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The 'HIIIIHWHIMI VOLUME THREE 1943 'A' THE SENIOR CLASS MUWEAUUI-I EUMMUNITY HIGH SCHUUL af f 'A' 'A' . by of MOWEAQUA. ILLINOIS The Class ot 1943 presents th1S copy of the Arrowhead Wlth the 1dea of preservmg many mernorles of our happy and eventful school days We hope you W111 enloy readlng 1ts pages now and 1n the future May lt be one of your rnost pnzed treasures Z xx If - To Owen Barber Class of 40 who was the frrst of our alurnnr to gtve hrs lrfe ln World War ll We the Senror Class of l943 wrsh to dedtcate thrs book We feel that 1t IS most frttrng to rrftcrng to preserve our safety and reedom He leaves a whrte Unbroken glory a gathered radrance a W1dth a shtnrng peace under the nlght Rupert Brooks honor hirn and all others who are sac- From our alma mater have gone alumnl to drfferent parts of the World Among these there are at the present nmety e1ght graduates of the Mowea qua I-hgh School many of them far from home serv1ng 1n the armed forces of our beloved country ., ' ' Q! 4 , ff J , ,f 1 , , . . f f we .l' . v xg .N .M -, L., , ,, ' , '-.fa s "L ,C lt: , ' X H if . ' ,.".' ' ,. Y in.. A 1' k Q AGM' , ' r ' ' A . f 4 V ,N L ' ' I M' .R "7" J vt. 5-xfw l 1. HHMINISIHHIIUN Board of Education Mr Thomas Hemer Doctor H H Foster President Secretary Mr Isaac Bllyeu Member Member Member The Board of Educouorm hos spent mony long hours Workmg for the good of our school The Semor Closs of 1943 deslres to express Ms oppreclotlorx for 'rhelr servlce O Mr. Samuel Rettig Mr. Emerson Mathias FACULTY W L GARRISON Pr1nc1pal BEd Southern lll1no1s Normal Un1 vers1ty M A Columb1a Un1vers1ty Advanced Mathemat1cs C R GREGORY ASSlSlG1'1lPf11"1C1pGl B Ed 1ll1no1s State Normal Un1vers1ty M S Un1vers1ty of lll1no1s General SCISDCS B1ology PHYSICS Chem1stry M I CORBY Annual Sponsor B S Un1vers1ty of lll1no1s Pract1cal Mathemat1cs Algebra l3l'1YSlCGl Educat1on Coach1ng MAURINE MOORE Annual Sponsor B Ed lll1no1s State Normal Un1vers1ty M A UD1V9fS1lY of Ch1cago Engltsh 11 111 1V A MCCARTY lll1no1s Conservatory of MUSIC MacMurray College Spec1al1zed 1n W1nd lnstruments at St LOUIS Study w1th loseph Gustat Professor Band C W SWANSON B S Un1vers1ty of lll1no1s So1ls and crops An1mal Hus bandry Farm Management P W FARNEY Blackburn College 1922 1924 B Ed lll1no1s State Normal Un1vers1ty 932 M A Un1vers1ty of lll1no1s 1937 Amer1can 1-11story World 1'11story Econom1cs Problems 1n Amer1can Democracy DOROTHY C WATTS Trenton l-hgh School Trenton Ky Western Kentucky State Teachers College AB Bowl1ng Green Ky Lat1n1 11 Engl1sh RACHEL HILLIER 'vf1lton College B E Wh1tewater State Teachers Col ege Typem r1t1ng Shorthand Booklceep mg General Bus1ness Pf1ys1cal ducat1on EVELYN SCHIRER B Ed lll1no1s State Nor nal Un1vers1ty 1-lome Econom1cs1 ll 111 7 l of Brass, University of Michigan l 1 1A l T A V - P ' ' A ' . . Y. . , EIHSSIS SEN URS Q- MARTIN TRAUGHBER "Mart" "Make much ol me-good men are rarely found!" Tumor and Semor plays Prestdent 3, 4: Annual Stall. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Publlcxty 4 Basketball l A B F 0 us Ban V ce P Pstd nt 2 Iudqmq Team 1 2 IOI-IN SUPINIE Noome Study krlls great men and I dont wont to dxel sketball l 2 3 4 Hlstory 2 3 Pep Cl b 2 sual Atds 2 3 4 T ack 2 3 V ce P estdent Annual Stall DOROTHY LANGLEY Dottxe So sweet so srmple she cant live long smglel orus 3 Home Ec 2 3 b Twxrltnq 3 Secretary Treasu er 4 Annual Statt I-IERMAN BENNETT Wonder-change Not as bushlul as he looks Band 1 2 3 I-Itstory 2 Dramatxcs 3 V1sualA1ds 2 lf' F A 4 KEITH SHEWMAKER Kenthxe ome say he s shy but we know better F F A 1 Vlsual Ards 4 Iumor Play Annual Sta THERESA OVENTILE Stxll water runs deep D amatlcs 3 4 Home EC 2 4 I-Ilsto w 2 lunlor and Semor Plays Cho us 3 SUSANNA BRIGHT Susxe She s building cx suxlboat of dreams Pep Cl b 2 3 4 D amahcs KSecretary T easu e Home E l 2 fV1cePes1dentl 4 Student ouncml 3 fSecretary Tre-asm. e J 4 Iunxo and Sen tor Plans Secreta y T east. e 3 Annual Cc eat o FRANK FLOSKI Fmn A chrp ol! the old block nd l 2 4 D am s 2 nn al Sta T r o and Semc l DAVID GREGORY Breezey Oh to be cr ladxes man es den l and l S dent Fo V s aen 3 a Sta' SCISY e L MARY LOU HERICI-I MGH There s art rn bexng naughty s 4 S CHETA IANE SNYDER Cretxe A gxrl from the country but oh my WAYNE EKISS Dog Meddlmq IS thankless work PAUL BAKER Bake Hasnl hme to be rx mxllxoncnre A Sl l I d ng Team nt FO ncll J l lf cw P e dent 4 e, l b 2 1 mo and Sen PGH Annual Po ed tc MAXINE STOVER Smoky She will had a way or make one F' 3 D ar' H Serxc o IEAN ALVEHSON Ieame The Worlds all wrong ecretcy ees e n P Annual al Publlcltf 4 IOHN ASHLEY Henry Clay A bold bad man A Pcs Ae RALPH CRUTCHER Squeaky Afrmd ol anyihmg that wears cl slut! 14 fl A 4 BETTY GOODWIN Bete To lrve 15 to ove YVONNE KIRK EVELYN WADDELL Evle l can be pushed yust so ar SENIORS .. . - I.. Hxie if l, 2 2 4 ?e:. Club 2 E 4 Tu-:1r.1r.g 3 FFA l 2 E 4 :f'lfTl'1flCS 2 Annum Si':'f Bcskj- bi.. l 2 E 4 P:'1.'-'Now 4 Pep 'I,-l: 4 FF l 2 3 KPTQ cient, 4 pg gx 2 Sig- de , 1 ' ' fPres:dertL 4- 7 rrcmcs 3 l r sr- -P'Cu 34f',:.7 IDT lie Home EC l 2 3 4- ,Horus 2, , r ..f1!1:5 2 rs- tcry' 2, 3 lAH1Cf cnc . . r Pl y Chorus l, 2, Hxslcry 2 Pep Club 2 3, HISYOYIGH 2, 3, S 7'-Tr ur r l lu IO? lay, Sl .l FF' l 2 3 4 Cl, 2 Bona l Q 3 :YTJITXJTICS E Vzsxll ici' 2 V I . l 1 sa 4 "nits Q F Hifi? ft 2 4 f'..h f 3 4 'licfus 2 E Hifi-3 Z: ' 2 ?resL3e:1fT4 Student LIETCZTLCR 3 .. . f 11 SENIURS LYLE WAITE Females' Counl me out A r' NELDA A ore JEAN WOHKMAN Speedy A hnger m every ple G TIG P es der' CI DING Nell1e Quietly she goes on her way Never havxng much to say CURTIS WOOTERS Curt I was made io do somethmg what was xt' RICHARD GOODRICH Goodxe Freckles makes fnends A 4 Bas e 4 Drama Pep 2 NINA LADING Dark haired IIIII e E LGA POTSICK Books radio evenmg walks What else would a gxrl want' sfo , C lb L Pe, Sens Plaw Arn al S a VERNON COMISKEY Lenme Moweaqua rs too small lor me PL.b'1ct3 Club 4 Annual Stall Semo Pla, RICHARD MITCHELL Drck A Its a weary world CYNTHIA RETTIG Cyme A modest young lady '- "' f- 1. .1 V.sx1l :is 2 3 4 llfcnatzcs 3 Qxisr' :nd Senior Pl y: Bc ' l H225 2: l H15- TCTQ' 2 ?ej: 2 3 Vice- Y 1' ., l 2Y'.IK'.1f1CS I Q Annual Sf ff L .. . .. .. E: l, 2 3 4 F FA l, 2, Dromotlcs 2, Annual Staff, Basketball l, 2, Pep 2, 3,4 F F l 2, 3, lc thall 2, 3 5 tlcs 2 Horn S. l, 2, 3, 4 O H1 . r" U ' Lmhrcrzcn 1, 2, 3, " 2 1 1 FF l 2 3 4 Pep 2 3, 4 ,korg 1 2 E: 2 4 Vzce .reszinff l l2 ELOISE WRIGHT Squxrt Popular yes a song wntten after her 'Aho 2 3 4 How 1 DG"lG'lCS 2 3 e Arm Q Sa TOM BIRLEY Tyke Blessed IS the man who xnvenied sleep LCN D 'ra' C1 PAUL DUEZ Admiral Beiter laie than never asketha 3 4 l-llstc lS A 5 HELEN HANLEY Babe I! s always nxce io he good but nt s iemphng io be naughiy 'konsl Horreli 2 lS LILLIAN OTTA Llllybelle I wouldnt trade hxm lor all the world 0 us 4 Pore Er: 1 mq 3 Lib CIlC1l'l 4 Annual Staff EARL PORTWOOD Porky Llttle work and lots of play keeps hmm busy every day A :is 4 MARY ANN ORKMAN "A lrue Friend." .'r:e:.h,p , BEULAH COOK "Cookie" "Gobs of love for the Navy." ,T me 1: e ict . ',' lST,,'1 . ' angel TGZI. PAUL RAUGELLIS "Pigeon" "Pride of the Team." .. . ,, . .. . A , . , A 0 . .. L -e -..,,.. .. ,.-. ...D . -1 -ef If-:rn-M 1 2 3 r X-S-1 A--- 2 4 , l l 'I 535512511 r Hisftrr' flsl: 2 - SEN ORS Class HRSWOTY ln the fall of l939 we were freshmen and appeared l1ke wrld lndrans to our upper classmates However we were soon tamed down to the regular routrne of our search for knowledge rn thls new tepee of red brrcks Durrng the frrst few months we elected Davrd Gregory as chref lean Workman as assrstant ch1ef lean Alverson as keeper of the wampum and Mr Malsbury as counselor Later we had a Werner roast and rn the sprrng a p1cn1c at Nelson Park After three months of vacatron the trlbe reassembled to begm work agarn We elected Beulah Cook as ch1ef Martrn Traughber as assrstant chref Mar forte Bennett as keeper of the wampum Iean Alverson as trtbe hrstonan and Mr Bolerfack as counselor Our Student Members thrs year were Marjorre Bennett and Lyle Warte Thts year we aga1n roasted welners rn the fall had an rndoor party later and a prcmc rn the sprlng As we proceeded forward to our vacatron that year we were happy because we had just completed half of our sertes of trrbal meets ln the fall of l94l we aga1n came together We elected Martm Traughber as chtef Cynthla Bettrg as assrstant ch1ef Susanna Brrght as keeper of the wampum lean Alverson as tr1be hrstorlan and Mr Bolerfack and Mrss Hewrtt as counselors Our Student Members thls year were Marqorre Bennett Sus anna Bnght and Paul Baker Dunng th1s year besrdes our regular werner roast and p1cn1c we had the pleasure of produclng the play Laughrng Gas Then rn May we had a banquet for the Sen1or tube of 1942 After what seemed a short vacatron we began our last sessron Thrs year we chose Martm Traughber as chref lohn Suplnle as assrstant chref Dorothy Langley as keeper of the wampum Beulah Cook as trtbe hrstorran Mtss Moore and Mr Corby as counselors Thrs year we presented the play lm m the Army Now Our Student Members thls year were Susanna Brrght Paul Baker and Davld Gregory Soon we shall leave our tepee of red br1ck and do our best to be good Moweaqua lndrans 4444 Class Wall We the members of the Sen1or Class havmg been pronounced mentally f1t by the local doctors do hereby wrll the followlng to the M C H S students the mcomlng Freshmen we wrll our custom of navtgatmg the premrses the Sophomores our cooperatrve Splfll the Iunrors our ab1l1ty to conduct quret and orderly class meetmgs the Semors our zest for learnlng lndlvtdually we bequeath the followlng l lohn Ashley wrll my Burck mmus the gas ratron book to Loyd Ater l lean Alverson Wrll my quret personallty to Eleanor Workman We Paul Baker and Susanna Brrght leave our perfect courtshrp to any M C H couple who thrnk they can mamtarn our standards l Herman Bennett w1ll my frrst class reservatron on the M C H S bus to Clara Wrlcox l Tom Brrley wrll my advancrng career as head usher of the Lyr1c Theatre to hm Marmer I Vernon Comrskey leave my love for the brg cltxes to Bllly Carr 14 I , . , , I A - , , , , , , . , , . I ' , . , , , . , , , , . , , . C , , To , . To , . To , . , , ' . . , . , , Class Wall Conttrrntulodl Beulah Cook wrll my love for the Navy to Barbara Hughes Frank Eloskr w1ll my abrhty to play the trombone to Betty Brooks Paul Duez bequeath my knowledge of Chemrstry to those students of 194-4 Chemrstry class who frnd themselves hopelessly lost after the fxrst few weeks Baloh Crutcher w1ll my drslrke of opposrte sex to Wayman Drxon Wayne Ekrss w1ll my sugar stamp No 24 to Lee Coffman so he can obtam hrs ratlon date for the week Betty Goodwm w1ll my cheermg abrlrty to Dons Adcock We Davrd Gregory and Olga Potslck leave our annual walk through Nelson Park flower garden to Lyle Eversole and Mary Ann Hertel Helen Hanley bequeath my red halr to Ava Whrtsett wrth the hope of start mg her on the road to stardom as another Brta Hayworth Mary Lou Herrch w1ll my borsterous ways to Ioan Ann Koontz Yvonne Krrk wrll my role as M C H S queen to Gertrude Carson Nelda Ladmg leave my dark harr and dark complexron to Dons Tankersley Nrna Ladrng w1ll my dancrng abrlrty to Maxlne Sloan Dorothy Langley w1ll my rnterest rn a one and only to Marjory Weakley Drck Mrtchell bequeath my dont care attltude concernmg books to Brlly Federman Lrllran Otta wrll my 1ob of berng frrst hour lrbranan to Carl Austrn Earl Portwood leave my laz1ness and saxophone technique to Nrna Marmor Cynthra Bettrg w1ll my love for Physlcal Educatron to Iuanrta Humphrey Creta lane Snyder w1ll my 5 by 5 stature to Corena Alhson Paul Raugelhs bequeath my lengthy strrde to the Zrndel Twrns Maxme Stover w1ll my rnterest rn dude cowboys to Ioy Smrth lohn Supmre w1ll my basketball skrll to Herbey Rlbelrn Martrn Traughber leave the care and custody of my grrl frrends to Aubrey lones Evelyn Waddell w1ll my sweaters to lmogene Duez Mary Ann Workman w1ll my candrd remarks rn hrstory class to Byron Catherwood lean Workman bequeath my matrrmontal lnterests to Marrbell Hawley Curt Wooters w1ll my physrque to Carol Reatherford Kerth Shewmaker wrll my book contammg one hundred and ten ways t wrn and hold the farrer sex to Lowell Cook Elorse Wnght leave my boy frrends car rrdes and plenty of gas to Manor! Shaffer Lyle Warte w1ll my rnterest rn avratron to lunror L1nn Rrchard Goodnch w1ll my posxtron on the frrst team to ferry Workman Srgned thrs 21st day of May m the year of our Lord l943 Wrtnesses OLGA POTSICK KEITH SHEWMAKER 15 Z f W l I, , ' . Il . I . I l, ' , ' . A l, ' , ' ' . I, ' , ' .... , II . . I , .,,., , . . L . . I . . . . - . . . g l, Theresa Oventile, will my rosy cheeks and dimples to Ardith Barber. l, , ' ' ' . L , I . . l, , ' 4 L I . . . . l, , ' ' . II . I .I . . - C Class Prophecy On a sunny Iune afternoon 1n IQ44 I strolled toward the C O Shack of our base at New London Connectrcut As I walked I rehearsed the speech I had prepared Id tell h1m about my s1ck aunt rn I'I1leen1men1k1k1 Illmors and then ask for a ten day leave As I walked 1n the door some of my nerve sank to my G I shoes I walked up to the tough looklng sarlor and asked to see the offrcer rn charge As I sat wcutrng I heard another sallor asklng to get marrred and then the reply-a flrm No When ushered 1nto the Off1C6 I stopped rn my tracks The blg shot was none other than Paul Baker After due greetlngs I stated my case Paul wrote out my pass w1th a twrnkle rn hrs eye and a Have a good t1me Seaman Comrskey I left the offrce and proceeded toward the gates where a vorce rang out Halt' I looked around and a guard asked for a pass I recognlzed hrm as my old schoolmate Martrn Traughber I was tlckled prnk so to speak and started pourrng guest1ons at the startled countenance of the flgure 1n a 'Vlanne umform It seems he was statroned at the adjormng camp Upon askrng when he came off duty I was happy to learn he had a week end pass begln mng rn one hour I stalled around whrle he checked out and we swung off down the street of thrs sophlstrcated New England town toward the tram depot We boarded a New York bound tram and rode our merry way We emerged w1th elegance onto the sldewalks of New York late that mght and wandered enchantedly down the ma1n thoroughfare Broadway Suddenly Mart stopped and plucked at my sleeve Look he gasped goggle eyed Well I looked and I stood goggle eyed for a moment too A huge electrlc srgn blocked our way but that wasnt what rnterested us On the svgn dazzlrng whrte letters glared forth lnformlng the publrc that Tomght Gnly Maxme Stover I-Iollywoods newest artrst of ad llb was appearrng A plcture of the glamour grrl adorned the front of the theater We rushed backstage and presented ourselves Maxlne was glaa to see us but drdnt have much t1me so we departed sayrng we d see her later Contrnurng down Broadway we were almost knocked to the deck by a young woman rn the umform of the Spars none other than Susanna Brrght She explarned she was on leave and hurryrng to New London to see my com rnandrng offrcer Lleutenant Baker We understood and told her to horst anchor and not let us detarn her We suddenly realrzed we were hungry and stepped 1nto a restaurant 1-Iere we saw a huge form hoverrng over the counter Wrthout a doubt rt was Curt Wooters Mart rushed to hrm and asked what he Nas domg 1n the wrlds ot New York Iust won a locatlon rn a corn growlng contest he explarned Once a farmer always a farmer he added We chatted throughout our meal and the three of us made a unanrmous declslon to frnd a hotel Outslde we halled a cab and were astounded to recognrze the drrver as Tom Tyke Brrley I-Ie drove us to the closest hotel where we found ourselves rn the mrdst of a mad rush of bellhops one of whom we srngled out as Davtd Gregory who confrded that he was worklng hrs way through Rweter s School Next mornlng I reluctantly parted company W1th Martrn and CUTIIS and walked toward the depot lntent on catchmg a tra1n homeward bound A parade composed of all women caught my eye as I rounded a corner The leaders were Beulah Cook and Helen I-Ianley carryrng large srgns to advertlse War Bonds and Stamps 16 , . . 1 - 1 4 1 1 , . . . 1 . 11 11 . , . . , . - l I . . . . 11 . . 11 , . 1 11 11 - - 1 - 1 1 1 I - - 1 - 11 - 11 . . 11 11 , . 11 11 4 1 1 ' - 1 1 ' 1 - . . 1 . , . . . . . . . 1, . 1 1 , 1 . . 11 . 1 1 1 - . 1 . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 . . 11 11 1 1 - 1 , . , . . . . 1 . . . I . 1, . . , 11 . 11 , . 11 1 1 - . . 11 11 . 1 1 , . 1 Class Prophecy Contrnurng I was halted by a srdewalk cameraman who snapped my prcture and pulled hrs head from beneath hrs curtarn to reveal Ralph Crutcher We talked a brt and he sard Paul Duez was runnrng a shoe factory rn the next block I saw Paul for a few moments and then went to the statron There were men and women rn all types of unrforms runnrng here and there Two WAVES on the platform seemed famrlrar They turned around at the sound cf my vorce There were Nelda and Nrna Ladrng who were gorng to offr cers school at Baltrmore Maryland Here too I met Lrllran Otta rn a unrform I had heard of the famous Ferry Command She was very proud of her achrevements rn thrs outfrt and showed us her new Lreutenants bars In the trarn I was accosted by a frerce conductor who demanded my trcket It was Kerth Shewmaker he lost hrs frerceness after seerng me and aave me a hearty handshake I later went rn the drnrng car notrced a drstrngurshed lookrng gentleman devourrng hrs darly ratrons I-Ie glanced and yelled It was Frank Floskr rr now an executrve rn Wall Street We spent the rest of the tr1p together and at one rural stop met fohn Ashley who was a prosperous farmer In Chrcago whrle on the way to the Brsmark I-Iotel for lunch we were almost run down by a truck The drrver vras a womanl Yes rt was Theresa Oventrle After lunch we stepped over to Mrchrgan Avenue Comrng down the street were Sgt Wayne Ekrss of the Army and Corporal Dorothy Langley of the WAACS Soon afterward we met lean and Mary Ann Workman They told us they were welders rn an arrplane factory center Insrde I was greeted by several hostesses I spotted Mary Lou Herrch and made a course strarght to her and we danced and talked She told me I ought to take advantage of the free eats so I ambled over to the snack bar and was greeted by Evelyn Waddell and Elorse Wrrght drshrng out food They frxed me up a super sandwrch and laughrngly sent me on my way Leavrng I collrded wrth a swrftly movrng U S Army unrform wrth Paul Baugellrs on the rnsrde I-Ie sard he had rust been over to see Betty Goodwrn who Was workrng on the nrght shrft at an arrcraft factory Eollowrng Pauls drrectron I got to Betty s rust as she was settrng out to work I walked to the door of the factory wrth her and observed several sol drers patrolrng the grounds and burldrngs One of them was Drck Mrtchell vrgorously swrngrng hrs club back and forth Back on Mrchrgan Avenue I strolled past the WGN tower and notrced a poster advertrsrng I-Ierman Bennett a new radro star drscovered by lash Super Strength Prlls I secured a trcket and went upstarrs to watch hrs pro gram whrch proved to be good After thrs pleasant rnterlude I decrded to head for the north srde and boarded a Clark Street car It had a woman conductor Thrs wasnt as sur prrsrng as who she was lean Alverson another former classmate I lumped off at Lawrence Avenue and sauntered toward the Aragon where I was confronted by a srgn that read Earl Portwood and hrs swrng rng sax for the 16th strarght week accompanred by Benny Goodman I danced to hrs melodrous strarns the better part of the nrght and shoved off fcr home fContrnued on page 613 17 J . A . . I , .- I I I . . I I look leave of Frank and steered to starboard toward the service men's NAME lean Alverson Evelyn Waddell Herman Bennett Olga Potsrck Mary Ann Workman Vernon Comrskey Susanna Brrght Ralph Crutcher Nxna Ladlng Maxrne Stover Creta lane Snyder Erank Eloskt Davrd Gregory Nelda Ladrng Helen Hanley Cynthra Bettrg Curtrs Wooters Mary Lou Hertch Lyle Warte Brchard Goodnch Beulah Cook lean Workman Tom Brrley Lrllran Otto Iohn Supmle Paul Baugellxs Iohn Ashley Paul Baker Wayne Ekrss Dorothy Langley Theresa Oventrle Kerth Shewmaker Yvonne K1rk Betty Goodwln Mart1n Traughber D1ck Mrtchell Paul Duez Earl Portwood Elolse Wr1ght Senator Whos Who COLOR OF HAIR lrght brown llght brown dark brown black brown black dark brown dark brown dark brown dark brown l1ght brown brown brown black re dark brown 1ght brown dark brown brown lrght brown brown 1ght brown llght lrght brown brown black black hght brown blonde dark brown brown brown lrght brown brown dark brown blonde brown dark brown lrght brown COLOR OF EYES grayrsh blue greenrsh blue brown gray blue brown blue brown brown brown green dark blue brown blue dark brown grav green QIGY Qwy brown blue blue dark brown green blue brown brown brown brown b ue b ue gray brown brown blue QTGY b ue green blue b ue brown QICIY brown 18 FAVORITE SONG The Holy Crtv Why Don t You Eall ID Love Wtth Me? Wabash Cannon Ball l Want to be a Cowboy s Sweetheart When the Llghts Go on Aga1n All Over the World Always rn My Heart Why Dont You Eall 1n Love Wrth Me? Gold Mme 1n the Sky lt Seems to Me lve Heard That Song Before Der Euerher s Eace Always ID My Heart Pennsylvama Polka Wh1te Clrffs of Dover For Me and My Gal Why Dont You Eall m Love Wrth Me? Star Dust Llke Them All Dont Get Around Much Any More For Me and My Gal Anchors Awergh Strlp Polka Lrke Them All You re Always tn My Heart Der Euerher s Face There s a Star Spangled Banner Wavlng Somewhere My Devotron You ll Be So Nrce to Come Home to One Dozen Bases l Dont Walk W1thout You San Antonto Bose Theres a Star Spangled Banner WGVIHQ Somewhere Always 1n My Heart I Crred for You Seems to Me lve Heard that Song Before l Want to Sleep so l can Dream l Ltke to Spend Each Wednesday Wrth You Annlversary Waltz You ll Be So N1ce to Come Home to U r d A- , . . 4 . 1. . ' ' ' Silent Night 1. 4 . I . . ' ' l . 1 ' . . 1 ' CHIEF AMBIT ION office worker airplane hostess mechanic live on a farm secretary hobo stenographer radio engineer office worker office ivorker or defense worker office worker big business man orchestra leader defense worker de ense worker farmer s wife farmer typist fly an airplane millionaire do something great before l die be a farmer s wife none airplane factory worker be president aerial rr achine gunner be a farme navy off ce b a far ri ff IK house wife fter wa navy ai c aet secretar beauty p t rnarire marine air cadet good radio tech ician school teacher Senior Who's Who FAVORITE SUBIECT Typing Typing Chemistry Physical Education Shorthand None Typing Ph ,fsics Shorthand Typing Typing Music Music Shorthand Typing Physical Education Agriculture Typing Physics Agriculture Chemistry l-listory Bookkeeping Commerce English Chemistry Agricuitu e Agriculture A.: iculture PET PEEVE people who lose things people that criticize late hours biting fingernails people that tease me milking a cow gossiping fault finders hypocrites hypocrites gossipers baby talking girls women two faced people thieves concerted people thinking figuring taxes books gir s gossipers thieves tnieves figuring taxes taking orders leaving school hiscering t er fvorreri 19 Dias e Ec ro sei s 'iess Engl s td A cu tar Scie ce Phys Cs Typing ceited peo e ine sblCQIS a ex teasing ornen being stood up 19 FAVORITE PASTIME playing piano roller skating target practice reading olaying piano girls sewing singing and tinkering with radios riding with Maxine driving fast reading loafing playing piano sewing embroidering ooking fool around loaf around working swimming teasing going out on dates loafing loafing gir s fishing fishing and huntin dating a certain l ttle bru nette at n oking riting le ters plat ng p r ls ening t rcl' s ras at letics athletics l stening t the rad reading ooys , . X , A N, . . . . , X . . . . , , f . . . , , , . , . , C 4 . , , , I . 1 , A - A T X . A , . I I . , I TVAV 7 , A L , L. -A A, Q i r ' . c h ' . . ' Q A i - e r er jr '.'.'Gll n for tl ' 'T e t do 1 o l worthwhile Hom o . :nics s 'fight s co ' f defense worker now Home Economics conceited people cooking ' a . r 'r a l Chemistry con Q A, pl Q Qi t f ' 3' Typing lazQ ss A ji f A ia io ' ' on eraior .."i h aoaay c i.t Q o c .e t ' ir ' . Agriculture people I aggerate h ' ' . gri ' lA e school . ' ' Q n s' . i A o . zo ' Ln' ' . l. 'ai s .. ' A A -v I A v - yy l X - ,lIlUNllUlRiS F1131 Row Left to Rlght Ioanne Koontz Betty Wrcklern Martha Ambers Helen Mathlas Evaun Gllmore Byron Catherwood Edna Hancock Imogene Duez Bose Marmor Francls Lamm Avo Hancock Second Row Mr McCarty Opal Thompson Maxlne Sloan Iuamta Hum phrey Ioy Sm1th Eleanor Adamson Iean Armstrong Eleanor Workman Betty Brooks Mrss Hllher burn Karl Kearns Lane Beathertord Carol Reathertord Corena Alllson Fourth Row lack Curzon Lloyd Ater Charles Mlnott Scott Whltsett Robert Carson Talmage Hughes Iohn Cutler Lyle Eversole Martha Potsrck .llunuor Class Our class started on 1lS voyage 1n 1940 To us 1t was to be the greatest trlp 1n our lrves Some could not cont1nue Wllh us very long but We kept as many as posslble so that our Journey would be rnerner As We trrst started out we elected the follow lng oftlcers Presrdent Byron Catherwood Vrce Pres1dent Manbell Hawley Secretary and Treasurer Evaun Grlmore Hrstonan Lorene Zrndel Student Counc1l Members Imogene Duez and Ioy Sm1th 1.0 y , Third Row: Maribell Hawley, Ardith Barber, Wayman Dixon, Charles Cli- JUNIURS After traveling for a year we decided that we would change our otf1cers and so we elected the followlng Presldent Wayman DIXOH VICE Presldent Lane Beathertord Secretary and Treasurer Marlbell Hawley Student Counc1l Members Eleanor Adamson and Byron Catherwood Cn our next year of travelmg we had many mlsfortunes and turmo1ls We struggled very hard for awhlle but then we came out w1nn1ng and went on Durmg th1s year we elected our oftlcers as the followmg Presldent Byron Catherwood Vlce Prestdent Lane Beathertord Secretary and Treasurer Edna Hancock l-l1stor1an Imogene Duez Student Councll Members Eleanor Adamson and Bob Car son Celected by the studentsj Leola McCarty was elected as a member by the faculty but a mlsfortune caused her to leave school for a trme and Imogene Duez was appomted to frll her place On our flrst year of travelmg we had as our advlser Mr Turner Eor our next year we had Mr Corby At the beglnnlng of our thlrd year we elected two adv1sers M1ss Hewltt and Mr Dependahl Mr Dependahl had to leave because of rllness and Mtss l-lew1tt Jomned the WAVES we had to elect new adv1sers To f1ll therr places we chose M1ss l'l1ll1er and Mr McCarty ln our thrrd year we presented a play The name of 1t was Aunt M1nn1e From Mlnnesota Also durmg th1s year we had our Iunlor and Seruor banquet The lun1ors supported thls and ralsed the1r money by selhng candy and by g1v1ng the Tumor play So tar we have had a splendld tr1p and have enyoyed 1t very much We shall always cher1sh the memory ot our trlp through dear old Moweaaua Hlgh 21 , . 1 - I , . 1 1 , . . , . . 1 1 - , . , . . U . . . 1, . . - 1 1 SUPHOMURES Bottom Row Left to R1ght Edward Humphrey Edward Cox Robert Clark Maurrne Iones Rosalre DGVIS George Wooters Charles Fearn Nrna Marmor Ava Wh1tsett Frances Negray Marforle Shaffer Second Row Carl Austm Opal Otta Manadean Waddell Dons Mrtchell arolyn Nolrng Manon Adams MaryAnn l-lertel Norma McLean Laura Portwood Mlss Schrrer Th1rd Row lohn Allrson Lowell Cook lack Burt Clrfford Becker Donald Thompson Wayne Lowe Harold Wnaht Lee Coffman Fourth Row Brlly Ray Moore Wrllram Carr Robert Collrns Herbert Rrbelm Robert Moore Robert Sh wmalcer Kenneth Becker Sophomore Class In the fall of l94l f1fty frve braves set out on a long tourney 1n search of learnlng lt was to take patrence and sklll to ac au1re At the beglnmng of the Journey we stopped long enough to choose as our leaders the followlng Flrst Blg Chref Charles Fearn Second Brg Chlef Harold Glles Medrclne Man Lee Coffman Cfurde Mr Cfarrrson 1.2 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 , . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 Q 1 V 1 1 I - - 1 1- SOPHOMURES Hepresentatlves for our councllors were Iollnne LaBounty and George Wooters but after a few weeks IoAnne LaBounty reslgned and Nlna Marmor was chosen to succeed her Nma Marmor and George Wooters were chosen to wr1te our hlstory of the year Durtng the f1rst semester of our Journey we lost ten of our braves We had two peace p1pe partles durmg the year and after the long and strenuous year we took tlme off at the end to have a pow wow at Decatur Nelson Park and then started a three months penod of rest After our rest we cont1nued our fourney 1n the tepee of learn 1ng We were to see that we had lost a few of our braves who had elther fallen back dropped out or Jomed other companrons but we were comforted to see we had gatned three others Maur Soon after our return we halted long enough to elect as our leaders for the year the followrng Flrst Brg Chlef George Wooters Second Blg Chlef Ed Cox Medrclne Man Rosahe Davls Gu1de Mlss Schlrer Carolyn Nolrng and Dale Curry were chosen as councllors and Nlna Marmor was elected as hrstorran Dunng the year there were four great pow wows held by the class One was atven for the Freshmen and another was a return party grven by the Freshmen We declded to take another three months rest before we started rn the th1rd year of our yourney 1n search of those coveted sheepskrns 23 ine Iones, lack Burt, and Robert Clark. FRESHMEN Fxrst Row Left to Rmght Luc1lle Carson Gertrude Carson Dons Adcock Pa trrcra Gregory Vrvran Wooters Gerald Workman Marlorre Weakley Lynn Smtth Bonnre Reathertord Mary Clrburn Clara Wllcox Catherme Mc Krnney Second Row Mr Swanson Dorrs Tankersley Flora Belle Goodrrch Betty Younker Margaret Pratt Nancy Baker Ahce Lane Zelma Lee l-larr1s Doro thy Wetzel Wanda Duez Norma Gregory lean Matlock Thlrd Row Barbara Hughes Evelyn Tmtorr Lesl1e Zmdel lames Cox lack Cormne Myers Iames Marmor Fourth Row Harold Allen Aubrey lones Iohn Langley Brlly l-layes Charles Tozer Ohver Morrell Brll Baker Brlly Federman Charles lenkens Ken neth Scarlette Iames l-lay es Freshman Class Gn September l l94" flfty two Freshmen enrolled ln the Moweaqua Cornmunlty Hrgh School September l7 l942 w chose our class oftrcers They were as follows Presrdent lerry Workman Vtce Presldent Lynn Smlth Secretary and Treasurer Marlorre Weakley The Sophomores had a party for the Freshmen and the Freshmen gave 1n return a party for the Sophomores lean Matlock was the Freshman Queen for the Sentor Carmval 24 Manship, Charles Nelson, Wesley Zindel, Ralph Zlndel, Donald Caudle, tv N 1 Lu I F I ' ' . , , G CALENDAR SEPTEMBER September l Whtle Freshman gtrls wear paper towel harr rrbbons and the SSIDTSIUDGI' Septerr ber September September September September OCTOBER October October October October October Octobe October October boys sheeprshly drsplay rouge and l1pSllCli NG face the perplex mg task of betng d1gn1f1ed Sen1ors 8 All would be stars of stage and screer a e u ged to fotn the Dramatrcs Club nowl 9 Moweaaua FEA Chapter meets for the ftrst trme and elec offrcers ll Class of 43 elects Martm Traughber Presrdent fohn Suprnte Vrce Presrdent Dorothy Langley Secr tary and Treasurer M1 Moore and Mr Corby class advrsors 18 Home Ec and Vlsual Ard Clubs organrze 2l Senrors elect Paul Baker and Susanna Br1ght as members of the Student Counc1l 25 We welcome the frrst tssue of the Pow Wow Mr Corby grves mstructlons to the grade and htgh school as to where they should go ln case of a1r rards Mr Swanson urges the bnngrng rn of scrap A arewell party IS grven rn honor o M1ss l-lewttt who IS leavlng to 1o1n the WAVES Mrs Carl Gregory IS substrtutmg rn commerc1al sub1ects unt1l a new teacher IS avarlable Senlors have a werner roast and treasure hunt at the home of Curtrs Wooters Rtchard Goodrrch tests hrs capactty for werners Today we enfoy the v1vac1ty and enthusrasm o our new com merce teacher Mrss l-lrlher Report cardsl Oh they grve all of us low grades the f1rst trme Just to scare us probably Classes elect queens for the Sentor Carnrval as follo NS Fresh men lean Matlock Sophomores Rosalre Davrs funtors Avo Hancock Sen1ors Yvonne Ktrk The Senrors stage therr frrst btg event o the year the Senror Carnlval The mam feature of the evemng ts the crownmg of th Queen Mrss Yvonne Ktrk who has recerved the greatest nur ber of votes NOVEMBER November 3 Mr Bolerfack former teacher who ls on furlo gh grves a re freshtng talk on army lrfe November l3 The Sen1or Play lm rn the Army Now br ngs out a large crowd who greatly enjoy the performance November 25 A farewell barty IS gtven for Mr Dependahl orev ous to hrs departure on account of rll health November 30 Mrs Foster wlll teach socral studves unttl a new teacher c be found fCOUl1HUGd on page 48l 25 ' f ' Q ' , e 1 'ss 1- I . . . A . ZW fn ' . , . f . . I W . , SM u I . . . . . . , 6- . . October 8MOur music teacher, Mr. Iuvinall, resigns. l2e A ' ' ' f - r 204 . " , ' ' Q ' l94 ' ' f 1 Y , 30m . . . . f l . A' - r . ' , ' " u , A - ' ' Y . ' . ' L c A t c an N N N I ARRUWHEAD STATT The Senior Class of l943, after much consideration and planning, selected this honorable group of their classmates to take the responsibility of publish' ing their annual. The dignified staff is as follows: Beulah Cook-fl-tistoryl, fean WorkmanffActivitiesl, Dorothy Langley and Wayne Ekiss-fCirculationJ, Vernon Comiskey-fProphecyl, David Greg- ory-CTypistl, Eloise Wright-fQuotationsl, Lillian Otta-fQuotationsf, Paul Baker-fCo-Editorl, Martin Traughber-fBusiness Managerl, fohn Supinie- fSportsl, Mr. Corby and Miss Moore-CAdvisorsl, Ralph Crutcher-CSnapshotsl, lean Alverson-fCalendarl, Keith Shewmaker4CWillJ, Paul Duez-fQuotae tionsl, Susanna Bright-CCo-Editorl, Olga Potsick-CWilll, Frank Floski- CQuotationsJ. THE PlUlB5lLllClITY ClLlUlB STUDENT The Publicity Club was organized for the purpose of publishing the school paper the Pow Wow which helps keep students and community informed about the school activities The Pow Wow is sold by subscriptions Any student may contribute to the paper The members and staff are as follows Seated left to right Vernon Comiskey Byron Catherwood CSports Editorl Ioy Smith CEX change Editor? Wayne Ekiss fASSOC1Gl6 Editorj lack Burt Iack Curzon fEd1tor in Chief Cartoonistl Evaun Gilmore fCopy Editorl Mary Ann Hertel CNews Editorl Miss Watts tAdv1sorJ Bosalie Davis CThey Say Editorl Yvonne Kirk fTyp1stl Stcndmg Charles Eearn Iohn Allison Ardith Barber CClubs Editorl lean Alver on Eloise Wright CL1terary Editorl Betty Goodwin fTyp1 tl CC0lUNClIlL The Student Council has a total of ten members two elected from each of the classes and two selected from the funior and Senior classes by the faculty Their sole purpose is to promote a better understanding between the faculty and students to encourage higher scholarship and to develop better school citizenship This year they worked many hours putting out a handbook for the Freshmen of 1943 44 OFFICERS Vice President David Gregory Secretary Treasurer Susanna Bright Advisor Miss Hillier e to Right l h La al Ca olyn Nolira M1 l-l lli Susanna Bright Paul Bak r Pob e t Ca so Daxid C go ,I E ano Adam on l'nog ri Di. 2 and lancy Baker 28 President ------- Paul Baker L ft ' Af 2. n ng ey, r QQ, 'ss i Aer, '. . ' . , ' . e, . - r r. n, ' ' are r' , le r s , . e. e 'e . -I . THE BAND Durmg the ftrst semester Mr Iuvmall was the band dtrector Durmg the second semester lflr McCarty assumed the dutles as band duector The band has sho vvn an espec1ally great lmprovement durmg the latter part of the year Tl e great event ot the year v as the srrrng concert Ofhcer for the band are Presrdent Frank Flosm VICE Prestdent Davld Gregory Secretary Treasurer Carolyn Nolmg Reporter Laura Portwood Ltbrarran lmogene Due First Row Edward Gregory Arlene Adarn on Wtlma Sprtggs Maryor e Shaft r Shlrley Tru lock Evelyn T1r1tor1 Laura Portwood Norma Gregory Herbert Rtb lln Wayne Low Nell H1lvety Carolyn lolr g lmogen Duez lean Matlock Wanda 'Du z Harol ell Wrlght Dan Duauenne Da rd Gregory Robert Dlcker on Frank Elo K1 A atth Barb Earl Portwo d 'll'HlE CHORUS The purpose of the Glrls Glee Club lS to help butld up the enthustasm of the gtrls IH l-hgh School who are tnterested 1n stngmg Thts year the Guls Glee Club lS Worlang wtth the band ln preparatron for the spnng concert There are twenty seven members IH the chorus Th drrector lS Mr l!lcCarty and the accompamst IS lmogene Duez MOWEAQUA TlWVlllRilLlElRS The twulers ftrst started tn 41 wtth hve g1rls lvlartbell l-la Nley loy Smtth leanne Armstrong Eleanor Adamson and Evaun Grlmore Tney tw1rled at basketball games and at a Home Economtcs Club Conventton ln 42 Manbell Hawley dropped out The four lett wo ked to et er w1tla out a teacher unttl Mr McCarty came Tney have twtrled at many of the horre ames and at a numbe ot organtzatlons out ot to un ln l942 tour Sophomore gtrls began twlrltng lfartan Adams Dons ltftt chell N1na lflarmor and Naunne lcnes Trey twt led t several ho ne bas K tpall games 38 . . ' I I I A . T ' J . a I x . . , . ' ' '--- - A 2 ' M , . .Q , ' ' 1 e , ' - ' . I 'rt , e , , 1 e d B, ' , A ,, v" , ' s ., . sl ', r " er, A Second Row-Clara Wilcox Evaun Gilmore, Betty Brooks, Mr, McCarty . l . , D . . , . c . , T . 4 Y . . . , , - A , . v . , . . r r g n .- a . . r ' ' ' , , I 'l , L - , ' . , 1 ' . l 'r a c 1. f ' e A . o ,, r - ,f 4 v-K ,gl y 5 X 1 G Q 4,51 .5364 FP 3 E419 Q 9 5 !" li1, f 9f',Rx9 xl! My ml' gftgx +"ffr .QV , . , .-. I W. 52' . fi! ii N 3 5 .0 'NF ' 1 6 G . ESS' ' X" 'Rf ts' ' ,Xa ,, X, ,. N I. ' :ES-+ ff - - , 17, fgx' Q ef 4 X, A Q, :S ,J Mi-..w. ,Q I'itxiE 5 . cl, 5? . QL ,lf lElUTlURE EARMERS OE AMERICA The offrcers of the Moweaaua F F A Chapter for the school year of l942 43 are as tollows Presrdent Paul Bake Vrce Presrdent Wayne Ekrss Secretary and Treasurer Lane Reathertord Reporter lohn Cutler Some o the actrvrtres that Chapter has been engaged rn durrng the year are September Green l-land and Future Farmers lnrtratron November Future Farmers Father and Son Banquet December and Ianuary F F A Pest Contest February F F A Party February and March Garden Seed Sales THE SCIENCE ClLlUR lt rs the purpose of the Scrence Club to rnterest puprls rn the study of scrence and rnathematrcs Thrs IS especrally rmportant at thrs trme srnce every freld of servrce m warfare and home productron rs burlt upon screntrfrc prm crples The turn of events rn the last year should pornt out to Freshman Sopho more and Iunror boys that marors rn scrence and mathernatrcs are requrre ments for becomrng one of the S1XlY three specralrsts out of every one hundred men rn the armed servrce Trme has prevented the club from berng actrve but most of rts members are rn scrence and rnathematrcs classes thrs year lt rs hoped that they are thrnkrng about srrnrlar classes next year DRAMATICS For the Senror Carnrval the Drarnatrcs presented two one act plays How the Story Grew was grven by erght grrls Maurrne lones Avo Hancock Mar tone Weakly Ava Whrtsett lmogene Duez Margaret Pratt Olga Talley and Alrce Lane The Eftrcrency Expert had the followrng cast Charles Mrnott Jean Armstrong Nancy Baker Evaun Grlrnore Ioy Smrth and Eleanor Work man For the Jornt school Chnstrnas program the club chose lust What They Wanted wrth the followrng cast Nancy Baker Dons Mrtchell Mary Ann Moon Alrce Lane and Margaret Pratt Otfrcers tor l942 43 were Paul Baker presrdent Eleanor Adamson vrce presrdent Susanna Brraht secretary and treasurer Avo Hancock reporter 32 1 - A - 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 -s . . . . , ' I - - 1 . . . H 11 A . . . - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , 1. . . 11 , . . . , 7 . . ,1 1 1 1 . . . ,. 1 - 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 ' A -f 1 , 1 1 1 - lPlElP ClLlUlBS The Pep Club was organrzed to strmulate school sprrrt and promote sportsmanshrp rn the Moweaaua Communrty Hrgh School Approxrmately 80 per cent of the student body are members of thrs club All students are elrgrble to become members To secure membershrp one rs regurred to buy a season trclcet for basketball The Pep Club rs gurded by our three cheer leaders Betty Goodwrn Senror fuanrta Humphrey funror and Nma Marmor Sophomore who upon electron automatrcally become the executrve offrcers untrl graduatron The club has at least one meetlng a week durrng the basketball season to rnstrll the flghtrng sprrrt rn the team and Pep up the student body so they wrll come to the games and help the team perform therr very best ln sprte of the fact that transportatron was very drffrcult to frnd our capable and energetrc cheerleaders Betty Iuanrta and Nrna were always able to get a crowd together and frnd transportatron to the games away from home The act that the team lost more trmes than they won drdnt danger the sprrrt of our club proves they were loyal to Moweaaua Hrgh HUME ECONUMICS CLUB Theme-The Home Front Slogan Eat rt up wear rt out make rt do or do wrthout Presrdent Yvonne Krrlc Vrce Presrdent Susanna Brrght Secretary Mary Ann Hertel Treasurer Avo Hancock Reporter Rose Marmor Sponsor Mrss Schrrer We are at war and war rs never krnd to anyone Here rn Amerrca the bombs may never fall as they have fallen elsewhere but we are all rn danger lust the same We all need someone to help us understand what thrs crrsr rn human affarrs means lf We don t understand rt we are rn danger of grow mg up wrth wrong attrtudes about famrly responsrbrlrtres about crtrzenshrp and about democracy Therefore rn our club we try to solve these home front problems 34 CLASS PLAYS Senlomr Class Play .lruunulolr Class Play Thrs year on November l3 l942 the Sentors w1th Mtss Moore as dlrector presented the1r annual class play lm rn the Army Now a three act comedy wrth the tollowrng cast P Roberton Ma Robertson Deanna Robert or B o ort Robe tsort l' by Robert J Robe so or F6 JG E sr Knapp Ramon Valdez Frank Floskr T eresa Oventlle Sasarzrra B rght Paul Bake Da rd G eg ry I Wcrlvra Mayme S o e 1 G od.v a g be O ga P t ck lots VJ rgh B ah Coon As The luntor class presented a three act com edy ent tled Aunt M1nn1e from Mrnnesola The blot deals w1th the amusmg rncrdents con nected wrth the reformmg of a small slow town 1nto a peppy hve wrre clty lt was dlrected by MISS Rachel l-lrlller The lollowmg were the cast M rr e rorr Mm e ota Evau Grlrro e rr ae e Duez rra s' ort a r drce Lamrr C1 M rt t J XJ a V ' et .f wo a 5 C C B N, E rc l. yd A I y 'ruin Rose Marrrcr O I I 1 r I 44 - - 1 1 A ' - I a s ,.. . ' I ' ' ff, ' . . s r . v r . r' . .. i 7 is A F A Y Aunt ini N' .L '. n S n ' .1 r . Mrs Evans l..o rx Q . son r o 1 1 J 1 1 Ln: Evans lea: Arm. .r .g Gianni rt n ean . . n ,W EWWQ -Y N M319 M TECH - A 7 Err.-ery Eaton Ch rles 1. ot Letty Ashbrook-e Bettj o ' in G'J'A 'Tr har: lunior lv his 1 'xr rttzss Roper Martin Tr Ll -r A751 A3i7e""5 -T793 Cmhef' 54 Cnqrrg D-AW, l cgi S1135 Spencer Rel ert are rt Q V N W V n Patience Perkins ett ' roo' 5 'L'.'l37e3" A-211 C3 L 'E L 'Y 'Northxgton Wtnter lo ter ' -U ' . , Mrs 9 - Ee' -A Cornelia Cxgrtga . o S.. .. ,. , . . Tenn .hley ffella lfeleon , . 36 HIHHHES lBASlKlETlBAlLlL lntloesea on tlG2 Qtr l feagualnaan ddntdoa wellasw 2 exreoteol T e bo, f Qld 'rave lxea to Won nore tn l t tt ent wrong Thex c uldnt 'nt and offense vas worse Mr Carb, ata hs Hare trymg to get the boys to f orlc the last halt out rtlt no luck on tlne part ttneb ys Moweagua Moweagua Moweaaua Moweagua Moweaqua Moweaaua Moweaqua Moweaaua Mo-weagua Maweaaua Moweaqua Mo fveaaua Mo Neaaua M weaaua Mo Neaaua Mov. eaaaa Stonrngton St Teresa Nokonns ASSUINDTIOH Shelbyvtlle Macon Bethany Ftndlay Flndlay Macon Tower Hlll St Teresa Stontngton Assurnptlon Blue Mound lllropolis ,.. , . ' o A -llo le lov' 41 s i lt 'fs 'Jo' . Q 'tl ' 1 o ldnt be done. Tliey were going full blast the first Fall t en everytmnfu .. .. .M22 ' . , 23 .. Moweaaua ..,,. .....,., 2 7 Shelbyville . ...... .....,,. 2 l .. . A ...,. .,l9 ' A ,,ll ' ,, 29 , , . .. .. ,,,..,..., 26 ' ' 1 ., ,.... U30 . . o .. ., ..,, 24 ' rr' 22 of ' Zn r Al Q -- laclc Cur on Paul Baugelis lcon luan ta Hu plwre Nina Marrnor Betty Gooclf in Soir: rue Wayne Ekiss Byron Catherwoad. Seeded: lerry Workman, lack Curzon, Paul Baugellis, lohn Supinie, Wayne Elciss, Byron Catnerwoool, lack Burt. Standing: Bill Moore, William Hayes, Talmage Hughes, luriior Wliitseit, Carl Austin, Bobert Moore, Paul Duez, Charles Fearn, Lee Coffman, Mr. Corby 39 TOIUIRNAMJENTS APU V1 I! sv erm Name Q C21 be-rfcod S r me sem I r T MERIDIAN CONFERENCE SHELBY COUNTY TOURNAMENT me G DECATUR REGIONAL P FIFIIC POINTS SCORED BY INDIVIDUALS Baskets Free Throws L7 Total Pomts Q . 3 X Afcx 1 .N QL A A A33 Tower H111 A A A A A AQ' Ifcwecqui A A A A 24 A vw rdsor A A A A QA Mez-fecxqucx A7 S?1eQb','vLllQ A A A A LCA J A gm A A A 29 'fx A A A A A QR Curzon A A A A A A A A 49 21 H., It. 'J A A A A Sf I-2 N-1 Rougelhs A A A A A A 44 F2 95 .3511 1 A AA ,... 3C A A A 22 13 'Q Buff A A A A A AA A 2 G Whit. A AAAA I fl No ki an A A A A A I I S Hayes A A A A A A A A A 1 C 2 Fein I 2 IQ:-eg A I I Ag if LZ? Aieiiqfe Ports pier Gcizie 25 ,A-Lu .J,,1 49" HL- lPlElRSCONNlElL COMF BASKETBALL Paul Raugellls a Senror was a good shot and a good rebounder l-le never gave up hopes Wayne Eklss a Sentor played center and got hrs share ot the rebounds and hrs share of po1nts Iohn Supmle a Sentor played guard was not a very h1gh scorer but he pulled the boys through a few games Byron Catherwood a Iunror who played guard knew how to handle hunself rn a ttght spot He w1ll be back next year Iack Curzon a lunror who was small but mrghty he got h1s polnts and h1s share of takrng the ball away from the other boys lack Burt a Sophomore drd not see much actlon on account of a broken arm Ierry Workman a Freshman who w1ll surely hll a place next year played hrs Ike Hayes a Freshman playmg on the second team was always ready tor the f1fSl team when wanted Bob Moore a Sophomore who was a good guard on the second team never gave up on etther team Charles Fearn a Sophomore was an excellent passer and wrll 1mprove over thrs years ball playlng Carl Austm a Sophomore was a good rebounder and a good shot and w1ll be back next year Iuruor Whltsett a Iunlor who was always ready to help when needed was a good passer and a good shot CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders of thts year were the best sports that anyone tn school now can remember lf we won they were happy rf we lost they were sad but looked happy The cheerleaders dtd not m1ss one game and the boys w1ll never forget luanrta Humphrey Nlna Marmor and Betty Goodwm 42 I l 1 , I . part well this year. ' I I . , 1 ' , J, . HHH HHVHHISIHS ESSIE B STINE C B HODGE Sr c n ed Fu rl D Lc sed F n ral Dlrecto No 2989 Pr f sso al Embalm r No 6756 STINE FUNERAL SERVICE FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Strlctly Modern Moweaqua Illmols BEST WISHES FOR THE CLASS OF 43 THE BEST HOME COOKED FOODS CHARNITA CAFE Roszell s Sealtest Ice Cream THE BEST HOME COOKED FOODS Ch les The World s Fmest ant B y B y 44 . . . , . Li e s ne a irecto i en u e ' r . 0 e i n e . 7 9 F fiffff? I ' O I A . 9 ar H , ' H ju ia il eu il eu JONES AND STROHL FARM IIVIPLEMENTS ATTENTION FARMERS New low prlces If you have a fnencl or relative lh the armed forces surely you w1II enllst your tractor for his beneht to better increase productlon We all realize we must do wlth what we have Let us plck up your tractor or other machlne whatever make new vlctory rates whlch will be competltlve to any shop but w1II also guarantee genume II-I C parts An CHIICICUI servlce of operatlon to better your new c op year and to provlde for the boys of whom we are proud Box 927 DECATUR ILLINOIS U T7 ' I' Q5 ga IHQI IW AYARS STATE BANK Vlember Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon Moweaqua lllmols 45 sknfjljvyll..-It -I gful area ' ff - ' .g2SdIj:'751I, '-- ij- 3354 : -: U ' , EFiff3?5ETTFfT1ENf H - "n i IW' .ll -A, I fm .,.. A, F N V i NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR """' Th re IS no development physlcally or 1nteIIectua y wlthout effort and effort means work Work IS not a curse lt IS a prerogatlve of 1nteII1gence the only means to manhood and the measure of c1v1I1zat1on CALVIN COOLIDGE QUALITY SERVICE HERFF JONES 81 COMPANY CLASS RINGS COIVIIVIENCEIVIENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Indlanapol s Indiana ewelers and Statloners To Moweaqua Communlty Hlgh School Classes E H HALL DECATUR ILLINOIS 4 3. . . H J . It s POST S in Decatur for Nationally Famous WRIST WATCHES For the Graduate A POST WATCH e tu g cl d g g n Eve y t Pay ent lf De r d H POST 8x SONS Jewelers for Over Seventy one Years ra e t DECATUR ILLINOIS t 9 p In Black cmd Company I25 E North Street Decatur Illinois SPORTING GOODS HARDWARE 'A' PAINTS MILL SUPPLIES , . . Fine jew IecI movements in new thin model na raI oI cases. Raise oIcI numerals, oIcI ha ds. r wa ch fully guaranteed. I 2 2 0 5 0 and up m s si e , fsecond floor, if? - 793 Merchant at P iri S reet Saturday Store Hours: 9 a.m. o . . 1 Q 47 Catllentdlaur tConttnued from page 25D DECEMBER Wecember l Twenty sho ctng days unttl Chnstmas Jecember 2 Report cards They stmply dont reahze hc w 1 much l know December 4 Row Wow came out today What do they say IH the They Say Column IANUARY lanuary 4 lanuary lanuary lanuary lanuary lanuary Ianuary Rrng tn the newl lm certatnly gotng to DG an honor student from now on Let s see what were those eauattons for the prepa ratton of hydrogen sulftde and sulphurlc ac1d'9 We are glad to welcome Mr McCarty as our new band teacher Snr ctvtcs students gtve a debate before the assembly on the sub ject of havmg school on Saturday On the negattve stcle are Susanna Brtght Vernon Comrsky and Byron Catherwood On the afttrrnattve stde are L1ll1an Otta Herman Bennett and Ralrh Crutcher The atttrmatwe won Exams More Exams We f1nd our new teacher tn soclal stud1es Mr Farney an tnter esttng speaker Report cards Oh well how could anyone remember what they learned durtng an enttre semester? FEBRUARY February 21 MARCH We have torty mtnute penods today and are dtsmlssed at 2 OC p m tn order to perm1t regtstratton for gas rattontng Regtstra tton wtll conttnue throughout the week March 3 Report carcls lve been too busy to bother wlth school work APRH. Aorll 2 Atcrll 20 MAY May Nay fa, fay May head The luntors present thetr class play Aunt Mrnn e trom Mlnnesota whtch IS au1te a success Report cards lt s too late to start now l4 Semors en, y semester examrnattons for the last ttme Baccalaureate s weld at the Rresbytertan Church w1th Reverend Hayes as the speaker Semors sn tt at class ma t Rep rt cards l dont worry cause tt makes no d tterence no N Commencement ts here wtth the Sentors makrna an rmpresstve shc N mg tn therr cars and oowns Pretty wordertul or rsnt tt? 48 r - ee" g f ' N f - H , ? A , 4- . . 8- A ' ' ' - l4f . l5f , l84 ' ' ' ' , r . , ' - 20' -X' , , March 9ePictures of the classes and organizations are taken for the 'Arrow- l3- f ' " to " ' ' ' . r l6- i I ' r. T., ' . tr. v 18- ' 'Won-.roy sjgh, If l9- uc ff ' , ' . r. 'i r r Zle . . Q , A ' . A J '. J , ' t- - Compllments of ROYAL TYPEWRITING AGENCY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO Mn FTDA Flo esWlred 5 5 HOURANS FLORISTS onthecorner G R E E N H O U S E S 402 North Water Str t Decatur IIImo WW g I Sh 9 Ozafpyegg-'Kam ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING RINGS CUIIIS Iewelry Co I48EMInSi D Chl III PVS' 24'-'S-R Compllments of A F R I E N D My A ' - 1 C a oon, IIIinois . . . in quality, stylin and va ue. e will always be proud of a Genuine "Orange B1ossom" Rin . See our selection. ff GenuIne W . . . .- w r ' I Phone 30 ' . a . ec r. . QQ . v ee , ' is 49 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compllments of SARVERS ELECTRICAL SHOP K d ofE.l trc W kDn JAKE PINKSTON REAL ESTATE AND AUCTIONEERING R U N K L E S BODY AND PAINT SHOP Auto T ps G1 s N rth Eclg f T G C H E A T H A M GROCERIES AND FRESH MEATS Ba yG ds fAllK ds C mpl t of HARRY GAITHER FEED GRINDING opl ORA WINTERS and LOUIE REATHERFORD GENERAL TRUCK HAULING FUNK C. HYBRID C E CURRY 538I All in s ec i al or o e Moweaqua, Illinois 9 0 - a s o e o Moweaqua, Illinois Moweaqua, Illinois Route 5 I ' , , 0 imen s leer oo o in Phone 191 Moweaqua, Illinois Moweaqua, Illinois Phone 87 C m iments of Y .. .. Assumption, Illinois Moweaqua, Illinois Moweaqua: Phone 53 Compllmentsof CAMERA ART STUDIO O E Myrvold l604 North Mann Street Decatur Illmols FLORISTS FANCY CUT FLOWERS AND PLANTS Phones 528l and 4282 120 East Pra ne Street Decatur Illlnols MOWEAQUA GRAIN CO COMPLETE LINE or A at o FEEDS Chuck Starters Concentrates All KlndS of Lxve Stock Feed Soy Bean Meal Lmseed O11 Meal Shorts and Bran Tankage Salt SemxSol1cl Buttermilk Perm E 907 H E L P D E F E N S E ' Make Hogs out of your Pngs by Peedm HOG SUPPLEMENT Waters for Brooders Feeders 'k Moweaqua lllmols Compllments of the MUWEAQUA D L.Sparl1ng C Q ir ' v HOSPITAL ir . 0 ' STANDARD SERVICE The Products are "Tops" The Service All-High Where you see the Blue And White sign in the sky. .I V SPRIGGS JIM GAITI-IER STANDARD SERVICE Phone 334 Moweaqua Illmols . Compliments f MOWEAQUA BARBERS HAYDEN SI-IANKS an TOZER AID TI-IE DRIVE T0 VICTORY Plant FRANK CARWOOD AND SONS Ston ngton Illinois Compliments f RADFORD GRAIN CO Radford Illmos . , cl o o FUNK'S "G" I-IYBRIDS ' 0 0 ' ' I 0 52 Compliments of SUB-DEB SHOP Mo eaqua Illinois DRESSES AND ACCESSORIES THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Moweaqua, Illinois Kd Bulldlng IVIater1al Bullders Hardware Palnts Olls Amerlcan I:1eId Fence ohns IVIanv1lIe Lme of ROOflng ancl Insulatlon S R Port ood Partner HOTT S FRIENDLY SERVICE Service For AUTO TRACTOR AND FARM MACHINERY H r Ph I 84 Ph 18 Mo eaqua Illmo s Assumption Illmo s BACHRACHS VlSlt Our Sportswear Shop 'A' Everythlng new ln Wearables for Sports and Outdoor Wear Decatur III nous W 7 All in S of Q O Leona Cooper . . w , 9 , "For Motor Ills, Take Hott's Pills" 'F If Qfx I 'K ' .47 E, E. ot , Prop. one ' one ' W , . i . , . i , i . COBURN S CAFE TRULOCKS SUPER MARKET The Best of Eats 'A' Where f SODAS Moweaqua if SUNDAES Trades if MILK SHAKES an Saves Mo eaqua Illmos Phone 128 Moweaqua Illmols MOWEAQUA FARMERS Of CO OP Better Llvlng at Lower Cost The Farmers Elevator with FRESH FROZEN FOODS GRAIN FEEDS AND SEEDS Cash for Cream Poultry Supplles MOWEAQUA LOCKER SERVICE Phone 217 Moweaqua Illmols 4 7 7 d 0 w ' i , ' ' f , t , ' ' Phone 199 Compliments of the GREEN COAL YARD MAJESTIC and GREEN MARK COAL 3 0 2 X Moweaqua Illmols MODERNE WAVE BEAUTY SHOP Specialize ln IVIachmeIess Permanents G Moweaqua Illmols Best Wishes and Success THE GRADUATES OF 43 SNYDER S VARIETY STORE Mo eaqua Illmols DRY GOODS ir READY TO WEAR FOOTWEAR i' WALL PAPER H A S L A M S Mo eaqua lllmols Compliments of the LOUIS DUEZ SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Moweaqua Illmols Compliments of E A R L J A C O B S GENERAL AUTOMOBILE an TRACTOR REPAIRING Phone 77 Moweaqua Illinois R GREGORY 8z CO FURNITURE and PLUMBING Phone 39 Moweaqua Illmols ADAMSON 8z SON D A Ad D D Ad HARDWARE Pittsburgh Paints d I 900 Mcweaqua Illinois hone O erator,IVIar'orie orden P .I , . . , . , to Y . , 7 W , . . W , . . Fine Shoe Repairing d Give Us a Trial , ' 0 , I I . . ' . . amson . . amson O Har ware Since , ' , I I 55 ESTHER S Swxft s Ice Cream lce Cold Dnnks Tobacco Candy Papers Magazines Moweaqua Illmols R M M A R T I N JEWELER AND OPTOIVIETRIST IOS E st P Decatur Illmols FLANDERS DRUG STORE School Supplles Pamts Sunclrles Cosmetlcs Fllms and Koclalcs IVIagaz1nes THE REXALL STORE Compliments of G A T E L Y S CREDIT CLOTHING STORE 447N rhWt PROTECT YOUR HOME WITH A TELEPHONE Costs only 5c for 24 I-Iour Service MOWEAQUA HOME TELEPHONE CO J E THOMAS INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All K1fldS Phone 251 or 288 Moweaqua Illmols HOME OIL CO IVIOBILGAS Tlre VUICaH1Z1Dg Special Lubrlcatmg Servlce Also Truck SCYVICC FEEDS SEEDS and POULTRY SUPPLIES A Feecl for Every Need Art Calllson Tcm Bxlyeu C A Q Moweaqua Illmols 7 ' ' 0 - a rairie Street , 0 I , ' . I . - . , or a er Decatur, Illinois Phone 9 Phone 90 Phone 284 v I I 56 SNYDERS MOTOR COMPANY FORD SALES AND SERVICE F All IVI k Y I R M thlyC N wt Co pl HUMPHREY IMPLEMENT STORE Co pl BILL WEIGMAN BLACKSIVIITI-I FAMOUS BARGAIN MENS AND BOYS CLOTHING Co pI BILL DOVE o OSGOOD 8: SONS INC y O cl G la D y D s PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS m iments of Protective Service or a es iv Give our Car he egular on are It eeds in ar ime phone 63 Moweaqua, Illinois Moweaqua, Illinois m iments of . . U Corner Water at North Moweaqua,llImo1s D u Decatur, Illmols m iments of Compliments of , 0 Decatur, Illinois IVI , Ill' ' . Weaqua mms Shlrle an a a re ses 57 VAKIII IIKYTDAX llklfi f'fN EE .-.""!'..!!!'!!!!'!'2. EET.-.539 !!'L E 1 1 I 5? 'i 'iimii i'i"iV if ii Tk' '1"i'o A l'5'l'If"l'f' 3335 E5 5 3 sigh!!! viii: CKIPIH AX ICRC' 1ilYU ilYT DIFNFNNAIKIPTFNKI l'XI:f' ATI ID ll I lklfNIC si EKIPDAXIEDC INC Clk!!! cfunnl ALIIN nn: u cfm: Aklkll IAIC 1 1 -Ti -- --- Ti - -- - 22:1 I1 ::':!:e1 E :E .Bti 1123: Ill wiv I I 1 : :iz : :R 2: 2 ::-.:: :: 1 In-ill wifuil . --.. s.- 1--. .- , , ,, - ,,,, iiwixi E153 : I :iii :its-v nzsfxylsi. ll -xii: if zxpzspgi-Lzzsjc 1--xafizz :gif-xi-Q? fdanrqnnawff YOU BET IT To The sTaTT parTlcuIarIy IT represenTs The culmmahon oT a ConcerTed eTTorT To presenT The many acTIv1TIes and happenmgs oT The school nn graphic Torm To The sTudenT body IT IS The mosT Treasured oT boolcs IT IS more Than a 'ob oT prmhng IT as he A9 reproduc:Tlor1 oT your Ideas on Tune paper and The banding oT Them In a beauTITuI cover so ThaT They will Ilve Torever We are parT1cuIarly proud oT The repuTaTIon we have buuIT Tor cooperahon experuence and quaIITy We re glad we were Chosen as The prrnTers oT The I943 ARROWI-IEAD IIUEIIIII IIIIIIIIIEIIH EUIIIJIIIIHIIUH 36I 65 NORTH MAIN STREET 'A' DECATUR ILLINOIS 9 ? 0 0 0 o ' I' . . . . . . . . 1 . . + K II -'I I so ' I 5 PATIRRONS PAGE Mr, end Mrs. Ire Traughber Mr. end Mrs. W. B. Widick George Tolly D end Mrs K L Prererrne Mr end Mrs Wayne Herner Larl Hreernbedren end fernrly Mr end Mrs Ralph Aderne Mr end Mrs EarlBrooksh1re Mr end Mrs Clark Grandfield Hal Belden Roy Snyder Mr end Mrs Frank Duquenne end fernrly Mr end Mrs Raymond Mey end fennly 'Vlr end Mrs Frank Fleelrr Mree Rachel Hrurer Mr end Mrs Elrner Ledrne end fennly rmgsxs 11 ,XJ 60 1 . . ' f,eX. 1 X Af.:-i-515:11-i . r. 5? H g','QlL" J x-if ,5 ,p,r"' xr 55. GM' 'G'-E, , Class Prophecy Conrtrnrurod fContrnued from page l7j The next rnornmg after due greetrngs to my parents I agam went down to ffn At State and Van Buren I opened my eyes rn amazement for there Nas Cynthra Rettrg rn a blue unrform drrectmg trafflc She blew the whrstle and I hustled across the street I had by thrs trme decrded on a proper brrthday grft for my mother and blastrng my way mto Marshall Frelds ci Co stopped to ask a woman floor fvallcer the way to the women s department The floor walker was none other than Yvonne Krrk After purchasrng the desrred grft I wandered down Erre Street here on the corner I met Drck Goodrrch leanrng agalnst the store wln dow of a large burldrng whrch he rnformed me he owned It seems he was t yrng to frnd a buyer however as he was berng called to servrce Further on I met Olga Potsrck flymg down the street llke a fug1t1ve from a tornado She sladded to a stop and gave me the low down on her career She was workrng as a reporter on the Trrbune lust around the corner I ran 1nto Lyle Warte carryrng a srgn that read Thrs shop IS unfarr to organrzed labor I-Ie confrdentlally told me he was taktng hrs mornrng exercrse A block or two down the street I stopped rn front of a hlgh class furr1er to watch Creta lane Snyder as she modeled ex aursrte furs for patrons rnsrde I was on the verge of gomg rnsrde when someone tapped me on the shoulder I turned to flnd Iohn Suprnre I-I walked down the street and talked a mrle a mrnute Iohn was expectrng h1s call to the Army Arr Corps but at present was employed as n1ght watchman at a brewery On the way home I thought over the events of the past few days I had met every member of the Class of -43 and they were all drrectly or rndrrectly aorng therr part rn the war effort It s funny how a war changes people s lrves ' ll kg, 61 if 0 t 4 ' I - Y , - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I . ' , 1 1 ' 1 1 - r . . . . 1 , , . 1 I -- rr , 11 f r . 1 1 ,. , . . . ,, . . " I . . l ' D . 9 Y . . . . 1 l ' if -,bfi fl AUTOGRAPHS ,Q fl X Wx 1 '74, I' ',I f 11 ,P I . If X X a X A'UTO GRAIPHS wi fd K If , , A , ,Q Qi P ,4.132,l, f ' J A I . I-X ' K ' ,ff , A - xf ' I f X ,Zf Z6 f Lfifffgf'

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