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1 1 Dear Reader, between the eovers of this book mag gou catch a glimpse of the students, activities, and spirit that make Mt. Lebanon High School 9 x K ' ' V L-":2':y9T14'.' t.'-?i'l"l?:"tI f I rffsfffyg 0 fd 'ff f ,fan 41:3-Sg fiSig- 1' , " x i 2' f i fx, - 1 I"f 'Y .Q 'T ' ' ' ' 5.-' 'H' Af" f QA.: E:,'f.':!.a - ,I lixtai. ' . 3 Lf vhxgf .5 '! , 4'l".5'ffST "4 ' "' ' ' -T ffff' V 'PE ..- 0, "'-- A f pf. uri' 1 , ,A' - .qw PLS . J-I I A 54 -, ' 'H 9 QIV4, A ' 'D - 6:4 l A A -M + f A .M I A ' L - SQA. A Y A mf: - 1 221 ' 1 -1 .'iiEgiiJ32 A wa-J-v' wh .A 9 f 0 - Lv , f 0- Ks. 34 F - 164- ' " - . " ' a ' ' '52 7 -513154, 'M +141 -' - xv :A 1 'X ' ' 1 - A ,A '1'-51 A 'fry' 4'7" S, '-x1"'1A, -5- w 'UI '- a A,5':"N'- . PH. I-:T , ff lg. U- ' S q, A A- 1 A - ' -gf-as 'FE' . 21.5 M . w as ' eq LQ f ' ,ei-E121 f' .fd QQ -.--rf . -' f - .A ' P ' 'bww , F 'f' - fmw.-:H V-1z:v.:LA - . ygyl ar 1 ff ' if v In f 51- X 1..,, :U NQ7!,f,.?'5i,g '--!wA A NAA ,A,."2: - f " I " - ' - , ' -A ' 'A T' -. f' " - .. 5, ' " L: -T -4 C21 K 1. if 1 . , ' kin L' bgzlilty' 4 , 'TQ ::fl 'IQ7' ' fJ,l". f 42 A QR I ,rgg?,g,.- . . ' A fx - AFA J ! vi pgs! kg! .51 Af X T 32-.1 ul f . if .,. - --.:. -1A '-4 'fn -- A . : ,..-r' l 1' ' 5-'f4'.. ' - 4 f5 A 7 3.1215 .A 5' 4- N' Q .,' x LY! X I' ELA N My ,ffl . 1 fkzgh - . 5' .,:,f,i ff ,, 'n 'Av 2 . fy I I , A g.- V F: ,1F -K , , ,KJ 6 222, 'gl , . :kb ,3':, :Q:fJ1, :i s .-r'- : 15,1 .A,4,' I ' X IE".-V' , ,I -,I : 4 ,ew-1+ .J x'A',7 f--f5"VI'T'5f 2135?--,,..E13-iF' "LII: f - ' ,fr -wb.-'f-'J' - , , ,Q 'ff '17-w -ilu ififftff M YM '15-'fs-if "HQ 16 'Lf f ' +,s N, - , eg'4:ff A' '- N ,gg-1 .. .AA 1' S. ,q,ag1m?5 4,1 A Safff-+, . f i A ff, f ,Avis " J izgfg. , -Y A - X X xi 32,-Q 1ygWYSkii'55, Z! 25? ' 'H'QSf1s'i , wfi., gEf1 'fffvf 5 6" 'ein .MJT -f Willis' A ,:' ji ' A' ', 273 A9 --,-ac,-.AV4 -Vg 'L G. '-P M V Aj.-Af' 4' ' " A "-3 - ' 4- :rv A A 'gf ' - A A .- 'v ' ,U 4.4 f 152 f Fw --lm Q - agwkw - wzw f. ' ' 0 0 - .- ,vip 4. "!,l,. 1 A A ,4a.- 5, lf , y v U- A , twig.: JCL S A,-g,..., - ,M .,AA,:-nf , tv A - ,, X I ,p K -4 'f .1 xo 'Xu u 'f f ic' A " ' ' .AL-'U 'flag' F fe, Q' 14- f! '11vf+W4 1 fa: g -,ap 7 , H , . H 4- ,' . -. -, - rf: - :S A -.1 ,fn ' . - A' :ff v - - - ' R01 .Q X -1 ' - 65.1 -- xx , -'12 J n i Aj- 43?1L!..f, E is fgj ,gg Il: N .A .fgxii-fNif-23,5346 '. 13 L :E-::l.Q:3,g'1-Q f,,z.,. A 2 Q vs. . Q -- "Q - 1 -v uf- k S tZg,1fyf4yv,, in Ls .A . A 4- -.Q M. gig? I . hzjxa -- -AA . -'11, -A, mari- . ,4 Q .f n 11 F' wuvxg.-.-31? 1 A47-:?2'.9:Q'. Ugg, .. ' ' f 'f - ft ggf vi ' sage gn., ' M 4,2ygL,.. ,S api ggigj .- "jay A --:ff 'EF E Ab : -3 . av I I 1.1"- ,'LyQm - g gl l X ich., X ' - "gg i -- ' 1' ' '-' - I Q " A "' "" ' " . ' . ' ii: F' vw: Tff 4' E? ' ' ' A '-' 1 A! . ' '0m'.'Kq, , ', .3 A' A, A 1 . 'L A 1 X. ' ' vi 32 .:,'. - 'A , , ,- A4 5 2 3:-'A f --' Mtg ,1ff,g'g4'-' ',, ' ' -'- - 41' A, -- A E ,H ii G, . F Q gsl-.rx uf Liiif gt 4 A 0 L X Q- I 1 ,,, , 'Lx 'bjfgpvlky ,, ,fs 'f l J .b?.L W., 4. :aaa A-Ld 4 x J. ' Q s.-v 9 ll A .3 -'AJ . - N . Zn 5,1 1 ' - :N ta -31, v V I-44' fa-'fffw ,f Q90 ,- X - 9! f'fkL"f44fi?"'?h'?"f' f 'I 1'-I - I- . ' N .1 0" H' '-'1 f 4. f Vwaiwiyfv f v -af' ' hr 9-X Y' A e,g4S3,.,5x-'gix,,1,.,,f,gg1E,g,. ,lla me 1 .A -A 3- A A34152 1 f-5,3559 . J- ' H" N " - ' " -' ..- r' -'- -il.ff' 24' '15 "' ' J' - Z " ' "' ' f " f 1 ,.?fi,2gi-i5ve?msAfg-21 . - ,QQ Lv 'fi Hz, 311133 ff - -A AA -.Af-.Q. ' 2: ,A ,ff "wr .1 , Afefy -, ' ' f . -. A - ,f' ,4 U' , 41 A H, ' Q-gr 'Q I, 'Y4P k x - - x ., , Q 5 AY- wiief d A! 5 , T25 1-If I u 10 - PW' ' - 'i42Q'fimm:b"ii,a.A. ' - 'f '- 1,43 'WZ-fi . we " ' gy" - "" " V W9 ' ,Nu -gf,.,ie?.A-lx'-'rffffgm- f,':i 7, ' K " f 4 ' " gif-.W . ' ' ' 'inf' . y-, ,A Y ' fx -f 4?'1j -1 ' 'ev ff, ,A-, f X 3 N 1 , ,5 f2fA:f,g -' gf f' .,. 'F' ?'ff321?-311,97 M .4 , 4' ' .. - '10 i 5 411 - ' ' A.w6 ,'Ff,f" x, Af -' IA Z1 X ' rf ' A. ,,g '3d'Ii: 1- a' Qiwhvwffzz 4- -- - if . f A .- f- AA 11-if ff XY' 1 ' ' "ii Af-i ffv-'5Z5??:F5z. ,:f+2...A f'A ' ,, N l P . . W' i?'i"'f 1251 '- . r , A " .A f, -rr-- 1 '1-. ' fu If-' -' ,'v- '. -I ' f--i" Am ' H . Q QL ,Z -f 'If My X ' Q, " " QM' affix, "4i'xj:L'z .. Sf' ' ,sfrjfzaaiggziiigb Ye- !! mf I' ., .1 -1. mx .A D , A - V IA, ,.- -A, - F.:-wus .K- ' fzfijA,3n'f wf7ff1"'?Q:gL '-' V . ' A -.. " f2?'F.?4a Zz, 'QW '- I1 - f' 1, 3 5514, 1- . f-3',Q4S4612 .4" ' 12511115.1553 Q- .,r, L. Ili, L- - fo ' X Egg'-, Qjfgisgggkfn seq- 0 ra ins xl 1 -4 Y-.hzkjk-46 V l . ff ff' .ll3: 'j"'- 'F ' . y 4 ,K 'jf ' A , 'W' A '-Eb v,-p ,G T-Q42 -- 12, " ' Al A., QQ, v , 7"-'?',iY2L'Tf17' , Ag -j - 4 'I' S' A figs ' 'l'5qf?4'4,5F A r Fil'-r EPA' f5'5.s'3':' ' "5 A- x "'2 " .721 If ' ' jf . ,pq C -- n 1 an .r- ,,. uxzgflfd- " -1 .f,jz' N Ya!.5.9Sf's5vf 9. md' ix 4-'Q ' X-153' '- Af-f,:.':5y-g-5' . - I 3:21 - X "ggi-3 ,-11, "P-- Jig, ., ,y ,: - - -M . '- I ' .,,,2 . . -- 1 1. , , ,lg , ' ' . . 515. ' h -fl! 'gi 3 , - -r-A --- -,. ,, -A v ' -, - ,.., ',,z X', , : - ,, -4 if A f , 5315 ' i n 'XSL ,J .24 AAASV. 'iszggm A . I m. fain- K-1 5 K 2 'I A' - wi. ffivmf Q" .I ' 'rf -Yu 'fn-as' I 'L' 1 " I '- ' I K 1 " . - 'SWL' 5 ' 16 ,iqvf fir 5. ' J '- - 4-4 1 X ' 0 4- f A,-." fl5sEgf.-'4a7:A 'Au gc 4-v1,,'1g'33,, A., , A A .- A 1 .A , , , . f giflnx rl P --4 A 2-7,6 5 '13 xg,-.3131 A 1 31,2 -'.. gf , " --n. ' . y , , -- "- ,- -A - .- V.. G2 ' A," ,.' A AA ,1 if MJ' Y . '22, 'f f' 'r:12'f, ' -ga?" A, " e ei: ,H I in :X X 1 " 15:15 K 155, 'A' QL Q"fi'1Jg,f5'i'5ffiffii1 y- 15' 'iii-..hd1, ,w ..lQ- lx-wigs?-iEi.Iifi1f..LiS'F: ', ,5.A 5- ' I ,il .A - 1 '- , sh-hp ,. e ..'1-4.,-HQ! v,-.I 5 45"'9 tw- QQ?- Evggfig-:N Jihlhfg A WATAQQ ,,::3512A, ,B5gf35:LBL , 4 ..g'i5'l:3xf -m.,.bp ,A-,.:A,745-Hd., ,2 Lying: 5:32, ' ' ' ' rc.. A ' Ez, Jfgifl- 5115 F E S E E E 5 E I Lil K E MW .wfwv Elaine Alexander Editor-in-Chief Emily Fergus , i , . , Literary Editor William Arther , . A Business Manager IHX l l . 5 il ii l 1942 LEBANUN LOG presented bg The Students of Mt. Lebanon High School - Pittsburgh, Pa. VOL. XII l f llllllltllt, 'l , 4 it Lx ig Arnl EA This Is Joe . . . your rambling reporter, just breezing in from the Big City to cover a scoop here in the little town of Mt. Lebanon High. You see me now, bag and bag- gage, at the cross-roads, about to enter the heart of the busy little city and the work and play of its industrious towns- folk. lt isn't a big city-population about twelve hundred, but lso they tell mel the people here are all hard-working, full of pep, vim, and all the "stuff" that it takes. Well, as a start, how about a jaunt down Government Avenue and a flashy interview with the mayor and other city officials. Would you like to tag along and join in the fun? Are you garne? Then let's be on our way. Into Ulll' Town come twelve hundred eager, lively stu- dents to begin their work for the day. Here in this busy metropolis are found opportunities for every type of activity to begin their work for the day. Here in this busy metropolis are found op- portunities for every type of activity which aids in the fashioning of useful, happy lives. There are tasks to train minds to be nimble and fingers to be quick, there are sports to build bodies that are strong and agile, there are clubs, organizations, and opportunities for social companionship to mold char- acters that are worthy and noble. Daily through these welcoming doors pass Young Americans, proud to shoulder their share of responsibilities . . . citi- zens of OUR TOWN today. . . citizens of the world tomorrow. f 5-A. . Q A RN M. .fx Um has the accent on democracg ami SCHOOL BOARD Mrs. R. K. Conaway Elmer S. Stanier Miss Miriam l-leadley Secretary Mrs. Lena Z. Kenney C, F. Mellinger .. ...Ao A. C. McMillan Miss Eleanor Green Secretary H. V. l-lerlinger ""'lhr-- Otis C. l-logsctt James S. Huey SECQRETARIES Miss Rhodes, Miss Tiel Samuel A, Schreiner Elected Voice of people shapes policies From one thriving little school ot 395 to a system at seven schools hous- ing 4Ol l pupils, the Mount Lebanon School Board has watched and provided diligently for the rapid growth of our schools. The seven members of the board have given freely ot their time and energy, taking their reward not in dollars and cents, but in results. The second Thursday at each month they meet to discuss and solve our problems ot supplies, equipment, and cur- riculum. But their work is not confined to these meetings alone, for each board member is a member ot one or two committees which also meet and draw up reports tor the board to act on. There is the eternal problem at budgeting and placing money where it is most needed. The board has exer- cised great foresight in their purchases of land areas, which can be easily reached by all pupils. The Mount Lebanon School Board is the machine behind our school system. From early morn to set ot sun, truly, a school director's work is never done. Their efforts have been rewarded, however, as they have watched with pride the humble growth of OUR TOWN to the rising community it is today. ...3- EXECUTIVE BOARD First Row lhilgvr. Russ. .Xiiilix-L-ii. li v :i ii s. lnpctiis. lhtiii clit-an Wyiuixpgli. Ryzin. Xlzitrzxf gals. fiiiilliullzm. Sclixxnrtl. 1-i':il1'im l'isin'I', ,l. Xlillt-r. -Iujvt-. l'iiclli'iilwt'i'g. Sltlllll. Krrigrr. ll. Miller. l'm-llui, K4-i'i'i,ig:iii. lfvrgiismi. .X4l:ims. Third Row - llc tiiuvzinni, ll:ili'i1 Xl'ulit'l1l. lfilt-r. KL-ril. lirmxii. l"i'c-iicll. flnrk. llriie nu, Siiiimt, Stuckvmani. ftlvf lixwii. l.:ist'l1t'iil, Fourth Row ,Xi'll1t'r, lin-ll, Sriicrlll. Ow- en. ixsgm. 'l':1lrlt-r. Xvxiril. lflimi. -9- Rust. Smith. l,. Nlillt-r. s. Second Row -lion- Executive board is students, voice A busy, exciting, successful year was recorded by the Executive Board as it sponsored dances, basketball games, boxing and wrestling matches, and other school functions. Undertaking an ambitious program of school improvement, the student governing council formed two new committees and inaugurated one squad. The Hospitality Committee has as its duty to make new students feel at home in a strange school, the Devotions Committee takes charge of the Wednesday morning devotions over the public address system, the Lab Squad assists science instructors in preparing material in the science labs. Dean Copetas presided over the board during the fall semester, assisted by Vice President, Bill Rust and Secretary-Treasurer, Grant Evans. Officers for second semester were Lee Ward, president, Grant Evans, vice president, and Al Thomas, secretary-treasurer. Miss Taylor's wise guidance contributed greatly to making the board's undertakings score successes. An interested, wide-awake membership, two stellar executive commit- tees and a helpful adviser gave Mt. Lebanon an Executive Board that carried the school's name proudly and with honor. OFFICERS Thomas, Evans, Wa rd RALPH D. HORSMAN lupper Iefti Principal "When students of today become citizens of tomorrow, their success will depend upon their background gained from earlier training. Students must be taught to appreciate our democratic way of life by being given training in leadership and cooperation, that they may sufficiently carry out their ideals. We must- we will build on to higher democratic ideals." L. E. PERRY flower right? Principal Major L. E. Perry, now stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, is working to train men who will preserve our democratic government and give peace to a war-weary world, H. V. HERLINGER lcenterl Slain-riiitc-iiflerit "ln tlic' part riiir sclicitil must play in this prf'sc'r'it wfirlil cfinflift, l believe three inciyrir factors will be ciinsitlerecl. One is tri l'lTifJllt1'sIlt' the tecicliinq tif clemwcracy :intl citi11'n-.hip Serorirl, our physical edu' ration and health programs must be greatly tiiiiimifiiti-il to train our students for iiiissilili- liitiire cliities, lhirrl, the urlwol course insist lw c1cf'elei'utecl tri meet tlir' clemtirirls uf tlie qcivernmerit for sklllecl workers cintl service men. The cluty of vmli sliiclm-tit is to clo the job he is now I-its iloinq to the best of his ability." l -10- v ELLA B. ION lcenterl Vice Principal "Miss lon, l want to take mechanical draw- ing, but l signed up for algebra on my form 4l, and what l really need for graduation is health," This is just one example of the many headaches that every day confront Miss lon, our vice principal. Miss lon not only plans all schedules of teachers and pupils, but also super- vises the attendance office and checks the many transcripts which are sent to numerous col- leges and business firms. Helping new students get acclimated to our school and generally counselling all students on matters of curriculum round out Miss lon's busy and essential sched- ule. '2 e .-Ili Class has already begun, the door opens quietly, a thin, "lily-white" hand slips in the door, pulls out the cards, and closes the door, Have you ever wondered to whom those hands belong? Probably to any one of twenty mem- bers of the Attendance Squad lupper rightl. These girls, under the supervision of Miss Duffy, not only check the forms 48, but also file ex- cuses, help check schedules, and keep track of incoming and outgoing students. Working hand in hand with the office is Miss Fisher llower leftl, home and school visitor, whose job it is to check up on your "hooking" and console you when you're sick. iv .ll-'ll g ocial tutilies During this eventful year, the Social Studies classes did not rest on studying battles, em- pires, and dates of the past, but discussed and examined the fateful events of the daily news. New significance was attached to this curriculum, as current affairs occupied the spotlight in the classroom, American History classes car- ried the new theme through an entire semester, taking up top- ics suggested by the class-at- large, such as War and Peace, Labor and Education, and study- ing all the ins-and-outs of the problem. A real-life peace cone ference gave many a new in- terest in the events of the year. A course in Contemporary Civilizations was introduced to give students a more accurate knowledge of present-day af- fairs. To present a clearer picture and more complete background of current history, motion pic- tures this year entertained and instructed. lTop to bottom? He's in the Navy now, but here's Mr. Peterson in history class Mr. Nix at work in a social studies room Miss Casper instructs with 'lSCholastiC" Pondering the next moves in history are Messrs. Shultz, Doak, and Bald Mr, Burrows teaches with the map The principles of economics ex- plained by Mr. Schade mtg, Foreign Language 'Q Rhumbas at the fiesta, wrest- ling at the banquet, and movies on the Mardi Gras were enter' taining sidelights and high- ltghts of the Spanish Fiesta, Roman Banquet, and French Mardi Gras. As all will testify, the study of foreign language wasn't all play, but the special events did give life and interest to the courses. ln modern languages stress was not put entirely on reading and grammar, but many stu- dents developed a good con- versational tongue and thor- oughly enioyed speaking in a different language. The study of great literature of the coun- try also heightened interest. Aside from verbs, pronuncia- tion, and construction of French, German, Latin, and Spanish, each class learned something of the culture and everyday life of the country. ln a year wnen world-wide hatred was rampant, these students found a common meeting-ground for peoples of all lands, nationalities, and tongues. fTop to bottoml Senoritas Mathias and Roegge wvth souvenirs of Old Spain Fun at the Roman Banquet "Les coiffes de Bretagne" by Miss Zahniser Miss Beck directs a class of German Spanish bowls, Spanish trinkets, and Spanish Misses McClure, Holliday, and Patterson check a Roman galley wma English Essays, talks, precis , reading added together give a well- rounded English course, empha- sizing communication and liter- ature, The study of grammar plus work on speech gave stu- dents the best possible use of all English. Frorn the newest soph read- ing his first Shakespeare to the proudest senior striving with Pope and Johnson, literature study has given all a deeper ap- preciation and understanding of modern life, Aside from the grumbling as each new book was distributed, o great number of students have come to know ond like the masterpieces of great authors. Burning the midnight oil to finish editorials and that ter- rible empty feeling as each turn came were experiences in the specialized courses of Journal- ism and Public Speaking, Al- though work was involved, the earnest reporters and orators of the future went at it with a vim and vigor that's certain to spell success. tTop to bottoml Mrs. Morgan gets set for the big game Miss Moore sends another vol- ume on its way Miss Taylor balances the books of the Executive Board Mr. Saxton reflects Another disc is made by Miss Stoner X Miss Frobese and "masterpiece" Misses Neumarker and Thomp- son regard English project Miss Pickens helps in senior English ...I411 The Arts The sounds at busy lathes, flying planes, Beethoven and Bach, and surging choruses echoed through the halls of good old Mt. Lebo as the students at the Practical and Fine Arts sought perfection in wood, met- al, orchestra, and voice. Not to be forgotten is the all-important and very popular subject of Home Economics, Those inviting and taste-tempt- ing odors on the second floor come from meat cooking or cookies baking, as future house- wives planned and prepared full course meals that would please the heart of any man. Included in this study were caring for the home, sewing, costume design- ing, and child care. Music activities hit a new high this year both in the class- room and in various special events, The operetta, assembly programs, P,T.A., and gridiron marches kept the choruses, or- chestra and band busy until the year's end. lTop to bottoml Misses Timko and Cribbs chat over a tea cup Tea for two at four Mr. Swartz checks for accuracy Mr, Shanor aids aspiring artists Shop projects in the making Mr, Anderson watches the lathe Mr. Miescer signals the down- beat ,I-SY mn cience The ghosts of Darwin, Davy, and Faraday haunted the Biolo- gy, Chemistry, and Physics rooms as young scientists, seek- ing knowledge of living things, the elements, and properties of matter and energy experiment- ed, studied and calculated. Under such titles as "Fascin- ation of Microscopic Lite" and "Conquering Dangerous Mi- crobes," biology students worked, wondered, and are still wondering. While biologists "strived with living things," the eager "chemists" worked with atoms, and the theory of ion- ization. Further up the scientific ladder, seniors were fascinated in Physics by such sciences as mechanics and light. "Understanding Science," "Applied Chemistry," and "Liv- ing With Machines" were all units in the work of Consumer Science classes, where the em- phasis was placed on tying up science with everyday life. Though the fundamental groundwork was difficult to master, science students realized that in this field are great op- portunities for the future. lTop to bottaml Mr. Brown and students study o chemical formula These three discover the won- ders of science Mr. Gilbert dissects again The wonders of the plant king- dom pointed out by Miss Rankin Mr. Bromberick compounds the elements Physics students stand impressed -- 1,5 4 COIIllll6l'Ci21l The stenographers, business- men, office workers and ac- countants of the future were busy this year with the funda- mentals of Shorthand, Business Law, Office Practice and Book- keeping. Training for 'obs after gradu- ation, commercial students went at their work with vim, vigor and enthusiasm, Nimble fingers flashed over keys of typewriters, efficient girls learned the work- ings of clittos and nwimeo- gruplxsq while others learned to save time and effort with the brief forms. Essential knowledge for all are the topics of real estate, economic laws, and insurance taught in the Business Princi- ples and Law classes, Economic Geography this year stressed agriculture, western world neighbors, and the undeveloped continent of Africa. Long hours were spent in making up typing tests, review- ing journals, learning everyday law, and in dictation and trans- cription, but in the end will emerge a corps of skilled, effi- cient job-holders and good, in- telligent citizens, lTop to bottarnl Miss McLaughlin and editors send a Lantern to the printer Nimble fingers pound away Miss Whinnie checks the figures An efficient office practice group starts to work "Knit one, purl two" by Miss Grove -Wa, hgsica 1 Education "All work and no play make Jack a dull kid," was the every- day slogan of "alma mommy." ln Gym classes, on the athletic field, in GAA., students were continually having a good time with rousing games of football, basketball, or volleyball, Health was stressed not only in the gym, but was carried in- to the classroom, where a re- quired semester course was taught, stressing the develop- ment of intelligent health cone duct. As boys participated in inter- scholastic sports, so the girls turned out for the program of the GAA, As in former years, the "cream of the crop" joined other schools from the area in the famed "Playday.f' lntramural sports were not forgotten as increasing interest was shown in homeroom basket- ball teams. Boxing and wrestling were added to the intramural program, and a keen spirit of competition and good sports- manship accompanied each. lTop to bottom? Coach Mollenauer and trium- virate of tracksters view vic- tory trophy Mr, Fry and "Oscar" in health class Miss Rhodes' students learn about lenses Miss MacDonald starts the ball going Coach Luecht sends "Sonny" onto the gridiron Dr, Bell and Nurse High take count in medical office -i3.. athematics Math, the stumbling block for some, an easy hurdle for others this yeor took on new irn- portance as current events made imperative the need for tech- nically-trained men and women. As tenth graders attempted to master locus, construction, and triangles ot Geometry, so the juniors labored with quad- ratics, factoring, and logarithms in Algebra ond dignified seniors Hbreezed through" Solid and Trng, The Engineering Drawing course this year found an in- Creasing number of aspiring drattsmen and architects study- ing blueprints, graphs, and maps. Another branch of the math curriculum is General Math, where the facts and tig- ures are applied to the business of ordinary life. l-lere the prob- lems of buying, banking, taxes, and investments were discussed and studied. Anticipating broadening hori- zons ot the future along techni- cal lines because ot world con- ditions, many students took new interest in the field of mathe- matics. lTop to bottoml Mr, Streams with circles, tan- gents, and triangles "Checked in" with Mr. Laderer Mr, Whipkey explains Pytha- goras Miss Smith takes time oh' from algebra to sell another ring Miss Elliott and Mr. Ford cr an reading technique Miss Rightmire gives her geom- etry class something to think about vig, 1 1-1 Q7 , A X , , q' xp l J Z 5 Z 0 X-Qgfv X 511 wh WL promotes a flourishing town JJ' - 1 . oglxf If J- CT' 01110129 l,iIi's lug miimiiil. li. Ru-lu-i' ' L Zhi. Maxine Holt Acosta-June-Class Rank Corn- mittee, Operetta, Honor Roll, Band, Hostess, Traffic .......,.. Janet Lois Adam-June-Class Rank Com- mittee, Traffic, Honor Roll, Lantern, G. A. A., Girl Reserves ......,.. Francis Adams -June - Clubs, Football CBJ, Baseball, Traffic ,....... Richard Warren Adamson-June-Honor Roll, Intramural Basketball, Operetta, Traffic, Cafe- teria, Clubs ......... Joyce Elizabeth Aiken-June-Library, Honor Roll, Senior Tea Committee, Girl Reserves, Class Rank Committee, Cafeteria Attendance. . Peggy Lee Albright-June--Class Play, Traffic, Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Senior Tea Committee ,..... . Ann Lee Alexander-June-Honor Award Corn- mittee Chairman, Traffic, Attendance, Hostess, Activities Key, National Honor Society. . . Margaret Elaine Alexander1June-Editorin- Chief Log, National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Class Play, Merit Parade. . . , . . . . . Marion Roth Allebach-June-G. A. A., Girl Reserves, American Musicade, Senior Tea Com- mittee, Traffic, Clubs .,..... Harry Ammann-January-Football fBl, Intra- mural Basketball, Soccer, Clubs ,... Margie Anderson-January-Chorus, Class Play, Ways and Means, Attendance, lnforma- tion, Home Room Officer ...... Wilma E. Andreen-January-Chorus, Atten- dance, Traffic, Home Room Officer, Class Play, Senior Tea Committee ....... Elsie Arnesen-January--Activities Key, N3- tional Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Log, Lantern, Lost and Found Chairman. . . Inger Arnesen-January-Activities Key, Na- tional Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Log, Lantern, Home Room Officer ..... William C. Arther, Jr.-June-Log Business Manager, Home Room Officer, Cross Country, Track, Honor Award Committee, Activities Key and Gua rd ........, Jay Arthur-June-Football lBl, Intramural Basketball, Chorus, Clubs ...... Sam Aston-January-Varsity Soccer, Intra- mural Basketball, Clubs ...... Walter Babbitt-August-. Devora Ballon-January-Traffic, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Attendance, Senior Tea Commit- tee, Class Play Usher ....... William Watson Barr-June-Intramural Bas- ketball, Traffic, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Clubs ......... Geraldine Elizabeth Barrett-June--Traffic, At- tendance, Honor Roll, Girl Reserves, G, A. A., Clubs ...... ..... Joan L. Baserman-June-National Honor So- ciety, G. A. A. President, Attendance Co-Chair- man, Girl Reserves, Home Room Officer, Activ- ities Key .......... Mary Margaret Bauer-January-Information, Chorus, Girl Reserves, G. A. A .,... Richard Irving Bazley-June-Clubs, Traffic, Log, Arts and Crafts ....... James W. Beam-January-Football CBJ, Track, Intramural Basketball, Poster, Traffic, Ways and Means .,,.,,, , , Barbara Joan Beatty-June-Girl Reserve Offi- cer, Home Room Officer, G. A. A., Traffic, Hon- or Roll, Senior Tea Committee ..... John Beitler-June-. . . Robert Edward Bell-June-Track Captain, Football KAI, Executive Board Officer, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Lantern .... Bruce Mason Bender-June-Football IAP, Bas- ketball, Chorus, Traffic, Clubs ..... Carmella Marie Benedetti - June - Lantern, Clubs ........... Horace Black-June-Track, Intramural Bas- ketball, Hi-Y, Clubs ....... June Black-June-Chorus, Clubs, Traffic, ln- formation .,,.,,,,,, Shirley Ethel Blass-January-Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, G. A, A., Library, Traffic, Class Play Committee ........ Walter Gerard Blume - June - Football CAD, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Traffic, Clubs. Barbara B. Border-June-Cafeteria, Honor Roll, Girl Reserves, G, A. A., Clubs .... Helen Jean Boss-June-Clubs. I u en1o1's "l xxzmt :t uzinu- cxirzl w ilislmctlcm. E. Fciqziis fl ez zzors N ming llii' 14-rn lmiir :tt class plzny try nuts. ll. li. Myrrs. li. A. Collins, J. McV:iy Raymond Roy Bower-January-Football lAl, Wrestling, Track, Traffic, Hi-Y, Class Play Committee ......... Virginia Bowland-January-Attendance, Traf- fic, Library, Girl Reserves, Class Play Commit- tee, G. A. A ......... Margaret Ann Bowlus-June-Honor Roll, Ways and Means, Library, Clubs, Christmas Play ...... ' ..... Donald K. Boyer-January-Football lAl, Foot- ball KBJ, Rifle Team ....... William James Brezger-June-Book Squad Chairman, Log, Lantern, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Chorus ......... Jean Norris Brock--January-Class .Rank Chairman, Attendance, Senior Play Committee, Spanish Fiesta Committee, Senior Tea Commit- T96 ........... Phyllis L. Brooks-January-Lost and Found, Traffic, Library, Senior Tea Committee, Class Play Committee, G. A. A ...... Richard Brosky-January-Band Color Guard, Chorus .......... Carolyn Brown-June--Traffic, Clubs. Margaret Ann Brown--January-Senior Tea Committee, Class Play Committee, Girl Re- serves, G. A. A., Clubs ...... W. Thomas Brown-August- ..... Henry Buchek-June-Intramural Basketball, Soccer, Clubs ......... Irene Rhoads Bucher-June-Home Room Officer, Clubs, Senior Tea Committee, Library, Bulletin Board ......... John Michael Buckey-June-Football CAD, Football CBJ, Soccer, Clubs ...... Robert Budden-June-National Honor Socie- ty, Track, Co-Chairman Usher Squad, Home Room Officer, Cafeteria Attendance, Hi-Y, . Evelyn Burtis-June-Attendance Co-Chair- man, Traffic, Activities Key, National Honor Society, Vice President Girl Reserves, Senior Tea Committee ........ Eleanor Louise Cain-June-Library Council, Girl Reserves, Traffic, Senior Tea Committee, Clubs .......... . R. Glenn Calpass-June-Hi-Y, Orchestra, Clubs ........... -24 Nancy Ann Cameron-June-Attendance, Ways and Means, Cafeteria Attendance Chair- man, Traffic, Honor Roll, G. A. A. Letter. Marnella Caramela-Transferred .,.. Ralph Carnahan-January-Football Captain, Basketball Captain, Traffic Committee, Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Activities Key. George Carvlin-June-. . . . . Mary Ann Caste-June-Honor Roll, Attend- ance, Traffic, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Clubs. Sophie Coster--January-Class Play Usher, Senior Tea Committee ....... Joseph Cavalovitch-Janua ry-Socce r, Clubs. Stella Cheberenchick-June-Library Staff, Arts and Crafts, Clubs ....... Shirley Clayton-June-Attendance, Honor Roll, Traffic, Girl Reserves, Clubs .... Martha Louise Coate-June-Publicity Com- mittee, Traffic, Lantern, Log, Class Play, Oper- etta Publicity Committee ..... . Kin, Eleanor Ann Collins-June-Traffic, Cheer- leader, Home Room Officer, Attendance, Ways and Means, Senior Tea Committee .... Eleanor Stobie Collins-June--Band Flag Twirl- er, Home Room Officer, Girl Reserves, Senior Tea Committee, Clubs ....... Ralph Coltman-June-Wrestling, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Clubs .....,. J. Wesley Coltman, Jr.-June-Football lBl, Traffic, Hi-Y, Clubs ....... Mary Kelley Conaway-June-Cheerleader, G. A. A. Council, Triple Trio, Lantern Business Manager, Traffic, Activities Key and Guard. . Richard M. Conroy-January--Soccer, Foot- ball CBJ, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Cafeteria Attendance, Intramural Basketball .... Dorothy Arlene Coons-June-Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Senior Tea Committee, Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Activities Ticket Commit- lee ........... Dean T. Copetas-January-Football lAl, Exec- utive Board Officer, Home Room Officer, Ac- tivities Key, Class Play Committee, Basketball. D o CT erzzors "VVho invented pre-cis, zmyliow Miss Pickens. ll. llezitty K' UIIIOVS f'l.ise il:ix ivlivqiiszil. l I .Xlliiiglih li. XY:-Iiim-ui J. William Corbett-June--Clubs .... Marion Jane Cramer-June-Arts and Crafts Chairman, Traffic, Band, Home Room Officer, Girl Reserves, G. A. A ....... John Stewart Crawford-January-Ways and Means, Decorating, Intramural Basketball, Hi- Y ............ Art Creehan-June-Soccer Manager, Intra- mural Basketball, Clubs. . . . . . Jerry Creehan-June-Football KBJ, Track, Soc- cer, Intramural Basketball, Clubs .... Robert Creps-January-Class Play, Poster Chairman, Lost and Found, Decorating, Ways and Means, Chorus ....... Jane Daley-June-Chorus Letter, Clubs. . David Reese Danner-June-Intramural Bas- ketball, Hi-Y, Clubs ....... Francis Thomas Daube - June - Intramural Basketball, Clubs ......,. 'i James Frederick Davies-June-Cross Coun- try, Track, Intramural Basketball, Clubs, Honor Roll ........... Albert Melville Davis-June--Basketball lAl, Baseball, Class Play Committee, Hi-Y, Clubs, Basketball Manager ...... . Charles Hughes Davis-June-Honor Roll, Hi- Y, Home Room Officer, Intramural Basketball Clubs, Baseball .....,.. 1 Nita Del Grande-June-Library Council, Sen- ior Tea Committee, Girl Reserves, Clubs. . Thelma Jeanne Deutsch-June-Cheerleader NNays and Means, Operetta, Senior Tea Com- mittee, Library, Hostess .,.... 1 Erroll H. Dexter-June-Intramural Basketball Band, Clubs, Log, Operetta ..... 1 Katherine Diery-June-Girl Reserves, Arts and Crafts, Poster Chairman, Log, Honor Roll, Senior Tea Committee ....... Elmer Dixan-August- ..... Norman Doyle-January--Intramural Basket- ball, Clubs ......... . 'Sl' W 'Z if - . . ,. 35, 5,55 . ,,u' Jock Dragonette-January-Fencing, Intra- mural Basketball, Hi-Y, Operetta, Lantern, Clubs ...,....... Robert L. Drake--January-Football lAl, Bas- ketball CAD, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Clubs ....... Dolores M. Dreer-June-Senior Tea Commit- tee, Traffic, Chorus, Clubs ...... Robert H. Dressing-June-lntramural Basket- ball, Clubs .......... Selma Lucille Drumm--June-Arts and Crafts, Information, Traffic, G. A. A., Clubs, Senior Tea Committee ....... . Helen Duling-June-Library Council, Chair- man Cafeteria Attendance, Senior Tea Com- mittee, Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, Traffic. . William J. Eckenrode-June-Football CAD, ln- tramural Basketball, Wrestling, Clubs. . . Morgaretto Ellen Eckles-January-Ways and Means, Library, Traffic, Home Room Officer, Activities Key, Honor Roll ..,... Chester Edmunds-June-Intramural Basket- ball, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Clubs. . Jean Ehlers-January-Home Room Officer, Ways and Means, Traffic, Class Play Commit- tee, Girl Reserves, G. A. A ...... Shirley Mae Ellis-January-Library Assistant, Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Class Play, Clubs, Class Play Committee ........ Roberto Jane Emery - June - Information Chairman, Hostess, G. A. A., Clubs, Girl Re- serves ........... Grant P. Evans-June-Track, Basketball lAl, Band, Executive Board Officer, Home Room Officer .......... Paul Buhrmon Evers, Jr.-June-Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y, Clubs, Rifle Team ......... Irene Fekete--June-Clubs, Arts and Crafts, Information, G. A. A., Traffic ..... Emily Fergus-June-Attendance Chairman, Girl Reserves President, Literary Editor of Log, National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll ........... Thomas Flannigon-Trunsferred- .... G. MacDonald Flinn--June--Activities Key and Guard, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Football Letter, Lantern, Log ..... I u CB ei zzoizs l'i':icticing fur tlu' l'rom. j. Stcliiitn--, IC. Smiill CC 01110119 XNI11-li 5-nw :ln 51111 l1l11 Iii-si XX Xl I I1 I Xl 1 ..1111. .1.11s. lf. N14-vliswlilllli' John Murray Frank-June-Football, Wrest- ling, Track, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Boxing, Clubs ......... Mary J. Friday-June-Clubs, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Lantern, Traffic, Ways and Means. William Furst-June-Track Manager, Clubs, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball ..... Peggy Jane Gaylord-January-Clubs, Home Room Officer ......... Kathryn Glenn-January-Quill and Scroll, Ac- tivities Key, Publicity Committee, Class Play Prompter, Ways and Means, G. A. A. Emblem. Robert John Goldsmith-June-Golf Team, Op- eretta, Chorus, Intramural Basketball, Clubs. A. Paul Good-January-Home Room Officer Intramural Basketball, Traffic, Honor Roll f 1 Clubs .,......... Robert M. Goss-June- ...... Vera Marie Gottschalk - June -- Class Play, Chorus, Clubs ......... George Groham-August- .... Florence Anne Gregory-January-Band, Traf- fic, Senior Tea Committee, Class Play Usher, Girl Reserves, G. A. A .,..... Tony J. Grosso-June-Intramural Basketball, Clubs ........... Lorna Doone Gulley-June-Information, Arts and Crafts, Library, Girl Reserves, Clubs. . Jack Guyol-June-Printing Squad Chairman, Honor Roll, Log, Traffic, Operetta Committee, Physics Laboratory Assistant ..... Ellen Hobern1on--January- ..... Joan Hallam-June-Honor Award Committee, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Honor Roll, Girl Reserves, G. A. A ........ Hugh M. Hamilton-June-Basketball, Foot- ball KBI, Hi-Y, Clubs ...,... Dorothy K. Hamm-June-Traffic, G. A. A., Clubs ........... if aww- w WA Harold Hammerstrom-August-. Doris Hanks-June-Clubs. Edward Happe-August- ...... Evelyn Bernice Harris-January-Ways and Means, Library, Class Play Committee, Senior Tea Committee, Chorus, Girl Reserves. . . Betty Jane Harsch-June-Clubs. . . Constance Hatton-June-Ways and Means, Attendance, Bulletin Board, Lantern, Honor Roll, Senior Tea Committee. .... . Florence Louise Hatz-June-Senior Tea Com- mittee, Chorus, Clubs ....... Kenneth Haughin-January-Basketball, Soc- cer, Clubs .......... Rosemary Heinen-June-Chorus, C l u b s, Chairman Hostess Squad, Girl Reserves, Home Room Officer ......... Lynn S. Heiss-January-Log Art Editor, Home Room Officer, Class Play, Traffic, Chorus, ln- trcimural Basketball ....... Mary .Eleanor Henderson-J u n e-Traffic, American Musicade, Christmas Play, Senior Tea Committee, G. A. A., Clubs .... Thelma G. Henderson-June--Chorus Letter, Senior Tea Committee, Traffic, G. A. A., Clubs. Harry V. Herlinger, Jr.-June-Rifle Team, Band CStudent Directori, Orchestra, Social Com- mittee, Christmas Play, Class Play .... Lois Maryan Hervet-June-G. A. A., Arts and Crafts, Clubs ........ Ardel Herzog-June-Scholastic Committee, Chorus, Home Room Officer, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Clubs ......... Carol Hickock-Transferred-, . M. Winifred Hilf-June-Publicity Committee, Traffic, Bulletin Board, Library Squad, Senior Tea Committee, Chorus. . . . . . Rosemary Lucile Hill--June-G. A. A., Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, Activities Key, Lantern, Honor Roll ...... I s A eizzoizs Suiilliivllm- gels lu-1' mm l. llrlllum. ll. lit-mlvi' Ax QS? if fl emiolzs Si-niur 'l'i':i :iiilcs llfllsllllljl ll! l IJ lll nl Y l'v1ln .. 4- s-I, , "1:,', li. lizimzirk Richard James Hogsett-June-Intramural Basketball, Band, Chorus, Clubs, Operetta, Or- chestra .......... Robert Warren Hoffman--June-Soccer Team, Clubs, Honor Roll, lntramural Basketball. . John Haller-June- ....... Marte Carolyn Hooper-January-Ways and Means, Library Squad, Class Play Committee, Senior Tea Committee, Lantern, Girl Reserves. Thomas H. Hopper-June-Football KBJ, Wrest- ling, Intramural Basketball, Clubs ..,. Donald Edwin Hubbard-June-Track, Golf, Poster, Lost and Found, Traffic, Home Room Officer .......... Dorothy Louise Huffman-January-Activities Key, Traffic, Lost and Found, Class Play Com- mittee, Honor Roll, Girl Reserves .... Kathleen Jamison-August- ..... Carlton B. Jewett, Jr.-January-Public Ad- dress, Traffic, Hi-Y President, Home Room Offi- cer, Wrestling, Senior Day Committee. . . William Johns-June-Operetta, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Football, Track. Jack Johnson-January-Band, Clubs. . . Jeanne Mitchell Jordan-January-Activities Key and Guard, Lost and Found, Ways and Means, Library, Honor Roll, Class Play Com- mlffee ........... Vincent Joyce--January-Class Play, Track, Traffic, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball .......... Charles G. Judge-June-Cross Country Man- ager, Track Manager, Traffic, Ways and Means, Activities Key, Home Room Officer. . Richard F. Kaderli-June-Traffic, Clubs, ln- tramural Basketball ....... Betty Kail-Transferred- ...... Grace L. Kallock-June-Lantern, Cafeteria Attendance, Senior Tea Committee, Girl Re- serves, G. A. A., Hostess Squad. . . . Robert Francis Kane-June-Football, Base- ball, lntramural Basketball, Clubs, Traffic. . . Eugene A. Karsh-June-Home Room Officer, Operetta, lntramural Basketball, Chorus, Clubs, Spanish Fiesta Committee ...... William Keeling-June- ...... Evelyn Keller-June-Girl Reserves, Senior Tea Committee, lnformation, Clubs, Hostess Squad. Jack Kendall-January-Class Play, Ways and Means, Class Play Publicity, Hi-Y, Clubs. . Frank McLeod Kenney, Jr.-June-Intramural Basketball, Clubs, Traffic, Hi'Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer ....... Paul Gerald Kernan-June-Football, Intro- mural Basketball Manager, Clubs .... Camille A. Kerrigan-June-Traffic, Clubs, Home Room Officer, G. A. A., Library. . , Marguerite Kifl'-June--Ways and Means, Traffic, National Honor Society, Activities Key, Log, Lantern ......... James H. King-June-Track, Football fBl, Intramural Basketball, Boxing, Lantern, Hi-Y. Betty Mae Kleppick-June-Home Room Offi- cer, Honor Roll, Traffic, Senior Tea Committee, Clubs ........., George KIetch-June- .,... Henry Knoche - June - Basketball, Tennis Baseball, Clubs, Home Room Officer, Lantern. Richard Koch-Transferred-. . . . Louise Koenig-June-Clubs, Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, Traffic, Senior Tea Committee. Ralph E. Koerber-January-Honor Roll, lntra- mural Basketball, Clubs, Orchestra. , . . .lack Krieger-June-Track, Basketball, Clubs, Home Room Officer, .... . Gloria Irene Lamark-June-Wa s and Means Y 1 Library, Class Play, Lantern, Senior Tea Com- mittee, Girl Reserves .... . . . Helen M. Lastooka-June-Clubs. . I a 1:it's my class ra VV. Artlicr. l". Kem ll. Niirtlizirt ' CB emo: s qx, T J! J" ' X If-A L 13 1: Ii. .-9-s fi-QQ mufqd f i' rv- x l I o G ezzzors li mg liiiim-wiirk St-iiim' slylv. ll. l l lllilinril f i fb 1 3 f Y use 5:-ix R 5 'VI we E in Tu. 'yn' x tx f' - ie A s. .,,,. Thomas F. Lavelle-June-Traffic, Clubs. Marilyn Eve Lippold--June-Clubs. . . Jack Logan-June-Football, Wrestling, lntra- mural Basketball ...... . John Albert Long-June-Football CBJ Intro mural Basketball, Clubs, Traffic. . . Ruth Ann Love-January-Band, Library, Traf- fic, G. A. A,, Girl Reserves, Class Play Commit- lee .......... William G. Lytle-January-Activities Key, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Traffic, Foot- ball Manager, Class Play ..... Frank MacQuown-June-. . . Robert Manley-June-Traffic Chairman, Hi Y, Orchestra, Band Award, Intramural Basket ball, Clubs ..... . .... Barbara Massey-June-Ways and Means, Traffic, Operetta, Clubs, Chorus, G. A. A. if ,,-,,. L7z'e41r,,,,,,f Evelyn Matthews--June-Bulletin Board Chair- man, Girl Reserves, Lantern, Honor Roll, Na- tional Honor Society, Class Play .... Robert May-January-- ,..... George W. Mayall-January-Intramural Bas- ketball, Clubs, Class Play Committee. . . Robert Charles Mayfield-June-Rifle, lntra- mural Bosketball, Traffic, Home Room Officer, Clubs ........... Marilyn Ann McBride-June-Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, Traffic, Christmas Play Commit- tee, Clubs .......... Barbara McClain--June-Senior Tea Commit- tee, Log, Honor Roll, Traffic, Arts and Crafts, Cafeteria Attendance ....... Charles Taylor McClelland-June-Hi-Y Offi- cer, Clubs, Band ........ Virginia Louise McClymont-January-Senior Teo Committee, Clubs, Usher ..... Mary Ellen McConnell-June-Operetta, Ways and Means, Traffic, Home Room Officer, Girl Reserves, G. A. A. . ..... . sew yvibvj Cllffw fyyu-,bm-I-H 32- William ,McCormick-January-Class Play, Traffic, Usher, Hi-Y Officer, Home Room Offi- CSI' .... . . . . . . . Clare Michael McDermott-June-Cross Coun- try, Basketball, Track, Traffic Committee, Home Room Officer, Clubs ...... Richard L. McEwen-June-Baseball, Home Room Officer, Football Manager, Track Man- ager, Wrestling Manager, Clubs .... Ouida Claire McGehee-January--Class Play, Social Committee, Attendance, Senior Tea Com- mittee, Lantern, Honor Roll ..... William D. McGhee-June-Class Play, Intra- mural Basketball, Usher, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y, Clubs ....,.... Donald William Mcllvane-June-Intramural Basketball, Clubs .... .... James McPeak-June-Intramural Basketball, Ways and Means Chairman, Cafeteria Squad Chairman, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Wrest- ling ........... Lee Marshall McQuistion-J .nuary-C l u b s, Traffic, Usher, Decorating, Home Room Officer, Class Play Committee ....... Robert William McRoberts-January-lntra- mural Basketball, Orchestra, Usher, Clubs. . James McVay-June-Basketball, Class Play, Golf Captain, Cafeteria, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y ........... Alice Patricia Means-June-Cheerleader, Ac- tivities Key, Ways and Means, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Operetta Committee. . Robert Paul Mechling-June-Golf, Hi-Y, ln- tramural Basketball, Clubs ...... Marie C. Meding-June-Traffic, Information, Senior Tea Committee, G. A. A., Clubs. . . Nancy Carr Meily-June--Ways and Means, Traffic, Senior Tea Committee, Operetta, Girl Reserves, Honor Roll ....... Jane Mensch-June--Senior Tea Committee, Traffic, Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Lantern, Clubs. Flora Virginia Metcalfe-January-Clubs, Sen- ior Tea Committee, Class Play Usher, Library. Kenneth Metevier-Transferred-- .... 1 Janice H. Meuschke-June-Traffic, Informa- tion, Arts and Crafts, Honor Roll, G. A. A., Senior Tea Committee ....... CR emfors llflflllllllg for SL-nior pictures li. llurtis, l. lluclwr. Alla I 5 Cl eiizors lilliiig iiiil giziillinliiiii fiirnis. VI. Ailuii, ll. lliiliiig Jack Meyer--Transferred-- ..... Rolla Miller-January-Football fBl, Class Play, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball, Band ........ Jean Mitchell-Transferred- ..... Martha Ethel Mitchell-June-Chorus, Girl Re- SEYVSS ...... . . . . . Jack Moore-June-Band, Clubs. . . Mary Ann Moore-June--Cafeteria Attend- ance, Hostess, Operetta Committee, Girl Re- serves, Clubs ...... . . . John Moran-June- ....... Betty Lu Moreland-June-Band, Drum Ma- jorette, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Traffic, Cafe- teria Attendance ........ Virginia Mulhollan-June-National Honor So- ciety, Activities Key, Traffic, Log, Home Room Officer, Class Play ........ Joe Muller-June-Track, Intramural Basket- ball, Clubs, Cross Country ...... Gloria Jean Murphy-June-Senior Tea Com- mittee, Library, Clubs, Hostess ..... Mildred Catherine Murrer--June-Traffic, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, G. A. A., Girl Reserves .......... Helen Louise Myers-June-Honor Roll, Traf- fic, Library, Home Room Officer, Girl Reserves, Class Play .......... Robert Earl Nagel, Jr.-June-Intramural Bas- ketball, Band, Log, Lantern, Clubs .... Shirley Nelson-January-Executive Board Officer, Cheerleader, Social Committee Chair- man, Class Play, Activities Key and Guard, Girl Reserves ......... Virginia Norclin-June-Senior Tea Commit- tee, Class Play, G. A. A., Clubs ..... Blanche Northart-June-Clubs .... Nancy Noyes-January--National Honor So- ciety, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Class Play Committee, Honor Award Commit- tee Chairman, Library, ..... . Kathleen Ann Oakes-June-Senior Tea Aide, Traffic, Honor Roll, Clubs ...... Madeline O'Brien-June- ..... Charles 0'Hanlon-June-Band, Hi-Y, Clubs, Traffic .......... Regina Margaret Opferman-June-Traffic, Senior Tea Committee, Clubs ..,.. Marjorie Mae Orr-January-Class Play Usher, Clubs ........... Lucille Ortolf-June-Traffic, Clubs. Richard Hoover Owen-June-Rifle Team, ln- tramural Basketball, Ways and Means, Traffic, Honor Roll, Clubs ........ Lorraine Parkins-June-Chorus, Clubs. . Lillian Ann Pasqual-June-Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Log, Traffic Squad Secretary, Class Play, Senior Tea Committee .... La Verne Potter-June-Senior Tea Commit- tee, Traffic, Clubs, Information ..... James Paul Paulos-June-Track, Intramural Basketball, Orchestra, Operetta, Clubs. . . Jack Paulus-J u n e-lntramural Basketball Manager, Poster, Usher, Decorating, Hi-Y, Honor Roll .......... Hartley James Pierce, Jr.-Hi-Y, Clubs. . John Plymire-June-Clubs .... William W. Porter-June-Intramural Bas- ketball, Home Room Officer, Clubs .... Mabel Jean Poster-June-- Library, Atten- dance, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, American Musi- code, Clubs ......... John R. H. Powell ll-June-Football fBl, ln- tramural Basketball, Lantern ..... Wallace Prass-January-Traffic, Ways and Means, Class Play, Honor Roll, Class Play Corn- mittee ......... . ,AW fx rfi. CR emors liiti-llipgviiuv 1331 lost-. ll llill. X. Rirltltr. Y. Xliilli ll ii UI HO VS M5141 IM f I Iii s lv Illini-k. If I IIilIIl Ru vi. . ssfr .141-ffw' QQQVQZ t I Matt J. Purpura-June-Track Manager, Ways and Means, Intramural Basketball, Operetta, Traffic, Hi-Y ......... Jean Purves-June-Traffic, Honor Roll, Lan- tern, G, A. A., Class Play, Girl Reserves. . . Jacqueline Ragner-June--. . . . Betty Ann Rank-June-Cheerleader, Operet- ta, Honor Award, Traffic, Honor Roll, Triple Trio ........... Dale Reckley-January- Intramural Basket- ball, Traffic, Clubs ....... Robert Reed-June-Band, Orchestra, Traffic, Clubs ........... John N. Rees-June-Football, Basketball Manager, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Clubs. .... . . Evelyn Rees-January-. . Virginia B. Reiter-June-Clubs. Charles Rentschler-June- ..,.. Ruth Louise Rice-June--Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Operetta, Senior Tea Committee, G,A.A. Nancy Richter-June-Honor Roll, Log, Lan- tern, Home Room Officer, Girl Reserves. . . Robert Rick-January-Band, Traffic, Class Play Committee, Operetta, Senior Day Commit- tee, Clubs .......... Robert Lane Ricker-June-Class Play, Golf, Traffic, Usher, Home Room Officer, Intramural Basketball Manager. ...... Ray Robb-January-Football, Intramural Bas- ketball, Traffic Chairman, Honor Roll, Operet- ta ............ Isabelle Jean Romain-June-Class Rank Chairman, Library, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, G. A. A., Girl Reserves ..... Nancy Roney-January-Class Play Commit- tee, Clubs .......... Wallace E. Root-January-Football lBl, ln- tramural Basketball, Lost and Found, Class Play Committee, Operetta, Lantern .... Jane Ross-January-Social Committee, Class Play, G. A. A. Council, Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Home Room Officer .... William Ross-June-Usher, Arts and Crafts, Traffic, Hi-Y, Clubs, .... . , Harry Edward Rumstay-June-Traffic, Clubs. David Russo--June-Clubs, Orchestra. . . Richard M. Russon, Jr.-June-Drum Major, Clubs, l-li-Y, Band ........ Allan Rust-June-Track, Band, Executive Board Officer, Honor Roll, Operetta, Hi-Y President .......... Albert J. Ruth-June-Track Manager, lntra- mural Basketball, Class Play, Clubs, Hi-Y. . Malvin Sander-January-lntramural Basket- ball, Band, Class Play, Traffic, Hi-Y, Clubs. . Richard Schaefer-January-lntramural Bas- ketball, Intramural Wrestling, Band, Honor Roll, Hi-Y, Class Play Committee .... Rand G. Schenck-June-Scholastic Commit- tee, Traffic, Usher, Honor Roll, Operetta Com- mittee, Hi-Y ......... Anne Schlough-January-Ways and Means, Traffic, Activities Key, Library, Class Play Usher, Senior Tea Committee, .... Virginia Eleanor Schrader-June-Senior Tea Committee, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Traffic, American Musicade, Home Room Officer. . Walter Schumm-January-Football, Intra- mural Basketball, Class Play Committee, Clubs. June M. Schwarz-June-Traffic, Hostess, Arts and Crafts, Chorus, Lost and Found, Senior Tea Committee .......... Mary Sebring-June- .,... Betty Jane Seifert-June-G. A. A., Clubs. . Rabert Seiferth-January-Football, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Class Play Committee, Hi-Y, Clubs ...... John S. Seiger--June-Honor Roll, Cafeteria I o Q lffli I O VS Allegiance to school :mil country ttendance, Usher, Traffic, Intramural Official, ' M. Come yafg... ,.,,....,, J as Frederick Seiler-June-lntramural Basketball, Clubs, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. . . William H. Sellors-June-Band, Hi-Y, lntra- mural Basketball, Clubs ...... Betty Jayne Sells-June-Girl Reserves, Clubs, Chorus .......... Carlton Shaffer-Transferred- .... Charles Nawn Shaffer-June-Band, Clubs, Hi'Y, Wrestling Manager, Soccer Manager, Fencing Manager ........ Betty Shakespeare-January-Activities Key, Class Play, Cheerleader, Ways and Means, Log, Home Room Officer ....... Pearl Eileen Shapiro-June-Traffic, Cafeteria, Operetta, Book Squad, Honor Roll, Chorus. . Mary Lou Shaw-June-Clubs, Traffic. . . Betty Shoenberger-June-Ways and Means, Traffic, Book Squad, Activities Key, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll ...... John F. Shall--June-Wrestling, Hi-Y, Operet- ta Committee, Clubs ....... if' William C. Shrader-June-Band, Orchestra, Clubs ......... . . William Paul Simmerman-June-lntramural Basketball, Band Color Guard, Poster, Cafeteria. Harold ,Edward Simmons-January-Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Traffic, Cafeteria, Clubs ........... Eunice Smith-January-Activities Key and Guard, National Honor Society, Class Play, Log Literary Editor, Quill and Scroll, Home Room Officer .......... Ross H. Smith, Jr.-June--Basketball, Golf, Scholastic Committee Chairman, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Traffic ..... Gene Smoot-June--Basketball, Clubs, Honor Roll, Traffic, Home Room Officer .... Earl Edward Smull-June-Home Room Offi- cer, lntramural Basketball, Class Play, Traffic, Social Committee, Clubs ...... Mary Virginia Sommer-June-Ways and Means, Senior Tea Committee, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Traffic, G. A. A. . . Helen L. Stabile-June-Clubs, Girl Reserves, Senior Tea Committee .... 1 . . Margaret Stahlnecker-January-Traffic, Book Squad, Attendance, Class Play Committee, Girl Reserves, G. A. A ..... . . . Russell Stechschulte-June-Traffic, Home Room Officer, Intramural Basketball, Band, Clubs. . .,.... . . . James F. Steen-January--Home Room Offi- cer, Honor Roll, Track, Basketball .,.. Zoe Mary Steliotes-June-Chairman Ways and Means, Traffic, Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Bulletin Board, Chorus. . .. . . . Jean Ellen Stewart-June-Home Room Offi- Cer, Honor Roll, Ways and Means, G. A. A. Council, Athletics Award G. A. A., Clubs. . Harriett Jane Stine-June--Clubs, G. A. A., Honor Roll ......... Eugenia Stingel-Transferred-. . . . Marilyn Streich-June-Bond, Clubs, Bulletin Board, Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer ........ . . Jack Stringer-January-Intramural Basket- ball, Hi-Y, Class Play Committee, Clubs. . William Howard Stuckeman--June-Intro mural Basketball, Traffic, Ways and Means, Poster, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y .... Virginia Freidalyn Stutt+June--Library, Traf- fic, Cafeteria Attendance, Hostess Squad. . Martha Helen Sunderland - June - Traffic Chorus, Clubs ......... Merle Sweeny-June-Intramural Basketball, Wrestling, Boxing, Soccer, Clubs .... Jack Tabler-June-Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Clubs ...... Evelyn Leigh Talbot-June-Library, Traffic, Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, Clubs, Senior Tea Committee ...... . . . Walter Taylor-June-Track, Cross Country, Intramural Boxing, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Clubs ........... Alvin Robert Thomas-June-Football Letter IAP, Track Letter, Traffic, Executive Board Officer, Home Room Officer, Clubs. . . . 1 I o CR Q1 mws c morning :iftur the pro li. Blntllu-ws, R. Iiuililvn .vauikb safe William Joseph Thomas--June-Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Clubs ...... Mary Dolores Thompson-June-Clubs, Home Room Officer, G. A, A., Girl Reserves. . . Edward Towns-June-Traffic, Basketball, ln- tramural Basketball, Clubs. .... . William Trageser--June-Track, Cross Coun- try, Home Room Officer, Ways and Means, Honor Roll, Band ........ Laura Virginia Turner-June-Traffic, Library, G. A. A. Awards, Music Manager, Girl Reserves, Chorus .......... Marilynn Uhlinger-January-Home Room Officer, Ways and Means, Traffic, Girl Re- serves, G. A. A., Honor Roll ,.... Mary Ann Vanzin-June-Senior Tea Commit- tee, Clubs .......... Dorothy Jean Vellucci--June-Honor Roll, G. A. A., Clubs ........ Paul Vieth-June-Home Room Officer, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Traffic ...... , . . 71112-itglfff q A Y X Mlfj... if-'zff i LL X ' "' S- HA I Jack Vogel-Enlisted-U. S. Army .,,. Mary Agnes Voskuhl-June-Chorus, Clubs f rl Reserves, Hostess, Bulletin Board. . . Ada Ruth Dickens Waddell--June-Operetta Chorus, Honor Roll, Library, Senior Tea Com: mittee, Clubs ......... Carol Jean Waechfer-June-Library Squad Chairman, Traffic, Home Room Officer, Activi- ties Key, Honor Roll, Senior Tea Committee. . Dorothy Marie Walsh-June-Clubs, Library, G, A. A., Girl Reserves, Senior Tea Committee. Stephen Dailey Ward--June-Executive Board President, Football CAD, lntramural Boxing, ln- tramural Basketball, Home Room Officer. . Alan Weatherell-June-Cross Country, Track, Traffic, Hi-Y, Clubs. .... . . Gene Weigond-June-Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Girl Reserves, Senior Tea Commit- tee, Clubs .......... John R. Weimer-June-Cross Country, Intra- mural Basketball, Intramural Wrestling, Operet- to Committee, Band, Hi-Y ...... Betty Lou Weisel-June-. . Donald Weiseman--Transferred-. Barbara Whelan-June-Attendance, Traffic, Library, Chorus, Girl Reserves, Music Letter. . Edward John Wilhelm-June-Clubs. . Harriet Mae Wilhere - June - Information, Lantern, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Clubs. . . Betty Williams-January-Arts and Crafts, Senior Tea Committee, Class Play, Clubs, Class Play Committee ......., Nancy Dorothy Williams--June-Band, Honor Roll, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Clubs .... Daniel Earl Winslow-January-Public Ad- dress, Traffic, Class Play Committee, Clubs. . William B. Witney--June--Usher, Hi-Y, Intra- mural Basketball, Horne Room Officer, Clubs. Charles Wolf-June-Intramural Basketball Captain, Band, Clubs, Chairman Physics Lab- L oratory Committee, Home Room Representative. Russell Wolfertz-June-Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball, Ways and Means, Hi-Y, Clubs ........... David Woodworth-June-lntramural Basket- ball, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Clubs. Jack Youngman-June-Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Usher Squad, Clubs .,.. William Zewe-June-Soccer Letter, Intra- mural Basketball, Traffic ...... Stuart Zimmerman-June-lntramural Basket- ball, Traffic, Band, Clubs ..,... Nancy Zwinggi-January-Ways and Means, Traffic, Activities Key, Lantern, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll ....... 'I 0 ez IIOVS .fx I Clilss Snug. R. Golilsmitli. ll. llcrlingci R. Arlzxmson Camera Shg Pompea Cardarelli-June-Home Room Officer G. A. A., Chorus, Clubs ...... 1 Charles E. Casper-June-Home Room Officer, Clubs .......... Regina Gertrude Charles-June-. . Ellenore Lucille Gabriel-June-Clubs. . . W. Donald Logan, Jr.-August-Hi-Y, Traffic Football, Public Address Squad, Clubs. . . 1 Robert H. Meneilly-August-Public Address Committee, Traffic, Hi-Y, Decorating Squad, Clubs .......... Karl L. Wehmeyer-June-Class Play. . Victorg Song When e'er we sing, you'll hear the echoes ring, Far and near you'll always hear our loyal voices sing: "Come on and give us a victory, fight on gallantly, We're all with you, staunch and true. Come on, Mt. Lebanon, follow through On to the fray for old Mt. Lebanon High. Carry on with brain and brown, remember "Do or die." And listen when you hear thunder, that's our spirits' flame Calling to the Cold and Blue to cheer our Mounties on to fame. -Robert Goldsmith, Class of June '42 D D MR. PERRY MR. GLAFKA Command and General Staff School But a few years ago a cloud of futility dark ened the horizon of American youth as they looked forward from their classrooms to a world sick with depression and unemployment. The ever advancing legions of eager expectant youth went forth into a world in which they were to find neither a welcome, a job, nor en- Norfolk Va Dear Mt Lebanon Friends l was called into active service with the U.S.N. on January IO. My six weeks basic training was done at the Naval Base in Nor- folk Virginia and since that time have re- mained on the staff. My rating is that of Chief Petty Officer or Chief Specialist in the Physical News from men in service makes us proud q gg Fort Leavenworth, Kansas ' D March '28, A1942 ' V , f f ii I courcigement. Today, however, the picture is almost com- pletely changed. The world, to be sure, has not recovered from its illness, it has, in fact, re- lapsed from economic nausea to the bloody con- vulsions of war. But the outlook for youth is completely changed. Excess has changed to shortage, unwelcome condescension has changed to urgent demand, training which seemed futile has become a vital necessity. The day of youth has come. g In the face of the discouragements of de- pression, Our Town, through our school, achieved success and distinction. I am confi- dent that in the face of the crisis of war its record will likewise gleam with the achievements of its sons and daughters in the cause of free- dom. Sincerely, L. E. PERRY l9OO Lamont St., N. W. Washington, D. C. February 2l, l942 Dear Kids of Our Town: Whenever l'm asked where l'm from, l'm proud to say Mt. Lebanon. Truly Our Town. Just now am stationed at Washington in the Motor Transport Division of the Office of the Quartermaster General, however, am on my way somewhere lam not at liberty to tell just nowl and wherever l go l'll carry happy memories of all of you. Sincerely, LT. GLAFKA Quotei Keep 'em rolling, keep 'em flying: keep democracy from dying. Unquote: Never let it be said Our Town didn't do its utmost. Good luck to all. Fitness Program. For the first six weeks my work was that of training men so that they could take a place on one of our ships. Since that time I have had a change in jobs and am now in the Assistant Drill Office. l am now helping to direct the new recruits through their training period while on this base. l enjoy my work and hope to be of greater assistance to my country in the near future. Sincerely yours, DANA R. PETERSON Prvt. John R. Vogel 45th Air Base, Barracks 2l Baer Field Fort Wayne, Indiana Jack writes: "Thanks to the training I re- ceived on track and my scholastic education in Mt. Lebanon Public Schools, I was successful in making the Air Corps of the Army." vi... Fort Knox March l2, l942 Hello Kids of Our Town: Time has sort of speeded by me here in the service-it has been over nine months since I was inducted, and although there are things l'd much rather do, I find a good deal of this work interesting, especially here in the armored force. Of course, I'd much rather ride my Ford at home than a medium tank here, but at least this is better than walking. The one vehicle they haven't let me ride in so far is the one I want most to try-the "Jeep." They tear about, on and off the road, at a terrific pace, the driver hanging on to the wheel and the passengers hanging on to their hats. Next week l'm to be sent to school. The course lasts till the thirteenth of June, which will put me right in the middle of spring. tThat would have been a good place to put in . . . "ah, me" . . . I Well, kids, here's wishing you all loads of luck. Sincerely yours, RUSSELL KELLEY MR. PETERSON JACK VOGEL The Spotlig X sm 'R pq C.Rda'ms H. Hmlck fl Rutg K, Q , R, Cdrroll Q I E miner 'kfilller av ,a lf' L. Rank 'J.Rei+er ht'.s on T heme , the Seruor B's They' re the Champzorw Now C.Casper MCasper Lflast Colouanni R60 f L.cYdWf01dJ. 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Q Q 'Q , if .,. l will -L4 A B.6lle5 -S.Blles C.Gonder Mfvmham Blirau Dlireen lllireenwalrlrllirifflth Hyiffifhs Klinrnensfcin Hbrosso Obrosso Mlirubbs E.Hannon l Q Q ' K k ,, -i k x 4 l . 141 f -E i e i l l l l ' ' N 3' 'Q Q Zvi i Hlmmelrlchthlslop B.rIlxon .lriolfman r1.r1ofsoosJ.r1oqsert .mopper Ghousley J.Howard B.Huber Mlludak Whuhn, G.Hurleu Llluffon J.Iams JR Q V gr, . A A -. l X . fn' 2 fi l E1 e fe X 4 i T .. l l 1 - ll-Q . l r, - ,vi l U e . g l It j l , 4 M , , NDS 3 Q l N.Krauer L. Kr0h B.Kr0her M.Krur1er MLasc.hcid MlastookallawnencaTleatherslgeFurau J, l wis Rlewns Robt Lewis M.Llch1'u l1l.:'ndemanJ.Linnerf M.LifHe Mufwin ' a A w ' 'K' . ,. 4- V V 1 X ' .4 1 ff. 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W f Q wi? fea e -':., a ..:a'- 2 f erer e iffy '. i ea t 2 9 5' wh f- f K 3' I Lnappecharman arlarrlsonlluasselman l1HaTz Qtiaus vlhawklns H.HaqqoodHr.muncs II flierdensonwienrq Brlern Ghilf wmlliard ' eg Qgiiiifa ,KW f h we 1' 1+ 229 Q s I . fix, ec.Kumosksf,Km,.,,.f G.Kane :mm nxeck angl er mug LKemp num exam DKeTchum wmff J.Kraf1' " . e a ' :gan a 3 if ' - 55. e we li? SQ a 3 J X 55,152-we Q Y JL H - . A U ' Vw 7' hu? M , A . . K K X . 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V j :lg kb:'i m f e .V gh i 'E I, ' m V 3 - N Z. vi, '12 Si ia 5 5 u aa Q F ' XX 4 4 f L 'K V ki h ilhgmf' - 4 , V ,:'f i t B , 1 .-E 14.1. v - , .5731 X I LJWGYHIGK Mzrers Weis D,weHs Ewerlma Dwersanr Iwhitcombiwnllamscwmson Wow J.woodgareH,wnqhr Rwnqhf Bwyrouqh Bifeaqle R.Young DYounqmanDKwnqsI1.Zimmerma 2- 1 Ya Are Sure to Keep on Rolling '63 ' Out J ust Right. f-55-'B Q Y" After Startmg .. 49 - keep DUI' Town O11 the go ACTIVITIES KEYS First row-Shakespeare, Anderson, Ross, Mc- Gehee, Jordan, Glenn, Nelson, Huffman, Noyes, Blass. Second row-Fergus, E. Alexander, Shoen- berger, Romain, Means, Conaway, I. Arn- esen, Bowland, Eckles, Schlough, E. Smith, Zwinggi, E. Arnesen, Rank, Burtis, Hill, Kift, Waechter. Third row-Carnahan, McCall, Copetas, Ev- ans, Herlinger, Murray, R. Smith, Robb, McEwen, Arther, Flinn, Rust, Brezger, Baserman, A. Alexander. Svlmol Honors Best SIIHIPIIIS of 1942 ACTIVITIES AWARDS "Now let me see. Eighty-two and four are eighty-six. Then three, and one for clubs equals ninety! Ninety! Hooray, l've done itl l get my activities key. Can you imagine me with a key? It's wonderfull" These are typical remarks as a Mt. Lebanon student counts up his points toward an activities key, For two years this Mt. Lebanonite has been working for that little gold and onyx medal, and now she's reached the goal. The work wasn't hard, though. It just meant giving up study halls to work in the library, give out information, collect attendance cards, books, or what have you. Then after school she'd sell candy for ways and means, help add artistic value to the small gym for dances, be sociable on the social committee, dash oft a few articles for the Lantern or Log, and many's the time she had dishpan hands from washing boards. OOPS! Musn't forget her music. Dozens of sour notes has she swallowed io do her bit in keeping our A Cappella and orchestra melodious. All this was fun and good experience, so here's hoping she earns the extra IIO points for a guard. QUILL AND SCROLL "A really great honor to belong? I should say!" said the mem- ber of Quill and Scroll I talked to the other day. This organization, under the direction of Miss McClure and Miss McLaughlin, is com- paratively new in Mt. Lebanon. Don Flinn, Eunice Smith, Elaine Alexander, and Inger and Elsie Arnesen were those selected last year. lt seems they have a hobby of writing at times for Our Town's newspaper and yearbook and have shown special talent in those write-ups. At an impressive initiation last June, when Mr. Ward of the Sun-Telegraph addressed the group, little gold scroll pins were pre- sented the new members. These pins stand for something of which every wearer is mighty proud. Close runners up to these future writers of America are Nancy Richter and George Kern who won honorable mention last fall in a nation-wide Quill and Scroll contest. Our Town is proud of these Quill and Scrollers as well as it is of all the other editors and reporters whose columns sparkle with life and typical Mt. Lebanon spirit. -.SQT I NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First rowaShakespeare, Anderson, Ross, I. Arnesen, Jordan, Glenn, Nelson, Noyes, E. Arnesen, Smith. Second rowfl-lerlinger, Copetas, Kift, Ar- ther, E. Alexander, Budden, Fergus, Car- nahan, A. Alexander, Robb, Baserman Rust, Burtis, Murray, I-lill, Flinn, Mat- thews. 1 QUILL AND SCROLL Alexander, I. Arnesen, Glenn, Srnith, Flinn I E. Arnesen. ' 'TU' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Dear Readers, I was down at I I6 the other day, seeing what news l could worm out of Miss Taylor. I thought I might scoop some of my fellow re- porters and I didl But if l tell, I det a whippin'. l tell! It's the low- down on who's been selected for the National Honor Society for this year. That's a real scoop, since this society represents the highest honor old Mt. Lebanon can award its students-and a rare one, too, as only I5 per cent of the graduating class can be elected to this so- ciety. While I was waiting for Mr. Rosser to develop the picture of the chosen few shown above, I learned a few facts about the society. The main qualifications for membership are Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. These are the bases for selection, but of course it is a well-known fact that a person who wears one of those gold keystone pins has something more on the ball. Although I'm not supposed to let this scoop out till after the Senior Assembly when pins are pre- sented, l'm just letting you in an it as a personal favor. According to this report, based on authoritative sources, the pictured group are our national figures of the day-members of the National Honor Society for l942. ass, YOUR RAMBLING REPORTER. Executive Board Committees See the Job Through "Meeting in ll6 immediately after school." This cry has heralded the meetings of the various Ex- ' B d Committees and Squads whose work is evident all over our school. Their jobs may seem like ecutlve Oar a large undertaking for any group to tackle, but with the aid of Miss Taylor and other faculty advisers an A-I job was done by all. Committees and Squads lTop, l. to rtl Hostess Public Address Ushers Social Attuntlrincc Usually Identified By Extra special service at dinners They give fond getl the gong "Tickets here, Step right up, fulkslu ,ii "Big dance Friday night. Long harris reaching for 48's in Class room doors. Chairmen l-leinen Meneilly Budden Nelson, Crawford Fergus, Baserman Burtis i Honor Award "l'm missing ten points for last Cafeteria Physics Poster Library Decorations semester." Sweeping up broken dishes "The scientific pursuit of any subject can never be dull." Those two-tone jobs and the "Sawdust Trail" "But I did pay this fine last week!" Step ladders and crepe paper Noyes, A. Alexander McVay, Mcpeak Wolf, Guyol Guyol Waechter Bruno l Cafeteria Attendance Publicity Traffic Hospitality Book Class Rank Devotion ZLC601ft,Y5 Cb71i4407'ZZ1igfM2fOQf lim oU2gL4fV 4Qp4m44x4. Stacks and stacks of attendance cards Up-to-the-minute news of our school in our local chronicles Silver pins "Make yourself at home" "Lose a book?" Skads of class rank reports Inspiring Wednesday morning devotions over P.A. system Cameron Flinn Manley, Robb Young, Sherrick Brezger Romain Richter Arts and Crafts " ve me a brush"-"Give me a tile." Ways and Candy! Pop! Ice Cream! Hot Means Dogs! Lost and Found Collecting lost and found arti- cles after school Bulletin Board Latest news clippings on our bulletin board plus art and holiday specials Accurate honor rolls four times a year Scholastic Cramer Steliotes l. Arnesen Matthews McCandless, Smith I3 Qfvyqa Alexander, l-leiss, Fergus Nagel This Year's Book Reviews OUR TOWN So 52.00 is too much for a yearbook? Stop sing- ing the blues and thunk of the staff a minute. If the Wages and Hours Board heard of their working time, there'd be same changes model A yearbook is usually taken for grantedf"Oh, it'll be there when the time comes." But, brother, lt's not all milk and honey, there's a lot of work to turnlng out a yearbook. So here's a trlbute to the '42 Log and the people who "make lt what It IS today." The theme lKlftie's Brainchtldl is Our Town. Mt. Lebo is a community within itself as seen by a traveling reorter. The Student Body represents Population, Mr. Horsman and Mrss lon, Executive Branch, and Detention Hall mtght eastly be the local Sing-Sing. On the art staff, Marguente Kuft should be men- tloned, and also Lynn l-lelss, Duck Bazley, and Kay Diery, to whom all the credit luf it be suchl IS due for those "new and different" layouts. Enough from the depart- ment of palnts and artlstuc genlus. In the literary and business departments we are glad to report that edltoreln-chlef, Elaine Alexander, literary editor, Emily Fergus, and chlef controller of the exchequer, Bull Arther, are in tune health despite their grave responslbilutnes and extra work, Finally, thanks to everyone who helped, from the sponsor, Miss McClure, clown to the salesman who dnll- gently shneked "Buy your Log from me" until he was blue tn the facel Kern, Crawford, Brand, Bode, Flinn, Keck The Students' News Brings It Hot, Fast, Brief "Who has the gallies?" "Where are the typists?" "Oh Bilflyu "We want Miss McLaughlin." Questions and exclamations flew in 3l2 when the "Lantern" shined. Jaan Daker, Circulation Manager, checked her list, while Mary Conaway, Business Man- cger, counted her money. The new co-editors, George Kern, Walter Brand, and Lois Crawford, had difficulty getting out assignments and more trying to get them back! The Arnesen Twins, Inger and Elsie, faithfully handed in a snappy feature, and Don Flinn, Sports Editor, always had his end running smoothly, After awhile things began to run more smoothly and assignments went out and carne back without a hitch. Billy Bode, pack-of-all-trades, and Al Calhoun, photogra- pher, kept the pictures up to date. About this time two r'ew columns came to the front, "Sports' Find.ngs" by Harry Keck and "Odds 'n Ends" by Lois Crawford, Then graduation and the twins, feature artists, left for parts unknown. Nancy Richter had a timely editorial for every issue and Kiftie kept us chuckling over her cartoons, Along with the national defense program came the cut of the "Minute Man," a potent reminder to "Buy Defense Stamps" and the editors began writing and publishing letters to themselves. But the staff had a marvelous time arguing with "Dutch," the perverse printer, winding Miss McLaugh- lin's yarn, filching her apples, and above allfkeeping the "Lantern" shining. uno-u-41" First Row Patton, Mitchell, Lucchesi, Rucker, Meyer, Ledwith, Sterrick, Connor, Froehlich, Russo, Rice, Glenn. Second Row--A l'lcncl0rson,Hcnry,Fee,Lamark,Shapiro,Paccl'1iarlni,l'laberr'n0r1, Matthews, Martha Lichty, Kelly, Whelan, Andreen, Ragner. Third Row Yost, Karsh, Brezgcr, Daley, Meuschke, Schwarz, King, Harris, Ross, Meily, Hilt, Hooper, McCollum. Fourth Rowe Clark, Crops, O'Conner, Schwartz, Heiss, Herlinger, Taylor, Max Lichty, Hirnmelrich, Brosky, Goidsmith, Smull. Chorus Creates Colorflll Harmony Massa-y, Meyer, Miilhollan, WL'isel, Conaway, Proviiut, Accimmipaniccl by Rank. TH E TRIPLE TRIO lt you were one ot those who frequently strolled into Room l after school, then you must know what went on there. Almost any night you could tind the Triple Trio on deck, earnestly practicing their numbers, Consisting ot nine girls, the Triple Trio was kept busy entertaining at school and ccmmunity attairs, Everyone agreed that their singing was an addition to any proe gram. CHORUS "Hi, Pegl Going to A Cappella?" "Uh-huh-say l have a terrible cold today and l'll bet I can't sing a note." Sixty students tile into Room l every day, But what comes out at Room l is music, with a beauti- tul, harmonious blending ot sixty tenors, basses, altos, and sopranos with a great deal ot Miss Cribbs' able direction. "You know l'll be kind of sorry when the Christ- mas play is over. l'll miss rehearsals." The chorus lends a helping hand to any program and an in- spiring note it is, too. T58- .MW First Rowgpaulos, Pillischer, Baum, Randall, Rinehart, Lichty, Chotner, Longstaff, Manley, Caste. Second Row-Hutton, Parm- ley, Harrison, Smith, Knoche, Wersant, Victor, Williams, Pork, Andreen, l-lerlinger, Rank, Sellors, Young, Green. Sl'anding+V. Loscheid, Reed. l f1,4,g,w-fxjfm, .4'f1.fcAx1fff1!-11' 2,7 Zdavr 0!cA.f4vC. !lfl,z4n646J,,1 Orchestral Eforts Crowned With Success ORCHESTRA Time-Sixth period. Place-Band room. Enter student plodding along under weight of in- strument. He takes position and begins tuning his bass violin. Enter twenty-four students bearing instruments of various shapes and sizes. Each takes out same and proceeds to "tune up." Enter Miss Cribbs, conductor. The stage is naw set for a good solid haur's hard work. Whether class play, operetta, P.T.A., or what- have-yau, many a school function would not have been complete without the strains of our orchestra. ,59,. THE BOYS' QUARTET That famous foursome, the Boys' Quartet, was considered all over OUR TOWN as the best entertainment one could wish. Called upon for many different functions, the boys had more engagements than they could handle. The quartet's renditions of "John Peel" and "Old Man Noah" always went over big with the audience, and we have a pretty strong hunch these songsters had a lot of fun rendering them, too. Heiss, O'Connor, l-limnnelrich, Clark "Ni-:ith l Ci-ilzirs l Slilllqllw . , r . , . , ,N A - 1- -3. 'T-iff . f-M .. - f - "Q .H if-'E -1 F " wwf -X. z-.. et " '--- if Q F . ' '.- ..-K K vi-mil-sf:-..eF?nr?fUff..x-L X rr 5-gifs' f+1m:f4sf:..w-1- sw. .. . W--,em ...-- --' , Q ty., r wsywssss First Row-Taylor, Cooper, Russon, Ballon, V. Lascheid, Longstaff, Moreland, Rice, Simrnerman, Stine, Kroher. Second Row- Mulligan, Price, Thomas, DeMay, Eichenberg, Manley, Esgar, Greene. Third Row-Steigerwalt, Ferguson, Moriarty, Gregory, M. Acosta, Schmidt, List, Evans. Fourth Row-Herlinger, Campbell, Schrader, King, Sellors, Rank, Sander, Hanover, Bower. Fifth Row- Stanley, McClelland, DeGiovanni, Dunkle, Fee, W. Lascheid, Davis, Stoner. Sixth Row-Schaffer, Reed, Huhn, Orr, Muller, Caste. Seventh Row7Hubbard, Peetz, K. Acosta, Starling, Geinzer, Hartman, Mitchell. Eighth Row-4Boor, Victor, Cardarelli, Wersant, Knight, Lindeman, Park, Williams, Meyer, O'l-lanlan, Bossart. There is not a loyal Mt. Lebanon student who does not feel his heart beat a little faster, his chest swell a little larger, when the high school band breaks into the beautiful strains of his Alma Mater. Always present, this group of masters in the art of "blowing through here" and "pushing the little valve down" is as necessary for spirit at a football game as the blue and gold jerseyed Mounties on the field or the occasional whiff of hot dogs and mustard that floats over the bleachers. Whether they raise their shining instruments to meet a cheery sun cr disheartening bursts of rain, these brightly uniformed musi- cians are always on the job to give cheer to the boys with the pigskin. Following the silver baton in the hand of A. Stephen Miescer, our spirited band has led Mt. Lebanon to musical fame not only on the football field but at numerous concerts held throughout the year as well. As usual several members of the band represented Mt. Lebanon at All-State and returned with colorful stories of the won- derful time had as well as the wonderful music produced. Yes, sir, whether beating out a stately march or swinging out a little jive, Mt. Lebonon's band is strictly on the beam and one that we can all be proud of. Tha' 1:0llll0Iil'l'S A Play in Two Scenes Scene 'l. The mann lobby about 4:30 one January afternoon, Dot en- ters, staggered by Ioatl of books, 'neets Jean, also staggering Dot: "VVby, Jean, you look posntive- N green, WI1at's up?" Jean: "I lust trred out for the oper- etta and I feel suck. I bope I rnade it." Dati "Cheer up, you'II know tamar- raw, but say, don't you thunk Lynn Helss, Barbara Massey, June Black and Roger O'Connar wtll be super as leads?" Tune elapses as much bard work is scorccl by all, rnclucllng faculty spon- sors Crlbbs, Matbras, Morgan, and Qnocles. Cast ancl Clwarus are suck and return to be present tor . . . Scene 2. March l3, Stage at Mell- en Auditorium. A thunderous applause greets the ears at the "Gonclolrer" cast as the irnal curtaln rs rung down on Mt, L.'s srxtb apcretta. ,,61f DELTAS Seated N. Meily, Fergus, Burtis, Albright, Girl Reserves "see the beautiful" as they hang Zwingqi, Wacchter. pictures in the G. R. Room. Beatty, Fergus, On floor Beatty, Shocnberger, Baserman. Meily, Albright. GIRL RESERVES The name "Girl Reserves" is synonomous with happy times, good fellowship, usefulness, and activity. The Beta Club in the fall semester was headed by P. Meily, A. L. Ringdal, J. Rust, M. Bulger. Miss Frobese has sponsored the Betas for four years. Can you ever forget the "Dogpatch Doggie," an informal, girl-ask-boy affair, planned by Nancy Tarn, social chairman? And remember the inspiration we received from the devotional committee, and those side-splitting skits, fattening covered-dish dinners, and really helpful speakers supplied us by the program and entertainment committees? At the some time the Alphas were pretty active tool E, Fergus, E. Smith, N. Zwinggi, M. Anderson all pulled together to make the club's business run smoothly. Miss Rhcdes tcok the club over and Peg Albright's social committee planned the "Venus Ball," another formal and one of the most successful ever held. All cf which proves that the C-. R.'s are no slouchersl Then along came the turn of the year and l942 brought in a few changes in the organization, the Betas remained intact with their newly elected officers, L. Ricker, N. Leech, ,C. Clark, Fun, Frolic, Fellowship as G. R's, J. Scott. They went right along and planned another dance, this time a formal benefit for the U. S. O. Their entertainment committee planned swims, basketball and bowling for the tenth graders. By this time the Alphas had grown to such large propor- tions that it became necessary to divide that group into two clubs, the Alphas and Deltas. Miss Grove took the Alpha Club under her wing and with the help of officers, M. Vcgel, R. Ecken- rcde, M. Jcrdan, M. Graham, saw that the eleventh grade girls received proper care. This "proper core" consisted of basket- ball, swims, bowling and a membership tea. The Alphas and Deltas collaborated on their dance May 22. The Deltas initiated several conspicuous firsts by having a "Mother and Daughter" banquet andfby buying a National Defense Bond to be collected by the eflta club of '53. Officers were E. Burtis, J. Base a C. Waechter, B. Beat- ty. Miss Ta-ylor was general ul isor of all three clubs. fs ., Q53 .st -s ALPHAS Girl Reserves are "gracious in manner" at the Star1dingfVogel, Sherrick, McKennett, Ecken- annual winter formal. rode, Coons. Seated!-Spoerlein, Crawford, Steele, Hannon Jordan. On floor--Graham, Babbitt, Jennings. Hi-Y Have- Record Year T HI-Y Haill Haill The gang's all here-and having a neat time. We all thought that we were going to be murdered by Mr. Stew- art, who demonstrated to us the use of modern guns one eve- ning. lt sure was some fun. Speaking of fun, l'd like to tell you about some of the super times we had at Hi-Y meetings this year. On the coldest night in years, the boys had planned o swim at Allegheny High and determined to go, blizzard or no blizzard. A few weeks later we sow an enlightening movie on modern travel by air, BETAS I called "Winged Horizons," and recently we went Cvia street carl Bei ole "ready for service" Q5 they sniff ani- Smndarg-V, Brown, Grfffirhs, Nieklos, P. . . . als for the Red Cross. Duff, P. Meiiy, Meily, Ricker, Ringdal, Bulger. to Buhl Planetarium for a study of the astronomical bo es- Wk, don, House, geofedxgoum, Hood, Scott, Cimk, Tom, An, ,Stars to OU, l , Avg., dreen, Hern, Briant, Hamilton, Y ' U ' i ,',, I- 5 uv' On floor-Leech, Hanson, Hatton, Gordon, A RW cf' fm ui ' 7 ifyll Whenever you see the lights in the gym on Thursday nights, it probably means that the boys are playing basketball, but- when all the lights are low-well, that means that the smoothies are all huddled 'round the juke-box eating up some solid jive and loving it. By this you can easily see that the social life of our up-and-coming young Romeo's is not neglected by the Hi-Y. Last fall it sponsored an informal informal, which was jammed. The Springtime Swing did its share in bringing out the spring fever in all present. Bill Rust, Bob Meneilly and Bill Garner formed the club's , governing body, while Mr. Saxton and Mr. Bald were its spon- SOFS. HI-Y Garner, Rust, Meneilly. Front7l.ewis, McClelland, O'Hanlon, Gray, Boor, Mc- llvane, Bucher, Mr. Saxton. Back-Schmidt, Price, Kraft, Young, Bossart. ,,63, inistry Band TyDiV1Q Gziornctry P I'Ul'lll'lYl's Clubs Teach Wise Comes Friday, seventh peri- od, in these halls of learning and all school work ceases 'cause that's the time for clubs. Of course, there are a few ex- ceptions. Take the slide rule club for instance. Some would call it work, but members real- ly think it's fun. Miss Grove, faculty sponsor in charge of clubs, tells us the most popular groups this se- mester are Civilian Defense, First Aid, and Hospital Service. Eighty boys, under Mr, Ander- son of the Civilian Defense Club, are learning how to hane dle bombs and gases, and how to cope with other situations that might arise in air raids. Misses Whinnie, Neumarker and Holliday are kept busy with the Hospital Service group, teaching a hundred girls howto roll bandages and other useful things. And the fifty girls in the Red Cross group under Miss Rhodes, McClure, and Roegge have to put in twenty hours Of ...64,. Use of Leisure Time service before they are award- ed their certificates. The Ping-Pong Club is still batting along at a fast rate and the Dance Club is keeping up on all the latest jive and fancy steps. Future Cheerleaders are be- ing coached in the Cheerlead- ers Club and this last semester saw a few more boys' faces than usual. Speaking of boys, you'll al- ways find them puttering about the kitchen in the Boys' Cook- ing Club, and you'll even find a few of them knitting in their spare moments, while waiting for their cakes to rise-or fall. The Rifle Club is flourishing with a capital "flourish," Many more girls than ever before are seen in the rifle pits these days. National defense is leaving its mark. You see us at work and you see us at play-and we love it alll -65- S Rifle Hospital Service Knitting Red Cross Sewing Strolling Along "Berkeley Square" A modern mon talls in love with an eighteenth century girl. This is the plot of "Berkeley Square", presented by the June seniors. Bob Ricker did a superb job os Peter Standish, Ginny Nordin played the eighteenth century girl, Helen, perfectly, Peg Albright "gave it all she had", while Karl Wehmeyer played his part with swagger and cosualness, We will never forget Elaine Alexander's blood-curdling screams as the lights blacked out, or Jim McVay's characterization of elderly Mr. Throstle, or Vero C-ottschalk's domin- eering Lady Anne--but this could go on forever! Congratulations to the whole cost, understudies, stage crew, and committees for a real success. Most especially our thanks to Miss Stoner, who always comes through, year after year, shaping loose parts into a delightful and successful wholel -66- Seniors Take Spotlight From Footlights Grease paintl Cold cream! Stage fright! Curtain callsl-Ahh, the theatre, there's nothing like itl Ask any member of "The Royal Family". On stage before the footlights, back stage behind the props, the January class play proved to be a great success and a riot of fun for all. Who would want to miss the fun backstage when you weren't "on"-working puzzles and playing cards, dashing out for a cone -67- or a coke and rushing right back for your next scene, or "robbing" your house and also the neighbor's for all available props, or the new thrill of practicing with scenery - leaning against walls that leaned right with you, crawling up shaky ladders to the balcony, and finding yourself in a room that wasn't there! Yes, OUR TOWN is mighty proud of its "Royal Family," for although a hard play for amateurs, the able casting and directing of Miss Stoner made the show a hit and proved the cast to be real troupers. We Ac-ted, We Feasted, W'e 'Fiesta-d' CHRISTMAS PLAY TIME: Afternoon of the Christmas play, "Gloria"4two minutes be- fore curtain call, PLACE: Backstage at the Mellon Auditorium. SCENE: Miss Mathias fcalling to S, Stevenson, A. Jennings, and J. Shafferl "Come, Angels. lt's time for the curtain, and please, try to look as angelic as possible," They must have been convincing as they set the stage for a most impressive performance. lndeed we felt awed by the beauty of the Christmas story as it was unfolded to us, while a chorus of a hundred voices lent an unforgettable touch to the scene. Main roles were played by R. Budden, J. Stone, E. Matthews, H. Herlinger, and W. Johns. Those responsible for the success of the program were Miss Grove, Miss Mathias, Miss Cribbs, and Mrs. Morgan. ROMAN BANQUET For the first time in their lives, students ate from the floor and without aid of culinary utensils lknives and forks to youl+and loved it. Yes, it was the gala Roman Banquet, complete with togas, slaves, a king, and Saturn, A real-life, dead boar's head made the girls shudder, while rough-and-tumble boxing and wrestling kept all on the edge of their blankets. Slogans of the evening were "lo Saturnaliaf' and "Salve, Rex l Ramseylufnecessary Roman accompaniments to the exchange of gifts between courses. lt was an evening of fun and frolic, with everything definitely in the Roman style. FIESTA "What have we here? This is odd! I started out for the small gym and wind up in a Spanish patio, complete with fountain, bal- cony, and gay cabelleros. And what fair senoritas, tool" At Fiesta time the Spanish classes held a "feast day" for the entire school. The gay costumes and colors of Castilla and Cataluna were prevalent in all parts of the "patio," Then came the entertain- ment, all of Spanish flavor-dancing, serenades, and a ferocious bull fight. Refreshments were Hispanic, too-hot chocolate, marmalade, chicle, dulces, and tamales lvery hotl. After a gala evening students knew they'd had a taste of Old Spain andfwhat's more to the pointfthey'd liked it. Our Town Honors Active Students' ACTIVITIES BANQUET "Say, Joe, did you get an invitation to the Activities Banquet?" Happy is the person who can answer "yes" to this familiar question, for this is an event that every activities-minded student looks forward to eagerly. The banquet is given at the end of the year in honor of students who have been outstanding in activities. lnasmuch as there are quite a number of students in activities, the invitations have to be limited to those who participate most, therefore, it is indeed a privilege to be invited to the banquet. When the day arrives for the big occasion, the Honor Award and Banquet Committees can be found rushing all over the school, making last minute preparations, and checking on placecards and awards. Since the dinner is scheduled for 6:30, around 6:15 a line of hungry and impatient students and teachers, dressed in their best, begins to form. At last the doors to the big gym open, the band starts playing a lively air, and a mad scramble follows as guests try to find their places. Thus the Activities Banquet starts. While waiting for the dinner to be served, one usually passes the time by reading the "Lantern" which has served as his place- card. Everyone has a good time indulging in gossip or idle chatter. After the delicious meal which always marks this event, the many and varied awards are presented. These range all the way from sports and music letters to the Activities Keys and the Chesterfield Cup. Since it is the custom to applaud after each award presented, it doesn't take long for one's hands to become sore. That's all in the fun, however. lt's also very interesting to see one's friends and their varied degrees of nervousness as they go to receive their awards. To climax the evening's entertainment, a guest speaker is on hand, usually some local personage. Then with the playing of our Alma Mater the banquet is over, As the guests leave, one overhears the remark--"Say, Joe, wasn't the banquet a super affair? l feel sorry for the kids who couldn't come!" nu- A rg-2? ,f el kceep UUI' Town in the limelight ,. 19 ,' ,tb N fl 4. .Vfgry P+. Q I A 'N ,Z 'N , . .2-I I if . X fi, . '-C?',f- Q J' I QS S , KN. 1553? fq-.ff X xxx' my W L P55 Outstanding among the galaxy of stars on the l94l Blue Devils was Lee Ward, co-captain and All-State center, who directed the Mounties offensive attack by calling the plays that paved the way for the Blue Devils' many victories. His hard driving tackles on defense coupled with the excellent play of Bill Eckenrode, Al Thomas and Walter Schumm, who alternated at guard, made a fast charg- ing, hard-hitting trio that was hard to beat. When Bill Eckenrode was injured early in the season, red-headed Al Thomas and Walter Schumm took over the guard duties for the rest of the season. Coach Luecht developed, as tackle, as powerful a trio to rotate in this position as ever represented the Blue and Ciold. Ray Robb and Bob Seiferth, hold-overs from the l94O undefeated and untied aggregation, spiked the enemy offensive with their smashing tackles and pile-driving blocks. Jack Waters, versa- tile newcomer to the Mountie gridiron scene, won his tackle position early in the season by virtue of his dogged persistence in playing ha- voc with enemy offensive formations. At the terminal posts, breaking up enemy attacks, were Co-captain Ralph Carnahan and Acky Copetas, the lad with the mythological monicker, whose offensive forays into opposi- tion territory resulted in those touchdown passes heoved by Sonny Blume and Dean Co- petas, which clicked with regularity. Sonny Blume, as quarterback, was for the major part of the season content to clear the way for the touchdown combination of Ulam and Lang, but in the Johnstown game he passed, blocked, kicked, and ran the ball well enough to rate a position on the All-State third team. At the halfback positions we find hard-hitting Dean 'I94'l SCHEDULE Mt. L. 20 .,,..........,.., Dormont 7 Mt. L. 38 ..., . . , Brentwood 0 Mt, L. 2l ., , . Central Catholic O CQA Mt. L. 35 . . .,., Monongahela 0 CH LUE Mt, L. 25 . . . , , , , Carnegie 0 CHT Mt. L. 26 . . . . , New Kensington O Mt. L. l2 . . ..,...,,. Donora O Mt. L. I9 , , . , Washington 7 Mt. L. 28 . . , . . Cannonsburg O Mt. L. 6 . , .,.., Trinity O Mt. L. O . . .... Johnstown 7 Mt.L.230 - . . . . Opponents 2l -73- Sfgn . dir, K Q rleeffn XCOUOW My Copetas and fleet-footed Johnny Ulam whose thrill-packed touchdown drives won them the praise of the whole school. In the fullback posi- tion was Tubs Lang whose well known bone-crushing line plunges time and time again picked up that necessary yardage which so often proved to be the margin of victory. Behind this all-star array were Coach Luecht and such formid- able subs as Bob Drake, hard-blocking quarterback, Don Flinn, fleet- footed halfback, who more than once raced to a score for the Mount- ies, Bob Kane and Bob Clatty, versatile tackles, Chuck Friday, hard- hitting junior halfback. Added to this array were our lively cheerleaders-and don't think we aren't proud of theml-who lent something more than a touch of color to the scene. A T op-N otch Coach, A F irst- Rate Team on the Beam. N It C Qxwefson Oz shakes HEERLEAD ' Gans, ppiofe, C ,ERS hwfbs Onmsf Lin . nerr R , Unk' These Kept the Mounties A SQUAD FOOTBALL First row-Bender, Drake, Owen, Friday, Ferraro, Schumm, Eckenrode, Waters. Second row-Bucher llvlanageri, Carnahan, Lang, Ward, Blume, Ulam, Haus, A. Copetas, D. Copetas. Third row-Himmelrich lfvlanageri, Murray flvlanageri, Clatty, Flinn, Murphy, Jenner, Schaef- fer, Bazley, O'Connor, Logan, Lytle lManageri, Ramsey, lManageri. Fourth row-Vogel, Seiferth, Kane, Robb, Thomas, Bower, Brown. .Masters of the Gridiron To the rabid football enthusiasts of Our Town Coach Luecht presented, as successors to the undefeated and untied gridsters of l94O, a team which swept to an unequalled place in our football annals, The Blue Devils scored 230 points to their opponents' 2l points in taking ten out of eleven starts. The mighty Mountie touchdown machine started to roll in the initial contest with Dormont, and neither rain nor snow could stop her victory campaign until the football hopes of ten successive op- ponents had been crushed. Among these fallen foes were five "AA" schools whose defeat gave us l29V2 points under the Gardiner system of scoring and put us in second place in the W.P.l.A.L title quest. With the close of the regular season of play the highly- touted Blue Devils were picked to play Johnstown High for the West- ern Pennsylvania Championship. After 60 minutes of thrill-packed football witnessed by a capacity crowd of l5,000 spectators, the nineteen-game winning streak of the Mounties was snapped by a hard-fighting Johnstown squad that won their first W.P.l.A.L cham- pionship by defeating the Blue-Cold gridsters 7-O. Facing one of the toughest schedules ever tackled by a Mountie eleven, Coach Luecht had five lettermen and several experienced reserves returning from last year's squad. Rounded out by Coach ...74... Luecht the starting eleven formed as well a balanced squad as ever represented the Blue and Cold. A strong forward wall with a fast- charging, hard-hitting backfield behind it was the spearhead of the Mountie attack. Mainstay of the line was Lee Ward, pivot man, whose outstanding play won him a starting position on the All- W,P.l.A.L eleven. ln Bob Seiferth, stellar tackle, and Bill Eckenrode, who was lost to the Mounties in their last four battles of their title quest, Coach Luecht developed a pair of line men to equal any in our history, while at the terminal posts Capt. Ralph Carnahan and Ray Robb led the Mounties defensive play with their smashing tackles. Behind this bright array of linemen a high-scoring backfield functioned with machine-like precision. The Mounties' offensive drives were marked by the splendid blocking of Sonny Blume and Bob Drake that made possible those thrilling touchdown jaunts of Dean Copetas, Johnny Ulam, and Floyd Lang. All these things are history now to the thousands of faithful rooters who jammed the stadium to cheer their team on to victory. From these numerous citizens of Mt. L. goes a deep appreciation for the abundance of thrills and victories that Coach Luecht and one of the best all-around teams in their history gave them. B sQuAo roo1'BAi.L Kneeling-Coach Peterson Kicking-Petrovich Holding-Bamford First row-Coach Nix, Dill, Shannon, Bower, Grosso, Halen, Adams, Donoghue, Wylie, R. De- longa, Williams, O'Connor, Peters, King, DiGiovanni, Edwards, Lynott, Adair. Second Row-Fletcher, McQuillen, Conroy, Mitchell, Martin, L. DeLonga, Hanover, Smith, Nel- son, Dietrich, Anderson, Wilton, McClellan, Friday, Cooper, Miller, Rumberger, Gale, Wahrenburg, Montague, Krayer, Dixon, Butler. -75- Hoop Season Filled With Thrills A miserable record in the early season battles, a sudden, un- accountable win streak of seven straight games, thrills a-plenty, and surprises galore featured the l94lf42 basketball season, easily the most paradoxical the denizens of OUR TOWN have yet witnessed. The Blue Devils bettered the record of the previous year as they copped ll decisions while dropping 9. Their W.P.l.A.L. totals in Section 8 competition were 8 triumphs against 6 set-backs. The courtsters' showing during the latter half of the schedule indicated that had they not been handicapped by their dismal start, they might quite easily have ousted the Coraopolis crew from the sectional throne. After winning two of three warm-up contests be- BASKETBALL RECORD '3Mt. L. 43 . . Bellevue 4l Mt. L. l3 Central Catholic 30 Mt. L. 32 Alumni 23 'Mt. L. l6 Stowe l7 'Mt. L. 34 Crofton 3l lMt. L. 35 Coraopolis 38 'Mt. L. 33 Carnegie 24 'Mt. L. 22 . Dormont 27 tMt. L. 23 . McKees Rocks 29 AMT. L. 25 . Brentwood 28 'Mt. L. 40 . . Stowe 46 'Mt. L, 37 . Crofton 20 lMt. L. 32 Coraopolis 30 'l"Mt. L. 29 , Carnegie 28 'Mt, L. 37 Dormont 32 lMt, L. 32 McKees Rocks l8 'Mt. L, 40 Brentwood l6 Mt. L. 42 . Central Catholic 30 '5'Mt. L. 3l . Shadyside 33 Mt. L. 24 Sauth Hills 27 ' Section Vlll Game 'V Overtime Won l l 7 Lost 9 A SQUAD BASKETBALL First row-Davis, Smith, McVay, Vieth, McDermott, Smoot. Second row-Steen, Carnahan, H. Knoche, Dickson, Towns, Jenner, Coach Fry. fare the holidays, the Mounties returned only to meet defeat in five of the first seven loop struggles. During this stagnant period the lccol hopes were never seriously out-classed, but they did lack the essential scoring punch to pull away from their opponents. After mideterm graduation had removed Co-captain Carnahan, Copetas, and Steen from the roster, a new line-up found its way into the box score. Then the unbelievable happened. The Blue Devils did a com- plete about-face as they chalked up seven consecutive triumphs with little regard for the reputations of the highly-tooted squads which faced them. Nell:-rs Kiuillo Victorlj Fire As Season Ends The Crafton netters were the first to feel the fangs of the re- juvenated home hoopsters as they fell before the newly found accur- acy of the Blue-Cold attack. Coraopolis was toppled for the first and only time in the sectional race in a thrilling battle which the Mounties pulled out of the fire in the closing seconds with a blazing barrage of long shots. Carnegie, Dormont, McKees Rocks, and Brentwood added fuel to the victory fire as they succumbed to the Fry men in that order. Not content with this display of unexpected strength, the locals un- ceremoniously dumped the invincible Central Catholic Vikings, 42 to 30. As with all good things, the Blue-Cold string came to an end as B SQUAD BASKETBALL First row-C. Knoche, Moritz, Marlowe, Williams, Fer- raro, Summerfield. Second row-Rumberger, Hasselman, Anderson, King, Schroeder, Perkins, l-limrnelrich, Orr. Third row-Coach Whipkey, Ball, Kapsh, Barbrow, Feis- ley, Swartz, Lunsford, A. Copetas. the squad lapsed into their losing ways in two post-season benefit tilts with Shadyside, Interstate Prep League kings, and South Hills, the l942 City Champs. Co-captain Knoche, high scorer for the squad, was one of the finest centers ever to wear the Blue and Cold. Diminutive forward Davis' sensational passing was a vital factor in the Mounties play- making, while Vieth's mixture of short shots and corner slants har- ried the opposition from the other advance post. McDermott's deadly accuracy from mid-court coupled with Smoot's ability at grabbing re- bounds gave the Lebanonites as talented a pair of guards as could be found in the section, Towns, Jenner, and McVay were able alter- nates throughout the season. 1 78 -. Golfers, Riflemen, Raequeteers Stage Successful Season GOLF - 1941 Handicapped by a lack of experienced material, the Mountie golfers shined up their putters and "sliced" their way to a record of three victories out of ten scheduled matches. McVay took high scoring honors with 20 points out of a possible 33, while Stewart, number one man, was second with l8 points out of a possible 33. Stewart won a place in the Shadyside Invitational Tourney and took eighth place in the Westmoreland Country Club Matches, where he won a first alternate position to participate in the finals for the All State High School Amateur title at Penn State. Mt. L. IVQ , . Shadyside l3V2 Mt. L. 6 . . . ...,. Baldwin 9 Mt. L. 5 Bridgeville lO Mt. L. 5V2. . ., Bridgeville 9V2 Mt. L. 4 . . . . . . Snowden l l Mt. L. 8V2. . . . . Snowden 7V2 Mt. L. 9 .. South Fayette 6 Mt. L. 6 . .. South Fayette 9 Mt. L. 7 .. ,... Bethel 8 Mt. L. 6V2. . . . Baldwin 8V2 RIFLE Winning five out of seven matches the Mountie sharpshooters finished third in Section One of the W.P.l.A.L. and were beaten only by Etna and Munhall. Paced by Owen, Babbitt, and Herlinger, the Blue Devils and Devilettes finished their season with a win over Oakrnont 492-49l. Although their record was not too impressive, the Mounties come through with enough victories to equal the record of last year's veteran squad. Mr. Streams intro- duced something new to the team this year when our Annie Oakleys came into their own, adding glamour to the rifle range and points which often proved to be the margin of victory. Mt. L. 483 Etna 493 Mt. L. 486 . . . . Verona 479 Mt. L. 488 . . Munhall 497 Mt. L. 2 .. . 'Aspinwall l Mt. L. 487 . . Millvale 485 Mt. L. 492 .. .. . Oakmont 49l Mt. L. 493 . . . Verona 462 ' Forfeit TENNIS - 'I941 Once again Coach Doak brought us another sectional Tennis Championship, his tenth in the past eleven seasons. Knoche was particularly outstanding in that he failed to lose a match in sectional competition. The Mounties defeated Brentwood 5-0 in the W.P.l.A.L. quarter finals, only to lose 3-2 in a hard fought match with New Kensington High School, W.P.l.A.L. Champs. The Blue Devil Tennisters handed Shadyside Academy their only defeat of the season, 4-l, while the locals sustained their only defeat in regular seasonal play at the hands of Beaver Falls, 3-2. Mt. L. 2 . ..,...... Beaver Falls 3 Mt L. 4 .. Bridgeville l Mt. L. 3 . . . . . . Bridgeville 2 Mt L. 4 . . ........ Carnegie l Mt. L. 4 . . Carnegie l Mt L. 4 .. ............ Crofton l Mt. L. 5 . . .. . Crafton O Mt L. 3 ....... Monongahela City 2 Mt, L. 4 .. . . Shadyside l Mt L. 5 .. .... Brentwood O Mt. L. 2 ........ New Kensington 3 ..7Q.. GOLF First row-McVoy, Mech- Iing, Culbertson, Car- rol. Second row-Smith, Stew- art, Saxton lCoachl, Goldsmith, Schmidt. qjlV,L,4,f1Lf-Q AVC! WCM? Wx! ' RIFLE Standing - Salisbury, Mechem, Stewart, Mr. Streams, Hill, Tatters all, Mayfield. Kneeling - Himmelrich Herlinger, Owen, Evers Babbitt. TENNIS Standing - List, Coach Doak, Mr. Horsman, Dickson. Kneeling - Schwartz, Knoche. HTL X ffl-I ' I x Q Champions ofthe Wooden Track TEAM Sitting-Soden, Evans, Bell, Ulam, Muller, Kapsh, Marshall, Simmons. Kneeling-Nelson, Romain, Schober, Davies, Toler, Young, Clark, Adams. Standing-Purpura lManagerJ, Cardarelli, Logan, Paulus, Lewis, Morian, Bazley, Clatty, Swartz, Bray, McCall, Belin, Mulson, Coach Mollenauer Judge lManagerD. SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon 63-Canonsburg 23 Mt. Lebanon 73V2-Dormont 39-Bridgeville 26V2 Mt. Lebanon 9OV2-Dormont 33-Washington 35-Brentwood ZZV2 Mt. Lebanon won W.P.l.A.L. Indoor Championship Mt. Lebanon Second in Tri-State Coaches Relay Carnival fl? ' ,Q f Q 1' moook TRACK 1942 'S .L" The i9-42 Mountie indoor squad attained the highest pinnacle among Western Pennsylvania schools on the time-honored formula of superb balance. Lacking the sheer scoring power of previous Lebo aggregations, they spread their talents over a wider field of events and captured points with more seconds and thirds than usual. Such a team deserves great praise, for each member must do his best week after week to pull down points. The load cannot fall on just one or two athletes but must be shared equally by all. Bob Bell, however, was as strong a scoring threat as could be ffound anywhere in the state. The hurdles artist, one of Mt. Leban- on's greatest speedsters, established three new W.P.l.A.L records dur- ing the brief winter schedule. He cracked his own mark in the low hurdles with the unbelievable time of six seconds flat, a full two- tenths of a second off his old time. ln the high barrier event he lowered the time from 6.6 seconds to 6.5 seconds. Turning to the broad jump for the first time he registered a record leap of 21 feet, 6V2 inches. Al Thomas, red-headed senior, was a fine teammate for Bell in both hurdle events. Together they monopolized the hurdling honors of the season. Johnny Ulam's spirited running in the 440-yard dash and mile relay was another vital factor in the local success. Ray Simmon's long legs consistently carried him to wins in the half-mile. Dick Young earned special recognition when he shattered the school indoor high jump mark with a 5 foot, 8M inch jump. Sonny Swartz also set a new school record in the shot-put. Canonsburg, traditionally stiff contenders with the Mounties for indoor honors, was an easy victim in the inaugural at the Pitt track- house. Dormont and Bridgeville then fell prey to the Blue Devils before Wilkinsburg, Brentwood, and the same Dormont squad met defeat at the hands of the rampaging Mounties in the year's only quadrangular meet. The crowning achievement of the season came when the squad staved off the attack of the fearsome Altoona Lions to retain their W.P.l.A.L. laurels for the second year. The only blemish on the home chart was the loss of the Tri- State Coaches Relay Carnival title. The loss of Bell, out of competi- tion with a return of his leg ailment, was too much to overcome as the Derry Township thinclads walked off with the trophy. .-80-. Mounties Supreme on Cinder Path OUTDOOR TRACK 1941 After an impressive start the l94l outdoor tracksters met several reverses and were finally stalled in their efforts to win the W.P.l.A.L. Outdoor Championship for the second consecutive year. Tremendous scoring power, the result of exceptional individual performers, was the secret of the Mounties' early successes. Coach Don Mollenauer had in Tommy Carr, sprint sensation of the state, perhaps the greatest speedster ever to wear the Blue and Gold. Tammy, in his final year of high school competition, shattered records right and left to stamp his name in the annals of Pennsylvania track greats for all time. His flying feet estab- lished his fame not only in the state, but throughout the entire nation. Tom's sizzling mark of 9.7 seconds for the l0O yard dash at the State Championship was the fastest time in the country for that event, while his 2l.6 second flight through the 220 was runner-up for national honors. Pushing Carr for individual recognition during the season was another outstanding pacer, blazing Bobby Bell. Bell's feats in the hurdles spread his fame for and wide and marked him as Carr's possible successor in the '42 campaign, Other standbys were Bergman and McCall, hard-working half-milers, Muller Rust, dependable milers, and Copetas, who set a new school record of l68 feet 2V2 inches for the javelin. After toppling Clairton in the initial fracas of the season the Mounties, in the Mansfield Relays, captured fourth place out of the mammoth field of ninety teams. In the W.P.l.A.L. Relays at Connellsville, besides winning the 440, the 880 foursome-Bell, Vogel, Ulam, and Carr-chalked up a new meet record of one minute and 34,6 seconds. The Mounties finished second at the Washington Invitational, as Uniontown shaded them by a half-point in a heart-breaking close. Connellsville and Canonsburg then took the measure of the Blue and Gold in a triangular tilt. Minus the services of Bell, out of competition with a severe leg injury, the Mounties finished fourth in the W.P.l.A.L. meet. The climax of the year came when Carr won the l00 and 220 yard dashes at State College to become the first Mt. Lebanon runner ever to capture first place in the state meet. -31- CNW 2 SCHEDULE Mt. Lebanon 69-Clairton 58 Mt. Lebanon Fourth at Mansfield Re- lays Mt. Lebanon 66--Penn Township 6l Mt. Lebanon Won 440 and 880 Sprint Relay at W.P.l.A.L. Relays at Connellsville Mt. Lebanon 77V2-Dormont 49 213 Mt. Lebanon Second at Washington Invitational at Clairton Connellsville 74-Canonsburg 6l- Mt. Lebanon 44 Mt. Lebanon Fourth in W.P.l.A.L. Outdoor Championship Carr won l00 and 220 yard dashes at State Championships A SQUAD tLeftl First row+Ruth iManagerl, Soden Schroeder, Bell, Carr, Miller, Frank, Lammert, McDermott, Coach Mol- lenauer. Second row+Coach Fry, McElroy, G. McCall, Marshall, Clark, Copetas, Thomas, Vogel, Roberts, Davies, Rust, Judge iManagerJ. Third row-Arther, l-lappe, Nagel, Swartz, Taylor, Smith, Evans, Berg- man. 1 B SQUAD lRightl First row-DeGiovanni, Bray, Bazley, Leathers, Abbott, l-l. Taylor, Mayer, Mager, Coach Mollenauer. Second row--Coach Fry, DeLonga Budden, McClellan, Housley, Meike le, Gilfillan, Friday, Yost, Beam. Third row-Ruskell, Romain, Man- ager Judge. 1 Kncc-ling Simmons, Bray, Taylor, McDermott, Davies, Leathers, Rust, Muller, Arther, Marshall. Standing Boushce, Schaefer, Weimcr, King, Cardarelli, Weatherall, Wolfertz, Belin, Boar, Zimmerman, Mcrshon, Judge lMgr.l, Coltman fMgr.l, Mollenauer lCOaChl. CROSS COUNTRY Coach Don Mollenauer and the l942 Cross Country Team of Mt. Lebanon High brought to our school the State Cross Country Champion- ship, the first State Championship a Mt. Lebanon team has ever won, Coach Mollenauer started the season with a green, unexperienced, team, which by a 26-29 score dropped its first meet to Georges Township, which went on to win the W.P.l.A.L. Championship. The Mounties then went on to defeat Langley, City Cross Country Champions, 23-32. ln their next meet the boys made their worst showing of the year, when they lost to Aliquippa l5-40, but went on to take a triangular meet from Connells- ville, who defeated Aliquippa badly, and Dormont 27-30-63. ln the W.P.l,A.L. Cross Country Championship meet, Georges Town- ship nosed out the Mounties ol-64, but the Blue Devils came back strong in the Western Regional to triumph over a strong field of entries from Western Penna. Georges Township placed second with 79 points to the Mounties' 78, ln the State Championship meet at State College the five- man scoring team of Taylor, Simmons, Leathers, Muller, and Rust tied with Altoona to bring home the coveted State Championship to our school. The other boys on the team who figured in the scoring throughout the season were Capt. McDermott, Bray, Davis, Weath- erall, Marshall, and W. Arther. The Mountie thin-clads also annexed the T940 W.P.l.A.L. Cross Country trophy when the number one man on the Canonsburg team was found to be ineligible, thus bringing the hitherto unheard of sport of Cross Country into the Mt. Lebanon sport- ing limelight. MT. LEBANON REVIVES "AMERlCA'S FAVORITE SPORT" The spring of T942 brought with it the in- auguration of baseball at Mt. Lebanon. After a brief practice period, cut short by inclement weath- er, the Mountie batsters prepared to tackle some of the classiest teams in the section. Prospects for the infant squad, coached by Mr. Fry, were bright. BASEBALL First Rim L'ii:iL'li lfiy. liimssii. ,X. llzivis. Nlrlixu-ii. l"n-islvy. XYlll3:ilus. lliill. Iiixmi. Svifvil. fl. King. Si-cmiil Rim finim-s. li. Siegel. XlrSli:iiiiiir. Riiiiilicigw. liiiliyrts, .Xliliot. liigiqiii-. 'l'liiiil Rim Iliiililn-ii. liziri. llzissi-Iiiiziii. XYylir. Rn-iilsrltlri. Svlimiilt. Stn-igcrwzilil. Kziiiv. lfliiiii. lfiiiirtli Rim Xu-luils. Uifiiiiiiiii, XY:ii'il. NIL-lit-iiiiiili. V. llzivis. l'clci's. .Xiiili-rsini. Hush. I.t-iiis. Siniiiii, llliimr. Fiirlit-11, Ifillli Rim Iiulu-iirmlv. lfvziiis. Sluill. l':iiiiilm-5, gl lizivis. -32- Intramural Program Spotlights Basketball, Boxing, Wrestling l Winning Intramural Basketball Team-Owen, Paulus, McPeak, Tragesser, Mechling, Ward, Kernan, R. Smith, Arther. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Under the supervision of Mr. Schade the boys' intramural bas- ketball experienced one of the most successful seasons in the history of the school. Using the two gyms in the high school, as well as the Washington School gym, the three conferences representing the three grade levels in the school-Tenth Grade, Eastern Conference, Elev- enth Grade, Big Ten Conference, Twelfth Grade, Western Conference -battled it out on the hardwood for the school championship. Holy Cross took the Eastern Conference Title, while U.C.L.A., captained by Lee Ward, captured the Western Conference crown, ln the Big Ten Conference a three-way tie betwen Illinois, Purdue, and Wisconsin developed when Northwestern defeated Purdue in the final game of the season. In the play-oft games tor the Big Ten title Wisconsin beat Illinois 22-IO and Purdue beat Wisconsin I8-I6, when Bill Wick made a beautiful shot from mid-floor to put Purdue ahead in the second overtime. ln the final game of the season U.C.L.A. defeated Purdue 25-I O to annex the boys' intramural basketball crown. INTRAMURAL BOXING AND WRESTLING In light of the present crisis the boys' intramural program has been enlarged so as to permit more boys to participate in athletics. Two new sports added to this year's program were Boxing and Wrest- ling. Coach Luecht and Mr. Fry were both supervisors and referees for the bouts. Matches were arranged in the various weight classes and elimination matches were run off for two weeks before the finals, with about fifty boys participating. After the elimination bouts were over, two finalists in each of the various weight classes were picked to battle it out for the mythical school boxing or wrestling crown. Teach- ers served as judges while Coach Luecht refereed the Boxing and Mr. Fry the Wrestling. In gym classes and after school any boys who so wished could get instruction from Coach in the finer points of these sports. The Executive Board together with the Publicity Committee got behind the matches and capacity crowds turned out to cheer the grapplers and watch the pugilists battle their way along Cauliflower Lane. After weathering the hail of flying leather twelve boys were left to fight it out for the six weight division championships. The six boys who battled their way to fistic fame in the big gym that sunny March day were Ward, O'Connor, Logan, Towns, Grosso, and Shaffer. The twelve grapplers who survived the first bone crushing matches clashed in the final round to determine the winners of the wrestling crowns. Particularly outstanding in the wrestling matches was Acky Copetas who won everyone of his matches by pinning his man. The other champs of the grab and groan profession were Boushee, Faloon, McPeak, DeGiovanni and Rees. i Word, Ulflm Nichols, A. Copetas COUNCIL Front---Shaffer, Nichlas, Baserrnan, Meily, Turner, Shakespeare, Miss McDonald. Back-Huber, Stewart, McFall, Sebring. Winning Cageball Team-McGrath, Gordon, Sherrick, Huber. Girls Di.s'playK een Competition GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION "Come one, come all, whether you are large or small." This was the call answered by two hundred girls ot our school-all sizes, shapes and weights-not one ot whom has re- gretted joining the Girls' Athletic Association. This organization offers to every girl loads of entertainment and pleasure. Thousands of sounds are heard from the small gym during and after school. lt there are not shouts and cries like, "Shoot" or "Get it," then it is the thud of the cageball or crack of a bat. No matter what sport is being played there are some echoing sounds that are heard by every passerby. The slogan, "A Sport for Every Girl and Every Girl a Sport," has certainly been true this year. l-lockey, mushball, horseshoes, and archery were dropped from the schedule be- cause ot inability to use the athletic tield. However, six different sports were offered- basketball, cageball, and volleyball being the major sports-tennis, badminton, and tenni- quoit, the minor sports. In the major sports "Dartmouth," captained by Sally McFall, won the Section A title, while "Navy," "Cornell," and "Alabama," captained by Zoe Steliotes, Johnnie Baserman, and Joan Hallam, respect- ively, tied for Section B title. "Duke" and "Ohio State," both captained by Barbara ...84., In After-School Sports Huber, were the winners of the cageball and volleyball tournaments. ln the minor sports, Mary Lou Aiken and Betty Wilding came out as the winners of tenniquoit. A new "star was born" when Pat Baum, a tenth grader, over- took our last year's champ, Katie Glenn, in tennis. "Girls sports are sissified," say the boys. No matter what the boys say, girls, our sports are just as energetic and satisfying as a game of basketball played by them. lf it's proof you want, just ask one of the members of G.A.A. She can tell you. A top-notch day for G.A.A. members is Play Day. From sunrise until sunset each and every girl has a rollicking time, This year's Play Day had a football theme. Teams were formed and some real competition was seen by all, The program was concluded when the council played a very amusing game of Roman football. After some delectable refreshments the girls wandered wearily, but happily home. So G.A.A. Play Day has come to mean fun, fel- lowship, and sociability for everyone, Another Play Day-this one for the new tenth graders-had as its purpose to acquaint these girls with the various activities of our school, After tackling the Lantern, Executive Board, Girl Reserves, and others, they no doubt felt they had been given some first hand ex- perience-not to mention a very good time. Winning Basketball Team-Hallam, Miller, M L. Lamark. Winning Volleyball Team-M. L. l-Gmdfk Greenwalt, Gordon, Huber, Sherrick, Graft Gallaher, McGrath. Um 76mm 5 bids farewell to its honored citizens T 9 F were peacefully shooting the works ond pointing the town red, white, ond blue in the grod- ' uoting term of '42 They hod blossomed from buddies to true-blue forget-me-riots ond 'lr own S 0 chorocterized their cheerio ond toodle-do with o photo finish. i X jf! f eq ri jp . i il 2 AIVA V 'rl , H f. ,px . s ' , 16 Q, YT 5 l . , g 5 , . L, ff ,M J 1 , I XL 4 . K 4 Q Yf, . xf ' I Q I :gl WX e- M fl ,F l f""lr Srl" N 1 1 V i if V ' - 'YN A "Hui, n 'hu-xr 1, +--id Muff. Lewin q,.,,,,4 i4h,,f,,,L XXXEUZE- viirg,mlliLl...i...,.i.V NGUNYY 'Jlj 'Hun fl: HINKS if ,Ill-IFPS I-ILM , Y y-1fLkm.ifw 'x ni my' ff Rgs. . if-f' sir s 1 . ' , 5. - r' 4 Q . X '.k,. - Z , ', , l wi - KN , X I 1? 13 I gf il l of ng! lll, Q J ,Candid , i ss'i 4 Q ylitw i if- 2 N" -' .1 , .UQ f f be jc-,M L P , ' A f . ,t .A.. .. t 1 : H :ml iw: :ab Rf M 10" 'WLER 1 IM 'ff HY "fM"1'1fw fl t 'vrwr ,gwivfwilbb 'ff' 'ML 'fj If OU! IDF 95 144 IN X ' f fp f- gp 5 7 ' WW" M' ' "' 5 'UW' YM Nrumr-'!l 'K A 4 aw M1 , ww vnuyj 90vf-'1 A.-ky -..-Mu -88 f sa 125-fmt 'K R Y In , RQ S' w ,L . N ,, ,,-. , 1 .f IX '53 'If' K X X xx NX r 1 JRR H71'EMPf5 72 zvmvecsif A 605V Awe. WV W , 5 , .V ' mmm Sen ww fig? X- "HV Q Pun-r uv! 1' if f if X " ' 1 9 K' ' -W, M43 at , isdn.. id fr ,fi L ,Q far ' X , it V -'nik I .45 Ek gfyu AND QKN Y? VN LR f X - , akxggu-eQr"DK'vK nw -1 If nf IN. ZA 1 u sau. .mwfweu 0 wana 59,5 Mena! ref- Tl ' xl gif' ' - ".4p,-1,45 1'1m77RE, SNS WL'-Y pfcgwwg rmwrencwff ,wo wwf wmv THEY WET LIZ-K as 'mmm' 5m1wl9LrfA"'V91fff0"5 , V ,A F X my W M h' h fin u ix Q els 44, a 06' -39- 'f 3 4 I 2 , nip, A if f 2 'Fifi f f 1 ,' H4 Q 1 ' Q' Q K! N. A A I' ' 4 , v v 1. FJ r 1 2. .J AU' Ei rv ,i . , 1' ,r ,ng ,L 7 - 1 M f, ILHXII, T?5jLf1,'L vfh m.,1,.,,, , HI I fl 10 L , X 1 ,annum-Q-gig N. r r 1 W xy s L ' Y' Q., ' ' 1 '.,f'f"'K2ff, "-emggguev-"mgnw fxixd K U 1X3lf,f52Qfq nf R Z3 l Xl E X , !,.,., ,,x 4 X . FJ Q l ff f f 'lx X ' ff fktlifs H-' X 1' N 1 X, N Xgy iffy 1 -.-?.........-Xu ,..-x , K H ,. K Nfl' K- . ix M nz-J 1: ' 4 , , r Y X XX K I, W., U . mr-A xbnlf ms HUM, mmmkwx,7, x,.5n1y,-L nn. -, g-k ff" A" - Yvf--5-Q-'J Q w QW i . -X.. , Q 1 , la ,j 1 .. y V .yrv '1 K . ,wa A Af . J' QM Q ,U 'Y MSW-15 x , X J mu- N X u-4, l X WM 4.- ff J 'N 1.5 . f ix. ' ,3'n?Xf'fi X - Q, 1 xnxx 'Q X , ' I X XQN w Rx 'ff ,, X rf XA Y fuk ' :J X xx, I -, M, f. 5 Vx x 1 1 . 'P N V x Ct- x rpg 5,3 Xk I f k I If X nf! ffl X ly 'yA-Q51 - L- ' 1 I m 7,,. :yy M Q 1 1 fa -ff f 1 A ww r N WAV JSE aww-4 3 Jw.. gd K 1?-Llkkjfwf7i'fI!""!K't ' rf ,wfyp .. - f- , l fkL: 1 HLn ,K L, F X mx, LLM' Mm, 'l vu-1 W- ' rar-100443 vnu A cc - W! LA Y I I ' '7 U"m'A'5 HQDEL SoPHn:r1PZ,iT5r:L f I ,901 Q' Dear Diarg . . . Q2 June 11, 1941 CAPS 'Eg After waitin eleven Ion ears I am J I - g y I 6 I at last a senior!! l've envied and admired seniors as long as I can remember, but I don't feel very differently. I can't quite get used to this new ten karat band on my finger, though. It sure was a mad- Sxll C 1-,-6" 63 .fi-5 house when we went to claim our pins CD and rings! Miss Smith examined our re- port cards to make sure we were seniors LD fs J and all the kids jammed around her desk 'T' trying to get a glimpse of the names on the envelopes containing their symbols of seniority. lt's a day I won't forget! My big problem is should I give it to the O-and-O or keep it for myself? Oh, well-l'll worry about that later. X C. October 4, 1941 QQ fb Q Gosh! I know my pictures will be horrible. s I keep telling myself l'm not the photogenic 4- V jf type, but at least my senior pictures ought to be Q good! Joan and I walked as slowly as we could to the P. A. room-postponing the evil hour. Really Mr. Rosser has to have a powerful lot of patience to wait for us to get all combed and beautiful. Finally we were ready. Among the masses I, too, decided to have a serious pic- ture, but Mr. Rosser's corny cracks put a big grin on my face. I'II probably look like the laughingest of the laughing hyenas. The proofs will be back in ten days. Wish me luck! all ...91.i November 12, 1941 Hip, hip, and all that stuff! We took Trinity for a 12-O ride under the lights at Washington tonight. The place was jammed and it was so cold you had to run y .. fy! K- -fl 3 " up and down the field with the players to ! keep warm! And they did plenty of sprint- Q, I. 12 ing up and down that field, too! C-ee, but f it was close. A couple times I thought 7 Trinity was going to score, but the Moun- f ties held them back. Eckie, our injured 2 X star guard, practically broke a leg in his excitement. It must have been hard med- icine not to be able to play. But it was a super game that Mt. L. land Trinityl will long remember. iHere's the latesti "See ya!" f February 13, 1942 People have more fun! Seems like ev- eryone's getting bugs-I mean Kruger started the crew-cut bug and now Don eve L' Hubbard, Stitts, and Bill McGhee have all joined the ranks, Ginnie Nordin start- JT TSX ed the pigtail pestilence and now them X SLS that has it wears them. So much for the fun bugs, but none of us would like to 'T fx join the unlucky dogs who have really got f X the germs iScarlet Fever!! Honestly, to Q fi P Q get it in your senior year would really be tough-ask Bill Rust or Junie Black. Seniord. In Th e News 0 Mcrt the Aherncs is Barbara Beatty YNNXDS, Giza: mervreus lem ,, Yrggbe U xnxx hun lv'4Mu'M wh-'rx mn ylruxlv .mm-rr .rx nw mrwm Tru- mrr-rmw of Q W .-vm. tu.--Nw x.,..x rrnm-rx, .ma W-r. xmrxr .-mlm--A Q -K B L S p C' 0 LB .ru-,-N. Mm uw ..rrr..,gr..vxrmrg .rr rmnxxr xmr 00,1 la Q e Um' rmr-yr 1'xmmx,.r'p vw- ,rmrr-mx. , 11- 'H U - e 1 N 1- r e xfu .mm x-x.m..m-- mm Mmm- m..r.- 'ff 7 0 is I 1 'lm r,..rr,r .rr mrw.-Mm rr Q N - 0 0 Mx-.vrfw une 42 A5 iiT'1I2I'.5"fx W ' ew G Q' fflf Z ,, .. . - gsm 0 6, - . 2 . B . R . . e"'9' mentation W 556563 9ginRey-' :vision 5350 6? 6429, .. xxx x,.rx.,,. X .U M S 0 . 0 N N, rr wr.. fn., 1 HH. Q S S ,Wu ad, do 0 'rw-W""'X' ww- N "M lm n'y'l"' an ft "lv M ut' '1dl'17, I' l ,Q 3' - - ,. , 9 lg Y 2 f r A ww ,. 'frm 'fs iv QQ 8 ff' QA .- 'Y , Q -. , ' . Munn .wx MAA "X :w,v-Ctxfoxn ""fl,y'f' 1J!?fQ"'1 .:,fi"-11rx..,. 'I A Q ltr. mn QR, ..r,, X N gr.-X xr X,wwgM.- "'rvIr.1Q'f'1H-nf' A1,1f"'d ..,f" ' ,9 O. Y. BB 1 ' rr N- A Nu ff S A MNA ox X r -- NWA NNN-'NQQ ,LOU:rr,,m, ru rv- S T , I wp X" ' XA tw ,vi-. -'WX iw A " rz1?h0"'4gQl-5' be 'D QQ ' 1 z 'X ' Xxx- X X ' Nw. A 'MU , n Cu'7'lmub hu WHY' 1 I , XA W Q NX xxx X N' w,,wf1,, 3 f,fjj:f:n11QfQjZx?f,f'f fgflffl l I - U W- - C r ,. ' V - I . , 0 V W 'B r y xwv, K xw.v vm 'X AdU,.U3ff:1,,,nf'1l1 41.15 ,,l'1Ca ala N R Q O K V Q .x V QA dw um Ah, ,, It lo dl 0 Q . X x wx ut , U- Q S W , Nx..rNx N, ,ma W lZ,,,.,,tL-:nd 1,11 60 o U u ' Q1 X U XX X' ' EP SP -S9 ' ffl V 1- , IN WA . 'B KN A be 9 0 ' "wr 'W 'N -K Uv11,""H-111 f' ' Bums - ' 3 Ng lg wx m"""v,xl11r 6 Q dy 'Qi 'Sig rfrgrlw y wed? ,F "u1"'lf'1lmCk Gfaduaung uaqe "' 'lu-m I , ' ,, 'xr-rw -' o :K -' XX V i - N u r . ' - . QS Q5 Q9 5 u g: 5 2 D L S5 0 rr gg rw., S Breakfast hr Caietena 'Yff-f., Q. . as 5 Q N Q, . 2 Q NX I 8,0 X -I ' 4' rr 9 A.-1 , 94,4 A XX ,rt . X . .1 ' S 6' -Ju. Ae 'H z 4, .. Q ?1A3 .5 qi :I 4 2 XS QQ?-66,6 S we 'Q sc C096 a ,Wm SUNZVWUI -1 ser, 'ww LM mx.-r..r gnxm-rmg, or the N , 9 Q - cg, Q, I, 'N Q, 1 1 jj I 3 gp 5 1 5 3 .4 53 A ' 4 av- bfkbv QV QQ 64' we pa,,l.,. Us WI! 'f lm- . Qx.N.,r'4'1 w..Sr1r-b.-mq1,Sr X- 0,"pA'i, Q I ' tj Vg' SQ 1 2 'A P- I 1 : g F E 5 5 Q 5 iv QC w vw WN Nr+N'09eN49w e X 1 1lXp1gK-in wr-1. muw .Umor C rcwmwednes- 45 ,fo 'L 'Z J! , ', 45' - , H- 2 3: 'f - i ' f ?e Q 5 i , ' 5 0 - Il - -- A 2, 1- 0 r V . xy .5 V, ., V 4 J :A , L 3. 7, 7 N L, P 164, we we vu I. my , .R . 6,00 ,ky Q0 40 5445 Q1 9 . 'g.,,bL 3-55.pff':K Ji, 'U ' ,--X, xv.. -. x-.x o,0"'f2 ' , 3' 2 I : - E Q - 4 fr 71 Q jf if 5 P Q+X1m,.v M 0,.- 0 r-:1f:.,:r:Qi:::r',ai.1 EAD, xg Q, 'M QF' ii J' Nfff"f 'M':f'J'.:v 535- rx' V WVAAC I ww---ul S F "" 9f6"ev'ifOo0 .g -' Q 2 .DFYJQ-fy " l:5'f2:553 'iii' or W A 0, I' 5 rr'r'd1E,lld- 7,040 on O'2f4W'ff'J'Q 1' Q. 2 5,-,--A-1-4,:,': b:jI2:gmS , 6 . N A ,,Q,pg, 0,8 is T f . .1 : f ' ' 'Z 2- : 2 E 5 6 se"""N I 01 Nr " N0 O 4. Q 8 V5 Q: ,Q f ' ? 5 3: v V I x 1196 YQ THIN' Q ,:Q,0g'g944 QA, :gk Qi ' .42 'N 255:54 - f,, .9 'c 34:0 Q' , 0 - 1, ,: I 0 gf, I X quad ph 'Q ' -2 Sew QR- I 0 -fp 1 A- : M i L: ? , . 6 ,' 9 - 5 S f 2 E ww 'N 'r if f ' 3 "0b1- 8 0,544 - X L , L : , 'N 14, Q A Y W rr Xv'Fi,fwTXii3X 155 1 N Q f 'EI' ufffiof 52' 0.0 's 4' -2 - f I - 1 g - 1 'f v s' ac af -, Q L E 1 W rw- rr ,rw -H W- 1 , 1 or , ,ya 0, W 4 ., 11 Q' 2 'V - L... Ll.. ', . 1 .XX Wu' xx-v .OW wr 5 -. M y ff 0 41. 0, Q" Z' Qi. 0 Z I V- Q V. ww- XA.-r M .vi ws' NAM Q, . 1 0 f0A 4 -,,. 1 -7, 4,9 1 . .3 ' Q 'Q K J -. -'ilu rf'-X' grx-.wM,NWxA-Y' AUMG K K ds 0 '7 em 4 C- QQ' Q0 Sllrfnr 0,1 rl, Z Q ' L5 uf - - '.,N""Y .MW rr-QW' rr-""'xQw" g. ' H0 Sf-'J' ffQ"'J'0'1"'faov f-"A "w""1 Wd P ,S- 3 L 5 S' 3 5 Q , -N"":w'WQ ev-"Kfi,krvV'N1,4fVisser Y I- 40d 65, 4"oZ0Zygf7f-ff' ,f"'11"'i,-AI'1ff"fx fall' 4 .l 3,1 1 .rx Wx - , npr xr X ,V 1, by' l Q- of if 1 A L' If 4 ' f x1w"'X AW' rrvf'f'Mw' A f.v"W, wr 601' 9ifhQS2,"'H:":' ,"'ff'v.,W17",,'f-p Aff. 6 ' f he 5 f f r - ' A X "'fbe fel, ' ' ' A f Q' A .- 9. vw .M rr ,rr G" ' A X ' , T f . V , N W--A U ,X rw V ,rw Bmrr-X dwg l Z , , 5-5 S 5, . , AT: , N adv X1w.x,iXwv, mms my L It X . gg gn 5 3 'Q 'Qi uqgcfi Qi Ci ,Ti Q. 9 ' ' h ' ei. . f +A ' 1 S ia 'mufxfw aw'?.'3w P:-4, , "fr "Yogi Juv' f ' 'rg 5-I-QAQQ digvfaggg, fx, -5 rw .xxx f' gglrv 032 c.?',v- ang 'LWV Nw'-"W - 4 2 N30 -'f1..a7'vQ"l',L' AQ.-13991 Q' ' r . ,ww-Qi Egggf?'aaw,.,wss2, -,. 'J Y x , QEQQQ''255f',nff92"'T,2Q'5?.'5'g1, gm ' . 5 ' 171 ,av azf, moigisiq :,,A:rv.v, WI ,Am-15,.f,d15o-rf. ongl-wa Qc A Q l 2-nf5:,p,Aa."1',Qf:"nipiogwmzafigiueg-fgfgi g 9 ' '1 E G f f ' J H9 1 T 7 3 N w 1-asf?-1?rE'l?vlg!gwF5,'SiQw5'l'f' 1559, ?3"f2'V, 5 2340 ',.,a,i5'a in 0 2' 12,g'iv,?awf- aaazirfif,-45 522 A Q 5 migiwsfg 53124, fmao mga pf E5 19145, -w',:.'Q- 0129. F545 5 'if"lD?,'f wffvfif vfvq 'ram 0 , , , g A 1 ,. :r w , rp O-Myfqq, o,fsfn f I p2,1'1-',T'3m 5" , ,fi f r HL fhf - 92 - , ,p 99' SQQ N 1 fc-1 K' QI.,-ix '7 LL Qi. CQ-f-3 April 8, 1942 The Deltas did it again cmd came crash- ing through with another success. We had a Mother-Daughter Banquet that was the last wordl We called it the "Sweep-up Sup- per." The G. R. room was decorated with brooms, mops and stuff-celebrating spring house cleaning, you know. But there was nothing "Sweep-up" about the food. And l mustn't forget to order my name cards and pay Joanie that 50 cents l borrowed for de- fense stamps. l had to leave early to go to class play practice. l'll sure miss it all. You know-l sort of hate to graduate. ra A C' by ,1 C 1 lfiv XX L one worked so hard to make it a success and it certainly was. Gosh! the day is approaching. -93 April 17, 1942 Lights, curtain, action! The class play was a super success with a packed house. Ginnie Nordin and Bob Ricker had the leads, assisted by Peg Albright and Karl Wehmeyer-l almost forgot to say the play was "Berkeley Square." After the show everyone came backstage to see what it was like. Some were in tears, some were relieved, some were happy, but most of them were dazed. No wonder after that wonderful performance. Every- X' viii Vi if-NJ -ll ll Mriy 19, 1942 School was fun today! All the senior girls wore high heels and their Sunday-best for the Senior Tea. The other kids sort of looked at us as if to say, "And where do you think you are going?" This morning someone said, "Ohl are you a sen- ior?" I know l don't act like one but I can prove it! The fellows can go on laughing at "tea- fights," but if they ever tasted the food and saw the neat program they'd know what they were missing! f ...--qf,,--- ifib Q of A1 June 2, 1942 sg, Qgf, Shine, Seniors, shine! And we did! 1 - have always known Senior Day would be Pri Q , Q about tops. lt was fun wearing our special L fx senior jackets and eating all together in the 5'-i cafeteria. But l had that "funny" feeling Q in the pit of my stomach when we all stood U up and sang "our song." l guess leaving 5 old Mt. L. won't be as much fun as I C-'33 -- . , thought! ...X ff. f 0.r4f35 fn, wi , N l Q2 June 2, l 942 Only two more events before my senior year is over. The Prom-my yummy new dress makes me feel like "moonlight and roses"-a request for the orchestra, which l hear will be smooth-and Graduation. Please, may it be one of those beautiful June evenings with the sun casting long shadows over our football field! . . . The perfect end for the perfect year. SENIORS HERE, THERE ,...f- Top Raw, Left In Rrght Lubrarvan at work---Evelyn Talbot l-lehpeckecl already-Peggy Albrlght, Bob Bell Tlrrw out lor a chat Dan Flnrm, Henry Krmchc Lawer Row--Cate, arer.'t we?---Ross Smith, Charles Judge "Three Lntllc Malrla Pram School" ----- Jane Cramer, Nancy Meuly, Marlon Allebach Good old Detention Hall!-Errol Dexter, Ed Towns R 'm l---Bob Galdsmrrh, Barbara Massey, Ruth Race, Gerrue and Mike-Jim Brezger, Barbara Beatty - 94 Glvnng wnth the pvc clown rn ob Laura Turner AND EVERYWHERE Top Row, Left to Right-D ' k' rin ing-as usual-Evelyn Matthews "Ain't love grand?"-Jack Krieger, Ginnie Nordin Early Birds-Helen Stabile, Bob Reed, Nell Collins, Bill Tragesser Lower Row-information, please!-Roberta Emery, Bill McGhee The Inevifobles-Wes Coltman, Isabelle Romain Artistically inclined K D' "Some nickels, please"-Marguerite Kilt, Jim McVoy Bill Rust Bob R' k - ay iery, Dick Bozley , , ic er Double or nothing-Albert and Charles Davis ,Q 1 Yavornbe: M K x Xe M X QQ Wi L R' grae nds Sy" 4:22. A:f""' XNQQRHM m+?lC a a ' ' - ' Q3 Bmt'Ei'i.,Zf3 ---f-HJC f -Q f ETOV-SVUW Q 'Jed . , qj' 2535 Q 0X ffm ff X -- 1 ,Mvmi XQQNXXJ Q ' ' " M X atoms V X41 elsif- -Nz-' - . 55 fi, U 22542 SH ff? givlwwtlof fl 35391 fm f... D 4 fg M 1... is 0 gk x97v'Wxv 1 GP GAME Q iw' 7YxaN0f g l SUN, 2x Beg' SSH5 R gzf .A Sk' E -T5 up . I Q Sflrfencls X Q 3.1245 C ? Kimi 'NH 'b lposi Used WN Es fi. --1 5. L. 4. , B -,-,N X Z .1 24,3 IX up gy LnKe iiiosjc, Q O cw I Ugigccfljfg 0 90, W N awofxekfi' 4 Q1 Dmfg --- .U W J '55 eo f f VA X Qfzg EQSPEND NT Evenmcs fail, J-1 'O WD fi qf,-QE, 5',.n' JSE" f,-, G, V .W x ir W A gm.. .., .. , -4. -F. 1 If .W. .. ,Y ,-HUA. tk E- 1' I V, Tw., ' . Q1 -B. he .n ' x 534.1 - wg. J. Q ,A,, 4:4 :.., 'Ji , . .,. ig. . xc F 9 ,J ..g,. ' .Ln W- wi V L, it ggi? x im 'gg5ig,3 tx .fr . ,guy . , 4 N.,-., -a 4 . iw . , , .JM W 1 U y H V ,Qi2MvniQQZywlddffinvwmiabwvqf,AH6Qwg3ffLoffLLwupf '7z,Ag,Q,f7fgaLa,e++4b,zziz12b,44PLfi,4,m41gM3y5i7gbL9A If 'f ,4QQ2i flQ"'fe L55 Wfw fifwf ' ' , ' 'GMM X' ijybffxwff f, A. ALwwrfA,A+A, ! if f Z J A',A444,4LsZ2g U 9 J . s fMfW9 'Q A f viz, ' '--A . ii A - 6,'EIig .- 5 I 5 pai t X. faq. .E , ,X , 'I , Jil' A 1-Wy. j., w if ' A Q ' " , . . ' N ' 'J ' a lg up J - 2 ' -' , ' Y. 21- N Q., if 'Q n V.. ,.1 J 41 . , , :A - - ' Q 5 " 4 " ' 4' :pix ' "' ' . If :Q ' , 'ln-" Q- ' 42 ff f ' -Ziff. 1. V, ' '. - . , ' .- If , - ,L 'N -ll 1' 'U v Tk 'we' 45, ' 7 ' ,511 1' .-35' ff-x '--izuiwig, -ii ,wg - 'l1.,,:p , , -M ,. - V . , '- W ' an '. ' " "R T" 1 1 K L If" P V -Y, ,-,W - . Q .. Mme? '- N- Vs' 'i1fJf":4Q K - - -1 . .H - we 1 , . 1 , ',- 'H 1: ..-..A...,.f..x..,..,....,ig,.i r J , A Hr! H . . -.5 -......-.. mu ...-.-.-..1-.-1.-Q.-i..-Z-.n..l ,A , M., 'g,.X:- f I", f. " , . ' Sw.-.T - ' 'a.""-I M F4 r - -' 'if qf3,h...I- , 1 ,i'.',3,.efF!'Li.::.' ,f 'le f .IF PM Q, 3 f A 5 54-54 fi ,1 Zr-'N 'sf' Now Dear Reader, as we sag farewell to a gear filled achievement, we look forward with 'courage 'to fthe broadening horiion of the 'future

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