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 - Class of 1939

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L A J' ,V-, , L 1,5 Ki , , -M., fL,,, X H 4:25 224 Ugg, 4 V 55' L '.g s gr- x yi. Mg -31-I V " 424,35 -F LF- Q .1 .M afwvi 1654: ' isa: 4, , if ,sw r 1-.. V1.1 Vg-1. 4? he ' Y .x M. AV'-8 , 14 , , 502 V ,X Q, Q. 4 5:2 1' Jw 3' ' m y - - ',-,,. A X , '-m .JV J. U WMM I' .13 , w. K . ' .. ,.i T y,?.ml X S f"'-Jim' f' 1 A 'fQ'," sr . . . : -1 - ' ,Qi ,rw . 7' ,' 'O 1 ' Q- A V ' I -A , 41.- 'LM .,. , , 'l'!"'?1 Y K in L-: 4. ' -fb 'Z 111 w' ELG ff . Q:-2'3Qyg1g-:AQ w YBXQXKM- S0101 , if 9 wx 55455005 Q f f r6m,, 1 W K We kk K x OF NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE Pnolifned oy the findenrf of Mount Loonnon H ifgb School nf Monnf Leonnon, Pififonzffglr, Ponnfylonnin oolnvne ix fig? , ,HQ . :fr .5-M ,1l. , hh , . N LQ A ' ff. Em E 0 YI TAKING OFF ON THE MAGIC CARPET ARE ABOUT TO BE TRANSPORTED TO REALM OF MT. LEBANON HIGH SCH WHERE WE SHALL GET A PANORAMI VIEW OF THE EXPERIENCES AND TIES OF THE SCHOOL YEAR 1938-39 Us CD ADMINISTRATION 0 CLASSES 1l'5 ri YJACTIVITIES 6? ATHLETICS FEATURES DED TO THE YOUTH OF '39, WHO IN THEIR SELF-RELIANCE AND EAGERNESS SYMBOLIZE THE SPIRIT OE INDEPENDENCE AND BOUNDLESS AMBITION OE OUR AMERICAN FOREFATHERS, WE RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS VOLUME. MAY THEIR COUR- AGE TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES ENABLE THE YOUTH OF '39 TO I C A T I O N MAINTAIN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM SO JEALOUSLY GUARDED BY OUR AMERICAN ANCESTORS. rrqmdgit Carpet leaving on Skyway '39 for Mt. Lebanon High School." Thus the shrill voice ofthe dispatcher reverberates throughout Memory Airport. Scurrying aboard the Magic Carpet, vve zoom into the air and are soon vvhizz- ing along the bumpy road of school life. As We enter the hills of Lebanon, we encounter a scholarly group of people who, at first, cast apprehensive glances in our direction. Finding us quite harmless after investigation, they invite us to explore the realm over which they reign. ADMINISTRATIQN Superintendent H. Y, HlTlQl,lXtlIf'li, S'lLf7L77'f1IZLClIdClif lt has been said, "Education is not apart from life-it is just the adult generation giving its own World to the new generation." QI n no eonnnunity have its citizens made a greater effort to provide modern buildings, highly qualihed person- nel, and sufficient and appropriate materials than in Mt. Lebanon. The citizens of this community have been tireless and ceaseless in their efforts to provide for you, their 1U children, all that is best for your education. As a Whole, you have availed yourselves of the opportuni- ties provided to a very high degree, as the records of our graduates in- dicate. It is your obligation to your eonnnunity to see to it that bv your efforts and application these stand- ards are raised still higher, so that those who have made your oppor- tunities possible will feel the eHort has been worth While. H. V. Haflinger A school IS the students who compose it. lts standards of scholar- ship, citizenship, sportsmanship, and honor are in fact at the level on which its members live. lt' you would have a school yvorthy ol' our pride, you must he pride-worthy members of it. 'lleachers and princi- pals seek ever high standards, but the quality of a school is ultimately measured by the quality of its stu- dents. XYhat is YOUR ellect on the quality ol OUR school? L. E. Perry f ,, RALPH D. HoRsMAN, ,'lf'fl77g Principal Principals L. li. PHRRY, Princijual g'Youth looks forvvard-age looks backward." This truism is amply horne out lay experience. Each looks to that which holds the most for him. Eagerness and the ambitious de- sire to achieve lead youth on in the quest for a place of distinction among' their felloyvfmen. Each step achieved is one nearer some desired goal. l,et each step he such that when age approaches and the view changes you may look hack with satisfaction and pride. ln graduation a most important goal has been achieved and one that may he looked upon with satisfac- tion. Plan new goals for the future that they may ht well with the past. Ralph D. Horsmau II Facggilt f 1 - I. A. English N W' f"'J" Iillulisllfi N1 I'YK'IINII"' l'.XBII'IiIQII., M.Xm.x1:z'r, X,II, SIXIPSHY, CLXIIIC XX',, X.I2., XI X iJ'IDI1xxl.l.I., XI xl-3, .-X.IZ. I.X'lII.If, I.l1l!..x, IIS. wmlzlmx, IQ13'l'u. .X.I'i. XI411'I"-' XIX'II I' 9 I'I 9 . nv, . , . ., J.. ,, 1, . IzXI1I.ISII2I'k IIIXIIXIXX, In-,n4:.xn.lwlx1-1, ILS, XI X u . ,. 1 I lk lxmw, Mme: rm, ,X,I,., XI..X ian IAZIIIQIII e IIN' Il xg Xl' Xl X Smxrin, IQJVIIII-IILXN, ILS, RINX Sxxwx, IXI1-ixxl-2111, XII., XII II I'QXIiI.ISII:I"1 I-'neural-Lsli, Ii,.X'1I1lI-imxy, .X.IE,, M lit 'l'xX1.wl:. XI,x1u..xlc: I, XII., XI,I III XlcL'x1.x:c14la1z, XI.xm1i, .X,Ii,, M I ut I .Xi.lws': XIII. .XI.XlJl.,XIII.I', ,X.I3. IflJIQIiIIiX I..-XNliL'.'XLQI'T7: Rtbliilmlf, Rupx XIXIQX, .X.I3. 1 ' I'xISHI-QR, AIAMICS, XII. 1'0l'CIQIl Lilllglll IN l,WTliRSON, C AIM, AAU. IZl'1.1Qx11c. XIIRIXXI, XII., XI.,-X. IfIJRI2IQ,iN LANIJIQ-Xfllififfl BICCI.l'IiIi4, M.xms1-Lux, XII., XI. X IIcJ1.r.l1u.xY, M.Xluz.x1:l5'1X, XII., M X I ZAXHNISIQII, HI'1l.l4QX, AIX., MA IIIQQK, XI.X1ef11'I-Qlelwp, A-LIS., MJ I 12 P Q Nfr I , x 'J . I ,. 4 I' J X. 3I5lIIlOIIlR1tII'S:I 1' lI:1tI1Qn1:1ti1-sf: MIXTIIEMATICSI . , - f SMITH, SARAII, NIH., M.Ed. ,f4,.4f'J'w.4!3f LIN, IiLI,,x, BS., M.ICcI. I RIIZIITMIRE, Axxlc, Ali., MA. A I I S'1'1:1c.xx1s, C,xk1., XII., KI..-X, Math0"':'m'N KI A'l'IIEMA'1'ICSMf Kl!L'IllI, KIARY IAIIZISIC, AB. Iflsnrrtlc, KIARY IMI, ISS. IIIJRIT, FRED, HS., NIHX. Iiuuwx, CIMXIII-INL'li, C., IES. MXTIII'1NII-X'I'IC'S:I1:I1:i1 Iic1Nx'rJ1.lNK4x, II.XRlJI.IH, ILS., MA. .X'1'1i1NsoN, .X. RI- ILS., MM-X., PILD. Iircslflcla, ,Ion-31111, ILS, NIA. T: SCIOIlI'i' SVIICNCQIC I Ii:-:141l.'I'x', IiII.l-IICXV, ILS., NIS. 5'11x1f1fulc1y, iXI.I"Rl-111, ILS, I' X lixslm-Qs, DIIIIIX, ILS., KIIQII. SX SIIANEIQ, JM11-QF, ILS., KIM-X. 4 R 13 Faculty Facult 6 mf Ltwzf . .ff ,- f V. CI. A "N J Aff! 'Ak N X, I v' f ff f f I , I 1 X I 1, if . , J , V, Y V f -ff I ,lv 21' fs' I .ff Smfinl Studicsw .A KW I5 'XA . i' X , J I . - -. .2 - Smfml Stllflxov- ' W. MWWW SOCIAL STL IESI' JORDAN, BIYRTLE I Sumdiesw IXIMQUJIU5, LIINNII2 BRQWN, VVILLIAM, BS. IXI01.1.1cNAUER, DONLIQY, .-XB. SOCIAL STUDIESM1 Llilzrlilz, LIILDRITD, AB., MA. PIi'IIiRSON, DANA, AIS., Mid. Duns, VIC'IXO1i, AB, Nmrz, AIARTHA, BS. SOCIAL STUDIESMH' ,pf - CAI,lJW'lTLL, Iis'rHI-ZR, AB., MA. Hozzcz, IQENXETII, BS., M.Ed. W SQHADL, CHA RLICS, BS. H L51-'1'z, I 0 I 1 N, AB. Co11111101'ciaI COMMERCIAL GROVJ5, D0140'rHx', BS. XVIIINXIICJ THIQLMA, BS., MA. ISVRROWS, MERLIQ, Kunz, VIIQQSINIIA, HS. McLAUm:H1,nN, I'1I.ORENClC, HS., MA. 4- 14 lH':lcfIic':ll Arts RgXC'l'ICAI. ARTS QXNIN-ZRSON, ROY, HS. Kl1r,l.1-ik, lJrm1m'1'Hx', .-XR, M Roralilcs, JOHN, BS., Mlid FISH, I"A1'1,1NE, TLS., MA INF .XRTS Crumzs, NIARJORIIC, AB. Mllfsclzlc, A. S., 13-.M,, HA Yo.-xluxi, Ikxlmxlm JIQANF, X B HA1u.1NG, RUTH HYSICAT. IEDFCATION X1Cl,UNAI.lJ, Loman, IES., XI X Zlzclzmzxx, IIELIQN, HS., RN l.L'lit'!I'l'y, Ill-LNRY, BS, KIAWVIN, I'AxUI.lxlc, BS., XID 'LERTCAL RPZNTON, Fs'1'H121c Kll'IflCI.VIIi, NFLL14: SM11.r:v, R.xx'xmNn Emma, fXI.HIiR'1'A 5 Brain Trusters ,xvif NN' Q First lfoui: lfllllil May .l0llllSf4Jll, Jack il:ll'5I0. G1-urge S1fl11'ihe1', lV:ll'I'P1l H0l'llllE11'Cl, XVa1'd Duchene, 'Wave lloyd, Ed Il:1111ilt1111, l'la1'11l1l l.angstaf1', llavo Youngr, 11111111111 Nlohl, 'Fheresa Nolte, Bill'llZll'2L NlcNa1'y, Mary Meyer Q Second I1'111U: CZl1:11'lcs SGp.Yll0I'S, liill Stout, Il11wa1'1l Ishani, l'a11l fle lione- tlictis, .luck Rllllllllilll. llnrry llllll'IlllY, 'l'11n1 Shit-ltls, Dean lil'11ll. liill Cross, Dick ll0l'lll1ljI, Jack Hive. llllll l32ll'l'L'il. Alex C11pet:1s, 5llll'l'2lj' Potts. llPll1'j' KI1'1'11ll. Yi1'g:i11i:1 lineder, Dot l:1ll"SSllQl', Mary .l1'QlllllQ l!:11'1'ett. lit-tty NVi1'k. Evelyn l,l21YlNHll, Hillllllllil 51111111-. D111'is Phillips, Shirley Nel- son. Q 'l'I1ircZ 11'ol1'1 John NlcCall. liill Longstatf, l'I1l hll5lilll4'0l'. Mary lloyd, Clnirles llugns, Glllll01'e lVllllZllllN. Bob 4'l:11'lio, lblvk xY!lll.t'. llill 'l':1yl111'. lPi1-lc Gralnl, Ray ll11l1l1, I!11l1 Niekesuli, Dorothea Ii:l1'l11. Virginia Wolf. .lean l'1'z1ss, Alldl'l'j' llaince, Xlzirie W11Iz1-'l, 131-ily XVl1ilIi19ltl. li1l llymi. liunice Smith. liill llnll, Iiill Sll2lil'Pl'. K'l1:11'les Clzirkm-I. Executive Board Hfiilllll 111111'11ing! Are you a new officer of a llfJlllCI'OUIll? llvclconie to our lixccutivc lloaul. Let ine int1'o- cluce some 111' our 11Hice1's, Met the He1'c's our p1'esi1le11t. two llaves. llavicl lloyd, and right hehintl hi111 is Dave Y11ung3 out vice lJl't'SlClC1lif. Uh! 11111111111 nie. fellows, l want to lIlll'lJe tluce XYa1'cl lluchcne who is Pill llll- 11111'ta11t cog i11 thc stu1lent-g11vc1'111111-nt lll21ClllllL'.H .Xfter these i11t1'111luc1i1111s we will walcli the lixcculive ll11a1'1l swing' into action ancl 0lDSL'l'VC the part it takes in school autivities. Dave lillyll is :1l111ut 111 call the nieetiiijg to orcler just as lttl llanul- ltlll, l1is 111'e1l1-1'1'ss111', woulcl have 1l11llC i11 the fall SL'lllCSlL'l'. Clf1l's hel111'1's last scnieslci' were Yicc l71'CSl1ll'lll llar11l1l l.ZillQSl2ll:f. hotter known as llap, antl llavc lillyil who t1,1il1-1l as S0011-t:11'y-'ll1'1':1sure1'. X1 That fellow giving a 1'e11111't on the status 11f the XYays and NlCZ'lllS lfi- nzuices is D1111 li?ll'lllllCl' who has suc- 1i1-ccle1l llill C1'a11st1111 as 1'l1z1i1'111:111 of that c11n1111itl1'1-. lllien you want to llllI'CllIlSC Caiuly, pop, 111' w11i11c1's at lluf 16 foothzill gaiiies, these are the lJL'UlJl6 to XYllOlll you throw your coins. Uh, you'vc worlqctl 1111 the coiuiiiitteel VllllCll you' know what a joh it is try- ing' 111 pass pop to all those thirsty fans. Next coincs the l'C'lJOl"E of the Social Coniniittee. Charlotte gchultz is cliscussing the social sicle of scliool life ancl the possilulity of a clancc in the very 111111' future, which is her l5l'0lJlL'lll as the Ctllllllllflfk' Cliairiiian. Xxvllill was that stateiiieiil lll21llL5 hy SCCl'Cl?ll'Y lfluchent- ahout Z1 11ew nielh- f11l 111' clisniissal? l helicvc that 1110- tion was given by lliclc llUl'1ll1lQ', the T1'alli1' Cllillflllllll. You see, we niust collect all the data on these fllSL'llS' sions so that we shall he al1l1- to l'l'D0l'l all the new laws anrl a1111-n1l- inents to our l1o111e1'111i11n 1111 illfllltlilj' lllOl'Illll,Q'. NYC also have to get the 1lal1-s of Coniinittee nieetings for the lllClllllQl'S who are in our l11'1111er1'111111s. hffllllll soon learn all voui' cluties :is a new l111111e1'11111n lJl'CSlfl61ll and l will expetl to s1-11 you next wecli Y111' a liLlI'lllCl' Stlllly of the Stuflent Ferlera- tion 111' lllt. l.ClDZ1ll0ll. Little Brain rusters Q First How: Ralph Coltinan, Robert Nagel. Inger Arnesen, Elsie Arnesen, Nam-j.' ffrarlos, Lois Miller. Sally Melfall. Margaret Auty, Hill Arther, Jane Ross, l'ati-in-ia Baum. Betty llongos. Mary Waterhouse, Shirley Nelson, Ross Sini1h, Jiin Blel'eak Q Second Ifozrz Elinor Spec-ht. David Wood- worth, Hob Mac-Lean, Douglas Anderson, Bill Fee, David I'line, David Kraft, Charles Merslion. Jay Arthur, Miss Aldstadt, George Smith. Robert Stoner, James Stone, Bob Tate, Bob llall, .lack Slioll, Bob Keany Q Third Noir: Donald Youngs, lion Lindernian. Bill Perkins. George llc-Call. Richard Adamson, Robert Sisterson, Robert Blume, Hubert Hanks. David Finn, Bob Meneilly, Jini Miller, llill Barr, Dick Ilusson, NValter Huhn, Ilill L2l.Sf'll6ld. Howard Bower. Student Council lf you visit Room One during a club period, you might be accosted by a bombardment of Words as mem- bers ask questions, offer suggestions, and argue in favor of their ideas, While the President endeavors to maintain a parliamentary procedure. Miss Aldstadt, this yearls new faculty sponsor, acts as the Court of Last Resort and as a restraining iniluence upon the earnest and frequently over- enthusiastic representatives. The Council, composed of the vari- ous home room presidents and ofhcers elected by the entire student body, not only has charge of the usual Junior High governmental affairs. but also sponsors a social program. This yearis activities included a series of tea dances. a party for each grade. and an extra one for Ninth Grade. Charging only ten cents admission. the Council cleared suihcient money to meet all expenses and leave a sum to help support the Activities Ban- quet. Undertaking a special project with the cooperation of Senior High, the Council sponsored a Ulluy a Bulbu campaign to beautify the school grounds. Comparable to the Activities Key of the lfxecutive Board are the honor letters or monograms, presented to the students earning the required number of points. Acting as an in- centive to pupils, the letters help stu- dents realize more fully the advanf tages and importance of school activ- ities. This form of student government is similar to that of our local, state. and national legislature as it is demo- cratic in form and helps to prepare the student to take his place in the political world after graduation. 17 Brimming with curiosity, fpvve penetrate further into the most populous region of this land Where, after disembarking from the Magic Carpet, We tangle with the masses. After scrutinizing their faces, We must needs remark about the handsome youths and lovely ladies! Some are sunk in the oblivion of study, while others are engaged in the more leisurely pastime of jest and banter. We espy one fellow sporting a striped blazer shirt, Whose dazzling colors stun us for the moment. Recovering from the shock, however, We next behold Suzy Q flopping along in her saddle shoes. CLASSES jOAN ADAMS XYHJLTAM A.BRl.'XTlS Affflll-ff fume Soccer, Clubs. Glee Club, Obefetta, Trufbe, Home Room Offxcer. K l OXNVARD ALUFRSON EDXVARU All..lf.l7. Z 3 func 111110 K Truck, Decorating, Traftle, VVrestliug, Class Play, intra-- mural E-asketlmll, Clubs. Usher Squad, Hi-Y, Clubs, Y H. ANDERSON HOMER ARHCK BIAR Mme June Clubs. 1' KW Girl Reserves. f ROMAXNE ANDREWS MARXAN AREHART 111110 January Basketball, T raffxc, Home Clubs. Room Offxeer, Hi-Y, Clubs. ANNE AUGENSTHN XANET AUGENSTUN June Seniors 'sc-RX Ax Qgrntfxe, January Traffxc, Class 'Play Committee, Clubs, G. A. A. RUTH BAKER func H onor Roll, Clubs. lflzmclbook Committee, Clubs. RHYLLTS B ALCH June Class Play, Traffxe, Operettzx Committee, Girl ,Reserx'es, Clubs. -E 20 t 'V Q MARGARET BALLARD RUTH BA RKER f au nary -111110 Clubs, Tratbc, Honor Roll, G. A. Clubs. DONALD BARRETT MARY IEANNE BARRETT .fnfzc june TFHMC, Log, llffme Room Of' Glee Club, Operettzt, Library, MCT, X-21501731 H01701' Sociely, llomc Room Otlicer, Honor Honor Roll, Hi-Y. Roll, Activities Awztrfl. X' r liL'RNETTE HARTEACX CHRISTIAN BAUER jimi' ft11111111',1' Lilji-31-y, Band, Orclicstrzz, Class Play, Opcrctta, Home Room Otliccr, Clubs. BETTY BEAM FRANK BEATTY J 11116 f an nary Class Play CrJmmilfCC, Girl C1355 Play Cgmmitlcgx, Home Roservcs, Clubs, G. A. A. Room Oflqccr, Clubs. ' QK I CHARLES l1lffCRA FT BEN BENSON Jima June Class Play, Operctta, Trzitbc, "B" Squzul Football, Golf, Cafeteria, Lfsher Squad. Clubs, lntrzunurzll Baslcctbztll. ' - f , x i .,f f K U'll.l.l.-UI BERGMANN XVARREN BERNHARIJ fllile flllllfdfj' Wrestling, Czzfeterizz, Home Football, Basketball, Trzzllic, Room Otliccr, Hi-Y, Clubs, Class Play Committee, Home Intramural Basketball. Room Ofticer, Clubs. wi 21 Xwapv' SR" ' X 1 f ggnimfs RICH Xl U Pk XXND Q XR1 N fl X om u x X and Ordms r x mm fe mx Cyubsr J C -XROT XNE ULAXR ham C QQ Phx Commyitee K xd Reserxu. Clubs, G. A. AX., Na wld Chxss Play C YOXNLKS D XVXD POYD CUSS PU! TTHHXC Honor oo bdH VNres1hng, Traffxc, RoK Chxbs XmmxmxraX Dis XXQQUUXQ B O A y d Qffxgef, Home Room Ofmer, Activities v BER1 1 ROCKS NK nngcr, T rack, C ummm Home Room Offxcer. ART YLSNM owux PROOBS HYRTX B1 RKH June MAH Tumxs Chss PX xx sher Squad L0 , H me s, 1 tr Chybg nu 11X BxsX etb X X YED I JRTXS JHHC Jung '1 TTKKKC, Usher OU U01101' R0 Qquad Nmonad honor S0 K oom xcef CMH: Um Homin Ron, Ha-Y. Q 3- -Nl 'vu l ELLEN R. CAMPBELL GRACE CARIPIIELL func fwzizary Chorus, Class Play, Ways and CIN Pl, I 7 Means, Library, Log, Home gms dy' CINS' Room Ollicer. fa'Wa"-V fazzzrury Cllofusf GICC Chlb, Opemtmf Football, Basketball, l'ublici C1355 Play Qommmcef 11011014 f.lllIfC'7'l1, Log, National Ilon- Roll, Girl Reserves. UI. Society. I SADIE R. CAPONE JACK CARGO J 11116 fan urzffjt Class Play, Honor Roll, Girl Class Plz , Tfzzmc, Lfslrer Reserves, Clubs. Squa , e Room Ollicer, Hi ,V,f imior Academy of ' it-noe. Nj ANNE REED CHARTERS GEQRGE CHURCHILL JYHZL' fygjlg Class Play, Trzzllic, Attend- ZUICC, Honor Awarcl C ommit- lee, G. A. A. Council. PORTIA MORROVV CLAPI' x x January Class Play Committee. LOIS VIRGINIA CLOSE June Hostess Squacl, Atteiiclauce, O1 ' 1, eretta Committee, Clufbs. A av 75' , in l YQ YVrestling, Track, Home Room Otlicer, Honor Roll, Clubs. VIRGINIA CLARK func T1'2lfflC, Operetta Committee Library, Hom I' ' C xoom Omcer lloiior Roll, Clubs. j, NATALIE COLE June Operetta, Glee Club, Hostess Squad. 23 Senior-V all Seniors P A'YRlClA COLGATE 5,5531 CQLLXNS June june Glee Club, Operetta, Trafnc, Axmndzmcey G. A. A., Clubs, XX':ws and Means, Lantern. Nl kRlLYN COOK DORlS CONE l . Inna June Operetta, H 0 s t e s s Squad, Clubs, llonor Roll. Traftxe, XNVays and Means, Log, Girl Reserves. . .' B Rf- -4 I ' 41 Wav" J , YI ANXCE QQQQER WlLLlAM M. CRANSTON J1,4,1fLg IGH14 0753 Class Play, Traffxc, Attend- ABM Squad Football, TYHHQC, ance, Ways and Ricans, Li- Ways and Means, Home b,-My, Activities Award, Room Ofnccr, Honor Roll, lfli-Y. DON ALD CREED WlLLlPrM R. CROSS, ll Inna June ull" Squad Football, Chorus, Track, Class Play, Tratfre, tllee Club, Operetta, Home Decoratlng Squad, Log, Home Room Olncer, lll-Y. Room Ofneer. ANNE ELlZABETl'l CURL CHARLES DALGllElSl'l June January Clubs. "B" Squad Football, Basket- ball, Cafeterla, Class Play Publicity, Clubs. EDNNARD DAPPER VlRGlNl-K DPUNUS jun g T ransl erred Wrestlixxg, Traffxc, Home Room Otfreer, Hi-Y, Clubs, lntramural Basketball. .5 O 3 A 'Q 24 , X . us X IQ. I l HAROLD DAVISON IM IDAXXYICS .7 1111 Illlljf' -711116 "B" Squad Football, Poster Rifle TCIUN, TTZIMC, HOIUC Squzul, Class Play Committee, Room Ottlcer, lllfl'ill1lll1'Zll Bas- Clubs. ketball. JEAN :XCDRICY lJ:XU'SON MARY ALICE Dm, !a1111t11'1' i ' June 91101-NSY like Chill' OPC'C""' Tratlie, Atteucl:u1ee,Cl:1ss Play Class Play Committee, Honor . . . R H Committee, G. A. A. Couucil, O ' LllJI'Zll'-V, Home Room Otlieer. ANNETTA xl. DlifiliI.,NIAN KENlfNTETI.f IJEICDFIIV fllllt' June J Lflllfl, HOSTCSS Sqllflfl, Acfiv- Trame, Usher Squzul, Clubs. ities Banquet, G. A. A., Clubs. 'R 7 EMILY DELACI ti' Mm ,V X HAGER DE LONG fum, " fum, Honor RON, Girl RCSCl' Li., Teuuis, Tramc, Class Play Clubs' "' Committee, Operetta Commit- tee, Clubs. ROY DE LONGA PATRICIA DEXH.-KRT .func Jung Footbztll, lutrumurzzl Baskets Trzttlic, Operettn, Lib1'zu'y, Girl ball, Soccer, Trztllie, Clubs. Resc'rv4's, Clubs. x is-kid 'I KOR! I ISARHARA A. DIS VORE BE'l"l'Y .TANK DlETRlCll J 11710 fum' Class Play, Operettzi Commit- TraHie, Class Play Committee, tee, Clubs. Home Room Otlleer, Honor Roll, Girl Reserves, Clubs. o ,IQ B , x 25 '- 0 fi'lAk Lau, s X-1 X , ,v Seniors HORN- MFXGER DXSNEY PAUL DUN,-XFAR .luzlnury AMW,-,t Ckxss Phxy, Uuucuu Bom-d, Hubs- Acuvitkcs Unuqxwk, I,a11tc'ru, Log, Home Room Offxccr. -if 1 .1 X -- - d. ' ,C L . MW, DOXAHOF, CYRU, BONOUNCE ' Juno Jmzc 'Kkmtbnd Baskcumu, Truck, Fencing TL-ago, Dccomtmgl Uuss Vkxy, 1.m1tcru, Log, Squad, Hi-Y. L Xuhs. ,-J fl J FR.-XXCES DOTTEN NINA DRAKE June June Chdws. Chss Phxy, CXubs. WARD DUCXXEXE jQHN DUUT 111110 V X January W1Sk'-iiblm, TTZUHC, HQHVMCS Ckmss Vhxy Coxmmttcc, Chxbs. Bzmquet, ,Executive Board Oi- ' Yxccr, Home Room Cffxccr, X Mmm' Rod BETTY IANE DYSON FRANK ELK June January Chorus, OpQrctta,Homc Room HBH 54111115 FOOWHU1 Band Offxccr, Clubs, Traffxc, Home Room Ofucer, Hubs. fi-in MM ' NORMAN ELLXOTT BETTY MAE ERENRXCH Inna June XVx'csdmg, 'IY1lC,k, Home Room T1'11ff1C, L0Si HUA FOUWX Squad Ofucer, Ui-Y, Clubs, hum- !4H1lfL'Vl1, mufzd Bnskedyau. f 1 Ax Q' 1" f, .. 26 C gym gyl 'I ,, A EDITH ERICKSON ,TUNE EVA fum' func Trallic, GA..-X,Couucil, Clubs. Tratlle, Girl Reserva-s, Clubs G px ix ,tiff sf IIICTTY EVANS XVILLIARLT FAI li A .fixup fafzllary Tratlie, Girl Reserves, Clubs. V Usher Squad, Class Play Com- mittee, Clubs. VALENTEEN FELICETTI LEE FERRELL flllllllllil' fllllc' Chorus, Class Play Committee, Football, Usher Squad, Hi-Y, GA..-X., Clubs, Clubs, Intramural Basketball. MARY LOU If NDLEX KARL FISCIIER nav! ftlllllllfjl Class Play, Ope ,tta Commit- Rifle Team, Class Play Com lee, Home Rooi NOllicer, Hon- mittee, Home Room Officer or Roll, Cll Clubs. RUTH FISCIIER VIRGINIA FISHER fum, June Class Play, TFRHIC, Loy, Hou- Clubs. 'JJ 01- Roll, Clubs. .Ogg I J! FRANK FITCH WILMA FLEET June jim? Irallic, Cafeteria, Honor Roll, Clubs, G, A, A, Clubs. i a 69' 27 'TIA Se77i0lf'J' l lf.UZAl3lf.'l'll FGRD lJORO'Yl'lY Ggxvrizs func Jun, Trzillie, Girl Reserves, Clubs. Chorus, Greg Grub, 'frame- Operettzx, Honor Roll. , S DUBAXLD GARDXNER LRDCL CxJAlxlYNlLlx Juno MHC Uccofmmg Squad, 'ymffmy lxilrnmurul lluslcetlnall, lli-Y. NVuys and Meaiis Cliairmzm, 0055- lli-Y. X SARA GEHRETT PAUL GETTY June January Wlziys and Means, Class Play, Football, Wlrestllng, Track, 'Yrallie,G. A. A., Girl Reserves. Class Play, Clubs. IANET Gll.liS ELlZAllETH GORNRXXG Juuxmry June Glee Club, Qperetlzi, Atteml- Hand, Trziflie, Clulms. mice, Vxlays and Means, Class Play Cmiimiltec, Girl Reserves. 3 mms from MN li Nl GUUYY l N' -AW .7 unuury Jmma"y Umm Gres Cmh ODCWMH 'l'l'2llNl1lC,l'lOUOl' Award, Public- Dccmatmg Squad GMS mm ity. I,ur1tcv'n, Activities Awziirl, Committee, Clubs. MVN' lAXlf,'l' GQODXYQ RETSY VV. GORllAAl D .Tune Y ' Jmw Chorus, Tixiflie, G.A.A., flulus. lrlubg' 'X-'E 28 x f QQ' f 5 T ' EVIL LIAM GOTTSCI l.-X LK func' Trafhc, Llshcr Squzul, Opcretta Committee, Clubs. JOSEPH GREGG Alzyzml x "" ' ' 5 l EUGENE GROSSO June VX"restli11g, Usher Squad, C lulas. LIARIORIE HA LL JZUIC Cheerleader, Chorus, Class Play, Operctta, llonor Roll. EDUTX HAM ILTON frm nary Football, Bzislcetball, '1'r:ack, LI11lfL'7'iI, Executive liflllffl Of- ficer, Nlcrit PIl1'3flL'. MARY M. HARDESTER ffllllllll'-V Class Play Committee, Opcr- clta Committee, Home Room Olticer. K CHARLES GRA-kl'l.XM fznzf' Trathc, Honor Roll. IJORO' N GROSE 1 IU Hzuirllnook Committee, Li- lifziry, Loy, Honor Roll, Chills. GERTRUDE HAG ER TY J :mc Tmmc, Clubs. .,, My If GRACE 11ALL1f1e f' fum' Tratllc, Opcrettzi Committco, Home Room Olliccr, lloum' Roll, Girl Reservcs, Clulas. ROBERT T. IIANCE fIZl1L' Ftziciilg' Tezun, Trzzlllc, Lag, Clulzs. ALBERT HARRIS .,IIlI7llII"1' Clubs. 29 xml l Sg7Qi07".Y , X I r . Hx. 1 Sefliolfs M QXRN' RYY .X HARRY S 'Yrzmsfcrrcd YQSTHER G. UARRXSON .Tune Tr':xXTxc, Log, Homu Room Oi- icvr, Honor RON, Grd R6- Scrvcs, CMMS. RYITY LOL' HALIGHTOX LQAX XXARST Jung JIIHL' X Home Room Offxcer, Grd Rc- USUN' RON, OHDS- ,Y Qi? Servos, G, A. A., Chxbs. xx-' GLENN 'HECK X HEX RY HEVNER 1 Iuney fl June , .Z W -dwg " ckXf !BAonx Chxbs. Y' rl gationa Y or So- ck , Honor RON, Activrties Aw ard. ' ENNXE LFE HEVXER Jkllllltllj' Gass Vkxy Commhtcc, Clubs. 9-HXRX,X",Y NESS JIIIIC Chccrh-zrder, Operettn Com- mittee, Home Room Ofiiccr, Chxhs. BARBARA massli DANW1- WU? june ,January Chomsv Greg Crub! Qpcfmwy Traffxc, Ones Phxy Commitree, Trnffxc, Rumirm Board Com- Hfmw RUUW Oi-GCCY, Hi-Y, rimicc, Honor RON. CMMS- QHARLQ-5 H' HQFXIXKAX MARGARET HOFRKCHTER January U b HW Band, Orchestra, Chris Phxy. U S' I 30 J W x 4 Q , if We " ... ..ggr,,NrX Y W BHLDRED HOFRICHTER func G. A. A., Clubs. IAMES HOOKER IIC I r lc, f, Trafflc, Class llay ommittec, Operetta C01 'tcc, Ili-Y. ,func Football llfI3.llZ1Q'C1', Glec Club, Class Play, Trailic, Chairman, Home Room Olliccr Nation l VJZQICHAR D HORNING , a Honor Society. JEANNE MARIE HUBLER func Class Play, G. A. A., Clubs. IOHN HURFORD func Trafllc, National Honor So- ciety, Honor Roll, llomc Room YVILBERT HUTCHISON 'llransferrcrl E73 5 ex X I 'ml za. -JY l Home Room Officer. OLIVE ll.-'XY HOLTZ func Hostess, Tramc, Publfcf ' LtIlI!8I'1Z, llonor Roll. U, HELEN IIOPPER 'lll'Zll1Sl-C1'l'Cd BETTY HOSICK func' Home Room Olllccr, Clubs, Girl Reserves. QQWS MARY Aw,mf 1rfvl1?12Cjg 111 J Attendance, Log, I3g:lR7L,Ro l, Class Play. 1 I v SHIRLEY HCTCIHSOX func Class Play, Attendance, Log, Home Room Officer, Clubs. HOWARD ISHAM . June J Seniors 31 9 4 fe fix' 11 . L11 H11 n N Hitch 4 Y FXYYXZ KYOPY m-'LEX GRAXT joHNS 3 A A A ' X 111110 Jung Uivvfwficf,C1HSSW1w,OvCf- Aktuiicizxnee, G. A. A., Ciuiws, crm, Trnfkic, Home Room Oi- Xiecr, Ciubs. XCUNA MAY HUHNSTON FRANCES IOYCX-. January January Cizws Piay, Schoinstie Com- Cinss. Piay Committee, G.!X.!X,, mittee, Natioiiui Honor 'Sw Giri Reserves. ciety, Honor Roii, Activities Pxixzxxmi, Giri Reserves Presi- dent. SEAN IUERGENS DOROTHY KAESSNRR June func .Ooeretta Comrnitiee, Giri Re- Nationai Honor Society, Ae- serves, Ciuiws. tivities Key and Guard, Lun- tern, Log Literary Editor. Honor Roii, Home Room Qffi- Cer. XYii,i,i,XXi KXNF. 1M4XRjUiUi2 Kiii,i.i7.Y 111115 Inns Trnifkie, Ciuius. Ciuiws. GEORGF, REM M XQRTQR EV ELYN RLEPPXCK llugmt ,vlugust Qubs. Ciuius. 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IIARQLD L,.3NGSTA1:p MARTHA JANE LOS! Jfllllflllil' ffm? Football, X'Yrestli11g',Lf1,g', Ex- Claws H103 OPCFCWEI, f-0.0, Ccutive Board Oticieer, Honor T' T ' Roll " ' ' , lrincipals Tropliy. iatuz, llomc Room Otlicer, Girl 1fk'SC1'Vi'S. I 41 X 3 3 33-iw A W ! f""' SgnZ07'S 4 :XX N RTT F. LOU Gt X BOROUGH June Trzrthc, Ways and Menus. CHARLES LVSS fclnuary Nasa Ptcty, Home Room Oi- V ccr, Houor Roh. ROBERT NKARMXON August Footbah, Vtfresthrxg, Track, L'h'F.w5. H EN RY S. 'M ASSK CK January 'Yr-attkc, Ushcr Squad, Ctass Vhxy, Hi-Y, Chrbs, V H ARRX ET T F, M A L' MER J amcary Chorus, Atteudzmcc, H omt Room Offxcer, Opcrctta Com- mittee, Honor Roh, Chxhs, MARY SAN? MAYLERRN I Hill? T r zxthc, Atta u d zmcc, H omc Room Othcer, Opcretta Com- uuttcu, Honor Roh, Chxhs. CAROLYN LUNSFORD June Class Yhxy, Home Room Oi- ucer, Chmhs. KOHX NAXHXZXXHZR Ixuu' Chorus, GKQQ Chmh, Opcrettu, Truths, Home Room Ofhccr, Acivitics Award, jOHN MARSH ALL J unc "R" Squad Footbah, "B" N Squad Baskcthuh. f R Q + 0 I I U J t AX GEN .KN JX MAST AN DREA June Chorus, Chxhs. LOCKS MAY Inna Foothah, NN7resthug, Intra- mural Pmaskethah, Chxbs. HEXRY MCCALL func Rnskcthuh Mzmngzger, Track, XX':tys and Means, Home Room Othcur, Houor Roh, Chxbs. 4 I Seniors " - 0 H Ml Qt gt T IW A TQ L mf , U' r I' ROBERT RTCCREADY Nfllll.-XRG.-XRlfT C, JIcG.-UV fllflf func' CIHSS PIZLYV Trrlflic, XYHYS 21Ufl Clmrus, Tratllc, Library, Clubs. llcans, Home Room Omccr, Honor Roll, Clubs. ICILICEN llcGlXXlS June Trallic, Log, Honor Roll, Clubs. JAR I HS IUCGO VERN fwze Clubs. ' . ,v f IVIARIORUS llcKll?l2EN fmze Attendance, llomc Room Of- ticer, Clubs. Fmwtffw' WILLIAM MCMINN funn Basketball, Track, Bznirl, Class Play, Clufbs. .amp I .V . ' . ,-it 1 " L' i' .A if 'XY il' 1Q.4MX'R.EN CE MCNAMAR.-X June Trallic, Opcretta, Log, Home Room Oflicer, Clubs. GEORGE McGLAL'Gl'll.lX func Track, Class Play, Public Ad- clrcss, Lafzleru, National Ilon- or Society, Honor Roll. JOHN I, MCGR.-XTII func Usher Squad, Home Room Of- ficer, Clubs. ,Mow ALICE MCMASTER June Tramc, Wfays and Mcans, G. A. A. Council, Clubs, RICHARD MCNALLY Jmze "B" Squad Basketball, Track, Clubs. BARBARA HCNARY func Trzitlic, Opcretta Committee, Library, Home Room Olrliccr, Honor Roll. . .Q LNB' 'lt A Seni01'5 QGELE' Qt W UMM. Seniom .XNYY A M. RRQUXLLEN CLAXRE McSTEEN June func Chorus, Operettzr, Traffxc, Checdeadcr, Clnhs. Chrss Way Commi X e Honor RMK, Chxhs. KURT H. Mnuscxenin MARY MEYER Iaxzmrg' 111110 Soccer, Hand, Orchcskra, Chxss Wwd. HONG ROOO1 OWKCCY, Pkxy, Trznync, Honor RCU. Gxd RCSCYVCSY Clubs' LQCXLLE ANAXSE morn, RAMONA MOORE Juno June Traffrc, Attendance, Operetta Baudv OYCHQSUQX, 01155 Pxayr Executive Board, Home Room Committee, Home Room Oi- ncer, Chxbs. HXLBER XXORGAN 1 ll nu Offrcer, Cknbs. J O HN MU XRHEAD XX'restXing, Trzrfrxc, Ckxss Phxy, 9 Honor KOH. .- 'jiwf' r HUGH MURPHY June Trzxfnc, HK-Y, Chxbs. BETTY MYERS Transferred . T rnnsf erred MARY LANE MUTZ June Operettu, G. A. A., Library. 3E.fxNNF.'YTE C. MYERS 1141112 Attendance, G. A. A., Honor - RUN, Chnws. 3:41 36 x A ' C x 1 "' aa LOUISE NICHOL XYILLIS XOLLF June .lung Trallic, l.fI1lfl'I'1l, Log, llome Clubs, Room Ollicer, National llon- or Socicty, Activities Award. MARIE TllERlfSA NOLTE CH.-XRl.liS O'l3RllfN jimi' .funn TraHic, Attviiclaitcc, Opcretla Golf, Intramural llaslfcfllwall, Committee, llomc Room Of- Trallic, llomc Room Olliccr, llccr, Clubs. Clubs, JOHN VV. O'liRlEN MARY OCHSFINIIIRT J 11110 .71I11mI1'j' Tennis, Chorus, Glce Club, TI'2ifflC, Llllflify, 1.03, National Operetta, Ways and Means, HO1101' SOCiCly, Activities lli-Y. :Xward, junior Academy of Science. NANCY 15. QSBQURATE WILLIAM OXENREITER 1-lzzgm-1 fl-HU Chorus! GICC Club' Opomttay "B" Squad lfootball, Intra- ggi,-1 Rl-Serves. mural Basketball, T r a c lc, Usher Squad, Hi-Y, Clulis. X. v 2 IVIARY PACE PA UL lf. PETERS fzme -!""0 Qjjubs' ootball,,,Cl1' GUY Plf'l'lffRSOX MINNIE PICTRICH func ,Inna Football, Tragk, Clubs. Clubs. ol i it aff, .. f V' fi, . C59 4- TL, Xi tm 5 iw O 37 4 fy?-' l 0 if Seni 075 V 1 N Seniors gf? J st 4, LOUTSE PNTLLTPS MARY LANE PLETCH JHHC Jung Chorus, Ciuss Pkty Committee, G. ix, A., Ciubs' Cjiri Reserves. X X . CA! ROBERT POPP NLXHQRAY QQTTS JLIIIIIGVQ' jmw XVTCSUTWQ, SOCCER 6355 Thy: Footbaii, Soccer, Vvrestiing, VUSYU' SQUKUL PUNTUYY, LUG- Traffic, Honor RON, Xationzd Honor Society. DOROTHY T. POXVELL SUSANN PONYELL Ian11a.1'y .Tune Chrss Phi-y Committee, Honor Ciass Pkay, NN'ays and Means, Ron, Cinfos. Operetta Co ittee, G. A. A., Honor ok irl Reserves. X J" JX " M3 Ki by HUGH PRXCE BETTY IEAN PROCTOR T fume . imc Hmm' CMMCHHY Chiba Chorns, Gdee Cinb, Operetta, 'i rathc, Cx. Pt. A., Home Room Otticer. rrwmces PURPURA NAOMI QUIGG june June Cynbsh Traffic, Attendance, Scholastic , Committee, Honor Roii, Ciubs. 3. Romer QUIGG ROBERT QULUN hm C Transferred Nwrestiing, Tranic, Chxhs. 'W' ' x Z ,r , N GX r A ' A x Axwqxvg 4.3535 'L-Q vs, . 4.4 -R DONALD R.'X.XlSlfY fum' l June Operetta Committee, L 0 g, A Golf, Cafeteria, l'sl1er Squad, Ltlllfffll, Home Room Ollicer, Operelta, lutramural Haskel- llonor Roll, Activities Awarcl. ball, Clubs. , , , l'fI-EEN.E R. REARICK V, JAMES REDIJY Jimi' fum' Cl1CCFlC2lClCI', Glee Clllll, OIDCP Rillg- TCQI117 Ivghcr Squjlrl etta, Trallic, XKEL5-S aurl Meaus, Clubs. Girl Reserves. Q. 01" JAC, TELTNE REED ROY REICHIIOLU ,lung Trausferrefl Girl Reserves, Clubs. DOROTHY L. R EINP . . - L 'ER fzzue ffm? Orchestra, Log, Honor Roll, G- A4 A-, Clubs- G. A. A., Clubs. ELSIE RENKUS HENRY J. RENTON Jaallfarj' Soccer, Tragic, Clubs. Cliorus, Class Play Committee G. A. A., Executive Board, Home Room Officer, Clubs. V I R G1 Xl.-X R H VNF GT: QR .mice RICE June J 1111 mzry Hostess Squad, Bulletin Board Chorus, pu,1,1fCity, Class play Squad, Clubs. ' sin LD 4 x VIRGINIA A. RAEIJF . r WW IARD uamr RFU Committee, G. A. A., Clubs. Seniom' fs I il fgilb i 71 as 1 S67'li01f'5 ff 'W' -2 XOHN RTCE STEPHEN RTCE Inna January TTllSTiL'KT!1XTT, GMT, CMSS Phxy, Bgndy Orghggty-3, C1355 Pkg TruHXC, Uomc Room Ckfxccr, Commirrggy Chrbg. T Y ouor RoTT, Lggygg YUUER THEODORE RTEGER . unc IWW Opcrcmx, Gh-1Rcscrves, Chxbs, SUCCCY, 0355 may COWWTUCC, Chxbs. 5 ' K' -- RTCHARD C. TUTTER GENE ROBERTS June June Soccer, Traffic. Clubs. ,X - TZLTZABTZT T NT. RONEY TLXRRTTQT RUTTRKASTTL JT A aammy T H W C JMX I Cx xb Chorus, Chss Pkxy Committee, TA TC' 1 ""' ' Jog' T 5' Opcretm Commkttee, Clubs. JAMES RYLAND FRED SQXNBURN June Trzmsierred Tmramurrd Bzxskctbfm, VVVYCS- ding, Track, Home Room Oi- fxcer, HK-Y, Chxbs. smvrfx v. SANouRSoN Egmmf SAPPLE Jflll1llH'5T D ' mm D Class Phxy, Honor Award, Li- LuHctm board, G. A. A, GxrT brury, Exccutivc Board, Hon- RQSCYVCS' Cmbs' or ROTT, Acdvitics Award. 1 Q T T as Cfsxcra T T IVIARY RITA SCHEIDER JANE LOUISE SCHLOUG f 11716 fllllllflfjf Clubs. Glee Club, Operetta, VVays and Means, Traffic, Class Plax Committee. GEORGE A. SCHRlBlfR CAARL SCH UAIANN' JR' -'f"1'ffl'W Transferred XVrestliug, Class Play Com- mittee, Home Room Otticer, Clubs. 1 - ELEAXOR V. SCHXVAGER J '1-fA' XVEIIXTSBERG Julie -11,119 Trafuc, Operetta Committee, 111- Iubsh Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Clubs. VVTLLIAAI SCHYVEITZER NIANUS SCOTT fzme june Clubs' Football, Track, Class Play, Home Room Officer. EETTY JANE SENIOR PAUL miles SHANOR fmze him, Chorus' Efbffffyf Clubs' Rifle Team, Decorating Squad, Tratlic, Operetta Committee Home Room Ofticer, Hi-Y. LOUIS SHAYV EDXVARD J. SHERRY ffflll' func? Band, lubs. "H" Squad Football, lntra- mural Basketball, TraHic Honor Roll, junior Acaclemv ol' Science. Q I- L. .E ,- F l n X 5 pl Seniors Seniors R ALP H SHT BLEY J une Hand, Orchestra, Chorus, Cdee CND. GEORGE SJMMONS Jima Traffxc, Caictcria, Home Room Oinnccr, Chxbs. JAMES SLATTERY, JR. .Mme Hi-Y, Chrbs, Soccer. " 'CHARLES A. SM1'Yn Mme Jntrmnnr1rJ Bnskctbzm, Soccer E. REATRTCE SPEAR June Chrhs. J AMES SPRJ N GER .T lm C "JR" Squad Foothun, Jntra- rnnrzd BaskcthaJX, T r o c k, NX'rcstJKng, Chrbs. 42 JACK EDXNTN SHTELDS June Tiasketbznl Track Scholar ic , , st Committee, Home Room Oi- frcer Natiomd Honor Soci y, , er Activitiw Award. - ,,- W - 1 . f' f JJ ' I GEORGE E. SIMMONS ,fa Ianuary "B'TM'SQJuad foggyrfxx Pursue . 'J J I, AL, ArMrg5gf'Ji6 yademy oi Science. If PATSY SLONE January Chxbs. JQHN SCUTHNYORTH June Tennis, Chrbs. HELEN SPTRKA January Chorus, Puhncity, Class PXay Committee, G. A. A., Chrbs. - 'W JD A JOHN S EVVART June Foothxrn, Puwicity, Opcretta Committee, Lantern, Home Room Ofncer, Chnms. ip sen-sm p. gi as - -Q! qs LOIS M. sTUCI'MAN HELEN SUMMER fzme' famffy'-V Traffic, Qpe,-etta Committee, Activities Banquet Committee, G' A- Av Council, Library, Log, G. A. A., Home Room Oflicer, Girl Reserves. Clubs- ELIZABETH SUTTON JEANNE SVVARTZ lime ffm? Operetta Committee, G, A. A, HONOV R011. Clubs. Clubs. - yi,4!gfQfl 5,r, ELSTE TENER DXVAINE XV. 'THOMAS f mm ftlllllllfj' Cliorus, G. A. A., Clubs. Urestlirig, Class Play Com- mittee, Clubs. .BEVERLY MAE TILLITT GRACE TILLY fauizary Jung Soeial Committee, Activities Clubs. Banquet Committee, Class Play Committee, Clubs. JOHN TURNBCLL KATHLEEN URBEN June Jmze llome Room Otlieer, Clulis. Clubs. ,jf DOROTHY VEGELER WARREN VIETH fafilfafg' .lime Tfafllf, CIHSS Play C0m1NlffCf', Football, Rzislcetlrzill, Track G. A. A., Clubs. Clubs, l l l A V R fx ffx 5- 0 fl 'I lm 2- , Q +.., . T Seni07'-V J 43 rw .YYW X, Seniors H AROLD Vl'l"l'E llliRYl.E VlNCliXT . Inns Jdllllllfy Chorus, Glee Club, Operetta, Band, Orchestra, Traffic, Trallie, Lug, Girl Reserves. Cafeteria. I Gl.ORl.X VYYTOR JOHN VOl.l,l5RllCl'lT June June Class Play Conamittee, Clubs. Clulms. MARY L. VOLMRlCl'l GEORGE XV. XVARNNWCK .Tune June Clubs. - Soeeer Manager, Decorating. We dia! Squad, Usher Squad, Public Address, Honor Roll, Clubs. 'sl I 5 70 RC'l'l'l li. NNUXTSUN RlARlORlE XVEATQERWAX January Jima' Class Play, llonor Roll, Girl Social Conimi Nays and Reserves, Clubs. Means, Class l ly mniittee, Luntefn , ,Reserves W eff' f Wirumi R v TUNER la 7 . ROBERT XVEBER . . . .Tanuary Q A jmw Soeeer, Cafeteria, Class Play Bulletin Board, Clubs. Coniniittee, lli-Y, Clubs. V ' H vinoima wisnxisn MAME WETZEL jqmc fume Class Play, Vlfays and Means Tfaflw, H0910 ROOW 065001 Q, A, A., Clubs llonor Roll, Girl Reserves G. Ps. A., Clubs. Log, Girl Reserves. , JANE XVHEELERLRL' ROBERT VVHITELOCK Jime fun? Clzorus, Glee Club, Operetta, F00fl12iU, BIISIYCHJHII, Track, T1-3HiQ, Library, Girl Reserycs, Trzzllic, Social Committee, Ac- Qlubg, livities Award. 54444-' LOUISE RCTII WYLD HARRY XYILSON Jallllaz'-1' f 11110 Glee Clulr, Class Play, Traffic, Track, Honor Roll, Clubs. Lazzlem, Girl Reserves. ATANCY VVILSOA' JAMES C. WINN Transferred fUf1'fUf'.1' Football Manager, Tennis Manager, Class Play Commit- tee, Clubs, RICHARD WOLF LOTS MAE VVOODBURX June func Track, Home Room Ofiicer, Chorus, Operettzl Committee FI01101' ROII, Cllairmzm, Traffic, Attemlanrc Ways and Means, Girl Rc- serves. x, JEAN VVYRE ANN YANKOSKY June - v June Tragic, VVays and IVICQTIS, Hostess Squad, Clubs. Operetta Committee, Library, A- B- .fi Q QA A 45 Y .wx Seni01'5 r'fQrr-J 571 Seniors JAMES BARCLAY func J OHN BERNATH January ALBERT BUTCHER Angnxt JOH N ENGLISH January TRUXTON EVANS August I ,IVJ-fl-' 'ALEX GARAN 'V January A HAROLD LANG . f ,june Football, Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Executive Board. I FRED LEEDHAM June " CLIFFORD LOELIN Anguxl ANNA RUTH MARTIN January JOHN IXIASSOL January VVILLIAM MCRQBERTS ' ' func Clubs. ARCH POVVELL, JR, fanuary JOHN XVALSH func' Rfflc, H1-Y, Clubs. 46 f 1 'J W ,4 .JD X , vlfit Twelve B Grade Q ,pygmy !6W,,,i,,aez ,-Sm ee, B it F fwllurrnzlle " -f C , frftq af U J First Row: jeanne Ererhart, Lucille Vincent, jeanne Green, liileen Sebulske, Annette Loughborough, Margaret Martsolf, jean Dobson, Lois'Trageser, janet Collins, janet Buckingham, Gene Donelson, Ruth Templeton, Charlotte Schultz, Dorothy Neilson, Margaret Osbourne, Helen Hopper, Audrey Hance, Laura Robinette, Phyllis Schumm, Betty Lacy. Second Row: Margie Kraber, Barbara Blair, Florence Orr, Louise Markle. Sophie Kazior, lfleanor Forbes, Betty Meyers, Ruth Means, lilspeth jordan, Margie Morrison, Virginia Davis, Virginia Myers, Mary Lou Garner, Angelina Mastanclrea, Margaret Say, jean Charlton, Nancy l'fer, Mary Louis Haynes. Third Row: VVilbert Hutchison, l'aul Magnus, llt-nry llepner, Harry Lammert, Dick Berger, Charles Courtney, jesse Ilill, jim Brady, liugene Matthews, jack Rothman, Art Kiefer, Don Kramer, Charles Dixon, Mac Corner. Albert liisenbeis, jim Taylor, Paul de Beneclietis, Karl Krcigline, Don -Remensnyder, jim Lane, Carl Schumann, Bob Davis, Norman MaeDowell. Fourth Row: Charles Erikson, Charles Purnell, Bob Nickeson, Frank Fitch, Dick Creps, Dave Young, Alex Copetas. llarolcl Bucher, Bill Amos, Art Adamson, Ray Smith, Charles Clarke, Al Butcher, Charles Miller, llarry Burkhart, Bill jackson, Don Rich- ardson, Stanley Shepard, jack McGovern, Bob lfaloon. J 33.2 47 1 i Us liivla ,1 ew at ORIOLE cs' V X Eleventh rade lfirzrf liars: Lucille Lncchesi, ,lean Post, Betty Vick, Joan Schroeder, Jane Stnrinan, Dorothy Vance, Elizabeth 1-Xhbott, Betty Shatter, Shirley Massiclf. Mary l-lousley, Kathryn Bailey, lre11e Maloney, Peggy Sack, Elaine Bullions, Betty Erisman, Gertrude lllltlO11, Betty Lee Scott, Dolores Luterancik, Kathleen RiFHe, Ruth Conaway. .SQUUOIZZII Row: Peggy Johns, Ja11e Bower, Marjorie Bechtel, Anna Herb, Evelyn Jones, Rosemary l'urpura, Amelia Richardson, Ann Markey, Edith Sn1itl1, Doris Phillips, Phyllis Holloway, Rita Lnxhacher, Rlllll Renton, Rutl1 Stolze, Leona Schneider, Thirza Slll'l1llOl1S, llele11 Jane llilmbs, Mary Ann Hodtuin, Joan NVyman, Helen Galcnec, Mar- garet Rech, Edith Rickley, Marjorie Couch, Dorotl1y McKibbin, Marion Getty, Mary Jane Kenan. Third Row: Betty JHIIC San1nels, Carolyn Maser, Ruth Jolly, Martha Harlan, Helene Schenck, lfleanor Kirsopp, Bernice Tracey, Mary Louise Knight, Emma Arbes, Jeanne llast, Dorothy Keleher, Norma XVhitehouse, Betty Snplee, Jean Ledwith, Dale Kirsopp, Geraldine McQuillen, Ethel Lorenz, Mary Ann Falk, Betty Shirk, Grace Judge, Patricia McClain, Nancy Morrison. l"o'1"'l1 Row' Dorothea Rawa, Margaret Mellott, Dorothy Greiner, Jacqueline Young, Bar- hara Bridges, Betsy Ann Plank, Ruth Morgan, Audrey Phillips, Jean Moorhouse, Jea11 Dun11, Rosemary Stewart, Vera McColligan, Mary Louise Hei1nbuecl1er, Dorothy Rustad, Doris Smiley, Virginia Powell, Dorotl1y Campbell, Jesse Provost, Margaret Russell, Norma Baker, Dorothy Kachurik, Vera Davis, Marian Abdon, Beatrice Taylor, Mary Fitzgerald, Lucianne lsham, Jeanne Condit. l Fifth Row: Bob Hugus, Don Kallock, Fred Krugh, Dick Fuchs, John Usher, Charles ' k Seghers, 'lillO1Tlll.S Yollbrecht, Grant Beacl1, Jack Donoghue, Joe Thompson, Jim Turner, t, E., David Sto11er, Jim Kernan, Bill Duncan, Stanley Milewsky, VVayne Van Zandt, Carl X 'k'," 'x Daube, Robert Halen, XYalter Cavalovitch, Bill Kelly, Glenn Terry, Bernard Hobday. N ' ,S'z,1'1'11 Row: Larson Brown, Lawrence XVillian1s, Bill Rogers, Bill O'Connor, Jol1n Shaffer, Ira Matheny, Jack Ballard, James Stewart, John Grimenstein, Dick Foster, Bill Clatty, Bill O'Brien, Robert Campbell, Jack May, Richard Pickett, Jerry Matthews, Ed Hutche- son, Bill lldischas, Fred Clam, Jack Allderige. .q6'Z't'l1f11 Note: Bob Hanna, XVilliam Procter, Bill Reddy, Bill Shater, VVesley Barthelmes, Ed Cipriano, Jack Stahlnecker, Chandler Ketchum, Ed Charnell, XYarren Stuehing, Harry Murphy, Jesse Cullison, Richard Laphain, Ji111 Zook, llarry Benz, Jin1 Nichol, Rex l'lan11nerly, Marion Cieslicki, Jack Shields. Roy Brahm. lfigfztlz Korv: Lea McLean, Creighton Murphy, Toni Hooper, Dean Kroh, Bob Truehlootl, John Brandt, Don Stechschulte, George Doxflihoe, Judson Prindle, Bill Smith, Ton1 Shields. :Jy nf 1 ' f 1 l '1"' J T1-it A ' ' in 'V K J i 4 .3 f P ' ' ' ,5 ,1 ' -, 'L' AN. KQV V '...5 -4. 1 ' ll it 48 xxgxkwxx' ll L 1 ., 0 x 1 1 -3 , 4 P A5 GQ 3- WYK1 ,B Eleventh Grade J ini? ,,-q"' I 7 X 1' Ji if L tif' X Jars. 4 ' . 5 -ii ' ,nf ,i ' ag ' ,J 1 X' 'Llj' X ml I . H ',x.ixitw W in '- - Ajbljlfgj f . -ev if " A afgffwf !,iC First Row: Irene Shaffer, A , ' ' Balach, Alma Roehler, Margaret Nonic, Katherine Ziefel, Mary Elizabeth Mershiox-1, Martha McFall, Mary Boyd, Pat Brady, Lois Ken- nedy, Marion Vlfright, Mary Alma Lapsley, Dorothy Myers, Patricia Colgate, Virginia VVolt, Nancy Sebring, Trene Brenkus, Grace Gebhardt, Patricia Brown, Ann Simmons. Second Raw: Helen Gaul, Mary Margaret Blum, jean lXlcCandless, jean DeLong, Phoebe Vittor, Nancy Stanier, Nellie Caramela, Marie Ziefel, Mildred Volz, Dorothy Wetzel, Dorothy Ball, Dorothy Homer, Madeline Wheeler, Betty Schick, Betty Smith, Lillian Killinger, Mary Jean Anderson, Katherine Dowling, Louise Stabile, Phyllis Evans, Con- cetta Cipriano, Edith Smith, Rosemary Blum, Louise Campbell, junetta Fidinger. Third Row: Annie Lou Duncan, Jeanne Burke, Ann Simpson, Betty Wlayinan, Helen Fet- terman, Ruth Field, Lenore DeWall, Jane Roberts, Florence Yost, jean Prass, Betty Campbell, Harriette Allen, Anna Moury, Grace VVild, Dorothy Stauff, Suzanne Craw- ford, Virginia Ballard, Miriam VVallgren, Peggy Lewis, Dorothea Seifert, Beverly lmrie, Annette Moses. Fourth Row: Virginia Trunzo, Roberta Green, Vickie Carafas, Louise llilf, Charles Hast, Mike Litwin, Bill Stout, Bill Sholl, Henry Powell, Bill l'roctor, Joseph Haynes, Bill Hoffman, Bob McElroy, Wlallace Coyte, Ed KlcEnteer, Bob Nolle, Hazel Loeffel, Marilyn Hansen, Elva Thomas, ,lean Xlacke, Doris llopkins. Iiiftli RON: Fred Griiliths, Robert Crowell, Ed Kappel, Ed Housley, Cyril lvory, John Tem- pleton, Dick Mills, VVallace McClelland, Glenn Geiger, Leo Grosso, VValden DeVore, Ted Bnchek, Don Denkle, Gilmore VVilliams, llarry Urell, Bob Charters, Bill Hall, Fred Hamilton, Bill Underwood, Dalton Courtney, Bob Stutt. Sixtlz Note: Earl Miller, Ernest Giles, Louis Ringling, Dick Evans, Frank Glenn, Mike Dulski, Tom Ulam, Lewis Smith, John Clapperton, Bob Bender, Leo Haller, ,lack Wfil- son, Allen Beck. Pat Flannigan, Melvin Jones, Leo Chess, Bill Truschel, Dick Collins, Bill Walton, Dick Grant. Sevefltlz Role: Bob Nixon, Robert Lindsay, Bob Dawson, James llarrison, Harry Vtfight, Nick Stabile, Clark Hogsett, Glenn Vlfilliams, Bob Mcliwen, George Hanson, Bill O'Melia, Ray Frodey, NValter Labrenz, Bill Douglas, Francis Klancher, Bill Taylor, Dick Law, Jack Rider. Eighth Row: George Foster, Edmond Colaianni, Don Edmundson, Dick Knowlson, Edward Aires, Bill VX'hittield, Ed Hammel, Edmund Smith, Kay Smith, Bill Baker, Roland Suth- erland, Bill Housley, Bob Burlingame, Stuart Champion, jim McCormick, Frank O'Hara. 49 EZ xx- .ffff n 1 Al , . X' i - , V Y, ' . fi' If! .4 J", J ' Tenth . rade Jr I, ,fl at l VX X I JXJM V' fl,- lmjkfh xxvlk I, j fi ,fi X tv' if lv' k as aa' ' W " N - A . v A ,' lib' xwf-,fre :J - . lx' ml y ' , X j - ,, xx . t 2' rlxx X A lf F .ffl Qote: argaretta Eckles. Elizabeth El iston, Marietta Young, Mary Jane Nickeson, J Ah-ne Scl ough, jeanne Hutchison, Bernice Harris, Dorothy Simon, Virginia Bowland Margie Anderson, Peg Taylor, Eunice Smith, Betty VVillianis, Margaret Stahlnecker, f Nl Charlotte Thomas, Ruth Love, Jeanne jordan. Lucille McCurry, Betty NVhitfield, Phyllis Brooks. Sfrond Row: Shirley Nelson, Margaret Brown, XVilma Andreen, Pauline Galenee, Jane Ross, Betty Shakespeare, Inger Arnesen, Nancy Zxvinggi, Kathryn Glenn, Nancy Noyes, Pompea Cardarelli. Ellen Haberman, Catherine Brannon, Nancy Roney, Llarjorie Survinski, Louise McClyinont, Jean Ehlers, Dorothy Huffman, Ouida McGehee, Betty Madden, Elsie Arnesen, Virginia Metcalfe, ,loan Metiinniss, Marilyn Chlinger, Mary Lee Barton. Madeline Clark. Third Row: George Shields, Raymond Bower, Dick Schaefer, Richard Everline, Bill Scott, George Mayall, Evelyn Rees, Margaret Livingston, Florence Gregory, Laverne Barrett, Devora Ballon, june Sinexve, Peggy Gaylord, Myrel Ulmer, Marion Kuehner, Shirley Blass, Sprudina Pennick, jean Stanley, Mary Catherine XVolfe, Ruth Duling, Sophie Caster, Bob May, Elmer Tracey, George Graham, David Griffiths, Robert MeRoberts, Jack Stringer, Sam Aston, Foitrih Row: Henry Petrick, Paul Good, Bill Bertelsen, .lack Powell, Harry Ammann, Russell VVolfertz, Dale Reckley. Richard Koch, Charles Brown, Malvin Sander, Bob Short, Bob Kirk, Don XYilliams, -loc Cavalovitch. Roy Beatty, Alec Luft, Dean Copetas, Jim Dernmel, VVilliam Lytle, Dick Conroy, Mike Cavalovitch, John Sowers. liifih Row: Bill McGee, Charles Culbertson, Bill Koenig, Bob Reed, Ray Aitken, Don Boyer, Bob Keene, Daniel VVinslow, Lynn l-leiss. XVallace Root, ,lim Beam, Tom Carr, Douglas Baird, Carlton -Iewett, Erroll Dexter, Bob Little, llarold llammerstrom, B ll K McCormick, john McCall, Lee lXlfeQuistion. ,Sixth Row: Norbert Buckley, Jack Crawford, John Matragas, Jack Dragonette, Philip Weisel, john Lewis, Charles Roberts. ,lim Paulos, Bob Rick, Bob Campbell, Bob Seiferth, Vincent Joyce, Ralph Koerber, Jack Burley, Bill Baker, XX'allaee Prass, Rolla Millet, Robert Zima, VValter Schumm, Bob Drake. Severitli Row: Carolton Shaffer, Bob Creps. jack Vogel, Bob Holstead, Ray Robb, Frank Boss, Bill Philips, -lohn Ketchum, llarold Simmons, Charles Hugus, Bob Baker. 50 f ,Q "Y 'B' 'Qi ! an ' fx 351. .L N , il .I N f . Tenth rade 'Wi Sh 4f yjj'1ifJ L L W' First Row: Anna Mae Miller, Peggy Medley, Evelyn Davison, Eleanor Dunlap, Priscilla 'l'ite, llelen Stafford, Maxine Balch, Pattie lfindley, Virginia Bellingham, Louise Brown, jane Murray, Peggy .-Xlderson, Marjorie Ruppelt, janet Snyder, Betty Hughes, Gene- vieve Dulski, Margaret Lawrence, Kathryn Tepe, Martha Atkins, Florence Dutton. Secmzd Row: Mildred Pecovisli, Margie Funk, jean Anderson, Betty Lee Keane, Megan Whelan, Elizabeth Hofrichter, Beverly Knechtel, Marcella Hofrichter, june Shepler, lilide Romanueci, Peggy McElroy, Mary Catherine Dwyer, Lucille Stalilnian, Sonia Grufman, Patty Lou Adam, Catherine Miller, Evelyn Lang, Margaret Slattery, Gertrude Brannon, Margaret Bergman, Ethel XYeisman, Gloria Kohlmyer, Virginia XVoody, Peggy Greulich, Audrey Allee, Marjorie Parks. Third Row: Mary Meroyich, Bette Eleckeustein, .lean Hosick, Betty Mcllee, Betty Grubbs, Patricia Scott. Elizabeth Bush, Mary Lou Betz, Evelyn Barteaux, Patricia Ryan, Arlene Schroth, Dorothy Pierce, Barbara llahner, Patricia Helland, lrmarie Scheuneman, Betsy Hamilton, Barbara Mathews, Dorothy Barto, Marjorie Graham, Margaret Makar, jane Becraft, Barbara Brill, Naomi Hern, Jean Ramsey. Fourth Roni: Cleland Nelson, Bill Eeisley, Bill Longstaff. Don Keagy, Gloria Weiss, Billie Jean Huber, Virginia Heron, Leona Cipriano, Sally Runyon, Marilyn Cavanagh, jean Clark, ,lean Cunningham, Marianne llatton, Ruth Gordy, Eileen llilf, Mary Ruskell, Leona Betz, Virginia Volkay, Nick Yalicenti, John Magnus, lack Langstaff, NVesley Weldeli. Fifth Row: Jim Rector, Dick Forgette, XYalter Smith. Bill Remensnyder, Jim VVilfong, Bob Towner, Tom Hartman, Jim Culton, Braden Swaney, Bob Culliane, Bob Fleisch- auer, Baker Kearfott, Dan Bode, Earle Patterson, Charles Pratt, Wesley Cronmiller, Bob Kaschak. Russell Clatty, Benton Kline, Steve Gaber. Sixth Rate: Tom McSteen, Karl Sittler, jim Champion, Ken Haughin, George Senheiser, VVarren Gorham, Robert Leech, Ed Ryan, Bob Dressing, Albert Lainmert, Franklin Elliott, Gordon Stewart, Raymond Heinen. 'Warren Martin, Edwin Campbell, Robert Roberts, jim Seifert, John Emery, John johnson. Seveutlz Row: Jack Glessner, Bob McCue, George Dulabon, Ellsworth Harris, Bob Clarke, John Hannon, Duncan Brown, Charles Mehling, Dale Hamilton, Ed Sweet, Vincent O'Brien, Ellis Booker, Don Kindschi, Ben Kenny, Harry Ruppel, Roger Dejohn, Jack XYard, jack Bergman, George Cruikshank, -loe llardy, Paul Hawkshaw, Ray Deemer. W ',bfYff2'5'?i , Wt Misa inth Grade -aa.: gs First Row: Maxine Acosta, Dorothy Coons, Dorothy VValsh, Jean Purves, Ethel Stark, Alice Means, Gayle Thonipson, Constance Hatton, Mary Sebring. Patty Green, Edith Thompson, Marilyn Streich, Rosemary McNamara, Ellen NVitte, Nancy Cameron, Betty Rank, Martha Coate, Sara Ross, Ruth Maier, Betty Paulson, Betty Harsch, Mary Conaway. Scrozzd Kate: Betty Killinger, Pearl Shapiro, Helen Vincent, Mary Frances Mahafhe, Jacquelyn Kline, Ruth VValters, Thelma Henderson, Clara Tebbets, Barbara Wlielan, Betty VVeisel, Lois Hervet, Nancy Matthews, Mary Ellen McConnell, Mary Friday, Laverne Patter, lrene Fekete, Jean VYatson, Marilyn Chrystal, Mary Ellen llenderson, Mary Vietmeier, Mary Ann Snowdcn, Louise Koenig, Betty Long, Patty NViggins, Helen Louise Meyers, Carrie VVaddell. Third lime: Dorothy Luss, Joyce Aiken, Betty Seifert, Laverne Susanna. Elaine Alex- ander, Jean Deutsch, Patricia May, Virginia Rohrkaste, June Schwartz, Grace Heck, Violet Herzog, Joan Daker, Lois Crawford, Betty Butler, Mary Casper, Florence Colaianni, Irene Bucher, Eleanor Ann Collins, Mary Ann Atherholt, Alberta Baumann. Janet Darby, Virginia Schrader, Joyce Marshall. Iiomfth lr'0'w: Dick Rohrich, Marie llleding, Julia Makar, Jane Stewart, Harriett Stine, Sally Mcliall, Blanche Burnett, Lois Miller, Anne Brown, Virginia Perry, Marguerite Kilt, Shirley Parker, Jane Ernest, Glenys Mechem, Betty Haynes, Janice Mcuschke, Joan Hallain, Margaret Auty, Dick Seifert. Fifth Knit? Jack Sholl, David Faloon, Vincent Lascheid, Howard Stuckeman, Bill 'XYitney, Lawrence Rank, Lucian Caste, Acky Copetas, George llcCall, Joseph Hardwick, Robert Edmundsou, TValter Kraber, Scott Stanley, George Loos, lidward Amend, Jack Kimes, Wlalter Brand, Bill Sumner, Tom Flanigan. ,bRl'.l'flI Rnrv: ,lim Miller. Bruce Murray, John Clam, Harry Hoffner, Bob Anderson, Charles Casper, Hubert Hanks, Joe Stewart, Charles McClelland, John Wleimer, Bill Gritlith, Jack Meyers, Bill Aldrich, Jack Iliinmelrich, Jack Thelan, Jim McMichael, Frank Miller, John Sack, Bob Maylield, Charles Reed, Bill Garner. .SJUZJFILHI Rare: Bob Meneilly, John Murphy, Bob Perry, Bill Garner, Jim Cooper, Vllalter Snyder, Bob Jenners, Chester Edmunds, Jack Boor, John Spirka, Glen Campbell, Leslie Davis, Richard Colgate, Edward Fink, Rolfe Harper, Hugh Hamilton, Donald Logan, Bill llritchard, Max Salisbury. lfiglzlli Raw: Charles Adams, Bob llell, Jack Richards, Grant Evans, Bill Tarn, Bob Ricker, Jiiu Murphy, Richard Hogsett. 52 E, , 0 C , , A , E V : i X' B , 1 fi'-gh! p ..i-I! HQ' 'N inth Grade H wax liirxl Row: Carmella Benedetti, Barbara Shaffer. Marilyn McBride, Isabelle Romain, Nancy Wolfe, Lillian Pasqual, jean Ellen Stewart, june Eairman, Ann Lee Alexander, Carol -lean VVaechter, Barbara Bacon, Minnette Fritts, Joan Baserman, Evelyn Burtis, Mary Lu Pursell, Lois Horning, Gene Xkeigand, Doris Hanks, Roberta Emery, Dorothy Goldsworthy. .Siecond Kate: David Finn, llelen Lastooka, NYinifred Hilf, Betty Kail, Dolores Thompson, Barbara Beatty, june Christman. Betty Schoenberger, Virginia Stutt, Barbara Clapp, Ruth Louise Rice, Shirley Phillips, Selma Drumm, Barbara Hofrichter, Patricia McCartney, Lucille Ortolt, Camilla Kerrigan, llelen Duling, Margaret Livingston, Edna XYood, Barbara McClain, Betty VYendell, Nita Del Grande, Florence llatz, Stella Cheberenehick, Evelyn Matthews, Rosemary Heinen, Mary Agnes Voskuhl, Peggy Albright, Margaret Soloman, Virginia Sommer, Gloria Lamark, Eleanor Cain. Thin! Row: Edward Smull, Bill Keeling, Stuart Zimmerman, June Black, Clarissa XYil- liams, Carol llickock, Mary Vanzin, Blanche Northart, Geraldine Barrett, Mary Caste, Peggy Bowlus, Betty Kleppick, Helen Boss, Helen Stabile, Celina McGovern, Grace Kalloek, Laverne Boss, Betty Lou Bell, Lorna Gulley, Patsy Adam, Shirley Clayton, Madeline O'Brien, Ruth Meier, Virginia Reiter, Alice Lee Gardner, Kathleen Alainison, 'Hesley Coltman, Russell Stechschulte, Alan Xkeatherell, Edgar Bard. Iiourfh Row: ,lack Keeler, Charles Schaffer, Alvin Thomas, Charles Ollanlon, jack Krieger, Bill Simmerman, Charles Davis, Albert Davis, ,lane Mensch, Marjorie Orr, Betty Lu Moreland. Mable Poster, Emily Fergus, jaeklyn Tuttle, Lorraine Varkins, llolores Van Dugteren. Yirginia Klulhollan, .lane Daley, Laura Turner, Mary Nlartha Phillips, janet Adam. Regina Opferman, Katherine Diery, ,lane Cramer, Nell Collins, Dick Adamson, NVarren Hoffman, john Beitler, Tom llopper, Kenneth Metivier, Robert Sullivan, Jay Arthur, Walter Blume. Fifth Row: Bob Kane, .lim Finn, VVilliam Zewe, James McVay, Vtfilliam Schrader, John Logan, Tom Greulieh, John Sieger, Henry Buehek, Tony Grosso, Gerald Knaus, Dick Cranston, Tom Lavelle. John Friend, Bill Eckenrode, Jim McPeak, Gerald Creehan, Donald O'Conn0r, Art Creehan, James Brezger, James Davies, Robert Nagel, Bill Furst, Dick Owen, Jack Paulus, John Long, John Kough. ,S'i,1'lh Row: Frank Kenney, Alvin Dyer, George Kletch, Harry Brown, David Danner, Robert Budden, George Fisher, Matthew Purpura, Bill Barr, Clyde Farmer, Frank Susco, Edward Happe, Pom Nichols, Bill Trageser, Robert Manley, jack Ilimmel- rich, Bob Goldsmith, Dick Russon, Harry Herliuger, Llewellyn Botula, llarry Lose, Paul Evers, David VVoodworth, James Cotts, Bill Sellors. Sc"z1e1zth Row: James Vtfaters, Charles VVoll, Elmer Dixon, Robert Quinn, Ralph Coltman, Norman Kern, Richard McEwen, Ross Smith, Bill Arther, Robert Teasdale, Jack Tab- ler, Robert Goss, Jack Moore, Rand Schenck, John Rees, Paul Vieth, Charles Judge, Eugene Karsh, Ed Fonzi, john Buekey, Paul Kernan. Eighth Row: Bob Corbett, Tom Duff, Francis Daube, NYalter Taylor, Bill Corbett, Donald Hubbard, Bill Cummins, Clare McDermott, .lohn Frank, john Moran, Bud Babbitt, Gene Smoot, Stephen VYard, Frank MacQuown, Donald Hast, David Davies, Bill Ross. 53 Fl Q O Eighth Grade G First Row: Sara Giles, Elaine Risch, Florence Henderson, Marilyn Pringle, Marian Lan- dergott, Diana Ketchum, Nancy Mills, Marjorie Eva, June Buckingham, Janet Lewis, Joan Schaeffer, Jane Bullions, Margery Graham, Carol Miller, Mary Lou Aitkin, Doro- thy Tattersall, Jane Franham, Rosemary Kearfott, Joan Kalbach, 'Willa llance, Jean Hopper, Doris McCormick. Second Row: Margaret VVheeler, Jacqueline Alexander, Caroline Crawford, Marie Scar- vace, Gloria Corbett. Nancy Urner, Dorcas Rumsey, Edna O'Donnell, Margie Ham- merly, Elaine Caramela, Betty Jane Hyams, Mary Jane McTlvried, Gail Mcnsch, Lois Moriarity, Wanda Garver, Eva Thomas, Mary Brown, Sara Ream, Ruth Judge, Gloria McQuillen, Mary Lou Lamark, Patricia Forbes, Barbara Hixon, Dorothy Brill. Third Row: Virginia LeFurgy, Evangeline Matragas, Catherine Ball, Eloise Fiand, Ruth Simmons, Patty Gatter, Mildred Xlowcry, Jean Linncrt, Dorothy Deutsch, Jean Law- rence, Jean Fisher, Patsy O'Brien, Betty Donges, Carolyn Thomas, Nancy Charles, Martha Mackey, Audrey Colledge, Jean McGhee, Maribelle Powell, Joan Marquis. Fourth Row: Bill Bode, Jim Davis, John Bruno, Harry Keck, VValter Huhn, Bob Bam- ford, Ed McAninch, George Pace, Bob Miller, Ann Haygood, Lucy Frenkle, Gloria Langstaff, Virginia Kough, George Ritchey, Charles Haus, Jim Parmley, Hobart Chivers, Fred Walter, Bob VVitney, Bill Fee, Bob Oates, John Bermel. Fifth Row: Charles Carson, Frank Price, Boyd Speaker, Bill XVCFITIC, George Housley Bob Romaine, John Clarke, Charles Hurley, Bill Evans, Bill Perkins, Roy Clark, Charles Esgar, Bill Davis, Ted Ramsey, Roy Loughborough, John Taylor, Jack Neilson, Warrtrii Edwards, Peter Schroeder, John Davis. J Sixth Row: Bob VVinslow, Bob McClain, Lester VValirenburg. Ralph Orr, Bob Banbrow, Frank Benson, Piersol Murray, Martin Arden, Jim Stone, Victor Minnotte, Earl Cnlli- son, Charles Stein, Bob Scharnberg, Guinn Price, Roger O'Connor, Jack Hardwick, Varick Schwartz, Dick Young, Norman Phillips, Richard Frost, Seventh Row: Glenn Brucggemann, James Dnchene, Jack Marshall, Donald Lindcman, Phillip Bray, Bill XVick, Bob Murphy, XValter Roberts, Bill Yohe, Richard Curtin, Ralph English, Charles Swartz, Bob List, Bartlett Giles, Bill Gilfillan, Rudolf Hofer, Bill Shannon, Bill McCaskey, Richard Boosinger. Eighth Row: Jim Mawha, Paxtd VVatkins, Robert Clatty. ve 5 NNW XC D G Qwv 54 1 :F 'nite in 3 Eighth Grade " X " - Ak.. " 0 .f,z,.!.Q - -gg, .ae- " B 'ifiifsil'-0 N51-.ff a Fin! Roto: Olive Gallaher, Marcia Bulger, Mildred Franson, Mary Hofsos, Katherine Grimenstein, julie Ann Randall, Bardarah McCandless, Alice Pillischer, Betty Peat, Julianne Tiegel, Charlotte Abbott, Aim Bailey, Barbara lluber, Melba Schmidt, Eliza- beth Hislop, Ruth Anderson, Martha Kenan, Lucille Coons, Nancy Rice, Peggy Patton, Francis Fuller, Sally Connor. Second Row: Ann Babbitt, June Shepard, Gloria Findley, Elizabeth Fee, Patsy Moss, Marilyn Sidnell, Ruth Diery, lane Purcliard, Camille Vallerina, Alma Jean Richards, Wilnia Hawkins, Ada Louise Ringdal, Nancy Lee Niclclas, Gloria I-lilf, Julia Ann Rust, Virginia Simmons, Nancy Tarn, Margery Little, Margery McMillan, Muriel Brown, Betty Parke, Katheryn Acosta, Margaret Gardner, -lean Hogsett, Peggy Blair, Mar- jorie Morris. Third Row: Anna Haines, Lois Minnotte, Lillian Underwood, Martha Steele, Carol Him- melriek, Doris Jean Crocker, Audrey Leonard, Dorothy Kiefer, Phyllis Conner, Margery McCall. Rlaurine Hatman, Shirley Stevenson, Annette Francis, Thalia Meyer, Shirley Tisdale, Virginia NVood, Nola Grimes, jean Beam, Jane Gaiser, Fourllz Row: Bill Lascheid, Jim Cardarelli, Paul Del Grande, Bob Boyle, Joe English, llarold Bradtute, Toni Hanover. Richard De Longa, Dick Mager, Donald Rhodewalt, Walter Anderson, -lim Mayer, Byron Meyer, llarold Taylor, Tom Orr, Bill Ballon, Mert Proctor, Ugo Siconolh, Bob Keagy, Howard Bower. Iiiffh Row: David Hatz, Elmer Yost, Bob Reading, Bob Stoner, Bill Moore, Bob King, Lee Hutton, Arthur Grittiths, Bob Gathmann, Bill Kraft, Leonard De Longa, Laird Kroh, Charles Gonder, Bob Starling, George Kroher, Joe Kelly, Bruce llarrison, Dave Smith, Kenneth Kimes, August De Giovanni, Sixlh Row: Merle Adams, Gordon Lunsforcl, Jim Feisley, Robert Pelz, Bob llasselman, llultz Giles, Bob Lewis, Carter Ruskell, Norman XVilson, Bill Morton, George Smith, Calvin Hartman, Leslie Nelson, Bill Dunkle, George Abbott, Ray Simmons, Glenn Butler, Bill Bucher, Nicholas Krayer. 55 Seven A Grade J J Xe5f, bfil1, N T7 ll --is First Row: Rosa Lee McNulty, Shirley Ringdclheim, Cornelia Lopez, Peggy Kline, Audrey Proctor, Jane Blair, Joanne Greer, lfileen Hoffman, Joan Miller, Nancy Waterhouse, Kay Gould, Carol Clark, Peggy Ann House, Margaret Huber, Louise Wliitcoinbr, Janet Scott, Millicent Barnard, Carolyn Craft, Helen Zimmerman, Mabel De Lano, Phyllis Wolfe, Corinna Bernd, Ila Hallowell, Carolyn Drake, Jane Hamilton. Second Row: Marilyn Andreen, Marilyn Sandborn, Susanne Rinehart, Virginia Graham, Marilyn Ramsey, Mary Jane Barthelmes, Jean Hathaway, Carolyn King, Vivian Uhlinger, Helen Corner, Gretchen Haughton, Nancy Louise Kenny, Betty Jane Mercer, Jean Staggs, Janet Lichtenthaler, Virginia Schweinsberg, Jean Jones, Mickey McCollum, Lucille Mathews, Vera McFarland, Irene Chotner, Helen Baumbach, Lois Burke, Dorothy Hilf. Third Row: Barbara Wire, Doris Appel, Martha VVilber, Anna Mae Schweitzer, Marilyn Buncher, Mary Peoples, Emmajean Aston, Patsy Heckler, Adriane Handel, Mary Fodel, Mary Harper, Peggy Kuehner, Alice Romain, Jean Angle, Eva Clark, Virginia Reese, May Dee Scheuneman, Mildred Brahm, Audrey Stahl, Betty Yeagle, Patricia Van Duyl, Belle Hanson. Fourth Row: Barbara Johnson, Barbara Skoog, Marion Korb, Ruth Wriglit, Marjoiy Huntsberger, Mary Foster, Lois Anne Lowe, Huberta Murphy, Theda Brinkam, Marilyn Ricker, Janet Lee Philips, Jean McGovern, Charlene Hood, Norma Appel, Helen Koontz, Natalie Leech, Joan Peterson, Joan Poellet. Fifth Row: Charles Haviland, Bob Ferguson, Jim Thompson, Howard Forbes, Bob Bertel- son, Bill Lowe, Dan Harrison, David Charnell, Bill Lambie, Kenny Marshall, Harrison Muller, David Uline, Bob Adkins, Boyd Grimes, Charles McGovern, Norwood Allen, Russell Hamler, Joe Campbell, Lee French, Bob Ziegler, Leo O'Donnell. Sixth Row: Hale Hill, Joe Scarvace, Jack Geinzer, Dick Tolcr, George Turnbull, Bob Keagy, Malcolm Sheppard, Bill Eiler, Louis Greulich, Jack Collins, Don O'Hara, Jacob Pursell, Douglas Anderson, Jack Green, Dan VVilliams, Fred Boder, John Marlow, Mawin Rapp, Boyd Cleaver, James Kirk. ,bSl"UCllfh Row: David Gibson, David MacKenzie, Charles Mershon, Dick Peters, Herbert Johnson, Bob Crowe, Don Brown, Joe Cook, Jack Eichenberg, Malcolm Agnew, Bob VVhitehill, Joseph DeLuke, Bill Thomas, NValter Remp, Donald Young, Frank Beal, James Ross, Dan XVersant, Jim Schenck. Eighth Row: Charles Knache, Frank Southworth, Alfred Burnham, Dalton Rumbergen, David Craft, Bob Ball, George Adair, Bill Knechtel, Bob Baldinger, Charles Hamblen, Raymond Schaefer, Paul Hoerath, Joe Kirsopp, Glenn Frazce, Harry Fonzi, Donald VYclls, Charles Studeny, Steve Bleecker, Bill Porter, Allen Calhoun, 56 Here 'n There 1 . . XX hC1'C,Q the "' ' Di' s 'Iwln 1' .. - .. -' - 'I eushun. , 14 you E15 IL uc . Chwkcu , luspwmrj Hold it! XYhe11 do wc eat? . vI'Avl:U"'f Sweet Nothmgs XX Rrgnldi Zxlgou All dated up 57 Q Leaving our scholars to their studies, We sail peacefully along the airvvays. But not for long---soon vve are compelled to make a forced landing, after being bombarded by requests such as these: 4'Get your red-hot vveiners here. Only Sc and smothered in mustard." L'Come, come my good man, and have you purchased a Lantern yet?" L'Will you please buy your Log from me? This year were going to have the duckiest pictures and things." This vague petition comes from a Log salesman, pleading in the undaunted spirit of "Do or Die." These entreaties plus the stampede of committee members hastening to their meetings nearly overcome us, but vve finally escape to the hills on our Magzc Carpe! ACTIVITIES Cream of the Crop Q First Noir: xl2ll'Qtll'l1l llartsolf. .lane St'lllOll2lI. Louise Nleliol. Louise Wild. lil0I'lhlllX Kzlessner, Fdna May Jolinston. Mary lltIllSt'lllll1'T. Sepia S:1111le1'so11 Q Seconrl I1'n11': Il:11'old l.z111g:stz1IT, Kurt Meiiselikll, John lllll'f0l'tl, Mn1'1':1y Potts, .lolin Goltltliwait. 'Fed lllll'llN. Dave Young, lfl4fll2ll'tl ll0l'1l' iner, llill Cranstoll. .Iaek Shields. llll2ll'll4S Iinss, tllenn lleek, liill llilllllllbt-'ll. National Honor Society And there, gentle readers, are the prides of Mt. Lebanon, the cream of a Senior Crop, in other words, our star students. All chosen by a faculty committee, these fortunate few were initiated in- to the mysteries of the National Honor Society, of whose "promised landu many have dreamed. Much consternation annually confronts the committee however, for VVE, the Seniors, are of such unusual calibre. -fthat, well, when only fifteen per cent of the graduating class, ten per cent of twelve B, and five per cent of eleven A are admitted to those golden portals of knowledge, that 'leaves quite a few in mourning! Klost of us. however, are content to brag about our classmates, whose superior char- acter, scholarship. leadership. and other ships of various virtues. have conimended them to the Society. Since nineteen thirty-one Mt. l.eb- anonites have had the pleasure of wearing their noses as high as nature permitted and slapping the backs of 60 their prize scholars, usually the more modest. at that. Seriously enough. it is fortunate for some that our judges do not rely so much upon grades as a ruler. for only an upper third rating is cle- manded, but the judges seein to con- centrate on character and student leadership. Usually after one year's attendance in the school, perhaps winning an Activities key, and keep- ing his name clean from references of paperwads, a yet undaunted spirit is led forth into that dreamland of honor. Of course, the members and their shiny gold pins, are always ac- cnsingly apparent to you tand to your parents ll and still, they heighten the misery of us unfortunates by walking about in a thoroughly under- standable daze. .-Xs wholly envious as this may sound, we all have to tip our caps to a grand bunch of kids. and forever stamp them in thanks for "SURV- ICICS RliNlDliRlil7f' Key to Success Q First Rout: .lunet Giles, Betty Lucy. Louise Nichol, Louise XVild. Dorothy ICZLOSSHPV, Edna May Joluiston, Diary 04-liseuliirt, Sepia S2lllKll'l'S0ll Q Seremrrl lrorr: Glenn Heck, Kurt Aleusehke, John Goldtllwait, Iiill lfruuston. Ilenry Mef':tll. .luck Shields, liill l'2lIlllIlJ6!ll, Dave Young. Honor Award Society At last it's here! QSighs of anti- cipationj. Do I hear querulous voices demanding wh at has suddenly brought the light into my eye? That long-awaited letter perhaps? No? guess again. 'I'hat's right, Senior As- sembly Day! On that historic occa- sion all the deserving young lads and lassies who have labored long and hard in the cause of school activities receive their rewardfan Activities Key or Guard. Five hundred strong, we all tramp over to the Wfashington School Audi- torium, scramble to our seats, and begin wondering who will be the lucky people receiving keys. fExcerpt from l2B students mind --"Ten, twenty, twenty-five. I-et's see now, I need 90 points for a key. If I'd only have signed up for a few more activities when those applica- tion blanks were distributed. XVell, l'll really get down to business next semester and watch those points mount up, I hopeluj Letters, National Honor pinsg here it comes next on the programf"The following people receive Activities Keys and Guards-Mary Smith, Paul jones, etc." Someone nudges Mary who has a rather blank look on her face, "Go on up, Mary." Recovered from her surprise,' she joyfully marches up to the platform and amidst applause receives her Key. The scene changes and next day we see Mary proudly striding down the hall, Activities Key very much in evidence. Lucky girl, that Mary, but she deserved it. After all she was an honor student, a member of the VVays and Means Squad, reporter for the l',a11fcr11, and even found time to be in the operetta. Since shels only in IIA, she probably will be working for her Guard next year, which re- quires a total of ZOO points! 61 A11Work and o Pla Vl Lfshcr Committee llccoratiiig Committcc XYztys :incl Means Committcc lloiioi' Committcc- 'lliiitlic Comiiiittcc Library Coiiiinittw Scholastic Committee F' , FWJX. ff ix? ..',.v'4XJ ' 62 N lfirxf Row: Adams, Iizirrett, Nichol, Viiiccnt hlt't'UlId Row: Liiiiicrt, Gcohring, Scliloiigh Executive Board f Traffic RiFHc, Maloney, Gchrett, VVick, Schultz Scliaffcr, Dee, Colgate, Klziylcheii, Szmclcr' v sim, Stuckcmaii, lhillioiis, Hutton, livzi, Charters, Oshoiiriiv, llrc-rikus, Coiic, llar- 'l'lSUll. Czimphell, Rcarick, KlcNziry, Proctor, Johns, llzirlzui, jolly, Scliciick, Clark, Holtz, Kir- sopp, Say, Lacy, Iorclzm, Simmons, lli'hhs, McXlastei', hlohiistoii, Lose, Xllhceler, llcssc, Campbcll. Tliirrl Row: Wild, McClain, Young, Xolte. Mohl, Rakcr, Rzimlcr, lloyd, Fislicr, llzuice, Oshouriie, Ivory, Coiiclit, Martsolf, Cooper, Rolirlcziste, Blclfztll, Templeton, Ufcsr, Sch- ix'zig'c1', XXlj'1'C, llzillci-, llicti-ich, Xxiilililbllfll. I:0I17'f11 Row: lluclivr, Kroh, Hale-ii, llzippcr, Cargo, Fiichs, liolclthwait, lflziiiiiigmi, Committees Squad Stoner, VVilliams, May, Mzttheny, Temple- ton, Hamilton, Lloyd, De Long, Reichhold llugus, Procter, Krayer. Fifth Kowz Shanor, llccraft, Manheinwr, Law, l5allz11'tl, XVhitelock, Brady, Hawk- shau, Clark, Delienedictis, Andrews, Nixon Schaifer, Sztnflhorn, Dejohn, Quillen, Heck Magnus, Charters. Sirflz Row: Clarke, ,'XlClCI'SOI1, Richards, l'otts, Eisenheis, Graliam, Krznner, Benz, llancc, Proctor, Brown, llztvis, Murphy, Douglas, Dt: Longa, Mcffreatly, Gottschalk lluchcne, Gardner, Turn, Shields. Sizzwztlz Row: Simmons, Fziloon, McCall Printllc, Hurfortl, Fitch, Shepard, Shields, Donalioe, Baker, Ilowlus, Cullison, Murphy, Charnell, Lewis, Cross, Kroh, Nickeson. Ixzglzilz Row: Horning, Kane, Bucher, Dona- hoe, Copetzts, llztrtlileines, Barrett, Fisher. a 2 Clif-L'lC1'l1l Coinmittec Bulletin Hoarcl Committee AA1lQl1dHllL'C Cqmnnittco Publicity Committee Social Committee Poster Cominittee llnlvlic Achlress Coinmittec- l .4 Log Rolling ll 'RQXDUA l3l'Sl NESS S'll.xl'l1" I llli ll NLX S LAFF' First Noir: l-lllen Fznnpbell, Miss 3ll'l'llll'P. 1l2ll'j0l'l't' Wi-z1tl1e1'11':1x. Bill Lloyd. .ll'illlll9 Linn. Beryle Yin- eent. Bob Vnnipbell. Ser-01111 Razr: liob Popp. Bob ltltlllblbll, lliek Crops, Louise Niehnl. Virginia liaeder, Miss Yoakznn. Miss llarling, liob llanee, lilsther Harri- son. 1111.51 hon irler ll11tel1iso11. Betty .lane Suniuels. lilileen M1-l'li1111is, Bill Xithei Nl try Alnn llnnter. I econrl hom Doris Cone, Jean Wyre, liill C1-oss. lletsy Anne Plan ner Ethel Lorenz, Ruth "l'i-fnipletoli. Lois Stuekelnain, Miss M iitha lose, Ijlllllilll Brown, Bill Douglas. llap Laiipgstatl. just because this little piece is about Husn, we're not becoming un- duly modest. For now you see all the literary, business, and art fiends of Mt. Lebanon High gathered round for the annual confab to roll up an- other Log. The opening twig was snapped, as usual. with a big' circulation drive, and thus did Logging season begin. Shaping up the publication with more of a view toward pictorial candor, we sought to visualize school life rather than to describe it. liven going pre- vious editions one better, we in- augurated a representative picture of each Executive Board Committee. However wider our scope in pho- tography became, there were yet the inevitable deadlines for assignments rolling in about February. Yes, all the "overnight" features, Qlike this one aided so much by a masticated pencil,l a hurried article, just break- 64 Lebanon Log Dot Kness- Neinnarker, ing its word limit, and a rehashed story bearing all the vivacity of cold mashed potatoes, made up a leaf in the nineteen thirty-nine report of school life. liventually, with not one of those last desperate works escaping the literary blue pencil, the presses fur- thered the realization of such a night- mare, and lol brought forth a Log, just one, for unbounded criticism. Nevertheless. when all editors and sponsors had cast a critical eye over the last draft, and heaved one hope- less sigh, "the presses rode againn and have presented you with Log, No. Two Hundred Fifty-three. We have no excuses, except to say we all did our best. Perhaps some- day, after "time has healed all things", this yearbook may rekindle some grand old memories of 'thirty- nine without too much thought for us who recorded it. l . 5, ,r Al . Sl-IXIUII HIGH S'l',XI1'I-' 1"ir2vf lfulr: Betty June Sani- uels, Louise Nichol. Yir- ginia llsieder. Sffemirl Noir: liill Fzimphell. .lzivk NY:ii'd. l1:1i'joi'ie Weath- erwnx. Ilotty Hreim-r. Third Iron' : John llohltli- wait. lriek Creps, Iiob Nicke- son. lin-verley Lewis, George Mi'Hl:iugl1lin. 1' li il i' l o t t e Schultz. Miss Bllddlllgllllll. Fourth lfnir: Kay Smith. Mara tha Melfiill, Joe llonalioe. Gian-e NVild, lie-tty Mae Erenrieh. QIVNIUH HTG l I WPA Fl" First ltrnr: Inger Arnesen. Giwiee Wild, Peggy Albright, Walter' Piand Niurie llrzmwn. Lebanon Lantern N'ffffgg',,!3fgggg5 Third limi: 1 Kfrztwford. Every two weeks Cthat's bi-monthly to our two scholarsfl a four page live column masterpiece is grabbed raven- ously from the innocent seller and a dime is thrust into his virgin palm. Our Lebanon l,a11z'vr1f1 is a liberal education in itself, and confidentially, it's the only one the mob at large wor- ries about. Of course, Thompson or VVinchell doesn't exist in the original there. but in the course of one year. "Devilette" has covered gossip from paperwads to romance. Dispensing with the front page, which covers only 'Kevents", and Devilette, we have left, in order of common interest, the pictures tcan- did, unfortunatelyj, The Ghost VVriter, Lebanonchalant, and the Want Ads. The pictures need no cornmentg they speak for themselves only too wellg but the Ghost XYriterl everyone reads him, for only a spook could make such remarks about our l 6 5 12:11-tlaimli Mt-Caiiitlless. Audrey Colledge, Philip B1"1v Betty Ion Virginia Mulhollan, Hob May, Hola Meneilly, Jean Daker Iois athletes! Of course it goes without saying, if you rate in Lebanonchalant, you're made, your fame tif anyj is secure. But for real human interest, take the VVant-Ads. There's never yet been a frayed picture of Douglas Fairbanks, junior, that hasn't been auctioned off. l suppose that covers most everyf thing. Too much maybe. l shudder to think of associate editor joe Don- ahoe, Dick Creps, or John Goldthwait ever reading this. I only pray their noses are yet in the clouds after our t'Columbia School Press" publication rating where we placed fourth among district newspapers. Well, I hope this little piece has in- spired you to greater heights, Qbig- ger and better paperwads. hours and hours of detention, and so forthi, so that next year your name will darken a corner of the Lantern. Lead Kindl Light ' 'CH0lida " "Holirlay," a contecly in three acts by Phillip liarry, playecl to a capacity crowcl on November 17th and l8th, when the january Senior Class presented their annual play. .X holiflay it was too for everyone except Miss Stoner who deserves much crerlit for directing our local 'llhespians along the right path. Linda Seton tlboris Disneym of the Social reef ister Setons. took a holiday from being a hachf elor girl, ancl finally niarriecl ,lohnny C2150 tfharles llollnianyt, who was taking a holitlay from work, 'llhis action took place inuch to the chagrin ot' l'a1ma Seton mliurt Kleuschkew anrl his bewitching rlaughter tKlary Nlcfolluinit. al- reacly hetrothecl to johnny. while l,incla's hrother tlfhll lxrzuneryt applauclerl long ancl louml from the sitle lines. Since the Seton householtl was unaecustoniefl to such amorous enthusiasin, they hatl no time roi Ltlnaitl Seton s cousin, Seton train lkl1l'lS liauerj anfl his alifectecl wife rSt-pta Sanclersont who kept hohhine' in and out ot' the scene at the inost inopportune moments. l.incla's friencls, Nick Carter K-lack Cargol ancl loyely wife, Susan tlftlflie ylohnstonu, ahly assistecl the Cranis in trying to turn the story' into a lighter vein. lioh Popp, 'Karl Fischer anal Ruth XYatson. as two hutlers anml a inaitl, also playecl their parts with rlistinction. ii f l , f so C " Stage Door Colossal! Marvelous! Thus spoke the audience after the curtain rang down on the ,lune Seniors class play, "Stage Door" presented .Xpril 20 and 21. Its plot-a group of girls all trying to make good on the liroadway stage. Its characters!a stage 'thas heenf' the landlady, Mrs, Clrcutt tSue Powellpt, who runs the Ulfootlights Club." a hoarding house for "twenty we of the theater's"g the inelancholy Kaye Hamilton tlillen Cainphelllg Terry Randall tklary l.ou liindleyit who would rather he a nobody on the stage than a soinelmody on the screen. ,ludy Canfield is portrayed hy Shirley Hutchison, hardhoiled and cynical. Martha l.ose plays 'lean Maitland, whose movie success is the envy of the two inseparahle friends, liig and Little Mary fl'hyllis lialch and Mary Alice lleeil. Bernice Xie- myer is characterized by Mary Ann Hunt- er, the posing type. Others include Louise tllarlmara DeYorej who inarries a honief town boy in order to eat, while Pat fNina Dralceyl taps her living in a nightcluhg Mattie Q-lean Hublerj, the lironxy inaid, heckles her slow, good-natured husband liranlq tCharles llecraftpl. David Kingsley is por- trayed by Manus Scott, the famous llolly- wood producer, while Ted liurtis plays the part of Kieth llurgis, who gives up his stage ideals for screen fame. These char- acters plus a host of others made "Stage Uoorn a 4-star production. Vie also tip our hats to Kliss liatheran Stoner who did a grand job of directing. LMWL vw , yyfgyvnog, 7 3 l Mountie Music Qldirst Noir: Xlill'-ll!I'lQ liuppelt. Martlia llzlrlan. Jim I'z1ulos. Alice 1'illiscl1el'. Frank Ross, Bob Me- lloherls, Ruth Jolly Q Nrfrrmfl lfolr: l:ilI'lHl1'2l Iirill, Gloria Ililf. Julie Ilzxnrlnll. l1lCllRlI'4l Iiverliiie, Iiob lilippel, l'aI:'ii-ia liillllll. lluth Fields Q Thirrl Noir: Helene Svheileli. Maury Louise Knight, l llowalrd Rower. Il0I'0lllj' Reinhard Q I"mn'tl1 lfow: Uolr Nlaiiley. .luck May, Alilflfill l12llHlt'l'gI0ll, l Stephen Rice. Ed l'olzii:u1ni Q Fif1I1 Noir: lion Kezlgy, t':11'oly11 l'e1'11:l. Jim Nichol. Jim Cllumpion, Stewzlrt Champion. Iioh Keene. Ralph Slxihley. Orchestra Shakespeare saith that anyone who is not moved by beautiful music is capable of htreasons, stratagems, and spoils". Qhlerchant of Yenice, -Xct Five-Speech by Lorenzo, for any of you Shakespeare fans who'd like to check up on it.B Shakespeare has got something there! .Xt any event. there aren't any traitors skulking around our alma mater. Since "music hath charms to sooth the savage beasts", we "savages, ought to be soothed by now, for our orchestra of thirty-six members, with its "concord of sweet sounds", has as many charms as any other orchestra in this part of the country. Do you remember how their beau- tiful music thrilled you at the class plays and graduation? Do you recall the select group that played for the operetta? Cf course you dog who 68 could forget it? This year, the new- est addition to the orchestrals pro- gram was their personal appearance at the l"arent-Teachers' Association meetings. Lucky folks-those parents and teachers! VVQ5 also favored the All State and District Orchestras with a delegation of our musicians. This year the orchestra loses three membersgljorothy Reinhard, pianist of merit, Ralph Shibley, able trumpe eter, and Bob Klippel, violinist, who leaves his post as concert master. The chief requirement for this position is ability, and for that reason, it will fall into the hands of -lames Paulos, for whom Mr. Miescer has high hopes. just as a closing vote of thanks to our orchestra, we suggest that the title of that certain song be changed to "l like Mountie lNlusic"l 'Elf' Here Comes the Band Rat-a-tat-tat! Rat-a-tat-tat! Here comes the band! Snappy looking bunch, arenit they, in their blue and gold uniforms? Don't you love those Capes? Look at that drum major whirl his baton and that little fellow puffing on his big horn! There they are-eighty-two lads and lassies. If you go to any of our foot- ball games, you'll see them. So a season ticket is a good investment even if you donlt enjoy football, for the band adds a lot to the spirit of the games with its music. cheering, and entertainment between halves. Furthermore, we lucky people are favored with a band concert every May led by a famous conductor. Speaking of concerts, our band is al- ways represented by a goodly number of contestants in the All State and District Hands. This year the Band loses Kurt Meuschke and Chris liauer, trumpet virtuosos, and Steve Rice, master of the tuba-all mid-year graduates. In the spring we send out for music laurels elsewhere, Ralph Shibley, like- wise a trumpeter, liob Davis, drum major and bass clarinetist, and Mary Meyer, alto clarinetist. Director A-X. 9. Miescer reports, much to the satisfaction of the jitter- bugs, that his group of musicians is loosening' up to a little swing. This is not because our band has formerly been backward or reserved, but simply because such music has not hitherto been published for bands. Rat-a-tat-tat! Ratea-tat-tat! Our parade passes and here we are still wondering, "XVhat does the Marine Band have that our band doesnlt have? U Q First Rolf: Betty Ln Blorelamd, liob Davis. liiek llnsson. llmh liiee Q Nm-mlri Noir: John John- son, Iliek llogsett, Frank Snseo, Jim Goldmine Q Tllirrl I-'mrt Mawtllzl lelarlaln. Thulin Meyer, Jini Cl!fllll1ll0l1, Stewart tflianipion. Jack May Q Fourth Row: Iloh Starling. llogrer 0'Connor. llill Bucher, llelene Sehenek. lion llenkle Q Fifth 1f0Il'I John Hannon. Marion Lilllllltllfllll. Erroll Dexter. Mary Meyer, Stephen Rive Q Simtli Now: Bill linker, Rolla Miller, l':ut1'lei:n May, Bill Fee, Don Keagy Q S9'L'!'lLfll Noir: John Magnus. llarry lflerlinger, llolnert Nagel. liill Douglas. Cllris Hauer Q Iriightlt How: Ralph Shihley, Ross Smith. Robert Manley. 'lloin Leatllers. litl Ctilillillllll Q .Yinflz 1:01471 lil'!lIlf Evans, Jack l'ilSll0lllbt'l'2. Martin Arden, I"lol'ent'e Greglory, lletty .lane Paulson Q Tcntli 110147: lioh Kenney. Alive Means. Harold 'l':lylo1'. . ' -,g?,,,:-f .M .... Music Hath Charms Senior High Glee Club Q l"iV.vI lfnlr: Yinws-nl l42lNl'lIl'lLl. lfllilllll' lil-:ll'ic'li. lillvn ilumplmvll. l.l1c'i:1lm lslmm, Iimily l'v4'l'Lfllw. l'l1mulw NIIIUV. .l:1m- Xlllf-Qlmlg llvlmx l'l1"ll1'l'lll2llI. Nllws NI:n'Jm1'u- Vrilmlw, l:2ll'llIll'2l ll:-sau l.muiw Villllll ln-ll. 12l':ls'x- XYil4l. llmrmrlly Slilllllh. l,s-11m1'1- IPvW:lll. Nl:l1'Il1:1 Nlvlfzlll. Nlzlry IC. All'I'Nllllll. l,llXX'l'l'llC'l' liilllli Q Nr'r'uuvl lfuzr: 31:11-5 1'z1llwrim- Irxxyc-1'. llullx l'Ulli1XYIIY. llmrmllly liI't'lllQ-'l', lle-ls-n .lilllll llilrlw. IXl:11'y .lnnv lim-nun. l1'm:u'i1- Sl'lll'llll4'lll2lll, .l4l2lllll4' l'lY4'l'll2lI'l. l'Ilspf1rl1 .lUl'1lIlll. Nl:x1'g':11'+1l Suy. Nilllffj' SI:1r1iu1'. Xl:lI'::l1'r-I Rlzlrlsmlf, Xl2ll'5I3ll'4'l ll5ll4ll'llP Q 'l'hi1'rl I-'nH': Ill-ily lf1!ll2ll. lllllll llivm-. .lvam l'msI. Nlzlmzllwi ll2lNYl'4'll4'l'. llutll NI4-zum. l:2lI'lHIl'Il Xliillillll. lin-lly I.:u'y. liutll'u. lil-115' .Im-:uw l'1'mm-rmr Q Fnurllf Ifnzrx lrvm- Xl2ll1lll4'j'. 1ll'l'Il'llll1' llullmn. limll 'l'empl4-tmn. .lvzm lmwsmn. Num-y lClNlllllll'IlP, illl2Il'lUlll' Svllullx, lvmrmllly 4J:li111s, ll:1l'lm:ll':1 lhlvmlu, Prim-illzl 'l'iI1', flvilll l'l1iIIlps. Xillilllll Vmlw Q l"ifllf Ifmw: llmlv ll:llYMDll. ,Im-lc H'lL1'ivn. llull 1'xw-1-ml. .lim Hmlmlnilu-. lfmn llzrnlwy, limb l.imlM-y, lid Nm-4-1. ,l:x4'lq XYllsmn. .lIl4'li Xl2llllll'llIl4'l', Xmrmzllx Xlzxvllmwm-ll, ll--uglus lizlirml. limlr lim-110. l'llili1+ Xllliwl. .luv l'iI'zllI1o. unior High Glee Club Q I'rr'.vl llmrr: limrmllnlx llrlll. Nillillll' I,4-vrlu. l'lIlll'll'Ill' Ilmmil, lilizzllu-Ill lfn-1-, l':1ll5 XYiu:inf, YlIl4'1'lll I,:1xl-lu-iel. limb livzlgy, Xliss Vrilrlm. llill lglsvllviml. l.:lxxl'vl1m-41 lizulk. 'l'v1l liillI1N4'j'. limgx-1' U'f'mm1mr, 1'1-url Slmpirm. Aclrinn4- llzxmlm-l Q Nrwnafl lfnzr: .lmlm 1'l:u'li. lmvi4I Smith. Sully l,mu fl0llll0I', lim-II5 Sll:llinsp1':u'v, li:llllI'5'11 4lll'llll. Sl1i1'I1-3' X1-lxmu. .lvzm NY:lIsmn, Maxim- Aumslu. Nl2ll'j' l"1'i4l:L.x, .ll'llll l.inm-rl. limrmllly lll'lllS1'll. Allll1'll l'1':u1r-is Q Tllirrl l.'u1l'1 lI:1l'lrz11':l Nli:K':lmll+1ss, Lmllixv XYllil1'mmlr. A111111 l1rmw11,.l'I1ll1:1 Wmm4l. llvlvn lluling. Xlnlwl l'1lSl'l'l'. llutlu Hive. lflmily lf:-rglls, 4iv1':nl4li1n,- ll:lI'l'l1ll. -ll'Qlll Al2ll'lA'2lll. lIl2'l'I' .Ulu-sr-11. l:1'lllY XI-ulllen, lilsiv .Xl'llPS1'll. Anna- lilizzxlve-rll llnyxu-s Q I-'mrfrflf l.'mu'Z llvrnivv ll:1l'l'is. liUSL'IllJll'j Xl4'N:l1xl:ll':1. vlllllll lllnvli. livvlyn l:llI'llS. .ll'2lll l'lll1'll Sl1'NX2ll'l. l':11'frl lY2l1'ljlll4'I'. llzlrlmawzl lluvmn. Nlimwtu- lfrilw, l.miN llmrniuu. livtly lhmlc. .l+'Illl vlIil'llilll, Hull: Ann llmu-. l42llll'Ql, 'llllI'llt-'II 70 Glee Club Cares abandoned for one period, student music lovers U5 crowd into room 308 every Fri- day to loosen up their vocal chords. Any sounds emitting from said room are really sin- cere efforts on the part of all concerned. Of course, Miss Cribbs, the director, and the warblers are the only ones who realize the work connected with learning those classical and semi-classical songs, but do they love it! lt has been said that "music hath charmsf' Our student body agrees, for the Glee Club rates high among our school ac- tivities. Operetta On February Z3 and 24 a great number of important events occurred throughout the world! I hope the foregoing piece of news will not prove too startling for us educated Leban- onites. Let it be known, how- ever, that the presentation of "Les Cloches de Cornwalll' un- der the direction of Miss Cribbs ranked high on this list of events. Sitting in the Wfashington auditorium on these nights, we saw a little French village of the l7th century unfold before our eyes. lVe were entranced by the light, fanciful music, and the picturesque costumes of the choruses. The knee breeches just did something for the boys Cwe don't know whatj, while the long, full skirts, the bodices, and the French caps of the girls gave them the appearance of having arrived from Normandy on the last boat Cl7th century boat, of coursej. Margaret Lawrence made herself well-known by her por- trayal of Germaine, a sweet young maiden. Tossing her head high, Martha McFall enacted the part of Serpolette, the village Vixen. Don Rams sey, having aged very suddenly, limped on the stage as the miser Gaspard, old and broken by his worries and miserly ways. Nor- man lXlacDowell set the fashion for l7th century French roye alty in his role of Count Henri. Keeping guard in front of the ghost-inhabited castle was ,lack Manheimer. His protecting suit of armor caused him some em- barrassment and also some giggles from the audience when the leg piece unloosened and stuck out grotesquely. Ed Colaf ianni, though he was entertain- ing a bad cold, entertained the audience as a ilighty provincial governor. First Now: Irene Maloney, Nzuiey Stfu .lane Wheeler. .sremzfl Rauf: lid Ilasrings. llob Riel Ie e lllll 111 Xlitlunx Irou 1' 1 71 N 1 U be Alpha and Beta Sweethearts fe T .. gy1115m,,s1s,,fvssfMw 1 f 2- ' ow imma.- - ..,,, ft., 's H Q First I1'o1l': Mary Jane Iiitllilll. Atulrey l'l1illips. Peggy ll:-l'Il1'oy. I.e11o1'e lie XVz1ll. Lois XVUllClbllI'll. Louise Wild. Kitty llittle, .lt-:11111e Vlillflll. lidna May .l11llllSlIl1l. lll'2lf'C Wild. 3l2ll'llj'll 1':11'a11:1el1. Sully lltinyon. Iflleene lleariek, Irlilc-11111 llilf. Louise ffillllllllidl, Pattie Fintlley, Helen StatTo1'd, Lois SIIIPIQQ-'lllilll Q Neeonfl Noir: Al:11'tl1:L Lose. lluth Wxttson. XlZll',l01'l0 xV02lTl!0l'lYG1X, ,Xllll xl2ll'lil'X, Klill' ginret Blellott. Iloris llopkins. .lean llosiek. Hefty Lee lileilllli Pegzgzy li1'0lllll'll. Phyllis l!:1l1-l1. lietty tirubbs, M:14leli11e XVlllll'l0I'. .-lillllt NVlll'l'lL'l', llelsy ,xllll l'l:111k. Nlztry t':1111pl1eIl. lleryle YlIlt'l'llI. Susnrtn Powell Q Third Hom: llelen .l:111e llibbs, Marie NV1-tm-1, lletty llietrieli, IrI111ily l7l'l2llfll, .l:1et111eli11e Young. xl2ll'j0l'll' Parke. IDo1'otl1e:1 llarto, Naney Sltlllll'l'. lletty .l'll0t'lil"llNfC-'lIl, l':1tt,1' Lou Allillll. Betty Rleliee. Mary Louis llsxynes. .lane lil'1'l'2ll'l. ll'lllHl'll' St'llQllIll'lll2l11. Yirgiiiin l'o11'elI Q Frlifrtll Noir: l!11tl1 f'Ull2lXV2lj'. Louise Nichol, 1i6l'll'lILlt' ll11tto11. llette FI1'is111:111, 1iI'1ll'i-' Judge. .lean Post. Virginia lll'l'Oll. .l:111iee Vooper, Iillen t':1111pl11-ll, t'l1:11'lotte Schultz. Allll Si111111o11s. Rlatrgraret Bltll'YS1llf, lletty llK'2l1Il. ll:11'tl1:1 ll:11'l:111, lllllll Jolly, l'1'iseill:1 'l'ite, .xllllll-F Lou lllllllilll. Betty ,lane S:111111eIs Q lf'ifII1 Noir: Peg Taylor. l-Iliz:1l1etl1 Abbott. Sally 1i0lll'l"ll, Naiiey llNlllillI'llC. lflezinor SC'llNX't'lALfl'I', Louise llltler. .lean .llll'I'!F'llS. .lean Wyre. Nillllj' Bl4ll'I'lSOIl. Leona lletx, llillie .l02lll ll11l11-1-, l':1t Dl'Illlill'l. time llillrl X11 lllll l ll-'llll tene llontl till loi Iitl1t411tl11le1 'sl1 l NI1 lil lou't I Wll '.. . . ,1- "vr' '- V. 1- ' 1 1 .., . .. L . 1. ,1 ls. Ruth rlll'Illlll0lUll. .3 ' : '. U irey . :ss 'i. 1 lst !1'o'. irl Reserves 'tVVe are the Girl Reserves! NYe are the liirl Reservesln And by tl1is boisterous evidence of our loyalty, everyone in XYashington School knows that one of the bi- monthly meetings of the Alpha and lieta Girl Reserves is in full swing. The meeting always opens with a poem or thought by the Devotional Committee. After the business is cleared away by lfddie lohnston or Kitty Kittie, fall and spring semester presidents respectively, we lustily ex- ercise our voeal chords on some fav- orite camp or college song. Finding the members' voices hoarse, the program Committee introduces the speaker of the evening. The guests this year included Miss Miller. Dr. Bennett, and Dr. lferguson, who 72 tallied on health. Ry the time the speakers knowl- edge has been exhausted by intelli- gent t questions, our vocal Chords have reeuperated from their previous strain and we troop out singing "XYe're on the lfpward Trailf' This year the bulletin boards were frequently immersed in posters tieopyrighted by the l"ublieity Com- mitteel, which announced the Fruit llop by such wittieisms as t'Orange a date and eome !" Two other sueeess- tul dances staged by the Social Com- mittee proved quite popular. lfnder the leadership of Miss Taylor and Miss lfrobese. the liirl Reserve Organization this year has increased its utembersliip and has had an active social program. Knights of Mt L Boys' Hi-Y This group of handsome young gentlemen lnhlltllllyl comprise the of- ficers and members of the Ht, l,eb- anon Hi-Y, boasting to be one of the largest and most active clubs in the school trepeat Ahemll. This quite exceptional group has been guided this year by two new arrivals on Ht. Lebanon's teaching staff-the smiling and genial lllr. Saxton, and the ca- pable and energetic Mr. Mollenauer. But about the organization itself: As the protege of Mr. Brown, the Hi-Y sprang into the limelight in 1937. Hihen on home ground, the boys are entertained by a variety of speakers, and also indulge in moving pictures. An athletic program, fer- vently initiated this year, gained many followers into the organization. The boys made the breakers roar at the Y.M.C.A. swimming pool. Out- side the home gate, the fellows visited Mother Nature in her natural sur- roundings Qhikes in less Howery lan- guagefexcuse punfl. ln addition. the club gained culture at the :Xrt lixhi- bit, absorbed technical knowledge at the Mellon Institute, and staregazed at the .Xllegheny Observatory. .X trip to the L'niversi,ty of I'ittsburgh im- pressed the Hi-Yls as well as those students who observed their intelli- gent faces. For the fall semester the authority of olgrice was vested in the following: Jack Cargo, President, john Goldth- xvait, Vice President, and Dan Hilf, Secretary-Treasurer. After the blanu- ary ballots were cast, Glenn Heck took over the Presidency, Henry Mc- Call became Vice President, and Don Gardiner seized the Secretary-Treas- urership. Q First How: Frank 0'lIa1'a, Douglas Baird, lion Gardiner. Glenn Ili-ek. John tioldtliwaii, Nick Yalicenti Q Second I-'ouvz Iloward Alderson. Ira Matheny, Paul Sllanor, Jael: Ballard, Fred Illain Q Thrirrl Row: liick Horningg, Jack Rothman, Jesse Hill, Ilenry Massiek Q Fourtli, Row: Jack SO11fllXV0l'lll, Harry XVight, 'Pom Clam, Bill 0'Connoi'. Jack O'Ih'ien. Mr. Saxton Q Fifth How: Bob Truvhlood, Judd Jenkins, Tlllll Shields, Bill Honsley, 73 Hobb Lobb Kodak Chess Nature Study Slide Rule Chemistry KODAK CLLT3 Now photography is just their line,fto take antl print and view In fact, the pictures turn out swell.-just so they're not of you! CHICSS CLUB Your move! Anil then you're battled hy the spot he's got you in Your fault in playing' Chess Club men-sticking' out your chin. NATURE STUDY CLLI2 In nature lore ancl eannibals their minds all register. My own opinion still prevails. my coat could use that fur! SLIDI2 RLLIC CLCI3 And here's the lazy element of Algebrag they say, They multiply by Usliding rule".-itls easier that way! CI-IIEIXIISTRY CLUB Anti Chemistry's just the place our !'seholars" mix ancl pour. The simple little aeetates ancl HQSO4. GYM SKILLS CLUIE "London bridge is falling clown"-or,fit will be in a minute. This gym skill lasts three seconds Hat,-W That's just about their limit! PING-PONG CLLB Thats jack, the Mounties' racquet star, all grinning to the linish, But ping'-pongys just a bit too cleep! he'cl better stick to tennis! ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB A "crafty" buneh we show you here, a-hammering away, At least they have things when they're tloneg That's more than we can say. RADIO CLUB I usecl to think all raclio a benelit no entl, XYhen now they sign oft HTL, my sentiment's-amen! 74 Mr. Peterson Gym Skills Ping Arts and Crafts Radio Basketball Rules .. Qdrtoon ...... Chtcl ers .. Cheerleaders . . . Chorus, Sr. .. Chorus, Jr Dramatic . . . Driving Fencing Pong .. Miss I-larling .. . Mr. Simpson . Miss Caldwell Miss Beck Mr. Fisher " Bliss Frobese Mr. Gilbert . Miss Hindman .. . Miss Cribbs Miss Neuniznlqer j Miss ,Iordan Miss Stoner . . . . Mr. Sisson Mr. Konvolinkzl Foreign Correspondence . Miss Zahniser Hostess ....... Miss Fish 75 Mechanical Drawing . . . Puzzle Quarte rbaek . . Referees . Rille . Service Scrap Boo Soccer Sports Stamps Style . Typing Mr. .Xnclerson .. Miss Smith .. Mr. l.ueeht .. Mr. Sehacle . Mr. Streams . Miss Gordon Miss Campbell Miss Maguire Mr. lilafka Mr. Brown ii Mr. Hogg Mr. Doak ..... Mr. Ford Miss Miller .. Miss Kerr Un the fourth leg of our skyway journey we are attracted by a great uproar. Sensing adventure we descend into an arena where we find a football suddenly hurled into our hands. After our presence is detected by the referee, we are escorted to the bleachers, only to join in yells of "Clip him and mow 'em down," "Hold tight---don't let that man get away." Some kind soul graciously informs us that if we wish to remain in the arena over the win- ter months, we shall also be privileged to view basketball games, wrestling matches, and track meets. Elated by this choice bit of information, we pre- pare to remain for the aforementioned sports. ATHLETICS Touchdown! D, I Q 5 l 41,4 - l 'iftfi J., ,I - l I ' V WI? gf l f ff ' 1 t Q First Row: Harold Langstalf, Bob Mannion. Ed Cipriano. l-Id Hamilton, Dave Boyd. Bill Camp- bell, Joe Donalioe Q Serondgiiowz Murray Potts, MannsrSeott, XV2,l'l'GI1 Vieth, Bob Wliiteloek. f N x SN ' "Mt, Lebanon was represented by an All American team this year," claims Coach Luecht. He had reasons to make this statement, for these eleven seniors were some of the finest fellows Mt. Lebanon has ever pro- duced. Everyone enjoyed clean, wholesome entertainment and partici- pated in many other activities. Scho- lastic standing was no drawback to these boys, for they never had to sit out a game. VVithout this qualifica- tion and their athletic ability the Blue and Gold could not have been victori- ous in the toughest schedule ever played by the Blue Devils. Coach always had a good word to say about each player. He often re- marked that the boys never missed a practice session unless they were physically disabled. There was an ex- ception, however, in Manus Scotts case, because Manus was unable to arrange a more suitable date for the birth of his calves! Teamwork was an outstanding characteristic in the Mounties' suc- cess. The dependable blocking by Murray Potts, Dave Boyd, and lid Cipriano was never lacking. VVhen swivel-hipped Whitelciclc or Vieth got 78 'iw-L ' All Americans loose, it took six men to bring them down. Bobby Marmion, Joe Dona- hoe, and Bill Campbellys opponents knew they were playing with dyna- mite when they attempted a line smash. Speaking of defense, we ought to mention Eddie Hamilton's stalwart backing up of the line. An opponent never got far if he ploughed through Eddie's side of the line. VVarren Bernhard turned in a splen- did record for his first and last year of A squad football at Mt. Lebanon. Hap Langstaff held down the other end, which was a difficult task for a little fellow tive and a half feet tall. The punting staff, made up of Mar- mion and Langstaff, was sufficient to keep the team out of danger. Some recognition is due to the sec- ond team of the "All American" out- lit. XVhen you consider that the sec- ond team played three quarters of three games, they showed that they had some of the MAH American" torm. Coach Luecht was justified in call- ing his boys HAH Americanf' for nine of the eleven players were offered col- lege scholarships. x l xx rip, ' lvflft .J Us lf 4 if A 7.1! Q ' . . J . . ph. , A DX . X. 1 - I f XV. X X3 "AH Squad Football Q First Noir: lloli XYliiIelo1'k, xV2ll'1'911 Yietll, Dave Boyd. Murray Potts. lid fli1i1'l5lIlll. Ilob Mar- mion. llalp L:1ngstat'I', .Ioe Donalloe. lid Hamilton, Alanns Scott. Jim Turner. liill Campbell Q Src- mzrl lfulrz Jael: Ballard, Roy Iiralim, Al tfopt-Stas. George Donalioe. llill linker. Paul Ile-Benedietis, Jack Allderige, Walter Illumn. Dutch Frank, llob Ilngus Q Third Huw: Lee Ferrell, Dick Grant, lillilllll' Williams, .Iolin tllappvrton, lioy lN3lAlllj.f?l,, 'Toni lluoper. Diek Knowlson, Ed llamel, John Illilll'2lQ2IS Q l"01l1'fll limit: Rlilllilgi-'l' Gordon Stewart, Manager lid Campbell. xIEIIl1l2Ql' Dick llorning. Alaiiauvi- Al l.annm-ri, Vmieli Lnecln, Ass't Foam-li Sinxpsun. Warren Iiernhard tabsentl. Ill t. l.ebanonf28 lYashingtonf6 ln the estimation of any Mt. l-ebe anon fan, the game with Vlfashington was the most thrilling battle of the season. Mantis Scott piloted his team- mates through to a 28 to 6 upset for NVashington. This season closed Scotts four year football career for the Blue and Gold. As a passer, run- ner, and a leader in the game, Manus was hard to beat. Mt. Lebanon-O llonorafflei "Too badn were the words used to describe the Donora game. liven though we came out on the tail end of a 14 to O tally, there were a few fellows who performed in true style. Eddie Hamilton, who was outstande ing throughout the year, did his best to stave off the attack. The night before the game, liddie tore a liga- ment in his knee, but nevertheless, he played one of his best games. Mt. Lebanon-19 Swissvale-W0 Mt. Lebanon opened this year's football season with a bang by de- feating Swissvale to the tune of 19 to 0. Harold Lang, who was injured in the second game, tallied two of the three touchdowns. Lang's hard line- smashing and powerful drives were missed greatly after the Aliquippa game. Mt. Lebanonf33 ' Aliquippa-13 Our first lpome game resulted in a 33 to 13 victory over the powerful Aliquippa hllull Dogs". No matter .how hard they tried, Aliquippa Could not get by our two little hundred hfty-live pound guards, Eddie Cipri- ano and Dave Boyd. Dave and lid did not receive much publicity during the season, although they had to do a lot of the dirty work. 79 V Touchdown! Nt. LebanonYl2 Turtle Creekfffl 'l'urtle Creek, last year's lY.l'.I..X.L. class XX champions, caused plenty of trouble for the llflounties although the score was 12 to O in our favor. XYar- ren Yietlw, who took over l.ang's job at fullback, proved very satisfactory. XYarren's speed and shiftiness were a great aid to Mt. Lebanon. Scoring one of the two touchdowns and assisting on the second, assured him of a start- ing' position. Mt. l,ebanonf38 Crafton---O llecause of our heavier team and because of rain which poured down throughout the game, Mt. Lebanon had an advantage over Crafton this year. ,X score of 38 to 0 was brought about by the splendid performance of our two tackles, Marmion and Camp- bell. 'llhe size of both of these boys. along with 'loe llonahoe, made up for what any other man on the team lacked. .Xll three men were good on the defense because of their weight. Xlt. Lebanone- 38 Dormont40 Great satisfaction was gained in running Dormont into the ground 38 to O. The Red and Gray were unable to stop little llobby NYhitelock. who twisted and squirmed his way to two scores. Xlhitey has been handicapped by injuries for tne past two years, but he made up for this in the Dor- mont fray. ll l t. Lebanon-20 Langley-0 Langley proved to he an easy game for the llounties as shown by the 20 to 0 outcome. VVarren llernhard proved to the fans that he could really snag' passes. He completed three out of four and romped for a touchdown. Murray Potts took over black Fischer's position in grand style this year. XYhen Murray blocked those ends they were out of the play. He paved the way for the backtield to win the lllue Devils' fourth consecutive game. HB" Squad Football Q First Row: KIRIIHILIQI' llob Mellwen. Bill Heed. Toni MeSteeu. Mae Corner, lion Williams, Cy Ivory, Joe Hardy, George Dulahon. ltob Leech. llill Longstntf. lid Huteheson, Bolt Holm-rts. Charles Be- eraft Q ,Second lfolr: lion lliunsey, Ilzlrry Murplly, llolaml Sutherland, lillsworth Harris, Duncan Brown, Ray Beatty. Red llogsett, llnrold llueher, Jac-It Oehinler. Shorty May. hob Wilkinson. Ellis Hooker, Jack Shields. ltill Philips, xV?l1'l'l'll Gorhmn, tflmrles Clarke, Bob Clarke. Asst. Coach Mol- lenauer. Coach Glnfka Q Third Noir: Mr. lfislier, Bob Liinlsay, lliek livaiis. lioh Meffue, Bob Nixon. Bob Zllllil., Bob Baker, Ed Ryan, Tim Giles, lV11l'l'6-HI 3l:1l'Illl, John Shatter. Iliek Mills, Ray Robb, l-'red Krug, Hill O'i'onnor. Jan-li NV2ll'kl. Creighton Murphy. Fred Ilillllllfllll. llill 1'ro4:ror, .Tohn Lewis, I-'red l'l:im. George Cruiksllmik, Rob Campbell, Tom llopper. Ilolr Kirk. Dill 0'Brien. i Q S0 1 ee' Squad Football Q First Row: Roy Clark. Jack Neilson. Joe Stewart, .Tohn l'lan1, Bill l-Iekenronle, Stephen Ward. Dick Curtin. Walter Snyder, l'en1 Nichols, Bob Rieker, Alvin Thomas, llob Anderson Q Second Row: Dalton Hninluerger. Steve lileecker. Walter Kraber. liob l+ltlinu11dson, John Murphy, Paul Kernan. Pete Seliroetler. Walter Sehnnnn. Ed llappe, lliek Corbett. Jack Rees Q Third 110145: Boyd Speaker, Cliin-lc Haviland. Laird Kroh. Gene Sinoot, Jay Arthur, Bill Perkins, George McCall, Juna ior l-Iardwiek. Dave XYoodworth, llob lleneilly Q Fourth lfniafz Lester Warrenberg, xVZl,1'l'CIl lid- wards. Dick litisiiigfeig Glenn Butler, llob 'l'e:tsdale, Charles Casper, Bill Davis, Jack Crawford Q Fifth Razr: Bob Barlow. Jack Long, .liin Finn, Jack Haller. Norinan XVils0n. liill Arther, Cll2l1'19S Esgar, Bill Mower Q Siarth Row: Bob St-iferth, Vincent Joyce, Dongltus Baird, Jini Dum-hene, Ilulty Giles, Coach Brown, Coach Peterson. KB" Squad This season, Mr. Glafka and Mr. Mollenauer developed one of the best sophomore junior teams in years. They experimented with a new sys- tem of forming a sophomore team and a junior team, which resulted in keener competition and provided more positions for fellows who other- wise would have warmed the bench. Mr. Luecht is obtaining many boys from this junior team for his varsity squad next season. Those fellows who showed in the games with the sophomores and in practice that they had what it takes will be the ones chosen for the "AH squad. Some of the sophomores who performed in exe cellent style by defeating the fresh- men 26 to 0 and 27 to O will also be selected for the varsity. Mr. tilafka is well-noted for his ability in liuildf ing' up the boys' physical condition. The approaching football season will demonstrate the value' of Nl r. Glaflca's and Nlr. Nlollenauers training' of the "BM squad. "C" Squad Other schools are perplexed over how Mt. Lebanon always produces such good football teams. The answer may lie in the fact that the boys start receiving training in the seventh grade. This past year Mr. Peterson and Mr. C. Brown have coached the freshman team. Their squad con- sisted of boys in the seventh. eighth, and ninth grades. Out of a hundred young boys, sixty-live were chosen for the squad. Although these boys were given hard work-outs each night, they always came back for more. After all, that's what makes good football players. The annual game with the sophomores proved very exciting this year when one of the eager freshmen ran the wrong' way to score a touchdown for their opponents. Some future varsity mae terial could be discerned in Xliilson, Schroeder, Curtin, Smoot, Ward, lickenrode, and liernan. 81 Tlsket a Tasket i - l BASKET BAL A VA SIT ' X 1"lVSl11n'lI'll'I Jack Rice, Tom Hooper, Joe Donalioe, Ward Ilnehene, Hob Whiteloek. Al Copt-las. Dave X ouug. Second li'm1': Mgr. 1Il?Ill'X McCall. lid llamilton. xY2l1'I'Pl1 Yietll. llomaine Andrews, Jael: Shields. lid Cipriano, Coach tilafka. Basketball VVinning tive games and losing once, the first half of the Section 3 basketball schedule proved encourag- ing for the lNlt. Lebanon High School team. Taking half of their four pre- season basketball games, the lllue and tiold started the schedule by showing Mcliees Rocks, Carnegie, Crafton, Stowe, and Coraopolis, respectively. their ability on the lloor, only to be downed by our Dormont ne'ig'hbors. lid Hamilton, who was one of the best cagers Mt. Lebanon has ever had on its basketball teams, played his last game at Dormont. To counter this loss, lid Cipriano, now recovered from an arm injury, showed much improvement in his game. The beginning of the second half of the season looked very black be- cause Nlt. Lebanon lost two tough overtime games, by the same score, to lllcliees Rocks and Carnegie. The 82 team seemed to settle down after this, for they won decisive victories over Cralton. Stowe, and Coraopolis, which helped to keep us in the upper bracket. Alter winning a non-league game. by -l points, from the XVestern Pennsylvania .lnstitute for the Deaf, the lllounties then took llormont over the hurdles with a ten point lead at the end of the game. This brought Coach Glafkals boys into a three-way tie with Klcliees Rocks and Carnegie. ln the play-off Mt. Lebanon encounf tered Carnegie on the llcliees Rocks Hoorg and the winner, Klt. Lebanon. clashed with Mcliees Rocks at the l'itt Stadium. For the season .Nndrews was high score man with Vieth, Cipriano, Cop- etas. and Nlcllinn next in line. Con' gratulations to Coach tilafka for his work and his excellent coaching. Tllli l'I At Meliees Rocks: The Mt. Leb- anon vs. Carnegie game was all Mt. Lebanon, as our boys started off the scoring with 7 straight points, An- drews tallying the majority. The half ended in our favor, 27fl6. ln the seeond half the Nlounties increased -.XYt WFS the margin and went on to a win of 58434. .-Xt the Stadium: Mt. Lebanon vs. Meliees Rocks was a different story, as Mcliees Rocks got a 5 point lead and kept it most of the game. ln the llnal quarter, however, they increased their lead winning by 46435. SQl'.XD 9Cl"lliDl'l,lC FUR l939--V139 CJi'1'oNriN'1's Hr I.. :ffarnegie . . . . 34 . . . 32 XYashington . . .. 33 . ., 28 'fCrafton . . .. 26 .. 53 VVestinghouse . . .. 26 . . . . . 28 XStowe . . .. . . . 28 . . . . . . 46 Brentwood . . .. 28 .. 22 'kCoraopolis . . .. .. 22 .. .. 40 Alumni . . .. .. .. l7 . .. 39 XY. l'a. I. D. .. .. 45 .. .. 49 'klX"lCKees Rocks ... 25 ... .. 40 Xllormont . . . .... . 37 ...... 43 :kCarnegie..... H48 Dlfrafton . . .. 21 .. .. 36 l'l.iXYOl7l7S VOR SICCTHJN S X9towe., .. 15 .. 44 1 . . V, - Wforaopolis . . .. Z7 ... . . 45 "113L'g't' ' ' ' ""'A 34 H' ' " if 'klflormont . . . ..... 46 .. .. 37 ATCKQCS Rocks 46 " " 33 XMCKQ-es Rocks ... 34 .. .. 32 ,lf XYl'l.XL Games. "li" SQUAD l2ASIil2Tl3Al.L Signitieant because of its future possibilities, the UH" squad polished up as good a scoreboard as the var- sity this season. Consisting of boys from both tenth and eleventh grades, the squad basketed l3 wins and suf- fered 3 defeats. This yearls luelc made Coach Peterson believe in men- ll SQ! 'Ali l!.KSKlC'I'llA LL tal suggestion, for a loss in a prelim- inary MH" squad game invariably made way for a varsity downfall. Oiifering' some excellent material for next year's ".-Y' group, the high- est hope of these boys is to make as une a showing next season as their "Mountie" predecessors. First IHIIVI Vein Xin-hols, Jack Allderige. Lefty Davis, lid 4':nnplre1l. Hill Long:st:1tT. Serunfl Ifmrz John Lewis. Bob t'l:u'l:e. Gordon Stewart, Holi lbrake. Ilunenn Brown. Third lt'o11': Chan Km-Ielnnn. Imle Hamilton. Bill O'Melia, Ernest Giles, Jilll Zook, Ilob Hanna, Voaeh I-'et erson. 83 Footloose Qlfirsf Noir: lA'XVPllj'Il liotnln. xV2l.l'l'0ll lloftmnn. liolr Nolle, Walter Snydvr. .lim 'l'1n'ne1', Sam As- ton. lbiek Con1'oyQNUcou4l Ifrurz Huy llwitty. llngene XYvIwi'. .Tohn lliivlu-fy. Iloh t'1'ow0ll. Mike L,'z1v:ilovir1'li. Hill Z4-wr-H. llill Smith Q 'I'Ilirrl Noir: Vonelm l'1-ln,-rsoii. All-x Luft. llzlrold llzmnner- strom. llenry lla-nlon. llalrry Ainmnnn. lloh Short, lloh Stnit. .lov i'ZlYilltDYll'l"ll. llzivid 1lrf'l:llllP1'tS. Tom lP11tl'Q Fourth Noir: lililarvm-H Blvtiinnis. flllIll'll'N Dixon, 'l'4-tl lim-ln-lc. llill Ahrizitis, Dick Ritter, liny Aitken. llill Philips. Vlmrles lirilcson. l-'loyil Lung, lien lluuuliin. Soccer Soccer is ll new spring' sport in Mt. become interested and it has now 9. l.ehanon lligh School. having been introduced for the first time in 1938. This sport was started to interest the ' boys who, having played it as mein- hers of independent teznns, didn't play football and had 21 liking for soccer. Since its introduction more boys have place on our major sports' progfrzun. lhis season s call was zinswered hx' a squad of forty hoys, of whom, tive were letterinen from last season, which makes our chzmces for El win- ning' teznn quite slim. Q 1"i1'.wl lfrnlfg lion lirown. Angus Mvl'li:iil, Ilonulns Anderson, ltill l'llI'l1'l', lllll Sinnucrnmn. Nor- wood .Xlln-n. llill linllon. Jimmy f':11'4l:11'elli Q Nwrruifl Noir: l'rz1nlq Sontliworth. Viersol Xl1ll'l'2U'v lleorare f'2ll'Yllll. IH-to St-lii'ov4lvi'. In-:ln Vopeias. llll2ll'lPS Seglu-Vs, l'lI'Ptl I'l:1mQ 'l'llirfI Noir: liarl Cullison. Vnlvin llzirt. Tom l':u1'1'. Ralph Jinglish. .Xl l.:mnnvi't. Joe Sta-wzlri. .lim Ili-fun, Bill llalll, Fred llzimilton Q l"nu1'fl: Noir: N0l'lll2lll Wilson. llvrnzlrnl l"l:inip:nn. 'l'om lvlillll. 1'I4'I:1,n4l Nelson, .lim llylzinfl. l'2llll Yivlh, Ross Smith. llill 4Xl'lll1'l' Q Fiflli Noir: lizirl Sittli-1'. llill -l,l'll4'llZll'1i. John Clap- perton. .lohn Mzxtrngzxs. ldllsworth llalrris. llill l'lllN0llilS. .lim Fulton Q Lust Noir: Uill llousley, Clark llogsett. llnrry Miirpliy. t'lm1'l1-s Vlzxrlc. lioh Fziloon. Nlnrrziy l,llllN. Larson Iirown. ll2II'I'Y XYi:ht, lm Msiflleliy. lloh Qnigg. Teil llnrtis. liollzt Miller. .luck Xllfli0Yl'l'll. liiigeiw Nlntthews. Dick lltlllllillll. liill Wim-lc. lion l'1'c-ml. ll I 'gp Hold Tight First li'oN': .lack llees. Toni Hopper. lion lVlllli'llllS, Bob Mclilroy, XYallaCe Coyte, Hobart Chivers. Cyril Ivory. Second How: Glenn He-ek, Dare Stoner. John Dapper, John Frank. lI211'!'y Benz. Bob Quigg, Stan Shepard, Norman Elliott. Third Irons: tfharlc-s Slmtfer. Dave lloyd. Murray Ports. Eugene Matthews. Roland Sutherland, Roy De Longa, Bob Alarniion, Coach Mollenancr. Wrestling The Mt. Lebanon grapplers opened their season against Carnegie on the latter's home floor. The most excit- ing match of the evening was Bobby lXlarmion's, which seemed like a regu- lar professional match. Bobby lost the match finally on a time decision to Carnegies heavyweight. llt. Leb- anon next' was host to Dormont brushing them off in a close match lelfll. .Ks guests of Shady Side, they thoroughly whitewashed the Academy lloys 28 -0 to increase their winning' streak to two. Meeting' Car- negie in the big' Gym the matmen again trimmed the lillack and Orange Z4--5. XYally Coyte, representing' Kit. Lebanon in the lO5 pounds class, al- though he tore his shoulder ligaments. went on to pin his man. Coyte was lost for the rest of the season due to SCHlClDL'l,li Kit. l.. vs. Carnegie .. Xlt. l.. vs. Dormont .. Kit. l.. vs. Shady Side .. lit. l,. vs. Carnegie .. Mt. l.. vs. Kiski this injury. The last match of the season, against Kiski, was taken by our own wrestlers 24W6 to give them a perfect season with tive wins and no defeats. The NY.ll.l.:X.l-. play-offs were held in lVaynesburg, March lO-ll. Coyte. his wounds having healed. was caught in an epidemic of flu and was unable to go. Ilob Quigg, Glenn Heck, Dave Boyd, Harry llenz and Stan Shepard represented Mt. Lebanon in the play- offs. The team felt the loss of Hlflap' Langstaft and Paul Getty in mid-year graduationg however. 'Dave lloyd and Harry llenz tilled their positions very well indeed Vvally Coyte, Harry Tlenz, Dave Stoner, and Roland Suth- erland, will probably be back to make the first team next year. KIT. l.. flPl'. away .. ... l9 . ... 3 home .. .. l-l . ., ll away .. .. 33 . . 0 home .. ,. 24 . 5 home .. 2-l . . 6 Modern Achilles il' First Now: .lack Manheiiner, Hob Seltnmn. N4!l'lll2lllJfElll0ll, Glenn Heck, Bob Viliiteltitflq, Paul Getty, Iloward Alderson, Jim Brady, Hob Campbell. Second lrmc: Bob l,:iw1'e1it-e. Paul Slianor. Jack Shields, Hob Knowlson. Iron Lewis. Salvitor Bel- lini. Dan Robb, lid Hzimiltrin, llob Hanna. Ilill 4J'NIl-lia. t'li:11'les I-'ettt-n'iiian. 'I'l1irf1 lfmv: Managxer Beverley Lewis. llud Metllaniglilin. Henry Metfall, Hd llzunel. lloy Ilelaiiiga, Voaeli Sisson. .Ioe Donalioe, Voaeli tll:it'ka. Mantis Scott. llarry Benz. lit-'l'l liroolcs. .lack Allder- iue. Walter Iirown. I9 5 8 Track .Xctivity in the early spring months of last year developed an outstanding track team for Mt. Lebanon High. Mr. Sisson and Mr. Glafka came through with more lettermen than in any previous year. .Xll of these fel- lows worked hard during the spring months to perfect an unusual record. Lettermen included Lewis, Alder- son, Hamilton, liellini, Robb, XVhite- lock, Heck, Campbell, Brady, Getty. lX'lcGlaughlin, Shields, Donahoe, and O'Melia. .X great deal of recognition is due these sprinters and held men. Alderson performed in regular style this year in the lOO and 220 yard dashes. l"lamilton's lirst year as a trackman proved very successful, for he ran one of the fastest half-mile distances in the schoolls history. .X real trackman who has broken the tape in many races is little llobby Xklhitelock. XYhitey and Robb have upheld the Mounties' relay team rec- ord for the past three years. .Nny alt. Lebanon ........l..... 67M Triangle Nleet-Mt. Lebanon 34Mg Mt. Lebanon ..... Mt. Lebanon .. DD .. .,.... 7354 Mt. Lebanon ............,. 59 District Meet-Mt. Lebanon l0 points 35 boys tilling their vacancies must do some fast stepping. Brady and Mc- tilaughlin showed they had what it takes when the last hundred yards lay before theni. alt. Lebanon gained about twenty points in every meet this past year through the efforts of Heck, Camp- bell, Donahoe, and O'Melia, in field events. 'Don Lewis did his share in aiding the Blue Devils on to victory. He ended his track career by break- ing' the XV.P.l..X.L. discus record. ln the javelin throw, Mt. Lebanon was represented by Bellini, while the job of scaling the bar was handled very etticiently by Heck and Campbell. Several fellows attempted to put the twelve pound shot, but it took Done ahoe and O'lX"lelia to show them how. Several of these fellows will be per- forming' this year under the leader- ship of Coach Mollenauer, who has recently given up his track post af Cannonsburg. llrentwood . . . ............. 52M Nlclfees Rocks 623 Uormont 12M llellevue . . .. ........... . 63 Crafton . . .. 25M Sewickley . .. 41 Racquet Busters Tennis N38 initiated Mt. Lebanon's tirst year in XY.P.l..X.L. tennis competi- tion, which limited our opponents to the public high schools. .Xgain win- ning its section. Mt. Lebanon kept up its record of eight consecutive years. l'laving entered the sectional playoffs, we were unexpectedly overthrown in the second round by lluquesne, 3 to 2. marking' the fourth time in eight years that the lllue Devils failed to win the championship. The llounties also tigured promi- nentl5 in three other scholastic tourf naments. sending George lllank, and Captain .lack Southworth. leader of Mt. Lebanon's tennis forces for the past three years. to the Shadyside lnterscholastic in May, the Pittsburgh lnterscholastic in vlune. and the well- known Harvard Cup tournament in September. Klt. Lebanon garnered two of the three championships, with Southworth winning the Shadyside and Harvard Cup tournaments, and reaching the hnals of the Pittsburgh lnterseholastic. Other members of the llounties' tine tennis team included number two man George Blank, who completed a commendable record of six wins and three losses for his Senior yearg ,lack O'l3rien in the third position, who not only did cretlitable work in actual league matches, but also won the Pittsburgh lnterscholastic Doubles Championship along with South- worth. lCddie Cipriano, better known as a standout performer on the lllue Devils' football and basketball teams, turned in a line job as fourth man. contributing vitally to one of the Blounties' two points in the play-offsg and Charles Roberts, a freshman, who looks like a "comet" on future Klt. Lebanon tennis teams. held down fifth place. 1958 TENNIS SCHICDLLE Mt. L. ...... 7 .Xrnold . . .. . .. l Mt. L. . .. 5 llridgeville . . .. U Mt. L. . ., 3 Crafton . . .. 2 Mt. L. . 4 Carnegie . . l Mt. L. . ... 3 .Xrnold . . .. . .. 5 Mt. L. . . 5 llridgeville . . .. 0 Mt. L. . 3 Crafton . . .. 2 Mt. L. . . . 5 Carnegie . . .. . . 0 Mt. L. . .. 2 Duquesne . . 3 tfldayotfsl Won 75 Tied lg Lost l. Q First Holt: Jaek tfllrien. .lim Winn, lid tTipri:ino Q Nerfonrl Ifuuf: lfoaeh Iloak, Matt Reynolds. Jack Southworth, George lllank, l'ilSIllil Brooks. 87 Fore Q Left to Right: Coach Peterson, llarolcl Crowell, Jar-k Livingston. Bill Kramer, Bob Zwinggi, Bill Tattersall. XVith the St. Clair Country Club as its home course, the 1938 Golf Team did not fare so well against its foes during the lY.T',l.A.L. golf season. lfinal scores showed 2 wins for the St. Clair boys and 4 for their oppo- nents. Yet these scores do not record the line lighting spirit of Kramer, Zwinggi, Tattersall, Livingston, and Crowell who composed the first team. liach individual match was close and showed that the boys from the Mount could, and did play serious golf. Not often does a team that loses the ma- jority of its matches outscore its op- ponents as Mt. Lebanon did with a total of 45M over 442 for its foes. The W.l3.T.iX.L. section included liridgeville,Coraopolis, Snowden, and Mt. Lebanon. The Mountie-s opened the season against Coraopolis at Hon .Xir Country Club, winning' the match ll to 4. Snowden and liridgeville took the measure of Coach Petersonis tive in the next two matches, ll to 4, and 8 to 7 respectively. Still deter- mined, the team as host to Coraopolis, whitewashed them 14M to Again in the next two matches, Snowden and Rridgeville nosed out our Ndivot- diggers". The defeat by Bridgeville brought to an end a sad season. .Xt the close of the season, Bill Kramer and Bill Tattersall, represent- ing Mt. Lebanon in the VV.P.l.A.L. championship playoffs at Greens- burg Country Club, were eliminated in the first round with medal scores of 84 and 89 respectively. The Golf Team for l939 loses its live first-team men of the '38 team. Mr. Saxton, the new coach, will have only two reserves from last yearis squad around whom to build his l939 team. 1938 SCHEDULE KIT. Li-Qimxox Oveoxixzxis .Xpr Mt. Lebanon at Coraopolis ll 4 Apr. Snowden at Mt. Lebanon . 4 ll Apr. Mt. Lebanon at Hridgeville 7 8 May Coraopolis at Mt. Lebanon l-if LQ May Mt. Lebanon at Snowden . 3f6 ll,LQ May llridgevillc at Mt. Lebanon D14 926 Total . . 4516 4426 88 Tl i l i l l P l I li i 1 l l Musketeers Ftrs! Ifnzrz llill Stout. 1':111l SlIEllllil'. Holm Cilllllhllvll. t':11'l Fiselier. I1':1 Nlatlleny. ' Ii111 I'4ddx lltirold l:lll'llPl'. lid t'l1:11'11t-ll. lid llllTl"llQ- NITIHIII I1'n1V: Mr. bt1'en111s. . it 1 son. .Iil11 lP:1wc-s. Rifle Team Coached by M r. Streams, the Rifle Team had a fairly good season, wine ning tive out of nine shoots. .Xfter two victorious matches with Taren- tum, the team bowed in defeat to litna. ln the fourth match Xlillvale played host to our Sharpshooters. only to be beaten 965-962. Xlith re- venge in their hearts Klt. Lebanon Fencing P The only big match this season for our fencing' team is the tireater Pitts- burgh Fencing' Tournament, which will be held in the Pitt Stadium on the evening of .Xpril 17. Schools from all over the Pittsburgh district are to he represented by their best fencers. These schools include: Klt. Lebanon. XYillii11sl'111t'g', Langley, llellevue, llen Avon, Dormont, and XYestinghouse. lndividual and team trophies will be awarded to the winners. Mr. Kon- volinlqa's squad is to consist' of Rob llance, .lack Dragonette, C. nl. Don- oghue. Carl lletz, .XI Ruth, lfrrol Dexter, and lloh Charters the latter sought to even the score with litna. but without success, since we wound up on the short end of a 992-975 score. Getting back into their stride on home territory, the Klounties took the next two matches from Klillvale and Wiest View. The two tinal matches with Turtle Creek were lost by il close margin. Team having made a name for himself by winning the Class NC" championship last year in a tournament held in our gym. 'Il Nleliyier, llolr t'l1:11'te1's. Mr. Koiivoliiilca. Jae t Dlll 111 89 A Sport for Every Girl Q First I-'mcg 1I2l1'g2ll'I'l Ilrown. Margiir l'l2lIIllIlPl'lj', .lane Meuseli. Glenys Meelleln, lilaine Alcxalider, Marjorie Little, Jean Angle. Nillltj' Ia-e Nieklas, Pegrtry Kuelmer Q Sffcmirl I-'ozrz l'llllllL'0 Smith, Mary Casper. Betty llaynes.. tlinnie llalton. Mary CHIIPLXVRIX. Tllalia Meyer. Maxine Acostzl. Miss Krugli Q Tlzirrl Rolf: Margie Antlcrsoii, Marg'arei ST2llllIl6l'liPI'. li4lN9llltll'j' Kearfott. .lane Cramer, Geraldine lifll'I'9fT. Alice Mt-Blaster. tiiuice Judge. Ann Simpson. Margaret Oshouiaie Q Fourth Rolri Jeanne Hast. Lois Sturkciuaiii. Suzanne l'i'aWt'or4l. Anne C'l1:ii'in-rs, lim-itty Sliatil-i', Jeanne Linn. Mary Ilee. Miss Mvllouziltl. Girls' Athletic Association Txveetl Tweet! the sound of that whistle anal the sight of girls clad in hlue or golcl proclaim the start of another sport oiteretl by the Girls' Athletic Association. In early fall this sport is hockey. The turn-out for this game is large, and there are always a few bystanders waiting for someone to be cracked on the shins. 'llhese cracked shins, in fact any casualties, are taken care of by an insurance plan. t'l l I1Il'IRLEADllTlS This year over six hunilrctl senior high girls took advantage of the wide selection ol sports. Iiut why not, when haskethall, mushlxall, soc- cer, tennis, cage hall, horseslioes, liatlminton, volley hall antl tenikoit are ol"t'ere4l? ln these sports, the girls are awariletl their athletic letters. Each season closes with a lmetter sense ol' cooperation, competition, and a deeper unclerstancling of "Ask not if you won or lost, hut how you playerl the game." Ch 1 d Margaret Mzxrtsolt, Mary M4'4'ollun1. Shirley lless. .Xuilrey Phillips. Marjorie Cel' C21 Cfs iiaii. xiin-jtnw iii-aim. unit, tame nun' on down" home this year as the AliliCl'lbl1g'g'lllg ol' our cheerleatlers hrought acclaim, even from llormontl National inter- est locust-rl on Mt. l,elmanou lligh, while all eyes watchetl the girls sliaggiu' th rough " lfeeuafilicka. 'lleena-clicka" ancl other "catches", Like the team, the cheerleatlcrs checketl up victories, too, anfl helpecl make our hest athletic season: in fact, the varsity just "wouliln't know what to clo without 'cuinl 90 and Every Girl a Sport K IICIIEIIY Basketball Captains appointed, teams chosen, feeling running high, friendships for the moment forgotten, and you have the essence of basketball. A popular sport, it draws great crowds of bye standers, who are themselves carried away when the "old bouncer plops into the basket". Even at live o'clock the gym is lilled with the din of anxious "pep'talkS,', rapid-Fire or- ders, and such "sleight-of-hand" passing that ballles even the referee, Notre Dame tnot to be confused with footballlj nosed out Carnegie Tech and Dulce to tly the victory colors at the close of the scheduled season. Surviving under losers' bit- ter disappointment and the common complaint of "Lool:it my hair! l7rippyl" it is certain to remain the favorite for many years. Lois llll'llT1-'llllllltl leirx lin : 1', It I' .z e liietrieh, lleilv .lean Proctor, H1 RLS' BA S KETIIALL .Ieanne llzisl. Tlieresa Nolte, Phyllis Selmmm. Archery llave you noticed the cracked windows in the girls' gym? Some ot our aspiring young Robin lloods missed the target. Archery is open only to twelfth grade girls, and this year there were more participants than ever before. Some of us wons dered just how one went about hit- ting a target. Alter several instrucf tion periods our aim improved, and by the time the tournament was held, all were at least hitting' the same wall on which the target was placed. ln order to remain in the competition, ten points had to be scored in the fourth round and an additional live points in each sue- ceccling one. Exhaustion claiming the ninth and Final round, the cham- pion drew her last bow and left the held open to l,if1'lu,!'01111. During our exploration of the hills of Lebanong vve become acquainted With many of its inhabitants. Keeping in touch With their daily life, vve learn of the strange doings, which prove so bewildering to our group or scholarly folk. But since there remain other lands to be traveled, vve must bid adieu to our experiences in Lebanon. Back we journey to the Port or'Me1nory, where vve take leave of our Magzc Cmfper. FEATURES 21I1l,1211T At governing students he's a true past-masterg At his ready smile all tfemiiiinej l1ea1'ts beat faster. -dd-- II-in-lt-n A llr. in front of her lllfllllt' she would seeg A more jovial girl there never could be. Vert- H Cl-rk Saucer eyes and button nose, A distinctive style from head to toes. Xl-V11-l'-T ll-ll-rd His intellectual ability craves 111ncl1 attentiong llis other talents are too numerous to n1e11tion. B-ll C-mpb-ll His trombone playing ranks with the best, And his subtle humor stands any test. D-ck B-rnd His role of Ned was considered swell, But in dancing and goliing you'll find he excels. B-ll Kr-in-r Her dancing technique is second to noneg You won't disagree when you see how it's done. B-verly Tell-tt When for someone sweet you have a yen, She's found with Mr. Gilbert in three 'ten. B-rb-r- B-nd-r If yo1i've been around, yon've oft l1ea1'd our brags Of this sweetest ot P. G.'s who dances and shags. Fr-nc-s .l-yc- His dancing brought him fameg He always used his middle name. it I ck . -v- B-ss- When. for assembly we need a song Tins lively musician came swinging alonfr. .I-ll-f ti-l-s This handsome blonde you k11ow was grandg He tooted in the football band. Frank li--tt- Aqiitterbug of the tirst degrreeg Ilis Sll21f.Yj.flIlj.Y,S something you ought to see. I!-b XV-b-r lle plays his trombone with 11neq11aled zest- All gaits swing to his music. the best. l I-r-ld V-tt- If the game looked dark and Lebanonites blue, Theyid Cllllllif on l1i1n to take it tlirough. iv-l'l'-ll B-rnh-rd Vogue come to life ill eve1'y detail, Her fashions soar to tl1e top of the scale. M-ry H-rd-st-1' Lessons from Krnpa you'll think hc's had VVhen X011 hear the rhythm of this little lad -l H-rigs XVhen she learns more fllilll she knows now, She will be teaching: her pupils how. B-tty It-n-y A little IYlllit'll boy, Illltl a little Dutch tasket, A little Dutch biscuit in his little Dutch basket. .I-ck D-dt She's quiet and shy. but oh so nice: A good friend to have at Hllj' price. ll-t l'-yv-ll Voted the prettiest girl in her class. XVho is this t2ll2l.1'Illill5I little lass? ll-l-n S-111111-1' A football hero. a scholar as wellg llis middle name he refuses to tell. ll-p Ifnest-ff ller studies brought her fame: Olll' classplay program bore her name. S-pt- S-nders-n 94 - itcs lle's lived across the sea, At-tor, lllllSiUl2l.Il-ll0I'lC better have we. K-rt M- -schk- She sat behind the curtain . And made the classplay lines more certain. L---s- W-ld Ile was a friend of l-11eene'sg 3 And helped out with the "Ways and Means. ' li-ll Cr-11st-n She's nice and bright this little lassg She ranked the fourth in all our class. M-ry Cemph-ll This lad who is just grand, Has played the tuba in our band. St-v- R-c- On typewriters she races, I And helped "make up" our actors' races. Gr-c- C-mpb-ll Our Fritz was lots of fun: When you wanted a laugh, he was the one. Fr-d L-ng He used to play in the band And with home 1'oon1 programs lent a hand. Fr-nk -lk Ileis really gay fllld lots of fung lle's soda jerker Illllllllfel' 0110. G--1'g- SCIII'-b-1' Our Girl Reserves she guided. And over Tirelre A f1t'0 presided. -dd-- J-hnst-11 A drum he loved to beat, And helped lnake "Holiday" a treat. Ch-ek Il-fflll-ll llis horn he loved to blow. And liked with Eleanor to 510. tires B-Her He helped to make tilll' Lantern bright, And melodramas loved to write. J-hn G-ldthw- -t Both her names begin with Ag She's famous in the ti.A.A. fun- --5:-nst--n We like her, so do you. SIIQYS quiet, bright, and charining too. D-r-thy V-1:-l-r For salesman, clown. or jovial friend, Here's the one we'd recommend. B-b P-pp You know for sure that she is sweet: She's very clever and petite. .I-n- Sehl-egh Although she is quite new. We're sure you like her. too. I'-tse Sl--n- He was clever in every way. And handled the t'husiness" of Olll' classplay. Ch-rl-s L-ss lle drove a great big: car And helped our Hi-Y to go far. D-n ll-lf She hit many a ball. made many a basket. XVhat is l1er name? Why! . . . need you ask it? ll-l-n Sp-r k- l 1-r-s D-sn-y Til-ry -ehs-nh-rt ho's Who l HQS1 llzmcws Sllirlcy lliitclwismi Glvuu Huck 'Kllust Y-vu Dance-?" 7 Host Likr-ly to Siiucu-il Dm Km-ssiim' Tvrl Iiurtis ulTl'Zl.T!l4llll IJ. Rcmoscwlt JUIICSU Most Tzllcutccl Mary Lou l-'imllvy Curl llclz "You Ollglll To Ili' lil Pic- ti11'us" 4 I-iusl I Jfcswcl Czxmlim' lllllll' Holi Quiggl 'llfasy 4111 the lfyc-su llcst lmolciimg U, Host Xatiircwl Kay llZl.l1AQl1lO1l llill xlifkllllll "l Oulx' llzlve lfvcs lfm' Yi Ik-st Pcrsmlzxlity 143- lfllvxi Czumrbcll Romziiuc fl.cf1yD jXlHll'CXXS "Yun Too Llzm Hu ilu' l.iI'c- of lliv I':11'!x"' Quinta-st l'lSllll'l' lixirus .lim Klcflmcrii "lu M5 Sfblllllllir XX'ittin-st Suu lkiwazll Don Koontz "l Cut 11 Kick Out til' Yon" 95 yn VU Nlllfy Alice llen Roy Dc Lcmga -The Joy of I-ix I'vppiQSt Xlarjoric llzlll Inu Slum' "Stand Up :xml lin-st ,-Xll-:Xiwmxicl .Xriuc Clizwtcrs XX4llI'l'i'll Vic-ill "You'vc Gul Irv llgrrf' to gt! "Swc'c't Vzukiity 'mg' Cfliccru ,Xtlilvlrf Iii- xi lfuotball Zll'0llllll with Nm", une-ites Last Will and Testament XX'e, the June graduating class of 1939, in our usual state of sanity, wish to leave to the remainder ot' the student body these bequests. CAlthough these articles were useful to us :luring our stay here, we have found that 'fYou can't take them with you". lt's illegalj To the lfreshnienvllignity To the Sophoinores-Knowledge To the Juniors-A list of snap courses To the Faculty4Peace "Pokey'l Campbell leaves her gym suit to the mice. Janice Cooper and Glenn Heck leave together. 'KVVop" Duchene leaves his basketball points to Tom Hooper. "Butch" Rearick and Jeanette Myers leave their linger nails to the Chinese mandarin. Jack Shields leaves his fouls Cbasketball and otherwisej to the Basketball Team. Betty Beam leaves her perfect attendance record to Dotty Greiner. Bud McGlaughlfn leaves. his color. combinations to any other stand-in for a rainbow. CPerhaps the Murphy twins.J Ginny Raeder leaves her appetite to anyone else lucky enough to be thin. Don Koontz leaves his Shakespeare puns to lrene Maloney. Sally Gehrett leaves her Traffic Post. Dave Boyd leaves his grin CCheshire varietyj to Chuck Parnell. "Cookie" leaves her gum under the chairs. "Peanuts" Morgan leaves a trail of broken fenders. Vieth leaves his all-around athletic ability and everything else to Ann Simpson. Jack Manheimer leaves the Mt. Lebanon Juniors with regret. Ken DeJohn, Bill Lloyd, A'Deac" Gardiner, and the others leave the Ranger traditions. C000 League standingj Dick McNally leaves liis "shyness' for the good of the school. Lois Stuckeman, Alice McMaster, and ,lean XYyre leave the G..-XA. sorrowfully. George Cluirchill and Eileen McGinnis leave more room for us ignorant ones on the Honor Roll, Bill XVeimer leaves to get some sleep. Cy Donoghue leaves his foils Cfencingj to llob Charters. Bruce Gardner and Homer Amick leave Cday clreamingj. Jean Swartz leaves her patience Cprompter in the class playj to the faculty. Lois Lichtenthaler leaves her arching ability to Cupid. Emily Delaeh leaves her unanswerable questions to Professor Quiz. Guy Peterson and Bert Brooks leave their all-around athletic ability-in track, Vergie lfisher, Mary Jane Mutz, Bette Sutton, and Betty Senior leave their pep to the Traffic Squad. Charlie Becraft leaves his ofticiousness to llfi. Dot Gaites, Pat Colgate, and Johnny Hurford leave their brains to the biology class. Betty Cplohn Henryj Erenricn leaves her water-gun to Mr. Broun. Juna Eva leaves her friendliness to Mr. Saxton. Jeanne Ivory leaves her information. Bill Kane, Gene Roberts, Jane NNheeler, and llarry VYilson just leave. "Bev-L" Lewis leaves his vice-presidency with his efforts towards good programs. Pat Denhart and Mary Lou Volmrich leave their hair ribbons to the 7B's. Bob Klippel leaves his liddle to Nero. Betty Goehring leaves her green clothes to Ireland. Ruth Barker leaves her 'Areform" program to the school. Eleanor 'Schwager leaves her sarcasm to the Log. Anita McQuillen leaves her soft voice to Margaret Osbourne. hlanus Scott leaves his "savoir fairishnessn to Stan Shepherd. Frances Dotten leaves her long hair to Romeo. Marie Wetzel leaves her piano. tShe can't take it with her.j Bob VVhitelock leaves chasing us. We couldn't tind anything for him to leave, Bill Cross and Marty Lose leave hastily. They had to. They wrote this. 96 Remember ---- VVhen Ted Burtis arrived, trailing hehind his New York accent? .-Xnne Charters hitting a new high in rapid-hre talking? XVhen Mary Alice Dee played "Little Maryu in the class play? Sadie Capones dress doing a "sliding act" as she was reciting in class? When some people thought llelen -lohns meant chickens when she called, "Here, Chick, Chick, Chickv? How well that lietz lad could draw besides heing the classes' Barrymore? Toni Loughhoroughis lively "Hi Yan? Frank Fitch hlushing when the piece "Junior" came out: Mr. Gilbert heckling Annetta Degelman ahout smoking cornsilk? janet Augenstein locking Miss Kekilty's keys in a room. Lucille Mohl spilling Gardenia perfume on Don Ramsey? How the old piano keyboard would shake when that Kough girl started pounding? 'When Tess Nolte handed Mr. Laderer the ruhher doughnut? llow Jack U'lirien 'fchimedl' out when 'ANormandy" time came? Margie NYeatherwaX being locked in the Art room -lbc to work on the 1.031 drawings? Ruth Fisher leaving us halong tl1e road" in foreign language classes? Fay Purpura coming out a nickel short when selling lunch checks? Grace Tilly's movie stuh collection? Louise Rider translating those 'Round the NVorld' letters? llow Casanova Quigg swept the pretty lasses off their feet? Jack XN'alsh's love of English 7? Barbara Devore's ear getting repaired all the time? Margie Hall, the cheerleader with the B. O. A. Cliox Office Appealj? jim Hooker? VVhen we saw him, we saw Anne. Carolyn Lunsford using her Southern accent to get a part in "Stage lJoor"? Mary lane Mayleben laying down the law on Tratlic Squad? Ramona Moore without "Vit"? XYillis Xolle receiving "out of order" slips? Marie Reiter witnessing many hall-walkers while typing outside of fill? Paul Shanor learning the technique of a certain Cheerleader? Lois VYoodhurn going with Dick? liill Abriatis waiting outside of llo at the heginning of C period? loan Adams, the reason Bill Falk came hack for a P. G. course? Mary Helen gXnderson's interest in her studies? Maybe Rennie is her tutor. A'Lefty" Andrews going places on the haskethall floor as well as with Ellen? "Bogie" liergman as a feature attraction at the Denis? Janet Collins' lirst fall on roller skates? Natalie Cole and Ed Dapper hitting the "jack pot" at llank Night? Hill McRoherts and Henry Renton who could he classed as "small 'uns and shy 'uns"? The pile of handkerchiefs that Dick Ritter collected? The day opening with a radio skit-courtesy of Sue Powell? Lois Close telling the class what a beautiful tree grape nuts grew on? That Baker girl's dimples? When Margaret Hofrichter couldnt quite explain how she heeame a home room secre- tary? lieryle Vincent's idea ot what the well-dressed woman should wear? flier sister's clothesj The day Esther Harrison washed and washed her hands? How the ticket sales boomed when Bill Gottschalk took over? NVhen jack Southworth delined the "Spoils" system in Economics class? XVhen Anne Curl doused her hair with oil and "COlllCl1l.t do a thing with it"? Bill Schweitzer wrecking his fath:r's car, the day he got his learner's permit? Doius Conn, llixielnirl' ROHRKAS'l'lC. 97 if Believe It or Not: Ed Allee spends his spare time raising pigeons. VVe still remember Marge Kelley's hrst day in school Qraccoon coat, etc.D Two inseparable companions are Bob McCready and a chess board. The queerest combination around is "Bunny" QMary Lane Pletcherj who collects ish. "A girl in every port" will be joe Donahoe's motto. 'Tis rumored that Kay Haughton is a face contortionist. HSquirrel Hess" has a yearning to become a dentist someday, nice pulling? Betty Hosick's theme song is "the Old Gray Cheve Still Goes-Regardless Wear". Bill McMinn combines Hsex appeal" and "sax appealn. Your guiding light at the Alvin may be john McGrath. "Benny" Dyson, No. 1 jitterbug, really gets in the groove and jives it out. Eleanor Lohnes still sings "There's Something About a Trumpetu. Elsie Tener's thoughts still wander back to Perry High. Bob Hance not only takes the spotlight in photography, but also in fencing. Howard Alderson, track enthusiast, harbors secret aspirations concerning the forth- coming Olympics. Wilina Fleet is one reason why the chewing gum business booms. Betty Jane Dietrich is a second Babe Didrickson. "VVhat Price gloriesu in his proud guarding of our school colors. "Bus" Elliott is a kin of that cat with nine lives when the motor's purring. Dick VVolf is an up and coming C.P.A. "Sec" Ann Yankosky is well on her way to "secretarialism". The owner of the infectious laugh echoing through the halls is "Margl' McGaw. Eugene Grosso, alias A'Mouse", plays tackle for the Shamrock Football Team. Kathleen Urben Finally confessed-she likes best to sing. Mary Meyer and Dot Reinhard beat ir out on the clarinet and piano respectively. The diplomatic service holds the interest of Jack Bowlus. Stepin' Fetehit and Charles Smith are brothers under the skin. Ed Sherry is quite "licky" on the subject of stamp collecting. Nina Drake will look into the saying, "The way to a man's heart. . . " Tarzan Weismuller has nothing on that McCall man. "Peanuts, popcorn, crackerjack' is the cry of Henry Hepner. Ginny Werner is the girl who likes to visit "her" dentist. Chuck O'Brien's handwriting would make john Hancock green with envy. Dame Hesse craves being either a glass blower or an archeologist. "There's something about a soldier," so to the Citadel goes Lee Ferrell. Olive May Holtz rates some credit for the social committee's unique ideas. Jeanne Linn wins the title "All American Girl Athlete". Things will explode some day when "Wojo" Benson dives into the lield ot chemicals That pretty miss who does nicely i11 the drawing way is our Ginnie Clark, Mr. Charles Graham states, HI eat, sleep and breathe baseball." What a life! Louise Nichol has more activities than this writer can count. Bill Oxenreiter gets a big kick out of artistic doodlings. A tie pin soon replaced Virginia Rhyner's class ring. QElementary.j That good looking lad with dimples is our own '1Dentist's Delight", Paul Peters. Esther Sapple spends her spare time two-stepping at Sports-Haven Roller Rink. Jim Springer'sv finally getting down to earth, a geologist he would be. In the future girls, your love letters may be delivered by postman George Simmons. RTARY ANN HUNTER, Snnemv Hurcruson. 98 Goodbye Forever ---- To complaining about "that same old stuftu in the cafeteria, then tearing pell-mell down three flights of stairs, skidding around a corner on one heel, bumping into a teacher with an armload of books, gasping an apology, fighting for a place in line, grabbing a tray. and eating Five checks! worth of food. To making a mad dash for a rapidly closing homeroom door at 8 :39 259 A.M. To going to basketball games, sitting behind a sweet young thing, and for- getting the score. To study halls, and wondering why they were called that. To those bull sessions at the ends of the halls, at the lunch tables, and in the back of study halls. To borrowing homework. To strolling aimlessly through the halls, looking in classrooms, but keep- ing one eye on the clock, and the other out for a teacher. To buying a Lantern to see if your name's in Dcvilctfc. To making the Alarm Clock program the daily eye opener. To wondering why 'gP.G.'s,' "P.G.,' To wondering who is attached to the hand that slips through the door and collects attendance cards. foe Donahoe. Ten Minutes in the Dead-Letter Office or What the Postman Doesn't Deliver Won't Hurt You Ten years from now these letters will be found in the dead-letter office of the post otlice in one of our large cities. D. L. Creed, President Creed Chemical Corporation Creedville, Pennsylvania Dear Mr. Creed, Your wonderful new chemical product known as Creedls Chemi-Corn Cure has done wonders for me. Until three days ago l was troubled greatly by corns on my toes. However, two applications of your marvelous remedy and my corns disappeared. l anticipate no more trouble as my toes disappeared also. You may feel free to use this testimonial at any time. Yours thankfully, J. J. Mcffiikk Robert IXlcCready Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania Dear Mac, QB to K4 Yours, li. lbw PS. This chess game has been carried on by mail for live years. l.etls quit and try correspondence Tiddley XYinks. BF. 99 Ode To Our Junior High To the memlry of our little friends VVho leave our midst this fall, XVe dedicate this homely rhyme, To say Weill miss them all. Wleill miss the dainty patter Of their nimble, dancing feet, XYe,ll miss their loving little shoves, Their darling kicks, so sweet. And everytime we tread the stairs Molested not and free, To think that We are walking down, Not falling down, you see, VV'e,ll think of them, the little dears, As tears bedim our eyes. NVe're wond'ring how such bother came From babies of their size. Backfire To Our Senior High You said your rhyme was homely, friends, Wfeill say that it was worse, .X monument's what we deserves Not just a little verse. For all the suff'ring we've endured These long, long'-seeming yearsf Your bumps, and boots, and batting, Your taunting, snickiring sneers. Youive acted high and mighty like A bunch of feudal lords, But this fall we'll all do the laughing As we see you wash the boards. NVe'll miss your arm-in-arm affairs That daily strut the halls, NVe,ll miss your handsome Cables And your painted cutie' dolls, XVhy, certainly, Weill miss you all, No matter where we roam. Withotit your mooning, moaning XVe'll never feel at home. But in spite of this, youlll see us, NVhen our day of torture ends, Leave this building in a hurryk "So, aclieu, fine feathered friends." 100 ETIIEL LORENZ Autographs 1 ' 1 - 0 N f, f. W , , - , L D U - f , 1 K. fp WK" CAV --44 " , f ff, Autographs mi? ! , :- ,H - ' .A ,- .MPM .Y-,ff- ... ,- , - is: 'L' 4 f'l'4 fr , if fk,, 1 ' 1. ' 4 5 . 3 f A J -'1 f , V g,i": 'LQM' '13-1 .W-'.. ,-1,-Fri. gg. , -- na ' V. ,Mm i . A if Tl - -1 , 3' ' 9 ' f x" ' 2314 Ev " ' vi , A eg- , 1.25 ,vzlwkf J V, aff... ' , Q f ,E -. V I . ' I 4' f.- . , W , L 3- , . Pa: - y . ' 4' , 1 . K 9 fr ' 'W ' ' - 2 1 nz " 1335, , 1, I wi : :hw Z.. 1 ' , K 1 I A f I ,nga-in, f?,p'f4GA1giq? H 1. sgisfm-,, ' f"1f4f,:,'!5if' - 6 A , . - ,-.W--,G . . xvgrza- ,f M '--6 fd . wax,-1---, ,, 73,-..-gv'M,: ' 1- f ' M,-. , A, Amin I NL Y 5, lfi... . J ,gwamy vi.,--1 1- - 1 24' ' H-LN ,- -, 'QL ' .tw1g.j' , 51' a:.-1? gf ' ,f' wi' i':Si'W,'-b ' 4 . J ,. 5 .. -3. . A k 1 - Qi, 'XE 7 Y A? Q. - .ii K, A ,,v- 'H if - , ,yi M F , I , f.-QL 'R v -gitqf-,M-15QwVAf,Qxji,i 'A-5 '1,.V','g, 1' ' ' Y -R. '51 Jqiglwvxu 1. -X , A ,. . -,I 51.-J - ' 1' K. +5 in Q fl'-.WL ' I W 'f 0 , . ' . E '4 ' ' - , . I ' 1 V. ,,Wf'i'f' J- .A P, Au, a I 'N .- , , .-1 ...amps , In W. A ' 'K ' , 'lf ' ' .1aY+f,is?g'Z"1 ' l3i'3?i,s11" ff: 551 Q ' - WB, V. gfgrwxyqg 1 5' f:"a'4--. . V.-H LN ., - ' ' ., , 1 4 4 1 . . -.v-- f ' x , V . - , I . ..,., , ,L . 5 ,V , , H-.iisfY.-i.,L:.1Qgiii4:,,.M-Y2k.',2mf'!S,.3hl.i5.' il iiirfziumaui hgzlf-ff.-Ewan-L..T- MZ' "Q-,i'I' '.f- -' I ,. ,,.fimlifwc.f.5sfii.f1. -:a.l5,i'..z.2.y1Q1.,A,.m1.. hx," ' 7 z3'nBn.Yamf 5' "'-if 5 ' Q-

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