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+V W W .9 W! Mgmf? Qffj-if Y WWW Q ff Sf . AN 5?dS5Q? 5 5 S I ww is N IW f Q7 V Wx 0 ' fa ggi? W N 40 WMM 512 W Sy Sr -QQ if Q? V SX ' xf , Eg! fjhdffm Aiwa' Mf"'f'7'i'9 fwigip fix X QW my Sf 9 I' mi '-,I ,,,, .V,. I . ,N ,c ' ,, -N ' ' FQ? aW mm' Tm 4' f - fwwfm fiAJif,,f"fLCf:fm"' D335QoN'N3ia'Np'3""g7'k ps, 94,ge,e,e..4,xe,,..147t 53m ' : A , 0. - GW WX1 ,M A-xg "0z!faf0?Z,fa?,WQ7? MQ' +Q,-,lv 0 1053! 5212! f70""' 1 Af of ,aiu AE' I. Win- I Qi? K, xiiw, fa' W6 J a fps 7'Vo1jijlfQsL'm ',2g5f"f2'W'Q' V 7 NYNV. -ww MW 088 . 7"'L"'fP'f'lh I 1 If uj, -P" jk M4 4 5...-ff" fw 7' PM VW QA' ' ff X - Aki' . 1' ,,Q,,1i . , -4-' .nm 1: 1 AA in , A '."1f3 N .1 A-M -,, ,h , A -,K,1.,g A x - ..1...,- lm- A H AF-W M AA 1 F 5 E H E s E l X lll5B lebanon loo e volume XXVI ml. lebanon hlnh school 3' 2' ! X. X X w A school, any school, whether steeped in vine-covered tradition or streamlined in ultra-modern boldness, a tired P.S. 19 on a country road or a monstrous acre- eater covering whole city blocks, a mod- ern magnilico of Vermont marble or a forlorn one-roomer of weathered red brick, is only the reflection of one om- nipotent force, an all-powerful force- dominating its environment, a force known simply as the students. administration students activities snnnts nnnq A E S I A, if Q 'X .. 5 Mx an 3 11 111: H- 11. '53fEQiF ' :if-'1 -- Kgs? ii. 5 ':?E 1: : . ., i A f-gg? w gf? A E , 555 K 9- Si ss. -4- .a 5 3 -f, , .... pf if . f 1 f .:- F51 135 U rag, 221 yr? HW 'Q , 5. -Tux'-xx ww L W 'ix R P - J. .. ..,A. ff A ., Wmsx, A -Q., ...AMW Awww-1-Q , ff? f ,i g -. Any, fp- ! I 1 in guide and instruct ,Y administration ,,,.-mv!! BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: Mr, Robert F. Dyson, Miss Miriam Headley, Mr. Elmer S. Stanier, Mrs. Donald C. Lewis, Mr. Beckley Smith. Standing: Mr. NVillian1 C. Berg, Mr. Edward Buck, Mr, Samuel A. Schreiner, Mr. Otis C. Hogsett. planning nur tndau The vigor and enthusiasm of a new Board of Education was guided into the correct channels this year by veteran tars, Drs. Ralph D. Hors- man. and Joseph C. Keifer. At the end of the year, after traveling these channels for many months, they were just around the bend and within whistle-tooting dis- tance of their destination - the completion of Mount Lebanon High School's magnificent new wing. The high school program is only one of many which the Board must administer. Also under their supervision are Mount Lebanon's six grade schools and Mellon Iunior High, all of which receive the same care and attention that has marked their handling of high school business. Dr. Mills, although compara- tively new to the principalship, has done a fine job of keeping things running smoothly. No matter what the problem, he is the one who can End the solu- tion, and it is to him that much of the credit goes for making our school a success. we find our principal as he goes about his daily work consulting with his secretaries, addressing the student body, and observing the students as they go from class to class. Always a willing and interested adviser is Dr. Carl Streams, Mount Lebanon's doctor of schedule ailments. Since he has been vice-principal, he has added many new and useful courses to the curriculum. Although his task as mender .of schedules is a difficult and, often, complicated one, he always demonstrates efficiency and a genuine appre- ciation of the problem at hand. Pictured here, secretary Mrs. Davies ushers in a new patient. The guidance counselors, Mrs. Home and Mr. Nicklas as well as their secretary Mrs. Irwin, know that a busy day is just routine. Helping a student decide what he is going to do after he is iinished with high school poses just as great a problem as guiding him while he is still in high school. College Boards, vocational aptitude tests, college meetings, career conferences-these are just a few of the benefits we receive through the guidance department for the planning of our future. in develop our tomorrow Want an earl dismissal? You'll have to see Y Mrs. Morgan or Miss Visocky in the Attend- ance Oflice. If you don't see them, you'll end up seeing Miss Gordon, our home and school visitor. These women are confronted with the almost superhuman task of keeping track of all the students in Mt. Lebanon High School. The medical office has changed its name to dispensary and its location to one of the new rooms, but our school nurse, Miss High, still remains that eflicient per- son who has a remedy for all ills-including false ones. Mrs. Cargill, our activities sponsor, handles everything from activities keys to stuffed dogs. Among other things which occupy her time are Ways and Means, the Student Congress and Student Court. Her ability to eiliciently organize her department has won student approval. ff miie? ' ,, if ' We flciffiw If you don't answer to your "John Henry" in this class, you're probably deaf. Otherwise you'd just be "dying" to take those exercises. These girls aren't dissecting a real maul This mound of muscles is just "Liverace", a new addition to the health classes this year. Mrs. Geraldine C. Adamson-Englishg Mr. David A. Batchelor-General Math, General Scienceg Miss Mar- guerite Beck-Germang Mr. John P. Beckett--Gymg Mr. Albert W. Bernhardy-Machine Shop. Ze :' ,J gs Y E all IK R Q 4 E is 3 me qv? 2 Qi ji hz S I, , ... . . J, 1' I A Q W, is K i Q t W la u.4u,.,: f- -. , L.- ,i.Ly ,kl "Pass it to me" echoed around the school as the girls suffered battered bones and shattered shins in field hockey this year. And the com- mon cold became even commonerl .ff. 'J ' If you like chopping frogs and charming snakes, then biology is the class for you! Here, john, Terry, and Pat puzzle over pisciculture. ' Miss Margaret J. Billingsley-Girls' Health, Personal Adjustmentg Dr. Lawrence E. Bromberick-Chemistryg Miss Joanne Bruning--Englishg Miss Miriam Bulger- Lating Mr. Merle R. Principles of Sellingg Burrows-Economics, Sociology, Mrs. Edith M. Clark-Algebrag Mrs. Eleanor T. Rinne-Englishg Miss Rita M. Roegge -Spanishg Mr. Robert A. Ruth-Physicsg Mr. Douglas Shaner - Metal Art, Artg Miss Gym: Donna jean Shaver - Cl yr L H 5'wi.,sQ ' 232-T EL ' W hi' .XX We -:-wwm. , gy.-1 TQML yu A ,LC V, A H. H -2 ' :m,::af ,T ifgg .,.N it S Mr. Victor M. Doak-U. S. Historyg Miss Virginia A. Elliott-Englishg Miss Alice Elms-Algebrag Miss Eliza- E I beth A. Evans-Englishg Mr. Harry E. Felich-Algebra. - Mr. Ralph D. Fife-Boys' i Health, Gym. he C575 Miss Pauline K. Fish Home Economics. By having unusual bulletin boards, displays and reading material, Mrs. Ruth Furlong gave studentsan opportunity to enrich their litera- ture course. Nog not Lily Pqns, Patrice Munsel, or Anna Maria Alberghetti-just Janet Munn leading another of Miss Mae Sneary's student-conducb y ed classes. H94 l3L'.f, , fffilurrl-4.1 'V' 'win' nw I 16x Eric, jack, joan, and Iamee have turned Miss Elliott's Honor English class into Cod's office as they enact a scene from Green Pastures. XVith Audrey and Nancy trying to drug their beans away from Stevie, it looks as if Mr. Myers is the only one eligible. But what would speech class do without Mr. Myers? Students are hailed with an "Eh, bien!" as Monsieur Jones returns test papers to his French class. "Eh, bien!" and conversational French in general played an interesting part in the course this year. H., Xl "Ist das nicht ein Schnitzelbanke? Ya, das ist ein Schnitzelbankef' So sings Carlynn Nill as Henry Billeter blows a hot German trumpet in a Deutschland jam session. When in Rome-either Rome 2 or Rome 223 -do as the Romans do. Here, doing just what the Romans did do, are Alice-Myers and Chris Petty. Miss'-Katheryn H. Frobese - Englishg Mrs. Ruth S. Furlong-English, Mr. Sherrick Gilbert-Biology, Mr. Norman L. Goodwin-Algebra, Plane Geometry, Miss Dorothy H. Grove-Commercial Subjects. e .. llii l Q 4- A , ., E, fa .E A -vgfirf iyl.. r . i-. .i,.. . P . i H " W M, ,nine . 5-if , .S 1 R es f X '5 O X 'K . ,. , .. . ' Mme, , .. f' ,. .- , , tn ,V ff, .... 1 , , I kL.,. s+f.lf K :It ... gr- 'f sz, t ' , - f -1 r : ff -- Ks' .. f -.sw f-, : UAS . . QQ W M:wef.ffr ... - - - ws., fe., l- -. ew, H M, f' 1 ' fy - . t as 35, 3 . Sv in ,ag 111, H... gk '11 11' 1: ' e 1 ' lj - 1.-,gg-E, , . ., : X - .- -. 2 sn? - . ..W 1-. ' 'ez 1- fs ek: Maggy: zz. j f X me V as "Whose powerful stroke will break the sad pinata?" wonder Maureen, Carolyn, Elaine, and Sue, as they take their turns at slugging the battered bird. . Mt. Lebanon's foreign exchange students K1r1 of Norway and "Didi" of Turkey have s en quite a bit of the globe. Miss Jean Hay - Englishg Miss Sylvia Hubicher Frenchg Mr. Howard M. jones-French Mrs Eliza beth G. Killen-Lating Mr. George W Ixhne Global ,,, Geography, U. S. History, Geography of Strlteglc Areas Qs, :gt fm .fffff X Y xt 19 nz a W. G Q Q ,il ::,. A 4'i'?z W . 'F Ax U ,gr X Iii 1 . K ii' V l ' is 1 is w as 5 it 3 "'- Q L in if ,... A Rf, W- I it 1' W gg it Lf 5 lag 9 . A xxx Mr. George Lamprinakos -- Driving. Miss Mildred Lenk-Eng- lish. Miss Kathryn Levos History. Mr. Charles O, Lohr-Biol- ogy, Commercial Math., Business Math. Jim, Myron, and Bob demonstrate something to the class which only physics students would understand. Miss Margery I. McClure- Latin. Miss Florence McLaughlin-English, journalismg Miss Marianne MacMain-Englishg Miss Harriet N. Manning -Englishg Miss Josephine N. Martin-Englishg Mr. john 'F . Mehner-Biology. '- 51,1 :,.A .V , z,.i I i-k'- i ti I ,z Ig it tssst f , t sif , lis M e Qi . i r ' X :-' 'TEH 1 .-: if figw W, i llfi' r sf' ,Q i l 3 l c K my ssh- ef rg eff- . :gf-Hynes-. ,f fr Bookworms love it, 120-C students can't do without it, freshmen get lost in it-this is the Library. For twenty-five years, all the planning, filing, and tracking down, which the librarian's job entails, had been in the competent hands of Miss Moore. This year, how- ever, Miss Moore chose to step down, transferring the reins of power to her assistants, Miss Heslep and Mrs. Wallace. The loss of Miss Moore's vast knowledge of the Library's every nook and cranny, every book, pamphlet, and periodical, was, of course, a serious one, but the new regime carried on her fine work without break of stride. The school life of the students revolves around this, the biggest, most valuable, and possibly the most beau- tiful part of the school. A reference room, a browsing room, a reading room, it serves, at some time or another, every one of Mt. Lebanon's nearly two thousand in- habitants, both students and teachers. It is indeed the intellectual center of all Mt. Lebanon. 21 Miss Io Anne Mihm-English Mr William A. Mitchell-Typing Mr. Donley U. Mollenauer - Historyg Mr. Wilbur Moore-Civics CgQ??i?W., 2" Hearing a scream from behmd the car Chuck use ' ...gig Williams backs up to investigate These motor ' ' "if f " " -- "' sw.-'ig P. Q, X gfgjp 1-. ized mamacs frustrated their companions but 220421 Clcrfzftvl c"a1. M ll . W A umm EDUCATION. RS M a Ton is . ts.. 1 . ,.,.,.. ,SW ,. . W.- .-W. ,.,.. - ,sr M.. I l 'A:i?f1M3'-N? i1'f?W'r-57 9 : F":.'?j:4,l "f"JP'5'?:i3i ' Q1 ::. xl way Lirwf-fierff ljfi gl .1251 :.i.JxiZ.t,Qf :eil .ga 'Je' 44 vcd rx EX ' i A - E369 iff 5 Global Geographers are aghast to find one country on the map not covered by their present course of study. Indignant, they make plans for a full unit next year on Lower Slob- bovia. 22 ll l :fg P ! .+ tx x ' ein-33 o. N Mr. julian TA. M , 5 r. I0 m N. Neal-Wood Shop- Miss Eileen N b' yers-Speech Chorus M l Miss C. Ada Patterson-1Lating v GS ltt-Plane Geom- Mr. Ernest E. Peterson-Typingg Mr. John F. Ramsey et1'Yi Mis? Mafilim R- Nicoson-English? Mr- Joseph -Mechanical Drawingg Dr. John E. Reed-Drivingg Pagnanelh-Drivmgg Miss Anne Ri htm- g ire-Plane Geometry. Beakers, smoke, and test tubes tremble as Dr Bromb 'k er1c coaches a group of mad scientists in the noble art of blowing up the school. 23 2 231 V -fffwl .W rtfff y .Q Solid geometry and trigonometry are two of the more diversified courses offered to seniors. Besides leaming to distinguish "any line" from "every line," seniors have also been known to spend one "solid" hour learning how they can set a good example for our underclassmen. 24 The clicking of the typewriters was often heard in the third Hoor cor- ridor as typing became even more popular to both commercial and academic students. of' Mrs. Eleanor T. Rinne-Englishg Miss Rita M. Roegge -Spanishg Mr. Robert A. Ruth-Physicsg Mr. Douglas Shancr - Metal Art, Artg Miss Donna jean Shaver -- Gymg Prospective secretaries and "lost causes" mum- bled and scribbled through daily dictation and word lists until finally their hieroglyphics be- gan to look like Gregg shorthand. Mr. YV. Clyde Simpson-Englishg Miss Nancy Skeriotis -Gym, Girls' Healtllg Miss Sarah E. Smith-Solid Geometry, Trigonometryg Miss May K. Sneary-Chorus, Englishg Mr. joseph A. Srp-Plane Geometry. 1if"....-' .s-sw - 5- rf' is Z' -Qi 3? 5 fx L eb ,I Q , if ii Ska. K f 25 4 . 2. . W r . .Xa gf' fi vw 5 We as 'ng ' r s . ie ' . qi.- P., ' ' .,, . safer l a , s -Mi. ,rr ff-" 5 . V X .Terr A I ,,h. J. if K 50- .k,V .W 1 . 4 , E . : If ,kg W A H . f Q Ein 1 ,V X K ' ,qi . 1 -f Hi' . ' 1- f - ' Mr. Albert N. Stanish-XVorld Historyg Mr. Kermit L. Taggart-Civicsg Mr. Kirk C. Tallman-World Historyg Mr. Thomas S. Taylor-Chemistry, Physicsg Miss Mary V. Thorpe -Spanish. An amorphous piece of metal must find its predeterm- ined shape after all the pounding, grinding, sanding, and polishing to which it is subjected in this class. Machine shop now only lacks the newly developed mechanical brains to run all this machinery. Clever workmanship like that on the puppets shown here is the trademark of advanced art students. ,ai .ju ff", FIS 1. .fi gl, S 'Ii'-w -,jun .- , . K W. X . is Q' - , 4 'si fwfr- rg Mr. Richard N. Toler-Civicsg Mr. Richard YValker- Algebra, General Mathematicsg Mrs. Josephine VVatters fwfw -Chemistryg Miss Thelma VVhinnie-Commercial Sub- jectsg Mr. Earl L. VVhipkey-Algebra. -g Future Engineers of America? Maybe sog the boys are ' is getting valuable training toward this end in the me- '-X chanical drawing classes. Lg Hurry! The period is almost over! These lucky girls are members of the one class in school allowed to eat in class. VN XM 1 students This was a warm-hearted class, a gay class filled with the pink champagne of success, bubbling with a sense of achievement, glorying in the approval of under- classmen and faculty. And yet there were tensions: the endless search through bulletins, the brief conferences, the applica- tions, the days of waiting, and finally the promise of a future. And there were the happy moments. The open houses, the progressive dinner, the championship game that left them heart-broken but proud, and the wild hilarity of senior week, were all a part of a mental scrapbook that would last. The experience of ecstatic moments and anxious hours formed a cord around their hearts that grew painfully tight the night of graduation. Ahead lay the unknowng behind, the indelible mark of high school experience. 30 eues on a star feet on the ground ANN HOPE ARNOLD Chorus, "Color On the Loose." JOYCE ARNOLD Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Student Court, Decorating, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Majorette Capt. PAUL H. ARNOLD National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Band, Senior Play. ELLEN ELIZABETH ASHTON Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., F.T G.A.A., Y-Teens Off. ANTOINETTE L. ATRIA X Lantern, Log, Medical, Red Cross, G.A.A. fo N JOHN BABB X3 do b 47' N x SHIRLEY ANN BALACH 1-, X00 'vt Rifle, Y-Teens. SUSAN BALDUS Q X oi Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantem, Log, H meroom OE., Ways and Means, G.A.A., Orchestra. JUDITH ANN BANTA Lantern, Log, Medical, G.A.A., Chorus. RICHARD GEORGE ACCETTA Cross Country. JANE ACKERMAN Lantem, Library, Medical, Program Planning Comm., G.A.A. Chorus. EDWARD G. ALBRIGHT Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Basketball, Football. CAROL J. ALDERSON Mounty, Attendance, Honor Award Comm. AUDREY ALLEN G.A.A. ROBERT B. ALTER Activities Key, Student Court, Homeroom OH., Basketball, Tennis, Track, Cafeteria, Projection, Traffic. CAROL JOAN ANDERSON National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom OH., Honor Award Comm. Chm., Library, Red Cross, F.T.A., Y-Teens OH. JAMES W. ANDERSON JOHN C. ANDERSON Log, Homeroom OE., V. Football, Intramural Athletics, Hi-Y seniors MARGARET J. BARTHOLOW Attendance, Bulletin Board, Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. ISABELLE IOURDAN BATES National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Home- room OE., Good Sportsmanship Comm., Ways and Means, G.A.A. DOMENIC F. BA'I'1"AGLIA CAIL IANICE BAUER Lantern, Attendance, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Range Rockette. NOREEN BAYLY National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Log Literary Editor, Homeroom OE., Bulletin Board, Publicity. ELMER W. BEARDSHALL, IR. Honor Roll, Cross Country, I. V. Track, Chess. IUDY A. BECK Log, Attendance, Cheerleader, Medical, G.A.A. WILLIAM BECK Lantem, Log, Football, Baseball, Cafeteria, Library, Traffic Hi-Y. JOHN S. BEEDLE Log, Chess, Trallic. 1956 IAMES L. BEERY Homeroom OE., Football, Basketball, Hi-Y. ELIZABETH C. BEIDLER National Honor Society, Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom OH., Y-Teens Off., Triple Trio. SUSAN RUSSELL BEIL Lantem, Attendance Chm., Medical, G.A.A. PHYLLIS A. BELL Log, F.T.A., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band, Chorus. .ELIZABETH BENNETT National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Devilette Co-Editor, Program Planning Comm., G.A.A., Y-Teens. WILLIAM K. BENNETT Honor Roll, Lantem Art Editor, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Public Address. MARY E. BESCHER Lantern, Homeroom OE., Information, Ways and Means, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Senior Play. HENRY A. BILLETER National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom OE., Publicity, Trallic, Band. REID BILLIG Hi-Y, Orchestra. fl I Z ' 4 6,6 C612 Q, 7, llgfaafo 33 .5,ze?Q,Lf"h4f.4c1df 5' 4 Z Aj , X Z4 e 14154. . ff, ,Q -- .4!f,tZoQf:f DAVID C. BITTNER SARAH BLACKMUN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Art Sq. Publicity, F.T.A., Y-Teens. MARGUERITE ANN BLOMCREN National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Devilette Co-Editor, Homeroom OE., Library, G.A.A., Y-Teens OH. ROSE MARIE BLONAR My Program Planning Comm Band N IOANNE BONNETT Range Rockette. Medical, C..A.A. , ' ' W W ' WALTER G. BOLLINGER YJ ,IJ My W 0 .Day QW yyywfy C, R. J. BosETr1 D V LQ Q7 W Football, Cafeteria ' PATT1 BOSWORTH X JANET SlJSAN BAA151QES'! 7 XV gf' . A 1' W J .Fld Library Medical GAA 7 L, VL ,- Lantern, Bulletin Board, Library, G.A.A., Y Teens. Q v 1 L 'D BEST LOOKING DONNA SICA and CARY WEISIGER seniors -Q55 W1 any 34 HELEN LOUISE BRAMHALL Honor Roll, Lantem, Attendance, G.A.A., Range Rockette. LOIS I. BRAWDY Honor Roll, Band, Chorus. PATRICIA A. BREARLEY , Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Olf., G.A.A., Y-Teens OH Range Rockette. ROSEMARY BRETZ Lantem, G.A.A. IOAN MURRAY BRIDGES G.A.A., Choms. G. RICHARD BROMWICH Homeroom OH., Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Cafe teria, Band, Senior Play. CLAIRE LOUISE BRUBAKER Lantem, Attendance, Publicity, Majorette. SARAH JANE BUCHHEIT Honor Roll, Library, Medical, Red Cross, G.A.A. MARGARET BUCHINGER Ulnformation. urn 0 4 MI 'M Zff14'?fWzfff75e5"' PAZQSQKNSC :Sf 'A G - af' ' G -97 AL BUDAVICH I. V. Cross Country. GEORGE M. BUSHYEACER, IR. . Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Hi-Y, Band. NANCY W. CAMERON Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Devotions, G.A.A., Y-Teens. SHIRLEY M. CAMPBELL Library Chm. CAROL SUE CANNON Activities Key, Lantern, Publicity, Library, Red Cross, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. . ELEANOR CANNON big, c.AA., Y-Teens. X? 5 i 'wx . EILEEN A. CARDAMON 'SRX Lantern, Chorus. ?- Tx' NICK CARDELLO We - MARIE CARPENTER :Skt Mommty. Q- ' 3ggE?i2l: BRAINIEST NOREEN BAYLY and CARL GOTTSCHALL if , A2539 Z? 5,1 CHARLES S. CASSIDY Intramural Basketball, Rifle, Band. FELIX A. CASTE Honor Roll, Intramural Basketball. HOWARD N. CHARLSON Activities Key, Honor Roll, Intramural Basketball, Library, Trafiic, Band. ALICE LOUISE CHELQUIST Lantern, Log, Mounty, Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Range Rockette. MARLENE DEANNA CHERRY Y-Teens. JUDITH ANN CHIDESTER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Medical, Red Cross, C.A.A., Y- Teens, Band, Orchestra. DOROTHY ELIZABETH CLARK Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Circulation Mgr-., Lantern, Devotional, Honor Award Comm., F.T.A., Off., C.A.A., Chorus. NANCY DIANE CLARK Lantern, Ways and Means, G.A.A., Y-Teens. ROBERT H. CLARK Mounty, Library, Trallic, Chorus, Devotional Choir, Formal Concert, "Showboat." 36 seniors CAROLYN GANNETT COBB Activities Key, Library, Medical Chm., G.A.A. TELA COHN National Honor Society, Honor Roll. BETTY LEE COLLINS Mounty, Honor Award Comm., G.A.A., Y-Teens. JOAN M. CONNORS Log, Attendance, Library, Ways and Me n , A., . Chorus '? YN 10' l ' EDWARD CORBETT Basketball Baseball Football Mgt Q, PATRICK W. CORRIGAN R9 IA, l Football, Track, Cafeteria. wa ll A. I. COULTER Lantem, Mounty, Cross Country, T rack, Hi-Y, Orchestra. ESTHER IEAN COWAN Medical, Chorus. I. FREDERIC COYNE Cafeteria, Projection. l956 ROSEMARY CRAHEN Log, Mounty, Red Cross, G.A.A. CAROL ANN CHAIN Lantem, G.A.A. MARY ELLEN CRANDALL Honor Roll, Infomation, Red Cross, G.A.A. TRUDY LYN CRITCHFIELD Lantern, Library, Medical, G.A.A. BARBARA LOUISE CRIVELLA Lantern, Decorating, Library, Make-up, G.A.A. Council, Range Rockette. IAMES L. CURL I. V. Cross Country, Cafeteria. WILLIAM F. DAILEY SUMNER W. DANA Biology Sq. Chm. BATHILDA DAVIS Honor Roll, Achievement Chm., Attendance, Devotional, Pro- gram Planning Comm., Y-Teens, Chorus. 37 52' mf'- 49 ft IUDITH M. DAVIS Medical, F.T.A., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. WILLIAM STUART DEBENHAM Homeroom Off., Intramural Tennis, I.V. Track, Cafeteria, Chemistry, Public Address. JOSEPH DE GIOVANNI CAROLE ANN DELACH Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Attendance, Ways and Means, G.A.A. ROSE ANN M. DE LONGA Log, Library, Chorus. DEANNA LEE DE VILLING Attendance, Publicity, Red Cross, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Range Rockette. RAYMOND D. DILWORTH Honor Roll, Lantem, Intramural Athletics, Program Planning Comm., Projection, Publicity. SANDRA DOBKIN Honor Roll, Lantem, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Art Sq., C.A.A., Range Rockette. MARILYN MARIE DOEGE Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band. LJ Talib "lf Qflliif ' 1240 PM 09" at Selllllls -:lb ,fl 6 u n ' .lor ff l 1 LQ 5 oi' - DARRELL DOLE Basketball, Change Sq., Cafeteria, Hi-Y OH. THOMAS M. DONAHUE National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Student Congress Vice- President, Homeroom Off., Football, Baseball, Intramural Bas- ketball, Cafeteria, Hi-Y. MARJORIE L. DRAKE Honor Roll, Lantem, Bulletin Board, Library, Medical, Red Cross, G.A.A., Y-Teens. HIRAM E. DRISCOLL Football, Intramural Basketball. ROBERT DUNBAR Rifle, Cafeteria, Band. CHARLES THOMAS DUPUIS Homeroom OE., Cross Country, Track Mgr., Intramural Bas- ketball, Stage Crew, Traffic, Usher, Hi-Y. JAY D. EDWARDS Physics Sq., Stage Crew. JUDITH E. EDWARDS G.A.A. MYRON M. EICHER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track, I. V. Basketball, Senior Play. Qian' '9' 25" 38 CAROLYNE E. ELDER Lantem, Attendance, Medical, Y-Teens ANNA MARIE ESTATICO Book Sq., G.A.A., Y-Teens. JOAN LILLIAN FAIRGRIEVE Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom OE., Library, Make-up, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Range Rockette, Chorus. GAYLE MARIE FARRELL Lantem, Y-Teens, G.A.A. IAMES L. FELLER JAMES H. FEUSTEL, JR. Honor Roll, Homeroom OE., Band. SUSANNE FISH Activities Key, Lantem, Make-up, Medical, Red Cross, Ways and Means, G.A.A. Council, F.T.A., Y-Teens. BE'I'I'E A. FITCH Honor Roll, Homeroom OE., Attendance, Devotional, Ways and Means Chm., F.T.A., G.A.A. EDWARD FITZGERALD Homeroom OE., Football, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. nfs, XZ 611,11 . !g,f" I . . f 1 ' 1956 W W BEST-DRESSED SUE FISH and JERRY GROSSO 4:L1 f ,MX Q ? S H 1,14 if 39 I ' I -.-Loc, 'JZ SALLY R. FRIDAY . - Lantem, Log, Homeroom O ., Cheerleader, Library, Medical, C.A.A. CLARE A. FUNK Honor Roll, Red Cross, G.A.A. NORMAN H. FUSS National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Lantern, Rifle, Cafeteria, Physics Sq., Hi-Y, "The Curious Savage," Senior Play. IOAN ELLEN CARIS Y-Teens. EDWARD CARRICAN Honor Roll, Traffic. RICHARD CARRISON Baseball, Band. GEORGE O. GEISSLER Intramural Athletics, Hi-Y. IOANNE LYNN GEYER Lantern, Homeroom OH., Medical, C.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Chorus. RICHARD K. GIBSON National Honor Society, Activities Key, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Projection, Stage Crew, Ways and Means Chm. CAROLYN JOAN FLECK Honor Roll, Lantem, Homeroom OE., Attendance, Bulletin Board, G.A.A. SUZANNE FOCERTY Honor Roll, Homeroom OH. MICHAEL LEWIS FOLEY ' National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Cafeteria, Physics Sq., Public Address. CHARLES CONRAD FORDING Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Hi-Y, Band. ANNE FORRESTER National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Attendance, Class Rank, Infonnation Chm., Program Planning Comm. RAMON P. FOUSE National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom OE., Rifle, Tennis, Projection, Traffic, Band. HUGH FOWLER Tennis, Intramural Basketball, Devotional, Usher, Chorus, Se- nior Play. MALCOLM D. FRASER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Cafeteria, Chemistry Sq., Physics Sq., Projection. JOAN FREEMAN ' Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Bulletin Board, Honor Aw-ard Comm. Medical, Ways and Means. seniors 'wf':m7'af1f if , L ww f1r.,fJf, ' FW' me If if YJI1: at 1 ' -., in f -N af '- egift-Lefmflez ,cw 1 V' My A- 5.4, U, . K. J. we get E , Q2 ifu. K- 1 i 1956! A J t 21'- gug fe ' BEST ALL-AROUND BETTY KETCHUM and BOB ALTER lg 1 'ii 1 :ik gg jg A Exp," i 2333 111, I L, 5 , NANCY M. GILBERT Chorus, Triple Trio, "Color on the Loose," "Showboat." MARY LOU GINDER Lantem, Gym Sq., G.A.A. MARY PATRICIA GIRA BARBARA GOEBELER Decorating, Devotional, Red Cross Chm., G.A.A., Y-Teens. DAVID RAFAEL COLDMAN Football, Intramural Basketball, Stage Crew. CARL GOTTSCHALL ' National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Log Sports Editor, Homeroom OH., I. V. Football, Track, Class Rank Co-Chm. Physics Sq. Chm. ROBERT E. GBADY Homeroom OE., Football, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Cafe- teria. JAMES D. GRAHAM Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Football, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. ELIZABETH GRANT Lantern, Lost and Found, Red Cross, G.A.A. 41 Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Devotional, Library, G.A.A., Lantem, Homeroom Off., Bulletin Board, Information, G.A.A. BARBARA ANNA GRAU Honor Roll, Art Sq., Bulletin Board, Y-Teens, Chorus. BARBARA IEANNE GREENE Honor Roll, Log, Mounty Editor, Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Chorus, "Showboat." BE'I'I'E ANN CREENLEE G.A.A., Y-Teens,, Range Rockette. ANN MARIE GREER Lantem, Log Editor, GAA, Y-Teens. LINDA SUE CREER National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, Public Address, G.A.A,, Triple Trio, Acc., Senior Play. JANET GRIFFITH Library, Medical, G.A.A. GRETCHEN L. GRIMM Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantem, Log, Scholastic Comm., G.A.A. IRENE T. GROFF Medical, Ways and Means, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off. GERALD GROSSO Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Cafeteria. seniors Lo-li, of luck 'to ou -QCUOW Plrgbsuds ou. nwu- -forqe-Ir fuk' -I-he cN3s,JO0l60 ans Ohmli law EIU JAMES W. GRUNENWALD Band, Orchestra. KARIN GULDNER Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Library, G.A.A. SUZANNE L. GUY Lantem, Mounty, Devilette Art Editor, Attendance, Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens. IUDITH LEE HALL National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Quill and I Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantem Make-up Editor, Homeroom Off., I Good Sportsmanship Chm., Ways and Means, Orchestra. MARGARET C. HALL Lantem, Log, Information, Traffic, G.A.A., Y-Teens. WILLIAM R. HALL Homeroom Off., Football, I.V. Track, RiHe, Football Mgr., Intramural Basketball. DALE O. HALLAM Honor Roll, Hi-Y, Band. MARY ANN HALLER Lantem, Homeroom OH., Attendance, Decorating, G.A.A. NANCY HAMILTON Library, G.A.A., Y-Teens. 42 DONALD LEE HANCHEY Homeroom Off., Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Cafe- teria, I-Ii-Y, Senior Play. JAMES M. HANLY Traflic. JACK I-IARRINGTON CHARLES B. HARTWIC National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Student Congress Vice-Pres., Homeroom OH., Football Capt., Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. PATRICIA L. HAST I-Iomeroom OH., Infommation Chm., Medical, Y-Teens, Chorus. CATHERINE M. I-IEBLEY Honor Roll, Y-Teens OE., Triple Trio, Choms. VIRGINIA LEE HENTHORNE National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Devotional, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off. IUDITH ANNE HILTON antern Bulletin Board, Medical, F .T.A., C.A.A., Y-Teens, nge Ilockette. U F 'if . ENDERSON Ho " '-- O ., Cross Co try, Track, I tramural Basketball, :. .jecti Senior Play. , 5 X .-r,,f I WUC J! f f ' ff! wwf Qf X J A x., U ST COUPLE QUIETEST BARB A I I NG and JACK KENNINC CAROL ANDERSON and ED FITZGERALD X f it .11 1: ' 'ET ' v, ' I 1 43 Homeroom Off Attendance Library Red I DAVID H. HOAG P' I Homeroom OH., Intramural Basketball, J. V , Projection, Hi-Y. THOMAS C. HOAR National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball. Track, Stage Crew, Hi-Y. IANET HOFF Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens. WALTER WILLIAM HOFFMAN Honor Roll, Log Business Mgr., Program Planning Comm., Traffic, Chorus. RICHARD C. HOLLIDAY National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Cafeteria, Scholastic, Traffic, Ushers. MARY JANE HOOD Attendance, Red Cross, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band. SALLY M. HORNELL Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, DONA LEE HOUSER I Lantern, Log, Information. Gym Sq., G.A.A. COHIICII- A X J Im .-- aa d6,0 la-cc, 4' 5g57,5d6Z5. PMlWl ii 70 225. ALUPJ, National Honor Society, Activities Key, H Roll, Lantern, -3 9 . 9 Y ' 'I' Q V ew seniors ELIZABETH HOWELL National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Attendance, Library, G.A.A.,Y-Teens. CAROLE LEE HULSE Lantem, Red Cross, G.A.A., Y-Teens. MARGARET ANN HYDE Library, Medical, G.A.A. WILLIAM C. IRVIN Homeroom Off. JOHN W. JAcox Rifle, Chemistry Sq., Physics Sq. BEVERLY IAYCOX Log Art Editor, Art Sq., Band. DAVID N. JENKINS Hi-Y, Band. IUDITH R. JENKINS Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. JAMES EDWARD JOHNS Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. 44 all .U 9953 J SANDRA M. H1011 snaacqff. ' 1 'C,0fvf'f, ELEANOR L. JOHNSON Honor Roll, G.A.A., F.T.A., Y-Teens. GUS E. JOHNSON Orchestra. NANCY RUTH JOHNSON Homeroom OE., Devotional, G.A.A., Y-Teens. NANCY LOUISE JOHNSTON Do'1'rY LU JONES Book Sq., Decorating, Medical, Ways and Means, G.A.A. Chorus. KATHERINE JONES Activities Key, Homeroom OH., Decorating, Hospitality, G.A.A MARY ELIZABETH JORDAN Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom OE., Decorating, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Range Rockette, Chorus. DILEK KAHYAOGLU Honorary Member of Student Congress, G.A.A., Y-Teens. JOHN c. KAISER Homeroom OH., Football, Intramural Basketball, Trallic. 1956 RUSSELL A. KAMPER Intramural Basketball, Tramc. JUDIE KAUF MAN SANDRA J. KECK Lantem, Homeroom Off., Devotional, Y-Teens, Chorus. ANDREW 1. KEEFE Football, Cafeteria. K 5 op LYNN KEENER I' D 4 W s Lantern, Band. AJAX WILLIAM L. KELLEHER, JR. Homeroom OE., Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Cafe- teria, Hi-Y. PAUL O. KELLY Honor Roll, Activities Key, Homeroom OE., Chemistry Sq., Physics Sq., Projection, Chorus. JACK C. KENNING Homeroom OE., Baseball, Basketball, Football, Intramural Base- ball, Cafeteria, Hi-Y. 1. ROGER KENT 6 , In am ' '- S tr ural Basketball, Cafetena, Traffic, Hx Y. co Obec I 45 QEQQEQE ,QAM ROD KERR Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, Cross Country, Chemistry Sq., Projection, Ways and Means. ELIZABETH C. KETCHUM National Honor Society, Activities. Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, H Student Congress Sec., G.A.A., Cheerleader Capt., Information. MARIOREE MAE KIDNER Attendance, Library, Medical. Y-Teens, G.A.A. PATRICIA LUCILLE KIDNER Library, Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens. THOMAS H. KIMMELL Intramural Basketball, I. V. Cross Country, Cafeteria, Traiic, Hi-Y. BARBARA KING Homeroom OE., Decorating, Red Cross, Y-Teens, Range Rock- ette, Chorus. ROBERT R. KING, JR. Homeroom OH., Intramural Basketball, Track. ODETTE KINGSLEY National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantem Editor, Homeroom Off., Decorating, Devotions, Y-Teens OE. BARBARA ANN KIRSOPP Medical, Y-Teens, Band. seniors JUDY BECK and JOHN REID Sie. fb ' E. -1 - . 5 1 F1 f -, . xr I 2 Z.. 'X ' 5 -3. EYE ui ff: 'li 13 23: 1, A 93:1--A: i i' ,f -f it 7 er- " i ""ff - , ' ei ' A his A ' -- . ' f 'Rb CW 'Y,i,5,., I L. 46 CAROL JEAN KLABER Attendance, Ways and Means, Y-Teens, Orchestra, Chorus. IUDITH ANN KLANKE Honor Roll Lantem Log Library C A Ran Rockette, "Curious Savage." , , , - DANIEL ERNEST KLETTER Honor Roll, Intramural Basketball. MM LEE M. KLINGENBERG HENRY KLUG 1,4-6 Honor Roll, Blue Devil, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Orchestra. KATHLEEN CAROL KNOCH National Honor Society, Advisory Council, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Nominating Comm., So- cial Comm Chm., Dmm Major, Senior Play. PETER IAMES KOPCSAK National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off-, Foot- ball, Track Co-Capt., Intramural Basketball. KAY KOTMEL Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom OE., Biology Sq., Informativn, N Medical, Red Cross. DAVID 0. KRAFT Football, Track, Hi-Y, Chorus, Devotional Choir. 1956 MARY ANN KRAUTHEIM Activities Key, Lantem, Library, Public Address, Red Crcss, Y-Teens, Range Rockette, Chorus, Devotional Choir. KENNETH KRUGH Cafeteria. KATHLEEN L. KUMER Honor Roll, Lantem, F.T.A., C.A.A., Y-Teens. NANCY ELIZABETH LAMB Activities Key, Lantem, Lost and Found Chm., Attendance, F.T.A., Chorus, "Color on the Loose," Devotional Choir, Triple, Trio. THOMAS I. LaMO'1'I'A Homeroom Olf. Baseball Football Intramural Basketb l. u I1 -. ... 4 I L A j National Honor Socigy, oll0 Progra P anning mm., SETH R. LAMPE JOHN LARNE11 Q F.T.A. of-I. ' W Bon LARRY I ' I Honor Roll, Homeroom OH. I ranJ15Lgask3 Y. I. ROBERT LaRUE, IR. ' 0' , Football, Track, Intramural Basketball. 47 Lg K' Q99-ig ol fi t I BARBARA LEE LEWIS Lantem, Library, G.A.A. DAVID H. LEWIS BARBARA ELLEN LATHAM Activities Key, Lantem, Homeroom OE., Intramural Tennis, Red Cross, Gym Sq., G.A.A., Y-Teens. I0 ANNE LAUB Lantem, Mounty, Information, Program Planning Comm., Y- Teens. DIANE ALICE LAUBENHEIMER G.A.A. . x HARRY LEECH 51" Football, Cafeteria, Hi-Y. W , BARBARA MICHELLE LEMIRE Log, Y-Teens. W K Qx . GEORGE LESTER 9' Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Band. V l HAL LEUTHOLT I JOSEPH LEVIN 0. LYNNE ESTELLE LEVY 1 ' Lantem, G.A.A. u I SBIIIUIS Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Track, Basketball, I V Football Projection Senior Pl y noisnnfr D. LEWIS if QQ, HJ. National Honor Society, on r oll, omeroom Off., Cross Country, I. V. Basketball, I. V. Track Txyflic, . THEODORE C. LINN 19 f A Dix Kwai National Honor Society Iti y, Ho ll, Homeroom OH., Tennis, Projec ' , i-Y, Senior Play. LAUREL ANN LOCK ART Activities Key, Hono Roll, Lantem, Log, Homeroom Off., K Honor Award Comm., Library, Red Cross, G.A.A. JoHN A. LONETT, JR. ?1Q WILLIAM W. LOVETT 1 C by Track. Q3 ELIZABETH I. LURTY rx , Majorette. r ' XX' ' GEOFF REY B. LUTZ J N 1 Band, Senior Play. . 1 , PQ? 5 Q' 8 . BEST ATHLETES DONA HOUSER and FRITZ WALKER Sf:-ii AEXQJ Q 'A' 3111 TX! " M DIANA LYNCH Log, Art Sq. Chm. ELEANOR ANN LYNOTT Honor Roll, Log, I-Iomeroom OE., Medical, G.A.A. Council Range Rockette. LAWRENCE A. MACK Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. JANET ELIZABETH MacLEAN Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Usherettes, G.A.A., Y-Teens. ROBERT L. MAJOR ' Intramural Basketball, Trallic, Cafeteria, Band. YVONNE MARY MANIET Infonnation, "Color on the Loose." EMILY MANN Ways and Means. FRANCIS S. MARCIN I. V. Cross Country, Intramural Basketball. ELAINE E. MARTIN G.A.A., F.T.A., Y-Teens, Spanish Club. I 49 WILLIAM E. MASTERSON, JR. National Honor Society, Activities Key, Country Capt., Track Capt., Band. MARIORIE K. MAY Medical, Information, G.A.A., Y-Teens. BARBARA ANN MCGINNIS Lantern, Medical, Red Cross, G.A.A. NANCY RUTH MCGRATH Medical, Publicity, G.A.A., Chorus. ROBERT H. MCLENNAN yy, , C 2512 Honor Roll, Cross Baseball, I. V. Football, Intramural Basket ll, Hi-Y. SALLY I. MELLOR Chorus, Triple Trio, "Color on the Loose," "Showboat." ROBERT I. MERSINGER Football. IOHN R. MIHM Track, Cross Country, Cafeteria, Traffic. RACHEL K. MILLER Homeroom OE., Information, G.A.A., Y-T eens Off., Band. cf 'SWA' 'Z Qcu? QYZCFNVQT -yso Q6 'ef' of' Lzfwon ea? x 'led' 054 -iq 8' 'PC . 1, W WWBLJA seriaoftr, 'Coy .WW x Greg.. fe A of ff seniors MAY VIOLA MISSEL G.A.A., Orchestra. ROY D. MOFF ITT Track, J. V. Cross Country, Orchestra. KARL S. MUCHA Honor Roll, Football, Intramural Basketball. CARL J. MUIA Honor Roll, Trallic. AMY KAY MUNCASTER National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom' Off.. G.A.A., Y-Teens, "Showboat," Senior Play. IANET E. MUNN Lantem, Homeroom OE., Devotional, Medical, Red Cross. Ways and Means, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Range Rockette. RODGER W. MURTAUGH Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Golf, I. V. Basketball. ELIZABETH NASH Lantem, Homeroom OE., F.T.A., G.A.A. WILLIAM H. NEWMAN Honor Roll, Cafeteria, Projection, Stage Crew. 50 D. NANCY NICHOLS Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., F.T.A. G.A.A., Chorus. RUTH P. NIELSEN National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern Mounty, Attendance, Red Cross, G.A.A., Y-Teens OE. CARLYNN F. NILL National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll Lantem, Library, G.A.A., Band, Chorus. ANNE KATHRYN NOLAN Honor Roll, Log, Library, F.T.A., G.A.A. STEPHANA 0. NORRIS Attendance, F.T.A. OE., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Senior Play. EMILIO A. NOTTE MARY CLOVER OAKES Lantem, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Devotional Choir, Triple Trio Chorus. W. ROBERT O'NEAL Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Hi-Y, Band. WAYNE ORB MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED KATHY KNOCH and ALAN RICE 51 1 HENRY OSWICK Football, Cafeteria. HAROLD S. OVERHOLT, IR.. National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Track, 1. V. Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Projection, Hi-Y OE. DAVID C. OWENS Honor Roll, Homeroom OE., Golf Capt., J. V. Basketball, Tral'Hc. ROBERTA PAOLICELLI Attendance, Devotional, Library, Medical, Red Cross, G.A.A., Chorus. ' I-I. SHELDON PARKER, IR. National Honor Society, Advisory Council,, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom OH., Intramural Basket- ball, Public Address Chm. EARLE I. PATTERSON National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress Pres., Homeroom OE., Football, Track, Intramural, Basketball, Social Comm., Hi-Y OE. NORMA PATTERSON Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Red Cross, G.A.A., Y-Teens. PAULA PATTERSON Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens OE. MARY W. PENDLETON National Honor So ety, nor R unty, G.A.A., Chorus, "Color on the Loos "M iWiW Qzfrillmfuiiff L Homeroom Off., V. Basketball. GEORGE W. PEOPLES, IR. Homeroom OH., Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Hi-Y. JUDITH ANN PETERS Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens. H. WILLIAM PETTY, II Track Mgr., Library. FRANK HARRY PINKUS Lantern, Cross Country Mgr., Track Mgr., Basketball, Tennis, Cafeteria, Traffic. ELIZABETH A. POMEROY Library, F .T.A., G.A.A., Y-Teens. CAROL ANN POWERS G.A.A., Senior Play. LINDA LOUISE PRICE Homeroom Oil., Log, Lantern, Decorating, Library, Medical, Majorette. ' ROSE MARIE PYLE G.A.A. 52' IUDITH ANNE RAAKER Lantern, Bulletin Board, G.A.A., Y-Teens. WILLIAM A. RANKIN National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Student Court, I. V. Basketball, Cafeteria, Traffic, Hi-Y Off., Band. BRUCE JAMES RATHKE Band, Dance Band. MARY BELLE REARICK Log, Attendance Co-Chm., Library, F .T.A., G.A.A. WILLIAM S. RECTENWALD Chemistry, Band. JOHN L. REID Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Basketball, Cross Country, Track Co-Capt., I. V. Football. CHARLES A. REINBOLT Lantem, Intramural Basketball, Physics Sq., Traffic. TERENCE G. BENTON RICHARD A. RHONE, IR. 1 3 ww 1 A - E I l955 W W ww. MOST SOPHISTICATED GIGI GRIMM and MIKE OVERHOLT ' sa ALAN WATSON RICE National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress Pres., Homeroom Off., Studio Co-Mgr., Traffic, Chorus. ROWEENE RICHARDS Lantem, Attendance, Library, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. JOSEPHINE RIDER Honor Roll, Lantem, Log, Attendance, Medical, Red Cross, Usher, G.A.A., Y-Teens. - BONNIE LOUISE ROBINSON Activities Key, Homeroom Off., Decorating, Medical, Social Comm., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Majorette Co-Capt., "Sliowboat." DOROTHY A. ROBINSON National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Lantern, Library, Medical, G.A.A., F.T.A., Chorus. VERNA JEAN ROBINSON Honor Roll, Log, Library, G.A.A., Range Rockette. CAROL ROHM National Honor Society, Activities Key, Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Art Sq., Honor Award Comm., G.A.A., Y- Teens. DONALD P. ROLLINS JOEL H. ROSENBERG Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Traffic, Hi-Y. aA,:.a.-ffm-""-' W' .sr bl 'f-0,9-fvQ!,l..Avvrfx- ' he ji semurs tm. 1 f f f f fl . 7. fi kc DAVID ROTH Homeroom Off., I. V. Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, 1 Projection. f LINDA KATHERINE ROWE Activities Key, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Band. IEFF D. RUCKER Homeroom Off., Football, Intramural Basketball. CAROL IOAN RUDERT Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. PETER CARL RUNDEL Cross Country Mgr., Track Mgr., Rifle, Hi-Y. WALLY C. SAMUELS, IR. Lo Golf, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. , ,Ls as fuck' '7"",amcf 1' loaf? +A.. 5.11 ,oils STEWART F. SANDER, IR. Log, Cafeteria, Blue Devil. nav' way All yovf CECILE F. SCATTAREGIA ll S-6 . CL! Lantem, Homeroom Off., Library, Medical, Red Cross, G. .A. WILLIAM L. SCHAEFER National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Program Planning Comm., Hospitality. Traffic, Chorus. ' 54 I Y 'W I ADA C. SCHOCH Lantem, Bulletin Board, Library. CHRISTINE ANN SCHOEDEL Lantem, Bulletin Board, Ways and Means, Y-Teens. IRIS ROSE SCHWARZ Attendance, Y-Teens, Chorus. SARAH CORNELIA SCOGGINS Art Sq., Decorating, Library, Medical, Range Rockette. ROBERT I-I. SEFTON Honor Roll, Homeroom OE, Intramural Basketball, VVays and Means. JOHN CHARLES SELLECK Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Band. WILLIAM SAMUEL SHANKLIN Football. GAIL M. SI-IIELDS F.T.A., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band. WILLIAM L. SHIELDS- Cross Country, Intramural Basketball,. Cafeteria, Projection, X Hi-Y. l956 DONNA LEE SICA Attendance, Cheerleader, Decorating, Medical, Range Roclcette. CAROL ANN SIMPSON National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Court, Lantem, Cheerleader Co-Capt., Medical, G.A.A., Chorus. JOHN T. SIMPSON I. V. Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Band. ' SANDRA K. SISSON Red Cross, G.A.A. AUBREY H. SLATER Track, I. V. Football. DONALD I. SLAUGHENHOUPT Chorus. CHARLES SMITH Homeroom Off. - DEBORAH QUAYLE SMITH Honor Roll, Mounty, Art Sq., G.A.A., Y-Teens. LARRY SMITH Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Devotional Choir, "Showboat." 55 BEST DANCERS CAROL SIMPSON and BUZZ KAISER ICCUOII REED W. SMOOT Intramural Basketball. CONSTANTINE GEORGE SOFIS X10 Sy W. TERRY SMITH ' l Mounty, Football Mgr., Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, - . . . X 4 of H' Chemistry Sq Kg - 'yikff mfg KAY L. SOHRAUEH ' ' L. Jo SPOKANE Log, Lrbrary, Chorus HAROLD D. SPRACUE ' Basketball, Intramural Ba all. , N' RONALD SQUILLER I fy Football. NANCY ANN STAFFORD Attendance, Devotional, G.A.A., Chorus. CONSTANCE LEE STALMA Honor Roll, Lantem, Information, Library, F.T.A. 56 seniors DAWN LUWAYNE STARR Lantem, Bulletin Board, Information, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. ANN NICHOLSON STEARNS Honor Roll, Lantem, Log, Chorus. JOAN E. STECK Devotional, Range Rockette, Chorus, "Showboat." MARGARET E. STERLING Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom OH., Red Cross, Ways and Means, G.A.A., Y-Teens. IUDITH M. STERNER Lantem, Red Cross, G.A.A., Range Rockette. ROBERT JOHN STERRETT STEPHANIE C. STORY Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Honor Award Comm., Medical, Y-Teens. EDITH LOUISE STRICKLER Library, G.A.A., Y-Teens PATRICIA MARION STUBNER Lantem, Log, Mounty, Rifle, Lost and Found, C.A.A. if-fffp! size! an M I me IOE SULLIVAN ' Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. SHEILA SULLIVAN Lantem, Log, G.A.A. ELIZABETH ANN SUMMERS Teens. , WILLIAM H. SWAN Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. I JOHN R. SWARTZWELDER I WILLIAM F. TAMPLIN, IR. Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Track, Hi-Y, Band. ,, my gm, fl .1 - 1 - BEVERLYANN TAN LLO 72744 0 6 Band. ROBERT L. TATE Lantern, Log, Ways and Means. VIRGINIA E. TAYLOR Activities Key, Lantem, Attendance, Cheerleader, Library Medical, Ways and Means, G.A.A. I 'W 57 Lantern, Homeroom OE., Bulletin Board, F.T.A., G.A.A., Y- SALLY ANN THOMPSON IAMES J. THORNTON CAROLE L. TIPPING WILLIAM A. TOTH SUE TURNER OE. IAMES I. VAN GUNDY CARLOTTA VAN VOY MARCUERITE I. VECH Attendance, G.A.A. MOST TALENTED JUDY KLANKE and GEOF LUTZ 58 Chemistry Sq., Projection. Library, Red Cross Chm., I-IARRIET LEE THOMPSON Lantem, Log, Mounty, Attendance, Lost and Found Lantem, Attendance, Medical, G.A.A. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball. Information, Library, G.A.A., Y-Teens. Quill and Scroll, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantem Asst. Editor, Homeroom Off., Attendance, G.A.A. Council, Y-Teens Ways and Means, G.A.A., Chorus u NANCY VIRTS Homeroom OE., Information, Medical, Red Cross, F.T.A., Off., Y-Teens, Band. HENRY BENTON VOGEL MILTON CHARLES VOGEL ELIN LOUISE VOIGT Lantem, Mounty, Bulletin Board, Infonnation, Library, F.T.A BOSEMARY VOIGT Honor Roll, Lantem, Homeroom OE., Library, Ways and Means, G.A.A. KARI VOLDNER Honorary Member of Student Congress, Library, F.T.A. CARL W. VOLKWEIN Intramural Basketball, Band. VIRGINIA VONDER HEIDE Attendance, Bulletin Board, Infomiation, Medical, Y-Teens, Chorus. ELLEN H. VON ENDE National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantem, Devotional Chm, G.A.A., Y-Teens OE., Chorus. 1956 ELLA MAY VOORHIES Honor Roll, G.A.A. JOYCE C. WAGNER Log, Mounty, Lost and Found, Medical, Red Cross, Range Rockette. PAUL EDWARD WAGNER DAVID F. WALKEH National Honor Society, Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom OE., Football, Basketball, Track, Cafe- teria, Hospitality. IOHN HILL WALLACE, III Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Band. PHIL WALSH Football, Intramural Basketball. CHARLES E. WANGEMAN, IR. Homeroom OE., Football, Traffic, Orchestra. SALLY ANN WARDEN Attendance, Information, Library, Medical. CRETCHEN LOUISE WARMBEIN Lantem, Library, Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens. QW! gwz X A .- pu-wfvfib Za 59 if 1, If A 6Afc.,4,f of J -QQ '71 I " 1 - Y' swam tv- aft' OROTHY WARNER ' vities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Medical, Publicity 06 ohm., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band. D WILLIAM A. WARNES Homeroom OE., Log, Cross Country, I. V. Track, Hi-Y, Blue Devil. IOHN A. WATTERS, IR. Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Chemistry Sq., Band. CARY N. WEISIGER Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. . ROBERT K. WEITZEL 1 Q Cafeteria, TralBc, HifY. 0 ll 6 F gZe O I rj IUDY JANE WELCH Msg 0 F f .h Range Rockette, Chorus. V C1 ft , J I M I il0 'gh I' ' ROBERT A. R. WELCH 51 h 4' A 'lj Vs A 'I' Homeroom OE. 10 W Q ax, 0 -,. , , . BARBARA WETZEL -I 1 - J- wi!! nes Qp Mounty. Red Cross, G.A.A. fa A P KL RICHARD E. WHITE ' '7 fi qc ffl . Football, Rifle, Intramural Basketball ' Dag seniors IOANNE ELIZABETH WIELAND Lantern, Attendance, G.A.A., Y-Teens. MARILYN ANNE WILEY Lantem, Homeroom OE., Library, Y-Teens. DOROTHY ANN WILLIAMS Lantem, Log, Homeroom Off., Attendance, Bulletin Board, Library, Medical, G.A.A. HUG D W1 M Nati o oc t , Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom OE., o s n ,' ck, Track Mgr., Hi-Y, Senior IREN . , L e , e ' Board, Y-Teens. LIA A -Te l1 K EQER IL IA f ado onor Society, oun ' tudent Court, Homeroom OE. she hm. A S B. WILLINGHAM, IR. ., Physics Sq., Public Address, Usher, Chorus, Devotional 3' nal Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Chemistry ORGE WILSON Homeroom OE., Football, Basketball, Intramural Basketball. 60 4 l ll A ,Ai I Ir U 4 A - lu 921' W If LEO WILSON LV , fly P1 Mb Baseball, Basketball. f' l ,ff THOMAS E. w1LsoN ya? M O Intramural Basketball, V. Football, afeteriygypl 'W 9' FRED WOLFF Intramural Basketball, Baseball. ' NANCY CAROLYNE WOOD Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Lantern, Bulletin Board, Library, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Senior Play, Program Planning Comm. LAWRENCE L. WOODRICK . Intramural Basektball. M. LOIS WOOLMAN National Honor Society, Honor Roll, G.A.A., Medical, Y-Teens, Orchestra. CAROL E. WRIGHT Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Band. NEIL E. YARI-IOUSE Intramural Basketball. ROWLAND A. YEO Honor Roll. l95B NANCY HELEN YOUNG Medical, Y-Teens. GEORGE ALBIN YUHASZ Honor Roll. JACQUELINE L. ZABOWSKI Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A Comm. RICHARD I. ZELLERS CAROLE JEAN ZUEHLKE Lantern, G.A.A. 61 seeial hutteitlies and mental giants The class of '57 after another year at Mt. Lebanon High School was still a study in contrasts. One found either so- cial butterflies or mental giants. Occa- sionally there was that rare creature who combined the talents of both groups. The class boasted a few world trav- elers, several football stars, a potential Einstein, a future Hemingway, a new Cleopatra, and a Brando that would make even Marlon sit up. At the year's end the class of contrasts looked forward to making "their year" the most unique of all. 11-1 MISS SMITH FRONT ROW: Sue Williams, Mary Price, Judie Lewis, Tom Leib, Linda Hofmann, Ron Weis, Paula Fry, Jane Easton, Judy Gebhardt. ROW 2: Tom McCrory, Jim Douglass, Chris- tine Balach, Karen Benz, Peggy Triggs, Kitty McKee, Sallie Parry, Maureen Malone, jim Husk, Bob Trocano. BACK ROW: Jim Mc- Michael, Mike McLaughlin, George Wilson, Bill Malarkey, David Doe, Bill Davidson, Wilson Holes, Tom Brashares. 11-3 MISS BECK FRONT ROW: Lois Lachman, Con- nie Beinhauer, Iamee Francis, john Rowe, Virginia Powell, Chuck Rein- hold Barbara Tischler, Elvira Gerace, Mume Ridlon. ROW 2: Richard Stone, Carol Lawrence, Janet Mc- Grath, Barbara Maxson, Judy VVhaley, Ioan McKeen, Nancy Meider, Ioanne Beitler, joe Hickman. BACK ROW: Richard Heineman, Dick jenny, Pat Phelan, Dave Reed, Gilbert Valter, Norman Manzione, Jack Krause, Pete Faville, Iohn Zywan. 9 - F 11-2 MR. WHIPKEY FRONT ROW: Marlene Paganelli, jean Johnston, Leila Moore, Carole Simms, Cindy Hammond, Cindy Mc- Knight, Io Walter, Pat Curran, Sue Voigt. ROW 2: Ron Bumer, Dave Moss, Jean King, Nancy Archer, Bar- bara Trackett jane Starkey, Carol Milhiser, Linda Lucot, Roger Mal- lory, Sam Bowman. BACK ROW: Dick Demaret, Bob Godwin, Dave Winslow, Jim McCalmont, Brian Bauknight, Art Hedgren, Al Babb, Dick Cenedella, Don Geisler, Peter App. 11-4 MISS GROVE FRONT ROW: Sandra Miller Het- tie Albo, Lynne Perlman, Don lJavis, Sandy Bokan, Sandy Dempsey, Jane McGinnis, Linda Gorges, Gail Will- iams. ROW 2: John Arth, Carol Ram- stead, Barbara Smith, Patti Grego , Arlene Berk, Sonja Kemejuk, Padla Phelps, Don Smith. BACK ROW: Bob Reitz, Malcolm Dowling, Eddie Robison, Bill Snyder, Dave McDon- ald, George Marshall, Joel Heitmeier. 11-5 MISS ELLIOTT FRONT ROW: Alice Evans, Phyllis Goodwin, Maria Liadis, lim Lawler, incl: Garlitz, lim Kules, Nancie eech, Joyce Ohliger, Priscilla Del- ach. ROW 2: Jane Wian, Wilhelmina Warden, Ioan Breining, Helen Gil- bert, Jane Wurster, Suzanne Brown, Sue Enright. BACK ROW: Bob Ful- ler, Bill Smith, Chuck Zivic, john Satigan, Dale Herrington, Franlc eda, Mike Sinclair, Bob Bendis. 11-7 MRS. WATTERS FRONT ROW: Judy Singer, Mar- tha Hood, Carole Schaup, Blair Battistini, Harriet Berlin, lerry Epps, joan Asti, Kathy Melham, Connie Hutchins. ROW 2: John Ross, Dave Ankrom, Marcia Mandell, Margie Hill. Wendy Gilbert, Barbara Moel- ler Carolyn Mihm, Nancy Krueger, Rachel Murdoch, Richard O'Brren, Richard Volkwein. BACK ROW: Bob Malone, Tom Dumm, Claude Rhen, Karl Wentzel, Bill Fronek, jack Emmerling, Bob Montgomery, Joel Davidson, Wesley McAllister. ll-6 MR. DOAK FRONT ROW: Ioan Atchison, Ann Hart, Darlene Magellan, Doug Fuss, Denise Fife, Ioe Evans. Nancy Con- nor, Becky Cole, Geraldine Grosso. ROW 2: Irvine Cochran. Garrv Con- nors, Linda Sutherland, Charlotte Hering, Nancy Fink. Bette Morris, Dorothy Taggart, Bob Mascaro, Har- ry Ballman. BACK ROW: Tom Al- bertson, Gary Fitzgerald, Tom Ar- nold, Dave Fitzgerald, Marshall Drake, Bill Goebel, Norm Greene. fa if 11-9 DR. DENBOW FRONT ROW: Carol Sweeny, Myr- na Souch, Rita Cummins, Mary Lou Pyle, Dan Haller, Mary Jo Temmel, Bonnie Richards, Kay Carson, Claudia Stroyd. ROW 2: Janet Ac- kenheil, Linda Hanly, Kay Morton, Mimi Hammer, Pat McDonald, Mary Ellen McElroy, Dottie Gilliland, An- drea Joseph, Carole Baxter. BACK ROW: Bob Davey, Bruce Callahan, Jack Karcher, Dick Anderson, Ted Brunn, John Mayer, Bill Brashares, Bob Lane, Paul Martin, Don Kimes. 11-8 MISS WHINNIE FRONT ROW: Jayne Miller, Bar- bara Krasinski, Sandra Magan, Ed Hartman, Ann Koblish, Eric Wal- gren, Peggy Drew, Gayle Hoffman, Helene Estel. BOW 2: David Kre- del, Clark Blaise, Serena Pendle- ton, Linda Murray, Donna Bucking- ham, Betsy Slagle, Gail Berghoff, Emily Geeseman, Robert Carnahan, Bob Knecht. BACK ROW: Keith Damon, Joseph Meyers, John Wal- ton, Charles Dunker, Don Nicholson, William Roscoe, Leif Mollo, William Allen, Dick,Beck, Richard Stover, Richard Emerick, Bruce Godwin. 11-10 MISS ROEGGE FRONT ROW: Patty Hays, Jane Collins, Sandie Rambo, Meg Holtz, Mary Claire Fitch, Sanford Vedder,- Louise Franco, Jeanette Sarandos, Priscilla Herrmann. ROW 2: Mur- ray Davis, Bonnie Walker, Carol Stevenson, Pat Cowan, Bonnie Mc- Kee, Louann Daugherty, Mary Lou Molnar, Bette Almasy, Roger Peters. BACK ROW: Jim Reynolds, Bob Wright, Tom Robinson, Bob Long, Dave Bumham, Sid Forbes, Steve Sutton, Sam Spagnolo. 11-11 MR. LAMPRINAKOS FRONT ROW: judy Risdon, Max'- garet Brown, Corky Guy, Alan Ren- ton, Judy Wright, Dave Zeph, Caro- line Topliff, Virginia Dick, Mary Ellen Kennedy. 'ROW 2: Bill Cat- roll, Bob Guthxidge, Don Breier, Iu- die Green, Al DiSalvio, Ray Bon- well, Herb Donaghy. BACK ROW: Lee Shrum, Iack Weaver, Frank Ma- on., 'l'ed Beumm, Butch Truesdali. 11-12 MR. KLINE FRONT ROW: Linda Vaughn, Sher- rin Marshall, Carol Stabile, Gary Tuxnquist, ,Pean Greenberg, Dennis Kasun, Betty Swearingen, 1-'at Rob- ertson, Mary Lou Deeley. ROW 2: Jim Stemple, Dick Hoskin, Dave Owens, Bonnie Wilson, Ianet Holz- hauser, Carol Messing, Dick Bab- cock, Bob Johnson, Dave Miller. BACK ROW: Keith Kerry, Chuck McGervey, Jim Ohleger, Dick Gib- bons, Bob Smith, Tom Cusick, Bill Curnow, Paul Sparrow, Doug Ray- mond. 11-13 MR. BECKERT FRONT ROW: Jody Beachler, Lin- nie Lou Steiner, Audrey Melman, john Connelly, Pat Linn, Bob Ed- wards, Marian Elbome, Barbara Gom- ber, Donna Eckfeld. ROW 2: Henry Ablauf, lim Inderwish, Ewing Moore, Norman Leitholf, Karen Anderson, Ray Goodrich, Dennis Maloney, Dave Sutter, Elmar Roscoe. BACK ROW: john Prezioso, Dick Braken, Nor- man Opferman. Dick Miller, Frank Muns, Carl Hjerpstedt, Steve Delach, Bob Slocum. 11-15 MISS SKERIOTIS FRONT ROW: Sandy Hervet, Cathy Lynch, Valerie Snee, janet Powers, Nancy Karkalla, Sylvia Mulling, June Phillips, Carole Neville, Lynn Hodges. ROW 2: ,Iohn Van Vorst, Pete Nease, Phil DuFresne, Dick Dent, Norma Schoen, john Brunk, John Frame, Edward Depp, Warren Saunders. BACK ROW: Louis Lun- ardini, Jim Anderson, Victor Hill, Fred Myers, Ray Pierson, Rusty Tournay, Jim Mack. 11-14 MISS HESLEP FRONT ROW: Rita Crahen, Sha- ron Wagner, Barbara Goetz, Lillian Wolfrum, Roger Swigart, Janice Paulsen, Pat Lynn, Gail Ahlers, Alice Wilhelms.. ROW 2: Iim Arth, Sandi Tauberg, Nell Garrison, Rhoda Hickman, Peggy Galey, Su- zanne Pardini, Dorian Lester, Lin- da Weir, Iudy Cope, Frank Doerz- bacher. BACK ROW: Bob Holmes, Don Brodie, jim ,Poellot, Howard Katzrnanudaclc Erler, Fred Seamans, Tom Bra ey, jim Hixson, Erich Msredig, Martin Sisk, Ted Best. . 5, tx, , I " , ,., . J 2,9 . .wa ,fi f-' X. ,, D i .. , 1 . 1 , , ff' j U ,L . M W, . 4. f -,af A ur , I ,, ---ff' 5 if ,ffl 5 fi. . bra ,, i , . 264-NA, L1 ,gi A 1 4, ,, , if 11-16 MR. PAGNANELLI FRONT ROW: Karen Collins, Beth Wright, Bemadette Visocky, Mike McMahon, Patsy Rohm, Dick Lioon, Mary Anne Trecki, Gretchen Dicker- son, Judy Blatt. ROW 2: Kay Den- gler, Iudy Pletcher, Carolyn Davies, IoEllen Marks, Pat Kessler, Janice Meinen, Sheila Mulvihill, June Asti, Joan Jackson, Rhonda McAfoos. BACK ROW: Iohn Tumbull, Rich- ard Christ, Gene Beedle, Bob Scott, Ioe Curran, Glenn Barton, John Zim- merman, David Holmes, George Ro- beck, Herman Kreuzer. P ,' J tomnrroufs promise 10-1 MRS. DAVIS FRONT HOW: Nancy Fry, Gretchen Smith, Lois Martin, Lynne Speck- hals, Gary Henderson, Jean Ray, Ju- dy Fisher, Sharon Driskell, Judy Robinson, Connie Curtin. ROW 2: Dave Hamill, Bob Mahoney, Daryl Geisinger, Carol MacDonald, Sue Gullion, Nancy Reed, Barbara Swartzwelder, Irene Vogel, Martha Bosworth, Ellen Folan, Dick John- ston, Thomas Miller. BACK ROW: Robert McCrory, John Myers, Bob Kidner, Ken Thompson, Bill Missel, Don Ritenour, George Schein, Tom Topener, Bob Stocker, Bill Hofrich- ter, Ralph Nehrig. 55' f if gf. sf? I 'A Having celebrated a glorious "9-A" day as "big wheelsv at Mellon, the soph- omores were thoroughly convinced that their entrance into Mt. Lebanon's Senior High would be a grand and triumphant spectacle. The conservatives were not so easily convinced, however, and much of the early life of Mt. Lebanon's soph- mores was spent in attempts to prove their mental, social, and physical prow- ess. Soon, however, they settled into a more normal pattern and were quietly assimilated into high school life. At the year's end sophomores began to look longingly at a new year when they would sit as judges of a new crop of world-beaters. ax 'K ' A" fir O I Q EM an W ui' I V Q 10-2 MR. GOODWIN Pack. FRONT ROW: Judy Hoener, Ella Wilson, Sally Coltman, Stella Huls berg, Doug Naismith, Anne Potter John Mintun, Nancy Headley, Prissy Booth, Jane Trevaskis. ROW 2: John Henthome, Russell Lachman, Sandra Lamont, Norma Blackbum, Judy Pastre, Marilyn Briant, Jill Galbraith Donna Francis, Joan Amdt, Bill Da vison, Jim Higgins. BACK ROW Norman Sterling, Bill Lynch, Dave Campbell, Jim St. Clair, Bob Al bright, Dave Brownlee, Tim Parsons Burt Cohn, John Muncaster, Jim I0-3 DR. BROMBERICK FRON Don Bock, Al Hammond, Dave Trie ger, Jim Strader, Todd Elliott. 10-4 MR. MEHNER FRONT ROW: Arlene Bryan, Vir ginia Walker, Sandy Thomton, Steve Magoon, Estelle Buchheit, Tom Ric- ca, Donna Thomas, Diane Schafer, Judy Flinn. ROW 2: Carol Wilson, Jane Langreth, Barbara Watson, Mar- jorie Humeston, Sue Wetmore, Suz- anne Heritage, Suellen Davis, Blanche Cartwright, Rosemary Thur- ansky, Jean Brant. BACK ROW: Lee Purnell, Dave Swisher, Russ Jordan, Mike Nicholson, Roger Wieg- man Robert Budav' h All , IC , an Hughes, Iv-ilerb Christman, Carl Moslener, Mike ames, Calvin Hoememan, Nick Atria, Tom Brown. 10-5 MR. CLARK FRONT ROW: Susan Slack, Jean Lingham, Linda Mclntire, Carolyn Trautman, Alison Young, Bonnie Mancini, Judy Japp, Nancy Modery. Sandy Wilsman. ROW 2: Russell Thompson, John Fleming, Joanne Luxbacher, Gloria Camien, Linda Greenberg, Nola Carroll, Janice Han- ley, Marilynn Klostermeyer, Kathie Ortolf, Andrew Krugh, Ken Kliving- ton. BACK ROW: Paul Fnzzard, Richard Perkins, Paul Wolff, Jon Harris, Frank Wadsworth, Dick Mil- ler, Jan Szafanski, Harrv Loew, Jer- ry Cooper, Jon Warmbein, Ronald Dometta, Ford Kimmel. T ROW: Paula Hutchinson Margaret Bowser, Lynn Dambach Joan Hall, Marilyn Masterson, Carol Nobel, Judie Jesteadt, Sue Langreth Eleanor Henry, Carol Thompson ROW 2: Jim Polachek, Bill Short reed, Janice Bistricky, Jean Astbury Ann Snee, Scott Redding, Dick An derson. BACK ROW: Ray Comfort 10-7 MR. JONES FRONT ROW: Judy Mayer, Bev- erly Spencer, Judy Geyer, Mary Jane Mordash, Gretchen Taylor, Pat Negele, Kay Matthews, Joan Mait- land, Sue Kennedy. ROW 2: John Menner, Mac Harper, Virginia Hen- dricks, Nancy Madson, Judy Shaf- fer, Jo Larkins, Susan Dodson, Don- na Jones, John Conomos, Bob Beck- er. BACK ROW: Dave Bryce, Bob Sullivan, Mike Higgins, Dick Ebert, Jack Astbury, Wayne Larabee, Tom Traynor, Jim Campbell, Bemie Paube, Dennis Kraber, Ed Beach- er. 5, ,gs is 9 6 0 H , , ,ffl li rm- ,W i JJ, , 10-6 MISS THORPE FRONT ROW: Emily Gleysteen. Sue Martz, Claudia Grant, Ricnard Kniss, Pat Tichenor, Dave Downie, Arlene Holland, Judy Bayer, Peggy Sanders. ROW 2: Mike Clark, Fred Feld- meier, Pat Stewart, Mona Thomp- son, Suzanne Bauman, Jackie Moel- ler, Carol Barson, Pat Fisher, Suz- anne Harper, Tom Wasson. Ken Ross. BACK ROW: Kurt Ramsey, Richard Barker, Herb Rentler, An- thony Prezioso, Rick Warnke. John Krugh, Melvin Descamp, Bob Ro- denhaugh, Jim Giuliani, Bill Law- ler. 10-8 MISS ELMS FRONT ROW: Beverly Henry, Bon- nie Buerkle, Myrna Mandell, Jane Smith, Dan Lee, Susan Deetjen, Suz- anne Dana, Mary Mitchell, Alice Ann Myers. ROW 2: Dan Murphy, Dick Carroll, JoAnn Vedder, Carol Martin, Jean Kreh, Lean Gira, Cindy Obey, Susan Her , Helen Hull, Gloria Prirnonato, June Ohleger, Tom Lasko, John Bevacqua. BACK ROW: Larry Holt, Jim Crandall, Jack Far- rell, Bob Hunter, Roger Phillips Dick Gopel, Don Huenefeld, Carl Greer, Frank Northrup, Otis Kelly, Russell Kowalski. ,,,, g 10-9 MRS. RINNE FRONT ROW: Linda Livengood Florence McLenna n, Carol Vogel, Douglas Wal re g n, Judy McKibben Paul Sica S , andra Faircloth Jac- queline A l nge, Rosemary LaManna. ROW 2: Tom Livengood, Pat Cham- pion, Nancy Brown, Kay Mulach, Sonja Yamshon, Betty McClay, Carol Franke, Pat Wolff, Martha Manley, Joyce Cunningham, Ruth Ann Crich- ey, Jay Land. BACK ROW: George McKee, Regis Karch, Richard Sne- berger, Peter Kalberkamp, Edward Rieg, Noel Holshouser, Victor Fredi- ani, Bruce Menke, John Busse, Fran- cis Sgro, Robert Wilhelm. 10-10 MISS SHAVER FRONT ROW: Margie Haynos, Con- nie Stermer, Linda Fithian, Jo Mit- chell, Larry Taylor, Helene Sam- rick, Marianne Gelbert, Pat Adams, Dolores Sabrese. ROW 2: James MacDonald, Gary Glass, Barbara Al- pem, Becky Stone, Marty Anderson, Betty Hice, Gerrianna Fife, Pat Cun- nin ham, Linda Conaway, Glenn Roi, Jim Layton. BACK ROW: Chuck Heagy, Jeffry Weiss, Gordon Dunlop, Anthony Podobnik, Peter Peckham, Chris Petty, Pete Hoehler, Gus Oakley J h , 0 n Sowa, Fax Rector, John Mitchell, Jonathan App. 10-11 MISS RIGHTMIRE FRONT ROW: Betty Briggs, Mary fo Krause, Myma Karcis, John Hal- er, Kathy Leis, George Cain, Jane Moran, Myra Jared, Pe gy Falke. ROW 2: Clinton Hodder, Betsy Shoop, Sally McSteen, Linda Mac- Lean, Nancy Pearson, Ann Boggs, Judy Young, Penny Weise, Pat Da- tum, Mary Williams, Linda Blan- quart, Bill Meider. BACK ROW: Dick Ballon, Jim McCue, Chuck Mueller, Joe Milun, Bob Reinstadtler, Geoffrey Kaercher, David Dozer, Philip Rohm, Bill Fisher, Tom Loh- rentz, Jeff White, Dan Davidson, Bill Grummer. 'ef 10-13 MISS MANNING FRONT ROW: Sally Miller, Mari- lyn Simms, Mary Alice Scnrlock, Larry Thompson, Martv Mnlliken. Toby Muros, Nan Lukens. Tanet Ma- rasco, Ioan Burnham. ROW 2: lan Burkett, Dorothy Haley, Susie Da- vis, Georgia Brodine, Ann Furlonq, Gail Galloway, Gene Sedlachek, Edith Knipe, Dan Elam. BACK ROW: Jim Forrester, Dave Martin. Roy Roscoe. Charles Dorwarf. Bill Bashforth, Dave Robinson, Charles Borgerdinq, Bob Wray, Wade Algeo, Bill Nagel. f C1 10-12 MISS NESBITT FRONT ROW: Beth Sutherland, Ianet Jones, Adrianne Kemejuk, Den- nis Hudson, janet Smith, jay Mer- ing, JoAnn McKay, Ginny Butter- worth, Pam Petennan. ROW 2: Dick Iustiss, Ioan Walker, Elaine Davi- son, Susan King, Laura Rovezno, Melinda' Smith, Barbara Sites, Bar- bara Elliott, Audrey Thompson, Frank Mooney. BACK ROW: Dick Gunning, Bob Clarke, Dick Mounts, Stephen Crouch, Allan Herbig, Bob Scliffet, Al Iones, John Airhart, Ron Schmude, Bill Holohan. 45 sae iii, il if GJ of W l if -J-iv 0610-14 Miss HAY 16151 T ROW: Pat Moroney, Vir- ginia Cole, Patty Price, Suzann Wat- son, Jim Lovett, Paula Killen, Marny McMillen, Nancy Taylor. Evelyn Banta. ROW 2: Bill Fitzgerald, Ioxhn Benn, Gail Bennett, Kathy Hopper, Nancy Parker, Olivia Hartwig, Doro- Bracci, Sally Simpson, Steve Kauf- thy Rodecker, Donna Ridinger, Lucy man, Ned Garnhart. BACK ROW: Ed Becker, Iohn Meury, Dave Gent, Leigh Shields, joe Calmes, George Thompson, Bob Peirce, Lee Foltz, Ted Shepler, Ed Zimsky, Gary Blod- gett. 10-15 MISS HUBACHER FRONT ROW: Peg Klingensmith, Marty Talcott, Kathy Lynott, Gus Chelquist, lack Henderson, Sue Bletzinger, Irene Schietinger, Nancy Desport, Virginia Mullin. ROW 2: Bob Freeman, Alyce Romary, Lynne Nolte, Ann Friend, Marlene Oswick, Diana Gibbs, Ann Thompson, Bar- bara Vorndran, Mary Jane Dillon, Bruce Stittsworth. BACK ROW: Dean Duty, Bob Fausnaught, lim Nolen, Dick Walker, Rudy Hoover, Ken Friske, Barry Heath, Duncan Brown, Paul O'Connor, Earl Smith, Arthur Low, Sam Chiodo, Terry Cunniff. 10-16 MISS EVANS 'RONT ROW: Beverly Brown, Pol- ' Bowser, Nancy Lesker, Clarence enshaw, Sue Lightner, Iohn Kelly, ,ois Mueller, Teresa Battaglia, Bar- ra Schaefer. ROW 2: David eagher, Janet Buck, Allene Mur- ey, Jerrine Ehlers, Jane Durner, amille Siple, Linda Whitehouse, larie Cicco, Grace Plant, Jack fouser. BACK ROW: Albert Fra- er, Andy Krugh, Jim Neill, Morris ier, Wendell Steigerwald, Sam ott, Fred Humphrey, Vernon Fon- ine, Roger Dolanch, Tom Pollok, m Crawford. w,enfwm,,..W.,.-W f 5,,l,,.,,r,tf. CL t9w9-Mil' f fi worm A new "first" Aymin took gebra by a tion system the school. 73 M:l'g,,,3tS?L0l0f2U'P A Kg., 8 came to Lebo when Bob VVorld History and Al- special intercomimmica- between his home and not with a whimper HRA Al . fs 9-1 MR. FELICH FRONT ROW: Ian Finkel, Susan Coulter, Lynne Devine, Ricki Hud- son, Penny Ferguson, Bill Marshall, Sharon Rubenstein, Fontaine Dean, Vicki Anderson, Anna Marie Cian- ciosi, Harry Fleck. ROW 2: Mike Moss, Larry Elbome, Betty Oakes, Beverly Burner, Paula Miller, Flor- ence Williams, Miriam Kelly, Marcie Smith, Nancy Clever, IoAnn Cibrone, James Conley. BACK ROW: james Price, Carl Schoen, Vince Corrigan, Tom Marshall, jerry Wiget, Iohn Conner, Mike Kritscher, Chet Bach- man, Ioe Ott, Dale Vitte, Robert Freiland, Donald Friend. T. S. Eliot wouldn't like the reversal, but it's true. Robbed of the oppor- tunity of being the "Mighty Men of Mel- lon," the ninth grade came bent on ven- geance. Unaccustomed to the method of less supervision but more self-control, they giggled in the library, ran in the halls, and were late for classes. Some found their way to Student Court. But there was the positive side, too. Many distinguished themselves scholastically and in sports. At the year's end they were ready to be sophisticated sopho- mores. .smezi ' ' f Qiffff , . 5, I , . ... - rll. 'gif 'EW 1 4 l . Z A -.fe ..,.,. ,5 55 gil 3. , ,,, , . ,i 9-2 MR. WALKER FRONT ROW: Lana Mayberry, Warren Riles, Bob Davidson, Bill Swearingen, Ron Simon, Cale Law- rence, Don Dewees, Susie Curran, Allan Schenck, Peggy Reynolds. r ROW 2: Beth Schafer, Judy Cira, Debbie Smith, Sue Engel, Rena Mc- Ginnis, Virginia Krut, Susan Rucker, Diana Cole, Nancy Bamhart, Vir- ginia Schroeder, Pat Pukanic, Mau- reen Reynolds, Susan Berg. BACK ROW: Steve Bender, Bill Plummer, Iohn Bowles, Bob Seymour, Robert- Bollinger, Forrest Niemi, Henry Luedy, Francis Routh, John Plant. Ron Thompson. ,.e, 9-3 MRS. CLARK FRONT ROW: Kathleen Allen, Hu- dith Petersen, Vanita Bauknight, P il Gottschall, Sandra Williams, James Barrick, Linda Lane, Susan Roberts, Pat Board, Maggie Conomos. ROW 2: Todd Leutholt, Vivien Battaglia, Nancy Maxson, Grace Battaglia, Bon- nie Beinhauer, Judy Roesmeier, Nan- cy Holl, Donna Houser, Mary De- wees, Irene Beitler, Nancy Gehring, Tom Stewart. BACK ROW: Alfred Wolters, Robert Carney, R. D. Har- lan, Don Richard, Joseph Sprankle, Don Bradley, Mike Sandridge, Jack Babcock, James Catalano, Howard Breinig, Frank Cardello. ss'a o we P. 9-5 MR. MOORE FRONT ROW: Marilyn Clausen, Faith Wotton, Mary Batten, Vera Liverkus, Linda Poole, Paul Phene- ger, Sylvia Winter, Faith Steverman, Martha Robbins, Suzanne Carroll, Pat Weaver. ROW 2: Richard Rei- zenstein, Susan Todd, Barbara Marr, Laraine McCeeney, Linda Fox, Dar- leen Yeager, Suzy White, Linda San- dridge, Katrina Grimm, Kathy Lane, Dave Larry. BACK ROW: Edward Glass, Ricky Cobb, Tom Baer, Rich Maffei, Skip Crose, Jack Smith, Burt West, Dave Perkins, Fred Ohsol, Baymer Gorr, John Spicuzza, Joe Manning, Bob Johnston. 9-4 MISS MAC MAIN FRONT ROW: Sue Van Vorst, Pam Dyer, Rita Fraser, Joan Rech, Sue Callahan, Bob Peterson, Carole Ful- ton, Rosemary McManus, Barbara Streams, Carol Aston, Carolyn Benn. ROW 2: Jane Nolan, Anne W-itman, Sandy McEachran, Karen Christian- sen, Maryanne Myers. Mary Lou Ma- hon, Maureen McFadden, Ann Lew- is, Judy Krudener, Karen Mason. BACK ROW: John Ridlon. Robert Booth, Dave Carroll, Ken Mc- Donough, Dick Seamans, Dave Bean, Tom S erk, Bill Walker, Frank Co- iio, Ludwig Treupel, Vince McKin- ey. at is fi 9-8 MR. SIMPSON 9-6 MR. TAGGART FRONT ROW: Bonnie Raymond, Iudy'North1up, Mary Ann O'C6n- nor, Helen Bierwagen, Linda Knox, Glenn Williams, Barbara Estes, Suz- anne Norton, Suellen Hoeft, Shirley Nehrenberg, Pat Ronca. ROW 2: john Sefton, Paul Franklin, Linda Clarry, Marsha Lioon, Karen Shrum, Pat Laquinta, Pat Ward, Jane Fel- lows, George Sirotin, Steve Sohrauer. BACK ROW: Iohn Gerlach, Tom Brown, Don Harbison, Ron Dobkin, Fred Kelsey, Wally Conklin, Fred Bailey, Bill Berghoff, Jim Manuel, jim Kletter, Tom Fink. ,LE--sf f i 9 Si 9-7 MR. TOLER FRONT ROW: Joan Stephens, Io- Anne Kuttler, Cheryl Fishburn, Carol Cort, Jackie Koblish, Tom Beard- shall, Carol Tomczyk, Kathy Young, Ruth Lorenzato, Judy Reynolds. ROW 2: Brad Plummer, Carl Schwartz, Carol Kreh, Marty Hylton, Peggy Schwartz, Lois Croco, Judy Zionts, Pat Thompson, Madelyn Shaw, Agnes Pastre, Bonnie Higgin- bottom, Gere Grimm, Bruce Davison. BACK ROW: Reggie Knapp, Dave Ford, Carman Davis, David Stuart, Dick Clark, Phil Albertine, john Rhen, Steve Cunningham, Carl Hart- man, John Roney. FRONT ROW: Roberta Segall, Pam Lore, Jackie Koch, Beth Breitenstein, Paul Huelsenbeck, Lynn Beichl, Jer- ry Negele, Nancy Hodder, Iudy Ne- menz. ROW 2: Bob Tutt, Mary Ann Searles, Nancy Hoffmann, Mimi Thompson, Pat Heastan, Beverly Wood, Donna Yeo, Barbara Dilworth, Delores Cabrenas, Ann jones, Tom Eckersley. BACK ROW: Dick Bol- linger, Maine Peace, Steve Satler, Denny Phillips, Richard Herndon, Roger Lory, Bill Carman, John Flet- cher, Ted Runger, Stuart Rudick, Bill Anderson, Bob Esposito. 9-9 MISS NICOSON FRONT ROW: Nancy Taylor, Sue Brubaker, Marty Emerick, Carol Overend, Clay McClellan, Bob Coo, Dale McFeaters, Penelope Place, Lynne Archbold, Lenke Vietorisz. ROW 2: Patty Young, Sandra Co- vell, Susan Grant, Suzanne Sallee, Barbara Grummer, Carol Schue- mann, Judy Button, Susan Robert- son, Carol Beeby, Jean Scott, Katha- ryn Mayes, Mary Healey. BACK ROW: Emil Schoedel, Charles Pee- lor, Ed Zehfuss, Dick Reed, Dave Stark, Bob McCulla, jim Ekedahl, Bill Palmer, Ernie Carlson, William Brown. M 9-11 MRS. KILLEN FRONT ROW: Peggy Bowers, Sally Rickert, Cynthia Norris, Elizabeth Kraier, Sherry Brown, Douglas Clay- Ecol, Donna Freeman, Nancy Sher- ondy, Dot Fitch, Toni Deaton, Mary Stilli. ROW 2: Ray Ander- son, Robert Groves, Dick Schwarz, Becky Myton, Carol Thoma, Margie McElray, Betty Ann Cutcliff, joan Stein, Mary Lou Reed, John Magof- fin, David Albus, Bill Martin. BACK ROW: Frank DeVilling, Paul Ree- bel, Carl Wames, Ronny Unger, Bob Bell, Edwin Gales. Bill Sterner, Bill Hunt, Bob Maslyk, lim Miskevics, George Winters. 5,515 fr fi 9-10 MISS BULCER FRONT ROW: Nancy Sander, Ioan Moran, Linda Roskam, Bonnie Knight, Anne Irwin, Dennis Sander, Patty Crivella, Cerri Demaret, Sue Groff, Sharon Heitmeier, Linda Schu- gar. ROW 2: Diane Cortez, Virginia Davis, Sydney Galloway, Ioy Wertz, Carol Claypool, Joanne Hogg, Toni Brashares, Jean Dingman. BACK ROW: jack Moran, Bob Maxwell, Franklin Snyder, jack Linderman, Cordon Knapp, Lee Owens, Bill Rehm, lim Nalitz, Bill Sickels, Bill Muros, Fred Carpenter. if Kvf 6 ni 9-14 MR. BATCHELOR 9-12 MR. DAMBACH FRONT ROW: Judy Reynolds, Elaine Schneider, Mary Weisiger, Adele Kaercher, Barbara Watchorn, Sue Beidler, Judy Seidel, Paula Luttig, Mary Soriano, Nancy Wilder, jo Hart. ROW 2: Tom Jordan, jim McDonald, Marie Sellger, Holly Wiehn, Ianet Davies, Janis Maddox, Roberta Iohns- ton, Pat Wurster, Delby Ceeseman, Pat Wensel, Tom Lyons, David Blum- feldt. BACK ROW: David Renton, Bob Moore, David Ross, Bill Tranter, Clarence Hoener, Robert Schaefers, Bob Koerbel, Roy Envall, Dick Mar- shall,. Bill McCorkle, Dan Driscoll, Doug Muns. FRONT ROW: Mary Church, Valerie Anderson, Jean Landefeld, Janet Tuttle, Bob Sullivan, Gwynne Wil- liams, Cathie Streine, Nancy Mc- Cleary, Hazel Grabe, Terry Shaffer. ROW 2: Dario Castelli, joseph Ca- taio, Toni LaManna, Helen Beaver, Bea Favinger, Margie Brown, Carol Irwin, Barbara Jones, Louise Liebler, Ann Stevenson, Carol Clark, Donna Peters, Michael Dunham, Graham Weaver. BACK ROW: Dave Paulsen, Tim Clennan, Stew I-Iehnig, john Gregg, Richard Rosenblatt, George Robinson, Bud Vogel, Dick Foster, Lee Wells, Dave Barone, Don Mon- rad. 9 13 MR PETERSON FRONT ROW: Diane Giordano Nan Sisk, Sue Engel, Barbara Hammel, DeLaura Chappell, Sue Carroll, Sue Gibson, Rita Giegerich. Peggy Mus- selman, Annette Galluze, Carolyn Moore. ROW 2: Ronald Nieman, Audrey Gabig, Gail Grant, Alice Morton, Gretchen Huester, Beverly Grant, Barbara Tussey, Moyer Rich- ards, Cynthia Price, Lois Asti, David Hughes. BACK ROW: Bob Peace, Bob Taylor, Pete Field, Walter Ols- zewski, David Raines, Charlie Whar- ton, Harry Pfendler, Dave Palcho, Bill Vensel, Skip Livingston, George Benson, Pete Nicholson. 5+ IUNIORS MISSING FROM HOMEROOM PICTURES FRONT ROW: Pat Buttignoli, 11-25 Dave Moskowitz, 11-105 Ginny Ac- cetta, 11-25 jim Nelson, 11-6: Linda Miller, 11-6. BACK ROW: Richard Wolf, 11-165 Carol Bohn. 11-25 Corny Leitholf, 11-155 jeff Stokes, 11-6. FRESHMEN MISSING FROM HOMEROOM PICTURES FRONT ROW: Beth Loughren, 9-2 Mary Calhoun, 9-85 Margie Hilsingerl 9-85 Robin Miller, 9-3. BACK HOW: Nancy Abraham, 9-115 Wendy Tur- ner, 9-85 Vera Leverkus, 9-5. SOPHOMORES MISSING FROM HOMEROOM PICTURES FRONT ROW: Edith Young, 10-25 Charlotte McMillen, 10-35 Chris Von Stocker, 10-25 Diane Davies, 10-25 Nancy Hoover, 10-45 Nancy Cooke. 10-165 Ardith Maurholf, 10-3. BACK ROW: Don Moore, 10-165 Bill Smith, 10-65 Philip Bumpus, 10-125 Dave Ward, 10-165 David Joseph, 10-35 Tom Keeling, 10-105 John Back, 10-65 Richard Dufner, 10-25 Bill McClure. 10-125 Robert Keim, 10-6. In build and strengthen . i . .f-f""' -6.9595 :fi9"'5 " bAg wi: Qgg f 5 sports --, - x , k ' ' W 3 ' . : V , 5 A Our athletic program offers a variety of benefits to the students of Mt. Lebanon High School. Strength- ening the muscles, building co-ordination, and improv- ing skills are the physical benefits of sports. The boys on the football team trained their bodies and minds intensely for the football season. Through concentrat- ed practice, the rifle team learned how to pinpoint their shots. However, athletic activities are not purely body-building functions. Strengthening the mind is also important. Football formations must be memo- rized and basketball relays must be concentrated upon. More important than all other benefits is the effect which sports has upon the building of character. The basketball team learned the value of playing "clean." The football team learned to accept the sweetness of victory time and time again, only to meet the bitter- ness of defeat in the W. P. I. A. L. game. The boys on the field are not the only ones who profit from such an experience. The spectators-students and parents alike-acquire the qualities of good sportsmanship through suffering defeat and accepting their loss with good will. 6 "You Blue Devils, fight, fight, fightf' VVith these words the cheerleaders spurred our foot- ball team to victory after victory. "Locomo- tive" kept the crowd alive at basketball games, our pep rallies were indeed a grandstand roar. With megaphones waving, they yelled their loudest and "all for Mt. Lebanon stood up and holleredf' Can we ever forget how our varsity cheer- leaders, Nancy, Jane, Betty, Kit, Carol, Ginger, Donna, and Judy jumped to count the score at ffootball games, or the way they cheered at the W.P.l.A.L. game? Those girls deserve a "long ray" not only for their bolstering of school spirit but also for their winning of the district cheerleader trophy, By racking up a victory for themselves, this year's varsity cheerleaders proved how truly outstanding they were. Their trophy, the result of long hours of perfecting old cheers and de- veloping new ones, is proudly displayed in the case -as the first ever to be won by the girls of our school. Not to be outdone, the I. V. cheerleaders were always on the field cheering their loudest at football games or on the floor yelling for the I. V. basketball team. Nan, Becky, Ann, Susie, Bonnie, Ann, and Lynn did a great job ot tell- ing everyone that their "team was on the beam!" hs it is ,to nv B f ' 4 Staff' , LN - in Q 2 . 3 XX x nniha The 1955 edition of the Mt. Lebanon team was runner-up for the WPIAL AA Champion- ship with an over-all record of 8-1. After an opening exhibition loss to Home- stead, the Mounties, under Coaches Fife, Stan- ish, and Lamprinakos, gave warning of things to come as they trounced Perry 69-0 thus set- ting a new school scoring record. Following another exhibition win over South Hills, the Blue Devils inaugurated a stiff AA season by whipping Penn 20-12. The succeeding week they dropped a strong Washington team from contention. In their next two tilts, the Mount- ies showed that thev could come from behind by beating Vllilkinsburg and Uniontown. The Blue Devils warmed up for the finale with West View by whipping Baldwin 34-12. The next week the Mounties wound up their regular sea- son by crushing West View 31-13, dropping the heretofore unbeaten Indians from contention. Two weeks later, the Blue Devils traveled to Pitt Stadium to play Aliquippa for the AA cham- pionship. Although more than 13 point under- dogs, the Mounties outplayed their opponents for 3 quarters, leading 13-0 with but 7 minutes remaining. A desperation passing attack proved too much for the valiant Mount defenders, as they went down to defeat 14-13. Senior players who sparked this great Mt. Lebanon aggregation were backs: Kraft, La- Rue, Kaiser, Hanchey, Fitzgerald, Walsh, and LaMotta. Senior linemen were Walker, Ken- ning, Corbett, Kopcsak, Patterson, Albright, Kel- leher, Shanklin, Squiller, White, Capt. Hartvvig, Donahue, Wangeman, Graham, Beery, and Les- ter. Some of the juniors who saw much action were Dempsey, Miller, Mayer, Reitz, Bracken, Dumm, Cusick, Hjerpstedt, Malarkey, and Mas- caro. Individual players who gained recognition were Walker, Shanklin, and Kraft, all being named to the first string all-WPIAL team, and LaRue, honorable mention, all-WPIAL. Two of these, Walker and Shanklin, were named on the all-State team. Some of the many highlights of the '55' seas- on were the running of the self-styled "dream backfieldn, Dempsey, Kraft, LaRue and Miller, the all-around lineplay of Walker, Shanklin, and Kelleher, the great team spirit and will to win shown by all the boys. VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. 14 ................................. .................. ..................... H o mestead 20 Mt. L. 69 ........ ..................... P erry 0 Mt. L. 27 .......... ....... S outh Hills 13 Mt. L. 20 ........... .................. .. .......... P enn 12 Mt. L. 12 ........... ............ W ashington 7 Mt. L. 26 ........... ............ W ilkinsburg 20 Mt. L. 14 .......... ........ U niontown, 6 Mt. L. 41 .................................................................................... Baldwin 12 Mt. L. 31 ........................................................................ VVest View 13 WPIAL CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY-OFF Mt. L. 13 .............................................................................. Aliquippa 14 FOOTBALL VARSITY FRONT ROW: Kaiser, Fitzgerald, Walsh, Dempsey, D. Miller, LaMotta, Reitz, Dumm, Mihm, R. Albright, Lasko, Lester, Mascaro, Ward, Mgr. Hall. ROW 2: Head Coach Fife, Wentzel, Malarkey, LaRue, Kraft, Squiller, Shanklin, Brashares, Fisher, Rlien, Robison, Rowe, McDonald, Kasun, Donahue, Corbett, Coach Lamprinakos, Coach Stanish. BACK ROW: Hjerpstedt, Graham, Cusick, White, Beery, Walker, Hartwig, Hanchey, Kelleher, Kopcsak, Bracken, R. Miller, Cene- della, Mayer. S Coaches Lamprinakos, Fife, and Stanish. Dempsey completes another pass. Wet grounds kept the m'm'1gers busy SEINIOR LETTERNIEN FRONT ROW Shmklm H1rtw1g Squxller Lester ROVV 9 L1Rue NVIISII Cflllllll F1t7ger1ld YVh1te Wmlker Kelleh r Hwnchey kuser Beery BACK ROXV L'1Mott1 Donahue Kraft lxoposwlx Corbett Coaches Fxfe Stllllbll Llll1pI'lI1lh0S The junior varsity, under Coaches Bernhardy and Walker, finished the season with a respect- able 3-4-l record. This was the best record achieved by a Mt. Lebo J. V. aggregation in quite some time. On the whole, the I.V.'s played heads-up ball, and should provide ex- tremely valuable varsity material. Our fledgling freshman team, coached by Mr. Batchelor, finished their first season of high- school football with a 1-3-1 record. The record is deceiving because all of the losses were de- cided either by a break or by small margins. This freshman group has more potential than any other incoming class has ever had. FOOTBALL JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW: Livengood, Humphrey, Crandall, Hof- richter, Davison, Loufek. ROXV 2: Rock, Opfernun, Bevacqua, Fitzgerald, Moslener, Chiota, Karsch, Cun- ning. ROVV 3: Coach Bernhardy, Perkins, Asbury, Faulkner, Bashforth, Fitzgerald, Reinstadtler, Mueller, Toperzer, Coach Walker. BACK RONV: Holshousrr, Walton, Buclavich, Kelly, Schein, Gent, Scott. FOOTBALL NINTH GRADE FRONT ROVV: Kletter, Sullivan, Marshall, Sickels, Rowles, Plant, Martin, Franklin, Dunham, Breinig. ROW' 2: Luedy, Rehm, Sherk, Driscoll, Harlan, Bean, West, Zehfuss, Kritscher, McCorkle. ROXV 3: Gregg, Kelsey, Smith, Vogel, Foster, Carman, Rhen, Seymour, Perkins Sterner, Coach Batchelor. BACK ROWV: Peelor, XVells, Phillips, Hunt, Spicuzza, McFeatters, Aitken, Crose Yeckley. x nu-x.1-:nu garmin.. 'wr .-in-.1 ,fammrmw-un. . rrramuszwwwmmafiegen .Q se.. ir-511 muse-sw mmm-manner a-his fares-Aawiv 1s.ann-m-:mage-ww me .kwa n mama:-is -- Mama r W ,ww mf- -l.o1,,.-aww N, N, ,. ,Sl . 3 N , - 2 ' 'FL 'PY X: re ..1-aff, " l V we .I - 73 W' -V --'- eg gi 'W ' ' w w 'K -135s-zsikff m l. ,. ifiqwfe -31-5 ' - iiiwi' , '::f:',-. V. A V M ' - - , 195, ,R Qefgm -f V Mud., ,..,,, .,s:-.glf -"- WSQ. .. .. V -' 1-:-, lf -7 f' .... 2-2-p,:. 'f -2 , ,i S1 , -: ,M 'M' ' , .V -f-- H.. . L99 V- --v- - 4 1-.1,,l. .. -'- -2:- X"' .2 - " N ,L,.. .mm.. : V ,, f" mf' .. ' 'M ' 1 W VVQ L , .,.... ,. .Z' Z" A El V ... M- -' - - ,AME L, Hao., - W3 i i--lille: if - , .. -' fee aw V' V' Vw -gfigv, 1531? , . " iT?""" We- V , .. . , 315-t ,. V 2- ' ,V ' -j' F , V V. ,, -V H -,,, W fW-f- --V -.ii in-I-1'-wf:w.e1.wJ V.--W-J. .M M 'If':" M -f V ,VM Y - 1- - ' -V-V .V ' if .' VV-V . .. ' 'f::. in -. . -1 ZILV f V-1--1 V-4.VA.14 --4,,.. JL, ,vi ' A ' 2 Aigm' - -f '--f ffmmywl mlxv'-' ""W "mmf-Y ww-' -- . " ' ""' K. off: " - 'x 'M 215- :kfimf v'h""" - ,A , V- .. . - ' 1 M-.z.Vs-wr. f:.,,,:,.,' , L -mf ---- 'vm i iff' 'LA Y We -we VV ,f--- 2" - 'ff MV ,... '- , " 'Sw . Lk , , .l .... " ' .. -VY w-wgewrexuxf -fa:-f.,. M Age 4, , - V--m,,. ,.. RWM' 'N--A-W-V ,V Q- ' Wi' .. - -: o - "N--'vo-f-A-fm' mf-+0 il ,'-- . gf Qf:,1tc-"ea:.:1 --"' k W,'f,,5iff Q ,F ",,Q"'7"M'f' iliww' V- Tw Y , Me.-21? " . L -- W V E Q, A , -'-N Va f5ffLqVQ3y:,, eff fsfi f - frxggg'-VVV'M-fs V- lf flrl Q J V vv-v , A, Vfm, W-MMM" A V f W -f -, Vy V V 4 5 . , ,V H .. , ' fi ' ' ' 'A 'l " -.Q Uwe V f ' , fl?-' ,l7Mi "' f51g:iY?g,'.3vzga1"" K' " Ziffxfkigiiw-.lx mlm ,Q , . ' S . i 1' " V -. ' w e :N -- - W K . I :,V,.eqgv-5 5,,,1fe .. - .. V- f-wgegfel-VV Q. V VV--QSM- ew 11- sm . N , . e - - , .- . f m - we-1,-. V .E -f , M., . ,. .- , . X .,..-,,.. .. .M Q .eg wiv-eggl., , V, .eu , .,. dm. , - V:fel?Q, - , Q15 2 : , ,. 2 we V. V V- Va V V L K - - 'A -V f P 3,3 V- V "P 'A .L ' X ,,,, . , ,- , , V V 1 -- A .. ,,,,, lg.. Wmg, VL m,,,VVf Wim - el mu ., el., A fx sm ' ,.-. 5 ,s lf 4: eps' ,, ,155 5: 1 V----V- .fir f-V: 'nf ,Jl,w1- iff, wasflfr xm.,,wfeei jx-viii f V- ,1-3 ' of M 517,85 25 ,LZ 1V me f-1 Mfg T K- V,igZi-544.-g,."L, :,1.1tm'71'i1 W gg 'jg,y,VfVV-VVV9--:HV-55fV5:.5-55-5 A31-Vgelgggy, mg, ff? - -- V f ' L' Q , MII. , N Y V "hV V , .5,g,,x,, ,. .. .h ,,,,,,H , -VM:-H. ----, -' :' ai- W L-fl-fi: lu .ol fswwziiq - AEE ,,fX, vm? 1 ,, P ggi..-V V- L VA. -- Vg -'::.gV,-A 4-1-Q I -42255-mmf ..,x . ,fi-1 .:. 'vi e----Vs Q -iff -.we--7 V- -1 ge ,ze f,1Li?1?2f'4:?-- 31,2-,K ' fe e -,V 4 V 3- .M-,gi V1 H -,,.,V,-f1.gzg, ew V LW VJ . A -we ez Vis- , f. LQ-AL ,mi ,MW if .n w nh-M ,. ., oh 5- ,, V , at ' ' Miller breaks loose for the first score in the W.P.I.A.L. Championship game. LaRue crashes over for six points. Mud and two South Hills players manage to stop Miller. 88 xiifitzf' f - - -W fffstlwfuus-lun rain Of shine ff rw gif 1 uf Q Ad-Pd0,,..1-lf" cross country Mt. Lebanon's 1955 cross country team once more had a highly successful season. The Mounty harriers dropped the first meet to an outstanding Hickory team, but bounced back to defeat Canonsburg and .Penn by perfect scores. Central Catholic then- upset the Mounties, who went on to beat Connells- ville, Ambridge, New Castle, and Aliquippa, the first two by perfect scores. In the first big meet of the year, the Cen- tral Catholic Invitational, Mt. Lebanon fin- ished a close third in a field of seventeen schools. Competing against eighteen schools in the W. P. I.A. L., the team finished sec- ond, high enough to send the entire squad to State College for the P. I. A. A. Champion- ship Meet. Cary Weisiger, voted the team's most valuable member, placed tenth to pace the Mounties, who finished second. Excel- lent running by Bill Masterson, Dick Ander- son, Iim Inderwish, Dave Moskowitz, Iohn Van Vorst, and Bob Berwind also contrib- uted to the success of this year's team. The junior varsity had another good year, dropping only their first meet to an always rugged Central Catholic team. The I.V.'s breezed through the remaining meets against Ambridge, New Castle, Aliquippa, and North Allegheny, and then went on to win the W. P. I. A. L. IV crown. Bruce Callahan, Carl Greer, Frank Wadsworth, Doug Naismith, and jim Campbell, who paced the little Mounties throughout the season, placed in the W. P.I. A. L. Meet. Mt. Lebanon's first five at the P.I.A.A. Meet at State College were Inderwish, Masterson, Anderson, Van Vorst, and Weisiger. VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. Opp. Hickory .............. ............................. 3 2 23 Canonsburg ........ ............ 1 5 40 Penn .......................... ............. 1 5 40 Central Catholic ....... ............ 3 4 21 Connellsville .......................................... 15 40 Ambridge ................................................ 15 40 Central Catholic Meet .................. 68 54 Hickory flstl C17 schoolsj f3rdl 62 Central Cath. f2ndJ New Castle .................... ...... ............ 2 0 35 Aliquippa , .............. ............ 2 3 32 W.P.I.A.L. .................... ............ 5 4 50 Hickory flstl Q19 schools? f2ndJ 84 New Castle C8rdl P.I.A.A. ......................... .......,............... 6 7 53 Hickory flstl f2ndJ 121 Williamsport l3rdl CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY FRONT ROW: Coach Toler, Warnes, Prezicso, In- derwish, Moskowitz, Sutter, McLaughlin, Walgren, Head Coach Mollenauer. BACK ROW: Mgr. Pinkus, Henderson, Williams, Masterson, Berwind, Weisiger, Anderson, Van Vorst, Mgr. Marshall. ,,f"'Sf' ,' ' A K D x , A . 32 , 'ng -..ig- ,, ,, - 5 .4 ive " 2? ,,,,f. Mfg xff"f'I'ff. s:Q..N,.. M f' 'ff Ufffxfkf, H." Li' R I-v-a'f'., L . f vwrir' Juv 'X Ti W- ' F' 'Sw V A , 6 if Y ' 'f-ffxigvgiwaii-'1z. '1?.,i,i , f Q ' Qzszrsrwa ' 1"?, . g'aiff J 'rx -1 - ikg New ,,, .M f we , -N , . '- 1, . A flfwa-QQB' 'f9' ek ' -w-f-gs.f:!""ja1Xl1 'ifefx - fix' 'f'1f:.t-is Y- :Q f e4L"ammfsf I 2 " Y Q. 3515? fi WM LI., -' - ' -- av- A ? ' - " su, -V ,peilf ,gf fl Eff, , If G., .W X k ' Q J'-2 -Q, Xkfiwkff-,7i'i'gg3gi'1,y K 52, f fel - +R, '- ,un ,,-f, gil? rg . x ang as 1 J' x , ffg,f!5g:fjg"f. 3 ,,,., 'L V ,.i.1g.,u5:,..... -, -we A , X? , -3-.-K'-ew W F5 a fi! gk ' Us .Q I iii' - , uf f. kv , mf ..w.....-f 'vn- :Q A :X NX fmk- K, ,. , :., z A Z . 1.1, i Q Q '55 gf 541:46 ' , e Qt., J L ,ri Q 5 girivflb -gg-19' 'W ,ww A H iw- VR- 'V f AEK? -- 4L2vg:L'f,:,L, .5 ,xv F x , QQ I b F wi 5' ,. Xi 1 9 CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY TOP ROW: Masterson, Weisiger, An- derson, Berwind, Inderwish. MID- DLE ROW: Moskowitz, McLaughlin. BOTTOM ROW: VVa1gren, Van Vorst. X? R. 2, f Q .. Q M f V A if 5 is 'K fr Q- A , mmf , I, T? 52355-ex 1 ' 5 3 1, nys A - f ra: 1 if .. - ,zz .Q - - -X With five returning lettermen, Coach Clark again brought the Mounty basketball team into a creditable position in the sectional standings. Mt. Lebanon, with seven wins and five losses, finished third in the Section IV race, behind Washington and Dormont. Sparked by john Reid, team captain and most valuable player, the team jumped off to two quick exhibition game victories against Avalon and South Hills. They then ran into some tough opposition and finished the exhibition stint with a four and three record. With the sectional race ahead, the team had strong offensive strength with John Reid, jim Beery, Bob Alter, Bill Malarkey, and Rod Mur- taugh. Bill Roscoe, Leo Wilson, Fritz Walker, and Tom Robinson were included in a strong defense. Providing relief for these starters were Butch Truesdale, Bill Rankin, Fred Wolff, Keith Pensom, jack Garlitz, and Ed Corbett. BASKETBALL VARSITY FRONT RO-W: Truesdale, Pensom, Reid, Wilson, Gar- litz, Corbett. BACK ROW: Coach Clark, Alter, Malar- key, Wolff, Murtaugh, Beery, Robinson, Walker, Rankin, Roscoe, Mgr. Bauknight. Two games will be 'remembered as high-lights of the 1955-1956 season. The first was the ex- hibition game with Uniontown. Steady offen- sive and defensive playing, plus thirty-five points by john Reid, helped the Mounties to gain a 62-52 verdict. The home game with Dormont was also a thriller. The underdog Mounties fought hard and at the end of the half they held a sixteen-point advantage. Led by Jim Beery, with twenty-six points, Mt. Leb- anon finished the game 74-51 victors. The Mounties finished a tough season with an over-all record of twelve wins and eight losses. VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. L. 61 .........................,.......................................................... Avalon 49 Mt. L. 52 ........................................................................ South Hills 50 Mt. L. 39 .......... ' ............ Wilkinsburg 55 Mt. L. 44 ...... ..... .................. Baldwin 49 Mt. L. 62 ......... .............. S haler 51 Mt. L. 42 ........... ............. C rafton 49 Mt. L. 57 ............................................................ ....... H opewell 51 Mt. L. 62 ........................................................................ Uniontown 52 W.P.I.A.L. Mt. L. 73 ............ 67 Waynesburg 51 ............ 53 Mt. L. Mt. L. 37 ............ 62 Washington 78 ............ 58 Mt. LL. Mt. L. 61 ............ 42 Canonsburg 64 ............ 62 Mt. L. Mt. L. 70 ............ 41 Burgettstown 31 ............ 61 Mt. L. Mt. L. 77 ............ 38 Trinity 59 ............ 47 Mt. L. Mt. L. 45 ............ 59 Dormont 51 ............ 74 M ML. 2,.-ffl! 5 .Q kj! WW 1 , ov' Vw V ' :Lf-JZ" 101251, Qvwz "X was M' 6 Q f' rf 0 'X a VX 16'vj,Mo ff xaygplfs Q A J' fl J BEERY -Q1 Xa X x '9 U- U LQ, Q - Nl' 4' o-'db 0 U AW sf' XJ' X0 , ,S U 1 CJ Q O' A A?- :SL Cf if J f 1 P gf A O' XX' iw V 3 ll S I K0 ""2 F I VL of A M ,,,.a- tff"'cLWL-I On' ALTER D J V ., .1:"55 'f.Q L00 ,lf 5,9 GC f iii ? "-' ' Wzvf- 010 X4 49 ,, 4, ,. , D04 X00 ,V ig' wig-Mf4"fSf Tx , xN bf M 1 N N 9 K. QXK P XE? " " : W WALKER WILSON MURTAUGH WOL FF - Q. ,I .,! CORBETT RANKIN PENSOM Nov KK M' Iv pw 3 E QA 'Rf Q Li ROSCOE TRUESDALE 96 ROBINSON GARLITZ N BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW: McLaughlin, Greer, Roscoe, Cooper, Van Vorst, Oakley. BACK ROW: Davis, Reinhold, Kelly, Fuss, Wentzel, Lee, Taylor, Schein, Mgr. Busse. BASKETBALL NINTH GRADE FRONT ROW: M . Cobb, Connelly, Glennan, Zehfuss gf , Olsen, Martin, Mgr. Kletter. BACK ROW: Coach Watts, Smith, Kritscher, Coo, Driscoll, Relun, Perkins. The I. V. basketball team, coached by Mr. Stanish, finished an exceptionally successful season with a rec- ord of nineteen wins and one loss. Mt. Lebanon av- eraged fifty-five points per game over the season, as compared with thirty-two for their opponents, thus showing very effective offensive as well as defensive strength. Playmaker Chuck Reinhold, setshooter Carl Greer, and pivot man Don Davis were outstanding in keeping the j.V.'s single loss to Washington by the close score of 40-37. The ninth grade, coached by Mr. Watts, finished a fine season with a perfect record of thirteen wins and no defeats. Paced by Mike Kritscher and Danny Dris- coll, the team finished at the head of their section for the first time. One of the best games played by the team was the last of the season against McKeesport, which they won, 42-38. v QE' ji ni' WS? 3' 5532 The Mounty thinclads finished the 1955 seas- on by trouncing Peabody. This victory ex- tended the Blue and Gold winning streak to eighty-one straight wins in dual, triangular, and quadrangular meets. In addition to success in those meets, the Mounties also showed up well in the Bethany College and the VV.P.I. A. L. Relays, where team depth counted. A somewhat disappoint- ing fact about this year's team was that there were no outstanding individuals. This was the reason why Mt. Lebanon didn't win the Mt. Lebanon Invitational, the Allegheny County Independent Districts Meet, and the W. P. I. A. L. Although Guy Giordano, who was elected most valuable member at the close of the seas- on, started out very well, trouble with a blood vessel in his head soon dimmed his brilliance. Jim Short, star pole vaulter, broke his arm at Mansfield, thus robbing the Mounties of an- other member who could have been outstand- ing. Next year's co-captains, john Reid and Pete Kopcsak, as well as Bill Masterson, did very well, but they lacked the experience to really excel in any big meet. This year's team, as usual, broke several rec- ords. The two-mile relay team of Hanchey, Giordano, Armstrong, and McCown finished first at Mansfield in the record time of 8:17.3. In the Tri-State Coaches Meet, the sprint med- ley team set a new record of 4:45.9. Members of this team were Giordano, Slater, Reid, and Karlovitz. The mile relay team of Giordano, Myers, Overholt, and Karlovitz also beat the former record, but finished second to Central Catholic. VARSITY SCHEDULE Indoor Mt. L. Opp. Central Catholic Relays 51 37 Penn ................................................ 58-113 40-213 Central, Shaler, Clairton 51-7110 flstl 47-315 Central 39-115 Shaler 34-112 Clairton South Hills .................................... 72 32 Tri-State Coaches Meet 29-112 f5thJ 40-112 Clairton 36 Altoona 34-315 lvlansfleld 31 Central Outdoor YVashington and Donnont 91-114 43 hViISl1lI1gt0l1 22-314 1JOI'IllOI1t Shaler ...................... .......... 8 1 46 Penn ............................. ........ 9 0-113 36-213 McKeesport ............ ....... 1 02-113 24-213 Baldwin .......................................... 85-516 32-116 Peabody ...............................,.......... 80-213 37-113 Bethany College Relays 65-1112 Clstl 64 Central C2ndl Mansfield Relays 1107 schoolsl .................. 17-112 C-flthj 1fV.P.I.A.L. Relays .................. 31-112 Clstl 25 Clairton t2nLl7 Mt. Lebanon ,Inv. ................. . Allegheny County Ind. Dist. ............................. . 34-112 f3rdl Gil 44 W.P.I.A.L. Championship 9th place TRACK VARSITY 37-7110 f2ndJ 39-7f'10,Clairton Clstl Clairton flstl Shaler C2ndl FRONT ROW: Wunderly, Roscoe, Pensom, Templin, Giordano, Seymonr, Tamplin. ROW 2: Mintun, Armstrong, McCown, -Lovett, Coach Mollenauer, Reid, Walker, Overholt, Short. ROW 3: Slater, Masterson, Reinhold, Orr, Hanchey, Myers, Davis. BACK ROW: Karlovitz, Weisiger, Patterson, Love, Alter, Bell, Moffitt. COUNTERCLOCKVVISE- The start of the 440 Karlovitz second by an inch The 100 gets under way A Myers to Giordano exchange VValker in action Giordano, Slater, Reid, and Karlovitz set a new recorcl The two mile relay team of Hanchey, Giordano, Arm for the indoor sprint medley. strong, and McCown broke the record at Mansfield. TRACK JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW: Arth, Walgren, Prezioso, Mahon, Warnes, Gottschall. ROW 2: Zivic Carlitz, Inderwish, McMahon, Braslxares, Bracken, Anderson. RONV 3: Kasun, Beardshall, Opferman, Slocum, Katzman, Milxm, Hjerpstedt. BACK ROW : Snyder, Weaver, Henderson, Rowe, Albertson, McDonald, Mayer. For the first time since the championship team of 1953-54, Mt. Lebanonis chess team was undefeated in league play. This perfect rec- ord proved futile as Mt. Lebanon finished in second place, two points behind once-defeated Allderdice. Dave Reed was both league and team high scorer. LEAGUE RECORD baseball BASEBALL 1955 FRONT ROW: Mgr, Griffin, Dawes, Wilson, Miller, Lalylotta, Elder. .ROVV 2: Cusick, Sterrett, Davies, Grady, Kenning, Malarkey, Thomas, Mgr. Mullen. BACK ROW: Coach Clark, Schoeppner, Wolff, Ziefel, Wagner, Donahue, Dempsey, McNeisl1, Cor- bett. The Mounties, with seven wins and four losses, finished the 1955 baseball season third in VV. P. I. A. L. Section III standings, behind Washington and Chartiers. Because of the early-season injury of Schoeppner, the team was without his services. McNeish, the most valuable player and leading pitcher, helped in the outfield, on the mound, and at bat. Other outstanding players were Ziefel, Sterrett, Wolff, Grady, and Cusick. The most exciting game was with Washington, where Sterrett drove in the winning run in the last of the ninth. 1955 SCHEDULE Mt. L. 3179 ............................,.............................................. Schenley 195 Mt. L. 10 ....................................... Wilkinsburg 6 Mt. L. 5 .......... ............................................................ S outh 0 Mt. L. 7 ............ - ......................... South Hills 6 Mt. L. 3 "'....--. .-..... P eabody 2 L. 7 ...................................................... 540011 6 Mt. L. 3 "'...-.'I.'--. N Langley 2 ' Mt. L. 2 .................. 3 Washington 2 .................. 3 Mt. L. Mt. L. H Perry se I 1? .................. 5 CCIXRIUETS 3 .................. 3 Mt. L. . . . .................. anons ur .................. 1 t. L. Mt- L- 3 ---'-"--- ------- A lldefdlce 2 ' Mr. L. 13 .................. 1 Trinity g 2 .................. 1 Mr. L. " League games chess Beedle plays Becker while Miller, Lawler, Reed, and Davis watch. tennis TENNIS 1955 FRONT ROW: Pierson, Rhen, Smith, Coleman. BACK ROVV: VVright, Con- nelly, Coach Doak, Hartman, Linn. Mt. Lebanon's 1955 tennis team climax-ted an- other successful year by beating Beaver, 4-1. The young but promising Mounties easily copped their first two matches, but found the opposition tougher as the season advanced. Connellsville accounted for two of the team's losses, the other one being to Shadyside. The final record of four wins and three losses was very respectable in the extremely tough league. Senior Frank Coleman and sophomore Ed Hart- man held down the first and second courts, while Cal Smith, Ted Linn, Bill Hall, Ray Pier- son, and John Connelly battled for the remain- ing positions. Only two lettermen will be lost by graduation. Mt.L. 5 ........................ 0 Irwin 0 ........................ 5 Mt.L. Mt.L. 1 ...... ... ............... 4 Connellsville 1 ....... ........... 4 Mt.L. Mt.L. 2 ........................ 3 Shadyside Mt.L. 1 ............. 1 ......... 4 Connellsville Mt.L. 4 ........................ 1 Beaver The Lebo golf team finished the season with one of the most outstanding records in its his- tory as it succeeded in winning 9 matches while losing only one. Paced by the Captain and Most Valuable Plaver, Dave Owens, the local quintet suffered their only loss at the hands of Brentwood in regular season play, but lost to the same team in the section playoff. Coached by Mr. Burrows, the team consisted of letter- men Dave Owens, Wally Samuels, Rod Mur- taugh, Art Humphreys, Dave Dole, and Butch Truesdale. A 1955 SCHEDULE Mt.L. 101k ......... 5176 Baldwin 21f2 ......... 1316 Mt.L. Mt.L. 9 ......... 7 Brentwood 14 ......... 2 Mt.L. Mt.L. 13 ......... 3 Bethel 1 ......... 15 Mt.L. Mt.L. 10172 ......... 5112 Canonsburg 3 ......... 13 Mt.L Mt.L. 11 ......... 5 Centerville 492 ......... 11172 Mt.L. golf GOLF 1955 FRONT: Samuels, Dole. BACK: Truesdale, Sutton. Owens, Murtaugh, Herrington, Hum- phreys, Coach Burrows, Bossart, mile The 1956 rifle team averaged over 497 out of 500 for the entire season, as compared with 492 for the opposi- tion. Both Coraopolis and Munhall edged the Mounties by scant margins, however, and the team finished third with a 4 - 4 record. The first match of the year, against Munhall, was the most thrilling one. The Mounty marksmen fired a near perfect 499, but it was not quite enough to beat the state champions' 500. Cary Turnquist, who was elected most valuable team member, paced the squad with a very good 99.5 aver- age. The Mounty cause was helped by Tom Bradley, who averaged 99.4, and Norman Fuss and Iim Reynolds, who both averaged 99.0. Letters were earned by seniors Dunbar, Fouse, Fuss, Gottschall, Hall, Schaefer, and Smith and juniors Bradley, Evans, Reynolds, and Turn- quist. Mt. L. Mt. L. Mt. L. Mt. L. FRONT Dunbar. SCHEDULE 499 ............ 500 Munhall 500 ............ 498 Mt. L 498 ............ 494 Millvale 492 ........,... 495 Mt. L 496 ............ 498 Coraopolis 500 ............ 497 Mt. L 499 ............ 473 Etna 481 ..,......... 497 Mt. L RIFLE SQUAD ROXV: Hall, Fuss, Fouse, Gottschall, Evans BACK ROW : Bradley, Reynolds, Sutton, Galey Turnquist, Beeclle, Weaver. TRACK 1955 Guy Giordano FOOTBALL Fritz Walker BASEBALL 1955 Pete McNeish IH .v.p. CROSS COUNTRY Cary We1SlgEI GOLF 1955 Dave Owens BASKETBALL John Reid RIFLE Gary Turnquist 1956 kg..--f Giordano and Hanchey finish fir for the Mounties. :ani ilg st and second Beery gets the tip for Mt. Lebanon. Alter swishes one from the outside to give Mt Lebo another two points. -P - Beery racks up two more points. .. 5 2 , L E f N is n 'EE 2 'Mi' if-' Q., g 2 ' fb H 4 ' - - 5 K? 'U' F' Q . 1 K , if H " S1v't9if J' ' Q-9' A ' ' W ' ' 3- 1 tl in J -' , i' "' x 'L fx A-5 'W W- I- ,X , Q 1 y - Y "ME -Q 'JL 5 sm H K-A ., 5, , e- xe X ... ff w lfsiga A wwaam 42 ff? 5 - Q f QW , Q ,,,, W, ., 4?fkL3gHiQiwf I 4.511 0U SIB 107 ag? Jil QQ M Q i . 1 s ,, N if ROL CK ' q.a.a. The 3:20 bell rings - doors everywhere fly open, and girls run uninhibitedly down the halls and into the 'gym as if a huge magnet were drawing them. The reason for all the excitement is the G. A. A. athletic tourna- ment. Games like basketball, tenniquoit, and volleyball are among the main events. But tl1e after-school sports are only a part of the G. A. A. program. 1it.,g3g ... ss.. ki -: 5 4, This year the Girls' Athletic Association was rushed into a mad social whirl of events starting with the Halloween Party- and con- tinuing through to the Rock 'n Boll Dessert. Everything from Cay Nineties' outfits to Roaring Twenties' attire was seen at the Hal- loween Party held in the early fall. In March all the C. A. A. members joined together for a 'crazy' time at the Rock ,ii Roll Dessert. The C. A. A. Council, under the supervi- sion of Miss Skeriotis and Miss Shaver, cap- ably directed the girls' sports activities. Pictured in their uniforms are the G. A. A. Council members. FRONT ROVV: Mimi Voigt, Eleanor Lynott, Sue Fish. ROVV 2: Dona Houser, Marty Mulliken, Sue Turner. BACK ROVV: Linda Lucot, Mary Jo Temmel, Bobbie Crivella, Cerry Grosso, Carol Lawrence. i fnrxiw . ' QWXL- H V wi' yin The tennisdoubles champs for this year are Carol Lawrence and Kit Jones. g ffk? Nt L 2 Twelfth Grade Champions Tenth Grade Champions NWN Au 'I FQQIQQ4 5' fri inn, 'a--'N' Nmth Grade Clmmplons K 4 x. z ? jx up L 1 g r' HOU! V1 N 1- r 7 4 4 ,La J c Lx G ,I Eleventh Crude Chlmplons 5 . , f ' J intramural Er in mould and develop activities janet Ackenheil, Puck Hartwig, Sally Hornell, Sue Turner and Odette Kingsley as editors of the LANTERN carried the responsibility of its management. the eues and ears The LANTERN's sidekick, the DEVILETTE, showed the more personal side of school life and served, ad- mittedly, as the school gossip column. Edited by Betsy Bennett, Helen Gilbert, and Marguerite Blomgren, the DEVILETTE recorded for posterity a "VVh0's Who" of Mount Lebanon High School socialites. of the school Its pages filled as always with school news, sports, and interestinfr feature articles, the LANTERN corn- O pleted another successful year at Mt. Lebanon, this year with Odette Kingsley as its editor. Staffed by ,,,,.,,, 114 Sue Turner, Maria Liadis, Sally Hornell, and Judy Hall, the LANTERN presented many interesting and inform- ative articles in the easy-reading style which has come to be its hallmark. Each issue sported a well-balanced dispersement of entertaining features, the factuality of competent news stories, and some items which incor- porated the best features of both. Sports was handled by Pucky Hartwig, who had the good fortune of seeing all of Mt. Lebanon's teams stand out in their individual fields. Carol Rohm was the scribe of the eye-catching LANTERN editorials, her second year at the job. Other features included a dabbling in poetry, a sports quiz, and verbal sketches of Mt. Lebanonis brighter lights. Also in the three-cornered LANTERN package was a SCHOLASTIC ROTO, a syndicated magazine which brought to Mt. Lebanon the teenage styles, ideas, and trends of the entire country. One of the most demanding tasks of any high school is the production of the newspaper. Like mothers, their 'work is never done, and Bonnie Ray- mond, Judy Hall, Nancy Reed, and Jean Ray are a few of the leading LANTERN troubleshooters. we---.,, . It is said that 7X8 of an iceberg is under water. Such is thc state of the LANTERN, also. The finished product shows only a fraction of the work involved. Norman Fuss, Carl Gottschall, and Bob Tate, DEVIL- ETTE mimeographcrs and LANTERN photographer, respectively, are mainstays in the "behind-the-scenes" work, which is the backbone of the LANTERN. Maria Clark, Rohm for a Liadis gathers in her cub reporters Dorothy Bill Masterson, Ioan jackson, john Reid, Carol and Carol NVright to hand out news assignments future edition of the LANTERN. .ii- "Executive Board" of this year? MOUNTY included Serena Pendleton, business managerg Mary Pendleton, co-art editorg Barbara Green, co-editorg Dorian Lester, proofreaderg John Ratigan, co-editorg Carl Gottschall, mimeographerg and Eric Walgren, co-art editor. haven of heminqulaus, shnwplace of shakespeares Mimeographing - a task requiring neatness and speed as well as muscles to tum a crank - fell this year to editors Carl Gottschall and Norm Fuss, Phil Cottscliall, and Dave Reed. bmutuul rm: unix' , 5 - . A ai s 'F 5 FXQX E Na Ei All A Q m- . S' X i a X 'iw . mm-- ' 2' A .e XX -Q. if , , as , . 1 E it X Sbvlwr. 'Yi-y, I vias: I amid wa: L -' 'ma use sf: in gms mm' was J'-mv if-an train me MMS Biiifr. Th sm. mek, me new-,ur Un red ner I Iliff...- " pong' next S -'sf RMA sizes md M X' Ml rupture be huur Mfrw rewsn MA an su-fa a xwxdim when LM HMM were ara, ff'bw'N3Ki'f11 his muse dear, I was you :Q 11 Y-be: rugs! Sava tv- un an ,rmrr gm N-svn -:-nn, Nl mod! gt! you you knoll s Editors of the 1956 MOUNTY were Barbara Greene and John Ratigan. Having served a year in apprentice- i' ship, they stepped into the job this year to do industrious organizing and editing. In 1956 the MOUNTY continued its policy of selling year-long subscriptions in the early fall. This year, however, sales were stimulated by a five dollar stipend No doubt the biggest job on the MOUNTY next to :I given as a prize to the seller of the greatest number the editorship itself, is the typing, handled very of subscriptions. As a result, sales reached 475, and Capably this Year by Janice Paulsen and Linda the MOUNT Y reached a peak of prosperity not known M'uer', s n for many years. , Although MOUNTY workers did not receive any of this wealth, they, nevertheless, shared in the cam- r a1'aderie and fellowship which they enjoyed in their work. The mimeographers shared in blackened hands and smudgy faces, the staff in friendly arguments over what kind of type to use, and everyone in the con- trolled madhouse that was assembly. Next year, the MOUNTY will welcome, with open arms, the addition of a new mimeograph machine to replace the former one, which had served in a rather fickle faithfulness for the past few years. 117 Ned Girnhrrt Bill Bennett Sarah Bl'1clxmun 1DClD1lHI Lynch mem bers of the ahstr ict art staff are fittrng their most abstract ideas into the abstract design theme which runs through the. pages of this yeirs ab- stract Log. 180 daus in 160 pages After inveigling 1500 students to "buy a Log," the Business and Circulation staff scrutinizes "the takef, Peggy Galey, Dorothy Clark, and Bill Hoffman carefully count and recount the money to make sure that no poor soul has forgotten to make his final payments. Knowing that the Log "accepts no- thing infcriorf' Ann Stearns, john Ratigan, jo Rider, john Frame, and Ian Powers, as members of the Liter- ary staff, compliment one another on their superior work. WM?-v 'Q'-9' If your head was cut off in one of those "students in action" pictures perhaps the Log photographers were responsible. Dale Herrington, john Watters, Bob Tate, Malcolm Fraser did a very professional job of supple- menting the work of our professional photographer, the familiar Mr. Rosser. was B KN 1 in s :ee af 1 3 3113-iatmtiisi KWY - 9r .' S!. 51-sl 5335+-ermasraees X'1'l .zfawi aw -.X ,. A i .ggi Wt? mf Assuming his best thinking position, each member of the Editorial staff sets his mind to another complex task. Ann types the calendar as Beverly draws it up to scale for future reference. Carl and Hettie supervise this serious typing task while Ginny casually picks up papers with her toes. Hard work and teamwork-every yearbook must have them to be a success. The will to put out a good book produces the hard work, while the con- geniality of the staff results in the teamwork. The 1956 LOG staff, with these traits and the guidance of their sponsors, published the "new Lebanon LOC, to meet the modern trends in journalism. 1956 was a year of these radical changes: abstract design themeg expansion to accommodate modern layouts with pictures that speak to the reader. To balance the hard work-the long hours spent after school worrying over deadlines, poring over picture schedules, and debating the merits of different layouts-were the hot dog feasts following serious Saturday sessions at the editors' homes and spontaneous witticisms bandied about in the Log office. All the problems and all the fun were over- shadowed by the staff's feeling of pride and accomp- lishment when the finished yearbook was finally pre- sented to the students. SX' music marches in formation 1 2 v . 'F' 'Sal 'I -Q Nye 15 jg' jj V .ow-f ,lr S r -u , s VT s 1 1 nav. gg xi. , Q Rachel Miller, drum captaing Kathy Knoch, drum majorg Joyce Amold, majorette captaing Linda Rowe, assistant drum captaing were the backbone of our band. ra sun fdjrf , f WJ fri' . 2 K2 my Following a football season filled with honors and awards, the band members and Mr. Prutz- man settled down to serious concert work. Fea- turing all new and outstanding publications, the organizations Annual Concert, held on March 2, brought thundering ovations from the packed auditorium. In this concert a select' group, called the Blue and Y'Vhite Band, also appeared. Consisting of 48 of the finest Wind instrument performers in the school, this band thrilled the audience with a meticulous rendition of serious music. The Blue and NVhite Band also performed at such out-of-town engagements as the Shrine Concert in the Terrace Room of the XViIliam Penn Hotel. Bi It has not been unusual for Mt. Lebanon Bands, under the leadership of Mr. Prutzman, to present many "firsts,'. This year has been Ano exception. Making its first appearance at the concert was our new 16-piece dance band. This organization, led by student-director jack Henderson, added to the concert and helped round out the band program. The class of ,56 can truly be proud of their band and its members, for they have left be- hind a reputation for unexcelled performances. if.. 1 ' , Y , lStandingJ Alison Young, Barbara Moeller, 'ind Mary Clo Oakes, were the pianists for this yearls chorus events. voices blend in harmonu As do-mi-so's and ah-oo-oh's reverberated from Room 217, first period, one could easily guess that Miss Sneary was tuning up her "A" or mixed chorus. Not long after warm-up drills, however, the chorus could be heard harmonizing anything from "Dis Trainn, a Negro spiritual, to patriotic anthems like "Salute to America". "A" chorus was a fine reward for students who spent a term in one of the two preparatory choruses, "B" or UC". Just as a rookie must get his baseball experience in the minor leagues before he bats for the Yankees, likewise, "A" chorus members learned the basic fundamentals of harmony and sight reading in "BD or "C" chorus. Although the choruses were not able to give their annual presentation of "Messiah", they made radio broadcasts and had the spring show to look forward to. Three cheers to the choruses-Dol Mil Sol or better yet-Ah! Oo! Oh! lSe1tedl Marilyn Briant Alice Ann M ers X682- 1'0- 1. FORMAL CONCERT ARTISTS SEATED: Miriam Kelly-soprano, Sally Mellor-- mezzo-soprano, Cathie Hebley-accompanist, Anne Forrester-French horn. STANDING: Linda Greer- pianistg Judy Singer-violinst, Alice Ann Myers- accompanistg Vic Hill-organist, Mary Clo Oakes- accompanistg Iini Forrester-accompanist, jerrine Ehlers-flutistg Marnyn Mastcrson-Hutistg Ella Wilson -soprano. Although we did not hear the Devotional Choir sing often the first semester, the group still functioned and practiced their songs. After the P. A. system began working, we were able to hear the members of the Devo- tional Choir as they interpreted various hymns and anthems in song. Working side by side with the Devotional Squad, these singers gave us many devotional programs for our inspiration. DEVOTIONAL CHORUS: Alan Rice, Carl Volkwcin, Nancy Lamb, Miriam Kelly, Bonnie Robinson, Sally Mellor, Bill Schaefer, Paul Kelly, and Barbara Moeller-accompanist. When nine girls dressed in black taffeta, rhinestone jewelry, and high-heeled shoes bustled down the halls, everyone knew ,that the Triple Trio had a singing engagement. In addition to school programs, the Trio en- tertained at various churches, clubs, conven- tions, and hospitals. Selected on a highly competitive basis, the members and reserves of this group spent many hours, under the capable direction of Miss Sneary, practicing for programs. TRIPLE TRIO: FRONT ROW: Cath- crine Hebley, Janice Francis, Cindy McKnight, Nancy Gilbert, Judy Wright, Linda Hofmann, jo Ann Vedder. BACK ROXV: Sally Mellor, Nancy Lamb, Betsy Beicller, Serena Pendle- ton and Mary Oakes-accompanist. 126 Q-is Sl it tune-haired culture trum shurt hatred students Mt. Lebanon's orchestra was recognized this year as being one of the top high school or- chestras in the state. Under the able direction of Mr. Arthur Yagello, this group has grown by leaps and bounds and now numbers about sixty members. The orchestra performed at the Civic League Christmas program and a Lecture Society appearance. Highlighting a most successful year was the annual spring concert. Several members of the orchestra won honors for themselves and the organization by being named to outside orchestras whose per- sonnel came from all over the Tri-State area. Representing the school at the Western Dis- trict Orchestra Festival were Carol Klaber, Judy Hall, Marilynn Klostermeyer, and Dave Owens. Carol was then chosen also for All-State Or- chestra. In the chair-for-chair concert of the 1956 Pittsburgh Symphony Junior were Judy Singer Qconcertmistressj, Marilynn Kloster- meyer, Anne Forrester, Carol Klaber, Linda Mc- Intire, Dennis Halliwell, John Connor, and Dick Miller. found: a lost department The Office of Medicinal Herbs QOMHJ may not go down in the annals of history with the WPA or CCC, but it will long be remembered by the cast of the Senior Class Play, Two Blind Mice. For three and a half weeks, they lived and dreamed of Washington's bureau- cracy, and their respective parts in the play. They practiced constantly and diligently, and, under the direction of Mr. Myers, turned an 11- easy failure into a smooth-flowing play. The "Standing Room Only" audience watched as the plot slowly unfolded, showing an abolished government office run by the Two Blind Mice, Aunt Letitia and Aunt Crystal, who existed sole- ly on the revenue obtained by renting rooms to a rhumba teacher, a laundress, a large family, and a car-parking service. Complications arose when Army, Navy, and State Department stepped in, along with Senator Kruger. But in the end, they lived happily ever after. This year's cast found, to their relief, that a bad dress rehearsal is not a prerequisite for a suc- cessful show. 4 l r , .. . . Are you sure this is a gov- .Yes sir .. ' ernment office?" ' 128 Bl if ,fli- , N 'iw .-, ...- I had 3335 3 v is-Q. X , Al. The cast of Two Blind Mice was: Linda Greer, Dick Bromwich, Carol Powers, Paul Arnold Nancy Wood, Dave Lewis, Betsy Beidler, Don Hanchcy, Stephana Norris, Ceof Lutz, Kathy Knoch, Mary Bescher, Bill Bennett, Amy Muncaster, Ted Linn, Myron Eicher, Norm Fuss, Hugh Fowler, Skip NVilliams, Rod Kerr, Ted Henderson. "What you need is a pinch of pip- sissewallu "First of all, I'd like to know what you were doing over there in the wings when Carrie was stabbed?" "Shoot me! NVhat have I got to live for?" "Oh, am I interrupting anything?" 130 IIO, "If you drink this, you'll never feel sick again." These play pictures were taken from a new angl?at ai rehearsal where Roberta, Paul Cstudent directorl, and Laurel practiced prompting, an un- necessary necessity in this case. K Q sys ,Q g 6 the h 411 See? Death in the tea leaves!" utler didn'I do it The cast of this year's Activities Play, Re- hearsal for Death, broke tradition in many ways. They put on a play without any set- ting. The cast acted some scenes in the au- dience and used nothing but two candles for lighting a scene. The candlelight, to- gether with a few screams, a gun, and a knife, gave the desired effect of mystery. He- hearsul for Death was not only a "who-done- it," but it was also a "play about a play." Therefore, a ham actor could have a field day and, at the same time, provide the light- er moments. Of course, the purpose of a mystery would have been defeated if the audience knew the identity of the murderer. Mr. Meyers came up with a solution by having the cast take an oath not to tell a soul awho-done-it." For four weeks it was the most closely guard- ed secret in Mt. Lebanon and completely dis- proved Benjamin F1-anklin's philosophy, "Three may keep a secret if two of them are deadf, Kneeling over Tom Brashares are Bob King, Stevie Story, and Bob Lewis. Standing are Gretchen Taylor, Mike Foley, Amy Muncaster, Doug Wal- gren, Leila Moore, and joe Curran. fun in serving Both the Y-Teen and the Hi-Y groups have service as the keynotes of their programs. Betas, Sigmas, and Deltas participated in the "Inter- natoramaj' a project to raise money for the United YMCA-YYVCA Building Fund. The girls built booths representing different coun- tries and sold articles typical of that country. The Hi-Y sponsored a student-faculty basket- ball game and gave their proceeds to the Build- ing Fund. Not only did this raise the money .for the "Y" but it also created a closer ,relation- ship between students and teachers. The Y-Teens started off their yearis events with a candlelight recognition service, while the Hi-Y attended a convocation at Heinz Chapel. After such a good start, the groups settled down to a year full of excellent programs. The Betas, Deltas and Sigmas learned through speakers and movies. Subjects covered in their various programs were: the NYU, fashiong re- ligion, and detective work. To add to the fun the girls had picnics, cov- ered dish dinners, talent shows, and a hilarious variety show. The Hi-Y discussed problems of high school life and used movies for illustra- tions. Enjoyable times were had by all the mem- bers as they worked together to serve their community. Miss Manning, Miss Frobese, Mr. Taggart, and Mrs. Furlong devoted many after-school hours to the spon- sorship of the Y-Teens and Hi-Y groups. SENIOR BETA-FRONT ROWV: Miller, Henthorne, Blomgren. BACK ROW: Rowe, Patterson, Ashton, Bay- ly, Croft. SOPHOMORE SIGMA-SITTING: Bletzinger, Stermer, Vedder. STANDING: jones, Parker. CEDAR HIY SITTING Rnlflklll, Kimmell, Lum. STANDING: Bushyeagen, Peoples, Over- holt. JUNIOR DELTA-FRONT ROW: Robertson Powers. SITTING: Hofmann, Galey, Evgns McElroy, Lawrence. BACK ROW: Mandell Rohm, Berlin. a a STAGE CREW Dick Gibson '1 d B'l' fn 1. Newman The Lebo stage crew needed more than "muscle and blood" as they moved the sixteen tons of sets at the school plays. Showing strong minds as well as strong backs, they set up the scenery with precision timing. 1, XNWX JM YUPQ-il J-M0 We Ml balm fa 065 " X0 05 LUCK' lfuuyl i 'fly U 5' gal K Q llbokdf Swain ff 'N , ACHIEVEMENT CM Q52 Bathilda Davis M b ' em ers of the achievement squad eye the newspaper carefully for news and 'ic . K complishments of Lebo grads. These kids did a ood ' b g 10 of giving credit to those who brought honor to our school. CHEMISTRY John Watters and Stuart Debenham john VVatters and Stu Debenham of the chemistry squad make confusometer fuel readings before blasting OH: for Venus. There, they hope to obtain some new chemicals for Dr. Bromberick's class demonstrations. LIBRARY Virginia Taylor - Library squad members work frantically to fill their quota of overdue book notices for the day. Besides dis- tributing those little monstrosities, these kids did man oth ' Y er necessary chores around the sparkling new library. 1-"" SCHOLASTIC Richard Holliday Vic Hill decides he can do his scholastic committee work better when surrounded by girls, who seem to have no objection to the situation either. At this rate, the new honor roll should be done in no time. B ULLETIN BOARD Cathy Lynch Tacks, scissors, and paper in hand, the bulletin boarders begin to bedeck blank boards with brilliant beauty These busy bees blend blues, blacks, and beiges, making better borders and balanced backgrounds which are beautiful to behold. USHERS These members of the Mt. Lebo usher squad handled the programs, tickets, turnstiles, and money at Mt. Lebanon sports events and other school programs. WAYS AND MEANS Bette Fitch and Dick Gibson Members of the ways and means squad, during football games, sell to Lebo's sports fans all kinds of useful items for eating, drinking, reading, throwing, and getting hit with. ATTENDANCE Sue Beil Attendance attendants tend their records of the dencies of Lebo students to be absent or late. of ten o'clock scholars and perennial hookeyists never slipped by these promoters of punctuality. PROJECTION Ray Dilworth and Rod Kerr Men of the projection battalion, after fighting valiant, though sometimes losingg-battles to keep older machines in running order for sixty minutes at a stretch, express confidence before tackling the complex workings of a new projector. CAF ETERIA Lunch, one of the more interesting parts of the Lebo curriculum, was well presided over by these authorities on the subject. Beside them, we see some scholars in the course of taking a field trip through the chow line. 1-IWW? S nl'-' 'Xl' SOCIAL Kathy Knoch Members of the social committee, having thought of everything from a Sadie Hawkins Dance to a Prom Parisienne, wrack their fertile brains for more clever ideas for Mount Lebo social events. AIAKE-UP Kathy Knoch and Betty Lurty Make-up squad outfits Mount Lebanon's budding draina- tists with wigs, whiskers, and warpaint, miraculously transforming Boris Karloiiis and Marjorie Mains into Rock Hudsons and Marilyn Monroes. 137 Readying scalpels, plasma, and ether, members of the medical squad appear calm, cool, and collected, as they prepare for major surgery in an acute case of Blisterium Pedis. MEDICAL Carolyn Cobb RED CROSS Carlotta Van V oy Unsatisfied with the recent hut styles from Paris, mem- bers of the Red Cross squad set out to make their own. These are not for themselves, however, but are for use at an orphans' party. i HOSPITALITY After the hospitality committee laid out the welcome mat, the new kids at Lebo soon felt right at home and at ease with the teachers and other students. ART Diana Lynch Art squad gives old Santa a hand by fixing up Christ- mas trees and smearing globs of glue wherever needed. BIOLOGY Sumner Dana Guinea pig frightj examines biology squad lleftl. Un- able to make any scientific deductions from such a short study of such complex specimens, he simply remarks, "Oh, what fools these mortals be." form' DECORATION John Rowe Scotch tape, crepe paper, and wobbly ladders are the decoration squad's most familiar stand-bys in brighten- ing our school. PUBLICITY Marian XVurner Members of the publicity squad concentrate on finding new ways to focus thc eyes and cars of the world on Mt. Lcbo. Our nationally known band and famous ath- letes made their job a bit cusicr this yenr. PHYSICS Carl Gottschall Future Isaac Ncwtons and Albert Einsteins begin their contributions to the world of science by taking cure of the new Lebo physics lab. TRAFFIC Ted Linn Those terrific "squadders" became "squatters" when they tried to duck Lebols number one problem-chaos in the hull. STUDIO Alan Rice and Sheldon Parker L. B. S., the Lebo Broadcasting System, was fortunate to have such great talent on its announcing staff. Here, we see these stars of the squawk-boxes in the process of putting on one of their non-color "spectaculars." HONOR AYVARD Carol Anderson "You load sixteen tons and what do you get?" Well, in Mt. Lebanon you'll probably get about fifteen activities points. Here we see the diligent members of the honor award committee tabulating these points for keys and guards. DEVOTIONAL Ellen von Ende Devotional squad listens critically to a member pre- senting a new devotional program. Due to the lack of a P.A. system in Lebo's new "C-reenboard Jungle," their devotional programs during the first semester were given by students in the homeroom. ' PUBLIC ADDRESS Mike Foley No, this is not the cockpit of a bomber. The complex gadgets you see here are being operated by the Lebo P.A. squad to send "your regular announcements" through all the rooms. AC. Qin Q E . 1 l 'AF' 1 ll wig 3 ..- I N-.. i n , nfl- 5 7 -Q E in action It is cold, and melting snow slushes heavily under- foot.- The days are November 28 and 29, the time, a little after 2:30. Mt. ,Lebanon's students trudge up the hills leading toward the auditorium at Mellon junior High. Awaiting them there are nervous speakers, biting fingernails, straightening nylons, memorizing speeches. These speakers represent the first step toward the election of a new student gov- ernment in Mt. Lebanon High. The speeches given on these two days give the students their only chance to become acquainted with the ideas, and jokes, of the candidates which they are soon to elect. The speeches at Mellon are only the first step in the growth-of a new Student Congress in Mt. Leb- anon. The path of this growth is indeed an odd one, for it continually reverts to a center around which it travels in ever-broadening circles. That hub is the homeroom. From the homeroom come the stacks of small, yellow ballots. The x's have been placed upon the ballots in a homeroom period run by a homeroom president which the homeroom has elected. Mt. Lebanon's homerooms have taken the second step along the path to a new student govem- ment. The third step comes a few weeks later. It is December, and cold, and Boreas is struggling to neu- tralize the heated fever for Christmas vacation. It is another homeroom meeting, and again the ballots were distributed. This time the students take a more personal interest, for they are electing those who will govern in the homeroom during the com- ing semester. And then Iune comes--new candidates, new speeches, new ballots. a law is horn LQ? Q- ,Tr gfiii'-,5L,,,. sz - , ' V ,mf: m bz nf wnnumzqf-in-sw. , in mi. lebanon Like its system of electing oftlicers, Mt. Leb- anon's modus operancli is simple and direct. A hand raised timidly in a Student Congress meeting puts forth a suggestion. The president listens, and opens the floor for discussion. If the general consensus of opinion is that the sug- gestion is a good one, the plan is submitted to Dr. Mills. The next meeting brings a report of his reactions and reasons for same. If, to him, the plan seems impractical, it is dropped, un- less the members of the Congress seriously object. Should he smile upon it, however, a committee is set up to study the possibilities more closelyz In a matter of weeks, the commit- tee submits its recommendations for discussion by the Congress. The committee returns to its work, carrying with it the suggestions emerg- ing from the discussion. A formal statement is drawn up, then sent to the homerooms for their approval. F inally, the motion and the seconding of the Student Congress delivers the timid sug- gestion into the annals as law. me helped In every school-or team, or business, or any organization including a huge number of peo- ple-there are a few elite who stand out as leaders. Mt. Lebanon has such a group, their pictures appear on the pages which surround these words. They are the members of the National Honor Society, happy at winning the award, and, later, in the testing room, display- ing the eiliciency and skill which won their award. They are the Advisory Council in its frank discussion with Dr. Mills. They are the Student Court impartially hearing both sides of an out-of-order story. They are Activities Award winners proudly wearing their keys and guardsg and winners of individual awards both in and out of school. , x I 1 , 3 . r ,. Jffvrf' ,lil WU! ' C Af fi fi 2' ' 'J J A 's f- My 9'jf,?afWl'L li? ' O j ffl JL ,HM 146 STUDENT COURT Seated: Karen Christiansen, V Joyce Arnold, Dave Dole, Sally Coltman, Cordon Knapp, Eddie Beachler. Standing: Betsy Bennett, Paula Fry, lliob Williams, Bill Rankin, Jack Gar- 'tz. ADVISORY COUNCIL FRONT ROW Mrs Morgan, Mrs. C'1rgrll Dr Mills Dr. Streams, Miss Rrghtnure BACK ROXV: Pat VVeaver, P'1ula Killen Alrn Rice, Mr. Whip- liey Tom Donfrhue Paula Fry, Mr. Doak, Betsy Beidler Earle Patterson. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1: Rice, Billeter, Lewis, Knoch, Henthorne, Beidler, Bayly, Gottschall, Arnold. Linn. ROW 2: Pendleton, Simp- son, Robinson, Muncaster, Ketchum, von Ende, Greer, Hall, Forrester, Nielsen, An- derson, Howell, Kingsley. ROW 3: Blom- gren, Nill, Bennett, Larner, Schaefer, Hoar, Dilworth, Fouse, Overholt, Masterson, Bates, Hjortsberg, Fitch. ROW 4: Dona- hue, Foley, Parker, Holliday, H. Williams, Walker, R. Williams, Rankin, Willingham, Patterson, Kopcsak, Fuss, Hartwig, Gibson. run the school if "WF l i r and gained honors . . . lll ACTIVITIES KEYS FRONT ROW: Hornell, Beidler, Baldus, Ketchum, Knoch, Henthorne, Greer, Clark, Nill, Hjortsberg, Krau- theirn. ROW 2: Latham, von Ende Gilbert Lamb Ta , y , Y' lor, Chidester, Rowe, Hall, Forrester, XVarner, Anderson, Kingsley. ROYV 3: Simpson, Grimm, Cannon, Arnold a Billeter, Fouse, Overholt, Alter, Masterson, Gottschall Nielsen, Bates, Turner, Lockhart.. RONV 4: Gibson Hartwig, Bennett, Parker, H. VVilliarns, VValker, R. VVill- iams, Rice, Rankin, Eicher, VVillingham, Patterson, Wat- ters, Fraser, Charlson. ACTIVITIES GUARDS The people who received activities guards are: Kathy Knoch,Car1ynn Nill, Indy Hall, Betsy Beidler, Carl Gotfschall, and Bill Rankin. . and awards QUILL AND SCROLL ' FRONT ROW: jo Fleming, Sally Hornell, Odette Kingsley, Liz Erskine, Judy Hall, Bar- bara Kern. BACK ROW: Ann Beveridge, Cordon Moore, Barbara Reid, Sue Turner, Clark Dehne. q Those who passed the NROTC Mental Examination l , were-FRONT ROW: Alan Rice, Jim Graham, Ray - . Dilworth, Bob Lewis, Dick Holliday. BACK ROW: ' Mike Overholt, Elmer Beardshall, Earle Patterson, Dave xy I Owens, Skip Williams, Bill Masterson, Tom Dupuis. , A 5 wifi LATIN PROJECTS: Earl Smith, Melinda Smith, Pat Negele, Susie Davis, Helen Hiill, Elmer Roscoe. 3--. if fs? 149 ,df Rensselaer Award-Carl Gott- Harvard Club Book Award-Ted schall. Bausch-Lomb Award-Alan Rice Seniors Who Won Places In The Finals of The National Merit Scholarship Corporation Tests Noreen Bayly Marguerite Blomgren Anne Forrester Malcolm Fraser Carl Gottschall Linda Greer William Masterson Ruth Nielsen David Owens Alan Rice Linn D.A.R. Award-Noreen Ba i 0 150 flashes here and there Student Senior Play Directors prac- ticed thcir skills in preparation for Metro-Colclwyn Mayer auditions. Lebo's most popular course-how to watch TV instead of doing homework! Paul Brunswick, Carolyn Holmes, Bob lsenberg arrived too late for formal senior pictures. G f ' ' 4 ' Remember how we all sat in our K rooms waiting for the Christmas carol- ' ers to arrive P Ever wonder' how to become Future Teachers of America? Nancy, John, joan, and Sarah wonder tool 151 te enjeu and remember 4 1 ' ' snowbahcourt P 1 ' X 1 'v Y Y ,,Q ,f. 1 4 1 ,. , 1 Y X5 ,, 'A 1.1 H Y . , , If :D , , Q , 1 ., 1 , . , . , X , xl , 1 1 J 7 . w ,' . 1 '1 ff 1 Y ' V 1 L 1 I ya., 1 1' IM-' , . 1 . l , 1 L ' 11 L ft' 1 1 ' ' . ' 1 L- 1' F , 1 f 1 , ' V , 1 ,1 1 .1 J , 1 1 1. I 'V 1 1 1' 1 1, " 1 .-uf 11 ,, I I 1 . 1-P snowbaH P in ' sadle hawklns K 4.4. f , ,- X 7 , VL! --fa"-:ff ,,43...c.-fp-1, M , ' 4. -74a-og. gi, Cin' . If ' -' C?fic,,,2 . Q - w"v"""W-14 J 4 H vi "" 17-2.1 -- Nix , Z vip- ff la K! Ut! ,ek ,gg ,,. . " NW' ffl A-P N'7x'Z53g5'31bk . 1 If? 4-G "'iQ.LL-a-.g 1 , 6.4 If . 'fy-'flaw-6 fy ' .. cf'f.,i6iL--'Q-L11 V -fi' lr. sr lr. sr S ie ha wkins oung llfe TBC ALMA MATER 'Nm-nth ccdairs stately, Nlidst hills so hold, Stands our Mount Lvlmnon, Rc-alan of Blnv afnd Cold, Radiant with splendor, Vnlor, virtue and truth, Monldc-1' of our dvstiny, Cll2ll'illill1 nf our youth, Ever our pralisvs shall- ring, Alma Mah-r, for tlivc. -ClIAlll.ES RUCH, '32 ff 4-4.,J'4..f 'X l J, Q' 'LAT Q nh, l L x ALJ . ,A. . .v v 1 l 5 . . ., ,.,.Kw , , . -v,,. --- -5 A ' 3 . 'e'- - R 'L K, .-,, '12 T . Q"'f3Qi?': f,g 5ff' My K. I' '51 r- i Lf,-.w - ' H " .HI- .- ,4 + 33,12 wjf' Ev' .V K X 12 9.4 MMMWW W ' My ?M'J Oftypfff'

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