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tmvlihf i I 93 I E PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL MOUNT CARMEL, PA. 959 fzrmeh fe Foreword In publishing "THE CARMELITEU of 1931, the Senior Class endeavors to record for you the pleasantest memories of a fruitful work, helpful recreation and general good- fellowship. The work of such a book as this shall not have been completed with its publication-rather, its usefulness has only then begun, for it proves its worth only by the happiness it may inspire during future readings. Jkm!Q5'n1w!HgA5cA00! Wie Camzekfe JVILU Kathryn Qillman TO WHOM THE CLASS OF 1931 RESPECTFULLY DEDICATES THIS BOOK - -Jfounfgmeffgyl Qfcloof Qlefwffzekfe W. M. Yeingft, A.M., PJD. E. S. Taylor, M.E., Pb.B. SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL OF SCHOOLS OF HIGH SCHOOL -'i-1951 BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS 1930-1931 H. B. HENDERSON, 'Praident IRA SHAFFER, Vife Prexidenl C. ELMER JOHN, Secrelary JOSEPH O. STECKER, Treaiurer CHARLES -I. LUCAS - D. H. HERB - C. RAY WILLIAMS JQu1zfQJfmefJZyl Qgcioof 950 Ccirmeklle Miss Nellie Johnson, A. B. English Mount Carmel High School Bucknell University Mr. Tracy D. Lawrenson Manual Training Sonestown High School: Mans- field State Normal School. Began teaching in M. C, H. S. 1923. '-T'195l ' Miss Elizabeth Howard, Ph.B. Latin and Democracy Mount Carmel High School Dickinson College Miss Kathryn Billman, A.B. English Mount Carmel High School: Albright College, Began teach- ing in M. C. H. S. 1924. Jhunfflmefgyi Jcioof 969 GQZTIIIUAYIU 1 Mr. Raymond W. Klinedinst, A.B. Science York High Schoolg Susque- hanna University. Began teach- ing in M. C. H. S. 1924. Q Miss Ruth Hespenheide, A.B. Science York High Schoolg Ursinus Col- lege. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1925. 195111- Miss Ruth Johnson, B.H., ILE. Home Arts Lewisburg High Schoolg Buck- nell University. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1925. Mr. Ray C. Singley, B.S. Civics and Algebra Mount Carmel High Schoolg Gettysburg College. Began teach- ing in M. C. H, S. 1926. l Munfgmefgyl Scloof 960QDzr11zeb'fe Mr. Harold D. Schaeffer B. S. in Economics History Ashland High Schoolg Franklin and Marshall. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1927. . Miss Mary L. Henderson Commercial Mount Carmel High Schoolg Temple University, Began teach- ing in M. C. H. S. 1927. -'L-1951 Miss Renza D. Lamb Commercial Bradley High Schoolg Beckley College. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1927. Miss Lillian C. Fisher, A.B. English and Algebra Mount Carmel High School: Bloomsburg State Normal Schoolg Susquehanna University. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1928. Qf1hu1z2'Q'f.'1r1zefJZglQSrc600f We Qjzmekfe ii Mr. Albert W. Hauser Commercial Lewistown High School: Beck- ley College. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1928. .. E Mr. Vincent W. McHail, A.B. Mathematics Bolwar High School: Latrobe High School: Bucknell Univer- sity. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1928. 19511 Miss Margaret B. Steely, A.B., A. M. French and Latin Shamokin High School: Buck- nell University. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1929. Miss Kathryn McWilliams English and Science Mount Carmel High School: Millersville State Normal School: Susquehanna University. Began teaching in M. C. H. S, 1929. V vlhufzfgmefgfgl cfckoof 950 fgrlfzeife Miss Kathryn S. Collings, A.B. English and Civics Mount Carmel High Schoolg Susquehanna University. Began teaching in M, C. H. S. 1929. Miss Helen W. McFee, A.B. General Science and English Mount Carmel High School: West Chester State Teachers' College: Susquehanna University. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1929, 1951-L Miss Charlotte A. Millard, A.B. Civics and English Mount Carmel High Schoolg Beaver College. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1929. Miss Ruth M. Evans, A.B. History and Mathematics Mount Carmel High Schoolg Dickinson Collegep Susquehanna University. Began teaching in M. C, H. S. 1929. Jlkurzffmefifyl Sckoof we Ciimekfe Miss A. Edna Frantz Librarian Manor Township High Schoolg Millersville State Teachers' Col- lege. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1929. Miss Dorothy L. Kiefer, A.B. Social Science Mount Carmel High School: Wilson College. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1930. Miss Sigrid Peterson Education and Health Central High School, Scran- ton: West Chester State Teach- ers' College. Began teaching in M. C. H. S. 1929. 1 9 5 1 il Qkunfgmefgyl qfcionf 950 CEVIIIGAXU 4 5 f 4 ' - . 1 -Fw' E Img. R., gvi 1 ' - 1 ,Qi 'I' ,.,-E., ..... .1 1 "X HFPFJ59 sa: 52 gf Ep I H X ..T.L . P U " Q 'A ' I , 1 1 Q gg , 1 ,1 ,'4 '. V-+4 w , I 0 994 ' r , f 1,1 ' bgiixx-S fem um ' '?Ef5 ' 'ffl 'ETF' I 12' 21' ' +"' 0z1f1fQJ11fzeffAyl5c'i00f :IO SSVTD EIHJ. EINO'l..IkIIH.L NEIELLEININ ?le6'zr111eA'fe Irene Isabel Adams Irene is one girl in the senior class who always assumes the carefree attitude of "come day, go day." Although study is out- side her sphere of activity, Irene manages to keep up with the rest. She is undecided about her future work. Girl Reserves. Ellen Rose Albertinl Always pleasant, never failing to give her sunniest smile to everyom+that is Ellen. In her, the class has one of its brightest and most popular members. Ellen intends to enter Cornell. "Tea For Tom"g "Rising Son"g Dramatic Club: Girl Reserves. 1951 Genevieve Juan Ambrose Here ls a smiling brunette who is usually seen coming into school a few minutes late. Jolly and care-free is this fair, blue- eyed lassie. No matter how busy, "Gen" is always willing to give a helping hand to others. Her fu- ture work is a mystery. Here's luck Gen. Girl Reserves. Emily Therese Arcikauskas Emily is a quiet and gentle girl who spends her time doing deeds for others. She excels in all her studies and is one of the best typists and shorthand writers in school. Emily expects to be a stenographer, Carmelite Staff 3 Girl Reserves. Stanley Alex "Axle," a future Kulpmont citi- zen, who has received his entire high school education in Mount Carmel. His motto, "Stick-to- itivenessf' is especially followed in his track and gridiron at- tempts. Track 3 and 4, Mary Theresa Beierschmitt Mary, the first end of the "Mary Trio," is a care-free young thing who believes that a Sen- ior has not a care in the whole wide world. She starred in bas- ketball for two years. Basketball 3, 45 Dramatic Club: Vice President Girl Reserves: Operettag Carmellte Staff 3, 4. - qlhufzfgmeffglgl qscioof 959 Gmekfe - - Frank Benson A lad who loves to study Hats and sharps more than he loves topics in any classroom, "There is some music in every human soul." Well, if "Frankie" con- tinues his piano wooing, the hearts of all his listeners will be won. Orchestra 3, 43 Hi-Y. .1 William Lewis Bilder "Mooney", the famous ladies' man, treasurer of our class, has proven himself a great financial genius. He has finished his term in the capacity of class treasurer, with his books exact to the cent. "Tea For Two"g Class Basket- ballg Class Treasurer. J 5 Mildred Bianchi Perhaps she believes in the old saying "Little girls should be seen and not heard," but nevertheless Mildred has many friends be- cause she is always willing to help others. Hoping you are suc- cessful. Girl Reserves. 1951 Vilma Mabel Bianchini Here we find another of our bright students. However, Mabel has found a way of combining studies and pleasure. Her amiabll- ity has made her friendship valued by everyone. "Tea For Tom": "Seventeen"g Girl Reserves: Dramatic Club. Velma Bixler "Ve1" is always the same lov- able, sweet-dispositioned girl and consequently she is liked by everyone. She is a very earnest worker and we know she will be successful. She believes in help- ing her classmates. Girl Reserves. Luther Boyer "Meet Lulu!" An ever-ready friend, with constructive criticism as his chief fundamental ..... A true reporter on news of the day. His aim is electrical engineering but don't get discouraged, girlsg he has secret opinions of the fems. Class Basketball. Jkufzzlgfmefmfglf fgckovf 950 fgrzfzekfe John Regis Breslin "Regis" is one of the quietest lads in the class, He doesn't say much, but can he play baseball? Why he takes the old leather medal when it comes down to line points. See you in the Big League, Regis! Track 1, 23 Football 2, 33 Bas- ketball 1, 2. Anthony Albert Bressi "Bressi" is the Kulpmont boy who has been causing so much trouble in typing class lately. You see he types so fast he simply makes the room hot. "Bressi" is going to be an avia- tor. Don't forget to give us fel- lows a ride once in a while. Albert Bridy Meet the third member of the Bridy dynasty who will be gone from us. "Bobby" has a love for forestry. When he isn't home, or in school, comb the woods and you'll discover him. Basketball 1, 2, 3. 1'-'195l'i-' Mary Eleanore Burns Here we have a portrait of a very sweet and reserved member of class of 1931. Her sunny dis- position has won a spot in the hearts of her friends. Mary ex- pects to be a teacher and we're sure she'll make one of the best. Girl Reserves. Anthony Cannizzaro "Cannie" is the class chemist. When he isn't racing his trucks around town he is generally found in the "Lab," trying to make formulas to be used in his future racket. "Cannie" will be a chemist, Bon jour! "Tea For Tom", Hi-YQ Min- strel. Rowell Lewis Casari Behold "Rollo" the ranch's best soda cowboy. Rol1's address book looks like a telephone directory, and they are not boys' names, either! He expects to open a soda fountain of his own in which to loaf. Football 2, 3: Basketball 23 Track 2. r .4fh1ml61"mwlHyA5cAw! 950 fizimekfe T H Joseph Chesney Meet Joe, the unassuming member of our class, who ap- pears bashful, but really isn't. The only time he is at ease with the world is when he has every lesson prepared. Thoroughness, that's Joe. Rita Connaghan Rita sure does enjoy life- dances, parties, clubs, shows, etc. She is a very happy person and never seems to have any troubles, We hope her future will be a happy one. Dramatic Clubg Carmelite Staff 4: Girl Reserves. Phyllis Regina Chimoch Here we have one of the jol- liest girls in our class. Phyllis, although industrious, is very friendly and willing to aid any- one. She intends to finish her education at Temple. We know she will be a success. Girl Reserves. Genevieve Chuprlnski Genevieve is a. thrifty, thought- ful, and busy young lady. She is quite reserved, and not even slightly interested in boys. Gene- vieve is a great asset to our class and we will feel honored to graduate with her. Glee Club 3, 43 Girl Reserves. 1951"-'- Alexander Harry Coren Harry is the star debater in all of his classes. There is only one objection to his talkative nature -when he starts you can't stop him. This leads us to believe that he'l1 be our first Socialist president. Debating 1, 3: Oratorical 33 Glee Club 43 Carmelite 43 Hi-Y. Frank Joseph Coveleskl "Covie" is the happy-go-luck- lest boy in the class. After a big night at a dance he comes to school for his sleep. Frank is going to be an interior decorator. If you remember the decorations at the Junior-Senior Hop you will agree that he will succeed. Track 1, 23 Glee Club. .ynmfgawfaylsfapz 950 Cdrmebfe Robert James Davidson If silence ls golden, Robert must be made of platinum! This applies to his classes and study periods only. During lunch- periods he makes as much noise as the other out-of-town stud- ents. Success to you, Bob, in any line you take! Clare Blanche Davis And here is the prima donna of the class. As a singer Clare surpasses anyone we've heard in a long time. M. C. H. S. is proud to claim her as one of its gradu- ates. The class extends to Clare its best wishes for her success, Minstrel 3, 4, Commencement. Emma Davis Emma is cheerful by disposition and friendly by nature, She is well liked by both sexes. One of her chief hobbies ls dancing. Whenever Emma is around, you are sure of having an enjoyable time. Girl Reserves, Basketball 1, 2. 1951-if George Frederick Davis Meet our salesman. George has established a name for himself during his junior and senior years, and we are proud of it. There ls never gloom when he is around. George expects to enter Susque- hanna in the fall. Band 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 23 Hi- Y. Albert Angello Decarli The ideal student is typified in "Deacon." He is so unassuming and helpful in time of need that it is a pleasure to have him with us. Dick is also good at throw- ing the famous "smoke ball." It's too bad we didn't have a baseball team. Adlos, Deacon! Basketball 2, 3, 4. Ruth Dempsey One certainly has to give Ruth credit for being earnest. She is a hard worker. We know that she has the ability to hold her own in all matters-anytime, any place, anywhere. We don't have the slightest idea what Ruth ls going to be, Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves. vwunfgmeflyi csfckoof I J 0561111 D0li!l5kY Mary Donohue 960 GJzrmeb'fe "Joe" is our future druggist, who comes to school with half closed eyes. But they're not from experimenting with new elements or compounds or formulas. Well "Joe" discover some new scienti- fic field when you enter Temple next fall. Minstrel 4: Operettag Hi-YQ Carmelite Staff. George John Doviak George is one of the many students who daily journey from Marion Heights to attend M. C. H. S. We are greatly indebted to Marion Heights, for George has done some good work in his four years here. So long! Edward John Donkochick If "Eddie" isn't talking about dancing, he is drawing cartoons. "Eddie" expects to be a com- mercial cartoonlst, so, in years to come if you happen to see a real clever cartoon look for the E. J. D. E d i t o r-in-Chief Carmeliteg Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Crchestra 4g Glee Club: Hi-Y. Mary is a happy, jolly little lady who sees the bright side of everything. She is a. good friend and a jolly classmate. In her trip through life we hope she will remember "193l." Commencementg D r a m a t 1 c Club: Girl Reserves: Carmelite Staffg Minstrel. 1951l"'-' Dorothy Mae Edmiston "Dot" came to us in her senior year, and has gained in popular- ity ever since, Dot isn't quite so demure as she looks-she's quite talkative. "Dot" is quite a ten- nis player as well as a good pian- ist. She expects to further her studies at Lock Haven. Girl Reserves, Minstrel. Alfred Donald Edwards Donald is one of the quiet boys which every class possesses. He comes to school, moves quietly through the day and retums home, but he leaves an impres- sion of sincerity and earnestness. eghurzzlfmeffzfgl Jciaof 950 Cimebfe Edward Lamar Eisenbaugh "Eddie" was an enthusiastic booster of our class. He was al- ways willing to get behind any movement that would benent the school. "Eddie" is noted for picking up hot apparatus in "1ab." This leads us to believe he will be hot on the heels of SUCCESS. Glee Club, Track 4. Mary Kemble Eltringham Mary, one of the unquench- able "Mary, Mary 8a Mary" trio, is widely famed as an actress and a song bird. She stops smiling just so the corners of her mouth won't reach the back of her neck. And her brown eyes-well, they've fooled too many already. Dramatic Club, Minstrel: Girl Reserves, Operettag Carmellte. Thomas Fisher Fagley Modesty and brllliancy are "Tommy's" two basic principles. He excels in all his subject and is our valedictorian. His accuracy in the minute details and his love of books will make him fam- ous. He possesses the rarest of gifts-a good memory. Carmelite Staifz Commence- ment. 'ii195l' John Falker Tall and handsome, that's John. But even with these quali- ties the young man manages to stay far away from the opposite sex. John excels in math and it is to him that the Seniors go with their hard problems. Football 3, Hi-Y. Michalena Magdalen Fiorillo "Mickey" came to us in her junior year from Shenandoah. Her sweet disposition has won many friends. "Mickey" is al- ways ready to give a helping hand. She intends to take up a course in hair-dressing. We'1l have to patronize her at her beauty salon! Girl Reserves. Charles Henry Fisher, Jr. Kulpmont has given us a wel- come additlon in the person of Charles Fisher. His exploits on the gridiron and his geniallty have won him many friends and admirers. We are sure he will be a success. Football 2, 3, 43 Glee Club: Operetta, - l 18 oufzfffmefgyl ffcioof 950 Qzfrlfzekfe - James Earl Foley "Jimmy" was one of our quiet boys, but of late he has become very mischievous. We believe that the cause of the drastic change is a certain Senior girl. "Jimmy" will make an excellent husband for this girl, we are sure! Frances Cecilia Gallagher Just another of Ireland's charming girls. Frances has gained many friends since enter- ing our school. When she sang in the Minstrel we discovered that she had a splendid voice. She seems rather shy but really has a weakness for a male in our class. Minstrel: Girl Reserves. Walter William Gecosky "Wallis" is one ol' the best trouble makers ln the Class. We are sure this points to a career as a Socialist orator. Aside from these facts we wish to notify you girls that his usual hangout is any old soda fountain, "Seventeen"g "They All Want Somethingn: Class Vice Presl- dentg Carmellte 3. Wl951-W Ralph Otto Gldar A dependable youngster whose work is always finished and ready to aid another. One of the high- est ranking scholars of our class. A great help in chemistry experi- ments and good worker at sports occasions. When we experiment again Gidar, we'll come to you. Peter Anthony Grabuski "Pete" is one of the quiet mem- bers of our class. His friends know him as a muscular fellow in for all sports in a quiet way. We know "Pete" will uphold the standard of class '31. Ramona Mae Haas "Sugar" is one of our live- wires always ready for a good time, or to take her part in any school activity. She has "speed" especially in stenography and typing. Mae intends to work in the "Capital," Dramatic Club: "They All Want Somethingng Girl Reserves: Operetta. ' JQufz1'6lmefHfgic5Vci00f 950 Cgrmeffe Adrian Marie Hogan Adrian is one girl who believes in "never troubling trouble until trouble troubles you." She is everybody's friend, and we just couldn't get along without her. She is a happy-go-lucky student. Shorthand and typing may be very helpful to her in the future. Girl Reserves. George Vincent I-Iomberger "Georgie", as president of our class, has been prominent in many social activities. But when it comes to music-well, every- body knows the Ambassador Or- chestra. May you continue to be a success in this line, H1-YQ Carmeliteg Orchestra: Band: Minstrel: Operettag Class President. George James Jones This boy, who hails from Nata- lie, has proved the possibility of a successful combination of stud- ies and athletics. He has been a loyal supporter of his school and a true friend. Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Hi-YQ Track 3, 43 Operetta: Minstrel, Carmelite 2. 1951 Miriam Frances Jones - Miriam is a good-natured, stud- ious and always dependable girl. She has great ability as an elocu- tionist-never fails to please her audience. Her quiet and pleas- ing ways have resulted in a host of friends. May your future be full of sunshine. Operettag Girl Reservesg Dra- matic Club. Olga Helen Jonkus Olga is the question box of the Senior Class. She loves to ask questions-not to get out of class work, but to gain knowledge. Olga is interested in pharmacy, and intends to take it up as her life work. Here's luck, Olga. Girl Reserves: Commencement, Felix Martin Kadluboski His prowess on the track squad and on the gridiron has made him known to all high school students. Felix captained the Red and White football squad during his senior year, and led the team to nine victories. Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Minstrel, Operettag Glee Club. NCI! -M ggrlttfgfemezfyfgql 5.4001 ?ieGzr11zeb'f0 'Q i4 John Joseph Kalinowsky Meet the smiling features of all-around "Boots." He starred in the realm of sports: Football, track, and basketball, of which he was the captain in his senior year. He was a success in all sports and studied rigorously. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Track 43 Minstrel: Operetta: Glee Club. Mildred Kathryn Kimmel Everybody will miss Mildred, with her pleasant smile and "hello" for everyone, Worry is the least of all her troubles. She is studious in her classes and at- tentive at school activities. She intends to further study in dra- matic art and speaking. Dramatic Club 3: Girl Reserves: Commencement. Whitney Martin Kaminsky Whitney is an ever-smiling blonde hailing from Kulpmont. Whitney is a staunch supporter of all athletics. We believe he will succeed even if he does marry that junior girl. Yes, we are positive he will be a success! Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3. 1951 Mary Penman Keihm Here's the red-headed lassie whose eyes are very blase. She has the style of Gay Paree. She has a special fondness for real nice boys. Mary's future is nurs- ing. Let's all get sick, gang! Girl Reserves: Dramatic Club. Mary Helen Klema This little girl comes from Marion Heights. Her motto is "Silence is Golden." It is typical oi' Mary for you seldom if ever hear her. Mary will be some- body's stenographer. Success! Girl Reserves. Agnes Pemnan Klinger Agnes is a girl who seems quiet but she can make as much noise as any girl her size. Agnes is a great girl to have around. We do not know her future inten- tions but we wish her success. Commencement: Girl Reserves: Dramatic Club, Qmunffgfmefgyl Jckoof 950 Cfrmeizle Ernest Koch "Ernie" came to our school in the closing months of his Junior year. He plays the piano skill- fully and even instructs begln- ners, He expects to enter some musical school. I-ll-Y Vice President: Track 3. Victor Vincent Kornaski Smiling "Vic" is on good terms with everybody. "Brotherly and womanly love" is his motto. "Vic" is also noted for his ability to collect typing paper. We wish you all luck possible ln your fu- ture radio business. Minstrel 4. Edna Marie Kort So many people think Edna is quiet, but she really has a jolly and cheerful personality. If there is some mischief going on, Edna is sure to be in the crowd. Edna intends to be a nurse. We are sure she will make a sweet and loving one. Commencement: Glrl Reserves. 1. Helen Margaret Kotarski Helen ls one of the quiet girls of our class. This, however, does not apply to her when reciting. Helen's ambition is to be some- body's stenog. We know she will be a success. Girl Reserves. 1951 Paul Richard Kotch This youth hails from the neighboring town of Marion Heights. As a pool shooter and baseball pitcher, "Pauly" can't be beat, When there is free aid floating by, be sure to offer to "Pauly." He appreciates such acts. But "silence is golden" and so "Pauly" must make good. Henry Rudolph Kozlowski The "Baron" is the real aristo- crat of the class. With this char- acteristic for a start, he will con- tinue to knock the women dead and collect all the loose money around the town. Go to lt, kid! Hi-YQ Operetta. egkurzfgmefffyl cycloof 9506772105210 John Harry Kralick Here is the stout lad of our class. Happy-go-lucky is his middle name, His best liked period is the lunch period. Johnny stands high in his class and we are sure he will be an A-1 print er in the future. "Tea For Tom"g 'Minstrelg Operetta. Leonore Mary Laurenaitis Here we have the thinker of the senior class. She is very bright and witty, especially in Latin. We wonder why??? She is always ready for a good time, and is a. staunch supporter of school activities. The best Wishes of the class are with you, Leon- ore. Girl Reserves. Ruth Owens Leiser The term "No care beyond to- day" can be truly applied to Ruth. We have an idea Ruth isn't very studious-in chemistry. "Rudy" is a great friend of both sexes, especially the opposite. Band 1, 2, 39 Orchestra 1, 23 Dramatic Club: Glee Club, Min- strel, Girl Reserves: Operetta. -l95l"' Helen Marian Levine A soft voice, a pleasing per- sonality and an attractive ap- pearance all make Helen a charming girl. Helen is a happy- go-lucky girl who believes in play first and work second. Orchestra l, 2, 3, 43 Girl Re- SETVCS. Laura Elizabeth Lindenmuth Laura is just one of the quiet kind whose nature never varies. Perhaps she thinks that high school Seniors should be seen and not heard, It is even whispered that she is a man hater. Girl Reserves. Elizabeth Theresa Little Elizabeth is one of the talent- ed members of our class and many know of her musical abil- ity because of her playing in the different programs. We are won- dering what she intends to be. Girl Reserves, Glee Club. Qgkufzffmzeffgfqff egcloof 2AeC?1meA'!e Edward Michael Mannion Here he ls folks-the funniest fellow in the class. "Eddie" could cause a laugh at a funeral, He sure has been demonstrating his ability for the last four years. Good wishes ln your future work, "Eddie" Asst. Cheer Leader 4. Florence Elaine Marchetti Popular, studious, and charm- ing-tha.t's our "Flo," Always ready to help those in need. Although from Kulpmont, "Flo" is a staunch supporter of M. C. H. S. Florence is undecided as to her future work. Girl Reserves. 1951 Elizabeth Maschal "Betty" is one of the quiet girls of the Senior class, and by her sweet and loving ways has en- deared herself to her friends. She is always trying to please, and we feel sure that she will be some stenog. Dramatic Club: Girl Reserves. 1 Alfonso Henry Mazzarola One who doesn't say all he knows, but knows what he says. Besides being a class A student, "Al" has starred on the basket- ball court and won his letter. A rollicking, thoughtful youth who thinks of the future and the higher ideals of life, Basketball 4. Edward Joseph McDonald Meet "Ed"-the bashful, shy, and solitary chap of our group. His greatest asset is dependable- ness-on others. He has been with us for two years but we wish he would have been here longer that that. Charles Matthew Menapace The hard working chemist of our class is "Cappy." He is al- ways working out mixtures with a kick. Wonder why! Cappy joined our class in our Sopho- more year, and since then he has become an important part of us. Football 2, 3. l . L .lhurz1'Q7fmefHyi5ck00f 960 fzmekfe - Regina Jacqueline Mikolsky Regina often imagines that she is up in the air. Perhaps that is the reason she intends to take up flying. Her future address will be Metropolitan Airport. She likes to make imaginary non-stop flights to Ashland. Wonder why? Girl Reserves: Dramatic Club. Chester Leonard Nayfield A quiet, care-free youth whose subjects, especially math, come to him naturally. He wastes no time on trivial matters. Give him the hard and diflicult things to solve or acquire. He hopes to enter Bucknell next fall. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Francis Xavier Mnsczynsky Just a hasty glance at "France" will tell you that he is one of the quiet boys of the class. "France," to those who know him, is indeed a great fellow and we hope that you will be as successful in the future as you have been in the past., Track 1, 23 Basketball 1. 1951 Thelma Natalie Mutchler The saying "A true friend is forever a friend," can easily be applied to Thelma. She is a true friend to everyone. Thelma's chief hobbies are: talking during class periods and dancing. We know Thelma will be a success. Girl Reservesg Operetta. Robert Edward 0'Donnell Here is the great leader of the famous Ambassador Orchestra. "Bob" is always laughing or mak- ing somebody else laugh. We want to hear you over the radio, 4lBob.ll Track 1, 23 Hi-Y. Vincent Carol Olshefsky "Bingo's" greatest hobby is making mischief, He does it con- tinually too. But at any rate, even with this handicap he is a great fellow to have around. His favor- ite sport is driving his Dodge. ..ghu1z1'Q'Jfr1zefJZQg15QSYci00f it gamma Anna Patricia Patrick Where ls the next dance, girls? Are you sure you are going? If we hear this we are sure to see Anna. Her dancing ablllty, mixed with her sunny smlle and disposi- tion, make her popular with all of us. Girl Reserves. l....-l.l- Evelyn Pavloff Although we have just become acquainted with Evelyn within the last year, we have learned enough to know her. She is espe- cially fond of Latin. We have not yet learned of her future Ln- tentlons. Girl Reserves. 1951 Blanche Lavada Phillips Whenever you enter a, noisy classroom, you can be sure that Blanche ls there, because she is quite talkative. She has endear- ed herself to the Senior class fsomebody else tool. Basketball 13 Glee Club 3, 43 Operetta: Girl Reserves. . Florence Elizabeth Plnamontl If ever you are ln need of any- thing, just go to "Flo," for she ls endowed with generosity. "Flo" intends to take up nursing, but we wonder if a course in light house-keeping would not be better. Well, here's luck, Flor- ence. Glrl Reserves: Dramatic Club. Alberta Margaret Povilaitls Alberta lsn't quite so demure as she looks: in fact, she ls quite jolly and talkative, One of her hobbies is dancing and she does it with splendid success. She is well liked by everyone, especial- ly the opposite sex. Operettag Girl Reserves. James Benjamin Powell "Ben" possesses the ability to combine work and play ln such a manner as to satisfy everybody concerned. Ben is a trap drum- mer and we are sure he will soon be playing with some big orches- tra. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club. Qfhunffrmeflyl 566001 we emma Joseph Aloysius Quinn Behold Quinn, the big man from the Gap. Quinn is a loyal Irishman, always defending the traditions of the Irish. Quinn in tends to see the world and be come Worldly wise. Basketball 25 Business Mana ger Carmelite 4. Raymond John Raber A student who makes hay while the moon shines, instead of when the sun shines. Ray is never on time, never a little early, but you guessed it-always a little late. He hopes to become a big leaguer in baseball and track. Track 3, 43 Hi-Y. Pauline Theresa Rakocy Pauline is one of the most charming and popular girls in our class. Her pastime is usual- ly spent in dancing. "Paul" in- tends to go in training or-we wonder if she will? But here's success in her future work, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves. -'l951'l- John Joseph Rakus Here is the one and only un- conquerable blonde-haired sheik. John walked around the school as if he knew something, and he probably did know something or he wouldn't be out now. As a businessman, you will be sure of a large lady-trade. John. "Tea For Tom." Mary Genevieve Rakus Upon first seeing Mary, one would form the opinion that she is bashful and timid, but upon further acquaintance it is found that you are very much mistak- en. Mary's slogan must be: "Laugh and make merry, because tomorrow is another day." Girl Reserves. Esther Marie Reiner When Esther struts through the corridors, we all wonder why Greta Garbo doesn't take a back seat. We fear that movie heroes would no longer find pleasure in bachelorhood if Esther should take to the movies. Girl Reserves, Carmelite. 7 - . Jgmfamfmylsfapf ?lef2J1r11z0H'f0 Mary Olwen Reese Mary is the sweet girl graduate of the 1931 class. She is demure and quiet, but still she likes fun. Mary loves to play the piano, and she plays the piano during chapel period. We know she will be a success. Girl Reserves: Minstrelg Glee Club: Pianist 43 Operetta. Mary Repko Mary is a genial and sunny- disposition lass, always ready to lend a helping hand. When one succeeds in getting beyond that calm exterior one flnds a keen alertness. We are sure this characteristic will aid her in the future. Girl Reserves: Glee Club. 1951 Anna Elizabeth Rhoades This little blonde hails from Kulpmont. She is noted for her sunny disposition, which has won her many friends during her happy high school days. You can easily recognize her, for her fav- orite color is green. She should be Irish! Girl Reserves. Russel Richard Rothka We want you to meet "Russ," the fun-maker of the class. The center attraction wherever he goes. Russ always livens things up when the spirits of the crowd are falling. His ambition is to be a baseball player. Hi-Y. Andrew Ridilla "Woofka" journeys every day from the wllds of Marion Heights to attend our school. He seems to be only slightly affected by re- siding in such a place. "Andy" ls noted for his high sense of humor. Cheerio! Peter Paul Ruginis Here is the only full-fledged dance promoter in our class. Peter has been successful in this respect and some day we expect to see him at the head of a fam- ous danceland. - elhunffmefgyi Qgckoof 959 Cgmekfe Q Herman Alfred Ruths We certainly have plenty of studious people ln our class. In- troducing another one. Herman certainly loves school work. Let's hope he likes all other work just as much. Glee Club 43 Minstrel 45 Oper- etta. ' Mary Sophia Secula This smiling lass comes to us from Marion Heights . She is one of our best stenographers. Ask Mr. Schaeier about that! Mary is bright and genial, and has a smile for everyone. Mary expects to take up art, domestic or other- wise. Girl Reservesg Dramatic Club. Hilda Grace Ruths Hilda, though small in stature, has a wonderful voice. She is the nightingale of the Senior class. Though she claims she is not interested in boys, we think that there is somebody. Girl Reservesg Operetta. 1951 I . Charles David Saluda Here we have the portrait of a true-blue friend. Whenever in need go to "Charlie"-he'll help you. "Charlie" is interested in aviation. Football 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 35 Operetta. 43 Orchestra. Adeline Anneta Sedar We won't dispute the proverb "Good things come in small packages" but there's something goodin atall package. Adeline is expecting to take up teaching. We predict great things of her. Operettag Girl Reserves. Clemens Sentkoski "Bashful Clem" is his moniker. He deserves this title because he is so quiet when the fair sex are around. Even with this unusual characteristic we know he will be a success. "Tea For Tom"g Operetta. Qmunffvmefgyl Jckoof vie G'zrmeh'f0 Helen Shublak Helen ls a studious girl, but Howard Parker Shutt Here is a boy who ls respected even so she does not let her stud- by everyone. Howard ls a dili- les interfere with her pleasures. gent worker and a loyal support- Helen is always willing to help a er of M. C. H. S. in all her acti- classmate. The whole Senior vities. He is undecided about his class will miss her company. future but we are sure he will be Glrl Reserves: Glee Club: Min- a success. strel. 1951 Leo Stascal Quiet, yes, but capable. Whlle we did not hear much from this fellow we took lt for granted that he knew his X. Y. Z's. Leo is planning on selling Frigldalres at the North Pole. Glee Club. Helen Marie Stief Sllm and dignified-that's Ella. One of our most popular glrls. Her gentle, charming ways have made her everyone's friend. We know that her sweet dlspositlon will be an asset to her in her future work as a schoolmarm. Girl Reserves: Glee Club. Margaret Jane Stine Margaret ls the quiet and stud- lous girl of our class. In fact she is one of the brightest girls in the Senior Class. Peggy has an idea that she will take up teach- lng. We know she will be a suc- cess. "Tea For Tom": Girl Reserves: Minstrel: Commencement. l . Helen Agatha Swaboski In Helen we have one of our greatest pals and helpers. A good dancer, a good worker, and a good friend-thatls Helen all over. She is very popular with both sexes, and we are sure her popularity will continue. Carmelite Stai. - - Qghunfgmefgyi QYCAOOZ 959 farmebfe - Lamar Edgar Swavely "Swabs" is one of our would- be athletes. It is too bad M. C. H. S. didn't have a baseball team for "Swabs" is a baseball player deluxe. "Swabs" will probably be- come a big league ball player. Dorothy Teufel "Toots" is not the quiet and demure Miss that you perhaps think she is. She is a lively girl and a. wonderful dancer. With her pleasant smile she gains many friends. We Wish you luck inyour undertakings. Girl Reservesg Dramatic Clubg Operetta. 1951 I Josephine Rose Tomaszewski Josephine, one of the most charming girls in our class al- ways has a smile for everybody. Much of her pastime is spent in reading and singing. She seems to pay no attention to the oppo- site sex, but then we might be mistaken. Girl Reserves: Minstrelg Glee Club: Operetta. .il-1.11 Elizabeth Barbara Umlauf "Betty" is one of the few red- headed girls without a ilery tem- per. She is one of the most charming girls and always has a smile for everyone. She intends to enter college. Dramatic Clubg Girl Reserves. William Gregory Walsh "Willie" is one of our talented actors. He is generally running after some one to get his algebra, but occasionally looks for some- body to shoot pool with, In the future "Willie" plans to run the Light Company. Success! Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 "They All Want Some- thlng"g Minstrel Q Operetta. Josephine Jane Warakomskl Gentle and demure with a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye-this is "Jo". We see her, but we seldom hear her, for she is unusually tucked away in some far corner studying her les- sons. "Tea For Tom"g Dramatic Clubg "They All Want Some- thing"g Commencement. tghu1z1'Q"rmef!Zgl5c600f we 6577Il6A'fl0 Marcella Blenda. Wary Marcella has been with us for four wonderful years. She is a happy-go-lucky girl, and is liked by everyone. Marcella intends to take up nursing at Fountain Springs Hospital and the Senior class wishes her success. Girl Reserves: Glee Club. 1 Gertrude Edith Wasakoski "Gertie" is one of the jolliest girls in school. You can always tell when she is around, because of her cheerfulness. She is an industrious student, and willing to help any one. As someone's stenog we feel sure Gertie will be a success, Girl Reserves. 1951 Myrtle Olga Watkins Look at the portrait. Now you can readily see why gentlemen prefer blonde hair and blue eyes. The attracted one seems to be a member of the junior class. As a future schoolmarm We wish her all the success in the world. Girl Reserves: Minstrel: Glee Clubg "Tea For Tom"g Operetta. Harry Frank Wightman Here is Harry, the greatest dramatic wizard of our class. When it comes to putting a play across Harry is right there with the goods. Harry is also the trumpet player of the Ambassa- dors. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 "Tea For Tom"g Minstrel: Operetta: Glee Club. Elizabeth Sara Williams "Betty" is the fun-loving girl of the Senior class. Whenever "Betty" is around you are sure of a good time. She is interested in anything pertaining to science. In fact Betty intends to become a doctor. We know she will be a success. Girl Reserves. James Lewis Wilson Here is a valuable asset to our class. "Jim" hails from Centra- lia. He is one of the many Sen- iors who sometimes puts pleasure before studies. "Jimmy's" dad is a pharmacist and we suppose "Jimmy" will be one too. "They All Want Somethingng Dramatic Club: Glee Club: Oper- etta. Qlfounfgmefffyi fgcloaf 25a fgrmekfe - - - - 4 . Edwin Joseph Witkoski "Eddie" is one of those jolly, good-natured, happy-go-1 u c k y Mount Carmel boys. His hobby is playing the piano and boy, how he can play it! Eddie intends to play with an orchestra and we just know he will make a hit. Marie Jane Yeager Small and shy! One must be her friend to find the Wonderful qualities she possesses. Always willing to help in work and play. Never mention boys to her. As a future business girl we Wish her the best of luck. Girl Reserves. Henry Harold Wolf There he goes-the high school sport. This introduces Henry, a valuable addition to our class. Henry is an ambitious fellow and we expect him to be one of Mount Carmel's leading clothiers in the future. 1951 George Wrona. George is one of the outstand- ing athletes of the class. He will be remembered asa brilliant per- former on the gridiron, and in track. A serious injury to his leg kept him out of football most of his Senior year. Minstrel: Glee Club: Football 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4. Herbert George Young Happy and gay no matter what goes on, Herbert is a loyal sup- porter of our High School in all activities. "Herbie" is a boy who believes that there is a time for fun and a time for study. Hi-Y. Francis Joseph Yuskelis The ideal student is typified in "Frankie" He is so quiet that one knows he is studying things over in his mind. He is a good sport and a loyal supporter of the dear old M. C. H. S. Football 1, 2. .ghunffmeflyi Jalan! 950 filmekfe Mary Alice Zigray Mary, one of the "Mary Trio," joined our class when we were Juniors, Her crowning glory ls her greatest worry and her favor- lte expression is "Does my hair look all right?" "They All Want Somethingng Dramatic Club: Girl Reserves: Cannellte Staff: Operetta. Organization. , .. Clam gf 1931 President, George Hornberger Vice President, Walter Gecosky Secretary, George jones Treasurer, William Bilder Motto: "Forward" Flower: Tea Rose and Forget-Me-Not Colors: Blue and Gold l951 lam Song Tune-"Tears" Alma. Mater' good-bye Farewell to you all. New duties soon fill our lives As we all go out ln this big wide world Our farewell to you we sing. Chorus: 'Tis so sad to part from comrades dear But to all we bid a sweet farewell For our school days now are past and gone And of other scenes and cares our lips must tell. Time can nevermore destroy the mem'ry Long will our hearts recall each joy and happiness Classmates stand together And we all must now bid Farewell to all our high school days No more good old friendships. No more good old ways. These all turn to mem'r1es now Good-bye, good-bye, Alma Mater farewell As we sing our parting song. v?f2ufzfQJ1mef,fZQqiQ5Vci00f . M. -rw.. V ...Lm..--'R-' ?ie6cfmeb'fe Senior Opeffefzzz. . . "Up In the Air" MONDAY EVENING, MAY 25, at 8215 O'CLOCK CAST OF CHARACTERS SHIRLEY KINGSTON ......................... MYRTLE WATKINS JOE BENNETT ...... ANNIE MCCULLOM. . . ..... HARRY WIGHTMAN . . . . . .GEORGE JONES JIM CARTER ......... . . . . . . . . . . .MARY BEIERSCHMITT FANNIE MCCULLOM .... .......... M ARY KEMBLE HENRY MCCULLOM .... . . NIRS. MCCULLOM. . . GEORGE BURBANK MRS. BURBANK .... BETTY BURBANK. . HAROLD POST ..... JUNIPER JOHNSON FELIX KADLUBOSKY .......MIRIAM JONES . . . .WILLIAM WALSH . . . . . .RUTH LEISER .. ..HILDA RUTHS . . .... GEORGE HORNBERGER . . . . . .JOHN KRALICK PIANIST--ELIZABETH WILLIAMS l95l 077277Z67'Z6'677Z67QlL TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 26, 8:15 O'CLOCK SELECTION ............... ..... H IGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA INVOCATION ............... ...... R EV. MORGAN A. PETERS PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS ................ GEORGE HORNBERGER PIANO SOLO ................................. ELIZABETH LITTLE OUTSTANDING MOVEMENTS OF TODAY- ARCHITECTURE . .............. ....... . .. IVIILDRED KIMMEL MEDICINE ....................... JOSEPHINE WARAKOMSKI COLLEGE EXPERIMENTATION ............ MARGARET STINE GENEVIEVE CHUPRINSKI INSTRUMENTAL TRIO .............. GEORGE DOVIAK GEORGE HORNBERGER PHILANTHROPY IN PRACTICE- ANTI-RACITE OPERATORS ...... ....... O LGA JONKUS JANIES DUKE .................. ..... A GNES KLINGER RUSSELL CONWELL ............... ........ E DNA KORT VOCAL SOLO ........................... ..... C LARE DAVIES INTERESTING CONTEMPORARIES- JANE ADDAMS ..................... ....... M ARY DONOHUE THOMAS EDISON ........... .......... H ARRY COREN CHIEF JUSTICE HOLMES .... ..... T HOMAS FAGLEY, JR. PIANO SOLO ....................................... ERNEST KOCH PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ...... H. B. HENDERSON, PRESIDENT SCHOOL BOARD COIVIIVIENCEMENT ADDRESS ........ ROBERT ARTHUR ELWOOD CLASS SONG ....................................... CLASS OF 1931 BENEDICTION .... .... R EV. MORGAN A. PETERS v?Qufzz'6'fmefHyl qfcioof 960 fijzrmehfe J Adams, Emily Adzema, Joseph Albot, Dorothy Aldrlegetti, Martha Ambrose, Helen Andrulevich, Mary Anthony, Clara Aplchell, Anne Augustine, Helene Averill, Marshall Azary, Stephen Bakey, Gladys Becker, Alice Becker, Hilda Becker, Leonard Belutty, John Bender, Ramona Benfleld, Charles Belerschmitt, Margaret Billman, Gilbert Blxler, Sarah Bowers, Walter Bradley, Catherine Bradley, Mary Brennan, Thomas Burns, Anna Calmes, Mahota Cavalarie, Alma Cezlnskl, Genevieve Chornack, Michael Colahan, Thomas Cole, Jacob Conville, Joseph Coren, Oscar Czerwinski, Anastasia Czeponis, Frank Davis, Marvin Davies, Marlin Deavers, Cecil Decarll, Frank DeNunzlo, Albert Devine, Rita Dixon, Leroy Dumchock, Frank Duni, Elizabeth Dzledzic, Thomas Fagley, Mary Fertig, Fremont Flcca, Agatha Fincato, Louise Fisher, Harold Flanagan, James Francis, Rene he junior lm' Frymoyer, Lavinia Gallagher, Rita Galonski, Stella Galow, Lewis Getchey, Marsden Gillespie, Mary Godlewski, Albert Grad, Martha Grossman, Ruth Guzevich, Joseph Hartman, Ned Hatrack, George Heil, Winfield Herb, Lewis Hodrick, Anna Hornberger, Herbert Hower, Cora Hughes, Marian J urchikonis, Peter Kallnowsky, Mildred Kaminski, Anna Karbley, Harold Kemper, Lillian Kerstetter, Alice Kerstetter, Frank Kessler, Norman Kimmel, Kenneth Kish, Michael Knittle, Elizabeth Knoblauch, Rita Kotch, John Kowal, Josephine Kortulinsky, Ida Kurtlnes, Albert Lamb, Mildred Langis, John Lanuskey, Ramona Laudig, Glenn Laushas, Peter Leiser, Jane Lippman, Lena Lonis, Evelyn Lubold, John Lutz, Victor Mackavage, Lottie Mallnowski, Marie Mannion, Anna Marenick, Helen Marhefka, Eleanor Mather, Wilbur Matulewicz, Raymond Mazurkevich, Edward McCarthy, Joseph Meehan, William Menapace, Francis Menapace, Richard, Jr Merges, Francis Michaelson, Max Mikulski, Clement Mildred, Joseph Miller, Arnold Miller, Dorothy Miller, Jeanette Miller, Marwin Mirarchi, Anthony Mirarchl, Joseph Moleski, Joseph Moretelli, Anna Morreall, Herbert Morrison, Edward Mullenkavich, Frank Nark, Emma Nesbit, Betty Olcese, Martha Olshefsky, Eleanor Olson, Ruth Padden, Joseph Parker, Ruth Parker, Ethel Parry, Letha Patrick, Clement Pavis, August Perzel, Anna Petrovich, Helen Pulaski, Ignatius Pulaski, Mildred Pvarnick, Thomas Reese, Wilbert Reiff, Bertha Roadarmel, Paul Rokos, Dorothy Rovnak, Helen Rudzlewicz, John Rudziewicz, Stanley Ruths, Oscar Rynkiewicz, Helen Saluda, Rose Schipchak, Paul Schriner, Magdalen Schicitano, Catherine Shannon, Alice Shaulinski, Frank Sheptock, Joseph Shimko, Francis Sholly, James Shovlin, John Shultz, Joe Simon, Charles Singley, Alberta Slivinskie, Peter Slotterback, Ralph Smith, Arthur Sosnoski, Leonard Stanishefski, Leo Stanishefskl, Joseph Stavecka, Valeria Steelfox, Lamar Stognlew, Edwin Stone, Ben Strantz, Regina Suszko, Anthony Sweeder, Dorothy Swlderskl, Dorothy Tamanlnl, Blanche Toland, Leo Toy, John Toy, Twilia Trefsgar, Anne Urban, Helen Urbanowicz, Margaret Urello, Anthony Varano, Richard Vershinski, Thomas Vltacco, John Vivino, Arthur Voulelis, Stanley Wagner, Arthur Walutkavich, Lawrence Warakomski, Anna Wasilewski, Joseph Watkins, Ben Weikel, Thelma Whalen, Joseph Widra, Anna Wilkinson, Evert Williams, Lawrence Williams, Marie Williams, Richard Witkoski, Eleanor Womer, Norma Wydra, Irene York, Agnes Young, Mary Zarek, Alberta Zima, Regina qlkufzfgfmeffzyi Sclool ?ie fgrzzzebble Adam, James Adzema, Martha Akelaitis, Leonard Aluska, Beatrice Anderson, Harry Angeli, Esther Artman, Clair August, Emanuel Avizienis, Peter Ayers, Mathew Bakey, Hilda Bakey, Thursa Bartash, Victor Becker, Alfred Becker, Carl Becker, Kenneth Berzlnski, Agnes Bierowski, Margaret Bocewicz, Edward Bonis, Bertha Boyer, Betty Brennan, Harry Breslin, James Bridy, Lester Calmes, Ted Camp, Elwood Camp, Kathryn Chucaski, Verna Chucaski, Joseph Cortellini, Martha Costello, Samuel Cress, James Davies, Jack Davis, Delcamp Davis, Sara Degaitano, Victor Delcamp, Olive DeLellis, Joseph Depner, William Diebel, Mabel Dietz, Agnes Dreher, Louise Dubli, Mahb Dziedzic, Kathryn Edmiston, Margaret Ehret, Elva Feifer, Eleanor be Sophomore Clow Ford, Alfred Frazik, Vincent, Gaetz, Laura Gallagher, Ruth Grabuski, Genevieve Grabuski, John Greco, Attilio Green, Raymond Haleman, Edward Hall, Bernard Harter, John Herb, Isaac Hodrick, William Hornberger, Ethel Hosgood, Marshall Hower, Spurgeon Hwizda, Anna Jakoeski, Ignatius JeErey, Dorothy Jelus, Anna Jenkins, Jack Jenkins, Jane Johnsonis, Leonard Jones, Eleanor Jones, Harry Jonkus, Patricia Kaminski, Edward Kehler, Betty Kerdock, Anna Klinger, Thelma Koch, Merle Kornaski, Victor Kosakoski, Anthony Kovalick, Michael Koveleski, Edward Krasnicki, Leonard Kortchko, Susan Kuklinski, Thomas Kulick, Lucy Kushner, John Lacrosse, Anthony Leiser, Edward Lignow, Vincent Lindemuth, Margaret Mahalik, Thomas Malinosky, Genevieve Manicor, Louise Marchinski, Edward Marwine, Clayton Mashnicki, Eugene Mesevage, Cecelia Metzenger, Victor Migos, George Mikulski, Chester Milewski, Dena Millard, Paul Minnick, Leonora Molick, Irene Morgan, Gertrude Morgan, Mildred Moroz, Cecelia Moroz, Walter Morris, Edward Murin, Emily Olshefski, Alexander Orzekoski, Pearl Owens, Anna Palewicz, Bernice Parry, Clayton Paul, Ellsworth Paul, Elwood Perginski, Rose Persing, Charles Petroski, Regine Phillips, Harry Pieri, Margaret Pietkiewicz, Stanley Pietrewicz, Bernard Pinkowski, Regina Pretkiewicz, Catherine Pischick, Anna Powell, Morgan Prostko, Genevieve Raibick, Alphonso Rakoci, Francis Rakocy, Cecelia Reitz, Elwood Repko, Michael Rohrback, Carl Rudlsill, Howard Ruths, Reynold Schaifer, Paul Schoppy, Bertilla Schucker, Gertrude Schultz, Loretta Scott, George Semmons, Emma Seymour, Richard Shopulski, Joseph Simienowicz, Joseph Sisinski, Peter Smith, Glenn Smith, Robert Smith, Virginia Mae Smith, Virginia Martha Snyder, Mildred Sofranek, Mary Sokaitis, Joseph Sottopietrin, Lillian Stankevich, John Stanton, James Stone, Effie Stayinoff, Mary Strzyzewski, Alfred Subacius, James Swaboski, Alexander Swetkoski, Adella Tamanini, Martha Timchatin, Eva Troyan, Catherine Vallish, Dorothy Vivino, Elmer Wagner, Ruth Walzak, Adella Wardrop, Nellie Warsevage, Dorothy Waskey, Raymond Wasilewski, Alexander Wassel, Bernard Whalen, Edward Wilicki, Mary Williams, Donald Williams, Gomer Williams, Ruth Willman, Nan Wilson, James Yanick, Mary Yoder, Wilmer Yodemick, John Zeles, John Zosh, John Qbunfgfmofgyo cgcooof wgfameafe Adams, Ruth Akelaltis, Joseph Alchimowlcz, Vincent Andrulevlch, Edward Andrulevich Julie Augustine, Betty Avlzelnls. Angela Balchunas, Clement Balent, Dorothy Barnes, Alfred Barnes, Edward Becker, Elwood Balfantl, Leo Bender, Helen Bernas Bengamln Beveridge, race Blanchinl, Clara Bickel, Catherine Bllder, Mary Blxler, Wlllllam Bolick, Stephen Bonls, Mildred Brazlnski. Albert Brennan, Charles Brldy, Lillian Broda, Helen Brokenshlre, Nicholas Brosh, Wllllam Brown, John Bulka, Walter Butkera, Bernard Camp, Olive Carmltchel, Edith Casarl, George Cezlnskl, Rita Charnosky, John Chlmoch, Emily Chuprlnskl, Joseph Chuprlnskl, Teckla Costello, Mary Covey, Leon Cwlkleskl, Ignatius Czerwlnskl, Cecelia Davies, Leslie Davis, Helen Day, Evelyn Debulls, Irene Decarll, Eleanor Delaney, Robert Dembauskas, Alberta. Demboskl, Cecilia Dempnock, Ignatius Derr, Edith Devine, Regina Donkochlk, George Dropeskey, Dorothy Duda, Genevieve Dumarodas, Matilda. Edmlston, Douglas Ehret, Arthur Ello, Peter Feifer, Pauline Ference, Paul Feudale, Rose Fisher, Arlene Fisher. Victor Frasch, Inez Gable, Dorothy he Fzfeflwmn Clam Geist, Lloyd Glessman, Joseph Gluchoskl, Eleanor Gondal, Paul Greco, Archie Guba, Frank Guzevlch, John Hancock, John Harrison, Edith Hell, Belle Helntzelman, Woodrow Hester, John Hobson, Christa Honabach, Maynard Hornberger, Lear Hornlng, Verdelle Howenstlne, Martha Howenstlne, Marvin J akowskl, Clara Johnsonls, Mildred Jones, Kendrick Jones. Mildred Jurchlkonls, Leo J urewicz, Edna Kachlnskl, Ralph Karenlcky, Helen Karasevlch, Alphonso Karlovlch, Claire Katarsky, Bernard Kaufman, Lawrence Kleskl, Albert Klaclk, John Kolutes, Irene Kondraski, George Kotarsky. Joseph Kovac, Michael Kovich, Helen Kozlowski, Edmund Kulbllc, Shimer Kukllnskl, Josegh Kushner, Josep Kyewski, Louise Landan Ruth Lasko, William Latshaw, Alma. Latshaw, Jean Little. Rita Laurlnaitis, Stanley Lindemuth, William Lubold, Eleanor Luchnlck, Marie Lukoshas, Victoria Machonls, Florence Machonls, Thomas Mack, Donald Mackiewlcz, Peter Manlncor, Mary Marchetti, Thomas Marwine, Augustine Marwlne, Graco Matty, Helen Matulevlch, Theodore May. Madeline Matyka, John Mazan, Henry Mazarl, Stella Mazerkevlch, Leonard McDonald, Vincent Meehan, John Mebok, Veronica Menapace, Robert Mesevage, Francis Mihalik, Dorothy Mihalik, John Miller, Mary Mllo, Mary Minnlch, Jacob Miskell, Vincent Moore, Helen Moratelli, James Murin, Edward Myslewlcz, Constance Nacewicz, Phyllis Narusewlcz, Mildred Nayfleld, Geraldine Nemchik, Stephen Novak, Andrew Novack, Stephen Novltsky, Leona 0'Gara Elizabeth olaynsin, John Olearnlck, Joseph Olshefskl, Anna Oswald, Albert Pachuta, Andrew Palavich, Mary Palmer, Jessie Parry, Mary Paskevlch, Joseph Penman, Walter Petruskevich. Cecelia Plnamontl, Mildred Plutko, Mary Price, Mary Quinn, James Rakocy, Jean Raulinaltls, Francis Reece, Mary Reinard, Frank Rieck, Bernice Roberts, Ethel Rogers, Ellen Rogers, Ruth Rogers, Samuel Romanoski, Winifred Rovnak, Anna Ruths, Alfred Ruths, Margaret Rynkewicz, John Sadusky, John Saluda, Harry Saluda, Lena Sarlsky, John Schucker, Alice Scott, John Sekletar, Mile Semmons, Alice Shamansky, Helen Shaullnskl, Peter Sherman, Anna Shieransky, Leona Shubiak, Mary Shuder, Leocadla. Shulskl, Dorothy Shulskl, Gertrude Shutt, George Slngley, Thomas Sipple, William Slochta, Mary Smith, Karl Smith, Mildred Sofranek, Benjamin Sosh, Irene Starkosk Staskiel, l. Jeanette Sophie Stotklewlcz, Anna Stetz, F Stetz, Jo rancls seph Stine, Ned Stognef, Regina Stroke., Leonard Strunk, Rela Strouss, Suchanlc Supslnsk Swatske, Harold z, George l, Alberta. Leonard Szypulskl. Thelma. Taylor, Marian Thomas, Thomas, Thompso Alma Edna n, Alfred Tlminskl, Anna Tomolonls, Anna Troyan, Mary Troyan, Tylenda, Veronica Irene Urello, Anna VanBrun Varano, t, Norman Helen Vasll, Helen Vlvlno, Earl Wagner, Wanzie, Warakomskl, Chest Bernard Albert Wasakoskl , Victoria Wlatklns, Wert, Gl Herbert enn Wert, Marlin Williams, Charles Williams, George Williams, Herbert Williams . James Williams, Kenneth Wltcoskl Wltcoskl e, Josephine e, Martha Wltcowskle, John Wolcoskle, Claire Wolfe, Ben Yarnall, Clyde Yodis, H 8l'll'y Yodzis, Joseph Yeager, Eleanor Yuscoski, Regina Zaboras, Zelinskl, Albert Ignatius Zema, Edward Zema. C laire Zimmerman. Welling Zoretski, Eleanor Zuk, Russell Zvlrblis, Zvlrblis, Zykl, Le Joseph Victoria onard el' t0l'l. Qf?bufzfQ'fmefff:g1f John! SN--f--l---,----A-- ..-p ,. ., ,. M -...,.-Q if - 0 81171100210 A s- be Cmfmelife Staff During the past year in order to be different we put out a School Paper. The paper created a lot of work for the Staff but nevertheless it was a big success. We are sure that the 1931-32 Carmelite Staff will put out a. model High School paper. Editorial Staff Edward J. Donkochick '31-Editor-in-Chief Thomas P. Fagley '31g Jos. J. Dolinsky '31g Albert A. DeCar1i '31-Assistants A. Harry Coren '31-Exchange Editor Business Staff Joseph A, Quinn '31-Business Manager Mary A. Zigray '31g Ma.ry T. Beierschmitt '31g Mary Kemble '31g Sara Davis '33g Stanley Voulelis '32-Assistants Typists Helen Swaboski '31g Rita Connaghan '31g Emily Archikauskas '31g Esther Reiner '31, .ggfowxayfwffm drivof 950 fgrmeife mba!! This year the football team was highly successful from the point of wins and losses, The team came through the season with nine wins and one loss. We won six of our seven conference games and finished fifth in the Eastern Conference. Williamsport was first. Our 'team was known as "The Great One Touchdown Team," having scored but one touchdown in each of their seven conference games. M.C.H.S M.C.H.S M.C.H.S M.C.H.S M.C.H.S M.C.H.S. .... . . . M.C.H.S M.C.H.S.. M.C.H.S M.C.H.S 62-Sept. 20-Sept, 25-Oct. " 6-Oct. ' 9-Oct, ' 7-Oct. 'Y 7-Nov. ' 6-Nov. " 7-Nov, '18-Nov. 'Conference Games. 1930 Schedule and Results 20 .... 27 .... 4 1 1 18 25 2 9 16 28 - . . . . ..Miff1intown .... . . . . .Porter Township 0 ....Lewistown 0 .. . .Wilkes-Barre G, ....Tamaqua . . . . .Coal Township . ....Pottsvi11e .. .. ....Wi11iam Penn .. ....Sunbury . . . .Mahanoy City . . A. R...13 0 .. ...0 0 .. ...O Home Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Away Home - 40 0u1z1'C5f'fmefJ52q1fQ5fcl00f 2AeC?1meA'!e- - - - oyf' pzfkefbazll Captain Kalinosky, George Jones, Frank Decarli, Peter Avizienis, Alphonso Mazzarola, Chester Nayiield, Thomas Vershinski, Bernard Kotarski, Clayton Mer- Wine, John Stankevich-these boys did line during the past season but we will ex- pect more next year. Our Jayvees are doing line and have some good material for our varsity next year. In the 1931-32 squad the boys will have a number of veterans together with the Junior Varsity boys, We Seniors as Alumni will be looking for big things. " M.C.H.S. 24-Sunbury 42 1M.C.H.S. 26-Coal Township 25 i M.C.H.S. 47-Aristes 28 I M.C.H.S. 25-Mahanoy City 34 " M.C.H.S. 25-Locust Gap 26 ' M.C.H.S. 13-Shamokin 24 it M.C.H.S. 44-Locust Gap 28 ' M.C.H.S. 25-Freeland 27 " M.C.H.S. 17-Mahanoy City 40 iM.C.H.S. 39--Shamokin 21 I M.C.H.S. 21-Alumni 26 1 M.C.H.S. 21-Alumni 48 ' M.C.H.S. 25-Freeland 22 " M.C.H.S. 38-Shenandoah 15 " M.C.H.S. 18-G. A. R. 49 " M.C.H.S. 26-Coal Township 28 ' M.C.H.S. 22-Shenandoah 37 ' M.C.H.S. 51-Arlstes 17 " M.C.H.S. 26-Tamaqua 31 I M.C.H.S. 27-Tamaqua 25 13 M.C.H.S. 38-Sunbury 34 1 Home-' Away. amunfgmfmyr 564001 ?6ef3rf11eb'f0 r , .11 fi an fl! This season the track team showed great form. The boys won the first meet in which they were entered, the Coaldale Meet, and they have but three more meets to win. Although crippled at Coaldale, our boys took three out of ten Hrst-places and won with twenty-one and one-half points. The Mount Car- mel High School track rec- ords, who made them and when, appear in the oppo- site column. Track 'Dam 100 Yards ...... 220 Yards ...... 440 Yards ...... 880 Yards ...... 1 Mile .......... 2 Miles ........ 120 Low Hurdles.. 220 Low Hurdles.. Mile Relay ..... High Jump ..... Broad Jump . . . Pole Vault ..... Discus Throw .. Javelin Throw . Shot Put ...... 880 Yard Relay. 1928-M Taraskavage '28 .... 10 1-5 Sec 1926-R. Scott '27 ................ 24 Sec 1929-G. Wrona. '31 ..... .... 5 4 3-5 Sec 1925-R.. Scott '27 ...... ...2:13 Min 1924-T. Quigley '24 ,... ...... 5 Min 1924-J. Shubiak '24 ........., 1054 Min 1928-Masciantonio '28 ....... 14 2-5 Sec 1930-F. Kadluboski '31 ........ 28V2 Sec 1930-Wrona '31 ........... 3:44 7-10 Sec Miller '30 Williams '30 Jones '31 1930-D. Smith '30 .... ..... 5 '10' 1931-T. 1930-T 1927-J. 1929-J. 1930-P. Vershinski '32 .... Vershinskl '32, Ambrose '29, .. Ambrose '29.. Avizienis '33.. 1930-Wrona '31 ............ 1:44 4-5 Sec Williams '30 Szypulski '30 Jones '31 .. . . .20'4' -1- qfkunfgmefayl eswcloof 9'6" . . . .115'2" 156' . . . . . .41'4" gig 670165110 M51 Tbfkelball Coach-Miss Sigrid Peterson. Captain Singley, Beierschmitt, Olson, Bonis, Kehler, Grossman, Cortellini, Frymoyer, Jelus, Ficca, Petrosky, Duni. The 1930-31 basketball season started out promising. Many aspir- ants for team places reported to Miss Peterson. After many bumps and bruises the girls for the team were finally selected. A fairly successful season was enjoyed. M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. . . . M.C.H.S. ............ 44 ..... ..... A ristes ..... 12 .... ....Home .....Alumni..........16.... ....Home .....Free1and........13.... ....Home .....Shenandoah.....51.... ....Away .....Tamaqua. ....Away .....CoalTownship..6.... ....Home .....Freeland........39.... ....AWay .....Shenandoah ....Home .....CoalTownship..14.... ....Away .....Tamaqua........26.... ....Home .....449..... .....Opponents .....242 M.C.H.S. . . . - - qfhufzfgmzefjgfgi CSCAUOZ zlglz Selma! Mimnfe! March 20, 1931 Directed by Miss Kathryn McWilliams and Miss Lillian Fisher Interlocutor-John Kralick '31 End Men-Harry Wightman '31g Anthony Cannizarro '31g George Wrona '3lg William Walsh '313 Leonard Sosnoski '31g Felix Kadlubosky '31. Chorus-Frank Decarli '32g Herman Ruths '31g John Kalinowsky Stanley Voulelis '323 George Jones '313 George Hornberger '31g Charles Bentield '32g Joseph Dolinsky '31g Frances Gallagher '31g Helen Shubiak '31g Ruth Leiser '3lg Mary Reese '31g Margaret Stine '31g Marian Hughes '32g Mary Fagley '32g Jane Leiser '32g Gladys Bakey '32g Dorothy Ed- mundson '31g Mary Kemble '31g Myrtle Watkins '313 Josephine Tomas- hefski '313 Clare Davis '31. Pianist-Lavinia. Frymoyer 44 ?6ef?zr111eh'fe I i iff! efezfm The popularity of the Senior Girls' Reserve Club is noted in an almost l00fk enrollment of the Senior girls. While their activities have been largely social tending to promote good fellowship, they have loyally supported every school project. In their program they have tried to instill the meaning of the Girls' Reserve code and to live up to their slogan: To Face Life Squarely and To Find and, Give the Best. President .... .Hilda Ruths Secretary Betty Williams Treasurer Miriam Jones Jmufzfgfmeflylf CSCAUOI io J . ,ff lf0Q11f11f 1 f' 2 " be ifing Son" February 4, 1931 Directed by Miss Lillian Fisher Miss Gray .... Bess Colfax. .. Willis ......... Ted Alamayne .... Jim Alamayne Madge ....... Mrs. Malone . Mr. Peterson ..... THE CAST I .................E1eanor Jones '32 .....E11en Albertini '31 . . . . . . . . Kenneth Kimmel '32 .. . .Paul Roadarmel '32 .......Arnold Miller '32 Helen Rynkiewicz '32 Alice Shannon '32 ....C1ement Patrick '32 ,ga 0,,,,zg10f,,,gff,qqA5fA00f le arffzekzlcl he Hi-Y The purpose of this organization is to create, maintain and extend, high standards of Christian character throughout the school and the community. Officers President, John Langis '32, Vice-President, Ernest Koch '31, Secretary, Jacob Cole '32, Treasurer, William Depner, 33, Faculty Advisor, Prof. McHail. Charter Members Class of '31-John Falker, George Jones, Harry Coren, Rowell Casari, Robert O'Donnell, Edward Donochik, Ernest Koch, Frank Benson, George Hornberger, Joseph Quinn. Class of '32-Stanley Voulelis, Arthur Wagner, Oscar Coren, Paul Roadar- mel, John Langis, Harold Karbley, Jacob Cole. Class of '33-John Harter, Leonard Johnsonis, Reynold Ruths, Peter Avizines, William Depner, Alfred Ford, Harry Jones, Robert Smith. Clffoufzffrfnefgyf rlwof gig fgrizzeizle ...wifi-'- -Wgr' G' sG'o be mm' Director-Prof. C. Grant Sterner Comets- Barltones- Charles Persing Kenneth Smith Jack Smith Harry Jones Harry Saluda John Toy John Harter Claire Ruths Teddy Wise Paul Schaffer Saxophones- Claire Artman Lewis Herb Kenneth Williams Altos- Clayton Parry Russell Knerr Norman VanBrunt Alfred Becker Robert Brown Clarinets- Marvin Davies Edmund Kozlowski Leonard Stine Richard Rogers Basses- Elwood Paul Leonard Becker Trombones- William Walsh Ellsworth Paul Drums- Ben Powell Edward Donkochik Charles Wolfgang Irving Lindenmuth Kendrick Jones James Allison v?f0ufzfQ1mefHylQSc600f we gamma ,. he Offcbeyfm Violins- A Clarinetsf- George Hornberger Marvin Davies Helen Levine Edmund Kozlowski Joseph Paskevich Clara Bianchini Trumpets'- Ned Stine HWY JOPBS Archie Greco Harry Wlghtman Herbert Morreal Letha Parry Paul Schaffer Horns- Harry Saluda Clayton Parry Drums- Trombones- Edward Donkochik William Walsh Piano- Banjo- Frank Benson Charles Saluda Qgkzzrzfgifnfmefffqi QSCAUOX SMbGZme0k2 The Akelaitis Studio Tbofograpby . . . Ticfmfe Framing . . . Enlmfging SERVICE QUALITY SATISFACTION 246 South Oak Street, Mount Carmel QGROUND FLOORJ Bdayhe somebody will give you some real cash for a graduation gift. Save it! Put it to work. We are prepared to show you how. Union National Bank MOUNT CARMEL, PENNSYLVANIA v?QufzfQJr11zefJZQql Scioof fiefimekfe THE FIRST NATIGNAL BANK ur us . Undivi e Deposits . Trust Funds Jiflount Carmel, Tenna. Capiral . . . as 125,000.00 S pl . . 375,000.00 d d Proflts 224,000.00 . . 2,559,115.00 . . 639,500.00 S. R. MOYER Wholemle Fruit mm' Produce JQufzfQ'fmef!Zfqi fsvcivof 9h2Q-irmeb'f0- - FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD It is too late to set your estate in order after the inevitable happens. All of us should profit by the ex- periences of others and follow the "rules of the road." In arranging your estate affairs, bear in mind that the TRUST DE- PARTMENT of this institution has behind it abundant resources. Your estate will be handled precisely in the way you direct. Let the wisdom of others in engag- ing our services point the way for you. Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Company WOLEGANG'S SERVICE First National Bank Building Phone 444 tilkunfflmeflyl Scion! 9ne fgrmeifo COMPLZFTZE Assembly Club 5532315533 DANCING AT MAYSVILLE PARK EVERY MONDAY EVENING Finer! Conducted Dance: In the Region ALWAYS THE BEST ORCHESTRAS OBTAINABLE Spring-Time If Koefnk Tnne Keep memories of graduating days with a kodak. Use Kodak Vericrome Films- Eastmarfs latest invention. ,Great- G R A D U A T E S er speed, added detail, high color For lifetime remembrance, a beautiful watch Sensltlvlty' I of enduring quality. Our stock comprises the linest at the lowest prices. T R . . OHCS K E S S L E R 7 S 33 North Oak Street Leading Jewelers 38-40 South Oak St. G R O S S M A N ' S "The Store of the Town" For the Newest in Dress Fabrics, Draperies and Rugs - Munffmeflyn Qyollroof 950 6577HOA'!0 - EUREKA MOTOR EXCHANGE, Mount Carmel Chevrolet Six Tonfinc Six Onklnnif Eight Amazing Low Prices Or1 "OK" Used Cars GELLERT'S extend' foizgmfzilntionf nnn' gona' wiyfoas' to ine Um! 0f1931 "FRIENDLY FIVE " The fastest selling Yonng Menff S2106 in the City TWENTY SPRING STYLES To select from Eagleys Shoe Store 21 North Oak Street t2hz1111lQa17nef!Zfyn5cn00f gk fgrmekfo The Vieioeiez Theatre EXTENDS HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1931 JOSEPH G. MAY Plumbing H eating and Roofing 23 WEST THIRD STREET Phonc 347-R For Up-To-the-Minute YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHES C. GRANT STERNER ASHLAND ,......,..., .MOUNT CARMEL Teacher of Piano, Pipe Organ, Voice "Sinner Student: Make Good" Room 4, KARNS BLDG., MOUNT CARMEL Telephone Ashland 2 36 JOSEPH J. TOTH Dry Cleaning Visit and Presring X x ':q"?":"' f f f f, Q 3 1 ,, 4iU'1l?t' 146 WEST SECOND STREET - : '1.', -- ""'-Z Phone 831-I BLACK DIAMOND AUTO COMPANY B. F. CHRIST, rjvlanager Tydol Gas 1002 Perma. Veedol Oil Accessories Storage 108-112 NORTH OAK STREET .ghnnfffmeflyl Jcnoof gk fgrlfzekfe Always the Newest Things in CLOTHING, SHOES AND FURNISHINGS For Young Men of Taste P. A. STIEF 8: SONS Marvelousl Smart- Y FADRoWsK1's Brand new patterns with entrancingly engraved designs in Corner Second and Pear Streets, Mount Carmel Diamond Rings and Wrist Watches Choice Meats Give us rt call and save money. Groceries and Green Truck GRIESINGER Jeweler and lingraver ......., 29 South Oak St. Telephone 523 C I. f HERB'S om nncnts o P ACCOMMODATION GARAGE Aecessogifjraagild Tires Welding of All Kinds REO SALES AND SERVICE Corner Maple and Cherry Streets Phones: 97713 625 C. A. PARRY Quality Meats, Poultry and Groceries Three Stores: 123 North Oak Street-13 West Third Street-211 South Oak Street Phone 5 c.gh1!llj6J77ll0fHlQ6cSC'A00l in emnfg fi COMPLIMENTS OF 552667231 Sfnfe Bene ann' Trnff Company BOWLING IS REAL FUN The Neweee In Especially on such good alleys as you will find here. Come in today and try it. Footwear SHOVLIN 8: HOVANES 33 South Oak Street CIGARS, TOBACCO AND CANDY TASTY LUNCHES MILLER BROS., SHOE STORE 22 South Oak Street Mount Carmel THE VOGUE Mary Evans Shampooing and Marcelling Eugene Permanent Wane.: MENAPACE'S BREAD Baked by the BARKER BAKERY 209 South Oak Street, Mount Carmel Telephone 214-R JVIARBLE I-IALL AMERICAN PLAN FAMOUS hr MEALS, ROOMS and SERVICE D. gnmfemefngn 564001 959 Gmekfe TYPEWRITERS . . . New emel Rebuilt Mezelfinef Premier Remingtons, factory rebuilt, 3550 up The New Remington Portable .... 3560 , EVERY STUDENT NEEDS A TYPEWRITER BOOK STORE , What you want to wear is here-at Compliments of what you want to pay. TOM BROWN GooD CLOTHES SHOE STORE Sl5.00, 52000, 525.00 and up With two pair trousers 42 South Oak Street STRAUSS BROS. S. I. JONKUS-APOTHECARY W, B, VALLISH We 'will fill Furniture Prercriptiom from all of the better kind at physiciezm lowest prices CORNER SIXTH AND OAK STREETS SIX FLOORS' TO SELECT FROM DON DERO'S Terre Olive Oil our Jpeeiezlty C9 Imported emel Domeflie Claeese 17 SOUTH OAK STREET vlfoufzffmelffgl Qgekeol Qiefzmekfe T The ROXY THEATRE, Ashland Trexentx "Oh Sailor, Behave" . . . Monday and Tuesday, May 25 and 26 "Viennese Nights" . . Wednesday and Thursday, May 27 and 28 "Those Who Dance" . ........ Friday, May 29 I For Tonsorial Smartness and Style Visit HARRY PHILLIPS' Barber Shop I4 WEST THIRD STREET Mount Carmel Battery and Electrical Service William Donohue, Prop. AGENCY FOR "EXlDE" BATTERIES 23 West Second Street Phone 231-M A. ROCKAFELLER CO. Electrical C animator: EDWARDS REPAIR SHOP 222 North Vine Street Spring Repairing and Used Springs for all makes of cars Acetyline Welding 39 WEST FOURTH STREET Telephone 190-J All makes of Shock Absorbers Repaired Smigel the Tailor Jmunfgfmefgyl cycioof giefgrmeife DO You NEED AWNINGS THIS YEAR? Whether you require them complete with frames or new covers for your old frames, We we will be glad to quote you prices . . . We are 7 showing a wonderful line of samples from a ardrop S Hardware very reliable house. Come in and see them. 27 S. Oak St., Mount Carmel It Will Pay You Mount Carmel Vulcanizing Co. To Buy Ellsworth john, Prop. Your CvI'3.dl1atiOl'1 Outfit At EXPERT XVULCANIZING WOLMAN'S Goodrich U7-wo Smm To Sem youu DeLuxe Szloertown Tzrex Mount Carmel 137 and 139 North Oak Street Shenandoah Phone 2g-W STIEF'S MUSIC STORE IZ Fast Second Street Compliments of r' 5 P1anos, Radios, Victrolas . h 'Lui' Ybdlll llll. i l'lli'lkD0ll1 and all kinds of Musical Merchandise uYOung Menis Shopv Langis' Candy Shop The Tier! in Caneliey amd Iee Cream Oak Street at Third vfmufzzlgfmefffflql fsciool

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