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5 3 Q x 54 S 6 ,Q 9 i ,, r sl ' T'?'5G1'5'61ifF3:'2'w"Tx'7.t'i 1 ..'42R'5 , ASMEQY' A . iWiIiHi f ?!?'51f+. UQWQQATUX. ifiiffr? fr Vx!!! . :' 1 iff, is ge? ? 2 4 : f 2 QA M5 5 4 5 .. WW JEXWL W! JW WY' X Af M4 C 6010! gg 2fffz2f5H'!77z2cq1cfZ'f5nU X Q NL lf' 30 021607717 10 -wwf . 'aw' W Wim auf My WC! AM 0 My 0 W R , f C L fs 42672 ggwzghgfjdgb Hggygnjfuiig X MJ M Ag! Cl Qicffbf KUQW 5 df ff 077 ffm A GZMEZNAZD Q mg, 'NWI ' 1' Q:-:H 5, '9'7'5f"f , YQ'-24 fo Cl fl g y? Q1 0, -s -an 5, , 425 , , A 1 an PUBLISHED BY 'f ' I ' Editors: Margaret Schu 4: 1 I- M5 945 JENTS OF MT. LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL...PITTSBURGH PENNA , . . .VOL. XV ickmcrn,iLiterc1ry Editor: Gloria Bergmc1n.,Art Editor: Edwynor Osborne..Business Mcrncxger: Robert Parke. ALL HANDS ON DECK! Senior Assembly, January 19,1945 its. 3 -'X .,,o :hw 8, "Inspection" was called for our Mount Lebo Lassies. "Full speed ahead" went the Hi-Y as they set out to raise money for recreational equip- ment on cm L.S.T. Here they are examining the big check. YZ- ' ,M ' "Aye, aye. sir," might b culprit, caught "leeching line. e the words of this "Chow" brought us parading through the in" on the cafeteria lunch line. "Shore leave" at the "Rec," with the usual mix- ture of gals and sailors, was a welcome relief after a day of work. "Mop the deck" was the order, as sturdy hands cleaned up in the shop. 1 John P. Collins, Jr. Class of' func '45 in Zllllemuriam In tribute to the thirty-one alumni of Mt. Lebanon High School who have given their lives for our country. Reliquaryifi Martha Keller No stone was ever white enough, No evergreen was green enough Nor any earth was good enough To be the sepulcher Of those who lie in sea and sand In any and in every land, Who died to prove our word was worth The worth of what they were. Reprinted by author's permission from Harper's Magazine, September, 1944. - 3535333355535 5 SS 'S S- 5SNYSs xssssxsssxsxsx 'll I Iliff! fir Ill!! ' v ' A ' ' Ill 1 X sem O THESE WERE OUR PILOTS Our superintendent of schools, Dr. H. V. Herlinger, greets members of the school board. School board members: tseatedl Mrs. R. K. Conaway, A. C. McMillan, H. V. Herlinger, Miss M. Headley, S. A. Schreiner, O. C. Hogsett. tStandingl E. S. Stanier, R. B. Hecht, Miss B. V. Walp, B. Smith, E. H. Buck, Miss E. Whinnie. C. F. Mellinqer. Perhaps you've seen Dr. Allen around Mt. Lebo's halls. Here she's performing in her offi- cial capacity as test supervisor. Do you know our home and school visitor? Maybe Miss Ware will come up and see you sometime. Looks as if she's ready to do some checking-up! Dr. R. D. Horsmcxn, Dr. H. V. Herlinger, cmd Miss E. B. Ion, our principorl, superintendent, cmd vice principal, hcrve Q get-together. Right: Something is puzzling Bob. Here he talks it over with Dr. Horsmcm. Miss lon asks Betty to check on some crbsentees whose cords ore missing. Dr. Horsmcm and Miss Ion grcrb cz bite to ecrt. pal' :fs OUR MATES CHARTED A SMOOTH COURSE ,...---....N. . 12th GRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD Front Row: Burns, Strickler, Billings, G. Kraemer, Richardson, Nelson, Bergman, Chandler, D. Bearer, Barrett. Second Row: Cummings, Hoff, H. Osborne, Iohnston, McKee, E. Osborne, Martin, I. Kelly, Losch, Stabile, Shook. Third Row: McFee, Massey, Vollmer, Neelley, Kratz, G. Bearer, Hunter, Conrad, Reynolds, Ackerman. 11th GRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD Front Row: Laderer, Zwinqgi, Morrow, Mulson, B. McConnell, Barton. Second Row: D. Smith, Graves, Rustad, Winters ' ' M L r n, D. McConnell, Steele, McGlaughlin, D Little, G. Bearer, Wehe, Hallam, McClelland. Third Row. Wardwell, C a e Kraemer, Valicenti. FOR US STUDENT COURT Every ship needs some able-bodied seamen to see that law and order prevail and wrong doers are dealt with. Here's where the Student Court carried out its job. The Court's task was merely to give advice and guidance to its fel- low seamen. This it did in shipshape fashion, too. The idea of having mates judge their fel- low mates has proven to be a good one, as the culprits respect judgment passed on from those among their own ranks. As the end of the voyage drew near, the eight members of the Court closed the book, well pleased with the actions of everyone on board ship. EXECUTIVE BOARD The Executive Board, composed of the three officers and the home room presidents and senior representatives, was tops in student government. Sponsored by Miss Taylor, the Board held its weekly meetings every Thursday morning. Everything from the repairing of pencil sharp- eners to the changing of the seating arrange- ment in the cafeteria was taken care of. The crew couldn't have had two finer skippers than George Kraemer and Brad Richardson, Execu- tive Board presidents for the fall and spring semesters, respectively. At the beginning of the voyage the crew started out "full speed ahead" and let nothing steer them off course. Their perseverance was rewarded when 'their desti- nation was reached and a successful voyage recorded. 10th GRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD Front Row: Packer, Omohun- dro, Helwig. Second Row: Schrecongost. H i b b a r d, B. Hardy, Albo, Busch, McCabe. Barkley. Third Row: Semmer, H. Ziegler, Furman. Schmidt, G r a h a m , Reynolds, Allen, Schober, Maguire. 'ilk EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS Seated: Billings, G. Kraemer. Nelson. Standing: Strick ler. Bergman. STUDENT COURT Seated: Iackson, Iolly, Campbell, Specht, Bergman Stitt, Simmonds, Massey. Standing: Siconolfi, Adams COMMITTEES AND SQUADS Publicity - - - Charles Reichblum Ways and Means - - Norman Hardy Chemistry - - - Bob Ackerman Traffic - Leigh Bush and Wally McKee Projection ---- George Colvill Decorating - Dave Coate and Randy Troxell Girls' Gym Squad - - Marian Kraemer Bulletin Board - Gretchen Lorentz and Gladdy Lou Miller Devotions Edwyna Osborne and Marilyn Lopez Public Address - Albert Murrer and Bob Hunter Scholastic - Al Reynolds and Alice Martin Ushers - Glenn Smith and lack Tattersall Milk ---- Bob Evans Cafeteria - Dick Nickeson Auditorium - - Drusilla Mackaben Lost and Found Virginia Nicklas CLEARED THE DECK FOR ACTION Scenery - Music Manager Class Hank - Hospitality - Studio Manager Printing - Margie Hathaway lean Gilfillan Marian Alderson Cicely Lawrence and Bob Callahan Georgia Foster - lim Colker Honor Award - Helen Haley and Hoyt Hickman Attendance - Orca Brubach and Eleanor Ulam Armed Service - - Dorothy Sood and Book Squad Medical V Poster - Achievement Social - Library - Barbara Means Anita Fulton Ioan Kelley Helen Osborne Myrtle Hatton Shirley Suplee Gwen Patriquin T M ., 'I , n q W I J ,Aff , jg 1- X'-yn W. , wr- V we f 1 if qv ,QM . V2 . Q ' .a L l Q .4 iv: l -.. ,f W 'rf J ! 4" , -6 'Ill 1 W K 4 -L A A ff 6 If Af, I ,, wh 5 I ' i ? " ,, hwvm 1 ' i A 3 M V i if 5 affg gg? V X fb f V .,.,. ...... -.,- ., 2 1 I K fezffz-f'i: fm, K V HMMW ,W . fziflrmigf WW' , QM V xW"w:M -nguwz X. r fx, Mfr' ...AND TRAINED Mr. Anderson's shop is a very popular section of the building. The mechanical drawings produced by Mr. Peters' classes appear to be rather intriguing, too. These three faculty members are, no doubt, planning some new event for the Girl Reserves. They are the Misses Frobese, Stephens, and Grove. Tea and relaxation are offered by our home economics teacher, Miss Fish Csecond from lettl. Misses Roegge, Beck, and Thompson are enjoying it with her. "What do we eat today?" Mrs. Kelly plans our menus while Mr. Ruth, phys- ics teacher, makes sure that we have a place to consume our lunches. Miss Rightmire "proves" it to Mr. Good- win and Mrs. Horsch. lust about all of us have drawn geometric figures to please these teachers. We owe the benefits of the Wednesday morning devotions via PA. to the ef- forts of Miss Sneary, in charge of music, and Miss Holliday, one of our Latin teachers, who sponsors the pro- grams. THE CREW, TOO "Who shall it be?" Miss Funk, Mr. Mills, cmd Mrs. Gooding debate all pos- sibilities for casting this play. They teach English, public speaking, and Spanish, respectively. Our industrious sponsor of activities, Miss Taylor, tries to sell a hot dog to our English teacher, Mrs. Morgan. Miss McClure, who teaches Latin, seems to be enjoying hers already. How could we get along without our coaches! Mr. Beckert is assisted in keeping the team in good shape by Mr. Swanson Clettl and Mr. Srp Crightl. Miss Patterson and Miss Zahniser in- vestigate the material just removed from their mail boxes. Between the two of them, we should learn some Latin and French. Mollusks and Arthropods, in addition to fish, are observed in these aquaria by Mr. Gilbert, Mrs. Sherman, and the cadet, Miss Keiser. The animals and plants deal with their subject, biology. A former coach of our football team, Coach Luecht, is now a lieutenant in the Navy. Here he is, snapped at one of the Mounties' exciting games. . - , , 'Ns MT. LEBANON'S FACULTY WAS WELL REPRESENTED Li... Lt. Streams amid tropical surroundings in Hollywood, Florida. Lt. Col. Glafka outside the Monastery Daphne, Greece. Col. Perry among Roman ruins of Tipaza. North Africa. "Problem: Find the ruin!" lays Col. Perry. Lt. Ralph Bald, who taught us English, is now with the 42nd "Rain- bow" Division, of the Seventh Army somewhere in Germany: previously he was in Heidelberg. Lt. Bromberick, former physics prof, writes from Ithaca, New York: "Congratulations to the graduating class of 1945. I expect to hear good things about you in the future." Lt. C. C. Brown, whom we remember as our chemistry teacher, now stationed at Glenview, Illinois, asks us to make our train- ing at Mt. L. a training for peace rather than for war. Lt. Fred Ford, our test supervisor, appreciates the gesture of including the pictures and messages of teachers in service: and sends best wishes to each of us in the task that lies ahead. Lt. Colonel Glafka, our unforgotten biology teacher, now in Athens, Greece, tells us the time is not too far distant when the results of all our endeavors will have been gained. Lt. Gordon, our "truant officer," writes from Norfolk, Virginia: "Ahoy, Mates, to all my old and new shipmates and officers, specially 'smooth sailing' to the classes to be launched in Feb- ruary and Iune, for I came aboard with most of you: and 'no rocks or shoals' to all those getting ready to sail: for those aboard, 'early arrivals' at your home port." Captain Grimes, who formerly taught physics, is now in South Carolina. "There may be different ways to obtain success and happiness, but none so sure as that of having a good education." Sp CTD Sfc Ruth Klein, former world history teacher, now at Patuxent River, Maryland, writes, "I am proud of you, seniors. You've done a good job in high school: now do the best you can for victory." Lt. Luecht, stationed at Iowa City, Iowa, Writes: "I am hoping this thing will soon come to an end and bring us all back again to Mt. L. to start where we left off." We'll always remember him as our Mountie football coach. Lt. Florence McLaughlin, former typing teacher, now a Women's Naval Reserve Representative in Frederick, Maryland, writes, "My thoughts are always with the Mt. L. boys in service. Here's wishing all of you 'smooth sailing.' " S l,fc I. F. Mehner, who really knew biology, writes from New Port, R. I., "I wish you achievement, happiness, and success in the coming years." Colonel Perry, former Captain of the "Good Ship Lebanon" and now an intelligence officer with General Patch, sends greetings and best wishes from somewhere in Germany. Lt. Peterson, once our American History teacher, is now in Nor- folk, Va., "I am confident that if each of us puts forth a little more IN ALL BRANCHES OF THE SERVICE effort, advancements in 1945 will surpass those of the past years." Miss Katheran Stoner, our former class play sponsor and public speaking teacher, is working with the Red Cross as recreational director at the Walter Heed Hospital, Washington, D. C. Lt. Streams, who taught us plane geometry, writes from Holly- wood, Florida, "I appreciated the thoughtfulness of Mt. L. friends during my recent illness. If you have a service friend in the hos- pital, please write him." Lt. Earl Whipkey, of algebraic fame, writes from Pensacola, Flor- ida, "Every day I realize what an important task you are per- forming. You are contributing much toward the War effort through your good school training." 2nd Lt. Bald Lt. Bromberick Lt. ti.q.l Brown Lt. Ford Lt. Col. Glafka Lt, fi.q.l Gordon Qixg ' Capt. Grimes Sp. ITP 3,f'c Klein Lt. Luecht Lt. ti.g.l McLaughlin S 1 f"! c Mehner Col. Perry Lt. fi.q.l Peterson Miss Stoner Lt. Streams Lt. fi.q.l Whipkey S SSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSQSS S P P J 1 4 A S QS! S fl X Q, D M A51 IIOIIIIOIIIII I M L. k F R. MARION ABBOTT Iune Marion was a member of Chorus and Girl Reserves, but her favor- ite activities were those in the athletic line. We could always count on her attendance at G.A.A. sports contests. ROBERT A. ACKERMAN Iune Chemistry Squad Chairman, Home- room President, Football Manager, and Honor student are the posi- tions that earned Bob his Activi- ties Key. He surely was a "solid sender"! DUANE T. ALBRECHT lune Duane, that smooth boy of 12A-5. was always dressed "fit to kill". He rated Honor Roll and was a loyal member of the Trailblazers. MARY IANE ALEXANDER Iune First in fun, first in school, first in the hearts of her fellow students, lovely Ianie made the National Honor Society, wore an Activities Key and Guard, and was G.A.A. Vice-President. IEAN ARDERY Iune lean, the girl with the "come- hither" smile, hit it off with every- one. She was a member of the A Capella Chorus, Attendance and Milk Squads, G.A.A., and Girl Reserves. IOYCE ELAINE ASKEY Iune As attractive as her appealing personality, Ioyce earned her coveted Activities Key, was a member of the Hostess Committee for the Senior Tea as well as the Honor Award Committee, and served as Homeroom Officer. LUCILE COCHRANE AUGUSTINE Iune Ambitious Lucile, with aspirations toward sculptoring, kept busy dur- ing school hours with Trailblazers. Traffic, Arts and Crafts, Publicity, and Girl Reserves. SENIORS GEORGE W. BALCH lune George, a fine lad, was Captain of the Homeroom Basketball Team and a member of the Rifle Club, where he really learned to "clip 'em off." GLADYS EILEEN BALL Iune Gladdy had a great time working on the Arts and Craft Squad and taking part in G.A.A. sports. Out- side of school she often went roller skating and was a keen dancer. CHARLES L. BAMETZRIEDER Iune Charles' senior year was his first at Mt. L., but it didn't take him long to become acquainted. His groovy sax playing got him a place in the Band right away. RUTH ELEANOR BARDSLEY Iune A new but most welcome addition to Mt. L. this year was Eleanor. Swimming was her hobby. Glad you got here in time to spend your senior year with us, Eleanor. ROBERT R. BARRETT Iune An Honor Roll student and Homes room Vice President, Rube was on Ways and Means. Decorating, and Traffic Squads. He liked to play Intramural Basketball, too. FREDERICK E. BARTON Ianuary Those snappy posters you saw in school were probably printed by Fred. He helped on a Class Play Committee and discussed big plans at his Traffic post, MARY JEAN BATZ Ianuary Will you ever forget Aunt Agatha in the Class Play? Talented Mary of the beautiful voice was Chair- man of the Information Squad and worked in the Library. LOIS BAUMBACH Iune What a brain! Lois made straight A's all through high school. She was a member of the Student Court, Gym Squad, and a Home- room Officer. ROBERT M. BEAL Iune Bob took to Football and inter- scholastic athletics. Homeroom Of- ficer, Traffic, Air Raid Messenger, and Christmas Play occupied his time. We'll remember Bob as the boy with the great sense of humor. DANIEL F. BEARER. Ir. Iune Dan, our handsome all-round athlete, was a pro at any sport. We remember him as star Mountie quarterback, staunch Basketballer, stellar Trackman, and Homeroom Officer. GEORGE F. BEARER Iune Tall, smooth-looking George of trapping and hunting fame earned his letters as a member of both Track and Rifle Teams. His other activities included participating in Cross Country and Traffic and acting as President and Vice President of his Homeroom. WILBUR M. BECHTLE Iune Bill, the strong silent type, slugged it out in Intramural Boxing and held the hordes back as a Traffic Squad member. DORIS BECKER Iune Doris let loose with a beautiful voice in Chorus and Triple Trio. Girl Reserves and G.A.A. also kept this ambitious miss busy. GLORIA ANNE BERGMAN Iune Glo, the lass with the million dol- lar personality, proved her worth as Executive Board Secretary- Treasurer, Log Literary Editor, So- cial Committee member, and Stu- dent Court judge. She was a member of the National Honor So- ciety and had an Activities Key and Guard. IEAN BETHKE Iune Friendly lean kept our incoming guests informed as she worked on the Information Squad. Jeanie was also on the Medical Squad and was a member of the Girl Re- serves and G.A.A. DAVID BICKEL R. Iune Dave really comes on like mad! He was out for Track and Cross Country and served the hungry fans at football games as a mem- ber of Ways and Means. EILEEN BIEL Iune Eileen, the girl with the pretty smile, quickly made friends at Mt. L. This peppy gal got right into the swing of things by joining the Social Service Committee of the Girl Reserves. ROBERTA BILLINGS Ianuary Popular Bobbie was a real hit in the Class Play. She was a Stu- dent Court judge, Executive Board Secretary, G.A.A. Man- ager, and Homeroom Officer and earned her Activities Key. I EAN ANNE BLATT Iune A really busy gal was lean, a member of Pep Squad, Library Squad, and Chairman of Social Service Committee. She made the Honor Roll and was a member of the Iunior Red Cross. PHYLLIS ANNE BLEII-'USS Ianuary Phyllis, one of the brainiest girls in the Ianuary class, was proud of her Activities Key. She was a member of the Class Play Commit- tee, Log Staff, Traffic, and Honor Roll. MARIORIE LOU BOWMAN Iune Mariorie's smile made her look like one of the friendliest gals in Mt. L.-W - and that she was. Her activities included G.A.A., Girl Re- serves, Publicity Committee, Home- room Secretary, Senior Tea Com- mittee, Lost and Found: and she earned an Activities Key. SENIORS PHYLLIS ANN BRADFUTE June Phyllis, a brain if there ever was one, had her hands full with the Log and Lantern Staff. She earned her Chorus letter and Activities Key and was also elected to Na- tional Honor Society. KENNETH BROOKS Iune "Crusher - of - Brownie - Bars" Ken played Intramural Basketball, was Homeroom President, made the Honor Roll, and served on the Usher Squad. ORCA IEAN BRUBACH Ianuary You could always see pretty. blonde Orca selling candy for Ways and Means. She was At- tendance Chairman. Homeroom Secretary, on a Senior Tea Com- mittee, and in Girl Reserves. DEMPSEY D. BRUCE Iune DAVID BUCHER Listen to that boy blow that horn. No wonder he's had such an in- terest in Mt. Lebo's Band. "Demps' wasn't ever too tired after march- ing to join in a fast game of Bas- ketball. IEAN M. BRYCE Ianuary Considered one of the sweetest girls in her class, lean quietly accomplished much. She worked on a Senior Tea Committee, ushered at the Class Play, and was a member of the Information Squad. Iune What a he-man! "Little David" thrived on hunting, trapping, fish- ing, and all outdoor sports. That dark pin-striped suit made him a suavie. CHARLES F. BUENTE Ianuary Remember how nice the gym looked at those dances? Chuck had a lot to do with that, and he still found time to play Basketball and be in on the Class Play. SENIORS H. PAUL BURNS. IR. Ianuary Quiet, mechanical- minded Paul managed to do his share in activi- ties. Though his chief interest was aviation, he was in Chorus, the Class Play, and on Traffic Squad. H. LEIGH BUSH. IR. Ianuary This popular, all-round fellow made many a fema1e's heart skip a beat as he performed on the Football, Baseball, and Basketball Teams. Leigh was a Homeroom President, Chairman of Traffic Squad, and earned his Activities Key. ROBERT B. CALLAHAN Iune Cal'tall, dark, and handsome- was elected Homeroom President and was on Traffic Squad. He played A Squad Football, Basket- ball, and Baseball and was Co- Chairman of the Hospitality Squad. WALTER E. CAMPBELL Iune Curly-haired and always laugh- ing, Walt warbled in Mixed Chorus, charged the line for the B Squad Team, checked the crowds for the Traffic Squad, and announced on Wednesday morn- ing devotions. IAMES R. CAREY Iune Iim was the life of 12A-8 and a regular guy. In the '44 Cross Country season he rolled up a great record. For two years he was Football Manager and Home- room Secretary. DAVID O. CARNAI-IAN Ianuary Likable Dave was another sports enthusiast. He played Varsity Football and Basketball and dis- played a lot of talent in both. Dave was on the Traffic Squad and the Class Play Business Com- mittee. BETTY F. CAROTHERS Iune Versatile Betty liked her activities varied. She was a member of Girl Reserves, served on the Milk Squad, and exercised her vocal cords at the meetings of the Glee Club. WALTER CARSON Iune "Little Walt" beat down passersby on his Traffic post and played some Intramural Basketball for the good of the cause. JAMES CHANDLER Iune Likable Iimmy was well-known as a member of the Executive Board for four semesters. An Honor stu- dent, he earned an Activities Key and was a member of the Traffic and Usher Squads. ROBERT E. CHEESEMAN Iune Bob, a good natured fellow, was kept busy on the Traffic Squad and Class Rank Committee. He was also an official for Intramural athletics. PATRICIA E. CHRISTOPH I une Peppy Pat seemed to have energy to burn. She was a hard worker on the Milk Squad and a joy to any G.A.A. team. MARILYN CLARK Iune An Honor Roll student. Marilyn worked on the Library Squad and also found time to be on the Social Committee for Girl Reserves. DOROTHY IEAN COFI-'MAN Iune Dotty, that pro home ec student. was a supervisor for the Attend- ance Squad. A member of Girl Reserves. she also helped to fill out the A Capella Chorus. ROBERT L. COLE Ianuary Bob was noted for his love of an argument, and he could be found arguing any topic, at any time, with anyone. Being a member of Physics Squad and Chairman of the Stage Crew kept him busy. PATTY COLLINS Iune Peppy? Ambitious? Personality Kid? That's our Patty. She was a Homeroom Officer, a member of the Publicity Committee, Gym Squad. Log and Lantem Staffs. and Girl Reserves. GEORGE M. COLVILL Iune Varsity Basketball was George's sport, Hi-Y his club, and Home- room President his office. For five semesters he headed the Projec- tion Squad. He received an Activ- ities Key. RICHARD PHILIP CONRAD Iune Tall. good looking Dick was IZA-4's President, an Honor Roll student, Hi-Y member, one of the Band's color guards. and a mem- ber of the Projection Squad. ELOISE C. COOK Iune "Ellie", shy but sweet, was active in G.A.A., Girl Reserves, check- ing cards in the Attendance Of- fice, and planning Wednesday morning devotions in her three years at Mt. Lebo. JANET E. COUCH Iune Busy? I'll say! As a member of the Social Committee, Homeroom Secretary, Traffic, Attendance. G.A.A., and Girl Reserves, Iannie was really kept on the go: but she still had time for Harold. I AMES F. CRANSTON Iune Iim was an "all-rete" chap who participated in Interscholastic Foot- ball, Wrestling, and P.A. Squad. Our stamp sales zoomed after Ilm gave one of his terrific pep talks over the P.A. MARILYN CRAWFORD Iune This cute little miss was always in demand. Aside from serving as Homeroom Secretary. a member of the Traffic and Ways and Means Squads, Middy was kept busy with Girl Reserves and G.A.A. SEJNIORS ks? SENIORS IAMES CREEHAN EDWARD DEL GRANDE Iune This boy really handled a set oi golf clubs and enjoyed a rousing game of basketball. lim had a mania for building and "de-build- ing" radios. YVETTE CROSSMAN Iune Smiling, good natured Yvette was a wow in the Fun Concert. She also took part in the Christmas program, was a member of the Trailblazers, Decorating, and Book Squads, and served on the Senior Tea program. GERALDINE E. CULTON Iune Gerry's that gal who's always smiling, whether she's taking pic- tures for the Log, conducting spe- cial programs in Homeroom, play- ing basketball in G.A.A., or keep- ing an eye on Traific. THOMAS CUMMINGS Iune Tom, the laughing one, in his re- sponsible moments was Home- room President for three semesters and a Representative in twelfth grade. He also enjoyed playing Basketball and served on the Traffic Squad. CELINE DAPPER Iune "Dapper", as the name implies, was Celine. She was a dry wit and "wowed" many a lad and lassie with her clever remarks. LENNING A. DAVIS. IR. Ianuary Lenning, a talented member oi the Log and Lantern Staffs, had quite a time remembering deadlines. How 'bout that column on Sinatra he wrote? Lenning was quite the actor and appeared in several Pittsburgh Playhouse productions. Pl-IYLLIS IOCELYN DAVIS Iune Aspiring to be a fashion designer, Phyllis attended art classes dur- ing the summer oi her own free will! She also served on a Senior Tea Committee and as a hobby studied amateur palmistry. Ianuary "Nails", as he is known, was an all-round athlete. He played A Squad Football, Basketball, and Baseball and was an Intramural Boxing champ. This suave iellow was Homeroom President and a member of the Traffic Squad. IOHN V. DIDRICHSEN Iune Iohn V. Didrichsen was the proud owner of the Boxing Medal. Be- sides watching Iack pass punches. we enjoyed his fine voice in Chorus and Operetta. MILDRED R. DILLNER Iune Millie harmonized in Chorus and participated in the Fun Concert. She was also an active member of the Alpha Girl Reserves. Did you ever hear her laugh? It's a riot! IOSEPH DI SALVO. IR. Iune Well-known Ioe was President of the Trailblazers. He proudly sported an Activities Key and a Major Music Letter. He piled up the points in many other activities, too. MARGARET V. DODDS Iune Musically minded Peg was active in the Chorus, Triple Trio, and Music Committee ot Girl Reserves. Civilian Defense, Class Rank, and G.A.A. kept this peppy senior in demand. FOREST M. DONELSON Iune Forest liked variety: he was a member of Band. Milk Squad, Mes- senger in Civilian Defense, and SfSgt. in Civil Air Patrol. Now, that's getting around. BETTY ANN DONOGHUE June Busy Betty might be found work- ing on Medical Squad, Library, or Attendance. Efficient President of G.A.A. and one of our Cheer- leaders, she knew her way around Mt. Lebo! FRANCIS LEO DONOVAN Ianuary Ever-smiling Frank helped make things click backstage at the Class Play. and we'd venture to say that he was one of the best looking Fire Watchers in the Civil- ian Defense Organization. IANE MARIE DURKIN Iune Durk, a very active member of the student body. served on At- tendance and Library Squads. Sen- ior Tea Committee and was a re- porter ior the Lantern. Besides this she was a three-year member of Girl Reserves and G.A.A. RALPH DURSO Ianuary During three years of high school nobody can ever remember seeing "Durs" in a bad mood. "Happy kid Durso" served Mt. L. on Class Play Committees and in Band. SARA LOUISE ENGLISH Iune Sara was one of those intelligent persons whose name appeared on either the High or Highest Honor Roll every time. She still iound time for the following activities: Library and Medical Squads, Girl Reserves, and Chorus. ELIZABETH LEA ERBACH Tune Attendance Squad. Girl Reserves. Lantem's Alumni Editor. and Sen- ior Tea Committee are some of the activities of sweet. soft-s oken Lea p . She was the proud possessor of an Activities Key. M. SUE ERDMAN Iune Get a load oi that little blonde Cheerleader. Babe-ee-doll! Sue was a member of Medical and Li- brary Squads. Membership Com- mittee oi Girl Reserves. G.A'.A.. and Lantern Staff. ROBERT CHARLES EVANS Iune If you want to hear a list of ac- complishments, dig this! Bob. a mathematical genius. was Basket- ball Manager, Milk Squad Chair- man. a member of the Decorating- Squad, and holder of an Activities Key. LAIRD EWING Iune After attending military school. Laird decided he liked Mt. L. best and returned in his senior year. An able Football Manager, he also played Intramural Basketball. MILDRED C. I-'ELLER Iune "l got rhythm" Feller. a sensation in the Fun Concert. had one year of A Capella and two years of Girls' Chorus. Mildred was also an active G.A.A. member. WILLIAM R. FIAND Iune Bill, as Homeroom President. was quite accustomed to calling meet- ings to order. A great fellow who got along with everyone, he also played Intramural Basketball and was a member of the Usher and Traffic Squads. RICHARD C. I-'IRSCHING Iuno Many of you saw Dick at his Traffic post. but did you also know he was a member of the Track Team and a Homeroom Represen- tative? MARILYN IO FISHER Iune Lyn, envied for her height. was enthusiastic over the G.A.A. pro- gram and was a member of Girl Reserves. She was one swell gal! MARY KATHRYN FLETCHER Iune ' Great sense of humor, sparkling personality, brains, and activities galore spelled Mary Kay. She was a Homeroom Officer, Girl Reserve Secretary, Armed Service Commit- tee member. and possessor of an Activities Key and National Honor pm. C. ROBERT I-'LINN Ianuary Attending all those rehearsals for the Fun Concert and other musical programs kept Bob on the go. Pos- sessor of a fine voice. he got his kicks in Boys' Chorus. SENIORS SENIORS ROBERT FLORA GRACE E. FUCHS Iune This Air Corps man really knew airplanes inside and out. He was on Rifle Squad and served as an Air Raid Messenger. ELAINE ANN FORGETTE Iune Tiny Elaine was on Traffic and Attendance Squads. She partici- pated in G.A.A. sports. was Girl Reserve Council Representative, and worked with Home Nursing. GEORGIA FOSTER Iune Georgia really slayed 'em with her personality plus! She worked hard as Studio Manager, Home- room Officer, member of the Log Staff, Ways and Means, and G.A.A. IOHN FOSTER Ianuary lack got quite a "bang" out of public speaking class. Here he dis- played all his talent. As a mem- ber of the Cafeteria Squad, lack dismissed us from lunch. MARION RUTH FRACK Iune Marion was always on the job as a member of Traffic, Library, Medi- cal, and Class Rank Squads. This Honor student was a loyal mem- ber of the Girl Reserves. BETTY LOUISE FRYE Iune Betty Frye's willing smile cheered up her many friends. G.A.A. sports as well as Glee Club kept her busy. Iune Surely you haven't missed this cheerful Cheerleader! Did you know she was Homeroom Secre- tary, active in G.A.A. sports, and on the Traffic Squad? ANITA FULTON Iune Nita Iean's trade mark was her beautiful black hair. Remember her as the angel in the Christmas Play? Nita was Book Squad Chair- man, a Homeroom Officer, and active in G.A.A. and Girl Reserves. WILLIAM T. FUNK Iune Good looking Bi1l's activities are the following: Public Address, Ways and Means, Projection, and Traffic Squads. Then, too, our Football Team was supported by his work as Manager. DONALD C. GEINZER Iune Besides his enthusiastic work in our popular Band, Don excelled in dancing. This lad ought to travel far: he's got rhythm. HILDA M. GERGER Iune Hilda, of the smilin' countenance, was a wow at bowling and got a kick out of dancing, toefefa female Arthur Murray, to say the least. IEAN LOUISE GILFILLAN Iune A cutie with "plenty on the ball". Ieanie was a Homeroom Officer, a Class Rank Committee member, Music Manager, a peppy Cheer- leader, Girl Reserve Committee Chairman. and eamed her Activi- ties Key. RUSSELL B- FRYE LESTER H. GILSON Iune Never a dull moment with Russ! A true wit, he played great Foot- ball as a tackle on the Mountie Team, was on the Baseball and Basketball Teams, was a Home- room President, and belonged to the Band and Orchestra. Iune Lester, a contributing factor to the Mountie Band, was in Civilian De- fense Club and was an Air Raid Messenger. IEAN LOUISE GINGERICH Iune Although Ieannie was here only a year, her friendly personality made her a very well-liked person throughout the school. She be- longed to the Wednesday Morn- ing Chorus and the Trailblazers. MARILYN LEE GOULD Iune "Queenie", a popular lass and a favorite with all of us. was active as a Cheerleader. Chairman of the Devotional Squad in Girl Reserves, Homeroom Secretary, Log Class Editor, and Lantern Reporter. NATHAN IEL E. GREEN Iune Another lank from 12A-5. Nat hid behind the tuba in Band, was Homeroom Vice President, stuck to his Traffic post, and was a pro- Basketeer. MARVIN R. GUSTAVSON Iune Since "Gus's" main interest was in science, he was on both the Physics and Chemistry Squads. He served on Usher and Devo- tional Squads and kept on the Honor Roll. WILLIAM E. GUTHRIE Ianuary When you mention sports. Gus just naturally pops into your mind. He was this year's Football Captain, a Track Letterman, an Intramural Boxer, and a member of the Wrestling and Basketball Teams. This popular lad was also a Traffic Squad member. ROBERT R. HAHNER Iune "Dutch", varsity Football lines- man for two years and Intramural Wrestling contender, was a star athlete. Good-natured Dutch kept up the morale of 12A-4. HELEN M. HALEY Iune Helen was Honor Award Com- mittee Chairman, a member of the Activities and Milk Squads, G.A.A., and National Honor So- ciety. She was a hard worker and earned her Activities Key. FRED A. I-IALLER June "Paunchy", as the boys knew him, was a great boy. His name was always found on the Honor Roll, and his Homeroom got many a laugh from this witty fellow. LOLLY HANCE Ianuary Popular Lolly was a member of the cast for the Class Play. She was a Homeroom Officer, was on a Senior Tea Committee and took Home Nursing. Lolly's favorite hobby was dancing. LAUREAME HANNA Iune Sweet, dark-eyed "Dazey" was kept busy as Girl Reserve Treas- urer. She worked on many squads, including Traffic, Medical, Milk, and Arts and Crafts. NORMAN B. HARDY Iune "Personality Kid Moe" played A Squad Football and Basketball and enjoyed Intramural Wrestling. He was Ways and Means Com- mittee Chairman, Log Staff Circu- lation Manager, and holder of an Activities Key. RICHARD H. I-IASLER Iune Coming from Texas, happy-go- lucky "Tex" made himself well known with that smooth southern accent. Hunting was his hobby. and he was a Messenger during air raid drills. MYRTLE VIRGINIA I-IATTON Iune Cute, popular Myrt kept us well supplied with hot dogs, pop, candy, etc., at all the football games. This peppy girl was Chairman cf the Achievement Committee and President of her Homeroom. FLOYD HAWKINS Iune "Hawkie" was known all over the school for his ability to see the bright side of everything. He was a Messenger and a member of the Traffic Squad. , ' in SE NIORS ROSEMARY HAYDEN Iune Rosemary was a member of Alpha Girl Reserves. On the Cheering Squad she kept up our morale at football games. She's also a bud- ding artist. BETTY C. HAYES Iune Artistically-inclined Betty had her own formula for keeping busy. Betty was an enthusiastic mem- ber of Chorus, Arts and Crafts Squad. G.A.A., and Girl Reserves. O ALBERT V. HAYS Iune Bert, the good looking Casanova of IZA-2, thought hunting one of the greatest sports. This sociable fellow seldom missed the Honor Roll and was a member of the Traffic Squad. BARBARA LOU HEBERT Ianuary A possessor of an Activities Key, energetic Barbara was on Class Rank, a Senior Tea Committee, and Information Squad. She was Usher Squad Chairman for the Class Play and made the Honor Roll. GLORIA A. HEIMBUECHER Iune Gloria. an Honor student. had a variety of activities -Traffic, Li- brary and Medical Squads. Lan- tern typist, and Chairman of the Senior Tea Hostess Committee. MARY IANE HEINE Ianuary Mary Iane was an enthusiastic sergeant in the C.A.P. She was also on the Library Squad. on Committees for the Class Play. in Chorus. and on the Honor Roll. ELIZABETH IOAN HEINEMAN Iune That cute, auburn-haired major- ette who pranced up the football field was Betty Io. Serving as Homeroom Secretary and Vice President and Girl Reserves Secre- tary helped her to get that coveted Activities Key. SENIORS MELVIN HENDERSON Iune A singing cop. Mel had Boys' Chorus and Traffic posts to his credit and was a hep boy on the Basketball floor. SHIRLEY EVA HERBERGER Iune Shirley always had a smile for everyone. She was an active mem- ber of Girl Reserves and Library Squad. Shirley was also an ardent Air Raid Messenger. GAIL HESSE Iune How could such a big beautiful voice come from such a little gal! Gail was a member of the Triple Trio. Attendance and Devotional Squads. Chorus, G.A.A., and Girl Reserves. IOAN HESTER Iune A very sweet gal is Ioanie. whose name had a regular place on the Honor Roll. She worked for the Fun Concert. was on Library Squad. and was a member of the Girl Reserves and G.A.A. RICHARD L. HIBLER Iune An outdoor man was Dick. whose hobby was making and collecting old guns. This ambitious boy's main interests were hunting, fish ing. and camping. HOYT L. HICKMAN Ianuary Hoyt, a Highest Honor student was first in his class. He was Log Co-Editor and Honor Award Com mittee Chairman, earned his Na tional Honor pin and Activities Key and Guard. Hoyt represented Mt. Lebo at its best. ROBERT F. HILL Iune What a shot! Our boy Hilly just made another basket! Besides Bas ketball. his activities included serving on Ways and Means and acting as Baseball Manager. FRED D. HINMAN Iune An active member of Hi-Y was Fritz, who also did his bit on Ways and Means, but he espe- cially liked sports. He was in In- tramural Basketball and managed Interscholastic Football. MARIORIE ANN HOFF June This little cutie was quite a pian- ist. In school she worked on the Library and Devotional Squads. Cheerful Margie was a Homeroom Officer. Lantern Feature Editor, Log Class Editor and a memb r ROBERT H. HUFNAGEL Ianuary A talented dancer, Bob spent most of his time entertaining at the canteen, but he found time to be on the Business Cominittee for the Class Play. LAURA GLADYS HUGHBANKS Iune Laura, Highest Honor student, was kept busy on Gym and Library Squads. A member of G.A.A., Na- tional Honor Society, and Girl Re- serves, she also served as Secre- . e of the National Honor Society. IOHN M. HOOPER June Red-headed John was active in Civilian Defense activities and in tary of her HomQom. ALBERT E. HULSE June Intramural Basketball. He was a loyal member of the Rifle and Traffic Squads. IANE T. HOWARD Juno Darling Iane will be remembered for her black hair and sweet smile. She was a member of G.A.A., Girl Reserves, Arts and Al shot the works in Rifle and in photography for the Lantern and Hi-Y. Tall. blond, and handsome that's Albert E. Hulse. ROBERT EDWARD HUNTER June Bob, a swell fellow, was Home- room Officer and headed the P.A. Squad and the Stage Crew. As a member of these various activities. Crafts. and Home Nursing. WILLIAM A. HOWELL Iune "The Lank" was definitely all right! Here for only one year, Bill he earned his Activities Key. ROBERT B. HURLEY Iune quickly became one of the best known in the class. He was a star Basketballer and a member of the Baseball Team. Track and Rifle were Bob's sports in school. He was on the Traffic Squad and was chairman of the Usher Squad. MARY LOUISE HUBBARD Iune Pretty. popular Mary Lou was Vice President of Trailblazers, a member of Girl Reserves, and a Lantern typist. She was on Lost and Found, Library, and Hostess Squads. WILLIAM HUBBARD lanuary When you think of dancing you think of "Hig"-the two just nat- urally go together. This good looking Homeroom President was in the Class Play. served on the Traffic and Hospitality Squads. and played Intramural Basketball. ROBERT D. HUTCHISON Iune Gay, happy Bud was quite the boy! He was a member of the B Squad Football Team, Intramural Basketball, and he also played Hockey and enjoyed all sports. IRENE L. IACEK Iune Sweet Irene certainly liked her music. She gave up Wednesday morning study periods to sing in the Chorus. It's some task planning Devotions, but she was in on that, IOO. SENIORS OTILLIA R. IASPERT Iune "Tillie", the class wit, held a Traffic post and kept the hot dogs rolling and the pop bottles flying during football season as she worked on Ways and Means. IAMES P. JEFFREY Iune lim. a really swell fellow, kept the crowds in the halls moving as a member of the Traffic Squad. He did his part toward the war effort as a School Messenger. LOIS M. IOHNSON Iune Lois kept the girls of 12A-5 sup- plied with pin-ups of their favor- ite stars, which she ably sketched. She was a G.A.A. member and held a Traffic post. ROBERT R. IOHNSON, IR. Ianuary Talented "Cy" proved his ability as an actor in the Class Play. He was our Football Announcer, Homeroom Officer, member of Cafeteria Squad, and played In. tramural Basketball. ALLAN H. IOHNSTON June Allan always had a witty come- back for any remark. This tall. jovial fellow was his Homeroom's Representative and served on the Traffic and Usher Squads, BARBARA ANN JONES Iune Brainy "Ionsie" was always on the go. She was the Lantern News Editor, Log Staff member, be- longed to the Library, Medical, and Gym Squads, and earned her Activities Key. RUTH ELIZABETH IORDAN Iune Ruth. another student who came to us from Dormont, was interested in music and served on the Invi- tation Committee for the Senior Tea. SENIORS STANLEY I. KAIL Iune Stan could be seen at his Traffic post as well as on the Intramural Basketball Team. He was a lika- ble fellow and always wore a big grin. IAMES F. KARCHER Iune Did you know that lim has spent most of his life in China? He was Mt. Lebo's Color Guard, sang in A Capella and played a fast ln- tramural Basketball game. IOAN E. KELLEY Iune Ioan, whose name often appeared on the Honor Roll, represented her class on Executive Board and headed the Medical Squad and a Senior Tea Committee. What a sweet gal she is! IOHN EDMUND KELLY Iune Talented lack could really tickle the ivories! He played in both Band and Orchestra, was a Home- room Officer, and a member of the Traffic Squad. See you at Carnegie Music Hcrll, lack! ROBERT LEE KELLEY Iune Bob kept the Track Team "man- aged" and proved to be an able Basketball star. He was a Highest Honor student, a member of the National Honor Society, and an- other deserving owner of an Activities Key. MARCIA LOUISE KENNEY Iune Talented Marcia was Secretary of the Traffic Squad, a Lantern typist. Homeroom Secretary, G.A.A. ath- lete, and an Honor Roll student who owned an Activities Key. THOMAS KERRIGAN Iune "Wrong way Kerrigan" didn't apply to Tom. He always knew where he was going and why. The senior class missed this boy when he joined the Navy in No- vember. HELEN KLANCHER Iune Helen. a most intelligent girl, didn't have to study constantly to make the Honor Roll. She was just naturally smart. Her hobby was collecting popular records. PAUL E. KOEHLER Iune Paul, or "Bud" as everyone knew him, played Basketball on the In- tramural Teams. He was tall. dark, and well-liked by everyone, espe- cially blondes. EVERETT KOERBER Iuno Everett's name could always be found on the Honor Roll. Each period he dashed from class on the two-minute bell for his Traffic post. GEORGE THOMAS KRAEMER Ianuary George, a great boy, really rated high with us. He was Executive Board President, Cross Country Captain, Track letterman, Scholas- tic Committee Chairman, a mem- ber of National Honor Society, and earned his Activities Key and Guard. MARIAN IANE KRAEMER Iune Blue-eyed Marian was Homeroom Secretary and Gym Squad Chair- man. She was an all-round athlete with a G.A.A. major and minor sports letter and was probably the youngest in the graduating class. IOHN S. KRATZ. IR. Ianuary This wearer of an Activities Key and National Honor pin had an infectious grin. "Cud", alias "Cap- tain Applejack". was a member of the Social Committee, Ways and Means, and acted as Homeroom President. He will always be re- membered for his great per- sonality. IOHN H. KUNKLE. IR. Iune If you're ever stumped on a ques- tion. just ask Iack. This High Honor student was really "in the know". He was a member of the Golf and Rifle Teams. Public Ad- dress Committee. and the Traffic Squad. . wig,-, CAROL CELESTE KUNZ Iune The smooth posters advertising school events were often the work of talented Carol. A slightly ter- rific gal, she was the Lantern Art Editor and a member of the Traf- fic and Library Squads. WILLIAM C. LADERER. Ill Ianuary Bill, the loss to the June Class, was the January Class's gain. He proved his worth and versatil- ity by working as Homeroom President and as a member of the Traffic and Usher Squads. ROBERT LAING Iune Bob, a hard working fellow if ever there was one, made himself known on the Rifle Team, Trail- blazers Club, Sports Committee, and Ways and Means Squad. CLIFFORD M. LANE. IR. Iune Because Cliff, that boy who didn't give a hoot for girls, was mainly interested in sports, he was active in Intramural Basketball and Track. Outside activities included Air Raid Messenger work. RUTH CLARA LANGERMAN Iune As a member of several squads and a Girl Reserves Committee Chairman, brainy Ruth, High Honor student, earned her Activi- ties Key. She also won a G.A.A. letter. EARL A. LANGFORD Iune A hole in one is what you could expect from a Golf letterman. Earl, a really jolly fellow. enjoyed Track and Intramural Basketball as well. CICELY M. LAWRENCE Cicely, the girl with the beautiful blue eyes, had her share of activi- ties as Hospitality Co-Chairman. Ways and Means and Attendance Squads, Highest Honor Roll, G.A.A. Of course she had an Activities Key. SENIORS SENIORS PETER GEORGE LEONE ROSE C- MAI-GARIN lune Likable Pete played in the Band and Orchestra, found time for some Track and Basketball, too. and always amused the Home- room by dashing in a half hour late. IOSEPH LEWANDOSKI Iune "Big Ioe" was one ot our Golf lettermen who knew his tees and spoons. He played a fast Basket- ball game. and those bright green trunks looked right smart. Iune The girl with the gorgeous black hair, whom we all knew as Zetty, served on the Gym Squad and was a member of G.A.A. ANN MANOLUKAS Iune We'll all agree that Ann was one swell gall Another loyal Girl Re- serve. she enjoyed music and dancing and had quite a taste for art. DOLORES LIDDLE CAROLYN B. MANSFIELD Iune , It's not all girls that have the ability to design clothes, but Dee was talented that way. She was a Girl Reserve and thought it one swell organization. EUGENIA A. LOSCH "Ieep", as everyone knew her. was noted for her pro-ish dancing. This Homeroom Officer made a mighty cute Cheerleader and was a hard working member of Ways and Means and G.A.A. DRUSILLA E. MACKABEN Iune Druse had a smile and a pleasant word for everyone. This Honor Roll student earned her Activities Key by working as Auditorium Assist- ant, Homeroom President, and ba member of Girl Reserves Commit- tee and Arts and Crafts Squad. CONSTANCE IEAN MACKEY Ianuary In the center of most any activity in Mt. L. you'd find cute little Connie. A few ot these were Sec- retary of both Girl Reserves and her Homeroom. member of Medical Squad, Honor Roll, and various committees. BETTY IEAN MAGEE Iune Betty lean. a really pleasant girl to have around, confined her activities to the Wednesday Morn- ing Glee Club. in which she was an enthusiastic warbler. Iune Here was a hard working. mem- ber of the Lantern Staff. Arts and Crafts, Library and Gym. Squads. G.A.A., and Girl Reserves. Keep that smile, Carolyn: we like it! WILLIAM G. MARSH, IR. Iune Bill, a new addition to Mt. Lebo, hailed from Brookline and had his heart set on entering the Air Corps. He held a Traffic post here. ALICE KATHLYN MARTIN Iune A Highest Honor student, browns eyed, versatile Alice played in G.A.A.. was Scholastic Commit- tee Chairman, Homeroom Repre' sentative, an ace shot at Rifle Club, and an Activities Key owner. HAROLD MASSEY- IR. June Harold was the kind of fellow you liked to know. Besides being on the Honor Roll, he was awarded his Activities Key, was a member of Student Court, and was a Golf letterman. RICHARD F. McCI-IESNEY Iune Perhaps Dick will be one of our future Boxing champions, if his success at Mt. L. is any indication. All kinds of sports interested this smiling senior. who was always in the "pink" of condition. RUTH MCCONNEL Iune Brain and brawn-f-this gal had 'em both, as member of Honor Roll and G.A.A. Bobbie also held a Traffic post and was a Girl Re- serve Committee Chairman. I ANE MCCREADY Iune An enthusiastic record collector, Ianie knew them all. Although a little on the quiet side. she really let loose when the occasion called for it. GEORGE McCRORY Iune George always kept his Home- room in high spirits. He played a rugged game of Intramural Bas- ketball, was interested in model airplanes. and was an ardent stamp collector. WILLIAM I. MCCULLY Ianuary Sorry. not tonight! We're having some nifty speaker at the Hi-Y meeting and I wouldn't miss it for anything. Bill also got a bang out of a thrilling football game, too. IAMES H. MCFEE Ianuary Way to go, lim! You made the Highest Honor Roll again. How do you do it? This lad was Home- room President and never let any' thing interfere with his duties. THOMAS MCGLAUGHLIN Iune If you ever want to know how it feels to make the Highest Honor Roll all the time. ask Tom. Home- room President, Traffic and Usher Squads, Basketball and Track kept this fellow stepping high. RUTH KATHARINE McGRAEL June Brainy Ruth. an Honor Roll gal, had to keep stepping as Air Raid Messenger. member of G.A.A.. Girl Reserves. and Home Nursing student. WALLACE EDWARD McKEE Iune Wally, with his friendly personal- ity. proved himself one of the best. He was Co-Captain of the Track Team, Traffic Squad Chair- man, Homeroom President, and played Intramural Basketball. BETTY McKENZIE Ianuary You could usually find Betty work- ing on the Art Squad. This dap- per gal participated in G.A.A.. Ways and Means. Girl Reserves. and was prompter for the Class Play. ABN ER B. MCMASTER January "Spider", that popular fellow, played on the A Squad Football and Baseball Teams. This versatile boy was President of his Home- room. a member of the Traffic Squad and Class Play Publicity Committee. IEAN P. McMASTER Iune Our witty little lean was kept busy with a Traffic post. a position on L i b r a r y and Attendance Squads. and as a reserve on the Medical Squad. CHARLES A. MCMILLEN January Those clever skits you heard over the P.A. system for the Class Play could not have been prepared without the help of good looking Chuck. He was also seen flying down Cochran Road each morning in his yellow convertible. ROBERT W. McMINN Iune Musically minded Bob strutted his stuff with the Band and added much to the harmony of our Orchestra, too. LOIS MAE MCPHILLIMY Iune Traffic "cop" Lois was an enthusi- astic member of G.A.A. If you were looking for reference mate- rial, this member of Library Squad could readily find it for you. SENIORS SENIORS RICHARD D. McSl-IANNIC lanuary "Spanky", that happy-go-lucky. likable member of the A Squad Football, Baseball, and Basketball Teams, was a Homeroom Officer and a member of the Class Play Business Committee. He was an asset to any class. BARBARA RUTH MEANS Iune Barbara. a very pretty girl, was most active in her years at Mt. Lebo. She was Armed Service Chairman, G.A.A. Council Man- ager, Girl Reserve Program Chair- man, and a member of the Traffic and Cafeteria Squads. MARIORIE MEANS Iune Margie was on a Senior Tea Com- mittee, Devotions, Arts and Crafts. G.A.A.. Girl Reserves, and was a Homeroom Secretary to boot. BETTE LOU MECHLING Iune Mech was a "slick little chick"l Outside of school she enjoyed dancing, but in school her time was taken up with Girl Reserves and acting as Secretary of Milk Squad. IO ANN MELOY Iune "Iam" spent much of her time on the Library. Book. and Arts and Crafts, Squads. These activities, plus winning G.A.A. letters and acting on Girl Reserve Commit- tees, eamed her an Activities Key. STERLING R. MENSCH Iune Sam, an up-to-date dresser to say the least, was well-known and well-liked. He was a Homeroom Officer, a Messenger, played In- tramural Basketball, and a mem- ber of the Traffic Squad. REGIS A. MERVICK Iune What a great musician! Regie was a student director of the Band and a member of the Orchestra. Outside of school he had his own orchestra, which was quite the thing. RUTH IEAN METZGER January A regular "dasher" to her Traffic post, Ruth had time to be a mem- ber of Girl Reserves, to be in Chorus and G.A.A.. and on the Attendance Squad. PAUL MEUSCHKE Iune "The middle stairs are for down traffic only, please." Paul, a mem- ber of the Traffic Squad certainly had to have a lot of patience. This swell fellow never missed the Honor Roll either. DONALD D. MILLER Iune "I'll call an officer"'Don of the Traffic Squad undoubtedly helped you out. He donned the "Blue and Gold" Band uniform to play for us, too. GLADDY LOU MILLER Iune An all-round girl-that is Gladdy Lou. Did you hear all those sighs while she performed as head ma- jorette on the football field? Her activities included G.A.A., Traffic. Lantern, Bulletin Board Chairman: and these won her an 'Activities Key. MARION MILLER Iune A mighty attractive gal was Ma- rion. This hard working member of the Ways and Means and Traf- fice Squads, Glee Club. G.A.A.. and Girl Reserves Committees al- ways made the Honor Roll. GRACE I.. MILLETARY Iune Besides being a loyal member of Girl Reserves, Traffic. and Senior Tea Committee. dark-haired Grace was considered a junior Hattie Carnegie. That's plenty all right. RICHARD W. MOHLER Ianuary Dick came through with flying colors as Iohnny Iason in the Class Play. He also was kept busy with the Rifle Club, Physics Squad. and worked to make the Honor Roll. HARRY A. MONTGOMERY June "I second the motion" were al- ways Harry's words at Homeroom meetings. A friendly fellow, he was a member of the Track, Cross County, Intramural Basketball Teams. and Traffic Squad. CHARLES WILLIAM MOORE June Blond good looking Chuck wrote gossip for the Lantern, played a mean game of Goli, wrestled like Man Mountain, and kept class- room spirits high with his quips. THELMA E. MORGAN January The January class wit gave a sparkling performance as Mrs. Pengard in the Class Play. Thelma was a member of G.A.A., Bulletin Board, Arts and Crafts, Milk Squad, and a Senior Tea Commit- tee. GLENN MORROW Juno Care-free Glenn was Secretary and Vice President of his Home- room and a member of Traffic, Milk. and Ways and Means HARRY S. NELSON January "Nels", liked by everyone. seemed to have energy to burn. He was Executive Board Vice President, Hi-Y President, Cross Country and Track letterman, and earned his Activities Key and Guard. MARYELLEN NELSON January Voted "prettiest" in her class poll, Maryellen was well remembered for her terriffic performance in the Class Play. She was a reporter for the Lantem, and a member of the Traffic Squad and a Senior Tea Committee. RICHARD L. NICKESON June Success in Track and Cross Coun- try kept "Nick" in the limelight. This personality kid was Cafeteria Squad Chairman, Homeroom Presi- dent. an Honor Roll student, and a member of the Traffic Squad. VIRGINIA STEWART N ICKLAS June As Chairman of Lost and Found, a Lantern reporter and Girl Re- serve Committee member, Ginny, one of the friendliest girls in our Squads. class, earned her Activities Key. She also won two G.A.A. letters. ALLAN R. MURPHY NANCY NORDIN January Iune "Murph" ran through school and came out with letters for Track and Cross Country. He held down Traffic and Lunch Squad posts and headed the Class Play Busi- ness Committee. ALBERT A. MURRER. IR. January ' Murrer and Parkins were one great team! A1 was P.A. Com- mittee Chairman. a Homeroom Of- ficer, a member of the Traffic and Projection Squads. and the Na- tional Honor Society. We'll re- member his A-l performance in the Class Play. RICHARD H. NEELLEY June Cross Country and Track for three years, Usher Squads, and the Honor Roll, and twelfth grade Representative, were some of Dick's activities. He was a swell fellow and proved his worth to the Senior Class. This cute member of the Triple Trio worked on Ways and Means, Traffic, and Attendance Squads. We all remember Nicki as one of the "Yankee Doodle Girls" in the Fun Concert. FRED L. NUNGESSER. IR. June Fred, able student Manager of Basketball, was active on Chem- istry and Traffice Squads. He also worked on Ways and Means. MARJORIE R. NYE June This Honor Roll student drew ad- miring glances. Marjorie knew the answers. She was in the Library when you needed her, too. simon? RICHARD ALLEN NYE Iune Dick, small but mighty, got along well with his classmates. He was a member of the Band, Traiiic Squad. Lantern Staff. and played Intramural Basketball. IOHN CLAY OAKES. IR. Ianuary Aside irom keeping his classmates amused with his never ending antics. Iohn worked on the Stage Crew oi the Christmas Play and was a member of Civilian De- tense. ELEANOR A. O'MELIA Iune A three-year member oi Triple Trio. Eleanor often displayed her beautiful voice before the stu- dent body. Being her class Secre- tary and a Traffic Olficer occupied other moments. MARY RUTH OPFERMAN Iune There never was such a Basket- ball enthusiast as Mary Ruth. Hep to the jive and strictly a good-time gal, she was a loyal Girl Reserve and spent her spare time roller skating. EDWYNA OSBORNE lune One of the busiest and sweetest girls in our class, "Eddie" was Homeroom and Alpha Girl Re- serve President, Devotional Squad Chairman, National Honor Society member. and Log Art Editor. Is it any wonder she earned her Ac- tivities Key? HELEN K. OSBORNE Iune Need a clever poster or a neat sketch? Call Helen. This tall, at- tractive girl was President ol the Alphas and her Homeroom, Poster Squad Chairman, member oi the Log Staii and National Honor So- ciety. and earned her Activities Key. IACK F. OSTERGAARD Ianuary This High Honor student turned in a pro-ish pertormance in the Class Play. This lad was Home- room President, a member oi the Rifle Team and the National Honor Society. SENIORS HARRY N. PAPPAS Ianuary Remember the suave dresser with the black wavy hair? Harry was here only one semester, but we think he was pretty fine. IEANNE LOUISE PARDINI Iune "Ieanie with the light brown hair' worked on Attendance, was a member of Girl Reserves and G.A.A.. Air Raid Messenger, and Home Nursing student. ROBERT G. PARKE Iune Bob, otherwise known as "The Brain". made Highest Honor Roll every semester and had reason to be proud of his National Honor pin and Activities Key. He slaved as Business Manager oi the Log and as a member of the Achieve- ment Committee. NORMAN L. PARKINS. IR. Ianuary Hal! oi the Murrer-Parkins team. Norm's sense oi humor was sup- plemented by work on Decorating Squad, Stage Crew. and Trattic Squad. GWEN PATRIQUIN Iune Especially on rainy days the girls wished they had Gwen's curly hair. Gwen was class President. Chairman oi Library Squad. mem- ber oi G.A.A. and Girl Reserves. PAUL H. PATTON Iune Paul, a most versatile iellow, had some list oi activities. He was Baseball Manager, on the Riile Team. played Intramural Basket- ball. was in the A Capella Chorus. and on Traiiic and Usher Squads. NANCY PETERSEN Iune This cute little senior was always iound at her Traiiic post be- tween classes. Nancy's name was usually on the Honor Roll, and she acted on a Senior Tea Commit- tee. WILLIAM PHILLIPS Iune Bill was one of our Intramural Basketball players. His pleasant smile won many a friend. M. IOAN PIERSOL Iune Blonde. green-eyed "Punsie" as an aide for the Senior Tea wore her fingers and eyes down to frazzles over favors for this social function. She enjoyed horses and owned one of her own. CHARLES C. PITCHER Iuns Remember those dulcet tones on the P.A. and Devotions? They probably belonged to curly' haired Chuck. He found time also to dribble the ball for the Home- room Basketball Team. WILLIAM I-I. POLLOCK. IR. June Bill could get a laugh out of any- one, any time. This witty fellow had a keen interest in Cross Country and the Band, of which he was a member for three years. Keep smiling, Bill! DONALD POWELL Iune A second Gene Krupa, Don loved to play the drums. He was an able Football Manager and took radios apart in his spare time. SARA KATHRYN POWELL January Sally was good any time for a laugh. She was a member of the Lantern Staff. Milk, Medical, and Book Squads, and the Class Play Committee. WATSON E. PROVOST Iune As Homeroom President in l2B. Watson had the floor. But that wasn't all. We saw him playing Basketball and directing Traffic in the halls. HELENE RAGNER January Everyone t h r o n g e d around "Frenchy" to hear her talk and was she ever cute! A Homeroom Officer, she was a member of the Achievement Committee. Chorus. and Girl Reserves. HENRY E. REA. IR. Iuns Henry was an Honor Roll student: moreover this busy lad found time for Intramural Basketball Traffic Squad, Civilian Defense: and First Aid. EVELYN RUTH REAM Ianuary Typing kept ambitious Evelyn busy many nights after school. She was Chairman of the Make-up Committee for the Class Play and modeled for the Senior Tea. ANDERSON MALVIN REARICK. IR. C Iune Some fellows just can't seem to get enough sports. Andy was one of these. He was on the Rifle. Football. and Intramural Basket- ball Teams. His spare time was devoted to Traffic and Usher Squads. HARLES REICHBLUM Iune If you see a curly-haired boy around school. hear a cheery voice over the P.A., or read a thrilling sports story, you'll know that's Chuck. He is the possessor of an Activities Key and Quill and Scroll pin. WILLIAM G. REYNOLDS Iune A real athlete, Bill was Co-Cap- tain of Interscholastic Track Team, played Football, and was on a winning team in Basketball---all this, and Traffic Squad. too. RICHARD RICE June Track, Cross Country. and Basket- ball interests show that versatile Dick was an all-round athlete: but he also worked on Traffic and Milk Squads and held a Home- room office. SENIORS GLORIA IEAN ROMEO BRADFORD RICHARDSON Iune Brad, tops in his class, was Ex- ecutive Board President, a proud possessor of an Activities Key, a member of the National Honor Society. and was one of the best runners on the Track and Cross Country Teams. MOLLY LOU ROBB Iune Versatile Molly Lou, Vice Presi- dent of both her Homeroom and Girl Reserves, was a member ot the Social Committee and the Log and Lantern Staffs. NANCY IANE ROBB Iune Nancy was seen behind the In- formation Desk or rushing to her Traffic post. She struggled with minutes as Homeroom Secretary and was on a Senior Tea Com- HIIIIBB . IAMES S. ROLLINSON Iune Iirn used his sturdy build and long legs to great advantage as a member of the Cross Country and Track Teams. He also did his best to keep us in order as a Traftic Officer. AUDREY IEAN ROTH Iune Audrey, that pretty blonde, had plenty to do with Glee Club, Trail- blazers, Devotional Squad, Triple Trio, and Lantern. She received a three year Music letter also. IEANNE V. ROWE Iune lean, participating in Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., and Air Raid Messenger duties, did her bit for the Civilian Defense program by joining the Home Nursing Corps. RICHARD RUTH Iune A good kid, Dick was quite a sports enthusiast. For proof of this, please note that he was on the Football Team and played In- tramural Basketball. WILLIAM C. ST. CLAIR Iune Good looking, blue-eyed Bill was Homeroom Vice President, a High Honor Roll student. and a pro Golfer. He also was a member of the Football and Track Teams. IAMES I-'. SAYENGA Ianuary Iune Gloria, that senior with the beau- tiful black hair, came to us from Dormont. She was interested in commercial work and planned to be a stenographer. WILLIAM F. ROPE Ianuary Tall, husky Bill was a Homeroom Officer, an Honor Roll student, a member of the Traffic Committee. Hi-Y, and Chorus. and Class Play Publicity Chairman. IEAN ROSS Ianuary lean was a big asset to Mt. Lebo's Cheerleading Squad. She was a member of the Chorus, Information Squad, modeled for the Senior Tea, and was an usher for the Class Play. SENIORS A wider range oi interests you will not find in any young man. Iim's activities included Football, Band, Chorus, and Devotional Squad. RAYMOND IOHN SCHAUB June Ray, who is dead set on being an undertaker. was a flashy soul around Mt. L. with his wild ges- ticulations and rolled pants. MAX SCHLIENGER Iune Six feet five, all Max. He was a three year Rifleman. tCapt. '44l Homeroom Vice President, Track and Cross Country pro, and a really crack Basketball wheeler. ELIZABETH LEE SCHNEIDER Iune Blonde and pretty, Betty Lee did plenty all right for herself. She was Alpha Girl Reserve Treas- urer. a Homeraom Officer, and was a member of the Decorating. Attendance. and Traffic Squads. ANN E. SCHRECONGOST Iune Ann, who always had a smile for everyone. really knocked herself out in gym. She was a Senior Tea Committee member and be- longed to G.A.A. and Girl Re- serves. MARGARET C. SCHUMANN Iune Well-liked Peg was Log Co-editor. Lantern Assistant Editor. Home- room Vice President. was on Hon- or Roll. worked as a member of the Armed Service Committee. and earned her Activities Key. Let's all give a cheer for a hard-work- ing editor and a great kid. ELEANOR SCUTICCHIO Iune Eleanor's main interest was music. and she has her heart set on a singing career. She was a mem- ber of the Wednesday Morning Glee Club. EVELYN RUTH SEEMILLER Iune "Evie", a very cheerful gal. al- ways had a nice word for every- one. She was kept busy as Secre- tary of the Library Squad but still had time for her hobbies- skatinq, bowling, and dancing. ALMA V. SEIFERT Iune Musically-minded Alma sang in the Chorus and in the Pun Con- cert. but she also went out for G.A.A. sports and belonged to Girl Reserves. ROBERT SERGESON, IR. Iuns Reading Bob's accomplishments. one finds letters in Track and Cross Country, a standing on the Honor Roll and plenty of good times. A salute to an outstanding member of our class. BARBARA JANE SHAMBO Ianuary This Honor Roll student was on a Class Play Committee. Chairman of a Senior Tea Committee. on Attendance and Ways and Means Squads. "Sham" was proof that nice things come in small pack- ages. IACK E. SHEEHAN Iune lack was the lad who took over end position on Football, played a potent Intramural Basketball game. and rested in school. HELEN SHOATS Iune Helen tshorthand during home- room periodi Shoats warbled tthrough Mixed Chorus at Mt. L. and enioyed ice and roller skat- ing out of school. MARION ALICE SHOOK Iune This Honor student was well-liked by her classmates. During study periods and after school she helped you as a member of the Library Squad. As if you fellows didn't know that! GAETANO SICONOLFI. IR. Ianuary Nino. a hep fellow. certainly ac- complished things at Mt. Lebo. An Honor student, he was a Student Court judge, a Homeraom Officer. a member of the National Honor Society. and earned his Activities Key. TACK SIMMONDS Ianuary Sim, a real smoothie, definitely ranked high with his classmates. A star guard on the Mountie Foot- ball Team, he was a Homeraom Officer. Student Court judge, Traf- fic officer, earned his Activities Key and National Honor Society pm. ASA W. SMITH Iune "Ace" was more than a nick-name with this fellow, because that's just what he was. He was a Homeraom Officer, Football Man- ager. and enjoyed a good game of Basketball. SENIORS SENIORS GLENN HARRISON SMITH Iune Glenn was not only an Honor stu- dent but knocked himself out as a member of the Rifle Club. Hi-Y. Chemistry Squad, Traffic. and as Chairman of the Usher Squad. RICHARD W. SMITH Ianuary School was important to Rich: he got his rest there, but he has his heart set on running a fine farm. Hope you get it. Rich. RICHARD SMITH Iune Dick, a newcomer to Mt. L., was busy on his second floor Traffic post. His hobby is collecting rifles. Is that why the hunting season is the favorite time of the year for him? DOROTHY IRENE SNIDER Iune Dot, an Honor Roll student, was known as a very brainy girl. A hard worker, she took part in Homeroom devotions. the Christ- mas program, G.A.A.. and Girl Reserves. DOROTHY E. SOOD Iune A vitality-plus gal, Dot helped the war effort as a Messenger and Chairman of the Armed Service Committee. She belonged to Girl Reserves and worked on Medical Squad. CATHERINE ANNE STABILE Iune Kathy loved to dance and what a pro she was. Homeroom Presi- dent, Ways and Means, Lost and Found, Medical Squad, G.A.A.. and Girl Reserves kept her step- ping: but these didn't keep her from attending all the school af- fairs. i JACOB C. STACKS. IR. Iune What a guy! Right tackle on the Mountie Eleven, owner of a Track Manager's letter, and a Home- room Officer. No wonder he re- ceived an Activities Key. WILLIAM E. STAHLNECKER Iune No one could get past the Foot- ball field gate without a ticket while tall. broad-shouldered Bill was there on the job. He also served on the Cafeteria Squad. PATTY ANNE STANLEY Ianuary When energetic Patty wasn't in school, she played the piano and sang. She was in A Capella, an usher for the Class Play. on Traf- fic and Information Squads. WILLIAM S. STAUFF Iune Bill. a swell boy and a square shooter, was a Football Manager. Homeroom Officer, Traffic Squad member and played Intramural Basketball. KATHERINE GENE STEPHENSON Iune Katherine Gene is her real name. but we called her Kay. She was a leader in fashions at school, a smooth dancer, and a member of Chorus. DAVID A. STEWARD Iune Dave amused us all with his dry wit and humorous columns in the Lantem. He was also a member of the Usher Squad. DON NELSON STITT Iune Don, a dashing Casanova and one of the best Mt. Lebo had to offer. was a Student Court judge. a member of the A Squad Foot- ball Team and Log Staff, and eamed his Activities Key and Na- tional Honor pin. ELEANOR M. STRAWN Iune Smiling Ellie was Co-Chairman of Medical Squad, member of Glee Club and Chorus, Devotional and Library Squads. and a Lantern re- porter. IAMES C. STRICKLER Iune Iim, our good looking Vice Presi- dent of Executive Board and for- mer Student Court judge, was a Track and Cross Country letter- man. He eamed his Activities Key and was elected to National Hon- or Society. BETTY IEAN STUMPFEL Iune Always on the ball and ready to kick in with the fun- that descrip- tion fits Betty perfectly. A mem- ber of the Chorus, she enjoyed dancing and ice-skating to the ut- most. MARTIN STUMPFEL January "Stumpf" was a B Squad Foot- ball man, but Mr. Ruth's radio class kept him buzzin'. Did that crystal set ever work, Martin? SHIRLEY IAYNE SUPLEE Iuno Oh. that smile and personality! Shirley not only had a busy social life but also had a full share of activities. which included Home- room President. Social Committee Chairman. Ways and Means member. Honor Roll. and G.A.A. Naturally, she owned an Activities Key. GORDON P. SUTHERLAND Iune Chances are those thrilling 1?l films you saw in history or chem- istry were run off by tall, dark Gordy. Homeroom President and member of P.A. Squad. HOWARD SUTHERLAN D Ianuary Quiet, but well-liked. Howard worked hard as a member of the Class Play Committee, Physics Squad. and did his best to con- trol the mob at his Traffic post. AUDREY HELENE SWANSON Iune Iust call "Swede" and this viva- cious gal will come arunning, Many of you saw this cutie in the Medical Office. at her Traffic post. or working for Ways and Means. Swede also was a Home- room Officer and belonged to G.A.A. and Girl Reserves. CECILE IAYNE SWEENEY Iune Cecile, best noted ior her beauti- iul red hair and great dancing ability, was one of our Cheer- leaders. A very popular miss, she managed to find time for G.A.A., Gym Squad, and a Homeroom Of- tice. IOHN F. TATTBRSALL Iune Chairman of Usher Squad, mem- ber of Chemistry and Milk Squads. Hi-Y, and Honor Roll eamed lack his Activities Key. That's doing OK! IAMES F. TAYLOR Ianuary Busy? Iust Cross Country and Track letterman, possessor of an Activities Key, Hi-Y man. Traffic, Social Committee, Stage Crew. and Usher Squad, that's all MARIORIE A. TAYLOR Iune A G.A.A. athlete and Girl Re- serve, attractive Margie bandaged in the Medical Office Cno wonder it was always so crowdedl and punched cards for the Milk Squad. BARBARA M. TEN NANT Iune Tall, dark. exotic-looking Bobbie displayed her talents in public speaking class. She earned her Music letter by taking part in the Christmas and Easter pro- grams and the Fun Concert and served on Decorating Squad. HELEN JANE surrou M. JEAN TERREY Iune lane was really busy around Mt. Lebo. She served on the Medical and Traffic Squads. was a Log typist, Homeroom Vice President. an aide for the Senior Tea, and yet her name was regularly on the Honor Roll. Iune An active Alpha Girl Reserve on Home Furnishing Committee, lean had a sunny disposition to match her hair. SENIORS SENIORS DONALD EVANS THOMAS Iune Another radio boy, Don could take an ailing radio and in no time at all have it not playing a thing. THOMAS B. THOMAS Iune Tommy, the all-round boy, was well-dressed, having enough let- ters for every change of clothes- two in Basketball and in Base- ball. He was a member of the Cafeteria and Traffic Squads. P.S. Tommy was quite the ladies' man. GERTRUDE L. THOMPSON Iune "Life-of-the-party" Gert was a smooth dancer and bubbled over with personality. She served on the Senior Tea Committee, Bulletin Board and Arts and Crafts Squads. MARY LOUISE TITE Iune Mary Lou, a very active gal in the senior class, was kept busy running errands on the Attend- ance Squad and typing for the Lantern. She also served capably as 'Chairman of Senior Tea Ar- rangements Committee. IAMES R. TUNNEY Iune A fellow who deserves the best is tall, good looking Iim. He was one of our A Squad Football play- ers and a member of the Projec- tion Squad. ELEANOR FRANCES ULAM Iune Popular Eleanor proved her ver- satility by being President of Girl Reserves, class Vice Presi- dent. a member of G.A.A. Coun- cil, Attendance Squad, and owner of an Activities Key and National Honor pin. IOY MARILYN VAN WOERT Ianuary Always happy, Ioy was the life of the Homeroom. She was the Council Representative for the Girl Reserves and a member of Traffic, Ways and Means, and Class Play Committee. IOHN I. VELLUCCI Iune John was a busy fellow keeping his Ford running, clearing local forests of big game, and helping Miss Frobese run Homeroom in tenth and eleventh grades. RAYMOND E. VETTER Iune Ray, who will no doubt have a Band of his own some day, was musically inclined, to say the least. He enjoyed belonging to clubs and was a Messenger for Civilian Defense. LEO I. VOGEL. IR. Iune "Tall, tan, and terrific," murmured the gals passing Bro on his Traf- fic post. He was a member of Ways and Means, B Squad Foot- ball, and was a staunch support- er of his Homeroom Basketball Team. DONALD M. VOLLMER Iune Don. a regular guy, was best- known for his pro Baseball and Basketball. He was Log Sports Editor, Homeroom Representative, a Football spotter. and on Ways and Means. ARTHUR FRANK VOLMRICH. IR. . Iune Art, a great dancer to say the least. was a busy fellow. He was Homeroom President, a member of the Ways and Means. played In- tramural Basketball, and was a school Messenger. HERBERT VOLZ Ianuary Herb's the boy that did 300 straight sit-ups in gym, besides holding down Traffic, Intramural Basketball. and working on Stage Crew. PATRICIA IANE VOSS Iune With ambitions in the medical field, Pat had an intense interest in anything related to chemistry or science. She was an energetic worker on Milk Squad. Medical Squad, and Ways and Means. MERRILYN WATERS Iune Member-in-good-standing of Girl Reserves. Merrilyn made it tough for the boys in Mr. Dambach's physics class to keep their minds on their experiments. RUTH WATSON Iune Ruth sang in Chorus, was on Book Squad, Arts and Crafts, and got a kick out of G.A.A.. to say nothing of roller skating. WILL Iune You've heard of the big, loud, and dark "Bull of the Pampas?" Well, we had the small, quiet, and blond Bill of our campus. GORDON BRUCE WILSON Iune Flying was Bruce's business. He even had his pilot's license. A real sharpie, he was a member of the Armed Service Committee. Traffic and Milk Squads. IOAN WILSON Iune What a voice! fTripIe Trio? What responsibility! !Treasurer, Girl Re- serves? What talent! !Bandl What a brewer! CSenior Teal What a nurse! CMedical Squadl What a gal! Ioanie Wilson! IAM E. WEISS ROBERT MERWYN WILSON Iune Gee. that was a nice shot Bob just made. Chalk up another point for his Intramural Basketball Team. This quiet Homeroom Vice President never missed the Honor Roll. MARILYN WENZ ROBERT F. WOHLEBER Iune Artistically inclined Lynn could also whip up a jiffy bandage in no time, as she was a proficient First Aider and Girl Reserve. Iune A quiet. good-natured fellow was Bob. Besides being very interested in shop craft as a hobby, he was keen for all athletics. BETTY IANE WERTZ MARIE B. WOLF Iune Tops in her commercial classes, Betty's name was always on the Honor Roll: but she still found time to serve on the Medical and Library Squads and to be Lantern reporter. ROBERT WICKS Iune "Wicky"--our blond. good-na- tured Football hero-was an ac- tive Track man and played Intra- mural Basketball. A swell fellow to know, he also managed to keep his name on the Honor Roll. DONALD WILSON Iune Staff Sgt. fCivil Air Patrol Cadets! Wilson. of the dry wit, was an- other patriot of 12-A-5. He was not only in the C.A.P. but an Air Raid Messenger as well. Iune One of the daintiest and smallest in the class, Marie displayed great talent in making all her own clothes. An Honor Roll student. she was a member of Chorus, Traffic and Library Squads. EDWIN A WOOD Iune Blonde "Eddie" was a lively member of G.A.A. She had a smile that was a knockout, with personality to match. P.S. Very photogenic in a bathing suit. ICHARD H. WOODS I une Though still a kid at heart, good- natured Dick has kept his school work way up, continually making the Honor Roll. Some spare time was taken up by the Class Rank Squad. SENIORS MARY IANE WORK Iune Sociable, friendly Mary lane worked tirelessly as Arts and Crafts Squad Chairman, Girl Re- s e r v e Council Representative. Homeroom Secretary, and Lantern typist. This High Honor student had no trouble earning her Ac- tivities Key. RALPH ZIEGLER Iune Dashing to his Tratfic post kept Ralph in condition for Track and Cross Country. This well-liked fel- low was on the Honor Roll and a member oi both Physics and Usher Squads. CAMERA SHY JAMES CAMPBELL 'E. GRETCHEN ZIMMERMAN Iune What Gretch lacked in inches she made up for in pep and energy plus. A school Messenger. her presence added much to Girl Re- serves and G.A.A. contests. IOAN RUTH ZOOK Ianuary "Zookie" kept us amused. if not a trifle terrified by her crazy an- tics. She was Vice President of Girl Reserves and a member of the Class Play Committee, Poster Squad, Ways and Means. and G.A.A. Iune Congenial to say the least, Iim's time was taken up with all kinds of sports and aviation. He certainly deserved all the many friends he had. RICHARD DAVIES Iune This Warbler gave his all in Miss Sneary's Chorus. Sorry you moved away. Richard. VICTOR C. MOHL Iune What a basketeerl Suave Vic played a terrific game and did more than his part in making this year's team one ol the best. Pursued by many a Lebo lassie, he was always in demand. IOSEPH WEIMER Ianuary Friend to everyone. that was Ioe. He headed the Class Play Busi- ness Committee, Riile team. hockey and hunting. Ioe left before graduation to become a fighting sailor. SENIORS elziors Rolaert Morris Frye JL, Charles Havilanml arles Edward Lowther Clifford Pane Ostergaard Paul Joseph Tragesser gli Service SENIORS RECGRDED At a balance-it-on-your-knee and don't-spill-it tea the 12 B's entertained the 12A's-in ship- shape fashion, too. One skit at the tea presented these cuties as vegetables. Say. where can you buy seeds to grow that kind of vegetable? Well deserving of their caloric reward, Senior Tea hostesses prepared to replenish their vita- min supply. The climax of the program came when the senior A's were called up to the platform to re- ceive miniature diplomas. THE HIGH SPOTS... The many tea drinkers kept the aides stepping high, wide, and handsome. Here they are coming back for refills. More senior A's received their diplomas and hearty congra- tulations from all present amid a thunderous burst of applause. This is the only time all year that a senior had his head out of the soup in the cafeteria and then only for some publicity. With a lump in our throats we sang our senior song to the tune of "Always" for the whole school at our last assembly. .ON THEIR Remember Iohn Oakes and his irnitations at the Senior Des- sert? Laugh? I thought my tears would never stop. Another big moment for the Senior A's was their Dessert, as attended by-Say, where is the dessert? The Class Play Property Com- mittee worked long and hard to help make the play a memor- able one. I. O. Ostergaard is definitely taking a beating at the hands of "Cud" Kratz in this scene from "Captain Applejackf' Is there a doctor in the house? LAST VOYAGE Here's another skit at the Senior Tea, as Grace Fuchs primps for the ninth grade prom. Looks pretty good for ninth grade. Florists did a land-office busi- ness, and after it was over, many of the corsages were pressed as memories: but for prom night they bloomed in glory, as did their wearers. "-I could dance all night like this." Some did, the night of the prom. A coke and an easy chair are just what the doctor ordered, after we "knocked ourselves out" dancing to "One O'Clock lump." WE CHOSE OU R IANUARY CLASS Top to bottom, left to right All the good looks of a Hollywood star Couldn't beat Mary or Allan by far! Now whom do we choose for great future successes? Evelyn and George are two mighty good guesses. For honors scholastic that really make news, Hoyt Hickman and Phyllis we all proudly choose, A laugh or a joke you'd undoubtedly hear Whenever Iohn or Thelma were near. When actors have died and all drama has gone, We'l1 always remember both Mary and Iohn. For top personality, laurels they carry, Our favorites of favorites, Bobbie and Harry. Two of the kids who were quiet but nice Were chubby Herb Volz and little lean Bryce. In sports we would always find Eddy and lean. So here they are. meet them, the king and the queen. All-around kids were our Bobbie and Leigh: lf you should know them. we're sure you'll agree. The couple most frequently seen in our lobby Were two kids we know as Cud Kratz and Bobbie. They knew their fashions: you'll have to confess Orca and Ralph really knew how to dress. For dancing that's tops, here is whom we would pick Our Lolly and Bill, who were really quite slick. TOP SAILORS IUNE CLASS Reading Dick Tracy does not take great pains. But you, Don and Alice, have plenty of brains. Washing out rugs for the money they need, Gloria and Don are all set to succeed. Don't they look bored? Well, they're not in reality. Gloria and Norm have the best personality, For cutest ot couples, just bet that we'll vouch For stubborn H. Massey and pleading I, Couch Cecilia and Donald could always rate "A" As jtterbugs, waltzers. or corps de ballet. The gal we see peeping from this great big can ls all-around Glo, but where's Brad? He's the man. This bulldog so hideous they pet as their pal Is the opposite in looks from lanie and Cal. To beat the bass drum, these kids said they would try it But Marilyn and Bob are of all our most quiet, The two who could win in almost any race Were athletic star Danny and cheerleader Grace. Iackie and Betty though clad here in shorts, Were best dressed among us in school and in sports The jokes that undoubtedly caused a big iuss Come straight from the lips ot our Fletch and Russ The most talented students that most ot us know Were pianist lack Kelly, the actress called Glo. 41" YL' SSSSSSSSSSSSSSNSSSSSSSSSSSSSQSSYSSSSSN S P X l 1 AQ 1, was X I P u r r I fllllllllllllllllllll Ilfllllllllflllfffl 164445 P -+.. 1 ' "' A""' 'G '77777 OLD SALTS ON THE 12B1 Front Row: Icrckson, Lorentz, Frank, Abbott, Cutler, Hastings, Iuergeris, Kayser. Second Row: Gray, Mars, Lopez, Glenn, Price, Guenther, Conrey, Alderson. Third How: Kerr, Dovis, Ellis, Clcxrk, Guilcloy, King. Fourth How: Iameson, Costeel, Ziegler, McGloughlin, Eckenrode, Critser. Fifth Row: Little, Steliotes, Patterson, Wehe, Former, Mathews. 12B2 nd Front Row: Lawrence, Cooper, M. Estep. Churchill, Schick, Goettel, Bcumbcrch, Caste. Seco ' ' ' ' ' H k'ns, I. Estep, Templeton, Row: Colker, B Mcxrkson. Winters. renkus, Linn, Kirsopp, Tilko. ORourke. Third Row. ow 1 - - - ie.: Mrs. Hick's typing clclss swings into action. t GOOD SHIP LEBANON "Better things for better living through chem- istry" is the goal of these eager atom- smashers in Mt. Lebo's chemistry lab. The place: A sidewalk cafe in Madrid. The characters: Two fair senoritas and a dashing span-"Y'know, if this weren't Spain, I'd bet that was Bob Ke1ley." President George shows the boys a solid short-cut in solid geometry. In fact, it's a really solid class. Bob and George show and rewind pictures of germs, glass, steel, and coal day after day. They took the job because they were promised Betty Grable and Lana Turner. A"""K,, SAILORS SEASONED BY 111-Xl Front Row: Boushee, Beal. Moriarty Grimm, Caldwell, Ward, Vanaman Shotts. Second Row: Portman. Licht enthaler, Howard, W. Brown. Berne hard, Speelman, Searle, Doersch Duling, Thompson. Third Row: Weig old, Glenn, Yeoman, Clites, Ryan Snelling, D. McConnell, I. O'Connor Zopf, Richards. Fourth Row: H Smith, Schneider, Frodey, I. Adams A. Reynolds, Cotton, Perry, llA2 Front Row: L. Evans, Coughlin, H Campbell, Bailey, Godden, Samuels O'Hanlon, Heil. Second Row: McMil len, Morrow, Powell, VanKirk, Bruns Hudak, Weiser, Snodgrass, Long Irwin, M. Adams. Third Row: Obrin ger, Riehl. Nestor, Carvlin, Bickel G. Griffiths, Wilton. Fourth Row: B Bearer, Sieger. Donley, Bowler, Ful ler, Gallup. R. Binder. 1lA3 Front Row: Batman, Bunjevac, Col' Zwinggi, Muller, Willoughby, Camp bell, Cheberenchiclc. Second Row Ferraro, Schenck, Marquis, Garvey Riethoi, Purves, Heisley, Gollmal Stewart. L. Smith. Third Bova Fleischut, McNaughton, R. Beck. Allen, Varley, Wistuba, Groell, Martin, Laird, Horsford, Kountz, IIA4 Front Row: Massey, Kalback, Goo: Patterson, Wagner. S. Allen, Gav Fisher. Second Row: Clark, P. Smitl Werner, Mensing, Randall, Herreic Cully, Burch. Third Row: Baum. Martin, Pearce. E. Brown, Kraeme Sommers, Counihan, B. Simonsoi Mulson. Fourth Row: Woeber, Cha lener, Dorman, Lorentz, Timmermai MANY A STORMY SEA 1lA5 'ront Row: Muia, Cline, Seghers, Lchaeifer, Townsend, Woody, Hobbs Jicholls, P. Kraft. Second Row: Bell ll. L. S m i t h , Kern, Wallerstedt laumbach, MacKay. Third Row: D: imith, C r o s s la n d, Austermiller, iraves, Harrison, Dunbar, Speaker, loriano. Fourth Row: Geiger, May tobinson, Byers, Disque. llA6 ront Row: Speidel, G. Short, Auty ox, Borland, McClelland, Lee, Sher- ll, Wyrouqh. Second Row: H foward, Benz, Porter, Egge, Grit ths, Haus, R, Brown. Third Row: foxell, Coate, Hecht, Birch, Geyser, I, Smith, Walther, Reichhold. IIA7 'ont Row: Philips, Bowland, Abbott. arbison. Fedarowski, Nason, Mc- ormac, L. Pritchard, Fodell. Second Jw: Schmidt, Eichenlaub, Moore- aad, Iancier, Soper, Hayes, Lari- er, MacLaren. Third Row: Sittler, aqesser, McRoberts, Coveney. ramer, Gray, Lang. Fourth Row: afsoos, Stewart, Geinzer, H. Duem- ig, M. Borland, DeLaval, Webb. llA8 ont Row: Simon, Gaber, B. Hoif lliard, Lawrence, Mell, Laderer, ifiord. Wilson, Second Row: Lar- rs, Taylor, Hathaway, Trask iaid, Stanley, Ieifery, DaSef, First tird Row: Erenrick, Hallan, Bose am, McConnaughy, Huhn, Ciranni illips. Fourth Row: Coyte, Dorn idt, Gensheimer, Paton, Williams humm. Q-ma v Av' ' a -V w oh SCENES ,, n rr The well-blended voices of the devotions chorus helped get us off to a good start on Wednesday mornings. The entire devotions squad worked hard, and their programs showed it. Don't know why our history teachers are so concerned about our learning history. when we're going out to change it all, anyhow. This is what the well-dressed lassie will wear when she finishes it. Note the variety- everything from sportswear to formal attire. Lucky is the boss with one of these to adorn his office. Anyway, these shorthand gals can get your line down pat as fast as you can give it. THROUGH A PORTHOLE Russ, with 27,000 volts at his beck and call, proposes to shock the physics class with this demonstration. Our shop boys were capable of anything from ash trays to class play scenery and sets. Too bad they couldn't turn out a snow plow for that eighteen inches outside. How well the public speaking class remem- bered Leigh's monologue of the football coach's pep talk to his pulped team. If you don't think it was engrossing, look at Bob Ball. Geometery or no geometry, an angle can never take the place of a curve. SEAMEN FIRST- CLASS 1lA9 Front Row: Shultz, Cassell, Carpen ter, Iacob, Bassett, Toler, Cargo Riehl, Esch. Second Row: Barry O'Connor, Conrad, Harrington, Cui tin, Donnelly, Niver, Alexander Ross. Third Row: Lentz, Manolukas Steele, Reed, Guild, Garver, Senter Crowthers, Helier, Herget. llA10 Front Row: Davia M. Miller, K. Mai mion, Clement, Palmer, Bates, Kar Anderson, DeLong. Second Row Cole, S. Fitzgerald, Simonsen, l Marmion, Lytle, Braker, Moore, Mc Connell. Iackson, Hepline. Thir Row: Pischke, Stanier, Mall. Ferret I. Davis, E. Gilbert, B. Smith, Lytlf Aitken. Fourth Row: Timothy. H1 dak, B. Walter, Carey, Tabe Younkins, W. Smith. l1A1l Front Row: Slater, Luterancik, Mc gan, Drake, Denigan, Logan, Ma sung, Brown. Second Row: Goet McPhillimy, Mastandrea, A. Eiche laub, Sheehan, K. Pritchard, Tisdal Third Row: Hartman, B. Smith, Lox ery, G. Bearer, Minihan, McDanie Monticello. l0Al Front Row: Walz, Willbern, Tilbroc Guidice, Knupp. Bertelsen, Gleiche Murphy. Second Row: Taylor, Snail Culbertson, Bullions, Bailey, Shielc Gaw. Third Row: Boeklen, Marti McGranahan. Helm, G o u c h e Fourth Row: Carpenter, Lorenz, Bo: Schmitt, Albert, Reynolds. Furmc Gingerich. STEERING A STRAIGHT COURSE 10A2 ront Row: Hill, Weaver, Maloy zwler. Ziegler, Schwarz, Pratt evy. Second Row: Green, Heide lann, Gill, Ritchie, Scott, Laing zrtek, Coughlin. Third Row: Ken- ay, Thompson, Francis, McCormick, acy, Mower, Block, Semmer. Fourth aw: Harpold, Phillips, Lindberg, 'iant, Arther, Dietz, Clark. 10A3 :nt How: Firsching, Hedgren, Spal- Richards, Long, Loth, Keeler, xdley. Second Row: Weatherwax the, Cantle, Zehiuss, Morrison rrmon, Lurty. Third Row: Graham rry, Anderson, Scott, May, Davis Jler, Spindler, Baran, Blatt, Tem: QOH. I 1054 nt Row: Noyes, Augenstein, Roh- i, Gourley, Findley, Kelly, Smith rlor. Second Row: Conrad, Brad l, Hanson, Hayes, Kuhne, Meider, ian, Blair. Third Row: Wilson wn, Anderson, Richard, Packer, iman, Little, Marsh. Fourth Row: bard, Balkey, Bonner. Scherer. nham. 1055 it Row: Bailey, Marsh, Stubbins xy, Cummins, Gould, Herdt, Slat- . Second Row: Komara, Lewis. tioot, McNamara, Hatch, Os- e, Rendel, Buschow. Third Row: hard, Bierman, Stewart, Gillen, aman, Ferguson, Vogel. Fourth : Gabriel, Timberlake, Skoog, molds, Albo, Schoos. RECENT RECRU ITS JUST ,A X,--l' Iv, 10A6 Front Row: Kerschbaumer, Harrini ton, Stolzenbach, Cox, Friday, Stl pleton, Bruns, Pelz. Second Row: M Combs, Woody, Phipps. Seibert, St liotes, Avery, McCrory. Third Row Grubbs, Powell, Nourie, Schobc Heidenreich, Blosser, Tiemon. 10A'l Front Row: Romanucci, Burgess Ellis, Hutchison, Carpenter, Weng Blazier, Luce. Second Row: Vog Sutton, Logan, Hili, Land, Kirschn Armstrong, Feller. Third Row: Stel Miller, Ziegler, Schoeitel, Hardy, Mart. Fourth Row: Gebhardt, Li Ford, Smith, Bell. 1058 Front Row: Bassett, Mohler, Tay Savas. Garber, Smith, Howard, l- sett. Second Row: McKean, Kel. Hassel, Bethke, Atherly, Zeph. Pl mer, Ewing. Third Row: Wat Schrecongost. Palmer, Pallone, R dal, Witney, Survinski. Fourth R Ferguson, Diery, Brown, Rm Landon. LeLanchon, Farrell. IUAS Front Row: Weigand, Omohur Reid, Roell, Koch, Grable, Schne Stoll. Second Row: Kroll, Erik Vogel, Hooper. Simon, Moore, I Third Row: Shremp, Ekedahl Iohnston, Fish, Seman, Herron, l ers. Fourth Row: Wunderly, Mclt D. Iohnston, Cameron, Kinne Appel. GETTING THEIR l0Al0 font Row: Grivnaw, Hubbard. rawtord. Boyd, Fee, Scheblein, mort, Petris. Second Row: Helland. fman, Patterson, Powell, Petrelli, arvey, Pappas, Whitney, Mosites. 'iird Row: Browell, Swinney, Wil- rms, Rynewicz, Cobby, Tjoflat, anford. VanDyke, Swaney. Fourth Jw: Dalton, Rider, Maguire, Cisko, elohn, Cox, Foster. 10A1l ont Row: Duerr, Gish, Reiter, hneider, Howard, DeMann, Shiver- tcker, Arnold. Second Row: Hutch- son. Allen, Buzzard. Clark, Lose. ayer, Hunter, Brodmerkel. Third tw: Adams, Busch, Davis, Kausler. lly, Arenlzen. Fourth Row: Bal- ful, Martin, Augsberger, Iones, De- ovanni. l0Al2 mt Row: Marone, Schoeppner, ither. Zimmerman, Himmelrich, :1ll, Langford. Iones. Second Row: nman, Funk. Bradshaw, Specht. ans, Zopl, Hess, Schumann, Mur- y. Third Row: Durkin, Emery we, Adams, Hart, Llewellyn, Mur- :k, Vaux, Miller, Fourth Row: wston, Barkley, Seeman, McCabe, nteer, Wood, Luterancik. 10A13 int Row: Saxton, White, Helwig, on, Froehlich. Stepanovich, Cook, sk. Second Row: Dallyne. Scott, Deland, Pruden, Works. Bucher, nz. Third Row: Bowers, Graham, lkle, Riegel, G, Williamson, Al- W. Williamson, Cooper, Porter, 'oni, W. Robb. CAUTION w ff 2: Art is one subject in which the class never sees the "paint" because it's always van- ishing. Uokel Dedicated to the development of stronger bodies, more alert minds, and-hey you in the middle, gotta match? Our economics class are high-thinkin' folks, They're not dumbbells about Dumbarton Oaks. Senior archers show ability in the defensive C?l activities of Mt. Lebo's femmes. Their theme-song, naturally, is "Robin Hood." SAILORS AT WORK Sue's one of the many hundreds who en- joyed those interesting cmd instructive pro- jects the library exhibited. This one's on The House oi the Seven Gables. Gerry fSwoonl Bearer in algebra classr "It Bill is 'x' inches tall, and Sam is 'y' times as tall as Bill, what is Mary's telephone number?" We could always turn to the library for quiet study and material for that report. But it took Miss Moore to find that material for us. "Lay on MacBeal, MacBarrett, and Mac- Moore"-and so Mrs. MacMorgan and her brood listen to the story of MacBeth. W - 335335-. X,SK 83558858 SY SSS SS SSSSSSSYS S SS SS NN svn X 'gt xx! Q N A KN X A 6.xs X44 S "' A'A A AA' Ill lllllllllllllllll L 1 SPORTS HONOR ROLL SAW 'AWWA 'H 0 .M-.ix s The following were selected by their teams their respective sports: Golf 119441-lack Kunkle Baseball C1940-Don Vollmer Rifle-Don Stitt Basketball-Dean Steliotes Football-Dick McSha1-mic Track l1944l-Dick Toler Cross Country-George Kraemer as best in "A" SQUAD FOOTBALL Front Row' Muirhead CManagerl DelGrand W' lc B h . . e, ic s, us , Hahner, McDaniel. McShannic, Guthrie, Harrington, Frye, Sheehan, Valicenti, D. Bearer, Lurty CManagerD, Powell IManagerJ. Second Row: Timmerman fManagerJ, McMaster, Var- ley, Lynn, Cox, DeLaval, Schumm, Simmonds, Borland, Geyser, Lowery, B. Reynolds, Little, Donnelly, Ackerman CManagerl. Third Row: Assistant Coach Srp, Eckenrode, Stacks, W. Smith, Haus, Williams, Benz, Curtin, Head Coach Beckert, Helter, Sayenga, Wistuba, Markson, Carnahan, Lorentz. Cranston. Assistant Coach Swanson. Fourth Row: Stitt, A. Reynolds, Tunney, St. Clair, Conrad, B. Smith, Fuller. ILeftJ: Mt. Lebanon on the defensive against Brentwood. IRightD: Bush romps around his left end against Langley in the first game ot the season. PLENTY OF FIGHTING SPIRIT FOOTBALL Coach Beckert's comment-"This football team proved beyond all doubt that speed, Condition, loyalty, and fight will go a long way toward making up for lack of size and experience. All the members of the coaching staff will bear me out when I say that it was a pleasure to handle this particular group of boys. They loved to play, responded well to coaching, and came through with many practical suggestions of their own. I'll al- ways be proud of my first bunch of Blue Devils." Under the leadership of Coach Beckert and his able assistants, the Mt. Lebanon Blue Devils enjoyed one of the best football seasons in many years with a record of five wins and three losses. The strength of their SENIOR FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Front Row: D. Bearer, Simmonds, Frye. Second Row: Del Grande, Guthrie, McShannic. Third Row: McMaster, Bush, Stacks, B. Reynolds. "B" SQUAD FOOTBALL F R : A hbau h, Miller, Casteel, Arnold, Hewston, Durkin, Hallen, McCombs, Kirsopp, Williams Second Row ront ow s g Gabriel, McCully, Iones, Pischke, Grey, Beck. Monticello, Mullen, Webb, Busch, Third Row: Martm Dalton McCle1 land, Davis, I. Augsberger, Seman, Little, Beal, Cobbey, Foster, Coach Beckert. ..WAS WITNESSED opponents is evidenced by the fact that Westinghouse captured the City Champion- ship, while Monessen and Clairton were runners-up in the W.P.l.A.L. The Mountie eleven opened their season by routing Langley High by a decisive 20-O score: the following week the Westinghouse "Silver Lakers" jolted our local squad with a 13-0 defeat. On the following Friday, Mt. Lebanon fought back to hand the visiting New Kensington eleven a 26-13 setback. Brentwood was next on the list of Mt. Leba- ON THE GRIDIRON non victories, and the score was 27-0. At Clairton, under extremely unfavorable weather conditions, the Mounties outfought and outcharged their opponents through mud and mire but failed to outscore the Clairton team and were defeated 12-2. At Captain Bill Guthrie Monessen the Blue and Gold was over- powered again, 27-12. Returning home, the Mounties vanquished Washington by the score 21-0. In the final game of the season Mt. Lebanon was host to Norwin and swamped the visiting eleven by a 32-0 score. The line of senior lettermen boasted the versatility and top-notch pass-receiving of ends Del Grande, McMasters, and Sheehan: the fast charging and splendid blocking of tackles Stacks and Frye and guards Sim- monds and Hahner: and the fine all-round performance of center McShannic. The back- field featured the speed and deception of Captain Guthrie, Wicks, and Reynolds, the passing and generaliship of Bearer, and the crafty, tricky running of Bush. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 20 - - - Langley O Mt. L. 0 - Westinghouse 13 Mt. L. 26 New Kensington 13 Mt. L. 27 - - Brentwood 0 Mt. L. 2 Clairton 12 Mt. L. 12 - Monessen 27 Mt. L. 21 Washington 0 Mt. L. 32 Norwin O 1--ig-.l . Cheerleaders tfrontlz Fuchs, Ross, Sweeney. tBackl: Wil- loughby, Fisher, Donoghue, Erdman, Giltillan. Bearer fades to pass against the Westinghouse "Silver Lakers". Bush scores against Brentwood. Guthrie races around his left end egainst the strong Wash- ington eleven. tLeft: The sidelines as seen by a Log photographer. "Ah! gimme a bite." "A" SQUAD BASKETBALL Front Row: B. Bearer, Howell, Steliotes, T. Thomas, Hill, Mohl. Second Row: McGlaughlin, Garver, Niver, Vollmer. N. Hardy, B. Kelley. Third Row: B. Reynolds. Volmrich. Adams, Coach Clark, A. Reynolds, Colvill, Nickeson, D. Bearer. LETTERMEN Left, kneeling: Hardy, Steliotes, Mohl. Standing: B. Bearer, Thomas, Howell, Hill. Reynolds. CAGERS PACKED BLEACHERS Coach "Speed" Clark's comment on this year's court men is as follows: "I would like to compliment personally the members of this year's basketball team on the following points: ill your fine record of seventeen vic- tories and five defeats: C23 your loyalty to school, team, and coach throughout a long season: and C35 your dogged determination and will to Win every game. "Of course we did not win every game, but I am sure I am talking for the team when I say we had the satisfaction of knowing we played with everything we had. When we lost we were ready to admit defeat to a bet- ter team-no favors asked during the game, no alibis afterward. That to my mind is the trade mark with which future Mt. Lebanon teams will be branded." The players on this year's team fought hard to achieve the highest goal attainable. The return of three lettermen from last year's quintet, which compiled a record of thirteen won and nine lost, formed the foun- dation for a much improved team. Pre-sea- son games proved tough, but they lost only two of these contests. The first half of section play went along neck and neck until we met Brentwood on their court. The team lost "B" SQUAD BASKETBALL Front Row: Hunter, Swinney, McCombs, Schrecongost, Hardy, O'Rourke, Huhn, Markle. Second Row: Schober, H. Reynolds. Albo, Little, Busch, Niver, Garver, Cox, Arentzen Back Row: Coach Beckert, Brown, Dalton. D. Reynolds Mullen, Augsburger, A. Reynolds, Adams, Thomas, Cisko McGlaughlin, Rustad. Dorn. BASKETBALL ACTION Lett: Bill Reynolds following up a shot against Carnegie Right: Bruce Bearer and Bill Reynolds oft the boards :rgainst Brentwood. THROUGH THRILLING SEASON a close 36-33 game but were not at all dis- couraged. In the long awaited return match the Mounties found their form and poured it on to the tune of 37-25 for the first defeat of Brentwood by the Blue Devils in four years. Brentwood captured the section crown, however, by winning the play-off 30-25. Be- sides lettermen Bob Hill, Dean Steliotes, and Tom Thomas, the 1945 "B" squad added Vic Mohl and Bruce Bearer, with newcomers Willy Howell, Moe Hardy, and Bill Bey- nolds rounding out one of the best teams in recent years. SCHEDULE Stowe Twp. Crafton Coraopolis Carnegie Dormont McKees Rocks Brentwood Stowe Twp. Crafton Coraopolis Carnegie Dormont McKees Rocks Brentwood PLAYOFF Brentwood CROSS COUNTRY D K mer Zie ler Carey Alexander Plummer Phillips Nelson, Montgomery. Second Row: Front Row: . rae , g , , . , . Neelley, G, Kraemer, Strickler. Richardson, Taylor, Murphy, Sergeson, Rice. Third Row: Wilson fManagerl, ' ' ' M ll Arther fManagerl. Whitney, Mershon, Allen, Albo, Winters, Nickeson, B. Pollock, Coach o enauer. Back Row: L. Pollock, Rust, D. Smith, D. Reynolds, Wehe, Rollinson, Moore, Foster. Sieger. tLeftJ: Plummer finishes first in the Aliquippa meet. tRightJ: The W.P.I.A.L. team included, kneeling: D. Kraemer, Carey, Alexander, Nelson: standing: Rich- HARRIERS AGAIN CAPTURED STATE HONORS CROSS COUNTRY "A nucleus of strong experienced runners, terrific intersquad competition, and a fine tradition of team loyalty were the main fac- tors in another successful season." That's Coach IVlollenauer's comment about this year's cross country champions. The strong experienced runners he refers to included returning letterrnen-G. Kraemer, Murphy, Nelson, and Taylor: fast-finishing seniors-Richardson, Carey, and Strickler: and those sensational sophomores and juniors-Alexander, D. Kraemer, and Plum- mer. A look at the record shows just how suc- cessful this season Was. The Mounties rnade a clean sweep of their regular schedule, won the sectional title for the third consecu- tive year, and retained their state title. This added ten more wins to their streak of twenty-nine straight victories without a loss. SCHEDULE tLowest score winsl DUAL AND TRIANGULAR Mt. L. 15 Mt. L. 15 Mt. L. 15 - Mt. L. 19 - Mt. L. 15 - Mt. L. 15 - Mt. L. 19 - Mt. L. 19 Wilkinsburg 40 - Langley 42 Penn Township 63 Central Catholic 40 - Aliquippa 36 - South Hills 40 Canonsburg 40 - Brentwood 38 Connellsville 36 W.P.I.A.L. CHAMPIONSHIP Mt. Lebanon Aliquippa Penn - Connellsville Canonsburg Wilkinsburg STATE Mt. Lebanon 27 Upper Darby 28 - - 78 - Langley - -zz . 74 -as - 90 - 92 -101 Reading Altoona 112 Meadville 115 105 GOLF, RIFLE TEAMS SHOT UNDER PAR The 1944 golf team had a rather disap- pointing season. The boys won two matches, lost three, and tied one. Coach Ditty coached the team, which con- sisted of Kunkle, Langford, Bead, Lewan- dowski, Massey, Creehan, Garver, and Moh- ler. With five senior lettermen returning, the prospects for a successful 1945 season are much brighter than last year. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 8542 - - - Bethel 6Vz Mt. L. 12 - Bethel 3 Mt. L. 7 - Baldwin 8 Mt. L. SV2 - - Baldwin llVz Mt. L. 7V2 - - Snowden 7Vz Mt. L. 6Vz - - Snowden 8V2 Mt. Lebo's rifle team, in losing six of their eight lettermen of last year, started out with an almost entirely new squad this year and had a tough schedule to boot. A1- though they kept improving their scores throughout the season, the opposition was just a few shots ahead of them. This year's lettermen were Stitt Ccaptainl. Schlienger, Mershon, Laing, Wallerstedt, G. Smith, and Martin. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 477 - - - Norwin 491 Mt. L. 484 Millvale 489 Mt. L. 487 Oakmont 496 Mt. L. 488 Aspinwall 478 Mt. L. 491 Somerset 493 Mt. L. 484 Munhall 498 GOLF Front: Lewandowski, Creehan, Langford. Back: Massey, St. Clair, Kunkle, Moore, Garver, Mohler. RIFLE Front: Stitt, Hurley, R. Riehl, D. Riehl, Smith, Laing. Back: Martin, Robinson, Schlienger, Kunkle, Wallerstedt, Coach Peters. Front Row: Haviland tlVlanagerJ, Winters, Nelson, Neelley, Alexander, McQuillen, Timothy. D. Kraemer, Mont- gomery, Markson. Second Row: Brown, McKee, Allen, D. Bearer, Sergeson, Steele, Little, Paton. G. Kraemer, Hinman. Cassell lManagerJ. Third Row: Coach Mollenauer, B. Kelley KManagerl, Guild, Sittler, Strickler, Richardson, Toler, Murphy, DeLaval, Kapsh, Reynolds, G. Bearer, Donoghoe, R. Ziegler, Rollinson, Corbett, Stacks CManagerl, A. Rey- nolds, Simonsen. Back Row: Critser, Krait, Hurley, Lane, Barclay, Schober, Geo. Bearer, Geyser, Fletcher, Guthrie. Left: Over the last hurdle Kapsh wings to another victory. Center: Reynolds captures first place with the ease of a soaring bird, Right: Kountz dives lor the tape. TRACKSTERS ATTAINED NEW GLORY 1944 TRACK Like old man river, the Mounty track team rolled up another successful season in which the "spiked athletes" carved their name third on the 1944 W.P.I.A.L. track records. Led once again by Don Mollenauer, the tracksters showed many outstanding indi- viduals. The greatest was Dick Toler, co- captain, who at the W.P.I.A.L. championship meet captured first place in the half-mile run. Toler, a consistent winner all year, fin- ished second in the P.I.A.A. meet at Penn State. Oi the twenty-six lettermen, other stellar senior performers were Kapsh, co-captain and star hurdlerp Schober, who tied for sec- Captain George Kraemer Ond place in the pole VCIull CII the ON THE CINDERPATHS meet: Kraemer, mile record holder on our new track: and Corbett, ace Mounty javelin hurler. Other lettermen were George, Gerry. and Dan Bearer, Richardson, Sergeson, Kountz, Strickler, Barclay, Paton, Markson, Guthrie, Murphy, Winters, Taylor, Fletcher, Brown, Allen, Donoghue, A. Reynolds, Gey- ser, and this year's co-captains, McKee and B. Reynolds. By far the two best showings of the track team were at the Ambridge Relays and the Washington Invitational. Under the blazing sun, the Mounties literally sweated 'their way to capturing the W.P.I.A.L. relay titles. Smarting from a surprise defeat inflicted upon them by Clairton, the Blue Devils scored heavily in the running events and gained a startling victory. Struggling violently to gain permanently the Washington Invitation Trophy, which must be won three years in succession to be kept, the Mt. Lebonites captured first place from a highly contested field. No fighting spirit in Mt. Lebo has ever equaled that of those who were playing to bring home the "bacon." Until the very last, when we de- cisively pulled ahead, two points only sepa- rated the Mounties and their arch-rivals, Clairton. This year's large crowd watched the Mounties capture four of their five home meets, the first complete schedule ever played here. 1944 SCHEDULE Brentwood 31 Clairton 74 Dormont 50 V2 Canonsburg 31 Sewickley 13 V2 Wilkinsburg 53 Washington 25 V2 Norwin 4 V2 RELAYS Dormont 22 Clairton 21 Washington Invitational Clairton 45 V2 Connellsville 67 V2 East Palestin 29 A. L. Connellsville 45 V2 Clairton 32 Top Kapsh flash ng fine form, captures Lows. Exhausted Kraemer cops mile against Wilkinsburg Schober sails over the bar to victory Far out in front Markson carries one ot Mt. Lebo's ace relay teams to an easy victory In typ cal Mollenauer style, Kraemer leads Front Row: Lowery, I. Williams, Vollmer, McShannic, Wardwell. Second Row: B. Bearer, McDaniel, McMaster, Cal- lahan. Third Row: Crowthers tManaqerD. Coach Clark, Thomas, Corbett, Rumberger, Del Grande, Steliotes, Frye. STRONG TEAM RETAINED SECTION I TITLE BASEBALL - 1944 Coach Clark's comment-"ln winning the sectional title for the second straight year, Mt. Lebanon had, in my humble opinion, the best baseball team in her history and one that will be mighty hard to duplicate in fu- ture years. To begin with, we had an ex- perienced letterman for every position plus a good crop of first year men and second stringers. In fact, so good were our prospects that I have often wondered whether we reached the full limit of our possibilities. I hope we didn't throw away the mould from which that team was made." Completing one of the most successful seasons in the school's baseball history, Mt. Lebanon's record was eight games won and two lost, capturing the Section I title for the second successive year. The 1944 season started with Langley, the city champions. The Mounties took the first game 10-4, losing the second 5-4. The sec- tional schedule followed, Mt. Lebanon win- ning all games played with West View, Crafton, and Baldwin. In the elimination series the Blue Devils defeated Findlay 7-l, but lost to a strong Aliquippa team 7-O. The pitching staff sparkled with fine hurl- ing by Wardwell, Bush, and Rumberger. Del Grande, McMaster, and McDaniel capably handled the catching chores. The clever- fielding and hard-hitting infield consisted of Vollmer, Callahan, McShannic, and Corbett. with the ball-hawks, Thomas, Williams, and Steliotes in the outfield. Efficient substitutes were B. Bearer, Frye, Lowery, and Ball. 1944 SCHEDULE Mt. L. 10 ---- Langley 4 Mt. L. 4 - Langley 5 Mt. L. 23 West View 2 Mt. L. 3 - Crafton 0 Mt. L. l2 West View 2 Mt. L. 14 - Baldwin 5 Mt. L. 14 Crafton O Mt. L. 12 - Baldwin U Mt. L. 7 - Findlay l Mt. L. O - Aliquippa 7 INTRAMURAL FANS SAW COMPETITICN GALORE HOCKEY The most recent addition to the intramural sports program was the newly developed Mt. Lebanon High School Hockey League. Sixty-tive boys were represented on the six teams comprising the league. Final Standing Won Lost St. Louis Flyers - - 3 0 Indianapolis Caps - 2 1 Pittsburgh Hornets - 2 2 Saranac Flyers - 1 2 Montreal Canadians - - 1 2 Chicago Blackhawks - - O 3 BOXING AND WRESTLING To close the winter sports season a box- ing and wrestling tournament again took the school by storm. The gym was packed to Capacity for five straight days with an en- thusiastic throng cheering the contestants on. There was action galore packed into the fights from the beginning to the finals, and the keen competition brought out the true competitive spirit of the boys. The 1945 tournament will be long remembered. Boxing Weight Class Wrestling McCombs 125-135 lbs. Tragesser Langford 135-145 lbs. Hardy Curtin 145-155 lbs. Donnelly Lowery 155-165 lbs. Fuller Cox Heavyweight Hahner BASKETBALL This season's intramural basketball sea- son turned into a hot race, with nearly every homeroom boasting an entry. After a bitter ntruggle, 11A-9 captured the school cham- pionship, winning seven straight games, in- cluding the play-off against 12B-1 and 2 by a 17-15 score. Top, Hockey captains tlelt to rightlz DeGiovanni, Wicks, McDaniel, Massey, Hutchison. Ioe Fuller and Herb Lorentz exchange punches in the semi-finals. Paul Benz and I. R. Donnelly tussle during the first wrestling match. Winning intramural basketball team, tront: Steele, O'Connor, Cassell, Harrington, Guild. Back: Curtin, Con- rad, Crowthers, Donnelly. Here are some Lebo lassies learning the technique of basketball. Some got it, some don't they got it. Looks complicated, dcesn't it? It is! "The daring young man on the flying trapeze." Only this time it's a girl. Looks much better that way. A.A. CALLED MATES "Fall in!" "Right face!" "March-l, 2, 3, 41" "Down the center in six!" These were all familiar commands given in gym class. "Don't do any more than twenty knee- bends!" Some unfortunate person always missed this number and went on to do an extra thirty. One consolation was that the railings were constructed sturdily so one could lean on them going up and down the stairs. Incidents like this never ceased and kept our gym classes lively at all times. The Girls' Athletic Association surpassed last year's membership to make it the great- est in five years! Never before had the team captains be- stowed such titles on their teams-Oshkosh. Sad-Sacks, Rip-Snorters, Roger, Limeys, R. A. F., Mac's Muscle Women, Hubba Hubba, Stars, Duffy's Tavern, Gravel Gerties, Ishka- bibble, Lazy Lizzies, and the more conserva- tive Navy, Michigan, Notre Dame, Southern Cal., Bucknell, and Bethany. Miss Billingsley certainly rates a "salute" from all the girls for her grand sportsman- ship in gym classes and after school. She was always a willing listener and counselor. as proven by the large number of girls in her office before and after school. Also a hearty cheer for the G.A.A. Council for all they did in officiating and scheduling the sports and planning other activities. They sponsored the play-day, which resulted in a joyful afternoon. That day was Ianuary ll. There were one hundred twenty-five Lebo Lassies, divided into ten teams depicting sports equipment. It was a great day at the "Gymboree!" As usual the Council had their many good times, such as swimming parties and the annual picnic in the spring. Soccer started off with a bang, but be- cause of the condition of the field the tourna- ON DECK FOR GOOD TIMES ment could not continue. Ohio State, cap- tained by Sue Iackson, and Duffy's Tavern, captained by Gerry Mulson, were the two top teams, winning all games. Great enthusiasm was shown toward minor sports, with over two hundred girls signing up. Because of weather conditions the seniors did not have the opportunity to finish their archery tournament. In deck ten- nis, Ella Baum and Gerry Mulson came out on top after a hard contest with Sue Jackson and Margie Hathaway. Lucille Omohundro and Ioanne Emery were the proud winners of the sophomores' bandminton matches after defeating Peggy Taylor and Lois Hog- sett in the finals. Basketball, as usual, led the sports pa- rade. Since there were over two hundred twenty-five girls that signed up, seniors were chosen to captain the teams also. Hubba Hubba, captained by Gretchen Lorentz, came out on top by overpowering Duffy's Tavern in their final game. Gravel Gerties. captained by Ella Baum, and Bucknell, cap- tained by lane Alexander, were tied for sec- ond place. Hats off to the sophomores all- star team! They did a fine job in defeating the freshmen. In an exhibition game spon- sored by the G.A.A., Duffy's Tavern re- gained its prestige by defeating Hubba Hub- ba, 14-6. The highly popular volleyball tourna- ments and mushball games opened the spring semester. Spring fever did not inter- fere with our "mighty" ball teams. Now, as another school year draws to a close and another year of G.A.A. ends, the seniors turn their bows and arrows over to the juniors: and the sophomores say, "Hope you're around next year!" "Qs 4 G.A.A. COUNCIL Seated: B. Donoghue, Mulson, Miss Billingsley. Standing: Iackson. B. McConnell, Means, Alexander, Ulam, Lorentz, Billings. r v r P D 4 D I P I I 'Ill QS Qs 5 QUILL AND SCROLL THESE SERVED BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY Front Row: Bergman, E. Osborne. Ulam, Hott, Fletcher, Bradiute, Haley, Hughbanks, Langerman, H. Osborne. Second Row Sutton Ream, Murrer, Kratz, Ostergaard, Kraemer, Simmons, Hickman, Mackey, Alexander. Third Row: Parke, Stitt, Strickler Richardson, Colvill, Kelley, Kunkle, Reichblum. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mount Lebanon honors its leaders by electing them to the National Honor Soci- ety. This is the highest recognition that a high school student may achieve. Out- standing development of character, sig- nificant service, leadership with vision. and high scholarship determine the elec- tion of members to this society. When elected, all members receive the symbol of the National Honor Society, the golden torch of learning. May they keep it burn- ing bright always. QUILL AND SCROLL Standing: Reichblum, Hickman, Reese, Peters, Brown. Seated: Wyrouqh, Korb. The good ship Lebanon proudly boasts c chapter of Quill and Scroll, an internationa society of high school journalists. Eacl spring Lantern and Log staff members wht have done outstanding work in journalisn and who rank in the upper third of thei class scholastically are elected to member ship. The students elected last year reall' deserve a salute from the crew. ACTIVITIES KEY Don't you envy those proud possessors of that lovely black and gold key? Well rightly so, for that small key represents a lot of work accomplished in various extra-curricu- lar activities. A student must earn ninety activities points to be entitled to wear the Activities Key. Some earn these necessary points by singing in the choral programs put on by the school: others earn theirs through faithful service on various committees and squads, selling candy or planning devo- tional programs or any of the many activi- ties carried on by the school. Several Leba- nonites in each class work hard and earn this fitting reward in their junior year. Others go on and earn one hundred ten additional points that they may receive the Activities Guard to go with their Key. The key consists of a black background with a gold cedar tree embossed on it and the initials Mt. L. The guard can be attached to this key when you receive it. This is really an honor worth working for. ACTIVITIES KEY Circle: Nelson, Kraemer, Hickman were the proud owners of Activities Keys and Guards. Nice going, kids! Front Row: Gilfillan, Fletcher, Askey, Alexan- der, Bradfute, Bergman, Lawrence, I. Kelley, Ulam, Bowman, Patriquin. Second Row: Hickman, Kratz, Murphy, Nelson, Bush, Bleifuss, Billings, Kraemer, Ostergaard, Hebert, Simmonds. Third Row: Hoff, Robb, Lopez. lack- son. Alderson, Estep, E. Osborne, Nicklas, H. Osborne, Haley, Meloy, Work, Langerman, Martin, Kenney, Frank. Fourth Row: DiSalvo, Chandler, Strickler, Massey, Richardson, Colvill, Parke, Tattersall, Kunkle, B. Kelley, Reichblum, Hardy. OUR GROUPS WERE CITED FOR Girl Reserves Ahoy Mates! The Girl Reserves have landed. After a year long voyage on the seas they have put into port. This wasn't a crew of pirates, however, for they defended the poor and oppressed. The three Girl Re- serve groups went "full speed ahead" to raise one hundred dollars for the Armed Service Committee and collected one hun- dred seventy-five dollars for a Red Cross donation. It wasn't all work and no play. In the so- cial line the Beta Night Club, featuring "Point Ciana Hathaway," was tops: and our week-end at camp will long be remem- bered by everyone. Everyone went overboard for the two groovy dances, "The Star Spangled Special" and "The Kurfew Kouples," which were sponsored by the three clubs. All the "swab jockeys" could be seen swabbing the decks: but don't get us wrong, folks, for it was with their feet to the mellow beat of a solid tune. Our programs dealing with "Know Others," "Know Yourself," and "Know Your Career" furnished many interesting meetings as well as lots of fun. Top: Gladdy Lou Miller invites Bob Callahan to the G. R. dance. Alphas lseatedl: Patriquin, Abbott, Mackaben, Dodds. Ulam, Heineman. Standing: Osborne, Hanna, Forgette. Betas tseatedl: Good, Iancier, Samuels, P. Gaw, Heil. Simonson, Seiferth, Zwinqgi. Standing: Iacobs, Sheehan, Marquiss. Deltas Cfrontl: Schneider, Firschinger, Llewellyn, B. Gaw. Back: Hess, Friday, Vaux. Arlene Seiferth enjoys scrapbooks made for Deshon Hospital. DISTINGUISHED SERVICE Hi-Y Under the able leadership of Mr. Ruth, the Hi-Y progressed rapidly during the past year. With Harry Nelson and Iohn Kountz as presidents, the club was rebuilt from a small nucleus of old members to one of consider- able number. The club's most noted accomplishment was the collection of two hundred fifty dol- lars to provide recreational equipment for an L. S. T. TRAILBLAZERS The Trailblazers, a semi-social club, in- cluded in its activities this year a Goodwill Drive and the donation of gifts at Christmas to wounded war veterans and to the Chil- dren's Hospital. CIVIL AIR PATROL Adding to the growing ranks of 250,000 C. A. P. Cadets are many Mount Lebanon boys, who are being trained in various mili- tary fields by returned servicemen. Top, Hi-Y Officers: Nelson, Troxell, Rope. Trailblazer Oflicers: DiSalvo, Strawn. Cramer, Erbach, Hubbard, Bowman. Boys with airplane pilots' licenses were: Walter, Sutherland, Hurley, DiSalvo. C. A. P., Front Row: Lurty, Erich, Myers. Second Row: Wilson, Donelson, Hurley. VValter, DiSalvo. Third Row: Cotton, Iameson, Baldaut. McCabe. Fourth Row: Cooper, Ballon, Howard, Timberlake, Iones. THE SHIP'S BAND AND ORCHESTRA BAND Did you hear some mighty queer sounds coming from the band room three days a week? We did. The band hadn't quite be- come used to being surrounded by four walls, a floor, and a ceiling after so much marching outside. Take, for instance, those practices in spirals, which were sometimes rather dangerous: the majorette whistled for a halt: the drowsy trombone player forgot to stop and ran his "slush pump" into the guy in front of him: thus we found a whole row of unconscious victims lying on the ground. See what we mean? Right in the middle of a very moving overture the clar- inets gave with an unusual trill-anything to add to the confusion. The drummers, when "off duty", enjoyed relaxing Ca bit too MAIORETTES noisilyl in one corner of the room. The French horns and basses had no little trouble getting their "oompah-oompah's" in at the right time: but when everyone played the same tune at the same time, we really heard some swell music from our band. Gray, Miller, Klingensmith, Brill, Heineman, Palmer, Harmon, Dennigan. Top: The drummers beat out our rhythm, Front Row: MacLaren, Timothy, Schmitt, McKean. Back Row: Bierman, Aichele, Mullen, I. Martin, Briant. The band's woodwinds were-n't blockheads. Front Row: Warnick, Schenck, Weiser. Smith, Baumhach, Marquiss. Back Row: Wilson, Fleischut, Walther, Steele, Albert. Bottom: "Ad lib-ing" was a tavorite pastime of our clarinets. Front Row: Cramer, Critser, Markle, Mervick, Pollock, D. Reynolds. Back Row: Buschow, Mc- Fannell, Iacobs, Komara, Furman. Our color guards step out on parade. Karcher, Iohnston, Harper, Conrad. Why The Chimes Rang As the chimes ring the Christ- mas Chorus sings "Allelujah," and the play draws to an end. Holger consoles the old Woman as Steen and Uncle Bertel look on. The make-up committee Works on Audrey Roth and Leigh Bush backstage before the play. Holger and Steen Watch the great cathedral as Uncle Bertel tells the children the story of the first Christmas. ., , ..,. N, sw' THE CHRISTMAS PLAY THE TRIPLE TRIO AND CHORUSES Chorus, Front Row: Ardery, H. Scuticchio, Dorsch Steven- son, Stoll. Dodds, Guidice, Carl, Himmelrich, Wilson, Second Row: Dillner, Hesse, Grimm, Ragner. Short, Froe- lich, Zopf Helwig, Funk, Reither, Stumptel. Third Row: Bailey, Metzger, Heine. Batman, Patriquin, Iordan, E. Scuticchio, Kern, Wallerstedt, Hill, Baumbach, Iacek. Fourth Row: Vogel, McKay, Cook, Kalbach, Bowland, Koch, Phipps. Packer, Abbott, Becker, Roth, Bell. Fifth Row: Harper, Halper, Wicke, Bucher, Wenger, Barton, Fisher, Gabriel, Fuller, Triple Trio: Dodds, Hesse, King, Wilson, Becker, Roth, Baum, Frank, Nordin, Packer tseatedl. THERE WAS GOOD ENTERTAINMENT, TOO Under the able direction of Miss Funk, "Why The Chimes Rang," a one act play by Elizabeth McFadden, was presented for the annual Christmas program. Although handi- capped by a raging snow storm, which made it impossible for all members of both the cast and chorus to attend the last few rehearsals, "the show had to go on." And it did! The play unfolded the story of a boy's unselfish love for the Christ Child and his true Christmas spirit, which made the chimes ring. The cast included C. Reichblum, C. Schu- mann, B. Parke, A. Fulton, and G. Bergman. Pantomime roles were capably handled by L. Bush, A. Roth, I. Monticello, B. Barrett, I. Vaux, I. Didrichson, and B. Summers. Miss Sneary's choral group sang the beautiful songs in real Christmas spirit. Mount Lebanon has reason to be proud of its fine choruses under the direction of Miss Sneary. The four-part harmony heard on our devotional programs was produced by the Wednesday Morning Chorus, and you may have seen some of the members of the third and sixth period choruses prac- ticing for their solos with Mina Belle Packer or Barbara Cutler. A group of early morning warblers was the Triple Trio, Whose fame was so far- spread that they were invited to sing at several outside affairs, besides singing at the Senior Tea, Senior Assembly, and Com' mencement. These groups all joined together to furnish the music at the Christmas and Easter assemblies. SENIORS WENT OVERBOARD CAPTAIN APPLEIACK "Captain Applejack", by Walter Hackett, was orig- inally produced in New York in 1921: but December l, 1944, will always remain a more impressive date in our minds, for it was then that the Ianuary Class rein- acted this sensational drama. Tired of the life he has lived, Captain Ambrose Ap- plejack longs for adventure, getting more than he bar- gains for when buried treasure, mystery, murder, and romance all enter his life. We'll always remember the night Cy promised to chauffeur Mr. Mills to rehearsal in return for the use of his tux-Cy ran out of gas and Mr. Mills, for the first time in his life, arrived late for practice-and the catchy tune Cud sang in his dream, also Bobbie's realistic faint: but there was Work as Well as fun. Still the cast felt Well compensated for many long, hard hours when their performance met with an apprecia- tive response from the audience. CAST Lush ------ Albert Murrer Poppy Faire - - - Maryellen Nelson Mrs. Agatha Whatcome - Mary Batz Ambrose Applejohn - - Iohn Kratz Anna Valeska - - Roberta Billings Mrs. Pengard - - Thelma Morgan Horace Pengard lack Ostergaard Ivan Borolsky Robert Iohnson Palmer - - Lolly Hance Dennet - William Hubbard Iohnny Iason Richard Mohler Mutiny but it was only a dream. Cud, Maryellen, and Dick found the treasure rice. Phil, Evelyn, and Ioy, the make-up committee, put a paint job on Thelma. Aunt Agatha came down stairs in pin curls and cold cream to inquire about the commotion. Bobbie fell in a melodramatic taint. For Borolsky tCyl this was all in the line of duty. FOR CLASS PLAYS DOUBLE DOOR The class of '45 successfully presented the melo- drama, "Double Door", a psychological mystery deal- ing with the intense struggles carried on by wealthy Victoria Van Bret to dominate her sister and half- brother. In preparation, the two casts rolled up their sleeves for seven weeks of intensive rehearsal. At first all hands were pretty green: but, as time passed, the characters really began to take forrn. Some of the casts' lighter moments were when Allan Johnston had trouble carrying Carol Kunz in his arms and when Bob Callahan and Doris Becker played the loving couple. The part of timid, nervous Caroline was so well acted that the audience really felt sorry for her. None of the cast will forget detective Dave Stewardhhe was a character on stage and off. Avery - Laura Hughbanks, Eleanor O'Melia Louise - Telson William Anne Caroline Victoria - Mr. Chase - Mr. Neff Rip - Dr. Sully - - Mr. Lambert - Everyone works feverishly last minute preparations Anne's wedding. CAST Ruth lVIcGrael, Kathy Stabile - - lack Kunkle, Dick Rice Glenn Morrow, Bob Beal - Doris Becker, Carol Kunz Marjorie Nye, Ruth Langerman Merrilyn Waters, Gloria Bergman loe DiSalvo, Charles Reichblum - - Don Stitt, Bob Kelley Bob Callahan, Allan Johnston - Bob Parke, Dick Conrad Tom McGlaughlin, Dave Steward in for Victoria trowns upon Rip's activities who wouldn't be jealous! "The p e a r I s , my pearls, mine!" exclaims Victoria in her insanity, Rip is really determined to get into the vault look at his grip on Victoria! These were the after effects of a night in Viccy's secret chamber. All sit tense as the inimitable detective, Mr. Lambert, puts Dr. Sully in a delicate posi- tion. CREW SALUTED ITS BEST Top ranking students in the Iune Class at the end of the first report period were, front: Strickler, Baumbach, Stitt. Back: Tat- tersall, Parke, Kelley. Highest Honor Roll for first semester, front: Laing, Haley, Martin. White, Frank, Burch. Second Row: D. Smith, B. Smith, Cox, Richard, Baumbach, Estep, Spindler, Kunkle. Third Row: Strickler. Younkins, Bonner, Hickman, Frodey, Parke, Stitt, Tattersall, Kelley, Top Ranking Students Below: We all remember Gloria Bergman. our Thursday morning newscaster. Ianuary graduates who placed in the Alle- gheny County Exceptionally Able Youth Test were Connie Mackey, George Kraemer, Phyllis Bleituss, lack Ostergaard, and Hoyt Hickman. George Kraemer, Hoyt Hickman, and lack Osterqaard were the Ianuary Class com- mencement speakers. Iim Cranston boosted our war stamp sales with his weekly "pep talks." Brad Richardson was our Executive Board president during the spring semester. Highest Honor Roll Names We All Know LANTERN KEPT US INFORMED Lebanon Lantern If you think that make-up editor is cutting paper dolls, guess again. He's simply :mak- ing his copy fit. lf the air is Checkered with bits of the dummy fany staff memberl, then you know the Lantern crew's at work. And we mean work. Wartime shortages were more of a chal- lenge than an obstacle. True, we were forced to reduce the number of newspapers printed, but this made each copy more valuable. Many thoughtful students saved their Lan- terns for the Armed Service Committee, which mailed them to alumni overseas. lf.. Editors Schumann, Reichblum, Coveney, Hoff, Garvey Iones, Kunz, Colker, -O Top Left: The Lantern business staff gets down to business. Robb, Zwinggi, Clement. Top Right: Lantern reporters in- terview each other for latest news. Tite, Durkin, Kraft, Grubbs, Powell, Nicklas, Miller, Ford, Schumann. Lower Lett: The Lantern goes to press. Sitting: Clement, Askey, Couch, Strawn, Tite, Vaux. Standing: White, DiSa1vo, Smith, Woeber, Iones, Bowman, Bucher, Lower Right: Lea Erbach, service editor, interviews S 1 fc Frank Halen on his visit to Mt. Lebanon. EDITORS MADE FINAL ENTRY IN LOG BOOK Editors: E. Osborne, Schumann, Hickman, Bergman. Lebanon Log The voyage is over at last as the Good Ship Lebanon puts into port, a bit battered by rough seas, it's true, but with the Blue and Gold still flying. The training we received at the hands of our officers proved valuable. as we were commended for our accomplishments in the fields of scholarships, sports, and activities. We have tried to make this log book a true record of our cruise on the high seas of Good-fellowship and Learning. At times it was rough sailing, and often the crew threat- ened mutiny: but under such experienced navigators as Hoyt and Peggy we soon got our sea-legs. We go ashore reluctantly, remembering exciting games with those landlubbers, Dor- mont and Brentwood, the shaking timbers during semester test week, and the thrill of pride as we walked down the gangplank at Senior Assembly. Ahead lie uncharted waters, but we are determined to meet each new challenge bravely, proving our right to be called "able seamen." LOG STAFF Literary Staff. seated: Speidel, Frank, McConnell, Iones. Schumann, Bergman, Hickman, Collins, Boushee. Stand- ing: Davis, Alderson, Garvey, Riehl, Bleifuss, Hott Powell, Zwinggi, Stitt, Gould, Vollmer, Coate, Bradtute. Art Staff: Hathaway, H. Osborne. E. Osborne, Schu- mann, Lytle. Business Staff, seated: Hardy, Sutton, Brown, Parke Culton, Fletcher, Mulson. Standing: Woeber. Hecht Foster, Robb. I ff . azlwf' V 4 flj. ' AW' ' -' .'3q.Q wr 'J - , . 2 'J n:if5'Q.J 'Y 5?'fQhs "" 4 ' 'J"'ZlQ'- T' 371' E

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