZJI7L,M'l?AXQJK f I rl-a FACULTY y t THE ADMINISTRATION PROVIDES LEADERSHIP Through an extensive academic and extracurricular program, the administra- tion of Mt. Lebanon High School offered us a broad education. Administrators faced the challenge of coordinating and guiding faculty and student activities, and their effective leadership helped to main- tain Mt. Lebanon's high standards. Dr. Floy Penn, director of instruction As Superintendent of Public Schools, Dr. Ralph Horsman, for MF' I-ebanolf Township Schools, working with members of the community and school board, coordmated CUff1CU1'1m,managed1he supervised the Mt. Lebanon school system and correlated the testing program, and helped students programs of study from the grade schools through the high and parents with problems. school. 4 2 Dr. Joseph Keifer aided in educational supervision and fulfilled numerous 27? administrative responsibilities as the Assistant Superintendent of Mt. Leba- non Public Schools. Kits .A , I 26 Along with his regular administrative duties, Dr. Nelson Mills, the principal of Mt. Lebanon High School, constantly challenged us with our responsibilities. congratulated us on our achievements, and shared with us a deep pride in our school. In providing for the welfare of the students, Mrs. Geraldine H. Morgan supervised safety drills, registered attendance. and helped main- tain student discipline. As vice-principal, Mr. Ralph W. McDermot planned and adjusted schedules, determined class rank, registered new students, compiled college transcripts, and helped maintain student discipline. In cooperation with the administration and the community, the school board constructed and maintained the high standards of our educational program. The members are ROW 1: Mrs. June Greene Cameron, Mr. Robert F. Dyson, Pres., Mr. Otis C. Hogsett, Mr. Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr., Solicitor. ROW 2: Mr. Willis A. Siegfried, Mr. William A. Miller, Mr. James L. Daniell, Mr. William J. Bates, Mr. Robert E. Lauterbach, Mr. James R. Orr. Missing from the picture is Miss Miriam Headley, Sec. s Mr. D. Moore, school psychologist, Miss Ruth Gordon, home-school visitor, and Miss Mar- jorie A. Scanlon, speech correctionist, worked with individual student problems. Mrs. Margaret Cargill and Miss Janice Mel- linger directed our school's many activities, assisted our foreign exchange students, and served as advisers for Student Court and Stu- dent Congress. 28 The guidance department as- sisted us in planning schedules, selecting colleges, and choos- ing careers. The four members are Mrs. Ferne W. Horne, who directed the departmentg Miss Mildred Frobouck, who counseled the seniorsg Mr. C. William Holman, who served as junior counselorg and Mr. John B, Hillenbrand, the soph- omore counselor. The nurses, Miss Fern L. High and Miss Patrlcla Croke supervised the med ical squad, scheduled student physical examinations and helped us through t . . he bouts with crutches and snlflles Y Mrs. Delores B. Vroble and Mrs. Jane H. Booth eliiciently managed the secretarial work of Dr. Mills' oiiice and took care of'the finances of administration and student activities. The secretaries, Mrs. Leneta E. Daniels, Mrs. Margaret Steffans, Mrs. Helen W. Irwin, and Miss Ruth Wass, composed and compiled many forms for college transcripts, grades, attend- ance, and testing programs. 30 ""' "TT ENGLISH TEACHES CREA TIVITY DR. MICHAEL A. ACCE'I'I'A English 7 N.F.L. Debate Debate English 3 12th Grade Guidance Council MISS JUDITH R. BOULTON English 3 Costumes When it comes to vocabulary, we all need a little urging. 'QV' If" I 'I IA '73 I 7- . illi , A fi. MRS. MARY LOU CHARLTON Librarian Library Squad MRS. ANNA T. DAVIS English 5 l0th Grade Guidance Council MISS JANET L. CURTIS English 7 Devotional Squad MRS. GERALDINE c. ADAMSON MISS VIRGINIA A- EI'I-IOTI' 31 English 3A and 7A Maunly , , MISS KATHRYN H. FROBESE Engusn 5 MISS JEAN W. HAY Senior Composition MRS. RUTH S. FURLONG English 7 I . MISS RUTH GORDON English 3 Home-School Visitor, Student Services Exchange, Commencement Properties MISS ELIZABETH A. EVANS English SA Senior Composition Usher Squad Auditorium Programs The English department teaches us the skills of communication and the value of literary apprecia- tion. Writing a composition on nature or giving an oral review of The Old Man and the Sea teaches us the many skills of se1f-expres- sion. Reading "The High- wayman" or "The Run- away" orally and enacting scenes from Antigone or Macbeth, we learn to ap- preciate the aesthetic qual- ities of literature. Our minds mature through the use of language, which we learn to perfect and ap- preciate through English courses. MISS JACQUELINE M. HUGHES English 3 and 7 Lebanon Lag MR. THOMSON L. LEIPER Developmental Reading Speed Reading MR. RICHARD L. JONES MRS. JEAN A. MacKINNEY Librarian Library Squad Make-Up SP8Ci8l EdUC8ll0n MISS HARRIET N. MANNING Wrestling English 3 TFRCK ' Commencement Assistant 32 MR. HARRY L. McCANN English 5 MISS JANICE MELLINGER English 5 Assistant Activities Director MISS FLORENCE MCLAUGHLIN Senior Composition Joumalism Lebanon Lantern Achievement Bulletin School Publicity i MRS. KAY R. MILLER Senior Composition MISS BARBARA A. MITCHELL English 3G, 5, SG, A and 7G MR. JULIAN T. MYERS Public Speaking Oral Interpretation Dramatics Director of Dramatics Studio National Thespian Society "I don't know if Shakespeare liked peanut butter or not!" MISS ELEANOR T. RINNE English 7 Detention Hall MISS BETTY BARBARA SIPE English 3 and 5 33 'G 4 l WE IN VESTIGATE THE WORLD SITUATIQN i "My group has 3293 fewer cavities!" MR. VICTOR M. DOAK U.S. History Temmis What is a concept? It could be isolationism in early America, the Renaissance in Europe, or the revolution in Syria. A con- cept is an idea which has de- veloped because of personal- ities, political theory, religion, economics, and geography. If a student is able to understand the growth of a concept and its effect on the world, he has achieved the principal goal of the Social Studies Department: ma- ture thought. DR. JOHN E. DENBOW U.S. History Guidance Planning Committee MR. HARRY C. HADDEN AP U.S. History U.S. History MR. DAVID A. BATCHELO World Hist Footli Trai MR. MERLE R. BURROWS Economics Principles of Selling Sociology MRS. HELEN RUSSELL I-IAYNES AP European History World History TV-World Culture Bulletin Board Squad MR. WILBUR C. MOORE World History Athletic Director Intramural Sports MR. GEORGE W. KLINE Global Geography Geography ot' Strategic Areas MR, DONLEY U. MOLLENAUER American History Track Cross Country 34 MR. ALBERT N. STANISH World History Football Basketball LANGUAGES DEVELOP CULTURAL INSIGHT - French skits, Spanish dialogues, Ger- man folk songs, and Latin scansion help to achieve the goal of the language de- partment: to increase our understanding and enjoyment of foreign languages not only through vocabulary and grammar, but also through cultural background and daily usage. MR. HOWARD M. JONES French 5 and 7 Potpourri To Mr. Iones's French classes, 1 I I .s MRS. ROSALIND I.. fy DE CERVENS , Frenchl L' ' ii-r'?5?:?5' 1. L35- A MISS MILDRED LENK ,jsv V, . Latin 1 41: MISS DOROTHY I. DEAN French 3 MR. CHARLES N. ISLER German l, 3, 5, and 7 Spanish 1 French 3 MISS MARGERY J. MCCLURE Latin 3 Vergil Girls' Usher Squad "Auralea, Auralea, with the golden hair." MR. ARTHUR A. MANION Properties Committee at W . n., A.. this jeep is as familiar as the expression, "Cui, Monsieur!" MISS C. ADA PATTERSON - Latin 3 MISS RITA M. ROEGGE Spanish 3, 5, and 7 as .M as ., MISS MARY V. THORPE Spanish 1 and 3 Spanish Club 35 , TI-IE SCIENCES INSPIRE DISCOVERY In science classes, we learn why and how a plant uses chlorophyll, an atomic reaction produces radioactivity, and a force causes motion. Through this knowl- edge of, the physical world, we acquire an insight into both the logical and phenome- nal nature of life around us. MR. S. SHERRICK GILBERT Biology Chess MR. JOSEPH A. MASCETTA MR. D. REED RAINES CIICIIIISIYY Chemistry MR. LEO A. VROBLE Basic Chemistry 350109 Lost and Found Squad MR. THOMAS S. TAYLOR Chemistry Public Address Sound Effects "I bet this never happened to Lavoisier! 36 DR. CHARLES F. BECK Chemistry Chemistry Lab Squad MR. CHARLES O. LOI-IR Biology Cafeteria Supervision Football Biology Squad MR. ROBERT A. RUTH Physics AP Physics MR. ROBERT D. ZACUR MR. ANDREW P. ZEEDICK Physics Biology Chemistry MR. RICHARD D. BLACK MR. MERCER CLARK Plane Geometry Algebra 1 and 3 Basketball Baseball Usher Squad MR. HARRY E. FELICH Math 3A Plane Geometry Projection Squad Chaperon "No, Mr. Goodwin?" MATHEMATICS INCREASES REASONING POWER Algebra 3 MR. FRED R. GAERTNER Trigonometry Math 8 and 9 MISS ALICE ELMS Math 5A and 7A MR. ROBERT J. MEYERS Plane Geometry General Math MR. NORMAN L. GOODWIN Algebra 3 MISS SARAH E. SMITH Trigonometry Solid Geometry Algebra 3 37 MISS ANNE RIGI-ITMIRE In today's world of rapid scientific advancement, where each day brings new developments in "man-in-space" travel, cancer research, and chemical de- fense weapons, mathematics is constantly employed. The mathematics teachers in- struct us in basic skills and theorems, enabling us to solve problems and think logically. MISS EILEEN NESBITT Plane Geometry Plane Geometry Cafeteria Di5P3!Ch9l'S MR. EARL L. WHIPKEY Algebra 3 Miss Fis terpiece. MISS PAULINE K FISH Teaching us personal de- velopment as well as how to sew and cook properly, home-making classes offer a variety of practical ex- periences for the present and the future. h arranges a fall cen- HOME EC AND DRIVING DEVELOP SKILLS Driver education courses help to insure safety on the highways. Along with the privileges of driving, we must accept the responsi- bilities of learning proper techniques, skills, and cour- tesies. "Be my guest!" Football Wrestling MR. JOSEPH P. PAGNANBLLI Driver Education Gymnastics Track 38 MR. GEORGE LAMPRINAKOS Driver Education THE ARTS CULTIVATE INBORN TALENTS -D MISS MAY K. SNEARY Choral Music English 3 Triple Trio Devotional Choir Boys' Quartet Boys' Glee Club MR. ARTHUR Y. YAGELLO Orchestra Viollnettes The art department of the high school teaches many skills-from operat- ing a jig saw to sketching a portrait. Participation in these classes offers us an opportunity to channel our Through participation in the elective music courses at Mt. Lebanon, we have the opportunity to develop and display talent. Playing the snare drum in the band, the violin in the orchestra, or singing second soprano in the chorus also teaches us the importance of co- operation in group activi- ties. MR. ALBERT W. BERNHARDY Machine Shop talents into practical and aesthetic projects. The direction of the chorus is in the hand of Miss Sneary. n XX x I A R. DOUGLAS SHANER Att Metal Art Art Squad 39 MR. RICHARD PAULSON Industrial Arts Metal Arts Arts and Crafts MR. JOHN F. RAMSEY Mechanical Drawing Stage Crew Scenery and Set Design WE DISCGVER THE BASIS EOR HEALTH " . . . and if he gives you any trouble, dis- locate his mandibular process." MISS NORMA A. FAIETA Physical Education Cheerleaders Pep Club G.A.A. Leaders' Club MR. GLENN S. ASTON-REE Health Physical Education Admissions Director Miss MARGARET J. l BILLINGSLEY Health Future Nurses of America The health and phys- ical education departments have a common goal: that of teaching us the basis of proper health. Gym classes provide a well-rounded program of physical devel- opment and exercise, and the health courses teach the basic principles of both mental and physical hy- giene. Mn. RALPH D. rms Physical Education , Football Golf MR. WILLIAM M. GRANT Physical Education Swimming Football MISS DONNA J. SHAVER Physical Education Leaders' Club G.A.A. The most popular people at noon were: ROW 1: E. Cuda, I. Yakulis, M. Wilcheck, M. Host. ROW 2: M. Olah, J. Kirstein, E. Brown, G. Marshall, H. McCue, A. Cappelli, P. Mechtel, M. Skinkes, L. Cheswick. ROW 3: A. Brown, M. Reilly, M. Burkleca, R. Rogers. The custodians kept the school's phys- ical plant in order and prepared for classes, activities, and special events. ROW 1: R. Schweinbraten, F. Don- elli, J. Ball, S. Paholsky, L. Mc Intyre. ROW 2: F. Gruda, M. Kulenich, A. Deteky, F. De Vandry, J. Mc- Cue, L. Smith. MR. JAMES BALL GOOD MANAGEMENT REQUIRES ORGANIZATION Typing business letters, transcribing shorthand, op- erating an adding machine, and keeping accurate ac- counts are only a few of the skills that the connnercial department teaches. The teachers in this department prepare us for a respon- sible position in business or a college education with MISS DOROTHY H. GROVE Shorthand, Notehand General Business Commercial Law Future Teachers of America Commencement Business Education Bookkeeping Otlice Practice Business Mathematics a variety of useful skills. Miss Irene Yakulis, our dieti- cian, brightens the fourth pe- riod with a nourishing and varied menu. MR. WILLIAM A. MITCHELL MISS THELMA E. WHINNIE 41 lr v X e !' ACTIVITIES STUDENT CONGRESS DEVELOPS LEADERS "But how many words can I type with ASDF JKLg?" With the gavel, Bob Bennett accepts the respon- KaiIl0Sh Amifiahed PYCSCUYS I0 Olll' sibilities of the second semester president from library H book Wflflefl bY her father- Erst semester president, Dave Klaber. The book contains his poems, com- positions, and biography and discusses Iranian music. American Field Service inspires interest and participation in Student Congress. The president talks to an atten- tive Congress concerning the new foreign exchange program. 44 Candidates campaign while students ponder. Able administrators of the first se- mester Student Congress were: Vice- President, John Marting President, Dave Klaberg and Secretary, Sue Oram. As they begin their terms of office in the second semester, President Bob Bennett and Vice-President Dave Manoogian lend a helping hand to Secretary Ed Russ. During 1961-62, the two Student Con- gresses accomplished several worthwhile projects, among which were the decision to adopt the International Fellowship Program, the formation of a new installa- tion service for the Congress, and the de- cision to raise money for the American Field Service Students. Other business at the Tuesday morning meetings in- cluded discussion concerning school pen- nants and reports from standing commit- tees on the smoking problem and the sen- ior project. Ofiicers, members, and stu- dents gained valuable experience in dem- ocratic government while fulfilling their responsibilities and making the fall and spring congresses successful. Activities award winners from the senior class were ROW 1: L. Fassett, J. Flemm, C. Finelli, S. Hanke, B. Ehlers, C. Har- ness, J. Alexander. ROW 2: K. Seay, E. Karnofsky, A. Lan- greth, K. Bingham, M. Service, S. Oram, L. Ricca. ROW 3: S. Moore, D. Kline, C. Anderson, P. Yeager, A. Dempsey, J. Ferguson, A. Orr. ROW 4: K. Weldon, J. Kanters, B. Bayers, V. Manuel, K. Coleman. ROW 5: B. Offutt, S. Early, G. Heron, D. Manoogian, J. Martin. ROW 6: I. Kunic, J. Dittmar, D. Delisi, K. Kurtz, S. Moore, and F. Sargent. Conferring with Dr. Mills on pertinent school problems, the Advisory Council members for 1961-1962 included Miss Dean, Mrs. Cargill, Dr. Mills, Mrs. Morgan, Miss Roegge, and Mr. Whipkey representing the faculty, and Kip Weldon, Fred Jones, Dave Klaber, Bob Bennett, Chuck Kenrick, Bonnie Ehlers, Judy Kerr. and Cathy O'Connor representing the stu- dent body. Maria Revesz and Babs Seamans received activities keys and guards at the end of their junior year for outstanding participation in school activities. Jo Button, Jean Housekeeper, Judy Housekeep er, Sue Wilson, Dave Klaber, Margie MacKay Tim Smith, and Debbie Hartsough received Activities Guards during their senior year. The Student Court reviewed cases concerning student disci- pline. Members included: ROW I: Margaret Schilberg, Liz Anderson, Susan Maxwell, Maria Revesz. Margie Mac- Kay, Iane Van Dusen. ROW 2: Nick Mager, Pete Weaver, Tim Smith, and Greg Fuss. Missing from the picture were Gary Collins and Skip Crane. THE LOCREELECTS THE FACE OE MT. LEBANON Every night after school, the editorial staff devoted time and energy to produce this yearbook. Log editors Sue Wilson, Babs Seamens, Harriet Good, Candy Harness, Jean Alexander, and Don Delisi were responsible for the book from the title page to the Alma Mater. "Here's to Big Boys and the 1962 Log!" A pseudo-Eucalyptus tree, college and high school yearbooks, a typewriter, a desk, a table, and four chairs usually occupied the Log office. However, layouts, pictures, untyped captions, sizing rulers, black pens, scissors, a thesaurus, an adviser, eight editors, six editorial assistants, and staff workers also crowded into the busy room, where hours of labor and cartons of candy pro- duced the yearbook. The many thousands of faces which passed in and out of the office on film and in print were the ones who really created the 1962 Log-a photodrama of Mt. Lebanon's year. Learning the "yearbook trade" was the goal of the editorial assistants, who helped the editors lay out pages, plan and size pictures, and write captions. Preparing to take over the editorship next year, assistants were Sue Anderson, Caryn Mather, adviser Miss Hughes, Gail Scott, Alan London, Britta Schein, and Susan Hill. Kathy Taylor, Bethann Thornburgh, Nancy Mayberry, and Pam McKinley supplied artistic talent for the yearbook sales posters, layouts, and the cover design. 48 , g. ,M l The Log photographers snapped pictures of Mt. Leban- on High School's many faces. The staff consisted of Tom Howell, Bob Felt, Bruce Fel- lows, Mark Fowler, and Rick Hofmann. Preparing senior polls, planning the classes section, and organizing the senior directory were the responsibilities The sales campaign, finances. and circulation of the Log were under the management of Ralph Pinkus, Lee Willis, Phyl- lis Yeager, and Cathy Ander- son. The literary staff, Mimi Aerni . Ann Sherman, Priscilla-Larson, Kathy Bingham, Tom Cope- land, and John Negele. com- posed write-ups, captions, and headlines for the pages of the Log. Ns. L.. '55 Checking schedules and writing copy for the sports sec- tion were the tasks of the sports staff. Jackie Kramer. of the classes staff. Members were Bonnie Ehlers, Jamie Rick Collins, Gary Collins, Ray Whiteman, and Don Parsons were members. Hiestand, Joan Archer, Jane Hammerschlag, and Nancy Detwiler. 49 LANTERN PUBLISHES LEBO'S NEWS Editors Sue McCoy Ann Wharton, Cora Sue Deal, Nancy Cameron, and Geoff Heron supervised the work of the various Lantern staffs in the pro- duction of the layouts, stories, pictures, and headlines for our school newspaper. News, features, sports-all combined to mirror a year of exciting events in the Lebanon Lantern. The Devilette, a supplementary feature, added the news of prom dates and pet peeves to the journalism of the regular paper. Last spring, the Lantern won the Pitt Award in competition with other high school papers. This year's staff spent many hours gathering news of basketball games, writing stories about the sophomore of the month, proofreading copy concerning the senior play, and distributing the Lantern to subscribers. Ed- itors and staffs strove to again publish an award-win- ning newspaper. Nancy Bolton, Barbara Haas, Penny Kraber, Brenda Peterman, and Betty Beardshall were members of the business staff of the Lantern. This staff conducted the sales campaign and circulation and finances of the newspaper. 50 "I don't believe it! I X, . K of clit do t l I, gl! , Q! CK VKX .MV Qf n , 1 V 'V -fl . C t ' Q0 r l C ULU eqlwx. g Tl Cvkkx 1 r QD L5 1 9, a jx 6 Civ Miss McLaughlin confers with Mark Hammond elficiently managed :uk L Ili jk OL' I lyk reporter Jane Ferguson about the mimeographing for the Devilette. Pl A V- 9, N 1 a'n assignment. tl :P P Pb sy fi W ,,YL,f7' Q .UH PX if ti Wx cl , he XQSMSOLJ TWV QM: . , ' r , 1 I fyhgu-4 i L L xii SCJ 1 1 OW 'yplycdp kk . S9 t J QW' L NV' x N . f WQQXN W The Deviletre staff supervised the collection and organization 1 -v ------r-my---i -. t of the humorous and interesting school chatter of the Lantern supplement. Members were Joyce Tutty, Cheryl McCann, Cora Sue Deal, Sandy Berg, and Judy Mulach. 51 MCUNTY TOURS A LITERARY WONDERLAND its .,.-A. . . Mounly artists, Kathy Oermann and John Negele, designed the Mounty covers and illustrated the literary articles in the magazine. The Mounty began its year with a sales cam- paign starring Alice and her Wonderland associ- ates. Once the campaign closed, the staff strove to fulfill the campaign promises of larger print and an extra issue. After school, the Mounty cu- bicle in the publications oiiice buzzed with ed- itors selecting articles to be printed, artists sub- mitting illustrations, and typists completing their assignments. The Mounty typewriter lacked a competent Hs" key, thus producing -entence- with a mi--ing letter-. But when the last issue had been distributed, the staff had successfully pub- lished five editions of the magazine and had up- held its high literary standards. Thoughtful literary criticism and accurate typing must go into each Mounty article. 52, - 213 af Q I U I E 4,-Q. Mounzy typists Marcia Wood and Lynn Saul typed poems stories, and essays for publication in the magazine. t ZW' As business manager of the Mounty, Ann Sherman handled circulation, sales, and general finances. The Mounry editors spent many hours reading student manuscripts, from which they compiled and edited selections for the magazine. This year's editors were Sandi Moore, Miriam Grove, Jim Evans, and George Dillon. SPIRIT AND PRECISIGN SPARK THE BANDS SEASON Drum major Art Tripp pauses before signaling the band to begin. Jack Walker, student director gained experience 1n band leadership by directing the band during practice sessions. 54 The Pittsburgh Junior Chamber of Commerce honored this year's Mt. Leb- anon High School Band with the enter- tainment award of the year. The 1961- 1962 band, including a large percentage of new members, performed on the foot- ball lield and on the concert stage under the leadership of Mr. Philip R. Prutzman. Bandmembers stepped onto the field, knees and spirits high, each week during football season to present a show of pre- cision marching, unique formation, and enjoyable music. This summer, the band will culminate its year's activities by par- ticipating in Mt. Lebanon's fiftieth anni- versary celebration. Mt. Lebanon's blue and white march- es across the fifty-yard line. Mr. Philip R. Prutzman, Mt. Lebanon bandmaster, pro- vided the leadership which made the band, Rockettes and majorettes a marching musical unit. The Rockettes of the 1961-62 Mt. Lebanon marching unit were: ROW 1: B. Thornburgh, K. Bingham, C. Willison, B. Peterman, C. Bateman. ROW 2: P. Yeager, J. Ferguson, G. Burkett, S. Howley, K. Uddstrom. ROW 3: T. Olivier, J. Nor- seen, E. Anderson, J. Schmidt. ROW 4: K. Bundy, C. Hussing, P. Nichols, J. Heid. ROW 5: M. Martin, J. Tutty, P. Kessler. ROW 6: J. Wilson, J. Olson, C. Finelli. ROW 7: K. Phillips, S. Sterling, S. Sherba. ROW 8: K. Foley, N. Coulter, B. Brick, N. Reichard. ROW 9: L. Willis, C. Mather, C. Grant, D. Devlin. ROW 10: S. Brettholle, R. Moran, K. Llewellyn, C. Gilbert. ROW 11: S. Bretz, C. Barnes, B. Beardshall, R. Libenson. ROW 12: B. Studley, N. Hovorka, J. Motlit, A. MacDonald. ROW 13: S. Evans, J. Mangan, F. Rahn, B. Seamans. ROW 14: M. Foley, M. Hoag, J. Young. ROW 15: C. Courtney, L. Petterson, S. Ringham. ROW 16: D. For- tunes, J. Smith, J. Weaver, L. Bengston. ROW 17: L. Edward- son, T. Polosky, S. Crissman, B. Ullman. ROW 18: D. Drisko, T. Crawford, L. Miskevics. ROW 19: M. Walsh, M. Malarkey, C. Bauknight, J. Joseph. The band proudly honors Mt. Lebanon. I 1' "'-' .. V X 2 . .1 ff fwfaw: 4? F' 5155 77 5 , M472 fm ...undef I ,222 ffek: N 1 'Lf ' 'V . ,. f I, lft CIJV ' by X 7 4Lg'1 . I .1 U . I ' L ' I O V -V 'N T, Ll' H1 116 C .wif l ' 5" 'lo-,', fliiv' ,-Z. 7. bjgffjtcl if Midi VLA? lr. d,HL11,.L L Q L , ,J to 1 v . 0-"'LlU O XJU1- , f 1,1211 ' Us-f fl an in 1 The members of the 1961-62 Mt. Lebanon High School Band were: ROW 1: D. Kengott, C. Meyers, S. Kerr, C. Black, B. Gessler, K. Andrews. ROW 2: D. Helsel, S. Maxwell, M. Young, L. Cox, J. Lindvall, M. Walker, G. Gribschaw, J. Bender, C. Oelschager, B. Goodwin, D. Haines, B. Shallcross, P. Larson, T. Jackson, P. Weaver, D. Holben. ROW 3: S. Fields, C. Spring, J. Beck, D. Knapp, N. Roth, N. Conlan, C. L2Moore, S. Hogg, J. Gordon, B. Graves, B. Harris, D. Kasse- kert, B. Stern, D. Satterlield, B. Nuernberg, B. Schein, D. Stark, S. Culbertson, D. Stull, C. Haight. ROW 4: J. Kanters, B. MacLeister, S. Kearns, F. Sargent, B. Sirinek, B. Dunkel, N. Lauffer, T. Murphy, P. Paolicelli, J. Kaley, B. Dyer, J. Gooding, B. Ferguson, R. Bossart, P. Struck, J. Snyder, F. Wasser, D. Albert, B. Radasky, R. Segall, M. Ferson, J. Walker, L. Hough. ROW 5: L. Weisbrod, B. Offutt, B. Brag- don, A. Tripp, R. Rieger, D. Wilson, T. Bauman, H. Ehlers, R. Law, N. Heston, R. Fouse, D. Iams, M. Hamilton, D. Close, T. Kaye, L. Carr, E. Pearson, M. Merlo, K. Evans, K. MacAfee, E. Emmons, H. Hoover, J. Surbeck, P. Hart- mann, T. Goodwin, B. Maclntyre, D. Jones, B. Richards, G. Haight. M ,ww-. Nz... . 1. Q. I W x W. M wwf. A ,.x?,v,1k,,v,x,,,, wf'4'-Kfhymg -g ' lily fm- Q . K , . my 41- 1. sci. " ww, . QQ , is S -. .. .Q - 'mi JPY N Q35 PM M .J UNITED EFFORTS CREATE I-IARMONIC PRECISION From "Elegie" to "Exodus," the Mt. Lebanon High School Orchestra presented a wide variety of music for the enjoyment of many audiences. In the fall, the orchestra, under the professional direction of Mr. Arthur Yagello, gave a concert for the Pennsylvania Music Association Convention in Harrisburg. The stu- dent body applauded the musical ability of the or- chestra at the senior play, the spring concert, and an assembly. In March, the student musicians entertained Mt. Lebanon citizens with the Grieg "Concerto in A Minor," 'LMarch from Carmen," and "Satirical Dance" at the annual Orchestra Festival. Throughout a year of practicing and performing, both the orchestra and its audiences gained a better understanding and appre- ciation of music. Rapt attention is reiiected on the face of an orchestra member. The violin section of the orchestra included: ROW 1: C. Hahn, C. Peterson, E. Singer, and J. Leonard. ROW 2: D. Schwartz J. weiinsky, H. sparks, and K. Miner. Row an s. Kunz, Mi Nelson, N. Posts, J. Wilson, and R. Kanarack. ROW 4: K. Guess, B. Benz, V. Kuleck, B. Wolf, I. Spiezde, and K. Miller. 58 Participating in the violinettes were: C. Hahn S. Kurtz, M. Adams, M. Service, M. Nelson and C. Petersen. The strings section, not including the violins, was composed of: ROW 1: Martha Crump, Dwight Magowen, Ellen Karnofsky, and Marcia Service. ROW 2: Mary Adams, Mary Weil, and Bev DeWitt. Members of the percussion section were: Roger Goodman, Margaret Schilberg, Donna Klein, Mary Weil, and Ed Stahl. 59 The Woodwinds and brass sections were com- posed of: ROW 1: Jim Evans, Jeannie Orr, Frances Black, Claudia Bentz, and Bruce Wray. ROW 2: Margie MacKay, Sue Wilson, Jean Wiest, Anne Burt, and Carol Resnick. ROW 3: Carol Wolfe, Steve Moore, Tom Jones, and Bob Spooner. ROW 4: Russ Rahn, Dick Stud- ley, John Pfann, Jim Campbell, Rick Johnson, and Tom Phillips. Under the direction of Mr. Arthur Yagello, the sections unified to pro duce orchestral music for the enjoy ment of many audiences. Chosen for the Boys' Quartet this year were Bob Graves, John Martin, Kip Weldon, Roy Abernethy, accompanist, Nick Mager, Bob Chilcoat, and Chuck Womack. VOICES BLEND INTO SONG Singing for the Thursday morning devotional programs were: ROW 1: Jane Hammerschlag, Sue Fink. ROW 2: Susan Hill, Pat Jacob, Donna Casey, Sue Forbes, Ted Dengler, Jim White. ROW 3: Ed Shoemaker, Nick Mager, Bob Graves, John Mar- tin. Accompanist, Margaret Schilburg. Members of the Girls' Ensemble were: ROW 1: D. Kline, B. Lunardini, J. Heid, N. Bolton, R. Housekeeper, C. Hahn, A. Dillon. ROW 2: B. Wenke. J. Rogers, S. Novak, B. Evers, J. Bowers, B. Ehlers. ROW 3: M. Revesz, S. McRae, J. Chamberlain. Accompanist, Nancy Coulter. 60 Members of the Mixed Chorus were: ROW 1: J. Housekeeper, J. Ferguson, S. Kirtland, G. Burrows, N. Detwiler, J. But- ton, B. Ehlers, F. Rahn, L. Campbell. ROW 2: M. Camp- bell, S. Fink, S. McColm. S. Dispenett, S. Hill, P. Jacob. R. Roach, K. Seay, C. Harnass, P. Shore, J. Hammerschlag, D. Casey, S. Forbes, N. Adkins, C. Davis, K. Oermann, L. Dav- is. ROW 3: R. Bailey, T. Wal- ther, J. Fisher, J. White, N. Mager, T. Robb, K. Weldon. E. Shoemaker, V. Stabile, S. Stevens. ROW 4: B. Graves, C. Womack, J. Martin, B. Chil- coat, T. Dengler, C. Miller, J. Dickson. Participating in the Girls' Glee Club this year were: ROW 1: J. Renton, R. Ott, S. Kirtland, L. Auner, M. Schade, L. Campbell, P. Rand, C. Tragesser, J. Sterling, B. Sollenberger. ROW 2: P. Mattis, T. Conomos, B. Shope, M. Larkin, D. Lewis, B. Hissom, G. Marlowe, M. Perrin. ROW 3: H. Brown, B. Vincent, B. Dean, H. Zinsmaster, C. McDivitt, S. Challinor, K. Schreiner, accompanist. The members of the Triple Trio were much in demand both for school functions and out- side engagements. They were: ROW 1: Jane Ferguson, Barb Fulton, accompanist, Judy Housekeeper. ROW 2: Jeanne Heid, Flicka Rahn, Sandy Kirtland, Nancy Detwiler, Holly Zinsmaster, Gini Burrows. ROW 3: Jo Button. Ann Dillon, Lynn Campbell, Bonnie Ehlers. Under the direction of Miss May K. Sneary, the basses, tenors, altos, and sopranos of the choral department com- bined voices in an April concert. The mixed chorus entertained with "Seren- adeto Spring," "The Creation," and se- lections from Kiss Me, Kate. The boys! glee club, girls' ensemble, girls' glee club, Triple Trio, Devotional Choir, and Boys' Quartet also sang for this spring production. At Thanksgiving, the mixed chorus presented a reverent program of traditional songs, thus setting the mood for the coming holiday. With the 1961- 62 season complete, the Mt. Lebanon choral department can look back on many delightful hours of harmony and entertainment. "Somewhere over the rainbow . . ." UKLAHOMA! Oklahoma! was the out- standing production of the music department of Mt. Lebanon High School. The popular Rodgers and Ham- merstein score and the tal- ent of the leads, Judy Hub- bell, Kip Weldon, Judy Housekeeper, John Rod- gers, Karen Seay, Skip Mc- Grew, and John Brooks, combined to create a spar- kling, professional presen- tation of the gay musical. Miss Sneary and the stu- dent assistants, Jo Button and Detmar Straub, de- serve plaudits for their pro- ducing and directing roles. GAINS RECOGNITIQN AS A SELLOUT "Many a new day will please my eye Oh Aunt Eller!" "Poor Jud is daid!" "He called me his little Persian kitten' I I "Is anyone there?" BLITHE SPIRIT DISPLAYS TI-IESPIAN TALENT Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, presented in the round by the Backstage Players, members of the Thespian Troupe, was a delightful success. The play evolves around the inter- vention of an eccentric mys- tic, portrayed by Maria Revesz, in the lives of Charles fKip Weldonj, his wife CKaren Seayb, and the ghost of his former wife Uudy Housekeeperj. The superb acting under the direction of Mr. Myers upheld the high Thespian tradition. ,sg U13 i r IAL 'Tm not the least bit interested in your tongue!" Madame Arcati conducts a seance THE SENIOR PLAY DRAWS GOLDEN RESPGNSE Under the direction of Mr. Julian T. Myers, the Class of 1962 presented The Solid Gold Cadillac, the story of Mrs. Partridge, who rises from an insignifi- cant stockholder in the General Products Corporation to chairman of the board. The play starred Gini Burrows as the unpredictable Mrs. Partridge and Dave Manoogian as the explosive Mr. Mc- Keever. Fine auxiliary acting added much to the development of the farcical plot. The audience was amused when the play ended with Cinderella LMrs. Partridgel in her enviable, but none-too- secure, position, fighting to keep her solid gold Cadillac from turning back into a subway. I had my tennis courts grated by a General Products bulldozer. Meanwhile, backstage . . . 64 UNO! The French can't have it! "Mrs. Partridge's secretary speaking." ....-.-- ,..... on, "And yet I was not always thus, the savage chief of still more savage men." "Miss Logan is a weirdie, to say the least." PAGEANT PORTRAYS UNIVERSALITY OF CI-IRISTMA' The cast of the pageant gave Mt. Lebanon's Christmas a fuller meaning. Backstage, Jo Button and Barb Fulton coordin- ated the voices of the chorus in the Christmas program. The 1961 Christmas program por- trayed Christmas as a world-wide day of thanksgiving and joy. Scripture passages in Spanish, German, English, Latin, and French, combined with the hymns and carols of many lands, accompanied the portrayal of the events of Christ's nativ- ity. "Il est ne, le divin enfant!" JOAN GF LORRAINE CREATES INSPIRING DRAMA An unusual dramatic production, Joan of Lor- raine is the story of a play within a play. In a dual lead, Debbie Hartsough de- picted actress Mary Grey and Joan, women who faced opposition with faith and high ideals. Dave Klab- er portrayed the director of the inner play. Under the able direction of Mr. Jul- ian T. Myers, the entire cast helped to make Joan of Lorraine a success. 'KAll the great things in this world are brought about by faith." "It's our destiny to be in the dark and yet go forward--to doubt our religions and yet live by them." Debbie Hartsough POFUHYS 3 disillusioned "You're our captain, and you Joan- can cry if you like." "And we'll make a new world about the size of a 67 star." Members of the make-up squad were Mary Beth Anderson, Jeri Donahoe, Sandy Sterling, Karen Phillips, Rosalie Moran, Karen Seay, Joan Sherbondy, and Sally Service. This squad accentuated the personalities of our actors with gray spray or dark wrinkles. Organizing and fitting costumes for Mt. Leb- anon's dramatic productions was the respon sibility of the costume committee. Joan Sher bondy, Betsy Nelson, Harriet Poel, Ann Wil liams, Joyce Fisher, Judy Foldes, Martha Lewis Ann Dempsey, Ruth Groff, Anne Langreth and Linda Rote were members. Backstage, Mike Griffith, Chet Sandburg Brad Clark and Jeff McCollum rang the bells, played the records and banged the gongs for the sound effects in our plays Obtaining and adapting properties, such as telephones and lamps, necessary for stage pro- ductions, members of the properties commit- tee were Cora Sue Deal, Lynne Ricca, Willis Siegfried, Bob Geeseman, Tom Perry, Mary Ellen Haynes, Brooks Dyer, and John Miller. Katie Io Chivers, Karen Gaio, and Bethann Thomburgh were members of the scenery paint- ing squad, which was respon- sible for posters, backdrops, and settings used in auditor- ium programs and dramatic productions. The stage crew managed the lighting, curtain, and scenery changes for programs and plays in our auditorium. Members were John Morris, Jon Larkin, Tom Hearn, Bruce Fellows, Joel Perr, Joe Bates, John Pfann, John Detwiler, and Russel Steffey. Karen Seay, Maria Revesz, and Mary Ellen Haynes, members of Mt. Lebanon's Thespian Troupe, combined action and expression in dramatic produc- tions under the experienced di- rection of Mr. Myers. The National Quill and Scroll Society honored Mt. Lebanon's editors with membership. Initiated at the annual meeting last spring were Robby Davison, Alan Mandel, Roberta Benz, Jay Livingston, Alice Schade, Jim Kaley, Sue Wilson, Susie Smith, Geoff Heron, Anne Goulding, Sheron Rock, and Babs Sea- ITIZIIIS. Musical talent and interest in- itiated a Mt. Lebanon chapter of Modern Music Masters. Donna Casey, Kip Weldon, Jo Button, Bob Graves, and Mar- cia Service were members of Tri-M. ,- The debate team, including Ken Andrews, Lynn Saul, Sue Alexandre, Jack Wolford, and Laura Wallace held practice debates to obtain success in their interscholastic tournaments. Steve Moore, George Dillon, Debbie Hart- sough, Sandi Moore, Geoff Heron, and Jean Housekeeper gained experience in extempora- neous speaking, debate, and other forms of public speech through membership in the Na- tional Forensic League. Members of the three grade-level guidance councils planned programs for homeroom vice-presidents to present to the student body. Senior council members were Adele Orr, Jane Flemm, Judy Housekeeper, Susie Hanke, Don Parsons, Bob Geeseman, and Tom Copeland. Mary Kay Kern, Louise Shakarian, Dick Browning, Jane Falk, Rick Walker, and Molly Small worked on the 10th grade council. Lynn Saul, Sue Hill, Karen Tracy, Alan Lon- don, Warner Hession, and Dick Close prepared programs for the juniors. Recording 1743 students' activities was the job of the honor award committee, including Mar- cia Service, Debbie Hartsough, Gini Widmer, Cathy Anderson, and Lynn Boucher. The achievement committee collected and filed publicity concerning Mt. Lebanon graduates. Joan Batey, Bitsey Bates, Peggy Kessler, and Tom Doorley were members of the committee. Members of the Future Teachers of America, under the leadership of Lynne Ricca, Jean Alexander, Jane Hammerschlag, and Vicky Wiehn, increased their knowledge of the teaching profession through stimulating meetings and gained valuable experience by actual student teaching. First semester Future Nurses of America officers, Judy Dimock, Judy Housekeeper, Betsy Skinner, Karen Thomas, Flo Tish- bein, and Natalie Kempa, planned interesting and informative meetings about the various lields of nursing. N QW I X if? The varsity cheerleaders radiated enthusiasm while cheering our teams on to victory. Members included Lynn Ricca-cap- tain, Sally Service, Wendy Turner, Sandy Berg, Barb Clinton, Cathy Duff, Cathy Taylor, and Judy Mulach. The officers of the Future Homemakers of America club, Mary Jane Drew, Sally Dispenett, Nikki Cicchino, Ruth Larson, Sherry Novak, and Judy Serena. planned service projects and homemaking activities. 75 'There are no more morning announcements this afternoon!" The ThUfSd3Y morning bl'0adC3SlS Of the de' votional squad provide the opportunity for spiritual thought through a variety of pro- grams. Members pictured are Britta Schein, Marian Malarkey, Sonja Marmont, Jim Ditt- mar, and Sue Wilson. With friendly voices and helpful information, Sandi Moore, Don Seymour, Tim Smith, Col- lier Smyth, and Jeff McCollum were often heard giving morning announcements. 76 Helen Landgraf, Lin Stewart, Kathy Bingham, and Marti Gummer, members of the Red Cross squad, worked on car- toon books for homebound stu- dents and parties for crippled children, veterans, and under- privileged patients. Shirley Pile, Carol Lammert, Betsy Skinner, Flo Tischbein, and Lillian Fassett were mem- bers of the medical squad, which helped the nurses take temperatures and keep "pa- tients" comfortable. Chet Sandburg, Tim Smith, Jim Campbell, Evan Melhado, Ed Jones, Emerson Ray, and Bill Hartsough pulled the many complicating levers which con- trol the electric output, making public address announcements possible. M Members of the chemistry squad, Lee Cramer, John Erskine, Dave Frame, Rick Hill, Ed Jones, Bill Soler, Don Schwarz, Joann Hofrichter, and Sally Ringham, set up apparatus for experiments and kept the labs and stock- room in good order, Among other intriguing duties, physics squad members operated the com- puter. Members Jeff McCollum, Bill Jackson, George Haight, John Negele, and Randy Burroughs had the responsibility of keeping the physics lab ready for use. I , ta' O Meetings conducted in Spanish helped members of the Spanish club gain fluency in the language. Visiting speakers discussed Latin-American cus toms with members, Jean Douds, Debbie Hartsough, Ed Weber, Tom Door ley, Dave Phillips, and Pat Cincotti. Intense concentration precedes acheckmate. 79 The chess club provided enjoy- ment and mental stimulation for participants Ken Andrews, Joel Karnofsky, Warner Hes- sion, John Leonard, and Gil Young. The projection squad sacrinced study halls and evenings to show educational and enter- taining movies to class groups and school organizations. Mem- bers of the squad were Phil Judge, Dave Rosenblatt, Rus- sel Steffey, and Jim White. Delivering messages, distributing absentee lists nv and collecting absentee class cards were a few , V6 of the tasks of the attendance squad. Lynne jj Ricca Nancy Wellingham, Joann Hofrichter jf Betty Beardshall, Lillian Sowa, and Sue Mas-IAIJU Q U thews were members of this squad. D 80 I X XB 1 X ' Ik .Q N X K f The hospitality squad welcomed new students and vis- itors with friendliness and helpfulness. Gini Burrows and John Martin were members of the squad. H Directions and general information were giv- en by the boys' information squad. Members were Dave Manoogian, Kip Weldon, Bob Geeseman, Don Delisi, and Don Parsons. Candy Harness, Fran Falorio, and Carmela Finelli were members of the lost and found squad, which handled everything from Virgil to dirty sneakers. Dora O'Hara, Susie Hanke, Betsy Gessler, Bonnie Ehlers, Saralynn Hogg, and Suzie Lef- ler, members of the girls' in- formation squad, helped visi- tors and lost students find their destinations. 81 The boys' usher squad, including Ivan Kunic, Tim Smith, Bob Watchorn, and Don Parsons, directed traflic in the auditorium on Wednesday afternoons. By punching tickets and dis- tributing programs, Marty Lew- is, Joann Hofrichter, Elise Ford, and Gini Burrows ush- ered for the Carnegie Lectures and evening auditorium pro- grams. The cheery ushers dismiss us to our sixth pe riod classes. The check-room squad took care of wraps at all functions held in the auditorium. The members were Jackie Kramer, Karen Jordan, Melissa Booth, Phyllis Yeager, Missy Dinneen, and Peggy Senz. Supervising the parking situation be- fore and after sports events, the mem- bers of the parking squad consisted of Jack Froelich, Russell Steffey, Tom Kiefer, and Alex Lewis. On the job during evening athletic events, the members of the athletic usher squad, Barton Will, Robby McNally, Paul Bigley, Ricky Couch, and Ed Stafford, collected tickets and acted as ushers for the spectators. Ken Matticks, Tom Heeter, Barry A cafeteria caper results in reprimand. Lavery, and Kathie Williams were Cafeteria Hosts and Hostesses. Their main duty was keeping cafeteria traf- Hc orderly. The Ways and Means Squad sold the Milky Ways, hot dogs, and popcorn which gave us the nourishment to walk home from school or to cheer at foot- ball games. Members are Con- nie Wicken, Ruth Martin, Mar- da Campbell, Bill Jackson, Dan Campbell, Julie Stangl, and Maria Revesz. 6 ..,v' .U auf--I' Dan Iams, Missy Wurzbach. and Ron Fouse worked to have the 1961-62 Student Directories available for Christmas card lists. Assisting the librarians with writing overdue book notices, charging books, and getting magazines, members of the Li- brary Squad were Diane Kline, Jeff Simpson, Betsy Skinner, Pat Sable, and Sara Hacken- berg. W .W 3,-is 3? s. I E 5 s i , 6 ,W , V, i Responsible for trimming the Christmas tree and decorating the gym for dances was the dec- orating squad, which included Bob Bayers, Claudia Irwin, Ann Dempsey, Pam Fish, Cora Sue Deal, and Reed Agnew. Marion Malarkey, Fred Jones, and Ken Cole- man, members of the social committee, planned, organized, and promoted school-spon- sored dances. -F 'f all The bulletin board squad displayed eye-catching posters, team pictures, and activities advertisements in the halls. Members were: Jeff Simpson, Mary Ellen Haynes, Mike McKee, and Jim Kanters. Art students discuss the design and production of day camp posters. Members of the art squad, Ann Wharton, Paul Jenkins, Martha McKinley, and Chuck Culbertson, arranged various art displays in the high school. BJ , X V15 gm X x X i Q N. 1 'f 1 SPORTS BLUE DEVILS RECORD TI-IRILLING SEASON The 1961 Mounty football team fin- ished the season with a 6-3 over-all rec- ord and a 5-2 record in W.P.I.A.L. Class AA competition. With the excep- tion of a crushing defeat at the hands of Washington, the Blue Devils recorded a thrilling season. Beaten only by Westing- house, who ultimately became the city champions, Wilkinsburg, who remained undefeated during the regular season, and Washington, the 1961 Mounties scored impressive triumphs over Peabody, Trin- ity, Canon-McMillan, Baldwin, and Mun- hall. The injuries of 207-pound tackle Kurt Wentzel and Jim Daniell, the leading scorer, left their impressions on an already light team. Jtmior backs Smitty Cornell, Tom Snaith, Wayne Phillips, and Bill Zimmerman and senior Cliff McMillan provided many fine runs. Seniors Paul An- derson, guard, Jim Daniell, quarterback, Dave Klaber, end, and Joe Toth, tackle, all made the Western Class AA Football Conference All-Star Team. The 1961 Blue Devil team will be remembered for' its explosive runs, its radical double wing offense, and its rugged spirit. Slamming into the ball carrier, Bruce Coull and Joe Toth create a fumble. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM ROW 1: T. Snaith, B. Patton D. Chapman, B. Coull, C Cornell, G. Kaszycki, J. Dani- ell, C. McMillan, P. Anderson ROW 2: F. Jones, C. Schenk H. Elliott, D. Teller, L. Wal- ton, H. Morgans, D. Wilson J. Toth, V. Manuel, B. Parker ROW 3: J. Edgar, R. Royer L. Rector, D. Thompson, D Dyson, J. Brashares, D. Kla- ber, D. Kozma. ROW 4: D Wood, A. Boxley, D. Koehler R. Chappell, J. Kumer, B Zimmerman, B. Weber, W Phillips, D. Williams. 1 1 a 9 Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 39 Peabody 0 Westinghouse 12 48 Trinity 19 35 Canon-McMillan 7 0 Washington 28 12 Wilkinsburg 14 21 Uniontown 20 34 Baldwin 27 7 Munhall 0 Snaith is tackled after an explosive end run. Fierce line play proved an important 'part of the Mounty offense Eluding the last tackler, Cornell breaks into an open field. 91 Q? rv.. We fl. , " -. My s S wk E I . , Q ,,,1gEg?, , 5 Wi 'H-S2 ' A .., 'S K L12 55' wgssm ' ii A ,311-L, A Qi if QQ? ,. ' 'Ali ' -f JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon 6 Penn Hills 19 Mt. Lebanon 0 Canonsburg 13 Mt. Lebanon 7 Baldwin 33 Mt. Lebanon 7 Washington 48 Mt. Lebanon 27 Trinity Mt. Lebanon 19 Chartiers Valley 12 Mt. Lebanon 6 Bethel 20 Mt. Lebanon 7 Wilkinsburg 13 Surrounded by opposing tacklers, Morgans tries to avoid his blocker 93 HARRIERS REBUILD FOR NEXT YEAR Hard running McCall races to- wards the finish line. Paced by two juniors, Woody McCall and Fran Shor, the varsity cross country team tumed in a win- ning season. Having lost all but one letter man from last year's squad, the team, consisting mainly of under- classmen, concentrated on rebuilding for next year. Plagued by injuries, Coach Mo1lenauer's Harriers failed to qualify as a team for the State Championship Meet at Pemi State. Woody McCall, however, quali- fied individually to run at University Park. Senior captain Jim Dittmar turned in a fine varsity season as did the other team members Ed Weil, Ivan Kunic, Dan Hrisak, Jim Headley, and Gregg Springer. Losing only two seniors, the team looks strong for the coming season. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon 33 North Allegheny 22 Mt. Lebanon 19 Hopewell 36 Mt. Lebanon 33 Central Catholic 22 Mt. Lebanon 28 Connellsville 57 Butler 35 Mt. Lebanon 25 Ambridge 30 Mt. Lebanon 33 New Castle 22 Mt. Lebanon 16 Aliquippa 39 Mt. Lebanon 25 West Mifflin 30 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ROW 1: W. McCall, I. Headley, I. Kunic, G. Springer. ROW 2: J. Dittmar, F. Shor, Coach Mollenauer, E. Weil, D. Hrisak, JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon . Lebanon . Lebanon . Lebanon SCHEDULE 40 North Allegheny 15 Hopewell 40 Central Catholic 27 Connellsville 22 Ambridge 28 New Castle 15 Chartiers Valley 31 Aliquippa Tense runners await the start of a grueling cross country race. T'-'f ' LJ , ,, , v -. - .,.'f1'- Vg. J K h -. ,J ' , . ,. . , I . ' -A ' f ' " A ' JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ROW 1: S. Spicuua, L. Falorio, B. Hoon, T. Nason, I Zucco. ROW 2: Coach Toler, R. Holsinger, R. Hofmann, J Campbell, D. Maue, R. Oberdacker, E. John, J. Harvey, B Smith. 95 BASKETBALL TEAM RETAINS SECTIGN TITLE Outjumping his opponent, Bennett tips the ball to McNally. The 1962 Blue Devil basketball team had a very successful season, posting a 20-4 overall record and an 11-1 record in section competi- tion. Captain Bob Bennett, the leading rebounder, led the team in scoring with 17.3 points per game. Roth McNally, with his accurate shooting, was second highest scorer. In his second year of team activ- ity, Waltz proved to be the team's backcourt ace, and also led the team in total assists. Jim Lynch and Charlie Cobaugh proved steady and dependable members of the backcourt while Lee Davis, a new- comer to the team, performed with commendable skill. Andy Sharky and Drew Anthon ably replaced Bennett and McNally under the boards, and Don Seymour and Smitty Cornell did their jobs capably when seeing action. Overall, 1962 proved to be a line year in basket- ball for the school, the fans, and Coach Richard Black's basketball team. Lynch drives for an underhand lay up. 96 Bennett, McNally, and opponents scramble furiously for the rebound. ROW 1: C. Cobaugh. J. Waltz, J. Lynch. R. McNally, D. Seymour, M. Herald. ROW 2: Coach Black, D. Anthon, L. Davis, R. Bennett, A. Sharkey, C. Cornell, B. Casey. 1 r r....,'E .Q W' 97 52' VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE L. 51 Duquesne 54 L. 77 Wilkinsburg 59 L. 66 South Hills 41 Mt. L. 62 Shaler 48 Mt. L. 78 Bethel 37 Mt. L. 57 Uniontown 83 Mt. L. 83 Canon-McMillan 70 Mt. L. 69 Baldwin I 50 Mt. L. 82 Franklin 21 Mt. L. 69 Washington 48 Mt. L. 53 Chartiers Valley 24 Mt. L. 56 Trinity 38 . L. 74 Dormont 40 Mt. L. 88 North Allegheny 35 . L. 50 Canon-McMillan 54 . L. 75 Baldwin 52 . L. 73 Rankin 47 . L. 50 Washington 48 . L. 90 Chartiers Valley 44 . L. 82 Trinity 45 . L. 66 Dormont 33 BEAVER TOURNAMENT .L. 62 New Castle 49 . L. 63 Beaver 47 W.P.I.A.L. PLAYOFFS . L. 70 Clairton 62 . L, 25 Uniontown 43 Speed and agility sparked the entire season. On the left. Cobaugh maneuvers toward the basket while McNally, on the right, strains for an important basket. Davis gazes apprehensively at the opponent's arm and the far distant basket. Wahl Scores On 3 fast bfeak- Bennett, Cobaugh, and Davis attempt to capture the re ROW 1: C. Kenrick, D. Karsten, R. Casey, N. Posto, J. Wil- son. ROW 2: M. Herald, D. Sherratt, D. Stechschulte, C. Lammert, R. Hine. bound. L. J. V. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 41 Duquesne . 34 Wilkinsburg . 38 South Hills . 57 Shaler . 49 Bethel . 35 Uniontown . 35 Canon-McMillan 46 Baldwin . 33 Franklin . 33 Washington . 32 Chai-tiers Valley . 43 Trinity . 47 Dormont . 55 North Allegheny . 44 Canon-McMillan . 32 Baldwin . 42 Rankin . 48 Washington . 53 Chartiers Valley . 33 Trinity . 40 Dormont J 444 i f ZYXNX 'lx b ' 'gl X EX 354034 ill 943636, ' 'X ugh! fi? 5 1 mf 5' f 5 x-X Yg- X mi WRESTLERS PIN DOWN SUCCESSFUL SEASON The Mounty grapplers, headed by Coach George Lamprinakos, turned in their first undefeated sea- son in section competition. Paced by the unde- feated trio of Drew Bachman Q23-0-U, Jerry Kemp C12-OJ, and Richard Ruben C15-0-IJ, and supported by seniors Mike Bourne Q9-43, George Chakos fl 1-1-IJ, Jeff Kumer C6-IJ, Richard Lay- ton C9-U, George Thuransky Q4-65 and underclass- men Ron Bailey C11-21, Dave Hicks C7-65, Charles Huettner C0-131, Dave Lambillotte C7-43, and Bill Zimmerman C11-ZJ, the team posted an 11-2 rec- ord. Bachman and Ruben emerged as section cham- pions, as the Mounty matmen captured second place in the annual section tournament. Bachman went on to become Mt. Lebanon's first state wres- tling champion. The J .V. team, coached by Richard Jones, also had an exceptional year finishing with an 8-0 record. VARSITY WRESTLING SCHEDULE Mt. L. 20 Trinity 32 Mt. L. 26 West Allegheny 21 Mt. L. 20 Washington 25 Mt. L. 34 Peters Township 12 Mt. L. 38 Shaler ll Mt. L. 39 Munhall 9 Mt. L. 32 Chartiers Valley 19 Mt. L. 34 Baldwin 14 Mt. L. 29 North Hills 20 Mt. L. 34 North Allegheny I6 Mt. L. 43 New Castle 8 Mt. L. 29 Dormont 14 Mt. L. 40 Norwin 6 Zimmerman strains to overpower his opponent. ROW 1: C. Huettner, R. Bail- ey, D. Hicks, D. Lambillotte B. Brunswick, D. Bachman, D Koehler, R. Layton, J. Kemp ROW 2: H. Boyer, B. Zimmer- man, G. Chakos, R. Ruben J. Kumer, I. Berg, G. Thur- ansky, D. Teller,'M. Bourne Coach Lamprinakos. JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING SCHEDULE L. ll Trinity 32 L. 32 Washington 25 L. 21 Peters Township 9 L. 25 Shaler 24 L. 20 Chartiers Valley 3 L. 17 Baldwin 15 L. 30 North Allegheny 0 L. 32 Dormont 6 L. 27 Norwin 9 ROW 1: J. Lee, B. Wray, S. Schilit, B. Ellison, B. Ashby, I. Brennan, A. Young, P. Lawler, B. Hoon, C. Haight, P. Tropp. ROW 2: P. Albus, J. Leat- ham, L. Albrecht, D. Nelson. B. Patton, B. Bennett, G. Kaszycki, B. Snyder, B. Etheredge, D. Kerber, Coach Jones. Ruben maneuvers into position for an eventual pin. Bachman, undefeated in section com petition, pins his opponent. Thrown head over heels, Kemp later went on to win the match. 101 Hicks exhibits skill in the far leg ride. During the regular season, Bachman, Ruben, and Kemp remained undefeated in section competition. Bourne works for a pin in the unlimited class. , X iw In a tight arm-hold, Layton holds the top position. 102 N GYMNASTS ENTER W.P.l.A.L. COMPETITION Coach Joseph Pagnanelli, tri-captains Ed Russ, Mitch Youngling, and Gary Leach, and other members of the gym- nastics team worked and trained hard to achieve a successful season. Performing with skill and dexterity, the boys engaged in W.P.I.A.L. competition and visited Pitt Stadium. The team also played host to the Slippery Rock State Teachers' Col- lege gymnastics team which gave an exhi- bition of their ability before the student body. GYMNASTICS SCHEDULE Mt. L. I5 Penn 57 Mt. L. 35 West Mifhin South 95 Mt. L. 37 Monitau 75 Mt. L. 48 Bell Mar 65 Mt. L. 25 Butler 87 Mt. L. 47 West Mifhin South 65 Mt. L. 29 Monitau 69 Mt. L. fwinl Penn Cforfeitj Mt. L. Qwinl Bell Mar fforfeitl Mt. L. 28 Butler 100 ROW 1: R. Griscom, D. Holben, B. Fassett. J. Leher, R Brady, M. Flick. ROW 2: Coach Pagnanelli, G. Manzer, H Ehlers, G. Bellaver, M. Youngling, E. Russ, G. Leach, J. Eh lers. Russ displays the form which made him a con- sistent point winner on the parallel bars. Ehlers performs a body lever on the horse. Tri-captains Leach, Russ, and Youngling exe- cute strength and coordination on the parallel bars. BLUE DEVILS SWIM TO STATE TITLE sg. . Ns X x -' H.. I T e ix X Xa :K IX. T. RX, ,X Shekell and McGarry begin another duel in the 100 Ni AX X . X yard backstroke. Y' QQ'-W2 I Xfgf - L u I X C k R TXT K ..- X E' ff '5 ' K, M l Tr P X 'SN xx Ki-3 C C "L- it 'NX X K" K . gQtA "'Z - J, On the way to a new state record, Shekell starts his lap Saving precious seconds with a fast start. Early and ofthe 200-yard freestyle relay. Kurtz, in lanes 4 and 5. begin the 50-yard freestyle. 104 VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM ROW 1: K. Brunk, R. Toucey, B. Felt, T. Linsley, G. An- drews, J. Stoneberg, J. Blum, R. Hoppe, J. Kaszycki, E. Haz- lett, J. Sanner. ROW 2: D. Haines, D. Nicholas, M. Tay- lor, J. Gabrenas, L. Shekell, S. Early, C. McGarry, G. Roe, D. Hurwitz. ROW 3: Coach Grant, Coach Saunders, J. Mc- Caslin, J. Nelson, B. Dillner, G. Collins, B. Burdick, J. Sol- omon, J. Lindsey, T. Treth- ewey. Missing from the picture is Ken Kurtz. ROW 1: T. Bankey, R. Emer- son, C. Strandberg, J. Sigler, D. Toucey, L. Houser. ROW 2: D. McNally, M. Cosgrove, D. McKee, B. Seiferth, R. Shake- shaft, G. Fischer. ROW 3: D. Fuzzard, T. Knight, L. Hough, J. Graf, T. Blum, S. Hobgood, B. Atwood. ROW 4: G. Fuss, T. Davia, B. Burger, B. Stev- ens, B. Morris, J. Richmond, F. Tyson. 5 A SWIMMING SCHEDULE Mt. L. 62 Munhall Mt. L. 70 West Miiilin Mt. L. 70 Fox Chapel Mt. L. 66 Vandergrift Mt. L. 64 Butler Mt. L. 58 Bethel Mt. L. 68 Duquesne Mt. L. 78 Clairton Mt. L. 65 Gateway Mt. L. 55 Munhall Mt. L. 67 West Mitllin Mt. L. 74 Fox Chapel Mt. L. 71 Vandergrift Mt. L. 75 Butler Mt. L. 65 Bethel Mt. L. 71 Duquesne Mt. L. 78 Clairton Mt. L. 60 Gateway Grove City Relays-Mt. L., First North North W.P.I.A.L. Championship-Mt. L., First Western Regional Championship CPIAAJ- Mt. L., First State Championship QPIAAD-Mt. L., First i t - Kurtz perfects a racing dive from the starting block. lktovtcs 'me me 'Sf-My-W standing season with 18 w . fte ibm? ning the Grove City Invi ational Relay C io s i , the team captured first places in the . . Clg' pionship, the P.I.A.A. Western egional a t P.I.A.A. State Championship with Rick T ey, La ry Shekell, Tom Trethewey, and the Fr Style team setting five new records. Other outstandin em- bers of the team included seniors Stew Ear y,,Ji McCaslin, Corky McGarry, John Blum, Ken z, Bob Burdick, and Dave Nicholas and underclas A engv Bob Felt and Mike Taylor. Tri-captains John Lindsey, Tom Trethewey, ndf Rick Toucey attribute the team's brilliant success this I7 L season to the long, diligent hours of practice under the excellent guidance of Coach Bill Grant and assistant coach and diving instructor, Will Saunders. The Mt. Lebanon s P Diving proved an important part of the 1962 team's success. At the top, Collins attempts a reverse somersaultg below McCaslin executes his specialty, a half-twist. T' V' Y Y Y Churning up the water, Toucey plunges ahead. Tom Trethewey, perennial victor in the 100- yard breast-stroke, swims toward another rec- ord. With a powerful stroke, Felt strives for a victory. 107 '61 TRACK TEAM EXTENDS VICTORIES Tensing for the contact, Greer thrusts the baton into Hathaway's hand. In 1961, the Mounty Track Team extended to 128 their string of victories in consecutive dual and tri- angular meets since 1944. Coached by Mr. Mollen- auer, the team also won four major championships: the Allegheny County Meet, the Canon-McMillan Re- lays, the W.P.I.A.L. Relays, and the Mt. Lebanon Invitational. Two team members captured individual W.P.I.A.L. championships: Jim Stevenson in shot put and Kurt Wentzel in discus throw. The runners also had a good season. John Weisiger broke the old Mt. Lebanon records in the mile and 880-yard runs. A new record was set by the two-mile relay team with members Jim Dittmar, Bob Crofford, John Wright, and John Weisiger at the Tri-State Coaches Indoor Meet. The 440-yard relay team of Willis Siegfried, Frank Battaglia, Alec Lamont, and Hugh Elliott also established a record at the Mt. Lebanon Invitational Meet. VARSITY TRACK TEAM ROW 1: C. Perrine, K. Earnhardt, B. Coull, J. O'Connor, F. Maston, D. Hrisak. ROW 2: J. Stevenson, R. Agnew, H. Elliott, W. Siegfried, K. Sutter, T. McNeely, K. Greer, F. Battaglia. ROW 3: Coach Batchelor, W. Lory, K. Wentzel, D. Smith, Coach Mollenauer, L. Hathaway, J. Weisiger, H. Wurster, F. Wallin, J. Wright, Coach Toler, ROW 4: C. McMillan, D. Carroll, A. Lamont, J. Dittmar, B. Phillips. Tense and poised, Stevenson strains for distance in the javelin. Streaking off the blocks, the runners race to- ward the finish line. VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon 6995 Clairton 36Vz Central Catholic 15 Mt. Lebanon 58W Central Catholic 2026 Mt. Lebanon 100 Johnstown 27 Mt. Lebanon 8192 North Allegheny 36W Mt. Lebanon 77 Washington 4692 Canon-McMillan 3696 Mt. Lebanon 98V2 Shaler 29 Quaker Valley 2196 Mt. Lebanon 84W Penn Hills 4295 Mt. Lebanon 10716 McKeesport 19W Mt. Lebanon 9895 Hopewell 3795 Tri-State Coaches Meet CSecondJ Mansfield Relays QEighthj Canon-McMillan Relays CFirstJ W.P.I.A.L. Relays CFirstJ Mt. Lebanon Invitational 1FirstJ Allegheny County Meet QFirstJ W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet CSecondJ Lory unleashes the shot put in hopes of a new Lebo record. 109 , QQ: 1 .. at an .5 .. - A -s 'ff' as s -K ai. K h ,wtf . Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon With a final kick, Perrine bursts across the finish line. Lamont close behind, Agnew stretches to clear the hurdle. JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE 87 North Allegheny 75 Canon-McMillan 34 Washington 7496 40 5496 8696 8896 Elizabeth Forward West Miillin North Penn Hills MCKCCSPOIT Hopewell JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK TEAM ROW l: D. Maue, B. Hoon, I. Headley, F. Mandell, C. Smyth, G. Beck. ROW 2: D. Seymour, I. Kunic, B. Volkwein, S. Spicuzza, W. Goodlin, W. McCall, J. Hyslop, B. Ronca, T. Giordano. ROW 3: Coach Jones, E. Neishloss, S. Crane, R. Holsinger, I. Dury, F. Shor, T. Bauman, E. Weil, I. Miller, J. Miller. 110 30 16 4896 78 7296 2296 3596 1' A startled Maston seeks victory in the broad jump. Swinging the hammer with precision, Lory pre pares to fire away. Sutter clears the bar with practiced skill. 111 '64 GOLF TEAM WINS EIGHT MATCHES The golf team, led by Captain Dave Minotte and coached by Mr. Burrows, ended the 1961 season with eight wins, one tie, and only one loss. The teams from Upper St. Clair, Chartiers Valley, Carnegie, and Bethel each suffered two defeats at the hands of the Mounty team. Because the team tied Baldwin and lost the playoff, Mt. Lebanon placed second in the Section Five Competition. Chipping up to the seventh green, Lynch pre- sents a study in motion. A picture of concentration, Gray blasts out of the sand trap. Mt. Lebanon 10 Mt. Lebanon 13W Mt. Lebanon 1495 Mt. Lebanon 8 Mt. Lebanon 16 Mt. Lebanon 10W Mt. Lebanon 16 Mt. Lebanon 12 Mt. Lebanon 995 Mt. Lebanon 7 GOLF SCHEDULE Upper St. Clair Chartiers Valley Upper St. Clair Baldwin Carnegie Chartiers Valley Carnegie Bethel Bethel Section Playolf Baldwin ROW 1: L. Gray, I. Lynch. ROW 2: R. Abernethy, B Dillner, Coach Burrows, J. Donaldson, D. Minotte. ZW IW SW 6M '61 BASEBALL 'TEAM RECAPTURES W.P.I.A.L. Seen from behind the fence, a Mounty batsman awaits the pitch. Winning their fifth W.P.I.A.L. Section 3 title in six years, the 1961 Mounties compiled a line record. Led by Lynn Foltz, the team's Most Valuable Player, the Mounty sluggers won ten and lost only two during the regular season. Boosted greatly by the pitching of Andy Alex and Jack Howe, the team won their first playoff game, losing only to Burgettstown. BASEBALL SCHEDULE 5 Mt. Lebanon North Allegheny 3 Mt. Lebanon 5 Peters Township 2 Mt. Lebanon 16 Snowden 0 Mt. Lebanon 8 Chartiers Valley Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon Mt. Lebanon 3 Snowden 2 Chartiers Valley 5 Bethel 3 Bethel 1 Peters Township 1 Bethel W.P.I.A.L. Playoffs 4 Crafton 1 Burgettstown ROW 1: I. Blum, E. Weaver, H. Morgans, L. Foltz, G. Manesiotis. ROW 2: E. Robinson, J. Cheney, J. Harris, A. Alex, J. Daniell, M. Sunner, R. Overend. ROW 3: Coach Clark, B. Burr, D. Williams, R. Somogyi, J. Howe, B. Harris, B. Fletcher, B. Reeves, B. Laquinta. TENNIS TEAM TRIUMPI-IS IN SECTION PLAY ROW 1: G. Rzasnicki, J. Woodrick, J. Campbell, J. Ehlers, W. Riley, C. McCarthy. ROW 2: P. Tr0PP, J. Waltz, R. Alster, C. Koepke, D. Klaber, Coach Doak, S. Early, K. Kurtz, D. Magowan, D. Smith. TENNIS SCHEDULE Mt. L. 7 Mt. L. 5 Mt. L. 8 Mt. L. 4 Mt. L. 4 Mt. L. 5 Mt. L. 7 Mt. L. 4 Mt. L. 4 Mt. L. 5 Mt. L. 5 Mt. L. 8 Mt. L. 5 Mt. L. 3 Mt. L. 4 Mt. L. 2 Beaver Crafton Crafton Carnegie Carnegie Bethel Bethel Shadyside Shadyside Fort Cherry Fort Cherry Dormont Dormont W.P.I.A.L. Finals Beaver Falls Latrobe Edgewood 1 0 0 l 1 O 1 1 1 2 0 0 0 2 1 3 Jack Waltz demonstrates the sizzling serve that contributes to his consistent victories. 114 The 1961 tennis team turned in an impressive 15 and 1 record, losing only to Edgewood in the W.P.I.A.L. finals. A great part of the success in '61 was due to the great play of state champion Jack Waltz and teammates Chuck Koepke and Dave Klaber. With all three of these boys returning, Coach Doak is predicting an even bigger season in 1962. RIFLE TEAM PLACES SECOND IN W.P.I.A.L. ROW l: M. Herr, L. Read, B. Bates, L. Bengston, J. DeSensi, L. Weisbrod, J. Bokan, B. Ferguson. ROW 2: C. Bauknight, L. Williams, M. Dasher, D. Studley, J. Negele, B. Watson, C. The Mounty riliemen, under the direction of Coach John Neal, fired perfect scores of 500 in every match for a perfect 8-0 record. Captain Mary Ann Herr, sen- iors Jerry Bokan and Laurie Weisbrod, and juniors Bit- sey Bates, Joy DeSensi, and Lee Willis formed the core of this strong team. The team's efforts turned toward the state championship until Munhall, Lebo's arch rival, upset the Mounties 1000-999. With only a few seniors graduating in June, Coach Neal will again have a top team in 1963. Duncombe P Flemm B Geeseman P Senz Coach Neal. Mary Ann Heff- team captain and scormg standout ' ' ' ' ' ' ' exhibits the style that makes her a consistent winner Mounty sharpshooters aim for a successful season. RIFLE SCHEDULE L. 5 00 Bethel 494 L. 5 00 Carnegie 484 L. 500 Coraopolis 492 L. 500 Dormont 495 L. 500 Bethel 488 L. 500 Carnegie 486 L. 500 Coraopolis 493 L. 500 Dormont 495 W.P.I.A.L. Final L. 999 Munhall 1000 MANAGERS ASSIST TEAMS TO VICTORY Friendly rivalry between the wrestling and rifle managers is demonstrated as Barry Lavery strangles Bob Ferguson. The managers of Mt. Lebanon's athletic teams comprised an unheralded but vital part of the sports program. Their duties in- cluded keeping accurate statistical records, attend- ing to minor injuries and handling equipment. Mr. W. C. Moore, aided by Kirk Borland, coordin- ated the entire athletic pro- gram and kept the financial records for all eleven var- sity sports. Girls' basketball manager Sue McCoy and boy's manager Ray Whiteman discuss that all im- portant piece of equipment- the ball. Senior manager Kirk Borland watches while Cross Country manager Bob Anderson lets the sky fall on unsuspecting John Pasuit, football manager. Bare feet and stopwatches mark Dick Hurwitz and Jim Sanner as swimming managers. IN TRAM URALS STIM ULA TE SPORTSMANSHIP Reaching hands push the ball up for another twcrpointer. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL T.EAM ROW 1: B. Bingham, C. Finelli, G. Carter, C. Borgerding, J. Hugo. ROW '2: B. Robinson, K. Chivers, J. Diekmann, J. Chamberlin, M. Har- ris. ROW 3: L. Rote, J. Joseph, C. Grant, D. Crosson, D. Swenarton, S. McCoy. A player stretches for a basket as his teammates watcli ex- pectantly. The Intramural Program promoted competition and sportsmanship through fierce but friendly homeroom rivalry. Team play and co-ordination combined with enjoyment and relaxation as the north gym set the scene for the intramural contests. The program stimu- lated the athletic interests of the participants and con- tributed to their physical prowess. G.A.A. OFFERS A VARIETY OE SPORTS ACTIVITIES Action and noise are the keynotes to an energetic touch football team. Our hockey team had lots of spirit despite the fact that they lost their only game. The gymnastics team presented a gracefully co-ordinated show set to music. 118 Leaders' Club organized the G.A.A. activities. ROW 1: J. Olszewski, C. Smith, C. Finelli M. Lewis, C. Peterson, J. Hugo, C. Borgerding, N. Mayberry. ROW 2: G. Carter, C. Ander- son, A. Langreth, T. Olivier, S. Matthews, C. Wellner, J. Diekmann. ROW 3: K. Wil- liams, A. Hogan, C. Irwin, M. Walsh, P. Thomas, M. Wurzbach, L. Evans, K. Reber. The finale of last year's gym show was a panorama in multicolored costumes. Visitors at the G.A.A. Carnival guess the number of beans in the jar. 119 L . . M, UN DERCLASS MEN Q,- The sophomores look forward to their year, 1964. Scholastic achievement and activities participation created for them a solid foundation from which they and, their school can advance. These under- classmen brought with them a fierce school spirit, class pride, and desire to work which presented an example even to upperclassmen. Patty Fitch, Betsy Nelson, Margie Heid, Donna Deeter, Ann Walker, Marion Becker, Patty Bayers, and Sue Beachler, our J.V. cheer- leaders, combine spirit and beauty to cheer our teams on to victory! SOPHOMORES CONTRIBUTE AND ATTAIN 10-1 Mrs. Davis ROW 1: D. Fuzzard, J. Patterson, S. Henderson, R. Warden, G. Harvey, L. Clatty, P. Booth, C. Emery, R. Buncher, B. Gilliland, S. Racculia, D. Karsten, B. Bennett, D. Pilarski, M. Young. BUS.: M. Grummer, J. Falk, B. Hill, C. Hastings, C. Boothman, E. Conley, K. Verner, K. Lowther, R. Kelley, L. Wahlsten, C. Campbell, P. Campbell, N. Danziger, C. Berg, P. Smith, P. Matis. STEPS: J. Lee. J. Beck, S. Chambers. -QA 1 10-2 Mr. Goodwin ROW 1: F. Anwyll, S. Hill, B. Nelson, S. Kirtland, P. Gianni. ROW 2: L. Boucher, H. Sparks, M. Mason, D. Deeter. ROW 3: M. Small, E. Mercer, G. Maston, J. Smith. ROW 4: L. Moffatt, K. Schreiner, C. May- berry. ROW 5: D. Toucey, F. Koer- ner, C. Nason, D. Bevilacqua. ROW 6: T. Bankey, C. Cornell, W. Mc- Millan, W. Hartsough. ROW 7: H. Hoover, R. Bragdon, R. Nelson. ROW 8: R. Oberdacker, B. Bossart, W. Felder, R. Hall, R. Casey. 10-4 Miss Mitchell ROW 1: D. Edgar, J. Gambs, D. Cline, S. Nelson, C. Scott. ROW 2: K. Alderson, B. Etherage, T. Hearn, R. Leierzape, B. Nuernberg, K. Sch- nippert, B. Appel, B. Wolf. ROW 3: G. Fisher, J. Hepner, R. Hein, C. Lucky, L. Poole, B. Schwartz, T. Barnes, C. Huettner, B. McLeister. ROW 4: G. Maxcy, S. Ritenour, B. Shope, C. Crosby, M. Franke, M. Crump. ROW 5: A. Walker, P. Fitch, K. Taylor, C. Sakmar. Cyl! EMU? 10-3 Miss Boulton ROW 1: V. Brick, D. Sarkis, N. Tamplin, G. Schwartz, M Kenney, D. Wagner. ROW 2: B. Friar, T. Eusey, M. Mamula J. Williamson, V. Fleming, V. Granke, J. Brennan, P. Kavasch ROW 3: D. Hamilton, J. Leatham, J. Brown, J. Surbeck, T. Goodwin, J. Dilling, D. Browning, B. Rubel, J. Williams, H Greene, J. Edgar, J. Walker. s MyA?j0WM2.?g, M 3, ' .XOMM 00 l J 10-6 Miss Thorpe ROW 1: M. Clarkson, R. Kul- zer, A. Fedele, M. Gogley, D Meyer, H. Brown, D. Cross D. Ammon. ROW 2: J. May- ers, J. Kerr, J. Lindvall, M. Westerman, C. Mallozzi, P. Harris, M. Caplan. ROW 3: C. Graf, J. Fisher, C. Cul- bertson, B. Fassett, C. Grant, D. Devlin, C. Sawhill, G. Kas- zycki, L. Houser. ROW 4: I Sigler, R. Kirsopp, R. Harris G. swim, T. Jackson, P. Rear: don. ROW 5: R. Goodman, B Williams, D. Orr, D. Stroup 10-5 Mr. Clark ROW 1: S. Rines, N. Nesbit, M. Heid, D. Swenarton, G Hoffman, S. Spicuzza, R. Morrison. ROW 2: C. Wright, S Dwyer, B. Keller, L. Sala, B. Burner, S. Beachler, A. Demet rius, A. Romero. ROW 3: R. Davis, R. Patterson, G. Patton J. Kamofsky, R. Henning, R. Royer, L. Van Gelder, G Thomas, B. Heavill. ROW 4: J. Bollinger, G. Goldberg, J McGrew, L. Zoller, E. Helm, R. Tyus. 10-7 Mr. H. Jones ROW 1: J. Snee, D. Stech- sculte. ROW 2: C. Hill, E Wittlin, M. Hall. ROW 3: R Ott, P. Mugele, M. McKinley L. Vogel, F. Black, C. Dan- ziger, M. Stroup, N. Flint, D Quinn, H. Hauth. ROW 4: E Shope, R. Loeslein, J. Cohen P. Fitzgerald, D. Lambillotte H. Landgraf, D. Faulkuer, D Kirsopp, D. Wilson, C. Boyer ROW 5: G. Scoggins, R Brown, L. Falorio, L. Hough D. Albert. 1 s s 10-8 Mr. Meyers WINDOW 1: J. Ketterer, C. McGarry, C. Collins, L. Cul- lison, J. Davia, J. Gordan, W. Seiferth, R. Allebrand. WIN- DOW 2: A. Goldsmith, M. Harris, B. Venturatos, J. Beat- ty, S. Mullins, P. Thomas, J. Andrews, M. Cosgrove, C. Lammert. WINDOW 3: M. Schilberg, J. Lancour, J. Camp- bell, D. Baird, D. Wright, R. Eaton, P. Bames, B. Buehrig. WINDOW 4: W. Radasky, G. Powell, P. Hartman, P. Bigley, J. Pfann. 10-9 Mrs. Rinne ROW 1: N. Balint, S. Larsen, S. Vajdd, M. Larkins, M. Emmons, A. Wilson. ROW 2: J. Villanova, J. Steven, P. Flemm, N. Miller, M. Hammond, K. Matticks. ROW 3: F. Rick- el, D. MacLennan, A. Lebo, S. Hindmarsh A. Tschudi, M. Becker. ROW 4: C. Miller, W. Snyder, R. Steffey, J. Bates, D. McKee. ROW 5: C. Carlisle, J. Hull, C. Lackovich K. Stehle, B. Wolf, J. Horowitz. ROW 6: Ri Glenn, C. Smith, H. Hawke, D. Foster, S. Hobgood, M. Smith. 10-10 Mr.Lohr ROW 1: L. Weber, T. Torchia, D. Lewis, R. Andreen, P Appel, C. Wolfe, N. Kirkley, S. Pasquerelli. ROW 2: C. Oelschlager, L. Metz, K. Miller, M. Smith, M. Kern, S. Bomeli J. Bender, L. Leaver, R. Kermes, T. Peake. ROW 3: S Schilit, J. Hoeft, J. Harvey, R. Coulter, B. Walker, R. Hol- liday, D. Holben, B. Barnes, C. Boldacci, C. Tomb, P. Struck B. Lyons, B. Sharada, D. Zahniser, D. Maffei. 10-12 Miss Nesbitt 10-11 Miss Rightmire ROW 1: K. Markgraf, S. More- land, S. Coleman, M. Meiser, P. Sterling, D. Bankey, M. Po- lonus, M. McNally. ROW 2: S. Montgomery, M. Hamilton, P. Rand. C. Jarema, M. Fow- ler, N. Hopwood. ROW 3: L. Ortale, L. Ruck, J. Davies, S. Kurtz. ROW 4: R. Bailey, D. Stull, S. Henderson, E. Greene, J. Brennan, P. Keller, J. Boyd. ROW 5: T. Snyder, D. Wyatt, M. Uldricks, R. Bossart, T. Jones, S. Horowitz. ROW 1: S. Hankin, M. George, B. Blevins, C. Swager, M. Harris. ROW 2: M. Ali, B. Booth, C. Resnick, J. Bowers. ROW 3: S. Zabban. J Bourne, B. Vincent, B. Stump. ROW 4: B. Bixler, R. Albus, R. Housekeeper, L. Sharkar- ian, N. Frasier. ROW 5: C. Orth, T. Perry, J. Spiegel, D. Charnell. ROW 6: P. Weaver, C. Becher, J. Michaelson. ROW 7: B. Gillilan, R. Bies, J. Lefler, B. Frank. ROW 8: B. Bell B. Hamilton, E. Dithrich. ROW 9: W. Mc- Minn, B. Connelley, B. Bernstrom. The Y.M.C.A. progressive din- ner provided good food and pleasant company. 10-13 Miss Manning ROW 1: S. McMahon, B. Neill, S. McNeely, J. Long, C Sharp, B. Ferguson, M. Walker, A. Holtz. ROW 2: F. Reed I. Adams, J. Donoghoe, S. Cline, J. Forrester, J. Lutton, J Mansmann, B. Ellison. ROW 3: R. Whitmoyer, P. Abromo- vitz. D. Shakeshaft, G. Troy, R. Snow, A. Bastian, A. Sneden ROW 4: E. Gallagher, D. Sharratt, J. Sterling, C. Piltz, A Sharkey, D. Grahm. ROW 5: T. Cannon, H. Samrick, B Atwood. 4 aaa 10-14 Miss Hay ROW 1: K. Kimmick, M. Fonner, J. Wilson. H. Zins- master, B. Dilgen. S. Kanters, D. Shrader. ROW 2: L. Rote. L. Greenfield, B. Peck, B. Ramsey, M. McDivitt, 10-I5 Dr. Accetta ROW 1: K. Krill. F J. Rapp, J. Baggott. Henze. L. McKown, S. Kearns, J. Couser, Andamasaris, L. Nelson ROW 2: C. Morris, G S. Melrose, K. McAfee M. Schade. R. Callahan S. Vincent. R. Law. ROW 3: K. Uddstrom, B Mollerus. C. Dasher, A. Lohse. L. Auner, A Scheimer, S. Pidgeon, D. Lindsay. ROW 4: F Dierker. M. King, G. Fuss, B. Swailes. T Lucas. J. Clark, B. Helfrich, H. Donaldson. T. Phillips. 1 Lia Wetmore, J. Dorrance. ROW 3: B. Hissom, K. Barnes, . Bell, T. Alexander, B. Koynok, M. Bird, F. Tyson, . Shalvey. ROW 4: J. Stuan, R. McNally, B. Stern, . Hunter, J. Richmond, M. Herald, R. Segall, G. Hall. 10-16 Miss Curtis ROW l: J. Coletta, B. Hill, P. Comstock, J. DeLeo. ROW 2: J. Isacco, R. Linsley, P. Mack, S. Shoenberger. ROW 3: B. Goodwin, N. Kirsch, M. Nelson. P. Dinker. L. Slagle. ROW 4: A. Palmer, S. Challinor, A. Burt. V. Strod. ROW 5: T. Wollett, J. Koszarsky, W. Baird, D. Foley, G. Gerhold. ROW 6: S. Routh, B. Benz. C. Kenrick, J. Roberts, A. Boxley. ROW 7: J. Snyder, P. Lawler. A. Heidenrich. C. Haight. ..-' 10-17 Mr. Burrows ROW 1: M. Perrin, J. Renton, K. Berg, S. Kraus, M. Maeger- lein, L. Colvin, J. Fisherkeller, L. Morrison, D. Kaiser, N Paulus, N. Parker, J. Wilson, S. Fields, R. Langford, L. Wil liams, M. Sayre, L. Steining. ROW 2: W. Stowasser, B. Wray, J. Headley, D. Hogg, D. Harris, J. Detwiler, N. Heston H. Feldman, H. James, T. Hart, R. Richmond, J. Zucco, D Simon, A. Dascenzo. 128 Snow came, sanity went' I0-18 Mr. Black ROW I: M. McDrane, L. Shakarian, K. John- son, J. Colin, P. Easton, D. Hardman. ROW 2: K. Doolan, P. DeRoss, S. Caughie, S. Cus- mano, L. Schellsmith. ROW 3: A. Mallinger, M. Crisman, J. Daughenbaugh, S. Geist, N. Bromeir, M. Ashcraft. ROW 4: M. Taylor, C. Pike, S. Shannon, D. Studley. ROW 5: S. Doege, S. Gordy, R. Emerson, B. Clark. ROW 6: A. Ivanciw, B. Harbeson, C. Sewall, R. Rahn, N. Degnan. ROW 7: B. Leedy, D. Lowe, N. Posto, B. Lankford. 10-19 Mr. Zeedick ROW 1: A. Nolan, M. Drake, B. Amick, P. Kelly, D. Devlin, G. Heine, M. Hoag, D. Jones. ROW 2: C. McCutcheon, L. Read, M. Day. S. Wiant, D. Reebel, P. Bayers, L. Arapian, A. Pierce, S. Cunningham, B. Sollenberger. ROW 3: R. Fore- man, T. Knight, D. Larabee, J. Cook, D. Thompson, C. Potter, H. Smith, P. Critelli, J. Fredericks, B. Hubbard, C. Bode, B. Clifford, D. Palin, D. Oerter, K. Brunk. 10-20 Mrs. de Cervens ROW l: M. Parke, J. Gooding, C. Will, J. Miller, B. Abernathy. ROW 2: D. McCauley, A. Hackenberg A. Gallo, D. Davidson, R. Pugliese, A. Krudener, D Asti. ROW 3: K. Johnson, J. Wilson, V. Kulik, L Lauderbaugh, M. Weil. L. Blum, C. Moore, F. Wasser K. Devlin, J. Linger. ROW 4: T. Kennedy, J. Howe B. Stevens, T. Blum, J, Dickson, D. Dyson, M. Flick B. Shields. R. Walker. sxsffg., .... - it - - Sophomores missing from homeroom pictures ROW 1: T. Conomos, C. Myers, L. Morris, P. DeRoss. ROW 2: J. Rock, J. Kleffman, S. Young, B. Spooner, J. Galluze, M. Dundics ROW 3: L. Cox, T. Werlinich, B. Lapp, M Pukanic. 129 a JUNIORS STRENGTHEN FOUNDATIONS The class of '63 applied their poten- tial by cheering at football games, ap- plauding at school plays, participating in activities, and studying the Civil War, The House of Seven Gables, Boyle's Law, French grammar, and the quad- ratic formula. The ability to accept re- sponsibilities and enjoy high school life typifies the enthusiasm of the junior class. "All you need is a beard, George and youl make a perfect Santa Claus! ll-l Miss Smith ROW 1: B. Cadwallader, C. Bate- man, V. Stoody, B. Samuels, J. Stehle. ROW 2: P. Raines, J. Schroeder, E. Singer, K. Kasch. ROW 3: L. Lewis K. Smith, I. Welinsky, M. O'Malley. ROW 4: C. Harter, J. Kennedy, M. Sabom. ROW 5: S. Cornell, M. Aerni, E. Mansfield, P. Clifton. ROW 6: L. Walton, B. Wilson, R. Mussman, W. Hession. ROW 7: G Manzer, D. Barakat, J. Cunningham B. Felt, B. Leety. ROW 8: F. Lutz S. Crane, B. McKenna, B. Stevens. ll-2 Mr.Whipkey ROW l: J. Dupree, A. Stein, J. O'Dea. ROW 2: C. Newhams, J. Joseph, B. Brindle, B. Blackledge, R. Ronca. ROW 3: D. Trigg, V. Briggs, B. Evers, S. McRae, M. Folan. ROW 4: E. Johnson, D. Schwarz, C. Duff, J. Smith. ROW 5: R. Watson, J. Leonard, W. Phillips. ROW 6: R. Collins, L. Wallace, P. Osterman, R. Smith. ROW 7: R. Reiger, G. Har- rington, K. Randall, J. Caldwell. ROW 8: C. Nomack, J. McWil- liams, C. Robinson. ll-4 Mr. Raines ROW l: S. Howley, D. Long, S Jenny, J. VanAtta. ROW 2: B. Volk wein, J. Hubbell, P. Hurley, A. Mac- Featters, L. Anderson. ROW 3: B Dee, H. Marcus, C. McDivitt, G Sutherland, J. Yankura, D. Porter C. Ritter, J. Vanderbeck. ROW 4 E. Lipsman, M. Brady, M. Labovitz, J. Tracy, A. Deemer, J. Miller, D Seymour, J. Holliday, R. Hoppe, J. Monsch, D. Rile. l-1 11-3 Mr. Felich ROW 1: J. Serena, S. Sandhaus, S. Stewart, R. Gardner, P Smith, J. Woodrick, J. Wery, J. White, J. Rogers. ROW 2: D Kletter, C. Duncombe, A. Brown, G. Manesiotis, C..Her ron, D. Hicks, J. Clausen, J. Batey, G. Thomas. ROW 3 E. Pearson, S. Bernard, M. Mastro, D. Smith, B. Phinney M. Rodney, S. Lear, M. Orr. ROW 4: R. Christo, K. Mihm T. Howell, S. Forbes, F. Shor, M. Malarkey. 11-6 Miss Sipe ROW l: T. Nickeson, A. Michaud, R. Poul ton, N. Borgman, E. Ford, P. Tropp, T. Olivier. ROW 2: A. Riebel, N. Newman, M E. Haynes, J. Bacon, C. McCarthy, B. Zim- merman, S. Henderson. ROW 3: B. Fellows J. Olszewski, B. Schoedel, G. Lang, A. Ken nedy, S. Gunn, S. Dawson, N. Frysinger. ROW 4: M. Outten, D. Cumming, S. Ander- son, B. Gierhart, G. Scott, R. Somogyi. l 1-5 Mr. McCann ROW 1: G. Burkett, S. Service, N. Cicchino, D. Paulsen, J. DeSensi. ROW 2: C. Pezzino, L. Davis, L. Willis, N. Rupp. ROW 3: M. Reilly, P. Walsh, M. Halleck, F. Rogers. ROW 4: S. Plasman, C. Bauknight, J. Weaver. ROW 5: V. Hopewell, C. Wilson, J. Brant. ROW 6: L. Carr, G. Robinson, M. Brinsky, B. Burns, B. Ashby, P. Spicuzza, V. Gordy, E. Ray. ROW 7: M. Folan, B. Burnham, T. Bauman, B. Hammel. Il-7 Mr. Leiper ROW 1: B. Weiner, B. Dunbar, A. Newman, A. Long, B. Dyer. ROW 2: S. Sitomer, S. Brenner, C. Court- ney, J. MacAlister, P. Geyer. ROW 3: B. Fortwangler, B. Morton, J. Hyslop, H. Poel, G. Bellaver, L. Golomb, J. Solomon. ROW 4: S. Harper, M. Cullen, S. Fink, J. Olsen, G. Smith, Dury, G. 132 J. Douds, S. Jones, C. Pritchard, D. Haines, K. Fowler, A. Miller. ROW 5: T. Pope, B. Leety, B. Bronson, I. Rzasnieki, R. Gail, M. London, R. Pinkus. Il-8 Miss Whinnie ROW 1: B. Brick, N. Behen, M. J. Drew, B. J. Church, B Lunardini, J. Gibbons. R. Wilson, C. Lusher, R. Sarraf. D O'Hara. M. Burke, M. Cooke. M. Wurzbach, T. Brashares S. Thomas, S. Hill. J. Hammerschlag. ROW 2: F. Garrison B. Smith. T. Auer. J. Powell, R. Young, C. Schenck. L. Albrecht, J. Widmer, G. Collins, F. Maurhoff, E. Hazlett, T. Rock, G. Trever, J. Waltz. ll-9 Miss Grove ROW 1: L. Miskevics. N. Thompson. D. Rutherfoord. B. Bingham. K. Fo- ley, J. Mueller. C. Derby. ROW 2: L. Grosso, M. Brown, M. Haney, J. Collins, J. Stangl. ROW 3: B. Shall- cross. S. Additon, J. Williams. J. Mel- ham, D. Hildebrand, L. Saul, B. Uh- linger, M. Peak. ROW 4: B. Sirinek, J. Wolford, D. Hrisak, C. Lackovick, P. Thomas, R. Sneathen. T. Reed. ROW 5: E. John. J. Campbell. ROW 6: J. Headley, D. Kassekert, J. Stroke. J. Wicker, H. Wilson, D. Hoehn, K. McRitchie. "Well, girls, only one more to go! 11-10 Mr. Pagnanelli ROW 1: D. Casey, N. Roth, K. Tracy, S. Langford, J. Russell. ROW 2: C. Steverman, A. Isacco, G. Marlow, J. Anson. ROW 3 S. McElray, D. Crosson, C. Lepthien, R. Martin. ROW 4: B. Schein, L. Petterson, J. Donahoe, C. Wedel. ROW 5: B. Robinson, C. Smyth, T. Snaith, G. Wilhelm, J. Kaszycki. ROW 6: J. Ehlers, T. Heeter, T. Harris, D. Wilson, D. Williams. ROW 7: B. Buchner, B. Brady, D. Weiss, D. Stark, B. Henrick. Do you have a bobby pin?" 134 11-ll Mr. Doak ROW 1: S. Wilson, M. Wise, J. Sherbondy, P. Devlin. J. Tillson, R Solomon. ROW 2: T. Crawford, L Bishop, L. Briggs, B. DeWitt, P. Rohrs. ROW 3: T. Murphy, H. Wei- mer, G. Brown, M. Bumpus, C Smith, C. Mather, G. Beck, D. Beis- wenger, D. Sayre, B. Koopman, B Patton, L. Baier, M. Merlo, R. Berg i 'Tis the season to be jolly!" Wilcox, J. Scott ll-13 Mr. I-ladden ROW 1: M. Durkin, C. O'Connor, B. Wet- more. R. Healy, D. Williams, C. Ballantyne, W. Rollinson, G. Fedele, S. Matthews. ROW 2: K. Clever, R. Daniel, F. Mandell, J. Nor- seen, B. Brownlee, C. Black, R. Helsel, K. Stehle. R. Close. ROW 3: B. Fink, L. Mar- shall, S. Julian, C. Strandberg, J. Mayes, H. Getz, J. Bowers, R. Young. ROW 4: N. Schallus, A. McEachran, J. Copeland, W. Glasscock, M. Grove, J. Turk, R. Cross. 135 ll-12 Dr. Denbow ROW 1: C. Bentz B Fitch N Bolton C Diggans, C. Berger B Baker ROW 2 N Arburu, L. Harris C Gilbert M Napolitana N. Coulter, L. McWilliams ROW 3 B Haus L. Davis, M. Sneberger P Cmcotu ROW 4 K. Borland, D Maue J Swaney D Lyons E. Melhado, R Hill ROW 5 R Rohm J Miller, R. Holsmger A Slroyd D Teller D ll-14 Mrs. Haynes ROW 1: M. Porter, L. Clinedinst, I. Gemassmer, J Mulach. ROW 2: L. Housley, L. Evans, J. Schmidt, D Rosenberg, S. Tournay, D. Glassford. ROW 3: R. Groff J. Foldes, J. Fisher, G. Gibbs. ROW 4: J. Hills, B Skinner, J. Brashares, D. Chapman, J. Flinn. ROW 5 D. McNally, W. McCall, M. Griffith, K. Will. ROW 6 S. White, D. Haines, R. Galinat, K. Evans, J. Thoma. ROW 7: S. Timmons, S. Meinbresse, L. Cramer, D Stoneberg. ll-15 Mr. Kline ROW 1: L. DelBianco, S. Dennis, J. Luxbacher, D. Resnick, J. Curran, M. McGrath, G. Crofford. ROW 2: S. Ma.xwell, N. O'Dell, A. Papalas, C. Wood, A. Dil- lon, J. Chamberlain, N. Meury. ROW 3: R. Ruben, J. Simpson, R. Davia, E. Shoemaker, R. Morris, R. Burger, J. Kaley, B. Dunkel, J. Erskine, D. Morris, D. Frame, M. Curry, D. Goodrich, B. Burr, B. Williams. 136-110 ll-16 Miss Roegge ROW 1: S. Hoar, C. Klebe, E. Neishloss, G. Springer. ROW 2: R. Elborne, G. Fahnestock, M. Harding, J. Kascal, R. Muller. ROW 3: L. Bengston, L. Edwardsen, T. Hancock, B. Keslar, M. Mohl. ROW 4: K. Blackwell, C. Baker, L. Curtis, W. Goodlin, D. Kerber, J. Brown. ROW 5: K. Andrews, J. Campbell, B. Golden, P. Jenkins, C. Miller. ROW 6: L. Satler, S. Parr. J. Buncher, S. Liadis, P. Schaaf, J. Hulsberg. ll-17 Mr. Isler ROW 1: D. Close. C. Emonds. R. Fife, B. Peterman, B. Reynolds, S. Novak, P. Racculia. ROW 2: J. Whitehouse, T. Polosky, D. Knapp, J. McGunagle, R. Larson, B. Hoon. ROW 3: T. Toon, B. McKain, R. Kanarack, M. O'Brian, S. Alexandre. ROW 4: V. Stabile. C. Sandberg, R. Hofmann, B. Anderson, J. Perr, K. Dilling, E. Robinson. ROW 5: N. Mullin, T. Kaye, P. Albus. T. Giordano, B. Downing. S. Fetterman. "Ready, aim, fire! Juniors missing from homeroom pic- tures: ROW l: B. Don, P. Seidel, C. DiGregrio, M. Beach, V. Wiehn, J. Yagello. ROW 2: A. Young, C. Boyd, B. Bates, T. Falck, D. Wood, P. Paolicelli. ROW 3: F. Jones, E. Weber. -3 164 if fi if l . ,A I ff, Q D, X' QPWWQQQQL WW wg VgpLNxN5WR6fgk Q"w Ogy,,x'i.DwvxgP XM PM U ae mifiwwwwkwgw XQWW ww SENIORS 9 W ,A --,Hi , -W iff...-4-. ,.,L,.....i...4......i.....-...L .i iwdi, , ,f Y, L , . ROY FRANKLIN ABERNETHY ELLIOT MARK ABRAMS PHYLLIS RITA ABROMOVITZ HELENA LEE ADKINS MARTIN ERIC ADLER G. REED AGNEW JOHN TIMOTHY ALBUS JEAN KATHRYN ALEXANDER MARY ELLEN ALEXANDER RAYMOND N. ALI, JR. 140 BARBARA JEANNE ALTMAN KAINOOSH F. AMIRJAKED CATHY ANN ANDERSON MARY ELIZABETH ANDERSON PAUL V. ANDERSON ROBERT UDDEN ANDERSON GEARY RICHARD ANDREWS DREW G. ANTHON GRETCHEN ELIZABETH APP JOAN LOUISE ARCHER DONALD L. ARCHIBALD HOWARD LLOYD ARMSTRONG ALICE JEANNE ARTH al. GEORGE ERNEST ASPIOTE BARBARA SUE BABB DREW HARRISON BACHMAN Sf -SL H ix ' NTT? 'Sf . . SSM . V 1-M ' Ei. 1 - rf-vs my ii- Q ., ,Q if E 5 - Q 141 DAVID A. BAKER ANN BANKS CAROL ANN BARNES DIANE ELIZABETH BAUER MARY JO ANN BAUGHMAN ROBERT S. BAYERS ELIZABETH A. BEARDSHALL ROBERT WHITE BEAZLEY WILLIAM W. BECK 3 ROBERT E. BENNETT P JOHN RUMBAUGH BERG SANDRA LEE BERG CAROL ANN BETZLER JANE H. BEYER "Come on, you Blue Devils! KATHRYN ROBY BINGHAM LINDA ANN BIRGE SUSAN ANN BRETZ JO ANNE BROSHAR FREDERIK BRUHN-PETERSEN MARGARET ELLEN BRUNK BRUCE M. BRUNSWICK KAREN BUNDY ROBERT EDWARD BURDICK RANDOLPH D. BURROUGHS KATHERINE BIRRIS BARBARA SUSAN BISHOP JOHN FREDERIC BLUM NANCY LOUISE BOCK CYNTHIA SUE BOGMAN JEROME A. BOKAN MELISSA HOWARD BOOTH DOUGLAS RAYMOND BOOZ CHRISTINA G. BORGERDING ARLEEN MAE BOURNE MICHAEL ARTHUR BOURNE HARRY M. BOYER DAVID BRAGDON MARY CAREN BRAMMER JAMES CARL BREIER SUSAN ANN BRETTHOLLE VIRGINIA BURROWS BARBARA A. BUTTERWORTH MARY JO BUTTON JAMES CRAIG CAMERON NANCY JUNE CAMERON DANIEL EDWARD CAMPBELL MARDA BETH CAMPBELL MARTHA LYNN CAMPBELL JAMES LEE CAPPE Ax I 1 SHARYN MADELEINE CASEY NANCY ANN CI-IADEK f A , I A " I", MARY ADELINE CARDELLO I 1 A Y: DANIEL L. CARROLL I , ': "' GRETCHEN BOYD CARTER COURTLAND CHANDLEE RONALD JAY CHAPPELL I ROBERT T. CHILCOAT "1 - 9 - 6 - 2, we're on the beam!" KATHRYN J. CHIVERS RONALD GLENN CLARK BARBARA LEE CLINTON CHARLES HILEMAN COBAUGH KENNETH LEE COLEMAN FRANK W. CONCILUS NANCY JEAN CONLAN RONALD FRANCIS CONLEY WILLIAM JOSEPH CONLEY THOMAS ARTHUR COPELAND FREDRIC N. COUCH BRUCE MacLEAN COULL ROBERT CLEMENT CRAIG ' EMILY SUSAN CRISSMAN LYNNE SCOTT CROFFORD JANICE ELIZABETH CROUCH BENJAMIN S. CULBERTSON DIANE ELAINE CUSMANO LESLIE LYNNE DALE JAMES A. DANIELL MARJORIE RUTH DASHER PAUL C. DAU DIANE M. DAUGHERTY CAROL BUTLER DAVIS DAVID S. DAVIS KEVIN DAVIS DOUGLAS LEE DAVIS ARLENE CAROLYN DAWSON CORA SUSAN DEAL BONNIE CAROL DEAN JOHN DEERING DONALD PAUL DELISI E v ,xv MW -'Vg Y- if H-of ARLENE LILLIAN DEMARET FRANCES ANN DEMPSEY THEODORE J. DENGLER DOUGLAS MERCER DENHOLM NANCY ELIZABETH DETWILER RICHARD R. DEWEES JULIE DIEKMANN WILLIAM JOHN DILLNER, JR. 145 Cy "All together now, lift iLY. --A - GEORGE L. DILLON JUDI COY DIMOCK ANN HAYWARD DINNEEN SARAH K. DISPENNETT DAVID EAKINS DISQUE JAMES STARKE DITTMAR EDWARD JOEL DOBKIN JERILYN ALICE DONAHOE SUZANNE DONALDSON GEORGETTA DANZIGER 146 THOMAS LAWRENCE DOORLEY BARBARA JEAN DORE LINDA B. DOWNING GAIL WOLVERTON DOYLE DOROTHY GRACE DRISKO PAMELA CAROLYN DUGAN STEWART EARLY KENNETH B. EARNHARDT, IR. BONNIE LU EHLERS HENRY ARROTT EHLERS RICHARD HUGH ELLIOTT IRENE LESLIE EMERY C. CLEMENT ENGLISH. III JAMES WILLIS EVANS, JR. SUSAN DEAN EVANS DIANE ELIZABETH FAIR FRAN FALORIO +I LILLIAN JEAN FASSETT MICHAEL SEAN FAWCETT JANE ANNE FERGUSON LEIGH ANTHONY FERRY MICHAEL DOUGLAS PERSON CARMELA ANN FINELLI MARTHA ELIZABETH FISCHER PAMELA MARY WARD FISH LINDA LEE FITCH E35 S5 KATHLEEN ANN FLAHERTY I JANE MILLICENT FLEMM f A A' JEAN CHRISTY FOCER I I if , , ,L '- , MARY ANN ELIZABETH FOLEY I T 1 DEMETRIA JOANNE FORTUNES , Z, f 5 " . A f' RONALD G, Fouss , AR, I 'hr- "Who says Halloween is just for the little kids?" VIVIAN GREENLEE JAMES KIRKLAND GREER II GEORGIA ANNE GRIBSCHAW N. MIRIAM GROVE PEGGY LEE GUINTHER SARA JOAN HACKENBERG CHARLOTTE MARIAN HAHN GEORGE STEINER HAIGHT III 'we 9-X 148 JAMES H. FREILAND JOHN MAGEE FROELICH BARBARA JOAN FULTON JOHN GABRENAS KAREN LYNN GAIO ROBERT M. GALLUP ANDREA LEE GAMBLE CHARLES DENNIS GARDNER ROBERT GEORGE GEESEMAN JANET ANNE GEIST BETSY GESSLER HARRIET ELIZABETH GOOD J. ROBERT GRAVES ALEXANDER B. GRAY SUSAN JANE GREENBERG JANICE GREENFIELD BILLIE HANKINS KAREN LOUISE HANLY MARJORIE KAY HARNESS BRUCE GUSTAVE HARRIS ROBERT WAYNE HARRIS DEBORAH HARTSOUGH NATHANIEL JOHN HAWKE JEANNE GEORGETTE HEID EDWARD DOUGLAS HENRICKS BILL HERALD GEOFFREY BERNARD HERON MARY ANN HERR THOMAS HICKMAN BEATRICE VIRGINIA HAINES ALFRED E. HAMILTON MYRON HAMILTON REGINA LOUISE HAMILTON SUSAN KAY HANKE Golden Eames kindle thoughts of the future. JAMIE HIESTAND ANDY L. HILL KAY HILL HILDEGARDE J. HOFFMANN JOAN ANN HOFRICHTER X QNANNA MAE EIOGAN QU simili- KA I 1'Z,,'pOxlMiT gyguw A Q 0,6 was of HN XX xy , Q , QP SARALYNNTJEAN HOGG CHARLOTTE ANN HOOVER JUDITH ANN HOOVER DIANE STANTON HOPWOOD NEIL LAUCK HOUGHTON M. JEAN HOUSEKEEPER NANCY LEE HOUSER NANCY LOUISE I-IOVORKA JOHN DAVID HOWE LAMARA JOY HUGO CARTER HULSE RICHARD FRANK HURWITZ CYNTHIA ANN HUSSING CHARLES DANIEL IAMS CLAUDIA ANN IRWIN THOMAS NEILL JACKSON WILLIAM ASKEW JACKSON JUDITH KAY HOUSEKEEPER FRANCES SIMCOE JACOB MARY ROSE JARVIS JOHN RICHARD JOHNSON DAVE PAUL JONES PEGGY LOU JONES RICHARD FRANK JONES KAREN BARBARA JORDAN PHILIP MURRAY JUDGE 1 JAMES ALAN KANTERS ELIZABETH G. KAPP ELLEN SIM KARNOFSKY BONITA JEAN KELLER o ' l Chatter and laughter enliven a holiday open house. EDWARD A. KELLER EDWARD J. KEMP NATALIE ANN KEMPA xl ELIZABETH JEAN KENNEY 151 The Seniors honored Sue Oram and Dave Kla- ber both for their leadership qualities and for being the best all-around students. The Senior Class honored Lynne Ricca and Rick Toucey for their enthusiastic school support and spirit. OUT- STANDING Selected by the Class of '62 for their work in student activities, Babs Seamans and Dave Manoogian worked continuously and partici- pated diligently in school functions. ni I I Honored for their high scholastic achievement throughout high school were Sandi Moore and John Martin. Gretchen Carter and Bob Bennett were chosen as best in sportsmanship on the basis of com- petitive spirit, a sense of fair play, and partici- pation in sports. SEN I ORS W. , ' ' cd mfca-mf m1fm-W6 Lrflyzg wizyivgyhalff-ujliymuwczim WW' WL,gfC, ,521 f1'll7Xlf5M14fJT"5mj, my :cl In M6 aww. .36 fowl, gf, ton won places as seniors with outstanding creative ability. Kip Weldon and Anne Whar Barb Clinton and Bruce Coull were selected as the friendliest seniors. 153 DIANE LYNN KENNGOTI' SUSAN LEIGH KERR PEGGY ANN KESSLER A THOMAS KIEFER JR CONSTANCE LOUISE KILB MARTHA JEAN KIMMEL MARGUERITE G. KIMPEL DAVID GEORGE KLABER DIANE M. KLINE PAULA MASON KLUG 154 RICHARD HAINES KOEHLER RICHARD SHELLEY KOLIN DAVID J. KOZMA ROBERT L. KNOWLES PENELOPE GAYE KRABER JACQUELINE SUE KRAMER ALICE LOUISE KULZER JEFF CHARLES KUMER IVAN N. KUNIC KENNETH JOHN KURTZ KATHLEEN FRANCES LALLY CAROL JEAN LAMMERT sk SUSAN LOUISE LAMMERT SUSAN JEAN LAMONT LOUISE M. LANFRANKIE - ANN RUSSELL LANGRETH JONATHAN WILSON LARKIN PRISCILLA ANN LARSON 'Y DOUGLAS LATHAM LASHLEY as- 'S CHARLOTTE SUSAN LATIMER GEORGE DeWITT LAUERMAN EDWARD W. LAUFFER BARRY LYNN LAVERY RICHARD WARREN LAYTON GARY WILLIAM LEACH SUSAN JEAN LEFLER PATRICIA ANN LEPTHIEN ALEXANDER LEWIS II1 MARTHA ANNE LEWIS f Ak A I - .. I- A .1 ' 'L as vw "Hurry up, the snow is melting!" ROSITA LIBENSON JOHN WILLIAM LINDSEY KATHRYN L. LLEWELLYN ELIZABETH MABLE MARTINI FRANK RICHARD MASTON, JR. RONALD JOSEPH MATIS MARTIN MAYNARD MATZ NANCY ANN MAYBERRY ELLEN B. MCARTHUR CHERYL DIANE MCCANN JAMES BRYCE-MCCASLIN JAMES EDWARD LYNCH AMY JEAN MacDONALD JUDITH ELAINE MacDONALD RICHARD E. MacINTYRE MARGARET KNOX MACKAY JOHN NICHOLAS MAGER DWIGHT MAGOWAN, JR. CYNTHIA E. MANDELLX JUDITH ANN MANGAN DAVID E. MANOOGIAN VAN JOHNSTON MANUEL SONJA ANNE MARMONT WILLARD W. MARR JOHN CALHOUN MARTIN MARILYN MAE MARTIN SANDRA ELIZABETH MARTIN JEFFREY NICHOL MCCOLLUM JANET BARCLAY MCCORMICK SUSAN JEAN MCCOLM SUSAN D. MCCOY MICHAEL G. MCCREADY SAMUEL ARTHUR MCCROSSIN WILLIAM KIRK MCGARRY MARGARET HELEN McKEE MICHAEL LLOY McKEE CLIFFORD BRUCE MCMILLAN GAY MCMILLEN WILLIAM ROTHWELL MCNALLY MARGARET ANN' MERCER The foreign exchange students enjoy the Amer-H ican fall scenery. KENNETH ALLEN MCKEEN PAMELA JUNE MCKINLEY LYNN MCLEISTER 1.11-1111 urn n 'u1mgmr GRANT ROBERT MEYERS CHARLANNE ANNE MICHAUD JULIE M. MOFFITT MARY ALICE MOONEY MARILYN MOORE MARTHA ROBERTA MOORE SANDRA MOORE STEPHEN WALTER MOORE ROSALIE MORAN JOHN AYERS MORRIS CAROLE A. MORTON 'X VIRGINIA ANN MORTON JUDITH LYNNE MYERS PATRICIA JANE MYERS JOHN WILLIAM NEGELE JAMES E. NELSON 158 RONALD A. PATTERSON ERIC MAURICE PEARLMAN CAROL WYNNE PETERSON DAVID HUTCHINSON PHILLIPS DAVID L. NICHOLAS JULIA ELIZABETH NICHOLAS PRISCILLA JANE NICHOLS NANCY FRENCH NOLAN MARIKATE O'CONNOR RUTH KATHLEEN OERMANN WILLIAM L. OFFUTI' SUSAN JANE ORAM ADELE P. ORR SUSAN LYNN OSBORN CAROL ANNE OSWALT WILLIAM JOHN PARKER BEN G. PARSONS DONALD OSCAR PARSONS JOHN S. PASUIT CAROLYN ANN PATNESKY ww MW9 W MARY KAREN PHILLIPS JOHN CARL POSTELLON JOHN R. POTTER MARY CHRISTINE PRUITT NICHOLAS C. PSILOS SHIRLEY ANN PYLE CAROL FLICKA RAHN KARLEE KAREN REBER MARIA REVESZ LYNN RECTOR WILLIAM PATRICK REYNOLDS NORMA PAULINE REICHARD LYNNE CAROL RICCA WILLIAM RUSSEL RICHARDS WARREN S. RILEY SALLY ANN RINGHAM BEVERLY MARIE RITONIA RUTH ANN ROACH THOMAS WILLIAM ROBB GORDON ADAMS ROE JAMES HARRY ROESSLE DAVID ROSENBLATI' ANNA LINDA ROTE ,ff WAYNE ALLAN ROWSWELL LINDA LAURA RUPP EDMOND V. RUSS PATRICIA .JEAN SABLE EDWARD FRANCIS SABOM DAVID JOHN SAMEK JAMES R. SANNER, JR. JACK SARACCO - FREDERIC BLAINE SARGENT ROBERT D. SATTERFIELD SUE ANNE SAWVEL MIRIAM LEE SCHAEFERS l.,' PETER LEWIS SCHENK MEL F. SCHLENTNER RICHARD M. SCHWARTZ L! y D74 'WML BETH DIANE SCHWEINSBERG "Oh, boy, I'm accepted! SHAREN J. SCOTT ALBERTA LOUISE SCUTELIS 17 I .Lg- 17 JANE CHRISTIE SMITH ROBERT H. SMITH TIMOTHY CLARKE SMITH WILLIAM GILBERT SOLER JUNE MARGARET SORG LILLIAN H. SOWA JOHN JAY SOWKO ANN SPARKS BARBARA LU SEAMANS KAREN MILLER SEAY MARGARET ANN SENZ MARCIA LEE SERVICE JOSEPH ANTHONY SHAFER KAREN ANN SHEAN LAWRENCE G. SHEKELL ANN CLARKE SHERMAN SUZANNE JANE SHOEMAKER PATRICIA GILLIS SHORE REGGIE SHORT WILLIS A. SIEGFRIED JAY LEE SLAUGHENHOUPT BARBARA JANET SMITH CLYDE NELSON SMITH ELIZABETH JEAN SMITH P F ? CHARLES A. SPRING JAMES F. STEIN PAUL JAMES STEIN JAMES HOWARD STEPHENS MARSHA LYNN STERLING SANDRA SIMPSON STERLING WILLIAM STERN SCUDDER GEORGIA STEVENS THOMAS F. STEVENSON HOPE STEVERMAN LINDA GENE STEWART JOHN F. STONEBERG STEVEN J. STRONG EDWARD M. STAFFORD EDWARD LEE STAHL MICHAEL ALBERT STANCHAK SUSAN RAE STAPLIN Bermuda shorts and ragtime music added spirit to Lebo's basketball games. i.A BARBARA JEAN STUDLEY JACK KENNETH SUTTER JOHN JOSEPH SWEENEY BEVERLY ANN SWOISH NANCY JEAN TARR KATHLEEN L. TAYLOR GAYLE SHIRLEY THOMAS KAREN THOMAS PAMELA LEE THOMAS PAMELA SEWALL THOMPSON BETHANN THORNBURGH GEORGE JOSEPH THURANSKY FLORENCE J. JOANN TOPERZER JOSEPH JULIUS TOTH RICHARD M. TOUCEY, JR. CONSTANCE L. TRAGESSER THOMAS G. TRETHEWEY ARTHUR D. TRIPP III WENDY CLARE TURNER JOYCE MARGARET TUTTY BARBARA LEE ULLMANN FERDINAND E. VAN HULTEN CARIN LEE VOGEL 164 A CLAIRE E. VON STOCKER BARBARA BETH WAGNEB1- FREDERICK EARL WALLIN MARSHA HELEN WALSH ROBERT J. WATCHORN ROBERT JEROME WATERS GEORGE THOMAS WATT EDWARD WILLIAM WEIL is ingot LJ, LAURIE ANN WEISBROD LEWIS C. WELDON, JR. CHRISTINE ANNE WELLNER BRUNHILD CARMEN WENKE KURT WENTLEL SUSAN DIANE WESTERMAN JAMES E. WHITE ANN JANE WHARTON 165 Dan Carrol prepares to send his ball shooting down the alley towards a strike. RAYMOND JOSEPH WHITEMAN BEVERLY REIS WHITMAN E I I if 2, Y . 2 'V 4 CAROL GLADYS WIAN CONSTANCE MARIE WICKEN I Oi? if 5 , VIRGINIA CLARANQDMER' ij Q w' Pittsburgh at twilight provides a panorama of urban beauty. 5' -Ax x f'J Ein ROBERT DAVID WIETHORN CHARLES BARTON WILL JEAN MA L. TQIIIEST C 5 EQ D 1 166 I I E.- JUDITH E. WILLIAMS KATHLEEN ANNE WILLIAMS CATHERINE NANCY WILLINGHAM ,A -N. nf ms, .fi CANDACE COLVIN WILLISON SUSAN PARAMORE WILSON MINNA JOY WINDER PAMELA ARLENE WOLFF 4? Sw . MARCIA WOOD PHYLLIS ANN YEAGER GILBERT ALAN YOUNG JUDITH WALLACE YOUNG GEORGE MITCHELL YOUNGLING STEWART ZEDEL Senior twisters unwind after a big game SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY ROY FRANKLIN ABERNETHY Intramural Sports, Golf, Honor Roll, Boys' Quartet, Homeroom Off., Ten- nis, Orchestra, Physics. ELLIOT MARK ABRAMS Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Explor- er Scouts, Boys' Pep, Physics, Ways and Means. PHYLLIS RITA ABROMOVITZ Volleyball, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lan- tern. HELENA LEE ADKINS Chorus, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, H.M.S. Pinafore. MARTIN ERIC ADLER Intramural Sports, Cross Country, Boys' Information, Track, J.V. Track, Honor Roll, Devilette, Lantern Editor, Solid Gold Cadillac. G. REED AGNEW Intramural Sports, Track, J.V. Track, J.V. Football, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep. JOHN TIMOTHY ALBUS Intramural Sports, Boys' Pep. JEAN KATHRYN ALEXANDER Activities Key, Devilette, G.A.A., F.T.A. Treasurer, Honor Roll, Girls' Pep, Log Literary Editor, Red Cross. MARY ELLEN ALEXANDER Devilette, F.T.A., Honor Roll, Log, Lantern, Lost and Found, Library, N.F.L., Spanish Club. RAYMOND NICHOLIS ALI, JR. Intramural Sports, Boys' Pep, Boys' Usher. BARBARA JEANNE ALTMAN F.T.A., G.A.A., Spanish Club. KAINOOSH FATEMEH AMIRJAHED American Field Service, Girls' Pep. CATHY ANN ANDERSON Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Hon- or Award, Honor Roll, Leaders' Club Treasurer, Log Business Manager, Girls' Pep, Medical, Library. MARY ELIZABETH ANDERSON Activities Key, Art, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Library, Make-up, Medical, Sigma Y-Teens Off. PAUL V. ANDERSON Football. ROBERT UDDEN ANDERSON Intramural Basketball, Cross Country Manager, Track Manager, Boys' Glee Club, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lantern. GEARY RICHARD ANDREWS Football, J.V. Football, Swimming, Honor Roll. DREW G. ANTHON Intramural Sports, Basketball, J.V. Basketball, Homeroom Off., Home- room Programs, Boys' Pep Squad, Spanish Club, Boys' Usher. GRETCHEN ELIZABETH APP F.N.A., G.A.A., Medical, Girls' Pep, Spanish Club. JOAN LOUISE ARCHER Field Hockey, Volleyball, Attendance, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Hon- or Roll, Log Classes, Girls' Pep. DONALD LINSLEY ARCHIBALD Boys' Pep, Ways and Means. HOWARD LLOYD ARMSTRONG Intramural Sports, Honor Roll, Boys' Pep, Projection. ALICE JEANNE ARTH Bulletin Board Squad, Chorus, G.A.A., Rockettes. GEORGE ERNEST ASPIOTE Projection. BARBARA SUE BABB G.A.A., Honor Roll, Girls' Informa- tion Squad, Log, Library, Medical. DREW HARRISON BACHMAN Intramural Sports, Wrestling, Home- room Off. DAVID A. BAKER Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Boys' Pep, Chorus, Chemistry. ANN BANKS F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Lost and Found, Ways and Means, Publicity, Spanish Club. CAROL ANN BARNES G.A.A., Homeroom Programs, Honor Roll, Lantern, Lost and Found, Li- brary, Medical, Red Cross, Rockettes. DIANE ELIZABETH BAUER G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Alpha Y- Teens. MARY JO ANN BAUGHMAN Rilie, Devilette, Log, Library, Girls' Pep, Medical. ROBERT S. BAYERS Activities Key, J.V. Cross Country, Track, Band, Biology, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Ways and Means. ELIZABETH ANNE BEARDSHALL Attendance Co-chrmn., G.A.A., Hon- or Roll, Homeroom Off., Log, Lantern Circulation Manager, Library, Ways and Means, Rockettes. ROBERT WHITE BEAZLEY Intramural Sports, J.V. Basketball. WILLIAM W. BECK Intramural Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Boys' Glee Club, Parking, Boys' Pep. ROBERT E. BENNETT Advisory Council, Baseball, Basket- ball, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Boys' Pep, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, President Student Congress. JOHN RUMBAUGH BERG Intramural Basketball, J.V. Track, Wrestling, Boys' Glee Club, Home- room Off., Honor Roll, Boys' Pep. SANDRA LEE BERG Volleyball, Varsity Cheerleaders, J.V. Cheerleaders, Decorating Squad, Log, Devilette, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll. CAROL ANN BETZLER F.T.A., G.A.A., Girls' Information, Library, Teacher's Secretary. JANE H. 'BEYER Honor Roll, Delta Y-Teens, Teacher's Secretary. KATHRYN ROBY BINGHAM Attendance, Chorus, G.A.A., Red Cross Secretary, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Rockettes, Sigma Y-Teens Secretary. 168 LINDA ANN BIRGE F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Log, Library, Medical, Girls' Pep Squad. KATHERINE BIRRIS Activities Key, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Log Classes Staff, Girls' Pep Student Dir., Sigma Y-Teens Off. BARBARA SUSAN BISHOP G.A.A., Honor Roll, Library. JOHN FREDERIC BLUM Baseball, Swimming, Homeroom Off., Boys' Pep, Boys' Usher. NANCY LOUISE BOCK F.N.A., G.A.A., Lost and Found, Girls' Pep, Library, Medical. CYNTHIA SUE BOGMAN Honor Award Committee, Girls' Pep, Lost and Found, Mounty, Ways and Means. JEROME A. BOKAN Rifle, Honor Roll. MELISSA HOWARD BOOTH Advisory Council, Attendance, Check Room Co-chrmn., Decorating, Home- room Off., Log, Honor Roll, Girls' Pep, Ways and Means. DOUGLAS RAYMOND BOOZ Gymnastics, J.V. Track, Cafeteria Host, Log, Boys' Pep. CHRISTINA GRACE BORGERDING G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Leaders' Club, Medical, Girls' Pep Chrmn. MICHAEL ARTHUR BOURNE Intramural Sports, Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Boys' Pep, Christmas Play. MARY CAREN BRAMMER Cafeteria Hostess, Debate, G.A.A., Library, Medical, N.F.L., Life with Father, Solid Gold Cadillac, Thespians. JAMES CARL BREIER Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Dispatch- er, Honor Roll, Boys' Pep. SUSAN ANN BRETTHOLLE Decorating, Deviletre, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Information, Log, Rock- ettes. SUSAN ANN BRETZ G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Mounty, Rockettes. FREDERIK BRUHN-PETERSON American Field Service, Intramural Sports, Tennis, Honor Roll. MARGARET ELLEN BRUNK F.T.A., G.A.A., Make-up, Girls' Pep, Ways and Means. BRUCE MARSHALL BRUNSWICK Wrestling, Boys' Usher. KAREN BUNDY Attendance, F.N.A., G.A.A., Home- room Off., Homeroom Prog. RANDOLPH DRAKE BURROUGHS Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Home- room OIT., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Boys' Information, Physics. VIRGINIA BURROWS Attendance, F.N.A., Homeroom Off., Hospitality, H.M.S. Pinafore, Solid Gold Cadillac, Public Address, Thes- pians, Triple Trio. BARBARA ALICE BUTTERWORTH G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern Ed., Teacher's Sec. MARY JO BUTTON Activities Key and Guard, Chorus Student Dir., N.F.I.. Co-chrm., Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., M.M.M. Vice- Pres., Oklahoma Student Dir., Triple Trio Student Dir., Christmas Program Choral Dir. JAMES CRAIG CAMERON Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Boys' Ushers, United Fund Comm. Chrm. NANCY JUNE CAMERON Attendance, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lan- tern Co-editor, Library, Publicity Chrm. DAN EDWARD CAMPBELL Spanish Club, Ways and Means. MARDA BETH CAMPBELL Chorus, Homeroom Prog., N.F.L., Ways and Means. MARTHA LYNN CAMPBELL Check Room, Chorus, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Triple Trio. JAMES LEE CAPPE Intramural Sports, Explorer Scouts, Boys' Pep. MARY ADELINE CARDELLO Volleyball, G.A.A., Lost and Found. DANIEL L. CARROLL Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, Track, J.V. Track, "B" Wrestling, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Boys' Pep. GRETCHEN BOYD CARTER Volleyball, Attendance, G.A.A., Hon- or Roll, Girls' Information, Leaders' Club Sec., Pres., Log, Library, Girls Pep. SHARYN MADELYNE CASEY Field Hockey, F.N.A., F.T.A. NANCY ANN CHADEK Attendance, Devilette, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Pep, Scenery, Y-Teens Off. COURTLAND CHANDLEE Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Ushers, Cafeteria. RONALD JAY CHAPPELL Intramural Sports, Football, J.V. Foot- ball, J.V. Track, "B" Wrestling, Wres- tling, Boys' Pep. ROBERT TALMADGE CHILCOAT Ritle, Boys' Glee, Boys' Quartet, Cho- rus, Boys' Pep, H.M.S. Pinafore, Ok- lalzoma, Solid Gold Cadillac, Photog- raphy Assistant. KATHRYN J. CHIVERS G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Pep, Solid Gold Cadillac, Rockettes, Ma- jorettes, Scenery. BARBARA LEE CLINTON Advisory Council, Cheerleader, J.V. Cheerleader, Costume, Decorating, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information. CHARLES HILEMAN COBAUGH J.V. Basketball, Basketball, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Boys' Pep. KENNETH LEE COLEMAN Activities Key, Intramural Sports, Wrestling, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Boys' Pep Co-chrm., Social Comm. FRANK W. CONCILUS Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Foot- ball, Homeroom OIT., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Orchestra. NANCY JEAN CONLAN Band, Check Room, Devilette, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Lost and Found, Library, Y-Teens. RONALD FRANCIS CONLEY Intramural Sports. WILLIAM JOSEPH CONLEY Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, "B" Wrestling, Cafeteria Dispatcher, Homeroom Prog. THOMAS ARTHUR COPELAND Chorus, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log Literary Staff, Mounty Ed. Asst., Student Guidance Council. FREDRIC N. COUCH Intramural Sports, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Honor Roll, Boys' Pep, H.M.S. Pinafore, Oklahoma, Ticket Comm. BRUCE MacLEAN COULL Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Foot- ball, J.V. Track, Track, Honor Roll, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Home- room Prog., Boys' Pep. ROBERT CLEMENT CRAIG Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep. EMILY SUSAN CRISSMAN G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Library, Girls' Pep, Rockettes. LYNNE SCOTT CROFFORD Devilette, F.H.A., F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Award Chrm., Honor Roll, Y- Teens. JANICE ELIZABETH CROUCH G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Qward, Honor Roll, Medical, Girls' ep. BENJAMIN SCOTT CULBERTSON Intramural Sports, Band, Boys' Pep. DIANE ELAINE CUSMANO Gymnastics, G.A.A. LESLIE LYNNE DALE Decorating, Devilette, G.A.A., Girls' Pep, Library, Teacher's Sec. JAMES A. DANIELL Baseball, Basketball, Football, Chem- istry, Decorating, Homeroom OIT., glomeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Boys' ep. MARJORIE RUTH DASHER F.N.A., Ride, Honor Roll, Girls' Pep, Spanish Club. PAUL C. DAU Intramural Sports, Devotional, Home- room Prog., Boys' Pep, Boys' Usher. 169 DIANE MARGARET DAUGHERTY Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Library, Girls' Pep, Oklahoma, Properties, Y- Teens. CAROL BUTLER DAVIS Igeld Hockey Capt., Choral Accomp., .A.A. DOUGLAS LEE DAVIS Intramural Sports, Basketball, French Club, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep. KEVIN P. DAVIS Honor Roll ARLENE CAROLYN DAWSON F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Library, Mounty, Girls' Pep, Red Cross, Teach- er's Secretary. CORA SUSAN DEAL Attendance, Decorating, Devilette Chrm., F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Lan- tern Ed., Girls' Pep, Teacher's Sec., Properties. BONNIE CAROL DEAN F.N.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Chorus, Medical. DONALD PAUL DELISI Activities Key, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Boys' Information Chrm., Log Sports Editor, Boys' Pep, Physics. ARLENE LILLIAN DEMARET F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Information, Medical, Girls' Pep. FRANCES ANN DEMPSEY Activities Key, Costume, Decorating, Devilette, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log. THEODORE J. DENGLER Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Honor Roll, Devotional Choir, Devotional, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Boys' Information, Physics. DOUGLAS MERCER DENHOLM Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Physics, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep, H.M.S. Pinafore. NANCY ELIZABETH DETWILER Devotional, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Log Classes Staff, Library, Oklahoma, Triple Trio. RICHARD REDINGTON DEWEES Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, Mounty Ed. Asst., Orchestra. JULIE DIEKMANN Field Hockey, G.A.A., Homeroom Otf., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Library, Girls' Pep, Leaders' Club, Y-Teens. WILLIAM JOHN DILLNER, JR. Intramural Sports, Swimming, Band, Boys' Pep. GEORGE L. DILLON Activities Key, Chemistry, Honor Roll. Devotional, Mounty Co-ed., N.F.L., Solid Gold Cadillac. JUDI cov DIMOCK F.N.A., Library, Medical, Girls' Pep, Teacher's Sec. ANN HAYWARD DINNEEN Ritle, Check Room, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Log, Lost and Found, Orchestra, Girls' Pep. SARAH KATHRYN DISPENNETI' Chorus, F.H.A. Pres., Homeroom Off., M.M.M. DAVE EAKINS DISQUE Cafeteria, Log, Boys' Usher. JAMES STARKE DITTMAR Activities Key, J.V. Cross Country, Cross Country Capt., J.V. Track, Track, Devotional, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Orchestra. EDWARD JOEL DOBKIN Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. JERILYN ALICE DONAHOE Devotional, Gymnastics, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, Make-up Chrm., Girls' Pep, Our Town. SUZANNE DONALDSON Devilette, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Girls' Pep, Scenery. THOMAS LAWRENCE DOORLEY Achievement Comm. Chrm., Activi- ties Key, J.V. Football, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Solid Gold Cadillac, Christmas Play, Spanish Club Pres., Studio. BARBARA JEAN DORE Debate, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lost and Found, N.F.L. LINDA B. DOWNING Gymnastics, Chorus, Devilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog. GAIL WOLVERTON DOYLE Girls' Pep. DOROTHY GRACE DRISKO G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Award, Red Cross, Rockettes. PAMELA CAROLYN DUGAN Cafeteria Hostess, Deviletre, G.A.A. STEWART EARLY J.V. Cross Country, Swimming, Ten- nis, Band, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Boys' Pep, Physics, Red Cross Co. Rep. KENNETH BROCKETT EARNHARDT, JR. Intramural Sports, Varsity Cross Country, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Honor Roll, Boys' Pep. BONNIE LU EHLERS Activities Key and Guard, Advisory Council, Devotional, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information Co- chrrg., Log Classes Staff, Triple Trio, Ban . HENRY ABBOTT EHLERS Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, J.V. Track, Band, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep, Boys' Ushers. RICHARD HUGH ELLIOTT J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Foot- ball, J.V. Track, Track, Band, Deco- rating, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep. IRENE LESLIE EMERY G.A.A., Girls' Pep, Ways and Means. CHARLES CLEMENT ENGLISH III J .V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Track, Boys' Glee Club, Cap and Gown, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog. JAMES WILLIS EVANS, JR. Activities Key, Advisory Council, In- tramural Sports, Debate, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, M.M.M., Mounty Ed. Asst., Orchestra. SUSAN DEAN EVANS Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Girls' In- formation, Homeroom Prog., Y-Teens, Library, Rockettes. DIANE ELIZABETH FAIR F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Log, Medical, Spanish Club. FRAN FALORIO Devilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Lost and Found Chrm., Teacher's Sec. LILLIAN JEAN FASSETT Activities Key, Attendance, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Medical Chrm., N.F.L., Girls' Pep. MICHAEL SEAN FAWCE'I'T Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Gymnastics, Boys' Glee Club, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep Co-chrm. JANE ANNE FERGUSON Chorus, Devotional, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom OIT., Honor Roll, Triple Trio, Oklahoma, Rockettes. LEIGH ANTHONY FERRY Intramural Sports, Band, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep, Christmas Play. MICHAEL DOUGLAS FERSON Intramural Sports, Band. CARMELA ANN FINELLI Activities Key, Volleyball, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Lost and Found Chrm., Girls' Pep, Rockettes, Y-Teens, Leaders' Club Off. MARTHA ELIZABETH FISCHER F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log, Medical, Y-Teens, Teacher's Sec., Guidance. PAMELA MARY WARD FISH Activities Key, Attendance, Honor Roll, Decorating, F.T.A., Homeroom gg., Girls' Information, Log, Y-Teens LINDA LEE FITCH Devotional, French Club, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Library, Orchestra, Girls' Pep. KATHLEEN ANN FLAHERTY F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Med- ical, Orchestra, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens. JANE MILLICENT FLEMM Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Hon- or Roll, Hospitality, Student Guidance Council, Solid Gold Cadillac, Girls' Usher, Head Drum Majorette, Teach- er's Sec. MARY ANN ELIZABETH FOLEY F.N.A., G.A.A., Lost and Found, Medical, Rockettes, Spanish Club. DEMETRIA JOANNE FORTUNES Attendance, F.T.A., G.A.A., Girls' Information, Homeroom Off., Library Girls' Pep, Rockettes. 170 RONALD G. FOUSE Intramural Sports, Band, Homeroom Prog., Student Directory, Log. JAMES H. FREILAND Intramural Sports, Baseball, Golf, Cat- eteria Host, Decoration, Parking, Boys' Pep, Homeroom Prog. JOHN FROELICH Honor Roll, Parking Chrm. BARBARA JOAN FULTON Check Room, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, M.M.M., Triple Trio, H.M.S. Pinafore, Oklahoma, Choral Accomp. JOHN GABRENAS J.V. Football, Swimming, Boys' Pep. KAREN LYNN GAIO Art, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Log, Girls' Pep, Solid Gold Cadillac, Scenery, Y-Teens Off. ROBERT M. GALLUP Intramural Sports, Devilette, Boys' Information, Homeroom Prog., N.F.L. Boys' Pep. ANDREA LEE GAMBLE Biology, Bulletin Board, F.T.A., G.A.A., J.V. Cheerleaders, Medical, Homeroom Prog., Girls' Pep, Okla- homa. ROBERT GEORGE GEESEMAN Rifle, Boys' Glee Club, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Boys' Pep, Blithe Spirit, Properites, Student Guidance, Thespians. JANET ANNE GEIST Cafeteria Dispatcher, G.A.A., Home- room Off., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Pep. HARRIET ELIZABETH GOOD Activities Key, F.T.A., G.A.A., Home- room Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log Classes Ed., Orchestra, Girls' Pep. J. ROBERT GRAVES Band, Boys' Quartet, Chemistry, De- votional Choir, Honor Roll, Library, M.M.M. Off., Solid Gold Cadillac. ALEXANDER B. GRAY Intramural Sports, Golf, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep. SUSAN JANE GREENBERG Chorus, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, H.M.S. Pinafore, Y-Teens, Teacher's Sec., Guidance. JANICE GREENFIELD Check Room, Devilette, F.T.A. Off., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Girls' Pep. JAMES KIRKLAND GREER II Track, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Orchestra, Christmas Program. GEORGIA ANNE GRIBSCHAW Band, F.N.A., G.A.A., Lantern, Span- ish Club. N. MIRIAM GROVE Activities Key, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Library, Mounty Co-ed., Quill and Scroll. PEGGY LEE GUINTHER Attendance, Chorus, Decorating, G.A.A., Girls' Pep, H.M.S. Pinafore. Cafeteria, SARA JOAN HACKENBERG Bulletin Board, Devotional, G.A.A., Library Chrm., Solid Gold Cadillac, Teacher's Sec. CHARLOTTE MARIAN HAHN Chorus, F.H.A., Library, Orchestra, Violinettes, Ways and Means. GEORGE STEINER HAIGHT III Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Band, Biology, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Physics. BEATRICE VIRGINIA HAINES Bulletin Board, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Library, Medical, Girls' Pep, Spanish Club. ALFRED E. HAMILTON J.V. Football, Swimming, Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Pep. MYRON HAMILTON Band, Explorer Scouts, Honor Roll, Solid Gold Cadillac, Thespians. REGINA LOUISE HAMILTON Cafeteria Hostess, Chemistry, Chorus, F.H.A., G.A.A., Oklahoma, Athletics Usher. SUSAN KAY HANKE Activities Key, Cafeteria Dispatcher, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Girls' Pep, Student Guidance Council Chrm., Log. BILLIE HANKINS F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log, Y-Teens. MARJORIE KAY HARNESS Activities Key, Chorus, Homeroom OH., Honor Roll, Log Asst. Classes Ed., H.M.S. Pinafore, Oklahoma, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club Off. BRUCE GUSTAVE HARRIS Activities Key, Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Log, Dec- orating, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog. ROBERT WAYNE HARRIS Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Band, Boys' Glee Club, Chemistry, Honor Roll, H.M.S. Pinafore. DEBORAH HARTSOUGH Activities Key and Guard, Art, Honor Award, Honor Roll, Mounty Ed-asst., N.F.L., Girls' Pep, Spanish Club, Joan of Lorraine. NATHANIEL JOHN HAWKE Art, Intramural Sports, Devilette, Lan- tern, Log, Mounty, Boys' Pep, Athlet- ics Usher. JEANNE GEORGETTE HEID Volleyball, J.V. Cheerleaders, Cheer- leaders, Chorus, Decorating, Home- room Prog., H.M.S. Pinafore, Rock- ettes, Triple Trio. EDWARD DOUGLAS HENRICK Cafeteria, Scenery. BILL HERALD Intramural Sports, Wrestling, Boys' Pep. GEOFFREY BERNARD HERON Activities Key and Guard, Tennis, De- bate, Homeroom OH., Honor Roll Lantern Sports Ed., Log Sports Staff N.F.L., Quill and Scroll. s s MARY ANN HERR Rifle Capt., Attendance, G.A.A., Girls' Information, Girls' Pep. JAMIE HIESTAND Band, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log Classes Staff, Mounty, Life with Father. ANDY L. HILL Sold Gold Cadillac, Projection, Scho- lastic Chrm., Thespians, Physics. LINDA KAY HILL G.A.A., Girls' Pep. HILDEGARDE J. HOFFMANN Bulletin Board, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Library, Med- ical, Girls' Pep. JOAN ANN HOFRICHTER Attendance, Chemistry, F.N.A., Girls' Information, Girls' Pep, Girls' Usher, Y-Teens. ANNA MAE HOGAN G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Library, Girls' Pep. SARALYNN JEAN HOGG Band, Devotional, F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Log. CHARLOTTE ANN HOOVER Band, F.N.A., G.A.A., Girls' Informa- tion, Library, Make-up, Medical. JUDITH ANN HOOVER Devilelte, F.N.A., F.T.A., G.A.A., Log, Ways and Means. DIANE STANTON HOPWOOD Art, Gymnastics, G.A.A., Log, Li- brary. NEIL LAUCK HOUGHTON Gymnastics, Tennis, Honor Roll, Boys' Pep. JUDITH KAY HOUSEKEEPER Activities Key and Guard, F.N.A. Off., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Oklahoma, Student Guidance Council Chrm., Thespians, Triple Trio, Blithe Spirit. MARGARET JEAN HOUSEKEEPER Activities Key and Guard, Chorus, Devotional Choir Student Dir., H.M.S. Pinafore, Devotional, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, N.F.L., Oklahoma. NANCY LEE HOUSER F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Li- brary, Ways and Means, Y-Teens. NANCY LOUISE HOVORKA Decorating, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Award, Homeroom Prog., Rockettes, Scenery, Christmas Project Comm. JOHN DAVID HOWE Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Track, "B" Wrestling, Boys' Pep. LAMARA JOY HUGO Art, G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Girls' Pep Chrm. RICHARD FRANK HURWITZ Swimming Mgr., Homeroom Off., Boys' Pep, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Scholastic. CYNTHIA ANN HUSSING Volleyball, J.V. Cheerleaders, Log, Decorating, Devilette, G.A.A., Girls' Pep, Rockettes, Scenery. CHARLES DANIEL IAMS Intramural Sports, Band, Homeroom Prog., Student Directory Chrm. 171 CLAUDIA ANN IRWIN Activities Key, Decorating, F.N.A., Deviletle, G.A.A., Homeroom Oil., In-Ionor Roll, Leaders' Club, Log, Girls' ep. THOMAS NEILL JACKSON Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Log, Lantern. WILLIAM ASKEW JACKSON Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Chem- istry, Computer Club, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Ways and Means Chrm., Physics, Boys' Information. FRANCES SIMCOE JACOB Chorus, Devotional Choir, Honor Roll, H.M.S. Pinafore, Oklahoma. MARY ROSE JARVIS Check Room, Chemistry, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lost and Found, Library, Mounty, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens. JOHN RICHARD JOHNSON Rifle, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lantern, M.M.M., N.F.L., Orchestra Student Conductor. DAVE PAUL JONES Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep, Projection. PEGGY LOU JONES G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Y-Teens. RICHARD FRANK JONES Band. KAREN BARBARA JORDAN Attendance, Check Room, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Medical, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens. PHILIP MURRAY JUDGE Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Track, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Physics, Projection Co- chrm. JAMES ALAN KANTERS Activities Key, "B" Wrestling, Band, Bulletin Board Chrm., Log, Home- room Off., Mounty, N.F.L., Oklahoma. ELIZABETH G. KAPP Band, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Hon- or Roll, Girls' Information. ELLEN SIM KARNOFSKY Activities Key, Biology, Devotional, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Orchestra, For- mal Concert, Teacher's Sec. BONITA JEAN KELLER Attendance, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lost and Found, Library, Y-Teens. EDWARD J. KELLER Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore. EDWARD J. KEMP Wrestling, Boys' Pep, Athletics Usher. NATALIE ANN KEMPA F.N.A. Off., Honor Roll, Library, Medical. ELIZABETH JEAN KENNEY Bulletin Board, Devotional, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll. Leaders' Club, Lost and Found, Li- brary. DIANE LYNN KENNGOTI' Band, F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Informa- t1on,Log. Qi 4 i 1 l l SUSAN LEIGH KERR Band, Chorus, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Homeroom Prog., H.M.S. Pina- fore, Girls' Usher Chrm. PEGGY ANN KESSLER Achievement, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Rockettes. A. THOMAS KIEFER, JR. Intramural Sports, Parking. MARTHA JEAN KIMMEL F.H.A., F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom OIT., Library, Medical. DAVID GEORGE KLABER Activities Key and Guard, Advisory Council, Football, Tennis, Honor Roll, Devotional, Life with Father, Student Congress Pres., Student Court. DIANE M. KLINE Activities Key and Guard, Chorus, F.T.A., Honor Roll, Lantern Treas., Library, Girls' Pep, Oklahoma, Scho- lastic. PAULA MASON KLUG Y-Teens. ROBERT L. KNOWLES Computer Club, Honor Roll. RICHARD SHELLY KOLIN Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host, Honor Roll, Boys' Information, Log, Boys' Pep, Athletics Usher, Tennis Mgr. DAVID J. KOZMA Football, J.V. Track, Track, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Christmas Play, Projection, Public Address, Boys' Ush- ers. PENELOPE GAYE KRABER Art, Bulletin Board, Girls' Informa- tion, Lantern Treas. JACQUELINE SUE KRAMER Check Room Chrm., Chorus, Home- room Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log Sports Staff, Lost and Found, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens. ALICE LOUISE KULZER G.A.A., Library, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens Off. JEFF CHARLES KUMER Intramural Sports, J .V. Football, Foot- ball, "B" Wrestling, Wrestling, Home- room Off., Homeroom Prog., Projec- tion. IVAN N. KUNIC Activities Key, Cross Country, Band, Chemistry, Homeroom Off., Boys' Pep, Public Address, Boys' Ushers Chrm., Ways and Means. KENNETH JOHN KURTZ Activities Key, Swimming, Tennis, Band, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Boys' Pep, Physics, Boys' Ushers. KATHLEEN FRANCES LALLY Devilelte, F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Red Cross. CAROL JEAN LAMMERT Biology, G.A.A., Homeroom OIT., Girls' Information, Library, Medical, Girls' Pep, Ways and Means. SUSAN LOUISE LAMMERT Devileite, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Pep. SUSAN JEAN LAMONT Check Room, G.A.A. Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Log, Girls' Pep, Y- Teens, Guidance Ofiice. LOUISE MELVILLE LANFRANKIE Intramural Sports. ANN RUSSELL LANGRETH Activities Key, Attendance, Costume, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Leaders' Club, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens Off. JONATHAN WILSON LARKIN J.V. Football, "B" Wrestling, Wres- tling, Candlelight, Stage Crew and Lighting Co-chrm., Thespians. PRISCILLA ANN LARSON Field Hockey, Band, Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log Literary Statf, Y- Teens. DOUGLAS LATHAM LASHLEY Swimming, Boys' Pep, Stage Crew and Lighting, Thespians. GEORGE DEWITT LAUERMAN Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep. EDWARD W. LAUFFER Track, Band. BARRY LYNN LAVERY Intramural Sports, Wrestling Mgr., Cafeteria Host, Homeroom Prog. RICHARD WARREN LAYTON Intramural Sports, Wrestling, Home- room Off., Homeroom Prog., Spanish Club. GARY WILLIAM LEACH Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Home- room Prog. SUSAN JEAN LEFLER F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom OE., Girls' Information, Homeroom Prog., Library, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens, Public- tty. PATRICIA ANN LEPTHIEN F.N.A., Library, Medical. ALEXANDER LEWIS III Intramural Sports, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log, Parking, Public Ad- dress. MARTHA ANNE LEWIS Activities Key and Guard, Field Hock- ey, Costume, Decorating, Honor Roll Homeroom Off., Leaders' Club, Thes- pians, Girls' Usher. ROSITA LIBENSON G.A.A., Honor Roll, Girls' Pep, Girls' Information, Rockettes. KATHRYN LOUISE LLEWELLYN Attendance, Devilette, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Log, Girls' Pep, Rockettes, Student Directory. JAMES EDWARD LYNCH Activities Key, J.V. Basketball, Bas- ketball, Golf Capt., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep, Red Cross. AMY JEAN MacDONALD Art, Decorating, Devilctte, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Pep, Rock- ettes. JUDITH ELAINE MacDONALD G.A.A., Library, Girls' Pep. RICHARD E. MacINTYRE Intramural Sports, Band. 172 1 MARGARET KNOX MacKAY Activities Key and Guard, Devotional F.T.A., Honor Roll, Orchestra, Girls' Pep, Red Cross, Student Court. JOHN NICHOLAS MAGER Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Ten- nis, Boys' Quartet, Devotional Choir, Devotional, Homeroom Off., Boys' In- formation, Student Court. DWIGHT MAGOWAN, JR. Tennis, Cap and Gown, Orchestra, Red Cross. CYNTHIA ELIZABETH MANDELL Chemistry, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Make-up. JUDITH ANN MANGAN Chorus, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Information, Lantern Ed., Med- ical, H.M.S. Pinafore, Rockettes, Teacher's Sec. DAVID E. MANOOGIAN Activities Key, Advisory Council, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Solid Gold Cadillac, Spanish Club Off., Sportscaster, Thespians, Student Con- gress Vice-president. VAN JOHNSTON MANUEL Intramural Sports, Baseball, Honor Roll, Football, Homeroom Off., Hos- pitality, Boys' Pep. SONJA ANNE MARMONT Chorus, Devotional Chrm., F.N.A., F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Red Cross. WILLARD W. MARR Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Coun- try, Cross Country, J .V. Track, Track, J.V. Basketball, Log, Boys' Pep, Red Cross. JOHN CALHOUN MARTIN, III Activities Key, Boys' Quartet, Honor Roll, Devotional Choir, Homeroom Off., N.F.L., Solid Gold Cadillac, Public Address, Student Congress Vice-president. MARILYN MAE MARTIN G.A.A., Rockettes, Art, Y-Teens. SANDRA ELIZABETH MARTIN Activities Key, Field Hockey, F.T.A., Volleyball, G.A.A., Honor Award, Homeroom Prog., Teacher's Sec. ELIZABETH MABLE MARTINI Bulletin Board, Mounly. FRANK RICHARD MASTON, JR. Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Track, Devotional, Boys' Glee, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Boys' Pep. DONALD JOSEPH MATIS Boys' Glee Club. Log. NANCY ANN MAYBERRY Art, Devilette, F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Leaders' Club, Log, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens I.C.R. ELLEN B. McARTHUR G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Girls' Pep, Y- Teens Off. CHERYL DIANE McCANN Devilette, G.A.A., Girls' Pep, Girls' Information, Teacher's Sec. JAMES BRUCE MCCASLIN Gymnastics, Swimming, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep, Athletics Ushers. JEFFREY NICHOL MCCOLLUM Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Hon- or Roll, Lantern, Log Sports Staff, Boys' Pep, Physics Chrm., Solid Gold Cadillac, Studio, Public Address. SUSAN JEAN McCOLM Chorus, Homeroom Off., Red Cross. JANET BARCLAY MCCORMICK Chemistry, Chorus, Devilelre, G.A.A., Log, Lost and Found, Library, Girls' Pep, Mounty. L1 utr- if SUSAN D. Mc OY Devilleue, F.T.A., G.A.A., Lantern Co-ed., Lost and Found, Girls' Pep, Ways and Means. MICHAEL GLENN MCCREADY Honor Roll. SAMUEL ARTHUR McCROSSIN Intramural Sports. WILLIAM KIRK McGARY Swimming, Boys' Pep. MARGARET HELEN McKEE Devilette, F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Library, Girls' Information, Y-Teens, Teacher's Sec. MICHAEL LLOY McKEE Art, Intramural Sports, "B" Wrestling, Bulletin Board, Cafeteria Host, Home- room Prog., Ways and Means. KENNETH ALLEN McKEEN Intramural Sports, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Track, Track. PAMELA JUNE MCKINLEY Bulletin Board, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log Art Ed., Girls' Pep, Red Cross. LYNN McLEISTER Bulletin Board, Devotional, F.N.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Teach- er's Sec. CLIFFORD BRUCE McMILLAN Baseball, Football, Track, "B" Wres- tling, Homeroom Off., Boys' Pep. GAY MCMILLEN Deviletle, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Lantern Ed., Library, Girls' Pep, Spanish Club, Y-Teens. WILLIAM ROTHWELL McNALLY J.V. Basketball, Basketball, Honor Roll, Football, Homeroom Off., Home- room Prog., Boys' Pep. MARGARET ANN MERCER Bulletin Board, Chorus, Decorating, Devotional, F.H.A., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Information, Teacher's Sec. GRANT ROBERT MEYERS Intramural Sports, "B" Wrestling, Wrestling Mgr. JULIE M. MOFFITI' G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, Medical, Girls' Pep, Rock- ettes. MARY ALICE MOONEY Bulletin Board, F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Red Cross, Solid Gold Cadillac, Teacher's Sec. MARILYN MOORE F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Red Cross, Leaders' Club, Homeroom Off., Drama Club Pres. MARTHA ROBERTA MOORE Attendance, Check Room, Chemistry, G.A.A., Girls' Information, Girls' Pep, Bulletin Board. SANDRA MOORE Activities Key, Chemistry, Devotional, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Mounty, Ed. Asst., N.F.L., Solid Gold Cadillac, Public Address. STEPHEN WALTER MOORE Activities Key, Intramural Sports, Bi- ology Chrm., Chemistry Chrm., N.F.L. Co-chrm., Devotional, Orches- tra, Projection, Public Address. ROSALIE MORAN F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Hon- or Roll, Homeroom Prog., Make-up, Rockettes. JOHN AYERS MORRIS Projection, Public Address, Stage Crew and Lighting Co-chrm., Thes- pians, Scoreboard. CAROLE A. MORTON F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lost and Found, Library, Medical, Y-Teens, Teacher's Sec. VIRGINIA ANN MORTON G.A.A., Girls' Information. JUDITH LYNNE MYERS F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Medical. PATRICIA JANE MYERS G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, Teacher's Sec. JOHN WILLIAM NEGELE Rifle, Chemistry, Decorating, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Log, Mounty, Physics Co-chrm., Projection. JAMES E. NELSON Intramural Sports, Rifle, Swimming. DAVID L. NICHOLAS Swimming, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Stage Crew. JULIA ELIZABETH NICHOLAS G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Pep, Girls' Information, Log, Library, Med- ical, Y-Teens, Teacher's Sec. PRISCILLA JANE NICHOLS Decorating, Devilette, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Girls' Information, Rockettes, Girls' Pep. NANCY FRENCH NOLAN F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Girls' Pep, Log. MARIKATE O'CONNOR Art, F.T.A., G.A.A., Log, Mounty, Girls' Pep, Solid Gold Cadillac. RUTH KATHLEEN OERMANN Check Room, Chorus, Decorating, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Mounty Art Ed., Girls' Pep, Oklahoma, H.M.S. Pinafore. WILLIAM L. OFFUTI' Activities Key, Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Band, Boys' Information, Boys' Pep, Boys' Ushers, Cross Country Mgr. SUSAN JANE ORAM Activities Key, Advisory Council, At- tendance, Devotional, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens Off., Student Congress Secretary. 173 ADELE P. ORR Activities Key, Band, Devilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log Classes Staff, Make-up, Student Guidance Council. SUSAN LYNN OSBORN G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Y-Teens. CAROL ANNE OSWALT Homeroom Prog., Library. WILLIAM JOHN PARKER . Football, Gymnastics, S wi m m 1 n g, Wrestling, Boys' Pep. BEN G. PARSONS Rilie, Physics, Public Address, Stage Crew and Lighting, Thespians, Score- board. DONALD OSCAR PARSONS Homeroom Off.. Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Boys' Information, Log Sports Staff, Boys' Pep, Projection, Boys' Ushers Chrm., Student Guid- ance Council. JOHN S. PASUIT J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Track, "B" Wrestling, Chemistry, Homeroom Off., Boys' Information, Ways and Means, Football Mgr. CAROLYN ANN PATNESKY Chorus, F.N.A., Ways and Means. RONALD A. PATTERSON Intramural Sports, Rifle, Homeroom Prog., Parking, Boys' Pep. ERIC MAURICE PEARLMAN J.V. Football, Tennis Mgr., Ways and Means. CAROL WYNNE PETERSON Gymnastics, D e vile t I e, G.A.A., M.M.M., Leaders' Club, Library, Or- chestra, Violinettes, Teacher's Sec. DAVID HUTCHINSON PHILLIPS Gymnastics, Chemistry, Honor Roll, Projection, Spanish Club. MARY KAREN PHILLIPS Dcvilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Li- brary, Make-up, Girls' Pep. JOHN CARL POSTELLON Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Ushers Chrm. JOHN R. POTTER Intramural Sports, Honor Roll, Boys' Pep, Freshman Basketball Mgr. MARY CHRISTINE PRUITT F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Award, Honor Roll, Library, Mounty. Girls' Pep, Red Cross, Y-Teens. NICHOLAS CONSTANTINE PSILOS Intramural Sports, Golf, Attendance, Cafeteria Dispatcher, Check Room, Spanish Club. SHIRLEY ANN PYLE G.A.A., Medical, Guidance. CAROL FLICKA RAHN Chorus, Decorating, Homeroom Off., Log, Library, M.M.M., Girls' Pep, Rockettes, Triple Trio. KARLEE KAREN REBER Field Hockey, F.T.A., G.A.A., Girls Information, Lost and Found, Library, Leaders' Club, Y-Teens Off. LYNN RECTOR Intramural Sports, Football, J.V. Track, Homeroom Prog. NORMA PAULINE REICHARD Band, Bulletin Board, F.N.A., G.A.A., Rockettes. MARIA REVESZ Activities Key and Guard, Chorus.Sr. Mgr., Honor Roll, Our Town, Blithe Spirit, Candlelight, Student Court, Thespians Pres., Ways and Means Chrm. WILLIAM PATRICK REYNOLDS Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Home- room Off., Homeroom Prog., Stage Crew and Lighting. LYNNE CAROL RICCA Activities Key and Guard, Attendance, Cheerleaders Capt., F.T.A. Pres.. Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Blitlze Spirit, Properties, Thespians. WILLIAM RUSSEL RICHARDS Band, Computer Club, Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll. WARREN S. RILEY Tennis, Honor Roll, Boys' Pep, Pro- jection. SALLY ANN RINGHAM Chemistry, F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Library, Our Town, Solid Gold Cadillac, Rockettes. BEVERLY MARIE RITONIA Library, Spanish Club, Student Direc- tory. RUTH ANN ROACH Chorus, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lost and Found, H.M.S. Pinafore, Oklahoma. GORDON ADAMS ROE Swimming, Boys' Pep. JAMES HARRY ROESSLE Gymnastics, J.V. Track, Homeroom Prog. DAVID ROSENBLATT Intramural Sports, J.V. Track, Track, Honor Roll, Projection Co-chrm., Boys' Usher, Athletics Usher Co- chrm. ANNA LINDA ROTE Rifle, Costume Chrm., G.A.A., Girls' Pep, Sabrina Fair, Our Town, Blitlte Spirit, Oklahoma, Thespians. WAYNE ALLAN ROWSWELL Band, Football Mgr. LINDA LAURA RUPP Devilette, F.T.A., Homeroom Ofl., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Log, Library, Medical, Girls' Pep. EDMOND V. RUSS Gymnastics Co-capt., Homeroom Oil., Boys' Information, Boys' Pep, Spanish Club, Student Congress Sec. PATRICIA JEAN SABLE F.N.A., G.A.A., Library Chrm., Med- ical, Girls' Pep. EDWARD FRANCIS SABOM Intramural Sports, French Club, Boys' Pep. DAVID JOHN SAMEK Honor Roll. JAMES R. SANNER, JR. Intramural Sports, Swimming Mgr., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern, Scholastic, Studio. JACK SARACCO J.V. Football. Cafeteria Dispatchers. FREDERIC BLAINE SARGENT Activities Key, Band, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Social Chrm., Red Cross. ROBERT DOYLE SATTERFIELD Band. SUE ANNE SAWVEL F.T.A., F.N.A., G.A.A., Lost and Found. MIRIAM LEE SCHAEFERS i F.T.A., G.A.A., Lost and Found, L1- brary, Girls' Pep, Spanish Club. PETER LEWIS SCHENK Orchestra, Boys' Pep, Solid Gold Cad- illac, Ways and Means. MEL F. SCHLENTNER Intramural Sports, J.V. Basketball. RICHARD MATTHEW SCHWARTZ Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, Cross Country Mgr., Homeroom OIT., Honor Roll, Orchestra, Our Town, Solid Gold Cadillac, Boys' Ushers. BETH DIANE SCHWEINSBERG Band, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Hon- or Roll, Library. SHAREN J. SCOTT F.N.A., F.T.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lost and Found, Ways and Means, Y- Teens. BARBARA LU SEAMANS Activities Key and Guard, Homeroom Off., Honor. Roll, Log Ed.-in-chief, Solid Gold Cadillac, Quill and Scroll, Rockettes, Social, Y-Teens Pres. KAREN MILLER SEAY Activities Key, Chorus, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Make- up, Olclaltoma, Blithe Spirit, Thespians Sec. MARGARET ANN SENZ Rifle, Check Room, F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log, Medical, Girls' Pep, Teacher's Sec. MARCIA LEE SERVICE F.T.A., Homeroom Oil., Honor Award, Honor Roll, M.M.M. Sec., Or- fhestra, Violinettes, Girls' Pep, Scho- astic. JOSEPH ANTHONY SHAFER Intramural Sports, Baseball, Ways and Means. KAREN ANN SHEAN G.A.A. LAWRENCE G. SHEKELL Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Boys' Glee, Swimming, Boys' Pep, Parking. ANN CLARKE SHERMAN G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log Literary Staff. Mounty Bus. Mgr., Girls' Pep, Our Town, Teacher's Sec. SUZANNE JANE SHOEMAKER Attendance, Devilette, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Library, Student Directory, Teacher's Sec. PATRICIA GILLIS SHORE Chorus, G.A.A., H.M.S. Pinafore, Ok- lalzoma. WILLIS A. SIEGFRIED Football, J.V. Track, Track, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Properties Chrm., Thespians. JAY LEE SLAUGHENHOUPT Intramural Sports, Athletics Ushers. 174 BARBARA JANET SMITH G.A.A., Lost and Found. Library, Or- chestra, Girls' Pep. CLYDE NELSON SMITH Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, J.V. Track, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep, Boys' Information. ELIZABETH JEAN SMITH Bulletin Board, Check Room, G.A.A., Homeroom OH., Honor Roll, Lost and Found. JANE CHRISTIE SMITH F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Leaders' Club, Med- ical, Red Cross. ROBERT H. SMITH Intramural Sports, Rifle, Boys' Pep. TIMOTHY CLARKE SMITH Activities Key and Guard, Swimming, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Solid Gold Cadillac Student Dir., Public Address, Student Court, Studio Mgr., Thespians Vice-president. WILLIAM GILBERT SOLER J.V. Cross Country, Rille, Chemistry, Explorer Scouts, Boys' Pep, Physics, Public Address, Ways and Means, Change Chrm. JUNE MARGARET SORG Decorating Chrm., G.A.A., Home- room OIT., Honor Roll, Girls' Pep. LILLIAN H. SOWA Attendance, F.T.A., G.A.A., Mounty, Student Directory, Teacher's Sec. JOHN JAY SOWKO Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Physics, Ath- letics Ushers, Co-chrm. Senior Project Comm. ANN SPARKS G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, Mounty, Solid Gold Cadillac, Rockettes, Ways and Means, Y-Teens. CHARLES A. SPRING Intramural Sports, Baseball, Band, Homeroom Prog. EDWARD M. STAFFORD Athletics Ushers. EDWARD LEE STAHL Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Homeroom Off., Home- room Prog., Orchestra, Boys' Pep. SUSAN RAE STAPLIN G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Girls' In- formation, Ways and Means. JAMES F. STEIN Intramural Sports. PAUL JAMES STEIN Intramural Sports, Boys' Pep, Boys' Ushers. JAMES HOWARD STEPHENS French Club, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Parking, Athletics Ushers. MARSHA LYNN STERLING F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Lost and Found, Library, Girls' Pep. SANDRA SIMPSON STERLING Attendance, Decorating, Devilette, Homeroom Off., Girls' Information, Log, Make-up, Girls' Pep, Rockettes. SCUDDER GEORGIA STEVENS Art, Intramural Sports, Biology, Cho- rus, Devotional, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep. THOMAS F. STEVENSON Boys' Pep Ways and Means. HOPE STEVERMAN Attendance, J.V. C h e e r l e a d e r s, G.A.A., Devilette, Homeroom Prog., Girls' Pep, Log. LINDA GENE STEWART Attendance, Medical, Girls' Pep, Red Cross Chrm., Ways and Means, Y- Teens. JOHN F. STONEBERG Swimming, Homeroom Off., Boys' Pep, Boys' Ushers. BARBARA JEAN STUDLEY G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Log, Lost and Found, Mounty, Rockettes. JACK KENNETH SUTTER Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Track, Decorating, Boys' Pep, Homeroom Prog. JOHN JOSEPH SWEENEY Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Home- room Prog. NANCY JEAN TARR F.N.A., G.A.A., Honor Roll, Library, Girls' Pep. KATHLEEN L. TAYLOR Ritle, Attendance, Bulletin Board, Cheerleader, G.A.A., Log, Girls' Pep. GAYLE SHIRLEY THOMAS Dcvilette, F.N.A., G.A.A., Y-Teens. KAREN THOMAS F.N.A. Off., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Lost and Found, Medical, Girls' Pep. PAMELA LEE THOMAS Volleyball, G.A.A., Homeroom Olf., Honor Roll, Leaders' Club, Girls' Pep Chrm., Y-Teens, Library. PAMELA SEWALL THOMPSON G.A.A., Girls' Pep. BETHANN THORNBURGH Bulletin Board, G.A.A., Homeroom Prog., Log Art Asst. Ed., Rockettes, Scenery Chrm., Thespians, GEORGE JOSEPH THURANSKY Intramural Sports, Tennis, J.V. Track, "B" Wrestling, Wrestling, Homeroom Prog., Boys' Pep, Boys' Glee, Score- board. FLORENCE JOANN TISCHBEIN Attendance, F.N.A. Off., G.A.A., Girls' Information, Lantern Mailing Ed., Lost and Found, Medical, Girls' Pep. JOANN TOPERZER Bulletin Board, G.A.A., Honor Award, Lost and Found, Homeroom Prog. JOSEPH JULIUS TOTH Intramural Sports, J.V. Football, Foot- ball, Cap and Gown, Student Direc- tory. RICHARD MATSON TOUCEY, JR. J.V. Football, Gymnastics, Swimming Capt., Homeroom Prog., Lantern, Boys' Pep Chrm., Red Cross. CONSTANCE L. TRAGESSER Cafeteria Hostess, G.A.A., Girls' In- formation, Medical, Spanish Club, Chorus. THOMAS GEORGE TRETHEWEY Swimming Capt., Homeroom Off., Boys' Pep, Homeroom Prog., Athletics Ushers. ARTHUR D. TRIPP III Intramural Sports, Band, Drum Capt., Cafeteria. WENDY CLARE TURNER Cheerleaders, Devilettc, Devotional, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Prog., Honor Roll, Girls' Information, Lantern Circulation Mgr. JOYCE MARGARET TUTTY G Devilette, F.T.A., G.A.A., Library, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Rock- ettes, Lost and Found, Christmas Pro- gram, Girls' Pep. BARBARA LEE ULLMANN Bulletin Board, Devilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Programs, Honor Award, Honor Roll, Lost and Found, Girls' Pep, Rockettes. FERDINAND E. VAN HULTEN French Club, Homeroom Off., Boys' Pep, Homeroom Programs, Boys' In- formation, Christmas Program. CARIN LEE VOGEL Gymnastics, Bulletin Board, G.A.A. CLAIRE E. VON STOCKER G.A.A., Ways and Means. BARBARA BETH WAGNER G.A.A., Homeroom Programs, Y- Teens, Honor Roll, Girls' Informa- tion, Girls' Usher. FREDERICK EARL WALLIN Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, Track, Devotional, Boys' Usher. MARSHA HELEN WALSH Devilette, F.N.A., 1 Log, Rockettes, Lost and Found, Girls' Pep, Y-Teens, Leaders' Club. BOB J. WATCHORN Intramural Sports, Boys' Pep, Boys' Usher, Cafeteria Host, Athletics Usher. BOB JEROME WATERS Intramural Sports. GEORGE THOMAS WATT Intramural Sports, J .V. Football, Foot- ball, Boys' Glee, Boys' Pep, Home- room Off., Homeroom Programs, Boys' Information. EDWARD WILLIAM WEIL Intramural Sports, J.V. Cross Country, Cross Country, J.V. Track, Fresh. Football, Homeroom Off. LAURIE ANN WEISBROD Ritle, Band, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Homeroom Programs, Honor Roll, Log Sports Staff, Girls' Information. LEWIS C. WELDON JR. Advisory Council, Boys' Quartet, Cho- rus, Modern Music Masters Off., Ok- lahoma, H.M.S. Pinafore, Thespians, Activities Key. CHRISTINE ANNE WELLNER Volleyball, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Library, Girls' Pep Lead- er, Studio Girls' Sportscaster, Leaders' Club. BRUNHILD CARMEN WENKE Check Room, Medical, Teacher's Sec. KURT WENTZEL Intramural Sports, Football, Track, Cap and Gown, Student Directory. SUSAN DIANE WESTERMAN Rille, Chemistry, Devilette, G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log, Girls' Pep, Teacher's Sec. ANN JANE WHARTON Activities Key, Art Chrm., Debate, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Lantern News Editor, Mounty, Quill and Scroll, Scenery. 175 ,, , .I-tg JAMES E. WHITE Intramural Sports, Boys' Glee, Chorus, Devotional Choir, H.M.S. Pinafore, Oklahoma. RAYMOND JOSEPH WHITEMAN Intramural Sports, Basketball Mgr., Band, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Sports Staff, Boys' Pep. BEVERLY REIS WHITMAN Bulletin Board, F.T.A., G.A.A., Ways and Means. GLADYS CAROL WIAN Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Girls' Pep. CONSTANCE MARIE WICKEN F.N.A., G.A.A., Red Cross, Ways and Means. VIRGINIA CLARA WIDMER Gymnastics, F.N.A., G.A.A., Girls' Pep, Homeroom Programs, Honor Award. JEAN MARILYN WIEST G.A.A., Honor Roll, Orchestra, Teacher's Sec. ROBERT DAVID WIETHORN Intramural Sports, J .V. Football, Foot- ball, J.V. Track. CHARLES BARTON WILL Disk Jockey. JUDITH E. WILLIAMS Check Room, Chorus, F.T.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Programs, Medical, Stu- dent Services Exchange Chrm. KATHLEEN ANNE WILLIAMS Cafeteria Hostesses Co-chrm., G.A.A., Devilette, Girls' Information, Girls' Pep, Leaders' Club, Log, Lantern, Teacher's Sec. NANCY C. WILLINGHAM Attendance, F.N.A., G.A.A., F.T.A., Honor Roll, Girls' Pep, Life with Fa- ther, Solid Gold Cadillac, Thespians. CANDACE COLVIN WILLISON Homeroom Programs, Girls' Informa- tion, Medical, Girls' Pep, Rockettes, Solid Gold Cadillac. SUSAN PARAMORE WILSON Activities Key and Guard, Devotional, F.T.A., Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log Associate Ed., Orchestra, Quill and Scroll, Student Guidance Council. MINNA JOY WINDER Art, G.A.A., Library, Medical, Girls' Pep. PAMELA ARLENE WOLFF Check Room, Lost and Found, Ways and Means. MARCIA WOOD Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, M0lllIly Editor, Girls' Pep, Red Cross. PHYLLIS ANN YEAGER Activities Key, Check Room, F.T.A., Devotional, Homeroom Off., Honor Roll, Log Circulation Mgr., Girls' Pep, Rockettes. GILBERT ALAN YOUNG Chess Club. JUDITH WALLACE YOUNG F.N.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Off., Girls' Pep, Red Cross, Rockettes, Y- Teens. GEORGE MITCHELL YOUNGLING Intramural Sports, Gymnastics Co- capt., J.V. Track, Biology, Homeroom Programs, Lantern, Boys' Pep. STEWART ZEDEL Intramural Sports, Honor Roll, Boys' Pep. LOG STAFF Babs Seamans Sue Wilson Jean Alexander Harriet Good Candy Harness Don Delisi Pam McKinley Bethann Thornburgh Cathy Anderson Phyllis Yeager Tom Howell ALMA MATER 'Neath cedars stately, Midst hills so bold, Stands our Mt. Lebanon, Realm of Blue and Gold, Radiant with splendor, Valor, virtue, and truth, Moulder of our destiny, Guardian of our youth. Ever our praises shall ring, Alma Mater, for thee. Charles Ruch, '32 Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Literary Editor Classes Editor Assistant Classes Editor Sports Editor Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager Photographic Assistant l76 W W W WW awww' Ziff' W Jfffkff dpm ff Wiiiwfwpy .vgyivlwimy if Aix O sf--4:b:gQ4n:-L-I-d'4--Iiial-4,-Aul',11W.4.l,.LQ 4.l,....,. 13.4 .., ' " K ,....., , , , , VJ, , -J , , J W . A Q.' ' f M5 mf , Q, f SHAMZR wan ' ffl .-. ' of Ussmeyggur 'FE 1 ' - IU , ' ' A. Tr U QEJLELEPUW LA' .STZD DESEITL A- ,LL THE T OUBLE - Q Wg c,,0T INTO. UJ2- ,CLA ',LL- n"s TIME TD, , ' 2,1 301. gigirogfz-wgv'iy50 IM ' mort LATE. me EL ' N L f 1 n iiviw Q , r Q U gyvujl b fi'-,Alf ,MU V VAM-ML f Q? O ,,9 2? WwQQAwL Z SQ? 5? H-350 jg HLA' fc 9 ,H ,B QA, W f LT. ff -Q Q UD -2 fd w2f 431905 ,gmf U 'di-. OJ , 003 06 0 ff? 5 9 0Q9jf 9-5 2 iii? 2539 536 E Q . od COW f 2 'E " A -OWQQ ,LSWM-W '24-9QJ'C5oQ 5910 1 '1 I-4 02522 9 -Q 269' 5

Suggestions in the Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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