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 - Class of 1948

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1 V X uri! f N ? I i QR N5 U I ,B JY l i ff. 1 V I PIX1 K P F a V X , 3 f A I N-rf .V ll 5 , 'x v f x ua , P V I ff f " -viwwswna -W -52, 'Q o s gd? Fl, Q xx S , Q 2, , . ' mf , o . ...r EB xy ox n 41. h S A :: 'ri fs' 2 Qffuout THE COHSUELLA 1948 SENIOR CLASS eoniealfi SPIRITUAL LEADERS ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES CLASSES . GRADUATES . ADVERTISEMENTS . Page Two payed Page Th is Shi.. X Nkx V h XRS ng, Q 'X ,qv .H x 1 m xftfx,-QFH 9 Q mx XX FN- ,Kia Q 07,3 ' Q Y X xlllw g XXX 5 l. Z 1 ,rl 1 X x X I I X I X 2 '13 X ix r H 1 X M--, i I x ix , "l 4 1 2 xx 2 L A V . K I f O I 'ig i xr xlxlldz-N Vlvimxbvlu 1 N1 , gl' 1 Qubk V M X VA 'wf f ii -an '-- s A r ? X -L K-'-Q' XWHV Q '9 , s xrfiffnwlj-'?ll3y7,K,,j' -QQ- x X M -- 'k"' -- .A XII UW --'- "' .v ,H o . - ..,x- U- 1 XHQ' It-get xkl ul. v ' Q '63 rv 5-vi R .. f,-FQ..-',r"i' Xi ....-'Eb-:X-f-"f vigil? 1 NH A' 'Wf'g4-- '-ik xi ,fff'S'E, - S17 OSEPH 'Qu 2 S' "Qi ,fb "vb WARM 41 "lim 'J 5 X" xx x.. ' K. 'vi Q W, XV ,.,4..-""' v ' ,Wx WT Gb? xuf , A xvffuv' U' Y ,J WW JV' f ' ' U n L. ..1- 'f ":""' ,Q . I i. Ai.. 2.1! X HA::n,,L-f"' ""' 1' .hhtxg MUN,----"":'A4 TCP? 6 .-1 OF ., Mf,,.,.,,-11" ,'m,,,.,n""" , ,rf 6 ! MOTHEEATKOQ 1 ,af QU '-W YY CDNS MEL 1' I V f .-o11"" Y' B 1 M 'Y uf-Ilff-"F riff' .ff-"'.f-',,...- , .fY ' ' gfvsfsf If Aff' si' A rifrfw' 43 x I ' ' r ' y :lt 1" ' . 1' : ,"fx1' f"f'Mf7 C YN f""f fi I l ' ass? K f WI? ff 22 'S k-ff .X f ' l Q-1.2 r I Q f C' ' ti .93-A l ' :R -Kb X Prns ' 'fx ' . 5 WI ST1 W f xW X 4- kdm wil Avy X . f Z f-' Z 1,1 ff'-I if Z' x " H . .,..-f--"'! XVI fl ff li' CY'-Af 1 xu s'555Q,:, Z Stl- , LJ 5 Maur f lv v Y Q! 'K' M ii -A. asv, :W f 'YH Wx X I U 1, ll ' W ,ff T f-1, .' i2 -S31 f' 'iff X tai K "QW n 1 Lv L Q V ' 'dl 14 n it Z: ST. QGTQPQPXTA kwa' X-JS X. 'lf 1 il XI X 1' - I ff '75 CEN 5 .W 4 ff? :l X 'NL 4 -f"'i, ,H fi S77 M PETEM if T AR"'PL KE- "WM IQXQWYHBQ-m-,Nsxah A ix N VN -N - X 4 L- Q -.-..... M S77 ' KULPMQN s 161' L- iz X , v-nf' ' ' f 1 Y ' 2 , 3 J 5 3 ii lokjl F ..f"" ,- LaIP xm . :X Y f H -xllqv' I f Z sr , ly df! 1 XJ' ol'-:U wif fl! I If I ONL I bs . mv ,, 'f 41 vw "5 EZ 1 f 91' U19 , I J. S vo - " All His E.xc:l4:L1.1cxm' Most' Rav. GIEORGIC Lm Lxexacu D.D., j.C.D. Bislmp of Harrisburg An inspiring leader and kind friend, Bishop Leech has ever been held in high esteem by thc Students of Mount Carmel Catholic High. lVe shall always appre- ciate his firm hand and sincere interest in all our undertakings. Page Six In the years to come we shall remember Monsignor Clarke for his untiring efforts and inspiration in furthering our Cath- olic education. Through his efforts our school has soared high in standards of education, efficiency, and progress. Rlrzm' 'REVERIZND NIONSIGNOR -l,xMlas F. CLARKE Pastor of Church of Our Lady Page Seem REVEREND JAMES J. COYLE Spiritual Director of Athletics Moderator of C.Y.O. REVEREND VINCENT J. TOPPER Senior Religion Sodality Moderator Page Eight SISTER M. Rosa PERPETUA Piano Vocal Orchestra Page Nine Mo'1'm:R M. ANGICLINA Principal Religion II SISTER HELPIN IVIARIE English III, IV History IV SISTER IVIARY EvANGIaI.IsT Mathematics II, III Biology SISTER PHILOMENA lu.-XRIE Religion Physics Chemistry Mathematics IV SISTER NIARY ODILIA Stenography Typing Bookkeeping Page Ten SISTER IYIARIA MICHAEL Religion Latin I Mathematics I Health SISTER IVIARIA SANCTA Religion English I History I Science I Page Elena: SISTER INIARIE ANGELUS Latin II, III, IV History II, III SISTER M. Ross IMMACULEE Religion French I, II English II Pnge Twelve CLASSES 7fze 7a Succwld CLASS OF 1951 Seated, left to right: Eleanor Bugler, Jacqueline Scoz, Marie Alexander, Anne Marie Mosella, Martha Gildea, Dolores de Manicor. Second row: Bernice Walsh, Regina Rolko, Marie Bianchini, Lucy Ciocco, Mary Fazzolari, Joanne Klingerman, Joan Osopoyich, Lorraine Mulclowney, Diomira Arnoldi. Third row: Rosemary Rooney. Agatha Malinoskie, Anne Marie Cuff, Anna Burns, Virginia Battista, Sylvia Sawicki, Maryanne Wysochansky, Mary Gaughan. Fourth row: Patricia Dunn, Anne Marie Joyce, Margaret Kleinan, Mary Pohor, Florence Mon- cavage. Marie Petruskevich, Mary T. Nash, Rosella Joyce. Fifth row: Celeste Schoppy, Patrice Scully, Eileen Kovalick, Anne Bach, Eileen Brennan, Anna Mae Rooney, Joan Costa, Rose Marie Walsh, Marie Augustine, Rosemary Miller. Sixth row: Mary Janusky, Mary Hollister, Catherine Duggan, Rita Connaghan, Anna Mae Doyle. Page Fourteen fqae Wfalcfecf Zcaalq . . . CLASS OF 1951 ' Seated, left to right: William Taxweiler, Vincent Shovlin, Robert Devers, Aloysius Hirsch, james Dadnra, joseph Connolly. Second row: Francis Kalinoski, Thomas Malinoski, Robert Smilovich, Ronald Trefsgar, Edward jatko, Anthony Deromedi, Raymond Schultz. Third row: Thomas Thul, Thomas Stancavage, Warren Altomare. joseph Silcoskie, Michael Sassani, Joseph Burge, Francis Dettrey. Fourth row: Edward Lavelle, Belmont Procopio, Robert Smith, Robert McGill, Samuel Mannello, Eugene Boylan, William Menapace, Stephen Darrup. Fifth row: joseph McFadden. joseph Pulaski, Eugene Kowitski, Robert Thurner, Michael W'yd1'a, Paul Schneider. Sixth row: Francis Beck, Donald Leiby. Page F i firm gy fbiliqence S. Bridy and G. Bach vie to answer Sister Rose Im- inaeulce in a religion class as 12. O'Neill and Pesar- chick plan to verify the answer. L. to R.: E. Krouch, M. McNamara, P. Roszkowski, Mee- han, L. McFadden, Kaslnnere, R. Gardi- ni, E. O'Neill enjoy session of Biology Club with Sister Evangelist as moder- ator. M. Hollister proves to C. Schoppy that Algebra is not difficult. Page Sixteen fneufzzf alegeafu... CLASS OF 1950 Seated. left to right: Marie Andruscavage, Mary McLaughlin, Theresa Manney, Stella Bridy, Dorothy Sebastian, Genevieve Siedlccki. Second row: joan Muldoon, Alice Zambiasi, Regina Reichwein, Claire Scheuren, Eileen McElwee, Constance Dettrey, Ellen O'Neill. Third row: john Pcsarchick, Richard Gardini, Theresa Fedorchick, Loretta Rossi, Mary Silkoski, William Sullivan, Michael Sassani. Fourth row: Edward Hennessey, joseph Hall, john Moyer, Edward Neary, Enoch Kroutch, john McGill. Fifth row: Laveir Procopio. joseph Dwyer, john Manley, Leonard Lucas, Dante Mirarchi, Thomas Barnes, Alexander Cicheskie. V' Sixth row: George Bach, joseph Meehan, Francis Reckla, Page Sz'z'z'1z1z-wi Wag 4 CLASS OF 1950 Seated, left to right: Margaret Reilly, Rita Pizzoli,-Ruth Mannion, Rita Greco, Rose Odorizzi, Mary Schoppy. Second row: Margaret McNamara, Ida Bevivino, Agnes Deteske, Anne Mae Leiby, Irene McHugh, Rose johnson, Dorothy Shearn, Pauline Roszkowski, Margaret Donclero, Lillian Malinoski. Third row: james Menapace, john Kashmere, john Muldowney, Edward Moncavage, Patrick Gildea. Charles Ruffing, john McGraw, Bernard Britt. joseph Covas. Fourth row: john Lahota, Richard Bailoni. Richard Marchetti, Thomas Patricoskie, Peter Lubes- kie, james McGee. Fifth row: Walter Halahurda. Leo McFadden. Page Eighteen mf' CLASS OF 1949 Seated, left to right: Patricia McFadden, Mary E. Hill, Alice Yenolevage, jane Dunn, Margaret Fracalossi. Alma Keiser. ' Second row: Mary Hennesscy. Agnes Helfrick, Rita Stavenski. Mary C. Garvey, joan Hinchey, Felicita Andreatli, Marie Sassani. Third row: Albert McManus, William Delaney. Elizabeth May, Verna Pechulis, Louise Audrac- chio, Martin Sccichatano, Albert Di Cinque. Fourth row: Lawrence Tancredi, james Gaughan. Robert McSurdy. Vincent Guarna. john McGill james Watkins, Robert Leonard. J Fifth row: joseph Schneider, Frank Klein, joseph Garbalino, Richard Varano, Edward Neary, William Mannion. Sixth row: joseph joyce, Bernard Hoflrick, james Yuskiewicz, joseph Devers, Richard Maginnis, Thomas Gummel. Page Ninelecn J. Hinchcy. P. McFadden, M. Fraccalossi, Yuskiewicz, Dunn are instructed by A. Keiser in the terms of the ancient ves- sels. Intricacies of numbers captivate VV. Delaney as he shows R. Ma- ginnis, Devers, B. Hodrick, M. E. Hill, Moyer, and A. Hellrick the way x, y, z unfold. Interest never lags in the chem- istry laboratory, for every experi- ment unfolds new and startling discoveries. Joyce, M. Sassani, and B. May seem fascinated by their work in the field of light. Page Twenty CLASS OF 1949 Seated, left to right: Dolores Shimko, Virginia johnson. Marie Duni, Margaret Costa, Marie Walkoskie, Mary McFadden. Second row: Anna Yost. Catherine Cavacini. john Ivey, Robert Muldowney, Lawrence Thul, Lorraine Dallahrida, Alice Barbacovi. Third row: Anthony Costello. Albert Baltista, Edward Wytlra. Anthony Manney. john Rooney. Page Twenty-olze Social . . L. Tancrecli brings forth an interesting discussion in National Problems as the studious class observes. In the interests of Catholic Action F. Kline, R. Stavin- ski, A. McManus, x'V2llklIlS, J. Schneider, I. McGill, A. Yost further themselves to be alert, alive, and courageous in their faith. Junior vocalists pause to hear the story of, "Chanson du Toreadorf' Page T11-'wily-l1f'o inimulfi "Look ahead and you won't go wrong", is the motto of this Junior typing class as their touch sends messages flying across the paper. R. Neary, VV. Man- nion, and A. Di Cin- que make prepara- tions for a visualized chemistry lesson. Page Tufenly-llxree Seniofzet Zxcel .944 Science , tangent Sine, cosine ring through the air as earnest students solve problems assign ed by Sister Philo- lT1 ena lVI9.1'1C. These aspiring phy- sicists, J. Mannion, E. Colross, B. Kopfinger, E. McHugh, L. Loe- per, LI. Del Vecchio are busily engaged in 'ffhter side ol the bflb riment- physics - expe ing. Page Twwzly-four D. Galitski and Pogzxsh act a sh French play for T. ort the Senior French class. incgacial V. Bottari and F. Pulaski explain ll problem Lo geo- metry students under the experienced eye of Sisler Evangelist. Page Tuwllty-fiz'c' treaties. l'ill the end of tune his Lorians such as E Mul downey, R. Dallamlle, H Hennessey, J. Boylan P Connaghan, and G bclna vone will be kept busy analyzing the tenns l The type we are proud of! Tap, tap, click the keysg ding dong, rings the bell, while this group of senior secreta- ries rhythmically glide their fingers over the keyboard under the watchful eye of Sister Odilia. Accomplished s e n io r s enjoy a respite in daily work by striving to settle current problems by de- bate. The participants are G. Pinamonti, C. Pulaslgiy y E. McHugh, V. Bottdriifi Ibanez, G. Battista, and L. Oberos- ler. Eudineid . . . l l I Page Twenty-six Shorthand in u s t n ot only be written but read. AI. Duggan is alert as E. Stutz holds up short- hand flash cards. Puge Twenty-ser'c'n Debits, credits, trial bal- ance-not any of these terms cause F. Petruske- vich, -I. Muldowney, T. Hirsch, M. Ramsey, G. Pinamonti, P. Rooney to ponder as they delve into the routine of book- keeping. Is your heal turned off? Are your desks broken? Il' so, come to Senior B. These boys will gladly give up classes and du- ties to satisfy your needs. Amp We Never a dull moment nor an idle one. G. Schiavone, our class's fanned pianist, entertains during the lunch hour. Attribute our pictures- que and appropriate bulletin boards to this group ol' senior decora- tors, E. Bevivino, R. Kutchen, G. Battista, T. Hirsch. la Zach lay "Eyes Front" as we fol- low thc tcchnicolor views of Pcnnsylvzlnia. X'Vc1l, what have we here! "Foot- prints on thc NVatcr." Hey! Stop looking at thc camera Rccdie. Page Thirty ATHLETICS E fa s 5 S E E S Q 5 5 Z, i S ? F E E 5 E Q S 2 3 E E 2 S 3 fi 5 J 54 H A is V1 fx ,rg A jfs ,Z ,I 'a s 3 ,f :eb 'e Q, gn 2 'Q ? Line: E. Wyclra, Gaughan, R. Marchetti, L. Oberosler, J. Malloyxj. McFadden,j. Boylan. Bucks: j. YllSklCWlCZ, j. Tronoski, J. Moscllu, A. Costello. Foster Richards I f ' ' fl gf?-WJ w n ' E. -f-fjgriifff ,Swv 1:11. ff, H -ff - '. ., L w k' .Q wie, if fT.fA m' 1- X- "' in iw 75.5 , L 15? vi Jfkfyimfugt. xg l 2 -Nr r z xl rm ,. ff Z' T 1'5??fi1lQ,?'Q:-f fx' " f,.v.,,F,5.?V,,v.l Fwy . , l l n 'f X ffft-kwa? K- Y V .Q .nW.sq"f"' -.J I I- Wifiy - Pat Nolan ,www-. . ,rf .A-fr--X Ray Green Herb Curley Bill Haviland ea! '7eam ww Kulpmont 147 MCCH 0 Rams hrst game . . . played at Kulpmont . . . Catholic fought stubbornly, but bowed to a Hue X'Vildcat team. neuasng c. c. o, Mccl-I o Game played at Reading . . . rainy night . . a hard fought game with defense outstanding factor. The squad of 1947 wishes to thank the cheerleiders left to ii h C . ., 'g t: . Cavacini, J. McManus, J McCullion, J. Hiuchey. P. Roszkowski, A. M. Mosella, A. McNamara, A. M. Joyce, R. Slavenski and R. Odorizzi for their loyal support during the season. Page Tbirly-Eve Trapped! Don't drop it Muz. Hold 'em boys. 14 fzleficd 7M W York C. 195 MCCH 13 Thriller played at York . . . Rams led at half 7-6 . . . York broke 13-13 deadlock on last minute touchdown pass. Pottsville 63 MCCH 7 First home game, good crowd . . . Costello scored on 40 yard jaunt . . . Mal- loy adds important point . . . Harps scored in clos- ing minutes . . . point was blocked by Oberosler. Panther Valley 67 MCCH 'I3 Ram's second win . . . Tro- noski and Yuskiewicz tally for Catholic in First half . . . Panther holds Irish score- less in second half . . . they scored in last quarter. Qwiyzecl' 404 Gppanenh ' Cass Township Op MCCH 12 Rams' ground and air at- tack clicked . . . Neary and Costello scored to give Irish a well deserved vie- tory over tough Cass-men. Shenandoah Op MCCH 43 Irish wallop a game but outclassed Shenandoah Catholic 43-0 to end home season . . . Costello, Tro- noski, lVydra, Rooney, and 'Watkins score . . . Malloy added only point. oelone 325 MCCH 6 Rams' go down before powerful Red and Blue of McSherrystown . . . VVat- kins scored for Carlnelites on a lateral play covering 50 yards. A wide sweep This will fool them. Couldn't be nicer. l"7fze4f Sei' 7fze pace St. Francis 255 MCCH 14 St. Francis scored on Rams twice in Hrst half . . . Grecumcn c o m e b a c lc strong . . . Tronoski and Costello tallied T.D.'s . . . Malloy added two extra points to give Rams 14-13 lead . . . St. Francis came back with 2 markers in last Eve minutes to assure them of 25-I4 win. Senior cheerleaders, J. McMan- us, ul. McCullion, and A. Mc- Namara. Good work, girls! l5x'I'Hl,liTlC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Nh P Sullivan Mr. B. Maginnis, Rev. Coyle, Mr. T. C l onnag ian. "'7!mf Gafuuf IZ 0 " Chiefy going down. St. Maiihews 197 MCCH 0 St. Matthews scored three times in second period . . . Rains could not get offense started . . . Hnal count re- mained 19-0. A bad spot for the punter. Off to the races Norrisiown 125 MCCH 0 Rams had early scoring chance . . . St. Patrick scor- ed in second and third periods . . . Irish went down 12,0 in the climax game of 1947 season. 4m aan He's loose again. Blocking counts. Make it a good one. Nm! Pfufiical Fuji! Standing: B. Haviland, P. Nolan, H. Curley. Kneeling: R. Green, F. Richards. Getting in shape. Not long now NIANAGERS B. Kopfinger, Mannion, and F. Kline. The trip home. 1411 fn 14 Iraq Page Forty-two Page Forty - fam ACTIVITIES Another division of our Senior Glee Club entertains at a musi- cale. These charming song birds are, LI. McManus, A. McNamara, A. M. Muldoon, E. Stutz, E. Bevivino, G. Manley, Rosz- kowski, C. Siedlecki, E. McHugh, and B. Sullivan, accompanist. The delightful u n i o r Glec Club combines to entertain tween acts iofx the Senior Play. X Under the direc- tion of Rosz- kowski, t h e y con tributed greatly to that colorful occa- sion. 04' ff The air will soon be alive with lilting melodies as the Senior Glee Club, E. Muldowney, McCullion, C. Pulaski, P. Roon- ey, Smith, T. Pranske. D. Gal- itski, and R. Kutchen stands ready to begin a recital, lead by B. Sullivan, pianist. Gailzalic Qauffz Gayanzgwkan Miss Kathryn McCarthy, who has guided our parish Youth Council through its many diver- sihed activities, and because of her diligent labors, it has devel- oped into an organization of which we are very proud. C. Y. O. officers gather material for discussion club. They are Malloy, Vice-presidentg Mc- Manus, Secretaryg A. McNamara, Treasurerg KI. Mannion, Presi- dent. The cast from one of the series of plays presented during Lent is T. Pranske, Roszkowski, R. Baxter, E. Bevivino, and D. Gal- itski. - 560814 Thrill! Thrill! Horkoy meets his future "sisters-in-law". "I Willll Lo know who he is and who hid him here." Oh, its all Linen! dowry linen! Mother - T. Hirsh Katinka - B. Sullivan Sari - H. Nemeth Ella - E. McHugh Mitzi - P. Connaghzin Terka - MeCullion Page Forty-righl az' "Mamma, 111211111112-'l, what is the matter?" "NVhaL has happened?" Klara - McManus Horkoy - F. Pulaski Col. Radviany -J. Ibanez Gida - B. Koplinger Sandorfly - Gaughan Janko - T. Pogash Page' Forty-nine Doing it Hollywood style. "Oh, Gaza, take me back for just one dance! See, I have a Cos- tume, too." "I-2-3-4, you will have a dog." "I clon'L want a clog, I only want a kitty", snaps Klara. "I demand L li a t y o u marry Ella", bellows Col. Radvianny. 'Oli, what dear little cousins! Are there any mo1'e?,' Mother - C. Siedlecki Katinka - E. lvluldowney Sari - J. Smith Ella - P. Rooney Mitzi - R. M. Kutcllen Terka - A. McNamara Liza - C. Pulaski 'A' 0 Senna Page Fifty "Oh Mitzi! Three kisses???" "Help, save me from those fiends! cries Gida. Jmpiam 225121 '7denz' "Step lively boys!" - Our faithful stage managers. Klara - A. M. Muldoon Horkoy - J. Mannion Col. Radviany - J. Del Vecchio Gida - R. Shulski Sandorlfy - -I. McFadden Janko - V. Bottari Page Fifty-om' 7amaaaawi .feaclwm Students, taking advantage of the Diocesan Forensic League, annually sponsored by His Excellency, George L. Leech, prepare a place for themselves among the Catholic action leaders of tomorrow. Left: Giving the school the Christ- mas look. A ,Q . .1- ,-i . Below: "O Holy F' Night!" A group gath- ers around the crib to pay homage to the Prince ' of Peace. fm- ':'i!:SfL 5 D . . . . 33. ,A W Qi- .KS - .S- 4. -U ., . 5 A.. , 4 ,buffy Mwx i A .Q W Q , i S' Q va, 5 SW! Q wwgfzig ZW S Q X x x s w Z. 95 L . K. S, A. .., 5 1 ,V Go. Zcfdfaad ohn Mannion Patricia Connaghan CLASSES ATHLETICS EXCTIVITIES E. Sciccliitano J. Tronoski A. M. Muldoon H. Nemeth Malloy F. Pulaski B. Kopfingcr R. Kutchen TYPISTS Smith GRADU.A1'ES B Sullivan E. iX"lUld0YVllCy Pl.lOTOGRApHy ' . T. Hirsch KI. McCull1on E Suu? J. Duggan F. Petruskevich ' ' Mannion A. McNamara E. Scicchitano Our diligent Consuelln staff: 1. Del Vecchio, AI. McFadden, J. lvlanuion, A. M. Muldoon, P. Connaghan. Malloy, B. Sullivan, and E. Scicchilano. l 3- 55' W3 as Q A Wfwvwk 8 ,QW ,sa W m S 'SYS LQ 'Hi -ETS ,. vw . 5. it 1-x X i , 12" i Q .Sb E e S x W x if H E 9 -iiiif ii' CH ff? ' if wmv 0 Wggm W1 K, W W flaom YVCICOIIIC into an enchant- ed land of swirling skirts, and lilting music. During intermission the chatter was incessant. They made H1'l'2ll1g6l11Cl1IS which resulted in this night of starlit splendor, A. Hel- frick, F. Klein, McGill, L. 'Andracchio, VV. Man- nion, and C. C2lV2lCCll1l. Page Fifty-eight Dancing feet whirl lightly across the Hoor, as strains of music enrapture the hearts of all present. Chaperons chat during in- termission. Page Fifty-nine D. Galitski, P. Connaghan, F. Klein, and R. Maginnis visit a favorite spot during the evening. We 40064 0414 214620 af Once again it is time for our May Day ceremonies. Cecelia Siedleeki, May Queen, attended by E. Bevi- vino, E. Muldowney. B. Sullivan and A. M. Muldoon, prepare to offer Huing tribute to Mary Our Moiher. Page Sixty llelzgxam fqcfiailied Pre-bell gossip enjoyed by V. Johnson, M. Duni, V. Pecliu- lis, and M. C. Garvey. Seniors, E. McHugh, T. Po- gash, and C. Siedlecki visit Christmas Crib during the Holy Season. Religious articles were eager- ly viewed and bought by the students. M l. Bathing Beauties. 2. Ain't we tough???? 3. NVhat's up fellows? 4. "The wearin' of the green Page Sixly-lhrrf' i Page Sixty-fra Getting the most of Dickens. The Sheiks of Arabi. KI0lS0l'l,S competitors. Glenn Killinger giving autographs Time for a daily visit. Page Sixty-:ix GRADUATES ELIZABETH TI-IERESA ARNOLDIN UBCHY., St. Peter's Commercial ROSE MARIE BACI-I GROW., Our Lad y's Commercial Glee Club 2, 3g Operetta 1, 2, 4g Librarian I, 3, 4. Glee Club 35 Operetta 3, 4. Inquisitive . . . always on the go . . . instigator of mischief . . . referred to as "Blipper." Captivating smile . . . Horid complexion . . . Gcrt's pal . . . desires to become a model. GLORIA MARIE BATTISTA "Glor" St. Peter's Commercial Oratorical 3, 4: Biology Club 35 Carmeli- tan Ctaff 2. Beauty and brains . . . original and win- ning disposition . . . orator . . . brilliant clark eyes. RAMONA VIRGINIA BAXTER ELVIRA FORTUNATA BEVIVINO VINCENT SYLVESTER BOTTARI "Mona" "Vita" "PachaCh" St. Ioseph's Commercial St. Peter's Academic St. Peter's Commercial Glee Club 45 Biology Club 3g Librarian Z, Music Ig Librarian 33 Carmelitan Staff 2: Biology Club 3: Orchestra lg Class Treas- 3, 4. Operetta 4g Glee Club 4. urer 3g Senior Playg Operetta 4. Timid . . . dependable . . . serene . . Domestic . . . considerate . . . easy to Dreamy eyed romeo . . . wonderful danc- thoughtful. get along with . . . ambitious. er . . . talent for speeding the typewriter. Page Sixty-eight IAMES PATRICK IIOYLAN "Boleyn Our Lady's Academic Football 1, 2, 3, -lg Operetta -I: Beaker Club 3, Class Adonis . . . black curly hair . . at one time shy . . . varsity end. PATRICIA ANN CONNAGHAN "Connie" Our Lady's Commercial Glec Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Co-editor of Consuella 45 Photography Club 33 Oper- ctta 3, 4. Extensive wardrobe . . . flirtatious . . full of energy . . . inquisitive. Our Lad y's Commercial Glee Club 2, 3: Orchestra 23 Operetta 4g Librarian 3. GERTRUDE ANN BUGLER "Gert" EDVVARD ANDREW COLROSS "Teddy" St. Peter's Academic Senior Playg Operctta Llg Beakcr Club 3. Unusual flashy socks . . . lots of fun . . . Incessant talker . . . tall blonde . . . tal- ented pianist . . . coquettisli. WILLIAM IOSEPI-I CONNOLLY ull!-IQSH Our Lady's Academic Football Manager 1, 2, 3g Stage Manager 2, 3, 4: Beaker Club 3. Iiggs as Al Iolson--enough said . . . tricky adams-apple . . . wearer of rings. unpredictable . . . smooth dancer. RENO STEPHEN DALLAVALLE. "Reno" St. Petcr's Commercial Photography Club 35 Class President 23 Opcrctta 4. Conservative . . . cnioys the daily bus ride to and from school . . . extremely quiet. Page Sixty-nine , .-"5 sffiaii 0321: ai qs 'Q M --f we , , ,'q1..a" IOI-IN PAUL DEL VECCHIO UDCI.. St. Mary's Academic Carmelitan Staff 1, 2: Consuella Business Manager -l: Senior Play. Quick witted . . . Huent line . . . natural born actor . . . sharp dresser. ANNETTE MARY DOYLE "Doyley" St. Ioseph's Commercial Glue Club 23 Photography Club 33 Opcr- etta -l: Librarian 2. Regular Gapper . . . come day, go day . . . evcryone's friend . . . Baseball fan. IA MES IOSEPH DUGGAN "Ace" Our Lad y's Commercial Photography Club 3: Senior Playg Carme- litan Staff 35 Consuella Stall. Popular . . . enthusiastic sports fan . . . usually seen clicking a camera . . . witty. DOLORES BEATRICE FUEDALE. "Dee" St. Petcr's Academic Music lg Librarian 35 Glee Club 43 Oper- etta 4. Quiet . . . beautiful tresses . . . wishes to visit Europe . . . makes scouting her hobby. DOROTHY ANN GALITSKI "Dot" Our Lady's Academic Operetta 1, 2, -l: Glce Club 2, 3. 43 Cheer- leader 2, 33 Class Treasurer 1. M. O. C. fan . . . chic dresser . . . blonde beauty . . . spends time in Kulpmont. IOHN ANTHONY GAUGHAN "Slick', St. Ignatius Academic Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 45 Or' chestra 1, 2, 3: Senoir Playg Beaker Club 3. Playboy . .' . delightful entertainer . . . happy-go-lucky Irishman. I J t. 3 'gf .fipye n fe Page Sflffllly , -'Pt iff UA V... Z, sfiva s 'Ck' 51K . H 4 - 1- 0551 fairs- " ' 4 -, X- 4' I',:'.4rmm,A :,,v?:x t 5 4 ' 'J I' I C can .canola I Ivins' s Q," .M . REGINA PAULINE GRACHOWSKI "Ieanne" St. Peter's Commercial Operetta 45 Photography Club 39 Biology Club 3. Reserved . . . bluslies easily . . . apprecia- tive . . . Lauren Bacall voice. HELEN MARIE HENNESSEY "Hen" Our Lady's Commercial Glee Club Zg Operetta 2, 43 Photography Club 3. Faithful to Bloomsburg . . . haunts Pachu- tas . . . bored with school. TERESA CATHERINE HIRSCI-I "Trese" Our Lad y's Commercial Glee Club 45 Senior Play: Photography Club 3: Librarian 2, 33 Class Viccrpresi- dent lg Class Secretary 3, -lg Consuella Staff 4. Wide variety of interests . . . well poised . . . forever clipping her gorgeous locks . . . brags of a handsome blond. Page Seventy-one IOHN PETER IBANEZ "Ibby', St. Peter's Commercial Biology Club 3: Senior Playg Operetta 4: Stage Properties 2, 3. Tells tall tales . . . six footer . . . reserves back seat on bus for all games . . . suave. BERNARD CARL KOPFINGER "Barney" St. Ioscplfs Academic Senior Playg Beaker Club 3: Class Vice- presidcnt 23 Student Manager Football 43 Operetta 4. Known to his intimate friends as "Pussy" . . . capable . . . feigns shyness . . . good sense ot humor. ROSE MARIE KUTCHEN "Duke" Our Lady's Academic Operetta l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Playg Class Vice-president 3g Beaker Club 3. Tall and willowy . . . attractive to the opposite sex . . . humorous . . . reliable. fs.. 1 -as 'Fib- . . a 1 , w 1 If 9 f .1 'sqvw . 5:-gs, ri sq 5.4 .xx aw'- Msi Q . C 'ssaf' We N LOUIS EDWARD LOEPER "Louie" Our Latly's Academic Operetta Stage hand 45 Beaker Club 3. Always ready with a joke or a riddle . . . radiates good will . . . sullen, but not for long. IEANNE MARIE MCCULLION "Debbie" I St. Ignatius Academ ie Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader Cap- tain -lg Glee Club 2, 3, -I: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Playg Class Representative 23 Librarian 23 Beaker Club 3g Carmclitan JAMES VINCENT MCFADDEN "Mickey" Our Latly's Commercial Operetta I, 3, 43 Consuella Staff -l: Senior Playg Football 2, 3, 4. Female heart breaker . . . baby face . . . .. , N drives a ialopy . . . he looks quiet-so 2' 3' Lomuella Staff 4' does a woman! Cute and peppy . . . twinkling eyes . . all-around-ability . . . personality plus. MARGARET ELEANOR MCHUGH IOAN ANN MCMANUS MARY AGNES McNAMARA "Eleanor" "Ioanie" "Ag" I Our LacIy's Academic Our Lz1dy's Academic Our Latly's Commercial Glee Club 3, 43 Operetta 3, 49 Beaker Club 35 Senior Play. Likes to show her dimples . . . talkative . . . back seat driver . . . rates with col- lege fellows. Cheerleader I, 3, 43 Cheerleader co-captain 4: Operetta 3, 45 Glee Club 3, rl: Bczllicl' Club 3: Senior Play. Childish expressions . . . feminine charm . . . unique strut . . . looks forward to a busy time in New York. Photography Club 3: Senior Play: Cheer- leader -lg Consuella Stall 4. Carefree . . . keen sense of humor . . attractive . . . peppy. Page Sezfclzfy-in-'o IOSEPH ANTHONY MALLOY aloe.. Our Lad y's Academic Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 3, 4: Stage Make-up 2, 3, 4g President Beaker Club 3: Glee Club 2g Carmclitan Staff 25 Consuella Staff 4. Unassuming feminine magnet . . . depend- able place-kicking guard . . . expressive eyes . . . up on current events. GERALDI NE VERONICA MANLEY usug. . St. Ioseph's Academic Music 1: Beaker Club 35 Glee Club 4g Operetta 4. Gets around . . . Gap lingo . . . hearty laugh . . . looks well in everything. JOHN BERNARD MANNION HRM.. Our Lad y's Academic Class President 1, 3, 4, Co-editor Con- suella: Carmelitan Staff 1, 2, 35 Football I, 2: Manager Football 3, 45 Glee Club 23 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 41 Senior Play: Oratorical Contest 3, el. Ardent lover of classical music . . . com- petent, intelligent leader . . . swell guy . . . excels in languages. IAMES IOHN MOSELLA "Muzzy" St. Pcter's Commercial Photography Club 3: Operetta 4: Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 43 Stage Properties 4. Bashful . . . sparkling smile . . . all around athlete. ANNE IVIARIE MULDOON "Noody" St. I0hn's Commercial Glee Club 3, 4: Opcretta 3, 4: Class Vice- president 23 Photography Club 3: Con- suella Staff el. Class wit . . . imaginative . . . Notre Dame fan . . . Collegiate. ELI ZA BETH ANN MULDOWNEY "Bette" Our Lady's Commercial Glee Club 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Librarian 23 Class Secretary lg Biology Club 33 Con- suella typist 'lg Senoir Play. Calm . . . excellent bookkeeper . . . ani- mated sports lovcr . . . radiant smile. Page Severity-three YC IAMES EDWARD MULDOWNEY "MuIly" Our Lady's Commercial Glee Club 2: Photography Club 3g Foot- ball 53 Stage Properties 4: Operetta 4. Teases the girls . . . assists the janitor . . , businessman . . . PilIar's Man Friday. HELEN OLIVIA NEMETI-I "I'Iun'l St. Mary's Commercial Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Operetta I, 2, 3, 43 Photography Club 3: Senior Play: Carme- litan Staff 2, 3: Consuella Staff 43 Libra- rian 2, 5. Artistically inclined . . . self assured . . . full of ideas . . . supplies Rams with pastries. LUDYVIG PETER OBEROSLER "Luddy" St. Peter's Commercial Photography Club 3g Glee Club 2: Biology Club 35 Basketball 3, 4: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Football Co-captain 'lg Class President 3: Class Vice-president 45 Operetta 4. Tall, dark and handsome . . . possesses fine qualities . . . modest . . . the gang goes for his Mom's cooking. KATHLEEN GERMANUS O'NEILL ..Kay.. St. Ioseph's Commercial Photography Club 33 Operetta -lg Senior Play. Shy . . . infectious giggle . . . Irish lisp . . . extremely attentive during Apolo- getics class. MARGARET ANN 0'NEILL "Peggy" St. Ioseph's Commercial Photography Club 3: Glee Club 45 Oper- etra 4. Typically Irish . . . sweet natured . . . long curling eyelashes . . . inveterate talker. FLORENCE ANASTASIA PERCHINSKI "Nancy" Our Lady's Commercial Librarian 3, 43 Photography Club 39 Oper- ettu 4. Attractive appearance . . . constant smile . . . neat coiffure . . . lovely wardrobe. Page Seventy-fam FRANCIS MICHAEL PETRUSKEVICH UPN.. Our Lady's Commercial Glee Club 2: Biology Club 33 Photography Club 3: Consuella Staff Ml. Well mannered . . . wavy hair . . . speaks with an accent . . . philanthropist. GLORIA MARIE PI NOMONTI "Glory" St. Peter's Commercial Glee Club 2: Biology Club 3. Animated . . . friendly . . . spends most of her leisure time dancing . . . Sinatra fan. THOMAS BERNARD POGASI-I "P0g.2y" St. Ignatius Academic lleaker Club 3: Senior Play: Operetta 4. Earnest student . . . Wednesday morning hitch-hiker . . . obliging . . . willing worker. CYNTHIA MARIE PULASKI "Cindy" St. Ioseph's Academic Glee Club 2, 3, -lg Senior Play: Beaker Club 35 Operetta 2, 3, -lg Consuella Stal? 4. Excels in art . . . melodious voice . . . very photogenic . . . peaches and cream complexion. FRANCIS XAVIER PULASKI "Pillar" St. Ioseph's Commercial Glee Club 2: Operetta I, -lg Biology Club 3: Consuclla Staff rl. The only lad of our acquaintance who keeps Five girls guessing at one time . . . is sold on loud colors . . . manages Marble Hall. MARGARET MARY RAMSEY Mpeg.. St. Peter's Commercial Operetta 43 Photography Club 33 Biology Club 3. Essence of efliciency . . . demonstrates many new hair styles . . . neat and orderly. PAUL WILLIAM REED "Reed ie" Our Lady's Commercial Glee Club 2g Orchestra Ig Photography Club 3g Operetta 2, 3, 4. Prankster . . . loyal fan of the Cisco Kid . . . gets pleasure out of having his artistic abilities praised. IACQUELINE BERNADETTE ROSZKOWSKI "Iaclcie" M. O. C. Academic Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, 43 Beaker Club 3. Graceful . . . fashionable . . . class presi- dent's O.A.O .... makes friends easily . . . effervescent. ROSEMARY TI-IERESA ROKOS '-Row Our Lacly's Commercial Glee Club 2, 33 Biology Club 3g Operetta 1, 2, 3, -l. Knack for choosing clothes . . . ruddy- cheeked blonde . . . friendly and natural. EDNVARD DOMINIC SCI CCI-IITANO "Iohnson" St. Peter's Academic Stage make-up 23 Beaker Club 3g President of English Club 2, 3: Consuella Staff 4. Chief of the Order of the Arrowhead . . mathematical wizard . . . amicable . . Dagwood's Competitor. PATRICIA ANN ROONEY "Pat" Our Lady's Commercial Glee Club 'lg Operetta 3, 43 Class President 1: Librarian 1, 2, 3, -lg Librarian President 4. Happy-go-lucky . . . popular . . . daunt- less . . . Irish temper . . . beaming face. GRETA MARIE SCI-IIAVONE HRM., St. Peter's Commercial Operetta 4g Photography Club 33 Biology Club 3. An adept pianist . . . frank and coy . . fine penman . . . very talented. Page Severity-.fix ii V--1 .SK :'-2 U' , .ilu-I vig a f ,bali 4 1' 9' '-nm-f"'-itiifx at .52 ROBERT VINCENT SI-IULSKI CECILIA ANNE SIEDLECKI "Bob" "Celie" Our Lady's Commercial M. O. C. Academic Glee Club 2: Senior Play: Operetta 2, -lg Photography Club 3. Center of attraction . . . casanova . . sociable . . . a live wire. Senior Play: Class President Z: Carmclitan Staff 1. 2: Glce Club 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4. Excellent student . . . understanding . . . lovely countenance . . . a welcome 1110111- ber of any group. IACQUELINE FRANCES SMITH "Iackie'l Our Lady's Academic Carmelitan Staff 1, 2, 3: Beaker Club 3: Consuella Staff 4: Glec Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Operetta I, 2, 3, 4. Iokcster . . . sports a car . . . plays all 64 pages of RachmaninoE's 2nd Concerto . . . alert expression. ELIZABETH LOUISE STUTZ "Betty" Our Lady's Commercial Glee Club 3, -lg Opcretta 3, -I: Consuella Typist 4: Photography Club 3: Librarian 3, 4. Excellent typist . . . loquacious . haunts skating rinks . . . industrious. BARBARA ANNE SULLIVAN "Barb" Our Lady's Academic Senior Play: Glee Club Accompanist 3, 4: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4: Librarian 3: Class Secretary-Treasurer 3: Carmclitan Staff 2. Exceptional student . . . active and dc- pendable . . . well-liked . . . perlect record-never on time yet. IOI-IN XVI LLIAM TRONOSKI "lack " Our Lady's Academic Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain Football 4: Beaker Club 3: Vice-president English Club 3: Consuella Staff 4. Dispense with his bashfulness-you have a social lion . . . Thee fullback . . . no time for romance . . . generous, modest intelligentsia. I Page Seventy-.vcucn 30 x 4 L YQQQTW, f?iJ'51 ' - i 1 2 1 1 5 1 1 f 1 , ,gf in hz. f :iii , fix .L.., , ME I r L I l w I i i x I E cwwzw 4,94 , . HK" MISS GENEVIEVE GILDEA MISS MARY FRANCES DONOHUE St. Ioseph School of Nursing, St. Ioseph School of Nursing Class of 1948 Class of 1948 Reading, Pa. Reading, Pa. REV. LEO A. BEIERSCHMITT St. Charles Seminary Overbrook Pa PAUL D. SULLIVAN MISS MARY ELLEN MCMANUS Mount Saint Mary College Miscricordia School of Nursing Class of 1948 . Class of 1948 Emmitsburg, Md. New York Przgz' Sevffzfy-:zinc We The Senior Class of 1948 wishes to express its appreciation to anyone who helped in any way to finance this year's edition of the CONSUELLA. Especially the business- men of Mount Carmel and vicinity for their whole-hearted cooperation in our new form of advertising. Thank you, CLASS OF 1948 Page Eighty Right Reverend James F. Clarke Reverend Vincent Topper Reverend James Coyle Reverend Aloysius Bambir Reverend Leo A. Beireschlnitt Reverend P. Enright Reverend Dr. Jos. C. Petrovits Reverend Patrick J. Phelan Reverend Joseph Skibinski Reverend F. A. Szumierski Reverend Paul D. Mfeaver OUR PRIESTS Reverend Stephen C. Zajac Reverend L. Alachniewicz Reverend Francis X. Butler Reverend S. Grondziowski Reverend Myron Lasic Reverend Karl Stofko Reverend Serafin V iseica Reverend Stanislaus Zaborowski Reverend Salvatore Zangari Mr. Michael E. Homola OUR SCHOOLS AND FACULTY Felician Sisters, St. Joseph Felician Sisters, St. Peter Felician Sisters, M. O. C. Sisters I.H.M., Centralia Sisters I.H.M., Locust Gap Sisters, St. Joseph, Kulpmont Mother Mary Angelina Sister Mary Evangelist Sister Philomena Marie Sister M. Rose Perpetua Sister Helen Marie Sister Mary Odelia Page Eighty-one Sister Marie Angelus Sister Maria Michael Sister M. Rose Immaculee Sister Maria Sancta Sister Mary Nativita Sister Jose Marie Sister joan Marie Sister Mary jean Sister Irene joseph Sister Terese Innnaculee Sister Richard Mary Mr. OUR PARENTS and Mrs. John Arnoldin Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Bach . Frank Battista Peter Baxter Bruno Bevivino Vincent Bottari . Anthony Boylan Edward Britt Paul Bugler Fred Colross Mrs. Kathryn Connaghan Mr. and Mrs M r Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr M r Mr M r Mr Mr Mr. M r M r Mr. John Connolly and Mrs. Stephen Dallavalle and Mrs. Michael Del Vecchio and Mrs. Francis Doyle and Mrs. james Duggan and Mrs. Charles Feudale and Mrs. Anthony and Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas Galitski Gaughan Ignatius Grochowski Edward I-Iennessey and Mrs. Charles Hirsch and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Peter Ibanez Anthony Kopfinger Peter Kutchen and Mrs. Louis Loeper and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Malloy John Mannion Cornelius Manley Lawrence Mosella Mrs. Carolyn Muldowney Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James Muldowney and Mrs. john Muldoon and Mrs. James McCullion and Mrs. George McFadden and Mrs. Robert McHugh and Mrs. Albert McManus Aloysius McNamara and Mrs. Gaza Nemeth Mrs. Irene Oberosler Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. Florian Perchinski Mr. and Mrs. John Petruskevich Mrs. Cinda Pinamonti M r. M r Mr Mr. Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr M r and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Albert Pogash Clement Pulaski Louis Pulaski William Reed jr. Alexander Rokos Edward Rooney . Francis Roszkowski . Florian Schiavone Dominick Scicchitano and Hugh Shulski and Mrs. Victor Siedlecki and Mrs. Frank Smith Mrs. Elizabeth Stutz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tronoski Page Ezlghfy-Iwo OUR BUSINESS BENEFACTORS AND FRIENDS 5520 Athletic Association S10 Anthracite Hose Company Black Diamond Brewery Hex Vllarehouse Higgins Funeral Service Leon F. Higgins, Painting and Papering Kanmac Mills Kessler's Jewelry Store Mt. Carmel Retail Liquor Dealers Our Lady's Holy Name Society Sammy and Leonard Shovlin and Hovanes Joseph Zecoski, Tax Collector Sanders-Reinhardt Co. 355 Academy Billiards Albertini Motor Co. Alexander's Restaurant Sc Groceries American Hose Company Atlas Cafe Bach Beer Distributors Joe Barnock Enterprise Bastress Lumber Company Bell's Quality Market Benny's Cafe Bruno Bevivino Lumber Co. Joseph Blewis Bolstrum Tire Service Joseph Bradley Capital Bakery Clover Hose Co. Columbia Brewery Connaghan's Music Shop Crystal Pepsi-Cola Dr. J. L. Davis Dr. Duffy Feudale's Grocery Store Gallagher Shoe Store Geist-Berkanski Post 91 Guinan's Store Haley's Food Market Edward Hook Idle Hour Charity Enterprise Imperial Theater Dr. Jacoby Jane Manufacturing Co. Jeddo Supply Co. Stephen P. Jepko, Kulp. Gas Co. Joe's Light Lunch King Music House Page Eighty-three Ku tchen's Confectionery Kutchen's Meat Market Frank Lyon's Dairy McAndrew Florist Shop McCullion's Cafe McFadden K Sons Dairy Joe Malloy's Barber Shop Marble Hall Hotel Mary's Knit Shop Miller Brothers Shoe Store Mt. Carmel Distributing Co. Mt. Carmel Item Mt. Carmel Motors, Kaiser-Frazer Mt. Carmel Taxi Service North Jewelry Store Our Lady's Parish Post Aldo Pitinglo Markets Post 608 Jolm Lynch Charles Pulaski Rea and Derrick, Cutrate Store Reedls Milk and Ice Cream Charles Reitz, Insurance Republican Party of Mt. Carmel Twp. Mr. Harry Tielalbaum Rockefeller Sons Sarisky's Contracting Business Sexton and Company F. G. Smith, Real Estate and Insurance Dr. NV. A. Snyder Opt. Steckeris Book Store Stief's Clothing Store Strong Fire Company Arthur Thurner Beer Distributor Varano's Milk Varano's l'Varehouse V eteran's Foreign XfVars 608 John Mfardrop and Son lfVeller Brothers lfVest End Hose Company F. YV. NVooIworth Company S3 Joseph Akelaitis Ann's Dress Shop Ann's Restaurant Arnoldin Plumbing l'Vorks Florence Arnoldin, Beauty Shop Mary Arnoldin, Beauty Shop Atlas Hardware Store Barker Bakery Alex C. Bakus Billman's Confectionery Store Jolm Boylan's Service Station Bridy Motor Company Central Barber Shop Eleanor Chesney Clauser, Auto Dealer Dr. Coroniti Pat Cosgrove's Grocery Concalves Grocery Cortellini Shoe Service Costello's Grocery Cuff's Service Station Dallas Grocery Store J. F. Delaney, Funeral Director P. Donahue Dondero's Economy Store F.rdman's Florist Dr. YV. T. Fedko F icca Bros. Grocery Store Ed Fiefer's Complete Food Mkt. Dr. Fiefer Galitski's Market Dr. Gergen Gift Shop Glowaski Brothers Hack's Hardware Haley's Flower Shop Max Handshu, Grocery Store Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Haney Hat Box J. Reed Harkness Henlee's Dress Shop Edward Hennessey Dr. Hinkle Hodrick's Appliance Hosiery Mill Shop The Hub Jacoby's Drug Store Jake, the Barber Jay's Square Dealers John's Auto Supply Kaminski Store George M. Kerstetter, Jewelry Kinney Shoe Store Klinge-r's Ice Cream Store John Kornacki Barber Shop Kramer Beverages Ladies Auxiliary john Lapinsky Lord's Dress Shop Lyon's Laundry jack McGinley Cafe D. I. Malloy's Barber Shop Maurer's Dairy Frank May Groceries Charles Menapace Miller's Auto Supply Co. M iller's Florist Mike Milo Joseph Mirachi's Barber Shop Anthony Miscavage Dr. James A. Morrison Ted Muldowney Hotel Mulley's Meat Market McFall, Texaco Gas Station Neighborhood Bakery Nesbitt Cut Rate Parry's Meat Market The People's Food Market Pete's Clothes Shop Harry Pizzoli, Plumbing Potts Brothers Powis Paint Shop Pulaski's Barber Shop John Reichwein Grocery Rhoades Florist joseph T. Ruffing, Ins. Agent Louis Sassani Barber Shop Schell's Florist Semerod's Beauty Shop Al Shannon's Confectionery Sheran Brothers Shimock's Furniture Store Smart Knit Shop Doctor Smoczynski Standard Drug Store State Theatre Stutz Funeral Parlor Superior Electric Shop Taddeo Body XfVorks Tye Auto Supply Urban Forty Groceries Vallisl1's Furniture Store Victoria Theatre Visintainer's Cafe Dr. L. A. WVetzel VVhitney's Self Service Ed. VVilliam's Store Joe X'Volkoski's Barber Shop 'Womer's Motors Co. Francis XfVood's Grocery John YVysoczanskie Grocery Peter Wysoczanskie Grocery Yoder-Insurance Louis Yuskoski Page Eighty foul M r 35 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Coroniti 33 Anna and Marie Mrs. Catherine Cain Mr . and Mrs. Concezio Cavacini Mr. and Mrs. Edward Deromedi Mr. and Mrs. George Gunther . and Mrs. Chester Hvnoski PATRONS Doctor H. H. Maginnis Mr. Al McGinn Mr. Christopher McGinn Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGinn Mr. and Mrs. James A. McGinn Miss Margaret McHugh Joseph Patrick Pulaski's Barber Shop Mr. Eugene Rooney Mrs. Mary Shepulski Mr. and Mrs. S. Klucznilt and Mrs. John Koch Mr. 1 Mr. and Mrs. John Kogut Mr. Peter Kogut Miss Mary Margaret Koplinger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kutchen Mae Leonard Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shovlin and Mrs. J. Siedlecki Mr. Jerome Sokoloski Mr. and Mrs. VVayne E. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mfashileski Mrs. Mary lfVhite Mr. and Mrs. John Mfisneski OUR BENEFACTORS AND FRIENDS 32 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Andracchio Mr. and Mrs. Felice Anclreatti Mr. Antonio Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Arnoldin Miss Mary Arnoldin Mrs. Alex Augustine Mrs. Mary Augustine Mr. and Mrs. August Dallabrida Mr. and Mrs. Danasevich John Del Vecchio Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Del Vecchio Adeline de Manicor Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dettrey Miss Mary Frances Donahue Miss Joanne Dondero Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barbacovi Mr. and Mrs. George Barnock Mr. and Mrs. Peter Becoski Mr. Francis Betz Mr. Dan Betz Louis Dondero Jr. Mrs. Donlan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Duni Francis Dunleavy Dan Dunn Blackies Shoe Hospital Dorothy Howenstine Boyer Miss Nancy Bottari R.N. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bridy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mis Mis s Mary T. s Eleanor T. Jordan Farrell Lamar Fey Rud Fracalossi John Frye Sr. Frye Garvey Mr. Leo Bridy Mr. and Mrs. John Brincosh Mr. and Mrs. Charles Britch Mr. and Mrs. James Brogan Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bugler, Jr. Raymond Callahan M1 'Ind Mrs ose h Cam bell --J P p Dorothy Campbell Esther Campbell Robert Cannon Mrs. Ella Garvey lylary C. Garvey Miss Helen Gaughan Phillip Gaughan Cafe Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Gaughan Jr. Cornelius Gilclea Miss Genevieve Gildea Marietta Glessner Mr. and Mrs. John Gramola Greco and Mrs. Louis Greco Dr. Joseph F. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James Cannon Mr. Anthony Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carroll Class of '47 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Mary Lou Costa Mr. and Mrs. Sherino Costa Mr. and Mrs. John Costello Mrs. Joseph Covas James Cumfer Mrs. Virgil Curley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dadura John Clauser Robert Connolly Page Eighty-ive Mr. and Mrs. Saverio Greco Mr. and Mrs. James Grifhth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haeflich and Mrs. Walter Halaburda Ella Halmen M r. Mr. and Mrs. lVilliam Haviland Mr. and Mrs. John Haverty Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hinchey Joseph Hinchey Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hester Charles Hirsch Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Higgins Jr. Mr. and Mrs. lfVm. Hollister Miss Marie Honecker Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hullihan Miss Sophie Hulibuvich Mrs. Thomas Ivy VVilliam Jacoby Rita Jankowski Jerry's Ice Cream Parlor Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Karwacki Mrs. Mary Kaszalauskas Mrs. Anthony F. Keiser Mr. and Mrs. John Kenneff Miss Miriam King Tony Knoblaugh Mr. Christine Koranski Mrs. Charles Kornaski Mr. Joseph Kowitski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kowitski Miss Stella Kogut Hutnicks Gas Station Mr. and Mrs. George Long Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Maginnis Mr. and Mrs. John Manley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malinoski Vincent Manley Mr. and Mrs. James Manney Bill and Ruth Mannion Miss Mary Mannion Renee Marchinski T. J. Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Maurizio Scicchitano Mr. and Mrs. Frank May Mr. and Mrs. George Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Tulio Melchiori Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Menapace Dr. and Mrs. Francis Menapace Marguerite Menapace Mr. and Mrs. Matt Merges Mrs. George Miller Ted Minnick Francis Mohan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Muldowney Mr. and Mrs. Frank Muscavage Mr. and Mrs. Charles McAndrew Miss Kathryn H. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. John McDonnell Jr. Joseph McFadden Miss Kathryn McGee Mrs. Agnes M. McGinn Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McGinn McHale Bros. Mr. and Mrs. Francis McHugh Mrs. Elizabeth McHugh Mr. and Mrs. James McSurdy Mary Ellen McManus Tommy Nash New York Meat Market Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs . James Nolan and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs Thomas Nolan . John Novakoski . Leo Oestrich Ed. J. O'Hearn Mrs. Dorothy Shannon Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neill Theresa O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. Ray Osopovick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pechulis Mr. Harry Pizzoli Miss Mary Pogash Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Politis Miss Erma Porembo Mr. Joseph Purcell Mrs. James Quigley Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . James Rafelli Raymond Moncavage . Mlm. Reed Jr. Russel Reed Mlm. Reed, Sr. Michael Reilly Edward Remer James Rettinger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rokos Albert L. Rokos Anthony Rossi Rosalie Rossi Joseph T. Rufling Sample Shoe Store Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Theresa Sebastian Spring Brook Park Mrs. Mary Shimko Jean and Betty Shovlin Mr. and Mrs. John Similovich Gene Smith Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Stavenski Miss Leona Stutz Miss Mary Sullivan Miss Rose Marie Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Victor Swaboski Mr. and Mrs. John Thul ' Mr. John Tighe Miss Jean Tronoski Mr. Victor Varano Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wolkiski George and Dana Walshko Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson Miss Evelyn Yenolevage Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Yenolevage Edward T. Yost Carl Sassani Joseph Schultz Francis Sebastian Jacob Sebastian Page Eighty-.fix 14 Page Eighty-srzfen Page Eighty-cighi vle' V Li:

Suggestions in the Mount Carmel Catholic High School - Yearbook (Mount Carmel, PA) collection:

Mount Carmel Catholic High School - Yearbook (Mount Carmel, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Carmel Catholic High School - Yearbook (Mount Carmel, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel Catholic High School - Yearbook (Mount Carmel, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel Catholic High School - Yearbook (Mount Carmel, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel Catholic High School - Yearbook (Mount Carmel, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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