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 - Class of 1961

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rg-4 2 i L -. - Vi,-3 Wig? jky ,Q . A? V , -, mfyrfjfw , N ,fm EY w .1 u ,J ,L f ?' bd 'M ,JUQ,w5j ff J 1 J - .4:"3yNQf5Qj1v+xLxxfiJ' W: if WJ iff y R'-NJ 'rj gg X. K fv , V Xftv ' fy' jp Z? Q WSW ly, 4 ,wi Q1 if X! 0,-W Xxkgy X65 K 3 Aj 5 'N 4415 of XC jf ij Qi iv J 1 V A jj 55' f iv fXM,0 Ugjrvj ff755,5'j5.Q Jig jk 13-g,65ifi,,x 1 By 5349 X 'W vig, FW NQMMXW My Swag W5 W J? W W w Nj! of q , , WI . M X ,x ,fm , W'V ' l M X, 3,1 . N50 AJ, ' QV QQ kj-J ij an ' f I Xixxpljg VX KHJV lr Yugi K J NMA iq B kwd w WW UP' U wwf V KQANWN? Yi' wh XSWW -2- 46 is fi? Efgywba .s3f!,,, it 'Wir-JTN ,, ink' ' f-msg, 'isli .WK . .. . .. . , fC!.64.,4J.?Q 5, K-2 yaxfucf ig., if-4.44-1 2-Q4,e1s44641 7CArL,-os,-4, 5 if vf?,i'3fjZ Mzjwwz, Malkin-fw Miillfff the 1961 MW in 900"J'!l7ffff M . AJCIM 51:24-Q,,m,.e24 ,k.340jJ,fff'ffLJ7Ji5fiJfjMf',",M Mfwfjwhf no H Drfesenr onnna val In wonos an fg 'pfff . f 1 0 Wf 'zMi,ziWf2f?51W Mffbfwjwff 0 W . ZZ' 'fb 1 sa? gap? 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I " Uboqlcffkfbky L L , 7 MCL 7 fl Q7 J U9 J 1 VJ Yam fd , W6 JU sftjff N175 7M U . FN .-LML' , - n J tomomzow IS the nealm of application, testlnq the vallblty Oli oun penceptlon, the Depth of oun neasonmq, the extent of our: Influence, Bmnqlnq the linultlon oli oun hopes Ano homzons xxx-NN A . . ., X X XJ -:sr X .X X 3? pn- X 'N XX -XX Q :Xi X A A Q2 X S X S S'-fXX.g. X S X X 3 S X Rh: N X X ,A Q,, Q, X A W L 'z Q! ,JXQYF 1 ' Y ' .i X psf. . . XX r I X A . X X Q, L L ' L LL L ff! 5 L , X X S X i 'XXX ' LS X X 3 X L X XL X A X X L L L L X ., A LL A XX .NW :K is . L X X...XX X ,ff L M . Q -X . L . X -X - X - X E X . L k"x - . L XXXL L' 5 SLXX X -1552 X XX-X XX X ' S X Q5 R X N ..- 'IIOITIORROW W6 shall WIORE fully ADDRGCIAIZG U16 COITIDIBIE. ebucatlon we neeelveo at mt. leBanon-- linom the lesson In skull ln an evenly-matcheo Basketsall Game to the lesson m eoneentlzatlon In A qulet connen oil the llsnany these pnepanatouy yearzs me vital to the success oi tomomzow, lion knowleoqe IS the Olmenslon of the Futune. t I , . ni. -1 lf, C L " , f ,.' f x , L C ri . Q, 51' 'Cai-C IL Q if-C -'Q C fx' fl L ji 'L L XM. K, L df 5' -ff ck. ' Q' c-'L , ,-f--' N5 ' , '- Z, 47,1 .LL ez. A QA' 1 L 'C nf s , .J . Q. ifffidk- f 'C VL CV. vit, I v f ,, I, n 1 fl 5 Cyl 4, 7,Lx,.p,e if Ly- ef K X4 My xx. 1 ' I' ,',-M , , ' 'P ,,.,V, GF- if Cf' Z- Lf Jeff I 5' L' . " H fx ff fb Q C Lg, Q51 C zf? 1 W --Wf- 1- ff LL. , ,fl f'f' , . A, , J' 7 n urx . X Q IIABIB Gli CONTENTS faculty page IO ,MMM Wvflfw' ' Q MW M w5 w5,,y W cls S DAGS 26 ACUVIIIIGS DAGS 80 Mwoipwwwwa, ' Wm ole Jcuwfif My 60018, Aaflgaw C9641 fvfcuwl 'ww W JW 641-wvoyyfffzaff-07,6 9-awwaccy M wfdb MW' ,ffffg gffifgfrfwif spomzs page 122 Stubent life moe 156 faculty WWW ,J HQ, Zfffw K Wfwmd Administrators La Educational Groundwor Dr. Joseph Keiier, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, aided in the duties of supervising the Mt. Lebanon Public Schools. Dr. Ralph Horsman, Superintendent of Public Schools, was responsible for managing the nine schools in the Mt. Lebanon school system and correlating their programs of study. 5 The school board established and governed the educational policies of the Mt. Lebanon schools. J The members were Miss Miriam Headley, Mr. William C. Berg, Jr., Mrs. Donald Cameron, Mr. I2 Robert F. Dyson, Mr. Samuel A. Schreiner, Mr. James L. Daniell, Mr. Otis C. Hogsett, and Mr. James R. Orr. X 2 W 9 S The duties of Mr. Ralph W. McDermot, our vice-princi- pal, consist of organizing, adiusting, and readiusting our schedules, placing new students and compiling class rank. Outlining student policies, co-ordinating the admin- istration and faculty, advising school committees - all these duties fall under the direction of Dr. Nelson Mills. As principal at Mt. lebanon, he is responsible for main- taining the fine reputation of our school. Mrs. Delores B. Vroble and Mrs. Jane H. Booth, as clerical secretaries, are responsible for the ef- ficient operation of Dr. Mills' office. Director of instruction for the Mt. Lebanon schools, Dr. Floy Penn contributed to the success of the school year by supervising our testing program and co- ordinating our curriculum. 13 The World Series season resulted in more work for Mrs. Geraldine H. Mor- gan, who, nevertheless, recorded stud- ents' absences, helped to maintain student discipline, and compiled at- tendance records for the school year. X N As the activities directors at Mt Lebanon, Mrs. Margaret Cargill and Miss Janice Mellinger supervised the entire activities department of our high school and headed Student Court and Student Congress. Our guidance directors offered us competent assistance in choosing a college, a maior field of study, or a vocation. Department head, Mrs. Ferne W. Horne, supervised the work of Miss Mildred Frobouck, senior counselor, Mr. Bernard J. Kobosky, iunior counselor and adviser on the armed services, and Mr. C. William Holman, our director of sophomores. Miss Ruth Gordon, our home-school visitor, Miss Mariorie A. Scanlon, our speech therapist, and Mr. D. Moore, who was in charge of psychological testing, helped students with their in- dividual problems. Miss Fern L. High and Miss Patricia Croke directed the medical squad, gave physical examinations, nursed minor ailments, and treated the yearly epidemic of World Series fever. In their capacities as administrative secre- taries, Miss Ruth Wass, Mrs. Leneta E. Daniels, and Mrs. Helen W. Irwin receive and compile innumerable forms for grades, attendance, and college transcripts. Self-Expression Requires Basic Skills The ability to communicate with clarity and exact- ness is ai basic requirement for human co-operation and understanding. The science of our language in- cludes many facets, all of which are taught here at Mt. Lebanon. As English students, we learn the structure of our language from its smallest building blocks-parts of speech and sentences-to its great masterpieces of writing- As well as studying how to handle our language with competence and efficiency, we learn how to extend our appreciation of its liter- ary works. Our English department provides us with an adequate background for the daily functions of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. English 121 National Forensic League English 101 MRS. MARY LOU CHARLTON -- - f Library Squad DR. MICHAEL A. ACCETTA MRS. GERALDINE C. ADAMSON Miss Elliott directs an amateur production of Oedipus Rex. Sfudenf Guidance Council MRS. MARGARET E. COPELAND MISS JANET L. CURTIS MRS. ANNA T. DAVIS Special Education English 121 English Ill Devotional Squad Student Guidance Council Librarian - MISS VIRGINIA A. ELLIOTT MISS ELIZABETH A. EVANS MISS KATHERYN H. MRS. RUTH S. FURLONG Adv. English 111 and 121 Adv. English 101 FROBESE English 121 Mounty Senior Composition Assemblies, Usher Squad 2,2355 :gains MRS. EMMA S. GILBERT MISS RUTH GORDON MISS JEAN W. HAY English 101 and H-I English 101 Senior Composition A Xb N New X I' 5 . . T as M A Ng... ' Q gqzggggg A .gwgss . -s fd. -s. . Qjg . T"Li- ,. is Pt As .ftr,Gr--r?fs- - 'eiiiiifexq . wg,-f. -siiufia - X 310336495 aj : 34,4-L .sei Y gm .4255 lawn .- .rffs s'fw- Wk'-. .- , .3 ,,.- N psgss ,geqNw...1 A .- 1 -iii ' , 5:35 I li sileliivf A .... . 5 A1 --x'nn . Q is R I 'I I I 512- 2. 1 District Home-School Visitor Alpa Y-Teens Student Services Exchange MISS JACQUELINE M. MR. RICHARD L. JONES HUGHE5 Special Education English 101 Wrestling Lebanon Log Tr'-'Ck MISS FLORENCE C. McLAUGHLIN Senior Composition, Journalism, Lebanon Lantern, Publicity, Achievement Bulletin MR. THOMSON L. LEIPER MISS JEAN A. MACKINNEY MISS HARRIET N. Developmental Reading Librarian MANNING Speed Reading Library Squad EHQIISIW 101 Make-up Squad Sigma Y-Teens MISS JANICE MELLINGER English III Assistant Activities Director Costume Committee MRS. KAY RYALL MILLER English 'l'l'I Senior Composition MR. JULIAN T. MYERS Speech, Dramatics, Oral Interpretation, Studio Squad, Thespians MRS. ELEANOR T. RINNE MISS BETTY BARBARA SIPE English 'I2'I English 'III Detention Gen. English IOI and 'I'lI Student art work illustrates the Canterbury Tales 'I7 Languages Yield Cultural Appreciation MR. CHARLES G. BLANTON MR. SHELDON S. CAMPBELL MISS CELINDA M. CASS FFSIICII I German I, Ill, and V French I and lll l4 Delta Y-Teens MISS DOROTHY I. DEAN French III MR. HOWARD M. JONES French lll, V and VII Potpourri MISS MILDRED LENK English 'I2'I Spanish I Scholastic Committee Honor Roll MISS MARGERY J. MCCLURE Latin I and lll Girls' Usher Squad The peoples of the world can live together in peace and mutual respect only when they understand and appreciate each other. Our foreign language instructors stress the idea of cultural understanding along with the mastery of verb tenses and case usage. The four different lang- uage groupings believe that, by acquainting ourselves with the customs of Rome, France, Spain, and Germany, we can help to promote the world understanding which is so essential today. Since speaking and writing are- the basis of civilization, we learn of a new way of life when we study a foreign language. latin lll Spanish III and V spanish i and nl Cicero Red CFOSS Spanish Club "Hier ist Deutschland." Facts, Ideas Lead To Human Understanding MR. DAVID A. BATCHELOR MR. MERLE R. BURROWS DR. JOHN E. DENBOW World History Economics, Sociology, U-5- History Football Salesmanship Student Guidance Council Track Golf MR. VICTOR M. DOAK MR, HARRY C, HADDEN U-5- HiSf0l'Y U.S. History Tennis A.P. U.S. History Understanding social studies is more than knowing the dates of the reign of Henry VIII or memorizing the battles of the American Civil Wdr. Here at Mt. Lebanon, instead of recording facts only, our teach- ers try to interest us in the ideas which have shaped the civilization of mankind. They teach us to ques- tion causes and results, study cultures and ideals, and apply the lessons of the past to the problems of today. In this way only, can we break down the bridges between the peoples of the world. MRS. HELEN R. HAYNES MR. GEORGE W. KLINE MR. DONLEY U. MOLLENAUER World History Global Geography U.S. History A.P. European History Geography of Strategic Areas Cross COUNTY Property Committee American Government TYGCIC Bulletin Board Squad i MR. WILBUR C. MOORE World History Athletic Director Intramurals MR. ALBERT N. STANISH World History Football, Basketball Day Camp Director Informal classes promote spontaneous ideas. 19 L , ,Y We Develop Logical Reasoning Abilities l MR. MERCER H. CLARK MISS ALICE H. ELMS Algebra I Adv. Math 'l'l'l and l2l Gen. Mum Algebra III Baseball In this age of space exploration, mathematics is the key which unlocks the complexities of the universe. Reasoning through a complicated problem in algebra or geometry gives us a basis for the clear thinking which we must master in order to solve the problems that arise in other phases of our everyday lives. Knowing that math stands as the foundation of good logic and that its possible uses are unlimited, each mathematics instructor tries diligently to instill in us these fundamental tools. MR. HARRY E. FELICH MR. FRED R. GAERTNER Adv. Math 'l0'l Algebra Ill Plane Geometry Trigonometry, Math l22 Proiection Squad MR. NORMAN L. Gooowm MISS EILEEN NESBITT Algebra 111 Plane Geometry MISS ANNE RIGHTMIRE Plane Geometry Cafeteria Dispatcher MISS SARAH E. SMITH MR. EARL L. WHIPKEY 20 Trigonometry Algebra in Solid Geometry Mr. Felich uses a model to clarify a geometric principle Discovery Raises New Questions MR. GLENN S. ASTON-REESE Biology Biology DR. CHARLES F. BECK Chemistry Adv. Chemistry Chemistry Squad MR. s. sHERRicK GILBERT MR. ci-IARLES o. Loma MR, JOSEPH A, MASCETTA Bl0l09Y Chemistry Usher Squad Lost and Found Squad Ticket Manager "Wl1y?" This simple word is so useful and pre- valent in our daily lives. Why does electrolysis sep- arate water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms? Why do the Laws of Mendel operate in heredity? Why does a bell clapper swing back and Mr. Ruth points out the value of exact calculations. MR. DAVID REED RAINES MR. ROBERT A. RUTH MR. THOMAS S. TAYLOR Chemistry Physics Chemistry Public Address Squad, Score Board Squad Score Effects Squad forth in only one direction? The scientific answers to these questions may be found in a student's ex- periment, in the writings of an eminent scientist, in a teacher's lecture, or in everyday observations. The science department guides and directs us, the student body, in answering the "why's" of many of the world's mysteries. b ' x MR. ROBERT D. ZACUR Physics Chemistry MR. ANDREW P. ZEEDICK Biology 2'l We Develop Tomorrow's Practical Skills "This beats counting on your fingers." The internal combustion engine, differential gears, and traffic laws are complex subjects, but, after a course in driver training, we understand not only the meaning of these topics, but their applications as well. Success in the business world depends on that same alertness of mind which is necessary in driving a car. Business and com- mercial students master single and double entry book- keeping, profit ancl loss statements, typing, and shorthand -skills which enable them to enter the business world confidently. These practical subiects are among those that enrich Mt. Lebanon's elective courses. MR. GEORGE LAMPRINAKOS MR. JOSEPH P. PAGNANELLI Driver Education Driver Education Wrestling Gymnastics Football Track MISS DOROTHY H. GROVE Business Education Future Teachers of America Commencement MR. WILLIAM A. MITCHELL Business Education Cafeteria Supervision MISS THELMA E. WHINNIE Business Education "I thought these compact cars could go everywhere." We Express Ourselves Through Art T Many of us have taken advantage of the variety of elec- tive subjects which Mt. Lebanon has to offer. We have learn- ed to develop our talents and appreciate aesthetic values by creating a design in mosaic, building a table, or playing a flute at half-time in the band. We have acquired individual- ity through originality, we have learned to admire the art and music created by others, and we have gained skills and qualities which will make ours a richer and fuller life. MR. ALBERT W. BERNHARDY Machine Shop Wood Shop MR. JOHN F. RAMSEY Mechanical Drawing Stage Crew Scenery Design l Boys learn to be "homemakers" too. MR. DOUGLAS SHANER MISS MAY K. SNEARY Art, Metal Art Choral Music, Triple Trio, Art Squad Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club and Quartet English 'lOl ii MR. ARTHUR Y. YAGELLO Orchestra Violinettes An intricate passage requires special attention from Mr. Yagello. 23 I Strong Minds Mold Health Generation ss X X Q Ss isrsi 2 LQ X WRX X 'sQsSsQ 1 Q Riggs X x X xg w X xx x s X Sees Nsss X se X sw X N59 X XX S I ss R e Q X xQ Q, s 'S Rs SX s Q Sis f :t . c.. . sbs.. 5. . V ,. ' ' gs sy s ' s X ss Y s NS s EX P x Q x X ...... - ,s t MISS MARGARET J. BILLINGSLEY MR- JOHN T- KRACSUN Heahh Hedhh Physical Education Football Future Nurses of America Health and gym teachers are the members of a team that is responsible for helping us to improve our physical and emotional health. They give us common-sense rules of hygiene which we can follow in order to promote our physical and mental well-being. ln gym class, we prac- tice maintaining healthy bodies by participating in basket- ball, Indian club drills, swimming, and tennis. At the same time, these activities encourage sportsmanship and co- .. . Siege geek , - L i f M ,. A All heads turn to toes. operation with others- Through these classes, we realize that good health can be our most prized possession, but we must work to gain it. ,.s..L..s,s 24 Next year they'll challenge the varsity. Q MISS NORMA A. FAIETA Physical Education Cheerleaders, Pep Squad Leaders Club, Intramurals MR. WILLIAM M. GRANT Physical Education Swimming Football MR. RALPH D. FIFE Physical Education Football MISS DONNA J. SHAVER Physical Education Leaders Club G.A.A. Homemaking Is Taught And pplied MISS PAULINE K. FISH Homemaking Future Homemakers of America Our modern 'world demands that the housewife be os efficient at her career cts the engineer is ot his, cncl Mt. Lebcnon's extensive curriculum seeks to give the future housewife Cl practical background. In the home economics laboratory, prospective homemokers goin experience in the fields of clothing and foods. MISS IRENE YAKULIS The cooks prepare to fill the student body. First Row: L. Smith, R. Schweinbraten Ball, J. Smith, Mclntyre. Second Row Donelli. Third Row: DeVandry, H. Schweinbrcten, Deteky, McCue. 25 Pickerine, Mechtel, Paholsky, Kulenich, CDSSES I 27 w 4 Nm .fm il-1-: 1 ,- zg. Joi-:N Accem. , Red Cross, Spanish Club. JANET sue ALBERT Homeroom Programs, F.N.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, Devotional ' .,, i m Choir, Library, Lost and Found, Pep Squad. ffflflxn X onsrcl-:EN M. ALBRECHT 5 Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.H.A., Checkroom, Honor X5 X 5 is . . Award, French Club. ANDREW R. ALEX ' Honor Roll, Baseball, Basketball, J.V. Basketball, Biology, Parking. Score Board. MORLEY V. ALLEN Parking. RALPH R. ALSTER Honor Roll, Log, Tennis, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew, Witness for the Prosecution, Athletic Ushers. HENRY B. APPLIN X Chemistry. GAIL SUZANNE ARAPIAN Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.T.A., F.N.A., . Lost and Found, Medical, Secretarial, Pep Squad. SUSAN E. ARBURU Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A., Attend- - ance, Secretarial. LOUIS ASTI, JR. Homeroom Programs. ALICE A. ASTON Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Medical. JEANNE L. AUBERTINE Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Art, Decorat- ing, Library. Bright Social Events Sparked School Year With Enjoyment "Has anybody seen the band? LOU BONNIE AUPPERLE G.A.A., Information, Medical. JUDITH A. AYERS Log, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Band, Orchestra, Library, Sr. Play Script Comm. PATRICIA DIANE BABISH Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.N.A., Bulletin Board, Information, Pep Squad. PATRICIA ANN BAKER Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Dramatics, Chemistry, Pep Squad. MARY C. BALINT G.A.A., Lost and Found. BONNIE J. BALLANTYNE Log Art Ed., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Library, Pep Squad. NNN N N s N X 3? X Q' RSS QQXRN .NR-MN - t X ... N ' - -. - N .5 N wwf CAROL JEAN BARNHART iis. Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library, Lost and Found, Medi- ,Q 'I ' -:.. ' " g .... 5, g . . K , PArmcnA ANN BARNUM so ,Q Honor Roll, G.A.A., Our Town, Sr. Play Script Comm., Chemistry, K K .55 .g Devotional, Lost and Found, Physics, Secretarial, I I 'Q SHIRLEY ANN BARSON S B it Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y- Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Lost and Found. f. f ...... - s . .s .ss ii K - ' .- .s s 1 . . 1 m F is is T- . S - N . E - - :Ss it A TN ff-g ss f sf. X A ss N We . . N 2 . - sf A ' I 'if 5 if f Y . -af S if CHARLES C. BASHFORTH Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Witness for the Pro- secution. DEVOTA BATEMAN Red Cross. FRANK A. BATTAGLIA Homeroom Programs, Football, J.V. Football, Track, J.V. Track, J.V. Wrestling, Decorating Co-chm. PEGGY ALICE BAUER Log, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore, Library, Ways and Means. STEWART BEACH Lantern Make-up Ed., Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Boys' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore, Parking. JOHN SUTHERLAND BEACHLER Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Football, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Track. JIMMY A. BEALS Baseball. CAROL SUE BECKER Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore, Library. JUDITH A. BENDER G.A.A., F.H.A. Off., F.N.A., Band. ROBERT EDWARD BENNINGTON Intramural Sports, Band. DONALD G. BENSON Gymnastics, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. DONNA JEAN BENSON G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Information, Library, Pep Squad, Sr. Play Ticket Comm. Q 29 ROBERTA LYNNE BENTZ Activities Key, Mounty Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., F.T.A., Chemistry, Library, Secretarial, Girls' Ushers. FRANCES BEVILACQUA WILLIAM A. BIGGS Homeroom Off. JOANNE CHRISTINE BIRDY Lantern, Chemistry Secretarial. BARRY D. BISHOP Swimming, Intramural Sports. MARGARET ANN BLACK Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Squad. Chorus Checkroom, Library, Pep ' s , .,,!N . N ' BARBARA J. BLANSETT Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Hospitality, Physics. LAWRENCE JAMES BLOOMER J.V. Wrestling, Intramural Spo JUDITH ANN BOAK G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A., Orchestra, rts, Boys' Ushers. Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chorus, Physics, Red Cross. A X. is Six . 2 -we is se 15 'ff' ss .1 -s -.6 I ..,. X ss :-:S ' sxs X 5 -X XS S S s X X , .. s 'S S S13 se . s s I' X X ss i xxx E Q SES se s Q XX s ss s X s Ns? SX XX X ssx s f . s .Lg X 5 - Sill F s f3Xx1X.qsg'-X " s . .Q is ss icss X QQ T ss X msgs A xi N s N s X s E Qs Xsis s EX Sy s . xssssss 1 - M sf'---iss: A gs X si i N Ds s s ss X X Q X s Xs X s S Y N Q s Y QM sX Ns N s s es X Y Q s assi? .ff , fl . .. N . was s.. gik s sf: s. . x . irssfaq- X s. , . iss. .,, :fits 'fi S K gg .li . s 'fgfss kgs' 5 iisikiislis 5 E Xe . s ss 5 x A sg N if swts ss N B Ns S S f Q s s s S S . 3 s . si sf. Q X s 5 X 'jss SQ K ss A Q S x s Xsx XX as s as 5 X Q X tx Ek! s Xie s ik s Rss X N X x XS sh e X YQ 'i Wigs Q NYS Xxx X X X N We - so 1 ssess X as 1 slr '- si- X 'I 5 S QQ SN X X A ss 1 E :X . l4,,,,, , , -fsfsgge ee DAVID C. BOCK Honor Roll, Homeroo istry, Physics. NANCY J. BODNAR Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Achievement Bulletin, G.A.A., F.H.A., C'heckroom. LYNN MARIE BOESTER Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Check- room, Devotional, Information, Medical. m Off., Swimming, Intramural Sports, Chem- MICHAEL JOSEPH BOHO Lantern, Log, Band, Explorer Scouts. VIVIEN ARLENE BOLTON G.A.A. JANE M. sooxsmven G.A.A., F.H.A., Library. ELAINE PAMELA BORATEN Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens. LINDA JEAN BRODMERKEL Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Triple Trio, Devotional Choir, Lost and Found, Studio, Library. JOAN L. BROOKS Honor Roll, G.A.A., Chemistry, Library. DIANE BROWARSKY Activities Key, National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., Leaders Club, F.T.A., Honor Award, Public Address. DEBORAH DUDLEY BROWER Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Band, Dramatics, Honor Award, Secretarial, Pep Squad. BARBARA G. BROWN Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Checkroom, Information. MARILYN E. BUMER G.A.A., F.H.A. GEORGANN BURCH Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Cafeteria Dispatchers, Pep Squad. JAMES G. BURKE Intramural Sports, Homeroom Programs, Spanish Club. JOHN C. BURNHAM Homeroom Off., Chemistry, Physics, Proiection. RODNEY R. BURNS, JR. Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Explorer Scouts, Thespians, Physics, Public Address Chm., Studio, Computer Club, Sports Announcer. GERALDINE PATRICIA BUTLER Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A. MICHAEL D. BYERS Honor Roll, Physics, Ways and Means. WILLIAM B. BYER5 Honor Roll, Boys' Ushers. JAMES M. CALDWELL Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers BETH LYNNE CALLAHAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Attendance, Information, Pep Squad. E. ALLEN CAMPBELL Cross Country, J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Red Cross. JOHN WALTER CAMPBELL Homeroom Programs, Swimming, Chorus, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore. GRETCHEN H. BROWN Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, Attendance Co-chm., Information. KEVIN A. BROWN Honor Roll, H.M.S. Pinafore, Witness for the Prosecution, Chem- istry, Physics. LARRY M. BROWN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Gymnastics, Wrestling, Parking, Wif- ness for the Prosecution, Proiection. FRANCES DAY BRUCKART G.A.A., F.T.A., Band, Orchestra, Chemistry, Secretarial. NANCY ETHEL BRUNK Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Maiorettes, Library, Pep Squad. COLONEL S. BRUNTJEN Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Rifle Mgr., In- tramural Sports, Parking, Proiection, Scholastic, Arthletic Ushers. MARGARET L. BRUSO Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore. JOAN BULIK Candlelight Ticket Comm. JOHN ALAN BULLOCK Lantern, Homeroom Programs, Swimming, Intramural Sports, Ex- plorer Scouts, Parking, Boys' Ushers, Ways and Means. I Class Activities Built pirit And Pride ln Worthy Achievements Nancy Nuernberg and Dick Wyles, honored scholastically, show the secret of their success. MELODIE MARIE CAMPBELL G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. WILLIAM C. CARNELL Explorer Scouts, Cafeteria, Public Address. ELEANOR A. CARPENTER Y-Teens, Library. CAROL ANNE CARROLL Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, F.N.A. Cafeteria Hostess, Pep Squad. ROBERT CARROLL CAROLE ANN CHAPMAN Honor Roll, Secretarial, Information, Pep Squad, Devilette. JAMES C. CHENEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball, Football, J. V. Football Intramural Sports, Decorating, Properties. THOMAS S. CHRISTO, JR. Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. WILLIAM K. COHO Swimming Mgr., Track Mgr., Chorus, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club. NEIL D. COLE Activities Key, Intramural Sports, Band, Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore, Witness for the Prosecution, Public Address, Boys' Ushers. BARBARA JEAN COOLEY G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library, Red Cross. ROBERT S. COPE Lantern, Homeroom Off., Swimming Mgr., Intramural Sports. A1:15K.: IBN Qs I , JOHN MICHAEL CORRIGAN Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. ELIZABETH VAIL CORWIN Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board, library, Secretarial. NANCY JO COTTON Honor Roll, Devilette Ed., Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.H.A. Off., Library, Girls' Ushers. JAMES E. COWAN ii.t M BERETTA JANE CRAWFORD Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Range Rockettes, F.H.A. off. sm JOHN CAMERON CRISSMAN Honor Roll, Log Sports Staff, Chorus, Our Town, Candlelight, Wit- li ness for the Prosecution, Thespians, Decorating, Studio Mgr. A ,stt ROBERT CROFFORD, JR. Football, Track, J.V. Basketball, Intramural Sports. CAROLYN JEAN CROOK Honor Roll, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Achievement, Bulletin Board, Library, Spanish Club Off. BETH CUNNINGHAM Homeroom Programs, J.V. Rifle, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Library. MARY ELLEN DAILEY . Homeroom Off., Spanish Club, Medical, Pep Squad. BARBARA. D'ALESSANDRO yb is if Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.H.A., Information, Library. DIANNE CAROL DAUGHERTY Homeroom Off., Range Rockettes. s. 3. Senior polls honored Leslie Runger and Alan Mandel for their participation in activities even though they don't have quite this many awards. Q .N ., MQ , x X XX X gs. X .S .5 Y 'I 21 '- - - f X 3 K N rx sg 9 sr. X SFX XX 'A X is Q? X is K , sw- .- L. s 5 5 X S N R N xx X A X 'S Qi X' ,H+ . wig VX """N. -. YN- Q- . fl" X .. . se -SX be Y S W - rs sw I ...L -iss .. - y s tif' 'A I I -L aq Y so 3 is still :X . ,Q Poll-winners Sheron Rock and Bernie LaQuinta swap ath- letic talent. DAVID A. DAVIDSON Swimming, Chemistry, Boys' Ushers. EDWARD BLAINE DAVIDSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Boys' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore, Chemistry. JAMES R. DAVIDSON Boy's Ushers. DAVID EARL DAVIS Homeroom Programs, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Auditor- ium Planning, Cafeteria, Decorating, Stage Crew. ELAINE LYNNE DAVIS Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Honor Award Chm., Information, Scenery, Pep Squad. HARRY RICHARD DAVIS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. JEAN ANN DAVISON Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Library, Lost and Found. ROBERT VIRGIL DAVISON Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Sports Ed., Student Congress President, Foot- ball, Wrestling, Tthespians. SALLY C. DAWSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Library, Medical, Secretarial, Pep Squad. ROGER F. DEBENHAM Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. NANCY GRAHAM DEGNAN Activities Key and Guard, Honor Rall, Log Literary Staff, Home- room Off., Triple Trio, Devotional Choir, Our Town, Honor Award, Pep Squad. LINDA L. DEHNE G.A.A., F.H.A. A-si .A .... ,... M is FRED DENKHAUS Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore, Witness for the Prosecution. WILLIAM G. DICKIE Intramural Sports. SUSAN KAY DITTMAR Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress Secretary, Homeroom Off., Range Rockettes, F.T.A., Devotional Choir, Witness for the Prosecution, Devotional Chm. GEORGE SCROGGIE DONALDSON III Golf, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. BARBARA DEE DOOLAN Log, G.A.A., Attendance, Pep Squad. RONALD A. DOWNEY Football, Intramural Sports. DEANNA DRISCOLL Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Maiorettes, Decorating. JUDITH A. DRISCOLL Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.T.A. D. JEROME DROST Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Formal Concert. DAVID H. DUDT Rifle. MARILYN DUPREE Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Lead- ers Club, Range Rockettes, Y-Teens, Dramatics, Decorating. CATHERINE ANNE DURKIN Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off. G.A.A., Varsity Cheerleader, F.T.A. Off., Social Chm., Lantern. Getting a sample of their own enthusiasm are Mary Ann Jones and Don Raines, honored by the Log for their school spirit. X X SALLY E. EACHES Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.T.A., Library, Medical, Pep Squad. m L LINDA si-iARoN EASTERLING Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Programs, F.T.A., Library. DAVID STEARNS EASTON Homeroom Programs, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Explorer Scouts. CAROLYN J. ECK Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Informa- tion Co-Chm., Scholastic, Sr. Play Script Comm. THURMAN E. ECKFELD Log, Wrestling, Intramural Sports. CAROLYN H. EDE Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens Off., F.N.A., Attendance Co-chm., Information. ESHLEY LOUISE EDGAR Homeroom Programs, Art, Bulletin Board, Information, Medical. VIRGINIA EDGINGTON Bulletin Board, Library, Medical, Red Cross, Ways and Means. MARY JANE EDWARDS Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Witness for the Prosecution, Chemistry, Pep Squad Chm. . . . ii.i- - 1-, I, ' L' Lantern, Log, Gymnastics, Swimming, Track, Intramural Sports. - g xc X X X Q X X 4 QN X S X Q ws .- ti S i S X X ex A X S es Activities Program Provided Both Service And Recreation Students put their scientific knowledge into the building of a mathematical computer. NANCY E- EGAN r' s I I I ' Honor Ron, F.r.A. I MARIBETH K. ENGLEHART . Y Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, At- b I tenclance, Library, Ways and Means. Q JIM ERICKSON E iissss 'sss s csses ii' - f ' X 36 iils 3 :., I .. ' 512: Q :fl ig gf ' c WILLIAM H. ERICKSON Homeroom Programs, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports. RICHARD ESPOSITO Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Swimming Co-Capt., Red Cross, Boys' Ushers. DEBORAH RUTH EVANS Honor Roll, Orchestra, Violinettes, Library, Girls' Ushers, Pep Squad. VERNE FARMILO G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Biology, Library, Secretarial. PATRICIA LOUISE FASSETT I Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.N.A., Lost and Found, Medical. Red Cross. BARBARA G. FIEDLER Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Library, Lost and Found, Medical. GLADYS ELAINE FINK Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Chemistry, Library, Secretarial, Ways and Means. THOMAS W. FISCHER Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Club. RITA CAROL FISHER ' Activities Key, National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Mounty, Orchestra, Chemistry, Debating, Library, Physics. F X N .,., s S . A Qs . A . S .QXQA1 5 :,, L... -'1s' X X. X Ig 3 Q Ssgigs X s X X .X is X si -, X. N. - X.. X .. 'Q f ENN i X .-.-. 'I . sgkf L gs-sis -- . Y X X we t I BRUCE F. FLETCHER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball, J.V. Cross Country, Boys' Glee Club, Parking, Score Board. TRUMAN A. FLOWERS Chess, Projection. GEORGIA FODOR F.H.A. Ott., Library, Secretarial. LYNN F. FOLTZ Homeroom Off., Baseball, Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Decorating. MARTHA E. FOX Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Dramatics, Information, Library, Secretarial. PAMELA T. FRANCIS Lantern, Log Classes Staff, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rock- ettes, Witness for the Prosecution, Information, Library, Secretarial. JOSEPH H. FREY Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Biolo9Yf Homeroom De- votions. JAY W. FRISKE Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Public Address Co-chm., Score Boa rd. ROBERT A. FRITZ Intramural Sports. ALFRED DAVIS FULTON, JR. Swimming. CARL GAINOR Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Witness for the Prosecu- tion, Public Address, Sportscaster. SUSAN P. GALLAGHER Chorus, Ways and Means. 37 .. X Xxx --L S K is-.cya fs - ' 'ff ' was-sv: - i L, S.. . I : Q . R.- 3 X XX X. A A S is X X Na .25 s f"9k X ' 5 X X gs Xl . X XR' X s . es X Q, XNONNY FS. X Q 'QQ-. x MOLLIE ANN GLENNAN Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Library. LINDA KATHERINE GOGLEY Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Pep Squad. ANNE POE GOULDING Honor Roll, Log Circulation Mgr., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens, F.N.A., Orchestra, Library, Pep Squad. ARTHUR W. GRABE J.V. Track, J.V. Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Band, Decorating. SUSAN LEE GRAF Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Library, Pep Squad. ROBERT GREEN Honor-Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. JUDITH ELLEN GREENE Honor Roll, Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Red Cross, Secre- tarial. BARBARA S. GROSE Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Costume Co-chm., Decorating, Information, Pep Squad, Student Directory Chm. PATRICIA GROSSO Lantern, F.H.A., Dramatics, Checkroom. MARY ANN GALLUZE Lantern, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A.,-Bulletin Board. MARY HELEN GAMES 7 Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Checkroom, Library. SUSANN GARDNER Lantern, G.A.A., F.T.A., Chorus, Library, Lost and Found, Red Cross, Ways and Means. CHARLES L. GARLAND Activities Key and Guard, National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Mounty Business Mgr., Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., In- tramural Sports, Explorer Scouts, Ways and Means Co-chm. KAY LINDA GARRETT Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, F.N.A., Library, Medical Co- chm., Physics, Secretarial. BOB GARVEY Honor Roll, Tennis, Track, Intramural Sports. BARBARA LOUISE GEHRING Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Band, Secretarial. ANTHONY F. GERACE J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. JOAN RAE GERHOLD Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off, G.A.A., Y-Teens F.T.A., Library, Secretarial. DOROTHY E. GERMAN Pep Squad. DIANE L. GETHING Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Secretarial, Student Directory, Devilette. ROY ALEXANDER GILLILAND Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Swimming Mgr., Wrestling, J.V. Track J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Red Cross, Boys' Ushers. I LINDA JANE GROVE Devilette, Student Guidance Gouncil,, Homeroom Progrdms, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chemistry, Library, Secretarial. JULIA E. GRUMMER Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.N.A., Bulletin Board, Costume, Informa- tion, Pep Squad. DAVID F. GUERRIERI National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Pro- grams, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Debating, Boys' Ushers. V. LAWRENCE GUESS Honor Roll, Rifle, Physics, Computer Club. DAVID GRAHAM GUY Honor Roll, Log, Band, Witness for the Prosecution. DIANE MARIE HABOVICK Homeroom Programs, G.A.A. MARY JEANNETTE HAGAN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Classes Staff, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Decorating, Secretarial, Student Direc- tory. .IUDITH E. HALL Activities Key, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.T.A., Orchestra, Devilette. REGAN LOUISE HALL Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Attendance, Library, Secretarial. SHARON L. HAM Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Checkroom, Information, Pep Squad. BRUCE D. HANCOCK Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Parking, Physics, Boys' Ushers, Cap and Gown. PHYLLIS H. HARDTMAYER Honor Roll, Make-up Co-chm. X... , X X X XXKX- -A X Z.. .QX L. S X X X X X K m X X .ilvilb-X 'Y I Y .'ike.SeiQ"XqX ' - -' ss S Xe is Xi: .:. ,exe YN X 'X Xe XX AX ss X N XSS X X SN XXX XX X 1 X XX X XXX XXX XXX X f - . X: Q X ex XX X X ,X X X SX P si P ? W X A X X Eg SX X A fs A QXX S R2 ... I . E X .Q X S X XX X X X5 . X XXEQ X 3 X 5 X XX X X X I .XXX X X N X ii XEXXX X X XXX x . . , ....X J .L .L iss XXX X X N Q A X XX SX X A X XXX Qs X X XX QX X X XX N X X X X X N X X XXX Psiw -ss X -- i . -QSX .f -X K. X ED ..X. .N , X . .X-- . X.. K ,,-s....X,X X ,,.:, ,MQ-hifi., - i f.: ' -R i . Q g ls gg MUND C. HARPER Homeroom Programs, Cross County Mgr., Track Mgr., Chemistry, Physics, Sr. Play Publicity Comm., Boys' Ushers. JOHN D. HARPER, JR. Activities Key, National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Log, Student Congress Vice-President, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, F.T.A., Boys' Ushers. BARBARA FREYA HARRIS Honor Roll, Lantern, Library, Lost and Found. MICHAEL R. HARRIS Lantern, Mounty, Achievement Bulletin, Publicity. MARY M. HART Homeroom Programs, Y-Teens, Library, Secretarial. ROBERT E. HARVEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track, J.V. Track, J.V. Cross Country, Decorating. PATRICIA J. HASLEY Log, G.A.A., F.H.A., Decorating, Information, Medical, Pep Squad. LAWRENCE K. HATHAWAY Honor Roll, Student Court, Homeroom Off., Basketball Capt., Track, J.V. Basketball, Parking. WILLIAM R. HECHT Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Orchestra, Parking, Computer Club. ll W if 0,- f XX XX. .rp N. ... - ,QW X, M ' ff 2 g 4' mf , ' 41 4 X . i X . . . .XX .- -. g1.g - "I I s Z E .ru ..:. X X 'XX fX E. -5 - P, Aw .X - ... -1 X X X . X X X X X X XXX X X3 X X X ig XX X X X X XXX XX XX XXX X X X X XXX? X X XX SXX XX X X X . 9. XX X .. XX XX XS is XX Nl is Xi X Xi X X XX QXXXQN. X-X 5 NX N XX X XX QNX PR X XX X Eg X X X X XE.. X X. XX ,i X X 5 X X xx X X S X Si ANN V. HOERNEMAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.T.A., Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore, Dramatics, Library, Pep Squad. JILL L. HOERNER Log, Pep Squad, Homeroom Off. JAMES E. HOFF Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Parking Co-chm. LINDA ELIZABETH HOLTZ Homeroom Programs, Pep Squad, Bulletin Board. RAYMOND K. HOLTZ Honor Roll, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Physics, Cap and Gown. GERALDINE ANN HOOD Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Secretarial. SUSANNE HOOSE Log, Mounty, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Information, Secretarial. SALLY PAGE HORSMAN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Y-Teens Off., Attendance, Pep Squad. BONNIE HOSKIN Homeroom Off., Girls' Gymnastics, G.A.A., Varsity Cheerleader. MARY ELLEN HOUSTON Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Lead- ers Club, Chorus, Devotional Choir, Chemistry, Lost and Found. JOHN R. HOWE Baseball, Gymnastics, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. JUDY RUTH HUBBELL Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., F.N.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, H.M.S. Pinafore. JULIANNE HERING G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library, Red Cross, Pep Squad. WILLIAM P. HERTEL Log, Intramural Sports, Band, Decorating, Properties, Basketball Mgr. MARGARET ANN HEWITT Honor Roll, Devilette, G.A.A., Band, Chemistry, Library, French Club. MARCIA L. HICKEY Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore, Attendance, Medical. KENNETH T. HILDEBRAND, JR. Achievement Bulletin, Homeroom Programs, Football, Intramural Sports. JOHN SCOTT HILL Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Student Court, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Physics. TOM W. HILLEMAN Gymnastics, Swimming. JOAN P. HILLGROVE G.A.A., F.N.A., Attendance, Costume Co-chm., Information, Red Cross. MARYANN HIPPERT Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Information, Library, Secretarial, Pep Squad. i 'N A . ----- 'W' .... . ..XXX,XafX'.:1sfsXsgwfN""W 3 X WTF T--.XX L. .5 , X . - . .X 5 X S .W gXX X XX? .X 5 . gif XXK, S 'X- X X XXX XX X X X X QR X X NX XX XX Q X SX me XX Q., 5 WQXI.: 5.535-XX ' K x ig' . X rex kgs A ..-, E S ... X..,. , I a 5 X ie i . s 5 . X X. ,W i ...X..X.. X K V K. SQ 51: .1 XM . .. " " ' JEFFREY G. HUBRIG Log, Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Devotional. JOYCE CAROL HUMPHREY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.N.A. Off. NANCY JANE HUMPHREYS Honor Roll, F.H.A., Cafeteria Hostess, Library, Secretarial. JUDITH A. HUNTER G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Lost and Found. JOSEPH PAUL HUTCHINSON Lantern, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, J.V. Track, J.V. Wrest- ling, Cafeteria Host. LINDA K. HUTCHINSON Lantern, Log, Girls' Gymnastics, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.N.A., Bulletin Board, library, Ways and Means. BARBARA LEE HUTTER G-A-A-, Range Rockettes, F.N.A., Library, PEGGY HYNES F.H.A. PAMELA J. HYSLOP G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Art, Bulletin Board, Publicity, Scenery, Secretarial. E 2 l Wifi' l My . N Q fs .Q so .2 ik. . .. s- -so . B' A si ,.,. r ' .. e -. Q .,., -s emis, - Q s ...Y K . . L . i W G ff it giwlfdgwlfujf M YW, !fdM,ye"i3f7. ,Cy V iff' The doorway to knowledge. - P F SSM ' W Unexpected Hilarity Prevented Our Days From Becoming Routine "Give 'em the axI" s . E 1 .. " - Ex? X K ,... K kkk. -' CATHERINE HOLLAND IRWIN Activities Key, Student Court, G.A.A., Mrs. McThing, Attendance, Decorating, Devotional, Public Address, Thespians Off. MELVIN D. ITZEL Honor Roll, Orchestra. MARY ANN IVANCIW Y-Teens, Information, Library, Red Cross, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Athletic Ushers, Secretarial. DORIS ELLEN JACOBSON G.A.A., Y-Teens, Lost and Found. DAVID L. JOHNS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Devo- tional, Physics Co-chm., Computer Club. KNUT J. JOHNSON, JR. Homeroom Programs, Hospitality, Proiection, Boy's Ushers, Ways and Means Chm. DAVID R. JOHNSTON Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Devotional, Physics, Boys' Ushers. Football Statistics. SUZANNE JOHNSTON Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Library, Pep Squad. HERBERT R. JONES III Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Chorus, Witness for the Pro- secution. MARY ANN JONES Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Dramatics, Cafeteria Hos- tess, Secretarial, Pep Squad Chm. PATRICIA RUTH JONES Lantern, Homeroom Off., Rifle, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.N.A., Library. GINGER M. JORDAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.H.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, Chemistry. DON JORDANO Homeroom Off., Football, Track, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Decorating. JAMES D. KALEY Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Business Mgr., Homeroom Off., Swimming, Cap and Gown. CONSTANTINE MARKOS KALOGERAS Honor Roll, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host, Physics, Boys' Ushers. IREN E MARKOS KALOGERAS Lantern, Log, Mounty, G.A.A., F.T.A., F.N.A., Checkroom, Medical, Ways and Means. BONNIE KASUN Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Varsity Cheerleader, Decorating Co-chm., Pep Squad Co-chm. SANDRA ROBERTA KAUPER Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., F.T.A. Off., Medical, Girls' Ushers. ROBERT KRAFT KAY Honor Roll, Mounty, Orchestra, Biology, Parking. CAROLANN CELESTE KEARNS f Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A., Information, Medi- cal, Secretarial, NANCY R. KEEGAN Lantern, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Library. ALICE E. KEIM Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Information, Ways and Means, Pep Squad. GARY A. KELLER Intramural Sports, Devotional. D. SCOTT KENNING Homeroom Programs, Baseball, Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Decorating. One among many me X X N ss -' X . .. XX is N -3 , .gg . w CHN X X Q S X Q -f. . . sag - 'Ti P DIANNA MARIE KULIK Honor Roll, G.A.A., Orchestra, Dramatics, Library, Ways and Means. DEANNE C. KUSTES Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.H.A., Library. ALEXANDER LAMONT Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Track, In- tramural Sports, Witness for the Prosecution, Devotional. WILLIAM HENRY LANE ll Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern, Co-Ed., Achievement Bulletin, Homeroom Off., Publicity, Boys' Ushers, Senior Student Mgr. SUSAN B. LANGENKAMP Log, G.A.A., F.T.A., Witness for the Prosecution, Honor Award, Pep Squad. BERNARD GEORGE LAQUINTA Homeroom Off., Football, Baseball, Intramural Sports. BARBARA LAROSA Honor Roll, G.A.A., Orchestra, Dramatics, Chemistry, Library, Secretarial. INGRID CAROLYN LARSON Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A., Chorus, Library. ANTHONY T. LAVELY Honor Roll, J.V. Football, Band, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore, Cafeteria Host, Proiection Co-Chm., Traffic. LESLIE MARY KERBER G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A., Information, Library, Medical. DIANE LADD KESSLER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off. F.T.A., Library. JOHN A. KETCHUM Intramural Sports. NANCY JEANNE KETCHUM Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Student Court, Homeroom Off., Range Rockettes, Art, Bulletin Board, Decorating. MEL KLEIN Lantern, Homeroom Off., Basketball Mgr., Cross Country Mgr.. Intramural Sports, Achievement Bulletin, Boys' Ushers. KAREN HELEN KOBRAN Mounty, Library, Secretarial, Sr. Play Publicity and Ticket Comms. DIANE CORDAY KOERNER Honor Roll, Log, Entertainment Bulletin, Student Congress, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Art, Bulletin Board Chm., Scenery. DIANE LOIS KRAETSCH Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, At- tendance, Honor Award, Guidqnce, Pep Squad. DONALD P. KREDEL Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Track, Band. PATRICIA L. KRESGE Honor Roll, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Checkroom, Scenery. JANE LEE KROPF Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. DIANE LOUISE KRUEGER Advisory Council, Activities Key, Student Congress Secretary Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Our Town, Medical Co-Chm., Devotional CHRISTINE ALICE LAWLER Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Chorus, Honor Award, Pep Squad. MICHAEL RICHARD LEBO Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Physics. KATHY J. LELAND Mounty, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A. DOUGLAS J. LEONARD OLEN F. LEVELL J.V. Track, J.V. Football, Track, Intramural Sports, Dramatics, Ways and Means. ALEXANDER LEVY Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Witness for the Prosecution. JOHN K. LEWIS Baseball, Football, Wrestling. BETSY LINDSAY Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.T.A., Dramatics, Decorating, Devotional, Secretarial, Pep Squad. THOMAS G. LINSLEY Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Cross Country Mgr,, Foof. ball MSF-, Wrestling Mgr. JAY LIVINGSTON Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Ott., Intramural Sports, Band, Public Address, Witness for the Prosecution. WARREN F, LORY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Track Co-Capt., Intramural Sports. JACKSON S. LOVE, JR. Honor Roll, Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. XX X X sisrzf? X sl 5 get XXQQ? -. . .. . A gk .XX . S, ss. - XX ef w..X. . -NX X X XX J REQ f sg XXX .x ' .X 1 S .ss X X X.: .::. -. X S E.: 'T :LX -' if fl - qs E58 ' I ' X SNS' XQ N-N X lit A ..- .... . an N XX w . :X s KX X X X N MALCOLM S. LOVE Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore. NANCY CATHERINE LUMPKIN Y-Teens, Library. DIANE HOLMES LUPEAN Honor Roll, Achievement Bulletin, Y-Teens, Attendance, Library Red Cross, Pep Squad. MARJORIE LUXBACHER G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.H.A., Cafeteria Dispatchers, Secre- tarial. MARY ANNE LYNCH Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Chorus, Public Address. CAROL SHEILA LYNOTT Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., J.V. Cheerleader, Range Rock- ettes, Costume, Decorating, Secretarial. JOHN A. L. LYONS Honor Roll, Physics, Computer Club. CHARLES MAJOR Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Band. JOHN MALLOZZI 45 I nd We Will ot Forget . . . who ioined and led in activities, helped to plan school dances, cheered their team at pep rallies and on the field, applauded the musicals and plays, and laugh- ed with their friends at senior parties. . . . who yelled cheers and sang spirited class songs. . . . who boldly identified Mt. Lebanon with their class proiect, the high school sign. . . . who studied diligently to uphold the scholastic quality of Mt. Lebanon students. . . . who anticipated their graduation with a feeling of pride and fulfillment, realizing that it is the door to the future. . . . who reached the final level of their high school education with flying colors and are ready to take their places in society as young adults. 47 ALAN IRWIN MANDEL Advisory Council, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Stuclent Guidance Council, Activities Key and Guard, Hospitality, Student Congress Vice-President, Log Sports Ed., Homeroom Off. NEIL MARCUSON Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Basketball, J.V. Wrestling, Intramural Sports. RONALD MARGUGLIO Homeroom Programs, Rifle, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Deco- rating. SUZANNE MARRS G.A.A., Information. NELLA RUTH MARTIN National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Devotional, Library, Public Address, Pep Squad. RANDOLPH w. MARTIN Homeroom Programs, Swimming. WILLIAM G. MASSEY Homeroom Off., Chess, Rifle, Intramural Sports, Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore, Cafeteria. KENNETH R. MAXSON Honor Roll, Intramural Sports. MIMIKA M. MAYERS Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A. Off., Check- room Co-chm., Information. DAVID JOHNSTON MCCALLUM Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Decorating. DONNA J. MCCAULEY WALLACE MCCOLLUM Chorus, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club. 48- Familiar Daily Scenes Activities Stay Long In Our Memories "Our cafeteria makes the best cake." WILLIAM DOUGLAS McCREA PAULA JEAN MCFADDEN Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens, Information, Library, Secretarial, Pep Squad. LUCINDA MAE McGREW Honor Roll, Log, Band, Bulletin Board. MURRAY G. McGREW Intramural Sports, Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore, Computer Club, Mt. Lebanon Boys' Quartet. TIMOTHY J. MCNEELY Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. F. DAVID MCRITCHIE Chemistry, Explorer Scouts. ANNIE MCWILLIAMS G.A.A., Dramatics, Library, Make-Up, Pep Squad. BARBARA JEAN MEHAFFEY Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.H.A. Off., Attendance, Information, Library, Pep Squad. ROBERT A. MELENDES Honor Roll, Mounty, Physics, Proiection. - s-.. if .-.- K X X- . X1 NS XXX -i i fir f . - . ..... C. ss. -- - XX-s .s iii.. .X . Q X s . S .s ., X X E -XX N X X X Q sn -mi Q XX N X X i . RXX X X 1 I' A ' . ...... is?-ess -X ss-g - X Xa X X X XXX N X X X X is I X it I Q XX 3 X Z: X -, 5 X. .., . . RX . A L x s XRS- .. X. . ...L . . . , . Rl 'iX xx. X X QXX SX 2 . X X 3 I i 5'-s . 1' s is 2 f MICHAEL A. MELVIN Homeroom Programs, Band. LINDA LOUISE MENKE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Scholastic, Girls' Ushers, Pep Squad. DAVID MERCER Football, Intramural Sports. JACK MEYER Student Congress President, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Band, Our Town, Public Address, Thespians Off., Witness for the Prosecution Student Director. GRANT ROBERT MEYERS J.V. Wrestling BARBARA JEANNE MILLER Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus, GEORGE L. MILLER Homeroom Programs, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Explorer Scouts. J. RANDOLPH MILLER Intramural Sports. PATTI JEAN MILLER Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Assistant Ed, Homeroom Off., Range Rockettes, Achievement Chm., Library F.T.A. RUSSELL L. MILLER Boys' Glee Club, Spanish Club. SARAH CLAUDIA MILLER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.T.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, H.M.S. Pinafore, Secretarial. TRUDI MILLER Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Medical I I Wyse 1 --.-'X ..-s-. '- S-i p. ' L-mA I . - -A.A - YQQ S X X s X Qs if . RN . X n X .XXX X X X x SX N CARLA A. MUELLER Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Varsity Cheerleader, Y-Teens, F.N.A., Make-up, Medical, Girls' Gymnastics. ELIZABETH ANN MULLIKEN Honor Roll, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Attendance, Ways and Means. ELIZABETH T. MULLINS Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Library, Pep Squad, BARBARA JEAN MUROS Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Secretarial, Ways and Means. SALLY S. MYTON Band, Ways and Means. NANCY JANE NAISMITH Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Auditorium Planning, Medical, Public Address. ROBERT G. NELSON Honor Roll, Chemistry, Red Cross. KENNETH R. NEWHAMS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Country, J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Boys' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore, Chemistry, Red Cross Co-Chm. SUSAN ELIZABETH NORSEEN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Maiorettes, Chorus, The Matchmaker, Attendance, Decorating, Secretarial. JOAN NORTON Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., F.N.A., Information, Library, Red Cross, Secretarial, Pep Squad. HELEN BETH NOWAK Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Honor Award, Library, Lost and Found, Secretarial. NANCY JEANNE NUERNBERG Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Log Literary Ed., Home- room Off., Orchestra, Witness for the Prosecution, Devotional, A. F.S. Foreign Exchange Student, Quill and Scroll. JEFFREY ALLEN MINNO Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, Wrestling, J.V. Track. DAVID W. MINNOTTE Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Golf Capt., Intramural Sports, Social. JACQUE I. MINNOTTE Honor Roll, Boys' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore, Witness for the Prosecution, Public Address, Score Board, Studio. MARSHA JAYNE MOCK Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A Y-Teens Off., Chorus, Devotional, Spanish Club. CAROLYN LEE MOORE Log, G.A.A., Band, Secretarial. MYRON L. MOORE Intramural Sports, Public Address. 'I JAMES F. MORAN National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Lantern, Cross Country, Debating, Cafteria Host, Ways and Means, Computer Club. NANCY C. MORRIS Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Library. ROBERTA ANN MORSE Information. . ...- xx NN A . ' B I L I 'lll - . ...'. K ,X I gli... -f ss l . is . s . 1 s X. -: X 3, 'ibisx s s use V 3 S- fl ' Senior girls play florist. Q5 ,gi W: Ns Y, X Q . X . g ,.,, A in .2 X .r it s . . . x . S - r X N. SANDRA SUE OATES Activities Key, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Band, Devotional, Library, Secretarial. CAROLYN A. OBEY Lantern, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens. JUDITH ANN OCHODSKI Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library, Medical, Red Cross, Pep Squad. JOHN V. O'CONNOR Traclf, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. JAMES H. OFFUTT Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Cross Country, F.T.A., Band, Boys' Ushers. PETER L. OLSON - Rifle, Intramural Sports, Boys' Glee Club, H.M.S. Pinafore, Biolo- gy, Parking Chm., Physics. FRAN X. ORTALE Intramural Sports, Parking. SANDRA ELIZABETH OTTO Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., F.N.A., Checkroom, Library, Ways and Means Co-Chm. JOSEPH REED OVEREND Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Intramural Sports. TERRY LEA PASQUARELLI Mounty, F.T.A., F.N.A., Pep Squad. DIDRA ELENE PAULUS Lantern, G.A.A., Decorating, Honor Award, Information, Secre- tarial, Pep Squad. DAVID C. PECK Homeroom Devotions. 51 Q Q gases ft 3 A Vs ' X. - so-wi' j -bq 5 I f:..vs"f, 6 X :NN I .ax Q .. f we if I I X X X It X x X X x EE Q 1 5 K txgkig S X X is Q S X S5 x X 5 5 X F E El X X Sk S. 1- s .F S xXX XX X E5 see? iiisfxb? 5 easily . sfesfws: sf QS s s as 5 ' ss X XS -- - Art and acting, respectively gained recognition for Dana Simpson and Jack Meyer ln the field of creative talent. LINDA M. PECK 'Homeroom Programs, Rifle, G.A.A., F.T.A., F.N.A., Information, tlibrary, Pep Squad. CHARLES NEAL PERRINE Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Cross Country, Track, J. V. Track, J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. CAROLYN ANN PERRIS Bulletin Board, Library. MAUREEN PETERS F.H.A. RICHARD I. PETERS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Offz, Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Red Cross, Social, Boys' Ushers. KAREN LOUISE PETTERSON Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.N.A., Checkroom, Chemistry, Medical. LYNDA J. PFENDLER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Orchestra, Witness for the Prosecution, Ways and Means, Cap and Gown. BRUCE N. PHILLIPS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football. ELLEN M. PHILLIPS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., J.V. Cheerleader, Range Rockertes, Costume, Decorating, Information, Pep Squad. GEORGIA CAROL PHINNEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Orchestra, Red Cross. .IANICE CAROL PIKE Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Attendance, Li- brary, Pep Squad. MARGOT CROSSLEY PLANT G.A.A., F.T.A., Decorating, Pep Squad. DIANE L. PLASMAN Homeroom Programs, Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Information, Pep Squad. BETTY LOU POPE G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library, Lost and Found. DAVID WAYNE POWELL Wrestling, Intramural Sports. JACQUELINE PRESCOTT Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.H.A., Secretarial. CAROLE L. PRESET Honor Roll, Mounty. DOROTHY E. PREUSCH F.N.A., Chorus, Pep Squad. SALLY PRIGG F.N.A., Chorus, Red Cross. DONALD L. RAINES Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Parking. L. JEFFRY RANDALL Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Rifle, Witness for the Prosecution, Chemistry, Proiection, Studio, Boys' Ushers. RODNEY CURTIS RANKIN Intramural Sports, Chemistry. WILLIAM J. RAPP Gymnastics, Swimming, Intramural Sports. F so X X ses wx X ses X Q X X X ss.. . X Q 1 if Q w xfix x X ee 3 s ei seg X P is gk X ff! f X! X ::E-ik X X . 5 X X X X X 5 ' X X ,XM . 1 Q Diane Krueger and Robby Davison demonstrate their leadership abilities, for which they were honored 6 S ,Qi RICHARD L. RAY Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Proiection, Football Statistics. JOHN READ Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Swimming, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Physics. MARY JANE REDDING Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Dramotics, Medical, Secretarial. MICHAEL L. REED Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Physics, Ways and Means. JOHN F. REEVES Log Business Staff, Student Guidance Council, Homeroom Pro- grams, Intramurol Sports, Witness for the Prosecution, Dramotics, Thespians, Stage Crew, Ways and Means. WILLIAM M. REEVES Baseball, Football, Wrestling, J. V. Football, Intramural Sports. KAREN SUE REICHARD Band, Cafeteria Dispatchers. HELEN R. REICHL Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Pep Squad. MARILYN M. REYNOLDS Honor Roll, Girls' Gymnastics, G.A.A., F.N.A. Off., Library, Medi- cal, Girls' Ushers, Pe-p Squad. DONNA LOREE RHOADES G.A.A., J.V. Cheerleader, Range Rockettes, Attendance, Pep Squad. JOHN RICHARDS JULIA ANN RICHARDS Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Chorus, Honor Award, Pep Squad BETTE JANE RIDINGER Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.N.A., Cafeteria Dispatchers. BEVERLY RITENOUR Rifle, G.A.A., Library, Pep Squad. DAVID DION ROBERTS Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Our Town, Witness for the Prosecution, Physics, Boys' Ushers, Spanish Club Off. RICHARD R. ROBINSON Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Parking, Sr. Play Publicity Comm., Boys' Ushers Co-chm. PATRICIA ANN ROBISON G.A.A., F.H.A., Y-Teens, Medical. SHERON JENE ROCK Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern Feature Ed., Entertainment, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club Off., Pep Squad, Y-Teens Off. JOHN W. RODGERS Intramural Sports, Band, Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore. SANDY R. RODGERS Honor Roll, Log Literary Staff, Library, Medical. HEIDI STAMAN RODNEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Band, Orches- tra, Chorus. MARCIA ALICE ROSCOE G.A.A., Range Rockettes. JOSEPH ROSSI Intramural Sports. ALBERT G. ROTH Homeroom Programs, Explorer Scouts, Boys' Ushers. We're sixty-onederfull ff ' - E 5- sf -- X.. ,.j ...kk A ,K X X serv? L A M ' NX V 2' s. X :Q -- i .. . X .. ...V .. E Q :SS N, .-NEW' s iii " is L .Sk .k.-. I X. , X x sis.-s ss . ss X N .x YY is ji l If ALICE F. SC HADE HELEN A. ROVEGNO Activities Key, Leaders Club, Checkroom Co-chm., Honor Award, Information, Scholastic, Secretarial, Ways and Means, Girl's Gymnastics. ANDREA SUE RUBEN IBulletin Board, Library. LESLIE ANN RUNGER Activities Key and Guard, National Forensic League, Student Court, Homeroom Off., F.T.A., Orchestra, Hospitality, Studio, Pep Squad Chm. BARBARA ANNE RUSSELL Honor Roll, Information, Library. SUSAN L. RUSSELL F.H.A., Library, Lost and Found. WILLIAM MICHAEL SAKMAR Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Chemistry, Parking, Stage Crew. HERBERT M. SANDERS Intramural Sports, Dramatics. PAUL N. SARANDOS Log, Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports. GEORGE CHARLES SARKIS ,Homeroom Programs, Football, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intra- mural Sports, Cafeteria Host. Qk ,X R ix il I X331- .X X 1 S sg - - E :iff it-il S f x: X - ' .I - if . -.., A K S . is J R X W iii" - iii" . it - A I 5 X , . 92 Y . Q . ..-.- E X . X, ..,.. is . X . R Si 5? , X X s A X Q S X X X QA S X X X . .-is .X A JACK E. SAXER . :I fax. 1 1 w s Rs! Wrestling, .I.V. Wrestling, Intramural Sports. 8 -2 'Ii' It KEQNX . P ' sxike -f-A - Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Mounty Co-Ed., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Orchestra, Devotional, Red Cross. ALYN JOY SCHECK Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Scholastic, Secretarial, Sr. Play Publicity Chm., Ways and Means Chm. KATHLEEN M. SCHIFFHAUER Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.N.A., Information, Red Cross, Secretarial, Pep Squad. TERRY LANE SC HMIDT Band. DALTON D. SCHNACK Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, FRED W. SCHWARTZ Homeroom Off., Swimming, Physics. KATHLEEN ANN SCHWARZ Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Editor-in-Chief, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Checkroom, Secretarial. LAURA OLIVE SEFTON Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Pep Squad. MICHAEL SELIGER GORDON CHARLES SEYBOLD Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Chemistry, Physics, Cap and Gown. MARY LEE SHANNON G.A.A., Leaders Club, Homeroom Programs. X Vx 'N .s t VW X ,gg X .sl X oi E te A ' E .. 5 CATHERINE ANN SMITH ' Log, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off. G.A.A., Bulletin Board Lost and Found, Secretarial. DAVID TRACEY SMITH Football, Track, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Deco- ating. HOWARD HUNT SMITH Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore, Cafeteria, Mt. Lebanon Boys Quartet. MARY DANA SMITH Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Y-Teens Off., Bulletin Board, Girls' Ushers. STODDART H. SMITH Swimming Co-Capt., Band. SUSAN ELIZABETH SMITH Lantern News Ed., Honor Roll, Log Classes Staff, Homeroom Pro- grams, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Hospitality. CAROL LORAY SNOW G.A.A., F.H.A., Information. KAREN ROSE SORG Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Decorating, Pep Squad. JEROME JENNINGS SPEARS Rifle, Public Address. S. FRANK SPEICHER Intramural Sports. SUZANNE LYNNE STAFFORD Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Range Rockettes, F. N.A., Library, Secretarial. ROBERT STARR L Homeroom Programs, Football, Intramural Sports. CAROL LEE SHAPPACHER Lantern, Achievement Bulletin, F.T.A., Band Secretary. JOHN POWELL SHIELDS Swimming, Physics. SHARON L. SHUTTLEWORTH Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Classes Ed., Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, F.T.A. DANA LOUISE SIMPSON Honor Roll, Log Art Staff, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Head Varsity Cheerleader, The Matchmaker, Art, Make-up, Medical. LESTER A. SIMPSON J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. SUE THOMAS SIMS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Rifle, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chorus, H.M.S. Pinafore, Dramatics. MARLENE LOIS SINGER Log, Devilette, G.A.A., F.N.A. Off., Orchestra, Violinettes, Li- brary, Red Cross. NANCY ANNE SKARADA Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Secretarial, Pep Squad. MARY ELLEN SKINNER Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.H.A. Off., Library. if V13 is X.. X R. " :5 X ' s. . in . S i xi 57" X K ,,.. . . SONDRA J. STASKEY Lantern, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.H.A., Library. GEOFFREY C. STEELE Achievement Bulletin, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Witness for the Prosecution, Physics, Athletic Ushers. DAVID R. STEINBRINK Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Parking. JUDITH ANN STERMER Honor Roll, Log, Entertainment Bulletin, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Orchestra, Information. JOHN PFOUTS STEVENS JAMES STEVENSON Football, Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Hospitality. JOHN P. STOBIE Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. C. ANDREW STOODY Swimming. DETMAR WILLIAM STRAUB -National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Our Town, Witness for the Prosecution, Chemistry, De- bating, Physics. JOAN M. STREYLE f.H.A. RUTH SUMMERS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Literary Staff, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Information, Library, Red Cross. MICHAEL WILLIAM SUNNER Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball, Our Town, Dramatics, Boys' Ushers. A New Sound Of Music Developed In arious Musical Groups "We need one of these in the band." ""'V"f""'1 '-1' .. 2' 1ff'!i?'1'."i!F5'S'W'V'T-i"f1YfI?5'7' ' SALLY ANNE SUTHERLAND Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Make-up. SUSAN SWAGER Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Pep Squad. ELEANOR LYNN SWARTZ Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Rifle Capt., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus, Chemistry, Devotional. VINCENT TAMY J. CHARLES TEMPLETON Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Gymnastics, Rifle, Witness for the Prosecution, Physics, Red Cross, Ways and Means. ARDETH ANNE TENNYSON Honor Roll, Library. STEVEN W. THEIS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball, J. V. Basketball, Intramural Sports, Honor Award, Physics. WILLIAM PATRICK THOMAS Ways and Means. DARLA JEAN THOMPSON G.A.A., Library. XXX ' F tgwf- K. R R X GRN N X A gg S sc X A X N55 X N X Q QQ X N X 3 Et Rs QS x R 9 .... 1 R Xl xx S fi . x X W ..,..,w.,,. ., . ciwsf - ts 11. ss gli X. SPSS. N Sgfii fl' P R if 3 My ZW X 1 X X X S 1 R .. . X ,I Q Xxx QNX x X X x Rx x X XX XXV X. XX XSX ..-- er E ew 3-:O X ,. . s -ass. .fn gg... .- -... 5- s is QA ,-me T- N If RX . A X... so -5 X . I f " Q .. 2 2 R s was ,s fi' - ss.. s - A Us - .Sc , 11, 11" -Tv 1. if X R R 3 fx if s EESQSXW . .fi SN' 5. .i .Q " 2 . Rs Q . ., .... . R3 ,pgs .... ,. S S, X :ggi us 5 gas 2 S R x R cs X ss s 5 I ixs s Nj X N N IS X XXX Nx SI F' - i..s ' ' z,,, g A QQQQ R Fi iiis - 55: s . P3 I we . S A Rx. P . S . Q5 K. - ss c ,. R TX: N X 3.3.21- Xi K X N c 1 . -, , .g s X . fi . wxswx NR es - iss- N X SXEXX 5 X X X R. is X f in R YN A XR ' P R R xx ff R x xv. 5 XS' Assy. X my A' ROBERT BRUCE THOMSON Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Swimming, Chm. CHARLOTTE L. TIMMONS Boys' Ushers Teens, F.H Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Y- Oft., Red Cross. DAVID A. TOMB .A. Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Boys' Glee Club, Witness for the Prosecution, Biology, Parking. ' WILLIAM E. TOURNAY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Studio, Athletic Ushers. ROBERT K. TOWNER Honor Roll, Baseball Mgr., Football Mgr., Intramural Sports. JODY PATRICIA TOWNSEND Library, Publicity, Secretarial. THOMAS R. TREWIN Homeroom Programs, Traffic. EDWARD M. TROY Honor Roll, Chemistry, Projection, Boys' Ushers. TERRY A. TUPPER Intramural Sports. DONALD K. TURNQUIST Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Rifle, Intramural Sports, Physics. VIRGINIA R. TWEEDIE Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Library. KEN UNGER 59 its R s ,.. ,. ,git if X 1 XXX as N X 'NX xc be s X N. X3 xx i Q 1 A, - Q 1... is ,M .vw TOM WATERS Intramural Sports. WINIFRED JUNE WATSON . S. . -A. ---. , . -- Q - e, f i Ski Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Range Rockettes, F.T.A., Chorus, Candlelight, Make-up Co-chm., Secretarial, Thespians. JANE M. WEAFER Lantern, Log Classes Staff, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Medi- cal, Pep Squad. EARL T. WEAVER Homeroom Off., lntramural Sports, Baseball Mgr., Basketball Mgr., Football Mgr. EMMY LOU WEAVER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Honor Award, Medical, Pep Squad. WILLIAM S. WEAVER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Scholastic Chm. HARRIETT GAIL WEINBERG Homeroom Programs, F.N.A., Library, Lost and Found. JOHN B. WEISIGER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Country Co- Capt., Track Co-Capt., J.V. Cross Country, lntramural Sports, Hospitality. JOHN F. WELCH Honor Roll, Log Publicity Staff, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Auditorium Planning, Boys' Ushers. ROBERT WELCH Entertainment Bulletin, lntramural Sports. GLENN A. WELLS Honor Roll, Chemistry, Physics. WENDY LYNNE WEPPNER Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.N.A. Off. Orchestra, Secretarial. - 60 KAY VANDERBECK Library, Medical. MARGARET ANNE VAN DUSEN National Forensic League, Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A. Off., Devotional, Red Cross, Ways and Means. ROBERT WINFIELD VAN NUISE ll Rifle, J.V. Football, lntramural Sports, Parking. MARGARET GAYLE VAN SANT Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Rifle, G.A.A., Orches- tra, Devotional Choir, Chemistry, Girls' Ushers. LINDA RUTH VAN TRIES Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Checkroom, Lost and Found, Medical. FRANCIS WILLIAM VOGEL, JR. Honor Roll. DONNA LYNN VORHEES Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chorus, Library. FRED L. WAGNER Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers, Wrestling Mgr. LYNN GAIL WARNHOLZ Dramatics. 5 , S A XX 1 '?i 5'ilf it it IN S. g::11:'5:T .wif ks 5 gwiecg 11 ss- K. . ,. . s Sjiefigi 1-N7 V, .,. - - 1 1 - ssss M Q5 sw we M er X s as . .R wee? 'N E srl' X X is Ei' F.. 'Y'- 'Tis the season to be iolly. wg X NS 9 2 ROSEMARY ALICE WERNER Activities Key and Guard F.T.A., Girls' Glee Club, Library, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Range Rockettes, Y-Teens Off., Girls' Ushers Chm. ROBERT H. WETMORE Honor Roll, Football Mgr., Track Mgr. DEBORAH HINTON WHITE Honor Roll, G.A.A., Orchestra, Spanish Club, Library. DIANE WHITE G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.H.A., Checkroom. MARSHA A. WHITE G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information. GARY R. WIANT Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Band. DIANE G. WICKHAM G.A.A., F.N.A., Chemistry. WILLIAM E. WICKER Lantern, Log, Band, Sr. Play Publicity Co-chm. DAVID AUSTIN WIKOFF Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Witness for the Prosecution, Thespians Student Director, Life with Father. KATHLEEN WILKES LESLIE LORENE WILMOT Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Orchestra, Violinettes. BONNIE LEE WILSON . Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Library, Secretarial. 61 LETITIA M. WILSON G.A.A., F.H.A. CAROL LYNN WIMMER U Honor Roll, Entertainment Bulletin, Range Rockettes, Witness for the Prosecution, Bulletin Board. MINNA JOY WINDER G.A.A., F.N.A., Art. ROBERT R. WINSMORE Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports KATHY WINTERHALTER G.A.A., Range Rockettes, Information, Library MARK WISE Lantern, Homeroom Programs, Gymnastics, Track, Intramural Sports, Blue Devil, Chorus, J.V. Track. ROBERT WITTMAN Honor Roll, Boys' Glee Club. WARDELLA WOLFORD Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Lantern, Mounty, Honor Award, G.A.A., Dramatics. Received special recognition by entering the University of Pittsburgh after the completion of her iunior year at Mt. Lebanon. DAVID P. WRAY Wrestling, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Band, Biology. JOHN THOMAS WRIGHT Homeroom Programs, Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. RICHARD S. WRIGHT Homeroom Programs, Track, J.V. Track. JOHN A. WUNDERLICH Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Student Court, Basketball, Track, Hospitality, Properties, Boys' Ushers. it ' Aww 1, ...... ,...,...... tttt ........ . ,,,, I ,,,,,, ' , f-ff ,,,, , ' f I f tx Q5 s 62 . -. .essex .,...-.. .. A ss- .. ....... . M. . . e. -.. -. .. :Sl ' . Sf- ' X X X- its x X . .4 .ec A- -is .s ' -CS . ., X X . s s - M. e. K . 1 L L. X2 .55 .... . ..... 'Qi-.1 i ..e re , L E X . cies ,eg 'Y eau: . 1 . 2 is . f . . s :ii Seniors selected Caddy Durkin and Larry Hathaway as winners of the friendliness poll. X ... . 33 X X it 3 S . x XM GEORGE HENRY WURSTER Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM EDWARD WURZBACH Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Ex- plorer Scouts, Cafeteria. J. RICHARD WYLES Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Basketball, Football, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football. JAMES L. YAGELLO Orchestra. CAROLYN LEE YARGER Honor Roll, Range Rockettes, Y-Teens, Attendance, Honor Award, Secretarial. VICTORIA JANET ZUCK G.A.A., Band, French Club. GABRIELLA BALDINI Entered Mt. Lebanon as a foreign exchange student from Italy after 'the first semester. PETER DYER Honor Roll, Homeroom Officer, Log, Mounty, Thespians, In the Pink, Our Town, Art, Scenery. As an exchange student with The American Field Service, Peter Dyer spent the first semester of his senior year in Germany, where he attended school and lived with a German family. JACK LEONARD Entered Mt. Lebanon as a senior at the end of the first semester. Study guides tell us to set aside one quiet place for home work . . . "Ever Our Praises Shall Ring" In their third year at Mt. Lebanon, the juniors strove to re- tain the high level that they had already achieved. Benefiting from the more enriched curriculum available to them, they went ahead to undertake added responsibilities- They plan- ned for the future by utilizing their skills and participating in extra-curricular activities and plays. The many new friendships they made added depth to their personalities. By attempting to further both its athletic and scholastic stand- ing, the iunior class did its share of contributing to the pro- gress of the school. Now the class of '62 is eagerly con- templating its senior year, when it hopes to bring even greater recognition to Mt. Lebanon High. 64 ,,,,, , 'l'l -'l Miss McClure ROW T: B. Smith, S. Kerr, S. Scott. ROW 2: K. Blrris, A. Sherman, J. Hotrichter, K. Thomos. ROW 3: L. Rote, C. Potnesky, A. Wharton. ROW 4: S. McCoy, J. Sorg, N. Torr, A. Orr, G. Thomas. ROW 5: T. Ferry, K. Greer, J. Stephens, B. Richards. ROW 6: P. Judge, C. Colaaugh, R. Ali, N. Louffer. ROW 7: D..Boker, M. Schlentner, M Bourne, R. Knowles. - "Who's got the ball?" 'll-2 Mrs. Miller ROW T: M. Stearns, M. Mooney, H Good, C. Willison, L. Weisbrod, C. Lommert, B. Ehlers. ROW 2: P. Thomp son, S. H0991 D. Fortunes, K. Phil- lips, M. Kimpel, J. Beyer, A. Borgmon M. Boughmon. ROW 3: F. Sargent, H. Elliott, B. Craig, D. Bochman, J Breier, D. Somek. ROW 4: B. Heron, F. Hasley, D. Brugdon, S. Stevens, J Froelich, W. Rowswell, L. Rector. 65 A 11 - 3 Mrs. Furlong ROW 'l: J. Housekeeper, J.Crouch, J. Dimock, M. Martin, G. Widmer. Row 2: A. Sparks, G. Vetter, L. Sowa, G. Carter, J. Williams. Row 3: S. Payne, M. Pruitt, B. Wenke. Row 4 J. Archer, J. Donahoe, K. Oermann, N. Conlan. Row 5: M Ferson, E. Sabom, B. Graves, B. Beck. Row 6: L. Shekell, S Culbertson, R. Chappell, B. Jackson. Row 7: D. Campbell, J Berg, H. Ehlers, J. Soracco. Row 8: B. Beazley, D. Howe, S Early. Would you believe it? We have a deadline! 11-4 Mr. Mascetta Row 'I: M. Wood, R. Humphryes, M. Sterling, A. Dinneen, J. Toperzer, J. Ferguson, J. Tutty, L. Crawford. Row 2: M. Alexander, B. Ullman, J. Diek- mann, K. Jordan, J. Hoover, R. Roach, M. Revesz, S. Sterling. Row 3: B. Her- ald, D. Carroll, D. Manoogian, T. Jackson, G. Leach. Row 4: W. Marr, D. Kozma, G. Smith, R. Whiteman, R. Patterson, J. Schafer. 'I'l -5 Miss Dean ROW 1: S. Hackenberg, J. Housekeeper, B. Swo- ish, D. Fair. ROW 2: G. App, P. Yeager, G. Mitchell, C. Betzler. ROW 3: S. Evans, J. Mc- Cormick, B. Hankins, L. Campbell. ROW 4: B. Reynolds, R. Downie, J. Toth, D. lams. ROW 5: N. Mager, D. Jones, J. Martin. ROW 6: M. McKee, J. Daniell, K. Kurtz, D. Lauerman. 'll -7 Miss Sneary ROW 1: C. Latimer, A. Demaret, M. O'Conner, G. McMiIlen, N. Cameron, S. Brettholle, N. Hovorka, J. Alexand- er. ROW 2: B. Haines, L. Fitch, N. Reichard, B. Dean, B. Scott, C. Von Stocker, J. Geist, S. Oram. ROW 3: H. Boyer, G. Watt, L. Gray, T. Rob- son, D. Jones, D. Hurwitz. ROW 4: C. Cameron, B. Anderson, C. McMil- lan, K. Sutter, G. Thuransky, G. Heron, B. Johnson. i ggi!! I 'l'I -6 Miss Frobese ROW 1: S. Wilson, B. Gessler, K. Bingham, B. Thornburgh, M. Fischer, L. Emery, P. Brunk, B. Dore. Row 2: R. Conley, N Chadek, S. Donaldson, C. McCann, N. Ad- kins, G. Burrows, D. Drisko. ROW 3 J. McCaslin, B. Offutt, B. Seamans, S Staplin, L. Fassett, N. Bock. ROW 4 F. Maston, B. Parsons, F. Concilus, F. Wal lin, D. Dovis, C. Gardner, D. Matthewson, W. Siegfried. Nl -- 'f fl f L X QI K if fiivif! .L-L.Cc.Q LllC.,li,f,ff"v ,,,. lui ,V . T EC 'A jQl "" cl kflfllfi 5. EQ, J 'l'l-'L kfirklll Ce 'QELUULLJ QL, Lu, A fl-HL q ying--?.LuwL K if j..LLa,,fc, ,KQAL . fL,..1t.C.y.L.IIc,xA. llfakpflxg V"'A Sfg,W',LJ ,Li Cgmyi Llxiisiei lk LLJL. C 641 Clif li NCC ll .V,.-A QC Lf- LLC J. l l u l l l 1 l 1 l l x l .' 1 js' 'll -8 Mrs. Adamson V, , " ROW 'l: K. Shean, M. Service, H. Steverman, F. Rahn. ROW V ,-"' X lf! 2: N. Mayberry, L. Birge, B. Wagner, R. Hamilton. ROW 3: I ". . . to the flag of the United States of America. . . " ,iffy sslzgmgr NM Wlllingshogl' M' Ckargelgz S' HOSTS' ROW 4: 4 ' . I at A K ,Q ,A',,,, f . ml ,, . anue, . runswic , . art. R 5: C. Eng. aL, Llp! A C LLX-CLS' .3 ,Suki-kxily TrihtnSanrxghtllbynghjoigfhandlee. ROW 6: D. Schwartz, D. .1 . ' ' .U ,.,. f--- f 1' fm " " ' CCLUWCCQQ l fcbm ,fllki CWM' QU. . Q-Zgckckfll Quai Gia Q ki ,...-rn ' A f '- A ff if "ff f - ,ceoec ILC. . 5' I, V 1' L J 5 , f,1gL.L..Le ' J' in ,,. 'll -9 Mr. Gilbert ROW 'lz K. Gaio, M. Booth, B. Baab, Finelli, B. Keller, J. Kramer, D. Bower, K. Bundy. ROW 2: C. Ander- son, C. Smith, N. Nolan, B. Beardshall, Falorio, B. Pollack, J. Hugo, G. Winn. ROW 3: C. Peterson, R. Heist, Abrams, J. Negele, L. Armstrong, Young, E. Stahl, C. Smith. ROW R. Abernathy, D. Delisi, D. Archi- bald, D. Dewees, B. Parker, J. Gab- renas, E. Pearlman. C. B. M. G. 4: 68 4. ,OOM .O. 'll-'I 0 Mr. Batchelor ROW l: C. Oswalt, E. Martini, B. Ritonia. ROW 2: B. Schweins- berg, M. Anderson, D. Hartsough, B. Altman. ROW 3: C Tragesser, M. Foley, N. Detwiler. ROW 4: J. Young, J. Flemm C. Irwin, S. Pyle, L. Lanfrankie. ROW 5: T. Doorley, M. Adler, D. Evans, J. Stoneberg. ROW 6: J. Postellon, K. Davis, B. Geeseman, R. Burroughs. "My feet hurt." ll - 'll Mr. Gaertner Evans, J. Byrne, D. Booz, J. Plum, P Dau. ROW 4: H. Kalson, G. Dillon, B Stein. 69 ROW l: H. Hoffman, B. Whitman, A. Gamble, B. Fulton, L. Ricca, L. Rupp, S. Lefler, K. Willioms. ROW 2: C. Barnes, B. Kenney, S. Sowvel, S. Mar- mont, L. Dobbs, J. Focer. ROW 3: J. Sloughenhopt, J. Kemp, T. Dengler, J. Wotchorn, B. Burdick, K. McKeen, P. 11 - 12 Miss Billingsley ROW 1: G. Gribschaw, S. Sherba, K. Chivers, L. Down- ing, D. Daugherty. ROW 2: P. Thomas, C. Davis, K. Vogel, V. Greenlee, B. Studley. ROW 3: E. McArthur, C. Mandell, A. Banks, J. Nicholas, S. Lamont. ROW 4: J. White, M. Matz, D. Koehler, G. Haight, G. Cha- kos. ROW 5: B. Coull, K. Weldon, D. Magowan, T. Copeland. ROW 6: D. Rosenblaft, A. Tripp, L. Davis, B. Bennett. 11-14 Mr. Stonish ROW 1: M. Campbell, K. Brammer, K. Seay, P. Guinther, K. Taylor, J. MacDonald. ROW 2: J. Button, M. Schaeffer, P. Shore, C. Wicken, P. McKinley, E. Abbott. ROW 3: D. Disque, R. Johnson, J. Kanters, C. Deal, J. Moffitt, A. Dawson. ROW 4: R. Fouse, C. Spring, J. Kumer, B. 11-13 Miss Lenk ROW 1: S. Westerman, P. Myers, B. Bishop, P Sable, L. Dale, P. Nichols, P. Kessler. ROW 2 P. Wolff, C. Harness, B. Smith, N. Houser, A. Kulzer, K. Hanly. ROW 3: R. Matis, J. Morris B. Van Voorhis, F. Vanhulten, J..Potter, B. Ham ilton. Row 4: J. Posuit, J. Bokan, B. Smith, E. Russ, B. Satterfield. Buyers, J. Hawke. ROW 5: B. Waters, R. Kolin, B. Stern, P. Benedetti. 70 ,4 . MISSING JUNIORS ROW 1: S. Ringman, C. Hahn, S. Shoemaker. ROW 2: M. Senz, M. Dasher, K. Reber, R. Agnew. ROW 3: B. Lavery, D. Phillips, A. Lewis, T. Keifer. ll -15 Mr. Blanton ROW 1: A. Scutelis, M. MacKay, K. Llewellyn, M. Herr, M. Lewis. ROW 2: A. Dempsey, N. Clark, C. Wellner, F. Tischbein, S. Greenberg. ROW 3: D. Kenngott, E. Karnofsky,,J. Mangan, N. Kempa. ROW 4: G. Roe, D. Parsons, R. Lay- ton. ROW 5: M. Fawcett, K. Coleman, K. Earn- hardt, J. McCollum. ROW 6: T. Trethewey, B. Wiethorn, B. Harris, J. Larkin. 1'l -16 Mr. Zacur ROW 1: L. McCl1etster, J. Greenfield, J. Heid, C. Hussing, A. Arth, S. Mc- Colm, C. Borgerding, L. Stewart. ROW 2: R. Libenson, K. Lally, G. Keim, S. Martin, B. Knapp, A. MacDonald, S. Berg, W. Turner, M. Kimmel. ROW l. Kunic, S. Moore, B. Chilcoat, S. Muclntyre, E. Weil, B. Berman, B. J. Nelson. 71 3: E. Stafford, D. Denholm, J. Lindsey, McCrossin, P. Anderson. ROW 4: D. Harris, J. Dittmar, B. Dillner, L. Silver, Sophomores Achieve Foundation For Future Sturdy and deep are the foundations which the sophomore class has laid in its first year at Mt. Lebanon High School. Eager to prove their versatile talents, these students have taken an active part in school life, learning the satisfaction of service through Christmas projects, filling the gym with their enthusiastic cheers at pep rallies, and looking forward to the approach of a dance. Some filled the vacancies on our championship sports teams. Others added their talents to dramatic and musical programs. But, most important, the members of the class of 163 have emerged scholastically -realizing that a verb coniugation or a history term paper is an important block on which to build their future. 72 Students head back to class after an enioyable hour in the auditorium. 'IO-2 Mr. Whiplcey ROW l: C. Duff, M. Folan, B. Black- Iedge, A. Stein, B. Brindle, B. Evers, P. Osterman, K. Randall. ROW 2: S. Mcrae, J. Smith, J. Dupree, L. Wallace, J. O'Dea, V. Biggs, J. Joseph, C. Newhams. ROW 3: D. Minno, B. Ronca, J. Caldwell, J. Leonard, E. Johnson, R. Smith, B. Watson, W. Cary. ROW 4: R. Collins, R. Rieger, J. McCullough, D. Schwartz, C. Robinson, W. Phillips, G. Herrington, E. Shannonhouse. 'IO-'I Miss Smith ROW 'Ia V. Stoody, C. Bateman, B. Cadwallader, M. Christo- pher, K. Kasch. ROW 2: C. Harter, P. Clifton, M. Sabom, P. Raines. ROW 3: J. Schroeder, B. Samuels, V. Weihn, K. Smith. ROW 4: J. Welinsky, M. Aerni, E. Singer, J. Kennedy. ROW 5: B. Stevens, W. Hession, C. Boyd. B. Felt, L. Walton. ROW 6: J. Cunningham, G. Manzer, R. Mussman, R. Sherk, D. Bara- kat. ROW 7: F. Lutz, S. Crane, B. McKenna, C. Cornell. vl-i.-ivli 'IO-3 Mr. Felich ROW 'l: B. Phinney, D. Kletter, A. Brown, J. Serena, S. Stewart, S. Lear, C. Herron, M. Mastro, J. Clausen, P. Smith. ROW 2: J. Batey, J. Wery, M. Orr, M. Malarkey, S. Bernard, K. Mihm, S. Forbes, J. Rogers, G. Thomas. ROW 3: G. Manesiotis, J. Danahey, S. Sandhaus, R. Christo, J. White, D. Hicks, J. Woodrick, D. Miller, R. Gard- ner. ROW 4: F. Shor, C. Koepke, E. Pearson, H. Morgans, J. Hollansworth, D. Smith, C. Duncombe, T. Howell. 'IO-5 Mrs. Gilbert ROW 1: D. Paulson, N. Rupp, J. De Sensi, S. Service, J. Loreski, Lp Davis, G. Burkett. ROW 2: M. Halleck, C. Pizzino, M. Reilly, F. Rodgers, L. Willis, N. Cicchino. ROW 3: P. Walsh, J. Weaver, V. Hopewell, C. Bauknight, J. Yagello, S. Plasman. ROW 4: B. Ashby, M. Folan, S. Spicuzza, F. Blazier, E. Ray, B. Hammel, B. Burnham. ROW 5: R. Armentrout, G. Robinson, G. Gage, V. Gordy, B. Brodbeck, J. Sharis, T. Bauman. 4., ,, G, 2, 'IO-4 Mr. Raines ROW 'la L. Bustion, E. Anderson, S. Jenny. ROW 2: M. Mathewson, J. Vanderbeck, A. Williams, S. Hawley. ROW 3: D. Holliday, P. Hurley, C. McDivitt, A. McFeatters. ROW 4- B. Volkwein, G Sutherland, D. Long, J. Hubbell, D. Stroup. ROW 5: R. Liererzopf, H. Marcus, J. Miller, D. Seymour. ROW 6: E. Lipsman, R. Hoppe, J. Monsch, M. Labovitz. ROW 7: M. Brady, A. Deemer, J. Tracy, T. Guidness. "And then he said 'IO-6 Miss Sipe ROW 1: G. Scott, T. Olivier, M. Outten, J. Bacon, N. Frysinger, B. Bates, S. Anderson. ROW 2: E. Ford, M. Haynes, J. Olszewski, N. Borgman, A. Michoud, K. Shea. ROW 3: P. Tropp, J. Brown, M. Tumpson, B. Schoedel, C. McCarthy, B. Zimmerman. ROW 4: S. Babcock, R. Poul- fon, T. Nickeson, K. Snyder, A. Riebel. ROW 5: B. Zevola, B. Fellow, B. Gierhart, R. Smogyi, P. Paolicelli. 10-7 Mr. Leiper ROW 'l: K. Miller, A. Long, J. Douds, S. Fink, S. Brenner. ROW 2: J. Olsen, S. Jones, P. Geyer, S. Sitomer, M. Cul- len. ROW 3: B. Fortwangler, H. Poel, D. Haines, J. MacAlister. ROW 4: B. Weiner, A. Newman, C. Courtney, C. Pritchard, L. Golomb. ROW 5: T. Pope, R. Gail, R. Pinkus, B. Dunbar. ROW 6: G. Rzasnicki, G. Bellaver, B. Dyer, B. Leety. ROW 7: G. Smith, I. Dury, J. Solomon ROW 8: M. Fowler, A. London, J. Hyslop, S. Harper. Monday morning comes all too soon! T0-8 Miss Whinnie ROW T: B. Lunardini, C. Lusher, T. Brashares, D. O'Hara, J. Kirby. ROW 2: J. Gibbons, R. Sarraf, B. Church, S. Thomas. ROW 3: B. Brick, J. Hammerschlag, R. Wilson, N. Behen. ROW 4: M. Wurzbach, S. Hill, T. Falck, M. Drew. ROW 5: G. Trev- er, G. Collins, F. Maurhoff, J. Powell, T. Aver. ROW 6: J. Waltz, M. Johnson, F. Garrison, B. Smith, E. Hazlett. ROW 7: J. Widmer, L. Albrecht, T. Rock, R. Young, P. Bigley. 'IO - 9 Miss Grove ROW 'lz N. Thompson, S. Addition, J. Stangl, J. Collins, B. Shallcross, M. Peak, B. Uhlinger, L. Saul, D. Downing. ROW 2: M. Brown, M. Hany, J. Wil- liams, J. Massey, D. Rutherford, B. Bingham, C. Derby, K. Foley. ROW 3: H. Wilson, D. Hoehn, J. Headley, L Grosso, L. Miskevics, J. Wicker, H. Heltman, J. Campbell. ROW 4: B. Sirinek, D. Kasselrart, D. Hrisak, R Sneathen, D. Hildebrand, T. Reed, K McRitchie, P. Thomas, J. Wolford. 'l0-'l0 Mr. Pagnonelli ROW i: P. Seidel, S. Langford, K. Tracey, N. Roth, A. lsacco, L. Frank. ROW 2: J. Donahoe, J. Anson, J. Russell, R. Martin, L. Petterson, G. Marlow. ROW 3: B. Schein, C. Steverman, S. McElroy, C. Lepthien, C. Wedel, D. Casey. ROW 4: B. Buchner, T. Harris, C. Smyth, I. Cichiter, B. Robinson, J. Ehlers. ROW 5: D. Williams, G Wilhelm, D. Wilson, J. Kaszycki, D. Stark, B. Henrick, B. Brady. 'l0- i2 Dr. Denbow Row 'l: C. Bentz, B. Fitch, C. Gilbert, B. Baker, C. Berger, N. Coulter, N. Ar- buru, L. Harris. Row 2: B. Haus, M Napolitano, N. Bolton, M. Sneberger, Row 3: R. Rohm, B. Connelly, D. Lyons, F. Vondergrift, R. Katz, G. Hill, E. Melhado, E. Klein. Row 4: J. Scott, M. Maue, D. Teller, F. Miller, D. Wil- cox, J. Swaney, A. Stroyd, J. Miller, L. McWilliams, P. Cincotti, L. Davis K. Borland, D. Crofford. 10-il Mr. Doak ROW 'l: D. Beiswenger, J. Sherbondy, M. Wise. ROW 2: K. Ewalt, J. Tillson, P. Devlin, R. Solo- mon. ROW 3: N. White, C. Mather, S. Wil- son, M. Bumpus. ROW 4: P. Rohrs, B. DeWitt, L. Briggs, T. Crawiorcl. ROW 5: D. Glenn, D. DePrisco, M. Merlo, A. Young. ROW 6: B. Koopmon, D. Wood, G. Brown, G. Beck. ROW 7: J. Mullin, L. Baier, H. Weimer, R. Berg. ROW 8: C. Hulse, D. Denkhaus, B. Patton, R. Sayre, C. Smith. 'l0-'I3 Mr. Hadden ROW 1: M. Durkin, J. Norseen, C. O'Connor, R. Healy, A. McEachran, C. Ballantyne. ROW 2: M. Grove, B. Fink, L. Marshall, J. Bowers, C. Black, S. Brettf ROW 3: R Daniell, N. Schallus, S. Matthews, J. Mayes, K. Clever, S. Julian. ROW 4: D. Helsel, B. Keiser, J. Copeland, B. Brownlee, B. Glascock, G. Fidele. ROW 5: F. Mandell, B. Wetmore, D. Williams, D. Close, R. Cross, B. Rollinson. ROW 6: J. Turk, D. Young, A. Cohen, H. Getz, D. Con nelly. 'IO-'l 5 Mr. Kline ROW 1: M. Beach, S. Maxwell, L. DelBianco, D. Res- nick, S. Dennis, N. Meury, A. Papalas. ROW 2: W Morse, L. Lancaster, J. Luxbacher, J. Chamberlin, J. Curran, C. Wood. ROW 3: N. O'Dell, A. Dillon, S. Clingerman, M. McGrath, G. Crofford, J. Bretz ROW 4: B. Williams, B. Dunkel, J. Erskin, J. Kaley, D. Frame, M. Curry, B. Burger. ROW 5: R. Morris, D. Morris, R. Davie, F. Jones, R. Burr, J. Simpson 10- 'l4 Mrs. Haynes ROW 'l: M. Porter, L. Clinedinst, G. Dugan, J. Mu- lach, J. Foldes. ROW 2: I. Gemassmer, R. Groff, J. Fisher. ROW 3: L. Housley, C. Hoover, J. Schmidt, B. Olson. ROW 4: S. White, L. Evans, B. Skinner, J. Flinn, M. Griffith. ROW 5: W. McCall, J. Bras- hares, D. Chapman, J. Hills, K. Burkett. ROW 6: D. Haines, M. Hartman, S. Timmons, K. Evans, R, Gqlin. at. ROW 7: R. Johnson, J. Thoma, S. Meinbresse, K. Will, L. Cramer. 10- 'l6 Miss Roegge ROW 'I: M. Minor, S. Hoar, L. Satler, C. Baker, C. Klebe, G. Fahnestock, K. Blackwell, V. Freese. ROW 2: L. Ed- wardsen, S. Prentice, J. Kascal, M. Harding, L. Curtis, L. Bengston, M. Mohl, J. Brown. ROW 3: W. Goodlin, D. Kerber, C. Shalvey, T. Hancock, S. E. Neishloss. MISSING SOPHOMORES ROW 1: B. Wilson, S. Fetterman, J. Yqnkurq, C. Brelos, B. Bronson, W. Grady. ROW 2: R. Mueller, N. Mul- len, E. John, J. Buncher, D. Goodrich, T. Heeter. 'IO-'I7 Mr. Campbell ROW 'l: J. Warnholz, K. Mathias, M. O'Brian, B. Peterman, P. Racculia. ROW 2: S. Alexandre, J. McGunagle, J. Whitehouse, R. Larson, B. Reynolds. ROW 3: R. Fife, J. Crawford, C. Emonds, D. Knapp, R. Kanarek. ROW 4: B. Anderson, T. Polosky, S. Novak, T. Toon. ROW 5: J. Perr, B. Hoon, K. Dilling. ROW 6: V. Stabile, P. Albus, E. Robinson, J. Brooks. ROW 7: T. Kaye, C. Sandberg, J. Richter, R. Hofmann, B. Downing. 79 Parr, G. Springer, J. Hulsberg, B. El- borne, B. Golden. ROW 4: W. Keslar, K. Andrews, J. Campbell, P. Jenkins, C. Miller, R. Muller, J. Schaaf, S. Liadis, ACIIIVIUES I M - 09-9. --L--, L wwf K"1"'x .. Ill L+, ,W Self-Government Taught Responslblht The eternal favorite school policy Through the meetings and functions of the Student Congress, each student of Mt. Lebanon High School has gained experi- ence in the fundamentals of democratic government. For the first time, the Student Congress officers of the fall semester of 1960 and the spring semester of 1961 were nominated by the whole senior class instead of a nominating committee. The en- thusiastic campaigning for the student council nominees was coincidental with the national presidential campaign. Campaign committees created clever and imaginative slogans and posters in support of their candidates, while the candidates themselves composed thoughtful and sincere speeches highlighted with wit, to sway the opinions of 1700 voters. Student Congress continued to represent the opinion of the student body during its weekly sessions every Tuesday morn- ing. Through the homeroom presidents who attended each meeting, the ideas and opinions of each student could be voiced. Suggestions ranging from the sanding of the cafeteria stools to re-entry into the American Field Service exchange program were discussed by competent officers. Through Student Congress, each one of us felt the opportunity and the responsi- bility to help our student .government even in the smallest ca- pacity. Robby Davison, John Harper, and Diane Krueger served as Student Congress President, Vice-Presi- dent, and Secretary during the fall semester. 82 Elected to lead Student Congress for the second semester were Alan Mandel, Vice-President: Suzy Dittmur, Secretary: and Jack Meyer, President. Respectfully submitted . . . Selling school sweatshirts was one of the functions of the Finance Committee of Student Congress. Members were Dick Wilson, Lynne Ricco, Alan Mandel and Jim Offutt. 83 Students receiving their Activities Guard before the end of the first semester were Sandy Kauper, Suzy Dittmar, Robby Davison, and Alan Mandel. RENSSELELAER AWARD BOB MELENDES fs L A Standing behind the faculty members of Dr. Mills' Advisory Council, Dr. Accetto, Mr. Doak, Mrs. Morgan, Dr. Mills, Mrs. Cargill, and Miss Frobese, are the student members for the 1960-1961 school year, Sandy Kauper, Vicki Weihn, Robby Davison, Chuck Koepke, Jock Beachler, .lack Meyer, and Sue Oram. BAUSCH-LOMB AWARD LARRY GUESS Those who received Activities Keys before the end of the first semester were: ROW 'l: Nancy Nuernberg, Alice Schade, Ellie Swartz, Nancy Degnan, Diane Kraetsch, Diane Browarsky, Sandy Kauper, and Kathy Schwarz. ROW 2: Sandy Oates, Slneron Rock, Lynda Pfendler, Emmy Lou Weaver, Suzy Dittmar, Patti Miller and Rosemary Werner. ROW 3: Linda Menke, Bobbie Bentz, Rita Fisher, Debbie Evans, Kit Irwin, Diane Krueger, and Dana Simpson. ROW 4: Colonel Bruntien, John Hill, Jim Kaley, Caddy Durkin, and Susan Norseen. ROW 5: Jim Offutt, Rick Peters, Dick Ray, Alan Mandel, Carl Gainor, Robby Davison, and John Harper. lD.A.R. AWARD DIANE KRUEGER Student court acts as a court of appeals for school offenses. Members were Liz Anderson, Margie MacKay, Leslie Runger, John Hill, Kit Irwin, Sue Max well, Skip Crane, Dave Klaber, Tim Smith, and Gary Collins. x Lebanon Log Records Yearis Events This year's editorial assistants, Don Delisi, Sue Wilson, adviser Miss Hughes, Candy Harness, Harriet Good, and Ba bs Sea- mans, worked at different positions to prepare themselves for next year's editorial positions. When we receive our Log, the story of the per- sonalities and events which constituted the 1960- 1961 school year at Mt. Lebanon, few of us realize the long hours of effort that have made this book possible. Each evening after school, student writers, photographers, staffs, and editors gather in the bustling, seven by twelve Log office to select pic- tures, plan schedules, hold conferences, and organ- ize the book- Weary fingers type copy, sticky fingers glue pictures, and waving hands clutch write- ups. Pleading voices beg for final payments, bicker- ing voices argue over assignments, and authoritative calls direct staff assistants. The result of this hard work is a record of our teachers and classmates, of concerts and plays, and of fellowship at football and basketball games-a record to which we can refer in years to come. Discovering a unique position in their familiar quarters, the Log editors, Bonnie Ballantyne, Nancy Nuernberg, Kathy Schwarz, Patti Miller, Alan Mandel, and Sharon Shuttleworth, are sit- ting pretty in the Publications Office. The sports staff, composed of Geoff Heron, Jim Offutt, John Crissman, Susie Langenkamp, Laurie Weisbrod, and John Hill, gave complete coverage to the school's eleven interscholastic sports. Our staff of photographers, Jeff Hubrig, Bill Hecht, and Bill Wicker, brought us a pictorial record of sports and social events. Planning and executing the classes section of the Log was the responsibility of the classes staff, composed of Pam Francis, Dana Smith, Jill Hagan, Susy Smith, and Diane Browarsky. The literary staff, David Guy, Ruth Summers, Nancy Degnan, Sandy Rodgers, and Mary Jane Edwards, wrote headlines, paragraphs, and captions for the yearbook. The business staff directed the sales campaign, handled finances, and filed receipts. Members are Anne Gould- ing, Jim Kaley, Phyllis Yeager, and Cathy Anderson. 87 Lantern elebrates Thirtieth Birthda Pam Francis, Marty Lewis, Babs Seamans, and Nancy Jo Cotton, in charge of the Devilette, produced an interesting and original supplement to each Lantern issue. Strains of "Happy Birthday" flavored the 1960- 1961 Lebanon Lantern sales campaign. For thirty years, this newspaper has been the mouthpiece of Mt. Lebanon High School. While Lanterns of the past have won college-sponsored awards, this year's Lantern reached a new height in its news coverage in words and pictures. Through the nine annual issues of the Lantern and its supplement, The Devilette, we have learned about all the activities in which our 1950 students participated, we have re-lived the victories of the football team, and we have kept pace with the latest rumors- Thirty years of background experience helped to make the Lantern once again worthy of the praise expressed by students and faculty. The task of supervising layouts, features, and dead- lines fell to the editors of the 1960-61 Lantern, Sher' on Rock, Sue McCoy, Dave Manoogian, Sandy Kaup- er, Ann Wharton, Susy Smith, Stewart Beach, Robby Davison, Geoff Heron, and Bill Lane. Press Conference. Bob Gallup mimeographed the Devilelle and the Lantern polls. The business staff, composed of Diane Kline, Mary Ann lvanciw, adviser Miss McLaugh- lin, Jim Moran, Wendy Turner, and Diane Daugherty, was responsible for the financial and clerical aspects of the paper. lt's Another Hit "Here'sa pitch for the Mounty." "The Mounty's batting a thousand." With a clever and well-handled sales campaign based on the world champion, Mounty-reading Pi- rates, the Mounty, Mt. Lebanon's official literary magazine, began another successful year. lt con- tinued its role in school life by providing both stud- ents and faculty with delightful reading. ln its tiny cubicle in the Publications Office, the hard-working staff edited the prose and poetry se- lections submitted by the students and compiled a magazine having equal appeal to the light-hearted and the serious-minded. Other branches of the staff provided appropriate illustrations or managed busi- ness affairs- During the 1960-61 school year, the student body-and the Pittsburgh Pirates-agreed that the Mounty was in literary first place. Alice Schade, Jay Livingston, and Bobbie Benz, Mounty editors, selected and edited student manu- scripts and supervised the other departments of the magazine. Culture? Mounty artists, Marsha Wood, Carol Harter, Nella Martin, Marikate O'Conner, Betsey Corwin, and Pat Rohrs, provided each magazine selection with an appropriate illustration. Chuck Garland, business manager, work- ed with Miss Elliott to record finances, sales, and distribution and keep the magazine running smoothly. Typing stories and poetry for publication was the duty of the Mounty typists. They were Susie Hoose, Julie Kascal, Valarie Stoodie, Nancy Bodnar, and Kathy Leland. Band Scores Added Successes YES... -- H ' l Members of the Concert Band were: ROW I: D. Helsel, S. Maxwell, V. Keim, S. Jones, J. Brooks, J. Hiestand, D. Haines, D. Kenngott, S. Brett, B. Ehlers, S. Kerr, C. Black, H. Rodney, B. Kessler, K. Andrews. ROW 2: R. Solomon, J. Kanters, C. McGrew, A. Stein,'S. Hogg, C. Spring, G. Grib- shaw, D. Bruckart, B. Bates, B. Schein, D. Stark, D. Kassekert, B. Byers, S. Culbertson, A. Deemer, J. Livingston. ROW 3: N. Roth, S. Minton, J. Bender, F. Sargent, C. Maior, B. Sirinek, J. Rodgers, D. Guy, J. Meyer, N. Lauffer, B. Dyer, P. Paolicelli, I. Lichter, J. Kaley, K. Reichard, B. Satter- field, G. Rzasnicki, M. Ferson. ROW 4: N. Conlan, S. Stoskey, C. Moore, P. Hewitt, B. Offutt, D. Iams, D. Close, R. Fouse, T. Kay, E. Pearson, N. Reichard, B. Burr, M. Merlo, D. Jones, D. M. Boho, T. Lavely, L. Weisbrod, A. Tripp, T. Schmidt, J. O'Dea, H. Ehlers, R. Rieger, T. Bauman Maclntyre, K. Evans, B. Richards, G. Haight. The Mt. Lebanon lineup. x X .. s hiss s shsesxssse X essex s 3 Whether on stage or in the stadium, Mt. lebanon's large and famed concert band lived up to its reputation each time it per- W I Se formed. Having practiced tirelessly for three weeks at the end of the tl h summer, the band was prepared to play for our 1960 football de- X lht but the first week of school. With spirit and skill, it highlighted each g game with syncopated iazz, lively marches, and our Alma Mater. M ii" Carefully practiced formations, including the traditional "M", were ,Q g H x g executed precisely. T w - i gs g Z Traveling to Allegheny College in October, the band performed , N ,Q -. in its specialty, welcoming our two new states with "Winter Wonder- - g 1:5 1 I. ' a t A land" and "Hawaiian War Chant" and was received with enthu- 5-F C ff Y Gy: as 5 g ii e me siasm. We are confident of its excellence, for we saw and heard i t K gpg ? this unique and entertaining show in our own stadium. , . ff xggx as ,,. Well-balanced programs of band classics and popular marches W CQ . g 1 g s were shared with the student body in the band assembly in the K, Wlvlnvf fi tis y fall and with the community during its annual spring concert. A L s C' J ? N ,..,.... . .s. X , X X g combination of exceptional talent among the members of the band, 2 f C ,xg A rgg i t f plus the ability and leadership of Mr. Prutzman, has added another 'W SXA N ug if sss-sss1s ssss successful year to our band's admirable record. s s t w e Q sees s s Student conductor, Jack Meyer, leads the band during o practice session. EL. Q is The big brass. 93 A favorite formation with the seniors Playing with fire "We look sharp." Rockettes who marched with the band during the 1960-61 school year were: ROW 1: A. Sparks, L. Davis, L. Hutchinson, K. Bingham, J. Ketchum, B. Brindle, D. Rhoades, J. Hagan, J. Aubertine, K. Winterhalter, P. Bruso, B. Lindsay, P. Francis. ROW 2: K. Chivers, P. Kresge, R. Moran, S Bretthole, S. Stafford, A. McDonald, J. Tutty, P. Kessler, K. Bundy, D. Kustes, P. Miller, J Ferguson, M. Dupree, B. Wilson. ROW 3: S. Evans, M. Luxbacher, P. Fassett, C. Barnes, S Horsman, B. Cunningham, C. Timmons, S. Ringham, S. Shuttleworth, P. Jones, N. Hovorka, G Arapian, J. Hall. ROW 4: J. Crawford, D. Daugherty, W. Watson, J. Weaver, S. Lynott, M. Glen- nan, I.. Boester, J. Humphrey, J. Mangan, R. Werner, B. Seamans, B. Studley. ROW 5: K. Schiff- hauer, B. Hutter, S. Hoose, D. Gething, T. Crawford, C. Wimmer, B. Ridinger, M. Gambs, P Hyslop, E. Phillips, L. Anderson. The Rockettes salute Miss Mt. Lebanon. with their baton skills. This year's maiorettes, Nancy Bock, Christy Herron Jane Flemm, Nancy Brunk and Sue Norseen thrilled spectators Co-Cperation Provides Harmony With the tightening of violin strings, the hasty rustling of various scores, and finally the downbeat of Mr. Yagello's baton, the Mt. Lebanon High School Orchestra began an- other musical year. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, orchestra mem- bers filled the ground-floor hall with music during the sixth period. Both as a group ancl as individuals, the members of this group performed expertly. We, the stu- dent body, applauded their skillful accompaniment of the Christmas Program and their solo display of talent in the Orchestra Assembly. Local residents praised the perform- ances of our high school orchestra as it entertained Mt. Lebanon at the Activities Play, the Formal Concert, and the Spring Concert. Some members of the string section were: Row 1: Barb Blansett, Ellen Karnofsky, Marcia Service, Gayle Van Sant. Row 2: Dwight Magowan, Melvin Itzel. Row 3: Bob .Kay, Stew Beach, Judy Hall. From both private practices and public performances, the members of the orchestra have gained much: They have learned that co-operation creates harmony. They have had the opportunity to enrich their lives with the study of all types of music from Beethoven to George Gershwin. They have felt pride in providing enioyment for so many listeners. The Mt. Lebanon High School Orchestra symbolized that aim of education which seeks to gain more than just more facts. The violinists and violists in the orchestra were: Row 'l: Debbie Evans, concertmistress, Marlene Singer, Anne Goulding, Kathy Miller. Row 2: Rick Peters, Rita Fisher, Diane Kulik, Robin Kanarek. 96 Row 3: Charlotte Hahn, Leslie Wilmot, Bill Tournay, John Leonard. Row 4: Richard Ruben, Jean Welinsky, Dick Schwartz, Carol Peterson. Row 5: Lynda Pfencller, Carol Phinney, Alice Schade, Debbie White. Mem'bers of the- woodwind and brass sections were: Row 1: Mary Jean Orr, Jim Evans, Margie Mackay, Judy Sterm- er, Sue Wilson, Jean Wiest. Row 2: Claudia Bentz, Bill Hecht, Jim Camp- bell, Rick Johnson, Judy Ayers. Q YOU made a mistakel Participating in the violinettes were: Row 1: Marlene Singer, Rita Fisher, Marcia Service, Judy Hall. Row 2: Debbie Evans, Charlotte Hahn, Leslie Wilmot. Standing beside Wendy Weppner, the orchestra secretary, are members of the percussion section, Linda Fitch, Ed Stahl, Nancy Nuernberg, and Harriet Good. Choral Groups Create Musical Moods The three choral groups, Girls' Ensemble, Boys' Glee Club, and Mixed Chorus, provided great opportunity for Mt. Lebanon High School students of wideIy-rang- ing musical interest and singing talent. Warming up before each class with scales and arpeggios, these groups rehearsed choral programs and musical pro- ductions to perfection. With sincerity and devotion, the combined chorus helped lift us into a reverent mood with their songs of praise and worship during the Thanksgiving program. Robots, friendly dragons, and dollies with "pains in their sawdust" enriched the holi- day season with fun and ioy as the choral department staged a delightful yet meaningful Christmas show, which concluded magnificently with Handel's "Halle- lujah Chorus." Spring was officially here as students in the halls hummed strains of "O, What a Beautiful Morning" and "People Will Say We're ln Love." Such were the pleasant reminders of the spring choral pro- duction, the Broadway hit musical Oklahoma, which was put on with a professional flair and accepted by students and community with enthusiasm. The entire season was met effectively with the experienced hand of Miss May K. Sneary as she directed and coached each choral group with skill and concern. After competitive try-outs, students with exceptional singing talent were selected for the special singing groups: Triple Trio, Boys' Quartet, and Devotional Choir. The Trio, which is well-known in the community, and the Quartet, which is new this year, kept busy schedules, with engagements at church meetings, clubs, and various organizations. Devotional Choir, familiar to us all, added to the spiritual mood of the devotional programs every Thursday morning. The well-rounded and extensive choral department, creating and stimu- lating musical interest in the student body, has con- tinued to be a credit and an asset to our school. The choral voices of Mt. Lebanon High School combine for song. Seated around the accompanist Roy Abernathy are the members of the Mt. Lebanon Boys Quartet. They are Kip Weldon, Howard Smith, Skip McGrew, and Detmar Straub. Members of the Triple Trio are Jane Ferguson, Flicka Rahn, Jo Button, Nancy Degnan, Linda Brodmerkel, Gini Burrows, Nancy Detweiler, Janet Albert, Claudia Miller, Judy Housekeeper, and ac- companist Barbara Fulton. Members of the Girls Ensemble are: Row 'l: S. Fink, C. Lawler, D. Kline, N. Adkins, K. Oram, L. Fassett, R. Larson, J. Richards. Row 2: J. Warnholz, B. Lunardini, J. Ferguson, M. Campbell, D. Brower, F. Rahn, N. Detwiler, S. Simms. Row 3: M. Black, R. Roach, S. Payne, P. Bauer. The ac- companist is Carol Davis. Members of the Boys Glee Club are: Row 1: P. Richeson, E. Davidson, T. Walther, E. Keller,. K. Weldon, J. Rodgers, K. Newhams, S. Beach, J. Martin. Row 2: J. Minnotte, P. Olsen, H. Smith, J. Crissman, J. Brooks, R. Couch, D. Straub, B. Will. Row 3: T. Lavely, S. McGrew, F. Denkhaus, M. Love, W. McCollum, H. Jones, B. Massey, R. Miller, B. Chilcoat, J. White. The accompanist is Ed Shoemaker. Members of the Mixed Chorus are: Row 'ls M. Mock, P. Shore, H. Smith, P. Richeson, K. Weldon, W. McCollum, J. Housekeeper, N. Degnan, I. Larson. Row 2: S. McCoIm, J. Albert, S. Dittmar, T. Walther, J. White, B. Bates, G. Burrows, S. Dispennett, C. Harness, K. Seay. Row 3: S. Forbes, L. Brodmerkel, E. Swartz, J. Button, B. Will, R. Couch, J. Crissman, M. Love, A. Hoerneman, S. Becker, P. Jacobs, J. Housekeeper. Row 4: B. Massey, H. Jones, S. McGrew, F. Denkhaus, E. Shoemaker. The accompanist is Barbara Fulton. Sant. Jean Housekeeper, student director of the De- votional Choir, leads Sue Fink, Jane Hammer schlag, Bitsy Bates, Pat Jacobs, Mary Ellen Hous ton, Sue Forbes, Sue Hill, Suzy Dittmar, Detmar Straub, Wally McCollum, Ed Shoemaker, John Martin, Jim White, and accompanist Gayle Van Witness For The Prosecution Recalled "Now, as to procedure . . Suzy Dlttmar portrays Greta the empty headed and eftervescent secretary of Sir Wilfred 00 Romaine furthers her complicated plan by producing evidence that indicts herself and frees her guilty husband. l shall be tried for murder!" ' Conflicting evidence complicates the trial and creates an intriguing courtroom drama. Departing from the traditional fare of romantic comedies, the senior class of Mt. Lebanon presented an intriguing murder mystery for its class play. Already a favorite with movie and theater-goers, Witness for the Prosecution, under the competent direction of Mr. Julian T. Myers and student director Jack Meyer, again received commenclation after its performances here on November 'I7 and 18. The plot concerned Leonard Vole, portrayed by David Wikoff, who was tried for the murder of a wealthy woman. During the dramatic courtroom scenes headed by Jay Living- ston and Jeff Randall, as defending and prosecuting attorney respectively, little doubt of Vole's guilt remained. Then Carol Wimmer, as Leonard's foreign wife, Romaine, produced start- ling new testimony which concealed the true murderer until the final line of the play. Skillful acting, directing, and producing enabled Witness for the Prosecution to take its stand among the excellent plays Mt. Lebanon has staged. Taking the stand in his own defense, Vale shows strain under the barrage of cross-examination. ul Um qi-'lie willing to ieSfifY G90lI1Sf my l1USl-'20f1Cl-" In the prisoner's dock, Vole hears the overwhelming evidence against him. 102 "Things Aren't Iways What They Seem" "H.M.S. Pinafore," Gilbert and Sullivan's satirical operetta presented by the combined music departments as the spring musical, was a huge success. The story is one of an apparently ill-fated love between Josephine, the captain's daughter iPat Jacobsj, and a com- mon sailor far below her station CHoward Smithj. An incred- ible and hilarious reversal solves their problem, because "things aren't always what they seem." Bruce Schein and Kip Weldon turned in excellent supporting performances as Eng- lish officers, and Gini Burrows did an equally fine iob as Buttercup. The presentation was executed in professional fashion. The school's three choruses plus added male voices performed on the colorful set, which depicted the deck of the "Pinafore." The high school orchestra, under the baton of Mr. Yagello, provided the music for the lively score. Under the direction of Miss May Sneary, Gilbert and Sulli- van's popular operetta was a complete success- A last-minute rehearsal irons out the wrinkles in "Pinafore." Josephine, played by Pat Jacobs, sings of her love to Ralph, played by Howard Smith "Oh ioy, oh rapture unforseenl" Life With Father Is A Hit Well, l'll show you how much l like you." "l want you boys to move that small bureau "I'll take that. Cora, you can say goodbye to Clarence on the sidewalk!" This year, the activities play, Life with Father, sparkled with skillful satire. The drama takes place in the 1870's at the home of a wealthy New York family and involves visits from a ridiculous old maid cousin, Cora Cartwright fMaria Reveszj and her lovely charge, Mary Skinner fAnn Dillonl, who becomes romantically entangled with Clarence Day Uohn Crissmanj. However, the whole drama is based on the warm domestic relationship of the Day family. Father Day Ueff Randallj is a vivid character, a man who thinks he has supreme authority over his family. But Vinnie, his wife fKit lrwinl, through female wiles and typically illogical femi- nine reasoning, outwits him in every encounter. Under the superb direction of Mr. Meyers and David Wikoff, student director, the play refreshed and amused its audience. Now the accounts are all straight again." " . . to succor my father and mother . . . " Y-Teens Enjo Year Of Fun And Service The Y-Teens are student representatives of the Y.W.C.A. dedicated to helping and understanding others througll social service. The Alpha, Delta, Beta, and Sigma groups are organized under the direction of Miss Hay, Miss Cass, Miss Manning, and Miss Frobese. During their meetings two evenings a month, the members of the clubs enioyed varied and interesting programs. This year, a demonstra- tion of grooming and hairstyling, a discussion of college life, and a lecture by a native of Pakistan highlighted the club's schedule. Through their work in orphanages and homes for the aged, the girls experienced growth in circles of friendship while serving the underprivileged. Each group of Y-Teens has an inter-Club council representative who meets once a month with girls from the area surrounding Mt. Lebanon. Presenting a novel idea in entertainment, the council sponsored a World Friendship tasting party. Finally, at the recognition ceremony, Miss Corrine McNickeIs, a women handicapped by the loss of her sight, delivered an inspiring address, symbolizing the spirit and climaxing the program of the organization. The Y-Teens learned about others to better understand themselves. First semester officers of the Delta Y-Teens included Sally Hors- man, Sally Eaches, and Marsha Mock. Susan Hanke, Mary Beth Anderson, Karen Gaio, and Susan Oram were officers of the Sigma Y-Teens for the first semester. 04 Ruth Larson, Caryn Mather, Carol Gilbert, and Jeanne Tillson served as the Alpha Y-Teens officers during the first semester. The Beta Y-Teen officers for the first semester were Kathy Randall, Jean McAllister, Susan Anderson, and Jane Bacon. Officers of Delta Y-Teens for the second semester were Bonnie Ballantyne, Carolyn Eck, Mary Ann Jones, Margaret Van Dusen, and Joan Gerhold. Second semester officers of the Sigma Y-Teens were Nancy Chodek, Babs Seamans, and Karlee Reeber. The officers of the Alpha Y-Teens during the second semester were Susie Hoar, Sue Matthews, Trisha Toon, Kathy Blackwell, and Carol Gilbert. Betty Jean Church, Kathy Randall, Jane Bacon, and Gretchen Lang were the officers of the Beta Y-Teens during the second semester. 'IO Searching for unusual productions, our Thespian Troupe presented the first all-Thespian staged play and the first "theater in the round" presentation this year. They enacted Seigfried Geyer's Candlelight, a frivolous romantic comedy, starring Jack Meyer, John Crissman, and Maria Revesz. Both audience and actors enjoyed the challenge of participating in such a unique setting. Under the direction of Mr. Myers, Kit Irwin, John Crissman, Maria Revesz, and Jack Meyer, talent- ed and hard-working members of our Thespian Troupe, add a professional flair to our dramatic presentations. "No, no! Please don't leave . . . " Double cases of mistaken identity complicate the hilarious plot. Thespians present a scene from our first "theater in the round" production l Each year, the National Quill and Scroll selects for membership those students who have made outstanding contributions to various areas of high school iournalism. These students are honored for services rendered, for time spent, and for creativeness achieved. After being initiated into the National Quill and Scroll Honorary Society, Bill Lane, Patience Kenney, Carolyn Tamplin, Bill Benz, Sandy Kauper, Mary Coltman, Kathy Schwarz, Sally Smith, John Mather, and Hetz Marsh gather around the punch bowl. Although speech and debate is a relatively new activity at Mt. Lebanon, it has awakened a great re- sponse in students who realize the value of oratorical ability. The team is ably supported by members of the student body and has achieved both local and national recognition. The speech and debate members are also National Forensic League members. N.F.L. is a national honorary speech society open to students who rank in the upper third of their class. They must participate in interscholastic speech tournaments each Saturday from September through mid-April. Those who participated in speech events during the year included Diane Browprsky, John Harper, Chuck Garland and Leslie Runger. Members of the Mt. Lebanon Debate Team in- cluded Bill Koopmon, Rita Fisher, Steve Moore, and Sandi Moore. 'I07 Surrounding Mrs. Davis are Sharon Ham, Roger De- benham, Linda Grove, Margaret Van Dusen, Dave Tomb, Nancy Naismith, Alan Mandel, and Jeff Reeves, members of the twelth grade guidance coun- ' cil. Writing and organizing the homeroom programs and distributing them to each section's vice-president for presentation are the duties of the Student Guidance Councils. Faculty advisors for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade councils respectively are Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Adamson, and Dr. Denbow. Members of the eleventh grade guidance council in- cluded Bob Geesman, Tom Copeland, Judy House- keeper, Susan Hanke, Don Parsons, and Adele Orr. Members of the tenth grade guidance council in- cluded Lynn Saul, Donna Beiswenger, Dick Close, Mary Ellen Haynes, Karen Tracey, and Ruth Groff. Senior homeroom representatives for the second semester formed the Senior Advisory Council, which planned the senior activities. Members were Patti Miller, Ellen Phillips, Caddy Durlcin, Helen Reichl, Deb Bateman, Sue Ar- buru, Dave Minnottee, Jock Beachler and Jay O'Connor. 'IO8 Members of the scenery painting squad, Diane Koerner, Pam Hyslop, Peter Dyer, and Lynn Davis, were responsible for the ingenious sets and backgrounds of the theatrical and choral productions of the year. The vivid charcoal and painted pictures which adorned the auditorium lobby were the works of the members of the art squad. Members included Diane Koerner, Pam Hyslop, Ann Wharton, Dana Simpson. Through the ingenuity of the members of the bulletin board squad, Pam Hyslop, Linda Holtz, Laura Sefton, Cindy McGrew, Nancy Degnan, Diane Koerner, and Judy Hunter, our halls abounded with colorful posters reminding us of good study habits and informing us of scheduled events. I0 Gaining experience in a most practical vocation, the girls in F.H.A., including Barbara Mehaffey, Nancy Jo Cotton, and Charlotte Timmons, prepare to assume their roles as the housewives of tomorrow. Many of the members of F.N.A., including Wendy Weppner, Marlene Singer, Judy Housekeeper, and Margaret Van Dusen, hope to wear the perky, white cap of a nurse in the near future. Meanwhile, they prepare themselves for this vocation with discussions and movies. 110 a - messes .fi 'NX5- -. .t1.X N if 1 X : X S K A Q. 3 if gi 5 - wx cf S X i e e Caddy Durkin, Mimi Mayers, Jeanie Alexander, and Janice Greenfield, officers of the F.T.A., ae- quaint aspirants to the teaching field with their future profession by providing actual teaching experience. By conducting extra, after-school experiments, members of the physics who 'ncluded Gordon Seybold, Larry Guess, Dave Johns, and Rod better comprehension of the natural laws of Newtonyand Pascal. ' Q fi xt .' sf .- R ,u 'J' x 9, . Wilt I 4 if ll? 'Pl' The biology squad's duties include watering plants, cleaning slides, and repairing microscopes. The students on this squad were Gail Marlow, Lindy Evans, John Hulsberg and John Woodrick. In the atmosphere of reagent bottles, graduated cylinders, and bunsen burners members of the chemistry squad, Sandi Moore, Bob Graves, Bob Harris, Steve Moore, and John Negele, further class learning with individual experimentation. 111 With greasepaint sticks, powder-laden puffs, and eyeliners, the make-up squad trans- formed classmates into personalities rang- ing from lawyers to cowboys. Members were Wini Watson, Dana Simpson, Phyllis Hardtmayer, and Sally Sutherland. Whether the production called for humor, spectacle, or drama, the costume commit- tee, including Harriet Poel, Marty Lewis, Ann Dempsey, Ellen Phillips, Barbara Clin- ton, Linda Rote, and Barbara Grose, help- ed create the necessary characters and effects through the use of color, fabric, and style. Bob Geeseman, Mary Ellen Haynes, Lynne Ricca, .lan Wunderlich, and Willis Siegfried, members of the pro- perties committee, provided furniture, books, briefcases, and accessories to create realistic backgrounds for our stage presentations. The girls on checkroom squad provided for the storing of wraps at both school and public functions. Members of this squad were Mimi Mayers, Margaret Black, Helen Rovegno and Lynn Van Tries. The girls' usher squad lent a note of charm and wel- come to lectures and musical presentations at the school. Members were Marilyn Reynolds, Rosemary Werner and Dana Smith. Distributing tickets at school, collecting them at the gate, and handling the crowd of spectators, the athletic ushers squad, Ralph Alster, Geoff Steele, Jim Davidson, and Ed Harper, furnished a link in the chain of committees that serves at sports events. By their orderly direction of traffic, the boys' usher squad, made up of Jim Offutt, Dave Roberts, Bill Byers and Bruce Thomson, held the key to the seating and passing of classes before and after programs. 1 i SW? Eagerly awaited each day by classrooms full of hungry students, the call of the cafeteria dis- patchers summoned each room to lunch. Those who created the even flow of traffic through the lunch line were Georganne Burch, Margie Lux- bacher, Janet Geist, and Bette Ridinger. 1 Conducting meetings in Spanish is a challenge, especially for first-year Spanish students. With the help of senior members, even beginning ling- uists began acquiring conversational skills. Of- ficers of the Spanish club were Carolyn Crook, Pat Barnum, Dave Roberts, and Candy Harness. 4 As in the Middle Ages, modern iousts between knights on the chessboard demand skill and quick thinking. Members of the chess club, who were Ken Newhams, Truman Flowers, Dave Crofford and Gil Young, acquired these qualities in practice and competition. The achievement committee, consisting of Carolyn Crook, Tom Doorley, and Patti Miller, published a post-graduation list of last year's class and recorded the accom- plishments of other Mt. Lebanon alumni. Changing to the quality point system complicated the iob of the scholastic committee, who never- theless posted the honor roll in every homeroom at the end of each report period. Members were Bill Weaver, Linda Menke, and Colonel Bruntien. Since the school sponsors ninety-six extra-curricular activities, the task of recording students' points is a large one. These recorders, members of the honor award committee, were Diane Browarsky, Diane Kraetsch, Lynne Davis, and Emmy Lou Weaver. The lnformation Squad, whose members included Bonnie Ehlers, Carolyn Eck, and Kathy Winter- halter, helped new students and visitors find their destinations. j e The members of the Attendance Squad, headed by Carolyn Ede and Gretchen Brown, recorded missing members of our student body and pro- vided teachers with an accurate list of absent students. placed items and posted a list to notify the student body of unclaimed articles. Some members were Carmela Finelli, Mary Ann lvanciw, Harriett Weinberg, and Sue Rus- sell. The Lost and Found Squad collected mis- The Hospitality Squad welcomed newcomers and visitors to our school with a friendly smile, an offer to help, and willing information. Members included John Weisiger, Leslie Runger, Barbara Blansett and Jim Stevenson. The Ways and Means Committee, including Maria Revesz, Sandy Otto, Knut Johnsen, Chuck Garland, and Joy Scheclc, sold candy after school, and cokes, popcorn, hot dogs, candy, and programs at football games to earn money for the activities fund. Keeping the cafeteria patrons moving in an orderly fashion was the iob capably handled by the Host and Hostess Squad, headed by Mary Ann Jones and Kathie Williams. 7 Carl Gainor, Bill Cornell, Dan Cole, Rod Burns, Jerry Spears, and John Rodgers, members of the P.A. squad, kept our public address system in working order during class hours and at all school events where the system was needed. By presenting interesting and inspira- tional programs, the devotional squad led the student body to greater under- standing of the spiritual force which influences our daily lives. Members included Dove Klaber, Nancy Nuern- berg, Alec Lamont, Alice Schade, Kit Irwin, and Suzy Dittmar. The expressive voices of the studio squad members awoke students every morning and kept them awake while the staff reported news, sports, and special announcements. The members were Tim Smith, Kit Irwin, John Criss- man, and Leslie Runger. Junior Red Cross members Alan Mandel, Ken New- hams, Ruth Summers, and Mary Ann Ivanciw fulfill their orgonization's aim by helping the world's peo- ples from veterans in o local hospital to kindergarten- ers in Chile. Although the girls of the medical squad, lrene Kalogeras, Em- my Lou Weaver, Alice Aston, Marilyn Reynolds, and Kay Gar- N Wrett, are unable as yet to cure all the world's ills, they man- s X age successfully to take care of headaches, stoved fingers, and sprained ankles. RX X Caddy Durkin, Ken Coleman, Dqye Min. ONS. 3055 SEGIHGHS, and Fred Sargent, as members of the social committee, pro- duced novel plans for record hops, mixers, and formals, as well as new schemes for selling tickets. The decorating committee, including Bon- nie Kasun and Frank Battaglia, supplied the leaves for the Junior - Senior Prom and cartoons for the Sadie Hawkins, as well as appropriate backgrounds for all school dances. 'I'l at Wid- In spite of the hauling, lifting, and confusion backstage, the stage crew always managed to change the most elaborate settings during the short breaks between acts. Members were Doug Lashley, Rob Heist, John Morris, Ben Parsons, Ralph Alster, John Larkin, and Pete Trapp. - . sw 1-- 0 Our huge parking lot is no advantage without the knowledge that can get the most out of it by putting the most into it. Members of the parking lot squad were Stewart Beach, Jimmie Hoff, Dave Tomb, Jack Froelich, Colonel Bruntien, and Peter Olson. By the dim light of the proiector, the members of the pro- iection squad, Dave Rosenblatt, Tony Lavely, and Philip Judge, struggled to splice worn film and adiust sound tracks. The publicity squad members, Bill Wicker, Bill Lane, Cora Sue Deal, and Nancy Cameron, kept the school well-informed of school, social, and educational events. Peggy Hewitt, Linda Easterling, Barb Cooley, Julianne Hering, and Sandy Rod- gers, and Ruth Summers, members of the library squad, were in charge of checking books, shelving, and various other duties connected with the library. The Student Directory Committee, composed of Sandy Kauper, Barb Grose, Jill Hagan, Missy Wurzbach, Dan Iams, Mimi Mayers, and Diane Gething, was responsible for publishing the addresses and telephone numbers of all students. The newly created boys' information squad aided visitors enter- ing the south entrance of the school in finding their way through the crowded halls and stairwoys. Members included Dave Minnottee, Dave Manoogion, John Harper, and Alan Mandel. 121 4 SDCRIIS QQ 9? Go Lebo, Go! "We want a victory from the varsity." Spirit is the bubbling, overflowing vigor which our student body exhibited throughout this school year, the feeling of oneness which binds us together, whether we are the cheer- ing spectators or the cheered-for participants. We saw, felt, and displayed our enthusiasm-in the blue and gold flashcard "Hi" welcoming a visiting band, in the victory songs rising from the four corners of the cafeteria, in the extra burst of speed giving a swimmer or a cross country runner a first place medal, or in megaphones, athletic letters and banners. Our spirit was indomitable. Whether we won or lost, it was always present in full, rousing force. School spirit flares at the kick-off rally. 124 The pep squad transmits spirit to the spec tutors. This year's Varsity Cheerleaders, Barb Clinton, Caddy Durkin, Bonnie Kasun, Sandy Berg, Dana Simpson, Jeanne Heid, Carla Meuller, Lynne Ricca, and Bonnie Hoskin, spurred on school splrlt. Enthusiastic cheers accompany an evening of ceremony and celebration. at Esaqfasaut Nukem- a1 s'.f3vs:+3.i-Q-'+'-asses'Ns+E'.: 'fi-.Gif'5gCg.eQa494Qn54.1 AQ! Second to none in pep and enthusiasm, our Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, Sally Service, Joan Sherbondy, Judy Foldes Jean Smith, Cathy Duff, Cathy O'Connor, and Judy Mulach symbolized our spirit. Students' faces reflect excitement and attention Blue Devils Turn ln Best Season Record The 1960 Mt. Lebanon football team, a perennial grid- iron powerhouse, lost only one game of a tough sched- ule that included eight rugged W.P.l.A.L. Class AA teams as well as the city giants, Westinghouse. Only a stunning 27-7 upset by Wilkinsburg in the season's sixth game marred the Mounty's perfect record and knocked the team out of the W.P.l.A.L. chase. The team featured a powerful and explosive offense that rolled up 279 points for an impressive average of 31 points per game. The defense did a commendable iob, allowing only a total of 84 points for the nine opponents. Coach Ralph Fife was the guiding hand behind the team's success. The Blue Devil's great spirit was a reflection of the en- thusiasm demonstrated by the student body at both home and away games. The Mt. Lebo eleven opened their season with an overpowering win as the Blue Devils trounced Elizabeth- Forward, 48-18. The next week-end City League Champs Westinghouse tasted defeat, to the tune of 28-0. The Mounty machine rolled on as the team traveled to clash with Trinity, which fell, 34-7. Back home for the next two Fridays, Mt. Lebanon crushed first Canon-McMillan and then brought a fine Washington team to its knees with an awesome avalanch of touchdowns, 39-0 and 48-14, respectively. The following Friday night, the bottom fell out of the hopes for a W.P.l.A.L. champion- ship as the Mounty attack sputtered and left the Blue Devils on the short end of a 7-27 score. Mt. Lebanon jumped to an early seven point lead and the Mounty fans settled back for another easy victory: but Wilkins- burg roared for four touchdowns and stifled the Blue Devils attack the rest of the way. The following week- Lynn Foltz snares a pass and speeds for a touch- down. McMillan breaks away. 126 end, the revenge-minded Mounties handed their Union- town rivals a 34-6 setback. The senior recognition game highlighted the next Friday, and the team romped for a 28-12 victory over Baldwin. ln the finale of a tre- mendous season, the team blitzed Munhall 13-0. Mounty stalwarts Bill Reeves, Jock Beachler, Bernie La- Quinta, Dick Wyles, Lynn Foltz, and Reed Overend made the Western Class AA Football Conference All-Star Team. Coach Fife ponders a change in the Lebo attack. ln School History Mt. L. ......... ....... 4 8 Elizabeth Forward ..,. . Mt. L. ...... ....... 2 8 Westinghouse ......... Mt. L ....... .....,. 3 4 Trinity .................. Mt. L ....... ...... 3 9 Canon-McMillan ...... Mt. L .,..... .......... 4 8 Washington ,....... Mt. L ..,.,.. ...... 7 Wilkinsburg .,.., Mt. L ....... ...... 3 4 Uniontown .... Mt. L ....... ...,...... 2 8 Baldwin ...,.. Mt. L ....... ...... 'l 3 Munhall .... Fast, exciting football prevails as the Mounties fiqlitfi N L for a victory. sl ,-., T-' NW lfll L A I .-I ' i fpft llplti' , N, : ,, L, l il' li iv , kllyy Ox All in i-it . , A nl lx Xl CAD' lily Q L i t , AN U , ,- X i. X - 'X ' U L ,.,- L, 1 X . , , ti ,X L '- - L. t -I' I w ll Q Amit tl it Halfback .lay Cheney pours on the steam. L .M it it j,Xl'hQN5bL N Nlsl' Don Jordano comes up with the ball after an end scramble. X 'C' -" X .1 i l xl First Row: Bill Zimmerman, Bob Starr, Ron Downey, George Sarkis, Frank Battaglia. Second Row: Don Jordano, Lynn Foltz, Cliff McMillan, Dave Klaber, Robby Davi- son, Paul Anderson, Jim Daniell, Bruce Coull, Van Manuel. Third Row: Dave Smith, Wayne Phillips, Ron Chappell, Kurt Wentzel, Dave McCallum, Scott Kenning, Bernie LaQuinta, Jack Love, Bob Crofford, Dick Wyles, Bill Reeves, John Lewis, Jock Beachler. Fourth Row: Lynn Rector, Joe Toth, .left Minno, Smitty Cornell, Bob Wiet- horn, Reed Overend, Jay Cheny, Warren Lory, Bruce Phillips, Hank Wurster. 'I27 Bob Storr slips over for the score. Opponents cure in hot pursuit of Mounty ground-goiner Cliff McMillan. A frustrated Cliff McMillan is about to hit the dirt. Cliff McMillan picks up needed yardage with a power drive up the middle- Well somebody must have the ball! The Mounty defense closes in. First Row: Bob Craig, Ed Hazlett, Alan Cohen, Tom Giordano, Bob Van Nuise, Bob Patton, Dave Bragdon, George Beck. Second Row: Charles Robinson, Don Sey- mour, Jim Brclshares, Bill Anderson, John Gabrenas, Bill Parker, George Watt, Tom Snaith, Albert Young. Third Row: Nick Mager, Larry Walton, Fred Jones, Charles Cornell, Hal Morgans, Dave Chapman, Doug Wood, Bill Zimmerman, Dick Koehler. Fourth Row: Coach Grant, Craig Cameron, Dave Teller, Dave Williams, Jeff McCollum, Rick Johnson, Dick Wilson, Steve Harper, Coach Kracsun. "We'll bring home tonight a victory for Mt. Lebo." J. V. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Mt. L ........, .,........ 1 3 Penn Hills ..,....... ........ 6 Mt. L ......... .......,.. 1 8 Canonsburg ...... ........ 1 4 Mt. L .....,... .......,. 1 3 Baldwin .......... ......... 2 0 Mt. L ......... .......... 3 9 Shaler ....,.... ..... 0 Mt. L .......,, ......... 3 3 Trinity ...., ......... 1 3 Mt. L ......... .......,.. 3 2 Scott ,.......... ..... 0 Mt. L ........, .......... 3 2 Bethel ...,........... ..... 7 Mt. L ...,..... .......,., 2 4 Wilkinsburg ..... ..... 7 The 1960 J. v. football feafhgoachea by san Grant and John Kracsun, had a season crowned with success, handing in a 7-1 season. The squad romped over its first opponent, Penn Hills. Then the boys fought to a victory over Canonsburg. In the following game, a forceful Baldwin eleven upset the J. V.'s. The determined Mounties retaliated, how- ever, with a booming 39-0 victory over Shaler. The J. V. team next met with Trinity to batter them with a 33-13 defeat. The J. V.'s unleashed a 32-0 scor- ing attack against Scott, but the following week Bethel suffered a 32-7 loss from the invincible elev- en. For their last game, the Mounties crushed a spirited Wilkinsburg team. The potential talent of this year's squad will provide the manpower for the coming season. Mt. L ........ ....... Mt. L. .....,. .....,, . Mt. L ........ .....,. A Strong Cross Country Team Turns ln A Weisiger finishes the final leg of the race. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE 15 Hopewell .................... 24 Central Catholic ......... 17 Connellsville .......... 21 Ambridge ....... Mt. L. ,...... Mt. L ....... 27 New Castle .,... Mt. L ....,... ....... 1 9 AliqulpPu .........,...... Slippery Rock Invitational Mt. L. 537 Central Catholic 60 A perennial front runner'in the W.P.I.A.L., Mt. Le- banon produced another fine cross country team. This was a year of rebuilding for Coach Mollenaur's Blue and Gold, and the results did not quite equal last year's state championship achievements. The season started out at a fast pace as Mt. Lebanon captured six out of six dual meets, but the team encountered difficulty in the three invitationals. At Penn State, the best of Pennsylvania's runners gath- ered for the annual P.I.A.A. Meet. Mt. Lebanon brought home a respectable second place in the meet, as John Stobie brought home a first place and John Weisiger captured a ninth. Fine varsity performances were turn- ed in by co-captains John Stobie and John Weisiger, as well as the other team members, John Wright, C h u ck Perrine, Jim Dittmar, Tim McNeeley, and Dan Hrisak. Central Catholic Invitational Central Catholic 90, Penn Hills 112, Mt Hopewell Invitational Erie Strong Vincent 80, Mt. L. 81 W.P.I.A.L. Championship North Allegheny 59, Mt. L. 81 State Championship North Allegheny 61, Mt. L. 67 L. 116 bests 'his opponent. John Stobie, Chuck Perrine, Martin Adler, John Weisiger, John Wright, Bob Harvey, Dan Carroll, Jim Dittmar, Tim McNeely. 130 Barreling down the track, Jim Dittmar Reputable Performance JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Mt. L .............,............... 'l5 Hopewell ......................... Mt. L ......... ........., 3 5 Central Catholic ...... Mt. L ......... .......,.. 'l 9 Connellsville ........... Mt. L .,...,... ,.,.... A ..'l8 Ambriclge .......... Mt. L ......,., ...,....., 'l 5 New Castle ,.,... Mt. L ......... .......... 'l 5 Aliquippa ...........,..... Mt. L .,.,..... ...,..... 3 5 Peters Township .....,.., Central Catholic Invitational Central Catholic 56, Mt. L. 62 W.P.l.A.L. Junior Varsity Championship Canon-McMillan 61, Mt. L. 9'l 140.25 ' 5 . . -s. -... X 3 i . S if ? as Q - A . s . ,eL. ..-.. N... . . s. -L Front Row: Mel Klein, Dan Hrisak, Bruce Van Voorhis, Woody McCall, Jim Headley, Bill McKenna, Harry Boyer. Second Row: Coach Toler, Willard Marr, Bill Soler, Dan Carroll, Francis Shor, Bruce Harris, Bill Byers, Stewart Early, Ivan Kunic. 5 s Q Weisiger and Stobie combine forces to sweep the first two positions. Q.. The start of a long cross country grind. Harvey and Perrine strive to break the course record. Hoopsters Triumph In W. P. I. A. L. Race The varsity basketball team, coached by Richard Black, swept into W. P. I. A. L. competition to defeat strong and favored op- ponents in an unprecedent year. The Mounties climaxed the season by winning the W.P.l.A.L. Championship for the first time in school history. After dropping a few exhibition contests, the Blue Devils started functioning like the well-drilled squad that they proved themselves to be. Washington came to our gym for a deciding contest in the section race. Before a screaming throng, sopho- more Jack Waltz put on a tremendous display of ball handling and 'the Lebo hoopsters took a half-time advantage which they never relinquished. The Mounties upset their arch rivals with solid defensive 'play in a hard fought 67-52 triumph. Disposing of their next three contenders, the team went on to victory in the section, the first time since 1947. The team presented a 15-6 record for regularly scheduled season play, but the capturing of the section title earned them the right to represented Section 4-A in the W.P.l.A.L. Tournament. Mt. Lebanon faced Beaver for the first round of the title tourney. Andy Alex saved the night for Mt. Lebanon by his accuracy on the foul line and the team advaced to face the Section 3 titlists, Aliquippa. The highly-rated Aliquippa team suf- fered a crushing 70-49 defeat in the quarter-finals against the sizzling Lebo quintet, shooting an overwhelming fifty per cent from the field. Towering Bob Bennett turned in a tremendous performance, both defensively and offensively, scoring twenty- four points. Now in the peak of condition, Mt. Lebanon was ready to take on McKeesport. The speedy offensive ball-handl- ing of the Lebo hoopsters, the desire to win, and the effective defense proved disastrous to McKeesport to the tune of 62-53. The dynamic back court action of Dick Wyles along with the poise and polish of the team moved the Blue Devils into the semi-final contest with Uniontown. Mt. Lebanon emerged the vic- tor in a see-saw battle with the Uniontown Raiders in a 59-56 verdict. With time running out, Mt. Lebanon executed clutch scor- ing plays which earned them the W.P.l.A.L. Championship. The score was tied six times and the lead changed hands eight times before Captain Lorry Hathaway passed to Jack Waltz for a decisive layup. Before 5,000 cheering fans, the title-winning Blue Devils clashed with Johnstown for the P.I.A.A. Regional eliminations. An inspired and aggressive Mt. Lebanon team got off to a fast start and dominated the court throughout the contest. Johnstown plagued by the shifting Mounty defense and inconsistent scor- ing, went down to defeat, 62-41. The Blue Devils experienced an off night against Hickory for the Western Regional Title and the right to play in the state championship. The score was tied three times in the first period but then Hickory slowly pulled ahead. ln the third quarter, the Blue Devils almost closed the scoring gap, but Hickory clamped down a tight defense and connected from the field to win 59-41. Bennett led the team statistically, averaging some 17.5 points per game, followed by Hathaway with 14.5 points per tilt. This year's team had the ability to present a well-balanced reserve strength. McNally, Sunner, Theis, Cobaugh, Johnson and Lynch performed with the well-known high caliber smoothness. The brilliant performance of this year's basketball team re- sulted in a record-breaking season and hopes of a state champ- ionship in the coming year. Coach Black gives the final instructions before the game. A determined Andy Alex goes up to clinch two more. ROW 1: Steve Theis, Mike Sunner, Roth McNalley, Jim Lynch, Dick Wyles, Jack Waltz. ROW 2: Charlie Co- baugh, Bob Bennett, Andy Alex, Rick Johnson, Lorry Hathaway, Coach Black. Mt. Lebanon defense struggles for bull possession. aAskersALL scnenuie . Mt. L. ,.,...,..... 67 Baldwin ........... ........ 5 9 Mt. L. ......,..... 43 Wilkensburg ....,.. ........ 5 2 Mt. L. ...,........ 59 South Hills ...,... ..,..... 6 5 Mt. L. ..,......... 47 Shaler .......... ......., 3 7 Mt. L. ,......,.... 73 Bethel ........... .....,.. 3 9 Mt. L. ...,......,. 53 Uniontown .,......,.. ........ 6 8 Mt. L. ..,,.,...... 51 Charleroi ..,.................,,.. 72 Mt. L. ............ 37 North Braddock ......,.,.., 45 Mt. L. .......,.... 52 Canon-MacMillan .....,.... 47 Mt. L. .,,,........ 76 Chartiers-Houston .......,.. 27 Mt. L. ...,...,.,.. 46 Washington ...........,........ 60 Opposition attempts to snatch rebound. Mt. L. ............ 70 Chartiers-Valley ....,..,.... 39 Mt. L. ..,..,...... 64 Trinity ..,..........,... ..... l 55 Mt. L. ..,....,.... 68 Dormont ,...,.... ........ 60 An alert Rick Johnson steals ball to go on to score. Covered by opposing team, Rick Johnson 133 notches a set shot. Hathaway risks a half-court iump shot. Mt. Lebanon takes to the air to hit for two points. Mt. Lebanon hustles for the lump. 134 Bennett snatches a live ball Varsity standouts scramble for the ball. J.V. Stresses Team St re ngthe ning J. V. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Mt. L ................. 44 Baldwin ...,.....,.........,.... ,....... 5 0 Mt. L ................. 38 Wilkensburg ............. ,........ 4 0 Mt. L .......,.,...,.., 40 South Hills .,.. ,....... 44 Mt. L .........,...,... 37 Shaler ......... ........ 3 5 Mt. L ................. 57 Bethel ,........,......,.. ,....,.. 3 5 Mt. L ....,..,......... 35 Uniontown .....,,.......... ........ 3 6 Mt. L. ................ 36 Cannon MacMillan ..,,.. ........ 4 2 Mt. L ................. 38 Chartiers-Houston ..... ..,..... 3 0 Mt. L. ,.....,......... 37 Washington ............ ,.,..,.. 6 7 Mt. L ............,.... 57 Chartiers Valley ......, .....,.. 3 4 Mt. L ................. 36 Trinity ..........,.,..,... ......... 4 l Mt. L ..,......,.,...,. 48 Dormont ................ ........ 5 0 Mt. L ................. 28 North Allegheny ....... ,....... 4 1 Mt. L .........,.....,. 39 Canon MacMillan ..... ........ 3 2 Mt. L ...........,..... 25 Chartiers-Houston ..... ........ 3 3 Mt. L ........,,....... 40 Washington ..,....,... .,...... 4 9 Mt. L ................, 40 Chartiers Valley .....,. ...,.... 5 8 Mt. L. ................ 30 Trinity .........,...,...... .....,., 3 2 Mt. L ..............,.. 37 Dormont ..,,. ........ 4 9 Despite the hustling play of Coach Stanish's Junior Varsity team, the Mounties went down to their first losing season in nine years. Hampered by squad inexperience, the J.V.'s suc- cumbed to strong section competition, posting a 5-16 record. Grabbing the high point honors for the team were Charles Cornell and Dave Williams. Fred Jones led the team in re- bounds and was a standout on defense. Rick Collins, Don Seymour, and Chuck Koepke round out the host of J.V. players. The outstanding single game was against Washington's Little Prexies on their own court. The team was down some seventeen points at the half but took the floor in the second period of the contest and came through with a point outburst that narrowed the gap to five pointsf only to see Washington High snap back and edge out a 49-40 win in a court struggle. With the prospects from the iunior high schools coupled with the seasoned regulars, Coach Stanish expects a more satisfying season next year. ROW T: Don Seymour, Charles McCarthy, Gary Col- lins, Gordon Brown, Hal Morgans. ROW 2: Fred Jones, Dave Williams, Smitty Cornell, Chuck Koepke, Silas Meinbresse. Jack Waltz is determined to clinch two more points. 135 Wrestlin Team Places Second ln Section Ken Coleman and Dave Wray are coached by Mr. George Lamprinakos. Consistently one of the most powerful wrestling squads in the section, the Mounties proved 1961 no exception as the matmen, coached by Mr. George Lamprinakos, ended the season with a strong second place in the section. Consistant winners such as Dave Wray U3-U, Drew Bachman Q12-1-U and Ken Cole- man C12-21 provided the team with repeated victories. They were supported by seniors John Lewis 110-2-21, Dick Ray Q8-31, Jack Saxer Q7-4-31, Jeff Minno K7-71, and underclassmen Richard Ruben C6-21, Dennis Minno K4-7-21, Jerry Kemp C4-8-21, Mike Tumpson Q3-111, and Bruce Brunswick C2-91. Because the maiority of Iettermen graduated, Coach Lamprinakos was faced with the task of rebuilding. For their first meet of the season, the matmen were edged out by Carnegie in a close 25 to 21 match. Trinity over- came the Blue Devils in their next outing 33 to 18. Mun- hall chalked up a win against the Mounties with a score of 26 to 20. The grapplers rallied to upset both Dor- mont, 36 to 21 and Peters Township, 25 to 20. Mt. Lewis tries for another win. VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. ....... ..... 2 1 Carnegie ..... ........ 2 5 Mt. L. ....... ..,.. l 8 Trinity ,.... ..... 3 3 Mt. L. ....... ,.... 5 4 Montour ....... ,.... 2 Mt. L. ....... ..... 2 O Munhall .......... ..... 2 6 Mt. L. .,.. , ,.... 36 Dormont ...................... 21 Mt. L. ....... ..,.. 2 5 Peters Township ........ 20 Mt. L. ...Q . ..... 19 Baldwin ....................... 28 Mt. L. .... ......... 9 Shaler .............,.. ..... 3 9 Mt. L. .... ........ 3 6 North Hills .................. 18 Mt. L. .... ...., 2 2 North Allegheny ........ 25 Mt. L. .... ..... 3 0 New Castle ................ 18 Mt. L. .... ..... 4 9 Scott ............... ........ 5 Mt. L. .... ..... 1 7 Washington ................ 30 Mt. L. .... ..,., 2 6 West Allegheny .......... 27 L Lebanon fell to Baldwin, 28 to 19. Shaler, the section king, won over the Blue Devils, 39 to 9. For their next match Mt. Lebanon defeated North Hills, 30 to 18, only to lose to North Allegheny, 25 to 22. The Lebo matmen came out on top against New Castle and Scott, 36 to 18, and 49 to 5, respectively. Washington handed the Mounties a setback of 30 to 17 and West Allegheny squeezed out a 27 to 26 verdict. In the sectional tournament, Mt. Lebanon placed six boys in the finals. Ken Coleman went on to win for Mt. Lebanon in the section tournament. ROW 1: Jerry Kemp, Drew Bachman, Bruce Brunswick, Dennis Minno, Mike Tumpson. ROW 2: Ken Coleman, Carl Gainor, Dave Wray, Dick Ray, Dick Koehler, Thurman Eckfield. ROW 3: Larry Wag ner, Richard Ruben, Jack Saxer, Roy Gilliland, .leff Minno, John Lewis, Bill Biggs. Competition 5 ROW 1: Bill Ashby, Dave Hicks, Bob Wilson, Bill Hoon, Rich Layton. ROW 2: Don Kerber, Bill Zimmerman, Bob Patton, Phil Albus, Pete Tropp, Harry Boyer. ROW 3: Jay Berg, George Thuransky, Jeff Kumer, Jim Offutt, Ron Chappel, Dave Teller, Mike Bourne Under the direction of Mr. Richard Jones, the "B" squad wrestling team lost only one meet throughout the entire season. These agressive matmen romped over almost all contending schools, loosing only one meet in two years of competition. Fast-developing boys such as Jeff Kumer, Bill Zimmerman, Phil Albus, and Ron Chappell are headed for varsity positions in the future. Carnegie, Trinity, Montour, Baldwin, Washing- ton, and West Mifflin all met with defeat at the hands of the grapplers. "B" SQUAD SCHEDULE 20 Carnegie 13 31 Trinity 21 26 Montour 5 25 Baldwin 17 . ...,. ..... 2 3 Shaler ............ ....,. 2 4 30 West Mifflin 18 . ...., ..... 3 7 Washington ...,,.. ...... 2 0 Coach Jones plans to maintain his admirable record of one loss over his two-year coaching period by inces- sant team strengthening. Brunswick tightens his grip for an eventual pin Jerry Kemp turns the tables on opponent for precious points. 137 Grappler awaits the right opportunity. i Wrestlers are poised for the go-ahead sign. 13, i . Y Extra points ahead for a take down. Wray works for a pin. Jack Saxer maneuvers his opponent into o more advantageous position 138 t i mnastics Makes Coach Lamprinakos instructs his wrestlers on correct take-down procedure. Mr. Joseph Pagnanelli, the head coach and the man responsibile for the introduction of gymnastics into our athletic program, developed his team into a precision unit. During the winter, the boys presented a rigorous demonstration of their talents to the entire student body. In the coming years, Coach Pagnanelli hopes to continue visiting Pitt Stadium and formally entering W. P. l. A. L. competition. Mark In Athletic Program Geoff Steele displays his high bor antics. ROW 'l: Al Young, John Ehlers, Henry Ehlers, Harry Boyer. ROW 2: Ed Russ, Gary Leach, John Corrigan, Don Benson, Geoff Steele, Jim McCaslin. Muscles flexed, Benson performs with pre cision and agility on the flying rings. 139 Swimming Team Upholds Spotless Record, This year's swimming team, under the coaching of William Grant and the fine leadership of captains Dick Esposito and Stoddart Smith, posted a perfect I4 and 0 record for the regu- lar dual-meet season. The team swam away with the W.P.l.A.L. Championship Meet this year, establishing eight new records. The mermen repeated last year's performance and scored 1'l0 points to the 'I7 points scored by the second place team. Tom Trethewey set a record time of 'I:02.0 minutes in the butterfly stroke. He also rewrote the record books with new marks for the W.P.I.A.L., National interscholastic, and American Athletic Union. At Lawrenceville, New Jersey, in the Eastern lnterscholastic Championship Swimming Meet, the team turned in an outstanding performance. During the season, the team participated in The National Postal Meet in Wichita, Kan- sas. Over fifteen of the nation's top high school swimming teams entered and Mt. Lebanon swept over all opposition. The Coach Grant and Coach Saunders take time out from rugged training schedule to pose for a picture. team also won the Western Pennsylvania Regional Qualifying Meet at Butler, and for the third year in a row, won the State Championship Meet at Bucknell. The secret behind the team's success is fine coaching, desire, and hard work. The freestylers are led by Esposito, Martin, Shields, Davidson, Thomson, Nicholas, Blum, Kurtz, and Burdick. In the backstroke the Mounties have Shekell, Stoody, McKain, and Campbell. Heading up the butterfly event are Smith, Toucey, and Lindsey, and in the breast stroke are Trethewey, Schwartz, Beck, and Bullock. Assuming the diving duties of the team are Erickson, Hamilton, and Hilleman. Many of the boys can swim more than one stroke well, giving the team versatility and depth. SWIMMING SCHEDULE Mt. L ....... .............,. 7 6 Clairton ............. ........ . 'IO Mt. L ...... .... ........ 7 8 Vandergrift .....,, ..... 7 Mt. L ........,. ......., 7 8 Bethel ........... ..... 8 Mt. L ....... ....,... 7 4 Gateway ....... ......... 'I 2 Mt. L ........., ........ 7 6 Butler .......... ......... 'I 0 Mt. L ....... ..,..... 7 8 Munhall .,.... ..... 8 Mt. L ..,...,... ........ 7 6 Duquesne ..... ........, 'I 0 Mt. L ...,,.. .,...... 7 4 Clairton ......... ,........ 'I 2 Mt. L ....... ......,, 7 8 Vandergrift .,..... ..... 8 Mt. L ..,.,,. ........ 6 9 Bethel ............ ........ 1 7 Mt. L. ...... ,....... 7 0 Gateway ....... .....,.., i 6 Mt. L. ...... ...,..,. 7 4 Butler .....,.... ......... 'I 2 Mt. L .......,...... .,....,, 6 7 Munhall .,..........,... ........ 'I 9 Mt. L ..,.........,,,,......,.. 70 Duquesne .......................... 16 Grove City Relays Championship - Mt. Lebanon- 151 Eastern interscholastic Championship - Mt. Lebanon - lst W.P.l.A.L Championship - Mt. Lebanon - lst Western Regional Championship - Mt, Lebanon - 'lst P.I.A.A. State Championship - Mt. Lebanon - 'lst ROW 1: Tom Hilleman, Dick McNally, Jim McCaslin, Bill Beck, Dave Nicholas, Bob Felt, Joe Cyzeki, Bob Stevens, John Campbell, Bob Burger, Fred Maurhoff. ROW 2: Andy Stoody, Rick Toucey, Bucky Hamilton, Jim Erickson, John Solomon, Dave Bock, Jack Bullock, Stoddy Smith, Ed Hazlett, Rick Hoppe, John Blum, John Gabrenas, Barry Bishop. ROW 3: Coach Grant, Bob Cope, Jim Nelson, Dave Davidson, Tom Trethewey, Dick Esposito, John Shields, Stewart Early, 140 Randy Martin, John Stoneberg, Bill Coho. John Lindsey, Fred Schwartz, Bob Burdick, Ken Kurtz, Bill Dillner, Bob Morris, Bruce Thomson, Mt. Lebanon and opposition gasp for air on last leg of grueling swim. A Mt. Lebo merman musters strength to Mg. Lebanon qquqmqnl Tom Hillemqn, SP0fk VBIOY- exhibits top competition diving. Hiiieman snaps into back dive in pike position. Mt. Lebanon relayers kick their way to another win. 'l4'l X wi X S e Tom Trethewey, national record-breaking star, pauses for a breather. 4 N X msg . S XA V s 5' , -we, s r A x ' N sweaters - s.e. Mt. Lebanon diver twists with perfect A Mt. Lebanon swimmer splashes to another win. form. Swimmers are about to smack the water to begin a relay race. Rifle Team Compiles An Enviable Record Although hindered by inexperience, the Mt. Lebanon riflemen once again completed a satisfying season. Captained by Eleanor Swartz, the team's consistent high scorers were Bob Van Nuise, Judi Greene, Mary Ann Herr, and Jerry Bokan, The Mounty sharpshooters outshot all contending teams except an always tough Munhall squad. Coach Neal is looking forward to next season with great anticipation. Since only three lettermen will be lost through graduation, the nucleus of a potential state championship team will be returning in the fall. A Mountie shorpshooter squeezes off the all-important shot. Rifle team sights in with Coach Neal's help RIFLE SCHEDULE Dormont L ......... ......... 4 98 Coraopolis ..... ..... Munhall L ......... ......... 5 00 Bethel ........ ..... Carnegie L ...,..... .,.,,.... 4 99 Duquesne ....... ..... Dormont L. ,....... ,........ 5 00 Coraopolis ..... ...., Munhall L ......... ......... 5 00 Carnegie ....... ..... Bethel L ......... ....,.... 5 00 Bethel ..,..,... ..... L ......... ......... 4 99 Duquesne ....... ..... Row 'l: Bob Geeseman, Peter Olson, Jerry Bokan, Bob Van Nuise, Ellie Swartz, Mary Ann Herr, Judi Greene. Row 2: Coach Neal, Joy DeSensi, Margie Dasher, John Negele, Larry Guess, Colonel Bruntien, Betsy Bates, Lynn Bengstan, Carol Courtney, Laurie Weisbrod, Kathie Foley. Track Reigns King As Mounties Capture Bang! And they're off! The 1960 Blue Devil Track Team under the coaching of Donley Mollenauer sailed through their dual-meet schedule to post their fifth straight W.P.I.A.L. Championship- The Mounty squad increased their streak of dual-meet wins by seven, to total up to a fantastic 119 wins in 16 seasons with- out a tie or setback. The powerful track men won every major track meet which was possible to schedule in the Western Pennsylvania area, among these were the W.P.l.A.L. Relays and the W.P.l.A-L. Track and Field Championships. The Mounties chalked up a whopping 123 points to Shaler's four in a dual meet which meant another change in the record books. Honors won by the Mt. Lebo track men included the W.P.l.A.L. pole vault record, a Mansfield four-mile relay re- cord, one individual state championship, and three W.P.l.A.L- first place trophies. vi iff K5 K , Q 1 . it ?sfi .S isigsa iwfs tig tt K ' tim 1 , t "' . . E 1 f .. - R ig 2 x-5i5s?E'S- x- L5-.2 ss I -K Sw. 1 is . sssi ts. E 55 S2 35 gsqrisfsf VH fi f 5 lim si x! 5 :mill 5 -K - 2 I lf gigs is E 5 .wifi is L if s N utty 5 ss VQXL -YN. D 22 Lf Q Z g S QF, QI iKgi' 3: 5 :gi 7 9 , ' . g. .L , E sf.-SK 2 5 Ssn igsigsgs ., 2 . , sl ,I 1 f sms? 1 .ss 56 3555 . Q. 2 Q mfr fi . 5 fs. .Kykstgg f :K 23. . K - is S 5 K fxiieis s gigiies Egg . . I 5 nt- C 1 gg t 1 fs Q it V I ' X . 7 ' 5 . K i t SS? ... .. . ' 7 il f sp . . s NX X 'KK s . :,.. .. ' Qs- 'K K- Sly. i . ' ii i'i' ii it Xxii 'K w i' - s..g g Q KKi p s.. - Ke . ii rsiwies Xsisseg K s X X X . s . . 1 X 3 . X X N NXSSENX vs N 'QT' .WNWNNXW Rafi xxkix Q X X 5 K we X xy . QCA X.k..xsxx Kay. X A. .- fl . s .. 5 X . s- Ny W s 5 SE .3 K f s. s X X X X X SNR N X X pews kg Lx QNX XXQNX QQ SKS kxg xs .. . gk X . X Y swegtsg fs .5 . -. . . . . .. .. ,. .. X. ,ZNLM -- s -M. ...eb . s. Q -- ss xix X - W. t Jack Gilbert qualifies with room to spare in an invitational at Mt. Lebanon. N In individual performances, the Mounties produced a crop of standouts. Team co-captain and hurdling star, Denny Deal, totaled up the most points for the Mounty squad. Denny, the state champion in the 180-yard low hurdles and team high scorer, proved to be a key man for the Blue Devils. Dick Walker crumbled the existing iavelin and discus records by hurling a 200-6M in the iavelin and 155-6 in the discus. Bob Walker and Fred Eassa were other top-ranking point-getters in the field events. The iumpers, coached by Dick Toler, broke both existing school records, while Eassa topped the W.P.l.A.L- pole vault mark. VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE Mt. L. ............ 90 Central Catholic ..... ......... 2 9 48 Tri-State Coaches ................ lFnrstJ Mt. L. ........... . 77 112 Johnstown ..................... 49112 107 Washington 33 Canon McMillan 20 Mt- L. ........... . Mt. L. ........... . Mt. L. ............ 19 719 Mansfield Relays .............. Uhirdj Mt. L. ........... 123 Shaler .................... ............. 4 Mt. L. ............ 91 Canonsburg Relays ............ QFirstJ Mt. L. ............ 93 Penn Hills ............... ........ 3 4 Mt. L. ............ 41 112 W.P.l-A.L. Relays ...... ....... Q Firstj Mt. L. .......... 103 McKeesport ............. ......... 2 4 Mt. L. ........ .... 5 3 112 Mt. Lebanon Relays ............ lFirstJ Mt. L. ............ 78 112 Allegheny County .............. lFirstJ Mt. L. ............ 38 115 W.P-I.A.L. Championship .... lFirst1 P.l.A.A. Championship ..lSecondJ Mt. L. ............ 14 516 ifth Straight W. P. I. . . Championship High-sailing Fred Eassa shatters another W.P.l.A.L. record. Coach Mollenauer clocks the mile relay team. John Weisiger breaks the stadium mark set by his brother. First Row: Taylor, Lory, Teller, Wicken, Stevenson, Hecht, Melhado, Deemer. Second Row: Bay- ers, Pozzi, Straub, Hovorka, Coach Mollenauer, Gilbert, Deal, Eassa. Third Row: Coach Toler, Wright, Weisiger, Stobie, Ferguson, Hathaway, Walker, Mehaffey, Smith, Hoag, Coach Batchelor. Fourth Row: Battaglia, Wurster, Perrine, Hutchinson, Walker, Oelshlager, McMillan, Walther, Manager Heron. Denny Deal takes a flight of hurdles in a warm up. f Atxsclss. TTB' Bob Crofford strains or e rms une. Split-second timing and precision teamwork are displayed by Seth Melhado and Joe Hutch- inson. John Wright snaps the tape in re- cord-breoking time, clinching another Mounty win. Stobie grinds into the homesfrefch, Lorry Hathaway matches stride for stride against runners from contending schools. Junior Varsity Coach Dick Jones and his assistant Leo Vroble turned out some top-flight replacements to plug up the holes left by the 1960 graduates. The JV squad had quite an impressive year, winding up the season with a 4-2 record. The team suffered defeat against the Bethel and North Allegheny varsity teams, but the Mounties bounced back to conquer a strong Hopewell varsity. In addition to an admirable team showing, a number of Coach Jones's tracksters proved themselves to be stand- out performers. Sprinter, Willis Siegfried, Reed Agnew, Hurdlerp Bob Harvey, half-mile, Jan Wunderlich and Jeff Minno in the discus and iavelin, Gus Kalogeras, shot, dis- cus and iavelin, and Ed Davidson, shot putter, all took individual honors in W-P.l.A.L. competition. This year's well-rounded team will provide reserve strength and depth for the varsity in the ensuing years. J. V.'s Provide l Reserve Strength For Varsity First Row: Berg, Wise, Boyer, Coull, English, Keller, Stahl, Rose. Second Row: Jackson, Marr, Cobaugh, Van Voorhis, Bayers, Ehlers, Pusuli, Doorley, Manoogian. Third Row: Harvey, Minno, Robson, Kimmel, Agnew,iDavidson, Adler, Ditt- mar, Kalogeras, Harris. Fourth Row: Wright, Lauffer, Carrol, Wallin, Rosenblatt, Young Maston, Lamont, Kredel-" J. V. TRACK SCHEDULE ....i0'l Washington - L. .... 72 Bethel ........... , ........'I09 .......78 ..,..,.49 ......38 75 E. Washington ........ 'l0 Canon McMillan l 10Vz Penn Hills ........................ 37 McKeesport ........ ......... Hopewell ....................., 49 North Allegheny ............ Don Kredel grabs the baton for a final leg to de- High-stepping JV star Alex Lamont feat a Hopewell rival. leads the pack over the low hurdles. 14 7 18 73 Lebo Netters Battle Strenuous Schedule Under the direction of Coach Victor Doak, the 1960 Tennis Team ended its season with a powerful second place in the W.P-I.A.L. Conference. The team was invincible to all but Shadyside and the league-leading Carnegie who proved to be the stumbling blocks in the 1960 campaign. number one Hard-hitting Bob Garvey was the Doug Mont- man of the Mounty team. Captain while senior gomery filled the number two Spot, Peter Rzanicki rounded out the top trio. Coach Doak Klober stands poised as Garvey follows through with a side-arm smash. Mt. L .,............... 7 Mt. L ................. 5 Mt. L ...,,..,...,..,.. 1 Mt. L ................. 7 Mt. L .,............... 8 Mt. L ................. 5 Mt. L ...........,..... 7 Mt. L ......,.......... 5 Mt. L ......,.......... 1 Mt. L ...............,. 5 Mt. L ..........,,..,.. 2 A Mounty letterman lets go a ripping se TVB . utilized good depth in singles positions and placed a special emphasis an doubles play, pooling the talents of Bob Garvey and Bill Ellis. Consistency and team cooperation helped the 1960 Lebo netters to play the brand of tennis responsible for such a creditable season. TENNIS SCHEDULE Crafton ..... ........., 0 Bethel ,... ........... 0 Carnegie .. ......... .4 Dormont .... ....... 0 Beaver .... ...1 Crofton .,.. ...0 Bethel ........ ....... 0 Shadyside ......,......... 3 Carnegie ..,.... ,..4 Dormont .... ....... 0 Shadyside Dave Klaber wallops a fore-hand drive 148 First row: Bob Garvey, Peter Rzasnicki, Doug Montgomery. Second Row: Nick Mager, Jerry Rinehart, Don Cameron, .lay Alexander, Coach Doak, Dave Klaber, George Phillips, Bob Campbell, Dick Larry. l ,,,, W, , Golf Team Coach Burrows and his squad of Mt. Lebo golfers ended their scheduled season with an 8 and 1 record, suffering the first and only loss to New Castle. The Mounty linksmen took first place in Section Five Competition. Bridgeville, Carnegie, Bethel, and Up- per St. Clair each bowed twice to the Lebo golfers. These hard fought victories enabled the team to travel to play in the Section Five Playoff. Team captain Jim Russel won the Most Valuable Player Award, shooting in the 7O's. Dave Minnotte, George Donaldson, J i m Lynch, Ron Spiegal, and Jim Russel averaged about 78 strokes per round to provide the team with consistency and depth. Newly- elected team captain Dave Minnotte and Coach Burrows expect another high-caliber golf team in 1961. Left to right: Dave Minnotte, Jack Donaldson, Jim Lynch, Coach Burrows, Jim Russell, Ron Spiegel. Smashes Opposition Jack Donaldson exhibits his putting skill. Dave Minnotte unleashed a sizzling drive. Jim Lynch, a picture of concentrated effort, blasts his way out of a sand GOLF SCHEDULE trap. Mt. L. ...., ............ 1 4Vz Mt. L. ..... ........ 1 6 Mt. L. ..... ..,.. 9 Mt. L. ..... ......,. 1 6 Mt- L. ..... ........ 1 395 Mt. L. ..... ........ 1 595 Section Mt. L. ..... ..... 3 Bridgeville ...... Carnegie ........ Bethel .............. Upper St. Clair Bethel .............. Upper St. Clair Playoff New Castle .... Baseball Team Rebuilds During l96O Season First row: Dick Headley, Bill Reeves, Bill Kaufman, Jay Cheney, Dave Karlson. Second Row: Mike Sunner, Dave Miles, Jack Howe, Bruce McKis- sock, Reed Overend. Third Row: Coach Mercer Clark, Bob Bennett, Lynn Foltz, Andy Alex, Jim Daniell, Tom Housekeeper. Fourth Row: John Ed- wards, Bernie Laquinta, Steve Theis, Bruce Fletcher. The mounty double-play combination moves into action as Fletcher backhands a stinging grounder. , ,, Sunner stirs the infield dust as he slides to avert the put-out. 150 BASEBALL scneouua Mt. L. ....... ....... 2 Bethel .... ....3 Mt. L. ......, .....,, 2 Baldwin ...... .......... 8 Mt. L. ....... ....... 4 Washington .........., 5 Mt. L. ..,..,, ...,... O Chartiers ............. 'l'l Mt. L. ...,... ....... 9 Trinity ........... ,,.,.... 2 Mt. L. ,,..... ....,.. 4 Washington ...,....... 3 Mt- L. ....... ....... 3 Cannonsburg ......... 5 Mt. L. .....,. .,..... 0 Chartiers ......,. .....,... 8 Plagued by the lack of top-notch returning lettermen, the Mounty nine failed to match previous records- A good crop of sophomores and juniors did do a creditable iob in bringing up the slack, but they suffered from lack of experience. Claiming the honors at the batting cage were Mike Sunner, Jim Daniell, Bruce Fletcher, and Lynn Foltz with collected season averages of .3lO, .32'l, .302, and .297 respectively. Andy Alex, Jack Howe, and John Edwards formed the nucleus of the mound crew. Jim Daniell undertook the behind-the-plate duties while Dave Karlson re- sumed his position at first base. The potent double-play combina- tion of Mike Sunner and Bruce Fletcher, along with Lynn Foltz holding down third base, completed the tasks of the infield. Reed Overend, Bernie Laquinta, and Tom Housekeeper roamed the outfield pastures for the varsity crew. Mt. Lebanon got a feather in its cap by knocking off its old rival, Trinity, with a 9 to 2 win and then went on to trounce Washington. A wealth of talented candidates, team spirit, and a desire to win are all contributing factors which Coach Clark feels will lead to the W. P- I. A. L. crown next year. tudent Initiative Brings Co-Ed Volleyball Intramural confusion Excitement-packed contests popularize intramural phase of athletic program. A well-accepted addition to our intramural program is co-ed volleyball. The student-organized sport was iudged a success by all participants. Taking their names from colleges, the teams partook in a round robin elimination. The intramural basketball program was supervised by the athletic department and operated under the tournament 'system. A final intramural championship contest resulted in each grade level. Intramural sports presented the opportunity of spirited competition, team play, and enioyment. An extra-popular, extra-curricular sport. Poised for the lump. Intramural basketball provides the thrill of competi- tion. tudents Laughed, Facult Won The long and the short of it. Here is the versatile talent that sparked the faculty squad on to victory. Although the 1959-1960 sports season witnessed many championship games for Mt. Lebanon, the most challeng- ing and exciting of all was the student-faculty basketball game. One boy from each senior homeroom battled the faculty squad in an unforgettable contest of twisted rules and unorthodox plays. This event was so well-received that another game was scheduled for 1961, when the faculty will attempt to repeat their victory. A long stretch gives students o two- pointer. 5 Basketball or wrestling? Both teams watch as hi-iinks interrupt the game. Managers Coordinate Athletic Program Bob Towner and Earl Weaver, team managers, help with the storage and maintenance of athletic equipment. The managers of Mt. Lebanon's eleven varsity sports have numerous responsibilities. Their duties stem from the handling and storing of equipment to maintaining statistical records. Mr. W. C. Moore is aided by Bill Lane, Gerry Hood, and Kirk Borland in the duties of coordinating the sports and maintaining the financial records of the athletic department. Wrestling managers Larry Wagner and Bill Biggs attend to head bruise. Bill Lane, athletic manager, Gerry Hood, athletic secretary, and Kirk Borland, assistant manager, check the records with their sponsor, Mr. Moore. Swimming managers clock another record-breaking lap. 'l54 .A.A. Projects A Kaleidoscope Cf Fun Under the skillfully-planned direction of Miss Shaver, Miss Faieta, and the Leaders Club, about seven hundred girls participated in G.A.A. Last fall, not to be outdone by the boys, G.A.A. instigated girls' touch football. To the hoots and hysterics of all onlookers, the teams fumb- led the ball from one end of the field to the other. later in the season, G.A.A. tournaments centered around more familiar sports. Volleyballs spiked over the net at a surprised opposing team, ping-pong serves spinning ex- pertly down the table, successful hook shots during an evenly-matched basketball game, and smooth backhand tennis returns highlighted the G.A.A. calendar during the winter and spring months. The social calendar also held a kaleidoscope of fun- filled events - the awards banquet, which recognizes those who have earned G.A.A. letters, the Spring Fan- tasy, for dancers as well as athletes, Play Day, which entertained girls from seventy other district schools, a Sports' Clinic for all of Allegheny County, and the March gym exhibition, in which every girl demonstrated some phase of our physical education program. All in all, the Girls' Athletic Association provided a well rounded schedule of athletic and social activities that were available to all high school girls. A bevy of beauty and charm created g . T a lovely atmosphere for the Spring Fantasy. ' The girls keep Play Day a lively one. . s' X . Talented and poised, the girls in the Wdtel' Ballet displayed a panorama of synchronized routines. Speakers at the G.A.A. banquet prefer to deliver their addresses on a full stomach. Shouts from the tennis courts make concentration difficult. Which way do we go ? Selected for their leadership and athletic ability, the members of Leaders Club, Marty Lewis, Betty Kenney, Joy Hugo, Shirley Barson, Pam Thomas, Mary Ellen Houston, Cathy Anderson, Virginia Mitchell, Julie Diekmann, Diane Browarsky, Christy Borgerding, Gretchen Carter, Carmela Finelli, Sue Stafford, Carol Carroll, Linda Menke, Marcia Walsh, Lynda Pfendler, Sheron Rock, Mary Shannon, Helen Rovegno, planned activities and tournaments for G.A.A. P 155 Q Xxx-x N .r b 1 ,qs fL?Ll,!1 ,XAQ1-N YW' MQW XCQLSJ V A fxgfy ,ix U- x X wp A ' Y R' xx U 'W .NY QM K . w Vx tub nt llf J, fwikbg L V A W" -ANU N 'wif It NW K My ,XY 1 Qu wi' fm - FXS" Ls g wusf . 'XXX-L 'X KW 1 'VM K QU wk, my . , V, Lam ,1 aKx x,.k,.-QQXM V M LAL ix D WL A N ' ,- , Ny xl 1' N Lf R X lv .7 up ' 7 Summer's End Brings New Beginning September presented us with the challenge of be- ginning another school year and offered us a new start in each department of the school. In sports, the bonfire rally kicked off a feeling of pride in our outstanding athletic teams. During rousing sessions at the Rec, our school spirit rose, instigated by songs, cheers, and vigorous hopes. With a flurry of enthusiasm and spirit, we launched a new year. A spectacular scoring play creates ioyful havoc in the student stands. .L fxjj -.X-zf.. if . ss., 1, -gg i ..'s Q-1. X The annual bonfire symbolizes our hopes for a successful season. All on a Friday night. 158 K rx M. max ix x . s .ss -. 1 N - s-N. X. ix fs -. X. X Q ,g X- '2 ' , W it " - ..... -. . -It ,N A Q 1 A iam session at the Rec. The din of rhythm and voices rocks the Rec on Friday nights. Bart picks the platters A swinging session at the Rec Musical Groups Add Flavor enioyment to our extra-curricular interests. The large enrollment of these groups testifies to the enthusiasm with which students receive them. Audiences, too, applaud the performances of the orchestra, presenting its annual spring festival, the band, pro- viding a precise half-time exhibition, and the chorus, furnishing a special touch for our auditorium programs. K s f ' ' can , es. Ac thing is liable to happen in the Log office. ' A trip to Allegheny College highlighted the fall schedule of our celebrated band. 160 After another successful halftime show, the band section enioys the game. At 5:00 on a Friday afternoon, any- Harmony prevails, as Mr. Yagello and the high school orchestra prepare for another popular performance. The band practices another precise marching routine Student singers and actors spent much of last spring tuning up for their parts in the "Pinafore" musical. Formals Usher ln The Flurr Gf Fall September brought the flurry of excitement and activity that characterizes the beginning of a school year. Dances, shows, and special events highlighted the transition from summer leisure to homework. The first attraction, the election of Miss Mt. Lebanon, sent local residents to vote for the candidate of their choice. Producing the annual senior play, Witness for the Prosecution, involved weeks of har- rowing preparation on the parts of many upper- classmen. Gold, russet, and green leaves formed a gay canopy over the dance floor and set the "Autumn Haze" theme for November's Junior-Senior Prom. Pastel lighting and brightly-hued evening dresses complemented the colorful atmosphere. Those who attended this first formal of the year spent a won- derful evening dancing beneath the autumnal cle- corations and relaxing with refreshments. Thus the year was launched, and we settled into the groove of autumn activity. . Lending an air of courtesy and friendliness at the senior play were Deb Bateman, Sandy Kauper,Carol Emonds, and Bobbie Bentz. Mt l.ebanon 162 Representing the high school in the Harvest Pageant were Ingrid La-rson, Miffie Fox, Sandy Kau- per, Didra Paulus, Mimi Gambs, Bonnie Keller, Diane Plasman, Sue Norseen, Deanne Kustes, Maribeth Englehart and Carla Mueller. Gold, russet, and green leaves set the "Autumn Haze" theme for November's Junior-Senior Prom. Q Novelty numbers add zest and variety to the unforgettable prom. v Tables and refreshments in the lobby provide a welcome contrast with the crowded dance floor. Dancing couples ioin in the eternal favorite, the hokey-pokey. Flying feet, sparkling eyes, and flashing smiles set the mood ot "Autumn Haze." 'I63 Snow Stimulates Holiday Fun The heavy snowfalls could snarl a line of traffic, but they were unable to dampen any spirits or winter activity. In fact, the forces of nature co-operated with those who had planned ski-weekends, toloogganing parties, or ice-skating. After much impatient waiting and checking calendars, school dismissed for the end-of-the-year holidays. Numer- ous parties, open-houses, and dances marked the festive season. Highlighting the vacation was the annual Snow- ball, sponsored by the Women's Club for the senior class. Couples chatted and drank punch or danced under a ceil- ing of colorful stars. At midnight came the crowning of the queen and her court, selected from the senior girls present. The evening was a pleasant climax to the holiday season. .si X . X f "Who says this is kids' stuff? Heading home for the holidays. 64 Another present under the tree was the annual Snowball. Last year's queen heads the parade of incoming royalty. A parade of hopeful aspirants. Amid a flurry of golden snowflakes, Suzy Dittmar is crowned Queen of the Snowball. Members of her court include Karen Sorg, Dana Simpson, Pam Francis, Carla Mueller, Caddy Durkin, and Mary Ann Galluze. A waltz for the queen and her court adds a special touch to the evening. 166 Pep Hi hlights Cur Activities Once a year, a strange concoction of hill-billy havoc and hectic hilarity reign supreme at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. On this night, all the ladies dress like Sadies in their Sunday worst, latch on to a local yokel, and wait for the blessin' of Marryin' Sam. This year, Dave Scott penetrated Dogpotch with his feet-stompin' platters, ancl, as a highlight, some of the Skunk Hollow Boys, local singing groups, rendered some selections. All dressed up for the big city folks. Gathering of the clan. Contributing to the enthusiasm. During the late months of winter, a new crop sprang up - enthusiasm. At pep rallies, we ac- claimed the athletes who made possible our ath- letic triumphs: The swimming team had won the W.P.l.A.L. Meet and was advancing towards the state championship. ln basketball, Lebo was par- ticipating in the race for W.P.l.A.L. leadership. At the games, we displayed our renewed spirit by our support and cheering. Blue devil banners rose above a flurry of streamers and confetti in the grandstands as spectators yelled the victory cry. How soon can you forget those enthusiastic pep rallies? Their own brand of school spirit. Student body honors senior teammen. "We've got a T-E-AdM, it's on the B-E-A-Ml" 'I67 "We Are The Seniors. . . " After four years of hard work and anticipation, we are about to take our place in the adult world. Graduation has come, in spite of those moments when we thought it would never arrive. The year's activities-Senior Recogni- tion Game, Witness for the Prosecution, the Senior Tea, and, finally, all the ioyful parties and celebrations of the last week-crowd into our thoughts and spill over into our memories. But, far from becoming a memory, our loyalty for Mt. Lebanon remains a daily feeling in our hearts, and,in the traditional exercises that each graduating class has followed, we symbolize our pride in the past and our hope in the future. 6 "And I thought yesterday was rough!" A triple trio of worthy candidates. And only 106 more days until Senior Day. Always willing to explain one more time. 8 "A class like ours will never die" Hopeful seniors clutch college transcripts. "No wonder I'm hungry. I had tests today!" Rush hour in the Attendance Office. four T 'X . nd We're Might Proudl' Nancy Naismith, Nancy Skarada, Sheron Rock, Nancy Nuernberg, Janice Pike, Dave Easton, Mike Sunner, Mel Klein, Roy Gilliland, Bernie Laquinta, Ron Downey, Eddie Davidson, John Harper, Dove Smith, Don Jordano, Hank The visions of Senior Day that we have held for so many years did not begin to be realized until preparation for that day started at the begin- ning of the second semester. At that time, each twelfth-grade homeroom selected students to work on each ot the senior committees. Along with faculty sponsors, these students organized various phases of the activities of our last week. They selected and distributed material for vests, ar- ranged practice sessions tor the class song, and supervised the variety show. These groups were responsible for the success of Senior Day 1961. Wurster and Jay O'Connor, members of the Color Com- mittee, nominated class colors and supervised color voting in the homeroom. Selecting the senior song and arranging times to practice it were the duties of the Song Committee, which consisted of Linda Brodmerkel, Claudia Miller, John Rodgers, Kathy Schwarz, Mary Ann Jones, Carolann Kearns, Jill Hagan, Linda Grove, Sally Prigg, Carolyn Eck, and Betsy Lindsey. The Variety Show Committee, composed of Bill Massey, Miffie Fox, Pam Hyslop, John Crissman, Mary Redding, Ralph Alster, Ginger Jordan, Dave Wikoff, Sheila Lynott, Mollie Glennan, Pat Barnum, Julie Hering, Marilyn Reynolds, Carol Phinney, Chuck Garland, Jack Minnottee and Terry Schmidt, super- vised the auditioning of acts for the senior talent show. 170 The Selection Committee chose the type of material for senior vests. Those on this committee were Barbara l.a- Roso, Judy Ochodski, Diane W h ite, Helen Reichl, Sally Sutherland, Sharon Ham, Sandy Kauper, Susie Swager, Marsha White, Linda Peck, Eshley Edgar, Jim Caldwell, Herb Sanders, Tony Lovely, Bill Wurzbach, Dave Smith, Hank Wurster, Don Jordano, Bernie Laquinta, Dan Cole and Mal- colm Love. Girls on Costume A Committee cut and dis- tributed materials for senior vests. They were Jean Benson, Diane Gething, Carol Wimmer, Pat Robison, Sue Russell, Mary Ellen Skinner, Marlene Singer, Debbie Evans, Ingrid Larson, Judy Bender, Marcia Hickey, Karen Sorg, Shirley Barson, Trudi Miller, Gerry Butler, Peggy Bruso, Lynn Davis, Julia Grummer, Beverly Ritenour, and Leslie Kerber. I my The duties of the Costume B Committee were taking orders and collecting money for senior vests. Members were Diane Koerner, Lynda Pfendler, Linda Easterling, Lynn Boester, Caddy Dur- kin, Leslie Wilmot, Susie Hoose, Bar- bara Fiedler, Bruce Thomson, Thurman Eckfeld, and Knut Johnsen. 171 6 Ni ,995 , JW v we J . My W DP My My My Wffwpkc Sff3fi'LiLim LAUJQOLQ. m ,M W W df 015' ds'n O SI Iely. K . G ,W f 51' '355ffTWjw Qiifgiimwdhww W M 5+ UW E5'T"f,?E':55Gd'fW WW? 2,L'T9LLl,Q0Jf S3266 6 L W if Mud? GW- CBM WM fwwbwmwqfh of My ywvwwfw MTM- dfuiiffwgiwp- MMM WWMQW X iyiwwv wg? - may Qiimjjjci 53321. xv W 19 JUf02,WUWfj 'Sw bwfwb fam. Q af My W? m fwwf W M 2 wzzifQ ffM4fff' iffy' QW djfigixbf WWW QS? WI' fi ' M UWIJQQY pf fgm xl Lo XY W NI K 42 G STAFF w'WfW f 1 W wQe M, wh Nwwsf if f Qgsyvwvw M W WW , ! QOQQYQ Ai V X. OWOPMWQWKQ - - -M - i'22?M ' M' Mii2'5jjW ,M ff WWW ol, Q ' Auf M Um'7f Cvuxzf if WV WX ffl,-2: ,W MW 4 3 M65 W TM 3 J -fO?X QQW' Y 1 QQHHJI 'gps Quik- B6 MQ, mama EX Hgw4?kU My kr MO' K mes 91.11004 Page was K me T WS?- QT XQEA ' ' x ifefih WSW! on WWW? W ' mfQQL+1:lDDfNQ5-DO QQXQ, WR QRS! , 1 R QM wffvkkfp 'O HT NNE 'SWS ' QQ 'SONS NNPQ1 ND4XLUVH46'T ' ON E M C6065 K LQx-L my JN X 4 QEPRQX 1 N CZ . I, . X EsNuw Q KXCBUZ, 1 ffi MQ iii? x 140, Q33 - Woibabm? 3 in aa 63.222 six Eh xii Xgilgs ga 1 -saga, W W Q x 1 M059 ,CD p ffl! 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A A U A X Mi R ' kip! 1 7 UVA KV J M ' MyQdVUVm' J f ML? .V f , f I A ik 1 W W U bb 0 J rw 7 0 Wd! t ' O' pu . by l 1 gl A V jww V1 V f 4 W M CD W l W f 5 ' Q ' Y Xgkx wqx 5 ig ' ' 1 E-gb N 1 3 Q, ' i ' -1 ia .5 ' , N - , Q .X 1 i Ql i+ Q1 N i 'H A t SP I 55 . :Q -A 2 V WT' 'F ,1s0.l'0e-1 'fm -,, -,.., V .1 N 1 I .1 5' XXX L

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