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Qsff fy WwyWmf Xu ' X I 2' WW yf J A My fm 'V 9 dp M, ,,, I 2 V , ' Vg A gif? 0 WWMMIM 1 X i 'rug' N. H. , , . , f fb- ,mbfJfWMJWQgm?f1Q, J CQ ,gi J in M271 fy-Fai, K A . V . , J.. ZQLVQ, 4 U- , ' L.?f X X, f 5- Er Q7 AV. A 1. V 4 221 'O X jg Q ff ff my F 2' 0 L- 1.25-1 J, I ibm Q, '- WW1 f x G JA X 'Q-j-jC5Lqfi K ,whirl . c, 4 Za , '.,,L?- -gn l P I A F2926 Q1 'V tucefhw "H-, 5 V' diff 'Q I N Q15 4 f "Q 9- 3!13Q xi'W 9iifKJfg fffab E O x J 5 , ,D "lar ' ' 13 N 5 Q5 - QC l I X Q QQ, jg? Cfgy 5Q3Y Q? Q Q Ai'W yymigi WfqMMf g X.'? b V 'I Jar Jw ,gg is Ab! Kmbwb, fm -Q8 ?UkEx llblv ag' 58 b Q, f Q- 'Sy Elan bag? Slxjoax QU XX M . Q M WF My WM, WM as 1,9 S 'lf gij?WAfZ u .AAI-EJ M141 ,J 0lf, if fffl F-l """' 'V' 9 ,MW ff 2 W f Cffw X M, ,jgf W f aff +7 ggi! Q7A!Jjf V4 ff 1 jf'fff' f 33 j J Q, A3 am d' ff M V, ,My 1 Mwff WWW MM M WW WM Mfgggfiww ,fW effQWf wvywwww ppl M fSxgfw4M t LVWMW AW2S5MQfQf? Q X JM' My M 4 'E - ,A L, A X L...- fa ,la s ll WW WWWjQ,ww,l Ml filqglfllllflll mv: W ly wlll ly W if ll ,X J W lwl ily lvl NED l six ,W Nfl Q l Xiflil7'lVQl'llv lg!! Ol Q-L .,vV V 5 , 'JJ vo rlesild "W ee UN 9 'o?6f6 9 X4 Jfrv Y' wp' O52 0 691 llgQ'era96 We . P' 1446 ,L l X at 00 " xl gflf nt. lebanon high school pittsburgh, pennsylvania 50 l 1 le bclnonlg lo lllllll C5577 Wylll A O, p ,W wif M f W H0 fffffxl , I T ,, ppgg g -O With memories of The ioys of light-hearted companionship, The thrill of auditorium spotlight And bright-as-day football fields, The glow of soft lights and stardust in the gym Our pride in seeing the cedar tree reaching . . And bearing in us always The satisfaction of enlightenment, Our heitage, We take a step Into the future. .AMN I , ,f .fvfafzfa Wu , , . . . - , 'L 3l,,,w , . , K ff: K ' . 1 .1 1' ' Q 5 1- -,'f",.-N' V 'V' ffm! , ,A ., .Id .fy 1' N 7 EQ ' . , 7 K V 1 H 1 , WifgQfw.g I N W V M- 1 V , ,,, x 1 N I ., ., s ,. .- , Q., .4 . f .N - , an .. A ,A 3 'ixrfx .. ,, vi" ,bf y . L ff 4 ...Jf F'! . ' S'?"'4 1'cf15-A ' QWWX ,I , ,l,QLlv'1JVw--'H' "" M , 1 A s' I ., M L ,I gf, M, L, nw , , - ., - , 'fm' ww' 1 'M-L.. A ' f .-.ay ' w N ij... "ff-1 'e "iv Q lziifx '-un' CQj:,-1.1: Jfff A f' 53- - + Q , , . ,v-1,2 ,Q 'I Q fl., ., X ' Ir 345179 ' - I '--' !J"'9".-"'1LfJ.'f" W'- w- M . + 'N ,F-. - ff ",f. f -f ,fi 1 - W . 'WW 5 "f"f"J'! 5' 5? ' H. ,A Ee' Y -' H Q 7 fww " M' E X5 - 5 ' L wh,-F . D ,Z g . " Lf? Q5 . ' 5 . ' . PSM? Q fgfilfw ,Q . N ..m-fW,,..ff-M . , f ' 54 ' Z5 X ' -Na ' ' v " ""'4 ' 'ri' "W, 7 2 K F X QQ ff, ' , if . f 'Y . ' - ' 'Qs f'- ' rm M '25 - "WT I .ink Y H. 75 . lw'f'?sf"5 . 3, j Lx V.: I ,v:w".-ff . , f X' Q -1 if 1 1' .ff A ,li . 1, ' A is x. - 74" .75 "2 fx , -- f NX f ' . .f M U WM E 4 . , ,V . ?a 5 rr-.5 . , M' . ' , 4 2 A --' f . -9 fi' 3 x wif V ' . ' . i I K' . V N"!"3i . .. 3' . f Q ' L is f it X' X 5 , 7 w fi Q M, ,. 5 A f f f . 2 Q - ' LQ ? M . 5' , I --,A .iw III ll! 'L' .'!wr 4 :It UU 14 gf fll 15 B E EE' jig w Sf! - 2325 .. . :. 3 3 2,5 3 4.4 'W .f' M f . E3,,,,L. l N A if I 1 , - X.. any ' XUrA"', V-Q i, wa' df ' .4 ,, f.M.v,,uw1 m A4 g . ' A nv H lf , , , ' 1 - rm ' ' . 4-, ' ' XISEFX 5 , 2 , n ,eg . f 2'm"E, M if' Y. 4 MR , ?, .4 I 0 s Q . 9 5, 'SJ' .vm V X ' ' ' .f f-Q' ', ' -0' .1 4 ' , ,f , ' vm- -A 1-x ' 1' I f ,' V , 1 f , V V YQ 1 , 7 :WNW I , V 1 Y 0 ,A JK Q K . , My M Y, 1 W' ,.':',W,A Mlffifnv. V 'f 2 ' v 2,-4 Qu , T ' ' f' ' SP1 - , - - . J, 1- -nf? .- V 4 V ,J Au, .ff ...X ff-.2 5, F gy N 5 -2 4 .ggi wgkw. ', 1 4311 A' My . j Q V, .:?kL?,,: .M ,, M ' ,, ' H " ,M f -'ff ,. A , 5 ,W5.gL..5..:' w ' " V ww , , X W , ww ww w f Y, . ', ww, " M , ' , '-w f- In 'Q , ', f " M w -.1 Y ,f'.,, WWA ,f.. fv'f':-I Mn-pm, ' . W "M "1 W "Q b'W'w Wa" V 'MW l' ' "4 W' fww' .M pf sl- nj' '- "' . X' spa k-J - .I - L, ,.,.. fx, . V , .V 4 V 4 532' ..-ji, "f ,. '1 ' -K .1 'Q' Q, , df. 'f 2. . - " H' 'V fsft " W' 1a?f3g',' .3 yy, , f . I A K " ' ' ' wif' J 1 ' . ff fvfh Q, Agn 1 wg , 3, .fy .Q EWY , ' '. 5 , "W H ' ' H 1 0 ,'m.M.., ' .M -- xg, .,-LA,-Q3 mf!5,he,4hki X A Familiar Landmark f Illuminates Cur Path Hr., ,.,Xx If ! A Glow Of Accomplishment Rewards Our Efforts , I 9 I 5 1 4 8 wx Hmaflmikti I J , Y - , ' r 1 - The Snpwx Iridescence A ' ' Of Beauty Awes s 1-ffl Nm 3 P51351 , , ,F 2 .rug , .a 5 Q 5 -3 ' , , V ik 1 . 4' 5 Wil Q 3 Lights of Knowledge Guide Us Toward a Bright Future Activities Page 22 Faculty Page 6 Sports Page 58 f -A X ' L m A WRT A wvifwwuww 9i'o5b W Wg W Q11 R WV 'H'. 0 "'1 .W WL' ji MW WWW cv A P e Q0 WH, N W' .. SQL KNV 'e ffkgbf HH L'f k'abV vDffx3C f,L'k5 M ofmkg Lmqfkv W JM Week fWi'?fWx5W'91 " W PW V 3 e SES AM UXXSJ , WML Qt Mikgf Page 90 wav W QW Student Life Page I36 .L I 1 ee e Ylfyv MP' , N025 -'CD' Wyi AU' -N. lgb 'VV QSHQFJNM ' V ,wbfJM5'l 3' fyvwfwwx W .AQPK Rmvgyvvw Table NS' AJ f N' 35' el .rv W. NN. L! H Q , X,wMOWUWwN NJIX V'uMM1J4V gj , ,Wk 5' N1Afb!.l+3,bf W ,.Uf4fx-y MNlfg, bpm EN Lx 0, W My A A M4401 'N"A9w A5fA?kP?'Ji QW M A U-vMN0fNbqN y QM Ph ,M Inf N if V IM ' ewuwpwwpf ww NV -:JU NYMQQV QQ C ntentg WA NJA Pyvxvfsvk YQJ' BYNUX WVWYPW 7I4jK,"4ba,wy Y AA? I tr A . .iq - " bg Our minds the soil sowed with seeds of reason watered by cm ample supply of facts and method warmed by personal interest and understanding Our teachers the light that makes us grow. QQ Q? Guardians Of Our Youth SCHOOL BOARD The school board established and maintained the high educational policies of our school. The members are: Mr. Samuel A. Schreiner, Miss Miriam Headley, Mrs. Donald C. Lewis, Mr. Otis C. Hogsett, Mr. Willis A. Seigfried, Mr. Robert F. Dyson, Mr. William C. Berg, Jr., Mr. James R Orr. -was-.-gs-...--vf-wwf-aw......., UWC . Superintendent Dr. Ralph D. Horseman and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Joseph Keifer, the founda- tion of our educational system, who aid in directing the paths at our future, are continually devel- 8 oping ideas to keep our high school at the top. D5 'ln ' 'WV Dr. Floy Penn supervised our testing programs, evalu- ated the results through careful analysis, and helped to coordinate the over-all curriculum for our school system in her position as director of instruction for the Mt. Lebanon schools. ',,"3 N! eww' New this year to the position of vice-principal of Mt. Lebanon High School, Mr. McDermot was faced with and competently handled the task of arranging and adiusting schedules, preparing college transcripts, registering new students, and determining class rank. Under the administration of Dr. Mills, our principal, school policy, teachers' goals and the interests of the stu- dents were integrated and coordinated to make school lite meaningful, and the reputation of Mt. Lebanon High School was enhanced by the achievements of the 1959- l960 school year. 4 Mrs. Morgan ably handled the difficult task of main- taining student discipline and keeping track of the where- abouts of Mt. Lebanon's 1500 students with authority, understanding and tact. In the guidance office, college aspirants conferred with the counselors on their curricula, looked through college hand- books, and applied for college board tests. Secretary Mrs. Irwin assisted counselors Mrs. Horne, Miss Frobuck, and Mr. Kobosky. Student Court, Student Congress, and our school's sorship of Mrs. Cargill and Miss Mellinger. '37 Two members of the faculty whose special talents kept our school running smoothly were Miss Gordon, who was our home-school visitor, and Mr. Moore, who supervised testing. many committees and squads had their head- quarters in the activities office under the spon- Assisting Dr. Mills with their efficient handling of clerical duties? Mrs. Booth and Mrs. Vroble kept the main office running smoothly. Whether we had a sore throat or a broken finger, Miss High knew exactly what to do for our ailments. Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Irwin, and Miss Wass kept in touch with the students as they cheerfully carried out the administra- tive tasks connected with testing, guid- ance, and attendance. Lighting The Lamp Cf Knowledge With the guidance and patience of our teachers, the slow but sure dawn of wisdom came to us in new fields of thought. ln some cases, the faculty had to do more pushing than leading, more demand- ing than reasoning, but under the gruffness of the most exacting perfectionist shone the sympathy of a dedicated teacher. Our teachers were not so hard to understand. The personality of each was unique. ln the class- rooms, they assigned term papers and gave surprise quizzes, but they cheered with the rest of us during football season and at the senior play. The faculty successfully fulfilled the objective of enlightenment and also encouraged our application of instruction. The twenty-one National Merit semi- finalists and the one hundred nine Exceptionally Able Youths were shining examples of the scholastic achievements attained at Mt. Lebanon. When the high school was selected as one of forty-four top high schools in the nation, the combined efforts of an excellent teaching staff and of students eager to learn were rewarded. With the help of the faculty -our guiding light-we left to '59-'60 school year, wiser and more confident. DR. MICHAEL A. ACCETTA MRS. GERALDINE C. MR. GLENN S. ASTON-REESE English ADAMSON Driver Education Debate English Track National Forensic League Student Guidance Council MR. DAVID A. BATCHELOR DR. CHARLES E. BECK World History Chemistry, TTCICR Chemistry Squad Football Usher Squad MR.JOHN P. BECKERT MR. ALBERT W. BERNHARDY Physical Education Machine Shop, Wood Shop MISS MARGARET J. MR. CHARLES G. BLANTON MR. MERLE R. BURROWS MR. SHELDON S. CAMPBELL BILLINGSLEY French Economics, Sociology German Health Principles of Selling Future Nurses of America Golf "The stuff sorta crumbled up!" Q x 3 . MR. MERCER H. CLARK Algebra Baseball, Basketball Usher Squad MRS. MARY LOU CHARLTON MISS JANET L. CURTIS MRS. ANNA T. DAVIS MISS DOROTHY l- DEAN Librarian English English French l-lb"Ul'Y 5ClU0d Co-Chairman Devotional Student Guidance Council French Club Squad Suggesting And Encouraging MR. JOHN E. DENBOW U.S. History Student Guidance Council MR. VICTOR M. DOAK U.S. History Tennis Journalists in the making. MISS VIRGINIA A. ELLIOTT MISS ALICE ELMS Adv. English Adv. Math, Trigonometry Mounty, Quill and Scroll Miss ELIZABETH A. EVANS Miss NORMA A. FAIETA MR- HARRY E- FELICH MR. RALPH D. FIFE Senior Compggifion Physical Education Plane GSOUWSIFYI Adv- Math Physical Education 14 Assembly Programs Pep Squad, Cheerleaders ProieCfI0n Sq'-'UCI Devgtionql Squad Blue Devils, G.A.A. Usher Squad . V 1 l, MISS ANN FUNK Senior Composition English MRS. RUTH S. FURLONG MUk9'UP Squad Delta Y-Teens MISS PAULINE K. FISH MISS KATHERYN H. FROBESE Homemoking English Future Homemckers of Beta Y-Teens America - . I ,H If f 3 ,, li. -mt ll!! nl ,,,!7Q,Ig,l 1 ' ' f ff l. I X lla...-.ww . HMI I' 'I I .IJ--'xivo ' I . l 1 I Iwi.. MR. FRED R. GAERTNER MR. S. SHERRICK GILBERT Algebra, Trigonometry, Biology Moth. 'l22, Explorer Scouts Chess Club MR. NORMAN L. GOODWIN Algebra MISS RUTH GORDON English, Home School Visitor Student Service Exchange SJ- "You drive past them, not over them." Promoting Maturit MISS DOROTHY H. GROVE MR, HARRY C, HADDEN , Business Education U,S, History Future Teachers of America f 'N 5 MISS JEAN W. HAY Senior Composition Alpha Y-Teens Cafeteria Hosts and Hostesses MR. WILLIAM M. GRANT Physical Education Football, Swimming MRS. HELEN R. HAYNES World History Properties Committee "Sit down, or I'll whop you." Miss JACQUELINE M. MR. HOWARD M. JONES MR- RICHARD L. JONES MR- GEORGE W- KLINE HUGHES French Special Education American Government English Track Global Geography Lebanon Log Ge09mPhY of Strateoic Areas MR. THOMSON L. LEIPER Developmental Reading Speed Reading MR. JOHN T. KRACSUN MR. GEORGE LAMPRINAKOS Boys' Health W Driver Education . Football q,t,.4', . Football, Wrestling MISS MILDRED LENK Latin, Spanish Scholastic Committee The "cake-eaters" go to work. Q ' 4, x , 4 V MR. CHARLES O. LOHR Miss JEAN A. MACKINNEY MISS MARGERY J- MCCLURE MRS. LYNETTE G. Biology Librarian Ldfin MCCONNELL Usher Squqd Libr,-,ry Squad Girls' Usher Squad English Our Guiding Light MISS FLORENCE C, MISS HARRIET N. MANNING MR. JOSEPH A. MASCETTA MISS JANICE MELLINGER McLAUGHLlN English Chemistry English Senior Cqmpgsifion, Bulletin Board Squad, Lost and Found Squad Activities Office Journalism Achievement 5l9mC1 Y-TSGHS Bulletin, Lebanon Lantern, Publicity I MRS. KAY RYALL MILLER English "Watch your fingers." MR. W. A. MITCHELL Business Education Cafeteria Dispatchers MR. DONLEY U. MR. WILBUR C. MOORE MR. JULIAN T. MYER MISS EILEEN NESBITT MOLLENAUER World History , peec Plane Geometry 13 U.S. History Intramural Athletics, l e lies, Dram Cross Country, Track, Tennis Athletic Manager T p' n Socie T .Sl t . udio quad qi.. is f -fix? 1. -, W... .f,., ,f ,, if g,,4,. 5. ,5,:. ., 1. S E r MR. JOSEPH P. PAGNANELLI MISS C. ADA PATTERSON MR. D. REED RAINES Driver Education Lafin Chemistry Gymnastics "Guess what I found!" MR. JOHN F. RAMSEY MISS ANNE RIGHTMIRE MRS. ELEANOR T. RINNE MISS RITA M. ROEGGE Mechanical Drawing Plane Geometry English Spanish Scenery 5qUCId, 59099 Cfewl Cafeteria Dispatchers Red CVOSS Squad Lighting Squad Illuminating The Future l MR. ROBERT A. RUTH Physics Physics Squad MR. DOUGLAS SHANER Art, Metal Art Art Squad MISS DONNA J. SHAVER MISS SARAH E. SMITH Physical Educqfion Solid Geometry, Trigonometry G.A.A. Term papers are creeping up! 20 MISS MAY K. SNEARY MR. JOSEPH A. SRP MR. ALBERT N. STANISH Choral Music, English Plane Geometry World History Devotional Choir, Assemblies, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus Basketball, Football ,1i., MR. THOMAS S.TAYLOR Miss MARY v. THORPE MR- LEO A. VROBLE MISS THELMA E- WHINNIE Chemisfry Spanish Biology, Business Education Public Address Bl0l09Y Squad Score Board Squad MR. EARL l.. WHIPKEY Algebra The faculty partakes of advanced lunch! MR. ARTHUR Y. YAGELLO Orchestra MR. ROBERT D. ZACUR MR. ANDREW P. ZEEDICK Physics Biology M..-f-,f"" ' x X xx R r -.. a My ...A ,... ,...... l vv...a' " ' r ,ff ,s x M 4,1 , , ,, , ,. , -H - ,,,,f-'wwf-'l,,,...-5-""' ' 1 V, Y V, :mm-n-wvw,,wmA nf wnuusnmwmwmunnnjunr nv 432 'kk' us fu ' ,A w :A 4 X44 Ma 4 Q, Y' A 7 M.-, ,V-A R , A 4t,,t-mf, y ij' l I l fk i Mkt yy ln-' Nwv M .J W f V,-c lei t ,, fxwv ,V L V. I .Ii,xi., . ,ki s X ' , 1 " ff' ' I ' t tgirl" H Mlkk, I j ki. lk V , Lk r .'.f',1'lvlL in 1 .,,,Qs l" M Mill' W L " ' . x t ' 1, "ct My 4 " f "" il i Q Opportunity a stick of dynamite Ambition the spark guarded by the sacrifices of time and effort offering power and the thrill of experience that makes dreams of activity become realities. Assuming Leadership nd Responsibility "Will the meeting please come to order?" was a familiar sentence both in the Student Congress and in the homerooms of Mt. Lebanon High School. For the seventy members of Student Congress, it meant the beginning of another Tuesday morning session in the first four rows of the auditorium - a time to discuss matters concerning the school as a whole: the condition of the wash rooms, the effic- iency of the current traffic plan, the welfare of the student body. Tuesday morning was a time to voice opinions and formulate solutions, a time to prove the capabilities of the Congress. ln each homeroom, the same sentence began a weekly Thursday morning meeting. This was the time for free expression of individual views, an op- portunity to inform the homeroom president of mat- ters to be further considered by the Student Con- gress. Some of the accomplishments of Student Congress were that extra butter was made available to stud- ents in the cafeteria, parking lot traffic was improv- ed, all stairs were made both up and down, and congestion in the corridors was alleviated. Working hand in hand, the branches of Mt. Lebanon's stud- ent government strove to improve the school and to strengthen its reputation as an institution of oppor- tunity. Second semester Student Congress offi- cers, Hetz Marsh, Mouncey Ferguson, and Mary Head, served with ease and assurance as President, Vice-President, and Secretary of Student Congress. President Gil McNeish, Vice-Presi- dent Scott Ward, and Secretary Peggy Theis enthusiastically ac- cepted their responsibilities and competently carried out their duties as first semester officers of Student Congress. Dave Manoogian, Kip Weldon, Hetz Marsh, Lynn Ricca, Miriam Grove, and Mike Reed make plans for installment of Student Congress officers. "Who are you going To vote for? "l second the motion." BAUSC H-LOMB AWARD RENSSELELAER AWARD D.A.R. AWARD JEFF NEll-L PE JAY ALEXANDER G3 GGY COLVIN Carolyn Tamplin and Judy Allen were the two seniors who received their Activities Keys and Guards before the end of the first semester of their senior yeczr. STUDENT COURT Members of this year's student court were Margie MacKay, Carole Beebe, Cindy Brown, Kit Irwin Tim Smith, Leslie Runger, Jim Watters, Rick Collins,Dove Klgber,Maric1 Revesz, and John Hill. Q' Members of the i959-60 Advisory Council were Bonnie Kasun, Mrs. Cargill, Dr. Mills, Mrs. Morgan, Ann McMillan, Alan Mandel, Miss Elms, Miss Grove, Mrs. Adamson, Dave Manoogian, and Bruce Schein. Those who received Activities Keys before the end of lhe fifSf semesfer Of Their Senior Ye0'r Were Mary Head, Gwen Grant, Virginia Dau, Judy Dickinson, MarileeTiberio, Marty Frame, Barbara Neill, Sandy Burr, Nancy Zahnhiser, Ellen Maior, Carolyn Burrows, Ann McMillan, Peggy Theis, Jan Hall, Janice Beachler, Carolyn Tamp- lin, Pe99Y Colvin, Carole Beebe, PUT Ellison, CUr0lYr' Gibson, Al Rimer, Jim Taylor, Sue Harris, Sue Peckham, Judy Allen, Judy Smith, Prissy Munn, Alice Mollenauer, Eva Folcles, Bill Bayers, Bill Lewis, Bruce Schein, Ken Heisl, Rick Collins, Dave Gullion, Roger Blair, Ed Cole, Bill Benz, john Young, Scott Ward, Tom Housekeeper, Jeff Neill, Craig Pozzi, Carl von Ende, Don MacKay, and Gary Close. 1960 LEBANON LOG Log Co-Editors Ellen Maior and Eva Foldes, Classes Editor Adele Hauser, Art Editor Judy Dickinson, Literary Editor Virginia Bright and Sports Editor John Mather formed a co-ordinated line-up. 28 In the process of production, the 1960 Log grew from scraps of notebook paper with illegible ink smears on them, from creased photographs blocked in black crayon, from dummy sheets marked with tangled lines, from retyped copy, heads and captions - into a thick collection of memorable people and events enclosed in a blue, white and gold cover. This Log - the synthesis of individual impression unified by hours shared under the single light of the Publications Office - is Mt. Le- banon's record of and tribute to another school year. To the staff of the 1960 Log, the hustle and bustle and pleasant chaos of the Publications Office became a factor required for concentration. Within the claustro- phobia-provoking confines of Miss Hughe's office, great ideas were born to be developed and preserved for the posterity of Mt. Lebanon students. The staff mixed min- utes of light-hearted fun with hours of work as they burned the midnight oil to meet their deadlines. Every- thing from candy bars and glob-forming glue to philoso- phical comments and corny puns was tossed around by the staff as they strove to create a book of illuminated memories, such as the 1960 Log, for you. Assistant Editors Nancy Nuernberg, Jean Kernahan, Alan Mandel, Patti Miller, Sharon Shuttleworth, and Kathy Schwarz spent most of their time learning the ropes, so that they would be able to put out next year's book. Business Manager Carolyn Tamplin, Ann Gould who promoted and recorded yearbook sales. Writers Sharon Tazza, Bonnie Baier, Carolyn Burrows, and Sue Hofman made Log write-ups glow with sparkle and spontaneity. Counting Senior Polls and typing Activity Sheets were only Members of the Sports Staff who faithfully followed and a couple of the tasks of the Classes Staff, composed of reported Mt. Lebanon's athletic lite included Jay Alexander, Betty Gierhart, Nancy Garis, Laurie Holbrook, Sally Jim Sayre, Bill Mehatfey, Ed Birdy, Bill Ringham, and Ron Warren, Marty Masterson, and Bonnie Nelson. Speigel. Members of the business staff included Jim Kaley, ing, and Circulation Manager Mary Coltman, 30 L' L' What do you do when a shipment of the Lantern gets lost? Look on the train to St. Louis, of course! But this wasn't the only answer supplied by this year's newspaper. Accurate reporting of the wrestling team's record, the program for the F. T. A. student-teaching program, announcement of the win- ners of Formal Concert auditions, a picture of three boys passing around a girl's leg - all this and more was spot- lighted by the Lantern. Reporters followed continually on the scent of the news and the newsworthy, while the editors work- ed feverishly to assemble the information. Young writers scribbled desperately to meet deadlines and Devilette re- porters hounded classmates for their reactions to improbable situations such as "What would you do if you had a million dollars?" The results of these efforts were the stacks of Scholastic Rotos, Lanterns and stapled Devilettes which piled up in the Publications office nine times a year. After the Lanterns were distributed to the homerooms, sponsor, editors, reporters, and sore fingered typists sat back to enjoy the re- sults of their journalistic handwork. if 5 Everyone reads the Lebanon Lantern? Editors Sandy Kauper, Pat Ellison, Bill Lane, Scott Ward, Hetz Marsh, and Ann Welty produced a paper packed with pictures, news and even cartoons. The members of the Deviletfe staff pos- sessed ci nose for news. Anything not heard via the grapevine could be read in the Devilette. The editors were Janis Zivic, Les McCullc1, Kay Summers, and Mczrilee Tiberio, lmissingl. Jim Carney managed to mimeogroph The Deviletfe and still keep priniers ink off his clothes. UN t The Mounty's door is always open. In T959-1960, the Mounty of distinction became a maga- zine of the students. Mt. Lebanon's literary year began with the persistent efforts of "well-adjusted" Mounty salesmen and with daily announcements directed to those individuals known as "in" people, whose intellectual curiosity and friends would eventually force them to buy a Mounty subscription. The en- suing months saw the tiny cubicle which the Mounty called its home crowded with students clutching manuscripts for con- sideration. The art staff worked out appropriate illustrations, members of the general staff indulged in deep conversation, and the editors tried to organize and unify. By the end of the year, four issues were successfully compiled, edited, print- ed, and distributed to the readers. The Mounty's appeal was well-rounded as well as in- tellectual and literary. lt offered the school a variety of student-written poems, essays, sketches and short stores on such subiects as Japanese customs, the patterns in hanging wash, and the individuality symbolized by a pet monkey. The subtleties of satire, the rhythms of blank verse, and the im- plications of metaphor made the Mounty good reading for Mt. Lebanon students. MQW Co-Editors Bill Benz and Patience Kenney and Business Manager Jon Young were the masterminds behind another successful year for the Mounty. The Mounty business staff, composed of Joan English, Gwen Grant, Joan Smith, and Peter Dyer, contributed many original illus- trations and posters for the Mounty. Bursting with inspiration and originality, the Mounty writers strove to make this YeU"'5 Mounty the best ever. The writers include John White, Dave Wyles, Kikuo Sasaki, Steve Raymond, Chuck Garland, Pat QUGiCl, Gnd Don MacKay. fb. Typing the poems, essays, and stories that were used in the Mounty was the important role of the Mounty typists, Leslie McKinley, Virginia Dau, and Vicki Gribshaw. With Pride And Proficiency ROW l: V. Gribshaw, Gessler, J. Anderson, M. Kunic, Kengott, Orr, Rodney, Dau. ROW 2:Schweinsberg, Kapp, Bruckart, G. Gribshaw, Zuck, Beuret, B. Ehlers, Kerr. ROW 3: Blair, Ensley Wasser, Van Gelder, Cole, Harris, Wian, Ferson,Byers, Satterfield, J. Hersh, Culbertson, Rasmussen, KUFYZ, LiVlft9Sf0nfMCCC1lf1- ROW 4:NewboId, Credle, Tweedie, C. Anderson, Browarsky, Neill,iSargent, Bennett, May, Young, lams, Major, Rodgers, Guy, Meyer, Eaton, Wilson, Lauffer, Rosewell, Harris, Keneman, Jones, K. Reichard, Early, Cover. ROW 5:C. Spring, Moore, Gehring, Cantors, Roqkwogd, Slemsf H0991 Keim. LAST ROW: Brown, Bender, Oates, E- Spfingf l'leWlll1MYf0f1fConlan, J. Offutt, H. Ehlers, Weisbrod, Arndt, Hecht,Benz, Tripp, Schmidt, Boho, C0nnellYf B-Offutt, l. Kunic,Crissman, Fouse, lams, Pozzi, Reeves, Close, N. Reichard, Barson, Maclntyre, Hoyt, Oelschlager, Jones, A. Hersh, Haight, Richards, Tillson. The "Marching 200" of 1959-1960 was a band of many facets. During football season, the Peter Gunn Theme re- sounded through the stadium while high-stepping maiorettes and Rockettes went through new routines. South Fayette and other school bands joined with Mt. Lebanonites in the Band Revue, which was witnessed by a crowd of three thousand. The outstanding highlight of the band's year was their first trip to Florida at Christmas time. Band members shared the experiences of eating breakfast at 5:30 A.M., trying to sleep in reclining chairs on a lurching train, getting sunburned in the Florida sun, and marching in the Orange Bowl Parade. As the seasons changed, Mt. Lebo's marching band trans- formed itself into an equally proficient concert band. The year's work took on a more serious note at the annual Spring Concert held in the auditorium. Syncopated iazz, spirited trumpet-filled marches, rich brass classics, and sophisticated overtures were rendered justice by the approximately 120 band members. The sparkle and polish with which the band performed was a reflection of Mr. Prutzman's direction and of the musicians' efforts. Well-earned applause followed the gold and white uniforms of Mt. Lenbanon's band wherever it went-in the floodlights of the stadium, in the footlights on the stage. 34 Q we 92? K .sf as are if fi 125 fi. tl .ii si d E 95 2. 1 is 3? Our high-stepping maiorettes lead the band wi 1 4 S 3 li. Q V! 3 f"'- -any Yann W 5 '-Win Qf' 1 -YS f ,Img I n routines. D A real swingin combo. K' gm! A 2, Q-if 1 H 'Xe 33" ii' Msg 3- 1 mx if 2 1 : 1 I1 in 0 5' Wa QQQQGMQQQQGQQA K t K A K G tiitti uuaixtulafscuzsu . ' f 1 g :i'+ff, .12 .fgagyz Sl ef' Lug' 6: gxiyf' 195353 2 Lwwvm T-, -. K n 4 . 9 4 5szI,g?ll3uy1v rwqixkssxw?ggstkvtlblglf iff1iNQ.k.Ea,V if f?"'i if? 213' if wif 'WF 2g"'-W? 37? F' ' 'I 5 Qfwwg? Q If- 3. USM x U A 1 'Lil Qi ,En -f e.f ,w-S -:ffzei If 2 pw ,' . Jig f5?iiiwh+5 V ,gg3'f,ivgi1:,,fl 5 HW? Q gggewww' A 1, g5,w?, w,g,, J' 5 255' if f Mg ,vdyg ?4L k .1 4 5:9 lfgqg egg g g,, f-iQig Li E ' 'W " ' , ff' - ""Wg- QL L 'si E '4e",'-egg? Q Q Y - I 'I Q Rabi: i 3. 3 Toward Musical Balance The strains of music escaping from the orchestra re hearsal room Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during sixth period might have been anything from Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" to Meredith Wilson's The Music Man. The orchestra practiced under the experienced direction of Mr. Arthur Yagello at any tempo to polish a well- rounded repertoire of classical and popular selections. Students heard the group play during many theatri- cal productions, at the February orchestra assembly and at the May Spring Concert. This year a special honor came to the orchestra when it was invited to present a benefit concert on May fifth for the Canonsburg General Hospital. The concert took place in the auditorium of the new Cannon-McMillan Joint High School. After- wards, the Canonsburg orchestra ioined the Mt. Lebanon performers for a reception. String bass and piccolo players alike found that as they performed for their own pleasure and the pleasure of others they gained a clearer insight into the beauty and meaning of music. They became aware of the intricate interplay between instruments and of the tonal shadings which are involved in the presentation of a piece of music. Not only to them but also to the stud- ent body came a deeper appreciation of music. WOODWINDS Row l Jim Evans Sally Warren Margie MacKay Judy Stermer Row 2 Barb Smith Sue Wilson Jean Weis Susan Flynn Row 3 Ruthie Monsch Bill Hecht Carol Wesley Steve Moore. 38 BRASS Row l: Warren Fisher, Ed O'Neill, Bob Faircloth. Row 2: Don MacKay, Norm Karsten, Jim Dittmar. Row 3: Judy Ayers, Dick Dewees. Members of this year's violinettes are Jean Kernahan, Rita Fisher, Karen Braddock, Leslie Runger, Debbie Evans, Suz- anne Hofmann, Judy Bickel, Gail Van Sant. STRINGS Row 1: Suzanne Hofmann, Karen Braddock. Row 2: Marcia Dilling, Debbie Evans, Nancy Garis, Anne Goulding. Row 3: Marlene Singer, Rickie Peters, Leslie Runger, Charlotte Hahn, Carol Peterson, Dick Schwartz. Row 4: Rita Fisher, Jean Kernahan, Leslie Wilmot, Alice Schade, Alice Mollenaur, Linda Pfendler, Debbie White, Carol Phinney. Row 5: Judy Bickel, Betty Rothfus, Kathy Harris, Ellen Karnofsky, Barbara Blansett, Melvin ltzel, Dwight Magowan. PERCUSSION Row la Nancy Nuernberg, Harriet Good, Linda Fitch, Marcia Service, Gail Van Sant. Row 2: Dick Larry, Ed Stahl, Dave Klaber, Kathy Flaherty, Wendy Weppner. Pre-concert plans are discussed by Alice Mollenaur, Sally Warren, Mr. Yagelle, Ruth Monsch, Don MacKay and Suzanne Hof- mann. The Lilt Of Lifted Voices The joy of listening and the pleasure of partici- pating gave meaning and memory to the efforts of the chorus in 1959-1960. Snatches of songs over- heard in the corridors became amplified expressions when heard in the auditorium. The old Dutch hymn in the Thanksgiving program, "l'm Called Little But- tercup" from Pinafore, and the "Adoremus Te" of the assembly concert represented the range and variety of vocal presentation. The choral groups, under the direction of Miss Sneary worked to perfect every performance. The Mixed Chorus and Girls' Glee Club studied musical theory as well as musical scores as they sought for quality of tone and accuracy of pitch. Devotional Choir and Triple Trio kept in the public eye with their frequent and excellent contributions to school and community programs. Members of Mt. Lebanon's choral organizations DEVOTIONAL CHOIR found that the moods of a ballad, the depth of a Row l: Jean Housekeeper, Judy Housekeeper, Pat Jacob, Nancy Pale-Sffinv Chorale and the Splrll of C' llghhheclrled Degnan, Linda Brodmerkel, Mildred Holmquist, Miriam Buckingham, ditty were all an important part of the responsibili- Melodie Folwell, Janet Albert. Row 2: Mike Levine, Kip Weldon, -ties and rewards of gn Q,-1, Rick Beazley, Jim Forbes. MIXED CHORUS Row lp Miriam Buckingham, Janet Albert, Corinne Reason, Claudia Miller, Judy Hubble, Carole Weller, Nanette Miler, Sylvia May, Barbara Fulton. Row 2, Carol Rielly, Ann Sollenberger, Ginny 40 Burrows, Sally Dispenett, Pat Jacobs, Gwen Grant, Sue Crouch, Eleanor Swartz, Mildred Holm- quist, Ginnie Bright. Row 3, Jim White, Ed Keller, Kikuo Sasaki, Mike Lavine, Brian Heese, Wally McCollum. Row 4, Kip Weldon, Ricky Couch, Jim Forbes, Skip McGrew, Rick Beazley. I , TRIPLE TRIO Barbara Fulton, Claudia Miller, Judy Hubbell, Sue Crouch, Ann Sollenberger, Betsy Mohl, Gwen Grant, Virginia Burrows, Nanette Miler, Sylvia May. GIRLS ENSEMBLE Seated: Jean Housekeeper, Marsha Mock, Melody Folwell, Judy House- keeper, Donna Vorhees, Susan Mal- colm, Maria Revez. Row I: Betsy Mohl, Susie Becker, Sherry Gealy, Candy Harness, Sue Hickey, Ingrid Larsen. Row 2: Wini Watson, Judy Mangan, Judy Bock, Nancy Degan, Linda Brod- merkel, Peggy Bauer, Irene Gates, Debbie Weldon. GIRLS GLEE CLUB Row I: Marty Lewis, Peggy Quinther, Peggy Bruso, Nina Adkin, Carol Wes- ley, Pat Shore, Jo Button, Rosalyn Rhone. Row 2: Jane Ferguson, Jeanne Heid, Kathy Oermann, Nancy Detwiler, Sallie Payne, Ruth Roach. Row 3: Susan Greenberg, Karen Seay, Sharon Shoe- maker. Spotlight on abrina Fair ga.. 5 K, - N 3-1- X. N, is ,W ir , ,,, wi .MCM s . ra' -Adeuimi " - ir. lf '52-sa' Q The comedy Sabrina Fair, presented by the Class of '60, succeeded in completely captivating its audience with its subtle humor and family entanglements. The beauti- ful patio setting, representing a wealthy Long Island home, was the scene of laughter, tears, love, and anger. Each character added his own special sparkle to create the over-all effect of the play. Sabrina Fair is the story of the once drab and timid daughter of the Larrabee's chauffeur. After five years in Paris, Sabrina returns, a radiant young.woman. Her return causes a near catostrophe in the Larrabee family and proves to be both amusing and rewarding. Every- one becomes involved in Sabrina's romances with the Larrabee brothers, Linus and David, and her not-so-far- off Paris beau. Maude's gracious handling of the deli- cate situation, Linus Sr.'s unpredictable outbursts, Julia's witty sarcasm, and Fairchild's straight-laced behavior kept the story moving and interest piqued. Under the excellent direction of Mr. Myers, with the help of Sue Harris and Herb O'Dell, Sabrina Fair be- came alive and meaningful, leaving with the audience a glow of pleasure. "Gentle swain . . . at thy request . . . I am here." "That's a lie!" lion dollars?" "Then, you're worth around a mil W1 . W mieewsfibfifga - . .. M4 A "Oh, sh ut up!" Everybody s against me "Hello David. How have you been?" "My Iiffle Brgnugff "WiIl you kindly stop passing my leg around." o Entertain, To Honor, To Inform This year's auditorium schedule provided varied programs for the education and enjoyment of the stu- dent body. Spotlights followed hydrogen rockets, en- thusiastic arguments and volunteer Rockettes across the Mt. Lebanon stage as Wednesday afternoons were enriched by a chemistry exhibition, the Pitt- West Point debate and student variety shows. Just before our Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations, Mt. Lebanon also enioyed two very successful plays that were based on the exploration of the true meaning of the holidays. Throughout the school year, many well-rounded programs added a note of interest to the school week. We have the Key to success down to the Letter. Patched curtain-no patched-up performances! The players find the theme for their Campaign speeches, music, speaker- whqt'5 for today. Christmas play. 'Our Townnin Cur School Unusual and wonderful, Our Town came to life on our stage. The setting was in a small town in New Hampshire, but the play took us far from the nar- row confines of Grover's Corners to our own town, our own lives, and the lives of millions. Without props, the actors emphasized the feelings, emotions, and human relationships of the characters. Our Town was truly an experience for those who worked in it as well as for those in the audience. iii i Auditions require audacity and ambition. Junior produce,-5 prepare for qgtign, 45 The cast of Our Town crowds Mr. Meyers' well-worn stage. Thespians provided good dramatic entertainment. This year's officers were Kit Irwin, Sue Harris, Herb O'Dell, and Sue Peckham. lications. me Quill and Scroll honored Ellen Maior, Ann Welty, Eva Foldes, Scott Ward and Pat Ellison for their work on pub- 46 Chuck Tillson, Jack Gilbert, Vince Mathews, Jim Straub, Bob Webster, Rick Berg, Diane Dozer, Mary Coltman, and Sue Senz, members of This year's Senior Advisory Council, helped to plan for senior activities. s FRENCH CLUB The activities of the French Club gave the school a French flair. Officers included Ed Sabom, Jerri Delisi, Ann MacMillan, and Anne Nelson. i J CHESS CLUB Enjoying the experience of combined recreation and competition, chess club members sharpened their wits and con- tributed to Mt. Lebo's reputation for skill and sportsmanship. Members in- clude Jim Sayre, Truman Flowers, Ed Troy, and Jim Stevenson. DEBATE TEAM ring their first year at Mt. Lebanon, debaters talked their way to victory the school in interscholastic competi- 1 and won for themselves the person- satisfaction of a good argument. mbers include Jean Housekeeper, Carney, Chuck Garland, and rolyn Gibson, Chuck Cox, Bill Bauer, d Feigenbaum, Sharon Tazza. l F 47 To Build Better Future From the opening Recognition Ceremony until the end of the school year, the activities of the Y-Teens reflected the balance of friendship, fellowship and fun symbolized by the Y-Teen triangle. Under the direction of Miss Frobese, Mrs. Furlong, Miss Man- ning, and Miss Hay, Y-Teen groups gave covered dish dinners, help programs on "World Fellowship," and organized bowling parties. The desire to "find and give the best" was ful- filled as Y-Teens took part in proiects for the bene- fit of underprivileged children, veteran's hospitals and other organizations. Some girls also participat- ed with fellow-members from the South Hill Area in the Y-Teen Circus, for the purpose of raising money for worthy causes. Through service to others, Y- Teens experienced physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. Vince Mathews, Bob Roth, David McRitchie, Len Goodman, were this year's officers of explorer scouts. 48 "Another gutter ball, huh?" 1 Beta Y-Teen officers included Adele Hauser, Sonia Smith, Marty Frame, Joan Smith, and Sue Senz. u u G Q Sophomore Y-Teen officers include Joan Archer, Pam Fish, Kathy Birris, Bonnie Ehlers, and Sue Honkey. Bon and Delta Y-Teen officers were Rosemary Werner, nie Ballantyne, Kathy Schwarz, Marsha Mock, Jean Benson. Y 1 Mary Beth Anderson, Ann Langreth, Nancy Houser, Alice Kulzer, and Ellen McAutl1er made up the sophomore Y-Teen cabinet. ,fem 49 The Future Beckons F.T.A. Prissy Munn, Patti Grant, Caddy Durkin, and Sandy Kauper, officers of F.T.A., and their fellow future-teachers stepped into a future profession as they took part in teaching at the district grade schools. F.H.A. The officers of F.H.A. studied what lay ahead for themselves and other home- makers. They are Georgia Fodor, Carol Crane, Nancy Jo Cotton, and Mary Ellen Skinner. .Y WZ? ln order to acquaint interested students with the fields of teaching, nursing, and homemaking, the "Future" clubs of Mt. Lebanon arranged meetings and sponsored related proiects designed to provide members with a taste of their future professions. The future Teachers of America Club gave students the opportunity to teach in Mt. Lebanon's elementary and iunior high schools, to proctor after-school tests, and to meet persons already en- gaged in the field of education. Girls in the Future Nurses of America Club met with doctors, nurses, and orderlies and had the chance to see several films and to tour West Penn and Allegheny General Hospitals. Through demonstrations, lectures by experienced speak- ers, and group discussions, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica gained knowledge of family life, cooking, sewing and opportunities for a homemaking career. l? ' LOOK? F.N.A. Members of the F.N.A. club were pro- vided with a look at a future occupa- tion. Officers of the organization were Holly Wery, Sandy Burr, Jean House- keeper, and Joyce Humphrey. LIBRARY SQUAD Carding and shelving books, sorting date-due slips, repairing ripped binding and answering questions like, "Where can l find Home Life on an Ostrich Farm?" was routine work forthe library squad. Members of the squad include Carolyn Gibson, Joan Samuels, Julianne Hering, Pam Rupp, and Ruth Summers. ATTENDANCE SQUAD With a system of various slips, form 48's and the absentee list, the attend- ance squad successfully kept track of Mt. Lebanon's l75O students. Members include Marty Masterson and Carolyn Burrows. BULLETIN BOARD SQUAD lnclosed in their new glass cases, the hall bulletin boards sparkled with originality as they displayed the talents of each squad member. The members are Carol Wimmer, Diane Koerner, and Nancy Degnan. LOST AND FOUND SQUAD ln the lost and found office, on the second floor, a student could claim or return anything from a contact lens to a French dictionary. Whether a stu- dent had lost a Chartreuse and pink mitten or had found two left gym shoes, the lost and found squad was always ready to be of service. Members in- cluded are Lynn Neilson, Ruth Monsch, Joan Samuels, and Carol Reiley. CHECK ROOM SQUAD Members of the check room squad fulfilled their responsibilities and still had time to enioy ioking about the un- claimed odds and ends they collected. Members are Betty Gierhart, Joan Robinson, Joan Booz, and Marilyn Fischer. .Tre ART SQUAD Talented members of the art squad contrived an appropriate poster, pic- ture, or arrangement for each special occasion. Members include Carol Zepp, Sally Young, and Debbie Hertzog. USHER SQUAD With the ease that comes only with experience, members of the usher squad quickly guided students into the proper section and later emptied the auditorium efficiently. Members of this squad are .lim Watters, Chuck Fish- burn, John Mather, and Gary Close. WY x PROJECTION SQUAD Many excellent films were made available to the student body through the services of the projection squad. Members of this squad include Bill Ringham, Tony Lovely, George Phillips, and Jeff Randall. RED CROSS SQUAD HONOR AWARD COMMITTEE PUBLICITY SQUAD The frequent announcements cmd gentle reminders of the publicity squad in- formed the student body ot coming events. Members are Bill Lane, Scott Ward, and Gwen Grant. XB Giving both time and effort to worthy charities and proiects, the Red Cross squad gained an understanding of others. Heather McDonough, Larry Phillips, Barbara Neill, Joan Norton, Doug Montgomery and Jett Rash served as officers. SCHOLASTIC COMMITTEE The scholastic committee was more than happy to record the names of students onthe honor roll, although they had to work hard to keep track ot all the "in- tellects." Members are Ellen Maior, Edith Bellavar, John Kozma, Linda Menke, and Peter Rzasnicki. 'QF' 9.1 'T Better with numbers than master mathe- maticians, the honor award committee tabulated all the activity points earned by the student body. Members are Debby Weldon, Heather Hyde, and Nancy Zahnizer. SOCIAL COMMITTEE With clever ideas for dances, a store- house of vitality and hundreds of tickets for sale, the social committee made many Friday and Saturday nights un- forgettable. The members of the com- mittee are Scott Wallace, Rickie Peters, Peggy Colvin, and Caddy Durkin. HOSPITALITY SQUAD A smile of welcome to newcomers and cheerful help to visitors were character- istics of the hospitality squad. Mem- bers included Mary Coltman, Carolyn Burrows, Bruce Schein, and Stu Herrington. INFORMATION SQUAD With the necessary facts on the tips of their tongues, members of the informa- tion squad aided both new students and visitors. Members of this squad in- cluded Barbara Fortunes, Sandy Green, and Diane Fair. MEDICAL SQUAD Whether a student had a headache, an infected cut or a stoved thumb, the medical squad was capable of easing his troubles. The members of the squad include Myra Campbell, Kay Garrett, Diane Krueger, and Emmy Lou Weaver. WAYS AND MEANS SQUAD The ways and means squad was al ways on hand to supply students with refreshment, whether after a hard day at school, at a football game or at one of the dances in the gym Members of the squad are Ann McMillan B II Bayers, Ed Cole and Sue Carmen PHYSICS SQUAD Extracurricular experiments provided the physics squad with an interesting challenge. Members of the squad are Peter Rzasnicki, Bill Ringham, Jay Alex- ander, Len Parsons, and Steve Ray- mond. CHEMISTRY SQUAD Careful and cautious, the chemistry squad enioyed and survived their duties of cleaning the labs and preparing unheard-of concoctions. Members of this squad included Mike Levine, Dave Johns, Joan Brooks, Ken Holtz, Kathy Castor, and Bob Stone. BIOLOGY SQUAD Amid the fumes of formaldehyde, mem- bers of the biology squad watered ferns, fed guinea pigs and cuddled snakes. Members of the squad are Steve Moore, Bob Bayers, George Haight, Maria Revesz, Ellen Karnosky, and Scott Kenneman. -li. ATHLETIC USHERS SQUAD Ushers Bill Mclauthlin, Carl Maurhoff, and Bill Mehaffey efficiently managed the enormous crowds that turned out to see Mt. Lebanon's athletic events. PARKING SQUAD The members of the parking squad made sure their parking plans were observed. Members are Dan Owens, Peter Olson, and Chuck Cox. SCENERY PAINTING SQUAD MAKEUP SQUAD By means of their artistic talent, mem- bers of the makeup squad changed a classmate into a wealthy playboy with a sixty-five foot yacht, or a friend into a Pilgrim on his way to America. Mem- bers include Sue Brunk, Jan Hall, Phyllis Hardtmayer, and Mary Ellen Anderson. PROPERTIES COMMITTEE How to find wrought-iron furniture that matched, how to acquire a doll that looked human and how to transport two concrete lions from a driveway to the middle of the stage were only a few problems encountered and solved by the properties committee. Members of this committee include Sue Peckham, Al Rimer, Larry Phillips, Herb O'DeII, Sandy Burr, and Jerry Narky. STAGE CREW The stage crew seemed to have a knack for creating distinctive sets and effective lighting. Members include Chuck Cox, Ken Heist, Herb O'DeII, Dick Kitchen, and Bill Bauers. COSTUME COMMITTEE The costume committee even managed to produce a blue blazer, size 38-long, for Mt. Lebo's dramatic productions. Members included are Mary Ann Hig- gins, Lucy Collette, Nancy Kealing, Anne Nelson, Penny Searles, Judy Dickinson, and Kathy Harris. With a little imagination and a lot of talent, the scenery painting squad pro- duced backdrops forthe schooI's plays. These eye-catching creations supplied the atmosphere and setting for the theatrical productions. The squad con- sists of Barbara Scott, Sandy Hoecker, Carol Lohman, Peter Dyer, and Bob Russell. ' T' HOST AND HOSTESS SQUAD Through the effective guidance and planning ot the host and hostess squad, cafeteria traffic moved more quickly than ever. Members of the squad are Jim Moran, Karen Bramer, and Regina GlRL'S USHER SQUAD STUDIO SQUAD Hamilton. DEVOTIONAL SQUAD The devotional squad aimed for inspira- tion and interest as they prepared pro- grams tor Thursday mornings and as- semblies. The members include Alice Mollenaur, Bob Sharrow, Marcia Evans, Prissy Munn, and Sue Schneider. The girl's usher squad added just the right touch to the senior play, the for- mal concert ond lectures, with their bright smiles and billowing formals. Members included Virginia Burrows, Bobby Benz, Mary Coltman, Carol Beebe, and Sandy Kauper. PUBLIC ADDRESS SQUAD The boys of the public address squad kept the studio controls in working or- der. Members ot the squad include Dave Gullion, Dick Kitchen, Ed Meyers, Tom Miller, Loyd Swartz, and Lin Mc- Cain. The happy voices of studio staff mem- bers awoke students promptly at 8:45 each morning and kept them up to date on meetings, current events and sports. Members include Bruce Schein and Jody Crissman. e:, 1 n f-s1...... Q 731- M in ,fafiwwf 5' rf-' R ui' jf 3, ,gg S '. .gy 'K' ww Q,-,W-M-,.aF 'Gw- ??'i?.f??f?X f ,, , .aw w W 1 Q A kjL,,w ,'L' if , I it - if Qf' M mm 1 W' . , m m -M K . fs x A - S " We H as 1 . M M' N1 ' '-i till. ,. Q1 Nw 'K X a- .+ M, s ww, fs 'Eb Q s kg X A ,, 521 My sus . E K x . K, s H .R -sf , W, M if M I, . -QQ. wc, , Qs -v aw ., f .,,. in is rx, ,-QV .,.. 4. Teom spirit the bonfire that lit the football field brightening our detects reflecting our victories ci burning eagerness To win converting symbols like cowbells and blue-ond-gold streamers into cries of "Go, Lebo, go!" Eff t Flash Of Enthusiasm The spirit of a school year is an attitude and an 'fs On the road to victory. action, a feeling forcefully expressed. lts symbols for some are the flames of a kick-off bonfire and the glint of stadium floodlights on polished brass tubas, for others the bows and tassels of blue and gold or a huge football mum. Spirit is never passive: it is the enthusiasm of spectators at a swimming meet as well as the effort of a Mounty wrestler struggling for the decisive pin. Spirit is a quality which links athlete and onlooker in a com- mon goal, which grows with the maturity of accepted defeat and the satisfaction of victory. Throughout the year of '59-'60, this spirit was Mt. Lebanon's. "All together now?" "Don't peek!" "Victory, victory, that's our cry -li,"' from the Junior Varsity cheerleaders. . . C 1 1 s 1 rcrt C 5i'f:::.:5:5a 55555253-Q ggggigsi llfllll A we ssrasuzzaf The 1959- 1960 Mt. Lebanon cheering squad was composed of Janis Beachler, Carolyn Tamplin, Peggy Colvin, Mary Head, Nancy VanGundy, Judy Dickinson, Dana Simpson, Caddy Durkin, Carla Mueller, Bonnie Hoskin, Mark Wise, Lynn Ricca, Jeanne 61 Heid, Wendy Turner, Hope Steverman, Barb Clinton, Sandy Berg, Cindy Hussing, Andy Gamble, and Jerry Delisi. , , I' Stout Defen e And Speedy Offense Carr VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. ,,... .....,,, 3 4 Homestead .,.. .,.... 0 Mt. L- ..... ......,, 3 2 South Hills ,.., ..,.,. 0 Mt. l.. ...., ,......, 2 5 Trinity .,...... .,.... 0 Mt. L- ..,... ........ 2 l Penn ......,....... ...,.,.. l 4 Mt. L. ,..... .,..... 6 Washington ..,. ...,,, O Mt. L. ,..,.. .....,,, l 3 Wilkinsburg ...,... .,....,A il 3 Mt- L .,..., ,..,... 0 Uniontown ,..... ...,.., 'l 3 Mt. L. .,.... ...,.,,, 2 7 Baldwin ...,... ,,.,.,. il 3 Mt. L. ....,, ......,. 4 2 North Hills .,,... .,.,,., l 3 l Coach Fife sends in the winning play. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1: Davison, Cheney, Laughlin, Manuel, Kenning, Laquinto, Breining, McKissock. Row 2: Reeves, Jordano, Daniell, Borgerding, Walker-Capt., Malarkey, Siegfried. Row 3: Gilbert, Overend, Beachler, Shields, Chapman, Foltz, McCallum, McNeish, Dick Wyles, Starr. Row 4: Minno, House- 62 keeper, Chappell, Wentzel, McMillan, McNally, Love, Dave Wyles, Couch. Row 5: Downey, Lory, Crisman, Bronner, Hutchinson, Smith, Morgan, Stevenson. At. Lebanon Through A Surprising Season JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Row 'l: Coull, Manoogian, Toucey, Watt, Seliger, Toth, Parker. Row 2: Cameron, Earnhardt, Wiet- horn. Mager, Kumer, Klaber, Larkin, Anderson. Row 3: Coach Grant, Maston, Fawcett, Kozma, Holtz, Doorley, Gabrenas, Agnew, Hildebrand, Bragdon, McCollum, Coach Kracsun. The 1959 - 1960 Mt. Lebanon football team under the guidance of Coach Ralph Fife, compiled a record of seven wins, one loss, and one tie. Thus the team ended the season in a three way tie with Washington and Mun- hall for the Western Conference title. With only a few lettermen returning from last year's powerhouse, this years' team had to completely rebuild. During the sea- son they proved to be one of the most surprising and exciting teams Mt. Lebanon has ever seen, earning the praise of Coach Fife as "the greatest in Mt. Lebanon's history." A light but stout defense set a new school re- cord by holding our opponents to a meager seventy-one points. In the meantime, a speedy offense was rolling up over two hundred points. The Mounty gridders shut out their first three oppon- ents-Homestead, South Hills, and Trinity-34-0, 32-O, and 25-0 respectively. The next engagement against a rough Penn Hills squad found the Blue Devils edging the Indians 21-'I4. However this proved to be a Pyhrric victory as Gilbert, Malarky, Borgerding, and Foltz were iniured. Next came a tough 6-0 victory over traditional rival Washington. One week later, Wilkinsburg played Mt. Lebanon to an exciting 13-'l3 tie which eliminated the Mounties from contention for the W.P.l.A.L. AA crown. In a torrential downpour that turned the field into a muddy pool not at all suited to Mt. Lebanon's light, fast team, the Blue Devils went down to their first defeat in over two years at the hands of Uniontown, 'I8-O. The Lebo gridders struck back the next week with a 27-13 win over Baldwin. On Senior Recognition Night, the Mounties wound up an excellent season by crushing North Hills 42-13. Outstanding performances were turned in by many members of this year's team. Senior halfback .lack Gilbert averaged 9.03 yards per carry and scored ten touchdowns despite an iniury in the fourth game which kept him out the rest of the season. The players elected to the Western Conference All-Star Team were end Dick Walker, and halfback Bob Malarkey, on the first team, and tackle Cris Crissman on the second team. Junior halfback Bernie Laquinta received honorable mention on the All-State Team. With thirty underclassmen on this year's team, Coach Ralph Fife looks forward to an excellent' season next year. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. ..... ........,..,,, 7 Penn Hills ,.....,.,. ,......,. 'l 4 Mt, L, -.,-, ,,,,,,,, 'I 4 Canonsburg ...... ...14 Mt. L, ,,.,, ,,,.,., 6 Baldwin ..,..... .,..,.... 2 6 Mt. L. ..,.. ,....,. 8 Shaler . .,... ,..,..... 'l 3 Mr. L. ,,,,. .......... O Trinity , .... ......... 0 .. Mt. L. ,.... ..,..... 1 3 Scott ...,..., ......... 1 9 t Mr. L. ,..., .......,., 7 Bethel ..,.,..... ........ 0 Mt. L. ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 9 Wilkinsburg ,.,... ,..19 '63 bulldozes Gilbert sweeps en Action And Excitement Characterize Another Successful Lebo Season Hold that line! d for YC1fdC1Q9- Lcxquinto takes the tightrope to Q touchdown. Gilbert pulls in a six pointer. McCallum breaks away. l1's worse than a greased pig. Walker gives it The old college try Malarkey tipioes To a touchdown. Mt. Lebanon's Harriers Win W.P.I. . . Anc VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Row 1: Ferguson-Capt., Stobie, Weisger, Walther, B. English, von Ende, Taylor, Coach Mol- lenauer. Row 2: Manager Harper, Kulik, Oelschlager, Straub, Swigart, Youngling, McNeeley, Perrine, Manager Klein. CROSS COUNTRY The 1959-1960 cross country team finished the season in traditional Lebo style, capturing both the W.P.I.A.L. and state championships. Coach Mollenauer started off the cross country season with no returning Iettermen except Captain Mouncey Ferguson. When Ferguson broke his leg early in the season, things really looked bleak. However, with a great deal of hard work and spirit, George Walther, Jim Taylor, Bob English, John Weisinger, and John Stobie, sup- ported by Tom Swigart, Carl Von Ende, and Charles Per- rine, turned in one of the most brilliant seasons in Mt. Le- banon's cross country history. The Mounty harriers captured all of their dual meets except one with Central Catholic, losing by only one point. In the Slippery Rock College Invitational and in the Central Catholic Invitational, their lone defeat was avenged by de- feating Central Catholic 25-40 and 30-99 respectively. Mt. Lebanon won the W.P.I.A.L. championship by beating second place Uniontown 50-119. At state, Stobie placed fourth, Weisinger tenth, Walther twelfth, Taylor fourteenth, and English thirty-third in a field of over 180 runners. Their performances enabled Mt. Lebanon to score 53 points to 111 points for second place Marple-Newton and to carry off the coveted state title. 66 This year marked the fourth straight year in which Mt. Lebanon has captured both the W.P.I.A.L. and state champ- ionships. This year also was the fourteenth year in which Mt. Lebanon has won the W.P.I.A.L. championship and the eleventh year in which Mt. Lebanon has won the state champ- ionship since 1940. VARSITY SCHEDULE My, L, 'llghy ,-4',,, 1 8 South Catholic ,...... ...,..,., 3 7 Mt. L. ,..... ..,..., 2 8 Central Catholic ....... ......... 2 7 Mf. L, '--.,4 ,,4.,,, 1 5 Connellsville ........... ......... 4 0 Mr, L, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 5 Ambriclge ............ ,........ 4 0 Mt. L. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 6 New Castle ,...... ......,.. 3 9 Mt. L. ....., .,,.... 2 3 Penn Hills .,,,.............................. 32 Mr, , 4,,,,..4,,.-,,,,,,,, Aliquippa .......,............,....,......., 40 L 15 Slippery Rock State Teachers College Invitational Mt. L. 25, Central Catholic 40 Central Catholic Invitational Mt. L. 30, Central Catholic 99 W. P. I. A. L. Championship Meet Mt. L. 50, Uniontown 119 State Championship Meet Mt. L. 53, Marple-Newton 111 itate Meets For Fourth Straight Year Walther approaches W.P.I.A. I.. Weigiger on his way to Q finish. course record. Stobie digs hard for the finish. Mounty harriers lead the field. JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Row 1: Boyer, C. English, Offutt, Newhams, Rose. Row 2: Coach Toler, Harvey, Soler, Kimmel, Dittmar, Wallin, Carroll, Smith, Early. Mt. L. ,,..,. ....., , . Mt. L. ,,,,.. ...... . Mt. L. ,.,... ....,. . Mt. L. .,.,.. ..,.., . Mt. L. ,....,..........,.. , JUNIOR VARSITY 36 Central Catholic ..,.., .,,.,. Mt. L I8 Aliquippa ,.,..,... ..,..,. 2l Canon-McMillan Central Catholic Invitational Central Catholic 29, Baldwin 65, Mt. Lebanon 66 W. P. l. A. L. Junior Varsity Championship Baldwin 67, Mt. Lebanon 75 67 20 Connellsville ......... ,..... Mr. L. ,,.... ....,.. 1 5 Ambfidge ....,...,..., ...... . 22 Peters Township . I7 Penn Hills .,,.,,,, , Mt. Lebo's Swimming TeamWins W.P.I.AL 1 Coach Grant looks over the records. SWIMMING SCHEDULE Mt. L. .... ....., 7 5 Vandergrift .,.,.. . Mt. L. .,,. ,,,.. 7 1 Butler .,...,,,,,,, , MT- L- .... ...... 7 6 Duquesne .... . Mt. L. .... ...... 7 8 Clairton .,... . Mt. L. ,... ...... 7 8 Munhall ..,.. . Mt. L. ,... ...... 7 5 Gateway ....... . Mt. L. .,.. .,,,., 7 8 Vandergrift Mt. L. .,.. ...... 7 3 Butler ......... . Mt. L. .,.. ,...,. 7 8 Duquesne .... . Mt. L. ,... ...... 7 6 Clairton ..,,. . Mt, L. ...................,...... 74 Munlwll ...,.....,. . Mr. L. ,,.....,.........,.,,...,. 66 Gvfewuv .........,.,. . W.P.I.A.L. Championship-Mt. Lebanon-'Ist Western Regional Championship-Mt. Lebanon State Championship-Mt. Lebanon-'I st ,i lx L K fx . l 9.7, ' NL ,gil K . xy. X: ,hu , .- QL' y '4 v is V -f' V dr' i ff 0 -" il l ' f LSR xx ld Lv." 'fx V li I- I ' Ax 5 is Y I Q" V 3 LLL' . l L ' K 'lJ'L,,i A , f ,f lst First Row: Managers Coho and Lukens, Nicholas, Stoneberg, Toucey, Ebert, Volkwein, Kowallis, Stoody, Bullock, Hurwitz. Second Row: Trethewey, Martin, Erikson, McKain, Bock, Smith, Heist, 68 Kaley, Cambep J. Lindsay, Manager Cope. Third Row: Lewis, T. Lindsey, Davidson, Thompson, Phillips, Rimer, Gullion, Bishop, Esposito, Gregg, Niemi, Weaver, Schwartz, Manuel, Shields, Rohrs, Borgerding. 3. Regional nd State Championships Since swimming was added to Mt. Lebanon's athletic program four years ago, Coach Bill Grant has steadily built the team into one of the finest high school swimming powers in the country. The team swept through the regu- lar season by swamping their opponents in twelve dual meets. In each meet the Mounty mermen smashed records right and left. In the W.P.I.A.L. championship the team rewrote the record book as they set six new W.P.l.A.L. records. Tom Lindsey in the 200 yd. freestyle, Tom Tretheway in the T00 yd breaststroke and Toby McKain in diving set new individual marks. The 200 yard freestyle relay team of Thomson, Martin, Esposito, and Davidson and the 200 yard medley relay team of Lewis, Tretheway, Smith, and Lindsey also erased the old W.P.l.A.L. marks. Three days later at Lawrenceville, New Jersey, the Mounties captured the Eastern Interscholastic Champion- ship trophy. In this meet the Mounties bettered 525 swim- mers representing 86 schools from every state east of the Mississippi. ln winning this meet, the team set one national record and three meet records. Tom Tretheway, who had been rewriting the national record in the 100 yard breast- stroke all season, lowered his own record time by cover- ing the distance in l:04.8. Next, the Western Regional Championship at Grove City fell to the team as they scored 82 points to 47V2 for their closest competitor, Erie Strong Vincent. With a large number of boys qualified for the State Championship at Bucknell, the team captured the coveted state title for the second straight year. Lewis tunes up for state. All-American Lindsey practices one of his strokes McKain begins . . . . . . Then finishes a back lay-out in per- fect form. The 200-yard medley relay team tries to lower their time for state. Trefheway holds the notional 100-yard breaststroke record. They're off! The 200-yard freestyle reloy improves Smith prepares for fast start in the for state. butterfly. Lebo Riflemen Finish Second To Munhall First Row: Hagan, Greene, Herr, Wat- ters, Warren, L. Dasher, Allen. Second Row: Coach Neal, Taylor, Weisbord, Bokan, Swartz, Holbrook, Gamble, Van Nuise, M. Dasher, Bock, Guess. Coach Neal's 1960 rifle team shot its way to second place in the W.P.I.A.L. Section Two by posting a 'IO and 2 record. Led by Captain Jim Watters, the Lebo sharpshoot- ers downed all competition with the exception of Mun- hall, the 1960 State Champions. The first loss to Munhall was by only two points. The second loss was a heartbreak- er as the Mounties went down to defeat by a single point on the sixth target. This season the Lebo marksmen partici- pated in the N. R. A. postal meet and placed fourth in the nation. The graduation of such steady marksmen as Jim Watters, Sally Warren, Judy Allen, Joyce Hagan and Tom Gamble will leave large shoes for next year's team to fill. Coach Neal, however, has the knack of coming up with new sharpshooters equal to such a task year after year. VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. 499 L. ,..., ....., . . L 498 . L 498 . L. ,,,,. ..,..,., 5 00 . L. ...., ...,.... 5 OO Mt. L. .,... ..,.... 5 00 Mt. L. ..... ....... 4 98 Mt. L. ,.,.. ......, 5 99 Mt. L. ...... ....... 4 08 Mt. L. ..... ......, 5 Q0 Mr. L. ...,., .,..... 5 00 Mt. L. ,. ,.,.,.. 500 Dormont ...,..,..... Coraopolis Munhall .. Carnegie Bethel ...,. Duquesne Dormont .......,..., Munhall .............. Corapolis ..,,........ Carnegie Bethel ...... ....,.. Duquesne 493 495 500 483 496 498 495 600 496 46 9 498 488 Coach Neal congratulates Captain Watters for another perfect score. Senior members of the rifle team sight- in on their targets. 4 Mounty Quintet Finishes Season Winning wi "Watch that corner man, Lorry." VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. .4.... .,.... 5 7 Baldwin ..,......,....... . Mt. L. ..,,.. ....... 4 O Wilkensburg .......,.. 60 Mt. L. ,.,,.. ,..... 4 4 South Hills ............. . Mt. L. ...,.. ,..,.. 4 5 Shaler ......,., .,.... . Mt. L. .,.... ,...., 5 O Bethel ..,.,..... .... . Mt. L. ,.,... ...... 3 3 Uniontown ........,.... . Mt. L. ..,... ..,... 3 7 Burgettstown .,.,,.,,, . Mt. L. , ...., ....., 4 3 Trinity ...,........,.....,. 58 Mt. L. .,.... .,.,.. 4 5 Washington ..,........ . Mt. L. ....., ...... 4 6 Canon MacMillan ,. Mt. l.. ...,... ...,.. 4 9 Fort Cherry ...,..... , Mt. L. ....... ...,., 4 8 Dormont ..,...,........ . 81 Chartiers-Houston 24 Mt. L. ....., ...... . . Mt. L. ,...... ...... 6 4 North Allegheny ,. Mt. L. ....... ,...,, 6 4 Burgettstown .......... 42 Mt. L. ...... ....., 3 9 Trinity ..,...,...,...,..... 30 Mt. L. ....,.. ,...., 4 7 Washington ........... . Mt. L. .,..... ...... 5 6 Canon MacMillan ., Mt. L. ....... ....,. 6 l Fort Cherry ,,,4,,,,,., , Mt. L. .............,.. 47 Dormont ...,...,....... , Mt. L. ......,......,., 65 Chartiers-Houston .. 56 New Kensington Tournament-Mt. Lebanon--3rd 72 A great finish at the end of the season enabled Coach Mercer Clark's basketball team to finish with a record of twelve wins and nine defeats. The Lebo hoop- sters managed to win only three of their first eleven games. Th team ielled at the end of the season, though, and finished in a rush, winning nine of their last ten games. The high point of the season was the victory over arch-rival Washington on their home floor. This victory marked the first time in ten years that the Mounties were able to turn this trick. The season also showed two victo- ries over neighboring Dormont. A near rival this year was Fort Cherry's top-rate basketball club which downed us twice on their way to the section crown. The key notes to the success of this year's team were the team's overall balance and depth. Hetz Marsh was the leading scorer with 272 points over the course of the season, thus giving him an average of l'I.8 points per game. Bob Malarkey was next with 200 points for the sea- son and a i0-point average. Lorry Hathaway and Bob Bennett handled the rebounding chores, and Jan Clark did a fine job as playmaker. The impressive bench of McNeish, Wunderlich, Couch, Bronner, Wenger, and Moffit contributed many key baskets and added greatly to the success of the team. First Row: Malarkey, Marsh, Bennett, Hathaway, Clark. Second Row: Wenger, Wunderlich, Couch, Coach Clark, Bronner, Moffitt, Marcuson. o l line Gut of Last Ten Games Mt. L. .... . Mt. L. ..,. . Mt. L. .... . Mt. L. ..,. . M my 'J l wx! K Ml. L. waexifggef 53 Mt. L. L l L y Mr. L. L f at L Q l Mt. L. ,... , i xv! Ml. l.. .... . Mt. L. ,.,. . Mt. L. ,... . Mt. L. ,,,, . Mt. L. ..,. . Mt. L. ..,. . Mt. L. ..,, . Mt. L. .... . Mt. L. .,.. . Mt. L. .... . Mt. L. .... . First Row: Cobaugh, Anthon, Lynch, Theis, Beachler, Wyles. Second Row: Mas- cot Laquinta, Fletcher, Daniel, McNally, McKee, Alex, Coach Stanish. SCHEDULE Baldwin ,.,.,.,... Wilkensburg .,.... South Hills ,..,.. Shaler ,..,., Bethel ......... Uniontown ,,..,. Burgettstown ..... Trinity ....,,.......... Washington ,,,,...... Cannon MacMillian Fort Cherry ...,...... Dormont . ...,.....,. . Chartiers-Houston . N. Allegheny .,....,. Burgettstown ...., Trinity .,.,. ........., Washington .......,., Cannon MacMillian Fort Cherry ......,... Dormont ,,.........,.. Chartiers-Houston . M0l'Sl1 drives in under the l9GSliel fOr Hathaway tries to hit from the outside. Bennett leaps for a rebound two. mnasts Tumble Through Another Season E-4:4 r s'4.: V. v , A 'L N' 1' son lvbrks 2lJK y Y 'YQ' BXI O v,,.m 'e-if ff' First Row: Hillman, Templeton, Leash, Steele, Youngling. Second Row: Coach will 4- "I "2 ' Pagnanelli, Russ, Faircloth, Corrigan, Benson, Sirotin, O'Neil. " thu 'rug Lxrfc E giqcq . Since gymnastics was added to the athletic program two years ago, it has continued to grow under the astute guidance of Coach Pagnanelli. As few schools have gymnastics teams, there was little chance for the Lebo gymnasts to test their precision skills in competition. The squad, however, practiced diligentlyxfor the W.P.l.A.L. meet which was held in March at Lyndora.With an added year of experience, the team improved on last year's fine showing. l i l Corrigan performs on the ropes. Day practices on flying rings. 75 i l Mount Grapplers Turn In Finest Season Coach Lamprinakos gives advice for the next period. Wrestling, a relatively new sport at Mt. Lebanon, has grown under Coach Lamprinakosfs guidance to the point that it is beginning to rival basketball in popularity as the favorite winter sport. In 1960, the Mounty matmen turned in the finest season in the school's short wrestling history by winning twelve matches and losing only two. The team opened the season by defeating their first eight opponents. A fine Trinity team then put the first blot on the Mounty grapplers' record. The team bounced back to take two tough matches from North Allegheny and New Castle before being upset by Shaler. Victories over Washington and Kittaning brought a close to the fine season. A good wrestling team always has plenty of individ- ual standouts, and this year's team was no exception. Ken Linge U2-22, Jay Windfelder U0-2J, Bob Webster C11-35, John Duff C9-4-lj, Jeff Shilit Ui-3D, and Robin Laughlin C9-4-U showed that pound for pound they could trick most anyone around. The heavier wrestlers Berg U2-1-U, Crissman Q9-3-U, Walker U3-ij who pinned ten of his opponents losing his only match by a single' point, and Wicken U2-21 came through numerous times to overcome early leads built up by opposing teams and bring home victories to Mt. Lebanon. First Row: Manager Lane, Bachman, Herald, Westerfield, Webster, Coleman, Manager Linsley. Second Row: J. Minno, Wicken, Walker, Crissman, Berg, Coach Lamprinakos, Rinehart, Duff, Wind- 76 felder, Laughlin, Shilet, Linge. ith Twelve Victories Munhall .,,,......., Dormont .......... West Allegheny Baldwin ,.., . .,... . Carnegie ...,...... North Hills ,..... Peters Township Scott Township Trinity ....,.......... North Allegheny New Castle .... Shaler ,,,....... Washington ..,,. Kittanning .... Just a little harder for a pin Lange executes a figure four. Walker has a near Pm 78 '59 Track Team Piles Victory Upor lndoor 1 f Mt. L VARSITY SCHEDULE Central Catholic ..,., ,.,...,69 Mt. L. ......................,, 57 Central Catholic A,,,, Mt. L. ...,....,.,,..........,, 66 South Hills ,...,......,..., Tri-State Coaches Meet- Mt. Lebanon lst. Mt. L. 33 175, Union 29, Altoona 25 Outdoor Mr. L. ................ ao 273 Connellsvllle .,,,....,.......,....,,....... 46 Mt. L. A,,,.,,,,,.,,, 102 273 Washington 45 173 .,.. Canonsburg Mt- L. ..,.... ..,........ 1 06 Shaler ....,.....,.......,.............,.......... . Mt. L. ..,...,....,,... 77 375 Penn ,.... ,..,.... 4 9 Mt. L. .,.........,,, 103 172 Baldwin ........... ,....... 1 4 Canonsburg Relays Mt. L. 81 1!2, Central Catholic 39, Penn 34 Mansfield Relays Mt. L. 9 points C1 1th placel W. P. l. A. L. Relays Mt. L. 47 172, Penn 30 172, Uniontown 22 Mt. Lebanon Invitational Mt. L. 78 172, Penn 37, Uniontown 29 172 Allegheny County Meet Mt. L. 89 172, Penn 391!2,Wilkinsburg 17172 Coach Mollenauer accepts the Mt. Lebanon Invita- tional trophy after a successful evening of track. W. P. I. A. L. Championship Meet Mt. L. 37, New Castle 25 173, Uniontown 16 State Championship Meet New Castle 16, Lower Merion 15, Mt. L. 13 30 26 38 173 1 20 215 1 12 VARSITY TRACK TEAM ROW 1: Ferguson, Wurster, Hovorka, Deal, Glennan, Straub, Hartquist, Garvey, Sullivan. ROW 2: Weisiger, Manning, Brown, Walker, Vandergrift, Coach Mollenauer, Melhado, Marshall, Bateman, Blumfeldt. ROW 3: Coach Batchelor, Gregg, Wicken, Lory, Kuno, Mehaffey, Sickels, Carmen, Phillips, Vogel, Blum, Pringle, Ellis, Bollinger, Chapman, Gorr, McFeatters, Byers, Eassa, Walker, Seymour, Stewart, Coach Toler. 'ictor , Extending Winning Streak Mt. Lebanon's 1959 track team again completed another successful season, breaking many existing re- cords and extending Mt. Lebanon's long string of un- defeated dual meets. After starting the season by sweeping three indoor meets, Mt. Lebanon went on to win the Tri-State Coaches Meet. Led by the three pace-setting co-captains, Sey- mour, Blumfeldlt and'Sickles, the Blue Devils extended the dual and triangular meet streak to 'l'l2 straight wins. A few weeks later, the Mounties won the W. P. I. A. L. Championship for the fourth straight year and later our W. P. I. A. L. qualifiers placed third in the state cham- pionship. Coach Mollenauer's Mounty thinclads set many new records with outstanding performances by several team members. Stewart, Sickles, Hartquist, and Gregg better- ed the old record for the mile relay by turning in a time of 3 minutes, 23 IX4 seconds. Sickles, who was voted the most valuable player, ran the half mile in an amaz- ing time of I minute, 59 IXIO seconds. Gregg improved his own quarter mile time by running it in 49 6flO sec- onds. Fred Eassa broke the school pole vault record with a jump of I2 feet, 2 3X4 inches. Mr. Batchelor, sports statistician, rates the 1959 track team on a par with the T958 squad which swept every title in district competition. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. ,,...,.,., .,.., 9 0 Mt. L .,,. ....,,...,, 5 I U3 Mt. L. .. ..,. ..,..90 Mt. L. .,,.., ....,..., 8 8 Mr. L. .,...,........,, 52 Mt. L. ,.,............, 68 V3 37 Penn .....,... ,. South Catholic H27 2X3 North Allegheny 37 McKeesport ......., 39 South Catholic ,,,, 30 40 2X3 Bethel ..,..,.......... JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK TEAM ROW I: Collins, Oeschlager, Neill, Smith, Pozzi, Battaglia, Hamilton, Parsons. ROW 2: Hecht, O'Neal, Faircloth, Winterrowd, Berg, Wright, Watters, O'Connor, Wright. ROW 3: Coach Reese, Bride, Hoag, Roberts, Henderson, Hill, Deemer, Offutt, Kohn, Lamont, Slocum, Crofford, Huhn, Minno, Kling, Coach Jones. Strong Determination Brings The Mounty Seymour digs hard for lhel Trackmen Another Successful Season Glennczn and Deal race for first place honors. Pringle sets on even pace for the two-mile relay. The 1959 record-holding mile relay team was composed Ferguson proves that a foot is as good as a mile. Blumfeldt comes down the stretch. of Stewart, Hartquist, Sickles, and Gregg. 1 , .Y Havorka goes up - and over? 1 8'l Stewart s determination shows in his face. 59 Golf Team Fini After gaining valuable experience during the 1958 season, Coach Burrows' golf team compiled a record of six wins and two losses, thus placing second in Section Five Competition. Bridgeville, Canonsburg, and Carnegie were each defeated twice by the hard driving and deft putting Mounty squad of Captain Lee Owens, Jim Russel, Denny Sanders, Bob Bell, and Ron Spiegel. But even the best efforts of the Lebo Linksmen could not save them from two defeats at the hands of Centerville. With two lettermen returning, Coach Burrows is confident that next year's team will also have a successful campaign. VARSITY SCHEDULE - Mi. L. ........,..,..., io afadgeville ,,,. ...,, 6 Mt. L. ,..,..,....,..., ll Canonsburg 7 Mt. L. ,,.....,,..,.... 4Vz Centerville ,...,. ......, 'I 'Wa Mt. L. ,,.,........,.,. l'lV2 Bridgeville ....,, . 4V2 Mt. L., ........., ...'l'lV2 Carnegie ...... 4V2 Mt. L. ,,,,,,,,,.,, 12 Canonsburg ...,. .... . 4 Mt. L. ...... ..,.,. 4 V2 Centerville ..... ...., . HW Mt. L. ,,,............, 'l6 Carnegie .... ...,. 0 Hard-driving Lee Owens tries for another straight shot. 82 he In Good Standing Deft-putting Jim Russell sinks another one. GOLF TEAM Left to Right: Spiegel, Coach Burrows, Owens, Russell, Bell. ' 59 Tennis Team Places Second In Section 11:11:15 ng VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. ...,.........,,. 2 Latrobe ....... ..,...... 3 Mt. L. ,,.,............ 5 California ...... ...,0 Mt. L. ,..,...,,.,.,.., 2 Shadyside .,,... ,.,.3 Mt. L. ,,,,,........... 2 Crofton ,... ..,.,..... 3 Mt. L. ,,...,.,..,..,., 5 Bethel ....... .....,. 0 Mt. L. ...,..........,. 4 Carnegie .,..,.. .,..,. 1 Mt. L. ,,....,......,., 8 Alderdice ,....., ...... l 5 Chorleroi .... ...3 Mt. L. .,..,..,....,.. . Mt. L. ,. ......, ...,.. 4 Crofton ., .....,.. .,l Mt. L. .....,..,..,..,. 5 Bethel ..,..... ..,.,,..,. 0 Mt. L. ..,..........,., 4 Carnegie ...,. ...... l Mt. L. .,,,,..,,.,,,,,, 2 Shadyside ..,.. .,........ 3 Mt. L. .............,.. 0 Alderdice .,... ......,... 5 Section Playoff Mt. L .,............,,. 2 Crafton .. .,...,... .3 The Mt. Lebanon tennis team under the coaching of Mr. Doak returned another excellent season in 1959. During the regular season, the Mounty netters compiled a record of eight wins and five losses which tied them with Crofton for first place in the section. ln the section playoff, Mt. Lebanon narrowly lost to Crafton. The team was led by seniors Connelly, Hartman, Coo, and Walker. Juniors Montgomery and Phillips added considerably to the success of the team and will be the nucleus around which next year's team will be built. TENNIS TEAM ROW 'l: Montgomery, Coo, Hart- man, Walker, Phillips. ROW 2: Henderson, Gullion, Durkin, Eng- land, Rash, Campbell, Linsley. Connelly tries for another quick point with a smashing serve. 83 '59 Baseball Team Pitch Them elves Coach Clark and Dan Driscoll accept the W. P. l. A. L. trophy. iii! ll ll ..MTM.u-vi! - .... ....... l . ,... ....,.. 2 . ..., ....... 7 VARSITY SCHEDULE ,, 3 Wilkinsburg Crafton 4 Chartiers , Canonsburg ,mil Trinity Chartiers , .,2l Canonsburg 'l Washington ,, 5 Trinity ,,4,, A ,A 3 Washington WPIAL Finals 5 Burgettstown . ,.., ....,.. 5 Crafton 6 North Hills 4 Munhall . ,,-, 'fans T ' 1 ,- 2 .1 F BASEBALL TEAM ROW 'l: Miles, Headley, Barone, Lyons, Perkins, Manuel, Powell. ROW 2: Edwards, Karlson Kaufman, Daniels, Driscoll, Housekeeper, Shields, Marshall. ROW 3: Berg, Coach Clark, Upsiill, Miskevics, Rehm, Wells, Cipriani, Manager Weaver. lo The W.P.I.A.L. hampionship 1,f . It looks like a home run' The 1959 baseball team under the expert coaching of Mercer Clark proved to be the best and most success- ful in Mt. Lebanon High School's history. After winning the Section Three championship for the fourth straight year, Mt. Lebanon went on to win the W. P. l. A. L. championship. During the regular season, the Mounty nine com- piled a fine eight and two record. The two losses came at the hands of Chartiers and Washington but were avenged later on in the season. After defeating Burgettstown, Crofton, and North Hills in the first three rounds of the W. P. I. A. L. championships by the scores of five to four, five to three, and six to two, respectively, Mt. Lebanon went on to win the final playoff game with Munhall by the score of four to two to become W. P. I1 A. L. champs. The mound corps was led by Dan Driscoll, who compiled an eight and two record while striking out ninety-seven batters, and Bruce Upstill who posted a record of four wins and no losses. The offensive punch was provided by Rehm, Perkins, and Shields, who had batting averages of .350, .324, and .3l6, respectively. Driscoll winds up. Action prevails on home plate. Intramurals Provide Keen Competition On Wednesdays and Fridays during the winter, the north gym was occupied by homeroom teams participat- ing in the boys' intramural basketball league. The teams were dressed in an imaginative group of uniforms rang- ing from rotting gym clothes to silken basketball ierseys. ln spite of how the uniforms looked, the games were hot- ly contested and well-played. To keep the games from resembling five-man football, referees were provided com- lt's another two points for the skins. plete with uniforms. The noise of the enthusiastic home- room cheering sections reverberated through the gym as the games were played. The direction of the intramural basketball league was handled by the Boys' Intramural Athletic Council. This group also directed the intramural tennis program in the fall. The intramural program was designed to give boys, who had neither the time nor the ability to participate in varsity athletics, a chance to take part in athletics and experience the thrill of competition. l lt's a mad scramble. E Will it be good? 5 T Vlanagers Play Vital Role ln Sports Program The unsung heroes of the athletic department are the managers. The manager is a vital spoke in the smooth operation of any team. He is the first person at each practice and game, and the last one to leave the deserted locker room. The responsibility for cleaning, keeping track of, and storing equipment falls on the shoulders of the managers. He is constantlly at the "beck and call" of the team. He feels the sharp tongues of the players after a defeat, and the cold showers after a victory. Neither the promise of free admission to the games nor activity points are enough to compensate for the long hours and hard, dirty work. The manager's greatest reward is being part of the team. He expresses the same elation over victory and tears over defeat as the players. Don MacKay helps Mr. Moore keep the books straight. Managers Weaver and Richter hand out uniforms. Victory brings a welcome shower? Competition and Companionship The Girls' Athletic Association offered Mt. Lebanon girls a combination of competition and companionship. Beginning in September, a series of well-planned tournaments filled the after-school hours of many active G. A. A. members. Fall was a time of outdoor events. Sunshine and fresh air lured badminton and tennis players to the courts and encouraged softball teams to practice on the field. In the winter months, the north gym rang with cheers as teams competed for the volleyball and basketball championships. February was brightened by the innovation of a bowling tournament. A swimming and diving meet in the spring paved the way for another new feature of the G. A. A. program - a synchron- ized swimming show built around the theme of "Manhattan at Night." Highlighting the G. A. A. program were several social events. A Halloween party, the Spring Fantasy, and award banquet and a picnic in the park provided G. A. A. members with entertainment. Under the capable sponsorship of Miss Shaver, a group of girls with athletic ability, qualities of leadership and a sense of fair play were responsible for organizing all G. A. A. events. This Leaders Club participated in Play Day, an alum- nae party and a weekend at Oglebay. By providing examples, Leaders also led other girls to attain the ultimate goal of better sportsmanship. This year's Leaders Club officers were Sharon Rock, Secretary-Treasurer, Sue Peckham, Pres- ident, and Gerry Narky, Vice-President. Members of the 1959-1960 Leaders Club included Claren Brooks, Rhea Rose, Norma Narky, Nancy Zahniser, Bonnie Nelson, Jane PERSON, Jcmei Pcilefsonf Ann McMillan, Peggy Theis, Sue Peckham, Regina Hancock, Carolyn Tamplin, Marty Frame, 83 Sandy Burr, Carolyn Gibson, Pat Ellison, Gay Hugo, Marsha Walsh, 5l10l'0f1 Rock, GeffY Narky, Cathy Cassidy, Marilee Tiberio, Sue Carmen, and Gretchen Sigler. ,. The fantasies of spring. 11 I Brr-r-r, I wcmf more hot chocolate "Who's got the bull?" V ' P z -as J ' r ff, 1 x . A r X i wi mf Classes of '60, '61, '62 each a reflection of common experiences ambitions and ages possessing memories and attitudes of its very own Now lights joined together in the flame of school spirit. ., .42 ,, wifi . A L, isp: V 2 3 Q iff , 4,,W,Ki Y, LLVJ , , W' - I I I ,gb Arm, W A, ,, Y' " ymfi' hm , mm, 4"".w,-ml ,-'di-safxwg egigm. -'K -- W 4 ,V 2. za A ag, . .,-,,ZA., ,H A M '. 'f 55 "Ai 1 :-if :iff-' fl' -if fe fp ---f2yv,w 1 ,,1Yf,L 2 fy V ":vm.M v ' nsjmfsq-L -Y w,5,,: G I ' W Y h,L:,L A ,, , -was k,,m-,W RV., , .L I .N X K 3 -W f V i f m1sS'. ' fivilwif U' ,, , Q , 2 'V "V, , -www I 'f""'YM2Q ,..,,,. f Q x sv' ff..."' Y - , Y ,. Q mf i-Iii-41.0.41 1 ' . D, ,Q 2 :fv7f -in an-.ur .,,,,,,,..,i QA' ' ' - 1 X 1 , . , , , ' "'v'61,iif:.g .Q ' if W .M W K 1 ,G , r f ? ' A 1 1 ,Q L. -f 4 V, , '-an fggfjfsgm f 4 A 'A ' Q ,?"""'-w-fu., fi' QQ :W N ,ff U L3 A f ,. V K - 1 .. v X1 ' ,iv-as ,Q N: N ' , .Q , L " A . ,. . , "'g"5i , '5f+if 53Tf g ,"'2'f? '.' 5 g ""f? vFZ!'.5,giMQ as I' , A Y in V' 4512: iq' pf?3T,2Q,gfff3f ., K 1 ny F " ,1 ' Q- T1-f "'-'Y A -Q i J E? l g. ,xf,,,"M3g- M.-Q m- . 1 " 1 - ' " Y- M 'Q' A Qi: Si'-It Eff? J' f'l'?f3+' ' Y .TELQL-.. x ' ' ' "WH 'i 4 , if wk ,-, . ' ' 'A M A- L , 'W WM, A A A P gi FW 92135 Q,-La ,Qi A S L V Q fv+3Jsy--f'.!iv-smf- y.. , 'Y - ' 7 ' igagwgig r I M A Q-Q ,Is e-f?5f,+nQlqk'fg5QQ3g,2Efvi7 21, K in W .i .,,t,qklhfs.Q ,h I , fffiwkgfntr ? 55'5f"' '91-1s5'f K' TWP52 Q- - " 'A' 7' f?'ePi'm':f5NQ,15i""g by 'WSE' UW - ., N W'4bRtfa?MM 153 www ,. ' '54 34.51 'ii iifgfw 'fw1,,f,,M- ,fifguf .r . ' fi nifwfx, QV! yy 4f'4m 1535452 -W3 fkirnfdgl 'L ' , a'4"gi5f'l5y'fQfHP'1A,fx ,gk ,gfsvag hefqqfiwil, . A A Q S, L Y wdhm-,-n9""9'f1w. 'MQ Li flfaamea - ' if A- .X Wmf5"fLw3?N Sv, if Q -K2 ff as +"f?.g6,QTg4W04'Q3Mwk"'A?fga 1, ,Www lf. V "fJ'Q.'U'1l5?1-S5 '3 ga iff, wg, Z-Siam:-1..,A: we 39'-'92'Ti'xi'5'.3."::f3iiafI5m1f,fiA4 V22 --4 W" ' K 'K' ,Vw -.5 G?l.a.aX'Y?i6w84'5.3?Bieui?fffi4'Z-nggarfjMb'i'1sW2-,452 Q" X 0 O QQ ?9 So Let Your Light Shine NANCY ACKENHEIL JAMES C. ALEXANDER ARTHUR S. ALGEO JUDITH A. ALLEN CONNIE ANDERSON JANE POWELL ANDERSON JANET S. ANDERSON JOAN R. ANDERSON' JUNE ANDERSON BONNIE HELEN ARMSTRONG ROGER F. ARNDT MARY JEAN BABB HARRY G. BABCOCK BARBARA ANN BACON BONNIE BAIER JANE CRONIN BAKER SUSAN JEAN BAKER PHYLLIS KATHRYN BARSON BARBARA B. BASTIAN WILLIAM H. BAUER MURRAY S. BAYER WILLIAM E. BAYERS JANIS E. BEACHLER RICHARD LEE BEAZLEY, JR. KATHLEEN N. BECK CAROLE J. BEEBE PAUL M. BELL L. EDITH BELLAVER WESLEY M. BENNETT MARTHA A. BENSON CARL WILLIAM BENZ RICHARD W. BERG, JR. WILLIAM C. BERG MARTHA LYNN BEURET BARBARA BIANCO JUDITH ANNE BICKEL PATRICIA J. BIES ROBERT E. BIGLEY FRANK BINEK EDWARD J. BIRDY ROGER S. BLAIR JAMES P. BLUM BARBARA A. BOCK SUE ELLEN BOESTER RICHARD L. BOND LINDA A. BOOTH JOAN K. BOOZ JOHN ANDERS BORGERDING JOE THOMAS BOYD 8, KAREN SUE BRADDOCK CYNTHIA WILCOX BRADLEY F JEFFERSON BRAGDON DAVID W.BREINIG MARY VIRGINIA BREITENSTEIN BARBARA JO BRENNAN TERENCE A. BRIDE VIRGINIA E. BRIGHT RICHARD BRONNER CLAREN LEE BROOKS IRWIN L. BROWARSKY BRUCE ANDERSON BROWN CYNTHIA LEE BROWN GEORGE R. BROWN LESTER L. BROWN BARBARA ANNE BRUBACH SUSAN E. BRUNK TIMOTHY BRUNN DOROTHY BUCHHAGEN MARIAN L. BUCKINGHAM DAVID J. BUMER RICHARD U. BURGER CHARLES A. BURNS 'xl N-'YT"ldz fsx The Raucous Rockehesl "Mon like these record hops are swmgln 1 If L' DONNA JUNE BURNS SANDRA LEIGH BURR CAROLYN BURROWS IRIS MARLENE BUSCH DONALD Y. CAMERON, JR. GORDON MURRAY CAMPBELL MYRA PORTER CAMPBELL ROBERT H. CAMPBELL MARY E. CARDAMONE SUSAN M. CARMAN JAMES THEODORE CARNEY 'VALERIE CARR CATHERINE LYLE CASSIDY MARY KATHLEEN.CASTOR0 RAYMOND J. CENEDELLA M. , EASON CHAPMAN JOAN KAREN CHENOWETH LUCIA T. CICCHINO JAN C. CLARK PATRICIA CLARK JANET LYNNE CLARKSON GARY G. CLOSE EDWARD OWEN COLE MARY CHARLOTTE COLEMAN CAROL L. COLETTA LUCILLE M. COLETTA RICHARD F. COLLINS, JR. MARY CARMAN COLTMAN f MARGARET ELAINE COLVIN CAROLE ASHLEY CONLIN RUSSELL H. CONNELLEY CANDACE SUE COOK EUGENIA M. CORNWELL VINCENT J. CORRIGAN DAVID A. COUCH CONNIE ANN COUGLER JEFFREY LEE COUSINS WILLIAM L. COVER CHARLES COX FRANCIS COX BONNIE LEE CRAIG CHARLES H. CRAIN CAROL L. CRANE HEBER E. CRAWFORD DOUGLAS C. CREED SEWELL W. CRISMAN III. Girls! SomefI1ing's showing KEARNEY W. CRISSMAN SUSAN M. CROUCH ANTOINETTE C. CULLINAN MARY KAREN CUNNIFF RONALD DAHLQUIST LUCY R. DASHER VIRGINIA MARIE DAU PATRICIA ANN DAVIS FREDERICK D. DAY DENNIS J. DEAL RICHARD A. DEEMER JERALYN J. DELISI THOMAS Z. DELISI DAVID J. DENYES JUDITH ANN DICKINSON SALLY J. DICKSON A. ANNE DIEFFENBACH CAROLE E. DIERKER MARCIA ANN DILLING SHERRIE LEE DOBBS NANCY ELAINE DOEGE JANE ELIZABETH DORMER JANET L. DOUD MARY ANN DOUGLASS DIANE D. DOZER JANET DRURY JOHN DUFF JAMES DUNBAR FRED J. EASSA DAVID EATON RODGER B. EBERT JOHN P. EDWARDS WILLIAM ST. CLAIR ELLIS III PATRICIA LEE ELLISON ELLEN KAY EMMONS SUSAN ELIZABETH ENDEAN THOMAS ENGLAND JOAN DIANE ENGLISH ROBERT C. ENGLISH RUTH ANN ENSLEY JON W. ERDNER KAREN JEAN ESTES MARCIA E. EVANS SALLY SHACKLEFORD EVERS Snowball beauties are viewed by seasoned iudges L GEORGE F. EYNON, JR. ROBERT D. FAIRCLOTH FRED FEIGENBAUM MOUNCEY FERGUSON, JR. MARILYN L. FISCHER CHARLES F. FISHBURN WARREN EDWARD FISHER MICHAEL A. FLAMER JAMES D. FLINN EVA MARIANNE FOLDES JAMES D. FORBES BARBARA LOIS FORTUNES SUSAN GAIL FOSTER MARTHA CLARK FRAME JAYNE LYNN FRIESEL SALLY FROELICH WILLIAM F. FUSSNER THOMAS ELLSWORTH GAMBLE JON W. GARAUX NANCY JANE GARIS SHERRY TUDOR GEALY KARIN H. GEMASSMER LORINE M. GETZ JAN DOUGLAS GIBBONEY CAROLYN GIBSON MARY ELIZABETH GIERHART JOHN FISHER GILBERT DAVID F. GINDER IRENE G. GOLDSMITH LEN HUNT GOODMAN GAIL LOUISE GOODWIN PEGGY ANN GORDON MICHAEL EDWARD GOZA GWEN E. GRANT PATRICIA ANN GRANT SANDRA J. GREEN VICTORIA MARIE GRIBSCHAW PATRICIA ANN GRIFFITH DAVID S. GULLION CAROLYN LESLIE GUY CHARLES A. HAFER DOROTHY JOYCE HAGAN WILLIAM HAGER JANICE HALL JAMES T. HAMILTON REGINA ELLEN HANCOCK PAUL H. HANKIN KATHARINE G. HARRIS SUSAN VAYLLE HARRIS LOIS ANN HASLEY ADELE MARY HAUSER JOAN HAVILAND ELIZABETH J. HAYES MARY KATHLEEN HEAD RIC HARD DONALDSON HEADLEY The cast fakes a curtain call as Sabrina "gets her man." KATHLEEN HEAVILL ROBERT HECHT SUSAN MARIE HEETER LOIS EINI HEIKKILA R. KENNETH HEIST MARIAN LYNNE HELFRICH DIANA F. HELM JUDITH ANN HELSEL DUANE G. HEMMING JON SCOTT HENDERSON ROBERT W. HENDERSON ALAN HERRINGTON STUART ARTHUR HERRINGTON NANCY BARTON HERRON JACQUELYN ANN HERSH JUDITH M. HERTZOG JAMES DAVID HESELBARTH JANICE E. HICKEY DEWALDT J. HICKS III. MARY ANN HIGGINS JAMES HILL JUDITH A. HILLEBRECHT MILES S. HILSENRATH W. EDWIN HOAG JAMES HODDER SANDRA KATHLEEN HOECKER SUZANNE ELIZABETH HOFMANN LAURA K. HOLBROOK PAULA FRANCES HOLL VIRGINIA E. HOLMES MILDRED H. HOLMQUIST LANA BETH HOUGH THOMAS E. HOUSEKEEPER DANIEL J. HOVORKA RICHARD HOYT SANDRA GAY HUGO THOMAS F. HUHN DONALD HUNTER HEATHER R. HYDE JAMES S. IAMS JUDITH ANNE JAREMA RAGNHILD G. JOHNSEN ARLENE VIRGINIA JONES LILLIAN A. JULIAN ROBERT E. L. KALTALER ROBERT ALLEN KAPP DAVID C. KARLSON NORMAN A. KARSTEN WILLIAM P. KAUFMAN NANCY LEE KEALING KATHERINE ELIZABETH KEEFER PATIENCE E. KENNEY JOHN R. KENRICK JAMES E. KESSLER LYNNE JANE KIMMEL RICHARD CARROLL KING RICHARD ALAN KITCHEN JAMES KLING CHARLES KNAPPER THERESA JANE KOERNER GEORGE H. KOWALLIS JOHN MICHAEL KOZMA KAREN LORRAINE KRAGNES CYNTHIA ANNE KRASINSKI KAREN ANN KUECHENMEISTER CONRAD J. KULIK MICHALANN KUNIC JAMES ROBERT LAMBERTON ROBERT LAUGHLIN MICHAEL WM. LAVINE FRANK C. LENARD JACK LEONARD LEN LESTER STUART ALLAN LEVY egg ,. A '45 Qfx, I f 25.4,- Q52 , LEADERSHIP PEGGY THEIS GIL MCNEISH PARTICIPATION IN ACTIVITIES JUDY ALLEN BRUCE SCHEIN O FRIENDLINESS MARY HEAD SCOTT WARD SCHOLARSHIP SHERILL RINES JEFF NEILL 5 BEST ALL-AROUND PEGGY COLVIN HETZ MARSH O S :pw-1, 4Qv TALENT BOYCE REID HERB O'DELL Q-"X '23 SPORTSMANSHIP RHEA ROSE JACK GILBERT '54 SCHOOL SPIRIT JANIS BEACHLER MOUNCEY FERGUSON LYNN LEWIS WILLIAM R. LEWIS THOMAS A. LINDSEY H. KENNEDY LINGE CAROL ANNE LOHMAN WILLIAM B. LOHRENTZ MARY EILEEN LONETT LOUISE .IEANETTE LUCAS BARBARA SUE LUST BETSY ANN LYNCH ROBERT C. MACE PATRICIA ANN MACK DONALD R. MACKAY LOIS HARRIETTE MADDUCKS ELLEN DOROTHY MAJOR ROBERT L. MALARKEY KAREN ANN MANSMANN ERIC RICHARD MANTLE ROBERT L. MANUEL HELSEL R. MARSH SANDRA B. MARTIN MARTY LOU MASTERSON JOHN H. MATHER PAUL S. MATIS VINCENT MATTHEWS, III. CARL NELSON MAURHOFF DONALD W. MAY SYLVIA M. MAY JOHN L. MCCAIN MARY CATHERINE MCCASLIN DOROTHY ANN MCCLAIN HERBERT BRUCE MCCLAREN LESLIE A. McCULLA CAROLYN JANE MCCUNE HEATHER LYNN MCDONOUGH DONALD W. MCINTYRE STOWELL B. McKAIN VIRGINIA WILLIAMS McKEE LESLIE ANN McKINLEY JAMES E. McLANE WILLIAM K. MCLAUGHLIN KAREN A. MCLENNAN PATRICIA MARIE MCMAHON ANN STEWART MCMILLAN STUART MCMINN SALLY LEE McNAIR GILBERT F. MCNEISH WILLIAM JOHN MEHAFFEY SETH LINSIDER MELHADO EDWARD C. METTING, JR. CAROLYN LOUISE MEURY EDWARD B. MEYER EDWARD MICHAELS NANETTE LEE MILER DANIEL D. MILES CORRINNE A. MILLER THOMAS F. MILLER RALPH C. MOFFITT ELIZABETH ANN MOHL JUNE ANNE MOHLER ALICE E. MOLLENAUER DIANE LORETTA MOLNAR RUTH JEAN MONSCH DOUGLAS G. MONTGOMERY JUDITH A. MORANDER JAMES A. MORGAN JOHN FOSTER MORGAN DONNA LOUISE MORGANS TERRY ANN MORRISON SAMUEL W. MORTON VERONICA JO MULLIN PRISCILLA RUTH MUNN GERALDINE ANN NARKY NAERA G. NAUMANN fx Annie and Kikuo pinpoint their distant homes BARBARA LOUISE NEILL JEFFREY DAVID NEILL ANNE B. NELSON BONNIE MERCIHELLE NELSON RICHARD A. NEWBOLD LINDA ANNE NICHOLAS LYNNE LOUISE NIELSEN JAMES A. NIEMI MARY ELLEN NORSEEN HERBERT H. O'DELL JAMES D. OELSCHLAGER DAVID A. OLSEN EDWARD J. O'NEAL JANICE OSWALT DANIEL CHARLES OWENS SALLIE JANE PARKER LEONARD PARSONS JANET MARIE PATTERSON MARSHA ANN PATTERSON SUZANNE PECKHAM JANE E. PENSOM JANE R. PEOPLES GEORGE H. PHILLIPS LARRY E. PHILLIPS BRENDA JOYCE PIKE CATHERINE L. POGORZELSKI ELLEN CAROLE POPE L. ROBERT POTTS KIM D. POWELL PATRICIA ANN POWERS CRAIG D. POZZI WILLIAM J. PRICE NANCY ELIZABETH PRINCE ROBERT R. PUTMAN PATRICIA ANNE QUAID VIRGINIA LEE RAPP JEFFREY E. RASH MICHELE K. RASMUSSEN STEPHEN L. RAYMOND CLARIBEL ALICE REA CORINNE REASON DIANE RECH LEILA GAYLE REED JAMES LEITH REEVES The Cameos versus Anglo and the Suxons? Lg r F -f CHARLOTTE BOYCE REID CAROL ANN REILLY ANN LOUISE REYNOLDS NANCY J. RHOADES ROSALYN H. RHONE BARBARA JANE RICHARDS JANET A, RICHARDS CHARLES G. RICHESON HARRY P. RICHTER, JR. CLIFFORD JEFFREY RILEY ALAN E. RIMER JERRY W. RINEHART SHERILL RINES WILLIAM O. RINGHAM GARY ROBINSON JOAN ROBINSON ROBERT G. ROBINSON WILLIAM G. ROBINSON THOMAS J. ROCKWOOD ARTHUR A. ROHRS ROBERT H. ROLAND ARLENE M. ROSCOE RHEA ANTOINETTE ROSE GAIL A. ROST ELIZABETH H. ROTHFUS JAMES G. ROUTH LAUREL ANN ROWLES PAMELA RUPP .IAMES H. RUSSELL PHYLLIS D. RUSSELL ROBERT W. RUSSELL PETER RZASNICKI H. DENNIS SAMEK JOAN CAROL SAMUELS KIKUO SASAKI LYNNE SAUPE JAMES K. SAYRE SUSAN LEE SCHAR JANET FLORENCE SCHARP SUZANNE SCHAUP BRUCE E. SCHEIN JEFFREY SCHILIT CAROL ANN SHINDEHETTE JOYCE MAE SCHNARS RAYMOND J. SCHOEDEL EARL SCHRECK MARY S. SCHREIBER MARY LOUISE SCHULTZ STUART L. SCHURR BARBARA ALICE SCOTT ROBERT E, SCOTT PENELOPE SEARLES M. ELLEN SEDLAK STUART SEGAL J. RONALD SEIDEL BARBARA SELLGER Leaders Iive it up in the Clubroom. SUSAN MARY SENZ WILLIAM ROBERT SHALLCROSS ROBERT J. SHARROW FRANK SHELLHAMER STEPHEN E. SHIELDS WILLIAM F. SHIELDS DIANE M. SHUMAKER GRETCHEN M. SIGLER GAYLE SIMON LESTER A. SIMPSON REED F. SISSON FREDERICK SIYUFY JAMES EDWARD SLOCUM BERNARD E. SMITH DONNA ROBERTA SMITH JOAN LOIS SMITH .IUDITH E. SMITH SONJA M. SMITH K' I ' W Y IW., M. - L THOMAS S. SMITH I MARION S. SNAITH SUZANNE SHARON SNYDER VIRGINIA C, SNYDER ANN ELIZABETH SOLLENBERGER ELAINE PATRICIA SOWKO RONALD N. SPIEGEL ELIZABETH ANNA SPRING JUNE STARKEY EDWARD A. STERN MARY E. STERN JAMES R. STEVENSON CAROLYN LOURENE STOKE ROBERT L. STONE EDWARD B. STONE JAMES D. STRAUB CoIIege conferencep 50 minutes of discovery. -I-he gave' of the presidency Chcnges hqndg CYNTHIA JEAN STROYD LLOYD M. SCHWARTZ JOHN W. SWEENY THOMAS F. SWIGART CAROLYN JANE TAMPLIN LINDA J. TANNER JAMES ARTHUR TAYLOR SHARON ANN TAZZA CHARLES H. TELLER GARY R. TEMPLIN MARGARET DOUGLAS THEIS DONALD E. THOMPSON, JR. ELIZABETH A. THURANSKY MARILEE ROSE TIBERIO CHARLES TILLSON JOHN A. TOKER HELEN CHRISTINE TURNER CAROLYNN J. TWEEDIE PATRICIA ANN UHLINGER ROBERT BRUCE UPSTILL PHILIP H. VALENCOURT JOHN M. VAN GELDER NANCY LEE VAN GUNDY STEVE L. VISOCKY FREDERICK R. VOLKWEIN CARL H. VON ENDE RICHARD C. WALKER ROBERT O. WALKER TOMMIE THEORA WALKER SCOTT A. WALLACE GEORGE B. WALTHER DONNA LEA WANGEMAN FRANCIS WARD SCOTT WARD BONNIE A. WARNER SALLY P. WARREN JEAN WASSER JAMES L. WATTERS DAVID KENNETH WEAVER JOHN W. WEAVER KATHLEEN WEAVER ERNEST R. WEBSTER MELBA LOIS WEEKS DEBORAH ANN WELDON RUTH A. WELLER ANN WELTY DOUGLAS WERLINICH ANNABELLE H. WERY CAROL BABETTE WESLEY JOHN WHITE DOROTHY LOUISE WIAN JEFFREY S. WICKEN E. JANE WILLIAMS MARY KATHLEEN WILLIAMS FREDERICK LEE WILSON JOHN J. WINDFELDER Annie Chin and Sally Smith entered Mt. Lebanon High School os seniors at the end of the first semester. NELLA A. WINSLOW JOANN WITHERSPOON PATRICIA LYNN WORST MARY JO WRIGHT WILLIAM WUESTEFELD, JR. JOHN DAVID WYLES CARL T. YEAGER P. JONATHAN YOUNG MARGARET YOUNG SALLY C. YOUNG JAMES ALLAN YOUNGLING NANCY STEWART ZAHNISER GEORGE THOMAS ZAIMES CURTIS A. ZELLERS CAROL LEE ZEPP JANIS MARIE ZIVIC ' :pls 'C' N3 N. -im ff 5- 2 -fi. , L vw., I 24 if ,'f, 9 r ' '2 'W 7 ? 'f-' 1 11-2 Mr. Goodwin M 1 K Kobran, L. Holtz, J. Scheck, Starz J. Streyle, N. Naismith, D. man M. Dailey. Row 2: G. Brubach, Brown L. Peck, D. Koemer, V. Far- J Benson, B. Harris, J. Hillgrove ates Row 3: D. Johns, J. Mallozzi Spencer, J. Offutt, D. Davis, M 10 M Love, J. Campbell. Row 4: F. tale R Miller, S. Kenning, S. Theis, Juniors Strive Towards Leadership The members of the Class of '61 made a lasting impression on Mt. Lebo. Individually, each strug- gled for enlightenment by spending long hard hours in the library doing research for a history term paper, by preparing experiments in chemistry, or by solving an intricate algebra problem. As a group, the iuniors let the personality of their class shine as they cheered for classmates at athletic events and as they danced at the Rec and the Junior - Q is mv., ki W 4 Senior prom. Bringing honor to their class with outstanding scholarship and steadfast willingness, they advanced by leaps and bounds. Looking to the future, they took the College Boards for practice and ordered their class rings. Then, with a reward- ing glow of accomplishment, the Class of '61 receiv- ed their senior rings and officially became the lead- ers of Mt. Lebanon High School. . ff. '3 - .5 11-1 Mrs. Davis Row 1: S. Norseen, J. Hagan D Paulus K. O'Meara, S. Myton, A. Ruben, M. Singer. Row 2: M. Englehurt, C. Moore, S. Ham, B. Hutter, N. Nuernberg, B. Cunningham, D. Kustes, D. McCauley. Row 3: B. Rapp, J. Cowan, K. Maxson J. Saxer, J. Love, J. Spears. Row 4: A Campbell, J. Crissman, N. Marcuson, A Mandel, R. Martin, T. Evans. ll-4 Mr. Vroble Row 'lz M. Galluze, S. Kauper, S. Bar- son, C. Kearns, D. Smith, D. Daugherty, L. Phillips, M. Folwell, M. Mock. Row 2: M. Hippert, L. Dupree, J. Boak, C. Crook, D. Bruckart, P. Babish, S. Eaches, D. White, R. Humphryes. Row 3: J. Wright, D. Easton, J. Ranclall, H. Jones, J. Hubrig, J. Hill, B. Lane, K. Holtz. Row 4: P. Sarandos, M. Allen, R. Van Nuise, G. Seybold, R. Miller, J. Bullock, G. Miller. 5.4 ll-3 Dr. Beck Row l: D. Wickham, W. Wolford Petterson, G. Albrecht, W. Weppnei Morse, V. Bolton. Row 2: J. Henn K. Leland, M. Shannon, B. Harshbart L. Pfendler, M. Houston, C. Phinney, White, D. Jacobson. Row 3: T. Murpl B. Fletcher, A. Alex, J. Wunclerlich, Wiant, B. Carnell, R. Rankin. Row 4: Seliger, L. Foltz, L. Asti, D. Powell,l Kalogeras, B. Towner, D. Arth. l 'll-5 Mr. Clark l Row 'l: C. Obey, M. Balint, L. Sefton Hering, H. Rodney, A. Keim, J. Ke: han, C. Mueller, P. Grosso. Row 2 Hall, M. Peters, S. Arburu, C. Car C. Eck, C. Wimmer, D. Gething, L. ' Tries, M. Reynolds. Row 3: J. John J. Livingston, T. Fischer, B. Carroll, Schnack, T. Lovely, M. Klein, J. Hutc son, B. Reeves. Row 4: E. Harper, Wray, J. Hoff, B. Wicker, D. Drost, li-6 Miss Thorpe 1: C. Perris, N. Brunk, J. Driscoll iurkin, D. Krueger, R. Hall, B. Rus B. LaRosa. Row 2: N. Humphrey Jilson, L. Davis, S. Dawson, S. Sims, ardtmayer, G. Fodor, M. Hart, C wer. Row 3: M. Sunner, S. McGrew, sposito, J. Shields, H. Wursler, F. glia, D. Guy. Row 4: M. Lebo, B. more, B. Dickie, J. Lyons, M. Wise, arris. K 5 A .X "Con you change a S10 bill?" "Is there any more chocolate cake?" 'I'I-7 Mr. Jones Row 1: M. Hewitt, H. Weinberg, B Cooley, L. Gogley, J. Gerhold, D. Vor- hees, C. Smith. Row 2: L. Runger, P Miller, G. VanSanf, S. Hoose, M. Glen nan, R. Werner, L. Kerber, M. Lux- bacher. Row 3: D. Bock, J. Friske, C Carson, B. Bishop, B. Weaver, B. Hertel, V. Tomy, B. McCrecl. Row 4: G. Steele R. Marguglio, A. Grabe, A. Levy, R Peters, J. Beals. 123 xl 'IT-8 Miss Elms Row 'iz M. Mayers, C. Preset, J. Pikf Edgington, D. Kroetsch, B. D'Alessa J. Greene. Row 2: E. Swartz Menke, P. Anderson, B. Corwin Lynott, S. Stoskey, S. Sutherlanc Miller. Row 3: B. Sakmar, J. Minn Stevens, D. Roberts, S. Wenger Warner, P. Morrison, K. Johnsor Byers. Row 4: D. McCallum, R. Wr J. O'Connor, L. Brown, B. Nelsor Vogel, T. Hiileman. 'fwherefd my date go?" "I think this is the engine." 'II-9 Mrs. Rinne ROW T: N. Keegan, P. Kresge, S. John- ston, B. Doolon, E. Weaver, C. Barn- hari, R. Summers, J. Ochodski, J. Ster- mer. ROW 2: J. Bulik, K. Summers, P Hasley, G. Tweedie, D. Evans, B. Muros, C. Chapman, S. Graf, A. Tennyson ROW 3: D.Turnquist, D. Davis, P. Olson, J. Minnotte, R. Koiin, J. Stobie, A. Muns, T. Trewin. ROW 4: J. Burnham L. Guess, H. Sandes, R. Overend, B. Thomson, K. Newhams. 124 umm , C . 11-10 Mr. Kracsun ' 1: J. Hubbell, D. Thompson, M. we, M. Plant, D. Rhoades, S. Stot- H. Reichl, N. Cotton, J. Crawford. ' 2: E. Carpenter, B. Mulliken, K. ett, P. Barnum, A. Schade, J. Nor- S. Rock, C. Miller, A. Hoerneman, lenour. ROW 3: C.Maior,K. Unger, mith, J. Stevenson, A. Lamont, T. ns, D. McRitchie, J. Weisiger. ROW ,. Stoody, J. Rossi, D. Benson, B. ps, R. Burns, D. Cole, B. Hecht. 1 11-12 Miss Nesbitt W 1: D. Simpson, L. Dehne, N. Lat- er, M. Gambs, D. Driscoll, A. Mc liams, G. Butler, J. Aubertine, B. f un, K. Sorg. ROW 2: L. Wornholz Van Dusen, S. Otto, J. Kropf, D isler, L. Wilmot, S. Shuttleworth, J. afer, S. Marrs, A. Aston. ROW 3: J. iards, J. Welch, T. Schmidt, F. Sch 'tz, J. Harper, J. Caldwell, B. Biggs W 4: D. Minnotte, J. Rodgers, R xenham, B. Cope, B. Starr. 3 : .Rib S ,,-ff' 11-11 Miss Rightmire ROW 1: H. Nowak, J. Albert, D. White, A. Noel, A. Goulding, J. Townsend, K Reichard, L. Wilson, P. Bruso. ROW 2 G. Jordan, D. Plasman, B. Ridinger, K Schiffhauer, L. Brodmerkel, M. Rauh, C Ede, B. Mehaffey, S. Horsman. ROW 3: K. Brown, R. Robinson, D. Roy, B. Hor vey, B. Roth, L. Hothaway, D. Smith E. Davidson, G. Wells. ROW 4: G. Don- aldson, D. Guerrieri, B. Fritz, T. Tup per, T. McNeely, D. Steinbrink, D Leonard, D. Straub. I i, ,, I .l VJ 'll-14 Miss Hay ROW 1: T. Pasquarelli, R. Fisher, R. Bentz, N. Morris, E. Boroten, S. Becker, J. Bookstaver, L. Hutchinson, l. Larson M. Jones. ROW 2: P. Jones, G. Fink, B Fiedler, J. Davison, N. Skarada, M. Hickey, E. Phillips, M. Johnson, E. Ed- gar. ROW 3: J. Read, F. Denkhaus, D. Tomb, B. Welch, B. Green, A. Fulton C. Garland, D. Jordano. ROW 4: L. Bloomer, D. Kredel, R. Davison, G. Meyers, D. Peck, D. Bane. 1 'li-13 Miss Manning ROW 1: P. Francis, D. Brower, M. pree, J. Richards, J. Hood, K. Wi halter, D, Kulik, J. Brooks. ROW 1 Rovegno, J. Ayers, B. Aupperle, M. ding, J. Bender, B. Pope, G. Burc Kcllogeras. ROW 3: L. Shappache Rodgers, R. Davis, G. Keller, C. Cl R. Gilliland, N. Degnan, M. Skir ROW 4: C. Templeton, T. Eckfeli Ketchum, F. Speicher. - 21- Lf? Q Time out for an "auditorium break." Santa Claus doesn't always wear a red suit! i 11-15 Dr. Accetta I 1: S. Swager, B. Ballaniyne, B ns, J. Prescott, D. Habovick, D arsky, C. Weller. ROW 2: P. Fas M. Ivanciw, B. Callahan, J. Hun? Humphrey, W. Watson, P. Baker, artin. ROW 3: M. Reed, S. Beach ashforfh, J. Frey, R. Alsier, B I, C. Perrine, B. LaQuin1a. ROW 4: ainor, J. Moran, T. Linsley, J s, P. Thomas, J. Jones, M. Itzel l 4- ... 'Wifi 11-16 Miss Curtis ROW 1: M. Edwards, J. Ketchum, L. Grove, M. Campbell, K, Wilkes, M. Fox, J. Grummer, P. Hynes. ROW 2: S. Ditt- mar, G. Brown, L. Boester, B. Blansett, S. Gallagher, N. Bodnar, B. Preusch, P. McFadden, D. Lupean. ROW 3: B. Han- cock, D. Vensel, T. Hildebrand, J. Corri- gan, J. Gregg, J. Yagello, B. Wurzboch, J. Cheney. ROW 4: D. Mercer, T. Gerace, B. Melendes, R. Downey, D. Davidson, B. Holt. MISSING JUNIORS Row 1: S. Barnhart, P. Hyslop, B Hoskin, K. Irwin, B. Lindsay, G. Ara pian, L. Easterling. ROW 2: D. Raines R. Zevola, J. Beachler, W. Lory, K Vanderbeck, M. Black, V. Zuck, J Birdy, T. Flowers, S. Smith, B. Kay ROW 3: P. Dyer, B. Erickson, J. Erick- son, J. Welch, B. Benninglon, J, David son, D. Johnston, M. Byers,, J. Kaley, B. Massey, B. Coho. .4 l I I ' ! F' 5 F v H 5 v L 1 I ROW 1 P Thompson, D. Fortunes, M. Stearns P Dugan, H. Good, C. Willison, K Phillips C. Lammert. ROW 2: B. Dee D Samek B. Craig, M. Baughman, B. Ehlers S Hogg, H. Elliott, D. Bachman, B Conley ROW 3: W. Rowswell, L Rector F Sargent, D. Bragdon, S. Stevens B Heron, F. Hasley, J. Brier, Sophomores Prove The spark of a new idea, the glow of spontane- ity, the brightness of friendly faces -- the Class of '62 brought these to Mt. Lebo. Ambitious and able, these students made sure they were well represented in sports and activities. Activities such as rifle and orchestra, pep squad and Student Congress, band and cross country provided toeholds for the ever- present underclassmen. Remaining as the youngest 'IO-2 Miss Funk lfws NW-C .Z Ambitious And Able class at Mt. Lebanon for a second year didn't seem to bother the sophomores as they made enthusiasm a part of school spirit. They studied feverishly for biology, world history, and plane geometry, cheer- ed wildly with the iunior varsity cheerleaders for their teams, and chattered happily of things present and of things to come next year, when they will finally be upperclassmen. 'IO-1 Miss McClure K. Thomas, K. Birris, A. Sherman, B Smith, A. Wharton, S. McCoy. ROW 2 S. Crissman, R. Moran, A. Orr, N Tarr, G. Thomas. ROW 3: P. Judge, C Cobaugh, B. McKissock, D. Nicholas, T Ferry, D. Baker, M. Schlentner, M Dorrance, J. Stephens, N. Lauffer, B Richards. 5... 3, . if 7 ROW l: S.Scott, S. Kerr, J. Hofrichter, Nave, L. Rate, D. Hopwood, J. Sorg, N. Bourne. ROW 4: R. Ali, K. Greer, P. l0-4 Mr. Mascetta ROW l: M. Sterling, S. Sterling, J. Toperzer, J. Tutty, J. Ferguson, M. Revesz, M. Alexander, L. Croftord ROW 2: J. Hoover, H. Allen, B. Ull- mann, K. Jordan, J. Dieckman, R Roach, A. Dineen, D. Kline. ROW 3 E. Dobkin, W. Marr, R. Couch, R. Pat terson, G. Smith, D. Carroll, D. Kozma D. Manoogian, M. Smith. ROW 4: B. Herald, J. Schafer, T. Jackson, G. Leach, A. Hill, R. Whiteman. 10-3 Mrs. Furlong ROW l: G. Vetter, G. Widmer, J Diinock, J. Crouch, J. Housekeeper, J Williams, P. Jones, A. Sparks, G. Car ter. ROW 2: M. Ferson, S. Culbertson J. Archer, S. Payne, N. Conlan, M. Pruitt, J. Bond, K. Oermann, B. Beck, E. Sabom. ROW 3: J. Barry, D. Campbell, B. Jackson, H.. Ehlers, R. Chappell, J. Albus, B. Beazley, S. Early, D. Howe, J. Berg, J. Saracco. 10-5 Miss Dean ROW l: D. Fair, B. Swoish, J. House- keeper, P. Yeager, S. Hackenberg, G. Mitchell, G. App, J. McCormick. ROW 2: D. Jones, B. Hankins, L. Campbell, S. Flynn, C. Betzler, S. Evans, C. Kilb, R. Downie. ROW 3: J. Daniell, D. Laver- man, K. Wentzel, B. Ohsol, G. Brooks, M. McKee, J. Sowko, P. Gent, D. lams. ROW 4: B. Reynolds, B. Lavery, N. Mager, A. Lewis, J. Martin, K. Kurtz, J. Toth. 10-6 Miss Frobese ROW l: B. Thornburgh, M. Fischer, P. Brunk, K. Bingham, N. Bock, T. Loffer, B. Gessler, D. Drisko. ROW 2: B. Sea- mans, S. Wilson, C. McCann, B. Dore, S. Donaldson, N. Adkins, S. Owens, G. Burrows, L. Fassett. ROW 3: D. Mathew- son, F. Wallin, F. Maston, F. Concilus, B. Oftutt, W. Siegfried, J. Stein. ROW 4: C. Gardner, J. McCaslin, B. Par- sons, H. Jones. "A mess-I mean maze-of lines." "I feel like a pelican." 10-7 Miss Sneary ROW 1: C. Von Stocker, C. Hahn, B. Haines, S. Oram, C. Latimer, J. Alexan- der, A. Demaret, B. Dean. ROW 2: N. Havorka, N. Reichard, B. Scott, N. Trackett, G. McMillan, N. Cameron, S. Brettholle, J. Geist, S. Kirk, L. Fitch. ROW 3: B. Anderson, K. Sutter, G. Thuransky, B. Johnson, G. Heron, C. Cameron, C. McMillan, B. Soler. ROW 4: D. Jones, G. Watt, L. Gray, P. Riche- son, H. Boyer, T. Robson, D. Hurwitz. 'l3'I 'IO-8 Mrs. Adamson ROW 'l: V. Morton, B. Morton, C Henkle, L. Birge, M. Service, P. Fish, I-4 Steverman. ROW 2: S. Bretz, N. Will ingham, M. Cardello, S. Osborn, S Hanke, M. Walsh, F. Rahn, R. Hamilton C. Morton. ROW 3: E. Jones, R. Gallup D. Anthon, R. McNally, C. Chandlee, V Manuel, J. Barrett, T. Stevenson. ROV 4: R. Toucey, T. Smith, D. Schwartz, C English, J. Sanner, M. McCready, E Brunswick. Backboard stragegy, The T0-6's versus 'IO - 8's. Setting up a corner shot. 10-9 Mr. Gilbert ROW 'l: C. Anderson, B. Babb, C Finelli, S. Bronstetter, B. Beardshall, D Bauer, N. Nolan. ROW 2: M. Booth, K Gaio, J. Kramer, B. Keller, J. Hugo, G Wian, C. Peterson, B. Pollack, F. Falo- rio. ROW 3: E. Stahl, C. Smith, R. Aber- nathy, R. DeWees, G. Young, B. Park er, J. Gabrenas, R. Heist. ROW 4: R Rose, J. Negele, D. Delisi, M. Abrams L. Armstrong, S. Keneman. 132 10-10 Mr. Batchelor ROW 1: C. Tregesser, N. Detwiler, M. Grove, D. Hartsough, C. Bogman, J. Myers, J. Young, E. Martini, C. Oswalt. ROW 2: M. Foley, M. Anderson, C. lrwin, B. Altman, S. Lammert, J. Flemm, S. Pyle, B. Schweinsberg, A. Langreth. ROW 3: Evans, R. Burroughs, B. Geeseman, K. Davis, T. Doorley, M. Adler, J. Postellon, D. Hendricks. ROW 4: G. Aspiote, L. Lantrankie, J. Stone- berg, J. Cappe, B. Will. sk . 5 . I0-12 Miss Billingsley ROW l: D. Daugherty, J. Nicholas, S. Lamont, E. McArthur, K. Vogel, S. Sher- ba, K. Reber, C. Mandell. ROW 2: K. Welclnn, F. Thomas, G. Gribshaw, S. Ringham, B. Studley, L. Downinq, K. Flaherty, D. Koehler. ROW 3: A. Tripp, T. Copeland, D. Rosenblatt, B. Bennett, R. Agnew, D. Magowan. ROW 4: D. Phillips, G. Chakos, M. Matz, J. White, G. Haight. TO-ll Mr. Gaertner ROW l: J. Filkoff, L. Dobbs, B. Whit- man, S. Kimmel, K. Williams, S. Lefler L. RUPPI l.. Ricca, A. Gamble. ROW 2 C. Barnes, B. Fulton, B. Kenney, M Dasher, B. Butterworth, H. Hoffmann, L. Riley, S. Sawvel, S. Marmont, J. Focer. ROW 3: T. Dengler, J. Evans, K. Mc- Keen. re 'Lx is ff 10-i4 Mr. Stanish ROW 1: C. Brammer, P. McKinnley, C Hoover, C. Wicken, J. MacDonald, P. McKee, J. Moffit, C. Deal, K. Taylor ROW 2: B. Clinton, P. Shore, M. Camp- bell, J. Button, M. Schaefers, P. Bauer, A. Dawson, K. Seay, B. Denyes, P Guinther. ROW 3: D. Disque, J. Hawke R. Kolin, B. Bayers, J. Kumer, P. Bene detti, S. Kimmel, B. Hesse. ROW 4: J Kanters, G, Henshaw, R. Fouse, R Johnson, R. Waters, B. Stern, C. Spring. 10-13 Miss Lenk ROW 'l: S. Dispennet, K. Hanly, L. Dale, P. Nichols, N. Narky, P. Sable, S. Westerman. ROW 2: S. Moore, P. B. Smith, A. Kulzer, P. Meyers. ROW 3: Wolff, P. Senz, N. Houser, C. Harness J. Morris, J. Pasuit, D. Lashley, B Brown, D. Klaber, B. Smith, J. Bokan ROW 4: R. Matis, E. Russ, B. Van Voor- his, J. Potter, F. Van Hulten. if T 73 ' J "COME on kids, - leT'S SUPPOFT The Red Cross A "Do you think radioactive fallout could reach Drive." 'IO-15 Mr. Blanton ROW 'lz D. Kengott, M. Herr, K. Llewel- lyn, S. Shoemaker, A. Dempsey, M Lewis. ROW 2: M. MacKay, J. Melcher N. Clark, E. Karnofsky, G. Danzinger, N. Kempa, S. Greenberg, l. Bass, F. Tischbein. ROW 3: S. Connelly, J McCollum, M. Fawcett, J. Larkin, K Earnhardt, S. Zedel, R. Clark, B. Harris T. Trethewey. ROW 4: D. Parsons, M. Youngling, K. Coleman, G. Roe, R Layton, A. Hersh. K t MISSING SOPHOMORES ROW l: K. Shean, P. Kessler, A. Banks, B. Bishop, J. Donahoe. ROW 2: J Wiest, K. Bundy, P. Mercer, J. Beyer S. Crissman, M. Martin, C. Willison. ROW 3: Albus, B. Coull, L. Davis, B Wiethorn, J. Stoneberg, J. Lynch, H Kalson. a E S Q . i ' , , it .y 10-16 Mr. Zacur ROW l: J. Heid, C. Hussing, J. Green field, L. McLeister, A. Arth, S. McColm W. Turner, C. Borgerding. ROW 2: S Martin, V. Keim, B. Kopp, M. Kimmel P. Jacob, R. Libenson, S. Berg, A. Mac Donald, L. Stewart. ROW 3: B. Dillner D. Denholm, B. Harris, R. Chilcoat, B Berman, L. Silver, E. Weil, J. Lindsey ROW 4: J. Nelson, P. Anderson, D. Mc- Intyre, J. Dittmar, E. Stafford, S. Moore S. McCrossin, l. Kunic. 44 4 1 - df. . J' ik xlz Sl ,L f. 1 L, X Y K. . Q AWN We 5 c felis P X an 4 1 f- Memory The camera recording liquid reflections on polished marble floors processions winding through the parking lot during a 'fire drill capturing swirls of pastel chiffon and the elegance of bow 'ries at a dance The Ritual Of Revival 'fag 1 Kindling school spirit! Highlighting the school year were the special memor- ies of each student. For some, thoughts of the Snowball' and the Stardust brought a recollection of pink gowns, rose corsages, and depleted allowances. For others, the muffled beat of a string bass recalled Rec dances or the whoops of ioy as leap-year Daisy Maes plunged into the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Career night lit up the school and helped launch prospective engineers and teachers in- to the right path. The chill and the cheers of football games gave way to the dignity of the athletic banquet, while scholarship and leadership were recognized at the award assemblies. Music rang through the year as the orchestra per- fected selections from "The Music Man" and the vocal groups developed new additions for its repertory. The band drilled steadily in preparation for a week in Miami's,sun and the excitement of another bowl game. As the months tumbled past, seniors began to realize the nearness of graduation and the climax of four year's effort. Planning for parties, devising slogans for Senior Day vests, and signing of the Log filled the frequently counted "days till graduation." When it came, the last day flashed swiftly into place beside memories of a year of highlights. School spirit blazes high. 138 RECognition of a new year is under way! From The Royal To The Ridiculous MCIG liy gs. I Irh Mr thH 13 Variety is the spice of life. 9 Shouts For '60 And Thoughts Of Tomorrow Yeah Sixty! W 3, tt. -- ,ir , i ' 1 Students from sixteen to sixty attend Career Night. Waltzing ln Winter Wonderland Dancing and dreaming. Romantic rock 'n roll. A pause for light refreshment. ' "Finally some music!" The Season Brings Honor And Good Wil The Afhlehc Banquet brings another letter for the sweater W1 Mt. Lebanon plays Santa Claus to the needy. 142 The best things come in small packages! Snatches Of The Snowball 1 A diadem of lovely snowflakes crowns the Snowball Court which includes Queen Laurie Rowles, and her attenclents Janet Patterson, Peggy Colvin, Nancy Van Gundy, Ellen Sedlak, Judy Hertzog, and Lee McNair. WR Bright streamers and fragrant corsages add a festive air to the Women's Club. Melodies mingle with happy thoughts. 'he court and their escorts ltake ca whirl. if Q ,, Here We Go Again Another Christmas free sold means another mile closer to the polm trees. "Let's make or good impression now! ati!! Atten .... tion!" 'I44 Bound For The Land Of Cranges "Is everyone in step?" Waiting for 'rhe game to start. "We're heading South on 4017' 145 From Podium To Pandemonium The President installs o new group of officers for the next Semesier. 146 All on cu Fridoy night. Everybody moves ond grooves at the Rec Hearts, Hearts, Hearts Queen of Hearts, Peggy Colvin, is sur- rounded by her court consisting of Sue Norseen, Amy MacDonald, Nancy Noismith Mimi Gambs and Bobs h I I T e Queen of Hearts ond secmcms. her escort - Red and white streamers dip over "5weefheqrts"at the Ball. ...A 'I47 Swingin' In A Dim G m i 4 Anyone seen Porky? Celebrating the victory Under the supervision of ihe "boss l10Ss" Porky Chadwick. Working And Learning "Who says these binary computers will replace decimals?" The Junior Red Cross strove to serve. "But the stars are composed of the very same elements we have here on earth." f - +' TY The Evaluators And The Evaluated Let's hope the evaluators keep smiling. Jef 9 Candlelight and conversation launch eVC'lUC1ll0I1 Week. 'ISO F-A-C-U-L-T-Y V-l-C-T-O-R-Y! Fun nd Frostblte QW I 51 ' II f ft A TL' 5 I ','l 1 Af 1 !" 1 1, "Good grief, we're stuck!" A little snow never hurt anyone "AII together now-heave' ll A Flurr Cf Activit Ushers In , , , How many more vests do you still have to cut? Sign mine first!" 15 2 The crepe-paper kids call ii' a day. The Prized S mbols Cf Achievement si: "Did you ever think the 3rd would finally come?" Lost chance for repairs The end of a perfect Senior Day SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY NANCY ACKENHEIL G. A. A., Y-Teens, F. N. A., Chemistry, Ways and Means, Pep Sq. JAMES C. ALEXANDER Honor Rall, Lag, Intramural Sports, Chem- istry, Physics Co-Chm., Proiection. ARTHUR S. ALGEO Homeroom Programs, Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Gym Sq, JUDITH A, ALLEN Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Log Art Ed., Student Guidance Council Co' Chm., Rifle, G.A.A., Band, Hospitality, Physics Girls' Co-Chm. CONNIE ANDERSON Log, G.A.A., Band, Secretarial, Girls' Gymnastics. JANE POWELL ANDERSON Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Library, Girls' Ushers, Ways and Means, Pep Sq., Devilette. JANET S. ANDERSON Honor Roll, Log, Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Band, Physics. JOAN R. ANDERSON Lantern, G.A.A., F.T.A., Information, Li' brary. JUNE ANDERSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Ronge Rackette, Y-Teens, Variety Show. BONNIE HELEN ARMSTRONG Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Check- roam Co-Chm., Decorating, Information, Secretarial, Variety Show, Pep Sq. ROGER F. ARNDT Intramural Sports, Band, Columbine Ma- donna, Dramatics, Thespians, Proiection, Properties, Publicity. MARY JEAN BABB G.A.A., F.H.A., Thanksgiving Play, Achievement Bulletin, Homeroom Pro- grams, Medical. HARRY G. BABCOCK Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Ott., Intramural Sports, Physics. BARBARA ANN BACON G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Medical, Red Cross. JANE CRONIN BAKER G.A.A., Library, Medical. SUSAN JEAN BAKER G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Library, Red Cross. BONNIE BAIER Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., F.T.A., Library, Pep Sq. PHYLLIS KATHRYN BARSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Band, Physics, Sec' retarial. BARBARA B. BASTIAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Oll., G.A.A., Checkroom, Decorating, Medical, Pep Sq., Variety Shaw. WILLIAM H. BAUER National Forensic, Dramatics, Thespians, Debating, Hospitality, Scenery, Stage Crew. MURRAY S. BAYER Track, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM E. BAYERS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Proiec- tion, Ways and Means. JANIS E. BEACHLER Honor Roll, Lantern, Circulation Mgr., En- tertainment Bulletin, Homeroom Ott., Leaders Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Var' iety Show, Decorating Chm., Student Directory Mgr. RICHARD LEE BEAZLEY, JR. Homeroom Programs, Baseball, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Chorus, De- votional Choir. CAROLE J, BEEBE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Stud- ent Court, Student Guidance Council, Homeroom Ott., Ronge Rockette, De- corating, Girls' Ushers. PAUL M. BELL Proiection. L. EDITH BELLAVER Entertainment Bulletin, Achievement Bul- letin, G.A.A., Library, Scholastic, Secre- tarial. WESLEY M. BENNETT Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Band, Variety Show, Public Ad- dress. MARTHA A. BENSON G.A.A., Range Rackete, Y-Teens, Secre- tarial. CARL WILLIAM BENZ Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounly Co'Ed., Student Guidance Council, Homeroom OH., Intramural Sports, Band, Proiection. RICHARD W. BERG, JR. Honor Roll, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM C. BERG Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Ott., Football, Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Decorating. MARTHA LYNN BEURET Y-Teens, Band, French Club. BARBARA BIANCO F.H.A. JUDITH A. BICKEL Honor Roll, Lantern, Entertainment Bul- letin, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Orchestra, Red Cross. PATRICIA J. BIES G.A.A., Range Rockette, Variety Shaw, Information, Library, Medical, Secretarial, Girls' Ushers. ROBERT E. BIGLEY J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Proiection. FRANK BINEK Intramural Sports. EDWARD J. BIRDY Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Achievement Bulletin, Homeroom Programs, Achieve- ment, Chemistry Co-Chm., Publicity, Gym Sq. ROGER S. BLAIR Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Band, Dramatics, Chem- istry, Physics, Public Address, Boys' Ush- ers. JAMES P. BLUM Honor Roll, Homeroom Ott., Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Red Crass, Tral- fic. BARBARA A. BOCK Honor Rall, Rifle, G.A.A., F.H.A., F.N.A., Medical. SUE ELLEN BOESTER Mounty, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, Bulletin Board. RICHARD L. BOND Homeroom Programs, Football, J.V. Foot- ball, Intramural Sports. LINDA P. BOOTH Honor Rall, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library, Lost and Found, Secretarial, Girls' Ush' ers. JOAN K. BOOZ F.T.A., Checkroom, Scenery, Pep Sq. JOHN ANDRES BORGERDING Honor Roll, Homeroom Ott., Football, Swimming, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, In- tramural Sports, Decorating, Proiection. JOE THOMAS BOYD Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil., Intramural Sports. KAREN SUE BRADDOCK Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounly, Achievement Bulletin, Orchestra, Chemistry. CYNTHIA WILCOX BRADLEY Lantern, Lag, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Ott., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y' Teens, F.T.A., Pep Sq. F. JEFFERSON BRAGDON Honor Roll, Boys' Ushers, Cap and Gown. DAVID W. BREINIG Football, Track, Wrestling, J.V. Foot- ball, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. MARY VIRGINIA BREITENSTEIN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Attendance, Checkroom Co-Chm., Decorating, Secre- tarial. BARBARA JO BRENNAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens Off., F.N.A., Orchestra. TERENCE A. BRIDE Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. VIRGINIA E. BRIGHT Honor Roll, Log Literary Ed., Mounty, En- tertainment Bulletin, G.A.A., Chorus. RICHARD BRONNER Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Basketball, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track. CLAREN LEE BROOKS Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y- Teens ,Librory, Medical Chrn. IRWIN L. BROWARSKY Homeroom OH., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Band, Chemistry. BRUCE ANDERSON BROWN Honor Roll, Golf, Intramural Sports, Physics, Boys' Ushers. CYNTHIA LEE BROWN Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern, Student Court, Homeroom Pro- grams, G.A.A., Secretory, Ways and Means, Pep Sq. Co-Chm. GEORGE R. BROWN Band. LESTER L. BROWN Homeroom Off., Wrestling, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. BARBARA ANNE BRUBACH Honor Roll, G.A.A., Medical, F.N.A., Sec' retarial. TIMOTHY BRUNN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Band, Boy's Glee Club, Fortune Teller, Information, Proiection. DOROTHY BUCHAGEN Activities, Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off.,G.A.A., Range Rockette, Honor Award, Medical. MARIAN L. BUCKINGHAM G.A.A., Chorus, Devotional Choir, Library, Medical. DAVID J. BUMER Freshman Football, Intramural Sports. RICHARD U. BURGER Homeroom Off., Rille, J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports. CHARLES A. BURNS Devotional Sq., Physics. DONNA JUNE BURNS G.A.A., Y-Teens, Pep Sq. SANDRA LEIGH BURR Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Chorus, Thespians, Properties. CAROLYN BURROWS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Home- room Off., ln the Pink, Sabrina Fair, Thespians, Attendance Co'Chm., Hospital- ity. IRIS MARLENE BUSCH Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Library, Secretarial, Pep Sq. DONALD Y. CAMERON, JR, Mounty, Tennis, Intramural Sports, Cafe teria Host, Boys' Ushers. GORDON MURRAY CAMPBELL Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Intramural Sports. MYRA PORTER CAMPBELL Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library, Medi- cal. ROBERT H. CAMPBELL Homeroom Programs, Rifle, Tennis, In- tramural Sports, Chemistry. MARY E. CARDAMONE Log, G.A.A., F.H.A., F.N.A. SUSAN M. CARMAN Log, Homeroom Oli., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Library, Red Cross, Ways and Means. JAMES THEODORE CARNEY National Forensic, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Debating, Library. VALERIE CARR Entertainment Bulletin, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Information, Library, Girls' Gymnastics. i CATHERINE LYLE CASSIDY Honor Roll, Lantern, .Homeroom Off., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Dramatics, Attendance, Medical. MARY KATHLEEN CASTOR Lantern, G.A.A., F.T.A., F.N.A., Chem- istry, Medical, Studio. RAYMOND J, CENEDELLA Gymnastics, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, In- tramural Sports. M. EASON CHAPMAN Football, Track, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Decorating. JOAN KAREN CHENOWETH Dramatics, Red Cross, Pep Sq. LUCIA T. CICCHINO Honor Roll, Lag, Homeroom Oli., G.A.A., F.N.A., Library, Secretarial. JAN C. CLARK Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Bas- ketball, .I.V. Basketball, J.V. Cross Country. PATRICIA CLARK Entertainment Bulletin, Pep Sq. JANET LYNNE CLARKSTON Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A. GARY G. CLOSE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Band, Chem- istry, Boys' Ushers. EDWARD OWEN COLE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Projection, Ways and Means Chm., Auditorium Planning. MARY CHARLOTTE COLEMAN Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Ronge Rockette, Medical. CAROL I.. COLETTA G.A.A., F.N.A., Pep Sq. LUCILLE M. COLETTA G.A.A., Y-Teens, Costume, Information, Library, Pep Sq. RICHARD F. COLLINS, JR. Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Court, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host, Boys' Ushers. MARY CARMAN COLTMAN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Circula- tion Mgr., Homeroom Oli., G.A.A., Hos- pitality, Girls' Ushers Chm., Pep Sq. MARGARET ELAINE COLVIN Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Varsity Cheerleader, Information, Social Chm. CAROLE ASHLEY CONLIN Honor Roll, Devilette, G.A.A., Lost and Found, Secretarial, Girls' Ushers. RUSSELL H. CONNELLEY Intramural Sports. CANDACE SUE COOK Honor Roll, Entertainment Bulletin, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Variety Show, Library, Girls' Ushers, French Club Ott. EUGENIA M. CORNWELL Y-Teens. VINCENT J. CORRIGAN Homeroom Programs, GYNNGSIICS, INIYG- mural Sports, Variety Show, Cafeteria, Cafeteria Host. DAVID A. COUCH Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Basketball, Football, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Variety Show. JEFFREY LEE COUSINS Honor Roll, Homeroom ON., Intramural Sports, Sabrina FUIY, Biology, PIIYSICSI Red Cross. WILLIAM L. COVER Band. CHARLES COX . National Forensic, Honor Roll, Thespians, Debating, Parking, Stage Crew. BONNIE LEE CRAIG Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, HOME' room Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., PGP Sq. CHARLES H. CRAIN Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. CAROL L. CRANE Honor Roll, Lantern, Devilette, Log, Y- Teens, F.H.A., Publicity, Library. HEBER E. CRAWFORD Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Stage Crew. DOUGLAS C. CREED Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Football Mgr., Track Mgr., Boys' Ushers. SEWELL W. CRISMAN Ill. Football, Track, Wrestling, J.V. Basket- ball, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Decorating. KEARNEY W. CRISSMAN Homeroom OH., J.V. Cross Country, ln- tramural Sports, Thanksgiving Play, Proiection. SUSAN M. CROUCH Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, Girls' Ushers. ANTOINETTE C. CULLINAN F.T.A., Dramatics. MARY KAREN CUNNIFF Lantern, Log, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Medical, Pep Sq., French Club. LUCY R. DASHER Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Ott., Rifle, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Fortune Teller, Secretar- ial, Pep Sq. VIRGINIA MARIE DAU Activities Key, Honor Roll, Devilette, Mounty, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.T.A., Band, Secretarial. PATRICIA ANN DAVIS F.N.A., Information, Library, Red Cross. FREDERIC K D. DAY Gymnastics. DENNIS J. DEAL Homeroom Programs, Track Co-Capt., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. RICHARD A. DEEMER Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. JERALYN J. DELISI Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Blue Devil, Decorating, Pub- Iicity. THOMAS Z. DELISI Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Intramural Sports. DAVID J. DENYES Rifle, Tennis, Boys' Glee Club, Red Cross Off. JUDITH ANN DICKINSON Activities Key, Log Art Ed., Homeroom Oli., Varsity Cheerleader, Thespians, At- tendance,Costume Chm., Decorating, Med- ical. SALLY J. DICKSON Lantern, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Y'Teens Oil., F.N.A., Information, Medical, Pep Sq. ANNE DIEFFENBACH Lantern, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Information, Library. CAROLE E. DIERKER Honor Roll, Log, F.N.A., Orchestra. MARCIA ANN DILLING Honor Roll, G.A.A., Orchestra, Violin- ettes, Girls' Ushers. SHERRIE LEE DOBBS Honor Roll, F.H.A., Dramatics. NANCY ELAINE DOEGE Lantern, Achievement Bulletin, G.A.A., Y' Teens, F.N.A., Library, Medical. JANE ELIZABETH DORMER Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Pro- grams, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Information, Ways and Means. JANET L. DOUD Homeroom Off., F.N.A. MARY ANN DOUGLASS Mounty, G.A.A., Information, Scenery. DIANE D. DOZER G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, Lib rary, Medical, Public Address, Pep Sq JOHN DUFF Wrestling, Intramural Sports. JAMES DUN BAR lntram ural Sports. FRED J. EASSA Track, Intramural Sports. DAVID EATON I-Ulllefft, Mounty, Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sports, Band, Boys' Ushers. RODGER B. EBERT Homeroom Programs, Swimming, Intra- mural Sports, Matchmaker, Red Cross, Ways and Means. JOHN P. EDWARDS Homeroom Programs, Baseball, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. WILLIAM ST. CLAIR ELLIS III. Honor Roll, Homeroom Ott., Track, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Hospitality. PATRICIA LEE ELLISON Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Co-Ed., Entertainment Bulle- tin, Achievement Bulletin, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club. ELLEN KAY EMMONS G.A.A., Y-Teens. SUSAN ELIZABETH ENDEAN G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Pep Sq., Devil' ette, Dramatics. THOMAS ENGLAND Tennis, Intramural Sports. JOAN DIANE ENGLISH Mounty, ROBERT C. ENGLISH Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Coun try, J.V. Track, Boys' Glee Club, De- corating, Devotional. RUTH ANN ENSLEY Band, Scenery. JON W. ERDNER Band. KAREN JEAN ESTES Honor Roll, Lantern, Achievement Bul- letin. MARCIA E. EVANS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y Teens Off., F.T.A., Devotional, Secretarial. t Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Ott., SALLY SHACKLEFORD EVERS Honor Roll, Lantern, Achievement Bulle- tin, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Information, Library, Ways and Means. GEORGE F. EYNON, JR. Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. ROBERT D. FAIRCLOTH Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Gymnastics, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Orchestra. FRED FEIGENBAUM Activities Key, National Forensic, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Band, My Sister Eileen, Dramatics, Chemistry Chm., Physics. MOUNCEY FERGUSON, JR. Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Stud- ent Congress Vice Pres., Homeroom Off., Cross Country Capt., Track Co-Capt., Var' iety Show, Public Address Sportcaster. MARILYN L. FISCHER Lantern, Mounty, Achievement Bulletin, Y-Teens, Checkroom, Information, Library, Lost and Found Chm., Publicity. CHARLES F. FISHBURN J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, BOYS' Ushers Chm. WARREN EDWARD FISHER Orchestra. MICHAEL A. FLAMER Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Public Address. JAMES D. FLINN Homeroom Programs, Rifle, Intramural Sports. EVA MARIANNE FOLDES Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., Y-Teens, Library, Secretarial. JAMES D. FORBES Intramural Sports, Chorus, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club. BARBARA LOIS FORTUNES Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y'Teens, F.T.A., Information, Ways and Means. SUSAN GAIL FOSTER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Achieve- ment, Red Cross Off., Secretarial. MARTHA CLARK FRAME Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens Off., Information, Ways and Means. JAYNE LYNN FRIESEL Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Range Rockets, Y-Teens Off., Bulletin Board, Secretarial, Pep Sq. SALLY nzoeucn G.A.A., F.T.A. WILLIAM F. FUSSNER Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Variety Show, Boys' Ushers. THOMAS ELLSWORTH GAMBLE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Base- ball Mgr., Football, Rifle, Sabrina Fair, Thespians, Biology. NANCY JANE GARIS Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., F.N.A., Orchestra, Medical, Secretarial, Girls' Ush- ers, Pep Sq. IRENE A. GATES Thanksgiving Play, Dramatics, Library, Medical. SHERRY TUDOR GEALY Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Library, Pep Sq. KARIN H. GEMASSMER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A,A,, Y. Teens, Variety Show, French Club. LORINE M. GETZ Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.N.A., Library, Phy. sics, Ways and Means. JAN DOUGLAS GIBBONEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. CAROLYN GIBSON Activities Key, National Forensic, Honor Roll, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, Dec bating, Library Co-Chm., Secretarial. MARY ELIZABETH GIERHART Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Ass't. Classes Ed., G.A.A., F.T.A., Attendance, Checkroom Co-Chm., Secretarial, Pep Sq. JOHN FISHER GILBERT Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, Intramural Sports, Decorating. DAVID F. GINDER Intramural Sports, Proiection. LEN HUNT GOODMAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Pro- grams, Intramural Sports, Explorer Scouts Off., Chemistry, Public Address. GAIL LOUISE GOODWIN G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Band, Medical, Pep Sq. PEGGY ANN GORDON Devilette, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross, Ways and Means. MICHAEL EDWARD GOZA Honor Roll. GWEN E. GRANT Activities Key, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Range Rockette, F.T.A. Off., Triple Trio, Sabrina Fair, Decorating, Publicity. PATRICIA ANN GRANT G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. Off., Devilette, ln- tormation, Library, Red Cross, Secretarial, Ways and Means. SANDRA J. GREEN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens, F.N.A. Off., information Chm., Medical. VICTORIA MARIE GRIBSHAW Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, En- tertainment Bulletin, Homeroom Pro- trams, G.A.A., F.T.A., Band. PATRICIA ANN GRIFFITH G.A.A., Y'Teens, F.H.A. DAVID S. GULLION Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Swimming, Boys' Glee Club, Thespians, Chemistry, Physics, Public Address, Stage Crew. CAROLYN LESLIE GUY Lantern, Log, J.V. Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Decorating, Information, Library, Medi- cal. CHARLES A. HAFER Intramural Sports, Biology, Chemistry, Cop and Gown. DOROTHY JOYCE HAGAN Rifle, Y-Teens. WILLIAM HAGER Tennis, Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Boys' Glee Club, Cafeteria Host. JANICE HALL Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Head Drum Maiarette, Thespians, Checkroom, Decorating, Make-up, In- formation. JAMES T. HAMILTON Honor Roll, Track, Intramural Sports. REGINA ELLEN HANCOCK Honor Roll, Homeroom Otf., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens Off., Ways a nd Means. PAUL H. HANKIN Intramural Sports. KATHARINE G. HARRIS Honor Roll, G.A.A., Orchestra, Thespians, Costume. SUSAN VAYLLE HARRIS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Thespians Off., Decorat- ing, Pep sq. LOIS ANN HASLEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Pr0QrCIm5, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library, Lost and Found. ADELE M. HAUSER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Classes Ed., G.A.A., Y'Teens Off., Orches- tra, Checkroom, Pep Sq. JOAN HAVILAND Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs. DANIEL J. HAVORKA Activities KEY, Honor Roll, Student Guid- ance Council, Homeroom Off., Track, Sabrina Fair, Chemistry, Proiection, Pub- lic Address. ELIZABETH J. HAYES G.A.A., Pep Sq. MARY KATHLEEN HEAD Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress Sec., Homeroom Ott., Varsity Cheerleader, Sabrina Fair, Thespians, Achievement Chm. RICHARD DONALDSON HEADLEY Homeroom Programs, Baseball, Intra' mural Sports. ROBERT HECHT Homeroom Oft., Track, Intramural Sports, Band. SUSAN MARIE HEETER G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Lost and Found, Secretarial. LOIS EINI HEIKKILA Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens Off., Information, Physics, Pep Sq. R. KENNETH HEIST Activities Key, Honor Roll, Swimming, Thespians, Stage Crew Co-Chm. MARIAN LYNNE HELFRICH Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Honor Award. JUDITH ANN HELSEL G.A.A. DIANA F. HELM G.A.A., An. DUANE G. HEMMING Intramural Sports, Red Cross. JON SCOTT HENDERSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Band. ROBERT W. HENDERSON Honor Roll, Intramural Sports. ALAN HERRINGTON Intramural Sports. STUART ARTHUR HERRINGTON I Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Guid- ance Council Chm., Homeroom P ro- grams, Homeroom Off., Track, Intramural Sports, The Matchmaker, Hospitality. NANCY BARTON HERRON Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Chorus, Sabrina Fair, Information, Scenery. JACQUELINE ANN HERSH Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Band, Girls' Gymnastics. JUDITH M. HERTZOG Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Variety Show, Pep Sq., Girls' Gymnastics. JAMES DAVID HESELBARTH Homeroom Programs, J.V. Football, In tramural Sports. JANICE E. HICKEY HODOI' Roll, G-A-A., Physics, Secretarial Pep Sq. DEWALDT J. HICKS III. Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Variety Show. MARY ANN HIGGINS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Cheer leader, Bulletin Board, Costume, Decorat ing, Girls' Ushers, Pep Sq., Variety Show JUDITH A. HILLEBRECHT G.A.A., Range Rackette. MILES L. HILSENRATH Homeroom Programs, Golf, Intramura Sports. W. EDWIN HOAG Homeroom Off., Track, J.V. Football, J.Vi Track, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. JAMES HODDER ' Homeroom Programs, J.V. Football, lntra mural Sports, SANDRA KATHLEEN HOECKER Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Thes pians, Library, Scenery Chm., Secretarial SUZANNE ELIZABETH HOFMANN Honor Roll, Log, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Orchestra Formal Concert, Violinettes. LAURA K. HOLBROOK Log, Homeroom Off., Rifle, G.A.A., Y Teens, Medical, Pep Sq. PAULA FRANCES HOLL G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A., F.N.A., Lost ant Found, Ways and Means, Pep Sq. VIRGINIA E. HOLMES Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Pro grams, Rifle, Checkroom, Physics, Publix Address, Secretarial, Pep Sq. MILDRED H. HOLMQUIST Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A. Chorus, Devotional Choir, Library. LANA BETH HOUGH Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.T.A., F.N.A. Off., Secretarial. THOMAS E. HOUSEKEEPER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports RICHARD HOYT Band. SANDRA GAY HUGO Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y Teens Off. 4 THOMAS F. HUHN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track Intramural Sports, Proiectian. HEATHER R. HYDE Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home' room Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Cateterii Dispatcher, Checkroom, Honor Awari Chm., Pep Sq. JAMES S. IAMS Homeroom Programs, Intramural Sport Band. sl JUDITH ANNE .IAREMA Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Bulletin Board Information, Library, Pep Sq. RAGNHILD G. JOHNSEN Homerom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Lib rary, Medical, Red Cross Chm. ARLENE VIRGINIA JONES Mounly, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Library Medical, Secretarial, Pep Sq. LILLIAN A. JULIAN Y'Teens, F.H.A., Pep Sq. ROBERT E. L. KALTALER Intramural Sports. ROBERT ALLEN KAPP Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Band, Art, Scenery, DAVID C. KARLSON Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Baseball, J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports. NORMAN A. KARSTEN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Boys' Ushers, Cap and Gown. PHYSICS, Studio. WILLIAM P. KAUFMAN Homeroom Programs, Baseball, J.V. Foot- ball, Intramural Sports, Decorating. NANCY LEE KEALING Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- rom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Costume, Pep Sq., Devilette. KATHERINE ELIZABETH KEEFER Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room OH., G.A.A., Dramatics, Thespians, Pep Sq., Public Address. PATIENCE E. KENNEY Honor Roll, Maunty Co-Ed., G.A.A-, Or- chestra, Devotional, Library, Girls' Ush- ers. JOHN R. KENRICK Honor Roll, Cross Country Mgr., Football Mgr., Track Mgr., Intramural Sports, Ways and Means. JAMES E. KESSLER Homeroom Programs, Gymnastics, Intra- mural Sports, Variety Show, Thespians. LYNNE JANE KIMMEL Y-Teens, Attendance, Library, Red Cross. RICHARD CAROLL KING Intramural Sports, Biology. RICHARD ALAN KITCHEN Rifle, Thespians, Cafeteria, Parking, Studio, Score Board Co-Chm., Stage Crew Co- Chm., Ways and Means. JAMES KLING Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., J.V. Football, J.V. Track, ln' tramural Sports. CHARLES KNAPPER Homeroom Programs, Track, Wrestling, In- tramural Sports. THERESA JANE KOERNER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens, F.T.A. Off., Library, Secretarial. GEORGE H. KOWALLIS Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Swim- ming, Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Phy- sics, Ways and Means. JOHN MICHAEL KOZMA Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Intramural Sports, Physics, Scholastic Chm., Boys' Ushers. KAREN LORRAINE KRAGNES Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette. CYNTHIA ANNE KRASINSKI Honor Roll, Achievement Bulletin, G.A.A., Information, Medical, Secretarial. KAREN ANN KUECHENMEISTER Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.T.A., Variety Show, Checkroom, Library, Pep Sq. CONRAD J. KULIK Honor Roll, Cross Country, Track, J.V Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Orchestra, BoYs' Ushers. MICHALANN KUNIC Log, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.N.A., Band, Chemistry, Decorating. JAMES ROBERT LAMBERTON J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. ROBERT LAUGHLIN Honor Rall, Football, Wrestling, J.V. Foot- ball, Intramural Sports. MICHAEL WM. LAVINE Mounty, Homeroom Programs, Tennis, In- tramural Sports, Chorus, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Chemistry. FRANK C. LENARD Intramural Sports. JAC K LEONARD Rifle, Chorus. LEN LESTER Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Physics. STUART ALLAN LEVY Homeroom Ott., Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Decorating, Proiection. LYNN LEWIS G.A.A,, Range Rockette, Medical, Y- Teens. WILLIAM R. LEWIS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Stud' ent Guidance Council, Homeroom Ott., Swimming Co-Capt., Band, Decorating, Boys' Ushers. THOMAS A. LINDSEY Swimming Co'capt. H. KENNEDY LINGE Honor Roll, Wrestling, Intramural Sports. CAROL ANNE LOHMAN Achievement Bulletin, G.A.A., Library, Scenery, Secretarial. WILLIAM B. LOHRENTZ Homeroom Programs, Swiming, Boys' Ushers. MARY EILEEN LONETT G.A.A. LOUISE JEANETTE LUCAS Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., French Club. BARBARA SUE LUST F.H.A. BETSY ANN LYNCH Lantern, Mounty, Entertainment Bulletin Circulation Co-Chm., Homeroom Pro- grams, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, Decorating. JOHN L. McCAIN Homeroom Programs, Band, Chemistry, Public Address, Stage Crew, Studio. MARY CATHERINE McCASLlN Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., At- tendance, Pep Sq. DOROTHY ANN McCLAIN Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., F.H.A., Sec- retarial. HERBERT BRUCE MCCLAREN Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Biology, Chemistry, Physics. LESLIE A. McCULLA Devilette Ed., Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Dramatics, Pep Sq., Log, Secretarial. CAROLYN JANE MCCUNE Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Pro- grams, G.A.A., Asst. Head Maiorette, Y' Teens, Attendance. HEATHER LYNN McDONOUGH Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Red Cross Chm., Secretarial, Homeroom Off. STOWELL B. McKAIN Homeroom Off., Gymnastics, Swimming, J. V. Track, Intramural Sports, Decorat- ing. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS McKEE Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Orchestra, Thanksgiving Play, Library. LESLIE ANN MCKINLEY Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Thanksgiv- ing Play, Last and Found, Secretarial, Pep Sq. JAMES E. McLANE Honor Roll, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, ln- tramural Sports. WILLIAM K. MCLAUGHLIN Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Intra- mural Sports, Boys' USIIBYS CIW'- KAREN ANN McLENNAN Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Chemistry, Cafeteria Hostess Chm., Lost and Found Chm. PATRICIA MARIE McMAHON G.A.A., Y-Teens. ANN STEWART McMILLAN Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Leaders Club, G.A.A., Decorating, Ways and Means Chm. SALLY LEE McNAlR Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Ott., Range Rockette, Y-Teens Off., Attend- ance, Auditorium Planning, Secretarial, Girls' Ushers. GILBERT McNEISH Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress Pres., Homeroom Off., Basketball, Football, J.V. Football, Decorating. ROBERT C. MACE Intramural Sports, Band, Cafeteria Host. PATRICIA ANN MACK Honor Roll, Devilette, Log, G.A.A., Y- Teens, Decorating, Information, Medical, Pep Sq. DONALD R. MACKAY Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, Foot' ball Mgr., Track Mgr., Orchestra, Public Address. LOIS HARRIETTE MADDUCKS Lantern, Log, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Honor Award, Medical, Red Cross. ELLEN DOROTHY MAJOR Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Co'Ed., HOME' room OH., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Devo- tional, Scholastic. ROBERT L. MALARKEY , Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball, Football. KAREN ANN MANSMANN Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Pep Sq. ERIC RICHARD MANTLE Gymnastics, Art, Library. ROBERT I. MANUEL Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Swimming, Intramural Sports, Red Cross. HELSEL R. MARSH Honor Roll, Lantern Sports Ed., Student Congress Pres., Homeroom Off., Basket- ball, J.V. Basketball, Variety Show, Cap and Gown. SANDRA B. MARTIN Attendance, Library, Medical, Red Cross, Devilette, French Club. MARTY LOU MASTERSON Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Attendance Co-Chm., Pep Sq. JOHN H. MATHER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Sports Ed., Homeroom Off., Basketball Mgr., Intramural Sports, Physics, Red Cross, Boys' Ushers Chm. PAUL S. MATIS Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. VINCENT MATTHEWS III. Homeroom Off., Football Mgr., J.V. Foot- ball, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Ex- plorer Scouts Off., Thanksgivin9 PIUY- CARL NELSON MAURHOFF Band, Parking, Boys' Ushers, Ways and Means, Change. DONALD W. MAY Band. SYLVIA M. MAY Honor Rall, Homeroom Off., Chorus, Triple Tri0, Fortune Teller, In the Pinlr, Messiah, VWICIY Show, Sabrina Fair. wlLuAM JOHN MEHAFFEV Log, Homeroom Off., Track, Intramural SPOYIS, Boys' Glee Club, Sabrina Fair, Public Address, Traffic Chm. SETH LINSIDER MELHADO Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Track, Intramural Sports. EDWARD C. METTING, JR. Intramural Sports. CAROLYN LOUISE MEURY G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y'Teens, F.N.A., Dramatics, Medical, Red Cross. EDWARD B. MEYER Studio Co-Chm., Score Board Chm. NANETTE LEE MILLER G.A.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, Secretarial. DANIEL D. MILER Homeroom Programs, Baseball, J.V. Bas- ketball, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. CORINNE A. MILLER Achievement Bulletin, F.N.A., Informa' tion THOMAS F. MILLER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Rifle, Thes- pians, Chemistry, Parking, Physics, Pub- lic Address Chm., Score Board. RALPH C. MOFFITT Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Basketball, Track, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Track. ELIZABETH ANN MOHL G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus, Triple Trio, Dramatics, Ways and Means, Pep Sq. JUNE ANNE MOHLER Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Ways and Means, Pep Sa. ALICE E. MOLLENAUER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Stud- ent Guidance Council, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Orchestra, Devotional, Red Cross. DIANE LORETTA MOLNAR Devilette, Lag, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., LibrafY, Red Cross. RUTH JEAN MONSCH Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., Y- Teens, F.T.A., Orchestra, Lost and Found, Pep Sq. DOUGLAS G. MONTGOMERY Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Tennis, Thanksgiving Play, Chemistry, Red Cross Chm., Public Address, Ways and Means. JUDITH A. MORANDER Chorus. JAMES A. MORGAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Football Mgr., Wrestling Mgr., Intramural Sports, Properties, Stage Crew. JOHN FOSTER MORGAN Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. DONNA LOUISE MORGANS ' Lantern, Entertainment Bulletin, G.A.A-, Y- Teens, F.N.A., Checkroom, Library. Medi- cal. TERRY ANN MORRISON G.A.A., Medical, Pep Sq., French Club. SAMUEL W. MORTON Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. VERONICA JO MULLIN Homeroom Pragrams, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Thanksgiving Play. PRISCILLA RUTH MUNN Activities Key, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.AI Off., Orchestra, Devotional Chm., Library, Red Cross, Ways and Means, GERALDINE ANN NARKY Lantern, G.A.A., Leaders Club Off., Y- Teens Off., F.N.A., Thespians, Properties, Girls' Ushers. NAERA G. NAUMANN Honorary Member of Student Congress, G.A.A., Red Cross. BARBARA LOUISE NEILL Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Home- room Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Achievement Bulletin, Red Cross Off., Secretarial. JEFFREY DAVID NEILL Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Band. ANNE B. NELSON Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Y'Teens Off., Costume, Medical, Pep Sq., French Club Off. BONNIE MERCHELLE NELSON I-09, Secretarial, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, F.T.A., Sabrina Fair, At- tendance, Information. RICHARD A. NEWBOLD Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Gymnastics, ln- tramural Sports, Band, Boys' Ushers. LINDA ANNE NICHOLAS G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Library. LYNNE LOUISE NIELSEN Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Information, Lost and Found, Medical, Red Cross. JAMES A. NIEMI Honor Roll, Swimming, Intramural Sports. MARY ELLEN NORSEEN G.A.A.,Y-Teens, F.N.A., Fortune Teller, Information, Secretarial. HERBERT H. O'DELL Activities Key, J.V. Track, Boys' Glee Club, In the Pink, Sabrina Fair, The Matchmaker, My Sisten Eileen, Thespians Off., Boys' Usher. JAMES D. OELSCHLAGER Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Band, Boys' Glee Club. DAVID A. OLSEN Honor Roll, Intramural Sports. EDWARD J. O'NEAL Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Gymnastics, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Orchestra. DANIEL CHARLES OWENS Log, Chemistry, Parking Chm., Physics. SALLIE JANE PARKER Devilette, Homeroom Programs, Home. room Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Dramatics, Decorating, Medical. LEONARD PARSONS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Coun- IVY, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Devotional. JANET MARIE PATTERSON Honor Roll, Lantern, Entertainment Bul- letin, Homeroom.Off., Leaders Club OHM Red Cross, Secretarial, Girls' Gymnastics. MARSHA ANN PATTERSON Honor Roll. Log. G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. Pep Sq. SUZANNE PECKHAM Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Home- room Off., Leaders Club Off., Chorus, Thespians Off., Decorating, Properties. JANE E. PENSOM Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Lead' ers Club, Y-Teens Off., Medical, Girls' Ushers, Girls' Gymnastics, Pep Sq. GEORGE H. PHILLIPS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Tennis, Intramural Sports, Proiection Co- Chm., Boys' Ushers. LARRY E. PHILLIPS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Swimming, Properties, Red Cross, Student Directory. BRENDA JOYCE PIKE Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Checkroom. CATHERINE L. POGORLELSKI Mounty, Art. ELLEN CAROLE POPE Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chorus, Library, Pep Sq. L. ROBERT POTIS Intramural Sports. KIM D. POWELL Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball. PATRICIA ANN POWERS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.N.A., Thanksgiving Play, Checkroom, Library, Medical, Secretarial. CRAIG D. POZZI Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Band, Boys' Glee Club. WILLIAM J. PRICE Honor Rall, Homeroom Programs, Rifle, In- tramural Sports. NANCY ELIZABETH PRINCE Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rock- ette, Dramatics, Auditorium Planning Co- Chm., Secretarial. ROBERT R. PUTNAM Intramural Sports, Projection. PATRICIA ANNE QUAID Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Physics. VIRGINIA LEE RAPP Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Range Roclrette, Y-Teens, Information, Ways and Means. JEFFREY E. RASH Mounty, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Tennis, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Red Cross. MICHELE K. RASMUSSEN G.A.A., Y'Teens, F.N.A., Band. STEPHEN L. RAYMOND Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Gym- nastics, The Matchmaker, Dramatics, Biology, Physics, Public Address. CLARIBEL ALICE REA G.A.A., Band. CORINNE REASON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, In the Pink, Thespians, Scenery. DIANE RECH Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Rifle, G.A.A., F.H.A., F.N.A. LEILA GAYLE REED Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens, F.T.A., Lost and Found, French Club. JAMES KEITH REEVES Intramural Sports, Bond, Dramatics, Pub- Iicity. CHARLOTTE BOYCE REID Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Formal Con- cert, Pep Sq. CAROL ANN REILLY Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Chorus, Lib- rary, Lost and Found, Girls' Ushers, Ways and Means, Student Directory. ANN LOUISE REYNOLDS G.A.A., Y-Teens. NANCY J. RHOADES G.A.A., Ronge Rockettes, Medical, Honor Award. ROSALYN H. RHONE Y-Teens, In the Pink, Chorus. BARBARA JANE RICHARDS G.A.A., Secretarial. JANET A. RICHARDS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off.,G.A.A.,F,T,A,, Checkroom, Medical, Secretarial, Pep Sq, CHARLES G. RICHESON Homeroom Programs, Gymnastics Capt., Intramural Sports. HARRY P. RICHTER, JR. Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Bas- ketball Mgr., Intramural Sports, Prolectian. CLIFFORD JEFFREY RILEY Honor Roll, Explorer Scouts, Stage Crew. ALAN E. RIMER Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Golf, Swimming, Thespians, Properties Chm. JERRY W. RINEHART Honor Roll, Track, Wrestling. SHERILL RINES Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A-, Range Rockette, Mrs. McThing, Informa' tion Co-Chm. WILLIAM O. RINGHAM Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Asst. Sports Ed., Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Biology, Chemistry, Physics Chm., Proiec- tion Chm. GARY ROBINSON Intramural Sports. JOAN ROBINSON G.A.A., Y-Teens, Checkroom, Ways and Means. ROBERT G. ROBINSON Homeroom Programs, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM G. ROBINSON Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host, Ways and Means. THOMAS J. ROCKWOOD Honor Roll, Band, Chemistry, Physics. ARTHUR A. ROHRS Swimming, Intramural Sports, Projection. ROBERT H. ROLAND Traffic. ARLENE M. ROSCOE Entertainment Bulletin, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Library. RHEA ANTOINETTE ROSE Honor Rall, Lantern, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, F.T.A. GAIL A. ROST Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Devotional, Library, Medical, Secretarial, Ways and Means. ELIZABETH H. ROTHFUS Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Orchestra. JAMES G. ROUTH Intramural Spons. LAUREL ANN ROWLES Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Medical, Red Cross, Pep Sq., Variety Show, Girls' Gymnastics. PAMELA RUPP Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board, Library, Secretarial. JAMES H. RUSSELL Golf Capt., Intramural Sports. PHYLLIS D. RUSSELL G.A.A., F.N.A., Red Cross, Pep Sq. ROBERT W. RUSSELL Rifle, Intramural Sports, Scenery. PETER RZASNICKI Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Tennis, Intrg. mural Sports, Chemistry, Physics Co-Chm., Scholastic. H. DENNIS SAMEK Public Address. JOAN CAROL SAMUELS Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., F.N.A., Library, Lost and Found, Girls' Ushers. KIKUO SASAKI Lantern, Mounty, Honorary Student Congress, Debating. LYNNE SAUPE Member ol Lantern, L09, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. F.N.A., Library, Pep Sq. JAMES K. SAYRE Honor Roll, Lag, Chess Capt., lntramura Sports, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. SUSAN LEE SC HAR Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Attendance, Information, Lost and Found. JANET FLORENCE SCHARP Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Pep Sq. SUZANNE SCHAUP Lag, G.A.A., Range Rockette, ROBERT J. SHARROW Attendance. Lantern, Homeroom Off., Freshman Bas ketball, Thespians, Devotional, Scenery Stage Crew. STEPHEN E. SHIELDS Football, Track, J. V. Football J. V Track, Intramural Sports, Decorating. BRUCE E. SCHEIN Advisory Council, Honor Ro ll, Homeroo Off., J. V. Wrestling, Boys' Glee Clua Hospital ity, Publ ic Address Ushers. JEFFREY SCHILIT Chm., Boy: Homeroom Programs, Wrestling, J. N- Wrestling, Intramural Sports. CAROL ANN SCHINDEHETTE Honor Roll, Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A Medical JOYCE MAE SCHNARS Honor Rol, Homeroom Off., Chorus, Da votional Choir, Fortune Teller, In the Pinl Dramatics, Library, Girls' RAYMOND J. SCHOEDEL Homeroom Programs, Trac Sports. EARL SC HRECK Ushers. k, Intramurcl Intramural Sports, Dramatics, Boyi Ushers. MARY S. SCHREIBER Entertainment Bulletin, G.A.A., Y-Teen: Attendance. MARY LOUISE SCHULTZ Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teen F.N.A. BARBARA ALICE SCOTT Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A ' n Library, Scenery, Ways a ROBERT E. SCOTT d Means. L Intramural Sports, Explorer Scouts, Fra iection, Boys' Ushers. STUART L. SCHURR Intramural Sports. PEN ELOPE SEARLES Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A Costume, Red Cross. M. ELLEN SEDLAK Honor Roll, Homeroom Pro I grams, Homet room Off., Chorus, Fortune Teller, Drama tics, Pep Sq. STUART SEGAL Homeroom Off., J. V. Football, J. D . Track, Intramural Sports, votional, Public Address. J. RONALD SEIDEL ramatlcs, D Homeroom Off., Track, J. V. Track, Intr mural Sports, Band, Choru Club, Biology. BARBARA SELLGER s, Bays' GIJ G.A.A., Range Rockette, F.N.A. SUSAN MARY SENZ Log Homeroom Program G.A.A., , 51 Teens Off., F.N.A., Ways and Mean t ILLIAM F. SHIELDS Log, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., J1 V. Football, Intramural Sports. ANE M. SHUMAKER Entertainment Bulletin, G.A.A., F.N.A., Medical, Pep Sq., Devilette. RETCHEN M, SIGLER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lag, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens Off,, Band, Pep Sq. YLE SIMON Pep Sq. STER A. SIMPSON J. V. Cross Country, J. V. Track, Intra- mural Sports. ED F. SISSON Proiection. MES EDWARD SLOCUM Homeroom Off., J. V. Cross Country, J. V. Track, Intramural Sports. RNARD E. SMITH Intramural Sports, Chorus, Biology, Stage Crew. NNA ROBERTA SMITH Honor Rall, Lantern, Log, Entertainment Bulletin, G.A.A., F.N.A., Medical, Secre- tarial, Pep Sq. AN LOIS SMITH Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Home- room Programs, Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Pep Sq. DITH E. SMITH Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A. Honor Award, Medi- cal, Pep Sq. NJA M. SMITH Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.T.A., Attend- ance, Pep Sq. OMAS S. SMITH Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Intramural Sports, Biology, Chemistry, Proiection, RION S. SNAITH Range Rockette. ZANNE SHARON SNYDER Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Dramatics, Devotional, Red Crass. N ELIZABETH SOLLENBERGER Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus, Triple Trio, Girls' Glee Club, Library. AINE PATRICIA SOWKO Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Chemistry, Information, Library, Medical. NALD N. SPIEGEL Honor Roll, Log, Golf, Intramural Sports. IZABETH ANNE SPRING Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Band. NE STARKEY Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. DWARD A. STERN Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Home. room Programs, Homeroom Off, I,-nm. mural Sports, Chemistry, Proiection. ARY E. STERN G.A.A. ES R. STEVENSON Chess, Tennis, Intramural Sports, Drama- tics, Hospitality, Proiection. AROLYN LOUREN E STOKE Y-Teens. DWARD B. STONE Honor Roll, J.V. Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Chemistry Chm. ROBERT L. STONE Homeroom Programs, Gymnastics, Wrest- ling, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Stage Crew, Boys' Ushers. JAMES D. STRAUB Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J. V. Track, Intramural Sports, Decorating. CYNTHIA JEAN STROYD Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board, Decorating, Medical. LLOYD M. SWARTZ Homeroom Programs, Bond, Explorer Scouts Off., Chemistry Chm., Parking, Physics, Score Board, Studio. JOHN W. SWEENY Lantern, Log, Wrestling, Intramural Sports. THOMAS F. SWIGART Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Coun- try, J. V. Cross Country, J. V. Track. CAROLYN JANE TAMPLIN Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Log Business Mgr., Homeroom Off., Leaders Club, Varsity Cheerleader, F.T.A., Honor Award, Girls' Ushers. LINDA J. TANNER G.A.A., Maiorette Capt., Y-Teens, Red Cross, Pep Sq. JAMES ARTHUR TAYLOR Activities Key and Guard, Chess, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Track, J. V. Cross Country, J. V. Track, Proiection Chm,, Ways and Means. SHARON ANN TAZZA National Forensic, Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., F.T.A., Checkroom, Debating, Library, Pep Sq. Co-Chm. CHARLES H. TELLER Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Rifle, Track, J. V. Track, Intra- mural Sports. GARY R. TEMPLIN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J. V. Cross Country, J. V. Track, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew, Devotional. MARGARET DOUGLAS THEIS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Con- gress Sec., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Lead- ers Club, Range Rockette, Y-Teens Off., Decorating. DONALD E. THOMPSON, JR. Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Biology, Physics, Boys' Ushers. ELIZABETH A. THURANSKY G.A.A,, F.N.A., Lost and Found. MARILEE ROSE TIBERIO Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Leaders Club, F.T.A., Checkroom, Decorating, In- formation, Devilette Co-Ed., Pep Sq. Co- Chm. CHARLES TILLSON Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Band, Chorus. JOHN A. TOKER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Devotional. HELEN CHRISTINE TURNER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Sabrina Fair, Thespians, Attend- ance, Ways and Means, Pep Sq. CAROLYN J. TWEEDIE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Band, Chemistry, Secretarial. PATRICIA ANN UHLINGER Homeroom Programs, Rifle, G.A.A., Y- Teens, F.H.A., Bulletin Board, Physics, Secretarial, Pep Sq. ROBERT BRUCE UPSTILL Baseball, Intramural Sports. PHILIP H. VALENCOURT Intramural Sports. RICHARD C. WALKER Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, Wrestling, J. V. Basketball, Decora- ting. ROBERT O. WALKER Track, J. V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Dramatics, Devotional. TOMMIE THEORA WALKER Ronge Rockette. SCOTT A. WALLACE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Social, Boys' Ushers. GEORGE B. WALTHER Honor Roll, Cross Country, Track, J. V. Cross Country, J. V. Track, Basketball Mgr., Ways and Means. DONNA LEA WANGEMAN Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Art, Attendance, Decorating, Pep Sq. SCOTT WARD Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Co-Ed., Student Congress Vice-Pres., Homeroom Off., Sabrina Fair, Thespians, Public Address, BONNIE A. WARNER G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Attendance, Ways and Means, Pep Sq. SALLY P. WARREN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Orchestra, Dramatics, Student Directory. JEAN WASSER Honor Rall, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y- Teens Off., Band. JAMES L. WATTERS Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Student Court, Homeroom Off., Rifle Capt., Track, Explorer Scouts, Proiection, Boys' Ushers Chm. JOHN W. WEAVER Lantern, Swimming. KATHLEEN WEAVER Log, Mounty, Information, Medical. ERNEST R. WEBSTER Honor Roll, Wrestling, Intramural Sports. MELBA LOIS WEEKS Lantern, Y-Teens, F.N.A., French Club. DEBORAH ANN WELDON F.N.A., Chorus, Honor Award, Girls' Ushers. RUTH A. WELLER G.A.A., Library, Pep Sq. ANN WELTY Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., Decorating, Information, Medical, Secre- tarial. DOUGLAS WERLINICH Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Coun- try, Track, J. V. Cross Country, J. V. Track, Intramural Sports, Red Cross. ANNABELLE H. WERY Activities Key, Lantern Art Ed., Home- room Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.N.A. Off., Medical, Red Cross Chm. CAROL BABETTE WESLEY G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A., Orchestra, Chorus. JOHN F. WHITE Honor Roll, Mounty, Intramural Sports, Band, In the Pink, Variety Show. DOROTHY LOUISE WIAN G.A.A-, Band. JEFFREY S. WICKEN Honor Roll, Track, Wrestling, J. V. Traclr. E. JANE WILLIAMS G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Medical. MARY KATHLEEN WILLIAMS Rifle, G.A.A., Attendance. FREDERICK LEE WILSON Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Band. JOHN J. WINDFELDER Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Cafeteria Host. NELLA A. WINSLOW Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross, Devilette. JO ANN WITHERSPOON Homeroom Programs, G.A.A., Red Cross. PATRICIA LYNN WORST G.A.A., Secretarial. MARY JO WRIGHT Y-Teens, Dramatics. WILLIAM WUESTEFELD, JR. Wrestling, J. V. Football, J. V. Track. JOHN DAVID WYLES Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Log Sports Ed., Mounty, Student Guidance Council, Homeroom Off., Football, A.F.S. Exchange Student. CARL T. YEAGER Gymnastics, Rifle, J. V. Football, Intra- mural Sports. P. JONATHAN YOUNG Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Mounty Business Mgr., Homeroom Off., J. V. Track, Band, Chemistry, Physics, Boys' Ushers. SALLY C. YOUNG Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Art. JAMES ALLEN YOUNGLING Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track, J. V. Cross Country, J. V. Football, J. V. Track, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. NANCY STEWART ZAHNISER Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Leaders Club, Y-Teens Off., Chemistry, Honor Award. GEORGE THOMAS ZAIMES Mounty, Homeroom Programs, Homeroom Off., J. V. Football, Parking. CURTIS A. ZELLERS Honor Roll, Homeroom Programs, Home- room Off., Intramural Sports, Red Cross. CAROL LEE ZEPP Honor Roll, Chorus, Art Chm. JANIS MARIE ZIVIC Devilette Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Make-up Co-Chm. -lf ,tif fit I 'f fy WI tx f !X,l..kNxgxu in-at X, K ,OU Til if C Qjlxfssbvu 'xp Yfwvw A89 of 669 V695 Q3 41 'O xv 57 O99 .Ne 56' f QL, Q STAFF 1?ONQs N xr 'XQ9 VTWV O,m,9XKP.. 50,9 be fs' Q-,AX Q Xie ff I L X A Q 'BX of Eva Foldes Co-Editor Q5 NY' V AQ QP Q4 Qi' Q5 6 3 ,QP Ellen Maiof Co-Editor Q Ebiogo blbxi Sip 9 . 9-X fs' 'K Virginia Bright Literary Editor IB! 6 Q WO zzz 00 XDQXCJ .030 6 U Adele Hauser "Classes Editor NSN X0 49' NX gg 5' ,Q bl' XJ.. 'B' John Mather Sports EClif0l' 'if Q 5 ESP' Q50 5 QL XP X-fwokl ,QQ Judy Dickinson Aff Editor fb R X L' 9 I 0 X4 Q " 'Vs Carol n Tam lin Business Manager Q9 2, ,lf xp -Q 07, 0 9 v Y P . .ZA bob Q NK Q0 Xixf Mary Coltman Circulation Manager -C E X 0 Q tv of x lb RQ: JI, o . Q If X- X! x lx- ,4 efbtflb ,ii l 4 ,W Wslwgfyfj or ,ff . ff' 'F fix ,MW if - f lb 'fl' i ' .-x A 15' ' VM ' ff if t t Q fit 339 ilffitflwif if 65' Q. if Q Qi ,gy ath cedars stately, isa Mads: hills so bold, , ' -il Stands our Mt. Lebanon, pl . fy 8 zzztznrfzizizriioiid' iw Wy of ll sys Xt1'3.::'L:z,in:e1:?:3: C yy, ggi? flQ'f'ffl,fn,,f1ltfe'l'slf,'fflEng, . 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Suggestions in the Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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