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iw 'H A W Wy 5 J 5 ,ij M f 5lM4 h ' , i QWM, Www 744W Q' NAL H 1 W ff M VM 12K 472 J 1 jfjfj2QQ LW gm fQwOW w' g by btw aff? QQOMPQLMJJ, jf ' ' t fm MMM gjwwlp JmQ"', ' CJQLWNMG, ' V i M ' ' f JW Upfvef M by of Wat? ff , Www? P,f5jUv5M ' 1" x 'V Jwiwfgjw M ,4 J Q Jw? W gf., W, wx QP f' yffy A J MN SN OBJ E ' My J I .,., ! Pj X 1 7yff.fv ,,ff.,1 ' V' X ? 2 L if kf!3!W' W" I yLv5WfP'Wi, ' N Q 6,4UH P5 A A -1- g H My MMA I JWZZTZ6' M , - ' 'ff - M5j,,,U,fA., GWGMC fx VQ N or 71 L C fdltk 'KDQVV9 '?'15lou.cLc-ALL J f , V7'f?f7 jeff-,efgf,4,Z? E Z W,.:2UJ-big, ,w,,,,,6,,,, .,.NQS.,,.v,m1.N 4444! Myq, Vnxkdf . Qcxnw-Lr:,MmLu,.,,..p,.NInN,,,,,.Vb . ,4,aL14,v1f7 W7 !!4 747 f M,,,,,,fEP,:xw.- R942 ipQ A 4 Wimj Lifciwwv. ' ' KCVVJN' 5 QW ff qw!! ii Q' 'xfffbffvv affix? ' Q fb L ,:,fM,Axk,"': U I 'I f dx' Ay g 4 ' H3 fifyl U, A ffiiifd ' l . H 'L L!!, yff LU ,Lf ff? ff? 4 upkglv 1 A3-F' 1 ,1 Q 'fig AX iii' If S' 44 L, ,7 X LIL 96:31 Lk Cx' fc ,AA iff gf' .! L 0 J Il , . IL. V X Q F , U Wig L U fo OL fwiydj M we all 4. ,wi W WM ' I W 5 -' .5 1" 3,3 'xiiuok 5'-fo M' Y v--H Q JF b b WP it VxqY G 3 H Q ' f Q N Q ,Q 1 xg Q Aj ,,, .gf A 55 8' www .X A of K -1' 4 QQ I I ff C I J V, . , 'W-f"f"'x .M'fYv'Wxs. IJ, I I KEETZWIIFIINSW M W I IW THE2I2IIfWffW I If CI 90 I, I, U A M ', fl 9 J . 1 IU7 K .I -I fwff W Q ,P ffmbfwi UI WWI UAW, m6W,n, 'J NV Z2 swf' If lQm,,fi!fL'Ufy Q ,M My U,VI'iiL: L E BA N C N L Gif W 'aft' file -. wif If I NIQXQJZQQQJN MOUNT LEBANON HIGH scHy65ZfL5I " H if PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA I WJ T by H If JW LVL L E - Q Iggfiisgb 25? I H, fc? it XXV ?!w iQgQTG6g fx Sf O2 Hi is A K Q 1 MOUNT LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL JA psf - 3 1 C1-1 W l I ' f xy! ly 'i J X Hs. if W W1 W 7 L I XX ' ri I y XJ H 'H ' C V xv xc W Mn x J N K! . J I C H M. A v . v W s ov, 1 tx To comprehend yd' ML an Emersonian concept V' a complicated football strategem 'L a discussion of the causes of the Civil War the operation of a lathe a French poem . . . To create if an abstract painting f a snowman with personality W a ham radio 3 f a perfect pizza pie . . . f '67 To communicate W fb with a debating opponent 443 W? a shy acquaintance ,, . 1 S". 1 1 a fellow sports enthusiast Eff n V N' , '1 A a sensitive musician . . . ' W Y ji K K' A student at Mt. Lebanon strives - , , Cl' X' P CM K to develop the reasoning skills 4. f - 'V Q, X V XM Wal and mental abilities i, J XJ 3 7 X 745 which he realizes are more worthwhile 'A' Avg NUM X1 ' Lff ALL! f than kiiowledge f N ,W , ,tl l f f ,n .M ' o cong omerate acts. MU A ji iff, I1 U ,X He dreams, 5 Qjfiu J l I , Q! 'dy U he experiments, and .fb Ljflg g DVM when he graduates, V' Ajflij , U X 'fp J AAJOJ he is moving with a surer step i, QXQP' n A127 Al toward the life his capabilities permit r I, Ou LIL K and his aspirations reach. MWmM ' In QW Afvf Y? 5 ,!Q.' at? ' wang 2 1, H Rfgffifkm A W i, 3.1 If x X ' 1 5' TO CREATE 3 jim , - J I 1 , 'agp TO COMMUNICATE 4 W A' IW9 ,- I X ag ,Q - it . '-'- ::,.: ww' T0 DEVELQP HIS ABILITIES O FULFILL HIS AMBITICNS IN 1959 WE GRASPED IDEAS SHARED FRIENDSHIPS O O I O O O . PAGE I0 . .-' C! v'j .. PAGE zafg DEVELOPED SPORTSMANSHIP 1 EXPANDED INTERESTS GATHERED MEMORIES .P 1- .. .5 53 w ant? , v A l s . -.J ', H Q '. '-13 f, Ifffif .N . if 11- 5 I 'I' I aft' A 1 ad- N " - 2 , 4 . Q' 5' L A I. , " PAGE II ' I' If' , , 1' V' , , PAGE I ...fx ' . V . 5'zI"?.j ' ' , -I Q13 I 13' ,w i . ' " ' " ' T.?xfC,' , "E . iff? ns fr 5 '1 qi yt' J, rn, . 1 vq 5?Ti..A., ,KN ., Nu. J 4,5-a 'Ir fig if he ' f Q, -' is mfz llwl flfl f in-if-Q 1 liiUw,5ifffWilw Qffifiifvitidw iifjjlf MTW M Y if-W-312,-gl . wMQ1?cxm!iEij!J it W Q' M' fwfr? 1,012 M fljhflfi W W wwf W fy?-Q3 . W K 1 .g mfg Aww WM J l fn . ' f Mijn l jd . 3 5 .J , if .3 E , Q We grasped ideas . . . - 'ff ideas which were presented to us through books, -Z ' - lectures, experiments, and discussion groups. They A4 xv? ff U were as diversified as our interests and as inte- i -,J 4 K AA ff ' 1 1 f J grated as our lives. They grew as we Worked with ' V A- fp H fv if if ' them and became parts of us and our philosophies. 3 f If X ,fl -f , ith the guidance of our teachers, we analyzed " "Sax 3 ff jj fj -f -,f 7 5"rost's poetry and learned more about Frost, N A- -, W " ,f 3, Y f' Vpoetry, and ourselvesg we discovered how a tree i ,-If KJJN f P jj D! j grows and wondered at the Hights of birds, we ' Si JN' WM ffr? " W J ' pondered Nietzche's theories and began to under- Q -3- "" ff' ,f 1 f' stand Hitler's motivation and World War II, we J fx ' ,U gf' M discussed Latin or French culture and realized how , J gf' " our own had evolved. Finally, we were able to ' F- I comprehend and to appreciate what we encoun- ' 3' xiii f f 4.1 tered in our daily lives, to apply the abstract ideas of men whom we studied to ourselves. v. ,,, .m-pgqgvmpemv-uuv-uw QWSW? IV N YPJWS, -.. if g, if .gf ,pr Guiding Ancl Encouraging luhnm The excellent reputation of the Mt. Lebanon Schools is largely a result of the efforts of Superintendent Dr. Ralph Horsman and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Joseph Keifer, who brought experience and under- standing to their job of supervision. 72 The school board developed the educational policies of the Mt. Lebanon School System. The members were: Mr. James Daniell, Mr. William C. Berg, Jr., Mr. Robert F. Dyson, Miss Mariam Headley, Mr. Edward H. Buck, Mr. Samuel A. Schreiner, Mrs. Donald C. Lewis, Mr. Beckley Smith, Mr. Otis C. Hogsett. DR. MILLS Dr. Nelson Mills, our principal, directed the numerous activities of our school with understanding. We heard his voice many mornings explaining school policy to us, con- gratulating us for outstanding achievement, or discussing our responsibilities. We saw him in the halls, observing class passing or talking with one of our teachers or classmates. We knew that he coordinated our school lives, and we were grateful to him. With him, we shared an immense pride in Mt. Lebanon High School. M . ,fzff VV 1 Dr. Floy Penn, director of instruction for the Mt. Lebanon school system, supervised our testing programs, helped to coordinate our curriculum, and was available to help any student or parent with a problem. Coordinating the activities of our school is the mammoth job of our principal, Dr. Nelson Mills, here aided by Miss Speckhalls and Mrs. Booth, secretaries. Duet with a Western flair! 5,93-,ar Q2 MRS. MORGAN With the ever-increasing size of our school, the job of Mrs. Geraldine Morgan grows. When we read absentee lists, were excused early from school, or had the misfortune to be tardy, we realized that knowing the whereabouts of all of Mt. Lebanon's students all the time is difficult and time-consuming. DR. MOORE Our vice principal, Dr. John Moore, patiently adjusted the schedules of our students to best fit their needs. Class rank, college transcripts, a comprehensive record of the school lives of Mt. Lebanon's graduates, and the registration of new students occupied much of his time. We appreciated Dr. Moore's aid in moulding and organizing our lives. 1 I4 SECRETARIES Mrs. Davies. Attendance slips, college transcripts, Iowa Test scores, and many other odd jobs were handled by Miss Wass, Mrs. Daniels, and ACTIVITIES OFFICE Mrs. Cargill and Miss Olzac directed Mt. Lebanon High School's extracurricular activities. Through their efforts, freshmen and new students were guided toward after school jobs which developed their interests, and all of us enjoyed social events sponsored by the activities department, and we all had the opportunity to participate in our student government. pm GUIDANCE OFFICE College and career choices are continu- ing problems for students of high schools all over the country. At Mt. Lebanon, where 8OCyb of us go on to college, and many enter professional or specialized fields, our guidance counselors were kept busy in 1959. Mrs. Horne and Mr. Nick- las, and Miss Alessio, counselors, and Mrs. Irwin, secretary, were equipped with sympathy, patience, and a never-ending supply of suggestions. MEDICAL OFFICE Miss High, our school nurse, had wonderful diagnostic ability. Students who suffered from colds were given yellow excuse forms, those who were allergic to math, received yellow back-to-class slips. Warned of frostbite and re- minded of wise winter health habits, we remained healthy throughout most of the year. THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE A student who reads widely and with dis- crimination, who Writes clearly and who listens with comprehension, and presses himself originally is prepared municate with others. He can read preciate Geoffrey Chaucer or Agatha fluently, who ex- to com- and ap- Christie, write about winter dawn or steer-raising, en- joy lectures about modern art or hunting wild boars, and take an active and intelligent part in any conversation. The primary aim of Mt. Lebanon High School's English department is MICHAEL A ACCET TA English 12 GERALDINE C. ADAMSON English io PATRICIA C -BIGGE My to help students to develop skill in al ph of communication. My I fl! U .U MARY LOU CHARLTON df' . .aa 11 493 KATHERYN ANN FUNK FROBESE Senior Composi English 11 tion 1? '- ', 5- ll" '-': , ' 'fri' -. A ,g f t-ii 1 H ,... ,Q J... is I tit JANET L. ANNA THOMP- VIRGINIA ELIZABETH A. ' CURTIS SON DAVIS ELLIOTT EVANS English 12 English 11 and 12 Adv. English 10, Senior Composi- 11, and 12 tion I fill RUTH F URLONG English 12 MRS. MARY GEHRIG , Special , . Education MISS GORDON English 10 JEAN HAY Senior Composition A chance at Chaucer! "Boys, never go steady!" JACQUELINE M. HUGHES English 10 and 12 MR. RICHARD L. JONES Special Education MRS. LYNETTE MCCONNELL English, General English Miss NANCY McHUGH English 9 '11 e e 3 I i ee 0 55 .fl --.. V 9 , f .1" 2 xlil sxcesgsssm Q-lp.. X JEAN FLORENCE MacKINNEY McLAUGHLIN Librarian Senior Composi- 5 A Ma , A I iw tion, Journalism, C, A ,Af xx 'x'X'fA, X A. S If 5 Q 1' -Q. 13 . : Q' H. MANNING KAY RYALL MR. D. MOORE JANE I. W. English 10 MILLER Secondary School MORAN I English 11 psychological English 9 testing JULIAN T. MYERS Speech MARION J. OLZACK English 9 ELEANOR T. RINNE English 12 W. CLYDE SIMPSON English 9 SQ, M..-A Research and more research! 'A ck, ffia V59 'i ,L 'W 1. .7 M BECDMING GO0D CITIZENS DAVID A. MR. BURROWS JOHN E. VICTOR M. HARRY C. GEORGE W, BAT CHELOR Economics, Prin. DENBOW DOAK HADDEN KLINE World History of Selling U.S. History U.S. History U.S. History Global Geography Sociology, W0r1d HiSt0fY American Commercial Law Government Geography of Strategic Areas 3 .CBERNARD J. DONLEY WILBUR C. KOBO SKY MOLLENAUER MOORE World History U.S. History Civics Civics "My country is like yours in many ways." ALBERT N. K. L. TAGGART RICHARD N sTAN1sH Civics TOLER World History Civics What is a socially competent indi- vidual? He is one who understands and appreciates his social and cultural heri- tage, who realizes that our democratic institutions have not been easily achieved and must be actively defended today and tomorrow, who is well-in- formed about contemporary historical events, and who is aware of his respon- sibility in our interdependent world. He is prepared for wise leadership or fol- lowership according to his own talents and desires. Our social studies depart- ment attempts to help each student to become a socially competent individual. LANGUAGE AND CULTURE MARGUERITE CHARLES G. MIRIAM DOROTHY I. HELEN BECK BLANTON BULGER DEAN RUSSELL German French Latin French HAYN ES Latin HOWARD M JONES French MILDRED MARGERY C. ADA RITA M. MARY V- LENK MCCLURE PATTERSON ROEGGE THORPE Latin, Spanish Latin Latin ' Spanish SP3f1iSh The foreign language department has a two-fold purpose: to present to the stu- dents not only the language of another people but also their culture, ideals, and aspi- rations. By the use of textbooks and records the student becomes acquainted with the language itself. Through outside reading about the customs, habits, country, and cul- ture of the people where his language is spoken, through making Latin maps and scrolls, joining French club, singing songs in German, and talking to people who have lived or visited in Spain, the student is able to form an impression of what the people are like. By the end of his study of foreign language, the student obtains a knowledge of Latin, French, Spanish, or German, and an insight into the people who speak the language which he has studied. "Veni, vidi, vici Latinam!" "-1: 53' ff 19 G il R JOSEPHINE N. l 1 20 ANCIENT AND MODERN QUESTIGNS DR- CHARLES SHERRICK CHARLES 0. JOHN F. REED RAINES F. BECK GILBERT LOHR MEHNER Chemistry Chemistfyy AdV- Biology ' Biology Biology, Adv. Chemistry 'Ab' A' ' .09-44, ,Q 1:,..LJs eo wwe W' ROBERT A. RUTH Physics MR. TAYLOR Chemistry - ' i MRS. WATTERS Physics Chemistry ANDREW ZEEDICK General Science Biology T, The world in which we live is a complex and awesome place, fascinating to explore. We wish to learn how clouds are formed and why they go awayg how steel is madeg why an electric current makes a frog's leg jumpg what an atom is and how it is used in pro- pelling a guided missile. The most important aim of our science department is to give each student an understanding of the physical and biological factors of our environment and an appreciation of modern technology and its influence on our lives. "We suggest that everyone stand back." rVNSHi. . VME BASIS FOR LCGICAL THINKING EDITH M. MERCER ALICE ELMS HARRY E- FRED R. CLARK CLARK Adv. Math 11 FELICI-I GAERTNER Algebra I Algebra I and 12 Algebfa, Adv- Trigonometry Trigonometry Algebfa, Adv. Math 122 Math 10 Algebra I A compass, a slide rule, a formula, a three-dimensional plastic figure . . . these are some of the tools of the budding mathematician. That mathematician must develop spatial per- ception and facility with concrete expression of abstract con- cepts through wide and diversified experience in mathematics. Eut whether or not the student vvill ever attempt to evolve NORMAN L. time-space equations, he will gain through mathematics a GOODWIN sound basis for precise and logical thinking. Our mathematics A1geb,-3 111 department also helps Mt. Lebanonls students to achieve a mastery of practical skills and an understanding of the roles of deductive and inductive reasoning. Mathematical miscellany! MR. R. MEYERS Algebra, Plane Geometry MISS EILEEN NESBETT Plane Geometry SARAH E. JOSEPH'A. SRP A SRICHARD EARL L. ANNE SMITH plane Geometry IEWALKER WHIPKEY RIGHTMIRE Trigonometry Algebra III Algebra III Plane Geometry Solid Geometry '.5"--il - DEVELOPING BUSINESS APTITUDE fl. r 'ii I K M. ,QL 5 FN Qs? How a typewriter operates, what the "Weird symbols" of shorthand represent, and how a bank figures compound interest are no mystery to students of our business education department. Whether they will become secre- taries, accountants, or hornemakers, the depart- ment attempts to give each one practical skill in business mechanics. "I used to think this stuff looked like bird footprints!" FRANKIE DOROTHY H. W. A. KIRK C. THELMA BONIFIELD GROVE MITCHELL TALLMAN WHINNIE Typing, Shorthand, Type- Business Typing Business Subjects Commercial Math writing, General Education Business, N-o-w-i-s-t-h-e- t-i-m-e-f-o-r HCL MUSICAL EXPRESSIQN Our music department attempts to convey to each student the idea that music is the con- cise and subtle expression of ideas or emotions through coordinated tones and rhythms. Chor- uses band, and orchestra help students to de- velop skill and artistic appreciation of music. California is a long way from here! MAY K. ARTHUR SNEARY YAGELLO Vocal Music Orchestra Music Theory Instrumental Classes Seeking high C! 'sl ll, sf -P if jr. .A 24 INTERPRETING AND CREATING MR. JOHN N. NEAL JOHN F. DOUGLAS BERNHARDY Woodshop RAMSEY SHANE-R Machine Shop Mechanical Aft, Metal Art Mechanical Drawing Drawing Inspiration under the mobiles! To give each student an opportunity for self- expression and an appreciation of the aesthetic quality of his environment is the primary pur- pose of art and shop classes. Emphasis is on originality of concept. Students learn to enjoy critically the work of others and to build their own creations. iii! F "It's important to be precise." TOWARD GO0D HEALTH ,,,f' JOHN P. DOROTHY NORMA RALPH FIFE WILLIAM M DONNA J BECKERT DAVIDSON FAIETA Physlcal GRANT SHAVER Physical Civigs physical Educa Education Physical Educa Physical Education Physical tion, 751021 EduCat1On Education Two important factors contributing to the good health of an individual are appreciation of what good health is and controlled, proper exercise. Through health classes, the student learns about his body machinery and how best to keep it running smoothly. In gym classes, he develops game skills and good sportsmanship. Nice assist! l MARGARET J. BILLING SLEY Health JOHN T. KRAC SUN Health "Please stop tickling my liver' 'T AN INSIGHT INTO FAMILY LIFE Most of us, whether we become doctors, engineers, ful family life depends upon many factors: the home should be efficiently organized, and each member of X he family should understand the others' motivati 'R an classes, students learn to sew straight Q1 dulge 1n creative cookery, ir rooms, and make consci us attempts I . tolerance and understan -.5 IQ,-tensile is UL NE K. MRS. GRACE Fl " We ORR J I Homemaking Personal ful! I Adjustment L H Clothing , up -., i"."Y. :Ur ' lv- frat ,V ,iw Wifi rf I ' we "What is this arrow for?" B Wash ,em out cleang iron 'em out smooth! 26 fl R, "Personally, I'd say I'm a very well-adjusted fellow!" or artists, will marry and have families. A success- Exp hrough home economics and personal adjust SKILL AND COURTESY 'N-sewn... XR . "Yes, son, that's the steering wheel." o Courtesy and skill on the highway grow not just from understanding of carburetors and dif- ferentials and the Motor Vehicle Code, but also from respect for other drivers. Our driver educa- tion department attempts to instill in each student a sense of civic responsibility and coop- eration while teaching him how to operate an automobile. . yt f F GLENN S. GEORGE JOSEPH ASTON-REESE LAMPRINAKOS PAGANELLI Driver Education Driver Education Driver Education .IRENE YAKU LIS ANSWERING OUR NEEDS if.,-I-i -uv? ' f .1 ""feI1'! V ,. .LAK if ROW 1: R. Schweinbraten, Mcllroy, Pickerine, Strauss, Donelli. ROW 2: Smith, Paholsky, Deteky, Ball, Smith, McIntyre. ROW 3: McCue, Evans, Johnson, H. Schweinbraten, Civet- tine, Otto. FRONT: C. Ciraula, A. Fallucco, H. Reardon, P. Mueller, M. Ferraro, H. McCue, J. Kirstein, M. Boustead, E. tini, M. Corso, F. Gastgeb, R. Rogers, I. Smith, S. Bal- dinger, E. Cuda. BACK: S. Clarke, D. Donelli, I. Yakuhs, M. Connolly. sz . WMV? ,auac4 2944.0 'LU 7" - . ,nal ff-ffd ,ffdff-U W 474' 43577 Go We shared friendships . . . friendships which grew from encounters at foot- ball games, in the Activities Office, or in English class to bonds between classmates who had lived common experiences and were beginning to under- stand each other. That we had originally come from Germany or Florida was insignificant when we did 120-C research together or discovered each other's interest in the same college. We did not all agree that Mazeroski was the best second baseman in the National League, but We enjoyed discussing his qualifications. Some of us became silent when ive were impressed by the orchestra's rendition of "Say It Isn't Sof, and others bragged about the accomplishment to strangers on a bus, but we all felt pride. From our common exper- iences, we developed friendships which trans- cended common experience and became a part of us in 1959. ? . ' r 5 fillf if if? Q fw f his S QQ F: 1? 4 '15 Wig If C Q l Q 1. Q , 1' x 9 Q . In D "L - WW' 2 ,. v:f'A-T222 ,gh , . A31 5 I ' ' ' V WEL , , - W - W 2 -A Qlfggy-'., , ff .1 ,,,y,,,ft,i3wf my , k Q A-3424 pgx .M 'ssfwggy S M aw will KX gif- Q 4 Only one word embodies all 581 members of the Class of '59: spirit. With oirit we entered as the first freshman classg with spirit we have approached ur graduation. Our enthusiasm was with us when four years of study stretched out, limitless, efore us. It increased as '59 became a part of Mt. Lebanon High School and egan to show its special character. In our Senior Year, our vigor reached a Vimax, and our efforts were fulfilled in achievement. Our struggles with studies were rewarded in many ways. We had the honor f supplying 32 National Merit Semi-Finalists and the pride of knowing that iose of us who weren't scholars had developed our capacities to the fullest. We threw ourselves with energy into the yearly round of activities. From our onfire, a symbol of our enthusiasm, we progressed through a lively production f First Lady to the last moment of the Senior Prom. In between, we created a iccessful flash card section, adopted green and white as our class colors, and 'atched a bold and skillful football team establish an outstanding record. The og, Lantern, and Mounty were outlets for our imaginationg the Snowball, adie Hawkins, and Mardi Gras gave us the opportunity to express our vitality irough music and laughter. Most of all, our spirit helped us grow and mature. We began to learn the 'ays of patience and the goodness of giving, the fashioning of thoughts and the uilding of livesg the acceptance of the past and the hope of the future. The Class of ,59 of Mt. Lebanon High School both gave and received the nest of gifts: the gift of spirit. DOLORES ANN ABLAUF G.A.A., Attendance. NANCY KAY ABRAHAM Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Publicity. CARL R. AITKEN Football, Intramural Sports. DAVID ALBUS Intramural Sports. JANET CAROL ALLEBRAND Band Mgr. KATHLEEN M. ALLEN G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Library. ROBERT AMIVIERMAN J .V. Football. RAY M. ANDERSON Intramural Sports, Band, Physics. VALERIE JEAN ANDERSON Honor Roll, F.T.A., Library, Pep Sq. VICKI LYNN ANDERSON Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, F.T.A., Decorating, Information. J UDITH LYNNE ARCHBOLD Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Student Guidance Coun- cil, Homeroom OE., G.A.A., F.T.A., Attendance, Decorating. LOIS JEAN ASTI l Log, Girls' Gymnastics, G.A.A., Pep Sq. JOSEPH A. ATCI-IISON Football, Intramural Sports, Hospitality. PHILIP H. AUBERTINE Gymnastics, Rifle, Wrestling, Football, Intramural Sports. ARTHUR AYERS Homeroom Off., Football, Intramural Sports. FRANCES ANN BABYAK G.A.A., Library. A. CHESTER BACHMAN Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. THOMAS C. BAER Honor Roll, Intramural Sports. FREDERICK R. BAILEY Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Boys' Ushers. MARY S. BAIRD Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Chorus, Choral Accompanist, Hospitality, Medical, Girls' Ushers. NANCY C. BARNHART Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Range Rockette, F .T.A., First Lady, Costume, Thespians, Log. ANN BARNUM Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Girls' Ushers. DAVID A. BARONE Baseball, Football, J.V. Basketball, Intramural Sports. CYNTHIA A. BARRETT Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.T.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, Art, Informa- tion. JAMES C. BARRICK Honor Roll, Chemistry Co-Chm., Physics, Projection, Boys' Ushers. JAMES N. BATEMAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Track, Wrestling, J.V. Football, J .V. Track, Intramural Sports. JUDYTH C. BATES Log, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens, F.N.A. GRACE FRANCES BATTAGLIA G.A.A., F.T.A., Information, Library, Lost and Found, Medical. VIVIEN JO BATTAGLIA Lantern, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Decorating, Pep Sq. VANITA BAUKNIGHT Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.T.A. Off., Orchestra, Devotional, Studio. THOMAS A. BEARDSHALL Honor Roll, Homeroom Off. HELEN M. BEAVER G.A.A., Attendance, Hospitality, Information, Girls! Ushers, Pep Sq. CATHERINE BECK G.A.A. SUSAN L. BEIDLER Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Stu- dent Court, Homeroom Off., Cheerleader Capt., First Lady, Make-up. IRENE MARGARET BEITLER Honor Roll, Mounty, G.A.A., Bulletin Board Chm., Library, Medical. ' ROBERT S. BELL Golf, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Parking. STEPHEN W. BENDER Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Hospitality. LAWRENCE BENINTEND Intramural Sports. CAROLYN A. BENN G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Library Chm., Medical, Ways and Means. GEORGE RICHARD BENSON J.V. Football. CHARLES JOSEPH BERG III. Honor Roll, Baseball Mgr., Basketball Mgr. SUSAN KAY BERG Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., F.T.A., Attendance, Red Cross, F.H.A. fi KE 53. .5 1 4 5 id EDWARD SILHOL BETKER Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Stage Crew. DIANNE CAROL BIXLER G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information. THOMAS H. BLACKWOOD Advisory Council, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Wrestling, In- tramural Sports. DAVID W. BLUMFELDT Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. RICHARD P. BOLLINGER Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Ushers Chm. ROBERT W. BOLLINGER Homeroom Off., Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Band, Boys' Ushers. SARA ANN BORATEN G.A.A., Pep Sq. MARGARET JANE BOWERS G.A.A., F.N.A. ANTOINETTE BRASHARES Lantern, G.A.A., Mrs. McThing, First Lady, Bulletin Board, Public Address, Thespians, Pep Sq. JAMES N. BRECKER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. JOSEPH E. BREEN Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. HOWARD R. BREINIG Football, Wrestling, J .V. Football, Intramural Sports. ANN ELIZABETH BREITENSTEIN Advisory Council, Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Cheerleader, Auditorium Planning, Medical. VOLKER BREITFELD Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Projection. PATRICIA ANN BRIDGES Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Lost and Found, Red Cross, Girls' Ushers. JEAN SHERIDAN BROWN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., At- tendance, Pep Sq. MARJORIE MAE BROWN Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., Band. THOMAS W. BROWN Intramural Sports. SUZANNE EILEEN BRUBAKER Log, G.A.A., Information, Medical. E. BLAIR BRUNSWICK Homeroom Off., Swimming, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host, Boys' Ushers. BEVERLY L. BURNER G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Attendance, Bulletin Board, Girls' Ushers. WILLIAM L. BUT TLAR Basketball, Cross Country, Track, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track. JUDITH ANN BUTTON Honor Roll, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens Off., Chorus, Triple Trio. ROBERT W. CALDWELL Intramural Sports. MARY BLANTON CALHOON Lantern, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Chorus, Honor Award, Medi- cal, F.H.A. SUE LINDA CALLAHAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Major- ette Co-Capt., Bulletin Board, Decorating. FRANK CARDELLO Intramural Sports. WILLIAM G. CARMAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, J.V. Football, J .V. Track, Intramural Sports. ROBERT W. CARNEY Lantern, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Projection, Properties Chm., Thespians Off. FREDERICK CARPENTER Boys' Ushers, Information. DAVID L. CARROLL J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. SUZANNE CLARK CARROLL Costume, Devotional, Make-up, Publicity. HENRY FELTON CASSEDY DARIO F. CASTELLI Boys' Glee Club. JOSEPH CATAIO Honor Roll, Intramural Sports. JAMES CATALANO Swimming, Intramural Sports. JOHN P. CHAKOS Intramural Sports, Public Address. DELAURA K. CHAPPELL Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., F.T.A., Bulletin Board, Ways and Means, Pep. Sq. Chm. KAREN L. CHRISTIANSEN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Court, F.T.A., Chorus Music Mgr., Devotional Choir. MARY ELLEN CHURCH Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Pep. Sq. JOANN C. CIBRONE G.A.A. EDWARD R. CIPRIANI Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Band. .0 'P' 1? H :- CAROL EDITH CLARK Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Band. LINDA M. CLARRY Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Medical. MARILYN CLAUSEN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.N.A., Chemistry, Hospitality, Medical, Ways and Means. CAROLE NANCY CLAYPOOL Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.H.A., Library, Medical, Ways and Means. DOUGLAS CLAYPOOL Honor Roll, Gymnastics, Track, Intramural Sports. NANCY ANN CLEVER Range Rockette, Decorating, Information. RICHARD KENYON COBB Homeroom Off., Basketball Mgr., Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Decorating, Stage Crew, Thespians. FRANK E. COHO,JR. Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Boys' Usher Chm. DIANA LOUISE COLE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, G.A.A., F.N.A., Band, Achievement, Chemistry, Library. DOROTHY FAYE COLLINS Entertainment Bulletin, G.A.A., F.T.A., F.H.A., Lost and Found, Medical, Ways and Means. ARTHUR L. COLUSSY Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. WALLACE M. CONKLIN Intramural Sports, Art, Cafeteria Host. JAMES W. CONLEY Baseball Mgr., Basketball Mgr., Intramural Sports. EDWARD GRANT CONNELLY Tennis, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. JOHN H. CONNER Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Mrs. McThing, First Lady, Matchmaker, Studio Mgr., Thespians. PATRICIA ANN CONNOR Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, Band, Library, Studio. MARY ADALINE CONNORS Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., J.V. Cheer- leader Co-Capt., F.T.A., Costume, Decorating, Information. MAGDALINE CONOMOS Honor Roll, Lantern, Y-Teens, First Lady, Bulletin Board, Red Cross Chm., Studio, Debate. ROBERT G. COO Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Sports Ed., Log, Student Court, Homeroom Off., Basketball, Tennis. JOSEPH R. COPELAND Intramural Sports. CAROL SUE CORT Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Girls' Ushers. DIANE CORTEZ Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Attendance. SUSAN LEE COULTER Homeroom Off., Bulletin Board, Decorating, Medical. LOIS PAMELA CROCO Honor Roll, G.A.A., Information, Library, Pep Sq. STEVEN F. CUNNINGHAM Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Wrestling, J.V. Football, Intra- mural Sports, Band, First Lady. MARJORIE F. CURL G.A.A., Properties. SUSAN ELIZABETH CURRAN Lantern, G.A.A., F.T.A., Costume Chm., Decorating, Thespians. JANET A. DAVIES Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Devotional. GARMAN C. DAVIS Wrestling, Intramural Sports. KATHLEEN ANN DAVIS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Home- room Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Girls, Ushers. VIRGINIA ANN DAVIS Lantern, G.A.A., Ways and Means. BRUCE A. DAVISON Homeroom OH., Gymnastics, Wrestling, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. BARBARA ANN DAWLEY Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Costume, Thespians. DOROTHY ELLEN DAY G.A.A. JUDITH MARIE DELACH G.A.A., Information. GERALDINE J. DEMARET G.A.A., F.T.A., F.N.A., Medical. DONALD N. DEWEES Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Band, Physics Co- Chm. MARY KATHERINE DEWEES Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, Entertainment Bulletin Co-ed., G.A.A., Honor Award. BARBARA DILWORTH Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Attendance, Devotional. ELIZABETH JEAN DINGMAN Lost and Found RONALD JAY DOBKIN Intramural Sports, First Lady, Decorating. SYLVIA ELAINE DOLE Honor Roll, Lantern, Y-Teens, F.N.A., Orchestra, Chemistry, Devotional. QW' THOMAS R. DONNELLSQ JR. JAMES L. DOOLEY Intramural Sports, Band. EDWARD PATRICK DORAN Football, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM DANIEL DRISCOLL Homeroom Off., Football, Basketball, Baseball, Decorating. SANDRA C. DUBLIN G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus, Triple Trio. CAROLYN DUKE Decorating, In The Pink. MIKE DUNHAM Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. JUDITH ANN DUPREE Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, G.A.A., F.N.A., F.H.A., Attendance. WILLIAM T. DURKIN Honor Roll, Tennis, Intramural Sports, Projection, Stage Crew. ELAINE DUTY Log, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Lost and Found, Medical, Red Cross, Girls' Ushers. PAMELA ELINOR DYER Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Honor Award, Information, Medical, Pep Sq. CAROLE ANNE EASTON ag Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Au it l n Decorating, Red Cross. , www - l THOMAS C. ECKERSLEY WM JM Intramural Sports, Projection, Way eat? ,W U STAFFAN B. N. EHNBOM of Honorary Member of Student Con e s,' IwQ,E, Ushers. , H. JAMES EKEDAHLJR. ,M If ' Intramural Sports, First Lady. WWWW MARTHA J EAN EMERICK Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A. SUE ANN ENGEL Log, G.A.A., Range Rockette, F.N.A., Decorating, Library. SUSAN E. ENGEL Lantern Asst. Feature Ed., Mounty, G.A.A. ROY N. ENVALL Parking. ROBERT ESPOSITO Physics. EMANUEL ESTATICO Intramural Sports. BARBARA E. ESTES Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.N.A., Girls' Gymnastics. BEATRICE A. FAVINGER Log, G.A.A., F.N.A., Checkroom, Medical, Pep Sq. JANE C. FELLOWS G.A.A., Checkroom, Medical, Red Cross, Pep. Sq. PENELOPE JANE FERGUSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Costume, Ways and Means, Girls' Gymnastics. DONALD S. FERITO,JR. J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Chorus, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Messiah, Mrs. McThing, Public Address Thespians. AUDREY FERRARO PETER A. FIELD Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Rifle Capt., Track, Intramural Sports, Band. BARBARA JEAN FINK Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.T.A., F.H.A., Information Chm., Red Cross, Girls' Ushers. THOMAS EDWIN FINK Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Cross Coun- try, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Physics. JAN M. FINKEL Honor Roll, Log, Intramural Sports, Publicity. CHERYL FISHBURN G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Girls' Ushers. ELINOR FISCHER G.A.A. DOROTHY A. FITCH Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.N.A., Off., Make-up Chm., Thespian Off., Pep Sq. JAMES J. J. FLANAGAN Homeroom Off., Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. HARRY M. FLECK Intramural Sports, Projection Chm. PETER F. FLETCHER Honor Roll, Track, Wrestling, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. MARY ANNE FLORY G.A.A., F.T.A., Chorus, Pep Sq. GARY G. FORCEY Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Studio. KAYE LYNN FORTUNES Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, In The Pink. RICHARD C. FOSTER Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. LINDA JEAN FOX Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus, Devotional. 1 ww... if 1z..,' LYNN C. FOX Intramural Sports. PAUL C. FRANKLIN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Basketball Mgr., Intramural Sports, Decorating. DONNA J . FREEMAN Homeroom Off., F.H.A. ROBERT G. FREILAND Football Mgr., Track Mgr. DONALD FRIEND Intramural Sports. D. CAROLE FULTON Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chemistry, Honor Award, Pep Sq., DELORES JEAN GABRENAS Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Pep Sq. EDWIN GALES Intramural Sports, Biology Chm. MARY SYDNEY GALLOWAY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., French Club. ANNETTE ELAINE GALLUZE Lantern, Log, Mounty, G.A.A., Attendance, Bulletin Board, Pep Sq. STEPHEN J. GARLAND Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Chess, Intramural Sports. RICHARD B. GARLITZ Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball, Football, J.V. Basket- ball, J.V. Football. FRANK E. GARRATT DELBY LEE GEESEMAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Check- room Co-Chm., Properties, Public Address, Pep Sq. NANCY D. GEHRING Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Orchestra, Medical. JOHN CHARLES GERLACH Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Boys' Ushers. ANNE AMELIA GIBSON Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, G.A.A., In The Pink, First Lady, The Matchmaker, Art, A.F.S. Exchange Student. RITA ANN GIEGERICH Log Asst. Circulation Mgr., G.A.A., Costume Co-Chm., Decor- ating, Library, Thespians, Pep Sq. JOAN A. GILLILAND Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Decorating, Pep. Sq. DIANE MARIE GIORDANO Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette. JUDITH ANN GIRA Homeroom Off., G.A.A. JAMES WRIGHT GLENNAN Track, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. STANTON JAMES GOLDMAN Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew Chm., Thespians. BAYMER JON GORR fx Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Publicity. I 0 L ,L , A ,J , ,, , . V . f' ,,' , ,ii A lf' V . ' ML' "' VICTOR PHILIPPE GOTTSCHALL ig Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, En- tertainment Bulletin, Rifle, Chemistry Co-Chm., Devotiorial, Physics Co-Chm. ii HAZEL MAE GRABE Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Band, Achieve- ment Bulletin. BEVERLY GRANT G.A.A., Majorette, Range Rockette, Attendance. GAIL MEREDITH GRANT Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Art, Attendance, Pep Sq. SALLY ARMELLA GRANT Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Hospitality, Information. SUSAN S. GRANT Lantern, G.A.A., F.T.A., F.N.A., Honor Award. JOHN GREGG Football, Track, Intramural Sports. GERE GRIMM Intramural Sports, Biology, Decorating, Traffic. KATRINA ANN GRIMM G.A.A., F.T.A., Orchestra, Attendance, Girls' Ushers Chm. FOSTER M. GROSE Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Decorating Co-Chm. JOHN ROBERT GROVE Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Band. BARBARA A. GRUMMER G.A.A., F.T.A., F.H.A., Library, Pep Sq. DANIEL GUERRIERI Honor Roll, Track, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Hos- pitality. CAROLE ELIZABETH HALL Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., F.N.A., Chorus, Library. BARBARA ANN HAMMEL Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Bulletin Board, Library, Medi- cal. C. ALLEN HAMMOND Intramural Sports, Band. DONALD HARBISON Intramural Sports. R. D. HARLAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Golf, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Debate, Publicity. fx 3 L!.y, Q--3. JOANNA LEE HART Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Pep Sq. CARL D. HART MAN Tennis, Wrestling, Intramural Sports. DAVID A. HARTQUIST Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. MARY J. HEALEY Log, Mounty, G.A.A., F.T.A., Library, Medical. PATRICIA F. HEASTAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A. Art, Properties, Pep Sq. BARBARA ANN HEETER F.N.A., Red Cross. ELIZABETH E. HEIM Pep Sq. SHARON HEITMEIER G.A.A., F.N.A., Decorating, Medical, Red Cross. WILLIAM J. HERMAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Projection. DAVID E. HERZOG Honor Roll, Log, Intramural Sports, Public Address. MARGARET ANNE HILSINGER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Student Congress Sec., Home- room Off., Leaders Club, Range Rockette, Checkroom Co-Chm., Medical. JUDITH FRANCES HOAG F.N.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, In the Pink, Messiah, The Fortune Teller, Medical, Studio. SUELLEN HOEFT Lantern, Log, G.A.A., F.T.A., Library, Properties, Pep Sq. NANCY C. HOFFMANN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Attendance. M. JOANNE HOGG Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, F .N.A. NANCY A. HOLL G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.N.A., Library, F.H.A., Pep Sq. DONNA RAE HOUSER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Business Mgr., G.A.A., Y- Teens Off., F.T.A., Orchestra, Chorus, Red Cross. JAMES R. HOWLEY Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Wrestling, Cafeteria Host and Hostess Chm., Public Address, Boys' Ushers. GRETCHEN L. HUESTER Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Majorette, F.H.A. DAVID P. HUGHES Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Projection. WILLIAM O'NEIL HUNT Swimming Capt., Intramural Sports. 1 DIANNE A. HUSTON Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Information, Medical. WILLIAM B. IAMS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Physics. ANNE ROYSTON IRWIN Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Cheerleader, Medical, Social Chm., Thespians Off., My Sister Eileen. BARBARA ANN IRWIN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., F.T.A., Costume Chm., Information, Public Address, Thespians. CAROL MARIE IRWIN Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Majorette Capt., Attendance, Bulletin Board. JUDITH ANN JEFFCOTT Y-Teens, Orchestra. KURT S. JOHNSON Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Chorus. ROBERT S. JOHNSTON Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. ROBERTA JOHNSTON Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., F.N.A., Chemistry. ANN ELIZABETH JONES Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, Medical, Publicity, Ways and Means. BARBARA BEESON JONES Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Devotional. MARK ANTHONY JORDAN Gymnastics. THOMAS F. JORDAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. SALLY ANN J URGENSEN Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom OH., G.A.A., F.T.A., Attendance, Pep. Sq. JOYCE ANN KASSING Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chorus. NANCY JEAN KAUFMAN G.A.A., Girls' Gymnastics. CHARLES E. KAY Cross Country, Track, J .V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intra- mural Sports, Information. GRETCHEN GRAY KECK Log, Y-Teens. ARTHUR KEGEL J .V. Football, Intramural Sports. MIRIAM J. KELLY G.A.A., Chorus, Devotional Choir, The Fortune Teller, In The Pink, Messiah, Library, Lost and Found. FREDERICK B. KELSEY J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Biology, Physics. -ff: 0 11.4 5' . 'ff A . CONRAD M. KERST LEROY S. KERST JOSEPH KIRAY Intramural Sports. JOHN L. KLEINHANS Honor Roll. JAMES C. KLETTER Basketball Mgr., J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. GORDON LEE KNAPP Student Court, Homeroom Off., Wrestling, Intramural Sports. REGINALD H. KNAPP Chemistry Chm., Physics, Projection, Chess. THOMAS WILLIAM KNAPPER Rifle, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. BONNIE SUE KNIGHT Activities Key, Student Guidance Council, G.A.A., Cheerleader, First Lady, Decorating, Hospitality, Thespians, Range Rock ette. LINDA LEE KNOX Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Checkroom, Medical, Pep Sq. MARY J. KOBLISH Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Library, Medical. HOWARD CYRIL KOCMOND Gymnastics, Intramural Sports. GLORIA MARIE KOPERA G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Honor Award, Pep Sq. NANCY MARIE KOSTER ROBIN KRAUSE Lantern, G.A.A. Qi. CAROL ANNE KREH Honor Roll, Lantern Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A. WILLIAM C. KRESS,JR. Physics. J UDITH ANN KRUDENER Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Y-Teens, Library, Publicity. VIRGINIA ANN KRUT G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Information, Library, Red Cross. ERNEST L. KUNO Cross Country, J .V. Cross Country, J .V. Track. ANTONIA F. LaMANNA Lantern, G.A.A. M' ETHELYN WHITAKER LAMBERT Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Chem- istry, Scholastic. JEAN LANDEFELD Y-Teens, F.T.A., Band, Girls' Glee Club. LINDA ANN LANE Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Attendance, Bulletin Board Costume, Thespians Off., Pep Sq. LINDA A. LANGHERST G.A.A., F.T.A., Attendance PATRICIA MARIE LAQUINTA Log, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Pep Sq. DAVID H. LARRY Honor Roll, Swimming, Decorating. CARMELINE LAURICIA Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Decorating, Pep Sq. VIVIAN R. LEASURE Honor Roll, Lantern, Y-Teens, Art, Bulletin Board, Medical TODD H. LEUTHOLT Lantern, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. ANN H. LEWIS Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom OH., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Library, Medical Co-Chm., Pep Sq. JOHN A. LINDERMAN Honor Roll, Homeroom OE., Intramural Sports. LISA M. LINDSAY Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Biology, F.H.A. ROBERT E. LINDSAY Intramural Sports. MARSHA ANN LIOON Lantern, Log, G.A,A., Art, Bulletin Board, Medical. SAMUEL A. LIVINGSTON Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Orchestra. PAMELA LORE Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens Off., F.T.A., Chorus, Red Cross, Ways and Means. RUTH ANN LORENZATO Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A. ROGER W. LORY Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, In The Pink, The Fortune Teller, My Sister Eileen, Physics. ELIZABETH ANN LOUGHREN G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Information, Library, Red Cross. ARDETH V. LUCAS Honor Roll, Homeroom OE., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. HENRY W. LUEDY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Tennis, j.V. Football, Intramural Sports. J MOST INTELLIGENT MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Suzy White George Winters Dodie Chappell Jim Howley BEST DRESSED Shamn Rubenstein Bill Marshall ,Y , ' Q 55 Ns- I ,Qlwfws L. JLG-5 K, 'U'-if 'anemia 5 MT . 1? BEST ALL-ROUN Susie Beidler ' QQ V15 wiki W ef BEST LOOKING Beth Breitenstein Tom Blackwood D BEST DANCERS Lee Wells Pat Laquinta Ron Dobkin M? if 4 yt fe 4 1 R rf 5 bi- K ' 11 Wh Zi b 5 vt Q L, , T A K Lmfg' , 5 . . R Y - 1'-l51"gZ,"fJ'iQi .-Q, if gg 1 Q, ,fav : as W f Q file 5f?Mgi+ is , .MIL em. ,NA yrs 6 I ' Q x I gb 1g,2'lg,gi2igljjQ5 , , ' W Q W 'mf , ' I is M, . div , egg, . K is ati, 15,31 ,rwrggiii ,, '- , "-, , - ' ' f 3 1 3 ' I, I A Q' I-. L X, ff,g,2,,?,'z 11, ,Dig C if A 'W V. Jig? 'Q ,- A f ' . 2 wf 4 r h, --ji - ig 'KE K iii if , O Q ' . WSW M ff B, 33 If,. UT..- FRIENDLIEST Babs Jones Butch Breinig SWIMMING PO L S 12" 5? I rj LS' J I ,S JE in 1 N 4 5529 1 ew 'Yi L ie, w BEST ALL- ROUND ATHLETE Linda Poole Danny Driscoll f rh- li I U14 WITTIEST MOST TALENTED Anne Gibson Ron Dobkin Nancy Sherbondy John Conner MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST SOPHISTICATED Pat Weaver Dick Seamans Beth Breitenstein Jei White .asian PAULA ANN LUTTIG Honor Roll, G.A.A., Publicity, Pep Sq. THOMAS A. LYONS Homeroom Off., Baseball, Swimming, Intramural Sports. ROBERT E. MCCABE Intramural Sports, Projection. CLAYTON MCCLELLAN Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. BRUCE M. MCCLINTOCK Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Basketball, j.V. Basketball. MICHAEL A. MCCOMBS Homeroom Off., Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports Orchestra, First Lady, Violinettes. DANIEL L. MCCOWN J.V. Cross Country, j.V. Track, Intramural Sports. JAMES MCDONALD Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. KENNETH C, MCDONOUGH Intramural Sports. IVLARY SANDRA MCEACHRAN Lantern, G.A.A., Range Rockette, F.N.A., Medical. MARGARET LADD McELRAY G.A.A., Chorus, F.H.A. Off. MAUREEN F. MCFADDEN Honor Roll, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Pep Sq. DALE B. MCFEATTERS Log, Homeroom Off., Track, J.V. Football, j.V. Track. LARAINE E. MCGEENEY Homeroom Off. RENA ANN MCGINNIS Honor Roll, Lantern, Entertainment Bulletin, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance Co-Chm., Bulletin Board, Information, Library. BARBARA MCHUGH VINCENT J. MCKINLEY Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Biology. PRISCILLA ANN MCKISSOCK F .T.A. ROSEMARY K. MCMANUS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Pep. Sq. MARY LOUISE MAHON Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Information, Girls' Ushers. MARGARET E. MANGOLD G.A.A., F.T.A. JOSEPH R. MANNING i Cross Country, Track, J.V. Football, j.V. Track, Intramural Sports. SUZANNE E. MANOOGIAN G.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board, Ways and Means. BARBARA MARR Lantern, Log, Mounty, G.A.A., F.N.A., Decorating, Information, Make-Up, Pep Sq. RICHARD W. MARSHALL Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council Chm., Boys' Ushers Chm. THOMAS MARSHALL Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM C. MARSHALL Advisory Council, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball, Intra- Mural Sports. RICHARD MARTIN Homeroom OH., Wrestling, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. ROBERT A. MARTIN Intramural Sports, Band. KAREN LORRAINE MASON PHILLIP B. MATHEWSON Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. JEFFREY F. MAUSHARDT NANCY M. MAXSON Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Honor Award, Medical, Pep Sq. ROBERT B. MAXWELL Honor Roll, Gymnastics, Rifle, Intramural Sports, Chemistry, Physics. LANA M. MAYBERRY Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band, Devotional, Library. KATHARYN HOPE MAYES Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens OH., Bulletin Board, Library. DONNA MERCER BETH ANN MILLER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Orchestra, Chorus, Triple Trio, In The Pink. MARY PAULA MILLER Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Library, Medical, F.H.A., Pep Sq. ROBIN ADELE MILLER G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band. PETER V. MILLS Lantern, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. S. GREGG MINOR Intramural Sports, Art. JAMES C. MISKEVICS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball, J.V. Basketball, Intra- mural Sports. DONALD R. MONRAD Homeroom Off., J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Decorating, Boys' Ushers. CAROLYN SUE MOORE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty Co-Ed., G.A.A., Orchestra, Art, Devotional, Studio, Formal Concert. CONSTANCE GAYLE MOORE G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library. WILLIAM R. MOORE Honor Roll, Track Mgr., Debate, Parking, Boys' Ushers. JOHN H. MORAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, F.T.A., Parking, Publicity, Boys' Ushers, Ways and Means. JUDITH LYNN MORRIS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chorus, Red Cross. ALICE J. MORTON G.A.A., Library. DOUGLAS W. MUNS Intramural Sports, Decorating. EDWARD LEO MURPHY Intramural Sports. MARGARET ANNE MUSSELMAN G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Pep Sq. MARYANNE MYERS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Medical. BECKY ANN T. MYTON Honor Roll, G.A.A., Band, Ways and Means. JAMES STANLEY NALITZ Rifle, Art. KATHARINE S. NEASE Lantern Attendance, Checkroom. MARJORIE LEAH NEGELE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Attendance, Red Cross, Ways and Means Chm. RICHARD J. NEHILLA SHIRLEY ANN NEHRENBERG Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library, Girls' Ushers, Pep Sq. JEFFREY P. NEILL Honor Roll, Student Congress Vice Pres., Homeroom Off. Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club, First Lady, Devotional. KAREN LEE NELSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A. WAYNE NICHOLAS Quill and Scroll, Lantern Make-up Ed. 1 JANE THIRZA NICHOLSON Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Ways and Means. MICHAEL S. NICHOLSON Intramural Sports, Chemistry. PETER J. NICHOLSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Projection, Boys' Usher. PATRICIA ANN NICKLAS Ways and Means. RONALD A. NIEMAN Honor Roll, Chess Capt., Physics, Projection. FORREST WILLIAM NIEMI Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Band. LOUISE JANE NOLAN Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.N.A., Attendance, Bulle- tin Board, Pep Sq. RICHARD J. NOLAN Intramural Sports. CYNTHIA L. NORRIS F.N.A., Chorus, Fortune Teller, Messiah, In The Pink, Infor- mation, Library. JUDITH L. NORTHRUP Honor Roll, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Ways and Means, Pep Sq. SUZANNE NORTON Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Studio, Pep Sq. MARY ANN O'CONNOR Lantern, G.A.A., F.N.A., Pep Sq., Bulletin Board. CATHARTNE ANNE O'DEA Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., First Lady, Library. FREDERICK M. OHSOL Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Projection, Boys' Ushers. WALTER A. OLSZEWSKI Honor Roll, Wrestling, J.V. Football. RAYMOND OPFERMAN THOMAS G. OPFERMAN ROBERT JOSEPH OTT Activities Key, Student Court, Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Wrestling, J.V. Track, Publicity, Chorus, Orchestra. CAROLE ANN OVEREND Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Medical, Pep Sq. LEE J. OWEN S Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Golf Capt., In- tramural Sports, Auditorium Planning. WILLIAM PALMER J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. kv 1xV..:1:-zvrrxAx1.i,.,.i.I-ville Y ' Y G.A.A., Attendance. DAVID RICHARD PAULSEN Wrestling, Intramural Sports. MAINE E. PEACE Intramural Sports, Decorating. ROBERT LYNN PEACE Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Band. DAVID R. PERKINS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball, Football, J.V. Basket- ball. DONNA MARIE PETERS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Band, Pep Sq., Library. JUDITH PARISH PETERSEN Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Checkroom, Library, Lost and Found, Pep Sq., French Club. GERALDINE RAE PETERSON Honor Roll, G.A.A., Chorus, Pep Sq. ROBERT NATHANIEL PETERSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Rifle, Intramural Sports. HARRY A. PFENDLER Intramural Sports, Band, Physics, Boys' Ushers. DENNIS J. PHILLIPS Advisory Council, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, Wrestling. LAWRENCE E. PICKHOLTZ Honor Roll, Intramural Sports. PENELOPE D. PLACE Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Pep Sq. JOHN K. PLANT Baseball, Football, Gymnastics, Wrestling, J.V. Football, In- tramural Sports. JOHN BRADLEY PLUMMER Intramural Sports. WILLIAM W. PLUMMER Activities Key, Rifle, Public Address Chm., Thespians, Band. LINDA JEAN POOLE Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., Girls' Gymnastics, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Orchestra, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. KENNETH M. POTTER, JR. Homeroom Off., Parking, Boys' Ushers. L. JOHN POWELL Swimming, Intramural Sports. CYNTHIA M. PRICE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Band, Honor Award Chm. JAMES WILLIAM PRICE Log, Mounty, Art, Hospitality, Parking Chm., Boys' Ushers. JOHN HERBERT PRINGLE Homeroom Off., Cross Country Capt Track JV Cross Country, J .V. Track, Intramural Sports PATRICIA ANN PUKANIC Library, Lost and Found. ROBERT A. RAFFAELE Intramural Sports. DAVID REED RAINES Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host Boys Ushers Gym Sq. DIANE O. RAMSEY Chorus, Triple Trio. BONNIE ERICA RAYMOND Honor Roll, Devilette Ed., Homeroom Off GAA YTeens Library. MARY LOU REED Honor Roll, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y Teens FTA Check room, Medical. RICHARD JOHN REED Honor Roll, Mounty, Rifle, Devotional Ways and Means Chm. RICHARD C.. REIZENSTEIN Honor Roll, Chemistry, Boys' Ushers Asst Chm DAVID CARROLL RENTON Intramural Sports. J UDITH ANN REYNOLDS Rifle, F.N.A., Girls' Crlee Club. JUDITH A. REYNOLDS Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., MAUREEN ANNE REYNOLDS G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.H.A., Bulletin Board Ways and Means. JOHN P. RHEN Homeroom Off., Football, Wrestling, JV Football JV Track, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. DON CARTER RICHARD Gymnastics, Band. MOYER MARIE RICHARDS G.A.A., Range Rockette, F.N.A., Band SALLY ANN RICKERT Lantern, G.A.A., Attendance, Library. JOHN MELVILLE RIDLON Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. SANDRA LEE RITTER G.A.A., Information. PAUL RIZZO Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Basketball JV Basketball Intramural Sports, Band. ARTHUR SCOTT RODGERS Intramural Sports. JUDITH ANN ROESEMEIER G.A.A., Range Rockette, Library. PATRICK ROLLS Gymnastics, Swimming, Track. PATRICIA A. RONCA G.A.A., Attendance, Bulletin Board, Publicity. JOHN H. RONEY J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. E. RICHARD ROSENBLATT Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Band, Red Cross, Debate. LINDA ANN ROSKAM Girls' Gymnastics, G.A.A., Y-Teens. DAVID L. ROSS Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council, Intramural Sports, Chorus, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Devotional. HELEN M. ROSS Lantern, G.A.A., Bulletin Board. FRANCIS D. ROUTH,JR. Intramural Sports, Homeroom Off. JOHN W. ROWLES J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, First Lady, Decorating. DIANNE ROXAS DAVID W. ROYER J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports. HARVEY L. RUBEN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Orchestra, Physics, Boys' Ushers. SHARON ESTHER RUBENSTEIN Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Attendance, Decorating, Pep Sq. SUSAN RUCKER Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, F.N.A., Orchestra, Chemistry. RALPH L. RUNGER,JR. Boys' Ushers. RICHARD S. RUST Intramural Sports. SUZANNE SALLEE F.N.A. DENNIS JAY SANDER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Golf, Swim- ming, Boys' Glee Club, Properties, Thespians. NANCY L. SANDER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Orchestra, Chemistry, Devotional, Ways and Means. MARLYN REE SANDHAUS Honor Roll, G.A.A., Chemistry, Information, Debate, Pep Sq. LINDA LEE SANDRIDGE Aj? KIA! Honor Roll, Lanter G .A., F.T.A.yBuI1etin Bo Cafeteria Hostess, Informa edical.x STEPHEN H. S E , Cross Country, ck, I tr p , DOROTHE ' SA ER 'L Orchestr Library, 'al, Sq orary ber Qf S C o V ty, rst y. ROBERT J. SCHAEFERS Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Publicity. fi G. ELIZABETH SCHAFER G.A.A., Library Co-Chm., Girls' Ushers, Pep Sq. C. JEANNE SCHARP f 6 ALLEN SCHENCK Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Orchestra. M. ELAINE SCHNEIDER Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Decorating Co-Chm., Information, Library, Medical. EMIL ANTHONY SCHOEDEL Gymnastics. CARL STEPHEN SCHOEN J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Parking. VIRGINIA M. SCHROEDER G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., F.H.A. CAROL ANN SCHUEMANN Honor Roll, Student Guidance Council. LINDA R. SCHUGAR Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, F.T.A., Orchestra, Studio, Red Cross. CARL E. SCHWARTZ Gymnastics, Chemistry. PEGGY MAE SCHWARTZ Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.N.A. Off., First Lady, Medical, Girls' Ushers. RICHARD A. SCHWARZ Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Physics. JEAN CLAIRE SCOTT Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.T.A., Medical, Red Cross, Pep Sq. RICHARD CHANDLER SEAMANS Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Student Congress Pres., Football, Swimming, Boys' Glee Club, Scholastic, Studio. JOHN R. SEFTON ROBERTA SUE SEGALL Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., In The Pink, Informa- tion, Medical. JUDITH ANN SEIDEL Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern Co-Ed., Log, Homeroom OH., G.A.A., Leaders Club Off., Information, Medical. . , .wie MARIE T. SELLGER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A. ROBERT D. SEYMOUR Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Track Co-Capt., J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Dec- orating. TERRY SUE SHAFF ER Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., F.T.A. OH., Biology Co-Chm., Girls' Ushers. MADELAINE GRACE SHAW Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Biology Co-Chm., Girls' Ushers. NANCY L. SHERBONDY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., In The Pink, Attendance, Checkroom, Decorating, Honor Award. THOMAS SHERK Honor Roll, J.V. Football, j.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Boys' Glee Club, Physics. JUDITH ANN SHERRATT Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A., Med- ical. WILLIAM E. SHIELDS Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball, Football, J.V. Basket- ball, J.V. Football. ' ROBERT L. SHIFFLER Intramural Sports. X HERBERT MURRAY SHORT NJ Honor Roll, Mounty Co-Ed., Home Qm , Boys G e u , Art ohm., Chemistry, Physicerh U' KAREN LYNN SHRUM MSS 1 y 1 - - 3 Rockette F N A Medical ERMO A. SICHER Honor Roll Lantern A oom ff , , . . . . K A Riie, Intraxnural Sport , WILLIAM H. srcKELs ,Q Cross Country Co-Capt., Track Co-Capt., J. . Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. G. RONALD SIMON Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Band. GEORGE SIROTIN Gymnastics, Rifle, J. V. Track, Projection. NANCY SISK Lantern, Cafeteria Hostess. L. EDWARD SKENDER Honor Roll, Rifle, Boys, Glee Club, Chemistry, Debate. CAROL ANN SMITH Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Medical, Pep Sq. DEBORAH SMITH Activities Key, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library, Ways and Means, F.H.A. JOHN J. SMITH Basketball, Football, Intramural Sports. LORETTA ANNE SMITH Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom OH., G.A.A., Art, Pep Sq. Qiiffwsi. If mi .ar flfl iz ,J Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens Off., F.T.A., Attendance, Devotional. STEVEN B. SOHRAUER Intramural Sports. ROBERT W. SONOGA MARY A. SORIANO Lantern, G.A.A., F.T.A., Decorating, Information, Medical, Pep Sq. HOWARD L. SPHAR Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. JOHN P. SPICUZZA Honor Roll, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. DAVID S. STARK Honor Roll, Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Boys Glee Club. MICHAEL RICHARD STARKS Intramural Sports, Chemistry. JOAN BETH STEIN Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., First Lady, Attendance Chm., Thespians, Pep Sq. JOAN STEPHANIE STEPHENS Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.N.A. Off., Library, Medical Chm., Red Cross, Pep Sq. WILLIAM C. STERNER Football, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. ANN ELIZABETH STEVENSON Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library, Girls' Ushers, Pep Sq. 4 IFAITH STEVERMAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Bulletin "Board, Checkroom, Make-up. HARRY EDWARD STEWART , J.V:,?I'rack, Intramural Sports. ROBERT L. STEWART Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball, Football, J.V. Basketball, J.Vi Football. MARY M. STTLLI G.A.A., Leaders Club, F.N.A., Band. BARBARA LOUISE STREAMS Honor Roll, Devilette Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Band Mgr., Library. CATHERINE LOUISE STREINE Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.N.A., Make-up, Medical, Thespians, Pep Sq. BARRY W. SULLIVAN Honor Roll, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Traffic. ROBERT JOHN SULLIVAN Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. JANET ANN SURBECK Honor Roll, Log Circulation Mgr., G.A.A., Y-Teens OH., F.T.A., Achievement, Library. 5- 3 2 SALLY ANNE SWAN Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Cheerleader, F.T.A., Attendance. WILLIAM VAN SWEARINGEN Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Swimming, First Lady, Studio, Gym. Sq. JAMES BYRON TABOR Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intra- mural Sports, In The Pink, First Lady. LEONARD BENSON TAYLOR Intramural Sports. NANCY LEE TAYLOR Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., F.H.A., Chorus, Devotional Choir, Honor Award, Information, Pep Sq., Red Cross. ROBERT L. TAYLOR Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., Band, Auditorium Planning, Hos- pitality, Traffic. MARY KAY THOMPSON Devilette Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, F.T.A., Decorating, Information, Library. PATRICIA A. THOMPSON Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Attendance, Library, Red Cross. RONALD THOMPSON Intramural Sports, Band. TIMOTHY W. TILLYER Baseball, Football, Intramural Sports, Physics. SUSAN GAE TODD Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Attendance. THOMAS M. TOLER J.V. Track, First Lady, Homeroom Off. RANDI LU TOMB G.A.A., Y-Teens. CAROL TOMCZYK Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Ways and Means. GWENDOLYN ANN TURNER Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens. BARBARA LARAINE TUSSEY Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.T.A. ROBERT N. TUTTQ JR. Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, In the Pink. JANET E. TUTTLE Lantern, Homeroom Off., Library, Pep Sq. FREDERICK W. TWICHELL JOHN RONALD UNGER Honor Roll, Rifle, Intramural Sports, Physics. PATRICIA VANZIN Honor Roll, G.A.A., Information, Red Cross, Pep Sq. WILLIAM H. VENSEL J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Band, Biology. ROSEMARY VISCONTI HAROLD R. VOGEL Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Basketball, Football, Track, J.V. Basketball. DOROTHY A. VUILLEMOT Pep Sq. RONALD WILLIAM WAGNER Homeroom Off., Intramural Sportsl JEANETTE WALKER Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.T.A., Information. WILLIAM R. WALKER Tennis, Intramural Sports, Boys' Intramural Athletic Council. CARL F. WARNES Swimming, Decorating, Stage Crew. BARBARA LEE WATCHORN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Leaders Club, Range Rockette, My Sister Eileen, Mrs. McThing, Make-up, Thespians, GRAHAM A. WEAVER Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Band. PATRICIA ANN WEAVER Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Co-Ed., Homeroom Off., Bulletin Board, Studio. MARY WHITNEY WEISIGER Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Medical, Scholastic Chm., Pep Sq. MARY ANN WELCH Lantern, G.A.A., F.N.A., Medical, Girls' Ushers. LEE J. WELLS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress Vice Pres., Homeroom Off., Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Intramural Sports. RICHARD H. WENDLING Honor Roll, Swimming. PATRICIA K. WENSEL Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens. MICHAEL R. WERNER Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Parking. PATRICIA JOY WERTZ Honor Roll, Mounty, Rifle, G.A.A., Chorus, Triple Trio, Chemistry. BURTON C. WEST Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress Pres., Home- room Off., Swimming, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intra- mural Sports, Orchestra. CHARLES J. WHARTON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Swimming, Intramural Sports, Band. GEORGE JEFFREY WHITE Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, Wrestling, J.V. Football. ip. Honor R5Il, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Checkroom, Decorating, Pep Sq. SUSAN A. WHITE Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Classes Ed., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Orchestra, Bulle- tin Board. NANCY WIANT MARY ANN WIEDT Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Entertainment Bulletin., G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Library, Red Cross. TEKLA JANE WIEHN Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.N.A., Checkroom, Cafeteria Hostess, Pep Sq. FRANCIS JAMES WIGET Intramural Sports, Hospitality, Boys' Ushers. NANCY JOANNE WILDER Activities Key, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Majorette, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Honor Award, Medical. DIANE J. WILLIAMS Lantern, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Art, Information. FLORENCE S. WILLIAMS Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A. Y-Teens, F.N.A., Attendance, Devotional Chm, Pep Sq. GLENN L. WILLIAMS Homeroom Off., Gymnastics, Wrestling, Intramural Sports. GWYNNE WILLIAMS Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Rifle, G.A.A., Lea- ders Club, F.T.A., Band. JOAN K. VVILLIAIVIS G.A.A. Information, Girl's Ushers, F.H.A. Off. SANDRA JEAN WILLIAMS Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., F.N.A., First Lady, Pep Sq., Homeroom Off. DONALD S. WILLIS Intramural Sports, Parking. GEORGE W. WILMOT GEORGE R. WINTERS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Football Mgr., Track Mgr., Boys' Intramural Athletic Council. ANNE LOUISE WITMAN Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern, Entertaini- ment Bulletin Co-Ed., Chorus, 'Triple Trio, Honor Award, Studio. CORDELLA LYTTON WITT Chorus, Triple Trio. ALFRED B. WOLFERS Lantern, Gymnastics, Swimming, Band, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club. JAMES W. WOLFF BEVERLY CAROL WOOD Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Literary Ed., Mounty Co-Ed., En- tertainment Bulletin, Homeroom OH., G.A.A., Y-Teens, First Lady. PATRICIA L. WURSTER Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Devotional, French Club, Pep Sq. DARLEEN ANDREE YEAGER Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Orchestra, Girl's Usher Chm. J. KENNETH YECKLEY Homeroom OH., Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Boys' Ushers. KATHERINE ANN YOUNG Honor Roll, Student Congress Sec., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens OH., F.T.A. Off., Medical, Red Cross. SUSAN YOUNG F.T,A., F .H.A. EDWIN A. ZEHFUSS Lantern, Football Statistics, J.V. Basketball, Intramural Sports, Social JUDITH F. ZIONTS F.N.A., Library, Medical. CHARLES ZONDORAK J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, These members of the Class of '59 were unable to have their Senior pictures taken: Thomas Adair, Carolyn McConnell, Thomas Stevens, and Jack Babcock. fl, 77 . I T7 1 'uf' fi-J' , . Lf' ' Q J WL - N 5 ? ,W "' 'P H Q LG -v A V . ll 1' , j J, V 1- , , QA A 'X V m, ng." M 0 LL,Qfn,' J--, C1fN1.?,fx L. 1 L. w V ' fy Qfyi, ,f ,. , , ,Cyl f K ,V , sf , l i , V, 24, LL ,x K fj..,L,4,11, ,Q AL x,f..lf f ,. , L1 'Q L Aj, X 1 ,AKC f "If'l,g9 1,415--AQ, Y gk 51 K 'L N,.ff, '7 Lff ' ' ' ' ' , ' F I A :T ,-' fy ' 1 4 . fH 1 "1" Q f ff' 1 C KJ' ff: N-A N f1Lf5'1'4'N W 7. A AJ! V, 1: X C,kA,,4x-', C ,L . UM' - V. jf .. , '- C V iv g Lf , . , , A V 7 V14 ' fi ,Q K Q - 1, 'A Q 4 i1jng,g,,fX . li 1wvV,k Ml QV x C, Q-1,0 X E IV A .- N 2 ml I Q! L ,QL ff,.wL , if A , ., ,VA ,fx Lf' 1 l VC-iw, 4-VJ,fH'., xx K, DRS, ' gy f Lf, C. ' YQ.. fr ,ff J if Sophomores Freshmen uw.......- 31. if ' W- ." f 'F' . R , 7 r 52 Q? u 341 , '9 -. , 1 . Q V .fu iq , .,, is M Q L, BUILDING AND ANTICIPATING These are the heirs apparent of Mt. Lebanon High School-With their senior year looming before them, the juniors strove to prepare them- selves and to establish an impressive record. They studied gas laws and Sandburg, quadratics and the Revolutionary War. They sang with spirit, wrote with inspiration, and worked with furor. A modern poem, a French assignment, a basketball game, and a piece of pizza rounded out the day of the average junior. Their pride in Mt. Lebanon High School was reflected as they replanted the school gardens, turned out 1 1-2-Mr. Whipkey Iv"W 1: Mary Ann Douglas, Carroll withs, Elizabeth Thuransky, Karen Q on, Carol Marton, Susan Baker, ebrecht, Kathy Gue. ROW 2: '1rner, Ann McMillan, Regina Q .', Marilyn Fischer, Pat Griffith, A luapp, Gail Rost, Janice Zivic, Z,'.,e Wfarrler. ROW 3: Terry Bride, Inili'-ieaw er, james Taylor, Harry Rich- ,ef,'i'.'a:rf iaieck, Norman Karsten, Dick Hr:v,.er, Hetz Marsh, Jim Reeves, Bob Ht, Vince lorrigan. ROW 4: Jock Fred .i.'.ay, Jim Straub, William Ra f enedella, Russ Connelly, Ecfoedef, bred Siyufy, Carol Maur- full force at all varsity and junior varsity games, and helped make Christmas for twelve needy families. They contributed hard-working mem- bers to the squads and committees, to the staffs of Mt. Lebo's publications, and to the service clubs. Their willingness to work and the lessons they have learned will stand them in good stead when one day they lind themselves the oldest members of the school, leaders of the other classes. The heirs apparent of 1959 will have become the Seniors of 1960. 11-1-Miss Smith Lane, Jay Windfelder. ROW 1: Sue Snyder, Sharon Tazza Pat Clark, Lynne Saupe, Joan Booz Karen Mansrnann, Jane Pensom, Adele Hauser, Peggy Theis. ROW 2: Claribel Rea Sonja Smith, Sue Harris, Peggy Gordon Irene Gates, Heather McDonough Jan Hall, Judy Dickinson, Linda Tanner Pat Worst. ROW 3: Fred Eassa Charles Burns, Frank Lenard, Bob Bigley Jeff Wicken, Jay Youngling, Jim Watters ROW 4: Art Rohrs, Jeri Rinehart Tom Smith, Don May, Gary Close Jim Mc fe Pm, 11-4-Miss Grove ROW 1: Marilee Tiberio, Pat Davis, Judy Trimble, Sherill Rines, Donna Burns, Nella Winslow, Sally Parker, Carol Zepp. ROW 2: Lana Hough, Mary Coleman, Diana Helm, Pat Mack, Judy Smith, Deb- bie Weldon, Lynne Helfrich, Mildred Holmquist. ROW 3: Mike Flamer, John Van Gelder, Arthur Algeo, Bill Robinson, Bill Bayers, Dave Karlson, Scott Wallace, Eddie Metting. ROW 4: Jeff Schilet, Dee Hicks, Jim Hodder, Ralph Moffitt, Tom Delisi, Dick Walker, Tom Swigart, Ron Haffner, Ron Spiegel. ll-3-Miss Beck ROW l: Mary Cardamone, Jane Wil- liams, Karen Cunniff, Jane Dormer, Marty Frame, Marie Henninger, Marisue Snaith, Karen Kragnes. ROW 2: Brenda Pike, Iris Busch, Jane Baker, Barbara Bacon, Joan Robinson, Karin Gemassmer, Judy Helsel, Nancy Garis. ROW 3: Dennis Deal, Jeff Rash, Dave Ginder, Bill Loh- rentz, Bill Lewis, Earl Schreck, Paul Han- kin. ROW 4: George Walther, Les Simp- son, Dick Burger, Kim Powell, Bill Fussner, Chet Meyers, Jim Kling, Stu Segal, Frank Binek. ll-5-Miss Elliott ROW l: Lucia Cicchino, Pat Uhlinger, Rhea Rose, Phyliss Russell, Sherrie Dobbs, Joey Guy, Sue Heeter, Sylvia May, Joyce Schnars. ROW 2: Judy Hert- zog, Nancy Prince, Carolyn Burrows, Ma 'y Coltman, Barbara Fortunes, Kathy Keefe., Jean Lucas, Elaine Sowko, Eva Folder Barbara Neff. ROW 3: Bill Slxallcios, Fred Feigenbaum, Dick King, Phi' ' 1 ' court, Jack Leonard, Harry Babcock Brunn, Bonnie Baier. ROW 4: Ed 1 Dick Newbold, Chuck Richesoz , t Breinig, Murray Bayer, Ken Hem, Ju Kessler, Jim Flinn. I- Af 11-6-Mr. Doak ROW 1: Marcia Evans, Sue Brunk, Prissy Munn, Donna Smith, Ruth Ann Ensley, Arlene Jones, Janet Patterson. ROW 2: Barbara Neill, Betsy Barrick, Joyce Ha- gan, Carole Conlin, Gay Hugo, Nancy Rhoades, Dorothy Buchhagen, Carolyn Gibson. ROW 3: Ronald Dahlquist, Ben Crawford, Jim Sayre, Roger Arndt, Roger Blair, Charles Fishburn, Bob Faircloth, Bob Kaltaler. ROW 4: Brad Penney, Jim Slocum, George Brown, Bob Kapp, Bill Cover, Bob Henderson, Les Brown. 11-8-Miss Whinnie ROW 1: Diane Rech, Terry Koerner, Sally Evers, Donna Wangeman, Judiana Morander, Nancy Kealing, Gayle Reed, Ellen Major, Carolyn Stoke. ROW 2: Lois Heikkila, Patty Powers, Marty Pat- terson, Sue Carman, Sue Hofmann, Gwen M3 v1,"'.1t, Ellen Sedlak, Heather Hyde, Tom- Walker, Cookie Shumaker. ROW 3: il,Linda Booth, Lloyd Swartz, John Kozrna, kids Crissman, Jim Blum, Scott Ward, Akgqb Scott, Lois Hasley. ROW 4: Miles W' ' H lienrath, Bob Mamula, Bill Berg, Eddie . I haels, Jim Stevenson, Jon Erder, Bob J ine. 4 'L V 66 "s 1 1-7-Mr. Raines 5 v 5 ROW 1: Susie Endean, Barbara Lus Nancy Ackenheil, Paula Holl, Ann Weltg Janet Richards, Ann Sollenberger. ROY 2: Dorothy McClain, Holly Ricke, Carl Crane, Joan Smith, Jayne Friesel, Lynr Nielsen, Bonnie Nelson, Nancy Va Gundy. ROW 3: Alan Herrington, Ca Von Ende, Jeff Neill, Bob Walker, Ro Henderson, Joe Boyd, Tom Rockwool Dick Headley. ROW 4: Jim Dunbar, To: Huhn, John Duff, John Edwards, Vim Matthews, Carl Yeager, Dick Kitc hen. 2 2 , 11-10--Miss Roegge ZOW 1: Virginia Dau, Sue Foster, Anne xlelson, Cindy Stroyd, Susie Schar, Ros- lyn Rhone, jo Ann Witherspoon. ROW iz Sandy Green, Nancy Brannon, Laurie P-Iolbrook, Sue Crouch, Lorie Getz, Cindy Irasinski, Sandy Hoecker, Mary Ellen Jorseen. ROW 3: Carol Lohman, Martha Eenson, Lin McCain, Doug Werlinich, 'ack Gilbert, Bill Price, Carolyn Tweedie, Ialerie Carr. ROW 4: George Kowallis, llike Lavine, Gordon Campbell, Bill Men- lel, Ed Stone, Fred Wilson, Fred Volk- ivein. 11-9-Dr. Denbow ROW 1: Marcia Dilling, Nanette Miler, Carol Schindehette, Donna Seymour, Candy Cook, Bonnie Craig, jean Babb, Nancy Zahniser, Ruth Monsch. ROW 2: Susan Senz, Gerry Narky, Sue Boester, Donna Morgans, Barb Scott, Nancy Doege, Marty Masterson, Joan Samuels, Cathy Cassidy, Jane Anderson. ROW 3: Ed Cole, George Wolfhard, Bill Ellis, Stu Herrington, Duane Hemming, Jay Mor- gan, Rob Potts. ROW 4: Jim Heselbarth, Dick Hoyt, Bill Ringham, Don Hunter, Ed Meyer, John Delo, Bruce McClaren. 11-11-Mr. Reese ROW 1: Kathy Williams, Sandy Burr, Vicki Gribschaw, Betsy Lynch, Carolyn Tamplin, Holly Wery, Carol Reilly: ROV! 2: Sue Peckham, Ronnie Johnsen, Sally Warren, Lois Madducks, Gail Gov' 1 Pat Quaid, Sally Dickson, Judy I 1 Mary Schreiber. ROW 3: Jini,.Harnil1.u,f. Randy Putman, Rick Berg, Dgvetfifullidti, Al Rirner, Mike Winterro Y QR .,+.4. Jon Young, Scott Henderson,'- ill Dave Wyles, Rick Collins. 67 ' 11-12-Mr. Kline ROW 1: Cindy Bradley, Miriam Buck- ingham, Lucy Dasher, Barbara Richards, Jean Wasser, Elizabeth Spring, Diana I-Iarwick, Karen Braddock. ROW 2: Patti Grant, Karen Estes, Barbara Bock, June Anderson, Cindy Brown, Lynn Lewis, Corrinne Reason, Janet Clarkson, Joan Haviland, ROW 3: Curt Zellers, Chuck Teller, Ed Birdy, Bob Mace, Dan Owens, Jim Niemi, Dick Robinson, Bill Rehm, Dan Hovorka, Reed Sisson. ROW 4: Roger Ebert, Stu Levy, Dave Weaver, Dave Eaton, john Mather, Stu McMinn, Larry Phillips, Dave Miles. 11-14--Mr. Hadclen RCMN 1: Betsy Mohl, Laurie Rowles, Tanis Beachler, Ginny Holmes, Barbara '1-Bmtian, Mary Breitenstein, Bonnie Arm- strong. ROW 2: Melba Weeks, Corinne Iviill: Mary Ann Higgins, Betty Gier- ig- 4, Diane Molnar, Judy Allen, Judy Qejrlff na. ROW 3: Warren Fisher, Jeff Bri, zlon, Charles Hafer, Bill McLaugh- liin, Bruce Schein, Jim Oelschlager, Eason Chapman, Herb O'Dell, Jeff Cousins, Bob Sharrow, Don Thompson, ROW 4: Bob Webber, Tom Lindsay, Jack Borgerding, g,Denr is Samek, Jim Iams, Jim Russell, Irwin Browarsky, Eric Mantle, Jim Evans, Peter Rzasnicki. 11-13-Mrs. Orr ' ROW 1: Jerry Delisi, Carol Colettq Frances Racculia, Joan English, Kar Kuechenmeister, Lee McNair, Sherj Gealy, Michael Kunic, Janet Scharl ROW 2: Kathy Harris, June Mohle Carol Dierker, Virginia Bright, Lesli McCulla, Alice Mollenauer, Janet Ande son, Barbara Sellger, Phyllis Barsoi ROW 3: Chuck Tillson, Dave Couch, Set Melhado, Dan Hovorka, Gil McNeisl Stu Schurr, Bob Henderson, Rick Bea: ley. ROW 4: Len Goodman, Bob Camy bell, Steve Raymond, Bob English, Crai Pozzi, Tom Gamble, Dick Deemer. 11-16-Mr. Pagnanelli ROW 1: Nancy Herron, Mary McCaslin, Lucy Coletta, Carole Menne, Ruth Weller, Barb Brennan, Irene Goldsmith, Jackie Hersh, Pam Rupp. ROW 2: Mimi Lon- nett, Barb Brubach, Pat Bies, Linda Nich- olas, June Starkey, Pat Ellison, Betty Rothfus, Claren Brooks, Sandy Martin. ROW 3: Connie Anderson, Anne Dieffen- bach, Paul Bell, George Zaimes, Bill Mehaffey, John White, Tom England, Mary Head, Peggy Colvin. ROW 4: Ken Linge, Gary Robinson, Jon Garaux, Gary Templin, Ed Stern, Tom Miller, Dave Olsen, Bob Webster. ,--rl' , 'Tin Ll-t 1 -Lil' 57' .H I- 11-15-Mrs. McConnell ROW 1: Nancy Cummins, Gretchen Sigler, Arlene Roscoe, Lynn Kimmel, Edith Belaver, Carolyn Meury. ROW 2: Mary Schultz, Nancy Hilsinger, Penny Searles, Myra Campbell, Ronnie Mullin, Joan Anderson, Carole Beebe, Diane Dozer. ROW 3: Don MacKay, Bob Manuel, Ed Hoag, Mouncey Ferguson, Tom Housekeeper, Don McIntyre, ROW 4: Don Cameron, George Eynon, Bill Benz, Doug Montgomery. Juniors Missing from Homeroom PY- tures: Ralph Kolin, Boyce R-..d, Wesley Bennett, Gayle Simon, Bill Bauer. 69 10-2-Mr. Goodwin STRIVING AND ATTAINING Effervescent is the proper adjective for most sophomores at Mt. Lebanon High School. Each of them brought energy and interest to his aca- demic and social life. He joined with his class- mates in singing '61's class song, he mastered geometric theorems and learned the characteris- tics of certain leaves, he danced at the Stardust, where the queen was one of his classmates, he shouted with gusto at basketball games. The sophomores produced several varsity football players, contributed to the Rockettes and Majorettes, and added to their list of scho- lastic achievements. Each of them made remark- able individual progress of which he was proud, because through it, he had contributed to the overall progress of the Class of '61. Q ,S gig . 10-1-Mrs. Davis Davidson, Trip Evans. ROW 1: Diane Forman, Kay Keller, Joan Hillgrove, Sandy Oates, Joyce Quimby, Linda Peck, Kathy Schwarz, Linda Holtz, Pat Robinson. ROW 2: Joy Scheck, Bar- bara Harris, Verne Farmilo, Diane Koer- ner, Nancy Naismith, Jean Benson, Mary Ellen Dailey, Barbara Brown, Ginger Bru- bach. ROW 3: Malcolm Love, Cam Spen- cer, Dave Johnston, Jim Offutt, Bill Mas- sey, Francis Ortale, Larry Wagner. ROW 4: Randy Miller, John Campbell, Jim Hill, Dave Johns, Scott Kenning, Steve Theis. ROW 1: Sue Norseen, Jill Hagan Ma lene Singer, Katie OlMeara, Joan Bird Deanne Kustus, Andrea Ruben Sal Myton, Donna McCauley. ROW Carolyn Moore, Didra Paulus Beth Cu ningham, Wini Watson, Maribeth Engl hart, Margaret Black, Vicki Zuck Barbai Hutter, Sharon Ham, Nancy Nueri berg. ROW 3: Jack Saxer, Jim Cowa Jerry Spears, Ken Maxson, John Vaugh John Crissman, Jack Love, Allen Cam, bell. ROW 4: Alan Mandel Nell M cuson, Jim Kaley, Phil Dorrance Ran Martin, Truman Flowers, Bill Rapp Ji 04 Mr Mehner ROW 1 Carolyn Crook Carolanne Kearns Pat Babish Kit Irwin Dana Smith Sandra Kauper Diane Daugherty Marsha Mock. ROW 2: Debbie White Rona Mustin Maryann Hippert Remola Humphryes Day Bruckart Sally Eaches Audry Camp Mary Ann Galluze Leona Dupree. ROW 3: Bill Lane, Ken Holtz, Herb Jones, jeffrey Hubrig, jeff Randall, 10-3-Dr. Beck ROW 1: Roberta Morse, Wendy Wepp- ner, Marsh White, Diane Wickham, War- della Wolford, Doris Jacobson, Gretchen Albrecht, Marilyn Bumer. ROW 2: Mary Shannon, Vivien Bolton, Lynda Pfendler, Nancy Humphreys, Kathy Leland, Bar- bara Harshbarger, jo Henning, Mary Ellen Houston, Carol Phinney. ROW 3: Jan Wunderlich, Bob Crofford, Andy Alex, Rodney Rankin, Gary Wiant, David Arth. ROW 4: Bruce Fletcher, Lynn Foltz, Jack Meyer, Bill Carnell, Corky Powell. John Hill. ROW 4: Gordon Seybold, Paul Sorandos, Jack Bullock, Morley Allen, Stephen Michaels, John Wright. 1 y,-. 10-5-Mr. Clark ROW 1: Pat Grosso, Alice Keim, Barba.: Miller, Carla Mueller, Jean Kernal-1 5, juliane Hering, Susan Arburn, Carol Car- roll. ROW 2: Judy Hall, Marie Rolls, Laura Sefton, Lynne VanTries, Carolyn Obey, Carolyn Eck, Carol Wimmer, Marilyn Reynolds. ROW 3: Earl Weaver, Dale Drost, Bill Reeves, Bob Carroll, Dal- ton Schnack, Bob Wilcox, Melvyn Klein, Jay Livingston, Joe Hutchinson. ROW 42 Jim Vogel, Jack johnson, David Wray, Ed Harper, Byron Henning, Tom Tischer, james Hoff, Bill Wicker. 7'I 10-6-Miss Thorpe ROW 1: Barbara Russell, Sandy Dash- iell, Caddy Durkin, Nancy Brunk, Bonnie Hoskins, Barbara LaRosa, Carolyn Yar- ger, Margaret Griffiths, Carolyn Perris. ROW 2: Kay Vanderbeck, Diane Krueger, Sue Sims, Georgia Fodor, Phyllis Hardt- mayer, Mary Hart, Lynne Davis, Sharon Shoemaker, Judy Driscoll, Bonnie Wilson, Regan Hall. ROW 3: Skip McGrew, David Guy, Hank Wuister, John Shields, Warren Lory, Dick Esposito, Frank Bat- taglia. ROW 4: Mike Lebo, Jay Jones, Bob Winsmore, Edward Troy, Mark Wise, Mike Sunner, Bob Horsewell, Bill Dickie. 10-8-Miss Elms W 'XV 1: Susan Gardner, Janice Pike, Parbara Gehring, Sheila Lynott, Mimi Mayers, Carole Preset, Sondra Staskey. ROW 2: Virginia Edgington, Barbara D Jilessandro, Judy Greene, Linda Menke, Sally Dispennett, Eleanor Swartz, Betsey Corwin, Diane Kraetsch. ROW 3: Rick Wright, David Roberts, Bill Vogel, John Stevens, Bill Sakrnar, Skip Wenger, Jeff- rey Minno, Peter Morrison. ROW 4: Bill Warner, Larry Brown, Bob Nelson, Knut Johnsen, John O'Connor, Michael Melvin, Torn Hilleman. 72 10-7-Mr. Jones Row 1: Harriett Weinberg, Pat Ahearn, Marilyn Miller, Pat Sabo, Cathy Smith, Barbara Cooley, Linda Gogley, Patti Mil- ler, Leslie Runger, Joan Gerhold. ROW 2: Margaret Hewitt, Gayle Van Sant, Susie Hoose, Margie Luxbacher, Mollie Glennan, Sherry Courter, Rosemary Wer- ner, Leslie Kerber, Donna Vorhees. ROW 3: Dave Bock, Bob Squiller, Bob Garvey, Barry Bishop, Rick Tracy, Bill Tourney, Bill Hertel, Jay Friske, Geoff Steele. ROW 4: Vincent Tarny, Bill Weaver, Bob Sedlachek, Bill McCrea, Ron Marguglio, Rick Peters. 10- 1 1--Miss Rightmire I 10-10-Mr. Walker ROW 1: Kay Garrett, Donna RI-loades, Darla Thompson, Betsy Mulliken, Judy Hubbell, Suzanne Stafford, Charlotte Tim- mons. ROW 2: Nancy Jo Cotton, Marcia Roscoe, Margo Plant, Claudia Miller, Joan Norton, jane Crawford, Sheron Rock, Alice Schade. ROW 3: Helen Reichl, Ann Hoerneman, David McRitchie, Rod Burns, John Weisiger, Alex Lamont, Tim Lukens, Eleanor Carpenter, Beverly Ritenour. ROW 4: Bill Hecht, Bill Coho, Ken Uri- ger, Don Benson, Howie Smith, Dan Cole, Bob Wetmore, Charles Major. "H-. M A Ml.. IIIIILHL Lillmlll 10-9-Miss Rinne ROW 1: Betsey Lindsay, Debbie Evens, Ruth Summers, Judy Stermer, Judy Achodski, Edna Smail, Nancy Keegan, Ardeth Tennyson. ROW 2: Carol Chap- man, Susan Graf, Patty Hasley, Ginny Tweedie, Kay Summers, Barbara Muros, Susan Sherman, Barbara Doolan, Suz- anne Johnston. ROW 3: Carol Barnhart, David Griffith, Andy Muns, john Stobie, Jack Howe, Jacque Minnotte, Dave Davis, Emmy Lou Weaver. ROW 4: Bruce Thomson, Don Turnquist, Kenny New- hams, Tom Trewin, john Burnham, Larry Guess. -ai ROW 1: Anne Goulding, Lola Christian: , Karen Reichard, Diane White, Ann Noe., Letty Wilson, Janet Albert, Helen Nowak. ROW 2: Mary Beth Henderson, Ann Linsay, Sally Horsman, Betty Ridingc: Kathleen Schiffhauer, Majorie Ralfh, Carolyn Ede, Barbara Mehaffey, Linda Brodmerkel. ROW 3: Richard Robin- son, Robert Roth, Dick Ray, Eddie Da- vidson, Glenn Wells, Bob Clinedinst, Lorry Hathaway. ROW 4: Bob Fritz, Dave Steenbrink, George Donaldson, Tim McNeely, Ditmar Straub, 73 10- 12-Miss Nesbitt ROW 1: Dana Simpson, Jeanne Auber- tine, Bonnie Kasun, Diana Driscoll, Mimi Gambs, Alice Aston, Gail Arapian, Diane Kessler, Sharon Shuttleworth. ROW 2: Annie McWilliams, Leslie Wilmot, Linda Dehne, Sandy Otto, Margaret VanDusen, Jane Lee Kropf, Sue Marrs, Audrey Mc- Afoos, Nancy Lattimer. ROW 3: Diane Kessler, John Richards, John Welch, James Caldwell, Fred Schwartz, Roger Debenham, John Harper. ROW 4: John Rodgers, Bob Cope, Joseph Cheesbrough, David Minnotte, Jack Heron. 10-14-Miss Hay .F:fUV.2' 1: Mary Ann Jones, Rita Fisher, ?':-grid Larson, Elaine Boraten, Jane Book- lstaver, Linda Hutchinson, Arlene Acklin, Terry Posquarelli, Roberta Bentz. ROW 2: Jean Davison, Marilyn Johnson, Esh- . ley Edgar, Pat Jones, Barbara Fieder, Gladys Fink, Susie Becker, Ellen Phillips, 1 Nancy Morris, Nancy Skarada. ROW 3: Dave Peck, Don Bane, Fred Denkhaus, Chuck Garland, Don Jordano, Robert Breen, Al Fulton. ROW 4: Robby Davi- son, Don Raines, David Tomb, John Read, Don Kredel, Larry Bloomer. 74 ...1 10-13-Miss Manning ROW 1: Pam Francis, Julia Richards, Debbie Brower, Helen Rovegno, Kathy Winterhalter, Marilyn Dupree, Dianna Kulik, Joan Brooks, Geraldine Hood, San- dra Rodgers. ROW 2: Judy Ayers, Bonnie Aupperle, Mary Redding, Judy Bender, Lee Shappacher, Audrey Murray, Geor- gann Burch, Nancy Degnan, Betty Lou Pope, Mary Ellen Skinner. ROW 3: Jim Hill, Robert Robinson, Roy Gilliland, Michael Seaver, Gary Keller, Kirk Pont- litz, Dennis Larry, Jack Ketchum, Carl Cronk. ROW 4: Chuck Templeton, Rich- ard Davis, Thurman Eckfeld, Frank Speicher, Peter Dyer. . 10-16-Miss Curtis ROW 1: Martha Fox, Peggy Hynes, Julia Grummer, Melodie Campbell, Kathleen Wilkes, Karol Keller, Linda Grove, Mary Jane Edwards, Lynn Boester. ROW 2: Sue Barnhart, Barbara Blansett, Nancy Bodnar, Paula McFadden, Diane Lupean, Jeanne Ketchum, Judy Baer, Gretchen Brown, Sue Dittmar. ROW 3: Ron Downey, David Davison, Jay Cheney, Doug Vensel, Bill Wurzbach, John Cor- rigan, Tim Hildebrand, James Yagello, Jim Gregg. ROW 4: Robert Mayo, Bill Holt, Bob Melendes, Tom Christo, Tony Gerace, Colonel Bruntjen, Dave Mercer. 10-15-Mr. Beckert ROW l: Diane Browarsky, Uibha Dave, Bonnie Jane Ballantyne, Susie Swager, Betsy Iviullius, Jackie Prescott, Pat Kresge, Barb Engle. ROW 2: Pat Baker, Carol Weller, Nella Martin, Joyce Hum- phrey, Barb Grose, Pat Fassett, Judy Hunter, Linda Easterling, Beth Callahan. ROW 3: Chuck Perrine, Buddy Levell, Lloyd Gray, Joe Frey, Chuck Bashforth, John Logue, Ralph Alster. ROW 4: Ber- nie Laquinta, Lane Fahnestock, John Reeves, Torn Linsley, Mike Reed, Pat Thomas, Ronnie Clark. Sophomores Missing from Homeroom Pictures: ROW 1: Sally Sutherland, Shirley Barson, Pat Barnum, Melody Fowell, Gerry Butler. ROW 2: Carl Gainor, Kevin Brown, Tony Lavely, Peter Olson, Bruce Hancock. 75 ADJUSTING AND DEVELOPING The last freshman class to enter Mt. Lebanon High School met the challenge of a new and strange environment with a bit of stage fright, a multitude of dreams, and much energy. At first, each member groped his way about his new school. But slowly he began to find new friends, enjoy his classes, and participate in ex- tracurricular activities. He turned up at every football game as a member of the flash-card sec- tion or one of the cheering crowd, sympathetic to newcomers and eager to impart his newly- acquired knowledge of his school, he joined the 9 2 Mr Kracsun 330 IV 1: Connie Hartquist, Harriet Good J-aa 1 Wiest, Mary jane Stearns, Dee For- tunes, Pat Thompson, Pam Dugan, Candy 'Willison, Carol Lammert. ROW 2: Mary 'o Baughman, Arleen Borgman, Laurie Neisbrod, Christine Wellner, Maureen Peters, Karen Phillips, Bonnie Ehlers, .Kay Parks, Sara Lynn Hogg. ROW 3: David Samek, Wayne Rowswell, Fred Hasley, David Bragdon, Robert Craig, Lynn Rector, Scudder Stevens. ROW 4: Drew Bachman, Bob Dee, Howard Fraps, ,laflk FfOe1iCh, James Breier, Fred Sar- gent. information and hospitality squads, he became a member of a music group and felt exultation as he raised his voice in the "Hallelujah Chorus" of the Messiah, he investigated Latin History and gained new insight into the language and the people. The undefeated freshman football team which beat the J.V.'s is one indication of what the class can achieve. At the end of the year, our fresh- men were no longer a disorganized group of confused students but a compact unit-the Class of '62. 9-1-Mr. Felich Bourne, Kirk Greer. .au ROW 1: Kay Brooks, Sue Kerr, Thomas, Ann Sherman, Kathy Joan Hofrichter, Diane Hopwood. 2: Barbara Smith, Sue McCoy, Orr, Gayle Thomas, Linda Rote, Wharton, Rosalie Moran, Susan Crissman, Karen Birris, ROW Adele Ann Nancy Nave. ROW 3: Bruce McKissock, Michael Stanchak, John Amend, Charles Cobaugh, Tony Ferry, Dave Baker, John Hartman. ROW 4: Doug Booz, Bill Rich- ards, jim Stephens, Peter Scherk, Dave Nicholas, Melvin Schlenter, Michael 9-4-Miss Moran ROW 1: Maria Revesz, Peggy Mercer, Marsha Sterling, Marianne Mendel, Jane Fergusm, Karen Jordan, Joyce Tutty, Jo Ann Toperzer, Barbara Ullman. ROW 2: Sandy Sterling, Ruth Roach, Diane Kline, Mary Ellen Alexander, Julie Diekmann, Judy Hoover, Ann Dineen, Barbara Ahearn, Heidi Allen, Lynne Crofford. ROW 3: Ricky Couch, Ed Dobkin, Wil- lard Marr, Richard Mueller, David Kozma, Ron Patterson, Dave Manoogian, Gary Smith. ROW 4: Bill Herald, Joseph Schafer, Tom Jackson, Gary Leash, Bob Prince, Bob Tillger. 6 fl 9-3-Mrs. Clark ROW 1: Peggy Jones, Judy Williams, Marilyn Martin, Jean Housekeeper, Cheryl Everly, Judy Dimoch, Lillian Sowa. ROW 2: Bill Jackson, Don Hilde- brandt, Nancy Conlan, Sallie Payne, Jeri Donahoe, Gretchen Carter, John Barry, Jack Saracco. ROW 3: Stewart Early, John Albus, Bob Beazley, Ron Chappell, Bob Berg, Mike Seliger, Edward Sabom. ROW 4: Dave Howe, Dan Campbell, Pete White, Henry Ehlers, Mike Ferson, Scott Culbertson. 9-5-Mr. Kobosky ROW 1: Diane Fair, Bev Swoish, Gref chen App, Judy Housekeeper, Sara Hic- kenberg, Susie Eavans, Billie Hankins. ROW 2: Janet McCormick, Connie Kilb, Phyllis Yeager, Virginia Mitchell, Sus ' Flynn, Carol Betzler, Sally Kepler, I.yn Campbell. ROW 3: John Martin, Blake Ohsol, Mike McKee, DeWitt Lauermar Jim Daniell, Kurt Wentzel, Gerard Brooks, Jim Freiland, Ken Kurtz. ROW 4: Richard Downie, Nick Mager, Joe Toth, Alex Lewis, Jim Modery, Bill Rey- nolds, Peter Gent, John Stilli, Jack Sowko, Charles Iams. 9-7-Mr. Toler ROW 1: Claire Von Stocker, Norma Reichard, Nancy Hovorka, Gay McMil- lan, Bea Haines, Sue Oram, Jean Alex- ander, Linda Fitch. ROW 2: Charlotte Latimer, Betsy Scott, Charlotte Hahn, Janet Geist, Sandy Brettholle, Nancy Cameron, Bonnie Dean, Nancy Trackett. ROW 3: Butch Bee, George Thuransky, Cliff McMillan, Bob johnson, Geof Heron, Craig Cameron, Ken Sutter, Bill Soler. ROW 4: Dick Jones, Dick Hurwitz, Bob Anderson, George Watt, Lex Gray, Harry Boyer. 9-6-Mr. Taggart ROW 1: Carol Marshall, Barbara Sea mans, Sue Wilson, Beth Ann Thorn burgh, Kathryn Bingham, Martha Fischen Nance Griffee, Peggy Brunk, Melly Red head. ROW 2: Cheryl McCann, Virginiz Burrows, Helena Adkins, Sallie Owens Nancy Bock, Lillian Fassett, Barbara Dore, Dotty Drisko, Tobi Loffer. ROVN 3: Gene Hill, Dan Haffner, jeff Prescott Frank Maston, Frank Concilus, Willis Siegfried, Dick Larry, Reggie Nations ROW 4: Bill Offutt, Jim McCaslin, Pete Detwiler, Dave Mathewson, Bill Hennin- ger, James Stein. 9-8--Mr. Simpson ROW 1: Carole Morton, Regina Hamil-i ton, Nancy Willingham, Barbara Wagner, i Pam Fish, Marcia Service, Sue Bretz, Linda Birge. ROW 2: Karen Shean, Vir- 1 ginia Morton, Carol Henkel, Carolyn Wensel, Marsha Walsh, Susan Osborn, Flicka Rahn, Hope Steverman, Mary Car- dello. ROW 3: Ed Jones, Hugh Elliott, Van Manuel, Roth McNally, Tom Steven- son, Drew Anthon, Clem English. ROW 4: Michael McCready, Dick Schwartz, Rick Toucey, Jim Sanner, Robert Gal- lup, jim Lynch, Courtland Chandler, Bruce Brunswick. 9-10-Miss Bulger ROW 1: Judy Myers, Debbie Harsough, Cynthia Bogmen, Elizabeth Martini, Con- stance Tragesser, Mary Beth Anderson, Nancy Detwiler, Shirley Pyle. ROW 2: Beth Schweinsbery, Ann Langreth, Judy Young, Mary Ann Foley, Miriam Grove, Susan Lammert, Jane Flemm, Barbara Altman, Claudia Irwin. ROW 3: Bob Geeseman, Andy Stoody, John Postellon, Jim Henderson, Bill McGarry, Louis Sass, Tom Doorley, Louis Lanfrankie, Kevin Davis, Ted Krueger, Doug Henrick. ROW 4: Barton Will, Randy Burroughs, James Johnson, Jim Cappe, Richard Evans, Tom Bohaunm, John Stoneberg, John Hill, George Aspiote. fl 9-9-Mrs. Miller ROW 1: Melissa Booth, Carmela Finelli, Nancy Nolan, Diane Bauer, Barbara Babb, Cathy Anderson, Karen Luxbacher. ROW 2: Karen Bundy, Gladys Wian, Bar- bara Pollach, Joy Hugo, Carol Peterson, Fran Falario, Betty Beardshall, Jackie Kramer, Karen Simmat. ROW 3: Ed Stahl, Roy Abernathy, Bill Parker, Rich- ard DeWees, Dave Banta, John Gabrenas. ROW 4: Robbie Heist, Don Delisi, Clyde Smith, Lloyd Armstrong, Mark Abrahams, John Negele, Roland Rose. ll Laws 9- 1 1-Mrs. Haynes ROW 1: Beverly Whitman, Hilda Hoff- man, Barbara Butterworth, Kathy Wil- liams, Lynne Ricca, Linda Rupp, Diane Meacham, Andrea Gamble. ROW Susie Lefler, Barbara Fulton, Begg' Ken- . ney, Carol Barnes, Nancy MiQberry, Linda Dobbs, Marjorie Dasherff Jean Focer. ROW 3: George Sarkis, Ken Mc- Closkey, Bob Burdick, Ken Mckeen, Car- ter Hulse, Doug Leonard, Bob Watchorn. ROW 4: Howard Kalson, Paul Dau, John Blum, Jay Slaughenhaupt, Ted Dengler, Jim Evans, John Nerenberg. mv lg-Bob Bayers, Bill Stern. ROW 4: Jim 9-12-Mr. Dambach ROW 1: Julia Nicholas, Diane Daugherty, Barbara Studley, Betty Ann Baran, Linda Downing, Sally Ringham, Ann Banks. ROW 2: Georgia Gribschaw, Cynthia Mandell, Karen Vogel, Pamela Thomas, Sandy Sherba, Katie Jo Chivers, Ellen McArthur, Karlee Reber. ROW 3: Dick Koehler, Bucky Hamilton, Tom Copeland, Dave Rosenblatt, Art Tripp, Reed Agnew, Kip Weldon, Bruce Coull. ROW 4: Dave Phillips, Jim White, Burchard Wolfhard, George Haight, Martin Matz, Dwight Magowan, George Chakos. 9- 14-Mr. Gaertner ROW 1: Karen Seay, Karen Brammer, Pam McKinley, Connie Wriken, Jo But- ton, Marda Campbell, Lee Schaefers. ROW 2: Pat Shore, Judy MacDonald, Peggy McKee, Julie Moffit, Peggy Bauer, I-Tarbara Clinton, Cora Sue Deal, Kathy Taylor, Charlotte Hover. ROW 3: Rick Johnson, Brian Hesse, Steve Kimmel Peter Benedetti, Jeff Kumer, Rich Kolin, Kanters, Dave Disque, Tim Smith, Char- les Spring, Ralph Davia, Ron Fouse. 9- 13-Mr. Tallman ROW 1: Sandra Moore, Pat Myers, Pax Wolff, Barbara Bishop, Karen Hanlj Norma Narky, Patricia Sable, Priscill Nichols, Maryann Trimble. ROW 2 Peggy Kessler, Marcia Whaley, Susa Westerman, Nancy Houser, Margare Senz, Betty Jean Smith, Candy Harnes Pam Smith, Leslie Dale, Alice Kulze ROW 3: John Potter, John Pasuit, Dou Lashley, John Haviland, Bruce Browi Bob Smith, Jerry Bokam, Dave Klabe ROW 4: Ronald Matis, Fred Vanhultel Bob Satterfield, Ed Russ, Bruce Va Voorhis, John Morris, Bill Johnson. 9-16-Mrs. Bonifield ROW 1: Judy Shapiro, Sue McColm, Lynn McLeister, Christy Borgerding, Wendy Turner, Jeanne Heid. ROW 2: Cindy Hussing, Sandy Martin, Betty Kapp, Virginia Keim, Amy MacDonald, Sandy Berg, Martha Kimmel. ROW 3: Dick Maclntyre, Bob Chilcoat, Bill Dill- ner, Frank Marra, Paul Albus, Ed Weil, Bruce Berman, Larry Silver. ROW 4: Ivan Kunic, Ed Stafford, Jim Nelson, John Lindsey, Doug Denholm, Jim Ditt- mar, Steve Moore, Paul Anderson. A ,l nap, f i, cv ' in A 'W ie 9-15-Miss McHugh ROW 1: Ann Dempsey, Martha Lewis, Mary Ann Herr, Jean Melcher, Suzanne Shoemaker, Diane Kenngott, Ronnie Gira. ROW 2: Kathy Llewellyn, Flo Tischbein, Susan Greenberg, Natalie Kempa, Isabel Bass, Ellen Karnofsky, Margaret Mackay, Judy Mangan. ROW 3: Jeff McCollum, Mike Fawcett, Bruce Harris, Stewart Zedel, John Larkin, Ken Earhardt, Steve Connelly, Tom Trethewey. ROW 4: Mitch Youngling, Alex Hersh, Eugene Szranowski, Ken Coleman, Bob Wiethorn, Gordon Roe, Richard ,Layton, Don Par- sons. Freshmen Missing from Homeroom Pictures: ROW 1: Alice Arth, Bob Harris, Arlene Demaret, Bill Bowes. ROW 2: Shirley Kimmel, Kirk Greer, Sonja Marmont. 81 We developed sportsmanship . . . sportsmanshipwhich grew on the playing field and in the stands as varsity and junior varsity teams strove for impressive records. Muddy football fields, polished basketball courts, and dusty baseball dia- monds saw the struggles and heard the hoarse cheer- ing as Mt. Lebanon High School played numerous games. From our victories we learned the exultation of accomplishmentg from our defeats we learned to appreciate our opponents' endeavors. And with each whirring golf ball, each flutter kick, each leap over the high hurdles, We all felt pride in our school. For each athletic team was only part of the larger and more powerful team that was our student body. And it was that larger team which developed sports- manship in 1959. I ng, Lv- ff: . V-I-C-T-O-R-Y JUMPING with frenzy as the kickoff bonfire was ignited, STAMPING their feet in time to the strong beat of the bandls bass drum, SHOUTING while the bright new flash card section directed the crowd,s enthus- iasm, SINGING class songs, greetings to opponent schools, on, on to victory, fight right to the end, YELLING at pep rallies which boosted morales and the will to win, CHEERING as the football team made its win- ning point, the center shot the all- important basket, track and cross country boys pounded the turf. Mt. Lebanon's students expressed their school spirit--a spirit which grew and spread . . . reverber- ated in the stadium . . . rang through the halls and streets . . . a spirit which will live with them when they have forgotten the scores of single games . . . ever our praises shall ring, Alma Mater for thee. "The greatest school spirit in years!" "Give them the ax, the ax, the ax," yell the varsity cheerleaders Susie Beidler, Sally Swan, Bonnie Knight, Nancy Van Gundy, Peggy Colvin, Beth Breitenstein, Anne Irwin, and Janis Beachler. iwfn 'Ylls .+, Mr. Punkin's cheering too! 4'Go, Lebo, Go!" . . . . - ' iid t 'l before the Effervescent . . . our Junior varsity cheerleaders: Bonnie Kasun, The Varsity Cheerleaders displayed con en Sml es Ellen Phillips, Hope Steverman, Sheila Lynott, Donna Rhodes, Senior Recognition basketball game! Bonnie Hoskin, and Caddy Durkin. e '7 9 l 5 -fin V X i 7 W co i it i f , mg A rifizw I h sc?f'l"" V , 'W gzmwjxia x ee' , 4 A1 do 1 VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L ..... ..... 6 4 Homestead .... .... 0 Mt. L ..... ..... 4 0 Westinghouse . .... 19 Mt. L ..... ..... 3 6 South Hills . . . . . . . 0 Mt. L ..... ...14 Penn Hills .. 7 Mt. L ..... ..... 3 5 Washington . . . . . . .26 Mt. L ..... ..... 3 2 Wilkinsburg . . . . . . . 14 Mt. L ..... ..... 1 3 Uniontown .... .... 1 3 Mt. L ..... ..... 3 4 Baldwin ...... ,... 7 Mt. L ..... ..... 2 6 West View . . . . . . . 7 FOOTBALL The 1958 Mt. Lebanon football team, possibly the most powerful in the history of the school, rolled to an undefeated season, compiling a record of eight wins, no losses, and one tie. The tie with Uniontown erased the chance for the Western Con- ference Title with a berth in the W.P.I.A.L. cham- pionship game. The Mounties, the lightest Blue Devil team in years, developed into a formidable football machine coupling a swift offensive attack with a solid defense. The Blue Devils, under the guidance of veteran grid coach, Ralph Fife, got off to a flying start by winning their first three exhibition encounters over Homestead, Westinghouse, this year's City League titlistg and South Hills before entering W.P.I.A.L. Class AA play. The Mounty touchdown corps scalped the Penn High Indians 14-7 and followed this with a 35-26 conquest of Washington. Coach F ife's charges then came through with an impressive victory over Wilkinsburg, the defending W.P.I.A.L. champions. Disaster struck the following week when the Uniontown Raiders held the Blue Devils to a 86 13-13 tie. Mt. Lebanon led in first downs 16-5 and was on the Uniontown five-yard line when the gun sounded, but Uniontown scored the same number of points. This deadlock eliminated both teams from the Class A A title race. On Senior Recognition Night, the Blue Devils rebounded with a 34-7 win over Baldwin. In the seascn's finale with West View, the Mt. Lebanon football team marched to a 26-7 win. If this year was one of team prowess, it was also a year of individual brilliance. Five Blue Devil stars landed positions on the Western Conference All- Star team. Fullback Denny Phillips, tackle Gene Breen, and guard Howard Breinig were elected to the first team, while our ends, Bud Vogel and Lee Wells, were selected for the second team. Denny Phillips' speed and power boosted him to national acclaim, and, at the season's conclusion, he was named All-W.P.I.A.L., All-State, and All-American. Ei, nasal .. mm'.-z.,..gNW Q'-C VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM tif.. ROW 1: Walker, Plant, Flannagan, McCallum, Overend, Malarkey, McNeish, Ayers, and Seamans. ROW 2: Doran, Stewart, Driscoll, Garlitz, Gregg, Breen, Phillips, Vogel, McCombs, Morgan, Housekeeper, Minno, Rhen, and Shields. ROW 3: Carman, Wells, Sterner, Yeckley, if Couch, Laughlin, Laquinta, Crisman, Gilbert, Beachler, Breinig, White, Logue, and Chapman. Missing from the picture is Barone. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM ROW 1: Kling, Dick Wyles, Levell, Collins, Davison, Foltz, and O'Connor. ROW 2: Down- ing, Kaufman, Breinig, Borgerding, Berg, Miles, Phillips, Reeves, Cheney, and Sedlachek. ROW 3: Coach Kracsun, Starr, Lory, Smith, Stevenson, Shields, Dave Wyles, Kenning, Love, Hoag, Matthews, and Coach Grant. Missing from the picture are Jordano and Segal. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE The Junior Varsity Football Squad improved with Mt. L ............ Dormont . . . each game. Coached by Mr. Kracsun and Mr. Grant, the Mt, L ,,,, , , .20 Baldwin , , team developed into a winning squad. They compiled a Mt. L .... . . .21 Shaler . . . . . . 4-2-1 record and earned the name "Swamp Foxesf' Mt. L .... . . . 13 Penn Hills . . Trained with an eye to the future, these boys were well- Mt. L .,.. . . . 13 Carrick . . . . . fitted by the end of the year to become varsity football Mt, L .... . . . 13 Bethel . . . . . . Players- Mt. L .... .. .20 Wilkinsburg . . . FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM ROW 1: McMillan, Siegfried, Parker, Watt, Nerenberg, Albus, and Lynch. ROW 2: Cobaugh, Straka, McKissock, Daniell, Manuel, Offutt, Coleman, Mayer, and Greer. ROW 3: Coach Walker, Bragdon, johnson, Doorley, Klaber, Manoogian, Weldon, Earnhardt, and Coach Batchelor. ROW 4: Fawcett, McCollum, Brooks, Chappell, McNally, Humer, and Concilus. Missing from the picture are Rector and Wentzel. Freshman Football V . . . D . . . 22 Canonsburg ' Q ' 1 .0 The 1958-1959 freshman football team was unde- . ' .32 Dormont I l l . ' .0 feated, untied, and unscored upon. The frosh boys ac- . ' . .33 Scott . . . l i ' . I u . h .0 cumulated a total of 114 points and a large reserve of 1 ' ' . 14 N. Braddock ' - n i ' 0 confidence in their ability to perform equally well in . l I Q 13 Bethel . . I ' . l .0 the three years ahead of them. Line play highlights kick attempt. Barone battling for yardage. Coach Fife watching action from sidelines. Shields fighting off tackler. 'lax , i A , Rl, :gk V. ' ' if ' Ywwmgxglakrfqjl- fb rf A5 L . ' -. 'lily ""O"' 1 f 2' ffwfvgngd -' " , Hifi-qw , . , All-A ' D Ph'11' . Denny driving for T.D. mencan enny I lps f . :ar 89 may VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Neely, Manning, Kay lenauer, Ferguson, Swigart Sattler, Perrine, Tabor Blumfeldt, Sickles, Pringle Hartquist, Rosenblatt. CRGSS COUNTRY Under the leadership of such experienced hold- over athletes as Dave Blumfeldt, John Pringle, Bill Sickles, and Skip Hartquist, the Mt. Lebanon har- riers sailed through their schedule, winning every meet by comfortable margins. The squad's scoring punch was greatly aided by the addition of senior Charles Kay and of underclassmen Mouncey Fer- guson and Ken McCloskey, the only freshman ever to make the varsity cross country team. Veteran track coach Donley Mollenauer attributes the team's success this year to the newly installed interval type training system, originally used by European run- ners and adapted to our needs, and to the spirit and balance of the team. The high flying harriers cap- tured three major championships and copped seven straight dual meet wins en route to the first unde- feated season since 1953. Mr. Mollenauer has named this year's top five as the best in Mt. Lebanon's history. The Mounty har- 90 riers not only swept to their third straight W.P.I. A.L. Championship but also repeated as state titlists for the third consecutive year, securing the honor of retaining the trophy at Mt. Lebanon for another year. Paced by Dave Blumfeldt, a three-year letter- man, the cross country team placed their first five runners in the top twenty in the state meet, scoring 40 points to 144 points for the second-place team. Blumfeldt placed third, Pringle fourth, McCloskey sixth, Sickles fifteenth, and Hartquist nineteenth in a field of nearly two hundred runners competing in the two and one-eighth mile race at University Park. The Blue Devils' clean sweep of all available titles brought the grand total of cross country cham- pionships for the school to thirteen W.P.I.A.L. Championships since 1940 and ten state champion- ships over the same period of years. ROW 1: McCloskey, Mc- Kuno. Row 2: Coach Mol- Manager Dyer. ROW 3: JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY The 1958 edition of J.V. cross country was the most powerful in the history of the school. Under the guid- ance of Coach Toler, the j.V. harriers copped all their dual meets, three by perfect scores. The team climaxed its season with a smashing victory in the J.V. W.P.I.A.L., John Weisiger first, Perrine second, Oelschlager third, Neill fourth, and Walther sixth. This marks the eighth consecutive year that our J.V. cross country team has held the W.P.I.A.L. championship. VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L .... . . . 19 Canonsburg ..... . . . .36 Mt. L .... . . . 17 Central Catholic . . . . . . .38 Mt. L .... . . . 17 Connellsville .... . . . .38 Mt. L .... . . . 15 Shaler ...... . . . .40 Mt. L .... . . .15 New Castle . . . . . .40 Mt. L .... ...15 Penn Hills ....40 Mt. L .... . . . 15 Aliquippa . . . . . . .40 JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ROW 4: Stahl, Kimmel, Campbell, Flamer, Blum. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE L ............ 15 Canonsburg ..... .... 4 0 L .... .... 2 7 Central Catholic . . . . . . .28 L .... .... 1 5 Connellsville .... .... 4 0 L ............ 15 Aliquippa ............. 40 Central Catholic Invitational Meet- Mt. Lebanon 1st Mt. Lebanon 235 Cent. Catholic 413 Uniontown 94 W.P.I.A.L.-J. V. Championship-Mt. Lebanon 1st Mt. Lebanon 165 Uniontown 575 Canonsburg 80 Central Catholic Invitational Meet-Mt. Lebanon lst Mt. Lebanon 275 Central Catholic 96, Latrobe 99 Slippery Rock College Invitational Meet- Mt. Lebanon lst Mt. Lebanon 32, Altoona 773 Canonsburg 81 W.P.I.A.L. Championship-Mt. Lebanon 1st Mt. Lebanon 28g Canonsburg 733 Latrobe 110 State Championship-Mt. Lebanon lst Mt. Lebanon 405 Wm. Tennent 1445 N. Penn 165 VARSITY TOP FIVE Dave Blumfeldt john Pringle Ken McCloskey Bill Sickels Skip Hartquis ROW 1: Straub, Wright, Pozzi. ROW 2: von Ende, Neill, Weisiger, Youngling, English, Oelschlager, Tay- lor, Stobie, Bayers. ROW 3: Man- ager Linsley, Algeo, Postellon, Ber- ger, Parsons, Coach Toler, Bigley, Olfutt, Crissman, Manager Harper. i Coach Clark on basketball court. VARSITY BASKETBALL L ..... ...... 6 5 Baldwin ..... ..... 5 5 L ..... ..... 5 2 Wilkinsburg .... ..-.- 2 5 L ..... ..... 4 3 South Hills . . ..... 49 L ,,,,. ..... 6 2 Shaler ...... -.-.- 3 7 L ..... ..... 7 5 Bethel ..... ..... 5 7 L ...,. ..... 4 4 Uniontown . . . . - . . -51 L ..... ..... 6 1 Burgettstown . . . . - - - . 59 L ..... ..... 6 9 Trinity ...... ..... 3 3 L ..... ..... 4 7 Washington . . -...- 50 L ..... .. .... 63 Canonsburg .,.. ....- 4 1 L .,.. ..... 6 1 Thos. Jefferson . . . . . . . .34 L .... ..... 7 6 Dormont ...... ..... 5 7 L .... ..... 7 8 Chartiers .... ..... 5 1 L .... ..... 6 7 Burgettstown . . . . . . . .54 L .... ..... 8 2 Trinity ...... ,.,.. 5 1 L .... ..... 8 0 Washington . . ..... 67 L .... ...., 6 5 Canonsburg . . ..... 66 BASKETBALL For the second consecutive year, Coach Mercer "Speed" Clark's Mt. Lebanon basketball team has ex- changed home-and-home victories with Washington, the perennial section champions, only to lose a crucial con- test to Canonsburg, while the "Prexies" defeated the rest of their section opponents. In spite of losing the section championship, the Mounty hoopsters chalked up a total of 18 wins and only 4 losses and maintained Mt. Le- banon's perfect sectional record at home. The Mounties started slowly, winning only four of six exhibition games before the Christmas holidays. Led by senior co-captains Bruce McClintock and Bob Stew- art, the team polished off Baldwin and Wilkinsburg, before losing to City League leader South Hills. Wins over Shaler and Bethel were followed by a loss to Uniontown. Then, during the Christmas vacation, the Mounties entered the New Kensington Holiday Tourna- ment. In the first round, the Mounties vanquished Homestead by the score of 70-51 and then clinched the tournament team title with a 61-52 win over host team New Kensington. Bob Stewart also won the Most Valu- able Player Award for his performance during the tournament. The Blue and Gold opened regular season play with a 61-59 double-overtime victory over Burgettstown, then drubbed Trinity 69-33, before losing a 60-47 deci- sion to Washington on the "Prexies' " home court. After easily beating the next six opponents, the Mounty five met league-leading Washington again. In that game, Bob Coo scored 26 points to become the only Mt. Le- banon player to top the 20-point mark in a single game this year and led the team to an 80-67 victory and a tie for the Section 4 leadership. Three days later, though, the Mt. Lebanon title hopes were dispelled by a 66-65 loss to Canonsburg at the Canonsburg gym. Then the team came back to win the last three games, beating Thomas Jefferson, Dormont, and Chartiers. This year's team broke nearly all previous Mt. Lebanon team scoring records by scoring 1431 points for an average of 65.1 points per game. Also, all five starting players scored over 200 points, and all had averages of better than ten points per game. Bob Stew- art led the Mounties with 296 markers and a 13.4 aver- age. Close on his heels were Harold "Bud" Vogel with 237 points and 10.7, Dan Driscoll with 220 and 11.0, and Bob Coo with 201 and 10.1. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front: Coo, Driscoll, Vogel, Stewart, McClintock. Rear: Garlitz, Moflit, Clark, Malarkey, Rehm, Miskevics, Coach Clark, Robinson, Marsh, Bronner, Couch, Shields, Powell. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: Alex, Theis, Wyles. Standing: Hath- away, Wenger, Fletcher, Coach Stanish. J.V. BASKETBALL Mr. Stanish's J.V. ball club started off the season play with all sophomores, but after four games, five juniors were added. In compiling a 17 and 3 record, the hardwood quintet scored nearly 50 points per game. The Mounties' only sectional loss came at the hands of Washingtong this defeat was later avenged by a 43-38 victory on our home court. j.V. BASKETBALL Mt. L .... . . .33 Baldwin .... . . . .30 Mt. L .... . . .45 Wilkinsburg . . . . . . .41 Mt. L ,... .... 4 2 South Hills . . . .... 43 Mt. L .... ...31 Shaler ...... ....26 Mt. L .... .... 4 6 Bethel ..... .... 4 5 Mt. L .... . . .50 Uniontown .... . . . .52 Mt. L .... . . .53 Burgettstown . . . . . . .35 Mt. L .... . . .67 Trinity ....... . . . .40 Mt. L .... .... 3 6 Washington . . . . . . .41 Mt. L .... .... 7 0 Canonsburg .......... 19 Mt. L .... .... 3 7 Thomas Jefferson ..... 15 Mt. L .... .... 5 4 Dormont ...... .... 3 7 Mt. L .... .... 5 9 Chartiers ..... .... 4 f Mt. L .... .... 5 4 Burgettstown . . . . . . .31 Mt. L .... .... 3 9 Trinity ....... .... 2 8 Mt. L .... .... 4 3 Washington .... .... 3 8 Mt. L .... .... 4 3 Canonsburg ,......... 22 Mt. L .... .... 5 7 Thomas jefferson ..... 32 Mt. L .... .... 4 3 Dormont ....... .... 2 8 Mt. L. . . . .... 80 Chartiers . . . . . . .35 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right: Anthon, Mc- Kissock, McCloskey, Co- baugh, Daniell, Brooks, Beazley, Coach Watts, Mc- Kee, McNally, Wentzel, El- liott, Kimmel, Zimmerman, Lynch. Front: Managers Beck, Potter, Vandergrift. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Mt. L .... . . . .... 29 Dormont .... . . . .23 Mt. L .... .... 3 5 Munhall . . .... 34 Mt. L .... .... 3 1 Auquippa .... 37 C0aCh Sam WaffS guided his team to H Mt. L ,... .... 1 9 Bethel ...... ...14 thirteen and four record this year. This year's Mt' L -"- "-- 4 8 W' Mifflin '-'-' "" 3 6 team compiled the best freshman mark in three Mt' L "" "" 3 4 Thos' Jefferson """' 14 ears and should rovide fme material for next Mt. L .... .... 3 0 McKeesport . . . ..... 33 y p Mt. L .... .... 2 3 Brentwood ... .... 25 Yeaf'S Varsity and J -V- 'feHmS- Mt. L .... .... 3 8 Baldwin .... .... 2 5 Mt. L .... .... 3 3 Clairton .. .... 53 Mt. L .... .... 3 5 Bethel ...... .... 2 9 Mt. L .... .... 3 9 W. Mifflin ..... .... 1 9 "M Mt. L ,... .... 4 3 Thos. Jefferson ....... 28 Mt. L .... .... 3 0 McKeesport .... .... 2 3 Mt. L .... .... 4 2 Stowe .... .... 3 2 Mt. L .... .... 2 4 Baldwin . . .... 23 Mt. L .... .... 3 5 Clairton . . .... 34 Bruce McClintock combines ballet and basketball. Bud VOES1 5001135 fmm underneath- Bob Stewart leaping for basket. Stewart hits on jump shot. Balancing act. I 95 Hetz Marsh scores from close range. Mr. Lamprinakos doubles as wrestling and football coach. -Y. . WRESTLING A combination of line holdover stars from last year and some fast-developing newcomers brought Mt. Leba- non to an 11 and 4 mark in wrestling this year. Although injury hurt the team at some points during the season, the fine depth of the squad served well in replacing the injured grapplers. In their first meet of the season, the Mounties trounced West Allegheny, 35 to 19. The Blue and Gold grapplers see-sawed, losing to Shaler, beating Carnegie, and falling to Shaler. The team then knocked off Shady- side, West Allegheny, Peters Township, and Washing- ton, before the Shaler team returned to upset the Moun- ties. North Allegheny handed the matmen their worst setback, 33 to 9, but the wrestlers bounced back to trample New Castle, West View, Baldwin, Carnegie, and West View. Wrestling is a sport of individuals, and Mt. Lebanon had plenty of standouts this year. The team of Linge C10-2-2j, Windfelder, Q11-1-35, Martin C12-2-lj, Wil- liams Q8-3-2j, and Howley Q11-2-lj built up early leads for the Mounties in many meets. Bill Berg, an expe- rienced grappler from last season, compiled a six and two record before injuring his leg in the middle of the sea- son. He was ably replaced by Robin Laughlin, who formerly started at 154 lbs. Bob Peace C7-4-2j, Lee Wells C10-3-lj, and Gene Breen Q10-2-lj added the final punch which cinched many meets for Mt. Lebanon. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM Front Row: Linge,Windfelder, Martin, Williams Howley Shilit. Back Row: Berg, Pease, Wells, Breen, Rhen Breinig Laughlin. WRESTLING Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. VARSITY WRESTLING W. Allegheny Shaler ..... Carnegie . Cecil ....... Shadyside . . W. Allegheny Peters Twp. Washington . Shaler ...... N. Allegheny New Castle . West View . . Baldwin .... Carnegie .... West View . Referee Solomon awards two points to Jeff Shilit. Bill Berg has his opponent in a near pin Jay Winfelder tries to pick up opponent. Y i fix, ,l' 0 f' Coach Grant by swimming pool. In their third year of competition, Coach Bill Grant's mermen splashed to the W.P.I.A.L. championship in a flurry of broken records. All-American Tom Lindsey shattered two records, clipping the 200-yard free-style and the 150-yard individual medley marks. Captain Bill Hunt eclipsed the 50-yard freestyle record and Carl Warnes set a new standard in the 100-yard breast- stroke. Other W.P.I.A.L. victories came to Stoddart Smith in the 100-yard butterfly and Toby McKain in the diving event. Mt. Lebanon's team depth was shown as both Mounty relay teams broke W.P.I.A.L. marks. The 200-yard medley relay team composed of Lewis, Warnes, Lindsey, and Hunt broke' the recognized na- tional record set by Central High School of Battle Creek, Michigan by one-tenth of a second. Mt. Le- banon's time in that event was 1 :48.4. The Mounty tankers left twelve teams in their wake as they swept all dual encounters, setting new marks in almost every meet in which they swam. Since this year's team consists of 8 seniors and 30 underclassmen, Coach Grant can expect some fine material returning next year. With men qualitied in all events, the Mounty mer- men captured the Western Regional Championship at Grove City. With hopes high, the Mounties arrived at Bucknell for the State Championship. When the spray had settled that day, Mt. Lebanon had dethroned York and were state champs. 98 SWIMMING SCHEDULE L ..... ...... 7 3 Schenley ...... .... 1 3 L ..... ..... 6 3 Allderdice ....... .... 2 3 L ..... ..... 7 3 Central Catholic . . .... 16 L ..... ..... 6 3 Clairton ........ .... 2 3 L ..... ..... 6 7 Butler ........ .... 1 9 L ..... ..... 7 8 Connellsville . . . . . . 7 L ..... ..... 7 8 Vandergrift . . . . . . . 7 L ..... ..... 7 8 Munhall .....7 L ..... .... 6 7 Clairton . . . . . . . 19 L ..... .... 5 9 Butler ...... .... 3 0 L ................ 78 Connellsville . . .... .8 L ................ 76 Vandergrift .............. 10 W.P.I.A.L. Championship-Mt. Lebanon-1st Western Regional Championship-Mt. Lebanon--1st State Championship-Mt. Lebanon-lst l Four Top Swimmers: Tom Lindsey, Freestyle and Medley, Bill Hunt, Freestyleg Carl Warnes, Breast- strokeg Bill Lewis, Backstroke. SWIMMING TEAM First Row: Swearingen, Powell, McKain. Second Row: Smith, Toucey, Ebert, Cambell, Gabrenas, Kowallis, Stoneberg, Hurwitz. Third Row: Bock, Davidson, Rohrs, Wendling, Heist, Trethewey, Kurtz, Volkwein, Lindsey, Thompson, Borgerding, Martin. Fourth Row: Seamens, Lindsey, Larry, Esposito, Bishop, Manuel, Schwartz, Shields, Phillips, Niemi, Weaver, Catalano, Lewis, Warnes, Larry, Hunt, Rimer, Gullion. , Q, an 200-yard Medley Relay Team: Tom Lindsey, Bill Hunt, Bin Lewis, Carl Warnes, Toby McKain doing a one and one- half front somersault from diving board. 4 XPGX gb if if - GYMNASTICS GYMNASTICS Gymnastics, a relatively new varsity sport at Mt. Lebanon, progressed well this year. In their first meet of the season, our gymnasts placed third out of a field of eight schools at Dormont. Under the able coaching of Mr. Pagnanelli, the i gymnastics team tumbled into a successful i DMX? SCHSOI1. Coach Pagnanelli watching Chuck Richeson perform handstand l GYMNASTICS TEAM 100 First Row: Phillips, Henning, Miller, Hillman, Bowes. Second Row: Tay- lor, Wise, Schoedel, Benson, Jordan, Richeson. Third Row: Gregg, Cronk, Mantle, Maxwell, Sirotin. Fourth Row: Richeson, Corrigan, Cenedella. Vince Corrigan and Coach Pagnanelli supervise somersault. Al Wolfers on rope. 5 VARSITY TOP SEVEN Schoedel, Jordan, Richeson, Sirotin, Cor- rigan, Maxwell, Cenadella. Chuck Richeson does handstand on parallel bars. Tom Hillman on trampoline. Ani RIFLE SCHEDULE Mt. L... ...499 Dormont Mt. L. . . . . .498 Coraopolis . . . . . . . Mt. L... ...499 Munhall Mt. L... ...499 Carnegie Mt.L... ...500 Bethel.... Mt. L... ...497 Duquesne .. Mt. L... ...499 Dormont .. Mt. L. . . . . .695 Coraopolis . . . - . . - Mt.L... ...600 Munhall... Mt. L ..... . . .500 Carnegie . . . . . . . Mt. L... ...498 Bethel Coach Neal and Co-captains Pete Field and J im Watters. RIFLE Paced by the co-captains Pete Field and J im Watters, this year's riiie team placed third in the W.P.I.A.L. section two. Their perennial rivals, Munhall and Cora- opolis, were the only two teams to defeat the Mounties this year, as the Blue and Gold sharpshooters dropped two matches to each school. Coach Neal is building for future teams by conducting evening classes for potential sharpshooters. 10 RIFLE TEAM Row 1: Watters, Hagan, Al- len, Warren, Field. Row 2: Jones, Dasher, Holbrook, Swartz, Reynolds, Herr. Row 3: Coach Neal, Man- ager Bruntjen, Gottschall, Paulsen, Peterson, Gamble. 496 500 500 493 497 489 497 696 599 484 49 5 The 1958 Mt. Lebanon baseball team wielded a big stick around the W.P.I.A.L. circuit last spring, compiling a won-lost record of 9 and 3. The Mounties coupled an explosive offensive attack with a line pitching staff. During the season, Mt. Lebanon scored 84 runs, while the runs of the opposing teams totaled only 37. Dan Driscoll compiled the club's best batting aver- age, .413, while Dave Perkins drove in 12 runs in 12 games. Jim Pack, voted Most Valuable Player by his team-mates, came out of the '57 bullpen to lead the pitching staff with six victor- ies, while Dan Driscoll and Bob Malarkey re- corded two and one wins respectively. In sec- tional play, four straight wins launched a win- ning streak which was interrupted briefly for two losses before the Mounties came back to win their linal three games. They captured the section title and secured the honor of participat- ing in the W.P.I.A.L. Championship Playoffs. In the playoffs, the Mounties conquered Bur- gettstown and Vandergrift, before losing an extra-inning contest to Crafton, 2-1, in the semi- final round. This year marked the third con- secutive year in which the Mt. Lebanon baseball teams have won the W.P.I.A.L. Section 3 title. BASEBALL BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Miskevics, Marshall, Shields, Lyons, Barone, Driscoll, Wells. 0 Second Row: Coach Clark, Perkins, Manager Berg, Beazley, Malarkey, Overend. 04 Coach Mollenauer on the cinder track. TRACK Along the route to the unofficial state cham- pionship, the Mt. Lebanon track team amassed a number of titles and championships, including the Bethany Relays, W.P.I.A.L. Relays, Mt. Lebanon Invitational, Allegheny County, and W.P.I.A.L. Championships. Led by the three senior co-captains, Dan Lee, Bob Albright, and Ed Beachler, the thinclads extended Mt. Leban- on's string of consecutive dual, triangular, and quadrangular meet wins to 105, the longest con- secutive streak in the nation. Indoors, the Mounties got off to a slow start, placing second to Clairton in the Tri-State Coaches Meet. Once outdoors the Mounties were practically unstoppable. They copped dual meets in a rapid succession, celebrating this year their 100th consecutive dual meet victory. In the Mansfield Relays, competing against a field of 131 schools, the thinclads finished second to Pontiac, Michigan. VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L .... .... 6 5 Central Catholic . . . . . . .34 Mt. L ............ 74 516 South Hills ......... .... 2 9 116 Tri-State Coaches Meet-Mt. Lebanon 2nd. Clairton 383 Mt. L. 35Mg Central Catholic 35 Outdoor Mt. L .............. 99W Connellsville .......... Mt. L ....... lll Washington ....... 26 Canonsburg ..... Mt. L .............. 96W Shaler .....,.......... Mt. L .... . . .99 ZA Penn Hills . . . Mt. L .... . . .85 McKeesport . . . Mt. L .............. 71 South Hills ........ Bethany College Relays-Mt. Lebanon lst. Mt. L. 102, Lakewood, O. 45Wg St. Clairsville, O. 39 Mansfield Relays-Mt. Lebanon 2nd, Pontiac, Mich. 39 516, Mt. L. 263 Akron North 16 1110 W.P.I.A.L. Relays-Mt. Lebanon lst. Mt. L. 49, Johnstown 219 Wilkinsburg 17 Mt. Lebanon Invitational-Mt. Lebanon lst. Mt. L. 72g Central Catholic 435 South Hills 26 Allegheny County Meet-Mt. Lebanon lst. Mt. L. 82Wg Wilkinsburg 37, Penn Hills 22W W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet-Mt. Lebanon lst. Mt. L. 485 Wilkinsburg 31, Donora 141!2 State Championship Meet-Mt. Lebanon lst. Mt. L. 27Wg Williamsport 24Wg William Penn 19 W 1958 Although the 1958 team displayed the tradi- tional Mollenauer balance and depth, several athletes earned individual recognition for their efforts. At the W.P.I.A.L. Championship, the Mounties collected six individual and relay titles. In the state meet, Dan Lee, the brilliant Mounty hurdler, gained victories in both the 180-yard low hurdles and the 120-yard high hurdles, and Bob Albright repeated as shot put titlist. The mile relay team of Renshaw, Hart- quist, Schein, and Gregg repeated their W.P.I. A.L. victory, setting a new Mt. Lebanon High School record. The 880-yard relay team, com- posed of Seymour, Schein, Magoon, and Lee, finished in a dead heat with Williamsport, estab- lishing a new state record in the process. As to the success of last season, Mr. Mollen- auer was quoted as saying, "From the viewpoint of individual performances the 1958 season was easily the most brilliant in Mt. Lebanon his- tory." 272A . .24 30W 27V3 33 47 Varsity Track Team ROW 1: Herrington, Bateman, Cohn, Greer, Perkins, Peckham, Comfort, Easa, Gilbert, Walker, Ellis, Phillips. ROW 2: Gregg, Blumfeldt, McFeatters, Moslener, Glennan, Sickels, Hartquist, Prezioso, Walker, Hovorka, Buttlar, Magoon, Wadsworth. ROW 3: Coach Batch- elor, Naismith, Schein, Humphreys, Seymour, Budavich, Ward, Cain, Coach Mollenauer J Albright, Renshaw, Pringle, Carman, Smith, Tabor, Lee, Dick, Coach Toler. JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK Though sometimes overshadowed by the tremendous successes of the Varsity Team, the 1958 Junior Varsity track team kept pace with its senior counterpart. The only team able to defeat the Junior Var- sity during the season was the North Al- legheny Varsity. The J.V. thinclads cap- ped the season with an impressive triangular meet victory over Penn Hills and Bethel, JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L ...... 69 Connellsville ..... Mt. L ...... 109 Shaler ...... . . Mt. L ...... 97 McKeesport ..... Mt. L ...... 87 Chartiers ........ Mt. L ...... 61 North Allegheny .. Mt. L ...... 69M Upper St. Clair . 21W Mt. L. . .77 Penn Hills. . .41 Bethel.. .32 JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK TEAM ROW 1: Walther, Simpson, Manning, Buxton, Hecht, Eng- lish, Pozzi, Segal, Collins, Young. Row 2: Booth, Sullivan, Stewart, Toler, Kuno, Browarsky, McNeely, Slocum, Marshall, Carroll. ROW 3: Coach Jones, O'Dell, Matthews, Mehaffey, Fishburn, Kay, von Ende, Templin, Algeo, Blum, Deal, Young- ling, Coach Reese. ROW 4: Vandergrift, Bride, Oelschlager, Ferguson, Henderson, Werlinich, Straub, Chapman, Ellis, Wicken, Parsons, Kulik, Kolin, Swigart, Gorr. hvggweagfg :if X y K f E , A 1" '-1+ - .MW .,,, ,,....,N.A...,.9-.- , ,, b f N ' .4 .3 5 if-VZ. U A W x '54 if '5" 59 KG 5 .- ,. N ,. af ,,.W, .1 in 5 E ,Eg N , at gg X A , , ,Na ,, 4 3 ., A 'Q Sify? f an I . .... .- flisffzf .fag , V ' '- wg ' we E534 'Y if 5 .f V iw ,N ' We ' Q -:qw rj K ,,i::..,,, 2.1 , ,V g ffsff -M ,Lf A x WQ'syfhf4fWhff4zmf,,'i'wm ' .-M,-' .,'f'f ' , .- , 3i"9"'7' lf 2 , .,.,. " 1'w:a,Q,g:: ' e ggg?S' ., , K ' an W f q,L:'g::.i5:+v-::,,., ' :.', - ...,.. " ., 'W' " ..,.::., 1:2 ' .. ..,... - -' f , V i s 1 H A, ' " ff? , 1 WV 'f?,,,:m,, , 'vw f-h-f 12 '-"r iii Gregg and Renshaw place 1-2 in W.P.I.A.L. 440. Ms W.P.I.A.L. and State champion Albright Schein and Magoon exchange the baton Lee crosses finish line. Gregg takes the hand-off from Renshaw. 880-yard Relay Teamg Lee, Ma- Time: 3:24 goon, Seymour, Schein. Time: 1:30 Co-captain Bob Albright preparing to put the shot. Distance: 58' 23A" Q 3 fl, gg -dl ggaxesw ' 1 ,A .awww , Havana ' y qemsfufnf Q S '::e.L"'v'f"iZ. l:.i:.::z1:Qz,- Q 1 me 1 -I , : 6:4 " :aim Wlfanwf H av . I.. ,1 . , W. . , -F ' f x Mile Relay Teamg Renshaw, Hartquist, Schein, Gregg Co-captain Ed Beachler running the mile. Time: 4:36.2 M We 'A S -mm i,A, iy f ,ffffi f l if 'swf N-We V f f i n ' . ' gr , H ..... N4 ' ' if? Co-captain Dan Lee leaping the last bar- 107 rier in 180-yard low hurdles. Time: 19.4 TENNIS-1958 SCHEDULE Mt. L. . . .... 4 Shadyside . . . . . Mt. L... .... 5 Crafton Mt. L. . . .... 5 Bethel ...... . . . . Mt. L. . . .... 5 Wilkinsburg . . . . . . Mt. L. . . .... 2 Shadyside . . . . . . . Mt. L. .. .... 3 Crafton . .. . . Mt. L. . . ...,., 5 Bethel .... . . . . Mt. L. . . ....... 5 Wilkinsburg . . . . W.P.I.A.L. Team Playoffs Mt. L. . . ....... 2 Monessen . . . . . The Mt. Lebanon tennis team served up a successful season last spring, winning the sectional championship for the third con- secutive year. Under the able coaching of Mr. Doak and the leadership of captain Dave Swisher, the Mounty netters swept to the W.P.I.A.L. finals, only to lose to Monessen. Sparked by such outstanding individuals as Jerry Cooper, Dave Swisher, and Dan Murphy, the tennis team captured the sec- tion with wins over Bethel and Crafton in league competition and also managed to defeat the perenially tough Shadyside Academy squad. Juniors Carl Hartman, Grant Connelly, Bob Coo, and Bill Walker also contributed a great deal to the success of the team. At the end of the season, Dave Swisher was judged Most Valuable Player by his teammates. TENNIS TEAM 108 Front: Murphy, Swisher. Back: Durkin, Walgren, Coo, Hartman, Coach Doak, Cooper, Walker. SCHEDULE 7M 7M 14W 13W 1216 SW 4M 3 BW Canonsburg Baldwin . . Bridgeville Bethel . . . Bridgeville Canonsburg Baldwin . . Centerville Bethel . . . QQ... .3 it BW SW lk ZW 3M .... 10W .... HM ....13 7M GOLF TEAM Left to right: Owens, Russell, Harlan, Coach Burrows, Bell. Mr. Burrows on the ninth green at the Mt. Lebanon GOLF-1958 The Mounty golf squad, captained by Lee Owens and coached by Mr. Merle Burrows, sliced into the rough this season, winning four and losing live of their matches. The four victories were picked up at the expense of Bethel and Bridgeville, who each went down to defeat twice before the inexperiewzed Mounty aggregation. The only returning letterman was Lee Owens. Rounding out the first live were juniors Denny Sanders, Bob Bell, R. D. Harlan, and sophomore jim Russell. Coach Burrows' first team comprised entirely of underclassmen should be improved next season with the sfieied impetus of experience gained this sea-4011. 'I09 INTRAMURAL SPGRTS INTRAMURAL SPORTS On those winter afternoons when the G.A.A. can not be found in the north gym, a visitor might be confronted with the spectacle of ten boys, their shirt-tails out, rac- ing up and down the floor while attempting to put a ball through a hoop. Actually, this is a game in the elimination tournament of the boys' intramural basket- ball league. This league has several distinctions. It is the only one in which a game has ever been O to O at the end of the regulation time, in which a player has ever fouled out for bumping one of his own team's players, or in which a final score of 21 to 19 has ever been achieved by free- throws alone! In spite of such incidents, though, many games are well-played and exciting and each year about seven hundred boys participate in the intramural ath- letic program. Intramural wrestling has also proved popular, and, if weather permits, soft-ball will become a permanent part of the program. Intramural tennis is another recent in- novation in the sports program. These activities, which are governed by the Boys' Intramural Athletic Council, provide an opportunity for any boy who otherwise might not have the time or the talent to participate in varsity athletics. "No, you canlt knock it out! Y, . fjfm I A K Not intramural-but a "grudge matchu be- 0 tween basketball managers and sophomores on the J-V- team- Everybody wants the ball. MANAGERS The work of a manager is unique, for who else has the opportunity to wash football jer- seys at one A.M., track down missing athletes in strange mid-western cities, or combat the effects of a cat that has been dead several days between the roof and ceiling of a dressing room? Managers must be durable, too, because they are forever being beseiged by hordes of athletics who clamer for new hip pads, a pair of socks, or a roll of tape, A manager is also re- quired to be present at every practice sesssion 3 and every interscholastic event of the athletic team with which he is connected. The job does, however, have its compensations. For one thing, admission to athletic events is free, although this reward is possibly a result of the fact that nobody is around to collect tickets at the time when the manager arrives. The managers do, though, share in some of the beneiits of athletic competition and are as elated over victory or as disappointed over defeat as any member of the team. Their job is dirty, time-consum- ing, and tedious, but rewarding. Senior Manager Bob Freiland handing out equipment. -'ff' 5 Y 'L K af! pw ,ff K f ,www . 5 Ni. .er M W' 'ae 'Wi W. Athletic Director Wilbur Moore and Head Senior Man- Football managerial staff at work. ager George Winters. G.A.A. A newly-formed swimming team keynoted the G.A.A.'s activities in 1959. Girls who qualified par- ticipated in several after-school meets. Softball, too, which had been previously much-discussed but never organized, became a part of the sports pro- gram. The comparatively new gymnastic team prac- ticed diligently to perfect difficult, eye-catching stunts. And we welcomed the opportunity to play in the regular tennequoit, basketball, and volleyball tournaments. Supplementing the after-school athletics of the G.A.A. were several social events. The Halloween Party, G.A.A. Bowling Party, and annual spring formal completed the social schedule. In the spring, we also enjoyed the annual Play Day, when visitors from many high schools came to Mt. Lebanon to participate in tournaments and contests. All G.A.A. events were under the direction of the Leaders Club, which was composed of girls who had displayed athletic talent, leadership ability, and good sportsmanship. Through the activities of the G.A.A., Mt. Lebanon girls found new friends, developed game skills, and learned good sportsmanship. 66 I 112 LEADERS' CLUB ROW 1: Marty Frame, Pat Connors, Janet Patterson, President Judy Seidel, Marcie Smith, Pam Lore. ROW 2: Sandy Burr, Gerry Narky, Claren Brooks, Gay Hugo, Sue Peckham, Regina Hancock, Nancy Brown, Sharon Rock, Marilyn Dupree. ROW 3: Janis Beachler, Mary Stilli, Cynthia Price, Carolyn Gibson, Nancy Zahniser, Rhea Rose, and Peggy Theis. K ,T,..., , gk. A' 9 on 4 . f X 1 A ,Vw' 1 A captivating hobo! 2 We lcultivated originelity of expression! , "With the greatest of easel' Eye-catching-but back-breaking! We expanded interests . . . interests which began when we entered the pub- lications office by mistake, admired someone's performance on the stage, or read a gripping short story. Our developing musicians practiced cease- lessly, interpreted with imagination, and became sensitive to the mood of Beethoven and the rhythm of rock and roll. Newly-inspired journal- ists Wrote with enthusiasm. Future scientists eX- perimented endlessly, investigated with curiosity, and began to have a conception of the atom, the composition of a leaf, and the law of gravity. Our students understood the value of service when they gave homemade Christmas dolls to children or relieved overburdened teachers of clerical work. Not only our leading ladies, editors, and gridiron heros, but also our walk-ons, reporters, and third- string linemen expanded their interests in 1959. ww.m,,.M.,,m,.f ,.i,M,w.M .W , Mammwww, .A M... MA,.W.,, fm ,M ,,,,.m.W W .W Vmqwm- X.-,. H WD, M- WwMw.,,MW-ww-MMM W1-,M mm .MMMNMQM ,,,..,,,-: Q X M ,,fW,w. W. Realizing Our Ambitions V Student Congress President Dick Seamans, Vice- President Lee Wells, and Secretary Margie Hil- singer accepted the privilege and the responsibility of leading the student body during the first semester. A student of Mt. Lebanon High School respects public, private, and school propertyg upholds his honor and that of his school by maintaining high standards of integrityg shows proper respect for all with Whom he comes in contact, refrains from smoking and drink- ing where such actions would discredit his schoolg be- lieves that profanity is in poor taste and expresses himself in other language, is a cautious and considerate driver, will judge people by their merits irrespective of race, religion, or nationalityg believes that it is as important to be a good loser as to be a good Winner. Through our Student Congress, we were able to express our ideas and to begin to put them into prac- tice. Each semester we elected representatives who car- ried to the Student Congress our ideas for school im- provement. The accomplishments of the 1959 Student Congress justified our pride in them. To relieve congestion in the halls, they set up a new stair plan. Mt. Lebanon be- came a fair-share school in a Congress-sponsored United Fund drive. An intramural softball program was insti- tuted. For the iirst time, all students had the oppor- tunity to visit their governing body while it was in session. A new Student Directory was delivered to the students in time for addressing Christmas cards. We exchanged taped discussions of our native lands with Russian high schools. The achievements of our Student Congress proved that they were active and capable in 1959. 6 l Put your X beside . . The student directory committee managed to compile the names, ad- dresses, and telephone numbers of 2200 students, type them, and publish the directory before Christmas so that we were able to refer to them for Christmas cards. Members were Pam Lore, Bruce Schein, Debbie Smith, Barbara Grose, Jim Price, and Bill Iams. Contemplatmg their new responsibilities-Presi dent Burt West, Vice President Jeff Neill, and Secretary Kathy Young. Let s ake all the stairways 'down'!" mx ,156 llfflyi ' RENSSELAER AWARD George Winters D.A.R. AWARD Susan Beidler ADVISORY COUNCIL Mrs. Haynes Mrs. Morgan Dr. Mills, Mrs. Cargill NHSS Funk Mr. Hadden jim Evans, Mr. Mehner Nancy Zahniser, Tom Blackwood. Mary Weisigef, Bill Befll. Robby Davi-SOD, Barbara Clmffm I . YQ y Ev' if ml K? STUDENT COURT Karen Ch1'iStiaHSeH, Bob Coo. Susie Beidler, Kit Irwin, Margaret MQCKQV, Tim Smith, Bob Maxwell, Rick Collins. Cindy Brown, Nancy Hilsingery Jim Watters- Students who received Activities Keys: ROW 1: Pat Weaver, Judy Button, Diana Cole, Nancy Wilder, Margie Hilsinger, Nancy Maxson, Suzy White, Delby Geeseman. ROW 2: Carole Fulton, Karen Christiansen, Lana Mayberry, Cynthia Price, Nancy Barnhart, Beth Breitenstein, Bonnie Knight. ROW 3: Jerry Negele, Ann jones, Carolyn Moore, Mary Kay Dewees, Judy Seidel, Anne Witman, Mary Baird, Susie Beidler, Mary Weisiger, Debbie Smith. ROW 4: Bob Taylor, George Winters, Dick Seamans, Tom Fink, Denny Sanders, Ron Simon, Pete Field, Phil Gottschall. .1521 Members of the Class of '59 who received Activities Guards were: Bob ' "M Taylor, Susie Beidler, Anne Witman, Phil Gottschall, Suzy White, and yu if Dick Searnans. V A f li 7 . ,Mb 1. ifgrar ,M yffsffhft , I F K a V g ,f 7 f., P-ff., y HARVARD CLUB BOOK AWARD George Winters BAUSCH-LOMB AWARD Phi1EigGottschall -.urn 1959 LEBANON LOG 13' 2 I Editor Suzy White, and Literary Editor Bev Wo .2 I at, A-YI QM:- ..i'li:Q .r, ,, faithful Log staff members included Mike Lavine, Acsistant Editors Pat Quaid, Carl von Ende, Ellen J Major, and Eva Foldes, and Nancy Barnhart. Recipe for a successful yearbook: To one large package of hard work -- brainstorming for original ideasg planning layoutsg snapping hundreds of action shots and mood picturesg writing reams of copyg past- ing and gluing: add sudden inspirations-the new fac- ulty sectiong the l59 format of the senior sectiong poign- ant memories-an outstanding football seasong a whirling round of graduation activitiesg and a large dose of enthusiasm. Stir well, and season with optimism and unity of purpose. Generously serves 2200 students plus faculty, parents, and friends. directed the activities of the 1959 Lebanon Log. The hard work which the 1959 Log staff did was symbolized by one light glowing in our school's corri- dors when everyone else had gone home. While that light burned, our yearbook slowly developed into an ac- curate historical record and a well-integrated collection of our impressions of 1959. And while the book grew, the staff shared jokes and sang Christmas carols and dreamed of the day when they could present the year- book to Mt. Lebanon High School. Here it is: the 1959 Lebanon Log! 4,65 .W Log Co-Editors Pat Weaver and Bob Taylor, Spoi Editor Dave Wyles, Art Editor Judy Allen, Class E Ru.. Diana Cole, Herb Short, Dale McFeatters, and Judy Seidel worked hard to produce Writeups with origi- nality. C Jllxxf fyffrlf. frog Clever posters and slogans ar.- nouncing the Log sales campaign were prepared by Sharon Rubin- stein, Ann Gibson, and Lois Mad- dox. Log photographers Bill Wicker, Dave Herzog, and John Delo strove for the clarity and sharpness exemplified in these pages. ,Ms Subscriptions, whether bought in full or "on time," were carefully recorded by the Log business staff -janet Surbeck, Rita Geigerich, Carolyn Tamplin, and Donna Hou- +515 lv 5 wggfifi ,Q SET. ae JI, Notes Cn Th School' News 122 Members of the Lantern's editorial staff were Feature Editor Pat Elli- son, Co-Editor Judy Seidel, Co-Editor Carol Kreh, News Editor Ann Welty, Make-up Editor Wayne Nichols, and Sports Editor Bob Coo. The Lantern's business staff included Circulation Manager Sandy Burr, Treasurer Bonnie Raymond, Mailing Carolyn Tamplin, and Circulation Manager Vivian Leasure. lf A new mast-head and some clever cartoons inspired the staff of the Lebanon Lantern. Eager to produce a good newspaper, student workers ran between their sponsor and the publications office, scouting for news, handing out assignments, reading copy, and frantically searching for one more typist. Creeping dead- lines were met with efficiency. When the fin- ished paper returned each time from the printer, the Lantern office overflowed with edi- tors, assembling the three parts of their publi- cation-the newspaper, the Devilette: and the Scholastic Roto, a national magazine. The office echoed with "The pictures are terrific," "I don't see a single misspelled wordf' and 4'Aren't you glad we made the leading story double column?" The nine issues of the Lantern were de- livered to most of Mt. Lebds students and faculty, many outstanding members of our community, and the subscribers on a large mail- ing list by the capable business staff, which, in September, aided by "Charlie Brown and friends," had organized a successful sales cam- paign. With clearer pictures and more interesting and complete news coverage as their goal, the staff of the 1958-1959 Lebanon Lantern pub- lished a superior newspaper. How would some of Mt. Lebanon's stu- dents have reacted if the Martians had invaded . . . coke intead of water had spurted from our fountains . . . easy chairs had been installed in the classrooms? The Devilette reported students' comments on such imaginary situations as well as the school's social news. Devilette mimeographing was capably managed by Phil Gottschall. Lantern workers prepared the newspaper, the Scholastic Roto, and the Devilette for dis- tribution. The school's social news was assembled for the Devi- Iette by Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Raymondg Editors Mimi Thompson, Carolyn Tamplin, and Barbara Streams. 93531, W-. AS LITERARY AS HOMER ANDAS PQPULAR AS MAD The twelfth year of Mounty production and the second of its printed format have now been completed. This year the editorial policy shifted from an intellectual to a more popular style of writing, without sacrifice in quality. Most of us will never again read a simile without recalling the magazine's advertising slogans, "Mounty- as longed for as 3:20 p.m.," or "And now, your thought for the day . . . " The 1958-59 year was one in which many ideas were formulated in the Mounty office. A few, such as having a stereophonic set installed in the spacious five by six foot cubicle which goes under the name "office," didn't materialize, but the Mounty did adopt a standardized cover and initiate a new art policy. An improvement in the quality of writing and production, as Well as an increase in the length of the subscription list were other results of the year's work. In what has become Mounty tradition, the staff produced five issues, four by the senior and one by the junior editors. The content ranged from short-story to poetry, from essay to sketch, including material by both of Mt. Lebanon's exchange students. The various innovations and improvements made the 1958-1959 Mounty a memorable one. -':.4f1yA, ,elf -7-Pie. x Q ,, , 124 Mounty regulars were Co-Editor Carolyn Moore, staff member Stev G l d e ar an , Co-Editor Beverly Wood, Busi- ness Editor Diana Cole, and Co-Editor Herb Short. The Mounty writing staff produced original short stories, satirical articles, plays, and poetry. Regular contributors were Beth Breitenstein, Suzy White, Mary Kay Dewees, Dale McFeatters, and Skip Livingston. The Mounty art staff introduced a Mounty typists worked diligently to new format, including borders, full page produce articles which would photo- illustrations, and a standardized cover. graph well. Nancy Jo Cotton, Vicki Members were Anne Gibson, Ann Whar- Gribschaw, and Virginia Dau were mem- ton, and Nancy Degnan. bers of the staff. Missing: Nancy Deg- Ilan. s A K -' ga 'P' ff? AN o 4 'W X 4. X5 QUILL AND SCROLL Members of Quill and Scroll, chosen for their literary talent and contributions by the faculty members who worked with them, were Linda Greenberg, Pat Weaver, Bob Taylor, Bob Coo, ,,lParn Peterman, John Mintun, Wayne Nicholas. Speaker at their initiation was Mr. Nicholas. FRENCH CLUB Conversation at French Club meetings was entirely in French. Members sang French songs, saw slides of the French countryside, and listened to French rec- ords. Isabelle Bass, Candy Cooke, and Ann McMillan were the officers. ENTERTAINMENT BULLETIN Janis Beachler, Phil Gottschall, Co- Editor Anne Witman, Cookie Schumaker, and Co-Editor Mary Kay Dewees of the Entertainment Bulletin kept us informed about current books, movies, radio and TV programs, and "date data? F. N. A. 150 girls, interested in nursing or some other phase of medicine, participated in the Future Nurses of America Club. Joan Stevens, Holly Wery, Mary Coltman, and Lynn Lambert were the Club's Oflicers. CHESS Ignoring the smell of formaldehyde, chess club members engaged in brainracking games among themselves far back in the biology room. Their training for inter- scholastic meets paid olfg they were able to establish an impressive record. Seated: John Delo, Jim Sayre, Truman Flowers, Ron Nieman. Standing: Reggie Knapp. F. T. A. Teaching in our elementary schools, proctoring makeup examinations, and talking with educators about their field were some of the activities of the Future Teachers of America. Officers Terry Shaf- fer, Terry Koerner, Kathy Young, and Vanita Bauknight directed these activi- ties. THESPIANS Lin Lane, Anne Irwin, and Bob Carney, officers of the National Thespians, re- flected the enthusiasm for dramatics and the "backstage fever" of the rest of the troupe. A Thespian sponsored variety show and Christmas program were high- lights of the season. F.H.A. Officers Debbie Smith, Margie McElray, and Barbara Fink directed the activities of The Future Homemakers of America. Members put into practice principles of homemaking which they had learned, pooled knowledge about dressrnaking, child care, and the proverbial "perfect scuffle", and discussed possible careers in the homemaking field. 'CII i51c...,,-M", FRIENDSHIP THRCUGH SERVICE 'I28 54 -'ev my 'avail Hz? 2 ,. .f 5 r" 1 I 7 Explorer Scouts: seated: Len Goodman, Dave McGritchie. standing: Vince Matthews, Lloyd Schwartz, Bill Wurzbach. SIGMA Y-TEENS Through the Y-Teens organizations, Mt. Lebanon girls served others while they served themselves. In 1959, they made dolls for or- phan children, sponsored a circus, listened to speakers, and discussed college, careers, and current problems. Bi-weekly meetings consisted of devotions, work on projects, discussions, and lectures. Occasionally, a picnic, covered dish dinner, or holiday party took the place of a regular meeting. Senior Alphas, Junior Betas, and Sophomore Sigmas and Deltas attempted to achieve a balance among their activities and strove to develop physically, intellectually, and spiritually. They learned the satisfaction of working for others while they made friends among themselves and discovered where their capabilities and interests lay. Throughout the year, the watchword of Mt. Lebanon's active Y- Teens was "Friendship through servicef' DELTA Y-TEENS Officers: seated: Dana Smith, Diane Krueger, and Regan Hall. Officers: Marilyn Dupree, Susie Becker, and Standing: R0Sema1'Y Wafnefy and Paula McFadden Julie Herring. 'HM slum kv- f' S f 3 fa: K, ir" 9 Beta Y-Teen Officers: FRONT ROW: Ellen Major, Alpha Y-Teen Officers: FRONT ROW: Pam Lore, Jean Nancy Zahniser, Hglly Wery, BACK ROW: Lee MC- Scott, Janet SUrbeCk. BACK ROW! D0nna HOUSET, Nair, Barb Neill, Judy Button, Kathy Mayes. Toward physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth L is I t le fi - if gr W . magma? 129 1 L SOCIAL Anne Irwin Knee-deep in tickets and novel ideas for dances, the social committee was always able to corner the most likely student buyers and to select the most appropriate themes for our proms. USHERS Richard Bollinger, Dick Marshall No curtain calls for these men of the theater! But the ushers efficiently directed our students entering and leaving the auditorium. HONOR AWARD Cynthia Price The efforts of hardworking students were recognized by members of the honor award committee who worked even harder recording their activities points. LOST AND FOUND Miriam Kelly Numerous items lost by harried students were sorted by the members of the squad who found some of them fascinating. New cate- gories were created for an orange and a bat- tered autograph hound. 'sax CHEMISTRY Phil Gottschall, Regie Knapp, jim Barrick "Never pour sulfuric acid into water." Or was it, "Never pour water into sulfuric acid?" Happily, the chemistry squad found handy references to assure them that their experi- ments would be executed with as much effi- ciency as their cleaning of the lab. PHYSICS No one but a member of the physics squad would believe that pipeless faucets could spurt real water. These inquisitive students not only believed in themg they produced them. ,V +- fs . 9 TMA X ww, nr, . ' 1 . A . v un...,4IL , 'x BIOLOGY Madelaine Shaw The members of the biology squad, con- stantly reminding themselves that their efforts would be rewarded, faithfully watered our numerous plants each day. By the time this picture was taken, one plant had already grown almost big enough to lure the camera's eye away from them. ,gg n 41235 PM HOST AND HOSTESS jim Howley A new cafeteria-traffic plan and the en- couraged orderliness of the to-and from-lunch lines enabled most students to savor their meals instead of gobbling them. The credit belonged to the host and hostess squad. 131 SCHOLASTIC Mary Weisiger The scholastic committee earned an "A" for its work in compiling the honor rolls at the end of each semes- ter. ATTENDANCE joan Stein, Rena McGinnis Sorting and issuing pink slips, blue slips, and yellow slips occupied much of the time of these squad members who encountered a variety of student excuses as well as several perfect at- tendance records. PUBLI CITY juggling advertising slogans, offi- cial announcements, and social re- minders so that the whole student body was aware of all of them was no small job. But the members of the publicity squad were experts and managed to keep us well-informed. TRAFFIC Bill M ehaHey Five minutes was never a long enough time in which to walk from a class at one end of the building to another at the other end, but bright corridors are far easier to traverse than dark ones. The traffic squad deserves credit for keeping the halls well-lighted. ,M WAYS AND MEANS Dick Reed, jerry Negele 'tCandy!l' "Hot Dogs!" "Pepsi!" Keeping the students well-fed and the coffers full was a job this squad performed admirably. PROPERTIES Bob Carney 4 S059 nfngrrj 5:3-al:-A'-197 r-rlggm Hg HQ. Q, mu.: Ugangim FP ' o m C5539- 2 SU' 'naw gn f-1039 5239, 'I 5525 Eavm 8039, :O-3 525.-9 CD'-1D'm ,ff am i AM' v .1 ,..,.. ...,. 5 DECORATING Elaine Schneider F331 All the accoutrements of a diplo- matic tea party, including a silver tea service and souvenir ashtrays were produced by imaginative mem- bers of the properties committee. PARKING jim Price Capacity football crowds taxed the resources of these students, who al- ways managed to find room for one more-whether that Hone" was a small truck or a large Triumph. MN. GIRL'S USHERS Students, parents, and visitors ap- preciated the guidance of the girls' ushers squad at lectures and at our Formal Concert. 1661 wr' yi ART Herb Short A safety poster or an abstract portrayal of our main lobby at 3:20 were considered with equal gravity by members of this squad who created both with imagination. INFORMATION Barbara Fink Visitors and new students were able to locate essential parts of the schoolfsuch as the cafeteria and the library-with the aid of the information squad. 4 ' I LIBRARY Carolyn Benn, Beth Schafer "530.7, 452.8 ,.... " Some math student copying a column of figures? Not quite-it's a member of the library squad going about her work of placing books back on shelves so that other students may take them off again. MEDICAL joan Stephens, Ann Lewis, and Diane Krueger This squad administered the proper remedy for every complaint--rest and soda water for a stomach ache or a yellow back-to-class slip for a difficult Latin test. UTM? E 4u6ll WT as N L- sf- if ,- - nf ., nr- .M cw' ,K ACHIEVEMENT Mary Head Keeping ahead of the achievements of Mt. Lebanon High School's graduates was not an easy task, but these students handled the job with efficiency. LM' STUDIO john Conner, Bruce Schein Announcements turned in at 8:39 were read with proper expression and infinite calm by members of the Lebo Broadcasting System, who also presented weekly sportscasts and newscasts. uti- DEVOTI ON AL Flo Williams Inspirational programs were prepared and presented to the students on Thursday morn- ings and special occasions by members of the devotional squad. HOSPITALITY The hospitality squad's first customers were our exchange students, who, eager to see everything and meet everybody, reminded the squad of places and people they had forgotten over the summer. ,an.!,,w PUBLIC ADDRESS Bill Plummer Fascinated by the complex control board of our public address system, these students kept it in top condi- tion. In addition to their regular duties, they were always on hand for special announcements. K' Eff- CHECK ROOM Bonnie Armstrong, Mary Breitenstein Coats and hats occupied a great deal of space in the check room, but less in the minds of squad members who were much more interested in the kumquats and ukulele strings left with them. BULLETIN BOARD Irene Beitler Mt. Lebanon High School's bulle- tin boards supplied college informa- tion and reminders of special events throughout the year. The bulletin board squad saw that fresh boards were up regularly. RED CROSS Holly Wery and Ronnie Johnsen "The things you keep, you loseg what you give away, you keep for- ever." With that motto, the Red Cross squad was able to provide par- ties for underprivileged children and clothes for needy friends abroad. will . -:' " , J, '- ef if COSTUME Barbara Irwin, Rita Giegerich Proper tassels for an Arab's cap and convincing female attire for men were everyday occurrences in cos- tume committee members' lives. MAKEUP Dot Fitch, jan Zivic A dab of rouge and a touch of powder emphasized our actors por- trayals of diplomats, clubwomen, and Biblical characters. The makeup was applied with diligence and artistry by members of this squad. PROJECTION Harry Fleck Projection squad members rarely get wrapped up in their work. One reason could be that two thousand feet of film, technicolor or not, is a great deal in which to be entangled. STAGE CREW jim Goldman Unusual lighting effects and unique sets were specialties of the stage crew. These boys saw the school's productions from an uncommon "angle." F 1 1' "5'4'5'f-vi' Qgvh-'an q"'i'Mf1"",."'X.-s.'23'Q94i'.g-K G "' v3n?5vR,.4"-ci'TQ:"- "0'+'g 4530 Q 0 ixfskfix-xfgxgwavx AA xi New Ng 2: -fxfyu., 'X-A-.A-.,,,, N ..... 0.-o oi"-o??qrq.f' v va., W- 4+ , , 4' 044. Q T' -1- .nv Q 0 Qs .1 J- 4, Q 9 .5 4 ar. -cw 322.0-"'-iqf"5s"3'-Q, 5'Eg'Q,p94',5s .,,,z0,5,wb 6.x-R s.t.Q . . :cf QAA fb Q- vr- D. 3,950 4 I .5 . ? it .9 .7 ?"'w9' 'ant . LQ- mf '- SPIRIT AND SKILL . ' C3 . ,WLC w 94.-. Ill! SELECT BAND Center: Kunic, Kengott, Kerr, Zuck, Ehlers, Dau. First Row: Ensley, Blair, Was- ser, Newbold, Culbertson, Field, Williams, Myton, Grabe. Second Row: McCain Rea, Tweedy, Pfendler, Diana Cole, Dan Cole, M. Richards, Wian, Miller, ,I Hersh, Kapp, Early, Cover, Ayers, Brunn. Third Row: C. Anderson, Moore, Rock- wood, Neill, Sargent, Dewees, Major, Young, May, Price, B. Richards, A. Hersh Tillson, White. Fourth Row: Hammond, Hecht, Benz, Fouse, Reeves, Close, Taylor, Arndt, Schmidt, Weisbrod. i l j, '. ."", ' 2'-fi' , ' .' v " ' - " 1: .. q ' ' ""' I ".' 1 'f'f ' 1 T .. -." Q 1 1" , T ' o ' -A f f f ' f -'V' --'a H f '- -'-' If-:23'g,5:, .. . , 1 '-. I. ' - 1 : V. . . ff ,imm- F, mit in 1 We didn't have 76 trombones, but we did have this impressive section including Jones, A. Hersh, Reichard, Bill Richards, Erdner, Haight, Mac- Intyre, Dillner, Elliott, Cronk, Bar- son, Eden-Kilgour, R. Anderson, Dooley, Oelschlager, Ferry, Tillson, Feigenbaum, and White. In August, before most of our students were be- ginning to think of school, the 1959 Mt. Lebanon Band was preparing a show for the Annual Shrine Game. Our band consisted of 150 members, each of whom worked hard as an individual to pre- sent the polished unit as a whole. The result was one of the most accomplished groups of musicians ever to come from Mt. Lebanon High School. The band forfeited a trip to the Brussels World Fair in order to prepare for their second appearance at the Tournament of Roses Parade. During the Football season, we were welcomed to the stadium by the "street-beat" of the drums. The bandys numerous half-time shows spurred our enthusiasm and team spirit. ' ' 'V 'SA sf J! fl, 2, '11 4' .Sr f X ff? ,mg Our concert and select bands performed often and with skill. The concert band, composed of stu- dents from the "Marching 200," was privileged to have guest directors from all parts of the country. F orty-five band students of exceptional ability were chosen to play in the Select Band, which performed at the Shriners' Luncheon. Virginia Dau, Al Ham- mond, and Roger Blair were selected to: play in the District Band. Roger earned the additional honor of performing with the State Band. With unlimited spirit, substantiated by endless drill and practice, our band developed into a highly skilled organization of which we were immensely proud in 1959. CONCERT BAND Center: Kunic, Kengott, G. Gribshaw, Brower, Schweinsberg. First Row: Blair, Ensley, Was- ser, Newbold, Pfendler, McCain, B. Kapp, V. Gribshaw, J. Anderson, Orr, Kerr, Zuck, Eh- lers, Dau, Culbertson, Field, Kurtz, Hender- son, Williams, Rizzo, Myton, Grabe. Second Row: Rea, Tweedy, C. Anderson, Kredel, Moore, Rockwood, Clark, Gehring, Neill, k' Dewees, Sargent, May, Martin, Price, Bennet, K Young, Plummer, Major, Richard, Stilli, Con- nor, Mayberry, Diana Cole, Dan Cole, Neimi, Bob Harris, M. Richards, Wian, Ferson, Bay- ers, Satteriield, Miller, J. Hersh, R. Kapp. Row Three: Kanters, Van Gelder, Landefeld, Rolls, Bender, Weaver, G. Brown, E. Spring, M. Stearnes, Keim, Meyer, Rodgers, Simon, Guy, Thompson, Eaton, J. Iams, Rowswell, Cipriani, Wilson, Lauffer, Bruce Harris, K. Reichard, N. Reichard, Barson, Jones, Dooley, B. Richards, Dillner, Elliott, Oelschlager, Mac- Intyre, Early, Cover, Ayers, Wolfers, Brunn. Row Four: Melvin, M. Brown, Conlan, C. Spring, Browarsky, Hogg, Hoover, Oates, Hewitt, Weisbrod, Wiant, Arndt, Wharton, Hammond, Benz, Grove, Hecht, Hildebrant, C. Iams, Pozzi, Reeves, Close, Taylor, Fouse, Oifutt, Allen, Schmidt, Tripp, Connelly, Horswell, Harshbarger, I. Kunic, Cronk, Eden- Kilgour, Feigenbaum, R. Anderson, Ferry, Haight, Erdner, A. Hersh, Tillson, White. F Three minutes until show time! "Stairway to the Stars" The Mardi Gras Parade! ,..-'W 'VV W VV . hx, Lv-1 V ,I 'N X X u x IA, K L file love a parade! Mt. Lebanon High School Band- the largest single organization to march in the Tournament of Roses Parade! Ever our praises shall ring w- U VERSATILITY UNLIMITED 4 April 17 and 18 found the sixty-eight musi- Ecians in Haverford, Pennsylvania where they Ni played in a concert-exchange program. The If Haverford orchestra then performed for them, Q. after which members of both musical organiza- ' tions attended a dance. - 'JJ Through participation in our orchestra, stu- 4 2 e 4 . jj A ytdents were able to learn cooperation and to 3 lx S Sdevelop musical appreciation. They knew the ,f - if individual honor of sensing, of perceiving the g f 6 mood of a particular, favorite work and the col- 5 is lective honor of their excellent reputation at 'V' W5 Mt. Lebanon High School and throughout the Q 1 'L state. N 3 5 x J vs i 1 5 -. ',, gg 1 Q 'f LL lu, J. X N J 4. J 'Q ' '4 2" Y 1. N 'N U x : J , 1 R : f f p - I J ' i I 3 4 'S u, fi i' 1 K 4- 'J WY P 2 .gp M QQ 3 9 Under the sensitive baton of Mr. Arthur Yagello, the versatile Mt. Lebanon High School Orchestra again outdid itself in 1959. Exciting interpretations of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, Tchaikovsky's March Slav, and Gershwin's Porgy and Bess enriched our assemblies throughout the year. The orchestra's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday rehearsals were rewarded by perfect performances at the Christmas Show, Senior Play, and Junior Programs. Their Mt. Lebanon programs were climaxed by the Annual Orches- tra Concert and the formal Spring Concert. THE VIOLINETTES Karen Braddock, Sharon Shoemaker, Debbie Evans, Don Bane, Sue Hof- 7 . mann, Judy Bickel, Gayle Van Sant, Richard Peters, Rita Fisher, Jean . x . Kernahan, Leslie Runger. ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: S. Hofmann, K. Braddock, J. Evans, C. Moore, K. Grimm, Arthur Yagello, S. Warren, M. Mackay, L. Ricca, V. Bauknight, A. Mol- lenauer. SECOND ROW: M. Dilling, D. Evans, L. Schugar, D. Schwartz, N. Griffee, B. Smith, S. Wilson, J. Stermer, D. White, A. Schade. THIRD ROW: S. Shoemaker, M. Singer, S. Rucker, C. Kulik, C. Phinney, Linda Pfendler. FOURTH ROW: R. Peters, R. Fisher, J. Kernahan, L. Runger. FIFTH ROW: B. Tournay, A. Hauser, A. Goulding, R. Dewees, D. Easton, S. Livingston, T. Fink, S. Dole, R. Monsch,'Wm. Hecht, S. Moore, J. Jeff- cott, Wm. Henninger, F. Bailey, B. West, E. Karnofsky. SIXTH ROW: R. Abernathy, C. Hahn, L. Wilmot, C. Peterson, D. Houser, W. Fisher, E. O'Neil, J. Yagello, B. Faircloth, D. Mackay, A. Schenck, N. Karsten, J. Dittmar, H. Ruben, R. Johnson, D. Magowan, B. Blansett, G. Van Sant, M. Service. SEVENTH ROW: S. White, B. Seamans, D. Klaber, K. Flaerty, E. Stahl, N. Nuernberg, D. Yeager, J. Hall, B. Rothfus, J. Bickel. Director Yagello with first violist Alice Mollenauer first ilutist Carolyn Moore, and concert mistress Suzanne Hofmann. v MUSICAL MERIT AND MERRIMENT The hushed communion of a sad Negro spiritual and the gaiety of a tune from South Pacific were both parts of the musical experience of Mt. Leban- on's chorus members. Students humming in the halls between periods were likely to belong to our mixed chorus, girls, glee club, devotional choir, or triple trio, under the direction of Miss May K. Sneary, or the boys' glee club, led by Mr. Julian Myers. Members of the five groups were selected from many talented applicants. But unique to the triple trio and devotional choir was their selectivity. Rug- ged auditions in the fall sifted out the most melodious voices for these organizations. We heard the devo- tional choir every Thursday morning when they assisted the devotional committee in presenting inspirational programs. The triple trio performed not only for us but also for women's clubs, church groups, and musicales. In 1959 the PMEA festival, held at Mt. Lebanon, included participants from all of our music groups as well as members of visiting organizations. Several days of musical activity were climaxed by two consecutive concerts. Another highlight of the choral season was our formal concert. This year, two pianists, a cellist, and three vocalists combined their talents to present an enjoyable evening of music. Through numerous and pleasant choral activities at Mt. Lebanon High School, we came to realize that choral music had been an integral part of our lives. Mixed Chorus Members-ROW 1: Diane Ramsey, Sue Crouch, Joy Wertz, Judy Button, Anne Witman, Judie Hoag, Sandy Dublin, Beth Miller. ROW 2: Judy Hubbell, Nancy Taye lor, Judy Morris, Karen Christiansen, Ginny Bright, Carol Reilly, Joyce Quimby, Linda Fox, Cindy Norris, Sally Disponetti, Connie Witt, Cindi Barrett. ROW 3: Joyce Schnars, Mary Baird, Linda Poole, Sandy Burr, Joyce Kassing, Eleanor Schwartz, Sue Peckham, Miriam Kelly, Dorothee Sattler, Mildred Holmquist. ROW 4: Bill Coho, Steve Ferito, Mark Wise, John Campbell, Skip McGrew, Wally McAllister, Bob Schaefers, David Ross, Roger Lory, Bob Tutt. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ROW 1: Carol Sue Menne, Sherry Gealy, Ann Sollenberger, jean Landefeld, Carol Zepp, Ellen Pope. ROW 2: Miriam Buck- ingham, Mary Ellen Houston, Carol Weller, Melody Folwell, Sylvia May, Pat Jacob, Ellen Sedlak. ROW 3: Marsha Mock, Mary Ann Flory, Peggy Bauer, Susie Becker, Rosemary Werner, Rosalyn Rhone, janet Albert. MISSING: Judy Reynolds, Ac- companist Linda Brodmerkel. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Beside piano: Skip McGrew, Bill Coho. First Row: Robbie Heist, Al Wolfers, Dario Cas- telli, Dave Gullion, John Campbell, Joe Ott, Wally McCollum, Dave Tomb. Second Row: Tim Brunn, Dick Bollinger, Bruce Schein, Les Skender, Bob Schaefers, Herb Short, Bill Mehaffey, Denny Sanders, Roger Lory, Tom Jordan, Bob Tutt. DEVOTIONAL CHOIR ROW 1: Pat Jacob, Jean Housekeeper, Ginny Burrows, Joyce ham, Miriam Kelly. ROW 2: Steve Ferito, Joe Ott, Tom Fink, Jeff Neill, Al Wolfers, Dave Ross. Accompanist: Mary Baird. Triple Trio: Pianist Barbara Fulton. ROW 1: Diane Ramsey, Judy Button, Joy Wertz, Anne Witman, Cindi Barrett, Sue Crouch. ROW 2: Alternates Ann Sollenberger and Connie Witt, Sandy Dublin, Judie Hoag, and Beth Miller. MISSING: Alternate Sylvia May. The cast of our novel Christmas show presented inspira- tional music, which they illustrated with colorful tableaus. Schnars, Nancy Taylor, Judy Housekeeper, Miriam Bucking- FORMAL CONCERT Formal concert artists were Gail Van Sant, Linda Hoffman, Boyce Reid, Ellen Karnofsky, Marcia Service, Bruce Schein, Kurt johnson Diane Helm, Cindi Barrett, Miriam Kelly Judie Hoag, and Beth Miller. r "For unto us a child is born . . . " ACCOMPANISTS Cindi Barrett, Mary Baird, Barbara Fulton, and Linda Brod merkel. 14 'I4 HIGH LEVEL HI-JINKS Tea and sandwiches are not the only attractions at diplomatic parties, as this year's Senior Play pointed out. First Lady was a cosmopolitan comedy concerned with top-level tussles between Washing- ton hostesses. Lucy Chase Wayne, granddaughter of a former President and wife of the Secretary of State, rebelled against the idea of her social rival, Irene Hibbard, presiding over the White House. Lucy utilized every means she could think of to prevent Irene's 'telectionw-she even combed the Congres- sional Records and delved into international divorce laws. Her efforts were sincere, amusing, and hnally successful. Fast-paced, subtle dialogue and several neat twists of irony kept the drama moving quickly. Written at the time of Alice Longworth Roosevelt, First Lady has a universality which made its presentation ap- ., VM J h wig-y.. propriate. Scenic design included majestic columns and an invisible wall. The large supporting cast was made up of pseudo Arabs with authentic tassles, Chinese delegates, and French statesmen. The class of '59 brought vitality and sparkling wit to a skillful satire. The result was a brilliant dra- matic production with a professional flair. "Bless you!" "Anyway, he's from one of those rug countries!" L .Zn ,vwmwf-4' ucy,won't you go up and dress?', '4Ah like to died!" V . 1- . I up 4 T 5 I 1 I ' 1 f e ixfvel 2 , 7,125 4,5 L V. 3 'l-.Qs X- iff ' E 5 Wmzfl ' A, Gm FS M 'N a A ., if .1 Dodo and Steve, Baroness and Ortega! The flghfs OU! Enter Mrs. Creevey-six million women behind her ,fi f' f ,f 0 l ni' , We gathered memories. . . memories which began as we Walked to school on snowy mornings, to football games on crisp evenings, to midnight church services under humming stars, as we ran toward the park in a snake chain, through the halls when we were late for class, as We talked at French club meetings, at social gatheringsg as We sang the alma mater at football games, Christmas carols in our classesg as we shouted cheers at pep rallies, as We dreamed of dances, of straight-A report cards, of graduation and college. Significant were all the events which made up the daily round, and each one became part of the memories we gathered in 1959. up 'Mm N 1 y ...-ws--in --up 5-Q 1 :JA K, M x J 'x X N, X fm ,uf - ,ef , iii? an Wx 1, fi? K 1 I X' M , l , W.. V V?-,fig L P ' Q lp f . 1, ., .I -, V K df.: SW 4 x I X X R ,VM X Q L L . V- , ' X I ., Y , A 42, ,,:. Q 333 if W' 29952 f "9s:'f?ff uf Q"-Q' f v , ,A , 1 , al c . ' J' ki . ,, 'tqfk . 'um A A . ' 'A . ,. f 9214, Q H 1 .ws4 . .:.,.:.., Y 2 g n' ,Q . ' . HECTIC BEGINNINGS All they need are hula hoops! The kickoff! 152 Schedule changes, new lockers, and adjust- ment to classes faded as the annual bonfire glowed against the sky. Students who dreaded waking up early in the morning again were shocked out of their summertime drowsiness by a daily march time rendition of "California, Here We Come!" Homework again became a much-complained-about but nevertheless rou- tine part of every day. Publications launched their sales campaigns, rehearsals for the Senior Play began, and a French club was organized. The kickoff dance preceded what was perhaps Mt. Lebanon's best football season. Mt. Leba- non's students sang, danced, and impersonated others in an exceptional variety show. The GAA party and the Halloween Hangover set the mood for holiday parties to come. A large pumpkin face made by our newly-born flash card section appeared at a pep rally and a football game. And Seniors who could not quite absorb the idea of their new position were convinced at the Senior Recognition game. Thanksgiving Day brought satisfying turkey dinners after which students paused to look back, satisfied, at a hectic but happy autumn. School spirit ignited! Q'-WL Halloween Hangover! Some people will do anything to get that apple a day! Bilko's buddies! Short skirts are in fashion this year! AUTUMN ANTICS That Mexican Havor 154 "Put your right foot in!" Sophisticated Swing! 'S' ER X Official occasion! M 3 Q. : Makeup mischief! I "If I'm elected . . " I m x v. 4' atxsxn, U e. Bright Holidays Liizrt Eff ff? 1 l' if Chairman Sue Curran leading the Grand March at the Stardust! Stardust Queen Betsy Corwin and her court-Mary Beth Englehart, Julie Moffett, Barbara Watchorn, and Gwynne Williams! N 5, l ii, elf Q x if 3 1-fa i . - ,FMF Al r ,,r.V i i .,'k Nas' , gk .8 U "Peace on earth-good will to menf' 3 156 Winter descended in full as plans for our Christmas how were made. Rehearsals of the elaborate tableaus nd inspiring music were frequently interrupted, how- ver, by the long assignments which we completed in reparation for semester tests and by holiday parties. obogganing, carol-singing, and the Stardust and Snow- all comprised our social life. Through the rush of hristmas celebrations, our party mood remained, and t grew with the coming of the New Year. The New Year symbolized many things to many Jeople. For most of us, January 1 meant watching the Jand march in the Tournament of Roses Parade. To the Seniors, the New Year made graduation a reality in- stead of a distant hope. And Januaryis activities loomed :loser to all of us. Semester tests followed the holidays vith amazing rapidity, but we survived them. We had :he opportunity to release our energy at the Sadie Haw- rins, and when we returned to school, we were full of 'esolutions to make the spring semester a bright and Jutstanding one. Melodies so entrancing! Christmas Belles: Snowball Queen Pat Weaver and her court-Joanne Cibrone, Joan Gilliland, Margie Hil- singer, Beth Breitenstein, Barbara Irwin, and Gwynne Williams. Christmas capers! 5 6 1 V 5 5. if 1 2 , -as K' ,Avuy . f -7 , ffgf:.,:E'eQ1wg .-7, V f A+! ev + jg Q., .4 wx . fi-"Aff I -' Eg' .fjfrgv . -. 19' E,-,.1g"H I fy,-94i',1 V MZ ' . egg,-s-1 W la' . 5' rg , w-S :- : v w MQ VY , ' M 34 - Xxiimvfm., '5' H " ki" A0 In Q x 5 " ' fd' J X Jw 4, o of,w 145 R.. J XX ll Cahformd Here Come! "We look sharp-we're from Mt. Lebo!" Our stu- dents became familiar with the music which the band practiced endlessly in their constant effort to "look sharp." Hours of precision drill, weeks of selling Christ- mas trees and working hard at individual jobs prepared band members for their trip. Each autumn per- formance, climaxed by "California, Here We Come," brought the band a little closer to California. With every beat of the big bass drum, each quarter-turn, our band was developing into the polished unit which marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade. Our band did "look sharp', on New Year's Day, 1959. The thrill of marching in the Rose Bowl Parade was heightened by a visit to Disneyland and an enthusi- astic reception by the city of Cheyenne. When band members, full of anecdotes, impressions, and observa- tions, returned from California on their own special train, they reflected the pride they felt in their per- formance. Mr. Prutzman is happy to finally be in California! Keeping in shape! 9 F 7 1 E F 0 5 S No time for eating! w Sunday services en route to California X'-in "Listen carefully! Are we in tune?" ,Wim A trip to Alpine Lodge, Utah! ,- F 4 The Grand Canyo Show before the show! A visit to Fantasylandl .2 "vw-N 'hr M' ':! Goodbye, Cheyenne! We rated a police escort! gn Our own cheering section! 'E' M F Lf v , L. THE ENCHANTMENT OF SPRING "One, two . . . you goofed!" "Smile purty for the photogry man!" "While them fellows is restin', we can play some good moonshine music!" "Ma always said we'd make the pictures the hard way!" A Matchmaker makes her own match. mf' Confusion in the "big city." 3- IAM Some people will do anything! ,,.e?' .Mi- 'xl -w "HAIL T0 THE CLASS OF l59!" Senior Day, 1959, was a constant flashing of green and white, a blaring horn, laughter-the vis- ible proclamation of the culmination of four years of effort. Green and white ribbons became tasselsg rings were reversed. Slumber parties, senior break- fasts, the Prom, the Bruno dance, and the picnic- through it all ran the thread of accomplishment, the excitement of beginning. Seniors danced, swam, ate, cheered, and danced again. They attended an as- sembly at which they and their classmates were honored, they participated in school and commun- ity activities planned for them, speaking silently to them, "We're proud of your past, we believe in your future? The solemn moment of graduation arrived: after the sobering effect of speeches and ceremonial honors, the Seniors stood silently, diplomas in their hands . . . Suddenly, they tossed their caps high into the air and cheered! Senior Council members, under the direction of Mrs. Cargill, planned and organized lively Senior activities. They were- ROW 1: Delores Gabrenas, Judy Gira, Joan Stein, Kathy Young, sponsor Mrs. Cargill, Jeff Neill, Nancy Barnhart, Ann Jones. ROW 2: Jeanette Walker, Dodie Chappell, Mary Ann Wiedt, Carol Irwin, Nancy Sherbondy. ROW 3: Bob Peterson, Ron Simon, Bill Carman, Dick Garlitz, and Tom Blackwood. Senior Party ..,.,...,WW.. , Q I l ,,..-,s..,... y. f Q f . V w mx MQW' "I do get a kick out of these American celebrations!" :ai- 'Jgw Mimi. 11 "Hurry up and swallow so we can sing the Senior song! M Ribbons of anticipation . . . become tassels of proclama its-nan swun- r 3 M3 Alf Y 1' X X rx 1 X A W ' ff!! f' fzfxip V775.1,cfLZ2w,'?f ffpnfff' ,ELL LTL x Q X X X N N KM Q Q WENW A NMFA Njfkii R Www? W 'V 1? gvxiwxxigf VANS X x Q . A v RQ we 'x S X A N AY A A A 7, XX AQ ' AQ AQ 53 , 16 i A A A . 3 XX l QS X Ka x ,Q 3 N X 3 Q X ,E X A ' AQ 5 H YD 3 XM N .mp 3 X3 L5 XX Ng AQ fbi Mfwuwo A9 1 Kg ix X1 MWW XD WMM MU X L X' s X x V . ilgixkj, ii LQQMJ5 5,0 ,V ljhlfjoy A 'X 3 A A E , ALMA MATER E35 S QA YQ 56 Qffww Mlm 'N th d ttl S- bex Q H ' V ga :Ee ars s a y Q ox . , QQ bi -V.x ix W A, Mldstmusso bold SSD Q Nl Q2 YQ J Radiant withspl d ish-Nkxxglx EX ix wx 1 Valor, virtue andt th x K ix 'fx K gf, 6 I 1 1: ESS 72 Lwpf,,w Ever our raise h 11 ' V X 'X 1 ' M J Alma Mager, fo th g 'wil SQ Ch 1 R 11 32 Q 34 Ng Q jyyfifyivgl A WEA A FW A 5 ix Q M 5 K J, 4 ' EDWARDS BROTHERS Am, Arbor. Michigan i1 ggwp 'Jr f J fm f ,BM MST uiafm' M 'fwdw QW fv5fWJ ,Q ,y,2f,,,,M,4 ' J?fM4WmW,?wUw'MmQ.M ah wr' iiffii M M W M 3522, -Md ,4 Q , ve.QMmu,wmpf, V -ff UJWLQ7, njgfgwi SAQWJWMILWMVMQ Z0-Jf -,,,, 3 Qfw0L 'R,H,A' 'g 7 W Lp ,L 'VCA R2 XVI 5 WQZYIWMWNMM 5 Wm fnnf J M Lx We ffl' f 7: jc M 9 7,4 Jill! mm W In WF? - L nf' f' 47 A ggi Fd - wer f f -255.3 14 M 14 c f aferff' M117 6' 11,34 lie s nf? 'V' -Sfyf my 7- Z C ,1 W' W J QLUK Www H K WW + lv J fer nf o 5. Q11 .Q,A7 M Sp Mgk D 41 ,tra ff ffef JA fb r:lfU,A,L'fu-64 f04,9l5f',470-i,W, .Jig 5 I 1 Q 4 g 51 I 4' N , L. , , QJMA4- X, fy I 2 f , 'QM M E 'K v 5 - X X- NQQMMA 41 2 I MW . . I 7 'TM f e. of . h E , ,, ,ff 1, f J 'J 01 Ip W,' 4.-J - ks . c rllfw, 44 M M 0, fi J 1405 W op tr ' A f ff ' 50' ' Jkfn '. ' ' 6? , 6' 0 5 ec .ma L J b t jo ,5 0 0 If 1' fvfhdfk- ,fi if ' ' " ff ' ! ex ' EM:-'nl M 1 .S. em.-rv ff' f' . 9 ,' 0 1 If Iggy. M ' W A b M f an ' DJJ.. gl M ,fl K 4 A 29: , dmfwbllc M Ji :MMM

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