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Moweaqua High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Moweaqua, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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ZMMUA wwf? ?4 wwf , A 5 3 1 f T11 U J,7ll'I'Oll',1UflC1 IQ-ff was ww' 'Q ar QQ ylffi X PUBLISHED THE SENIOR CLASS 1 H h S h 1 B J f Y g M ix A 4 '43, , JM H X 4 1' M f n? - 2 ' 9 5 fy... W , ' '4 Q EW' ,, 'Q 4 'T V I A' K ' l' fr ' 1 H J' qhignhrw KE ,III E 1:5 31 ,hffli I Nl if ,' ! I bY pf Y I , . . X Moweaqua Communl 1 c oo F' V I y ,I Moweaqucx. Illinois f , , ff' 'o Elmer Wilcox Dale Rlggms Ellen Ieczn Ccxmcxc luck Dicrl - r Floyd Iones Velma Shewmcxkor Iohxl Linn 'l his 1- III1 sin!! llml ldnlllfdl nllllwul If sl 'ln rrmlw ilu' 1, Ilr'fml1f'rlrl If sl lfnlzwx 11ll4'IllllI1'LjXlH II lllljflllllllllllflllllr rf IIUIII1 1 fmlrllg 11111111 llllml llzlwf' IIHLIII fmrlfx flwrrl I-,xln'r1sf'ln llzf ll1lX, ,I'lll'lI' limv mul tlrvir flrrfrgy lllt' ,vluff flifl Ihvn lwmi. Ilul lmurs of lzurll zrurlf ruul lvrzxv lllll1lx'ilIl,U To rwmrpilv for 'vrmr IPll'IlNllI'4' This rw-oral nf days you will fl'l'll.YIlI'4' 'ls ll l'l'llll'll11Il'!llll'4' of SI'4'll4'.W of ynur ylllllll. lx ll mvnufnln of friwuls of Awmr ynullz. rlirf spvn Darrel Myers ..,.", Shirley Chapman Eulu Moe Hays -gA,t., Daniel Duquenne S Q Y Lyle Iesse Shirley Fearn Neil Hilvety A ontezz te Medicine Men The Tube The Scalper Pew XX Owe Paleface Adxeru er Homecoming King and Queen GO yo of 'Vi Q 'M' Ar 5' -rg Atter a mast excltrng fl est Shlrley Fhapman and Dan Duauenne the er cr and1date were c cu ed Queen and Km at MCH b at tfte Hc e car ng Dance leeld IU tne ayrnnasrurn n October lQ bnrrlef Fearr ret r na queen and Lxle leese Serrar v ce p eerdent led 'ne raval pracessmn and crowned the w1nnerQ Attendants were Cl arles Cutler and Snrrley Cearlcck Soplearnore candldates larnes W lcox and Wanda lcrdan Freshman candldates and lanles Snyder and Florence Arn lo dan 'umcr cand1dateQ Dale Rgame f as ra e and Barbara Bchlen nd Bllv Gatner v e cr wnce re Q ax xxfgi X A f -X QN5 'Q W VN 37 17' X if I Z UCIILIIIUIIIUII I 4 I Q 1 Vans full llllllll llzan prnhla ms mul mall mul gran! al 1 uni ll llflillllfllll app I I ur n sflnz r I s :uns 1 1 751 :EX 2 xv X . ' f nur , 1 ' 3 5 X4Ax5 . I U x X 1 I cp 4 ' Qt .1 I A4 5 Ay f 0 4? NAI I ' . 1 .1 ul ., A tin., " "ff ifevr "1 M t . efflf' ' Z . 2 ' 'Y f , ,Q ' A V. u U ' lII'l'.i4'lIf In vnu our ru HI -ils rf .mlw -. I. , S ,., If ' ' vu xv. I1 V 1' "fn ls IIlI."l I ou fn urv fllf'-' 11 ' fs vi 1'i."un. Boarcl of Education lg Mr Russell Bourne Presxdent g 1 5 Mr Isaac Bllyeu Secretary Mr Charles Howard Member Mr Sam Rettxg Member Glen Wooters Member The Semor Class of lglf expresses smcere appreclahon of the many many hours the Board of Educatlon has Worked for the mterests of the school Qur Principal Mr Garnson has led us through ahothe school year the best one We h 'eve the chool has ever experlehced He has Croved io be a genume frlend and gulde us a well as an msprrma teacher C 1 ' 1 ' ,, 1 ,,.4-1. J' K . ty ' ff' 5 . , Mr. . . is , . . Q 0 I V! - Y - 1 , . 3' ,. , 'Bi , . i s ' . to s , , ' ' ' J . Faculty Mr McCarty Muslc ri 0 1 MQCMJ af Co' 312 d In Wmd trurrerm Q at Lon ma ph Gu ta' Uww rsny of M1 H CIO Miss Alston Mathematics Physical Education "1 fl T' Mr Grace Soc1alSc1ence ' 0 1 AB Mrs Ambers Commerce Mr. Garrison-Principal Algebra cox: zz zzgprsit'-' MA Miss Fisher-Home Economics Mr. Weber-Chemistry Physics General Sci- Zigi' Miss Moore English moi sta l rlg Mr Oliver Coach Boys Phys1calEducat1on Biology W Mrs Brooks 9 9 Mr Mullins D LJ'1 If NOT PICTURED English Latin Library cw S13 T Cl D Social Sclence Mr Blatnik-Commerce v.llKC.i lil 3 A Mr. Powell- Agriculture ence Miss Monger-English Latin Library The Student COlI1CIl euted A ene Ada or G e o x lc f' e T lvl G ac landing wwe W el D q a oct s e s the first meet ra of e Qtudent Council the following officers ere 517' e President Shirley Chapman Vice Presiden' Shirley D ake Secretary Treasurer janet lacoos Sponsors Mr Grace and Mr Mullins . Grace acted as sponsor during the first semester but after hQ: r 'id- -ation to a cept a position egsef here Mr. Mullins was chosen tor the sec ' semester. The aims ot the council were to promote understandina between me taculti and the students to lzclp the classes and individuals solve problems concerning the school an t spcnscr pro,ects v hicl, rfculd be loenetici l to ,:1,. schco s a whole. .o. th trot 4.41 o :eyes c pcgrarns was worked 'f the ci s ..d I3 esented durir: t..e activit' enod. Also Ja icus sneakers were rs- .Q Q 1 1 1 . sented t these asseiiio 1' icioa azrs time oect c the fear, the cleanin' and rearranamf ci " ' trcpiiy cases :tc f',':1'.proJedtt, be success u .t2.e'e1'in..1..1 c Et, se c. : in r QW .iwig cliccl H .. 'bool ,., f-'.'Q?6G E'-' Ji., -l'..-Ql. .A l a. :i , ri :tio ext 3:1 s sl pifred by the CC"..CQi, and ' lee 'a es were sent .o Qc . lg -nvenucn c tx en ct'r1c1'.: 1.1 ohio qc . nc ,, zz LC and 44 n 5 Em fi-K X5 X ! X xx im X w if -QQ? fb A :fd 9 7 gfiw AA 4 3 xigfq f 553 'M X TIL TIIIL Irx f N L' X -. ix. I , .S ix iff :ga N V W, f , Clif, ,111 ,-T I ,- di T., 'VF . af Ei: if A I vi' 'lb an 11 'lr' , hifi: 'L .' h', 4.y1 7' A ' ,"- I I" 5' ' " all' A v I I fl, ja? I fl : , f I ,X ll' f X V I I ' 7 I 1114.0 ,VIH SVI' thi" f'IflSSl'S. 111 14' ugvlrlvn bn-'s mul Ins Thai Avnu mvt from flux' to rlr s 1 -'nur rrurl: mul in your pl Uutstandlng emor SHIRLEY CHAPMAN F W . 5 L' H I U I SENIOR OFFICERS YN 7 . . " ' UGC Qggjgeine rresxnei r Grace 9 1r1e 1 Secretar, T eixs V' be Q SC rm eewe Vlce Dre d V A A Spams: .EY y Penh I inte. Fm, M ere no 5:1 Lyle I ff ' . ei . S . As ZY.F3If'AJ is the dig' is 2224 ,Z Vie Presdeit 4 Ckpzur Q Q E ,Z Fiige E Pe. Club i Q Y Q "S6'CY'3T'JY'5'-TY'Z?',lf'3f Q '1:'4 3 2 l.g,e7":7'.' Eiifif 'H Eijlfff 1 Aritiqz. I fitpqm. M, .:.:.A 'Q Eff-.-1,Qie:.i Lf: - Eff : Elf: : If r:.eC'it::,Ar.: ,Qgel-1. -5 ,N I . f, I , , 5 ,1 V LT try Ar. 1 r-1-3.1 : 3' r H gfpix- , -fnfy l I Damel Duquenne l agree mth no mans opxmcns I have some al my oavn Shuley Feam A mald Nxth a thousand charmxng ways laughs and giggles hll her days Lyle Iesse From the crown of hrs head to the sole of hrs shoe he IS all mxrth Nell Hllvety The force ol his own mxrth makes hrs way Ellen lean Camac A good hearts worth gold lack Dlal am noi xn the roll ol common men I f b1 v e H, . bl ll Elmer Wllcox He was a scholar and a npe and good one Cl' Eula Mae Hays I am not successful at being pompous lhe most I can do rs to appear embarrassed Illf Cx Floyd Iones I have an exposmon of sleep come upon me am als A m.a Stall 'O aa or' Pep b 1 s c f' lo Dale Rlgglns I know a truck worth lwo ol tha! Class I'Ilb'O lan 2 Q1 f nv K orus 3 I1 mor lay Serrcr P a Ann a bla! -1 ll? smf-ss Manage lm arf ra Basmv l 3 lass Rc po 12. ana I KP esm t Cf V' a 'J H15 c Velma Shumaker "Come: lei us reason together." Darrel Myers " wonder wha! it was that lirs! invented kissing?" l P E. I . - I' ': 1, L " 5 Fira-Fl 1,. F1 ' . - 'v- - Q-v- Q- - 'w'11.. FIISI Row Bob Stump Margaret Tlrpak Edwxn Reschke Ruth Tllton lack Rxbelm IoAnne Eversole Shlrleycmne Hoois Bxll Myers W 7l'lll'L'S Harold Marko Betty Lee Dickerson Everett lacobs qfv' Ncrma Beall 4 Robert Armstrong Ieanne Adams Betty Lou Higginbotham Bob Burdick Evelyn Howard ,M Glenn Matlock NJ ' Luella Rape lames Snyder T. I. Gorden Wilma Cook Lv Bob Sanner 'J Mary Dial lim lordan Mary McKinney Faye Talley Willa Hughes Dorothy Waite Mary lane Thompson Geraldine Bright Arlene Adamson Tommy Garden 7 Mary M. Browning Keith Cox Florence Ann Iordan Lloyd Gregory lcyce Ellen Smith Betty Fore Bill lesse 1'- Norma Wooters 'qu Bill Brown Ruth Ellen Kearns Royce Leach Donald Duez K1 Shirley Drake Nj' Lyle Ater loan Fearn Derrill Howell Elizabeth Zindel .f 94" - My 9 4' 1- 0- 1- - 1 S 'P' mi., fb: YC. I Around thg Tepcc 'QM ,M ri ui X 4 'wr ,, 5'1- PU SOIJIIUHI nrt' SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Fresident Blaine 'Niofers VrCC Presrdent ' 'ary Anre C .oy DCC etary Treasure velyn D ma rtstortan Shrr ey T loc N onsor Mr McCarty op omorg C ass History n the tall ot 45 forty seven students en rolled to start therr e d u C a t 1 o n al tourney through lfe As our leaders we chose Presldent Wayne Wooters XIICG Presrdent Peggy Wrcklern Secretary Treasurer Loutse Hayes Hrstortan Shrrley Cearlock Heporter Ann Snyder As our Student Councrl members We Chose Potty Wrclclern and lrm Hedges The Sopnornores rn the tall entertarned us mthaparty Later n I9 rr eturn g ve them a wether roast and party Also durrn the ttrst semester Donna ones was our aueen Candt year vue had lCst trve ot our terlow student MISS Fr er a a M Walker were C osen ur sr nsC er a t e Crttns vaCa ICT' C trnued our educa nal ,Curfew as Sox: ores ln tnrs eCCna ea leaders were Pres1dent Blarne W Cters Vrce Presrdent llary Anrr Corby Secretary Treasurer Evelyn Darhng Hrstortan Shtrley Trulock Reporter Patty Wrcklem As we resumed our studyrng agarn we Chose Tanet lacobs and Wayne Wooters for our Student CounC1l members For the Coronatton Dance we Chose Cute lrttle Shr ley Cearlock and handsome Charles Cutler s our Candtdates for kmg and aueen Although we drd not wtn we were vert Proud ot trterr F r ur sponsor we C C e Mr MCCart Cavenger tunt and party t r the tres rnert Later n the treshrrren tn remrn aa e UGIff tae en C te rrtse ester JG Nee very S fy to ave lost two of our el' dents Don Cole and Loutse Hayes We gat ed one ne J student LeRoy Fulk A A r - r " arl. 'I' . ' . 'l ru. li ,-TVN 7 I X s . . , , - - . r , - . , . . . ,,.... . i , 1 . ., ..... . . ' ' . ., ' , E ,. .Y , . . , A X I I I v r J " 1 .aprfrr , a ., A .- ,Y , C Y . -, ng .. C CV N S date for the Fall Festrval At the end Ct the Gm Cctcber wth We Scchomoreg gave 3 A 7 A XV Y 3 W 1 .ww S- Q I Y 'C I L1 r slt n r 'J :E as ' ' ' V ' " "" C A WC U rg C Q . A . J v us fi Aft hte m . 1, ' t r, we Cn- ' 'E ' 1 t1C. ' .. 'I I hom C, At ' d l h t s rn , r r .. S Q' Y CUT .C Cr ,, N f Stuv Q C f ' . IT . U A H h ' X, M A I , , 1 cf 22 in W bpm! is 'Nczyne 'Wooters Evelyn Darling Vlfilma Spriggs I Shirley Cearlockkl, Shirley Trulack C lim Hedges J. Donna Iones 'J Bob Dickerson 7 Ellzabeth Raugellis T-'lcrilyn Gaines Charles Cutler Elizabeth Bilyeu Haldon Funk Laura Stanger Frances Scribner f Elaine Stringer 'l Lila Bilyeu Charles Iesse Rosemary Trueblood lcmet Iacobs Q , ' Norma Zindel ' Anne Snyder Patty Wicklein Peggy Wicklein foanne McLain 'L fm lames Zindel Mary Louise Wheatley Gladys Lamb Blaine Wooters Betty Kitch Earl Talley , , fn Betty Wilcox Carolyn Howse Luella Luconic Mary Ann Corby Dwight Wooters it , 5' ,. 9' 'Y .4 ' l L N. ,ups 15' F' Q -r .tl 1 I, , F V W... -'E P' ii 4,6 lr A V v l Nr! 'gi s J, 1:1 , J -pa- 1' K I X SQ., 2' fres I1 zu rf 11 FRESHMAN OFFICERS President ...,. . , .. Charles lacoos Viceepresident . , rWanda lordan Secretary-Treasurer Connie Stephens Sponsor Mrs Charles Ambers Freshman History On August 26 1946 a trrbe of forty lndtdns made camp at Carnp Moweaqua Hlgh School to conttnue therr search for knowled e 5 ln a few days some of the other lndtans palnted us all wrth war palnt Thrs really made us look hke lndrans After a few weeks we dectded to have a pow wow The followrng leaders were selected Blg Chlef Assrstant Chref Squaw Wampum Holder Charles lacobs Wanda lordan Connle Stephens Pow Wow Reporter and Htstorran Barbara Gregory Carnp Councll Adv s r Evelyn Mornsor' Buddy Myers rs Arnoers On Octooe l3 the lugl e t pe called t e S phon ores gave s a Scaver ger tunt We h a te p ood e Latero we tn tu n ave the c IIIOYSB G TNC1Vl We t eh d drot ter to w and elected Wanda d cand date ecor F C cen and e 7tlccY as recandtdatef K g Att' tnese cand dates a d rr t t e tr oe was ve x proud of tr e A ne 1'1dT'l9 e vere rt me n the trtre left J ttt France c c d Bc ard N c c tedfrng and our 16 sec r se este a ne 1 r rer Bone' lllfe en er :car rc I , , A ' . fY , A l . V Y ..., . , A 1. o , , .,, .. . lfl ., , . ' r , . .2 r rz' Q lil o 1 .' ur S r t. , .ad : a d tzrzr . si f r ,aa L. S f Q, . . lii r E wo" A ' for an .r 'i c for Horn .:1i.d"WgV' . fain 5 VM V. . if c . or in l hougzg f . . '1 S1 .o i1 .t' , r ' ' '1 BIZ if A ' ' Y Maru- v 11 W V ', r- rf ' V ' v 1 - - .l. . X ..,..13-9,,.. . l 59.5 c. .J . 1 ... . . 5 Boy fr an ff: N lortrl l 'X Q ' ind il to old .' ::L .4 r, :ff 'tftrf 'r 7. F1 , t "if X 'to jf! HIUSUS Mary Bames James Dxal Conme Stephens Haldon Pumphrey Wanda Iordan Wzlbert Goodrich lamce Harns Leon McLam Kltty Foster Rxchard Moore Evelyn MOYYISOH Franklm Faull Bonme Reatherford Harry Adcock Shzrley Collms Iack Stringer Iames Hanley Rosemary Sutton Iames Wxlcox Barbara Gregory Beulah Hoots Robert Robmson Glyn Ellen Hartman Iohn Portwood Mary Burgener Frank Browmng Ioan Thompson Charles Iacobs Frances Boyer Verne Matlock Sharon Drake Dons Carson Frances Myers Charlene Brxght 'IR 4" Sem? 1' gvsfv- S Afltfl gc' 44' 4' 119' M... is 'lk ff.. so- 'VN IGN i iw' uhhh lr- It ...M va- 'ih- v7 59 ' 'Y ' x L ' L fu 1 ' 5- G . A 6 r a ,, f ' M rg, y - L, XWQ? 1' ' "W 5: 9 Y ' .R k K I ywdy-Q ,tk A yy . . I xx ' '. Qt' zu. 5 5' . M 0- ig sr: . 17 f.' : fi it 'r . - W - Q. '- Sf 1 - rr .' 1 -1 l I '. WV . . ,VUL W" .' V ,fl , ' . f I , ' f ' ' ' ' " ' ' V , '3 ,, , 9 ' K ,, Ng V' Y l I W' l 5 ,r f- ' 1 'H k - X . . -fl , Q 1. Y A i. -., A h " Q 4 MW? 'mm , wk Mary' Ann Sanner 'V Ji 0 i , lb V T Ax 5 0 53.1 . r ' 'r ' 1' ' .49 ' M 1 E if , ' 1 x , E ln wo. 4 1 - l fn :W 0 an ' .ig at 5, if ' yr Cf M '5 x W ,Q " 1 , . Ak :xy ,x Y, w ,-. ' k ...,. , rn. . ii L ' We , ' V 1. A N? r I K Q ,f Q' V N ,, ly I I k ' Vu' 1 7 V, ' XP "X rl ',,4 U N!" gf' S, , f, ' V4 can 'e . y 'Un . rv LQ. , A .. , .qw no 'X ., I . A t Q 1- .ff ...- "nfs XX Im X XXI OL VC IIC CIS . ' N F Numm- P :tix , Pei P - Ideal Ambition Likuly To Iiv ,Q 1 ul 7 Q A W i QN 21" y 2 iv ji, wi, , 1 I 116. 55 if .' y X X SLN- 1 ' V x r 111 5 1 AMA 1 I X 4 A .J 1' K l A5 1 . 71 , 5 0 Af ' Q5 I Z 'ILA' vQ'A."? fE"'ni A' A A xx fl' 1 1 ' 92 1 yff f 1 I W , X 0 W J ' ' ' x 'lb 1111, 1 1111 1rfll'f',I. A. 'lnl ' 'vs " Qri H f' lv luitv . ' Z fs TIIL 511111101 s fhull basl. lbnll 1011111 llllll fllllll f' ffl ll urll 11 harrl r 111111 lmrrlar 11 sums I Ill 427 1 zutars 1 1 11 ml. l I lop r rm IIIISI 111 1'11lt feat u ' ,gy 5. First Row Iames Hedges Der 1ll Howell Bob A 'rms org Iames Snyde Dc U Donald Duez Lvle Iesse Elmer Wxlcox Da rel Myes Lloyd Gegos Bob Bu dtck Eawtn Fe clfke Wayne Woote s Btll Myes Dwight Woote s Second Row 'each Oltve B ft Mye s Blame W c a es lesse H Ad ock a es te Bl B own Bob Yobnke lack Bmbeln Haldon F nk Flea les Iacobs Ro ce Lea Football The football season of 1946 47 proved to be ne marred wtth defeats The ftrst game of the eason played at Chnton The lndlans suffered defeat number one wtth a score of 25 to O Playrng Lovtngton on the1r home fteld we re celved a second defeat but Lyle lesse scored tw tlne touchdowns The Bethany game was played on the Mustangs home ground and tney stomped our lndtans 45 to 6 Lyle lesse aaaln scor1ng a to u c h d o w n The lndtans played thetr ftrst game on thelr own huntmg arounds but were scalped by Maroa 25 to U Tae garre wtth Nokomrs was also at home but ' e team agarn beaten l8 to 6 los1ng the ser ces f a ftne warrtor Darrel Myers when he Qprcner Cllntor L v ngt Betnan Jfaro J G a vrctory over llllopolts our braves were sur prtsed and upset 18 to U Our next to last game of the season was played 1n the mud at Assumptton Because of IDIUIIGS and tneltglbrl 11195 the team was much weaker and was tromped 44 to O The lndtans played the1r last game at home w1th a b1g Cerro Gordo team The score was 39 to O tn favor of the vtsrtors Part of he squad was out because of tn tunes 1nfl1cted durlng the games Those 1n1urea were Lyle Iesse and Darrel Myers wlth knee tnfurres and Elmer Wllcox wrth knee and ankle I' I o oe-htors leav na the sauad a e Darre M e 5 DQR' S t ' : , r , Y.. tr . , . .r x k lrrch, ' 4 , r ' r , ' ' r rj Y " . s .. , '. N A V: D ., A I uk' V r ' Q, ters Ch rl , airy c ' kffh rl Cu.l r o ' . ' ' , ' c A . ' ' . . , , - . . - L .' ' , . ' 1 .ju ject tn , f F 3 ' ' , ll A T .Q 1. Q 'A r el 3' rs had a tendon snapped in his left leg, Expectrna Elztzer Wxlcox and Lyle fesse Scores Ag , .f F-'lC'.'.'6ZQlQC Vrfntcrs Date ' A D 25 Sept l3, ls-19 o ' on lf 42 T 21 Q 'Q 45 ep . Z7 ' l. a A 25 Oct 4 ffikozzns '9 ln Cot 1, fllpopols D l' Cc? QQ Ass1g:i1jQtQ:n T -3,2 IIT: 1 ,- rw - - c r 'AU Q cliff? L if 6 , 'J . ,T , 'N- .1-Yi.. ,A G ,A V X . vf gh, I ...,.i ' LQ-- . Q ' 'TY J., 1 V A 1 " 35, .. A "1 '. 'f ' sd Fxrst Row occl' Olwe F anklxn Fautl Wayne Woote s F A r nescrk Bob Sarre Llcxa G f l lo dan DW Oh! Woote s Dan lluqur-nne Pon l' L7 lla clor Funk Second Row Pc ce Leaclr Blame Woote s pta l1e f' tl r Bob A mst eng lla o k aer Bob Sturnp Bob Ducke son ve ett acolas ,c H' 11 Basketball Personnel Dan Duquenne A Sernor forward a rnan that gave h1s best at all tunes We re sorry to see htm leave Dw1ght Wooters Sophomore guard a l1ttle hasty at ttrnes but a good play er l-le probably w1ll be one of Moweaauas best athletes Icxmes Iordan Captam luntor center a valuable man on the basketball floor trled hard always Don Duez lun1or orward a fast blay er l-le w1ll be an asset to the tearr next vear Lloyd Gregory lumor guard trnproved very much th1s past season Bob Scmner lunlor Center l s he glt 1 arnav ru He should develop vrto .enter Ed Reschke 'untor guard ault ao t 1 aale ot the season l-le a K abayer Wayne Wooters: Ss:AitErv::.or4 'uard fx deterzggie tellin' A .'fj': theta Haldon Funk: qi.. Q1:.,, for 9, .g A ,G in 12: ' ::.:.r ,.f3:f:T Frcxnklin Fcxull: Fesllzz n a wara, :,1g:1fjoo1r' Lai or s Cori teazz, fe has 1: asia tuture in sore for l1l::. fAn WMM L 5' 'x :ww 4 www' Div-' 31lSlx1'l!MiH Sl Ulf"- 'N A F lourn New mn Tourrwx Shebx COL. x'Io1r' w Q nom .xxx 714 ua Q Y 946 -1 CI or Q 'Nia .gf M. my ' -1 ' ' K' TY ' R cf :I Tc' my A. i S'o.f+ for 'hw 1. -"7 Sf- s . Cl1C6FlCHdCFS Yea Team' Say Team' Lets Go! Lets Go' Lets Go' Shrrley Fearn loan Fearn Shlrley Drake and Arlene Adamson were always on therr toes pepplng up the cheermg sectlon The1r attractlve appear the rnterest of the games Therr hard work and loyalty helped a great deal to encourage especrally the basketball team to overcome defeat and become a mnnlng team Twrrl My Turbanl Man ahve Here comes Ohver s lndran Trrbel Are we W1tl'1 em7 Well l guessl Moweaaua l-hgh Schocl Yes' Yes' Yesl 6392 ance, Well-coordinated maneuvers and Welletimed cheers did much to add to U I e s Happy IAIUHUIIU Grounc ,""" A '23, 45 15:22,-hsxxxxx SN' -fai? fi Pv f7' I f 1' I E XX af ? ,f"'j:::i CS'fEf Z jf! l II l S Iznbl 1 I I ll I rutruz Il x 11 1 1 :th 1 nm t... 'afx .K N AX 'cam X ,ji X 1 f I kx m - I . 3 A 5 49" A' 'L V X I K N 4 ' K , Lu" I , Q -Q ff ' - ,A ' f iiqgf ' tg , 5, , 3 ,I 1 5 A' ,ffu lugtpfhf I tk ,L . My vi ? Ai 1. , A' . gat I ffl . 13 I .Q K fm 4X 3 Wx! 'Z rf f 5 I I x HXXA, I " iff I i nf llvir ru 'inns prof- i1"!' Xuu' follnu' ilu' 11i'6l'I'4'lf - "'I'4'.w. UF' rw Uh' 'oufrf 1'l-'4' In 1igl'v.v,s K wir rvrv fine' lm-L' 1 prngrl. SCHOOL CALENDAR 1946 47 F st Row M Q FIS e Tllton 'TJ ro A e r Dar mg F ser' MU e c'r Qon VMCIIS Annf Sr de Ian ce Second Row SH L6 -ce cz 1 r U1 nc more Boot 16 Hoag Q Bo c cz ego cz or exe Third Row Bsmx Wncox Ponrz Icr crr A:1c"1s 'rc Beal E ler Kea me 3 nn Scnne 3 'Ju To de leon ne Ado ourlh Row Mo Po f' Q ere B1 od re 1 ,S 1.512 cdr eecw yea Us Quarter m me ncmcrel crgcnmc e e cue rckeve ef Amer C ,xr the fcf We veczr as to prom P e f te cmd develcpvwem f ihe rereoncmtw of ecxcm me' Q I Tr eu ere to oeneff tue effwre cha ter A 34 te Qrce F e Ie were f QPF of f I r Hog 'WF r ir : 1.5 mr, FA: ECS:-. cry Sgicn Tscnrw- T. mpscr FV ly . 1 Flcrense 13 CTV ., ry Yan Th Ap. lcyce Ellen Srigtli DcT5'r.',' 7 I 4 13' 7 1 Harris Q : .,r' 3' Drs' Marg' Ann Ccrby 'Nxlriz Symgge M ri G nes Shirley fe: I.o-eQ' rw ' s " 7' Sim'-j.' CoQ1:xs "cr Gr ry Sh r . Cr ' ' 1 - i' ' ,V ., Aeelfe .w ,fQ':'.. 1 HJ: I . r , "f::rcl','n H M ry' A ,r, W- nf , r n Lvelyn Mort- A:1f- rnson F : rj: Eugene' Forms V rson it rl . ' gr' G1 gas Lam? Gp-qlfjz, Bair' Lui: E Lflell I..cfr.:3 F'cr.Cf-s Svzbnlf' 5.0110 Eirws I . H. ' s'.d" r T211 - ' ' ." 'Tie Fgtxgr H 1 r. ., V. . .i 3 O' .. rue . . ' let grit' Q .. C A, - " jf k r .rf e. Ire gh :VA d ' 1. E , ..,. p , 'fm tm, Q S,n,.,.,.Q W. A' ,D - we -.., W .,,.,f41eQ ep, V- M me JM., ,.A...e., ,,.,,.,, we.: e.ect,:1 .- D9 UA. Qucpu, U.eL..-r b.,e 1.215 3. eziefzzl richer? at cigr ,miuil ffetiier-D ' cz. r B . get .ri tzie Srxn: Qtrger T'1-Tl'.'1f1Cf digrzhix T10 'gefrr ricligdd ICCQ "' 1 Ii T1 :iid idle . g'f1YT'j Lf f2. A . A TE.. ,E.f1!TfAf 'uk' 'I.'Y1f"'1 for :prfik -.ide iff- VI'.l1Gf" ' 1 eeruhtiik C1::A::.1,.,- riff' "Hier fri-f z' ' Fresnerif . fcrii- iI,'lIl.f3,f'. '.'.:e Ti'-:Ce Hler. 53.34 feefeiifx' I'.'eQ'.':', QTJYQLKZ1 vTfG'1:f.fCf Ffrff-ice Arr. 'trdzi E"f'K'1ffC-T r7.3 Effirqzr. Qiritzys '.'.721te Q.-Lex-. H TM, First Row l Go d n Glenn Matlo K rm o dan ord W ox Nle Second Row Lfle A B Yo nxe Wa c ha e sse Thlrd Row B a re Wcc r d Na e rr Future Farmcrs 0 Amerlc Q1 ln Aprrl l9Lm the F FA club e c ect otllcers for the toll w 'mg yea lfrey are as follows Presrdent lrm jordan Vrce Presrdent Glenn Matlock Treasurer Lyle lesse Watch Dog Tommy Gord n Reporter T l Garden Sponsor Mr Powell Ort August l l946 we were .r ell ref esented at Sullrvan 'or t e Sect lrves ock show Wrth s tl competrtrcn we came home wrth larry blue 'rd red r bbons As tae year started ll the FFA emoers were d sa For ted to hea dey would be wrtnout an F F A advrse ln September M Bohn was hrred as the vocatronal agrrculture lnstructor but restarted a le w days later Durrna 'us oerrod of tmre the F F A oftrcers atte ded the sectronal F F A Meetma ' :zethany Smce the chapter was agarn w trout an advrser the orgamzatr '1 becarne rrewhat tnactrve The Father and S n Bartauet was postoorted urrtl Spun opes that a agrrcultdre rnstrdct c ld oe ernclofed '1 tle eantrn On lanuary 25 fr Powell arrrved ana tne Ag departrrent agarn became mportant oart t he sc oo' Our cro ects were well supervrsed 9 ' : T r e ' c' 1 . T To Tommy G en Elmer Llc Lf 'esse : ter cb , ' r yne VV: ters Dwight 'Noctefs fl, rl s fe ' E11 Myers ' : L rr ters lim S ry' er lack lf1':I faves l lv rs fumes Z nel f':"e. Mvers l a X Q ., , , ,, . ,, , . , , , , . . Tet l :fi A C 1. Y. -vt A . Secretary T , . Elmer Wrlcox 2 . , c f . , , 1 t,r ' . I ich io t . . t. . . ' ' ' ri . , ff Q A. r , I , a , . , rf. r' ' is jo, ,IT r Q. Y Q v, . .A Y 5 . r . , I . . . X . Y . f - V -, fr A l , . . . , o T1 . . . c, J C. '5 ' V ,.. . Q 'Q V . . in A A A , vi .L so r ' .. . . . o . A ' A . '. 1 Q li . n ' ' 1 ' .or ou ' r. r r ine F . . , . , r g . . rr o . , . -vw 1 A 1 n - Y - J.. r A .J t., , .r .. A I . . 'K 3 25 I' ef-uv" neehng I l Go d e xl l' well l-:don F ns Bob Sanner lohn mn ated A ere A a sor Ira Wcot a e C ew a man et , o J Wa P Ben hlgatnkzotram undxng Lyle esse P g, W nc en f- 4 c: 4-n 9 Arn lo a r a t lf ce ea tck z n tc B a a C' e The Pow Wow Std l Thts year as 1n past years the pubhcrty club met and orgaruzed for the Pow Wow durmg the ftrst month of school Staff was composed of Ed1tor Sh1rley Chapman Produchort Managers T I Gorden and Derrtll Howell Cartoontsts Blame Wooters and Lyle lesse Typtsts Betty l-haambotham Sh1rley Drake Bustness Managers Band Beporter Home ECOUOIDICB Be Sentor Beoorte art r Bepcrter Ft more Bef r er Free tman Beocrter latte art Edttor 1 Ber O A 'Tn the statf Betty Dlckerson Norma Wooters Florence Anr' lordan loyce Ellen Smlth porter Marcella Morrell Netl l-ltlvety lhlaldon Funk and Bob Sanner Arlene Adamson Dorothy Watte Shrrlex Chaoman Betty Htggrncotha Batty Wtckleth Barbara Greaor Box ce Leac e rtcfarafd WcKG1r A me Sn Jdc nd recta, W ctr et e P a tte students We ave trted t ttatntam h a rt dst cua ear e, 'a e a to r ts' sh the oa '.'.'1.:1c"ttne 1 c L SA ,uso ,ei .:i YY a.e. ,a s tie'-'ear for t:1e restgut - oo.: the r. ihal sh CRC., he T a. carrted an the paolgcaticn 3' the paper one an t. 'er the sec nd serrgester ' .fr Bl tntk acted 2 sponsor 132' Library Under the supervlslon of Mrs Brooks the hbrary has grown from a poorly arranged and lnadequate department to a most popular rnformatlve and sys tematxc department of wh1ch the school has a rlght to be proud Def1n1te proof of thrs 1S the fact that there IS a crrculatlon of four hundred f1fty f1ct1on and one hundred twenty non frctron books per month The total number of vol umes rs about three thousand consrstrng of ftctlon encycloped1as and rel1 grous and art books After Mrs Brooks restgnahon the erght hbrarrdns worked overtrme rn order that the new shtpments of books m1ght be placed on the shelves and be avallable as soon as pOSS1bl9 The eff1c1ent glrls who have been charged wlth the respons1b111ty and care of the hbrary are as follows Florence Ann Iordan W1lma Cook Anne Snyder Mary Dlal Evelyn Darllng Io Ann Eversole Wanda Iordan Norma Zmdel and ass1stant lxbranans when needed Laura Stanger and Norma Beall C4412 0 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' . 1 . . . . . . . , ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 - lxneelmg m Front Fxrst Row Second How A V .1 Q -Q .J , A hxrd How Top Row B nc of 1910 A Q 6 C1 " ls - I ' Q ' s ' 0 1 J 4 0 ,. f N X RV. "M . L ,., ,wg 1 ' ' ' I F-E". L' . i ii r,lC,"1:'. E5 .: 1: n W' '1' xr. F11 '-'J Tr.w..n 7 lr. M1 K ' XC.:'.f.'-' .V '. .':Q:- T'-1'. Terr. ,1'.I:,i A' ffm A 113. f':.- r 333, :CL f'D:'g"7' :::f'1.f- 1'.'i "" 1- - . L., ,, ".,.f. :arp V, . jaw- y..".-- ---,-,.,,,, ' . ' Qjf' JJ' ' ' " A "VM ' 'AU' " : ..: Liv "cz, ,pri .'v1.:'x F.r.r : ff-::, 'v'f':x.."r. "::." 'zccks '.'+,:.: ".:': ':"" 3 H L".--'f ff-'.'.'T":-Zz' F'f"'.n'.'f..:t3-3 :Zi-Aigr,Cr.? 'Nixifx T.-2? 'Qi':'.i : 51.571 :A.. 't J"-:iw S' V. figfzir :' .mira Jwprfc 51.21 51. V.--..U ---U Ln-f, '.-,--, I G61-fr. '3 - ir, Vf1'.' '-: if W" " 7 ' ' f' " Li I ' R' -fh'f I. ,1',l'fN'C1'v V f41fN..., K. v-, ,,..,:r.1t...g,.c..: ,. t..f mind, lm. Ay... .Q Mb. .eizf tg..: 3,14 ..,,. AM' ,, P... ,-A w.....n, ,,.. . 1 A ' '1,,.F,,4. vw, ' , .,,,. . ,...F:.':3 ...: N 1:I..-T U. ,ww V. ..':.Cl '1TE,...., , ,1 ...Cl .6......e C1 L 1'.'gTg. 23.5 '1f'Y f':tL:i': r. 11.6 3.:'tr.':1 ': ii-'zt :.fv'.'Hr idirff '1CC'fI.'T.."'j r f 1. 16-, f:r1::.f1r'.1 "xt fff Eia 11. 33.4 f, ...fri 1:1 ff tgps r 'xr fi ' . W, Af, ,-, , ,YC.,,.,-, ., ,g,.,A,,,, ,, ,,..,,.,. 4 , , ., ,. . .. . ..- .,, .... .. ,. J .. .... ,. '- fy'-1' 'v 1 -hx '10 vf-v '4 4,vo, v,f vff,-, .Q ff A-, -w.,f v 4 -f.A' ..C.1 A f',,..,. N.-. , ffff. f ,- .,.,,,.,.s , j.,,.,. . ' ' , . I 'I , 12 ,V ig-, f' N'-.'."ff1 '1..f'l fYf'.f.f .f. TI." 5'1f" f T I' I., I 171 "f I " , fy f ' 'uf 1 h-wx 4 , V f This young rndn needs nc intrcdgctien tc the scncol, or tc tne people ct f.fc'.f.fe-ddud, Neil Hilvety, sclcicldr, musicidn, dn extrdordincrv, did his pdit bv dddlng d flutist to the iicners cdptdred in tne l.Q45 District did State Mus.c Contest. Winning first pldce ncncr in the district in the flute scle event, Neil we if OU tc the Stdte Ccntest tc receive third place reccgf nition Upon graduating in l947, Neil will end riis scltccl muszc pdrticipdticn, but II.U'A.' '.'.f e dll lidjcpy indeed, is tixs fine grczgp cf sdxc- sdy, lts been swell wcrklng '.f.'1t11 'yep Wicnists, dnd rightfully so, for they ctre tne V346 :st place d1strict winners cf Cldss C Sdx :gene dudrtets, cxnotner distinction fcr which vfcweddjdd l-licn Sclicel IYICIQ' 'ffell be nrcu Alter sgccesstullg' cczripet LRQ lil T26 Clisllfl CCH- neld in Springfield this cjudrtet riidde its :Jdy tc the Stdte rrgeei held dt Pecnd Witn :cntest entnusidsm TIT :ts Eiigriest pedk the iistcry 5' State ccigfefiticn the judges llfnrxe. sity 2' lllznds dzvdrded this dgdrtet seccnd tldce lidppy necduse cf sc nign TJ rdtlnd dn crcyd lC'3C'f1LlSf3 35 their cc:1.k:1n-ed ettcrt tc d well tips cfudftet lcng ce rezneznbered "' .fn Cgistdnding grey: The cerscnnel li ds :CQ 2 '.',' s' '.'elt':1d f-f:Cdrt'.' lst fftldt Alt: ELS ffde idvs Tencr Ellen 'GSK CCTYCZC Znd Ale 'iff-Y ' f-fy Nw'--f-Y-L X,.A.., -- .,c,. .f,,....,..- Comets Eula Mae Hayes CAltoJ Dale Rlggrns 'Buelah I-loots CAltoJ gilnlelhliuguelpne Duector Mr A A McCarty Fluges T imeorgegc French Homs Peggy Wlckleln N911 HIIVSTY Elrzabeth Zrndel Ianet Iacobs VGIITICI Shewmflkef icliigeilgiggs Pat WlCkl6lU Bonnle Reatherford Mary I-011159 WheUTleY arnes Dral Carolyn HOWSQ Bass Clcrrmet Kmy Foster Trombones B B flat Bass 'Barbara Gregory Oboe BIUY Myers joan Evefsole saxophones Mary Ann Sanner Veme Matlock Clannets Arlene Adamson Drums lC1Ck Rlbellfl Shlrley Trulock lBar1tonel Boyce Leach Bantones Shtrley Chapman Betty Wrlcox CTenorl Bootsre Howard Anne Snyder Wrlrna Sprrggs Ellen lean Carnac Ioan Fearn Shtrley H0015 Edwtn Reschke fA1roD Barbara Federman Forward Tnts ts the l946 47 rnarchrng band When the old farntlrar roll off sounded and command forward marchl was gtven th1s agaregatton exernolrfted consrderable snar and p GCISIOU as thex went tnto the vanous march ng routtnes durtng the 'alf tune pe rods at the lootoall and basketbal games As an added attracttort dt, mg the half H119 pe rods of basketball games tl e band performed a serre l floor rro rarr s orrnat ons saluttng oath vtstt g scho l and our o.v'1D spectal rumbers and a caooella work ln prepanng tne syrtrtg P e t p was tsgrren ed ox a umbe of new rrbers rn addttt r t a sa ad l re d a rr t Da t ct, rn the march ng band Not D ctured rn March na Ba d W' ,k V . I .. -nn , .H , , . , .. A ,. . . AJ Y . . A A, . . A l i ' ' A F A ' . r' . ' l . , 'r' - 1 r ' .' T .1 e ' s o , , a 1, These programs consisted of dtsttnctly dttlerent marchtng routines, letter f 1 f ' ' I LTI' r a. ' ' . , ' . . , H ' ' JNL co.c rt his grcu a' , .t " n . r mel . 'o. c Au ' 3, gulars who 1 ' .c. A ri 'nate . I i l ' A 1 A .. ..i n Fxrst Row Ma lane T o rzson R ton Sh1 e,anne roots Ma ,I Lo ISS Whea1e,' Ve1ma S ew axe cv- Mac o el H1gg1nnota'r1 Dcnra lone Peggy W1ck1e1r Flo ence Ar"1 lo dar Second Row Bett D1ckes n Sm , ake loan Fearn loan Thompson Mary Ann Corby W1lma lgQS SP1 le Pa cck Ma B gene Be lah Hoots Wtlla H ghes Betty W1lccx Sls1rley T Jlock Third Row rr e s ar dams cox o va Beal Margo e T1 pak Mo 1 yn Games S a '1 D axe Tar t acoz: Anne Sr :1 a o 1' ntawse Eve yn Mor 1scn Patty W klem Fourth Row A ene Adamson Sm e Fea n lance Ellen Sm1t'r fha lene Bnght P th Ellen Kea ns 1 Ma Arn Sanne Glad s La b Ba ba a G ego Tl1C CllOfUS ln October an en+hus1ast1t, aroup of nearsal ot 1946 47 SINCE that t1me an cons1der1ng the allotted t1me amounts to g1TlS attended the 1n1t1al chorus re amazmg showrng has been made a l1ttle more than an nour a week of Mr McCarty the glrls completed Under the superv1s1on and gu1dance a number of three part select1ons rangmg from Handel to Gershwm The sprmg choral concert not only 1ncluded accornpamed works but also several a cappella numbers solos and ensemble groups auamented the program The othcers chosen by the chorus are as follows Pres1dent Vlce Pres1dent Secretary and L1brar1an Accompanists Treasurer 44 452 Mary lane Thompson Sh1rley Fearn Betty WllCOX Mary Ann Corby Ianet Jacobs loyce Ellen Smith TF T 0 Scmor Play The Senior play A Pair of Country Kids under the direction of Mrs Brooks and Miss Alston was given in the gymnasium November 15 l94b ln this screamingly funny play Hi and Sis the two country kids outwitted the city slickers who tried to get Mrs. Starrs summer hotel away from her by underhanded methods, The laughs of the audience and the many compli- ments expressed, indicated that the play was enjoyed very much. The cast of characters was as follows. Mrs. Sarah Starr T... Shirley Chapman April Starr. .. T .Eula Mae Hays l'Sis" Spooner Shirley Fearn Lucindy Appleby Velma Shewmaker Susan Grimes Ellen lean Carnac Hawkins Elmer Wilcox Ambros Snegains Neil Hilvety Philip West Lyle lesse Arthur Roberts Dan Duauenne Albert Boomer Dale Higgins I I I neelxng A ene Aacmson S 1 'war S axe Fo enc A Tl jo ll '1 Ff-G F ocn Feel n Fxrst Row Mc: 1lyn Go me S 1 ey Cen lock R or Mc 1, mcf- 3 D r 1oneQ locrn Tnompson Rose Mo Suifon Elome S mgf- Ocnn Mcflcnn W1l1u H1 1OOT'S Bonnle Rec! erlo d Mor, Ann Co b Second How No mc: Be-all Wllrrc oonc Fc olne Fowse Km, Eosle W1 mo Sf '13 L ellcx Rare Rose Mc T eb ood Evelyn Mo son Nando Coon Anne Sn S rego w Tlurd Row G eqc ear H ots F L E F-n K cn n r GnC1s S 1 e e c CICANIC c 1' anne 'lc eq ocx W Ckleln AWHE bc: c cnme S e, ens Mix L e Wrect e E e Q 1F lane' lG Q efw dgmbo' :x xe A d ls 'J r- cm Mc :ine Pcttw W1 k1e1n obi- Z1rdel L1lCI B1lyec Sho cn E oke Mc , Bc 'nes xl! How Betvx W cx Fl' ne lean 3 '13 Pop Clulv The rep Cluo Noe rgom ed for me oorpcse of ou lclmg ,xo QC cc Qmrwt 'e'o1fot1n good Qportrmxnelmp cmd urqmg the scalp no Ind one on tc ctcr flginnst tne1r spmted opponerts ot home or away fron 1101 e go e Dunng the ye-Gr e11oler11s of or1ll1f1nt lo ue and gold were Cd C' ceeo one P esented to the loy C11 11 en oe 5 of ll1e Cl11lo G 'cw CQ J G C"l SGI' S QE TUG 6 I 1Q QI' Q Bree Gem e 1 on V Ce Free deft 511 e Uw' Secvelor Y C -1 K ' : rl ' hxrley Ch p11 1 hxrley Dr ' , l r e n ' 7'c1 Shuley' 11 ' : r ' 1 rl ' - r. , T111 1 r' Bgrgener lo ll TYIS on 15 l 1 I 1 1 Ty ' 1 1 1 tr gr, l 1, , ' lxglies Shirley l' 1 h 1 7 " r 5' : 11 1 1, 1 C ' J Y l1 1 ' , " r I :nfs E412 1' 3' 1 '11 ' . ry rg l ' ' tri ' I 7' , yde-r hxlejs 'fr11l ' : C ' vt 'h ry CLI-1S '1 1 5' .V lyn E rl 1g , 1 f 2 bs, Ellen Carrie: 'C . Eversole B Tj 5:4 l .H E' 11:11 Ho":rk Bur :V E dvrn 1 ry l .hcrnpscn Ez' , ' Fourth Row: loyce Ellen Smnh Marcella Morrf-l Elzzrxketh licugelhs Eelty K11C?. Ge:c1c:r1:: Er1gl11 B11 l ', O , 1,111 ll, L r 5 " :rbn r L11 ll L - , M ry An1 S . 5 Eg: In 1 -1 : r , 1 r" 71 F' lx : 11: o 1crle Brigit Gladys Lamb 1 Adams Norm Zi. 'ef Siiffg fc1111'1s , ,f 1 ' '- QQ 'Q 1 q1'g111151,1, E141 3 V 11 1- L , ' ,i J 11 1 1E , 1 3' ' 5 . . , , 1 1 1 1 ' " I ' If XTX S A ll 1. V A 1 ' 1 ' I 11 Q Y .or o ' ' 11 1' Ye 1 ' T22 lo1l ing ollz -rs 'fer Q 3. 1 tc 1'11per'.'1., Q S cicorti, 111111, 11.1, 1 eg' 1 Elcrenc Ann lo d .1 1 J 3'-T1eo.,grer SE11r1e'A.' C:1u,i::1i:r1 'gi -SX -XX W aw fi f if ll P271 1 1 I M A Jule uw f cfz UI User s uf. Q tha I r 1 l f Il Il 40 I I' mv: X R '11, Six xxx x f . Q if 3 . . N. 5 xfkx' 44 - ff 1 . if I ,, A . i ',., fl 1274! 4 K' 0 . UA, 5' I K fy' Juli, ' I A 1 16" ,ffl 'ht' xv. ,ll . !.fsA"'fyYV""4 A W A' I y 1 fff xx ff' . Q ' It - 3' X I N ll ' 46 ' f X fu I N I x 5 Nun' fullrm' ilu' 1 fv. I tvll U lvrv In buy and wha' ff In s fll. 'lvllvy lis! Ihf' things uw' 1' lly III 1 lin 't fail ul wmv' th:-sa' mls n e' , 2 AMMONS HOME APPLIANCE "THE HOME OF THE TOP LINES" General Electnc - Philco Hotpoint - Crosley Youngstown Kltchens - Umversal Motorola Bel1dlXRadl0 - Sunbeam RCA Vlctor wlrlng Nlaterlals and Flxtures Service on Any Make Radio or Electrlc Appllance 4 4 4 Phone 305 ir 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' Complete Line of Exif SUCCESS TO E CLASS OF YOUR TELEPHONE COMPANY H O M E O I L C O MOBIL PRODUCTS COMPLETE LUBRICATION TIRE REPAIRING ' J G STEWART PHONE TOM BILYEU St t A i 'ifv ' " li' 4 727' P? T H ' 4 7 Q a ion 69 gent Honor Roll Freshmen Barbara Gregory Catherme Foster Sophomores Evelyn Darlmg lanet lacobs Mary Lou Wheatley Norma Zlndel Iumors Dorothy Wane loyce Ellen Srmth Geraldme Bnght Senxors Ne1l Hllvety Sh1rley Chapman In order to make the honor roll a student must have no grade below 3 These eleven students were listed as honor students the t1rst semester E946-47. Q53:p BUY AT THE STURE WITH THE CHECKERBDARD SIGN MORRIS AND COMPANY q a,lll STANDARD SERVICE FOR BETTER CAR AND TRACTOR SERVICE Se J V SPRIGGS DELBERT F ATHAUER TRUCK STATION Ph 334 Ph 333 00Q000000000000000000000000000l000000ll000000000000l0000000000000000l00000000000000O0000000000000000000000000 ' ' Mowea u inois 0000000000000000000l0000 0000000000 C 0 0 one one - 00000000 00000000 The Best Home Cooked Foods I IXAESSLTB L, VI : . I I I AYARS STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MOWEAQUA ILLINOIS BEST WISHES FOR THE CLASS OF l947 'Qs WN? GAlTHER'S CAFE Harry Gaither, Prop. ROSZELL'S SEALTEST ICE CREAM "The World's Finest" 44559 The B st Home Cooked Foods F:'F.11' '- '54 '- UCL Ti ff f ff, if w 3 2 I N ' 'iq' 35 'Ei ie 1 :ls ' I. i 4' A: I - , ,vu ,215 l id Z I I A ......,,.. -5, v : IH M EJ 21 'T 3 .i U - we fl 4 4514- A+ A 3 1- ,Y N 7 llilllllllllllilllICCICIOCOOOCOUIOOOCIIOOllllliOOIOCCICIOOIOCIOOOOIU L 1711 "'r If 'WL ' ff v , p 2 kq nkvf I- I fl? I 'A 'JT I I - '3 , W I in K - mf" ' in 2 JOHNSTON S SUPER MARKET Good Foods and Quality Meats EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Joe Smlth Manager COIVIPLIIVIENTS of S U B D E B S H 0 P Moweaqua III1no1s DRESSES AND ACCESSORIES Leona Cooper COBURN S CAFE THE BEST or EATS SODAS SUNDAES MILK SHAKES IVIoweaqua Ilhnoxs Mmneapolls Molme New Idea and Dunham Farm Equipment Moweaqua IIImo1s Compliments of GLEN HUMPHREY GOOD WISHES AND THE BEST OF EN ERYTHING for the Class of I9-47 CHAS HOWARD ESSIE B STINE JEAN S HODGE C B HODGE SR N 2 89 N 2 73 E N 6756 STINE MEMORIAL SERVICE FUNERAL HOME 9 AMBULANCE SERVICE Strictly Modern 60 YEARS OF FAITHFLJL SERX ICE Moweaqua lllmols Y , , ...............'....OO..........................'.... .....................' . . . . , I. ensed Funeral Director Licensed Funeral Director Licensed Funeral Direct 0. 9 o. 9 Professional mbalme o. 1 X' 0 COMPLIMENTS of RADF ORD GRAIN CO R GREGORY 8: CO HARDWARE AND FURNITURE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES PLUMBING AND HEATING 'k 'k 'A' IVIoweaqua's Oldest Retail Store 'I' 'A' 'k Ph 39 Moweaq III Trl umcn It Vxor rop in a ESTHER S New Confectlonery SWIFT S ICE CREAM Ice Cold Drinks Tobacco Candy Papers Magazines FOUNTAIN SERVICE 2 HOTT 8z MARKWELL AUTO SALES USED CARS ought So 84 S H E L L SERVICE STATION GAS OL LUBRICATION TIREREPAIR P 1 CEARLOCK MOWEAQUA GRAIN COMPANY A 8: O FEEDS GRAIN 0 HARD COAL Ph 318 M q Ill I . I D t Q , ' - I 7 Y , . E Phone 332 Phone ll Moweaqua, III. E 5 - - Complete Line of ,k B a n d I d if g Office one 37 Residence Phone l . owea ua, inois Comphments of e LOUIS DUEZ SHOE sToRE SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY FINE SHOE REPAIRINC. Invxslble Solmg o eaq a Illnols R W ADAMS A1'roRNEY Compliments of JESSE R LONG PLUMBING AND HEATING Sheet Metal Work FLANDERS' DRUG STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 0 PAIINTS SUNDRIES 0 COSMETICS FILMS AND KODAKS MAGAZINES THE REXALL STORE Phone 9 Compllments of Wanda s Beauty Shop Phone 260 DeKalb I-Iybrld Seed Corn GLENN BOHLEN Moweaqua III1no1s Phone I92 61 Th 3 2 0 2 0 . I c o 2 IVI w u I ' IIOOOOOOOIIIOIIOOIIOCOCIQ ! .O IO 0.0IIOOOCIUOOCUIOOOOIOIIIOOIOIIOIOOOUOIOOOOO E . . 2 2 0 onsoooolooosnaasoouoooooooo 000000 00000000 14 BD Compliments of COFFMAN BROTHERS LYRIC THEATRE afl COFFMAN S MILL Moweaqua lllmols Compllments of YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER Motor Company Roy Snyder Qwner Phone 63 Mo eaqua Ill os FARMERS CO OP GRAIN CO The Farmers Elevator GRAIN FEEDS AND SEEDS Poultry Supplies Phone 21 7 Nloweaqua lllmols Home Shoe Repair Shop One Block West of Ph ll ps 66 Station Quality Materials Expert Workmanshlp Reasonable Pnces ' Invlslble Soles Laces Pollshes Insoles Dyes Waterproonng Shoe Grease For the Best ln Shoe Repalrmg Vlslt the Home Shoe Repalr Shop Mc qua Ill Pho 282 I Q n cl 7 1 E i i ' S N Y D E R I . . Lee Dickerson, Prop. W in i E wea , . ne Domestlc Appllance Mart L S p Refngerators Washers R8.dl0S Stokers Ranges O1lBumers WATER SYSTEMS KITCHEN PLANNING Mowe qua lllmols T G CHEATHAM GROCERIES ana FRESH MEATS Phone I9l Moweaqua Ill nols Compllments of Compllments of ELLRICH S CASH STORE Radford llllnols BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATES OF 47 Snyder s Varlety Store Moweaqua lllmols Compllments of MODERNE WAVE Beauty Shop DR H H Marjorle Mmor Prop Moweaqua llll oxs Phone Z3 DAAd DDAd Complxments of Q HARDWARE DRIVE INN PITTSBURGH PAINT H P HARDWARE SINCE 1900 Moweaqua lllmo s .......'...l..........'Ufff..'.l...l'.........ll.'. O.. .U"l...... I l . . 2 . O. . cribner, Pro. E . - - . , a . . .....l..lf.l.....I.ClO...'.l........l......lI.Q. ...I...'...l..COIC.l..l'.U.l........l..'...l..... . 5 . . : 5 E E 9 Bakery Goods of All Kinds ' s T - 3 . . 3 l 2 - - 5 .".....l .....U . U...-........'........l.I.'l.l.f....l UO... , , , . . . .n . ..l.'.......l lf... ff0.....flIICOQU...IOUO......l..'.....'....... 2 . E . . amson . . amson 2 5 2 L.. O. orton, Pro . , : Q 0 2 I 2 Q ............. ...fl gr 63 1: ECKHARDT GARAGE coNoco SERVICE Auto Repalnng Pho e 9 Mo eaqua EARL JACOBS GENERAL AUTOMOBILE AND TRACTOR REPAIRING Phone 77 Moweaqua CYS Recreation Room D A Ad D D Ad ADAMSON Sz SON HARDWARE PITTSBURGH PAINT Moweaqua III1no1s om imen s o Moweaqua Packmg Plant CUSTOM BUTCHERING Buyers and Shippers of ALL KINDS OF LIVESTOCK WIEGMAN MOTOR SALES KAISER F RAZER Pho e 101 Moweaqua I OSY RUNKLE S Body and Palnt Shop Auto Tops Glass Moweaqua III1no1s OUR SINCEREST THANKS and deepest BPPYCCIGIIOH to ou-r ADX ERTISERS for makmg our annual posslble SENIOR CLASS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII 2 I 2 C pI t f I I I I u I I I I I I I n 1 w 2 I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIII Ol IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Compliments of I I I I I I I I I I I I ' - I I I I I I I n I I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Phone Compliments of , 7 I , . . I I ooeoooosoooooooo ooooooooooooooocnoco 00100000nloosuoncnoloonnaooolooooooosnlnooos I I . .I amson . amson 2 I 2 U . . I I I I I I . , , , I I . . . I I u I I IIUIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII III

Suggestions in the Moweaqua High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Moweaqua, IL) collection:

Moweaqua High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Moweaqua, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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Moweaqua High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Moweaqua, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Moweaqua High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Moweaqua, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 71

1947, pg 71

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