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SEER SRR eon te Sepa et Sime a a EA Re mie sesee TRS er bones = MO eee pica are LO oO Q t — N 2—— O 5 =n = w i= © 2——r- =— ) ao 2 v hal we had in 9 67 tbo 1 Sys YyEGY ? harp - Shape Tres OnMNCLY An Q Warwr Yols) Of “Fuwm Waces Are iipads sont anos MUA. Dany OW smnplion q pe y-% gr? 7 (M . ways in which to use the word: a party,S@ side, a flag, school colors, color in people, or descriptive ds in regard to events. It is accepted, as sunshine and shadow, and hee fail to appreciate the important part it plays in our lives. Here it will be impossible to show color—except in “darks and lights,” and “highlights’’—and these terms will be applied to events and people appearing in this book. So— we present to you the “color and highlights” of 1955-56. Aer every 3 ise hashes Bi ery Ee ‘ 3 Aah, see! s. spe PRES ae: % e+e —Beverly Orr Page four ; c ; eee ee % y . : 3 Se) ) To Miss Dorothy Massie, our former Science Teacher, who, last year left here to teach in the Philippine Islands, we dedicate this page. Her superior teaching and her sincerity will be re- membered for many years. Miss Massie resigned late in the spring of 1955 so this page becomes a belated honor in recognition of the many services she rendered to Mount Baker High School. Her interest in the Mission Fields was not new. When the opportunity came for her to serve as a teacher missionary she felt that it was a prayer answered. We wish her success. Page five fl ) ae ¢ RA rey att Ite Oe : ¢ 4 Vea Zy4— A ty Uv. Ye he Abeer SL. J AYt¢47Z2 “2 } g - % Mi L AD ( of 7 ee Ate Bat L) den } ¢ 7 S57 a ¢ = ed UH @ % Faculty aud Beverly Orr eterds : npr payee hee oe IN rina mon TL SRR eh AOI AC as Pn ng: SARS latest, Page six ) aE R$) MR. CLARENCE NYHUS Board Member and Clerk MR. HENRY ZENDER Chairman of Board MR. KERMIT SANDE Board Member MR. WILLIAM |. CASTLES Superintendent MR. ROBERT PETTIGREW Vice-Chairman of Board MR. BERT RICHNER Board Member Under Superintendent W. |. Castles’ leadership and an educationally minded board of directors, Mount Baker District has successfully carried forward its pur- pose to provide for the educational needs of all of the students of the District. Mr. Castles, always busy with educational re- sponsibilities in the local District, finds time to serve on important committees of the Northwest Washington and State of Washington Superintendents’ Associations and on the Whatcom County Coordinating Committee for Services to Handicapped Children. He accepts re- sponsibilities in local activities not directly connected with the schools. Page seven « WINSOR, Principal. C. E. REDFIELD, Vice-Principal K. Mr. Winsor, after 10 years at Mr. Redfield will assum Mount Baker, has accepted a duties of Princip new position in a field in which he has long been interested. He AN Page eight will be Chief Probation O fficer for Whatcom County. NORMA THOMAS District Secretary Muriel McInnes Mathematics, Science Marie Carver English, World Geography Grace Winsor Remedial Education Vance Bronson Mech. Drawing Photography Conservation GLEN ZIEGLER Vocational Agriculture Instructor ‘ D. B. Griffen Art and Annual Bradford Lucas Speech, History Geography Richard Meigs Alnita Adams Dean Score Helen Sutton French, English Commercial Science Girls’ Physical Journalism Courses Education History ROBERT TISDALE, Coach Senior High Football and Track; Junior High Basketball and Track ROBERT NIEGEMANN, Coach Junior High Football; Second Team Basketball; Junior High Science Instructor ; Edris Warner William Paterson | English History, Geog- | Bookkeeping raphy, Driving Donald Alexander Clara Hatvedt Mathematics Reading English Arithmetic VERNON HAGEN Vocational Shop ROBERT CROCORAN, Coach Senior High Basketball; Assistant Football Coach; Visual Aid; American History Instructor bt Tepe Marion Bell Velna Bowe English Library Social Studies Winifred Ristine Arlene Cafeteria Niegemann Home Economics Ruth Smith Roy Snyder Home Economics Music, Band Reading, Current Chorus Problems Page nine To this group fell the trust of student activity funds and the task of adjusting student opinions with fac- ulty and administration. With well planned groupings of other students and advisors, work was assigned to appointed committees. Six of these groups toiled faithfully throughout the year on the problems of budget, citizenship, awards, programs, constitutions and ways and means. The student body association is really the voice STUDENT COUNCIL A. S. B. OFFICERS AND ADVISOR Row I—Mr. Winsor, Advisor; Gary Tyler, President; Cliff Ramsden, Vice-president; Betty Missiean, Secretary. Row ll—Lois Gay, Treasurer; Lloyd Kuipers, Business Manager; Ann Ryan, Assistant Treasurer; Kim Maleng, Parliamentarian. of the students. Through this organization, the depart- ments of athletics, music, drama, and publications are supported. It also provides for much of the social pro- grams, nomination convention, school elections, and tinance. Mount Baker’s A. S. B. is associated with the Whatcom County Council. This year the officers at- tended several meetings at various schools. President Gary Tyler kept the student government in smooth functioning order. Row 1—B. Missiean, L. Gay, K. Johnson, P. Wheeler, G. Tyler, N. Ziegler, L. Campbell, D. Morgan. L. Engholm. Row 2—Mr. Winsor, B. Gay, L. Kuipers, A. Rauch, C. Ramsden, T. Compton, G. Espeland, S. Rothenbuhler, L. Culver. Row 3—J. Hueston, A. Ryan, L. Halldorson, K. Maleng, T. Kveven, M. Bakke, T. Rickner, D. Nesbitt. YY QR Co YAM Mn aA © Picture 1—Senior Class Officers: K. Kvamme, vice-president; T. Bay, secretary; J. Nims, treasurer; %. Johnson, president; Mr. Redfield, advisor (Not in picture) Picture: 2—Junior Class Officers: D. Fresia, co-president; B. Kelley, secretary; J. Stuart, sergeant-at-arms; P. Wheeler, co- president; L. Halldorson, treasurer, Mr. Meigs, advisor (Not in picture) Picture 3—Ninth Grade Class Officers: M. Donahue, vice-president; Mr. Alexander, advisor; K. Sherin, secretary; L. Hillard, president; C. McCollum, sergeant-at-arms; D. Syre, sergeant-at-arms; M. Bakke, treasurer. Picture 4—Tenth Grade Officers: G. Espeland, parliamentarian; D. Anderson, treasurer; J. Fuller, reporter; D. Morgan, president; L. Younkin, vice-president; B. Garling, secretary. Picture 5—Seventh Grade Officers: M. Lunde, vice-president; D. Grappe, secretary; L. Engholm, president; Mrs. Hatfedt, advisor; R. Monaghan, treasurer. Picture 6—Eighth Grade Class Officers: D. Giarde, vice-president; S$. Engholm, secretary-treasurer; V. Brown, president; L. Fuller, sergeant-at-arms; Mrs. Bell, advisor. STANDING COMMITTEES The group pictures represent all standing committees: Citizenship, Ways and Means, Budget, Constitution, Awards, Program. Picture 1, seated: S. Halldorson, G. Hayes, C. Miller, B. Kelley, E. Webber, C. Nyhus, N. Giarde, B. Nelson, A. Ryan Standing: Mr. Corcoran, P. Rathjen, C. Ramsden, G. Hedberg, K. Maleng, Mr. Bronson, J. Morgan, J. Fuller, J. Scutvick, G. Denny, L. Sygitowicz. Picture Il, seated: L. Halldorson, S. Nyhus, S. Rothenbuhler, L. Gay, J. Barter, P. Wheeler, G. Jacobs. Standing: Mr. Lucas, D. Streeter, D. Morgan, K. Johnson, L. Larson, T. Compton, J. Ruchty, Miss Warner, R. Hockett, G. Bakke. Page eleven KENNETH JOHNSON DUANE SCHENCK MARJORIE MURRAY CATHERINE ZENDER CLIFF RAMSDEN EUGENE RAY PATRICIA COLE PEGGY SPREADBOROUGH RAY HOCKETT NORMAN KIM MALENG COLLEEN MOORS BEVERLY ORR LLOYD KUIPERS Page iwelve CUCONS JERRY CONGER THELMA BAY VERDUN PLACE KEVAN KVAMME JAMES MORGAN MOZELLE KRAMER LOIS GAY RONALD PEARSON ROBERT ATHEARN NANCY ZIEGLER W GARY TYLER { i BERNARD }RYAN RONALD McC@®LLUM a AGNES xonf, e Page thirteen Page fourteen RAYMOND BAKKE LURENE MURRAY JOHN MEZO JAMES BUCKENMEYER ROBERT LOVELACE DAVID HANNEMAN FRANKLIN SMITH CORALIE MELLOTT JERRY NIMS Citetye_ ALBERT UNDEEN LEONARD CALVIN JAMES MOORE GORDON BAKKE JUDIE SCUTVICK FREDRICK RUSSELL Seutores JOHN HOLDT LOUISE FRANCISCO ROBERT KLANDER MARY KIRSCHMAN LARRY RAUCH GLORIA HAYES CHARLES GRIFF ITH CLARICE NYHUS FRED BERGNER ELEANOR FAILOR RICHARD BOWHAY BARBARA SUDDUTH JOHN D’ANDREA BETTY MISSIEAN JACK QUILLEN Page fifteen Seutore HELEN WOODS WILLIAM DECKER GEORGE SEVIER PEGGY ALEX TERRY UNGER RUSSEL MULLEN DON NEEDHAM CHARLES VANDER YACHT JOHN EDWARD MALENG | CAROLYN BIRD FRANKLIN ADAMS JUDITH HUESTON JANICE BARTER RAYMOND LITTLEFIELD JEAN COPES KENNETH RONK Page sixteen KIM MALENG State Farmer Degree First Place, State F.F.A. Public Speaking. Second Place, Regional F.F.A. Public Speaking (Eleven Western States). Colleen Moors, “Arian’’ Music Award, Super- ior Rating in Music Contest, State Home- maker Degree; Nancy Ziegler, State Home- maker Degree, State F.H.A. Scholarship; Kenneth Johnson, Bausch and Lomb Award for Outstanding Work in Science. Ray Hockett, State Farmer Degree; Beverly Orr, Selected as Guest of Business and Professional Women’s Club Who Consid- ered Her Worthy of Recognition as a Cit-| izen of Her School and Community; Clarice Nyhus, State Homemaker Degree. Eleanor Failor, Winner of Betty Crocker Award in Homemaking; Thelma Bay, Daughters of American Revolution Good _ Citizenship Award; Kevan Kvamme, State Farmer De- gree. Colleen and Eleanor were also guests of the Business and Professional Women‘s Club, Colleen for her outstanding music ability, and Eleanor for her public speaking. Page seventeen Yuutors Row 1, left to right— = G. Denny, P. Butler, P. Mellick, M. Coffell, K. Morris. Row 2, left to right— J. Vanderyacht, C. Workman, ‘ N. Hanneman, J. Harkness, C. Bronson. Row 3, left to right— D. Brown, J. Dickman, D. Fresia, S. Galbraith, J. Henning. Row 4, left to right— J. Lawson, H. Straka, J. Hockett, R. Jacoby, K. Verkist. Row 5, left to right— 1 J. Williams, J. Young, D. Cooper, E. Webber, T. Compton. Row 6, left to right— G. Craver, P. Mitchell, S. Rode, J. Ruchty, V. Chase. Row 7, left to right— D. Cooper, B. Burpee, P. Buck- | enmeyer. Page eighteen Guncors Row 1, left to right— S. Nyhus, R. Griffith, M. Kuipers, R. Nelson, A. Ryan. Row 2, left to right— R. Smart, E. Stamey, P. Wheeler, G. Hedberg, B. Adams. Row 3, left to right— M. Undeen, S. Ethridge, S. Jor- dan, D. Marr, B. Kelley. Row 4, left to right— O. Sinnes, G. Rensink, O. Need- ham, M. Chase, B. Coffield. Row 5, left to right— eelucks J stuart, Ds Barter. J: Zender, P. Shoemaker. Row 6, left to right— B. Blockly, C. Miller, H. Gudde, A. Denson, A. Johanson. } Row 7, left to right— M. Komen, L. Halldorson, D. Snyder. Page nineteen Sophomores Row 1—R. Flotre, D. Hamilton, P. Wales, H. Browing, G. Knaus, J. Lamoreaux, J. Sevier, N. Giarde. Row 2—L. Younkin, A. Theisen, J. Helge- son, L. Applegate, L. Larson, P. Mezoz, P. Rathjen, E. McGillivary. Row 3—L. Culver, W. Rouleau, B. Garleng, B. Brown, J. Wahl, N. Turcott, J. Minge, J. Murphy. Page twenty Row 4—C. Denson, S. Gordon, D. Ander- son, D. Johnson, T. Watson, B. Sweitzer, L. Crutcher, J. Thomson. Row 5—R. Scott, E. Verkist, J. Nesbitt, J. Wickwire, M. Reitan, M. Johnson, G. Espeland, V. Brock. Row 6—R. Howem, A. Spreadborough. Row 1—J. Fuller, T. Kveven, A. Allison, B. Meyer, M. Brooks, S. Clark, R. Love- lace, C. Sygitowicz. Row 2—D. Beard, R. Nelson, J. Bowhay, M. Landreth, R. Stone, L. Wheeler, R. Clark, A. Chase. Row 3—B. Peitigrue, P. Impero, J. Orr, M. Monaghan, T. Tidmarsh, C. Grappe, W. Hetterly, H. Pefley. Sophomores Row 4—D. Morgan, J. Solberg, S. Gal- braith, T. Gay, M. Kaaland, E. Hachman, J. Brown, M. Todd. Row 5—L. Jacoby, A. Anderson, S. Rickner, G. Kley, B. Martinson, V. Mattson, D. Sytsma, G. Jacobs. Row 6—L. Lindstrom, G. Cooper. Page twenty-one Page twenty-two Sreshmen Row I—R. Reamer, K. Johnson, H. Carbee, N. Vanderyacht, B. Suttuth. Row 2—J. Rivord, D. Athearn, A. Starkovich, M. Impero, B. Shoemaker. Row 3—R. Cooper, J. Lund, G. Cook, T. Haugen, Je URIS: Row 4—S. Price, D. Johnson, G. Johnson, B. Alex, P. Mezo. Row 5—J. Bird, M. Bakke, R. Denson, A. Craver, D. Lunde. Row 6—C. McCollum, V. Reamer, K. Sherrin, L. Smart, S. Jacoby. Row 7—L. Russell, D. Hamilton, L. Sygitowicz, S. Rothenbuhler, M. Minge. Row 8—J. Moody, J. Silves, D. Blockly, D. Applington, M. Park. Row 9—D. Gudde, M. Mellick. Frestemen Row 1—A. Rauch, B. Moore, C. Commodore, C. O’Hara, G. Hansen. Row 2—N. Hoines, D. Streeter, S. Ousdale, L. Hillard, C. Denyon. Row 3—F. Heycamp, D. Adkinson, J. Klander, S. Bakke, R. Bruland. Row 4—M. Harmoney, D. Adkinson, D. Krumdiack D. Jenkins, S. Williams. Row 5—A. Zwick, M. Minge, Schauman, L. Campbell. Row 6—P. Wickwire, D. Syre, B. McDougle, K. Todd. Row 7—R. McDougle, L. Duling, D. Gay, J. Rob- erts, T. Spreadborough. Row 8—L. Hanneman, J. Browning, M. Donahue, C. Tollum, S. Rode. Row 9—S. Halldorson, A. Sperry. Page twenty-three Sighth Grade Row 1—R. Johnson, C. Williams, B. Row 2—L. Johnson, C. Hargitt, A. Row 3—R. Germain, S. Gay, Caley, K. Danielson, D. Wahl, L. Murray, F. Myers, C. Denny, D. An- D. Hastings, S. Richardson, Johnson, H. Gudde. derson, L. Hansen. aghan, D. Enger. Row 4—N. Roberts, F. Chase, $. Daw, Row 5—D. Nesbitt, E. Starkovich, G. Row 6—B. Henderson, B. Martinson, L. Nims, V. Brown, J. Kelly, J. Baker, C. Silves, M. Nelson, M. Aamodt, D. Giarde, G. Cupples. Buzenberg. Joyce, L. Fuller. Page twenty-four Eighth Grade Row 1—R. Tidmarsh, M. Denson, T. Row 2—E. Meyer, R. Kelly, D. Sudduth, Row 3—R. Strachila, G. Beebe, T. Bigelow, R. Wheeler, G. Utime, C. M. Leavitt, S. Engholm, G. Alex, Rickner, C. Parker, J. Woods, K. Sanders, G. Johanson. W. Hedberg. Braithwaite, D. Bonner. Row 4—D. LaVeille, G. St. James, E. Row 5—R. Radonski, C. Allison, T. Row 6—J. Hughes, R. Newell, S. Ronk, Zobrist, L. Hetterly, L. Pefley, C. Watson, G. McDougle, R. Adkinson, F. Leaton, T. Thomas, R. Harkness, Jimmy, L. VanLiew. C. Brantner, P. Rainey. Page twenty-five Row 1—G. Van Liew, R. Nace, M. Hallom, R. Monaghan, E. Sweitzer, P. Haner, J. Rothenbuhler Row 2—L. Unger, A. Dickinson, L. Culver, L. Engholm, M. McKay, K. Larson, E. Pettigrew Row 3—D. Athearn, S. Thomas, G. Hall, D. Thomas, B. Gay, M. Eberli, K. Hanson Row 4—K. Tuck, D. Ginter, C. Anderson, E. Roberts, K. Wales, D. Hamilton, K. Hoines Row 5—G. Van Dyke, S. Massey, L. Campbell, S. Vance, D. Sherin, D. Grappe, K. Hastings Row 6—D. Jerns, D. Jackson, M. Jensen, S. Mezo, |. Utheim, G. Knaus, M. Beard Row 7—L. Hillard, T. John, W. Bob, P. Starkovich, D. Kosa Row 8—R. Landreth, A. Spanski, J. Rothenbuhler Page twenty-six Seucuth Grade Row 1-H. Anderson, P. Park, S. Syre, |. Williams, P. Storm, C. Deming, J. Sweitzer Row 2—I. Espeland, B. Graham, J. Leaton, T. Chilcote, G. Barter, C. Steiner, J. Bodtke Row 3—B. Cartman, D. Niemi, R. Dickman, C. Streeter, M. Todd, P. Ruchty, M. Silves Row 4—J. Dahl, G. Rainey, D. Tisland, A. Leslie, D. Walmer, R. Bruland, J. O’Hara Row 5—B. Courtney, J. Fuller, J. Cook, J. Komen, J. Adkinson, F. Leavitt, F. Anderson Row 6—E. Johnson, A. Murphy, E. Bartl, M. Lunde, D. Charles, F. Chase, M. Creighton Row 7—T. Garling, J. McGillivary, B. Gorum, N. J. Hellen, N. M. Cothran Row 8—P. Haynes, G. Cupples Page twenty-seven — Sr erase csc Re: PR ong ; i : i i i ; clhetevemeuts wards Commeucemeut Sketches—Jerry Conger Page twenty-eight NANCY ZIEGLER Annual Editor | F.H.A. President Honor Society Girls’ Letter Club Pep Club Citizen of the Month State Homemaker Degree F.F.A. Sweetheart State Cherry Pie Baking Contest (2 years) Student Council KENNETH JOHNSON Senior Class President Science Club Treasurer Math Club President Band Vice-president Boys’ Letter Club Honor Society Student Council Hi Jinks King Bausch Lomb Science Award Page twenty-nine KIM MALENG, Valedictorian A.S.B. Parliamentarian F.F.A. State Champion Public Speaker F.F.A. Chapter President Whatcom County F.F.A. President Honor Society Parliamentary Procedure Team Chairman Peace Arch Speaker President of Knights of Baker State Farmer Degree Student Council LOIS GAY A.S.B. Treasurer Song Leader Honor Society Hi Jinks Queen Girls’ State Representative Girls’ Letter Club Citizenship Committee Chairman F.H.A. Pep Club Citizen of the Month RAY LITTLEFIELD F.F.A. Officer Science Club Vespers “Our Town” Commeucemeut Speakers GARY TYLER, Salutatorian A.S.B. President Honor Society Boys’ State Representative Man of the Year in Sports Math Club Boys’ Letter Club Secretary-Treasurer Junior-Senior Prom King Drum Major Citizen of the Month Science Club JIM MORGAN Honor Society F.F.A. Math Club Science Club Baseball “Our Town” Ski Club Chorus Student Council THELMA BAY D.A.R. Award (Good Citizen) Senior Class Secretary Yell Staff Honor Society President Hi-Jinks Princess Queen of Cotton Ball Girls’ Letter Club Science Club F.H.A. oot eon tt an soe Pe os ; wor %, 4 ES . PARLIAMENTARY TEAM Seated: B. Burpee, L. Sygitowicz, R. Flotre, K. Maleng, L. Hillard. Standing: G. Espeland, D. Morgan, D. Syre, T. Kveven, K. Kvamme. Mount Baker F.F.A.’s Parliamentary Procedure team captured first place at 7 the 25th anniversary state convention in Pullman on March 28. Members of the winning team were seniors Kim Maleng, President; and Keven Kvamme, Sentinel; sophomores Telmer Kveven, Vice-president; Gene Espeland, sec- retary; and David Morgan, Treasurer. David Syre, Reporter, a freshman mem- ber, was the remaining member of the team. Mount Baker F.F.A. has won the state championship in Parliamentary Pro- cedure three times in the past five years—1952, 1954 and 1956. The local F. F. A. placed second in 1953. Other teams competing in the state meet were St. Johns, Sunnyside and Fife. HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: T. Bay, President; J. Morgan, Vice-President, G. Tyler, K. Johnson, C. Ramsden Row 2: G. Denny, Treasurer; M. Murray, K. Zender, N. Ziegler, J. Barter 1 Row 3: K. Verkist, C. Miller, Reporter, S. Jordan, M. Chase, M. Kuipers, J. Tuck, P. Wheeler, E. Webber, L. Gay, B. Sudduth, D. Snyder, K. Maleng, M. Lucas, Advisor (Beverly Orr, Secretary—Picture Page 33) Page thirty Mr. Ziegler, Advisor Mr. Glenn Ziegler has been in- structor and advisor of the Mount Baker F.F.A. for 19 years. His devotion to F.F.A. work, his ability to organize the efforts of boys and his abil- ity to create enthusiasm in F.F.A. members, is a big fac- tor in the success of the local Future Farmer program. Each month one girl and one boy were chosen as “Citizen of the Month,” on the basis of citizenship, achievement, lead- ership and scholarship. Additional citi- zens pictured on this page. Peggy Spreadborough and John Holdt were citizens for March. Pictures of later citizens are not available as the Moun- taineer goes to press. CITIZENS OF THE MONTH Seated: G. Tyler, R. Flotre. Standing: S. Rothenbuhler, N. Ziegler, K. Zender, L. Gay. HONORS AND AWARDS Row 1: D. Systma, National Scholastic Key Art Award; E. Ray, Citizen of the Month; G. Utheim, Citizen of the Month; S. Nyhus, Girls’ State Representative; L. Halldorson, Boys’ State Representative; B. Burpee, State Farmer. Row 2: Don Ryan, Winner of Tractor Drive at Lynden Fair; Mr. Tisdale presenting football awards to D. Schenck and L. Calvin. Page thirty-one F.F.A. Chapter Sweetheart—Nancy Ziegler Koyalty Junior Senior Prom and Banquet—Kay Zender, ‘Belle of the Ball,’’ and Gary Tyler, the ‘’Belle’s’’ Colonel Hi Jinks Royalty, Left to right: Ron Nelson, Jr. Prince; Sue Jordan, Jr. Princess; Kenny Johnson, King; Lois Gay, Queen; Lyman Younkin, Sophomore Prince; Sally Richner, Sophomore Princess Page thirty-two R. Hockett The Annual Staff wishes to ex- press apprecia- tion to Janice Barter and Judie Scutvick for as- sistance given in typing copy. Publications ANNUAL STAFF Top Row: D. Ryan, M. Landreth, L. Gay, S. Nyhus, C. Bronson, D. Morgan. Front Row: V. Place, K. Zender, J. Conger, M. Murray, N. Ziegler BEACON Eugene Ray filled the editor’s desk on the Mount Baker Beacon, assisted by Jack Ful- ler. Chuck Griffith served as senior high sports editor, and Jack Fuller covered junior high sports. Kim Maleng wrote the editorials, and Thelma Bay was advertising manager, assisted by Larry Larson. Circulation Manager was Don Needham, assistant circulation manager was Lyman Younkin. Bookkeeper, Arlene Denson, chief typist, Duane Schenck, reporters, Della Coop- er, Bert Athearn, Albert Undeen, and Kevan Kvamme. Mr. Richard L. Meigs served as advisor. The Beacon published 16 issues. BEACON STAFF Standing: D. Needham, J. Fuller, K. Kvamme, Mr. Meigs, C. Griffith, A. Undeen, K. Maleng Seated: L. Younkin, L. Larson, B. Athearn, D. Schenck, D. Cooper. (Not in picture) T. Bay, A. Densen, E. Ray. Page thirty-three Spt fo Oe ee : We A cey eun es PRL Wore coe CAR OF ON acerverk oe uw CORN | On We 2 ) wisth Se’ gah. Bay teak fotos eee ob an Naa Gon oa ee ee Sa ee 4 : CEN ANA Ae tee ee eee Cree Ue Susie ee eee on cee i rretie - f nl -e wo a sae ag a Beverly Orr Page thirty-four Yell aud Soug Leaders gana eens tlasaener R = o a} r ba bf | ae SENIOR BAND—PERCUSSIONS Left to right—J. Scutvick, A. Dixen, S. Nyhus, C. Nyhus, K. Johnson, J. Vanderyacht, G. Tyler, N. Vanderyacht, D. Snyder, C. Moors, M. Bakke. SENIOR BAND — REEDS Row 1—L. Culver, R. Pearson, B. Sweitzer, E. McGillvary, D. Snyder, G. Hayes, K. Johnson, S. Nyhus, M. Minge, K. Sherin, C. Moors. Row 2—M. Bakke, S. Rothenbuhler, C. Grappe, B. Kelley, M. Chase, S. Jordan, C. McCollum, A. Dixon, M. Donahue, P. Mezo, P. Impero, T. Kveven, J. Scutvick. Row 3—J. Lamoreaux, B. Garling, V. Brock, S. Galbraith, M. Kirschman, C. Nyhus, W. Rouleau, C. Bronson, E. Hachman, K. Ronk Page thirty-six BAND ACTIVITIES — 1955-56 Everson Fall Festival Hi Jinks Program Football and Basketball home games Pep Meetings Spring Concert Music Festival—Bellingham Bellingham Business Men and Grange Program Program at Bellingham High School Port Alberni Festival and Parade— British Columbia Blossom Time Parade—Bellingham Commencement oe BAND OFFICERS John Holdt, President; Gary Tyler, Drum Major; Kenny Johnson, Vice-president CONCERT BAND Row 1—C. Sygitowicz, M. Monaghan, L. Larson G. Jacobs, C. Miller, R. Nelson, G. Denny, G. Bakke, W. Decker, J. Holdt, R. Bakke. Row 2—A. Craver, D. Jenkins, L. Hillard, J. Nims, G. Tyler, F. Smith, F. Bergner, J. Mezo, T. Compton, J. Stuart, J. Harkness, N. Hoines. Row 3—V. Mattson, J. Quillen, J. Fuller, R. McDougle, E. Johnson, L. Kuipers, R. Mullen, S. Bakke, B. Sudduth. Page thirty-seven Page thirty-eight MEMBERS OF SEVENTH GRADE .BAND . Tisland L. Culver N. J. Hellgren L. Hillard J. Bodtke G. Barter G. VanDyke Grappe Thomas Rothenbuhler Engholm D. Niemi R. Bruland M. S. Beard R. Graham (Not pictured) D S L. Unger J) te SWING BAND Row 1: J. Scutvick, K. Ronk, C. Bronson, E. Hachman, D. Snyder, C. Moors Row 2: R. Nelson, J. Holdt, G. Denny, J. Williams Row 3: J. Fuller, F. Smith, Mr. Snyder, Instructor A group of musicians which appeared at many school functions CADET BAND Row 1: Left to right—L. Hanneman, E. Zobrist, D. Hamilton. Row 2—S. Halldorson, S. Ronk, B. Moore, F. Heykamp, D. Streeter, T. Watson, C. Silves Row 3—F. Meyers, G. Baker, B. Shoemaker, G. St. James, L. Van Liew, B. Caley, D. Wahl, R. Wheeler, A. Murray, S. Ousdale. Row 4—D. LaVeille, L. Johnson. ae Babs = Seutor Gaud Members tu “bctiou MEMBERS OF SEVENTH GRADE BAND | P. Storm D. Charles D. Hamilton |. Utheim R. A. Landreth i D. Kosa K. Hoines J. Rothenbuhler D. Ginter J. Cook R. Nace R. Monaghan K. Wales S. Mezo D. Thomas C. Streeter (Not pictured) Picture 1, left to right: J. Fuller, J. Nims, G. Tyler, F. Bergner, T. Compton, J. Stuart, J. Harkness. Picture 2: J. Vanderyacht. Picture 3: J. Quillen, J. Fuller CADET BAND Row 1: Left to right—P. Mezo, L. Johnson, K. Johnson. Row 2—C. Brantner, M. Minge, C. Williams, H. Carbee, J. Monaghan, D. Blockley, C. Denny. Row 3-—-G. Utheim, M. Impero, B. Baker, G. McDougle, C. Parker, W. Hedberg, D. Adkinson, M. Harmoney, D. Gay. Row 4--T. Thomas, R. Germain, S. Gay, L. Hanson, L. Pefley. Page thirty-nine MOUNT BAKER’S ANNUAL HI-JINKS SHOW November 18, 1955 Dite chorea ee ees Mie ROY @Cuaonvaen Master of Ceremonies _.....Kim Maleng PROGRAM = PART | — SYMPHONIC BAND . Brasses Triumphant, March cane Holmes . Town Hall, Overture _.... Milton Davenport . Alice Blue Gown Beeler-Snyder Clavioline © soloj2ese =e eee ee Colleen Moors . Blue Fantasy — Kenneth L. Farrell . Homage to Youth, J. Olivadati PART II Vaudeville Acts by members of Cadet Band Roger Germain, Karen Braithwaite, Floyd Hey- camp, Frank Myers, Stanley Ronk, Janice Monr- ghan, Terry Watson, Ellen Zobrist, David Wahl PART II] 6. Four Hicks and a Miss Gary Tyler, Frank Smith, Jack Quillen, Russell Mullen, Ola Sinnes 7. Seventeen Gloria Hayes, Kay Zender Judie Scutvick, Janice Barter, Thelma Bay, Lurene Murray . What It Was, Was Football = SCGaarry Tyler PART IV-SWING BAND Colleen Moors and Diana Snyder were featured in special 9. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing Webster-Fain music at many school functions 10. Fearless Fanny Narrator Terry Unger Beautiful Bertha : Helen Woods Handsome _ Herbert Charles Griffith Fearless Fanny _. Jean Bowhay indians Stanley Ethridge . The Hungry Hobo Lawrence Adams and Swing Band PART V—ALL HI CHORUS . Novelty Songs __. _..._____.. Colleen Moors, Accompanist HI JINKS Row 1: S. Ronk, A. Thiesen, G. Hayes Row 2: K. Maleng, C. Griffith, R. Mullen, J. Barter, H. Woods, J. Scutvick, T. Bay, F. Heycamp, S. Ethridge Row 3: T. Unger, C. Meyers, L. Campbell, J. Quillen, L. Murray, K. Zender, G. Tyler, O. Sinnes, B. Pettigrew, L. Crutcher, R. Germain Page forty Stage Crew “Relaxed after play” L. Calvin, H. Gudde, R. Griffith, R. Lovelace BEHIND THE SCENES What makes the lights change color on a stage set? From where did that spot come? What causes the big curtains to draw back? Who painted the scenery? Who built the stairs and the furniture? Who clears the stage after every performance? Answer: The Stage Manager and his unglamorized crew. It takes many hands to present a stage production or to merely set the stage for an assembly program. Students who accept places on the stage staff know they will have no special recognition. They have the privilege of serving their school in an “‘unsung’” way and take pride in as- sisting directors to present fine performances. Many other students, not on the regular staff, assisted with painting and building. The following deserve special mention: Beverly and Joan Orr, Hazel Pefley, Chuck Workman, Tom Gay and Mike Reitan. Terry Unger had the difficult position of manag- ing the unpredictable mikes. Light Crew in Cage B. Lovelace, G. Denny, R. Lovelace Others who serve aan pehind the scenes” Mozelle Kramer Photography Assistant Jim Buckenmeyer Shop Assistant Center: Mr. Jens Solvik—Custodian (who assists _ all) Four boys who were football managers Row 1: D. Ryan, O. Sinnes Row 2; E, Johnson, E. Maleng Page forty-one nus aud Vespers VESPER Row 1—G. Scott, J. Klander, J. Nevins, R. Riemer. Row 2—L. Campbell, E. Failor, B. Sudduth, R. Littlefield, F. Bergner, D. Fresia, R. Stone. Row 3—K. Hoines, D. Grappe, C. Streeter, D. Niemi, D. Thomas, S. Thomas. Barbara Sudduth Fred Bergner _. Duane Fresia Eleanor Failor ct ” Anna, hi if | Guests at the Inn ieseer ‘ es and a carpenier)2=a=— Jonathan, son of Benjamin December 21, 1955 Mary, a peasant woman, traveler to Bethlehem __. Scene | The Inn at Evening Shepherds: 2352 Sree eee Members of Speech Class | Scene Il The Inn, Hours Later Wise Men, three travelers from the East . Speech Class Members Scene III The Stable Angels Katherine Hoines, Suzanne Thomas, Dorothea Niemi, Benjamin, Innkeeper and Sandalmaker Ray Littlefield Dianne Thomas, Carol Streeter, Denice Grappe ALL-HIGH CHORUS | Row 1—J. Lund, D. Krumdiack, C. Moors, T. Bay, B. Shoemaker C. McCollum, M. Murray, S. Halldorson, M. Harmony, S. Ousdale, | J. Rivord, J. Orr, M. Johnson, A. Murray. Row 2—M. Minge, L. Hansen, D. LaVeille, B. Sweitzer, A. Allison, P. Spreadborough, M. Undeen, G. McDougle, G. Rensink, S. Clark, S. Rothenbuhler, P. Shoemaker, M. Donahue. Row 3—R. Howem, N. Hoines, K. Morris, C. Bronson, K. Sherrin, G. Denny, E. Webber, L. Hanneman, J. Tuck, M. Kuipers, J. Moody, A. Denson, G. Kley. Row 4—R. Mullen, J. Mezo, L. Kuipers, F. Bergner, A. Undeen, S. Gordon, A. Anderson, O. Sinnes, T. Kveven, D. Fresia, R. Griffith, A. Johanson, L. Culver. Page forty-two Chorus aud Vespers ry BRASS CHOIR Row 1: O. Sinnes, J. Harkness, G. Bakke Row 2: G. Denny, S. Bakke, R. Bakke, J. Fuller, B. Sudduth, G. Tyler, J. Quillen, J. Holdt, B. Decker, R. Nelson Readers Patience Wheeler, Al Undeen Gary Tyler, Jerry Nims. Baritone: Bill Sudduth, Sharon Bakke. Dramatic Director Mr. Bradford Lucas Trombone: Frank Smith, John Mezo. Chimes: Diana Snyder Stage Manager Terry Unger ZACCON Oa tS ieee eee ee = eee eee CO|leenmoors Assistant Stage Manager : Bob Lovelace MUSICAL NUMBERS Lights Leonard Calvin Christmas Light The Pilgrim Path Costumes Audra Allison, Helen Woods O Little Town of Bethlehem Away in a Manger Set Design Mrs. Daisy B. Griffen There Were Starry Skies To a Lowly Manger Brass Choir. Cornets: John Holdt, Raymond Bakke, William Silent Night, Holy Night Christ the Lord Is Born Decker, Gordon Bakke, Riggs Nelson, Gail Denny. French Horn: Cantique de Noel ALL-HIGH CHORUS Row 1—C. Williams, B. Moore, H. Woods, D. Snyder, G. Hayes, D. Barter, P. Mezo, D. Sytsma, T. Haugen, P. Mezo, L. Pefley, A. Spread- borough, H. Pefley. Row 2—R. Bowhay, E. Maleng, C. Grappe, C. Bird, N. Giarde, L. Murray, L. Duling, B. Orr, C. Sygitowicz, A. Ryan, C. Parker, G. Utime. Row 3—J. Brown, G. Knaus, M. Minge, S. Richner, G. Jacobs, D. Anderson, M. Kirschman, J. Scutvick, J. Barter, C. O’Hara, S. Gay, K. Kvamme. Row 4—M. Rietan, R. Stone, T. Unger, L. Halldorson, M. Monaghan, J. Williams, D. Syre, J. Morgan, L. Nineabar, T. Gay, G. Tyler, F. Smith, T. Spreadborough. Page forty-three Page forty-four R. Bakke, J. Tuck J. Tuck, P. Wheeler R. Bakke, T. Unger J. Morgan, L. Murray, R. Bakke L. Murray, R. Bakke, J. Morgan, cast Row 1—J. Morgan, G. Knaus, O. Sinnes Row 2—P. Wheeler, T. Unger, P. Spreadborough AT A Play in Three Acts by Thornton Wilder THE CAST (In the order of their appearance) Stage Manager Jim Morgan Dr. Gibbs 2 Terry Unger Joe Crowell Eugene Ray Howie Newsome —______.__—_CIIFF) Ramsden Mrs. Gibbs : . Patience Wheeler Mrs. Webb 222.22 = = Peggym spreaciborough George Gibbs Raymond Bakke Rebecca Gibbs Jenifer Tuck Wally Webb __ George Knaus Emily Webb __ Lurene Murray Professor Willard Raymond Littlefield Ola Sinnes Woman in the Balcony _____. _ .. ______. Christine Sygitowicz Man in the Auditorium Ray Griffith Lady in the Audience Susan Rothenbuhler Simon Stimson David Morgan Mrs. sie Si oe eee Pate e Wales Constable Bill Warren ee RONMOCOIT Sia Grow ell eases Ray Griffith Baseball Players Bakke, Ron Scott, Ray Griffith Sam Craig Ron Nelson JoesStoddald 2 === ee eee ee COndOnebakKe People of the Town Ray Griffith, Susan Rothenbuhler, Christine Sygitowicz Choir: Marilyn Bakke, Deanna Barter, Janice Barter, Carolyn Bronson, April Spreadborough, Gay Jacobs Marilyn Kuipers, Emmajean Stamey, Myron Minge, Mike Monaghan, Frank Smith, Christine Sygitowicz, Kaye Verkist. Row 3—G. Bakke, R. Littlefield, C. Ramsden, A. Spreadborough, M. Kuipers, J. Barter, G. Jacobs, D. Barter, M. Bakke, R. Griffith, J. Tuck, L. Murray, R. Bakke, R. Nelson, E. Ray, C. Bronson, E. Stamey, C. Sygitowicz, K. Verkist, S. Rothenbuhler, D. Morgan, G. Scott, P. Whales, L. Lindstrom. “Tow Accompanist Rothenbuhler Lighting Panel Operator Gail Denny Assistant Stage Manager : Bob Lovelace Second Assistant Stage Manager Ron Nelson Follow Spot Operator... __._- SS Johnny =D’Andrea Microphone Controller Roger Lovelace Publicity Posters _ Grace Craver, Joan Orr, Hazel Pefley Construction and Wiring Bert Athearn, Tom Gay, Henry Gudde, Duane Schenck, Kevin Kvamme Mr. Richard Meigs Daisy B. Griffen : Miss Edris Warner Publicity Photographs _— _ Mr. Vance Bronson Make-Upm == eee Mr. Bradford Lucas Ushersi sree kt pene oe A a Mrs. Alnita Adams Box Office E Miss Muriel Mclnnes Assistants to the Director Mr. C. E. Redfield, Mr. Roy Snider SYNOPSIS OF SCENES Act | “The Daily Life’ In this act the day was spent in “Our Town” and the date was May 7, 1901. The action beaan at dawn and continued through the day until late in the evening. Act Il “Love and Marriage” This act concerned the love affair between George Gibbs and Emily Webb which culminated in the wedding scene, date: July 7, 1904. Act Ill “Summer, 1913” In the third act the scene was the cemetery on the hill where the final action of the play took place. L. Murray O. Sinnes Spreadborough G. Knaus R. Meigs (Director), G. Scott, R. Griffith, G. Bakke, E. Ray, C. Ramsden L. Lindstrom, P. Spreadborough, D. Morgan, P. Wales, A. Spreadborough, R. Nelson Page forty-five Row 1—A. Chase, A. Henderson, J. Tuck, J. Hockett, K. Morris, P. Shoemaker, C. Sygitowicz. Row 2—D. Anderson, S. Rich- ner, C. Grappe, M. Murray, K. Zender, T. Bay, B. Garling, J. Murphy. Row 3—J. Lamoureaux, N. Gi- arde, G. Jacobs, J. Nesbitt, N. Turcott, P. Wales, OD. Sytsma, C. Bronson, E. Hach- man, B. Sweitzer, V. Brock. Row 1—L. Gay, G. Hayes, C. Nyhus, J. Scutvick, J. Barter, M. Kirschman, B. Kelley, M. Chase. Row 2-—B. Missiean, S. Gal- braith, M. Kuipers, N. Zieg- ler, A. Dixon, J. Hueston, A. Ryan, S. Jordan, K. Verkist, E. McGillivary. Row 3—J. Dickman, N. Hanne- man, E. Webber, J. Vander- yacht, P. Spreadborough, G. Denny, B. Sudduth, S. Nyhus, C. Moors, A. Denson, C. Mellott. Future Homemakers of pomertea “We are the Future Homemakers of America, Our vision is eight-fold and world wide. We ask our Father in Heaven To give us strength and will— To fulfili our purposes.” These were the familiar words repeated by Nancy Ziegler, our chapter president, at the opening of our regular monthly meetings. According to Gloria Hayes’ accurate secretary’s book, the F.H.A. has spent a very active and interesting year. Twenty girls served at the annual F.F.A. Parent and Son Banquet in the early fall. At the first meeting Mrs. Jacob Zender and Mrs. Faye Dixon were elected as Chapter Mothers and Ray Hockett was the lucky senior F.F.A. boy to be chosen as Chapter Hero. Girls from Whatcom, Skagit, and Snohomish counties attended the Regional Meeting to which Mt. Baker was host. Ann McBain, state president from Sunnyside, Joan Kerr, state treasurer from Monroe, and Janice Aslackson, state secretary from Brewster, headed the list of honored guests. Page forty-six National F.H.A Week was observed October 30 through Novem- ber 5th. All members carried a stuffed animal one day. Displays pertaining to F.H.A. were seen in the front hall and were under the direction of Clarice Nyhus, Vice-President, and Colleen Moors, Songleader. Thelma Bay, Janice Barter, Peggy Spreadborough and Marilyn Kuipers were stars of a very amusing skit presented at a Student Body meeting. In cooperation with the F.F.A, eight Christmas baskets were assembled and distributed to needy families in the community. Under the direction of National Projects Chairman—Jenny Tuck—ten dollars worth of UNESCO Stamps were purchased and distributed. According to the records kept by Margie Chase, our treasurer, a ee F. H. A. OFFICERS Row 1—M. Chase, treasurer; C. Nyhus, vice-president; N. Zieg- ler, president; G. Hayes, secre- tary; A. Dixon, historian; J. Vanderyacht, parliamentarian. Row 2—K. Verkist, reporter; J. Tuck, national projects; S. Ny- hus, state projects; C. Moors, song leader; Mrs. A. Niegemann, advisor. this year’s money-raising projects have been profitable. They in- cluded a bake sale with Beverly Sweitzer in charge; making and selling Christmas corsages and p ins; selling cards; making and selling small dolls made of yarn. Peggy Spreadborough served as chairman of the Ways and Means committee. In March an All-school dance, the Cotton Ball, was co- sponsored with the F.F.A. Thelma Bay, program chairman, reigned as Queen, and Kim Maleng as King. Eleven girls attended Demon- stration Day at Nooksack February 25th, with Noreen Turcott repre- senting our chapter, giving a dem- onstration on cake decorating. Sue Nyhus, State Projects Chairman, was in charge of arrangements for the day, and registration at the Regional Meeting. Kaye Verkist, our reliable re- porter, kept the Beacon staff, State F.H.A. Newsletter, and Teentimes, the National F.H.A. magazine, well posted on our activities. Early in April, Clarice Nyhus, Nancy Ziegler, Colleen Moors, Sally Richner, and Mrs. Niegemann spent three days in Pullman at the State F.H.A. Convention. Sally was our candidate for State Membership Chairman. Clarice, Nancy and Colleen were awarded their State Homemaker degrees, the highest F.H.A. award possible to earn. Nancy also received a $100 schol- arship toward her future work in Home Economics. In May, the Senior Tea and Installation of of- ticers were the featured events. “Future Homemakers of America —Our destiny as homemakers beckons us toward the new hor- izons that rim the world,” HHS. 8 al Sule Ai sg. by Hin” 44 reps: = whi : i ee . f yg zs , a " ty tit HH ft Picture I—Nancy Ziegler, Cherry Pie Contestant who placed first in district and sixth in the state Picture II—F.H.A. Girls who served at F.F.A. Banquet. Row 1, left to right, seated: T. Bay, D. Cooper, M. Murray, J. Barter, J. Scutvick, M. Chase. Row 2: K. Verkist, A. Dixon, C. Nyhus, J. Vanderyacht, E. Webber, L. Gay, G. Hayes, D. Barter. Row 3: J. Hueston, B. Kelley, S. Nyhus, S. Jordan, J. Tuck, A. Chase Picture III—Region | Meeting, girls in foreground are from Nooksack, Meridian, Mt. Baker, Burlington, Sedro-Woolley, and the teddy bear, Happy, State F.H.A. mascot. Page forty-seven Future Farmers of “America Center: K. Maleng, R. Littlefield Center Circle, clockwise: K. Kvamme, B. Ryan, R. Hockett, L. Rauch, G. Sevier, J. Moore, T. Kveven, G. Hedberg, B. Adams Middle Circle, clockwise: O. Needham, M. Kaaland, R. Flotre, B. Blockly, G. Knaus, J. Ruchty, L. Russell, S. Gordon, A. Anderson, M. Brooks, L. Jacoby, H. Straka, L. Culver, D. Ryan, F. Straka, C. Workman, B. Baker, D. Gudde, W. Hetterly Outside Circle, clockwise: G. Kley, T. Gay, J. Minge, J. Nevins, D. Morgan, G. Espeland, L. Campbell, J. Bird, M. Impero, L. Hillard, L. Sygitowicz, D. Gay, D. Adtkinson, D. Beard, H. Carbee, J. Browning, F. Heycamp, D. Streeter, R. McDougle, R. Bruland, G. Jerns, B. Sudduth, J. Sevier, M. Minge, R. McDougle, T. Spreadborough, B. Burpee, J. Klander, D. Syre Page forty-eight F. F. A. OFFICERS Left to right: G. Hedberg, Reporter; L. Rauch, Secretary; K. Maleng, president; R. Littlefield, Vice- President; R. Hock- ett, Treasurer. (Not in picture, K. Kvamme, Sentinel.) F. F. A. ACTIVITY CALENDAR FF. A. JUNE—Thirty boys on Cariboo fishing trip; planted corn; JUDGING planted strawberries; practice judging. TEAMS JULY—Fitting animals for Lynden Fair; caring for crops. AUGUST—Fifty-six members displayed shop exhibits at Lynden Fair; eighteen members entered livestock, Don Ryan won county tractor contest; P. N. E. Dairy Judging. LIVESTOCK SEPTEMBER—Three hundred plates of barbecued salmon served at annual Parent and Son Banquet; third place at Ever- B. BURPEE green State Fair; Skagit judging contest; Puyallup judging; har- K. MALENG vested corn. EVERGREEN STATE FAIR LIVESTOCK JUDGING isSs K. KVAMME OCTOBER—Corn harvest; rifle club organized; twenty-six candidates initiated as green hands; new program of work com- pleted; swimming party at Y.M.C.A.; started parliamentary pro- cedure, with sophomores meeting Nooksack Valley at Sumas Valley Grange. NOVEMBER—Sent Beacons to service men; eighteen members became Chapter Farmers; dinner served to F.H.A. girls who worked at banquet; all school dance followed; won second place in potato judging. CROP DECEMBER—Christmas tree for front hall; eight baskets for needy families; first in crops contest; New Year’s Eve party; parliamentary procedure practice; programs at P.T.-A.’s and Grange. G. HEDBERG H. STRAKA JANUARY—Prepared speeches for public speaking contest; F. STRAKA community programs. FEBRUARY—National F.F.A. Week; Program for student body; Kim Maleng won speaking contest; Ray Littlefield placed third; Won District and County Parliamentary Procedure Contest; radio program on KPUG; Ray Hockett, Kevan Kvamme, Bob Burpee were State Farmer candidates. MARCH—Kim Maleng won District Public Speaking; Bob Burpee delegate to State Convention; Sub-State Parliamentary Procedure Contest; F.F.A.-F.H.A. all school dance; Parliamentary Procedure team and Kim Maleng for Public Speaking plus five other boys : will represent the Mount Baker chapter at the State F.F.A. POTATO ee a Convention. J. MOORE- APRIL—New tractor; open house; planning of new crops; 90-plate banquet for past State Farmers Honorary and Past Presi- B. RYAN dents; main part of the open house followed by a program in B. BURPEE High School Auditorium. MAY—Election of new officers; Honorary and Chapter Sweet- hearts; presenting F. F. A. letters and awards; annual Sweetie Picnic; plant crops; programs of work accomplishments completed. Page forty-nine Students who take courses in chemistry, physics, biology or radio are eligible for membership in the Science Club. Opportunities to attend special exhibits and demonstrations at the state college s and the University of Washington are open to these students. Prospective engineers spent a day at the University with Miss McInnes as advisor and another group went to Ellensburg with Miss McInnes and Mr. Score. At Ellensburg the following students presented demonstra- Page fifty Row 1—M. Murray, K. Zender, L. Murray, A. Ryan, J. Hueston, M. Komen, O. Sinnes, D. Hanneman, C. Ramsden. Row 2—B. Orr, J. Buckenmeyer, L. Francisco. Row 3—K. Ronk, R. Pearson, R. McCollum, L. Hall- dorson, T. Compton, G. Denny, J. Williams, E. Johnson, J. Stuart, F. Adams, J. Harkness, B. Lovelace, Mr. Score, Advisor. Row 4—W. Decker, F. Russell, C. Vanderyacht, R. Klander, R. Bakke, J. Zender. Row 1—T. Bay, G. Tyler, K. Kvamme, J. Conger, K. Maleng. Row 2—P. Spreadborough, D. Barter, S. Nyhus, E. Maleng, V. Place, C. Nyhus, C. Moors, T. Unger. Row 3—M. Kramer, P. Mitchell. S. Ethridge, D. Cooper, A. Johanson, D. Fresia, G. Bakke, L Nienaber, R. Bowhay, L. Rauch, L. Kuipers, K. Johnson, J. Morgan, J. Holdt, B. Athearn, R Nelson, R. Smart, D. Needham. Row 1—G. Craver, D. Snyder, K. Morris, B. Blockley, D. Brown, Mr. Score. Row 2—C. Bronson, P. Wheeler, C. Miller, J. Tuck, M. Chase, S. Jordan, J. Henning, J. Nims, J. D’Andrea. Row 3—N. Hanneman, B. Sudduth, J. Vanderyacht, F. Straka, B. Adams, R. Jacoby, D. Marr, A. Undeen, P. Butler. tions: J. Morgan, J. Tuck, P. Wheeler, P. Spreadborough, T. Unger, and T. Bay. A Math, Science, Photography, Mechanical Drawing, and Conser- vation Open House was held in nApril. Science Club officers are President Bert Athearn, Vice-president Jim Morgan, Secretary Kay Zender, and Treasurer Kenneth Johnson. MATH CLUB Row 1: L. Kuipers, C. Ramsden, K. Johnson, J. Nims, K. Ronk, T. Unger, P. Wheeler, P. Spreadborough. Row 2—J. Morgan, M. Kuipers, C. Miller, J. Tuck. Row 3: Miss McInnes, advisor, B. Orr, G. Tyler, V. Place, D. Fresia, J. Holdt. A new organization was formed this year to promote interest in the fields of applied mathematics. The Math Club served the school by cashiering at all events. Miss Muriel McInnes is the club’s advisor. PHOTOGRAPHY Left to right: J. Buckenmeyer, B. Ryan, K. Zender, M. Murray. Outstanding work in this club and class was done in the area of enlarge- ments and tinting. Several students en- larged 3 by 4 prints to 18 by 24 success- fully and colored them in a professional manner. Many new facilities have been added to the photography department. CONSERVATION Left to right: R. McDougle, L. Smart, J. Silvis, A. Starkovitch, J. Lund. Mr. Bronson, photography instructor, also heads the department of conserva- tion. This class is well known for its work in tree planting and study of wild life. Page fifty-one PEP CLUB : Row 1—C. Moors, J. Scutvick, L. Gay, J. Barter, M. Murray; Row 2—L. Murray, M. Kirschman, N. Ziegler, A. Dixon, S. Richner, M. Chase, K. Grappe, K. Zender, T. Bay, C. Nyhus, A. Ryan; Row 3—B. Kelley, S. Jordan, N. Giarde, D. Anderson, S. Nyhus, N. Turcott, G. Craver, A. Allison, B. Sweitzer, V. Brock, E. McGillivary, G. Jacobs, C. Sygitowicz, B. Garling, J. Thompson, Miss McInnes, Advisor. i GIRLS’ LETTER CLUB Row 1—N. Ziegler, A. Dixon, H. Woods, M. Kirschman, L. Gay, G. Hayes, L. Murray, P. Spreadborough, M. Murray, K. Zender, T. Bay; Row 2—C. Bird, D. Barter, D. Snyder, B. Missiean, J. Barter, J. Scutvick, G. Denny, M. Kramer, J. Vander- } | yacht, G. Craver, C. Nyhus, Mrs. Sutton, Advisor; Row 3—M. Chase, B. Kelley, A. Ryan, J. Hueston, S. Jordan, C. Bronson, . S. Nyhus, M. Kuipers, J. Dickman, J. Tuck, K. Morris, C. Miller, J. Hockett, A. Denson, C. Moors. BOYS’ LETTER CLUB Row 1—B. Athearn, J. Zender, R. Hockett, B. Ryan, T. Unger, R. Mullen, R. Bowhay, L. Halldorson, R. Smart, G. Hedberg; Row 2—Mr. Tisdale, Advisor, L. Rauch, F. Smith, R. Nelson, T. Compton, J. Morgan, L. Calvin, E. Ray, J. Conger; Row 3—J. Holdt, D. Schenck, G. Tyler, C. Ramsden, K. Johnson, J. Quillen, J. Stuart. Page fifty-two pene = re —_ te as : SE as USHER CLUB Front row: A. Ryan, E. Webber, L. Gay, H. Woods, K. Zender, D. Systma, D. Cooper, J. Hockett, J. Helgesen. Back row: P. Shoemaker, L. Wheeler, B. Missiean, D. Barter, S. Rickner, J. Bowhay, A. Allison, M. Kramer, J. Dickman, E. Failor, H. Pefley, S. Clark, J. Tuck, K. Morris, Mrs. Adams. GIRLS’ CLUB OFFICERS Insert: M. Murray, Vice-president; seated: K. Zender, President. Standing: Mrs. Sutton, Advisor; Sue Nyhus, Secretary-treasurer SKI CLUB OFFICERS Left to right: Mr. Bronson, Advisor; J. Stuart, Vice-president; K. Zender, Reporter, B. Kelley, Secretary, K. Kvamme, President KNIGHTS OF BAKER Row 1—C. Workman, R. Hockett, G. Knaus, R. Nelson, T. Compton, T. Unger, K. Maleng, R. McCollum, B. Ryan; Row 2— D. Ryan, O. Sinnes, T. Kveven, G. Espeland, M. Landreth, B. Brown, W. Rouleau, H. Gudde, L. Applegate, Mr. Hagen, Advisor. PO EES whee bid “i r a 449 Re - 0 et eieeee ey Se Page fifty-three ® UO — oO = a 3 _ ® = Page fifty-four 3 Row 1—John Holdt, Frank Smith, Bert Athearn, Leonard Calvin, Jerry Conger. Row 2—Gary Tyler, Bernie Ryan, Duane Schenck, Ken Johnson, Ray Bakke. Row 3—Jack Quillen, Chuck Griffith, Cliff Ramsden. Row 4—Jim Moore, Dick Bowhay, Terry Unger, Jerry Nims Fage fifty-five Seutor High Poottall FOOTBALL COACHES Mount Baker’s Senior High football team won the«1955 County Championship without losing a single league game. John Holdt and Gary Tyler were elected co-captains for the season with 45 boys turning out. We tied Concrete 6-6 in the practice game of the season and eight days later the Mountaineers defeated the Anacortes Seahawks, 14-6. On September 30 the Mountaineers suffered their first and last defeat of the season in a non-league game. The Bellingham Red Raiders defeated us 24-0. The Mountaineers started their league games by downing the Ferndale Eagles 33-10. During the next four games the opposing teams scored 19 points against our 170 points. In the first of these four games, we took the Whatcom County Grid lead from the Lynden Lions by trouncing them 38-0. Mount Baker beat the Blaine Borderites 39-12, October 28, at Blaine and the following Friday the Nooksack Pioneers were downed 45-7 to win the Whatcom County Championship. The Mountaineers will be back again next season with flying colors. | MR. TISDALE MR. CORCORAN I " Row 1—D. Schenck, J. Conger, R. Bowhay, F. Smith, J. Stuart, R. Nelson, T. Unger. Row 2—J. Quillen, G. Tyler, B. Athearn, B. Ryan, L. Younkin, G. Hedberg, R. Bakke. Row 3—K. Johnson, J. Holdt, T. Compton, L. Halldorson, L. Calvin, J. Harkness, C. Ramsden. | Page fifty-six ar es = a ee a SS Senter High Football STARS OF THE ALL-COUNTY TEAM 8 Brac” From left to right: J. Conger, K. Johnson, G. Tyler, D. Schenck, L. Calvin, B. Ryan, F. Smith. SENIOR FOOTBALL — 1955 CHAMPIONS | September 15—Mt. Baker ____- 6 Concrete 6 October 14—Mt. Baker ______ 48 Meridian 0 | September 22—Mt. Baker _____ 14 Anacortes __ 6 October 21—Mt. Baker SOs Eynoen™ cares 0 | September 29—Mt. Baker. O Bellingham _..24 October 28—Mt. Baker S92) Blaine) == eee 12 October 7—Mt. Baker _. 33 Ferndale _..._.18 November 4—Mt. Baker. 45 Nooksack _. 7 Row 1—C. Griffith, B. Pettigrew, R. Smart, R. Howem, P. Rathjen, G. Espeland, B. Burpee. Row 2—C. Workman, J. Nims, P. Butler, S. Gordon, T. Tidmarsh, R. Nelson, J. Henning Row 3—J. Moore, L. Larson, D. Marr, T. Watson, J. Solberg, J. Zender, J. Fuller Page fifty-seven High Gaskettall VARSITY Left to right: Bert Athearn, Ray Hockett, Larry Rauch, Russell Mullen, John Holdt. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Jamboree Blaine, Nooksack, 54 Nooksack, 60 56 Ferndale, 44 aos INVin, Ging WS 22 45 Bellingham, 79 _ Ferndale, 46 62 Lynden, 50 Bellingham, 63 44 Blaine, 78 Lynden) O g.2 = ee 46 Meridian, 49 Oak Harbor, 50 70 Nooksack, 52 Oak Harbor, ' 52 Twin City, 49 : Lee Blaine,» 64 = = ; 62 Christmas Invitational. Meridian, ee Maree 59 Axe Grinder Contest. Row 1—T. Watson, L. Halldorson, J. Holdt, R. Smart, R. Hockett, R. Mullen, L. Rauch. Row 2—G. Tyler, B. Athearn, J. Zender, J. Quillen, D. Schenck, Mr. Corcoran. Page fifty-eight eutor| High Gavskettall VARSITY Laverne Halldorson Rennie Smart Gary Tyler Duane Schenck With four lettermen forming the nucleus of the squad, the Mountaineer cagers, with Mr. Corcoran coaching, prepared for the 1955-56 season. In the county jamboree, their first contest, the Mountaineers lost an overtime thriller to the Blaine Borderites. Following two practice tilts the Mountaineers braced for league play in which they compiled a ‘4-8’ record and a tie for fourth place. Perhaps the highlights of the season came when Mount Baker lost a 64-62 thriller again to Blaine. Lack in height of the Mountaineers proved an obstacle throughout the season. However, the squad was considered one of the fastest in the league and as final points indicate, was not lacking in scoring ability. Jim Zender, County Scoring Champion BASKETBALL— SECOND TEAM 225 Point Total PT ee L , Front row—R. Howem, P. Raihjen, L. Larson, T. Compton, J. Wickwire, H. Browning, R. Clark. Back row—G. Hedberg, P. Impero, J. Fuller, J. Wahl, A. Anderson, T. Tidmarsh, S. Gordon, L. Younkin Page fifty-nine SENIOR HIGH BASEBALL Baseball Gary Tyler, first baseman Bert Athearn, second baseman Duane Schenck, left field SENIOR HIGH BASEBALL April 18—Baker at Lynden April 21—Blaine at Baker April 28—Meridian at Baker May 5—Baker at Nooksack May 12—Bellingham at Baker May 19—Baker at Ferndale Jim Morgan, John Holdt, pitchers Russ Mullen, batter Bob Lovelace, catcher Larry Rauch, third baseman R. Clark, D. Morgan, P. Impero, J. Wickwire. Standing: G. Tyler, D. Schenck, J. Holdt, B. Athearn, J. Morgan, L. Rauch, R. Mullen. Kneeling: B. Lovelace, Zender, March April April April April April May May May May TRACK TEAM Back row, left to right: J. Henning, T. Tidmarsh, C. Vanderyacht, J. Wahl, J. Fuller, J. Solberg, A. Anderson, F. Smith, J. Quillen, J. Conger, R. Griffith, J. Minge. Front row, left to right: G. Knaus, G. Sevier, P. Butler, G. Kley, C. Griffith, G. Hedberg, T. Compton, E. Ray, A. Undeen, L. Halldorson, L. Younkin, L. Adams, R. Howem. SENIOR HIGH TRACK SCHEDULE 30 Lynden, Nooksack—Baker. 6 Burlington, Nooksack, Baker, Fern- dale at Ferndale. 18 Blaine, Nooksack—Baker. 21 Northwest Relays at Sedro-Woolley. 24 Baker, Ferndale at Ferndale. 26-27 Interclass Meet. 5. Mobilgas Relays at Ferndale. 12 County Meet at Ferndale. 19 District Meet. 25-26 State Meet. Picture 1—L. Halldorson jumping hurdles Picture 2—L. Younkin and T. Compton, ready for “take off’’ Picture 3—G. Hedberg high jumping Page sixty-one Guncor igh Foottall aud Garkettall JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL September 29 Meridian October : Bye October ‘ Lynden October 20 : Fairhaven October : Custer November 3_. : Ferndale November 10 ; Nooksack) 2 SO JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 1, Kneeling—J. Browning, D. Adkinson, R. Rodonsk, D. Giarde, C. Jimmy, R. McDougle, A. Rauch Row 2—Mr. Tisdale, J. Pomeroy, R. Tidmarsh, L. Campbell, D. Anderson, L. Fuller, J. Silves, L. Smart, R. McDougle JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Row 1—L. Johnson, T. Spreadborough, L. Chase, J. Browning, D. Giarde, L. Smart, R. McDougle, L. Sygitowicz. Row 2—J. Silves, D. Nesbitt, G. Alex, D. Anderson, T. Richner, L. Fuller, L. Campbell, D. Gudde, A. Rauch, Mr. Niegemann. Row 3—R. Bruland, R. Tidmarsh, R. McDougle, R. Radonski, M. Nelson, J. Pomeroy, M. Levitte, P. Rainey, B. Alex. Page sixty-two JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL Standing, left to right: D. Adkinson, R. McDougle, L. Smart, R. Kelly, L. Campbell, D. Streeter, A. Zwick, L. Fuller, R. Denson, J. Silves, D. Anderson Kneeling, left to right: L. Nims, J. Kelly, T. Richner, R. Rodonski, G.. Alex, L. Aamodt, D. Giarde, B. Alex, J. Nevins JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Meridian Ferndale Fairhaven Junior High Nooksack Jr. Whatcom Blairiez s(n ee eS JUNIOR HIGH TRACK Kneeling: J. Pomeroy, R. McDougle, L. Sygitowicz, J. Browning, B. Henderson. Standing: A. Rauch, R. Klix, D. Gudde, R. Tidmarsh, L. Chase. Page sixty-three CAFETERIA STAFF Front Row: J. D’Andrea, P. Butler, G. Kley, R. Griffith, C. Griffith, L. Halldorson, D. Schenck, E. Ray, D. Needham Back Row: Mrs. Stuart, C. Bird, S. Clark, J. Lawson, R. Nelson, R. Smart, B. Brown, G. Rensink, L. Lindstrom, J. Copes, Mrs. Ristine CAFETERIA “What.foods these morsels be’’—Mrs.Ristine, Mrs. Stuart, and their able staff have prepared foods that cause hungry students to storm the halls to the “bread line.” We no longer have to guess the prices of delectable dishes as art students printed price strips which have been placed above the cashiers. An extra “milk bar’’ was an added convenience and its sales- men were members of the Knights of Baker club. BUS DRIVERS L. Stone, W. Ristine, A. Hunt, T. Ryan, J. Holdt, C. Hagen, H. Sweitzer gchOUy PUD BUS DRIVERS The Busman’s Creed: Through storm, wind, hail and snow, the bus must go through! Day in and day out the same old routes. Same kids, same schools, same noises — How many nice “good mornings” or pleas- ant “good nights’”—Here’s a “hand” to the men and wo- men at the wheel in recog- nition of their safe driving and endless patience. Page sixty-four OFFICE “Click” goes the light on the P. A. board— “Buzz” goes the telephone—Quick goes an office girl to answer either with “office” or “Mount Baker High School.” She takes the message pleasantly, even though she may have been interrupted while typing or running the mimeograph. These girls collect slips, enter absentees, type letters, do odd errands, and jobs that are always at the “beck and call” of the faculty or administration. LIBRARY Novels! Encyclopaedias! Dictionaries ! Magazines! Books! Books! Books! What is the “outburst” about? Why the library, of course. Anything from a battleship to an opera? Just ask the ae . . “librarians.” Though often hampered by lack OFFICE STAFF of space, students can still pack themselves Front Row: J. Scutvick, J. Barter, B. Kelley, G. Hayes, L. Gay, A. Dixon. in to study or plague Mrs. Bowen and her Back Row: T. Bay, A. Ryan, C. Nyhus, E. Failor, B. Missiean, J. Thompson, 4 Mrs. Thomas, Secretary. cheerful assistants. LIBRARY STAFF The library has a fine assortment of new . . + ae 1 Front Row: S. Rhode, C. Mellott, N. Turcott, L. Lindstrom, P. Cole, S. Galbraith cl 7 1 1 ’ ’ ’ , books from assics to science fiction. Let's 8. Sudduth. Back Row: R. Mullen, J. Mezo, E. Failor, R. Bakke, J. Dickman, read! S. Galbraith, V. Brock, B. Lovelace, M. Brooks, Mrs. Bowen, Librarian. CLASS ASSISTANTS Front row—B. Orr, J. Copes, L. Murray, J. Barter, J. Hueston, K. Zender, J. Morgan. ASSISTANTS --V, joke mcs ING, 74) 7GaeN , L. Kui : Back row--V. Place, P. Spreadborough, C. Nyhus, N. Ziegler, C. Moors vipers Who icleanat paint broches washes sinks, mixes paints? B. Orr, J. Copes, L. Murray, and K. Zender. Who washes beakers, con- nects wires, blows fuses, gathers anything from but- terflies to cats? Yes—Future scientists—J. Barter, J. Hues- ton, V. Place, P. Spreadbor- ough, and L. Kuipers. Who works in the “dark room” and develops nega- tives? —C. Nyhus and C. Moors. Who helped girls learn to sew and bake cherry pies? That’s right—Our Nancy Z.— Who explains X2?—K. John- son. Page sixty-five - HONORED GUESTS AT F. F. A. BANQUET. Left to right: Mrs. Castles; Nancy Ziegler, Chapter Sweetheart; Van Youngquist, Mount Vernon, State F.F.A. Secretary; Mr. G. Mower, Mount Vernon, F.F.A. Advisor; Mr. R. Allen; Mrs. R. Allen, Honorary Chapter Sweetheart; Mr. and Mrs. N. Maleng; Kim Maleng, Chapter President; Congressman Jack Westland; Sverre Omdahl, Washington Director of Agriculture; James Dolliver, Secretary to Westland; Mr. Castles; Mr. Bert L. Brown, State Supervisor of Vocational Agriculture; Mr. and Mrs. Winsor. Picture |I—Letterman’s Banquet: R. Salisbury, D. Scutvick, L. Picture II—F.H.A. Girls preparing banquet dinner. Murray, Mr. R. Tisdale, G. Tyler, J. Holdt. M. Kirschman, H. Woods, C. Bird, K. Verkist saieee Pi cture IlIl— Head Table at F.F.A. Banquet Mr. and Mrs. Ziegl eines Rauch, Mr. and Mrs. Win- sor, N. Zieg- ler, T. Bay, Mr. and Mrs. Castles, Mrs. Niegemann. Picture IV— Gran diicimon: Banquet. M. Murray, vait- ress. 3, ER a SAS ag Xa. ae Picture V—Corn Picking Group—Kneeling: H. Straka, B. Blockly, R. Hockett, G. Sevier, J. Ruchty. Standing: L. Rauch, O. Need- ham, G. Hedberg, F. Straka, B. Ryan, K. Kvamme. Page sixty-six SKI CLUB SNAP AT MT. BAKER Left to right: T. Watson, M. Monaghan, Mr. Bronson, P. Shoemaker, J. Monaghan, Mr. Meigs, P. Wales, C. Bronson, G. Espeland, D. Morgan, S. Gordon, M. Lucas, T. Watson. Row 1 “Blackberry Pickers’’ A. Undeen, Mr. Redfield, C. Ramsden, K. Johnson, N. Ziegler, A. Dixon, C. Moore. Candid Shot of weary football play- ers. C. Calvan, “not weary.” Verna Brock at end of unsuccessful driving lesson. Row 2 Mr. Niegemann giving his squad “‘last word.” M. Murray and K. Zender, always smiling. T. Bay—Office expert. Row 3 Nyhus sister,—“‘team” at Badminton. J. Scutvick plays a note. C. Nyhus beginning a studious day. J. Buckenmeyer Man from Mars. . Eighth Grade Class Party Royalty. Y. Meyers and T. Rickner. Row 4 “Three Musketeers.” K. Kvamme, J. Conger, V. Place, “Belle of the Ball’’ Kay Zender being crowned by Pa- tience Wheeler and Gary Hedberg. (Junior-Senior Prom.) A bit of research. E. Failor, B. Athearn Page sixty-seven Seutor Class pbctiutties KENNETH JOHNSON Senior Class President (See Page 29) DUANE SCHENCK Boys Letter Club President Football Baseball Hi Jinks Royalty MARJORIE MURRAY Yell Leader Pep Club President Torch Honor Girls Club Vice-President CATHERINE ZENDER Yell Leader Torch Honor Girls Club President Citizen of Month CLIFF RAMSDEN A.S.B. Vice-President Football Math Club Torch Honor EUGENE RAY Beacon Editor Boys Letter Club Track “Our Town” PATRICIA COLE Entered from Bellingham Girls Club PEGGY SPREADBOROUGH FrriAs Girls Letter Club Secretray Math Club Science Club RAY HOCKETT Knights of Baker Fe Fa A] Officer Track Basketball NORMAN KIM MALENG (See Page 29) COLLEEN MOORS F. H. A. Officer Pep Club Vice-President Band State Homemaker Degree BEVERLY ORR Math Club Honor Society Secretary All-Hi Chorus Science Club Page sixty-eight LLOYD KUIPERS A. S. B. Business Manager Math Club Band Chorus RAYMOND BAKKE Band Football Baseball Musical Productions LURENE MURRAY Girls Letter Club Science Club Pep Club Chorus JOHN MEZO Band Science Club Chorus Hi Jinks JAMES BUCKENMEYER Science Club Hi Jinks School Production ROBERT LOVELACE Science Club Baseball Eas Stage Crew DAVID HANNEMAN Ease Science Club Rifle Club FRANKLIN SMITH Football Track Band Science Club CORALIE MELLOTT Usher Club Chorus F. H. A. JERRY NIMS Math Club Senior Class Treasurer Band Football ALBERT UNDEEN Science Club Fees LEONARD CALVIN Football Science Club Boys Letter Club Stage Crew JAMES MOORE bia A: Science Club Football Boys Letter Club GORDON BAKKE Band Science Club Ski Club Budget Committee JUDIE SCUTVICK Song Leader FaHieA: Band Girls Letter Club Vice-President FREDERICK RUSSELL Science Club Fi F. A: JOHN HOLDT Boys Letter Club Band President Math Club Science Club LOUISE FRANCISCO Girls Letter Club Science Club Girls Club ROBERT KLANDER Ec Fa Ae Science Club MARY KIRSCHMAN Girls Letter Club F. HLA. Band Science Club LARRY RAUCH F. F. A Officer Baseball Science Club Basketball GLORIA HAYES Girls Letter Club F. H. A. Officer Band Awards Committee Chairman CHARLES GRIFFITH Boys Letter Club Beacon Staff Sports Reporter Science Club CLARICE NYHUS Pep Club Secretary-Treasurer F. H. A. Officer Band State Homemaker Degree FRED BERGNER Band Chorus Vespers Speech ELEANOR FAILOR Usher Club President F. H. A. Girls Club RICHARD BOWHAY Football Science Club Boys Letter Club BARBARA SUDDUTH F. He A. Torch Honor Science Club Chorus JOHN D’ANDREA Transfer from Franklin High School in Portland Science Club Baseball BETTY MISSIEAN A. S. B. Secretary Usher Club Faia. Girls Letter Club JACK QUILLEN Ski Club President Football Track Basketball JERRY CONGER } Track ; Football Sophomore Class President Science Club | THELMA BAY (See Page 29) VERDUN PLACE Math Club Vice-president Science Club Hi Jinks Royalty KEVAN KVAMME F. F. A. Officer Senior Class Vice-President Ski Club President Student Council Seater (lass pbctivities JAMES MORGAN (See Page 29) MOZELLE KRAMER Usher Club Fach A: Girls Letter Club Science Club LOIS GAY (See Page 29) RONALD PEARSON Band Chorus Science Club ROBERT ATHEARN Science Club President Baseball Football Basketball NANCY ZIEGLER (See Page 29) GARY TYLER (See Page 29) BERNARD RYAN Football Knights of Baker Fa FA; Science Club RONALD McCOLLUM Knights of Baker Science Club AGNES DIXON F. H. A. Officer Band Pep Club Girls Letter Club HELEN WOODS Usher Club Girls Letter Club Chorus Hi Jinks WILLIAM DECKER Band Science Club FFA? Rifle Club GEORGE SEVIER Knights of Baker FaFacA: Track PEGGY ALEX Girls Letter Club FarieAS Girls Club TERRY UNGER Math Club Knights of Baker Pores A Boys Letter Club RUSSELL MULLEN Basketball Baseball Band Chorus JOHN EDWARD MALENG Fee roe AS Baseball Science Club Football Manager CAROLYN BIRD Girls Letter Club All-Hi Chorus Fe He A Girls Club JANICE BARTER Torch Honor Song Leader Girls Letter Club Band RAYMOND LITTLEFIELD (See Page 29) FRANKLIN ADAMS Science Club Chorus Stage Crew JUDITH HUESTON Girls Letter Club anaes Science Club Chorus JEAN COPES we lab Je Girls Club Art Award KENNETH RONK Math Club Science Club Band Swing Band DONALD NEEDHAM Science Club F. F. A. CHARLES VANDERYACHT Science Club Chorus Page sixty-nine rtcleuculedgmeute Jukes Studio, “Mountaineer” photographers — Mr. Clift and Mr. Martin Western Engraving and Colortype Company, Seattle Mr. Vance Bronson, Faculty Photographer The Administration and Faculty of Mount Baker High School oo Clee ene All who have assisted in work and production of the “Mountaineer” NK. N i A ee ee FIVE-STAR ADVERTISERS PUGET SOUND PULP AND TIMBER CO. DARIGOLD “KEEP WASHINGTON GREEN” “Keep Darigold Products on Your Table” A FRIEND IN BELLINGHAM LYNDEN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ee ee ae FOUR-STAR ADVERTISERS COLUMBIA VALLEY LUMBER CO. S07 Senn THREE-STAR ADVERTISERS COX BROTHERS, INC., PRINTERS KING DAUL Bellingham National Bank Building “Invite Us to Your Next Blowout” SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. HINOTE’S HARDWARE Bellingham, Washington 9 its WY Ww TWO-STAR ADVERTISERS K PUG BANK OF SUMAS “A8 to 56 the Station Everyone Picks” Sumas, Washington NORTHWEST CYCLE CO. 600 Dupont HILLVIEW DAIRY 1824 Cornwall SUCCESS BUSINESS COLLEGE HURLEY’S DRUGS CLIPPER STORE PACIFIC COAST PAPER MILLS STARK PIANO CO. Musical Merchandise 210 W. Holly ADAMS’ Bellingham, Washington MEDCALF’S DAIRY Page seventy Ww ONE-STAR ADVERTISERS SORENSEN - GARRETT Insurance RAPER IVIE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BLACKBURN OFFICE EQUIPMENT 1223 Commercial DE YOUNG’S DRUG STORE LUKE CREWS A FRIEND FROM EVERSON 1415 Railroad Avenue BARR’S CAMERA SHOP WESTERN WOODWORKING 1616 State Street BELLINGHAM FIRST FEDERAL WHATCOM FEED AND SEED LEOPOLD BARBER SHOP Albers Authorized Dealer “Costs No More for the Best” WHITTAKER’S MARKET TED STUART CHEVRON STATION Nugent's Corner Elm and Broadway CORNWALL CLEANERS JOE MARTIN 1919 Cornwall Sporting Goods, Shoe Repairs 206 E. Holly M. O. JOHNSON’S SERVICE STATION BELLINGHAM BUSINESS COLLEGE Corner of Smith Road and Mt. Baker Highway Grand and Flora A PATRON WHO MADE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE BUONO TINE) PARTS CO. COST LESS SERVICE LYNN’S HARDWARE 1418 Cornwall Avenue Sumas B. B. FURNITURE CANNON ELECTRIC “Everything to Furnish Your Home” eee “Electrical Machines and Equipment” 1704 State Street BEN’S MEN’S SHOP Clothes of Distinction VIENNA CLEANERS, INC. 206 E. Magnolia BROWN STONE 124 N. Commercial, Bellingham PAUL MUELLER, JEWELER 1305 Cornwall ALPINE CAFETERIA LOUNGE 1223 Cornwall NELSON MOTOR co. Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer EVERSON FARM IMPLEMENT ave “Oliver and New Idea Farm Equipment” DIEHL MOTOR CO. OWL PHARMACY Champion and Cornwall Magnolia and Cornwall GOLDEN RULE SINGER SEWING CENTER Bellingham Everything for Skiers HANSON-HAWK JAN FRAN’S DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer WOMEN’S APPAREL Page seventy-one Ww ONE-STAR ADVERTISERS KENDALL GROCERY “Stop on Your Way to the Mountain” GRIGGS Stationers—Booksellers 120 E. Holly H H SPORTING GOODS CO. 1322 Commercial HARRY JOHNSON’S SERVICE STATION Nugent’s Corner RILEY’S SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family L. L. STURTZ 1416 State Street — Phone 461 SKYLINE CAFE ] Nugent’s Corner J. C. PENNEY CO. Department Store 1309 Cornwall I. V. WILSON, FLORIST “Flowers of Quality” WEST’S GROCERY Sumas SHOPRITE IN EVERSON Groceries — Dry Goods “Everything for Your Man” PITTSBURGH PAINTS 111 Magnolia Street = YOUNG FASHIONS “The Smartest Thing in Town from Grade to College” 1409 Commercial Street STOCKTON’S “Complete Decorating Center” MULLER ASPLUND Jewelers — 104 E. Holly JESS NILES Deming, Washington JORGENSEN FURNITURE CO. “Quality Modern Furniture at Moderate Prices” State Street HOLLY’S MEN’S SHOP HOVANDER AUTO TRIM “The Best in Auto Tops and Seat Covers” SNYDER’S Deming, Washington ROYAL CAFE “Finest Food Served” RELIABLE PAINT AND LINOLEUM 1327 Railroad Avenue OTHER FRIENDS F. STANLEY NORMAN, JEWELER Leopold Hotel BABYLAND “From Heaven to Seven” FRANCIS SCOTT SHOP 100 North Commercial—Bellingham FASHION BOOTERY 130 W. Holly THE SHACK “Across from the High School” HOWARD HOLSTINE’S 107 W. Magnolia KAREN’S LADIES’ APPAREL SHOP 112 W. Magnolia “FREEZER” High Street DOC’S SIGNAL SERVICE 1102 Dupont BERT‘S LEATHER SHOP 217 W. Holly SYD’S DAD LAD “Say Boys, Let’s Be in Style” Page seventy-two 106 W. Holly | i Y jf separa sapere arenes sao +R ERG s i eet ET Y Seer ea ea ee Te IN co ane Ton Cet nO se et ee cnet Sireeercrse ke Se aaah ee sian Restate oN al rss rere ETE Sa aes eine ae pie a ee tT CE Se cena a Da de a ee erence : ee oy lee ae pap ace NES nee = Sea er aes Pee ee eet a oe snot Seawe = = Se Pear wpe RENE tS ea heceieaee aaa ee Ore St LS Be re es ae ni ser RA EER RI acpi ip ibis are Ree ar ee eae Se as Rene Ne aa : ; paper Naat i Pr lee ae Lo ae fe Wedel aaealalie) iaiiae ae “= gece ROT oe raat Se as " ce i a ales = - een P eR Soe hitaows Se ee Renter oats a eteninees eae Ss STOPES sie Snel Pte ae cx x = CRN oe es nae Re Done nirn ere rt aan Sain ee ee ey Psa ae x a SC ae t ieee SI TT Senn ANC Se Pr a aie . ene saan ta eee Me ae a Be a et Se Sa tert nae ae i Seer se uot Se aa Were eS rh ey ec es = eT eee ieee On eben re Sarees aon onan Perea: Se once Seas er ea gost wanna ae . Sn laa poker Srna sa eta es erate rd a oe . ee ean oa : Apa Senet Se Beet once i. 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