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. J VX Ny SWR? , mftptxgwffy QXXQQQQZ - Wwww iv Q, ffmmwixy wiiff f+?'f1ffwf? gf? fX5Xyji,-wmjvwady . h Nw f As'-lg, MTW N -'S'-33 Alf: Qin EK N NW sy 1 all N NJ HC' U B Q59 X"yyrN.' NA - . , , - , , -ly' xf,,f44l4,z 4 ' Q20 ,V ' '54 if? if ,3,,ff'wf" ,fm Jyfmf 3 - M . flow Q -Q14 M My 3 X mf W cn Vi? ,G W ff s MIWWPQJ .wiiiwfffb J? . ,gf SMP? gf 0517 gCCE1j1jfBQ7+-Q 1 4312 . if X Eiazfffeffff W - 3 5 9kFS5ff?fQW N Aqwigf 5 Z i gx f2WffQ4jMff7jf S35 RX HS xw Q ' F59 -- 1 , , In , ,g MV WM NT NU wisp sag 332392 WM p3Qj31 oi gs 51,19 l ,Of-3 ' if 6 52,53 gg My, T 223-5 as-if 3-E' Q A ' NlVff! ef up E 40'y-,SA Ufif 33 Q59 Q? QM XWQQESQQS Qv,mffz.ffz:: 'QPSK Anivuw fam. 2' an.. 4dwfi'g,Mpg-Nfl-lZ:Z7fF?fa3. WMV yew ggi ,-x9 EDITOR ............... Ruth Telford CIRCULATION MANAGER. . . Tom Bunnell ADVERTISING MANAGER. . Kathy Sheridan Published by the ZEM ZEM STAFF Mt. Healthy High School Mr. Healthy, Ohio Volume XXVIII Hi, kids! The year 1957-58 has been a full oneg nearly every minute was taken up by some activity. Father Time will be our guide as we go " 'RCU D THE CLGCK AT HEALTHY HI " 1 Remember the day we were lucky enough to miss class to have pictures taken? Did you enjoy I-Ii-Y initiation, Rick? Mr. Bart1e's Physics tests must have been pretty rough. BLE OF CONTENTS Busy administration and faculty. . Senior Class .............. Active uuderclassmen. . . . . . . . . Many organizations and activities. . . Champion sportsmen. . . . . . . . . Zem Zem's sponsors, the advertisers. . . . . K Q, r ' - X W ' ..l4 ...24 ..4-6 ...63 ..91 ..119 A ' 1 Are you ready to watch time fly? If so, 1et's follow Father Time " 'Round The Clock At Healthy High." 2 M fi lF"'bn 1 f , i E 5 I l 2 2 i i V 1 5 LW 'W A Junior High School Chorus was organized by Mr. Veaeh this past school year. They presented two short programs at Christmas time and an operetta "Upon Old Smoky." The juniors will never forget the 'im PM mum rsusmm wx?" A Xdrlvy X EAQIYRALK Sfiviitiii o n wonderful day they ordered their rings. f--. Q f J E k I .1 X' K , , j Q- . Seniors, remember the day you Everyone remembers the riotou missed class to be measured for caps and gowns? s Senior Play, "Gut Hearts Were Young and Gay." .if xp 'N ,22-.. x ogy gi nn 11.21. 9. 2 if: gi,1g7Wf11fTH if 'ri 2 wM,,.w.w' W-Wgfgffg:'..--1,.,. .fc b A 17 H ,X W , R,.,y5WN 1. K. il 4 n ,W :53'iv. uf - . 'wm.3N31.Ni45-:QS K A rig L , M.. .um ,,,..L .. .. fi 1 k 'iii it k'kk gg f14p1g,ffQ1'3'?ggwg, m:fw,mw2,ff.15gg'gwzy ,- - 5T32+:S.y ?,2'g'?fwa?3W"ifY,f5Nf Uv' 3 5 -f ' 1 Sie 5 1.5 , Q Wx.-fyff Sf? 4 A ly A 2 ' MMM ' . Q 55 M 4 X- , 5 . Q Q l,kiii..:i,, .V . K , X " 'g"""' 1: is ur., "E 113' 9. sb Z f A ,A A Us M' pf "UQ S,-Q at if ,I if A ' m Y wr . Q f ., 4 . iw ku f ,Mfg QE 'ff mfg :..A I fi ' . W f , Q, "1: 1 Qgf? -ff ,W 1 , f W , I , ,S M QE Q , A 1: Q :Qi- 5+ A -L.LL. A TL my W--Ep ,I Nix W Mi I 'V 5 Xi' 1 N v. it ' Q Q?-5.65 Q sf-fEm:,s '- . ,. CALE DAR SEPTEMBER -Did the teachers meet to discuss the surprise in store for Healthyites? -Joy! School opened. "How are you? What's the latest dope?" Some surprise! One half- hour more of school. -Football lingo over your head? Come to the Football Clinic tonight. -Owls tie Harrison and Taylor at Pigskin Preview. Scores O--Op . O--O. -Freshie day! Doing stunts in front of the whole school can be most embarrassing. GAA spon- sored dance and mixer for class of 1961. Victory is our cry! Owls---20 ---- N.C.H.---0. -Our school is bursting at the seams, trying to hold 107 seniors, 126 juniors, 182 sophomores, and 191 freshies. Reserve--27 Ross Township --12. -Juniors met to decide how to raise money for the "Big Wheel" prom. -Another victory for our guys! Ow1s--14--- Greenhills--13. Mighty close! -GAA gals started to play kickball and softball. -Sophomores had class meeting. We L-O-S-T! Sycamore I3--Owls--6. Come on, team, we're behind you! OCTOBER -Individual mug shots were taken. Smile, gals, and say boys ---- I mean cheese. Did you see in the Hoot n' Holler that Sheila's heartthrobs are Mr. Magoo and Elvis. -"Flu Bug" hits Healthy. One hundred and thirty were absent. -Heap good "Pow Wow," Juniors. Juniors and Seniors take Ohio History and Government Test." -Team honor Homecoming Queen Janice by trouncing Sharonville, 26 -O! -Taylor's Yellow Jackets stung Owls, 19-12. You played a good game, fellas. Y-Teens travel to Lenmary for Fall Leadership Con. -Reserve avenged Friday's defeat. Owls 35--- Taylor 0. -Varsity traveled to Columbus to see Ohio State play Indiana. Score 56--0. -"Big Wheels" took National Merit Scholarship Test. Comment: Impossible! -On top again! Owls 26---Colerain O. Good work, team. -Hurray! No school. S.W.O.T.A. L.G.D.-- Hi -Y hayride! Too cold for our boys. -Education -Business Day. Businessmen visit Mt. Healthy High School. -Shoot for the Moon! Be mayor of Mt. Healthy for a day. Classes, bring in your tax stamps for Zem Zem Contest. NOVEMBER 1--Another star in our crown. Owls 16--Anderson --0. Times-Star's Youth Section featured old Healthy. 5--Parents, vote for the School Levy and Bond Is- sue. Both are needed badly. --P,T.A. holds Open House. Please, teacher, don't tell Mom and Dad everything. --Reserve cheerleaders are elected. --Veterans' Day---No school. --Y -Teen Recognition and Banquet. Some food, eh gals? --Seniors' last game. Owls went to town on Reading 53-6. Pep Squad sponsored a "Sadie Hawkin's" dance. Girls' treat. --Lowell, Bill Korn, and Jim Mercer played human dumbbells for Mr. America of 1948, a weight-lifter. --Team and coaches were honored at Football Banquet. Congratulations on a swell team! Great work! --Vocational Conference held here. Mr. Richard Jack.son's speech "Happiest People in the World" was a scream. --Steve Caldwell won the "I Speak for Democ- racy" contest. --Did you notice those senior gals with their matching CREWNECKS and knee socks? Pictures come back! That thing isn't me, is it? Buy your season pass! --Thanksgiving vacation! Don't eat too much. Zem Zem's photographers, R. Bricker, D. Mucken fuhs, W. Brown, J. Wallace, should receive a good deal of thanks. DECEMBER Back to the old grind. Gained five pounds! Senior gals took Betty Crocker and D.A.R. Tests. Skit by Pep Squad. Our first basketball game!! Reserve 42-Colerain 31 Varsity-60 Colerain 51 Great work! -Speech students discussed guidance problem with parents. -Chalk up another victory. Reserve 32 N.C.H. 40 Varsity 54 N.C.H. 44 Do it again. -And they did! Reserve 35--Greenhills 17 Varsity 61 --Greenhills 33 -Buy your Christmas candy from the Hi-Y boys. -St. Bernard broke our winning streak. Varsity --46 St. Bernard--50. Pretty close! -Big night! Christmas Dream Prom! Rich and Leah were crowned the reigning pair. Heavenly decorations! -Band and Glee Club combined for Christmas Concert. Put you into the Christmas spirit, didn't it? -Spotlight presented "Christmas in Other Lands." Great, "Big Wheels." Defeated by Lockland. Owls Reserve 26--Lockland 35. Owls Varsity 40--Lockland 55 HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! JANUARY -Reserve beat Cowboys! Hurray! Reserve 42-- Wyoming 41. Varsity kept pace until fourth quarter. Score: Wyoming 66--Owls 46. -Taylor hits Owls again. Come on, team, let's go! We're all behind you. -Back to the old grind again! -Another defeat for our guys. Reading is the victor. Deer Park comes out on top! Fight a little harder, men! Arch-rivals meet. N.C.I-I. 55--Varsity 41. An- other win for reserve. -Team, Rah! Team, rah! Rah, rah team! Varsity 5 l - -Greenhills 42. Cramming tonight? -24 Exams, Ugh I Exams don't hurt our fellas! Varsity 52--St. Bernard 49. Great work, gang! -Big wheels show off senior photos. Some touch- up jobs! Science assembly. Powerful sugar, eh? Mr. Hartzler says, "Spring is here!" 31--Report cards. Great day? Reserve does it again 35-28. Lockland 65--Varsity 48. You did your best, team. FEBRUARY February is here. Br -r-r. --Our guys fought hard but champion Wyoming defeated us. --Reading, defeating Varsity, averages the 40-0 football score. Come on boys, let's try harder. -13--Our freshies won their game in the Freshman Tournament. They tried. They fought. They won. Our fellows beat Deer Park. Good game, boys. --The Winter Concert of the Symphonic Band. Wasn't it wonderful? -20--Freshies emerge as a runner -up in the final tournament game. The fifteen candidates for Basketball Queen were introduced at the assembly. Whom should I vote for? The "Big Day" has arrived. The Queen is---- Suds, Judy Salzman. The team showed their queen what they could do. Score: Varsity 53-- Harrison 51. Oh, you're the greatest team! We lost the tournament. Norwood 64--Varsity 45. This completed one of our best basketball seasons in quite a few years. Congratulations, team! M ARCH --"The Stairway to the Stars" was studded with many brilliant performers. This was the best L.G.D. Talent Show. --We went to the Jr. High Operetta entitled "Upon Old Smokey." What a riot! --Wasn't the gym decorated just like your "Shan- gri-la"? King Dale and Queen Sheila were crowned. --It was a good day for the Irish. --The Science Club held its first meeting. Members elected Artie Stratman, president. -Spring is here! Look, more snow. --Beware, Washington! Here come the juniors and seniors from Healthy High. --29--We had a ballg but oh, my feet! Remem- ber Charlie Marteli. ARPIL -Hi -Y and Y-Teens conducted the Easter As- sembly. Some Easter present, report cards! -Easter Vacation. Hurray! -Another test for the "brains." District Scholar- ship Tests. -The combined Glee and Band Assembly was really great. -18--Hi-Y Initiation Week. And the fun began. -Our Golf team defeated Taylor 8-0. -P.T.A. Open House. 26--"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" was a huge success. Dig those costumes. -Remember the "swimming" party after the play? -"It's Up In the Morning at Break of Day" for the Juniors. They took the National Merit Test. Very hard! -Buy your Healthy picture postcards from Zem Zem Members. MAY -Using voting machines, we elected the mayor and council. Congratulations, Lowell! -Shi1lto's presented Gemma with a trip to New York for her originally -designed dress. -The "brains" traveled to Miami to take District Scholarship Tests. Quite easy, yes? NO!! -L.G.D. Initiation Week! More fun. -Home Ec. Style Show displayed the latest fashions. Dig those sacks. Congratulations to Shirley Russell, new Sewing Board Represent- ative. Great day! Seim's birthday! 8- -L.G.D.'s Glamour Day! This is glamour? 9--The hep freshmen sponsored the Spring Swing Sock Hop. 10--Beware, Mt. Healthy under new management. Mayor Lowell and council took over our city. 12--Spring Sports Honor Banquet! 13--Chemistry Classes travel to Procter's. Soap, anyone? 14--Chalk up another successful concert for Glee Club. 15- 17- 19- -Awards were received by many a deserving un- derclassman at the Honor Assembly. Con- gratulations to surprised Sharon Rose! At the Prom. I'll remember the Prom." Yes, remember that big night. Eileen Kuhlman and Ken Hagedorn were the reigning pair. -Cramming for exams, Seniors? 20-21--Fatal days for seniors. Will I pass, Teach? 22--"When the Saints Come Marching ln," senior theme song, started the assembly, the craziest yet. Y-Teens Mother and Daughter Tea. 25--The Baccalaureate Service was held in the High School Gym. 29--At last, Graduation Day! Yippee, I'm free. 30--Memorial Day. JUNE 1--Seniors gathered together for a humdinger of a 2-4 picnic. -Ha -Ha! Underclassmen take exams. Hard, eh? 6--School's out! Hooray. See you around, Mar- rianne Huser. Didn't the L.G.D. initiates look lovely on "G1amor Day?" - . fsmsrmnmwwwme - Average 95-99 JUNIORS Kathleen Case Janet Cook Jean Sraubach SOPHOMORES Jane Haefele FRESHMEN Karen Alexander Billie Chain Judith Cook Carol Ewald Kathy Kellett Janet Moss Judy Quattlander Sharon Rose Linda Taylor Average 90-94 SENIORS Myrna Barnes Diane Bowersox Tom Bramkamp Ronald Bricker Tom Bunnell Bill Davies Judy Eckel Marianne Huser Fredrick Johnson Sheila Maher Kathy Sheridan Nancy Tebbe Ruth Telford Sally Wiegand JUNIORS Linda Alexander Steve Caldwell Janice Chambers Don l-lenn James Kennedy Betty Listerman Jane Mueller Hugh Nevin Carol Reuter Arthur Stratman- Barbara Van Ausdall Nancy Wallbrech SOPHOMORES Alison Auburn Sally Becker Beverly Brouse Carole Cramer Patricia Dunagan Carmen Ehrhardt Tom Harry Carol Haskins Susan Korn Ronald McSwain Mary Middleton Linda Ness Jane Rice Dan Smith Tom Springer Joann Stehlin Linda Stevenson Tom Unks HONOR RQLL Tom Van Valey Robert Ware Charles Wilson Shirley York FRESHMEN Terry Brooks Roger Brouse Bonnie Case Sandra Clyde Wally Etzel James Fein Richard Flaig David Frederick Michael Huber Carolyn Jackson Richard Kreiger Valerie Logan Mary Pat McGurk Terry Morris Nancy Ries Lois Reuter Becky Richards Karen Richter Penny Stout Peter Vinson Bonnie White Average 85 -89 SENIORS Howard Covert Gale Davis Gertrude Dreier Richard Fuller Leah Greeslin Judy Gettle Ralph Jaeger Raelene Jasper Gemma Lisrerman Lowell Mackenzie Janet Meister Jane Reed Susan Reich Kenneth Richards Barbara Ritter Susan Stoddard Judy Thielmeyer Cece Van Vliet Roy Weber Ann White Carmeleen Yocco JUNIORS Armand Aufdenberg Larry Bradford Lana Brischke James Clyde Joyce Denby Bonnie Frey Ricky Hilgeman Shirley Hirsch Judy Kahle Carol Kase Linda Krahling Nancy Macaluso Larry Martini Carol Rocca Diana Schnetzer Tom Seigle Gerald Seim Mary Van Guelpen Carol Wheeler Erra Lee Winn Ronald Zimmerman Gerald Zwicker SOPHOMORES Joyce Adams Jean Bahr Linda Bockelman Jeanette Braune Kay Bryant Torn Butler Nancy Christensen Robert Curley James Davis Catherine Flannery Barbara Gau Joan Goldsmith Sandra Herndon Ken Hicks Tom Kaiser Sue Kummler Donna Moak Emil Nagel Robert Newman Donna Nolte David Reinhart James Ries James Sparks Dennis Sunderhaus Eugena Taphorn Diana Topits Margie Van Vliet Vernon Wiegand FRESHMEN Ervin Bitter Jean Brakmanis David Burwinkle Mike Dickman Brooke Douglass Rita Endres Robert Gilhart Nancy Griffith Marsha Hinson James Imhulse Edward Jaeger Karen Kincaid Georgia Kline John Lachman William Lech James Mercer Sue Morris Wayne Rambo Harriet Rettinger Tim Roberts Sharon Russo Margaret Sabato Pamela Shipler Tom Trapp Don Wentzel Paul Wood Y . ROW ONE: T. Flannery, C. Ehrhardt, P. Dunagan, J. Moss, V. Logan, J. Staubach, C. Renter, J. Cook, S. Becker. ROW TWO: R. Fuller, R. McSwain, P. Stout, J. Quatlander, M. Van Vliet, Ju. Cook, R. Krieger, R. Brouse. ROW THREE: T. Kaiser, J. Sparks, M. Wallace, E. Winn, L. Alexander, A. Auburn, J. Haefele, S. Rose, S. Maher. ROW FOUR: N. Tebbe, J. Rettig, M. Huser, M. Middleton, B. Van Ausdall, G. Zwicker, S. Steigelmnn, S. Cald- well, H. Nevin. ROW FIVE: G. Davis, D. Henn, A. Stratman, T. Harry, W. Etzel, T. Springer, D. Reinh:1rt,T. Unks, J. Adams. ROW SIX: R. Flaig, M. Huber, J. Clyde, D. Snyder, P. Vinson, R. Johnson, D. Hohenstatt, J. Behr, T. Van Valey. It's time again for these ambitious students to University. Three students will represent Mt. take the District -State Scholarship Tests at Miami Healthy in each of nineteen subjects. SCHOLARSHIP TEAM '63 Mrs. Wortmann. Girls: J. Rettig, J. Staubach, J. Thielmeyer, N. Tebbe, A. White, M. Craft, L. Brischke, Parker, C. Wheeler, S. Wiegand. Boys: T. Bunnell, J. Barker, S. Caldwell, D. Hinson. VOICE QF D Students of the speech classes took time out from their busy schedules to prepare speeches for the "I Speak for Democracy" Contest. Steve Caldwell, the Steve attended the semifinals held at Central High School, competing with winners from other county winner, gave Mr. Time quite a rough trip as he schools. turned the clock's hands backwards and forwards in E- -l" -' Y- 4" ' X x g-Ze Haifa fi SI' Mrs. Wortmann gave Steve Caldwell, the winner, a few pointers on his speech. ws! Tile., his speech "Democracy, Past, Present, and Future." P Everyone had fun voting machines. PQ ,,- I :,ra' -, ...Q , 0.237 - - Q 5' - fsdf-v..-. 1.--r.. , ,v.. , , NHT 'AG ' '-Q-li... 12271755 - iq.,-. Mayor Lowell Mackenzie and Mayor Walter Korn get together to make plans lcaming to U59 those 8i8HU'fiC This year, the class that contributed the most tax stamps l-....,.m- V ...ur .. - :won r..-H.. 5 mm. QYARNEN 3 , F .... V," 5 RICNTEN 1 gli .ml SVIHIRR " -li. T,-, M .. KUMMLE-i ' .li lun MGSWZUN ' Y --9 Hi.- vn- - swmocfa - V0 uuls " , -l mm zsvmacm '- IVIVI It 1 vs-oztww, M - W c ear is ---s 1, -.rm Jansen ,MII J uuttcv to the Zem Zem, was eiligble to put up candrdates for Mayor For A Day. The seniors won the contest and chose therr candidates. The whole school voted upon them as well as candidates from other classes for other erty oifrces Lowell Mackenzie was chosen mayor. On Saturday M ry 10 hc served as Mayor For A Day. Getting everyone registered before. votmg was a blg Job ,u If ADMINI TRATION X xXxx'. 3'5- Xfx R. A """K""' f 4 2 5 i I 1 B is SEATED: Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Bemhardt, Mr. Morris. STANDING: Mr. Hammg, Mr. Hochscherd Mr Byars, Mr Ralph . MT. HE LTHY PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUPERINT ENDENT - -Rex Ralph BOARD OF EDUCATION President -- Chester Bernhardt Vice President -- Vaughn Butterfield Clerk-Treasurer -- Walter Hartung Members--Paul Byars, Howard Hochscheid 15 Wm. Morris SLIPERI TE DE Mr. REX L. RALPH Superintendent of Schools 16 RUBY ROACH Dean of Girls of Mt. Healthy High Schoolg Miami University, Ohio, B.S. in Education M.A. Counselorg Civicsg Adviser to Y- Teensg Adviser to Student Council. M. D. HARTZLER Principal of Mt. Healthy High Schoolg Goshen College, A.B.3 Ball State Teachers Collegeg Ohio State University, M.A. -6- xx R s 1 e L DON BETZ Morehead State College, Ky., A.B., M.A. Physical Education, Social Studies, Administration, Driver Edu- cation. Mrs. CORRINE G. BAISDEN Bowling Green College of Commerce, Ky., A.B. Commercial Education. General Business, Typing 1. Adviser to Sophomore Class. WILLIAM BRINKER Valley State Teachers College, N. Dakota, B.S. in Education. General Science, Physical Education. ROLAND BARTLE Union College, Ky., A.B., Xavier Uni- versity, Ohio, M.A. Chemistry, Photography, Physics. Adviser to Camera Club, Adviser to Zem Zem. BILL COOK Miami University, Ohio, B.S. in Edu- cation, Xavier University, Ohio, M.E. American History, Biology. Miss JO ANN BAUER Miami University, Ohio, B.S. in Edu- cation. Physical Education. Miss RUTH FREDRICKS University of Cincinnati, Ohio, B.A., B.Ed., Xavier University, Ohio, M.Ed. Algebra 1 and 2, Trigonometry, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry. Adviser to Y-Teens. I9 4" 3 'i' Miss ETHEL L. FROST Miami University, Ohio, B.S. in Ed. English 3, Latin 1 and 2. Adviser to Clientes Latinae, Adviser to Zem Zem. Miss BERTA MAE MILLER University of Kentucky. A.B. in Edu- cation. English 1, Spanish 1 and 2, Adviser to Junior Class, Adviser to Paper Staff, Adviser to Spanish Club. Mrs. NORMA GROSSOEI-IME Eastern Illinois State College, I11., B.S. in Education. Art. Adviser to Junior Red Cross. Mrs. HARRIET NEVIN Pennwlvania State University, B.A., American History, Socialogy, Eco- nomics. CHARLES E. HOFFMAN Miami University, Ohio, B.S. in Edu- cation. Eighth Grade Drawing, Seventh Grade Industrial Arts, Mechan- ical Drawing l,2,3. Mrs. LaDON RAMMELSBERG Miami University, Ohio, B.S. in Edu- cation. Vocational Home Economics, Home Economics, General Science. Miss PATRICIA KENNEDY University of Cincinnati, Ohio, B.S. in Education. Health, Physical Education, Adviser to Girls' Athletic Association, Pep Squad, Sparkettes. 20- 1 Miss MARTHA SAUNDERS Ohio University, A.B. in Liberal Arts and Education. English 2 and 3. ROBERT RAMMES University of Cincinnati, B.S., Master of Education. Vocal Music, Junior High Instrumental Music. PAUL SCHLOSSER Findlay College, Ohio, B.S., Ohio State University, Xavier University. Assistant Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach, Football Coach, Health, Dri- ver Education. DONALD RAY Marshall College, A.B. Bookkeeping, Law, Salesmanship, Commercial Mathematics. AL SCHNEIDER Miami University, Ohio, B.S. in Edu- cation. Industrial Arts. GORDON RITTER Ohio University, B.S. and Master. University of lviichigan, Institute of Music. Instrumental Music, Band. CRIS STEFAN Ohio University, B.S. in Education. World History, Assistant Football Coach, Basketball, Track Coach. 21 fi." .Q . Mrs. MARY RUTH TRIPPEL Indiana State Teachers College, Indiana, B.S. University of Cincinnati, Ohio, M.Ed. Shorthand 1 and 2, Of- fice Practice, Typing 1 and 2. School Treasurer. Mrs. TI-IELMA WORTMANN Culver Stockton College, Missouri University, A.B. , Miami University, Master of Education. English 4, Speech 1 and 2. Adviser to Spotlight Club, Adviser to Senior Class. Mrs. MARY TYREE West Virginia University, B.S. in Home Economics, M.S. in Home Economics. Home Economics, Adviser to Home Economics Club. Mrs. DORIS YOUNG Miami University, B.Ed. Plane Geometry, Algebra 1, Practical Mathematics. Mrs. HELEN WHITE Oklahoma State, George Peabody College. Librarian. Adviser to L.G.D. Mrs. VERA ERNST High School Secretary i . ki .SIA Mrs. NINA WOOD Montevallo, University of Alabama, B.S. English 1. Mrs. BARBARA SCHULTZ School Nurse 22 Miss Frost and Jan Chambers furnish an example of the hard work done by the Zem Zem staff. Mr. and Mrs. Wortmann spent an evening at thc i Christmas Prom. GLIR ACTIVE ACLILTY librarian, working busily in the Mrs. Baisden and Mrs. Tyree sold tickets at one of Hcalthy's basketball library. games. Miss Kennedy and Ivir. Stefan chat at the Freshman basketball tournament. Here we have Mrs. White, our s., 1161 six Q-...MN SIINIUKS "AND DEP RTI G, LE VE BEHI DU FOOTPRINTS THE SANDS OF TI LO GFELLOW C ASS OF I958 MOTTO: "For when the one great scorer comes to write against your name, he writes--not that you won or lost, but how you played the game." COLORS: Rose and white FLOWER: Red rose SONG: "I'11 walk with God" CLASS ENROLLMENT: 106 HOMEROOM TEACHERS: Mrs. Wortmann Mr. Bartle Mr, Cook Mr, Ray 25 D. Denny, T ,an 1'eaS.5 R. Telford, Sec'yg T. Bunnell, Vice-Pres.g J. Pansing, Pres. Gerald Louis Bach- n'1 3.11 Mt . He althy Jack Behr Monfort Heights Myrna L. Barnes Mt. Healthy Larry Berner Mt. He a1t.hy xx Carol Anita Bolton Mt. Healthy Connie Sue Bray Mt. Healthy Diane Bowersox Mt. Healthy H A i Ron Bricker Mt. Healthy Sandy Bowman Mt. Healthy Wesley E. Brown Mt. Healthy Thomas William Bramkamp Mt. Healthy Tom Bunnell Mt. Healthy K if ' Claire Ann Campbell Monfort Heights Bill Davies Mt. Healthy "l'.'P:'r John W. Combs Finneytown Judy Day Mt. Healthy Jerry S Cornel1us Mt Healthy Dixie Denny Finneytown Sue Erin Cumbow Mt. Healthy Florence R. Dohrmann Mt. Healthy Carol A. Dreier Mt. Healthy Richard E. Endres Mt. Healthy Gertrude Dreier Fmneytown Charles A. Felss Mt. Healthy Judxth Marlene Eckel Finneytown Sharon Lee Frentzel Mt. Healthy Sm Marlene Elsen Mt. Healthy Richard L. Fuller Mt. Healthy Brad Fullerton Mt. Healthy Peggy Hempel Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Judlth Ann Gettle Mt Healthy Davld H. Hmson Mt. Healthy Leah Marie Geeslin Terry Hochsche id Mt. Healthy Leona Halley Mt Healthy Betty Lou Huber Mt. Healthy JF-Q - ' . David H. Hudson L ' M J f Finneytown Raelene Jasper Mt. Healthy 'r Marianne Huser Mt. Healthy Fredrick E. Johnson Finneytown Richard Bell Imhulse F inneytown Joan Ruth Lemkuhl Monfort Heights Ralph Jaeger Mt. Healthy Gemma Listermann Mt. Healthy Lowell Mackenzie Finneytown John D. McLaren ,W fa Mt. Healthy Sheila Ann Maher Mt. Healthy Janet Meister Cincinnati 5 Joan Marston Mt. Healthy Barbara Miller Mt. Healthy Carol M. McCorm1ck Mt. Healthy wwf x. V Del Muckenfuhs -'M Mt. Healthy Joyce Muhlenhard Mt. Healthy Jane D. Pansing Mt. Healthy Sylvia L. Naderman Mt. Healthy Phyllis Ann Parker F inneytown Lida Elizabeth Ness Mt. Healthy Lloyd W. Porter Mt. Healthy Marie Noes Monfort Heights Carol R. Rambo Monfort Heights 33 fs, Susan Reich Finneytown Norwood Jack Rentschler Mt. Healthy Janice E. Roehling Barbara L. Jane E. Reed Finneytown Kenneth L. Richards F inneytown Ritter Monfort Heights Joan C. Rettig Monfort Heights Carole Rudxsell Mt. Healthy Judy Salzman Mt. Healthy Dale Schwaeble Mt. Healthy XII' Phillip Scheffel Mt Healthy Kathleen Sheridan Mt. Healthy Dick Schott Mt. Healthy Frankie S. Sibert Finneytown Dale Scott Mt. Healthy Albert F. Silber Monfort Heights S E Damel H. Snyder Mt. Healthy William Stoffregen Finneytown .Li ' Maxy M. Staubach Finneytown Ruthie S taubitz F inneytown Ahce Sunderhaus Mt. Healthy Susan Stoddard Mt. Healthy Patr1c1a Ann Taylor Mt. Healthy Wayne Stoner Mt. Healthy Nancy Lee Tebbe Mt. Healthy Wayne Todt Mt. Healthy Ruth Telford Mt. Healthy Nelson Troth Jr. Mt. Healthy Judy Thielmeyer Finneytown Cece Mary VanV11et Mt. Healthy Donald Todd Mt. Healthy Bill Voss Mt. Healthy Roy Weber Finneytown Yocco 7 Ann White Mt. Healthy Bill Commins Finneytown .RTT 3, Sallie Elliott Wiegand Mt. Healthy Howard W. Covert Monfort Heights Carm eleen Theresa Finneytown James W. Wallace Mt. Healthy Mary Beth Wilger Mt. Healthy Saw 16 ,r be M614 4 tw as-Q.f: ff H x Se N 11 . + l Roger Llster Mt. Healthy Jim Mulloy Mt. Healthy SENIOR ACTI ITIE GERALD BACHMAN MYRNA BARNES--A Cappella Choir 2,35 GAA 1,25 Glee 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 45 Pep Squad 2, 3,45 Scholarship Team 35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. JACK BEHR--Camera Club 1, Honor Roll 1. LARRY BERNER--Basketball 2,3,45 Football 2,3,4. CAROL BOLTON--Volleyball 2,3,45 Glee 2. DIANE BOWERSOX--A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Glee 15 Honor Roll 2,35 Pep Squad 1,2,3, 45 Scholarship Team 15 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. SANDY BOWMAN--Class Officer 25 Clientes Latinae 25 GAA l,2,3,45 Glee 1,45 Pep Squad 1,2,45 Y-Teams 1,2,4. THOMAS BRAMKAMP CONNIE BRAY--Pep Squad 35 Y-Teens 35 Entered from Lockland 3. RON BRJCKER--Band 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 1,2,3,45 Scholarship Team 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 4. WESLEY BROWN--Band 15 Camera Club l,2,3,4. TOM BUNNELL--Band l,2,3,45 Camera Club 25 Class Officer 45 Clientes Latinae 1,25 Hi-Y 253,45 Honor Roll l,2,35 ggifqlgrzhip Team 1,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 15 Track Team 35 Voice of Democracy Contest 45 Zem-Zem CLAIRE CAMPBELL--Basketball l,2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Glee 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Volleyball l,2, 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. RICHARD COHI-LN JOHN COMBS--Basketball 3. BILL COMMINS--Class Officer 35 Spotlight Club 4. JERRY CORNFLIUS--Band 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Track Team 2,3. HOWARD COVERT--Camera Club 1,35 Honor Roll 15 Spotlight Club 4. SUE COMBOW--Band 2,3,45 Class Officer 25 Glee 15 Home Ee. 1,25 Honor Roll l,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 15 L.G.D. 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 3: Y-Teens l,2,3,4. BILL DAVIES--E1 Club Espanol 1,25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,35 Scholarship Team 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 3 GALE DAVIS--Clientes Latinae 1,25 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Track Team 35 Zem Zem Staff 3. JUDY DAY--Y-Teens 1,2. DIXIE DENNY--Class Officer 45 Student Council 45 Entered from North College Hill 2. FLORENCE DOHRMANN--Glee 1,2,3,4. CAROL DREIER--GAA 2,45 Honor Roll 1,25 Pep Squad 2,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens l,2,J. GERTRUDE DREIER--Clientes Latinae 25 Glee 15 Honor Roll 1,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 3,45 l'ep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball 45 Y-Teens 3,4. JUDITH ECKEL--Clientes Latinae 25 GAA 45 Home Ec. 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 45 Pep Squad 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. MARLLNE 2,35 GAA 3,45 cloo a,45 Honor Roll 1,25 Pep squad 1,25 Volleyball 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. RICHARD ENDRES--Band l,z,a,45 Camera Club 2,s,45 El Club Espanol 45 Hl-Y 2,:l,45 Honor Roll 2,35 Spotlight Club 4. CHARLES rl-:Lss--Basketball 25 Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 2. SHARON FR.l"J'ITZEL--A Cappella Choir 2,3,45 Camera Club l,2,3,45 GAA 15 Glee l,2,3,45 Sparkettes 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3. RICHARD FULLER--Band l,2,3,45 Camera Club 2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 25 Honor Roll 15 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 1,25 Scholarship Team 1,35 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 3. BRAD FULLERTON--Basketball 25 Football 35 Glee 15 Honor Roll 15 Spotlight Club 4. LEAH GEESLIN--Band l,2,3,45 GAA 35 Glee 1,35 Home Ec. 45 Honor Roll 1,25 L.G.D. 2,3545 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 35 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3. JUDITH GETTLE--Band l,2,3,45 Class Officer 25 El Club Espanol 1,25 GAA l,2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,35 L.G.D. l,2,3,45 Pep Squad 15 Scholarship Team 25 Sparkettes 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 25 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. LEONA HAl.I.EY--Camera Club 4. PEGGY HFJVIPH.--Band l,2,3,45 Class Officer 35 El Club Espanol 3,45 GAA 1,45 Glee 35 Honor Roll 35 L.G.D. 3,45 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Soarkettes 25 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Entered from Elmwood Place School l. DAVID HINSON--Band l,2,3,45 El Club Espanol 25 Glee 1,45 I-li-Y 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2535 Scholarship Team 25 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 3,45 Voice of Democracy Contest 45 A Cappella Choir 1,4. TERRY HOCHSCHEID--Basketball 1,25 Football l,2. BETTY HUBER--GAA 2,35 Glee 1,25 Home Ec. 15 Pep Squad 2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Entered from Green- hills 2: DAVID HUDSON--Camera Club l. MARIANNE HUSER--El Club Espanol 1,25 GAA 3,45 Home Ec. l,2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 3,45 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Scholarship Team l,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 35 Y-Teens 15 Zem Zem Staff 4. RICHARD IMHULSE- -Camera Club 15 El Club Espanol 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3545 Honor Roll 25 Spotlight Club 45 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. RALPH JAEGER--Basketball 25 El Club Espanol 25 Football 2,3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Honor Roll l,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 2,3. FLAELENE JASPER--Band l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 Home Ec. 152,35 Honor Roll l,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 1,25 L.G.D. 3,45 Pep Squad 1,25 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council l,2,3,45 Voice Of Democracy Contest 35 Volley- ball 35 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. FRFDRICK JOHNSON--Basketball 2,3,45 Class Officer 15 Clientes Latinae 1,25 Football 35 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Baseball 1,35 Honor Roll l,2,35 Scholarship Team l,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 3. JOAN LEMKUHL--Entered from Hillsborough 3. ROGER LISTER--Entered from Hughes 45 Spotlight Club 45 A Cappella 4. GEMMA LISTERMANN--GAA lg Home Ec. l,2,3,45 Honor Roll 25 Pep Squad 35 Student Council 45 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. LOWELL MacKENZlE--Entered from Prestonburg, Ky. 35 Basketball 3,45 Football 3,45 Baseball 35 Honor Roll 35 Track Team 35 Spotlight Club 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom King. SHEILA MAHER--Basketball 2,3,45 Clientes Latinae 1,25 GAA l,2,3,45 Glee 15 Honor Roll l,2,35 L.G.D. l,2,3,45 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Scholarship Team l,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 35 Volleyball 2,35 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. JOAN MARSTON--Home Ec. 1-5 Pep Squad 1,2,45 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. CAROL MCCORMICK--GAA l,2,35 Glee l,2,3,45 Honor Roll 35 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. JOHN MCLAREN III--Band 2,3,45 Camera Club 2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Baseball 2,35 Honor Roll 2,35 Scholarship Team 35 Track Team 35 Spotlight Club 4. JANFI' MEISTER--E1 Club Espanol 25 GAA 2,3,45 Glee 1,45 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 1,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 35 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. BARBARA MII.LER--Camera Club 3,45 GAA 1,25 Glee 15 Y-Teens 1. BARBARA MOUNT--Clientes Latinae 25 GAA 25 Glee 45 Home Ec. 3,45 Pep Squad 25 Volleyball 45 Y-Teens 3,4. DH. MUCKENFUHS--Basketball 2,35 Camera Club l,2,3,45 Track Team 1,2,3. JOYCE MUHLENHARD--Clientes Latinae 25 GAA l,2,3,45 Glee l,2,3,45 Honor Roll 35 L.G.D. 3545 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. JAMES MULLOY--Entered from St. Xavier 45 El Club Espanol 45 Spotlight Club 4. SYLVIA NADERMAN--Class Officer 35 Glee l,2,3,45 Home Ec. 1,25 Honor Roll 35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 25 L.G.D. 3,45 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 35 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. LlDA NESS--A Cappella Choir 45 Camera Club 2,3,45 El Club Espanol 15 Glee 15 Honor Roll l,2,35 Scholarship Team 15 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens l,3. MARIE NOES--Y-Teens l,2. JANE PANSING--Class Officer 45 Clientes Latinae 25 GAA 1,2,3,45Glee l,2,3,45 Honor Roll 35 L.G.D. 3,45 Pep Squad 1, 2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball 25 Y-Teens l,2,3,4. ,PHYLLIS PARKER--GAA 2,45 Honor Roll 15 Pep Squad 2,45 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 45 Y-Teens 2,3,4. LLOYD PORTER--Band1,2,3,45 Camera l,2,3,45 Glee 1,2. CAROL RAMBO--Pep Squad 45 Y-Teens 3,45 Entered from Flint, Michigan 3. JANE REED--Home Ec. 3,45 Pep Squad 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 3,45 Entered from Woodward 3. 40 SUSAN REICH--Clientes Latinae 45 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 45 GAA 45 Pep Squad 45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 45 Entered from Pennsbury, Pa. 4. JACK RENTSCHLER- -Basketball 25 Football 45 Track Team 3. JOAN RETTIG--Clientes Latinae 25 Honor Roll 152,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. KEN RICHARDS--Band l,2,35 Camera Club 1,25 Clientes Latinae 25 Hi-Y 3,45 Honor Roll 1,35 Scholarship Team 35 Spotlight Club 4. ' BARBARA RITTER- -Band 45 Spotlight Club 45 Entered from Athens, Ohio 4. JANICE ROEHLING--A Cappella Choir 35 Basketball 3,45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 35 El Club Espanol 1,25 GAA 1 2 3 4- G1 1 2 3 4- Pe S uad 1 2 3 4' S otli ht Club 4' Student Council 1,2 3 4- Volleyball 3- Jr.-Sr. Prom Queen 35 111,ee,111PQ 111yP8 1 1:5 5 Y-Teens1,2,3,4. CAROLE RUDISELL JUDY SALZMAN--Class Officer 25 Clientes Latinae 25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Glee 25 Home Ec. 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spot- light Club 45 Student Council 15 Y-Teens 1,25 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. PHILLIP SCHFIFEL--Spotlight Club 4. DICK SCHOTT DALE SCOTT DALE SCHWAEBLE--Football 45 Hi-Y 3,45 Baseball 35 Track Team 3. KATHY SHERIDAN Clientes Latinae 2 GAA 1 2 3 4 Glee 2 Honor Roll 1 2,3 L G D 3 4 Pep Squad 1 2 3,4 Spotlig --' ' 9 .ms 9 .5---,J ms ht Club 45 Student Council 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. FRANKIE SUE SIBERT--Basketball 3,45 GAA l,2,45 Home Ec. 45 Pep Squad 45 Volleyball 3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. ALBERT SILBER--Basketball 1,25 Spotlight Club 4. PEGGY SKEENS--GAA 15 Glee 15 Pep Squad 15 Y-Teens 1. DANII1 SYNDER--Band 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 1,2,3,45 Scholarship Team 1,2535 Spotlight Club 4. NEIL STATEN--Football 45 Spotlight Club 4. MARY STAUBACH- -GAA 45 Glee 1,25 Home Ec. 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Voice of Democracy Contest 35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 RUTI-IIE STAUBITZ--GAA l,2,35 Glee l,2,45 Home Ec. 1,25 Pep Squad 1,2535 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens l,2,4. SUSAN STODDARD--A Cappella Choir 35 Basketball 3,45 El Club Espanol 1,25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Glee 1,2,3,45 Honor Roll 15 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff l,2,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Volleyball 253,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM STOFFREGEN--Basketball 2,3,45 Football z,a,45 Golf 35 Hi-Y 3,45 Honor R011 2,35 Spotlight cxub 45 Entered from Sedgwick, Conn. 25 Track Team 3. WAYNE STONER--Basketball 2,35 El Club Espanol 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 Golf 35 Hi-Y 3,45 Baseball 1,25 Honor Roll 35 Spotlight Club 45 Track Team 3. ALICE SUNDERI-IAUS--Basketball 2,3545 Cheerleader 3,45 Clientes Latinae 25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Home Ec. 152,35 Honor Roll 25 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 1,25 L.G.D. 253,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Student Council 35 Volleyball 2,35 Y-Teens l,2,35 Zem Zem Staff 3. PATRICIA ANN TAYLOR--Entered from Reading 35 A Cappella Choir l,2,45 GAA 1,25 Glee 1525 Honor Roll 25 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2. NANCY LEE TEBBE--Clientes Latinae 1,25 GAA l,2,35 Glee 1,45 Home Ec. 15 Honor Roll 152,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 25 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Scholarship Team 1,35 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 4. RUTH Tl'J.FORD--Class Officer 45 Clientes Latinae 1,25 Honor Roll 1,2535 Literary Gold Diggers 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Scholarship Team 1,25 Sparkettes 25 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Zem Zem Staff 3,4. JUDY THIELMEYER--Entered from St. Bernard 35 Band 1,25 Cheerleader 15 Class Officer 1,25 GAA l,2,45 Pep Squad 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 3,45 Y-Teens 354. DONALD TODD--Entered from Central High 25 Basketball 35 Football 3,45 Baseball 253. WAYNE TODT--Glee 4. NELSON TROTH, Jr.--Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track Team 1,2,3. CECE MARY VAN VLIET--Entered from Regina 35 GAA 45 Honor Roll 35 Pep Squad 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 3,4. BILL VOSS JAMES WALLACE--Band 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 45 Spotlight Club 4. ROY WEBER--A Cappella Choir 35 Camera Club 15 Class Officer 35 Glee 1,25 Hi-Y 3,45 Honor Roll 2,35 Scholarship Team 35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 2,3,4. ANN WHITE--Entered from Maryland 25 Clientes Latinae 45 GAA 35 Glee 2,35 Honor Roll 2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 3,45 Pep Squad 3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Voice of Democracy Contest 45 Y-Teens 3,4. SALLIE WIEGAND--Band 2,3,45 Camera Club 45 Clientes Latinae 25 Honor Roll l,2,35 Hoot 'n' Holler Staff 45 Scholar- ship Team l,2,35 Spotlight Club 45 Student Council 15 Voice of Democracy Contest 45 Y-Teens 2. MARY BETH WILGER- -Clientes Latlnae 25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4. CARMEIJEEN YOCCO--El Club Espanol 1,25 GAA 25 Glee 2,45 Home Ec. 35 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Y-Teens 15253,-1. Q 41 HISTQRY QF THE CLASS QF ' Shoe polish, lipstick. horrible food, and "big" Seniors--that 's what we saw during those first days of school and initiation. There were 130 freshmen then, coming from Mt. Healthy, Finneytown, Monfort Heights, Springdale, and New Burlington. We joined many clubs and made new friends. We ended the year with a hayride and a gay time. Our Sophomore year came and with it, new responsibilities. Many of us were officers in clubs, and others were excelling in the classroom or on athletic teams. As Juniors, we worked all year selling student directories, refresh- ments at the games, and sponsoring "sock hops." All this was done so we could give the seniors a good prom. That we did. "An Evening in Paris" was a wonderful success, and everyone loved it. Our class brought in the most tax stamps that year for the Zem Zem. So, a junior, Larry Berner, was elected "Principal for a Day." We then ordered our class rings, realizing we were almost seniors. At last, WE were the "big" seniors. Some of us were presidents of the school clubs and "heroes" of the athletic teams. We took a fabulous trip to Washington, D.C., and presented a hilarious play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Other high lights of the year were the crownings of Janice Roehling as Homecoming Queen, Judy Salz- man as Basketball Queen, Leah Geeslin as Y-Teen Prom Queen, and Sheila Maher as GAA Prom Queen. All too soon, the year drew to a close, and we were measured for our caps and gowns. Baccalaureate services were held, and Graduation day arrived? On May 29, 1958, as we marched down the aisle to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance," pleasant memories filled our minds, and we were all proud to be Mt. Healthy's Class of 1958. 42 Myrna Barnes Sue Cumbow Bill Davies Terry I-lochscheid Joan Marston Sylvia Naderman Lloyd Porter Mary Staubach Nancy Tebbe Mary Beth Wilger As the clock nears its final stroke, the Zem Zem graduating class are sons and daughters of alumni who wishes to acknowledge members of the Senior Class have remained in or around Mt. Healthy through the whose parents and grandparents were graduates of Mt. years. THROUGH THE YEARS g Myma Bames--Alexis Barnes, Nellie B. Bamesg mang Lloyd Porter--Lorena Voglerg Mary Staubach-- Sue Cumbow--Ross Cumbow: Bill Davies--Ruth Holleg Marie Meierg Nancy Tebbe--Leonard Tebbeg Mary Terry Hochscheid--Howard l-Iochscheidg Joan Marston Beth Wilger--Harry Wilger. --Viola Imhulseg Sylvia Naderman--William Nader- 43 eff' The Jefferson Monument, the first stop, is really something to behold! ,X if fr Lf , Did you climb the steps of the Washington Monu- ment? ASHI GTO TRIP lt's time again for that exciting trip to Washington That was the thought in the minds of the juniors and seniors around March 27. That was the day they boarded the train and were on their way. The sights they saw were marvelous. They visited the Capitol building, the Tomb ofthe Unknown Soldier, Mt. Vernon, the Smithsonian Institute, the White House, and many, many other interesting places. Some brave souls even climbed up and down Those lucky ones who saw the Capitol at night saw a beautiful sight. the 898 steps of the Washington Monument. There was hardly time to eat, but when they ate, they really ate! Will any of them ever forget the delicious food? All too soon it was over and time to go home. The tired but happy travelers boarded the train again for the sleepy ride home, a pleasant ending to a good trip. The entrance to the White House is quite impressive ww, v .1 gl gg 15? Y 'L HV? 3' iff' W A S Sallie Wiegand Sheila Maher Valedictorian Salutatorian Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award .... GAA Ring ........ . .............. . Babe Ruth Award . . Danforth Awards ...... . Mr. and Miss Mt. Healthy . . . . Leah and Lowell, Mr. and Miss Mt. Healthy, were J' I' .S L, ,fzz f be Tom Bunnell Historian . . Gale Davis Raelenc Jasper Trudy Dreier Rick Johnson Judy Eckcl Lowell Mackenzie Leah Geeslin Lowell Mackenzie surprised and pleased when Mrs. Roach announced Mr. Hartzler congratulates Ron Bricker on his art that they had won. award. L 45 CLASSES . ...J-uni... Y..nlIll,,.,Jn .... PM K1 .,fP-waxy Q- - ma... 'Ii A Busy Corner Freshman Class Enrollment--187 Room Number Teacher 6 Wm. Brinker 9 R. Fredricks B8 Chas. E. Hoffman B7 S. Rammelsberg B10 G. Ritter '7 C. Stefan B5 M. Tyree Sophomore Class Enrollment--176 Room Number Teacher 1 C, G. Baisden 12 D. Betz 18 M. Saunders 10 P. Schlosser 17 N. Wood 15 D. F. Young Junior Class Enrollment--125 Room Number Teacher 8 E. L. Frost 19 H. Nevin B6 Robt. Rammes 2 M. R. Trippel 47 9 o CLASS OFFICERS K. Kincaid, Pres.5 D. Sutter, Vice-Pres.5 J Quattlander, Sec'yg V. Logan, Treas. , K r b M. Bitter 4 .Q M. Beisner 4 F -riywgf Q w -. - by - Aufdenberg . P. Bowman Af ,21 1 L L. Alexander K f W M. Bellanca 2 2 V k 'w.'f , 5' in .XJ I . 3 ', :.' . --:11 5- - 4 -. , N. Albright A J. Barker A L. Bradford ' 5 4' N "" J. Albrecht L. Arnold 48 D. Bessey D. Brinkmoeller L. Brischke ,if :-E: lz.. i . K R. Brown K. Bushman rgz 2 N. :'- ' 'i a ,,, L s. ca1dwe11 J. Fannin 3+-QB J. M, C1-aft A K. Hagedorn K. Case J. Focke H D. Decker R. Hagedorn Y. .. . J C 'I 1 B. Frey Q J . Z ., .. .K J R. Hardwick J. Chambers Xu. J ' J. Denby J. Clyde C. Gilhart . oug ass , ag J. Cook J. Gray : R.Ender1e ::' : ' av Q 2 T. Courts L. Guy .gh-f pw. . Nw .4 .. .7..,, . 5 Q a a fl ...+ n D. Henn Eifif -.L .li .as I ,. '55.,.f 5 a fa, .. ,h ga. . . K -...ff . , R... Q sg.. -.c. -L-saiizze-:.1' L. Hesse 49 KR xg! A.. R. Hilgeman S . Hirsch - ra." S.I-Iogue D. Hohenstar. . J . B W E .Q mass ' . E f .S+,..,,. 1 .. .. gig..- , E R. I-Iolford K. Honnert a. G. Hudson 3. M. Jacobs -is B. Jones M. Jurgen 8 J. Kahle K, al, 5.11. k .. . X .K C. Kase wp x Q jk S in . V1 1 J. Kennedy 3 2' fi A " . C. Kist al ' A J. Klein K . i ' N 5 .- S. 'x J. Klotz sf. J Q B. Korn af 3. . V K ' 5' 459' 'vi 1 L. Krahling t ,' . , H.Lurchin ,,-,,,,,.,' K 1 1- . ik - L .....n.n Y 1 N J 1 X ,,,,,.g l "'f: K,i,, . -QQZ I J. Lewis L. Maynard ...Q if . nf, A . M. Kuhlman N. Macaluso K B. Listermann Q i Q. nf' R- Merrill E. Kuhlmann C. , .,.. D. Mack J L Q.. J L' 5' J. Lloyd ,if J. Morgan rn J. Langenbahn J. Marqua . ' VX- U -'if , I. C. Loeftler F. Leberecht J D. Motz J.Marr1n I . iv' ' P. Lohr "lx f J. Mueller , . '35 .f .J K. Leming L. Martini 50 . D. Muskopf I-Q., .- wa? I :fun-gp . , -. . 1 K J, , H. Nevin GX F .5 .R E, dl Q I C ,gum D. Nolte ma I we S : T. Ohmex ,vw F? if '. J. Padgett L. Peters gn A SQ C' if' Jia 1 53. ' ' F L. Praechter W 1 ia I. -A I R. Rittenhouse 1 - ew A x ts xx n C. Rm P. Price is 'L .. ft, . 5 1.515- V-IIE ,s 2 S. Runck C. Raikes C N We . fy. C 1 'wif' M. Salzman 4- J C. Reuter " .., Qi . D. Richley WE s 'QA X D. Schiering Q C. Schmidt K . .-,. . y-Hype 2 Y A , .my M . .. da, J , ,W 4' .. U'-ll l ll' X" 1. 1 , 35 ':"' .. "" - G. Schmidt T f' J. Seim ffl . -V . ,.., .., . , '--. Q yan . - .1 4 J. Schwab J. Springer D. schneuer 1 .4 T. Shotwell -My A T. Seigle .X A. Starner R. McSpadden A. Wessner J. Som L N J V' .xr 4 f..A J. Staubach 4' M. Stephenson 51 N- I A . Stratman 9 'fig , --., ii. f J. Tenhundfeld 4'-ff iw B. Van Ausdall f' 4 1 :sg ,. .L M mm. ,MV Wh KQA 45232 Q.. A 'ff by ,gm Q M Q QM f . ,,.. ,I ,. ,f , X 'Av x H. Weimer i ' Q -...' ,.,, F fc , .I . 1 r------ R. Weimer . :KQ t J J . Westendorf R. van De Ryt ' J 6' - C. Wheeler up is h hi. .i h 1 M. Van Guelpen . ' ':-. 13- . M. Wlesman -.M . . .,.3skL:. .4 . Q. 1 5535 . Q , .RX 3 Y . ., u J. Wiesmann M. Wingerberg Qm..5: +- . K 'v -. View-W Q Yffgygi ' . . Xa QQ.. " Sgr. 'iw N fffiif , Qi- , .k,- 1 R. Wingerberg raw 1 gr ,, . . -4 JN E. Winn R. Zimmerman Nw S .2 X X Q 1 B Q , J w my .-... . Q F -1 'N wi 3 7 ' 62 J' R-H 9 Wallbrech G- Zwicker as . My . .av S-ff' J. Adams S. Becker ' J. Brenner S E. Burns ,PBI wg A J . . J. Backus 9' ,QL " D. Borowske 2-' R. Brown . - - -':A . 6nee .J .4 L S.. R. Alering g D. Bedacht A "V..: , gi F. Bromer T. Butler S - ,n,n . ' ' Q.. 21:5 fp Q v J Bahr ' wifi 3253 5' Q " ' L x lkfl fi' - iii? F 22 N:-:' wa.. ...,13,. , , sg . V . Bradford ' K . Bryant u f' L. Bockelman ' i R , B. Brouse V . :1,: A , ,...r . E 'er J. Arkle b 1 . I if I ...N ,.,., ,. V Q, J. Bamonte I ws. sw .J c. Atkinson J. Becker A. Auburn CLASS OFFICERS S. Kummler, Vice -Pres.g L. Ritchie Treas.g S. Korn, Sec' , J Y B. Ware, Pres. . ff-if P. Borke J. Braune 52 B. Butterfield - 1 . ' Ie! 3: E, . 'Yi . Cole 'J E. Carter Ki.. j' . C. Chadwick 'ig . 5 A N. Christensen 1 W I Q Q .qv s B. Coy s Q35 mfs.. . if 334' -L M, , C. Cramer If ., .-5, .W . ., . , A .f .. ii H Ni - ' E' l.eA gi. is t R. Curley Rei I . . :W 4 x . gl ' Q J. Davis C. Denny 2 XS :Q -, ' 322.4-, 3 'F' AAA J . Doughman 1 Q iii? .. ,fm i , gs- , la ' x '1il?i.'4. R. Douglas vw , . b . t .-,. , D. Clark P. Dunagan " 4' ' 2 is B. cuzwn y . lr . M. Clark G. Duncan D. Eekerlin I. Egan J. Egbert 'li- .qs ,. Vasu is A A C. Ehrhardt Y E. Ehrhardt :YL xx.. fr Q T. Emmons 2t,:yi1 , li - Yi is .. 1 if? Q G. F1scher C ,J . Q f x. F . Enders .Qi T. Flannery --"'h.f C' f L'-- 35:5 .3..:' : SrZ.wifWj 9 , 721111 Eg fll G. Estes g I L? iw ..- Q-' A' C. Franklin W' I P. Ewing Q-fi f is P. Frye L if '- ,, . ' . . D. Ferdon 'A 'Xi .i"- " "- K , E B, Gau 53 G. Ferree i 9 'ws B. Gierach ix! 'Q Ia , ' QM, w. Gillispie . gf' 'f i , M. Guenther as s P1 9 J.I-iaefele A M. I-Iagedorn 1 ...Q B. Hager . D .: W K M I Am 5 43' . 7 uv A be - if 4 . X s. Hambrick D. Hobbs D Q f W Dm A if . J ' ' 1537" K x i d D. Heil , . B. J - er in I A lg HSP A. Hamburger ' Alf D. Hoffman ' , ii . . .dre 5., 1 ' ' - " , .z.4.., K Qs.. V .Q gig' H. Henn V L. Jungkunz A , g T. Harry W' M. Hogue . 'fi' . D .N S. Herndon A Q 'Qi' V. Jungkunz . if A -a 4 E K. :E 5? T 4' 4 1- j . C. Haskins ' 1 ' 19 af' K. Hicks . o A. Hauer .. 6. .. ?ggA I . wzww , 5 ' A .fr . s I B. Hissett ' if ,S A- ' - ' A R. Hawkins J . Holder ' .I I: , . fx A T. Kaiser rex.. J J. Huber M " R. Katenbrink mf . T. Hull 54 S. Kummler IQ., 3 W. Kock . R. McSwain , ,W B. Lutterble ' .iz Q 41. ., rj k g S. Korn ' ,. R. Mechler X 3 Am W. Lutt erbie 7 r xt, V B. Mercer R. McKee Bo P. Landwehr I. 3 B. Meyer 'F fq 9 J. McKendree i - . . 6 . F X A. Lindsey f 'if M. Middleton - .r H if P. McLaren N D. Lotz D. Moak M4 gi .. r. ..., .. N .jf 1 ' L A-f - -'1 1 .... . - , . Q, 'Q "' ' . ..f1 3 b ' -F j ,V S N 'tx Q A . W K ,, In A N A J. Moeller J 6. 3 V. Pfeiffer ik ,,-,- .5 " J. Ries 3 M. Schwab Q K, 'CF' . ei' 1 v D. Nolte . , R.Reide1 .,... N. Ruff , D J rm K I , K E. Motz . ii . J. Ploeger R 'vp .M L. Ritchie J S' , B. Shepherd 'Qv 'va' V .l--SQA-A J 1' is L i D ai R. Oberkorn C. Reif S. Russell . S x J . ... n C. Pugh G. Ritter J D . S w. schocmey 1 A .Q , it W K-.Hn Q- 25 . P H X " " D. Reinhart P. Scheidt a " D E. Nagel 5:69 gg' ..:L . J' Yay, 1 "" J . J D D. Ritz . L. siben J fi J. Osborne an h K- kkj-4 Sm V ' "J XJ Q R. Schmidt G. Nelson R Q C. Racer . Q X .v., 1135 Q W A. Perchermeier - J. Rice J B. Silber wg" C' B - fi' - L. Ness L B. Ramp J. Roberts J Q. K V J , J .. . X 5 . is A D. Peters r D. fucker: vw-i g ' V. Schmidt Q Neg. 'S'--: E m. ' F' B. Newman G. Rehkamp 55 R. Rooks A. Sipple L. Smalley D. Smith . an R 1' D. Smith D. Smyth M V xx QA. . Q . 3 . be ,: W J. Spaxks I J. Stehlin 'X 'Milk ig S. Steigelman L. Stevenson S D I .' 5 S . .5 H. Stirnkorb :Q ...r ' N is 3 T . Springer fr ' .. - Q G . Stoelting in , Qs 'iz L- Sfoffregen M. Van vnet D. white :::- , : --,, .Z -t K . D. Tc-pits ' 0- M.Wa11ace . .K ,.: ,. K as .fn my M I JV in E T N Q: D. Sunderhaus .. -. K D. Vedder .P A - V. Wiegand K g i R. True 'SDS g B. ware E. Taphorn ' B. Waidner . . . I Av, D i A ' f'--. . I 1 I D : e1 ' B. Wiest B. Thielmeyer I I ' Q 4 ' .5 D. Watters ' P. wainscon 2 c. Wilson . . ,.,. . . if is SZ.. F. Thompson S 5 fs . Q 5' sill K! ie? N W y. W ., E. Timm T. Unks K. Welland Y XP M Q , 'wi S. Wakemann S. York . J T' Van V31eY G. Weltzien 55 C. Walden J. Zimmerer S , wx .iii . ,- A S . ! 8.1 H U A A Q A 'Wifi l L.. L Q3 'RI' A is ,Q L T. Ackerman .34 L. Barnes Ci ' R. Bohn xx . T. Brooks - W 'WY' . if x : ,. K U -K 2 E. Anspach i 4 E. Bitter - .5 J- Brakmar1iS - A A . Q :' i. A Li f .B A ' A P with .-,. . , H. Anderson W'-f L. Beacock K. Bowen ii R. Brouse ' A -. Qi! , X , J E K. Alexander H.. 3 R. Boehmler I B. Bray F xl A S if 7' Ag. of , r A , L H. Berglund E h , ' T. Bowersox 4 C. Brite 57 1 5 R. Bujdoso Eng D. Boggs ns D. Bronstrup ,E ' . 1 Q SSW D . Burwinkel ni f fs r... A N' Brooks B. Butts CLASS OFFICERS J. Mueller, Treas.5 J. Padgett,'Sec'y5 M. VzmGue1pen, Vice- Pres.g L. Brischke, Pres. 1.555 .5 .fvfif v J' L . A4 ,A . KL . W ik 45 GP , B. Cagle V .Sk . I F .4 , l nj. 5 .. B. Case VL , .-: J fi B. Chain -we at ,- ' -,. Q-wi we Sv -fi 'X 1 r is 1 XI any ' ', 5 1 . z... j' H. , C . Christensen Q.: . Y I if 2' S . Clyde R. Cohen E. Collins B. Commins . J . Cook v, . ' Y ff I D . Dannels 1 fi .- E ,. B. Davis r ,, , '- '- 3 . 71- . H. Denby J. Dick 5 "xii . V iv Ai ., I? 5.. M. Dickmzm . Dillenburger , sk: Y Q B . A . Gilb x . . 4 yy X P 1 f fi 3 D. Davis , . Q, R. hndres C Sa . . .Li kk! NJN B. Douglass is av i is J. Drake Q,-., 5. . W SF res. 4 H H B. Du Four 4 , . gf ,f 5 f I fjzfffv Q. if 19 I in , , f J . Eastlack 4- .5 L Eckel ., W. Etzel C. Ewald 5 K A J. Fein . ' if 2 S. Fick an il R. Flaig T. Flaig dx NX Q. X . rg if fi mi' 5 Ji B. Gilhart 5' ., U" ,l X Q Y I 1 x 9 ,P-'PQ '-:., 7 XXI M. Gm Z'-f D. Frederick V V 5 ww I B .- 3:4153 L A. Frost 11 1 . - 5 , W Q R . George J. Goldston V I N . Griffith Q . . , . ,, .S --fi .ff . .1 i ... r , in Q .aw ! ' J if . V . .Q 1 J rx H M. . Q 5, K X is . L KL K - . 7' Q ' AI ' "S, 5- I .f vfiki I If A M. Dixon 58 G. Figg M. Grodsky L' I . K .fm 1 . 7 . f' A .J Y . ' . . K G. Hafer R J. Jacobs ., Q - J. Knight , , N 5- - . "" 'E' .Q ' 69 Ei: M - al ,QQ We fin HH1d DK BL bh yi A . o er . . emper , . angen a n x . 9 ggi", J S. Harvey E. Jaeger X xg 1 SN SJ -sf M. Huber 'J ' x R. James x K wx if 'Y - X J. Hasse . JP, D. Hutson N-N L 1 var- . M. Hauer A ' J. Jamlson if Q , I are - -. X J. Imhulse x 1 J J M. Hinson , 5' -f G. Jones ...ff Y Q-1""' , 1 N . J '- . 1112: I J,-. V 7 L 5 C. Jackson Pilkgiggf W. , Q . G. Hochscheid K. Kellett .Q ' 2 P.Koeh1er J . xl ve- i i' vt., f 'Nr f' ' J K 1 J I- X ' ,nf . .Ii 4a'5a'i. '+.I+'.fi. 1' 9 .. - W. Lech K. Kincaid 1 , v tf' . f A ' R. Krieger ,A in 9' J lfc K 4 K, Kincaid vi gi J. Leibrook I via 2 L. Kuhlman ix Q E. Lloyd G' . XV' Q G. Kline f NJN .n . J.L h .K . m ac mann VA iz I J. Kline C. Loeffler 59 M. Laib .EY 4 V. Logan ...ig S .M F J. Lohr P. Manning 'Q .v B. McCauley D . McCoo1 M. McGurk K. McLendon .N i K r xv iii' l L A -, ' r f. S' 1 .J M. McQue ary J . Mercer 5 ? 'if '- , gm P. Michel Q, I. '. ,PW N. Miller ji:g? , " J if.: L L 11 P . Minnich G L . .. -Q... T -. iff' . Av f 4 . , , V ..-- sg..- .1 ,, .5 V S . Minnich is , .- , .11 'W J . Moeller L. Moore G . '-9 2 W 5 . S 1. S. Morris 115532. 2 . ,EMI l i fax ' K A: -' .X ' Q iff Ju 2 was wig Qi N. Q. T. Morris 1 . Wx., , .. , A e A K. Mortimer gg,xi,ifz,. , 55551 fm, r 1... K 5 Q: ' ' , ' -. 5 si 255, . 229593 x it X4 if WM L. Ormston . ' P .. . J. MOSS .--. Q. ' 5 ,V if i.,.. A Y ' D. Owens Q J J . Muller B. Naderman M. Owens 2 I D. Oetzel C. Oliver 35 QE. S5 ::. . ' 5 WH' M' S . Perkins J. Peters 60 R. Pfeiffer V. Pfeiffer ' 3- : ' 5 ., l D . Pickering I wr : A D. Praechter "-'- S 553' : - " -1 J. Quattlander D . Ralphy :gifs W. Rambo ef J f - ii. B. Ramsey N. Rees Y '5 ' N 5 AIX' wh C. Regensburger T. Rentschler . J X I-I. Rettinger 3 K . fi' gxfqi Y is . is ' f 4 L. Reuter N: V Q45 .Q .Q V' NS B. Richards P ig: W i PM 1 1 x. ' R. Richley QRWFHW.. J: -"':E.f-:- C. Richter M.. 1 I K. Richter .1 T. Roberts ' 5 G. Schrage S. Rose F. Schwab E n B. Ross J. Schwartz S. Russo , K. Shaw , 4 , 1 if . M. Sabato fi. '.,:: V 7 E ,., L. Shelnutt J "" fn A G. Saberton N ..T. f', t new 3 f' .git . I P. Shipler . ff. tt G. Skinner Qt.. . . qw We 'H 1? fr I K. Smith .P .N LIU S. B. Sneider P. Stang C. Steiner - ' .S B. Stewart ' M: 55 ! 1 nf - J. Stocker if fs' if .' . B. Stoelting P J. Stoner ' G. Stormer 61 . m ..,, . ,.., wr .1 5 -. SoS 1 ' ,.., -' S L3 5-13 A - --Q P. Stout A Q. S Q P. Vinson Q. N D. Sutter J. Suttman S S ' ..,, ' f f . .E H. Swegman J ir: L f 5 ! if X1 .zz :'.- H- . , W. Tiemeyer .J D C. Waidner ' . E. Tobergta R ... Am ba' J. Waskom T. Trapp Q' 54 ...- S - - A 5 J.Weber N . Troth 4. P. Weber G. Switzer ,Z ,'-- A B. Vaughn L. Taylor B. Weisner M , .Y Q E .- - 1 . I ,.. , W L 9 ,. .EK ,V ' ' X f K Q Wentzel V ..... , A P. Wood D. Zimmerman W W., 'ii fx .E M. Williams 5 K. Wright i al T"lM.:iFf White A 0' ' 5 1 K. Wooster W .- .- S. Willis C. Write Everyone got a kick out of Freshman Initiation. Gierach Hager Jurgens Mullinix Swim Vedder 62 rx A 1 .elif ' ROW ONE: Mrs. Roach, S. Naderman, J. Roehling, P. Stout, J. Quattlander, M. Van Guelpen, V. Logan. ROW TWO: R. Jasper, B. Frey, D. Denny, G. Listerman, L. Brischke, B. Rief, L. Stoffregen. ROW THREE: J. Westen- dorf, S. Caldwell, B. Ware, K. Hagedorn, D. I-lenn, R. Weber, K. Sheridan. NOT PICTURED: R. Richley. TLIDE T COUNCIL Whether it's helping a fellow student with his troubles, opening lockers, or even selling mixed nuts, our clock finds the Student Council alwa s on the 'ob. Y J As the hands move around the clock, Student Council is trying to solve another of the student body's 3 5 problems. Representatives, from grades nine through twelve, meet to discuss these problems. Each Council member strives to improve the conditions of our school. SEATED: D. Henn, Vice -Pres., J. Roehling, Pres. STANDING: R. Jasper, Treas.: M. VanGuelpen, Sec'y. i ROW ONE: J. Staubach, J. Cook, Miss Frost, J. Salzman, J. Chambers. ROW TWO: R. Telford, M. Huser, S. Maher, R. Bricker, K. Sheridan, J. Mueller, N. Tebbe. ROW THREE: J. Westendorf, S. Caldwell, T. Bunnell, R Imhulse, D. Nolte, A. Stratman, J. Martin. ZEM ZEM ST FF Turn back you hands, Oh Mr. Time. Remember millions of tax stamps. The class which won the the time when ---, "Shoot for the Moon" tax stamp contest elected a The Zem Zem staff works 'round the clock trying "Mayor for the Day." Though it is hard work, typing to record all the events of the past year at Healthy. copy and selling ads, each staff member works eagerly To secure money for this tremendous task, staff mem- to put out a better Zem Zem each year. bers solicit ads, sell annuals, and collect and count SEATED: R. Telford, Editor. STANDING: T. Bunnell, Cir. Mgr., AJ -.,rt" J. Staubach, Secy., K. Sheridan, Adv. ' Mgr. A ,V 4, Huser, Asst. Ed. STANDING: S. Caldwell, Sports Ed., J. Rice, Secy.3 A. White, Editor, J. Mueller, Bus. Mgr. HOOT ' HOLLER Every month members of Hoot 'n Holler have a papers. This year members worked longer and harder race with the hands on the clock. The staff wrote than ever to publish a printed paper. articles, typed and corrected copy, and helped sell the ROW ONE: J. Cook, J. McKendree, C. Reuter, S. Russell, M. Barnes, L. Ritchie. ROW TWO: Miss Miller, J. Rice, J. Mueller, S. Reich, J. Rettig, D. Ritz, L. Ness, S. Stoddard. ROW THREE: M. Huser, T. Dreier, C. Nevin, M. Jacobs, S. Wiegand, S. Caldwell, J. Eckel. NOT PICTURED: A. White. SEATED: T. Dreier, Cir. Mgr., M. J. Cook, T1'eas.3 L. Geeslin, Pres.5 E. Kuhlman, Secy.- J. Gettle, Vice-Pres. LITER RY GOLD DIC-EGERS The Literary Gold Diggers is an organization of school library. An annual affair of L.G.D. is the spun thirty girls who have an average of eighty-five or soring of a talent show which was given this year on above. The purpose of the club is to buy books for the MHFCII 5- ROW ONE: J. Muhlenhard, J. Cook, J. Haefele, R. Jasper, N. Albright, A. Auburn, S. Naderman, J. McKendree Mrs. White. ROW TWO: M. Bellnca, L. Stevenson, J. Gettle, S. Maher, S. Cumbow, C. Haskins, R. Telford, J Pansing. ROW THREE: A. Sunderhaus, J. Westendorf, J. Martin, L. Geeslin, E. Kuhlmanri, N. Wallbrech, K. Sheridan. ROW ONE: B. Brouse, J. McKendree, J. Goldsmith, P. Wainscott, E. Motz, S. Becker, A. Hauer, Miss Frost. ROW TWO: C. Ritter, L. Stevenson, S. Reich, W. Shockley, S. Korn. ROW THREE: T. Springer, C. Wilson, R. Ware, A Stratman, T. Butler, W. Mercer. NOT PICTURED: E. Taphorn. LIE TES L TINA At each Latin Club meeting the hands of the clock are turned back to view ancient Roman classics and culture. Members, second year Latin students, maintain the shoe checks at the Sock Hops as a means of earning money for a gift to the school. Latin Club, also, spon- sors the "Poster and Scrapbook Contest" open to all Latin I students. At the club 's annual picnic old mem bers welcome into the club Latin I students with an average of above 90070. ROW ONE: Miss Frost, C. Ehrhardt, J. Braune, R. McSwain, D. Topits. ROW TWO: L. Ness, T. Kaiser, J. Haefele A. Auburn, B. Mount, V. Schmidt, B. Douglas. ROW THREE: S. Kummler, J. Sparks, T. Harry, D. Smith, G. Weltzien, D. Moak, G. Ferree. ROW FOUR: D. Reinhart, G. Stoelting, G. Duncan, V. Wiegand, T. Van Valey, T Unks, M. Middleton. NOT PICTURED: A. White. 3 11 3 K W z ROW ONE: G. Schragge, S. Morris, P. McLaren, J. Quattlander, M. Wallace, D. Fredericks, M. VanVliet, M. Grodsky, K. Kincaid. ROW TWO: E. Winn, C. Ewald, K. Alexander, D. Sunderhaus, L. Alexander, R. Endres, K. Wieland, Miss Miller. ROW THREE: C. Pugh, J. Mulloy, I-l. Rettinger, B. VanAu.sdall, Tom Ackerman, S. Rose, C. Atkinson. ROW FOUR: W. Etzel, J. Adams, D. Clark, R. Imhulse, R. Endres, B. McKee, J. Denby. EL LLIB ESPANOL Que' hora es? It's time for another El Club Espanol meeting. Each stroke of the clock found Spanish Club planning one of its many activities. Members not only learned to speak El Espanol, but studied the customs, manners, and dress of our Spanish speaking neighbors. They also attend the annual dinner held at the Spanish Inn. Sampling Spanish delicacies, speaking El Espanol, or learning the ways of our South American neighbors, each member has had mucho gusto this year. D. Sunderhaus, Vice-Pres., P. Hempel, Pres.5 D. Imhulse, Secy.3 -Treas. ROW ONE: Mrs. Wortmann, P. Parker, J. Rettig, K. Richards, B. Huber, C. VanVliet, J. Salzman, M. B. Wilger M. Barnes. ROW TWO: S. Cumbow, J. Mulloy, J. Meister, G. Davis, S. Wiegand, J. Wallace, L. Geeslin, J. Eckel, B. Commins, S. Reich. ROW THREE: J. Combs, R. Endres, B. Fullerton, W. Stoner, R. Imhulse, D. Sny- der, N. Staten, B. Davis, J. McLaren, l-l. Covert. B. Stoffregen, Pres., J. Eckel, Secy., S. Cumbow, Vice-Pres., M. Barnes, Treas.5 N. Tebbe, Secy. H. Covert, G. Davis, J. Combs, K. K Richards. X Never a dull moment. This describes Spotlight The Spotlight has a chance to shine before the Club completely. The members are English IV Stu- entire student body each year at Christmas and at the dents and Spotlight affords them many opportunities annual Senior class play. to demonstrate their dramatic ability. 5 X f 6 .E .1 ROW ONE: S. Frentzel, S. Naderman, C. Yocco, L. Ness, J. Pansing, J. Roehling, J. Muhlenhard, J. Reed, P. Taylor. ROW TWO: Mrs. Wortmann, R. Jasper, B. Ritter, R. Bricker, J. Thielmeyer, R. Telford, J. Gettle, M. Staubach, D. Fuller. ROW THREE: R. Staubitz, K. Sheridan, M. Huser, S. Bowman, T. Dreier, S. Stoddard, S. Maher, D. Bowersox, N. Tebbe. ROW FOUR: R. Weber, D. Hinson, A. Silber, R. Lister, R. Johnson, T. Bunnell, B. Stoffregen, L. Mackenzie, D. Scott, R. Jaeger. t c- ,ri .1 4 K4 KU M1 N Q, I ! I a i w X' 3 Q' ' w W -tf hi' v is .2 . is I Q? a fig X Q vva gwbwgv fy, 5. Hi 2 S. .,d5gv H . mwmf 'T gif? an . 1' f I,Q':':f 1 J WI ik, fsalf if .ifwfffiiwfi Afigfif yew! if ,H M19 - X wi, Y EEQQQXQSQQ X- - ' A 'N- f Q if 3? if jf Q 3 , . gg -S QW NJ 5 ' ' ,Q H n l W , S "' ' 6 V, Q f ,Eg 3 - Q ,, 4 'W . 1 Q , f ,X ' QW if ' J W ., as ay.- Q35 Wo rw vi' W bf Q .yi W Q A I E are :Dj Q g Q v J! W 1 v v 1 -M: X 1 N 2 k V W f ", r ' A R iw M 2 A f iw M A 7 ' Ig awk S AQ W L W ,f 7 .Q 1 . vu w -- - P , aww JL gl 4 A V x ,, 9 ' v VW' V9 f'V."", lf! .'x Y' vt Y xsvfvy wg axes, gy is A 4 fr , Q ' i 9 A Ax . . Q I x ii ' n A V W is rf . gg.: fb, .Q My , K W .N i 1 A f' X X L 5 l Q . - 4 . ,Q W! U.. IQ 1 8 ...X -'11,gg aff 1 , -, ,, ff' , QW K . ef its V W .,k f T , gr ROW ONE: M. Kapson, M. Steiner, L. Moore, J. Brakmanis, B. Wentzel, B. Bray, D. Bedacht, S. Klenk, R. Endres, N. Albright, A. Auburn, B. Auburn, M. Ossage, M. Bryant, Mr. Ritter. ROW TWO: E. Jaeger, G. Hammond, J. Bahr, S. Scott, K. Howes, D. Sheppard, W. Rambo, G. Pottinger P. Wood, J. Lachman, B. Ritter, C. Cornelius. ROW THREE: D. Fuller, E. Shale, B. Coy, T. Shot- well, D. Reinhart, J. Cornelius, T. Emmons, L. Geeslin, G. Ferree, R. Hilgeman, J. Davis, D. Zimmerman, J. Klotz. ROW FOUR: B. Richley, G. Jones, G. Stoelting, L. Porter, V. Wiegand, T. Bunnell, M. Beisner, J. Peters, M. Huber, J. Fein, J. Kennedy, D. Henn, J. Adams. MARCHI G AN QQ, I lg g H, -fy -- A .szaim-z TTV"WxfMl- 1? ... S. B M 76 R. Jasper, Treas.5 J. Cornelius, Pres.3 D. Henn, Vice-Pres.3 J. Cook, Secy. IX x G CDNCERT B .. :AU Uflf ROW ONli: Mr. Ritter, C. Regensburger, B. Brouse, J. McKendree, J. Leibrook, J. Cook, S. Russell, V. Dillen- berger, K. Case, D. Ferdon, B. Case. ROW TWO: D. Nolte, J. Cook, R. Jasper, C. Atkinson, L. Alexander, J. Mueller, R. Wainscott, P. Stout, M. Wallace, E. Winn. ROW THREE: L. Stevenson, A. Starner, S. Cumbow, R. Bricker, S. Willis, J. Suttman, J. Gettle, J. 1-laefele, M. Bellanca. ROW FOUR: J. Waskam, E. Shale, S. Wie- gand, J. Wallace, J. McLaren, D. Snyder, P. Vinson, D. I-linson, J. Stehlin, J. Huber. NOT PICTURED: K. Bush- man, R. Richley. Seventh bell is here again. Unpacking their in- practice long and hard in order to present many fine struments, band members scurry to the practice field concerts, especially the annual Christmas Concert. to march, play, and try out new formations which will Seventh bell comes to a close. Instruments are entertain our rooters at the football games. cleaned and packed away until tomorrow when "time At the close of football season band members marches on" and our band along with it. KNEELING: Jim Davis. STANDING Barb Bray, Raelene Jasper, Thelma Emmons, Peg Hempel, JoAnn Suttman, Judy Cettle. N. Wallbrech, Treas.5 D. J. Nolte, Secy.g J. Cook, Prog Chr.3 L. Geeslin, Pres. NOT PICTURED: S. Naderman, Vice-Pres. ROW ONE B Brouse J Braune N Chnstenson J Becker B Davxs B Douglass, L.Barnes. ROW TWO: M Bellanca D Dannels B Cham J Brakmams J Cook S Becker A Barnes L Bockleman. ROW THREE: J Cook C Denny D Bedacht J Chambers P Bowman N Albnght J Albreeht,A.Auburn, C. Cramer, M. J Clark ROW FOUR L Alexander H Anderson J Bahr J Gettle D Bowersox, T. Dreier, J. Denby, C. Camp ROW ONE: G. Hafer, C. Ehrhardt, A. Hauer, M. Grodsky, D. Eckerlin, K. Kincaid, T. Flannery. ROW TWO: J. Goldsmith, N. Griffith, C. Ewald, K. Kellett, P. Frye, R. Endres, M. Hinson, G. Fischer. ROW THREE: L. Krali- ling, S. Herndon, M. Elsen, S. Korn, S. Kummler, J. Haefele, R. Jasper, C. Franklin. ROW FOUR: C. Haskins, C. Kase, E. Kuhlmann, L. Geeslin, S. I-logue, T. Emmons, B. Gau, J. Eckel, J. Huber, G. Hudson. From his place above Study Hall, hands situated at The eleven squads worked hard this year to raise 3:15 Mr. Clock watches another Y-Teen meeting get money for the annual Christmas Prom. They also under way. Members are discussing the final plans planned socials and worked on service projects. for the "Christmas Dream Prom," or another of the Whatever the Y-Teens did, they always had a many projects of our schools largest organization. good time doing it. ROW ONE: S. Morris, P. McLaren, J. McKendree, J. Liebrook, J. Padgett, J. Muhlenhard. ROW TWO: M. Mc- Gurk, P. Manning, B. Langenbahn, J. Marston, S. Naderman, N. Miller, V. Logan, J. Moss. ROW THREE: N. Macaluso, G. Listermann, C. McCormick, D. Lotz, D. McCool, C. Loeffler, S. Maher, D. Nolte, K. Leming. ROW FOUR: B. Mount, E. Motz, J. Martin, M. Middleton, L. Ormston, J. Meister, J. Langenbahn, A. Mullinix, J. Muel- ler, D. Moak. S? V 1' ROW ONE: L. Shelnutt, S. Perkins, K. Smith, L. Ritchie, L. Praechter, J. Staubach, C. Rocca, C. Reuter, D. Ralphy, L. Reuter. ROW TWO: G. Schrage, K. Richter, V. Schmidt, P. Parker, D. Sclmetzer, J. Pansing, S. Rus- sell, J. Salzman, J. Reed, J. Quattlander, C. Regensburger. ROW THREE: D. Ritz, N. Ruff, M. Staubach, P. Scheidt, K. Shaw, A. Starner, C. Rambo, G. Switzer, J. Rice, J. Roehling. ROW FOUR: D. Pracclitcr, C. Pugh, C. Reif, M. Sabato, H. Rettinger, K. Sheridan, F. Sibert, J. Rettig, D. Scliiering, S. Reich, B. Ramp. ROW ONE: M. VanVliet, B. White, C. Yocco, M. Wilger, M. V.mCuelpcn, C. Taylor, S. Wakeman. ROW TWO: J. Zimmerer, M. Wallace, D. Topits, J. Wiesmann, E. Winn, P. Stout, M. Wiesman, C. Tyler, S. York, ROW THREE: B. Wiest, K. Wuster, C. VanVleit, L. Taylor, L. Stevenson, M. Wingerberg, P. Wainscott,J. Thielmcycr,L Stoffregen. ROW FOUR: R. Staubitz, J. Westendorf, N. Wallbrech, E. Timm, B. VanAusdall, J. Stehlin, S. Stoddard, N. Tebbe, R. Telford, B. Stewart. Mr. Clock and members of Y-Teens with their escorts had quite a time at the annual Christmas Prom on December 14. A fantasy of angels, fluffy clouds, and similar decorations were perfect for this "Christmas Dream." It was a big night for Rick Johnson and Leah Geeslin, who were crowned king and queen. Queen Leah and King Rick. " HRIS I MAS DREAM" The Corn Fed Five really added to that floorshow. Our Alumni and chaperones also enjoyed this evening. 82 W 1 if y. Q 215A 'aviiif " -iff . ' N ' ' 21,955 X f L 'V if Q K. fi -31,58 S .. 1 4,5591 L ' V? A 4 , 3 h , l . 5 Q we AW if ,aw 7 ,N Qgi- , , 'J ' 1 ' v Q .P my Mi M, if K ,L i ageing Nei? 'i 5' Q, wt , ' Lk b 'g. I k 0- K-F4 5 .. lg -S it 5-:', 7, 3 W4 -I K, if yi . H A S sf' xl ' 52 I . Q f i Lg A W K N S qlk Q w ,Q x M, , 5' is is , N ' A ,,,,,,. ,i,,, Q SEM'-M N ' as +455 """"x'X " R Q c X-si ,nf-4z,b if m yd X W -:Ffa KR .114 6? , men . f X :fl iff .i. x N cg in gf . S X 'QL .f X fr' ok-Riff Qi 'S 35...- in 42? B. Davies, Treas.3 R. Johnson, Pres., B. Stoffregen, Secy. HI-Y Time runs out on another year for Hi-Y, and looking ican Basketball Team." Also this year they became back, this was an especially busy year for the club. As active in the state wide youth and government program an individual organization they sponsored a hayride, a sending delegates to the city wide councils, the pre- fruit cake sale, their annual candy sale, April initiation legislative conference and the mock legislature held of new member, and of course, their usual "All Amer- in Columbus. ROW ONE: Mr. Brinker, D. Richley, M. Jacobs, R. Weber, S. Caldwell, T. Shotwell, R. Jaeger, J. Seim, S. Richards. ROW TWO: R. Zimmerman, A. Stratman, J. Cornelius, D. Hinson, R. Endres, B. Davies, J. McLaren, D. Henn, T. Seigle. ROW THREE: D. Nolte, T. Bunnell, D. Schwaeble, W. Stoner, R. Imhulse, B. Stoffregen, R. Johnson, L. Martini, K. Hagerdorn. D. Eckerlin, Sec'y.5 G. Hudson, Vice-Pres.: E. Kuhlman, Treas.5 S. Mahex, Pres. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO ROW ONE: D. Eckerlin, C. Ehrhardt, B. Douglass, M. Grodsky, B. Case, P. Dunagan. ROW TWO: K. Case, K. if Skis Bryant, J. Chambers, C. Ewald, R. Endres, B. Chain, J. Cook, E. Carter. J. Brakmanis. ROW THREE: D. Bedacht, M. Craft, M. Elsen, J. Cettle, L. Alexander, J. Albrecht, L. Brischke, P. Bowman. ROW FOUR: H. Anderson, C. Campbell, D. Bowersox, J. Eckel, T. Emmons, S. Clyde, J. Denby, S. Bowman, J. Baht. wi me .... .pn an an as an 0 Q g by , V , As the time rolls around each year for the Spring Prom, the GAA becomes a beehive of activity. The girls hire a band, arrange for decorations, and dream up a catchy theme. This year the theme was "Shangri La," the mythical place where time stands still. This did not hold true that night, for the four hours of the dance sped by too quickly. The high- light of the evening was the crowning of the queen and king, Sheila Maher and Dale Schwaeble. Queen Sheila and King Dale! ' 'S H A Jerry seems to enjoy Sue and Pat's song. J. Martin, Secy.5 K. Sheridan, Pres., A. Sunderhaus, Vice-Pres., P. McLaren, Treas. PEP SQUAD ROW ONE: P. Dunagon, L. Barnes, B. Douglass, M. Grodsky, B. Langenbahn, A. Hauer, M. Barnes, C. Ewald, J. Klein, J. Cook, E. Carter, K. Case, K. Bryant, M. Jurgen, S. Harvey, K. Kincaid. ROW TWO: R. Endres, L. Bockelman, B. Listerman, P. Bowman, C. Cramer, A. Auburn, L. Alexander, J. Haefele, G. Listerman, E. Burns, L. Birschke, M. Craft, C. Atkinson. J. Cook, D. Eckerlin. ROW THREE: M. Bellanca, C. Chadwick, S. Kummler, C Haskins, L. Krahling, M. Huser, J. Bahr, D. Bowersox, S. Cumbow, S. Maher, G. Hudson, C. Kase, M. 1-lagedorn, S Korn, K. Kincaid. ROW FOUR: C. Campbell, J. Langenbahn, B. Gau, J. Denby, T. Brooks, L. Geeslin, L. Mar- tini, S. Hogue, T. Seigle, J. Eckel, J. Eastslack, E. Kuhlmann, J. Martin, T. Dreier. ROW ONE: D. Peters, P. McLaren, L. Ritchie, L. Muhlenhard, J. Staubach, J. Reed, J. Roehling, C. Reuter, S. York, M. VanGuelpen, C. Rocca, M. VanVliet, C. Taylor. ROW ROWS L. Reuter, K. Wurster, P. Shipler, B. Ramp, P. Parker, C. Rambo, J. Thielmeyer, J. Salzman, E. Winn, D. Schnetzer, D. Ritz, M. B. Wilger, J. McKen- dree. ROW THREE: M. Williams, J. Pansing, J. Schwartz, L. Stevenson, K. Reif, K. Sheridan, S. Reich, J. Rettig R. Telford, B. Wiest, M. Staubach, A. Starner, A. Sunderhaus, S. Russell. ROW FOUR: N. Wallbrech, J. Stehlin, S. Stoddard, F. Sibert, D. Nolte, H. Rettinger, T. VanValey, B. VanAusdall, J. Meister, E. Timm, J. Westendorf, N. Tebbe, K. Weiland. NOT PICTURED: B. Weisner. "Now is the time for all school-spirited students to come to the support of our teams." The purpose of the Pep Squad is exactly this. At each game the Pep Squad is well represented. Members do much to promote school spirit and should be commended. Some of the Pep Squad members cheer the team on. 89 LATIN CLUB A. White, Prog. Chr.5 T. Van- Valey, Vice-Pres.5 S. Kummler, Pres.5 D. Smith,Secy.5 C. Ehrhardt, Treas. GLEE CLUB SEATED: C. Yocco, Treas.3 N. Tebbe, Pres.3 J. Pansing, Secy.5 N. Ruff, Publicityg T. Seigle, Vice-Pres. LATIN CLUB J. McKendree, Treas.3 A. Hauer, Prog. Chr.5 B. Ware, Vice-Pres.3 L. Stevenson, Secy.5 A. Strat- man, Pres. W wr-mznzvf ,,.y WY., . . . . .... .. x ATHLETICS ARSITY FCOTBALL COACHES: Mr. Betz, Mr. Schlosser, Mr. Brinker, and Mr. Stefan. Lowell and Art have a hard practice r 1 .iG..iX V N 1' Xffww , , -6' . x X a . K . fi x . K I S wx 425-W-. w MX A : f.ggrQ',v,A!4f, v ' ., K ja MN x P Q ', ' has ' Ai 'Ad 92 CHEERLEADERS: J. Bahr, L. Brischke, A. Sunderhaus, E. Kuhlman, C. Campbell, J. Roehling Mr. Clock had quite a busy time keeping up with a feat because in this, our first year in the Millcreek our varsity football team. From the first practice on Valley League, our boys faced tougher opponents and August 20, to the last victorious game over Reading also battled Asiatic flu. Q40 -Of, our boys did not waste a second of their valu- As a reward for their hard work in making the 1957 able practice or playing time. This thriftiness of time football season successful, members of the team tra- paid off as the team recorded a fairly successful sea- veled to Columbus to see an Ohio State game. This son of six wins and three losses. This record was quite trip was sponsored by the Athletic Boosters. Our boys really worked hard for a good team. .mfs LLP - 93 wail' W iv'4'!.,2- M.. X- ""v'sl355.sL- "S-,,, Q 'X X '4' X Q1 , x x, X Don Todd Jack Re ntsch lex Nelson Troth Co -Captain Dave Motz Wayne Stoner Dale Schwaeble S Q fi s K Neil , Staten L 1k" 1' Bill Stoffregen .' -JA l. lr K 5 -i xx 2' R Q, e X LV' X Hg ' , L A l .3 Q l 'A e '- , Q E N ' ff A If Ralph 1 M Q Jaegex i X L Co-Captain S ill- W Larry Berner Charles Felss Lowell Mackenzie X in-. ? X X ,....A-A FOOTBALL HOMECOMI G The minutes tick off. Zero hour of October 4, 1957 is fast approaching. Who will be our Home- coming Queen--Janice, Dixie, Raelene, Alice, Claire, or Peg? Oh, here come co-captains, Ralph Jaeger and Nelson Troth! It's Jan! She's our Homecoming Queen! Con- gratulations, Queen Janice! In keeping with that night's excitement and spirit, our team crushed Sharonville 26-O. Queen Janice ! Alice Sunderhaus, Janice Roehling, Raelene Jasper, Peg I-Iernpel, Dixie Denny, Claire Campbell. 'CID' 'BQ S.-f....M ,mv ' 5, f ., 'Q Qt 7 1 fx 'ii , 1 441 l X A O .af N O The cheerleaders get things started by lighting the The band helped add to the excitement. fire. Everyone felt his school spirit as the dummies were thrown into the fire. POW OW Turn back, O Clock! Remember the night of October 3? The Jr. Class sponsored the Pow Wow. Into an enormous bonfire were thrown dummies of challengers, Sharonville. That was only the be- ginning of the treatment they would receive the following night. Led by the Cheerleaders and band, the crowd cheered our team. The candidates for Homecoming Queen were also introduced. Everyone had a swell time. 97 ROW ONE: Klems, D., Leuchauer, J., Spears, F., Bloom, B., Morris, D , Etzel T ROW TWO Young T , Long, M., Ricketts, B., Beisner, S., Powers, O., Lohr, D. ROW THREE Betz, D Coach, Nagle, G Hartman, F., Marston, J., Walls, C., Caldwell, J., Mesloh, T. ROW FOUR: Galardo T , Anderson D Dxckrnan, Hite, R., Stratman, J., Swegman, B. ROW FIVE: Cutter, R., Taylor, G Sergle B Bowman, M Young, D Jasper, D. JR. HIGH FOO I B LL Let's take time out to look at our future Millcreek cheer "Push em back way back as they battled and Valley League Champs, the Junior High Football overcame their challengers of superior size Good Team. The team, under the direction of Mr. Betz, work, boys! had a very successful season. They took to heart the Mt. Healthy ..... IR. HIGH FOOTBALL 1957 13 ..... Reading. . Mt. Healthy ...... 6 ..... Greenhills Mt. Healthy ..... 21 ..... Wyoming. Mt. Healthy ..... 13 ..... Fairfield. 98 l ff "Boy, this food is de1icious," say the boys at the annual football banquet . Mt. Healthy. . Mt. Healthy. . VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . 20 ..... N.C.H ..... . . . . . 14 ..... Greenhills. Mt. Healthy ...... 6 ..... Sycamore. Mt. Healthy. . Mt. Healthy. . . , . 26 ..... Sharonville. . . . . O . . . 12 ..... Taylor. . . Mt. Healthy ..... 26 ..... Colerain. . Mt. Healthy. . Mt. Healthy. . Mt. Healthy. . . . . 16 ..... Anderson. . Harrison.. . . . 53 ..... Reading. . . . . . HO OR BA QLIET In recognition of those who worked 'round the clock to make the 1957 football season a success- ful one, the Athletic Boosters sponsored the annual Football Honor Banquet. After a delicious turkey dinner, awards were pre- sented to the team members, cheerleaders, and coaches. Tom and Bob eagerly announce the exciting plays of Healthy's football team. 1-,Qi The coach and one of the players talk over their strategy. RESERVE: P. McLaren, M. VanV1iet, J. Baht. HEERLE DERS VARSITY: Clockwise: J. Roehling, C. Campbell, E. Kuhlmann, A Sunderhaus, L. Brischke. is 100 F STANDING: Armand Aufdenberg, Ron Rooks, Lowell Mackenzie, Bill Stoffregen, Mike Beisner, Rick Johnson, Larry Martini, Ken Hagedorn, Rick Hilgeman. KNEELING: Larry Berner, Jerry Seirn, Tom Seigle, Mr. Stefan, Don Henn, Art Stratman, Ron Zimmerman. VARSITY BASKETB LL With every tick of the clock, excitement soared paid off as our boys were seven -time victors. through the crowd. To the crowd's roar of "Beat 'em, Congratulations, team, on this successful season! boys! Beat 'em!" our team fought hard to come out Let's do it again next year. and stay on top. The long and hard practice hours Jump high, boys, and win this game for Mt. "Get that ball, Bill," shouts the crowd at tr Varsity He althy. Basketball Game . Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy .... Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy .... Mt. Healthy VARSITY 60 ..... 54 ..... 61 ..... 46 .... 40 ..... 46 ..... 52 ..... 51 ..... 29 ..... 41 ..... 51 ..... 52 ..... 48 ..... 68 ..... 61 ..... 67 ..... 53 ..... 45 ..... .Colerain ..... 51 N.C.H. ...... 44 .Greenhills .... 33 St. Bernard .... 50 Lockland ..... 58 Wyoming ..... 66 Taylor ...... 90 .Reading ...... '73 Deer Park ..... '70 N.C.H ....... 55 Greenhills .... 42 St. Bernard .... 49 Lockland ..... 65 Wyoming ..... 70 Reading ...... '73 Deer Park .... 64 Harrison ...... 51 Norwood ..... 64 On the night of the basketball queen crowning, all the basketball players and candidates intently watch as Mt Healthy scores another victory. Larry Bemer proves that we can fight back as he speeds down the iloor. ,jj - 3 If ae fl-2 3 3---' ll Q-5, fi, .."fi::h. lhlriigpifr. A 5Qf:mf!?u:.gak, i4'1um,,,g,i,,.,,foyg , e'M'if4W:Gl""X:f"5f'95i lg,g,5f,gggil"EVJQQQQQKT.:,gfQV'EQ'fA'bZl5. 5 !wAggOmw'gif'iAil5I?iiisamQQtilgiaficri!-ed -v,,Qw'3B,gmmqfwwafmweQ,Mktwif?rm "'l+qwsawff,gmiHf'fffWoffffifvffessrsf:Qf's:'g,e Larry Berner Rick Johnson Guard Forward 'I ,Af SENIOR PL YERS x X N Lowell Mackenzie Guard Bill Stoffregen Center 103 STANDING: B. Douglass, B. Silber, J. Osborne, B. Meyer, H. Henn, C. Wilson, B. Newman, B. McKee, D. Rein hart. KNEELING: L. Sibert, W. Koch, R. McSwain, Mr. Schlosser, T. Springer, D. Sunderhaus, R. Oberkorn. RESERVE BASKETB LL Another minute, another basket, and another cheer season very successful. Their hard work paid off as for these deserving boys, our Reserve Basketball Team. the Reserve came out on top in IHOSI of their games Under the direction of Coach Schlosser, the team As they will be the Varsity basketball players for the practiced long and fought hard to make the 1957-58 coming season, we will surely have a winning team These Mt. Healthy ooys were really trying hard to win when they played this game. 104 X. Healthy .... Healthy Healthy Healthy Healthy Healthy Healthy Healthy .... Healthy Healthy .... Healthy Healthy .... Healthy. . . . Healthy Healthy Healthy .... Healthy RESERVE 42 ..... 32 ..... 39 ..... 30 ..... 26 ..... 42 ..... 35 ..... 26 ..... 53 ..... 31 ..... 44 ..... 20 ..... 35 ..... 32 ..... 46 ..... 23 ..... 24 ..... Colerain. . N.C.H. . . Greenhills. St. Bernard Lockland. . Wyoming. Taylor. . . Reading. . Deer Park. N.C.H. . . Greenhills. St. Bernard Lockland. Wyoming. Reading. . Deer Park. Harrison. . SCORES We They Mt. Healthy ..... 39. . . . ..Deer Park. . . . . . .37 Mt. Healthy ..... 37. . . . . Colerain. . . . . . .20 Mt. Healthy ..... 43. . . . . Reading .... . . . 36 Mt. Healthy ..... 37. . . . . Lockland. . . . . . 22 Mt. Healthy .... 59. . . . . .Glendale. . . . . 19 Mt. Healthy ..... 30. . . . . Mariemont. . . . . . 27 Mt. Healthy ..... 24. . . . . N.C.H ..... . . . 23 Mt. Healthy ..... 31 ........... Sharonville ...... 45 Mt. Healthy ..... 39 ........... Greenhills ....... 29 Tournament Mt. Healthy ..... 37 .......... Colerain. . . . . . 34 Mt. Healthy ..... 43. . . . . Lockland. . . . . 27 Mt. Healthy ..... 32. . . . . Deer Park .... . . .47 The teams of tomorrow are the freshmen of today, and if the present is any indication of the future, Mt. Healthy has a great deal to look forward to. The Freshman Basketball Team had a good season this yearg they gave their opponents a tough time. The Freshman Team is really trying hard to win this tourna- ment game! FRESHMAN ASKETB LL SITTING: Etzel, W., Fein, J., Vinson, P., Bitters, E., Troth, N., Morris, T., Ross, B. STANDING: Richter C., Oliver, C., Steiner, C., Rambo, W., Willis, S., Cohen, R., Brinker, B., Coach. NOT PICTURED Eckel, L. NL5 ,LS wats qyutg Swiss 21 HH' U X is if if S f A Yr- fl t x N fx xii 5 5 5 ,f X N 7 Xf 105 Although he kept a close watch on our reserve and varsity teams, Mr. Clock did not slight our future basketball stars. The Junior High Basketball Team coached by Mr. Betz had a very good 1957-58 season. The boys, members of the seventh and eighth grades, were victorious in most of the games played on their SEATED: Campbell, J., Ricketts, B., Beisner, S., Spears, F., Anderson, D., Taylor, G., Seigle, B., Morris, D., Etzel, T. STANDING: Betz, D., Coach, Westendorf, J., Marston, J., Roberts, E., Jasper, D., Seigle, N., Mueller, J Rentrop, H., Scott, M., McKendree, B., Kuhlman, D., Coach. KNEELING: Stratman, J. JR. HIGH BASKETB LL home floor at Matthew Duvall School. They were usually on top in their challenges away from home. Mr. Clock is looking forward to the time when these "little owls" will lead Mt. Healthy's basketball teams to many victories. WE Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy SCORES THEY . . 27 ..... N.C.H ...... 25 . . 33 .... .Greenhills. . . 20 . . 54. .... St. Bernard. . .24 . . 33. .... Lockland .... 42 . . 31. .... Deer Park .... 14 . . 39. .... Reading ..... 30 . . 27. .... Wyoming .... 38 Mt. Healthy. . 38. .... Reading ..... 33 Mt. Healthy Our Jr. High . . 21. .... Deer Park .... 23 enjoys a thrilling game! Ml Ss l 4,m,..f" . MN - J, ' The scorekeepers have an important job and they handle it M .1-ff ' well. Bob Jones has come to see one of our football games, and Mr. Muskopf is right there to sell him Cl ticket. Judging from the reaction of the crowd, this must be a very exciting game. X., nwi , My I Y Z f-if if 1+ 5 'I Nffg Peg Hempel Marianne Huser Raelene Jasper spanish Club Judy Gettle Band Leah Geeslin L.G.D. Sharon F rentzel Camera Club Sue Cumbow Spotlight Club Hoot n' Holler Y-Teens BASKETBALL QU EE CROWN IN After a busy week of poster-making and campaigning, the big night finally arrived. This was February 21, 1958, the date of the Basketball Queen Crowning. To the music of "A Pretty Girl" down the aisle formed by the Sparkettes, came fifteen girls, repre- senting the various clubs at Healthy. The lucky girl, our queen, was Judy Salzman, Hi-Y's candidate and the schoo1's choice. She was crowned and presented a bouquet of roses by Bill Stoffregen and Larry Berner. After the crowning, Queen Judy and her attendants watched Mt. l-lealthy's last and most exciting game of the season, a victory over Harrison. 108 Li. get ag - f Q 1 Z QTY" it Yi Ann White Latin Club Q gf as Ruth Telford Zem Zemi Nancy Tebbe Glee Club Basketball Queen of '58, Judy Salzman, Hi-Y's candidate! Kathy Shexfidan Pep Squad Gemma Listerman Sheila Maher Janice Roehling Home Ec. Club GAA Student Council 109 X14 Q X ' I, 'J Q' K. s . . , I H, Em tg 5',VU, 'lr 3 , ... K. T lx -1 A Q QR Ellf A' f ,A Q IK 1, 6' X, I . . 'N x . A ,m.' g I . yxAf.lLf .5470 , i 1' 0, 9 m PX ef V lil ' f i IH. g K 'f . ROW ONE: J. Osborne, J. McLaren, J. Combs, E. Burns, J. Rentschler, D. Todd. ROW TWO: C. Wilson, R. Richley, H. Nevin, G. Weltzien, J. Springer. ROW THREE: Mr. Schlosser, A. Stratman, D. Schwaeble, K. ARSITY A D RESERVE BA EBALL Hagedorn. Mother Nature tried hard to keep Mr. Clock from coaching of Mr. Schlosser, and the Reserves, under watching the Varsity and Reserve Baseball Teams. the direction of Nlr. Brinker. Although many of the games were rained out, the Since many of the players are underclassmen, Mt Varsity team had a fairly good season under the Healthy is sure to have a great team next year. ROW ONE: T. Morris, P. Wood, W. Ross, R. McSwain, D. Etzel, C. Steiner, Mr. Brinker. ROW TWO: R Lutterbie, R. Cohen, D. Smith, J. Fein. ROW THREE: R. Ramsey, G. Stoelting, R. Richley, E. Bitter, T Shotwell, R. Coy. 7 ROW ONE: Mr. Betz, Coach, Cary Taylor, Tom Etzel, Jim Marston, Jack Mueller, Tom Logan, Jack Campbell, Steve Beisner, John Droste, Mgr. ROW TWO: Bob Seigle, Darell Pottinger, Mike Bowman, Tom Garlardo, Dave Davies. ROW THREE: George Nagle, Mgr., Bill Bailey, Gerry Joesting, Eddie Aufdenberg. Mr. Clock saw our future Redlegs spend many from other schools. Coached by Mr. Betz, the boys hours practicing for their big games. This, our Jr.- worked hard to improve their playing of Amcrica's High Baseball Team, defeated many of its challengers favorite pastime, baseball. JU IOR HIGH BASEB LL AND GOLF Mr. Clock, what's cooking with our golf team? ence, was a very successful one. Practicing long and It's their speciality, a hole-in-one. hard to beat their competition, the team also learned This season, the golf team's second year in exist- valuable lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. W. Stoffregen, T. Van Valey, B. Fullerton, D. Smyth, G. Hochscheid, H. Nevin, W. Koch. .1-av" Q ROW ONE.: T. Butler, L. Martini, R. Zimmerman, W. Etzel, T. Springer, J. McLaren, G. Weltzien. ROW TWO: R. Silber, J. Combs, E. Burns, R. Richley, R. Brown, T. Siegle, W. Meyer, H. Schwegman. ROW THREE: K. Hagedorn, K. Hicks, B. Douglas, J. Kennedy, R. Hilgeman, P. Vinson, R. Aehlering, R. McSDadden, D. Zimmer- man, J. Wallace, D. Muckenfuhs. TRACK TEAM Springtime is a busy time for Hea1tny's track team. The stop-watch is a very handy instrument during track season for timing Hea1thy's future Marathons. The boys, coached by Mr. Stefan, put in much time practicing for various track meets which occur through- out the season. .s '5' is 15 Ken proves that our boys put in all their effort. 'X-I C? I 4. C? R x E J was-fl ms: j G. rank ,A ROW ONE: D. Eckerlin, M. Elsen, J. Westendorf, J. Cook. ROW TWO: P. McLaren, E. Kuhlmann, S. Maher, E. Carter. ROW THREE: L. Brischke, C. Campbell, R. Jasper, S. Stoddard, J. Pansing. ROW FOUR: C. Reuter. S. Hogue, J. Langeubahn, G. Hudson, M. Craft, C. Haskins. G. A. A. Winners Volleyball and Basketball Teams ROW ONE: D. Ferdon, A. Sunderhaus, M. Craft, M. Elsen, F. Sibert, J. Meister, S. Stoddard, E. Carter, P. Lolmr. ROW TWO: D. Eekerlin, G. Hafer, T. Dreier, S. Hogue, C. Campbell, L. Birsehke, I. Egan. S. Rose, J. Rochling, R. Jasper, J. Langenbahn. ROW THREE: P. McLaren, R. Enderle, B. Wiest, C. Reif, H. Rettinger, J. Westendorl, S. Maher, C. Hudson, C. Haskins, J. Mueller, K. Case. JU IOR-SENIOR PRO Many juniors worked hard to give the seniors the the theme. The climax ofthe evening was the prom entitled "Neptune's Paradise." The center of crowning of the Queen and King, Eileen Kuhlman and attention was the treasure chest in the middle of the Ken I-Iagedorn. Everyone seemed to have a good time floor. Nets, shells, and fish of all kinds completed as they danced under the sea. It looks as if Gale and Carol enjoyed working for the prom. Couples crowded the floor after the crowning of the king and queen. ll4 f n A r ' 3 'IF The reigning couple, Queen Eileen and King Ken! Last year's royalty, Janice Roehling and Lowell Mackenzie, performed their duties. 4 115 Miss I. Koehler, Mr. W. Faller, Mr. J. Richmond, Mr. H. Seitz. MAI TE ANCEA CAFETERIA ROW ONE: W. Butterfield, W. Koch, J. F. Moeller, R. Pfeiffer, J. Mercer, T. Harry. ROW TWO: Mrs. Hassel- busch, Mrs. Bessey, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Case, Mrs. Ehle, Mrs. Edlred, Mrs. Springer. ROW THREE: S. Steigelman, D. Pickering, R. Douglas, G. Ferree, R. Richley, R. Oberkorn, L. Mackenzie. ROW FOUR: L. Arnold, R. Hissett, J. Arkle, T. Shotwell, T. Springer, G. Duncan, M. Beisner, L. Hesse, R. Silber. We Pg If is ' . 4 116 . IR ' to E Tfv' ' Y? . T1 SEATED: G. Hudson, L. Krahling, Mrs. Hammel. ROW ONE: S. Stoddard, J. Muhlenhard, J. Marston, C. Yocco, C Listermann, J. Salzman, J. Albrecht. ROW TWO: T. Emmons, J. Eckel, J. Meister, J. Gettle, J. Rice. OFFICE ASSISTAN S ROW ONE: D. Denny, C. Bray, S. Cumbow, N. Wallbrech, J. Reed. ROW TWO: J. Rettig, M. VanGuclpen, M. Staubach. ROW THREE: D. Topits, B. Wiest, T. Dreier, K. Leming. SWIT CH -BOA RD OPERATORS Darlene Eckerlin, Kay Bryant, Carol Franklin, Margie Van Vliet, Thelma Emmons, Vicki Schmidt, Merrily Grod- sky, Carolyn Taylor, Phyllis McLaren. We-2 E STANDING: Bill Stoffregen, Bill Davies, Wayne Stoner, Richard Endres, Rick Johnson. KNEELING: Ralph Jae- ger, Roy Weber, Jim Wallace. V W'-Q., . . -nf V -0- , 'Q A ., ,U . fr ' V-faww A ,-,if 5 I H ' ., .Zi 3,1 V A - ' ' W S qw , .... ANTHONY'S MEN'S SHOP Hamilton Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio Fraknie Sibert and lane Reed watch as Mr. Distler tells them about one of the silver sets at DISTLER'S JEWELRY STORE Ron Mechler and Ken Bushman are amazed at the light Weight of a portable television at HERB 8. KRAMER'S Itfs un to bone! your ZBIEPIIOILB czllnptllty H04 good P16166 to w0'lk 5 Gnoessecx Hey. Girls! Follow JUilY'S aflvice and h xv your hair vut at MODERNE BEAUTY SHOP 5 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ENTIRE CLASS OF 1958 We Hope We Have The Opportunity To Congratulate All Of You Again In 1962! wlLLow and BILL MOSSBERG MOSSBERG INC. 7824 Hamilton Avenue Mt. Healthy -:M GROCERIICS FOR TIII-I FAMILY AT GARDNER'S 10290 Burlingilmm Ruud , ,ay wifi , ,, 'r I x A c Q THE smvlczrz STATION 'PHAT Rl+1Al.l.Y smvrzsf HEBEL'S TEXACO . V46 AK A 1--: Y 5 'A M4 3 f Mr. Leitch and Mr. D avis are prepared to give your car a fine service at LEITCH'S SOHIO STATION Compliments of CINCINNATI ATHLETIC GOODS STANLEY SCHAEFER FEED STORE CUSTOM GRINDING FERTILIZER-GRINDING 1872 Springdale Road R.R. 2 Mt. Healthy 31, Ohio WM. F. MARTIN Practical Furricr Custom Made Garments and Ready-to-Wear Furs Storage. Cleaning, Remodeling l and Repairing MA Ill-837 ,. ., ' ' Sue Reich and Ceminu Listerniunn trv 200 Noam, Building . on new Easter lmonnets at Fourth at Race Cincinnati 2, Ohio "Use your IOW discount cards, Home Rc. students." l Carden of The Cood Shepherd THE ARLINGTON MEMORIAL GARDENS 2145 Compton Road Mt. Healthy Cincinnati, Ohio IHHUHUINHNU lW!lllI1I!WWIV1IlIllf'lHWW"" """"""" "WW L , I ENTS OF COMPEIIIENIS MEL-o-AGE E i PARKER's PHARMACY H It A my Q36 UNHHIll!NIil1HNl!IIVUIVIlI4IIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIN DRIVE IN FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE AT STOELTlNG'S GULF SERVICE THE MT. HEALTHY SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY Organized February 27, 1887 Capital Stock 320,000,000 7521 Hamilton Avenue OFFICERS and DIRECTORS L. J. Steinbrecker .......... V. B. Keeling .... Ray Theders ..... Harry H. Ahrens. . Robert F. Ahrens. . . C. W. Steinbrecker. . . Earl W. Muskofi ..... Frank W. Stout ..... Charles S. Brown. . . ...........President . . . . . .lst Vice President . . . . .2nd Vice President ...............Treasurer Secretary and Attorney . . . . . . . . , .Asst. Secretary .........D1rector . . . . . . .Director . . . . .Director Compliments of MT. HEALTHY BAND BOOSTERS CLUB Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mueller-President Mr. and Mrs. Ray Young-Secretary Mr. and Mrs. Milton Case-Treasurer Looks like Betty Listerman enjoys waiting on these kids at BERNHARDT'S PHARMACY Maybe this will he 5 lesson 10 you talkers, A seemingly magic display of Hoating fire was demonstrated at one of our assemblies. Compliments of PORTER PRINTING INC. The Juniors worked hard to make money for the Junior-Senior Mother Geeslin reads a Christmas story to her children and Prom. the entire student body. I l y ' H7 Pirk-up or deliveries of party supplies at MT. HEALTHY ICE AND PONY KEG Chet Ehlvr helps Larry and Brad select sporting cquipmvnt at ENGER'S HARDWARE 1 es. 5- ii 1 A Jane and Sheila are purchasing party supplies from Mr. Taphorn at CLOVER FOOD SHOPPE Pat Taylor is pleased to have Marybeth help her choose just thc- right je-we-lry at EFFl.ER'S r Compliments of MT. HEALTHY P. T. A Officers of 1957-1958 Mrs. Carl Scott-President Mrs. Stanley Lienhart-First Vice President Mr. Karl Merkle-Second Viee President Mrs. Walter Campbell-Secretary Mrs. Walter Gettle-Treasurer Good Luck 1958 Graduates KNOLLMAN LUMBER COMPANY ROY RUDOLPH, FLORIST 7108 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio Phone WEbster 1-6000 When in need of flowers, think of us. sm J WW When buying fresh fruit at WUl.l.ENWEBER'S FOOD STORE Carol Wheeler, Susan Stoddard. and Peg Brennan sa "Be 1 ndep endent' Buv Independentli' 'Q 7351 Hamilton Avenue Compliments of llfffif !1VAW1M1V!l f!i'lfW!' Webster 1-3300 Cincinnati 31, Ohio SOUTHERN OHIO BUSINESS COLLEGE 41157 Hamilton Avenue-Northside Air-Conditioned Stenographic, Secretarial, Accounting Comptometry, Typing and Review Courses Day and Night Classes ma Peters helps Janice Roehling select a game from TRAPP'S TOY CENTER Phone: Klrby 1-1170 or Klrby 1-9724 Ns 'W QQ fi ,-Aff Q J BeaWiseOldOw'l ,. Q f ft, fox ' 1 V 'M For Flowers of Any Kind 1 1 lj ' G ' Get Yours at Peter Herb's 59 Flowers by PETER HERB 80 Yrs. in One Location Just 2 Blocks North of High School Corsages Nosegays Presentation Bouquets Call Us About Our Group Discounts 7849 Harrison Ave. Mt. Healthy PAUL R. YOUNG FUNERAL HUME TEBBE MONUMENT COMPANY Monuments and 1 7 Grave Markers Mt. Healthy, Ohio fLeonard Tebbej Phone JA. 1-6387 14-52 Compton Roau Res. JA. 1-8707 an ggi! Hey, Kid 'G p t yth g y Share the fun. . . when youlre with some- one you like, it's fun to enjoy a Coke together. Good times get better with the best-loved sparkling drink in all the world! Coca-Cola. . .so good in taste, in such good taste. 0" is a rogistond h-ado-mark. Compliments of MAIN THEATER Mt. Healthy, Ohio r .gt Q eiee XXXXX-gf NZ! X-if N Get Your Flowers For All Occasions at RICHARD WUEST'S FLORISTS 'Q LEBERECHT PLANNED EYEWEAR Complete Optical Service By Appointment 5569 Cheviot Road WE l-5760 DOWNTOWN OFFICE OPTICAL SERVICE CO. 9 to 5 4-th 8X Vine 304 Ingalls Bldg. PA l-1084 l 4 The Zem Zem appreciates contributions from the following school organizations: Band Camera Club Clientes Latinae-Bell 3 Clientes Latinae-Bell 4 El Club Espanol Girls' Athletic Association Glee Club Hi-Y Home Ec. Club Hoot N' Holler Literary Gold Diggers HAWTHORNE Pep Squad Spotlight Club 7830 Hamilton Ave Y-Teens ,Ja fl , VJ? FINNEYTOWN HARDWARE 936 N. Bend Road Cincinnati Ohio MATHEW DUVAL P.T.A. Officers 1957-1958 Mrs. Clifford A. Shotwell-President Mrs. Richard Binne-First Vice-President Dr. Wm. L. Carter-Second Vice-President Mrs. Edward Wallbreck-Secretary Mrs. Ray G. Petenbrink-Treasurer .q .,,, -, - M 'ie mmmvsf. Compliments of WALTER W. KORN Mayor City of Mt. Healthy Don Hobbs Agrees that LE Mlcul-u.'s is the place to go for that crew cut. .... , rf-1. """' 55"- Compliments of Best Wishes Seniors CARL MULTNER COORS BROS. DAIRY ' G"""f'iCS Meats Vegetables Phone Jackson 1-7018 THOMAS E. WO0D, INC. General Insurance Carew Tower Cincinnati Ohio Dunbar 1-1500 Fire, Liability, Contents, Bonds, Automobile Mt. Healthy Representative Mrs. Clara M. Ruoff Phone: Jackson 1-9175 Compliments BILL ULRICH For convenience and quick service it's GARRETT'S BARBER SHOP Jean Staubach and Kathy Sheridan wishfully admire some of the very pretty skirts in HOLTZHAUZERS DEPARTMENT STORE Our sincere good wishes to the Class of 1958'l MT. HEALTHY LEAGUE C. Stewart Cooley W. Fred Welland Jane D. Pansing H. J. Hutchinson Lillian Welland for Public Schools Incorporated Officers and Directors William F. Pansing Janet S. Hutchinson Walter Klenk Ruth Shotwell Wir , ll e if 5 ., , - ,-'- ig' -1 5 li I L' li 'P Hi is if 'if' 'w'1,i' BANKLICK GRAVEL CO. Kemper Road Serving Hamilton County Bankrun Gravel Topsoil Fill Dirt John D. Haskins, Sr. John D. Haskins, ,l i NEIDHARD FUNERAL HOMES Invalid Coach Service HESSLER'S VARIETY STORE Compliments of MT. HEALTHY MOTORS INC. Ford Sales 81 Service I fly! ' l ... I if McCOLLUM'S DRUG STORE 7603 Hamilton Ave. Phone: ,lAckson l-9384 Mt. Healthy, Ohio Four graduates in the class of '58 are pictured above being welcomed to the staff of The First National Bank of Cincinnati by Dwight E. Corrill, Manager of the Mt. Healthv Office. Marianne, Alice, and ,Ioan have been assigned to the bookkeeping department at the Atlas Ofhce and Lowell to the Mt. Healthy OHice. COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Mt. Healthy Office D. E. Corrill 7433 Hamilton Ave. Manager THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CINCINNATI Cincinnati 1, Ohio Organized 1863 Charter No. 24 'WI lm csfufnnalyy 'ESE CAKE FRISCH'S BIG BOY North College Hill WE. 1-4515 Compliments j e f ,, 0 4, ' University 1-4215, 1-4216 7920 Hamilton Avenue W Free Delivery ML Hec,,,,,, - Z X CLIFTON MEAT MARKET E , gpm, I '34 enry aeger roprle or - ,. H J , P ' t H Y Choicest ' Meat, Poultry, Fish Homemade Sausages HOCHSCHEID and Meat Products TAILORING COMPANY Suits, Trousers, Topcoafs Made to Order 324- Ludlow Avenue Cincinnati 20, Ohio TIME T0 SAVE Current Divident THE HILLTOP SA3INGS 81 LOAN CO 7617 Hamilton Ave. Mt. Healthy Ohio f MT. HEALTHY ATHLETICS BOOSTERS f",QltmP .--""'V MT. HEALTHY GARAGE Dick lmhulse Chats with Mr. Lutterbie as they "Fill 'er up" at Sunoco's Miracle Pump. 60 Minute Service Drive-in Service CINDERELLA CLEANERS 7500 Hamilton Ave. Mt. Healthy, WE 1-5852 "Watch While You Wait" MT. HEALTHY 7613 Hamilton Avenue JA 1-9373 Compliments of ii HARDWARE co. Gartner Bros. SUPERIOR CONCRETE BLOCK Building Supplies David Sunderhaus Compton Road Mt. Health v, Ohio P'1"QV When the books close, and the last bell rings, And carefree days are lost to mundane things - When nostalgia strikes, and your memory wanes, And you remember the faces but not the names - Pick up your yearbook and leaf it through, And remember the days so dear to you. ,X r--v 1 F' llllllii 1 r i i- A 'Alg ' lv W Q V A H, 1 V - . ,, . , laypiff .aujg gap HX! 57 Q oqxmkzu L9 X XF, mx- B Rinmmlm 4, 'W Rwmmmi, 'QV " . good LMLM WG:-Ylqgoxiello , QXMA, Sxhwvdu- f"""' Jaw- ,wv PWD Py X- em-ff,eu.:.M.-uqm ,gyfsyff -Ol' gy. gp, if p'.'vx, QD O Ny 55' Xa' Ab gf sa Q, 8. ff ff' Z' 52? 53-Q55 ekff 'gsgg

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