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F 'NKN ,N fxfx V 'J 1x1 ,. up , , My P li MN 11 fy ,I x' M14 Xu". g , 15"- Nprsow - I-yd Cenztevmzts Playing the Game . Fun at the Game The Players 1 Page 13 Page 25 Page 63 'J ."'? had ,J x g . ' D f. Q.. g' L 4 'Phe Lebanon Log Published by The Students of Mt. Lebanon High School-Pittsburgh, Penna. Vol. XXI Editor-in-Chief ,.,. Literary Editor. , A , Margaret Green . Hliin Lynn Assyt Literary Editor ...,,, Beth Hurley Art Editor ......... Mary Ann Lynd Business Manager, . Circulation Manager ........Ted Siedle . ..Nancv McLain lay all! A day at Mt. Lebanon High shows all the restless excitement of a big-league baseball game. We, the players, out on the diamond every day throughout the season did our best to knock in the Win- ning rung we played the game in class. And We had fun, too, both in our activities and with our teammates. For us it was the big game, but its real purpose was to condition us for the bigger one to come. This book is the record of the 1950-51 season at Mt. Leb- anon. o X g i l The players swarmed into the stadium and out onto the field to li mber up for the day's contest. 4 lim thought he was safe sliding ,into homeroom. but Miss Ion said 'the bell got there first. As usual, the umpire had the last words: "Yer out!" L A Teacher recruits like Mitzi coached these green rookies in the fundamentals of the gamelthey would later play as veterans in -,1',,:,k- if p :'. ,LQ Q ,LVV k k , The players stepped off the dia- mond and relaxed on the bench during the seventh inning stretch at the Iunior-Senior Prom early in the season. Curious spectators thronqecl our ball park when the management declared cz "Pcxrents' Night" for in- terested mothers and fathers to come and look. ' . During the newspaper strike Ronnie, lim, cmd Iulie kept us posted daily with a plczy-by play account oi local, ncrtioncxl. and international happenings. Izzo.. 'K ieam representatives spoke 'out at ihe weekly leaguemeetings where the Execu-V tive Board handled all the details oi running iihe school.. , r . , Sonny turned in the highest field- ing averaqe: throughout the sea-' son he consistently topped the en- tire circuit in catching flies and' catnaps. 'WW lob added one more signature to the list of .og subscribers who had already heard md obeyed the familiar refrain. "Get on the tall! " MQ nr, T:- -...RQ , f, fl , f - . ffm' 5 7 tt , Inquisitive visitors inspected the shining new home econo- mics suite and the bright kitch- ens wliich lent the ball park a homelike atmosphere. gi- A W r I Administration Um ired the Games Keifer. ADMINISTRATION 'iDemocracy in the Schoolsi' Was the keynote of the Civic Leagueps informative School Night Program, and the administration carried the theme through the entire year. The overall plan called first for putting more emphasis on the practical courses by expanding the shop equip- tion was another point in the plan, and the pop- ular evening classes were continued with added recreational facilities. Thirdly, students were urged to take part in the communityis activities, thereby linking our schools more closely with the community. Mr. J. C. Keifer, our principal, is enjoying a discussion on mashics and niblicks with Mrs ment and home economics rooms. Adult educa- ADVISORY COUNCIL SEATED: Mrs. Cargill, Miss McClure, Mr. Keifer, Miss Grove, Miss Ion. STANDING: Dave Farrell, Nancy Brick, Rich Klaber, Sue Galbraith, Mr. Whipkey, Ted Bennett, Jerry Clutter. 8 o l95Of5l Our superintendent, Dr. Ralph Horsman, and assistant superintendent of instruction, Dr. Ross Gill, oblige Log editor Margaret Green with an interview. Assistant superintendent of administration, Mr. C. F. Mellinger, views progress on the crater which will be the Moffitt Street School some day. SCHOOL BOARD FRONT: Mr. Elmer S. Stanier, Treasurerg Miss Miriam Headley, Secretaryg Mr. A. C. McMillan, President Mrs. Donald C. Lewisg Mr. Otis C. Hogsett, Vice President. BACK: Mr. C. F. Mellinger, Mr. R. M. Gill Miss Esther VVhinnie, Seeretaryg Mr. Beckley Smithg Mr. Raymond B. Heehtg Mr. Edward H. Buckg Miss Ber tha YValp, Secretaryg Mr. R. D. Horsniang Mr. Samuel A. Schreiner, Solicitor. 9 rinczipazls and Counselors Game Miss Ion and Mr. Kcifer seein engrossed in serious business. VICJE PRINCIPAL One of our busiest administrators is vice princi- pal Miss Ion, who is the final link in the system which turns out schedules for both students and teachers. Her job includes giving advice and aid to students with individual schedule difficulties. Also she finds time to sponsor the class rank and achievement committees and the attendance squad which takes up so much of her time. Keeping track of eleven hundred students is no small task, but Miss Ion has the job under control. Assisting Miss Ion in the matter of truancy is our home-school visitor, Miss Gordon. But attendance is only a very small part of her job. Students seek- ing part-time work may obtain their working per- mits from her and may even find jobs through the student services exchange, which she sponsors. An- other important duty is visiting the homes of new students and talking with their parents. Miss Gor- don is well-known to newcomers. Our smiling secretaries are Mrs. Irwin and Mrs. Booth. Mrs. Horne stands by during a conference for prospective nurses. Helpful Advice to Everyone GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Room 109 is the headquarters of our guidance counselor, Mrs. Horne, who has the appalling job of making sure that every student in the school is taking the course best suited to his individual needs. A large part of this job is helping seniors to choose their colleges, keeping in mind their abilities and limitations as Well as their needs and desires. To furnish background for selection of college and career, Mrs. Horne arranges con- ferences at which representatives from various schools can discuss with the students the quali- ties of their colleges. She has collected innum- erable pamphlets and folders dealing with near- ly every conceivable vocation and the responsi- bilities encountered in different fields of work. If a college-bound senior needs scholarship aid or part-time work at his prospective school, Mrs. Horne has the latest available information for him. Her job is to handle any student problem that may come up, whether it be personal, soci- al, or scholastic, and somehow she always seems to find time in her full schedule to give help to anyone Willing to ask for it. e ledeil ff , E . ' 1, H fi . ..f... l. I 1 pi I 3 a l 4 -3 is The domestic side of Miss Ion comes to light as she mixes up a pie. Many a student was influenced in his choice of college by meeting its representative. Miss Cordon is off to locate some wayfaring student. 25 ' x ,C bl! X. 1? :J V ,yf xx ,- ,,fg',,f' 'ik I, X we " ,ff vdwlf Y. ,, W .,.. M 7 , m2wfAmmFisf4 xfE'Eg2f: :fE::'mQs?k": 92542: Y R ig 'WT' k. f,j 'i?2 iiE'355iff:' if ,iii ,fmL,L, , , 5 2 5? sm, , -nf f-e at 'A-...W Playing the Game We all played the game in the class- room, and even though we struck out now and then, we usually came through in the clutch. We managed to finish the season with a pretty fair batting aver- age. if 2: X 1.1. X r G n Q 2 v.,..J Playe .S Q o S J r Q ' l 4 ff I s if lla? 3, xhuvv Catching and mounting in- sects for biology was a ticklish job, but We're glad We didnit have to bring ,em in alive. Y s .vo twig Nfl if . 5 '10, :.:f:g55-5 v. ,. -V I f Q -:ph , Q . . . ..... - .r. as- -, gm is Mrs. Geraldine Adamson-liealtlig Mrs. Rutb Aspiotcs-pliys- ical eclucationg Bliss Marguerite Beck-Gerniang Mr. john Beckcrt-physical cducationg Mr. Lawrence Broinbcriclc- clicmistryg Mr. Blcrle Burrows-econolnies, sociologyg Mrs. Margaret Cargill-English, activities directorg Mr. Mercer Clark-liealtb. R ., . 1 r 5 Q SEZ? lk x ,L ll' w ,L rv 1 'S Y it B EE f , as 4 sg I X w r, ' ua if fp,,.,...,. -Q' Ax . 5 X is f Q 5 .., H 2 RQ? 1 .gi 4-, 1 f. GAA fa 9 ii 1 ff 1,: g 1 tl fi if 4 l i Q' r 5 Mr. Albert Davis-pliysical education, flrivingg Mr. jolin Denbow-history, economies, sociologyg Mr. Victor Doak- U. S. liistoryg Miss Virginia Elliott-Englisbg Miss Pauline Fish-home economicsg Miss liatlieryn Frobese-Englisbg Mr. Sherrick Gilbert-biologyg Mr. Norman Gooclwin-algo bra, plane geometryg Miss Ruth Gordon-English, home and scbool visitor. out Bm Ozzie explains the intri- cacies of making hooked rugs to the Public speaking class. Going around in circles? This girls, gym class shows how to do it in an orderly fashion. The why and wherefore of "What goes up must come downv is discussed by Wayxie, Muriel, and Jerry. Pitchers Learning the mystery of the mechanical side of driving, these girls peer in- to the inner sanctum of our driving car. They say experience is the best teacher, but Mr. Stanish would rate pretty high, too, if he'd give all his students good grades on this test. Geometry can become pretty confusing u n l e s s you know all the angles, but Mimi seems sure of her ability to solve the problem. Warm Up A broadcast of Sohrab and Rustumls fight to the fin- ish gave a realistic atmos- phere to this English class, study of the poem. Mr. John Crimes-physicsg Miss Dorothy Grove-commercial subjectsg Miss Fern High-nurscg Mrs. Fernc Horne-guicl- ance counsclorg Dr. Iual Kendall-doctorg Mr. Charles Lohr -biology, general mathg Miss Harriet Manning-Englishg Miss Margery McClure-Lating Miss Florence McLaughlin -English, journalism, typing. Mr. John Melmer-liiologyg Mr. Nelson Mills-English, pub- lic spcakingg M1'. YVilliam Mitchell-typing, Spunishg Mr. Donley Mollenauer-U. S. liistoryg Miss Mabel Moorc-libra- riang Mrs. Geraldine Morgan-Englishg Miss Eileen Nesbitt elinglish, Lating Miss Marie Neuinarker-Englislig Miss Adu Patterson-Latin. 4? lg ' ,. ,, . , '11, 1.653 --W, . . -Q as 'sk yr., ww AL ks -W z .. gr Ai 'Shim -,x!:.:::'.5Ei ,E-V an-:ss as 5- , gk A -,. It ,L A LW ,L 1, .kky V' 3 351 j.fff'w,. ,f.1 , ,i S- k N m: --qw' 5 Zig I , f ' ' .r. ffn ' l -, M, ML 1 A .n. 316' '3'9!TiffM :My .ws If ' f , 1, 4.qJ,2eQ, P . 'W' ffm .yfif - ,. tfugiva-f .L A Aww ,igwzq , 1 A 'mmf 4, f - , .v ,sb V.a.x.f-Q5 .M ,m . ' , 3' W? 9 A ! Q I X , , 1- EL, Q 1 .W Q- Y ., my was if U? zieldlers Smoke gets in their eyes as the chemistry class experi- ments with hydrochloric acid and ammonia. Mrs. Floy Penn-readingg Mr. Raymond Peters-mechanical drawingg Miss Martha Pickens-Englishg Mr. Philip Prutz- man-instrumental musicg Mr. Reed Raines-chemistryg Mr. John Ramsey-shopg Mr. John Reed-drivingg Miss Anne Rightmire-plane geometryg Miss Rita Roegge-Spanish. Mr. Probert Ruth-physicsg Mr. Douglas Shaner-artg Miss Sarah Sniithfsolid geometry, trigonomctryg Miss May Sneary -musicg Mr. joseph Srp-plane geometryg Mr. Albert Stnisheworld historyg Mr. Carl Streams-algebrag Mr. Kirk Tallman-world historyg Miss Anna Thompson-Em glish. Work Omit Christmas cheer was sent abroad by the French classesg Barbara is pointing to the boxes, destinations while they are being puck- ed. To "fly through the air with the greatest of easev is the ambition of these aviation students inspect- ing some of their model planes. YVoman7s Work is never clone, but in the newly gla- morized home ec suite fu- ture homernakers learn the easy way. No Rims, Searl and Marshall proud- ly peruse their umaginim opusf, a joint project on Cicerois life. Classes in sawing Wood fliterally speakingj will make these boys "so nice to have around the housef' Draft 18-year-olds? Mr. Doak thinks so, but 18- year-old Iohnny begs to differ. o Hits, No Errors , ,r Q. + .Inv Miss Mury Thorpe-Spanishg Miss Thelma YVhinnie-com- M W' mercial subjectsg Bliss Ruth StephenseEnglishg Mr. Earl ' , 2 ? Whipkeyhalgebra, aviationg Bliss Helen Zuhniser-French. V 05 ' ' If ' X, f X4 ff? X , 0 CTOP LJ VVho says girls are never good at math? Here are three proofs to the contrary: CTOP RJ Learning to "sew a fine seam" seems easy in theory, but the technique requires serious thought. CBOTTOM L.J Fault- less grammar will leave no strikes against us when we go off to college or into the business world. QBOT- TOM RJ "asdf", "Mayor Mumford", and nhe had a furv run through the minds and fingers of these typing students. 23 f ai ,ws l ,Ly ,AA Q W -32145: L 7 Fun at the Game The game wasn't ouer when the ninth inning encleclg there was still plenty of fun after the last putaut was made. Our activities and sports kept us on the field long after the crowds had gone home HOT DO 4 O 0 Student Representatives TXVELFTH CRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD FRONT: Crcen, Ruthven, Houston, XVoeckner, Chile, SlOlH2II1, Coffin, Brown. ROW 2: McEwen, B. Smith, Paul Bovvell, Alderdiee, Cillen, Schruium, jones. ROVV 3: Canaga, Hutchins, Liadis, Mitchell, Peter Bowell, XV:1ite, Reagan, Clemens. ROXV 4: Lyman, Barnes, C. Smith, VVilliams, Hartman, Cox, Essick, Farrell, C-emmer. Executive Board Officers Farrell. 26 FRONT: Richard Klaber, Cirol Couch, Martha Ludwick, jim Bri ker. BACK: Bob Billingsley, Due School Government EXECUTIVE BOARD AND COURT "Mr. President, why can't we have com- mencement on the high school field?', This was one of the problems discussed at Execu- tive Board meetings this year. The Board consists of the presidents of each homeroom plus one representative from each senior homeroom. When an important question is raised in a homeroom meeting, the president of that section reports the question at the next Board meeting where it is discussed and per- haps solved. This system of representation gives each student a voice in his school gov- ernment. Another important group in the student government is the Student Court. It consists of four senior judges, two junior judges, and two sophomore clerks. Disapproved conduct often means an out-of-order slip, which sum- mons the student to report to the next session of the Court. The judges consider each case carefully and impersonally before making a decision. F i ELEVENTH GRADE BOARD FRONT: VVilliams, Gastmeycr, M a r t i n, Brown, McDonald. ROVV 2: Manning, Pendleton, Gruncnwald, Murton, McCar- tan. ROVV 3: Eld, Burton, fvlinklcr, Flynn, Cherry, Clut- ter, Bcnnctt. TENTH GRADE BOARD FRONT: Brick, O'Farrcll, Chidestcr, VVitt, M c C l a r e n. ROVV 2: Friclell, Baldus, Pa- lonc, Luft, Rust, Mahoney, Mihm. ROW 3: Ruff, Marie, Jordan, johns, Griffith, Peck- ham, Schuchts, Doubleday, A. Mulling. STUDENT COURT Peck, Lindberg, deLaval, Ruthven, Murphy, Heineman, Lynn C Absent-O,BrienD 27 Capable Committee Heads Were l COMMITTEE AND Achievement .,.... Mary Ann Hogsett Auditorium Assistant . , .Lenore Meister Attendance ,.,........... Sally Miller Biology . . ,.,. . .John Malcolm Winston Mergott Book .,,.,..,...,,...... Helen Iones Bulletin Board ...., Muriel Henderson Cafeteria. . .Mac Canaga, Stan Corbett, Bob Leis, Iohn Drgon Chemistry ..,.,.........,. Tom Foley Class Rank ...,...4 Ward Barnes Decorating ,....... Howard Guenther Devotional ........,.,..., Joe Swaim Driving ......,.,..... Loreen Bender Good Sportsmanship ,Boxanna Ryman Gym Squad fGirls,Q ..,,... Jessie Iones Honor Award .........,, Paula Grimm Hospitality ..... .... D orothy Coffin The honor award committee faithfully kept the records of our eternal n Knute Hartman struggle for enough activities points to earn those tiny gold keys and guards. HONOR AWARD Information ..4,4..,. Donna Crissman Library ,,,.,.,.......,,. Nancy Volz Lost and Found .... .... I oan Friday COMMITTEE AND SQUAD CHAIBMEN SITTING: McKenzie, Gillen, Volz, Fineman, Gustavson. STANDING: Drgon, Maehling, Crissman, Dougherty, H. Jones, Rankin, Alderdice, Minihan, Swaim, Moore. 28 Indispensable to the School SQUAD CHAIRMEN Make-up V.,.,..,.. Eleanor McKenzie Medical. .Barbara Brown, Linda Shoop Needle and Thread. .Nancy Dougherty Physics ..... jim Bishop, Roger Brown Poster ............... Ruth F ineinan Projection . ..... .. .... Lee Ross Public Address ......... Tom Gernmer Publicity ....,...... Ada Joseph Pied Cross . ....... .Julie Maehling Scenery .... Carol Caughey, Don Nagel Scholastic ........ Stuart Hemmenway Score Board .............. Bob Bankin Social .....,....,....... Peg Minihan Stage Crew .... Dick Auhl, Phil Reagan Student Services Ex. ..... Iulie Whitney Studio .......... Jim Lynn, Bob Bruce Traffic .,............... Paul Murphy NVAYS AND 5,113 ANS Ushers CBoys'Q. .Dick Moore, john Al- derdice, Mike Gillen Ushers fGirls,Q ..... Shirley Gustavson Ways and Means .......,. Flo Kappler Feeding the hungry hordes seemed like an impossible task until the ways and means girls put their talents to work at the Herculean job. COMMITTEE AND SQUAD CHAIRMEN SITTING: joseph, Guenther, Kappler, Canaga, Hogsctt, Ryman. STANDING: Lynn, Hen- derson, Reagan, Bames, Auhl, B. Brown, Hcnnnenway, Corbett, S. Miller, Grimm, Murphy. 29 w DEVOTION S SCHOLASTIC CHEMISTRY The arrangement of those confusing little siphons glass tubes Was the job of the chemistry squad. MEDICAL SOCIAL Teamwork Kept The religious ideals set forth in the inspiring pro- grams presented over the P.A. originated with the de- votional committee. The names ot geniuses passed through the hands of the scholastic committee and onto the honor rolls at the end of each report period. The medical squad came equipped with first aid know-how, thermometers, and an overwhelming supply of aspirin to soothe the moaning victim's aches and pains. The social committee was behind the fun everybody had at the dances and gets credit for planning all the school social affairs. 3U PROJECTION PUBLICITY Aeitziqvii ies Rolling The hoys that stood behind the projector in the deep, dark recesses of 308 and hrought us thosc 'gediicationalu movies were members of the projection squad. The puhlicity squad were responsihle for advertising school affairsflulame them for those spectacular P.A. commercials. The class rank committee determined each studcnt's scholastic standing in relation to the others in his grade -that mysterious factor colleges are so interested in. The fame and fortunes of Mt. Lebanon alumni were recorded hy the achievement committee, who file news- paper clippings relating the activities of graduates. 31 CLASS RANK ACHIEVEMENT ...L BOYS, USHEB The boys, usher squad callously ripped up those precious tickets we paid good money for at the games. Official MOUNTY Most of you have stayed after school at least once this year. When you were leaving, you may have no- ticed a slight hum coming from the direction of the third floor. If you had followed this hum, it would have led you to room 305, Where you would have found a dozen or more people Working and planning. Upon inquiring, you could have quickly learned that the object of their atten- tion vvas the next issue of the Mounty, our literary magazine. Few people realize how much Work really goes into this magazine. There were about eighty people on the staff this year-- Writers, artists, typists, proofreaders, and mimeographers. They Worked together to produce four big forty- page issues of stories, essays, and poems. Also appearing in various ad- ventures on the back of every issue was Montgomery Mole, the Mounty mascot. The Mounty is actually a product of our whole school since anyone can submit his Work and many articles came from students that were not on the staff. This is one of the main reasons Why the Mounty was so popular this year. SIOUNTY EDITORS Henderson, Graham, Miller. STAFF STANDING: Harness, Bender, Hender- son, Graham, Ballinger. SEATED: Bulg- er, Schnars, Streinc. A MOUNTY ASSEMBLY wlicre chaos, tu- mult, in fact pandemonium reigns. Scorers Q 4. Q LANTERN Credit for keeping the Lantern lit goes to dynamic editors Ronnie Clem- ens, Roxi Ryman, Susie Wagner, and Bruce Thielemann and to their ener- getic sponsor Miss McLaughlin. The process of cleaning the chimney, trimming the wick, and replenishing the fuel supply of the school paper goes something like this: first the staff racks its collective brain for news that might make interesting reading. Then the reporters drop into room 208 to pick up their as- signments. When the stories and feature material are done, they're turned over to the typists and, when typed, sent to the printer, Who re- turns the "galley proofsi'-long sheets of pink paper with the stories printed on them. These are scanned for mis- takes and pasted on the "dummy sheetv, which is a blank Lantern with the columns marked off. The head- lines are Written in above the articles, and the completed dummy is return- ed to the printer. When the printer sends back the finished products, they are assembled with the mimeo- graphed ullevilettev inside, and thatis when We hear that familiar an- nouncement from the studio, uThe Lantern shines tonightlv LANTERN EDITORS Ryman, Thielemann, Clemens, YVagner, Fee, Wardle. BUSINESS SEATED: Dougherty, DiSalvio, Gast- meyer, Brown, dcLaval. STANDING: Sanders, Carpenter, Rox- brough, VVardlc, McKee, MacDonald, Morgan. REPORTERS FRONT: Yarger, Spindler, Anderson, Ludwick, McLain, Lindberg. ROXV 2: Button , Grimm, J o h n s t o n, Gularski, Smith, Dcttling, Stewart. ROYV 3: M. L, Xvllllitlf, J. Walker, Bunting, Jordan, Hecht, Hyde, Coughlin, Morgan, Perkins, Mz1cMz1in, Replogle. Q 0 4. Kept the eeords or 195045 LOG EDITORS: Nancy McLain, Jim Lynn, Beth Hurley, Margaret Green, Mary Ann Lynd recorded in the good ship Mt. Lebo,s Log the storms and calms of 1950-51. LOG In the press box throughout the 1951 game, the Log staff struggled to record the events of each inning. Crumpled bits of paper and used flashbulbs litter- ed the floor as the literary staff, art staff, and photographers strove for the best in Write-ups, lay-outs and pictures to record each home run the team hit. ART STAFF: Forster, Gillen, Lynd, Wardle, Ryerson, Fineman, Baldus. WRITING STAFF: ROVV 1: Garner, Furman, Anderson, Sar- gent. ROW 2: Lynn, Kappler, Ludwick, Wagner, Storch, Streine. ROW 3: Morgan, Linn, Button, Gooding, Johnston, Swearin- gen, Hukill, Theilemann. BUSINESS: Rankin, Ball, Carpenter, McLain, August, Siedle. Songstters on Ptclt 5 A CHORUS FRONT ROVV: Phillips, Ludwick, Christie, Ziegler, D. Couch, Bean, Schietinger, Coffman. ROW 2: Morgan, Mergott, Wise, Mihm, Lindberg, Banta, Schneider, Bender, Van Gundy, Arnold, Nelson, Fawcett, MacMain. ROW 3: Adams Simpson, Ball, George, Welch, deLaval, Hill, Baker, Green, Hecht, Work, DeGiovanni, Frandsen, Patterson, Sloman Kelly, Gilbert, Weldon. ROW 4: Iohnson, Graham, Storch, Ienkins, Bucker, Meider, Broughton, King, Iulian, Spindler Furman, Orluske. ROW 5: Holmes, Siedle, Bruce, Shields, Clark, E. Hobbs, Buck, Kifer, Parlette, Wai-dle, Molter Karcher, Malcolm. B CHORUS FRONT ROW: Ebert, Brant, Young, McMaster, Pratt, Buckley, Medis, C. Clark, Van Voorhis, Troiani, Kurtz. ROW 2: Kappler, Voigt, Galbraith, Greco, Adams, McFee, Wood, Little, Nelson, Bellaver, Graul, l. Peck. ROW 3: Woeckner Akers, Maloney, Brick, Kayser, Howe, Whitney, DeWalt, Boyd, M, I Schnars, Driessen. ROW 4: B. I. Clarke, Maue Hufnagel, E. L. Denmead, Vietorisz, Flury, Hoffman, Paar, Harlan. C CHORUS FRONT ROW: Sullivan, O'Donnell, C. Couch, Marshall ,D. Dougherty, Nichols, Braymer, Hildebrand, Fortunato, Tressel Parke. ROW 2: Maucher, McAfoos, Best, Gordon, Blosser, Froehlich, Davies, R. Schnars, Eckert, Colwill, Haus, Keifer, Iones, Sasso. ROW 3: Lloyd, Oettinger, Harness, Yetter, Englert, Fife, Behen, Goodman, McKenzie, Dorman. ROW 4 Bunting, Herman, Hurst, Sippell, Krapi, Bender, Hemmenway, McKay, Weathersby. 35 I 1 1 Music Munsters Hurd MUSIC Mt. Lebanon copped the pennant in the musical league this year. Mr. Prutzman and the band started the ball rolling with their tricky formations and arrangements of popu- lar songs at the football games. The Stadium Band Revue at end of the football season was often postponed but Well Worth Waiting for. The next big event was the presentation of Handells "Messiah', by the choruses. Watch- ing the candlelight processional and standing for the glorious "Hallelujahv were impressive experiences. The P.T.A.-sponsored recital for our talent- ORCHESTRA CLeftl CTOPD FRONT: McKee, Chidester, Jewell, Krcll. BACK: Joseph, Hertel, Rhyner, Terman, Nagel. CBOTTOMD FRONT: Shaffer, Hislop, Lucky, Heckel. BACK: Dasdorf, Fee, Hemmeniavay, Wolfers. GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO Clliglit Abovel SEATED: Arnold, Van Cundy, Adams, Wise, Ben- der, MacMain. STANDING: NVcldon, Spindler, Or- luske, Hill, Furman, Simpson, Gilbert. BOYS, QUARTET CRight Belowp Bob Bruce, Harrison Shields, Al Wardle, Jim Clark. the Right Ticket ed musicians was a new venture this year and a tremendous success. In March came the return of the band, when it combined with the orchestra to pre- sent the concert. And in May there were the catchy tunes, colorful costumes, and clever plot of the operetta. As always, the Girls' Triple Trio and the Boys, Quartet punctuated the season with their appearances at assemblies, luncheons, and programs. BAND CBelowD FRONT ROYV: Elsey, Troxell, Markle, C. Couch, Garner, A. Clark, B. I. Clarke, Mulvihill, Melienzie, Marcia Harpster, Spangler, Howe, F. Dernncad, E. L. Denmead, Montgomery, M. L. Harpster, O,Brien, Maloney, Murphy, Stricklel. ROXV 2: Peter Bowell, B. Fee, Balch, Simmons, Goddard, Osiier, Viskochil, Short, Hollingsworth, Langord, Hislop, Paul Bowell. ROVV 3: McCain, Brown, Kerr, Fording, Peoples, Tennyson, Totino, Maucher, Kuhn, Stewart, Scanlon, Harlan, Hertel. ROYV 4: Flynn, Boss, Daugherty, Barnes, Lyle, Joseph, Sofis, Harris, Ballinger, Van Voorhis, Beyacqua, Davis, Mlaterman. ROXV 5: John- son, Sawyer, Tice, Rhyner, Charleston, Spalla, Gros- so, D. Fee, Kramer, Dallas, Smith, Dasdorf. RONV 6: Ambler, Grunenwald, Richards, Patterson, Mellon, Boyd, Anderson, Dick, Reid, Cameron, Kieffer. ROXV 7: I. Clark, Foley, Morgan, Buchanan, Campbell, Hemmcnway, Ryhicki, VVian, Elam, Giconi. :QE " .failihtf I ,.i'iimw-ri a A l:a:.1f'rt h. Our NYM' roups HI-Y Fellowship has been the aim of our Hi-Y this year, and its members have participated in many enjoyable and worthwhile activities, The Blue, Cedar, and Gold Chapters, spon- sored by Mr. Baines, Mr. WVhipkey, and Mr. Mitchell, respectively, met with other "YU or- ganizations at a convocation at Trinity Cathe- dral. Here local charters were granted. Emphasis has been put on both religion and education. One of the highlights, a mov- ie on religious tolerance, was shown to the groups. Swimming at the "YD, bowling, and Hi-Y league basketball games between the senior Blues, the junior Cedars and the sophomore Colds have rounded out the season activities of these groups. SENIOR BLUE HI-Y Peter Bowcll, Lusk, Barrett, Swaim. JUNIOR CEDAR HI-Y Gorr, Meyer, Clifton, Hulse, Damon. SOPHOMORE GOLD HI-Y FRONT: Art Mulling, Goodrich, Ladley. BACK: Paar, Henderson, Broughton. 1 Some underprivileged children will be happy with these dolls dressed by the Betas. Offered Fellowship cmd Serqvziee Y-TEENS Ask a Mt. Lebo girl "Y', she likes her teens. Hereis uYv Miss Grove was sponsor to the senior Alphas. These glamorous gals modeled in a fashion show, helped the Betas handle the sophomore recognition service, and took charge of several worthy social service projects. The junior Betas, headed by Miss Frobese, learned to 'cknow themselvesi' by having speakers on person- ality, dating, and social problems. The Sigmas and Deltas, the two sophomore groups, were sponsored by Miss Manning and Miss Stephens. Following Y-Teen fellowship spirit, they "knew oth- ersn with square dances and programs on teen-age Alpha Santa Clauses with full packs set out Problems' for their adopted family. SENIOR ALPHAS CSeatedQ Englert, Furman, Peck, Ryerson, Ryman. CStandingD Miller, Otto, Linn, Green. JUNIOR BETAS CF1'ontJ 'vVolfers, Gilbert. CROW 21 Cunningham, Adams. CROW 31 Replogle, Rall, Klimoheek, Overholt, Calpass, Guthrie. SOPHOMORE DELTAS fSeatedl Frederick, Friday, Doyle, Deeter, Carver, Critelli. QStandingD Davenport, Hill, Briggs, Dimling, Strickler. SOPHOMORE SIGMAS CBackl deLaval, NValker, Morgan, VVeathers- by, Herman. CFrontD Adams, Erskine, VVitt. 39 Players Scored ez Success This can't be the Green Hall Girls' Dorm!" MOTHER IS A FRESHNIAN A beautiful, charming young widow, a handsome zoology professor, a pompous, suspicious dean, and all the mildly insane people who inhabit and haunt a girls' dormitory- there you have the ideal high school play. The east and anyone who saw Mother Is II Freslmzau will agree. Cast: Mrs. Abigail Abbott-Mary Ellen Timberlake, Aud- rey Vecella, Susan-Daryle Wfolfers, Maryrose Bassett, Mrs. Miller-Barbara Buerkle, Joyce Connors, Sylvia-Louise Milligan, Ioye Vlliehert, Bunny-Marianne NIaeMain, Nan- ette Nelson, Helen-Barbara Behen, Patti Ilufnagel, Carrie -Betty Jane Fawcett, Ruth Hennessy, Clara-Janie Arnold, Carole Avery, Marge-Jo Ann Wise, Iosey Phillips, Bobo- Dave Farrell, Jack-Roger Brown, Howie-Jim Bishop, Bill -Charles 'Wyndhamg Dean Gillingham-Bruee Thielemann, Professor Michaels-John Lutz, Bill Zehfuss, Student Di- reetors-Julie Maehling, Ioanne Graham. QFOP LJ Prof. Michaels is smitten by love at first sight. CTOP RJ "Professorl!D CBOTTOM LJ Bunny, the first casu- alty retires to nurse her wounds. KBOTTOM RJ Properties committee begged, borrowed, or stole to keep the play going. with Two Hilarious Productions OUT OF THE FRYING PAN Three actors and three actresses living together in one apartment above a producer who makes gumho, some- body named Stanislavsky, a proper father on Bostonis hoard of eensors, two slightly thick-headed copsvit sounds confusing, hut everyone Went home happyg the actors found jobs and the audience found an evening of howls. Cast: George Bodell-Dave Farrell, -lim Hergetg Nor- man Reese-Ronnie Clemens, Bill Zehfussg Mrs. Garnet- Donna Ball, Julie Machlingg Tony Dennison-Dave Cald- well, Bill Boyleg Muriel Foster-Gay Anderson, Marianne Maeklaing Kate Ault-Susie VVagner, Margie Spindler, Marge Benson-Mary Simpson, Dots Coffin, Dottie Co- burn-Margie Slornan, Joanne Graham, Mr. Coburn- Bruee Thielemann, Mr. Kenny-Dick McConnell, First Cop-Stan Corbett, Second Cop-John Keegang Student Directors-Nanette Nelson, Carole Avery. Somehow this looks like foul play CTOP LJ "But Iive never spit on a producer heforeln QTOP RJ George isnit really crazy-he just likes blue shirts KBOTTOM L.D Don't worry, Mrs. Garnet, it's only a play, remember? CBOTTOM RJ "Dear God, please send us 1 p1o ducerlu HONOR AWARDS At the end of the first semester the students pictur- ed on these two pages had won one or more of the most coveted awards offered by Mt. Lebanon High School. Onyx and gold Activities Keys went to those diligent students who had accumulated ninety points in scholarship, athletics, committees and squads, pub- lication staffs, student government, and all the other school activities. Two particularly outstanding sen- iors, Paul Murphy and Julie Maehling, amassed two- hundred points and qualified to receive the tiny but elusive Activities Guards. Excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character are the requirements for membership in the National Honor Society. By the end of their 12B semester twenty-eight Mt. Lebanon students had re- ceived this highest honor which a secondary school can bestow. Paul and Julie, our two Old PWS, Were the OUIY Students Quill and Scroll, an international literary society for to receive guards at midsemcster' high school journalists and writers, requires outstand- ing work on the Log, the Lantern, or the Mounty be- fore the student can qualify for membership. eugme Lea ers Received ACTIVITIES KEYS FRONT: Miller, VVieke, Whelan, Fawcett, Spindler, Mihm, Houston, Smith, Ludwick, McLain. ROW 2: George, Storch, Sar- gent, Green, Sloman, Chile, Brown, Ruthven, Henderson, Kappler. ROW 3: Hartman, Thielemann, Fineman, Joseph, Zehfuss, Fur- man, Dodson, Wilder, Lindberg, Maehling, VVagner, MacMain, Peck, Paul Bowell. ROWV 4: VVilliams, McConnell, Ryerson, Grimm, Ryman, Volz, Miller, Lightbown, Bender, Reavis, Lynn. RONV 5: Barnes, Murphy, Smith, Clemens, Hcmmenway, Klaber, Peter Bowell, Reagan, Corbett. 42 QUILL AND SCROLL FRONT: Zeph, Litten, L. Miller. ROYV 2: Uln'icl1, Hulse, Rimer, YVillis. ROYV 3: S. Miller, Heidenreiclm, Meyers, Clemens, Green, Ryman, Treharne, Boo k, Hzunmond, Neal. WellfDeserwed Awards NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FRONT: Ryman, Joseph, Button, Maehling, Crissman, Kappler, MucMain. ROW 2: Grimm, Sargent, Green, Furman, Miller, VVild- er, Lindberg, Ludwick. ROWV 3: Peck, Bruker, McConnell, Lynn, Reavis, Hemmcnway, Mihm. ROW 4: Barnes, Hartman, VVil liams, Klaber, Clemens, Murphy. 43 Uarsmadiiag Students 4 HIGHEST HONOR ROLL FIRST SEMESTER FRONT ROXV: Ivy Hill, joan Furman, Lucy Hodnette, Ioan Chidester, Arlene Mering, Bob Lucky. ROVV 2: Hugh Pendleton, Elizabeth Beveridge, Ann deLaval, Ruth Fineman, Mary Ann Frederick, Paula Grimm, Mary Io Ryerson, Lor- raine Krell, Lenore XVeathersby. ROVV 3:Tom Manning, Jerry Clutter, VVard Barnes, Chuck VVilliams, john Drgon, Paul Grunenwald, Miller, Peck, Stuart, Hemmcnway, Tom Adams, Dick McConnell, john Linkhauer, Bob Swearingen. fAbsentqloanne Graham, Eileen McKibhen, Bill Minkler, Bill Malcolm, Hope Hodnette, Sue Galbraith, Jerry Mahoney, jack Harmon, Mary Ann Peck, john Redmond, Ron Van Voorhis, Helen McClarc-nl. LEFT: Outstanding Latin students were Hugh Pendleton, Bob Lucky, Tom Manning, and john Linkhauer. Hugh and john placed among the first ten in a Latin scholastic test at the Buhl Planetarium. John also took first place for third year Latin at the Planetarium. RIGHT: Shirley Goodman, Bill Malcolm, Mary Jane Hartman, Barhara Rowe, Maudie Baker, and Erika Erskine all received awards for Latin projects exhibited at the Planetarium. 44 Won Additional Recognition RIGHT: The seven highest ranking National Honor Society nieanhcrs eligible to compete for National Honor scholarships were: XVard Barnes, Roxi Ryman, Chuck YVillia1ns, Jim Lynn, Paul Murphy, Mary Sargent, Dick Mc- Connell. BELOVV: fT.L.D Instrunientalists Allen Lan- gord, Marianne MacMain, Monnie Adams, Ann deLaval, and Bob Hcincnian together with vocalists CCENTERD Katherine Goddard and Margaret Spindler gave a recital in Mellon Au- ditorium. It was a ineniorablc occasion as well as the first event of its kind. CT.R.D Chuck XVilliams received the Rensselaer Medal for his outstanding work in mathematics and science. CB.L.D Bahs Beck received a gold key, a Schol- astic art award, for her textile design. CB.R.D Stuart Hcnnnenway was presented with the Bausch and Lomh award for excellent work in science. Spovrzts Honor Roll Qklost valuable athletes in each sportj 1950 TRACK Qtrackj Dave McSteeu CROSS OOUNTRY Wally Giordano 1950 BASEBALL Art Cusick FOOTBALL jim Blatt RIFLE Bob Leis BASKETBALL Bob Witt 1950 TRACK Cfieldy Ward jones 1950 GOLF Nancy Iohnston Gridders rick VARSITY Front Row: Hamill, Blatt, Can- aga, Corbett, Brakcr, Kirk, Brown, Reardon, McConnell. How 2: Bennett, Slack, YVal- ton, Menkc, Clutter, Dunn, Graham, Murphy, Klaher. Bow 3: Coach Tallman, Liherto, Jones, Schramm, Billingsley, Zivic, Cox, Hartman, Gcmmor, llcad Coach Beckcrt. Row 4: Humphreys, MeCartan, Mur- ray, VVilliams, Keegan, Pctrclli, Scmak, Paff, Portman, Parlette. JUNIOR VARSITY Front Bow: Thielemann, Schuchts, Doubleday, Kenni- han, Donoghue, Fish, Powell. How 2: Nee, McKee, Phillips, Marie, Kayser, Rust, Spagnolo, Iaegcr, Flynn. Bow 3: Rees, Luft, Liadis, Brown, Temmel, Giordano, YVilder, Kern, Ber- mel, Toth. Row 4: Francis, Buchncr, Borland, Dickinson, Miller, Lindberg, XVaterman, Rohl, Velucci, Schneider. FOOTBALL Mt. Lebanonls 1950 football team started the season aiming for the championship. For the first four games it looked as if they might make it, too, but the following games didnft go as they had planned. The Mounties completely over- powered their non-league opponents and then went on to tumble Penn from the "double AI' race in their first league game. Aside from their league games, the boys wanted most to win their opener. This first game was against Waynes- burg, the only team to hand Mt. Lebanon a de- feat last season, and so the boys had only one purpose in mind, to avenge that defeat. And avenge it they did as they walloped Waynes- WU? Nez! XS x Qv QW XO' GQ nndfzf .st '.',1fi'nf?7 bffrfm TWENTY SENIORS playing their last time for the Blue and Cold were honored before thc Butler game. burg, 27-0. Each succeeding week brought com- petition a little tougher, but the Blue Devils had little trouble in downing first Perry and then South High. In the South game our boys show- ed terrific driving power as they marched down the field time and again only to fumble within the 15 yard line. The final score of 40-6 might have been more one-sided if they had held on to the ball on those scoring threats. It was evi- dent the next week that the Mounties did not have power to spare against improved compe- tition as they finally downed a never-give-up Penn team, 14-7. However, the following week an unusually strong Washington team was too much for the Blue Devils, who just didnit have LETTERMEN: Qriglmtl Blatt, Jones, Liberto, Schramm, Billingsley, Cbelowl Zivic, Slack, Canagu, Kirk, Braker, McConnell, Hartman, Murphy. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE - T -18 - 20 - 19 - 13 - 6 - 0 - 19 Dormont . Clark .,.. Baldwin , . Shaler . . . Penn ..,. Carrick . . Dormont . XVilkinslJurg VARSITY SCHEDULE Xllaynesburg Perry ,... South ..., Penn .... Washington Wilkinshurg Uniontown Butler . . CHEERLEADERS: N or ln a Chile, Nancy Gill, Barbara Baum-r, joan Friday, Margin Marshall, Kay Ketchum, Don- na DeCiovanni, Bunlcy Over- holt, Audrey Yecella, Mary Blclicc. that extra bit to pull through. The XVilkinsburg game was probably the thriller of the year as the score seesawed during both halves, with it anybodyps ball game until the final whistle. There was one difference between this and the Penn game-the biggest difference possible-Mt. Lebanon came out on the short instead of the long end. The following two weeks found the Mounties losing to both Uniontown and Butler to end the season in defeat though not disgrace. The team was paid a high compliment by the coaches who said that though the boys were not the best football players, they were the nicest bunch of fellows they had ever coached. COACHES: Cleft? Stanish, Doak, Beclcert, Talllnan. LETTERMEN: Cbelowl Cox, Keegan, Paff, Brown Corbett, VVilliams, Klaibcr, Hamill. ff mr., . ,,.-5,3 A :M ,AT ,flmqu ..,.t , V- ,- , , , , ,. . ,,-A Mounty Harriers Brought Home Coach Mollenauer, Bob Cherry, and Pete Bowell add a fifth state championship trophy to the already imposing array. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 15 ,....... Canonsburg 40 Mt. L. 15 .,.,..,,...,., Penn 40 Mt. L. 19 ,...., New Kensington 36 Mt. L. 15 ..,. Connellsville 40 Mt. L. 18 .... . . Ambridge 37 Mt. L. 15 ,.., . . . New Castle 40 Mt. L. 17 ,...,..,.,., Aliquippa 38 W.P.I.A.L. MEET Mt. Lebanon 60 ,.., VVilkinsburg 75 STATE MEET Mt. Lebanon 69, .. Williamsport 122 CROSS COUNTRY With their best record in the past few years the Mountie harriers regained their supremacy of former seasons and proved themselves to be the best squad in statewide cross country com- petition. Coach Mollenauefs capable guidance helped the thinclads to win nine consecutive meets this season, four by perfect scores, includ- ing the W.P.1.A.L. and state championships. VARSITY Row 1: Matthews, Milnn, Kraft, Giordano, Kortner. Row 2: Pete Bowell, Walsh, Paul Bowell, Coach Mollenauer, Higgins, Cherry, Terinan. s tt Fifth State Championship This is the fifth time since 1940 that the harriers have won the laurels at Penn State. The Moun- ties had plenty of good material coupled with the will to win, which showed up in each meet. Pacing the squad were Wally Giordano and Bob Cherry, while other standouts were Pete and Paul Bowell, Bob Kortner, Eddie Mihm, Doug Terman, Drew Higgins. VVally Giordano burned up the track as he set a new record while lead- ing the team to victory over New Kensington. Eddie Mihm, who is only a sophomore, consist- ently placed in Mt. Lebanonis first five and showed great promise for the next two years. Coach Mollenauer has high hopes that the squad will extend this record in 1951. A large junior varsity squad finished the seas- on with a creditable record of four wins and one loss. Their only defeat was at the hands of the Central Catholic varsity. The team defeated the Shadyside varsity and the junior varsities from Ambridge , New Castle, and Aliquippa. Ion Thomas and john Thomas were the sparkplugs of the jayvees, along with Eddie Reddy, lack Bell, Tom Blandford, and Dan O'Connor. P , 5 Kortner, Bowell, Cherry, and Mihm finish in a dead heat JUNIOR VARSITY Row 1: Ion Thomas, Bell, Sabo, John Thomas, Cullen. Row 2: Toci, Peck, Redmond, Stearn, Barnes, Barrett, Fox. tigers Showed lmproqved Form YVitt sails under the board for an incredible shot. BASKETBALL Lacking in height, but not in spirit, the 1950- 51 edition of the Mounty hoopsters finished the season with a record of ten wins and nine losses. In the opener our fighting floormen came from behind during the second half to defeat Avalon by three points. Subsequent wins over Penn, VVest View, Crafton, and Bethel twice, coupled with losses to Washington, Munhall, Charleroi, McKeesport, and Wilkinsburg, round- ed out the exhibition season for Mt. Lebanon. The Blue Devils started off well in W.P.I.A.L. competition, defeating Baldwin by more than twenty points before recording their first loss to Dormont. They edged Clark and tumbled to Brentwood before dropping Baldwin again, but losses to Dormont and Clark forced the Mount- ies to topple Brentwood in the final game to maintain their .500 record in section play. The most valuable player and consistent high scorer was Bob Witt, who had a season total of VARSITY FRONT RQW: Bradway, McGrecvey, Flynn, Murphy, jones. HOXV 2: Johnson, Puff, Smith, VVitt, Fairgricve ROW 3: Keegan, Cox, Slack, Hyams, Clair, Coach Clark. 52 s Season Closed 228 points and an average of 12 per game. Bob was chosen for the all-sec- tion team as one of the districtls out- standing players. Playmaker Paul Mur- phy starred throughout the season and was a great morale booster. Other stand- outs were cagcy ball-handler jack Smith, deadly southpaw Dick Bradway, push-shot artist john Keegan, pivot man Bill Hyams around the keyhole, and re- bounder Herb Cox. Al johnson, one of the squad's two juniors, also saw plenty of action. Coach Kirk Tallman's all-sophomore quintet showed great promise of pros- pective varsity material for the next two years. The jayvees breezed through their schedule with 12 wins and 7 losses. Ronnie Jones and lack Kern showed fine form throughout the season and were the usual high scorers. SCHEDULE EXHIBITIONS Mt, L. 46 .,..., Avalon ...,. Mt. L. 43 ...... VVilkinsburg Mt. L. 37 ,..... Penn ,...... Mt. L. 36 .,.... McKeesport Mt. L. 60. . . . . Crafton . , . Mt. L. 41 ..... Charleroi .. Mt. L. 67. . . Bethel . . . Mi. L. 41... .. Munhall ... Mt. L. 39 r..... Bethel Mt. L. 539. .. .. YVest View . Mt. L. 29 ...., VV2lS11l1lgtO11 SECTIOX V Mt. L. 42-21 Baldwin 39-51 Mt. L. 41-44 Dormont 66-50 Mt. L. 55-53 Clark 48-39 Mt. L. 29-49 Brentwood 39-51 CLOCKXVISE T. to B.: Keegan scores with his specialty. yy junior Al Iolmson nets two points. D XVitt goes up for a rebound. by Itis an easy lay-up for Herb. in "Murph,' shovels in a fielder. n the Diamond Our Nine He dl BASEBALL 1950 On the diamond our blue and gold sluggers sported a season record of seven Wins and four losses. Art Cusick, the team's hard-hitting catcher and a member of the varsity for three years, was elected the most valuable. Chuck Dickerson finished the season With- out an error and Ed CBoom-Boom? Beck displayed unusually fine form on the mound. The final game of the season saw twenty Blue Devils step up to the plate in one inning to score fourteen runs. Of the sixteen mem- ' 'f bers of the squad five underclassmen The Whistle blows, the ball is up, and the game is on! will return next year- IUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROVV: Connors, Bust, Karcher, Harris. ROXV 2: Mahoney, Mulling, Peckham, Griffiths. ROVV 3: Kern, Greer, Jones, Coach Tallnnm. 54 heir Own SCHEDULE Mt. L. 5. .7 Mcliccsport 2. .3 Mt. L hit. L. 6. .5 Klunhall 2. .9 Mt. L Mt. L. 1.11 Clairton 9. .8 Mt. L Mt. L. 7. .4 Duquesne 5 . 15 Mt. L Mt. L. 3 .... XVilkinsburg 1 Mt. L. ll .... N. Catholic 6 Mt.L.2 .. ..,.. Oliver 6 Q X Q39 fi? N 43 QTOP LJ Murphy takes a healthy cut. CTOP BJ Westwood digs for first. CBOTTOM L.D You tell iem, "Speed," CBOTTOM RJ Beck's pickoff attempt fails. BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Harmon, Fedele, Dickerson, Eggers, Canaga. ROW 2: Dickinson, Beck, Murphy, Bradway, Coss, Pankopf, Peckham. ROW 3. Eld, Cusick, Lowell, MCKenney, Coach Clark, Westwood, Sherrick, Wilson, McCauley. 55 Trackmen Added to Moaumztzies Button stretches for the tape at the Tri-State Coaches' Meet. CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS Mt. Lebanon Tri-State Coaches' Meet ...Second Place W.P.I.A.L. Relays ,....... ..., F irst Place Washington Invitational ........... First Place Allegheny County Districts Meet ,,.. First Place W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet ..,, Third Place State Championship Meet, District Scoring Only 1950 TRACK 1950 Will go down as another outstanding track year in Mt. Lebanonls sports history. As a matter of fact, it is more out of the ordinary for Mr. Mollenauer's boys to have an average season than it is for them to have an outstanding one, for year after year they have made sports headlines and broken -records for Mt. Lebanon. To mention only some of the highlights of the I950 season, the team Won the Connellsville Re- lays, the Washington Invitational, and the Alle- gheny Independent Districts Meet, three of the biggest meets in Western Pennsylvania. Some of the boys had the unusual honor of running in the Mansfield Relays in Mansfield, Ohio, one of the largest high school meets in the country. A third memorable event was the setting of sev- eral new records by some of the great competi- tors on the team as a fitting climax to a most successful season. And now filling out the highlights let's look first at the indoor season. The Blue Devils Won their dual meet with Central Catholic which VARSITY Front Row: Caldwell, Billingsley, Buzzard, Hayinond, W. Corr, McStcen, Kelley. Row 2: Gardner, Zivic, Waldo Ioncs Langhart, Reddy, Cilbert, Kortner, Burns. Row S: Thielemann, Wood, Carson, Keegan, Cherry, Hayes, Blatt, Tilbrook Mains, Coach Mollenauer. Row 4: Smith, Shirey, Ioyce, Button, Anderson, Rosscr, L. Jones, Younkins, Brnning, Ward Jones. Impressive Record of Past Years opened the season. Incidentally, Mt. Lebanon hasnit lost a dual meet since 1945. The next meet was the trials for the Tri-State Coaches Meet, and Mt. Lebanon qualified with a good team. However, the following week at the finals Mansfield High edged the Mounties by a few points to win the trophy. It was during the in- door season that the two-mile relay team set a new Schoonmaker Hall record in their event. We mentioned the Mansfield Relays as one of the top meets of the outdoor season. It was quite an honor as well as a thrill for the boys to travel to Mansfield since they were the first team to represent Mt. Lebanon since 1941. The Mounties stacked up very well against competi- tion from all over the East and Midwest as our relay teams earned a third, fourth, and fifth place. Washington and McKeesport offered the Mounties plenty of stiff competition in the three big meets. In fact, the lead changed hands with each succeeding event so that many times it was the last two or three events which de- cided the meet. As the season progressed the Blue Devils continued to add to their string of undefeated dual meets, and the seasonis end found that record still intact. New individual records were set by Dave McSteen in the high and low hurdles and by Ward Jones in the TOP: Up and over the bar at the Tri-State Meet. BOTTOM: Photograph of a rare event-the Mounties losing a race. shot-put. SCHEDULE Dual and Triangular Meets Indoor Mt. L. 65 9f10. . .Central Catholic 38 1f10 Outdoor Mt. L. 80 . . .. .Carrick 38 Mt. L. 97 .,., ...... P enn 30 Mt. L. 68 1f3 McKeesport 58 2f'3 Mt. L. 112 1f3 ...Clairton 14 Zf-3 Mt. L. 87 9'10 Washington 56 1f5 Canonsburg 15 9f10 Mt. L. 92 .. . .Dormont 85 JUNIOR VARSITY Front Row: Menke, A. Ccrr, Zelle, Nordquist. How 2: Gardner, Wfardle, Englert, Kraft, Matthews, Johnson, Butler, Lightner. Row 3: Bennett, Bland- ford, Madden, Nagy, Terman, Stadleman, Keen, Spalla, Patterson, Stratton. Row 4: Burton, Lutz, Chester, Portman, Weilncr, Crytzer, D'Alessandro. 57 1 Q l 1 These Sports Rounded Unit TENNIS Balch, Humphreys, Sax- ton, Swann, Reagan, Gil- len, Clemens, McCon- TENNIS 1950 Mt. Lebanon's 1950 tennis team had a much bet- ter season than will appear in the records, which neglect to mention such factors as court repairs, a young, inexperienced squad, and stiff competition. This year found a seasoned team eager to better last yeafs record. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 1 ..,5 Latrobe Mt. L. 2 ,. 3 Brentwood 2 .,.. 3 Mt. L. Mt. L. 2 .. 3 Shadyside 3 2 Mt. L. Mt. L. 4 ,..1 Sewickley 4 .... 1 Mt. L. Mt. L. 4 ...1 Crafton 2 .... ..., 3 Mt. L. nell, Mr. Doak. GOLF Harvey, Bingham, Dal- ton, Mr. Burrows, O,Con- nor, Johnston, Cole. GOLF 1950 1950 proved to be an off year for the hapless Mt. Lebanon golf team, which broke into the Win col- umn only once While dropping a total of fi matches to the three local high school squads th played. SCHEDULE Mt. L. V2 . 14V2 Baldwin 15 .,.. 0 Mt. Mt. L. 7 .... 8 Snowden 4Vz .l0V2 Mt. Mt. L. 0 ..... 15 Brentwood 15 ..,. 0 Mt. ve ey L. L. L. Mt, lsehols Athletic Program INTRANTURAL BASKETBALL VVINNERS FRONT: 'Wirant, Morgan, Leonard. BACK: Johnson, Yarhousc, Alter, XVet- more. RIFLE The Mounty sharpshooters showed a marked improvement over past years as they compiled their best record in several seasons. Competing against marksmen numbered among the nationls best, our squad met some of the toughest oppo- sition in the country. Mt Mt Mt Mt. NIL 495 489 492 492 496 SC HE DULE Aspinwall 492 Munhall 500 Oakinont 492 Millvale 480 Etna 492 RIFLE FRONT: Mr. Streams, Barker, Sargent, Lynd, Leis, Lyman, Clutter. BACK: Rankin, Reagan Butler Drgon Fee, Brown. Girls Took Their Places on Bough and tumble action characterized those speedy basketball games. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION VVhat a serve! XVhat a backhandl VVhat form! Letis peek through the fence and see what we can. There are Madeleine Driessen and Nancy Tressel-celebri- ties, you know. They not only took the tenth grade tennis championship but also the school champion- ship. If we let our eyes wander just a bit farther, we see the junior champs, Ruth Lease and Louise Hyde. And last but not least, we find the senior champs, Barbara Gooding and Peggy Linn, giving the ball some exercise. Next in line was tenniquoit, which gave many girls a chance to participate. It looks much easier than it is, just try to catch that little ring without spearing it. Time out! Yes, time out to tell you that we had a very successful year in basketball. A11 all-star team was chosen for each grade. Grunts and groans were the most common signs of the bowling tournament getting under way, and stoved fingers seemed to go hand in hand with vol- leyball. We really wereift as crippled up as it sounds, for what would gym be without a few aches and pains? And what would the C.A.A. Dessert be with- out howls of laughter? This was the main event of the year. Dessert was served and the Council put on a skit that no one will ever forget! Wie had a tremendous year, packed with many wonderful times and we owe a very big thank-you to our friend, Mrs. Aspiotes, for being so helpful. Un- til next year the G.A.A. says, "So longf, G.A.A. COUNCIL FRONT: Miller, Marshall, Timberlake, NVilder, Ryerson. BACK: Overholt, Vecella, Brown, Kappler, V. Beck, Bauer, Kayser. 60 the Mound! Roar? We thought We,d split when Bar- bara and Audrey gave us a view of the roaring twenties at the Dessert. These spritely 'igopher girlsv brought us a revival of the minstrel show. Can you find a sober face among these spectators at the Dessert? '-,,,,,i fy ' J , , 52 ' K, , if " fi Q X 4 1 5, 2 1 , .f iii? 1 Z 1 X z 'il .2255 f 1253422926 'f,,.,,f:,'ffmg ,uzggzggm mx, is ' QQWIASVH gwm ,gwsivles . Arm. 'Er ' ' The Player Now here are the players themselves -all of them, from the sand-lotters to the big-leaguers. Here, too, are the in- dividual records set during the season by the veteran stars of the past three years. xf-5 ,N as C fy W - Nz -5 45 C E7 IO-1 IO-2 Ruukies Take the Field Ambitious students check up on their futures in the career section of the libra- rv. 64 10-1 MISS MCLAUGHLIN Row 1: Carolyn Austin, Mary Lou Brown, Eleanor Be- vacqua, Betty Morgan, Barbara Rowe, Betsy Kuhn, Eleanor O'Neil, Nancy Brick, Mary Davey. Row 2: Sam Patterson, Mike Trunzo, Jim Toci, Martha Stewart, Jean F randsen, Joan Chidcster, Murray Charlson, Tom Kennihan. Row 3: Bob Leitholf, Herbie Timberlake, Emilio F astu- ca, Harry Cook, Tony Giordano, Dick Henderson, Bill Mace. 10-2 MR. MOLLENAUER Row 1: Joyce Kurtz, Nancy Tressel, Diane Marra, Bar- bara White, Janice Bridges, Mary Coffman, Maudie Baker, Valerie Fife, Betty Lou Adams. Row 2: Dick Paff, Tom Cullen, Jean McKenzie, Shirlev Ann Goodman, Janet Spangler, Audrey Herman, Averill Harness, Bill Brown, Bill Jenkins, Don Ruff. i Row 3: Bill Malcolm, Jim Mulling, Paul DeBald, Stan Pendlebcrry, John Paar, Jon Koscielny, Jim Clark, Rodney Balach, Tom Brown, Jim Donoghue. 10-3 MR. SRP Row 1: Madeleine Driessen, Annetta Bean, Carmella Bri- selli, Veta Lee Greco, Polly Mascaro, Nancy Medis, Barbara Lewis, Ann deLaval, Mary Jane Fletcher, Kathie Higgins, Elizabeth Beveridge, Joan Boyd. Row 2: Robert Broughton, Bill Bingham, Jean Walker, Carol Braymer, Mary Lou Jewell, Margie Adams, Martha Ann Rea, Annette Dugan, Kate Sterner, Zeke Ketchum, Dave Baldus, Bob Lucky. Row 3: John Pankopf, Frank Fuller, Tom Mulling, Andy Temmel, Doug Russell, Lee YVhitney, Dick VVian, Peter Jacobs, Don McKee, Terry Harris, Dick Fish. 10-4 MR. GILBERT ' Row 1: Shirley Fortunato, Dolores Dougherty, Virginia Dettling, Jeanne Colwill, Mary Lou Walker, Marilyn Lewis, Dottie Park, Ellen Meneilly, Joye Wichert, Lucy Hodnette, Pat Murphy, Margaret Easton. Row 2: Joseph Golden, Pepi Fox, Cynthia Young, Kath- ryn MeFadden, Marylou Mackey, Mary Louise Bender, Ruth Sehoeppner, Joan Melham, Mary Jane Hartman, Ann Bunting, Albert Grimenstein, Clarence Brady. Row 3: Bob Fulton, Howie Hamilton, Tom Adams, Frank Griffith, Lewis Johns, Jerry Greer, Tom Stock, Bruce Klingensmith, David Rees. Prom-trotters take time out to exchange who,s-with- whom and what - she's - Wearing. Major League Material 10-5 10-6 66 10-8 10-5 MISS FROBESE Row 1: Anne Connors, Mary Lou Leach, Mary Ann Sullivan, Ida Petrelli, Linda Akers, Sue Galbraith, Sally Stull, Mary Lou Hahner, Arlinc Leckrone, Valerie Myers, Sue Hafer. Row 2: Peggy Parquette, Mimi Mergott, Priscilla De- Walt, Jane Watts, Madclin Booth, Ruth Johnson, Alice Ann Richards, Barbara Vanande, Judy Hemmenway, Carol Ann Krapf. Row 3: Francis Cappello, Tom Howard, Roland Jones, Jerry Mahoney, Bob Irwin, Bob McFarlin, Dave Schuchts, Bob Challener, Sandy England, Blaine Bermel, Lowell Wilder, Richard Land. 10-6 MISS MCCLURE Row l: Betsy Swain, Diane Smith, Marcia Rosenberg, Helen Brant, Carole Gibson, Diane Oettinger, Dolores Campbell, Arlene Nelson, Kevin Enright, Peggy Witt, Le- nore VVeathersby. Row 2: John Ambler, Don Kerr, Henry Mellon, Sharon Summers, Rosemarie Grace, Mary Cole, Bob Benson, Tom Marquard, Bob Wettrick. Row 3: Ed Mihm, Doug Henderson, Jack Harmon, Bob Lindberg, Ray Cotlie, Bud Dickinson, Ronnie McGill, Johnny Karcher. 10-7 MR. TALLMAN Row 1: Cecilia O,Donnell, Audrey Waterman, Joanne Mulvihill, Pat Markle, Nancy Stewart, Joann Haas, Anita Poole, Gloria Friday, Janice Strickler, Gay Mihm, Catherine Thompson. Row 2: Bob Podobnik, Bob Brawdy, Keith Rust, Eileen Scanlon, Arlene Cashdollar, Bonnie Kiefer, Mary Ellen Doyle, Doyne Davis, Bob Henke, John McCain, Jack Bell. Row 3: Ron Long, Jim Cardamon, Jack Woeber, Bob Sposato, Ken Rohl, Bob Pasqual, Carroll Lentz, Jim Velucci, Pete Schneider. 10-8 MISS STEPHENS Row 1: Mary Ann Buzzard, Peg y Coull, Mary Ann Miller, Hilda Sibert, Mary Grace Palgamone, Marie Ortale, Mary Barbara Noel, Sylvia Tatem, Peggy Mains, Helen Onstott, Dorothy Simpson. Row 2: John Cox, Stephen Carey, John Thomas, Gail Stevens, Pat McKay, Barbara Barger, Phyllis Ruemmele, Jean VVatern1an, Jack Phillips, Tom Kay, Jack McArdle. Row 3: Arthur Mulling, Les Goodrich, Neil Billig, Jim Furlong, Dick Liedy, Bob Beil, Bill Reig, Paul Francis, Epaminoclus Sofis. Sephs Were Newer eff Base freshment. 68 10-9 10-IO A familiar scene-the bo si Y gym class pausing for re- 10-9 MR. STANISH Row 1: Ann Gibson, Barbara Best, Nancy McGinley, Lois Heckle, Janet Strader, Sandra Mulviliill, Janet Mont- gomery, Suzanne Sullivan, Betsy Rosenthal, Judy Rice. Row 2: Benton Scott, Roger Brown, Jan Thomas, John Mason, Janet Davis, Barbara Madson, Charles Carlise, Jim Henry, David Tragesser. Row 3: Gordon Tuttle, Alex Cora, David Boyd, Dan O,Connor, Jim Cooke, Bob Rooney, John Fridell, Bill Elam, Howard Reardon. 10-10 MRS. MORGAN Row 1: Dorothy Di Perna, Bernie Crivella, Margie Voigt, Barbara Davis, Ruth Ann Schnars, Ivy Hill, Rose' mary Dasdorf, Doris Davenport, Elsie VVolfrum, Nancy Fisher. Row 2: Ben Heist, Ronald Van Voorliis, Chuck Steven- son, Allen Langord, Blaine Meider, Joe Marie, George Lia- dis, Bill Kayser, Bob Luft, Ronald Hess, Bob Sabo. Row 3: Bob Boyd, John Redmond, Bob Hecht, Jon Jaeger, Miller Peck, Bob Karcher, Don Barrett, John Dick, Ron Jones, Eugene Meehan, Cole Thielemann. 10-11 MISS NEUMARKER Row 1: Nancy Miller, Lynne Payne, Carolyn Clark, Louise Anderson, Sandy Braun, Virginia Gottschall, Elaine Johnson, Ann Castor, Helen McClaren, Charlotte Mohler. Row 2: Myron Stearn, Bill Lintner, Nancy Kingham, Kay Sasso, Connie Griffiths, Pat Briggs, Marilyn Howe, Jean Nourie, Sam Palone, Ned McCal um. Row 3: Don Buchner, Don Ladley, Roland Krueger, Duncan McKenzie, George Frick, Ronnie Lorenzato. 10-12 MISS SNEARY Row 1: Janet Mollison, Ada Willoughby, Shirley Nichols, Nancy Winters, Diane Seymour, Jean Hutchins, Alice Mc- Cord, Sue Maucher, Lavonne Deeter, Sally Zitzman, Mar- lene Peternel. Row 2: Tom Mohr, Walt Stampfel, Pat Dimling, Irene Jones, Mary Jane WVilbar, Marilyn Vaughan, Sandra Payne, Mary Lou Rauch, Jack Jordan, Ken Sharpe. Row 3: Bill McAllister, Ed Kramer, Joe Newmeyer, Wayne Meider, Lester Peckham, Art Tennyson, Don Mor- gan, Louis Toth. 10-11 10-12 If a bulletin board was Mary Ellen's, it was bound to be good. pfAm7lfComzing Minor Lemgvuzevrs 10-13 70 11-2 11-3 10-13 MRS. ADAM SON Row I: Arlene Mering, Betsy Jones, Janet Kruggel, Mar- garet Happe, Audrey Clark, Jane Murphy, Peggy O'Farrell, Janet Kohlmyer. Row 2: Bill Mellor, Garry Orrill, Barbara Behcn, Nancy Drew, Barbara Lintner, Mary Eleanor Grossman, Jim XVil- son, Bob Tice. Row 3: Jim Miller, Bill Veon, Wayne Miller, Bob Cusick, Dave Borland, Douglas Flynn. 11-1 MISS THOMPSON Row 1: Ann Carpenter, Jo Ann Brown, Jeannie Dallas, Lois Braddock, Florence Opferman, Shirley Donley, Joan Dougherty, Roslyn Friend, Norma Kohlmyer, Agnes Atchi- son, Lorraine Conroy. Row 2: Leo McCrory, Hugh Pendleton, Irene Block. Katherine Seibel, Joan Faust, Edgar Timothy, Franklin Mastandrea, Lane Richards. Row 3: Paul Himmclrich, Tom Blandford, Jim Siple, Joe Stadleman, Robert Hudson, Ronald Bachmann, Bob Walsh. 11-2 MISS NESBITT Row 1: Nancy Gill, Joan Hemple, Patty McArclle, Jo- anne Rall, Elleen Mcliibben, Ruth Hennessy, Mary Harring- ton, Joan Frazier, Linda Kelly, Carol August, Louise Mil- ligan. Row 2: Bob Patterson, Bill Simpson, Sherwood Swann, Jack Crytzer, Shirley Hislop, Peggy Ann Klimcheck, George Hulse, Jim Viskochil, Stevc VVaters. Row 3: Jim Murray, John McCartan, Al Johnson, Jim Portman, Joe Semak, Bryan Buchanan, Ken Gardner. 11-3 MISS MANNING Row 1: Jane Arnold, Anne Schietinger, Janet McKee, Daryle VVolfers, Suzanne Holland, Peggy Dickinson, Bever- ly Buerkle, Nancy Perkins, Jean Adams, Audrey Vecella, Barbara Ballinger. Row 2. Gerry McCauley, Bob Hall, Ginny Rich, Barba- ra Brown, Linda Shoop, Don Clifford, Art Murton. Row 3: Bob Jeffrey, John Riegel, John Drgon, Howard Philips, Bob Swearingen, VVillard Lusk. 11-4 11-5 Hewvy Hziztzters in the Classroom The Red Cross committee worked h a r d collecting pocket books for the veter- ans at Aspinwall. 72 11-4 MISS HIGHTMIRE Row 1: Hope Hodnette, Pat Gularski, Monnie Adams, Sue O'Brien, Sally Garner, Margaret Work, Frances Den- mead, Carolyn Campbell, Lois Schramm, Betsy McCoy, Marian Myers. Row 2: Chip Crater, Al Wardle, Ralph Coffin, Marshall Daugherty, Ruth Lease, Nancy Rothenhoefer, Kitty F lury, Judy Dodson, Ted Bennett, Don Malcolm, Bob McMa11n, John Linkhauer. Row 3: Dick Foley, Dick Madden, Art Gorr, Bob Hum- phreys, Searl Dunn, Foster Rankin, John Lutz, Ronald Short, Pete Jenner, Marshall Brown. 11-5 MR. GOODWIN Row 1: Janet Cameron, Margie Ruff, Mary Wunderly, Joan Zeigler, Helen Cunningham, Nancy Dougherty, Jean Kimball, Joan Little, Donna Northrup, Mary Balch, Angela Roppolo. - Row 2: Bob Bucker, Frank Brand, Tom Manning, Mary McMurry, Sara Lees, Louise Hyde, Nancy Airhart, Dorothy Riggs, Harrison Shields, Dave Weimer, YViddy Shannon. Row 3: Bob Heineman, Bob Graham, Bud Menne, Bill Minkler, Rodney Simmonds, Ed Reddy, Bob Roxbrough, Dave Ekedahl, Dave Johnson. 11-6 MISS PATTERSON Row 1: Johanna Sawyer, Nancy MacDonald, Janet Re- ploglc, Jeanne Hobbs, Nancy O'Meara, Donna DeGiovanni, Sheila Craul, Lillie Lou Elsie, Lois Baldizar, Katy Goddard. Row 2: John Howe, Charles Leonard, Mary Alice Kief- fer, Ann MCF ee, Barbara Jean Clark, Mary Ellen Timber- lake, Pat Maue, Dick Osiier, Jack Morgan, Larry Johnson. Row 3: Don Long, Paul Wirant, Darryl Brednich, Bob Yeager, Dick Shields, Roger Yarhouse, Joe Kifer, Bill Alter, Barry Wetmore, Bob Burdette. 11-7 MR. MITCHELL Row 1: Nancy Cochrane, Harriet Harwood, Jean Hof- richter, Becky Kaiser, Carol Ellenger, Mary Grace Di Salvio, Joan Francis, Marcia Beard. Row 2: Jack Renton, Stuart Speaker, Paul Damon, Don Williams, Glen Rhyner, Charles Parlette, John Pullets, Don Fraser, Ron Menke, Ray Englert. Row 3: Tom Bellin, Eddy Eld, Bruce Patton, Bob Buz- zard, Bob Pierson, Dan Saxton, Frank Kirsopp, Bill Gardin- er, Jim Coull. 11-6 11-7 I Making Mt. Lebo actors and actresses into Pointer College students for the .1 vumievrs mme in the Runs sf' 74 Activities Play. 11-8 11-9 11-10 l I 11-11 l 11-8 MR. MEHNER Row 1: Carol Coyne, Connie Rupp, Rose Marie Lanfrank- ie, Margy Williams, Valerie Ivory, Margie Arthurs, Nancy Talvick, Lois Schindehette, Barbara Lowry, Madeline Beard, Sally Gilbert. Row 2: Ed Driessen, Don Cartwright, Andy Spalla, Don Wagner, Terry Bighain, Jerry Clutter, Don Stoke. Row 3: John Spangler, John Curley, Roy Haddox, Ralph Bockstoce, Wilson Barker. 11-9 MR. CLARK Row 1: Sally Dawson, Shirley Kirchner, Anne Godsey, Pat Martin, Carol Etts, Joan Russo, Sally Farquhar, Jo Ann Wise, Ann Bowman, Helen Jones, Joanne XVelden. Row 2: Ernie D'Alessandro, Mario Giconi, Margaret Schoos, Patty Hufnagel, Carol Strcinc, Jo Ann Gastineyer, Ken Martin, Herb Siegel. Row 3: Jack Wilson, Bill Hassel, Bob Cherry, John Paff, Bob Baierbach, Norwood McNulty, Norman Petrelli, Dick Brier. 11-10 MISS THORPE Row 1: Mary Jane Martin, Barbara Bauer, Nancy Lee Calpass, Margie Marshall, Vera Barone, Kay Ketchum, Joan Krieger, Dauna Cunningham, Beth Overholt. Row 2: Ruth Hoffman, Mariann Sherick, Joan Bain, Joanne Kayser, Mary Lou Harpster, Barbara Frank, Carol Caughey, Janice Sippell, Betty Guthrie. Row 3: YVillard Reader, Jack Van Camp, Duncan Mc- Connell, Jim Flynn, Jack Chase, Scott Crawshaw, Bob Gae- tano, Chuck Matthews. 11-11 MR. STREAMS Row 1: Marlene Dietrich, Beatrice Cuiliani, Rosemarie Grcb, Joan Krut, Doris Knox, Gloria Worthington, Lorraine Poc, Carolyn Van Gundy, Patrice Flaherty, Barbara Ball. Row 2: Garry Aston, Herbert Hervet, Peter Donath, Lorine Barry, Marcia Harpster, Polly Ann McDonald, Don XVagner, Mervin English, Arthur Nordquist. Row 3: Jack Brown, Bruce Marra, Bernard Jones, Tom- my Taussig, John Cowles, George Wells, Ronnie Jones, Herbert Dusinberre, Donald Shaw, Ronald Berton. ln the G cm dlsztfcmdl . . doggcne! . . . where's my eras- er?" moans Skip. The girls at the G.A.A. Dessert seem intrigued by some spectacular skit. We were always in a HURRY to get to our next class. It's a great feeling to be the last one out of the cafeteria! The Mulling triplets never ceased to contuse the teachers. These "rasslers" should read the next lesson on "How to Get Out oi Trouble." Enioying your bread and water, girls? ". . . and get this, I sez to him . . . and then he sez . . ." You've got the book rightside up! It iust happens he likes to walk on the ceiling. During the Big Snow the Marys dem- onstrated their ability to ski, sitting down! The Globe Trotters finally met their Waterloo in Mt. Lebo's LITTLE GYM! These are the culprits that gave you orange when you ordered root beer. Remember the "hot" dogs forced on you by these girls? Lab day in biology was such fun. S 3 I t I R CAROLE AVERY Pert nose, freckles, and oh-that twinkle in her eye. Homeroom Officer, "Mother Is A Freshman", Y-Teens, Ways and Means Comm., Devotional Squad, Book Squad. BARBARA MAE BACON Horses rate high with "Barbyv . . . a secretary soon. Chorus, Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens. ' GEORGE VV. BALCH Always ready with a comeback . . . future farmer. Foo.ball and Cross Country Manager, Lunch Traffic, Devotional, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball. DONNA JEAN BALL Remember her for that wonderfully contagious chuckle, Chorus, Log, Y-Teens, Ways and Means, Usher, Traffic. WARD EWING BARNES An a-Ward Winner and a most deseroingone. Band, Class Rank Chr., Homeroom Officer, "Midnight Fantasy", Honor Roll, Activities Key. ELAINE MARIE BARRETT One of our future secretaries . . . enioys bowling. MAUREEN K. BARRETT Silky complexion . . . rates a second look. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, ROBERT T. BARRETT Right combination of brains and wit. Track, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Hi'Y, Honor Roll, Traffic, MARYROSE BASSETT You saw her onstage . . . "Check thativ Medical, "Naughty Marietta", "Mother Is A Freshman", "I Re- member Mama", Homeroom Officer, Attendance. BARBARA ANN BECK What a combination-best looking and best dressed! G.A,.A., Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens, Poster, Social Service. VIRGINIA A. BECK The curly head of our class . . . a very popular lass. G.A.A. Council, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Comm., Library. HARRIET LEE BELL Scatterbrained, but we like our Bunny that way. G.A.A,, Y-Teens, Attendance, Homeroom Program Comm., Make' Seniors BARBARA ANN ABER Exploded on Mt. Lebanon like july 4th, HOWARD ADAMS Spare time mechanic . . . full time clown. In.ramural Basketball. HARRIET ELIZABETH ALBERT Penn State and sewing were "Hafs" passions. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, Library Comm., l-lomeroom Program Comm. JOHN MARTIN ALDERDICE "BowledU us ooer like ten pins. Usher Co-Chr., Social Comm,, Homcroom Officer, Hi-Y. JANICE GAY ANDERSON "Gay,v and howl . . . How coulcl she keep so busy? Chorus, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Devotional, Decorating. RICHARD L. ANDERSON An easy-,going philatelist-stamp collector to you. Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Stage Crew, Track. JOAN MARY ATON Often seen driving QFD her Forcl . . . an accorclionist. G.A,A,, Y-Teens, Information, bulletin Board. JAMES RICHARD AUHL Always 'unrufflecl . . . an easy, friend-winning grin. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Stage Crew Co-Chr., Usher, Cafeteria. PAUL F. AUSTIN, JR. "Tickets, pleasev . . . a math scholar. Intramural Basketball, I-li-Y, Usher. x . - .ES . 78 KATHERINE F. BELLAVER Attractive, soft-spoken Kathy. Chorus, Homeroom Officer. LOREEN BENDER A "red'f-bird of happiness with the voice of a lark. Triple Trio, Attendance, Honor Roll, Activities Key. GEORGE G. BENSON A pleasant new addition with a devastating smile. Intramural Basketball, Chorus. MARIAN BIDDEN We were all "Bidden'f for her friendship. G.A.A., Homeroom Proqram Comm., Library. ROBERT C. BILLINGSLEY His many sports letters spelled P-A-L to everyone. Football, Basketball, Track Co4Captain, Executive Board Officer, Homeroom Officer. ,JAMES E. BISHOP Wisecracking Jim . . . a man's man, a womanfs man, tool Physics Co-Chr., Hi-Y Officer, Chemistry, "Mother Is A Freshman" Book Room, Honor Roll. JAMES RICHARD BLATT Most valued footballer . . . a silent type. Football, Track, Honor Roll, Traffic, Activities Key. NANCY ANN BLOSSER Curley hair and 24-caret sparkle in her eyes. Chorus, Library. ARTHUR EVAN BOSS, IR. Clarinet player . . . Pete aims to he a scientist, Bond. l . PAUL A. BOWELL One half of a famous pair . . . what a salesman! Track, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Traffic, Horneroom Officer, Hi-Y. PETER BOWELL Which one is he? . . . the cross country co-captain. Track, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Hi-Y. NANCY LEE BOYCE Quiet and patient . . . will make a good teacher. Y-Teens. WILLIAM G. BOYLE One of our mikemen . . . a voice in chorus. Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Hi-Y, Traffic, Cafeteria, P.A. Announcer. RICHARD R. BRADWAY Got to "first hasel' with everyone . . . a sure hit. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Honor Roll, Traffic. JAMES BRAKER Topnotch in football . . . possessor of a lively wit. Intramural Basketball, Football, Track, I-Iomeroom Officer, Honor Roll, Cafeteria. WILLIAM A. BRODMERKEL Mt. Lebofs own Shakespeare . . . "Muklapluiah!" Intramural Basketball, Moumy, I-IiAY, Bulletin Board Comm., Cross Country. BARBARA ANNE BROVVN A passion for ice skating . . . continental traveler. G.A.A., Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens Officer, Activities Key, Ways and Means, Medical Squad Chr. ROGER M. BROWN Quite a ladies' man . . . his hair is his trademark. Physics Co-Chr., "Mother Is A Freshman", Honor Roll, Hi-Y. DAVID A. BUCHNER "Dave,' and fakes go together . . . a friendly "5l"-er. Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll. CLAIR BUCK Clair brought the ndearsu hack alive. Chorus. BARBARA JEAN BUERKLE Hey, Barb-got any gum? . . . seen behind the footlights. I-Iomeroom Program Comm., Lantern, "I Remember Mama", "Mother Is A Freshman". I95I 79 BARBARA ANNE BULGER Rates an "A" for art ability . . . n1erchandising's her aim. Mounty Art Editor, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Bulletin Board, Medical. JOAN BUTTON Buttons of lustrous pearl . . . a sweet, wonderful girl. G.A.A., Medical, Lantern, Log, Y-Teens, National Honor Society. DAVID SPENCER CALDWELL One of our bachelors . . . Ambition? "A cool millionlv Track Manager, Cafeteria, P.A. Announcer, Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll, BRUCE CAMPBELL Speedway king in 1961 . . Soccer. GEORGE M. CANAGA "Mac" was never cagey . . Football, Baseball, Cafeteria Intramural Basketball. THOMAS P. CATANZARO "Catz" can cut a mean rug . . Soccer, Intramural Basketball. NORMA LOUISE CHILE A sunny disposition to match her smile. G.A.A., Head Cheerleader, l-Iomeroom Officer, Honor Roll, Activif ties Key, Medical. SHIRLEY ANNE CHRISTIE Could coax a cheer from the stoniest heart. G.A.A., Cheerleader, Chorus, Library, Make-up. ROSE ANN CIRANNI A whole lot in a small, neat package. G.A.A., Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll, Attendance, Library, Gym Squad. . first love is soccer. . liked all sports. Chr., Decoration, Homeroom Officer, . sharp duds . . . the sheik. THOMAS E. CLAIR Always a wry expression on his face lntramural Basketball. RONALD STEWART CLEMENS . . . likes golf. Animated, talented, idea man Ronnie lit the Lantern. Tennis, Homeroom Officer, Lantern Editor-in-Chief, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Ouill and Scroll. DOROTHY H. COFFIN A bustling brunette . . . if we had her smile weld be set. G.A.A., Chorus, Homeroorn Officer, Y-Teens. BARBARA JUNE COFFMAN "just a darn minutev . . . that long brown hair. Major Sports Letter, Chorus, Medical, Homeroorn Officer JOYCE ANN CONNORS Poised . . . sophisticated . . . "chic', is her adiectiue. Homeroom Officer, "Mother ls A Freshman", Lantern. RONALD J. CONSILIO Likes chemistry . . . hopes to be his Intramural Basketball, STANLEY VV. CORBETT own boss. "Curly" mowed ,em down on the field and in class. Football, Cafeteria Chr., l-Iomeroom Officer, Honor Roll, Activities Key. RICHARD F. CORTES Tall dark and dashinff . . . quiet guy. lntgamural Basketball, tllli-Y, Cafeteria, Lunch Traffic. CAROL LYNN COUCH Fun-loving .... s 'een rising a blue conueitible d ' . G,A.A., Majorette, Chorus, Lantern, Y-Teens President, Honor Roll. JOHN T. COUGHLIN Never far from a car . . . Mr. Hot-Rod of l95l. Intramural Basketball, Lantern, Hi-Y, Ways and Means. IIERBERT EDWIN COX In sports or in school Herb knew the score. Football, Basketball, Homeroom Officer, RUTH ANN CRAIG Honor Roll. Shorthand led Ruthls list . . . a possible secretary? Homeroom Officer, Yffeens, Information. 80 S niors VVILLIAM H. ECGERS This fellow really had a lot "on the ballf' Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Decorating, Hi-Y. RODERICK ALLEN EIRKSON Our Rodls an old hand with the women. MARIAN SUSAN ENGLERT Owner of one of the most magnetic smiles at Mt. Lebo. Y-Teens Treasurer, Chorus, G.A.A., Medical, Ways and Means, Publicity Comm. NEIL DALE ESSICK Hobby is cars . . . future architect. Baseball Manager, Usher, Traffic, Cafeteria, Lantern, Hi-Y. ROBERT FAIRCRIEVE , A basketball ringer . . . "Figs,' was one of the boys. Football, basketball. I-Iomeioom Officer, Hi-Y, Cafeteria. DAVID C. FARRELL "Boiron was at the top of our "wit paraclef, Basketball, "Mother Is A Freshman", Intramural Basketball, LK l-lomeroom Officer. ELIZABETH IANE FAYVCETT Happy-go-lucky "B.1.,' . . . welll all miss her sunny way. Chorus, Devotions, Ways and Means, "Mother Is A Freshman", Y-Teens Officer, Honor Roll. REBECCA JEAN FEE Known to all as "Beckyv . . . will be a nurse. Band, Orchestra. JOAN ANN FERRARO Little Hloniev has nursing ahead . . . liked chemistry. Gym Squad, G.A.A,, Medical, Attendance, I-lomeroom Program Comm. RUTH FINEMAN Attractive brunette . . . does wonders with a paint brush. Poster Chr., Bulletin Board, Publicity Comm., Log, Honor Roll, Activities Key. VVILLIAM N. FLEISCHAUER A carefree, likable manner . . . "Fm innocent? Cafeteria, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. XVILLIAM W. FLEMING Always ready with a "new', joke . , . one of the boys. lntramural Basketball. l95l DONNA IANE CRISSMAN Charm and poise put her in the "best-liked leaguef, G.A.A., Traffic Comm., Library, Vtfays and Means, Y-Teens Treas urer, Honor Roll. LOIS A. CUNNINGHAM Quiet, but never overlooked . . . Parlez-vous francais? Y-Teens, Information. DORIENE A. DEETER Her dancing dark eyes had a devilish twinkle. Traffic, G.A.A., Medical, Gym Squad, Y-Teens, Homeroom Pro gram Comm. NANCY LEE DICKINSON Viuacious "Nancy Leev . . . "Boy, is that tremendous!" G.A.A., Y-Teens Officer, Medical, Home Nursing. LA VERNE DIERKER Cut a mean figure on ice . . . a future dress designer. Y-Teens. ELIZABETH A. DODSON Sparkle, pep and fire had Betsy. Information, Ways and Means, G.A.A., Studio Squad, Y'Teens Activities Key. STANLEY M. DORE Tall, red-headed newcomer . . . a passion for tennis. EILEEN DORMAN Charming ways won her many friends. Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Award Comm., Library, Medical, Home room Program Comm, LOIS ECKERT Iler pleasant voice went well with a sweet manner. Library, Medical, Homeroom Bulletin Board. V, f .," f"-W'tgg!' ,.-,-- 'ii' 5 -V ' ...... t , i f .,,. , I A ws. it . f l,,,--' A r , ,714 f A X if 81 JOAN ELEANOR FURMAN Warhled in Triple Trio . . . potential nurse. Major and Minor Sports Letters, Achievement Squad, Honor Roll, Triple Trio, Activities Key, National Honor Society. ROBERT C. GARDNER "Is everybody liafiiryrw His geniuliiy was contagious. 'ggilgr Cross Country, Cafeteria, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom THOMAS V. GEM MER Smooth, sharp, suace . . . tops with the crowd. Football, P.A. Comm. Chr., Traffic, Mounty. ELIZABETH ANN GEORGE Mighty nice medley of merriment and music, Chorus, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Bulletin Board, Honor Roll, Red Cross Comm. SONIA FAYE GILBERT Petite, well-groomed . . . our l95l Career Girl. G.A,A., Home Nursing, Homeroom Bulletin Board. J. MICHAEL GILLEN Those Irish eyes really wowed the women. Usher Co-Chr., Projection, Traffic, Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll, Log. XVALLACE P. GIORDANO - This speedster ran as fast as he made friends. Football, Track, Cross Country Co-Captain, Intramural Basketball, Decorating. JAMES D. GLENN Muscle man . . . watch that roguisli gleam in his eyes. Intramural Basketball, Traffic. TREVOR D. GLENN A quiet one on the list . . . you can het we'll miss him. Intramural Basketball, Traffic. BARBARA A. GOODING One ntremendousv kid . . . a tennis sensation. G.A.A., Attendance, Log, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Major and Minor Sports Letters. SARAH CHARLENE GORDON Sallyis motto is "keep laughing" . . . Ha1nmond's pal. Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Book Squad. JOANNE LUCILE GRAHAM A stunning blonde . . . what can't that girl do? Chorus, Moumy, "I Remember Mama", Y-Teens, Honor Roll. Sent rs H. THOMAS FOLEY Tom knew his way around the chemistry lah. Soccer, Traffic, Chemistry Chr., Honor Roll, Activities Key. MARJORIE LEE FORSTER Shapely, smart, and oh, so sparkling! Homeroom Officer, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Y-Teens, Library. JUNE C. FRANCIS A stenographer-to'he with a flair for the artistic. Mounty, Information. ALLEN FRAZIER Ambition-to make a million . . . quiet and friendly. Intramural Basketb MARY ANN FREDERICK Artistic . . . "you allv . . . a Sooner from Tulsa. G.A.A., Honor Award Comm., Usher, Log, Mounty, Y-Teens. JOAN A. FRIDAY An energetic, entrancing, enthusiastic gall G.A.A., Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Medical, Lost and Found Chr ROBERT FRANCIS FRIEND A regular guy who gets along with everyone. Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. MARILYN E. FROEHLICH As nice a person as anyone would want to know. Chorus, Homeroom Bulletin Board. NANCY JEAN FRY Dreams of being an interior decorator . . . K'Oh hecklv Mounty, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Library, Attendance. all. 82 MARGARET E. GREEN "Mugsy" . . . a wonderful gal . . . success will be hers. Ways and Means, f-lomeroom Officer, Log Editor-in-Chief, Y-Teens Officer, Quill and Scroll, Activities Key. PAULA AUDREY GRIMM Blonde Paula likes nursing . . . ever ready to help. Honor Award Comm, Chr., G.A.A., Lantern, Y-Teens Officer, Activ- ities Key, Honor Roll. HOWARD AUGUST GUENTHER Doubled in action what he lacked in size. Golf, Homeroom Officer, Cafeteria, Decorating, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball. SHIRLEY J. GUSTAVSON Tall and attractive "Shirlv . . . a real blonde. Usher Cnr., Devotional Comm., Lantern, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Bulle- tin Board. ROY HALL Calling Dr. Hall . . . our scalpel and cadaver man. Projection, Cafeteria, Lunch Traffic. GILMOR S. HAMILL Crew-cut and friendly grin . . . popular with everyone. Football, Cafeteria, Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll. FRED W. HAMMER Women were his line and he really gave them one. Intramural Basketball, Traffic. BARBARA ANN HAMMOND Sparkling eyes belie a constant 'Tll never tellin G.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board, Homeroom Bulletin Board. IRVIN W. HAPPE Irv was a "Happy,' guy . . . soccer led his sports parade. Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Traffic. JOHN ROSS HARNESS Tops in humor . . . biographer for our Mounty Mole. I-Iomeroom Program Comm., Log, Mounty, Honor Roll, Chess. l ' KNUTE HARTMAN Witty and wacky . . . .the "big centeri' of attraction. Football, Basketball Manager, Homeroom Officer, Decorating, Traf- fic, Cafeteria. JACK H. HARTZELL A debonair blond . . . fond of the girls. Basketball, Hi-Y. BEN W. HARVEY Sports fiend who rated basketball first. Basketball, Golf, Activities Assembly Comm., Homeroom Officer, Traffic. ELEANOR JANE HATCH "EIN kept us all in stitches with her ready wit. Library, Vlfays and Means, Medical, Y-Teens, G.A.A. AIDEN E. HATTON Brown eyes and friendly grin opened many doors. Cafeteria, Traffic, Decorating, P.A. Squad, Hi-Y. STUART F. HEMMENVVAY j Stu was thoughtful, but what was he thinking? i Band, Orchestra, Scholastic Comm. Chr., Cafeteria, Honor Roll, 1 Activities Key. MURIEI.. E. HENDERSON Penn State bound . . . lovely long hair. Bulletin Board Chr., I-lomeroom Officer, Mounty, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activities Key. JAMES D. HERGET One of the P.A. "voices" . . . a pal. Track, Intramural Basketball, Band, P.A. Announcer. ANN HERTEL Music leads in her life, with horses running second. ' Band, Orchestra, Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activi- ties Key. ANDREW T. HIGGINS A genuine Irishman . . . blond hair, blue eyes. Cross Country, Track, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball, Traffic. JOYCE J. HILDEBRAND A yen for architecture . . . "What a roaring timelv Chorus, Attendance. f 83 l . 0' JERRY D. HINGER Collects stamps . . . a soccer fiend. Intramural Basketball, Traffic. EDVVIN C. HOBBS A rabbit raiser . . . ambition-to drive a bus. Chorus. MARY ANN HOGSETT Blond hair and a quiet air . . . loads of G.A.A., Achievement Chr., Attendance, Y-Teens. JOHN A. HOLLINGSWORTH Good-natured little john . . . behind the drum. Band, Traffic, Honreroom Officer. JAY W. HOLMES Ambition-to teach . . . likes the gals and vice versa. Intramural Basketball, Chorus. BARBARA SUE HOUSE Gay, athletic . . . and fun to know. Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Homeroom Bulletin Board. DOROTHY ANNE HOUSTON Dorrie didn't sal much . . . until ou Got to kn w h r J U in 0 9 - Library, Achievement, Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, G.A.A. VVILLIANI HOXVARD Metal art stood high . . . 'KDQ me a fauorf' Hi-Y, Usher, Ways and Means. DAVID D. HUKILL First loves-the Log and his new convertible. Lcq. H. EDVVINA HURRELL Quiet and nice . . . author and chorister. Biology Squad, Make-up, Chorus, Mounty, Honor Roll. ROBERT G. HUTCHINS Allured the gals with that "man-about-town" air. Basketball, Football, Homeroom Officer, Hi-Y. VVILLIAM M. HYAMS Long, lean, lanky and likable . . . rare wit. Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll. ADDA MAY JOHNSON just sunshine in May . . . future illustrator. Honor Roll. ROBERT JOHNSON Quiet, capable . . . never at a loss for brains. Homeroom Officer, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Milk Squad, Cafeteria. CARYL ANN JOHNSTON A pinch of spice and everything nice . . . cute blonde. Ways and Means, G.A.A., Lantern, Log, Y-Teens, Honor Roll. JESSIE JONES Versatile and vivacious . . . pure dynamite. Gym Squad Chr. SARAH ANN KAYSER Quite an athletic gal who likes tall, handsome men. G.A.A Council, Lost and Found, Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens. ADA JOSEPH We toot her praises while she toots her clarinet. Band, Orchestra, Lantern, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Publicity Comm. Chr. EDWARD J. KANE Our good friend If . . . good to the last laugh. Cross Country, Intramural Basketball. WALDO DAVID JONES II What a footballer is this brawny classmate of ours! Football, Track, Basketball, Cafeteria, Traffic, Irtomeroom Officer. FLORENCE GAYLE KAPPLER Gay yet purposeful, Flo was always on the beam. G.A.A. Council, Ways and Means Chr., Homezoorn Officer, Log, Honor Roll, Activities Key. Seniors 84 MARY CATHERINE LASCHEID A saucy miss like Mitzi won't soon be forgotten! Chorus, Ways and Means, Library, Gym Squad, Y-Teens. NANCY ELIZABETH LEES Iler bubbly giggle enlivened our hallowed halls. Rifle, Homeroom Officer, Lantern, Mounty, Y-Teens, Make-up. ROBERT F. LEIS "Shot" right to the top in all he tried. Rifle Captain, Cafeteria Chr , Hcmeroom Officer, Honor Roll, Usher. GEORGE A. LIADIS The life of any party . . . a prospective cop. Homeroom Officer, Hi-Y, Honor Roll. LEO LIBERTO The human dynamo . . . spaghetti and meatballs, ah! Fcctball, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. SHIRLEY A. LIDDLE A yen for music . . . "Cheese and crackerslu Chorus. PATRICIA A. LICHTBOWVN Hats off to Pat . . . the best to be found. Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens, i-loncr Roll, Activities Key, Hcnor Award Comm., Medical. LINNEA LINDBERG Radiant . . . a magnetic smile . . . truly "Queen of the Ballf' Good Sportsmanship Comm., Activities Assembly Comm., Lantern, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Decorating. MARGARET S. LINN "Peg" is a whiz at tennis . . . active in all sports. Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens Officer, Gym Squad, Major and Minor Sports Letters. SHIRLEY LOCK Kept her temper under "Lock,' and key . . . math addict. Social Comm., Mounty, Y-Teens. ANN L. LOFQUIST Loved waterskiing . . . a future kindergarten teacher. G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Red Cross Comm., Attcndance. C. CLYDE LONGENECKER A talent for mischief . . . wants to make money. Intramural Basketball. JOHN CAKEEGAN Football, track, or basketball-Iohrfs right there. Football, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y. JAMES A. KIRK Ever present, ever pleasant . . . "Big', jim. Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. RICHARD D. KLABER All we can say is he,s 99 44fl00 'Vb wonderful. Foo.bal1, 'lrack, Devotional, Executive Board President, Log National Honor Society. WILLIAM L. KLOCKE Bill proved that still water runs deep. Intramural Basketball. CLAIRE LOIS KOLLER Vim plus vigor pl-as vitality equals Claire. G.A.A., Ways and Means, Attendance, Medical, Lantern, Mounty ROBERT C. KORTNER He blazed a trail on the cinder path fmcl at school. Track Co-Captain, Cross Country, Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll Usher, Traffic. LORRAINE KRELL Lots of sparkle and snap . . . a cheery disposition. Orchestra, Homeroom Officer, Chorus, Honor Roll. THOMAS R. LANCAN, IR. "Senor,s', ambition-to get to college. Traffic. JERRY J. LANGHART Good-looking, good-natured, always a good friend. Track, Intramural Basketball. l95ll MARIANNE MACMAIN Always in a spin . . . as wound up as a top. . Chorus, Devotional, "Mother ls A Freshman," Activities Key, Triple Trio, Music Manager. JULIE CAROLYN MAEHLING Mildly terrific at everything . . . unforgettable "Mamaf' Publicity, Red Cross Chr., "I Remember Mama", Y-Teens Secre- tary, Honor Roll, Activities Key. WILLIAM A. MAINS Speedy on the track and fast at making friends. Track, Cross Country, Usher. JOHN A. MALCOLM, JR. A "bug', for biology . . . always first out the class Mounty, Honor Roll, Biology Co-Chr., Chemistry, PATRICIA ANN MALONEY Strutted off the field and into her friends, hearts. Majorette, Mounty, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Publicity. ALAN R. MANIET Not Capone, but Maniet . . . Alfs a real buddy. Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Traffic. ALBERT I. MARCIN As Al saw it, soccer was the "all-in-onef, Soccer, Intramural Basketball. PETER C. MARIE Pete and cars got along fine . . . pet peeoe is girls. RICHARD A. MARLIN Vacations in Manhattan . . . future oilman. PETER I. MASCARO Mt. Lebols future Hot Pilot . . . a friendly guy. Lunch Traffic, door. LORRAINE R. MAXWELL This lass had fun written all ooer her face. Chorus, Lantern, Y-Teens, Medical, Homeroom Bulletin Board, Homeroom Program Comm. DORIS M. MCAFOOS A "Lebo7' black-eyed Susan. Chorus. Seniors IAMES LOVE Quiet and reserved . . . a grand all-round guy. MARTHA LOUISE LUDWICK "Martyn kept quiet and kept busy . . . a sweet kid. Major Sports Letter, Honor Award Comm., Executive Board Sec- retary-Treasurer, Homeroom Officer, Log, Activities Key. RICHARD L. LUSK Success is in store for good natured, likable Dick. Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Hi-Y, Cafeteria. SALLY RUTH LYLE She umarchedv her way right into our hearts. Band, G.A.A., Poster, Decorating, Mounty, Y-Teens. WALTER GEORGE LYMAN In ten years . . . another Einstein or Edison. Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll. MARY ANN LYN D Always a million things on her mind . . . artistic, too. Rifle, Homeroom Officer, Log Art Editor, Honor Roll, Class Rank Comm., Poster. JAMES DOUCAL LYNN The Voice was Jim of all trades and master of 'em, too. Football Manager, Student Court, Log Literary Editor, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Studio Manager. JEAN E. MACDONALD Cute and quiet . . . devilish gleam in her eye. Y-Teens, Bulletin Board. DONALD S. MACKEY No Scotchman with his hilarious comments. Intramural Basketball, Mounty, Usher, Traffic. 86 IOHN W. MCCASKEY "Nugget', was renowned for his suave clothes. Track, Intramural Basketball. HOLLY SNOW MQCLAIN With a smile, a wink, and a dimple she greeted us. Chorus, Y-Teens. MARY ELLEN McCLELLAN Irrepressible is the word . . . quick on the trigger. Medical, Library, G.A.A., Y-Teens. RICHARD S. McCONNELL Tackled school and activities as football opponents. Football, Tennis, Devotional, l-Iomeroom Officer, National Society, Activities Key. ELIZABETH JANE MCELROY Bowling takes up her spare time . . . a secretary. Y-Teens. JACK MQEWEN "News and views of the past weekv . . . radio for Jack. Sportscaster, I-Iomeroom Officer. THOMAS H. MCCREEVEY A-TOM-ic, that is . . . specialized in "His" for everybody. Intramural Basketball, Lunch Traffic, Projection, Honor Roll, PA. Announcer. MARY T. McKEE Refreshing as springtime and just as welcome. G.A.A., Majorette, I-lomeroom Officer, Y-Teens. ELEANOR W. MCKENZIE Eleanor was never too busy to help others. C1.A.A., Medical, Make-up Chr., Information, Homeroom Program Comm., Y-Teens. Honor NANCY LEE McLAIN Lots of activities, lots of fun . . . Nancy had both. Major Sports Letter, Home-room Officer, Ways and Means, Log Circulation Manager, Honor Roll, Activities Key. CERTRUDE K. MEISEL "Twinkle Toesv herself . . . "TrudyD of the ballet. Devotional, Homeroom Bulletin Board, Lantern, Mounty, Y-Teens LENORE MEISTER Sparkling with enthusiasm . . . a football fan. Homeroom Officer, G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Library, Ways and Means. WINSTON BRITTEN MERCOTT His hobby? 'KBugs!', . . . prizewinning collector. Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Biology Co-Chr. NORVILLE T. MEYER Always up to something . . . real estate salesman. Band. Jo ANN MIHM Beautiful, bewitching-all this and brains, too! Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens President, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Honesty Comm., Activities Assembly Comm. ELIZABETH R. MILLER Future physical ed teacher . . . lotsa pep! Major Sports Letter, Gym Squad, Library, Homeroom Officer, Activities Key. HELEN LILLIAN MILLER As sleek and sophisticated as satin. Y-Teens, G.A.A., Decorating, Medical. SALLY JANE MILLER Pooches and "The Mounty Attendance Cnr., Ways and Roll, Activities Key, Quill a PEGGY LEE MINIHAN "Peg" of our hearts and queen of hearts was she. Social Comm. Chr., G.A.A., Gym Squad, Homeroom Officer, Moun- ty, Y-Teens. ROBERT J. MITCHELL School work came easy to this good-looking senior. I-Iomeroom Officer, I-Ionor Roll. DAVID EDGAR MOLTER "Dave" is new to Mt. Lebo . . . tinkers at mechanics. Chorus. U were her babies. Means, Mounty Editor-infCl'iief, Honor nd Scroll. T951 87 E RICHARD L. MOORE "Dickv doesnpt like women drivers . . . "habla espanol?" Intramural Basketball, Usher Co-Chr., Projection, Cafeteria, Lunch Traffic, I-Ii-Y. ALBERT H. MORRIS Itps soccer and pork and beans for "Buddyf' Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Homercorn Officer. PAUL MURPHY Our All-American athlete, Irishman, and pal. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Student Court, National Honor Society. DONALD F. NAGEL 'Wields a mean paintbrush . . . very quiet. Band Manager, Orchestra, Scenery Chr. NANETTE V. NELSON Pert lass . . . had dramatic talent, too. Chorus, G.A.A., "Mother Is A Freshman", "I Remember Mama", Mounty, Y-Teens. SARAH A. NOEL A wonderful career ahead in social work. Y-Teens, Picture Squad. IRENE I. NOLLE In ten years "Rene" will be teaching foods. Library. JOHN OTARRELL K'Sonny,s,' head and heart were all for soccer. Soccer, Intramural Basketball. CAROL JEAN ORLUSKE Sweet Carol . . . a lovely voice to match herself. Triole Trio, Devotional, Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activities Key. P ADRIENNE OTTO "A" . . . welcome addition from Mass .... lots of sparkle! Y-Teens, Red Cross Comm., Traffic, G.A.A. MARILYN ANNE PAAR Music, music, music . . . an ice cream enthusiast. Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Major Sports Letter, Honor Roll. JANICE C. PALM Palm stood like an oak among her friends. Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Medical, Homeroom Bulletin Board, Home room Program Comm. MARY JOAN PATTERSON "Jerry Mon . . . likes books and music . . . quiet. Chorus, Y-Teens. IOANNE RAE PECK Striking silver hair . . . secretary's life for her. Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library. MARY ANN PECK Another little busy bee . . . she surely is a "honey" Homeroom Officer, G.A.A., Student Court, Y.Teens Vice President Honor Roll, Activities Key. VVAYNE W. PETERNEL Medicine is his aim, tennis his game. Rifle, Stage Crew. LEE PETRIS Real-"Lee,' sweet . . . quite petite. Honor Roll. MARY JO E. PHILLIPS Our own live wire, crackling with enthusiasm. Homeroom Officer, "Mother ls A Freshman", Lantern, Mounty, Y Teens Officer, Activities Key. JOAN H. PIERCE A sparkyilug of energy . . . always a smile. Medical, Library, Usher. PATRICIA ANNE PIERCE Her smile brightens any day . . . future disc jockey. Library, Medical. JANE K. POWERS Dark in complexion and light in spirit. ' Y-Teens, G.A.A., Medical, Attendance. Senior 88 9 1 it . Y "+ . at ,X . ef t it l I tr it J ' fi i t ,,,,gg . t t i E - f , q w w JOHN KEITH ROGERS This "Rogae,' had a gallery of friends. Football lvtanager, Intramural Basketball, Traffic, Honor Roll. JUNE ANN ROGERS Lots of fun . . . plans to teach home economics. Medical, Gym Squad, Make-up, Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll, Homeroom Bulletin Board. PATRICK R. ROONEY Big hearted Pat . . . seldom seen with his Irish up. Football, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. LEE ROSS , His main interest?-that model "A" Ford. Projection Chr., Cafeteria, Intramural Basketball. JAMES C. RUCKERT Iim's a football and food fan. Cafeteria. SEBASTIAN RUSSO "Sonny', . . . the boy with the "sunny" smile. Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. LYNN RUTHVEN A star on the silver blades. Publicity, Chorus, Student Court, Y-Teens Secretary, Activities Key, Make-up. MARY JO RYERSON VVapy hair, a wink, and an exuberant outlook on life. Hcmeroom Officer, G.A.A. Council, Y-Teens President, Log, Honor Roll, Activities Key. ROXANNA RYMAN "Roxi" .... s o short, but so sweet . . . a "Blondiev. Good Sportsmanship Comm. Chr., Ways and Means, Lantern 'News Editor, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Quill and Scroll. LOIS ANN SANDERS Baseball, biology, and a chuckle . . . "that's for surelv Library, Lantern, Mounty, Y4'T'eens. MARY HORNE SARGENT "Sarge,' was top-ranking in everything she did. Rifle, Good Sportsmanship Comm., Chemistry, Gym Squad, Log, Activities Key MARY JEAN SCHNARS Witty and bright . . . a complete delight. Chorus, G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Honor Roll. LINDA JOAN PRATT Quiet, likable . . . prefers Wisconsin summers. Chorus, G.A.A., Library, Medical, Homeroom Program Comm. Mounty. JOSEPH ANTHONY RAFFAELE His ever happy grin was a pleasure to behold. Football, Intramural Basketball, I-Iomeroom Program ROBERT G. RANKIN Dependable Bob had a finger Homeroom Officer, Log, Cafeteria, PHILIP H. REAC-AN "Phil-edl' with fun . . . quite a Stage Crew, Cafeteria, Projection Activities Key. VVILLIAM SHELBY REAVES Ranked high in the estimation Intramural Basketball, Homeroom ment Comm. JAMES R. REAVIS "Reeues', . . . a .scientist at hea Intramural Basketball, Homeroom LEONARD V. REED A new face . . . black bag and little pink pills ahead. Intramural Basketball, Band. ROBERT REID A handsome lad who blows a sweet trumpet. Band. MARLENE ANNE ROELL In the future-a secretary, for the present-accordionist. Homeroom Officer, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Home Nursing. Comm. in almost every pie. Traffic, Publicity. shot, too. , Home-room Officer, Honor Rall of his classmates. Officer, Honor Boll, Commence rt . . . really terrific guy. Officer, Honor Roll, Cafeteria l95I JAMES JOSEPH SIEGER Likes basketball . . . good secretary in homeroom. Intramural Basketball, Stage Crew, Cafeteria, Usher, I-lomeroom Officer, Honor Roll. MARY VIRGINIA SIMPSON Her lovely hair, like her list of friends, is long. Triple Trio, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Attendance, Book Squad. R. FRED SIMPSON Under that solemn face was a swell fella. Intramural Basketball, Usher, Cafeteria. WARNER SLACK "SlackerU was long on making friends . . . future M.D. Football, Basketball, Homeroom Officer. MARJORIE E. SLOMAN Eye-catching newscaster . . . her aim-to be sophisticated. Ways and Means, Homeroom Officer, "Naughty Marietta", "Mid- night Fantasy", Advisory Council, Ne-wscaster. ALBERT J. SMITH s'BertD was a sociable guy . . . a busy one, too. Track, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll, Activities Key. CARL SMITH Vigorous and self-assured, a mighty man was he. Football, Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. CONNIE D. SMITH Her sweet-natured manner just reels the friends in. Library, G.A.A., Band, Traffic, Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll. JOHN K. SMITH "Smitty,' kept all the girls guessing . . . lively. Football, Basketball, Lunch Traffic, Homeroom Officer. LEE W. SMITH Basketball is his hobby, interest, and sport. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. JAMES P.. SNYDER - Baseball rated high on "Dukes, list. Football, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, HivY, Cafeteria. JACK SOMMERFELD Strong and silent "Sum,' with the green thumb. Intramural Basketball, Usher, Cafeteria, Lunch Traffic. Seniors PATRICIA ANN SCHNEIDER Pert, petite, and full of fun . . . popular gal. Chorus, G.A.A., Medical, Library, Ways and Means, Red Cross Comm. GEORGE SCHRAMM When leadership was needed, George was there. Football, Intramural Basketball, Traffic, Homeroom Officer. MARIAN R. SCOTT Pretty as a picture . . . nice frame, too. Y-Teens, G.A.A., Commencement Comm., Lost and Found. LOIS MARIE SEILER The patients of this sweet nurse-to-be are sure to improve. Library, Homeroom Officer, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Homeroom Pro- gram Comm. SALLYANNE SHAFFER Fiddler Sal . . . what a gall Orchestra, Y-Teens. MARY GRACE SHENKEL We know shefll be a perfect modern Flo Nightingale. Honor Roll, Traffic, Attendance, Medical. ELIZABETH ANN SI-IIPLEY Energetic, cioacious Betsyfs always on the go. Decorating, Ways and Means, Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attend- CIHCQ. ALVIN RUSSELL SHORT In our estimation he never fell Kshortf, Intramural Basketball, Band. THEODORE E. SIEDLE Super salesman . . . balanced the Log's books. Chorus, Log, Hi-Y, Homeroom Program Comm., Social Comm. t 90 MARGARET M. SPINDLER A true song bird . . . Michigan-minded. V G,A.A., Lantern, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Triple Trio, Activities Key. 1 V, 1 RICHARD R. SQUIRES y , .QE . Master mimic of Mt. Lebanon. ' Q . 4 -Q, ' 4' Homeroom Officer, Track, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, 'Q if , I ,V . V if Poster. '- Q ., . .QQQ I ' I I JUDITH LYNN STABK J Cool, poised, and chic . . . beautiful wavy hair. ,, if , Chorus, Medical. jr. L W ' j K MARCIA LOUISE STORCH . Tops in talent . . . the eyes have it. Devotional, Chorus, Log, Mounty, Activities Key, "Midnight Frm- ' tasy". JAMES W. STOREY Chemistryis I-imis line . . . never off the honor roll. Intramural Basketball, Traffic, Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Honor Roll. GORDON RICHARD STORHOLM Quite a ladies' man . . . "Gordy,s', hobby? Food! Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Chorus, Homeroom Program Comm., Usher, Cafeteria. KATHERINE STRICKLER "Tay" . . . our dark-eyed cutie . . . tagged by her laugh. 1 .s Majorette, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. : K Vt, .:.. Another baseball fan . . . a whiz at math. ' 51 i Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Usher. . K JOSEPH C. SWAIM 1 n nll Quiet joe was our devotions producer. 1 -,.,: ' X V , i Devotional Comm. Chr., Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Mounty. 1 is K ROSEMARY SWEENEY "Rosie" Cfamed for her auburn hairl will be a nurse. G.A.A., Information, Library. MARY LOUISE TAGCART Says her ambition is the same as any girl's-hmm! G.A.A.f Y-Teens, Medical, Library. BRUCE W. THIELEMANN The man with the "magic" personality, Football Manager, Homeroom Officer, "Mother Is A Freshman", Lantern Sports Editor, Log, Activities Key. DAVID L, THOMAS ' "Tommy" set cinders flying . . . tops in track. Cross Country, Track, Football, Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Usher. JOHN F. THOMPSON "I. T.', had good-looking shirts . . . tall and brawny. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. JANET F. THURANSKY Here's Ian, our authority on books, old and new. Library. GRETCHEN A. TROXELL A cute, captivating chick . . . super strutter. Majorette, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. RICHARD J. TUSSEY Talented, easy-going Dick . . . sharp as a tack. Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll. CRETCHEN VAN DYKE "Gretch" led you down the aisle. Homeroom Officer, Usher, Library, G.A.A., Medical, Y-Teens. MARILYN ELOISE VAN VOORHIS Budding young composer . . . music, always music. Chorus, Honor Roll, Library. SUSANNE CLAIRE VIETORISZ This Hungarian lass delighted all with her charm. NANCY ANN VOLZ A smile that warmed the hearts of everyone. Library Chr., Activities Key, Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens, G.A.A. l95l JOAN ADELE VVAGNER Saucy and with a flair for clothes is this newcomer. Medical, Y-Teens. MARY SUSAN XVAC-NER Sparkling eyes and a sparkling wit. Good Sportsmanship Comm., Publicity, Activities Key, Leg, Teens, Lantern Feature Editor. LLOYD A. VVAITE "C. Af, . . . a slow smile anal recl hair. Football, Intramural Basketball. SAMUEL L. XVALTON A 'lyarn spinnerv from ,way back. Football, Hi-Y. AUDREY C. YVELCH Uncler her tranquil manner lies a pleasant personality. G.A.A., Chorus, Y-Teens. MARY ANN VVHELAN Flair for photography anal another for being nice. Major Sports Letter, Ways and Means, Devotional, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activities Key. ELAINE N. XVICKE Efenergy, N.-nice to know, XV.-willingness to help. G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log, Activities Play Properties Comm., Major Y Sports Letter. MARTHA LEE XVILDER Athletic nzinciecl . . . a jet powered number. G.A.A. Council, Honor Award Comm., Homeroom Ofiicer, Y-Teens President, National Honor Society, Activities Key. CHARLES H. VVILLIAMS Able, modest, consistently tops . . . our favorite star. Homeroom Officer, Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Football, Basketball, Tennis. n 5 Q it E K . tb "3 ,g ir vi.. ROBERT S. WILSON Q xiii .., Z, gg. ,. ?, Nimble-footed Boh with snapping Latin eyes. Track, Cross Country, Home-room Ofticer, Hi-Y, Honor Roll. ROY WISSLER His caris his trademark . . . going up-street, VViIIie? Usher. ROBERT M. VVITT Past master at basketball . . . last name fits. Track, Football, Basketball. SANDRA L. XVOECKNER The blonde with the terrific smile. G.A.A., Chorus, l-Iomercom Officer, Y-Teens, Medical. RODGERS T. WOOD A HTIITLU track ntinel for writing. Track, Cross Country, Track Manaoer, Log. WALLACE F. VVORKIVIASTER A history whiz . . . never forget his horseless chariot. Homeroom Officer. CIIARLES L. VVYNDHAM Goocl things in packets small, glazl "Cl1arlD is-n't tall. Cross Country, Track, Traffic, "Mother Is A Freshman", Intramu- ral Basketball. ELLEN SUE YARGER Never without a joke or laugh . . . striking Sue. Medical, Attendance, Lantern, Y-Teens, G.A.A. EMMA T. YETTER A truly fine gal with a unique sense of humor. Chorus, Needle and Thread. CLAIRE ZEHFUSS Her superb cooking will be a high snot in some inanis life. G.A.A., Honor Award Comm., 'Nays and Means, Homeroom Oiti- cer, Mounty, Activities Key. VVILLIAM R. ZEHFUSS What a salesman he,cl be . . . hefs got us sold already. Intramural Basketball, Chorus, Homeroom Officer, "Mother ls A Freshman", Traitic. JOE ZEIGLER Looks like the twin with the Toni . . . class joker. 92 Seniors l95l YI sig Al L ,. I r 1 FRITZIE J. ZIVIC Famous profile . . . famous car . . . what a man! hack, Football, intramural Basketball, 'll"llllC. HOMER W. PINEBOUGH II The crowned champion of the 'cSleepers In Class Cluhf, Cafeteria Riot Squad, PA, Denouncer, National Foulball Society Sauill and Croll, Eascball Cnaturallyl. A. ROTUND HORSEHIDE Our spherical friend was always in .s'titche.s-. Baseball, Log Illiterate Edxtor, Intramural Polo, Smoke Control Squad, Chorus D. X N X 9? Shutter Shy . . MARJORIE A. HE LLAND We were glad to see oivacious "Midge" return. GAA., Medical, Lost and Found. 93 A 2 K J"-fr U4 Q f in isig' QQ Alemmnuanw E. Glimpses fztlt 'Val 453 69 G9 63 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ll l2 One piano, four hands, wonderful music, and a lot oi fun at the G.A.A. Dessert. Newsccrsiers and sportscasters vvere Iohn McEwen, Margie Sloman, Aiden Hatton, and Marcia Storch,. The Alphas gurqle and coo at their Y-Teen Party. Our hard working ways and means squad and their sponsor, Mrs. Car- gill, took time out to smile tor the camera. No, it wasn't a stone wall. The boys just had a collision with their 120C research themes. Childhood was never like this! I can outstare you. And when someone finally broke the pinata, remember how this Spanish class scrambled for the candy! Mix a thesaurus, a dictionary, lots of paper, a pen, and several hours -result, one D plus precis. "Lady Macbeth S1eepwalks" starring Lady Gemmer and quick change ar- tist, gentlewoman-doctor Klaber. Our G.A.A. Dessert was a huge suc- cess. How could it miss with such refreshments and entertainment? lim measures the electricity in a kiss. Maybe we should talk to his girl friend. And then, when MOTHER IS A FRESHMAN was all over, the cast presented Mr. Mills with its thanks, a portable radio. 0 0 63 5.0 ' fi QE X Ko QD fs Q t GD .4-uf' Senior Candidates Stars on any field . . . Most Talented: Julie Maehling, Bruce Thielemann Couldnit be tripped up on any play . . . Best Dancers: Gretchen Troxell, Charlie Wyndham Our home run kings . . . Most Athletic: .....,.. Virginia Beck, Paul Murphy Two very sharp ball players . . Best Dressed: ..,....... Barbara Beck, Bill Eggers This team hit it off right . . . Cutest Couple: ..,..., Dick Bradway, Tay Strickler Rookies of the Year . . . Most Likely to Succeed: Io Mihm, Chuck Williams Maehling and Thielemann Top: Wyndham and Troxellg V. Beck and Murphy. Bottom: B. Beck and Eggersg Bradway and Stricklerg Mihm and Williams. For Hall of Fame They really had a lot on the ball . . . Most Sophisticated: Marian Englert, Tom Gemmcr They would silently Steal about Mt. Lelao . . . mm Quietest: .....A.,..... Martha Ludwick, Jim Blatt Foremost exponents of the Screwball . . . VVittiest: ......,,..., Eleanor Hatch, Dave Farrell C hallced up the highest batting average . . . Braiuiesta .......... Boxi Ryman, Dick lxlCCCJ11l16!ll They were always good for a hit . . . Best All-Around Kiclsz, ,Mary McKee, Rich Klaher They looked good in every game . . . Best Looking: .r........ Barbara Beck, Jack Smith Top: Blatt and Ludwickg Farrell and Hatch. Bottom: Ryman and McConnellg McKee and Klalncrg B. Beck and Smith. Englcrt and Gemmer After three grueling seasons with Mt. Leho the Old Pros had their dat

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