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'V ,A . "-F.. n I I if .. 1 Q'2iT P:5s5'f25:E'.?5'KE'f E -11. 5 YW: Y Yi. 59?-15? 3 U 3 1 2 Chuck Miller, Sports Editor Harold Dean Sarver Activity Editor A ri -and H113 p gilt, N Nancy Swlxghy Mathfasortwood, alloy Blvd on wow' vwwgr ' Servo 'WA gmfln M30 ckmanv Giofia Be . Hd 1 1. rey Judy DeC1erck, Literary Miss Moore, Advisor Home IJ.COY'lOH1IC 5 III English IV al M WW 1 2' . ki l 'NNXW .4 N M m M my x H mf w nm N 1 Q ul ,H i V 4AW limb Ilan M mf H V g N 0 U Mr. Gerald Jordan - President Mr. John Gordon - Secretary Mr. W.B. Kranz Mr. Clark Pierce Mr. George Wooters Mr. Gilbert Baird Mr. Clarence Lalnbdin Mr. M. J. Corby Mr. M. W. Deibert Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent of Schools o o Administrators O Mrs. Kranz O I C e u Mrs. Bohlen -...u.....H 'K' Qi .9423 f4,'s??5?'5fi z W1 2 W., E5 5171 0 -25521514 H U .1,:,f,.y' Q ,1.1x:,fL,fyg. . I fi Va lg, 2 5 .y wk M 'N rf N H3 gm ,H5M,Z51F,55wg 5575! ' Hu, I Q 5 Ev V if 1, E Q fwfg ' fyffgfif- Xi' ', XMB--dlQf'5i Z, 2: "-11:65 ,.,2:3:-5a:: ::,:., w .F T : "':::E2 :5-25 -:- , :F-:i'f: ,, .' a Q - ' " wswgivszzzfsfw viii? .S V AE ff Q 5 1 E F3 Q 1 Qu 5, L 5 if P V 2 5 f.: .5 Wifi 6 . xii' PZ? ir 5224 5272.3 535. if wjw- U 5 7' , Eff S A 1 .25. 1 .- 3. E, E qw lfrggimggf QQ. -5 X 525555 57255 52 'fa E fi , 5 sf-2532? W ii Q C- s:S5c'iffE:faS2wvSaH.1.SQ: 5: x J. GQGG i'Zi96+4Q o 'EQ Mr. Wyeth Commerce fe -2: 999 P6 9 .X 1' dir? 09 956 Mr. Fedrigon Social Studle s X96 X Mrs. Krebs Mr Howard Kmght 49 C396 Vo cal Music Agrlculture M1ss Lohmann Jumor Hlgh Coach C H1gh School Coach Home Econom1cs C60 NXQ5' YQ59 fa XSOXEQXQO 9 Mr. Light High School Math 7th Grade Math 'kb Q! Glrls' P E Blology Q18 fb' Quo H1story SCIGHCC Q96 Se Q2 -If exx Q30 Cooks Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Srnka Beckman Stump Mo rrison Hill X X Martha Austin etobegood C QMartyj "lt's always nic but it's tempting to be naughty. " Chorus 1,3 Contest 2 Ba.nd 1, 2, 3,4 Contest 1, 2 State 2 Class Officer 2 F. H. A. 1,2,4 G.A.A. 2,3 Arrowhead Staff 4 Pow Wow Staff 1, 3, 4 Band Officer 3,4 Tri-County Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus Officer 3 Pep Club 1 Trip 2 Junior Play 3 Bill Bays fBillj "Must know Sumpin' but don't say nothin'. " Gloria Beckman QBeckyj "I was made to do some- thing but what was it?" F. H. A. 1,2,3,4 Officer 4 G. A. A. 4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Arrowhead Staff 4 Pep Club 1 Barbara Bohlen fBebej "Oh, those pretty eyes. " Co-Editor Arrowhead Staff 4 F. H. A. l,2,3,4 Officer 2, 3,4 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 Officer 4 Band 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Girls' Ensemble 1 Contest 1 Chorus Officer 3 Pow Wow Staff 1,4 Class Officer 1,4 Student Council 1 Junior Play 3 Pep Club 1 G. A. A. Camp 4 Nancy Sue Bridgman QSuzieJ "There'S a little bit of bad in every good little girl. " F. H. A. 1 G. A. A. 1 Sweetheart 1 Attendant 2, 3 Cheerleader 2, 3,4 Pep Club 1 Chorus 1 Homecoming Queen Candidate 2, 4 Vice-President of Class 1,2,3 President of Class 4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Arrowhead Staff 4 958 iw Wd Marion Duncan fMariony "Men of few words are the best men. " Mixed Clarinet Quartet Band 1,2,3,4 F.F.A.1,2,3,4 Officer4 Bi-County Band 4 State F. F. A. Band4 Boys' State 4 Camera Club 1 Junior Play 3 E mi ly B right QB rightj "One can hear the clank of matrimonial chains about her. " F. H. A. l,2,3,4 Officer 4 G. A. A. 2, 3,4 Officer 3 G. A. A. Camp 4 Class Officer 3 Junior Play 3 Pow Wow Staff 4 Arrowhead Staff 4 Pep Club 1 Judy DeClerck iJ11dyJ "She's different when you know her. " Chorus 1 G. A. A. 3,4 F. H. A. 1,2 Pow Wow Editor 4 Arrowhead Staff 4 Spanish Club 1,2 Ruth Ann Federman Uiggery "Always at work to do her bit helping others when she sees fit. " F. H. A. 1,2,3,4 Officer 3 G. A. A. 2, 3,4 Officer 3 Chorus 1, 3,4 Arrowhead Staff 4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Octet 4 Ronnie Gorden fHerky "Like apowder puff-- I'm for the women!" Track 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Football 1 Camera Club 1, 2 Ju.nior Play 3 Pbw Wow Staff 4 Arrowhead Staff 4 Band l Garry Hunter fspeedyl "At last I'll graduate. " Audrey Lavonne Mathias Esther Lorraine Jordan lMathiHSJ QJor-Jorj "Always leave them laughing when you say goodby. " Pep Club 1 F. H. A. 1,2,3,4 Officer 2,3 G. A. A. 1, 2,3,4 Officer 2,3,4 Chorus 1, 2,4 Pow Wow Staff 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Librarian 4 Co-Edito r Arrowhead G. A. A. Camp 3 Ray Luconic fShortyl "No sinner, yet no saint, just one of teacher's complaints." Basketball 1 , 2, 3 Football 3 , 4 Track 1 Homecoming King Candidate 3 "A woman should spend a large part of her time in laughter. " F. H. A. Camp 4 G. A. AA. 1 F. H. A. 1, 2,3,4 Officer 2, 3 , 4 Class Officer 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Girls' Sextet 1, 2, 3, Contest Solo 1, 2, 3 Arrowhead Staff 4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Chorus Officer 3,4 Girls' State 4 Junior Play 3 Pep Club 1 Charles L.. Miller QChuckJ "He came to the school just to get a general idea of things. " Basketball 1, 2,3 Football 2, 3,4 Baseball 2 F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Officer 3, 4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Arrowhead Staff 4 Band 1, 2 Student CoLu1cil 1 Junior Play 3 Harold Dean Sarver QCaesarj "The census embraces 90, 000, 000 women-- I'd like to be the census. " Basketball 1, 2,4 Baseball 3,4 Track 3,4 Arrowhead Staff 4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Class President 1,2 Homecoming Candidate 1,4 Camera Club 1 Student Council 1 Bill Newman fSkinnyJ "Blue eyes, a head of curls, quite a favorite with the girls. " Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Student Council 1 Class Reporter 4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Karl Stiner fSkellyJ "I never intend to die from 0Vei'- work. " Nancy Ann Stone fRocJ "Always happy, nev r sad, full of pep, and Anna Louise Portwood Sometimes bad- ll fAnna Louy Cheerleader 1, 2,4 "Right into her heart F. H. A. 1 2 he won his way. Chorus 1,2 Pow Wow 4 Arrowhead Staff 4 ll G .A.A.4 Arrowhead Staff 4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Chorus 1 Class Officer 4 Student Council 1 Carnival Queen Attendant 1 Homecoming Queen Attendant 3 James Whitsett fWiU "We hardly know he's so still." Evelyn Zindel KE VJ "There's nothing like fun, is there?" G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 Officer4 F. H. A. l,2,3,4 Officer 2,3 Arrowhead Staff 4 Pow Wow Staff 1,3, 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Festival 1,3,4 District Conte st 1,2,3,4 State Contest 2, 3 Chorus 1 , 2 him C. Frank Woote rs "O, 1 live in the heart of the whole round world, and it all belongs to me. " Spanish Club 1,2 Band 1, 2, 3,4 Solo: District 2,3,4 State 3,4 Camera Club 1 Basketball 1 Class Officer 3 Eunice Fathauer 1Eunicel "There is nothing so queenly as kindness. " F. H. A. 1,2,3,4 Band 1, 2, 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Brass Quartet 1, 3 Trio asandy 2 Duet QBandj 2 Camera Club 2,3 Librarian 2,4 Pow Wow Staff 4 Pep Club 3 Yearbook Staff at Stanford 4 Class Treasurer at Stanford 4 43155552.33 L?QiZ.::i22'35' si' rZaisfa9 Senior Class Officers and Advi so rs Nancy Bridgman Nancy Stone Mr. Anderson Bill Newman Barbara Bohlen Mr. Seeds Senior Class History Thirty-two freshmen entered Moweaqua High School in September, 1954. The seniors welcomed them with lipstick smears and a day of slavery. The class met with their advisors, Mr. Knight and Mr. Houts, to elect the following officers: President ---------------------- -Harold Dean Sarver Vice-President ------------------ Nancy Bridgman Secretary-Treasurer ------------ Audrey Mathias Reporter ----------------------- Martha Austin Student Council ----------------- Barbara Bohlen, Bill Newman, Caroline Satterthwaite, Chuck Miller A float with the theme "Hold That Line" won first prize in the homecoming parade. Homecoming king and queen candidates were Caroline Satterthwaite and Harold Dean Sarver. The freshmen returned the sophomores' party with one in the all-purpose room. On October 8, 1955, the sophomores gave the freshmen a welcome party, with a wiener roast and scavenger hunt in the park. With Mr. Clark and Mr. Seeds as class advisors, the class elected the following: President ---------------------- Harold Dean Sarver Vice-President ----------------- Nancy Bridgman Secretary-Treasureih ------------ Audrey Mathias Reporter ----------------------- Barbara Bohlen The class float in the homecoming parade had the theme "You Are in Our Web". Homecoming king and queen candidates were Nancy Bridgman and Carl Jay. On September 26, the class made 332. 92 from a paper drive. ' In September, 1956, the junior class, consisting of thirty, met with advisors, Mr. Seeds and Mr. Anderson, to elect the following: President ---------------------- Audrey Mathias Vice-President ----------------- Nancy Bridgman Secretary-Treasurer ----------- Emily Bright Reporter ----------------------- Frank Wooters At this meeting the class ordered class rings which arrived on November 1. Nancy Stone and Ray Luconic were elected homecoming candidates. The theme of the float entered in the parade was "Flying to Victory. " The theme of the junior-senior prom, held on April 27, 1957, was "Land of Paradise". Ben Bradley's band, consisting of eleven pieces and a vocalist, played for the dance. The seniors met with Mr. Seeds and Mr. Anderson to elect the following: President ---------------------- Nancy Bridgman Vice-President ----------------- Nancy Stone Sec retary-Tre asurer ------------ Barbara Bohlen Reporter ---------------------- Bill Newman In October, 1957, the senior class sponsored the annual homecoming dance. The theme was "Around the World. " The candidates for king and queen were Harold Dean Sarver and Nancy Bridgman. The theme of the senior float was "Beat 'em. " The senior play was presented on April ll, 1958. Senior Class Prophecy This is your downtown Mars reporter, John Cameron-Cameron, reporting from station D. D. T. We have a news bulletin from earth on the Moweaqua graduating class of "58" at their tenth reunion. We find that MARTHA AUSTIN is feeding her ulcer in a mental institution so her ulcers won't gripe. Appearing weekly on T. V. is BILL I , who plays niunber one cowboy on "Saddle-Up and Seat". But poor Bill is still waiting to scat because he hasn't saddled up yet. GLORIA BECKMAN is now a professional baby-sitter on planet Mercury, seeing that all the little Mercurys are raised-up properly. BARBARA BOHLEN is making quite a profit on her car sales lot. She has just brought in a new line of space cars which are jet-propelled. A picture appeared in the newspaper today of NANCY BRIDGMAN. She has been elected president of the O. M. S. , Old Maids' Society. Their motto is "We're still looking for a man!" EMILY BRIGHT has been awarded the great honor of being court stenographer of the Outer Space Court. Her shorthand is super-sonic. A sensational peom, written by an unknovxm poet, has just hit the press. We have a suspicion it is the Pow Wow Editor, Em DECLERCK. Have you seen those "weird" pictures in MAD magazine ? MARION DUNCAN is the photographer of this magazine. If you have any complaints, write Marion Duncan, 1,,999, 999 Schizophrenia Drive, Neuroses, Mars. EUNICE FATHAUER is fast becoming a millionaire from the money she is making as fat lady of Marsettes Space Travellers' Circus. R-IEH lg-N FEDERMAN is the Chief Lady Garbage Collector of all the planets. Ha' Jaguarlessmobile helps her complete her task in only one hour. We find that R-Cy GORDEN has finally reached his goal. He has been hired at the Standard Space Filling Station as No. l grease monkey. GARRY HUNTER, who is a top ranch hand at the Gally-G Ranch, is suffering from splinters he got while "riding the fence". LORRAINE JORDAN became so attached to Dear Old Moweaqua High that you can find her there anytime as Chief Janitor. We are sorry to hear that lil-Y LUC ONIC has been admitted to the Psychic Ward. School was just too much for him. AUDREY MATHIAS is now the owner of an anti-insecticide factory. Her product is called "Willit Killum". CHUCK MILLER has volunteered to serve his government. He is now in the Navy. Crutch, Crutch is ILL NEWMAN'S motto. His crutch factory is doing fine. ANNA PORTWOOD has now entered partnership in the "Da.nie-Annie" mouse trap factory. Business is snapping. HAROLD DEAN SARVER was the first man to try to reach the center of the earth. Unfortunately' he left three years ago and hasn't been heard of since. Maybe the "center- of-the-earth people" mistook him for one of them. KARL STINER is now a truck driver. He's still stuck in the same rut. NANCY STONE must have nine lives. She has fallen eight times while cleaning the windows at the Pebbleville Hotel. Q1-YI WHITSETT is now running a "witty shop" for people who have run out of wit. Now scraping the slime off the sewer walls is FRANK WOOTERS. He is slowly sliding down the banister of life. EVELYN ZINDEL is now running a reformatory for janitors who got in the wrong desk drawer. Senior Class Will Martha Austin, will my ulcer to Mr. Fedrigon for disposal as he sees fit to any future de- serving student in American Problems. Bill Bays, will my mechanical ability to Roger Parks. Gloria Beckman, will my good physical condition to Mary Louise Beckman. Barbara Bohlen, will my nickname Bebe to any other girl with the initials B. B. Nancy Bridgman, will my ability to get by in P. E. without over-exerting myself to anyone who has trouble doing so. Emily Bright, will my ability to get along with any shorthand teacher to anyone who is silly enough to take it. Judy DeClerck, will my long pony tail to Sharon Eversole. Marion Duncan, will my muddy white dinner jacket to anyone who is clumsy enough to fall in the mud with it on prom night. Eunice Fathauer, will my ability to make a color sheet on the memeograph machine to anyone that will need it. Ruth Ann Federman, will not will anything, because I have nothing to will. Ron Gorden, will my ability to run the mile without stopping for refreshments to Gordon Kirby. Garry Hunter, will my entire ability in Latin to my dear friend, Robert Stiner. Lorraine Jordan, will will my will to Will Will because Will Will will need my will more than I will. Ray Luconic, will my great achievement of making the honor roll one time in my high school career to Howard Sarver, who hasn't accomplished this goal. Audrey Mathias, will my ability to hold a position in Girls' Ensemble for four years to anyone who, like me, is sure of catching a cold before each performance. Chuck Miller, will my ability to keep out of trouble with Room Service to Richard Gregory. Bill Newman, will my ability not to be afraid in football to Lenny Windels. Anna Portwood, will my long hair to anyone who would want it and has the time and patience to take care of it. Harold Dean Sarver, will my ability to "survive" at school without my mother to the "greenest freshman" I know. Karl Stiner, will my ability to get American History to Merle Bolt. Nancy Stone, will my ability to play every day in P. E. to the freslunen girls. James Whitsett, will my ability of "getting along with girls" to Larry Hight. Frank Wooters, will my dancing techniques to all freshmen boys, Evelyn Zindel, will my ability to take shorthand and like it to Margaret Titus. Senior Name Nick Favorite Sayings Pastime Name Martha Austin "Marty" "It looks a hundred per Riding and going to cent better. " good movies Bill Bays "Bill" "Cool Daddy." Messing with my cars Gloria Beckman "Becky" "Funny one. " Doing nothing Barbara Bohlen "Bebe" "Oh, Bird!" Reading, movies, and goofing off with the girls Nancy Bridgman "Suzie" "Oh, Dear!" Planning houses and running around. Emily Bright "Bright" "Oh, You!" Messing around and being with Kenny Judy DeClerck "Judy" "Hi, Honey. " Writing poetry Marion Duncan "Marion" "Let's follow it and Reading, skating, see what it eats. " running around Eunice Fathauer "Eunice" "Good night shirt. " Reading and messing around the house Ruth Ann Federman "Jigger" "Hecky Durn!" Being with "The Gang", cooking, reading Ron Gorden "Herk" "Better bring your Drinking apple-cider lunchg it might take all day." Garry Hunter "Speedy" "Makes me so mad I could Dream about a car I am eat a sandwich. " saving money for Lorraine Jordan "Jor-Jor" "Oh, Goody." Painting, driving Ray Luconic "Shorty" "Adios, Mother." Doing as little as possible Audrey Mathias "Mathis" "You nut. " Writing letters Chuck Miller "Chuck" "Truth hurts. " Rimning around Bill Newman "Skinny" "See you around, like a Being in the hospital to donut. " get out of school Anna Portwood "Annie" "Chips up. " Being with Dan and writing letters Harold Dean Sarver "Caesar" "Egads! What a blast!" Making "rotten-egg" bombs Karl Stiner "Ske1ly" "See you around, Jack. " Sleeping Nancy Stone "Roc" "Two or three times. " Goofing off with the girls J a.mes Whitsett "Wit" "Oh, Daddy. " Loafing Frank Wooters "Frank" "Well, another day, Eyeing a certain another 'F'. " freshman girl Evelyn Zindel "Ev" "Oh, crumb." Messing around with the kids Statistics Pet Peeve Ambition Likely to be Unfriendly and disrespectful people Little brothers People who complain all the time Disrespect Not having anything to do Shorthand, and riding the school bus with the noisy underclassmen Freshmen who try to act like seniors Riding the school bus Conceited and two-faced people Unfriendly people Wise freshmen Gripy women Disrespectful people People that talk too much People with noses in other peoples' business Dirty car Windshields Freshmen People who are nice to your face and talk about you behind your back Green freshmen and silly sophomores Underclassmen Conceited people Finding people who park in the country People with the same bad habits as I, or bus riding Unfriendly and disrespectful people Nurse, and a good wife Truck driver or maybe a mechanic Nurse . Social worker or writer and wife Get married, have a family and a home Get married, work, and have a family Teacher Photographer for Life Magazine A good wife and a secretary Nurse and a wife and mother Work in the field of science Auto-body Man Teacher and homemaker To become Director of YWCA Secretary and housewife Draftsman Housefather of the girls' dorm at Eastern A good wife and a secretary Be a Civil Engineer Race driver Physical theropist and wife Mechanic of some kind or construction Bank director Teacher and homemaker In a mental institution Cowboy Professional baby- sitter Car Salesman An old maid Court stenographer Unknown poet Photographer for "Mad" Magazine Lady garbage collector Grease monkey Fence rider on a ranch Chief janitor at Moweaqua High A patient in the Psycho Ward Crazy chemist Drafted Owner of a crutch factory Partnership in the "Dame-Am1ie" Mouse- trap Factory Moonlight Gambler Truck driver Window-washer Baby-sitter Worker in the Depa1'tment of Subterranean Sanitation Janitor in an office building MsfTEEfmXQi Wm' r ..,. W , ia ", TM mx ,Ewif J' www' ' 'W Tw 'V If f" 5 "' E 9 1--+110 . Ag7"1f ry as -fi 'G ,...-" un-an New 11 ul' , W W 2 Wlewia Mi 'TCW :MQ 5 . ,M Q cox, Eunice wig ,, xx 'Ag ix A5 1 13wgFg M f vummmig M. 'W -4' ,- ' ' f'2'P'W31iT1 WF V2 ii sms 5.55, L .Lx W .MAL M yx W., 'T377 I ' 5Q!f?'3Er7 is bf ai MQ Nm. VNV? QW ,. ik X , , 5 ' :' 1 . " if ' W 1 i 5 I O V ' Senior Babies ffm .Ui ,kj ,, Q Q12 fin . 7 .X 4 x -. ...,. 1 5 -W,-,,,55, 4, . . . Q . E24 , , ,.,. , ...,,.,..,. ,.,. .. AW: MQ. grzgfgm w ia 535212, QQQQZZZEIM . S 1 , hffw mxcvzgm QZLQQ, ziwqgvfvf whazgmgsf Wa av :M M.- , .. ' iw 2 4 Em -U .Q ' A 5 ss: 2:5-E 12 K Q iii Q r 51 'c Q Q as 2 M me was :cfs 'A Barbara Bohlen Nancy Bridgman-Class President Lorraine Jordan Co-Editor of Arrowhead Co-Editor of Arrowhead Sweetheart Queen President of G. A. A. Senior .QS . Raymond Luconic Bill Newman Football Co-Captain Football Co-Captain Audrey Mathias President of F. Il. A. D. A. R. Award I I 1 i S Martha Austin Harold Dean Sarver Judy DeClerck President of Band Basketball Captain Pow Wow Editor 'Er Y ws. INEM o J u nl o r CI u ss The junior class elected the following officers: President-Dean Wise, vice-president- Elenor Jordan, secretary-Donna Wheatley, treasurer-Joyce Brooks, reporter-Don Warnick. Class advisors were Miss Lohman, Mrs. McGee, and Mr. Shane. On August 29, the class ordered class rings. The rings arrived on November 18, 1957. Larry Hight and Diana Reid were the class homecoming candidates. The theme of the class float was "It's in the Bag". Projects used during the year to raise money were a scrap drive, the concession stand, and a subscription drive for the Moweaqua News. The jxmior play, "Finders Creepers", was presented on December 14. The Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 3, 1958. 'FM 9- Sharon Tilton Robert Stiner Beverly Snow 953.515 fr Q i Margaret Titus Sandra Tolly Don Warnick Donna Wheatley Dean Wise Brenda Al ve rson ,WMM DUGV ww vvv,.vv, in we g li. iii ?:5ii aaa. g , EU ., A P' John Denton A ' ' ' ' GW 'FffEI2'IEi2I .ITEZI My - ::. .: af: 1 b , by ,Al , kdiw 1 M f . zsszzszim, m ow , rv .,.,..,. , 4 , fb ,Alf '-:".?::31..:'g. K Aubrey Barnes Sandra Dowd Virginia Gilbert E lenor Jordan Richard Gregory 5 ggwfgvxvfiaeiseal '- :.,:.- ,g,,Wg5g:':ww'f W ..,.,..,.. ,, ,,,wge . gazes? sm: ' fss 4' an W R7 4 Q fir vw 2 we .vs Q' Q Q3 ,ls if 41' U W 9 Q "' Q I lf' 35 swf 6 Q r , 4, 4 is me I ' fi 'Z 55:22 S 5 ' 255- .' I- N? 5 r . 5 Lx.-faaaw , 32252:.:I':I:'I25:I'?52:'- . 5 lg y y 5 t Charles Kempe r Merle Bolt H f 21 ff?MSff'f:g:ffze:i ' f ic: very' gwfffwsyfz ' H f - V --., ggafggggga I 5 ' W ., L' gray D I 355553 .gg 5333? ' Hz, gg. ' Wf?53Z21f t V fggw 'TLA z 342.55553 , .' - ' :sv n ,rf Willard Dowell 55555255 rmwiiii was . . :QE 0555 5: ff: 5' A W rss? 52 ' fp :pisses :zz xiii? Q Q U, Q gssszfzpzfzezg r y V 55 Xwxwp, 'H5wzfw, wii iggwgg 'fsE5f?2i3S?sizgsfz3i' ZQS, 1" V F3323 girzsfigiifygf' " Qiiigiii Q K it ,am Larry Hi ght sm Q w V555 my :,,e5:5f,.Q.:::',: g.: '- '-we -:-:.: 1-V -V - s-, 2:23 .:.3:.:l: .:. . Him? 3 3 iam?-' 7 U, Q awe r ,,,, as 5: lar 3753? 52- Ei? 2 gg if xg 55? 'ii fl Q, ..... ' '55 D dwg .,,.: - - W V H 155 , ' Q Joyce Brooks 'H Xmgsziwimggnwi. Qlvhi? rifwpgiiiiiwea A l 5 A .... ., ggggm M .::-:f..asz:: eww ww , if 5 ?:p4:::g4r:zVf if ' EElS?????'flf ' 55, .E 'f 420525, 'L 21: 7 Q34 M W i .I ' -' EQ 1 l rf k':2'g5gfg5gv . ,V "'gx:V gsLgm?7iW'E " .. 5339? 4 E 5 1, 1 ., Lrgif :V zmgzh - - ., f Nor ma.n E llison Mary Ann Clipston Sharon E ve rsole Christine Hooper Barbara Jordan Virginia Leslie Sharon Miller Roger Parks Merle Patton Betty Perry Joey POITGI' Diane Reid Howard Sarver Robert Adams Z.,::,:::2:2-2:-2522:5:-2:.:2-22:-f"f "1'1" , . , r. it ,gf V7 ' K 'ist H ' Q fig as 55' f ' A We 4 t i wt' Ronnie Beck S N vig g -::.::.::-:I-::E1:E:l:4-31323: i :' asf-Pag e -"- I ze. g ....,. Q s P .Hn , ,v,,,i,.,. gag o f " ,ti In ,QQ ,g ix 552: so ' .arry Burgener f1Q1 ?iE'5Ff55'?iYii gig , "- ggffigsht E 2. - I ez. M5221 31 , - :fr e -.: .: I 3 ggi if gf 'A 3 A ygiiiiffli I .V UQJ - f ' fit -.. EE? . f .: .. 2 4 f f? ar: H and Mr. Knight, advisor. In the fall the sophomores gave the freshmen a wiener roast at the City Park. Sophornores were double winnersg their float "Chew 'em UP" took first in the parade, and their candidates, John Bohlen and Virginia Howard, were elected Homecoming King and Queen. May Louise Beckman was "Sweetheart" attendant. g , gg? Q h .... ga N. g SLR to as N in ,geo Xa I ' is W as X EL . X ff sg W 3 'a: '-'Z in 'fe :as a ' Q ik ,,.,., .. faiifigv ik r -1- f . 2 V Us 2 9 m.f:f'1' .iszelfiiwfwf N Www 122215 1?54:f:r 22222B'HW5f"""'..t V.. f ,21Mi55iEE1'.zmn. lv' 52.22, WW iiiifffwff' wvgfftawv f W , . .5,5ag.:-: :'... wlitiziw i i if' 1 i E . , .,.,......,.,. .. , .,.,. N tmggg q: - 1 owgg, Stftmm. , Wwimtti' : . . Q Wy --'-' : 1-:g-:f:5:f:.:-.. A,,, I KE EEZ. ,,-1:4 if Q V 'I .' 11.55 ., ,. 1., Q. - : 5,1 1 621 , . "-'-- 1 we SES if W 23552 'Z 55-1 3115- :fs . , HHWWKN, 3, m iw K 1 '55 ' V WW 1. B ZEQ 5-55. g ' ' " Sophomore Class Left to right: Larry Boyd, reporterg Suellen Kranz, secretaryg Miss Moore, advisor: Bob Adams, president, John Bohlen, vice-prosidcntg Jon O'dcll, secretary, 55155: I L' ..5:. , ...... k . ,V , Art Ater K os, x Q0 Q w fwkzv- 'S' X f Q Ex E. 5 X 5 N Q. . Q' Q if , Q12 5394 5 L 'S 11WZ?+E'ii51:i?xss:ff'Ei? We , ,U 2 :snazzy-W 7' -7 2 42 Q P1- WE, elif X xt si .g ait . Q 5 Q 'M f 1 gb .A Q 5 t , M 1 My vm ,, i 4 jx ,U . P in J' Darrell Beckett Mary L. Beckman John Bohlen Larry Boyd Don Brooks Q-I 41 I 1 .3 x 5223 Z as Sie ki at i W ga w Q 492 GW U5 3' ' 1 ir aw g - g. , W 6 ,fini'o lime 1 .,.,. 5 x so , 5 1? 0' 5' if W fiffitw ""m 1 , . I . .t A9 fm. wf w 1 ' wwwz I Reta Cearlock Bill Craig 3 E E Daggett Gene Denton Lucille Dickerson 3531 , . an ., - N v. ,. ,L all - :f2':h 2' saggy, .. tiara? A M Harold Force Carole Giberson Ed Hanley Marilyn Hays Garey Hodges Esther Hoewing Q? 9 . 1 Q i gud. , 'X '9 5 2 Virginia Howard ,iw iq' Suellen Kranz John Morrison QQ 'TS'-ala. ' gf,-, ,sit QI .3 -' s f 3 , fl Gertrude Pierce f m r V L Uogo ,J M .,. -11 M W J , wage or J ' W if a gl Tom Spaulding flifiy. :. ' ,ii W 74,31 .5 ,El WM , ,. ,, f 2 gang? I -: my W Q , - ' 1 fi pp- Jw' 4 J . 51" . Wgwllgfili k NA '. ' ,iw ,,.,.,. 2 on 5 3 z 'K F 4 , M A 4 5 Q N Us ,.3 X' f,. E I I... ,Q 5 . .f ra nfl 4 "'- f ' Finmmmwmunm X 4- Wilma Howse Ronnie Jackson Carlene Jacobs Lea Ann Jesse Karen Kemper H5 ,. ' gy "' , ,gawk-1, Lzzbi iz fu W? 1 Ez - . psf f ,X f v ww I 1 ' 1 - f W ff .,,,1fxw'iz lf' A Helen Largen Mike Lockart Lonnie Marshall John Mence Leah Morrell M V. - . ., ' L 5 Q 'Qs 4? 2 , , -,T :-fi. ' C , ami:--H" I I ,gg-yfigzff - ' 5 6 , , ,fgl0iis3.W2W 5553? My J Q WW L gh V V 4 L ---- ., Y V - 4 my ,SE Q J - .l., .. ,,, rl NYE " 5 ' g .V - ml if 4. P W Jackie Myers Larry Neilson Jerry Neilson Jon Odell Valorie Ogden W -.rl ,.:. .- :f.- . 5, A . 3 h . ' M Q? , 2 ,, , Q .r W fp ,LW vwwi as 4 K :V ,M H , V , N A ,Q 7 iy We dd 'V'k, Xian. in wJ,l,,-fi 7 ' wwf .-r-fr' Z, 5 i get ' 4 5535-3' Q' ,, yi, A t Q Q3 ,f g 5 0 2 l gig,- 3 3 l ' Q .l ' gl R kg' Jigygi, M fi X fills, E E Mark Pistorius Lyle Rose Sandra Reulecke James Ruot Don Sanner as ff! ,, time N v wish-iawaw my Sharon Stiner Michael Stone Richard Vatthauer Linda We akly Judith Woltz Freshman Class Bob Askins Jerry Austin Sammy Becker Virginia Bohlen V '.mmt.iZf Wzsnz. ti, so 1 at W. W. , s, i.hi , iiia , tuggqf ,L rw ,Q ,K . IQQYUZX . hm W f J . I1fI.". ' " :sex .-N I Q I , x ,Yi ' M4 Joe Dial Ruth Ann DeWitt David Gregory Rosetta Harbarger The freshman class elected the following: President -------------- Alice Ann Hemer Vice-President ---------- Janet Stump Secretary-Treasurer ---- Marabeth Bright Reporter --------------- Sharon Schinzler Mr. Light and Mr. Wyeth were advisors. In the fall the sophomores gave the freshmen a Wiener roast. Later the freshmen gave the sophomores a party. For the homecoming a float with the theme "Hatching Oat to Win" was entered, King and queen candidates were Bruce Sarver and Sharon Schinzler. ,Q -' ' s sg::s::gf::: . "" .1:i. '7 ' fig ' W 'init ' eQf'.f. X ' V' zzzzmlf' , I 5 I ':. A , . fgggkwgf' M V :,, -'-"M ig -' efsis-fiwfm, . .::, gm Leslie Bright Sharon Barnes 'frfgsfi H nf . , .,,,. , .,.. , l ' ' A e yditsf 'W A Y ,.,. A f 'Mfg' sg? . 0? B s1f+-ess? of f K 2 ' H' " iagzzzitiii 1, ' QfEf2ir45tWs:5. es,.,.1w 3 V . i 5E'E in . g"'V1+ sg . we s ,, , M. s E ss - 3 ' gimgiifis . gefffsemi .SW-i:5ltS Zf:ff,f?W:f " " ' iff' F- "'!P'2"V'P"3'f0q"i' ' ' 'Q' 5062351 'x,f'.:i'.552a ". M ' A . i r A V- VSYU ' 53 5, , ff? Q f A ,feb s if fr rr ff,s2g. 1- sg NM 3 Q " M52 3- 5' H , A -i f 31 2 . Q W mwwg m,rM,gaq, twig .ggp , B' by Marabeth Bright Essel Burton Fred Denton ....: W .,.,.... s ' i i VESEZZ. f , f ziwfzfi, ' - .,s. wp L , ,, -w.: sm. QM - x i fti i :wmv QF, .,.,... , , , if s 1 wi! We f , 1 22 - . ' W 31 aim A 5 :W Wf12""i 4 2 A f Msri A ,. ff S i Gary Fathauer Audrey Gillett Dan Gordon E s Sharon Harmon Alice Ann Hemer Karen Hight ,Y ,.,. 4 ':5s::f v i fl. g . "' 22? - T :.: g' 4 .. ,A,, : 5 - 4 H,J"b5JS A snassxf 4 gg. ' igiisfifii ,ml U, ' - A 'ihiiixsczz - 2, 4 fwgga? 1, v Q L ,- Q 47. A Q' 'mriais fw v we , Anna Hooper Garry Hooper fffAlle:2?li'L3Eiizi:::i,2:Lgf2i2i2i :: .. . . 95125552 Q 12 5, .5 7 1 ., if i 2313 ' i 1 ,iilliiif Go rdon Ki rby wezmizrz 1 fax, 3?2t'f 'w::2:'i'f X .,,, H mf' , , ,A ,M 'za f y 1 :gow - 4. l f 3' P Mlziii. ' Q -nn... , :Z imlwmf as Jerry Patton Bruce Sarver Sharon Schinzler 4 w Q :. - ' 33 ' fl l J .Q . ,, my .my ww- l Airtlgi- 'Am 5 ' A , ,xg I ymfsmfgi' ir Q1 WA PN" .iififflgfifgl :Q 592532233 A. 1 Q' ilqifl A as 1'-fe Wes., . ww '- frm Mi ":,. 4 J gg, : A. Q. Q Q ,v'EQI5. K ..f. ' -I fi b ' 4 .fz L2 ' " p Wi-mi Janet Stump Richard Suppes " ' www, V , ., rl : Tflliff 'EQ' 2 gig ' 3 ffl:- H fl.1 refs 'w x' , sr A - 2 u m - ' ' J- -1: ' 5 -3:3 J , 1 W ., Angela Wilcox Lennie Windels Bob Hunter Gary Jackson v Allan Pipes Irene Portwood Ufifiirl rfiaiew P' ' Bob Jesse , S J ..E' :1 , , z J amiga, K mi s., . . -' 1 z li 111 . ff? if X 1 Q xg . I' , . xt 4 ,si , Z ,Q only x +1 cl Kenneth Reid ' ' . , P We . , I me my 2 X ,Q si" YV 0 M A .- - 5 we , ,mi 5 sfo- ' if 43 5 ,wif A V ' L. is . .' 1 ,, ' ' , zz:-fffzkg H KWSN Q W-' X vsliiiwrr ,m!f.v,sg,gM...M 6- X J W, S, 7 za sizazggiz W :mn . L' if , ' feel: f Y- .. "" H g li , N Q J LQ M X f-f:2,:f ' 4 - - I K Judy Shields Fred Stivers William Stokes .my as .saw ,.iii2ii?5 ': I ap X Y Ummfgglg . .L.: : "" ' 'gfirsswsggi I . I A : m e Ai ' ' Qfifaimligiizi W , with - sw ws 'SNR is - ' - Lg. ...LW-152 gf. .M,?:55Qggw, 5. , lr .4 k . U A .551 EZEESSKESQ QQ 4, , me .Q " H Q 43 S ' ....,s-wwf? H , zzzwawsifzsilsiizg , ' J we -:,,-.:.g X- : 1 1. ,gay j 1.5. QA A .h:2Zw'Z'32f5nimW "" , A4425 'A 532 I- 1 .i 4 ' Q vwggwg5 ,N..,qwy,, P .: gg:y:,g:ga55sgsgrgzs-4 -'--'- - Ai 5 Q m ,:. , Linda Swe aringen Roger Tolly Beverly Wooters Roger Workman Rodell Traughber ,wi gg ,., . :-' : I E: 'Y 'S if N 5-fi' ..,. f -:, r f. ,wif ik "yy 4 .V -: . ff! -' ' Sharon Zindel 2 is Mgiziggisf, ri' wil. HN, . SQWZSM1 ,. wa, mwmwwim was Ziff 1:5-? 3513313 ,iii 5Zg2.Sl5'IiigiSZiZ' iQ2ZiJZ?'iZE'iiMl Emfgi ww' ,... 1 5 .,..' 5 S ? EH' fv1f1m:sIiU 'From unter space????n3uwQw1 M deodifagt ff ' s.Q,-14.1. a-.Lvfvsw4-.1..f-- - - ?'Ew?f:: secerets SEQFQJ' A 'attantimw 'W 1531. ., .-0'4" " f, gf , 0 f'w"JE W XJ 2 wg fwwxf? . -AW 5' 112.3 W' if Q, 5. 'iw 1 4 f, rw 2 'Q' Q QQMM' V y lQi31?,'fXa V uwmat'1i Yau Q2vG??n nJmat for kiexsaig M- H HFirst Urime-Fred Seeis li? , " . Q75 2xiL 3p.f , s'5533wI155'K 5iliZiV M15 El3lf3?'4 M' fffyj Front row: Sandra Dowd, Donna Wheatley, Gloria Beckman, Emily Bright, Barbara Jordan, Audrey Mathias, Miss Ernst, Lucille Dickerson, Barbara Bohlen, Suellen Kranz, Elenor Jordan, and Sharon Eversole. Second row: Carlene Jacobs, Evelyn Zindel, Lorraine Jordan, Valerie Ogden, Reta Lou Cearlock, Karen Kemper, Sharon Stiner, Virginia Howard, Esther Hoewing, Rosetta Harbargar, and Ginny Lou Bohlen. Third row: Janet Daggett, Leah Morrell, Sandra Reulecke, Wilma Howse, Marilyn Hays, Mary Louise Beckman, Ruth Ann Federman, Marabeth Bright, Gertrude Pierce, Audrey Gillett, and Beverly Wooters. Fourth row: Janet Stump, Alice Ann Hemer, Sharon Zindel, Eunice Fathauer, Diana Reid, Sharon Miller, Ruth Ann DeWitt, Virginia Leslie, Martha Austin, and Mary Ann Clipsbon. Fll'lUI'B H0ll16IIIUk6l'S of Amefifll The Moweaqua F. H. A. Chapter held its first meeting of the year September 12, 1957. The officers are: President ----- ------------------ Vice-President -----e----------- Secretary ---------------------- Treasurer - ------------------- -- Historian ----------------- - ---- - Parliamentarian. ---------------- Public Relations ----------------- Projects ----------- - ---------- -- Recreation --------------------- Degree ------------------------ Program ----------------------- Chapter Mother Assistant Chapter Mother -------- Chapte r Fathe r ------------------ Advi so r ------------------------ There are 44 members in F. H. A. this year. The F. H. A. has carried out many projects this year. Officers' Training, Informal Initiation, work on Homecoming Audrey Mathias -Barbara Jordan Emily Bright Lucille Dickerson Sandra Dowd Barbara Bohlen Elenor Jordan Suellen Kranz -Gloria Beckman Sharon Eversole Donna Wheatley Mrs. Emerson Mathias Mrs. W. B. Kranz Mr. P. J. Cearlock Miss Shirley Ernst Among these are: float, Halloween Party, Hobo Day, Candy Sale, Bakery Sale, Moweaqua-Assumption Banquet, and have had a coat check at the basketball games. They plan to have a Chili Supper, a Sweetheart Dance, a Daddy-Date Night, an F. H. A. - F. F. A. Basketball game, a Mother-Daughter Banquet, aSlumber Party, a Bakery Sale, and a Spring Trip. Front row: Mr. Knight, Marion Dunca.n, Donnie Warnick, Dean Wise Richard Gregory Joe Porter Charles Miller. Second row: Gary Hooper, Dale Fathauer, Richard Suppes, Arthur Ater Larry Neilson Jerry Neilson Gary Jackson, Ronnie Jackson, Joe Dial. Third row: Larry Hight, Tommy Spalding, Dean Becker, Jon O'dell Don Sanner Rode11Traughber Bob Hunter, Roger Parks. Fourth row: John Mentz, Mike Lockart, Dick Vatthauer, Larry Burgener Roger Tolly Bob Adams Norman Ellison. Not pictured: Charles Kemper and Garey Hodges Future Farmers of America The F. F. A. started the 1957-58 year with the following officers President Vice-President Secretary Reporter Treasure r Sentinel Advisor Dean Wise Richard Gregory Don Warnick Joe Porter Marion Dunca.n Charles Miller Howard Knight On September 24, the F. F. A. initiated nine Green Ha.nds and now have 23 Chapter Farmers a.nd one State Farmer. Dean Wise is Section 19 Reporter, and Bob Bohlen is Section 19 Star Farmer Five members went to Kansas City this year. Moweaqua had the champion corn samples at the Section 19 grain show, shown by Richard Gregory and Bob Himter. Three boys placed in the top six at the International Grain Show at Chicago in ear corn division. Joe Porter, Norman Ellison, and Dale Bilyeu placed in the first five at the Illinois State Grain Judging contest in June of '57, U X avg Q ,. 55? s. Q A. Lwkgfggg 1,94 ' W , ,, ,WWF 5 1 m L iQwQ3:e?555S5f :Is wjraefmfalizfawv W as . Hgiinl . ,ff www 'Ti er WFQSISGLQ 433535552 I am . .,..,.. 95.5055 , X 55 Q E E 2 Q 122, M 3 W ,gg 3 wc Q X my Mg 1.5 Aa Q E51 Q hx M - f Q -: Mk ah Vw -57515. 4 -1 is sffd e - S . .A:. :.,:,:A5:E.. , .. ...:.. - 1 M x 5? die iff ww ii S, was REQ.. 5 Q Seated: Elenor Jordan, Barbara Jordan, Sharon Eversole, Donna Wheatley, Diana Reid, and Virginia Gilbert. Second row: Angela Wilcox, Sharon Schinzler, Emily Bright, Evelyn Zindel, Susan Bohlen, Eunice Fathauer, Judy DeClerk, Nancy Stone, Lorraine Jordan, Barbara Bohlen, Audrey Mathias, Gloria Beckman, Martha Austin, Nancy Bridgman, Judith Woltz, Esther Hoewing, Patsy Wooters, Ruth Ann Federman, and Mr. Wyeth. Third row: Anna Portwood, Helena Pearson, Don Warnick, Joey Porter, Don Brooks, Bill Newman, Harold Dean Sarver, Chuck Miller, Ronnie Gorden. Pow Wow The Pow Wow, the school paper, is published every two weeks. The girls in the office practice class type and do the other necessary work it takes to complete the paper after the news have been turned in. The material consists of main events and activities of the school. The staff members were chosen from a list of volunteers. The officers of the Pow Wow are: Editor ------------------------------------------------ Judy DeC1erck Assistant Editor ---------------------------------------- Donna Wheatley Business Manager -------------------------------------- Helena Pearson Literary ---------------------------------------------- Anna Portwood Front row: Wilma Howse, Mrs. Campbell, Lea Ann Jesse. Second row: Sharon Zindel, Irene Portwood, Audrey Gillett, Sandra Reulecke. Standing: Mary Ann Clipston, Beverly Wooters, Sharon Schinzler, Lorraine Jordan, Lois Harbarger, Lyle Rose. librarians In study hall each period a librarian is in charge of checking out books, return- ing cards to books brought back, placing books on proper shelves, collecting fines, aiding students find books, and helping with inventory. The library consists of 2678 volumes, 36 magazines, a vertical file, and 468 film strips. The officers are Wilma Howse-president, Lea Ann Jesse-vice-president, Mary Ann Clipston-secretary-treasurer, Lyle Rose-reporter, Advisor-Mrs. Campbell er, IT1 He at P gen, Susie Shaw, 31' L 311 ina Fathauer, Sus 3.V , L hlen, Diana Reid Bo r, Joey 6 nS W:DO I'0 First Maryann Clipston, Ruth Ann Dewitt. pson, im David S 61' li Col Carolyn 9 zi Lamb ewing, Mit Ho her ens, Est sk A ck Carol Funk, Di TNI I'O ond Sec g, Evelyn Zindel Martha Austin, Alice Ann Hemer, Sharon Miller, Mary Kay Gordon, Stella Hoewin Janet Stump Bob Askins. Jon Ann Go rdon, Askins, CY hlen, Nan nny Bo Eck, Gi Jo ary , M Spaulding, Judy F 311 Sus hlen, Bo 2111 Sus Third row: 'ng, Mike Dooley, Louis yB ill y Bilyeu, B H1111 To ols, ch a Dickerson, Glen Ni nd i ca.n, L Dun ion Mar athfo rd, De an Becke r, Re l et, Darre In chard Brum i R Rose Loyd Lyle Rose Jacobs, alene al' Pierce, C pes Pi all OH, All rt Bu l Esse , Lucille yce Brooks Jo k Pisto rious, 31' M ooters W Stivers, Fr d Fre 9, 9.11 Sh H D0 r- recto Standing: Di Dickerson, Angela Wilcox. 'B 2 5 2 H C9 Con It presented a half-time show at all The band played at home football and basketball games. Band ensembles The band participated in Thanksgiving a.nd Christmas programs. football games. presented numbers for Schoolmasters' Club and P. T. A. programs. Seven ensembles Ten members attended the Tri-County Band Festival held at Findlay. r district fo y 29 arch t to Newton, M eil dw 3.11 b The strict contest. rdi fo 1, arch went to Newton, M contest. A iasmzsi is x Q! 1 3' f sg Q ffl? K 4 ,Q7 no Af , . N 1. wily. L we a FW' "W-A . 4 Q M W www .3 we 505 in-A .Sw fix sw 4-Qk Xi 5 2 am 5 as 1 1 ., 5 1 wwwwwwfmma www, Qu , 5. , 1? f m hu.. . K W, 5 M Y 5, 3 S K f YG vp M. L in ., W' mfm X, ,fm 'r' ,X W gi v ff A ,af V, , ff ff ff 9 , .,..,,,, ,K V ,ls 53- iw.-'V ,mf .h - Front row: Ginny Lou Bohlen, Suellen Kranz, Angela Wilcox, Marabeth Bright, Valerie Ogden, Eunice Fathauer, Betty Perry, Virginia Howard. Second row: Lorraine Jordan, Audrey Gillett, Gertrude Pierce, Sharon Eversole, Carlene Jacobs, Ruth Ann Dewitt, Virginia Gilbert, Diana Reed, Alice Ann Hemer. Third row: Don Sanner, Judy Woltz, Beverly Wooters, Donna Wheatly, Lucille Dickerson, Ruth Ann Federman, Mrs. Krebs, Mike Lockart. Fourth row: Joyce Brooks, Audrey Mathias, Janet Stump, Rodell Traughber, Allan Pipes, Sam Becker, Gary Hooper, Mark Pistorius. Mixed Chorus This year the chorus has 34 members. The director is Mrs. Betty Krebs. The officers are: President ---------------------- Audrey Mathias Reporter ----------------------- Suellen Kranz Librarians --------------------- Mike Lockart Mark Pistorius The chorus performed at several places this year. Among them were the Christian Church, the Christmas program, School Masters' Banquet, and the Methodist Church. Later in the spring, the chorus went to contest. Ill ' ,wpwg iii KL ici M ,N ,,, ,QV 'S Zi, Eg gi Ali? 1?,'s'gfE ff M ,F fe .se 2,2 Fkigafflw' 'gf 2 77 557 'Ziff Mm ' 5 1522 Lf v in Q5 Q, I Q55 25 41 W , 5. 5: 5, Xwgggg ,F ww Wm 'li :.:,i.:5, .:,-.,.:e::5j Q ww Y 522 Q x www ,gp 15 S 3:5 X fi f Wyyh 3 f KN! MW sf 6 . C W A M swam fs N M .L -1 0 , - 232225 Z x x A 1. W , 4, 5,Q V M sayin S5331 W, Q6 X V vp E 41 3 4 as Y ,553 Nazi: Qrzdg - if Qffgifw 55:5 E 1 , My SLA Q. A Xgggyh. Ei 4 ,gy ggi . Y Wfifzfzf ' A 5 p R w , g. iw ..., . am.. A X ,ik- . ,Q Qi ,ggi M M 5 2 , was JW .Q , .g.,,L:..,fh :fm fum: :E .... Ma Bggifiim ' WW' iliiiisw 7 , , Q Q A M wif' , Uzxasff.-1 , -:mx .-. , , . Ali' Q wwggggfznl saga W M ,J.b1-wfggf, ,. ,W .. w K K 4 ff 4 A .,,........f .' g 1.5.3. .P -V 4 229 Q W g ? 'iv 'AGM K First row: Lloyd Beckman, Ed Hanley, Mike Lockart, Jolm Bohlen, Don Brooks, and Les Bright Second row: Merle Patton, John Denton, Dick Vathauer, Jack Meyers, Ray Luconic, Harold Sarver Chuck Kemper, and Coach Anderson. O V u r SI ty T e a m BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES Moweaqua 43 " 39 " 24 " 42 H " 47 " 39 " 59 " 39 " 51 ll " 50 " 45 ll ll " 50 H " 57 " 63 H Total 971 Bethany Lovington Mt. Auburn Stonington Arthur Assumption Blue Mound Illiopolis Macon Blue Mound Findlay Lakeview Tower Hill Stonington Illiopolis Tower Hill Findlay Macon Bethany Assumption Total 53 53 61 68 58 38 61 78 78 82 70 79 72 69 92 75 55 92 71 43 1348 First row: Bob Jeese, Billy Stokes, Jerry Patton. Second row: Fred Denton, Gene Denton, Lenny Windels, Mark Pistorious, David Gregroy, and Roger Workman XX ll Team BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES Moweaqua 23 " 44 " 39 " 46 H " 37 " 55 " 64 " 42 " 27 H ll " 73 YY ll ll H H " 44 " 60 Total 981 Bethany Lovington Mt. Auburn Stonington Arthur Assumption Blue Mound Illiopolis Macon Blue Moiuid Findlay Lakeview Tower Hill Stonington Illiopolis Tower Hill Findlay Macon Bethany Assumption Total 41 48 44 54 35 29 61 56 68 42 44 59 52 50 49 65 45 86 55 65 1048 We " 'iiIE,':E:I:. Q ..s::. JE: 1 ., I fly: -. 0 gs, E, i Q dw F311 5 ' fl N 2523.35 7 gi. W f wh .- 1 4- ' A . "W, 4. QM V '1 3 .,.,,. 3 ,. is 1 ig , X if ,,f:5.,, WJ ..1Q t 'X 3 P , , Q y Q-A f3E 'Sv pf? sg nr 'W -,z As ,P QV 4 1 5 .1 A... ,ww w vm, " ir:-1 :. 3 .:.:..: K ,,.,. J' ., iw! Q if if W3 :. "" W? Cheerleaders MOWEAQUA LOYALTY Moweaqua High, the school we love, Let's sing a song of praise, Tell of her many victories And high her banner raiseg We'll glorify Moweaqua High. And work for her with zest, And tell to all the world around Moweaqua High is best. So let's join in and cheer, While we're all gathered here, Cheer for Moweaqua High. Rah! Rah! We are readyg 1et's go for the blue and goldg Dear Moweaqua High. Rah! Rah! For her honor and fame and her glorious name We will stand every loyal man, So let's cheer, cheer, the gang's all hereg All for Moweaqua High!! P53 if f WG, - M W? -,M Hi: 'gf H fix fa 555 94' Qi 501513 ff: 2j,qg31-ski? Ss' Qj?i'1.,65 H43 sfgyaffzf 'ew as 'OVJ' .H fL..fM4 "Caught in the act" ix if x 5 mai' vH3E wgsH2 Qgggfileis as-rx f72 r'igi?ff iafrff ies Hit Q iiZ . GQ F? 55'5'fe 3, O O Homecoming Kung and Queen JOHN BOHLEN AND GINGER HOWARD Around The Wo r I d 2' Z.. Steve Sz Susie Harold Dean 8: Nancy Larry KZ Diana Bruce 8: Sharon Richard Sz Elenor 55 125 2 2 22 2 2 , .,,., z x 1 S c M, , 73 x fr? 5215593 ' ww 'W Kwmwg ,L 1 pw 1. R T E I A N 58 T H E W i o R L D i I s f 1 A V A A fh 5Al I f I aWI ff Q Sweetheart Queen 6 so' 9 +2960 Queen's 'Va Court 'lc 0 . 11,8 YV Q12 oys G 6604. 'hm 53" 'iii2L 1Q Z 535 Z f if f i f , 5593243 Mi 1,21 5 Ls! Z L21 Z' 325 5 5 51 55 Gini i 1E'?X'i1SE233i'.ZbT 89" of 4,..f...c3CD--- ,---,,, Best Leaking I' if f 1 mmm ,, fun Emanuel 1-,rl , K an i 'f wane wQrrm1mvs'f-- --rs' 1 'T":nn'.2ffu mf A E 1532 k ,Wi E 1 2223: sbs. www ,M ,,,.,fyA K Mfiflfiilvaiii' gffqseilz QPESQ' 1 , wgfefgza Ng. . ,WM mdk, ,f if 'Z v S1 ll .ywiwfgf swings: my miriam f: :A Mizz- sgwsyr A 1z,QQif'3fle!13i'SZs ,MWWW V 1 , sg 271, f ,zwffa-HQ wmwwnm, X wifi: ML: 'U' 'S' 'MEL , Wim f my xrl 443 wx K' s FLW sii gei ' ii W JN fi 'QQ 5 'Qi AMN wwf' ' '?'f K " ff L 4 QQ W XXX l l UI' K Y Vu, l 4 x 1 Q l Compliments Of Compliments Of www ' FLANDER'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions E? S 53 Sundries School Supplies CEARLOCK'S SHELL SERVICE Phone 9 Moweaqua Illinois WESTERVELT PAPER C OMPANY INCORPORATED Wholesale Distributors 730 East Cerro Gordo Street Decatur Illinois Bags--Wrapping Papers Paper Towels--Toilet Tissue Janitor Supplies--Cups Corrugated Boxes--Twines Shippers Supplies Compliments Of MGIVEAQUA FEED COMPANY Bill Moore, Manager Compliments Of L 8x W FOOD MART A 5 Quality Groceries and Produce ELOISE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE John and Wayne R. GREGORY 8a COMPANY Compliments Of Hardware and Home Furnishings Plumbing and Heating KATHRYN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 39 LOUIS DUEZ SHOE STORE Compliments Of Shoes for Entire Family Quality Shoe Repairing MOWEAQUA PACKING PLANT Moweaqua Illinois Best Wishes to The ComP1ime11tS Of Class of '58 RAE - BOB'S MRS. STINE AND THE HODGES 3LffTWO0D OSZL COXHPANQ MAC ON R O-4-3606 DUO THE RM GAS OLINES Qwgokponnrgo MOWEAQUA 72-Y SIEGLER HEATERS FUEL OILS I GOODYEAR TIRES I BULK PROPANE Ai DfCATUR507TL9NQ Compnwg BOTTLERS OF PEPSI-COLA AND I SEVEN-UP HgRmAN VAULV CQ MANUFACTURERS OF BERG BURIAL VAULTS EDINBURG, ILLINOIS PHONE 2871 PROTECTION - PLUS BEAUTY-STRENGTH-DURABILITY ASPHA LT LINED SERVING 15 COUNTIES IN CENTRAL ILLINOIS SINCE 1948 FOR INFORMATION CONSULT YOUR FUNERAL DIRECTOR IDA M. HERMAN - MOWEAQUA, ILL. ROSCOE E. HERMAN - EDINBURGJLL! ESTABLISHED 25 YEARS PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THIS ANNUAL SPE CIALIZING IN PORTRAITS FOR WEDDINGS GROUPS CHILD STUDIES I 5HyL05 570090 W. D. HUBBARD - YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER Compliments Of Carl Schloz Your TAYSTEE BREAD Salesman Compliments Of AYARS STATE BANK Moweaqua, Illinois See us for: Real Estate Loans Insurance General Banking Compliments Of JOHNSTON'S SUPER MARKET Fresh Meats - Frozen Food s Vegetables - Groceries Your Patronage Appreciated A Phone 128 Moweaqua Illinois 1 "The Friendly Bank" Phone 274 JAN - SAN SUPPLY COMPANY A Complete Line Of Janitor Supplies 869 N. Water Street Phone 3-6124 Decatur Illinois MOWEAQUA, ILLINOIS DECATUR, ILLINOIS 1845 N. 22ND. PHONE 19 PHONE 3-6763 5'flR!Hf4!V0 HOf17fQf4S fOfH!9fl!Vy PROPANE HEATING TRACTOR CONVERSION INVESTIGATE THE MANY ADVANTAGES EARL SMULL, JR. - MANAGER HOME PHONE 2716 MOWEAQUA, ILLINOIS RADEORD QRHQN CO!HPfl!Vy H. P. MYERS, MANAGER GRAIN - SEEDS - FERTILIZER Sz CUSTOM SPREADING PHONES ASSUMPTION 8201 MOWEAQUA 12X Re al E st ate KRANZ Service COTTAGE SHOPPE Insurance Virginia Zindel 129 E. Main Street Phone l75 Phone 187 n u Moweaqua Illinois Moweaqua Illinois Compliments Of LULU AND CHAS. QAmbe rsy Mowe aqua ' Illinois RAMSEY'S STANDARD SERVICE Roy 8x Paul Ramsey Phone 333 Moweaqua Illinois MAC ON MUSIC Instruments-Pianos-Organs Instructions-Reco rds-Music 220 N. Main Decatur Illinois Compliments Of STEWART'S CITIES SERVICE Phone 160 Mowe aqua Illinois SYNDER MOTOR COMPANY Ford Dealer Phone 63 Mowe aqua Illinois L Sz F VARIETY Your Friendly Family Store Our Hobby Is Collecting Your Money Lyle QRoutp Frances Compliments Of BOHLEN BROS. SEED CO. NOVOTA'S TELEVISION Sales and Service Phone 152 Best Wishes -- Class of '58 Moweaqua Illinois SUB - DEB Compliments Of A Dresses Sz Accessories Moweaqua Illinois ADAMSON'S HARDWARE THE MOWEAQUA NEWS PRINTING Phone 219 Mowe aqua Illinois NOVOTA'S SPORTING GOODS See Sporting Equipment For Phone 156 Moweaqua Illinois Hartford Fire Insurance DAIRY ISLES I JOHN R. FUNK Cones, Milk Shakes Phone 258 Sundaes and Root Beer Gene ral Insurance Congratulations Class of 1958 WINDELS' RESTAURANT "Your Dining Room In Our Town" 1 nv I., Valedictorian I Sa1ui3a11OI'iaI1 EHAUUJWUN State Teachers Scholarship Winners SUPPHMHNH W' .. A ' .,,, fy . ' Y f ' fSff5i:?E 4 U A 4, , 7 rl ': my f 3' -553 A 4 Wggi-ffm? ' 'V W : 5 . A f gsS.,,uSi1S"wf?Z12Ew ww f - ssc:-5 Af, ff: - wh .5:i'.:-::1:2- .i2:,s:ff'i:?::wT55'z - ,WP2,ff'iQk -M231 Q -1. ' A American Legion Award Winners ' L-. O x M7466 Zan ' 0 Henry K. Dodson, a patient .....,. ..,. F rank Wooters Angela Warren, his niece ..-. ........,.,,...,..., . Martha Austin Dr. William Jackson fBillD her fiance .... Ronnie Gorden Miss Holt, head nurse of the hospital .............,.... .....,,..,.. , Ruth Ann Federrnann Patricia Pryor, a pretty nurse .....,....,..,,.,.,.., Emily Bright Dottie Carleton, a cute little nurse .... Nancy Bridgrnan Lottie Nelson, an attractive nurse ....,. Barbara Bohlen .lack Benson, an orderly ..................... ,... M arion Duncan Jonathan Puckett, a patient ........................ Harold Sarver Q V 'P c Miss Cordelia Puckett, Jonathan's sister ..., Evelyn Zindel - its f M Miss Dovie Finkledink, a fixy old maid ..,...... , .....,.,....,.. ,L - '1 1, Audrey Mathias K Dodie Blake, an undergraduate nurse ..,. Lorraine Jordan E 5 Hoofendyke, a demented patient ..,. Raymond Luconic EE, Extras, visitors in the hospital ........,.....,.....,.....,.......,....,.. Eunice Fathauer and Lois Harbarger 1 I . M r Senior Class Play M. H 95 + L i ..2. E ""2 1 5 Sw 5 .,.i, ,..,,... - . - 'ti' on - M A-2" -" '4 ' 7' ' E .7 4 , "' -' A s r . K. , ui' I VV , 'SAL i wx, w P er' y E wi r i . in , ' ' X U ' E l L . I , 'st i ,,.,.. t ., 1, l I Jw, , ., , 4 , I N x 4 x , ll t l 1 -4 W -,,'- L? V :Z , x....,,..,, E 5 ...,.,,,, .. .,.. me b ,M , ..k ki I H I ,Q E Q1 1 H .1 ,,.. ig I:'..:I:I . X' A p L -3- 3, ,.. ,.l,l ., ,, 1 if Zzl Zzi E 4 5 , 5 1 P f W P Q." E 2 l ll 3 We "'i: X S' 'E " '7' ' 24 llflz' I Ill '-'Q' 'X 5 I I 1 if Y. and Inlul X 1 ..., I. g3i j4, ,. Q Qgpgfff ,+5'i"V ff 'WV f 53' ,Q ""'i9hivu,,,a s fvwk W V fra 41-w4g,,H g ,ff ' V ,"jfM2' 'Wx 5 , Q ' W if Wrfw kr 1:34 5 2 -fu? me Jr 3' fra, vs Jigga' is 7 Q-kim fy-35,5 Q: f, ,me 'N 5 , V ,-Q, E TAL B K x 4 hp, .N Q 'M-iw if . X i if 5555 N 'Xa N - -, ,.:- N A Fr I vm f. my an P!" nw '- 1. , ,I we ,W xg : N -:-1 Q. mlm L . .,..,.. . -sf 1.3 .,. .. BUCCUlClUl'BUfE Ulld COIIIIIIBII CLASS MO'I'I'O - Success Comes By Steps - Not By Lea-ps and Bounds CLASS FLOWER -- Blue Carnation CLASS COLORS - Blue-White Processional .... ..... G inny Lou Bohlen Invocation ..........,.. . ,,,, Rev. Ed Stormer "The Lord's Prayer" ............ . ........................... .... . Simeone High Sschool Chorus Accompanist - Ginny Lou Bohle'n "How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings" Psalm 84 Liddle-Cain Girl's Sextet - Diana Reid, Joyce Brooks, Audrey Mathias May 25. 1958 - Sharon Evcrsole, Lucille Dickerson, Donna Wheatley Accompanist - Reta Lu Cearlock Scripture ...........,..,................................. Rev. C. K. Dillman Sermon.. .... .......,... ' 'Fully Furnished For Good Works" Rev. Clifford J. McEvers is Benediction .......,.................................. Rev. Lloyd Stone Choral Response ...... .... H igh School Chorus COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM May 27, 1958 - 8:00 P. M. QDSTQ Gymnasium of School Martha E. Austin William G. Bays Gloria Jean Beckman Barbara May Eohlen Nancy Sue Bridgman Emily Bright Judy Lea DeClenc-'K Marion Clair Duncan Eunice E. Fafhauer muh Ann 'Pnrlormnn Processional .... ..... ' Invocation .......... ..... CBIIIBII1' BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM 8:00 P. M. Qnsry Gymnasium of School Reta Lu Cearlock Rev. Allan Simpson "My Buddy Polka" .......... ...... . .................... E rvm Kleffman Louis Pierce f Mike Dooley - Alan Bilyeu Accompanied by Reta Lu Cearlock Valedictory and Salutatory Awards "Cear1net Polka" .............................. Traditional-Hummel Don Sanncr - Joe Bohlen - Dick Askins Acicompzrnied by Rela Lu Cearlock Presentation of Diplomas ........,................. Gerald Jordan Detroit, Michigan an . SENIOR ROLL Ronald Eugene Gorden Esther Lorraine Jordan Raymond L. Luconic Auilrey Lavonne Mathias Charles L. Miller Harold Dean Sarver Nancy Ann Stone C. Frank Wooters Evelyn Pauline Zinidel l .1, we Address ...................................... "Which Way Is America" Harold J. Rice, Attorney-At-Law Benediction ..... ..... ...,.. R e v. Harold Hed-den ' Recessional .......................................... Reta Lu Cearlock Valedictorian - - Audrey Lavonne Mathias Salutatorian - - Barbara May Bohlen Epi, Q5 .HIST Y 'II"L'. fill , 2 'i 5: iXEvi""'!-1'-Qi L :J 14-L: ,,s'L'Xf.1., ffl! 'Elk 1 xx X x X ww .1 1 x of. Q -.11 , .L U . -'NX' Mg' . 4-,J '-Q. ti . .-nr.g'5,,.'

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1958, pg 75

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