Mount Healthy High School - Zem Zem Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH)

 - Class of 1960

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Mount Healthy High School - Zem Zem Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Jw-yur... ,, , "iff ,V -. ' -A 2595? I . M I 5 'ft-5. wf ' fy V-in f,K.u,. J J Nu- , Q 4511--.:-v m Q,,,f'- 5-L M . U' ' ' . A - yy 1 1. ..y1,f. . f.-, .A 7 .. C", fffmlolwgfifjz, bfawmwfmfa 'ffnw J A x , ex N W sf S flu N g M i s fi , ,fb X X S Q KVWQX 1 ,Q 7 1 ff apwgg 2i525j,i2'5f.m Q59 Y , W5 ,Il- J .LL 9 J Q' l ,. ,V,,, ,- ,,, ,, ,m..,.,,,.,,,...,,- ,g,,., v ,,.. ,n,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,- A ,.,. .-,,W .,., .. , .T 'B ,XI ng QLWL bg-M ' . WWW MRMAMM wwwk ,,+ MP - Q90 SWk.2QM.,sM mm gm My Xffwywmwmgw W wif' ' Qfxmlfii QSM 'f1f6 M 9 ' S A Yam xjffi' 7 ,1 JK i3fQ??3:f1 ,,,f?ff fmf tfiyif do , ff 94 ' MM ww 422W QQMMF if E 1 5653 , 'ig A ,IP 13 faq wi E i 'MMA ?i9E?1eeE?k fl-MW Ao Iomwwx dJQ33o-wa-:-9N9.5...q9a MMLL! at fs..MNsz,M1Q, kiwi jmagx . ima? M.,,,,, ' Yiwu V'X"f.k'NX-L4.3i9v.X x3-'ga-Nkbwv' s Rwwwwwwm VW ijovcfl. dlwda, A7 M . g7sf55y .-S, A MET WMM JU" '12 C? ' 9 1 -D, ga 5534? X 3 if- E. TQSXJ 'gf NSS ' 4 gf of Xi Q5 g 6 '-.LN D 9wACD R , , w D' SDA V5 W Xxbwbx M , ,551 ly iv iii: OR 2 X fly? Q ' Sggzqfry, EZFVJ' x y, aQgEE, Q Q 5 W E N. I QQ 'mg .f,3TT c ff. "P'P!.41.,?,,4-' N24 ' 1' 1- V ..- ff." tj ,ff,fx.,q ,Q ,G ffl. M -s- -- ' I gl f , 1. I I ,f , f ,- .1 . J ZEM M' ZEM , I96O4 t " 4 xx' N Xl .1 Qs ' .X 1,4 x 5 bios' - N14 ' N 5 pf' dj 9 . is i , F' I 1171 f I x , dfy Sxx ' 'I X 4 I 3 .VIL 5 i X J 1 gf . ,JJ A . lk, X x X X , I A f .si vt 'fx f,"L' gs? I .X ' I If "v 90' -.9 N l L. -I :clwu . N 1 I 1 A 1 1 J n Q - ff 1 Q JI J- 'C .f -I . 5 A ff' ' 1 'f fi it ' ' UA f'!"V' 'ff JA' g A X 'ff jf 741. !f. Y A U' ,L 5 I ffitd . ,V f f i J . ' I "I 'fl J 1 I A 1U ,v -J 'F ,fn Q Zu, if I u ,-! " , , rs' x"'5 if 'tl JL' !!L!Jf" .Xia xisx V, Y jx! l!5 Y! I 1 A ,I n -VA! V F 1 fx I' I 5 ff-If T S ff V X I 1 T ' f A Published by the Zem Zem Staff Mt. Healthy High School Mt. Healthy, Ohio Vo1umeXXX Editor: Donna Jo Nolte Business Manager: Jim Davis Advertising Manager: Jane Haefele TABLE CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY UNDERCLASSMEN SENIOR SECTION ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISEMENTS SPORTS SECTION . . :L - ,.,,., H' . X X4,1- 4, 4 MT. HE LTHY HI H SCHOOL 3 KEY TO HAPPINESS This year we members of the Zem Zem staff have chosen "The Keys to Happiness" as the theme for our book. Looking back through the year, we see that the events which have taken place are like keys which open doors to happiness. These events not only brought us much joy when they occurred, but also laid a foundation for our future happiness. The activities in which we have participated, the many, many things we have learned, and the wonderful friendships we have made are among these keys. As we grow older, this book will serve to recall memories of our high school years, and remind us of the Keys to Happiness which we acquired at Mt. Healthy High. ff 'lg s - 0 I 15' 4 YQ ix .15 b'.f"15f . xv f Q . AN X Ill if MTM? . fx '1 I ug ,e-'af v -ivy ' MTI .. Q 4, ' Y - tw' v 4 Q x V 9, A x' Mu ' - jx., . 1 'v : - rw N. , - .Q '49 , 1 N . . HLII.. gl L i xl 'mv m"-E ' - ' 'W -. 9 4 . Q 1 '1 ll 3 '1 ' , -1 it Aff - K.1 :fx ' A fxfk-J-X . ffl- uv" N' if 1-1:1-f-.9 .. A fffffr M 9+ ADMINISTRATIO M... 'B 415'-'ff ,.,, 1 J fiiffl ff AND FACULTY 7955 LI SEATED: Mr. Orr, Mr. Bernhardt, Mr. Morris, Mr. Bauer. STANDING: Mr. Dorr Mr Hartung M Ralph, Mr. Bryars. BOARD OF EDLICATIO MT. HEALTHY PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUPERINTENDENT - REX RALPH President . . . . Vice President . Clerk-Treasurer Attorney ...... . . Members . . Chester Bernhardt William Morris Walter Hartung Edward Dorr Charles Orr, Merv Paul Bryars in Bauer MR. REX RALPH Superintendent Mt. Healthy Public Schools 9 MR. M. D. HARTZLER Principal Mt. Healthy High School DR. DARWIN B. KEYE Coordinator of Curriculum Mt. Healthy Schools MRS. RUBY ROACH Dean of Girls Mt. Healthy High School ll MR. CHRIS STEFAN Dean of Boys Mt. Healthy High School MRS. CORINNE BAISDEN H A.B. Commercial Educa- tion Bowling Green College, Ky. CHARLES BLACK B.S. Education University of Cincinnati ROLLAND BARTLE A.B., Union College, Ky. M.A., Xavier University WILLIAM BRINKER B.S., Valley State Teach- ers North Carolina MRS. JOANN BEST A.B., San Jose State California BILL JAMES COOK B.S. Education Miami University M.E., Xavier University 12 JAMES DANBURY M .A . , Northwestern University Illinois MISS RUTH FREDRICKS B.A., B.Ed., University of Cincinnati M.Ed., M.A., Xavier University HD ff JAMES DENT B.S., Ball State Teachers College, Illinois MISS ETHEL L. FROST B.S. Education Miami University L 'sf ,Z JOHN DUNNETTE B.S., Ohio University MRS. NORMA CROSSOEHME B.S. Education Eastern Illinois State College 13 WILLIAM HENRY M.A., Carnegie Institute Pennsylvania DON KUHLMANN B.S., Otterbien College CHARLES E. HOFFMAN B.S. Education Miami University MRS. DIANE MACKEY B.S. , Northwestern Uni- versity Illinois MISS PATRICIA KENNEDY B.S. Education University of Cincinnati JOHN MCNABB M.A., Bowling Green State University Ohio 14 gs MISS BERTA MAE MILLFB A.B. Education University of Kentucky ROBERT RAMMES B.S., M.Ed., Umversity of Cincinnati GEORGE MULARICK B.S., Miami University PAUL SCHLOSSER B.S., Findlay College Ohio MRS. HARRIET NEVIN B.S., Pennsylvania State University MRS. MARY RUTH TRIPPEL B.S., Indiana State Teachers College M.E.d., University of Cincimiati 15 JOHN TURK B.S. Education Ohio University MRS. BARBARA YOUNG B.S. Education Miami University MRS. MARY TYREE B.S., M.S., West Virginia University MRS. HELEN WHITE B.S., Oklahoma State University B.S. Library Science George Peabody College for Teachers MRS. JANE VAN DEVENTER B.S., Ohio State Univer- sity MRS. VERA ERNST High School Secretary 16 MRS. BARBARA SHULTZ School Nurse T, That's almost itg now once again. The headaches of a teacher I! 5. sg g g gg -f ' e "X a N4 4 'R 'aa' ' ' s ,155 A if Z ' 7' Give me change for a quarter. EYE E1 Spring at Healthy 17 Our Alma Mater 69 Articulate, please! K3 il 5 5 ,Q wi si 'S Swag E f ii-3 Y x ,QQ N 8' ir.. N 'wh T 51 fy' 5 Q - Q X xx X A ., ,A""" w ifg, 1 1 ., V: if 1-r,'i . a f f, i .id 1 ' Ai. If F!-71' I? Ii, , gr' 1 an 5 ss S, iii . nga These Freshmen surely seem attentive to the report being given in their English class. FRESHMAN CLASS sv rr A- M X M .4 A fw 3, , M JG 91. ggg , Z, e xg ..,.,,. , i I 'AUM t Arcaro, R. Arlale, B. Artman, D. Auburn, B. Bailey, B. Barnhorst, J. Bartle, R. Bittner, D. Blackburn, G. Blandford, D. Bloom, B. Bloom, J. Boehmler, K. Brune, R. Bryant, C. 20 ,I XO Burkhardt Cismati , Burmer, M. Burke, M. Case, S. Caywood, G. ,l V ,,4. M., ,. S ' " L. , f . X J R 4? Q i . EV?- ii A h sf 'x il we 3 ! D. r A r Y Q Lf . ,.- M s ' , .. , . 1' 's no +. .O ff if 'N l .Mm -.ur m if , A , A - B lb L e ,,-. i.. A., . C f .r ff. ' , a f ,, -w Byar, J. Campbell, D. Carr, R. Cismati, J. Colvin, C. Cribbet, M. 31? 5 1. 'tg W' J M Q. - ff-,- 1 .Q1,,:.1g' ,.,. . i. .' f ' X -' ,'.. : ' Q . ,xi 4. Q5 , in li ' N if , 'AV .. 5' Y i ' g , , ' Q Q wwf ' 6 I H4 . ,, L . 'ir . h' . . ,, .. ' . ' M 'V -37' r- 'ggi '.'vX ' .gf ' ', Y " A 'fig , ' ,QIIIT 1 ,X , Cutter, R. Day, D. Dickman, R. Dyker, D. Eberhardt, B. Elswiek, B. Endres, E. Etzel, T. Feldman, S. Figg, C. Fischer, G. Fisher, L. Frey, C. Gandenberger, K. Gerhauser, D. Gradel, R. Grant, J. Grunkemeyer, D. Hammond, C. Hare, B. Harper, R. Hasselbusch, L. Hawkins, L. HCUCIT, M- 21 f A 2" 'fe 'fi ' ,'.k S , .,.. . .. ,. Q . ... -' if - K a. z .z:1i:..' ' . -1. if 3 Jw X. ..,...,f 5 1: . K A Hering, C. Hill, P. Jasper, D. Johnson, L. Kube, C. Lanham, G. Lohr, D. Lutterbie, C. ,zasjixhw Q S' rf' .I i rm' A R vQ ,Q H. , Q . L A 5. it 'fm Hutzel, T. Knight, R. Linkenhoger, B McCormick, J I-lite, R. Hogue, S. Hutchinson, H. Keller, B. Kirkland, L. Kline, K. Layman, S. Leahy, S. Leuchauer, J - Marston, J. Mauk, S. Maybriar, C. , V 'k" " .,. . ., , J ' :" 4 Q . . - .S 1 . ' ii"' .L ' 'i"' K llii J .. ...ei . . , ' ill ... .. ,,.. .. . ,.: Q ::', z .... . .'- -' ,... 12- 2. McG1athery, C. McG1one, B. McKee, K. McKendree, B. Merlrel, D. Metz, J. Meyer, L. Michels, J. Mohr, J. Montgomery, P. Morris, D. Mueller, J. 22 "l-A . . I . 5 - an R Q . ff " ,. 7 N, . ' fri Wm! .YK H O'Brien, B. Osbon, A. Osborne, D. Peck, S. Power, O. Quinlan, D. Richardson, D. Richmond, J. Ries, R. Ritz, R. " '-L W: ,QQ ' . ' ' 5 1, f 3.5 N ' V xi .." Robinson, J. Ross, R. Sanders, K. Sargent, B. Shale, E. Schnetzer, J. Schumacher, F. Schuman, C. Schwab, B. Schwab, E. Scott, M. Scott, N. Seaman, J. Seigle, N. Silber, D. Smith, R . South, P. Spears, F. Stauffer, V. Stevens, J. 23 ' Q dn S . HY I g Praechter, J. Roberts, K. Schiering, S. Schwab, N. Skinner, S. Stevenson, B. '..2s.sf a f " .J ff.. we ff.. -,:. zz., -' is Urs: if s qw., P sr X 335,593 -r .-V.: A 5... is 'K rf f. e Q " egg, 1 is 1 '4 , E 1 Tu 3, 2. N. '5 Q. 4 2,55 2 . N Ei 2 .S rv ... . . ...Q W., Stratman, J. Sunderhaus, J. Sutton, P. Todt, C. Van Pelt, H. Van Vliet, S. Wainscott, D. Walls, C. Weil, J. Wolpert, B. Wolpert, P. Wright, B. Zimmerer, N. Zimmerman, B. Schmidt, L. gf Swegman, A. Swegman, B. Terbeck, J. Vaughn, D. Vaught, P. Vogt, T. Wells, D. Wesley, J. Williams, S Wurster, E. Yaeter, P. Young, D. Freshman Class President: Jim Stratman Vice President: Mike Scott Secretary: Bev McKendree Treasurer: Jane Stevens Sponsor: Mrs. Mackey i These Sophomores seem to be having an interesting History discussion. SOPHOMORE CLASS Qr-4 0 Abercrombie, C. Adams, C. Alexander, Bedson, P. Beisner, S. Bender, B. Bitter, J. Boggs, D. Bohn, R. 3. .F 5" gg.,- X 2 H Q -Q.. I' -nr' ' -'sn f . ' if .- , , . 37 I .. A S I :f -I5 , I V. , Anspach, E. Aufdenberg, E. Becker, S. Berner, B. J. Berner, M. J. Bierman, J. Bowman, M. Braunwart, G. Broughton, C x 3x W b ..,, N l kg Q1 ,, , if -., 1 , , , r , -.- Q ., XS? J ... . 5 Gs . is S is I .,Z::, S K B, 1' 1 -aes., A . - Z5 x ., S 2 5 3 '32 Ii. x Sli-1,fE'ff1,' Q: Bryant, M. Cann, S. Davies, D. Deye, D. Dunn, J. Faig, J. 4 ,,,- K S s ., 5 ' -. .. . ' - ,N L, 1. ss, - :-. -' - ,Y ..,,., f ., 1 , ..., ,I LKVVA 3 Q 4 ' L Q K f. 5, . .V.. V I 1 , X., ... .E A f- '-L" I t iii 'iw A , , .VAW 1 .h .,. ,Q . .,., Burger, C entrull -if ' F , .rw . . .0 .. Bw . ,,.. .. . R. Burke, E. Davis, D. Davis, D. 01112. Dunn, Faris, J. D hr n, F. Driscoll, E. M . Ebersole, S. Frazier, B. a, J. Childers, M. Bushman, P Collins, E. Day, D. Droste, J. Elsen, J. A. Frost, A. fl . . ' ' . . .5 M, ,. -," . , ., - S . . ff! : . -, . .P .... 43.1. -fs. T- 'wav S iff-swf:-i? H ,V if r ' Iii'-' Ji ,-. ' gif ' .K . i E . .. , f my 52, r' il., ' ,. 555 .1 ,NS 'UE y N A 1 Butler , B. Cagle, B. Cornelius, C. Curwin, F. Day, R. Du Four, N. Enderle, J. Galardo, T. Deckelmeier, S. Duncan, B. Enderle, R. Gardner, J. x 2 Gentile, D. Hinkle, J. Joesting, J. Klenk, S. Leinhart, S. McKee, H. di J , is ,Ak I .,, . . 5513, 'Q 'm ' V '1- P . 1 A .105 George, S. Hartmann, F. Holder, H. Holtegel, J. Jones, U. Kennedy, R. Kom, C, Kramer, B. Lisle, M. Listermann, D. Methot, C. Minnich, J. f 3 .I .J Helms, L. Howes, K. Kent, R. Kuhns, D. Logan, T. Mortimer, E. 5. 4 in frv' I . 5.5, A Q gr W .. 4 KJ. ' is R444 . '-' - v ' r 1 ,-1'-, , Hensley, C. Hering, D. Huser, J. Jaeger, P. Klein, J. E. Klems, D. Lang, D. Leck, R. Long, M McConn, J. Minton, P. Muskopf, D. '- i ., 6 " ', K , ' .xi - L 2 15,1 . 7' A -.W M if f i' 'N K 7. ,..::-.fig .1 I :' -.fx 5 ' :L gf, if vp if fi'-'a m-?",a ' ...ff'f2:f an -+ 3 al: U k,3,g,,,:.w , K .JF ' I . L , - . M : . 'Zz A . ' , L ' 9-. il :- 3 K f I .. ' rf 1 'T Wi . ' . ...R A D M ..- M W -A-M. X me 7 if . gf' , 1: 1 , F 'f .fl if 19 K' 1 2 fmwr -. 'i ': W , ,,.k f - Q ff' f' z 'i E 5 . ' 7 .. TN . ' ' XZ'-:.. , w ' f ' if: "IR 1 Q 'X 1 ilg .. . . . :5,q1 E , Nagel, G. Owens, M. Ploeger, J. Rehkamp, G Ritterholz, E. Schaeffer, D . . .., 'Trai ' ,. S ' :WW " ":' X . J. X 2 ,Q -Q Q .5 . 3 'J 1 . Sm' f xv. if Q :QS . fx 1 . e e L Nease, C. Owens, P. Pottinger A ,er . -1 k.kf f . ar Ness, J. Paseley, D. , G. Purdy, B. Reichert, D. Renner, M. Rosberg, G. Rhein, G. Schaerer, D. Schiering, M. 28 , . P ax xg 1, Q .. uv Nusekabel, Pennington, Pursell, V. Rentrop, H. Roberts, E. Schleutker, L. O. H. , - ai ,L , .X . . x . .Q if 3 ... 1 -45.145 A f f - Taz.. 3'?N.ff fa - ' 5, gg, . D , W2 ., . 1' S ir. 31' '4 3 ' f- :QwM'Hrvn..,. 5 . . . . L., . E?'." f,.::'jl-: g Mliainr. Ossage, M. Phares, C. Quattlander, D. Rice, M. Saberton, G. Schmidt, R. ,f I ' :, Wei gang h .R V . 5? 5 x . R . V. fk'7'v 'fu" Owens, D. Pippart, M. Ramsey, D. Ricketts, B. Sargent, M. Schneider, C. JP ff ! Qu I 4. . ty fig, 'J L S Schroer, P. Shirkey, S. Steiner, M. Taylor, G. Weber, E. Wilkerson, P. y - . Q Y an Q . r S' fl '52 , ' "' "' Vkxk U 1 y pf J ,. f W Aj S ,M il R A ll S XN Y S an 2 ' ' 9. s ... 3, ,ff 5 . - 1 :s lit K rw 1 v ' 2 EJ' S 5 - 1 Q. , . 315 Q! ,- S r ,,'i1 ' L- f Schroer, S. Schwaeble, R. Sierra, D. Smith, S. Stephenson, S. Stone, B. Tclger, J. Thysell, H. Weber, J. Wernz, R. Wilson, J. A. Young, T. 29 Scott, S. Smyth, S. Sutton, T. Tyler, R. West, B. Q , f , so Seigle, B. Souder, R. Swallow, S. Vogt, L. Westendorf, J. s K 11: , ff Sheppard, D. Stegmuller, B. Taphorn, B. Wallbrech, L. Wetenkamp, M. Sophomore Class President: Bob Seigle Vice President: Ed Aufdenberg Secretary: Donna Listerman Treasurer: Sue Stephenson Sponsor: Mr . Danbury 'E X A . 1' 15, . . 51' sf we . Bray, B Brooks, R Brooks, N. Brooks, T. -Q? .54 Iii 'N 8 r Brakmanis, J. D Bronstrup, Brouse, R. Bujdoso, R Burke, J. Burwinkel, Butts, B. Case, B. D. , 3 NU if ni, v N ' fri . as L41 nn Juniors plus hard work equal Washington trip. X W wwf as-12" A I 2 if , s Ackerman, T. Albright, P. Anderson, H. Bany, D. Barnes, L. Beacock, L. Beckenhaupt, K. Bitter, E. Bliss, C. Boeh, S. Boston, B. Bowersox, T. s v' 'g va-N , 'f S .-v' 4 F ,E , 6? I ev af vig E B X. 5 . , .. . -.'.....,y ff Ei MQQEYEQQQQQ5 ' , ' 'xx ,. Fein, J. Fick, S. Field, J. Figgf C. Flaig, D. Flaig, T. Frederick, Funk, P. D. Gehrich, R. George, R Gilhart, B. Ginn, M. Goldston, J. Griffith, N. Grodsky, M. Guinn, M. Hafer, G. Harvey, S Hauer, M. Hinson, M. Hochschei d, G. Hodges, B. Huber, M. Hutson, D . '-an , 03, -jiri. JS .. Q 1 A . ' I . - in fs fv- r f C Q i G I . N ,E . J 'Q 1 he ' A- 3' ZZ- ,, Al 1 , f ' ,e S , K .,,,. .12 '-- ' 'sh 'i' ,.,. fig. r 77, I ,I n Q ir' Em:'::5ss.ap1 " 'S 4 V . Q , K df' 55. , v .W S 55' N. V' 5155 Q, -.1 3 Q 5 1 f as Q 'f r. 1...- 4 i 1 ,, f I 31 Chain, B. Chain, S. Christensen, C. Clyde, S. Cohen, R. Commins, B. Davis, B. Denby, H. Dick, J. Dickman, M. Dillenburger, V Douglass, B. Du Four, B. Eastlack, J. Eckel, L. Endres, R. Etzel, W. Ewald, C. ' 1 A 1 Q 4 x fi ' V , , i . fe Qi J 5' Z: x, . -' ' 3, 'Q , P5 .. 1--ff Q. ,F-'Fo '-9' o . xL,L'-g in . 5 M 1 . r M - i or 1 W McCurdy, R. A - Mccurk, M. McQueary, M. Mercer, J. ii zbl. 6? 9 Messer, F. , ga -.'--..'- W, 6 .EQ :,, L ,.,.' . ' A - if 'Q - McCoo1, D. Michel, P. Miller, N. . Minnich, G. ' 5, Minnich, S. ' IQ KA Moore, L. ...,,, Morris, T, QQ 2-si-. nf' Q R 'fr f-5 ' ,ff 4 Y KS 8 Q 3 -1... KWHS.. visa Mortimer, K. Mullinix, A. Naderman, B. Octzel, D. Oliver, C. f" E.. Ormston, L. N.. if . Sly.: .1 32.1, a ix OP? 5 rr as f-L .Q ,. . , A sx f 3 W 'N it 'K i 6 , , s , ' .2 , - A f'f 1 wi Richley , R Richter, C. Richter, K. Reiger, D. Roberts, T. Rose, S. Ross, W. Russo, S. Sabato, M. Schwartz, J. Shelnutt, L. Shipler, P. Skinner, G. Smith, K. Squibb, P. Stang, P. Staub, M. Steiner, C. Stewart, B. Stocker, J. Stoner, J. Stormer, G. Stout, P. Sutter, D. JE- " R. Q J xx . , SH v , , ... 'M .. .gs 1 as , . '- x .wik i "sv . Osbon, K. Parker, G. Perkins, S. Peters, J. Pfeiffer, R. Pfeiffer, V. Pickering, D. Pippart, T. Praechter, D. Quattlander, J. Ralphy, D. Ramp, B. Ramsey, R. Rees, N. Regensburger, Rettinger, H. Rcuter, L. Richards, B. C I ! N J - 1 y S . I5 V . R- Y " 3 . ,A ,, J f F, 'lf K A --I-fwffiiixf ' ig I dS""N5fl 9 .1 X S W Q ' e 'S r 5' B fffk -::., if A A. . . '31 I A Q d .. t 4 as s . ' X. :r Z ' . .a , .XR XUQQ. ,, 5, - .. , ,, :tl ' I ., 'K j W . 'b ky ,-,r ., ,Q A EQV J H eh' ' 5 y lb K . R if B s , if . A -. ,'h, .: .eff T . .. Q 1 . L e Ni 2 is 2 MI V' -fi riff.: lr sql' ' T ' 3. 6 Q. 6' ' 1 " Q N' N. i r U " . .Q - V ' an Q r Ck ,Q . E x L in ' 4 - 1 -V . " so 5 gggt. it " 'ffiligzl . Junior Class President: Dan Sutter Vice President: Pete Vinson Secretary: Penny Stout 4. K' M ' m Treasurer: Karen Kincaid X sl Sponsor: Mrs. Nevin L " 1 I Q l -f ' V1 17 Bl AYAO.t 34 Suttman, J. Swegman, H. Switzer, G. Thompson, F Thysell, K. Tiemeyer, W Tobergta, E. Trapp, T. Valentino, V Vaughn, B. Vinson, P. Waidner, C. Waskom, J. Weber, P. Welling, T. Wentzel, B. White, B. Wiesner, B. Willetts, P. Williams, M. Willis, S. Withrow, F. Wood, P. Wurster, K. Zimmerman, D JuNloRs WASHINGTON g , s """ TR P ' Iv MARCH 30 - APRIL 3 'K' -4 K QF M1111 iw 'IYQQWHQU 32 1' X Not more steps? Well, at least they're going down. A serious moment--the Jefferson Memorial Q- It's a little too big for a souvenir, girls. 35 ROW ONE: N. Christensen, K. Wieland, P. Scheidt, C. Ehrhardt. ROW TWO: J. Bahr, C. Cramer, C. Haskins, J Moeller, J. Sparks, S. Korn. ROW THREE: T. Springer, T. Emmons, G. Duncan, H. Henn, J. Arkle, D. Smyth, R Obercorn. THROUGH THE YEARS As the years come and go, it becomes more and more interesting to discover how many and which members of the current senior class are descendants of graduates of Mt. Healthy High School. In this year's class eighteen are in that group, constituting something more than eleven per cent of the entire number. This must mean that a rather large proportion of the alumni have found their Keys to Happiness in the local area. Jack Arkle Jean Bahr Nancy Christensen Carole Cramer Gary Duncan Carmen Ehrhardt Thelma Emmons Carol Haskins Harry Henn Tom Hull Mother- Father - Mother Moth er Moth er Mother Mother Father- Mother Mother Father- -Dorothy Hunt -Lester Bahr -Wilma Flohr -Janet Myers -Dorothy Hessler -Lucille Schneider -Thelma Seimer -John D. Haskins, Sr. -Marie Klenk -Ruth E. Ludwig -Alfred Hull Susan Korn Joseph A. Moeller Ron Obercorn Peggy Scheidt Dale Smyth E. James Sparks Tom Springer Karen Wieland Father--David Korn Mother--Verna Bock Grandfather--Walter Korn Father--Leo A. Moeller Mother--Mildred Ulm Mother--Margaret Bevis Father--Dale Smyth, Sr. Grandfather--Paul Smyth Grandmother--Gertrude Brown Mother--Ruth M. Fischer Mother--Rebecca Aulicls Mother--Doris Tedrick lfo by A if I aernsawmmmmm 5. " ' SENIOR SECTIO President - -Carol Haskins Vice President - -Darlene Eckerlin Secretary - -Phyllis McLaren Treasurer - -Sue Kummler Class of 1960 MOTTO: "Followers today, leaders tomorrow COLORS: Blue and white FLOWER: Pink Carnation Finally we get to select our announcements' 37 mx 5. LJ 3 h Quo. 'QT' ,ga 'f ' ,. ft , S b A. ix. :"?, J ,. E, Q Q fy 'ap' . , i E ,- x Q.: F, f'l9"X , fn: Q.. sl. l""""' , Claire Bessenbacher Linda Jane Bockelman Velma Bradford Jeanette Frieda Braune Joan Brenner Frank Bromer Joyce Adams Jack Payne Arkle Chloe Atkinson Jean Rose Bahr Sally Margaret Becker Dianne Elizabeth Bedacht 'Clif' if" JOYCE ADAMS--Band 1,2,3,45 El Club Espanol 25 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Scholarship Team 1,25 Spotlight Club 4. JACK PAYNE ARKLE--Basketball 1,25 Football Manager 1,45 Student Council Alternate 4. CHLOE ATKINSON--Band 1,2,3,45 El Club Espanol 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Home Ec. 35 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Spot- light Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. JEAN ROSE BAHR--Band 25 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 15 G.A.A. 1,253,455 Honor Roll 2,35 L.G. D. 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. SALLY MARGARET BEC KER--Clientes Latinae 1,25 Concert Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 45 Home Ec. 35 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Hoot 'n Holler Staff 3,45 L.G.D. 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Squad 35 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Science Club 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y- Teens 2,3,4. DIANNE ELIZABETH BEDACHT--Band 1,2,35 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. CLAIRE BESSENBACHER--G.A.A. 3,45 Honor Roll 1. LINDA JANE BOCKELMAN--El Club Espanol 15 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3. VELMA BRADFORD IEANETTE FRIEDA BRAUNE--Clientes Latinae 1,25 Concert Chorus 3,45 Honor Roll 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Link Brooks Ed Burns Beverly Brouse Thomas A. Butler wg, Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. JOAN BRENNER--Pep Squad 45 Y-Teens 4. FRANK BROMER--Spotlight Club 4. LINK BROOKS--Football l,3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 15 Hughes 1,2,3. BERVERLY BROUSE--Band 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 15 Clientes Latinae 1,25 G.A.A. 35 Honor Roll 1,2,35 L.G.D. 3,45 Pep Squad 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 4. RUSSELL E. BROWN--Basketball 15 Concert Chorus 3,4 Football 1,2,3,45 Glee 25 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 1,2,3. KAY BRYANT--Concert Chorus 3,45 El Club Espanol 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee 3,45 Home Ec. 25 Honor Roll 1,25 Pep Squad 152,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3 ED BURNS--Class Officer 1,35 Concert Chorus 2,3,45 Football 1,25 Glee 3,45 Baseball 1,2,35 Pep Squad 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 1,25 Track Team 2. THOMAS A. BUTLER--Clientes Latinae 1,25 Football 1,2,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Track Team 1,2,3. WILLIAM M. BUTTERFIELD--Hi-Y 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 4. EMILY CARTER--Basketball 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Home Ec. 45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3. Russell F. Brown Kay Bryant William M. Butterfield Emily Carter in Xf' K X ' vlfsa- ,. J ' Nlxk lil! Q E la g . .. 5' ,V ' I 1 N rg 4' if 5 5 fl Jw, is X, g -IT. 5, an 5 , ,M asf, .1 39 CAROLE CHADWICK--Concert Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee 35 Pep Squad 1,25 Volleyball 45 Y- Teens 1,2,3. NANCY CHRISTENSEN--Clientes Latinae 45 Home Ec. 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Literary Gold Diggers 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. JOYCE CHRISTMAN--G.A.A. 15 Science Club 15 Central High 1,2. MARY JO CLARK--Concert Chorus 3,45 Home Ec. 35 Pep Squad 25 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. ROBERT COLE--Basketball 1. ROBERT COY--Band 2,3,45 Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Baseball 3. CAROLE CRAMER--Glee 45 Home Ec. 3,45 Honor Roll 1,25 Pep Squad 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. ROBERT A. CURLEY--Camera Club 2. BILL CUZZORT--Band5 Concert Chorus5 Glee. GERRIE DAMICO--Concert Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,45 Glee 15 Home Ec. 1,2,45 Volleyball lg Y-Teens 45 Greenhills 1,2. JAMES C. DAVIS--Band 1,2,35 Honor Roll 1,25 Spot- Carole Chadwick Robert Cole Nancy Christensen Robert Coy light Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. PAT DAWES--Spotlight Club 45 Hughes 1,2,3. RON DOUGLAS--Basketball 15 Concert Chorus 3,45 Football 2,35 Glee 4. GARY DUNCAN--Basketball 25 Clientes l,2. DARLENE ECKERLIN--Basketball 1,2,35 Class Officer 1,45 Concert Chorus 2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball 1,2,45 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1. IRENE EGAN--Concert Chorus 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 2,4. JERRY R. EGBERT CARMEN EHRHARDT--Clientes Latinae 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Literary Gold Diggers 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Scholarship Team 25 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council lg Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. ELMER EHRHARDT--Honor Roll 1. THELMA J. EMMONS--Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Home Ec. 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 35 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1 2,3,4 Joyce Christman Mary Jo Clark Carole Cramer Robert A . Curley A' , gt,,5 A .gg Bill Cuzzort Gerrie Damico James C. Davis Pat Dawes Ron Douglas Gary Duncan mg-L Q 1 Darlene Eckerlin D Ixene Egan X Jerry R. Egbert Carmen Ehrhardt Elmer Ehrhardt Thelma J. Emmons ml , S . IS W W vi: fi? .1 if KR Q pa FH i is 4 'N , iz.. 'PP' . af .i!"Wi. ws m -is mike X . . fi 4"'v- fy . " -fA- ' i ... Mike Gaye! Wallace F. Gillispie Mary Guenther Jane Haefele Marilee Hagedorn Lee D. Hall X. 1 . X . 2 + X .X N Y W 2 'NRX X Y .Lf Wim if A W X ii? ". . My 1 :ff I.. . .. z 1 if A--. K K . k' . jx xx 'B . xy F, Fred H. Enders Delree Ferdon Gail Fischer Trina Flannery Patricia J. Frye Barbara Ann Gau FRED H. ENDERS--Basketball l,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 3. DELREE FERDON--Band 2,35 Concert Chorus 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee 15 Pep Squad 1,2535 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball 1,25 Y-Teens 4. GAIL FISCHER--G.A.A. 1,2,45 Home Ec. 15 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. TRINA FLANNERY--Clientes Latinae 35 Concert Chorus 3,45 Home Ec. 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 45 Literary Gold Diggers 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Scholarship Team 2,35 Science Club 3,45 Spot- light Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA J. FRYE--Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. BARBARA ANN GAU--Concert Chorus 45 Glee 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Pep Squad 2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Ensemble 4. MIKE GAYER. WALLACE F. GILLISPIE. MARY GUENTHER--G.A.A. 3,4. JANE HAEFELE--Band 1,25 Clientes Latinae 1,25 Con- cert Chorus 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Literary Gold Diggers 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. MARILEE HAGEDORN--Clientes Latinae 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Home Ec. 15 Honor Roll 1,35 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Allen Hamburger Tom Harry Harry G. Henn Donna Hennekes 4:- M. 4' T Q ... Q . . f-it .-5A, , iw. .5 .fr-. -. ?:Eiir'?sCl- Scholarship Team 35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1. LEE D. HALL--Basketball 1,25 Hi-Y 3,45 Science Club 15 Student Council 3,45 Ardsley, N.Y., 1,2. ALLEN HAMBURGER--E1 Club Espanol 1,25 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Honor Roll 2. TOM HARRY--Clientes Latinae 25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Scholarship Team 25 Science Club 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 4. CAROL LYNN HASKINS--Basketball 1,2,35 Class Officer 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee 15 Honor Roll l,2,3g Literary Gold Diggers 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Scholarship Team 15 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. ALONA HAUER--Clientes Latinae 25 Concert Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee 25 Home Ec. 35 Honor Roll 1,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 35 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spot- light Club 45 Y-Teens l,2,3. HARRY G. HENN--Basketball 2,3. DONNA HENNEKES--G.A.A. 1,2,35 Glee 1,2,35 St. Mary's High 1,2,3. MARGIE HENSEY--Glee 15 Honor R011 15 Spotlight Club 45 Thomas Jefferson 15 Hughes 2. SANDRA HEINDON--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3 Literary Gold Diggers 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. Alona Hauer Sandra Herndon Carol Lynn Haskins Margie Hensey KEN HICKS--El Club Espanol 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Track Team 3. ROBERT C. HISSETT--Basketball l,2,35 Concert Chorus 3,45 Football 1,35 manager5 Glee 4. DONALD E. HOBBS--Band 15 Concert Chorus 45 Glee 45 Spotlight Club 4. DON HOFFMAN--Football 35 Hi-Y 2,3,4. MIKE HOGUE--Clientes Latinae 25 Track Team 15 Woodward 1. RICHARD L. HOLFORD--Spotlight Club 4. IACQUELINE HUBER--Band 1,25 Camera Club 1,25 G.A.A. I,2,35 Y-Teens l,3. TOM HULL--Concert Chorus 35 Spotlight Club 4. WILLIAM L. JASPER--Science Club 2,3,4. VINNY JUNGKUNZ--Concert Chorus 25354. RONALD IURGENS--Band 1,25 Baseball 25 Basketball 1. TOM KAISER- -Clientes Latinae 25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Scholarship Team 2,35 Science Club 2,3,4. RONALD KATENBRINK--Concert Chorus 3,4. JOHN MICHAEL KLEIN Robert C. Hissett Richard L. Holford Ken Hicks Mike Hogue T. WAYNE KOCH--Basketball 25 Golf 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 4. SUSAN KORN--Class Officer 2,35 Clientes Latinae 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee 15 Home Ec. 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 L.G.D. 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Scholarship Team 15 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 4. SUSAN KUMMLER--Class Officer 2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee 1,25 Honor Roll 1,25 L.G.D. 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3. PAT LANDWEHR--Concert Chorus 45 G.A.A. 15 Glee 35 Honor Roll 15 Pep Squad 35 Spotlight 45 Y-Teens 1,3,45 Western Hills 1. GAIL LINDSAY--Concert Chorus 1,2,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Pep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 4. ALBERT L. LINDSEY, II--Camera Club 2,3,45 Science Club 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. Donald E. Hobbs Jacqueline Huber Don Hoffman Tom Hull L i I' ,-:k Q I X . f l " -gs, A ' 5 . :ii ' . fs F ,T Zu it iwggii is . . - X. -1 William L. Jasper Vinny Jungkunz Ronald Jurgens nf . 1 Tom Kaiser L V, L L I ' Ronald Katenbrink W ' fd ' - V L f John Michael Klein I' L Q A ' f if ,fairy .?,. , L Qui' a 'xnxx 45 T. Wayne Koch Susan Kom Susan Kummler Pat Landwehr Gail Lindsay Albert L. Lindsey, II Bill Mercer Mary Merwin Bill Meyer Mary Middleton Donna Moak Joseph A. Moeller tx .W h e i it - Jin ' li w tw ' . '- 'fII"f. . A ,girw ffl- - 122 5 , v-EZ -f ' I ." f1:: X f -S: . ttilxh . ?.:E' . - :1.:5:E. -8:5 :aux H192 XEQSEH Qs LSLSY, :-i::,:E1,2E:5f-: E:-., f i - EE - Q. ew flag ' -- new -5 -if . ' ' 2 M aisie '5sg.1f45zgs, 2 i K ,f i5lsiI'i,f?if i Darlene Edith Lotz Robert A. Lutterbie Robert McKee Joyce McKendree Phyllis McLaren R on Mc S wain .. 2: R., 1- ut,-ul. ez t .i , :lg Q fu- : I7 ,115 W -r ..'.55155:.1'-:IZEZEEQ 'Sf if .ig irfpi g giggie H - . DARLENE EDITH LOTZ--Camera Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Pep Squad l,2,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4. ROBERT A. LUTTERBIE- -Concert Chorus 45 Glee Club 45 Baseball 1,25 Honor Roll 15 Student Council 15 Football Manager 2,3. ROBERT McKEE--Basketball 1,25 El Club Espanol 25 Football 1,25 Baseball 1. JOYCE MCKENDREE- -Band 1,2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 1,2,35 Literary Gold Diggers 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. PHYLLIS MCLAREN--Basketball 1,25 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Class Officer 3,45 El Club Espanol 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,25 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 3,45 Volleyball 1,2,35 Y-Teens 2,4. RON McSWAlN--Basketball 1,25 Clientes Latinae 1,25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,35 Honor Roll 1,2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Science Club 35 Spotlight Club 4. BILL MERCER--Clientes Latinae 25 Honor Roll 3. MARY MERWIN--G.A.A. 3,45 Pep Squad 45 Y-Teens 45 Birmingham High School 1,2. BILL MEYER--Basketball 25 Concert Chorus 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Track Team 1,2. MARY MIDDLETON--Clientes Latinae 1,25 Honor Roll 1,25 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 45 National Honor Joe Moeller Linda Carol Ness Emily Motz Donna Jo Nolte ' 41. X 1 X A l s Society 3,45 Scholarship Team 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. DONNA MOAK--Clientes Latinae 1,25 Concert Chorus 2,45 G.A.A. 1,2,45 Glee 15 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. JOE MOELLER. JOSEPH A. MOELLER. EMILY MOTZ--Clientes Latinae 25 Y-Teens 2,3,4. EMIL NAGEL--Camera Club 2,3,45 El Club Espanol 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Scholarship Team 35 Science Club 2,3,45 Spotlight ciub 4. GAY NELSON--Concert Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 25 Volleyball 2. LINDA CAROL NESS--Camera Club 2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 1,25 G.A.A. 1,25 Glee 15 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 2,3,45 Literary Gold Diggers 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Scholarship Team 15 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,3. DONNA JO NOLTE--Band 1,25 Clientes Latinae 45 Concert Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 15 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Literary Gold Diggers 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Squad 25 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. RON OBEIKORN--Basketball 1,25 Concert Chorus 2,3,4 Glee 1,2,4. JIM OSBORNE--Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,35 Glee 2,45 Baseball 1,2,3,4. Emil Nagel Gay Nelson Ron Oberknrn Jim Osborne pi an vesj. DIANE PETERS--Band 15 Concert Chorus 3,45 El Club Espanol 35 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Glee 1,3,45 Home Ec. l5 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Scholarship Team 35 Science Club l5 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 1,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Stone Mountain 1. VINCENT H. PFEIFFER--Track Team 3. JOYCE BURNS PIERCE--Pep Squad l,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 15 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Lafayette Sr. High 1,2,3. CAROLE LEE PUGH-'Concert Chorus 3,45 El Club Espanol 1,25 Honor Roll 1,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y- Teens l,2,3. RONALD F. REIDEL CATHERINE REIF--Concert Chorus 2,35 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Home Ec. 35 Pep Squad 25 Student Council 1,2535 Y- Teens 1,2,3,4. DAVID C. REINHART--Band 1,25 Clientes Latinae 25 El Club Espanol'45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Baseball 15 Honor Roll 2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 45 Scholarship Team 25 Spotlight Club 45 Basketball Mgr. 2,45 Football Mgr. 3. JANE RICE--Clientes Latinae 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Home Ec. 1,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,35 Hoot 'n Holler staff 1,2, 3,45 L.G.D. 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Scholarship Team 35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. IIM RIES--Hi-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,25 Scholarship Team 3. Vincent H. Pfeiffer Catherine Reif Diane Peters Ronald F. Reidel ,gf LINDA RITCHIE--Class Officer 25 G.A.A. 1,25 Home Ec. l,2,3,45 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2. DIANNE ELIZABETH RITZ--G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Home Ec. l,2,3,45 Hoot 'n Holler Staff 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. SHIRLEY ROBERTS RONALD HARRY FREDRICK ROOKS--Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Football 1,2,35 Glee 35 Baseball 15 Track Team 2,3,4. NANCY RUFF--Concert Chorus 2,3,45 Glee 15 Pep Squad 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3. SHIRLEY RUSSELL--Band 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 45 Class Officer 15 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Home Ec. 1,2,3,45 Hoot 'n Holler Staff 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Science Club 45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. MARGARUITE SCHEIDT--G.A.A. 1,2: Pep Squad 1,2: Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3. RICHARD SCHMIDT-'Concert Chorus 2,3,45 Glee 2,35 Track Team 1. MARGARET L. SCHWAB HERB SHAW--Band 1,3,45 Basketball 15 Camera Club 3,45 Class Officer 1,25 Football 1,25 Glee 15 Baseball 1,2,35 Hoot 'n Holler Staff 45 Spotlight Club 4. WAYNE SHOCKLEY--Clientes Latinae 25 Concert Chorus 35 Glee 15 Honor Roll l,2,3. Carole Lee Pugh Jane Rice Joyce Burns Pierce David C. Reinhart rs- s-.W -W Shirley Russell Margaruite Scheidt Richard Schmidt Margaret L. Schwab Herb Shaw Wayne Shockley is 'S Joann Stehlin Michael A. Stephenson Linda Stevenson Gary Stoelting Lynne Stoffregen Denny Sunderhaus A Lee Sibert Robert John Silber Dan Smith Dale Smyth E. James Sparks Thomas G. Springer I LEE SIBERT--Basketball 1,25 Concert Chorus 45 Foot- ball 25 Baseball 1,25 Zem Zem staff 3. ROBERT JOHN SILBER--Basketball l,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 15 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,35 Track Team 2,3. DAN SMITH--Clientes Latinae 25 Football 15 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,35 Honor Roll l,2,35 Science Club 35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,3. DALE SMYTH--Go1f2,3,4. E. JAMES SPARKS--Clientes Latinae 25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,35 Scholarship Team 1,2,3. THOMAS G. SPRINGER--Band 15 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 1,25 Football 2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 1,2,3. JOANN STEHLIN--Band 1,25 Concert Chorus 3,45 G.A.A 1,2,35 Home Ec. 1,25 Honor Roll 1,2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Scholarship Team 35 Y-Teens 1,2. MICHAEL A. STEPHENSON--Concert Chorus 4. LINDA STEVENSON--Band 1,25 Clientes Latinae 25 Concert Chorus 45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Home Ec. 35 Honor Roll l,2,35 Literary Gold Diggers 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Student Council 3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. GARY STOELTING--Band 1,2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 25 Baseball 25 Basketball Mgr. 4. Carolyn Taylor Diana Gail Topits Eugenia Kay Taphorn Emilie Ruth Timm i. LYNNE STOFFREGEN--Concert Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee 15 Honor Roll 35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. DENNY SUNDERHAUS--Basketball 25 El Club Espanol 25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Student Council 4. EUGENIA KAY TAl-'HORN--Clientes Latinae 25 G.A.A. 25 Home Ec. 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,25 Pep Squad 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. CAROLYN TAYLOR--Concert Chorus 2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45G1ee 15 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. JAMES TENHUNDFELD BILL THIELMEYER--Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 1. EMILIE RUTH TIMM--Concert Chorus 2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45G1ee 15 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. DIANA GAIL TOPITS--Clientes Latinae 25 G.A.A. 3,45 Honor Roll 25 Pep Squad 35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3. L. THOMAS UNKS--Camera Club 2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 1,25 Football 1,2,45 Hi-Y 25 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Nat 'l Honor Society 3,45 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Science Club 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 3,4. THOMAS L. VAN VALEY--Clientes Latinae 1,25 Con- cert Chorus 2,3,45 Football 25 Glee 15 Hi-Y 25 Baseball 15 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Pep Squad 1,25 Scholarship Team 1,25 Spotlight Club 4. Bill Thielmeyer Thomas L. Van Valey James Tenhundfeld L. Thomas Unks 1 Q .1 2. . Q 5 ,N iv 6,12 Q. MARIORIE JANE VAN VLIET--Cheerleader 2,3,45 El Club Espanol 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Literary Gold Diggers 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Scholarship Team 25 Spotlight Club 4g Y-Teens 2,3,4. WILLIAM R. WAIDNER--Hi-Y 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA ANN WAINSCOTT--Band 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 15 Clientes Latinae 25 Concert Chorus 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Glee 45 Home Ec. 45 Honor Roll 1,35 Pep Squad 3 Scholarship Team 35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2, 3,43 Red Cross Representative 4. SUE WA KEMAN--El Club Espanol 3,45 G.A.A. 45 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. MARILYN WALLACE--Band 1,2,3,45 Camera Club l,2, 3,45 El Club Espanol 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,35 Pep Squad 1,43 Scholarship Team 25 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. ROBERT GENE WARE--Class Officer 25 Clientes Latinae 1,25 Football 25 Hi-Y 2,35 Honor Roll 1,2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Scholarship Team lg Stu- dent Council 1,2,3,45 Track Team 1. TOM WEIRICH--Basketball 1,3,45 Concert Chorus 45 Football lg Glee 45 Baseball lg Spotlight Club 4. William R. Waidner Robert Gene Ware Marjorie Jane Van Vliet Marilyn Wallace ws is-1 fe gf, ' iw gh GARY WELTZIEN--Clientes Latinae 25 Football 1,2, 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Honor R011 1,35 Spot- light Club 45 Track Team 2,3. VERNON WIEGAND--Band 1,25 Camera Club 25 Clientes Latinae 25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll 25 Science Club 2,3,4. KAREN LORRAINE WIELAND--El Club Espanol 1,25 G.A.A. 1,25 Honor Roll 1,35 Pep Squad 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,4. BEVERLY ANN WIEST--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 15 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Student Council lg Volleyball 2,4g Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. CHARLES WILSON--Basketball 1,2,35 Olientes Latinae 1,25 Football 1,2,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Scholar- ship Team 15 Spotlight Club 4. SHIRLEY JOAN YORK--Camera Club 3,4g El Club Espanol 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Literary Gold Diggers 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Scholar- ship Team 35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. JUANITA ZIMMERER--Clientes Latinae 45 Y-Teens 1,2. Patricia Ann Wainscott Sue Wakeman Tom Weirich Gary Weltzien S 6 s,, 4.':-54,4 Y ilfs V 52. Vernon Wiegand Karen Lorraine Wieland Beverly Ann Wiest l . L is 2, 5 x ,Q 5 -1 , , ikx .4 Charles Wilson Shirley Joan York Juanita Zimmerer SENIORS NOT PICTURED Eric Henry Janssen Susan Theresa Rieman Patricia Rosser 4? AL-4 f 4. ,Av Their senior year is over, They're all about to leave With hearts all full of promises Of things that they 'll achieve. Each holds the torch of learning And leadership up high, May it guide them to success In everything they try. G.S.S. I HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF I96O . .-,1Si7ffii15'73'?"a-fT?.f1i?--- ,6,i.,-gg -xg-. '!,Q'..-r'Vf'l,l. V f .5- .firfr eigiifrsf j J H i ef- .. QQ ' ..":'5gf --- - P tts' . fs .t.,4.gg5,,4 J ug. ' V -. Tonight as I look over this graduating class, I see the future doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and nurses of our country. But more than that, looking back, I see 192 Freshmen climbing the steps of Mt. Healthy High for the first time on September 5, 1956. We were frightened then, just as we are frightened now, when we assemblied that day in the Gym wondering what would happen to us next. Coming from Mt. Healthy, Finneytown, Monfort Heights, and New Burlington gave us a chance to make many new friends during our Freshman year. After adjusting to high school life, we settled down to a year of study, taking time out, however, to have excellent basketball and reserve baseball teams. As the summer vacation ended and school once more resumed, we found ourselves taking part in more of the functions of Mt. Healthy. As Sophomores, we joined many clubs and took sports more seriously. The year seemed to fly by and we realized it would not be long before we would be called upper-classmen. Our Junior year was centered around giving the Seniors a well-deserved good time at the Junior-Senior Prom. To make this a success we began work early in the year to earn money for this occasion. The cooperation of all resulted in one of the best proms Mt. Healthy had seen in a long time. Of course, there was time for other things but looking back, I do not know how we worked them in. Following the installation of the National Honor Society by members of the North College Hill Chapter, we were off for Washington, D.C., where we saw how our govern- ment is operated. We returned in time to participate in Hi-Y and L.G.D. initiations. This time, however, we were the ones carrying on the initiation. Our Junior year ended with our awakening to the fact that we would now be Seniors and with this new title would come the responsibility of setting a good example for the underclassmen. This responsibility was first realized on the first day of our Senior year when each of us was given a little brother or sister to acquaint with the schedules and traditions of our school. We met our obligations as leaders of the school in many ways: from participating on P.T.A. discussion panels to being leaders of various athletic teams. Each of us will always remember our M.V.I.L. Championship Basketball Team and the tournament at Oxford. We also became leaders of many clubs and participated in what our parents sometimes felt were too many activi- ties. One of these activities, which we all enjoyed, was the building of floats for the Football Homecoming and we were delighted that the Senior Class had won the First Prize. Much of the time in our Senior year was spent taking Scholarship tests and filling out applications to colleges all over the country. Our Senior Play, "Father of the Bride," accounted for two of the most interesting evenings that many people had spent all year and everyone will remember the good work done by The Spotlight Club in making the play a success. As we neared the end of the year, we looked forward to the Junior-Senior Prom at which we were guests of the Juniors. They did a wonderful job decorating the gym and we now realized graduation was drawing near. Even though the complete history of the Class of '60 cannot be revealed at this time, the past four years have been the most eventful and glorious of any four years of our lives. 54 SENIOR A ARD ASSEMBLY Mrs. Roach congratulates Sue, Ron, and Linda on receiving the Dan- forth Award. Tom and Donna Jo happily receive the Babe Ruth Award from Mr. Dunnette. w C162 earned Zem Zum Award. Dave and Sue reign as Mr. and Miss Mt. Healthy for 1960. 17 Miss Frost presents Jim his well- I I N sv-s. A 2.135 SENIOR CLASS PLAY "FATHER OF THE BRIDE" "Will you please hurry up and open it! ! 1 M, Does Bob have coffee nerves? R ., 3' K X5 Russ looks content as Shirley applies his make -up. was just TOO much for "The Father of the Bride." . . . "LET'S GO KNocK 'EM 4525 DE D DAD' bw, ' 9-1 ' w '1 ' Q! QD D ' ' S 05 , It looks as if the prospective bridegroom has a problem. ey-4 Mrs. Young and Mr. Henry are thanked warmly for their help. ya-.,4'Af"'1db J" .. Congratulations to the Spotlight Club on their fine performance of the comedy, "The Father of the Bride." Many long hours were devoted to building the set and formulating the play by the cast and crews. It's a wonder Mrs. Young and Mr. Henry don't have gray hair by now! But, all in all, it was a lot of fun and a job well done. 57 BACCALAUREATE SERVICE MAY 29, I960 Reverend Herbert Lisle, Presiding PRELUDE: "Confidence" . . ....................... . . Nancy Rees--Organist PROCESSIONAL: "Largo", . . ............ . . . . . . Nancy Rees--Organist HYMN: "Ho1y, Holy, Holy" PRAYER IN UNISON: SCRIPTURE READING: . . . . , Psalms 8: 1-9. . EVENING PRAYER: ........ ............ ANTHEM: "Cherubim Song" ........ ............. . . Mixed Ensemble HYMN: "Joyfu1, Joyful We Adore Thee" BENEDICTION: ................. RECESSIONAL: "Largo" . . , : ,.... '17"f'f2f-T7-lie'-"54QZA,' - ' , ,,,. 7 I ig ,JJ-X .- ,-,ni ..- L -i 2.?b1t ff ' - w- .A J-1 we-?',.4 4. wp '- A , 'fd' , . ' 58 . . .Stickles . . . Handel Rev. Gilbert P. Reichert . . . . . Rev. Richard Miller . . . . .Tchaikovsky . . Rev. Richard Miller ........Handel 'Qw- Hcre for the last time the "Class of '60" will sit together. fix Jane Haefele, Valedictorian, delivers her speech. COMMENCEME T 59 , if I oNoR Rott 1 Z! Averages for this Honor Roll were made on basis of first three terms of the present year for persons having complete records in at least four academic subjects. Courses carrying less than half- credit were disregarded. Average 95-100 SENIORS Jane Haefele IUNIORS Sharon Rose SOPHOMORES Karen Alexander Suzanne Ebersole Fred Hartmann Garrell Pottenger Suzanne Scott Dorothy Sheppard Gary Taylor FRESHMEN Douglas Campbell Garnett Hammond Jack Mueller David Quinlan Average 90-94 SENIORS Link Brooks Beverly Brouse Trina Flannery Sandra Herndon Tom Kaiser Sue Kummler Ron McSwain Linda Ness Donna Jo Nolte Tom Springer Joann Stehlin Linda Stevenson Eugenia Taphorn Tom Unks Pat Wainscott Karen Wieland JUNIORS Terry Brooks Jerry Burke Billie Chain Wally Etzel Carol Ewald David Frederick Michael Huber Kathy Kellett Valerie Logan Mary Pat McGurk Robert Mill Pat Willetts SOPHOMORES Charles Broughton Elizabeth Burke Carol Hensley Rita Huser Susan Klenk Ron Lech George Nagel Mollie Renner Glenn Rosberg William Stegmuller Tom Young FRESHMEN Linda Fisher Ken Kline Ann Osbon Katherine Roberts Rusty Smith Jane Stevens Paul Vaught Average 85-89 SENIORS Joyce Adams Jean Bahr Claire Bessenbacher Linda Bockelman Jeanette Braune Mary Jo Clark Carole Cramer Gary Duncan Carmen Ehrhardt Thelma Emmons Fred Enders Tom Harry Ken Hicks Susan Korn Gail Lindsay Joyce McKendree William Mercer Mary Middleton Joseph A. Moeller Emily Motz Jane Rice James Ries Linda Ritchie Dan Smith James Sparks Denny Sunderhaus Margie VanVliet Marilyn Wallace Charles Wilson JUNJORS Tom Ackerman Harriet Anderson Jean Brakmanis Roger Brouse Bonnie Case Sandra Clyde Brooke Douglass Richard Flaig James Fein Paula Funk Merrily Grodsky Marsha Hinson Ed Jaeger Georgia Kline James Mercer Terry Morris Sheila Perkins Toni Pippart Diane Praechter Judy Quattlander Nancy Rees Hariett Rettinger Lois Reuter Becky Richards Robert Richley Karen Richter Margaret Sabato Penny Stout Gayle Switzer Pete Vinson Don Wentzel SOPHOMORES Ed Aufdenberg Steve Beisner Barbara Bender Betty Berner C7 Judy Bierman Sharon C ann Fred Curwin David Davies Doreen Day Barbara Duncan Bill Frazier Pat Hill Jerry Joesting John E. Klein Donna Listermann Tom Logan Charlene Nease Lee Nusekobel Mickie Pippart Donna Quattlander Dennis Schaeffer Bob Seigle Don Sierra Susan Stephenson Barbara Taphorn Joyce Westendorf FRESHMEN Don Artman Beth Auburn Barbara Burkhardt Joyce Byar Diane Day Ron Dickman Gerry Fischer David Grunkemeyer Brad Hare Ron Harper Steve Hogue Tim Hutzel Bob Keller Carolyn McGlathery Beverly McKendree Susan Peck Ron Ritz Eileen Shale Diane Silber Susan Skinner Patsy South Jim Stratman Judy Terbeck Bill Wolpert ROW OITIE: Mr. Dent, S. Becker, L. Ness, S. Herndon, C. Ehrhardt. ROW TWO: L. Stevenson, S Korn J Stehlin C. Haskins, J. Haefele, D. J. Nolte. ROW THREE: M. Middleton, R. McSwain, T. Unks, C. Wilson R Ware T Springer, R. Mills. NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY xx '1 IIQOI ICCQV 2 5 .- .. 2 9 E315 National Honor Society is a national honorary organization, consisting of students who have maintained an average of 90010 during their high school careers. Membership is based upon Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. Members attend city-wide seminars, The year is high-lighted by the induction of new members in the spring. 61 Date Mt. Healthy Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Thlg Page Cgfnphnqgnts . . ........ Taylor PORTER PRINTING, INC 70-49 U n ' l lwyomin Opponent Colerain Deer Park Greenhills N. C. H. Sycamore St. Bernard Reading Wyoming Lockland Deer Park Greenliills N. C. H. St. Bernard Reading Wyoming Taylor Lockland Harrison 61-64 , . . . .Lincoln Heights f-f-9,fQn-mndyw . ,RM A. FRESHMA BASKETBALL ROW ONE Mr Brinker, K Klein, R Keller, J Mueller, R. Ritz, J. Stratman. ROW TWO: S. Hogue, F. Spears, D Lohr J Marston R I-hte, T Etzel G Hammond ROW THREE: M. Scott, S. Van Vliet, R. Harper, D. Os- 62 ff -1-fa X 'V' ,gfff 4. N.. vie lf , . ' I gwxnyu J UN IOR-SENIOR PRQM May 14, 1960 Queen Shiela Perkins and King Greg Hochscheid reigned. 90' I' e J gr. A -G :ffl I isa' Y' :fi -- K . -s-lf' U: l'?"'L"'." A 51' C ,.,f,. --iss fr as , K ' Qs . l X , :: r ,ffff ' " 4-Q' ,' 1 ' ., l Y s 'V".w',4 ,- 1 . :gg-kg -. M, ' 2 I I . I ff , s , . ' psf, ,iw . ,V . , . K F Y a ii Q! pizqak , fi... I I W D I ,J , r ky gZxQw,:,,. My t . ". 4' if , J .. -'-Q, A 2' " . 4, 'l ' SIL jg '4 rf. is V v- ,I 4.84 ' " ' JS ' L' I ii' 7' 'N ll I If I' ,, we I s'f-wwf-'-, , . ' ' "-'.4 s .1 x, A . f 1 ' X " 'Q' .,.! 'Q if L' fx. ,-' J ' S " - ' f ' N TLQAI ' Z -' .' 'f -N' vt' ' .. 2 . ' . - 4 - ,Af .- I '.' "--'.. F 1 CHOLARSHIP TEAM The Mt. Healthy High School Scholarship Team went to Miami University, Oxford, on May 7, to compete with students from southwestern Ohio in nineteen different courses. The team consists of three students for each subject selected on the basis of scores on the Preliminary Scholarship tests given on March 30. Those to attend and their subjects are: BIOLOGY: Charles Broughton, Charles Wentzel, and Elizabeth Burke: GENERAL SCIENCE: David Quinlan, Brad Hare, and Ron Harper: CHEMISTRY: Sharon Rose, Mike Huber, and Robert Mills: PHYSICS: Tom Unks, Tom Springer, and Dan Smith: ALGEBRA I: Curtis Todt, Paul Vaught, and Don Artman: ALGEBRA II: Kathy Kellett, Wally Etzel, and Mary Pat McGurk: PLANE GEOMETRY: Garrell Pottinger, Don Deye, and Gary Taylor: AMERICAN HISTORY: Brooke Douglass, Terry Morris, and Pete Vinson: WORLD HISTORY: George Nagel, Glen Rosberg, and Bill Frazier: SENIOR SOCIAL STUDIES: Mary Middleton, Eugenia Taphorn, and Charles Wilson: ENGLISH IX: Linda Fisher, Judy Terbeck, and Brenda Stevenson: ENGLISH X: Thomas Young, Sue Ebersole, and Mollie Renner: ENGLISH XI: Valerie Logan, Judy Quattlander, and Billie Chain: ENGLISH XII: Jane Haefele, Linda Ness, and Sally Becker: LATIN I: Patsy South, Kathy Roberts, and Ann Osborn: LATIN II: Fred Hartman, Doreen Day, and Jane Rice: SPANISH I: Terry Brooks, David Grunkemeyer, and Paul Wood: SPANISH II: Judy Bierman, Suzanne Scott, and Carol Hensley: and BOOKKEEPING I: Sharon Harvey, Carolyn Jackson, and Dave Burwinkel. 64 Sf U DERCLASS ARD ASSEMBLY Q, . 13? ,Xxx Sue installs Pete as new President of Student Council. Gary receives his athletic award from Coach Brinker. 1 Another service bar for your sweater, Sue. Mrs. Mackey presents scholarship certificates to Kathy and Wally. Congratulations, Sharon, for attaining such ri high average. CALE DAR Freshmen learn what is to come in the next three years. What is an Atom? SEPTEMBER: 10--School opened the right way with each teacher receiving a "Big Red Apple." 11--Out football team showed off their flashy new uniforms tonight in the Pigskin Preview at Lockland. 12--Congratulations, Dianne Ritz! Healthy's girl is the first 4-H Queen of the Carthage Fair. 14--Jean Bahr called the first G.A.A. meeting to order. What sport are you going to play? 16--Oh--Freshmen, how did you like your new "Big Brothers and Sisters?" Didn't the Freshies look cute in their green bows and ties? Did you wear your name tag? 18--First Pep Assembly--The team was introduced and xA Where does the line end? Say "Cheese." 13--"Extra! Extra! Read all about it," in the first edition of the Hoot 'N Holler. 16--Culture comes to our school with a one -man Shakespearian act. Hooray for Healthy--We beat N.C.I-I. 36-16. No wonder no one from N.C.H. was in Frisch's afterward. school spirit urged them on to a 22-8 victory over Colerain. 24--The overture for the big night--The Pow-Wow on our new field. Say, didn't those girls look nice in their new uniforms?--Did you go to the Junior Class Dance afterward? 25--What a wonderful night--The dedication of Mt. Healthy's new football field with its lights, goal posts, and press box. The speeches and the music, provided by both Band and Chorus, all added to the thrill of it. To top it all off, we won the first game on our new field, 16-0. Thank-you, every- one who made this dream come true. 26--Four Y-Teen girls leave at the unearthly hour of 7:30 AM on a Saturday for Leadership Conference at Camp Lemsnary. 28--Reserve beat Indian Hill, 44-0. 29--Did you break the camera when you had your picture taken? OCTOBER: 1--Juniors and Seniors took the Ohio History Test-- Phew, we sure don't know much about the Buckeye State. 2--We played Wyoming--We Are With You Team-- So Fight, Fight, Fight! 7--Our Parents returned to school and followed regu- lar class schedules at the PTA Open House. 19--Did you enjoy the Science Assembly?--Say, aren't those candidates for queen dolls? 22--Y-Teens held their Annual Recognition Service-- How impressive the candlelight ceremony is! -- Mmrnmm--that fried chicken dinner was sure good and of course, it couldn't have been done without the Hi -Y fellows. 23--No school--While the teachers attended the Southwestern Ohio Teachers Association Conven- tion, the students were busy putting last minute touches on the floats.--That night, while the rains came down, they announced the winning floats, Hi-Y's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," Concert Chorus "I Hear Music" and the Seniors' "Winner Take All." The Queen was the candidate of the Junior Class and the school's choice, Lynne Stoffregen. 27--Science department had a program "Foam -Frost- and Fun." 29--Concert Chorus gave a performance for the Lutheran Women's Convention at the Sheraton Gibson, Roof Garden. 30--Dad's Night--Didn't the fathers look proud, and rightly so, as our boys beat Deer Park 8-O? Each dad received a very nice picture of his son or daughter. 31--Happy Halloween--Don't let the goblins get you. 66 NOVEMBER: 1--Carmen Ehrhardt and Penny Stout left for the Y-Teens National Conference in New York and Washin on gr . 3--Wasn't that "yummy" Spaghetti they served at 6 the Athletic Boosters Dinner? The wives were the workers that day.--Thanks to all of the people who voted for the Bond Issue. It passed. --Oh, so -o-Oh, cold for a football game. We tied with Greenhills--12-l2. Yea--Team. 13--It doesn't seem possible, but this is the last football game of the season. Beating Reading 28-0, was a fitting finale for our eleven senior players, who were honored. We ended the season tied for Second Place. Congratulations, Coach Schlosser, and team on a wonderful season! 14--Wasn't the Spotlight Club dress-up dance nice? 17--Watch your figures now, girls.--Hi -Y is selling candy. 18--"There is a place in life for all of us," said Mr. V. A. Anderson, the speaker at the opening of our Vocational Conferences.--The team, coaches, and cheerleaders were honored at the Football Banquet. Where do those fellows put all that food? 19--A very much deserved tribute was paid Mr. Stefan today for all his work on the football field, in all of our sports, and for his under- standing of teenagers. 20--Concert Chorus Candy Dance--The winning team was admitted free and given free food. The lucky ones were members of Bob Hissett's team. 26--Thanksgiving--A special time when we can DE thank God for all the wonderful blessings we have. CEMBER: l--We opened the basketball season with a "bang" when we beat Colerain 61-42. 2--Sleepy-eyed, hoarse, senior girls take the Betty Crocker test in the search for the Future Homemakers of Tomorrow. 4--The agony of report cards didn't hurt our boys as we beat Deer Park 63-45. 5--We gave up a game to Greehills. 7--G.A.A. girls started rolling those strikes. "Hey, you aren't supposed to go down the alley with the ball, girls! 8--Lucky Drivers'-Ed. students miss a bell, for a program presented by Standard Oil. 11--We trounced the Trojans 84-61. 12--Fight, Fight, Fight a little harder. 14--"Deck the Halls of Healthy High School"-- Didn't the Student Council decorations look nice? 15--The Christmas Concert with both the band and chorus certainly was great. 18--How very beautiful the Christmas Candlelight Assembly was. 19--Silver Bells--Silver Bells--It's Christmas Time and Linda Stevenson and Tom Springer were the Happy Queen and King of the Y-Teens Prom. 25--Merry Christmas, everyone. 28--The L.G.D. Alumnae party was a real success. 31--1959 was terrific, but may 1960 be the best ever. Happy New Year! The first dance of the year. Dick did a fine job Y Come on Emil, dig deep. Words well spoken Players honored at the Football Banquet. ww-uwwlrlyx 'rv' y, I s I .4.......--- -Q ,,,,..........-,--',,......-f ... ......-.... qun , RN.: ' Hifvw 1 I F, Ill!! . .,.-- assi Q pg: 'H FQFP PHY 'P -5 . ll ll SPO ev! ...b ,., H ' v Y x J' 1 'kwa B H A O 5 M K E E C T O 3 M A I L N L G Our Queen, Jean Bah: Sponsored by Senior Hi-Y Jean and her Royal Court. 70 Q? 'L' 'ff f 1? av! ta NAME Sally Becker Bev. Brouse Emily Carter Carole Chadwick Darlene Eckerlin Carmen Ehrhardt Carole Haskins Alona Hauer Sue Korn Sue Kummler Phyllis McLaren Donna Jo Nolte Diane Peters Jane Rice Linda Ritchie A , I C7 ORGANIZATION Hoot 'n Holler Band G.A.A. Sophomore Class Concert Chorus National Honor Society Senior Class Freshman Class Y-Teens Student Council Sophomore Hi-Y Zem Zem Spotlight Club Latin Club Home Economics Shirley Russell Linda Stevenson Carolyn Taylor Margie Van Vliet Sue Wakeman Shirley York Science Club L.G.D. Junior Class Pep Squad Spanish Club Camera Club CJ BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS FRESHMEN Brooke Douglas, Karen Kincaid, Kathy Kellet. VARSITY Phyllis McLaren, Margie Van Vliet, Jean Bahr, Harriet Ret- tinger, Sheila Perkins. RESERVE Sue Klenk, Joyce Westendorf Bonnie Case. l 4, 41 4- ' VARSITY TEAM ROW ONE: B. Seigle, T. Springer, R. Cohen, W. Etzel, S. Willis. ROW TWO: Mr. McNabb T. Weirich, T. Morris, F. Enders, D. Reinhart, G. Stoelting. ROW THREE: E. Bitters, J. Osborne, R. Rocks, B. Silber, C. Hochscheid, B. Gilhart. BASKETBALL TEAMS RESERVE TEAM ROW ONE: J. Dunn, R. Schmidt, G. Braunwart, M. Scheiring, M. Bowman. ROW TWO: Mr Dunnette, D. Kuhns, F. Hartmann, B. Ricketts, S. Beismer, E. Aufdenberg, J. Joesting. X A ,1:g:. ,,,. ,Ui .rl .i2fbi..Q.-..-ir.. 73 .SO BEAT 'EM FAIR, BEAT 'EM SQUARE MVIL ' CHAMPSN UWL5 Two more points for Fred Jump up high and sink it, Bob! ! Ron scores another foul shot. Q X 41 Y Jim lays a nice one up. Ball is on the floorg who's next to score? 74 . . . BEAT 'EM, BOYS, BEAT 'EMU It's Mothers' Night in February. Bob Gllhart pre sents his mother. Ron waits for Bob to tip Irv scores another basket him the ball. 75 GOLF TEAM if , . SQ l L Xe, X -icuii Q ROW ONE: W. Koch, J. Arkle, D. Smith, R. McSwain, D. Smyth, J. Dunn, B. Mills, T. Van Valey, R. Bartle Mr. McNabb. TRACK TEAM ROW ONE: K. Hicks, S. Willis, B. O'Brian, M. Scott, L. Meyers, M. Long, W. Etzel, C. Methot, R. Bloom, J. Klein. ROW TWO: Mr. Mularick, F. Spears, I-I. Thysell, T. Unks, T. Butler, G. Weltzien, R. Silber, T. Springer, B. Curwin, B. Arkle, F. Hartmann. ROW THREE: M. Hebert, S. l-logue, M. Dickmann, R. Reidel, R. Rocks, L. Brooks, P. Squibb, M. Hogue, B. Brooks, S. Van Vliet, B. Hare, J. Peters, E. Nagel, Mr. Kuhl- mann. TENNIS TEAM 1113 ... e il ROW ONE: Mr. Black, G. Figg, B. Fraizer, G. Taylor, J. Rees, H. Henn, T. I-Iutzel, B. Waidner. 76 ARSITY BA EBALL so uH.,,' ,W ROW ONE: Mr. Dunnette, B. Seigle, A. Hamburger, C. Steiner, J. Osborne, T. Weirich, H. Shaw, E. Burns, C. Wilson, M. Hauer. ROW TWO: J. Fein, P. Vinson, B. McCurdy, B. Ricketts, S. Beisner, B. Ramsy, L. Vogt, E. Aufdenburg, G. Braunwart, C. Oliver, J. Joesting. RESER E BASEBALL llF 0 W1 t 3 Q iv " . ,HM ,Ai if Q1 A oi! K N. -1 .1 A 44x , V' f Y- J Tw' 'v 'W W xx l irl al' K7 xi 7 1 A fx Q ,fl w. M 'N ROW ONE: Mr. Brinker, R. Keller, J. Moeller, R. Cutter, K. Kline, W. Saultzman, R. Harper, T. Etzel. ROW TWO: D. Young, D. Jasper, D. Osborne, J. Marston, J. Stratman. ROW THREE: O. Power, D. Merkle, R. Ritz, R. Carr, G. Hammond, D. Lohr. 77 M CHEERLEADERS N , V, , 'f"l:."' an pie 4... ' N , B.- fSTANDINGj: Kathy Kellet, Marge Van Vliet, Joyce Westendorf, Harriet Rettinger, Jean Bahx, Sue Klenk fK.NEELINGj: Bonnie Case, Phyllis McLaren, Brooke Douglas, Shelia Perkins, Karen Kincaid. Cheerleaders and Pep Squad members dressed as football players, The cheerleaders are played a tough game. anxiously awaiting the team's next move! "Beat 'em, boys! Beat 'em!" Our cheerleaders did a fine job cheering our team to vic- tory. , .,.., . at W T-, W Y . ATU "kigQQs'X'x " t Q F 'V ' x . vw A- , '- uri -Q . 1 "' ' 1 ' , , 3 K .fa Q -1, .ffffzuzlx 2 ,-gt N'.3,f'-'BEM Q' .. .. f G 4 1 , R. Li ' If ',grg'n' '. t,-KL, L1 A ,r , .1 r ,,, P .s K ,A i gfhaxi Q. vm ', .1-K3 I3 ' X ,, f'-11' R 1 A 'qgfa-Q., 7 w fg. B, Rx L , li-a N vf -we ..-, x 2.1 , , , . - . - K A 'gf Q., , - .. ' , 4, L ,i w-,- ff ..-. , ' . - 'K . 1 . If- .ifigggfqg vt 1' , ,fy , 'W W-.Y-.'w,p?sf -" ,fi Jmgri., y - nfl w 0' 1 ' x, A E' . Y , Mi six'.. ' ,r x :Jn s f, , -' ' , . '. , ',..f'.A -Y - 'px :QW , , . , ,-, - . 3.15, .I -,I 11111713 ',f,fk, 8 , V ., "1 K fy'-,VL W4 I 1 - fff XG 'Fifi' -z C ' 1' X W, 1 4 x x -I .4', . X ' - qw ,vlll ' .155 'A -4 A"' . A x ' . ,V-a"A ..-, '7 -' 1 kvfx. 1.1125 x . 7 , . 4 R Q: 'Ag ' f ' 'x ' ' ,-'-.5-E. 5 1. . . ' , X .2-,.f,., gf 'L ' - 4 7 ,.--Q' .-1.'!1f"Sf'-' YC. F. V fn is fy fi V H A V'-,,,-":,,-'.,5 44 . N-f ' Q ww H A 5 AA 5 " v - , If I ' N X ,M W .V . . , . , ' ,. N, -. sf N 1 Lfgrh ' ' . a0'f'x-ff 3 f' A .- ...'1za.. . V, 5, K 4 ,N I J: h f , .2 ,the X FQ I' Y V I , M 4 K' N 2. , 5. .kN " f - -if A 'L ,Q-5'?E:?S"5 ,4 f- ' - Aww '.-IO ,, 'ff' .r i:.,k I M, . I' MSQAJS., , . a...' K EP: V952 ,fd ' 'l -f , XX - . -Van' f V - , .i " .'f:", . ,X I . ,a5yi.,y, ., ,, ,X X, ,4 wi-" - A- .-1 . 'si' .' . w-WI ' , 4-1' D- ff ,ff N ' , P K q !'-- ff ' .rw'1' A . tg ' R x 1 QQ. ' 4.1: 6154" K4-9'1- ff- -ff' Vik' 'J '77 ,kink J . P -fl V' Y f f, fm' 7 ' 'X si . . n Vg, A X 5 .U . 1, f - pl' - K 7 '-vig 4 ' ' J - . ix .v V, 1. - ' i,,,?vg' I K x X ., N ,e v Z A , fy, ' ' I i ' ' + 'i ' ,X 4' If f Aw, H s A N , im n-5 Q., "QI . , ny if 'VA' 4235" V FCOTBALL VARSITY 5 3 ' 1 -L X 3 'K f:-' ll, 5 .Wi A I . 2 M fi' A . ,, I I X s2fwf . Q , i bf 1 ,li W. , E - EA. S Z Q " X x WEA : X .f f X -ll: . A 4 '35 37 . - 4'-' ' 11, N ,JW and if f 1. , K V., s -V " , ww u ' -' ' ' ' A, Bl' ' R pg M 4 1 , ' FRESHMAN ssgmwf .,.......-11 YNY M 591- :CASH 80 . rg... ,Q L Ken Hicks 53 J Q . . , A 1 ' 4 A H ,. Gary Weltzein up Q33 A' F' Q: EQ...,,w Russ Brown 5 ev F " Tom Springer me Q.-v' 1 Charles Wilson P Tom Butler Bob Silber ' Qs?- . v Q Q X , R K Q ld .Wh K5 k Bill Meyers H 'N fl' : A W 1 . T U I-mk Brooks Om mis Bill Theilmcycr 81 54 The others, each a queen in her own way. iv I FOGTBALL HCMECOMING Q M ' 'W I kg, Lynne, our lovely queen, reigns. My fx , M x Q X"' ' M y ' Q' ' 1 I . I . if f 1' I , li X,xx Qw X! ff X A li J Q W X A fri rw ,iam .14 1: W X ,J my M A ' J 1: , ' if Will! fl ' , A j W., l 1 ff A ' Q Tl W 19? ' M V all ri i G5 .J ,ji Senior Class float, "Winner take a1l," wins first place. DADS' NIGHT Dads proudly wear their sons' numbers. X Dad Oliver receives Son Ohvcr s pxcture flu 83 Mr. Brooks can be doubly proud. 411. .75 , VK .4 DEDICATIO The flag presented by the Ladies' Auxiliary, of the American Legion. at .H We're proud of our new press box! The half-time show was a very colorful event. One of the many groups which helped in the dedication. Ken Hagedorn presented A the press box, given by The Concert Chorus and the Band gave a fine the Class of US9. performance. I-Iea1thy's Marchmg Band gave a good performance at half-time. 84 MT. HEALTHY OWLS IN ACTIO Charles Oliver goes over for another touchdown. Our football team of '59-'60 made everyone at Mt. Healthy School very proud. Beginning in the heat of August and continuing through the cold days in the late fall, they worked long and hard hours to achieve the terrific record of 1 loss, 1 tie, and 7 wins for the season. Hard work and diligence of team and coaches alike were the keys which opened the way to a wonderful season. A great year! A great team! r M- " my A gf . A f y 1 My H. ' A 1 m-, Q QV I f 5 . Q , . Nobody could keep Mt. Healthy from crossing the line. Our boys are surely in there fighting for a victory. 85 '1 7' .-uh., ' "V ., . - ,,- .r X .L . .., ,. :rg gn' sw .ZW Gary and Mr. Brinker take time out to look over the team. Q Y N 1 'Q-M Wi! nf' ...nn ffl a f -X 'xv gf' MH 3 .1- CRC-IA ATIONS ROW ONE: Miss Miller, B. Kramer, C. Hensley, J. Bierman, S. George. ROW TWO: S. York, K. Bryant, R. A. Kennedy, D. Gentil, J. Faig, C. Abercrombie, J. Mercer. ROW THREE: B. Taphorn, S. Wakeman, S. Swallow, S. Schroer, C. Adams, M. Rice, M. Hinson, C. Waidner. ROW FOUR: T. Galardo, J. Dunn, N. Dufour, G. Nagel, M. Renner, E. Nagel, G. Rosberg. ROW FIVE: C. Broughton, J. I-Iinkle, D. Clems, T. Roberts, G. Pottinger, E. Aufdenberg, M. Hauer, B. Mills. EL CLUB ESPANOL President- -Mollie Renner Vice President- -Garrell Pottinger Secretary - -Kay Bryant Treasurer - -Tim Roberts Reporter - -Emil Nagel Adviser - -Miss Miller The Spanish Club is made up of all Spanish I and II students having an average of85 or above. Besides participating in various school activities during the year, the organization learns more about Spanish-speaking lands and people The Spanish Club usually brings its year to a climax with a dinner at the Spanish Inn, Cincinnati. 88 ROW ONE: Miss Frost, T. Logan, J. Holtegal, N. Christensen, J. Zimmerer, S. Ebersole, D. Day, P. Owens, J. Ness. ROW TWO: P. Wilkerson, S. Sherkey, D. Sheppard, R. Wemz, D. Listerman, D. J. Nolte, S. Smith, S. Klenk. ROW THREE: J. Rice, C. Kom, R. Klein, D. Schaeffer, J. Dunn, D. Deye, M. Hagedorn. ROW FOUR: B. Frazier, B. Seigle, B. Ricketts, J. Joesting, S. Beisner, D. Davies, F. Hartman, T. Young. CLIENTES LATINA Presidents--Donna Jo Nolte and Fred Hartmann Vice President --Doreen Day Secretaries--Bob Seigle and Donna Listermann Program Chairmen - -Doreen Day Treasurers--Nancy Christensen and Tom Young Adviser- -Miss Frost The Latin Club, composed mainly of second-year Latin students, holds its monthly meetings during class time. The Club is a branch of the National Junior Classical League. In the spring, the annual Poster and Scrapbook Contest is sponsored by the members for the first-year Latin students. A picnic is also held to welcome new members of the Latin I classes with an average of 9001, or better. 89 Linda looks happy as she is crowned Queen. Queen Linda and King Tom reign over our 1959 Christmas Prom. CHRISTMAS PRO i 3 Bonnie, Jane, Susan and Shirley perform . Happy couples dance under the Silver Bells. 90 if 5 - ROW ONE: E. Endres, J. Braun, N. Christensen, V. Dillenberger, E. Carter, B. Burkhardt, C. Ehrhardt, D. Eckerlin, L. Barnes. ROW TWO: G. Damico, J. Brakmanis, M. J. Berner, J. Braune, B. Brouse, B. Douglas, Do. Day, K. Bierman. ROW THREE: B. Bender, S. Becker, S. Boeh, Di. Day, C. Abercrombie, S. Cann, S. Chain, S. Ebersole. ROW FOUR: B. Chain, C. Ewald, D. Bedacht, J. Bahr, J. Elsen, J. Bloom, H. Denby, B. Boston. ROW FIVE: C. Cramer, R. Endres, C. Atkinson, J. Brenner, T. Emmons, B. Auburn, H. Anderson, M. J. Clark, J. Barnhorst. Y-TEENS President- -Lynne Stoffregen Vice President - -Linda Stevenson Secretary - -Jean Bahr Treasurer - -Susan Korn Program Chairman--Valerie Logan Advisers - -Miss Fredricks and Mrs. Roach 91 ROW ONE: S. Mauk, M. McGurk, P. Frye, S. Harvey, J. McCormick, P. McLaren, D. Ferdon, P. Landwehr, V. Logan, B. McKendree. ROW TWO: B. Kramer, S. Klenk, H. Hutchinson, S. Layman, R. Kennedy, K. Kellett, S. Herndon, L. Johnson. ROW THREE: T. Flannery, K. McKee, N. Griffith, G. Hafer, D. Listermann, C. Figg, M. Hinson, L. Fisher, J. McKendree. ROW FOUR: D. McCoo1, P. Hill, S. Fick, J. Loesche, H. McKee, C. Korn, K. Howes, S. Lienhart. ROW FIVE: P. Manning, D. Lotz, S. Korn, J. Haefele, G. Lindsey, B. Gau, M. Laib, C. Haskins, B. Langenbahn. The Y-Teens' "keys to happiness" are brotherhood and service. The Y-Teens is the largest organization in the school. So in order to complete its activities and service projects successfully, it is divided into squads. The Y-Teen girls sponsor the Christmas Prom every year. Other projects include the annual potato chip sale, the Mother and Daughter tea, and the impressive recognition service and banquet which honors the new members. 92 , ,IH .. 3 55: 5 i V fz1f?2f.f'T !::S4:3:nE2:.E zmwzz. gg: .uw-5 ,. , 5 15 in .41 r Fi. Ar .S .xd- W9 if f Sa QF f' ROW ONE: Mr. Danbury, J. Mercer, E. Nagel, D. Frederick, J. Sparks, L. Hall, T. Kaiser. ROW TWO: D. Saunderhaus, A. Hamburger, D. Zimmerman, T. Butler, R. Flaig, G. Weltzien, K. Hicks. ROW THREE: B. Waid- ner, R. McSwain, T. Brooks, B. Butterfield, T. Harry, T. Springer, R. Brouse, T. Ackerman, ROW FOUR: J. Ries, T. Roberts, W. Etzel, J. Fein, S. Willis, D. Reinhart, D. Hoffman. ROW FIVE: D. Smith, M. Huber, V. Wiegand, M. Dickman, L. Brooks, B. Gilhart, T. Morris, P. Vinson. SENIOR HI-Y President - -Tom Springer Vice President - -Charles Wilson Treasurer - -Gary Weltzein Secretary - -Tom Butler Chaplain - -Dan Smith Adviser - -Mr. Danbury The purpose of the Senior Hi -Y is: to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. The l-li-Y is a national organization affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. Each year the club contributes toward worru Service and Buildings for Brotherhood. These are organizations of the Y.M.C.A. that try to help young people all over the world. Hi-Y participates in Youth and Government when all the Hi-Y's in the state go to Columbus and operate the state government for three days. The Hi -Y also has many activities for entertainment, such as basketball, hayrides, and dances. 94 ROW ONE: Mr. Dent, M. Long, D. Deye, T. Galardo, T. Logan. ROW TWO: G. Rosberg, T. Young, D. Schaeffer, J. Droste, J. Klien, C. Broughton, G. Nagel. ROW THREE: G. Braunwart, F. Hartmann, B. Ricketts, B. Curwin, S. Beisner, J. Joesting, E. Aufdenberg, B. Seigle. SOPHOMORE HI-Y President- -Fred Hartmann Vice President - -Bob Seigle Secretary - -Charles Broughton Treasurer - -Gerald Joesting Chaplain - -Ed Aufdenberg Each year all Freshman boys who maintain an average of 80 or above are invited to join Sophomore Hi-Y. This club holds such activities as hayrides, movies, and interesting programs. They elect a queen candidate for the Basketball Homecoming. Members are prepared to enter the Senior Hi-Y. The Sophomore Hi-Y is affiliated with the Suburban Y.M.C.A., for which they receive membership cards which entitle them to participate in activities available there. 95 ROW ONE: Mrs. Roach, B. Brouse, P. McLaren, D. Peters, L. Ness, B. J. Berner, B. Stevenson, S. Case, M. Kincaid. ROW TWO: J. Quattlander, K. Kellett, D. Listermann, L. Stoffregen, L. Stevenson, S. Kummler, M. Bowman, B. Chain. ROW THREE: L. Hall, M. Sabota, M. Seigle, L. Meyer, M. Renner, M. Rees, D. Sunderhaus. ROW FOUR: B. Seigle, E. Aufdenberg, J. Arkle, J. Joesting, P. Vinson, B. Ware, F. Hartmann, K. Bowen. STUDENT COUNCIL President--Sue Kummler Vice President--Bob Ware Secretary--Linda Stevenson Treasurer--Lynn Stoffregen Adviser -'-Mrs. Roach l'he Student Council is an all -school organization which serves as a training ground for future citizens. .The aims of Student Council are many. By interesting students in school affairs, by democratically solving problems that arise in school, by promoting better scholarship, by maintaining rules of good conduct, and by creating better school spirit, the common good of all is advanced and the major objective of Student Council that of training both future leaders and followers is begun. 96 ROW ONE: Mrs. White, B. Case, N. Christensen, B. Brouse, S. Becker, M. McGurk, V. Logan, C. Ehrhardt. ROW TWO: L. Ness, S. Hemdon, K. Kellett, B. Chain, M. Van Vliet, M. Hinson, S. York, J. McKendree. ROW THREE: S. Klenk, D. Nolte, J. Bahr, J. Westendorf, C. Haskins, P. Stout, T. Flannery. ROW FOUR: C. Korn, S. Kummler, L. Stevenson, M. Sabato, M. Renner, J. Haefele, S. Kom, J. Rice. LITER RY GOLD DIGGERS President- - Linda Stevenson Vice President- -Carmen,Ehrhardt Secretary- - Bonnie C ase Treasurer--Marsha I-Iinson Adviser- -Mrs. White The principal interest of L. G. D., girls' honorary club, is the school library. By selling programs at football and basketball games, they earn money to contribute to the purchase of books. They also sponsor a Talent Show for an assembly program . In order to be eligible to join L. G. D., each girl must have an 85010 average. Of thosle eligible, the same number of girls leaving the club is selected to join L. G. D. This plan keeps membership at a constant number. 97 sv Who will win the tax stamp drive? 'IN . v -gnu-S' Another "eye-catching" bulletin board goes up! One of the last balls hit on the old field. JANUARY:--1960 4--Back to school--Did you make a New Year 's resolution to study harder? 5--Roger Ward, the winner of the Indianapolis 8- 10 16 20 21 22 500 in 1959 spoke to the Drivers' Education classes. It was a close one but we came out on top-- Mr. Healthy 57--Reading 54. -What a night! ! The Owls really "rode" those Cowboys hard and beat them 74-57. Now we are tied for "first" place with Greenhills. --Wow--Wasn't that assembly something! We all sang "When the Saints Come Marching ln," but it was the Owls who marched all over Lockland with a score of 66-50. --Another game--another victory. Deer Park 41--Mt. Healthy 87. --Break that tie! --Break that tie! --The "tie" is broken and Mt. Healthy is in first place. The wonderful score--Mt. Healthy 76--Greenhills 65. 26--Exams began today. Oh, why didn 't I study harder! l 29--The team survived exams and beat N.C.H. 67-51. FEBRUARY: 3--How about that newspaper article in the Enquirer? Mr. McNabb certainly was quoted enough. 5--Freshman team won its 13th straight game. It was Mothers" Night and each team mem- ber's mother received a corsage. We added another win to our bouquet of victories. Mt. Healthy 68--St. Bernard 53. 6--Football Clinic at Princeton. 10--Junior Class had a bake sale. 12--With two seconds to go Jim Osborne shot-- the ball went in, and Mt. Healthy became the MVIL Champs of 1960. The score--Mt. Healthy 59--Wyoming 57. "We're from Healthy, and couldn 't be any prouder"! I 13--Plowed through the snow--and "snowed" Taylor under 65-57. 16--Juniors ordered class rings. 17--Paul Hartlaub showed us the films of the 1956 Olympic Games. 19--Chalk up another one--Mt. Healthy 75-- Lockland 58. 20--Jean Bahr reigns over the Mt. Healthy Homecoming--Ron Rooks dropped Jean 's crown and the winning basket to defeat Harrison 73-71. 22--Yea--no school. 25--Lucky kids from Finneytown couldn't attend school. They were snowed in! ! l-la -ha! Pound those keys . MARCH: 2--The tournament began at Oxford. "We shot as the Army does, --We sank it as the Navy does and beat Taylor. 3--The assembly about spies--or secret agents was very interesting. 4--Back to Miami to defeat Wyoming for the third time. The score was 61-49. 5--We lost to Lincoln Heights--but the Owls went out in a "blaze of glory." It was aterritic season--We'll always remember 1960 when Mt. Healthy took the MVIL Championship. Congratulations, Coach Mc- Nabb and team! 8--Juniors took the National Merit Scholarship Tests. 10--Concert Chorus gave a very delightful Winter Con- cert. 17--If you're Irish, it is your day! ! 18--The Band's Winter Concert was enjoyed by all. 23--Didn't you about die laughing at the L.G.D. As - sembly? Oh--those I-li-Y boys' legs! ! 26--It was a beautiful spring night and every one felt "Younger Than Springtime" at the G.A.A. Prom. Margie Van Vliet and Tom Weirick were especially happy as Queen and King. 28--Five of our students attended the Yearbook Clinic at Princeton. 30--Juniors left for Washington--Do you think they'll come back? APRIL: l--No school today! April Fool! ! 2--Athletic Boosters Variety Show. 4--Hooray--the Juniors are back--what a trip they must have had! '7--The Ump calls "batter-up" and the baseball season is underway. 14--The Easter Assembly was very impressive. 15--No school. 17--Happy Easter--make sure the eggs are hard boiled before you crack them on your head. 26--Seniors and Juniors take the California State Achievement Tests. 27--Wasn't the Miami University Band wonderful? Three lucky Student Council members leave for the State Convention at Cleveland. 29--The Senior Class Play "The Father of the Bride" was really a success. .X ' .ua 'H-9 iii ' 5 .TPI Look who is first in line at the Teachers' Tea. A game of concentration! sp Oops, you almost didn't make it, Tom. ROW ONE: Mrs. Van Deventer, N. Christensen, L. Ritchie, S. Russell, E. Carter, D. Ralphy, F. Messer. ROW TWO: G. Haier, P. Wainscott, M. Guinn, E. Taphorn, D. Ritz, T. Flannery. ROW THREE: C. Cramer, J. Rice, M. Staub, T. Emmons, M. Laib, S. Kom, D. Blandford. HOME EC CLUB President- -Dianne Ritz Vice President--Shirley Russell Secretary- -Marcia Ginn Treasurer--Carol Cramer Adviser--Mrs. Van Deventer 100 ROW ONE: C. Kline, M. McCurk, M. Shwab, M. Bryant, D. Day, B. Brouse, J. Weil. ROW TWO: L. Ness, T. Galardo, P. Wainscqtt, S. Swallow, R. Endres, M. Gayer, K. Richter, H. Rentrop. ROW THREE: D. Moak, B. Aubum, E. Shwab, D. Osbom, J. Huber, J. Brenner, J. Stevens, C. Pugh, J. Haefele. JU IOR RED CROSS Co-chairmen- -Linda Ness, Beverly Brouse Adviser- -Mrs. Grossoehme Junior Red Cross works as a committee under Student Council. Two drives are held each year: first, an enrollment campaign, in the late fall in which students who "join" contribute to the financing of service in hospitals and in foreign countries, a spring drive for the purpose of filling gift boxes or a gift chest. In addition, the art department, the Latin Club, and the Y-Teen squads give party favors as service projects to the Red Cross. The Red Cross has many hard workers. Representatives who are elected in the homerooms post Red Cross literature collect money, and keep a roll of the contributors. The faculty and student body help with their cooperation and generous gifts. Cl" .1 J? 'Z I 3 '1 QFQCRQS lOl ROW ONE: Miss Miller, L. Barnes, P. South, L. Ritchie, B. Douglass, G. Klien. ROW TWO: D. Ritz, S. Becker, T. Flannery, B. Chain, L. Ness, S. Russell, J. Brakmanis. ROW THREE: H. Shaw, G. Switzer, J. Rice, M. Middle ton, D. Reinhart, P. Wood, M. Renner, J. Westendorf. HOOT ' HOLLER Editors .... Sally Becker, Linda Ness, Dave Reinhart Managers . . . Mary Middleton, Jeanne Brakmanis, Leila Barnes Reporters .... Trina Flannery, Gayle Switzer, Billie Chain, Paul Wood, Shirley Russell, Dianne Ritz, Patsy South, Linda Ritchie, Herb Shaw, Mollie Renner, Joyce Westendorf, Georgia Kline, Jane Rice, Brooke Douglass Adviser .... Miss Miller The Hoot 'n Holler is the school newspaper. Members of its staff, who are chosen by writing ability, work to complete nine issues of the paper within the year. Each news- paper put out contains interesting columns as well as reports on current school events. V 'L V 4 5 A 5 -is - 1, j ' I, 102 ROW ONE: Miss Frost, B. Case, B. Bender, B. Brouse, V. Logan, L. Reuter, Mr. Bartle. ROW TWO: S Klenk D J Nolte, A. Lindsey, L. Stevenson, J. Haefele, J. Huser, G. Switzer. ROW THREE: S. Korn, T. Harry G Taylor S Willis, P. Vinson, T. Brooks, J. Davis, S. Rose. ZEM ZEM The Zem Zem Staff is one of the busiest organizations in school. This year eight seniors, eight juniors, and four sophomores all worked to make the Zem Zem of 1960 the best ever. Although there is a lot of hard work connected with putting out the annual all agree it is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Editor .......... Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Tax Stamp Manager . . Secretary ....... Advisers . . OFFICERS 103 Donna Jo Nolte , ,Jane Haefele . . Jim Davis . Tom Harry . Bonnie Case . . Mr. Bartle Miss Frost President--Herb Shaw BAN D Vice President--Joyce McKendree Secretary- -Bev . Brouse Treasurer- -Pete Vinson Director- - Mr. Henry 104 Sandy George, Pat South, Jo Ann Suttman, Thelma Emmons, Barbara Bray Mary Sargent. 105 V 5W. W 'V gy is -vga 3. . V 5, 3 5 y ip v'36 ?r v gsm' v W YJ. 39 V 'asfwwfgiif Q5 '1f k gg Wi, Nm 19' New yr' ,AS N l u 1 . fivi g sk gy w N v U'Qw w f 3' Q v F ,411 1 - S , W V W M! vw 5 Q T Q 'V 7' 4' L se 2 it 591' gg? fi! Ng? ,513 If Q EQ as V W V7 f Y if 5 if , .,, Q 1 9 g ' 6 'gp 5 'V 26' W" 5149 . W 1 .W 1 b , A if. 5, ?,,g,f' 5g.5T eggsggifgff 3 ig Q vw g W fxrfgsfli ,114 VH 551-'1f1 .Q V En F ig V 1 5 7 . , ,B i iq 5 Q 9, j " Y, gm Q E ,Q-fwvw-" Mffvgyfk in M L, as M Q - .y Arg, .- fig, M v U wi! My RQ x'l"i 9 Q I 1 x' 1 Q T UQ V61 U6 X 'V QW 'W W W6 Q5 ROW ONE: Mr. Battle, G. Klein, D. Lotz, L. Ness, M. Lisle, R. Kennedy, S. Russell, S. York. ROW TWO: M. Wallace, S. Becker, H. Shaw, A. Lindsay, E. Nagel, M. Pippart, R. Wemz. ROW THREE: B. Cagle, D. Zimmer man, T. Unks, T. Bowersox, D. Pickering, M. Renner, R. Krieger, G. Nagel. CAMERA CLUB President - - A1 Lindsey Vice President - - Marilyn Wall ace Secretary- - Linda Ness Treasurer- - Shirley York Adviser- -Mr. Bartle Camera C1ub's float and candidate, Shirley Russell. it 1 151 lx ' . , . a re r ' ill 1. I 108 S L H . Q fi, 3 v 1 xgll gk 'ik 1 ik- -J 4 i Q - Qffgah ll. ROW ONE: Mrs. Young, N. Christensen, D. Ferdon, M. Hensey, J. Braune, B. Brouse, C. Ehrhardt, D. Eckerlin. ROW TWO: A. Hauer, K. Bryant, S. Hemdon, L. Bockelman, T. Flannery, S. Becker, E. Carter. ROW THREE: C. Haskins, J. Bahr, M. Hagedorn, D. Hobbs, L. Hall, M. J. Clark, C. Cramer, C. Atkinson. ROW FOUR: E. Burns, T. Harry, T. Hull, B. Butterfield, R. Douglas, J. Davis, J. Haefele. ROW FIVE: P. Dawes, J. Adams, F Enders, D. Holford, L. Brooks, F. Bromer, R. Brown, T. Emmons. SPOTLIGHT CLUB President--J im Davis Vice-President--Sandy Herndon Secretary- -Beverly Brouse Treasurer--Shirley York Adviser--Mrs. Young 110 ROW ONE: P. Landwehr, P. McLaren, D. Lotz, D. Topits, J. McKendree, L. Ness, S. Russell, L. Ritchie, S. York, D. Peters. ROW TWO: P. Scheidt, M. Wallace, E. Taphorn, L. Stoffregen, P. Wainscott, D. Ritz, P. Rosser. ROW THREE: J. Rice, E. Motz, E. Nagel, I-l. Shaw, A. Lindsey, D. Moak, S. Kom. ROW FOUR: G. Weltzien, J. Sparks M. Middleton, T. Springer, W. Koch, C. Lindsay, L. Stevenson, K. Wieland. ROW FIVE: T. Weirich, C. Wilson, D. Smith, V. Wiegand, T. Van Valey, B. Silber, T. Unks, D. Reinhart, R. McSwain. f psp . p in Qi: C ' The Spotlight Club is the drama department of the school. Its objectives are to promote interest in the theater arts among the students. Membership consists of Senior Class Students who are taking English IV or who have taken Speech. The Spotlight Club sponsors several dances during the year to earn money to finance the annual Christmas Program and the Senior Class Play. The Senior Class Play is the highlight of the year. It is presented in the spring after many months of hard pre- paration, but promotes a feeling of accomplishment and a job well done. The Senior Class Play is the highlight of the year. lt is presented in the spring after many months of hard prepa- ration, but promotes a feeling of accomplishment and a job well done. 111 9 E ROW ONE: Miss Kennedy, C. Nelson, C. Tyler, J. Brakmanis, D. Eckerlin. ROW TWO: D. Topits, A. Hauer, K. Wieland, S. I-lemdon, S. Becker. ROW THREE: C. Chadwick, L. Stoffregen, C. Haskins, M. Middleton, H. Ret- tinger, C. Bessenbacher. GYM LE DER The Gym Leaders Club is composed of students selected by the physical education instructor to promote leadership among students. Learning to organize, plan, officiate, and direct sports is the first objective of the leaders' club. The second objective is to realize the importance of "carry-over" values in organizing and planning--how these things fit into other fields and organizations. Student leaders demonstrate skills, lead exercises, get necessary equipment for game use, and check attendance. - 113 ROW ONE: B. Case, D. Eckerlin, G. Dillenburger, D. Day, M. Guenther, B. Douglass, J. Brakrnanis, S. Case, K. Gandenberger, G. Damico, C. Ehrhardt. ROW TWO: M. J. Berner, S. Becker, K. Bryant, S. Chain, S. Boeh, D. Ferdon, E. Carter, D. Day. ROW THREE: R. Brune, S. Cann, B. Chain, C. Ewald, N. Griffith, H. Anderson, S. Becker, J. Cismati. ROW FOUR: M. Ginn, D. Bedacht, C. Bliss, J. Bloom, J. Elsen, C. Chadwick, C. Bessen- bacher, R. Endres. ROW FIVE: L. Fisher, J. Barnhorst, J. Byar, C. Frye, T. Emmons, S. Deckelmier, B. Auburn, C. Fi88, J. Bahr. G. A. A. President - -Jean Bahr Vice -President - -Kathy Kellett Secretary- -Cynthia Korn Treasurer--Bonnie Case Adviser - -Miss Kennedy The Girls' Athletic Association promotes good sportsmanship through athletic endeavors. Any girl in high school may belong. A well-defined point system is the basis for the awards given at the end of each year. Leadership is divided among the officers, managers, and captains who, for such responsibility, receive additional points. Some of the sports featured in G.A.A. are: Volleyball Bowling Basketball Tennis Baseball Horseback Riding Hockey Archery Kickball Badminton Tumbling 114 ROW ONE: S. Mauk, J. Mohr, S. Perkins, A. Hauer, D. Peters, V. Logan, C. Lutterbie, P. Owens. ROW TWO: P. McLaren, M. McGurk, S. Peck, E. Mortimer, J. McCormick, S. Harvey, B. McKendree, S. Herndon. ROW THREE: J. McKendree, K. Kellett, M. Hinson, C. Jackson, R. Kennedy, B. Langenbahn, G. Hafer, S. Klenk ,D. Praechter. ROW FOUR: K. McKee, D. McCoo1, S. Lienhart, H. McKee, K. Howes, D. Listermann, S. Layman. ROW FIVE: C. Korn, M. Pippert, M. Merwin, S. Korn, L. Ormston, G. Lindsey, D. Moak, C. Haskins, P. Hill. ROW ONE: V. Stauffer, J. Weil, L. Reuter, C. Taylor, L. Shellnut, M. A. Steiner, P. South, C. Regensberger, P. Stang, D. Ralphy, S. Schiering, S. Stephenson. ROW TWO: Miss Kennedy, P. Sutton, S. York, B. Richards, S. Russell, C. Waidner, B. White, B. Stevenson, A. Frost. ROW THREE: D. Ritz, J. Sunderhaus, J. Wesley, H. Rentrop, P. Stout, P. Shipler, K. Roberts, A. Swegman, P. Wainscott. ROW FOUR: M. Wallace, G. Rhein, G. Switzer, J. Westendorf, M. Rice, R. Wemz, P. Yaeger, L. Stoffregen. ROW FIVE: J. Rice, S. Skinner, H. Re ger, L. Wallbrech, M. Renner, E. Timm, B. Stewart, C. Reif, B. Wiest. ttin Q!! 2 lx 'I A xx I X I 1 K Y lf X Af"-'X Z Q en Margie Van Vliet and King Tom We' h NYOUNGER THAN SPRINGTIMEH G. A. A. SPRING PROM I96O 116 MAY: 4--A combination ofa one-act play and tumbling stunts made a very interesting assembly.--At the All-Sports Banquet recognition was given to our boys who had participated in sports. 7--Our representatives on the District State Scholarship Team journeyed to Oxford. 9--The L.G.D. and Hi-Y candidates began their week of misery. 10--"There was beautiful music in the air" during the Concert Chorus and Band Music Assembly. ll--The new members were inducted into the National Honors Society. 13--The Boosters Carnival was something new this year. 14--"Rhapsody in Blue" was a "Dream Come True" for the Juniors and Seniors at their prom. 18--The underclassmen received many awards at the Award Assembly. 20--The Band enjoyed a pleasant evening at their banquet at Meadow Brook. 24--Ha-Ha--the Seniors are suffering through exams. 26--The Seniors received their final awards--"The new Y'Teen officers were installed at the Mother and Daughter Tea. 29--Wasn't the Baccalaureate service impressive? JUNE: l--The Seniors took their final steps together as they walked up the aisle at Commencement.--lt's all over now, but we'll never forget Mt. Healthy's wonderful "Class of 196O." 7--I wish I had an 85 average and I could get out of these exams. 10 --School's out--School's out! What are you sitting on, kids? Vacation's finally here. Have fun this summer, But come back next year. .-14 A very "dramatic" scene from one of the one-act plays. 117 ROW ONE: Mrs. Roach, L. Barnes, G. Nelson, B. White, K. Mortlmer, C. Ehrhardt, Mrs. Ernst, Mrs. Diering. ROW TWO: S. Herndon, B. Chain, C. Ewald, S. Wakeman, D. Sheppard, J. Bahr, K. Richter, J. McKendree. ROW THREE: B. Hodges, J. Elsen, B Wiest, J. Brenner, L. Wallbrech, H. Rettinger, S. Swallow, M. J. Clark, D. McCoo1. OFFICE STAFF LIBRARY TAFF ROW ONE: Mrs. White, S. Rose, U. Jones, S. Herndon, J. Schwartz, S. Minnich, J. Huser, M. Guenther. ROW TWO: S. Russell, S. Stephenson, C. Ehrhardt, M. P. McGurk, B. West, K. Thysell, P. Stang. SEE! eff ...-.J4.-- ROW ONE: R. Lech, J. Minnich, B. Lutterbie, T. Galardo, S. Williams, M. Long, M. Lisle, H. Van Pelt, R. Com- mins. ROW TWO: G. Fi88, J. Weber, G. Braunwort, T. Weirich, C. Reinhart, R. Schmidt, J. A. Moeller, D. O'Etze1. ROW THREE: B. Ricketts, J. Arkle, M. McQueary, K. Sanders, D. Davies, B. Hare, D. Cismati, T. Rob- erts, W. Stegmuller. CAFETERI WORKERS Student help in the cafeteria has been very efficient this year. These students receive payment for their efforts in the form of lunches. They perform such tasks as washing trays, drying dishes, selling milk, handling food, and sweeping floors. The lunchroom could not function properly without their help. EH? x . 119 ,Gifs ynvf 'T . S--W. W0 I' is , ff is v 'if - .NL Q, QWN qklkm. DVE RTI kv . ,.......-null-""" .. .VI N we EM EN TS ........ Compliments Of LEMKUHL'S BARBER SHOP 6019 Hamilton Avenue Llberty 2-0405 60 MINUTE ssnvlcs A I 4 95 omve-:N ssnvlce Q'x cn.EAN :ns My "WATCH WHILE YOU WAITf' n 6 f-MK 5 0 L I a '97Jl Ar Y 72 nv xffigm i M uf . ' . " rsoo ummou Ave. K t C M" 'I le. ,,. 'fm 'Rina Compliments of BLICHERT'S SOHIO SERVICE Hamilton and Hastings JAckson 1-9083 COMPLETE LINE OF TIRES AND ACCESSORIES 122 NS Valerie Logon chose her poodle from a large selection at HESSLER'S ARIETY STG RE 7605 Hamilton Avenue Nlt. Healthy Ohio 123 llivq lg alvfference GRADUATE TO COCA-COLA be really refreshed semi! STOELTINGS GULF SERVICE Hamilton and Stevens QUICK AND EFFICIENT SERVICE 2 E 5,1 xifx n,w'T A V N 'VM- '-S gkrm' . , 35 32 rl'-A4 A-q '16 5" 'J ' fn -'-f::"A3F'dhYl!' iff-9 -. ':.I2-2.2.26 4-f"f1"S-S' '-H.. RICHARD WU EST, FLG RI ST 1474 St. Clair Avenue .IAckson 1 3521 Vt. Healthy 'Y if iQ S HASKlN'S MARINE SALES AND SERVICE 125 om iments 0 NICK WULLENWEBER L I5 W gy W Qu C Pl 'LK 9 f if Com lzmen X Pof i 1 the N XX N x XX ! X DOT FOOD STORES . ' li. 7514 H milton A M H lhy STANLEY SCHAEFER FEED STORE JAckson 1-6297 CUSTOM CRINDING FEBTILIZERS GRINDING 1872 Sp gd 1 ATHLETIC BOOSTERS CLUB IOIN THE BOOSTERS B X 4 TT , I F I T B A I B R d E Wu RR 2 M H lhy Oh Q Compliments Of S UMME BROTH ERS El b th St X IIIIHIIIII Ilnmh' I. H 'N sJ1LKjlQ:hP X 565 5 Jmmllw DAIRY cf . , H BUTT 44 X s Ill Mt H lthy 1 7733 127 5 5 ' 'vp A . I t " 'X AA, IJ? , 'i LP nl Compliments of your TH RIFTWAY SUPER MARKETS Compliments Of ANTHONY'S MEN'S SHOP 'Complete Formal Rentals 'Proms and Weddings Hamilton and Mt. Healthy lVlcMakin Ohio Compliments of MAIN THEATER Mt. Healthy Ohio X -ii. :.-if gn-xx .f5 X ll 5, , ell -,Y-: V fr. Q frm, 5: -5 L..-.4 . X c --,,,Y X , ' :T-1-' -., i +1-f x ' ' .. .. . ' , .ef-,: 01-if-' ff ' ' ' T-f A f' , V4 -X X 5 .4 f .. ff' - ..,, pf, , I Y, , V 'ff' 4 1-' 'I Compliments Of MT. HEALTHY P. T. A. President. . . . . . . First Vice President . Second Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer . . OFFICERS OF 1959 - 1960 n Q n 1 . Q . - . . . n . Q . Mrs. Walter Campbell Mrs. Walter Gettle judge George Palmer Mrs. Fred Bohnstengel Mrs. Charles Broughton 129 li 'll II? lil A Pl L 'Q -4+ PROWVIS SPECIAL OCCASIONS Home Office WEbster 1 9151 ,IAckson 1 8210 Cayle enloys reading cards especially the con- temporary ones at the MT. HEALTHY GIFT SHOP 7620 Hamilton Avenue ,IAclcson 1-6091 X? X Y 1 3 45, il 454-M. 0011 -Alf HERB AND KRAMER'S Mt. Healthy Sharon Rose contemplates the our conclutaoners at Herb and Kramer s Keeping cool Sharon? 131 Compliments Of W. H. PLUMMER AND SON Licensed Master Plumber 7508 Harrison Avenue Mt. Healthy JAckson l-8672 or JAclcson 'l-8023 REBER ELECTRIC SERVICE Estimates Without Obligation 1731 Compton Road jAckson 1 2472 C. G. and E. Co. Financing Compliments of ROBERT MULTNER ,IAckson 1-7018 Groceries Meats egeta es My: V bl n N" im Q iiaaziizii' ll 5 8 . av . IX, HILLTOP GLASS COMPANY Auto Glass Replacement Specialists WEbster 1-3688 Mt. Healthy MT. HEALTHY GARAGE Adolph Bobinger 74-20 H 'lt A M H I h Oh Y IA k 1 8971 15 4, fx. 'Rx vb X HCJCHSCHEID TAILORING COMPANY 7920 H I A f- I is xx if XX P. A. WILLIS INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS B 9' Y A b I 1551 C d A LI 2-2262 1 BAD Compliments MT.H Sponsors of MANOR FRUIT CAKE SALES Every Thanksgiving and Christmas March Spaghetti Supper Hilltop Tests Co-Sponsors of The Boosters Fair Of EALTHY MX. ALI, FOR MT. H.H.S. Be a Band Booster! 134 FI NN EY TOWN HAR DWARE 936 North Bend Road Cincinnati if 'K ' -- N-ix... ff wa.. lIll'I..., ,,,,. M .- , 6601 Hamilton Avenue Sue, Gayle, Marge FRISCH'S BIG BOY ' Q5 fx. l U Q ,Q Tit: ,. ., , s er WEbster 1 4516 and Joyce ore drooling over fheirafter-school snacks! if s b f K 34 . S Y ,V sip ','. ' gy of , 'M ', F is fy x, f . in 'i Lf' - 4 V' 4' . " , I X f' , X - r 5 ,.,.a- M 1 4 40 Q45 si or ix ul: 135 Nancy Seigle and Brenda Stevenson know that Nancy will look especially nice in that skirf cleaned at MALO E DRY LEA ERS 1 Hour Cash and Carry Service Shirts Laundered 'Pick-up and Delivery Service 7624 Hamilton Avenue ,IAckson 1-9275 136 Mr. Distler helps Bev Brouse at DISTLER'S JEWELRY STORE 7507 Hamilton Avenue jAckson 1-6090 When puzzled, Linda Ness receives good advice for Iecfing toys at TRAPP'S TOY CENTER 1 l!"L7u-l-u- Garden of the Sermon on the Mount ARLINGTON MEMORIAL GARDENS ASS'N., INC. 2145 Compton Road Mt. Healthy DOLL HOSPITAL 7512 Hamilton Avenue Second Floor Cincinnati 31, Ohio X XX! X fx ull! 'I' :K"5N- . ,iff I ' . r'r.',xh.- .2-1 ' Q- 2, f 1 ' ' . I V -N1 fn Qin- v tl" fvl . 1 221- . li, Qqf' Sue Korn uses her Credit Card to get o 'IO per cent Planning for a picnic, Billie? discouni at , ENeER's E555 HARDWARE Mr. II 1 h ea t Y DEI. LOHR, OWNRR SICITEITS ROY RU DOLPH MARATHON FLQRIST SERVICE STATION JA k 1 0075 7100 Hamilton Avenue C Son ' L WEbster1-6000 Comer of Hamilton and Adams X . 7. .IIII.lf'yl ' fu.--f -... . Ms, 138 PAUL R. YOUNG FUNERAL HGME ffffffff ffvwfmfzzf ,fwfr KORN HEATTZZHZQMPANY i + D d H K 7410 F A JA I: I 8797 S 5 MT. HEALTHY HARDWARE CO. Gartner Bros., Propriefor Ph JA k 1 9373 0 5if-'s:'-2:-1f:2sE2:'-E221E:15213:52Ig.:-1-.E:5if.?.-Z-55:5:555-55ifqzgg53-:E:5225-Eizf:3E1.1-,:'-,-.--.- ----:-:r-:fa-zr--r-:::.:r:::.-sr-.-.'f.-.-.-.f.::Q-.-.-.11-1-.1'..-.-::,-,-,-.-r.f:1:1- f -' if-1'f:::2'5:2-.'-if-'?::Z'.':1f:Ffh'-Q-.'-1-'if315.'.' iii' ' - - L-u-L ,..,,.. . ... M47 I Compliments of GARDNER'S GROCERY 10296 Burlington Road ,IAckson 1 8937 W. F. WELLAND Contracting Plasterer 74-28 Forest Avenue Mt. Healthy ,IAckson 1 7807 141 H!4I1NuuruuuumwmTTT I liHmilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllluHuunnumnullnm Compliments of Compliments of MT. HEALTHY COAL AND COKE MEL-O-AGE and Hamilton SUPERIOR CONCRETE BLOCK Co. Mt. Healthy Ohio Builders' Supplies DAVE SUNDERHAUS lIllllilIlIIIIIlIllllllllalallllllllllll Mt-Healthy Ohm THOMAS E. WOCD, INC. Twenty-eighth floor Fire Liability Contents GENERAL INSURANCE Cincinnati 2, Ohio DUnbar 1-1500 Mt. Healthy Representative MRS. CLARA M. RUOFF JAckson 1- 9175 Carew Tower Bonds Automobile Life 142 EFFLER'S JEWELRY SHGP l 'Q y -ak.. E, -.K NEIDHARD FUNERAL HOME Invalid Coach Service Jim Sparks knows fhat u good place to buy party supplies is BLlD'S PONY KEG Bud Arkle, Proprietor Party Supplies Ice WE DELIVER 1260 Galbraith Road WEbster 1-1279 14-1- -1:--1.. Doreen Day gets her hair styled at Kirby, Don, and Melvin enioy their lunches of MGDERNE ANGILO'S BEAUTY SALON PIZZA r Q SANKER BOWLING LANES Nlt. Healthy 7511 Hamilton Avenue Wlfbster 1-5333 145 JOHN BITTNER BUILDER MHlh PETERSEN'S PAINT AND DECORATING CENTER ,-,-,, 1594 Kinney . JA li 18657 n SFF' I S FOR P F g d . . 1 ililflilfllid 1 051' 0 " '1.....--- D PAINTS.. HILLTCP SAVINGS AND LOAN TIME TO SAVE Current Dividend 4 '7 7617 H I A y Oh eps!! Pepsi-Cola Bottling Compan of Cincinnati 2121 Sunnyb k D ' Popl 1 5800 lf.-z1m1v'DPt TW iq ll 1 l ' ' 5 , - V """"'1l'f'K'f'1 lL 7 A 2 l f N 'M l S ,I ' lj Ulf: l Q VA J, ,. 2 ' Marilyn Wallace gets quick service on drugs and prescriptions at BERN HARDT'S PHARMACY 7517 Hamilton Avenue 'IACIQSOH 1-3'91 Q--... . nk. x- ' , .w -.1 S 1: Q 8 Ne. JACK" STEINBRECKER GW Wm his mm at will sell vou , ' BARBER SHOP INSVRANCI if vou cull ,IAclcso 1 9800 7415 Hamilton Avenue 148 I " T' "GOOD SCHOOLS-STRONG CHURCHES ACTIVE CITIZENS Comprise the Community of Mt. Healthy." The Officers, Directors, and Staff of First National are proud to be a part of one of the most progressive areas of Hamilton County. 1 M... 8' ,lg .W"' Mt. Healthy Office Dwight E. Corrill, Mgr. 7433 Hamilton Avenue THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CINCINNATI Member of FDIC 81 Federal Reserve System , -, ,.q- s.!, 149 fa, 00" amalafaa-1.1! . 509595 ,d,,,L,,,,,4g:,,,j,,JAZ6,c ea 49'-5411- 17,,,! 6,22 7""bf--4-14-227-f'w,101-..,,a.,.1,z1:.J '5f"ffv dw W4 70-7,1f"Z'20..c am-aw., ana' 0'-Ufwb' , 7255 Ziff, ,Z Z"'Z7,.L". fi' ful E M' HW paa,mM.-a.1z,1.m7z, mpwo. 4fX44074l2?v' MIA?- 4'7'd'?"A"Q'5M1m7M7,mn,ac4QAa47f-f644w20 '74-f"""'-I abfzui Lge :AGJC X44 ifnn.ovfZ4,uw4fv- JOIMRM A 11,4uu-o4C.7.'.7.'Ja4-af ,bfffvt 1 AW, jb, c44,v44!ot,fuwa4uZ3Cu'-'Cpa.lqZ,a-f. ff4.lHa.f 45' kat!! 6Cff42v1-41,1 ,gan-fra! Mun ,Ya-0, Qfpza-f X Compliments Of THOMAS GRAHAM ASSOCIATES Compliments Of WALTER W. KORN MAYOR OF MT. HEALTHY THE MT. HEALTHY SAVING AND LOAN COMPANY ORGANIZICD FIIBRUAIIY 27, 1887 CAPITAI, STOCK 320,000,000 7521 IIAMILTON AVFINUFY OIVFICICIIS AND DIRECTORS V. Ii. Keeling. . . Earl W. 'Vluskopf . Frank W. Stout . . Ilarry II. Ahrens . Robert F. Ahrens ...... C. W. Steinbrecker Charles Brown ...... Stephen A. Barnes James M. IIOnnert President Vice President 2nd Vice President Treasurer Secretary and Attorney Assistant Secretary jr. Ilirector Director Director The Zem Zem appreciates contributions from the following school organizations: Camera Club Latin Club Concert Chorus L. G. D. G. A. A. Science Club Home Economics Club Senior Hi-Y Y Teens Now as we turn the last of the "Keys to Happiness," the Zem Zem Staff hopes that you have enjoyed your look behind the many doors we have opened to you. As editor, l would like to express my thanks for the endless co-operation that the staff has given me. In behalf of the staff and myself I would like to credit a great deal of hard work and time to our adviser, Miss Frost, and without Mr. Bartle, our adviser, and the Camera Club, our book would not have been complete. In concluding, I wish to express my gratitude to our Principal, Mr. M. D. Hartzler, for without his ready assist- ance and patience, we never could have done it. Donna Jo Nolte Editor 152 fill QfD,'fi Mr Wy! ' , QQKMWW wif Wigan WW WwY5f"9'1'f' f giwwfgw W'3fMM+X'Wf3 WMM f IWW- W'fVWMMWN'm MQWWWMW W MWWQQQWJMM f,wQ1"?5?WW W MF M Jjfyvf wwf W WW . ww iffy 6 A M, awww x K M' KWJA js . fb, W Qjfiffify c 33,0090 H I .ff i VNV 'D 5315? Rf Q33 Sggyigfgjjijjy iff? My 'fig Bjyggmkyjiif SQ wig! WAKM 2 57' , 1 ff?-pvgwt 5251 A ifgfwfifief awk ff V hyisci, ai 3 My 1 - . , N A ,,., ,. ., A I. .:'4- ,- . U- .,f'gfix' .j:,- ., A-L-1-5 r .p.'fffF.:f:14w ,ggi ' 35537 3 1- 7 gg? 1"-5 P142 735 1: 1 Ni l ' ff' ? '1 e ' into fzizffffw Wil Milf gffg 4 gjlfw Why Q QQ A gffM y xwgygf f QJW S w Q , Nix W w w? fr i-W mw i i l i 5 ' ' . " ' - "QW, . 1 . fy a ,I - n. , w vi 'i '-ff ' -. 'H - ' .1 , E lf' . Wm-' 'tri .if , W1-,?5r1'-hxdff Lawn RSV... "r ,ha D"

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Mount Healthy High School - Zem Zem Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Healthy High School - Zem Zem Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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