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99 CL Z 71 MCM , fffw 544 ggi! Q, Xie S Q Ziviiwiifff W Qwwvf' l J M WM MW' V 2 1 5' Y 5 Z Z 53 E2 fi ? 5 E S 1 5 Q 5 1 ? ? SI 1 5 s S 1 5 X . 1 Eg, m5'jiP,w'9jQ3f A U A A Q M ,gg WW ,QOWQQMXX Q mfffg , ,wb F "' vm 5 WWW Q 'Q D9 A E J fm- ' 739157155 X xwmqf - 5 mf' . 4 . . b E 5 . r , V . I , X I K - . X. Q x, X. X5 W , FP' ' r g v -.. 1-4 'I f if g5iGsf?j,Si6w A V. .3- 9 S Q , 'PQ 6, , ivy? GLN Ag - ig X . - X X 9 QQ ' -if XV MT u E X X 'x - Ax, ' 1 . 4 '1 Y' xx , E fxxrjx . lxx ty- I XJ. F .9 A RN J. xf' I , , , , JJ ,R if Q2 yi' Ykiif N QR 53 Q 5 gi ix 1121355 XQ EX ig? Yea Ybk X w -.1 . N - 'v -p AM f. .xx 4, . 1 . fn ..-1 -uf f N. f JL67 Eid ' ww.-1 fx ,IFN 35,32 X f'N J.L, , A -:ff ,fl m I ky , I 6 2 ff .KW , .W f Af if .- ,,,fl 'T A -, W LA UQT7 " Ml , 1, ,, . , , " K ' '-A-iam-,-, - N: Q., V-aus,, -,.A..-,4 .,,. ,MQ .. ., ,M , --1 , Ah., , ., . ., . , E ,X a f X .J Ei' .::. . A . v v i . V I Q . 4 Q ? i x I , F A w E Q I Qi K 1 R ,. .,,,..q:.-. X 55 ,,,,,.,. is , ff 4 mi, W? ,W I . 1 1, ,M Y ,V ,m3'f V?2Z,9aQ551 , WW V va?'l.Y'Vv'-fZ"f LQ V 42 W W Qiilw A W ff ZMAM E Qfgiifg j ij i1 1 Sh ,Q 55 EQ-:ZVlAd Q A M DEH Ss h MQW r fs 5 if t ,'ll ww- - 1 r l We wish to dedicate this page to one, whose energy, talents, enthusiasm and loyalty, has been a force in suggesting what may be considered the theme of this book. For ten years she has worked tirelessly and zealously to instill good music into the hearts of her students as well as to the public at large. Miss Willie Lou Robertson is leaving. She will be missed not only as a teacher of the school but as a neighbor and friend. With these brief words, all wish her and her mother Mrs. W. Robertson, who also has played an important part in the musical life of the community, happiness in the future. Page three Page four "WE MADE THE NEWS" With pride and humility we set forth individuals teams, units and departments who have "made the news during this school yearf Our recent appearance in an outstanding publicatior made us recognize that this honor was awarded becaus of the combined efforts of students, faculty, administre tion and community. We have established ideals . . . may we live up t them! M9w M!b' L jjfffwjzi W My Af WWW fwmwymy W MW ,WQ55 7aZ6e of Zmlewte - Admafammn - 7me:f, - eww I Wmow - Aahmwm - Hmmm - fiazwzm -Wzme - DMM - awmqazaww I Spam - 77Z46az'eacmae - Emzddala - 77!64ee6'lmzeoua I 7aa,,gg, I 6644454 Headings speak for Themselves 'SJ' ,-Mmamzmzm Superintendent X- WILLIAM I. CASTLES Q . 3 Principal ERNEST E. WELLENBROCK' Vice Principal THOMAS K. WINSOR Secretary NORMA THOMAS Clerk CLARENCE NYHUS Director Director Chairman of the Board Direcfor HOMER BLICKENSTAFF ROBERT PETTIGREW HENRY ZENDER ROBERT GAY Page eight mlm: Admanwzzaean A.S.B. OFFICERS Larry Richner ,,,.. ,,,,.,...... P resident Fred Zobrist ..,, ,....... V ice President Katherine Gay ....,. ..A,, B usiness Manager Veriean Grappe ,,.... ,,..,...,..... . Treasurer A.S.B. OFFICERS Delesta Smith ...,.,. .A....,,,,........... S ecretary Judy Smith .......,, .,.,..,,, A ssistant Treasurer Mr. Wellenbrock ,,,, .. . ,, ,,,,..,,,,,,, Adviser Lane Ehle . ,,,,,, s...,, P arliamentarian STUDENT COUNCBL MEMBERS Back row, across page, left to right: J. Bouma, B. Kelley, C. Bass, S. Clark, S. Bakke, T. Compton, P. Butler. Front row, left to right: D. Scutvick, J. Barter, W. Larsen, C. Putnam, J. Blicken- staff, A. Allison, N. Hoines, A. Ryan, L. Lee, L. Larson, R. Flotre. Page nine lk l l ,l n ll ,X all Qzgalff, ,K -,fa Jl, ,lj Za H ., 1 J ,J a f 4 FJ I t XJ! Rx F- 5, df' il K ' f lf-iff X X r U5 X f ff r ' S315 GJ Q N fx .,-- 5, Page len Row l, left to right: ce Bronson, Alnita Adams, Duane Berentsen, Daisy Griffen. Row 2, left to ri illie Lou Robertson, Vernon Hagen, Marie Carver, Roy Ericcson Row 3, I t f ught: Esther Top, Robert Bowman, Marion Bell, Winifred Ristine .- ' ' .f' if 1 l Y l .w N , 5 2 lm x R E ss. 'E -5 X ix X , , , f Mfr ff L24 fl L.. , ix, Q ' X-A-J: . HB, ' Row l, et to right: Dorothy Massie, Glenn R. Ziegler, Eclris Warner, Robert Tisdale. A Row 2, left to right: Robert Niegeman, Velna Bowen, Helen Sutton, Grace Winsor. 1 Row 3, left to right: Muriel Mclnnes, Clara Hatvedt, Phyllis Tesheral, C. Emerson Redfield. 5 Page eleven JOHN BOUMA eadaw NANCY BOZE LEE BURGESS SHARON BAILEY DENNY MCCOLLUM LORNA A ALLEN BASART MARJORIE KI BASIL VA NORMA COPES CHARLES QU NDERSON NG RANG IMBY PEGGY BUCKENMEYER LE ROY MURRAY TILLIE SINNES BENNY BARR Page twelve enema VERJEAN GRAPPE LANE EHLE WILNA BLOCKLEY RONALD ERICKSON LAURA HUGHES HARRY COCHRAN ANNA JOHNSON LARRY RICHNER ELEANOR HANSEN TOM MEZO KATHERINE GAY JAMES NACE ELEANOR MEYER DEAN CHRISTEN DELESTA SMITH Page thirteen endow JOAN WARNER WALTER RHODE CAROLYN PUTNAM FREDERICK ZOBRIST NONA KLANDER DUANE VANDERYACHT ARLENE BODTKE DALE HOLMES DARLENE HAMILTON JAMES COMPTON MARLENE THEISEN DEAN FRANCISCO DONNA MALENG DONALD KNUTZEN ELLEN STRAKA Page founeen I , endcvza SHIRLEY ZIEGLER LLOYD SUTTON I GORDON KELLY ' ROBERT DECKER LEON VERKIST CLARA JEAN PHILLIPS 1 PHYLLIS BEUZENBERG STANLEY CONGER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left To right: J. Bouma, Treasurerg S. Bailey, secretaryg L. Ehle, vice president: L. R. Murray, president. Page fifteen : B. Chase, P. Wallin, D , S. McCollum, J. Krumdiak C. Denson, D. Jacoby, D R. Joyce, J. Swanson. J. Linde, S. Jordan, W. Lar Mayhew, J. Blickensfaff. M. Crape, R. Salisbury, N G. Goodwin, A. Haug. : L. Munn, K. Warner, D M. Zobrisf, B. Prendergasf P. Gunter, D. Hendry, B R. Kvamme, T. Townley. L. Derrick, B. Olmsfead, D C. Timmons, M. Kraft. L. Rivord, R. Needham, C L. MacDonald, R. Mayhew H. Heycamp, R. Turcott. ,pf r , i - OR S. Row 1: P. St. James, V. Smith, A. Thompson, F. Adams, B. Kelley. Row 2: R. Minge, M. Young, D. Rathien, D. Ward, C. Hack. Row 3: E. Strotz, J. Hayes, J. Vanderyacht, C. Morse, M. Fekety. Row 4: B. Henifin, A. Larson, D. Scutvick, H. Jensen, L. Zaddock. Row 5: C. Joudrey, R. LaVeille, J. Chase, R. Allen, J. Smith. Row 6: C. McLaughlin, M. Dustin, H. Maleng, C. Myers, H. Stuart. Row 7: S. Ruchty, D. Beard, B. Howell, D. Smith, K. Leavitt. Row 8: R. Rainey, G. Scott, B. Harding, L. Lindstrom, C. Akers. Row 9: H. Zender, M. Alex . in WV ,VI V if . A l ' l JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Mrs. Teshera . ...,,,. ,.......,. . .. Adviser D. Rathjen D , President D. Giarde ...,. Treasurer J. Smith ..,,. -..Secretary L. Zaddock , .. Vice President Page seventeen Page eighteen SOPI-I Row 'l: J. Conger, J. Scuivick, D Schenck, M. Murray, J. Nims. Row 2: G. Sevier, T. Bay, R. Bakke C. St. James, R. Klander. Row 3: R. McCollum, L. Francisco R. Littlefield, G. Hayes, L. Kuipers Row 4: K. Maleng, J. Copes, E Maleng, J. Hueston, R. Bowhay. Row 5: K. Johnson, L. Calvin, N Ziegler, C. Moors, C. Bass. Row 6: B. Lovelace, H. Dvorachek D. Needham, L. Murray, V. Place. Row 7: C. Nyhus, P. Cole, B. Ryan H. Woods, B. Orr. Row 8: J. Holdt, C. DeVisscher, R Mullen, E. Failor, G. Bakke. C VICRES Row 1: B. Decker, R. Pearson, W. Beebe, M. Fullner, J. Morgan. l Row 2: R. Tuck, B. Mission, L. Rauch, D. Carina, J. Quillan. Row 3: C. Ramsden, L. Crape, J. Joudrey, A. Dixon, T. Unger. Row 4: F. Russell, R. Hockeff, J. Barter, D. Ruff, K. Kvamme. l' Row 5: A. Turcott, M. Kirschman, D. Hanneman, L. Gay, F. Smith. Row 6: J. Buckenmeyer, M. John- son, M. Kramer, B. Sudduth, G. Carlson. Row 7: P. Spreadborough, P. Alex, J. Mezo, E. McDonald, E. Ray. Row E: G. Tyler, J. Moore, K. Zen- der, K. Ronk, C. Melloff. J. Barter., ., , SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Lef1 fo Right: . . . . Treasurer K. Zender ,eY.... ....., -Secretary K, Kvamme ,A,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, V i ce Preslclerll Mr. Bowman .... ............ - -. ..... ..-..-Adviser J. Conger .........,, President Knot in piclurel Page nineieen Row lc H. Sfraka, D. Barfer, A Johanson, J. Lawson, B. Burpee. Row 2: A. Ryan, D. Betis, A. Den son, R. Nelson, A. Howell. Row 3: C. Vanderyachf, S. Nyhus, F. Straka, J. Dickman, O. Needham Row 4: P. Wheeler, R. Smart, E. Webber, E. Johnson, D. Cregg. Row 5: D. Brown, P. Shoemaker, J Williams, S. Jones, L. Thompson. Row 6: V. Chase, J. Zender, S. Joi dan, L. Haldefson, M. Coffell. Row 7: J. Henning, S. Rhode, T. Compton, J. Tuck, G. Denny. Row 8: D. Fresia, P. Mellick, D Davis, M. Kuipers, R. Williams. Row 9: K. Gates, M. Nims, J Johnson. S l i i l l l MEN Row I: L. Nienaber, C. Bronson, G. Hedberg, D. Cooper, G. Nelson. Row 2: K. Verkist, J. Ruchty, G. Rensink, P. Butler, G. Craver. Row 3: H. Gudde, S. Peck, E. Lea- vitt, B. Kelley, D. Hitchcock. Raw 4: J. Hockett, O. Sinnes, S. Galbraith, D. Marr, H. Jones. Row 5: R. Braithwait, M. Chase G. Leavitt, D. Calvin, S. Ethridge. Row 6. J. Vandzryacht, B. Blockley P. Buckenmeyer, J. Harkness, Col leen Miller. Row 7: VV. Cooper, E. Stamey, C Workman, J. Young, P. Mitchel. Row 8: J. Starkovich, R. Jacoby, L Lee, J. Stuart, N. Hanneman. Row 9: D. Cooper, R. Newman. NINTH GRADE OFFICERS Left to Right: A. Ryan ,.,,., ,,,-,......... .,,.., .... - ..-.., P r e sident M. Pefley ,..,., .,.,.. . Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Bell .... .. ........ ..... .-.Adviser L. Halderson .,... ..,...... V ice President R. Smart ,..,.. - .... Sergeant at Arms Page twenty-one ' 69454 gmc! EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Lef1 to Right: T. Tidmarsh ......,.....,,SSS S,,S. . Secretary B. Meyer ,..... ,,.SA . Vice President N. Giarde. ..., ,,e7 . -.-President L. Larson ...,, . Treasurer R. Ericcson 7,,,, ,e,,, A dviser Page twenty-Two 4 Row 1: J. VVickwIre. T. Watson, G. Espe- lavnd, P. Imnero, R. Lovelace, L. Culver. L. Larson, R. How-, em, W. ROUICHLI, I.. Jacoby. Row 2: V. Brock, li. McGilIivray. J. Ny- berg, A. Sprearlhor- ough, J. Thomson, S. Clark, J. Garling, I'., Grappe, J. Mnrphy,I J. Lamoureaux. Row 3: R. Flotre, I'.. Vcrkist, D. Anmler- son. B. Sweitzer, L. Lindstrom, S. G :L 1- hraith, L. Hoffm:-m H. Martinson. Row 1: J. Sevier. VV. Iletterly. D. Ryan. T. Kveven. M. Mon- aghan, R. Nelson, IJ. Johnson. L. Apple- fza-te, M. Lanrlrcth D. Butcher, J. Minge. Row 2: P. Wales. ,I Kirschmau. J. Bow- hay, C. Larson, I'. Sherin. A. Allison, N Turcott, P. Mezu. Row 3: B. Brown, IJ. Hamilton. E. Htwh man, J. Nesbitt. I Fuller. ,I. Sollwcrq. X Giardc. B. Olmstcafl Row 1: R. Clark, R Scott. S. Knight, ll. Jones, D. Adkinson H. Pefley, J. Orr. R Stone. C. Denson, G linaus. Row Z: J. Johnson L. Crutcher, B Thompson, A. Antler L I son. S. Ethridge. T. Tidrnarsh. J. XYahl T. Gay, S. Gordon B. Pettigrew, G Kley. Row 5: I.. XVI1cx-lor. S. Richner. G. ,IRQ obs. J. Brown, D Morgan, Fl. Meyer. A Theisen. M. Tnflrl. A Cllasr, R. Ilvrl'ir'k. Row 3: Y. Rlilllltl' I.. Iildrecl, A. Sperry l'. VVickwirc, I' MQ-zo, Ha-lldorscn I, Roberts, S. Jacoby I.. Russel, I.. Smart Row 2: K. JOIIIIFOII S. Nunn. N. Van rlcryacht. l'. 0'Hara D. Hamilton. C. Mc Colluni. S. llakkc, Q' foninicxclfirl-, D. Syn- IJ. Guclrlv. Row 1: R. Hrulanil G. Cook, Il. Sudduth R. Mcllouglc, A. Cru ver, M. Harmonv, B Shucnmker, I.. II i I- liard. I.. Aungst, I, Inlxlison. Row J: I.. .loudrry B. Moore. S. VVil liams. S. Sanders, S. Rothenbuler, I7 Blocklev, C. Dcyon D. Mcfflue. Row 2: R. Ilakcr, li jolinsun, A. Starku vich. A. Zwick, L Campbell, J. Silver T. Sureardboruuglm, N lloincs. K. Sherin D. Lunde. Row 1: R. Rcanier D. Jenkins, R. Mc Dougie, B. Alex. B Nelson. T, Hauxzen D. Johnson, C. Tol- lum. M. Mingc. C. Atlimrn, S Bush. Row 3: J. Bnrszvss ,I. Rivorfl, M. Donn Illlf. ,I. Svliauman. If Ilcykarnlr, M. Imlxern, M. Hinge, D. Krnin rliack. K. Todd. Row 2: G. Jerns, D Hedberg, R. Rauch J. Krick. M. Ilnkke I.. Hzniiienizm, ,I Moody. S, Ousnlnlv D. Gay, D. MQKQI Vey. ll. Streeter. Row 1: I. Klandcr. I. Ns-zilv, M. Nlrllirk M. Park. Ii. St james. Il. Thmnpson II. Chrhec. D. Arlkin son. I. I.nn1l. S Rhode. 6 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: G. Johnson ....... .... V ice President B. Thompson .. . ....... President Mr. Niegeman ,. .Adviser R. Flofre . . . . . Secretary Page twenty-three - Qfanafw -,4cawwl4 'f4C4f6060t60!Z4 - Qmmillfeee l 'Md l fwffwfv I Fhdlmzcaw awfonfwd, ,, , M' " -Glory u 11 Honors in Print Qfaaafza Page Ywanfy-six Valedicforian Co-Saluiatorian Co-Salutatorian CLARA J. PHILLIPS LORNA ANDERSON VERJEAN GRAPPE CLASS SPEAKERS Larry Richner Fred Zobrist LeRoy Murray Music Award Bausch and Lomb Science Plaques .,,.,,,,...... , ...A......,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,..,,....,,.,,... ....,,,,,,.,...,...,,, ...,,,. D E AN FRANCISCO Bausch and Lomb Science Plaque ...,,.. .,,, , ,DEAN CHRISTEN Music Festival Rating ,. ..,..,.,,. ,,...... C AROLYN PUTMAN Art Award ..,.,..,.,,.,.,.... .,...,.,... T ILLIE SINNES Art Award . DELESTA SMITH Wcmaza SENIORS - TORCH HONOR Standing: J. Bouma, E. Meyer, M. King, A. Johnson, N. Klander, S. Bailey, C. E. Redfield, adviser Seated: T. Sinnes, D. Smith, E. Hansen, L. Anderson, K. Gay, C. Phillips, ,V. Grappe. HONOR SOCIETY Leadership, character, scholarship and service are the main purposes promoted by the Honor Society. John Bouma, Judy Smith, Verjean Grappe and John Hayes gave brief speeches on these characteristics at a candelight ceremony held before the A.S.B. meeting, April 5, in the auditorium. Total membership now stands at forty-four with the probational acceptance of eight sopho- mores. The following sophomores were accepted: Kay Zender, Thelma Bay, Kim Maleng, Lois Gay, Janice Barter, Jim Morgan, Nancy Ziegler and Cliff Ramsden. Being a member of this society does not depend entirely on high grades, but good scholar- ship standards and an honest effort of each student to do his best. This is the third year the Mount Baker Honor Society has been a member of the National Organization for Secondary Schools, JUNIORS Standing: S. McCollum, J. Swanson, P. Gunter, J. Hayes, R. Minge, B. Prendergast, J. Vanderyacht, B. Olmstead, D. Ward. Sitting: M. Fekety, N. Hoines, C. Brown, T. Townley, J. Smith, C. Meyers, D. Giarde. Page twenty-seven f-fwazala and Qfamvza STATE FARMERS-R. Kvamme, L. Ehle, F. Zobrist, D. Jacoby, D. Van- deryacht, J. Bouma, L. Richner, W. Rhode, R. Allen. STATE PARLIAMENTARY TEAM--F. Zobrist, W. Rhode, L. Ehle, L. Richner, K. Maleng, R. Allen, adviser G. Zeigler. NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC ART AWARDS T. Sinnes, P. St. James, G. Kelley, D. Smith. P. St. James and D. Smith also placed in National Contest. STATE TOURNAMENT OF ORATORS Kim Maleng, sophomore, repre- sented Mount Baker in Tournament of Orators on the subject of Abra- ham Lincoln in the state contest sponsored by Seattle P.l. Judy Hueston, sophomore, placed second in county, both in Knights of Pythias oratory contest and Peace Arch Festival. Page twenty-eight C. Miller, E. Webber, C. St. James, K. Verkist, D. Barter, M. Pefley Sheryl Jordan, a repre' sentative on McCaIl's "Teen Fashion Board." PARTICIPANTS IN MUSIC FESTIVAL J. Holclt L. Pace C. Moors L. Culver R. Nelson National High School Poetry Association iPublication appears annually? ' i W L. Richner, State F.F.A. President, and Mr. Ziegler at- tended the National F.F.A. convention at Kansas City, where Mr. Ziegler received the degree of Honorary American Farmer. Clara Jean Phillips was awarded a trip to Chicago for her active A-H club work. Mr. Wellenbrock, D. Smith, and J. Smith attended the National Association of Stu- dent Councils held in Port- land, Oregon. K. Gay, V. Grappe, Mr. Win- sor and D. Rathien repre- sented Mount Baker at the State High School Leaders' conference at the Univer- sity of Washington. N. Ziegler, S. Ziegler, A. Haug, and D. Holmes were delegates at the Pacific Coast Annual Conference at the Univeristy of Washing- ton. Miss Warner, adviser, T. Bay, E. Ray, G. Hayes, J. Bar- er, C. St. James, P. Spread- borough and M. King, Jour- nalism students, were pres- ent at the Pacific Slope Press Conference held in Seattle. Miss Warner was one of the conference speakers. Too late for pictures-Miss Esther Top, Home Econom- ics instructor and Jacquel- ine Vander Yacht attended State F.H.A. convention held at Pullman. I I I L. Richner, Mr. Ziegler, J. Phillips Mr. Wellenbrock, D. Smith, J. Smith, K. Gay, V. Grappe, Mr. Winsor, D. Rathien. N. Ziegler, S. Ziegler, A. Haug, T. Bay, E. Ray, Miss Warner, G. Hayes, J. Barter, D. Holmes C. St. James, P. Spreadborough, M. King Page twenty-nine Amended :adm Zed? mmezzm Left to right: CITIZENSHIXH- Lois Ga-y. ,lean S w a n s o n, Terry Common, Lorna Au- rlerson, Mr. Ziegler, Adviser. R 0 b e 1' t Joyce. Jnlm Houma. CONSTITUTION- Mr. Redfield, Advis- er, Roger Kvamme, Shirley Ziegler, Mary Lee Dustin, Gary Hedberg, Lloyd Sut- ton. Page illiriy BUIJGET - Arlcy l-lang. Carolyn liron son. Nona Klamlc-1' l.eRoy Murray, Hen ry Maleng, Mr. Win so1', Adviser, Gorcloi Bakke. l PROGRAM - John Hayes, Sue Nyhus, Carolyn Putnam, Mary Joyce Fekety. Clara Jean Phillips. Kenneth Johnson. VVAYS AND MEANS -Rodney R a i n e y, Beverly H o w ell, Lane Ehle, Sharon Bailey, Judy Sent- vick. Anne Ryan. Mr. VVellenbrock. Aclvis- Cl'. !-ll JINKS ROYAL COURT-Princess Arlene Larson, Prince Leo Zaddock, Queen Tillie Sinnea, Kmlg Ron JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM KING AND QUEEN LeRoy Murray, Mariorie King Erickson, Princess Kay Zender, Prince Verdun Place fagaffg F.F.A. CHAPTER SWEETHEART Shirley Ziegler TOLO KING AND QUEEN Marjorie Murray, Frank Smith 9th GRADE ROYAL COURT-Dick Braithwaife, Arlene Howell, Bonnie Kelley, Jim Siewarf, Jennifer Tuck, Laverne Haldorsen Page thirty-one mumf Zag Left to right: D. Holmes, D. Smith, S. Ziegler, T. Sinnes. Deadlines to meet for the photographer, the engraver, and the printer, pictures to be trimmed, gathered and pasted, lost copy, ad trips, bills and dummies! All were a part of the everyday bedlam that broke loose sixth period in Mrs. Griffen's art room when the eleven members of this year's "Mountaineer" staff ioined forces to edit another year book. However, out of this be-dlam, came the i953-'54 "Mountaineer" which we, the annual staff, hope will be a complete and meaningful book of memories of another year at Mount Baker high school. Particular credit is due to Mrs. Griffen, our patient adviser, to our faithful photographers Mr. Clift and Mr. Smith from Jukes Studio, Bellingham, to Western Engraving and Colortype Company, Seattle, and to Cox Brothers, our printer. Front row: A. Bodtke, A. Johnson, C. St. James, K. Gay, B. Kelley. Back row: N. Ziegler, A. Haug, G. Brown. Page thirty-two geaccwz Mary Kirschman, Business Manager, Miss Warner, Adviserp Mariorie King, Co-Editor, Lorna Anderson, Co-Editor, Gloria Hayes, Business Manager. Lorna Anderson and Marge King were Co-editors for the '53-'54 Beacon. Other staff positions were filled by LeRoy Mur- ray, Senior High Sports writer, Eugene Ray, Junior High Sports writer, Claudette St. James, News Editor, Judy Hueston, Feature Editor, and Janice Barter and Connie DeVisscher, Exchange Editsrs, also in charge of circulation. Mary Kirschman and Gloria Hayes, with the help of Marge King, only returning second year journalists, made up the "ad" and business staff. Serving as staff reporters, were other members of Journalism classes, including Peggy Spreadborough, Thelma Bay, Elea- nor Failor, Huberta Dvorchek, Louise Francisco and Nancy Han weman. Elaine Webber and Kay Verquist were members of the staff during the first semester. Seated: T. Bay, C. St. James, J. Hueston, C. DeVisscher, J. Barter. Standing: P. Spreadborough, L. Murray, K. Verkist, N. Hanne- man, L, Francisco, E. Webber, H. Dvorcheck, D. Jacoby, E. Ray. Page thirty-three I 7704464 - Ummm - Ozqmqaldaaa ev Z new Direckor ....... Page thirty-six BAND OFFICERS Drum Maior-Dean Christen President-Don Beard Vice-president-Lloyd Sutton Secretary-Donna Maleng Librarian-Tamara Townley Uniform Managers-Arlene Bodtke, Judy Scutvick Band Managers-Val Smith, John Linde, Ola Sinnes, Doug Hendry PERSONNEL OF THE BAND Sue Jordan Bonnie Kelly Mary Kirschman Connie DeVischer Mariorie Chase Clarice Nyhus Marilyn Kuipers Arlene Howell Richard Braithwaite Duane Fresia Gerry Henning ALTO CLARINET Jeanne Swanson FLUTES Arlene Larson Veriean Grappe Mildred Zobrist Judy Smith Gloria Hayes Colleen Moors Mary Lee Dustin Thelma Bay Sue Nyhus CLARINETS Patience Wheeler Delesta Smith Sharon McCollum Janice Barter Robert Decker Carman Hack Kenneth Johnson Ronald Pearson Agnes Dixon Huberta Dvorachek Lois Gay BASS CLARIN ET Grace Craver OBOE Tamara Townley BASSOON Lorna Anderson ALTO SAXOPHONES ElRae Hansen Judy Scutvick Donna Maleng Carolyn Bronson Kenneth Ronk Muriel Nims Bill Blockley TENOR SAXOPHONES Arlene Bodtke Hall Stuart BARITONE SAXOPHONE Wilna Blockley CORNETS Donald Beard Raymond Bakke John Holdt William Decker Tom Mezo Gordon Bakke Mariorie Murray ewan! and Willie Lou Robertson Nancy Boze John Williams Russell Mullen John Ruchty Gail Denny Allan Johansen Collene Miller Joe Johnson Barbara Storm FRENCH HORNS Carol Brown Gary Tyler Jerry Nims Walter Larsen Ola Sinnes TROMBONES Carolyn Putnam Dean Christen Katherine Gay Norma Hoines Franklin Smith John Mezo Terry Compton Jim Stuart Joe Harkness Charles Workman BARITONES Henry Maleng Lloyd Kuipers Gary Hedberg BASS Dick Rathien Lloyd Sutton Jack Quillen Q Robert Burpee Earl Johnson DRUMS Clint McLaughlin Dorothy Giarde Nancy Ziegler Janice Vanderyacht Ralph Williams September September November November ACTIVITIES OF THE BAND 1953-1954 12, 1953eThe Everson Fall Festival 19, 1953-The University of Washington Colorado game 13, 1953-Hi-Jinlcs 21, 1953-The Seattle Santa Claus Parade April 30-May 1, 1954MThe Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival and Band Jamboree May 8, 1954- The Blossom Time Festival Bellingham May 14, 1954--Spring Concert May 23-24, 1954--'Port Alberni, Canada Queen Victoria s Birthday Back row: R. Nelson, L. Larson, G. Jacobs, J. Wahl, J. Fuller, R. Stone, L. Applegate, D. Ryan, S. Gordon, T. Gay, L. Hoff man, J. Brown. Middle row: T. Watson, C. Sygitowicz, J. Wickwire, M. Mona'1an, L. Lindstrom, D. Beard, C. Larson, P. Mezo, T. Kveven, P. lmpero, J. Kirschman, E. Cregg, E. Hachman. Front row. C. Grappe, L. Culver, E. McGillivray, B. Sweitzer, J. Lamoureaux, V. Brock, J. Garling, S. Galbraith, P. Sherin J. Bowhay, R. Howem, P. Wales. event! Qaeda gmac! Page thirty-eight Row Row Row Row ig!!! game! 4: D, Johnson, L. Eldred, T. Spreadborough, R. McDougle, L. Johnson. 3: R. Baker, R. Bruland, M. Impero, A. Craver, S. Ousdale, J. Krick, G. Sl. James, G. Jerns, C. Mills, S. Bakke, B. Sudduvh, J. Silves, G. Cook, J. Klander, D. Afhearn, N. Hoines, M. Harmony, R. McDougle, D. Gay, D. Adkinson. 2: P. Mezo, J. Schauman, L. Joudrey, D, Hamilton, L. Hanneman, M. Minge, L. Hilliard, D. Jenkins, H. Carbee, L. Sygifowicz, D. Blockley, S. Rofhenbuler, M. Bakke. l: D. Syre, C. McCollum, M. Donahue, A. Rauch, J. Rivord, F. Heycamp, D. Slreeler, M. Minge, K. Johnson, K. Sherin. Page llwirly-nine 02664 Firs? row, left to right: H. Jensen, D. Ethrige, C. Morse, F. Adams, K. Johnson, B. Suddefh, D. Christen, T. Mezo, C. Bronson J. Chase, A. Thompson, M. Thiesen, D. Hamilton. Second row: L. Anderson, B. Howell, P. Buckenmeyer, G. Hayes, J. Hues Ton, G. Kelley, C. St. James, L. Zaddock. Third row: L. Crape, T. Bay, J. Krumdiack, C. Timmons, J. Holdt, S. Jordan, L. Riv ord, C. Bass, T. Townley, V. Grappe. xD First row, left to right: D. Anderson, A. Allison, N. Turcoff, L. Burgess, J. Compton, R. Bakl-ce, H. Zender, M. Alex, C. Mc- Laughlin, W. Larson, L. Murray, L. Richner, D. Brown, P. Mezo, J. Kirschman. Second row: S. Clark, J. Giarde, J. Bowhay S. Richner, B. Olmstead, G. Jacobs, J. Thomson, J. Nyberg, J. Orr, C. Grappe, A. Spreadborough, V. Brock, H. Pefley, E Cregg, E. McGiIIivary, L. Linclstrom, Pianis1, V. Grappe Page forty Weapew Left to right: C. Bronson, Hannah, L. Anderson, Mary, T. Townley, Ramrnh On the night of December 22, 1953, the annual Christmas Vespers was held in the high school auditorium. The story of the three wise men seeking their way to tind the birthplace ot the Messiah was presented in dialogue. Background music was presented by combined Junior and Senior choruses. Left to right: L. Murray, Narrator, L. Richner, Isaiah the Prophet, J. Holdt, D. Christen, K. Johnson, Shepherds, G. Hayes, J. Chase, Women of Judea, T. Mezo, Man of Judea, A. Thompson, J. Hueston, P. Buckenmeyer, M. Thiesen, Women of Judea: W. Larson, C. McLaughlin, R. Bakke, Wise Meng D. Rathien, Roman. Page forty-one Page forty-two We - fam WIZARD OF OZ Left to right Tamera Townleye-"Dorothy" Shirley Ziegler-"Glenda" Arlene Boclrke-"Cowarclly Lion" Patience Wheeler-"Straw Man" J. Brown, S. Ziegler, G. Hillard, D. Jenkins - "Munchkins a nd Old Witch of The NorTh" Gary Tyler-"Tin Man" LeRoy Murray-Narrator W6 - Hmm Left to right: Lorna Anderson - "My Heart Stood Still" Veriean Grappe-Piano Solo Carolyn Putnam and Leo Zad- dock-"Moonlight Bay" Charles Bass, Dale Holmes, Jim Compton, Lee Burgess -"St, George and the Dragon" D. Hamilton, P. Buckenmeyer, T. Bay, J. Hueston, J. Krumdiak, H. Jensen, B. Suddeth, J. Chase, A. Thompson, M. Thie- sen "Totem Tom Tom" J. Holdt, L. Zacldock, R. Bakke, H. Stuart, F. Smith, W. Larson- Singing Cast Arlene Bodtke-"Totem Tom Tom" r,f- l XX. Page forty-three Page fourty-four Patience Wheeler Gordon Kelly, Gordon Kelly Patience Wheeler Lorna Anderson, Dale Holmes 5, .4 i K, 7 9 f! Clint McLaughlin Marlys Donahue Dale Holmes Lorna Anderson Dick Rathien Douglas Hendry Ross Allen Arlene Bodtke Lorene Pace Walter Larsen Raymond Bakke Tamara Townley Carolyn Putnam Patience Wheeler Judy Rivord Director , ,..., . ,..,. ,. Assistant Director ,. Accompanist ,,,,,,,,. Student Director .,,. .. wie get CAST Susan Rothenbuhler Myron Minge Dean Christen Peggy Buckenmeyer Charlene Joudrey Clint McLaughlin Gary Tyler Gordon Kelly Douglas Hendry Judie Hueston Marlene Theisen Jim Morgan Bernie Ryan Jim Buckenmeyer Ralph Williams Willie Lou Robertson Daisy Griffen Velna Bowen Arlene Bodtke Judy Rivord, Myron Minge, Susan 'Rothenbuhler Gordon Kelly, Dale Holmes, Gary Tyler, Dean Christen Standing: C. St. James, B. Sudduth, D. Hamilton, C. Jaudrey, J. Krumdiak, M. Alex, C. Morse, T. Melo, H. Zender, J. Quillen, S. Esthrage, H. Jensen, P. Buckenmeyer, M. Thiesen, C. Putman, T. Bay. Sitting: S. Jordan, B. Howell, H. Woods, L. Crepe, J. Hueston. 0406 If 03 CHORUS Henry Zender Thelma Bay Gordon Kelly Clint McLaughlin Peggy Buckenmeyer Tom Mezo Jean Chase Lorraine Crape Darlene Hamilton Beverly Howell Judie Hueston Harlene Jensen Charlene Joudrey Jeanette Krumdiak Frank Adams Melvin Alex Donald Brown Lee Burgess Jim Compton Stanley Ethridge Properties ..,,,,,,.., ,,,, Tickets, Publicity Wardrobe ,. , - Carroll Morse Jack Quillen Lorene Pace Carolyn Putnam Laurene Rivord Claudette St. James Ellen Straka Barbara Sudcluth Marlene Theisen Arla Belle Thompson Colleen Timmons Helen Woods Sheryl Jordan Tamara Townley Vance Bronson Esther Top, Velna Bowen Lorene Pace Walter Larson Patience Wheeler Arlene Bodtke Raymond Bakke Arlene Bodtke Patience Wheeler Raymond Bakke Ross Allen Page forty-five J wt gf I dence Za! SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Left to right: . Giarde S. Conger . . . L. Anderson .. . .. J. Bouma Vice Iey, .. Leavitt. Front ,Treasurer President Secretary President Back Row: A. Iias- art. D. Christen, I.. Munn, R. Minge, IJ. Knutzcu, L. Ehle. R. Erickson, L. Murray. II. Stuart. Front Row: IJ. I'eI'- K' H D ack. . Rathjen, D. Iicard. B. Decker. Buck Row: j. Comp- ton, R. Salisbury, K. M. Alex, V. Smith, D. Brown. Third Row: D. Scutw vick. B. ' Derrick. I.. MacDon- Leavitt, I.. alii. Secnml Row: l'. .loud- rey. E. Meyer, I.. I1 u g h e s. H. Hey- camp, E. Strotz, S. Ruchty, D. VVarcI, B. Olxustcad. R 0 w: W. Rhode, R. Kvzumuc, D. Mcfollum. SCIENCE CLUB This year the Science Club spon- sored many activities including en- tertainment tor the Student Body. Hobby Nights were held every Tuesday. A beaded screen was purchased for the Auditorium. It was financed by noon and eve- ning movies with some help from the Student Body. Trips were taken to the Srnelter at Tacoma and the Math-Science Day at the University of Washing- ton. A Math-Science Open House on April 7, was held as a result of these trips. On January 18, the General Motor Preview of Pro- gress was presented to the stu- dents. A swimming party was en- ioyed in the spring and the Science Club Picnic was held May 18. Officers of the club were John Bouma, President: Lorna Anderson, Secretaryg Dorothy Giarde, Treas- urerg and Miss Massie, Adviser. Back Row: XV. l.a1'sim. T. Sinnes, N. Capes, T. Nlezo, S. Congcr- Front Row: K. Gay, Hansen, B. Prendergast, F. Zobrist, D. Franmsco. llnck Ruw: ,l. Swan' son, S. ,lUl'KlIUl. C. lim-nsrm. M. Dustin. ll. llnwcll, N. Hoi- ncs. lt. Storm. If r u n t R u xv: D. Gizlrnlv. M. Zolzrist. L. Rivnrcl. C. Put- nam, ,l. Smith, C". Brown. Back Row: D. Jac- oby, F. A rl n m s, J. Hayes, J. Vaiuder- yacht. l'. Gunter, D. Van tl e r y :i c lt t. D. llenclry, AI, Itounm, I.. Zarlrlnrli. fi. Scott Sccunrl Row: ll Harri- ing, M. Fvkcty, C' Akers, V. Myers. K Vl'arncr, M, M a y hew. C. Timmons. Front Row: G. Goud- win. U. Mal:-ng, D Malcng, I., Amlerson, A. Hang. Page forty-seven Officers: Mr. Bronson, Adviserp B. Howell, Secretary-Treasurer' H. Stuart, President There are sixty members this year in the Ski Club, ranging from seventh grade Through twelfth which is the largest membership ever had under the leadership of Mr. Bronson. For raising funds the club collected seven and a half tons of scrap paper and the money was used to carry on club activities as well as finance a ski bus to Mt. Baker. Approximately twenty-five students have taken ski lessons from the Junior Chamber of Commerce Ski School. Other activities of the club were a skat- ing party, the showing of a ski film, and de- signing a suitable club emblem. L. Rivord, B. Howell R. Tuck, J. Barter G. Denny, C. Bronscn, J. Tuck, J. Blickenstaff, R. Kvamme, A. Larson B. Howell, K. Kvamme, T. Gay, J. Barter, D. Smith, J. Morgan, E. Hansen. Forestry, wildlife and gamefish are three subiects that were stud- ied this year in conservation. The task of hatching 20,000 sal- mon was one of the difficult ac- complishments made by the class. On the newly acquired farm they built 35 shelters for wood ducks. Another improvement on this land was a dog-proof fence around the game area. Birds were a big item this year as the students raised preasants and planted a feed plot for up- land game. "OUTDOOR SESSIONS" K. Gates, L. Halldorson Row l: D. Davis, N. Nienaber, S. Ethridge, P. Mitchel, R. Smart, D. Calvin, S. Peck. Pictures by Mr. Vance Bronson, Instructor Freshman class being instructed on the fish hatchery. ln foreground: E. Leavitt, K. Gates, N. Jones, S. Jones, E. Stamey, S. Peck, D. Cal- vin, .l. Tuck, J. Lawson, P. Bucken- meyre. Qnderzaaldcwz D. Calvin, K. Verkist, S. Peck E. Stamey in foreground Page forty-nine Page fifvy F. F. A. 5 1 , Q 1 Reading clown. from loft tn right-Row l: R, XN'illi:m1s. if VVwrkmau, R. Klander. D, NL-cfllmm. D Schenck. li. Ryan, R. l.rmvvl:x-cv. D. Ruff. H, I'arlsm1. R, l.itilcfi4'l1l, AI. Zcurlvr. l'. Mitclwl. Row 2: ,l Henning, R. Allen. R. Ming:-, R. Kvamune. B. flhasr. Nl. Kraft. l,. l,iuclStrrvm. R. LaVcillc'. K. Kvammr ,l. Mezo, T. Ilnger. Il. Stvaka. B. Burpee. Row 3: D. Fresia. 0. NCCflll3'I11. L. Richncr. D. McCollum l. Stuart. 0. Sinnes. Raw 4: J. VVilliams, S. Iithriflgc. I... Ehle, F. Quimby. B. Blockley. G. Nelson. Row S . Gates, M. Coffell, lf. Zohrist, D. X'anderyacht. D. Marr, L. Nicnalwcr. Rnw 6: D. ja-cohy, A. Johanson Rhode, I.. Verkist. l.. Hallrlorson, D. Betts. Row 7: T. Cmnptrm, I.. 'l'l1rm1psnn. B. Varang. R.. Decker sw' E. johnson. J. Ruchty. Row 8: G. Herllu-rg. U. Barr. D. Jacoby. R. Nvcclham. B. Harding, D. Dougan J. Blickenstaff. R. Turcrmtt, I.. Rauch, J. Mcmrcr, D. Hanneman, F. Straka, R. Nelson. Row 9: D. Cooper D. Braithwalite. J. Morgan, li. Maleug, F. Russell, E. Maleng, R. Hnwhay, R. Hockett, G. Sevier R. Smart, P. Butler, J. Harkness. F. F. A. Winning a "GOLD EMBLEM AWARD" in the National Chapter Contest provided the stimulus for another "banner year" of F.F.A. activities. The award was announced in September and with it came a trip to the national convention for our adviser where he was awarded the degree of Honorary American Farmer. Nlt. Baker is the fourth chapter in the state to ever win a Gold Emblem Award. Larry Richner, who has capably and efficiently served as State F.F.A. president, led our team to another win-Parliamentary Pro- cedure Contest at the state convention this spring. This was the second win in three years and Mt. Baker became the first chapter to ever win the contest more than once. A widely varied but well balanced activity program was carried on throughout the year in an attempt "To have a iob for every member and have every member on the job." Activities which drew malor attention were: sending Beacons and newsletters to former students in the armed forces, development of an ever expanding supervised farming program, entering various judging contests, participat- ing in Northwest Washington Fair and Washington Junior Poultry Show, presenting of programs throughout district for various or- ganizations, passing of S7000 mark with thrift bank, giving of Christmas baskets to needy families, rewarding girls who served at banquet with dinner and all-school dance, annual Open House, New Year's Eve Party, publishing of "Spreader" each quarter, public speaking with Kim Maleng winning district contest, basketball, rifle club, swimming parties, skating party, fishing trips to British Columbia and Lake Tomyhoy, posting of quarterly scholarships and citizenship ladders and continuing of all cooperative projects. Ross Allen, Duane Jacoby, Roger Kvamme, Lane Ehle and Duane Vanderyacht were awarded the State Farmer degree to raise our total to forty-six to lead all chapters in the state. Robert Pettigrew presented the chapter with a registered Jersey calf which was given to Charles Workman. John Blickenstaff as a winner of the annual Jersey Cattle Club was presented with a registered calf by the State Jersey Club. Page fifty-one I gl I POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM Left to right: L. Verkist, R. Minge, R. Needham, D. Vander Yacht, D. Jacoby, F. Zobrist, W. Rhode, L. Ehle, L. Richner PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE TEAM Left to right: R. Allen, J. Moore, T. Unger, J. Morgan, R. Minge, L. Ehle, R. Kvamme, W. Rhode, L. Richner, F. Zobrist, D. Jacoby, K. Maleng, G. Sevier, R. Hockett, D. Fresia, E. Maleng. RIFLE CLUB Standing, left to right: J. Moore, D. Hanneman, D. Rutt, L. Lindstrom, J. Morgan, R. Needham, F. Zobrist Kneeling, left to right: D. Needham, T. Unger, E. Johnson, K. Kvamme, J. Mezo, R. Kvamme, D. Jacoby, B. Ryan BASKETBALL TEAM Standing, left to right: B. Ryan, K. Maleng, R. Needham, J. Moore, P. Butler, J. Morgan, D. Fresia, C. Workman, F. Zobrist, R. Minge, W, Rhode, M. Kraft, R. Kvamme, J. Mezo, B. Klander, R. Hockett, D. Rutt, D. Jacoby, G. Sevier Kneeling: D. Needham, R. Jacoby, O. Needham, K. Gates, J. Henning, E. Maleng, R. Allen, K. Kvamme, J. Williams, T. Unger, J. Ruchty, J. Williams, A. Johanson i 'l'w1-:ity-fiftli anniversary of thc iiatiulml rmrgauizalimi nl' I".l'.A. was rvlis:-v'x'crl in thc prfvgrain :mil rlcvrwatiuiis at tliv annual Parent and Son llanquct hc-lil hy thc Mount liakvr Fliaptci' Sc-pta-iulu-r 2.5. Two liuinlrcil viglitywnixe pnumls uf lwzirlvccucil silvcr salmon, preparcfl by Mr. Ziegler anvl ilu: I7.F.A. boys was svrverl as thc main item fit' a crmiplt-to 1illllK'1' lin-11:ii'cfl :mil serv!-fl lvy Miss Trip. home economics instructor, and the F.lI.A. girls. Above arc banquet scenes including two posed pictures-top left: l'.H.A. girls who scrvcnl mul worked in the kitchen, and fourth picture down on left shows F.F.A. president and honored guests. Page fifty-three .74 14. F.H.A. is a national organization, established at Mount Baker High School in 1947. There are now one hundred and one members in the chapter, with Miss Esther Top as adviser. Formal initiation was held in the school cafeteria, October 27, with thirty-five freshmen girls entering the chapter. Mothers and friends attended and were served refreshments. In September, twenty-two girls enjoyed a trip to Edmonds where they attended work shops, movies and a general assembly. Mrs. G. J. Townley and Mrs. W. H. Kelley were elected Chapter Mothers, and Mrs Lutz, last year's adviser, as an Honorary Member. Back Row: P. St. James, B. Kelley, J. Warner, C. Joudrey, P. Gunter, H. Hoines, J. Swanson, A. Haug, K. Warner, A. Larson, S. McCollum, J. Vanderyacht, M. Crape, M. Dustin, M. Feckety, C. Myers. Front Row: B. Howell, M. Zobrist, C. Brown, D. Giarde, C. Denson, T. Townley, A. Thompson, S. Jordan, C. Timmons, L. Rivord. Back Row: C. Putnam, J. Chase, E. Meyer, P. A. Johnson, L. Hughes, E. Straka, V. Grappe, W. Blockley, N. Klander, J. Phillips, M. Thiesen, P. Beuzenberg. Front Row: D. Hamilton, M. King, A. Bodtl-ce, D. Smith, L. Anderson, D. Maleng, S. Bailey, S. Ziegler. Page fifty-four 3 1 ' kvjr. ,,,..Q2.31,gLfff,,Q. fri X Row l: B. Kelley, M. Pefley, L. Lee, J. Vanderyacht, G. Craver, J. Lawson, A. Howell, D. Cregg, M. Chase. Row 2: G. Denny, S. Jordan, P. Wheeler, S. Nyhus, D Barter, J. Starkovich, C. Miller, M. Nims. F. H. A. OFFICERS Standing, left to right: L. Hughes, Parliamentarian, A. Thompson, Vice Presi- dent, L. Gay, National Program Chairman, S. Bailey, Secretary, M. Murray, Song Leader, P. Beuzenberg, State Program Chairman, M. Fekety, Historian. Sitting, left to right: A. Bodtke, Treasurer, B. Kelley, Reporter, N. Klander, President. Row I: G. Hayes, L. Gay, P. Spreadborough, J. Barter, M. Kirschman, J. Scutvick, C. St. James, M. Kramer, N. Zieg- ler, C. Nyhus, A. Turcott, H. Dvorachek. Row 2: H. Woods, L. Crape, P. Alex, C. DeVisscher, C. Mellott, T. Bay. Row 3: J. Hueston, B. Missean, M. Johnson, M. Fullner, B Sudduth, A. Dixon, C. Moors, K. Zender, M. Murray, J Copes. Page fifty-five 0:67414 of Zahn Back Row, standing, left to right: R. Nelson, T. Compton, D. Jacoby, W, Rhode, L. Richner, J. Hayes, J. Bouma, F. Zcbrist, C. Quimby, G. Sevier, T. Unger, Mr. Winsor, Adviser. Front Row, sitting, left to right: D. Dougan, D. Vanderyacht, H. Cochran, R. LeVeille, R. Kvamme, B. Harding, B. Ryan. Knights of Baker are a group of twenty boys who served the school at all games, selling and taking tickets and keeping general order on the side-lines. Another service is that of assisting in fire drills and other safety iobs. Page titty-six eEZaZ Promoting good sportsmanship and school spirit throughout the student body, is the Pep Club's purpose. It is composed of thirty-two members, who have met certain scholastic standards and are voted in by the members. The club is now working to pay for the new pep club sweaters which were purchased last year. A member has to show good sportsmanship, be enthusiastic and attend all games unless she has a good reason for missing one. The Pep Club assists with the Girls' Letter Club in putting on a banquet for the boys' Letter Club at the end ofthe school year. Brick Row: A, Bofltkc. H. Dvnraclicli. D. Nlalcng, li. Dc-nsun. E. M0yv1'. N. Ziegler, S. Ziegler, C. Pntnani, K. Gay. Fi-mit Row: A. Haug. T. Tuwnley, D. Giarclc, M. Fekety. ,l. Vanderyacltt, M. Kramer, D. Smith. Back Row: S. jurclan, li. Z1-ml0t'. M. Murray, M. Dustin, lt. Kelley, l.. Hughes. V. Grappe. Front Row: A. Tliompsim. C. Brown, S. McCollum, C. Moore, A. Dixon, L. Gay, E. Ilenseu. Zfadefz Top Picture, Back Row, left to right: L. Crape, H. Woods, C. Mellott, M. Johnson, K. Zender, B. Missian, E. Failor, Mrs. Carver, Co-Adviser. Front Row: D. Ward, B. Olmstead, C. Phillips, C. St. James, B. Kelley, J. Chase. Bottom Picture, Back Row, left to right: S. Jordan, M. King, B. Howell, P. Beuzenberg, A. Haug, S. Ziegler, Mrs. Adams, Co-Adviser. Front Row: M. Teisen, E. Meyer, C. Joudrey, M. Crape, T. Sinnes, S. Bailey. Much credit should be given to the Usher Club and their adviser, Mrs. Anita Adams and co-adviser Mrs. Marie Carver. These girls serve at all major public pro- grams at the high school. A new type of uniform suited to the club's needs was under consideration. Pep Club Otticers, left to right: Shirley Ziegler, Presi- dent, Eleanor Hansen, Vice President, Miss Mclnnes, Girls' Club Officers, left to right: Mrs. Sutton, Adviser, Adviser, Arley Haug, Secretary, Delesta Smith, Treas- Clara Jean Phillips, President, Donna Maleng, Vice urer. President, not in picture, Mary Ann Sanford, Secretary. Page fifty-seven ' 'Jam lad Row 1: A. Bmllkc AI. King. A. johnson C. Putnam. D. Smith Ron 2: Ii. Meyer, I.. .-Xnclcrsnn, S. Zicg ler, C. Pllillips, li Strulm. Nl. Tliicsen IV. Illimcklvy. Dunn: I.. Rivnr brist. Row 2: P. Gunter, S Xlcl'ollum Ii. Kelley. J. sun. D. Olinsteacl, yacht. Swan VVzl1'rl. I3 ,l. Yanilci' . l.:n'son. S . Giartlc. 'I' Il. ,lenscn If Myers IC. Strntz M. Dustin, N lloincs. A XVZIYIICF. I C. Timmu Row .iz A slnrilzul, D Townley. li, Storm. S. Rnchty. HS. The officers, President, Carolyn Putnam, Vice President, Laura Hughes, and Secretary, Anna Johnson, plus two other club members made up the council which was held responsible for the standards in earning letters. V Llrappe. N. lilander Blaln-ng. li liay. Iil llzinsen. l l Row I: A. 'l'lminpsun, NI. lfvkety. Nl. Vrapvl L. lirrnvn. ll. llowf-ll ml. NI. lnl , II. Clmscil . Ilaug, K, '. ,l,0l'ltll'f'j'N gage' .letters 65445 4 ltirw li Ii. lxelluy, Il. Znhrist. ll. Leavitt, D. McCollum. j. Nncc, XV. Rllncle. Row 2: IJ. Scutviclc. V. Smith. Al. Blickcnstaff. l.. liurgc-ss. D. llolmes. ray: Vice-liresirlcnt. Lee Burgess: Sev1'etai'y Anil 'l'reasurc1', Larry Rich- norg Adviser. Hr. Tis- ilale, Page fifty-eight 4 I.. Ehlr. I.. Murrziy, R. i Iiriclcsnn. ,l. COITIIIIOII, ,l. llziyes. R. Joyce. Knw l: B. Ryan, R. Ilwwllary, R. Allen, R. Chase. ll. Stuart, VV. Larson. Row J: I.. Valvin, R. Rainey. IJ. Brown, U. 1 llendry. F. Ramsmlvn. G. l Tvler. lf. Smith. Officers President. Lo Ray Blur- 1 1 "!z'gf?-77 YELL AND SONG STAFF-Upper lefi: T. Bayp Upper right: D. Malengp Center: T. Townley, M. Murrayp Lower left: L. Anderson: Lower right: K. Zender Page fifty-nine 74416466 'zgaaketlczll gawk!! -'fmak 1953 TROPHY" Picture by V. Bronson Page sixiy-one ?aa1!5aZ6' A R. Emcxsom Qatta-W' "Most Valuable mice- ' Player in County" I U. iw xx xsavtci' GMU' . uw . xielml U. . Cnutw' f LW S029 . Mmm xx Ks. Y, 509. . Soxvx xx. 'ww' G. Xu xww . with X" Ut L. BURGESS gwan' "Inspirational earns., . Winner" Mt "GRlDIRON GREATS" - SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL On the first day of turnout, 41 boys showed up for practice. Also, on the last day of turnout, 41 l30Y5 Wefe still on the roster. This shows the typical good spirit the team had throughout this year. Mount Baker played Blaine in the last game of the Jamboree, which was Baker's game on defense I3-7. All of the scores came when alert ends literally picked up touchdowns. asmm- X" 3 set' X Xx. tat! eb On September 25, the Mountaineers downed a scrappy Meridian team 41-O. Baker got out to a slow Sfaff with only I3 points at the half, but they pulled ahead to a more comfortable lead, and went on to win. A wet and muddy Capilano Stadium, October 2, was Baker's only obstacle. Within two minutes Baker's rugged eleven racked up I9 points. Half time score was 22.6. After two more strong offensive quarters the game ended with a final score of 53-I3. Left to right: D. Holmes, J. Nace, J. Compton ROBERT TISDALE Head Coach Page sixty-two R11 alfke aa 5435 9 . ' I' . L-H Ee,- f U . ' Svuf, It .-1111.1 lla 14. L MURRAY Team Captain ng' R. 1.-I.. ' I - . Llwnl, mlgc 1, 1,5 If IIIQQQY Q - s ' lf, B " f V 1 ou,l1.7gV, 1 A 1. ycnder ' J. 13 2 licke " .. ns!-,iff B L. EHLE "Mr. Hustle" use 7.4 y , - ,K ' f0111ptOII M i 1 r I ., D er,-,bk ' l C Rams den K October 9, the Mountaineers played a strong offensive and defensive game against a much weaker Nooksack squad. Late in the game Nooksack managed to squeak through for one touchdown, and made the conversion, A down- hearted Pioneer team left the field managing to score only 7 points, to the Mountaineers 52 points. It proved to be Baker's day with Blaine as the score, 33-O, indicated. A small, but speedy, Lynden Lion team irritated the burly Baker eleven, to deliver a sound trouncing upon the Lions. Lynden took home a 46-13 defeat. With Ferndale's and Mount Baker's records both being light." This was the game for which both the Eagles and cinch the Whatcom County Football Championship. Mount "A coach is cnly as good as his players, and a player the same, their game was termed a "matchmaker's de- Mountaineers had been waiting. The game that would Baker came through with the coveted title. is only as GOOD as his COACH." Left to right: F. Zobrist, G. Kelly, B. Leavitt DUANE BERENTSEN Assistant Coach Page sixty-three 'gaadezfdall Back row: J. Linde, J. Nace, D. Scufvick, R. Turcotf, W. Larson, D.Vander Yacht. From row: V. Smith, R. Erickson, L. Murray, D. Rathjen, L. Zaddock. BASKETBALL STATISTICS G.P. Player Points Ave. Ron Erickson .,.,, ....,,. 2 62 14.2 Denny Scufvick ....., .,,,,,. 1 94 10.5 LeRoy Murray .. .,.,. .....,. 1 10 6.3 Val SmiTh ..,.. ., ,...,,. 89 5.4 Dick Raihjen ,,,, .,.,,. 6 4 4.1 R. Erickson D. Vander Yacht G.P. Player Poinfs Walt Larson . ,.,, 58 John Linde c ,.....,..,.., ..... 2 3 Jim Nace ..... .....c,..... ...,. 1 1 Duane Vander L. Murray Yacht .,..,, , .,., 5 D. Scutvick Ave. 3.3 1.8 2.4 io Page sixty-four Z 6615466 Back row: L. Rauch, F. Smith, J. Quillan, G. Tyler, L. Kuipers. Front row J Holdt R Mullens R Bowhay SENIOR HIGH BASKETBALL An almost equally matched county league left Mount Baker near the cellar. From the first game to the last the Mountaineers played up to their ability. They never stopped hustling once, playing overtime and close scores. Next year, they may go all the way. Mount Mount Mount AAount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker V. Smith D. Rathien W. Larson J NSCB gcwefail 'WW' Left To right: R. Mullen, B. Afhern, L. Murray, J. Nace, D. Scutvicla, R. Erickson, G. Tyler, L. Rauch, J. Holdt, Mr. Berenfson Left to right: G. Bakke, D. Rafhien, J. Nims, D. Christian, J. Linde, J. Morgan, C. Quimby, H. Zender SCHEDULE Mount Vernon af Baker Lynden at Baker Blaine at Baker Meridian af Baker Baker at Ferndale Baker at Nooksack Seclro-Woolley aT Baker Baker aT Sedro-Wooley R. Erickson D. Scuivick L. Murray J. New Page sixty-six mad Back row: C. McLaughlin, V. Smith, J. Hayes, L. Sutton, H. Stuart, J. Quillen, C, Rarnsden, D. Dougan, D. Brown, W. Larson, F. Smith, D. Francisco, R. Minge. Front row: T. Unger, J. Undeen, B. Henifin, K. Kvamme, R. Joyce, B. Chase, G. Sevier, M. Kraft, J. Bouma. April ..,,, ,Meet at Ferndale April 29,..,,.., ,,,, - Meet at Ferndale April 8 .,.,, ...., , ...Blaine at Baker May ,... Meet at Ferndale April i4 . .... . .,,, Ferndale at Baker May I3 .,..,.. County Track Meet April 2l...... ...... . .... .. Blaine at Baker May 22 ., ..,,,,,,... ., District Track Meet May 29 . , , , . . State Track Meet F. Smith J. Guillen W. Larson Page sixty-seven mica 75694 ?aaz'5czZZ- Zowdetfczif Back row: R. Niegemann, Coach, D. Braithwaite, W. Cooper, T. Compton, L. Halldorson, G. Leavitt, D. Hitchcock, T. Tidmarsh, J. Zender, R. Smart, A. Anderson, R. Nelson, H. Gudde, G. Hedberg, S. Gordon, J. Fuller, Mgr., D. Jacoby, Mgr. Front row: J. Moore, Mgr.g J. Solberg, D. Cooper, D. Johnson, C. Workman, L. Thompson, F. Straka, R. Howem, D. Marr, E. Johnson, J. Stuart, B. Burpee, D. Betts. JUNIOH HIGH FOOTBALL Mount Baker Junior High ended the season with a perfect record, which means the Cougars won the County Championship. Mr. Tisdale will be looking forward to having these boys cn his squad next fall. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCHEDULE-1953-54 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Coach Bob Tisdale's Cougars won the East Side Champion- ship, but lost out to a strong Whatcom team, in a play-off for the county championship. Their only defeat came at the hands of Whatcom. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCHEDULE-I953-1954 Mount Baker ......... ................... I 3 Ferndale ....,,,............... ...,,.. 7 Mount Baker ....... ........ 2 O Nooksack .,,,.. .....,. O Mount Baker ........ ........, 4 I Meridian ..... ,.'I3 Mount Baker ........ ......... 3 3 Lynden .,,..,..... ....... 0 Mount Baker ....... ......... 'I 2 Fairhaven ,.......... ....... O Mount Baker ..... . ,..... 26 Sedro-Woolley ,,.... , O Mount Baker Nooksack Mount Baker Meridian Mount Baker Lynden . Mount Baker Nooksack Mount Baker ...... ...... L ynclen Mount Baker Whatcom Mount Baker Whatcom Mount Baker Whatcom Back row: B. Blockley, L. Halldorson, G. Hedberg, A. Anderson, T. Tidmarsh, D. Braithwaite, J. Zender, R. Smart, T. Compton D Htch cock. Front row: G. Knaus, R. Clark, G. Leavitt, D. Beard, P. Impero, L. Larson, J. Brown. Page sixty-eight anim 71694 Zaczcefafl - 7mc6 Row I: R. Nelson, G. Wickwire, D. Marr, M. Monaghan, B. Blockley, J. Brown, D. Butcher, J. Johnson, G. Knaus. Row 2: G. Espeland, D. Beard, R. Gay, T. Tidmarch, R, Smart, J. Zender, R. Nelson, K. Gates, S. Gordon, H. Straka, D. Morgan, A. Johanson, P. Rathien, T. Watson. JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL SCHEDULE JUNIOR HIGH TRACK MEET Lynden at Baker Meridian at Baker Nooksack at Baker Baker at Lynden Baker at Meridian April 28-Meet at Ferndale May 5- Lynden at Mount Baker May I4-Meet at Ferndale May 20-County Track Meet at Ferndale May 27-District Track Meet at W.W.C.E. L. Larson, L. Hoffman, L. Halldorson, J. Stuart, T. Compton, D. Braithwaite, G. Herberg, R. Griffith, B. Pettigrew, J. Minge Page sixty-nine Q One of ihe many yells from The Baker section Top: Mountaineers offense. Boffom: Ross Allen runs interference for Salisbury Page seventy cnt new Baker rooters at Blaine game Top left: Denny Scurvick snags a Ron Erickson aerial. Top cenTer: Holmes picks up yardage. Top right: Blocking. Bottom: Larson, foreground, does an excellent job of downfield blocking for Holmes, cenfer. l Page seventy-one gaakezffafi ation Above: Coach Duane Berentson confers with the team. Lower: a foul that won a game. Page seventy-two i ting the rebound J. Linde iumps fo The ball. Mountaineers ge?- f ' 4725. "Girls in flight!" L. Pace at left stands in "awe!" M. Kirschman at extreme right seems pleased-but-where is the ball? Ball in "eclipse"! Teams ready for ac- tion-B. Carr, C. Ny- hus stands ready. B. Orr in calm amuse- ment. Eager hands . . . and eager faces! Now it's systematic exercise for this ad- vanced group. Peggy St. James instructs- W. Blockley, C. Jod- ry, E. Strotz, M. Thiesen, E. Straka, J. Warner, B. Howell. Page seventy-three n74a4e 20 a ewan BUS DRIVERS CAFETERIA STAFF J. Holdt, W. Ristine, H. Switzer, E. Hunt, C. Hagen, L. Row iz A. Bodtke, A. Johnson, N. Boze, N. Copes Stone, T. Ryan. L. Burgess. Row 2: J. Bouma, A. Athearn, G. Kelley J. Quillen, J. Joudrey. OFFICE STAFF CUSTONAN Mrs. Thomas, secretary, L. Anderson, M. King, D. Maleng, C. Phillips, Mr. J. Solvick J. Smith, K. Gay, M. Feckety, P. Beuzenberg, C. Putnam, V. Grappe. Page seventy-four 0 hae Win awe M CAFETERIA STAFF CAFETERIA Row i: K. Gay, D. Holmes, P. Gunter, E. Strutz, B. Olm- Mrs. Ristine, Mrs. Stuart, Miss Mclnnes, Manager. stead, D. Ward. Row 2: R. Joyce, L. Calvin, L. Murray, R. Erickson, J. Linde. 3 LIBRARY STAFF J. Copes, B. Missean, A. Dixon, B. Suddutlw, C. Denson, C. Myers, E. Failer, M. King, D. Maleng, D. Hamil- ton, .l. Warner, S. Ziegler, M. Thiesen, E. Straka, A. Basart, Mrs. Bowen. Page seventy-five This year The Thirty members ot Mr. Bronson's photography class worked three days a week in The Science laboratory developing, printing, and enlarging pictures. The other two days were spent in the classroom studying text books, and collecting pictures. Special attention was given to notebooks, which each student was required to keep. In these were all types of pictures and photos of equipment, Mr. Bronson's careful eyes helped the students with their enlarging, Tinting, toning and mounting ot photos for exhibition work. Several pieces of equipment were made tor use in the laboratory and it was each student's responsibility to learn how to handle all types of machines and material. Page seventy-six Stage one D. Smith, T. Sinnes, P. St. James, set artists for "Annie Get Your Gun." STAGE "CREW" L. Burgess, F. Adams, C. Morse, J. Compton, "relaxing a moment." , Seated: D. Smith, D. Carins, B. Orr, T. Sinnes, P. St. James. Standing: M. Zobrist, G. Kelly, S. Ziegler-set artists for '53 "Hi Jinksf' S. Ziegler studying her stage poster of "Annie Oakley." Page seventy-seven Page seventy-eight Zdwafzaam 40 4 Mr. Bowman, smilingly, watches his sopho- mores deep in study. In foreground is R. Klarzder and we suspect the girl across the aisle is B. Orr. Hard at work in the Library-Mrs. Bowen, J. Starkovich, J. Zender, R. Jacoby in the background. What's cooking? J. Thomson, D. Ander- son, N. Giarde. Future scientistseB. Prendergast, D. Fran- cisco, J. Bouma. S. Bailey, D. Holmes, L. Murray-the best dishwashers in the cafeteria. u l l l l l 4 1 i i 1 l l 1 F.H.A. group that missed photographer the first time. Back row: J. Tuck, M. Kuipers, N. Han- neman, E. Webber, J. Dickman, C. Bron- son, S. Galbraith. Front row: K. Verkist, A. Ryan, J. Hackett, P. Shoemaker, S. Peck, H. Denson, D. Cooper. An exciting game. D. Rathien and J. Linde "brooding," while S. McCollum, N. Hoines, J. Vanderyacht and C. Nyhus sing loudly. New students who are much impressed with Baker. M. Griffith, A. Undeen, and M. Undeen. March of Dimes committee that supported Mount Baker in reaching their quota: E. Wellenbrock, S. Clark, J. Blickenstaff, P. Butler, R. Flotre, C. Putnam, and C. Bass. Page seventy-nine 1. Charles Griffith, Jon Undean-new stu- dents second semester. Good naturedly stop art work and pose. 2. Tamara Towniey always "admires newish cars." 3. Dale Holmes or Jerry Lewis? Page eighty t The Band and Miss Robertson getting 8. Clarice Nyhus'-smile perty! ready for action. Q . ,, . H 1- -f -, -, Lorraine Crape, Pholtogemc. H S. in a fas' game of ping pn, Ar!ey and Arlene-"Kittens in the snow. Bev H Marge K Lorene P and Peggy g. Miss Robertson and Mrs. Griffen pose IO. and il. "Locker TroubIe." after their last show fabout forty in the last ten yearsi. Walt L. and Kay G. in a "pensive mood." l'ictm'v l. li. Kelly, ,l. Vlmm-, 'll 'l'mx'nll-y. A, 'l'l1nmps1m. Nl. Zulxrist. l'. Sl. -l?lllll'S. S. blurclan-"Nlmmmin Girls." 2. A. Tlmfnnpsun--"Sn1ilvs." 3. j. llayes-"Slm:lmvs," -8. J. llartcr. V. Dc- Yissclu-rA"llol Ru:lrlm'sl" S. llnml at live-rsmmb-"Hlowi11g ll:u'1l?" 6. IJ. XY:11'rl-"'lIu-p 111 Tll0llgl'll.U 7. J. Scutvick. l.. Murray-"MuflsIyP" H. J, Naxos-f"I'm,,,3?" 0, ll, NY:u'1l. ll. flll1lSll'El1l+HxVZ1lCll thc lli1'ulicf" Ill. H. SmlzluthY"Ain't Shu Sweet?" ll. H. Kelly-"GQ-I it clean!" 1.2. G. Sl. llzuncs. C. St. -lZ1lllL'S'-ullllll, l,:m1lvs." I3 .A. -lOllllS0ll+USC!1lUT Sum0tl1iv." 14. J. Nunamal-cur, T. '1'0wnlcyP- "Summer Romance." 15. IJ, llolxm-sa-"Wlmt n Balm-E" 16. Il. Kellyvukezmly fm' anything," 17. S. llalvcrsun. I-, llalvvrson-"Gaing someplace?" 18, C. Quimby-"Too young." 19. M. Zohrist-"What a pose!" 20. D. Needham, VV. Beebc, K. Kvammc-"Mud!" 21. M. Fulner-J'Betty Grimble?" I7 " --. M, King-"Posing? Page eighty-one CLARA JEAN PHILLIPS Valedictorian F.H.A. Usher Club Torch Honor Honor Society Secretary I.etter Club Science Club Evergreen Girls' State Girls' Club President "F.F.A. Sweetheart" VERJEAN GRAPPE Co-Salutatorian A.S.B. Treasurer Secretary of Honor Society emu Elena ,4 ' ' JOHN BOUMA DONNA MALENG Chapter Farmer Degree State Farmer Degree Honor Society President Torch Honor Citizenship Committee Senior Class Treasurer MARJORIE KING Torch Honor Beacon Co-Editor Usher Club Secretary F.H.A. Song Leader Letter Club Hi Jinks LAN E EHLE Letter Club Daughters of the American Revolu- tion Citizen Secretary-Treasurer of Girls' F.H.A. Letter Club Treasurer Pep Club Torch Honor Hi Jinks Princess Science Club Secretary LORNA ANDERSON Co-Salutatorian Beacon Co-Editor Science Club Secretary Yell Staff Torch Honor Letter Club Club Senior Class Vice President A.S.B. Parliamentarian Ways and Means Committee Hi Jinks Prince Science Club F.F.A. Treasurer Business Manager of Beacon Parliamentary Procedure Team KATHRINE GAY A.S.B. Business Manager Torch Honor Letter Club Pep Club Science Club Ski Club F.H.A. Student Leaders' Conference University of Washington Chariman of Citizenship Committee F.H.A. Regional Songleader Vespers Hi Jinks "Desert Song" "Annie Get Your Gun" "Oh, Susanna" SHIRLEY ZIEGLER Annual Editor Pep Club President Usher Club F.H.A. Science Club Letter Club Chairman of Constitution Committee F.F.A. Sweetheart Pacific Slope Annual Conference DENNY MCCOLLUM F.F.A. Letter Club Science Club Page eighty-two Annual Staff LLOYD SUTTON Letter Club Vespers Constitution Committee "Annie Get Your Gun" DUANE VANDER YACHT Letter Club F.F.A. Knights of Baker Science Club Treasurer of Knights of Baker BASIL VARANG F.F.A. Science Club LEON VERKIST F.F.A. Science Club JOAN WARNER Science Club F.H.A. Hi Jinks BI F.H.A. Song Staff Letter Club Girls' Club Vice President Pep Club Ski Club Science Club ELEANOR MEYER Pep Club Usher Club Vice President Letter Club Torch Honor Beacon Staff F.H.A. Science Club CAROLYN PUTNAM Pep Club Girls' Letter Club President F.H.A. Chairman of Program Committee Science Club "Desert Song" "Annie Get Your Gun" ' Hi-Jinks LARRY RICHNER A.S.B. President Knights of Baker Letter Club Secretary Torch Hoonr Star State Farmer Science Club Band Manager Stage Manager Parliamentary Procedure Team ELEANOR HANSEN Torch Honor Pep Club Vice President Letter Club Secretary Science Club Ski Club F.H.A. DELESTA SMITH Student Body Secretary Torch Honor Letter Club F.H.A. Science Club Annual Staff "Desert Song" National Scholastic Art Awards Pep Club Treasurer National Associated Student Cou cil Convention Ski Club I1 FRED ZOBRIST A.S.B. Vice President Knights of Baker Letter Club Torch Honor Science Club Boys' State F.F.A. Secretary Parliamentary Procedure Team Public Speaking-County and District ROBERT DECKER Science Club F.F.A. NORMA COPES F.H.A. Science Club Hi Jinks HARRY COCHRAN Knights of Baker Hi Jinks DEAN CHRISTEN Science Club "Desert Song" "Annie Get Your Gun" Vespers LEE BURGESS Letter Club Inpirational Award in Football Science Club Hi Jinks PEGGY BUCKENMEYER F.H.A. Hi Jinks THOMAS MEZO Letter Club F.F.A. "Desert Song" Science Club "Annie Get Your Gun" LE ROY MURRAY Letter Club President Senior Class President Hi Jinks Prince Science Club Inspirational Football Award F.F.A. Budget Committee Beacon Staff Vespers JAMES NACE Letter Club Science Club mm 61444 ,-fazafazaea CHARLES QUIMBY F.F.A. Knights of Baker TlLLlE SINNES Science Club Annual Circulation Manager National School Art Awards, 4 years Torch Honor Hi Jinks Queen ELLEN STRAKA F.H,A. Letter Club "Annie Get Your Gun" Hi Jinks Vespers MARLENE THEISEN F.H.A. Secretary Usher Club Letter Club Hi Jinks Vespers "Annie Get Your Gun" ANNA JOHNSON Torch Honor Letter Club Secretary-Treasurer Usher Club President Science Club F.H.A. Pep Club Annual Staff RONALD ERICKSON Letter Club Science Club Inspirational Award in Basketball King of Hi Jinks Awarded "Most Valuable Football Player in the County" DALE S. HOLMES Letter Club Science Club Annual Advertising Manager Hi Jinks "Annie Get Your Gun" Pacific Slope Annual Conference DARLENE HAMILTON Usher Club Science Club F.H.A. "Annie Get Your Gun" LAURA HUGHES Science Club Pep Club Letter Club Vice President F.H.A. Parliamentarian Hi Jinks GORDON KELLY Letter Club Science Club Hi Jinks "Annie Get Your Gun" NONA KLANDER F.H.A. President Letter Club Chairman of Budget Committee Honor Society DONALD KNUTSEN Knights of Baker Entered Mount Baker Sept. 1953 BENNY BARR F.F.A. Science Club DEAN FRANCISCO Science Club Boys' Letter Club Hi Jinks NANCY BOSE Band ARLENE BODTKE "Desert Song" "Annie Get Your Gun" Letter Club F.H.A. Treasurer Honor Society Science Club Annual Staff Hi Jinks WALTER ROHDE Knights of Baker Secretary Science Club Letter Club F.F.A. President Parliamentary Procedure Team Torch Honor WILNA BLOCKLEY F.H.A. Letter Club Science Club Council Hi Jinks Vespers ALLEN BASART Science Club SHARON BAILEY F.H.A. Secretary Torch Honor Chairmen of Ways and Means Committee Pep Club Usher Club Science Club Bookkeeping Contest Certificate Page eighty three Page eighty-tour Photography-Juices Studio Subiect-'Colored Pictures by Gene Lester z4c6aawZed9meaz'4 Jul-:es Studio, "Mountaineer" photographers Mr. Clift Mr. Brown Western Engraving and Colortype Company, Seattle Mr. Vance Bronson - Faculty Photographer The administration and faculty of Mount Baker High School and All who have assisted in work and production of the "Mountaineer" l On the next four pages are advertisements which form an important section ot the i953-1954 "Mountaineer." Without them our book would not be complete. These advertisers cared enough about us to assist financially in its production. As students, from seventh grade to seniors, all should read the "ads," and when the need arises to make a purchase or have a service performed, remember the "supporters" on the following pages. That would be our way of saying "thanks." 1uu1uu1nn1rm1nyi1iin1nu-im1mi-1nu1nn1m1-m11nii1im-n 1nn1nn1mi1nn11m1m .1nu1vf1 .1nn1un H111 11m--m.1 1,I,,1mi1vm1nn1,m1mv1mi1nn-1 1ym1 mln n-m.--m.-.m-m.- .--- -ni-mi-tm-un--m-m.--m-m.- -- - -- 'ln-nu-in-1i.1 .- 1u.1....-....-tm--m- -u- - - - 'T'l"i'9!l I i Congratulations Graduates PEOPlES TRADING POST Victor Bowhay Mt. Baker Highway Phone 9393 1un1uu1.mi1mi1un1uu-mi1nu1m11u1:1vi1.1uu1nn1nn.-nn1nn1nn- DENNIS MARKET Richfield Gas Groceries and Sporting Supplies 300 E. Sunset Drive Phone 6980 JACK'S SUNSET SERVICE Gas - Oil - Supplies and ANNE'S COFFEE SHOP Home Made Pies 1un1un1im1nu1tm.1uu1mi-nn1nu1mi1qu1uvi1mi-.im1mi1im1.nn- MARKET FRUIT COMPANY Bellingham Public Market Cornwall 8. Magnolia Phone 80 INGWERSEN - RITCHIE Optometrists PHONE 547 2O7V2 East Holly Bellingham, Wash. 1:11-11.1,1iiu1nu1mi1nn.1mi1init1itit1itn1im1mi1uu1tm1uu1m11nu- VIENNA CLEANERS, INC. Cleaners and Hatters "A Complete Cleaning Service" Phone 265-260 - East Magnolia - Bellingham, Wash. Greetings From Your Friendly SEARS ROEBUCK 8. CO. BELLINGHAM DRUG .1nn1nn1im1lin-tm1mi--11:11nit-im1im..uu1.uu1nn..-tm1nn1un1tm- Abbott Sister's Beauty Shop Specialists in Permanent Waving Hair Cutting and Tinting Nitll' -inn1,,..1nn1m,1n,1mi1mv1M1,m1.m1,m1M1m,1,,q1nii1,,1iviv1iivi- 111m-im1im1im1nn1mi1.nn1un-.-mi1im1nu- 1ini-nn-mi-vuu1uu1nn1mv1nn1m1 1un1uu- Congratulations! lARSEN'S JEWELRY rim. un - astra.-,asm - zos ww Holly S -M1uq1m1 .1ii1:1,I,I1iiei1iiit-un1un1mi-nn11m1un1nn1nn1nn1iiu-L MUllER 8. ASPIUND i ARDEN FARMS COMPANY Arden's Flavor Fresh Ice Cream Everson, Washington I I Noolrsack Valley State Bank Everson, Wash. - Deposit Insurance Deposits Insured by the Federal Deposit Ins ra ce Corporation up to SI0,000 for Each Depos'to i I -ni-1i.1.ti....m1iw1..i-..m1m11.--1mi-..t.1n-.1.n1im1m1 1,..1t...- g C. S. Kale Canning Co. i Processing Frozen Berries and Canned Pears, Beets, Carrots, and Blue Lake Beans in Whatcom County for 42 Years I -mi.-ni-1iin1mi-.im1im1tm-tiu-.un1im1nu1tm1im1nn1it 1 1mi1mi- g HOllY'S MEN'S SHOP I Holly Street -mi1.m1 1 1 1.1.1mi1mi1im1nu-mi1im1 1 1 1 1..ii1iiii-T Kruo First in News . . . First in Sports! I II70 on Your Dial - "It's Mutual" I I -1.11u11111111nu--un1un-nn-im1nu1uH141Irina-in--1nn1iii1 1nn1vm- I' MAPlE GROCERY Self Service Generail Merchandise - Gas and Oil Wickersham, Washington if -ini.-.4111tm1mt1im--mi- tiii --M1un1nu-ini--nu-un1i:n1:iu1un1lill1viw-E PARK GROCERY On lake Whatcom E Gas - Oil - Picnic Supplies Fred J. Zobrist I Rt. 2, Sedro-Woolley Phone Deming 4604 i linux-ltltinrlttlllllllll7llTVIlTlYIi lllli''III-"'I'I'1'l"iII'll'I'lillllillYlili Page eighty-five Qoninninnl 1 inn1nn--nn.-nn,nn1nn1uun1nul1nu1 1 1 e i Nluss stone General Merchandise I Deming, Washington 1- .... - .... - -..- ,.,. -..-...-..- .... -..,-..-...-..- .. .. -,-.,- "Purina Chows" GAIIOWAY FEED Mlll Everson-Washington and I Sumas Feed Milling Co. Sumas, Washington e i -nn,.m....,,.,-.,I,,..,.W1,,1m.1lm.-un..-M1M1nl1nn1..nn.-,,,.1n,1nn1ilni. Congratulations Mt. Baker High School I Q SANFORD'S BARBER SHOP I Everson, Washington i-nn...uu1u11111n1nu1nn..nn..nn1uu1nn-nm....un1un1niui1mi- -m11nn- Oliver Tractors and Machinery New Idea Farm Equipment Everson Implement Co. "" -H"- - "" - -'-K -"H- "" - "" -"'--"-"W-M-H'--M-M -"H-M 2 MT. BAKER CAFE "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" 5 Deming, Washington i-"'-"W "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - '-" - "'- -"'- "" - "" - "'- - "" - -"' - DEMING FOUNTAIN I Ice Cream - Sundries Deming, Washington !""" "" " "' ""' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" """"" "" " "" "'u"""""""""" Compliments of ClARK FEED 8. SEED I Pets and Pets' Supplies - ,... .. .... - .,,- -...- .... ........,.-........-.,- .... .. .... -..... .,.. -...... -....... Best of Luck to All You Grads ADAMS U i Bellingham, Washington i- ---- - ---l - ---- - -'-- - --A- - -'-' - -'-A - ---- - f-'- - f-'- -m--m-------m--'-- --A-----W Quality Clothing for Men and Women G A G E ' s g Bellingham - Lyndon -I-..... .,.. .. ..., ..-- ,.,. - .,.. .. .,.. .. .... .. ,... - .... .. .... -...---- Page eighty-six -nn...nninH1uninnlnu.-nu...uu.-uniun..nn..nn.-tm-nn.-M111 gm..nn...vm.-nu..nuiun...waitin1nu.-un1nu1nuu.-nn1.unn.-nn.1 MT. BAKER MOTORS Chrysler - Plymouth Automobiles Ask About Our Used Car Guarantee 119 Grand Ave. - Phone 5900 - Bellingham, Wash. -mlinn-1111111u-uninAI-nn1nu1nn1un-nn-will1un1ivn1nn1un1uu-. Shoes for the Entire Family WAlKER'S Phone 6-3231 Everson, Washington 11...- THOMPSON'S VARIETY -minlt.-uu1nn1nrn1nn1unina.-nu...nn..nninn.-un..nn-M1nu-N111 EVERSON DRUG COMPANY "PRESCRIPTION SPEClALISTS" A. G. EDLER Everson Phone 6-3481 ..un1nu.1n: -tm-.nninn,nn1nl-.1un1nn.-IIII1mn-uu1uu.-uu1nn.-nn1 HlllVlEW DAIRY Fountain Lunch Ice Cream and Dairy Products 1824 Cornwall Avenue Phone 351,.m-nn-nn-I...-.uni SCHWINN AND RALEIGH BICYCLES Sales and Service TIMES BIKE SHOP lawnmowers Ground Accurately 1306 State Street Bellingham, Wash. Compliments of DlCKERSON'S We stock the following high quality shoes . . . Carmelletes, Hill and Dale, Selby's H ll d Sk t rs Debs o ywoo oo e , 135 E. Holly Phone 967 -nu-uniM11nn...ml11-fn-nn-mn.-mn1uu.-uu1uu.-nn-.nn--vm.-un.1nn-. Compliments of AUSTlN'S Loggers' Supplies - Chain Saws Railroad Avenue'minall-lu..m.1uu-HH1 Bellingham's Only Complete Sportswear Shop A BEN'S MEN'S SHOP CLOTHES OF DISTINCTION Phone 340 , Bellingham, Wasll. nn- u u-- uv I u1un1iuii.1uu.-nii-.uri-nnlnu-uu1im--4w-un-im1.m-n:i--nn1Mi+:i::, im--wr1,,::i.u.-uui:tu--iu1,m1nu-gn-uit-tu:T-14.71-mg1ui,1uui1wu1.u-iieuiuu IYNDEN CHAMBER UF CUMMERCE 1,1I.-.vihim,ivmllm..niy1m,-wi.-,4.,-W1M1urv...yu1mv..W1M1M...,,,,iu-un-nn1iut1q.,1:nvi1.01.-..inn1nn1nn1m.1,,..-tml.,,,-.vm-mi.-my-.nnv-nn:-un I 5 ' 1 wlTAKER's MARKET I CLIPPER STORE Groceries - Fresh Meats - Produce General Merchandise Phone Deming 1309 At Nugont's Bridge Feed - Hardware - Lee Work Clothes - .,,. - ..., - ..,. - .,.. - .... - .,., - .,., - ..,. -,,.- .... .. .... -,.... ,... .. ..,. - .... - ..,. -Mi I , ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, ,, ,,,, ,, ,A,, ,, ,,,, -,,,- ,,,, -,,,- .,.. - .... - .,., - ,.,. -,.n-,..-....-....- e I 1 - n J0HNS0N'S SERVICE I 7 Van Zandt Richfield Service Chevron Gas - Groceries - Meats Cold Drinks - School Supplies e 'lack and Laura Meyers Open Even, Day, 8 3. ml ,O 9 p. mc I Gas - Oil - Groceries - Beverages phon, Deming 1812 il g Van Zandt Phone Deming 304 Edward's and Johnson gm- - I e I I S I Currin Log ers - General Marchandise Phone Deming 1310 Rout 2, Everson 5 I Acme' wash phone Deming 703 - .... - ..,, -. .... - rr., - ,... .. .... ...v........,,.-..v....i.. .... - .... - .... - .... - ..., ......-! Q- Ixl' - 'll' - llxl - Ivll -mm Il'I - llll - IIII -M-up IIII - ,III -W-M,-M-ml-M-, GIGGS GARAGE I i MAPLE mls stone General Auto and Truck Repairing 2 I . Tires - Batteries - Accessories - Hardware General Mel'Cl"a'1d'5e Route 3, Bellingham g i Maple Falls, Washington -. rrr. -- .... - .,,- - '1-. - .f.. - .frr - ...- - ,.x, - .... - .... .- .... -.....- .... - ,... -I..-. .... -T i- IIKI - Illl - IVII -. 'lyl - IIKI - IIII - Ixl, - Illl - lvll '- IKI, -. Illl - IIII - ,,,I -M- I',, - ,,', -lu- , I I EDLUMBIA Kendall Grocery 8. Cold Storage ggg,glggVAl.lEY I i Deming, washington In Giac' Star Route Phone Deming 5304 - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr -i rrrr - rrrr -- rrr, - rrre - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr -it-we rrrr - rrrr - rrrr - rrrr -it-into-we ROLLADIUM Rouen RINK G EVERSQN MERCANIILE 1 I Bellingham, Washington i Z Shoes and clothing Have a Dating Problem? - I Go Roller Skating Groceries -- Frigidaire ....i..I1,m-..,.....n.-v:i-,-,,-,,,,,.,.,-.,.,-,,....,,,,-,.,..-.In-itn..,,,,-tm.-...M i,,1nti1.m-.w-,..i-nn-tilt-M1 i Bonner's Grocery 8. Service i Q '!'l1ompson's Silver luice Resort T Boating - Cabins - Fishing - Swimming CURTIS BONNER i ! picnics van Zand' Phone 'GIG i L Maple Falls, Washington i I -im- ...nn1uu.- .Q 1 1 1 lem-im-nn-nuttin-inn-nu-nri1im-it-tin.--I-i1iini1iiu.1n-.nn1im.-uniun1in:i1nii1-.iii-.mi-.lui 1 1 -. -in Keep Wmidegtm new Best Wishes From PUGET SOUND PULP 6- TIMBER CO. Page eighty-s w1nn1-m-.111 1 1 1 1 1nn1nu1nn1 1 1 1,11 111:11im1un1nn-mi1un1nn11m-iin1uu1nn1nn.1nn1mv-nu Customers, Shippers and Employees This combination is responsible for the fine DARIGOID PRODUCTS On Your Table Throughout the Years 1.1.11 1 1.1.1-viii.-1m1.m1nn1nn1mu.1nn.-,m1im1 1 11m1nn.. MT. BAKER INN ' A oooo PLACE TO EAT -C Coffee At Its Best Glacier, Wash. Phone Deming 4113 The Shoprite in Everson Groceries - Dry Goods R. M. PAULSEN - HILDA KINLEY 1W1im-W1uu...nn-im1nn1n'11vm1nn-im1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn- KATHERINE'S APPAREL Dresses, Skirts, Hose and Sweaters o1uu1nn1.n-m.-im1nn1uu1mi1 ... WALKER' CASH STORE SHORTY'S SERVICE DlGBY'S SERVICE GLACIER STORE, INC. ghty ght M11 1nn.-inni- '!' l MADES moron ssnvlcf e l Chrysler - Plymouth - GMC Trucks E Everson, Wash. Phone 6-3121 E ..,,...-..,..-....-n.,-....-,.,.-..,.-..,....,.......,.- H..-. -.---. 1 DIEHL MOTOR CO. Sales - FORD - Service A Cornwall 8. Champion Phone 335 f 1 i Paul Woocl s Camera Shop 3 Next to Avalon Theatre : Cameras, Films, Photo Supplies, Movie Cameras, Proc t Scr s, Dark Room Eq 'p ent I View sters and Re I i 106 E. Magnolia - Bellingham -- Phone 352 Gifts, Cards and Floral Designing I 5 Lakeway Floral and Gift Shop i 106 E. Magnolia Bellingham I Phone 352 I -....-....-..,.-....-.,..-.,..-.,.....,.........-....-....-....-...........-.........,-..,.- i BARLOW'S LUGGAGE Handbags - Belts - Accessories I The Home of Fine Leather Goods I Bellingham Phone 354 ! For Health's Sake Drink More Medcalf's Homog zeal I Milk - Eat and Enioy Meclcalf's Ice Cream i A WHATCOM COUNTY PRODUCT 5 I Q NIEDCALF S DAIRY ! 820 St te Street Bellingham, Wash. I -ilu--QIII1rlvl1lilv1illl-1am1rlw1rlvl1lllx1uu1.vlu-.IIQI1-nurun-ini:-1illl1nn-n i STARK PIANO CO. I 210 W. Holly St. Belli gham T MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS-Band and Orchestr P' nos 3 and Accordions, Accessories l Rental Purchase Plan - Convenient Terms I -nn.1nn1nn1vm1vm1im.1un..1111111111im1iin111:11uu1un..m.-m1-M1 Z G. E. Appliances - Zenith TV I Complete Home Furnishings Hinotes Hardware 81 Furniture 41 'lll T' Illl 1 lllt '-' llll 1 llll T llll T llll i lll' 1' llll T llll T llll "- llll " "'l l "'l 1 "" T "" TU' KELLEY'S SERVICE STATION HOWARD'S STOP 8. SHOP SUNSET GROCERY JOHNSON'S BEAUTY SHOP u1nn11-it1vm..nn1nn1nn1nn1nu...-In-.m.-mi1mi1nn-mi1m-.1uu..m MW wb 56 JJ? 54-eww-L ,MMV 4'o"f?" O Qawzzaffww JJ jfigfwwwggw Q, w,,Q fawm KL Dj EW JM WW g 07f5MffM sf, - f!7f'? ' ,,, WW uf, ' 1 nw my ---- -Q Q 4 ,f xi 9 1' - x s rv A X W fwf' A N74 f K . A wwf fx, f 1, K H- J ,J ' Al mf A 4 rise . L, I Iv Q T :2 -2 U ' fn? fx! . 1 AR' P W Q,-wwf' G43 - 'AM QJQJ 5 V A rv - ' X. ff if ,M 53 I , S U Ei ' x H .XL .V V Jw. f., QL: " ,ef 'lx X ,J A , , ,ff !'a.fb',vv'-Q , . ,, ,V N s NF' fmxi

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