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4:- Xi 4 Q3 l x P - -- "Its Clev F Q 2 X I 1 x '15, -' Q" ",fiZ3"" -.j.q,"-flivka' A '?Jf4"15'1'Q,'-gi.-if' Lf.: ':..,i- W, , .. -1, 1-A ,, f,-MK. .- H .J L, U . ,I A. .A K It .. - J. ?R-.a.'-'Q-M335 H- .-f:mf.,.AMv-gagff ffm-f,g,,a'e,..,,f -, m g, f i n,wx-,q,:2,jyigpgfgwQ, RK W' QCA 1 - f Q Q ' QCQDQCQ CD CDCDCD CD - -Q THIS BOOK .1 N, f s JH! 'F X y ls 5 K, 4 ,S 4 Q F U iff,3q2v5. W,' xg 'Z W ' ,, ' ",, 5, QA,-U 4 1' Q' AQ f- fx 1- fo, . M , ' 4. xiii 1 V, f WW f fp W ,, . 'if f -,..v A Q , Q AlJL,4fQ, ff ' A f T' 5 NN .f Q' - Wjjwf -2 w'??9'5 F g BELONGS TO E EMI' ln,-UQ c-2 ' lflallqcael' .Si famed H I WU ZW 7 16627 ,QQ Mjf pjRHf2QQ+ AW 5 .9bff9jNEyJWf3WCZJy97 ,J A Xu 'W Mi ,MM cpu 45119 . wk JH x 7 www fl N ' "A f . I , , I .. -I - V V , N' -gy Q72 mounfaineek sf 9 55 W, will l M WMV 4 A . . Jlvv faint WW' WM ,54vw'lW"f1 XX.: I lv-l t Aly fill W ounfaineefz . . Editor-in-Chief . vf Nr JJ MV Assistant Editor . . . Business Manager-Art . . Circulation Manager . . General Adviser . Finance Adviser . Published by Mount Baker High School Associated Student Body Deming, Washington I 1 l l . Arley Haug . Nancy Ziegler . Peggy St. James . Marjorie Murray Mrs. D. B. Griffen Mr. Thomas Winsor "Winter -exturesn Picture-V. Bronson "He who ascends To mounTain-Tops shall find The loTTiesT peaks mosT wrapf in clouds and snow. He who supasses or subdues mankind musT look down on The haTe of Those below." Byron 4 l a X Texfufze is out f eme ,W M Z 5, T Mis ,, ,, if ozewoab "TexTure" was a word originally applied To fabrics only, ThaT is, To Things woven. Now iT is used To refer To The surface of all maTerials in Two ways: KU The manner of sTrucTure in organizaTion of parficles of a body or subsTance, and KQJ To iTs surface appearance, which expresses To The eye iTs real sTrucTure. ln an arTisTic composi- Tion, sTrucTure would be The resulT of The arTisT's blending of elemenTs, such as parTs in music, The brushwork in a picTure, The web and weave of a fabric, or The gloss of a painTed wall. Indoor TexTure is perhaps The mosT familiar To us, buT when we look ouTdoors we find a vasTness of varieTy, defying descripTion. Here we have The roughness of bark, The cold sharpness of sTone, The velveTy peTals of flowers, and weT sofTness of snow or The prickly needles of a pine. Since we wished To use This Term as The connecTing Thread of our book, we discovered The endless elemenTs ThaT make up The Tex- Tures used in school life. Every deparTmenT could be- symbolized Through TexTures. Even people seemed To find a niche, pupils and Teachers alike. We found sofTness, roughness, coldness, hardness, smooThness, and oTher qualiTies. We wandered from The silver of fluTes, To velveT draperies, meTal Typewrifers To pigskin balls and wooden bafs To feaThered shuTTlecocks. IT has been said ThaT TexTure Today is The facTor which creafes The design of modern living and The "decoraTive" in all our paTTerns wheTher These paTTerns are for sTreamlined cars or fooTball helmeTs. So as you Thumb Through These pages we hope ThaT The Tex- Tures of The symbols we have used may noT only give you The feeling of The secTions which follow, buT also arouse in you an awareness of all TexTures which surround you and of Their imporfance in our lives. , 1 E 2 lid i'i S lil Q . To Daisy B. Gritten, our beloved Art Instructor, we dedicate This Annual. Her kindness, understanding, sincerity, and gentleness are among those qualities of texture which have endeared Mrs. Gritfen to the many students who have worked under her guidance over the years at Mount Baker High School. 99 W X?jb53 SG A 55 aaminisffzafion Hiaculful Glasses - fr i. . Picture by Mr. Bronson "Let us have faith that right makes might and in that faith let us to the end, clare to do our duty as We understand it." -Lincoln minisffzalion WILLIAM I. CASTLES Superintendent THOMAS K. WINSOR Principal C. E. REDFIELD Vice Principal Several changes have been made in some administrative positions this past year and due to late date of vacancies filled, pictures were not available. Mr. Blickenstatt retired after serving six years and Mr. Kermit Sande was elected to till this position. Mr. Gay resigned in November and Mr. Richner was appointed in his place and later elected by the district. Mr. Sande resides in the Lawrence community and Mr. Richner in the Welcome area. We wish these gentlemen good luck and hope to have their pictures in next year's "Mountaineer." CLARENCE NYHUS Clerk HOMER BLICKENSTAFF Director HENRY ZENDER Chairman ot the Board NORMA THOMAS" Secretary . X ROBERT PETTIGREW Director ROBERT GAY Director Page eight f x N"- udenf do mmvsffzafcon STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Left to right: Duane Jacoby-Vice President, Mr. Winsor-Adviser, Ross Allen-Parliamentarian, Lois Gay Assistant Treasurer, Judy Smith-Treasurer, John Hayes-President, Jackie Vanderyacht-Business Manager Dorothy Giarde-Secretary. Of the various executive abilities, no one excited more anxious concern than that of placing the interests of our fellow citizens in the hands of honest men, with understanding sufficient for their stations. No duty is at the same time more difficult to fulfill . . -Jefferson. Sitting, left to right: John Hayes, Peggy St. James, Dorothy Giarde, Lois Gay, Judy Smith, Ann Ryan, Jim Morgan. Standing, left to right: Henry Zen- der, Henry Maleng, Duane Jacoby, Jackie Vanderyacht, Arley Haug, Ross Allen, Tamara Townley, Don Rutt, Kenneth Johnson, Belva Kelley, Terry Compton. Sitting, left to right: Sharon Eng- holm, Lois Hanson, Jean Moody, Nancy Giarde, Dale Unger. Standing, left to right: Mike Hetter- Iey, Don Anderson, Larry Hillard, Jack Fuller, John Bird. Page nine qlaculf 'v A--,I Page fe I1 VELNA BOWEN ROY SNYDER MARION HOFFMAN ARLENE NIEGEMANN ROBERT NIEGEMANN MARION BELL EDRIS WARNER RICHARD MEIGS DOROTHY MASSIE MURIEL MCINNES ROBERT CORCORAN ALNITA ADAMS Efaculfni FLT' ' ' ' Ti T - T, A ,T -:- .-- ' I ., E f f 1 e -- , , ' , ,f 5 " V ' 1 ff was-Af? LL' ,E , , fiA2fWf5'f ' ,A ,C J ,gp ' ROBERT TISDALE HELEN SUTTON ' DONALD ALEXANDER WINIFRED RISTINE VANCE BRONSON CLARA HATVEDT ROBERT BOWMAN BRADFORD LUCAS GLENN ZIEGLER ' ,TQ R-. -4 V2 ul 5. MARIE CARVER VA VERNON HAGEN M GRACE WINSOR fit N2 QQ ' B-fx X Page eleven eniofzs Page Twelve Jean hase Ro o e V57 Marilyn Crape Richard Rafhjen Mary Joyce Fekefy Ross Allen Belva Kelley Ronald Minge Dorolhy Giarde John Blickenslaff Mildred Zobrisl Russell Needham Sheryl Jordan Roger Kvamme Jeanelle Krurndiack Henry Maleng John Linde E Carol Denson Jacque Rou ntree Karen Warner RoloerT TurcoTT William Harding Douglas Hendry Patricia Gunler Jeanne Swanson Ellen STroTz William Hen Carman Hack ifin Donald Beard Carol Brown 2 eniofzs in 5 1 at f ' i- vii' Sheik Nm i -f '3 1 2 K'-:J 'K .Wi -al Q-.1 N. X-i, l Page Thirteen x a 'NT' J ii J YT ffxra Jw XX I if rl enfcis 2 i 1 Page fourteen Harry Heykamp Carlene Myers Laurene Rivord Mary Lou Young Leslie MacDonald Holl Sfuarr Gary Goodwin Harlene Jensen Beard Colleen Timmons Jacquelyn Vanderyachf Rodney Rainey Marvin Kraff Ronald LaVeille Peggy Wallin Beverly Howell Roy Salisbury eniofzs Peggy ST. James Dennis Scufvick Mary Lee Dusfin Shannon Ruchry Duane Jacoby Sobiack Henry Zender Norma Hoines Tamara Townley Bruce PrenclergasT Walter Larson Charlene Joudrey Ronald Dougan Arlene Larson John Hayes Page fifteen eniofzs Arley Haug Clint McLaughlin Page sixteen Val Smith Sharon McCollum Whatever lite may bring you, "God" will ring true to you: Star in your sky- Food in your store- Staff in your hand- Friend by your side- Light on your path- Joy in your heart- ln your ears music- ln your mouth songs. Yes, rapid as your race may run, And scorching as may shine your sun, And bitter as may blow your blast, And lonely as your lot be cast- Whatever lite may bring to you, "God" will aye ring true to you. .QA al' Judy smith Douglas Marr -Charles Herbert. Donald Brown Uon Undeen, a graduating senior, moved 3 weeks before commencement. Picture on page 63.1 68-695 iSenior activities are listed on page PAT GUNTER Valedictorian Torch Honor Science Club Council Letter Club eniofz 0140715 JOHN HAYES Salutatorian A. S. B. President Torch Honor Science Club F, H, A, Knights of Baker Cho,-Us Letter Club Bausch and Lomb Science Plaque Elks Award Boy's State Citizen of Month Outstanding Science Student PAT GUNTER JOHN HAYES MARY JOYCE FEKETY ROSS ALLEN DUANE JACOBY ROGER KVAMME Chairman of Program Committee F. F. A. President A. S. B. Vice President Senior Class President Letter Club Secretary-Treasurer A. S. B. Parliamentarian F. F. A. Secretary F- IF- A- VICG PfeS'denf Torch Honor Torch Honor Knights of Baker-Secretary- Ski Club F. H. A. Treasurer Letter Club Treasurer Kf1lQl"T Of -Baker Pep Club Knights of Baker Boys' State Honor SocietY Student Council Top row, left to right: Mary Joyce Fekety, Duane Ja- coby, Ross Allen, Roger Kvarnme. Science Club State Farmer Degree Torch Honor Science Club President F. H. A.-Hero Bottom row, left to right, B r u c e Prendergast, Peg- gy St. James Sob- iack, Belva Kelley, Tamara Townley. Q , l 5PeciaL onofzg BRUCE PRENDERGAST MARGARET JEAN ST. F. F. A. Science Club Torch Honor Stage Staff Outstanding in Science JAMES SOBJACK Annual Business Manager Science Club Council Pep Club Letter Club Stage Work Student Council National Scholastic Art Winner- 3 years Special Art Award at Pittsburgh BELVA KELLEY F. H. A. President Usher Club Annual Staff Pen Club Letter Club Science Club Winner in National Betty Hornemakers contest TAMARA TOWNLEY Torch Honor Band F. H. A. Vice President Letter Club Girls' State Citizen of Month Crocker Page seventeen uniofzs Row T: J. Conger, G. Hayes, V. Place, K. Zender, L. Rauch, N. Ziegler, Row 4: R. Lovelace, B. Suddufh, L. Kuipers, J. Copes, D. Rutt, K. Kvamme. M. Kirschman, B, Athearn. Row 2: T. Unger, A. Turcoft, R. McColIum, C. Bird, K. Maleng, L. Gay, Row 5: J. Mezo, B. Biesheuval, L. Calvin, D. Stafford, R. Muilen, R. Bowhay. C. Mellott, R. Tuck. Row 3: R. Hockeft, B. Orr, F. Adams, M. Johnson, E. Maleng, Row 6: B. Ryan, J. Huesfon, D. Hanneman, M. Fullner. Page eighteen C. Nyhus, A. Undeen. 1 uniofzs Row 1: G. Tyler, J. Scutvick, J. Holdt, D. Cairns, D. Schenck, Row 4: K. Ronk, A. Dixon, G. Bakke, G. Sevier, K. Johnson, P. Cole, C. Sf. James, E. Ray. C, Ramgden, Row 2: J. Quillen, B. Migsiean, R, Pearggnl E, Failoyf R, Littlefield, Row 5: J. Buckenmeyer, C. De-Visscher, E. Bell, L. Murray, W. Decker, P, Spreadborgughl C, Griffith. L. Francisco, J. Morgan. Row 6 T Ba J. Moore, J. Barter, J. Nims. Row 3: R. Klander, C- Moors, R. Bakke, M. Kramer, F. Russell, i ' V' M. Murray, F. Smith. Page nineteen goplaomofzes Row l: J. Johnson, D. Barter, M. Coffell, P. Wheeler, Row 4: V. Chase, T. Compton, P. Shoemaker, L. Nienaber R. Nelson, M. Chase, L. Halderson. K. Morris, H. Gudde, B. Kelley. Row 2: C. Miller, P. Butler, D. Snyder, J. Henning, A. Howell, Row 5: H. Straka, E. Webber, J. Zender, M. Nims, J. Hockeff E. Johnson, S. Jordan. M. Kuipers, J. Stuart. Row 3: B. Burpee, S. Nyhus, R. Griffith, P. Mellick, Row 6: J. Jimmy, J. Harkness, C. Bronson, O. Needham. P. Mitchell, J. Sfarkovich, G. Hedberg. Page Twenty goplzomofzes liil'iGQ1Ql11"QiQ'QfffifiJ Cfffffffffffffffffffffffxl F:':::::::':::::'::':::::T Row 1, left lo right: R. Jacoby, S. Jones, R, Williams, Row A: J. Vanderyachf, J. Adams, J. Lawson, B. Blockley, K. Verkisl, A. Johanson, A. Denson, J. Williams. M. Undeen, D. Cooper, H. Jones. Row 2: G. Denny, F. Straka, D. Cooper, D. Braifhwaite, Row 5: C. Workman, S. McBride, W. Cooper, N. Hanneman, S. Galbraith, D. Brown, M. Pefley. J. Ruchty, P. Buckenmeyer, D. Fresia. Row 3: L. Nienaber, G. Rensink, D. Marr, J. Dickman, Row 6: A. Ryan, J. Tuck, G. Craver, J. Young. R. Smarf, E. Sfamey, S. Ethridge. Page 'rwenly-one 'za e ine Row 1, left to right: M. Lanclreth, R. Lovelace, T. Gay, D. Johnson, M- Brooks, R- Howemf P- lmpefof C- DCUSOFM B- BFOWFL R- Fl0TVe, Row 2, left to right: L. Larson, L. Crutcher, J. Fuller, S. Gorden, A. Anderson, D. Hamilton, E. Hall, J. Johnson, G. Cooper, R. Martinson, G. Kley, T. Kveven. Row 3, left to right: L. Jacoby, D. Beard, R. Clark, G. Espeland, D. Butcher, H. Elkins, J. Lynn, W. Hetterly, G. Knaus, l. Brown. Row l: left to right: A. Theisen, E. Verkist, T. Watson, D. Ryan, A Spreadborough, M. Todd, D. Sytsma, P. Rathien, R. Nelson, D. Mor- gan. Row 2, left to right: J. Sevier, W. Rouleau, M. Monaghan, B. Sweitzer, N. Turcott, J. Wahl, T. Tidmarsh, P. Sherin, P. Wales, B. Pettigrew, D. Stafford, L. Applegate, J. Solberg. Row 3, left to right: J. Wickwire. M. Reitan, R. Stone, R. Scott, L. Culver, L. Wheel- er, J. Thompson, C. Sygitowicz, J. Minge, L. Hoffman, B. Meyer. Row 1, left to right: J. Lamoureaux, D. Anderson, A. Chase, J. Orr, N. Gierde, S. Richner, S. Clark, J. Nesbitt, E. Hatchman. Row 2, left to right: V. Brock, S. Galbraith, C. Larson, A. Allison, J. Kirschman,, J. Bowhay, L. Lindstrom, P. Mezo. Row 3, left to right: J. Murphy, C. Grappe, G. Jacobs, D. Atkinson, E. McGillivray, H. Pefley, J. Helgesen, B. Gerling, J. Jones. Page twenty-two babe giglzf Row l, left to right: M. Park, M. Minge, L. Russell, C. Gile, T. Spreadborough, B. Alex, R. Denson, J. Nevins, G. Cook, D. Hedberg Row 2, left to right: J. Klander, L. Johnson, L. Sygitowicz, L. Duling, C. O'Hara, L. Hanneman, N. Vanderyacht, J. Eldred, J. Moody, J. Roberts, S. Williams. Row 3, left to right: D. Athearn, S. Bush, J. Burgess, S. Orne, D. Moore, T. Haugen, D. McClue, C. Deyon, R. Reamer, A. Sperry. H. Carbee. Row l, left to right: D. Blockley, P. Mezo, K. Johnson, D. Streeter, F. Heykamp, D. Gay, R. Baker, D. Syre, G. St. James, Row 2, left to right: G. Jerns, B. Sudcluth, K. Sherin, N. Hoines, M. Bakke, S. Bakke, L. Hillard, R. McDougle, S. Ousdale, C. McCollum, A. Craver. Row 3, left to right: M. Harmoney, S. Rothenbuhler, R. Bruland, D. Adkinson, D. Hamilton, J. Loran, D. Jenkins, M. lmpero, M. Minge, J. Rivorcl, M. Donahue. Row l, left to right: A. Zwick, A. Rauch, J. Hansen, A. Starkovich, G. Johnson, P. Enger, M. Boyer, D. Gudde, L. Campbell, C. Comrno dore. Row 2, left to right: J. Jouclrey, K. Todd, M. Mellick, D. Krumdiack, S. Jacoby, B. Shoemaker, S. Hallderson, R. McDougle, V. Reamer, J. Silves, L. Smart. Row 3, left to right: R. Cooper, J. Lund, B. Lynn, D. Johnson, P. Wickwire, J. Neal, B. Nelson, J. Bird, J. Riis, C. Tollum, D. Luncle. Page twentyethree 'mae geven Row I, left to right: R. Wheeler, J. Beuzenberg, G. Beebe, C. Williams, D. Wahl, D. Giarde, C. Denny, L. Johnson, L. Hansen. Row 2, left to right: S. Daw, D. Hastings, E. Zobrist, S. Gray, W. Hedberg, D. LaVeille, L. Van Liew, C. Brantner, T. Thomas, R. Eldred. Row 3, left to right: I. Place, F. Crosby, T. Watson, C. Silves, E. Starkovich, L. Pefley, L. Aamodt, G. Baker, D. Bon- ner, R. Strachilla. Row l left to right- P Vander acht D Anderson, D. Suoldeth, C. Parker, J. Monaghan, V. Brown, N. Roberts, L. Enger, 1 . . y , . T. Richner. Row 2, left to right: F. Leaton, J. Kelly, C. Jimmy, R. Newell, K. Hastings, D. Etheridge, J. Hughes, S. Richardson, M. Chase. Row 3, left to right: R. Radonski, A. Murray, T. Bigelow, G. Alex, K. Danielson, B. Martinson, L. Johnson, R. John- son, L. Enger. Row 1, left to right: S. Ronk, S. Engholm, C. Sanders, M. Leavitt, H. Gudde, F. Myers, M. Nelson, J, Woods, J. Pomroy, Y. Meyer. Row 2, left to right: L. Fuller, R. Klix, R. Kelly, C. Allison, J. Pomeroy, R. Tidmarsh, M. Joyce, M. Denson, B. Fox, L. Hetterly, B. Caley. Row 3, left to right: G. McDougIe, J. Jones, G. Johanson, M. Read, K. Hueston, P. Rainey, L. Nims, R. Adkinson, D. Nesbitt, K. Braithwaite. Page twenty-four eiass O66ice'zs JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS L. Kuipers, Treasurer, J. Morgan, President, L. Gay, Secre tary, B. Athearn, Vice President, Mr. Meigs, Adviser. NINTH GRADE OFFICERS Seated: J. Fuller, Vice President, B. Sweitzer, Bouncer G. Jacobs, Secretary. Standing: Mr. Alexander, Adviser P. Rathien, President, H. Elkins, Treasurer. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS M. Boyer, Vice President, S. Haliderson, Secretary, Mr. Cor- coran, Adviser, B. Baker, President, S. Rothenbuhier, Treas urer. Not in picture, A. Rauch, D. Jenkins, Sergeants-at-arms 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS R. Kvamrne, President, Mr. Redfield, Adviser, H. Zender Bouncer, S. McCoIIum, Secretary-Treasurer, D. Marr, Bouncer, J. Linde, Vice President. TENTH GRADE OFFICERS R. Smart, Secretary, Mr. Bowman, Adviser, B. KeIIey, Treas urer, L. Halderson, President. Not in picture, D. Braithwaite Vice President. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS T. Richner, Secretary, L. Hansen, President, D. Anderson Vice President. Not in picture, Mr. Niegemann, Adviser I I I Page twenty-five 1 Q Hamas Qwafza clnievemenfs Houck gociefnl ecia Sammi 3 1...- gp I ffees an 7-'ups pulvlicafions Nothing is so difficulf buT That if may be found ouT by seeking." -Terence onofzs uniofz Ofzafofzs and gfafe 'fafzmeis Kim Maleng and Jim Morgan have participated in several special programs during the past two years, for F.F.A. and general school contests, in county and state. Kim's proiect is dairying and his herd consists ot 12 Guernseys. This year he was county and district public speaking vvinner, and placed 3rd in Western Washington. He has been on parliamentary procedure team for 3 years. Jim was 2nd place winner in county speaking con- test and 3rd in district.. He has been a member of parliamentary procedure team 2 years. Jim's farming consists of poultry and dairying. HONOR SOCIETY Left to right, Row I: J. Barter, K. Zender, M. Murray, N. Ziegler, L. Gay, J. Hueston Row 2: J. Smith, M. Fekety, C. McCollum, C. Meyers, J. Swanson, T. Townley, S. McCollum, N. Hoines, J. Vander- yacht, P. Gunter, B. Orr. Row 3: R. Allen, R. Kvamme, D. Jacoby, J. Hayes, J. Morgan, B. Prendergast, C. Rams- den, K. Johnson, G. Ty- ler, M. Kraft, K. Maleng, Mr. Lucas, Adviser. Page twenty-eight Jim Morgan Kim Maleng 7 - Hanoi ocaefxy New members for the Honor Society were selected this year on the basis of their Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. It is the aim of the Society to develop these qualities. Anyone having a 3.1 grade average is eligible for membership in Honor Society, but they are also iudged by the teachers on the basis listed above. There is a possible 52 points for the last three items mentioned. Members of the Honor Society voted that anyone having over 4.1 points might become members. Torch Pins are to be given to the senior members as a gift from the Honor Society. National Honor Pins may be purchased by other members if they desire. A Scholastic Aptitude test was given by the Na- tional Honor Society and was taken by John Hayes, Pat Gunter, Carlene Myers, and Bruce Prendergast. Scholarships were offered to the highest scorers in the nation. Hanoi Qwafzds an Qcldevemenfs Patience Wheeler represented Mount Baker in the P.-I. contest on "Robert E. Lee," which was held in Seattle. She placed third in a group of eight. This was an honor not easily won as all in the group were seniors with previous speaking experience. Gene Carlson participated in oratorical con- test sponsored by Knights of Pythias. He was second place winner in county on the topic "What Youth Can Do For Highway Safety." PATIENCE WHEELER GENE CARLSON Art students who had work on display at Frederick 84 Nelson's National Scholastic Exhibition. Judy Starko- vitch and Beverly Orr were Gold Key winners and Jean Copes received "Certificate of Award." Peggy St. James Sobjack Knot in picturel won three Gold Keys . 1 looy chosen to go to "Boys' State." and two Certificates of Award. JUDY STARKOVITCH, BEVERLY ORR, JEAN COPES LOIS GAY Lois Gay, Junior, was the girl selected to go to "Girls' State" at Ellensburg. Lois is ASB Treasurer for next year and active in all school organizations. Gary Tyler Cpicture not availablej was the Junior GARY TYLER, JACKIE VANDERYACHT, TIM PLACE, NANCY ZIEGLER Uim Morgan and Tamara Townlcy not in pir.ture.l "Citizens of the month" through March. Names of students are submitted to an ASB committee and with faculty advice selection is made for each month. Page twenty-nine pulllicafions Annual Staff in a relaxed and amusing discussion. CArt Room cartoons in backgroundj Seated: Peggy St. James, Nancy Ziegler, Arley Haug, Carol Brown. Verdun Place, Margie Murray, Claudette St. James, Ann Ryan, Belva Kelley. Jon Undeen not in picture, Mrs. Griffen, adviser, not in picture. ANNUAL Mrs. D. B. Griffen was the general adviser and Mr. Winsor, financial adviser. Again we had our faithful photographers, Mr. Clift and Mr. Martin from Jukes Studio -and Mr. Vance Bronson, faculty photographer. Western engraving and Colortype, Seattle, did the engraving and Cox Brothers, Bellingham, printed the "Mountaineer." This year we are very grateful to our outstanding "Business Manager," Peggy St. James Soloiack, who worked many hours on her own time and alone collected approxi- mately SAO0.00. Lois Gay, Don Brown, and Pat Griffen, who are not staff members, gave much cf their time in assisting with typing, dummy work and organizations at printers. BEACON Ron Minge filled the editor's spot cn the MOUNT BAKER BEACON, assisted the first semester by Claudette St. James. Eugene Ray served as senior high sports editor, while Chuck Griffith covered iunior high sports. Stanley Etheridge was exchange editor. Doug Henry, as bujness manager, obtained adver- tising by business people in the community and in Belling- ham. Deanna Barter was Doug's assistant. In addition to students above enrolled in iournalism were Jacque Roun- tree and Karen Warner, reporters. Reporting for organizations were Kim Maleng, FFAJ and Carol Brown, FHA. Regular features were Ron's "Morton Mole's Memoirs" column and a "Do You Know" contest. Tamara Townley, Dorothy Giarde and Judy Smith were staff typists. x li s Ba BEACON STAFF Tam Townley, Dorothy Giarde, Stanley Ethridge, Miss Warner, adviser, Jackie Rountree, Kim Maleng, Ron Minge. Seated: Judy Smith, Eugene Ray, Charles Griffith, Deanna Barter, Doug Hendry. Page thirty ommiffees CITIZENSHIP-Left to right: Lois Gay, Larry Larson, Mr. Ziegler, Adviser, Janice Barter, Terry Compton, John Linde, Jeanne Swanson, Chairman. CONSTITUTION-Left to right: Clarice Nyhus, Kim Maleng, Mr. Redfield, Adviser, Gary Hedberg, Mary Lee Dustin, Chairman, Roger Kvamme, Nancy Giarde. BUDGET-Left to right: Henry Maleng, Gay Jacobs, Ray Hackett, Arley Haug, Chairman, Miss Warner, Adviser, Gordon Bakke. Not in picture, Patience Wheeler. WAYS AND MEANS-Left to right: Mr. Bronson, Adviser, Ann Ryan, Rodney Rainey, Beverly Howell, chairman, Jim Morgan, Jack Fuller, Judie Scutvick. PROGRAM-Left to right: Kenneth Johnson, Judy Hueston, Sue Nyhus, Mary Joyce Fekety, Chairman, David Morgan, Mr. Lucas, Adviser, Carman Hack. AWARDS-Left to right: Colleen Miller, Cliff Ramsden, Gloria Hayes, Carol Brown, Mr. Corcoran, Adviser, Clint MacLaugh- lin, Chairman. 7-'zips F.H.A. State Convention in Seattle: Mrs. Niegeman, Nancy Ziegler and Clarice Nyhus Pacific Slope Conference: Miss Warner, Eugene Ray, Doug Hendry, Chuck Griffith, Ron Minge Pacific Coast Annual Conference: Ann Ryan, Mr. Winsor, Belva Kelley, Carol Brown, Peggy St. James lMrs. Griffen not in picture.l Page thirty-one Qcfivifies music Dfzama Glulws , 2 "'AhoI The night shall be filled with music And The cares That ihfesl The clay Shall fold Their Tenls like The Arab Anal as silently steal away." oncefzf gan BRASS-Row i, left to right: M. Monahan, L. Larson, G. Jacobs, C. Sygitowicz, J. Ruckty, R. Nelson, C. Miller, G. Denny, J. Williams, M. Murray, G. Bakke, B. Decker, J. Holdt, R. Bakke, D. Beard Row 2, left to right: S. Gordon, C, Workman, J. Harkness J. Stuart, T. Compton, J. Mezo, F. Smith, N. Hoines Row 3, left to right: J. Brown, C. Brown, J. Nims, G. Tyler, W. Larson, J. Quillen, B. Burpee, E. Johnson, J. Fuller, L. Kuipers, September September November November November H. Maleng, R. Mullen. Band Activities 1954-55 ll ...... ,..,.,. E verson Parade 20 ....,, .,,..,. V ancouver Lions Professional Fooball Game T7 ...,, ,...... R aolio Broadcast, KPUG 20 ..... , ,.,,, Santa Claus Parade, Seattle 24 ..,.,. ..,.,.. l-l iJinks Band marching in Seattle Santa Claus Parade. Courtesy of Seattle Times Page thirty-four oncefzf gang' PERCUSSION: left to right: S. Nyhus, M. Kuipers, C. Nyhus, N. Ziegler, C. McLaughlin, W. Larson, D. Giarcle, D. Ryan, A. Howell, D. Snyder, C. Moors, T. Bay Band Activities 1954-55 February l9 .,,,,, ,.... B and Concert April 22 D....... ,.... M usic Festival, Bellingham May 7 ...... .. .,,. Boy Scout Circus May 14 ,c... ,,.,. B lossom Time Parade, Bellingham REEDS-Row I, left to right: P. Wheeler, D. Snyder, S. McCollum, A. Larson, M. Zobrist, G. Hayes, T. Townley, P. Whales, S. Nyhus, T. Bay, M. Dustin, C. Moors, J. Smith Row 2, left to right: J. Barter, R. Pearson, A. Dixon, C. DeVisscher, M. Kirschman, C. Nyhus, J. Bowhay, K. Johnson, P. Sher- rin, G. Craver, B. Sweitzer, S. Galbraith, V. Brock, B. Garling, J. Lamouraux Row 3, lett to right: M. Kuipers, B. Kelley, S. Jordan, M. Chase, K. Grappe, Y. McGilIivary, W. Roleau, C. Bronson, K. Ronk, J. Scutvick, L. Culver Row 4, left to right: E. Hatchman, P. Mezo. H. Stuart, P. lmpero, J. Kirschman Page thirty-five fnovelfxl gang' l JUG AND BOTTLE BAND Lett to right: Nancy Ziegler, Gary Tyler, Janice Barter, Clint McLaughlin, Deanna Snyder, Doug Hendry. A new "novelty" group which has furnished entertainment for school pro- grams and community affairs. Gaaef gan? Row 1, left to right: C. McCollum, M. Donahue, J. Rivord, D. HamiltOf1, P- M6201 M- Baklfef l-- J0l""l50nf K- Johnson, K- Shefflnf M- MJUQEI Row 2, left to right: D. Syre, F. Heycamp, D. Streeter, L. Hanneman, T. Place, G. Bebe, C. Silves, C. Brantner, M. Minge, A. Craver, D. Jen- kins, L. Hellard, S. Rothenbuhler, C. Williams, T. Kveven, H. Carbee, C. Denny, J. Monaghan, D. Blockley Page thirty-six SWING BAND A new music or- ganization which has appeared at all school pro- grams, and ban- quets .... Front Row - Left to right:- E. Hachman J. Kirschman K. Ronk, H. Stuart C, Bronson D. Hendry C. Moors Row 2-R. Nelson D. Beard J. Holdt Mr. Snyder Bow 3-B. Burpee F. Smith N. Hoines J. Stuart wing gan Members of this Band consist of 7th and 8th grade students and beginners of other classes. A concert was presented in April which was an outstanding event of bands' activities of the School year Row 3, left 'ro right: E. Zobrist, K. Braithwaite, S. Halderson, B. Moore, S. Ronk, J. Schauman, R. Wheeler A Murray L Lindstrom D. LaVeiIle, G. St. James, 5. Ousdale, R. Bruland, T. Bigelow, D. Anderson, D. Giarde, C. Parker, B. Sudduth S Bakke R Harkness W Hed berg, D. Adkinson, M. Harmony, D. Gay, N. Hoines Row 4, left to right: B. Caley, G. Jerns, D. Wahl, B. Shoemaker Row 5, Ielt to right: S. Engholm, M. Nelson, R. McDougle, T. Thomas, L. Johnson, G. McDougle, N. Vanderyacht S Gay L Hanson D Hastings, L. Petley Glam AT The beginning of The school year, a plea was senT ouT To all high school sTudenTs To ioin The newly organized All High Chorus. A hundred eager voices were Tried and accepTed. Monday nighT rehearsals were held and aTTer mank rehearsals, The All High Chorus was ready To sing for l-li Jinx. OTher producTions in which group parTici- paTed vvere: ChrisTmas programs for The A.S.B. and Com- rnunity, and The high-lighT of The year, The minsTrel show. M r. Snyder-Music Instruc- tor Cullecn Moors-Accompanist Row 1 ,left to right: G. De- Vissc-l'er, J. Barter, A. Hang, P. Spreadborough, C. St. James. I. Hneston. C. loud- rey, M. Young. I. Tuck. Row 2. left to right: I. Moody, B. Sudcleth, M. Kirschman, J. Kirschmau, M. llnrleen. N. Ilanneinan, K. Morris, J. lirinmliack, I. Lawson, A. Ryan. Row 3, left to rivhrz H. Hayden, C. Bird. H. Pet'- ley, D. Stafford, R. Tuck. F. Vanderyacht, VV. Larson, G. Tyler. A. Densen, M. Pefley, P. Shoemaker, J. Rivord. Row l, left To right: L. llil- lard. A. Anderson, R. How- ein, M, Murray, l'. St. James, S. Gordon. M. Monahan, M. Minge. Row 2. left to right: H. Zcmler, J. Ruchty. F. Smith, R. Ba-like, U. Hen- dry, J. Linde. D. Scutvick, H. Stuart. Row 1, left to right: J. Scut- vick, A, Allison, N. Turcott, A. Craver, S. McCollum, J. Swanson, B. Biesheuvel, P. VVales, P. Sherrin. Row 2, left to right: l.. Rivorcl, ll. llowell, S. Ilorclnn, .l. Clmsv, ll. ,lcnsc-n. ll. Denny. l'. Mezn, U. Anrlcrson, S, Ons- dale, S. Clark. Row 5, left to right: J. jones, T. Ray. M. Zolirist, A. Larson, Nl. Niins, J. Starkovich, S. Rich- ner, J. Tllompsou. Page Thirfy-eight A Christmas play entitled "While Shephards Watched" was presented by members of the drama class, under the direction of Mr. Meigs and Mr. Lucas. Several Christmas songs were sung by the "All-Hi Chorus," di- rected by Mr. Snyder. The stage sets were painted by Jon Undeen and Peggy St. James. CHORUS Left to right: Row 1: T. Spreadborough, A. Anderson, R. Minge Row 2: T. Unger, L. Murray, B. Biesheuval, D. Snyder, K. Kvamme Cfltorus menilwers not picturccl liclowj Uespefzs 'if-w I. left to right: J. Orr, K. VVarncr, A. lJiXf"'l. E. Strutz, P. Gunter, l'. Wallin, H. Orr, C. Myers, D. Stafford. Row 2. left to right: S. Rothcnbuhlcr, A. SIJl'C3illtOl'Ollgll, F. Bronson, S. lhikke. if. Larsen. ll. Sweitzer, M. Bakkc, G. Jacobs, N. Giarrle, li. Grappe. Row 5, left to right: E. Hatchman. C. Mellott. M. Fullner. D. Giarde, C. Brown, l. Rountree, M. Kuipers, M. Johnson, H. Jones, I. Lamon- rearx. Left to right: M. Kraft, J. Hue- ston, A. Allison. M. Nims, H. Jones, T. Gay. Row 1, left to right: R. Bowhay D. Beard, G. Carlson. J. Minge T. Gay, M. Kraft, M. Nims, H. Innes, D. Calvin, L. Rivord. Row Z, loft tu right: V. Chase, ,l. Tuck, R. Griffith, ul. llucston A. Allison. 1 1 1 Page thirty-nine i I WL A variety show was presented for the Hi-Jinks on November 24. It included three one-act plays, "Farm- er's Daughter," "Ragtime Wedding," and "William Tell," presented by the drama classes. Providing music tor the show were Mr. Snyder and his Swing Band, All-Hi Chorus, Bottle Band, and the 90-piece Concert Band. Page forty "RAILROAD SCENE" Narrator ...,.,,,, ,,,,,......, . . ,,,,..,, C. Joudrey Rider .. ,,,,,,,,..,..,.. . .,,,,,,,,,., , .,...,.., M. Kraft Girl and Boy ...... J. Tuck and R. Minge "WEDDING" Bride ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. . ...,,,, F. Adams Sroom ....,. R. Stone Preacher ......, . .... T. Watson Father .... . A. Johanson Narrator ........ ........ D . Beard SCENE FROM "WILLlAM TELL" ......T. Kveven King ....,............ T. Gay Lone Ranger ....., William Tell ...... . ,............,.......... D. Frasia Soldiers ........,.....,. H. Gudde, H. Zencler Peasants .........,.,. L. Hoffman, H. Jones Son ....,.,.. ...,.................... J . Minge Narrator .,,.., ....... C . Workman -Photography by Mr. Bronson insffzel glww PERSONNEL TAMBO ,am .,... .. ..,.. ,, ...., .L ....,... . ..,.. ......,...,..,...K...... G ary Tyler - l BONES , ,,,... ....EE., D oug Hendry "'T""' """u"'u""""""'"""' ' """""" C' iiiiiiiii nil-iiii----Walt Accornpanlst ,,....E,EEEEEEE EE,,,,,,, as ,,E.,,,,,,,, Colleen Moors DYNAMITE R All Posters and Scenery ..,eee,....... Mrs. Griffen and Art Class CORNSTARCEH"rMao "---"" ig"1j'MOFS him Stage Manager ,,,,....,,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,,---.-.,,,,,,,- Frank Adams MUS'-'MOUTH """ """"' gl enn Cscligvigz Stage Hands .V.. eeee ,Dramatic Classes lNTERLOCUTOEa eeeeeeeee eee' ' KY M I Property eeeee..... eeeee . ,--.Steve Gordon N"'eeeeee eee" """"" ' m a eng M'k M I1 ' e SQ PIPE, Jue, AND some BAND Beverly On. Diana Snyder, Janice Barter, Nancy Ziegler, Clint Prampfer ,oooo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ov,,,,,,, -,ooo, H e my Zendef POOIQNAIET-Zxlgcgtllgn, Gary Tyler, DOUQ Hendry Don R n ,W,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,------,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,, a PROGRAM Y MOUNT BAKER SWINGPHONY ,,,,,,, ,Before the Curtain SAXOPHONES-Kenneth Ronk, Carolyn Bronson, Holl Stuart, Jeannette Kirschman, Elaine Hachman TRUMPETS-Don Beard, John Holdt, Riggs Nelson TROMBONES-Norma Hoines, Frank Srnitlw, Jim Stuart BASS-Bolo Burpee PIANO-Colleen Moors DRUMS-Doug Hendry MINSTREL PIANO PRELUDE- SONG STYLISTS c,,.aaaa.... Walter Larson, Clint McLaughlin THE CROONERW, ,,,.,,,7.,..............,.,a.,...,,,,.... Marvin Kraft ACCORDIONISTS ,-,,,Agnes Dixon, Christine Sygitowicz CHORUS SONGS The-re's Nothing Like a Minstrel Show Kentucky Babe Floatin' Down to Dixie Town Carry Me Back to Old Virginny Little David Play on Your Harp So's I Can Write My Name Water Boy KSoloist, Walt Larsonl l Got Slfioes Old Ark's Amoverin' PIANO DUO .,,,.,f-.,,, Colleen Nloors, Diana Snyder Finale Page forty-one cience glial: "Books must follow science, and not science books." -Francis Bacon SCIENCE OFFICERS Standing, left to right: M. Dustin, secre- tary, S. Jordan, Representative, J. Morgan Representative, R. Kvamme, President D. Jacoby, Vice President, J. Hueston Treasurer, J. Vanderyacht, Representative. Seated, left to right: P. Gunter, Represen tativeg P. St. James, Representative. Page forty-two Row i, left to right: B. Missiean, B. Orr, J. Rountree, L. Rivord, P. St. James, P. Gunter, A. Dixon, N. Ziegler, P. Spreadborough. Row 2, left to right: M. Crape, K. Ronk, R. Pearson, S. Jor- dan, N. Hoines, M. Dustin, R. Bowhay, R. Mullen, D. Beard. Row l, left to right: B. Harding, D. Ja- coby, R. Kvamme, C. Hack, M. Kraft, L. Calvin, J. Holdt, L. Kuipers. Row 2, left to right: B. Predergast, V. Smith, J. Linde, K. Johnson, R. Salisbury, D. Scutvick, R. Rainey, R. Bakke. Row 3, left to right: G. Bakke, J. Bucken- myer, B. Lovelace, D. Schenck, G. Tyler, R. Tuck, E. Ray, C. Griffith, D. Rathjen. Row 1, left to right: K. Zender, J. Bar- ter, C. DeVisscher, M. Kirschman, L. Gay, B. Storm, G. Hayes, K. Warner, C. Myers, M. Kramer. Row 2, left to right: T. Bay, J. Hueston, J. D'Andrea, F. Smith, F. Adams, J. Mezo, J. Vander- yacht, J. Scutvick. Row 1, left to right: J. Blickenstaff, J. Hayes, R. Klander, D. Hanneman, J. Moore, D. Rutt, L. Rauch, J. Morgan. Row 2, left to right: J. Quillen, C. Rarnsden, D. Hendry, D. Brown, J. Conger, D. Dougan, R. LaVeille, B. Athearn. Row 3, left to right: T. Un- ger, J. Nims, R. Joyce, E. Maleng, V. Place, B. Ryan, R. Allen, G. Goodwin. Henry Zender and Leonard Calvan-Comparing Conservation note books. IThe grades must be good if smiles mean anything.D onsefwafion CONSERVATION ACTIVITIES-T954-55 Visited Kendall Fish Hatchery-operated school Hat- chery-Reared 6,500 silver salmon . . . Entered Keep Washington Green poster contest with 35 posters . . . Surveyed location for a New Modern Hatchery . . . Set up plans for developing and improving game farm . . . Constructed 20 shelters for woodducks . . . Completed fencing pheasant rearing area on game farm . . . Presented resource program to various community organizations . . . Worked on school "Tree Farm-Slashing" experi- ment . . . Made slides of Conservation-Material for future use . . . Made detailed survey ot Whatcom Co. resources . . . Released pheasants in cooperation with Game De- partment . . . Pic ifMr. Bronson, A. Spread- borough, L. Wheeler, G. Es- peland, E. Verkist examin- ing a hawk-CWild Life Studyl Pix 2-4-R. Flotre and E. Vera kist doing a "paint iobf' Pix 3-D. Atkinson, M. Bakke, A. Spreadborough, M. Todd, L. Wheeler, mixing paint. Page forty-three "The tillage begins, other arts follow. The 'Farmers therefor are the founders of human civilization." Row l, left to right: R. Kvamrne, R. Allen, D. Jacoby, J. Blickenstaff , Row 2: J. Morgan, K. Maleng Row 3: K. Kvamme, R. Needham, R. Minge, L. Rauch Row 4: L. Jacoby, B. Ryan, D. Morgan, R. Hockett, D. Dougan, R. LaVeille, B. Turcott, E. Maleng, T. Un- ger, P. Rathien Row 5: B. Burpee, H. Straka, G. Kley, L. Adams, C. Workman, G. Sevier Row 6: O. Needham, P. Impero, B. Blockley, J. Rauchy, D. Arnett, W. Cooper Page forty-four -Daniel Webster Row 7: F. Straka, D. Hanneman, D. Hamilton, D. Rutt, M. Brooks, J. Minge. Row 8: L. Culver, R. Flotre, C. Denson, T. Gay, J. Moore, R. Littlefield Row 9: T. Kveven, J. Espeland, R. Scott, G. Knaus, D. Johnson, D. Ryan, J. Brown, G. Hedberg Row lO: A. Theisen, R. Lovelace, D. Cooper, M. Rietan, E. Verkist, S. Gordon Row 11: A. Anderson, R. Martinson, J. Sevier, W. Hetterly Row T2: J. Lynn, M. Coffell Row 13: A. Uncleen if. if. CZ. F.F.A. ACTIVITY RECORD 1954-55 AUGUST-Best Chapter Award for Vtfashington Master Chapter and Farm Safety Winner. 54 Members showed cattle and shop exhibits at Fair. J. lilickenstaff, R, Minge and R. Kvamme placed 2nd in P.N.E. Dairy contest-Vancouver, B. C. SEPTEMBER-First meeting with new officers. 262 plates of barbecreil salmon served at l'arent-Son Banquet. Sth in Skagit Contest. 6th at livcrgreen State Fair. OCTOBER-Mount Baker represented county in PILE at Portland. winning lst in Ayrshircs. 27 Freshmen initiated as GREEN IIANDS--Swimming' Party at MY." 10 members attended lVashington junior Poultry Show in Seattle, G. Sevier placing fourth in contest as thc team placed 13th. NOVEMBER-VVon annual Potato Contest for 4th consecutive year. 12 GREEN HANDS raised to Chapter Farmers. Barbecued chicken dinner served to those who helped with banquet-all-school dance followed. Citizenship and Scholarship Honor Ladders posted. Pest Control contest started. Silver Emblem Award received for National Chapter Contest. DECEMBER-Inter-cliafpter basketball games scheduled before league games. Christmas Tree decorated for front l1Z-ill-Cll1'iStlt'lilS boxes delivered to needy families. New Year's Party in cafeteria. JANUARY-Parliamentary Procedure practice. Public Speaking contest held with K. Maleng and J. Morgan as chapter winners. l7.l7.A. Advisory Board formed, including Mr. Redfield from admini- stration, Mr. Blickenstaff from school board, Mr. St. James, Mr. Loren Monsen and Mr. Kvanime to represent community and K. Maleng and R. Allen from chapter. FEBRUARY-National Future Farmer VVeek observed with radio program on KPUG. Grange and Farm Bureau programs. Speaking Mr. Ziegler, Adviser Standing: D. Jacoby, J. Blickenstaff, J. Morgan. Seated: K. Maleng, R. Allen, R. Kvamme. contest with winners listed on Page 28. MARCH-Parliamentary Procedure team and speaker K. Maleng eliminated from state contest by receiving third places in West Side finals at Puyallup. Annual Open House. Freshman members and parents vied for honors in contests. Swimming party held at "Y" APRIL-Kim Maleng represented us at state convention a-nd won F.FA.. test, Jim Morgan was other successful State Farmer candidate. Chapter purchased a new "john Deere" Tractor. One acre Northwest strawberries planted on school farm. MAY-Election of officers, Chapter Sweetheart and Honorary Chapter reports for state chapter contest, and presenting of FFA letters and awards. JUNE-Caribou fishing trip with 36 boys signed up to go. Caring for crops-Practice judging trips. JULY-Annual fishing trip to Lake Tolnahoy. Practice judging and making plans for Northwest Washington Fair. R. Allen, R. Needham, D. Dougan, J. Blickenstaff. K. Maleng, D. Jacoby, J. Blickenstaff, R. Needham, R. Minge, R. Kvamme, C. Workman. Row l, left to right: R. Hockett, R. Blockley, A. Thieson, L. Culver, C. Knaus. H. Straka, T. Unger, J. Moore. Row 2, left to right: D. Hanneman, S. Gordan, D. Jacoby, R. Flotre, R. Mlnge, J. Ruchty, R. Needham, J. Morgan. Row 3, left to right: K. Kvamme, C. Workman, M. Brooks, D. Ryan, G. Espeland, T. Kveven, R. Lovelace, J. Minge, M. Rietan, D. Johnson, G. Hedberg, F. Straka, B. Ryan, R. Kvamme, Mr. Ziegler, adviser. Page forty-five if. H. Q. Seventy-three girls made up the 1954-1955 F.H.A. organ- ization. All were from the senior high as the club was too large to allow any freshman girls to enter. Among the many activities carried on by the club this year were: sponsoring an all-school dance, selling Christmas corsages, and concessions at games. Nancy Ziegler was Sent to Everett and Seattle where she took part in a Cherry Pie Baking Contest. She placed second in the District and eighth in the State. Nine girls, with two mothers, and adviser attended dem- onstration day in Sedro-Woolley. Belva Kelley, president of the F.H.A., was honored with the "Betty Crocker Home Maker of Tomorrow" award. This "lt is good to live and learn." Standing, left to right: Connie DeViss cher, National Proiect, Arlene Larson Vice President, Marilyn Crape, His torian: Mary Joyce Fekety, Treasurer Ann Ryan, Song Leader, Judy Hueston Parliamentarian, Claudette St. James Reporter. Sitting, left to right: Jacque William Watson 1 7 1 f Iyn Vanderyacht, Secretary, Belva Kelly, President, Mrs. Arlene Niegemann, Ad- viser, Clarice Nyhus, State Proiect. award is given to one girl in each school and an opportunity for a state scholarship follows later. In the spring a formal installation was held for the new officers. Mothers and friends attended and were served re- freshments. Roger Kvamme was elected chapter "Hero." He was chosen because of his interest in school activities and for his citizenship, also because he was an active member in the F.F.A. Mrs. Lewis Chase and Mrs. Lloyd Barter were elected chapter mothers for the year, and Mrs, W. H. Kelley, Mrs. G. J. Townley and Mrs. G. R. Ziegler were elected honorary members. Row 1, left to right: G. Hayes, M. Kir' schman, J. Scutvick, J. Barter, C. DeVisscher, M. Murray, K. L. Gay, Zender, Page forty-six T. Bay. Row 2, left to right: B. Sud- duth, A. Turcott, B. Missiean, C. Bron- son, N. Hoines, S. McCollum, M. Full- ner, M. Kuipers. Row 3, left to right: C. Bird, C. Mellott, J. Rountree, T. Townley, B. Kelly, S. Jordan, A How- ell, M. Chase. Row l, left to right: G. Craver, K. Morris, C. Meyers, M. Dustin, B. Kel- ley, J. Hueston, C. St. James, B. Bie- sheuvel, P. Spreadborough. Row 2, left to right: C. Moors, K. Verkist, J. Swanson, P. Gunter, E. Webber, J. Van- deryacht, N. Hanneman. Row 3, left to right: P. Shoemaker, J. Hockett. A. Ryan, J. Tuck, J. Starkovich, M. Pef- ley, A. Denson, M. Nims, D. Cooper. Row 3, left to right: A. Haug, Giarde, C. Denson, K. Warner, P. St. James, E. Strotz, C. Joudrey, A. Larson, B. Storm. Row 2, left to right: A. Dixon, N. Ziegler, C. Nyhus, J. Dickman, J. Vanderyacht, S. Nyhus, J. Chase, G. Denny, S. Galbraith. Row 3, left to right: M. Crape, M. Zobrist, B. Howell, S. Jordan, L. Rivord, C. Timmons, C. Brown, D. Barter, M. Fecketv Clubs One of the main proiects of the Usher Club this year was the purchase of red corduroy dresses for uniforms. Twenty- purchasing their red corduroy dresses for uniforms. The twenty- seven members composed of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors ushered at the Hi-Jinks, Vespers, Musical Shows, and Gradu- ation. They also managed the many problems that were in- volved with the selection of the Hi-Jinks King and Queen. Much credit should be given to Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Carver, co-advisers. This past year Charlene Joudrey presided as presi- clent, Jean Chase as vice president, and Kay Zender as secre- tary-treasurer. USHERS CLUB GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS Left to ight: Jackie Vanderyacht, President, Marilyn - Crape, Secretary, Judy Smith, Vice President. Not in picture, Mrs. Helen Sutton, Adviser. PEP CLUB What a year! Trying to organize a new club! Anyone who was interested in ioining and living up to the standards which the Merit Committee set, were members. Officers for the year were President, Arley Haug, Vice President, Mary Lee Dustin, Secretary, Sheryl Jordan, and Treasurer, Clarice Nyhus. Miss Muriel Mclnnis was the adviser. Row l, left to right: L. Murray, C. Nyhus, A. Dixon, K. Zender, T. Bay, M. Murray, A. Haug, S. Jordan, J. Rountree. Row 2, left to right: C. Mellott, M. Dustin, G. Craver, B. Biesheuvel, B. Kelley, S. McCollum, J. Jimmy, B, Missiean, A. Ryan. PEP CLUB-Row 'l, left to right: C. Myers, M. Kirschman, L. Gay, C. Devisscher, J. Barter, J. Scutvick, N. Ziegler, M. Feckty. Row 2, left to right: C. Moors, C. Brown, S. Galbraith, M. Johnson, P. St. James, J. Vanderyacht, J. Swan- son, S. Jordan, C. Denson, B. Kelley. USHER CLUB-Row l, left to right: H. Woods, J. Hockett, P. Shoemaker, E. Webber, B. Missiean, J. Dickman, M. Kramer, E. Failor, A. Turcott, C. Mellott, A. Ryan. Row 2, left to right: C. Joudrey, J. Chase, A. Houg, S. Jordan, B. Kelley, K. Zender, J. Tuck, K. Morse, K. Warner, L. Gay, B. Howell, C. Timmons, M. Crape, Mrs. Adams, Adviser. Page forty-seven niglzfs 06 galzefz and feffefz Glulls KNIGHTS OF BAKER-A service organization consisting of twenty senior high boys. Officers are: President, T. Unger, Vice President, D. Dougan, Secretary-Treasurer, D. Jacoby, Adviser, Mr. Hagan. Activities are to keep order at all football, basketball, baseball games and school assemblies. An added task this year was keeping order in lunch line and the selling of extra milk during the noon period. Page forty-eight KNIGHTS OF BAKER Left to right: B. Harding, G. Espe- lancl, D. Ryan, T. Unger, R. Hock- ett, R. Allen, B. Ryan, D. Jacoby B. Brown, L. Applegate, C. VVork- man, M. .l.2L1llll'QlIl'l, Mr. Hagen, T Compton, R. Nelson, J. Hayes H. Gudrle, R. Turcott, IJ. Ducarn R. livammc, li. Maleng, G. Knaus GIRLS' LETTER CLUB Row l, left to right: M. Crape M. Fekety, M. Zobrist, D. Giarrle F. Brown, C. Timmons, T. Townley L. Rivorrl, B. Howell, A. Larson Row 2, left to right: Mrs. Sutton M. Young, C. Denson, A Hang E. Strotz, li. Vl'arner, ll. Storm M. L. Dustin. Row 3, left to right S. jordan, J. Swanson, P. St. James C. jouclrey, S. Ruckty, J. Chase F. Meyers, N. Hoines, H. Jensen J. Vanclcryaclit. GIRLS' LETTER CLUB left to right: T. Bay. C. Moors B. Missiean, M. johnson, M. Full- ner, L. Fransico, A. Dixon, N. Zieg ler, C. Nylris, T. Barter, T. Scot Vick, M. Til1'SCl1lTl3lT, L. Gay, A Turcott, P. Sprearlhorough, C. St James, G. Hayes, M. Murray K. Zencler, M. Kra1rer, C. DeViss- cher, J. Hueston. BOYS' LETTER CLUB Row l, left to right: R. Bowllay l.. Calvin, J. Holt, F. Smith G. Tvler, D. Scllenck, C. Ramsrlen I. Congor, B, Ryan, E. Ray Al. Stuart, R. Mullens, T. Unger Row Z, left to right: L. Halflerson T. Compton, I. Zender, R. Smart li. Nelson, ,lf Qulllen, K. Johnson B. Athearn, L. Rauch, G. Hedberg D. Braiithwaite. BOYS' LETTER CLUB Row l, left to right: R. Allen R. joyrc. B. Henifin, V. Smith ,l. Linrle, XV. Larson. C. McLauglt: lin, IJ. Ratltjen, H. Zerifler, D Marr Row Z, left tn right: I. Blickenstaff ,l. Hayes, R. Salisbury, D. Scut: Vick, D. Hendry, ll. Stuart. R. Rainey, D. Brown. li. Kelly, P. Gunter, S. McCollum, gon LIW99 i """ ' """"""' J :xxl 2 1 Thelma Bay Marge Murray Kay Zender Left fo right: L. Gay, J. Barter, C. D6ViSSChBi', J. Scufvick, K. Zen- der, T. Bay, M. Murray. Connie DeVisscher Lois Gay Judie Scutvick Janice Barter Ciifflflfll'-:::'A Page forty-nine Q gpofzfs ?00fl76u gaskefball Kaselmll Tuck Z...- "Nothing greaT was ever achieved wifhouf en Thusiasmf' -Ralph Waldo Emerson 'fooflmll J. HOLDT H. STUART L. CALVIN R. ALLEN R. BOWHAY WiTh Bob Tisdale as coach and 46 eager fooTball players The MounT Baker MounTaineers Took The cham- pionship for Their second consecuTive year. Roy Salisbury and Denny ScuTvick were elecfed by The Team members as co-capTains for The Moun- Taineers fooTball Team. We sTarTed off The year by over-powering MounT Vernon 13-7, and in The Jamboree, which was held under our own lighTs, we downed The Ferndale Golden Eagles. BuT The nexT game wiTh AnacorTes didn'T come ouT so well, we suffered a heavy defeaT of 26-9. Our league games opened OcTober 1, 1954, on our home field by Trouncing The Meridian Troians 38-6. The following game was in rnuch The same order when we flaTTened ConcreTe, OcTober 8, 25-O on our own field again. On OcTober 15, Lynden was defeaTed on Their field wiTh The final score of 39-6. We beaT The Blaine BorderiTes on OcTober 22 by a Row 1-LefT To righT: T. CompTon, J. Zender, H. Zender, D. Hendry, C. Rarnsden, R. Bakke, R. Rainey, J. BlickensTaff, R. Allen, R. Bowhay, J. Conger, R. Nelson, V. Place. Row 2-LefT To righi: L. Halderson, F. Sfraka, D. Marr, J. Quillen, R. Smart, L. Rauch, H. STuarT, C. Mc- Laughlin, D. Marr, J. Holdf, D. Schenck, G. Tyler, G. Hedberg, L. Cal- vin. Row 3-Lefr To right T. Unger, D. Cooper, J. Hayes, H. Maleng, B. Burpee, V. SmiTh, R. Salisbury, F. Smifh, D. Scufvick, W. Larsen, J. STuarT, K. Johnson, B. AThearn, B. Ryan. Elooflmll Lett to right: H. Stuart, R. Allen, J. Blickenstatf, R. Bowhay, R. Rainey, R. Salisbury, F. Smith. score of 13-12. It was a tightly played defensive game. The next game with Nooksack, which was played on their field in the day-light, was not much of a strain at all. We clobbered them with a score of 27-6. Finally the last game ofthe season was played and won by the Mountaineers, November 5. In this game we played the Ferndale Golden Eagles for the second time of the season and won by a score of 45-O, which gave us the title for 1954. 'Vlount Baker Mount Vernon 'Vlount Baker ,.,,,,,.,,, . Ferndale .,,,,,,.,, ..... 'Vlount Baker. .,,,...c,,,,. Anacortes Vlount Baker ,c,,.,,, Meridian Mount Baker Concrete ,,,, 'Vlount Baker Lynden . Vlount Baker Blaine Mount Baker ,,.... ,cn Nooksack --,,, Mount Baker Ferndale ,s., MR. CORCORAN MR. TISDALE W. LARSEN D. SCUTVICK R. RAINEY V. SMITH Page fifty-three gaslzeflmll Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec. Jan Jan Jan Jan .lan BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Mount Baker at Burlington Jamboree at Bellingham Nooksack at Mount Baker Bellingham at Mount Baker Mount Baker at Lynden Mount Baker at Twin Cities Mount Baker at Blaine Meridian at Mount Baker Mount Baker at Nooksack Ferndale at Mount Baker Mount Baker at Bellingham Lynden at Mount Baker Blaine at Mount Baker Feb Feb Mount Baker at Meridian D. SCUTVICK J. HOLDT G. TYLER J. QUILLEN D. RATHJEN Feb Nooksack at Mount Baker Mount Baker at Ferndale Page 'Fifty-four Feb J. Linde D. Scutvick Mr. Corcoran R. Turcott W. Larsen J. Holdt G. Tyler D. Rathien V. Smith J. Quillen R. Salisbury Row l, left To right: B. Blockley, L. Haldorson, R. Hockeff, T. Comp- Ton, J. Henning, R. Mullen. Row 2, left fo right: R. Smart, G. Hedberg, J. Con- ger, J. Zender, B. Athearn, L. Rauch. Val SmrTh ........,. , ,,,. Denny Scufvick John Linde ....... Roy Salisbury ..... Robert Turcoft Walf Larson Dick Ralhien .... -.., , ,V John Holdi Gary Tyler .... Jack Quillen Jim Zender ..... . ,..,... Lavern Hallderson Rennie Smart .... gczslzeflyall Points .122 -l5l - 53 - 35 . 40 - 56 -107 - 87 , 14 - 15 - 6 . 3 . 4 J. LINDE V. SMITH R. SALISBURY W. LARSON R. TURCOTT ...anulllri Page fifty-five Baseball Page fifty-six SENIOR HIGH BASEBALL April i5 Baker aT Meridian 18 Baker at Bellingham 20 Baker at Blaine 29 Ferndale at Baker May 6 Baker af Lynden 13 Nooksack af Baker 19 BurlingTon aT Baker 'D Left to right: Roy Salisbury, Duane Jacoby, Dennis Scufvick, Henry Zender Left to right: Row 1: R. Mullen, J. Holdt, H. Zender, D. Scutvick, D. Jacoby, H. Maleng, G. Tyler Row 2: L. Rouch, D. Schenck, B. Athearn, J. Morgan, J. Zander, F. Straka, R. Salisbury. Ap Ma ril Y SENIOR HIGH TRACK Ferndale and Burlingto Meet at Ferndale Meet at Bellingham Nooksack at Baker Sedro Woolley Relays Lynden and Blaine at Pre-county Track Meet County Track Meet District Track Meet State Track Meet SENIOR HIGH TRACK n at Baker Baker r Left to right: Pix: I D, Brown, Pix: 2 J. Quillen, Pix: J. Blickenstaff, T. Compton, J. Hayes, R. Allen. G. Hed- berg, Pix: 4 V. Smith, J. Linde. 3 I Tmk TRACK Lett to right: Row I: R. Allen, J. Linde, V. Smith, J. Hayes, T. Compton, M. Kraft, L. Adams. Row 2: P. Griffin, G. Sevier, B Hennitin, G. Heberg, J. Conger, D. Brown, R. Hockett. Row 3: R. Mirage, J. Blickenstaft, W. Larson, F. Smith, J. Quillen, H. Stuart, D. Braithwaite. Page fifty-seven uniofz ?ooflJall an gaslzeflm Row I, left to right: H. Elkins, J. Silver, J. Solberg, G. Knaus, D. Beard, G. Cooper, P. Impero, G. Espeland, C. Commodore R McDougal L Camp bell, S. Gordon, L. Smart, R. Reamer, J. Neal Row 2, left to right: C. Tollum, D. Morgan, T. Watson, D. Gudde, R. Rauch, A. Anderson, L. Larson, R. Nelson, J. Fuller, T Tidmarsh P Rathien J. Brown, L. Sygitowicz, A. Zwick JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCHEDULE This year the Mount Baker Junior High won third place with a loss of only three games. Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker ......,.. .,,, . Baker Baker Baker Ferndale Fairhaven Nooksack Whatcom Blaine ...... , - ,,,,,. - Lynden .... ....,. Custer ...... ...... Meridian JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 30-Nooksack at Baker Oct Oct Oct Oct 7-Baker at Meridian I4-Baker at Lynden 21-Ferndale at Baker 28-Fairhaven at Baker Row I, left to right: L. Campbell, A. Anderson, T. Tidmarsh, P. Rathien, P. Impero, L. Larson, J. Fuller, J. Wickwire Row 2, left to right: R. Stone, R. Clark, J. Brown, D. Gudde, S. Gorden, D. Beard, M. Monaghan, L. Smart, R. McDougal Page fifty-eight uniofz gaseimll and 'mc JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL Left to right: Row I: J. Brown, P. Impero, J. Wickwire, M. Monaghan, P. Rathien, T. Tidmarsh R Smart Row 2 R Stone D. Beard, S. Gorden, T. Watson, D. Morgan, R. Clark, G. Espeland. Row 3: J. Nevins, R. Nelson L Campbell B Alex R McDougal, J. Silves. JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL April 21 Baker at Whatcom 20 Fairhaven at Baker May I2 Lynden at Baker I9 Baker at Meridian JUNIOR HIGH TRACK Left to right: Row I: L. Hoffman, W. Rouleau, L. Larson, J. Minge, J. Fuller, L. Culver. Row 2: J. Browning, C. Tolium, A. Rauch, L. Sygitowicz, B. Meyer. Page fifty-nine Pix l-"Skiing Bronsons" Pix 2-Instructor Mr. Vance Bron- son, Doug Marr, John Blicken- staff Pix 3-Mr. Meigs-"What is he doing? Helping someone up a steep bank? Pix A-Ski "Line up"-J. Barter, J. Monahan, K. Zender, C. Bronson, A. Ryan, J. Bronson, S. Bakke Pix 5-A. Ryan, J. Bronson, S. Bak- ke, K. Zender Page sixty Pix l Parlia- mentary Team. Pix 2 Annual Staff relaxing beside their "0 f f i c e" doors. Pix 3 Roy Salisbury and Dennis Scul- vick. Pix 4 Stu- dents return f r o rn "far off" places March 14. Ola Sinnes spent three months in N o r w a y having I e t t November P a t Griffen m o v e d to Louisiana-tim ished 9th and iOth Grade in Baton Rouge and began his Junior year in Hawthorne, California. Both boys are happy to be lo a c k a n d hope to grad- uate f r o rn Mount Baker. Picture iz Pep Band in action at a football game. This group played at all the home games. Nlr. Snyder, director, is in right fore- ground. Picture 2: Song Leaders, Lois Gay and Connie DeVisscher, lead the crowd in song. Judy Scutvik and Janice Bar- ter, the other song leaders, are lost behind huge porn- poms. in gg gnafns Picture l: Action shot with Blaine. Picture 2: Anxious crowd forms background for three yell leaders, Marge Murray, Thelma Bay, and Kay Zender. Picture 3: The players waiting for instructions from coach, Mr. Tisdale. Picture 4: Mr. Tisdale in background and Mr. Niegemann, right foreground, watching a play, Page sixty-one Left to right: Row 1: J. Swanson, D. Giarde, T. Townley, B. Kelley, J, Smith, J. Vanderyacht. Row 2: C. De Visscher, J. Scutvick, L. Gay, Mrs. Thomas, L. Rivord, B. Howell, C. Brown, M. Fekety. Page sixty-two Helfaeefzgullul an fzacious xi First stop, after "emerging" from bus into building, may be the office where the excuse line is formed. There are other reasons for office stops, too-such as a search in "lost and found" drawer, a conference in "in- ner" office or a schedule change. Mr. Jens Solvik, our custodian, greets everyone with a smile. LIBRARY STAFF "On to the library, we follow chat- tering groups, bent on returning or with- drawing books, or reading the morning news." Row i, left to right C. Myers, P. Spreadborough, B. Joyce Row 2: M. Crape, L. Francisco, C. Timmons, C. Moors, J. Krumdiack, E. Failor, H. Jensen, Mrs. Bowan, P. Wheeler, M. Kuipers, S. McCollum, M. Dustin, C. Nyhus CAFETERIA "After three busy hard working per- iods, Mrs. Ristine and her staff are ready to serve lunch." Row I, left to right: R. Minge, E. Johnson, J. D'An- derea, L. Halderson, D. Marr, J. Harkness, P. Mitchell Row 2: B. Pendergast, R. Smart, R. Salisbury, R. Rainey, W. Larsen, C. McLaughlin, R. Needham, F. Adams Row 3: L. Lindslrom, A. Turcott, J. Linde, D. Rathien, J. Stuart, Mrs. Stuart, Mrs. Golden, D. Beard, R. Joyce, J. Chase, J. Copes .BUS DRIVERS "Then comes end of day, back to buses and home again." Left to right: E. Hunt, C. Haugen, T. Ryan, L. Stone, H. Swcitzcr, J. Holdt. fMrs. Ristine, not in picture.l 7-lien, ge ve S." ASSISTANTS Row 1, left to right: L. Gay, Art, N. Hoines, Band, B. Kelley, Home EC. and Art, S. Jordan, Chemistry lab. assist- ant and Home Ec., J, Vanderyacht, Mathematics, P. Gunter, Biology lab. Row 2, lett to right: C. Denson, Photo- graphy, D. Beard, Band, D. Brown, Art, D. Hendry, Band, J. Linde, Phy- sics, C. McLaughlin, Mechanical Draw- ing, A. Haug, Art and Photography. in school there are many ways to use our talents for others. Service may be ren- dered in a way to give pleasure and enter- tainment to students and patrons. Long hours of rehearsals for productions, hours spent by students painting posters tor all events, building and painting stage sets, are iobs done by talented and willing peo- ple. Then, too, there is a group of "un- knowns" who are busy teacher assistants. This page is to honor these people and to all others who help in some way, but Whose pictures were not available Mr. Lucas and Mr. Meigs-speech and dramatics teach- ers-admiring a "make-believe" sunny garden F. Adams, Stage Manager and B. Prendergast, Electrician, direct building and lighting of sets B. Orr, L. Murray, J. Undeen, M. Murray-Art students who have painted stage sets. These people also de- signed and painted most of the production posters. Lois Gay, Jerry Conger, Jean Copes, Verdun Place, Don Brown Knot in picturel assisted in this work Page sixty-three ganq uefs, Dances, gfc. Those who helped prepare tood and assisted in serving: D. Ziegler, B. Collins, B. Knutzen, Mrs. Hatchman, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Kvamme, C. Brown, J. Hockett, P. Shoemaker, A. Ryan, B. Storm, M. Fekety F.H.A. girls who served in dining room: Row I, left to right: J. Swanson, B. Kelley, N. Ziegler, M. Chase, D. Barter, B. Kelley, S, Nyhus Row 2, left to right: J. Chase, T. Townley, A. Larson, C. Joudrey, M. Zobrist, S. Jordan, M. Murray, C. Nyhus, A. Dixon, A. Howell, C. Moore, G., Hayes, S. Jordan Standing, left to right: P. McCol- lum, Mrs. McCol- lum, Sharon Mc- Collum, Chapter Sweetheart, Mr. Olson, Mr. Allen, Mrs. Allen, Ross Allen, Mr. Castles, Mrs. Castles, Ter- ry Kuwachy, Mr. Olmstead, Jerry Ray. Foreground chap- ter members and parents. Pictures 2, 3 and 4 are candid "shots" of boys and parents taken during ban- quet. Page sixty-four l l L l l l L r r l E l l I l ROYALTY OF 1954-55 "Hi-.links court reign- ed with pomp and glamour in Novem- ber." Queen Mari- lyn Crape and King Val Smith Ccenter of top picturel with Princess Thelma Bay and Prince Duane Schenck at their left and Princess Mildred Pefley and Prince La- Verne Hallderson at their right. Queen Sharon Mc- Collum and King Jo h n Blickenstaff reigned April 15, in "Faraway Fairyland" over the Junior- Senior Prom and Ban- quet. Sharon was also F.F.A. Chapter Sweetheart. Sophomores crown their royalty at the Annual Tolo Dance. Lovely Diana Snyder is being crowned and handsome King Jim Zender is pre- paring to speak. Picture of Ninth Grade' Frolics court was not available. The Queen was Bil- lie Jean Garling and Mike Reitan was King. Youthful Royalty smiles at Eighth Grade Party-Sylvia Hallderson, G l c n , Baker. I l l l l John Blickenstaff snapped iust as hc opened Castle door to a d rn i t Queen Sharon. oxialf and and 0 make-Relieve SNAPS OF FAIRYLAND-JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Pix I-Carol Bird with her "date" in silvery archway. Pix 2-Scene of Roadway into Fairyland with Carol Brown, Jim Morgan, Mrs. Meigs, and Mr. Bronson "Contemplating" a walk. Pix 3-Dancers in foreground-Diana Snyder, Jerry Conger, Larry Rauch, Nancy Ziegler, Mr, and Mrs. Corcoran, Gary Tyler and Thelma Bay. Page sixty-five Page sixty-six gnaps THREE NEW CITIZENS OF MOUNT BAKER DISTRlCT Left to right: James Bruce son of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Castles, Jeff Corcoran son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Cor- coran, and Gloria Bowman daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bowman. flare Nofej Theodore Galen Lucas was born the clay this picture went To The engravers. As copy goes io press, May 9th, Charles Redfield arrived fo add his name To roster of new citizens of The year. Left To right: 1. D. Needham 2. B. Kelly, P. Wheeler 3. Birthday Party 4. M. Reifan, D. Needham 5. P. Barter, M. Dustin 6. K. Zender, J. Conger 7. L. Murray, D. Rathien 8. C. DeVisscher, L. Henderson, L. Murray 9. J. Young 10. L. Murray 11. M. Donahue 12. J. Zender 13. P. ST. James S. Jordan, B. Kel- ley 15. S. Jordan 16. C. Larson, L. Joudrey 17. B. Kelley 18. F. Smith, M. Mur- ray 19. M. Kirschman 20. J. Dickman 21. B. Ryan, R. Hock- etf, J. Holdt, J. Conger, L. Kuipers 22. C. Miller 23. M. Kirschman, G. Hayes, J. Scut- vick, J. Barter Left To right: gnafrs Mr. Corcoran and P.E. Girls M. Chase, J. Chase, G. Hayes K. Zender, J. Barter, N. Zeigler T. Bay, G. Tyler, L. Murray, K. Zender N. Hoines L. Joudrey, N. Hoines, S. Bakke, M Harmoney S Mc Collurn, B. Shoemaker, S. Hallorson N Vanderyachl Left to right: Letter Club Inifa- tion A. Johanson, K. Kvamme N. Ziegler B. Kelley P. Wheeler G. Hayes, J. Barter V. Brock, S. Gali- braith, C. Syca- fowifz, E. MC- Gillivray C. McCollum J. Huesfon, C. Brown H. Woods, J. Barter, C. De- Visscher R. Tu rcoft, N. Turcoff J. Vanderyachf V. Brock Athletes L. Calvin J. Rivord, S. Ousclale J. Young J. Scufvick, J. Barter, M. Kra- YTIEY' M. Fekefy J. Smith L. Joudrcy Pcg and Don T. Townlev J. Swanson Page sixty-seven WALT LARSON Football - Basketball Track Annie Get Your Gun Minstrel Show Drum Maior BILL HENIFIN Track F.F.A. Letter Club RUSSELL NEEDHAM F.F.A. Track Student Council DOUG HENDRY Football Annie Get Your Gun Minstrel Show Band Manager Beacon Business Manager Science Club DICK RATHJEN Basketball Baseball Junior Class President Band F.F.A. Annie Get Your Gun HENRY ZENDER Football Baseball Letter Club Science Club Chorus VAL SMITH Football Basketball Track Science Club Hi Jinks King Letter Club President SHERYL JORDAN Letter Club Usher Club Pep Club Secretary F.H.A. RODNEY RAINEY Football Letter Club Science Club eniofz Glass CAROL BROWN Awards Committtee Annual Staff Torch Honor Band Letter Club Pep Club HOLL STUART Letter Club Ski Club President Band Science Club CARLENE MYERS Torch Honor Letter Club Pep Club Science Club F.H.A. Band JACQUE ROUNTREE Pep Club Chorus F.H.A. Science Club HENRY MALENG Band President A.S.B. Budget Committee Student Council Ski Club JEAN CHASE Usher Club Vice President Letter Club F,H.A. Chorus DOUGLAS MARR Ski Club Vice President Football Track Letter Club G cfivlfles ARLEY JEAN HAUG Annual Editor Chairman of Budget Committee Pep Club President-Secretary Usher Club Letter Club Science Club DONALD BROWN Football Manager Track Letter Club Science Club ELLEN STROTZ Science Club Letter Club F.H.A. Chorus . LESLIE lVlacDONALD Science Club Chorus CAROL DENSON Pep Club F.H.A. Science Club Letter Club Bookkeeping Award CLINT NICLAUGHLIN Football Track Letter Club Science Club Band Vice President Chairman of Awards Committee DOROTHY GIARDE A.S.B. Secretary Science Club Treasurer Torch Honor Junior Class Treasurer JEANETTE KRUMDIACK Chorus Minstrel Show Hi Jinks Vespers HARRY HEYKAIVIP Science Club DENNIS SCUTVICK Band Pep Club ROY SALISBURY Football Inspiration Football Award Basketball Hi Jinks Prince Baseball Science Club SHANNON RUCHTY Honor Society Letter Club Science Club Ways and Means Committee Basketball Easfgal: JON UNDEEN oo a Letter Letter F,F,A, Science Club AYWUBI Staff Science Club Student Council 57399 Afllsi Page sixty-eight ARLENE LARSON Band Letter Club F.H.A. Vice President Ski Club Chorus Science Club RONALD LaVElLLE Knights of Baker F.F.A. Science Club Basketball Manager Track Ski Club MARY LOU YOUNG Chorus Letter Club F.H.A. Minstrel Show ROBERT TURCOTT F.F.A. Knights of Baker Basketball Letter Club DONALD BEARD Band President Science Club Basketball Manager Annie Get Your Gun Minstrel Show MARVIN KRAFT Honor Society President Science Club Track Hi Jinks Vespers Minstrel Show LAURENE RIVORD Letter Club F.H.A. Ski Club Chorus Minstrel Show Vespers BILL HARDING Knights of Baker Science Club F.F.A. Ski Club PEGGY WALLIN Chorus F.H.A. Minstrel Show Vespers eniofz Glass acfivifies ROBERT JOYCE Football Track Letter Club Science Club Ski Club Citizenship Committee JEAN SWANSON Torch Honor Band Letter Club Pep Club Student Secretary for Mr. Castles RON MINGE Beacon Editor Track Honor Society F.F.A. Parliamentary Procedure Science Club Hi Jinks MARILYN CRAPE Usher Club Letter Club Vice President Science Club Hi Jinks Queen F.H.A. Historian Girls' Club Secretary-Treasurer MARY LEE DUSTIN Pep Club Vice President Science Club Secretary Chairman of Constitution Committee Band Letter Club F.H.A. MILLIE ZOBRIST Letter Club F.H.A. Band Chorus JUDY SMITH A.S.B. Treasurer Secretary of Junior Class Girls' Club Vice President Honor Society N.A.S.C. Trip to Portland RONALD DOUGAN Knights of Baker Vice President Science Club Track F.F.A. Ski Club JACOUELYN VANDERYACHT A.S,B. Business Manager F.H.A. Secretary Torch Honor Girls' Club President Pep Club Letter Club SHARON MCCOLLUM Torch Honor Girls' Letter Club President Band Pep Club F.F.A. Chapter Sweetheart Senior Class Secretary KAREN WARNER Usher Club Science Club F.H.A. Letter Club COLLEEN TIMMONS Usher Club Letter Club F.H.A. Science Club Chorus JOHN LINDE Basketball Letter Club Science Club Citzenship Committee Senior Class Vice Presiclent Chorus NORMA HOINES Torch Honor Secretary Band Letter Club Science Club Career Day F.H.A. JOHN BLICKENSTAFF F.F.A. Sentinal Ski Club President Letter Club Student Council Science Club BEVERLY HOWELL Chairman of Ways and Means Ski Club Secretary Usher Club Letter Club F.H.A. Science Club CHARLENE JOUDREY Usher Club President Usher Club Letter Club Hi Jinks Princess Annie Get Your Gun Chorus HARLENE JENSEN BEARD Letter Club Chorus F.H.A. Page sixty-nine Out of The many conTacTs the business manager and her assistants made This year, These business firms and friends were The ones who were willing to help finance The production of This book. cdaawledgmeala l Jukes Studio, "Mountaineer" photographers - Mr. Clift and Mr. Martin Western Engraving and Colortype Company, Seattle I Mr. Vance Bronson, Faculty photographer The Administration and Faculty of Mount Baker High School I . . nd . . l All who have assisted in work aind production of the "Mountaineer ik Tir 733 Tk ik FIVE-STAR ADVERTISERS DARIGOLD PUGET SOUND PULP 8. TIMBER CO. "KEEP DARIooI.D PRODUCTS ON YOUR TABLE" "KEEP WASHINGTON GREEN" I I ik ilff' ik TXT 1 FOUR-STAR ADVERTISERS SEAIQYRQEBWUSK 8 C0- COLUMBIA VALLEY LUNIBER co. ' e Ing am, as Ington l A FRIEND ik iff Tk THREE-STAR ADVERTISERS KING 8. DAHL TIRE CO. BELLINGHAM BUSINESS COLLEGE "INVITE US TO YOUR NEXT BLOWOUT" SUPERVISES BUSINESS TRAINING IIINoTEs FURNITURE STORE A FRIEND y PiE,E . A A l TWO-STAR ADVERTISERS HILLVIEW DAIRY Kvos l "ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRo Duct 5" FIRST IN NEWS . . . FIRST IN SPORTS! l I MEDCALF'S DAIRY PEGGY AND ROY'S CAFE T "FOR HEALTH'S SAKE DRINK MORE MEDCALF'S MILK" "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" l Page seventy TWO-STAR ADVERTISERS HuRLEY's nnucs alms uNloN STATION I' I' NEWBERRYIS succiss Business COLLEGE CLIPPER stone A ' ' ' ' ' L SORENSEN s. GARRETT INSURANCE me TRAVELEIPS INSURANCE ellmgham, wsshmgfon . H H ' O C PACIFIC COAST PAPER mms D""71'Z!I?I nfwEff'F2Z'1IZ',2?lffm'fEf1lTL'3 " ONE-STAR ADVERTISERS HOLSTINE'S SHOE SHOP I07 West Magnolia - Across from Post Office TRIPLE XXX BARREL "THE BEST IN HAMBURGERS AND SHAKES" VAN ZANDT SERVICE KENDALL GROCERY "'STOP ON YOUR WAY TO THE MOUNTAIN" DIEHL MOTOR CO. "YOUR FORD DEALER" . . . Cornwall and Ch ' JOE MARTIN SPORTING GOODS-SHOE REPAIR - 206 E. Holly MucDONALD BEAUTY COLLEGE "GET YOUR HAIR CUT HALF PRICE" PETER CLAUS 8. SONS HOllY'S MEN'S SHOP RYGMYR 8. SAMPLE VIENNA CLEANERS "WE CLEAN EVERYTHING" . . . 206 E. Magnolia BLACKBURN OFFICE EQUIPMENT EVERSON IMPLEMENT MADES MOTOR EVERSON DRUG STORE NOOKSACK VALLEY STATE BANK Everson, Washington . . . DEPOSIT INSURANCE A FRIEND BAL-JON BABY SHOP J. C. PENNEY'S Department Store - 1309 Cornwall MULLER 8. ASPLUND KALE CANNING CO. BONNER'S GROCERY SANFORD'S BARBER SHOP wi? ONE-STAR ADVERTISERS TED STUART'S SERVICE DONOVAN FURNITURE ALL STYLES - 'I234 State NILES STORE .IORGENSON'S FURNITURE 1233-35 State B. B. FURNITURE "EVERYTHING T0 FURNISH YOUR HOME" BOWHAY'S sroms I STOCKTON'S CLARK FEED 8. SEED NORTHWEST CYCLE CO. YEAGER'S SPORTING GOODS PACIFIC LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS . . . FREE OF CHARGE" ' ' DON AND JANICE McBRIDE IA"EW'iIRE'-25'iiYEGAAE'?Cfilf' SHOP THONIPSONNSOIFARIETY WHITAKERLSCI STORE CASCADE Lf-tI:IJPNDRY'8f CLEANERS SUMAS MILLS BROWN SLSFTONE IIIIUSIC CO, BELLINGHILIDIIICFIRST FEDERAL AUTOIIIIPSTIIISE PARTS IEEE? EEEWS BE'iQ?H!P5Hfi,iI3" s"2'I.5!I5'L,.5Y5!f,?0N """.?'EI'E?'I',.5,F"I"'E PAUL IALOEONDS CAMERA SHOP CORNVIIALI. CLEANERS OTHER FRIENDS ICZSIORE EA'?I'i3522'SHA'!3RS!5K" ' DAD AND LAD SHOP DIGBY S SERVICE 1716 Deming, Washington o "SAY BOYS, LET'S BE IN STYLE" I J - , ,, fa W My Q W Y QVyQ HJ Mfg, K t My Mfwjjf is N' jffryg ' wi! xwfkg W ff ff' I OM 45 , , V V 5 5 pMx 'Q fJfW? f f' QV Q "lt's Clever, But is it art?" -- Rudyard Kipling. f?Qj sfjjyf V ir , L Q7 lb all 3, I 1, V ,rf f f VJ 57' I "X 44 3 4 X ,V 7 , ' v L r .I r , ' r ,ff- CD Q r Q Q J QQOQQQQQ ,J QD Q N l N 0.if ll - -Q-fa-,.... 1.1.-1 L ...fc- THIS BOOK ll V ' ur V WS Q , AJ . lf' Y -' . Z,- lyk,- X g H , IA X fit 'I gg .r BE LONGS TO luamyaaef Sf. fame! ilH

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