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THE ZEM ZEM OF 1954 nk Editor Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Published by THE ZEM ZEM STAFF MT. HEALTHY HIGH SCHOOL MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Volume XXIV MOUNT HEALTHY HIGH SCHOOL V ' - iS.-. I- , r r ' .je; i .m- M LAYING OF CORNERSTONE OF PRIMARY SCHOOL BUILDING OCTOBER 25, 1953 TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page 1 School Picture 2 Table of Contents 3 Dedication 4 Foreword 5 Board of Education 6 Faculty 7 Seniors 14 Underclassmen 31 Activities 47 Sports 75 Advertisenrients 87 i MfZ DEDICATION This book is dedicated to the memory of Miss Dorothy Lee Griffin, our beloved Home Economics teacher. She was known by all through her activ- ities in the classroomi and the cafeteria. During her years at Mt. Healthy, she did much to create a spirit of good feeling among those with whomi she came in contact. Her kindness, willingness, and sense of hu- mior will be remembered al- ways . FOREWORD Have you ever stopped to consider that headdresses, hats, and caps have a definite history, and that each one signifies some particular standing? Headdress is a cover- ing or ornament worn on the head. Although originally pro- tective in purpose, it soon became an important corollary of rank, sex, or religion. In ancient Egypt only the aristocracy could wear the symbolic sacred asp, phoenix, and other decorations of headdress, while the common people were forced to shave their heads. The crown, which is today a symbol of royal blood, was worn by people of all social ranks until the Renaissance. Its prototype was the Laurel Wreath, a mark of honor with both the Greeks and Romans. The status of women has often been signified by head- dress. In Central Europe a crown of horsehair, lace, and flower s indicated an unmarried girl or bride; matrons wore shawls or caps as head coverings. In Eastern countries a flower over each ear denoted nnaidenhood. An outstanding example of the decorative headcovering is the war bonnet of the American Indian. This is a mix- ture of feathers and beads worn only on ceremonial oc- casions . Hats have also been used as headcoverings down through the centuries. A hat differs from a cap or bonnet in that it has a continuous brim. A cap has a brim or peak on only the foremost part, and a bonnet is entirely without a brim or peak. The history of hats has been varied and colorful. Styles have ranged fronn extravagantly ornamented to the comipara- tively simple beaver hats originating during Queen Eliza- beth ' s reign. Quaker and Puritan hats were extremely plain with high crowns and stiff brims. Cocked hats of the 18th Century had portions of their brims loaped up in " cocks " The high-crowned silk hat appeared in 1810, followed by the derby hat in the United States in 1850. The soft felt, stiff felt (derby), stiff straw, pliable straw (Panama), and silk hat are the five principal types worn at the present time. Caps came into common use during the Middle Ages. Occasionally they were employed during ceremonial events: the Cap of Maintenance was a symbol of dignity confined first to Princes and Dukes. Traditionally the cap has also been a distinguishing feature of certain professions, as the medieval cap and bells of the court fool, the mitre of the ecclesiastic, and the mortarboard of the academician. Today the cap is accepted as a round, close-fitting, vi- sored head covering, generally worn as part of a uniformi or by sportsmen or laborers. These caps include the very connmion baseball caps, football helmets, beanies worn by underclassmen in schools or organizations, chefs ' hats, engineers ' caps, and miners ' caps. In the Zem Zem this year we have used various hats and caps as our introductions for the different sections of the book. Each hat or cap denotes a particular phase of school life here at Mt. Health y High. Seated: Mr. Hartung, Mr. Bernhardt, Mr. Butterfield. Standing: Mr. Trapp, Mr. Morris, Mr. Main, Mr. Ralph. BOARD OF EDUCATION MT. HEALTHY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Chester Bernhardt President Vaughn Butterfield Vice-President Walter Hartung Clerk Rex L. Ralph Superintendent of Schools MEMBERS Walter Main William M. Morris Henry Trapp FACULTY ' « REX L. RALPH Superintendent of Mt. Healthy High School; B.S. in Education, M. E,; Ohio University; University of Cincinnati; Muskingum College. M. D. HARTZLER Principal of Mt. Healthy High School; GoshenCollege A. B.; Ball State Teach- ers College; Ohio State University M. A. Adviser to Hi-Y. RUBY ROACH Dean of Girls of Mt Healthy High School; Miami University, Ohio B. S. in Education, M. A.; (1) Counselor; (2) Civics; (3) Adviser to Y-Teens. CORRINE G. BAISDEN: Bowling Green College of Commerce, Ky ., A. B. Com. Ed., Bookkeeping 1 and 2; Commercial Arithmetic; Commercial Law; General Business; Salesmanship. PAYGE DAMPIER: Florida University, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Ohio, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, B. S. in Education, Seventh Grade English; Eighth Grade English; Eighth Grade Lit- erature; Adviser to Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil. ROLAND BARTLE: Union College, Ky.. A. B., Chemistry; Geography; Photogra- phy; Physics; Adviser to Camera Club. RUTH E. FREDRICKS: University of Cincinnati, Ohio, B. A., B. Ed., Xavier University, Ohio, M. Ed., Algebra I II; Trigonometry; Plane Geometry; Solid Geometry; Advisor to Junior Class; Adviser to Y-Teens. BILL B. S. ogy. COOK: Miami University, Ohio, Seventh Grade Geography; Biol- ETHEL L. FROST: Miami University, Ohio, B. S. in Ed., English III; Latin I II; Advisor to Clientes Latinae; Advisor to Zem Zem. V- 10 ALVA F. GUINN: Conservatory of Music, Ohio, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, B. S. Music Ed., Advisor to Begin- ning and Junior Bands; Adviser to Senior Band. HORACE W. HENDRICKSON: Eastern Kentucky State College, Ky., A. B. in History and English, Xavier University, Ohio, M. A., American History; World History; Adviser to Junior Class. ALFRED HARDING: Miami University, Ohio, B. S. in Ed., Driver ' s Training; Mechanical Drawing; Varsity Basket- ball Coach. CHARLES E. HOFFMAN: Miami Uni- versity, Ohio, B. S. in Ed., Eighth Grade Science; General Science. LESTER W. HEIZMAN: University of Cincinnati, Ohio, B. S., Industrial Arts; Basketball Coach; Baseball Coach; Driv- er ' s Training; Football Coach. CLAIRE D. KREUZMANN: Miami Uni- versity, Ohio, B. Ed. .Girl ' s Health; Girl ' s Physical Education; Advisor to G. A. A.; Adviser to Pep Squad. U JACQUES R. LAUGHLIN: Miami Uni- versity, Ohio, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, B. S. in Ed., (1) Seventh and Eighth Grade Basketball Coach (2) Foot- ball Coach (3) Track Coach. MARY RUTH TRIPPEL: Indiana State Teachers College, Ind., B. S., Univer- sity of Cincinnati, Ohio. M. Ed., (1) Shorthand I II (2) Office Practice (3) Typing I II (4) School Treasurer. BERTA MAE MILLER: University of Kentucky, Ky,, A. B. in Ed., (1) Eng- ligh I (2) Spanish 1 2 (3) Advisor to Paper Staff (4) Adviser to Spanish Club. MARY BOGGS TYREE: West Virginia University, B. S. in H. E. and M. S. in H. E. (1) Home Economics (2) Adviser to Home Economics Club. MARIE H. NEWELL: De. Pauw Uni- versity, A. B., (1) Seventh Grade His- tory (2) Seventh Grade Arithmetic (3) Eighth Grade Arithmetic STEELY VEACH: Western Kentucky State Teachers College, Ky., A. B. in Music , College of Music, Ohio, Peabody Conservatory of Music, Md., (1) Grade School Music (2) High School Music (3) Adviser to Glee Club. JliiM 12 4 i?- KENNETH WAGNER: Iowa State Teachers College, B. A. (1) Practical Math (2) Economics (3) Sociology (4) U. S. History. MARY MEYER: School Nurse. HELEN WHITE: Oklahoma A. M., George Peabody College, (1) Librarian (2) Adviser to L. G. D. SHIRLEY SEITER: School Secretary THELMA WORTMAN: Culver Stock- ton College, Missouri University, A. B. (1) English II (2) Speech (3) English IV (4) Adviser to Spotlight Club (5) Ad- viser to Junior Class. LISA FREDRICKSON: University of Minnesota, B. Sc, Ohio University, M. A., Wisconsin University, (1) Seventh Grade Literature (2) Junior and Senior Highschool Art. 13 HISTORY OF SENIOR CLASS Labor Day had come and gone in 1950. That meant that vaca- tion had ended and so the following morning saw 125 exuberant Freshmen miake their way to Mt. Healthy High School to begin four of the most important years of their lives. They had attended ele- mentary schools in Springdale, Monfort Heights, New Burlington, Finneytown, and Mt. Healthy. During the first year they survived the tortures of initiation, exams, and just plain getting acquainted. Toward the end of the year they began to feel like members of one class. The next September when they came back as Sophomo res, they were ready to participate in various school activities. Some of the boys found positions on teams, while the girls made names for themselves in organizations such as G. A A. and Y-Teens. As Junior s they were a class with a purpose - -they had a prom to give. They used every means possible to raise funds for this big event. They achieved their goal, A BLOSSOM TIME PROM, on May Z6, 1953. Meantime they had earned a few more credits toward graduation and had made preparations for their Senior year by choosing class rings. In September of 1953 about 90 of the original 125 members of the class returned for their Senior year. Many class mennbers filled positions of responsibility about the school. In due time they chose their graduation announcements and cards and were measured for caps and gowns in preparation for that time when they would receive their diplomas. Following tradition, a group of Seniors made the annual excur- sion to the nation ' s capital. They also presented " Our Miss Brooks " as their class play. After Baccalaureate Service and Commencement Exercises they joined the ranks of alumni of Mt. Healthy High School. 14 SENIORS Sr4«l - ' BACCALAUREATE SERVICE SUNDAY, JUNE 6, 1954 Elementary Auditorium 8:00 P. M. ORDER OF SERVICE Reverend Herbert Lisle -- Presiding PRELUDE " Jesu, Joy of Man ' s Desiring " Bach Mr. Steely Veach, Pianist PROCESSIONAL " War March of the Priests " .... Mendelssohn (Congregation and Choir Standing) PRAYER IN UNISON: (Congregation Standing) Almighty God, unto Whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from Whom no secrets are hid, cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of Thy Holy Spirit , that we miayper - fectly love Thee, and worthily magnify Thy Holy Name, we pray, in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen HYMN (Congregation Standing) " Quit You Like Men " SCRIPTURE READING: Revelation 2:1-10 Rev. Herbert Lisle (Congregation Seated) EVENING PRAYER: (Congregation Seated) Rev. George Waldon ANTHEM: Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy) Faure Mt. Healthy High School Chorus Mr. Steely Veach, Leader SERMON: Rev. R. V. Pelton ANTHEM: " Jubilate Deo " Nevin Mt. Healthy High School Chorus Mr. Steely Veach, Leader BENEDICTION Rev. R. V. Pelton RECESSIONAL (Congregation and choir will remain seated until recessional is completed. Ministers leaving platform will be signal for dis- missal.) 16 mtuJt . SIXTIETH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE TENTH Eight-Fifteen O ' clock High School Auditorium PROGRAM PROCESSIONAL, " Pomp and Circumstance " Elgar INVOCATION Rev. John W. Wade SALUTATORIAN • Joanne Klenk HISTORIAN Doris Haering VALEDICTORIAN Charlen Ehrhardt " Symphony in B Flat-Finale " Fauchet High School Band ADDRESS John D. Millett President, Miami University " Confidence " Bach Senior Class Girls ' Quartet PRESENTATION OF AWARDS M. D. Hartzler High School Principal " I Believe " Shiel Kenneth Meyer, Baritone PRESENTATION OF CLASS TO BOARD OF EDUCATION High School Principal, M. D. Hartzler AUTHORIZATION OF DIPLOMA PRESENTATION President, Board of Education, Chester Bernhardt PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Rex Ralph Superintendent " You ' ll Never Walk Alone " Rogers and Hammerstein Senior Class BENEDICTION Rev. John W. Wade RECESSIONAL High School Band 17 1!S " RONALD BARWICK Likable Monfort Heights President Basketball 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 3. 4; Clientes Latinae 1, 2; Football 2. 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom King; Spot- light 4; Track 1,2. KENNY R. MEYER Amusing Mt. Healthy Vice President Class Officer 4; El Club Espanol 4; Football 3, 4; Glee 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teen Prom King 4; Zem Zem Staff 4. JOANNE KLENK Outstanding Mt. Healthy Secretary Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Cheer Leader 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 2, 4; Clientes Latinae 1, 2; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2. 3; L. G. D. 1. 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 2, 3. 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4; Zem Zem Staff 3, 4. LEAH RAE KORN Merry Mt. Healthy Treasurer Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Class Officer 3, 4; El Club Espanol 1. 2; G. A. A. 1, 2. 3; Glee 1. 4; L. G. D. 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 3; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1. 2, 3; Zem Zem Staff 3. 4. MARY CAROL ALBRECHT Rhythmical Mt. Healthy Basketball Queen Candidate 4; G. A. A. 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 2; Pep Squad 2, 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 2. 3, 4; Home Ec. 4; Mother of Mercy 1. GEORGE ALBRIGHT Mt. Healthy Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Track 1. Athletic 18 DALE F. AUBURN Mt. Healthy Camera Club 1, 2; Glee 4; Spotlight 4. TOM BARNHORST Mt. Healthy Football 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Spotlight 4. Dependable Enthusiastic RONALD BEIERLEIN Finneytown Roger Bacon 1,2,3. Non-Chalant EDWARD BEYER Analytical Monfort Heights Basketball 2; Clientes Latinael, 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y 3, 4; Track 2. HAROLD BITTNER Mt. Healthy Baseball 3; Spotlight 4. Genuine JEANNINE E. BOHN Vigorous Finneytown El Club Espanol 1. 2; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee 1, 2, 3. 4; Pep Squad 4. ROBERT BOLINGER Determined Finneytown Basketball 2; Class Officer 1, 2; Clientes Latinae 2; Glee 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 2; Baseball 2. 3; Hi-Y 2. 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Track 1. 2, 3. DONALD BRAMKAMP Mt. Healthy Clientes Latinae 2; El Club Espanol 4. Studious 19 RICHARD A. BROCKMAN Mt. Healthy Well-liked f " t % ROBERT BURNHAM Finneytovvn, Baseball 2,3. STEWART BUTZ Finneytovvn, Hi-Y4. Whimsical Eager BETTY L. CECIL Amiable Mt. Healthy; Glee 4; Hughes High School 1,2,3. JOY CUMBOW Capable Mt. Healthy; Basketball Queen Candidate 4; G. A. A. 1,2, 3,4; Glee 1,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; L. G. D. 3,4; Pep Squad 2,4; Spotlight 4; Home Ec. 3,4; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Zem Zem Staff 4. JAMES P. DAIKER Sincere Monfort Heights; Band 2,3,4; Clientes Latinae 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Hi-Y 3,4; Spotlight 4; Zem Zem Staff 3. FRED DORSEY Sports-Minded Mt. Healthy; Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 2,3,4; Class Officer 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Glee 1; Track 1,2. EDWARD J. DREIER Good-Natured Mt. Healthy; Basketball 2,3; El Club Espanol 3; Glee 1,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2; Hi-Y 3,4. 20 CAROL LEE DVORAK Fascinating Finneytown; Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Camera Club 4; Cheer Leader 3,4; G. A. A. 1,2,3,4; Glee 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; L. G. D. 3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Spotl ight 4; Y- Teens 1,2,3,4. CHESTER EHLER Co-operative North College Hill; Clientes Latinae 1,2; El Club Espanol 1,2; Football 2,3; Glee 1; Honor Roll 1,2; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Hoot ' n Holler Staff 3,4; Spotlight 4; Zem Zem Staff 3,4. CHARLEN EHRHARDT Ambitious Mt. Healthy; Clientes Latinae 3,4; Glee 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Home Ec. 1. GLENN E. EMMONS Mt. Healthy. Artistic MARLENE JOY ERHARDT Energetic Mt. Healthy; Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Camera Club4; El Club Espanol 1,2; G. A. A. 1,2,3,4; Glee 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1; L. G. D. 1,2,3,4; Pep Squad 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. CLAIRE ESSELMAN Efficient Mt. Healthy; Basketball Queen Candidate 4; El Club Es- panol 3,4; G. A. A. 1,2; Glee 1,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Home Ec.3; Hoot ' n Holler Staff 3; L. G. D. 3,4; Pep Squad 2,3,4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Y-Teen Prom Queen 4. GENE FEITH Mt. Healthy; Camera Club 1,2,3,4,5. Reserved LESTER GABBARD Mt. Healthy; El Club Espanol Practical ,3; Football 4. 21 =fc - i ,»A Pt DONNA RAE GEBHARDT Distinctive Springdale Band 1, ' 2, 3. 4; Basketball Queen Candidate 4; El Club Espanol 3; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Norwood High School 1. VICTOR GOYETTE Monfort Heights Clientes Latinae 1, 2; Hi-Y 3, 4; Spotlight 4. Admirable Football 3, 4; Honor Roll 1. 3; MARILEE GREER Fun-Loving Finneytown Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Camera Club 2, 3, 4; El Club Espanol 3, 4; G. A. A. 4; Glee 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Junior Red Cross Council 4; L. G. D. 3, 4; Pep Squad 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. DON E. GUIDI Finneytown Spotlight 4. BILL GUSTIN Mt. Healthy Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Glee 1, Liberal Frank 3. DORIS HAERING Gracious Mt. Healthy Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 2; Clientes Latinae 1; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3; Glee 1, 4; Honor Roll 1.2,3; Hootin Holler Staff 3; L. G. D. 3, 4; Pep Squad 2, 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Zem Zem Staff 3, 4. CHARLES HARRIS Finneytown Central Vocational 3. Venturesome MARYBELLE N. HAYES Industrious Mt. Healthy CameralClub 4;G. A. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Glee 1, 2. 3, 4; Hoot ' n Holler 3, 4; Pep Squad 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Home £c. 2, 3, 4. 22 WALTER F. HEILMAYER Easy-Going Monfort Heights Camera Club 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Roger Bacon 1; Hughes High School 2. CHARLES H. HELM Greenhills Spotlight 4. Witty Dignified YVONNE MARIE HERBOLD Mt. Healthy El Club Espanol 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 4 MARJORIE ANNE HETTRICK Vivacious Finneytown CameralClub 4; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee 1, 2. 3, 4; Honor Roll 1.2.3; Pep Squad 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. J. CONRAD HETZER Progressive Mt. Healthy Basketball 2; Clientes 1, 2; Baseball 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Zem Zem Staff 3. ' WAYNE A. HOLLANDER Reliable Monfort Heights Basketball 3; Camera Club 3; El Club Espanol 1. 2; Football 4; Hi-Y 3. 4: Track 2. R. GEOFFREY HYDE Mt. Healthy Band 1, 2; Basketball 2; Glee 1, Talented 3: Hi-Y BEVERLY ANN JONES Cheerful Mt. Healthy Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Clientes Latinae 1, 2; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee 1. 2, 3. 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Hoot ' n Holler Staff 2, 3; L. G. D. 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Zem Zem Staff 4. 23 ELLEN KOKEMOHR Friendly Finneytown; Clientes Latinae 2; G. A. A. 2,3,4; Glee 1,2, 3,4; Honor Roll 1,3; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1.2,3,4. JOSEPH KRUSE Composed Mt. Healthy; Clientes Latinae 2; Greenhills High School 1. ROBERT LE BLOND Straight-Forward Mt. Healthy; Spotlight 4; Withrow High School; Jefferson High School 2,3. CARLTON LIPPMEIER Mt. Healthy; Glee 3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4. Genial OLLIE LISTERMAN Carefree Mt. Healthy; Football 1,3,4; Glee 1,2; Track 2. BARBARA LOUISE LOHR Appreciative Mt. Healthy; El Club Espanol 2; Home Ec. 3; Y-Teens 2,3, 4. VKGINIA MATHIE Casual Finneytown; El Club Espanol 4; G. A. A. 2,3; Glee 3,4; Hoot ' n HolIer2,3; Junior Red Cross Council 4; Pep Squad 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4; Home Ec. 3,4. BEATRICE MEADE Idealistic Mt. Healthy; El Club Espanol 2,3; Glee 2,3; Honor Roll 2; 3; Hoot ' n Holler Staff4; Y-Teens 2,3.4; Benjamin Franklin Jr. High School 1. 24 JOHN D. MILLER Finneytown Aggressive MAXINE MORSCH Agreeable Finneytown, G. A. A. 2,4; Honor Roll 1; Pep Squad 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. CATHERINE SHIRLEY NIEHAUS Springdale; Honor Roll 2. Pleasant NANCY NOE Versatile Finneytown; Basketball Queen Candidate 4; G. A. A. 1,2,3, 4; Glee 1,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4. CHARLENE PETERS Imaginative Mt. Healthy; G. A. A. 1,2.3,4; Glee 1,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Home Ec. 1; Hoofn Holler Staff 3,4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. THOMAS E. RICHLEY Intellectual Mt. Healthy; Class Officer 1; Clientes Latinae 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Hi-Y 2.3.4; Spotlight 4; Track 1. VERNON SEIM Monfort Heights; Football 3,4; Spotlight 4. Clean-cut K EDWARD J. SICKING Companionable Monfort Heights; Football 3; Hi-Y 2,3,4. t 25 JOSEPH S. SORM Mt. Healthy Spotlight 4. Tolerant LUCY 1. SPRAGUE Painstaking Springdale Camera Club 2; El Club Espanol 3; Glee 2 3 4; Pep Squad 4. JOANN R. SPRECKELMEIER Mt. Healthy G. A. A. 1; Glee 1; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1. 2, 3. THOMAS STAHLEY Band 1, 2, 4; Spotlight 4. Kind Jolly DALE STEVENSON Finneytown HERBERT GENE STRUBE Mt. Healthy Honor Roll 1, 2. 3; Hi-Y 3, 4. Gregarious Persistent NEIL SUDBRACK Skillful Mt. Healthy Camera Club 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Track 3; Zem Zem Staff4. RUTH SUNDERHAUS Delightful Mt. Healthy Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Camera Club 4; Cheer Leader 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 3; El Club Espanol 1. 2;G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee 1; Honor Roll 1; Junior Prom Queen 3; L. G. D. 1. 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 2. 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4; Home Ec. 3, 4. 26 RONALD T. SUNNENBERG Impulsive Mt. Healthy Basketball 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee 2, 4; Spotlight 4. MALVERN K. TIMM Diplomatic Mt. Healthy Baseball 1. 2, 3; Basketball 1, 3; Class Officer 2. 3; Honor Roll 1, 2; Hi-Y 2. 3, 4; Hoot ' n Holler 4; Spotlight 4. BEATRICE TODT Mt. Healthy Spotlight 4. Thoughtful ANNETTE TRIPPEL Considerate Mt . Healthy Glee 1, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross Council 4; Spotlight 4; Y -Teens 1,2. JIM TUCKER Adaptable Mt. Healthy Basketball 2, 3; Clientes Latinae 2, 3; Football 3, 4; Base- ball 2; Hi-Y 3. 4; Track 2; Zem Zem Staff 3, 4. JOHN VAN VALEY Realistic Monfort Heights Clientes Latinae 2; Honor Roll l;Hi-Y 4; Spotlight 4; Zem Zem Staff 3. VIRGINIA VOICE Generous North College Hill Basketball Queen Candidate 4; Clientes Latinae 1, 2; G. A. A. 4; Glee 4; Pep Squad 3, 4; Spotlight 4; Y-Teens 2, 3,4. RICHARD WALTERS Finneytown Responsible 1 ♦ J I. V 27 SHIRLEY ANN WATERS Conscientious Mt. Healthy; Wilson Intermediate School 1; Western High School ' 2,3. ALICE WEBER Chartning Mt. Healthy; G. A, A. 4; Pep Squad 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. BETTY JANE WEBER Finneytown; Glee 1,3,4. Gay CHARLES WEHMANN Mt. Healthy Nature- Loving PATRICIA WHEELER Buoyant Montfort Heights; Clientes Latinae 1,2; Y-Teens 3. ROGER WIESMANN Mt. Healthy. JOHN R. ZANITSCH Finneytown. Football 2. Patient Loyal . ... ELAINE E. ZIMMERMAN Dignified Mt. Healthy; G . A. A. 4; Glee 4; Y-Teens 4, 28 m SENIORS ' TOUR To Baltimore Alexandria Mt. Vernon Washington, D. C. Arlington Annapolis The dreann of taking a trip to Washington, D. C. finally became a reality for nnany of the Seniors in March of this year. Ever since we entered high school, we always talked about and longed for the day when we, as Seniors, could make this journey to our nation ' s capital. Even though it did rain most of the time, everyone enjoyed the trip and will always rennember it. ITINERARY Wednesday, March 10 6:30 P. M. -- Left Winton Place on National Limited. Thursday, March 11 8:38 A. M. -- Arrived in Baltimore, Maryland. Visited Fort McHenry, U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, and Capitol Building of Maryland. Had lunch at Carvel Hall in Annapolis. Then on to Washington and visited U. S. Capitol Build- ing, Suprenne Court Building, and Congressional Library. Then went to hotel, unpacked, and had dinner. Evening was free time. Friday, March IZ Breakfast at our hotel. In morning took tour through Bureau of Engraving and Printing, White House, Pan-American Union, Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Lunch at hotel. In afternoon passed embassies and legations on way to Arlington National Cemetery where saw Memorial Amphi- theatre and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Then on to Alexandria, Va., Mount Vernon, and back to Washington to Lincoln Memorial. Dinner at hotel and free evening. Saturday, March 13 Breakfast at hotel. Visited Washington Mem- orial, New National Museum, Smithsonian Insti- tute, MellonArt Gallery, and Archives Building. Afternoon was free time. 5:00 -- Dinner at hotel. 5:30 -- Left hotel for train. 6:30 -- Left Washington. Sunday, March 14 7:01 A. M. -- Arrived at Winton Place Station, ending trip r 14 m m J " 29 Row One: Charlen Ehrhardt, Joanne Klenk. Row Two: Leah Korn, Neil Sudbrack, Joy Cumbow. Row Three: Gene Strube, Glenn Emmons, Dale Auburn, Kenneth Meyer. THRU THE YEARS In 1895 the first graduating class of Mt. Healthy High School received diplomas. That class consisted of two members. The senior class of 1954 consists of 86 members. In the intervening 59 years, 1842 students have been graduated. Many of these alumni are located in various sections of the United States, while others have remained in and around Mt. Healthy. Sons and daughters of the latter attend Mt. Healthy High as their parents did. The following members of the class of " 54 " represent the second or third generation of their families to graduate from Mt. Healthy High School: Student Parent Dale Auburn Fredric Auburn- -Father Joy Cumbow Ross Cumbow--Father Charlen Ehrhardt Lucille Schneider - -Mother Glenn Emmons Thelma Siemer - -Mother Joanne Klenk Albert Klenk- -Father Helen Hall--Mother Leah Korn Walter Korn--Father Gladys Meinberg--Mother Kenneth Meyer Ruth Yutzi-- Mother Gene Strube Cecilia Lienhart- -Mother Neil Sudbrack C. F. Sudbrack--Father Charlotte Ann Grace--Mother Charlotte Muth--Grandmother Annette Trippel Ruth Bronstrup--Mother 30 UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIORS President 1 Tom Sauer . 1 -r 1 , Vice President -- - . Carol Jaeger ' •■ ' " W - -r M Sauer, T. Jaeger, C 4r 41 Secretary Marcia Droste Treasurer Howard Bollinger Droste, M. Bollinger, H. i Albright, J. Anson, J. Auburn, C. Backman, V. ri Barger, R Barnes, D. Beckman, W. ' fi Behr, T. Bozzell, J. Btakmanis, M. Brakmanis, R. Brickler, R. Buzzard, S. Carleton, J. Cole, H. Courts, S. Davis, J. Dillon, E. East, N. Eckel, G. Ehle, J. Eich, Warren Eich, Wayne Eickbusch, D. Fieler, K. Finnerty, M. IT .r A 32 Frost, J. Golde, J. Gray, R. Harris, L. Harrison, N. Hasselbusch, C. Hessler, D. i-r l 1 - frpfj r n 1 ... V ( Hettnck, D. Hetzer, W. Hicks, S. Hisman, R. Holt, B. Imhulse, S. Jones, M. Kissel, G. a OsPl Korn, W. Kruse, J. Lavvler, M. Lang, L. Leach, D. ( , Cs ( ,c Martin, N. Martini, D. McDaniel, J. McHugh, J. Messick, K. Miller, R. Mortimer, J. Myers, L. Niehaus, R. Niemann, G. Newland, D. Overocker, j. Pfeiffer, V. Rasmussen, M. Richardson, N. Rycroft, P. Ryland, E. Scheffel, K. Shannon, J. Shaw, M. 33 t f Siemer, G. Smith, C. f. r Sper, J. Spreckelmeier, R. Stelzer, C. Taylor, G. Taylor, H. r !s h . - ■. V ' ■ ■A I- J . I . Tekulve, P. Thompson, Jo. Thompson, Ju. Van De Ryt, T, Walter, K. Waters, R. Weber, J. D T Weitzel, G. Wilson, D. York, D. Think it ' ll explode? That ' ll be 100, please. Here ' s your change. 34 SOPHOMORES President Jim Heil Vice President Ron Blum f? o Secretary Cheri Nolte Treasurer Bob Blanton Heil, J. Blum, R. Nolte, C. Blanton, R. ■M , l =9 1 -M A Apffel, E. Arnold, L. Bach, J. Barnes, B. . ) Barnes, R. Beckman, B. Beckman. R. , ' - i .t-ii Bedacht, J. Bernhardt, W. Butts, D. Caywood, S Beyer, J. Biesack, M. Blackburn, B. Brown, S. Butler, L. ) V 1 - J Chard, J. Deck, H. Ehrhardt, C. S. Enderle, C. Ferguson, R. Findley, C. Freeh, B. Graff, B. Guthrie, B. Hafer, C. Hamer, B. Haskins, J. o cx r -.. f -3f •S ' l 35 f f Hawkins, G. Hochscheid, C. Hogg, D. Huber, Carl Huber, Carol Huber, D. Jasper, E. . :» i- Vv Jenkins, C. Johnson, L. Jungkind, B. Kase, D. Kase, K. Kemper, C. Kist, E. F, y 1 7 Klenk, W. Knost, G lii Kummler, C. Linne, S. Listermann, J. Lohr, C. Lorenz, Martin, B. Martin, J. Mechler, H. Menke, R. Moore, F. Murray, M. Nott, G. i ;5 7 f • ri t % O ' Connor, R. Owens, E. Reber, R. Reif, R. Packer, T. Peoples, M. Pottinger, G. Purcell, B. Raabe, C. Reinking, B. Renner, J. Rettig, R. Rettlnger, M. Ries, R. 36 , f ' ■ f ■ ' ' . ( Roettele, R. Rogers, J. Rohrig, J. Rothacker, F. Rupp, T. Russo, D. Sauer, J Scheffel, D. Schiering, J. Schiffnieyer, H. Schimpff, S. Schmalz, S. Schuler, T. Schurter, C. Schwab, E, Seilkop, K. Seyfried, R. Shear, L. Sheridan, E. Sloan, A. Smith, A. ' V •j ' A ' i.% y. ' -. j r Spreckelmeier, W. Staubach, D. Strube, L. Sunderhaus, M. Suttman, J. Teats, M. Tieman, D. Timm, V. Trtppel, L. Troth, I. Waiters, C. Welland, T. Weisman. B. Wessler, P. Westendorf, J. Wolpert, ). Zoller, S. 37 FRESHMEN President Darla Duecker Vice President Darryll Hinson ■i iJs JS ' - v ' " Secretary Donna Quinlan Treasurer Margaret Haering ji . A Duecker, D. Hinson, D. Quinlan, Do. Haering, M. ■ Addler, S. Amundson, K. Bailey, Barnhorst, D. Beckman, S. Boehner, F. Bunte, L. .. ' ' ' moi ' Buzzard, J. Case, R. Cecil, G. Chambers, G. Chard, J. Cole, M. L iT Cook. W. 1 - v »w Cooley, D. Cormack, G. Daiker, K. Dausch, S. Deiters, S. Dice, S. Dillon, J. Ferdon, F. Ferdon, J. Frank, T. Frasure, S. FuUerton, D. Garver, S. Gausmann, G. 38 (% Q Gieringer, K. Gustin, B Haefele.C. Hafer, C ' - ,,1 ij " " IW.. m A M ■ MA Harvey, L. Hicks, S. Hillman, J. Hogeback, F. Hover, E. Jensen, D. Jones, R. Kincaid, J. Kirby, V. Klenk, M. 1 . Koch, N. Kopp, B. Kramer, D. Kruse, R. Kuhlman, B. Kuhlmann, K. Leach, J. Lisle, C. Listermann, J. Locke, R. Long, J. Lorenz, C. Lundrigan, E. Maier, R. L I ' -a K- d. A Metz, D. Meyer, K. Newton, A. Pitcher, R. Plummer, L. Pugh, C. Osborne, K. Padgett, J. Purcell, C. Quinlan, De, Painer, G. Paseley, C. Reed, D. Rixman, J. 39 ..V l ' --i ' - O - f ' i : . . Roberto, T. Rogers, E. Rummel, R. Schaaf, G. Schmurr, A. Schnecker, R. Schwab, Jo. Schwab. Ju. Seestedt, T. Spellmeyer, W. Smith, M. Sterwerf, M. Tatem, M. Taylor, E. ' 0 ' ■■i J y t Tekulve, P. Tobergta, A. Van De Ryt, M. Walters, ]. VVatters, J. Westover, S. Yowler, F, Zimmerer, R. Zinselmeler, J. 3: 40 JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS sheila Maher; Judy Gettle; Joyce Muhlenhard. Row One: Richley, Richard; Zimmerman, Ronald; Hagedorn, Kenneth; Hinson, David; Smith, Den- nis; Seigel, Tom; FuUerton, Bradford. Row Two: Stratman, Arthur; Jaeger, Ralph; Rittenhouse, Ronald; Stoner, Wayne; Hochscheid, Terry; Felss, Charles; Springer, James; Troth, Nelson; Mr. Laughlin. Row One: Schwab, John; Jaeger, Ralph; Troth, Nelson; Freeh, Dennis; Felss, Charles; Rittenhouse, Ronald; Ful- lerton, Bradford; Endres, Richard; Hinson, David. Row Two: Chard, Kenneth, Furr, Wayne; Bunnell, Tom; Gates, Charles; Porter, Lloyd; Burr, Larry; Hochscheid, Terry; Stoner, Wayne; Ferguson, Tom; Mr. Wieland. A n . " i t t i Ifii It- 41 EIGHTH GRADE ' - ' V- " Sjk m i k : Si, Anson, D. Barnes, M. Bowman, S. Bovversox, D. Bncker, R. Brown, V. Bunnell, T. C4 r f ' I t - Burr, L. ■ - " •• Carter, P. Cornelius, J. Cumbow, S. Davies, B. Dohrman, F. Endres, R. 1% 0 A Felss, C. Ferguson, T. Frentzel, S. Fuller, D. FuUerton Furr, VV. Gates, C. 4 1 .M V Z ' Ik i wlk • ' ■ %k, f I r I I Geeslin, L. Geitle, J. Hinson, D. Hite, R. Hochscheid, T. Jaeger, R. Jasper, R. Kammerer, C. King, S. Lohr, N. Maher, S. Marqua, J. Marston, J. 42 HOME ROOM TEACHERS MR. DAMPIER MR. WAGNER McCormick, C. McGlendon, S. Miller, B. Muhlenhard, J. Muskopf, D. Naderman, S. Ness, L. Pansing, I. Phelps, W. Porter, L. Preston, R. Rentschler, J. Richards, K. Rittenhouse, R. Ross, N. Rudisell, C. Scheffel, P. Schwaeble, D. Skeens, P. , Snyder, D. Sorn, J. , ' : • ) ; «? 5 Springer, J. Stoddard, S. Stoner, W. Taylor, M. Tebbe, N. Todt, W. Troth, N. Tucker, B. Wallace, J. Weimer, D. Weimer, H. Weigard, S. Wright, D. - .- ; Wi 43 SEVENTH GRADE ' " C ■=9- «S» " I - f — . ' Albright, N. Alexander, L. Arkle, J. Auftenberg, N. Bachus, J. Ballanca, M. Bicknell, J. f Bessey, D. Bowman, P. Caldwell, S. Cook, J. , w? Courts, T. Craft, M. Cutbirth, L. n ' h ; KW , Davis, J. De Hof, J. Ernst, J. Freeh, D. Gates, D. Gilb, G. Hagedorn, K. y " ii Hawkins, R. Henn, D. Kline, J. Hilgeman, R. Isaacs, G. Kennedy, J. Korn, B. Kuhlman, M. J. u 44 HOME ROOM TEACHERS Miss Frederikson Mr. Hoffman - LeBlond, L. Lohr, P. Lutterbie, B. Mueller, J. Mullins, A. Nolle, D. Oberkorn, R. Perkins, V. Peters, L. Reuter, C. Richley, R. Scheldt, R. r , ( Shotwell, T. , K f . « f . (- " J ' .--1 Smith, D. Starner, A. Starnes, L. Stratman, A. Strole, D. Timm, E. I a " . i-- " ' l T Wallbreck, N. Walters, D. Weber, P. Westendorf, J. Winn, E. Zimmerer, J. Zimmerman, R. i White, D. 45 1. Book will he due April 16. 2. Press this key to total. 3. Eyes on copy, hands in position. 4. Focus here. 5. O.K. Ink it in! 6. One more bolt. 1. A stitch in tune. 8. Plus What? 46 ACTIVITIES Row One: Carol Sue Ehrhardt, Mildred Biesack, Connie Kummler, Donna Davis, Jacqueline Sauer, Char- len Ehrhardt, Sharene Schmalz. Row Two: Margie Teats, Ann Starnes, Barbara Diserens, Cherielynn Nolte, Elaine Appfel, Judy Beyer, Miss Frost Row Three: Carol Huber, Carol Schurter, Donna Sue Butts, Fred Rothacker, Howard Deck, Carol Jaeger. Row Four: Leland Butler, Kenneth Kase, Giles Pottinger, Joe VVolpert, Jim Hell, Shirley Linne. CUENTES LATINAE Officers President Fred Rothacker Vice President Ann Starnes Secre,.ary Cherie Nolte Treasurer Howard Deck Clientes Latinae, with membership composed chiefly of Latin II classes, is a chapter of Junior Classical League, a national organization. Nevertheless its activities are controlled by the local group and follow tradition in large measure. This year the group set as its goal the purchase of another picture for the school. To secure funds they held a candy and cookie sale and spon- sored the " Shoe-Shine Shag " , a record dance, after a basketball game. The club again conducted a poster and scrap-book contest for Latin I students. Toward the end of the year they held their annual picnic to which they invited the fir St -year Latin students who had the necessary grades to be- come honorary member s. These honorary members will form the nucleus for Clientes Latinae in the next school year. Spin It again! Step right up! Um-m! Good! That ' 11 be 1.5i . 48 Row One: Miss Miller, Yvonne Herbold, Barbara Jungkind, Bob Ferguson, Frank Moore. Row Two: Jean- nine Bohn, Gwen Hawkins, Harry Schiffmeyer, Warren Eich. Chester Ehler. Row Three: Don Bramkamp, Lynn Johnson, Ginny Mathie, Marilyn Rettinger, Joan Rogers. Row Four: Charlene Hochscheid, Barbara Martin, David Kase, Ken Meyer. Claire Esselman, Marilee Greer. EL CLUB ESPANOL President . . . . Vice President Officers . Frank Moore Chester Ehler Secretary . Treasurer Ginny Mathie . .David Kase El Club Espanol, always interested in promoting an interest and clearer understanding of our Latin American neighbors, has tried to make this year a fruitful one in our study of their fascinating lives. Through movies, books, slides, and a lecture or tv o we have gained some feeling of relationship to the Spanish speaking peoples of our globe, and we hope it is our fortune some day to meet personally with them as BUENOS COMPANEROS. Prexy Moore " Granada " What Does This Mean? 49 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB From Start To Finish Officers President Joy Cumbow Secretary. .Marge Sunderhaus Vice President . . Mari-Louise Rasmussen Treasurer .... Barbara Holt The Home Ec Club eiigaged in various activities for raising funds and increasing knowledge in the art of honiemaking. A bake sale and the selling of Christmas cards and school supplies added to the treasury. A dinner at Mrs. Tyree ' s home was prepared and enjoyed by members of the club. At the meetings they made and stuffed animal toys for children at the Emmanuel Nursery. On St. Patrick ' s Day they visited the nursery to deliver these toys and entertain the children with a party. Row One: Barbara Holt, Marge Sunderhaus, Joyce Schiering, Jinny Voige. Row Two: Joy Cumbow, Kay Messick, Gayle Taylor. Carol Enderle, Mrs. Tyree. Row Three: Ruth Sunderhaus, Marybelle Hayes, Mari- Louise Rasmussen, Mary Carol Albrecht, Ginny Mathie. 50 " Now You Are A Member! " ' Orders From Headquarters. " JUNIOR RED CROSS Officers President Barbara Holt Secretary-Treasurer. .Rose Beckman Vice President . Eileen Dillon While the Junior Red Cross has functioned for several years, it was more definitely organized during 1953-54 with a representative from each home-roomforming the council. Early in the year they showed the movie " Report From ' 53 " at the close of which they distributed Junior Red Cross membership cards and buttons. As their Christmas project they blanket-stitched stockings for the Red Cross to send to the chil- dren ' s hospital. Their main activity was the filling of boxes with such articles as toothbrushes and small school supplies to be sent overseas. Row One: Larry Cutbirth, Ainslee Starner, Jackie Sauer, ShareneSchmalz, Eileen Dillon. Row Two: Rose Beckman, Elaine Taylor, Barbara Holt, Darla Duecker, Mr. Dampier. Row Three: Judy Gettle. Gayle Taylor, Marilee Greer, Kay Gieringer, Ginny Mathie, Nancy Ross. 51 Row One: KennethRichards, Marleiie Erhardt, Marjorie Hettrick. Carol Lohr, Nancy Harrison, Frank Moore. Row Two: Carol Dvorak, Louis Trippel, Howard Deck, Fred Rothacker, Tom Rupp, Jack Haskins, Mr. Bar- tie. Row Three: Ruth Sunderhaus, Neil Sudbrack, Walter Heilmayer, Marilee Greer, Harry Schiffmeyer, Jack Zinselmeier, Dick Rummel. Row Four: Vincent Pfeiffer, Wesley Brown, Bob Graff, Charles Findley, Gene Feith, Jim Heil, Dennis Scheffel, Lloyd Porter. CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS President Marilee Greer Vice President Neil Sudbrack Secretary Jim Heil Treasurer Vincent Pfeiffer The Camera Club has continued this year, as in previous years, to teach new members the methods of developing film and printing pictures. The old members have learned advanced methods and procedures. With educational films and under the guidance of Mr. Battle, the adviser, the club has greatly advanced. A compulsory contest was held at the beginning of the year for all members. Pictures submitted were judged by members of the faculty. The Camera Club takes and sells pictures of all school events and teams in order to keep a pictorial account of many memorable happenings. CAMERA CLUB ACCOMPLISHMENTS 52 Row One: Rose Beckman, Marcia Droste, Barbara Holt, Judy Beyer. Connie Kummler.Judy Kincaid, Jeanne Dillon, Marlene Erhardt. Row Two: Rose Barnes, Nancy Harrison, Joanne Klenk, Millie Biesack, Kay Kuhlmann, Virginia Kirby, Kay Amundsen, Eileen Dillon. Row Three: Sandra Adler, Marjorie Hettrick, Carol Dvorak, Doris Haering, Joy Cumbow, Claudia Hasselbusch, Carol Enderle, Mary Brakmanis, Darla Duecker. Row Four: Edwina Kist, Barbara Diserens, Janet Carleton, Sharon Daush, Joan Ehle, Donna Geb- hardt, Jeannine Bohn, Margaret Haering. Row Five: Carol Kemper, Elaine Appfel, Mary Carol Albrecht, Marilee Greer, Claire Esselman, Carol Auburn, Norma Koch, Carol Jaeger, Marybelle Hayes. PEP SQUAD The Pep Squad, with its membership of almost one hundred, has used its effort to improve school spirit. For football games they made and sold red and black shakers; at basketball games they sat in a body and cheered; for sports away from home they sponsored busses. The squad ' s main contribution was the intro- duction of new school songs and cheers. OFFICERS President Ruih Sunderhaus Vice President . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Carol Jaeger Secretary Claudia Hasselbusch Treasurer . ' . ' ... ' ................. Marge Hettrick Row One: Jackie Sauer, Linda Plummer, Joyce Schiering. Ruth Zimmerer, Mary Peoples, Pat VVessler, Donna Quinlan. Row Two: Julia Schwab, Vaughnita Timm, Deanna Quinlan, Carol Lohr, Jinny Voige, Ann Sloan, Elinor Schwab. Row Three: Marjorie Sunderhaus, Gayle Taylor, Sue VVestover, Marlene Van De Ryt. Marybeth Lawler. Maxine Morsch, Betty Pitcher, Alice Weber. Row Four: Robert Reif, Marilyn Rettinger, .Carol Schurter, Joan Rogers, Judi Rennet, Sally Schimpff, Linda Strube. Row Five: Kay Mes- sick, Ruth Sunderhaus, Judy Westendorf, Shirley Linne, Carol Raabe, Mari-Louise Rasmussen, Ginny Mathie. 53 Row One: Judy Beyer, Marybeth Lawler, Cecilia Puicell, Marlene Erhardt. Row Two: Maxine Morsch, Jeanne Overocker, Shirley Linne, Leah Korn, Ruth Sunderhaus. Row Three: Mrs. Kreuzmann, Marjorie Hettrick, Gail Kissel, Carol Dvorak. Jeannine Bohn. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM For the past few years the school has been competing with other schools of the area in girls ' basketball. This year they had an unusually successful season. The success was due in large measure to the high scoring of Jeannine Bohn who scored 116 points. . Hea .Ithy Opponent 47 Greenhills 30 37 Colerain 18 42 Greenhills 28 41 N. C. H. 36 37 Colerain 16 30 N. C. H. 24 GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The G.A.A. suits its activities to the season of the year. In the fall they played soccer on the school grounds. During the winter they en- joyed volleyball and ran off the annual basketball tournament. In the early spring they organized a bowling league among the members. This was followed in the late spring by a series of baseball games. They participated with other schools of the area in a Play Day at N.C.H.on Marchb.with abouttwenty member s attending. A good number accepted the invitation to a G.A.A. clinic at the University of Cincinnati on April 3. They sponsored and planned the annual banquet at which cheerleaders and members of athletic and scholastic teams were honored. 54 ( ({ Row One: Nancy Harrison, Joanne Klenk, Kay Kuhlmann. Rose Beckman, Carol Huber, Marlene Erhardt, Millie Biesack, Betty Hamer. Ginny Kirby, Rose Barnes. Row Two: Jeanne Dillon, Judy Kincaid, Darla Duecker.Joy Cumbow, Jeannine Bohn, Edwina Kist, Connie Kummler, Marcia Droste, Barbara Holt. Row Three: Judy Beyer, Carol Dvorak, Donna Gebhardt, Sharon Daush, Carol Jenkins, Betty Hafer, Ellen Koke- mohr, Carol Enderle, Marjorie Hettrick, Barbara Diserens. Row Four: Claudia Hasselbusch, Margaret Haering, Gertie Knost, Mary Carol Albrecht, Charlene Hochscheid, Marilee Greer, Donna Sue Butts, Nor- ma Koch, Carol Jaeger, Marybelle Hayes. President Vice President . Officers Ruth Sunderhaus . . Beverly Jones Secretary . . .Gayle Taylor Treasurer . . Carol Dvorak Row One: Ann Sloan, Julia Schwab, Alice Weber. Pat Wessler, Carol Lohr, Jinny Voige, Elinor Schwab. Row Two: Judy Thompson. Beuy Pitcher. Ann Starnes, Marybeth Lawler, Edith Lundrigan, Marjorie Sun- derhaus, Maxine Morsch. Joyce Schiering, Mary Peoples. Row Three: Maureen Murray. Marilyn Shaw, Charlene Peters, Elaine Zimmerman, Linda Strube, Carol Schurter, Sally Schimpff, Ruth Zimmerer. Kay Messich. Row Four: Gayle Taylor, Cherie Nolte, Ruth Sunderhaus, Jeanne Overocker, Carol Raabe, Shirley Linne, Judy Westendorf. Mari-Louise Rasmussen, Joan Rogers. 55 " Candelight Recognition Service. " " Y-Teen Leaders " Y-TEENS Since the membership of the Y-Teens Club is large, the girls are divided into squads. These squads carry out the different service pro- jects of the club. Some of these projects included the making of scrap- books, favors, puzzles, joke books, stuffed animals, and quilts for chil- dren ' s beds. The girls donated these products to hospitals and orphan- ages. Some of the girls visited and entertained people at the Hamilton County Home. The formal initiation of new n iembers was held at the recognition service in the Christian Church. This was followed by a banquet in the school. During the winter a few girls were sent to the conference at Camp Lenmary. Among the various projects of the club this year were: the Forget- Me-Not Drive, selling of math pads, and the city-wide potato chip sale. The Y-Teens also gave the annual Christmas prom with the theme " Winter Wonderland " . Kenny Meyer and Claire Esselman were crowned king and queen of the dance. In May the girls entertained their mothers at the Mother- Daughter Tea. The girls climaxed the year by having a picnic at which they in- stalled the 1954-55 officers. " Preparations For VVinterland " 56 f) J) a ( a Row One: Carole Haefele. Jeanne Dillon, Judy Beyer, Barbara Holt, Judy Kincaid, Claudia Haselbusch, Marcia Droste, Darla Duecker. Row Two: Kay Amundson, Betty Bailey, Shirlene Dice, Nancy Harrison, Virginia Kirby, Carol Sue Ehrhardt, Joanne Klenk, Charlen Ehihardt, Marlene Erhardt, Millie Biesack. Row Three: t ose Beckman, Shirley Courts, Mary Brakmanis, Marjorie Hettrick, Joy Cumbow, Barbara Diserens, Edwina Kist, Doris Haering, Carol Dvorak, Carol Enderle, Shirley Hicks. Row Four: Sylvia Deiters, Donna Gebhardt, Betty Hafer, Sharon Daush, Carol Jenkins, Lynn Johnson, Carol Kemper, Joan Ehle.Marlyse Klenk, Margaret Haering. Row Five: Marybelle Hayes, Carol Jaeger, Mary Carol Albrecht, Marilee Greer, Carol Auburn, Kay Gieringer, Claire Esselman, Charlene Hochscheid, Gail Cecil, Elaine Appfel. President . . . . Vice President Officers Claire Esselman . . Doris Haering Secretary . Treasurer Carol Auburn . . . Joan Ehle Row One: Betty Weisman, Judy Thompson, Kay Osborne, Elaine Taylor, Barbara Lohr, Joann Golde. Joye Thompson, Jackie Sauer, Jeanne Padgett. Row Two: Rosemary Morris, Rose Barnes, Sharene Schmalz, Carol Lohr, Carol Huber, Beatrice Meade, Kay Kuhlmann, Vaughnita Timm, Jinny Voige, Yvonne Her- bold. Row Three: Barbara Kopp, Connie Kummler, Marjorie Sunderhaus, Alice Weber, Joyce Schiering, Maxine Morsch, Ann Starnes, Eduh Lundrigan, Ruth Zimmerer, Peggy Rycroft, Eileen Dillon, Row Four: Donna Tieman, Ellen Kokemohr, Charlene Peters, Judi Rennet, Joan Rogers, Marilyn Rettinger, Sally Schimpff, Elaine Zimmerman, Kay Mess ick, Gayle Taylor. Row Five: Cherie Nolte, Ginny Mathie, Mari- Louise Rasmussen. Jeanne Overocker, Carol Raabe, Shirley Linne, Judy Westendorf, Norma Koch, Ruth Sun- derhaus, Carol Schurter. 57 Row One: Howard Bollinger, Ed Dreier, Chester Ehler, Vernon Bachman, Tom Sauer. Gary Weitzel, Jim Davis. Malvern Timm. Mr. Hartzler. Row Two: Bert Bollinger, Ken Fieler, Conny Hetzer, Carlton Lip- pmeier, Ed Sicking, Vic Goyette, Vincent Pfeiffer. Row Three: Tom Barnhorst, Stewart Butz, Stan Hicks, Don Wilson, Stan Imhulse, John Van Valey, Ed Beyer, Don York, Row Four: Ron Barwick, Gene Strube, Ken Meyer. Dick Hettnck, Norman Richardson, Jim Daiker, Wayne Hollander, Jim Tucker. Hl-Y O ff i c e r s President Ron Barwick Secretary Jim Tucker Vice President . . . Ken Meyer Treasurer. . Carleton Lippmeier The Hi-Y boys had a very full program this year. Among the fall activities were serving at the Y-Teen Banquet and admitting new mem- bers. This included both the informal and formal initiations. One of their main money-making projects was selling Christmas and Val- entine ' s Day candy. This year the club drew up a new constitution which went into effect on January 1, 1954. The Hi-Y sent representatives to Wilmington College for the confer- ences on " Youth and Government " which proved to be both educational and interesting. In the spring they initiated more new members. The Hi-Y basketball team, which competed in a leauge of Hi-Y groups from the area, had a victorious season with a total of seven wins and three losses. Hi-Y Initiation 58 © Q 0J Row One: Joanne Klenk, Jackie Sauer, Marlene Erhardt, Rose Beckman, Eileen Dillon. Row Two: Mrs. White, Marcia Droste, Doris Haering, Claudia Hasselbusch, Marge Sunderhaus, Barbara Holt. Row Three: Cherie Nolte, Barbara Diserens. Gayle Taylor, Joy Cumbow, Ann Starnes, Carol Dvorak. Row Four: Carol Jaeger, Marilee Greer, Leah Korn, Claire Esselman, Carol Auburn, Ruth Sunderhaus, Joan Ehle. LITERARY GOLD DIGGERS President . . . . Vice President Officers . . . . Joanne Klenk .Marlene Erhardt Secretary . . Carol Jaeger Treasurer. .Beverly Jones The LiteraryGold Diggers ' main project during the year has been the raising of funds to purchase books for the school library. To do this they made and sold programs at home football and basketball games, sponsored a dance on January 29, and conducted a rummage saleatthe Lockland Y.M.C.A. during April. On the social side their activities included a slumber party at Carol Auburn ' s home, the annual alumnae party during the Christmas holidays, and a theater party at which they enjoyed " Oklahoma " . They ended these activities in Maywith their progressive supper during which new mem- bers were initiated. Are you sure that ' s enough? This book sounds interesting! 59 Raw Miterial To Finished Product! HOOT ' N HOLLER Officers Co-Editors Carol Auburn Chester Ehler Business Managers Marybelle Hayes Charlene Peters Circulation Manager Jeanne Overocker The aim of the Hoot ' n Holler Staff is eventually to put out an edition of the paper at least once a month. During the year theyhave made some progress toward this aim. They have raised funds for the paper by means of paper drives, bake sales, and candy sales. One of the dances held after the basketball games was under the staff ' s sponsorship. Row One: Rosemary Morris, Rose Barnes, Anna Newton, Marge Sunderhaus, Peggy Rycroft, Beatrice Meade. Row Two; Charlene Peters. Joa n Ehle, Malvern Timm, Elaine Appfel, Ginny Mathie, Marybelle Hayes, Miss Miller. Row Three: Janet Carleton, Wayne Eich, Carol Auburn, Gene Feith, Jeanne Overocker, Jean- nette Bozzell, Chester Ehler. 60 -V Jo Here ' s a $15 one! Jim Chet Type Copy Here. ZEM ZEM STAFF Officers Editor Joanne Klenk CirculationManager . Jim Tucker Advertising Manager. .Chester Ehler Secretary Doris Haering Mostpeople do not realize the time and energy used behind the scenes in making our school annual. One of the biggest items is raising the money to pay for the book. The staff secures funds mostly by selling subscriptions, collecting tax stannps.and getting advertisements from business concerns. This year the staff also sponsored a dance which they titled, " The Zem Zem Zig Zag " . The first task is choosing a theme for the book, a type of cover, and colors to be used. Throughout the year there are tax stamps to count, pictures to take, names to type, pages to arrange, and on and on. The staff is always looking for ways of making a bigger and better book than the year before. This year members attended a demonstration of yearbooks at the Sinton Hotel. On April 9, four members attended a yearbook clinic at the University of Cincinnati for a full day of lectures, instructions, and demonstrations. Yes, the task is a difficult one, but the reward comes when the book is finally published and the staff knows it has had a part in the making of a lasting record of the past year at Mt. Healthy High. Row One: Eileen Dillon, Barbara Holt, Gayle Taylor, Joy Cumbow, Claudia Hasselbusch, Joanne Klenk. Row Two: Miss Frederikson, Chester Ehler, Leah Korn, Carol Jaeger, Doris Haering, Miss Frost. Row Three: Neil Sudbrack, Vincent Pfeiffer, Jim Tucker, Dick Hettrick, Ken Meyer, Stan Imhulse, Ken Fie- ler. 61 Conference With Miss Brooks " We ' re In the News! " OUR MISS BROOKS APRIL 9 10 Miss Brooks -- A High School English Teacher Doris Haering Miss Finch -- The Librarian Mary Carol Albrecht Hugo Longacre -- The Athletic Coach Ron Barwick Mr. Wadsworth -- The High School Principal Tom Richley Miss Audubon -- Music Teacher . Claire Esselman Elsie Leah Korn Elaine Ellen Kokemohr Jane Carol Dvorak Sylvia Charlen Ehrhardt Doris Beverly Jones Marge Students Ruth Sunderhaus Faith Joanne Klenk Rhonda Joy Cumbow Ted Ken Meyer Stanley Bob Le Blond Martin Malvern Timm Mrs. Allen -- Rhonda ' s Mother Marilee Greer Basketball Player Chester Ehler Necessary Disguise " Harder, Stanley. " Men Behind The Scenes 62 T Row One: Charlen Ehrhardt, Carol Dvorak, Doris Haering, Joy Cumbow, Marjorie Hettrick, Yvonne Her- bold. Row Two: Vic Goyette, Charlie Helm, Harold Bittner, Chester Ehler, Donna Gebhardt. Mrs. Wort- mann. Row Three: Mary Carol Albrecht, Marilee Greer, Walter Heilmayer, Claire Esselman, Geof Hyde, Marybelle Hayes. Row Four; Ben Bollinger, Conny Hetzer, Tom Barnhorst, Don Guidi, Dale Aaburn, Jim Daiker. Ron Barwick. SPOTLIGHT CLUB OFFICERS President ---Doris Haering Secretary---Vic Goyette V. President ---Chester Ehler Treasurer---Vic Goyette With the class play as the eventual goal, the Spotlight Club began activities in the fall by studying stage terminology, make-up, and characterization. As the year progressed, they experimented with dia- lect, imitations, and pantomime. At the Christmas assembly they entertained the students with a one-act play, " Christmas Canary. " Business of the organization is conducted at the regular meetings. They purchased a tape recorder to be used by the club and by the school in general. By March 15 the class play had been chosen, parts assigned, and rehearsals began. After four weeks of intense practice, " Our Miss Brooks " was presented bringing the year ' s work to a climax. Row One: Beatrice Todt, Jinny Voige, Joanne Klenk. Joann Spreckelmeier, Nancy Noe. Row Two: Char- lene Peters, Tom Stahley, Malvern Timm, Ellen Kokemohr, Maxine Morsch. Mrs. Wortmann. Row Three: Ruth Sunderhaus, Neil Sudbrack, Ginny Mathie, Joe Sorn, Leah Korn. Row Four: Vernon Seim, John Van Valey, Ron Sunnenberg, Ken Meyer, Bob Le Blond. 63 Row One: Dick Fuller. Ron Bricker, Janet Cook, Jerry Isaacs, Wayne Cook, Don Henn, Kay Amundson, Jerry Ernst. Row Two: Richard Endres, David Hinson, Bob Ferguson, Carole Haefele, Sue Erasure, Kenny Hage- dorn, Jim Kennedy. Bob Jones. Row Three: Shirley Hicks, Betty Hafer, Howard Deck, Gail Cecil, Jerry Cornelius, Donna Gebhardt, Mary Brakmanis, Mr. Guinn. Row Four: Leah Geeslin, Tom Bunnel, Douglas Cooley, Jack Frost, Dick Hettrick. Jim Darker, Jim Heil, Wesley Brown. BAND Officers President Jim Daiker Secretary. . . Marybeth Lawler Vice President . . .Fred Rothacker Treasurer Dick Hettrick 1953-54 marching band comprises sixty-six member s , while the con- cert band consisted of sixty members. With the assistance of the Band Boosters, they were outfitted with handsome new uniforms which arrived on September 7. These uniforms enhanced the appearance of the band as they performed for various occasions during the year. Row One: Frank Moore, Tom Springer, Dennis Smith, Jim Wallace, Catherine Saunders, Terry Shotwell, Ken Richards, David Remhart. Row Two: Peggy Rycroft, Ruth Locke, Judy Leach, Marybeth Lawler, Myra Taylor, Kay Osborne, Erra Lee Winn. Row Tliree: Mr. Guinn, Ann Starnes, Cherie Nolte, Walter Spell- meyer, Dan Snyder, Denny Metz, Joyce Sutman, Gail Nott. Row Four: Tom Rupp, Fred Yowler, David Jensen, Joe Wolpert, Ken Seilkop, Lloyd Porter, Jack Zinselmeier, Fred Rothacker. 64 f ' .5 8l, c . ' : 4 i - - ' f 1- Mt. Healthy Marching Band Carthage Fair -- September 8 Pow Wow -- September 17 All Home Football Games N.C.H., Madeira, and Anderson Away Football Cannes Trip to Columbus, Ohio, to see Ohio State-Indiana Football Game -- September Z6 Cornerstone Laying and Parade -- October 25 Halloween Parade -- October 31 Arnnistice Day Parade -- November 11 High School Open House -- November 19 Thanksgiving Dance -- November 21 Pep Band to Most of the Home Basketball Games Members Go Carolling -- December 22 Mid-Winter Concert -- February 16 Queen Crowning - Glendale Game -- February 19 Spring Concert -- April 23 Dance -- April 24 Graduation -- June 10 Summer Concert -- August 22 " I Love A Parade " " God Bless America ' 65 ROW ONE: H. Bunker, B. Cecil, J. Cumbow, C. Dvorak, D. Davis, H. Bollinger, D. Deucker. ROW TWO: S. Dice, C. S. Ehrhardt, M. Erhardt. M. Droste. C. Ehrhardt, B. Gustin. B. Bailey. ROW THREE: D. Haering, E. Dreier, B.Hafer, J. Bramkamp, G. Chambers, M. Haering, R. Gray, Mr. Veach, ROW FOUR: S. Daush, G. Cor- mack, C. Lisle. E. Apffel, J. Bozzell, C. Carleton, W. Eich. ROW FIVE: D. S. Butts, M. Greer, C. Auburn, B. Graff, D. Auburn, B. Guthrie, C. Esselman, R, Bollinger. GLEE CLUB Laying of Cornerst one -- October 25 Prince of Peace Declamation Contest -- Novejnber 8 High School Open House -- November 19 Christmas Concert -- December 22 Assembly Program -- December 23 P.T.A. Fathers ' Night -- January P.T.A. -- February 18 A Cappella Choir Organized -- March Lenten Service at Christian Church -- April 4 Chapel of Dreams --WKRC-TV -- April 11 Spring Concert -- May 11 A Cappella Choir Full Chorus c 4 1 « m H. 66 JM M ROW ONE- C Hasselbusch, M. Hettrick, E, Lundrigan. B. Jungkind. M. Klenk. N. Noe, B. Holt. ROW TWO: J. Klemk B Kuhlman S. Hicks, J. Kincaid, J. Padgett, A. Newtoti, K Kuhlmann. R.Barnes. ROW THREE: J. Overoc ' ker ' E Koketnoht. R. Menke, C. Hochscheid. J. Martin, C. Jenkins, J. Dillon. ROW FOUR: M. Hayes, J. Ehle. V. Mathie, N. Koch, S. Linne, L. Korn. C. Jaeger. ROW FIVE: C. Lippmeier, D. Martini, S. Imhulse, K. Meyer, J. McDaniel, S. Hicks, T. Packer. The Glee Club as a whole appeared on a nutnberof oc- casions during the school year, singing popular or sacred music as suited the occasion. During March they formed an A Cappella Choir, con- sisting of fourteen members, which made its first ap- pearance at the Lenten Service when they sang " Who Crucified My Lord " and several other numbers. The en- tire Glee Club sang several selections, and Mr. Veach, two solos. The climax of the year was the Spring Concert at which a portion of the program was dedicated to the memory of Miss Dorothy L. Griffin. This included three numbers from Faure ' s " Requiem " . Officers President Marlene Erhardt Vice President Stan Imhulse Secreta ry Barbara Holt Treasurer Marybelle Hayes ROW ONE- R Morris J Schwab, E. Taylor, Ju. Thompson, B. Sprecklmeier, B. Weber, Jo, Thompson, J. Voige, E Dillon ' ROW TWO: R. Reber, N. Harrison, V. Kirby, A. Sloan. J. Sauer, E. Schwab. J. Painer, R. Spreckel- meier I Troth ROW THREE: C. Peters, B Pitcher, P. Salio, E. Zimmerman, D. Barnes, M. Shaw, M. Van De Ryt G. Taylor, P. Rycroft. ROW FOUR: L. Sprague, S. Brown, C. Purcell, B. Purcell, C. Nolte. J. Sutman, P. lekulve, J. Rennet. ROW FIVE: C. Reynolds, C. Raabe, C. Maher, N. Richardson, R. Sunnenberg, T. Van De Ryt, D. York, J Shannon, J. Bohn. 67 Row 1: B.Holt, J. Ehle, W.Eich, D. Haering, J. Thompson. Row 2: Mrs. Wortmann. R. Bollinger, C. Auburn, R. Waters. PRINCE OF PEACE DECLAMATION CONTEST On the evening, of Sunday. November 8, ten members of Mrs. Wortmann ' s speech class participated in the Prince of Peace Declamation Contest. The prime motive of the State-wide contest is the desire to build up in young and adult minds the will for peace in the world as against the will for war or for the profits from preparation for war among those who seem to be pro- moting conflict. Because of the large number competing, two local contests were held, one at the United Brethren and the other at the Methodist Church. The names of the contestants and their speeches are as follows: At the Methodist Church, Robert Bollinger " Through the Heart, " by Tom Dieuer Joye Thompson " Peace In Our Times " , by John Marshall Charlen Ehrhardt " The Flight of the Dove, " by David Le Shana Joan Ehle " Medium of Peace, " by Bonnie Brunk Ronald Waters " Cuttin ' Stone. " by Don Skelton At The United Brethren Church, Malvern Timm . . . " Stubborn Ounces, " by Don Gatch Barbara Holt " The Search For Peace, " by Eldon Nicholson Doris Haering .... " This World Needs A Doctor, " by Nancy Newberg Wayne Eich " U. S. Help Means Self Help, " by Edward A.Feigenbaum Carol Auburn. . . ' . ' Those Who Live Shall Die! " Donald Leroy Kimball The two winners, Joan Ehle and Carol Auburn, each received a bronze medal. In the County Contest Carol Auburn ranked first in her group and received a silver medal. Joan Ehle ranked sec- ond in her group. Due to the fact Carol was out of town at the time of the Regional Contest, her alternate took her place. 68 Row 1- S Dice, K.Kuhlmann, J. Dillon, R.Morris, F. Moore. Row 2: W. Cook, M. Lawler, E Aptfel G Gaus- man R Maler. Row 3: C Schurter. F. Boehner, E. Jasper, J. Ehle, M. Klenk. Row 4: G Schaaf. . Heil, G. Sienier D Wilson J McHugh, C, Hetzer. Row 5: D, Eichbusch, D. Kase, N. Richardson, K. Scheffel. H. Strube. SCHOLARSHIP TEAM Fiftv-five students went to Miami University May I to compete in the annual District-State Scholarship Tests Each was eligible to enter one test of twenty subject areas. Preliminary tests had been given at the school on March 31 to determine which students would represent this school. BIOLOGY- Elaine Apffel Jim Heil, Carol Schurter. GENERAL SCIENCE: Fred Boehner, Wayne Cook, Ruth Maier. CHEMISTRY- Jim McHugh. Rosemary Morris. Glenn Siemer. PHYSICS: Conrad Hetzer. Herbert Strube Malvern Timm ALGEBRA I: Jeanne Dillon. Gerald Gausman, Glenn Shaaf. ALGEBRA II: Joan Ehle. David Eichbusch Nornian Ric rdson. PLANE GEOMETRY: Howard Deck, Edward Jasper. David Kase. AMERICAN HISTORY: Mar ybeth Lawler Ken Scheffel. Don Wilson. WORLD HISTORY: Donna Davis, Frank Moore, Giles Pottinger SENIOR SOCIAL STUDIES Jim Daiker. Beverly Jones. Robert Le Blond. ENGLISH IX: Shirlene Dice M rlyse Klenk. Kay Kuhlmann. ENGLISH X Barbara Diserens, Ken Kase. Ann Starnes. ENGLISH XI: Carol Auburn. Barbara Holt, Tom Sauer ENGLISH X Chester Ehler Charlen Ehrhardt, Joanne Klenk. LATIN I: Virginia Kirby, Tom Lacey. Parker Telford. LATIN II Do " na Sue Buns. ShareneSchmalz. SPANISH I: Shirley Brown, Kay Gieringer. SPANISH II: Claire Esselman. Yvonne Herbold, Charlene Hochscheid. BOOKKEEPING I: Ruth Menke. Kay Messick, Mary Peoples. Row 1- V Kirby, J Klenk, B. Holt, B. Jones. S. Schmalz, T. Lacey. Row 2: A. Starnes, C. Ehler. P. Telford. S. Brown, ' b. Diserens, M. Peoples. Row 3: K, Kase, R. LeBlond, C. Hochscheid, D. S. Butts. H. Deck. K. Mes- sick. Row 4: K Gieringer. J. Daiker, G. Pottinger, C. Auburn, T. Sauer. 69 HONOR ROLL AVERAGE 95-99 SENIORS Charlen Ehrhardt Doris Haering Conrad Hetzer Joanne Klenk Tom Richley JUNIORS Richard Hettrick Kenneth Scheffel SOPHOMORES David Kase Kenneth Kase Ruth Menke Ann Starnes FRESHMEN Darla Deucker Margaret Haering Marvin Smith AVERAGE 90-94 SENIORS Claire Esselman Marjorie Hettrick Beverly Jones Robert Le Blond Beatrice Meade Nancy Noe Gene Strube JUNIORS Carol Auburn Vernon Bachman Howard Bollinger Joan Ehle Barbara Holt Marybeth Lavvler Jeanne Overocker Elinor Ryland Tom Sauer SOPHOMORES Elaine Appfel Shirley Brown Donna Sue Butts Howard Deck Barbara Diserens Carol Sue Ehrhardt John Haskins Jimmie Heil Giles Pottinger Dennis Scheffel Sharene Schmalz Marjorie Sunderhaus Margie Teats Joe VVolpert FRESHMEN Mary Lou Cole Wayne Cook Kenneth Daiker Shirlen£ Dice Judith Kincaid Virginia Kirby Kay Kuhlmann Edith Lundrigan Helene Maier Deanna Quinlan Donna Quinlan Toni Lacey Glenn Schaaf Ted Seestedt Elaine Taylor AVERAGE 85-89 SENIORS Mary Carol Albrecht Ed Beyer Joy Cumbow Carol Dvorak Marilee Greer Yvonne Herbold Ellen Kokemohr Malvern Timm Patty Wheeler JUNIORS Mary Brakmanis Janet Carleton Eileen Dillon Jack Frost Claudia Hasselbusch Stanley Irahulse Carol Jaeger Rosemary Morris Vincent Pfeiffer Man-Louise Rasmussen Norman Richardson Peggy Rycraft Jeanette Sper Gayle Taylor Judy Thompson Don Wilson SOPHOMORES Rose Beckman Jerry Bedacht Carol Enderle Robert Ferguson Bob Graff Charlene Hochscheid Lynne Johnson Shirley Linne Frank Moore Cherielynn Nolte Roberta Reif Joan Rogers Fred Rothacker Jacqueline Sauer Carol Schurter Allen Smith Dick Stauback Linda Strube Judy Westendorf FRESHMEN Kay Amundson Fred Boehner Jo Ann Buzzard Sharon Dausch Fred Ferdon Kay Gieringer Betty Gustin Carole Haefele Betty Hafer Shirley Hicks Eddie Hover Jean Padgett Geraldine Painer Alfred Schmurr Ronald Schnecker This year, as in the past, the Zem Zem recognizes students for their outstanding scholastic work. To obtain a place on the Honor Roll, students must be enrolled in at least four regular classes and have all work complete to date. Averages are based on grades for the first three terms of the year. 70 AWARDS AND HONORS Since 1940 the Zem Zem staff has been presenting awards to senior students with the highest four-year scholastic averages. During the period of thirteen years 43 of these awards have been given. Winners of the 1953 awards are continuing their education at various colleges. Sue Nieman and James Sauer are at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio; and Martha Saunders is at Ohio University at Athens, Ohio. The Boosters Club annual award for 1953 was presented to Dallas Cooley and Sue Nieman. The students of Mt. Healthy are proud to have among them , Joy Cumbow, who served on the Shillito ' s Sewing board for 1953-54. Marjorie Sunderhaus has been chosen to fulfill this position for 1954-55. Malvern Timm, Dick Hettrick, Vincent Pfeiffer, and Norman Richardson at- tended the YMCAYouth and Government Model Legislature for Hi- Y and Tri-Hi- Y boys and girls at Columbus, Ohio, in the spring. Carol Jaeger and Fred Rothacker represented the school at a state Student Council Convention for the purpose of writing a constitution for a State Student Council at Toledo, Ohio. 71 PARENT-TEACHER PRAYER Heavenly Father, Thou who art our creator and our God: We thank thee for all the blessings thou hast bestowed upon us, more especially for the children and our relation to them. We ask that thou wilt endow us with wisdom and strength as we care for and nurture them. May we be thine in- struments to lead our children to a realization of thy power and thy love. Bless thou our fellowship as we work for the children of our land. Lead us in steadfastness and faith toward the solution of the great problems that confront our world today. Consecrate us to Thy service and to the service of all children, everywhere. Amen. OFFICERS OF 1953-1954 President Mrs. Jess Hauer 1st Vice President .... Mrs. Charles Richter 2nd Vice President Mr. Harold Fein Secretary Mrs. Raymond Keith Treasurer Mrs. Fred Snyder 72 CALENDAR FOR 1953-54 AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER ' First Day ' First victory! 20: Football practice begins. 8: Teachers meet to prepare for 9: School opens for full day. 15: G. A. A. organizes. Arrayed in new uniforms, Band plays at Carthage Fait. 16: Pep Squad begins activities. 17: Classes elect presidents and vice-presidents. Y-Teens resume activities. 18: Mt. Healthy Vs. N C. H. in football - 40-6: Zem Zem Staff holds organizational meeting. 214 Classes elect secretaries and treasurers. L. G. D. plans activities for year. 24: Spotlight Club elects officers. 25: Educationa-1 Program - ooh! Those snakes! School pictures are taken. 26: Band travels to O. S. U. at Columbus for football game. Mt. Healthy Vs. Terrace Park at Milford - 41-0! We won! 29: Junior achievement program for Junior Class. 1: Povv Wow! Heap big parade and fire, juniors sponsor dance! 2: Mt. Hc-althy vs. Sycamore at home - 39-13! Victory again! 8: Faculty picnic at Winton Woods - Brrr - A little chilly! 9: Mt. Healthy vs. Taylor - 13-0! Well, you can ' t win ' em all! 15: Y-Teen recognition Service and Banquet. 16: Mt. Healthy vs. Loveland - 19-2! Lost. Where ' s that old zip? 19: Junior Red Cross begins activities. 20: Program - Mr. Thomas Magrum: A Magician. 22: E. B. I. Day - Representatives of Business and Industry tour our school. 23: Pep Rally with skit given by Speech Class. Mt. Healthy vs. Harrison - 21-7 (Lost!) 25: Cornerstone for new elementary building is laid. The band and Glee Clubparticipate in the ceremony. 29: Mt Healthy vs. Anderson - 14-13 (Lost!) 30: No School! Southwestern Ohio Teachers ' Meeting. Sophomores enjoy hayride. 31: Halloween; Seniors shiver on hayride. 3: A real thriller ! The movie " Macbeth " . 6: Mt. Healthy vs. Madeira (away) 7-0 won! ! 7: Juniors give first big dance of the year, " Football Frolic " . 8: Prince of Peace Declamation Contest. pate. 9: " The Highlands " a trio bedecked in the 11: Armistice Day - A Holiday (No school). 13: Pep Rally . Mt. Healthy vs. Colerain - 14-0 Lost! 19; High School holds open house. 20; Final Football game - Mt. Healthy vs. Greenhills - Won! 7-0! 21; High School Safety Institute at Walnut Hill High. " Thanksgiving Dance " sponsored by the band. 23: Cheerleading tryouts. 24; Seniors select commencement invitations and cards. 26: Thanksgiving - No school until Monday. 30: Cheerleading tryouts. 2: Vocational Guidance Program at N. C. H. 3: Speech Class gives program on " Safety " . 4: Pep Rally. Basketball game with Colerain. 5: Basketball game with N. C. H. 11; Basketball game with Madeira. 12: Game with Milford - home. 17: Educational Program features trained birds. 73 Ten students partici- attire of Scotsmen. u. -- DECEMBER 1954 JANUARY 18 19 22 23 23 24: 29: 13 15 16: 21: 27, 28, 29 29 FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL 1-5 5 6 9 10 12 15 16 19 10 14 17 MAY 4 7 9 10 16 JUNE 11 19 22 24 27 30 1 5 7 13 14 20 21 27 30 5 6 10 18 Basketball game with Harrison. Y-Teens stage Christmas Prom - " Winter Wonderland " , Home Economics II entertain Faculty at Christmas Tea. Glee Club features Christmas Concert. Christmas Program by the Band and Glee Club. Spot light Club presents " Christmas Canary " . Christmas vacation arrives. Holiday Basketball Tournament at Indian Hill. School reconvenes after Holiday. Mt. Healthy vs. Indian Hill. Program - Marionettes " The King of the Golden River " . Senior Scholarship test given for Mt. Healthy, North College Hill, and Greenhills. Mt. Healthy vs. Sycamore. Mt. Healthy vs. Greenhills. Glee Club sings at Fathers ' Night Program of P. T A. Senior achievement tests- Mt. Healthy vs. Loveland Exams! For Everybody ! Mt. Healthy vs. Anderson (home) L. G. D. sponsors " Literary Leap " Clubs choose candidates for Basketball Queen. Mt. Healthy vs. Terrace Park. Mt. Healthy vs. North College Hill. Mt. Healthy vs. Sharonville. Basketball Queen posters go up. Queen Candidates introduced at Pep Rally. Mt. Healthy vs. Taylor. Students cast Ballots for Queen. Band plays Winter Concert. Mt. Healthy vs. Glendale. Mt. Healthy crowns Ruth Sunderhaus - Basketball Queen. Varsity Basketball Tournament at Xavier Fieldhouse. Mt. Healthy vs. Hamilton. Seniors leave for Washington. Seniors return ! Everybody ' s turning Green! St. Patrick ' s Day. Program - Happy Dayze - the Clown. Glee Club sings for Lenten Service at Christian Church. Program entitled " Chinese Treasure Chest " . Seniors stage Class Play - " Our Miss Brooks " a delightful comedy ! Glee Club sings on Chapel of Dreams - T. V. Easter Vacation. Home Economics Spring Style Show. L. G. D. hold Rummage Sale. Band sponsors " Harmony Express " . Three bands combine for Spring Concert. Arbor Day Program (postponed). Scholarship Team travels to Miami U. Hi-Y and L. G. D. initiations in progress. Glee Club Spring Concert in Memory of Miss Griffin. Y-Teens entertain Mothers at Tea. L. G. D. concludes initiation with Slumber Party and Pro- gressive Supper. Girls participate in Hamilton County Track Meet. G. A. A. sponsors Honor Banquet for athletes and scholars. G. A. A. Dance Y-Teens install new officers at picnic. Memorial Day (School closed Monday). Juniors entertain Seniors at prom. Baccalaureate Service for Seniors. Senior Graduation ! School closes for 1953-54. 74 SPORTS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Joanne Klenk, Nancy Harrison, Carol Dvorak, Dons Haering, Carol Jaeger, Ruth Sunderhaus. Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar; Everyone from Healthy, stand up and holler! 0-W-L-S, O-W-L-S. Owls, Owls, Hoot ! Hoot ! Hoot ! RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Judy Kincaid, Marge Sunderhaus, Jackie Sauer. 76 mm ROW ONE: Walter Spellmeyer, Dick Huber, Vic Goyetie, Stan Gelser, Ken Seilkop, Dave Hicks, Ver- non Selm, Jim Waiters, Chester Ehler, Bill Gustln, Ron Reber. ROW TWO: George Albright, Lester Gabbard, Jack Hasklns, Tom Rlchley, Darryll Hlnson. Ken Kase, Bob Blanton, Bill Reinklng, Walter Korn. St ' an Hicks. ROW THREE: Charlie Smith, Ron Barwick, Jim Tucker, Ron Blum, Russ Barger, Ol- lie Listermann,Tom Barnhorst, Jerry Albright, Wayne Hollander. Ken Meyer. ROW FOUR: Mr. Laugh- lin, Mr. Helzman, Roger Roettele, Don York, Fred Dorsey, Butch Owens, Glenn Schaal. Owls FOOTBALL 41 N, C. H. 40 Terrace Park 39 Sycamore 13 Taylor 13 2 Loveland 19 7 Harrison 21 13 Anderson 14 7 Madeira Colerain 21 7 Greenhills Over! Over! A touchdown! A touchdown! 77 ROW ONE: Bob Blaaton, Tom Packer, Ron O ' Connor, Don York. ROW TWO: Mr. Harding, Fred Dorsey, Ron Blum, Ken Fieler. ROW THREE: Dave Martini, Ron Barwick, Don Wilson, Russ Barger, Harry Schiffmeyer. VARSITY BASKETBALL Owls 33 Colerain 65 Owls 68 Terrace Park 66 45 N. C. H. 44 53 N. C. H. 57 37 Madeira 52 52 Sharonville 54 29 Milford 40 55 Taylor 84 45 Harrison 48 51 Glendale 71 61 Indian Hill 69 Indian Hill Invitational Tournament 47 Sycamore 59 Owls 62 Indian Hill 87 39 Greenhills 36 49 Terrace Park 75 45 Loveland 65 District Tournament 50 Anderson 73 Owls 32 Hamilton Public 70 A Basket! A Basket! Jump Ball ' 78 ROW ONE: Glenn Schaaf, Fred Boehner, Alan Smith, Jim Davis. Bill Spreckelmeier, Harry Schiffmeyer. ROW TWO: Jim Waners, Butch Owens, Norman Richardson, Dick Hettrick, Jerry Shannon, 4 . Heizman. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Owls 18 Colerain 36 Owls 37 Love land 45 18 N C H. 35 33 Anderson 42 41 Madeira 37 43 Terrace Park 29 23 Milford 17 36 N. C H. 33 27 Harrison 40 34 Sharonville 42 52 Indian Hill 33 24 Taylor 48 33 Sycamore 29 49 G lend ale 42 35 Greenhills 41 Get the Tip-off! Sink it! 79 Queen Ruth BASKETBALL QUEEN As a climax to a week of eager waiting, the Basketball Queen of 1954 was crowned on the evening of February 19. The candi- dates, who had been nominated by the various school organiza- tions, entered the gymnasium to the melodies of " Somewhere Over the Rainbow " and " I ' m Always Chasing Rainbows, " When all the girls had taken their places near the platform which represented a rainbow, Ron Barwick, captain of the basketball team, escorted Ruth Sunderhaus to be crowned. After crowning her, the captain, following tradition of long standing, kissed the Queen and pre- sented her with a bouquet of red roses after he had placed the crown upon her head. CANDIDATES Mary Carol Albrecht Home Ec. Club Joy Cumbow Zem Zem Carol Dvorak Camera Club Marlene Erhardt L. G. D. Claire Esselman Y-Teens Donna Gebhardt Band Marilee Greer Spanish Club Doris Haering Hi-Y Beverly Jones Pep Squad Joanne Klenk Spotlight Club Leah Korn Hoot ' n Holler Nancy Noe Glee Club Ruth Sunderhaus Latin Club Jinny Voige G. A. A. Ron Barwick Captain of Basketball Team Nancy Harrison Cheerleader Carol Jaeger Cheerleader C. Esselman, M.Greer, C.Dvorak. J. Cumbow, B. Jones, J. Klenk, C. Jaeger, R. Sunderhaus, R. Barwick, N. Har- rison, J. Voige, M. Erhardt, N. Noe, D. Haering, D. Gebhardt, M. C. Albrecht, L. Korn. m m ' ! 80 Row One: Parker Telford, Glenn Schaaf, Ken Fieler, Harold Taylor, Ron Reber. Row Two: Don York, Jim Tucker, Russ Barger, Fred Dorsey, Tom Packer. Row Three: David Jensen, Norman Richardson, Wayne Hol- lander, Mr. Heizman. BASEBALL Owls =!=Owls Owls Owls 4 2 7 Harrison Colerain Lockland Sycamore 3 5 8 5 Owls 6 Reading Owls vs. Western Hi Owls vs. Indian Hill Owls vs. N. C. H. Us 2 (Rain) (Rain) (Rain) Owls Owls Anderson Taylor 2 8 Owls 7 Wyoming Owls 4 St. Francis 3 Owls Owls 9 5 Lockland New Wooc Way war ne d 2 Forfeit) District Tournament Owls 1 Elder 2 Owls vs . Loveland It ' s a bunt . (Rain) League Games S:ee.. .rike! 81 Row One: D. FuUerton, A. Smith, J. Zanitsch, B. Sp reckelmeier. Row Two: T. Rupp, N. Sudbrack, K. Seilkop, F. Yowler, K. Fieler. Row Three: J. Bedacht, D. Hinson, D. Martini, T. Packer, R. Blanton. Row Four: J. Wol- pert, H. Strube, S. Imhulse, D. Cooley, Mr. Harding. BOYS ' TRACK Meet with N. C. H. and Roger Bacon Stan Imhulse--Mile Run--lst Meet with Harrison and Anderson Stan Imhulse --Mile Run--Znd 1 2 Mile Run--3rd Ken Fieler--220 yd. Dash--3rd Allen Smith--Pole Vault--3rd Jerry Bedacht--High Jump--2nd Meet with Deer Park Tom Packer--100 yd.Dash --Znd Neil Sudbrack--100 yd. Dash--3rd Ken Fieler--120 yd. High Hurdles- 1st Allen Smith--120 yd. High Hurdles- 3rd Stan lmhulse--Mile Run--lst Allen Smith--180 yd. Low Hurdles- 1st Tom Packer--180 yd. Low Hurdles- 2nd Stan Imhulse--l 2 Mile Run--lst Allen Smith--Pole Vault--lst Jerry Bedacht--High Jumip--2nd Bob Blanton--Discus-- 1st Shot Put--3rd Meet with N. C. H. and Colerain Stan Imhulse --Mile Run--lst 1 2 Mile Run--3rd Ken Fieler--220 yd. Dash--2nd Mariemont Invitational Meet--May 1 Stan Imhulse --Mile Run--4th Ken Fieler--220 yd. Dash--5th Hamiilton County Championship Meet- May 5 Ken Fieler--100 yd. Dash--5th 220 yd. Dash--4th Stan Imhulse--Mile Run--4th 1 2 Mile Run--5th Relay Team--880 yds. --5th Bob Blanton--Shot Put--5th Jr. Div. Discus--2nd Jr. Div. Jerry Bedacht--High Jump--3rd Jr. Div. The team also participated in the Harrison Relays and the District Meet. 82 Row 1: G. Painer, ]. Schiering, B. Hamer, N. Harrison. Row 2: C. Purcell, M. Lawler, J. Bohn, M. Sunderhaus. Row 3: J. Rogers, U Korn, S. Linne, R. Sunderhaus, Mrs. Kreuzmann. GIRLS ' TRACK 26th Annual Hamilton County Track and Field Meet--Friday, May 14, 1954. 50 Yd. Dash Nancy Harrison Joan Rogers Betty Hamer --Alternate 75 Yd. Dash Ruth Sunderhaus Joan Rogers Joyce Schiering--Alternate 100 Yd. Dash Nancy Harrison Joyce Schiering Marybeth Lawler --Alternate 60 Yd. Hurdles Ruth Sunderhaus Heave! Marybeth Lawler Nancy Harrison--Alternate 880 Yd. Relay Nancy Harrison Betty Hamer Marybeth Lawler Ruth Sunderhaus Joyce Schiering Joan Rogers Marge Sunderhaus Pat Wessler Gerrie Painer - -A Iternate Cecilia Purcell--A Iternate Running High Jump Jeannine Bohn Go! Leah Korn Ruth Sunderhaus--Alternate Shot Put (8 lbs.) Shirley Linne Judy Kincaid Discus Judy Kincaid Cecilia Purcell Softball Throw Jeannine Bohn Shirley Linne Judy Kincaid --Alternate Dig! fV 83 THE MT. HEALTHY BAND BOOSTERS CLUB Compliments The Class Of 1954 The club has provided majorettes ' uniforms and given financial assistance for band instruments and supplies. The prime goal of the club has been realized in outfitting the band in their new uniforms. Mr. Mrs. Merrill Bunnell — President Mr. Mrs. Bob Osborne — Vice President Mr. Mrs. Eldon Endress — Secretary Mr. Mrs. Ed Brown — Treasurer 84 85 ADVERTISEMENTS This space represents contributions of one quorter page each at advertising rote from the following school organizations: Band Hi-Y Camera Club Home Ec. Club Clientes Latinae Literary Gold Diggers El Club Espanol Pep Squad Girls ' Athletic Association Spotlight Club Glee Club Y-Teens Mt. Healthy, Ohio TEBBE MONUMENT COMPANY Monuments And Grave Markers 1452 Compton Road Mt. Healthy Ohio (Leonard Tebbe) Phone JA. 6387 Res. JA. 8707 ■ f II RICHARD WUEST FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions COMPLIMENTS OF FOGARTY ELECTRIC COMPANY Congratulations Class of ' 54 KNOLLMAN LUMBER COMPANY HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOME Phone: Jackson 7145 Mt. Healthy Cincinnati, Ohio education molds our future Better Schools Build A Stronger America MT. HEALTHY LEAGUE FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS BROSE CONSTRUCTION CO. CONTRACTORS - BUILDERS - ENGINEERS 5431 HETZELL AVENUE CINCINNATI n, OHIO PHONE JAckson 8760 INDUSTRIAL AND DOMESTIC WIRING APPLIANCE REPAIRING. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS ELECTRIC SERVICE 1541 COMPTON KD. CINCTVNATI 31, O. Compliments Of PACKER ' S SUNOCO SERVICE 1927 Central Parkway TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Party Supplies BUD ' S PONY KEG Bud Arkle, Prop. 1260 Galbraith Road North College Hill Ample Parking We. 1279 We Deliver M f h v ? CHRISTENSEN AUTO BODY SHOP BODY - FENDER - AUTO REPAIRING PAINTING WRECKER SERVICE Jackson 6586 Clifford Christensen Mill Road, R.R. 2, Box 471 Mt. Healthy Ohio FRISCH NORTH COLLEGE HILL BIG BOY Corner Of Hamilton And Meis We. 4515 COMPLIMENTS OF COORS BROS. DAIRY KIRBY3271 5106 GRAY AVE. Compliments of " WE CAN TOP IT " CLIFTON MEAT MARKET DEL-RAY AUTO TOPS Henry Jaeger Jackson 8685 Choicest Meats Poultry 1912 Can Zandt Rd. North College Hill Cor Upholstering Univers ity 4215 324 Ludlow Ave. We Deliver Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry AL DISTLER Jeweler 7402 Hamilton Ave. Ja. 6090 Mt. Healthy Compliments of DOW ' S SOHIO SERVICE Tires Batteries Accessories Winton Galbraith Phone Ja. 8947 jt , -„-, jii --f i.-i f WM. A. EFFLER Jewelry and Gifts Mt. Healthy and College Hill ENGER HARDWARE See Us For All Sporting Goods 751 3 Hamilton Ave Mt. Healthy, Ohio JACKSON 7032 " We Have It " At Compliments of T. D. ESSES FINNEYTOWN DRY GOODS STORE HARDWARE 7600 Hamilton Ave. Mt. Healthy Ohio 932 North Bend Road Ja. 6368 COMPLIMENTS OF FINNEYTOWN P. T. A CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 54 Ml. HEALTHY OFFICE 7433 HAMILTON AVENUE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CINCINNATI MEMBER F.D.I.C. AND FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ' A BANKING SERVICE FOR EVERY PURSE PURPOSE ' THE gtt NATIONAL BANK OF CINCINNATI COMPLIMENTS OF FINNEYTOWN FOODS FREE DAILY HOME DELIVERY WINTON NORTH BEND ROADS PROP. WILBER DUESCHER Enjoy Tasty, Wholesome rJ f QUALITY CHEKD ICC CREAM ' O uc b WIDELY KNOWN AS THE BEST mt. I Iron Anything Washable on my ' onflTc Ironer, Quickly and Smpfy HERB KRAMER APPLIANCES 7707 HAMILTON AVE. JA 9446 MT. HEALTHY, OHIO GARDNER ' S GROCERY WHITE VILLA FOODS COLD POP OPEN SUNDAY: 7:30 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M. WEEKDAYS: 7:00 A.M. TO 8:00 P.M. 10296 BURLINGTON RD. JACKSON 8937 COMPLIMENTS OF GROESBECK PHARMACY Compliments of JESS HAUER Compliments Of JOHN D. HASKINS PORTER PRINTING COMPANY HEBELS TEXACO SERVICE 7700 HAMILTON AVE. MT. HEALTHY OHIO CHARLIE HEBEL - PROP. PHONE -J A. 9061 ROAD SERVICE TUNE UP AND MINOR REPAIR YOUR TEXACO DEALER THE MT. HEALTHY SAVING AND LOAN CO. 7521 HAMILTON AVE. (ORGANIZED FEBRUARY 8, 1887) CAPITAL STOCK $20,000,000.00 ASSETS, (OVER) $7,000,000.00 OFFICERS PETER BLUM PRESIDENT LEW J. STEINBRECKER 1st VICE PRESIDENT V. B. KEELING 2nd VICE PRESIDENT ROBERT F. AHRENS SECRETARY HARRY H. AHRENS TREASURER HUBER AND McCUDDEN LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH MT. HEALTHY REALTORS JACKSON 8210 COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER W. KORN MAYOR MT. HEALTHY OHIO SAVE WITH US AND BUILD THAT CASH RESERVE 1 - SAFELY PROTECTED 2 - EARNING LIBERAL PROFITS 3 - READY WHEN NEEDED CURRENT DIVIDEND RATE 3 ' % THE HILLTOP SAVINGS AND LOAN CO 7617 HAMILTON AVE. MT. HEALTHY OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF THE CINCINNATI ATHLETIC GOODS COMPANY If f I THANKS FOR YOUR CO-OPERATION RAY LAMMERS MUSIC HOUSE, INC. KING BAND INSTRUMENTS 534 WALNUT STREET CINCINNATI OHIO HESSLER ' S 5c TO $1.00 STORE ROBERT LEMKUHL BARBER 7518 HAMILTON AVE. MT. HEALTHY For Quality Plus Service Call - JA 9275 MALONE DRY CLEANERS We Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant HAMILTON AND COMPTON MT. HEALTHY, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF MAIN McCOLLUM ' S DRUG STORE THEATRE PHONE JACKSON 9384 MT. HEALTHY 7603 HAMILTON AVE. MT. HEALTHY OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF MT. HEALTHY AUTO BODY SHOP 1593 MADISON AVE. MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Floyd O. Bigley, Prop. RICHARD O. BIGLEY HERMAN WILKEN COMPLIMENTS OF MODERNE BEAUTY SALON MT. HEALTHV COMPLIMENTS OF THE MT. HEALTHY GIFT SHOP PAINTS SPORTING GOODS PLUMBING MT. HEALTHY HARDWARE CO. GARTNER BROS. PROPRIETORS PHONE JACKSON 9373 7500 HAMILTON AVE. COMPLIMENTS OF MT. HEALTHY COAL COKE AND SUPERIOR CONCRETE BLOCK CO. BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES (DAVE SUNDERHAUS) MT. HEALTHY OHIO MT. HEALTHY ELECTRIC SHOP Records Gifts Lionel Trains HOLZHAUSER ' S Department Stores COMPLIMENTS OF Nil. HEALTHY ICE AND PONY KEG COMPLIMENTS OF CARL MULTNER Groceries Meats Vegetables PHONE JACKSON 7018 NEIDHARD FUNERAL HOMES MT. HEALTHY JACKSON 7800 WESTWOOD MONTANA 3022 TAYLORS CREEK MONTANA 351 5 Invalid Coach Service MILLWRIGHT SERVICE, INC. ERECTORS OF ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND CONVEYING SYSTEMS QUALIFIED not only to assist in maintenance work, but to the largest complete installation of entire plants. JA 9999 POLICY To guard your interest; to render satisfac- tory service and workmanship intelligently and economically. C. HILLMAN 9227 Winton Cinti 1 5, Ohio R. B. S. AUTO PARTS, INC. CONGRATULATIONS PHONE - JA 3940-41 7925 HAMILTON AVE. SHORTIE NOE AND WIFE MT. HEALTHY PHONE - Kl 5950 4142 HAMILTON AVE. CINCINNATI 434 MILL ROAD HAMILTON OHIO COMPLETE AUTO PARTS A N D MACHINE SHOP SERVICE GEO E. ROLFES ' ' flH I - HARCs-S: iuT - s:| J H PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN Ih@ w ' I PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN FOR 47 YEARS OPTICAL SERVICE CO. ROY ' S HARDWARE OUTLI ET 304 INGALLS, BLGD. CINCINNATI OHIO 8645WINTON ROAD 6 EAST FOURTH STREET PARKWAY 1084 FINNEYTOWN MT. HEALTHY SERVICE " A Good Place To Buy " JA2913 JA 5429 OUR ONLY LOCATION VOll OWN fllSTOM BESP . . . EUGAGEiiEn MD nmu um DIAMONDS • WATCHES CUFF ROEDER PHONE WO. 7104 RES. WE. 1228 ' 700 E. McMillan st. CINCINNATI 6, OHIO 2nd Floor-Entrance on May St. ROY RUDOLPH FLOWERS COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE FLOWERS DELIVERED BY WIRE ANYWHERE 7100 HAMILTON AVENUE CINCINNATI OHIO PHONE JA7278 COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE SCHOLL PAINTING AND DECORATING JA8617 SCHOTT MONUMENT CO OVER 40 YEARS IN BUSINESS OUR REPUTATION AND LONG EXPERIENCE IS YOUR GUARANTEE VISIT OUR SHOW ROOMS - LET OUR EXPERIENCED DESIGNERS AID YOU IN SELECTION OF AN EXCLUSIVE DESIGN OPEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY KI 0515 4055 SPRING GROVE AVE. AT BLUE ROCK AFTER 5 P.M. MO 2451 STAHLEY ' S SHOE STORE (Formerly Ludwig ' s) 4148 HAMILTON AVE. CINCINNATI 23, OHIO NORTHSIDE KI 6974 KI 6974 SOUTHERN OHIO BUSINESS COLLEGE 4157 HAMILTON AVE. NORTHSIDE DAY AND EVENING CLASSES STENOGRAPHY SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMPTOMETRY TYPING PHONE: Kl 1170 OR WE 3238 CARPETS - ASPHALT TILE PLASTIC WALL TILE - RUBBER TILE LINOLEUMS - CORK TILE H. A. STREITHORST FLOORING CO. FLOORING CONTRACTORS " 24 YEARS ' EXPERIENCE BACK OF EVERY JOB " JACKSON 3864 H. A. STREITHORST 6611 HAMILTON AVENUE (NORTH COLLEGE HILL) CINCINNATI 24, OHIO C. W. " JACK " STEINBRECKER Insurance 1605COMPTON RD. MT. HEALTHY, 0. PHONE JA9800 Compliments Of SUMME BROS. Congratulations to the Class of 54 from your Telephone Company " A GOOD PLACE TO WORK " CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 FROM THEURING ' S North Bend And Cheviot Roads-Monfort Heights Phone Montana 9751 The Toy Center TRAPP ' S APPLIANCE SHOP COMPLIMENTS of W. F. WELLAND WESTERN CABINET MILLWORK COMPANY • lumber • millwork • mason ite • peg board • decorative tiles plank • plank weld plywood • Pittsburgh paint • roofing • anderson window walls WESTERN CABINET MILLWORK COMPANY 6301 Colerain ' ♦- ' " JA. 9194 THOMAS E. WOOD, INC. Insurance Carew Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio Dunbar 1500 FIRE INSURANCE - AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE MT. HEALTHY REPRESENTATIVE: E. G. RUOFF PHONE: JACKSON 9175 BERNHARDT ' S PHARMACY NICK WULLENWEBER " Dot Food Store " Finer Foods 7514 HAMILTON AVE. MT. HEALTHY, OHIO PHONE - JA 5212 PAUL R. YOUNG FUNERAL HOME MT. HEALTHY, OHIO !i ! I JOHN ZANITSCH GROCERIES, MEATS, FROZEN FOODS 824 North Bend Road Phone Kirby 6684 1

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