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16 if, K fa X ,U f, f K 11 fx. ,Yiwu if ? f fm ,., vw Wi km Eff 1-.1 .vi N KMALEHQHKI-QKWAQQQQM1 I' 1.1. X - ' -C-fl 1?Axf-LQS L X KSIMQ W K! f V' Xxx -' k' Q M fx f' j YD' I J Lf X X, A ing- .Z - IX., wx , X f gif.-rg XC A Diving! X. QQ xl . ,., 45 Xxxr--. 4f'-Jar! A x 6123 QQ Vw if X I as J? v Q I 5 7750 p ance of the Qealeai dam an Produced by the Students of Mount Lebanon High School Performance Daily 3:40 A. M. to 3:15 P. M. Doors open at 8:25 A. M. Vol. XX Editor-in-chief, Lynne Miller, Literary Editor, Judy Litteng Assistant Literary Editor, Margaret Green, Art Editor, Ann Willis, Business Manager, Margie Zephg Circulation Manager, Lois Heidenreich I if Vi' The Log sta!! took to clowxunq io put WUYS and means W01'k9l'S PTO' over their sales campaign, Zided refreshments for hungry ans. Wifi hm A-f The camera surprised these dreaming couples at the Prom. 1 f At Christmas our halls - echoed with old carols. Most popular place be- tween 12:00 and 1:00 was . the cafeteria. Step right up and get cz ' strictly fresh. dog that is sizzling h ot artists decorated Christ the lobby with gay mas murals. .44' 0 , DWG A?lC"53"'0c:m - Fx, Page ko Chv, ef-ies H F 6 A rm M rpqga 2,1 .. , ,,,Pa05e"w QQ ge '50 in C-ff30r-f'3,,m may --s..,. ,.,-,W-paul-Y his Year Saw the Completion SCHOOL BOARD FRONT: Mr. Elmer S. Stanicr, Treasure-rg Miss Miriam Headley, Secretaryg Mr. A. C. Millan, Presidentg Mrs. Donald C. Lewisg Mr. Otis C. Hogsett, Vice President. BACK: C. F. Mellingerg Mr. B. M. Cillg Miss Esther Wliinnie, Secretaryg Mr. Beckley Smithg Mr. Raymond B. Hechtg Mr. Edward H. Buckg Miss Ber- tha Walp, Secretaryg Mr. R. D. Horsmang Mr. Samuel A. Schreiner, Solicitor. Mr. Mellinger, Asst. Supt. CAdministrationD, Mr. Mr. Horsman and faculty seem to be enjoying the mid- Horsman, Supt., Mr. Gill, Asst. Supt. Clnstructionl semester luncheon prepared for them by the mothers of discuss building plans. the P.T.A. 6 o Many School Improvements ADMINISTRATION Our administration is the very brain of Mt. Lebanonis schools, for it is the controlling force of every part of our school system. This year was building year, as far as our superintendents and the school board were concerned, for these administrators saw the results of their efforts when ten rooms and a gym were added to Howe and surfaced play areas graced both Howe and Lincoln. Foster received a new second floor and the plans for the new Moffitt Street School were finished. In our own school We saw the stadium com- pleted, a storage house built, a rifle range, new baseball field and quarter-mile track started, and the home economics suite given a complete face-lifting. For our principal, Mr. Keifer, and for fac- ulty alike, this was a red letter year as it marked another evaluation of our high school. As thc last term sped steadily toward a close, it seemed one of accomplishment for us all, thanks to our diligent administrators. ADVISORY COUNCIL Mrs Cargill, Mr. Keifer, Miss Ion, Miss Hightmire, Ann SLl'llLflI1gCI', Mr. Broinberick, Jim Bishop, Dave McSteen, Mr. VVhipkcy. A chat with Mr. Keifcr between classes. At the end of a perfect t?J day We find Mr. Keifer relaxing at home with the news. MISS ELLA ION, Vice Principal CTOPD Line forms to the right for schedule changes. CBOTIOMQ Miss Ion offers ll ride to weary students. Advisers Were Bot ' VICE PRINCIPAL As vice principal, Miss Ion kept our school running smoothly and efficiently. In addition to her task of handling attendance, she made out the master schedule for teachers and students as Well as college transcripts. At one time or another most students have been grateful for her valuable assistance in helping them choose a schedule that would prepare them for college, business school, or future careers. To round out a busy day, Miss Ion was also in charge of the achievement, class rank, attendance, and picture squads. HOME AND SCHOOL VISITOR Students who have obtained permits to Work during school or in the summer or who have taken a little extra time off from school are al- ready Well acquainted with our home and school visitor, Miss Gordon. Among her many duties are: issuing Work permits, checking on truancy, checking the census, and visiting the homes of new pupils. Aside from these duties, she also found time to teach English. Ambitious Art is receiving a work permit from Miss Cordon. Friendly an Helpful GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Mrs. Horne's appointment pad was always filled with conferences scheduled with students who wanted advice concerning their election blanks or with seniors trying to find the right college. An aid in helping students choose a vocation was aCareer Nightv, which gave everyone a chance to secure firsthand information about various professions. Additional aid was provid- ed by the "Dutch Unclev program, which ena- bled students to visit and talk to a person active- ly engaged in a certain profession. Our guidance program was designed to help students realize their abilities and limitations and so plan more carefully for their future. MRS. FERNE HORNE, Counselor CTOP L. 81 RJ nCarcer Nighti' brought visiting alumni to discuss vocations with students. CBOTTOM LJ Sec- retaries were: Mrs. Slater, Mrs. Irwin, Mrs. Booth, Miss Neglcy. CBOTTOM RJ The crowd gathers round for a college conference. 9 Social problems provided material for discus sion in Mr. Burrows' classes. CLASSIHHIM See the incredible miracle of the human brain at work Q Classes Afwezleenedl New lvmterests lf we ever tour South America, at least Weill know how to buy train tickets and check baggage, thanks to our Htripsv in Spanish class. The principles of the gy- roscope were being ex- plained in physics class. It nmcle our heads whirl but we inaiiaged to pass phys- ics anyway. H e c 0 r d s helped next ycuris seniors in their ap- preciation of poetry. uDisk jockeyv Corbett is spin- ning the platters for the class. 12 and Broudened Our Horizons A stitch in time saves money. These home cccn- omics girls saved lots by making their own dresses- witness the results. -Learn French in three easy lessons? Not so sim- ple, but the new lingua- phone in the library was very helpful to French students. Lettering was part of the art course. Knowing the alphabet was essential, hut the main trick was to avoid spilling the ink. 13 l r 777' ' ' With t e Help of Um' Teetelters Mrs. Geraldine Adamson-Girls, Health Miss Margaret Band-English Miss Marguerite Beck-German Mr. John Beckert-Physical Education Mr. Lawrence Bromberick-Chemistry Mr. Merle Burrows-Economics, Sociology Mr. Mercer Clark-Boys, Health Mrs. Margaret Cargill-English Mr. Albert Davis-Physical Education, Driving Mr. John Denbow-History, Economics, Sociology Miss Ruth Descaunets-Physical Education Mr. Victor Doak-U. S. History Miss Virginia Elliott-English Miss Pauline Fish-Home Economics Miss Katheryn Frobese-English i ilii E et 1 , 7 Mr. Sherrick Gilbert-Biology Mr. Norman Goodwin-Algebra, Plane Geometry Miss Ruth Gordon-English, Home Visitor. 14 We Sztroqve or zzglier Goals Poor snake was part of a circus side show, but he abandoned his glamorous career to be exhibited in our biology lab. This isnit home econo- mics classg itps Carole giv- ing a demonstration in public speaking. Can you operate a pressure cooker? S.O.T., these are secre- taries of tomorrow. Oops, a mistake? Well, start over. Practice makes perfect, you know. We come Addition to the R95 Lab day was the best day of the chemistry week. The know-how of bending glass and making "rotten eggsv was discovered, un- der supervision, of course. just what constitutes our Constitution? This boy ex- plained it to an American history class with the aid of a chart. l The Worst is over-she's l just passed her driver7s test and will drive to school from now on IF she N can get the family cur. l l 16 Were Renelzie, Ree, camel Relecxeutzien Mr. john Grimes-Physics Miss Dorothy Grove-Commercial Subleets Miss Fern High-Nurse Mrs. Ferne Horne-Guidance Dr. jual Kendall-Doctor Mr. Charles Lohr-Biology Miss Harriet Manning-English Miss Margery McClure-Latin Miss Florence BlCLH.Ugl'1liH-El'kf.,llSll Ioninllism Mr. John Mehner-Biology Mr. Nelson Mills-Public Speaking Engjlish Mr. Willizrm Mitchell-Spanish Typing Mr. Donley Mollenauer-U. S. History Miss Mabel Moore-Librarian Mrs. Geraldine Morgan-English Miss Eileen Nesbittf-English Miss Marie Neumarker-English Miss C. Ada Patterson-Latin J Taking B me Mondays in Stride Mrs. F loy Penn-Reading Mr. Raymond Peters-Mechanical Drawing Miss Martha Pickens-English Mr. Philip Prutzman-Instrumental Music Mr. Reed Raines-Chemistry Mr, John Ramsey-Shop Mr. john Reed-Driving Miss Anne Rightmire-Plane Geometry Miss Rita Roegge-Spanish Mr. Robert Ruth-Physics Mr. Douglas Shaner-Art Miss Sarah Smith-Solid Geometry, Trigonometry Miss May Sneary-Music Mr. joseph Srp-Plane Geometry Y Mr. Albert Stanish-NVorlcl History Mr. Carl Streams-Algebra Mr. Kirk Tallman-WVorld History Miss Anna Thompson-English l 18 We Wuited Edggfly for Fridays Algebra was just jug- gling the alphabet around to get numerical answers, but it surely could get complicated at times. Who said there Werenit some "big wheelsi' in the girls, gym class? To prove it the girls are making one. Every detail c 0 u n t s. "Lets see, have I forgotten any?,' Tom asks himself as he carefully studies his drawing. 19 Variety ef Swlbjeets delle Spiee Silas, Duncan, Eppie, and others were represent- ed in this tenth grade En- glish class dramatization of a scene from Silas Mar- ner. These boys are 'isawing wood" QI don't mean sleep- ingj with the new radial saw donated last year by the Trading Post. Ach dllieherll One of the activities of the German classes was to send Christ- mas presents to their Cer- inan friends. to Um' Sclioo Life Miss Mary Thorpe-Spanish Miss Thelma W'hinnie-Commercial Subjects Mr. Earl Xwiipkey Algs-bra Miss Helen Zallniserf -French A lnirclrl? A beeil? Tar- Zillllfyfl No-tl1ey're some of our own Lebo High boys uclimbing the ropesv in gym. Looks fun, doesift it? You thought you knew locusg but when you got to the blackboard in solid ge- ometry class to explain it, you WC1'CI1,t so sure. 21 Merry carolers brought the spirit of Christmas to our halls. ACTIVITIES Gaze on sideshows sparkling with a series of amazing acts Q X Student rgumzizuztzions Promoted STUDENT GOVERNMENT 'cMr. President, I move we have our tests in the morning and go home in the afternoonf said one student. WVhy can,t we have honor study hallsiy, asked another. These and similar problems were discussed by both the Executive Board and the Advisory Coun- cil, which were important organizations in our gov- ernment. The Executive Board consists of the president of each homeroom, an additional representative from each senior homeroom, and the Executive Committee. The Advisory Council consists of six faculty members and a student from each class. Both of these organizations discuss and act on poli- cies concerning school life. ' Those unfortunate individuals who receive out- of-orders know that on Tuesday they must report U I to the Student Court. Here they find eight of their President Bernie Ixellcy presents an honorary gavel Own Classmates who listen to their Stories and then to his predecessor Dave McStcen. act impartiauyg The purpose of the organizations of our school government is to assure the student an opportunity to govern and discipline himself. TWELFTH GRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD QFRONTD Raciappa, VVilliams, McDonnell, Redfern, Fellows, Lcib, Woodgate, Maloy, Hoehle, Jewell. QROW 23 Kelley, Sl1errick,Iones, Gorr, Talcott, Kernahan, Bradley, Edmunds, Carpenter, Witney, QROVV SJ McSteen, Kramer, Ryan, Bickel, Ceis, Burns, Dalton, Sebring, Shirey, McClarcn. 24 Demeevmutie SelffG0Qvernmemt EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS STUDENT COURT CFRONTJ Secretaries House, Hoehle. CBACKD KFRONTD Landon, Heineman. KBACKD Franklin Vice Presidents Gorr, Sherrick, Presidents McSteen, Pankapf, Porter, Klaber, O'Brien, Ruthven. Kelley. ELEVENTH GRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD QFRONTD VVilson, Bolin, McLain, Theilman, Barnes, Cemmer. QBACKD WIIIIIHIIIS, Cillen, Harvey, Peter Bowell, Paul Bowell. TENTH GRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD QFRONTD Dallas, Schoos, Sawyer, May, Adams, Bauer. KBACKD Elcl, Cowles, Drgon, Humphreys, Nagy, Gorr, Graham, Shannon. 25 A i .5 X, mx - if , l 1 ,.. .,. f 11, Q 5 -gf. if New bww N if UNH' , . gp 2. -Wy x , w Q Q 3 ' if A is 52 Q K mfs' We Relziercl Upon Our Lenders QTOPD FRONT: Loche, VVitney, Divine, Mullin, Dickerson, Overholt. BACK: Zeph, Barnes, Cutler, Lynn, Carey, Iewell, Maloy, Sherrick. CBOTTOMD FRONT: Kirch, Leech, Hoffman, Larry, O,Conner, Fawcett, Cur- penter. BACK: Uhricli, Burg, Rinier, Vollnier, Mclienney, Moffitt, Fineniun, Steele, Colwill. COMMITTEE AND SQUAD CHAIBMEN Kirch CCyni Squudj, Leech CDevotional Squadl, Hoffman Qljublie Addressl, Larry and Burg CLost 81 Foundj, O,Conner CDecoratingj, Cutler CLibraryD, Lynn QStudioD, Carey CCirls' Usherl, jewcll QScholasticD, Malloy and Locke CAttendanceJ, Sherrick fCafeteriaD, Fawcett flied Crossj, Carpenter CChemistryj, Ulirich CPubliei- tyj, Hinier CStuclio Managerl, Volliner CMusic Managerj, McKenney and Colwill Qljrojeetionj, Moffitt CMake- upj, Fineman CBulletin Boardl, Steele CTrafficl, Witney CStagz,e Crewb, Divine CSocial Committeel, Mullin, QHonor Awardj, Dickerson fHospitalityD, Overholt fMedieulD, Zeph CBookD, Barnes QClass Rankj. alvflf in Picture Hogsett CAchievementD, Meister CAuditoriun1 Asstj, Nagel fBz1ndD, Armstrong and Hamilton fNeedle 81 Threacll. Gluck and Kauper Cljhvsicsl, VVilson CPosterl, I. Tones CPictureJ, VVaQ,ner and Ioseph lPulJlicitvl. Zelle CSceneryD, Hemnienway CSch0lzistieD, Fletcher fSCOl'Cl'J0?11'dl, Iutlge lStuclent Service Exchangel, Sebring CBoys, Usher Squacll. Q 28 BAND FRONT:Moslener, Strickler, Couch, McKee, Frazee, Sherwood, Portman, Grant, Ridinger, Simmonds, Emery, Osiicr, Free- land, Nagel, Hollingsworth, Hood, Elsie, Flaherty, Harpster, Ostergaard, Clark, F. Denmead, F.. Denmead, Halpert, Troxell Cobby. ROVV 2: Spangler, Pete Bowell, Cameron, Cutler, Maxwell, Smith, Bowman, Kieffer, Hess, Iohnson, Gluck, Miller Harlan, B. Fee, Paul Bowell. ROW 3: Zelle, Grunenwald, Biber, Cramer, Ioseph, N. Eisenbcis, L. Eisenbeis, Lyle, Balling- er, Boss, Barnes, Bradley, Kauper, Daugherty, Hertel, Fawcett, Pankopf, Hemmenway. ROW 4: Rhyner, C. Campbell Thompson, YVallace, Short, Carey, Dallas, Rankin, Uhrich, T. Campbell, Bradley, D. Fee. ROW 5: Roberts, Love, Perkins Herget, Treharnc, Chidester, Reardon, Jewell, Duerr, Stewart, Sawyer. ROVV 6: MacBeth, Denhart, Giconi, McFeaters Flury, Foley. There Was Music in he ir at Mt. L. MUSIC Yes, there was music in Mt. Lebanon's air. Whether M it came from the brasses and drums in the stadium, from the Woodwinds and strings in Mellon auditori- um, or from the golden throats of our choristers in the studio, it was music of which we could well be proud. Setting the pace for a top musical season marched the band, brilliant in new dazzling white uniforms. No fan in the football stands failed to swell with pride as he watched these musicians present their clever formations and skits at the half. On the more serious side were the selections played by the band and or- chestra at the March concert. Here music for every- one from the "long hairsn to the ajive cutsv was the theme of a varied and entertaining program. Once again at the Christmas season Mellon audi- torium echoed to the inspiring strains of Handel's Messiah, which was presented in traditional fashion. In May the combined choruses offered a sharp musi- cale of peppy songs, dances, and an original script. Supplementing the main choral groups were our girls, Triple Trio and boys, Quartet. Their appear- ances at teas, luucheougy and agselnbljes Wei-Q alwayg Babs thrilled spectators with her fiery baton. greeted with favor. As good-will ambassadors of mu- sic, there were none better. 29 Always 'tt Tm e and on Tme, A CHORUS FRONT: Coffman, Wise, O'Brien, Green, Adams, lones, Arnold, Corcoran, Hilliard. ROW 2: Bender, Schneider, Welden, Colvin, Christie, M. Little, Hoehle, Vtfilliams, Van Gundy, MacMain, Wise, Schietinqer, M. McMaster, B. I. Fawcett. ROW 3: Griffiths, Harold, George, Mar' tin, Rucker, Wilson, Raciappa, Vollmer, Sloman, Kelly. ROW 4: Ball, May, Rimer, Anderson, Rowland, Siedle, Ohlman, Bruce, Orluske, B CHORUS FRONT: Lynd, Peck, Woeckner, Pratt, Harlan, Phillips, McClain, French, King. ROW 2: I. Shindehette, Welsh, Gardiner, Mottitt, Ziegler, McCune, Paterson, Marone, Lascheid, Lanfranke, Mihm, Ludwick, Hamilton. ROW 3: I. Blosser, Kappler, McConnel, Rust, Baur, McFee, Daugherty, Ruthven, Bucher. ROW 4: Nelson, Simpson, Lindberg, Patterson, Maloney, Vecella, Adams, Craig, Rau, Maehling. ROW 5: Graham, Paar, Dorn, Rybicki, Bramwell, Hurrell, Maue, Gilbert, Hutnaael, I. Little. C CHORUS FRONT: N. Blosser, Dorman, Cosby, McAfoos, Willis, Knox, Book, M. L. Fawcett, Ruff. ROW 2: Luley, DeGiovanni, Bickel, Work, P. Mc- Master, Ohleger, Froehlich, Larson, Graul, Yetter, L. Maxwell, Englert. ROW 3: Ebert, Krell, Neal, L. Schindehette, Held, F. Denrnead, E. Denmead, Kaiser, Goddard. ROW 4: Ball, Hoffman, Clark, Foraker, M2Donnell, Fellows, Flury, Caville. 30 Spindle-r, Furman. Musicians Kept Us in cmrmnmy TRIPLE TRIO QUARTET These girls were in constant demand lwccausc of their Although quartct members Gluck, Anderson, Campbell, excellent singing. SEATED: Adams, jones, Vnllmer, and Raciappa only began singing together recently, Simpson, Bender, MeMain, Furman. STANDING: they have been practicing hard and have had many VVilliams, Hoehle, Spindler, Orluske, Griffith, Corcoran. public engagements. ORCHESTRA FRONT: Nagel, L. Eisenbeis, Hislop, Fawcctt, McKee, Schaffer, Bcrcsi. HOW' 2: llertel, Miller, Bradley, Paul Howell, XY0lfcrs, X. ljiscnhcis, Peter Bowell, Jcwc-ll, Kaupcr, Spalla, Sawyer, Osiier. ROW' 3: Terman, Campbell, Treharne, McFeatt-rs, Hcmmenway, Fee, Spangler, Uhrich, Bowman. 31 'Q' Fan and Serqvice Y-TEENS A covered dish dinner, Truth or Conse- quences program, discussions on everything from dating to vocations, movies, and, of course, knitting-where could you find any or all of these colorful activities going on simul- taneously? Where else but at a meeting of that club of clubs-Y-Teens? Sophomores, juniors and seniors alike, although separated into four different clubs, worked together for the common purpose of getting to know them- selves and others better. Each meeting meant work to be done, but the evening always seemed to end in a wave of confusion, as is usually the way when you get forty or fifty girls all talking at once. Dances were given, a Christmas tree trimmed, and before long the year was at an end, and for the Y-Teens it had been another full of accomplishments as well as fun. CT. to BJ DELTA OFFICERS FRONT: Quinn, Lcih, Rust. BACK: Caw, Powell, Mullin, Murphy, Larry. ALPHA OFFICERS FRONT: McKee, Crissman, VVagner, Maohling. BACK: Deeter, Ruthven, Dodson, Furman, YVilder Grimm. BETA. OFFICERS FRONT: Kelly, Carncr, Cunningham, Dougherty. BACK: McArdlc, Cularski, Vceclla, O,Brien, Mor- ris. SIGMA OFFICERS FRONT: Overholt, Marshall, Harpster, Buckley BACK: Calpass, DcCiovanni, Castmeyer, VVise, Bauer. l ff ent' an in an HI-Y Adding to the fine record made in years past, our Hi-Y clubs have had a successful year. The Cedar Chapter, sponsored by Mr. Nllhipkey, Was made up of senior boys, ably led by their officers and chaplain. Among their most worthwhile projects were their or- ganization of the Community Chest Driye and the Safe Driving Campaign. The iuniors belonged to the Blue Chapter, with Nlr. Baines as their sponsor. They, too, allied themselves with the Hi-Y purpose. Sophomores joined Mr. Nlitchellis Cold Chapter when they entered school last fall. After being organized and initiated, they started out with a rush of activity. This spring our combined chapters sent three representatives to Harrisburg for the State Model Legislatiye Assembly. CT. to B.l The Cedar Hi-Y put the Connnunity Chest Cam- paign over thc top. CEDAR OFFICERS FBONT:Sherrick, Kauper, Hood, Pankopf. BACK: Beck, Jewell, Mclienney, Mohr, Ellis. BLUE OFFICERS FRONT: Barrett, Bishop, Essick. BACK: Paul Bowell, Pete Bowell. GOLD OFFICERS FRONT: Clifford, VVirant, Hall. BACK: Biegel, Shannon. f "You forgive me if I talk plain, but, Katrin, you are the dramatic one." TOP The motto of the pro- perties committee was "iss goot to vorkf' c'Unclc Chris would like to have been a doctor, but he helped c r i p p l e s in other waysf' CIRCLE 'cUncle Chris is so big and black, and Mr. Thorkelson is timid rcallyf' BOTTOM "But, Jenny, you and Trina must come. XVe girls have to stand to- getlierf, UAnd in the evenings Mr. Hyde would read us wonderful booksf' alemed Players Game 'il RENIENIBER MAM MAU For as long as the cast could remember they hadn't slept, and the stage in Mellon had been home. On the nights of the performance of the activities play they couldn't forget their feelings, the Wonderful stage and the audience. And first and foremost, we'll never forget I Remember Mama. The cast included Katrin, Joanne Graham, Bettie Murphy, Mama, julie Maehling, Ann Clowes, Papa, Bonnie Spangler, Dagmar, Cerry Henry, Christine, Mary Bose Bassett, Nanette Nelson, Mr. Hyde, Paul Anderson, Nels, Harrison Shields, Aunt Trina, Miri- am Little, Dolores Hasley, Aunt Sigrid, Louise Milli- gan, Doris Quinn, Aunt jenny, Agnes Porter, Barba- ra Buerkle, Uncle Chris, Tom Bimer, Jesse, Ioan Mehlg Mr. Thorkelson, Robert Mohr, Dr. Johnson, Loel Thompson, Arne, jack Morgan: a Nurse, Beat- rice Corcoran, another Nurse, Mary Ellen Timber- lake, Madeline, Shirley Klapper, Dorothy, Carol VVoodgate, Florence Dana Moorhead, Carol Jones, Bell-Boy, Robert Caw, Soda Clerk, William Kernahan. 84 Two Top er ormtmees "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY' Take a case of the measles, add the capture of a Stowaway, plus a phoney French actor and some bed bugs-mix well,-and the result was Our H earts Were Young and Gay. Although the audience left with aching sides, the cast had just as much fun rehearsing the senior class play. Members of the cast were: Steward, Iohn Button, Mrs. Skinner, Agnes Porter, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Miriam Little, Otis Skinner, Ronnie Spangler, Emily Kimbrough, Anne Archbold, purser, Paul Anderson, stewardess, Nancy Moffitt, Dick Winters, Loel Thompson, admiral, joseph Price, Harriet St. john, Dorothy Fry, VVinifred Blaugh, Anne Clowes, Leo McEvoy, Don Hoffman, inspector, Doris Quinn, The- rese, Gerry Henry, Madam Elise, Elizabeth Davis, Monsieur De la Croix, Webb Castor, window cleaner, john Daniels, student directors, Dolores Hasley and Donna McDonnell. links. "We may hit an icebergli' says ever ready Emily. 35 TOP Facial expressions seem to indicate, "Oh no! Not those things againf' "Cornelia, do you hear a drip pn . CIRCLE Cornelia tries out her acting ability on the steward. BOTTOM "Say ahh, Cornelia, so the doctor can diag- nose your ease." Emily seems to be do- ing some fast talking in a tight spot. Prrhlieeuuions Reeorded the Ewen s TOP L. Art Editor, VVillisg Asst. Lit. Ed., Green, Lit. Ed., Litten, Bus. Mgr., Zephg Circ. Mgr., Hcidenreichg Ed.-in- Chief, Miller. TOP R. LITERARY CSeatedD Murphy, Quinn, Johnston, F. Kappler, Franklin, Volhner, Anderson, Marshall. fStandingD Dickerson, Colwill, Gooding, S. Kappeler, Uhrieh, Storch, Klabcr, Treharne, Ch destcr, Furman. BOTTOM L. BUSINESS CSeatedD Zcph Townsend. CStandingD Peoples, Locke, Linn, VVagner, Clowes, Ludwiek. BOTTOM R. ART QScatedD Forster, WVillis. iStandingJ Copctas, Leib, VVilson, Book, Weimcr. The 1950 Log gave us ringside seats to the most stupendous show ever presented. Act one found us watching clowns merrily wave sub- scription blanks as they pursued everything on two feet. With bated breath we watched act two display our skillful business staff, garbed as tightrope walkers, balancing the budget.. In act three the spotlight fell on our editors, imperson- ating acrobats, no less, gaily swinging from tra- peze to trapeze ever aiming higher to produce a better yearbook. Amid these breath-taking scenes, photographers with ladders and flash bulbs strove to catch this gay panorama of events of an exciting year. Now as tent flaps close and weary performers trudge off to their bunks, another year has been recorded in the pages of this Log. MOUNTY STAFF: Barron, McC1'idden, Trcharne, Miller, Rimer, Kurtz, Leech, YVilson, Henecker, YVy1'ough, Neal, Book, Storch, Phillips, Block, Rowland. WVRITERS: Drayne, Thompson, Meisel, Ballinger, Hurrell, Lynd, Harness, Kovac, Maloney. of tm Uiuitsttumdiing LANTERN VVhenever a student or faculty member want- ed to read the latest school news, he looked to the Lantern. Room 208 was a beehive of activ- ity and confusion just before the paper went to press. Reporters, editors, and photographers rushed madly to meet the deadline set by Miss McLaughlin, able faculty sponsor. Assuming much of the responsibility for the paper were jean Hulse and Nancy Meyers, fea- ture and managing editors, who did everything from copy-reading to reporting. The Devilette, an inserted feature of the Lan- tern, was mimeographed in the school. Full of hot tips and humorous notes, it sizzled with the latest gossip. XVhen students heard the welcome words, "The Lantern Shines Tonight," the decks were cleared for action as they rushed to their home- rooms for the latest copy. MOUNTY Miss Elliott has a step-child who demands much of her attention, it is the Mounty, literary magazine of the school. In it you find the litera- ry efforts of students who are proud of their short stories, essays, and poems. Any night after school you might find a Mounty writer or typist trying to patch up a story or typing a yellow stencil. "Mounty Dayv came almost once a month this year, and it kept the entire staff bust- ling to get the magazine stapled before the dead-line. Their mascot, the Mounty Mole, was the clown of the troupe, and his corny capers and zany acrobatics enlivened many a staff meeting. School Year LANTERN EDITORS Meyers. Iloffnian, Hulse, Clemens, Hammond. REPORTERS CHow IQ Hyman, Mihm, Heidenreieh, Murphy VVagner, Hasley. tRow :ZJ Phillips, Gibbons, Longenecker, Litten Forster. tRow SJ Mc-Caulcy, Carey, Rust, VVise, Quinn, Brown tRow 42 joseph, Maehling, Storeh, Vollmer, Colvin, Clowes. BUS- INESS tSeatedJ Farquhar, Behen, Zeph, Streine, Locke. CStand- ingj Creehan, Shiverdeeker, VV. jones, Vet-ella, B. Brown, Town- send, Carpenter, Castmeyer, Marone. 37 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FRONT: Franklin, Miller, Murphy, Karlovitz, Book, Willis. ROVV 2: Hulse, Myers, Hoehle, McMaster, Heine, Woodgate, Tully, Leech. ROW 3: Litten, Archbold, Allsop, Rimer, Gorr, Uhrich, Colwill, Treharne, Mullin. ROWV 4: Dicker- son, Raciappa, Jewell, Punkopf, Witney, Mclienney, Sherrick, Carpenter, Reardon. Recognition Was Gziqven QUILL AND SCROLL FRONT: Gray, Schreiner, Daley. BACK: Fox, Hickman, Corcoran, Ros- leld, Hulse, Rimer, Herrmann 38 HONOR AWARDS The Activities Assembly held February third brought honors to many deserving students. There were the lucky few who received the little gold pins that symboliz- ed National Honor Society. Membership in this organization is the highest honor that a high school student can achieve. Ac- tivities keys were awarded to those who, after months of hard work on a committee or squad, scraped together the last two points to make ninety. A few ambitious people even managed to earn the two hun- dred points necessary for a guard. Next came our brawny football and cross-coun- try stars, as they paraded in front of the footlights to receive their letters and nu- merals. For outstanding work on publica- tions a few had their names recorded on the rolls of Quill and Scroll, which is a notable literary honor for high school stu- dents. QTOPD Deserving seniors who received guards at the end of the first semester were: Uhrich, Miller, Divine, Rimer, Treherne. CBOTTOMD There was a continual parade across stage as students receivd awards. to Worth Sttttlents ACTIVITIES KEYS FRONT: Protas, Meyers, Murphy, Little, Zeph, Porter, Carey, Rust, Davis, Woodgate, Arehbold. ROW 2: Heidenreieh, Miller, Allsop, Wyrough, Litten, Hoehle, Leech, Fawcett, McMaster, Clowes, Longeneeker, Kappeler. ROW 3: Franklin, Albright, Hulse, Frazee, Vollmer, Williams, Treharne, Divine, Fellows, Johnston, Kurtz, Karlovitz, Mullin, Maloy, Wallace, Stapleton. ROW 4: Beresi, Jewell, MeFcaters, Pankopf, Rimer, Colwill, Uhrich, Cramer, Carpenter, Reardon, McSteen, Corr, Talcott, Landon. 39 Hunger tries for two points against Mt. Lebo's old rival, Dormont. svolws Thrill to the death- defying deeds of our outstanding athletes Q 2 Sports onor Roi The following were voted 'Smost outstundingv in their respective sports. Coll 1949-Larry Lund Cross Country- jerry Gilbert Rifle-Bob Carpenter Baseball 1949-Torn Beugun Football-WVa1ter Corr Track Qfieldl 1949-Don Minilian Soccer 1949-Ken Ball Track Ctruekb-1949-Bernie Lu- Basketball-jim Corbett Tennis 1949-Bill Howe teruncik 42 CIRCLES: Bernie Kelly and Mel Simon were honorary co-captains. TOP: Coaches were inoinenturily worried. CHEER LEADERS: These nine girls cheered the Mounties on to fame and glory: CFRONTD Christie, Allsop, Hillman, Little Kappeler: CBACKD Chile, Cingcrich, Hennessy, Smith. FIELD: Under the lights our athletic field presented a bril liant spectacle. Capturing W,PQ QAQL. Trophy Q Q 0 "Mt L. 7 'Mt L. 34 i'Mt. L. 34 Mt. L. 19 Mt. L. 28 'Mt L. 12 t'Mt. L. 27 Mt. L. 21 SCHEDULE FOOTBALL "Home NVayneshurg . . . . . .Perry .South Hills ... ,..Penn XVashington NVilkinshurg , Uniontown . . . .Munhall Our Blue and Gold gridders pulled a few sur- prising tricks out of the hat this year, bettering last yearis record and turning what promised to he a poor season into one of the best in our grid- iron history. Overcoming a lack of experience with lots of spirit, the Leho lads won all their league games and became the dark horse in the race for the AA crown. However, because of the point system, they lost out to BlcKeesport in the play-off with New Castle. l VARSITY FRONT: Cox, Cosby, O,Connor, Coss, Ceis, Gorr, Kelley, Johnson, Palcho. ROVV 2: Hamill, Billingsley, Sebring, Hay- mond, Cusick, Simon, VVard Jones, Rosser, McConnell, Klaber, Hartman, S. Corbett. ROW 3: Braker, Langdon, Liadis, Blatt, Ceminer, Murphy, McStecn, Beck, Keegan, Kirk, Bradway, Semmer, Libertc. ROW 4: Waldo jones, L. Jones, Raf- faele, Hutchins, Fairgrievc, Schramm, VVilliams, Smith, Canaga. Underdog Mormtzies Surprised Fdns The only blot on the perfect record was the loss of the opener to Waynesburg, which seems to defy explanation by fans, players, and even coaches. Fortunately, however, the Blue Devils bounced back the next week by trouncing Perry and then South Hills the following week in ex- hibitions. The AA games were sprinkled with thrillers. In the first one the Mounties had a tough time downing a Penn team as the score see-sawed G-0 Penn, 7-6 Mounties, 13-12 Mounties, and finally 19-12 Mt. Lebanon over Penn. The VVilkinsburg game featured two spectac- ular runs, Gorifs 90 yard pass interception and Billingsleyrs 60 yard end run as the Blue Devils squeaked by 12-7. The last tribute paid the team was by their never satisfied Mr. Beckert, who said he had never coached a finer bunch of boys or been more satisfied with a football season. JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT: Kenny Gardner, Long Portman, Lightner, Bill Gardiner Petrelli, Johnson, Murton, Burner Graham. ROVV 3: Manning, Parlette Nec, Bennett, Brown, VVilson, Dunn McCartan, Menke, Cardillo, Murray 3 ford. l Bockstoce, Paff, Semak. ROW 2: Roddy, Gorham, Englert. ROW 4. Butler, Humphreys, Clutter, Bland- Corbelff R05-,Ser ' Simon Beck ' C035 me onnelf Sfmmef Ke Kimber' Gorr Sherruc K 2 Nur? 3 l?J1linn3si6g piows +!'ll"OU9ih The .Shfohg Porwcxrd we-ll of Nunfmu, . tgsifsragsku Quilt, buck cffer fy-ggnq 'fo Sklff Soufh HIHS .MQ . Ge I-'J Bluff' 45 brow H' down offer Q gum over Um0n'fown'5, Nghf' fomckte. H 'Cl YYXQHJ 3 Se rmg OX Swanson Bvfhngg esj A Hadmon C0-S55 YC! P L 0 JONQES U Billingsley bites the dust wr Undlefefulted CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS W.P.1.A.L. Relays 1st-Mt.L. 41 .......,..., 2nd-Washington 19 Ambridge 19 Washirigton Invitational Ist-Mt. L. 52 . .,..... 2nd-Washington 31V2 Independent Districts Ist-Mt. L. 58 ........., 2nd-Wilkinsburg 42 W.P.I.A.L. Championship 1st-Mt. L. SSW1 ....... 2nd-VVashington 24V2 TRACK 1949 Experiencing one of the best seasons in the high school's history, Coach Don Mollenauer's thinclads displayed fine form by remaining un- defeated in every meet. Climaxing their string of victories, the Mounties reclaimed the W.P.I.A.L. crown lost to Wilkinsbilrg the previous year. Giving local track fans a preview of what was to come, Mt. Lebanon copped a quadrangular meet at Schoonmaker Hall and then went on to dominate the large field of contenders entered in the Tri-State Coaches Association Meet. In their initial meet of the outdoor season, the trackmen defeated Carrick for their first of six wins in dual and triangular contests. The Blue Devils proved that they were the team to beat when they won the W.P.I.A.L. Relays Carnival for the eighth consecutive year by more than doubling the points of their nearest opponent. VARSITY FRONT: jones, Denman, Mahoney, Blumfcldt, J. Billingsley. ROVV 2: Rosser, Bruning, Tilbrook, Farquhar, Metzger, Davis,Sl1ux'c,Younkins, Luterancik. ROVV 3: Millington, Else, Morian, Veazcy, B. Buck, Garson, Swanson, Sebring, Minihan, Coach Mo1lenauer.ROW 4: VVl1clun, Bonner, McKee, D. Murphy, Craig, Camp- bell. Joyce, McStccn, Kelley. Nlt. L. 84 5X6 ,,.,. Wilkinslullrg 20 lst-Mt. L. 5692, 2nd-Cen. Catholic 27 OUTDOOR Nlt. L. 71 ,..,......... Carrick 47 Mt. L. 88 .. ,..,. Clairton 39 Mt. L. 81 .. ......... Penn 46 Nlt. L. 70 .. ..... McKeesport 57 Mt. L. 87 ....... Washington 4232 Mt. L. 82 ., .,,.,. Dormont 45 distance medley. McStcen streaks to victory. I Tracltmen Regoined W. P., I., A., L. Crown SCHEDULE INDOOR Ambridge I5 5X6 Canonsburg ll 1.63 Tri-State Coaches Meet Canonsburg 3112 The high jumping trio of Billingsley, Buck, and Denman totaled 17 ft. I in. to establish a new record for the Relay ledger. Then came the XVashington Invitational Meet, followed by the Independent Districts and two more champion- ships were added to the squad's impressive re- cord. Completing the grand slam, the Moun- ties collected 331A points to dethrone Wilkins- burg and recapture the NV.P.I.A.L. champion- ship. Qualifying for the P.I.A.A. Championship at Penn State were Luterancik, Denman, McSteen, and Minihan, who placed first in their events in the W.P.I.A.L. meet. The "49,' season showed a well-rounded team of great ability. Coach Mollenauer depended upon Billingsley and Swanson in the sprints. Mounty sprinters fail in close 220 yd. dash. Outstanding quarter-milers were Denman, Til- brook, Corr, and Younkins. Luterancik, Shave, Craig, Murphy, McKee, Gilbert, and Sebring made up the all important distance squad. Ad- ding points in every meet, F arquhar, McSteen, and Davis specialized in the hurdles. In the field events, the Mounties, weight men were Morian, jones, Metzger, and Bosser. Millington and Kelley threw the javelin while Billingsley, Buck, and Denman ncleared the barn in the high jump event. Perfectionists in the pole vault were Minihan and Blumfeldt. Clocked at 4:35.-l, Luterancik set a new school record for the mile that is slated to stand for quite some time. Dave McSteen also cracked a school record when he ran the 220 yard hurdles in 23.1 seconds. Lutcrancik carries baton in Pacing the indoor hurdlers, N Warm Weather Sportsman VARSITY FRONT: Mahoney, Garson, VVhelan, Thomas, Gilbert, XVyndham, VVilson, Pete Bowell, Kortncr. ROVV 2: Coach Mollcnauer, Miller, B. Smith, Gardner, Giordano, Else, Burns, Hayes, Button, Barrett. ' JUNIOR VARSITY ' FRONT: D,Alessandro, Zelle, Nordquist, Patterson, Sta dleman, Kraft, Burton, Matthews, Nagy, Mastandrea. ROW 2: Crytzer, Roxbrough, LaBrenz, Buzzard, Gorr, Terlnan, Roberts, Buchanan, VValsh, Keen, Coach Mol- lenauer. CROSS COUNTRY The gradual decline in cross country running material hit its peak in '49 as the Mountie harriers fell victim to a 4-3 losing streak. Senior runners were overshadowed by such juniors as Giordano and Bowell, who represented Mt. Lebanon at State College. With the formation of an all sophomore junior varsity, Coach Mollenauer anticipates better teams in future seasons. SCHEDULE Mi. L. 20. . .Canonsburg 35 Mt. L. 39 .... Ambridge I6 Mt. L, I5 ,,.,..... Penn 40 Mt. L. 20 ...New Castle 35 Mt. L. 15 N. Kensington 40 Mt. L. 29 ..... Aliquippa 26 Mt. L. 30. . .Connellsvillc 25 VV.P.I.A.L. Championship lst , , . . . .Ambridge 3rd ..,.,, .,.. C onnellsville 2nd .. . Aliquippa 4th . ........... New Castle :nth ..,......... Mt. Lebanon Giordano leads the "pack, in important clual meet. Tlurcc Mountie harricrs break the tape in a dead heat. and Their Ups and Downs TENNIS 1949 Our tennis team was under a handicap before the season began last spring and did much better than their 2-6 record suggests. Because their courts were being repaved they began their season with no practice at all and had no home matches. SCHEDULE M,t. L. 0 . . . . . .5 Brentwood 5 . . .... 0 Mt. L. Mt. L. 2. .... 3 Shadyside 4 .,.. 1 Mt. L. Mt. L. 0 .. . .... 5 Edgewood 5 . . . .... U Mt. L. Mt. L. 5 . . . . . .0 XVilkinsburg 1 . . . . . .4 Mt. L. GOLF 1949 Although losing the play-off match tor the sec- tion V championship to Baldwin, the golf team, under the direction of Mr. Burrows, experienced another successful season in 1949. Captain Larry Lund represented Mt. L. in both XV.P.1.A.L. and state championship meets. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 612 ..... Sli Brentwood 4 .... . . .11 Mt. L. fvlt. L. 812 .,,.. 612 Baldwin Qhfz.. .... 5512 Kit. L. Nlt. L. 8 . ...7 Mlxnhzlll 1 ..... ..., 1 4 lvlt. L. Section V Play-off V Baldwin ..,. . . . Mt. Lebanon ..... . . . 6 Wagner, Beresi, Mr. Doalc, Jewell, Howe. Biglram, B. Johnson, Lund, Mr. Burrows, Davis, D. Jones, Carver, Dowling. l gqnmw- Dee beats the peg at third. Mt. L. 480 ,.., Mt. L. 486 .... Mt. L. 487 ..,. Mt. L. 490 ..,, Mt. L. 493 ,.,. Mt. L. 493 ..,. Mt. L. RIFLE SCHEDULE Millvale . . 487. Aspinwall . .488 Munhall . . .500 Oakmont , ,500 Etna ..., .494. Coraopolis . 499 . . . . ,482-Beaver .490 . 491 . 488 . 490 490 .487 Falls O her Sports Added 1949 SOCCER Mt. Lcbanon's first venture into soccer proved an exceptionally successful one, as the Mounties upset team after team. Coached by Mr. Davis and Mr. Ma- lone, they won a shot at the championship in a play- off game with South Fayette and though they lost this, the season was still a success. RIFLE Matched with such teams as Oakmont, Munhall, and Coraopolis, the Mountie marksmen experienced another losing season by dropping ten matches and winning only three. In the second match with Oak- mont, the visitors turned in a remarkable score of 500. Mr. Streams resumed his pre-War post as coach of the squad this year. Mall, Cox, Coach Clark. SOCCER kamp. BASEBALL FRONT: Baer, Dickinson, We Caulcy, Peckham, Can 158. ROW 2: Beagan, Pankopf, Mc Chee, Mervosh, Cusick, Hrck ett, Markson, Dee. ROVV 3 Rumberger, Beck, Lowell, Mc Kenney, Bradway, Murphy FRONT: Miller, Storhohn, 1' ley, O,Farrell, Happe, K. Bill Lcber, Mooney. ROW 2 Coach Davis, Campbell, Hizel Lubosky, May, Denigan, Mr Malone. ROXV 3: Smith, C11 mer, Ball, Marcin, YVillough by, Stimmel, Biber Kalber to UL Fine eeortl Mt. L. 2 ..,. O Turtle Creek U ....,.. 2 Mt. L, Mt. L. 1 .... 0 Bridgeville 3 ,.,.... 3 Mt. L. Mt. L. 3 .,.. 1 Snowden 0 ..,.... 2 Mt. L. Mt. L. 1 .,,. 1 Monesson O ....... 2 Mt. L. Mt. L. 3 .,.. 0 Clark 2 ..,,.,. 2 Mt. L. Mt. L. 3 .... 2 S. Fayette 5 ......, O Mt. L. 1949 BASEBALL After an impressive 18-0 Win over YVilkinsburg in the first game of the season, the Blue and Gold nine cooled off to Win only five of their ten section encounters. Leading the Mounties in batting, third baseman Tom Beagan was chosen as the most valuable player. . L. 1? Mt. L. 10 RIF LE FRONT: Mr. Streams, Reardon, Carpenter Bridlev Lyncl, Emery. BACK: Reagan, Balch, Fee, Sargent, Thompson BASEBALL SCHEDULE 6 Munhall 12 . . , 11 3 Duquesne 6 , . , Q 4 McKecsport 9 , . . 4 2 Clairton 6 , . . 7 i .... .... W ilkinsburg 0 CTOP L.D Chess: Har- ness, McAuslan, Mal- colm, Clemens, Block. QTOP BJ Stimmcl cle- fends the Lebo goal in mud battle with Snow- den. CBOTTOM LJ Intra- mural basketball champi- ons: Ryan, Harmon, Mc- Stcen, Dalton, Carson, Cole, Button. CBOTTOM RJ Coach "Leftyv Davis gives some pointers during break in game at South Fayette. . . . . . . , . .Homesteld 9 The spectators watch with anticipation as Keegan's push shot heads for the hoop. BASKETBALL Although uniinpressive in exhibition games, the Mountie hoopsters overcame an early season slump to finish second in W.P.I.A.L. Section V competition and set a new scoring record of 71 points in a non- scheduled game with Oliver. The squad showed signs of having another me- diocre season as they dropped five of their first seven contests, but local court fans were soon given encouragement as the Mountie quintet came through to defeat Baldwin in their first W.P.I.A.L. tilt. Coach K'Speed,' Clarkps proteges continued to dominate their section foes by easily downing Dor- mont and Clark. Their first important loss was a heartbreaker as Brentwood erased a 7 point margin and pulled ahead in the final minutes to hand Mt. Lebanon a 47 to 44 defeat. Continuing their im- proved play, the Blue Devils again stopped Bald- win, but then Dormont took advantage of an off night and spoiled the Mounties' hopes of a section title by grinding out a 43 to 40 Win. Following an easy victory over Clark, Mt. Leb- anon and Brentwood clashed in the final game of the year. Brentwood, with no losses, was assured of the section title but needed the victory to estab- lish a school record. Playing their best game of the Hoopszters Showed Form and Figli VARSITY FRONT: Pankopf, Kec- gan, Murphy, Boyle. ROVV 2: Smith, Brad- way, Coss, Witt. ROW 3: Coach Clark, Slack, Hunger, Swanson, Cor- bett, Moore. year, the Mounties turned the tables and in the last few minutes netted two foul shots to win by two points. The over-all season record showed 12 wins and 9 losses. Sparking the tea1n's fine play were such seniors as jim Corbett, pivot man and high scorer with 214 points, Bob Runger, 6'4" center, work- horse under the boards, and runner-up in scoring with 208 markers, Dick Swanson, fourth in scoring and the squad's other front man, and Al Pankopf, fine play maker and ball handler. juniors XVitt, Keegan, Murphy, Smith, Bradway, and Slack prov- ed to be bright prospects for next year's team. Under the tutoring of Mr. T allman the B squad dropped I3 contests while winning 8. SCHEDULE SECTION V Baldwin-38 . . . 40 Mt. L. 43 . . . 34-Baldwin Brentwood-47 .44 Mt. L. 44 , . , 42-Brentwood Dormont-34 . . 43 Mt. L. 40 . . . 43-Dormont Clark-35 ..... 42 Mt. L. 44 .... 30HClark m Successful Season QTOPD "Smitty" works the ball nearer the basket KBOTTOMD "Moose" Corbett scores on easy lay-up JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT: Brown, Long, Schraunin, Clutter. ROXV 2: Puff, Dunn, Hartzcl, Hutchins, Labrenz. ROVV 3: Harvey, Saxton. Wil- liams, Menke, Fairgricvc. WL snuff Q ssdas Qws X. Jrfufveg, b Yunjhfwlf 9 C A LSSLN as X No ggi-ggjfnqcvxcxv' CxcYot1m'f'mCS i"xlgR'WllgfXim'J5Ol fflQ QVQWYNCQ off Desgeri X.: Look 0+ TLNOT SYYIQSVNI. VGHGL MH kata? vs on Quw+oC:S. YI ima or CA sfrsi-ie m Qp+SY'Y"-7'9Cx'WC'Cl hzwhmj. s ell s Lots flftrn for ll the girls took their fling in the af- ter-school sports. Almost everyone was on 21 team, but after the smoke of battle had cleared, it was de- termined that the team captained by Carol Wfoodgate had won the tournament. The G.A.A. Dessert in February was another high spot. VVerenSt Dark and Stormy Nightl' and the other skits and songs a howl? Bowling, badminton, and volley ball highlighted the rest of our sports year. Finally Play Day with its colored streamers and new games rounded out another suc- cessful year. G.A.A. COUNCIL FRONT: Miller, Kappler, Ryerson. HOW 2: Maloy, VVilder, Kayser, Beck Wloodgate. ROVV 3: Divine CProsidentP, Kelly, Miss Descaunets, Archbold Albright. The lobby was the meeting place for all students sophomores, juniors, and seniors. SLSSSSS Step right up and see 'a brilliant troupe of performers 63 x' 'Q 'W 471, 'W' Wilt' Boys,Tl1Lose Steps Dorzft , Go to the Seeond Floor! 1 X I ' 1:5 1- . . so W' -.J Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 10-1 MISS THOMPSON Leo McCrory, Shirley Donley, Florence Opferman, Suzanne Huber, Roslyn Friend, Joyce Roberts, Joan Dougherty, Agnes Atchison, Dwight Fee. Paul Himmelrich, Grace Peoples, Ann Carpenter, Jo Ann Brown, Jean- nie Dallas, Marie Caville, Kathryn Seibel, Joan Faust, Irene Block, Norma Kohlmeyer, Robert Walsh. Edgar Timothy, John McEwan, Tom Blandford, Jim Siple, Joe Stadel- man, Ronald Bachmann, Robert Hudson, Franklyn Mastandrea, John Kraft. 10-2 MISS NESBITT Nancy Gill, Joanne Rall, Mary Harrington, Doris McAfoos, Carol Au- gust, Eileen McKibben, Ruth Hennessy, Julie Whitney, Linda Kelly, Pat Harlan, Louise Milligan. George Hulse, Jim Murray, Bryan Buchanan, Shirley Hislop, Emmy Lou Denmead, Peggy Ann Klimcheck, Beverley Nagy, Jim Viskochil, Bob Patterson. Bill Nagy, Jack Crytzer, Kenny Gardner, Al Johnson, Jim Portman, John McCartan, Joe Semak, Tom Nee. 10-3 MISS MANNING Linda Shoop, Beverly Buerkle, Peggy Dickenson, Daryle Wolfers, Nan- cy Perkins, Janet McKee, Suzanne Holland, Anne Schietinger, Jane Arnold. Gerry McCauley, Bob Jeffrey, Arthur Murton, Barbara Ballinger Aud- rey Vecella, Jean Adams, Barbara Brown, Joan Fulghum, Tom Gor- ham, Bob Hall. Willard Lusk, Don Clifford, Paul Grunenwald, Bill Lightner, Dick Johnston, John Drgon, Gerald Butler, Bob Swearingen, John Riegel. 10-4 MISS RIGHTMIRE Don Malcolm, Frances Denmead, Judy Dodson, Hope Hodnette, Pat Gularski, Lois Schramm, Sally Garner, Nellie Kirley, Christine Austin, Margaret VVork, Nancy Ebert, Doug Terman. John Linkhauer, Bob McMann, Kitty F lury, Ruth Lease, Nancy Roth- enhoefer, Carolyn Campbell, Sue O,Brien, Monnie Adams, Betsy Mc- Coy, Marian Myers, Chip Crater, Dick Foley. Arthur Gorr, Richard Madden, Marshall Dougherty, Searl Dunn, Fos- ter Rankin, Bob Humphreys, Ted Bennett, Ronald Short, Marshall Brown, Alfred Wardle, Pete Jenner. 59 I Row 1: Row 2. Row 3. Row 1: Row 2 10-5 MR. GOODWIN Janet Cameron, Nancy Dougherty, Mary NVunderly, Joan Ziegler, Jean Kimball, Helen Cunningham, Mary Balch, Nancy Thompson, Betty Lou F oraker, Angela Roppollo. Bob Bucker, Frank Brand, Sara Lees, Mary McMurry, Joan Little, Louise Hyde, Nancy Airhart, Ed Reddy, Thomas Manning. Rodney Simmonds, Dave Ekedahl, Bob Roxbrough, Bob Heineman, Dave Johnson, Bob Graham, Dave Weimer, Harrison Shields. 10-6 MISS PATTERSON Lillie Lou Elsey, Lois Baldizar, Janet Replogle, Katy Goddard, Jeanne Hobbs, Sheila Graul, Nancy MacDonald, Mary Lou King, Johanna Sawyer. Nancy O'Meara, Paul Wirant, Darryl Brednich, Dick Osiier, Larry Johnson, Don Long, Charles Leonard, Jack Morgan, John Sloan, Ann MCF ee. Row 3: Donna DeGiovanni, Bill Alter, Barbara Clarke, Bob Burdette, Mary Ellen Timberlake, Roger Yarhouse, Pat Mane, Dick Shields, Mary Alice Kieffer, Peggy Lou Buckley. 10-7 MR. MITCHELL Row 1' Mary Grace DiSalvio, Becky Kaiser, Jean Hofrichter, Roberta Cosby, Joan Francis, Paul Damon, Stuart Speaker, Jim Baum, Jack Renton, Marcia Beard, Blanche Cora, Nancy Cochrane. Row 2: Bruce Patton, Bob Buzzard, Jim Coull, Glenn Rhyner, Don Williams, Ed Eld, Al Wilson, Bob Bruce, Charles Parlette, Dan Saxton, Jim La- Brenz. Row 3: Ray Englert, John Green, Don Frazer, Frank Kirsopp, Bill Gardner, Jim Roberts, John Zelle, George Rybicki, Ronald Menke, John Pullets, Bob Pierson. ' 10-8 MR. MEHNER Row 1: Valerie Ivory, Shirley Hartline, Barbara Lowry, Lois Schindehette, Nancy Talvick, Margie Arthurs, Eleanor May, Carol Coyne, Margie Williams. Row 2: Don Cartwright, Roy Haddox, Bill Keen, Sally Gilbert, Sue Sturgis, Madeline Beard, Jim Ogden, Andy Spalla, Edward Driessen. Row 3: John Carley , Ben Chester, Jerry Clutter, Terry Bigham, Angelo Notte, Ralph Bockstoce, John Spangler. A 5 6 Oh-li-lr How the W orms S I d 9 Bl' l Cl l vw qwmrme in to og ass 1 Gbuv O rr Q 1 AA W o 0 Q-D' 60 61 ff 3' fbvlwr . fkgvf., Q .,,, 5 X - 3 - :.i?!VK . A 2a?:ri2-ififm. ' it sm, , . Q' ,rw Qs I K J 55+ it X 2 Wu ,'J we WI K , .h,. . ., A. 4 ,L E- -1, 543 Kg 1 W W-www-55. N, 1 W Q' VM J , , Y " Q 2f1gf,if5'-I HP. wmmmm an M aw. I I 'Q '. fw Wt an 4 '45 '?'ffef' Q ff 3' 'E Q A 64 1 E. rf L G I iq Watch the Younger Set y , Climb Rightupzt elsomlloler 'S 1 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row MW er , i 3 . E O 0 " N , 1 at 6 lv ff' V ,' , g as -BvoK- 10-9 MR. CLARK Joan Russo, Pat Martin, Sally Farquhar, Martha Ann Stutt, Jo Ann Wise, Helen Jones, Ann Bowman, Shirley Kirchner, Ann Godsey, Sally Dawson. Dick Hall, Ernie D,Alessandro, Ken Martin, Norman Petrelli, Joanne Welden, Jo Ann Gastmeyer, Margaret Schoos, Patt Hufnagel, Carol Streine, Alex Cora, Tom Connors. Tom Catanzaro, Bob Cherry, Mario Giconi, Jay Holmes, Bill Hassel, John Paff, Bob Baierbach, Norwood McNulty, Herbert Siegel, Jack VVilson, Dick Brien. 10-10 MISS THORPE Barbara Frank, Mariann Sherick, Beth Overholt, Donna Cunningham, Kay Ketchum, Barbara Bauer, Nancy Lee Calpass, Margie Marshall, Mary Jane Martin. Joan Bain, Vera Barone, Judy Protas, Ruth Hoffman, Janice Sippell, Joyce Axelson, Joan Krieger, Carol Caughey, Mary Lou Harpster. Jamie Macbeth, Duncan McConnell, Bruce Meyer, Charles Matthews, Don Bumer, Eugene Meehan, Anthony Hervet, Jack Van Camp, Wil- lard Reader. 10-11 MR. STREAMS Carolyn Van Gundy, Pat McMaster, Joan Krut, Margie Hawkins, Lor- ine Barry, Joan Thomas, Rosemarie Greb, Beatrice Guiliani, Marlene Dietrich. Arthur Nordquist, Barbara Ball, Doris Knox, Nancy Rau, Polly Ann McDonald, Marcia Harpster, Patrice Flaherty, Lorraine Poe, Gloria Worthington, Gary Aston. Jack Brown, Herbert Hervet, Mervin English, Bruce Marra, Paul Car- dillo, Ronald Burton, John Cowles, Donald Shaw, Ronnie Jones. 11-1 MR. BROMBERICK Marilyn Paar, Lenore Meister, Carol Couch, Paula Grimm, Joan Pierce, Betty Lou Gibbons, Betty Balke, Joan F erraro, Lois Sanders. James Lynn, Jack Sommerfeld, Leo Liberto, Sue Yarger, Barbara Brown, Barry O,Donnell, Jim Braker, Jerry Hinger. Mac Canaga, Dick Moore, Jack Smith, Jerry Sullivan, Ben Harvey, Walter Lyman. ' 65 11-2 MISS SMITH Row 1. Mary Simpson, Betty George, Elaine WVicke, Trudy Meisel, Io Mihm, Carol Orluske, josey Phillips, Betty jane Fawcett, Tay Strickler, Mitzi Lascheid. Row 2. Wayne Peternel, Charles Wyndham, Sally Lyle, Donna Ball, Sally Miller, Virginia Beck, Roxanna Ryman, Bud Glenn. Row 3 Dick Bradway, Tom Gemmer, Knute Hartman, Rogers Wood, jim Storey, Stanley Corbett, Tom McGreevey, Jim Glenn. 11-3 MR. WHIPKEY Row 1' Marilyn Van Voorhis, Ada joseph, Barbara Sue House, Barbara Ham- mond, Mary Sargent, Mary Ioan Patterson, Shirley Christie, Linnea Lindberg, Mary Ellen McClellan. Row 2' Don Mackey, George Balch, Betsy Dodson, june Rogers, Stephanie Morris, Ianet Thuransky, Winston Mergott, Bob Rankin. Row 3' Tom Foley, joe Swain, Aiden Hatton, Chuck Williams, Herb Cox, jim Blatt, Al Marcin, Drew Higgins. 11-4 MISS GROVE Row 1. Lois Cunningham, Barbara Gooding, Margaret Green, Ioan Aton, Carol Avery, Nancy Fry, Ann Hertel, Caryl Iohnston. Row 2- Irvin Happe, Ward Barnes, june Francis, Barbara Bulger, Barbara Buerkle, Ann Lofquist, Doriene Deeter, Nick Malcolm, Dick Cortes. Row 3: Paul Murphy, jim Beavis, Paul Bowell, Richard Klaber, Stuart Hem- menway, Bill Hyams, Fred Hammer, Ronnie Clemens. 11-5 MISS ELLIOTT Row 1. Martha Ludwick, Claire Koller, Nancy McLain, Mary Anne Whelan, Barbara Coffman, Nanette Nelson, Betty Miller, joan Pratt, Adda May . Johnson. Row 2' Jack Harness, Iim Ruckert, joan Furman, Ioanne Graham, Marcia Storch, Muriel Henderson, Paul Austin, David Thomas. Row 3. Dick Phillips, Peter Bowell, Bob Barrett, Lloyd VVaite, Bob F airgrieve. I ,Q . If QW I t . .. s -1 " E . 0 . 5 y . S Juniors Pvroqved Worthy 1 1 V 4' li F 1' ld S . ,, t in zt e ie of ports M... Q 5 U ,,,, . ni rff-'.., ,, 66 NX M: .. if vw Y 49 X , Yi '-wif as ' 5, seal mu. .TEH Q 3 1' , 'eww T3 x K i f . HI. 3 A FAQ, wi -x X Ei L, an 1, em Q: miihzi Q '23 'B .f- msmrs l gm N -wr, M1 if fr .. R .,. V' ' C American History Was ox 3 -N .. X S L "Must99 for Every .junior ? A 3 Hn 'lil 6 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 11-6 MISS VVHINNIE Rosemary Sweeney, Marjorie Forster, Eileen Dorman, Marianne Mac- Main, Donna Crissman, Mary Ann Peck, Flo Kappler, Nancy Volz, joanne Peck. Dick McConnell, Mary Grace Shenkel, Elaine Barrett, Shirley Gustav- son, Edwina Hurrell, Margaret Spindler, Lee VVilder, Peggy Linn, john Alderdice. Bob Wilson, Peter Boss, Neil Essick, Bob Witt, jerry O,Donnell, Bill Boyle, jim Sieger. 11-7 MISS BECK Hazel Hamilton, Leona Craig, jean Armstrong, Marilyn Froehlich, Mary Ann Lynd, Harriet Bell, Nancy Lees, Betsy Shipley, Mary Mc- Kee, Audrey Welsh. Don Nagel, Bill Fleischauer, jim Bishop, Roger Brown, George Schramm, Waldo jones, Lee Ross, john O,Farrell. Dick Anderson, Richard Auhl, Bob johnson, Bob Kortner, Clair Buck, Bob Gardner, Tom Clair, Dave Rosenberg. 11-8 MISS ZAHNISER Lynn Ruthven, Sara VVhite, Claire Zehfuss, Betty McElroy, Becky Fee, Shirley Lock, Barbara F endryck. julie Maehling, Gordon Storholm, Bill Brodmerkel, Ronald Murphy, jack McEwen, Ted Siedle, Mary Rose Bassett. Bruce Campbell, Ed Stewart, Dave Caldwell, Roy Wissler, Bill Howard. 11-9 MR. DOAK Paul Austin, Mary jo Ryerson, Carlene Gregory, Emma Yetter, Mar- jorie Sloman, Bob Friend. Howard Adams, joe Ziegler, Dick Tussy, Rod Erikson, Raymond Le- ber, john MCCaskey, jim Bolin. Gil Hamill, Bob Mitchell, Bill Fleming, Bill Zehfuss, Dick Lusk, Dave Hukill. 71 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row fs " c-. V , 5 I Testfl Was a Familiar Cry XPGWF 2. 11-10 MR. DENBOWV 1: Rory Ciranni, Marian Scott, Midge Helland, Mary Ann Hogsett, Iane Powers, Sandra VVoeckner, Dorothy Huston, Shirley Liddle. 2: Ed Roop, Joe Raffaele, Particia Maloney, Susan Wagner, Eleanor Mc- Kenzie, Lorraine Maxwell, janice Palm, jim Love, john Coughlin. 3: Fred Simpson, Dick Squires, Sebastian Russo, Dave F arrell, Shelby Reaves, Jerry Langhart, Bill Klocke, Clyde Longenecker. 11-11 MISS ROECCE 1: Pat Pierce, Ruth Fineman, Harriet Albert, Sally Noel, Pat Snyder, Nancy Lee Dickinson, Norma Chile, Ioyce Hildebrand, Gretchen Van Dyke. 2: Bill Maines, Tom Langdon, Ruth Craig, Carol Sturgis, Eleanor Hatch, Larry Iones, Ronald Consilio, john Hollingsworth. 3: Lee Smith, George Liadis, Bill Eggers, Varod VVright, Bob Billingsley, John Keegan. 11-12 MR. RAINES 1: Lee Petris, Iessie Jones, Gretchen Troxell, Ioan Friday, Lorraine Krell, Sally Shafer, Pat Lightbown, Loreen Bender, Carol Ernst, Peggy Min- ihan. 2: Wally Workmaster, Lois Eckert, Judy Stark, Barbara Beck, Helen Miller, Mareen Barrett, La Verne Dierlcer, Holly McClain, Ed Kane. 3: Richard Marlin, Wally Giordano, Bob Hutchins, Jim Herget, Iack Ohlman, Sam VValton, Iim Kirk, Bert Smith, Bob Leis. 11-13 MR. GILBERT 1: Katherine Bellaver, Mildred Haas, Sally Cordon, Lois Seiler, Nancy Blosser, Eileen Smith, Sarah Kayser, Mary Lou Taggart, Leslie Lang. ' Norville Meyer, jim Snyder, Marlene Roell, Barbara Bacon, Marian Bidden, jack Hartzell, Carl Smith, Peter Marie. KE of 9 O N ey! 1 Passed My DTiWET9S sig 0 fi. 72 V x' S F s 4. . ,A if 3 2 Q iii! E -far: l E as as 7 ' if , " 5 i 5 2, fi 4 is I , EJ. iw ' 4, y Am W5 x 'i K Nw 32: si N , wif 1 Ax 'K 2 E .mi , 3 rt V- L, J-,H ff 1- . sw :en w fm T TQ ,LU,1 x,1, ,A , , ,.:,.,ffff - x .....-d"'h wiwzfkig' Liz V 2 " Wifi i!'4"'f2I 73,-5EA.f1f5Z ff.5,f 5. ,V -1 ff? 'gEfi552?E5555533f5F5'ff-:xi'21fgf'g45igzg1fgg5,- -A Y 4, fi? Xu, E 3, vm f ,3 2. Q U E.I'f'- . V ,Q :Sic 'kia A 3 hi.: Q I 'U' W 2 2 ff 5 Q 'F qlzq w k,e fn- a V, M Ha ,S FM . ,az .Aw - 'i5ff??'5i7 ,M , . 2 i il 2 I V V,Mf Q 5 z' A .T V -... fx , NIM. ? , 5 43 'zfv z nf? f TQ ' wma. +1 Jimi: . ,. . : f - im ? va, -. - :.::.,, F., , SRM mf , ,,,..,:, M- x .f M, i ,, mm aw, -. 27225 5335 an 11 talk, in ,wg , ' N: g ..,. ,gy if ,, Wm, ,mf- . .W .fu .ev www . . vm ., wavfl-'wil' FSE!! BHK -- '11-wma u A f ma LO UIS W. ADAMS Our sports announcer . . . gives all the girls a whirl. Sportscaster P. A. Announcer. The silent partner . . . always calm and colleclezl. Intramural Basketball Lunch Traffic. ELIZABETH SHERVVOOD ALBRIGHT IVell known in girls sports . . . fame will be hers. ROBERT JAMES AIRHART ss ' , Majorette, Vtfays 6. Means, Cv.A.A. Council, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Activities Key. ALEEN JANE ALLSOP Great combination of beauty and brains. Head Cheerleader, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lost :S Found, Attendance, Decorating. PAUL B. ANDERSON Quite a ladies, man . . . Mt. Lebanonfs Ezio Pinza. Chorus, Operetta, Activities Play, Log, Sportscaster, Devotional Squad. ANNE VVINTER ARCHBOLD "Archie', rates many nicknames . . . likes Allegheny. Ways :Sr Means, G.A.A. Council, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Red Cross Committee, Activities Key. BEVERLY ARMSTRONG The neeclle and thread occupy her leisure minutes. Library, G.A.A., Needle G Thread, Home Room Program Commit- tee. JANE ELIZABETH BACKINGER If smiles were a dime a dozen, Janie woulcl be rich. Ways 6. Means, Library, Medical, G.A.A,, Home Room Officer, Rifle. RONALD A. BALACH Necer at a loss for words. Ways 6- Means. I Q-- Q I I I ll lllll rf , y X ti ii' MADELINE MARGARET BALDIZAR Cuts a cute figure on the ice . . . oh, so nice. G.A.A., Honor Roll, Mounty, Y-Teens, Publicity, Gym JETHRO T. BALL Goes by 'cBuddie" . . . a keen head for soccer. Soccer, Usher. RUTH VIRGINIA BALL A busy future: typist by clay, skater by night. Chorus, Mounty, MARTHA E. BARRON Devilish twinkle in her eye . . . sports-minded. Y-Teens, Activities Play, Ways G Means, G.A.A., Mounty, Home Room Officer. SHIRLEY JEAN BAUMCARTEN To be or not to be - . . secretary or airline hostess? Home Room Officer, G.A.A. SHIRLEY ANN BEADLING "Beadles'v giggles kept us all in stitches. Chorus, Home Room Officer, Mounty, Book Squad. EDYTH BEARSS Loves school . . . makes friends easily. Picture Squad. EDVVIN BECK "Boom-Boomn puts his all into football anal baseball. Squad. Baseball, Traffic, I-li-Y, Football, Cafeteria Squad, Intramural Bas- ketball. MARY LOUISE BEHEN Tops in commercial subjects . . . easy-going. Medical, Lantern, Y-Teens, Mounty, Major Sports Letter. 78 JEAN MARIE BEISTEL Sweet Jeanie . . . gets along with everyone. Ways G Means, G.A.A., Y-Teens. JOSEPH A. BERCSI just the right amount of fun and philosophy. Tennis, Ways G Means, Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Orchestra. RONALD BIBER Our Culver boy Soccer Manager . . . wants to be an engineer. , Band, Printing Squad, Traffic. MOLLY BICKEL Everyone envied her tan . . . super hotdog salesman. Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Make-up, Vtiays 61 Means, Gym Squad. PAUL ARTHUR BICKEL Intelligence and wit in the right combination. Traffic, Home Room Representative, Intramural Basketball. ROBERT C. BLOCK Has intellectual leanings . . . prefers chess. Mounty, Chess Team, Honor Roll, Rifle. HELEN NIARCARET BLOSEVICH A great baseball fan who's really on the ball. DOROTHY JUNE BLOSSER Envied for her curly hair . . . a sure success. Information, Mounty, Chorus, Make-up, Y-Teens, G,A.A. DOLORES ELAINE BOCKSTOCE A busy future for this dark-haired lass. Traffic. sq ' Q 1 ,c : I :figs .tgp rg 5 ll ir- .. 5- JE? 29' 214 W A 4 'Q- tl Stix 1? ' be gr at 3 Q NANCY BOEKLEN Gieets you with a smile . . . sparkles with personality. G.A.A., Ways 6- Means, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Log, Honor Roll. DAVID BONNER First place in running as well as in making friends. Cross Country, Track, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer. BARBARA LEE BOOK The gal with the artistic touch. Chorus, Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, Y-Teens, Scenery Committee. MONA LEE BOWMAN Looking for a secretary? Here,s one with smiles. Band, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Mounty, Ways 6. Means. BARBARA ANN BRACKE Short gal . . . even temperament . . . a good friend. Attendance, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Major Sports Letter, Make-up. DAVID V. BRADLEY On the quiet side . . . likes to ski . . . Bowdoin bound. Mouniy, Home Room Officer. HONA LONGSTBEET BRADLEY Never sharp, never flat, always natural . . . a winner. Band, Y-Teens, Home Room Officer, Orchestra, G.A.A. WILLIAM M. BRADLEY Shooting is his hobby . . . likes summer counseling Rifle, Honor Roll, Band, Traffic. SUE ANN BRAMWELL Fall of pep . . . favorite pastime is a slumber party. Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library, Make-up. 79 ANN ELIZABETH BROWN A brunette deluxe . . . poise, brains, and beauty. G.A.A., Ways G Means, Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Home Room Officer Decorating. WILLIAM BROXVN Cedar Lodgeis membership drive-in person! Football. CARL BRUNING Looks like a million clollors . . . he isl Cross Country, Track. Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. RUTH AUDREY BUCHER At ease on skis . . . 'cAuclie,s" a jig-saw puzzle fan. Chorus. RICHARD M. BUCK Shines at basketball . . . intellect supreme. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll. CLARENCE H. BULL, IR. Skipis favorite hang-out-the lobby where he met his friends FORBES VV. BURDETTE Chief interest is football . . . all girls are taboo. CECILY ANN BURG First in fun . . . the center of attraction is "Cec,'. Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Ways G Means, Home Room Officer Lost 61 Found. RUTH SUZANNE BURK Sweet Sue from Philly . . . a whiz on the roller rink. Poster, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, Lantern, Bulletin Board. I --- no E I ll WIT! E. NELSON BURNS Enjoyed dozing in class . . . tops in sports. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer ANN BUSHYEAGER Dramatics had our Vicky starry-eyed. Home Room Officer, Lantern, Y-Teens, Activities Play. JOHN C. BUTTON Towers over everyone , . . authority on all sports. Ways 61 Means, Traffic, Cross Country, Cafeteria Squad, Track, Intramural Basketball. NANCY JANE BYBEE I Feeling low? . . . not if you know Nancy. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Ways G Means, Library, Gym Squad. TROY W. CAMPBELL "Butchv has his own band called Troyfs Cavaliers. Track, Band, Boys' Quartet, Orchestra, Activities Key. CAROLYN LOUISE CAREY Always smiling . . . known for her ulittley' chuckle. Girls' Usher Chr., Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Active ities Key. PRISCILLA ANN CARLSON A lively titian . . . clonft call her "Recl.', Attendance, Home Room Officer. ROBERT R. CARPENTER, IR. A real sharpshooter . . . Mt. Lebo's own Dr. I. Q. Rifle Team Captain, Home Room Officer, High Honor Roll, Nation- al Honor Society, Chemistry Squad, Activities Key. WILBUR CASTOR II Always in the thick of things. P.A. Announcer, Home Room Program Committee. 80 ROBERT JOHN CHIDESTER Skatingis a specialty . , . sharp on the trumpet. Log, Band, Rifle Manager, Lantern. EVELYN MARY CIRANNI Naturally curly hair . . . golf ranked high with her, Attendance, Bulletin Board, G.A.A., Honor Roll. ANNE C. CLOVVES "Chloev . . . limelight loser - . . fiendish sense of humor. Activities Play, G.A.A., Lantern, Newscaster, Activities Key, Log. IUDITH ANN COBBEY Lotsa, pep, lotsa, zing, Judy surely can sing! Majorette, Chorus, G.A.A., Y'Teens, Milk Squad, Home Room Pro- gram Committee. ROBERT E. COLE Tall, dark, and dashing . . . had all the girls guessing. Basketball, Decorating, Track, Cafeteria Squad, Hi-Y Basketball, Intramural Basketball Official. THOMAS P. COLGAN The "Professorv shies away from the girls. WILLIAM C. COLTMAN "VVhat is it with you?" . . . main interest-football. Football, Stage Crew. JEAN ELIZABETH COLVIN Her talents branch in all directions . . . "nhl for a carf, Chorus, Ways ci Means. Medical, G.A.A,, Lantern, Y-Teens. JACK M, COLVVILL Smart redhead . . . will never he overlooked. National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Home Room Otticer, Projection Squad Co-Chr. fl I ' , , ' V r ll, ,, . 4 R to . . I X' ,xl Q gl- S . Q' 5. . '. I 4 Q T ' . Q. ' gin K N' . fi? ' ee' ez A fff . U ORESTIS COPETAS t i Camera fiend authority on safe driving Soccer Chr, H1-Y Safety Committee Lantern and Loq Photoq rapher. JAMES VV. CORBETT Known for his suave shirts . . . flashing smil . Basketball. BEATRICE M. CORCORAN ff Tops in triple trio . . . our future linguist. Chorus, Activities Play, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. GEORGE HARRIS COSBY "PcachD of a fella from Georgia . . . gridiron favorite. Football, Cateteria Squad. ROBERT L. COSS A redhead from Dorm-ont . . . football star. Football. WVILSON B. CRAMER Plays a hot clarinet . . . gives with the wisecracks. Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Band, Home Room Oiticer, Chem istry Squad, Traffic, EVELYN CREEHAN Sure to succeed, it came easy for "Speed.,' Attendance, Bulletin Board, Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty. CHARLOTTE ANNE CROWLEY Nursing will be her career . . . success is the word. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Usher Squad. MARILYN A. CROWLEY Quietness didnit stop her from being well liked. Y-Teens, Properties Committee for Activities Play. li 81 SUSAN RAE CULBERTSON Unpreclictable Sue possesses qualities for success. Y-Teens, Ways 61 Means, G.A.A., Medical, Rifle, Library. ARTHUR C. CUSICK Our star center . . . where there's Art, there's action. Football, Baseball, Decorating, Cafeteria Squad. PATRICIA CIBBS CUTLER Lots of pep and a sunny smile . . . thatls our Pat. Band, Home Room Officer, Library Squad Chr., Y-Teens, Orches tra, G.A.A.. CAROLYN DALGLISH A new face from Newcastle . . . ambition-merchanclising, DONALD GOSS DALTON, JR. Hunting is his favorite hobby . . . chooses engineering. Q' X er Honor Roll, Traffic, Hi-Y Basketball, Hcme Room Ofncer, Deco- Y 1 rating. JOHN DANIELS Look for his red hair and friendly grin. Intramural Basketball, Projection, Cafeteria Squad, Usher. ELIZABETH ANN DAVIS . - - Easy to know, easy to like is "Libn. X g k ,. Activities Play Publicity, Honor Award, Publicity, Honor Roll, Y- K x lg g sf i iff Teens, Activities Key. G , Q Q ' if-5 ROSEMARY A. DEBALD It , ,fi L , Hopes to be a nurse . . . hails from Upper St. Clair. . .y A ,-1" .P Information. . f K JOHN E. DENHART s ' A Has a permanent pucker from his tuba . . . swell fella. "" Band, Honor Roll, Orchestra, Cafeteria Squad, Home Room Officer. . A-- l 1 Y'r!l'l'if" Qi ' " "ei I 1 pfnnij " ! I ' an ,iq We ' o 0 0515: , ' qv mr tiff l , as as fa. CHARLES DICKERSON A sparkplug radiating with friendliness . . . an asset. Hi-Y, Activities Play Properties Committee, Activities Assembly Chr., Log, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll. DAVID L. DICKINSON joking was second nature . . . liked everything but school. Baseball and Football Manager, Intramural Basketball, Ways 61 Means, Staqe Crew. ANNE DIEHL Quiet ways . . . ambition is to become a teacher. Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Mounty, Y-Teens. DONALD DIERKER What a loss when good-looking Don left Mt. Lebo! NANCY JANE DIVINE "Div . . . never idle . . . knee deep in activities. Highest Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, G.A.A., Activities Key, Decorating, Social Committee Chr. SHIRLEY ANN DORN An a-dorn-ing smile . . . pleasant disposition to match. Band Manager, Chorus, G.A.A., Ways G Means, Y-Teens, At- tendance. ROSE MARIE DOYLE Pro-swimmer . . . good in athletics. G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Medical, Gym Squad. VINCENT H. DRAYNE Cars take up his spare time . . . quiet dynamite. Football, Home Room Officer, Mounty. GEORGE DUERR Loves to swim . . . Sprechen Sie Deutsch, George? Band, Honor Roll, Traffic. 82 0 WILLIAM E. EDMUNDS History brain . . . hopes to be a chemical engineer. Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. MARIE LOUISE EISENBEIS This twin has the "Toni,,' or does she? Bond, G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Orchestra, Activities Key, Red Cross Committee. NANCY DIANA EISENBEIS Seeing double? . . . the other terrific twin. Band, Y-Teens, G.A,A., Information. JOHN P. ELLIS Tall, quiet . . . a leader in his group. Hi'Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Otficer, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Lantern. JOHN DAVID ELSE Spencls happiest hours at the "Red, with the "boys," Track, Honor Roll, Home Room Program Committee, Usher, Deco- rating, Traffic. JACK EMERY Mr. Prutzrnan's prize drummer . . . contagious laugh. Rifle, Band, Proyection. KATHLEEN MARIE ENCLERT Loves to play golf . . . a future doctor. Gym Squad, Y-Teens, Library. EARL H. ERIKSSON Those overdue book notices! . . . main interest-baseball. Football, Lunch Traffic. JAMES W. FAVVCETT Bursting with musical talent . . Band, Cafeteria Squad, Milk Squad, . a laugh all his own. Orchestra Student Conductor. I. ' is . - 6,03 , T las S l lb ' ' . .. -tlr ill! 'lbw 'Tiff MARY LOUISE FAVVCETT J Pert package of fun . . . hopes to be a secretary. X Chorus, Activities Key, Y-Teens, Red Cross Commi.tee Chr., Ways 61 Means, Attendance. JAMES A. FEDELE Good things come in small packages. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y Basketball. EUGENE FELICETTI Motorcycles were his hobby. JEAN LOUISE FELLOWS Talks a blue streak . . . nutty but nice. Major Sports Letter, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Ways 6- Means, Activities Key. WALTER A. FIDDER- A real ladies' rnan . . . japanese butlcrls his specialty. Chorus, Activities Play, Usher. HELEN M. FLAHERTY Forever laughing . . . as Irish as they come. Majorette, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Milk Squad. ORVILLE H. FLETCHER, JR. Came to Mt. Lebo from Indiana . , . lilces it here. Hi-Y, Football, Intramural Basketball. THOMAS HOGAN FLETCHER Sense of humor . . . nchargedv with electrical gadgets. Siage Crew, Score Board, Cafeteria Squad. FREDERICK FLUHY Super bass player . . . we got smiles with our change. Band, Cafeteria Squad, Orchestra, Home Room Program Com- mittee. 83 MARILYN IOAN FRANKLIN A beautiful little blonde . . . well liked by all. Log, Activities Key, Y-Teens, Student Court, Chemistry Lantern. HELEN JOYCE FRAZEE Tall anrl willowy . . . she really rates a second glance. Majorette, Activities Key, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Medical, Bulletin Board Committee. BARBARA FREELAND - Our toi tzvirler . . . a lair or takin the lead 1 f f 5 - Head Majorette, G.A.A,, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Decorating, Attendance. VIRGINIA MAY FRENCH Pet peeve?-conceited boys . . . velvet smooth complexion. Chorus, Library, Y-Teens, Costume Committee Activities Play. DOROTHY R. FRYE "Dot" writes poetry . . . wants to be a gym teacher. Mounty, G.A.A., Poster, Bulletin Board, Library. NANCY JANE GARDINER The chalk and apple "corps', for Nancy-teaching. Chorus, Make-up, Ways :St Means, Medical, GAA., Y-Teens. C. DANIEL GARSON Camping and fishing rate high . . . likes all subjects. Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Intramural Baske.ball, Cafeteria Squad, Track, Cross Country Letterman. MARY GAVV Tiny pack of fun . . . makes a party run, G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y4Teens, Ways G Means, Medical, Library. ROBERT I. GAW The "Mighty Mite" of Mt. Lebo . . . tons of fun. Aciviiies Play, Ways :Sr Means, Usher, Cafeierta Squad. Squad, . YK v 4 T- 'li 1 SE Hill limi te RICHARD M. CEHRETT ujugv-super Log publicity 'man . . . future clairy farmer. ALBERT C. GEIS A gleam in his eye . . . "Mn Prcsizlentvll Home Room Officer, Cafeteria Squad, Football, Track. HERBERT D. GILBERT, JR. Likes comfortable clothes . . . speed on the track. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer. MARIORIE IRENE GINGERICII Sports are her favorite . . . sheis our favorite. Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Major Sports Letter, Honor Roll, Attendance, Medical. RONALD C. GLUCK "Piccolo Petey , . . the clown of the band. Band, Boys' Quartet, Physics Squad. SHIRLEY M. GOETTEL A future housewife is slze . . . likes to cook. WALTER YV. GORR, JR. "Old reliablev . . . fast man on the track . . . our uveepv. Track, Football, Executive Board Officer, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. ELIZABETH GRANT nlbbyv scored quite a hit as a maiorette . . . popular gal. ' G.A.A., Decorating, Majorette, Y-Teens, Ways 6. Means, Honor Roll. SHIRLEY GRIFFITHS The girl with tlze voice . . . always in a social whirl. Chorus, Triple Trio. 84 THOMAS S. GULLEY His pet peeoe is teachers , . . likes blondes. 1n.ramural Basketball. BARBARA HALBACH 'The silent one" , . .merchandising will be her career. Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens. BARBARA HELEN HALPERT Barb ustruttedv her way into our hearts. Majorette, Usher Squad, Ways 6. Means, Medical, G.A.A,, Y-Teens SIIIRLEY JEAN HAMILTON Brown hair and blue eyes could betray her as Irish. C-r.A.A., Needle and Thread, Y-Teens. JOHN A. HAMMOND "Skip'7 gets along well with people . . . great guy! Home Room Otiicer, Lantern, Publicity Committee Chr. MARILYN IEAN HANLY V A welcome new addition . . . likes to design clothes. WILLIAM DAVID HARMON Easy-going guy . . . lots of fun . . . very likeable. ln.ramural Basketball. NANCY ANN HARROLD Kittanning holds her interest . . . likes to sew. Chorus, Library, G.A.A., Medical. DOLORES I. HASLEY Tops behind the footlights . . . called "Peachie Piev. . Girls' Sportscaster, Y-Teens, Activities Play, Poster. .' - ' ' x J C. r 7 'lb " 'Q . I k v . . ' f r 0 , tl Q 3, S . QD ' . ' ' - -1' A ' ' 0 .0 ' - is Q , G 0 I ...Q I A If , ' . '. uhm th by HT , -. -' '0 vs' -.,. . BARBARA A. HATCH . A dark-eyed miss who was seldom seen alone. G.A.A., Ways 6: Means, Usher Squad, Medical, Library, Y-Teens ALAN D. HAYES Brains to spare . . . quiet, but well liked by all. Cafeteria Squad, Honor Roll, Track, Cross Country. DOUGLAS HAYMOND Never without a toothpick . . . star in football. Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Usher, Decorating. ROBERT HAYNOS Good at skating and art . . . a champion soccer player. Soccer, Intramural Basketball. LOIS HEIDENREICH Blond, blue-eyed, and busy . . . dependable any time. G.A.A., Lca, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Ways G Means Chr. IOANNE E. HEINE Loved geometry class . . . always full of mischief. Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens, Make-up, Attendance. JOHN D. -HENECKER His special hobbies-chemistry and movies. Mounty, Projection. ELEANOR ANN HENNESSY Original pair of "Irish eyesv . . . pep and personality. Cheerleader, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Attendance, Honor Roll, Activities Key. MARY GERALDINE HENRY A traveler welcome to Mt. Lebo . . . actingis a hobby. Activities Play, Traffic, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Social Committee, Medical, 85 CAROLE GRACE HESS WILLIAM C. HERCHENRIDER "Hercky,'--likes sophisticated women. Intramural Hockey and Basketball, Cafeteria Squad. Makes her own clothes . . . hopes to be a nurse. 4 Attendance. Band, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Activities Key, A PATRICIA LOUISE HILLIARD ' Nm' ' , L - Five feet, two inches of sophistication. 'K sk X Q as N S A SSH -w i - X X Chorus. if CLAIRE LOUISE HILLMAN MARLENE ANN HINGER G.A.A., Y-Teens. NANCY HOEHLE GEORGE W. HOFMANN MARTOM JANE HOOD Pert and petite . . . a cute little leader, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Decorating, Cheerleader, Medical. Our future social service worker . . . full of vitality. Beauty, brains, and a lovely voice has Nancy. Triple Trio, Activities Play, Executive Board Officer, National Hon- or Society, Activities Key, Sportsmanship Committee. DONALD HOVVARD HOFFMAN "Eckv keeps our records straight . . . knows everyone. P.A. Squad, Usher, H1-Y, Log, Lantern, Activities Key, Always laughing . . . his greatest interest-food. Baseball, Stage Crew, Football, Intramural Basketball. Shy and sweet in manner, that's Martom. Library, Publicity, Information Chr. t ,-- Q I l z t ti 4' ROBERT HOOD Mr. Prutzmanfs chief aid . . . one swell kid! Hi-Y, Band, Orchestra, Cafeteria Squad, Intramural Basketball. RICHARD VV. HORM The thinker . . , a penny for your thoughts, Mr. Horm. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer. MARY JANE HOUSE A stunning brunette . . . affavorite with everyone. Y-Teens, Poster, Ways G Means, Decorating, Make-up. NANCY HOXVARD Lady of few words . . . plans to be a stenographer. JEAN LOUISE HULSE Journalist jean . . . beauty with a nose for news. G.A.A., National Honor Society, Quill 6. Scroll, Lantern Editor, Home Room Officer, Y'Teens. JOAN VIRGINIA JENKINS Mermaid "Bu::y,' . . . future dietitian in our cafeteria. G..A.A,, Y-Teens, Medical. JAMES H. JEXVE LL Quickwitted . . . a sparkling nG677I,, wherever found. Tennis, National Honor Society, Home Room Officer, Hi+Y, Bas- y ' iv ketball, Orchestra. A K- K M . IXLLLER F. JOHNSON . L A w , Seen that yellow studebakerP , . . Stan Kenton is tops. A o 1 ' Football. . 'M Y v Y NANCY JEAN JOHNSTON y . A as Q J: . , . ' "" L-E : X ' L Nances smile was so fine . . . golfing gets her vote. fi A 'f' WaysKrSi Means, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Usher Squad, Activ- in my f ' X fi' Q " ities ey. -' ,E S 86 CAROL BOICE JONES ' Wonderful voice . . . makes a natural leader. Chorus, Activities Play, C1.A.A., Triple Trio, Home Room Program Committee. DAVID L. JONES I Morale booster for our Lebo ndribblersff Basketball, Hi-Y, Traffic. MARJORIE ELLEN JONES Advertising is her field . . . quite a salesman! Medical, G.A.A.. Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Lantern, Mounty. MARY ANN JONES Convertibles are tops Cdownj with this blond senior. G.A.A,, Y-Teens, Ways 61 Means. WARD N. JONES Great all around fellow . . . promoter of T.A.A.C. Foozball, Track, I-li-Y, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Cafeteria Squad. RICHARD G. JOYCE He of the toothpaste smile . . . fast talker. Track, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Cafeteria Squad, Usher, MARILYN JUDGE Helped us to find jobs . . . hobby-foreign money, Students Service Exchange Chr., G.A.A., Y-Teens. SHIRLEY D. KAPPELER "Cheerv for a swell kid . . . "Kap.', Cheerleader, Activities Play, Home Room Officer, Activities Key, Log, Medical. K 4 MARIA E. KARLOVITZ Dreams of Europe for college . . . tops in sports. Ways G M'ans, Honor Roll, G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Library Committee. I I O , N we . . , - 3 3951 . qv Q Z, . .- Q' Q K. G f' . -- . - N JOHN GEORGE KAUPER Fine sense of humor . . . music is first choice. Baseball Manager, Hi-Y, Chemistry Squad, Orchestra, Home Room Officer, Band. RAYMOND KAZIOR On the quiet side . . . a sure winner for friends! Usher. ' BERNARD K. KELLEY Quite a guy . . . right out of the top drawer. Football, Track, Traffic, Advisory Council, Executive Board Officer, Decorating. MONA RUTH KELLEY A future stewardess . . . trademark-her blond hair. G.A.A. Council, Attendance, Y-Teens. ROBERT J. KELLISON 6'Prioate-Eyev Bob . . . hopes to be with the F.B.I. Usher, Home Room Officer. WILLIAM C. KERNAHAN, JR. A FRANCIS C. KERNAN Keeps things popping in and out of school. Home Room Officer. ROBERT C. KIEFER Does that oar ever run? . . . hobby-Marilyn, natohf Track, Cross Country, Stage Crew, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer. DORIS RITA KICGINS Often found painting . . , partial to blue. Mounty, Poster, Y-Teens, Bulletin Board. 87 Our Lowell Thomas . . . "What will it be, ladies? Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Usher, P.A. Announcer, Traffic. Cross Country, Intramural Wrestling and Baskeiboll, Honor Roll, J' cer. Honor Roll. K NN . JOYCE KURTZ AUDREY JEAN KIRCH Efficient Audrey . . . commercial genius. Y-Teens, Chorus, Gym Squad Chr., Major Sports Letter RALPH DREXV KISTLER Likes to hunt-deer and clears. ln.ramural Basketball. MILLICENT KOVAC "Millie', . . . hard worker . . plans a career in millinery. Rifle, G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Medical, Home Room Proqrarn Committee. JUDITH ANN KRAFT Quiet, likable . . . blushes at the slightest provocation. G-.A.A., Activities Key, Y-Teens, Bulletin Board, Home Room Offi- V GEORGE KRAMER Fishmgs right down his line . . . also hunting. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer. ALICE D. KRELL A really swell gal with domestic interests. Chorus, Mounty, Library. Woman of the world . . . top-ranking senior. G.A.A., Highest Honor Rcli, Mounty, Honor Award Committee, Activities Key, Library. JAMES EDNVARD LANDON judge jim . . . few out-of-orders, but not friends. Ways S Means, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Student Court. BESSIE J. LARDAS Curly hair and twinkling eyes . . . a true friend. Major Sports Letter, Home Room Representative, Y-Teens, Ways 6- Means. ...X NANCY JEAN LARRY Lots of pep . . . full of fun is Nancy. Y-Teens, Ways 6, Means, G.A,A., Honor Roll, Gym Squad, Lost if and Found Chr. ' MARGARET ILENE LARSON I ":',, Went for fire-engine red . . . always in style. "... . Chorus, Gym Squad, Y-Teens, Usher Squad, Medical, Class Rank, - is EDXVARD B. LAUGHLIN ' W' Laugh with Laughlin . always "hearsing" around. J Track, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer. 3. XVILLIAM PAUL LEE One of the "boys" . . . where therels Webb therels Bill. Intramurctl Basketball. PATRICIA ANN LEECH Our tiny quiz kid and what a whiz kid! Devotional Squad Chr., Honor Roll, Mounty, Y-Teens, Activities JULIE ANN LEIB Bubbles ooer with pep and personality. Motor Sports Letter, Home Room Officer, Log, Y-Teens, Ways 6- Means, '5 Ah . '. ds ' K cyl NX in X g . 5521 f ll 8 -600 is 2, 04 ri 5 -'ak I 3' 5? E WH rf-to ,.....f.iH, 1- :Lie- :LQ r R 6 F in t 9 . ix ... SAMUEL LINHART A .. Sarnfs favorites are fishing and biology. ' Intramural Basketball, Cross Country Manager. N ,K JUDITH ANN LITTEN X Outstanding senior . . . wants to work for Uncle Sam. if up-' National Honor Society, Log Literary Editor, Usher Squad, Activi- ties Key, Home Room Officer, Ways 5 Means. " X MIRIAM JANE LITTLE .. A gg A package of dynamite . . . first love: cheerleading. Cheerleader, Activities Key, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, G.A.A., Activi- ties Play. ' 88 A ff..E tt 'We gifs MAIUORIE ANN LLOYD Never without a joke . . . takes life easy. Ways G Means, Y-Teens, Poster, Medical, Library, Activities Play Costume Committee. ELIZABETH LOCKE Good at almost everything . . , a passion for nursing. Log, Lantern, Honor Roll, Attendance Squad Co-Chr., Y-Teens, Activities Key. MARY KAY LONGENECKER Where therefs Kay there's laughter-a finger in every pie. Cheerleader, G.A.'A., Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Activities Key. XVILLIANI A. LOVE Brains galore . . . a quiet fellow. Band, Honor Roll, Orchestra. RICHARD J. LOVVELL Silent but smart . . . always an officer. Baseball, Usher, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Basketball Manager. NIARION C. LULEY Artistic Marion likes to play the piano and sketch. Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Make-up, INays G Means. NIARCELLA MAGEE Gets joy out of life . . . swell to know her. JAMES R. NIAHONY Friendly guy . . . a good man on the cinder path. Usher, Hi-Y, Cross Country Letterman, Intramural Basketball.. NANCY ELIZABETH IVIALOY Personable blonde . . . often seen on the tennis courts. Activities Key, Honor Roll, Traffic, Attendance Squad Co-Chr., Scholastic Committee. 7' ' -- - "-xs Dlvrlgf i L Q-li exe .. -4 " .. ..-. , '.-f" ,, els ' F. ., " Y Q, ' l . . gg ttti BETTY LOU MARONE Lulu . . . her dimples are envied by many a Lebo lass. Chorus, Lantern, Library, Mounty, Bulletin Board. LOIS H. MARONEY A pro behind the "wheel" . . . beautiful braids! G.A.A., Y-Teens. MARCELLA RUTH MARSHALL A gal with plenty of pep , . . dreams of nursing. Ways 'St Means, G.A.A., Log, Y-Teens, Medical, Home Room Officer. RICHARD R. MASSEY A track mentor . . . interests are girls and engineering. Cross Country, Track, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer. NANCY CAROLINE MAXVVELL Quick thinker, ever ready with a witty word. Band, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Mounty, Y-Teens. MARY C. MAY A Dutch maid . . . music at her finger-tips. Chorus, G.A.A., Mounty, Orchestra, Y-Teens, JOHN F. MQAUSLAN Our boy from Ohio . , . traveled near and far. Chess Team, Activities Play Properties Committee. WILLIAM WILSON MCCLAREN, JR. "Willy" likes the open road with his convertible. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Usher, Traffic. ANN MQCONNEL Likes lively parties . . . chorus was her favorite. Chorus, Lantern, Y-Teens, Devotional Squad, Medical, Ways 6- Means. 89 MARIE E. MQCRIDDEN Pet peeve-waiting for late people . . . always dependable. Major Sports Letter, Mounty, Y-Teens, Make-up, Home Room Program Committee, Library. BETTY MCCRORY Buzzin' around with a carload of kids. Attendance, G.A.A., Mounty. ALICE MCCUNE A newcomer to Mt. Lebanon . . . she rates Mt. L. tops. Chorus, Picture Squad, Y-Teens. DONNA M. MCDONNELL Tall, dark, and charming . . . brains plus. Usher Squad, Honor Roll, Gym Squad, G.A.A., Chorus, Editor French Newspaper. ROBERT D. MCELHOES "Goose, . . . the wit . . . dark and debonair. Traffic. ARTHUR C. MCFEATERS, JR. "Strings" , . . loves pay checks-and his bass viol. Chemistry Squad, Activities Key, HifY, Home Room Officer, Pro- jection. DOROTHY MARGARET MCKEE Known to all as Kitty . . . a future commercial artist. Honor Roll, Mounty, Poster, Bulletin Board, Library. SAMUEL SCOTT MCKENNEY A star on the diamond . . . prefers blondes. Baseball, Hi-Y, Activities Key, Usher, Projection Squad Co-Chr., Book Room Manager. MARIANNE MCMASTER Poised Marianne has dress designing in her future. Chorus, Y-Teens, Medical, Honor I-toll, Usher Squad, Activities Key. xi! fl . lb A 0 " 9 l I WF L -Goo ' 1. DAVID MCSTEEN . . a warm personality won us all Tops on every list , Track CofCaptain, Football, Executive Board Officer, Honor Ro Home Room Officer Imramural Basketball WILLIAM W. MCVAY One of the gang . . . dark wavy hair the envy of the virls Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Usher, Cafeteria Squad FAITH CAROLYN MEDING Looking for a secretary? . . . Faith's the one for you! G.A.A., Home Room Officer Y-Teens Honor Award Committee JOAN PATRICIA MEHL Q Party-loving Ioanie . . . future? dress designing Activities Play, G.A.A., Lantern, Y-Teens, Home Room Program Committee, Library. EDWARD M. MEYERS Ed was always in "DuIchv with someone Basketball, Wrestling, Printing Squad NANCY LEE MEYERS Tiny, trim and so terrific! G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Lantern, Y-Teens, Acliviiies Key. CAROLYN ANN MILLER A study in contrasts . . . no limit to her ability. Band, Loq Editor-in-Chief, National Honor Society, Ac'ivities Key and Guard, Home Boom Officer, Honor Award Committee. CHARLES MILLER A spry soccer player . . . has that "Toni, curl. Soccer, Usher. JACK M. MILLER "Meckv enjoys 'math . . . "let's argueu . . . a future C.P.A. Cross Country, Track. 90 . 4 --- ouelll W7 -l, 'A at O Q E I on i ts NANCY MOFFITT Weekends at 'Thiel and W. and I .... likes chemistry. Make-up Chr., Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library, Gym Squad. ROBERT IOHN MOI-IR The boy with the golden throat . . . eueryhoclyls friend. Activixies Play, I-I1-Y, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Caleteria Squad Traffic. M. BERT MOORE "Man about townv Basketball. SHIRLEY MORAN Her ways are quiet Chorus. DIANE MORRIS Dark and uiuacious . . . G.A.A., Traffic, Gym Squad. KATHRYN ANNE MOSLENER Well known for her beautiful hair . . , sweet and dainty. Mcqorette, GAA., Y-Teens, Chorus. MARGOT AILEEN MULLIN Always on the go . . . never runs down. Honor Award Committee Chr., Attendance, Traffic, Honor Roll Y-Teens, Activities Key. BETTIE MURPHY Tops in dramatic talent . . , iust huhhling with ideas, Traffic, Activities Play, Home Room Officer, Log, Lantern, Y-Teens REBEKAH GARDINER NEAL "Becky', . . . sweet smile . . . sparkle in her eye. Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Mounly Co-Editor. . . . a smooth dresser. hut sincere and dependable. girl of many talents. . ' k v.. 0 -X in 9.5 'I , BARBARA W. NEWMAN Barhy always sees the bright side of things. G.A.A., Y-Teens. NANCY LEE NICHOLS I Hair of gold, eyes of blue . . . loves to read. Medical, G.A.A., Traffic, Y-Teens, Bulletin Board. AUDREY JEAN NORDQ UIST Usually quiet . . . could write a swell story. Y-Teens. ROBERT I. O'CONNOR "Okev . . . stars on the gridiron and at school. Decorating Squad Chr., Football, Usher, Intramural Basketball. IANET OHLECER Never a ten olclock scholar . . . first class pal. Chorus. BERNADETTE M. OPFERMAN A pro at shorthand . , . a secretary for some lucky man. LYNN OSTERGAARD An all-around good kid .... 9 0 welcome anywhere. Majorette, Library, Usher Squad, Medical, G.A.A., Y-Teens. FRED OTT "Criscov likcs to play the piano . . . what a salesman! Ways G Means, Intramural Basketball. NANCY OVERHOLT The perfect model . . . made her beautiful clothes. M' Squad Chr., Ways 61 Means, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Activities Key, Home Room Officer. 91 RALPH PALCHO Our hoekey star . . . wilcl about his motorcycle. Football. RAYMOND ALLEN PANKOPF Tops in popularity . . . can 'ijuclgen a good dribble. Basketball, Baseball, Student Court, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer. JEAN PATERSON Has hard-to-miss flame-red hair . . . loves to talk. Chorus. ELAINE ANN PATTERSON She hails from New Jersey . . . likes Mt. Lebo. Rifle. VICTOR A. PECKHAM, JR. Always a funny CPD joke to keep us' in stitches. Baseball Manager, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Represen- tative, Cafeteria Squad, Staqe Crew, Ways ci Means. ...Q WILLIAM B. PENTECOST Dead eye with a rifle . . . likes to hunt. Rifle, Track, Intramural Basketball, l-li-Y. BEVERLY J. PEOPLES 3 "i . Quiet "Been . . . Mr. Shanerls right-hancl gal. . A ' Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Log. 9.4:.i:k K .-1. JAN PERKINS Hails from the hills of West Virginny . . . full of jokes. sfctr f "' " 3 Band. i THOMAS E. PETERS ..,. A Motor hike enthusiast . . . names scouting as his hobby. A Hi-Y, Vilays G Means, Traffic Manager, .-" ' i W-- l 1 I 5, M .t . . :ug 'gg f A t s ' .mm 'W ts' 'W ' nn 1.194 Q 0 ngllb: y n FREDERICK PIERCE Football and basketball rated tops . . DOROTHY RITA POLOMBO A friend to all . . . flowers hold a Attendance, DOROTHY LOUISE POOLE Of all the rest, Dottiels the best! 'Usher Squad, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Ways 6. Means, Attendance AGNES LOUISE PORTER Swell to have around . . . a winner for friends. Devotional Squad, Lantern Advisory, Activities Play, Y-Teens, Ways '51 Means, Student Court. PATRICIA AN N PORTMAN Hey "SkinU! . . . we hear you laughing. Majorette, Y-Teens, Major Sports Letter, Medical, Library. PATRICIA ANN POWELL An inviting personality . . . has that southern beauty. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Ways G Means, Medical Traffic. ' M.: JOSEPH PRICE, JR. 'Acev . . . always on the bull . . . suave in a uniform. Intramural Basketball. . always helpful, charm, for her. MARILYN JOANN PROTAS Basketball "prov . . . loves to chew gunz! Library Committee, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, G.A.A. DORIS QUINN "Quinnie,' was full of fun . . . activities were a Activities Flay, G.A.A., Log, Y-Teens, Mounty, Ways 61 Means. 92 JOHN D. RACIAPPA Better known as "1-lacgf' . . . high ambition-the ministery. Chorus, nonor Roll, Home Room Officer, Sportsmanship Commit- tee, Boys' Quartet, Football Manager. I. THOMAS RALPH Tom slaved QFD to keep the pop coming at the games. NVays G Means Committee. XVILLIAM R. RANKIN VVho knows what coil lurks in those crinkling eyes. Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Band, Home Room Program Committee. ROBERT E. REARDON Always ready with an argument . . . mathematical whiz. Band, Activities Key, Mounay, Home Room Officer, Chemistry Squad. ELINOR KAY REDFERN Zillions of friends . . . likes to throw parties. Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Traffic, Medical, Usher Squad. JOAN R. RIDINGER Super on the silver blades . . . loves to drive a Ford. Majorette, Medical, Y-Teens, Home Room Officer, Lantern, G.A.A. J. THOMAS RIMER A great writer . . . possible career in medicine. Chorus, Activities Play, Mounty Co-Editor, Quill :S Scroll, Activi- ties Key. DOROTHY ROBB As well liked as she is well known. G.A.A., Lantern Editor, Y-Teens, Attendance, Ways 6 Means, Bul- letin Board. ROGER T. ROMAN An authority on model airplanes . . . a different smile. H 'x r.. . ,-x4 91,1151-g f 7 e.3 . . ' it '- J' . Q, ' ' ff ,. -' 7 ' Mis JOHN M. ROSSER What a physique! . . Football, Track, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball. ROBERT H. ROWLAND . easy-going outdoor type. A camera fiend . . . his philosophy-why worry? ' gb Chorus, Mounty. DANIEL N. ROXVSVVELL, IR. Knows all the answers . . . never a dull moment. Cafeteria Squad, Home Room Oificer, Football, Honor Roll. HELEN BEVERLY RUFF Ice cream rates . . . ambition-to be a commercial artist. Chorus, Attendance, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board. ROBERT G. RUNCER How,s the weather up there . . . our boy under the hoop. Basketball, Hi-Y, Assembly Committee. JOAN VIRGINIA RUST A live wire . . . "Rusty" bubbles over with charm. Honor Roll Wa s 6. Means, Y-Teens, Home Room Officer, Activi- t Y ties Key. JAMES P. RYAN A clown in our midst . . . activities to sparc. Home Rocm Officer, Traffic, Track Manager, Ways 5. Means Chr., intramural Basketball. LOUISE E. RYBICKI Not hard to please . . . ,gets along well with everyone. Chorus, Y-Teens, Mounty, Honor Roll, G.A.A., Bulletin Board. HELEN THOMAS SAVAS It's luck just to know her . . . suave dresser. Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Ways G Means. 93 t t X 4 W X Y S it k Ss IANICE CLAIRE SCHAFER Plan.s to be a housewife . . . loves ice-skating. Attendance, G.A.A. JANET E. SCHINDEHETTE "Sr'hindiev always had her hair up. Chorus, G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Medical. BRUCE SCHROEDER Liked by all . . . good-natured Bruce. Cross Country, Track, Ways St Means, Devotions, Activities Play Properties Committee, Projection. WILLIAM SCHWARZ Likes the great outdoors . . . bowling really rates. HOWARD A, SCHVVE IG Pro with a paintbrush . . . ever calm and collected. Poster, lJVays G Means, Scenery Squad, SHIRLEY LOU SCOTT Charming sophisticate . . . as neat as a pin. Home Room Officer. JOSEPH A. SCUTICCHIO Basketball rates high with him . . . a friendly manner. Intramural Baskeiball, ROBERT DONALD SEBRING Pet peeve is homework . . . wants to be a veterinarian. Track, Football, Scenery Squad, Decorating, Cafeteria Squad, Usher. SHIRLEY M. SEIBEL Commercial work is her specialty. G,A.A., Honor Roll, Mounty, Y-Teens. , Ek . 4 . 4- l 1 I E 1011 ...tire lg JOHN PHILLIP SEMMER "Seemoe" . , . laughs and teachers are his business. Football, P.A. Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Home Room Officer, A tivities Key, Activities Assembly Committee, HOWARD T. SHEETS Adept at the keyboard . . . at home on the gridiron. Chorus, Blue Devil, Cafeteria Squad. HARRY SHERRICK , Good-natured Harry . . . a pleasant word for everyone. Football, lnxramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Cafeteria Squod, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. BEVERLY SHERVVOOD Often heard as well as seen . . . wins friends easily. ivlajorette, Medical, G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Y- Teens. JAMES C. SHIREY Hobby is eating . . . often found in VVebb,s convertible. Hi-Y, Home Room Program Chr., Usher. BLANCHE SHIVERDECKER Graceful QFD ballerina . . . air hostess-to-be. G.A.A., Lantern, Ivlounty, Y-Teens, Ways 6 Means. ROBERT E. SHORT A tall "Short" boy . . . always well dressed. Intramural Basketball. MARY LOUISE SHORTREED Could play a wicked bridge game . . . joking a "must," G.A.A., Y-Teens. MELVIN R. SIMON Our Humphrey has a lot on the Cfootlball. Football. C. 94 BARBARA ANN SMITII "Smitty's" ambition is to go to Penn Stale. Cheerleader, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Y-Teens, Medical. DANIEL SMITH Pin-up boy-in a howling alley. Soccer, ln.ramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, GEORGE SOF IS . "Zorz" . . . quite the "suave-e-e" . . . nix on women. RONALD C. SPANGLER "Parson . . . quite an actor and a grand pal. Band, Activities Key, Hi-Y, Orchestra, P.A. Announcer, Activities Play. SARAH ANN STAPLETON "Stapev . . . one of the originators of the T.A.A.C. G.A.A., Make-up, Activities Key, Lantern, Honor Roll, Mounty. IOSEPH IRVVIN STEELE A go-getter . . . action is the last word with him. Traffic Squad Chr., Lunch Traffic. RODNEY B. STEGALL Tall and carrot-topped . . , hobby is telling jokes. Intramural Basketball. CAROLYN T. STEIN Loves to drive, any time, anywhere . . . always clowning. Y-Teens, Attendance. CYNTHIA VVESTON STEWARD Our gal "Cinnie" with the sunny disposition. Art Squad. Basketball, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y Basketball. 1 -..' is . ll . , 1 1 ' , 3 Q , 7 W, ,. Q . 6 k IS . rx C' Q I 3, S sts Band, Ways Long i JOAN L. A little Band, 95 ' HAROLD PRATHER STEVVART Another scientist . . . a friendly guy in every way. Rifle. BARBARA ANN STULL Half-pint of everything nice . . . sews as a pastime. 81 Means, Gym Squad, G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens Sportsmanship Committee. PERRY RICHARD SWANSON n personality as he is in height. Football, Basketball, Track, Cafeteria Squad. DONALD A. TALCOTT Y Likes to go camping . . . hopes to study medicine. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Ways 6: Means Social Committee, Activities Key. MARTA SUZANNE TAYLOR "Sweet and lovely" . , . becomes a fisherwoman in summer Y-Teens. RICHARD TAYLOR King man on the chess hoard . . . and no asquarev either. Baseball Manager, Staae Crew, Intramural Basketball. MARILYN SUE THOMAS "Tommie" had lots of pep . . . science was her line. Medical, Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens, Cnemisiry Squad, Library THOMPSON girl with a heart of gold. G.A.A., Lantern, Mounty, Y-Teens. LOEL E. THOMPSON Makes a swell doctor . . . his truck was his trademark. Saxophone Quartet, Activities Play, Honor Roll, Mounty tra Orches . , as Q T xx Qlndlfs . - ROSE MARY TIEMAN Red hair has nothing to do with her temperament, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Library, Home Room ro gram Committee. -f VICTOR G. TILBROOK, IR. "Tillie', . . . always the trackman . . . suave good looks Hi-Y, Usher, Cross Country Co-Captain, Track Letterman. ' l CATHERINE TOCI As generous as the clay is long. RUTH ANN TOWNSEND Types as fast as she thinks . . . enjoys activities. Attendance, Log, Lantern, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Activities Key. Q im LAWRENCE G. TRAGESSER if an Q A man of few words . . . his smile spoke volumes. X ,,, XX E Intramural Basketball, Wrestling, Hi-Y. I .. MARY JEAN TREHARNE , ii -' t ., it , Loarls of quiet quality and sweetness. . i M gy I S Band, Log, Mounty, YfTeens, Honor Award Committee, ACl1Vl16S t ,S f 'Nts A E Key is Guard. RX A . sis NANCY GAYE TULLY Our "brown-eyed Susanv . . . possessed a mild manner Poster, Devotional Committee, Medical, Traffic, Scenery Comm tee " RICHARD B. UHRICH In 1960 a shingle that reads, Richard Uhrich, M.D. Band, Publicity Committee Co-Chr., Loa, Home Room Of ice National Honor Society, Activities Key G Guard. O' CHARLES H. VOELKER "DutchP' . . . quiet, likable, friendly. X i' li' T NORMA ANN VOLLMER Aspires to journalistic fame . . . let Norma sing! Ways G Means, Triple Trio, Log, Devotional Squad, Music Mana- ger, Activities Key. ROBERT WAGNER Likes hunting and fishing . . . carefree outlook on life. MARILYN VVALKER "Information Pleasev . . . nice-looking . . . dependable. Information, Y-Teens, 'Ways 61 Means, Poster, Home Nursing. HELEN FRANCES XVALLACE Spontaneous laughter . , . full of "get-up and gof' Band, Home Room Officer, Make-up, Devotional Squad, Traffic, Y-Teens. CAROL WARNER Fiendish ideas . . . keeps you hopping. G.A.A., YfTeens, Medical, Make-up. JANE WELCH A iaunty blonde from out California way. Library, Chorus. CONSTANCE RAYNES WEST What Connie lacked in inches she made up in energy. Poster, Libraiy Art Committee, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Scenery Squad, Operetta Properties Committee. EDWARD P. WESTWOOD Tall . , . likes all sports, especially basketball. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Traffic, Cafeteria Squad, Usher. GILBERT A. WETZEL Always looked-up to . . . an easy smile. Football, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. 95 ,K JOHN THOMAS WHELAN Eueryone's friend . . . howls the truclc, "IVielQM? Cross Country Co-Captain, Hi-Y, Track, Usher. NANCY LEE WVILLIAMS A song bird . . . have you noticed her big blue eyes? Advisory Council, Triple Trio, etta, Devotional Committee. ANN MARIE WVILLIS A budding artist . . . never a care. Chorus Accompanist, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log Art Editor, Scenery Committee. JEANNE VVILSON Fun to be with her . . . really happy-go-"Luclcy',. Poster, Lcg, Y-Teens, Mounty, Bulletin Board, G.A.A. SANDRA WISE Good looking gal . , . lots of dramatic ability. Chorus, Activities Play, Lantern, Y-Teens, Make-up, Devotional Squad. RICHARD P. WITNEY A farmer-to-he . . . we wish him success. Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Stage Crew Chr., Usher, National Honor Society, Traffic. CAROL ANN WOODCATE For good-looking "Woody,' Activities Play, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Medical, Y-Teens, Ways 51 Means. MARY LOUISE WYROUCH "Prof, at the piano . . . not peeue?-bulletin boards. Librar Major S orts Letter, Lantern, Medical, High Honor Roll, Y, P Activities Key. THOMAS DAVID YOUNKI NS Brains to spare . . . track enthusiast. Track, Cross Country, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. ELIZABETH ANN ZELLE Pet saying-"My heart bleedsv . . . snapping black eyes. Home Room Officer, Log, Y-Teens, Scenery Chr., Ways 61 Means. MARGARET E. ZEPH Conscientious gal . . . lots of talent. Activities Play Properties Committee, Book Squad Chr., Log Busi- ness Manaqer, Activities Key, Major Sports Letter. PAUL G. ZOLBROD A familiar face . . . natural Track Manager, Intramural Basketball. i Y-Teens, Home Room Officer, Oper- nothing was impossible. wit. CAMERA SHY WILLIAM VVACHTER A new face from Kiski . . . "man about town ..,:2Qi:.,. !'.m,6 97 NSE!-1 THE WORM! S I D smear cow E Com l"lSlDuve In NQr1Qs4DlQf,llQe lxxw X X Lawn I Cr, Gm, k wmv 0 :Q l 0 lvlosl' Luke-lg lo Sucfleecl Al l3Qnl4O GW lvl ll la A Soollwag cl4 Colwlll wig -1' ACouple ol: g Cu'l'eS'l' Covple B erme Kelley , lvlorg I House The Duke anal Ducl'1eSS A'l'lCY1Cl Beal Dressed en lso Corlgvunm Ale A 9 56u'rlw56G Island l-lulo Gwl Beal Dancers Helen lllcllfwerlmj B bselo mg Wo lclS nesl' Cl w S Wnlliesl lvlargae Lloyd .lack Semmer- P U , O f l l I if r- ' o ru if Minus 1 2 . 1. ' BQQK A - M., Awdfb SHOW F 'Q vs L cmd CIYO S HHHH. Der-1TTeH, Bu? IT Was cz ST Quzefe Wai Go K QHW Mos? So lms,TLmo.1Lecl P SXJJAM ! SALQM 5 MEM! Au. um. SEE ALL EVN. TELL ALL EVIL The -Sno. Mos? ' Ta CSf1ufmeY'S Ted Naming Hoehie, Tom Ramew vc-led dz: SBSTSOS 5+?"OY'Sg Mom aria LQC33 Mos? Afhlefzc DQQRS-wonion, Beffg Albvxglnf BQSJY Looking fs s ul x .L TX Fi Dov-bar-o. Haipevi, Uo.v-gl 5cbTee: Semuimfs Prepare fm the Grand Finale

Suggestions in the Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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