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f K 1 2 -'H 4 .ww ,N , , '43 Y . .Y- Q 1, . 1. V ,f 5! iq- VK' . 'fail y H 'ixxyu K .A U. 'r . , ,N 1 .V I f A- a A wh 41 Y A , X ,, . wl' wg V . ,. R ,I , 1 L , 3157. V ,-f"Q1,,: ' . fx ' iv' Qs' ' I - si, 'zfdv 1'- . 1-'JH . L " M5 K 1 ' 3 1 ., 'eg' . .W ,H X. , X :"v.f'wx , .. 4 L ,, L L W hx- R "V ' F, w . , . ' in , I 5 ' Hip' 5 f -W gli ' 3 my y 1 'J' - HL, 'un 'x 1 ' qw.. -,V : .45 . , , "M, . 'uf V wif JW Q , Vg Mal "IM gn ' 'M z A r A mf' ,ak , , w ,1, r Hz" ' M-1.3 f J nn, L 4 -' . . ,r Tyq , 1, " - uf' , W ,1 L. ,, fu 6 ,, . ,ia K 'lag , f,,i,,1g'gMi,5g71U ,. ', W fm, NK' "If X' -s - .wa , , A A ff ' "Jw ' x ' f , -.ji L i-,ux .,f 1, 2 If !??.'-K?-1 ,. M. 4 l K1 ., 2, -fjiy .4 r' gglff - . 1 .L xwxmz f - ' ,fi .S ' '5---if ' 4, if-1 -f V , A rf ,ny -K-,, -4 , , g, gsm K ,A f' 'ML ,V ff ' "er Af' , - ' 5 ' 1'!fW ' ini' L 3:1 , 8' , pg' '- f ,fr-w yt , en, - A--. , Lkn"'u" - 'b a q , xW! ,- kfh, A+, F, av -fr ,4 - gfJ'mix'1. , W .- 1 X ml Q' V ,, , 'r MZ., .V '-1-."'. i I I I I I I I I I 3 I I I I I I I I I I e I I Q I I I I . . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I nw Cgbe ZEM ZEM 1937 , Sfhol KQWM W 430 i2???jEVifi2"T'S1'1:1,5 ' I xg, f-Yfnssow P11I1lisbc'd I1-y THE MT. HEALTHY HIGH SCHOOL ZEM ZEM MT. HEALTHY, OHIO VOIIIIIIF VIII l gorefword tg N this, the eighth edition of the Zenz Zenz, we have tried to uphold the standards o f previous years. Thru our theme we have recalled our schools of former years and have shown the development of our present school system. In the following pages memories will he refreshed and knowledge imparted. page two Qledication CEO that desire for education, so evident in our country, we dedicate, this the eighth volume of the Zem Zem. Through the ejorts of the citizens of this conznzunity, the educational institution of Mt. Healthy has grown in the last century from a small one roonz schoolhouse, to its present school system of two large, modern huildings and twenty-four teachers, headed by Mr. M. Duvall, Superintendent of the Mt. Healthy Puhlic Schools. page three The Sgoard of cgducation CwITHIN the last year the Board of Education has lost the services of two men long associated with Mt. Healthy's schools, through the resignation of Mr. H. E. Turner and the death of Mr. Thomas M. Taylor. Mr. Turner served as a member of the Board of Education from the time of its organization until his resignation in 1937. During the early years of the village board he served as clerk. Mr. Taylor was elected to the Board of Education about 1915, and was chosen clerk about 1920, a position which he held until the time of his death, although he had resigned as a member of the Board in 1935. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION MT. HEALTHY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Prfesident ......,.... ,..,.,.. D R. LAFAYETTE NEUFARTH Vice-President ..,...... ,. ..,.., ALFRED H. PETERS Clerk.. ,.... ....,,..,. ,...... ................ , C H ARLES E. HECKEL HUBERT AUBURN L. F. STEINBRECKER page four Zin illimlznriaxlt Dmfb c'a111r', as if 1111151 fo 1111 111611 fo THOMAS M. TAYLOR 1111 Dz'z'f'111f2f'1' 1, 1936 jnlgc' fi 1 'c' Qublic Schools of gift. Wealthy Eighteen hundred thirty-seven-Nineteen hundred thirty-seven! A century of progress in education! One hundred years ago in March, Ohio's state public school system was born with the election of the first state school officer. Since that date twenty-seven men have served as chief education officer of the state, each endeavoring to bring improve- ment in education. Along with the advancement of Ohio, the village of Mt. Healthy has progressed. The first school within the present Mt. Healthy School District was a log cabin which stood on the old Hoffner homestead at the corner of Compton and Perry Streets. In this building Alice and Phoebe Carey first attended school. Later the children of Mt. Pleasant, as Mt. Healthy was then called, attended school in a brick building which stood on the West side of Hamilton Avenue just north of McMakin Avenue and also in the build- ing on Compton Road Where Dr. Abbott now lives and has his store. After these buildings had served their purpose, in the eighteen forties, the village was divided into school districts, one east and one West of the main street. In the district east of Hamilton Avenue the school was conducted in a building on Perry Street just north of the Methodist Church. The building, although remodeled, is still standing and is used as a residence. In the district west of Hamilton Avenue the school was on Harrison Avenue. It was a brick building which is still standing across the street from our present school house. It too is used for a residence. page six Compton Road between Hamilton and Harrison Harrison Avenue north of Compton Perry Street north of Compton page X!'l'4'lI MR. M. DUVALL S1lpC'l'ilIft'l1t1K'lIf of Publia' Svbools Mt. Healthy page ciglat Q 5 .'X' Room 8-Music Room LULU GREENER Cifllfillllzlff C0llNt'l'l'tIfUl'Aj' of Musir Collrgr' of Mnsir Miss Grcener is supervisor of music in thc Mt. Healthy Public Schools. In addition to her regular classes in the high school, she directs the Glee Choruscs and leads the orchestra. Room 3-Seniors C. T. VAN ATTA B. S. Ohio Sfuh' UlIil'l'1'Xif'j' Mrs. Van Atta acts as adviser to the Senior Class and director of the annual class play in addition to teaching fourth year English, Economics, Sociology, and second year History. may page nine l'r'1'xi4lw1l . . , Vffv- l'l'1'Xizf1'lll Sl'l'Y'l'fLlI'vj' . . Trvaxzm-r ge Senior 614155 0151937 . , Romikw' Rliurl , F1,oRl'.Nc:1-1 Mfxxi LOUISI: HfXC,kliNlI5X'l .., . .. . ..,.., MARY -IANI2 WAILM MOTTO "WN Ifiml A Paflr Or Nfukf' Oni' CLASS COLORS Bfm' and Golf! FLOVVER Yvffou' Ron' V fu- .1 egg .Elm Q QQ v-- ifli - f"W.S 5. ...-Fi, 14,12 - QW'-7 fig: tax " '- 259 Qzsf pagz' fm: 1-Inglis! 7 Springdale Iiecause of the fact that she travels on the bus, julia has not been able to participate in many of the activities which she enjoys. However, she has :i smile for everyone and everyone has a smile for her. And in this way we know that she has a large num- ber of friends. XVOODROW WILSON BELL Orfolnv Z 8 Mt. Healthy film' fiI70l'll.I I, 2, 3, -I Cflvrrr l,iwnli'r 2, 3, 4 liim-lmll Miumgi'r 2, I "W'oody" is not busy during one season and then idle, for his interests are such that they keep him "on the go" throughout the school year. Leading cheers whenever there is occasion for cheering, manag- ing the baseball team, and singing meanwhile, he is well-known to all. RICHARD BETZING .-Ijvrll Z2 Liberty liilwfnlll I, 2, 3, -I Although In gives some time to his motor-cycle, Dick seems to be definitely baseball-minded. And he has .1 right to be proud of his record as one of Mt. IIeaIthy's star pitchers, for he has been instrumental in winning many a victory for the school. ARTHUR BOCK tlrlfzlwr' lv Xlt. Healthy Hi1.n'lmll 3, -I Ilu.ifci'ffmfl 5, -I Soft Bull -I "Art" is one of the main-stays of the basketball team and has done his share in winning victories for M.II.II.S. Iiefore the basketball season, he uses his energy with the soft ball te.un: after the season, he plays baseball. Another person who is occupied dur- ing the entire year. DOROTHY ANN DASCH lilly ZS Mt. Healthy liilxfcwffnlll 2, 3, 4 Chris O4ffii't'r' 3 Girl Rl'Xt'l'lt'.Y I, 2. 3, 4 Glu' fillfllla 1, 4 Dot has .1 variety of interests, as her record above shows. Besides, she may often be found in the center of a group, exercising her ready wit on some un- lucky person. MARGIE M. DENNINGER IIIJVI' I Mt. Healthy fllll Risiriia I, -,3 Ulm' lffmrua , 1 Margie is rated as a practical joker who has the good nature to "take it" when someone happens to "put one over" on her, This trait makes her quite popular with the members of her class. l page cIr'1'r'1z page fwvlw WILLIAM DOY LE hilly I6 Mt. Healthy Bilxkvlllull 4 Gln' Cflmrm 3, 4 Zum ZUJI Sluff 3, 4 Bill can usually be located whistling in the halls on th: way to class. His favorite in-door pastime seems to be arguing. In this he excels, without gaining the ill-will of his opponents. I-Ie served as president of the class during the iunior year. CRESCENTIA EFFLER Iuumlrji S Mt. Healthy Cliwr Iauilei' 3, 4 Girl Rl'.Vl'i'1i'X l, 2, 3, 4 Glen' Cllorlia 3, 4 Trmsle 2, 4 "Cent" is the quiet type in whom mischief lurlts just under the surface. Her ehe-r-leadine surely helped the teams many qi time. She has always taken an active parm in all school affairs. LOUISE EMS Angus! I8 Mt. Healthy Baxkellmll 4 Girl Rz'.n'i'1'rx l, 2 Louis: is a good sport. a friend to everxoie and liked by all. W'hat more eould be said? RUTH FERRIS Ilflay 26 Mt. Healthy Girl Rr'ti'r'1i'.v l, Z Ruth is a pleasant person with a smile and a friendly word for all her associates. XY'e believe she has not an enemy in the world. ELLEN ERONDORI7 l'it'lIYll1lVY IS Monfort Heights Glue CMPOVIIX 4 Zum Zvm Slujf 4 Ellen attended Norwood High School during the first three years of her high school life. In her one year at Mt. Hzalthy, she has made many friends and a very commendable record. BETTY QI. GOOSMANN lime 20 Mt. Healthy Debate Team 3, 4 Girl Rr'xer1vx l, 2, 3, 4 Gln' Clwrux 2, 3, 4 Zrw Zen: Slug 4 Betty has been, is, and no doubt, will continue to be "the life of the crowd". Her happy knack of making disaster look like a frolie is well appreciated by her host of friends. JEANNE M. GOUID Si'llli'ulln'r 7 Mt. Ilealiliy Girl Ri'.H'I'Ii'X Z, 3, 4 Kiln' f,fP0l'll,K 3, 4 .Ieanne ie .1 quiet girl. hut one well-liked by all who know her. tor she has .1 decidedly pleasant person- .1litv. LOUISE K. HACKEMEYER Di'i'i'lrlf1i'r ll liinneylown liilxfcrllmll 1, 4 Clint Offiwr' 4 Girl Rr'.xr'rli'v 4 Ulm' Cffmrm 4 l.i1 Sm'ii'li' I"r'i1i1n1ix4' 4 ,l'l'ilt'k 3, -l Zim frm SMH 4 ' Louise personihes the idea, "She shall have friends wherever she gow", for, an far as we ean find out, everyone considers her OZK. 1 PATRICIA EILEEN HARRIS I,t'l1'lIIl7t'I' 2 Springdale Lil Sm'ii'lc lfr'i1v1i'i1ixi' "Betty jane" eoniis from Springdale, the home of good-looking girls. Her motto apparently is, "Finish what you start", a good idea for anyone. FLORENCE L. HOOCK lllllt' 7 Monfort Heights liilxfewtlmll 3, 4 Iilorenee is the peppy, little person who gets ex- eited .lt .ill th- hasketball games. W'hen it eoines to elaaaea, xlie is tuite calm, goin' her own wav and l . lx . letting the rest of the school go theirs without argu- inenl. HELEN L. HUGHES Fi'lfr11ur'y 20 Mt. Healthy Girl Ri',n'r'iz'.x 1, 2, 3. 4 film' cm7Ul'll.l 3, 4 Halen has always been .1 loyal rooter for Mt. Healthy teams. She has shown real interest in the Girl ILCNYFYCS, serving eflieiently as .1 Squad Leader during her junior year. LOUIS T. HUSER I"i'l1rm1rv I3 New Burlington Louis ia the only delegate from New Burlington, and .1 good one too, he has proved to be. To mem- bers of the fairer sex he gives never a glanee. Or does he? page fbil'ff'l'Il v page f01lffl'Cl1 IGNATIUS HUTCI-IISON August Z0 Nlonfort Heights Gln' fi!lIll'llA 3, 4 BIIYAIVIIHII Rl',lA'V'It'.X 4 fl!-Y 3, 4 "Bud" is an oH'ieer in the local Hi-Y group .ind a person on whom one erin rely when there is work to be done. HELEN F. KERN iNY01l'l1ll74'f I9 Nlonfort Heights Glu' cilillflll 3, -1 Helen is possessed ot' a very good voice which has been a welcome addition to the Cilge Chorus in the past two years. She has also had her name on the Honor Roll quite consistently during her years at M.H.H.S. DOROTHY KING Muni' 8 Mt. Healthy Girl K1'si'i'l1'.x l, 2, 3, 4 GM' Cffwrzry 3, 4 Dorothy is .1 girl whose friendship is well worth having. Most of her extra-curricular activity interest centered on the Girl Reserves organilation. She was an miieer of that group during her junior yeir. FRED MAHLERWEIN tlllllllaf 28 Mt. Hualthy Fred is the young fellow who drives the hlue Chevy, arriving every morning just in time for Senior lfnglish. His friendly smile should help him in whatever he attempts to do. JOHN MARPLES Di'i'i'nlIn'r 4 Kit. Healthy -Iohn is a home-town boy who says little .ind thinks much. XVe trust that this trait will prove .1 real asset in the future as it has done during his sehool days. FLORENCE L. MAXEY Iuly 12 Springdale Baxkrllmll 4 Cluxx Ufjinvs 4 Gln' Cfwrni 4 Lu Sm'ii'h' I"ri1m'ui.o' 4 Trark 3, 4 Florence is an earnest student, but one who knows how to divide her time so that she may participate in several aetivities as well as earn good grades. She was a real asset to the basketball team during the fcccnt tllufnllrllcnt. MARY MEYER limi' 19 Mt. Healthy 1.11 Smwfi' I"mr1i'uisi' 4 Mary has shown her ability in class work by the report cards she has taken home periodically. Mean- time, she has won many friends because of her friendly disposition. EDWIN MOORE I"el1r'1mr'y I9 Xlfoodlawn liilaelmll 3, 4'1'll1illl 3, 4 Sufi Brill 3, 4 'I'rilf'fc 3, 4 Eddie is one of the handsome blonds on the basket- ball team. Although lie has attended M.H.H.S. but three years, he has gained much popularity with everyone. HELEN MORRIS I".-lzrlmrry IS Springdale liilselclfmll 2, 3, 4 Ulm' Cffrornx 4 'l'riu'k 2, 3, 4 For three years Helen has journeyed back and forth on the bus, making herself known as an exeel- lent luasketball player and member of the track squad. NEIL MURl3HY Murrfr I5 Liberty liLl.Yl'l1nIH 3, 4 lXil.i'k4'lfmlf 4 lligli-Y 4 Kofi liiill 3, 4 Neil is inde.:tl .1 studious boy who also has time to like an aetive part in athletics. After spending two years at W'yoming, he entered lNl.ll.H.S. where he has won the admiration of many. DAVID MYERS Mlm-li 0 Monfort Heights lhlsufmlf 1 Day: hails from Montiorl Heights and so is one of the regular passengers on the bus. His favorite outdoor sport is hunting and he takes advantage of every opportunity to indulge in it. MILDRED MYERS lalllllilfi' 30 Springdale lar Sm'li'li' l'l'1lllt'iIl.H' She may he tiny, but sh: is mighty, Mildred is 11 good student as well as a good friend and sehoolmate to all. 6 g t' fffern page sixteen THEODORE NEUHAUS limi' 27 Springdale Gln, cillllflli 3, 4 Ted is the happy fellow whom you notice heeaitse of his very decidid smile. Vl'ill we ever forget hi- part in the "Barn-Yard Quintet"? -IESSIE PETERSEN Odolrer 25 Mt. Healthy Girl R4'u'r11's I, 2, 3, 4 Glu' crflllflhi 3, 4 .lessie has given mueh time and interest to the Girl R 'serve organization. During her third year in school she was a squad leader. ln this work she has won many friends. AGNES PRAECHTFR Di'n'rrlln'r' 6 Mt. Healthy Drfmle Team 3 Girl RI'.ll'l'1l'X 3, 4 Although she is a convincing debater, Agn:s eon fined her efforts in argumentation to inter-school con tests, and did not engage in rhu usual "squabhles" in class meetings. For this she is much admired. ANNA CHARLOTTE PREISING May 18 Monfort Heights Charlotte has .1 friendly smile and greeting for all her school-mates and teachers. Her report cards show that she knows what school is for. NYE predict fill' IWCI' -I successful Cflfecf. WILBUR W. RECHER llrmwllnfr 21 Mt. Healthy lluxfeeflmll Z, 5, 4 filer' cilll2l'IlX 3, 4 Ili-Y 5, 4 Sufi Bull 3, 4 Zvm Zvm Shlfl 3, 4 He may be "Reeker" to some, but to us he will always be just "Tiddly". His good humor and good sportsmanship will prove valuable in whatever line of work he may enter. ROBERT F. REUTER l'iI'lIl'Ildl'j' 10 Nlt. Healthy Buxifmll l, 2, 3, 4 Class Offirwr 4 Hi-Y 5, 4 Trurk 2 Zum Zen: Sluff 3, 4 Bob is the type of person one likes to know, As president of the senior elass, business manager of the Annual, and treasurer of the Hi-Y, he has handled positions of responsibility in a splendid manner. Whatever he undertakes, he Hnishes to the best of his ability. ROBERT A. SCHWAB April 23 Mt. Healthy Although l1e is ordinarily quiet, Robert is missed when he is absent. And this is no small compliment. We do not know what his hobby is, but we do know that l1e lends .1 rsally helpful hand when he is asked to assist. C. ROBERT SHIVELY Di'1'1'111l1rr 26 Nionforx Heights like Cffmrux 4 HI-Y 4 Hob is the "Baron" of the Monfort Heights fun- mikers, .1 very welcome member of any group. CARR STEWART SPITZFADEN .llizrrfl 29 Nll. Healthy Ill-Y 3 4 1,11 Sorlrte l'1'.1r11'111.u' 4 ZVIII Zrfu SMH 3, 4 Stewart has bee11 very busy during his four years in high school, for l1e has taken an active part in extra-eurrieul.1r affairs in addition to I!1.llIlI.llDlHg .1 high scholastic average. Being editor of tl1e Annual, l1e was chairman exvotiieiu for ihr several dances sponsored by it. During l1is senior year l1e has also served as president of the Hi-Y Ul'g.'lI'li7.lIlOI1. VINCENT STFHLIN lnly 8 Mt. Healthy Vineent is .1 likeable person, tor he has the trait of l7'll1j.1 able to take .1 joke. XY'hen l1e arrives in tl1e morning, you may he sure l1e has his lessons pre- pared. One of his chief delights is arguing, and l1e is usually .1hle to upl1old his side. KATHERINE STUEPPEI, Iuur 2 Mt. Healthy Rite likes to sew and during l1er high sehool days sl1: has heeome quite an expert se.u11stress. She too enjoys .1 joke, even on herself. She tries to please people in general. for she has .I friendly disposition, -lull fflllnlx lfhlny JS her pals. MARGARET SWARTZ fum' S Springdale Margaret joined the class last September after an absence of one year, and lost no time in Ending her plaee among her former classmates. She is a happy- go-lueky p.rson wl1o thoroughly enioys life. age S!'l'l'lIfl'K'II V l i Xl page !'ixLfbfl'f'l1 RUTH UETRECHT April I4 Springdale Ruth always takes home a splendid set of grades wheixever report cards are distributed. And yet, she docs not let her work mar her good times, for she has a pleasing personality which brings her many friends who enjoy her companionship. EARL A. VOLMER Angus! 28 Monfort Heights Gln' CJZNJVIIX 2, 3, 4 'I'rur'k 5, 4 Although Earl has to leave when the bus pulls out. he has managed to participate in some activities, for he has been loyal to the chorus and the track team. KENNETH L. VOLZ April ll Mt. Healthy Buivlvall 4 Baxfeellmll Z, 5 Gln' Cliorux 2, 3 Sofl Ball 5, 4 Track 2, 4 Kenneth is another who was away from the class for a year and then returned to complete his work and receive his diploma with his classmates. His year away from M.H.H.S. in no way lessened his loyalty to the school, and his friends are glad that he decided to return. FLORENTINE C. WAECHTER ltlfllldl'-1' I3 Mt. Healthy Baifertlmll 4 Girl Ri'xi'r1t'.i I, 2, 3, 4 Gln' KJIIOVIIX Florentine year and in played on the regular team only one rhar time made fans wonder where sh: had been previously, for she proved quite an asset. During her four years she has shown much interest in the Girl Reserve group and served for the past year as secretary. She also has the reputation of having the "best dancing feet" in the class. XWILLIA M QI. XVALKFR luunuri I-I Mt. Healthy Buxleallzall 2, 4, Mafzugrr 5 Hi-Y 3, 4 Tl'All'l? 2 "Bud" is a fellow who manages to take things pretty much as they come with a cheerful disposition ready for emergencies. He has shown interest in lesv sons and athletics, as well as in the Hi-Y. This indi- cates a well-balanced personality. MARY J. WALLACE lurmury 26 Mt. Healthy Class Ufjiwz' 4 Lil Sorivft' l"l'u11i'uixt' 4 Zcm Zen! SMH 4 Mary .lane is another person who can well be proud of her scholastic record of the past four years, for she has been a student first of all. However, during the senior year, she has accepted several posia tions of responsibility and has discharged them well. CHARLOTTE WEBER Mary 13 Mt. Healthy Girl Rvxrru'x l, Z Gln' Cillllflla 4 Although she failed to mention it, the records show that Charlotte was secretary of her class during the iunior year, and proved herself quite efficient. She too recognizes the value of a high school edu- cation and has spent enough time ancl effort on les- sons to have made a very good record. LORETTA A. WOLF Angus! 1 Mt. Healthy Iirlxlcvflmll I, 2, 3, 4 Girl Rl'Sl'l'll'S l, 2, 3, 4 G14-r Chorus 2, 3, 4 Orrlnwlnl l, 2, 3, 4 Trnfk l, 2, 3, 4 Zvm Zum srag 4 Loretta's record above shows that she has been busy all through her high school days. And sh: not only "was among those present" in the several IIC- tivities, but took a very prominent part in them. She was chosen president of the Girl Reserves for the last two years. MARIAN YERKES Manila 25 Mt, Healthy Bilxkrlllull 2, 3, 4 Dvbulr' 3, 4 Girl Rcxi'rH'x l, 2, 3, 4 Glen' Clrornx 2, 3, 4 La Sorirla' Frumurisc' 4 Zen: Zvm Slug 4 Wheim it comes to basketball, humor, studies, and making friends, Marian is the "t0ps". What more can be said? page ninefcen gUstory of Glass of Q7 SCENE I Plac:-Erdless h'lI cf M H.H.S. Color Schemf-Delicate, FRESH, shades of GREEN. Tim:-September 8, 1933. 183 Freshmen patiently going through schedules for eleventh time, push- ing their way with wobbling elbows down the hall. SCENE II Place--Mrs. Van Atta's English IV Class. Time-September 15, 1933. Dignihed OJ Seniors-rll in reldiness for recitation. Young lad, marked with "that Freshie look", enters, walks toward .1 seat, hears a snicker, stops, looks wildly about, dashes madly for door. More snickers. SCENE III Place-Gymnasium. Time-Early june 1934. Day for awards-not so timid Freshmen walk to center of floor to receive honors in athletics, music, and scholarship. ACT II- SCENE I Place-Halls of M.H.H.S. Time-September 8, 1934. Eighty-nine Sophomores, having served their apprenticeship and having survived from those assignments in English, superciliously look down from their self-imaged pedestals on THIS year's "Freshies". SCENE II Place-Outside door of Mrs. Van Atta's room. Time-September 9, 1934. Sophomores, with questioning look in eyes, throng from their first History II Class, writing arm hanging stiffly, fingers still curved in a writing position. ACT III- SCENE I Place-Miss Curry's Home Room. Time-February, 1936. Organization of the now recognized Junior class, totaling 58. Officers: President .,.,,..,.....,....,......,. ,....,,..,..................,.,.,..,...........,.,., W illiam Doyle Vice-President ........ .. ,.... Gertrude Korn Swrflary ..,........,, ..... C harlotte Weber Treasurer .......... ..... D orothy Dasch SCENE II Place-M.H.H.S. Juniors' annual shindig for Seniors, a prom, this time, followed by a mid- night lunch. Many of the teachers present, which undoubtedly adds to fun. "No Place Like Home" being played for sixth time. SCENE III Place-M.H.H.S. Time-Early June, 1936. Juniors acknowledged for participation in athletics, annual staff, 'glee, scholarship, and debate. CCOntinued on Page 453 page twenty Ein IHHPIIIHNEIIII fo GERTRUDE KORN who was ll nzcnzlavr of ffn' vfnxv of 1937, fbix fmgr' is zf1'zfi4'z1fr'zI' fltlgt' flI.'l'lllv1'-Ollt' 'X L . l l Room 5-juniors ,WN ,X- B. K. HAMMIQRLE H. ' th A. B. Wlt'.Yfl'l'II College Miss Hammerle teaches Algebra, Geome- try, General Science, and second year English. She plans with Miss Curry and the class for the annual party for the Senior class and also shares with her the responsi- bility of leading the Girl Reserve group. page Room 4---juniors DOROTHY L. CURRY B. S. Miami Uniwrsily Miss Curry introduces the Freshmen to the all-important subject of English. She also teaches French. As one of the Junior Home Room teachers, she assists the class in the planning of the entertainment of the Seniors each year. She is too. the faithful adviser for the Girl Reserves. f 'N .1 K K 1 C+ f1L'I'llfVj'-f 100 The junior Glass HE Junior Class of 1937 consists of sixty girls and boys who, as a group, are a credit to Mt. Healthy High School. Q All the teachers seem astonished at the ambition-or shall we say lack of it?--with which we prepare our lessons for English, French, Geography, Agriculture, Geometry, Algebra III, Typing, Domestic Arts, and Industrial Arts. Some of us are still struggling with History II while others are attacking History IV at this time. Like most junior classes we have organized our group and elected the following officers to represent our class. Prvsidcnf ............., ,......, Q uentin Honnert Via'-Presidenf ...,..., .,....,.... L aura Knoop Srcrciary ,......... ,...... P hyllis Bennett Treasurer ...,...........................................,,..,..,....,....,. Nelson Faller The juniors are really indispensable to the basketball, track, baseball, and debate teams. They are also outstanding in Girl Reserves, Hi-Y, and Glee Chorus. Our sincere hope is that all the juniors will return to school next year and labor industriously so that this class may be one which the school and community will be proud to own. Virginia Aulick james Bax Margarite Becker Phyllis Bennett Clara Bramkamp Arthur Bockelmann Dorothy Bockelmann Earl Burger John Catterall Francis Chambers Victor Chenault Melvin Corbett Alberta Dasch Dorothy Deckelmeier Howard Doller Berthe Mae Engelmann Margaret Epley Nelson Faller Edward Feith Charles Fitzharris Edward Forest William Fox Jack Frondorf Betty Jane Gillis Louis Haar Norbert Haerring Elverda Hart Carl Honnert Quentin Honnert Ruth Ismael William Klenk Betty Knost Laura Knoop Wilma Koenig Margaret Knox Alberta LaFan Marvin Markert Geraldine Martin Dwight Miller Dorothy Naderman page fwenfy-fbrzfc' Charles Neidhard Carl Rahn Clover Raymore Dan Rolfes William Sand Milton Saunders Thelma Saunders Coletta Schappel Albert Schwab Roland Siemer Rita Stehle Alice Steinbrecker Roger Stinebuck William Sweitzer Sylvia Waechter Joseph Wolterman LeRoy Warwick Madeline Williams Helen Wullenweber Aulifk BIHIIIYILIIIIP lhwlx I'.1 I- ra llcr H1 Bax Hurgcr Dcckclmcicr lfcitlm Gillis llcnnctt Cf.lticr.1ll llnllcr l',lI7l1.ll'l"lS Hart lsnmul jmgv izcwlly-fozlr A. liuckclm cll1.ll11l3lIl'N ling lnmnn Furcst C. Hunncrt Klcnk .mn ll. Bur kel m an n Q'l1L'I1.lllll lfpluy' Ifux Q. Hnnncrl M K lump X1 .1 rt in R.lyl1lllI'C Sulmppfl Stcinlwruckcr Knox N.lliCI'l11 In Sand Siumcr Sw.-iucr Williaxns page fzuwzly-fiz'1' Knunig Ncdlmrd M. Snuudcrx Szchlc XY'.xv:cl1tcr XY'uHcnwclwl' l,.l lL.m Rnlm T. SJLIIIJCFN Slulxlin XY'.lrwigk Room 9-Sopliomeres C. lf. HOl:l:lVlAN 13. S. Miami Ur1iz'a'r'xify Mr. l'loffrnan teaches Manual Training and Physical Culture. He is also coach of the lioys' Basketball Team, Soft Ball, and Track. Room 7-Sophomores E. G. PETRICH A. M. UIIil't'fSffv1' of Cjfllfillllrlfi Mr. Petrich teaches all Physical Sciences. and so acts as curator for the High School Laboratory which, in addition to being .1 place where experiments are conducted. is also quite a museum. He is always present at basketball games to greet one at the door and collect his admis ion. Home Economics Laboratory MARKIORIE HODAPP B. S. Miami U7lfl'I'I'Xffi1' ln addition to her classes in Home Econ- omics, Mrs. Hodapp teaches a class in Gener- al Science. As a part of the yearly program for sewing classes she plans and directs the style show which is presented for the P.T.1X. and friends of the school. f fmgr lzwzzly-.six The Sophomore Glass "Friends, Romans, and counlrymen, lend me your ears." ORROWING the opening words of Mark Antony's famous oration, we, the Sophomores of 1937, wish to express our feelings of joy and wonder, for we know that next year we shall drop the title of lowly sophomores and receive that of mighty juniors. We have struggled hard for that honor and now that we are about to attain it, we hope to be worthy of it. Of course, this year has not been all grind and study, for we have had our fun. Some of us have furnished material for laughter, though our only rewards from the teachers have been frowns when we forgot that puns belong outside the classroom. Last year when we were freshmen, the upper classmen had their fun teasing us for strolling into classrooms where we did not belong. After a while we learned bow the school system operates. This year we have looked fondly on freshmen, remembering our blunders as we watched them make theirs. Contrary to traditional belief, we are on quite friendly terms with the freshmen. Though we are only sophomores, we have taken an active part in school affairs, such as the Glee Chorus, orchestra, and sports. Some of us who are not quite so talented have gone after our studies with a vengeance. Next year we hope to take a more prominent part in our school activities. Looking ahead, we see two long years stretching before us, but at the end of that time we know that a reward awaits, a reward won by hard work and study, and worthy of mention, our diplomas. We hope then to take our places in the affairs of this troubled world of ours. Who knows?-maybe one of our class will be president. Idle dreaming will get us no place. So we'll just stick to the present and hope that next year may be as pleasant as this one has been. Ruth Arnold Robert Bauer Vella Beckham Edward Bramkamp Rosemary Britz Betty Carraher Jean Chase Ruth Ehlman Gordon Fischer Norbert Fischvogt Wilma Flohr Robert Fox Charles Frazier Marjory Cram Harry Grabel Virginia Hader Lucille Haenning Edwin Hays Marjorie Hebeler Betty Heinzeroth Georges Himes Virginia Holzhauser Vivian Jennings Genevieve Jester George Jones George Junker Joseph Kessler Caroline Kiefer Ruth Koenig Verma Kuhn Rita Lange Georgia Lawson Vernon Louie Rita Miller Joan Moore Willard Moore Frma Moore Marjory Morris Ida Murphy Gene Myers Clarence McBride Marjorie Nienaber Evelyn Neuhaus Martha Netherland Almeda Parker Loraine Phillips Caroline Preising Deloris Rath Jerome Rack Marie Reinke Hildred Robinson Lucine Rolfes William Sanders Edwin Scheidt page fwenty-seven Elvira Schlensker Earl Schnecker Ruth Schottelkotte Alice Schrott Maymedell Semler Marvin Shaw Maxine Short Oliver Smith Albert Spaeth Milton Sprowl Ethel Steiner, Earl Todt Nelson Urban Donna VonHolle Rita Waechter Erwin Waite Dorothy Wallace Virginia Walton Howard Weber Roberta Weber Betty Weisman Cecelia Westendorf Reeva Whitton Elaine Wickemeier Emmett Winn Marian Wolterman 5114 4' C556 Sophomore Glasgvnlbyi All i , Seated ql,ft to rightjz Hader, Lawson, lfhlmnnn, Heinzeroth, Haenning, Carrnher, Kcifer, Flohr, Kuhn Holzhnuser. Standing-First Row: Koenig, Hcbeler, -Icnnings, jester, Arnold, Lang, Chase, Britz. Second Row: Fox, Kessler, Fischer, Fischvogt, Grabcl, jones. Third Row: Brnmkamp, Baufr, Louis, Hays, McBride, -Iunkcr. Seated Llc-ft to rightl: W'olterm:1n, Schortclkotte, Rath, Steiner, Wlillnce, Robinson, Schott, XVeism.xn Phillips, Whvchter. Standing-First Row: Netherland, j. Moore, XVeber, li. Moore, Semler, Preising, Rolfes, Neuhaus Reinke, VonHollc, Whitton. Second Row: Waltc 1i1, Miller, XViCkCl11'lCf, Schlenslrer, Ncinaher, XVestcndorf. Third Row: Schaidt, Frazier, Todt, Myers, Shaw, Seifert. Fourth Row: Rack Sprowl, Schneckcr, Spaeth. Fifth Row: W'inn, Sanders, Moore, Wfeber. page lwenfy-fight Room 1-Freshmen A-H E. XV. MUSKOPF B. S. Miami UIIil'!'l'.YifAj' Mr. Muskopf teaches mathematics, from beginners' Algebra to Trigonometry, and also General Science. After school hours, he coaches the baseball team and helps with various other student activities. Room 6-Freshmen M-Z ETHEL L. FROST B. 5. Miami Ulliwrxify In her capacity as adviser to the Zem Zem Staff, Miss Frost assumes the responsi- bility of planning that the annual year book may be brought out on time and also be paid for. She teaches Latin and third year English. Rztcm 2-Freslmrnan H-M K. A. PACK A. B. U1Ifl't'I'Xifvj' of Iffllfllfkyj' Mr. Pack teaches all Commercial Sub- jects, including: General Business Training, Bookkeeping, Commercial Law, Salesman-- ship, and Typing. His extra-curricular duties are serving as coach of the Debate Team and as Adviser for the High-Y organization. f L?-X L M . l V page lwwlly-zlillr' Cwe greslamen c9NE of the most promising clarses which has ever entered Mt. Healthy High School, we are composed of 96 members from several districts, as follows: Mt. Healthy, 553 Monfort Heights, 20g Finneytown, 63 Springdale 73 Liberty, 53 Newells, lg and New Burlington, 2. We are good students and have also found time to participate in extra-curricular activities including Glee Chorus and athletics. r Having been started well by our home-room teachers, Miss Frost, Mr.VMuskopf, and Mr. Pack, we hope to continue along the road to college and fame! Richard Engelmann Marion Heckel Carolyn Wulfekotter George Alexander Alta Barnes Charles Bennett Jay Betzing Lillian Blesi Elsie Brandt Gertrude Brown Joyce Caldwell Charles Carraher Lydia Chenault Frances Cusic Jack Danbury Dollie Davis Robert Deckelmeier Ben Doyle Raymond Dundes Robert Ehrhardt Arthur Eldred Norma Enderle Richard Engelmann Alma Entner Ethel Fath James Ferris Richard Floyd Mary Jane Friesz Edwin Garlich Paul Goodwin June Headley Burdette Grant Weldon Grant Eleanor Grill Hilda Grill Edward Haeussler Clifford Hagedorn Robert Haubner Viola Hauenstein Marian Heckel Marjorie Hedger Howard Heisel Betty Heismann Stanley Heismann Will Herget Elvera Hessler W'illene Hughes Alfred Jansen Betty Jones Thelma Kehr Edward Klein Bernice Knoop Jeanette Kroeger Joe Leaverton Ruth Ludwig Ralph Lumler Esther McCoy Robert McCudden Catherine Meyer Russell Meyer Bernard Mitchell Eva Muhlenhard Evelyn Muhlenhard George Mullen Ray Murphy Andrew Packer Dorothy Pahner Raymond Paseley Melvin Petersen page thirty Louis Petrey Arthur Reinking Ruth Reinking Ruth Scheidt Warren Scheidt William Schlelein Robert Schmitt Elmira Schnehain Anna Marie Schwartz Vernon Showalter Jack Siemer June Smith Warren Smith Jeanette Songer Maxine Spitzfaden Mary Sprowl Berdene Steinbrecker John Sterwerf Marian Straub Warren Summe Robert Tansing Raymond Toennis Jimmy Turner Lawrence Voss Betty Vossler Carl Weber Ruth White Loraine Wieland Caryl Winn LeRoy Wolf Carolyn Wulfekotter August Wullenweber Clinton Yerkes C5776 gresfrman Glass ' ,, Sealed Llefl to rightlz B.1rn.'s, Hauenstein, Frei7e, Gusic, Brown, lfath, Davis, lfnderle, lfntner. Standing-First Row: Doyle, Chennult, Caldwell, Grill, Grill, lilesi, Bmndt, lietving. Second Row: liloyd, Bennett, Cnrrnlxer, Goodwin, Grunt. Third Row: Deekelmeier, l'I.1ubner, lfngulmnnn, D.xnbury, Heussler, Garlieh. SC-llCxl Qleft to rightbz jones, Muhlenhard, Muhlenhard, Hughes, Kehr, Meyer, Hedger, Hesxler, Kroeger Smnding-First Row: Knoop, Ludwig, Heek-al, Palmer, B. Heismann. Second Row: Mitchell, Mullen, Lakes, Heisel, Murphy. Third Row: klnnwen, MeCudden, Meyers, Lenverton, S. Heisnunn. Seated Qleft to rightl: Spitladen, Straub, Wielglrld, XY'inn, Smith, W'ulf.ltotter, R. Scheidt, Sehnehnin Sprowl. Stamling-l"ir5t Row: Petrey, Petersen, R. Reinking, Selivvartz, Steinbreeker, White, Vossler, Showalter VV. Seheidt. Second Row: Siemer, XV. Smith, Turner, Vfeher, Schlelein, Paxeley, Slerwerf. Third Row: XVolf, Yerkes, Toennis, Schmitt, A. Reinking, Taming. page fbiff-1'-Ullt' gfonor gioll q N accordance with the custom established several years ago, the Zem Zem takes S pleasure in presenting here the names of those students who have achieved places on the Honor Roll by maintaining high averages in their regular school studies. They are divided among the four classes, as follows: Seniors, 15, Juniors, 10, Sophomores, 195 Freshmen, 25. On the basis of the number enrolled in each group, this gives the senior class a somewhat higher percentage of pupils on the Honor Roll than is found in any of the other classes. Averages were made in April, at the close of the fifth term of the school year. AVERAGE OF A Freshman Class- Alta Barnes, Paul Goodwin, Viola Hauenstein, Marian Heckel, Thelma Kehr, Joseph Leaverton, Catherine Senior Class,- Florence Marzey 1,,,,j0f Classl. Meyer, Raymond Murphy, Carolyn Laura Knoop Wulfekotter. Sophomore Class- Marjorie Hebsler, Hildred Robinson AVERAGE OF B Senior Class- Betty Goosmann, Patricia Harris, Dor- othy King, Neil Murphy, Robert Reut- er, Florentine Waechter, XVilliam Walker, Marian Yerkes. Freshman Class- ,Ioyce Caldwell, Richard Engelmann, Stanley Heismann, Betty jones, Bernice Knoop, Eva Muhlenhard, Evelyn Muhlenhard. junior Class- Clara Bramkamp, John Catterall, Betty Senior Class, Jane Gillis, Quentin Honnert, Clover Louis Huser, Charlotte Preising, Raymofe- Stewart Spitzfaden, Ruth Uetrecht, Mary Jane Wallace, Charlotte Sophomore Class- Weber. George Jones, Vernon Louie, Willard Moore, Marjorie Morris, Lorraine Phil- lips, Delores Rath, Elvira Schlensker, Dorothy Wallace, Cecelia Westendorf. AVERAGE OF B+ junior Class- Phyllis Bennett, Earl Burger, Francis Chambers, Berthe Mae Engelmann. Sophomore Class- Freshman Class- Harry Grabel, Lucille Haenning, Gertrude Brown, Lydia Chenault, Ethel Evelyn Neuhaus, Caroline Preising, Farh, Betty Heismann, Elvera Hessler, Ethel Steiner, Milton Sprowl, Earl Melvin Petersen, Anna Marie Schwartz, Todt, Donna VonHolle. Raymond Toennis, Caryl Winn. page thirty-two G! Compton Road and Harrison Avenue Hamilton and McMakin Avenues Late in the eighteen sixties these two buildings were abandoned and a new four room, gray brick building was erected on the sight of the present Grade School Building. About this time there was a school for negro children located on Hill Avenue in the hollow between Harrison and Hamilton Avenues. Following this, the upper floor of the store building on the northern corner of Hamilton and McMakin Avenues was used as a school. The pupils of this school reached their classes by an outside stairway. page fbirty-Ibrcc Ngfealtlry EY" girl gieserves AITHFULLY we uphold the white and the blue, Hoping that others will uphold it, too. Forty-three girls follow the light, With thoughts pure, loyal, and right. Ready for service we always stand, Willing to lend a helping hand. Soon after the month of bright September A banquet was given for all the new members. And at a worship service with you, We pledged ourselves to be sincere and true. Then in April, in the light of the moon, The Island Queen was the rendezvous. For Girl Reserves and their friends Did to laughter, song, and dance, a willing hand lend As a climax of the splendid season, Was the May Prom, a formal procedure Where half the girls dressed as boys, And seniors said farewell to the club of their joys. Faculty Advisers .... Presidenl ......,..... Vive'-President .. Secretary ..,......., . Treasurer ..,..... Squad Leaders ..,.. Ring Girls ...,.... Phyllis Bennett Lydia Chenault Dorothy Deckelmeier Louise I-Iackemeyer Virginia Hader Rita Miller Ruth Scheidt June Smith Maxine Spitzfaden Florentine Waechter Rita Waechter Elaine Wickemeier Carolyn Wulfkotter Marian Yerkes OFFICERS .........MISS DOROTHY CURRY, Miss- BETTY K. HAMMERLE WOLF MARIAN YERKES FLORENTINE WAECHTER ALMEDA PARKER ..,......DOROTHY NADERMAN, Jessie PETERSEN, MARIAN YERKES GOOSMANN, MARIAN YERKES MEMBERS Betty Carraher Dolly Davis Ruth Ehlman June Headley Marian Heckel Helen Hughes Ruth Ismael Dorothy King Martha Netherland Almeda Parker Jessie Petersen Agnes Praechter Alice Mae Steinbrecher Berdine Steinbrecher page ibirfy-four Carol Wynn Virginia Aulick Alberta Dasch Dorothy Dasch Crescentia Effier Betty Goosmann . Jeanne Gould Elverda Hart Joan Moore Dorothy Naderman Delores Rath Coletta Schappel Marian Straub Loretta Wolf Seated Llcft to rightj: Vfulfekotter, Petersen, F. Nll'aeehter, Yerkes, Miss Curry, Miss Hammerle, XVulr Nndermnnn, Hader, Straub. Standing-First Row: Netherland, Wickenmeier, Bznnett, Prneehter, Haekemeyer, Carrnher, Miller Moore, Rath. Second Row: Hughes, Decltelmeier, Smith, Gould, Schappcl, D. Dnseh. Third Row: Davis, Chenault, Gillis, Headley, R. W'aeeht:r. Fourth Row: Scheidr, A. Steinbreckcr, Spitzfaden, A. Dasch, NVinn, King. Fifth Row: B. Steinbreeker, Ehlnmnn, Heekel, Ismael, Goosmnnn, Hztrt. png: lbirfy-fiz'e 53. 33. QD. Squad Now look dear readers and you will see, The thirteen girls known as the B.B.D. Under Dot Nadcrman, their leader, they roam Twice monthly on Tuesday to a different girl,s home. At the first meeting election was held. To Dot Naderman, the Prexy's honor befell, In turn Aulick, the secretary, the treasurer, A. Dasch, Took to keeping the records and collecting the cash. And when witches were gathering, no 'cause for alarm The girls and their escorts were at Aulick's farm. And when Thanksgiving time had rolled around For someone less fortunate a basket they found. At Christmas inihonor of dear Ol' Saint Nick To the "'Daschs" they hurry with gifts very chic. So time speeds along to Saint Valentine's Day When at a scavenger hunt at "Moore's" home they play A bake sale in March, to raise money, you know, So all the girls this summer to Lenmary can go, A skating party and many projects were used For this same purpose. Do not be confused. So never a dull moment for us, you see, And that's the story of the B.B.D. Q. ca. Q. squad Ours is called the P.O.P. Squad, And for its success each girl deserves laud. At our first meeting our ofhcers we elected, Who, it seems, were from every grade selected. At Christmas, dolls for the poor kiddies were dressed, At which art, every girl did her level best. At Thanksgiving, not forgotten were the poor, For a basket was left at many a door. These girls, although only fourteen in number, Accomplished so much, it is really a Wonder. sw. s. .-541. .9 .squad The W.S.A.l. Squad are we Of much importance as you shall see. Twelve and four we are in number Our leader, Jessie Petersen, we follow under. First a party at Halloween W'here ghosts and goblins oft' were seen. And boys and girls you will often hear cell When the time comes 'round near November Twelfth Of the fashionable wedding this squad performed 'Way up in New Burlington, but not at morn And then when Santa Claus came 'round A party we had with the beaux of the town. Another party - donft forget What happened? Well, we won't tell yet. And do you remember the gay time we had Wfhen the girls took the part of the men? Something old, something new So we had a Box Social, too. Each girl a box of good lunch brought Which the boys at auction bought So you see, we are not so slow When the time comes to decide where to go. page thirty-six s fa Societe grancaise First Row Qleft to rightj: Myers, Wallace, Miss Curry, Ygrkes, Harris. Second Row: Meyer, Spitzfaden, Hackemeyer, Maxey. La Co r1.w4' illenf.. .....,.,,....,. Mlle. Curry La Presidente ...,. , Mlle. Marian Yerkes La Sevrelaire. ,. . , ..,. Mlle. Mary J. Wallace Lf' Trvsoirivr ..,..... ...,, M . C. Stewart Spitzfaden A SOCIETE FRANCAISE was organized by the Senior French Class of 1936, and 1- is under the supervision of Miss Curry. At the close of the school year the original members prepared invitations, inviting those members of the Junior French Class who had averages of B+ or more, to join the society. In this way the present group was formed. The members have corresponded with French students and thus have gained interesting knowledge about French customs and education. The group attended a French movie, "Crime et Chatiment", which was present- ed entirely in French. Another form of entertainment was furnished by a group of French students from Miami University. They presented a short comedy, "Rosalie", speaking only in French. For this occasion the French classes from Glendale were invited to attend, together with the students from the Mt. Healthy French classes. Memhers of the society as well as some members of the regular class have pins to signify they are French students. Les membres sont: Mlle. Louise Hackmeyer, Mlle. Patricia Harris, Mlle. Florence Maxey, Mlle. Mary Meyer, Mlle. Mildred Myers, M. C. Stewart Spitzfaden, Mlle. Mary J. Wallace, Mlle. Marian Yerkes. page fbirfy-svzwz C5176 Qbebate Cgeam Ycrkes, Goosmann, Mr. Pack, Engelmann, Knoop HE debate team this year was composed of two senior and two junior girls. The question debated by the two teams was one of vital interest to our countryg Resolved: All electric utilities should be governmentally owned and operated. The affirmative side of the question was upheld by Marian Yerkes and Laura Knoopg the negative, by Betty Jane Goosmann and Berthe Mae Engelmann. The two teams clashed words with Wayne Township, Wyoming, Anderson, Hamilton Fairfield, W'cst Chester, and Monroe High Schools. Of the six debates, our team won three and lost three. Even though all the debates were not won, the members of the teams believe that their time was used to good nd- vantage, since they learned much in public speaking. Much credit is due to the debate coach, Mr. Pack, who gave generously of his time and effort to make the debate season worth while. page thirty-vigbi fm Firsr Row Qleft to rightjz Walker, Reutgr, Mr. Pack, Spitzfaden, Hutchison. Second Row: Volmer, Moore, Murphy, Klenk. Third Row: Ncidhard, Honnert, Recliur, Shivcly. Fourth Row: Bctzing, Stchlin, Bock. HROUGH the efforts of C. Stewart Spitzfaden, the president, and Mr. K. A. Pack, the faculty adviser, the club has been im d d esteem of the entire school than formerly. prove , an stands higher in the Many discussions are held at the regular meetings during the year. At the joint meeting at Taylor, a speaker told of Hi-Y activities in Europe and the rest of the world. T b ' wo mem ers reported on the I-l1'Y conference that was held at Berea, Kentucky. The group also went on a trip through the large Procter and Gamble factory, which was very interesting and instructive. This year the club had the honor and joy of having charge of the initiatin' 2-s ceremonies at the formation of the Harrison club. The Hi-Y has charge of the check room at the dances, printing of the basketball schedules for the season, and distribution of the school annual. The club has increased steadily in size, now numbering 16, including the more rev dd' ' h ' cent a itions to t e club. By the end of the year the membership is expected to increase still more. The members are: Pl'l'Sit1l'llf ..,,...., ....., C. Stewart Spitzfaden Vin'-Prr'xizI'z'l1f.. , .. ..,. . Ignatius Hutchison Szwrvlary .,.....,..... . ,,., . , .,.. William Walker Trvuszzrcr ..,....................,,. ........ . .,..,..,....,,.,..,..,..... R obert Reuter Richard Betzing, Arther Bock, Ed Forest, Quentin Honnert, William Klenk, Edwin Moore, Neil Murphy, Charles Neidhard, Wilbur Recher, Robert Shively, Vincent Stehlin, Earl Volmer. page fbiriy-nim' C5l7e Zem Zem Staff NE afternoon early in the school year, a meeting was held in the home-room of Miss Frost, the faculty adviser, for the purpose of selecting some new members for the staff in addition to those who had served in preceding years. After the selections were made, the staff immediately proceeded to make plans and arrangements for the compilation of this year's Zem Zem. It was decided to help finance the publication of the book by securing ads from local merchants and out-of-town business places. In addition to this, several dances were planned and given, also for the purpose of securing funds. The staff arranged to take care of all the pictures and written material which make up this edition. As the weeks began to pass, the first dance was arranged for the last of November. The decorations were beautiful, consisting of many colored autumn leaves. Later in the year other dances were held and all met with success. Profits from these occasions were equally divided between the Annual Staff and the Athletic Association, the two bodies responsible for their success. In the spring the ads were secured, and it is here we wish to take the opportunity to thank those who so generously gave to the support of our 1937 year book. We also owe much gratitude to the Hi-Y Club, under the able supervision of Mr. K. A. Pack, for its untiring effort in securing subscriptions for the book among the student body. In this way the club has contributed its part to our book. We also owe some recognition to those members of the student body as well as members of the staff who submitted material for the actual composition of the book, and to those who did typing in connection with articles for the book. We wish to express thanks to those who in any way gave information regarding old school sites in the surrounding vicinity. And it is here also, that we wish to extend our most grateful thanks to Miss Ethel L. Frost, who gave so willingly of her time and effort as supervisor, that this year book might be a success. Thus, with the close of another school year, we, as a staff, sincerely hope that this Zem Zem of 1937 will be a remembrance which our friends and classmates will cherish among their chosen treasures. THE STAFF Editor-in-Claief ......,. ,....,.........,....,. C . STEWART SPITZFADEN Editorial Board ,.,................. WILBUR RECHER, WILLIAM KLENII LORETTA WOLF, BERTHE MAE ENGELMANN Advertising ...,.... .... ,.MARlAN YERKES, BETTY GOOSMANN EDWARD FOREST Circulation ,...., ....,.,, A LBERTA DASCH, ELLEN FRONDORF Photography ....... ..,... W ILLIAM DOYLE, LOUISE HACKEMEYER Secretary .,,,.,...... . ..,..,.....................,.,.... MARY JANE WALLACE Business Manager ,...... .........,.... R OBERT REUTER Faculty Adviser .....,, .,...... M ISS ETI-IEL L. FROST page forty C556 Staff Tup Row Cleft to rightj: Klcnk, Spitzfadcn, Miss Frost, Rcutcr, Rechcr Sccond Row: Ycrkcs, lingclnmnn, Wrrlf, Wzxllacc, Goosmann. Third Row: Frondorf, Forest, Dasch. Fourth Row: Doyle, Hackcmiycr. page forty-one c7V61fl5 C "Servant and master am 1,-servant of those dead and master of those living. Tbrougb me spirits immortal speak the message that makes the world weep and laugh and wonder and worship . . . For I am the instrument of God. I am music." N the corridors-almost any period of the day--we may find ourselves enveloped in currents of sound emanating from room number eight, otherwise designated as the music room. If we stop a moment to listen we may be made aware of a strain from a familair opera, an oft-sung folk tune, or yet a phrase from some well-known art song. The music department includes more than two thirds of the school's enrollment. It consists of eight chorus groups, also a special Girls' Glee, usually drawn from the upper-classmen, a special Boys' Glee, and an Instrumental Ensemble. The Boys' Glee opened their season by presenting several numbers at the Armistice Day Assembly, November 10. They were well received. The combined Glee Groups gave interesting selections before the P.T.A. on January 17. This was quite an occasion and the applause that followed was generous. A group of thirty sang "The Heavens Resound' and "The Old Rugged Cross" on March 26, making part of the Good Friday combined church services held in the Metho- dist Episcopal Church, Perry Street. The Glees were again heard from WKRC, April 16. Their fans were greeted with "Safe In-The Harbor"--arranged from Tannhauser-Wagner, "The Bells" f"Prelude in C495 Minor",-Kountz-Rachmaninoff, and "Trees" Kilmer-Rasbach-Riegger. But often a concert is given in the regular class period without an audience and notwithstanding it is just as interesting and enjoyed, as is also the event of the occasional assembly when patriotic, or otherwise seasonal songs are sung in grand chorus by everyone. For music is for all. Even primitive man told the story of his vague thinking in its language. And through the ages every race and nation has written its history in its song. Music is universal. page forty-two glffusic groups Seated Qletft to rightj: Vonlrlollc, Goosmann, Hart, Smith, Miss Greener, Yerkes, Gould, Frondorf Schappel, D. Dasch. Standing-First Row: Rath, F. Waechter, Bramkamp, R. Waechter, Kern, Hughes, Wolf, Nadermann King, Bockelmann, Hader, A. Dasch. Second Row: Morris, Praechter, Pet ers: -n, Denninger, Bennett, Stcinbrecker, Hackemeyer. V Third Row: Deckelmeier, Heckel, Maxey, Martin, Weber, Engelmann. Fourth Row: Siemer, Grabel, Fox, Shivcly, Hutchison, Sprowl. Fifth Row: Moore, Chambers, Bell, Neuhaus, Klcnk. Sixth Row: Bax, Volz, Volmcr, Recher, Doyle, Rack. page forty-three egsfemblies of 1936-37 URING the year, there have been several assemblies made possible for the students by various persons and organizations interested in Mt. Healthy High School. On November 10th, the date of the first assembly, the students gathered in the auditorium to celebrate Armistice Day. Two speakers addressed the group: Mr. Edward H. Fette, who represented the local post of the American Legion, and a student who came from the Speakers' Bureau of Miami University. Both gave interesting talks. Singing by the entire group completed the program. On November 17th the students enjoyed a concert by the celebrated Whistler. Mr. Nicholas, who was en route for an appearance with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In the gymnasium later a pep meeting prepared the way for the opening of the basketball season. Early in February, General Motors provided a very eIfective movie on the subject of Traffic Safety-the theme, "Remember the Four Cars!" On March 8th, the Y.M.C.A. sent a speaker, for the juniors and seniors, regard- ing vocational guidance. Again, on March ll, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad brought a movie which showed historical sites along the route through Virginia to Washington, D. C. Another speaker, sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. gave a talk for juniors and seniors on March 22nd. He too spoke on the general theme of preparation for a vocation. The last assembly which can be recorded here was the preview of the Style Show by the Home Economics Department. It was well appreciated by pupils of the high school. Such assemblies as those mentioned above broaden our knowledge and help to makeschool interesting. page forty-four J-fllumni J-fzssociation T the annual meeting of the Mt. Healthy High School Alumni Association, the following oflicers were elected to serve for the year 1937: President ......,........,........................,.........., EDWARD DOYLE Viee-President ..........,........... ,..,..,...... F RANK STOUT Secretary and Treasurer ..........,............ AMANDA NIEEIJNG The association inaugurated a rather busy year by giving its annual dance on October 31, 1936. A good crowd of alumni and friends attended, and many compli- ments were received by the decorating committee on the novel effect achieved by the woodland decoration. The next alumnal event of importance was a show sponsored by the association at the Hollywood Theatre on March 16th and 17th. It was "The Garden of Allah", starring Marlene Deitrich and Charles Boyer. The picture was well attended, and was a financial success, largely due to the untiring efforts of the officers, headed by their president. The oflicers are at present preparing for the annual meeting of the association, to be held the week following commencement, when the high school seniors will auto- matically become members. Cffonfinued from Page ZOJ ACT IV- SCENE I Place-Mrs. Van Atta's Home Room of Senior Class. Time-8:30 A. M., January 20, 1937. Organization of class of '3 7. President .......,.......,..,..,... ...,... R obert Reuter Vice-Presidenl .,..... ..,..,... F lorence Maxey Secretary ........,... ..... L ouise Hackemeyer Treasurer ........, .,,,,., M ary Jane Wallace SCENE II Place-M.H.H.S. Time-Early February, 1937. Annual frenzy over class ring. SCENE III Place-Halls of M.H.H.S. Time-Week of February. ' Seniors disgustedly exhibiting proofs of only face that Nature gave them. SCENE IV Place-Auditorium. Time-Late June, 1937. Fifty-one Seniors marching to music of school orchestra toward stage, where they will receive that bit of paper and ribbon of which they are so proud. page forly-fi ve JW' 96 EH cs. Galendar 1936-1937 SEPTEMBER- 7-Labor Day 8-School opens I8-School Day at Hamilton County Fair 25--No Tie Day 30-Election of Zem Zem Staff. OCTOBER- 2-Organization of Debate Team 9-Meeting for all pupils who come by bus 12-Columbus Day 16-Meeting of all Monfort Heights pupils 23-Soft Ball Team wins county championship 30-Southwestern Ohio Teachers Association. NOVEMBER- 2-High-Y conducts Straw Vote 4-First snow, and a very heavy one ll-Armistice Day Assembly 13-Fire Marshall visits M.H.H.S. 14-First School Dance 15-Physical examinations for members of basketball teams 16-Assembly-"The Whistler" 19-First basketball games 26-27-Thanksgiving Recess. DECEMBER- 8-Skating Party at Norwood Rink 16-Announcement of passage of school tax levy 22-Many alumni visiting 24-Christmas Holidays begin. JANUARY- 4-School opens for 1937 5-French Club elects officers 7-First Debate held 20-Seniors elect class officers 21-Glee Choruses sing for P.T.A. 25-School closed because of Ohio River flood. FEBRUARY- 8-School reopens 9-Boiled drinking water in use 12-Lincoln's Birthday. School as usual 13-Valentine Day Dance 22-Washington's Birthday. Classes in session 24-Juniors hold election of class officers. MARCH- 1-Came in like a lamb 10-Travelogue through Virginia to Washington over "George Washington's Railroad". 17-St. Patrick honored with shades and shades of green 22-Talk by Mr. Copeland of the Cincinnati Employment Center. 26-Good Friday. School closed at noon. fConlinucd on Page 791 page forty-six Mt. Healthy Grade School The four-room building at Compton and Harrison Avenues was enlarged about 1888, but it was soon too small, and about 1894, two more rc-cms were added. The village was then the proud possessor of an eight- room school building. In 1891 and 1892, a two year high school course had been added to the eight years of grade school. Because of this length- ened course and the continued growth of the village, more rooms were needed in the early nineteen hundreds. This led to the erection of a new building, the corner stone being laid in 1910. This is the present Grade School Building. page forty-sc'z'm1 giaseball R. MUSKOPF, in spite of the cold and rainy spring weather, gave the call for material for the baseball team. Quite a few responded, and he put them in fine shape for the few practices that they had. ln the four games played so far, they hive won 2 and lost 2. The one exceptional game was at Colerain, where they xx ere nos d out in the last of thc 12th inning, by a score of 5 to 4. The members of the team are: lflfir'lJ1'rs- O Ilffl!'1t,!'l'XT Pifrlzerx- Recher Honnert Betzing Neidhard Haubner Yerkes Chenault R. Murphy N. Murphy Bock Hayes Moore Culz'lu'rs- Reuter Bockelman Rack Chambers Volz Carraher Myers Schedule for 1937: N. College Hill . at Mt. Healthy Harrison at Mt. Healthy Sharonville . at Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy . at Colerain Taylor . at Mt. Healthy Mt. Healthy . at Miamitown St. Bernard at page forly-eight Mt. Healthy 5019 fall First Row lleft to rightj: Neidhard, Moore, Volz, N. Murphy, R. Murphy, Mr. Hoffman. Second Row: Klenk, Herget, Chenault, Fischer. Third Row: Yerkes, Grant, Bock, Rocher, Carraher. HE soft ball team of this year duplicated the feat of last ye1r's team by winning the championship of Hamilton County. The team won eight games and lost none and therefore received from the Hamilton Athletic Association a beautiful trophy. Mr. C. E. Hoffman is the coach of this organization. Members of the team: Bock, Carraher, Chenault, Fischer, Grant, Herget, Hughes, Klenk, W. Meyers, Moore, N. Murphy, R. Murphy, Neidhard, Recher, Volz, and Yerkes. SCHEDULE AND SCORES Sept. 25-Mt. Healthy 2 .. , St. Bernard I Oct. 2+Mt. Healthy 2 .. , ,. Sycamore 0 Oct. 7-Mt. Healthy 5 , ,. Loveland 1 Oct. 9-Mt. Healthy 13 .. , ,. . .. Maderia l Oct. 14-Mt. Healthy 7 . ,. Miamitown 3 Oct. 16-Mt. Healthy 3 Deer Park 1 Oct. 19-Mt. Healthy 1l.,. ,. . Anderson 0 Oct. 20-Mt. Healthy 5 ...... .... Miamitown 3 page forty-nine 5Boys' Ziasketball HE Mt. Healthy High School's basketball team of 1936-1937 had a most success- ful season. Although classified as a "green team", the boys were undefeated in their regular season. In the Hamilton County Class "B" Tournament the team beat Harrison, Deer Park, and St. Bernard. In the finals the boys lost in the waning seconds of the game by two points to North College Hill, thus receiving the Runner's Up trophy. In the Sectional Tournament held at U. C. the team went back in the win column by defeating Oxford Stewart in their first game. The score was 20 to 14. In the second game our boys were eliminated by the strong Oxford McGuffey team. By graduation Coach Hoffman will lose the following players: Bock, Moore, Recher, Murphy, Doyle, and Walker. The success of the team was principally due to the superb coaching rendered by Coach Hoffman. The boys on the team wish to express their appreciation for his interest in them. REGULAR SEASON Mt. Healthy 29 Harrison 23 " " 41 Miamitown 18 " " 29 Sycamore 23 32 St. Bernard 2 5 24 North College Hill 13 " " 20 Ross 13 " " 2 8 Alumni 2 5 Mt. Healthy 21 Colerain 10 " " 16 Taylor 12 " " 21 North College Hill 16 2 3 Colerain 21 30 Miamitown 12 4 2 5 Taylor 13 COUNTY CLASS "B" TOURNAMENT Mt. Healthy 3 7 Harrison 18 " " 48 Deer Park 15 " " 25 St. Bernard 21 North College Hill 24 Mt. Healthy 22 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT CLASS "B" Mt. Healthy 20 Oxford Stewart 14 Oxford McGuffey 24 Mt. Healthy 11 Mt. Healthy scored 502 points to their opponents' 340. Page fiffy Qiasketball Team Scared Qlcft to righrjz Neidhard, Moore, Rccher, Bock, Klenk, Murphy Standing: Mr. Hoffman, Tansing, Doyle, Miller, Walker, Urban. jnagz' f?ffy-om' girls' Qasketball HERE were many girls who answered the call for basketball. After practicing hard for several weeks, Mr. Duvall chose the team which was to represent the Mt. Healthy High School. The team consisted of seven veterans and six new players. This year again the team did not elect a captain, but Mr. Duvall appointed one for each game. This team won seven games, lost six, and tied one. The last was with North College Hill. Through the good sportsmanship of both teams, the game was not played off but was marked up as a tie. In the first game of the tournament, Mt. Healthy had to play against St. Bernard on St. Bernard's floor. Both teams fought hard from the beginning. St. Bernard defeated the Mt. Healthy girls 23 to 22. PLAYERS Seniors Dorothy Dasch Louise Ems Louise Hackemeyer Florence Hoock Florence Maxey Helen Morris Florentine Waechter Marian Yerkes Loretta Wolf juniors Ruth Ismael Dorothy Naderman Coletta Schappel Sophomore Caroline Preising Harrison 10 Mt. Healthy 13 Miamitown 15 " " 2 9 Sycamore 24 " " 20 St. Bernard 21 18 North College Hill 17 13 Ross 8 " " 26 Alumni 9 Mt. Healthy 16 Colerain 2 0 " " 12 Taylor 12 21 North College Hill 12 12 Colerain 14 18 Miamitown 8 25 Taylor 21 20 1 Total 191 241 page fifty-two gfasketball Cgeam Scared flcft to flglltpl Wlxcclitcr, Morris, Hackcmcycr, Ismael, Ycrkcs, Dasuh, W'olf. Standing: Mr. Duvall, Hart, Nadcrman, Maxcy, Iims, Prcising, Houck, Sulmppul, Miss Currx llclgl' fifly- lfwrw gfamilton Gounty Cgrack glfleet CARTHAGE FAIR GROUNDS April 30, 1937 Mt. Healthy High won second place in the girls' events with a total of 27 V8 points. 100-yard dash 75-yard dash 50-yard dash Shot put Discus Discus High Jump Caroline Preising , . Caroline Preising ,. . Caroline Preising ., ..,.. Ruth Ismael .,.., . .. . .. .. . ,Ruth Ismael . . .Lillian Blesi , ,. . ,..,.... Ruth Ismael page fiffy-four lst place 2nd place Ist ftiej lst place lst place . 3rd place 2nd place 12. 9.5 6. 6 I6 , SU f In qfiep 4' 6" C9ur Cgeacbers We've been so busy all the year That we've not shown, we sadly fear, The ones to whom we owe so much. Gratitude. thanks. respect. and such. Now. teachers. to you we leave this rhyme. Read it. please, if you have time. First to Miss Curry, the seniors extend Good wishes. She's been a very good friend. The French club has been her especial care And she's taught our Girl Reserves how to play For Miss Hammerle. always gentle and gracious, With most lavish praises we'd like to be spaciousg But there wouldn't be half enough room, we know: So we'll just say, "She's tops, from head to toe". Then there's Mrs. Hodapp to teach our dear girls How to sew dresses or arrange their curls. This pleases the girls, and the boys too, they say: So farewell, Mrs. Hodapp. A pleasant good day! To our home room teacher we can not express just how much we owe her. And very much less Can we say in plain words our final adieu: So Mrs. Van Atta, "Orchids to you!" Then comes Mr. Pack, sponsor of our High-Y fair And the debate team. Both groups rate him high. They say he's exactly the man for his place. We agree that this certainly is just the case. To Miss Frost, adviser for the yearly Zem Zem, These few grateful phrases we are glad to pen, As a "Thank you" for all that she has done. Working with her has been lots of fun. E. W. Muskopf, a friend of us alll On him in every need' 'we call. And he's never refused or failed one of us yet. His unfailing friendship we'll never forget. Our basketball coach, of course, we'll remember. He is just the same April, june, or December. Laughing and joking, yet skillful withal. We wish C. E.. Hoffman the best luck next fall. Mr. Petrich too and his science class Will live in our minds although many years pass. For quite long has he been a faculty member, With years of real service we're glad to remembe The leader of our high school glee. The helper of you, and you, and me, Miss Creener is another friend Whose inspiration is without end. A fitting leader of this long roll, Endowed with wisdom, honest of soulg The one we will never cease to revere, Matthew Duvall. our "Man of the Year". page Jiffy-five l'. glfft. gfealtlry S-Parent-Cgeaclvers J-flssociation President .....,...,.... ........ M RS. A. J. HAUCK Vice-President ...,,... .,.,...... M RS. E. G. RUOFF Secretary .,,....... ......,.. M RS. C. T. COLEMAN Treasurer ....., ......,........A,...............,..., M Rs. HERBERT HAUPT EXECUTIVE BOARD Chairman ..........,..A.......,..,.............,......... MRS. GRACE MCKIBBEN Miss D. ROHMAN, MRS. C. WARE, MRS. E. SCHEIDT, MRS. A. C. ARKLE, JR. High School Chairman ...,...,..,.,......... MRS. WILLIAM GOOSMANN 1936 -1937 PROGRAM September-Introduction of Teachers by Mrs. G. C. Hunt and Mr. M. Duvall. October -Fathers' Night-"The Parental Responsibility of the Radio"-joseph Ries, W L W. November-School Feature and Discussion by Dr. Ada Arlitt, Professor at U. C. December-Christmas Program - Pupils. january -H. S. Glee Chorus - Movie by Ohio Valley Dairy Council. February -Founders' Day - Patriotic Address. March -Eacis' Night - Hobby Fair, Address by Dr. Spencer Shank, Professor at April -H. S. Style Show and Manual Training Exhibit. May -Home Talent Day - School Entertainment. In addition to the regular programs, the association sponsored a "Child Study" class under Miss Hazel Cairns, a "Knitting" class under the Recreation Department of WPA and completed the Summer Round-Up. They sent four delegates to the Southwest District Conference at North Ridge, Ohio. The club had drinking fountains installed in the grade school building. It also contributed to the Hamilton County Student Loan Fund and State and National Found- ers' Day Fund. ' Mrs. A. J. Hauck received a certificate for a' course in "Leadership". The High School Committee conducted a class in ballroom dancing for pupils of the 7th and Sth grades and high school . Club membership numbers 124. page fifty-six JVM. Wealthy ghglv School A still greater increase in pupils in the next two decades, due in part to high school students coming from nearby school districts, led to the building of a separate high school building which was occupied in 1929. These two buildings are attended by the present generation of Mt. Healthy children. page fiffy-.wwlz Glass fproplvecy arose very early one morning as I used to do when I attended M.H.I-I.S. away back in 1937. After dressing rapidly, I hurried through breakfast in order to be on my way. I was on the look-out for familiar faces as I dashed up the street, and so was delighted to see William Walker and Robert Reuter at the large gas station which they operate as partners on Hamilton Avenue. They were busy as usual, one putting in gasoline, while the other wiped the wind-shield. They are well-known for their splendid service. My attention was attracted by the tooting of a horn. I glanced up in time to see Fritz Mahlerwein driving by in a huge truck, just a trifle slower than he used to drive his "Chev" when he came to school. I stepped into the drug store at the corner and found all very much as it had been in former times, except that the store is now owned and operated by Bob Sliizfely, who decided that it would be more economical to own the store than to pay for all he ate there. As I clambered aboard the bus, imagine my surprise at finding that the driver was my old friend, Woodrow Bell. He said 'that the Ford was too small to accomodate all his pals and so he had purchased a bus which he ran to and from Cincinnati gratis. I was delighted to meet two more of my former classmates who were likewise availing themselves of the free transportation in going to one of the large city hospitals where they were on duty as nurses. They were Dorothy King and Iessic Petersen and they told me further that Robert Schwab is one of the most distinguished doctors at the hospital. page fifty-viglat THE HUB OF ACTIVITY. . Wherever you go, whatever you do, you see the telephone in the center of things, day and night. Without it business and social activity would slow down to a walk. Imagine a community Without the fire and police protection the tele- phone provides. What suffering and inconveni- ence would follow a sudden end to this quick contact with doctors, druggists, merchants and service institutions! Your telephone, constant in serving, carries on. t0:---- THE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 4'ww'uNaq'r 5' 'E 5 T1 E 9 is S '15 QQ, 59 'fffmouuw page fiffy-nine WALTER BETZING Distributor for AGRICO FERTILIZERS Phone: .lAckson 7066 MT. HEALTHY, OHIO We Deliver "Everything for the Athletev Lee Hallerman Clarence L. Lavery Boyd Chambers Ethen Allen THE CINCINNATI ATHLETIC GOODS COMPANY, INC. 641 MAIN STREET Phone: CHerry 4768 fin Compliments Of A FRIEND 12? DAVID CRAWLEY General Contractor Builder of Good Driveways Phone: Klrby 0286 COLLEGE HILL CINCINNATI, OHIO page xixfy WM. E. FOERTMEYER Prescription Druggist S. E. Corner North Bend and Hamilton Avenue, COLLEGE HILL, CINCINNATI, OHIO Registered Prescription Service C11 Gifts of Character For Every Occasion .1 ""' 3 A 1' - In Wm I , ' W IIZE 1: in - 2 '- .V - - rwvwvr. : ...F ,,,,,w' ' - I- I , WM. A. EFFLER Your jeweler 7618 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO " Having arrived in town, I hurried to the Catew Tower, twenty-seventh floor as I had been directed, to seek advice from a lawyer whose name had not been given me by the person who recommended him. Imagine my amazement, when I was greeted at the door by Ellen Frondorf who took my name and said that she would see if Mr. Myers was ready for me. Yes, none other than Daw! To think that I had forgotten that he was practicing law! Was my face red? Having obtained the desired advice, I left the office and was hurrying down Fourth Street when I noticed a sign an- nouncing that a Fashion Show was to be given that afternoong to be exact, it was to begin in ten minutes. Having a little time to spare, I went to the show and was charmed with the beautiful garments ex- hibited. According to the program, the event of the affair was to be the modeling of a wedding gown, created by America's leading designer. Wlien the wedding party entered, all eyes were on the bride. And who was the model? Ivanov Gould. Upon inquiring, I learned that the modiste was Shop at T. D. ESSES DRY GOODS STORE 7600 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO and Feel at Home in page sixty-one Good Scholars Generally speaking, good scholars are healthy schol- arsg and for good health you will never Find a better article of diet than French- Bauer Ice Cream. Eat some daily. 1--Q-Q-: FRENCH - BAUER Incorporated JOE'S FOOD MARKET Depend on Joe for quality groceries, meats, fruits, and vegetables 7622 Hamilton Avenue Phone: Douglas 785 We Deliver C '-QQ HASKINS BROTHERS GARAGE North Bend and Daly Roads COLLEGE HILL John Bruce .4196 Mary Meyer. Both had been members of the class of '37, After leaving the fashion show, I turned on Race Street and soon noticed a new dress shoppe, carrying a French name. In the window were such lovely creations that I was intrigued into entering. There I found the proprietors of the place to be Louise Hacfzemeyer and Florc'nc'c Maxey. I remembered, of course, that they had al- ways been very much interested in the language, customs, and clothes of the French. On my way to the bus, I rushed in to the library for a book. After browsing around a bit, I picked up a volume of poetry which caught my fancy. The author was Margie Denninger, our class poet. After dinner at home that evening, I was reading the paper which carries on its mast-head the name of Wilbur Revber and which is distributed through a large agency, controlled by Vincen! Sfeblin. On the front page was a picture of Catherine Sfocpprl and the information that she was about to sail for France to "meet the family" of the young man with whom she had been cor- page sixty-two HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOME 7830 Hamilton Avenue Phone: JAckson 7145 MT. HEALTHY CINCINNATI, OHIO PETER HERB SONS Florists Flowers for all occasions Phone: Douglas 171-R 7849 Harrison Avenue, MT. HEALTHY, OHIO exp -- --Q ocL Compliments of LOUIS HERMANNIS BARBER SHOP 7616 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO -----a-q.e- We are telling you. Save a little more Small savings lead to larger earnings. THE HILL-TOP SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY 7514 Hamilton Avenue, MT. HEALTHY, OHIO page sixfy-three HOLZHAUSER'S You have started right, Boys and Girls: Now keep it bright Dag flolfflflofiiflifeffiflffl and Use MS "'i"' Come to us fgr Varnish and Enamel Shoes, Clothing, Dry Goods, and Athletic Goods HOTT'S PAINT AND GLASS Ask for Discount STORE Smart Styles Attractive Prices Ask for Green stamps Phone: Jackson 7500 MT. HEALTHY, NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Hamilton and Kinney Avenues OHIO "We do painting" COMPLI MEN TS OF C. A. HUNT page sixty- four HOMES, FARMS, and RENTALS Phone: JAckson 8210 HUBER AND MCCUDDEN Licensed Real Estate Brokers Insurance 7520 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO SWL Compliments of the KNOLLMAN LUMBER COMPANY M-90.4.-- -FURNACES- Lennox Torrid Zone Caloric Equator Air Conditioning Equipment Repairs for all makes KORN HEATING COMPANY HAMILTON, OHIO Phone: 3439 MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Phone: JAckson 8121-W KUHLMAN'S JERSEY DAIRY WINTON ROAD Phone: JAckson 7129 DAIRY PRODUCTS 'QZN page sixty-five LINDEMAN'S PHARMACY Peters' Building MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Prescriptions, Drug Sundries, Gifts "Home Made Ice Cream" Compliments of LITTLEFORD - NELSON A Professional School of Yes, We Deliver Commerce Phone: Douglas 1188 CINCINNATI, 01.110 STANLEY LINDEMAN, Registered Pharmacist Phone: PArkway 5957-5958 Compliments Of LOWE AND CAMPBELL ATHLETIC GOODS CO. 703-705 Main Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO McATEER'S PHARMACY 7603 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Prescriptions Accurately Compounded WE DELIVER -Phones- Douglas 780 Douglas 1161 page sixfy-six can Compliments Of THE MAIN THEATRE MT. HEALTHY BRICK COMPANY Roettele Bros., Proprietors Pocahontas and Soft Coal Coke and Builders' Supplies 1946 Stevens Avenue, MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Phone: Douglas 228 PROMPT DELIVERY MT. HEALTHY COAL AND COKE COMPANY For Service and Satisfaction at all times. David Sunderhaus, Manager West Compton Road Phone: Douglas 765 responding since the days when foreign cor- respondence was a part of our French course. Another article on the first page told of a contest in typing which had recently been conducted. Among the contestants, I found the names of Patricia Harris and Cbarlolfz' Weber, my chums back in '37. Farther down the page, I read of the establishment of a band of Girl Scouts in Mt. Healthy with Helen Hughes in charge. Next I turned to the Sports Page and was interested to find more news of our class, for there was the picture of a professional Girls' Basketball Team, coached by Lorrffa Wolf. There was also an article regarding an innovation which had just been made in the curricula of some of the leading col- leges through the untiring efforts of Cres- vzfnlia Ejlrr,-classes for the training of cheer-leaders. Another member of the class who had made the head-lines was Dirk Bvfzing. He had already won a number of trophies in motorcycle races and was about to enter such a contest in New Zealand where he page sixfy-svtfefz Compliments of THE MT. HEALTHY SAVINGS AND COMMERCIAL BANK "Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation" "Thirteen Years of Real Banking Service" Assets Over A Half-Million Dollars Over 1000 items needed every day are displayed on our counters for your convenience. Seasonable Merchandise Shop At Home MT. HEALTHY S-10-25-51.00 STORE 7604 Hamilton Avenue R. L. Parker, Proprietor had recently gone. It seems that Neil Murphy who had begun :i career as pitcher of the high school nine, was continuing in that profession and was at the time twirling balls for a famed indoor team. My reading was interrupted by the ringing of the door-bell. I answered, to find Iobn Marples representing a company which was putting on the market a new type of refrigerator which operated without either electricity or gas. Quite an item of econo- my, according to the sales talk of Mr. Mar- ples. I returned to my paper, for I had missed the funnies, the main part of any paper, as the members of our class would surely tell you back in 1937. I was attract- ed especially to one cartoon, for it had some- thing familiar about it. Upon close scru- tiny, I found the initials which indicated that it had come from the pens of Helen Kern and Earl Volmvr. They seem to be do- ing as well as they used to do in class when time was hanging heavy on their heads. "In Pcrion" was the heading of one item on the THE MT. HEALTHY NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Reserve Bank Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Hamilton and Kinney Avenues Ck: page sixty-eigbt THE MT. HEALTHY MOTOR COMPANY f Direct Factory Dealer 2 DODGE-Sales and Service-PLYMOUTH JAckson 7146, JAckson 7174 24 Hour Wrecker Service 7504 HAMILTON AVENUE Dodge Trucks -- Used Cars 7307 Vine Street, Carthage Cincinnati, Ohio THE MT. HEALTHY SAVING AND LOAN CO. HERMAN C. MUELLER 7503 Hamilton Avenue Plumbing and Heating Contractor Organized February 8, 1887 Capital stock S3,000,000.00 7721 Hamilton Avenue Officers Peter Blum ............. .......... P resident Phone: JAckson 7212-J L. J. Steinbrecker .......... Vice-President Harry Ahrens ............ ....... S ecretary Carl L. Spitzfaden ................ Treasurer MT- HEALTHY, OHIO Chas. L. Heckel .................... Attorney Directors Peter Blum L. J. Steinbrecker Edw. H. Hessler , Virgil B. Keeling E. G. Ruoff Harry Formes Raymond Theders page sixfy-flillc l-t0:-- COMPLIMENTS of the PI-IYSICIANS Of MT. HEALTHY Y lift-- MT. HEALTHY GARAGE General Auto Repairing Sunoco Products 7240 Hamilton Avenue Phone: Douglas 1199 chu NEIDHARD FUNERAL HOMES Mt. Healthy Westwood Jos. A. Neidhard Ray Neidhard Taylors Creek E. J. Neidhard -Phones- JAckson 7800 Montana 3022 Montana 3515 -- --ao-c-- PETERS' SEED COMPANY 119 East Court Street CINCINNATI, OHIO Phone: CHerry 4353 ,A . A,..Q.......- amusement page. Sure enough! It was Florrnlim' Wavrbfvr who was to appear at one of the large city theaters. She is now a famous acrobatic dancer. On the School Page, which was edited by Florvzwr' Hoovk, was an article announc- ing a program to be given by one of the leading schools of drama of which Rulb Ferris is manager. About a half column was given to advance information concern- ing a lecture to be given at some future date at the Mt. Healthy High School. It had to do with the life and habits of people living in Ceylon, Norway, and Little America. The speaker-Miss Mary lam' Wfallauf. There was a notice too that Pro- fessor C. S. SI7IfZfdL1l'l1,N classes in Physics at the University of Minnesota were at the time filled and that no more enrollments were open. Under the column headed Science, I read a very scholarly article on the care of cherry trees. It was written by Louis Husvr, Manager of the Brown County Experiment Farm. I read on the society page, of an un- usual party, a so-called "Moon-Light Gar- pagv s1'w'11iy-ofzr den" affair at which Dorothy Duxrb had re- cently entertained a host of her friends. At this ball, the orchestra was one brought from New York especially for the occasion. The pianist for the group was Marian Yvrkrs. Having finished reading the paper, I turned on the radio just as the programs were changing. This is what I heard, "Station WLW, the Nation's Station of the Crosley Radio Corporation, Cincinnati. Your announcer is Ignatius Huff'bis0u." One of my classmates, a radio announcer! The next program announced, featured two anonymous comedians. Well, they were just so funny that I laughed until I was almost in tears, wondering all the while who the funny men were. At the close their names were revealed-Bill Doyle and Ted Nrufmus! Both had recently signed Holly- wood contracts. Nonsense seems to have been profitable in their case. After several other programs which were none too interesting, I was about to turn the radio off when I heard that a sports review was to follow. Being a sports PORTER PRINTING COMPANY LeRoy J. Porter, Proprietor Home Reporter College Hill News "Distinctive Printing" 7421 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO iv.-Q-1 ELMER REUTER Furnaces and Furnace Repairing Phone: JAckson 7953-R 7367 Joseph Street MT. HEALTHY, OHIO :o-Q-1 When it's Flowers you're wanting call ROY RUDOLPH Florist 7100 Hamilton Avenue Phone: JAckson 7278 page seventy-two TED SCHAEF ER - QUALITY - Groceries and Meats Fruits and Vegetables We Deliver Telephone: Douglas 79-W, Douglas 488 7607 North Hamilton Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio HOW TO QUALIFY FOR A JOB IN BUSINESS! Busy business executives today demand and welcome young men and women who in addition to having a thorough training in the fundamentals of business also have personality, and are trained to use their initiative in the best interest of their employer. Y.lVl.C.A. Business Courses in Type- writing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Comptometer and Secretarial Work give you the advantage of this type of train- ing, resulting in a complete mastery of all subjects taught, plus personal in- struction that brings out the very best in you. Come in, write, or telephone today for new booklet, "FORMULA FOR SUC- CESS". Also learn how you can earn a Y.lVl.C.A. scholarship. mer. Enroll now for the Y.M. C.A. Summer Business School Classes, starting June 7. Cl'leirry 5348 Central Parkway at Elm l Make this a profitable sum- BUSINESS SCHOOL -. . MT. HEALTHY ELECTRIC SHOP A. L. SHAW Electric Contractor Electric and Radio Repairing Frigidaire Eureka Cleaner 7501 Hamilton Avenue Phone: JAckson 7500 page sr'l'r'11iy-lbwe FIRESTONE Tires, Tubes, Batteries, and Accessories Over 2000 Highest Quality Auto Supplies at XVM. F. FREEH'S TEXACO STATION Certified - Marfak - Lubrication Car Washing and Polishing Hamilton and Stevens Avenues Phone Douglas 1 162 Mt. Healthy, Ohio Compliments Compliments of of ROBERT S. TAYLOR, WALKER'S SERVICE Dentist STATION 1605 COMPTON ROAD SOHIO PRODUCTS I Tires Batteries pagrf 5l'l'l'l1fj'-f0Ill' Art in Portraiture Photographs that Please Ar Prices that Attract YOUNG 81 CARL Exclusive Makers of 'TIFFANYTONE PURTRAITS 7th and Vine Sts. Cincinnati, Ohio 12 ,ge seuezzly-j'il't' fan, I decided to wait a little longer before retiring, and indeed, I was well repaid, for the commentator was an old friend of mine, Arlbur Bork. He had always been active in sports at school and so I was not surprised at his vocation. Such beautiful music then came on that I listened longer and found out that the guitar was being played by Margaref Swurfz. She will certainly make a name for herself in the near future. As an to her solos, there was a reading, Evening" given by Mildred Myc' interlude "Ode to rx. How well I recalled the time we had to learn that very selection in our class in English. The ringing of the telephone interrupted the radio program, but I was amply repaid for answering it, because it proved to be Louise Enix who had just returned to town after a prolonged journey about the United States. She told me of Agnes Praecbfrw who was conducting a class in tap dancing in the school at Tulsa, Oklahoma. She spoke too of Kfllllffb V012 who has become quite a celebrity in horticulture, devoting his chief efforts to the perfection of a new yellow THE WILLIS MUSIC COMPANY Music by All Publishers for Music Lover Student Teacher Phone: MAin 5096 137 W. Fourth Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO GEO. L. WOLF Roofing Sheet Metal Work Furnaces 6024 Hamilton Avenue COLLEGE HILL Phone: Klrby 4924 gas Compliments of NICK WULLENWEBER Dot Food Store Phone Douglas 185 wire page seventy-six Compliments MCCOLLUM'S CORNER DRUG STORE A of QI:ormerly Drohan'sD NEW SEFFERINO Mi. Healthy, ohio ROLLERDROME Stop in and get a dish of 2827 Gilbert Avenue, Fresh Home-Made lee Cream CINCINNATI, O. lt's Delicious World's Largest and Finest Rink MADE FRESH DAILY Safe, Fireproof When in search of the BEST BOOK on any Special Subject, consult The Methodist Book Concern Four-Twenty Plum Street, Cincinnati BOOKSELLERS, PUBLISHERS, PRINTERS, BINDERS Call CHerry 3710 for estimates on the printing of your catalogs, folders, booklets, or YEAR BOOKS and HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS fSole Agents, in Cincinnati and vicinity, for PLASTIC BINDINGJ page svL'z'f1fy-scL'z11 WhitakeTfMohleT Printing Company A DEPEN DABLE PRINTING SERVICE Invitations and Announcements Engraved and - A Complete Line of Fine Stationery EET HAMILTON, OHIO 127 NORTH THIRD STR reditecl lnstitution' HERMAN ZUMSTEIN :An Acc Distributor ' f PORK PRODUCTS Beef - Veal - Lamb 1186 Cedar Avenue College Hi Phone: Klrby 1062 Compliments o SOUTHERN OHIO BUSINESS COLLEGE, INC. Northside--Park Theatre Building Phone: Klrby 1170 S Norwood-Montgomery and Washington Avenues Phone: MElrose 7458 page vr'L'w1lJ'-vlgfnf rose. QOur class flower was the yellow rose. I wonder if there may be a sentimental reason.j Rufb Uvfrecbl, she said, had re- cently been voted the best-dressed woman in Los Angeles, where she now resides. And Edwin Moore is now head buyer for Mart, Hafner, and Sharks, and consequently is himself, a sartorial model, fif you know what I meanj. Our conversation had scarcely been ended when the door bell rang. I was de- lighted to welcome julia Beckham and Charlotte Preising. Both were residing in the city of Mt. Healthy and were on their way home from a debate which had taken place in the Municipal Auditorium. Miss Belly Goosmann and Miss Helen Morris had upheld the negative on the question, Re- solved: "That Mt. Healthy shall annex the neighboring community of Green Hills. Their principal argument was that they feared it would prove a detriment to their own civic progress. A short time later, I retired to ponder over the many happy recollections of school days that had been recalled in the course of the several contacts of that busy day. CAMPBELL COMMERCIAL SCHOOL trains young men and women for Business and assists them in securing Positions Individual Instruction 31 East Fourt St. Cincinnati, Ohio QConlinuc'd from Page 46j APRIL- 28-The senior play is "The Garden of the Moon". 29-Miss Greener and Mrs. Van Atta are picking the cast for the play. 30--Annual track meet. Ismael broke a record fdiscusj. MAY- 5-The seniors begin practicing tomorrow. 7-All the crepe paper flowers come from California-enormous. ll-Mr. Petrich's classes are dismissed while he is painting scenery. 12-A lot of us came around here looking wide-awake Qfor oncej. The coronation Q4-:30 A. MJ 13-Miss Greener is in the depths studying the Gay Nineties songs. 17--The history classes are enjoying their spring vacation. 18-Sophomore Home Ec. girls studied furniture at the Art Museum. 21-Teachers are telling us to get ready for our final exams. 26-Dress rehearsal. Last day. 27-The play is presented tonight and tomorrow night. 28 -One cast breathes a sigh of relief. JUNE- 1-Here we are. Play all over and a holiday with it. 2-The juniors are in a dither about their dance for the seniors. 3--The annuals should be here soon. 4-Tonight is the dance for the seniors. ll-School's out! 13-Baccalaureate Service. 15-Seniors graduate. page SL'l't'llf3'-Ilfllt' X 'Q 1 x iw. f ' f N P g Shfy Qff' . K I ,. Wag , r iffy.-N ,kgs ' ,A V ' , 51.5-is ?'H'.fF'f'J. .rf :i.'lU5:?':-"i a, ww 'N 1'?'fw' wa " '- u Nawaz --f ' ' - wr my ummm' Mwhwmhmlg. .w, , f x ,r W.. ,, K jaw 'AHL' , F' f . ,My -K 1, .-Q w r ' '. , . f AM f n ,AD 3 ' x N 1 ' " . r w f f- Q. lam, ,, V515 E 0 1 mu-Jrmnm.. I 2 x 2 n E 5 . 2 i I Q E i 2 255 ...W Cl

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