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' X J ia? fT 'Q?v ' an M W 2? K1 2 Eff Xia 5 ff' : ez Fi Y f I ff gy 43 QD? Q 1 K . Qfgfg fx!!! X if NLE,-fy .J ,wwfxwf x , s Y 7 Iwi Q W f -F, ig Q? ffl' X X A KNR N QL " A X x':'0X.f 19 Wk ' SX Q Q fx f!? m s gi, M N ' xx bk ,Q xx ' '-1 Q ,aa.,f..,,.. -- 1 FQ. 'T X U, I Qi., ,gal H I E y FIS -I we P x X ' .X-X' Q, X figlffxsw , ,Zig-2 Q s AFX J - W ,MKG Xf' Njg L X 4 K, If ,O e wS Qjxlgf b ., , Qi 23 523 Y-Jimi-Q ,X fc X. farm - af X - . . e Gods? L-'ing Llllllllll X 1- XII I X D vi H1 All N E - ISI acl Sis Q05 QQ syygeu row Ga 1 'NOW 0 f Q3 Oc 43. N EVERY CLOCK there are many com- plex parts. From the main spring and balance wheel down to the most minute pin or screw, each part plays an essential role in keeping the clock in perfect or- der. So each individual at Mt. Lebo has his own role to fill. From faculty and school officers to the most insignificant sophomore, all are necessary to maintain a smooth-Working, co-ordinated organi- zation. wk -. 1 x I lr L LL E I I ' The I Q4 Lebanon Log XI x In .0 ii' A I X Published by the students of Mt. Lebanon Iligii School-Pittsbu1'gl1, Pennsylvania--vol. XVIII -Editor-in-chief Robert Elmy, Literary Editor Patricia Aeosta, Art Editor Helen McConnell, Editorial Assistant Ben Maeclonulci, Business Muiiager Ann Bowman. Han . . . Pushing our way past an all too stubborn traffic officer on our way to lunch. . . . Fixing that lust lock of baiir and powdcring tbzlt sbinuy nose before joining our escorts at the Illllilll'-SUIliUl' Prom. . . . Tliinking about our futurcs at one of tbis yczirys new fcnturcs, Cu- recr Night. Ilvrc aspiring dentists pick up soma- tips from ll f0l'lllt'l' grad. Good Time 0 0 Q . . . Honoring our football and cross country stars at thc annual Fall Atlilctic Banquet. CONTENTS Administration, Faculty . . Unclerclassmen ...t.. Seniors ...,.., lkthletics .. Activities . Page Page Page Page Page . . . Listening to thc stirring carols thc chorus sang at Cllristmas tiinc. Q i I 4 I 'l N. HEI innjlrfx if :'ff555525Ci7 Um, 14 " 'I4 fimi wl W' , I 34,1 ,ffl ., , 1 1 mzfqwo Ul1'22MzvM 1 U 1E'1??'iif!2fi1wL:2. nl . ., I .HIM-, , Ulf W 4"i"'Uif1ff f fi F sf' P11 1 fluwo 21wsW ' 1 ff 3 8 fi mf K 7 C- ,J:iiM95 Q ' , 1 ,N V 151 i 1 ,- Q iw lfl . , , 'IJ1g- ,, I ,I I 1' ' I g f ,,,:5513,Ef' S?:'fh5:sfiffi meii- ,Q -"v'9'E'!u i1 li5':"fii5 u L SI I 14 ' ',5iQ,. ,.f,.af...2fa..!,1.fJ44ffI.7. HeaAa!m!4 ' '.k',1-'v' - fl , '. f?if!Zf5ifZ5i7:2E1fvilififff 2:1 .fl I 739 siifiiii' ,V 3--" qi.: 1,1 I '.I"',1" li, 1 My '15 i eiigffi' fu' .. ., . 1225229 iq f !f,,!:'f!' gc, tgi 'a:?fzEQ:iII , :Ing rggizzizia 5 11:1 51:21:54 I!! -nas.-sf A-4 N1 gi! 70441 77561242 4 Um wk I , . .- U- Umar Leaders epzt Us SU PERINTENDENTS Our superintendent, Dr. Ralph D. Hors- man, with the generous support of the school 5 board of ten Mt. Lebanon citizens passed an- 4 other milestone on the road of accomplish- ment. Dr. Horsman was ably assisted by Dr. Ross M. Gill, in charge of instruction, Zllld Mr. V C. F. Mellinger, in charge of buildings and IDIL RAIJIJII D. IIUIKSAIAN j.Il'0ll1ldS. They EITC C0llSti1lltly W01'klllg to illi- 5l,1X-,'i,,l,-mlcnt prove our educational system and to perfect plans for the expansion of our buildings. Through the efforts of this progressive admin- istration Mt. Lebanon High wound up a suc- cessful year. ADVISORY COUNCIL Seated: Mrs. Cargill, Mr. Kcifcr, Miss Ion. Standing: Miss Rightmirc, John McCunc, John Mc- Kibben, Nancy VVllll?.llllS, Mr. VVhipkey, Bob Ott. DR. ROSS M. CILL MR. C. I". MELLINCER Assistant Supcrintcndcnt of Instruction Assistant Superintendent of Administration 8 in Fine Workin Order PRINCIPAL Mr. Keifcr came to mean more to 11s than a principal wl1o sees that things run smoothlyg he became a personal friend who showed a real interest in all o11r activities. He Worked whole-heartedly with OU1' Advisory Council to make improvements in the Working order of things. For a job Well done or an honor re- ceived, Mr. Keifer always l1ad a word of C011- gratulation to make 11s feel we were a vital part of Olll' school. Although Olll' principal was as quick to laugh at a good joke as any of us, his serio11sness of purpose and honest decisions commanded our deep respect. this hill. JOSEPH C. KEIFEH. l'rincipz1l SECllE'l'AllIES Miss Ncglcy, Mrs. Booth, Mrs. Slatcr SCHOOL BOARD Front: Mr. Elmer S. Stanier, Treas11rcrg Mr. A. C. Mc- Front: Miss Esther XVlllDlll1.', Sccrctaryg Mrs. Don lld C Millan, Prcsidcntg Miss Miriam Headley, Secretary. Lcwisg Miss Bertha V. XValp, Scc1'cta1'x'. Back: Mr. Ottis C. llogsctt, Vice Presidentg Mr. Samuel Back: Mr. llayniond B. llcclit, Mr. Bccklci' Sllll I1 X11 A. Schreiner, Solicitor. Edward H. B11ck. 9 Q 0 s Did Umar Ab e Advisers MISS ELLA B. ION, Vice Principal ADVISERS As We think of cream with sugar, so We associate guid- ance with the three persons who are the mainstay of it. Miss Ion not only helped us choose a schedule which best trained us for college and fu- ture employment, but also spent hours on our college transcripts and class rank. Career Night was just one of the ways in which Mrs. Horne focused our attention on our future vocations. "Lookey, lookey, lookey, you,ve been playing hookeyv is a familiar sound to Miss Gordon. WVhether you Worked during school or vacation, or just took a day off once in a While, you,ll remember her. MISS RUTH GORDON MRS. FERNE HORNE Home and School Visitor Guidance Director 'l'lIE ARTS Uivftj Mr. Rllyllllllld Pvtvrs Miss Pauline Fish, Mr. john Raunscy. Cliiglitj Miss May SllL'ill'y, Mr. Douglas Sliuncr. The ANS Defivelwpefdl Skiililfiuil Ham S Om' t'kllIN'l'll cutciws tlic' tzlimitcd Bur- lmm in thc art room just us sho bm-- gins il clmrcozil ska-tn-ii of Ross. fllicl I IIOZII' soiiivom' my lu' wuntvtl luis portraiit pa1iutc'cl?j :mt sonic new furniture? These lmys from wood shop lu-cd only il lumnncr and saw to mukc or repair :my thing from il dm-sk to u book- c-asv. ENGLISH f'l'op leftl Mrs. klill'Q,'1Ll'Ct Cargill, Miss Martha Pickens, Miss Virginia Elliott, Mrs. Geraldine Morgan. C'I'op riglitj Miss LydePriel1arcl, Miss Mary Thorpe, Miss Norma Powell. fLower leftj Mr. Nelson Mills, Mrs. Floy Penn, Miss Mabel Moore. tLowe1' riglntj Miss liutln Stepliens, Miss Marie NL'lllllill'lCC1', Miss Anna rllllOll'lPS0l1, Miss Katlieryn Frolmese. English Was The wins wing I'I1ese seniors learn tlie eorreet way to prepare inaterial for theme writ- ing in their composition elass. Scenes like this are not unusual to- ward tlie encl of tlme semester as students desperately attempt to fin- isll tlieir 'iresearelf' tl1ClllC before the deadline. 12 lu A WellfBuluuced Curriculum "Does unylnody know of il good short story I could reucl?', Can you Inn- iors relnennber how nmny times you asked that question when you were trying to meet your English reading requirelnents? In order lo xnuke their study of "The Merelmnt of Venieev more interest- ing, some lIlL'IlllX'l'S of tlle sopho- more English eluss made models of the principal elmrueters and stages of the Elizulyetlmn eral. Silly or seriousg drunulties or cliseus- sionsg public spenking, 21 popular 1 elective, was not only edlleationul W but always jznn-pueked full of fun. 1 13 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CTop leftj Miss Margaret Billingsley, Miss Ferne lligh, Dr. Jual Kendall, Mrs. Geraldine Adamson. SOCIAL SCIENCE CTop right? Mr. John Beck- ert, Mr. Mercer Clark, Mr. Donlcy Mollenauer. QLOW- er centerj Mr. Kirk Tall- man, Mr. Victor Doalc, Mr. John Reed, Mr. Ralph Bald. fMissing: Mr. Merle Burrowsl. Oar Training Sztemmed From wq.,,,. .. No magazine or newspaper anywhere was safe. As moth- er gasped fearfully and dad knit his worried brow, we proceeded to clip everything in sight in our efforts to get the best material available for class display. At- tractive bulletin boards, such as the one here on trop- ical diseases, kept the girls' health classes aware of the latest development in medicine and health. ' 14 FWF' tt B title Field And Athletic Field A map of the United Stntcs as it ap- peurccl around 1860 serves as a pcrfcct background for these two students who are giving ll report on thc growth of our country. Knowing and understnncling the pres- cnt Dl'0lJlClIlS of our country will cuaxble us to be better citizens of the future. Stick :around long enough and one of thcnfs bound to full! tTuke 21 look ut those bulging biceps and manly lllllSClCSlJ 4 Q Mathematics and Business Courses Tenth graders learn the correct way of buying and selling in Miss Crovels business and retail selling class. They all agree itis a most practical course. How familiar this scene is to many of us! Could you ever forget Miss VVhinnie with her stop watch and you struggling to find "q,w,e,r,t"? VVere there ever times when you wished you knew Morse code? Clie- rnember those "important" notes teachers usually caught?D To these boys in aviation class Morse code was second nature. 16 CONlBllQllClAL flop left? Miss Thelma NYhinnie, Miss Florence McLaughlin, Miss Dorothy Grove. MATI ll'lMA'l'lCS lhower leltj Mr. Curl Streams, Miss Suruli Smith, Miss Anne lliglltllllfk, Mr. joseph Srp. Qltighlj Mr. Eau' Whipkey, Miss Aliee Elms, Mr. Charles Lohr, Mr. Norman Coodwin. iimed For Precision This is really "ith, A mutliemutieiunis dream come true! Miss Smith proudly stands heside the Christmas treo which her solid geometry students decorated by using only geometric figures. 17 ln The Wheel f Edlmeeutio l SCIENCE CTopD Mr. Lawrence Broinbcrick, Mr. Clar- ence Browne. CLowcr lcftl Mr. John Mchncr, Mr. Russell Kelley, Mr. She r 1' i c k Gilbert. CL o w e r riglitj Mr. John Grimes, Mr. Rola- ert Ruth. Whenever the wind was blowing in the right direction along the third floor hall, you could hear students say, "YVell, the eliemistry kids are at it again. YVliut else could smell like that?', 18 Science Weis A Vim Co l Could you find ll Cllt,S tiliiu or filiulap If not, youll better take ll lesson in dissecting from one of tllcsc indus trious biol ' ogy students. This is one of tho' se very intricate ex- pcrilncnts which, unless by some miracle, nobody unclcrstancls. So , . wc wont cvcn uttcmpt to explzun it. QOur advice to you who really want to know is to take pliysicslj Almost cvcry cl ay you could find at lcust ll dozen members of the CO-2 club 1 " ' Ising tlic tlnrd floor hull us ll riicctrzlck for timing their CO-2 propellcd racers. Languages Sztroqve For One World FOREIGN LANGUAGE fTopJ Miss Eileen Nesbitt, Miss Ada Patterson, Miss Margery McClure. CBottomD Mr. XVill- ialn Mitehell, Miss Rita Roegge, Miss Mar- guerite Beck, Miss Helen Zahniser. Plays and quiz programs were just two of the many interesting Ways in which It we learned the fine points of Spanish, and it youive never seen a Spanish quiz program, youive 1'Cillly missed something. Here's one in full swing. 20 didn't seein possible that the centuries eould roll by so fastg but eeeel on his 20l7th birthday, the spirit of Vergil presented himself to this Latin elass and read a few passages from his famous "Aeneid." Shutter Snap .Q Top, 1. Although this pin-ture would seein to testify Top, r. Our sehool lost one of its finest teuelic-rs when otherwise, our history courses eould really he quite Miss llolliduy retired lust year, hut we were fortuualte interesting. to see her luv,-k occasionally us il suhstitute. Perehed on high stools the fellows in meelmniezil draw- "Boil, boil, trouble and toil"-by reenzieting this witches' ing turned out il uezit bit ol' work. scene from Illclcllefli the seniors discovered that En- l'est week-tlnitis when you chewed your pencil and glish could be lots of fun, fingernails, scratched your head, und swore to study That mess of inuehinery is ll ein' without its clothes, hzirder next semester. and the girls from the driving class ure trying to find out what makes it tick. ff xH iff., . 1- W X N , , 7 i in K I 6 fx E 9 f 2 'Y E 1 4 6 ' 5 521- 5' x' ,F f s 55 Z x 5 6 X -K X4 I f 2 W , , 'E Ra. 1 X401 -. N '? 'W' I, , 77 fm-m'ligW'f Q 6606 Z Juniors Wound Up .Another Yeo 11-1 Front row: Cuyatt, Linn, Martin, Revak, Edmundson, B. Thomas, B. Adams. Second row: Pardine, T. Brown, Code, Morgan, Hasselman, Resick, Carey, Todd, Gardner. Third row: Laboon, Burke, Albertson, Beagan, Saxton, Hughes, Arm- strong, Kuhne. Fourth row: D. Smith, Lynch, T owner, Crop- lev. 11-2 Front row: Atria, Basil, Bud- dcn, Conrad, Furnier, McC1ar- en, Jenkins, Herberger. Second row: Veazey, Mall, R. Hall, Schlienger, Garson, Staiger, Sig- ler, Gilbert, Ladley. Third row: F arquhar, McCauley, Koenig, Richards, Loeffler, A i r h a r t, Hutchinson, Stawowczyk, Udis- chas. 11-3 Front row: D. Gray, Kohl- mycr, Major, Meliendry, Ros- ser, Carley. Second row: Dav- ies, llalowcll, Krut, llardie L a r s o n, Swanson, McCune. Third row: Pischke, Craig, Ba- con, ll. Blair, Shiffler, A. Blair English. With Hurd Work Amd Good Times ll-6 F1'ont row: Holland, Baldi- zer, Blatt, Sehietinger, Grove, VVeigand, Ryan. Second row: Morris, Harpster, Gallup, Cor- coran, Brandt, Herrmann, Kay- ser. Third row: VVissinge1', Knox, Davis, Holloway, McKih- ben, Shave, Tisdale. Fourth row: Dole, DeLaval, Hahner, Sood, Murrer. ll-4 Front row: Fulton, Schulte, St. Clair, Saunders, Tjoflat, Mc- Kay, Conley. Second row: Nou- rie, Hammer, K. Cunningham, Anderson, Aspell, Oxenrider, Dunhar, Hikes, Laufer. Third row: Austin, Kennedy, Creenly, Deiuuau, Metzger, Kern, Chal- lener. Fourth row: R. Cunning- ham, Bighaun, Mollison, Hast- ings, Findlay, Martin, Rea, Col- ter. ll-5 Front row: Boyer, Patterson, Tateni, Kirk, Schade, Cameron, M. Hill, Herried. Second row: Bingham, Shenkel, S t e w a r t, Furlong, Corbett, Riley, Arent- zen, Estahrook, Varley. Third row: Davidson, Croell, H. jones, Kalbercamp, Dee, Har- iuon, VVhite. Fourth row: Swee- ney, McCall, R. Jones, Lund, Xlforkinaster. 11-7 Front row: Ortolf, Price, Raaker, Drake, Beeclle, Buldus, Church, Fritsehi. Second row: Schreiner, Thorsteinson, San- ders, Huber, O'Neil, Eisenhardt, Hahn, Kragnes, Kern. Third row: Liehy, H. NVood, Blum- feldt, Carver, Del Grande, Cox, B. Harris, Hamblen. Fourth row: I. Smith, Logan, XVertz, Mervosh, Hickman. ll-8 Front 1'0NV2 Lee, Vetter, De Stein, Moorehead, Maeliinnis, August, Larson, Klepfer, Fox. Second row: Hartzell, Gallegh- er, Kotlnel, Robinson, Tracey, Morris, Sippell, Spasato, Har- vey. Third row: Davidson, VV al- ker, Squires, llosfeld, Spangler, Rauch, Almasy, Morgan. Prospective Seniors Prepezr ll-9 Front row: Hathaway, Ksch- ier, Bruner, Palmer, Bassett, Masearo, Parker, McClain. See- ond row: Stroble, Plantz, Las- ehiecl, Eiehel, Maclclen, Shoff Jeffers. Third row: Evans: Hornell, 1illll1lJCfgCI', Striekler. a To Shift lnzto High Gems ll-12 Front row: Ranger, Green- awalt, Mieliaelsen. Second row: Hayes, Byers, Coveney, Fee Clark, Barnes, WV. VVillougliby. Third row: Stinnnel, Luft, Hoff, Tilka, Lalnport, Berlin. 11-10 Front row: Hendricks, YVeblJ, Blaekmon, Means, Maguire, Sinitli. Seeond row: Hester, Critzer, D1Ckll1l111l1, Davis, Min- ihan, Leonard, Bender. Third row: Howe, Rietliof, Bull, Baer. 11-11 Front row: Friday, Shirley, Russell, Duncan, Grant, Dallas, Oilieefe, Mulviliill. Second row: Brooks, J. Blair, Donley, XVill- iains, K. Ball, Phillips, McGhee, Meell, Hazel. Third row: Lof- quist, Bermel. Clarke, XVl1ite, May, C. McBride, Hewitt. These Little Gem There was a hot time in the old town the night of the Junior- Senior Prom. ii. 3' 28 Y0ll.,l'C doing okay, fella. just a few more steps and maybe you'll have the right solution to that easy CFD problem. These "volunteers" really put all their technical skill and manly strength into helping to keep the skating rink free of snow last winter. 'cClear the roadlv Despite all the kidding that goes with learning to drive, the driving course was one of the most popular in the school. wrkledl Sprzigliutl Tlicsc talented L'lltC1'tillllCI'S helped to make thc first C.A.A. Party ai huge success. Ono of tllc many nicinorulvlc cvcnts at tlio Innior-Senior Prom was .Indy ColnlJcy's rendition of "I XVonclcr VVlio,s Kissing Her Nowlv K'Slnclcnt court, hcrc I comclu or could Jack bc trying to "fix', tlmt ont-of-order? Cliristnins curoling, un nge old cus- tom, was carried out by more than one hundred stnclcnts in the zinninil procession through ilu: liulls. 10-1 Front row: Buumgartcn, Leech, Book, Carlson, Cobhey, Krcll, Tiemzln, Bull. Seconcl row: Hay, Bockstoce, Bundling, Blosevich, Bricker, Bowman, Dugan, R. Miller. Third row: C. Kramer, Laughlin, D, Smith, Schwartz, YV o o cl y, Talcott, Corr. Fourth row: h1CClZll'C1l, Bcssolo, Cehrctt, Daniels, Pen- tccost. 10-2 Front 1'oW: Moffitt, M. Bic- lcel, Dichl, Bushyezxger, Short- reecl, Redfcrn, A. McConnell. Second row: Heine, Gulley, YV. Cl'illI1L'1', Norclquist, I. Ball, Fel- icetti, Fink, Kroboth. Third row: Dickinson, Dicrlcer, J. Thompson, Burns, Slegall, Gil- hcrt. Fourth row: Beck, Forbes, Burdette, ll. Sebring, Barnes. :iv 11-13 Front row: Kunold, MCC1'O1'Y McGrz1el, Hohner, Campbell, Uhlmzin. Second row: Richie XVurcl, Maloney, Rcliholz, Tay- lor, YVilson, Beard. Third row: XVZIQIICF, Dcnigun, Craps, Sch- weig, McAllister, T. Kelly. Patience and Polish Refzvecaale he lime Qvvwtlvzzt o Our Jewels 10-4 Front row: Neal, Flippo Carey, Littcn, Kuppeler, Scott L. Miller, Stull, Kireh, C. VVest Second row: Hurriinan, Ruder Overholt, N. Eiscnbeis, NVo0d- gute, Portman, Henuesy, Boyer Tully. Third row: Airhurt, Me- Elhoes, Mnylebcn, Spangler Denhurt, P. Biekel. Fourth row: Bryce, McLean, Geis, Ilood Reardon. 10-5 Front row: Franklin, Braeke Crowley, M a 1 0 y, XVyrough House, Albright. Second row: hlCFCtltL'1'S, Block, Ilcthering- ton, Kraft, Stapleton, Powell Gingerieh, M. Little, llalrwell Third row: Sheets, H. Hunger XVestwood, Mohr, Chidester Ellis, Peters. Fourth row: Rieh- mond, Buck, D. McConnell Dickerson, Kauper, Urich, R T aylor. 10-7 Front row: MeCridden, Bock- lin, Johnston, Quinn, Marshall, Schaver, Kelly, Faucet, M. Tliomas. Second row: Brown, Porter, Dorn, Barron, Hamilton, Wvilliams, Lock, Larson, NI. Karlovitz. 'l'hircl row: Mchiteen, Cole, llofinann, Harmon, F. Ott, Hayes, Short. Fourth row: Dalton, XVarl'el, Garsen, 1. But- ton, llixner, ll. Stewart, I. Ryan. 10-8 Front row: Arden, Kurtz, Cutler, L. Ostergaarcl, C. Stew- art, Englert, Coethle, DeBald. Second row: B. Barry, Uccellini, McDonnell, Griffiths, Wilson, Fry, VV11gner, Haymoncl. Third row: Ilast, Haynes, VVhitney, P. Zolhrocl, Parker, Church. Fourth row: Haynes, Kayzer, KL-llison, llowarcl, C. Miller. 10-6 Front row: C. Lee, Rust, Di vine, Burg, Clowes, Blosser Vollmer, Burk, Larry. Seeon row: Halbach, Hasley, M. Tay lor, Protas, Frazee, Poole, Rid inger, Allsop, Hillman. Thir row: Steele, McConnell, Mor ris, Culbertson, Maroney, Iew ell, Else. Fourth row: R. Brad ley, XVhelen, Davenport, Me Kenney, Shirey, Oliver. These Bright New FULL 10-9 Front row: Legler, laterson J Magee, Moran, Kiggins, Ma- rone, Savas, Huff, Howard. Sec- ond 1'ow: B. Braun, Henecker, McKee, Kovae, Meding, Franz, Friend, Emery. Third row: I Miller, Arnold, Edmonds Drayne, Carpenter, Eriksson Clouse, Paleho, Massey. occm Fit lnzto Um' Pattern 10-10 Front row: Arehhold, Long- enecker, P. O'Brien, MaeMas- ter, Beistel, French, M. A Jones, Hinger. Second row: Sherrick, Hess, Crilser, Hamil- ton, NVilbur, Krut, Cirianni Fletcher. Third row: Nollei Pankopf, K. johnson, Simon Fawcett, Prosser, Rowland, Pag- anelli. Fourth row: Seuticchio Linhart, Ralph, Raeiappa, D Hoffman. 10-ll Front row: Opferlnan, B. Hatch, Palombo, Toei, Arm- strong, Ohleger, I. Miller, Hilli- ard. Second row: F lnrry, Back- inger, Shiverdeeker, Seibel Shannon, N. Gardiner, Colvin , Kcrnahan. Third row: B. Brown, Swanson, Lowell, Joyce , Younkins, Peckham, Tragesser. Fourth row: Bcrsci, D. Jones, Horm, Landon, VV. McVay, F ideli. 1 a These Seeond Hemds Mode The Mos 10-12 Front row: Dodson, Lardas I. Fellows, Lully, Murphy, T hoinpson. Seeond row: Kiefer, Holbrook, Hallowell, Hutche- son, Fox, Biber. Third row: G. Sofis, Hayinond, Vznnas, Ba- laeh, Corbit, T. Campbell, Roman. 10-13 Front r o W: Sehindehette Buka, E. Creehan, Knudson, N Nichols, Baldizar, Mehl, Shreve Second row: Jones, Sherwood Hoehle, Szepe, M. VValker, Hali pert, Freeland, VVilson, May Third row: Thomas, Pierce NVetzel, Zeph, L. Eisenbeis jenkins, Sherman, Herkenrider Charlebois, A. D. O,Brien Fourth row: Voelker, Bradfute Snyder, L. Thompson, Lee, Til- brook, Massey, Mahoney. lhe LOXC,1LClLllSl1 dinner in xnnull event ol eleh Y 'leen Although they hue hud in ioieign lands, an interna- elub provided IHLXV experlenee for these Deltis tion 11 itmosphere xxls iddfd by Marie Karlovitx Swiuerlmdj Mfny Brsll Creeeej, George Fulton Qkranceb and Carmen Figueroa fPuerto Ricoh. a Emery Miami By winning honors in the Buhl Planctariunfs animal Latin Festival contcst, Virginia and - Mary Margaret brought more laurcls to them- selves and the school. 4 Qi ' "Now donlt tell Inc you got held up in the traf- ficlv Miss Neiunarker practically hccainc an honorary incmhcr of the traffic squad in her attempts to get her students into class. Ilcrols the Junior-Senior Prom again. The first formal For the second straight ycar we'vc had two sets of twins dance of the school year was really a MSHIHCllllg-1'00ll1- in our student hody. Can you tell Bob from jim or onlyu occasion. Nancy from Louise yet? 85 1. 1 .f ,f ff' .vp f' . kfw -, f f ' XX W Q, 'v W 3 M 'wifi' V lv ' , , Aff , 1 ww - F ,ffff',. 4 ' N, ,JC-'ffff n? ' 1411-77' fl f , X ..'-35 f .f , K , xhwjf flffvi EX, 1 My!!! 1 7Xf7f!,f' 'iffffzg X . , ,V,' , ff!-W,T5g3l11,ffl K f-i xX X 1 fgii , VX! , , lf? , Q X i.?X x Q xx ' ' ' if " fiiir'1-f'i'-fiiyx' X , 'Iv H 'A x ', ? ff4f- ,4 :Q N XA X-V ' ' WW, 'f 4, 2:1 S, XX ' w A A f:f:f X . ' . N 4 ff l1ff"ffp 'p fffff ffifxx ' 1' f 'f1 1z'br1Q2y NM X fm tf1WfeffG' WW? 1 XX L KRWX' ,W A I V ll 'HM' i M J X xg- f 411 W XT! K, X xx-if f , ' , llf-X, 'X X. X Q.. W -' f',f'f',f", ', f - I f- ' I! :gi ' Af' !'!!' l V X X345 w '1 4 Q qfffy f 'A X S wx 'ff - bk X X X Xxx k R KN V' Q7 If " V' f f A , M M X Q ,Q iff, 5 1 E 5 2 , N' X-,A YY 'lf X ' ' 5 ' ' , , ff ,gf f ' , , - xx - Xt W if ,wk X ,ff ,V I f IN .Wi XX ff? fy ff f' ' ' A pgffgs' 5 1! j, , If Q J 1 1 f jfj 'i X K QQ ,A ,,f?1,,f ,f 'XXX , Xi. az' , "f ' Q - ' A. - -, N T f f xl 4' RX ! X ! ..':. f 2 X X 2 ,f"' 17 , ' ,Y ., ' -X fy' f -444' ' '32, - 'fx ' - ' "fy ' . - .' 5 'I ff ,1 , MQ "' 'Z 'Q' "' f75f"E7:'9 ' ' " - ff f Q ffm X Q4 1 if wx . X f 44 4' 05 ' ' 7 I . ' -:.1f"3 'f'7X XMU N U fu ' N A 3 V ff - ,,, .M X ., ' ', L5-3 ' if QU? gl , KN f' Q fp 4 'g 'X' " If 751, :2'5. l f 1. -f" " -Y nk 3- its-4542 X f , fin: - iff? vagal, ,ff,V.1:33fx X rf' f -f 5 L, X Y N , , j.f, fA,ff5,,fL ,, f 4p.- ff 'tr , 1511,-fi A ' , ' ' "-5 ,w.-i3.'fN 1 ' f 'G'-iii?-l ' A " f ffffffggglf 9 '+f7f'4H-t ' 2 Ei fl ' T W '- 11 Q! " ffiif fiiwx f A zap- ,gif K. .1 ,"r'yXx'SfiTf-L + ,M f y4fZfi ELQJf4?2 'A fs 17' '77 5 V V X fm? S- ,,-:ffl If ' AAI" -X V4 -X , ilk Q, 75- I ' ' I X h f ff y -f W SXXWXX f W H-'W 954: 1 -1' ff , '1w.fv,0f, 7' ' ' ,f f N Y M 1 F 1 'l, f f lm 'IMI X Ukx my xkX, TX sk fljfq, '71, nqfq,-f ,f - - X X I ,fl , f, fit yy Xxkx , 'gf A , ,J I X x . Q 4 z1: 4fQf, ' K K W QR, 'XQ ' 5x of , W px X Z,? ,f , ' , . yu XL K ml 1 ff ff! V .r xox H2 f' f ff, fl WN X ' 1. fff , ff, f NK? xx . 'Y if ff Q 9 'ff ' xx - 1:1 XM W" : e-ZX 1 X ' Helen. M 74a gig 7Mee!a 7a2e 75ec?z 'fww VVc misstd Iixm BILIIIN um s fritndlv smile this year, but we us lid to hut him b :tk to raduate with us. PATRICIA ANN ACOSTA Activities Key, Armed Ser- vice Committee, Devotions Squad, H i g h e s t Honor Roll, Log Literary Editor, Y-Teens Room Committee Chairman. BARBARA LOUISE ADAMS Activities Key, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Student Court Judge, Traffic Squad, Ways and Means Squad. GERTRUDE M. ALBRICHT Attendance Squad, Bulle- tin Board Squad, G. A. A., Lantern, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens Officer. ROBERT JOHN ALDERDICE Activities Key, Activities Plays, Home Room Presi- dent, Honor Roll, P. A. Committee Co-Chairman, Studio Manager. EDGAR ALEXEFF Honor Roll, Laboratory Squad Chairman. MARTHA ROSE ALLISON Honor Roll, Y-Teens Room Committee. ERNEST ANTONIAZZI Boys' Clee Club, Football, Home Room Basketball, J. V. Basketball. THOMAS ARGANBRIGHT Home Room Representa- tive, Honor Roll, Usher , Squad, WVays and Means J Squad. JULIA ARNOLD G.A.A., Honor Roll, Maj- orette, National Honor So- ciety, Y-Teens. JOSEPH D. AUGUST Cross C o u n t r y, Home Room Basketball, Track, VVrcstling. 38 STANLEY BALCERZAK Activities Play, Home Room Basketball, Home Room President and Vice- President, Highest Honor Roll, Traffic Squad. JEAN BALKE Activities Play U s li e r, Chorus, Y-Teens. JOHN T. BARRY, Ja. Basketball, Football, Track. LLOYD B. BARTHOLOW Home Room Basketball, Home Room President, Track, Usher Squad. BEVERLY ANN BECK Activities Play, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Information Squad, Mounty Publicity, Traffic Squad. JOAN DOLORES BERGMAN Activities Key, Library Squad, Medical Squad, Triple Trio, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens. EDWARD M. BIDDEN Home Room Basketball. EMMA JEAN BOCKSTOCE Gym Squad. ANN LOUISE BOWMAN Activities Key, Decorating Squad, Honor Roll, Log Business Manager, Ways and Means Squad, Y- Teens. LOUISE BRADLEY Activities ' y and Guard, Armed S" 'ce Committee, Devotio quad, C-.A.A., Majo .n Minor Sport Lette Log Ci s' Spor Edi - tudent' Audit - -n ssisant. . I H N RI N C. A. ln ern, Library d, edical Squad, Y- Y EILEEN BUCKLEY Activities Play Costume Committee, G. A . A., Lost and Found Squad, Y- Teens. CHARLOTTE V. BUEHRIG G. A. A., Library Squad, Mounty Typist, NANCY CARROLL BARNER Activities Key and Guard, Activities Play Student Di- rector, Devotions Commit- tee Chairman, Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Y- Teens Program Committee Chairman. JAMES T. BARRON Home Room Basketball, VVrestling. JANET BAUCH Attendance Squad, Chorus, Operetta. HERBERT C. BAUM, IR Home Room Ba Track. THEDA MARIE Chorus, G. A. A., Room Bulletin Board In formation Squad, Advisory Committee, Y- Teens. BARBARA LOUISE BICKEL C.A.A., Honor Roll, VVays and Means Squad, Y- Teens. SUZANNE BOXVDEN Bulletin Board Squad, G. A.A., Library Squad, Med- ical Squad, Y-Teens. BETTY LOU BONVEN Chorus, C. A . A., Operet- ta, Y-Teens. CRETEL C. BRAUN Activities Play Usher Com- mittee Chairman, Devo- tions Squad, Lantern, R1- fle. IOHNETTE McKAY BRAUN Attendance Squad, Chorus, G. A. A., Highest I-Ionor I Roll, Home Room Secreta- ry, Lantern Advisory Com- mittee. CHARLES VV. BROOKE DAVID BUCHER Traffic Squad. RAY BURKET EDNA C. BUTTLAR Home Room Secretary, Y- Teens. ' ' N 5' .. . ix.. "" .XZ X ,Xp YF sw X XX' ,1 WS Ns A K Q si X . Q Rs . fx N lf., . f f ,F 21. G' A 6' J.. . ,yy ,g:...f1 s V. A1 Q: , f .fi g .. 1. ' Yfilfsg. Y I 'S J if R ask, fx lr -gg - it JEANNE BUTTON Activities Play, G. A. A., Y-Teens, H o n o r Roll, Newscaster, P u bl ici ty Committee. T. JUNE CAMERON Chorus, Gy1n Squad, Li- brary Squad, Y-Teens. NVILLIAM CAROTHERS Activities Key, Football, Honor Roll, Honesty Com- mittee, Home Room Presi- dent, Traffic Squad. DUANE R. CARPENTER Baseball Manager, Hi-Y, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Officer. ROBERT XV. CHRISTIE Executive Board Vice- President, Football Letter- man, Home Room Presi- dent, National Honor Soci- cty, Tennis Captain. J. LAUGHTON CHURCH Boxing, Football Letter- man, Homc Room Basket- ball. JOAN LOUISE COLEMAN Activities Play Publicity Committee, Home Room Secretary, Library Squad, Medical Squad, Y-Teens Vice-President and Public- ity Committee Chairman. CHARLES A. COLTIVIAN Football, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, l-lome Room Basketball, Senior Colors Committee. ROSEMARY GREEHAN Attendance Squad, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Library Squad, Student Court judge, Traf- fic Squad. MARGARET ANN CRISSMAN Activities Key, Highest President, National Hon- or Society, Traffic Squad, Y-Teens President. Honor Roll, Home Rooiiwj CAROL ANNE DAVIS G.A.A. Minor Sports Let- tcr, Log, Mounty Co-Edi- tor, Publicity Committee, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens Secretary. FLORENCE DAVIS G.A.A., Gym Squad, High llonor Roll. LAYVRENCE DAYVES Basketball, Football, Stu- dent Court, Track, VVays and Means Squad. BARBARA DEADY PATRICIA M. CAMPBELL Book Squad, Chorus, C. A. A., Medical Squad, Y- Teens. PATRICIA ANN CARAMELA C. A. A., Head Drum Ma- jorette, Y-Teens. VIRGINIA LEE CARRELL Chorus, G. A. A., Home Room Attendance, Operet- ta, Y-Teens. JANE R. CHASE Chorus, G. A. A., Lantern Advisory Committee and Devilette, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens Program Committee. JOHN CIKO Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Officer, Log, Scenery Squad Co-Chairman. HOMER CLARKE, JR. Activities Key, Band, Hon- 'l or Roll, Rifle, Track an-DTIJL I ag' Ta ic 'Sq' d. XVILLIAM C OPER f Honor Roll, Hockey, I-li-Y, Home Room Basketball. JAMES C. CORDELL Chorus, Football, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Officer. EDITH F. CROSS Cheerleader, Home Room President, Y-Teens. SUSAN E. CULLEN Decorating Squad, C.A.A., Lantern News Editor, Pub- licity Committee, Ways and Means Squad, Y- Teens. JOAN DAVIS Chorus, Arts and Crafts Squad, Bulletin Board Squad Chairman, G.A.A., Y-Teens. RICHARD D. DAVIS C r 0 s s Country, Home Room Basketball, Home R o 0 m V i c e-President, Track. MARY ALICE DECKER G.A.A. Major Sports Let- ter, Gym Squad, Library Squad. MARGARET DEGIOVANNI Attendance Squad, Chorus, Operetta, Y-Teens. ROBERT P. DELONGA Boxing, Football Letter- man, Home Room Basket- ball, Track, Wrestling. HARRELL DENMEAD Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Vice-President. HERBERT DITTNER Honor Roll, Home Room President. SUZANNE DIVINE Activities Key, Advisory Council, Cheerleader Co- Head, Executive Board Secretary, H o n o r Roll, Home Room President. DONALD RUSSELL DIXON Stage Crew Chairman. LUCILLE VICTORIA DIXON G.A.A., Lantern, Medical Squad, Y-Teens. WILLIAM DIXON Boxing, Lantern Feature Writer, Track, Usher Squad. CATHERINE A. DONOVAN G. A. A. JAMES A. DOUBLEDAY Basketball, Football, Track- Co-Captain. CATHERINE DOUGHERTY Y-Teens. Many a time our hurts Spceded up when the cute gals on the medical squid took our pulse 41 Q90 of .PV-7 ees? 1 L LUCIA LEA DOVVNING Attendance Squad, Honor Award Committee, Lan- tern. GERALDINE DUERR Chorus, G. A. A., Gym Squad, Home Room Sec- retary, Library Squad, Y- Teens. GEORGE DULSKI JOAN LEE DUNBAR Chorus, Home Room Rep- resentative, Lantern, Med- ical Squad, Y-Teens Pub- licity Committee Chair- man. ROBERT N. EBY Activities Key, Cross Country Letterman, High- est Honor Roll, Log Edi- tor-in-ehief, National Hon- or Society, Track Letter- man. NANCY JOAN ECKENRODE Bulletin Board Squad, G. A.A., Library Squad, Med- ical Squad, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens. JOE LEE ELAM Boys' Chorus, Football B Squad. RICHARD A. ELLIS NVrestling. CHARLES XV. ENLIND XVILLIAM C. ERDMAN Activities Play Business Committee, C a f e t e r i a Squad, Hi-Y, Track, Usher Squad. The Alpha Y-Teens pulled their noses out of the Heats" just long enough to put their best faces forward. 42 BRADFORD C. ESTEP Band, Basketball, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room President, Track. MARILYN ALICE EYRICH Activities Play U s li e r, Band, Bulletin Board Com- mittee, Operetta, T r i p l c Trio Reserve, Y-Teens. JOHN FEDELE Hi-Y Basketball, Home Room Basketball. DAVID FEE Aichievement Committee Chairman, Activities Key, Band, Cross Country Let- terman, Hi-Y, Track Let- terman. LORIN FERRALL Hockey, Home Room Bas- ketball. RAYMOND T. FERRARO Chorus, Football, Home Room Basketball, Operet- ta. DORIS JEAN FLEET Chorus, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Home Room Presi- dent, Library Squad, Y- Teens. RICHARD FLEISCHAUER Football, Hi-Y President and Vice-President, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Vice-P resident, VVrestling. JIM FOSTER Cafeteria Squad, Home Room Basketball. ROBERT F. FRENCH Honor Roll. BILLEE R. GAMBILL Honor Roll, Home Room Vice-President, L i b r a r y Squad, Poster Squad, Traf- fic Squad, Y-Teens. JACQUELINE GARDNER Band, G.A.A., Girls' Ser- vice Club, Lantern, Y- Teens. PATRICIA GEORGE Home Room President, In- formation Squad, Lantern, Medical Squad, Y-Teens Social Committee. CAROL C. GILES G.A.A., Home Room Sec- retary, Medical Squad, Sewing Committee, Y-- Teens. MITZIE FANTL Attendance Squad, G.A.A., Majorette, Ways ' d Means Squad, Y-Teens. DANIEL A. FARRELL ' Basketball Letterman, Football Letterman. SARA ANN FELLONVS C.A.A., Home Room Bul- letin Board, Medical Squad, YVays and Means Squad, Y-Teens. CHARLES FENDRYCH Chorus, Home Room Bas- ketball, Orchestra, Rifle, Track. CARMEN MARIA FIGUEROA Y-Teens. JAMES FLAHERTY Ilonor Roll, Football, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Officer. C. PATRICIA FLINN Activities Key, Activities Play, Debate Club, Devo- tions Squad, I-Iigh Honor Roll, Home Room Secre- tary. SHIRLEY ANN FORBES' I QA ff it DORIS M. FRITZ 'nfl Usher SqL1acLf:?7'N Q7 MARY PAYNE FU LONG 1 C.A.A., Home Room At- tendance Squad, Medical Squad, VVays and Means Squad, Y-Teens. BERNICE CARIBALDI Activities Key, Honor Roll, Home Room President, Li- brary Committee Chair- man, Mounty, Y-Teens. NANCY GEMMER Hospitality C o m m i t t e e Chairman, Reserve Medi- cal Squad, VV a y s and Means Squad, Y-Teens S0- cial Committee. HOMER A. CODDARD Band, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer, R i f l e Captain, Track Manager, Traffic Committee. NANCY FLEMING GODDEN Activities Key, C. A. A. Council, Home Room Sec- retary, Majorette, Social Committee Chairman, Y- Teens. 6 5.5 t 3 -is: we X R X A N X .X:. . R . R X X r CX New f Q .--,. w 5 N SHIRLEY GRAYBLE NANCY JEAN GREGORY Chorus, G. A. A., Gym Squad, Home Room Pres- ident, Scenery Squad, Y- Teens. ROBERT J. GROSSO Home Room Basketball. GLENNA M. GUTHRIE Attendance Squad, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Home Room Secretary and Vice-Presi- dent, Y-Teens. GERALD HALEN Activities Key, Cafeteria Squad Co-Chairman, Cross Country, Home Room Offi- cer, Operetta, Track Man- ager. ALICE MARY HALEY Attendance Squad Co- Chairman, Chorus, G.A.A. RONALD HALL Hi-Y Basketball, Home Room Basketball. JOAN P. HAMMILL Band Librarian, Orchestra. JOY HARVEY Honor Roll, M e d i c al Squad, Y-Teens. JOAN B. HASTINGS Cheerleader, G. A. A. Council, Honor Roll, Home Room Secretary, Medical Squad, Y-Teens President. JEAN HAVEN Y-Teens Publicity Commit- tee. LOUIS HAZEL BRENDA HELMER G.A.A., Home Room Sec- retary and Vice-President, Majorette, Y-Teens. KATHARINE L. HERRON G.A.A., Information Squad Reserve, Y-Teens. JOHN JAMES GRIFFITH Football Letterman, Home Room Basketball. DONALD CROMAN HELEN L. GUTHRIE Honor Roll, Home Room Secretary, Y-Teens. DAVID M. CUYOL Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room S e c r e t a r y, Log Circulation Manager, Traf- fic Squad, VVays and Means Squad. PATRICIA L. HALL Attendance Committee and Squad, G.A.A., High Hon- or Roll, Home Room Sec- tee, Y-Teens. PATRICIA MARYAN HALL Activities Key, Arts and Crafts Squad, Lantern Business Manager, Library Squad, Publicity Commit- tee, Y-Teens CHARLES E. HARMON Football Manager, Home Room Basketball, Rifle, Track. RICHARD H. HARTLE Activities Play, Hockey, Honor Roll, Log Boys' Sports Editor, Scholastic Committee C l1 a i r in a n, Sportscaster. CLAIRE DOREEN HATCH Devotions Squad, G. A. A., Medical Squad, VVays and Means Squad, Y-Teens Program Committee. DONALD F. HAUS Basketball, Football Let- terman. DAVID C. HECHT Activities Key, Basketball Manager, High H o n o r Roll, Home Room Presi- dent, Scoreboard Squad Chairman, Traffic Squad. DORIS HELLSTROM Chorus, Y-Teens. JOHN HEWSTON Football. THOMAS IIIBLER F o otb all, Hi-Y, Home - Room Basketball, Home Room President, Wrestling. Our high school education Wouldn't have been com- 'plete without Spike's little gems of wisdom to his children. JANE J. HILES Chorus, G. A. A., Home 1 Room Attendance, Y- Teens. 3 EILEEN A. HILLMAN C. A. A., Honor Roll, Y- Teens. ROBERT D. HOFFMAN l Activities Key, Cafeteria Squad, Home Room Offi- cer, Rifle, Track, Usher Squad Chairman. BERNARD R. HOFRICHTER Cafeteria Squad, Home Room Basketball, Industri- al Arts Squad, Traffic Squad. ROBERT HOGAN Home Room Basketball. JOHN B. HORSFORD Hockey, Home Room Bas- ketball, Home Room Offi- cer, Milk Squad. NEIL D. HOUSTON Activities Key, Band, Or- chestra, Traffic Squad, Honor Roll. JOHN HOWARD JEANIENE C. HOWELL Activities Key, G. A. A. Council, Lantern Girls' Sports Writer, Medical Squad, Traffic Squad, Y- Teens Social Committee. CHARLES F. HUFF Home Room Basketball. 45 A XVe were struck with admiration at those attractive bulletin boards in the library. . . .ilxfir A 5 1 5 9 ff me ,e..,.t.:x A ' ' Ni.. NANCY LOUISE HUHN Chorus, G. A. A., Y-Teens. JOHN L. HUMPHREYS, JR. Activities Play, Devotions Committee, Hockey, Hon- or Roll, Home Room Bas- ketball, National Honor Society. ROBERT D. IRVVIN Baseball, Football, Execu- tive Board Nominating Committee, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Presi- dent. EDYVIN S. JACEK Orchestra, Traffic Squad. RUTH BUCKLEY JACKSON Activities Key, G. A. A., Honor Award Committee, Honor Roll, VVays and Means Squad, Y-Teens. MARGARET RUTH JAMES Honor Roll, Log Typist, Y-Teens. BERNICE C. JANCIAR Activities Play Business Committee, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Medical Squad, Y-Teens. KENNETH ALAN JOHNSON Honor Roll, Physics Lab- oratory Squad. R. GRANT JOIINSON Decorating Squad, Hi-Y, Home Room Basketball, XVays and Means Squad. SHIRLEY JOHNSON Medical Squad, P o s t e r Squad, Y-Teens Social Committee. 46 ANNA LOU JONES Chorus, Devotions Squad, Three Year Music Letter, G.A.A., Home Room Offi- cer, Operetta, Y-Teens. HARRIET CARD JONES G.A.A., Gym Squad, Lan- tern Exchange Editor, Y- Teens. JEANNE E. KAPPLER Arts and Crafts Squad, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Poster Squad. JOSEPH KARCHER Chorus, Color Guard, Cross Country, Operettas, Stage Crew, Track. NANCY JOYCE KELLEY G. A. A., Home Room Of- ficer, Lantern, Library Squad, Medical Squad, Y- Teens. RICHARD KELLEY Hi-Y Basketball, Home Room Basketball. STEPHEN KOVACH Home Room Basketball, National Scholastic Rifle Champion, Publicity Com- mittee, Rifle, Scoreboard Squad. STELLA KRELL G. A. A., Library Squad, Rifle Squad. PAUL E. LADERER Cross Country, H o m e Room R e p r e s e n tative, Track. DONALD DAVID LANDON Rifle Squad. CAROLYN JANE LAY Chorus, Highest Honor Roll, Home Room Secreta- ry, Log Typist. JOANNE LEWIS Bulletin Board Squad, Chorus, G. A. A., Orches- tra, Scenery Squad, Triple Trio. MARIAN I-IOWAT LINES Home Room Secretary. ARTHUR H. LONG, Baseball, Football, Hi-Y, Home Room Basketball, Tennis. PATRICIA JONES Band, G. A. A., Orchestra, Traffic Squad. ROBERT JONES Flyers Club. BELA A. KARLOVITZ GEORGE M. KEEN Activities Key, Band, Cross Country Letterman, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Presidentr HERBERT KINDLE Baseball, H o n o r Roll, Home Room Basketball, Home Room President. LOIS M. KOERBER Activities Play, High Hon- or Roll, Home Room Sec- retary, Operetta Lead, Triple Trio, Y-Teens. HENRY YV. KURTZ, IR. Football, Track. RUTH L. LABRENZ Orchestra. ROBERT DONALD LANG JAMES LASTAUCKAS REGINA LIADIS CORINNE LICHTBONVN Activities Key and Guard, Class Rank Committee Chairman, G. A. A. Treas- urer, Highest Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Y-Teens Officer. SYLVIA MARIE LOPEZ Honor Award Committee, Home Room Secretary, Mounty Co-Editor, Quill and Scroll, Traffic Squad, Y-Teens President. DAVID M. LUCAS Baseball, Football, Hi-Y, , Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball, Home Room President. ' tsl? iff ' g as et... N. . R as 47 , . Q - X 1 159 tif Y To 2 Q, F7 Za ff? ROBERT P. LUND Band, Football. NVILLIAM LURTY Activities Key, Baseball, Basketball, Football Co- Captain, Home R o 0 m Vice-President, Track. VIRGINIA B. MIACKAY Chorus, G. A. A., Home Room Secretary, Medical Squad, Scenery Squad, Y- Teens. RAYMOND MANCOLD Band, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room President and Vice-President, T r a f f i c Squad. DONALD MATTHEWS Home Room Basketball. HOWARD MCAFOOS JOHN E. MCCUNE Baseball Captain, Basket- ball Co-Captain, Execu- tive B o a r d President, Home Room President, National Honor Society. BETTE RAE MCDANIEL Activities Key, C. A. A., Highest Honor Roll, Log, Social Committee, Y-Teens President. LLOYD F. MCCLINCY Home Room Basketball, Home Room President, Mounty, Usher Squad. ROSEANNE McILVANE C. A. A., Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Traf- fic Squad, VVays and Means Committee Chair- man. JERILEA C. MQNEELY Activities Key, C. A. A. Major Sports Letters, Scen- ery Squad, YVays and Means Committee, Y- Teens. RICHARD INICQUILLEN Decorating Squad Chair- man, Hockey, Home Room Basketball, Track, VV1'est- ling. VIRGINIA MeVEICH Activities Key and Guard, Honor Award Committee Chairman, Home Room Representative, L i b r a r y Squad, National I-Ionor So- ciety, Y-Teens Treasurer. CHARLOTTE MEISTER C. A. A., Y-Teens. NANCY LOU MACBETH Attendance Squad, Deco- rating Squad, G. A. A. ' ities and G ard ILA JANE MILLER Activities Play Business Committee, G. A. A., Hon- BENJ . MACDONALD 7 C K. y 1 tb '1 1 er, 'ta' Af P' L on '1 ige ati onor . -ie ti en C 0 u r t I ..J ARL MAS ANDREA JARILYN L. MATI-IENY Activities Play U s h e r, Cheerleader, G. A. A. Sec- retary and Treasurer, Med- ical Squad Chairman, Y- Teens Social Service Com- mittee. PATRICIA ANN MCCARTHY Devotions Squad, Home Room Secretary, Library Squad, Lantern, Traffic Squad, Y-Teens Social Committee Chairman. HELEN NICCONNELL Bulletin Board Squad, G. A. A., Log Art Editor, Jltlounty, Scenery Squad, VVays and Means Squad. ROY S. McEVVEN Activities Play, Band, Hi- Y, Home Room Officer. I RRY NICFERRAN Activities Key, Basketball, I-Ii-Y President, II o n o r Roll, Home Room Vice- President, Traffic Squad. CLARE McKEE Activities Key and Guard, Home Room President, Mounty, Publicity Com- mittee Chairman, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens Coun- cil Representative. XVILLIAM MCKENDRY Cafeteria Squad, Football, Football Manager, Home Room Basketball, Stage Crew, Usher Squad. YVILLIAM MCSTEEN MARTIIA M. MeVAY Activities 'Key, Activities Plays, Cheerleader Co- Head, Chorus, Home Room Secretary. ARTHUR E. MENSING Cross Country, Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball, Home Room President, Scholastic Committee, Ush- cr Squad. DAVID B. MILLER Hi-Y Treasurer, Home Room Basketball. JAMES M. MILLER Boxing, Hi-Y, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Vice-President, S o c i a l Committee, Track. JOSEPH MILLER Hi-Y Officer, Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Officer. ROBERT MILLER JOHN MILLINGTON JOHN NV. MITCHELL Blue Devil, C a f etc r i a Squad Chairman, Hi-Y, Log, Usher Squad Chair- man, NVrestling. PAUL F. MOORE Hockey, Home Room Bas- ketball, Usher Squad. THERESA A. MORIAN Activities Key, Chorus, G. A. A., Home Room Offi- ces, Information Squad, Y- Teens Vice-President. ELLA JANE MORRIS G. A. A. Major and Minor Sports Letters, Gym Squad, Y-Teens. WVALTER S. MOSES I Honor Roll, Home Room President. be 0, QQ-7 eff?-Q p or Roll, Library Squad, Medical Squad, Y-Teens. . K : li .. . ERR?-I Q I M J Miss Beckis Beer and lretzel Party gave the old German course a new twist. 49 Wcfggu 4 . de Xb' at-P X' , .W I I .W f A at Q Z, , 5 S 4.1, f ANNE MOSITES G. A. A., Home Room Sec- retary, Majorette, Medical Squad, Y-Teens. ADELE MARIE MOSLENER G. A. A., Honor Roll, Ma- jorctte. KATHLEEN MULLEN G. A. A., Gym Squad, Library Squad, Medical Squad Reserve. CAROL LEE MURDOCH Attendance Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Secreta- ry and Representative, Music Manager, Triple Trio. MARY EDITH MURRIE Attendance Squad, Home Room Secretary, Informa- tion Squad, Medical Squad, Ways and Means Squad, Y-'teens Secretary. MARGARET K. MURTON Activities Key, Class Rank Committee, Home Room President, Library Squad, National Honor Society, Y- Teens President. ALLISON M. NEELLEY Cross Country, Honor Roll, Home Room President and Vice-P r e s i d e n t, Track, Ways and Means Squad. JOAN NICHOLS Arts and Crafts Squad, At- tendance Squad, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Y-Teens. DOROTHEA ANNE NILL ' Attendance Squad, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Poster Squad, Scenery Squad, Y- Teens. DONALD FULTON NORTH Cross Country, Physics Squad, Latin Newspaper, Track, Traffic Squad. x,,,,? The Athletic Banquet-tl1at's when Mt. Lebo's he- men got togcthcr to pat each other on the back. 50 ROBERT P. NUNGESSER Decorating Squad, Foot- ball, Home Room Basket- ball, Home Room Presi- dent and Representative, Traffic Squad. MARY CLARE O'BRIEN Activities Key, G. A. A., Honor Award Committee, Honor Roll, Home Room Vice-President, Informa- tion Squad. MYRA ORTOLF G. A. A., Y-Teens. RUTH E. OSBORNE Activities Key, Activities Play Properties Committee Chairman, G. A. A. Major Sports Letter, Honor Roll, Library Squad, Y-Teens D e v o tio n s Committee Chairman. A. ALAN PAULUS Football, Hi-Y, Home Room Basketball, Track, WVrestling'. JOAN ADELE PECK C. A. A., Home Room Sec- retary, T r a f f i c Squad, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens. MARY A. PETRIS ANNE R. PHILHOWER Book Squad Chairman, Home Room Officer, Traf- fic Squad, Y-Tecns Treas- urer. NANCY PIPER Bulletin Board Squad, G. A. A., Poster Squad, Y- Teens. WILLIAM C. POLACHEK Hi-Y, Home Room Basket- ball, Milk Squad. CHARLES PORTMAN Decorating Squad, Hi-Y, Home Room Basketball, Ways and Means, Wrest- ling. JACQUELINE POWELL Chorus, Devotions Squad Secretary, Gym Squad, Honor Roll, Operetta. JOYCE ANN RAAKER JOANNE RACIAPPA High Honor Roll, Y-Teens Social Service Committee. BARBARA O'CONNELL Honor Roll, Library Bulle- tin Board Squad. RAYMOND M. B. O,CONNOR Baseball, Basketball, Deco- rating Squad, Home Room Basketball, W a y s and Means Squad, Wrestling. JOY IRMELIN OSTERGAARD Armed Service Committee, G. A. A., Home Room Of- ficer, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens. ROBERT RAY OTT Activities Key, Basketball Co-Captain, Football Co- Captain, H o n o r R o 11, Home Room President, Hospitality Committee. DOLORES F. PELLETTERE C. A. A., Home Room Sec- retary, Medical Squad, Y- Teens. JOHN PENTECOST Home Room Basketball. AUDREY PHILIPS Chorus. LOIS M. PHILLIPS Activities Squad, G. A. A., Library Squad, Medical Squad, Mounty Typist, Y- Teens Social Committee Chairman. JAMES A. POLSON Hi-Y, Home Room Basket- ball, Home Room Vice- President, Studio Squad. NANCY PONTING Attendance Squad, G. A. A., Girls, Service Squad Chairman, Medical Squad, 'Y-Teens Program Commit- tee. ANN PRICER Home Room Bulletin Board, Log Art Staff, Ac- tivities Play Make-up Com- mittee, Poster Squad, See- nery Squad, Y-Teens. BARBARA ANN PRITCHARD G. A. A., Home Room Of- tieers, Medical Squad, Y- Teens. LOUISE E. RANDALL Honor Roll, L a n t e 1' n, Mounty, Poster Squad, Scenery Squad, Y-Teens. NANCY JUNE RANKIN Activities Key, Chorus Pi- anist, Honor Roll, Home Room Offices, Log Art Staff, Poster Committee Chairman. i 1 wbt, maj 4:2545 ff ? K. s ,J 523 '2 2' 3 39 if -if fin 91 30' . A is I -6 3 43 9 622 X N .JJ sr fxoolflyfox A ae' W N Iv og sig' if ,ob Y-2057 1 'U fi mfg ,E at t im 6 i EQ SYN - ' Ri W E13 . . E, . -1: v,:f l Q y f 8. ms, v 52:5 . x f t I fist i Y Q , 3 x 1 i . vs' -.M inf.,-f. Q S WF? . is it . if . i f 5 . 'A i...A x yt s ls-YN. ' Q .. X .. . x f , X f is K ,Q ea Ev... ,X fi sg g S if 3, KENNETH N. REARDON, IR. Home Room Basketball, Rifle. ROBERT REES Baseball Manager, Cafete- ria Squad, Home Room Basketball, Usher Squad. PAUL RHODES Activities Key, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Intra- mural Referee, Student Court Judge. CHARLES J. RICHARDSON Zfgzlzf Home Room Basketball, f Home Room Vice-Presi- dent. BETTY JEAN ROBB Activities Play Publicity Committee, Chorus, G. A. A., Honor Award Commit- tee Secretary, Medical Squad, Y-Teens Program Committee. KEITH ROBERTS Wrestling. FRADA M. ROSENBERG Activities Key, G. A. A., ' Gym Squad Chairman, Honor Roll, Lantern Typ- ist, Y-Teens. JOHN J. Ross Cafeteria S q u a d, Hi-Y Chaplain, Home Room Basketball, Home Room R c p r e s e n tative, Usher 4Squad Chairman. CHARLES SAVVYER Projection Squad Chair- man. CHARLES D. SCARVACE Chorus, Home Room Bas- ketball, Operctta. , CYRUS ROY SCHICK, JR. Home Room Basketball. GLORIA M. SCHMID C. A. A., Lantern, Log, Y- Teens. ROBERT L. SCHUETTE Band, Home Room Basket- ball, Track Letterman. FLORECE I-I. SCHXVARTZ Chorus, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Library Squad, Op- cretta, Y-Teens. DAVID F. REMENSNYDER Basketball, Home Room Basketball, Rifle. CHARLES RETTBERG, Cafeteria Squad, Cross Country Letterman, Home Room Vice-P r e s i d e n t, Track Letterman, Traffic Squad. SHERWOOD RICHARDSON Hi-Y Secretary, H o m e Room R e p r e s e n t ative, Track Manager. ROBERT F. RINK Hi-Y, Home Room Basket- ball, Lantern Sports Edi- tor, Usher Squad. SAMUEL A. ROBINSON Activities Play, Lantern, Poster Squad. FRANCES R. ROHRICH Chorus, Devotions Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Vice-President, T r a f f i c Squad, Y-Teens. FREDERICK H. RUFF Honor Roll, Home Room President. CARY RUSSELL Band, Orchestra. ELIZABETH SCHARNBERC f G. A. A., Needle and read Squad, Medical 11ad, Traffic Squad, ays and Means glommit- . tee, Traffic Squa . 'W SCHELL f iorus, Latin Newspaper, Library Squad, Needle and Thread Squad Chairman, DU Operetta Y-Teens Music l Chairman. 1 EANE SCHNEIDER G. A. A., Gym Squad, Y- W, CAROLYN SCHRADER G. A. A., Honor Roll, Home Room Attendance, Medical Squad, Y-Teens. JANE E. SCHWARTZ Activities Key, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Orchestra Li- brarian, Y-Teens. JENNY EWING SCHWARTZ Activities Key, Attendance Committee Co-Chairman, Chorus, C. A. A. Minor Sports Letter, Honor Roll, National Honor Society. The girls call time out it the Junior Senior Prom to fix their faces md cxchmgc 1 little gossip ibout Whos 'with whom and whit shes we irmg ALPHONSE I. SCHWINDT Band, Home Room Basket- ball, Home Room Officer. ROBERT G. SCOTT Football, Home Room Bas- ketball, Home Room Pres- ident. WALTER L. SEBRING, IR. ELMER I. SEILER Home Room Basketball, Track. MARY JANE SEMAN G. A. A., Library Squad, Medical Squad, Mounty Typist, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens. KEITH SEVY ' JAMES E. SHEEHAN Home Room Basketball, Home Room Secretary. RICHARD SHERIDAN Decorating Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Basket- ball, VVays and Means Squad. BARRY SHUTTERLY Track. DONNA KAE SIMMONDS Activities Key and Guard, Decorating Squad, C. A. A. President, Information Squad, Student Court judge, Y-Teens Secretary. 53 Poor-Herb had his troubles! Hc ncvcr could be sure if the four wheels on his limousine would all go in one direction at the same time. .. . . .. u,.. .... . .. . .... ,. ggi LOWELL E. SIMONSON Basketball, Home Room Basketball, Traffic Squad, Usher Squad. ROBERT HAYS SISLER Activities Play, Chorus, Devotions Squad, Traffic Squad. VIRGINIA R. SMALLEY Highest Honor Roll, Home Room Secretary, Latin Newspaper Editor, Traffic Squad. HARRY WV. SMEAL Announcer, Band, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball. DAVID MORROW SMITH Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball, P.A. Co- Chairman. ' EDVVARD L. SMITH, IR. Cafeteria Squad, Cross Country, Honor Roll, Home Room President, Track, Traffic Committee. JANICE C. SMITH G. A. A., Home Room At- tendance, Library Squad, Y-Teens. ROBERT SMITH Horne Room Basketball,, Rifle. ROSS C. SNODGRASS Cross Country, Scenery Squad. THONIAS GEORGE SOFIS Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball, Home Room Officer. 54 LOIS ANN SOMMER Book Squad, G. A. A. Council, Gym Squad, Med- ical Squad, Y-Teens Secre- tary. DORIS SPRENGER Home Room President and . Secretary, Library Com- mittee and Squad, Y- Teens. ROBERT V. STABILE Band Drum Captain, Hi- Y, Orchestra. VIRGINIA MARIE STABILE Chorus, G. A. A., Home Room Officer, Lantern, Operetta, Y-Teens. WVILLIAM M. STANLEY Football Manager. JOAN STARK , Chorus, Honor Roll, Home Room Bulletin Board, Li- brary Squad, M e d i c a l Squad, Operetta. V. CLAIRE STEVVART G. A. A., Medical Squad, 'Ways and Mcans Squad, Y-Teens. DAVID SUNDERLAND Activities Key, Basketball Letterman, Cross Country Letterman, Highest Honor Roll, National Honor Soci- ety, Track Letterman. MARTHA ANN TARPLEY Chorus, Devotions Music Squad, Honor Roll, Libra- ry Squad, Operetta. VIRGINIA MAE TAYLOR G. A. A., Lantern, Medical Squad, Y-Teens. OLIVE H. TIMOTHY Arts and Crafts Squad, Cheering Squad, G. A. A., Scenery Squad, Y-Teens. EDNVIN PATRICK TONS Home Room Basketball, Traffic Squad. RICHARD J. ULAM Football, Home Room Bas- ketball. DAVID VAN CAMP Football, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Basketball, Track. v M MARILYN SPRINGER Activities Key, Activities Play Properties Committee, Debate Club, G. A. A. Minor Sports Letter, Lost and Found Squad Chair- man. EDVVARD SQUILLER Home Room Basketball. NANCY JOYCE STAGGS Attendance Squad, G. A. A., Home Room Secretary, Mounty Assistant Editor, Traffic Squad, Y-Teens. FREDERICK VV. STANLEY Rifle Squad, Ways and Means Squad. PATRICIA STERLING Chorus, Library Squad. A. VV. STEVENSON Hockey, Hi-Y, Home Room Basketball, Ways and Means Squad, Deco- rating Squad. IULIAN TABER Debate Club, Devotions Squad, Rifle. LYN S. TAFEL Basketball. JANE LAWRY TEXTER Activities Play Costume Committee, G. A. A. Major Sports Letter, Gym Squad, Home Room Secretary, Li- brary Squad, Y-Teens Pro- gram Committee Chair- man. VVALLACE THOMPSON Cafeteria Squad, Hi-Y, Home Room Basketball. MARY-FRANCES TROXELL Activities Play Publicity Committee, G. A. A., Gym Squad, Poster Squad, Y- Teens. PATRICIA J. TRUXELL Activities Key, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Information Squad Secretary, Lantern Circulation Manager, Y- Teens. IEANNE VAYDA G. A. A., Library Squad, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens Committee Chair- man. BETTY ANN VELLUCCI VVILLIAM G. VETTER Basketball, C a f e t e r i a Squad, Home Room Bas- ketball. SHIRLEY VINCENT Activities Play Usher, At- tendance Squad, Chorus, Honor Roll, Library Squad, Operetta. ROBERT E. XVALKER Activities Key, Band, Foot- ball, Home Room Officer, Operetta Stage C r e W, Traffic Squad Chairman. PATRICIA EILENE NVARD C. A. A., Honor Roll, In- formation Squad, Medical Squad, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Teens. BETTY JEAN WELKER G. A. A., Medical Squad, Y-Teens. BETTY JANE WELLS Chorus, G. A. A., Lantern, Medical Squad, Traffic Squad, Y-Teens Social Committee. MARY JANE WIBNER G. A. A., Y-Teens Com- mittees. RALPH P. VVIETHORN Chorus, Boys, Glee Club, Activities Play, Business Squad. PAUL WILLIAMS Basketball, Football, Home Room President, Track. GERALD VVISSLER Baseball Manager, Cafete- ria Squad, Usher Squad. HARRIET LINCAN WORK Activities Key, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y- Teens Treasurer. IANTHE N. WYNDHAM Arts and Crafts Squad, Chorus, G. A. A., Operetta, Scenery Squad, Y-Teens. JAMES E. YOUNG Activities Assembly Com- mittee, Band, Cafeteria Squad Chairman, Operetta Properties C 0 m m i t t e e, Usher Squad. LEON M. ZOLBROD Football, Hockey, Honor Roll, Lantern News and Feature Writer. CHARLES E. VOGEL Band, Lantern. M. JEAN VVAGNER G. A. A., Library Squad, Medical Squad, Ways and Means Squad, Y-Tccns. ANNE XVEISENBERCER Chorus, G. A. A., Honor Award Committee, Y- Teens. DAVID PAUL WEISS Football, H 0 m e Room Basketball. NVILMA L. WVESTIN C. A. A., Library Squad, Lantern Feature VVritcr. RICHARD VV. VVHITMORE Honor Roll, Latin News- paper Make-up Editor, Physics Laboratory Squad, Traffic Squad. ARTHUR H. WILIDER Activities Key, Decorating Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Vice-P r e s i d e n t, Printing Commi ttec Chair- man. FREDERICK VVILHELM ROBERT A. VVOEBER Honor Roll, Home Room V i c c-President, Lantern and Log Photographer, Printing Squad, Traffic Squad. SALLY ANN VVOODROOF Chorus, G. A. A., Home Room Bulletin B o a r d, Medical Squad, Y-Teens. EDVVARD F. YAUCH 6U'IfZ6l'6L . IRVIN BACHMANN Log, Traffic Squad, Honor Roll, Dcvotions Squad, Ac- tivities Play Propcrtics Committee. ROBERT C. BARRON Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty. DONALD E. FLORIN Hi-Y, Home Room Basket- ball. JAMES C. HUMES Home Room Basketball. JOHN B. HUTCHINSON Hi-Y, Home Room Basket- ball. MARSHALL JEANNERO II Honor Roll, Orchestra. DONALD E. KIRSOPP Home Room Basketball, Home Room Officer. DONALD H. MARTIN ROY MCROBERTS JOHN TIGHE Hi-Y, Honor Roll. The Big Wheels Got Around 'mn ugnni vmuu at "Right this way! Get your ticket here for that show of shows, :The Barretts of NVimpole Street'l" And we did. ,W we-wtf 5 X :E vf' J -- Our cameraman had to work to get this close- up of Nancy Rankin making mucho musieo at the Prom. l A familiar scene indeed and isnlt it domestic? Claire and Ah-h-h, food! No wonder We see such a large body QFD joy were-nit the only seniors who had to finish their of Alphas making the most of a wonderful opportunity. vests for Senior Day VVho wouldnlt? 58 llis time was ber time as Art walked Carol to ber classes. XZ?!g?Q . . . Donlt say it, Ben. Doift say il!! just take Looks as if all parties were enjoying it. a nice eleun sheet of paper and begin ull over again. XVas Jim einb1u'russed! Ile forgot to send Ver- gil il ealrd on bis MMXVII birthday. 1 ' Many il girl like June and Bette Rae relied on V the glass in the side eubinets for her lust minute priinping before tbe 8:40 bell. 59 The Latin classes must have de- cided that Nance Goddcn has an hour-glass figure since they elected her Miss Diana for Mt. Lebois day at the Buhl Planetarium. Th Semi The "Big Fouru of the senior class, Virginia McVeigh, Bob Eby, Corinne Lightbown, and Dave Sunderland, stood highest scliolastically at the end of the first semester. Will Miss Pickens never stop writing those outlines on As usual, there was a rush to get schedules changed be- the board! Any one in her classes knows only too well tween semesters. Here is Miss lon fevrishly trying to that the answer is "Noni 60 C01'I'eCt H few- eztziqvziztzies he Clock Recognize this rattletrap? It be- longs to P. G. Bill Austermil- ler, and although he had trouble getting it started oc- casionally, it managed to get these P. Gfs to school on time. Sam Robinson proudly displays the three-dimensional poster he made for the Activities Play. What about the fourth dimension, time, Sam? Per- haps youive had enough of it in this Log. "VVhat t we rintinf or en ravinf are ou gettin iw was an oftheard No wonder Dave was on the cross coun- yl 1 B . . . . ' - phrase durlng the weeks when Miss Slllltll strived to satlsty every try team, for he kept in practice trying senior ordering name cards. to get to school on time. 61 5 CTop lcftj Most Likely to Succeed Mcllvane, Sunderland Best Looking Barry, Ostergaard Q uietest Hohner, Macdonald 62 We Clwtos B mi ni est Eby, McVeigh Candidates Rosie and Suudy possess The qualities needed for success. Bob's doo-dad has Virginia shockedg NVhat won't our smartest kids concoct? Joy and jack have looks that could Make quite a hit in Hollywood. Brenda takes time out to scream That Ben and she are our quietest team. Bob "Ott" to forget his shiny nose While Jeanine shows him "Howell" she throws. Sizzling Puts and zooty Paul Can dance a step that's on the ball Best Athletes Howell, Ott Best Dancers Williams, Carmela wr Smperllcltvifves Lois gaily sings a trill, But villain Bob looks fit to kill. Ann and Dave must not agree On what the best-dressed look should be. lean will really make a hit When she falls for Rayls quick wit. A barrel of fun, nice as four scoops of goo Are our best all-around kids, Richie and Sue. Those chains and ball arexft really gruesome To Anne and Dan, our cutest twosome. Best All-Around Kids McQuillen, Cullen Cutest Couple Philhowcr, Farrell M ost Talented Alclerclice, Kocrber Best Dressed Mosites, Sunderland VVittiest XVagner, Ferraro 1 63 X ,f 1 1 1 . ,, X X. 1' mil I ' ,f f f , I 1 '27 , R , .- x fx 'X If ' . ' -X N Lg xx l . X X, x , , ,I A AX X ', fx! , V ,, A 1 1, , ff ' f ,ff . xx Rua, ,X 1' -..J , . I W , I w ,R t . X, ,manga 7mm Smza Spmfzts Hmmm R0 Il These lmoys were choscn most-vulualblc by team-mates and couches. Dick Plllmmcr-Truck f'l'I'21L'kD John Kelmcy-Tcmlis Jack Brown-Baseball llomcr Goddard-Rifle Bob Kunklc-Golf Bernie LlliCl'2lllCik-Cl'llSS Country Jerry Ilcuaml-'l'1'11ck Clficldb Bob Ott-Basketball Herky Dawes-Football 66 r tif Front row: H. Hall, T. Farrell, Schreeongost, Hackett, McCune. Second row: Palmer Cmanagcrl, Ed llarmon, A. Long, Avery, Ott, Lurty, Schmidt, H. Cox, Laderer fmanagerj. Third row: Coach "Speed" Clark, Mohl, Markle, Lucas, Badke, Tjof1at, Kindle, J. Brown, Rees tmanagerj, NVissler fmanagerj. Spring Sports BASEBALL 1947 Our Blue and Cold swatters completed the 1947 diamond season, batting out four wins in ten starts. Stiffer opposition was encountered by the Mounties than in previous years as they were placed in tough section fifteen. Because of inclement weather the Blue Devils played an abbreviated schedule. Lack 'of consistent pitching showed up in many of the frays, but the locals rarely went to the showers without giving the spectators something to shout about. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 2 ..... 'South Hills Mt. L. 4 . . Munhall .. Mt. L. 10 . . Duquesne Mt. L. 5 . . Homestead Mt. L. 14 . . Clairton . . Mt. L. 2 . . Mnnhall . , Mt. L. 4 . . McKeesport Mt. L. 1 . . Clairton . . Mt. L. 2 ..... McKeesport Mt. L. 0 ..... Duquesne ON on-league game Lund, Kennedy, Mullen, Crawford, Cox, Kunklc. Met Tough Foes GOLF 1947 Keeping pace with the ,4G-,47 sports, the golf squad, under the able handling of Mr. Burrows. closed their season with a fine record of 6 wins and no losses. The Mounties easily won the section V crown and were handed their only defeat of the year in the W.P.I.A.L. eliminations hy Latrobe, 13-2. FIRST lWATCl'l SECOND lvIATCH Mt. L. 1215 ...... 235 Munhall 4. .11 Mt. L. Mt. L. 1255 ,...., 236 Duquesne 1. . 14 Mt. L. NIL L. 11 ...... 4 lVIC1iL'CSD0l't l . .14 Bit. L. VV.P.I.A.L. ELIMINATIONS Mt. L. 2 .... 13 Latrobe Uadefeated Trackmea Won 'N ig Four? uStuds" Dalton displays fine hurdling form in thc Dormont meet. TRACK 1947 Once again in 1947 Coach Don Mollenauer entered a track team that heaped more and more honors on Mt. Lebanon. The ,47 squad, believed by many to be the best ever to don the blue and gold, went through their entire season undefeated. In doing this they recaptured the WV.P.I.A.L. crown that was lost to New Castle in 1946. Prospects for a successful outdoor season were good as the indoor team won its only meet, defeating about 20 schools in the Tri-State Coaches Meet at the South Park Track House. Several weeks later the outdoor season got under way and it was met with equal success. For the sixth time in Mt. Lebois history the Blue Devils walked off with the WV.P.I.A.L. Relays crown. Next came the WVashington Invitational in which the Mounties beat their nearest opponent, Connellsville, by more than 18 points. In the Independent Districts Meet our thin-clads racked up 62 points for first place. Then came the all important W.P.I.A.L Championship, but Coach Mollenaueris proteges took it in their stride as they edged out Connellsville again by a three point mar- gin, 30-27. SCHEDULE Indoor TRI-STATE COACI-IES MEET Mt. L. 3735 St-wit-kley 30 Outdoor Mt. L. 83 Mcliccsport 61 Donora 17 Mt. L. 85 4f15 Clairton 41 11!15 Mt. L. 71 QMS New Castle 55 1X3 Mt. L. 81 2X3 Penn 45 1X3 Mt. L. 83 Canonsburg 26 Mt. L. 77 Dormont 50 YV.P.I.A.L RELAY Mt. L. 36 New Castle 27 VVASHINGTON INVITATIONAL Mt. L. 60 1f4 Connellsville 42 INDEPENDENT DISTRICTS Mt. L. 62. Mcliecsport 49 1X2 XN'.P.I.A.L. CHAMPIONSHIP Mt. L. 30 Connellsville 27 l Schwartz gets set to toss javclin. Plummer breaks another tape in relays. Lutcrancik and Snodgrass hold thc lead. Hclland wins pole-vault for the mounties. 68 or Second Time ln WCP, QAQL, History In the VV .P.l.A.L meet, the Mounties captured only two first lace laurels. These were in the javelin throw, with Jerry Hel- and entering a toss of 177 feet, 7 inches, and in the half-mile run, hich was Won by Dick Plummer. The Mounties had talent in every event. The sprinters were ed by Doubleday, Ballon, Vogel, and Cobbly. Outstanding quar- er-milers were D. Reynolds, Bell, and Sunderland. Our distance nen in the 880 and mile runs were Plummer, Smith, Hibbard, nerr, Thompson, Wilson, and Beck. Showing the way for the iurdlers were such important cogs as Albert, Barry, and Dalton. ugsburger, Morian, Hilf, and Jones could really toss a "cannon allv. Discus and javelin stand-outs were Schwartz and Helland. dding points in the high and broad jumps were Schuette, Min- han, Barry, and Schwartz, while the high flying pole-vaulters ere Helland, Schuette, and Minihan. Two new school records were set during the '47 season. Al chwartz set a new mark in the javelin throw as he turned in a ecord toss of 184 feet, 10 inches, and Captain Dick Plummer owered the mile time as he rounded the five laps in 4 minutes, 3 seconds. Barry, Schwartz, Plummer, Hclland, and Augs- burgcr led the Mountics to another VV.P.I.A. L. track crown in thc championship uxcct at Conncllsville. TRACK TEAM Front row: Wilson, Albo, Ducrr, Thompson, Ferguson, Rettberg. Second row: Barry, Hibbard, Minihan, Plummer, Helland, Ballon, Vogel, Doubleday, Bell. Third row: Coach Mollenauer, Albert, Iones, Allen, D. Reynolds, R. Reynolds, Augsburgcr, Dalton, Schwartz, Eby, Schu- cttc, Sunderland, Smith. 59 Mt. L, Spavrkledl On Range, Court, H ills SCHEDULE Mt. L. 489 Oakmont . .495 Mt. L. 490 Aspinwall , .485 Mt. L. 487 Munhall , . .500 Mt. L. 489 Millvale . . .476 Mt. L. 487 Coraopolis . .488 Mt. L. 491 Oakmont . .497 Mt. L. 492 Aspinwall . .490 hit. L. 488 Nlunhall . . . . , . .497 Mt. L. 489 Millvale . , . . . . .486 Mt. L. 490 Coraopolis .,.... 494 Kneeling: R. Reardon, K. Reardon, VV. Pentecost, R. Cunningham, Goddard. Standing: Nourie, Austin, Coach Peters, Harmon, T. Snodgrass. RI FLE The Mt. Lebo gunners, pitted against sueh teams as Oakmont and Munhall, didn't stand a chance to vvin the section this year. Paced by the consistency of Ed Harmon and Homer Goddard, the best the shooters could do was a record of four Wins and six reverses. The most impressive score this season Was made by Iohn Austin, who shot a hundred. With many hold-overs expected back next year, the rifle team should really go places. TENNIS 1947 Last year's tennis team, again coached by Mr. Doak and captained by John Kenney, proved to be one of the best in the district. Serving their way through a rough schedule, the boys played heads-up ball all season. Both Kenney and Christie advanced to the W.P.I.A.L. finals and were set against a strong doubles team from Edge- wood. The locals didnit have enough on the ball how- ever, and Went down to defeat. Gingerich, Timberlake, Q Schremp, Coach Doak, W Brodinerkel, C h r i s t i e, i Kenney. Front row: Uhrich, Melice, Shave, Ladcrcr, Keen, Fee, Kernan. Middle row: Craig, Eby, Bcttberg, Smith, Luterancik, Snod- grass, Davis. Back row: Ellis, Hastings, Miller, Bruning, Hufnagel, Hosscr, Younkins, Kiefer, Bonner, Coach Mollcnauer, NValkcr. rrziers Whipped Al Bait One Opponent CROSS COUNTRY The Mountie harriers, although experiencing their worst season for several years, finished with a creditable record of five victories in seven dual meets and a fourth place in the W.P.I.A.L. champion- ship. Both scheduled meets were lost to New Castle, who was crowned W.P.I.A.L. champ, taking over the throne that the Moun- ties had held for five consecutive years. Coach Don Mollenauer de- veloped a new star, junior Bernie Luterancik, who literally burned up the track, placing first for Mt. Lebanon in all of its meets. SCHEDULE Ivlt. L. .... 20 Penn . . . . . . . .35 Mt. L. . . .27 Canonsburg .,... .28 Mt. L. . . .15 New Kensington .40 Mt. L. . , .18 Conncllsville ...., 37 Mt. L. . . .35 New Castle .,.... 20 Mt. L. . . .27 Aliqnippa ....,.. 28 Mt. L. , . .42 New Castle ...... 21 Brentwood ..,,.,. 67 W.P.1.A.L. lst New Castle Srd Ambridgc 2nd Aliquippa 4th Mt. Lebanon Left to right-Co-captain Bob Eby shows fine form in Canonsburg meet. Junior Jerry Shave will be back to bolster the Mounties in y'48. Bernie Luterancik finished first for thc Mounties in every meet. Charlie Rcttbcrg was always in the first few. Ed Smith, our other co-captain, helped Mounties to a successful season. 71 Grzidders Finished With Poor ecord Cheerleaders swing into action during first pep rally. Dawcs thwarts enemy T.D. pass. Metzger carries ball behind blocking of L. Church. FOOTBALL Mt. Lebanon was due for an off-season following her two un- defeated squads of ,45 and L46, and the lightning struck this year as Coach John Beckertis protegees finished their season with a record of 1 win, 1 tie, and 6 losses. In direct contrast to the ,46 eleven, much was expected of these boys, this was two strik- es against them before the sea- son started. Mt. Lebanon has seen better records, but never has she seen a bunch of boys with more spunk and spirit. SCHEDULE Mt. L. O ...., Crafton ,,.... 20 Mt. L. 12 ..... Carrick ....... 0 Mt. L. 6 , .... Penn ......... 19 Mt. L. 6 ...., New Brighton .14 Mt. L. 0 , . . . ,VVilkinsburg . .26 Mt. L. 0 ..... New Castle . . .26 Mt. L. 0 ..... Munhall ...... 20 Mt. L. 7 ..... VVashington . . . 7 VARSITY SQUAD Front row: Stawowczyk, lrwi11, Farrell, DeLonga, Nungesser, Christie, Barry, R. VVallcer, Hibler. Second row: Lund, Dawes, Doubleday, R. Ott, Lurty, L. Church, Flaherty, C. Coltman, R. Bell, Lucas. Third row: Stim- mel, Brown, Cox, Davis, Billingsley, Simon, Morian, Mcrvosh, Dcc, Austin, Barry, Krieger, E. Church. Fourth row: Pischke, Shepler, Del Grande, Jones, Mall, DeLaval, Minihan, G. Millington, Groell, Hahncr, Metzger. 72 l t . at Washed Fine Fighting Spirzi ,fjltfiygtfi p VVith six lettermen and a large squad of inexperi- enced hopefuls Beckert moulded a squad which many held high hopes for. In the first game of the season, however, the Mounties had their long un- defeated string broken by Crafton. The next week the Mounties snapped back and eopped their only victory of the year as they downed Carrick High. The Blue and Cold VV.P.I.A.L. hopes were very short-lived as our boys were outclassed 19-6 by Penn, who was a strong title contender. The next week the Mounties were caught off guard by a not too strong, but very scrappy New Brighton. Then came 'ilX'Iurderer,s Bowf' In three successive weeks Mt. Lebo met three of the toughest teams in the district and dropped games to Wilkinsburg, New Castle, and Munhall. In the final game, VVashing- ton High managed to score in the dying minutes to hand the locals a 7-7 heart-breaker. A new individual award, the Howard Long Mem- orial Trophy, was added to the list of Mt. Leban- on honors. It is awarded to the individual who is voted by his team-mates as the most valuable play- er of the squad. This year's trophy was presented to Lawrence "Herky,' Dawes, fleet half-back who was a stand-out on both offense and defense. Co-captains were Bob Ott and Bill Lurty. Dawes skirts end with Carothers leading interfer- ence. Lurty picks up yardage for the Mounties. raft? B SQUAD Front row: Dee, Stiimnel, Stawowezyk, Sheplcr, Croell, Barry, E. Church, Hahner. Second row: Pischke, G. Millington, jones, Mall, Minihan, Austin, Del Grande, DeLaval, Billingsley, Krieger, Brown. Third row: Hayes, Brown, Buck, Laboon, Luft, Dole, Beazley, Nolle, Hoffman, Jeffers, Adams. 73 es ite Good Showing In Exhibitions QHNQ "Little Speedy, was Mt. Lelmols most ardent fan. BASKETBALL The 1947-48'edition of Mt. Lebols hoopsters was as versatile as Pittsburglfs weather. Play- ing hot and cold throughout the season, the Mounties, chart showed IO wins against I2 re- verses. Pre-season play opened with a surprising victory over Charlcroi. Wfins over Penn, Mc- Kees Rocks, and McKeesport followed, while countered. Mt Mt Mt Mt Mt Mt Mt Mt Mt Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. -10 43 39 57 34 38 57 50 52 36-52 31-37 39-27 36-39 58-40 40-32 SCHEDULE EXHIBITIONS . . . . . Cliarleroi . . . . . Clairton ..,.. . . Penn , , . . . Mcliees Rocks . . . , . XVilkinsburg . . . . . . . . Mclieesport , , . . . . . . . Bridgcville . . . , . . , . . Clairtou . , , . Bethel SECTION IV Brentwood 45-37 Clark 37-29 Baldwin 42-37 XVashingtou 48--16 Trinity 58-53 Dorinont 42-52 losses with Clairtou and NVilkinsburg were en- Section 4 tests with Brentwood and Clark found the locals bowing, but the "Devils, then swamped Baldwin. After losing to VVashing- ton, the Lebo Lads drubbed Trinity and Dor- inont to take their first away games. Coming down the hoinestretch of league VARSITY SQUAD Kneeling: Cox, Vetter, Ott, McCune, O,Conner, Sheridan, Lurty. Standing: Coach Clark, Silnonson, Farrell, Mer- vosli, Rennensnyder, Haus, Estep, Flaherty. tMissing: Sunderland, Dawes, Doubleday.J 74 38 65 32 20 56 S0 32 64 OO ...f Mt. L Mt L Mt Mt L Mt. L Mt. L L Floovrmen Failed ln Section Com eztiztzion 4 'Kansasisn push-shot rips the cords! Another two-pointer by southpaw Mc- Cune. "High Flying" Cox scores in the Dor- inont gaunc. Play, the Xlountics again fell to the Brents, Clark, Baldwin, and Trinity but easily whip- ped Dormont again. Although the campaign wasift too success- ful from the standpoint of records, the small but spirited squad provided bright spots when they upset classy Mclicesport, when jack Mc- Cunc scored 33 points against lX'lcKees Hooks, and when the boys gave a sound trouncing to Bethel. There were inany standout players such as: McCune, XfVilliains, llaus, Farrell, Ott, and finally Sunderland, who was hurt in the first Brentwood game and was out all sea- son. Although these boys were all seniors, tal- ent wasnit lacking in the junior class either. Cox and Mcrvosh brought the underclassnicn hopes of a more successful season to come. Nlr. Tt1lllHl1l1,S sharpshooting "Bw squad won 12 and suffered 9 setbacks. B SQUAD Kneeling: Millington, McGhee, Jewell, Pankopf. Standing: Dec, Sood, Swanson, Billingsley, Burns, Cole. QMiss- ing: I. McConnell, Dalton, DeLaval, Harwell, Minihan, G. Farrcllj 75 latramarals Capztared Spartliiglrt HOCKEY Once again the arrival of warm weath- er cut short the intranuiral hockey sched- ule, and no team won the official champ- ionship. Bill Berlinis pucksters, however, finished their four games with a .750 average, which proved to be the best record of the six team league. He was followed up closely by Rollie Tisdale's sextet with .666 and Dick Iones' squad with .500. HOCKEY CAPTAINS Front: Berlin, Dole. Back: Tisdalc, Lofquist Cmgrj, Hartlc, R. Jones. BASKETBALL After much cordusion as to the twelfth grade finalists, the eliminations for the intramural basketball crown finally got under way. The Iunior champions, llA9, won handily over the l0A6,s, 17-7, in the semi-final round. ln the finals it was the twelfth gradeis l2Al1 all the way. Jim Sheehan led the victors with 12 points as the seniors went on to win, 22-12. BASKETBALL NVINNEHS Hogan, Ulam, Sheehan, Seiler, Hiblcr. XVRESTLING The 19-17 record turnout of 30 grap- plers was broken this year as 32 matinen signed up for the annual tournaments. Outstanding in the finals were Richy McQuillen in the welter-weights, who won his weight class for the third year in a row, Tom Sofis, who supplied the most thrilling bout of the afternoon, win- ning over Leon Zolbrodg and Tom Hib- ler, who had the only pin of the day. YVRESTLING XVINNEHS Front: Cropley, McQuillen, Sofis, Jeffers. Back: Iliblcr, Christie. 76 Cameron Comm lint Local ln Action llollic 'l'iscl:1lc "rz1gs', puck in intrixmurnl lion-lacy ,L'fillIll'. llicliy NIL-Quillcn, tliroc- yczu' wrvstling cluuup, wins in final over Dick Ellis. Dave Foo runs for Moun- tics in XV.l'.I.A.L. moot. 'Flu' Blum- Devil was rc- born this your with John Mitclu-ll doing llis antics. Al SCllNVilI'tZ lands in tlic pit ziftvr ll succossful liroacl jump. A close play at tliircl with .lack Brown playing thc 'Klint L'Ol'Il0l'U for Mountivs. john "Lcftyv McCuno tries il sliot in Cluirtou game. l llcrc urn' your xVCStCl'll Pennsylvania cllcss clizunps: Our snappy cllcc-l'lcudc1's wore: llulwr, NVciguncl, llust Plantz, L. Zollxrocl, Starrett, B11-nt, Ilickinun. ings, Divine, Cross, McVuy, St. Clair, Arn-ntzcn, Fulton 77 G.A.A. COUNCIL Seated: Sinnnons, Miss Billingsley, Means ell, Swanson, Tjoflat, Artenzen, MeCune Codden. Our zirls ln GQAQAQ Took Time Ou GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Do you have scoliosis, kyphosis, or lordosis? Are you bored and restless around 3:15, h-m-m? Try C.A.A., made for all sizes, tastes and seasons by Dr. "Bn and her council. Although we may not have acquired the bounce you love to watch or stirred cupid with our "flying angelsf we had a wonderful time. This yearls sophomore class has shown excep- tional skill in sports, and tennis was no exception. To the embarrassment of the junior champs, Linn and Tracy, and to the horror of the senior winners, Bradley and Schwartz, the school tennis tournament was taken by two sophomores, Al- bright and Divine. ' On one of those lovely autumn days did you notice the groups of refined Mt. Lebanon debs kicking each other for all they were Worth? As you probably have guessed, G.A.A. was now playing HSOCIC-l1GI'.v At the end Swansonls and Arentzen's teams tied for the fewest casualties, in games that is. The anew lookl' may come and go, but basket- ball will always be popular. XVhat the games CConlin11ed on page 79D It looks like a fight-to-the-finish as these gals battle it out. At the C.A.A. Dessert the "iron eurtainv rose on this in- spiring tableau of our dignified council caught in an 'coffl' moment. Standing: Church, Sonnners, Hastings, How- A wicked looking hunch, arcn't they? No wonder. llere are the G.A.A.'s "No, I Pin Killcrsv preparing to attack some poor unsuspecting pins. Shame! or Iiziqvely Sports And Real Fan . f A . T H Tennis Champs: Cstandingl Tracy, I. Schwartz, Bradley, Linn, fscatedl B. Albright, N. Divine. Soccer Champs: Qfront rowj S. Divine, Ott, Leib, Litten Stapleton, Csecond rowj McCriddcn, Taylor, Baldus Quinn, Clowes, Kapplcr, Martin, fthird rowl Swanson 7 Decker, Code, Friday, Archibald, Longeneckcr, Artent- zeng Ctourth rowj Budden, Bumer, Hillman, Portman, Katmcl, A. Furlong, Texter, Frazee. Q GIRLS, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION fContinuccl from page 78, didn't show in skill they made up for in enter- tainment as the girls battled it out lady-like and otherwise. Once again top honors were split as both "The Roaring Sixv and 'KThe Bobby Soxersv turned in perfect records for their tournament games. The seniors easily came through to take the All Stars, tournament, While the sophomores took a bitterly fought second place. Str-r-rike! Mushball? No, now howling was the thing as the girls in all three grades threw some Wicked curves for the title, i'No. I Pin-Killer." Also, no apologies were necessary in volleyball, for the girls showed real skill in their ball handling. In the spring they say a maiden lightly turns to thoughts of love, but not so in Mt. Lebo. Spring meant mushball, track, the C.A.A. picnic, and interscholastic playday. This year in addi- tion to their regular program the ingenious coun- cil came through with a new idea which they called The C.A.A. Dessert or N400 Footprints on the Tableclothf, Iim sure We all appreciate the Wonderful year Miss Billingsley and her council Worked so hard to give us. xwm WY Rfk 2. 'A' :f' my "" 4' 5 X Pg X I., "1 f 1 H1 Y x I, ' 1 ,.,4 KW x , Y my , X, Y 'MW 49' ry, ,n ff 1 y A VW , .,, ' - ,fl f A, M 7 W ff 4 5, QQ f X ' I If '15 ' X? iw , N B f - rfg -fp G ' 'Q '41, 1: ' W 'f Y X, ':' 'I , I 1 4 , , , A HQ , V hxl X f X ,HY ' ' V i n ,Q ff 1' ,L .. ,+7Z1i, , ' ' HM X X ,ga :ll A . W ,,,, , 1 f . : ff ff ' 2 "Q X ll nm 1 LW f I fMl Q ' L W ' , 'I , , ff V f V , WW I' 9 Q, , 6 4 X Q "f "1 f I", '1 "1 'NN 5 W f u Y ff 'Quik' Y! A l ,Z fm," Z, f W 5 '20 ' f if A C X Xx ff U j , L, " 5:4 9 N ,Q , I, ith I VY I --'xg f . V K fl ' , , W? v w 'Wt V I , 3 H 'WJ 'x , Z IZ V in 15 1' f 1 " ' . P' ff' Wu ff D D dmc 'N Q we -xx-KE Ottr Student Lenders Kept T STUDENT COURT Seated: Landon, Crechan, Rhodes, Adams. Standing: Franklin, Macdonald, VVard, Albert- son. EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS Bob Aldcrdiec, Suzanne Divine, Bob Ott, John McCune, Anne Philhower, Bob Christie. SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Front row: Fleet, Barncr, Davis, McKee, Murdock, Cross, Dunbar, Sprenger, McVeigh, Powell, Rohrich. Second row: Estep, llorsford, McCune, Christie, Ott, Ladercr, Keen, Fee, Balccrzak, Mastandrea, Moses. Third Row: Ruff, Macdonald, Arganbright, Fleischaucr, Landon, Scott, Mangold, Richarardson, Irwin. Fourth row: Rhodes, Hibler, Dittner, Baum, Kindlc, Ross, McClincy,4L-Mitchell. 82 heels of Government Turning EXECUTIVE BOARD "WVhy canit we have a chorus line at our dances?,' asked a junior boy. "Mr. President, why can't we have cold Water in the foun- tains?,' That question came from a sophomore girl. The board met every Wednesday morn- ing to discuss each problem or suggestion that arose in the various homerooms. By this means every student had an opportunity to express his opinions or ideas on school gov- ernment. STUDENT COURT Teacher: "Tommy, I think I have something for you ..... " Tommy: "Oh, no-not another out-of-orderlli' In spite of the humor of Tommy's situation to his friends, gravity of manner and serious- ness of thought were the most impressive things about the student court, Its eight mem- bers Were selected by the executive board from all grades. To every student the court has come to mean impartiality and justice. SOPIIOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD Front row: Burg, L. Eiscnbcis, Rust, Johnson, Hess, Marshall, Miller, Litten. Sccond row: Carr, Massey, Kecfer, Burns, Pankopf, Talcott, Kcrnahan, Ellis, Third row: Colwill, Cramer, Draync, Bonner, Hammond, Bercsi, Dickerson. JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Front row: Baer, Cray, Gallup, Estabrook, Means, McKendry, Robinson, McCalley. Second row: Mecll, Beacon llornell, Lampcrt, Mervosh, Mall, Johnston. Third row: Rosfeld, Harmon, Denman, Mcliibbcn, Kelley, McKcc 1 Prom The Workings U SOCIAL WAYS AND MEANS USHERS LIBRARY EXECUTIVE BOARD COMMITTEES AND SQUADS Wednesday morning devotions ended and you rushed to the front of your home room to sign out for some activity. But, wait! Did you ever stop to think who Wrote those programs, Who read them, who sang the hymns, or who operat- ed the controls? These are duties of only some of Mt. Lebo Higlfs committees and squads that work unceasingly throughout the year to keep the school in Working order. QSocialQ "Hey, kids. lrVl1at are we going to call the next dance?,' This is just one problem that the social committee faces in planning the regular executive board dances. Itis up to them to furnish music, get the gym, and make all the arrangements for a top-flight dance. fWays and Meansj Hotdogs, candy bars, and cokes are only a means to an end for our food- conscious Ways and means committee. The end is to put a little copper in the till of the execu- tive board, so that they may offer you students a fuller activities program. QUshersj Sure they got into the games for nothing, but how much of them did they see? VVe refer to the usher squad that you have met at the ball games and class plays, taking your tickets, or your money, or sometimes both. fLibraryj Our librarian, Miss Moore, is fa- mous for her meticulous library and assisting her is the library squad. Besides taking care of the books, members do clerical Work, file magazines, and put up unusually attractive bulletin boards. ommviztztces And Squads Q Q 0 HAIRMEN Social: Codden Achievement: Fee Bulletin Board: Davis Scoreboard: Hecht Physics: johnson, North, Whitmore Hospitality: Ott, Cemmcr, McCune Cafeteria: Erclman, Young, Mitchell Devotions: Barner, Humphreys Printing: XVilder Lost and Found: Springer Library: Sprenger, Garibaldi Girls Gym: Rosenberg Chemistry: Alexeff, Dcnigan Projection: Morgan, Sawyer Ushers: Erclman, Ross, Hoffman, Mitchell Public Address: Smith, Alderdiee g-x it 'vow x rm ll E ,Mx 1 . . . Sprung A Wide Vurziezt TRAFFIC ATTENDANCE DEVOTIONS HONOR AVVARD PUBLIC ADDRESS PUBLICITY fTrafficj As the two-minute bell rings the pretty girl in the blue sweater sitting next to you grabs her books and scurries out of the room. She is just one of the many members of the traffic squad who make a gallant attempt at keeping order in our halls. CAttendancej The door opens and a mysterious hand reaches in, plucking the attendance cards from their holder. Thatis about all the average pupil sees of a member of this squad, which keeps accurate check on the attendance of all students. fDevotionsj Presenting an inspirational side to school life is the task of the devotional committee. Interest and timeliness are among the points that must be considered in planning this WVednesday morning feature. QHonor Awardj Keeping accurate check on ac- tivities points is the responsibility of the honor award committee. They're the ones who record your activities and the points you have earned from them, making sure you receive your pin or guard when you are entitled to it. CPublic Address! Arenit the announcements loud enough? Is the reception poor? Blame it on the public address squad. They are in charge of every- thing coming over the MP. Af,-morning and after- noon announcements, radio programs, and other special broadcasts. Qljublicityj Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The publicity committee brought school events and functions into the limelight of the school and com- munity in such various ways as skits, posters, and newspaper articles. f Student Acztziqvziztzies 1 CHAIRMEN Milk: Thomas Decorating: McQuillen Honor Award: McVeigh XVays and Means Mcllvane Attendance: Schwartz, Haley Scenery: McConnell, Ciko Scholastic: Lee, Hartle Book: Zepli, Pliilhower Medical: Matheny Class Rank: Lightbown Debate: Hickman Publicity: Mclice Poster: Rankin Information: Truxell Traffic: Walker Music Manager: Murdoch Needlc and Thread: Sclicll 87 These Lehofhtes Had A Hand n Everything Proud owners of keys and guards at the end of the first semester were: Bob Eby, Nancy Rankin, Ben Mac- donald, Virginia McVeigh, Dave Sunderland. ACTIVITIES KEY For many months we worked on Executive Board, Student Court, Y-Teens, Hi-Y, and va- rious squads and committees like Devotions, Ways and Means, and Attendance. Long hours were spent to get on the honor roll and even more were devoted to Basketball, Track, G.A.A., Band, Chorus. Even articles for Log, Mounty, and Lantern added to our growing collection. Then 90 points and Bingo! Not a seventeen jeweled watch, a mink coat, or a Cadillac con- vertible, but an Activities Key for our very own. Although this key might not open a Yale lock, it was the permanent combination for our strongbox of school service. This year an enviable record was set by the class of ,48 for the number of seniors who went on to earn 200 or more points for an Activities Guard. ACTIVITIES KEY Front row: Button, Truxell, Murton, Lightbown, O,Brien, Barner, Osborne, Murdoch, McVeigh, Rankin, Work. Second row: Koerber, C. Davis, Hastings, C. McKee, Simmonds, Crissman, Adams, Bowman, Mellvane, Nill, Morian, Rosenberg, jenny, Schwartz, Garibaldi. Third row: McVay, Springer, Philhowcr, Acosta, L. Bradley, Lopez, S. Divine, Godden, Jane Schwartz, Fleet, Flinn, jackson, H. McConnell, Coleman, G. Albright, Dunbar. Fourth row: Hecht, Eby, McFerran, Macdonald, Goddard, I. McCune, Humphreys, Sunderland, E. Smith, WValker, D. Fee, MeQuillen, Hartle, R. Ott, Keen, Alderdice, Baleerzak. QUILL AND SCROLL To our future journalists and Writers Quill and Scroll membership is really something to strive for. Those lucky kids who own Quill and Scroll pins are in the upper third of their class and have been re- commended by the Lantern, Log, or Mounty spon- sors. Theyive worked hard for this honor and de? sors. They've worked hard for this honor and de- QUILL AND SCROLL Seated: McCauley, Bierman, McKee, C. Davis, Pelz. Standing: I. Osborne, Eby, Lopez, Evans, ' Specht, Scluunann, Arthcr. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ff "Robert has been elected to membership in the National Honor Societyf, It makes a student Want to shout for joy when his parents receive the letter announcing his acceptance into this outstanding organization. Only time and effort are respon- sible for a studentis election to the National Honor Society, for he must participate in school activities. National Honor Society represents Mt. Lehois best. QRightD Installation service-Seated: Ar- nold, Jenny Schwartz, Crisslnan. Stand- ing: Eby, Humphreys, Sunderland, Lightbown, Barncr, Macdonald, Mc- WWW Y Veigh, McCnnc, Christie, Murton. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front row: Truxcll, Murton, Lightbown, Button, O'Brien, Barner, McVeigh, Creehan. Second row: Lopez, C. Davis, C. Mclicc, S. Divine, Crissman, Mcllvane, Bowman, Nill, jenny Schwartz, Murdoch, Arnold. Third row: F11-vt, Adams, Beck, P. Hall, Jane Schwartz, Rosenberg, Acosta, Rankin, Flinn. Fourth row: R. Ott, Mt-Cunc, Eby, Macdonald, Christie, Sunderland, Alexeff, Humphreys, Aldcrdice, Baleerzak. 89 First Marriage, Thea Mar Topj The dominecring Mr. Barrett ignores the pleas of llenrietta as Elizabeth looks on. Will she ever walk againtw is the weighty problem fac- ing the two doctors, while Flush and YVilson await their answer. May We introduce Mr. Robert Browning?', YVC share an intimate moment with Elizabeth and Robert. THE BARBETTS OF XVIMPOLE STREET Strolling along Mt. Lebo's halls during early November you might have heard someone cxclaiming in an English accent, "Bal Cone? But Where?', Yes, another activities play was in rehearsal. The cast included: Ieanne Button and Pat F linn fElizabeth Barrettj, Nelson Hunger fllobert Brown- ingj, Bob Alderdiee QEdWard Barrettj, Margaret Schietinger and Beverly Beck QHenriettaj, Dick Har- tle fCapt. Surtees Cookj, Lois Koerber and Dolores Hasley fBella Hedleyj, Betty Murphy and Anne Beb- holz fWilsonjg Virginia Brandt and Nancy Schreiner QArabelQg Art Bosfeld fHenry Bevanjg Iohn Humph- reys fDr. Chambersj, Tom Rimer CD11 F ord-VVater- lowjg Sam Robinson, Robert VValker, Dave Denman, Roger Holloway, Stanley Balcerzak, and Tom Mc- Bride fBrothersj, 'Taffyv Byers QFlushj. Nancy Barner and Martha McVay assisted Mr. Nelson Mills in the directing. 4 if 'sn w ' . Q Activities play committee chairmen included: Rosenberg, Thorsteinson, C. McBride, D. Dixon, McVay, Barner. 90 wept ln Front Of The Footllzights jim adoringly attempts to comfort Beverly. THE NIGHT OF IANUABY 16 The success of the senior class,s comedy-draina heap- ed additional laurels on our thespians. The cast included: Marilyn Springer Cprison mat- ronl, Bob VValker Qbailiffj, John Humphreys Uudge Heathj, Bob Alderdice CDistrict Attorney Flintj, Ei- leen Hillman tsecretaryj, Bob Sisler C defense attor- neyl, Pat McCarthy fsecretaryj, Bob Hoffman fclerk of courtj, Beverly Beck and Martha McVay fliaren Andrei, Stan Balcerzak CD11 Kirklandl, Ber- nice Garibaldi CMrs. Hutchinsj, Marshall jeannero CfIOITlC1' Van Fleetj, foe Karcher CElmer Sweeneyj, Nancy Barner and Florence Schwartz QNancy Leo F aulknerj, Lois Koerber and Jeanne Button CMagda Svensonj, Charles Coltlnan Uohn Whitfielclj, Ioan Dunbar Uane Chandlefj, Brad Estep CSiguird jun- quistj, Jim Griffith fLarry Reganj, Harriet Jones flloberta Van Rensslaerj, Brenda Helmer fstenogra- pherj, Bob Deloonga and Ralph Wiethorn Cpolice- menj, Hoy McEwen fcourt attendantsj, Pat Flinn and Billie Gambill Cstudent clirectorsl. As Chuck flies into a rage, the prosecuting attorney wins another point. A tense moment ensues as the accused meets one ol her strongest adversaries. Orchids to our committee'chair1nen: tfrontj Dixon, I-Ialeng From the looks of things Marty's in a tough spot, Qbackj Randall, Lay, Cullen, Osborne, Powell. 91 ii Y Teens Geave Their Spare Time T HI-Y Basketball games, dances, the Bed Cross Drive, and many other projects marked an out- standing year of Hi-Y activity. The Cold Chapter for senior boys was spon- sored by Mr. Mitchell, with Harry McFerran as president. This year Bill Carothers and Homer Goddard participated in a mock session of the Pennsylvania legislature in Harrisburg. The Coldis interscholastic basketball team lost only one game. It was to VVestinghouse in the play- offs for sectional championship. The Cedar Chapter, sponsored by Mr. Bald, is a welcome addition to the Hi-Y organization this year. This club, headed by Tim McBride, is for junior boys. The Blue Chapter took charge of the Infantile Paralysis Drive, helped decorate the Christmas tree, and played in two basketball leagues. Chuck Dickerson is president of the sophomore group, and Mr. XVhipkey is sponsor. Left: Cold Chapter Cfront row? D. Miller, Flcischaucr, Csecond row? McFerran, Richardson, Macdonald, Qthird rowb Humphreys, Estep, Goddard, Carothcrs. Cedar Chapter ffront row? S. Phillips, Cunningham, T. McBride, Csecond rowl C. McBride, Craig, Farquhar. Blue Chapter Cfront rowj Kernahan, J. McConnell, R. Buck, Dickerson, fseconcl rowj Ellis, Tilbrook, Me- Featers, Jewell, J. Landon. Below: Arenit they cute? Wfe moan the toys these Betas made to Vive :one child:-1-rm a lripivfcr Christmas. erfzvin Others, Betterzing Themselves Y-TEENS The night is dark and lonely, the climb be- co1nes steeper-"but wait, a lightlv Itis room 5 in Mt. Lebanon High. WVe catch our breath, as the leader, followed by a roomful of girls, sol- emnly lifts her hand. "Fascists? Communists?', A few monutes later as the noise dies down, we re- alize we are witnessing a meeting of that popu- lar club, Y-Teens. Although divided into three groups, the Alphas, Betas, and Deltas were unit- ed in their purpose of helping the girls know themselves, know others, and give service to the less fortunate. But even the sponsors would agree that the biggest attraction was the fun at play nights and at other lighter moments. Briefly, the Y-Teens bettered themselves, helped others, and enjoyed another active year. Right: Alphas Cfront rowj McVeigh, C. McKee, C. Da- vis, Qsecond rowj Crissman, Sonnners, Simmonds, fthird row? L. Bradley, Coleman, C. Hatch, Mathcny. Betas Cfront row, N. Taylor, St. Clair, Kirk, Csecond rowl Tatem, Schreiner, fthird rowj Estabrook, B. Church, A. Furlong, Drake, llill. Dcltas ffront rowl Leih, Ilarpoldg fseeond rowj Faw- cett, Fellows, Carey, Porter, XX7lHl1ll1lSQ Cstandingj Poole, Litten, Heidenreieh. Below: The camera caught these Alphas ready to "dig . ,, in. Musicians eat Time For R cord Yea OltCHESTl'tA With the coming of Mr. Prutzman, a new instru- mental director with new ideas, much work was de- manded of the members of our orchestra. Yet, because of their hours of practice the orchestra, enlarged to contain at least one of every desired instrument, be- came a really talented group. They entertained us with appropriate music between the acts of both the activities and senior class plays and along with the band and chorus gave an excellent performance at the January concert. BAND Time marches on and so does the Mt. Lebo band. This colorful group completed another "se-asonv and climbed higher on the ladder to success. Under the direction of Mr. Prutzman the group, aided by the very capable majorettes, amused and entertained us throughout the foot- ball season. The endless variety of formations never ceased to amaze us. A lot of work went into the january concert and it certainly showed through the many novelty tunes as well as through music of the more serious type. fLeftQ VVoodwind-Sitting: Hewitt, Thompson, Love, Campbell. Standing: Uhrich, Trcharne, Houston, Hus- sell, Kern, L. Miller, Dcnhart. tBottom lcftj String-Sitting: Morgan, L. Eiscnbeis, Schwartz, Button, Cutler. Standing: -Ieanncro, Bcrsci, Riethof, Fawcett, Melfcatcrs. fBottom rightj Brass and Percussion-Sitting: Lofquist, Reardon, Jewell, Kaupcr, Ilammill. Standing: Dick- mann, Spangler, jones, La Brenz. BAND Front row: llchner, Godden, Means, Fantl, Byers, Arnold, A. Moslener, Mosites. Second row: Karcher, Fink, linu-ry, B. Hood, Hannnill, Eyrich, Lofquist, Byber, R. Stabile, Birris, Pankopf, W. Brown, S. Blair. Third row: C. Braun, Urich, Mangold, T. Campbell, Schwindt, Vogel, Gardner. Fourth row: H. Clarke, H. P. Stewart, Ewen, P. Jones, VV. Rankin, ll. Hastings, D. Michaelson. Fifth row: Ucellini, Trcharne, Chitester, Thompson, Bradley, VV. Cramer, Keen, Suu-al, Cod- dard, D. Fee, Kern, W. Harris, Beagan. Sixth row: Ranger, Houston, Diclcmann, Spangler, Flnrry, Cnllisou, Sliilllcr. Dc-nhart. CHORUS "Music hath charms to sooth the savage .... D so say, and some of us savages required a lot of But that wasn't hard to take when the com- A and B choruses, nearly 200 strong, blended voices in The Messiah, or when the Triple Trio something "lovely to look atv as well as de- to hear. Rightj Triple Trio: CSittingj Volhner, Hoehlc, Sehictinger. Clineelingl Eyrich, O'Brien, Bergman. fStandingD Saunders -accompanist, Lewis, Rndcr, Gallup, Koerher, Murdoch. Below? The chorus sparkled in the January concert. Oar lmagzinatziqve ind LANTERN "The Lantern shines tonightlv YVhen the kids in Mt. Lcbo High heard those four words an- nounced over the RA., you could be sure of one thing-that was a mad rush to their homerooms after sixth period to get their copy of the Lan- tern. Cleaning the news, writing interesting copy, scouting for good action pictures, and searching for current two-somes for the Devilette were but few of the activities of the alert staff, who work- ed along with the new Lantern advisory council to produce a live newspaper. MOUNTY Though the "MountyU, school literary maga- zine co-edited by Carol Davis and Sylvia Lopez, is only two years old, it has become as traditional as the clocks in the halls. The night before publication would find the staff in room 305 scrambling among stacks of short stories, essays, and poems, while Spike would scold from the door way, "XVelll itis about time that things comin, outf, YVe admit that at times everything didnit run like clock-work, but with the cooperation of the staff and Miss Elliott "Mounty Dayv would al- ways roll around. LANTIQR N EDITORIAL STAFF Front: Cullen, Corcoran. Back: Rink, Brooks, NVoeber. Advisory Council: CSeated on floorl Porter, llules. CSeatedJ Franklin Heidenreich, N. Meyers, Gallagher fStandingD VVeiss, D. Robb, A. Furlong, E. Davis Staiger, I. Braun, Best. Business: CSeatedl Rosenberg, Pat M. Ilall, Hastings fStandingJ O'Keefe, Schulte, Sclnnid, B. Robb, D Robb. Reporters: CFirst rowj Koerber, Fox, Leech, Klepfer, N Kelley. Cseeond row? Gallagher, Downing, Dunbar Howell, Barner, Schreiner. CThird rowl R. Hoffman L. Zolbrod, Starrett, Hartle. tFourth rowj Halen Rosfeld. ever Rem Down LOG STAFF Business: Cuyol, lliekinan, VVocbcr, Oiliecfc, james Bowman, Lay. Literary: fSeatcclP MQ-Daniel, Thorsteinson, Lightbown, Mcliay, McClaren. CStandingJ Davis, Mclice, Brad- ley, Schmid, Macdonald, Acosta, Holloway, Ilartlc, Brooks. Art: Timothy, Ciko, Rankin, Pricer, Fox, McConnell. Editors: Helen McConnell, art editorg Ben Macdonald editorial assistant, Pat Acosta, literary editorg Bob Ehx editor-in-chief. LEBANON LOG As the gears in a clock mesh smoothly to give you precision timing, so the Log staff has worked together to give you an active Picture of your school life. Since last spring the editors, writers and ar- tists have poured out their talents to produce better lay-outs, better copy, a better cover-in short, a better yearbook. Now they take time out to View their finished work with a little well- earned pride. If they have captured a few of your treasured memories from "old Father Timef, then their job has been well done. MOUNTY STAFF Seated: Lopez, Davis. Standing: Oilirien, ML-Kee, Schreiner, Mc Kay, Herrmann, Staggs, XVork, Macdonald. These Hands Clzimhed T In the XVestinghouse Science Talent Search, Edgar Alex- eff won a trip to XVashington and a S400 scholarship. Here he is examining the results of one of his experi- ments. Three of Mt. Leb0's future artists, Helen McConnell, Nancy Rankin, and Barbara Fox, were awarded Gold Keys for their works in the Scholastic Art Exhibit. Not only making the highest honor roll, but also dong it with all Ais were these students: Front row: M. M. Stewart, McVeigh, Arden, Garson. Second row: Budden, Smalley, Anderson, Lee, Lightbown, L. Mil- ler, Acosta. Third row: Eby, Rink, Alexeff, Alderdiee. Below-CLeftD These senior boys passed the mental ex- amination given by N.R.O.T.C. Kneeling: Zolbrod, Ieannero. Standing: Kindle, F. Stanley, R. French. Missing: Sunderland, Vetter, XVoeber. fltightj Those clever sportseasts on Monday morning were broadcast by Dick Hartle and Art ltosfeld. Dave Sunderland, missing from picture, had us sitting on the edge of our seats with his exciting broadcasts. 98 h Top Qf Th Clock Sylvia Lopez, Bob Eby, and Carol Davis get a pre-view of the 1948 Log. Bob was editor-in-chief of this pub- lication, while the girls co-edited the Molmly. After the semester finals these students came out on top to make the highest honor roll. Front row: McDaniel, M. M. Stewart, Budden, Smalley, Kurtz. Second row: Crissman, McVeigh, Arden, Acosta, L. Miller. Third row: Carson, Schreiner, Bingham, Thorsteinson, An- derson, Lee, Lightbown, llutchison. Fourth row: johnson, Eby, I. McConnell, Rink, Alderdice, Alexeff, Colwill. Dave Sunderland, Bob Eby, and Bob Alderdiee placed in the upper tenth of the 44,000 students in the United States who competed for Pepsi-Cola scholarships. Below-Q Leftj Two precedents were established in news- casting this year, when Jeanne Button and Nancy Bar- ner collaborated on their newscast with the idea that two heads are better than one, and when Nancy Schrei- ner, a talented junior, disregarded the custom of hav- ing only senior newscasters. tltightj These two editors of the Lantern, Jeanne Cor- coran and Sue Cullen, with the help of the newly- formed advisory council, set out to revise and improve our school paper. 99 As Time Rims Omg. 4. Q Dismissal Brings Our Day To A Close W My 15 mfs N M W My M sw MW L A J rx W QQ -1:2-ff as ASSQW3 .""'l 7 . 1: 'I Ir- '. " qs" ..,':E: ' :f?:P-.5 'U 1 j CZK! X lllnzfug I lull Iv.. 14 , ' I .,,,, , r NU zsg U ffm 5 V X A yak' tis .L W5 . -J s 'wa' '-'39 gf . Ga 1? v G V7 f Z A? 7 C XJ 1 W xXQXx gf! Q s X , LAR! SSS EJ T Q gf Q4 QQ Jfff ifmf QA ax R573 fm fxffg 5 'N . ' Qik 1 rv 2 x 3 N J SA 7W A 4 if 'N Jr A I K A K 4,0 Q7X 'Y Grim h I w x! x q 4 5" f Qx X K I-I KX Y lf 4 :ii - dv" 4 5 JJ " X ix? 6 N L WGS is.: N in I X V' N S xx Q5 AQTKN 1 NX .rg S s B X Q C ,gg y Q X ' w 2 1 'i H A " D x - v0 QW gg AKG, , 4 lbg ll 'P ,ck 41' lElQL 'Sa ' S was .W 2 Q ,Q f Q Q, M75 x S ZF LEX Wah 51 Bm-EA, A You

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