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Tl-IE DQAMA EDITION of the MGUNTAINEEIQ MWA N 55 oo GX . Ek I - "V 2 , ' LX v A ' 1, ' -E K ,' -.5 "x ..."'U ,V -E? 'Q ' Y-4 x' . N ,. l,. I .,.- ix - X x, .5 Y- 3 4? x 'oi E U L M4 .415-'-"V',:iff""H4 1 ,f L - , is L ""2"' 4 , .. , Q X2 T o 'Q'-4.f"fQ'-, o ' - ' Q? 3' Li 'i '1 1 , in 5 S' , N ' N355 lx-Y X 5' 5 xg- if k5S'1- X .iq ,Megs Q , Y 55 xog X . Q 1 -x , xi. N , t . N . Q 'Z g l- . K 3 . 3 1 1 , fo o ' X :I " .' f .l T- 3- I lig 'M G 13 if V Q Q ,QL -- - " N X E, XE gg Q X , , i i . ix . Q - Q Q-X - 5 :Q 1 ,wi -p , . r it ' 1 53- .b l ' gs , - 1. . K L . ' x . gk - . -- 3 ' o f li 1 K fp 'Z . x K V K K K -, , f . R V I 5- K , -Q f Y -N V V X X ' 0 E ' ' - Q K M K 1 ' ' . 5 41 2 produced by Tl-IE SENIGR CLASS Mt. Boker Union High School DEMnNo,WA5H1NoToN PRGGFQAM gXL't I . A1-r II . A1-r III . Dedica+ion .-is II fcilnfn of our 1lppr1'ci11- fion for his deep 111111 Xyllllltl' fhmfic iIlff'l'f'-Sf in our llflllllll of high xchool Ziff' 111111 his readi- lirfss to offer his 11.vxisfanc1' fn our I1IlIfl'l'1!1h'i7Ig-9, if is our priv- iIl'gf' fo 111'1iic11I1' fhix iS-5'll!' of The J.I0llIlfIliIlI'l'I' to our priu- vipal, NIT. NI. C. Ulnisfed. PROLOGCR Curtain Act' f--Snaps Curtain Act-Snaps Curtain ixk'tfSll1lPS HPI LOGUH S1-lmol Calendar f'111.v.v1'.s' f,l'g!IlliSllfilIIIS ,11hI1'1ic.w ANNUAL STAFF Sumner, Melhus, Bcighle, adviser, Knoll, Snitzler, Scott, Gillespie, Scutvick, Cziley, Srhlailcli, adviser, Guckert Prologue Fans! This is your play. You have had your part and enacted your role, whether major or minor. We have attempted only to place before you in tangible form the drama which you have written and produced. For publication and for your interest we have divided the drama into three acts. In Act I the various classes are presentedg Act II is concerned with the non-athletic activitiesg and Act III portrays the athletic activities. For your entertainment we have arranged for curtain acts, showing interesting incidents of school life. See this play often. Relive your part and in future years make the drama of Mt. Baker life ever more thrilling, inspiring, and happy. MR. DAN BEIGHLE University of Washington Political Science, Coach. MRS. THELMA FULLNER University of Washington Science, Physical Erlucation MR. BRUCE GILBERT Oregon State College, Agri culture, Science. MISS FRANCES KIRBY Washington State College, Mathematics, History. MISS ALICE MENGON University of Montana, Com inercial. MISS HULDA NELSON Willamette University, Home Economics. Directors of the Play ll 'WT' 11. as fi MR. M, C. OLMSTED University of Washington Principal, Geometry. MR. PAUL DICKEY Oregon State College, Agri vulture. MISS CATHRAN GARLAND University of Washington English, Glee Clubs. MISS MARIAN KAUFMAN University of Washington English, Art, Library. MR ROSAMOND MATTEONI University of Washington Orchestra, Typing, English. MR. GORDON MORTON University of Washington History. MISS .IUNE SCHLAUCH Linfield College, English, Dc bate, Latin. Actl CLASSES f if E23 is Af ' K xy? nf W f Qi -Ig? A Q X if 5 ! QW X f f . N gf ff Senior History Act I As the Class of '36 made its debut at Mount Baker High School in September, 1932, is was little more than a disorganized group of frightened freshmen. After the first few weeks in which they were duly initiated by wearing short dresses, carrying dolls and the like, we settled down to the serious business of studying. From an unorganized group we became organized with Ross Ha.m1in as president, Anna Henderson, secre- tary, and Miss Garland and Mr. Olmsted as advisers. To start our high school career out with a bang we almost immediately presented the skit "An Old Fashioned School" as our part in the Hi-Jinx. The rest of the school year went along without any special events for the freshmen until eighth grade visiting day when we presented our first program and Class Day when we became the Sophomores. INTERMISSION Aci' Il At the beginning of the second act almost all of the stage fright which we had experienced in the first act had disappeared and we enjoyed watching the mistakes of the frosh. Our leaders for this act were Eugene DeVisscher, president, Shirley Rogers, secre- tary, and Miss Kirby and Miss Garland, advisers. We again entertained the eighth graders with an amusing program, the main feature of which was a play, "The Dummy," featuring Bill Wilkins, Percola Kope, Joe Von Euw, and Dorothy Champman. So we became Juniors. INTERMISSION Act III As the Class of '36 appeared for a third time we were under the leade1'sl1ip of John Scutvick, president, Bob Brockway, vice-president, Jeanette Nyland, secretary, and Miss Nelson and Miss Kaufman, advisers. The evening of December 7 we presented our highly successful play-"Seventeen," by Booth Tarkington. The play portrayed the life of a seventeen-year-old boy, WVillie Baxter CEugene De Visscherj and his love affair with the "baby talk lady," Lola Pratt CNVilma Hoffmanj. Willie's perplexed parents were Bill VVilkins and Persola Kope, while Jane, Willie's little sister fAlice Caleyj, made Willie's life miserable by always appearing at the wrong time. May 3, the Class of ,36 entertained the Class of '35 at the annual Junior-Senior banquet and prom, carrying out the Dutch idea with flowers and windmills. So ends another act! INTERMISSION Act IV Our last act began uneventfully except for the usual freshman initiation which even we dignified seniors enjoyed. Our directors for this act were James Snitzler, presidentg Eugene Sumner, vice-president, Alice Miller, scretaryg and Miss Schlauch and Mr. Beighle, advisers. Our class has been well represented in all of the activities. The A. S. B. President, Stanley Gibbs, the vice-president, Eugene DeVisscher, and the business manager, Bob Brockway, are all from our class. We have been equally well represented in athletics, both boys, and girls'. On April 17, we presented our senior play, "It Pays to Advertise." Mr. Martin fJames Snitzleri, a wealthy soap king, made a wager with his rival and friend, Mr. Clark, that his son, Rodney fEugene DeVisscherl could make more money in a year than could Ellery Clark 6Pat Rileyj. Mary Grayson CLucille Grenierl, Martin's secretary, invents a scheme to make Rodney want to work-and does it succeed! VVith the help of Ambrose Peale tJack Ruchtyl a great advertising campaign is conducted. The French countess fPercola Kopej complicated matters for awhile, but by the time the play ended every one agreed that "lt Pays to Advertise." The future holds a Pirate banquet iso we hearj, Class Day, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. Thus the curtain closes on the Class of '36, XVe have had a very successful four years, and we are looking forward to even greater successes as We continue on our separate stage careers. Nia: HQ' '43 05 1? KEITH AHRENS-Orchestra 1-25 Hi- Jinx 1-2-45 Open:-tta 35 Baseball 3-45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Torch Honor. MILDR ED ANDERSON LOIS BARNARD - Orchestra I-2-3-45 Manager Junior Play5 Torch Honor. ADRIAN BAJEMA-Enter from Lyndon 45 Track 1-2-35 Vice-pres. Class 25 Vice-Pres. Class 35 Class Rep. 3. RUDY BARTELDS-Orfliestra I-ZZ5 Glen Club 3. BARBARA BAYS-Enter from Harmony 45 Junior Play5 Torch Honor. WALTER BJERKE-Football 3-45 Hi- Jinx I-2-3-45 Operetta 2-3-45 Stage Force 4. STELLA BRILL ROBERT BROCKW'AY-Orchestra I-2- 3-45 Hi-Jinx 3-45 Treas. F. F. A. 35 Svc. F. F. A. 45 Manager A. S. B. 45 Stork Judging Tszamg Torch Honor Pros. 4. HERSCHEL BROOKS-Enter from Pel- la5 Iowa 45 Track 3-45 Tennis 45 Football 45 Senior Play. JOYCE BRUNS-Enter from Mt. Yer- non 4. ALICE CALEY-Usher Club Pres. 45 Hi- Jinx 15 Junior Pl:1y5 Opcretta Mgr. 45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. LYNEVA CANNON-Entvr from I'I1ll" mony 4. CAROLINE CHRISTEN-Glvc Club 3-45 Hi-Jinx 4. STELLA CLARK-Glen' Club I-2-3-4 5 Hi- Jinx 4. ROBERT COLLING CLEO DAMERON-Enter from Meridian 35 Opercita 4. EUGENE DE YISSCHER-Baseball 2-3- 45 Football 3-45 Basketball 45 "B" Club Pres. 45 Junior Play5 Vire- Pres. A. S. B. 45 Senior Play. S nz' c n l Eight JACK DUNN-Baseball 2-3-45 Hi-Jinx 35 Football 3-45 Basketball 45 Pres. Boys' Club 4. JACOB FRANZEN-Hi-Jinx 25 Junior Play Mnnager5 Potato Judging Team 45 Senior Play. JOYCE FRISKE STELLA FROST-Enter from Maple Falls 35 Baseball 1-25 Basketball 1- 25 Sec. Class 25 Sec. Girls' Club 2. JEAN GALBRAITH -Basketball 2-3-45 Baseball 2-3-45 Glee Club 2-3-45 Chairman Jr, Prom Com.5 Hi-Jinx 45 Torch Honor. RHODES GALBRAITH-Hi-Jinx 15 Dairy Products Judging 3. FRANK GATES-Hi-Jinx l-25 Glee Club 25 Junior Play5 Senior Play. EUNICE GERMAIN-Torch Honor Z5 Orchestra 2-3-45 Manager Junior Play. STANLEY GIBBS-Yicc-Pres. Class 25 Football 3-45 Basketball 3-45 Track 3-45 Pres. A. S. B. 4. PATRICIA GILLESPIE-Debate 45 Schol- arship Cup 35 Editor Annual 45 Torch Honor5 Valeclictorian. ADA GLOYER LUCILLE GRENIER-Orclicstra 1-2-35 Baseball 1-2-3-45 Junior Play5 Hi- Jinx 45 Senior Play5 Usher Club. DOROTHY GRIMES-Enter from Har- mony 45 Glee Club 1-35 Pres, Girls' Club 35 Junior Play5 Paper Staff 35 Torch Honor. GRACE GUCKERT--Baseball 1-2-3-45 Captain Baseball 2-35 Manager Bas- ketball 45 Annual Staff 4. ROBERT HALI, ROSS HAMLIN-Hi-Jinx 25 Operetta 3. ANN HENDERSON-Basketball 1-2-3-45 Baseball 1-2-3-45 Sec. Class 15 Hi- Jinx 15 Captain Basketball 45 Ush- er Club. IRENE HOPMAN-Junior Play5 Sec. Girls' Club 35 Vice-Pres. Girlsl Club 45 Usher Club. EDWARD HOWELL-Orchestra 2-3-45 Stage Force 3-45 Band 3-45 Junior Play Manager5 Glee Club 45 Senior Play Manager. IVAN HUTCHEN-Judging Team 4. BERYL JACOBSON-Enter from FroiCl5 Mont. 45 Vice-Pres. Class I5 Sec. Class 35 Debate 2-4. HARRY KALE-Livestock Judging 4. FRED KILDALI.-Enter from Harmony 45 Junior Play. AIVIELIA KINDERMAN-Basketball 1-2- 35 Baseball 1-2. GEORGE KLINE-Football 3-4. VIOLET KNOLI.-Manager Junior PIay5 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 45 Torch Honor. PERCOLA KOPE-Junior Play5 Paper Staff 35 Senior Play, HALLIE LITTLEFIELD-Hi-Jinx 3. RICHARD MARICLE-Junior Play5 Op- eretta 3. ESTHER MELHUS-Torch Honor 35 Pa- pare Staff 45 Glee Club 45 Annual Staff 4. ALICE MILLER-Orchestra 15 Basket- ball I-2-3-45 Baseball l-2-3-45 Sec. Class 4. ALBEN MOBERG-Hi-Jinx I5 Glee Club 3. RUBY MOLINE-Enter from Harmony 45 Sec. Girls' Club 35 Junior Play, Glee Club 3. MATTHEW MURPHY-Glee Club 3-4. ELEANOR NORRIS-Hi-Jinx I5 Junior Play5 Senior Play. JEANETTE NYLAND-Glee Club 1-25 Sec. Class 35 Junior Play Manager5 Chairman Junior Prom. Com.5 Pres. Girls' Club 45 Senior Play Managerg Torch Honor. .Yin 11 Ten STEFFEN ODEGARD-Enter from Har- mony 45 Basketball 2-3-45 Baseball 3. RAYMOND OLSON - Basketball 3-45 Football 3-45 Glee Club 4. JOAN NA POLINDER RAYMOND RILEY-Junior Playg Hi-Jinx 45 Glee Club 45 Senior Play. SHIRLEY ROGERS-Baseball 1-2-3-45 Hi-Jinx 15 Sec. Class 25 Basketball 2-3-45 Play Manager 3-45 AsS't Song Leader 4. JACK RUCHTY-Track 2-3-45 Hi-Jinx 35 Athletic Manager 45 Vice-Pres. HB" Club 45 Senior Play. JANICE SCOTT-Manager Junior Play5 Orchestra 45 Annual Staff 45 Ush- er Club5 Torch Honor5 Operetta Manager 45 Salutatorian. JOHN SCUTVICK-Hi-Jinx 1-25 Foot- ball 2-3-45 Baseball 3-45 Pres. Class 35 Annual Staff 4. DORIS SELDEN-State Winner Essay Contest 3. JAMES SNITZLER-Operetta 2-3-45 De- bate 45 Baseball 3-45 Football 45 Pres. Class 45 Annual Staff 45 Sen- ior Play. RAYMOND STITHEM-Orchestra 2-3. EUGENE SUMNER-Hi-Jinx 15 Class Yell Leader 25 Vice-Pres. Class 45 Annual Staff 4. BEATRICE TOLLUM-Glee Club 35 Hi- Jinx 4. SARAH WEIDER SPOHN JOE SYGITOWICZ-Hi-.linx l-2-35Ju1lg- ing Team 3-4. FRED WEIHE-Enter from Harmony 45 Pres. Class 15 Yell King 1-2-45 Class Rep. 25 Hi-Jinx 45 Operetta 4. HARRY WOOLSEY-Hi-Jinx 1. FRANK WOULF-Livestock Judging 3. Senior History ancl Hobby What fans remember Name Stage Name about them Future part on the stage Keith Ahrens Junior Walking very straight. Dairy inspector. Mildred Anderson Mickey Chewing gum. Keeping house for Pat. Adrian Bajema Ade Missing the bus. ? Lois Barnard Lo "I like dreamy music." lst violinist in the Seattle symphony. Rudy Bartelds Bus Blushing-and how! Ballet master. Barbara Bays Barbe Her sweet disposition. Teaching interpretive dancing at Wellesley. Walter Bjerke Walt A new girl every week. Movie director. Stella Brill Jackie Displaying new hair styles. A model of fashions in Hollywood Robert Brockway Bob His mathematical inclination. Sec. of the Treasury. Hershel Brooks Hersh Breaking feminine hearts. Bellingham's head librarian. Lawrence Brunson Larry The perfect student. Winner of 1945 world's champion typing contest. Joyce Bruns Hank Her utter shyness. Baker's chemistry teacher. Alice Caley Peggy Her pert little toss of the head. Bureau of Reserach, Washington, D. C. Lyneva Cannon Neva Doing her part. Elevator girl at Olympic Hotel, Seattle. Caroline Christen Carol That giggley look. Waitress in Rita's Ritzy Restaurant. Stella Clark Stel Manicures. Contralto soloist for the First Christian Church. Robert Colling Bob Looking bashful. Trumpet player in Hollywood band. Cleo Dameron Ole That aloof manner. Ambassador to England. Eugene DeVisscher Dcviske Oh! Where is my wandering boy An actor of great fame. tonight? .lack Dunn Big Shot So wise, so young they say, do Strong man in Barnum and ne'er live long. Bailey's Circus. Jacob Franzen .lake Always biting on jokes. Telephone operator. Joyce Frishe Frisky 'ACan you imagine that!" Nurse at Seattle Swedish hospital. Stella Frost Frostie "Shouldn't I have had a higher Manager-The Wilma Don. grade?" .lean Galbraith Jenny ller calm unrufflcd hair Speedwriting teacher at Whatcom High. Rhodes Galbraith "Dusty Rhodes" Oh! That look! Drawing the old age pension. Frank Gates Sonny Teasing the fair sex. Impersonating "Andy.'l Eunice Germain Euny 'tLet me do that for you." Washington'sHome Demonstration Agent. Stanley Gibbs Stan His inferiority complex. Parachute man. Patricia Gillespie Pat Proving her point. Pres. Success Business College. Ada Glover Ad Her quiet VVHYS. Missionary to China. Lucille Grenier Lucy Posing gracefully. Model I. Magnins'. Dorothy Grimes Dot All in a flutter. Sec. of Labor. Grace Guckert Guck Wise cracks. Mrs. L. Olson. Robert Hall Bob His pacifist ways. A prize fighter. Ross Hamlin Swede You're always wrong. Head mechanic for Baker. Eleven Senior History and I-lobby---Continued What fans re-member Name Stage Name about them Future part on the stage Anna Henderson Hen Who cares? Olympic swimmer. Irene Hopman Hoppy Laughing at nothing. With Warner Brothers as 'tPersonality Girl." Edward Howell Ed His mountaineer stride. MGM property man. Ivan Hutchen Hutch Visiting school one day a week Flagpole sitting champ of Whatcom County. Beryl Jacobson Hasn't any Expressing his opinion forcibly. Washington's senator. Harry Kale Kale Playing hookey. A minister. Fred Kildall Fritz Minding his own business. Medicine ballyhooer and pedler. Amelia Kinderman Mim "Well, for the lovva-pete!" Kinderman's Wave Shop. George Kline Bull Saying it with his fists. Sleeping. Violet Knoll Vi Perfectly trim. Confidential Sec. to President Borah. Percola Kope Perk HI waan tuh bee ahloanf' A Shakespearean player. Hallie Littlefield Hallie Her well-known laugh. A radio artist. Richard Maricle Dick Playin' around. Pilot of China Clipper. Esther Melhus Es Always teasing-'specially John. Ski Queen of 1946. Alice Miller Babe Mischievousness. W. S. C. coach. Alben Moberg Skipper "Well-a-I guess you're right." Admiral of U. S. Navy. Ruby Moline Rhu Always to be seen with Barbe. Editor of "Lovelorn Column," Bellingham Herald. Matthew Murphy Matt Stalling. Fixing flats. Eleanor Norris Norski "Isn't that too chummy!" Beauty operator in Frederick Sz Nelson's. Jeanette Nyland Net Answering readily. Pres. Women's Uplift League. Raymond Olson Ray His bashful smile. Stanford's star guard. Steffen Odegard Stuh Better late than never. Tea taster for Pekoe Teas. Joanna Polinder Jo 'AI think so." Hostess-U. S. passenger plane. Ray Riley Pat A model boy. Fashion designer-Paris. Shirley Rogers Shirts Her ready smile. U. of W. coach. Jack Ruchty Ruck Skipper of classes. Adv. agent-Ivory Soap. Janice Scott Scotty "It must be just right." Parisian dress designer. John Scutvick Pele HI second it," Bringing home the bacon for ' Arvilla. Doris Seldon Dolly Not a word tstage whisperJ. Author of the latest Pulitzer prize novel. James Snitzler Jimmy I paint pictures by moonlight. Bing Crosby II. Raymond Stithem Ray The perfect pest. Yes-man. Eugene Sumner Gene His quiet, childlike ways. Following in the footsteps of his father. Joe Sygitowicz Syg Wise cracks-ask Mr. Beighle. Professional hand-clapper. Beatrice Tollum Sue Oh! The lady in red! Accordian player in Clyde Larson's orchestra. Sarah Weiderspohn Pee-wee "I'm waiting for a street car." U.1g46wo1nen's golf champion of Fred Weihe Skii Saying what he thinks. Master of Ceremonies. Harry Woolsey Hank An ever-increasing vocabulary. History professor at Columbia. Frank Woulf Oop Always gabbing. Road boss. 'I'n:'e IW Junior Class Officers BILL Pizovowr . . 1,Tf'8ldf'Ilf Toxulx' Hfxlmox Vice'-l'rf'sizlei1f AIAXINE LANGE . . . Szfcrviary Miss NPIIASKDN, Mu. lllciclcy ,-lrlzfisvrx Jl'Xl0lI CLASS Buttom Row: llc-eve, Krick, Kennedy, Gritrh, Brasher, Osicr, Cummins, Wight, Yonznlly Row Z: Buys, Pinkey, Tuvker, Porter, Nolte, Collins, Ustrom, R. livcvc. T. Hziclrlox, Durr, Dickvy, mlviscr Row 3: Lunsfroth, Ruse, L, Haclclox, Provost. Durlizun, Mitchell, Pettigrew, Harkness, Mariottu, Tibbles ow 4: li. Putnam, M, Gates, M. J-flinslim, Elwood, limlcnherger, I. Pearson, D. Gzxtcs, Yolrlt, li, Hamilton, Mrlntyre, Iiunger, Cflllllliwll, Thorndike, H. Kline Row 5: Lange, Bi'uslivr, Guy, Jerri, Breckenridge, Metcalf, Woml, Thomas, Groves, Biehlv, Boren, M. Wilson llzun, Row ti: F. Thomas, Bziklxe. Urlcgurcl, I. Coles, Hzxnkc, Riclmarrls, Nichols, Best, Divkcy, Nelson, aiilviser Huw T: Anilrlr, Chutlek, Xilbllllfiljkil, Wolnvy, Gilderslecwv, Fulfurrl, R. Jvzms, Kale, Huff Tlzirlwn Sophomore Class Officers cilifllifllfl EALDER . 1l7"f'Sll1l!'IIf B013 BURNS . IvlCf"l,Tl'SilIl'IIf AIAYIS GATES . . . Sccrrffary Miss IQAFI-'MAX, Mn. Monrox .'1lIZ'iSl'I'.Y l l l .. ... SOPHOMORE CLASS Bottom Row: Hammer, Meyer, Smith, Norris, Anderson, Pride, Burns, McMu1'ry, Frumbly Row 2: Hinotc C. Snanski Potter Deal G. Damvron Howell Ridenhour Peterson C. Dznneron, 1 . Y 7 , y 1 Y , Morton, adviser Row 3: Toler, Jacobson, Somlcgzxrll, XV. Spunslfci, Duling, Yulum, Emmerson, RlCl'lClliil'fCl' Row 4: Zaremlxa, Elder, Kinderman, Campbell, Hzxncr, Leen, Terry Row 5: Henry, M. Woulf, Goocllunzl, Jnsc-phson, Jorgensen, Vzxughun, Olmsted, Gilbert, Wisloski, M. Gates Niles. M2lCZXl1l2i3', Rittenlverg, Grenier Row tl: T. Gritch, M. Shoemaker, Wallace, Guckert, Tanrle, L. Tollum, F. Hess, Vurnzulorc, Sygitowicz Riley, E. Porter, N. Toler, Dahl, Tozlcl, G. Cole Row T: J. Zwiclc. E. Bruns, Lovcriclgc, King, R, Pinkey, G, Putnam, Kaufman, adviser, M. Glover, Cave K. Tollum, Dahlgren, Wyman, Ostrom Row S: L. lvilson, Neevel. Jrzhnson, Mitchell, Sollinger, Norrleruln, Bakke, Post, Flotre l'l0IlI'fI'!'Il Freshman Class Officers GL1-:NN KALE . . Pre.sident Kmfru BIILES . l'ice-President RAYMOND FFLLNEH . . . Secretary Bliss ci.-XRLAND, Mus. MATTI-:osx .1rl1,visers 4 i l 1 l - W i V FRESHMAN CLASS Bottom Row: Raclonski Coles, Lange, Toler, E. Dahl, G. Dahl, Miles, Kale, Lyon, Lintz, Quimby, Hull, Kroontje Row ZZ: Gnrlzxml, adviser, Tesherzx, Jensen, Likely, lVlcEldowney, Friske, Jorrlzxn, Bragg, Houser, C. Hays Cook, Mohn, Hawley, Fullner Row 3: Morrison, Tyas, Shoemaker, Brown, Knutson, Rushold, Adams, Huntley, McLaren, Thomas, Athearn Row 4: Roberts, House, Chuflek, Syre, Clement, Cooper, Cowclen, Lyons, Duronso Row 5: Martin, E. Hess, E. Christen, M. Jeans, Leibrant, J. Grimes, B. Cannon, J. Braune, Woulf, Morrison, Barter, Larson, Lennart Row fi: Woorl, Rutzatz. F. McWilliams, Meyer, Mariotto, Schulz-r, Delvenrluhl, Terry, Meece Elsbree, Stewart, Matteoni, adviser Row 7: Rothenhuhlcr, W. Zwick, Watson, Turner, Hugelzinrl, Dinnie, Fulforfl, Jorgenson, Joos, Waterbury, Porter I"iffWu ,...- iv- iq, M 1, 'X- ,V V - Act II ACTIVITIES Q 1 1 f -K' r , , 1, ' I V- 13- N I 9 V :fn X sy Y , 1-. a 4 ,, 4 I I Q1-iii J 'dgff' 'JT'- -J XXQ f 5 ,r -. ' Q, 2? fwg'-' 'fa' F 2-' 2 R Q .N ' Q iz "gm 5 ,S 1 , diff , . , " ' fm f-"lf I I gf 2 5' Ii f , I I Ifif I IJ I4 ff N ' I x A , K X 'ff I F X In Vyjfy XI ,N , v XX IX Z! K1 XI Xu X I IX I X X I I j X " I! 1 X ff I lf X 2 i X xf ff Y I V, X XNSKXA XX .X Orchestra Many occasions during this busy year found the orchestra ready With interesting and appropriate selections. All assemblies called for a repre- sentation of this group, the basketball games used its brass and tympanio selections, and the "Good Will Touri' used various groups from the organization to enliven representative programs. Beacon Staff The Beacon Staff did a very fine job of collecting and printing news of work around the theater this year, and kept the stars well informed. ORCHESTRA Bottom Row: Lennart, Gilbert, Fulford, Johnson, J. Scott, Lehman, Thorndike, Lange, Gzites, L. Fulford, Barnard, Brockway Row 2: Matteoni, director, E. Howell, Houser, Niles, Olmsted, Wilson, K. Tollum, Wistoski, R. Porter, Metcalf, Sollinger Row 3: J. Anderson, Potter, Knutson, M. Jeans, Elwood, Breckenridge, Stithem, Valum, McMurry, Ham - Row 4: Tucker, Dameron, Meyer, Burns, E. Colling, Hoff, R. Jeans, M. Kale, G. Putnam BEACON STAFF Mclntyre, Dickey, Melhus, Pettigrew, Fulford, Knoll, Wilkins, Lunger, Ham, DeVisschcr, Miss Mengon, adviser Cnot in picture5 Eiyhifeli Usher Club The Usher Club has twenty-four members. The members of the faculty choose eight girls from each of the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore sections. They must be not more than five feet four inches tall and have a pleasing personality. These girls must be capable of making the custo- mers of our theater feel that we really appreciate their patronage. Stage Force The stage force, under the direction of Mr. Gilbert, had charge of all scenery arrangements for the Junior and Senior plays, the Hi Jinx, and the Operetta. While each member of the force did his work well, the efforts of Toddy Gritch were particularly outstanding and deserving of Commendation. His artistic ability had much to do with the pleasing stage appearance noted at each production of the year. USHER CLUB Bottom Row: Caley, Jeans, Pinkey, G. Putnam, Voldt, Thorndike, Henderson, Rogers, Hoff Row 2: J. Scott, Macaulay, M. Johnson, Loverirlge, Ham, Gritch, Kroontje, Best, Schlauch, advise: Row 3: E. Dahl, E. Bruns, S. Mitchell, Dickey, M. Kale, Hopman, L. Gronier, Lehman STAGE FORCE Bottom Row: Gritcll, L. Haddox, Harkness, Mariolto Row 2: Gilbert, adviser, Iverson, E. Howell .Vizwfwln Junior Play "Clarence,,' a three act comedy written by Booth Tarkington, was presented on December 13 by the Juniors under the supervision of Miss Nelson and Mr. Dickey. Mr. Wheeler fLeo Haddoxj hired Clarence Smith CJohn Petti- grewl who falls in love with Miss Pinney fMary Lou Kalej. Mrs. Wheeler fEtta Mae Lungerj and Hurbert Stem fTom Mitchellj compli- cated matters and the trouble of the two children Ueanette Ham and Charles Durrj furnished plenty of amusement. Senior Play "It Pays to Advertise" was presented April 17 by the Senior Class under the direction of Miss Schlauch and Mr. Beighle. Mr. Martin Uim Snitzlerj had made a fortune in soap, but in order to win a bet it is necessary to get his son fEugene DeVisscherJ to be a successful business man. It is all of no avail until Martin's secretary fLucille Grenierj steps in and then-does it work? And how! Ambrose Peale Uack Ruchtyj helps the work along by disclosing the fake Countess CPercola Kopej and writing advertisements that sell the soap. JUNIOR PLAY Lunger, Hoff, Ham, Durr, Pettigrew, Lange, Mitchell, Tibblcs, Haddox, Kale SENIOR PLAY Caley, Brooks, Norris, Ahrens, Snitzlcr, Ruchty, Grenier, DeYisschcr, Gates, Riley, Franzci T-zvrfnly Hi Jinx The U. S. Hi Jinx took its passengers on a world cruise on the evening of November 14. The captain was Bill Wilkins. The ship docked at such ports as Honolulu, Yokahoma, Dublin, Stratford-on-Avon, Stockholm, New York, and, finally, Seattle. In each of these places the natives' entertained us with dances, songs, or plays which were typical of their country. OpereH'a "In Old Vienna" was presented by the combined glee clubs under the direction of Miss Garland, on February 28. Jones fBill Provostj falls in love with Ilona fCleve Wilkinsj daugh- ter of the gypsy chief fTom Mitchelll. When Jonas Pennington fVValter Bjerkej and his daughter June fCleo Dameronj arrive in Vienna, Arthur Crefont Ulm Snitzlerj, an American artist, is swept off his feet by June. Lady Vivian fMaXine Lange accidentally discovers that Ilona is her long-lost daughter. Captain Kinski fRoss Tibblesj and Louisa CMyrna Grovesj present comic love scenes while Rumski and Bumski fFred Weihe and Kenneth OlsonJ, the policemen, provide much merriment. Messe-M,,,,,4l" SS Hl MNX Q 'l'1i'f'1:l'q-nlifi V l l as Future Farmers of America The F. F. A. is an organization whose purpose is to give an all- around development to the boys who plan on agriculture as their career. F. F. A. Bottom Row: R. Olson, Riley, K. Olson, Delvenduhl, Franzen, C. Spanski, I-Inrkness, Toler, Mariotto, Kline, Sumner, Wight Row 2: Dunn, Kinflermzm, Jacobson, I-Iammcr, Porter, Tibbles, Galbraith, Ahrens, W, Spunski, Ridenhour, Dickey, adviser Row 3: Norris, Peterson, Krick, Provost, Heycamp, Campbell, Lunstroth, Moberg, Gates, Dumeron Row 4: Terry, Murphy, Snitzler, Nolte, Hutchen, H. Kale, Brockway, Bays, Howell FRESHMAN F. F, A. Bottom Row: Morrison, Brown, Radonski, C. Hays, Thomas, Coles, Prentice, G. Dahl, Hull Row 2: Jensen, House, Quimby, E. Dahl, G, Toler, Bragg, Kuehnoel, Shoemaker, Friske, Dickey, adviser Row 3: Teshern, Rushold, Hauser, Syre, Mohn, Cowden, Atheurn, C. Dahl, Lange, O. Hays 7'rc'w11ty-ima Torch Society The Torch Honor Society is made up of those students who have achieved a certain high scholastic standing. Those who maintain their high standing throughout the four years are presented upon graduation with the permanent Torch pin. Debate This year the cross-question type of debate was used entirely by our debate team on the state debate question, Resolved: That the several states should enact legislation providing for a system of complete medical care, available to all at public expense. Mt. Baker placed third in the Debate League this year with two debates won and two lost. They held scheduled debates with Sedro- Woolley, Anacortes, Lynden, and Arlington, and practice debates with Meridian and Anacortes. TORCH SOCIETY Bottom Row: Putnam, Barnard, J. Scott, Biehle, Ham. Thorndike, Wistoski, M. Gates, Henry Row 2: J. Galbraith, D. Grimes, Knoll, Post, R. Pinkey, Gilbert, Niles, Olmsted, M. Lange, Gillespie Row 3: B. Hays, I. Coles, K. Fulford, Loveridge, Hoff, Nylund, Emmerson, Scliluuch, adviser Row 4: Mr. Olmsted, adviser, Brockway, E. Colling, Ahrens, Ostrom, Deal, Durr DEBATE Bottom Row: Thorndike, Snitzler. Hoff Row 2: B. Jacobson, Schlauch, coach, K. Fulford, Gillespie, Ostrom 'I'1'u'rr1 ly-ll: rw k L Act III ATHLETICS I Y f X, X f X X SKA N., --x ig. , 5 - A 4 35 ., , A f '- mx g . Q 22 s A P 334+ 51 l 'ww-' isa 5' . M S A x . f s,.f N.Z .1 Uvlliy-xi.:' .1 FOOTBALL Bottom How: Dunn, Bjerkv, llzxrkm-ss, IJvYissc-hcl' Row 2: Haddox, Gibbs, Brooks, Olson How 3: Snitzler, Kindermzm, Provost, Klim' Huw -1: AhrcnS. CfN'1P9l', Mzu'i4rtTu, Sk'lltYil'k is Q X Q .,.., 6 ' V ' l Football NVith a. record of three games won, one tied, and one lost the Mountaineers of 1935 turned in their best football season to date. And it was injuries to two regular players that prevented a still better record. As usual the team was built around the seniors who had received some football experience the year before. These included Gibbs, Dunn, Scutvick, DeVisscher, Bjerke. Olson, Snitzler, Kline and Brooks. Their loss will be keenly felt. Basketball In contrast with the showing made in football, the 1935-36 basketball squad turned in their poorest season record in several years. To partly make up for this showing the boys managed to take third place in the county tournament, defeating two teams to each of whom they had previously lost two games. They then won a place in the district tournament by defeating Friday Harbor. The Mountaineers failed to place in this tournament, losing to Everett and Edison. Gibbs, Dunn, De-Visscher, and Olson will be missed from the team next year. Tennis Due to the late date of the county tennis tournament it is impossible to give any of the results at the time of this writing. These boys seem likely to 1'epresent Mt. Baker: Brooks, Kennedy, VVeihe, and Pettigrew. Basketball Schedule MT BAKER 20 ,,,,, ,,,,, , ,,., ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,BLAlNE 11 MT BAKER 16 .,,, WHATCOM 21 MT BAKER 14 ..,,,... LYNDEN 30 MT BAKER 24 ,FERNDALE 17 MT BAKER 18 'FAIRHAVEN 20 MT BAKER 28 ,,,,,,..r. BLAINE 30 MT BAKER 21 ,,,, YVHATCOM 23 MT BAKER 21 ..,,.... LYNDEN 38 MT BAKER 22 ,,,,,,,, FERNDALE 21 M T BAKER 18 Football Schedule FAIRHAVEN 22 MT BAKER 13 ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,,.,. ....,, W H A TCOM 0 MT BAKER 0 ,,,,,,, BLAINE 0 MT BAKER 13 ....,,,, ,,,,,,, M ERIDIAN 0 MT BAKER 0 ,,,,. H MFERNDALE 21 MT BAKER 13 ,,,,, ,,,.,,,,, CUSTER 7 'l'u'f'11fy-xrfl wi Y W s-X :E if k 'l'z'c'01zty-viglzl ar as , . 4 . x , us, K x 1 S1 ' I 1 "f, L H3 . ' 1 F 1 S 4 A 2 U 1' ,V K- Y. 1 , EH BASKETBALL Boftom Row: Elder, Harkness, lJeYisscl1r?r Row 21 Dunn. Cooper, Orcgurrl, Haddux Row 3: Gibbs, IiiIlKIK'l'llIElI1, Olson 1 2 , , a , , L. Baseball The largest squad that ever represented Mt. Baker reported for tryouts for baseball this spring. Practice began in the gym earlier than grounds or weather would permit outside play. These sessions limbered up the body muscles, quickened the eye to follow the ball, and schooled the squad in some very important parts of baseball play. The squad shows an improvement in team spirit and playing ability over any spring tryout heretofore. Our record of last year showed six wins to two defeats. There are high hopes to surpass that mark this year. Track Track prospects at Mt. Baker have not seemed especially bright for the 1936 season, although the Mountaineers will have strength in some events, particularly the dashes and the shot and discus. The following have very good chances of placing in the county meet: Gibbs, Harkness, Ruchty, and Brooks. oe . 5 ' 4. V.: .3 W, i V if 0' i 5 f N . vi BASEBALL Bottom Row: Pettigrew, Elder, Gates, Hose, Alirc-ns Row 2: Dunn, Leon, DeVisscher, Suutvick, Gritch, Harkness Row 3: R. Olson, manager, Y. Cummins, K. Olson, Knutson, Hawley. Osier, Muriottn, Pinkcy, D. Cummins, Gilbert, coach Row 4: Ridenhonr, Syrc, Walker, Einnwison, Porter, Tolcr, Nolte TRACK llacldox, Tibbles, Ruchty, Gibbs, Mitchell, Kennedy, Ilurkni-ss, Brooks 'l'wmity-nine LeHerman's Club The Letterman's Club received the following new members during the year: Brooks, T. Haddox, Kinderman, Cooper and Mariotto, who played the required five halves in football, Odegard, who met the re- quirement in basketball, and Leen, Pettigrew, Rose, Syre, and Hawley, who played the necessary fourteen innings in baseball. At this time of writing it is not known who will be the new members to receive their letter awards in track and tennis. Pep Staff The Yell Staff, through their cheer leading and song leading at pep rallies and at the various games, did much to create an enthusiastic following among the members of the student body for each Mountaneer team and thus aid materially in making possible each good showing. I,E'1'TEHMAN'5 CLUB B0lt0lll Row: Bjerkc, Olson, Dunn, T. Hafldox, Brooks Row 2: Snitzler, Provost, Ruchty, Gibbs, Alircns, Beighle, coach Row 3: Harkness, Kline, Scutvick, Kinderniun, Orcqzwtl, Mariotto, Cooper PEP STAFF ' . M. Kale, song leader, Weihe, yell king, Rogers, assistant song lcmlcr, K. Olson, Knot in pirturej yell duke Thirly Girls' Basketball The girls enjoyed a most successful basketball season this year, losing but one game and winning the eastern division championship by a safe margin. Ann Henderson, captain and sharp shooting forward, starred in every game. Shirley Rogers and Marcella Jeans also played forward, Lorna Campbell, speedy side center, and Dorothy Boren, jumping center, kept the ball at our end most of the time: and Pauline Niles, Alice Miller, and Henrietta Kline. guards, held the opposing forwards down effectively. Girls' Baseball The girls have started their 1936 baseball season in an impressive manner by winning both games played so far. Our pitcher, Lois Tollum, is speedy and accurate, and Grace Guckert and Marcella Jeans very capably handle her fast balls. Ann Henderson, at first, and Jean Galbraith, at second, have turned in some sparkling fielding, Alice Miller, shortstop, and Lorna Campbell, third, are steady, reliable players: and Shirley Rogers, Dorothy Boren, and Flora Mariotto can be counted on to guard the outfield. Q N.. GIRLS' BASKliTBAl.L Bottom Row: Caunpbell, M. Jeans, Ilcmlcrson, Niles, llogcrs Row 2: Fullner, rourli, H. Kline, A, Miller, Boren, G. Gut-kc-ri, mana er GIRLS' BASEBALL Bottom Row: Cznnplwll, Rogers, Iicnrlcrson, Guckcrt, M. Jeans Row Li: Boron, Miller, Galbraith, Fullncr. coach, Mariotto, L. Tollum 'lllllffllf-OIII' f Y 7' 'W ' 'W Epilogue The Executive Board have acted as critics in the production of this drama of Mt. Baker life. They have been present to pass judgment and offer suggestions to the players while the play has been in progress. The members of the Executive Board are: Bottom Row: Brockway, Sclilanch, M. Kale, Fullner, G. Kaleg Row 2: Beighle, Gibbs, Snitzler, Provost. Elder, DeVisscher. Olmsted. Fooflighl' Parade SEPTEMBER 9-Stars and understudies report to the theatre. 12-Major Schoof delivers an interesting lecture to stars. 13-Fair dayg theatre closed. 20-Understudy initiates roam halls in some "mighty queer get-ups." 25-Girls turn out for first basketball tryout. OCTOBER 5-Victory! VVe defeat VVhatcom at Battersby Field, 13-0. 11-Custer travels to Baker to tangle with the flashy Mountaineers-- Score: 13-7 in the Mountaineers' favor. 18-Stars sponsor a skating party. Meridian game. Baker wins 13-0. 25-Bakerettes lose a hard fought battle to Maple Falls-31-30. The Ferndale Eagles take a 21-0 victory from Mt. Baker at Ferndale. 31-Representatives attend the U. of W. Student Leaders, Conference. NOVEMBER 1-The Baker girls overpower the Lynden girls 37-22. 5-Baker places 2nd in footba.ll league by tying with Blaine, 0-0. 8-The stars frolic at the Carnival after the annual Hi-Jinx. Mrs. Fullner's swift six rout Sumas-Nooksack with a lop-sided score, -34-13. 15-Mt. Baker negative bows to Sedro-Woolley affirmative. Bakerettes get sweet revenge by defeating Maple Falls, 23-17. 18-Stars were excused from rehearsals to attend the Passion Play in Bellingham. 20-The Bakerettes come out on top of Sumas-Nooksack, 32-21. 22-The Baker girls meet the Lynden girls on the Lynden floor. 26-The Mountaineers have a practice game with Concrete and win 29-28. We give thanks for our vacation. Thirty-ll1rw 6 13 20 22 1 10 15 17 20- 21 23 24 27- 31- 10 12 18 20 21 22 26 28 5 6 13 20 27 Sl 16 17 24 25 1 8 13 24 25 28 29 T11 DECEMBER Anacortes negative loses the debate to the Mt. Baker affirmative. -Juniors present "Clarence" --The senior stars entertain the student body. -28-Santa Claus brings us Christmas vacation. JANUARY We start the New Year out right-with a vacation. The Mountaineers clip the Eagles, wings-Score, 24-17. --The stars go to hear Admiral Byrd. Mt. Baker affirmative takes Lynden negative. Mt. Baker debaters lose to Arlington, placing 3rd in debate league. The Borderites take home the big end of the score-21-23. -24-The stars do not shine so brightly in semester tests. The Whatcom Redskins take home the Mountaineers! scalp-21-23 Some happy, some dejected, actors and directors face a new opening The Lions proved their bite is even worse than their roar by march- ing off with 38 points to the Mountaineers' 21. FEBRUARY In a nerve-wracking game at Ferndale, Baker wins, 22-21. -Ouch! Fairhaven wins over Baker. -Baker gets a bad start in the county tournament. Blaine 21- Baker 20. -Mountaineers regain ground by defeating Maple Falls, 15-9. -The girls entertain their mothers at the annual Mothers' and Daugh- ters, Tea. The junior section presents a VVashington's Birthday program. Hurrah! VVe beat Fairhaven, 14-11. -Revenge is sweet! The Baker lads sit down on the Pioneers, 18-7 winning third place in the county tournament. -Mountaineers win over Friday Harbor, 21-15. -At last the big night arrives. The stars present the season's hit "In Old Vienna." MARCH -Mountaineers are overpowered by the giant Everett Gulls, 35-14. -Baker is out of the District Tournament after losing to Edison, 24-18 -The girls get a break at a Leap Year skating party! -20-Individual pictures of the stars are taken, -The sons entertain their dads at the annual F. F. A. Banquet. APRIL Girls open baseball season with a win over Maple Falls, 15-1. Boys not so lucky-lose to Maple Falls, 19-6. Girls defeat Lynden, 6-3. Boys follow suit--score, 6-5. Senior play. Music Festival. Annual goes to printer. Preview of Coming Features MAY Junior-Senior Banquet. Eighth Grade Visiting Day. Mothers' Party. -Seniors take charge of school for day. --Baccalaureate. -Class Day and Open House. -Commencement. -School closes-are we sorry or not? irfy-four 1 1 1' 0g ' 5 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQII E DARKEGLD "no+ ius'r as good, buf' beHer" EI Innunmun-Inu IHIIIIIIIII-In-I Imuu-mmmmmnlmn la Svurrmaz Euzfinnzz Qlnllegv R. I. VVISE, Presidenf 1 I I Prospecjr SIreeI . . Bellingham "I+ Pays +o A++end a Good School" EI """'""'""""""'"""'"I''"""""'"""""'"'""""""""""" E LEARN TI-IIS EACT Keep your CredII Good . . . II may be wor+I1 more To you IaIer in Iife Ihan CaIoIIaII NOGKSACK VALLEY STATE BANK Everson, VVHShi11gtO11 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION IEI mmm.I-InImummIm-mllnmII-I-I II-ImmInInI-III-mnIIII-IInImI--II-I--ml-IIIIIIInm--Im IE Congra+uIa+ions - CIass of '36 - from KNOLUS HARDWARE'and GROCERIES Phone M-30 Everson, VVashington Eh ............................. .................I..,...................... ...I...-................................................I..I-......I-I-............. El ll 'rfy-sim B mmmm ..... .mmmn Um ..,. HH ..... H ........ . .... nmmmm E Groceries . Feeds Dry Goods . Shoes i Hardware . Seeds Everson Mercantile Company INCORPORATED 5 5 E nmmmn Ig in-umm: urvnuuvnuufnulv mu rununnn umm nnrlnnl mmm: IHHHE Complimen+s of J. B. WAI-IL Bellingham's Fine Sfore BELl,IN1:IaI,UI, WASHINGTUN E .mmmmm. ........ m .............. . ......... m. ......... nl ...... nmm -.... immmn E 5 nm. immlm- III- mm- ------ ----- - -----i----- I mn ummm- ga Bes+ Wishes +o rhe Gradua+ing Class of I936 Hninn Printing Gln. Prin+ers o'F This Annual and O+her High Class Publicalions in mnmn-muu-nu-ummm:nmnnmnmnin-1nimm-unmmunnin.ummminInHinmiinninmm.Inmminmmmnumnmlun-nu-UIQ! 5. U Sporfing Goods . . Firearms . . Ammunifion . . Fishing Tackle Painls . . Oils . . Glass - Universal Washing Machines . Myers Waler Sysfems Z RENFRO HARDWARE Lynden, Washingfon E nmmmm ......... mmm .... nmmmm. ..... mmmmn E 71 M mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.E W lil I-IOFF 6' PINKEY LUMBERCQ. Bellingham, Washingfon Phone I278 E1 :Ei IE! LE Por+rai+ and Commercial PHOTOGRAPHY SANDISGN Congra+ula+ions +o +he Class of I936 . . . We hope +o see you oflen in Bellingham Woolwor+h Bldg. Bellingham E1 ....... .................................... .................................. E1 llirfy- 1711 qj uuuuuu1IIunuuannnnnIIn1nnn-uvnlnuuunnnu.nnuuuvnlnuunn LQ i I WESTERN ENGHAVING wn!COLORTYPE C 2030-Fifth Avenue - Seattle - Washington- SEATTLE ENcnAv1NG c oMPANY it ll v l

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