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WW Q HW MW Qwfjw A si of ,W 'Q M if WW 3 Q 2 2 Xmggj-gogy be felis 1 fl ul 9 J f1ff5iTQ1w?bf ' aff? iwiwf QQ PWVMV . N A Qi'?+.'0.. S E?E!yQ:7MdA WW We Q , YQ's,u-egxanxuro gif-Q, ,,,i-ZZQMM f547i'll4'f+'wLfW Fw' may DQ is . WWW Ji 'WVWMQ FM! Z X QQA,uf'eaAJ" ' bf" Q02 Xifmi M Wifi + is W , fffzgfiil' 'WJRPWJK Bwigfg Qui W' W' f N 57111 ffZfZ5fN ,WVAMM jjiifiglifwsw W AWZWWMM fQ?gifHf M 1 , My O W fwf UN UML My -W W I- , Mkofffvy hh Tj ff if Y UW QWCW j f ff ff! ,ff ff! f 455 W W ,HJ My f if ff, , W M WWW Vw 'W W ,CX Qgfyxvy iff, Mil my Q, LS' J, f Q New WWWQ W wiv THE 1958 1 1 L E BAN C N L 0 G Lebanon High Scho.ol .iwjjyfgfi IIERRINE EHLERS, Co-Editor DAVE BROXVNLEE, Co-Editor PAT XVEXVER, ,Xssistzmt Editoi Q Pittsburgh Pennsylvania BOB TAYLOR, Assistant Editor GRETCHEN TXYLOR, I.IICIi2lli y Editor JILL G.-XI.BR.XI'I'H, Cllimcn Editor CLARENCE RENSI-IIXNY, Sports Editor DIANE DAVIES, Art Editor VIRGINIA ByfI"I'ERIX'OR'I'H, Circulzition Haiimfwi C.-XROI, NOI L, Busiiicas Rlzinzigci' -+ - -2 Y- --2, 1958 0UNT EBANCN A School, A Year, 2200 Students To debne the Mt. liebanon student is difficult. He is from cities and states all over our nation-the product of countless different enviromnents. He is vivacious- you will encounter hinl going to or coming from parties, dances, football games: he is serious- he listens in class, is carefully considering his future, and if you are unusually perceptive, you will note that he has a textbook before him while he absorbs the comments and frantic music of his favorite disc jockey. He shouts- when he supports the varsity teams, he whispers- when he is awed by his surroundings. He smiles- when he is delighted by a time, or a place, or a persong hc frowns- when he is perplexed or disgusted with himself. He is talkative- when l1e is with his friends or at a party: he is strangely silent- when he is alone. He is unsure about colleges, careers, life in general- but he is just a little more conhdent because he went to Mt. Lebanon High School. Nights of work Knights of play ' Shades of Bermuclcls Heights of Fashion Y F The Instruction We Received... T T page T0 f 1 The Friends We Made... page 24 ' The Interests We Developed... page 76 The Games We Played... page112 Table of Contents The MomentsWe Shared... pagel46 W , "1 .Qa- w A i Q T 1 7 1 -. I The instruction we received. . . was symbolized by a blackboard, a piece of chalk, and an under- standing teacher. The blackboard, a means of instruction, was the surface where hazy mathematical equations suddenly crystal- ized. The chalk, a connecting link, helped to transfer the knowl- edge from the mind 'ol' the instructor to the student's notebook. But it was the teacher who meant the most to us. XVe learned self-discipline from the strict idealist and his unllinching stand- ards. The warm assurance and advice of the understanding friend gave encouragement when it was needed most. The cheerful enthusiast, with an ever ready joke to put across a point, proved that learning need not be drudgery. lVith our teachers' help, we learned as we grew and grew as we learned. Through their patience and perseverance, we learned to absorb, to reason. and to live - this was the instruction we received. HTS 3:53 X523 W .Z if 2 GW, Q. j 'jfs '53 'gg-gjggkryi' vnu fax fa :ss fs w ax xg J 55 ff, 57 -5 rl, fn: Y Y wx ,, .F W ,,f gg dj: ,M 55 Cs8uLc Hf To Ti Pb BfPoAi Rn smear Am asm ms: :sw faves :fm em 222 3' M 59 fy Ra A5 1.11 A ' if -' 12. :L 5, fm 5' e3 Qu? 'Q 'f :Fx :wif Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm 'fb Lu , WV3 ?iZ1i?'i4fV 515 M5413 2325 ESU? 5232 50,14 E54 '24 MF? 5594 133 345 254 99 Q1 4413 '23 fn QQ- 125 GW KM Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf it , J' giiif 33: 315 S43 T21 2 in yy.-4 wr MH 6.-iA.Q 9...-, 5 Upon the strong shoulders of Drs. Ralph D. Horsman and joseph C. Keifer fell the almost impossible task of supervising the entire Mt. Lebanon school system. Managing only our tremendous high school was a feat in itself, so imagine tossing in six grade schools and a junior high school for good measure! But the two superintendents were more than equal to the task of keeping the Mt. Lebanon schools in their usual top conditions. Certainly it is to the credit of these men that our schools are among the best in the country. Moulclers of Our Destiny SCHOOL BOARD The educational policies of the Mt. Lebanon school system were governed and established by the school board. This year the members were - SITTING: lNIr. Otis C. I-logsett, Miss Miriam Headly, Mr. Beckley Smith, Mrs. Donald C. Lewis. STAND. INC: Mr. Robert F. Dyson, Mr, -james Daniell. Mr. Williznu C. Berg, Mr. Edward Buck, and Mr. Samuel A. Schreiner. val' VF' Wfith the backing of a progressive administration, our schools moved steadily forward. Under the able supervision of Dr. I-Iorsman, the administration worked diligently executing plans for school im- provements, while the enthusiasm and efforts of our school board helped to make Mt. Lebanon High School what it is today. All ten members of the board were kept busy seeing that our school's policies were followed and that sufficient funds were pro- vided for the maintenance of our buildings. Under the capable leadership of Dr. Mills, our principal, and Dr. Moore, vice-principal, our school continued to operate in its usual smooth manner. Dr. Mills' busy day was filled with many appoint- ments, co-ordinating the various activities and sports, maintaining harmonious faculty-student relations, organizing the curriculum, and, in general, super- vising the over-all program of the high school. If a perplexed student was confronted by a conflicting schedule, he found willing help in Dr. Moore's office. The hnal member of our competent administra- tive staff was Mrs. Morgan, who was usually found in the attendance ollice, faithfully carrying out her duties. Wle, the students who enjoyed the advantages of our school system, direct a vote of gratitude to our administration for their hard work and sincere interest. The excellent administrative guidance and progressive plan- ning of Dr. Mills have been im- portant factors in making Mt. Lebanon one of the top thirty- eight schools in the nation. Dr. Mills and Miss Speckhals, his secretary, were always ready to help faculty and students alike with questions and problems that came up during the school day. A man of many talents. Mrs. Mayberry, the president of the PTA, discussed program plans for each class parent-teacher banquet with Mrs. Horne and Dr. Moore. Before having that schedule changed from drivers training to shop, stop and consider the amount of patience required in the making and remaking of two thousand, two hundred sciheds ules. Not only do Dr. Moore and his secretary, Mrs. Davies, handle the schedules with efficiency but also the class rank. college transcripts, the never-ending registration of new students, and a complete backlog of graduates, with their grades. records. and achievements. Mt. Lebo students were fortunate to have one of the most outstanding high school guidance departments in the nation. Mrs. Horne was always ready with helpful advice concerning colleges and curricula, while Mr. Nicklas aided many students in getting on the right vocational track. l'Vith Mrs. Irwin, their secretary, they introduced all the latest college and business opportun- ities to the student body. The Medical Office saw quite a bit of activity this year. The excitement began at lVorld Series lime, continued through the flu epidemic, and Hnally abated as the last "victim" braved his polio shot. Miss High found a remedy for all our coin- plaints 3 including frostbitten ears. 0'0" In the midst of active people and their activities points worked Mrs. Cargill, the activities director. and her assistant, Miss Olzaek. Together, they sponsored Student Congress and Student Court along with several committees and squads, and saw that all interested students had a chance to develop their abilities through the school's program. Keeping track of the whereabouts of Bob and Nancy at Mt. Lebo produced a mountain of paper work for Mrs. Morgan and her secretary, Miss ll'ass, in the Attend- ance Office. But, if Bob wasnit in school, it became the responsibility of Miss Cordon, the hoinefschool visitor, to find out the reason why. 'CSS-T 7'- ,1 A Miss jane Moran - English: As- semblies, Costume Comm. Miss Marion Olzack - Englishg Activ- ities. Mr. Clyde Simpson-English. Miss Nancy McHugh-English. Mrs. Geraldine Adamson-Englishg Guidance Comm. Miss Ann Funk -English. Mrs. Lynette McConnell -English. Miss Ruth Cordon - English. Miss Harriet Manning- Englishg Y-Teens, Bulletin Board Squad. Mr. Richard Jones-Special Educa- Liong Track. Miss Elizabeth Evans -Senior Compositiong Auditorium Ushers. Mr. Julian Mye1'sASpcech, Dramaticsg Studio Squad, Thes- pians, Boys' Glce Club. Miss jean Hay - Senior Compositiong Y- Teens. Miss Virginia Elliott-ACL vanccd Englishg Illounty, Enter- tainment Bulletin. Mrs. Ruth Furlong-English, Y- Teens. Miss janet Curtis-English. Mrs. Jeanne Laugh-English. Miss Florence McLaughlin - English, journalismg Lantern. Mrs. Eleanor Rinne-English. Miss Margery McClure - Lating Publicity. Miss Miriznn Bulger - Latin. Miss Adu Patterson-Latin. Mrs. Helen Haynes-Lating Prop- erties Comm. Mrs. jonnne Bailey - EngliSl1: Make-up Squad. Mrs. Patricia BiggeAlinglishg Log. Miss Kathryn Frohese - Englishg Y-Teens. Mrs. Anna Davis - Iinglishg Guidance Comm. Mr. Kermit Taggart-Civiesg Traf- fic Squad. Mr. Albert Stnnish W Yvorld History, Football, Basker- ball. Mr. David Batchelor-XVorlrl Historyg Football, Track. Mr. Richard Toler - Civicsg Cross Country, Track. Mr. Harry Hadden W World His- tory. Mr. George Kline - Global Geog., General Science, Geog. SA. Mr. TVilbur Moore-Civiesg IlTll'2llllLll'2li Facility Manager. Mr. Bernard Kz1bosky+XVorld llistory, Civicsg Football. Sealed: Miss Frankie lXIeCurdy - Comm. Math, Typing. Miss Dor othy Grove - Shorthand, Typing Miss Thelma XYhinnie - Book keeping, Shorthand. Standing Mr. Kirk Tallinan-Typing. Mr Merle Blll'I'0XVSfECOIl0llllCS, Prin Selling, Gen. Businessg Golf. Mr lVillian1 Mitchell-Typing, Cafe teria. Mr. Victor Doak - U.S. Historyg Tennis. Miss Dorothy Davidson - U.S. History, Girls' Gym. Dr. john Denbow-U.S. History: Guidance Comm. Missing: Mr. Donley Mol- lenauer-U.S. Historyg Cross Coun- try, Track. Miss Mary Thorpe-Spanish. Miss Mildred Lenk - Spanish, Latin. Miss Rita Roegge-Spanish, Red Cross. Miss Doris Rieker-French. Mr. Howard jones - French. Miss Louise Bach -M Frenchg Debating. Miss Marguerite Beck - German: Devotional Squad, Scholastic Comm. Miss May Sneary-Choral Music and Theory, Englishg Triple Trio, Devotional Choir. Mr. Arthur Yagello - Orchestra, Instrumental classes. Missing: Mr. Philip Prutz- man-Band. N t v- x, M ,Pb Qs 25? 'fo .f E:3,4fw,fzfg?'-Ka. W' '- 4? , f -is 54 K. ii"-Qgs . .,. . Xb ell ' DK. O it Mr. Sherrick Gilbert - Biologyg Chess. Mr. George Dambach H General Science, Physics, Biologyg Lost and Found. Mr. John Mehn- er-BiologYl Biology Squad- Mr- Charles Lohr - Biologyg Admis- sions. Missing: Mr. Harry Luebbe -Biologyg Athletic Manager. Miss Eileen NesbitthPlane Geom- etry. Mr. Norman Goodwin - Al- gebra. Miss Anne Rightmire - Plane Geometry. Mr. joseph Srp- Plane Geometry. Miss Alice Elms-Trigonometry, Advanced Math. Miss Sarah Smith -Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Math 122: Senior Rings, Com- mencement Announcements. Mr. Harry Felich-Algebra, Advanced Mathg Projection Squad. 1 Mr. Earl Whipkey - Algebra. Mr. Mercer Clark-Algebrag Basketball, Baseball. Mrs. Edith Clark - Al- gebra. Mr. Richard YValker - Al- gebrag Football, YVrestling. J. V ' f , , aw 'i-f""'J 'TV mf J 1: ' f VJ J ,- Mrs. Emma Gilbert - Algebra. Mr. Fred Gaertner - General Math. Mr. Robert Meyers-Plane Geometry, General Math. qu. ,Q Mr. Thomas Taylor -Chemistryg Public Address. Mr. Reed Raines -Chemistry. Dr. Charles Beck- Chemistryg Chemistry Squad. Missing: Mr. Robert Ruth-Phys- icsg Physics Squad. Mr. john Neal-Xlloodsbopg Rifle. Mr. Al Bernhardy-Metal Shop, Mechanical Draw- ingg Cafeteria. Mr. l'Villiam Grant - Gylng Swimming, Football. Mr. john Beckcrt-Gym. Mr. Ralph Fife-Gymg Football. Mrs. Mary Lou Charlton and Miss Jean MacKinney-I.ib1'aryg Library Squad. Mr. Douglas Shancr-Artg Art Squad. Mr. John Ramsey-Mechanical Drawingg Stage Crew. JS' 5 :VS?,2im1:,, 4 J F.i ? S2LQw 2:H Q Mrs. Grace Orr - Personal Adjustment. Miss Pauline Fish A Home Economies Qlfoods, Clothingj. Mrs. Joan Meyer-l'e12 sonal Adjustment. Mr. George Lamprinakos - Drivingg Foot- ball, lVrcstling. Mr. Glenn Reese-Driving. Mr. Joseph Pagnanelli - Drivingg Gym- nasties. 'SN Miss Margaret Billingsley -- Girls' Health. Mr. john Kraesun-Boys' Healthg Football, Gudance Comm. Miss Norma Faieta-Girls' Gym, Girls' Gym- nasticsg Cheerleaders, G.A.A. Miss Donna Shaver-Girls' Gym, GAA., Leaders Club. The friends we made. . . were gay and serious, brilliant and athletic, loyal and kind. XVe found them in chemistry class when a test tube exploded and at track meets as we cheered Mt. Lebo on to victory. XVe laughed together as the curtain fell on the '58 Activities Play and when we dropped our books in the- mad scramble between classes. XVe spent evenings with them at Junior Achievement business meetings and worked beside them in the library doing frantic last-minute research for a term paper. XVe met new friends at the Rec and in Student Congress, in the Rockettte line and during the last minutes before the Devilette's dead- line. These, the friends we made, were bound to us lorever by the memorable experiences we shared with them in 1958. H E A ',.,. -,., - -'.l- Rings Reversed With ci Touch of Regret The Class of '58 had liveliness - enough spirit to spark the cafeteria with i'Stand up and cheer" all through football season, enough vital- ity to bubble through the anxious days of wait- ing for college news, enough generosity to share their exuberance with all Mt. Lebanon at seven o'clock the morning of Senior Day. Some seniors approached this big year of their lives with timidity - 'iHow am I ever going to keep my grades up with all these activities?"g K'X'Vill I be invited to all the big Senior parties?',g "Am I really good enough to be at the 'top of the heap'P". Then Commencement came - evidently the grades had been good enough, judging from the smiles on their faces, they had had many "blasts"g and from their Senior Day celebra- tions, you knew that they now felt they were good enough - the "best", in fact. But it was not without a tinge ol sorrow that these seniors approached Senior Day and Commencement. They had let loose a lot of "blood, sweat, and tears", yet they were better for it - they had matured. Although they were hrst and foremost the Class of '58, they had become young adults. M ...-f-"""""WMW ,vm M. PATRICIA ADAMS Lantern, G.A.A., Attendance. JOHN J. AIRHART Rille, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. ROBERT ALBRIGHT Hoincrooln Oil., Football, Vl,1CllCli, JAH Ifootlzall, JAH 'Irack Intramural Sports, Stage Crew, Tlrespians. CHARLES XVADE ALCEO Rifle, IlIlIIZ1lI'llll'2Il Sports. Cafeteria Host. BARBARA ALPERN Lantern, G.A.A., F.'I'.A. THOMAS E. AMBLER Mounty, Tennis, Intramural Sports, Boys' Clee Club, Devotional Choir, Ilrespians. MARTHA LOUISE ANDERSON Lantern, G.A.A., Range Rockette. Y-Teens. F.'I'.A., Attendanfe, Costuxnc, Medical, Red Cross. JACQUELINE M. ANGEL Honor Roll, Homeroonl Oll., G.A.A, Y-Teens. If.T.A., Bulletin Board Sq., Library Sq., Red Cross. JAMES DEAN ANTHON Public Address. JONATHAN M. YV. API' Honor Roll, IPIOIIICIOOIII Oil., Ilasketlmall Mgr., J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y. IVILLIAM H. ARCHER Intramural Sports, Parking Sq. GAYLE A. ASI-IBY Devilette, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. JOHN B. ASTIIURY Honor Roll, Horneroom OII., Football, JAY Track, Decorating. MARY JEAN ASTBURY Homeroom OII., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Attendance, Medical. NICHOLAS V. ATRIA IVrestling, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Ushers. ROBERTJAYMIN Honor Roll. MORRIS A. BAIER Intramural Sports. JAMES L. BAKER Football. EVELYN MARIE BANTA Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Decorating, Medical. RICHARD W. BARKER Log, Ushers, IVays and Means Chnl. CAROL SUE BARSON G.A.A. LLIAM BASHFORTH football, J.V. Football, Intratnural Sports. IRESA MARIE B.-XTTAGI.I.X EAA., Y-Teens, Medical. rITH SUZANNE BAUNIAN ionor Roll, Devilette, Homeroom Oil., CA..-X., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Xttendance, Lihrary Sq. JXVIN H. BEACHLER Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern, Student Congress Pres., Student Court, Cross Country Co-Capt., Track C0-Capt., Decorating. JBERT BECHER Projection, Traffic. HVARD F. BECKER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Entertainment Bulletin, Chess, Ushers. HN XV. BENN ntratnural Sports, Cafeteria. .IL O. BENNETT 3.A..X., Range Rockette. Makeup, Social Comm., Thespians. HN STIQELE BEST ntramural Sports. Cafeteria Host. rHN BEVACQUA Public Address. CDREIV IV. BLXNCO Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. NICE C. BISTRICKY fl.A.A., Y.Teens. Attendance. DRMA MARIE BIACKBURN Xctivities Key, Honor Roll. Homeroom Oil., G.A..tX., Leaders flluh, Y-Teens Pres., Physics Sq. tNCY A. BLAKE Devilette. Y-Teens. Information, Medical. NDA ANN BIMXNQIT,-XR'l' Honor Roll, Entertainment- Bulletin, Homeroom Oil., G..-X..-X., Y'-Teens. IE DIANA BLETXINCER Activities Key, Homeroom Oil., G..-X..X., Leaders Cluh, Y-Teens. F.'l'.A., Studio, Usherettes. Orchestra. ARY R. BLODCETT Swimming, Intramural Sports. Parking Stl.. Traffic. ONALD F. BOCK Homerooin Off., Swimming, Chemistry Sq., Physics Sq., Stage Crew. Ushers. tNNA L. BOGGS Activities Key, Honor Roll. Entertainment Bulletin, Y-Teens Medical. Red Cross. 'RISCILLA BOOTH Devilctte, GAA., Attendance. IHARLES IV. BORGERDINC. ,IR. Swimming, Chemistry Sq.. Medical. Parking Sq., Band Mgr. Boys' Clee Cluh. GUY BORRELLI Baseball, Football, j.V. Football. Intramural Sports. MARTHA BOSWORTH Devilette, Entertaininent Bulletin. tQA..X.. Y-Teens, Attendance Library Sq. MARGARET LEE BOXVSER Honor Roll, G.A.A., Range Rockette. Y-Teens. MARY LYNNE BOWSER G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens. DONNA JEAN BRANT Devilette, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Cafeteria Hostess, NIARILYN BRIANT .Activities Key, Ilomerooln Oil., Honor Roll, G.A.A.. Y-Teens, F.T.A.. Devotional, Publicity. Chorus. ELIZABETH I". BRIGGS G.A.A., Library Sq. GEORGIA G. BRODINE Honor Roll, Hoineroom Oil., GAA., Attendance. BEVERLY ANN BROXVN Library Sq. CRAIG H. BROWN Intramural Sports, Ushers. DUNCAN M. BROXVN Track Mgr., J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports. NANCY JO BROWN Honor Roll. G.A.A.. Range Roclaette, Decorating, Honor Award Comm., Medical. DAVID ANDERSON BROWNLEE Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Co-Ed., Enter- tainment Bulletin, Homerooln Oil.. Social Conun., K'Goodbye, My Fancy," Thespians. H. BEVERLY BRUSH Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Oil., G.A.A., F.T.A., Medical. ELIZABETH ARLENE BRYAN G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. DAVID M. BRYCE Intragiwural Sports, Ushers. ESTELLE ANN BUCHHEIT Lantern, Log, Mounty, Hoinerooin Off., G.A.A., Art Sq.. Attend- ance, Red Cross. JANET BUCK Homeroom OII., Range Roekette. ROBERT E. BUDAVICH Football, Intramural Sports. BONNIE ELIZABETH BUERKLE G.A.A., Library Sq., Properties. PHILIP BUMPUS Homeroom Oil., Basketball, Intramural Sports, Devotional Choir, Boys' Glee Club. y JUDITH LYNN BURGE G.A.A., Y-Teens, Decorating, XVays and Means. JAN K. BURKETT Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y, Ushers, Boys' Glee Club. JOAN BURNHANI Honor Roll. Devilette, Homeroom Oil., G.A.A., Attendance. JOHN C. BUSSE Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Basketball Mgr. J.V. Football, Chemistry Sq., Projection, Boys' Glee Club. VIRGINIA LEE BI"I"I'IiRYVORTH Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Circulation Mgr., Mounty, Home- room Off., G.A.A., F.T.A., Library Sq., Lsherettes. GEORGE D. CAIN Honor Roll, Student Congress Vice-Pres., Homeroom Off.. Foot. ball, Track, Intramural Sports, Decorating. JOSEPII T. CALMES Homeroom Off., Swimming, Intramural Sports. DAVID H. CAMPBELL Swimming. Intramural Sports, XVays and Nleans. JOSEPH E. CANTELUPE J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. RALPH E. CARLSON Basketball, Honor Roll. GLORIA J. CARMEN G.A.A., Orchestra MARY NOLASCO CARROLL Activities Key, Honor Roll. Lantern, Homeroom Oil., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Host and Hostess Clim.. Library Sq. RICHARD P. CARROLL Gymnastics, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. BLANCHE E. CARTXVRIGHT Log, C-.A.A., Range Roekette, Medical, Chorus. XVILLIAM LEE CASSIDY PATRICIA L. CHAMPION Devilette, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Student Guidance Coun il. DOROTHY JEAN CHELQIIIST Range Roekette, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens Oil., Honor Roll, Red Cross, Lantern, Bulletin Board Sq., G.A.A., Log. JILL CHILD12 Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Decorating, Red Cross. SAMUEL J. CHIODO J.V. Football, Cafeteria Host. MICHAEL H. CLARKE Intramural Sports. ROBERT C. CLARKE Honor Roll. JOHN M. COFFEY BURTON COHN Honor Roll, Hoiueroolu Oil., Track, JN. Track, Physics Sq. Cluu.. Studio, Orchestra, Boys' Clee Club. VIRGINIA C. COLE Entertainment Bulletin. C.A.A., Y-Teem. Library Sq. SARAH M. COLTMAN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Court, Devotional, Make-up Tliespians, XVays and Means. Devotional Choir, Chorus. RAYMOND B. COMFORT Track, J.V. Track, Band, LINDA RUTH CONANVAY CAA., F.T.A.. Library Sq.. Studio. JOHN B. CONOMOS Honor Roll, Intrzunural Sports. Projetttion, Public Atlclress. Boys' Glee Club, Chess. NANCY B. COOKE Hornerooin Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens. GERALD B. COOPER Activities Key, Honor Roll. Homeroom Oil., Basketball, Tennis, J.V. Basketball, Ifsliers, Orchestra. RUTH ANN CRICHLEY GAA., F.T.A., Attendance. Library Sq. STEPHEN A. CROIQCH Cafeteria. JOHN T. CUNNIFF JOYCE E. CITNNINCLHANI Log, GA..-X., Y-Teens, Retl Cross. PATRICIA A. CUNNINCHAM Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross. CONSTANCIE CURTIN JUDITH A. DAILEY G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. LAURA LYNN DANIBACI-I Activities Key, C.A.A., Y-Teens. lf.T,A. Honor Award Comm., Medical, Cap and Gown Conuu. SUZANNE XV. DANA Lantern, Log. Homeroom Oll.. Rifle. G.A.A.. Leaclers Club, Library Sq., F,T.A. BERNARD YV. DAUBE Homeroom Off. CONSTANCE MAE DAIFGHERTY Lantern. Log, Honieroom Off.. C,A.A,, Majoretle. DAN L. DAVIDSON Honor Roll, Log, Intramural Sports. I DIANE E. DAYIES Honor Roll, Ing Art Ecl., Mounty, C.A.A,, Y-Teens. I.YNNE DAVIS CASA., Rzmgc Rorkcttc, Y-llict-ns, If.'l'. X. SIYELLEN DAVIS G.A.A., Y-Toons, I.ost :mtl Found, Red Cross. R. ELAINE DAVISON Nlounty. G,A.A,, Y-locus. Rccl Cross. WILLIAM IS. DAVISON IYrcstling, JN. Football, .IAQ Trauk. lIlll'llIIIlll'2ll Sports, Cafeteria. Ways :mtl Mczms, lshers Clrm. KAREN LYNNE DAWSON G,A.A., Y-Tccns. IUDITH DEAN G.A..-X., Y-Teens, F.'I',A,, Costume, Tlicspizms. YANCY R. DESI'OR'I' G.A,A., Y-Tccns. SER.-XLD F. DICK Bzlskctbzlll, SIARY JANE DILLON Honor Roll, Hoincroom Off.. Y.'I'r-cus. If.T,A., I'sl1c1'cttes. SUSAN I.OUISE DODSON C.A.A.. Y-Teens. F.'I'.A. 1 KENNETH DOHNER Physics Sq. LOGER F. DOLANCH Intramural Sports. .ONALD II. DORNE'IS'I'A Log, Intrzlmurul Sports. IAVID D. DOZER Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Band. SHARON L. DRISKELL DENNIS DUERKSEN Intramural Sports. Buncl, RICHARD F. DUFNER Intramural Sports, Boys' Glce Club. ANE DURNER Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Icons, Attendance, Library Sr.. Red Cross. JEAN R. DUTY J.V. Football. EEN JOYCE EDWARDS Honor Roll, Log, I'IOIIlCI'OOII1 OII., G.A.A.. Range Rockettc, Library Sq., "Goodbye, My Fancy." -f ,15- All T' Y l SUSAN ELISABETH EGMORE Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Costume, Decorating. JERRINE E. EHLERS Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log C0-Ed., Homeroom Off., Decorating, Devotional, Band, Formal Concert. D. JERRY ELAM Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Chemistry Sq. BARBARA Y. ELLIOTT Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil, GAA.. Y-Teens, Information. SANDRA LEE FAIRCLOTH Lantern, Log, Homeroom Oil., G,A.A., Y-Teens, Devotional, Red Cross, HGoodbye, My Fancyf' MARGARET H. FALKE Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Entertainment Bulletin Ed., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Library Sq. DAVID FAULKNER ' Honor Roll, Homerooin OIT., Baseball, J.V. Football, Decoratingq FRED L. FELDMEIER Hoinerooln Off., Intramural Sports, SANDRA L. FELICETTI MARY FERGUSON Honor Roll, Quill and Scroll. Lantern News Ed., G.A.A. PATRICIA ANN FISHER Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Bulletin Board Sq., Honor Award Clnn,, Chorus. IVILLIABI A. FISHER Homeroom Off., Baseball, Football, J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Decorating. LINDA KENT FITHIAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, I-Iomeroom Off., G.A..X., Y-Teens, Medical. YVILLIAM FITZGERALD Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, JOHN THOMAS FLEMING Biology Sq., Physics Sq., Projection, Boys' Glee Club, XVays and Means. JUDITH J. FLINN G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, F.'l'.A., Honor Award Comm., Lost and Found, Red Cross. GEORGE FODOR ELLEN YV. FOLAN Riflle, Band. JAMES LEE FOLTZ J Homeroom Off., Baseball, Swimming, Track, Intramural Sports. JAMES YV. FORRESTER Honor Roll, Mounty, Entertaimnent Bulletin, Chess, Publicity.J DAVID FRANCIS Cafeteria Host. i ONNA L. FRANCIS Lantern, G..X..X., Y-Tccns. F.'l'..X., Decorating. Mt-cliczll. XROL FRANKE G.A.A., Y-Tccns, Devotional. IRGINIA LFE FRAPS Lantcrn, FlllCl'l1lllllllClll Bullctin, XVziys :incl Means. .LBERT CEORCL FRASER III Honor Roll, Homcroom Oll., LIN, Cross Country, 'l1l'LlCli, Intramu1'al Sports, Fslicrs. LOBERT P. FREEMAN Lantern, Log. fiflIlIl2lSllCS, Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Band. .ENNETH FRISKE Football Mgr. QANCY B. FRY Lantern, Rillc, C..X..X., Range ROt'liCllC, Y-Teens. XNN FLRLONG Honor Roll, Homcroom Oil.. l.CZlLlCI'S Club Off., F.T.A., Hospi- tality, Uslicrcttcs Clim.. Stuclcnt cillltl2lllt'C Council, Tlicspizins, "Goodbye, My Fancy." 'AUL S. FUZZARD Golf, Football, Intrzunurzil Sports, lfslicrs. ILL N. G.Xl.BR.XI'1'H Activities Key :intl Cuzn'tl, Honor Roll. Log Classes Ed., Homcf room Oil., Rillc, LC2ltlC1'S Club. Runge Rockette, Attendzincc, Social Comm. Clnn. LAIL ANN CALLOWAY Lantern, G..X..X., Attcntluncc, Rillc. L, EDWARD CARNHART Actixitics KL-y. Honor Roll. Lantern, Log .Xrt lid., Entertainment Bulletin, Ilomcroom Oil., Art Sq. Clim., Studio, Thespinns. 'UDITH ANN GEYER G.A.A., Chorus, DIANA LEE CIBBS Activities Kev. Honor Roll, Homcroom Oll., GA..-X., Runge Rockcttc, Ylllccns, Decorating, Honor Awilrfl COITNH' IRAN F. onyx GAA., Costume. I.ilmrzn'y Sq., Real Cross. AMES GIULI.-XNI Intramural Sports. ,ICHARD A. GOPIQL Cross Country Mgr.. 'Iizictk Mgr.. Inlrziniurul Sports. LAUDIA J. c:R.xN'1' ' Honor Roll, C..X..X., Y-Teens. IHARLES GRAVIQS IIll1'2ll1llll'2ll Sports. THOMAS GRAVES Intrfunurzil Sports. .INDA CRICICNBFRC Activities Key, Honor Roll. Nlountr Iitl., Homcroonr Off., C..-MX.. Biology Sq., Clic-mistry Sq., Stuclio, l'iIllCl'l2llllll1Clll Bulletin. CARL C. GREER Activities Key, Honor Roll, H Country, Track, Ushers, Boys' G WILLIAM 'I'. GRUMMER Honor Roll, Intramural Sports. SUSAN LYNN GULLION Honor Roll, Devilette Co-Ed., Library Sq. J. RICHARD GUNNING Football, WVrestling, J.V. Footba CAROL JOAN HALL l omcroom Off., Basketball, Cros lce Club. G.A.A., Leaders Club, Y'Tecns l, Intramural Sports. antern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A. Activities Key, Honor Roll, L Range Rockette, Y.Teens, F.T.A., Medical. LINDA EYVELL HALL Lantern, G.A.A., Library Sq., Medical. JOHN S. HALLER Advisory Council, Honor Roll, MASHUDUL HAQUE Honorary Member of Student C Sq., Ushers. RODGERS MCCRARY HARPER Honor Roll, Biology Sq., Chemi SUZANNE F. HARPER Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F JON P. HARRIS Rifle, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y, l RICHARD D. HARTMAN J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. J BARBARA E. HAUGHERY Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Cross. EDYVARD H. HAYES MARGARET LOUISE HAYNOS Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Tee NANCY A. HEADLEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G. JACK E. HENDERSON, JR. Activities Key, Honor Roll, Ho Thespians, Ushers, Band, "Good LYNN MARIE HENDERSON I Log, Homeroom Off, Thespians, VIRGINIA CAROL HENDRICKS G.A.A., Y-Teens, Devotional. BEVERLY ANN HENRY Lantern, Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens, ELEANOR ANN HENRY G.A.A., J.V. Cheerleader, F.T.A., Thespians. Homeroom Off. ongress, Cross Country, Chemistrj stry Sq., Projection, Studio. .T.A,, Red Cross. hysics Sq., Ushers. G.A.A., Cafeteria Hostess, Ret ns, F.T.A., Library Sq. A.A,, Y-Teens. meroom Off., Intramural Sports aye, My Fancy." Chorus, 'tFortune Teller." Red Cross. Make-up Chnl., Medical, USAN B. HERB Honor Roll, Mounty, Entertainment Bullutin. Chorus, "Goodbye, My Fancy," "Fortune Teller." I. .VXLIAN IIERISIG Honor Roll, Homcroom Oil. Intramural Sports. IETTY ISRONWYN HICE Hom:-room OIl',, Lantern. G.A..X.. Y-Icons. Medical. AMES Cl. HIGGINS. JR, JN, Gross Country. 'I4rat'k, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. IICHAIQI. HIGGINS J.V. Football, Cafeteria. Parking Stl. ILINTON .L IIOIJDER Intramural Sports. 'ETER HOEHLER Projection Clnn. QXLVIN A. HOERNEMAN Log, Intramural Sports, Band. .VILLLXM HOFRICHTER Football. XVrcstling, Track, IV. Football, IV. Track. VILLIAM MI. HOLOHAN Homcroom OII., Intramural Sports. JOEL E. HOLSHOIISER Honor Roll, IV. Football, Intramural Sports. .ARRY L. HOIII' Wrestling. Biology Sq.. Projection. JANCIY LOUISE HOOYER Actixitics Key, Honor Roll. Lantcrn, Stuclcnt Congress SCC.. Hornerooni Oil., G .X..X., Cbccrlcatlcr. Range Rockctte, Medical. LUDY C. HOOVER Intramural Sports. OHN V. HOUSER Intramural Sports. PENNIS M. HUDSON HO1llC1'lJCJllI Oll', Intranlural Sports. LLAN R. HUGHES Honor Roll, F.T.A. IELEN IAIR HULL Honor Roll. Lantern, Mounty, Hoincroom OKI., G..X..'X., Make-up. Thcspians, A'Gootlbyc. My Fancy." STELLA MARY HKLSBERG Activitics Kcy, Honor Roll, I'IOlIlCl'OOlll Oll.. GAA., Lcatlcrs Club, Y-'l'ccns. Biology Sq.. Medical Ciluu. JARJORIE .XNN HUMESTON Honor Roll, lloincrooin Off.. Rillt-. G..X..X.. Y-Tccns, Library Sq., Medical. FREDERICK HUMPHREY Honor Roll. Log, Homcroom Oll.. 'lirack. XYrcstling, JY. Football, W Track. fr ROBERT C. HUNTER HOlIIC1'0OII1 Off, Intramural Sports. P.-XULA HUTCHINSON Art Sq., Medical. JUDITH PAULA JA Pl' Activities Key, Log, C..X.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, F.T.A Library Sq., XVays anal Means, Chorus. JUDITH ANNE JESTEADT Lantern, Log, Red Cross, CA..-X., Cap and Gown Comm. RICHARD NI. JOHNSTON Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. Public Address. ALLYN E. JONES J.V. Basketball, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. DONNA LEE JONES Y-Teens, Band. JANET v. JONES J Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Oll'., GA..-X., Y.Teens Pres Cafeteria, Hostess, YVays and Means. Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. DAVID G. JOSEPH PETER KALBERKAMP Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Stage Crew. REGIS C. KARCH Football, Wrestling, J.V, Football, Intramural Sports, Cafeteriz Stage Crew. MYRNA B. KARCIS Activities Key, Lantern, Homeroom Oll., GAA., Range Rockett Y-Teens, Decorating, Honor Award Comm.. Library Sq. STEPHEN LEE KAUFMAN Holneroom Off., Intramural Sports. Cafeteria, Ushers. ROBERT D. KEIM Honor Roll, Lantern, I-lomeroom Oil., Chemistry Sq, Chin Physics Sq. JOHN F. KELLY Homeroom Off., Baseball, Football, J.V. Basketball, Intramurz Sports, Decorating. OTIS C. KELLY Honor Roll, Intramural Sports. ADRIANNE FAITH KENIEJUK G,A.A., Attendance. SUSAN KENNEDY Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., CAA., Range Rockettf F.T.A. NEDRIA M. KERR Medical, Red Cross, Y-Teens. ROBERT EARL KIDNER J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intranulral Sports, Cafeteria Packing Sq., Ushers. RUSSELL R. JORDAN 'ATRICIA E. KIDNEY Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Auditorium Planning. 'ORD S. KIMMEL Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. IARCARET S. KLINCENSMITH Mounty, Entertainnlt-nt Bulletin, C.A.A., IVays and Means. IARILYN FRANKIES KI,OS'lil-QRMEYER Actiiitics Key, Ilonor Roll, Homeroom Off.. Deyilettc Co-lid., Range Rockelle. Y-Teens Oil., Art Sq., Vslierettcs. Orchestra. LDIIH ELIZABEIII KNIl'E G.A.A., Y-Teens. LUSSELL KOAYALSKI DENNIS L. KRAIIER Log. IOY CAROL KRAMER Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Lantern Feature Ed., Log. C.A.A. Medical, Publicity. '4Coodbye, My Fancy," Thespians. MARY JO KRAUSE Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens. KATHERINE JEAN KREH Honor Roll, Homerooin OII., G.A.A., Library Sq., Red Cross Off. Student Guidance Council. IOHN N. KRUCH Gymnastics, Track, M'restling, JAH Track, Intramural Sports. RUSSELL G. LACHMAN Intramural Sports. KOSEMARY ANN LAMANNA G.A.A., Attendance, Information, Lost and Found, Medical. SANDRA B. LAMONT Honor Roll, Lantern, Tliespians, Studio, Red Cross, Devotional Choir, Chorus, "Fortune Teller," "Goodbye, My Fancy." IAY S. LAND Honor Roll, Cafeteria, Parking Sq., Physics Sq., Ushers. IANE SHE PARD LANGRETH Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homerooin Off., G.A.A., Leaders Club Oil., Attendance, Library Sq., Publicity. ILSAN GRANT LANGRli'1iH l Activities Key and Guard. Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty G.A.A., Leaders Club, I.llll'2I1'y Sq., Publicity Chin. WAYNE LARA B E E Activities Key, Honor Roll. I-Ioineroom Off., Football, j.V. Foot- , ball, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. THOMAS F. LASKO Advisory Council, Honor Roll, Homeroonl Oil., Football, KIA Football, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. AVILLL-XM P. LAAVLER Gymnastics, YVrestling. JAMES H. LAYTON Log, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. 1 1 BEST DRESSED Nancy Hoover und Paul SiC2l SENIOR CU 11151 COUPLE NIOST LIKELY TO SLTCCEED Xnne Potter md B111 Flgher I111 Galbraith and Dave Brownlee BEST ALL-AROUND MOST Dl:1l'l2ND,XBLE WITTIEST - S116 Llghmel' 211111 lid BUZWNC1' Pinky Henry and Bill Lynch Blanche Cartwright and George Cain POLLS MOST SOl'HISTIC.XTED Gretchen Taylor and Doug N1llSlllllll MOST ATHLETIC BEST LOOKING Judy japp and George Schein Pat Tichcnor zuul Chuck Nlucller 1 l t DANIEL WILLIAM LEE i Activities Key, Log, Homerooin Off., Basketball, Track Co-Capt. J.V. Basketball, Intranunal Sports, Stage Crew Chin., 'Fhespians MARY KATHRYX LICIS Honor Roll, Homerooni Oil., C.A.A., Medical, Red Cross. ERNEST A. LEN'1'HAI.I. Honor Roll, Honierooni Off., Physitts Srl., Band. NANCY J. LESKER G.A.A., Y-Teens. SIYSANNE LIGHTNER Activities Key, Honor Roll. Log, Hoineroonl Off., G.A.A., Major ette Co-Capt., Decorating Comm, Chun.. Devotional, Ilsherettes. JEAN B. LINGHAM G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. PEDRO LINTNER Honor Roll, Gym Sq. LINDA LEIGH LIVENCOOD Honor Roll. G.A.A, THOMAS L. LIVENCOOD i J.V. Football, Intrfnnural Sports. l THOMAS D. LOHRENTZ Activities Key. Honor Roll. Homerooin OIT.. Cross Country, JA' 'l'rack, Intramural Sports. Boys' Clee Club. ROBERT M. LOUFEK J.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. KRISTIN LOVE Mounty, Entertainment Bulletin, Chorus. l i LYNN S. LOVE Chorus, "Fortune Teller," Band. Orchestra, "Goodbye, My Fancyff ARTHUR C. LOXV W IVrestling. JY. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y, Biology Sq. , NANCY D. LUKENS I G.A.A., J.V. Cheerleader, Y-Teens, F.T..A. 1 JOANNE LUXBACHER G.A.A.. Y-Teens, Orchestra. W IVILLIAM F. LYNCH, JR. W Activities Key and Guard. Honor Roll, Student Court, Homeroon Off., Football Mgr., Track Mgr., Studio Mgr., Boys' Intramura Council, Ushers. KATHLEEN M. LYNOTT . GAA., Cheerleader, Information, Medical. A. JAMES MacDONALD Intramural Sports. CAROL DEE MacDONALD Honor Roll, GAA., Range Rockette. LINDA W. MacLEAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Medical. NANCY LEORA MADSON Lantern, Mounly, Honlcrooin OH., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Art . Sq. STEPHEN T. MAGOON Activities Kev. Honieroonn Oil., Track, J.V. Cross Counlrv, Decorating, Band. WROBERT C. MAHONEY l Intramural Sports. JOAN MARIA MAITLAND Lantern, Devilette. C.A.A., Majorette CofCapt.. Ffl'.A., Attend- ance, Costume, Decorating. Red Cross. BONNIE J. MANCINI Mountv, Hoinerooin OII., Hospitalitv, Cafeteria Hostess, Informa- tion, Library Sq., Red Cross. NIYRNA DIXIE MANDELL Honor Roll, Lantern. Mountv. Honieroom OIT., CAA., Medical, lMARTHA xuxrnv 3 G.A.A., Y-Teens, lf.'l'.A,, Attendance, Medical, L'sherettes CHARELLE R. MARPLE Lantern, Entertainnient Bulletin. CAROL ANN MARTIN G.A.A., Honor Award Comm., Medical. lDAVID M. MARTIN l Gymnastics, Swinnning, Art Sq., Stage Crew, Tliespians. lLOIS ANN MARTIN J Lantern, Log. C.A.A.. Y-Teens, Information. ISIQSAN F. MART! l Honor Roll, Lantern, Honieroom Off., G.A.A.. Y-Teeiis, J MARILYN MASTICRSON l 1 Hlays and Means, Chorus, Triple Trio, Band. BIARGARET KAY BI.-XTTHEYVS Honor Roll, GAA., Y-Teens, Attendance, Devotional Clnn. ARDITH ANN MAURHOFF Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homerooni Oil., G.A.A., Leaders Club, Majorette, F.T.A., Library Sq. JUDITH ANN MAYER G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information. BETTY JEAN McCLAY G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. Red Cross. XVILLIAM McCLL'RE Cross Country, Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track. ROBERT MCCRORY JAMES J. McCllE' Gvmnastics. Rifle, Swimming, J.V. Football, Intrznnural Sports. LINDA J. McIN'l'IRI-1 G.A.A., Y-Teens, Orchestra. Formal Concert. Activities Kev, Honor Roll, Hoinerooni Off., G.A.A.. Devotional, JO ANN McKAY Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A.. Bulletin Board Sq., Library Sq. Clnn., Red Cross. GEORGE N. McKEE Homerooin Off., Intramural Sports. JUDY ANN MCKIBBEN Honor Roll, Honierooin Oil., GAA.. Clieerleader, Devotional. FLORENCE MCLENNAN G.A.A., Medical. CHARLOTTE LOUISE Mt-MILLEN MARILYN MCMILLEN Activities Key, Honor Roll. Lantern, Mounty, Hoineroom Oil. G.A.A.. Attendance, Bulletin Board Sq., Library Sq. SARAH ELIZABETH MQSTEEN Log, G.A.A., Range Rockctte, ETA., Medical Sq. JOAN LYNN MELCHER G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.'l'..X., Bulletin Board Sq., Medical. Red Cross. BRUCE MENKE Activities Key, Honor Roll. Hoinerooin Oil.. Cliemistry Sq., Studio, lVays and Means. Boys' Glee Club. "Goodbye, My I'rancy,' Thespians. JOHN MENNER lVrestling. J.V. Track. JAMES H. MERING III Activities Key, Honor Roll. I'Ionu-room OIT., XVrestling, Intrainural Sports, Hi-Y, Cafeteria Host. PAUL C. NIERZ JOHN MEURY, JR. Intramural Sports, Hi-Y. JOHN R. MEYERS Honor Roll, Honierooln Off., Intratnural Sports. Clieinislry Sq., Mlays and Means, K'My Sister Eileen," Student Guidance Council. F. RICHARD RIILLER, JR. Honor Roll, Mounty, Cliess, Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Biology Sq., Chemistry Sq., Public Address. Oreliestra. JOHN S. MINTUN Activities Key and Guard, Lantern, Log, Track, Dexotional Sq. and Choir. Tliespians. "Messiah," HMy Sister Eileen," Htlooclliyc, My Fancy." IVILLIAM MISSEL Cross Country, J.V. 'l'rack, Intramural Sports. JO ANN MITCHELL Honor Roll, Lantern, Iloinerooin Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. JOHN A. MITCHELL Honor Roll, Homcrooin Oil.. Ushers. MARY E. MITCHELL Honor Roll, Mounty, Entertainment Bulletin. G..X.A. NANCY ANN MODERY Lantern, G.A.A., Art Sq. , y JACQVELINE MOICLLER Honor Roll. Lztntern, Log. CLA. X.. X- Icons. Inlortnzttton. Mecltcztl DONALD A. MOORE lntrzunurzil Sports. MARY JANE MORDASII Honor Roll, Mountr. Hotnerootn Oil., l".'l'.A., luliortnzttion cilllll. Retl Cross, Unis :intl Mcztm. l'A'l'RICIA B. MORONEY G.A.A., Y-Teens. Infortnntion. l.iln'ztrr Sq. JOIIN D, MORRIS Footlxzlll. CARL FREDERICK MOSLENER llonor Roll, Honu-room OIT., 'l'r:u'l4. J.V. Cross Country. JN, Track. RICHARD MOUNTS Cross Country, J.V. Trzuk. J.V. Cross Country, Intrzunural Sports, Band. CHARLES L. Ml'EI,I.ER Honor Roll, Homeroorn OIT., Ifootlmll, J.V. Football. Intrzunurnl Sports. LOIS A. MUELLER Honor Roll, C.A.A.. Range Rorkettc, Y-Teens. Lost and Fountl. MARTHA Ml'I.LIKliN .Activities Key, Honor Roll. Lantern. Log, Homcroom OIT., Devil- cttc Co-Etl., Lczulers Cluln Pres.. Runge Roclxetttz CL.A.A. Counril, JOHN AY. ML'NCAS'l'ER Honor Roll. Lantern, Mountr, Holncroonl Oil., J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Truck, Intramural Sports, Devotional, Vslicrs. BENJAMIN AV. Ml'ROS, JR. Hotnerooin OIL. Intrnnulrrtl Sports. Boys' Glcc Club. ALLENE MURPHEY Y-Teens, Medical. DANIEL J. MURPHY Honor Roll. Entertznituncnt llulletin, Homerooni Off., Tennis, Intrzunural Sports. Clu-niistry Stl. ALICE ANN MYERS .Activities Key. Honor Roll, G,A.A., Y-Teens, Devotional. Infortnzt- tion, Uslierettcs, Chorus. lriplc Trio .-Acc. DOUGLAS C. NAISMITH Advisory Countxil, Activities Key, llorncroorn Oil., Cross Country. 'l'rzu'k, Dcvotioxiittl, Hospitality. Studio, Tliespiztns. l'A'l'RlCIA ANN NECIZLE Aetixitics Key :intl Cuztrtl, Honor Roll. Lantern. Devilcttc Etl., Log, Holncrooln Oil.. I.etulcrs Club, Hospitality, AA':tys zuul Means Clun. RALPH NEHRIC Projection. CAROL LOUISE NOBEI. Activities Key :uul Cunrtl, Honor Roll. Lantern Typing Ecl., Log Business Mgr.. Honu-room Oil.. fi.A.A.. Mecliczxl, Retl Cross, Bzuul, LYNNE NOLTE Honicrooin Off. FRANK A NORTHRFI' J.V. Football, Intrzunurzil Sports, Projection. CHARLES OAKLEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil.. Easketball, J.V. Cross Country, Hi-Y CYNTHIA A. OBEY Lantern, Mounty. G.A.A., YATeens. Decorating. Cafeteria Hostess JUNE XIARY IT. OHLEGER RICHARD J. OLIVER Intramural Sports. SAMUEL F. ORTH Lantern, Ways and Means. SALLY CHASE ORTNER G.A.A. KATHIE M. ORTOLF Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, Information. MARLENE DIANE OSWICK Honor Roll, G.A.A., Attendance, Information, Medical. JAMES PACK Baseball, J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports. LOUISE A. PARKER G.A.A. TIMOTHY M. PARSONS NANCY JEAN PEARSON Homeroom Off., G.A.A.. Y-Teens, Attendance. PETER K. PECKHAM Log, Homeroom Off., Track. ROBERT PEIRCE Intramural Sports. RICHARD D. PERKINS Honor Roll, Hoineroom Football, Track, J.V. l3asketball,i J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. PABIELA JAYNE PETERBIAN .Activities Key, Honor Roll. Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off.. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Devotional. ROGER F. PHILLIPS Entertainment Bulletin, Track. J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. RICHARD C. POLACHEK Homeroom OIT., Gymnastics. THOMAS S. POLLOK Cross Country, Swimming, Track, Intramural Sports. ANNE LOIS POTTER Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockettc, Attend- ance, Medical, Honor Roll, L. JEFFREY POWELL Honor Roll, Homcroom Off., Intramural Sports, Boys' Clee Club, Social Comm. ANTHONY A. PREZIOSO Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Country, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track. PATRICIA LOUISE PRICE G.A.A. GLORIA N. PRINION.-XTO G.A.A. LEE E. PIIRNELL Rifle, Parking Sq., Physics Sq., 'iMessiah." KURT G. RABISEY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off. JEAN LOUISE RAY .Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Oil., G.A.A., Bulletin Boartl Sq., Devotional, Information. JANE BURT REARICK Homeroom OIT., Honor Roll, Chemistry Sq., Library Sq., Stuclio, Triple Trio, "Fortune Teller," Thespians, Formal Concert. JOAN F. RECH Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band. FAX RECTOR, JR. J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports. VIRGINIA REDPATH Art Sq., Mounty. NANCY L. REED Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Devotional, Scholastic. ROBERT C. REINSTADTLER Football, J.V. Football. Intramural Sports, Decorating. CLARENCE RENSHAIV II Honor Roll, Log Sports Ed., Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Decorating, Devotional, Publicity, Stage Crew. HERBERT RENTLER Intramural Sports. JUDITH L. REYNOLDS Honor Roll, G.A.A., Blue Devil, Achievement Chm., Honor Award Comm. THOMAS D. RICCA Honor Roll, Homeroom Off.. Intramural Sports, Band. DONNA LEE RIDINGER G..-XA., Range Rockette, Y-Teens. EDAVARD RIEG AVrestling, J.V. Football, J.V. Track. DONALD V. RITENOUR, JR. 1 Studio, XVays and Means. , JUDITH E. ROBINSON ' Blue Devil, Student Guidance Council, G.A.A.. Cafeteria Hostess. Library Sq. GLENN WILLIAM ROCK Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Track, J.V. Football J.V. Track. Intramural Sports. 'E' z ! . ROBERT B. RODENBAUGH J.V. Football, Intramural Sports. PHILIP J. ROHM J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Football. lutrzuuural Sports. ROY J. ROSCOE Homeroom Off., Basketball, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Intra mural Sports. KENNETH R. ROSS Intramural Sports. SUE ANN ROSSMAN G.A.A., Range Roekctte. LAURA JANE ROVECNO Log, G.A.A., Art Sq., Red Cross. LOIS A. SABLE Red Cross. HELENE SAMRICK Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil.. GAA., Majorette, F.T.A., Decorating SOFIA SANCHEZ-PIZJUAN Honorary Member of Student Congress. GAA., Vice-Principals Sec. Comm. MARGARET L. SANDERS Honor Roll, Rifle, GAA. JOAN SARACCO G.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross. BARBARA SCHAEFER DIANE H. SCHAFER G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T..X., Red Cross, Chorus. GEORGE SCHEIN Honor Roll, Student Congress Vice-Pres., Football, Track, Wllrestling, Decorating. IRENE L. SCHIETINGER G.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross, Chorus. PETER SCHROEDER Intramural Sports. YVESLEY D. SCHROEDER Devotional, Projection. MARY-ALICE SCURLOCK Honor Roll, Entertainment Bulletin, F.T.A., Chorus, Art Sq., Bulletin Board Sq. GENE ANA SEDLACHEK Honor Roll, Mounty. Homeroom Off., GAA., Art Sq., Library Sq., Y-Teens. MATTHEIV F. SELAN Gymnastics, Hlrestling. FRANCIS A. SGRO J..V. Football, Intramural Sports. v JLDITH LEE SHAFFER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log. UAA., F.T.A., Medical, Rerl Cross. Chorus. AAIZINS :intl Means. PHILIP D. SHERMAN Honor Roll, Hoinerooin Off.. Intrznnurul Sports, Properties. K. LEIGII SHIELDS, JR. Swimming. Intrznnural Sports. IYILLIAM JOHN SHORTREED JN. Footlmll, IIlll'lllllllI'lIi Sports, Scholastic. PAI'L A. SICA Student Congress Pres.. Stutlenl Court, Holneroorn Ofl.. Intra- xnurzrl Sports, Hospitality. ALICE H. SIMPSON Honor Roll, Mounty. Rifle. Y-Teens. Art Sq,, Bulletin Board Sq., Chorus. C,-XAIILE ANNE SIPLIS Rifle, G.A.A., Y-Teens. BARBARA SITES Honor Roll, GAA., Y-Teens, l7.T.A. CAROL Ii. SKARADA CAA., Y.Teens. GLADYS A. SMI-XII. EARL A. SMITH Honor Roll, IIOIIICTOOIII Oil.. Tmrk, Traelt, Intrznnural Sports, Hi-Y. GRETCHEN D. SMITH Honor Roll. Horneroorn Oil.. GAA.. Y-Teens. I-'.T.A. JANE ELIZABETH SMITH Activities Key, Honor Roll, Iloinerooin OII., Cheerleader, Honor Award Connn. JANET LEE SMITH Hoineroom OII., G.A.A., Y-Teens. MELINDA QUAYLE SMITH Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, CL.A.A., Y-Teens, Band. IVILLIAM J. SMITH J II1lI'fllT'lllI'2ll Sports, Studio. RICHARD F. SNEBERCER II1ll'21IIIlllF1ll Sports. ROPIERTA ANN SNEE Homerooln OII., C.A.A.. Atteiulaince, Metlifzil. Y-Teens, Decorat- ing, Clleerleacler Capt. JOHN F. SOWA l Honor Roll, Mounty, Chess. Chernistry Clnn.. Physics Sq. LYNNE D. SPECIQIIALS Honor Roll, Hornerooxn Oil.. Range Roekette, Y5l'eens, Lost :incl Found. JAMES A. ST. CLAIR J.V. Footlmll. Intrzunurzil Sports. Parking Sq. IVENDELL J. STEICERIVALD Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, Stage Crew, Traffic. NORMAN L. STERLING, JR. Activities Key, Log, J,V. Track, Devotional, Properties, Thespians, Ushers, Illays and Means, Chorus. CONSTANCE N. STERMER Honor Roll, Mounty, Entertainment Bulletin, C.A.A,, Y-Teens. PATRICIA A. STEWART Honor Roll, G.A,A., Information, Library Sq., Lost and Found, Scholastic, Chorus. LEIVIS BRUCE STITTSWORTH Chemistry Sq., Parking Sq., Band. REBECCA C. STONE Honor Roll, Lantern, G.A.A., Cheerleader. JAMES D. STRADER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Band. JUDITH E. STRAUB Y-Teens, IVays and Means. DAVID SIVISHER Tennis, Intramural Sports, Band. JAN R. SZAFRANSKI J.V. Basketball. MARTHA ANN TALCOTT Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. DEBORAH ANN TAYLOR G.A.A., F.T.A. MARY CRETCHEN TAYLOR Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Literary Ed., Student Congress Sec., Range Rockette, Thespians, Chorus. NANCY C. TAYLOR Devilette, Lantern, Rifle, C.A.A., F.T.A., Red Cross. DONNA JANE THOMAS Honor Roll, Log, Rifle, C.A..-X., F.T.A,, Library Sq., Studio, Red Cross, Thespians. EDVVARDN IV. THOMAS Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. ANN R. THOMPSON Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Range Rockette, Decorating, Honor Award Comm., "Goodbye, My Fancy." AUDREY MAE THOMPSON Homeroom Off.. C.A.A., Range Rockette. CAROL M. THOMPSON Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Lost and Found, Red Cross. KENNETH THOMPSON LAVVRENCE E. THOMPSON Activities Key, Honor Roll, Hoinerooiu Off., Intramural Sports, Band, Swimming. JONA C. THOMPSON Honor Roll, GAA., Information, Orchestra. L.-XNDRA Llili THORNTON G..fX.A., Range Rorkette, .Xttendanre, Cafeteria Hostess, XVays and Means. lOSEMARY C. THURANSKY G.A..'X., Y-Teens. '.Yl'RICI.'X .XNNE TICHENOR Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off.. Range Rockette, F.T..X., Honor .Xward Conun. l'HOM.'XS RAYMOND TOPERZER Homeroom Off., Football, Track. NVrestling. Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. fl.-XROLYN RUTH 'ISRAUTMAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil., G..X..'X., Leaders Club, Devotional, Usherettes. FHOMAS TRAYNOR J.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports. ,VILLIAM H. TRETHEIVEY Honor Roll, Homeroom OIT., Basketball, j.V. Basketball, Intrae mural Sports. 'ANE TREV.-XSKIS Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Ed. Enter- tainment Bulletin. Y-Teens. Red Cross, lVays and Means. into H. 'rR1Eo13R 1 Intramural Sports, Chemistry Sq., Parking Sq,, Band. VILLIAM TURNER LATHRYN LEE VAN ATTA Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., Art Sq., Red Cross. JANCY S. VANDERSLICE Rifle, GA.,-X., Range Rockette. Y-Teens, F.T.A., Medical. VILLIAM I. VAN METER Homeroom Off., Chemistry Sq., Physics Sq. OANN VEDDER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Y-Teens Pres., Devotional, Chorus, Triple Trio, "Fortune Teller." IAROL A. VOGEL Log, Homeroom OIT., G.,-X..-X., Information, Red Cross, Medical. FLORENCE IRENE VOGEL GAA., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, Lost and Found Chm., Medical, F.T.A. IHRISTINE A. VON STOCKER Log, Honlerooni Otlf, CAUX., Leaders Club, Range Rockette, Y.Teens, F.T.A. LARBARA ELLEN YORNDRAN Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil., GAA., Y-Teens, Medical. 'RANK IV.-XDSWORTI-I Lantern, Cross Country Co-Capt., Track, Intramural Sports, De- votional Choir, Boys' Glee Club. IOUGLAS WALGREN Honor Roll, Hotneroom Oil., Tennis, Parking Sq., Public Address, Studio, Thespians, "Rehearsal for Death." 'K-W Glvv- KIOAN C. IVALKER Lantern, Log, Mounty, C.A.A., Red Cross. RICHARD T. WALKER Intramural Sports, Traffic, Band. DAVID B. IVARD Honor Roll. Homeroom Oil.. Football. Traela, XVrestling, Intra- mural Sports, Decorating. KURT JONATHAN XVARMBEIN Golf, IV. Football, Intramural Sports, Biology Sq.. Cafeteria Host, Parking Sq,, Stage Crew. MYRON C. YVARNES I'IOHICl'OOlH Oil., Swimming. Cross Country, JY. Trark, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria Host. FREDERICK L. YVARNKE, JR. Honor Roll, Homeroom OII., Intramural Sports, F.T.A., Ushers. THOMAS C. XYASSON BARBARA IVATSON G.A.A. SUZANN WATSON Honor Roll. Homeroom Oil., CAA., Art Sq., Studio. MARILYN PENNY XVEISE Honor Roll, Lantern. Log. Mounty. Chemistry Sq., Library Sq., Medical. Physics Sq.. Red Cross. -IEFFRY A. IVEISS CIYIIIIIZISIICS, Swimming. Intramural Sports. Decorating, Projection. MARY SUZANNE NVETMORE Log. C,A.A.. Range Rockette. LINDA R. IVHITEHOUSE Honor Roll. Hoineroom OII., Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, IVayS and Means. LINDY IVIANT Log, G.A.A., Band. ROGER YV. IVIEGMAN Intramural Sports, Band. ROBERT YVILHELINI Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty Ed., Homerooin Off., Chem- istry Sq. Chm., Public Address. MARY B. IVILLIAMS Lantern, Homerooin Off.. CAA., Information. SUZANNE YVILLIAMS C.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, Attendance, Information, Library Sq., Medical, Red Cross, Ways and Means. SANDRA L. WVILSMAN Honor Roll, Art Sq. CAROL ANN XVILSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil., G.A,A., Band. ELLA LOUISE IVILSON Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., F.'l'.A., Devotional, Medical, Red Cross, Chorus, Triple Trio. IARY ANN YVOLFF G.A.A., Lost and Found. .OBERT S. WVRAY Honor Roll, Mounty. Entertainment Bulletin, XVrestliug. Intra- mural Sports. Band. ONYA YAMSHON Medical. LISON YOUNG Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Leaders Club, F.T..X. Pres., Makefup, Studio, Chorus, Triple Trio. DITH CAROLYN YOUNG Log, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T..fX.,.Medicz1l. UDY K. YOUNG Honor Roll. Rifle. G.A..X., F.'l'..-X., Attendance, Information. IANI-L'l"l'li ZIMMERING Log, Homeroom Off., .Xttenduncie Chm., Red Cross, 'llllCSPl2lIlS, Make-up. JHN P. ZIMMERMAN Honicroom Off., Gymnzistics. Intrzuuurul Sports, Physics Sq., Band Drum Capt. JMOND P. ZIRISKY Honor Roll, Homeroom Off.. j.V. Track, Intraniurzil Sports, Cafeteria Host. The members of the class of 18 who entered school after senior pictures were tiltcu ue Km Mulicli lohn Knapper and Grace Plant 1 r w 54 a 2 I a i i IN MEMORIAM SCOTT w. REDDING 11131111 12, 1940 May 12, 1957 "The soul is like the sun which to our eyes seems to set in nightg but it has in reality only gone to diffuse its light elsewhere." ROBERT TODD ELLIOTT February 6, 1940 September 13, 1957 l Classes With a Fanfare cmcl CI Flourish Beauty, Brains, and Brawn - that's what the junior class is made of. The good looks, talent, and athletic ability of the Class of '59 have been demonstrated in many ways dur- ing the last three years. They have taken part in school functions and activities with sparkling enthusiasm and have shown their maturity and self-discipline in the classroom. The well-rounded junior class has not only excelled in the athletic world but has proved itself throughout the year with its mental and social prowess. From shy, unsure fresh- men, they have become a class which will be greatly admired and respected by future underclassmen. At the year's end, the juniors look forward longingly to the time when they will take their place at the top with a fanfare and a flourish - the sophisticated seniors of Mount Lebanon High. 11-1 - MISS McCLUlLE Chakos, Ron Nieman. ROVV 1: Jean Landcfeld, Ruth Loren Zato, Rosemary Pancari, Marty Hylton Sue Grant, Linda Clarry, Loretta Smith Linda Roskanl. ROWV 2: Cerri Demaret Dot Fitch, Diane Wlilliams, F10 Wil liams, Marie Sellger, Sue Ann Engel Carol Cort, Cindi Barrett. ROW 3 Ed Zehfuss, George Benson, Ron Thompson, Kurt Johnson, Bill Car man, Dick Marshall, Bill Iams Bob Schaefers, Ken Potter, Dave Renton ROXV 4: jim McDonald, jim Kletter Bill YValker, Jim Glennan, jim lNeil Jack Moran, Butch Breinig, olm luxe., 2 11-4 A MR. TAYLOR ROW l: Ann Jones, Pat XVeaver, Bar- hara Irwin, jackie Koch, Margie Curl, Clarnncline Lauricia, Virginia Schroed- er, Barbara Cirunnner. ROW 2: Chester Radoinsky, Wendy Turner, Suellen lfloeft, Vanita Bauknight, Nancy Max- son, Barbara Dawley, Don Richards, lfrank Garrett. ROW 3: jun Flanagan, Frank Coho, llenry Cassedy, Howard Sphar, Mike McCo1nhs, Dan Guerrieri, Ron Dohkin, llllllll Brown. ROXV 4: Clary Forcey, RlKIl11ll'fl Rust, 7110111 Lyons, George Winters, Bill Shields, Doug Muns, Barry Sullivan, Dzire Perkins, Dave Bhnnleldt. 11-2 - MRS. BAILEY ROW 1: Diane Huston, Marty Emerick, Toni La Manna, Nancy VVilder, Sally Grany, Judy Delach, Carolyn Benn, Sharon Heiuneier. ROYV 22 Pain Lore, Cheryl Fishburn, Kathleen Allen, Linda Poole, Faith Steverlnan, Bunny Segal, Kathy O'Dea, Pat V1-l1O1111JS0I1. ROXV 3: jack Kleinhans, Bill Marshall, Gene Breen, Charles Berg, Don 1Villis, Pete Nicholson, Richard Rosenhlall. ROYV 4: Dave Barone, Pat Rolls, Bill Palmer, Dick Garlitz, Steve Satler, Jack Smith, John Plant. ll-3 - MRS. FIIRLONG ROW l: Rita Giegerich, Donna Peters, Constance Moore, Mary Ann XViedL. Sally jurgenson, Diane Cole, Judy Sherratl, Anne XN'hiunan. ROXV 2: Mary XVeisiger, Sue Curran, Bahs jones, Gale Lawrence, Mary .Xnn O'Conner, Rena Mcfiinnis, Carol Shaemznni, Bea Favinger. ROXV 3: Scott Rodgers, Jiin Dooley, John Spicuzra, lid Murphey. Boh Raeffaele, Al Hannnond, Bob Shefller, Boh Lindsay. ROXV 4: joe Atkinson, Torn Donnelly, Boh Maxwell, Paul Franklin, Bob Sullivan, Bill Durken, Dario Castelli. 4.NzwzsSfe -gr -liar, Plwllaqf .V 'Q , , ,pf ,ff 'I 7 T- , 1215. S .7,..-,rim ,ra , t.wa-'U' 'Wh' UPA' U em my QQ +644 L' 'iw -x-at A in llxxdllrwail ll-5 - MR. TALLMAN ROM' 1: Linda Fox, Nancy Koster, jackie Koblish, Laraine MeGeeney, jean Ijlllglllilll, Karen Mason, Rose- mary Visconti, Sylvia YVinter. ROWV 2: Carroll Grilleths, Randi '1l0Illl7, Suzanne Carroll, Suzanne Norton, Roberta Johnston, Susan Rucker, Margie Brown, Lois Asti. ROM' 3: Dave Larry, Carl Schoen, Skip Crosc, Pete Wilder, Dale MeFeatters, Maine Peace, Phil Mathewson. ROXV -l: Graham XVeaver, Tom Sherk, Rick Cobb, john Rhen, Dave Palcho, loin Blackwood, Steve Cunninghain. ll-ti - MISS FROBESIS ROM' l: Bonnie linight, lilaine Schneiiler, Maureen Reynolds, Trina Grlnnn, .Xnne Gibson, Dianne Bixler, Kathy Lane. Margie Mclilray. ROM' 2: Mary ,Xileline Clonnors, Margie Hil- siuger, Vicki .XIlLlCl'SOIl, Carol 'Poin- cgyk, Barbara Streams, ,Ioan ll'llll21lIlS, Maclelaine Shaw, Karen Nelson, Grace Ballaglia. ROM' 3: Don Dewees, Carl lYarnes, Roy linvall, Doug Claypool, Wally Conklin, john Pringle, Skip Hartquist, Stexe Solirauer. ROM' 4: Date Llarroll, Bob lfreiland, -lim XVolll, Dave Paulsen, John Rowles, Henry Luecly, jeflf Maushardt, Bob Martin. ,Mx ,Nw ,N ...,,,.....4 's rv -0 ll-IU - NIR. B.X'l'C1lfl1ELOR ROW l: Susie Brubaker, Sally Riekerl. Lisa Lindsay, Sally Swan, Peggy Mus- selman, Linda Sehugar, Judy Gira, Vivian leasure. ROW 2: Jane Fel- lows, Dorothy Collins, Judy Petersen, Betty ,Xnne Cutclill, Vera Leverkus. Nancy I-lollmann, Lana Mayberry, Sandie Ritter. ROW fi: Bill Herman. Dick Bollinger, lom Beardshall, Fred Ohsol, Dave Raines. Lee XYells, Dan Driscoll, Grant Connolly. ROXV 4: 'Vince Nleliinley, Ronnie Wagner, l'hil Aubertine, Jolm Roney, Joseph Calaio. Bob 'l'utt, .Xl XVolfers. 11-8 - MRS. AD.-XMSON ROYV 1: Beth Breitenslein, Susan Todd, Judy Reynolds, Beth Schafer, Jeanette lValker, Diane Cortez, Cynthia Price, Anne Irwin, ROYV 2: Delby Geese- man, Mary Anne Flory, Marilyn Claus. in, Marcie Smith, Judy Zionts, Linda Langherst, Susan Berg. ROXV 3: Ray Anderson, Ken McDonough, David Herzog, Jim Barrick, Roger Lory, For- rest Niemi, Robert Stewart, Rob Sey- mour, 'loin Marshall. ROYV 11: Eman- uel Estatico, Richard Mallei, Robert Carney, Harry Fleck, Larry Piekholtz, David Ross, Jack Pawell, Glenn XVil- lianis, 11-9 - MR. GILBERT ROXV l: Diane Ramsey, Helen Beaver Janet Tuttle, Betty Kraier, Barbara Hannnel, Kathy Mayes. Donna Free- man, Joanne Hogg. ROXV 2: Nancy Kaufman. Penny Ferguson, Maryanne Meyers, Donna Schaaf, Helen Ross, Joyce Kassing, Sandy Dublin, Beverly XVood. RON' 3: Jack Babcock, Jim Catalano, Arthur Colussy. Frank Magill, Nlike lYerner, Jim likedahl, Bob Bol- linger. ROW 4: John Ridlon. Bill Swearingen, Bob Peterson, Skip Bruns- wiek. Dick Schwarz, 'llom Leulhoel. '-uni ll-ll - MISS MCLAUGHLIN RO11' 1: Carolyn M00rc, Annette Cal- 'L X 1111111 1 0 Xnne Klll lllL', 1 1111 2 111. -1 , tler. Klan .XllCl7l'21l1ll, ,Indy Seidel, Darlene Mack. De11l1ie S111iIl1. ROV' 2: Barb Marr. lfllllfll' l'llSL'l1L'1', S110 Manoogian Pal Rflllixll. lilaine 131111. Mimi vIll10lI'l13- I S011, fxilll f.ranI. f.lll'0l Clark, lat Heaston. ROV' 3: Art Ayers, Joe Colveland. 101- Kiray 11111 1311-c'ke1', Bud Vogel. 11111 lllllll, 112111113 Nicl10las. RO11' 1: Skip 1.i1i11gs1011. VIQOIII Knap- per. lfrank Ciardc-110, -jerry 1Vigc1, Steve Bender. Brad llllll11111Cl'. ll-12 - MISS I3II,,LlNGSI,EY ROYV l: Linda Sandridge, Sl111T0l1 ll11LlC1'11'211'. Mary Ilealey. 51 ndy lleilfolll lle1'e1'ly Grant. Nancy lS21l'l1l12ll'lv Judy Bates. 110111 11'iel111, R011' 2: Sue Cilllllllllll, .Xiin S1L'1e11s011, l,lll Yanzin. Kathy YO1l11g.S1tlI1C1 c121llUW1l1.Elllfjlyll Lan111e1'1, .Indy llOCSClI1ClCl'. ROV' 3: -I0l1l1 SCiilUI1. 11111 Rel1111. 13011 6100, 15011 Bell. 13011 l"lL'111l11g. lid Cfipriani. Iles SliCl1ClC1'.ll1111 1l011'le1, RO11' -l: 151111114 Mooney. llaxe llnglmvs, llaxe ,fXl1111s. Dan NICCUXYII. jack I.lllLlCl'l1121l1, Dale Vitli, .Ian lfinkel, 15011 Moore, Bill PlllI11l11C1', rlitllll licke1'sle1'. 5 Qi' "" ll-13 - BIISS LENK RO11' 1: Carole Easton, Mary Baird, Suzy XVl1i1e, Hazel G1'a11e, Aliee M01- 1011, Carole Overend, Sara l501'a1e11. Nancy Sander. ROYV 2: Mary Cale 110011, Lenke Vietorisz, Gloria Kopera, Maggie C01101110s, Ire11e lleiller, Shirley Nelirenberg. ROW 5: 1,011 Monrad, Leroy Kerst, Carl Aitken, S0nny Zon- dorak, Edwin Gales, Bill Slerner, Dick Reed. ROYV 4: Bruce Davison, lirnie Kuno, T0111 Fink, CO111'2lll Kersl, joe Manning, Ed Stewart. 11-16 - MISS RIEKER ROWV 1: Peggy Schwartz, Donna Hous- cr, Sylvia Dole, Na11cy McCleary, Karen Christiansen, Nancy Taylor, Virginia Davis, Carole Fulton. ROXV 2: Patricia Ann Nicklas, Gretchen Keck, Joy Wfertz, Patricia YVurster, Robin Miller, Nancy Abraham, Ann Lewis, Carol Beeby. ROIV 3: .Ioan Stein, Bill Mc- Munn, -Iiin Goldman, Jim Nalitz, Ted Runger, Paul Rizzo, Bruce Upstill, R. D. Harlan, Mary Louise Mahon. ROXV 4: Chet Baclnnan, Bill Kress, Ray Opferlnan, Michael Dunham, Bill Sickels, Robert Ainnierinan, Bill Butlar. ll-14 - MR. STANISH ROW l: Beth Laughren, James Nickol- son, Margaret Mangold, Penny Place, Barbara Fink, Pain Dyer, Beth Ann Miller, joan Stephens. ROYV 2: Susan Roberts, Mary Lou Reed, Virginia Krut, Carol Sinith, Kathy Davis, Delores Gabrenos. ROYV 3: John Con- ner, Ken Yeckley, Charles Hfharton, john Gregg, Fred Bailey, jim Miske- vics, Phil Gotteschall. ROXV 4: Rich- ard Nehilla, joe Ott, Bruce McClintock, Toni Adair, Bob Caldwell, Torn Brack- en, Dicker Searnans. 11-15 - MISS DAVIDSON ROYV 1: Barbara Heeter, jerry Negele, jean Scott, Paula Miller, Margaret Bowers, joan Gilliland, Audrey Gabig, Judy Krudener. ROIV 2: Mary Ellen Church, Darleen Yeager, Sue Sallee, Penny Mayes, Pat Connor, Judy But- ton, Mary Stilli, Janet Surbeck. ROYV 3: Clay McClellan, Ron Simon, Denny Phillips, George Xllilmot, Burt YVest, Howard Kocinond, BZIYIHCI' Gorr. ROXV 4: jack Mancini, Bob Taylor, Garinen Davis, Pete Field, Tom Baer, Gregg Minor, Bill Little. 1 'I ll-I7 - MISS EACH RUNV I: Fran Babyak, Cathy lleek. Carol Kreh, Dee Ablauf, Karen Shruin, .Iucly Dupree, Bev Burner, Raye lfor. tunes. ROXV 2: Mary H'hite, lJeLaura Chappell, Nancy Wianl, Bonnie Ray- mond, Nancy Hull, -lang-L Davies, Pal XVensel, lleeky Blixlon, Sue lluFresne. RONV 3: Harvey Ruben, Dave Stark, Harry Pfencller, Ron Unger, Bob Mel Cabe, Alllll Fabor, licl Doran. ROXV 4: Bob lluoth, Carl Schwartz, YVally Olszewske, Don lfrienrl, Charlie Kay, john Magoflin. ll-18 - MRS. GII,l312R'l' ROXV I: Linda Knox, Susan Croll, Sherry Brown, Carolyn Duke, Nanry Sherbonrly, Sandy XVillian1s, Paula Llllllg, Nancy Clever. ROW 2: luis Croro, l'aL Pukanirt, Judy Nllfllllilllb, .Iucly Hoag, fllllllf' Streine, Vat l,a- quinla. llarbara Warclmrn, Barbara Dilworlh. .lumly Reirhstitler. ROXV 3: Sharon Rubenstein, Lawrence Black, Dick Nolen, llill lranler, Bob Peare, Dirk Foster, Nlary Soriano. ROV' -l: Yixien llalmglia, Carl llartnian, Hob Peace, john Cerlach, Bob lisposilo, Emil Sclioedel, Nlaureen Bleliarlclen. 118 N-I VW 9 -Q4 juniors Missing from Humernmn Pictures: Pauline Nlarra, 11-103 Steve Ferito, ll-175 Bill Vensel, ll-143 Gretchen Huester, ll'l3. 63 0 NIISS SMITH 11 1 me le isom, Pat XVorst, 111011 lynn Saupe, Karen XI insm inn Iienc Catcs Pat Clark, Sue Snydci ROM 7 Xdclc Hauser, jackie Ht ilhei Xlclbonough, Linda innci Sue H lrris Peggy Theis, C 1 nibel Rel Iudy D1Qlxll1SOIl,lI211l Hall. ROM 3 john XX infelder, Jim XVatters, ay Xounglmg Chailcs Burns, Bob Biglcy Mt Rohis Bob Malarkey, jeff nkcn ln ut is ROM' 4: Tom ith C ny Cl c jun McClain, Jeri Rmchait Don Nl ly Bill Shields, Frank een nd Rody XI n sh ill. With Pride and Perception The old adage 'iBirds ol a feather ilock together" is an accurate description ol the sophomores, who are known lor their out- standing class loyalty. Rightfully bursting with pride over their class, overflowing with school spirit, active in school clubsg conn- dent, at last, in their surroundings, the Mount Lebanon Class ol 1960 is a vital part of the student body. Hallway to the ultimate goal, graduation, each member of the class -an-qt is seriously preparing himself for the future. Finding time lor cheerleadingg band, or- chestra, and chorus participationg and squad membership, they are ever learning the re- sponsibilities which they will soon lace as upperclassmen. Now over the threshold, may the Class of '60 continue to set the excellent example that will immortalize the already lamed record of Mount Lebanon High. 'ja- 1 -1 J. .ik 10-2 - NIR. 11 HIPRIA ROW 1: Nlary' Ann Douglass, Su Baker. liathy Cue, Bonnie XYarne .Iudy llillebrecht, Betty lhuransk' Karen NIcl.ennan, .Xnn McMillan ROW 2: Gail Rost, Leslie Coomb Holly lurner, janis Zivic, Cingc Rapp, Regina Hancock, Marilyn Ifishe Pat Grillith. ROV' 51: john Childn Cameron Spencer, Norman Kaistei Pencils Marsh, jim Reeves, Ray Cent della. john Weaver, jim Taylor, Ro Hicks, Carl Maurholl. ROVV 4: Jn Kaufman, jim Straub, Harry Richte Russ Connelly, Ray Sehoedel, Terr Bride, Bob Hecht, .lim Hayes, Vinc Corrigan, lfred Siyufy. ,,......., 1 H15 - MISS lCl.I.lO'1'T ROW I: l'11t lillllIlgL'l'. l1a11'l1111'11 Nell, S11s:111 lleeleix nluyfe SC'lllllll'S, Sylxisl Xlllf. l'l11llis Russell. lix11 lfoliles, jlllly HL -rung. ROV' 2: joey 11111, Xuiiq 1111111 l'l1i11L 511111111 l111i1 Ciccl1'11o 1 . '.'.L '1' .,'1 .Nl . IE11111111- 11lllL'l'. 12111111111 l1111'1'11ws, -102111 1.lll'2lh, l1111'l1:11'z1 1'iOl'llllll'S. 1lllCll Ruse. ROW fl: 1111111 lizllnunlx, 'lim 11I'llllll, 142111111 -lullreys, 111111: l11'L'i11i11g, fillllfli 1'CL'll'l'. l'll'L'il 1'iC1gClllllIlllll, 1,011 1.l'Slt'li. 11111 1111111111 ROM l ,Illll 1111111 111 x1'1ll.AlllIl licxsler. Nl111'1':11 Buyer, 1Yil' 111111 Sl11ll mss lli lx Y lolcl 15 l R11 . z 4" 1" . 1-wx , 111 ssc-ll, lien Heist. r Q 5 if-1 Q5 X an 3 . 5 , is A 33 as Q ' P 5 . 1 10-3 4 MISS BECK RON' l: Mary C2l1'll2llllOI1C, Iris lluscli, -,HIL Willizmis, Mairisuc S11z1ill1, Marie 111.'Illl1l1gCl'. Kz11'e11 fllllllllll, kllllllf 1lOl'lll- 1 '. ' ': tame 112lliC1', l'L'll Kmgiies, Nllllfy Canis, 112ll'lJllI'21 um. 14111111 f1ClllilSSlllClF, kIO2lll Rubin- s1111 .lucly llelsel, Iillell Pope, Mary 111. RON' fl: klell' Rz1Sl1. 1,lllll llzmkin, 1lL'1'l I.e11kf1wski, Dave CLi111lL'1', Bill A ll lmxwell. 11111 1llSSlll'l', 1,011 V Al: 1'i1'21llli Binek, Lester Si11111so11, Slll Segal, 1llCll2ll'Cl 11llligCI', Kihei Meyers, jim Kling, George 1 111211111611 w-1 i I0-4 - MISS GROVE ROW' l: c1Ill'O1 lepp, Judy 'l'1'i111l1le, 521111 1,l11'lxCl', Sl1e1'ill Rimes, l'111 Nlucla, 1,211 Dzuis. Nlil1l1'e1l Hc1l111q11isl. 1311111111 111ll'llS. ROV' 2: Nlziry CiOlClll2lll, 111211121 l1Cllll, lJel1lJie XXX-l1lr111. 1.yllllC llellricli, -111111 Smilli, Alllliillll' '1'il1e1'i11, Louise A keeling. ROXV Fl: Mike 17111111013 Dane K2Il'lNLlll. Bill l1:11e1's. -101111 Yllll Gelder, 3 llill Rc1l1i11s1111. jim lforlpes. .Xrl jlgeo, 111111 Swegzirl, v1Olll Delisi. ROXY Al: W klllll Hoclmler. R1111 Spiegel. Sault Wul- V lt 11111-. De Hivlas. 1,2110 flO11l1l'li, Dick . 'af' W11ll4e1', 112111111 Mollill, liflclie Malling, " AC' -lell Sc'l1ilel, Dmig Creed. f 1 ff I K , 1 3, -V fy 10-6 - MR. DOAK ROW l: Donna Smith, Marcia Evans, l'rissy Munn, Ruth Ann Ensley, Bar- bara Neill, Betsy Barrick, Tippy Bor- ing, Sue Brunk, Nancy Rhoades. ROXV 2: janet Patterson, Arlene jones, Car- olyn Gibson, Kathy Castor, Cay Hugo, Carole Conlin, Dorothy Buchhagen, Barb Sclnnude, jane Peoples. ROYV 3: Bill Cover, Henri Modery, Charles Fishburn, Roger Arndt, james Sayre, Roger Blair, Ben Crawford, Bob Lee. ROXV 4: jim Slocum, Bob Kapp, Bob Ifaircloth, George Brown, Bob Kaltaler, Bob Roland, Bob Henderson, Les Brown. 10-7 - MR. RAINES ROXV l: Paula Holl, Nancy Ackenheil. Susan lindean, Nancy Van Gundy, Ann Sollenberger, Bonnie Nelson, Lynne Nielsen, liilcen Hyland. ROXV 2: joe Boyd, VIQOIII Rockwood, joan Smith, jayne Friesel, jane Stegall, Gayle Simon, Carl Von Ende, joe Nelligan. ROW 3: Tom Huhn, Dick Headley, jetl Neill, Bob NValker, Ron Hender- son, Alan Herrington. ROYV 4: john Dull, Dick Kitchen, jim Dunbar, Pidge Matthews, john Edwards, Carl Yeager, Bob Sedlachek. ,V Gi' A fn.. f l M 'WS' Yr' . 1Q.T.,w JJ it 10-8 f MISS WHINNIE ROXV l: Terry Koerner, Sally livers, Lois Hasley, Diane Rech, Cayle Reed, Linda Booth, Sue l'l0lvllllll1ll, lillen Major. ROW' 2: Donna XYZIIIQCIIIQID, Patty Powers, Marsha Patterson, Heath- er Hyde, Diane Shuinaker, Sue Carman. Carolyn Stoke, Gwen Crant, ROXV 3: Tommie XYall4er, Robert Scott, Lloyd Swartz, jaines Bluln, Cris Crisinan, Bob Leonard, Scott XX'ard, lilllen Sedlak. RON' el: Miles llllsenrath, Bill Berg, Edward Mithaels, john Iiozina, james Stevenson, jhn Irons, Bob Stone. , 5 A l0-ll - MR. REESIQ ROW l: Holly YN'ery, Carolyn MeCune, Betsy Lynch, Carolyn Taniplin, Vickie Geihscliaw, Carolyn Reilly, Sandy Burr, Ronnie Johnsen. RON' 2: Sally Dick- son, Pal Quaid, Lois Madducks, Sue Peckhain, Mary Schreiber. xludy Bickel. Sally Warren. ROW 3: Dave NVyles, liin Yandergrifl. Mike Winlerrowd, Dave Gullion, Conrad Kulik, jan Clark, .Klan Rinier. ROW 4: Robin Lauglilin, Bill l,,efle1', John Kendrick, Dan Newman, Scott Henderson, Randy Putman, Rick Collins. -1 ...X if --1 IOVQ - DR. DENBOW ROXV l: Bonnie Craig, Donna Seymour Carol Schindehette, Marcia Dillinq, Nancy Zahniser, Ruth Monsch, Catliv Cassidy, jane Anderson. ROW 2: Nanci' Doege, Gerry Norky, Sue Boester, Marty Masterson, Barbara Scott, Candy Cook, Nanette Miler, joan Samuels. Donna Morgans. RON' 3: XYesley Ben. nett, lid Cole, jim lleselbarlh, Duane Heinming, Ralph Kolin, -lay Morgan. Rob Potts. ROW 4: Bill Ringham, Don Hunter, Dick Hoyt, Bill Ellis, lid Meyer, john Delo, Bruce Mclllaren. IO-10 - MISS ROEGGE ROW l: Bobbie Stanford, Val Carr, Rosalyn Rhone, Patience Kenney, Susie Schar, Ginny Dau, Boyce Reid, Sandy Green. ROW 2: Sandy Hoecker, Carol Lolnnan, Mary Norseen, Lori Getz, Nancy Brannon, Laurie Holbrook, Anne Nelson, Cindy Stroyd, Susie Crouch. ROW 3: .lo.Xnn XVitherspoon, Carolyn lweedie, Bill Price, john lVarneck, jack Gilbert, Doug Werlinich, Steve Shields, Bill Mendel, Cindy Krasinski, Marty Benson. ROW 4: Lin McCain, Don Kohlnieyer, lfred Wilson, Bruce Brown, Rich Mallei, George Phillips, Fred Volkwein, George Ko- wallis. W1 '4-., 'N-nd 10-12 -A MR. KLINE ROXY 1: Barbara Richards, Karen Brziddock, Carole NVood, Barbara Bock, Dizinzi Hnrwick, Lucy Drisher, Karen lisies, lilizzibelh Spring. ROW 2: june Anderson. Corinne Reason, Sandra Ciliern, .Inner Clarkson, Puiricizi Cram, Cindy Brown, Cindy Bradley. ROXV 3: Murlzui Buckinglizun, Chuck Teller, Curt lellers, Bob Mzire, jim Nliillll, Dick Robinson, lid Birdy, Larry Phillips. ROW -1: john Mauher, Rodger liberi, Stu McMinn, Drive Miles, Dave Weiner, Chuck Knzipper, Stu Levy, David liziton. 10-13 - MR. STILLMAN ROM' 1: Czirol Coleila, Michal Kunic, -loan English, l,ee McNair, Sherry Cezily, Kziihy Harris, .Xliee Mollenauer, Shirley Scott, ROW 2: jerry Delisi, Leslie hICCllllll, june Mohler, Carole llierker, Virginia Bright, Barbara Sellger, janet Anderson, Phyllis Bar- son. ROM' 3: Crziig Pozzi, Robert Rob- inson, Mike Peters, Dznid Couch, Roh- eri 1-lenderson, Siuurt Sehur, Dain lloxorkzi, Rick Beazley. ROW -1: Stephen Rziyinond, Bob Campbell, Chuck Crain, Cilberi McNeish, Dick Deeiner, Len Goodman, Bob English. 10-14 - MR. HADDEN ROM' 1: Laurie Rowles, Marty Lioan, Judy jzirernzi, Corinne Miller, Ginny Holmes, Mary Breilenstein, Betsy Mohl, Mary Ann Higgins. ROXV 2: 'lloby Mcliziin, Tom Lindsay, Janis Bezichler,,Diz1na Molnzir, Judy Allen, Bonnie i'Xrn1su'o1ig, Bob Mlebber, jell Brzigdon. ROXV 3: jack Borgerding. Charles Hafer, jeff Cousins, Herb O'Dell, Eason Chzipinzin, Bob Shzirrow, jiin Oelschluger, Don lhoinpsoii, Bruce Schein. ROW' 4: Irwin Browar- sky, Richard Mantle, Dick Childs, VVz1rren Fisher, Peter Rzasnicki, jirn Russell, jim Iams, Jim Evans. l,- , ,,,,,, YW Sophomores Missing from Homeroom Pictures: Jon Young, 10-11: Ann Welty, 10-7: Stu Herrington, 10.93 Gail Goodwin, 10-llg Cindy Norris. 10-ll. I0-15 - MRS. MQCONNELL ROXV l: Lynne Kimmel, Edith Bellai- xer, Sully Young, Robin Cue, Nzrncv llilsinger, joan Anderson, Dorothi' Winn, Carolyn Meury. RONV 2: john lolter, Ginny McKee, Myra Cznnlihell, 11121110 Dozer, Carole Beelme, Ronnie Mullin, Sam Morton. RUXV 3: Doug Montgomery, Don Mzlckzly, Tom llousekeeper. 'l'om Burke, Dave Bum- er, Mounctey Ferguson, Don Mclntyre, Don Cameron. ROXV 4: l':1ul Mzitis, George Eynon, Bob Mzlnuel, Cris flrismun, james liden-Kilgour, Bill Benz, lid Hong, john Sweeny, jerry Routh. 10-16 - MR. PAGNANELLI ROM' 1: Irene Goldsmith, Lucy Col- letta, jackie Hersh, Carol Sue Menne, Bzirbzrrzt Brennan, Ruth NVeller, Connie Nnderson, Carrol Henning. ROW 2: Nancy 1-lerron, Marry Mdlzislin, Mary llezld, Peggy Colvin, Put Bies, Patti lillison, Mimi Lonett. Betty Rothfns, june Slilfliy. ROXV 3: Pamela Rupp, Linda Nieholzls, Clark Gottselrzrlk, john White, Bill Mehzrlley, George Zziimes, lid Stern, Clziren Brooks, Szinclee Marr. tin, Agnes Diellenlmznielr. ROXV 4: Bolm XVelJster, Gary Robinson, jon Gzirzrnx, Robert Keller, Tom Miller, Paul Bell. Gary 'llCll1Plll1, 'David Olson, Ken Linge. KM 'FP' XO A . ef i With Mixed Emotion Sometimes confused . . . sometimes or- ganized, often gay . . . occasionally miserable, this year's freshman class rushed through the halls, never quite sure where they were going or why, but unceasingly optimistic about the direction. Socially, scholastically, sports-wise, the Class ol' '61 made its mark. The freshmen UU 'tl ., , 'Mt W Wf MM l 6 L., .A NJ I . 4 ftftb L X Vkm hip ti A J' 17 U ..w,tvi,.W ,cl M' t D .QW c 'A ,. ty ti-. X, ' bJiL.lfik UVYMIFVU' f ,t t-if 4: N, vw L9 .11 17 , , . ' Mft RN if ...U fr CQ' Jkbibtf itil' C1 ,UWVJ 7V gill J 9-1 - MR. FELICH fp, JL ROYV l: joan Brooks, Margaret Griffiths, Diane Krueger, Melody Fol- well, Sally Myton, Sandy Otto, Betsy Lindsey, Nancy Brunk. ROW' 2: Carol Snow, Dehbie Brower, Ioyce Quimby, Sheron Rock, Carole Chapman,i'lXTari- lyn Burner, Betsy Corwin, Susan Mc- Culloch, Linda Holman. ROYV 3: James Vogel, Larry lilhorne, Bruce Phillips, Marie Rolls, Rosemary XVerner, Leslie Runger, John Burnham, David Johns, David Bock. ROWV 4: Ken Maxson, Dalton Schnack, Tony Lavely, Kirk Pontlitz, Richard Bronner, john Logue, john Beachler, Herb jones, Carl Crank. 9-2 - MR. KRACSUN ROXV l: Ann Lindsay, Susan Gardner, Patti Miller, Marilyn Dupree, Dianne Daugherty, joan Birdy, Helen Rovegno, Donna Vorhees. ROYV 2: Ann Hoerne- man, Diane Lupean, Nancy Hum- phreys, Susie Hoose, Mary Ann Hip- pert, Linda Pfendler, Nancy Nuern- berg, Barbara Muros. ROXV 3: David Tomb, jack Meyer, XVallace McCollum, Ralph Alster, Bruce Fletcher, Barry Bishop, jerry Spears, Orrie Mfilner. ROYV 4: Howard Fraps, Bill McCrea. joe Rossie, Rickie Peters, Lane lfahne- stock, Mike Melvin, Dave Minnotte, Ron Fish. 70 learned to coordinate their studies with the hectic round of activities and parties. They staunchly supported the football, basketball and track teams, turned up at all sorts of meetings, and haunted the Publications Office. By the end ol the year, they under- stood the meaning of a new idea . . responsibility. ..,W.1n...... , ,,,mQw-,w,w -.,,.x .. ,X ,My -V . . ,-. 9-3 - MRS. CLARK ROV' l: Janice XVinter, YVardella XVol. ford, Gerry Butler, Judy Stermer, Bon- nie Aupperle, Iiuniee Johler, Betty Mullins, Barbara Grose. ROV' 2: Viv- ien Bolton, Sandy Staskey. Patty Fassett. Nancy Jo Cotton. Sharon Shoe- maker. Beth Cunningham, Linda Grove, Nancy Naismith, Andy Ruben. ROM' 3: Jack Love, Mike Reed, Bob XYileox. Nella Martin, Marjorie Rauh, Verne Farmilo, Randy Martin, Gene Kessler, Jay Jones, Mike Lebo. ROXV 4: Bill YVarner, Glenn YVells, Bill Hertel, Jacque Minnotte, Dave McCallum, Eddie Davidson, Bernie Laquinta, Steve Theis, Bob Horswell. W4 at 9-4 - MISS MOR.-KN ROV' 1: Barbara Harshbarger, Didia Paulus, Dianna Kulik, Julianne Hering, Mary Redding, .-Xrdeth Teniiyson, Jane Crawford, Debbie Evans. RON' 2: Peg- gy Bauer, Pat Babish, Joan Norton. Mary Ellen Skinner, Judy Hunter, Bette Ridinger, Carol Barnhart, Janet Albert, Melodie Campbell. ROV' 3: James Meyers, Bill Holt, Jeffery Hu- brig, Don Bane, John Graves, Mike Seaver, Robert Roth, Ray Gilliland, David Davidson. RON' 4: James Hill Bill XVeaver, Kevin Brown, Andy Muns, Bob Garvey, Bob Squiller, Scott Ken- ning, Tom Fischer, Lawrence Bloomer. 9-5 - MR. KOBOSKY ROM' 1: Ingrid Larson, Diane Kessler. Carolyn Moore, Susan Arbury, Sheila Lynott, Judy Driscoll, Barbara Dunbar, Marcia White. ROXV 2: Mary Beth Henderson, Barbara Blansett, Margo Plant, Gretchen Brown, Judy Hall, Margaret Black, Lynne Yan Tries. Gayle Yan Saint. ROM' 3: Terry Pas- quarelli, Bill Hecht. John Campbell, Peter Olson, Dave Guy, Bob XVeleh, Jay Livingston, Alan Mandel, Byron Henning, Karen Leaf. ROW 4: Colonel Bruntjen, Jack Howe, Gary Keller, Bob Croflord, Fred Schwartz, Bob Carroll, Bob Starr. 9-7 - MR. TOLER ROW l: Marlene Singer, Cathy Smith, Mary jane Edwards, Diane Hlhite, Ann Noel, Mimi Gamhs, Karen Reichard, Charlotte 'llllIlIH01'lS. ROXV 2: Sue Ellen Barnhart, Lynn Boester, Dana Smith, Christie Hunter, Diane Koerner, Judith Ayers, Sue Dittmar, .Indy Greene. ROM' 3: Elaine Boraten, George Miller, Fred Denkhaus, john Stobie, Dave Smith, lohn Hill, joe Frey, Skip McGrew, Patsy Sabo. ROYV 4: john Reeves, Morley Allen, jan Xvunderlich, Daxe Johnston, Ettore Pisano, George Don- alclson. 9-8 - MR. SIMPSON ROVV l: Diane Browarsky, Carolyn Perris, Darla Thompson, Katie O'Meara, Regan Hall, Deanne Kustes, Betsy Mulliken, Irene Kalogeras. ROW 2: Carol Phinney, Maribeth Englehart, Carolyn Mfensel, Lois Braun, Paula McFadden, Nancy Lattirner, Beth Cal- lahan, Susan Sheirnan, Georgann Burch. ROM' S: Tom Lindsley, Bill Massey, John Shields, john Richards, Dave Dudt, Steve Allen, Bill Sakmar, Kenneth Unger, Dave Peek. ROYV 4: Bill XVicker, jim Kaley, Thurman Eckfeld, Pat Thomas, Tint MeNeely, .lim Chiltle, Paltrel Davis, Detaniar Straub. 72 9-6 - MR. TAGGART ROW 1: Nancy Morris, Bonnie Hoskin, Vicki Zuck, Marcia Roscoe, Vibha Dave, jean Kernahan, Diane Kraetsch, Linda Gogley. ROM7 2: Bonnie Kasun, Lee Shappocher, Pat Barnum, Barbara Mehalliey, Nancy Degnan, Day Bruekart, Barbara Engle. ROYV 3: Doug Vensel, ,lay Cheyney, Dick Esposito, Corky Kohl, jay O'Conner, Bill Tournay, Alex Lamont. ROW' 4: Allen Campbell, Tom Christo, Rick Tracy, jim Cald- well, illllll Lukens, Larry Miagner. - : ',.f :ex imma 4 V KU 1 . cf? Q , ldv , yn' lu X nu VA y ' 4,1 , Ml ,laik ,L.fV V nigi9lW',,f1fiffa W VW 9-9 - MISS FUNK KOH' 1: Mary Ann Jones. Chris Law- ler. Millie Ifox, Barbara Russell, Car- olyn Ohey, Audrey Canip, Kathy Leland. Kathy 5C11M'f1'1AL. ROW 2: Susie Becker, Ray Yanderheck. Edna Sinail, Carolyn lide, Carolyn Crook, Phyllis Hardlniayer. joy Scheck. Carole M'eller. ROW fi: -lini Davidson, Don Kredel. .Xndrew Alex, Lloyd Gray, -lohn Cor. rigan, Warren Lory, Howie Sniilh. ROW 1: Larry Guess, Carl Cainor, Neil Marcuson, Mike Sunner, Corky Powell. lion Benson, Dau: Wray, Chuck VIQCIIIIJICIOII. 1 i 1 , '1 X- 4--f x . 9-10 - MISS BULGER ROW' 1: Jean Henson, :Xnnie MeM'il- lizuns, Kay' Garrett, Ruth Summers, Marsha Mock, Donna Rhoades, Susan Norseen. liarhara Brown. ROM' 2: 1'atly Baker. joyre lluinphrey, Barbara Xliller. Bllfllllliil lfiedler. Helen Reiehl, xlulia Grunnner. 15arhara 1J',X1essandro, 'Indy k1ones.ROW f1:X'irginia Edginglon, Nancy Lumpkin. Reed Oyerand, Dick Males, 13i11 Yogel, -lim Gregg, jim Ciappe, Ken Burke, Carol Kearns. ROM' 4: Bruce llancoek, Bob Kay, Mark Wise. Ilaye liaslon, Bob Starr, Roh Cope, Charles Major. 9-11 - MRS. HAYNIQS ROXV 1: Barbara Cooley, Riia Fisher. Pal Kresge, Rona Musiin, Pat jones, Catherine Durkin. Mary li11en Hous- lon, Sally Sutherland. ROM' 2: Carron Garvin, 'Linda Bl'0li11lCI'1iC1, Marilyn Reynolds, Shir1ey liarson, Mary Hart. Lynne Davis, Barhara llulter. ROW 3: Peter Morrison. Knut Ilohnsen, Ron- ald Clark, Boln Clinedinst, M'i1liani Lane, jeffrey Minno. john XVrighL, David McRitehie. ROW bl: Don Raines, Dale Drost, Charles Iiyans, Doug Leorlard, Robert 1Vinsmore, Rick Wright, Ed Harper, Ronald Marguglio. 73 9-13 - MR. TALLMAN ROXV 1: Mary Ann Galluze, Nancy Keegan, Carole Preset, Diane Forman, XVendy NVeppner, Sandra Kauper, Minn Mayers, Claudia Miller. ROXV 2: Ro- berta Morse, Sumnne Stafford, Ginger Bruhach, Judy Bender, Deanna Dris- coll, Mollie Glennan, Judy Baer, Kathy Beck, Eleanor Swartz, Sally Eaches. ROV' 3: John Mlelch, jeff Randall, John Vaughan, james Cowan, Al Ful- ton, Bil Reeves, james Yagello, Dennis Bill. ROV' 4: Kenny Newhams. I,arry Brown, Bill Carnell, jay Friske, Dave Steinhrink, Bob Xvllli21lllS, David Davis, Allen Dorrance. -f i 1 v 9-14 - MR GAERTNER ROXV 7: Diane Hahovick, Barbara Cehring, Kathy lN'interhalter, Alice Aston, Sandy Dashiell, Bonnie lVilson, Jean Davison, Ennny Lou lVeaver. ROXV 2: Diane Gething, Linda Mcnke, Sally Dispennctt, Beverly Ritenour, Roberta Bentz. ROW 3: jack Saxer, Don jordano, jim Stevenson, Larry Hathaway, Chuck Bashforth, Buddy Levell, Ken Holtz. RONV 4: Bill Dickie, Art Grahe, Ed Blankner, Roger Dehen- hain, Gordon Seyhold. 74 9-12 - MR. DANIBACH RON' l: Gretchen Albrecht, Lola Christiano, Pamela Frances, Suzanne Marrs, Jane Kropf, lillen Phillips, Gail Arapian, june Chcrn. ROM' 2: Sally Horsnian, joan Gerhold, Betty Lou Pope, Helen Nowak, jill japp, .Xnchtey Murray, Gladys Fink, Marilyn Johnson. ROW 3: Don Hope, Hank XVLIYSLCIL, Tom vl'l'ClN'lll, Rodney Rankin, john Stevens, Dick Ray, .lohnRodgers. ROW 4: Bob Ifritz, john Weisiger, Boh Wet- more, Tony Gerace, Bill Coho. Jffis- ,1"x1?"..i SAX! Gt ' , Q l . . . . nen Missing from Homeroom Pictures: Pat Robi- '-Gg joe Cheesbrough. 9-2g lishley Edgar, 9-G3 Mary Dailey. 9-9. 'PI' 9-15 - MISS MCHUGH ROXV 1: Kay Kerr, Barbara Keller, Kathy Vfilkes, Carol Carroll, Eleanor Carpenter, Leslie Wihnat, Alice Schade, Margie I.uxliatrher. ROW 2: Linda Easterling, Carol XVimmer, Patty llas- ley, Linda Peek, Kathy Schiflhavei lohanne Lawrence, Leslie Kerher, Ieauue Ketchum. ROXV 3: Betty Pisano, Gary XViant, Tim Hildebrand. Melvyn Klein, Bob Lytle, Richard Rob- inson, Dana Simpson. ROWV 4: Rod Burns, Lynne Foltz, Peter Allen, Skip Mlenger, Joe Hutchinson. TIM' 4 wi vw ,, .U wJj6MS+'f' 9-IG - MISS MCCURDY RON' l: Pat Grosso, judy Oehadski, Laura Sefton, Alice Keim, Linda Hutchinson, Jeannie Auhertine, Nancy Bradley, l'atrit'ia Ahearn. ROXV 2: Ginny Tweedie, Sandy Oates, Nancy Bodnar, Audrey Mc.Xfoos, Sue Sims, Kit Irwin, Julia Richards, Sharon Shuttleworth, Virginia Flannery. ROXV 3: Bill Rome, Bruce '1'homsou, Don 'l'urnquist, YVillard Neu, Dau Cole, -lay Smail. Malcolm Love. ROXV 4: Robby Daiison, Jim Hoff, jack Bullock, - 'Y nun., xg, ,, 52 M., 1 5 ln i i- 57" Rh Stoddart Smith, jake Ketchum. x ti ---.,,,v-...S if 'L latina "1 . . 4. 1- 5. . rg .I D r The interests we developed. . . were varied and valuable. Budding journalists anxious to display original work, frantically pounded typewriters before deadlines. Aspiring actors and ac- tresses emoted in round tones and flung out graceful arms, praying for a part in a coming play-a lead, a walk-on, any part: Mt. Lebo's social butterflies planned themes and decorations: our scientists of the future discovered the chemistry squad. Artists with visions ol' grandeur and dreams ol' Van Gogh daubed paint on huge canvases, while future teachers and nurses shared their problems and eager expectations. Throughout the year we discovered new interests - interests which developed latent talents, helped determine our, vocations, and moulded our lives. il vQwwWa2' A . +QfwP'?f S? Hair? Q--Q-" Wgiffww wwwikawn gg 133 .fww4li""""' wb W , ,X Q 2 E is is E E Z , b Q 4 a 5 1 5' li ima 2 3 55 Z it Q A at in , KE? g1z2?2i i B www 3 S MQWQZ Q3 gms M 253- Electing Representatives clncl Representing Elector It was one o'clock in the afternoon and the student body was crowding into the auditorium. A momentous decision was to be made here that day. For the past week the main topic of conversation in the halls, cafeteria, and study halls had been, "lN7ho are you going to vote for in the Student Congress elections?" The pictures of the candidates over the main steps and above the entrance to the cafeteria had helped the students to become more familiar with the nominees. A hush fell over the auditorium as the students waited expectantly for the speech of the first candidate. At last all the candidates had presented themselves to the students - some inspiringly serious, others jovially persuasive. The students then had to go to their homerooms to vote for the three candidates whom they felt were best suited to the offices. Their decisions - difficult ones, to be sure - were certain to be good ones, for the candidates had been chosen from among the best qualihed students in the senior class. Thus, the first step in the forming of the new Student Congress was completed. Now the homeroom presidents, the main body of the Student Congress, had to be elected. This election was closer to the individual student than the election of the executive officers because the homeroom president led the homeroom meeting every Thursday and represented the interests of his homeroom in the weekly Student Congress meeting. lVith their yellow ballots before them, the members of the homeroom considered carefully the merits of each nominee before marking their "X" in front of the candidate's name. The person elected then became one-eightieth of the body which governed and voiced the opinions of the Mount Lebanon student body. As the spring semester rolled around with the last week of january, the new Student Council officers - President Paul Siea, Vice-president George Cain, and Secretary Gretchen Taylor-moved into the executive position and finished up the direction of a successful year for Mt. Lebanon's Student Congress. 78 Vice-president George Schein and Secretary Nancy Hoover helped President Ed Beachler keep the workings of our representative democracy in the right channels as he directed Student Congress discussion into action for school improvement throughout the first semester. "The meeting will now come to order." ACTIVITIES KEYS Seniors receiving their activities keys by the end of the first semester were-Row l: Butterworth, S. Langreth, Langreth, Japp, Maurholl, Hulsherg, Clllllllilll. Row 2: Lightner, Ehlers, Ray, Smith, Cihbs, Nobel, Greenberg, Vedder, XVilson, Young, Myers. Run' 3: Tiehenor, Taylor, Mulliken, Thompson, Galbraith, Shaffer, Boggs, Klosler- meyer, Kramer, Hall, Negele, Masterson, Bletzinger. Row 4: Mugoon, Lynch, Henderson, Beachler, Lee, Ren- shaw, Brownlee, Menke, Mintun, Garnlizirt, Lasko, XVil- helm, Sterling. Missing: Naisinith. QUILL AND SCROLL Students who received the honor of Quill and Scroll membership for their Work in the literary held werefliow l: Hettie Albo, Cathy Lynch, Judie Green. Row 2: Dave Brownlee, Vir- ginia Dick, Joy Kramer, jane Tre- vaskis, Nancy Reed, Gretchen Taylor, Gary Turnquist. Row 3: Helen Gil- bert, John Frame, Peggy Galey, Maria Liadis, john Ratigan, jan Powers, jerrine Ehlers, Eddie Beachler, Mary Ferguson. ADVISORY COUNCIL The principals advisory council consisted of students from each grade and members of the faculty and ad- ministration. Seated with Dr. Mills are Mr. Taggart, Mrs. Cargill, Mrs. Morgan, and Miss Billingsley. Pat Tichenor, Mary Head, Dave X'Vyles, Tom Lasko, Eddie Beachler, Paul Sica, Diane Krueger, Denny Phillips, Beth Breitenstein and Dick lllyles complete the group. . THESPIANS Gretchen Taylor, Doug Hialgren, and Donna Thomas of the National Thes- pian Society are discussing a script that has possibilities for a troupe pro- duction. I, liNTl5R'l',-XINNIICNT BULLETIN Keeping the school up to date on current entertainment and cultural events are Mary Mitchell and Peggy lfalke of the Llntertainnient Bulletin, F.T.A. Ella YVilson, Alison Young, Nancy Vanderslice, and Chris von Stocker of our F.T.A. club gained valuable ex- perience in teaching as they not only observed but taught in our local grade schools. Here they are planning the course of action for the next month's general meeting. F.N.A. Future nurses Sally Dickson, Peggy Schwartz, Neddie Kerr, Joyce Humphrey, jill Japp, and Dot Fitch had 21 more definite picture of the nursing profession as they finished their hrst year in the F.N.A. 81 D A R AYVARD HARVARD CI UB BOOK AMW GRETCHLN TAYLOR JIM FORREST ER ACTIVITIES GUARDS Activities guards were awards presented to students who had achieved the highest form of recognition for their part in the school's activities program. Among the three boys and Hve girls who received the award this year were Ed Beachler, Sally Coltman, jill Gal- braith, Sue Langreth, Bill Lynch, John Mintun, Gretchen Taylor, and Alison Young. RIINSSELAER AYVARD BAUSCH LOMB AIVARD BOB IVILHELM JOHN SOYVA VM, l i l i I I t E I y 1 STUDENT COURT The Student Court served as the judicial branch of our school government. Preparing for another session with the outaof-doors are Linda Conaway, Karen Christiansen, Jeanne Ketchum, Cindy Brown, Ricky FORMAL CONCERT A highilght of our scho0l's musical scene was the annual Formal Concert held in February. The solo- ists, chosen by experienced musicians in the Pitts- burgh district, were lilla lVilson, sopranog Sue Bletzinger, pianist, Miriam Kelly, sopranog Linda McIntyre, violinist, jim Forrester. accompanist, Sue Hoffman, violinist, Alison Young, accompanist, jane Rearick, sopranog Cindi Barrett, arcompanistg Car- olyn Moore, flutist. VIOLINETTES The Violinettes are a sextet rapidly rising to promi- nence in the Mt. Lebanon public eye. YVhile Mike McCombs strunuued his bass, Marcia Dilling, Sue Hofmann, Linda Mclntirc, and Dick Miller harmon. ized on their violins, and Sue Bletzinger accompanied on the piano. Collins, Sally Coltman, Tom Lasko and Bill Lynch. MISSING: Bob Coo, joe Ott, Susie Beidler, and Lorry Hathaway. NATION.-XL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALISTS The National Merit Scholarship Program each year ollers recognition and scholarships to the nation's most outstanding students qualifying in their ex- amination. 'Ihe finalists from Mt. Lebanon were Edward Becker, David Brownlee, Judith Dean, James Forrester, Jill Galbraith, Linda Greenberg, Robert Keim, Susan Langreth, Thomas Lasko, Bruce Menke, John Meyers, john Mintun, Mary Mitchell, Daniel Murphy, john Sowa, Kathryn Van Atta, Sulann lVatson, Robert Wilhelm, and Carol lVilson. mul 'wwf Romance oncl Porly Politics "Do you need any help?" The Class of '58 seemed determined to be dif- ferent, and indeed, the production of their class play reached the height of unusuality. The play itself, Goodbye, My lfruzcy, was a selection far off the beaten path from the type of comedy so often stereotyped for high school production. Goodbye, My Fancy is the story of a Congress- woman, Ann Thompson, who returns to her alma mater to receive an honorary degree only as an excuse to renew her romance with Bruce Menke, the college president. Complications arise in the person of a certain Life photographer, Lynn Love, and the play winds up with a surprise lin- ish. Of course, since the play is set in a girls' col- lege, comic relief abounds. Strange as it may seem, this is a play that does have a point. Line after line pleads that young minds be given a chance to see all of that which affects-the good, the bad, the harmless, and the harmful. The set, too, was an innovation. Composed of walls four feet high and pictures floating in space, it received wellfdeserved applause when the curtain opened on the night of November 22. Backstage credits must go to Ned Garnhart for creating the set and to Mr. Myers along with students John Mintun and Sandra Lamont for direction. "And I just pick up my little box Brownie . . . S 4 ,a"'N --..,,b.v.,,.,,, --.. "NN-ars....f"".,0...,---s.. NVQ thank you for comming to our cm11111c11cc111c11L, Miss Recd." "I always suicl Ill ll12lI'l', 21 um bull." "IFS convenient l1Z1Yil1g rn IILISIJLIIILLH L'Lasl night I was 1 parked . . A. A. Fun and Fantasy "Aaaaaah Shaddupppln is the war cry of the gangster set, as anyone who saw this year's Activities Play, Mrs. McThi1'1g, fully realizes. Mrs. McThing was a delightful fantasy with some fascinating subtle- ties, which the competent cast brought out clearly before the audience. All the elements of the play worked together to produce a feeling of reality in the audience. Anyone who was not convinced by the end of the perform- ance that Larue was really a warmhhearted person, Howay, a typical exuberant boy, and the Stinker, a Runyonesque character of the first order, must have been present for intermission only. Expert ernoting conveyed the humorous intensity of the conHict of the drama. Wfhen it was resolved, an audible sigh was heard. The sigh meant relief at the explanation of the problem, but those who worked on Mrs. McThing like to believe that it also spoke of sadness at leaving the world of fantasy which they had tried to create. "She says her mother's a witch "My heart is breaking." 'Tollow me." 86 THE CAST fin-J YL- 'AI :nn 21 dear little white rose." Sitting: john Connors, Poison Eddicg jim Nlc'Cue. Dirty joeg Steve Ferito Stinkerg .Xnne Irwin, Ewag Lindy Xvllllll, Nlzxudeg Sandy Lamont, Crzicc witchg Chzurelle Marple, Cnrrieg Steve Magnon, Normung Sherill Rines, Sybilg Robby Davison, Howuyg Barbara lv2lll'llOl'Il, Lzlrucg Kit Irwin, Mimig Larry Thompson, Polieemzlng Toni lirnshzlrcs, Mrs. SL'llCllClTlJ2lCllj Joe Ott, Police- mang Dave Brownlee, Chcfg Pete Hoehler, Virgil. The Student Director was Linda Conawny. "Ooofl" "Oh, it's so good to sec you!" "Get out of here, you ugly, old hag!" me i Slamlingz Ann ,Iill0lll17SOIl, the beautiful witcbg Donna Thomas, the ugly Une Kick Two xv1'VvL5J . N jr ,N QD . V . XV N A- ti Vg N X4 will Lyqfyxi I 5 , :kr Q vga, wo Q-lx X2 my V X N- ow L K ,Aj SELECT BAND sw- - , ROXV l: Blair, Ensley, Pfendler, McCain, A. Grabe, Zuck, Gribshaw, Dau "l R, V 0 I Ehlers, Hersh, Gue, H. Grabe. ROW 2: Clark, Newhold, Rea, Tweedie Xjlr 9 I X1 Cole, Barnhart, Richards, L. Thompson, Field, Kapp. ROXV 3: Gehring JA Moore, Rockwood, Neill, lviegman, VValker, Major, Young, Lcnthall, Price f X F. lvilson, Miller, Wolfers, Duerksen, Brunn. ROYV 4: C. Anderson, Kunic I' G:,QQiLql': Coombs, Close, Reeves, Strader, Taylor, Hammond, Hecht, Benz, Wharton Q, 1 Nav 4 CONCERT BAND ROW 1: Blair, Ensley, Pfendler, Newbold, Brower, Kerr, Zuck, J. Anderson, Gribshaw, Nobel, Dau, Ehlers, Diane Cole, Dan Cole, Barnhart, Richards, Mlian, Reichstetter, I. Wiant, A. Grabe, Hersh, Gue, H. Grabe. ROW 2: Mc- Cain, Tweedie, Rea, Clark, Gehring, C. Anderson, YVieg- man, Trieger, VValker, Neill, Dewees, Simon, Richard, Martin, Plummer, Major, May, Bennett, Young, Lenthall, Kapp, L. Thompson, Field, S. Henderson, Rizzo, Myton. ROW 3: VanGelder, Landefeld, Kunic, Rockwood, Mc- Cleary, M. Brown, Spring, Oates, Price, Stilli, Reichard, Mayberry, Connor, Goodwin, Iams, F. Wilson, Rodgers, Meyer, Gainor, Guy, Love, YVicker, Cipriani, R. Thomp- son, Eaton, C. Wilson, Miller, Ray, Cutcliff, Stittsworth, Ayers, Cover, YVolfers, Duerksen, Brunn. ROXV 4: Moore, Browarsky, Weaver, G. Brown, Scott, Rolls, G. lviant, Coombs, Arndt, Hecht, Hammond, lvharton, Benz, Grove, Magoon, Close, Pozzi, Vensel, Reeves, Strader, Taylor, Freeman, Harshbargcr, Horswell, Zimmerman, Allen, Dozer, Oelschlager, Cronk, Barson, Hoyt, Ferguson, lfVray, R. Anderson, Erdner, Feigenbaum, Dooley, J. Henderson. ia 5 2 i . 4 ' i l t i S A ..,. S 3, jg t .ya 4 DANCE BAND 'Q 'ffl Q "SQ . Row 1: Pfcmiier, Field, Blair, Rizzo ,S A 1 , . 1 'S Q 5 fi , ' .1 t N '- f' . ffm 5 , ' A ,, L. Thompson, Close. ROW 2: Wieg 5, it .X :fi ji.. '. .gk T 'Z Z ' man, Lenthall, May, Feigenbanm i A- ' fam. . 5 '?'5f'E'X. S' A xiii' Dooley, J. Henderson. ' 3. 1 5 is-fag: J A Etsy :Q GQVTTS' A lx 'G Q W 'gan'-BAN, i ywqst A ev- Q f bd .4 1 i 1 muh 5 NM' If as , fr E , ,.,,,,la 'TZ Tl'-qi' T71 g gum.. ...,, . ,.,.,.., was : , 'YQWKTX V535 'FSI A V -Nw f ' Recipe for a successful concert band: to a heaping portion of exceptional music, add a well-balanced group of skilled musicians, a large dash of spirit, and an inspired conductor. The result will be a musical organ- ization capable of entertaining hundreds of admiring people. The above recipe is the heretofore well-guarded secret of the success of Mt. 1.ebo's concert band. That band included in its 1958 recipe an extra ingredient - guest concerts. This bit of seasoning satished nearly everyone's taste. Un April 12, the Morgantown, lVest Va., band played a guest concert at Mt. Lebo. Our band returned an engagement at Morgantown on May 2 and performed as the guests ol' Midland High School on 2 May 15. The exchange concert program thereby made a successful debut. On May 7, Mt. Lebanon's students had their first opportunity to hear their concert band at a regular assembly. An enjoyable afternoon of music made them eager to hear the annual concert on May 20. One of the groups which performed at the annual concert was the select band, composed of 48 students of extraordinary ability, which had appeared previously at YVebster Hall lor the Rotary International Club and in the Terrace Room of the Penn Sheraton Hotel for the Shrine Luncheon Club. Together with the Junior and Senior High bands, the select band made the annual concert the highlight ol the concert band season. 2 2 .f gy fa, fm y .. .. H, A W , ff-pa ,, A fi--. in at rw " 'ff -J.-Q-f.-f is . "fr V n, . IEW, E5 5 :Huy can-A ,,,, J W4 gg pg qtlgijvly sf an Ili 1f"'f2.f Hill! '3 'I' 'Y aamaaamafwstaaaaaaafffiaaaaipaa 595396 aaa :ara at ta ea aa at-5 65 Q93 22656 GB 63556 gf is I Q , , -L 1 . ,W Q Q , , M M -'vw .Avg Q-' f'iffi?2i ,1: Q5" tl '- gf gf., Q, Q, 495 isp r 1' 7 3, V U .Q.. f:Q Q . . Q 5 Q, ,,. Q. .A Q as ,a .. A A 5, ft .,. -.g a 5 :Q .QE . g U :Z . , LM I.. ., W .. , ,A f Fl . T t X 4 2 . .. 5. .V f , S 3 .. A ., .gi ,,,,5:i 5555 gg, ia, .?gx2,l,Q,?g.sirt,5h,,5, H L: Q , X., . V. 2 T A , VVL g. ... Q 5 . i W ' S .1 . 'H if . , , , Yr s f Q . W,,,,,f..wMWf"' '45 wif' fi' 1 '4ff4i:'fU5?Q "5 s': ' ..,. "'- 'S -' . ,::::f7,r.:..: ---'L .- t.MWfe"' 'K 5 it -' 1- gf-M35 W KW" -1. wW"f'M I .Q ' " - 52:2-:' : l2f . V. . 5,5g,,gM35, 53 'M it we V W fly. I-,-5.E": -'I ' W .. "'- f 'ae Mt. Lebanon's Range Rockettes The premiere of Mt. Lebo's "marching 200" took place at the first football game. Three weeks of sweat and intensive drilling had produced spirited music and precision marching, and the band had consumed much more time in the initial practice sessions than they were to spend in public performance. Throughout the football season, our band repre- sented us admirably. Transportation to away football games was provided by six buses. Because of the flu epidemic, however, the band was not able to participate in one of the away games. On a cold, clear night in September, 3500 people turned out to watch the band revue. Featured were the elementary, junior, and senior high school bands. The South Fayette and Midland High School Bands appeared as guests. Each year the band has tried to plan one big trip to an away performance not connected with its usual activities. This year the band's annual trip was to Akron, Ohio for the Rubber Bowl game. There, Mt. Lebo's musical organization took part in a colorful half-time show with other exceptional marching bands. If the spirit of a school is in its music, then Mt. Lebanon's spirit consisted ol many moods. Gay, melan- choly, or majestic . . . from a Hawaiian hula to the alma mater . . . this'year's exceptional band presented them all. Mr. Prutzman, surrounded by band Jack Zinnnerman, Al Hammond, and Joan Maitland, directed a most suc- cessful season for the marching unit. officers Carolyn McCune, Jan Hall, f' ,H i i wk iff I .. X 4- ' 1. " -I..-w N.. 2 ,Ah H M 'lbw ' A 1 X S.." W . S- Mxv, if Y -Sf. ku' M -,f "KVe look sharpf, 'iA1ma Mater, for thee." I ax Fw . 1 Vg YY 3 if 1, -.4-E. 141. Li' df 15955 Feeling Rhythm, Tone, Students who were lured away from their algebra texts by the stray notes which escaped from Room 124 during first periods may be interested to know that the harmony came from Miss Sneary's mixed chorus. Although the institution of a new placement system in the choral department shrank the size of the group, the quality of the performances improved steadily. The girls' glee club, which rehearsed during second period, made up the other half of Miss Sneary's excellent performing chorus. The combined choruses supplemented by the boys' glee club took part in various musical activities. This year they sang for the Christmas assembly, presented the traditional Hande1's Messiah, and gave a winter concert. One of the highlights of the season was the annual Spring Show. and Beal Competition for the mixed chorus and the girls' glee club was keen but any student in the school who could pass an audition and a written examina- tion was eligible. Those who wished to develop latent musical skills or qualify for the performing groups elected choral training. Any boy with vocal skill who wished to audition for the boys' glee club could participate in that extracurricular activtiy. This group was under the able direction of Mr. Myers. Through the diverse musical activities carried on at Mt. Lebo, its students found plentiful opportunity for enriching their school lives. On December 19th, the combined choruses presented the Christmas portions of the Messiah. The featured soloists were Tom Ambler, joy Wertz, Judie Hoag, Bruce Schein, john Mintun, Sandra Lamont, Ella Wvilson, Steve Ferito, jean Landefeld, Doug Naismith, and Miriam Kelly. MIXED CHORUS ROYV 1: Irene Schietinger, Sally Simpson, Judy japp, Karen Christian- sen, Mary Baird, Sue Herb, Cindi Barrett, Jane Rearick. ROV' 2: Kris- tin Love, Alison Young, Virginia Bright, Lynn Henderson, Alice Ann Myers, Sandy Dublin, Lenke Vietorisz, Corinne Reason, Ella Vlilson. ROXV 3: Marilyn Masterson, Judy Shaffer, Sue Crouch, Beth Miller, Bob Tutt. Steve Ferito. -lim Childe, Joy lVert7, Aludie Hoag. Marilyn Briant. ROYV 4: Norman Sterling, jim Forbes, Kurt Johnson, John Mintun, Tom Ambler. GIRLS' Clilill CLUB ROYV l: Rosalyn Rhone, Susie Becker, Marsha Mock, Melody Folwell, Carol Zepp. -lean Landefeld. ROXV 2: Nancy Herron, Carol Reilly, Judy Morris, Joyce Schnars, Sue Norseen. ROXV 3: Linda Fox, Sylvia May, Cindy Norris, Linda Holman, lillen Sedlak. ROWV 4: Donna Houser, Sandy Burr, Mary Ann Flory, Sue Peckham, Linda Brodmerkel. Judy Button, Carol Marton. BOYS' GLEE CLUB ROVV I: Bob Fleming, Burt Cohn, Dave Tomb, John Busse, John Conomos, David Ross, Tom Am- bler, Steve Ferito. ROIV 2: Jim Forbes, Dick Duff- ner, Bruce Schein, Dick Mounts, Toby Muros, John Mintun, Phil Buinpus, Chuck Borgerding, Herb OlDell. ROXV 8: Daxe Stark, Herb Short, Dicker Seamans, Frank lVadsworth, Bill Mahailey, Roger Lory, Bruce Menkc, Jeff Powell, Dave C-ullion. DEVOTIONAL CHOIR One of the principal duties of the Devotional Choir was to sing for the weekly devotional program over the Public Address. Choir mem- bers this year were Sue Blctzinger, Nancy TayA lor, Mary Baird, Karen Christiansen, Joyce Schnars, Judy Shaffer, Toni Ambler, Jiin Forbes, Phil Burnpus, John Mintun. and Frank YVads- worth. , ,, A1 ..nrin1,M:1f K I rival TRIPLE TRIO Only girls who love to sing tried out for Triple Trio. The result in '58 was a smooth blending of fresh voices belonging to Sandy Dublin, .Allison Yoiing, Judie Hoag, Beth Miller, Ella lVilson, Judy Button, Alice Ann Myers, Cindi Barrett, Marilyn Masterson, Jane Rearick, and Joy lVertz. MISSING: Anne YVitman. Xiu For Discriminciting Tastes A steady diet of Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Victor Herbert f and the Mt. Lebanon High School orchestra flourished. Under the able direction of Arthur Yagello, the seventy-two- piece organization rehearsed diligently fifth period every Monday, Wfednesday, and Friday during the year. This hard work was rewarded when the group was recognized as being one of the Hnest in western Pennsylvania. During the p21St year, the orchestra performed for many school and civic functions. On its long list of appearances were the Senior Class Play, the Christmas Program, the Junior Programs, and the Activities Play. On March 14, after weeks of practice, practice, and more practice, the orchestra presented its annual spring concert. Featuring a varied program of classics, light On the downbeat of his baton, the orchestra played. Mr. Yagello, Nlt. Lebo's orchestra director, found '58's organization to be one of the best in years. ORCHESTRA FIRST VIOLIN: Mclntire, D. Miller, Conner, Lux- bacher, Hofmann, Braddock, Dilling, livans, Shoe- maker, Singer, Runger, Kernahan, Peters, Fisher. SECOND VIOLIN: Rucker, Schugar, Caris, Brennan, Kulik, Hauser, Sander, Houser. Tournay, IVilmot. VIOLA: Mollenauer, Bauknight, Schade, D. IVhite, Pfendler, Phinney. CFLLO: Klostertneyer, IVest, B. Miller, Munn, lllansett. BASS: llickel, Rothfus, McCombs, Harris, Hall. PIANO: Bletlinger, Van Sant. OBOE: YVinter. FLUTE: Moore, Grimm, 1Varren, McKee, Sternier. CLXRINIZT: Livingston, Fink, Dole, Monsch, Bailey, -Ieffcott, Hecht. SAX: Ruben. HORN: liaston. 'I'Rl'NIP1iT: Love, Fair- cloth, Yagello, O'NeaI. TROMBON12: Mackay, Schenck, Karsten. PIZRCIISSION, BICLLS: Yeager, Nuernberg. BASS DRUM: Ott, Olfutt. TYM- PANI: S. WVhitc. classics, and standards, the organization per- formed before a warmly enthusiastic audience. The most exciting event of the year was the visit of the Haverford High School Orchestra of Philadelphia. Arriving in Mt. Lebanon on Fri- day, April 18, this excellent musical group presented an afternoon assembly program for the students and returned after dinner to present a concert for the community. Following this per- formance, both orchestras relaxed at a dance in the gym. This visit inaugurated the orchestra exchange program which will be completed in April, 1959. Director Yagello and his Seventy-two proteges can look back on 1957-58 with satisfaction, for seldom have Mt. Lebanon High School orches- tras surpassed the accomplishments of this year's organization. Hopscotching th School 'Q S. The Devilette assembly crew maintained a spirit of cooperation and companionship which not only produced a carefully put-together paper, but managed to provide "oHicial" eavesdroppers with plenty of gossip and social news for the next issue. for Headlines The hangout ol the LANTERN staff, tl producers of our award-winning newspaper, w the middle 'icubby-hole" in the Publicatioi Office. Here, under the direction ol Jai Trevaskis, the editor, nine editions of the pap were produced. Jane had a staff she was co fident could take care of anything. Nancy Ree the assistant editor, helped assure Jane that ear issue contained news of all important events school. Eddie Beachler, the Sports Editor, N 'ABeachcomber," highlighted the top sports his column. Joy Kramer had a knack lor "Pe: scoping Your Education" while Mary Ferguso the news editor, gladly interviewed any lamo personality that came her way. The LANTERN,s sidekick, the Deviletl came to life amidst mass confusion. I-lundreds eager reporters roamed about school digging 1 all the dope they could get on our lootbz heroes, prom dates, and summer vacations. The editor Pat Negele collected all the odds and en and organized them into a mimeographed papf The reporters assembled the paper themselx walking in circles, piling, stapling, and thc starting on another round. These two publications, along with the Schc astic Roto, a national magazine, all came o' together furnishing the students with enoug reading for an entire study hall. sfQsi'Zf:'s?4MQ2'2 ,?t'Q?s?'a':if5?:sW:??.EW.5 535iEis5i5'59Q?if1X5i5s?'5iis?e?:sfS'i Under the enthusiastic direction of jane Trevaskis the Lantern staff, composed of Carol Nobel, Mary Fergeson, YVayne Nicholas, Nancy Reed and joy Kramer, regulated the intri- cate workings of our award-win- ning school newspaper. Despite the double pressure caused by deadlines that came too soon and a niimeographing ma- chine that had trouble adjusting to life, Devilette mirneographers Phil Gottschall and Bob Sharrow successfully handled the job. Sue Gullion, Marilyn Kloslermeyer and Ronnie Raymond, working with chief editor Pat Negele, brought the spirit of the school to Devilette readers through carefully chosen features and innumerable polls. No one was busier than Lantern business stall members during their sales canipaign. Carolyn Taniplin, Patti Ellison, Bonnie Raymond and Ann Bllflllllllll handled the record breaking sales in hne style. , Co-editors Linda Greenberg and Bob Wilhelm, assistan editors Lenke Vietorisz ancl Herb Short, and busines, manager Connie Stermer con tributed personality plus tr the new Mounty, making iz truly a magazine of clistinc tion. Th Mounty of Di tinction Linda and Bob gave the word to their staifs live times this year as work began on each new issue of the Mounty. 98 The MOUNTY lor 1958 introduced a series of sweeping changes - in format, in editorial policy, and in publishing procedure. The most striking change, the adoption ol the Xerox pro- cess of photo-litho reproduction, made possible high legibility and eyecatching illustrations. In addition, the new printing technique released the stafl' from their ten year's slavery to the Publications OIl'ice's ancient and leaky mimeo- graph machine and gave them more time in which to improve the MOUNTY's readability and literary standards. The prixewinning poems, stories, and essays included in the l958 Mr' No one but an imaginative member of the Mounty art staff could have created an illustration for some of the abstract poetry the magazine published. But Ned Garnhart, Carolyn Moore, Virginia Red- path and Loretta Smith pro- duced etchings to satisfy the most unconventional author. MOUNTY's pages brought lengthening subscrip- tion lists as well as high praise from both faculty and students. Upperclassmen were the largest audience for the MOUNTY this yearg the sales campaign was limited to juniors and seniors in its opening days. The stall lelt that only more experienced readers could lully understand and appreciate the MOUNTY's mature appeal. XVith Miss Elliott as a capable sponsor, the close-knit compact MOUNTY staff worked long and hard to bring a newly attractive magazine ol literary quality to Mount Lebanon. The Nlounty, with its amazing new format, offered a tremendous challenge to the writing stall - Bruce Menke, Sandy Lamont, John Mintun, Virginia Butterworth and Mary Mitchell. 99 Memories are Mode of Thi x.V. L j Building an outstanding yearbook requires a lot of ingenuity as this lineup of editors discovered. Co-editors-in-chief jerrine Ehlers and Dave Brownlee directed their ambitious colleagues Gretchen Taylor, jill Galbraith, Bob Taylor, Pat XVeaver, Clarence Renshaw and Diane Davies to their final goal of a well rounded and distinctive Log. "How about changing this thing around." 'iWhat a wonderful idea!" "Heavens, girl, you can do better than that!" X'Vith remarks like these flying around the Logic tiny cage in the Publications Oflice, it's no wonder that contrast became '58's yearbook theme. The freshness and variety of ideas that seemed to radiate from the very walls surprised even the editors. Take for instance the Student Life section which grew from a lew scattered pictures into a calendar ol the school months, pinpointing all the vital, interesting events that happened throughout the year. Or take the enlarged Senior section with its new approach to the polls - and that's not mentioning the bonus surprise of color shots and padded covers. Yes, the much publicized Hbig surprise" aroused enough active interest in the '58 Log to enable the stalf to go on to the bigger and better, and go they did. With 3 Hair for kccljillg names, d01lf1fS1 Balancing the really hard work put in by the and records straight, Virginia Butter- worth, Rita Giegerich and Carol'Nobel boosted the sales total to heights far . U V above their first expectations. peanut brittle and Lilesavers. But best ol all, was the actual satisfaction everyone felt when the Log was hnally complete and ready for dis- tribution to the students. various stalls were the rollicking jam sessions, when everybody sang - such harmony - and ate The combined literary talents of Nancy Barnhart, Suzy lvhite, Gretchen Taylor, john Mintun, Bev YVOod and Marty Nlulliken brought about the superior quality always sought for in Log write-ups. Dan Lee, john Delo and Pete Peckham found that canvassing the gym and athletic field for good shots of the team and spectators could be an interesting business especially when their victims were eager. Log, a Log, my kingdom for a Log," and "What, me worry? I've got my '58 Log," were some of the attitudes posted for the students' benefit hy the Log art stail'. Fun, Faith, and Fellow hip At the end of the l958 school year, the Y-Teens looked back upon one ol their most successful seasons. The members ol all four clubs shared their problems, formed lasting friendships, and gave val- uable service to others. After their initiation in No- vember, the Y-Teens came to appreciate the "Y-Teens Triangle", symbolizing the individual and the three sides of her personality - physical, mental, and spiritual. The sophomore Betas and Deltas, under the lead- ership ol Miss Frobese and Mrs. Furlong respectively, had a variety ol' programs ranging from a swimming party to tips from team members on the games olf football and basketball. These sophomore girls helped out at the School for the Blind every Satur- day, as well as supplying favors for the XfVard Home on every holiday. YVith a year's experience behind them, the Alphas, A troop of Explorer Boy Scouts was etsablished at Mt. Lebo this year to replace the Hi-Y. Jim Baker, Jim sponsored by Miss Hay, started the year off planning the Recognition Service. In addition to the lun they had at their meetings, these juniors derived enjoy- ment from collecting books for veterans' hospitals and providing Easter Baskets lor underprivileged children. The Senior Sigmas, under Miss Manning's super- vision pursued an active program featuring a "Panel of Americans", an Earl X'Vheeler model, and a presen- tation of European slides. ln addition to these programs and working with the Red Cross, they gave their traditional party for the children at St. Paul's Orphanage. Highlighting their activities was the participation of all four clubs in the "Round-Up" held on April 28 in the VVhitehall Gymnasium. It proved to be a suc- cessful climax to a year's fun and service which is Well worth remembering. Ulatters, and George Hlinters moved immediately into the action spot as officers and helped to make the tro0p's first year a successful one. PAST OFFICERS M Kneeling: Lee McNair, Anne Nelson, Mary Head. Sitting: Peggy Theis, Adele Houser, jane Pensom, Kathie Cue, Regina Hancock, Nancy Zalmiser, Carolyn Tamplin. Standing: Pam Lore, Nancy Sander, Kathy Young, Mareie Smith, Pam Peterman, Gus Chel- quist, Lynn Dambach, Stella Hulsberg. .... ' JUNIOR .XLPHAS-Sitting: Van- ita Bauknight, Marcie Smith. Standing: Pam Lore, Kathy Young, Nancy Sander. SOPHOMORE DELTAS-Sitting: Cindy Brown, Sue Peckham. Standing: Sally Dickson, Holly VVery, Gerrie Narky. qv.: 'Huw SENIOR SICMAS - Sitting: Sue Blelzinger, Diane Davies. Stand- ing: Nedclie Kerr, Ann Boggs, Pat Kidney. diff E" mil A ' 3 SOPHOMORIQ BETAS - Sitting: Barbara Neill, Marcia Evans, Standing: Marty Frame, Gay Hugo. Missing: jaync Friesel. X s 'full Q71 5 if J .yawsx f O 103 SOCIAL jill Galbraith The active imaginations of the social committee, after dreaming up all sorts of novelty social events, manufactured even more novel ways of inveigling students into buying tickets. MAKE-UP Sally Collman and Eleanor Henry Each Make-up Squad member found plenty of competition as she ran around trying to hnd her essential three shades of stick make-up along with the purple eye shadow. Missing materials eventually did turn up, and she was always able to powder off her character whole minutes before curtain time. 104 Nkovi STAGE CREYV Dan Lee Flicking lights, dancing on catwallxs and constructing tombs were a few of the many occupations enjoyed by the stage crew. ACI-IIEVEMENT Judy Reynolds Everyone of the overworked members of the achievement squad who recorded the accomplislnnents of our graduates came to the obvious conclusion that graduating from Mount Lebanon High School is an advantage. LIBRARY JoAnn IWcKay Did you know that General Burgoyne fought in the French Revolution and Sophocles wrote Much Ado About Nothing? lf you disagreed there was one Way to settle the argument. The library squad directed you to the prop- er reference. BULLETIN BOARD Irene Beitler lhc uuactne posters 'ind snappy slogans conceived hy the bulletin hoird squid informed us of school events. lhrough some expert juggling, members of the squad were ahlc to convey thc messages of all the people who u inted to use the hullclin hoards at once. USHERS jerry Cooper. Fred Bailey, George Phillips, John Harper Neither exciting auditorium nor ramhunetious students could keep these worthy fellows from their job ol' preserving order in the auditorium. SCHOLASTIC Nancy Reed Through the efforts of the scholastic committee, new honor rolls were posted each nine weeks on the bulletin board, giving slipping students the opportun- ity to sigh and resolve to "Work harder next time". 105 tt PROJECTION Pete Hoehler If the teacher promised a test in history and there was a movie instead, it was due to the excellent timing of the film's arrival and the diligence of the projection squad. NVAYS AND MEANS Pal Negele and Riclzzzrd Barker XVays of obtaining unusual items never eluded the members of this squad who never forgot their means of making money ATTENDANCE joan Stein and Zlflarllza Jllanley The attendance squad kept tabs on Mount Lebanons huue student body through innumerable slips of innumerable colors As they were authorities on the average student approich the students were forced to invent a variety of excuses. CHEMISTRY Bob Keim, Bruce Ivfenke, Dick Miller, john Sozua, Bob Wilhelm Free from restrictions such as bal- anced equations and the ridiculous laws of grey-bearded scientists, thc chemistry squad produced concoc- tions and brews undreamed of, in Lab. They also managed to keep sodium hydroxide out of the bottles marked sulfuric acid. PROPERTIES B011 Carney "If Edwzu'tl's crown is unobtainahle, would Vietoria's do?" XVith an attitude like thxit. nothing could stop the properties committee from lintling simpler things, like Agatha Reetl's L'UnCle H'illie" and the voice of the Unknown Soldier. COSTUME Susan Curmn and Rita Giegerich Hbrking on the theory that costumes cannot disguise intlivicl- uals but can heighten their chzlraeterimtions, the costume committee produced amazing results. N PARKING CHECK ROOM Lee Purnell lllurgie Hilsingcr and Dalby Geeseman Model T Fords' SUHPPY Mcysy and mminz'-T SWUUU Wagfms The only thing the cheek room squad couldn't keep for you were all geolnetriczllly Zll'I"lIlgCll in our ' 'k' l I - A - Pill mg ot tlrough , , , Q . . . . , - , . ,. , the efforts of the Parking Squad. was a date. During -the course of .in exenmg they hlecl .may such fascinating objects :is an original recording of Nikita KruSChev's reaction on seeing Mickey Mouse. INFORMATION Mary jane Mordaslz "The cafeteria," explained my pert informant, "is right after the tele- phone booths, at the end of that little hall, only on the next floor down, under the gym." And that's the Way our visitors were directed to their destinations by the members of the information squad. HOST ,XND HOSTIQSS jack Best rmrl Nola Carroll Those students who became actttstonietl to a member of the host guidance. RED CROSS MEDICAL Maggie Conomos Stella Hulsberg A spirit of charity toward those less fortunate than themselves Are you sick? Do you have a chemistry ICSL next period? The prospered with the Red Cross squad. Orphanage parties, gifts medical squad accommodated students with similar ailments - for overseas friends, and many other worthy projects rounded at least until they discovered whether the students snflered out their schedule for the year. from bronchitis or testitis. and hostess squad supervising them during lunch found it hard to understand how they were able to Clll at home without their DICCORATION Sim I,Ig'hfI7!'T Ulhen the mlcroration sqnafl went to work, only the cellars escaped the crept' paper. The hills were holtler, aclornecl with their bright colors, :mtl Nlonnt Lehanon was often zi realm of hlne and gold. Nloocl was the wzitehwortlg color, the key. ART Neil IIIITIIIIIZVZ Supplying oltl Renilnamlts with new lntlstaehes and Creating original n1aslc'rpiec'es were sperialties of the art Sqnacl. They also splashed paint. BIOLOGY lirlzuin Gales Nikolai 'Sputnik' Sliostakoxicli. the distinguished rahhit star of the biology lah, was somewhat pnt ont' when the squad memhers aclopteml three snakes antl a pair of guinea pigs. His quivering nose and entreating eyes were reminders to the sqnacl that he tliml not saxor the Il'2lgIi2llll'C of f0l'lIl2llflCl1yClC. HOSPITALITY Charm integrated with information hrpnght a smile to any newcomcr's face. The hospitality squad understood the hesi- tations of new stnmlents and strove to put them at their case. r S l W? viii? TRAFFIC Bob Taylor The traHi.c squad's inspired shoving and cheery grins helped many a student reach his class on time. Lights out in the halls was their ofhcial reminder to laggards that classroom doors were be- ginning to close. PUBLICITY Sue Langreth Anyone who was not aware of what was going on at Mount Lebanon High School must have been blind and deaf. XVe should thank the publicity squad for the, frequent an- nouncements and colorful posters which kept everyone up to date on our current events. PHYSICS jack Zimmerma1z and Burton Colm 'WVl1at goes up must come down." The physics squad found that Newton's law of gravity worked every time, unfortunately for some of the lah equipment. STUDIO Bill Lynch and Doug Naismilh The Lebo Broadcasting System, which presented the daily announcements and weekly sportscasts, put bleary-eyed stu- dents hack in the day's routine with a cheery "Good Morning". W HONOR AXVARD Pat Fisher ' Recording the activities points of 2200 students was no "snap" joh. .Xll the students had to do was earn thenig the honor awards eonunittee inherited the task of tallying them. W DEVOTIONAL Kay Matthews ie devotional squad prepared the inspirational pro- is which were presented to the students every Thurs- imorning and on special occasions. fr LOST AND FOUND Irene Vogel and Rosemary I,aMan11a Haw. you lost a reen eyed marionette PUBLIC ADDRESS james Anthon If garbled sounds were occasionally heard over the public address system, it was not the fault of the publir address crew which kept the equipment in top running order. 4-N , with shaggy hair?gXVell, have you found a green-eyed . . . Son1ebody's looking for a green- . . . The many oddities which turned up in this department kept the lost and found squad fascin- ated. The games we played. . . were "played" by all of us. We all felt the elations and dellations of hardefought victories and defeats. The football team knew well the drudgery of con- stant practice, but they knew also the thrill of scoring the hrst touchdown. Each member of the cross country team knew the feel of earth underfoot and the strain in every muscle. The basketball team strove for perfection on the indoor courts, moving as a compact unitg the tennis team worked on the out- door courts, concentrating on the individual. The baseball team knew the sound of cracking bats and the smack of the ball against well-worn leather. The track team heard the shot fall to solid earth and saw the bar from the high jump drop into the sawdust pit below. The golf team could smell the fresh greenness of the fairwaysg the swimming team knew the dense hmnidity of the indoor pools. The rifle team felt the polished stocks and heard the constant crack of rifles. Each member of the wrestling team knew momentary defeat as he felt the mat beneath his shoulders, then triumph, as he pinned his op- ponent. These were the games we played. Although we won many trophies in thesersports, their real value lay in the good sportsmanship that we, the "players" developed. t "Z:1:i:7:5:5. 2 . yi -' . .... .4 '61 , aaa: ::::: E W1'55i55f25555f5?3? 5?l5?i?35i5?i?5?M ' 51:1 1:1 5w?1?1?:?1E1il3:1:,::::,:.2EfEfEf3j3Q ,:.:-1. :llYfflflizf:1:1:1:f:I:!:1:1:1:T:I:1:!:1:1 'E1E1iri:?1E11:1r1:?:1q :Y:l:1:1-P 52: Q5g55E5:5ifi52fiigiEiE 'SEQ'552iii?Q5f55E5555555555' J ,1,,,.:. 1.,., ,,,:. ,,,,,,,.,,, ,.,.,.,,:,: ,:,,,:,:,:, 5 ,:.,:. , 1 .... .... A ,.,,,..,, .,...:.:,: :iz .... :,,.. "" Izzi ' .'...' "1.fl .:1: ::, 5 -ili ".' ':Q1 Q 1 ' ' ':"- "::"' ,..f ,,. ,,.V .,,,:,:,.: M .. ,,., .. . .. 555252525z5sE52gzgsgsg555535s5s52is55525255if5225523255255:miisisisisif' ,. ., :s2g2E555555. 1552555551 giizggsg: f:A ......... ." ' A ""' - - ,gg-1 1 'f"' 1515: ,:,: Q, .,.- ,s,1gf?39f2 W A ' l Al? 6 .5',,.:., :l:: i -:--A.-,, .. l::A .ilvi . M '95 Everybocly's Gotta Holler SCHOOL SPIRIT- i . . . the feeling entered the building with the students on the Hrst day of school. , It grew and expanded into wild excitement which came to a head at the annual bonhre kicking off the 1957 football season . . . the team in warmup . . . the band marching down the hill from the school to a throbbing street beat . . . pride in their band, their team, their school . . . alma mater. You Blue Devils, fight! Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors cheered themselves right out of the football season into basketball . . . frosty nights and a warm gym , . . rousing songs and cheers . . . the victory chant . . . one more point. Sink it, boy! And the cheers never stopped as the emphasis changed to track . . . spring enthusiasm . . . will to win . . . strength and endurance . . . school support. Let's go, Lebo! Pep rallies provided an extra-special boost to team spirit . . . sore throats and raspy voices . . . versatile cheerleaders. Iron 'em out, smooooth. Although it was impossible for all the students personally to cheer for our Mounties on every team, they did their best to support even the non-spectator sports. '58 was the year-and everyone in the crowd was shouting Hurrah for Lebol I JY. cheerleaders Mary Ann Higgins, Mary Head, as M 4, 1 as ' cv we 7 K A If ,, ka Judy Dickinson, Bonnie Kasun, Peggy Colvin, Nancy Van Guncly and Janis Beaehler fmissingj found that the fun of spiriting our cheering section into fresh enthusiasm for the junior varsity boys was worth every minute of after-school practice. 15" I ,.,, WY .adn -.ik Ni' Figuring out new cheers and better ways to do old ones kept varsity c'hee1'leaders Ann Snee, Becky Stone, Susie Beitiler, jutly McKihhen, Anne Irwin, Beth Breitenstein and Nancy Hoover Qnxissingj on their toes. 115 H ff' AF, F O O T B C 'S ws- A VARSITY FOOTBALL The Mounty gridders, under the tutelage of coaches Fife, Stanish, and Lamprinakos, ended the season with a record of live wins, three losses, and one tie, placing them in the runner-up position in the lVestern Conference. Losing their opener to Homestead by a slim margin of six points, the Blue Devils sprang back with fierce determination and shut out two neighboring schools, Bethel and South Hills. At the height of "flu-week," the Blue and Gold eleven tackled a perennially strong Penn squad and came off the field at the end of the game deadlocked in a tie that eliminated both teams from the YV.P.I.A.I.. title race. One week later the Little Presidents of Wlashington played host to the Mounties, with Lebo bringing home the victory from the Prexies. The following weeks our home held marked the battle ground for two engagements with Xvilkinsburg and Uniontown, each contest ending in defeat for the Lebo eleven. These losses constituted the turning point in the season for the local heroes as they poured on the steam and finished off the season with convincing victories over Baldwin and lVest View, the latter being Mt. Lebanon's Senior Recog- nition game. Senior fullback Dave XVard led the scoring parade with forty-six points, followed closely by senior quarterback-halfback George Schein with forty-two. Ten of lVard's points were the result of precisioned boots for points-after-touchdowns. Dave also was the top yard-gainer with a total of 765 yards to his credit and a leading average of approximately six yards per carry from scrimmage. Other members of the team received several scholarship ollers as well as other post-season recognition for their hne performances, VARSITY TEAM ROW 1: Driscoll, YValker Rock, Hoffrichter, Shields McNeish, Barone, Gunning ROXV 2: Breen, Borrelli ins, Laquinta, Schein, Grose man, Lasko, Baker. ROKV 4: Toperzer, Gregg. VARSITY -SCHEDULE . . , , . 0 Homestead .,,,.. . . , 6 . . . ,,., 26 Bethel ..... . . . 0 27 South Hills .., ... 0 . . . .... G Penn ....... . . . 6 . . . ..., 20 YVashington . . . . , .14 . . . ..., G YVilkinsburg . . . . , . .24 . .. .... 14 Uniontown ... ,.,..2l . . . ..,, 28 Baldwin .... . . . 6 . . . ..,. 40 XVest View . . . , . , 0 FOOTBALL COACHES Kneeling: Stanish, Fife, and Lamprin- akos. Standing: Batchelor, Kracsun, Grant, and Walker. lib! QRWT' x Mueller, Breinig, Cain, Perk- Ayers, Garlitz. ROXV 3: Yeck. ley, Xvlllll, Stewart, Budavich, Sterner, Gilbert, Reinstadtler, Larabee, Astbury, Karch, Car- Hlells, Vogel, Phillips, Fisher, Bashforth, Morris, Albright, . Let's not use that play again! They can't all be touchdown plays Tacking on the point after touchdown. S In the clear, but not for long. cramble JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Led by coaches Kracsun and Grant, this year's jayvees had a successful season of seven wins with only one defeat. Having gained much from their grid experiences, these boys will be ready to fill the vacant uniforms for next season's varsity. Time for a change! FRESHMAN FOOTBALL This year's Freshman football squad, coached by Mr. Batchelor and Mr. IValker, compiled a record of live wins and one loss, the best in the history of the team. Undefeated in league compe- tition, they received a Junior-l'V.P.I.A.L. award for this achievement. JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM ROW 1: Borgerding, Boomer, Flanagan, Rolls, Cunningham, Laughlin, Wyles, Amrnerman, Keller, Cenedella. ROW 2: Morgan, Couch, Berg,,Kcgel, Chapman, Ellis, Kletter, Iams, Cat- alano. ROYV 3: Coach Kracsun, Zondorak, Zaimes, Hoag, Housekeeper, Robinson, Hesel- barth, McNeish, Marshall, Seamans, Coach C-rant. ROWV 4: Seymour, Monrad, McGill, Aitken, Crissman, lVhite, Doran, Rhen, Malarkey, Beazley. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. ...,,, 19 lVest View ..,.......,. 0 Mt. L. ...,.. 18 Bethel .... .. . 7 Mt. L. ....., 7 Baldwin . . . . . ,13 Mt. L. ...... 21 Shaler .... . . .13 Mt. L. ....., 20 Penn . .. .. . 0 Mt. L. ...,., 13 Carrick .... O Mt. L. ,..... 20 Dormont ,... . . . O Mt. L. ...... 7 YVilkinsburg . . . . , . 0 FRESHMAN SCHEDULE Mt. L. ,... I8 Canonsburg ......., .,.., 0 Mt. L. ..., 21 Washington ...... ...,. 7 Mt. L. ..,. 33 North Braddock ,... ,.,., O Mt. L. .... 13 Bethel ..,...,.... ,.,., O FRESHMAN TEAM ROW l: Stevenson, Harvey, Wlyles, Smith Bishop. ROW 2: Howe, Minno, Reeves, Mar- guglio, Foltz, Kenning, Phillips, Davison, Dickie Powell. ROIV 3: Carroll, McCallum, Saxer Starr, Lory, Love, Wlagner, Harper, Eckheld Coach Walker. ROIV 4: Coach Batchelor Hutchinson, Overend, Logue, Offut, YVo0d Beachler, Cheney, Jordano. Mounty defense in action West View stopped again. Got that son? Now let's go' SENIOR LETTERMEN ROXV 1: Mueller, Cain, Bor- relli, Rock, Hoffrichter, Gun- ning, Lasko, Schein. ROW 2: Y'Varcl, Astbury, Reinstadt- ler, Budavich, Baker, Larabee. ROW 3: Fisher, Karch, Bash- forth, Morris, Albright, Top- erzer. Q f Fi New .as- ...K 'Z an. gs: 3 N. K was Q A 1 4 ,, s 'g k X, '1'- ..',:q b ,--." i . 3 " Afw Q 1 X 1 Q fd 4 sw A iv 5 E i ' 'E : 1 . U R - 1 1 as up X W Q! 1- K6 as Q 1 4 , sr fi Q e 5 ' it if J i. WEP aw JF w. w aw .M In ' I Q -M-, '95, if N v- 4, aww ' V ary 6 , . M A VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Ups and downs were the markers for the cross country season at Mt. Lebanon this year. The great potential of the team was never felt in its full force because of devastating injuries and sicknesses which riddled the squad's scoring punch throughout the season. There was no one particular member of the team that could have been named as MVP but, instead of one outstanding runner, Coach Mollenauer had several. Practically every member was out for a week or more with son1e sort of injury or illness and it was at these low spots where the boys who were still able to run showed their true determination and team spirit in their attempts to take up the slack and fill in for the absent members. Toward the end of the season, the general outlook was brightened considerably. Coming from far behind, our Blue Devil harriers not only swept the W.P.I.A.L. Championship for the second time in two years, but also kept the State Championship trophy at Lebo for the second consecutive year. The three co-captains for next year, john Pringle, Dave Blumfeldt, and Bill Sickles, were named to this office for their services to the team during the season and for their outstanding performances when the chips were down. Ed Beachler and Frank Wladsworth, the captains of this year's squad, suffered much misfortune, with Ed in and out of uniform all during the season and Frank permanently sidelined with a knee injury. Senior Carl Greer also had difficulties but managed to make it back, along with Beachler, to help gain some of the team's laurels in late season. Tony Prezioso and Tom Pollok also were valuable team members throughout the entire season, placing well in the YV.P.I.A.L. meet, and run- ning at Penn State. Considering all of the aspects, we feel that this team was certainly one of the greatest coached by Mr. Mol- lenauer and one of the finest in the history of the school. VARSITY TEAM Front Row: Pollok, Prezioso, Sickles ler, Hartquist, IVadsworth, Pringle Lohrentz, Greer, Naismith, Coach Mollenauer. VARSITY SCHEDULE .. .... 15 Hickory ......... .... . . . .... 30 Canonsburg . . . . . . . . .. .... 19 Penn ..........,.. ..... . . .... 38 Central Catholic . . . . . Connellsville...........,......... Aliquippa......,....'............. Central Catholic Invitational - Mt. Lebanon 3rd Connellsville Invitational - Mt. Lebanon 2nd IV.P.I.A.L. Championship - Mt. Lebanon lst P.I.A.A. Championship - Mt. Lebanon lst VARSITY TOP SEVEN Kneeling: Siekles, Beachler, Pringle. Standing: Blumfeldt, Pollok, Prezioso, Greer. Blumfeltlt, McClure. Back Row: Beach-i , JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Sitting: Young, McNeely Swigart, Kay, Vonlinde, Eng lish, Simpson, Walthers iger, Burger, Karston, Stobie Neill, Fishburn, Gilliland Kulik, Coach Toler. JUSQJOR flilfgCHEDULE 25 JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY l im Penn .-..',. 'nm' With Coach Toler at the helm, the junior . . . .27 Central Catholic . . l . , , .28 Varsity harriers sailed through their schedule . . . .26 Cvnnellsville A - . - N 4 -29 with a hne display ol' balanced team effort. They - - - -15 Ahqulppa A A ' ' ' ' ' '40 copped all of their dual meets and also retained ....l5 TurtleCreek,,...............40 their lfV.P.I.A.L. crown, making them champs Central Catholic Invitational - Mt. Lebanon 3rd VVP I.A.L. Championship - Mt. Lebanon lst for the seventh consecutive year. Swigart finishing in the j.V. W.l'.I.A.l,. 123 Kneeling: Perrine, Clark, Al- geo, Walker, Manning, Par- sons, Straub. Standing: Weis- Greer leading the pack. They're off and running s-if ,M as 'C M-NME SCHEDULE Baldwin ...., ,... Wilkinsburg .... .... South Hills ,... ..., Shaler .,.,.,. .... Uniontown ... ,... Penn Hills Homestead .. Beaver Falls Dormont .... .... Canonsburg .... , , . , Burgettstown W. Allegheny Washington , . . . . . . . Trinity ...... . . , . Homestead . . , Dormont ..... .... Canonsburg ..,, .,.. Burgettstown W. Allegheny Washington .... ..,. Trinity . , . VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: Bumpus, Driscoll, Trethe- wey, McClintock, Roscoe, Shields, Gar- litz. Standing: Manager Huhn, Coo, Vogel, Stewart, Dick, Coach Clark Oakley, Carlson, Cooper, Rizzo, man- ager Busse. 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL Under the coaching of Mr..Clark, the Mounty hoopsters, in their 1957-58 campaign, chalked up an enviable record of 18 wins and only 3 losses. With this record they captured the I runner-up laurels in Section IV and maintained Mt. Lebo's perfect record on the new gym floor. Led by team captain Roy Roscoe, the Mounties Won the season's opener with Baldwin after a tough battle and then stretched their winning streak to seven games before losing. The First bitter taste of defeat came at the hands of Homestead in the New Kensington Holiday Tournament in which Mt. Lebanon placed third. Soon after that the team embarked on their tough schedule of league competition. Washington appeared to be the biggest hurdle for the Blue and Gold and the teams split their two-game series. Unexpectedly, Canonsburg defeated Mt. Lebo in their second engagement, and all hopes for the Section championship were dispelled. However, the team spirit was higher this year than in any preceding year and the combination of team spirit and a line record made this season a memorable one. 34 so m 59 29 62 51 as SCHEDULE Baldwin .... Hlilkinshtlrg , . South Hills . . . Shaler ..,. . Uniontown 4 . . Penn ..... Dormont . , , Canonsburg . , . JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: Bronner, Mc'Neish, Malark- ey, Moflitt, Crisman, Clark, Coach Stanish. Standing: Manager Richter, Marsh, Robinson. Powell, Manager Mather. .....44 .,...22 JAYVEE BASKETBALL Mr. Stanish's jay- V6G'll21I'dYVO0d quin- tet got off to a rocky start this year but picked up when several jun- iors were added to the bench. The seasons Final record of 13 wins and G losses is a good in- dication of their future floor poten- tial for Lebo. 56 66 45 63 28 G2 43 49 52 54 44 Burgettstown . . . XVest Allegheny XVashington .... Trinity ..... Homestead ..., Dormont .... Canonsburg . . . Burgettstown . . . YVest Allegheny Xvaslxington , . . , Trinity ...,... .. .,... 36 .. ...38 ...H28 ,,...47 ,....49 ...U59 .....50 .....45 .,...4l ...H24 Butnpus tries his luck. Chalk up two for Vogel. Keep those hngers crossed, Roy! SCHEDULE . ...... 28 Dormont . . , . . 8 . .,.,.. 20 Munhall ,.. .,.,.31 , .,.... 28 Aliquippa . .. . . . . .31 . ,..... 45 Stowe ..... ..... 4 0 . ...... 41 Bethel ...... ..,.. 2 0 . ...... 36 lVest Mifflin ,. ..,. ,26 . ...... 47 Clairton .... ,..., 3 2 . ...... 25 McKeesport . . , . , , . .37 . ..,.,. 26 Baldwin .... ,.... 2 9 . ...... 22 Bethel ....,, ..... 1 7 . ...... 27 Clairton ,..,,. ...., 2 8 . ...... 32 lVest Mifflin ,,.. ..... 3 4 . ....., 51 Stowe ......... ...., 3 6 . ,..... 22 Mclieesport . . . . . . . ,27 . ,..... 44 Baldwin .... ..... 4 5 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM First row, left to right, lVeisinger, Heath, Sunner, Beachler, Laquinta Y'Vyles, Foltz, Daniel, Coach Sam Watts Second row, McMillan, Fletcher, Hath- away, jordano, Wenger, Beasley Wentzel. 1 Relax Red, it's in. Up for grabs. The 1958 Mt. Lebanon High frosh basketball team, coached by Mr. Ylfatts, had a mediocre record of 7 wins and 8 losses. The team lacked experience but had good potential and reserve strength. When seasoning is gained, these boys should develop into a fine team. RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Galbraith, Humeston, Thomas, Coach Neal Taylor, Sanders, Henry. Middle Row: Allen, Holbrook Dasher, Warren, Reynolds. Back Row: Peterson, VVatters, Nalitz, Unger, Airhart, Field, Miller. Missing: Wensel Maxwell. Sparked by Beverly Henry, the team captain, this year's rifle squad, said to be the best-looking varsity team in school, set an outstanding record by scoring nine wins and only one loss. Horne- range advantage proved true when the Mounties beat Munhall at home and then lost the away match. Because of the resulting section tie, playoffs were held at a neutral range, and the Lebo marksmen proved their ability by nabbing the section title and W.P.I.A.L. championship- Coach Neal is rightly proud of his sharpshooters. 499 500 500 498 500 497 699 697 600 Team captain Bev Henry taking aim. SCHEDULE Carnegie Munhall Dormont Coraopolis Bethel . . Carnegie Munhall Dormont Coraopolis 47 3 498 495 495 494 493 700 696 599 WRESTLING TEAM ROW 1: Saxer, Linge, Windfelder, Gainor, Davidson, Dave Wray, Miller, Duff, Zaimes. ROYV 2: Manager T. Linsley, Breinig, Les Brown, Kowallis, Eck feld. J. Sweeney, Martin, Bob Webster, Powell, Grabe. ROW 3: Coach 25 XT' lllalker, Davis, Howley, Y-Villiams, Cunningham, Black wood, Peace, Berg, B. Schein, Ray, Offutt, Coach Lam prinakos. ROW' 4: Olszewski, Hofrichter, Wells, Loguf Krugh, Bob I'Vray, Rieg, VVhite, Rhen. MISSING: Pol achek, G. Schein. VARSITY WRESTLING The Mt. Lebanon wrestling team, under the guidance of Mr. Lamprinakos and Mr. Walker, showed improvements in this, its second year of WV.P.I.A.L. competition. After a slow start the boys began to gain confidence and Hnished the season with a 5 and 7 record. In the first few matches, the Mounties found "Hard-luck" was their middle name, but they improved as the season progressed. The season's record is not a fair indication of the team's true power, as many of the matches were decided in the last minute of individual competition. Outstanding indi- viduals were Jay Windfelder, Bill Hofrichter, Lee VVells, and team captain George Schein. All of these boys and many others had good records and were great morale builders for the team. Jay and Bill won the section championship in their weight divisions, while Lee was runner-up. This season also marked the formation of a jayvee squad with wrestling, which had as its coach Mr. Mfalker. Both of the coaches know that these teams need a lot of work but feel that with needed mat experience, they should be turning out some more championship Lebo teams in the near future. SCHEDULE .....22 West Allegheny ....24 ...N26 Mlilkinsburg ....17 .....l8 VVest Allegheny ....25 ,....l8 Carnegie ....25 junior Varsity ...U24 ShadySide,,,, ,.,,14 Mt.L.........35 Shaler VVest View ,,,.15 Mt. L.........ll Canonsburg 5 ,,,, 14 Shaler ,,,,, .,,, 2 6 Mt. L. ...,..., I3 Burgettstown ,,,,,26 Cecil ,,,,11 Mt. L.........l5 Burgettstown ...H14 Shaler ....26 .....26 Carnegie ....l5 ,....2l lfVest View ....23 . .... 18 Munhall ... ....27 Up and over Mg Ki d In the practice room Two grapplers K.. 2 Fm., . Z VARSITY SXVIMMING TEAM ROYV l: Campbell, Smith, AI. Borgerding, Dave Larry. , C. M'arnes, M. Warnes, Hunt, Lindsey, Lewis, Catalano, e- Rimer, Ebert, McCue, C. Borgerding.ROW 2: Gilliland, A Martin, Manuel, Laughlin, Thomson, YVendling, Phillips, Don Bock, Rohrs, Volkwein, J. Shields, Esposito, Bishop, Calmes, Heist, Kaley. ROW 3: Coach Grant, VVeaver, Seamans, Dennis Larry, Powell, L. Shields, Thompson Davidson, Lohrentz, Hiharton, Niemi, Coulter, Swearingen Mendel, Dave Bock, Sander. Under the expert coaching of Mr. Grant, the Blue and Gold tanksters won the lV.P.I.A.L. and Western Regional championships and placed second in the P.I.A.A. meet in their second year of competition. Broken records were familiar to this great team, as they set new marks in most of the meets in which they swam. The mermen swam their way through a tough schedule of ten teams, including highly- rated Clairton High, last year's W.P.I.A.L. champion. The team consisted largely of underclassmen, providing Coach Grant with an abundance of material for succeeding seasons. Leading swim- mer on this years' team was Tom Lindsey, who has set many state, regional, district, and school records. His specialties are the 100-yard butterfly y y and the l50-yard individual medley, and he holds the State record of l:35.5 in the latter. Several relay teams showed well this year as did some other individuals. The 200-yard medley relay of Bill Hunt, Bill Lewis, Tom Lindsey, and Carl XVarnes placed second in the State meet, while the 200-yard freestyle relay of Dave Larry, Chuck Borgerding, Jim Catalano, and Mike Yvarnes took fourth place honors. Carl Warnes won a silver medal for his second place performance in the P.I.A.A. 100-yard breast stroke, and Lindsey has a bronze one for his third in the 100-yard butterfly in addition to his hrst place hnish in the 150-yard medley. All of these boys and many more are truly- Champions on another great Lebo championship team. SCHEDULE Mt. L. ,.....,. 60 Schenley . . . . . . .26 Mi. L. ...,..,. 67 .....,. .t-- 1 8 Mt. L. ....,.,. 71 Vandergrift . . .... l5 Mr. L. ..,.,,., 66 ,...... --ai 2 0 Mr.L. .... ...5G ,...,..,.. Mt. L. .... . . .56 Central Catholic . . , . . .30 Mt. L. .... ...59 ..,..,.. ,...27 Mt. L. ........ 59 Connellsville .... ,.,. 2 7 Mt. L. .,...... 65 ...,.., ..-- 2 1 WV.l'.I.A.L. Championship Mt. Lebanon .... 575 Clairton ..,,,. .... 3 In Xvestern Regional Championship Mt. Lebanon .... 65 Erie Strong Vincent ...... 47W P.I.A.A. Championship York .... ..,. 6 0 Mt. Lebanon . . . . . , .32 if 200-yard medley relay nl' Bill Hunt. Bill Lewis, Toni Lindsey, and Carl XVarnes. State champ Lindsey practicing his specialty. NVorking "under the clock 200-yard freestyle relay of Dave Larry, Chuck Borgerding, jim Catalano, and Mike XVarnes. Q uw X M " 11' can tx Ai L A , fry -- an Y ff' I V H L, 3' A " Q E, e W igfgml j 6 , V it Y , W E fy 3 E r --H.-.-.MY 5, f W 0 A X g,4,i w,,v1fM ,sc F vw--Q ,ef it a f if Q '-fl A . 'l my .. U 5 'x i i Wg, W L A K V 4 Q y 3 Gt if y , 4 Q N V, ., if :ff , , L it , , ., Mm, W 'mg V , k Ln,4 Wm NM The game of chess originated in India as war in miniature. The white and black pieces represented opposing armies and gave limitless opportunities lor brilliant attacks, subtle strategy, and intricate combinations. From India, chess spread to the Arab lands and thence to Europe, where it became the pastime of kings and nobles. But this "royal game" has had universal attraction throughout the world. In western Pennsylvania, the high-school devotees have formed a dozen teams ol hve players each. The schools clash in a double-round competition for the chess crown. At the end of the season, the winner ol the hrst round meets the winner of the second in a play-off match lor the title. The district finalists then go to Harrisburg to play for the state championship. With Ed Becker and John Sowa, two of the strongest players in the league, the Mounty chessers built their Hnest team in eight years. Two Hve-nothing shut-outs helped the Mounties lead the pack at the beginning of the Hrst round, however, because of some later setbacks, Taylor Allderdice edged out the Mt. Lebanon quintet with a score of 242, to 24. In the second round, the Mounties avenged themselves with a three-two victory over Allderdice and showed excellent prospects for the championship. In future years, the chess club should continue supplying good players for winning teams. SCHEDULE Mt. L. ...... 2W North Allegheny . . . . . .25 Mt. L. ...,.. 4 Shady Side .,..... .. .l Mt. L. ...... 5 South Hills .... . . .0 Mt. L. ...... 5 Perry ..... . . .0 Mt. L. ...... 2 Langley . . . . .3 Mt. L. ...... 4 Peabody . . . . .I Mt. L. ...... ly! Allerdice .. . . . .SW 2 Second Round Mt. L. ...,.. 3 Allerdice .... ..... 2 Mt. I.. ...... ZW Crafton ... .....2y2 CHESS TEAM From left- to right: Bayers Sowa, Miller, Knapper, For- rcstcr. My move? V Y,W T R A C K VARSITY TEAM ROW 1: Beachler, Gilbert, Duff, Leib Perkins, Blagoon, ROSCOC. ROAV 2 Nease, lnderwish, Greer, Berwind, B. Roscoe llladsworth, Zivic, VanVorst. ROVV 3 Coach Toler, Wolff, Hedgren, Moskowitz Coach Mollenauer, Anderson, Reinhold Lee, Albright, Coach Batchelor. ROYV 4 Schein, Hjerpstedt, Turnquist, Katzman Snyder, Renshaw, Gregg, Reitz. Missing Nicholson. VARSITY TRACK - 1957 Finishing another great season, the 1957 varsity track squad, coached by Mr. Mollenaur, repeated as the XV.P.I.A.I.. champs for the second consecutive year. After starting ofl with a pre- dicted mediocre three and one record for the indoor season, the Mounty Thin-Clads proved the oddsemakers to be wrong and moved on to many outstanding victories. The Blue and Gold spikers won all of their outdoor meets except one, the Mansheld Relays, in which they placed a slight 5!l2ths of a point away from the number one spot. The season's victories extended Mt. Lebo's long standing string of dual and triangua lar victories to 97 consecutive, a remarkable feat for any track team. Throughout the season, the cinder-men brought home innumerable individual awards as well as several beautiful team prizes. A first place trophy or plaque was awarded to the team for its performance at the following meets: the Bethany College Relays, the lfV.P.I.A.L. Relays, the Allegheny County Championship, and the VV.P.I.A.L. Championship. There were many outstanding members on the squad, Il1OSt of whom either broke a record, were on a record breaking team, or turned in an excellent performance when it was most needed. Bob Albright, after playing with the school shot-put record, left it at 55'7" as well as better- ing the lV.P.1.A.L. distance for this event. Bob and other weight men, coached by Dave Batch- elor, were a valuable asset to the team and aided greatly in all of tl1e team's triumphs. The W.P.l.A.L. Relay's shot record received a beating from the trio of Bob Albright, Carl Hjerpstedt, and Art Hedgren, while the speedy foursome of George Schein, Chuck Reinhold, Clarence Ren- shaw, and Dan Lee shattered the seventeen-year- old school mark in the 880 yard relay. Tom Lieb tied the pole vault record set in 1937, making him the Hrst person to near this mark in 20 years. john Gregg set a Bethany College record for the quarter mile sprint, and Dan Lee posted a record-breaking time in the 120 yard high hurdles. After crowning his Blue and Gold running career by copping the first place position in State for the half-mile, Jim lnderwish was elected MVP of the highly successful '57 team. IUNIOR VARSITY TEAM W 1: Marshall, Kay, Fletcher, k, Krugh, Bollinger, McMunn, rk, Sean1ans. ROW 2: Spahr, fn. Prezioso, Davidson, Hart- st, Sickles, McCown, Blumfeldt, 'r, Davison. ROXV 3: Coach ler, D. Phillips, Monrad, Com- , Rosenblatt, Seymour, Pringle, g, Carman, R. Phillips, Mc- ters, Humphrey, Peckham, slener. Mt. L Mt. L Mt. L Mt. L Mt. L JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE . .,., 96 . .... 96 . .... 115 . .,., new . ..., ll4MZ Connellsville Shaler ..... Penn ........ ,... McKeesport . . . . . . , Baldwin . . . VARSITY SCHEDULE 31 31 12 my, 125 nor Mt. L. ... .M75 South Hills .,.... . . . . . .29 Mt. L. ,...,.., 53 Central Catholic ,.,,..,... 30 Mt. L. ......., 60 Central Catholic ......,,.. 39 Tri-State Coaches Meet - Mt. Lebanon 3rd. ioor Mt. L. .... 64 Connellsville ...,......,.. 63 Mt. L. .... l07yZ YVashington ....,.,...... 19W Bethany College Relays - Mt. Lebanon lst Mt. L. ..,. 113W Shaler .....,..,.......... 13W Mansheld Relays - Mt. Lebanon 2nd Mt. L. ,,.. GQM, Penn ........,...,....... 57M WV.P.I.A.L. Relays - Mt. Lebanon lst Mt. L. .... 103 McKeesport ............. 24 Mt. Lebanon Invitational - Mt. Lebanon lst Mt. L. .... 88 Baldwin-41, Turtle Creek ..... 32 Allegheny County Meet - Mt. Lebanon lst V.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet - Mt. Lebanon lst Mt. L. .... 77y2 South Hills .......... .... 4 OW P.I.A.A. Championship Meet - W.P.I.A.L. lst Mt. L. .... 108 North Allegheny ,......... 19 JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK - 1957 The 1957 junior Varsity track team kept pace with its varsity counterpart this season and turned in an excellent record of Eve wins and no losses. The squad, led by the popular coach Jerry Hyder, was proclaimed the best J.V. track team in the history of the school. FRESHMAN TEAM ROXV l: lVatt, Collins, Garvey, Davison, Borarsky. ROIV 2: Coach Jones, Youugley, Easa, Telnplin, English, B. YValker, Borgerding, Fussner, WVatters, Hecht. ROW 3: Brevoort, Cenedella, Matthews, Havorka, D. l'Valker, Hend- erson, Shields, Neill. ROV' 4: House- keeper, Powell, Crane, Mgr. Cover, Sweeny. Missing: Coach Reese. FRESHMAN SCHEDULE y YVi1kiinsburg Invitational - Mt. Lebanon 51h Allegheny County Meet - Mt. Lebanon 7th 1 XV.P.I.A.L. Championship - Mt. Lebanon 4th hll. L. ..,. 64 Shaler ........... ..... I 4 Mt. L. .... 29 Penn .,....... ... .....48 Mt. L. .... 39 AfVlllKlIlSlJLlI'g ............. 38 MOUNTIES IN ACTICN ,i -. Record smashing 880 relay team of Lee, Renshaw, Reinhold and Schein. Time lI3l.2. lrjt g s ' "TEV-N PENNSYLV5 c'f"l-Mtac. A uw V School record-breaker Lee next to his specialty. M, 1, LAL' Shot Champ Albright Time l4.6 Sec. W.l'.I.A.L. Relays shot champions - Hjerpstedt, Albright, and Hedgren 'Sis ..,. wg Distance-146' 8M2 .,, ., , lsaxlfw if . ,. ,Q 1 WA , ' ,Q 3 '- ., ,R 5691533 ':E. , t .. :: : ,J .E .. :. :1 -E i n ' Q - ,W 'i-l'f':: k il .:,,. .TZ .,,,, . , ,vE. l W ., A, A , , 'ii . ii 33 Distance - 54' V2 139 BASEBALL TEAM Sitting: Barone, Kalahar, Karcher, Driscoll, Perkins. Kneeling: Mgr. Con- ley, Fletcher, Wells, Miller, Swigart, Sutter, Shields, Pack, Mgr. Berg. Standing: Demsey, Kelly, Fisher, Coach Clark, Emmerling, Stewart, Husk, Cuisick. BASEBALL - 1957 BASEBALL SCHEDULE The 1957 edition of Mt. Lebo's baseball team Mt' Lt " ' Chalmers ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Mt. L. ...,..,. Canonsburg . . . Won the section title and the runner-up position in the VV.P.I.A.L. Finals last spring. The Mount- ML L. ies, playing through a tough schedule, suffered Mt. L. .,..t.. . only two defeats, one in mid-season and the Ml- L- other in a play-off game. The post-season elimi- nation contest was a big one for the Blue Devils, but the Freeport squad, gaining a one run lead Mt. L. in the 13th, edged out the Blue and Gold by Mt. L. this slim margin and took the YV.P.I.A.L. cham- Mft L- pionship. Our boys, however, were proud of the fact that they were the hrst Mt. Lebanon nine to participate in such post-season activities. One of the contributing factors to the success of last year's squad was senior ace hurler Jack Karcher, who was also the captain of the team. Jack compiled a Fine pitching record and was later elected the Most Valuable Player on the squad. Coach Clark's underclassmen will have to scramble for the many vacant positions left open by the graduated seniors. Baseballs MVP jack Karcher warming up. Mt. L. ...,... , Mt.L.... Mt.L.... Ml.L. ......, . Trinity ..,... Moon ....... Washington , . . Chartiers .... Canonsburg , . . Trinity ...,.. Burgettstown .. Beaver ...... Munhall .. . Freeport ..., ix Y Slide! You're out! Safe by a mile Strike one! TENNIS - 1957 Ably coached by Mr. Doak, nicknamed the "father of VV.P.I.A.L. tennis," the l957 Mount Lebanon tennis team went through their sched- ule with only one defeat, and finished the season in a blaze of glory by bringing home the first place trophy in the VV.P.I.A.L. Sparked by such outstanding individuals as the team's captain John Connelly and squad members Ray Pierson, Ed Hartman, and others, the racquet-swinging Mounties defeated Shady- side Academy for the first time in years and overcame all of their league competition as well. The hard-hitting netters served up a few aces to Tarentum and Latrobe in elimination matches, defeating them and winning the coveted first place position in-the XV.P.I.A.L. for the second consecutive year. The doubles team of John Connelly and Ray Pierson saw much action throughout the year and were W.P.I.A.L. runners-up at season's end. Due to his spirit and value to the team, Connelly was elected as the team's MVP. Graduation left many court. spots vacant and up for grabs by action-tested underclassmen, who will fill in their positions and carry on in the traditional Blue Devil spirit. TENNIS SCHEDULE Mt. L. . . ..... 5 Crafton ..... . . . .0 Mt. L. ,. ,,... 0 Shadyside . .. ....3 Mt. L. , , ..... 5 Wilk-insburg . . . . . . .0 Mt. L. .. ..... 4 Edgewood ....l Mt. L. . . .,... 5 Crafton ..... ....O Mt. L. . . ..,.. 5 Wilkiintsburg . . . , . . .O Mt. L. .. ..... 3 Edgewood ... . . . .2 Mt. L. . . ..... 3 Shadyside ..., . . , .2 Mt. L. .. ,..., 5 Tarentum ... ....O Mt. L. .. ..... 3 Latrobe ... ....2 TENNIS TEAM Front: VValker, G. Con nelly, C. Hartman, J Connelly, Damon. Back Rhen, E. Hartman, Ved- dar, Coach Doak, Pier- son, Vlright. Missing Cooper, Murphy, Swish er, Mfalgren, Ridlon. YV.P.I.A.L. doubles runners-up Pierson and Connelly. Tennis MVP Connelly. GOLF - 1957 Last year's golf team succeeding in producing another hne season, hnishing with a respectable record of eight wins and only two losses. The two defeats came High, one of the golf section. The twice during the Lebo squad. The Blue and at the hands of Centerville Five teams in Mt. Lebanon's other four were all defeated season by the hard-swinging Gold's season record merited them the runner-up position in the section. Due to the abundance of players of equal skill, Coach Burrows had a difficult time selecting players for the various matches. The team's captain and MVP, Butch Trues- dale, won a hlth place in the XV.P.I.A.L. indi- vidual playoffs, thus gaining an opportunity to represent our school in the P.I.A.A. champion- ship at the Penn State course in University Park, Pa. Decimated by the inevitable graduation losses, Mr. Burrows will have a small number of boys with which to build another championship Blue Devil team. GOLF SCHEDULE Mt. L. . . ,.... 16 Bridgeville . . . . . 0 Mt. L. . . ,,... 16 Baldwin ...., . ., 0 Mt. L. . . .... ISMZ Canonsburg , . . . , . 2yZ Mt. L. ., .... 13W Bethel ....., ... Qyz Mt. L. . . .. , 65 Centerville .. ... Mt. L. . , ..., l6 Bridgeville . . , . . Mt. L. . . ,,.. 13 Baldwin ,.,., . . . 3 Mt. L. .. ,... IQMZ Canonsburg 3yZ Mt. L. ........ 14 Bethel ...,. 2 Mt. L. ...,.,., 4W Centerville , HW W.P.I.A.L. Individual Playoffs - Truesdale tied for 5th GOLF TEAM Left to right: Coach Burrows Sanders, Herrington, Owens Truesdzxle. Missing: Sutton Bossart, and Tournay. GAA. The G,A.A., under the guidance of the Leaders Club and the sponsorship of Miss Shaver, had an exciting and eventful year. Several new plans were put into effect, and all proved successful. First came the girls' gymnastic team which was started in the fall. Then in Febru- ary, the Leaders Club sponsored a Carnival which involved a great deal of preparation but provided the girls with some hilarious fun, as they threw jello, shaved balloons, and braved the perils of the Spook house. In April another new social event, the G.A.A. Spring Fantasy, transformed the sturdy girl athletes into dainty misses in net and taffeta. Of course, the favorite stand-bys - the tenniquoit, basketball, and volleyball tournaments complemented by the jitter- ween Party, the G.A.A. Play Day, and the annual Spring Banquet - rounded out a year full of new friendships and good times enjoyed by the active girls in the G.A.A. lfegldgm The girls of the Leaders Club, which planned the many C.iX..X. ithletic and social activities are: Sillirzg: Norma Blackburn, Judy Siedel, Ann Furlong, Pat Negele. Marty Nlulliken, Judy japp, jane angreth, Sue Langreth, Sue XYllll1lIllS, Chris xl2lf1SlOCl-QCI. .Simul- zng Jill Galbraith, Barbara Watchorn, Sue Dana, Margie Hilsinger, Cay Hugo, Janis Zivic, Ardilh Maurholf, Regina Hancock. .Xlison Young, Nola Carroll, Nancy Zanhiser. Stella Hulsberg, "D0n't drop mc!" Atmosphere for spooks Clown Z1 1:1 cart 1134? 'sa The moments we shared. . . are now just memories. There was the franctic dash to school and the leisurely walk home, thebustle in the halls during the day and empty loneliness late in the afternoon. On brisk fall nights, we trooped to the foot- ball games, and we returned to the stadium when warm spring days brought track meets. Gleeful noises escaped from the gym, and the halls echoed with slamming locker doors: a hush prevailed in the library, and rev- erent silence was observed during devotions. There were those important letters that always got written during class and the history theme that was never quite hnished. In the halls, we heard melodious ollerings from the chorus room, smelled the antiseptic that escaped the medical office, and coughed in the Clouds of H23 which drifted from the chem labs. XN'e were filled with spirit at the pep rally and felt a bittersweet sentiment overcome us at the Senior Prom. There was laughter at the senior play and silent tears at graduation. These were the moments we shared - memories we will always cherish. SEPTEMBER Let's face it. The leaves of brown may have come tumbling down last September, but the students at Mt. Lebanon High were too busy to notice. Reluctantly, and yet expectantly, we turned back to our alma mater and renewed friendships which the summer had interrupted. Ninth graders were introduced to crowded stairways and the enchanting aromas which pervaded the halls from the chemistry classes. At last, the first week-end arrived, after two whole days of mental exertion had elapsed. Although there was no football game, the week-end was graced by a "rec" dance and many "new year" parties. Campaigns for the all-important subscriptions were launched beginning with the Motmlyfs Usophisticationu theme, and continuing with the Lantewfs gay posters. The bonfire and three exciting football games completed September's round of activities, and left us panting for more in Ocober. RECtangles Back to the Book "I put an X in the wrong block." I know where there's a pillow. Huvcn't seen ya since -. '59 5 1 l PIGSKIN AND PUMPKINS" October's horn of plenty overflowed with not only pigskin and pumpkins but also a profusion of parties and projects. The Jay Michael girls-ask-boy dance, the Band Revue, the Black Watcli Spectacle, and the Thespian variety show provided a healthy balance on the credit side of the entertainment ledger. Sports fans were also in the black with a large number of football games and cross- country meets to attend. The hauntings of Halloween came, but did not outdo the mysteries of Mt. Lebanon High. Those sen- iors quietly slipping out of classes were not skipping school, but actually going to either the dark doom of the National Merit Scholar- ship test or the dark eye of Mr. Rosser's senior-picture-taking camera. And the sopho- mores weren't destroying school property that Saturday morning but merely planting crocuses for the spring. October ended with frost on the pumpkin, mud on the pigskin, and satished smiles on the faces of Mt. Lebanon's students. W e - 'XM-isul e::2e:ff':f Ufvvm "I know I'1l blink." Crazy Capers "Is my tie straight?" 45- NOVEMBER Mum and Memories November was a month of highlights. In sports, our cross-country team won the state championship, and our football team won both its November games. Socially, the Stardust Ball and the Senior class play, Goodbye, My Fancy, were in the forefront. The school threw open its doors at Open House, and later the nine-weeks report cards came out. Of course, the real high point of November was the Senior Recognition football game and its connected activities. Vast spots of crimson seemed to float about school that Friday, and, at the pep rally, certain sections of the bleachers were almost solid red. The football game that night will not soon be for- gotten. A freak wind caused paper to blow in spirals over the football held, thus causing the effect of a wispy spirit hovering over our boys to bring them luck. This charm worked, and, along with the many parties that week-end, made Senior Recognition perfect for all. Thanksgiving and its inevitable huge dinner gave us a much needed vacation and rounded off November by rounding off our Hgures. Ten minutes to curtain time. 152 Only thirty-four more shopping days Ablazc with lights-our open house 3 The melody haunts my rcvcrie Stardust and Roses DECEMBER Time 0ut for Tinsel December came upon us with a scent of pine and a feeling of excitement. All phases of school life were aiming toward Christmas: the basket- ball team was anticipating the tournament scheduled during vacationg the chorus was giving the linal brush-ups to the 1lfIe.s's1'alzg the language departments were getting their pronunciations and musical strains synchronized for the "Around the NVorld" Christmas programg the decoration squad was gathering timely tips on tree trim- mingg the homerooms were making last minute arrangements for their proljectsg and every girl was giving her special smile to that special person in hopes that Saint Nick would bring an invita- tion to the Snowball. Christmas vacation, with its promise ol time to catch up on school work, soon yielded that promise for a more tangible reward - "a good time had by all" at the many parties. December ended with a bang, a toot, and a whistle - Happy 1958! Snow Belles at the Ball Deck the halls if fi Kia ,fm XM -fx J. Xt 32 ' Y 'sm Q 1 fx H 'ai X I'd like him for Christmas. Shes what I Wam- The beauty of ll winter midnight- Snowhzxll Queen .Xnn Snee and her court: Sue XVetmore, Marty And- erson, Ann Thompson, Pat 'I'ichA enor, Barham Hunghery, and Gretchen Taylor. A toast to the Queen JANUARY Final and a Fresh Start At January was a hard month - it was hard to get back into the groove after Christmas, and, when we finally did, it was hard to begin study- ing for the semester tests. However, all was not drudgery. Many diversions were provided to lighten our loads. The Hilary Bogden Record Hop started out the month socially. In the sports world, basketball became the byword, and every- one followed the team closely at their games. The orchestra assembly proved to be one of the outstanding entertainment attractions in January. The semester was brought to conclusion by final exams and report cards. In contrast to these "happy" events, the end of the semester also brought the Activities Assembly and the Junior- Senior Prom, to everyonels immense relief. Jan- uary began with resolutions and ended with many more - from students resolving to do twice as well the second semester. "What's so funny?" the Frosty Frolic Guess who studied. The ABC's of safety ' " . 1 P Turning over a new leaf? 158 FEBRUARY Holiday for Hearts "Do you think he'l1 get the message?" February brought Cupid, and Cupid brought romance. However, busy February didn't leave much time for romance. Sports-wise, the basketball, swim- ming, and wrestling teams were finishing up their very successful seasons. Basketball fans saws the Blue Devils maintain their perfect record in the new gym as they downed lVashington's Little Presidents. G.A.A. carnival time found the girls scainpering over boxes and booths in an effort to escape a very real looking snake. The tremendously successful Foreign Exchange Campaign was cliinaxed by the long- anticipated Junior-Senior basketball game - and the senior victory. The Formal Concert and the Choral Concert, along with tryouts for Mrs. McTl1i11g and In the Pink kept students so involved that the day of hearts went quickly by leaving very few broken ones. Plenty of snow and ice made for a frosty February, but somehow we all got through the month - in spite of the weather, the activities, and Cupid. "Et Lu, Bruce?" e . faNzas,a':.::N....,'1"rsam -'swf W-Wrsassw,::srea::m.wa.f t. Q ,, , , Don't give up the ship." "Those kids are so good I'1l never make it!" Hopi dancers from Arizona The PAC's gift to the girls MARCH Shamrock oncl Shenonigon lN'ith March came the first signs of spring- time. A slate of junior candidates for the coming semester's Student Congress olficers brought seniors' thoughts closer to Senior Day and jun- iors' thoughts closer to the day when they would be seniors. Sadie Hawkins Day found the gals actually dressed a Ia mode parisienne as they appeared at the dance in their real "sack Chemises." Indoor track moved into full swing out at Schoonamaker Hall amidst cinders and clouds of sawdust. And the Ides of March brought not taxes nor assassination, but worse yet, the College Boards. However, the hard-work- ing college-bound students found relief that very evening in the form of the Mardi Gras Ball. Spring sprang, and, according to tradition, March marched out like a lamb. Marrying Sam ties two more knots. Dancin' Dogpatch style Boyless Ann lFlanagzm, sy! A Mardi Gras Mziclncss Tripping Ilmc light fantastic M. O'Con nor, M. McFadden, Rf. Connors, and A. Leprechaun ww 'Yo u can't study for College Boards." "I kl10W, but Fm g0l1HH HY 'S S R. i EK? ,g , nf: APRIL Fa hion and Festivities "lVell, at least it will bring flowers." 162 April cried - showers of activities between the actual raindrops. Mrs. McThi11g, the hilarious activities play, followed close on the heels ol the invigorating Easter vacation. Spring lever was in the air and the outdoor G.A.A. Playday along with a generous supply of track meets did nothing to discourage it. Report cards came and went, as did the elections lor the coming semester's homeroom officers. The band stepped back into the school picture with their annual spring concert, and last minute preparations were completed for the choral Spring Show, In the Pink. Then April, its duty done, gave way to May. "It's leaving!" if In spring, a young man's fancy turns to . . . track? April Love "I'll never get this finished for Easter MAY Cinclers and Ceremonies May was a time of too much to do in too brief an interval. Track meets and track championships abounded. After seeing the informal concert and the spring musical, we were given tunes to whistle as we marched to an impending doom - the semes- ter tests. The key-note in May was on the seniors . . . it was their last month at Mount Lebanon High. The graduation ceremony coming up in June would mean the end of many long friendships with both students and teachers. But the seniors didn't have much time to sit around and mope. There was too much to be done - college acceptances to worry about, hnal grades to anticipate, senior parties to arrange, the reception to attend, and above all, Senior Day to look forward to . . . and then to enjoy. Prom's on . . I'd love to go . . W0 "One lump or two?" just au Zlllfflgfilllh. nm ll lcrm PZIPCII sagem sw-1 f-. '91-M tw 5 I "This is the way I escape scmcslcr tests , .J- X4 H Q 48 XX p , .ri A X af" X?,,X..X.,,TX1ta-mfg NK XX Q 1 X fl .K V V A 1.-., , X s Ti X. .qv-Xwv X..,,,.,...-w 1 Q-pdh X ,Xi X X-Liv' r X X XXX X X , X X L X- L X- X ,. 'W-I' . M 5 ' -Xv . 1 L 'L X, .- v 5, 5, vu ", '-'s"1'- 4 ax, nt tx -W'-at 'ig' v 3 X A .W .. F - ' X .W"'Kk"XX .,., X-A ' X X' ' X " ' X E . 1 5 K 1-Xj' ' sw.. ,-L. 5... -my ' X XX ..X XX A XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXLXX WXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX J XXTXXS XX"'XX1 X" ' R I X X ' ' Ti X i " W X X X X X 11 X XX ,i:X,.XX- " ,XX ""' 'fXiXW"Xw:ix:XXXXwffLiX:XXXX'XXXX5 X--MXXXXXXXNiw-,XXA'XX'M X X XXXX "' nmmfmXo raft 221 ' Y ' U " N K L M- ie Xa - X X XX fi in mggg XX F XA W X . . , X XX X ' FX' XX X X XXXXX - link Sm X XX ' "" XX XXXXNN X X X X , Q -Y Y V XXXXXwXwXXm-w:pXxgXXX33,lX X X , , M X ' K ,Q ""M +-. XX 1 XX X ' X XX , gf' ""---...B Y w-Q. ff' -X ff fi' fggfgfmqhm, X Zsi5QZXXi,iQ ,gig 'W X- " W--.NMMA .,, X A X ' ' ? .X'X:XXXXm -XX '13'X7!X"' Q? 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A I V Y l VV -244, ngvrf 1 Y-,,V - Jr, r:1zT ,-f-wwe.-rfrqz ff f, 3!in'i5mURfml'iii ' 21'!HIB'E!iEZ.1i e , 'xi' . u Simi ,.Qila'xS.L4.:.. , ,Wmi .W ,, , 2 ,,,,, , , ! kfiifiwj jf" 4 'X 'suns'-' L My Y X 'fig' X W9 V3 4. W" 1u::,"' W -Q V ' S551 ' 1 '-x , ' iv: 'M-V V- 'fx , W. .- 4", 1 f , YV 'v?9f - :pf ,, Aw-, XAffwNw5'55wQ-X gk' iff? A sf.. ' 'f""M:""iA'WWvi TM' TwW"'w- , , ' A.. ' , "X"WWw1,wmqWsW,wmqWW -M Q , X X XX - X1 X.,. 'T W " "- 9 . - -.H Mg nf - ,,,,,kV, 'w,,mX Q" 'S' Q. W, 9 kqw-H.-..,,,KX -""'--Y . . A H W W 49,7 py, -W-mm, '1"'- wg., 3fa,,.X,,, ' A-f..,,d-Egan Q V M ,QXXMXV 1 -,..,, M 'M-1,,,, """!'ww-..,,. ,. X ' A f' W 'H-w.,.,,,,,'!m V, X ,af f 4-h...,,K,XXV M-ww ,WMM W,"55" w,,,w-'wW,,,, N'm.m.,,w 4 ,, 'gmwv-5.4 X ni. U "'w5-.MX M Mwffm ,, , -+mmwWW W... L f ,fy 'VJ f 4 f NCQ? v V-.J uf m Q C' I I-V37 'lf' Jw ff J If yy, v sl Sl ,fl -N X A T r lf E5 99 bf: J ' A ' ef I Nan WL Uldeyng 'Jew W lx 4 H16 ,flue 5 f A 9 J I f C VA flflwoflj fl' Up f I l fr' Ll ll L X1 x .f ,, ,W il gd .1 X 1 gf 09 N lil X lf D ,Vw l A 2. W1 ALMA Al.'X'l'lLR 'Neath crcclurs stately, Midst hills so bold, Stzmcls our Mt. l,clJ:mon, Realm ol' Blue :xml Clolcl, f 4 xlOllllli'l' ol' our clcstiny, K llllllllllll, with splm-mlm', Xfulor, virlucr zmcl Lrulll, 2 ' bum E CLu:n1'cli1m ol' our youllm. X lfwr our ln':lisc's slmll ri X nm, Alum Nlzmlclk, lol' Lllccz , QQ ffl1f11'lr'.x' lf: l 41Ww7l9 wma w""4"?""97f4"""5'ZZ 'twill-41 V 16514404417 7,,,,,4y!,4a!wQ,c.',jaffu!414f7n,Wf , 1 ,Q NJ' X ly WK ' -' Q. ,f Q m W X , bWUx,w yy N V X59 ,ao N wmv fuk Sc .b wwf W Y, W M SE X 5 E W. 5 MWWWWWVWWLWMM LC: fZZywwyZ,mw1Q is 4Lf2'L CL .Lea X fa w 1: 5 K '44 ll u...4.4s....M. 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