Mozelle High School - Mustang Yearbook (Coleman, TX)

 - Class of 1948

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Mozelle High School - Mustang Yearbook (Coleman, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 150 of the 1948 volume:

-Fw Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS of 1948 MOZELLE HIGH SCHOOL 7f91m,JS45A.S2Anf glbww., . U? When the fire of your life is an ember And the days of your youth have fled, You will never forget to remember As long as this book can be read. We have put here the wondrous story In writing, in picture, and song, All things that brought us glory, Events that went right and went wrong. Your schoolmates will live on these pages, Through whatever they have written or done, You will treasure their laughs and their rages In this book full of schoolday fun. ww QW!! . "-"s... Q -Q -Q- rf in - f' :, 4,3 . all ,.. IIN rv' pad, '31 'mmf H as 'bf LQ fat , 6 0 uf Ut P Sf' , ff 4 v F a N' Q! eb It is with deep appreciation that we, the Senior class and annual staff, dedicate this W J A Harris As we turn through yearbook to .Lure o 0 o the pages of this book, we are reminded of his wonderful personality and pleasant sense of humor. We hope that this, his first year at Mozelle, has proved to be as pleasing to him as it has to us. In 'X 1,. 6 af".- ' O fn' me .-,,, ...... -- kv mm . f ' K 5 , ' 1: We so Q 19 'vzg a 4 765 -wav rv f--- 4 si VOTE x 'VXA ' M: . ' A ,NMA Y fl, 1 E T-.Qi 3- ,. f -T: f N1 4 ,.. ...,. 'P-., SC ,,, .4- "Goa A . . , : gk1NiO'? ALGEBRA USM' pg? V 'rsshr S 3 A Y -'fi I VEQVO0 , f5'kiXN' C J gg 1 S 'Q cjuoaliw Lee Byrorn , H President Charhe Rae WB ' viz' xml ' A- as ' -I Oli Y N . ' L 1 4 ' . Gogdon Monsey A. S. Tisdale le y ' ecretary ff I U um x.: , N 4' , - - IN Q .. u C 525 S - D W. L. Livingston Pat Downey I- V n X W7 X ff x , , f , VW' ' W. E. Martin hh I ss 'Q 4 x " X' . ! s lr I , 1 Mrs. Greer vt.. K QL J Q"f'+ ' he .,,' .ia2f.e .e,,-: + k.fgvf . . D. H. Grounds J'. A. Harris B. D. Murff YQ ,,-nu.. B obbye Monsey . Nancey Greer in 'ga . . ms. 1 gr.. . A V ek3s,M K g r, Qu.. I i .1 g Kiki, U . 5 . . . .i is E531 Vh.. 1 E: ? Mrs- Veal . Q Q . xii i . -VY, . 'Q ' Mrs. McMinn j. . 1. WN -qjfr . Dear Friends, I am taking this opportunity to express my appreciation to the sponsor and the staff of the 1948 MUSTANG. We appreciate your efforts to give us something from Mozelle to remember and cherish. I To the faculty and students of Mozelle I give my regards for your friendly cooperation that has made the year pleasant. May each of you enjoy a worthy and success- ful life. Sincerely, 'D. H. Grounds Superintendent jj ,M 47 isa? , 2 ' ,, . 1 - H, , J' ' , N .,- f '11 " A V ' . f f " Q Q 1, ' f' M4 is 5 L Q N uf J x an -. W-km' .ff Q -. if' f , 'WM' M ' A s V ggi 4 6 J K ,X if M1 wif , NM Qy W , fr 2, RN K f 5 K J-K j fu" X, ? - 3 f f Lf , . ..., , if Joyce Roberts . . . President Jewell Ballard. .Vice President Eileen Pate . . . Secretary Joyce Lee Roberts Jewell Ballard Peggy Tumlinson Bill Steward 415' ' 59 EP M Q Juane lle Guthrie Q, J I T ommy Simonton 1 It V. iiflffflk ax' abil Billie Ruth Jamison Annette Stephenson 'S' , 'es' A K Q L, 'ig J 1 f Frances Cope Vernon Slate . ,W sv w w w , f Mary Faye West Ted Stewart Carolyn Turner lla Pearl Feeler 346 A ax , 6' f , 2 s i . A f 6 W X 4 C arte 1' Dalton Eileen Pate Roy Campbell Waggfl' -'-' :fp ,nf , A. . emily M Peggy Thomas Bennie Row Grace Hopper Darrell Henson Gi -e' a-w1ef 7 J st e V1 v fhwf ' I W- a , ? 7' 7 . 'I ? Q if ,nf 'L 13' ' 3 ,f . .rf fa ' N F3 It A- gn: H Q, . .. L 1- Q wr , 'vi , .14 .. , n v it 5 N- 1. M - HE: 1' 'wiv K, ez? . x ,, Q 1 ,s . R M 'A H N 1:4--W X , Wim ',--'TH P1 ' A' iyffii Q ff-fs V L President ..... Madge Tramrnel Vice President ..... Betty Terry Secretary . . . . . Hokey Machen Janie Row Donna .Pyburn Betty Terry Wayne Alford gf Joe Garrett mfffgssg-Vfgiqizggy-Q5?t5p I ' if-,W T t ,ig Thomas Hudgins A , 'VVY T y ' f :ll Sbeifgl ' ff lzff rv: ry,4..-f in 'W f ff 1 Wllburn F1e1ds MWA, ,ff, - gg V .,,,f.,L , , V, , ,L ,. , W, gem," Lg, ' , J Q .U A hwy- X 'll W, Effiv 'J' ll il' o: ,' .nu U- ,:, . u 4. ' ,':::'l mum ,Ir 9' ' hiv pudaq,. rhnnngfng nuns ,I F9000 ,nun Ha- A N.. -7 few ' so Madge Trammel Kenneth Day Maureen Steward 'WU W. F. Deal Clara Ballard Hokey Machen Vlrgll Smith I, fi ,,. ,, 45224254- ' A L42 ' Cleo B1ggs Van Row Elda Wmslett nu .. un O 1 4 'u ,2,u.n..3?" 'n , --0.033 4 ',, .-3 1 44: ' ng, ' u O l O ' .,. . 3: B3 5 I S Q M 1 fa 5 A 4 Se S wr S 5 .2 Q 'wwmif-A """"' 4W'D""""""N 4258.37 Alvie Bowen .....n Presidentl Hershell Wilson . . . Vice President Iva Gwyn Sikes . . . , Secretary 5' ,ne e + Alvie Bowen if 1 fp 'zi' Y Kathleen Hogan l Billy Roy Thwe att . qs-t, 51 if Q1 v I 1-is" ' 255245 "M,"-1 .5 ' -- ' EW WK 'Q' Iva Gwyn Sike s Hershe ll Wilson Wileen Feeler -ol Y' 5, Av 5 F3 in . 35 if Q: a gg? 5 'I ffv-w:f Q' ,iisiE2EET3?' 5 if my ,Rin an A J! -cg! Ruth Matthews Patsy Ransbarger -:L A X f qi, Wanda Cope 9 4.151 ,A .1 , W. 'ST 1 1, . W., ,, . 1 1 ,L J pgwza 3? af 'I Jw M 'J' 5 1, w A' M E ff' J a L Xi ,ZS iiffisif Lois Moore ....... President Earlene Boatright..V.President Doyle Roberts ..... Secretary s--9-' L43 ', "Of INV . 'I S, , + X Doris H. M. .Tuanelle Dewey Downey Dunc an Mc C le llan Dye r Albert Iuanelle Earlene Doyle Hamilton Creek Boatright Roberts Jn.: 1. at M r -a I M V y Q n Q l K kk 7 2 V . M-if - ml A X M X' D 5 ' l synn f , SD! if 4 Z 3 it XIA y if n f , f I I s D if ,vw 'T' , up QFQ W f I . .Q A ,,,,., . 'ie-M. Y in . V I ' ' is faq ' 'A ' ' ' Q I ,uni ' Ks- -! ' ' 7:P S I 'V weia 32:5 " ' . - uv H - 1 -. .'.' .'.' eggfifgggg . , , .I . " . U I L ' f .gigly ' ,. ' . Q 1 -ff.,-fe.n: 2 fy-wg: Nw. Y , ,uv g A '-ff-Lf'fgl,3'.z:::' -. ,, f1:-:Q.- 4:1211 ' SS K f at June McQueen Q k A AC gigsiyfifz fx '10 -asv Jean Grounds Billy Stephenson Betty Sluder Benjlee Moseley Ruby Waldon Pat Davis Ealder Ballard Clarence Pyburn Mary Langehennig Charles Puckett Ola Harding Sam Thomas K . iv' . M? " X if lf QF , , jr Q4 Lg, 3 Q -M. R I l:,. 7 Jimmy Jamison swag ,1 A 'aj-ff 'T Lois Moore 'JF , vi 1 161 nov . SHOWN Fred McClellan Joann Row Allen Turner Ruby June Yates .Toe Bob Fenton Bobby Turner Shirley Throgmorton Charles Lindley Jimmie Biggs Walter Windom 452 3 B 5' 2 7 , , Billy Joe Martin Q1 'ff"9"' ff ' xr fl Qi S Q E E L Back Row: Martha Veal, Reta Strickland, Christine Alford, James Creek, Kathryn Puckett, Robert Logans, Jean Ballard, Sam Pate, Lois Cullins, Robert Candler Third Row: Kenneth Williams, Dorothy Puckett, Howard Elliott, Patsy Throgmorton, Paul Wilson, Joy Hamilton, Monty Sanders, Thelia Sikes, Mrs. Greer. Second Row: Peggy Throgmorton, Gerald Simonton, Beth Thwing, Steve Fenton, Geneva Griffin, .Carl Puckett, Annie Belle Elliott, Billy Puckett. First Row: Juanita Feeler, Jerry Allen, Louise Seals, Dale Stewart, Winona Winslett, Doyle Hughes, Janett Fields, John Cohea. X A Xikf f .1 ::?"fAgf A t - 'I ffi' -f ff 1 . HW XL- ' ii X-fx, ' 'fd L .P , . ' ' ': ., wi," ' ., ' I, '-1r-J fi" xg ,951 i'?, a .,,.f6v-MZMJMJL... M 5 f f -N,-f...f,.,..-......, ff ' A ..w,ZK1'f1l'1,,,.,.,,,.-.,, H., Z7 Va-4.0! I .Q N 8 Ii gg 's N 115 v E 52 Y E 4l aff' W 1 M W 0 0 fi jj Qgjlw QW wfgfjffwd' M 4 Wfajf W 6913 4 W MW iff W xii? .-A. . ..., , ,,,,, .. if 'F Ag? 35, W w Back Row: Ola Harding, Doris Downey, Dorthy Grounds, .Tuanita Feeler, Catherine Puckett, Kathleen Hogan. Middle Row: Gerald Simonton, Thelia Sikes, Winona Winslett, Jerry Allen, Lois Cullins, Wanda Cope, Miss Greer fDirector Front Row: Ioan Row, Peggy Throgmorton, Doyle Roberts, Patsy Throgmorton, Dorthy Puckett, Paul Wilson. . q u X iii , Skit 1.,.,,, O 3N KQ W JZ!! Sponsor ,,,c, , , Bobbye Monsey Editor-in-chief Q , , , Peggy Tumlinson Ass't Editor . . . . Jewell Ballard Business Manager A, ,,,,,o, , Joyce Roberts Assistants , ,Janie Row, Hokey Machen, Willeen Feeler, Billy Roy Thweatt, Dorthy Grounds, Sam Thomas, and Peggy Thomas. Back Row: Middle Row: Front Row: FFA Wilburn Fields, Charles Puckett, A. W. Allen, Walter Windham, Benjelee Moseley. Virgel Smith, W. F. Deal, Bill Steward, Shir- ley Otis Throgmorton, Sam Thomas, Billy .Toe Martin, Clarence Pyburn, Billie Stephenson, Doyle Glyn Roberts, Jimmy Jamison, PatDavis Curtiss Wilson, Charles Lindley, Allen Turner Hershell Wilson, Kathleen Hogan QSweetheartj Bobby Turner, H. M. Ducan, Dewey Dyer, J'oe Bob Fenton, and Mr. B. D. Murff. FUTURE RMERS FP' OF . "w..3? ghk , i ls, f, X K.: Back Row: Second Rowz First Row: f""'M FWQ M-fb 5' fs 1 Ass't Coach Monsey, Annette Stephenson, Coach Harris. Ruby Yates, Dorthy Grounds, Billie Jamison, Iva Sikes, Ola Harding, lla Pearl Feeler, Wil- lene Feeler. Dona Pyburn, Elda Winslett, Joyce Roberts, Cap- tain, Juanell Guthrie, Captain, Eileen Pate, Janie Row. F7 1 L94 Back Row Alvie Bowen Bill Steward Tommy Simonton Virgil Smith Thomas Hudgins Coach Harris Hershell Wilson 5 K 'f , X 5 Front Row Ted Stewart Joe Garrett Wayne Alford, Capt W0 F. Deal Billy Roy Thweatt A. W. Allen l OE GHQRETT-CHp74I4f 5 . s ' 6 , male D STEWART' C" C Starting Lineup: Tommy Simonton Bill Steward Wayne Alford Virgil Smith Joe Garrett Ted Stewart First Row: Betty Terry Sweetheart Hokey Machen Billie Thweatt Hershell Wilson Thomas qHudgins Vernon Slate Coach Harris Second Row: Fred McClellan Doyle Roberts W., F. Deal Alvie Bowen Allen Turner 'Mi 'Z ffrf if if L Q yi 5 I , ' 5 -a. X W 3 W U Q 8 5 94? .JVM . 1 ,, .H an ,vig A 5 Q .f uf fn w K xv 1 4 J E I, ' iv -NU , ,A . 11111 ,MMM A umm ff L22,.-L ,.,..-s"""" wp naw W I 1 1" r vw-N, v 4-. z K ,, A fx' "" 5 - X If X ,fog -Qvfgyz ' , mg illl' NA - 1 ' mlm V Nfzk.,,kiE8gUE- JJ. K. KL K .J '41 I 1, vwwri NH... A , ,Win ,A , ,c 1' . 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Suggestions in the Mozelle High School - Mustang Yearbook (Coleman, TX) collection:

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Mozelle High School - Mustang Yearbook (Coleman, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 91

1948, pg 91

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1948, pg 25

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