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kr KJV, JR L .v . I .,.5, .74 5 ,AX uw x f ' K RIVNEL MIQM T1 1 IDEDICATIDN V K The class of 1936 dedicates this book to their class advisors, Miss Ruth M. Evans and Mr. William L. Yeager in appreciation of the guidance they have rendered the class. IQE DID The Class of 1936 Presents this book to carry forth a message of good will to all fellow classmen, and to refresh the Past, thereby keeping alive the memories of our high school days. We hold for our aims: not fame and fortune, but the accomplishment of the best things of lifeg and our allegiance to our Alma Mater shall not fade in years to come. Not forgetting our advertisers, and all who have given their indispensable assistance and co-operation in the publication of this book, we extend to them our sincere thanks. 1 L w. ,mms ,,,, Q ,H I igfxxzfff, , -Wim -vmYf,5?Rga32l--5777 W W' ww XWQH. ,, ' 1 K- -fWaw3,f,:w4q1g:1gif,Lys 1 I . - W. . M A 4 I 335 W 4, Q- z 5 S ' gf Q3 Kiklbm 1? 'X 4, ,A.-L , A f N34 " 5" , , I Q-- fx 7 W.,,.. ,. f A . 'Ntisi A FG ' xanax!! 5Bl2fgg F Q 4... 'I 'X "lv i K Q y . , , , W . , W f- Nsmwv., La 'n . in .uk . . A ,M f , Q . 1,0 O . - ,A s , , , a if . 5, xx ' IITIQATIU BOARD GF EDUCATION 1 1414-L an qu agua:- CHARLES J. LUCAS ..... . . MICHAEL PACHUTA ...... . . . VINCENT J. SCHNEIDER ..... . ALEX MARCHINSKI ...... MR. ARTHUR THURNER MR. C. RAY MRS. IDA BUTTS MORSE . . . . .P'resident . Vice-President . . . . .SecTetafr'y . . .T'r'ecLS'wref1' WILLIAMS GERALD A. BEIERSCHMITT, A. M Superfintendent of Schools VINCENT W. MCHAIL, A. M. Principal MISS NELLIE JOHNSON, A. B. Bucknell English MR. HAROLD SCHAEFFEB., B. S. Franklin and Marshal Social Science MISS RUTH EVANS, A. B. Susquehanna Matliematics MR. C. GRANT STERNER Music MR. VICTOR DALLABRIIIA, A. B. Villanova History MR. FRANK BARTOSEWICZ, B. S. Bucknell Manual Training Mlss JEAN GALLAGHER, A. B. Beaver English Mlxss ELIZABETH HOWARD, "PH: B Dlckinson Gorman, Democracy MISS RENZA LAMB Beckley Co'mmerc'ia.l MISS DOROTHY KEIFER, A. B. Wilson X History MR. CHARLES BOLESKI, A. B. Harvard Latin, English MISS ADA BAIINER, A. B. Beaver English MR. VVALTER CHI-:sNEY, B. S. Bloomsburg CO7I'l.'l7l-P'f'6'l:lll MR. ALBERT JONES, A. B. Gettysburg Social Science MR. FRANK Kosros, B. S. Bucknell Mathematics MISS MARIIC MCCARTIIY, A. B Boston University Biology Miss EONA OLSIIEI-'sKI, A. B. Susquehanna Ililrrwrirm, F'l'l'l1Cll' MR. HAROLII REESE, A. B., A. M. Penn State Science, Biology MISS EDNA ROWE, A. B. Susquehanna English. Science MR. WILLIAM YEAGER, B. S. Albright Clzieinislry MR. LUTHER BOYER, A. B. Susquehanna Scivncv, C'l1emist'ry, Biology Miss PIIYLLIS CIIIMOCK, B. S. Susquehanna COTVL7H,6'T'C1fl-l MR. VVILLIAM MCCALI., B. S Villanova C07IL'I'HI8'I'C'lIll MISS MARY lVICDEVIT'l', A. B Temple Latin, English Miss FLORENCE PIERI, B. S. Bloomsburg C O mmercml MR. GEORGE ROBERTSON, A. B Penn State Science, Physical Eflucation MlSS GRACE TIIIIJY, B. S. West Chester Physical Education Miss ELLEN ALBERTINI, A. B Cornell English, Miss G. GROSSKETTLER, B. S. Immaculata Home Economics ,KK ,K X , Q Nw JQAIQWA5-:SK ' - ' .W..:...m..4 ' R A ,........W X . 5 351i Hifi :wi :EJ ' L, 'W , . 3 ' - - . 8 , W H ' - - , ,, - 'L ji- ff' , f.f!gff1w14'iQf X wi W W H in - pw Z 1,,..g W l gg, ,4 fzijigx - - D -W fx? 'I Wifi- 3 'ff 5551, it I ' QW A A fgggwwf-'-. .5 4' was f---.W W-.. 0 li. S' ASSE! C L A R A T. ANDRULEVICH- "ClfLi'r"-Through her pleasant dis- position Clara has secured many friends. She likes good times after school hours. She is a particularly good dancer and likes skating and swimming. She wants to be some- bo-iy's stenog.-anybody in partic- ular, Clara? Tri-Il-li-Y. 3. 4: Spring Festival, I, 2: Pag- eant. 4. WILLIAM ANTHONY-"Goobcr" -"Goober" is rarely serious and likes to play jokes on his class- mates. We wonder why he spends so much time at Rea 8x Derrick's. Is it because he intends to own a ranch someday? Success Goober? Pageant, 4. GEORGE MARLIN BALENT- Here's our walking wit and humor book, though you'd never guess it by looking at him. George is often seen typewriting or helping the op- posite sex. He likes to travel, and we know, whether it's in Africa or Alaska, George will be a success. Wrestling. 3, 4: Band, 4: Orchestra. l, 2. PETER JOHN BERNATIVICIUS -"Ha'r'po"-Pete is one of the.jol- liest boys of our class. He is a great toodler on his whistle in the band. Pete never feels happier than in Economics class. We wonder? We hope you toot your whistle to success, Peter. Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4: Track, l, 2. 3. 43 Band, 2, 3, 4: I-Il-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Wrestling, 4: Yearbook, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2, 3. 4: Operetta. 4: Pageant, 4. l14l ANNA M. ANELAUSKAS-Could you find a nicer girl? Ann can be depended on in all her subjects an is always willing to give a helpin hand. Her future is undecided but whatever she undertakes, she'll suc- ceed. French Club 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. CHARLES RAYMOND BAKEY Next to women Charles loves hi typewriter. Can you blame him He expects to study at some busi ness school and become a great busi ness man. Already he looks like th prospective owner of the Stat Theatre. Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4. MARY BECKER - Short, swee and lovable describes our Ma This little girl goes through life con tinually making new friends an keeping old ones. Whatever you d cide to undertake, Mary, our ve best wishes, are sure to follow yo Tri-Hi-Y: Vice-Pres., 3: Sec'y. 4: Gle Club, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2, 4: Welco ing Committee, 4: Operetta, 4: Pageant, THADDEUS J. BRZESKIEWIC -"Teddy"-"Teddy" is a jolly bo liked by everyone especially t "fems". His blond hair and ev ready smile make him outstandin He is one of the ringleaders of t band. His chief hobby is prom nading down the avenue. Basketball, 3, 4: Band, 2, 3, 4: Hi- 3, 4: Glen Club, 3, 4: Spring Fcstiv l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. EDWARD A. BRZEZlCKI-"Ed- die"-"Eddie" is one of the quietest boys in the class. But what a wit. He loves to tinker with cars and that's the way his ambition runs. I guess you will remember the fun in Economics class. Eh! What! One of these days we want to hear of you as Ford's right hand man, Ed- die. Best of luck. Class Basketball, 3, 4. MILDRED LEE BURROWS - "Millie"-Mildred is one of our honor students. Her chief diversions are swimming, reading, and danc- ing. Her friendly air has helped her secure many friends. "Millie" deS1I'eS Y'IllI'SlIlg' 2.S 2. Career. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 3: Glee Club, 3. 4: Spring Festival, I, 2, 3, 4: Operetta. 4: Pageant. 4. ALOYSIUS JEROME CHESNEY - "Zoilc" - Fun-loving "Zoik" al- ays has a joke up his sleeve. He s a good student and a mainstay f the band. As fire fighting is his hief hobby we know he'll become hief Fire Warden in the near fu- llre. - and, 3. 4. ELESTA STELLA CIOKAJLO- tella firmly believes in having a ood time, and attends the dances t the M. O. C. Hall regularly. owever, her studies suffer no ill onsequences. Stella intends to tudy beauty culture, so we wish er best of luck. ri-Hi-Y, 3: Debating, 3, 4: Glee Club, : Spring Festival. l. 3, 4: Year Book talf. 4: Pageant, 4. ZENA BULKO - "Zen"-Zena is one of the punsters of our class. With a keen sense of humor and a cheerful smile she wins her way among her many friends. Zena is not sure what she intends to do when she graduates. I-lere's to suc- cess, Zena! Spring Festival, l, 2: Pageant, 4. THERESA ANN BUTKEItAS- "Terry"-"Terry" is charmin in her friendly ways. She has alligst of friends and is always willing to glve them a helping hand. She likes to hike, read, and dance. Her am- bition is to become a good stenog- rapher. Tri-I-li-Y. 3. 4: Spring Festival, I: Pag- eant. 4. CHARLES CHESNEY - uSli.y1l'I',u "CILarl1,e"-Charlie is one of our football heroes, an attraction to the weaker sex although he is not in- terested in them. We know he'll se- cure a position on the All-American Team some day. His quiet person- ality will help him succeed in the future. Football, l, 2, 3, 4: H-Y, 4: Pageant. 4. FANNIE COREN-Did you ever meet a girl with more pep than this bewitching person? Fannie is' very fond of dancing-she has rhythm. She expects to undertake beauty culture, in which profession we feel she will succeed. Tri-I-li-Y, 3: Dramatic, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Debating Club, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1. 2, 3, 4: Operetln, 4: Pageant, 4. l15l REBECCA COREN-"Re"-What ever Rebecca does, she does it well. Editor, Year Book, 4: Carmelito Weekly StaE, 3, 4: Editor, Carmelite Weekly, 3, 4: Debating Team, 1, 2, 3, 4: Debating Club, 3, 4: Pres. Debating Club, 4: Chemistry Club, 4: Glee Club, 3: Spring Festival, l, 2, 3: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: Tri-I-li-Y, 3: glational Honor Society, 4: Table Tennis ub, 4. CLAIRE A. CZEPONIS-When- ever you see her she's giggling, es- pecially when she's with Bertha Raibeck. Claire likes dancing and hiking and enjoys a good book. She doesn't know whether she'll be a nurse or a beautician but we wish her success in whichever field she enters. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Oper- etta, 4: Pageant, 4. ANGELINE D. DEGAETANO- "Angie"-"Angie" is always in a hurry, but never too greatly pressed for time to pass her disarming smiles around. Her charming per- sonality has won for her many friendships from both sexes. What a lovely nurse she'll make. Best wishes for success in the future. Spring Festival. I, 2. ROBERT E. DIETZ-"Chubby"- "Chubby's" principle is to enjoy himself, regardless of time, place, or consequence. He's fond of music, particularly jazz and plays the vio- lin. He takes his studies seriously and wants to be an electrical engi- neer. We wish him a successful Career. I-li-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4. l16l ROSE MARIE COSTELLO-Rose has scored high in popularity. The fact that she has been a splendid cheer-leader during the past two years exemplifies her active nature. The class extends best wishes for success in nursing, her chosen pro- fession. Tri-I-Ii-Y, 3, 4: Glea Club, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 3: Spring Festival, I, 2, 3, 4: Oper- etta, 4. HELEN CZERWINSKI-"Cherry" -Helen is named fair for her love- ly countenance, and charming for her delightful disposition--always smiling, never frowning. We know she is fond of reading because her name appears on many books in the library. Tri-I-li-Y, 3, 4: Gleo Club, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 3: Spring Festival, l, 2, 3, 4: Oper- etta, 4. SOPHIA T. DEMBAUSKAS "Touts" - "Touts" never lac-IQ words. She rates high as well in her classes as in the estimation og her classmates. Dancing is her fa vorite pastime. Sophia intends to become a commercial teacher. Sin- cere wishes for success from '36, Tri-l-li-Y, 3, 4: Glen Club, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 3: Track, 3: Debating Club, 3: Oper- etta, 4: Pageant, 4. ISABELLE R. DRUMHELLER From appearance Isabelle seems Q be prim and sedate, but all wh know her are aware that she is jus? as full of pranks as all other girls, Isabelle's kindness and sympathy are attributes that will carry hem far in her nursing career. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Year Book, 4: Pageant, 4. MARLIN EVANS-Marlin is one of the jolliest boys of our class. He is very fond of a girl in his class and maybe this is why he fre- quents Ramage's store. Marlin is imdecided about his future. Here's uck. IRENE MAGDALENE FETSKO -Here is another of the shy, se- date girls of our class. She is al- ways ready to reply when called upon and also ready to help her classmates. She has not disclosed her ambition to us but we know she intends to enter college. Very best wishes. glen Club. 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Spring estival, l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta. 4. THOMAS DALE FRYMOYER- "K1rimptco"' - Besides doing his omework, "Tommy" spends time hinking of nice names like "Krimp- er." He is quite an actor and we . ave hopes for his future. lass Basketball, 1, 2: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: rchestra. l. 2: Chdmistry Club, 4: ramatic Club, 3, 4: Minstrel, 3, 4: "Any- mdy's Game," 4: "Framed," 4: National Qlonor Society, 4: Pageant, 4: Operetta, 4. ERANK D. GALDA-"FrfLnkie"- frank is one of the active members If the class in school affairs but vho still has time for the opposite aex. His ambition is to become a :ommercial teacher. laskethall. 4: Band, 2, 3, 4: Track lanager, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, : Spring Festival, l, 2, 3: Pageant, 4. DAVID FERENCE - "lluuif"' - "Davie" is one of our star wrestlers. He spends most of his time-H at Maurer's and we are beginning tc get suspicious. Dave intends to be- come a champion wrestler in the world and we wish him success. Band, l, 2, 3: Spring l"c-stival 7. 2: Wrestling, 3: Pageant. 4. ALEC MICHAEL FLUDOVICH- 'lRll.S.4tlL7L',-ThlS contribution to the Senior Class is a happy and lively young fellow. He pays particular attention to athletics. Can you blame him? "Russian" intends. to be an athletic coach. Football, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Pageant. 4. MARY GAHRES-Mary is a quiet girl with a sunny disposition. She spends most of her evenings in the movies. Mary intends to become somebody's stenog. and we- wish her luck. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Gleo Club, 4: Spring Festival. I. 4: Operettn. 4. THEODORE H. GAWINOWMTZ- uI7,r0f.n, uTpdn Publicity Manager Dramatic Club, 4: "A Scream in the Dark," 4: "Anybody's Gam:-"g Editor Weekly Carmelite, 4: Debating Team, 3: Vice-President Debating Club, 3, 4: Class President, 3, 4: Student Council, 4: Chern- istry Club, 4: Pianist, 3, 4: Assembly Pi- anist, 4: Band, l, 2, 3: Yearbook, 4: I-li-Y, 2, 3. 4: Co-author of "FrammL" 4: National Honor Society. 4. ll'7l JEAN GRIFFITH-Jean is one of the sweetest and most popular girls in the class of '36. Her lovely dis- Eosition and pleasing personality ave brought her a host of friends both in High School and out. We are in the dark about her future but we wish her luck. Glee Club, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. ELIZABETH S. GRISCAVAGE- "G'rish."-This titian-haired young lady is one of the most popular girls of our class. Why? Because Grish is a good sport and is full of fun. Her ambition is to become a nurse. Vice-President of Tri-Hi-Y: Glee Club, 3, 4: Year Book Staff, 4: French Club. 4: Onerettn, 4: Pageant. 4. ETHEL GUARNA-Ethel is one of the senior class' most charming and most attractive girls. She is a very active and popular member of our class. Ethel intends to take up a business course. Trl-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Glea Club, 4: Spring Festi- val, 1, 2, 4: Manager Gym Team, 4: Ope- rettn, 4: Pageant. 4. JOHN HANCOCK - "Moon" - Where there is fun to be found, Johnny is near. Moon's favorite is wrestling and we hope he will be as successful in his future life as he has been in this sport. John in- tends to enter Wyoming Seminary. Fotitball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, l, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling, 3, 4: Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Minstrel, 4: Operetta. 4: Pag- eant. 4. U81 AGNES GRIGLAC-Agnes' ideal- istic nature finds expression in the lovely poetry she writes. Agnes in- tends to be somebody's stenoi. We wish her luck in everything s e un- dertakes. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2, 4: Operetta, 4: Pageant, 4. FRANK JOHN GRYZLO - Al- though this fellow shows little in- terest in extra-curricular activities, he is keenly interested in outdoor sports and he is quite "John" at them. His ambition is to become Chief Forest Ranger and his out- door activities should help him at- tain this ambition. VINCENT GUDLESKI - Vincent is a quiet wise-cracker-he does not say much but when he does it is extremely humorous. Vincent is very fond of long hikes through the woods and his greatest diversion is raising pigeons. MILDRED ANN HARRISON- Millie is a pleasant girl, very' friendly and always offering her sunniest smile to everyone. She is full of life and likes to swim and sing. She intends to become a pho-N tographer but her chief diversion! is traveling. We wish you all thel happiness you can find. 1 Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Spring Fea- tival, 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 3: 096 retta, 4: Pageant, 4. FRED BOWMAN HEIL-Fred is one of the most popular members of our class. He has been one of our basketball stars for four years. He' appears to be shy but we know that he is interested in the opposite sex. He intends to enter West Point. May luck be yours, Fred. Football, l: Basketball. l, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4. WALTER PETER JANKOWSKI -"Cotton"-His crop of blonde hair has won him his nickname. "Cot- ton" is one of our football men. He likes to wrestle and play tricks. His ambition! To become one of the important persons of our com- munity. Hi-Y, 3. 4: Football, I, 2. 3, 4: Class Bas- ketball, 3, 4: Wrestling, 3, 4: Pageant, 4. FRANCIS PETER JOHNSON- "Head"-"Frank" is another of our football heroes. He has always been one of the friendliest boys in the class and a pal to everyone. Frank expects to be a coach some day. Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 1, 2, 3: Track, 1. 2, 3: Glee Club, 4: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Operetta. 4: Pageant. 4. BEATRICE T. JURCIKONIS - "Beattie"-Wide awake for mis- chief. Beatrice is always seen in a jolly mood. She is a "whiz" at bas- ketball and likes dancing and ten- is. Beattie wants to be a good tenographer. Luck! ri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club. 4: Dramatic Club : Spring Festival, I: Operelta, 4: Pag- .ant. 4. WILLETTA HILDENBRAND -- Reserved and quiet, Willetta is ai good friend. She is always suro of having her assignments complete and one can always seek her for help. We are going to remember hler for her fine quality and friend- s ip. Glec Club, 3, 4: Tri-I-li-Y, 3, 4: Spring I"or4-- tival, 1. 2, 3. 4: Operetta, 4: lkuzealiv, 4. RUTH OLIVE JOHN-Ruth is one of the most popular girls in thc class. She would like to be a buyer in a large department store. We all wonder why she likes the song, "Frankie and Johnnie". Perhaps it has some connection with a football player. Spring Festival, 1, 2, 3, 4: Glec Club, 3, 4: Dramatics, 3: Oneretta, 4: Pageant, rl. JAMES ROBERT JONES-"Jim" -One of the smallest-but one of the best. A good student and musi- cian. Jim hasn't decided yet about his future but we know he will be a success no matter what his voca- tion may be. May we suggest col- lege with pretty co-eds? Glee Club, 3, 4: Hi-Y, l, 2, 3: Foollighl Club, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Minstrel, 3, 4: Operetta, 4: Pageant, 4. STANLEY JOHN KALINOSKI- "Stan"-M. O. C. Hall Thursday night paging "Stan" Kalinoski. H0 is one of the best dressed boys in the class-a good and dependable friend. His future is a mystery to us. Success, Stanley! Football, I, 2: Basketball, l, 2: Ili-Y, Zi, -I: Glee Club. 3. 4: Pageant, 4. llfll, EMMA IREN E KARBLEY-"E-m.- sie"-Charmingl little "Emsie" wins her way into t e hearts of all who meet her with her lovely smile and pleasant disposition. Since Emma likes to travel, we wonder if she'll make a journey to Hawaii some day? Best wishes! Tri-U-li-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Dramatic Club. 3: French Club, 4: Spring Festival, 3: Year Book Staff, 4: Operetta, 4: Pag- eant. 4. JAMES GRANT KEHLER, JR.- "J'im"-"J im" is one of the scholars of the class. He intends to study medicine and specialize in some branch of that science. He is an ardent ping-pong enthusiast, loves fishing, and jazz orchestras. Luck to the future medico. Glee Club, 3, 4: Carmelite Staff, 3, 4: Year Book Staff, -4: Spring Festival, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: "Anybody's Game", 4: Track Manager, 3: National Honor Society, 4: Table Tennis, 4: Operetta. 4. ANNA THERESA KIESKI-Stu- dious and active, Anna is one of our popular members. She likes books and spends much time reading. She intends to study languages if she enters college. French Club President, 4: Glee Club, 4: Year Book Stai, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y, 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society: Operetta, 4. NICHOLAS KOBI -- "Nick" -- "Nick," a shy, retiring fellow, well known for his artistic ability, is a lover of woodwork and painting. His vacant periods are spent in the Manual Training Shop. He intends to study these subjects and special- ize in them. We know this hard working fellow is going to be fa- mous. 11201 ELEANOR B. KARLOVICH- "Smiles"--Eleanor is a wonder in all school activities. She is fond of singing and dancing. Studying is one of her diversions which makes "Smiles" one of the better students. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Debating Club, 3: Glee Club, 4: Dramatic Club, 3: Carmelite, 3: Year Book staff. 4: Operetta, 4: Pageant, 4. FRANK JOSEPH KERDOCK- Tall and quiet, Frank has his les- sons always prepared. His frequent, trips to the "Gap" show his disin- terest in the "home product." He wants to become a big corporation clerk-however, we imagine him as the head of one. i W i i LAMAR WILLARD KLAWITTE -This genial chap is seldom see without that smile which is alway welcome. His sincerity has won hi many friends. Lamar intends to be- come a ranger and we can almost hear the forests ring with his mel- low voice. We know success will be with him. Glee Club, 3, 4: Operetta, 4: Pageant, 4. JOSEPH M. KOCHCZYNSKI- "Joe" is a brilliant student. He is serious about his studies and his talking trait has made him a good debater. He is always first to offei service in activities. Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Minstrel 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: National Honol Society: Debating Team, 3, 4: Pageant. 4 EDWARD JOSEPH KOVACK- "Ko veg"-"Eddie" is our spark plug on the gridiron. We appreciate his Liumor, friendship, and sportsman- hip and we know he will succeed in becoming a good football coach. The girls managed to change his ashfulness too. uotball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 4: Track, l: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. V I C T O R I A LAURINAITIS- l'Vic"-"Vic" seems to like dancing and skating. She's a good guard ,n basketball. Her ambiton is to be beautician. Her friendship will Eielp her a lot in the future. Luck! Victoria. oageant, 4. EIARRY EDWARD LESHER- 'Eddien - Though never afflicted ith overstudy "Eddie" manages to et along. He likes music and danc- g and he handles the bass horn vell. Eddie aspires to be a medical loctor or a chemical engineer. land, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. LITA IMELDA LOPKO-Although ne of the quiet, studious girls of ur class, she has gained her popu- rity as well as anyone else. Rita Emends her leisure time at the iano, Rita intends to take up Eaching and we know she will cceed in both fields. peretta. 4. LEONARD JOHN KRAMER- "Nedge"-A smart lad-Leonard gets ahead in his studies. He pos- sesses a good sense of humor and has a host of friends. He wants to be a traveler. "Knowledge through seeing"-his motto. A clear sailing from the class of '36, Len. Pageant, 4. LORRAINE YVONNE LEHMAN -A true pal and friend, Lorraine will always live in our memory. Wise? In many ways. Her future is undecided but maybe we suspect something. Success to you. Glee Club, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, -I: Dramatic Club, 3: Operetta, 4. PETRONELLA C. LIGNOW - "Pet"-Although talkative and gig- gling-Pet is serious at her studies and has a fine record in her studies. She is jolly and her ability as a stenographer is already realized. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Glen Club, 4: Operetta, 4. CECELIA LUCAS-Cecelia is one of the more reticent young ladies of the Senior class. She doesn't spend much of her time in school, but she always has every lesson thoroughly prepared, and can be de- pended upon for all tasks assigned her. We don't know much about Cecelia's future but we know it will be successful. l21l CLEMENT JEROME LUCAS- "Clem"-"Clem" is one of the class' popular heroes. He is an earnest student and active in many groups in the school. Swimming, dancing, and hunting are some of his favor- ite sports. He hopes to become a West Point Cadet and we wish him all the luck in the world. Class Treasurer: Football, 3, 4: Orchestra, l, 2: Hi-Y, 3, 4: French Club, 4: Pag- eant, 4. HELEN TEKLA MANKEWICZ- Helen is one of our most industrious students. She is always willing to work and do it in the best way. Fond of music and books, her future has not been definitely decided upon. She may enter either the field of journalism or the white parade. Good luck! Helen. Dramatic Club, 3: Debating Club, 3: Glee Club, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Operetta, 4: Pag- eant, 4. JOHN LESTER MARQUETTE- "Jack" -One of the most popular males in the class, John is inter- ested in everything but his school work. He thinks it is too much like prison. He is athletically inclined, likes football, basketball, swimming. Johnnie intends to matriculate at West Point. Fame to you in the next war. Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: French Club. 4: Pageant, 4. EDWARD MAZAUSKAS - An- other popular member of the class of '36, "Ed's" personality emphazis wit, for whenever there is a joke he is right in the thick with it. He is undecided as to his future voca- tion, but we are sure that he will command much respect in the fu- ture. Here's wishing you luck. I2-21 JOSEPH M. MACUTKIEWICZ- "Matches"-Hail to our captain Joe was our football captain thi: year-a better choice was neve: made. "Matches" hobby is hunting We wonder if it's big game ffoot balll hunting or just girls. In z short time Joe will probably bu back at M. C. H. S. as one of out coaches. Success to you, Captain. Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain, 4: Track, 3 4: Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3. 4. JOSEPH JOHN MARENICK- Rather than find Joe in school ont is more likely to find him loafini in front of Stecker's Book Store Joe is quite interested in wrestling but besides that he has a greate interest in electrical science. Joi says he's going to be a radio expert I-li-Y, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling, 3, 4: Spring Fei tival, l. , EARL MAURER-Earl is one 0 the faithful supporters of our dea institution. Earl's broad smile i so constant that one would thin that he can't be serious. Earl woul like to control a milk syndicate il the near future. I-Iere's to success Spring Festival, 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta, 4, Minstrel, 4. VINCENT W. MAZURKEVICH- This quiet ? ? boy wants to becon a doctor. Brilliant, bashful an quite nice, he expects to be calle "Dr, Sawbones", and is "always a' guing" with our Economic's teache We wonder if he's ever right 1 wrong. Since he has some wonde ful ideas, we wish him luck. IIRIAM G. MEREDITH-Shy and rinsome, not too tall, Miriam is one nf the sweetest girls in our class. .lways smiling, she has a host of riends who hold great respect for er. Somebody certainly is going 1 have a very good secretary. Suc- ess. lee Club, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. ,MELIA LORETTA MIHALIK- Mimi"-"Mimi" has a marvelous oice and she certainly can dance. esides dancing and singing for fa- nrite hobbies Amelia likes basket- ll. It is Amelia's ambition to be a rse. Here's where all the boys 'll be taking slight doses of poison ' breaking their joints. ee Club, 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Spring Fes- ral, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 33 Year Book aff: Operetta. 4. EIOMAS JOHN MILEWSKI- ,om'n1.y"-Someone might think o1nmy's a little "loony" when they e him stoop in the street and pick 1 an envelope, but that's only part his hobby-stamp collecting. In few years Tommy's name will be ittering in headlights as "Tail- iin Tommy" and his book will be led with airmail stamps. gCHAEL MITEK - "Mickey" - ickey," as he is known to his lends, is small in stature, but still e of the jolly makers of the hool. His good humor and wit ve played an important part in ightening his classes. He intends become an aviator and we hope doesn't become too high hat when is above us. zeant, 4. ESTHER LOIS MICHELSON- "Sunny"-"Sunny's" the most mis- chievous member of our class. Her million dollar smile is her greatest asset. Why is Sunny fond of foot- ball heroes from Coal Township? ? Sunny expects to become a morti- cian and we wish her success in all her undertakings! Glee Club, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y. 3, ::mYeIar Book Staff: Operetta, 4: Pag- WALTER JOSEPH MIKULSKI- "Wally"-"Wally" certainly knows his stuff when it comes to shorthand and typing. He is quite attractive to the fair sex but he doesn't care much about them. He intends to become a mechanic and we know he will make a success of it. Basketball, l. VINCENT E. MIRONOVICH- "General"-Three guesses who is this wisecracking with the "perpet- ual" grin. Right! It's "General" the M. O. C.'s basketball wizard. "General" would rather play bas- ketball than wisecrack, which is something. He's looking forward to aviation as a career. He can't help but succeedg every time he opens his mouth he's in the air. FRED MORATELLI-"Freddie"- "Freddie" might have been too small to be a football hero but he has made up for it in his four success- full years of basketball. Freddie hopes to be a jazz orchestra leader some day. We know he'Il attain his heights. Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4: Track, l: Hi-Y, 3. 5: Cheer Leader, 3: Head Cheer Leader, 4: Pageant, 4. IQ :qs .1 GEORGE ALFRED MORSE - George is not only a popular lad in the senior class but in all classes, especially the sophomore. He may not like studying but he shows a great interest in cartooning. Though not definite about his life work, he is seriously interested in forestry. Band, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3: Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4: Glea Club, 3, 4, Minstrel, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2, 3, 4: Pag- eant, 4. IGNATIUS MOTYKA- "Iggie" - "Iggie" is one of the smallest boys of the class. Red hair and blue eyes, that is Iggie. Red is always fight- ing with the girls, especially in Eco- nomics Class. He intends to become a cgooner and we know he will suc- cee . LEONA MARIE NARUSEWICZ- Here we have one of the most pop- ular members of our class. Leona's hobbies are singing, dancing, and movies. But that doesn't keep her from being A-1 in her studies. Her great ambition is to become an opera singer. Good luck! Leona. Tri-Hi-Y. 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Operetta. 43 National Honor Society, 4: Pageant, 4. JOHN JOSEPH OKOPINSKI- "Mase"-This quiet lad considers school a necessary part of his youth and pays particular attention to his outside courses in preparation for his future. He is quite crafty in manual arts. John intends to enter the promising field of radio as an engineer. Here's to success! Pageant, 4. l24l ANTHONY MOSELLA--"Tony"- "Tony" is one of our all around ath- letes. He is popular with all hi: schoolmates not only for his sports manship but also for his wonderfu personality. We know Tony will b1 as successful as he was on the grid' iron. The entire class wishes yol uc . Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: Baa ketball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Pageant, 4. FLORENCE L. MULLENKAVICI "Flossie"-Here is a girl wh' brings with her jokes and harmony Flossie surely did show her abilitj on the girls' team. We find he' liked by all. She spends most o' her time dancing or imitatinl movie stars. Flossie intends to b, somebody's stenog. and we knot she will succeed. 1 Glee Club, 3, 4: Operetta, 4: Girls Gym Team, 3, 4: Pageant, 4. 1 l HELEN BARBARA OKOPINS -Helen's greatest pleasure is cla sical music. She has many frien but her true friend is a book. S stands high in all the classes an among her teachers. Helen intend to become an English teacher an we feel sure she will be one of th best. Gleo Club, 3, 4: Carmelite Staff, 4g Op- retta, 4: Pageant, 4. STANLEY E. OLSHEFSKI - "Stan"-By looking at "Stan" or would believe him to be shy and rn served but his tricks are in the bag Our jolly classmate is a good st1 dent and short-hand shark. Froi his friendliness and stick-to-it-iv4 ness we know Stanley will succeel VIRGINIA MARIE OLSHEFSKI -"Gene"-Introducing Miss Dig- nity. Virginia is the essence of it in her smile, talk and walk. She has been the heart throb of many of the football players. As yet Gene is not definite as to what school she will attend but she has decided on being a commercial teacher. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: French Club, 3: Spring Festival, l, 2, 3: Student Council: Operetta, 4: Pageant, 4. ALBERTA JANET OSIPOVICH- Alberta is a typical modern miss. She likes fun and good times are always first on the list. She hasn't et decided whether she wants to urse or to teach French. Success o you in the field you choose. ri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: French Club, 3: Glee Club, , 4: Operettn, 4: Pageant, 4. EAN PALMER-Jean seems to e quiet, but she's jolly and talka- ive especially in Economics class. he's a good and faithful friend nd as a kindergarten teacher we now she will succeed. lass Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, : Year Book Staff, 4: Dramatic Club, 3: ageant, 4. ILDRED H. PASZKEWICZ- 'Millien-One would think that 'Millie" is one of the quiet type but hen you get to know her your pinion readily changes. As a dan- er Millie excels. She intends to ecome a school teacher or a beau- ician and we know she will succeed either, possibly both. lee Club, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 3, 4: Tri- i-Y, 8, 4: Operatta, 4. STANLEY MICHAEL ORZEL- "Stan"-"Stan" is one of the hus- kies of the class. He is rather shy and quiet and has one distinction, that of being a woman-hater. Stan- 1ey's chief ambition is to become a member of the State Police Patrol. Here's hoping we don't get pinched, oiiicer. WILLIAM HARRISON OSWALD "Bill"--Although he always seems serious, his seriousness is just a screen over his jolly disposition. His habits show advancement since- he loves to hike, swim and collect stamps. His future is electrical en- gineering. Go to it, Bill! Track, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Page-ant, 4. THEDA GWEN PALMER-The-da is a fair, blonde girl. She finds time for both pleasure and work. Theda is interested in commercial work. She possesses a fine soprano voice. We wish you all the luck and happi- ness you can find. Dramatic Club, 3: Gleo Club, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2, 3, 4: Weekly Cnrmelih-. 3: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. JOSEPH PATRICK-"Joe"-"Joe" is one of the more quiet boys of our class. He is very sociable and is always willing to be someone's friend. Joe does not know what he intends to do when he graduates. Here's luck, Joe! Glee Club, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Spring lfestivnl, 3, 4: Minstrel, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. l25l MAE PATRICK-Mae is small in stature but that's not all there IS to her. What we see her for is her friendship. At school she is very studious, but out she engages 1n dancing and skating. We know Mae will succeed and flnd an oppor- tunity for teaching-her soul ambi- ion. ggegv,Cl!ub, 3: Spring Festival, 1, 2, 3: Tri. FRANCIS E. PETRUSKEVICH- When .one hears music that sounds l1ke'B1ng.Crosby, they know Fran- CIS IS coming. Francis is one of the class comedians. This enterprising young .man is always worrying about his studies. He is our French shark. We take our hats off to a future engineer. Basketball, 1, 2, 3: T k, 2, 3. . G1 Club. 4: Pageang 4. rac 4' ee BERNICE ALWIN PRICE-Here IS a member of our class who with her prettiness and friendliness has won us over. Bernice belongs to the type that doesn't say much yet al- ways has a host of listeners. She loves singing and hiking so we know she will hike into a good office some day. Glee Club, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Spring Fes- tival, 1, 2, 4: Pageant, 4. STANLEY RACKOSKI - Stanley is one of those fun lovers always up to something and is a celebrated note passer. He is one of the band's solo clarinet players. Stan- ley aspires to become a secret serv- ice operator. Glee Club, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. l25l JOSEPH MATTHEW PAUZA- Joe ranks as a very popular stu- dent. Very seldom will you flnd him promenading through the halls without a girl or conversing with one. Joe is quite a math shark. Like most of us, he's undecided about his future. Football, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4: French, 3, 4: Wrestling Manager, 4: Pageant, 4. ANTHONY PIETREWICZ-"Pet" is a quiet boy, Well-liked by all who know him. He loves the outdoors as his frequent walks in the woods show. He puts special interest in stamp collecting and reading, avoid- ing association with "femmes." His willingness and integrity should help him attain his ambition. Suc- cess, Anthony. CHARLES RABER - "Charlie" -7 Charles, although seemingly reti- cent, has sudden outbursts, which prove to be otherwise. Charles is very popular and has proved his efficiency as an editor of the "Week- ly Carmelite" Debating Club, 4: Operetta, 4: Minstrel, 3, 4: Ed. Carmelite Weekly, 4: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Co-author "Framed". MARIAN H. RAMAGE-"Blondie" -Marian is a. blond care-free sort of girl and her jolliness has found for her a host of friends. Her hob- bies are dancing, roller skating, and swimming. Pretty active, eh? Her ambition is to become a good secre- tary. We wonder? We advise you to study housekeeping. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Latin Club, 3: Music Fes- tival, 1, 2: Pageant. 4. ALBERTA M. RAIBECK-"Bev tha"-"Bertha" is small in stature but big in heart. She is everybody's friend tisn't that right, Claire 'IJ Al- berta is full of fun and always ready for a good time, especially at dances. Her ambition is to become a school teacher. Success. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Pag- eant, 4. RAYMOND EDWARD REITZ- It took Raymond four years to get in to the spirit of the game but once he did he did it with a "bang." Raymond besides being a star honor student has been an active worker of the Weekly Carmelite and the Chemistry Club. Boys Glee Club, 3, 4: I-Ii-Y, 4: Weekly Car- melite, 4: Chemistry Club, 4: Spring Fes- ival. 1. 2. 3, 4: Operetta. 4: Pazeanr. 4: National Honor Society, 4. OHN JOSEPH RUTKOWSKI- 'Joh,1mie"-Blonde, tall and hand- some, "Johnnie" seems to have the bility of the poet yet that doesn't eem to be his ambition. He intends o become a state trooper and we're ure he'll get there. Colne and pay s a visit on your motorcycle. Best f luck for your future. rack, 3. o MILY SCOTT-She is quite pop- lar and when she is absent you ertainly miss her. She surely does ike her dancing and she always has gay hand for the fellows. In your ursing campaign, Emily, we hope ou meet up with a lot of sick men. lee Club, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y, 3, 4: Dramatic lub, 3: Spring Festival, 4: Operetta, 4. EMORY ELLSWORTH REESE- Emory IS a good scout. In school he.1s quiet and reserved but less quiet when out among his friends. He is not active in clubs or sports but .works on all his studies. His ambition is to become a chemical engineer. Hi'Y. 2. 3: Pageant, 4. IRENE ROGUST-Irene is one of those girls who earns her popularity by her quiet manners. She is friendly, tstudlous, and ambitious. Her aim IS to become a good nurse and we are sure she has the quali- ties that insure her success. Tri-Hi-Y, 4: Gl Cl ly . Club, 4: operem? 4. ll . 3. 4. French MARIE SARISKY-"'Mary" -'Mary IS a quiet a.nd friendly person. She is well mannered and yery lady like. Dancing and read- mg are. llIary's hobbies. At present llyiagy 1:32515 decided Zvhjther she'll e or some o ' Luck in your choice. YS Stenog' Glee Club. 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4- S 1 F - 'al' 1- 2- 4: Overetta. 4: Pagefllelfs. can EEgABETH A. SCICCHITANO - , eftll -Betty came to us in her Junior year and 1n two short years she has become one of the most pop- ular members of the class. Betty attends .most all school affairs but her blg. interest is outside of school Betty intends to become a dentai hygienist but her love of home life can t be neglected. Success. I27l ,R U S S E L L SHAMANSKY - "Russ"-He speaks few words but they are worth hearing. "Russ," one of our star track men, has also made a name for himself in intra- mural basketball. Russell is unde- fidl:-id about his future, but here's uc . Hi-Y. 3, 4: Track, 3, 4. MARIE SHIPCHACK-Marie is a quiet girl whom some people be- lieve to be a home lover. However, she is a good sport and likes to at- tend dances and social affairs. We think she intends to make Kulpmont her permanent residence. Good luck. Tri-I-li-Y, 4: Gleo Club, 4: Operetta, 4. AMELIA SHUBIAK-This fastid- ious young lady with a lovely smile may be classified as the demure type. However, she is an active 'modern miss for she likes swimming and tennis. Amelia aspires to be a dental hygienist and we are con- fident a bright lass like her will succeed. Vice-President Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Glen Club, 3, 4: Dramatic Cub. 3: Spring Festival, l, 3, 4: Carmelite Staff, 4: Operetta, 4. ALFRED EARL SIPPLE-We're sure you're all acquainted with our first class yodeler, "Al," His guitar and songs seem to chase the blues away and make everyone happy. Al's ambition is to become an avia- tor and we bet he'll take his guitar with him. Happy landing, Al. Spring Festival, 2: Glee Club, 4: Opcretta, 4: Minstrel, 4. I23l BYRON WILLIAM SHARER- Byron is more popular with high school girls than he is with their teachers. "Red" is, we may say, the "Gay Lothario" of our class. He never fails to attend a school dance and he's always sure to have a new step. Red's delight is dancing. Hi-Y, 2, 3: Pageant, 4. SOPHIA SHIPCHACK-They say "Children should be seen and not heard," but Sophia is grown ug now and just loves to talk. Althoug she is an all-around good student she excels in commercial work. With her ability we feel sure she'll hold an important office position some day. Success. ALBIN ANTHONY SIMNISKIS "B'i1my"-"Binny" is a quiet, re served person, who minds his ow business. Albin has not disclose his ambition, but we know that uh is mechanically inclined and WIS him the best of luck in that or an other field. Hi-Y. 4. ' HENRY FRANK SLIIZALIS "Susie"-Henry is a gllletf modes boy, well liked by all his classmates He is an earnest, hard workmg stu dent and a sincere friend. His al in life is to become an electrical en gineer and by his fine grades 1 school we know he'll be a success. Hi-Y, 2, 3: Pageant, 4. ENNETH JOHN SMITH-"Kem 'c"-Sometimes "Kenny" is quiet d sometimes quite noisy. He mes to school prepared and leaves hen his work is through. He fry interested in a Senior girl. He undecided about his future but 'e hope he will succeed in all his lldertakings. -Y, 2, 3: Band, 1, 2: Pageant. 4. YNTHIA C. SMOCZYNSKA- perfect maiden, nobly planned, e capable to warm, comfort, and mmandf' Yes, that describes Cyn- ia, a sweet, amiable girl. Her fa- rite sport is tennis. Cynthia in- nds to go away to school. May all e luck in the world be yours, nthia. a Club, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 3: ench Club, 3. 4: Operetta, 4: Pageant, 4. IZABETH ANNE SOSNOSKI "Betty"-"Betty" is one of the st liked members of our class. r lovely smile and willingness to :lp others have helped to make her . Although an expert typist, she 'tends to become a beauty cul- rist. I-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 3, 4: o Club, 4: Operetta, 4. 'XUL OWENS STALLER-Paul perfect to a "T," A good student d sportsman, he is one of our best ck men. His ambition is forestry. hougln possessing a sophisticated lity he is quite friendly and the ss of '36 wish you the best of k, Paul. ick. 3, 4: Pageant, 4. WARREN J. SMITH-"Smithy"- Warren is one of our tall, handsome lads. His chief interest is forestry. Now we understand why his fa- vorite sport is hiking. He is a quiet, reserved boy and an earnest stu- dent. May 'your success in the fu- ture surpass even that of your school days, Warren. Track, 3, 4: Football, 2: Pageant, 4. JOHN F. SONDEY-"Strcaky"- His sense of humor infects everyone surrounding' him. All your blues are forgotten when Streaky's around. He is an ace athlete and excels in wrestling. He wants to become an aviator or forester, but we think he would be a better comedian. Football, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4: Wrestling, 3, 4: Pageant, 4. ROBERT FREDERICK SPECTOR -"Spec", "Robby"-Robert holds a record for being active in sport as well as in scholastic work. He is fond of swimming and dancing. He intends to enter Albright. Football, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, 1, 2: Hi-Y, 1. 2, 3. 4: Wrestling, 3: Basketball, l, 2. 3: French Club, 3, 4: Pageant, 4. PAUL WELLINGTON STECKER One of the quiet members of the class, Paul doesn't consider studies his whole interest. The femmes in- terest him too. A staunch supporter of school activities, his dream is to become an electrical engineer. Band, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Spring Fea- tival, l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta, 4: Minstrel, 4: Pageant, 4. l29l V I N C E NT A. SUPSINSKI- -"Vince"-A quiet, well-liked boy. He demonstrates a good sense of humor. For some reason or other "Vince" knows Centralia very well, and can be found there often. But don't be fooled-he's a man's man. We hope! His ambition is to be- come an engineer. Best of luck, Vince! Hi-Y. 3, 4. GENEVIEVE E. SWIDERSKI- -7"Je1my"-A lively and talkative little member of our class is "Jenny," Her scholastic standing shows that Jenny's wit, humor and pleasing personality have given her high rank in popularity. Debating, l, 2: Glee Club, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2. 3, 4: Student Council, 4: Secretary of class, 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-I-li-Y, 3: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: National Honor So- ciety. 4: Operetta, 4. CAROLYN MAE TREFSGAR- "Connie"-"Connie" is about the most popular girl of this year's graduating class. She's the yen of all the football players and we won- der if she has a yen for them. "Connie" is going to be a beauty culturist and make all the girls sit pretty. Girl's Basketball, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 2, 4: Class Vice-President, 3. HENRY TYLENDA-Henry is one of the most-liked boys in the Senior class. His wit and person- ality have aided in getting him hosts of friends. Henry's ambition aspires to that of an orchestra leader. Here's luck Henry in your future career. Band, 3,14: Glee Club, 3, 4: I-Il-Y. 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2, 3: Student Council Treasurer, 4: Operetta, 4. ANTHONY SWABOSKI-"Tony" -"Tony" spends his time in school winking at the girls or calling them stooges. He tells us he has schoo spirit-we wonder. Gunning is hi main hobby. Tony is undecide about his future, but here's luck. Track, 3: Student Manager of Football, 4. ELLSWORTH ALLEN THOMAS -"Ells"-Here is a boy whose en- trance into high school attracted little attention. But since he is here, we have found that his silence onli covers his brilliance. Here's succes to the future radio operator. Glee Club, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4: French Club. 3, 4: Operetta, 4: Minstrel, 4. M I L D R E D C. T'UwSHINSKI "Mickey"-"Mickey" is always see? hurrying around doing somp commercial work for some teache Besides being a great help to thu teachers she is a great pal to hel friends. Millie says her ambitior is that of a commercial teacher. Glee Club, 3, 4: Tri-l-Ii-Y, 3, 4: Carmelitl Staff, 4: Music Festival, l, 2, 3, 4: Ope retta, 4. ALFRED J. UNTERBACH--"AP -A wise man rarely speaks am when he does he does so wisely Alfred is very seldom heard b when he is, it's something wort while listening to. Alfred intend to extend his education in som form of science, particularly chem istry. Debating team, 3: Glee Club, 3, 4: Hi-11 3, 4: Operdtta, 4: Minstrel, 4. lfltll Club, 3, 4: Year Book Statf, 43 Tri- ROCCO URELLA-"Rick"-As an thlete, he is one of the outstand- g, as a friend and student he is lways a leader. "Rick" has suc- eded in being one of our best restlers. He is the sort that has , big "hello" for everyone. 'rack, 1, 2, 3, 4: Football, 2, 3, 45 Wrest- mg, 3, 4. LBERT WARNER - "Al" - We ouldn't think "Al" has all the rength he shows on the mat but is bulky lad can handle them. e is one of our short-hand sharks t because he's short but because his attention and speed. Al is a nker and says being an auto me- ianic is the best in professions. restling, 3, 43 Pageant. 4. RIS ELIZABETH WERT - efrtie"-Wertie is a sweet-dispo- ioned classmate who is liked by erybody. Wertie has been active all student activities but she esn't neglect her pleasures. Her Lbition is to be someone's stenog. Y, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 4: Carmelite kly, 3: Operetta, 4. ERA MAUDE WILLIAMS - ra is a quiet and friendly girl. e are glad to have her kind with -she is what you call a pal. Vera ambitious but not too studious. r pleasant smile and lively per- Elality is going to do a lot for her the nursing profession. -Hi-Y, 3: French Club, 3, 4: Glee Club. Spring Festival, 4: Operetta, 4. WALTER B. WALEWSI-" Wul- ly"-Decidedly of the "he-man" type "Wally" is a popular member of the class of '36, His skill on the mats as one of our best wrestlers has earned him the nickname "Man-Mountain." "Wally" is just as good scholastically as athleti- cally. He aspires to a position as a coach. Luck! gfozitball, 2, 3, 4: Track, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling, JACK LEWIS WEISBONIP - "Jackie"-Jack insists on succeed- ing in all his undertakings, that's why he has succeeded in making us all his friends and in making him- self one of our leading athletes and students. He is an especially good wrestler. His friendly disposition will make him a future man oi' re- nown. Wrestling, 3, 4g Track, 2: Hi-Y, 2. 4g Band, 2, 3, 4: Pageant, 4. LAMAR ELWOOD WILLIAMS- When it is blue Lamar makes it red. We mean it-he knows how to create a laugh and a. jolly atmos- phere. He likes to dance and to talk to girls. Being a good student and taking interest in scientific studies proves that he is going to succeed in mechanical engineering. Football, l, 2, 3: Hi-Y, 2. 3, 4: Pageant, 4. FRANCES MARY Behold one of our Frances is a ver WITKOSKI- fairest lasses. charming and Y popular young lady. Forever smil- ing, her disposition her circle of friends see a string of mal has increased . We can fore- es on your list of patients when you are a nurse, Frances. Tri-l-Ii-Y, 3, 43 Spring Festival, I, 2. 3. 43 Glee Club, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. l31l ALBERT ALLEN YEAGER-One of the more quiet boys of the class, Albert has found diversion in build- ing model airplanes and teasing. Albert intends to become an air- plane mechanic and we feel certain that his success will go up in the air with him. The class takes this means of wishing you success. Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE ANDREW YODIS - George is one of the quiet lads but he manages to conserve some of his vocal strength for Economics Class and that's one place where George will be heard because he knows more about current problems than anyone except, of course, the teacher. Hail to another aviator of our class. I-Ii-Y, 4: Wrestling, 4. EDWARD VIRGIL ZAMBONI- "Eddie" - Mischief, heated argu- ments Qover nothingj, and person- ality give "Eddie" popularity. "Wine, women, and song" is his motto. "Zam" doesn't know whether he should be a forester, or an accor- dian squeezer. The latter we think is preferable. Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4: Spring Festival, 1, 2: Football Manager, 1, 2, 3: Orchestra, 1, 2. AGNES ZEMA-Agnes reminds you of your sweet little sister with a big heart. Dancing is one of Agnes' chief hobbies. Her moments of bliss are when she is reading or mingling with the girls in school. She is so studious that we know she will make a splendid teacher. Tri-I-Ii-Y, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Operetta, 4. l32l ANNA RITA YODIS-Alwal! ready to give one of her charmi smiles to anyone-that's Anna. S is always gay and keeps the da clouds from hovering around h We're sure some Wealthy boss wi have sunshine in his office wi1 Anna as stenog. Luck Anna. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: Operetta, 4: Pageant, 4. MARTHA JULIANA YUSKOSB --"Marty"-"Marty" always a pears, a little somnolent but whe it comes to school work she hi everything at her finger tips. As fi extra curricula she doesn't st: out of much. Debating team. 2, 3, 4: Debating Club, 4: Carmelite Weekly, 4: Year Book Phi Editor, 4: Spring Festival, 3, 4: Glee Cll 3, 4: Operetta, 4: National Honor Sociei Pres. Table Tennis Club, 4: Pageant, Tri-l-li-Y, 3, 4: "Anybody's Game," Dramatic Club, 3, 4. ANNA THERESA ZAVATSKIJ "Blondie"-Our "Blondie" kno' what she wants and goes after We hope she always gets it. An is a gay person who likes singi and dancing. Traveling and liste ing to the radio are among her versions. She hopes to be a teach' Here's wishing you luck, Anna. Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4: G Club, 3, 4: Operetta, 4: Pageant, 4. ALFRED BUDRESS-"Al," "B -"Bud" is popularly known as artist of the class. He spends greater amount of his school rendering his ability to the vari4 organizations. Al has not divulg his ambition to us but we are sw he will do as well as he has in painting. YEAR BOOK STAFF Faculty Advisor WILLIAM A. MCCALI, Erlitm'-in-Clzief REBECCA COREN, '36 Assistant Editor HELEN OKOPINSKI, '36 Assistants THEODORE GAWINOWICZ, '36 HAROLD LIACIIOWITZ, '37 GENEVIEVE SVVIDERSKI, '36 BETTY JANE STRAUSS, '37 JEAN HECKLER, '37 PETER BERNATIVICIUS, '36 HELEN MANKIEXVICZ, '36 PETRONELLA LIGNOW, EMMA KARBLEY, '36 JEAN PALMER, '36 LEONA NARUSEWICZ, '36 CHARLES RABER, '36 HELEN MANKEVICH '36 r Business Manager ELEANOR KARLOVICII, '36 Assistants SOPIIIA DEMBAUSKI, '36 BIILDRED TUSHINSKI, '36 FRANK GALDA, '36 Photo Editor MARTHA YUSKOSKI, '36 Assistant JAMES KEHLER, '36 '36 ISABELLE DRUMHELLER '36 FANNIE COREN, '36 AGNES ZIMA, '36 ESTIIER MICI-IELSON, '36 AMELIA MIHALIK, '36 r Class Colors ROYAL BLUE AND GOLD Class Flower YELLOW TEA ROSE Class Motto NVISDOM Is POWER CLASS OFFICERS P1'vs'i11f'11t THEODORE GAWINOWVICZ Vice-Prffsirlent HENRY TYLENDA Secretavy GENEVIEVE SWIIJERSKI Trcasm'ev CLEMENT LUCAS HISTGRY OF THE CLASS OF '36 "The First Year is Never Smooth" Bashful, wide-eyed, naive, confused, the graduates of today trod the then fearsome halls of our noble institution the first time in the momentous year, 1932. Timidly they went to class, diligently they studied their lessons, and religiously they obeyed all the regulations. Gradually their awe dis- appeared, they grew accustomed to the new routine only to find that the first year had slipped by. "Routine Becomes a Joke" Now, being sophomores, they were changed from timidity, to audacity. Perchance some slowly began to neglect their lessons. Although still "youngsters" many were becoming confident enough to essay an unpreten- tious participation in the limited extra curricular program available at the time. Nevertheless the second year passed quite uneventfully. "Dignity Reigns Supreme" With another year gone, and all childish playthings stored away, the class of '36 at last began to think seriously. A change of officers was effected. With the aid of Miss Ruth Evans and Mr. William Yeager, the Juniors inaugurated the social life of the high school by sponsoring the Junior Novelty Dance, November 23, 1934, the first elaborate affair of its kind ever held in the high school, and one that has never been paralleled. On January 23, 1935, the Juniors again demonstrated their originality by holding the "Junior Fair." On May, 1935, they took part in the Farewell Dance in honor of that year's graduating class. A new spirit seized the class that stimulated individual and group effort to an unprecedented degree. "Tempus Fugit" The last year at school for the seniors came with astonishing swiftness. They sponsored three distinctive social affairs this year, the "Senior Ball" December 23, 1935, the "Spring Dance," April 17, 1936, and a Farewell Party at the end of the year. They were also honored by a Farewell Dance tendered them by the lower classes. In other fields too, have the seniors left their mark, having helped produce the first play ever written by high school students in the history of the Mt. Carmel High School, and having worked diligently to produce successful dramatic, debating, journalistic, athletic, musical and social organizations. The final year's event was a glorious trip to Washington. Luck! to the future leaders! i341 The pick of the crop! 115 Here's Millie Burrows looking' as intelligent in the "grades" as she does now . . . 125 George Morse looks as if he had been up to something . . . 1245 Of course Marv G-threw has '1 right 11 be proud of those curls. . . . 145 Clara Andrulevich may look dreamy on this picture, but as we know her now sh:-'s full of pep . . .155 Jeanne Palmer of the days of old seezns shy and a bit frightened, but you have only to know her to see the change now . . . 165 Is Eddie Lesher as intelligent as he looks? . . . 175 Just a second grade I-lallowcfen Party-with Doris Wert in the circle . . . 185 Jimmy Jones-neatness personified . . . 195 Jenn Griffith-What a dilference a few years make . . . 1105 Jim Kehler-looks like a true scholar . . . 1115 Bernice Price retains her pleasantness . . . 1125 Baby-face Stella Ciokajlo . . . 11225 Genevieve Swiderski never g'l'C'W . . . 1145 Little girls as sweet as Theda Palmer should be seen but not heard . . . 1155 A break for the pony to have Marty Yuskoski as a. passenger . . . 1165 Say, something happened-the young lady ChilIlQ,'CCi places with Eddie Kovack . . . 1175 Irene Fetsko with Z1 Dutch cut . . . 1185 My, Charlie what an undig'nifif-d positioi. for the editor of the Carmelite Weekly . . . 1205 Nice, dog, Jim. 1351 HU Nl Ill IR S GFFICERS GF THE JUNIOR CLASS FIRST SEMESTER Presiclcfnt ..................... THOMAS DOMIORECKI Vice-Prfwiclent .... .... S TANLEY CZWERINSKI Scfcwtafry ..... .... E LEANOR SHYMANSKI Trer1sm'm" .................... BENJAMIN HEIL SECOND SEMESTER P7'6S'id6'7'7,f .......................... JAMES ALLISON Vice-Pwsiclcmt .... ....... J EAN HECKLER Secfrm'ru-y ..... .... B ETTY JANE STRAUSS Tr0as1n'er .......,...... BENJAMIN HEIL Advisors MR. VICTOR DALLABRIDA MISS MARIE MCCARTHY L 361 S O IIID IIHII KO? NVIII KO? IR IIE S ' GFFICERS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST SEMESTER PfI'1'.QirlPIIf ..... ,.................. T HEODORE VVEIS VIN-Prrfsifle71f ..... ....... R ICHARD BRIDY S'wm'wfnfry ..... .... L0 RRAINE GRODZINSKI T1'msI1r'mI' . . . .... WILLIAM ADAMS SECOND SEMESTER P'I'fS?'fl011t .......................... THEODORE NVEIS Vif0-Pwfsi11w2.f ..... ....... R ICHARD BRIDY S01'rvfru"y . . . .... LORRAINE GRODZINSKI T'I'0fr..vIu'm' . . . ....... ..... W ILLIAM ADAMS Advisors MR. WILLIAM MCCALL MISS RENZA LAMB l37I UF IR IKE S IIHNI NVIII IWE N OFFICERS OF THE FRESHMEN CLASS FIRST SEMESTER Pfresfident .... .................... W ILLIAM BRIDY Vice-President . . . ..... ROBERT DALLAS SPF7'f'f7fl'7'QIl .... .... W ILLIAM MCFADDEN Tfreasw-or . . .... DONALD LINDEMUTH SECOND SEMESTER Pwjsiflefnt .......................... WILLIAM BRIDY Vice-President . . . ...... ROBERT DALLAS Secrefafry .. ..... WILLIAM MCFADDEN TWr1,szH'c'Ir . .... . . .DONALD LINDEMUTH Ad1'isoIrs MR. WALTER CHESNEY MISS MARY MCDEVITT l H8 1 THINGS WE WILL MISS 8 o'clock classes . . . Chapel . . . Notebooks . . . Loafing in corridors . . . The sinking feeling before a test . . . Mr. McHail's warning after skipping a period . . . Football games with the student body . . . Traffic regulations . . . Pageant and operetta practice . . . Walks around town during a vacant period . . . Mr. Tobias' annual pep speech fbefore we lost the gameb . . . Loafing outside the building . . . The whole school in general . . . Miss Johnson's compositions. The favorite expressions of certain teachers: "If you don't mind." "I know where of I speak." "Various" "For instance." "l've got one more point for today." "What have you." "Class you should know this." "I am tempted to give you a test." "Starting tomorrow." "That's another question for the test." O NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mt. Carmel has proudly secured a charter for the National Honor Society this year. The following senior students were selected as members by a committee of senior and junior members. Rebecca Coren Joseph Kochcyznski Thomas Frymoyer Leona Narusewicz Theodore Gawinowicz Raymond Reitz James Kehler Genevieve Swiderski Anna Kieski Martha Yuskoski Membership, being for seniors and juniors only, was limited. A student to be eligible for the National Honorary Society must excel in scholarship, leadership, character and service. The society has charters in 1700 high schools. I39I Q 4 F' A ' 'Q . . SJR -' . '-,. . K . . . 1 .sr . .Q K Q.. X .Q-.4 f x ,.. ' 1 1 M-ws-,far ' .. , . L f .1 . . . .5 1 1" .f 'Sig' ix . . . ,. ,,,N,. K . N . .K KKKKKKJKN-1. . f f..K..,,.: ,K KK 5 +4 K. ' .,..,4,.Q K "'k " K .au-gzwfssf Y K. K," .. .K K - -.HK 2' 1 . K-fi, 5:3 KK Ki -. . QV x ...W,.,.-.7-wn,,,,..1 ,AQ 5 K .KK , K K. xK W K:.KgK TWQK . , , 4. y rf if f.- ' . ww. - .. 1 v . yn, - ,Q 0 8 9 -ws., ,Q . KF. .lag KM .K.gJi??e'5-qmhq -M Km - L f fa fv ' 'Qi ' X 1 J 5. .3W5".1 ' f..' ,L A- 1+ .- . . -f f if . - """"""' A x, .Q . " fffflys , X' .3 1 O. ,Q A is:--'S-4215 ' " "qc" - w - ' B 1'--.111 Yi - lb 'fa .' '.2'1'iJ' 1r - K 4. Y K , . iii K. ., -. ' . I Q mf" , . inf egg. 351 N K, . f f . fm . . W Q .. Av f W" ff--"f"' n' '- 'YV . 'S+' - 3, ,V F ' KK .K -, Y .H Q ,.j. .. 'K 1 q K ,mn K,-Q-an--Y-...,.55.-:g.,7.qv-KK K .L ms K -,,,. .KK-ff ,gfgy ifffih l I 4. KK ., V1.1 ,KK - KLKKKK x K K K. ,WQKT .K ,ri K - ,Kqfl ,....M+4D' l.K , Q, Q". K ,Q,.. ' 1 -My-f..,.V7.yf W'-'f'QKQ!KNK , . 1 . ' ff XM J.. K -' , ' Q f ' Y K QSNQQ. x-Q fi ' . "K" N QTK , K1 , .K .- , , K , va: . 1 x--+ 1. . ' K Wig. KK . " Q K 7 ,M . wv.Kv-KN.. K K K 'K KK ..,K .,K!KK,rf. 4 K r Q A A Ki"5 K :Msg Q KXYTN M if Q 1 KW YE ' K W i Kjw K ' V .. . ' N K :v . Q- .,'. is wharf' wer . W s . .N .. ,WK "'5mn..,.,,,,,, K 5 K, A L-L.X I ',,. M' Af KK .Q-yew., ., ., ,. fs N. AT LETI TOD 'lll' INB3 Pl llL lIL signs of having the best lsqeasgn since thiekggang old days of 1927 when t. arme wa e o S with the State Championship. Many followers of our team believed that we were on our way .as Kulpmont .. to another championship this year, but hopes ggWnShS2aA" ? looked futile when, in the fifth game, Wm. iz, wfHf,Q,s,,O,.,"' Penn held us to a scoreless tie and even worse, . 0 wm. Penn . 0 when Steelton shattered our hopes by beating us .45 Coal Twv. 6 6 to 0. Three weeks after our defeat from Steel- -33 ggefjlflua 2 ton, Shamokinfsurprised us by taking the game 212 Sunbx vtnn 0 with a score o 13 to 0. ""' 12 Joe Macutkiewicz did a fine job as captain 4 QQ of the team, and the squad responded by playing 197 41 clean, hard football. The team was handicapped in mid-season by the loss of a veteran end, Francis Johnson, due to the age limit confer- ence ruling. Francis had played some spectacular games for his alma mater, and his place was hard to fill. We admit it was a bitter blow to be beaten by Steelton, and was much worse to be defeated by Shamoking but better luck next time. The team loses through graduation many battle-tried veterans among whom are: Chesney, Fludovich, Kovack, Macutkiewicz, Mosella, Spector, Sondey, Pauza, Procopio, Strocko, Waleski and Johnson. l42l 7 Because the boys gym work is liked so well in the school, it was necessary for Coach George Robertson to select two teams, a varsity and a junior varsity team. The boys' teams gave a joint exhibition with the- girls teams, the first of May. The boys added to the entertainment by doing daring and difficult fiips. David Ference is captain of both boys' teams. 7 The girls' gym team, coached by Miss Grace Tiddy, gymnastics instructress, gave an exhibition in the first week of May, consisting of all kinds of intricate rolls, tumbles, marches, pyramids and dances. This marked the second year for the girl's gym team and it is hoped that it will be considered as a permanent activity in the High School. T431 7 Working under quite a few handicaps, the girls' basket- ball team of 1935-36, coached by Miss Renza Lamb and Miss Grace Tiddy, and managed by Rose Costello, underwent a difficult season. The team was composed mostly of juniors, who will be available for a more successful team next year. Members of the team were: Captain Trefsgar, Grossman, Adams, Belcoski, Laurinaitis, Troyan, Cortellini, Voulelis, and Zanella. l l 7 Due to the limited athletic facilities of the school the boys could not make the victorious team they had hoped to, nevertheless, Coaches Jones and Dallabrida succeeded in making a few individual star players. Fred Heil, co-captain, has been mentioned on two all-star teams of the leaffue. Tony Mosella, Edward Meehan, Jack Jones, John Belfanti, Sa-m Ososki, an Thomas Domarecki. l44l The letter Amen this year were: Fred Heil and John Marquette, co-captains, ' d 7 Expertly coached by Mr. William L. Yeager, our track team has come out with flying colors. The cross country team, a section of the track department, fared successfully in their meets in the early fall. Besides the races, field sports, such as javelin, discus, high jump, and hurdles, are included in the track department. Mr. Yeager was faithfully assisted by the managers: Frank Galda, Jack Powell, and Joseph Perginski. Tornado matmen, coached by Mr. Francis Ambrose, enjoyed their second successful season, winning six of eleven meets, chief of which was a smashing victory over West York, champions of district three under the P. I. A. A. Mt. Carmel scored a total of 215 points against the combined opponents score of 136. The strength of the team grew as the season pro- gressed. Letter men included: Henry Agusewicz, William Chucoski, David Ference, Alfred Lonis, John Sondej, Walter Waleski, Albert Warner, Jack Weisbond, and Rocky Urello. l45l . M, zu: ' ' '. 1 L , ,:y,,,:Q5w . X y ' LV f I F A , . f an - .,,A . . , M ' k I T5 I R.,,k nf, . k . f be-v ,1- tg wi. K H J U . fl 1 ' NE? ' . f x WGBH RAIQ UQ L hir X I '5 'F -. 'V' ad I' 9, 12" ' I 'Q K .. .4g,,Q :,, 1' Q f new :ff M f - f qi li " W f an A455 DEAN ZATION ...qv B The Mt. Carmel High School Band is unquestionally the most prominent feature in the music department of the school. Under the capable direction of Professor C. Grant Sterner the Band has graduated from simple marches to more difficult ones, and is now begin- ning to play modern selections. The Band is composed of 56 members and is widely acclaimed in the surrounding regions for its musical ability and splendid appearance in marching. JUNIOR VARSITY BAND EQEdJl'SnlZQdlQaSf3i2l the members of the instrumental classes. These classes meet once or twice a week to receive instructions from Professor Sterner. At the end of each season the more proficient players are selected and transferred to the Varsity Band. The band includes four clarinets, nine cornets, three altos, two baritones, five trombones, two basses, two tenors, and three drums, totalling thirty boys. E481 9 Under the direction of Mr. C. Grant Sterner, the Girls' Glee -Club, one of the largest and best musical organizations in the High School, has done exceptionally line work this school term. The Girls' Glee Club participates in the Annual Music Festivals and, with the Boys' Glee Club, has been successful in mixed chorus work. We hope that in the near future it will become unequaled in its choral Work. Senior membership in the Glee Club is required for the operetta. The Boys, Glee Club, composed oi' ' ' junior and senior boys, is recog- nized as an efficient and well-trained chorus. Under the excellent direction of l'ro1'essor C. Grant Sterner the organization presents a minstrel every year. The members of the senior operetta are picked from this organiza- tion and no boy can take part in the operetta unless he is a. member of the Boys' Glee Club. l49l Y The Senior Hi-Y, under the direction of Mr. ' Charles Boleski, has been especially active this year. The proceeds from several social affairs which were held by the Hi-Y, were given to the worthy cause of purchasing more books for the library. In order to meet the individual needs of the members of the club, it was divided into various groups interested in guidance, athletics, literature, hik- ing and hobbies such as art and music. The Senior Tri-Hi-Y, under the supervision of Miss Florence Pieri, is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior girls. The club's dances and other social affairs proved delightful while the hobby classes, introduced for the first time this year, were both novel and instructive. Our class bids farewell to the club with wishes for future success. T501 UN ICR TRI-HL Y 2l5ni'E,?l?J.l'21fl'lL QQZISZQ 51335 large membership which includes the majority of freshmen girls. This club was formed because of the greatness of the regular Tri-Hi-Y, of last year. This organization has witnessed a successful year through the co- operation of Miss Chimoch, the advisor, and the freshmen girls. Their most praiseworthy achievement was the "Pal Club" which created many new friendships among the girls. soPHoMoRE GLEE CLUB the innovation of the Sophomore Glee Club. It is an elective organization preliminary to the Glee Clubs composed of junior and senior students. The 45 boys and girls are under the direction of Mr. C. Grant Sterner, this group has mani- fest its musical abilities at the annual music festival. l.51l DR Reorganized and named the "Foot- light Club," the high school dra- matic club, under its new director, Miss Ellen Albertini, enjoyed a season of unparalleled activities, triumphs, and innovations. The year's major pro- ductions included "Anybody's Game," the first professional play to be pre- sented in high school, "Framed," written by two seniors, Theodore ' ' - 'tt 1 ' th chool's Gawinowicz and Charles Raber, the only student wri en p ay in e s historyg as well as the colorful senior operetta "Melinka of Astrakhanf' given in conjunction with the music department. In addition, the club had various minor skits, undertook studies in the dramatic technique, and held a dance December 7, 1935. CAST OF "ANYBODY'S GAME" Eleanor Fadrowski, Betty Jane Strauss, Jean Hechler, Theodore Gawinowicz, Joseph Kochczynski, Thomas Frymoyer, Harold Liachowitz, Jack Powell, Matthew Kerestes, Rose DeiCarli, James Kehler, Martha Yuskoski, William Bridy, Jane Dyke, James Jones, George Galow, Margaret Trefsgar. I 52 l THE WEEKLY CARMELITE paper, pu is ie by the Mt. Carmel Item the past two school terms, under the direction of Mr. Vincent W. McHail, has furnished staff members splendid training in journalism, and has proved to be of inestimable interest and value both to the school and the public. Each editor, selected on a merit basis by his pre- decessor, serves a term of three months, at the end of which time he pub- lishes an IXL, a literary magazine composed wholly of student contributions. Under the tutelage of Miss Ada Bahner, the Debating Team com- pleted a very successful season last year, winning their two debates with both Kingston and Hazleton. With these two schools on the schedule again this year, the debating team hopes to repeat the triumph of last season. E531 Launched last term, the Chemistry Club, with its high standards of membership, is one of the most active organizations in the school. Its aims are the development of character, the fostering of comradeship, and the advancement of science. In addition to various socials and educational meetings, the club held two distinctive dances during the year. 1 THE STUDENT CCUNCIL This tem marks 1 the institution of the Student Council, the voice of the student body. Membership includes class officers and representatives from the various sections with Mr. Vin- cent W. McHail as advisor and the senior president as council president. Some of the results of the Council's work follows: an honorary fraternity, traffic regulations, an alumni association, an art exhibit, an extra curricular point system, a welcoming committee, hobby clubs, an Alma Mater song, basketball, cheerleaders, innovations in assembly programs, and so on. i545 "Melinka of Astrakhanu was given on May 4 and 5 under the direction of Mr. C. Grant Sterner and Miss Ellen Albertini. The principals were: Alfred Unterbach, Theda Palmer, Ruth John, Mildred Harrison, Amelia Mihalik, Francis Witkowski, Leona N arusewicz, Earl Maurer, Charles Raber, Alfred Sipple, Thomas Frymoyer, James Jones, Henry Tylenda. This newly formed musical organization has already proved to be a valuable asset to the school. Although the orchestra was not organized until the beginning of the second semester, they have seemed, as the adage goes, to have "made up for lost time." Their pleasing music warrants them and their advisor, Mr. Harold D. Reese, much fine praise. The student leader of the orchestra is Albert Dorkoski. 5551 S. R. MOYER WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE EAST FIFTH STREET LOUIS YUSKOSKI OUALITY MEATS AND OROCERIES CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS - PHONE 107 E561 C. E. GIMES Fredericksburg, Pa. The Largest Dealer in Fancy Dressed POULTRY in Lebanon County MARKET STANDS: MOUNT CARMEL fPhone 97733 . .Wednesday and Saturday SHAMOKIN fPhone 91375 ....... Wednesday and Saturday WILKES-BARRE ........ .............. S aturday READING ........................ Tuesday and Saturday "A Satisfied Customer" is Our Motto or information about market stands or special orders call home office Phone 37-R-4 Jonestown Prescriptions f Imported and Domestic Perfumes Kodaks and Supplies 275151958 REA 8. DERICK CORNER THIRD AND OAK STREETS MOUNT CARMEL GQQQQP Patent Medicines Hospital Supplies Fountain Refreshments f Cosmetics i571 THE MOUNT CARMEL ITEM EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX SCHNEIDER BRO. CO. STECKER'S BOOK STORE REMINGTON PORTABLE WHOLESALERS TYPEWRITERS STUDENT SUPPLIES East Sixth Street 20 North Oak Street PHONE 164 PHONE 555 Compliments Of ROBERT M. FORTNEY T581 ALBERTINI MOTOR COMPANY At Your Service DAY AND NIGHT CHEVROLET PONTIAC BUICK FINE SELECTION OF DEPENDABLE USED CARS 218-224 W. Third Street Phone 116-117 Compliments of GEORGE B. W. WILILIAMS PEPPER'S GINGER ALE ASHLAND, PA. Compliments Of SHAMOKIN PACKING COMPANY Chief Brand Quality Meat Products HAMS - BACON - LARD - SAUSAGE Ph0I1e 1208-1209 Shamokin, Pa, I-591 Telephone 388 KESSLER'S LEADING JEWELERS for DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY 38-40 South Oak Street Compliments Of PAUL SCHEURENS DAIRY LAVELLE, PA. BRIDY MOTOR COMPANY Distributor of RICHFIELD GAS LOCAL DAIRY . . . TELEPHONE 82 621 Spruce Street - Kulprnont, Pa. 5601 I of 'f Y 'I l V Compliments of CHARLES J. LUCAS l Funeral Director l DANCING AT MAISVILLE PARK e EVERY MONDAY EVENNIG i Direction of Edgar Reed Ben Wilson "Always The Best Orchestras Obtainableu I is HEX MILLING CO. ' D E A L E R 1 N F Flour, Hay, Grain, Feed, Sugar, Poultry, Supplies l CAR LOTS A SPECIALTY Finn and Walnuts Streets Shamokin, Pa l Compliments l ll GEQIQGE HUDQCK Z l 1 1 il l: la l61l Purity Dairy Company Pasteurized Milk and Cream Purity Dairy Co. Ice Cream Corner Second and Orange Streets PHONE 456-J MOUNT CARMEL, P HUGHES' Low PRICES Compliments vf The General Warehouse SHAMOKIN, PA. Maurer's Dairy PURE MILK AND CREAM Try Our Delicious Ice Cream TELEPHONE 273-R Dairy-129 South Peach Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. 1. F. Chimock Furniture - Wallpaper - Paints TELEPHONE 9765 241 South Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Geo. F. Lanuskey Tailor - Ready Made Clothing French Dry Cleaning Quality Clothing For Men TELEPHONE 129 236 South Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. "When You Say It With Flowers- Say It With Ours" Schell's Flower Shop TELEPHONE 564 208 South Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. W. I. Higgins Estate FUNERAL DIRECTORS EMBALMERS PHONE 499 38-40 South Market street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. 62 Mr. C. Grant Sterner MUSIC INSTRUCTOR 217 West Avenue PHONE 574-M GIFTS For All Occasions GRADUATION AND THANK YOU CARDS Magazines - Newest Books The Gift Shop 15 West Third Street C omplime n fs Of Affzfs Night Club Sixth and Oak Streets STATE THEATER BEST IN TOWN Third and Hickory Streets TOM GWENS TOGGERY SHOP MY CLOTHIER Corner Fourth and Oak Streets TOM CUFF SERVICE STATION Avenue and Oak PHONE 828 Compliments Of Honorable W. H. Cummings I 63 T. B. Fagley PLUMBING and HEATING 122 North Oak Street Compliments of Dr. C. A. Feifer DENTIST Palumbo Building, 41 West Fourth MOUNT CARMEL, PA. A. T8IH3H1H1 Compliments 0 GROCERIES AND GREEN TRUCK Dr H G Billman Meat Market DENTIST Corner Second and Market Streets PHONE 569 6 North Oak Street COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE R. F. Burke D PHONE 485 Victoria Theatre Building MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Compliments of john fGrayj Olshefski GROCERIES AND MEATS Second and Beech Streets PHONE 418-R Schainuck's Clothes 2 for the price of 1 CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS 105 South Oak Street DONDERUS Pure Olive Oil Our Specialty Imported and Domestic CHEESE 17-19 South Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. 641 BEIERSCHMITTS 30 North Oak Street Curt Herb Maple and Cherry Streets MOUNT CARMEL, PA. PHONE 625 Compliments Of Varano's Warehouse Seventh and Oak Streets MOUNT CARMEL, PA. American Legion Auxiliary We dedicate this space to the brave mothers of the boys who fought and died and those who are still fighting. Touch Up Your Old Furniture with Miss Elizabeth C. Vivino VARCRAFT China Gloss Enamel Vkfardrops' Hardware 27 South Oak Street PHOTO STUDIO 240 East Fifth Street PHONE 470-J Beauty and Duty in Every Pair MOJUD Full Fashioned Silk Hosiery lvirs. Ella M. Stief 12 East Second Street Dr. W. A. Snyder OPTOMETRIST Third and Oak Streets PHONE 400 65 LUDES' 9 South Oak Street Sherwin-Williams Paints MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Phones 9783 and 676-W BREYEIVS ICE CREAM PAINT HEADQUARTERS Whitman's Chocolates W ALL PAPER Page and Shaw Chocolates 207 South Oak Street Sodas Patent Medicines PHONE 198 Books FADROWSKl'S A. Rockefeller Co. ELECTRICAL FRESH MEATS CONTRACTORS GROCERIES PHONE 190 Second and Pear Streets 39 West Fourth Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Compliments Of The Sample Shoe Store GROSSMANS 115 South Oak Street DEPARTMENT STORE Shoes of Quality and Style Always The Best At Saving Prices Bolens E5 Co., Inc. Compliments of DEPARTMENT STORE Stadium Grllle 117-119 South Oak Street The Store For Thrifty Shoppers T661 P. O. S. A. Third and Oak DINE AND DANCE State Casino 15 South Hickory Street Mount Carmel, Pa. PHONE 9797 BEN BODNER, Prop. Dr. L. Hinkle DOCTOR OF DENTAL SURGERY 36 South Hickory St. Mt. Carmel, Pa Lee Company Styles Fit For a Stafr SHOES HOSIERY 46 South Oak Street MT. CARMEL, PA. WRIST WATCHES AND DIAMONDS Griesinger JEWELER - PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER Official Time Inspector Lehigh Valley R. R Compliments Of Reading Cleaners 18 West Third Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Compliments Of R. R. Scicchitano, M. D. Second Floor, First National Bank The French Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Shop B. GODLEWSKI, Proprietor Phone 146J 138 W. Third Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Bilder Bakery 225 South Chestnut Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Yoderflvlenapaee Dress Shop HATS - DRESSES - ACCESSORIES Victoria Theatre Building Hildenbrandis Garage 318 East Fifth Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Dr. A. B. Buczko PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Victoria Building 1 W. H. Yoder ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Woolworth Building Compliments of Mrs. Vv'm. Hildenbrand 203 South Chestnut Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Compliments Of M. D. Hughes, M. D. 213 West Third Street Dr. E. R. Shipman PHYSICIAN AND SU RGEON Streets Compliments Of Dr. Smoczynski Guarantee Trust Building I67 Barker Bakery 208 South Oak Street PHONE 214-R Compliments Of Mt. Garmel Elks Compliments Of Weissinger's Dairy Alice Yoder HATS AND DRESSES Compliments Compliment' of of . H. H. Halle :aback Alex Gedratis PHYSICIA N Complimgn ts Complime ff ts of of The Gift Shop WEST THIRD STREET Alice Schneider Compliments I of Comphm ents Veterans of Foreign Wars of . . Mae Manney Auxiliary Compliments Of Geist's Grocery Shuda Stores THIRD AND POPLAR STREETS THE PURE FOOD STORE 48 North Oak Street C0'rYLPlim6'fLfS Compliments of vf T- W- M3gf3dY Victoria Flower Shop Compliments , of Goodyear Service PHONE 1068 Dr' Logan 219 South Oak Street DENTIST MT. CARMEL, PA. 68 Same Day Cleaners W. B. Vallish SHAMOKIN, PA. FURNITURE Complifmwzts Dr. M. L. Harter of DENTIST 29 North Oak St. Mt. Carme Herman Ludes Maurers MILK AND ICE CREAM Mt. Carmel, Pa. Strouss 599 Strouss ATTORNEYS-AT-LAVl' A FRIEND S. D. Manincore E-5 Sons SHOEMAKERS Dr. Morrison DENTIST Victoria Building Lee Company Styles Fit For ll' Staff' SHOES HOSIERY 96 S. Oak St. Mt. Carmel, Pa. Dr. john V. Brazusky Mr. Michael Sadusky DENTIST Telenhone 540 31 South Oa I FIRE INSURANCE MOUNT CARMEL PA' 225 S. Hickory St. Mount Carmel, Pa. Raymond B. Tobias LAWYER Class of 1899, M. C. H. S. Mildred's Beauty Shoppe ALL BRANCHES OF BEAUTY CULTURE MILDRED MORGAN, Proprietor 42 W. Second St. Mount Carmel, Pa. f'om.pliw11'n1's of J. Grant Kehler Compliments of DR. 1AooBY MT. CARMEL, PA. l69l FRANK LYONS DAIRY TRY OUR QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 113 S. Orange Street Phone 121 MOSER'S STORE DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, GLOVES, HOSIERY, UNDERWEAR INFANT'S, CHILDREN'S AND LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR Phone 60 Shamokin, P QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS Since 1876 DISTINCTIVE STYLES STUDENT RATES THOMAS PHGTOGRAPHERS Shamokin, Pa. SHOVLIN' Es? HGVAN ES RECREATION CENTER 33 South Oak Street V701 FORMAL FROCKS AND ACCESSORIES FOR Tl-IE 1936 GRADUATES "DICK'S" FOR WOMEN'S, MISSESQ JUNIOR'S AND GIRL'S OUTER AND UNDER APPAREL Mount Crm"mel's Most Beautiful Store Trust Company Building, corner Third and Oak Streets Congra,tuln.t1fons.' GRADUATES OF 1936 JONES' HARDWARE Cbmplivnants of Taylor Beauty Service All Classes Beauty Work Costas E99 Soulges Duart Steam-Bonat and Nestle Electric Permanents aspleasing to the eye.-nuf Saidu Olll' Motto is to SATISFY Marble Hall Building RUTH TAYLOR PHONE 1184 Compliments of VQUGHT AND MOSER Cor. Jos. Lesanski Fourth and Hickory sneer The Leading BARBER SHOP In Mount Carmel 71 l T. R. jones Kodaks and Photo Finishing Stationery and Greeting Cards 33 North Oak Street MT. CARMEL, PA. Compliments of B. P. O. Elks, NO. 335' sHAMoK1N, PA. Compliments of Leader E99 Sons EAST INDEPENDENCE STREET SHAMOKIN, PA. THE PLACE TO GET THE CHOICEST Home-Grown Fruits, Vegetables, Pork Products, Eggs, Home-Canned Fruits and Vegetables, with a great Variety of other High-Grade Farm Products ALL PRODUCED ON OUR OWN BIG FARM Uncle Peter's Store 99 EAST SECOND STREET C. A. Parry Quality Meats Poultry and Groceries 123 North Oak Street PHONE 5 TI-IE STAR COMPANY FURNITURE OF QUALITY Voss WASHERS SPARTON RADIOS 112-114 SOUTH OAR STREET LeaderfHamiIton Store STUDENTS CLOTHING 84 FURNISHINGS OF THE BETTER KIND 304 EAST INDEPENDENCE ST. SHAMOKIN, PA. Compliments of Nesbitt's CutfRate Store Oak Street at Fourth T72 1 AKELAITIS PHOTO STUDIO EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHY - ART PICTURES ENLARGING - FRAMING 246 South Oak Street Phone 1011 HENRIETTA BEAUTY SALON ALL BRANCHES OF BEAUTY WORK - HENRIETTA AKELAITES 248 South Oak Street Phone 10 11 KING MIDAS THE HIGHEST PRICED FLOUR IN AMERICA ALWAYS THE NEWEST THINGS IN CLOTHING, SHOES, FURNISHINGS P. A. STIEF 84 SONS Dr. H. H. Maginnis Compliments of Dr. Thomas A. Hick DENTIST DENTIST West Second Strct Wogglglgg Sarisky's Economy Store Fresh Meats and Groceries Compliments of Dr. Schneider Second and Chestnut Streets l DENTIST II Compliments Dr. E. Roger Samuel vf Physician and Surgeon IAXHCI1 DCCkC1', Corner Second and Hickory Streets DENTIST Weis Building 41 South Oak Street Compliments of Compliments cf 1 CHET S Reba Miller Dress Shop SEA FOOD SHAMOKIN, PA. West Third Street Compliments cf Model Shoe Shop South Oak Street Compliments of Dorothy F. Howenstine MUSIC STUDIO , I A T Cgmplimgnts pf C0'fl?,pllI7LC'I'LtS of "Tiz"' Visintainer Nora Pieri Beauty Shoppe Fourth and Maple Streets I Frederic Permanent Waving Machine PHONE 9731 i PHONE 498 ll Compliments of Men's and Boys' Olothiers Compliments of - 145-147 South Oak Street 4 MT' CARMEL, PA- MILLER BROS. UYOUHE MGIYS Shop" Red Cross Natural Bridge The Newest Style in Footwear SHOE STORE Compliments of 22 South Oak Street Evelyn Day's Dancing School MT- CARMEL, PA' West Fifth Street Nonn-Bush Freeman E741 :IL JnL1u11lJr 1lJI.1lLImull4lLeJVnc1! iiii' There are few fields where ihe necessify for progress-lho demand for new ideas, is as pronounced as in 'the produc+ion of School Annuals. U Here in Canfon we falre pride in nof only keeping pace, bul in seH'ing +he pace for innovafions and changes in fhis highly progressive field. U When you work wiih Canion you are hand in hand wi+h experienced people, conslanfly on fhe aler+ lo sense fhe wanfs of Annual publishers, and quiclr fo change from +he old order, and offer new and unusual ideas fo progressive edifori. me cAN1oN ENGRAVING a mcrnorvre co., cANroN, or-no H U l'75f1 THE BOOKCPAFTFRS Harrisburg, Pa,

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