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r .II P I I I PUBLISHED I vt' 4 WWII miigii IVIT. HEALTHY HIGH SCHOOL IVIT. HEALTHY, OHIO VOLUME XXIX TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration . . and Faculty Underclassmen . . Organizations. . . Athletics . . Seniors . . Advertisements . . . ff, ki K2 if-5315 ' 1 tm: i. , ,J 4 "qv, ,, 'Me :V fb +,: 5 .y- : S J jf Y 4 .7 '51 T Rah. . f, K,-. A J ,-df, 1' U ' Vx . ,A ' sq 4 'Ky 6: . .rd 'X 3 u 'f ve--J . wgggfsvff- ,Q v , ' MLK wx 'ff ' X 'ff f . Q H NJ My ,Q in-Nr - kyxfv 3' , .. X, V Ytmix ly..-hi. X I x 4 .ix if K- "x Q --swf H: H X Q a- H A . 0 KA 58 ' Xi MT. HEALTHY HIGH SCHOOL Q lx - l u P n ll' ini' vu "T'M"'f THE STEPS TO SUCCESS Many people have made their way up the front steps of Mt. Healthy High School since the class of 1930 began its senior year in a brand-new building. Up these steps others after them have walked, leaving a clearer path for us. For the past few years, we members of the Zem Zem Staff of 1959 have used these steps in our own pathway to success. We have tried to keep in mind the achievement of the past as a pattern for our success of the present, both in work and in play, and our hopefulness for the future, no matter what our life's endeavor. So from the realization of the traditional part these few steps play in any class's career, we shall use them in the theme of this book, "Steps to Success." 4- EA if? X 'N dw? blig, '57 lX"f . AQ '-'- F, 1 i '3 ' p A 45421 ADIVI I N ISTRATICDN AND FACULTY Our "Steps To Success" could not possibly be climbed without the aid of the faculty at Mt. Healthy High. Sometimes it may seem that the teacher is too strict or that there is too much home- work. But remember that joke, smile, or extra minute after class to explain something you did not understand? 6 F N 5' 5' SQ AAHE- my ,, . A. v 5 T, M- X-, - X: Q. lg, ,Mm . :Q . ELA , ya Q Q. RA k TSS -SP -nf" V 5 Tx, F' 5 ,V egg W5 .QS - ' B. f - , Wm, M, . l fm bi .V 5 .. X fs i i SEATED: Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Bernhardt, Mr. Morris. STANDING: Mr. Hartung, Mr. Hochscheid, Mr. Byars Mr. Ralph. BOARD OF EDUCATION IVIT. HEALTHY PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUPERINTENDENT - REX RALPH President- -Chester Bernhardt Vice President--Vaughn Butterfield Clerk-Treasurer--Walter Hartung Members--Paul Byars, Howard Hoshscheid, Wm. Morris 8 Rex Ralph was just coming in the door when we took this picture. Mr. Ralph, Superintendent of Schools, is well liked by all the students. 9 Mr. Ralph- -Superintendent Mr. Hartzler- -Principal M.D. Hartzler, Principal of Mt. Healthy, looks amused as he reads the morni ng annoimcements. This usually starts off his busy day. Many students go to Ruby Roach for counsel or information. Mrs. Roach, Mt. I-Iea1thy's counselor, is a busy person, but she always finds time to give her full attention to a student's problem or question. She also advises Student Council and Y-Teens. 10 ,I 40' 'ax , s' x.' .. Sf !,1:hfga Mrs. Roach--Dean of Women 1 si A M .ffi Looks as if John Dunette really wants to put that ball in the bas- ket. Mr. Dunette teaches Physical Educ ation and keeps study hall on alternating days. He coaches Reserve Basketball and Varsity Baseball. Although Ruth Fredricks detests a blackboard compass, she used one for this picture. Algebra Il, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry are all taught by good-natured Miss Fredricks. Ethel Frost has a big job as adviser to the Zem Zem Staff and Latin Club. Putting out a yearbook is plenty of hard work. Miss Frost teaches Latin I, II, and III and English III. Wm. S. Henry calls for a little more from the woodwinds during a Senior band rehearsal. Mr. Henry directs Senior band, grade school band, and gives many lessons throughout the day. Norma Grossoehme is deciding whether this art work deserves an A or B. Mrs. Grossoehme teaches Art I and II. Looking up from his drawing board Biff Hoffman explains what he is doing. Mr. Hoffman teaches Me- chanical Drawing I and II and Industrial Arts I. Ralph Jarvis feels right at home amid tools and machines in the Industrial Arts Lab. Mr. Jarvis teaches Manual Skills to the 7th and 8th grades and the boys in Industrial Arts I and Il. 12 ' 'VI .HT ' ,,. Patricia Kennedy's Physical Edu- cation classes enjoy doing exer- cises to music. Miss Kennedy, who teaches Phys. Ed. and Girls' Health is adviser to G.A.A. and PepSquad. Don Kuhlmann, who teaches Eco- nomics, Sociology, American History, and Physical Education, is pictured here with the barbells. He uses them in teaching Phys. Ed. Diane Mackey is amused by some- thing one of her students has said. Mrs. Mackey, who teaches English I, came to Mt. Healthy just this year. John McNabb is making all these little circles and arrows for our basketball team. He hopes these plays will carry the team to vic- tory. Mr. McNabb is Varsity Bas- ketball coach and teaches America History. Pictures of the bullfights in Mexico and Spain decorate the walls in Berta Mae Miller's room. Miss Mil- ler teaches Spanish I and II, Eng- lish II, and advises Spanish Club and Hoot'n Holler. Harriet Nevin consults the diction- ary when teaching her English lll classes. Then she is never in doubt. Mrs. Nevin is adviser to the Junior Class. This keeps her very busy. Robert Rarnmes seems to be hav- ing a good time playing the organ. Mr. Rammes teaches vocal music and directs Concert Chorus. I1 Don Ray's students are sure to know the lesson when he gets finished. Business Arithmetic, Practical Math, Bookkeeping I, and Law Sales are all taught by Mr. Ray. In addition, he is adviser to Sophomore I-Ii-Y. Paul Schlosser doesn't look too nervous as he gets into the Driver's Training car. Mr. Schlosser is the Driver's Education instructor along with teaching boys' health and co aching Varsity Football. World History might seem dull to some, but not to Chris Stefan's classes. Mr. Stefan is Mt. Healthy's athletic director and one of the World History teachers. Mary Ruth Trippel must be typing something very interesting. Mrs. Trippel, who is an expert herself, turns out many expert students from her typing I and II, and Office Practice students. We caught Mary Tyree just as she was taking some scrumptious baked goods out of the oven. Mrs. Tyree teaches Home Economics and ad- vises Home Ec. Club. Jane Van Deventer knows how to whip up becoming clothes in a jiffy as do her students in Home Economics I, Il and III. The speech I and II students really learn how to improve their speech and pantomine in Barbara Young's classes. Mrs. Young teaches speech and World History and advises Spot- light Club. 3. N9 -J x If Barbara Shultz, the school nurse, is Helen White surely keeps busy Mt. Healthy is proud of its efficient supplying all the students with secretary, Vera Ernst. Mrs. Emst always on hand to care for a sick reference material for their many does a wonderful job with all the or injured student. Mrs. Shultz, who classes. Mrs. White is full time secretarial work for the school. is a Mt. Healthy High School gradu librarian and adviser to L.G.D. ate, is the nurse for all the Mt. Healthy Public Schools. The faculty members enjoy the punch and Looks as if everyone wants to get to his mailbox at once. L This just goes to show that even teachers are a bit rowdy at times. 'Q cookies served to them by Home Ec. III students at the annual tea. f y. 'Er Ja iii ,nw . s 15 fs Ci YN fvwffj, UNDERCLASSIVIEN Among the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen pictured in the new few pages are many students who excel both scholastically and athletically. It is apparent that our underclassmen see clearly their "Steps To Success." YQ, 'Mx MY wa' wv""""mw Q Y. w U ,Mk ,,,,,,f'i' FRESHIVIAN CLASS The Freshman class officers Joyce Westendorf, Treasurerg Barbara Bender, Secretaryg Mary Jane Berner, Vice Presidentg and Bob Seigle, President are trying to plan a Freshman activity for the Spring. The Freshman Student Council Representatives are Ed Aufdenberg, Mary Jane Berner, Bob Seigle, and Susan Klenk 18 The Freshman General Science students are learning about electricity in one of their experiments. Q. s Abercrombie, Beisner, S. Black, J. Bushman, P. Cornelius, C. Denby, H. 1 5 .- Q ,,f""!ri L- ' YS AT i w 2'-. :gag ' si . -- '4 'E E . mx eg N .-1. . Ai J 'I .M Adams, C. Anspach, E. Aufdenberg, E. Bender, B. Berglund, E. Berglund, H. Boggs, D. Bowman, M. Braunwart, G. Butler, R. Cagle, W. Cann, S. B. Davies, D. Davis, D. Curwin, Deye, D. Dohl-mann F, Drisco11,E. as rf, 7 i 1 A f' I Y K aj, 1 5, 7 ., , B g,.. 3. ... .... g . .ki-nt, xi iii. ,ff 2 ,. nf ','- , 'Xa-N-f .uw - ' , ... A -1 ...s " - 3' , f ' 4, V, :,,,:5: ,. .,, ,..: is ...Wi wif is . uw- X W' 'FTSY is ,JN- vu UNF' Q r . . X .wig Bailey, W. Berner, B. Broughton, Centrulla, Day, D, Droste, J. 3 Becker, S. J. Berner,M C. Bryant, M J. chuders, 114. Day, B. Du Four, N. Bedson, P. Bitter, J. Busby, J. Cismati, D. Deckelme ier, Duncan, B. rirr . fe K 5 , I ...E .N .. . 1 X , iw . -, 3 ' " ef Ie' cl-. .1 4 A -1? r - e'.. J f 5 J A J 1 A 4 5 ":" 2 ., X .... 1 X 2 , it A, f ,,,, K, B, gky, it, t g i,'- . A .6 .h y l bkq ' - . . ' . .. - ZZ" , ' V N .sf , J s ,:. Wm, 'N " ' .J i ..,. 1 3411- I Q i , ..., . V .,.. X Y - ,, .3 S S 19 . 3 fr . . 55. Y ' 5 k K 1 f. w ig..-R1 we ,vs f .1 'fig N W ,Q .. K hf-65 2 wk 1. , ff 3 as 1 me .. W QQ if iaw xi .. In , Q". S. 1 Q ' , Q . ,Q View I J Z 32 ,, af.. 1 ff' Y 'ff -22 . '55 Q mei 5 2 S, , xv. K 4 vs L A I N 4? ' EW xxx J ae- wg -. . , L J. A9 J . ., if Dunn, J. Faris, J. Hartmann, F. Howes, K. Kennedy, R. Lang, D. , 5 or 2 if S W Q.. I iv. V s ..,, L W ' X. gh Sx 1 RF z ... 1 S 4' ., A W. , ,f Dunn, M. Fielder, Helmes, Huser, A. Klein, J. Lech, R. ..,...,. .-.g g-- f U- , . . ,,, , ...K 5. 4 .3 ,.. .gi . in x. 3 A qi. W. ., . 1 2, . W QF., .5 M. J a . .sw Ebersole, S. Elsen, J. M. Frazier, B. Galardo, T. L. Hensley, C. Hering, D. Huser, J. Jacobs, J. Klems, D. Klenk, S. Lienhart, S. Leuchauer, J. 20 6 ax if H., . 5- N' 4- Mfg K .. 'd ,, . . vs w if . .. ' ."'g'1 xi " A ms E5-1 2 vii I iw? ' 3 J .,, ,, . Q B, - -x . '15, .J N. '.:.- M -vs If Enderle, J. Gentil, D. Hill, P. Jaeger, P. Knight, R. Lisle, M. m Q! X Qi w -.1 -2' u 9 A fm 4 . 3 r f K . x Q Q al. . Q -Q 'Q i Y. . f '.A-. A X I x E ., .. ff ., . , an . .sf f .H I 7, :.: Q - - J Enderle, R. Faig, J. George, S. Gilb, C. Holst, C, Holtegel, J. Joesting, J. Jones, U. M Kam, C, Kramer, E. Listermann, D, Lloyd, E. Y Y .N f v X Rm!! . . E img 2 Sz ili ueiie 'B :ok rx :. .- E . .. Maw .Nm . . ...- : - c i-Q. X ii N u f., is . 2. J' it T i e ,. . H 1 L it ' "" ""' :DQ ' W Q if 1.7 gh l Q :.' .. . - - 'TEES .1 uf. Aefffixsviqi gm .,,-.4 --.1 .5 :IQ . -if ,, : "'- -' z " .. ,.:, - A ff' " iv A "' -E , '23, Ni "-: ' i l t X 'win is J ' P J S ' es. . Q S 5 1 n e .e is ' ' :-,,, 5 U, f 1' ..... , 'V se . . ,..... 1 M - K . , is , .15 - ,' .E iq 5 .. Q m' "" F WQA Logan, T. Long, M. Mayo, J. McConn, J. McCa.rtin, R. McKee, H. Metz, J. Minnich, J. Minton, P. Mortimer, E. Muskopf, D. Nagel, G Ness, J. Nolte, D. Ossage, M. Owens, P. Pennington W. P tt' . G. o inger Purgell, V, Quattlander, D Ramsey, D. Reichert, D. Renner, M., Rentrop Ji Rhein, G, Rice, M. Richardson, D. Ricketts, B Roberts E Rogber , G: Schaeffer, D Schaefer, D. Schiering, M. Sclunidt, R.. Schneider, C. Schroei, P, 21 xi' S . W Ss Methot, C. Nease, C. Power, C. Rentschler, T. Sargent, M. Schroer, S. -lf' Q 75 521 gp fi ,. y r 2, MM if lf if-, .4 E:'1"i.1 U, Q, ,,,.i . K 2' L-', ...fry 1 ' Q A.-f ' - ..A.. 2' K A 'fi . - -- , eu... will :,f.. 5 , li ,N . . , , 'I 1 L. .. 5 3 . .IF " Q..g -', . 4 V 'wr , ' V, 'f. fr- 5 55: 9--1 5 -SY! S E59 " A . M 1 -3 .- 5- - --V 1 . ., greg m ,f . - f jr N , grew- I r l J - X 'L ' Q. fi I, 35 . ,gl--.,,i - ,Q 15111. S' - 2. , f 5 - . 6 5 9 . , 'J' 1. . ,myk J' 1 - A xxx Q M, ,sg . . . ...if E ,. ri ,. Six ,. V K . ,.., --.Q f K lag? 1 -- . r if ., .. - . .. 5515? 7' J ., ..,, X f . .rv fr ai , Q., Schwab, D E . Schwab, . Sipple, J. Steiner, M. Stephenson, S. Sutton, T. Tyler, R. Williams, H. Wilson, J. Schwaeble , R. Sierra, D. Smith, S. Van Pelt, H. Wallbrech Yovmg, T. wr K r ab., ta V? 5, . A We , . E gfgmwi , : , , f: eil' ABSENT: Bunner, M , Crlbbet L , Hasse, J., Lalb, M , Paseley, D Ritterholz, E , Schwab F , Weber Scott, S. Seigle, B. Sheppard, D Shirkey Smyth, S. Souder, R. Staub, M Stegmuller B Swallow, S. Taphorn, B. Taylor, G Telger, J Weber, E. Wemz, R. Westendorf, J Wilkerson, P Zimmerer, N. Tom Bowersox and Bob Newman give George Nagel, Jonathan Droste, and Paul Jaeger the honor of carrying their books during Freshman Initiation. SOPHCDIVIORE CLASS Terry Brooks, Treasurerg Judy Quattlander, Presidentg Dan Sutter, Vice Presidentg and Karen Kincaid, Secretary have been chosen as the Sophomore Class Officers of 1959. The Sophomore Student Council Representatives Billie Chain, Kathy Kellett, Charles Richter, Terry Brooks, Wally Etzel, Pete Vinson, look on while Karen Kincaid and Nancy Miller show a poster advertising their current project. 05 ' Pete Kincaid and Larry Moore examine some specimens in Biology class. 23 -P as . . G A 'J , , -f" esse ns a a fs ean L .- B f -J ' - f , r Lm-L or ' 'Z ' ' . ff' . Y L Lr- , wifes 2 - - P sf . 1 . -.-- ' ": P ' V . , .... V . L .. ,g -,L A , , B ..:. '--' , .. . 1 . Q LLL' - , J ' I fi?ffF?iXl ,ag , K Q kv uk ...w g ' 1 M J :" ' 5 - mr-- vfl .. 5: 2, Hilfil- .. i f 5 ' .... . "' 2 .4, ag " A, ., gy: I .. 1 Z Qh n r 5 . f. A ., 1' ,. 1 .hhi . ' . 2- 'VV . H 1 . g I .- ,gf N' Ackerman, T. Adams, C. Anderson, H. B k ' ' ec enhaupt, K. B1tter, E. Bowersox, T. Brakmanis, J. Brouse, R. Bujdoso, R. Clyde, S. Cohen, R. Davis, D. Dick J. Bhss, C. Bray, B. Burwinkel D . couins, Ef Dickman, M. Anderson, J . Boeh, S. Brite , C. Butts, B. Commins B. 3 Bany, D. Bo ehml er , R . Bronstrup, D . Case, B. Cook, J. Barnes, L. Bohn, R. Brooks, N. Chain, B. Dannels, D. Beacock, L. Bowen, K. Brooks, T. Christensen, C. Davis, B. , Dillenburger, V. Douglass, B. Drake, J. Du Four, B. Eastlack, J. Eckel, L. Endres, R, Euel, W. Ewald, C. Fein, J. Fick, S. ' :" , 47 5? Q , .. - -. 1 il ! ' '--' f LT . . .... , V ..-. B W R . 3 ,. 5 . fha, 9 ,:,.- ,V ,Sf , .. , Q, " '-'--'- ' :gi E I VV:V K ii. I E , ,... . K . , . . ' ., 1 2 , r B . 'J ..JJ J N if - ,sar L , -, h A V V if 1 e 1g.fil ?? + e 1 .. 4 N., h I ,,,, , . zgz , "" .E Q - ' .A . L L U :L-Q ",:: K .'r: W ' 5 --'. ..- L .' -: f s a . 4 :f, J , . QL, 5 z .QA . i f - 'f-- H '." A ..,. L . 'gi' J ' ' VJ"" : . 24 Q wr' i H ...Sf . Mfrs! JY i ' - sh N .en ' .- J ., Q N . ., X . W: rr W i f .. ,. -. .. 2 A Q 12' gr ,,-,f '1 " '.f ,,. N A - , Q A , X . 4 + qv Y :HS ,Q . -. :2i:I!3': , ., .. H me S R Yi F I L f -..:..':.":' .3 . , A ,LZL . . ., J, . 5 . ze .. 1 1.3: . ..Q . 5:1 K , we -. ,mf ,L -. - ' i x. P, ev -. 2. .1-5 :,E,i. .,., wr "?:-1: - A E . Figg, G. Flaig, R. Flaig, T. Frederick, D. Frost, A. Gehrich, R. Gilhart, R. Ginn, M. Goldston, J. Griffith, N. Hambrick, S. Harvey, S. Hauer, M. Hinson, M. Huber, M. Hutson, D. Imhulse, J. Jackson, C. Jaeger, E. James, R. Kellett, K. Kemper, D. Kincaid, K. Kincaid, Ke. Knox, L. Koehler, P. Krieger, R. Kuhlman, L. Lachrnann, J. Langenbahn, Leibrook, J. Logan, V. Lohr, J. Lutterbie, B. Manning, P. Mayo, S. A K E f Xi. .K , .i. 4 :Q- Q if Klein, J. Klein, R. QQ.: K, x ., . .. . , ., if 'MQ W 'X r 9, 1 . m ks ok 1. ., K 4. . . J, -- . .5 ..,, . . ,, Q ,Q J n x . - ,. , i. .N at - t .Q ,X xx 0 xi r. r. G. ,,-1 r 3 if R 5 , 1 Q R ee or 4. .. .,. A . 'Qs . Y ii X w. N R ii an A X X X X 5x Grodsky, M. Guinn, M. J Hochscheid, G. Hogeback, L. B. 1 ..., 1-fr -:es 1 .N we . ai- f . 'DSX 1 .-,, '.,- . ' ' rg' f "' X QS S if N Q H , Q ,,:, ,G in 34 'M 'lr ,S 3' .- ...W-.. 25 I George, R. Hafer, G. Holder, H. Jones, G. Kline , G. Lech, B. McCoo1, D. S 1-K S we in 'Y' . Q3 ffm N, J iii Tis ' ZX' LS I .1-. A K S Q.. . .. ..,, i1,,t1l"',, V KKK- . . ' VLLL' , - . sf? . sift ,L .gi S 5,51 , sfiiff ' K ' 55' J Y .. . :I K VK? A I ,S . '. , w g m.h , f - 1' 1 " 'L.. 5 .-. 'E ,.. xl, , ix ,l l g gi? .- - . : ,.. -J : I . i . 4- A zz, McCurk M. . McLendon . , P , K Minnick, S. Moeller, J. Naderman, B, Oetzel, D. Peters J Pfeiffer R , Q , . Praechter, D. Presser ,K. Regensburger, C. Rehkamp, G. Richter, K. Roberts T. Y ff' 5 f vi f A 'sfsgg ii ' F wk x Mb' R 1 W, s .ff H f ' QQ at af pf N.. ell' Q Z 'Q V.. if' N e 3 . .53 was P . J. , -, .. : 35- .. ix . ,gg . i we MT' .. 1.. . - sim J x Q 1' -.- .. fs- 5,555 Rilfigiiiv r Y .1 w , 3 K S, if . . K X A 4. :fx fy' , . ALLVW Rf-f - , we '56 fiqgw.-2 P. 'N-N ,VE ,cf r X K 1 -i r N . rrr Y ge 'X B .qi . ,A me 2 . W Q, ks . 'C' ,H . y N 5 ,gm A ff 5 R 95gg,Kl.5. 'Q-X.. ' . s saw . ,,.,, f., K R 3 K, W.. . , . . T Q maps My N N s N 41' . 4 F .if . . 5 .93 . .--: EV iii 5 L , f .M . : 3 , P 2 P1 A 3 YW ggfm., .I :': .- I fy. Yi- K .f K' 7 - L' .L f " s W w1efi..uw J - ff? 57 W b'l .svK I T534 sg. .Q . -- if ifiwl . ' " . -- 6 .L 1 R "'i' 'lf - 2.55: ,.,. -A fy. V J ,V N A . - . 1 . 4 ps Y K ' r ig 'W' . .Y He, " g " . ' L. AS: H, . , Ns 2? . -Liz' 1 s 1 fr ii.. K if 32:15 ' as J ' miq 'FSI M . . fx- f , ' 2 , 'Wi ' .rf AH A f .. iv ye- :.5 . r' ' 1 is.-gf 4 S -is 4 25 M.. F , . Q" ".: ..., if ' ,Q tim' we if 9 lr assi? swim 'I 1' fe.. . X N S .. S r'r'tr J C .FMF .f N 2 7- Itqz , ,.., . .Q E+ R' ' sm . , -Q. . ' 1 kk'kh - McQueary, M. Mercer, J. Michel, P. Miller, N. Moore, L. Morris, S. Morris, T. Mortimer Oliver, C. Ormston, L. Owens, D. Owens, M. Pfeiffer, V. Pickering, D. Ploeger, J. Pomfrey, Ma. Quattlander, J. Ralphy, D. Rambo, W. Ramsey, B, Rettinger, H. Reuter, L. Richards, B. Richley, R. Rose, S. Ross, B. Russo, S. Sabato, M. 26 ,K. Minnich, G. Mullinix, A. Perkins, S. Pomfrey, Me. Rees, N. Richter, C. Saberton, G. Nw r is N kv X . l M l , it 3" , . QEI. lf . . .S . X. ' ix . , . L 3.31. wr... WY- Sw-.,x , in 3 3 t eei i 2 lii. 1 -f-. 'lv 'Ig , . m fr-egg Q52 . . ,, x .. f -in ,. ix i l Q K E ... . V . J m . I S reil . ri ii: Q I in-'af' 5 W. r' 'Q 4 E Nl' ' ,,.. , .. ' - B ., . X. f .. . is f A QE. :Fa Qu Y r 'I -7 'Q " i ,sf . or . . 1 5 ' :'. .L iff . K -.. 8. if Q f V , ,y ' " - N ' I .Q J 1 it r iiiti or ' 11 ..e K L' 5 .QII f' ft, 2:3 :IV 4. ' l , L v'1" . si Absent: Alexander, K. Scherrer, W. Jungkunz, L. Smith, J. Messer, L. Schmidt, R. Schrage, G. Schwartz, J.A. Shelnutt, L. Smith, K. Squibb, P. Stang, P. Steiner, C. Stormer, G. Stout, P. Sutter, D. Suttman, J. Thompson, F. Tiemeyer, W. Tobergta, E. Trapp, T. Vinson, P. Waidner, C. Waskom, J. Weber, J. Wentzel, D. White, B. Williams, M. Willis, S. Loesche, J. 27 me ,, 2 yi ix X 3 Q t .E D t J S 1: . , ...... Q ,Qt 1 . a. 11 3 - A rfif , . . .-., Sie S ,,,,,,,,. '.,' ii.- M . f .se .,.: 5-2 1 ... 1 . 1 A Shipler, P. Stewart, B. Swegman, H. Valentino , V. Weber, P. Wood, P. Skinner, G Stocker, J. Switzer, G. Vaughn, B. Weisner, B. Wurster, K Smalley, L. Stoner, J. Taylor, L. Vedder, D. Welling, T. Zimmerman, D JUNIOR CLASS 515565 The Junior Class Officers Sue Kummler, President, Sue Korn, Sec- retary, Ed Burns, Vice President, and Phyllis McLaren, Treasurer are discussing possible money making projects to finance the Junior Senior Prom. Mike I-logue, Tom Harry and Sue Kummler work intently on a chemistry experiment. Vue 1 4 ,4 i Linda Ness, Bob Ware, Linda Stevenson, Bob Silber, Catherine Reif, Sue Kummler, and Dan Smith, the Junior class Student Council Represen- tatives, pause on the steps on their way to a meeting. 28 Q . . -I.. X , If ' . I i s J ' P . . 1 , -X' , N 3 Adams, J. Alering, R. Bahr, J. Becker, J. Branme, J. Brenner, J. Butler, T. Butterfield, B. Cole, R. Cramer, C. Doughman, J. Douglas, R. . . A X J' Q' ln ' 1 e:" ..JA1R I . .,- ,.... q kk ' :-f . -- .. M e , Arkle, J. Arnold, L. Atkinson, C. Auburn, A. Backus, J. Becker, S. Bedacht, D. Bessenbacher, C. Bockelman, L. Bradford, V. Bromer, F. Brouse, B. Brown, R. Bryant, K. Burns, E. Carter, E. Chadwick, C. Christensen, N. Christman, J. Clark, M. J. Curley, R. Cuzzort, B. Damico, G. Davis, J. Denny, C. Duncan, G. Egan, I. Eckerlin, D. Egbert, J. Ehrhardt, C. Q Q- 1' 'X 5 T15 if 2 .V .rs .C C 1 - 29, 'i 4 sv 4' as , ' 4 . E, 'Wie . . . QE 1, , 4 W . 1 4 s Y ML 4 1 X Q K ,Y Wifi fri ..-2- Y if J J E K 933-4 4 144, . , , . 0, . . . -.D if PJ il , E S x 'E , .qeisf Eg.. 2 35 f' -4 J, EM. - ,- :' izw .. '1f2Mw3fL K .L fig-gf . 5. av?m-' M'.!a 'i:f , Ehrhardt, E. Flannery, T. Haefele, J. Henn, H. Hogue, M. Jungkunz, V. - ff sz S KB 3 9 rw 4 Q . N Wife xi , l . . , . K5 1 W xx X in . ,. 9 , . , .. , . W I' 4 5, We . E '- H 5 ,. "nil: T , 1 C, '5 x SM Xl-L ' U' 4, 4 4' , ...afIb..g,, ,,:,. , J .. 6 ,, .X s E 4 1 4 1. .- . 4 w, if , Emmons, T . Frye , P. Hagedorn, M. Hensey, M. Hogue, S. Jurgens, R, Q Q 1 if .L f 4 , , r r , Mg -. 34 ax, gr 3 - 5 ix I f ii Q x. N is .f ' 4 4. 5.4 S 1 . I- Z41 iii.. . .. gi' . vi . If .. L r 4 8 w, X M f ' 4 .. ,Sf ,W-5. , m y . . . 4 ,. JF, 44, Q 4. Di , W , . 4 'i . A 54 355' , 4' Q . . X1 , I wr. K 5. . Q3 in 4 . , ?,.m Q mg ,. s r Enders, F. Gau, B. Hall, L. Herndon, S . Holford, R. Kaiser, T. 1. ' , 3-iz , " Lk, '- 1.H he7 .Ji 55.21 - 5ifw5f5?gk, .liffglwm ' ii Sf "" 2 . ffi: I.. . S li" A I ..... A -, ??iQE5F1iE , -wfihlf we . 254. K 'VX 5, We 1 . , , - 1xAa.e.4 T .W . 3 44 . ,X .S 5 i , M 5 Q4 N R . X T S fm N -1L3Z!4i?f V . f1f',?' . Estes, G. Gayer, M. Hamburger, A. Hicks, K. Huber, J. Katenbrink, R. 30 ,4 x ww 6 P' P 46? . . ,,. ,Afw WHT si if ,,e A S 314' 4 as 2 Q4 TS .5 ,Q E35 x . Y44- 5 5. U 4 -ga L, , 4 f 1 .. - , . 45,2 , .J L fs , vwffgf 1, nn' if 4 isllllis I 4 bMeem.sf5 fs! 'fi' " 4 T. ' i ez ., i 4.-3,5 qgasli :iii 4, ., 2' ag. ,ag .gf if fi Q S , 4 i ' , 4 X . ..., -iw wx use . 4 . , STS I. , If P, I N355 S, 1- 'Q g . F' we 4 . . 1 4 we i aiiwQ.gg5g eM.ff egg V, r ,. J a k Aj? pl ff, . . 4 M EQA IIEIT . V , i l l J 4, is SEQ N ,, , ,., fx ., Evil ai . fH5?f,gQ?, Nw V TT W E -.': . ew. , W4 . . 4 . in S- . Y 1 2 fi - . gswwffw Ferdon, D. Field, J. Fischer, G. Gillispie, W. Goldsmith, J. Guenther, M Harry, T. Haskins, C. Hauer, A. Hissett, B. Hobbs, D. Hoffman, D, Hull, T. Jacobs, A. Jasper, W. Knight, J. Koch, W. Korn, S. , is ,. Q is ,Q Elm' 4 . JS . S+. , xx ' , mr 4 . fr , X . , 54 M 4 Q, 4 4 ' . -Q - asv H Nw'gm 5 l ,X .l 'ri E Y 3 .K S S5 - Kummler, S. McKendree, J. Moak, D. Nolte, D. J. Ramp, B. Ries, J. ..,,.. " ' ' , 1' rf: ' 1 --. 1 f -ff. 1 M. - N- f A. JJ " . C f '1" R ei'-1. i " , f Q . X ' x ' - A I N -2 .- .K N . ki Q 5 ,Q xwnl J X is , Lf Ei ...,, 3 i H sag 7 9 . E: ff.. ,xgilzf .4 , , , ,ge ' A W kk 2' 5: ,.' 02. " N mix' JIJ- 2' J N- . 'J ,. J. P. ' .. - 49 . ...: ...Q , gr gy . . gs Landwehr, P. McLaren, P. Moeller, J. Oberkorn, R. Reidel, R. Ritchie, L. "..f 4 ,, .....,, -fm i R K L - ,. , - Q X A ,S X , Lindsay, G. McSwain, R. Motz, E. Osborne, J. Reif, C. Ritz, D. Lindsey , A. Lou, D. Lutterbie, B. McKee, R. Mercer, B. Merwin, M. Meyer, W. Middleton, M. Nagel, E. Peters, D. Nelson, G. Ness, L. Newman, B. Pfeiffer, V. Pugh, C. Racer, C. Rieman, S. Reinhart, D. Rice, J. Rickett, D. Roberts, J. Roberts, S. Rooks, R. Ruff, N. 31 Runck, M. Russell, S, Scheidt, P. Silber, R. Sipple, A. Smith, D. Stephenson, M. Stevenson, L, Stirnkorb, H. Taylor, C. Tenhundfeld, J. Thielmeyer, B. Van Valey, T. Van Vliet, M. Waidner, Watters, R. Weirich, T. Weltzien, G. Wilson, V. York, S. Zimmerer, J. B. U , xl "'-f - .. - . ,.,. , , , -Q. .,-- rvk, , -N ' .... 1 f - 'QHZETQNT' 3 .1 X. V. mv .U 5 me f T " S. 551 , ,L , .ff 5' . ag, 1. t :.- ..-- i , Er . , r . 5 ,,,:, E Q . 4? gi - me . E . , .H ,ge H' as -. -- ...f 1. nf I .. . .....-N-... 5. L n X' ,s 'M '42 r '12, , T o ' '1,-- . ...M-'f. i.er5?f I 4. - .. S SQEQ? 14!E5gg?!!iIk .ER Ex J K fQ.'9 ga X ABSENT: Schwab, M. Shaw, H. Shockley, W. Smyth, D. Sparks, J. Springer, T. Stoelting, G. Stoffregen, L. Sunderhaus, D. Timm, E. Topits, D. Tyler, C. Wainscott, P. Wakeman, S. Wallace, M. Wiegand, V. Wieland, K. Wiest, B. Sibert, L. Stehlin, J. A. Taphorn, E. Unks, T. Ware, B. Wilson, C. ., --... ...,. . ...,. V , V . - - . , M , . .. . , 'N 7 z J as w if ' KXZW Q 4 , if - .. r f' X .. af - fs . ,1 f"5 A i w- i g., ei rt, +a, if H ,.ws e::f N1 .5 Q . 4 K if 3, ag, 11 S y aa J T T ., ! " Lv ...,.. 1 S hh B 1 ' B Q ' 3 'L i g.kL --": 3. ik -1r. : .::" 15 4 5 S , ,I B. 2 ,.,..,,,...E 1 i f ft ,, rf W T ' Q .. ..., .. y Kass? Artman, D. Mechler, R. Brown, R. Richmond, G. Gray, J. Smith, D. 32 wx rr R ' ,ang en a X Q , . 5-A ,V .. . iw Q Q HQ' Ja r y ,efmQ,, sarah... JUNICDR WASHINGTON TRIP - APRIL 8-12 Holding up that statue, Carol? That's a pretty good sized These gals take a "breather" pill ar! QGuess which one's after many miles of walking. the pillar., sei - -,i i "2 ' --" II,I I .-inf Jefferson Memorial as viewed from across The Capitol dome surely looks beautiful at the lake. night. Hope nobody's nose bleeds at high altitudes. Lincoln Memorial 5SZiSs31357:53'..','z--L- .si - .,--TL?If:-f-fii::iLi?ili?iibi5'ikIl'9SiSE',iEfitsuiesili595355E':i2i'.3QQLh?E5EQiY22Ek 1-wi J -. 2? ' X io' X 135 If ORGANIZATICJNS Among the important phases of school life are the extra-curricular activities in which the students participate. Here at Mt. Healthy High we have a variety of organizations--seventeen in all. These activities form a part of the many "Steps to Success." 34 X3 ig X v Lqw 4aQ""" 35 :NA IVIARCHING AND ROW ONE: J. Cook, M. Wallace, C. Atkinson, D. Sheppard, J. McKendree, S. George, B. McKendree ROW TWO R. Richley, E. Jaeger, L. Moore, G. Nagel, P. Stout, M. Ginn, G. Jones, M. Merrett, C. Adams, E Shale J Fern, B. Bray. ROW THREE: D. Zimmerman, P. Wood, J. Mueller, R. Klenk, S. Leinhart, H. McKee, R Ramsey G Pottinger, H. Williams, P. Jaeger, S. Willis, H. Shaw. ROW FOUR: J. Klotz, W. Rambo, M. Huber D Bedacht B Aubum, G. Hammond, Mr. Henry. OFFICERS President ....... John Klotz Vice President . . . Janet Cook Secretary ...... Jane Mueller Treasurer . . . . Terry Shorwell Mr. Henry directs the band with decisive movements of his arms. CONCERT BAND ROW ONE: S. Russell, S. Peck, V. Stauffer, D. Ferdon, R. Wernz, B. Case, J. Cook, P. Vinson. ROW TWO: D. Wentzel, B. Brouse, P. Wainscott. ROW THREE: D. Muskopf, R. Kennedy, D. Campbell, J. Mueller, M. Steiner, L. Alexander, M. Bellanca, S. Klenk, C. Regensburger, K. Case. ROW FOUR: B. Kramer, J. Leibrook. ROW FIVE: J. Brakmanis, T. Young, M. Ossage, M. Sargent, K. Howes, J. Suttman, S. Scott, A. Stamer. ROW SIX: T Emmons, J. Holtegel, D. Ramsey, S. Smith, S. Deckelmeier, B. Stevenson, M. Cook. STANDING: J. Adams, C. Waidner, G. Stoelting, J. Droste, T. Shotwell, J. Peters, J. Lachman, J. Kennedy. 37 X5 ROW ONE: C. Ehrhardt, K. Case, S. Becker, L. Ness, J. Cook, C. Reuter, J. Staubach. ROW TWO: D. J. Nolte, J. Haefele, J. Mueller, S. Korn, L. Stevenson, A. Aubum, L. Alexander, J. Chambers. ROW THREE: N. Wallbreck, B. Van Ausdall, M. Middleton, S. Caldwell, D. Walls, J. Stehlin, R. McSwain, C. Haskins. ROW FOUR: A. Stratman, H. Nevin, D. I-lenn, R. Ware, J. Kennedy, C. Wilson, T. Unks, T. Springer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY On April 2, 1959 a chapter of the National Honor Society was installed at Mt. Healthy ,mont High School by the North College Hill Chapter. The society had previously granted the IIOIIOIIOCIITY S' 'g new charter. E S W5 If Membership in the organization is based on Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. To be eligible for election to membership, a student must be a junior or a senior with a cumulative average of 90070 or above and must have been enrolled at Mt. Healthy High School at least one semester. A limited number of members of each class may be admitted each year, E5 L5 Jean White lights the candle of "Leadership" Judy Fisher of N.C.H. leads the newly installed mem'- during the installation. bers of "National Honor Society" in the pledge of allegiance. 38 Linda Ness, Secretary, Joyce Denby, Treasurer, Mari- Dick Kreiger, Al Lindsey, and Tom Bowersox lyn Wallace, Vice President, and Tom Unks, President print pictures as one of the c1ub's activities. get their equipment ready to take a picture. CAMERA CLUB Imagination, composition, and selection of subject matter are only a few of the steps that make a good picture. These are shown by the members of the camera club in the contests that are held throughout the year. Mr. Battle, the adviser, is always on hand to help the confused novice. 2 X I I sn- ROW ONE: Mr. Bartle, S. York, I.. Ness, R. Kennedy, M. Wallace, M. Renner. ROW TWO: I-l. Shaw, G. Nagel, A. Lindsey, R. Krieger, E. Schwab, E. Nagel. ROW THREE: B. Van Ausdall, D. Zimmerman, J. Denby, B. Newman, T. Unks, T. Bowersox. 39 ROW ONE: Miss Fxost, L. Reuter, L. Barnes, P. Stang, V. Logan, C. Pegensberger, B. Douglass, T. Welling, J Brakmanis, M. McGurk. ROW TWO: B. White, K. Kellett, B. Chain, B. Richards, T. Flannery, L. Taylor, K. Richter, P. Stout, J. Cook. ROW THREE: G. Switzer, G. Figg, R. Klein, D. Wentzel, E. Jaeger, P. Wood, R. George, R. Brouse, N. Rees. ROW FOUR: M. Hogue, S. Willis, S. Clyde, P. Vinson, M. Dickman, T. Morris N. Brooks, M. Huber, J. Fein, R. Flaig. LATIN CLUB Latin Club is Mt. Healthy 's chapter of the Junior Classical League, a national organization. lt is composed mainly of second-year Latin students and meets once a month during class time. In the spring, the Latin Club holds a scrapbook and poster contest for first-year students. The year is highlighted by a picnic, at which first-year students with an average of 90 or above are honored. Fourth bell Latin Club officers are: P. Stout, Sec. Pres. Third bell Latin club officers are: S. Clyde, Pres., B. White, Sec., R. Flaig, Vice Pres., V. Logan, Treas. 40 P. Vinson, Pres., T. Morris, Treas., J. Cook, Vice , ROW ONE: Phyllis McLaren, Darlene Eckerlin, Marsha Hinson, Sue Kom. ROW TWO: Eileen Kuhlmann, Jean Bahr, Gale Hudson, Sue Kum- mer. These girls are G.A.A. Board Members. These girls ease their "spring fever" with a quick dash toward the camera. Who won? Gail Hafer shows her batting These girls show their ability in a gymnastic stunt. strength UQ as Linda Shelnutt is the catcher. GI RLS' ATH LETIC ASSOCIATION ROW ONE: Miss Kennedy, A. Hauer, D. Eckerlin, B. Case, C. Ehrhardt, I. Eagen, D. Day, B. Douglass, M. Berner, B. Brouse. ROW TWO: E. Carter, K. Case, J. Brakmanis, B. Berner, M. Guenther, S. Herndon, J. Elsen, S. Cann, S. Harvey, S. Boeh. ROW THREE: V. Dillenburger, D. Davis, S. Barwick, M. Hinson, B. Chain, R. Enderle, D. Bedacht, G. Hafer, C. Ewald, J. Albrecht. ROW FOUR: C. Atkinson, C. Chadwick, B. Bray, N. Dufour, H. Anderson, N. Albright, C. Haskins, J. Bahr, M. Hagedorn, R. Endres, S. Clyde. 41 ROW ONE: Miss Kennedy, K. Kincaid, S. Perkins, V. Logan, L. Reuter, P. McLaren, P. Stang, J. McKendree, C. Regensberger, N. Miller. ROW TWO: B. White, C. Rocca, D. Topits, K. Lemon, M. McGurk, D. Ralphy, C. Taylor, M. Stiener, J. Marqua. ROW THREE: U. Jones, K. Kellet, S. Klenk, D. Listerman, R. Kennedy, M. Merwin, E. Mortimer, L. Praechter, L. Krahling, J. Klein. ROW FOUR: S. Lienhart, C. Korn, J. Mueller, S. Kummler, S. Korn, H. McKee, D. McCoo1, E. Kuhlmann, C. Case, G. Lindsey. The Girls' Athletic Association of Mt. Healthy is an organized program with the object of promoting girls' athletics. Every girl is eligible for membership and participation in as many activities as she desires. These are numerous and varied, permitting a wide range of selection from the more hearty sports to the milder forms of athletics. Girls are given an opportunity to officiate and participate in the activities, to develop an appreciation for sports and games, and to grow in ability, character, and sportsmanlike conduct. ROW ONE: S. York, J. Staubach, C. Reuter, S. Russell, D. Ritz, L. Taylor, P. Stout, M. Van Vleit. ROW TWO: J. Telger, C. Schneider, H. Rentrop, D. Schnetzer, P. Wainscott, M. Wallace, R. Wernz, G. Rhein, S. Swallow, J. Westendorf. ROW THREE: L. Stoffregen, S. Schroer, E. Roberts, C. Reif, B. Wiest, J. Rice, L. Stevenson, G. Switzer, M. Sabota. ROW FOUR: N. Walbreck, J. Westendorf, L. Wallbrech, M. Renner, M. Rice, J. Schwartz, B. Stewart, H. Rettinger, E. Timm, J. Stehlin. 42 King Dennis Nolte crowns Queen Gale Hudson at the G. A. A. SPRING PROIVI The G,A,A, Spring Prom, the Mardi Gras, was a huge success this year. The girls worked hard to arrange the festive decorations. Everyone had as lively and good a time as the theme suggests. The evening was climaxed by the crowning of the queen and king, Gale Hudson and Dennis Nolte. annual G A A Spring Prom Vince Valentino, Dick Holford, Larry Maynard, Don Decker, and Dick Hohenstatt provide some "Rock'n Ro1l" entertainment in the floor show. Dave Baney accompanies Jim Knight in a smooth tune at the Spring Prom. CONCERT ROW ONE: D. Eckerlin, S. Becker, I.. Shelnutt, C. Taylor, D. Dannels, J. Braune, D. Peters, V. Junkunz ROW T'1'fO: L. Eames, E. Winn, M. Sabato, J. Quattiander, B. Weisner, C. Reuter, J. Fanin, K. Bushman, C Dobklns Jr ROE'-' THREE: H. Anderson, J. Albrecht, J. Wiemdarm, K. Leming, G. Hafer, W. Shockley, J. Stehlin, C Chad wick, J. Knight. ROW FOUR: R. Endres, J. Martin, B. Van Ausdall, G. Switzer, L. Brischke, C. Pugh R Riley T Hull J. Haefele, R. George, T. Van Valey. OFFIC ERS President ..... . . Tom Seigie Mark Jacobs . Berry Listerman Mary Van Gueipen Lana Brischke 'Jice President ...... Secretary-Treasurer . . Librarian . . ..... . Publicity . . . Mr. Rammes enjoys conducting his vocal music classes. 44 CHORUS . Q 3 ROW ONE: E. Bums, E. Anspach, J. Backus, K. Bowen, D. Nolte, A. Hauer, S. Perkins, B. Listerman, M. Craft. P. Stang, J. Padgett. ROW TWO: R. Brown, R. Katenbrink, B. Hissett, M. Jacobs, R. Enderle. C. Nelson. S. 5.1:-wick M. Van C-uelpen, C. Tyler. ROW THREE: B. Myer, T. Bowersox, B. McSpaclden, L. Kuhlmarm. R. Schmidt. N. Ruff, E. Timm, C. Kase, D. Schiering, T. Flannery, C. Damico. ROW FOUR: A. Sipple. D. Nolte. T. Sciglc. M. Hauer, A. Percherrneier, R. Wingerberg, N. Rees, C. Reif, L. Stoiiregen, M. Clark. 45 Hea1thy's Sparkettes are from Left to Right: Sandy Clyde, Kay Howes, Marg Van Vliet, Marg Hensey, Sandy Smith, Nancy Miller, Merrily Grodsky, Mary Alice Steiner, Diane Peters, Diana Topits, Donna Davis, Jo Ann Elsen, Judy Stoner. KNEELING: Thelma Emmons. Hea1thy's Majorettes are Mary Sargent, Barbara Bray, Thelma Emmons, Drum Major--Jim Davis, Jo Ann Sutt- man, Mary Bryant, and Sandy George. The chorus and band members really did a ' swell job at the Christmas Concert. Healthl' 5 Marching B3-nd 8aVe good Per' formances at the football games during half- time. ROW ONE: L. Kuhlman, P. Wood, E. Jaeger, D. Frederick. ROW TWO: T. Ackerman, R. Flaig, S. Willis, T. Roberts, D. Zimmerman, R. Brouse. ROW THREE: Mr. Ray, T. Brooks, G. Hochscheid, J. Seim, P. Vin son, W. Etzel. ROW FOUR: W. Rambo, M. Huber, M. Dickman, J. Lohr, T. Morris. SOPHOIVIORE HI-Y Sophomore Hi-Y carried on many worthwhile pro- jects this year. One special project was selling Christmas cards for the benefit of "Needy Children." The Sophomore Hi-Y has certainly realized the meaning of "sacrificial service for Christ and for the other fe1low," as part of its "Steps to Success." These officers of the sophomores Hi-Y Jim Fein, Chaplaing Mike Dickman, Ser- geant-at-Armsg Walley Etzel, Vice Presi- dentg Dick Flaig, President, and Pete Vin- son, Secretary, are planning a money- making project. These officers of Sophomore Hi-Y are eagerly planning their program for the year. s-af' ff.-"M L... 4 These Hi-Y members and their dates enjoy something to eat New Hi-Y members had the honor of pushing after their hayride. pennies up the sidewalk during initiation. SENIOR HI-Y On our "Steps to Success" at Healthy, Senior Hi-Y also contributed through its many activities and projects. It certainly lived up to its purpose: creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. ROW ONE: Mr. Danbury, G. Weltzein, K. Hicks, J. Sparks, D. Sunderhaus, T. Butler, R. McSwain, W. Butter- field, W. Waidner, E. Nagel, T. Kaiser, A. Hamburger. ROW TWO: R. Richley, R. Coy, D. Hoffman, R. Newman, A. Stratman, S. Caldwell, T. Harry, D. Muskopf, M. Jocobs, J. Ries. ROW THREE: H. Nevin, T. Shotwell, T. Seigle, C. Wilson, R. I-Iilgeman, D. I-Ienn, J. Klotz, R. Zimmerman, D. Reinhart, T. Springer. ROW FOUR: J. Seim, D. Smith, K. Hagedorn, J. Lloyd, V. Wiegand, M. Beisner, J. Clyde, J. Kennedy, L. Martini, R. Ware. 48 ROW ONE: Mrs. Van Deventer, B. Kramer, N. Christensen, D. Dannels, L. Ritchie, A. Hauer, M. Van Guelpen, C. Rocca, D. Schnetzer. ROW TWO: J. Staubach, S. Hersch, S. Becker, T. Flannery, S. Russell, K. Leming, N. Macaluso, D. Listermann, D. Ritz. ROW THREE: M. Girm, J. Rice, C. Cramer, C. Atkinson, C. Reif, P. Hill, M. Laib, L. Stevenson, S. Korn. HOIVIE ECONOMICS CLUB Home Economics Club is made up of the girls who are interested in cooking and sewing. At the work meetings they work on projects for the Junior Red Cross or make clothes for the Style Show May 21st, At noon and before school the girls sell school supplies to earn money for the Junior Red Cross. These girls are doing much to climb the "Steps to Success" as homemakers of tomorrow. +I S. Russell, M. Wiesman, ri. Ramp, G. Richmond, C. Kist, C. Kramer, M. Wingerberg, D. Ritz, and L. Ritchie were hostesses to the faculty at a tea. The officers of Home Ec Club, Nancy Macaluso, Diane Schnetzer, Diane Ritz, and Shirley Russell, page through a cook book to get ideas for a buffet dinner. 49 I-IOOT'N HOLLER STAFF ROW ONE: Miss Miller, L. Barnes, B. Douglass, L. Ritchie, J. Brakmanis, K. Kincaid. ROW TWO: S. Becker L. Ness, J. Cook, B. Chain, C. Reuter, A Hauer. ROW THREE: J. Mc Kendree, S. Russell, D. Ritz, J. Rice, J. Mueller, M. Jacobs. The Hoot 'n Holler offers good experience as a step to success. This is the second year the staff has put out a monthly printed newspaper. The staffers work hard getting the advertisements needed to meet the expenses. The report- ers gain much experience in writ- ing as well as in learning to meet deadlines. The staff members have gained knowledge and experience in working on a newspaper, and they have had fun doing it. Some of the staff members enjoy reading the papers they worked on so hard. These members and officers of the Hoot'n Holler look at a recent issue of the paper. LITERARY GOLD DIGGERS The cast of the L.G.D. Talent Show wave good-bye as Tom Seigle gets the pie. . X' ' 3 5 if , ROW ONE: B. Case, J. McKendree, J. Cook, D. J. Nolte, J. Staubach, K. Case, C. Ehrhardt. ROW TWO: M. Van Vliet, C. Reuter, J. Cook, A. Auburn, L. Brischke, D. Schnetzer, M. I-Iinson. ROW THREE: J. Haefele, L. Stevenson, J. Mueller, S. Kummler, S. Kom, M. Bellanca, B. Frey. ROW FOUR: Mrs. White, C Haskins, J. Martin, B. Van Ausdall, J. Denby, J. Westendorf, N. Wallbrech, J. Bahr. L, G, D., Literary Gold Diggers, is an honorary society whose main purpose is the raising of funds to increase the school library. To ac- complish this, the L.G.D. girls sell programs at home football games. One project of the club is keeping a scrapbook, putting in it all the events that occur throughout the school year. Final steps in their activity program are presenting a talent show and the initiation of new members. Linda and Sue help to further the funds of L.G.D. by selling Marlene a program. 51 PEP SQUAD Eli The officers of Pep Squad are Sue Korn, Secretary, Judy Albrecht, President, Janet Cook, Vice Presi- dent, and Sue Kummler, Treasurer. ROW ONE: D. Eckerlin, S. Boeh, D. Dannels, B. Douglass, B. Brouse, M. J. Bemer, B. J. Berner, S. Becker, L. Bokelman. ROW TWO: J. Cook, S. Abercrombie, D. Davis, B. Douglass, F. Dohrman, B. Bray, H. Anderson, C. Krammer, J. Albrecht. ROW THREE: H. Denby, J. Bahr, M. J. Bellanca, C. Atkinson, S. Deckelmeier, N. Albright, C. Denny, J. Denby, S. Clyde, J. Eastlack. ROW ONE: P. McLaren, P. Landwehr, D. Ferdon, A. Hauer, M. Jurgen, K, Kincaid, ROW TWO: K, Leming, S. Klenk, J. Kline, D. Listerman, T. Flanner, K. Kellett, J. McKendree. ROW THREE: C. Ewald, S. Kummler, C. Haskins, S. Korn, R. Endres, L. Krahling. ROW FOUR: L. Brischke, M. Hagedom, B. Gau, T. Emmons, G. Hudson, J. Martin, J. Haefele. IIA 'F Hg? - -6' ' -- .f-,7.3?!Ma . 'Jul Yea! Team! The part of the Pep Squad on our "Steps to Success" is to support the team and cheer them to victory. They also take time out from their cheering to sell Mt. Healthy beannies and N emblems to raise money for the club to help finance buses to the games. Let's go, Healthy! We want some action! ROW ONE: P. Owens, D. Peters, D. Ralphy, N. Miller, I.. Ritchie, C. Rocca, D. Ritz, S. Russell, P. Scheidt. ROW TWO: D. J. Nolte, E. Mortimer, C. Reuter, J. Quattlander, K. Richter, D. Quattlander, C. Schneider, H. Rentrop, D. Schnetzer, J. Rice. ROW THREE: E. Roberts, S. Schroer, M. Rice, M. Sabato, D. Nolte, L. Martini, T. Seigle, N. Rees, H. Rettinger, M. Renner. ROW ONE: C. Taylor, D. Topits, S. Smyth, M. Van Guelpen, J. Wiesmann, S. York, S. Wakeman, J. Staubach ROW TWO: B. Taphorn, L. Taylor, M. Van Vliet, J. Westendorf, S. Swallow, P. Wainscott, J. Stoner, A. Starner, L. Stevenson, G. Switzer. ROW THREE: N. Wallbrech, J. Westendorf, L. Wallbrech, B. Stewart, E. Timm, J. Stehlin, B. Van Ausdall, R. Zimmerman, J. Seim, T. Van Valey. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club was organized at Mt. Healthy last year for the pur- pose of promoting interest in science. The club, under the supervision of Mr. Bartle, has pro- grams and projects such as movies pertaining to math and phases of science. UPPER: The officers for this year's science club are Kathy Case, Sec- retary-Treasurerg Barb Van Aus- dall, President, and Tom Harry, Vice President. LOWER: Some of the Science Club members are demonstrating one of their projects. ROW ONE: Mr. Bartle, G. Nagel, S. Becker, E. Winn, T. Flannery, K. Case, B. TWO: J. Denby, J. Droste, R. Mc Swain, E. Nagel, T. Kaiser, B. Van Ausdall. D. Muskopf, T. Unks, D. Cismati, V. Wiegand, D. Smith, T. Harry. Jasper. ROW ROW THREE ROW ONE: Miss Miller, K. Kincaid, B. Kramer, D. Peters, M. Grodsky, J. Mercer, S. Wakemann, K. Kincaid, S. York, P. Lohr. ROW TWO: J. Leibrook, B. Taphom, C. Abercrombie, M. Hinson, N. Griffith, J. Faig, G. Rosberg, J. Quattlander, C. Adams, C. Waidner. ROW THREE: J. Lei- brook, G. Nagel, E. Nagel, S. Schroer, M. Renner, C. Ewald, D. Frederick, I-I.Anderson, R. Endres, D. Mc Cool. ROW FOUR: S. Rose, T. Ackerman, E. Aufdenberg, H.Rettinger, G.Tay1or, C. Brite T. Roberts, K. Presser, W. Etzel, K. Bowen, W. Rambo. SPANISH CLUB Spanish Club or E1 Club Espanol is made up of Spanish Il and Spanish I students who have grades of 85 or above. Their part on our staircase to the fu- ture is learning about Spanish Customs and develop- ing interest among those students who take Spanish. This year the group had a get-together where they welcomed new members by breaking a pinata, an old Spanish custom. UPPER: The officers, Kerry Kincaid, Vice-Presi- dent, Harriet Rettinger, Secretary, Kirby Bowen, President, and Diana Mc Cool, Treasurer look through some books about Mexico in preparing for a club meeting. LOWER: These Spanish Club members choose color- ful pictures for display in Miss Mi1ler's room. JJ SPOTLIGHT CLUB ROW ONE: M. Jurgens, S. Barwick, K. Case, J. Kline, J. Cook, L. Krahling, J. Albrecht, B. Frey, B. Douglass, Mrs. Young. ROW TWO: L. Brischke, N. Albright, C. Case, J. Denby, J. Fannin, M. Jacobs, B. Coy, D. Decker, L. Guy. ROW THREE: L. Hesse, J. Klotz, R. Hilgeman, D. Henn, D. Brinkmoeller, D. Hohenstatt, J. Kennedy, K. Hagedorn, J. Clyde, M. Beisner. ROW ONE: J. Padgett, P. Lohr, M. Van Guelpen, K. Leming, N. Macaluso, J. Wiesmann, J. Sorn, J. Staubach, C. Reuter, D. Schnetzer, E. Winn. ROW TWO: M. Salzman, A. Starner, J. Mueller, J. Westendorf, N. Wall- brech, J. Martin, B. Van Ausdall, E. Kuhlmann, R. Richley, L. Maynard, D. Muskopf, T. Shotvvell. ROW THREE: R. Zimmerman, B. Lapsley, A. Stratman, J. Seim, T. Seigle, S. Runch, A. Stewart, F. Leberecht, J. Lloyd, J. Lewis, L. Martini, D. Nolte. We caught these Spotlight members behind the curtain during the Christmas Program. Jerry looks tired from his performance. - 3 ROW ONE: M. J. Berner, K. Kellett, L. Ness, N. Miller, K. Kincaid. ROW TWO: L. Stevenson, S. Kummler N. Wallbrech, C. Reif, B. Frey, B. Chain. ROW THREE: J. Westendorf, E. Aufdenberg, S. Caldwell, A. Stratman, B. Seigle, Mrs. Roach. ROW FOUR: D. Henn, B. Ware, P. Vinson, B. Silber, C. Richter, K. Hage- dorn, J. Siem. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization with representatives from grades nine through twelve. On our "Steps to Success" its purpose is to give the students means of expressing themselves for the best interest of the school. Besides selling mixed nuts and stationery, this year they sponsored an all-school club project in order to provide draperies for the windows in the gymnasium. Our student bulletin board committee surely did a fine job this year in keeping us posted on all current news. Three of our Student Council members, Bob Ware, Don Henn, and Sue Kummler, are "seen off" as they leave with Mrs. Roach for the State Convention in Columbus. 57 -IIB Q 1 I .I Y-TEENS Not Y-Teens, they were "Windy" Teens when they blew up bal- loons for the Christmas prom. ROW ONE: J. Brakrnanis, L. Barnes, C. Abercrombie, B. Bender, B. Brouse, N. Christensen, S. Barwick, B. Chain. ROW TWO: J. Braun, S. Becker, L. Bockelman, D. Bessey, M. Bryant, S. Boeh, D. Bedacht, J. Becker. ROW THREE: J. Albrecht, A. AubLu'n, J. Bahr, M. J. Bellanca, C. Chadwick, H. Anderson, J. A1- bright, C. Atkinson, S. Clyde. ROW ONE: Miss Fredricks, D. Eckerlin, C. Ehrhardt, S. Ebersole, D. Dannels, B. Douglas, M. Grodsky, B. Davis, P. Frye. ROW TWO: J. Cook, J. Elsen, S. Harvey, D. Davis, G. Hafer, N. Griffis, J. Cook, C. Ewald, A. Hauer, ROW THREE: R. Endres, J. Goldsmith, J. Doughman, C. Haskins, G. Fischer, C. Cramer, J. Haefele, C. Denny, B. Gau, J. Denby. SV IA . ROW ONE: K. Kincaid, B. Kramer, G. Kline, S. Hirsch, J. Leibrook, K. Leming, N. Macaluso, P. Lohr. ROW TWO: V. Logan, M. Hinson, K. Kellett, S. Klenk, D. Listerman, B. Laugenbahu, P. Hill, S. Hemdon. ROW THREE: C. Korn, S. Kummler, L. Krahling, J. Martin, C. Kase, J. Langenbahn, E. Kulhmann, J. Huber. Once again a year for the Y-Teens girls draws to close. We look back to the many meetings held in the big study hall, remembering all our plans, and work for the potato chip sale and the big event, the Christmas program. All the squads worked hard no matter what their tasks consisted of. All in all, it was a wonderful year and we are looking forward to next year. ROW ONE: S. Perkins, D. Peters, S. Morris, C. Regensberger, J. McKendree, N. Miller, D. Ralphy, M. Mc- Gurk, J. Quattlander. ROW TWO: L. Praechter, D. Nolte, L. Ness, D. Quatlander, H. Rentrop, C. Nease, E. Motz, C. Reif, D. Moak. ROW THREE: D. Praechter, J. Mueller, C. Pugh, P. Minton, H. McKee, N. Recs, M. Renner, D. McCool, L. Omston, M. Middleton. 59 ROW ONE: L. Reuter, L. Shelnutt, C. Rocca, J. Staubach, S. Russel, D. Ritz, C. Reuter, D. Schnetzer. ROW TWO: P. Schiet, D. Sheppard, K. Richter, B. Richards, C. Schneider, G. Rhein, D. Shiering, A. Stamer. ROW THREE: S. Schroer, E. Roberts, M. Rice, S. Rose, J. Schwartz, J. Rice, N. Ruff, M. Sabota, H. Rettinger. ROW ONE: Mrs. Roach, C. Taylor, M. Steiner, D. Toppits, M. Van Guelpen, B. White, S. York, C. Tyler, E. Tobergta, J. Weismann. ROW TWO: M. Wiesmann, M. Wingerberg, S. Wakeman, L. Taylor, P. Stout, E. Tap- horn, P. Wainscott, P. Wilkerson, M. Van Vliet, J. Westendorf. ROW THREE: L. Stoffregan, S. Swallow, B. Wiest, L. Stevenson, G. Swietzer, N. Wallbrech, J. Westendorf, L. Wallbrech, B. Stewart, E. Timm, B. Van Ausdall. Donna Jo Nolte, Mrs. Nolte, Mrs. ' Wallbrech, Nancy Wallbrech, Mrs. Roach and Miss Fredricks enjoy punch and cake at the annual Y-Teens Mother-Daughter Tea. 60 Nancy Wallbrech and Art Stratman look happy as they are voted Queen and King at the annual Y-Teens Christ- mas Prom . Y-TEENS CH RISTIVIAS PRGIVI Nancy receives the traditional "kiss" from Art after being crowned--You look "sort of" envious Jerry. Kirby Bowen, Tom Van Valey, and Ed Burns did a riotous job on this "wi1d" tune in the floor show. 0" ZEIVI ZEIVI STAFF ROW ONE: Mr. Battle, E. Carter, J. Staubach, J. Cook, D. J. Nolte, Miss Frost. ROW TWO: J. Westendorf, J. Mueller, A. Auburn, A. Lindsey, S. Kummler, L. Stevenson, J. Haefele. ROW THREE: J. Davis, S. Caldwell, A. Sibert, A. Stratman, H. Nevin, K. Hagedom. ABSENT: D. Nolte. The members of the Zem Zem Staff take care- ful steps in planning Healthy's yearbook. There are plenty of things to keep all eighteen mem- bers constantly busy. During the first period they count tax stamps, write captions for pictures, type, draw layout pages, and select and crop pictures. Outside of school there is soliciting for ads. This year the tax stamp contest with the goal of "Teacher for a Day" to the class bringing in the most stamps was a major money-making project. Also the staff sponsored a dance. A lot of hard work by all the members helped make this year's "Steps to Success" a real success. The counting of tax stamps is one of the big jobs of the Zem Zem members. A lot of work is required of the members of the Zem Zem Staff in getting out the yearbook. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER --Hi! What did you do all summer? Now we'll be pounding books for nine months. --Our first showing in football--the Football Preview. We didn't score--but neither did Greenhills. --Of all the luck! ! We lost to our chief rivals N.C.H, Well, that's the way the ball bounces--the football that is. --Swell night for the Pow Wow. Say! l Look at that fire! Are you going to the dance afterwards? --Well, we lost to our other chief rival--Something's wrong. --Say! ! That fellow was a pretty good archer. When he let Gayle take over, the Hi-Y boys thought Ken was going to get it for sure. --Yea Team! !! The squad beat Princeton T-H-I-R-T-Y - F-I-V-E TO--O!! OCTOBER --Band Boosters are trying to sell more fruit cake than Hi-Y. They'll never do it. --We lost to Deer Park. --Don't start any fires! This is the beginning of Fire Prevention Week. --We lost to Colerain, but they didn't have an easy victory. --Say now--that organist wasn't bad at all. The Con- cert Chorus was terrific--as usual. --Taylor won, but they were lucky. We were leading 14-0 at the beginning of the game. Our Homecom- ing Queen, Eileen Kuhlmann took our minds off the game for a while. Eileen was almost beaten by that gorgeous candidate, Geraldine Seim. Everyone at Homecoming got a big laugh out of the Senior Boys' candidate for queen--"Geral- dine" Seim. Jer sure was a beauty in his for should I say herl complete attire. 63 Why look--it's Gayle "Robin Hood" Switler. Did you hit the target, Gayle? Mary Alice Steiner surely has no trouble smiling as she is about to have her picture taken. We lost to Lockland. Too bad, Owls. A day off from school?? What happened? Oh, the Southwestern Ohio Teachers Association had a meeting. Another feather in our cap--Owls 49--Mt. Sterling 0. The team really had a ball before the game. NOVEMBER Vote for School Bond Issue, then come on in and fill yourself at Mr. Stefan's Spaghetti Dinner. It is Dads' Nite. Say, some of those dads look like football players. We played Wyoming. 4 955255-f Banquet. -NO SCHOOL TODAY!! Let's follow the Armistice Day Parade. Y-Teens had their Recognition Banquet with the school's backbone, the Hi-Y, serving. We played Reading. They are starting to sell Season Passes already. The team really stuffed themselves at the Football Banquet. 28--Thanksgiving Holidays are here. No school. Don't eat too much turkey. DECEMBER Good news--We beat Colerain on their own court. What luckg we lost to N.C.H. That's better. We beat Greenhills. Nice work, fellows! We should have beat St. Bernard. COur team had a very bad night.J Boy-oh-boy, weren't the decorations pretty at the Christmas Prom! Everyone had a swell time. Art and Nancy put on a good show when they got crowned . . . kissed. Wasn't the Christmas Concert swell? With the Senior football players receive recognition at the annual Football Concert Chorus participating, it is easy to under- stand. The Band did a great job too. --The Owls gave all they had against Lockland. Wonderful! ! ! School is out until Yanuary 5. JANUARY --The Owls tried hard, but they just couldn't beat Wyoming. --Horrors! School is open again. Hi! What did you get for Christmas? The Owls tried hard and this time it paid off. They won over Reading. Brother! ! Were those Senior Scholarship Tests ever hard! The Owls beat Deer Park. Nice work Owls. Say now!! We beat our chief rivals, N.C.H., on their own court. Bad luck . . . Owls lost to Greenhills. We played St. Bernard. Owls played Lockland. We lost. FEBRUARY The Junior Band gave a very nice concert. The Owns lost to Wyoming. These are tne Spotlight Club members and the grade school stu- dents who participated in the Christmas Program. Mrs. Young directed it. Everyone enjoyed the Sack Dance given at the L.G.D. Talent Show. -We played Reading and won. Tough luck, Mrs. Dent. Owls played Deer Park and lost. -Our Basketball Homecoming. We played Taylor. The Owls won just for Queen Jane Westendorf . . . Hi-Y's candidate. -17--18--Freshman Tournament. -Owls lost to Harrison. Say! I That Spaghetti Supper by the Band Boosters was really good! Washington 's Birthday--Happy Birthday, George! Freshman Toumament. There was a vocational guidance conference for the seniors. The Home Ec students gave a tea for the teachers. Those who went to the Band Concert really had an enjoyable evening. MARCH Everybody had a swell time at the G.A.A. Spring Prom. Gale Hudson was Queen and Denny Nolte was King. NO SCHOOL--It snowed! ! Another splendid per- formance was given by the Concert Chorus. The juniors order their class rings. 2-- Mr. Bam-on illustrates the panto- mimist's sign for, "I am a man." --Say! Did you know that the Mt. Healthy Legion Post had a birthday today? --The L.G.D. presented their annual Talent Show. --Easter Vacation--School is closed. WONDERFUL! ! --The American Legion had an Easter Egg Hunt. Somebody goofed . . .g some of the eggs weren't hard-boiled. APRIL 1--We were all a bunch of April fools for coming back to school. The "brains" took the Preliminary District State Scholarship Tests today. The National Honor Society was installed by some students from N.C.H. who were already members. The Chorus and Band presented a music assembly. The Matthew Duvall P.T.A. held a very nice Spaghetti Supper. The Athletic Boosters gave a real good talent show. We had a very interesting assembly today. A man did a series of pantomimes. The Hi-Y had a hayride. Everyone had a very good time. I TEACHER FDR A DAY 1 KAR . , ,ak Howard Lutchin, one of the "Teachers for a Day" "Now class, let's have some discussion." diligently prepares his lesson. MNK XJ ,A 'I'm not so sure that this business is for me." It seems that our teacher is rather disgusted at the end of the day. 157 Ron Zimmerman, the other "Teacher for a Day" looks as if he enjoys conducting class. What's the matter Ron, did that last class get you down? 66 'xl -A man from Standard Oil presented an assembly. -The first performance by the Spotlight Club of "You Can't Take It With You." -The second night for the play. The cast did a swell job. -The campaigning for civic officials began to- day. Merit Scholarship Tests for juniors were given. -The Ohio State Treasurer, Mr. Ferguson, gave a speech to the student body. The election of student city officials was held. MAY -Jack Barker was elected mayor. The Band had a concertg everyone who was there enjoyed it. -The Scholarship Team went to Miami to take the Final District State Scholarship Tests. -Hi-Y and L.G.D. Initiations began today. -The Y-Teens had their annual Mother-Daughter Tea. -The Underclass Award Assembly was held to- day. -An acrobatic assembly was given today. Ron Zimmerman and Howard Lutchin, "Teachers for a Day," taught in Civics classes. -The Juniors gave a wonderful prom for the seniors. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful decorations. The theme was Bali Ha'i. The last day of actual school work for seniors. -20- -Senior Exams. The Senior Award Assembly was today. 1 Rehearsal for Baccalaureate. Baccalaureate Service was held. Rev. Pelton was the speaker. Seniors practice for Commencement. The final rehearsal for Commencement. Graduation Exercises were held in the high school gym at 8:15 P.M. I UN E 2--3--Underclass final exams. School is OUT! ! Have fun this summer! Dennis Nolte "Elect Barker for Mayor! ! " was commonly heard during campaigning for civic officials This was "Fish Day" for the L.G.D. initiates Joyce doesn't seem to be enjoying it so much as Susan. These were two Science Assemblies presented by the Science Club and the Standard Oil Company. H-ouon xxx 1? X V K Xgxxiigr XXX' fir Us limb, t All " AVERAGE 95 -99 SENIORS Janet Cook JUNIORS Jane Haefele SOPHOMORES Judy Cook Carol Ewald Kathy Kellett Mary Pat McGurk Karl Presser Sharon Rose FRESHMEN Frederick Hartman Garrel Pottinger Suzanna Scott Dorothy Sheppard AVERAGE 90-94 SENIORS Linda Alexander Mary Jean Bellanca Steve Caldwell Kathleen Case Janice Chambers Don Henn Gale Hudson Jim Kennedy Betty Listerman Jane Mueller Hugh Nevin Carol Reuter Carol Rocca Jean Staubach Andy Stewart Arthur Stratm an Nancy Wallbrech Ron Zimmerman JUNIORS Joyce Adams Alison Auburn Beverly Brouse Nancy Christensen Trina Flannery Marilee I-Iagedorn Sandy Herndon Ron McSwain William Mercer Donna Jo Nolte Tom Springer Joann Stehlin Linda Stevenson Tom Unks Pat Wainscott Marilyn Wallace Charles Wilson SOPHOMORES Jean Brakmanis Terry Brooks Roger Brouse Bonnie Case Billie Chain Sandra Clyde Wally Etzel James Fein Richard Flaig David Frederick Marcia Hinson Mike Huber Valerie Logan Judy Quattlander Nancy Rees Lois Reuter Rebecca Richards Robert Richley Karen Richter F RESHMEN Charles Broughton Suzanne Ebersole Rita Jane Huser Susan Klenk George Nagel Mollie Renner Glenn Rosberg Dennis Schaefer Gary Taylor Thomas Young HONOR ROLL The averages in this list have been based on grades from the first three grading periods. AVERAGE 85-89 SENIORS Joyce Denby Ken Hagedorn Rick Hilgeman Judy Kahle Kathy Kist Linda Krahling Robert Lapsley Kathy Leming Nancy Macaluso Janet Martin Peggy Price Diana Schnetzer Tom Seigle Steve Steigelman Barbara Van Ausdall Delbert Walls Jane Westendorf Janet Wiesmann Erra Lee Winn JUNIORS Jean Bahr Sally Becker Carmen Ehrhardt Thelma Emmons Joan Goldsmith Allen Hamburger Tom Harry Carol Haskins Alona Hauer Ken Hicks Tom Kaiser Susan Korn Mary Middleton Linda Ness Robert Newman Carole Pugh David Reinhart Jane Rice Dan Smith Jim Sparks Lynn Stoffre gen Denny Sunderhaus Tom Van Valey Margie VanVliet Bob Ware Gary Weltzien Karen Wieland Shirley York SOPHOMORES Thomas Ackerman Don Bronstrup David Burwinkel Mike Dickman Brooke Douglass Rita Endres Robert Gilhart Nancy Griffith Merrily Grodsky James Imhulse Karen Kincaid Georgia Kline Richard Krieger John Lachman James Mercer Terry Morris Harriett Rettinger Tim Roberts Margaret Sabato Pamela Shipler Penny Stout Pete Vinson Bonnie White Dennis Zimmerman FRESHMEN Edward Aufdenberg Barbara Bender Frederic Curwin Doreen Day Donald Deye Barbara Duncan Bill Frazier Carol Hensley Jerry Joesting Cynthia Korn Ronald Lech Donna Listerman Oval Pennington Sandra Schroer Robert Seigle Donald Sierra Barbara Taphorn Joyce Westendorf SCHOLARSHIP TEAIVI il'S""t ROW ONE: G. Pottinger, T. Young, J. Mercer, G. Rosberg, L. Reuter, C. Reuter, V. Logan, D. Day, M. Ren- ner. ROW TWO: G. Nagel, J. E. Klein, D. Fredericks, C. Ewald, M. McGurk, C. Hensley, B. Bender, S. Klenk. ROW THREE: J. Quattlander, K. Richter, B. Chain, P. Stout, S. Rose, B. Douglass, M. Hagedom, M. Middleton, J. Mueller, J. Chambers, D. Peters. ROW ONE: T. Springer, A, art. ROW TWO: T. Unks, TAH1?1131gei9B5C153r.. J. EkIjIage13Jhspi-irks, J. Ries, B. van Ausdall, A. Stew- ' 7 - 31f15C0 , . alser, . ae ele. ROW THREE: J. Stehli J Ri - S. York, R. Brouse, R. McSwain H. Nevin S. C Id 11 ROW FOU - ' ' ny ' CL, lor, T- Brooks K. Presser, G. Zwgcker, F. I-iartmazlwe R. R. Fla1g. M. Huber, P. Vinson, G. TaY- Healthy's Scholarship Team boards the bus and heads to Miami to take the tests. ll L, S1 - L L . X 'r W 55 9 If ATHLETICS Athletic activities help to develop us not only physically, but also mentally. Sportsmanship, working with others, and physical fitness are some of the values to be gained from the athletic program in our "Steps to Success." 70 l l Nia. ff WV' Q 5 ROW ONE: Coach Schlosser, B. Meyer, G. Weltzien, Ra. Brown, A. Stratman, K. Hagedorn, B. Kom, T. Courts, J. Springer, D. Richley, D. Weirner. ROW TWO: D. Reinhart fMgr.j, B. Seigle, K. Hicks, T. But- ler, Ru. Brown, B. Thielmeyer, J. Osborne, T. Springer, B. Silber, T. Unks, E. Burns, R. Rooks, R. Alering, Coach Betz. ROW THREE: Coach Brinker, Coach Stefan, M. Long, D. Sutton, J. Stormer, C. Steiner, B. Ross, T. Morris, C. Oliver, W. Etzel, A. Wessner, R. Douglas, B. Waidner, D. Hoffman, B. McKee, Coach Dunnett. ROW FOUR: D. Oetzel, T. Galardo, J. Weber, G. Figg, B. Ricketts, T. Roberts, R. Schwaeble, F. Hartman, C. Richter, J. Bitter, M. Dickman, J. Fein, T. Trapp, G. Taylor, K. Bowen, P. Wood. FOOTBALL N fl x Mr. Brinker, Mr. Schlosser, Mr. Dunnett, Mr. Stefan, and Mr. Betz are the coaches, who guide our teams through the year at Mt. Healthy. s KK! ' Mi X 1 u.,.sw Coach Schlosser gives the team some last minute pointers before our last game, with Reading. This strategy certainly proved itself in a 20-14 victory for the Owls. 'serif' 1 .Q .ani lv", 2 A H r S 'LA' 545 af r 4- Ag, ., V gf? 5 .A -Q, ' fm -, . c Fw xv N., - -X i , K Ray Brown Torn Courts Right Guaid Fullback SCORES M.H.H.S. 6 .... N.C.H.... ...l8 6 .... Greenhills ..... 24 O .... Colerain . . . . . 26 " 33 .... Princeton ...... 0 14 .... Deer Park ..... 38 14 .... Lockland . . . . 38 , O .... Wyoming ..... 52 49 .... Mt. Sterling . . . . 0 14 .... Taylor ..... . . 22 Z 20 .... Reading . . . . . .14 Q , Dick Richley Left I-Ialiback QE Art Stratman Al Wessner Center Right Halfback 15,3 X l 3 X Ken Hagedorn Quarterback Jim Springer Right End Dick Weimer Right Tackle Margie Van Vliet, Lana Brischke, Eileen Kuhlmann, Jean Bahr, and Phyllis McLaren, Varsity Cheerleaders, help spur the Owls on to victory. Mt. Healthy shows its school spirit by coming out for the annual Pow Wow to begin football season. kg ff' ix 1 Q if 74- Coach Schlosser receives information on the opposing team while a group of Mt. Healthy Football players anxiously wait to get into the game. The Owls show their never-ending fight with this tackle near the sidelines. 4. ,J , JN -- 8 fx . ' .- ' 1 f' - M ..,..,,.1, V 1 ll. - i N a wfm.inf1fi"ka jg 1.3 - 7 1 v Q "f- y 1 Liv 2, r - V ff - ,la 1, -- ,- , 1 1 1' 14, f f 3- xl-K . ,JL - Q I I "l"f' in? 2 Z l?1u'11Q:-fr-1' :fffil ' " ' - .- -'-'-f-i ,3g5:5 s.+ l'5"f'mgf,. T4 .,., ,Q QQ Zwfigf .. wwf' ", -B--..1 - K- 4 ' Mx s.,-guy - is ,j,g,,y,j', . uw--K. . V aww-2 fm -f ,l'.+5.'.'ArsQ ' .. Nm r J 1,!f X, . 4 iXf1'a-H2 93- S73 5+ vy--wf ,nl - ,. fx -- l Q . i iiiff-it i iQ . Artie Stratman crowms Queen Eileen Kuhlman as Mr. Bob Anderson looks on enviously. FQQTBALL HOIVIECQIVIING Diane Schnetzer, Nancy Wallbrech, Lana Brischke, Queen Eileen Kuhlman, Bonnie Frey, Jane Westendorf and Betty Lislerman are all smiles after the big ceremony. Eileen is the Football Queen! 75 Coach Betz gives his Junior High team some last minute instructions before the game. 5 from 44" s f- i I, ' .-,f-,.-".,- ,,,.-Li-f Junior High Cheerleaders are Gwen Peters, Sandy Morris, Nancy Seigle, Joyce Byar, and Beverly McKendree. BASKETBALL H S 1 2 if X -- -Q 2h ..e '- X E ji: z a w 'L g Q T 3' - 'L sl- , T ' Q v e Q S 5 9 1 The varsity cheerleaders are: STANDING: Lana Brischke, Eileen Kuhlmann, Jean Bahr. KNEELING: Margie Van Vliet, and Phyllis McLaren. 4 Jump Ron, Jump! 77 From the top: Harriet Rettinger, Linda Taylor and Sheila Perkins, Reserve Cheerleaders, are ready for another game. Hahn ROW ONE Coach Dunnett, B Lapsley, C Wllson T Sprmger R Cohen, T Morris, F. Enders Coach Mc Nabb ROW TWO J Spr1nger,L Martxm, R Rooks B Sllber J Bxtter B Gllhart. SCORES Colerain . N.C.I-I. . . Greenhills St. Bernard Lockland . Wyoming . Reading . . Deer Park . N.C.H. . . Greenhills St. Bernard Liockland . Wyoming . Reading . . Deer Park . Taylor . . . Harrison . . Taylor . . . Jim Springer, Bob Lapsley, and Larry Martini, senior players of our varsity team brush-up on their foul shooting. Tom Weirich shows some of the Ow1's scoring power as he fires a jump-shot against Greenhills. 41 It's a fake--drive--and in for another basket for Ron Rooks! 79 BASKETBALL HOIVIECOIVIING +5 H- ,,. k,k. he Judy Albrecht Pep Squad 'mvaggi' Joyce Denby Cam era Club Sue Barwick Lana Brischke Janet Cook Spanish Club Latin Club Band Gale Hudson Eileen Kuhlmann Betty Listerman C.A.A. L.G.D. Sophomore Hi-Y 1 FE Nancy Macaluso Janet Martin Carol Reuter Diane Schnetzer Spotlight Club Concert Chorus Hoot'n Holler Home Ec. Club 80 FEBRUARY 14, 1959 Q V8.3- Jean Staubach Barbara Van Ausdall Zem Zem Science Club Mary Van Guelpen Nancy Wallbrech Queen Jane Westendorf Student Council Y-TC-ISHS "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody" is the theme as Queen Jane, Senior Hi-Y's candidate, stands with her court. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM ROW ONE: W. Etzel, L. Kuhlmann, P. Weber, B. Butts, W. Rambo, T. Morris, C. Oliver, C. Steiner, R. Cohen, S. Willis. ROW TWO: D. Zimmerman, L. Moore, C. Fig, W. Ross, D. Sutter, E. Bitter, N. Brooks, B. Gilhart, J. Fein, M. Hauer, Coach Dunnette, J. Kennedy. FRESH MAN BASKETBALL TEAM ROW ONE: J. Joesting fmgizj, G. Braunwart, T. Galardo, R. Schwaeble, M. Long, H. Williams, Coach Brinker. ROW TWO: E. Aufdenberg, B. Seigle, B. Ricketts, F. Hartman, G. Taylor, S. Beisner. 82 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM AND CHEERLEADERS ROW ONE: B. McKendree, G. Peters, N. Seigle, J. Byar, S. Morris. ROW TWO: T. Fein, J. Mueller, D. Hagedom, D. Conover, D. Klenk, R. Coodpaster, B. Henn, J. Marston, J. Stratman. ROW THREE: Coach Seyberth, B. Sarvo, D. Osbome, F. Spears, B. Hare, G. Hammond, T. Etzel, D. Jasper, Coach Betz. XX The L.C.D. initiates entertained before school on "Liberace Day." 83 Come on, Dennie, make those shoes shine! Are you enjoying Hi-Y initiation? BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM ROW ONE: Coach Dunnette, D. Smith, J. Osborne, T. Courts, L. Martini, K. I-Iagedorn. ROW TWO: T. Shot well, J. Springer, R. Brown, C. Wilson, B. Lapsley. ROW THREE: C. Steiner, T. Morris, E. Burns, H. Shaw, D. Richley. lid Bums is safe at home plate. Come on now, slug that ball! 84 SAE! 41, 'u ULU!! f .NK :Lf xxidg, ' ' . - 6' MIL F44 , J Q Q' "" N L: ww. f--..i.2-- -La.-e -4.4. . A :Qi 'all al 1 RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM ROW ONE: Coach Brinker, J. Fein, R. McSwain, G. Braunwart, D. Oetzel, T. Logan, T. Galardo ROW TWO: R. Ramsey, E. Aufdenberg, W. Rickets, G. Taylor, J. Joesting, D. Schaefer ROW THREE: S. Beisner, F. Hartman, B. Seigle, W. Ross, E. Bitter. JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL TEAM 'fini mf l . i half ROW ONE: Coach Betz, J. Mueller, D. Conover, D. Merkel, R. Goodpaster, M. Oetzel, T Fem fmgrq. ROW TWO: J. Marston, D. Hagedom, J. Stratman, R. Cutter, B. Henn. ROW THREE F Spears, T. Etzel, D. Jasper, D. Osborne, D. Young. 85 GOLF TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Kimmelman, Andy Stewart, John Klotz, Vayne Koch, Dale Smyth and Captain Hugh Nevin. f-s John and Gus practice driving balls before a golf match. 86 ROW ONE: R. Rooks, K. Hicks, G. Weltzein, T. Unks, F. Enders, D. Sutter, H. Williams, B. Curwin. ROW TWO: B. Silber, T. Springer, R. Zimmerman, W. Etzel, J. Klein, M. Dickman, R. Brown, V. Pffeifer, Mr. Kuhlman. Absent: B. Douglass. TRACK TEAIVI Bob Jones is up-up and over for the high-jump. Bob Silber pole vaults at a track meet. ,Lim W .X . It looks like a mighty close race. iglhfls 87 sf f is X x fx ll 1, 'S NNW Q mf -ff 4 2 QFQr SENICDRS The Seniors of the class of 1959 can look back on many happy and pleasant memories of their high school days. They have gained and contributed much on our "Steps to Success" at Mt. Healthy. 88 AWARDS r 5 iss KV. ,gg A A as A 'W A 1:- Janet Cook Jean Staubach Art Stratman Valedictorian Salutatorian Historian Babe Ruth Awards . . . . . Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award . . . Danforth Aw ards ................. G.A.A. Ring ..... Mathematics Award Model Shoe Award .... Mr. 8a Miss Mt. Healthy . . Z.em Z.em Awards . . Nancy Wallbrech Art Stratman Janet Cook Jean Staubach Steve Caldwell Janet Cook Janet Cook Ken Hagedorn Ken Hagedorn Nancy Wallbrech Janet Cook Jean Staubach Art Stratman i x . Mrs. Roach congratulates Ken and Nancy upon being Jim Kennedy receives an award for outstand chosen Mr. Sz Miss Mt. Healthy of 1959. ing work in Senior Hi-Y. 90 Janet Cook, valedictorian of the class, receives one of W the Zem Zem Awards. Mr. Dunnette awards Jim Springer a trophy for his participation in baseball three years V Janet Westendorf receives a medal for her work on the Zem Zem Staff. A11 sen- ior members on the staff receive this award. Pat Bowman is given an award for her participation ru music. Even Mr. Schlosser was honored with awards for being Healt.hy's best male Health teacher and Driver's Ed. teacher. fl-Ie is the only one of each sub ject.j 91 1 -ffl H-I-'R Q BACCALAUREATE SERVICE MAY 24, 1959 REVEREND HERBERT Lists, Presiding PRELUDE: "Adagio" Mendelssohn Jane Haefele--Organist PROCESSIONAL: "Largo" Handel HYMN: "Quit You Like Men" PRAYER IN UNISON SCRIPTURE READING: Joshua 24: 8-15 Rev. H. L. Wainscott EVENING PRAYER: Rev. Walter L. Bingham ANTHEM: Hark, Hark, My Soul Smart Gloria Skinner, Nancy Rees, Mike Long, Kirby Bowen Gayle Switzer,Donna Jo Nolte, Raymond Enderle, Don Hobbs SERMON: What Choice Will You Make? Rev. R. V. Pelton SOLO: Out of the Deep Have I Called unto Thee Bedell Don Hobbs--Bass HYMN: l Gave My Life for Thee BENEDICTION: Rev. John Wade COIVIIVIENCEIVIENT MAY 29, 1959 .J-l"l Janet Cook receives her diploma from Mr. Butterfield. Jean Staubach retums to her chair as Diane Sch- netzer goes to get her diploma. "Yes, we finally made it." Aren't they a handsome N group of graduates? v I W ii "It was hot up there! Let me help you with your robe, fellow graduate." i 3 .w ig, The Recessional THROUGH THE YEARS ROW ONE K Case, J. Staubach, J. Cook, C. Reuter. ROW TWO: D. Schnetzer, M Salzman L Peters, J Westendorf. ROW THREE: R. Zimmerman, D. Muskopf, W. Korn, D. Henn, J Springer As the years have come and gone, many people have walked up the steps at Mt Healthy High School. These thirteen seniors are sons and daughters of former Mt Healthy graduates who have remained near Mt. Healthy through the years. We are proud to have them as a part on our "Steps To Success." Kathy Case . . . Janet Cook . . . Don Henn . . . Bill Korn .... David Muskopf . . . . . Linda Peters . . Carol Reuter . . Melind a Salzman Diane Schnetzer . . . . . Jim Springer . . . Jean Staubach . . Jane Westendorf . Ron Zimmerman Father Mother Father Mother Father Mother Mother Mother Father Mother Father Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Milton Case Margaret Klenk Vernon I-Ienn Alma Klenk Walter W. Korn Gladys Meinberg Margaret Aulick Anne Louise Boehner Robert F. Reuter Mary J. Wallace William R. Salzman Virginia Reilly Rebecca Aulick Marie Meier Luella A. Brinkman Ruth Hoffner SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS we The officers of the senior class are Don Henn, Presidentg Joan Padgett, Secretaryg Larry Martini, Treasurerg and Steve Caldwell, Vice President. The senior class Student Council Representatives are ROW ONE: K. Case, J. Westendorf, N. Wallbrech, M. Van Guelpen, B. Frey. ROW TWO: D. Henn, J. Seim, D. Nolte, A. Stamer, K. Hagedorn, S. Caldwell. Motto: "Forward ever, backward never." Colors: Scarlet and gray. Flower: White Carnation Song: "You'11 Never Walk A1one." JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM BALI HA'I The Junior-Senior Prom of 1959 was indeed a wonderful evening to remember. With "Bali Ha'i" as the theme, the gym was trans formed completely. Couples danced to the music of the Bull Moose Orchestra amid palm trees and exotic flowers. Most beautiful of all was the mountain concealed by soft clouds of angel's hair. I As a part of the floor show, this group of boys sang Gloria Skinner sang and danced to 'The Sweetheart of Srgma Chr ' "Wonderful Guy." -.9 zu? ,,..ikWX2.:iQ--- Ol'-H The cast in the Semor Class Play take their final curtain call D Decker, J. Cook, D. Schnetzer, G. Nevin, N Wallbrech, J Barker, T Seigle, J Klotz, J Martin, J Lloyd, C Hudson, A. Stewart, B. Van Ausdall. "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" g. ,rf K Hagedom Sylvia Staten applies make Maynard to Jim Lloyd. LEFT: Janet Martin as "Alice" and Tom Seigle as "Tony" are shown here in one of the more serious scenes. RIGHT: How could anyone forget "Grandpa" played by John Klotz? f I I Judith Albrecht Nancy Albright Linda Alexander Armand Aufdenberg Jack Barker Suzanne Barwick Mike Beisner Mary Jean Bellanca STEPS TO SUCCESS IVIAY IVIEAN IVIANY THINGS, Diane Bessey Mary Bitter Donald Bowen Patricia Bowman Larry Bradford Dave Brinkmoeller Lana Brischke Raymond Brown BUT TO THE CLASS OF 1959, THEY IVIEAN MEMORIES OF EXPERIENCE AND OF FRIENDS Ken Bushman Ste Caldwell Kathleen Case Janice Chambers James Barry Clyde J t C k Tom Courts R0b61't COY 100 - THAT WILL NOT SOON BE FORGOTTEN AS Melva Craft Don Decker Joyce Denby Bruce Douglass Rose Ender James Fannin Patricia Fox Bonnie Frey W fX'f5J A Charles Gilhart Robert Grogan Lucian Guy Kenneth Hagedorn 'lm x, .. JJ!! 2' s W i2 ?E5LffH-I r e . , 102 Donald Henn Leonard Hesse Richard Hilgeman Shirley Hirsch Robert Jones Marlene Jurgen Judy Kahle Carol Kase Dick Hohenstatt Ken Honnert Gale Hudson Mark Jacobs Z STUR N 103 ef . f' I William Korn Linda Krahling Eileen Kuhlmann Mary Jo Kuhlman James Kenne dy Cathy Kist Jerolyn Klein John Klotz an K I' 1 ' is F 1 104 'SN Judy Langenb ahn Bob Lapsley Fred Lebere cht Kathy Leming John Lewis Betty Listermann Jim Lloyd ' Carole Loesche 105 X Pat Lohr Howard Lutchin Nancy Macaluso Janet Martin Larry Martini Larry Maynard Robert McSpadden Jim Morgan CONTINUE OUR VVAY ON TI-IE STAIRCASE THAT E., - X' Jane Mueller David Muskopf Hugh Nevin Denny Nolte Tom Ohmer Joan Padgett L1nda Peters Lo1s Praechter LEADS TO THE FUTUREQ A FUTURE WE HOPE WILL BE AS SUCCESSFUL AND PRGSPEROUS Peggy Price Charlotte Raikes Carol Reuter Richard Richley Ruth Riley Carol Rocca Melinda Salzman Dorothy Schiering 108 AS OUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS OF THE PAST. ESR Clem Schmidt George Schmidt Diana Schnetzer Tom Seigle Gerald Seim Terry Shotwell Jackie Sorn Jim Springer 109 E -li ' !L.,, 1 Al " llI- 7-7 Ainslee Starner Je an Staubach Steve Steigelman Andy Stewart 110 Arthur Stratman Barbara Van Ausdall Roger Van DeRyt Mary Van Guelpen Mary Wiesman Janet Wiesmann Mary Lou Wingerberg E1-ra Lee Winn Nancy Ann Wallbrech Delbert Walls Dick Weimer Jane Westendorf lll Alan Andre Carl Dobkins Ronald Hage dorn Ruth Hardwick Homer Weimer Roger Wingerberg Ronald Zimmerman Gerald Zwicker gi Jim Fannin and Janet Wiesmann pantomined "Every Street is a boule vard." Here we find the Make -up Crew working of our seniors for the Class Play. "Man! Cook--sho' do look lak' a culud woman! Other class members: on SOIHE Janet H These Physics students seem to have just about figured out the mechan- Who could forget the "riotous" M.C. job Bob and Tom Seigle Erra Lee Winn sang "We've Come A did for the L.G.D. talent show. long Way Together" as her part in the show. ical advantage of this auto jack. SENIOR ACTIVITY LIST JUDITH A. AIBRECI-IT--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Concert Chorus 3,45 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,45 Spotlight Club 45 Basketball Queen Candidate. NANCY L. ALBRIGHT--Band 1,2,35 G.A.A. 45 Latin Club 25 L.G.D. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 4. LINDA ALEXANDER--Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Spanish Club 35 Scholarship Team 3. ARMAND R. AUFDENBERG--Latin Club 25 Spot- light Club 45 Reserve Basketball 1,25 Manager 3,4. JACK BARKER--Latin Club 25 Science Club 3. SUZANNE BARWICK--Camera Club 25 G.A.A. 1,2,45 Concert Chorus 3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Basketball Queen Candidate. MIKE C. BEISNER--Band 3,45 Senior Hi-Y 45 Latin Club 15 Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 35 Track 35 Honor Roll 1. MARY JEAN BELLANCA--Band 1,2,3,45 L.G.D. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 2,3,4. DIANE K. BESSEY--Home Ec. Club 45 Y-Teens 45 Pep Squad 2. MARY L. BITTER--Glee Club 3,45 Concert Chorus 3,45 Spotlight 45 Home Ec. Club 1,2,3. DONALD BOWEN--Varsity Baseball 35 Woodward. PATRICIA G. BOWMAN--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 35 Concert Chorus 3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Spotlight 45 Reserve Volleyball 3. LARRY BRADFORD DAVE B. BRINKMOELLER--Science Club 15 Spanish Club 15 Spotlight 45 Football 1,35 Roger Bacon l. LANA J. BRISCHKE--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Concert Chorus 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 L.G.D. 3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 1,2,35 Class Officer 35 Football Queen Candidate5 Basketball Queen Candidate5 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Volleyball 2,35 Basketball 2,3,4. RAYMOND L. BROWN--Richland, Washington 1,25 Reserve Football 1,25 Varsity Football 3,45 Reserve Basketball 15 Varsity Baseball 1,2,4. KEN R. BUSHMAN--Band 1,2,35 Glee Club 35 Concert Chorus 45 Reserve Basketball 25 Track 2,3. STEVE CALDWELL--Camera Club 15 Senior Hi-Y 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Hoot N' Holler 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3,45 Reserve Basketball 1,25 Scholar- ship Team 35 Class Officer 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 35 Honor Roll 1,2,3. KATHLEEN B. CASE--Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 15 Latin Club 1,25 L.G.D. 3,45 Pep Squad 35 Science Club 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Scholarship Team 1,25 Basketball 25 Volleyball 3. JANICE M. CHANUSERS--G.A.A. 2,35 Y-Teens 1,2, 3,45 Spotlight Club 4: Zem Zem Staff 35 Volleyball 2. JAMES B. CLYDE--Glee Club 15 Concert Chorus 15 Soph. Hi-Y 1,25 Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Pep Squad 25 Sci- ence Club 15 Spotlight Club 45 Track 35 Scholarship Team 35 Hughes High School. JANET L. COOK--Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Glee Club 15 Latin Club 25 L.G.D. 2,3,45 Hoot N' Holler 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 3,45 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Basketball Queen Candidate5 Girls' State. TOM COURTS--Glee Club 1,25 Reserve Football 15 Varsity Football 2,3,45 Reserve Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 25 Reserve Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball 2,45 Track 2. ROBERT E. COY--Band 2,3,45 Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Spot- light Club 45 Reserve Baseball 3. MELVA CRAFT--G.A.A. 1,2,35 Concert Chorus 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Volleyball 1,2,35 Basketball 2,3. DON DECKER--Spotlight Club 4. JOYCE M. DENBY--Camera Club 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Glee Club 15 L.G.D. 3,45 Hoot N' Holler 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 45 Science Club 3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Basketball 2,35 Scholar ship Team 25 Basketball Queen Candidate5 Volley- ball 2,35 Honor Roll 2,3,45 Plainville High School 1,2 BRUCE S. DOUGLASS--Latin Club 35 Pep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Football 25 Reserve Basket- ball Manager 35 Track 2,3,45 Scholarship Team 25 Honor Roll 25 Indianapolis, Indiana 1,2. ROSE ENDERLE--G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 35 Concert Chorus 45 Volleyball 3. JAMES D. FANNIN--Glee Club 3,45 Concert Chorus 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Reading High School 1,2. PATRICIA A. FOX--San Fernando Senior High 1,2,3. BONNIE L. FREY--G.A.A. 25 Latin Club 25 L.G.D. 3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Pep Squad 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 3,45 Scholarship Team 25 Football Queen Candidate 4. CHARLES C. GILHART ROBERT P. GROGAN--Latin Club 1,25 Science Club 15 Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Football 15 Roger Bacon 1,2,3. LUCIAN GUY--Track 1. KENNETH HAGEDORN--Band 1,25 Glee Club 15 Senior I-li-Y 2,3,45 Latin Club 25 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 45 Varsity Football 2,3,45 Varsity Basketball 2,35 Varsity Base- ball 1,2,3, 45 Track 2,35 Boys' State 35 Honor Roll 1,2. -'35-, pig?-. o ' 1 ,. I I2 H-it 1:5 01" .fr- " 5 4' 0 Q 'Eg C' 2, 'Inf 7, S ' Q' K.. ii' I , 1 " Jpfjl 5451, 15 1,0 10 v - I -' DONALD V. HENN--Band 1,2,35 Glee Club 15 Concert Chorus 15 Senior Hi-Y 2,3,45 Science Club 35 Spanish Club 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Varsity Basketball 2,35 Reserve Basketball 15 Reserve Baseball 15 Track 25 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Honor Roll l,2,3. LEONARD I-IESSE RICHARD G. HILGEMAN--Band 2,3,45 Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Science Club 35 Spotlight Club 45 Basketball Manager 2,35 Track 3,4. SHIRLEY HIRSCH--Home Ec. Club 45 Y-Teens 1,4. DICK P, HOHENSTATT--Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Basketball 1,25 Track 25 Scholarship Team 3. KEN J. HONNERT--Scholarship Team 2. GALE HUDSON--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Spanish Club 25 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball 2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,4. MARK JACOBS--Glee Club 25 Concert Chorus 3,45 Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Latin Club 25 I-loot N' Holler 1,2, 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Golf 2. ROBERT R. JONES--Varsity Football 35 Varsity Basketball 25 Reserve Basketball 1,25 Track 1,2,45 Varsity Basketball 4. MARLENE L. JURGEN--G.A.A. 1,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Y-Teens 15 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Scholarship Team 25 Honor Roll 1. JUDY I.. KAHLE --Spanish Club 1,25 Honor Roll l,2,3 CAROL L. KASE--G.A.A. 3,45 Glee Club 35 Concert Chorus 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Spotlight Club 4. JAMES W. KENNEDY--Band 1,2,3,45 Senior Hi-Y 45 Latin Club 2 5 Spotlight Club 45 Basketball Manager 45 Track 35 Scholarship Team 1. CATHY R. KIST--G.A.A. 1,25 Home Ec. Club 1,25 Y-Teens 1,45 Varsity Volleyball 2. JEROLYN H. KLEIN--G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 15 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Spotlight Club 4. JOHN A. KLOTZ--Band 2,3,45 Senior Hi-Y 45 Spot- light Club 45 Golf 2,3,45 Woodward High School 2,3,4. VVILLIAM E. KORN--Reserve Football 15 Varsity Football 3. LINDA L. KRAHLING--G.A.A. 3,45 Latin Club 25 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 4. EILEEN H. KUHLMANN--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 L.G.D. 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Basketball Queen Candidate5 Football Queen Candidate5 Basketball 45 Honor Roll 1. MARY JO KUHLMAN --Spotlight Club 4. JUDY A. LANGENBAHN--G.A.A. 1,2,35 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Volleyball 2,35 Basketball 2,3. BOB LAPSLEY--Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Pep Squad 15 Spot- light Club 45 Reserve Basketball 1,25 Varsity Basket- ball 3,45 Reserve Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball 2,3,45 Yokohama, Japan 15 Upper Arlington 2,3. FRED LEBERECHT--Latin Club 25 Science Club 35 Spotlight Club 4. 5 KATHY E. LEMING--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Concert Chorus 3,45 Home Ec. Club 3,45 Y-Teens '1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 4. JOI-LN LEWIS--Spanish Club 25 Spotlight Club 45 Scholarship Team 1. BETTY C. LISTERMANN--G.A.A. 1,25 Concert Cho- rus 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Pep Squad 1,25 Football Queen Candidate5 Basketball Queen Candidate5 Volleyball 1,2. JIM E. LLOYD--Senior Hi-Y 45 Latin Club 25 Pep Squad 25 Spotlight Club 4. CAROLE L. LOESCHE--St. Bernard High School l,2,3. PAT K. IJOHR--G.A.A.' 1,25 Y-Teens 45 Pep Squad 25 Spanish Club 45 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball 3. HOWARD L. LUTCI-IIN NANCY J. MACALUSO--G.A.A. 25 Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Scholarship Team 1,25 Basketball Queen Candidate5 Class Officer 2. JANET F. MARTIN--Glee Club 15 Concert Chorus 2,3,45 L.G.D. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2, 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 35 Scholarship Team 15 Basketball Queen Candidate 4. LARRY S. MARTINI--Glee Club 1,25 Concert Cho- rus 1,25 Senior Hi-Y 2,3,45 Latin Club 25 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 1,25 Reserve Basketball 1,25 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Class Officer 1,45 Honor Roll 1,35 Track 2,3,4. LARRY MAYNARD--Spotlight Club 4. ROBERT M. MCSPADDEN--Concert Chorus 3,45 Track 35 North College Hill High School 1,2. JIM R. MORGAN--Sophomore Hi-Y 25 Reserve Foot- ball 25 Reserve Basketball 25 Colerain High School 1 2. JANE v. MUELLER--Band 1,2,3,4, c.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,3,45 Latin Club 25 L.G.D. 45 Hoot N' Holler 2,3,45 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 15 Zem Zem Staff 3,45 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Class Officer 2,3. DAVE E. MUSKOPF--Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Science Club 3,45 Spotlight Club 4. HUGH NEVIN--Glee Club 15 Concert Chorus 25 Sen- ior Hi-Y 45 Hoot N' Holler 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 45 Reserve Football 15 Reserve Basket- ball 25 Scholarship Team 35 Golf 3,45 Honor Roll 2,3,45 Chicago, Illinois 1,2. DENNY S. NOLTE--Glee Club 1,25 Concert Chorus 2,3,45 Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Latin Club 25 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 45 Zem Zem Staff 3,45 Reserve Basketball 25 Honor Roll 2,3. TOM A. OHMER JOAN PADGETT--G.A.A. 1,2,35 Concert Chorus 45 Home Ec. Club 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2, 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Class Officer 2,3,4. LINDA L. PETERS--Concert Chorus 15 Y-Teens 1. LOIS A. PRAECI-ITER--Y-Teens 3,4. PEGGY L. PRICE--Glee Club 35 Concert Chorus 45 Home Ec. Club 45 Y-Teens 45 Spotlight Club 4. CHARLOTTE J. RAIKES--Glee Club 35 Concert Cho- 1'14 rus 35 Home Ec. Club 15 Y-Teens 15 Basketball 15 North College Hill High School 1. CAROL J. REUTER--G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Concert Chorus 3,45 L.G.D. 3,45 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Rep squad 1,2,a,4, Spotlight Club 4, Scholarship Team 2,35 Basketball 35 Class Officer 45 Basketball Queen Candidate 45 Hoot N' Holler 3,4. RICHARD C. RICHLEY--Concert Chorus 15 Senior Hi-Y 2,3,45 Latin Club 25 Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Football 15 Varsity Football 2,3,45 Reserve Basket- ball 1,25 Reserve Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,3. RUTH A. RILEY--G.A.A. 15 Glee Club 35 Concert Chorus 45 Latin Club 25 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Pep Squad 15 Spotlight Club 4. CAROL A. ROCCA--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3. MELINDA S. SALZMAN --Spotlight Club 4. DOROTHY M. SCI-IIERING--G.A.A. 1,25 Glee Club 35 Concert Chorus 3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,25 Basketball 15 Class Officer 1. CLEM E. SCHMIDT GEORGE C. SCHIMIDT--Concert Chorus 3. DIANA S. SCHNETZER--G.A.A. 3,45 Home Ec. Club 2,3,45 L.G.D. 3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Football Queen Candidate5 Basket- ball Queen Candidate. TOM R. SEIGLE--Glee Club 15 Concert Chorus 2,3,45 Senior Hi-Y 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 1,25 Reserve Basket- ball 15 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Reserve Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball 25 Track 2,35 Cheerleader 2,35 Honor Roll 1,35 Science Club 3. GERALD W. SEIM--Senior l-Ii-Y 3,45 Pep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 3,45 Reserve Basket- ball 25 Track 25 Varsity Basketball 3. TERRY SHOTWELL--Band 1,2,3,45 Senior Hi-Y 2,3,45 Latin Club 25 Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Basket- ball 1,25 Reserve Baseball 1,2,35 Varsity Baseball 45 Varsity Basketball 3,4. JACKIE R. SORN--Concert Chorus 1,25 Spotlight Club 4. JIM E. SPRINGER--Varsity Football 2,3,45 Varsity Basketball 2,45 Reserve Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball 2,3,45 Track 2. AINSLEE M. STARNER--Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,25 Home Ec. Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 3,45 Spotlight Club 4. JEAN M. STAUBACH--G.A.A. 3,45 Glee Club 15 Home Ec. Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 L.G.D. 3,45 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 3,45 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Basket- ball Queen Candidate5 Science Club 35 Honor Roll l,2,3. STEVE STEIGLEMAN--Scholarship Team 35 Green- hills High School 1,2. ANDY M. STEWART--Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Football 1 ,2 5 Golf 35 Oklahoma City High School l,2,3. ARTHUR T. STRATMAN--Senior Hi-Y 3,45 Latin Club 35 Science Club 35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 45 Zem Zem Staff 3,45 Varsity Football 2,3,45 Reserve Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 2,35 Reserve Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball 2,35 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Boys' State 35 Oak Grove Jr. High 1. BARBARA VAN AUSDALL--Camera Club 3,45 G.A.A. 35 Concert Chorus 3,45 L.G.D. 45 Y-Teens 3,45 Pep Squad 3,45 Science Club 45 Spanish Club 35 Spotlight Club 45 Scholarship Team 35 Latin Club 1,25 Basket- ball Queen Candidate5 Berkley High School l,2. ROGER VAN DE RYT--Reserve Football 1. MARY C. VAN GUELPEN--Concert Chorus 3,45 Home Ec. Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,3545 Scholarship Team 25 Basketball Queen Candi- date5 Class Officer 35 Honor Roll l,2,3. NANCY A. WALLBRECH--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 15 L.G.D. 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 45 Foot- ball Queen Candidateg Basketball Queen Candidate5 Reserve Volleyball Team 2. DELBERT R. WALLS--Spotlight Club 45 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Golf 25 North Col- lege I-lill High School l,2,3. DICK C. WEIMER--Varsity Football 2,3,4. JANE C. WESTENDORF--G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 15 Latin Club 1,25 L.G.D. 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council l,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3,45 Football Queen Candidate Basketball Queen5 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,35 Honor Roll 1,2. MARY J. WISEMAN--Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. JANET K. WISEMANN--Glee Club 15 Concert Cho- rus 3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Pep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 4. MARY LOU WINGERBERG--Y-Teens 3,4. ERRA LEE WINN--Band 1,2,35 Glee Club 15 Concert Chorus 45 Y-Teens 2,35 Pep Squad 35 Science Club 3,45 Spanish Club 35 Spotlight Club 45 Scholarship Team 3. RONALD S. ZIMMERMAN--Glee Club 1,25 Concert Chorus 1,25 Senior Hi-Y 2,3,45 Latin Club 25 Pep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 45 Reserve Basketball 1,25 Varsity Basketball 35 Reserve Baseball 15 Track 2,3545 Honor Roll l,2,3. GERALD H. ZWICKER--Latin Club 25 Scholarship Team 2,3. ALAN K. ANDRE--North High School l,2,3. CARL DOBKINS--Concert Chorus 2,3,45 Hughes High School l,2,3. RON C. HAGEDORN--Glee Club 1,25 Concert Cho- rus 3. RUTH A. HARDWICK--Hughes High School 1,2. HOMER WEIMER, Jr. ROGER S. WINGERBERG xi alfa? 6193 M, .- I " I N ' 115 ROW ONE: K. Kincaid, J. Padgett, V. Logan, C. Ehrhardt. ROW TWO: J. Egan, P. Lohr, C. Nelson, D. Topits, K. Bryant. ROW THREE: Mrs. Ernst, D. McCoo1, B. Wiest, J. Albrecht, E. Taphorn, D. Schiering. ROW FOUR: Mrs. Roach, N. Wallbrech, B. Gau, M. Middleton, J. Martin, Mrs. Diering. OFFICE STAFF AND MAINTENANCE ,,r,..---f Mr. J. Richmond, Mr. H. Seitz, Miss I. Koehler, Mr. W. Faller. 116 ROW ONE: T. Logan, J. Mercer, C. Weber, J. Moeller, C. Braunwart, J. Weber, M. Stephenson, B. Cuzzort ROW TWO: T. Weirich, B. Coy, L. Kuhlman, D. Pickering, D. Richley, R. Richley, D. Reinhart. ROW THREE: T. Roberts, T. Shotwell, R. Hissett, K. Bowen, M. McQueery, J. Fein, A. Aufdenberg, M. Beisner. CAFETERIA WORKERS Y... . New - my .Q J .7 X xy -'f X SEATED: Clara Hudepohl, Evelyn Van Pelt, Rose Schomaker. STANDING: Marian Hardwick, Marian Jackson, Elizabeth Endres, Virginia Ackerman, Noreen Bunnell. 117 JXXPW ADVERTISEMENTS On the subsequent pages will be found adver- tisements of the various organizations, shops, and companies throughout the Cincinnati area which have contributed financially to this year's Zem Zem. The Zem Zem Staff wishes to thank these organizations for helping Zem Zem up one of its many "Steps To Success." 118 'VT' ww .. X... SHNRN EISA- SYS 15 .- 1 'Vffx' W' s S 'Z ,.f,,,,,x it I 43' I '21 wif I..-if '1'!fif-fiigwg uw X " k Nm-W -Q --1 ...N--w..+"w" 10" mis THE MT. HEALTHY SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY ORGANIZED FEBRUARY 27,1887 CAPITAL STOCK 520,000,000 7521 Hamilton Avenue OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS L. J. Steinbrecker V. B. Keeling . . . Ray Theders . . . Harry H. Ahrens . C. W. Steinbrecker EarI W. Muskopf . Frank W. Stout . . Charles S. Brown . . . . . an .- ................President . . . 1st Vice President . . 2nd Vice President . . Treasurer Secretary and Attorney Robert F. Ahrens . . . . . . . . . .Asst. Secretary Director . . Director Director 120 Compliments Of LOU'S PARKVIEW MARKET Mt. Healthy 7607 Hamilton Avenue JA 'I-6177 BERNHARDT'S PHARMACY ll Q x M1 121 A ,Je f""lfmP MT. Healfhy, Ohio Mr. Lutterbie fills Dick Iml1ulse's car with Blue Sunoco from the Miracle Pump at ' MT. HEALTHY GARAGE MAIN THEATER BANKLICK GRAVEL CO. John D. Haskins, Sr. Kemper Road John D. Haskins, Jr. Banlcrun Gravel, Topsoil, and Fill Dirt Mg jj? 122 nil-if ., .,.. -,Q- -"""6m"""""""""" fe..-9-"X-v+f"'V .M-w""'M STOELTING'S GULF SERVICE Ham i lton and S 1 BVBHS Quick and Efficient Service Compliments Of WALTER W. KORN Mayor of Mt. Healthy 1""" Tom Galardo is getting his hair cut by the new barber at LEMKUHL'S BARBER SHOP Mrs. Roseler trims Janet Cook's hair at When looking for beautiful flo Susan Klenk goes to MODERNE BEAUTY SHOP RUDOLPH'S GARDNER'S GROCERY 10296 Burlington Road Jackson 'I-8937 124 W. F. WELLAND Contracting Plasterer 7428 F A JA 1 7807 JACK" STEINBRECKER ,KFWIWD fx ' nhl!-V W X 7 . E- -E f' 7' H5126 '70 FORD SALES 8. SERVICE will sd' you MT. HEALTHY 'NSURANCE morons INC. if you cull JA 'I-9800 Garden ofTI1e Oid Rugged Cross ARLINGTON MEMORIAL GARDENS ASSN., 2145 Compton Rd. MT. Healthy Cincinnati 3I, Ohio Good Luck 1959 Graduates I KNOLLMAN LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of THOMAS GRAHAM ASSOCIATES Bob Jones looks on as "Butch" Reif buys a box of candy at HESSLER'S VARIETY STORE 7605 Hamilton Avenue MT. Healthy, Ohio 127 Compliments Of PARKER'S PHARMACY Kathy Case and Befiy Kramer buy their ice cream at MID-WAY CARRY OUT Donna Quattiander and Carol Schneider are looking af a new plaid material at ESSES' NICK WULLENWEBER "Dot Food Stores" 7514 Hamilton Avenue Mt. Healthy Compliments Of MT. HEALTHY HARDWARE CO. Lois Wallbrech and Joyce Westendorf surel would Y like to have one of these Raggedy Ann dolls being Gartner Brvtlwrs sold at 7613 Hamilton Avenue JA l-9373 TRAPP'S TOY CENTER ROBERT C. MCCUDDEN REAL ESTATE and . Linda Alexander and Mary Jean Bellanca are fasci- 750l Hamlhon Avenue nated by the diamond rings Mr. Distl er is showing them at Cincinnati 31, Ohio Home Office we 1-9151 JA l-8210 DlSTLER'S JEWELRY SHOP 129 Mr. Corrill and Mr. Ware are reviewing the employment tests of Judy Kahle, Mary Jo Kuhlman, and Judy Langenbahn. The girls have passed the test for employ- ment by the First National Bank and will probably be called within the next few weeks. Many Mt. Healthy qraduates are now employed by First National. Mr. Ware is the dean of them all from the class of I925. MT. HEALTIIY OFFICE DWIGHT E. CORRIII. 7433 HAMILTON AVENUE MANAGER THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CINCINNATI MEMBER F.D.I.C. 6? FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 130 THOMAS E. WOOD, INC. General Insurance TWENTY-EICHTH FLOOR CAREW TOWER CINCINNATI 2, OHIO Dunbar 1-1 500 Fire, Liability, Contents, Bonds, Automobile MT. HEALTHY REPRESENTATIVE Mrs. Clara M. Ruoff Jackson 1-9175 SUPER GOOD X , QUALITY CHEKD 'W 14 :CE CREAM Sure Sign of Flavo 1 -widely known as the best Complim en Ls Of SElTER'S MT. HEALTHY MARATHON 131 i ................. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-,,.,...':-:-9:-3-5-3.3-3.31325323:3:-I-:IFR-:-:-:-:-:-g-g.g1g.g:5:5:3:-:-:-:-I-:-:-:-:-:-:A:-:Vg-5-:-3132-I-If-I-IA:-1-:A l'lv.'r-rr. H Lil. 'A' Hi- if ..,.............. 1 i' . .5!3Z!3:'!3' I -Il-Il-23112 : :..: :: 23 ...jr :.:.j.- III' --' . . CINCINNATI om liments ATHLETIC GOODS 15351Ef!1EfrE1E1S!E2E5E535 -I -I f4IlI'IPf'fi'f'I'f-I gigs21:5isisizifffifsfffsis Of 1. .:5i2153i5525555i5E3l5552E5E5. EiE1i1EIi252iE1EIEIEESBEIEIEIEIE ffEriii2EiE1SrEirEiE1525131 I.f5!iiE2!1ErSrEHrhirErEr52E iEgEii5E5956gEgEg3kIr5r5rSr H .-,'. -,-,-1-3-g.g.g.g,5.g.'.-.-.-.-.-:-:-:-:,Zg2gIg3gI-1-1-:-: ifzkiefeieeeefsfiigigfgigigE1515555:3:Qz5:5:g:5:51g131g:g:51g15E5E55555EgEgEg2gEg5gEgE:5:5:5:5:5:g1g:g:5:g:g1gEgEgEg5g2g5:5:3:5:5:g:g1gzgggzgzgzggggggggggggg525255g5g2g5:5:3:5:5:5:5zgzgzgzgggfgfg15:55:51g:ggggg:gEgEg5g5g MCCOI.l.UM'S DRUG STORE Mt. Healthy, Ohio 7603 Hamilton Avenue JGCICSOH I-9384 X - ,fr , H. meal FINNEYTOWN HARDWARE 936 Norfhbend Road Cincinnati 132 PAUL R. YOUNG FUNERAL HOME MT. HEALTHY, OHIO ph Zosufsanng Dud Burgess will deliver your picnic supplies if you order them from BOB 81 DUD'S Compliments d b Of MT. HEALTHY Cqmplimenfs CQAI. AND COKE of AND SUPERIOR CONCRETE " BLOCK co. Friend Builders' Supplies fDave Sunderhuusl Mt. Healthy Ohig 6 6 134 He's A Wise 1 .-5 1' N "' ,,ffruXXY 'll I J 1lIjf', 1 ll' Il' Old Owl I 1 Compliments Thllf Deals if E 'V J.3'.3.3:j-1332 W. N 1? of A' 5 '57 5? DOAN'S GULF SERVICE 1 Gene, Bob, Dick, Ken, f fx? 8 Pop PETER HERB, FLORIST over 80 years J JA 2-2222 7829 Hamilton Avenue across from Hawthorne Funeral Home Darlene Lotz has found some very pretty earrings at EFFl.ER'S JEWELRY SHOP 135 Complumen s o JESS HAUER fpixx These five senior boys-Dick Richiey, Bob Lapsley, Larry Martini, Ken Hagedorn, and Dennie Noife-surely look hungry as their order arrives from FRlSCH'S Janet Wiesmann and Judy Albrecht are buying new shoes at HOLZHAUSER'S 137 Choice Meat- HENRY JAEGER, PROPRIETOR Poultry-Fish HOMEMADE SAUSAGES FREE AND MEAT DELIVERY 324 LUDLOW AVENUE PRODUCTS CINCINNATI 20, OHIO Chet Ehler is showing Larry Berner and Brad Fullerton some of the sporting equipment at ENGER'S Compliments Of MEL-0-AGE IIANIILTON AVENUE MT. HEALTHY, OHIO 138 Mr. Leberecht points out to Carol o frome's styling qualities. PLANNED EYEWEAR Designed for . . . o Cosmetic Compatibility o Comfort o Optical Precision modern UPTICIANS 3 d Floor-Ingalls Bldg.-4th and Vine Sts. 5569 Cheviot Road-Cincinnati, Ohio PArkwqy 'I-'IO84 F F ' q S ' Ph WF 'I 5760 139 7511 H SANKER BOWLING LANES Mt. Healfhy Ave Web sfer 1 NEIDHARD FUNERAL HOME I lid Coach Service 140 l " .. Y f 1 S li- A 2- .-.jf lr? N. - T..." 1 lf: ' ' ,J ,, Compliments Of MT. HEALTHY P. T. A. OFFICERS of l958 President ........ . . First Vice President. . . . . Second Vice President . . . . . Secretary ......... . . . Treasurer . . . . . - 1959 Mrs. Stanley Lienhart Mrs. Walter Campbell Mr. Karl Merkel Mrs. Walter Gettle Mrs. Charles Broughton 141 Compliments fffwpf ffuwfmfff mwff This new eleciric organ is being shown fo Marilyn Wallace by one of the salesmen at HERB AND KRAMER'S - j Q., , Wk x A.A. 142 ,i ,.k,kk..kL Q .Q Mx, . Shirley York is delighted to find just the right piece of glassware at the MT. HEALTHY GIFT SHOP Of PACKER'S SUNOCO SERVICE 1927 wa Tires - Batteries - Accessories GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES Phone: Jackson 1-7018 Compliments of ROBERT MULTNER Compliments of DAVE CRAWLEY Box 91, College Hill Cincinnati 24, Ohio Kirby 'I-0286 General Contractor f6?' :A I l .1 -. M--vlv'ivl0- l k ' .I . i1-1 """', - ' HILLTOP SAVINGS 8. LOAN COMPANY it fi 7617 Hamilton Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio Jackson 'l-1937 Dot Schiering helps Ray Ruberg with this pair of pants ai MALONE DRY CLEANERS JA 1-9275 7624 HAMILTON AVENUE MT. IIFIAI TIIY, OHIO 145 The good times you'll always remember How many of them include Coca-Cola! SOHIO SERVICE STATION 146 The ZemZem would like to thank all organizations that contributed foward fl1is book. so MINUTE SERVICE lvl? ,En ' 4' 4 2 7 72 ' 'F x"55'N9LE DRIVE-IN. SERVICE rsoo HAMITJON Ave. CLEAN :ns My v "WATCH WHILE YOU WAIT" l- Compliments 0 BARBER SHOP 7350 HAMILTON AVENUE Open 5 days a week 8:30 A.lVl. to 7:00 P.lVl. Robert C. Kendrick HOCHSCHEID TAILCRING COMPANY Suits, Trousers, Topcoats Made-to-Order 7920 HAMILTON AVFTNUFI MT. HEALTHY OHIO l 147 l I HASKINS' MARINE SALES 8. SERVICE BOATS, MOTORS, CAMP TRAILERS North Bend and Daly Road I,I 2-1733 ANTHONY'S MEN'S SHOP Ocomplete Formal Rentals 0 Proms and Weddings HAMILTON 81 MT. HEALTHY McMAKIN OHIO en W Cplmome She enjoys her calls more in her own room on her own bedside phone. The extra convenience and privacy make 'phoning more fun-and the cost is low. To order an extension phone, call our business office, EX- change 6-9900. HDMI' Zelepll-Olle cblnpally 14, 'S A ATHLETIC BOOSTERS CLUB Join the Boosters IT S FUN TO BF BOOSTER :in- am ime o COORS In I ,,,w-3 9 if C pl X x f L C mplzments N of N - the xx X I X l N 5 BROS. DAIRY HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOME Phone Jackso 1-7145 7830 Hamilton Avenue M . Healthy, Ohio Who could forget the humorous drama the sophomore girls did? Ed Burns and Tom Van Valey surely did a fine job on the drums for Mr. Danbury at the Football Homecoming. These Freshies look like they're having "fun" during freshman recognition. This Page Compliments Of PORTER PRINTING, INC. 150 Alison does the "Can-Can" in the L.G.D. talent show. 3 .43 ,.w.--x r, gs.: W ig. . g,,, . , aed ,, 4 These girls harmonize to "Ba1i Ha'i" in the talent show 11' I U The newly installed members of "National Honor So- ciety" receive their pins from Judy Fisher of North College Hill. If anyone can think of anything to say for this picture, please notify any Zem Zem member. I..G.D. talent show. A. Stratman, A. Auburn, and S. Caldwell write captions for the Zem Zem. These fellows look as if they just about have this block and pulley system set up for physics class. Editor . . . Jean Staubach Advertising Manager . . .Janet Circulation Manager . . . Steve Secretary . . . Alison Auburn We of the Zem Zem Staff of 1959 hope you have enjoyed Steps to Success" in remembering the past school year. traveling with us on "The At this time I would like to express my appreciation to all those people who have helped make this book possible. Many thanks to George Miltenberger of the American Yearbook Company, Pogues' Photography Studio, Mr. Roland Battle, the Camera Club, Mr. M. D. Hartzler, Mrs. Ruby Roach, the local merchants, the teachers, and to the student body for their co-operation. A great deal of credit goes to the members of the staff who worked very hard in order that this book might be published. Most of all, I would like to thank Miss Ethel L. Frost, our adviser. Without her help, we could not have done it. Jean Staubach Editor 151 P. Vinson, H. Shaw, R. Hilgeman, and T. Acker man provide us with some "rock 'n rolll' in the Cook Caldwell .N ., F f 4, gi, U s 'Q Softly I closed the book as in a And let its echoes linger To redeem silence with music, Darkness with a gleam. 152 dream

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