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Q ,, ZT ,,,, A 1 , , , Ti .,,,. ,.,,.,, H QfJN1 ' '5xfggQ """ "h My 1 ' , Q, wif wwf 5 '10 flryu Wfvff W' Wifi? VF iL56'5q7p57'i A 4j4 Mrk My WFUJQQQ wh W Wg? W 14 QQK f ' ?OU6Z f1Q,7i CW W 'W S K"f M H ywwjjgufgbw Q PM! MW My 5655 Qz5L , -W ggifbgww wp i K ' OZ? gg , ggi? , jyvx, J 4 . , Aj , f kr 'M'u1x'g'5f'Q2:L,-'- ' , f A , 3 MM.....A----'-A" ' L Er Vx A, , A . , V, N ,,. , S ,X Peg of hm N4 Qp V1 AQ Cl W Q 4 Q V 04 4,5 O X, Y fig X. 07 ' my 59 ' Q0 W 5 J Q! QQ! 5 If 6 P7 lo Q, QQ- Q ,xvjx byifflfr OP 'X 0 ' f v wx dx 0 , iox 'Q' NNVA 9 OU sf' vb QQ' PIX cf f Q Jar' SSG, Xxfp N QW O Cary , Q G5 oy ,Er ff, 1 UXUDQNB XQi?0Q,9QQC DOW nf N 0 9 ' w , I , N 5 XLYIO5 ,qw ' WO QP av .A f ff A ' Dg'?f oQf of SQ , A s? Uf9iwg,QK M255 N UqO Q ,599 ' i, V .3 , ' 4,15 A '45, c3g'i,4f - ggi CPO V ' G r,4v 5Q XM SJC!! xv, '75 Y X 1 ff? 4 7'J:f?33?iA sz, Q 1 l1Q52f-fm ifXQlm'5M35Qh1 ?uQ.j:j5Cghf' f fp ywf 6, 54 , . A .7 Q fy a5j,U' ik QPQS , , b, iff. 7 , , ' ,,, .A A...-.',n..u..A4.1...H:kuE:L'v:1S al. - 1,, . . . ' . ' Mountlake Terrace Senior High School Mountlake Terrace, Washington ' Volume X 1970 ? S ,vw 5 QQ Q f of sevens, 2 See the moon l is in the house g I Something's changing in the heavens 5 Jupiter's aligned just so with Mars PEACE and LOVE are happening. in the stars. M Get together with A E it A I the Age of Aquarius ' Activities . . . 1 A 1 I Academics .... Sophomores ..,. Juniors .....,. .... Class of 1970 ..... .... Credits andlndex . . . A Vlggi ZAA iif t Advert1sements .. it A iste Classes . . . . 8 82. 116 118 136 154 .. 184 . . . . . 188 Introduction 3 Miracles and magic will be known The thing we do will be p OUI' OWI'1 just people making it with people oh lt's all possible, Clon't you know? Get together with the Age of Aquarius 4 Introduction vd 1' mf" ,1,'wfE fA .L ,A Q ' i "f1'f.'w3 Wg!! 3' 1 -- W 4 3555 fm. 53 ' r A 'U ww W ,ummm M w WW wa- W , ,WEN ,1.. 1 Y . A .2a:f:f ismmfif . If 'SH af' V M -W -.WL W, ,, ' 1 'x m N39 9 'R ' I " ,gk , ' 6' ff -"QE , A 5 .xy .3 n am f' , Q51 "'1'-" ,I A A f y 1 , 9 A 'L Q I gf , ' L 6 Introduction f W 1.- I in ,fl 1 I Of' K 1 W 'k M 3. .uf "vm, K L1 1 .X 0 if 1' 'X A KN in , f 2 K 'T 8 j K ! I ."Qilnv-,M ,nl ,xx Words by The Rev. Robert L. Fu Edmonds Unitarian Churc it lghugn in I todut 7 nr cion ,pl--Q, W U ,m gf ,ff ,345 3 I? ,S 'Hi fx .gfsj V, QAM 4' i ' bf-1-9v,,.':f'F'm At V N' .W Vw C. L I Enter the Age of Participation M Terrace crushes opponents! Result? Best team in Chuck Edelbrock, senior, Iohn Krueger, and As a tough defensive line bulls ahead, the offensive line attempts to hold while Ieff Voogd strains to pass john Pennington, juniors, practice passes. in a practice game. 443' aw W L Wa g k L-xl 5 .,,,.: 4 ' ,Q fray an X M as in Before thundering down the field during warm-up wind sprints, the coaches check the stance of each player for proper balance. A call is given and the lines lumber down-field to repeat the check and run again. 10 Football history, number one in spirit! r f - Ai. ,, K.. -V .null 1 Blazing away with ball in hand is Earl Brock, while john Pennington and Mike Geisenhoff, juniors, strain to halt the sprinter during a summer turnout. With bare legs and tee-shirts in a summer session, the linemen crawl through "the shoot" to practice staying low while hitting. "Say, cheese!" lmmodestly posing for clicking cameras and Boosters, the squad displays its patience and manners for interested parents. Scott Morgan, senior, produces a puzzling look on the face of Coach Plaisance when questioning him. "Bottoms up!" Tumbling forward, only to scramble up and tumble again is just a warm-up drill Zzijf f rg, Q, H Wm .Jig 5 , ri Football 11 P Declaring a hopeful position of number one, an ecstatic team saunters to the sidelines, hearing the cheers of supporting students and alumni. f'The 1969 version of the football team is the best in school history!" Record upon record, mark upon mark, fell beneath the express of "fifty juniors and seniors who fit together well and compliment each otherfs abilitiesf' Being the "quickest big team ,.. seen in a long timeff this version keeps the quarter- back forever scrambling for his life. Foes fail, slide into a hole dug for them by a ramming, churning line, Set- ting the cornerstone for an athletic dynasty, an eleven man express stomps down the field to paydirt, goes to the air to stump a puzzled defense, consistently rams the pigskin to success. Success within a unit of com- plimenting factors is not only unity and drive to attain the best, but an offensive record such as 46 points in a single game, Bellingham felt this burden. 460 yards of real estate is the greatest single game output recorded, Bellingham again feli beneath this surge for yardage. Totaling 2709 yards for a season of scrambling and BOO yards per game, another historical record is set by a squad of "so many guns that the opponents can't key on any one man." Congratulations 1969ll Wide-eyed and open-mouthecl, en- thusiastic fans exert lung power. Thwarting a rival's efforts to halt him is Robby Baker, senior. X x V ww 4 OX. e if G 1 ,yyrkr - I AJ K ,vmsuw . Q I ,aff ,Q-9 W, ii Y , . A I . Sidestepping, Kyle Buslach, senior, claws for the Charging through a resisting line, a hard-charging back bulls forward through a mesh of arms, legs, and missle. bodies. Edmonds' resisters fail to halt the bulling back. C-riclders lay keystone in building of dynasty! ,Y,,.,,,,, Anticipation? Fright? Excitement? Other feelings span the gap of the emotion's circle. The intrigue of the crunching contest captures the attention of emotion-ridden fans. Football 13 in W, MJ y S551 fi' .A gg 1 5 1? , 4 4 Uk, 1' M' I More than one tackle is needed to have an undefeated team. Demonstrating a great team effort, the I.V.'s defensive squad consisting of Shumski 1801, Benson 1721, King 1751, Geisonhoff 1621, and Erickson 1821 bring down the Meadowdale ball carrier. With their entire bodies electrified with the tenseness of the situation, the sopho- Consulting rosters with puzzled expressions are Coaches Beesley, Plais more gridiron straiy-.510 block 3 Prep punt, ance and Buslach. Muffled whispers follow the consultation. 15 Football 1 l l VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES MTHS .. 16 Cascade . MTHS . 46 Bellingham . MTHS , , . 6 Seattle Prep IMTI-IS . . 16 Meadowdale MTHS . . 14 Everett ., MTHS , . 16 Edmonds . . MTHS . , 20 Blanchet , ,. MTI-IS . . 2.2 Sehome . . , , MTHS . . 24 Woodway . , I Season Record 7 Wins 2 Lost JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL scoREs .gwiha MTI-IS... 6 Woodwayw, .,,6 MTHS , 8 Seattle Prep .,,, . , 8 MTHS . . . 48 Meadowdale . , , . . . O IVITI-IS . , 20 Everett .....,, . O MTI-IS..,..8 Edmonds... O Season Record 3 Wins O Lost 2 Ties 3 1 l 1 I SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SCORES I MTI-IS , . O Woodway .. S MTHS ,,..,. 8 Mariner ,,. . . , 38 MTHS .,., . 6 Seattle Prep ..... 30 MTI-IS , 0 Meadowdale ...., 34 MTI-IS ,..,, O Everett ...,., ,,.. 2 8 MTHS . , . O Edmonds . , 6 MTHS . . , O Blanchet . . . . 40 Season Record O Wins 7 Lost 1 1 - EDMONDS DISTRICT Standings W I. Edmonds .. . 3 O MTHS 2 1 lMeadowdale . . . , 1 2 Woodway , . . . O 3 Most yards per carry Most yardage gained Most interceptions , Under the shadow of the giant's accomplishments, a wee voice from the junior varsity and sophomore units squeaks forth. Unnoticed and ignored by the enthu- siastic fans of the giant var- sity squad and their accom- plishments, these "also- played" members of indus- trious, determined squads attempted to retrace the footsteps of their varsity leaders. But, working with little recognition, these men fell from the limelight of success, still to win, to try with the strength remaining from the squad. .. g ! A Ciiant overshadows wee ones efforts, accomplishments INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Most points scored ,... Leading ground gainer . . for passes received , Highest average yards per pass reception . . , Most tackles award tSwan Awardj . . Most downfield blocks award , , Most inspirational players . WESTERN CONFERENCE TEAM . ,... Boot 6.9 Edelbrock 6,0 . Edelbrock 40 Ransom 36 Edelbrock 754 Ransom 536 K. Buslach 351 K. Buslach 16 , Bill Machado . . Art Stoltz ... K. Buslach Edelbrock . . K. Buslach Offensive team ....... . . , .... Kyle Buslach, Chuck Edelbrock, Neal Bake' Defensive team .,........ , , Chuck Edelbrock, Kyle Buslach, Bill Machado, DISTRICT 15 ALL-STAR Earl Brock, Rod Martin Offensive team . . . Neal Baker, John Walker, Kyle Buslach, Chuck Edelbrock Defensive team .,.., . . ,...,.. Bill Machado, Rod Martin, Kyle Buslach Stiff-arming an Edmonds rival and attacker, Buford Ransom, senior, scurries around a tired end to scramble for more ground. 16 football Varsity Football 1above5 FIRST ROW: Ted Meier 1505, Terry Prewitt 1425, john Kruegerl 1315, Mark Erickson 1135, Kyle Buslach 1805, Art Stoltz 1815, Artie Cisneros 1415, jeff Voogd 1205, John Pennington 1415, and Tony Robinson 1605. SECOND ROW: Don Creery 1855, Roland Roberge 1615, Mike Robinson 1715, Rod Martin 1745, Ralph Bullock 1825, Bill Machado 1655, Roger Connelly 1705, Dale Dake 1215, Mark Borland 1605, Mike Geisenhoff 1625, Robby Baker 1125, Ray Howland 1525. THIRD ROW: Steve Benson 1725, Larry Civarra 1735, Dale Cher- venell 1855, Mike Regan 1825, john Andes 1845, John Walker 1335, jim McGinty 1325, Cecil Boot 1405, Leon Frazier 1635, Chuck Edel- brock 1225, Gordy Buslach 1435, Buford Ransom 1305, Mike Camp- bell 1835, Earl Brock 1235, Scott Morgan 1115, Neal Baker 1645, Tim 1 King 1755, and Craig C-ourley 1515. Gordon Buslach - head coach. Huddling attentively in a pre-game warmup, clean jersies shiver under Sam Beesley - defense coach. Bob Plaisance- offense coach. the Commands of a barking quarterback' Sophomore squad 1below5 Coach Bernie Fredrickson FIRST ROW: George Francis, Dan Ken Johnson, Mark Kulle, Tom Wilbur, Rex Cruse, Steve Amsbaugh, SECOND ROW: Robert Dyche, Dick Frost, Andy Lilja, Rick I-Iall, Iohn Garen, Craig Sharp,..ig-jeff. Wang, Mike Glovter,1Travis and Ardell Moe. MISSING are Lou Beatty and Gene Football 17 Young, but also dedicated Cross country proves its spirit Inhaling deeply, exhaling loudly, the young cross country team is proving to be the most dedicated team in athletics. Slipping but continuing on are Robert Hildahl, Care ey Young, Dugan Lange, Jose Valenzuela, John I-lartly, Bill Peacock, Russ Quay, Dan Hutchins, Mitch jones, Mike Baunach, Dave Moses, Warren Lee and jim Quintel. Jim Quintel, symbolizing all the team dedi- cation and efforts, runs victoriously, plac- ing eighth in the Northwest District and 65 at State. H in in tm ,M My ,s , ,- ww 9 l Cross Country Statistics l Meet Scores MT -15 lnglernoor 18 MT 30 Seattle Prep 21 i Nil Zo Bellingham 30 MT 70 Edmonds 22 Seattle Prep 40 MT 37 Castade Z1 htlnionds lnvitational Relay Meet Mountlalxc Terrat e 33 ot 40 st hools lNestern Conlerent e Meet fvlountlalse Terrace o ot 12 st hools Northwest Distritt Meet Mountlalxe Terrace 5 ot 10 st hoolt- lntlividual Statistics Inspirational Award , .. . ..., ,. , Dan Hutchins Captain s Award ,, lim Quinn-l Dan Hutchins tm tvs! W, -fw W V sm., fW, ,.,.,. tim af-m , ...N,,.S'Xg: 'fgx me , , M , , t. M c Q ,ww-' WR' M , ., 7 N Ma, H, , N W. vw rs , Q3 ' -A' ' ' "'a . :mv ,ef 5 , . , " f ,,,.,, V ' , ' A H , 'M' .-ff-" ' E, i . Ji Q x A 4' , rl Wm It ' 'A o '. A -,rv H I t ', f . Mfmnwyd t ,. t ' - -Q 1 W .W Q4-1 t :V " , 9 V f. 1 W ' . ,. .11 52' ,f Q, , Striding strongly forward, though innerly tired, Dan Hutchins, senior, express his spirit and dedication to crosscountry. Looking hopefully into the distance, lose Valenzuela, sophomore, stands idly by as lim Quintel, junior, congratulates john Reese, sophomore on a fine run. .4-I Puffing lightly from his own personal turn out, Mr. Don Timmerman quietly ad- vises Eugene Brandt, john Lavell, sophomores, and john Hartley, junior, in strategy. Cross Country 19 Girls' tennis nets conference championship 1 W "Qlb---- ' -': L H X 4 'S .Cy Yi' M . -QP' ,,?'f'f'f. MF' 'df' if sk' ,QQ Qt' 5 !"S'v'if 5: ,gyvw sv bg?" if Q v' ,o.?Q,.e ihxgsi ,gnfgsi Q50 Q05-9-Q4 it J -is 44' Gigi tr-Sf ,Q E 'S 41: 953 ' .P Q ' gnlfs 'ff Gifs , ffuff' V. 55 , .Q wk . , Q Q in n Agni , Mr Q:::N, uf: QE, . 'l QA! +R'-, 'Q s"3 N " af'4'4.h':O.,,'4g'r9e qi v ' , 233235. " ' .5,"fO.f'n O.4'n.6..n'!f..P, 0.2 fslsfamf J' t. fl 4 Q I s " '-1'-ea ' T610 4: ' 4 ,t lc : .ak l 1 ' l9"Q'i '4 ' Q'S'o"F" 1 'O' t1'tQ5'! 1 1 : c, O. 0 , ' i Q , 901016 f t 1 c . ., !' 'ig' 1 .. !!i 'Pa K' 1' 4 " 4 0 54" P'Q'Q y I ai Q Ju if 1 'V 'Q J," . 5 fr f 'ts O V4 "fs Q W in a 11,1 I 'fb v 5 Q tag? il' iv? ?4' 'J as ?p .'Qg Girls' Tennis Team, BACK ROW, left to right: Sandy Steffan, Karen Speed, Sue Torrence, Chris Miller, and Terri McMahan. FRONT ROW: Rolyvn Willingham, Pam Rock, Kim joseph, Kathy Moran, and Becky Cole. xx? v-1-:IDF Scanning pictures taken of the girls' tennis team are Deborah Todd, seniorg Karen Speed, sophomore, Kathy Morgan, sophomore, Miss King, and Chris Miller, senior. 20 Girls' Tennis GIRLS' TENNIS SCORES Individual Match es lst Round Znd Round Terrace-Meadowdale 2-3 4 Terrace-Edmonds 5-O 5 Terrace-Cascade 5-O 5 Terrace-Marysville 5-O 5 Terrace-Everett Z-3 Z Terrace-Woodvvay 4-1 4 Terrace-Snohomish 5-O 5 League Standings Mountlake Terrace 56 Meadowdale 55 Everett 54 Woodway 46 Edmonds 38 Marysville 16 Snohomish 11 Cascade 10 xl sw K Stroking the ball at a home match is Robyn Willingham, sophomore, a member of the girls' tennis team. I Backstroking the ball precariously in the improvement of her game. 34. . ' her home court is Terri McMahan, a sophomore dedicated to 1 U' Pensively awaiting the return of the ball from her opponent is Pam Rock, senior. Dedication, much time, and hard work add up to success for the girls' tennis team. These devoted athletes captured both the doubles and the team titles in their conference. Becky Cole, Pam Rock, and Sandy Steffan, returning letterwomen, strengthen the skills of the team. Even though there are fewer girls turning out this year, the enthusiasm shown by each indi- vidual proves that it's quality, not quantity, that is important. This enthusiasm is especial- ly shown through Pam Rock, both captain and inspirational winner, yet, it's the combined efforts of the team that make it go. Girls' tennis 21 iii -...M Letting the students voice opinions, obviously, proves that ASB meetings can be very controversial at times. Stating a point on the previous question is secretary, Cindy Olson, junior, as her fellow officers, along with Mr. Malnes, adviser, listen intently. Associated Student Body- time for change --ng if 1 l" ms, env" A 4 ett, , Using good judgement, fairness, and leadership is the job of ASB Presi- Cecil Boot, senior, reveals a new Hawk emblem to members of the student govern dent Cecil Boot. ment. The emblem is the work of Kyle Buslach. 22 ASB. in With raised hand, Sandy Steffan, senior, proceeds to carry a motion on the previous question as Chuck Edlebrock, senior, and jim Stillian, junior, look on. v Music lovers everywhere enjoy the sweet sound of music, as do Roger Seatthrlee and Roger Con- nelly, seniors, having a juke box handy. Q 2 ,ff aww Aff! K' 'P 4 V 'M' ' ' V we win' F- s -v , me ggi . if Q 'M it Qwfwt By wearing slacks to school, Karen Choate, senior, exer- cises her right which ASB prompted. No one can say "ASB is deadw. I-leaded by President Cecil Boot, the student government is one of the most active organizations on campus this year. Dress standards have been revised and ap- proved through the functions of ASB. Girls can wear slacks and boys are allowed a longer hair length, including beards. Cultural developments have also become visi- ble as well as audible. Students are now listen- ing to the new julie box while, at the same time, theyire making profit for us. As we can see, ASB is "moving right along!" A.S.B. 23 wang, Screams from the class of 1970 thunder endlessly through the bleachers as all cheer the team on to hopeful victory. Active enthusiasm creates a stir of i excitement which makes the first pep assembly a roaring success. Spirit becomes the theme as every Hawk expresses and feels pride. Q gp? Ae, 2 L3 iii if H3PPin955 and 5Pi1'it Pfevail 35 Gary Shumski, Apfil CYUSB Terri HSHSSBFI Topless, Iohn Iury, junior, barely mumbles his yell through muted laughs. and B9Cl4y 5f0l-lf, jl1ni0l'S, Prepare C0T1f9ffif01'fh9fif5l PSP 3SS9ml3ly- Inspiring enthusiasm, pep squad exhibits their spirit in their first skit. 24 Pep Assembly Here comes the team! Spirit soars as they enter. Neal Baker, Bill Machado, and Mike Campbell, seniors, along with lim McGinty, junior, continue to concentrate on the important game ahead. z eff ti W 3 Feeling mixed emotions is senior, Kathy Kirkpatrick Spirit risesg confetti flies. Announcing! For the first time ever:SPIRIT ADDICTSI Can spirit be a habit? Let us count the ways . . , A thousand man spirit corps showing up at a voluntary pep rally for No. 1. Nofs 2 and 3 are a Gator-Aid presentation and a pep talk to the student body by a member of the fac- ulty, leaving stunned silence. This is a direct cause of No. 4: Three full rooter buses screaming to Bellingham. How- ever, silence is not a part of No. 5: Mobs of boosters meeting to tear confetti. Skits to promote an already eager spirit is No. 6, with treats for the team, No. 7. No. 8 is pep club painting signs. No. 9 is the pep squad working to make this happen. Finally, No. 10 is the largest, loudest crowds ever at games and meets. Can spirit be a habit? Maybe not, but many people let spirit become a part of their life, and never lose it. Even when Mountlake Ter- race is down and out it is still No. 1 in the eyes of one of the most spitied student bod- ies ever. I Racing to devour a delicious watermelon football at a pep assembly is Randy Rausher, senior. Cheering him on are Gayle McDonnell, LEFT, and Evie Rhodes, RIGHT, seniors on the pep staff. Pep Assembly 25 it Q 31 norm ,ezauywmwwvwv-'A 'Q W 'Few' x 1 ,rtsigs Nl 35. mmf ff -.K as , K. 11 is S 5 if 'f W E -- . . 'vf,, .-ng iii? ,r .,-, g g f Q A nupfe-'i. N- a K H One of the many national assemblies to entertain students during the year, the Utah Rockettes give an interesting finale to a tumbling act that, unfor tunately, didn't get off the ground. Actibe Terracites live, learn, and have fun Terrace students "make the scene" at one of the all-district dances held at Cast in an eerie glow at an FBLA installation are officers Sharon Iones MountlakeT rr th' ' ' 9 JCB I5 yedr- Sherry Cook, Barbara Roberts, and Diana Berg, seniors. 2.0 Activities With activities bountiful and the co-opera- tion both vvithin and between schools high, this is a year ot bright times. One ot the lights is the assemblies that not only subtract trom class time, but entertain, as do the exciting New Hope Singers, or ine torm, which is the job ot a panel discussing the Vietnamese war or our state penitentia- ries, Most are worth the time and ettort that goes into them. lt seems that once the light is on, students dont want to quit as they take part in the many activities sponsored by Mountlake Terrace, the classes, or lnterfHi. Friends, skills, and a means of expressions are all a part of the whole. lt is the year ot the active Terracite. Hey, Linus, the Great Pumpkin rises from the Mountlake Terrace cafeteria. As students socialize, dozens of pumpkins come to life at the senior sponsored pumpkin carving contest. Kee in the ulse of Mountlake Terrace aimed at thanking those who work to entertain, THS stu- The beat goes on. lim Littlejohn, senior, proves that the P 8 P dents give an ovation that will echo in the minds ofthe people at the receiving end, distortions ofa good dance help the soul. Activities 27 Mixed feelings penetrate throughout student activities In French class, Paul Olson, senior, perches himself While sitting in art class, juniors Brent Isam and Teri Northrup concentrate upon the subject of which upon the heater to express his point. they are drawing. "One, two, three, kick!" is the chant of these beauties at a Tri-Hi-Y kidnap breakfast. 28 Activities Miss Standards, a Girls' Club activity, draws a large variety of interested girls to choose three outstanding lasses each month. sz: G .. As 5 Mum N an . in - 'I .1 ,F x J' L ,ia- mf Y K 2 3, M .F V AL Through tears of joy, Marti Mallory, senior, whispers her thanks to the enthusiastic, adoring throng. Not only is it very thrilling, but, Homecom- ing is also a time of perplexity, hard work and sentimental feelings. Bringing the alumni home to a victorious shut-out game and a very melodramatic dance, sets the mood for an expressive and excited student body wel- coming them. Proudly, the senior class creates a grand Homecoming floatifor their reigning queen and queen candidates to ride upon during the impressive halftime activities. ln triumph, a seasonal shut-out game makes the Homecoming spirit rise to its height as the first Homecoming win is sought. Topping off the glorious night, the 1970 Homecoming court is chosen. Teartully, Marti Mallory is crowned as queen followed by her princesses Gayle McDonnell and Evie Rhodes. As one can see, Homecoming is one of the big highlights of every year. With inexpressible joy filling her eyes, Marti Mallory, senior, gasps as she realizes that she is the 1969 Homecoming queen. Escorting Marti is Mark Erickson, senior. Victory resounds through halls as Terrace joyously crowns Marti as queen 30 Homecoming As Marti Mallory glances towards Evie Rhodes, senior, Neal Baker, senior, pre sents Marti with an autographed football from the victorious squad. i g rm . Excitement, tranquility, and joy fill the faces of Gayle McDonnell, Mar ti Mallory, and Evie Rhodes, seniors, the 1969 court. I With the victorious cheers still ringing through expectant minds, the cheerfull dancers sway and rock contentedly to the strains of "The Kings of Soulf' Homecoming 31 2 Assemblies prove to be a great place for secret-telling as Tim King and jeff Voogd seniors, discuss a very important matter. 32 Activities ,- .5.x.,,,,, W ' lerry Hanson, senior, is leading us to believe that a library can be a very in- teresting place. Mules meet muleheads, Larry Hutchins, senio creative show of fun. .. I r, seems to "bubble" up the assembly by displaying a it t, .s4,, I Y -' - 13" fIQ,fQZ: Q? 'Q gsifiiw, 1:2 - , x ' .-,. ,, A, ff1Wg4:Xgf:W-fgfnfg 4' ,- fig-.1 f W"' Q 'Y 1 X 1 ,. L, ,.., ,,. ,...:,., :,.1 ,H . , Q we ..,, ,,.. : ,I 1 QW H 4. , W 2' . ff P ye K' H' V F Q, ,. , E Y 1. my H, , . Q 3 A I X A Q K . V nun at Q K 'Ar B V . , ' K 'Y v A in wk? 1 Q 5 Q , Y, if QP its 5 fi' sw 3' " if A 1 . ff - I K EQ -1,1 -1 f . - wa ' ' , . , ik fi5??7f '1 ff: L k Q. 'S 5 'JH I 5 ' gf' Fil, . jf 'E J 1, ii 2 Q4 I -1 if K 1 1 4 f an ,W 'K 3 si. INA 5. 1 iQ 95, M , .. xxx f 4 J . , 'M A 9 v-. Q ff? 3 Z X rf - MF + WX 7,3456 x ,L f 'fifs-A. W3 ,ff if-fe 1, fM,v,.: may X X 14 Q-,ki '1 fy sf' WW we 1, x 5 ,Q f 'fifggggiigisifffz -Q we 'W E' 3, 1. ,jx , M fi' :A 3 3 X Wy. rg-Qgi ' x Q " , . . V L '5 if 1 1. I , KW X ,- Q . . k k,,. ,, Q fb X, W VVVI Y 2 f, 2? 1 Q D E2 'Miracle' draws overwhelming crowds l Anne Sullivan lPam Christensenl receives a surprise while unsuccessfully trying to teach Helen lPatty Moorel table manners. Entertaining the student body and community with four outstanding performances, "The Miracle Worker" proved to be another THS Fall Play success. "The Miracle Worker" Director , . , . ,,,, Miss Elaine Klein Aunt Ev . . . ...,... Gina Bailey Blind Girls .... ...,.. S haron Mclfie Doctor . . . ...........,..... jim Dewey James ....... ...., S am Elwonger Linda Ohl Kate , , , .,,,,,,,,,,,.,4..,, Kathy Foltz Anagnos ..............,...... John Carroll Lynette Andresen I Undergtudy ,,,,. Sue Le Von Anne Sullivan ....,........ Pam Christensen Terri Lay Keller ,.,4 ,..l,,,,,l.,,,.,, C ecil Tyler Understudy ,..... Tammy Dake Patti Moore Helen 4 , , , l,,,,,,,, , ,,,.,,,,. Patti Moore Viney ........,,.....,...,.. Cindy Kemper Tammy Dake Understudy ...,,, Linda Qhl Servant .................... Connie Foudray Old Women .... ....,...... G lenda Hamlin Martha ,,,,l .,,4,,,.,lw.,, D eb,-a Lawson Offstage Boy ..... ..., B eclcy johnson Gina Bailey, Susan l.eVon Percy .... ............. K en Crandall 34 Fall Play ,. -A.., 6 I I' Mr. Keller carries Anne down a ladder from a room upstairs. Helen is pleased for locking the door. Struggling with a slave girl. Helen portrays an uncontrollable blind child. Yet, soon she learns to realize a true type of love, and shows her deep affection for Anne, her teacha. Deciding that he does not need a ladder, Mr. Keller lCecil Tylerl orders james and Percy, played by Sam Elwonger and Ken Crandall, to take the ladder back. Martha and Kate, played by Debra Law- son and Kathy Foltz, entertain Helen QPatti Moorej while Anne is retrieved from upstairs, Miracle Worker 35 Coach Beesely, left, gives Bill Machado, center, senior, the Gerald Swan 11096 Award, as Kyle Buslach, Chuck Edlebrock, and Rod Martin, seniors, look on, at the Fall Sports Banquet. Receiving an inspirational award is lim Quintel, junior, from cross-country's Coach Timmerman. Taking a bite out of life, it's part of everyday 'Wk With a cheerie smile, Carolyn Kallstrom, senior, is a fitting model for the Ski club fashion show. 36 Activities Of the many assemblies to entertain this year, the most dynamic has to be the New Hope Singers. Those who hear them know they like what they're doing. You can get anything you want at Mama Snoey's Restaurant, especially during the feed held for the senior boys. af fm YQ! I " - ' -V With a winning smile, Sandy Steffan, senior, left, places fourth and rm-Fives the scholastic award in the Edmond'sJunior Miss Pageant as Sue Elvrum, senior, right, places fifth. R Home Ec. is more than just cooking and cleaning. Karen Hamilton, junior, works to refinish a chair. Living and taking a big bite out of life, Ter- race students do more than keep things going. They keep them hopping. Big bites were most assuredly taken at the first Fall Sports Banquet held in three years. Even activities not related to, but working with the schools, such as the Edmonds jr. Miss Pageant, become rnind-broadening ex- periences, and five girls from Terrace took part. Taking part in many activities gives a chance to taste the sweetness of victory, the bitter- ness of defeat, and the pleasure of having taken part. Coach Buslach accepts a medal of memories from Neal Baker, senior. Coach Timmerman receives a gift from Cross-Country captain Dan Hutchins, senior. N is A S' 5 3. . fa . wie' Colleen Walker, center, senior, looks on as Sandy Steffan, right, senior, is third runner-up Ir. Miss. ,411 I r 'W lsr Taking a giant bite, Pat Marshall, sophomore, contem- plates his next move. Activities 37 UND.. Tooters, tweeters, strummers, hummers Op I I I u a n Inltheir lavender dresses with assorted ties, Girls' Glee Club commences their musi- ca presentation. As the close of a beautiful concert, Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, Choir, Dynamics, Girls' Glee and Chorus combine their talent and efforts in a rendi- tion on "The Christmas Song." 38 Mid-Winter Concert Basses, tenors, altos, and sopranos combine their lung power to make beautiful music as they conclude the first musical production of the season. Choir, along with other musical groups, perform at junior highs and elementary schools in the area. Winter came early this year, at least in the music department. With December 6, the dateg 8 p.m., the time, and Edmonds junior High Auditorium, the location, three long months of work and determination come together to form an evening of enjoyable music. Over 400 members of the student body are participants in some phase of the music scene. Some members have dual roles in ei- ther Choir-Dynamics or Band-Stage Band- Orchestra. A few brave souls are even in three or more parts of the actively melodic music makers. -wwe ,.,. .fc ,-- Violins and cellos put forth mellow tones as the orchestra performs at the first concert of the year. Stage band swings into the season of snow with "Spinning Wheel", as recorded by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. This group of select musicians rehearses twice-weekly, after school, to prepare itself for the many performances of the year, Mid-Winter Concert 39 ,fmqhb 'fr gh. 1 if Mlm! K igffikff' L fi? mam as 'cl' Jai? 55,51 2- Stretching to block an attempted basket, senior Bill Hale, 35, extends his body to its entire capacity. ,ii il ,NM ,M .puns- M,,... ., Striving to sink his basket, senior Kyle Buslach Getting the rebound is the goal of senior center, takes direct aim. Steve Lance. l l l l Excitement overflows as the crowd realizes that the Hawks have won. At the close game in which Terrace was victorious over Edmonds 56 to S5 in the 3 closing seconds, shock and disbelief were prevalent. Basketball 41 ha-L I 'W Y-ef' ,vw x , lp? 'Xi 1 ifwtl 5 0' 1' iffff J, W..-Q M f' ' 3 f if '-- 5352? ,,N-123: ' ii' lj, 13 if? hfi A!! .3 4 Nz ',-- A , 2295- f A a, fi if , , M, J Eff it 2" - C' tpgai , K , 4, wg ,, A 382 f N' ll A 'gud Q ,J ,, . V 3, Q is ,V V. at t, M s as we 'Y' 5535? a ,136 '19 M . .vw , b we N..." iii ig 11- A 5 e - gi. L F3- 9 i YW' 'Sa - 4 8. if Q 14 , This rebound is possessed by the enemy Gull, but not for long if Rocky Farrar, center, can help it. H Q' ,,,,,,.,,,. ,, A -1:VV wt K A ,gf ., Foes struggle with senior Rocky Farrar, 43, as he battles not to lose the ball. 42 Basketball Min f tt 1 lv K 3 32? Z Towering over his opponents, senior Steve Lance holds the ball high above their heads and out of their reach. Time, time again Hawks outplay, outhustle, outrun others in conference Starting out the season with only five returning lettermen isn't toc bad, but, due to unfortunate accidents, two had bad leg and ankle in- juries which occurred before the conference games even got started. During the basketball season, one up-coming player was injured in a car accident and several more were hurt in other incidents. It having many members of the team hurt wasnft enough, compared to the oth- er teams, they had height and experience against them. To the leagues surprise, their good points outweighed the handicaps, and they came out as one of the more powerful teams. The Hawks could outrun, outhustle any team in the league. Time after time the Hawks became a challenge to the other conference teams, and showed them that a small team in size can become, and is, a big team in strength and skill. Blocking the ball without fouling his opponent is the pursuit of Lynn johnson, junior on the I.V. squad. if-x, iw ,W,,,MqhQ I M X Assisted by Coach Bob Jacobs is Ron Bart, sophomore, as he practices to improve his quickness and throwing ability on the sophomore team. Basketball 43 varsity Hawks BACK ROW: XJ! Mgr. Chuck Thomas, Mgr. Mark Engler, Craig Ortloff 1405,, Steve Lance 1505, Scott Morgan 1545, Bill Hale 1345, Roger Farrar 1425, Bruce Rybak 1325, Coach Merle Blevins. FRONT ROW: Artie Cisneros 1145, Kyle Buslach 1125, jeff Voogd 1525, Chris Paulson 1205, john Walker 1225, John Elsasser 1245, Lance Axness 1445. junior Varsity Hawks, BACK ROW: Mgr. Mike Loenard, Steve Farrar 1325, Lynn johnson 1235, Bryce Siegel 1445, Dugan Lange 1405, jeff Hale 1225, Dave Ford 1435, Mgr. Chuck Thomas. FRONT ROW: Mike Leary 1145, Dan Hammer 1125, Chris Paulson 1205, Artie Cisneros 1105, Coach Don Timmerman. is-...'7 94-.. ...ff M' Sophomore Hawks, BACK ROW: Steve Paulson 1125, Bob Lacock 142 5, Steve Clover 1105, Alan Rassel 1445, Dave Scrivanich 1245, Mark Kanarick 1455, Ken jones 1525, Bruce Miller 1405, Ron Bart 1345, Dave Cooper 132 5, Robert Dyche 1545, Rick Williams 1205. FRONT ROW: Mgr. Daryl Miller, Mgr. Dennis Warrick, Mgr. Ron Cameron, Coach Bob Iacobs. 44 Basketball Dribbling skillfully through a maze of bodies, maneuvering around a mass of grab- bing hands, clasping the ball with the knowledge of practice and sureness of ability within , teamsters of the 1970 dribbler squads playfully outmove their opponents. "We've done it! We've done it!" cries a coach with the talent and experience to carry a Terrace team to a WesCo champion- ship. Lacking the height of their opponents,, lacking the support of pre-season predic- tions, the 1970 version of a basketball team proved to be able to outhustle,, outshoot, and out spirit any opponent it faced. With an enthusiastic student body behind it, the team soared past predictions of its winning four games, soaring all the way to the Wes- Co title. Rebounding by Steve Lance,, the baby in the center position in the league, and Craig Ortloff , a spirited junior among the senior squad, shooting by Captain Roger 1Rocky5 Farrar, a cool-headed mem- ber, and again Craig Ortloffg assisting from Bill Hale, a welcome transfer from a Seattle team in his junior year, Kyle Buslach, an athlete all-around, and Roger Farrar, the thinker, aided the team in its efforts and re- wards to gain the WesCo crown. Backing the starters was a group of hard-working, pushing players. Constantly attempting to gain a starting position, these men kept the starters on their toes,, making them earn their positions. Junior and sophomore hoopsters similarly strived for the top. But with a team like this year's, inspiration spread from the varsity to the other teams. WesCo crown capturedg hoopsters Northwest District 4th out of 4 schools Varsity Game Scores MTI-IS .... 66 'Issaquah .,.. MTHS 4,.. 39 Cascade .... Team Statistics MTHS ..,. 56 'Edmonds .,., MTHS ..,. 54 Everett . , ,. MTHS .,,. 58 'Woodway ,.,. Free throws taken .,.. MTHS .... 73 'Meadowdale ..., Free throws made . . , . , , MTHS ..,. 65 Edmonds .... Wbtree throws made .... Ml-ITS .,.. 68 Bellingham .... MTHS .... 34 Prep ..,. Shots taken .....,, . . MTI-IS .,., 76 Meadowdale .... Shots made ..,. . MTI-IS .... 82 Blanchet .... 71 Shots made 4.,, IVITHS ..,. 54 Sehome ,,,, MTHS ..,. 42 Everett A,,, Rebounds .4.,.......... MTHS .,.. 45 Prep ,... MTH5 .,.. 73 Bellingham .... MTI-IS ,,.. 53 Meadowdale .... MTHS ..,, 46 Woodway ,... 487 2.70 557: 944 346 377: 582 'non-conference games Season Conference Record 9 Wins 4 Losses Season Record 11 Wins 6 Losses Western Conference League Standings W L "Mr. Hustler" ....,. MTI-IS ..... 10 4 782. 72.0 Cascade ,. . . 12 2 748 601 Everett ..... 9 5 778 720 Edmonds ..,. 11 3 813 654 Meadowdale. 6 8 744 541 Captain's award ... ,..,. Inspirational award . .. . , . Most points scored . , , . , . , Best average tpoints per gamej . . . Sehome, .... 7 7 674 693 Woodway,.. 7 7 714 751 M t b d seatriemp., 4 10 649 654 OS re mm S Blanchet ...,. 3 11 762 832 Bellingham., 1 13 735 874 NOTE: Final league standings were determined by playoffs, not by the win-loss records. Junior Varsity Game Scores Most assists .4.. Roger Farrar Bill Hale Kyle Buslach Roger Farrar 252 Craig Ortloft 225 Roger Farrar 14.8 Craig Ortloff 13.3 Steve Lance 144 Craig Ortloff 134 Bill Hale 36 Roger Farrar 23 Kyle Bu slach 23 Sophomore Game Scores Cascade Everett . Woodway , Edmonds Mariner . Meadowdale . Prep . Blanchet Snohomish . Edmonds . Everett Prep , Mariner . Meadowdale . Woodway , MTI-IS ,..... 38 Issaquah MTI-IS MTHS ..,... 43 Blanchet MTI-IS MTI-IS ...,.. 29 Cascade MTI-IS MTI-IS ....., 34 Edmonds MTI-IS MTHS ....., 39 Everett MTI-IS MTI-IS ...... Z9 Meadowdale MTI-IS MTHS ..,.,. 44 Woodway MTHS MTI-IS ...... 54 Edmonds MTHS MTI-IS ...... 56 Prep MTI-IS MTI-IS .,.... 42 Cascade MTI-IS MTI-IS ...... 44 Meadowdale ....,. MTI-IS MTHS 4..... 46 Sehome MTI-IS MTHSA ,...., 53 Prep MTHS MI HS ..,... 48 Everett MTHS MTHS ....,. 86 Bellingham MTHS MTHS .,.... 49 Woodway 6 Season Record Wins 10 Losses Season Record 10 Wins 5 Losses victorious as TEAM Receiving the WesCo trophy from Mr. jim Rothnie and Coach Merle Blevins is Captain Roger Farrar. Basketball 45 ii ' : " ,. fi .', , I 3' it if as J Breathlessly holding down his opponent is Bill Machado, senior while trying to make anoth- er pin for his team. Machado had four straight pins in mid-season. Bone-Crushers meet match as W ' V th g r a p e r C h p hip . Eglllirggdzcilfgegjlhlirrilsi-l::.from opponents grip is tight-lipped Mer t ,. Q, i :lf P' ga is W 4 i f aept iff 'Uv 1 t. V.i:, Jai V I ii With a look of determination, Dave Garen, senior With muscles flexed and chin digging into his opponent's shoulder,Cordy Buslach, junior, forces his starts forward threatingly. opponent to give way. 46 Wrestling -Q Alf, Facing bouts with unknown opponents, the grap- plers peer calmly at their rivals. wi' As desire and knowledge flash inter-mixed through a well-disciplined, concentrating mind, Cecil Boot, senior, reaches around desperately to reverse a dangerous position. QBELOWJ Mouthing a command to his powerless foe, lim McCinty, junior, yanks at a painful limb to flip his rival into a pinning situation. A deter- mined wrestler struggles to free himself from the 154 pounder's viscious grasp. FE Driving an opponent into a sweat-strained mat is Tom Castillo, senior. With muscles taut and chin driven painfully into a tight muscle is Dave Caren, senior. A Cascade opponent finds his feet flying as lim McGinty, junior, lifts him skyward. '-3 Using his weight to acquire a pinning hold, Ray Howland, junior, forces his oppo- nent to succumb to his superior ability. Pleaing with the matmen, anxious members of a spirit-enhanced crowd breathlessly await a victory. Flipping, balancing, Eyeing a vicious struggle for control, Tom Wilbur, sophomore, silently aids Lou Beatty, Ibottomj sophomore, in his excruciating attempts to win. ' 4' --Lgsessfwiww M.W,.,s..aW,Wsr, W- :cf Trickily balancing on firm neck and muscular shoulder muscles, Dale Dake, Controlling the squirming motions of an agile rival, Rodger Bleiler, sophomore, senior, sways to the music of his opponents odd hold. flips the squeamish mass over to pin. Wrestling 49 .l rnatmen edge to victory! Bridging an international gap, communicating through a mutual understanding of wrestling, Cecil Boot, senior, a re- gional champion and state participant, struggles fruitlessly to overpower a touring japanese wrestler, but Boot was barely defeated by his foe's superior ability. Q t su t 50 Wrestling Varsity Hawks, BACK ROW: George Francis, Individual Statistics Varsity Tom Castillo, Steve Meier, lim McCinty, Bill Machado, Leon Frazier. FRONT ROW: Merlin Match Scores MTHS ....,, 'Glacier , Being congratulated after one victory on the way to State are Edmonds Reeder' Randy Rausche' ' Dave Catan' Mike Captains Award ,.,,, .... D ave Oaren Wt.Cia155 Iaeger, Wayne Murphy, Dale Dake, Ray How- Bm Machado 175 land' Gmdy Buslach' Inspirational Award , . . . , Dave Garen 112 Most Points scored . . . .... Cecil Boot 165 Most pins .,4..,... .... B ill Machado 175 Most Outstanding ..., ,,,, C eqil Boot 165 Tournament Team Merlin Reeder . . Dave Oaren 4...... Randy Rauscher ...., 3rd sub-regionals Wayne Murphy ..... 4th sub-regionals Gordy Buslach .... lst sub-regionals 1st regionals Sth state Steve Meier .,..... Tom Castillo ...,.... 3rd subsregionals lim McGinty ,....... 3rd sub-regionals Cecil Boot ,....... lst sub-regionals Ist regionals 8th state Bill Machado ...... 3rd sub-regionals Ray Howland ..... Leon Frazier ..... Ardell Moe ....,..........,.... ...,. Sub-Regional Results MTHS. . .4th out of 9 schools MTHS sent eight to regionals MTHS sent two to state Wt, Class ......103 ....112 .,..12.0 ,.,.127 .,..133 ....138 ....l45 ,...154 ....165 ....175 ......191 Hvy. Hvy. Hard luck and injuries plagued this squad of individually strong grap- MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS MTHS .,..,. 44 MTHS .,..,. 16 MTHS ..,...3O ......2Z ......27 :'Shoreline .,.,..15 Edmonds . . , , , .26 Blanchet ....,.24 J'Highline . .,....2O Woodway A ......34 Cascade ......27 "R.A.Long ,.....19 Bellingham ......19 Meadowdale....,. ......ZS Everett ,.,...12 Sehorne 2' non-conference matches Season League Record 3 Wins 5 Losses Total Season Record 6Wins 6 Losses lunion Varsity Match Scores ......-36 Glacier ..,.,.1Z Edmonds ,. . , . 4 , .36 Blanchet , . . . , .8 Highline ., .,.. 11 Woodway ..... . Cascade - .,...,4O Bellingham ., ,.,.,.2.8 Meadowdale ,, Everett Sehome Season Record 6 Wins 4 Losses Sophomore Match Scores plers. Only twice throughout the season did an opposing team win more matches than this squad. Iron- ically, though finishing sixth in the WesCo standings, this group a- chieved third at the WesCo tourna- ment. Only Bellingham, sending 9, to the Hawk 8, sent more men to the regionals than Terrace. Arm and ankle injuries at critical times dur- ing the year stunted progressg but hard luck failed to halt personal drive. Iunior Varsity Hawks, BACK ROW: Kevin Haney, Bob Batson, Kevin Moss , Mardy Wil- lard, Tim Younkers , Don Creery , Travis Macey. FRONT ROW: Russ Quay , Brian Lee, Bill Thompson, Forrest Simms , john Gar- en, Brian Willard , Rodger Bleiler, Lou Beatty. Cecil Boot, sr., and Gordy Buslach, jr. it -4 Wa Limbering up prior to a tense match, Randy Rauscher, senior , bridges , but in a new way: in reverse. MTHS .,..., MTHS ..... MTHS ....,. MTHS ...... MTHS ...... MTHS ...... MTHS ...... Edmonds . . Woodway . . Snohomish . . Snohomish , . Mariner . . Meadowdale . . Meadowdale . . Season Record 2 Wins 5 Losses 1 Tie Varsity League Standing Edmonds Sehome Bellingham Woodway Meadowdale .,,,,. MTHS Blanchet Cascade Everett W L 1 1 2 5 3 4 4 3 5 2. 6 1 7 0 8 Wrestling 51 Bemg one of the most exciting seasons of the year, basketball has aroused many fans. Combustible Tern Elsasser junior arises at a flurrlecl moment W1nter aCt1v1t1es aggressive, powerful, educational 41-1- is ui As a beginner Pam Massey sophomore prepares a layout for Joyce Miller, senior and Debbie Cook, junior view a chromatogram. i Using all his strength, Buford Ransom, senior, endeavors the laborious Universal Gym weight machine to keep in shape between his athletic seasons. tion in their routines. l Discussing team strategy by the use of visual aids, Head Basketball Coach l . . . 1 Blevins diagrams a play during a time-out. bly' IS dlSmlSS9d- R. Thinking musically, Mike Kirkpatrick, junior, takes a rest during chorus. Worn out from a hard practice, the cheerleaders still labor on to reach perfec- Gleesome and contented, the student body is satisfied after a successful assem- Activities 53 V- 'Wm A, . Making a true Christmas spirit available to many who had not been able to develop one on their own, the opera "Amahl and the Night Visitors" seemed to fill a void in the season. "Arnahl" is a story of a young, crippled shepherd boy and his mother who are visited by the three kings on their way to find the Christ child. The villagers visit Amahl's home to see the strange guests, and bring both food and entertainment. In the end, Amahl offers his crutch for the Child and regains the power to walk. Truly a miracle, this. Ed Aliverti and frank DeMiero worked hard along with every- one else getting ready for the production of Terrace's three week wonder. ,Q nk it Amahl asks the valley people to come see the kings and bring what food they can. While there, the peasants do one of their native dances to entertain the kings and celebrate the guests' arrival. - Terrace's three week miracle fills season Shocking is the first confrontation between on of the three kings, senior Cecil Boot, and Amahl, played by se- Collecting the offerings of the neighbor niors Bonnie Costa and Mark Erickson, as shown on the faces of all concerned. children is Amahl, Senior Mark Erickson. Winter Musical 55 Providing good time for Upon the boys losing the canned food drive, senior Neal Baker receives a "pie-in- Enthusiastically, Doug Roberts, junior horn-blower, is again stirring up the-face" from Barb Miller, senior, Girls' Club treasurer. pep for a game. i g . o sig if SN? -f 6 N-"MrC.iLLlU ggi ii gprep 56 Activities all, assemblies instill spirit, produce laughter X A ' . K fr rfxwvt N i',P7iJ', ' K 2 i Starting a short-lived trend at Terrace, many enthusiastic athletes have started a unique pep club of their own. Wearing white shirts and carrying a storming voice, these boys led by senior Neal Baker fully supported their fellow athletes in the winter season. Activities 57 ii Senior class seems to be reluctant to leave an assembly as shown by Mark Engler, senior. In-H-1 Slceping is a very restful thing, especially when you're bored is Rita Rice, senior. Ra I 3 T ! Taking class "very" easily Observing the Smith Tower in Seattle is the art class on a downtown field trip. This excursion taking place at the Seattle First National Bank is to pro- vide the class with varied art structures within the bank. 58 Activities Peace, serenity at drop of snowflake Adjusting his camera for Santa Claus poses is Bob Koch, senior. Art Club uses this project for raising funds. .-an ii . K -551 K V A W 'A , , , ,V 'ff N' W eeee it se, f .M , J E 1. V Us e 1: if H f was --,' A' ' ' it fc, t f e W . , . s'us' v V. w 1 ft is ,, ,V My 115 kyyy ,H V K Y ggi if fy f' K X' , 'ff it i i A i t l K W I g fi iff? , - 'Q' VA ,l 9 Q 9 Vw V? I . ,, .ikk I i 'uw Fc 1' f fir is With the snow in their eyes, Becky Lee, and Iohn Krueger both juniors, walk Tranquility sets the mood as Marie Rubio, sophomore, heads silently, in quietly through the damp corridors. the falling snow, to her next class. Activities 59 ,F "1!"3""""" ,M I, K 3' wus, . af" Showing his electronic students how to analyze a circuit by using an oscilliscope is Mr. Dale Shotwell. in .- yy K Being photographed by Tim King, senior, is clerical lab student, Sharon Iones, senior. Cindy Wolfe and Cindy Dale support their team to another victory with enthusiastic cheers. Learning to argue the facts expertly is one of the many aspects of debate class. Enjoy- ing a friendly conversation are Dave Lowe and john Lawson, seniors, fi Revolting as his car is being towed away for having no parking sticker is Buford Ran som, senior Wrestling matches can be so electrifying that at times one can almost cry! Tingling with frantic excitement Modeling for the Inter-High Fashion Show is the is Renee Burgoyne sophomore team Supporter "dreaming" Linda Merriman, junior. Students entail in arguments, fashion shows, events AUD.. Wild arguments to mild disagreements seem to center around the HUB all day. Providing themselves with a good discussion on school policies are Milo Pipkin, Cordy Buslach and lim Quintel, junior class representatives. Activities 61 i M 1'-'z ',,':f,' - ' fi 5. , i 5 As pom-pons fly and enthusiasm soars, the songleaders perform one of their many unique and original routines. This pre-game spirit is one ofthe many factors that inspires the Hawks on to victory. This year's spirit leaders are extremely energetic and hard working. Unlike football or basketball, their season lasts throughout the summer and the entire year. During this time they are con- stantly busy practicing rou- tines, planning pep assem-1 blies, and building enthusiasmi and spirit for the athletid events. Besides these activitiesg each game day the Rally Squad invades the team room to sur- prise the team members with good-luck posters and some goodies. Although squad members must devote much hard work to the squad, in return they gain a fun-filled and reward- ing experience. 1 Members of the Rally Squad are Bonnie Haas, Evie Rhodes, Machelle Murdock, Gayle McDonnell, Marti Mallory, Lisa Ward, Pam Driver, Steph Sharp, and johnjury. Ai W! Q1 My t s Wx og, fl. l 9 Hand in hand and constantly in motion are With clasped hands and gapping mouths, the tense members of the Rally Squad display diversified e- the Herkies and the yell leader. motions. Anguish, anxiety, and shock are all revealed by squad members at a wrestling match. Nine active pepsters drive spirit machine.. 62. Rally Squad Tolo marks zodiac theme p - couples seek fun, fortune "...And love will steer the start." Tolo 1970 is the most exciting dance ever held by Girls' Club. Based around the Zodiac cycle, the theme has an air of the the new genera- tion. Each sign of the Zodiac hangs high upon the walls, glittering in the decor of purple and pink. In a secluded corner lit only by the sparkle of various candles, a fortune-teller pours out fantasies to her contemplating customers. Twelve different Teaming together toward a common goal, these senior boys demonstrate their strength and ability to carry a big fountain through a small, divided doorway. foiling for Tolo, making the Creek decor part of the affair's overwhelming success are spirit- ed seniors Trista Carlson and julie Vallejo. "Love will steer the stars," as demonstrated by the stars in the eyes of sophomore Pam Larson and her escort, Rick Scates, senior. types of cakes surround the room, each decorated with a sign of the Zodiac. Bursts of colors flash throughout the room as the sign of the sun glares down upon its wor- shipers. Saving the maxi-dressed girls from getting the edges of dresses soaked, the chaperones make last minute attempts to mop up the water from a leaking foun- tain. Flounclering through the many pre- paration, head chairmen Sue Elvrum and Carolyn Kallstrom, work arduously for two months preceeding the big event. Working together and taking much per- sonal time makes Tolo 1970 a wonderful memory. is A Q M ftftte 5 1' 9 wt, , X Being a stage crew member is one of the utmost jobs of presenting a play. Ierry Wahlstrom, junior, works on setting up props. Spring Play involves "I wouldn't want you to think I was backward!" Embracing Louise Bendt funderstudyj, Sam Elwonger expresses his feelings. talented hearts- Q 'young and gay' .M-., , y 5 .JG 1 aee of n 8 2 7' a f f y H W K I I , ' 'f'2 , i' 1 Lgf ' z my Certain techniques are used in applying the make-up properly at right, Gina Bailey and Stephanie Bonneau rejoice after learning they're going to Cindy Kemper, sophomore, employs the "gooey mess' upon a cast member. be on their own. 64 Spring Play RV? Skjwqpl"'l by Emily Kimbrough is tearfully frightened as she thinks the chair which Later, to Emily's relief, the admiral enters to congratulate her as she un- she threw into the water to help a man overboard, hit and killed him. veiled the identity ofastowaway. Steward .......,.. Mrs. Skinner ...... Cornelia Otis Skinner Emily Kimbrough .. Purser ,....... ,. Stewardess ..,... Dick Winters .... Admiral . ....,., . Harriet St. john .. . Drama Department presents 1970's Spring Play: 'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay' ....jim Ackley ...,....SueLeVon ....,....GinaBailey .Stephanie Bonneau Louise Bendt ... . .Randy Kocher . . . , .Yvonne Roehl ...,Sam Elwonger ......John Carroll . . . . .Donna Edgerton Winitred Blaugh .. . Leo McEvoy ..,... Inspector ....... Therese ......... Madam Elise .,.... Monsieur de la Croix Window Cleaner ... Properties Chairman Stage Manager .... Make up .......,.. Stephanie Scoles . . .Ken Crandall . .Nancy Cooper . . . .Linda Merriman ,Glenda Hamlin . , .Mike Copley ....Jim Ackley .Colleen Walker Ierry Wahlstrom ...jamie Hunter Tickets ...... Ushers ...... Sound Effects Costumes . . . Lighting . . . Publicity . . . Programs .... Director ........ ...., Asst Director . Q- .......Becky Lee . .Connie Poudray . . . ...... Debbie Todd .Pam Christensen .........,Barry LeVon ...........SunnyMoore ... .Debbie Youngkrantz .Miss Elaine Klein ... .... Mr. Don Haase Student Director ., . ...... Carla White Spring Play 65 'Black and White' appears in print, on stage ,, ,.,.,,wwAvq vmwvx. x.,,..o..- f' 1' if H+ B' 1-er new ppp I HAWKEYE Volume X TEMPO '70 Staff Staff Editor-in-Chief .... Cheryl Marshall Page Editors .... Tony Manzanares Cynny Lowman Dianne Hall Cecil Boot Roland Roberge Ieff Voogd Pam Rock Ad Manager .... Bonnie Rasmussen Circulation Manager. .Ann Cooper Photographers. . . Randy Rauscher Greg Fox Reporters ..... ...,.. G ina Bailey Renee Burgoyne Kyle Buslach Ann Marshall Pam Massey 66 Activities Editor-in-Chief Business Staff . . , Copy Staff ........ Layout Staff ..... Photo Staff . . . . . . . .Michelle Scott .Bonnie Haas, Editor Dave Aronson Diane Hill Evie Rhodes,, Editor Diane Beam Kris Hansen Barb Miller Machelle Murdock Pam Rock Sandy Steffan . Katy Gunn, Editor Rick Hall Renee Nelson jackie Rutten Laure Schindler . . . . . .Terri Koepp Bill Machado Photographers .....,. Bruce Bart,, Head Tim King Doug Roberts Bill Thompson Clowning around under the cherry blossoms in preparation for the Talent Show of April 10-11, is "The Black and White Affair," composed of Mark Gilbert, Iohn Walker, Earl Brock, john Lawson , Cecil Boot, Ben Umayum, Tim Yates, Bob Bleiler, and Buford Ran- som. While auditioning for the spring Talent Show, Richard Nelson, junior , sings in an operatic pose. M Cindy Olson, junior trackster, proves her ability by much practice and hard work. Flying over the high jump bar is one of the specialties Cindy com- petes with during track meets. Feminine tracksters run, jump , throw to victories 443i Girls involved in spring track experience many trials and throughout their season. Headed by Coach Mar- garet King, these seven- run, jump, throw and skip their way to numerous victor- ies. New red , white , and tribulations teen girls silver uniforms perk up the field as the girls in- fest contending schools. Hopes are high for a first place seasonal standing. Girls Track 67 xv' W 5, 3 K ,W . E 3 4553 A N, is xii 'SX 6 1' 9 aims M.: 3 1 , 3 QyA M i fl ' 52 W GK mx, , . gs ? 4 Q Q A 8 "I, Q 34033-w 3 X L . N' A " ,x 5-M it X 'i ,Q !"L. 9't his 3' 1 Q M kill QQ f 1Qe.Rx i' fkvfg 4 , u as, ff W 6' Q Qi ax , , ' x i x l I I Symphony of spring, inspiring for artists, musicians, politicians Yawning happily as she goes over the agenda for an upcoming Inter-High meeting is Sue Elvrum, senior. ' 2 O Q -'px Carefully examining a piece of fruit to make sure it has reached its peak of mellowness is "chef" Rick Scates, senior. ,, Y U ff - , H ,,,,, V, ' WHMWWPEW ,Lf .,ffw-Mmm? ,, Going over the minutes of a recent Inter-High meeting are Cecil Boot, senior, and Iody Keys, a sen- ior at Meadowdale. Activities 69 .l Spring fever ignites. .excitement burns in all Starting off the season with a 6-1 victory, baseball begins stepping on the right foot, as the Music Department rushes around entertaining junior highs. Mother Daughter represents full fashion as the Dad-Daughter Banquet falls through. Zoorning through the streets are cars of the senior class Car Rally, as the Slave Auction is Hheavylf -- for the slaves. Booming voices cheer out at Rally Squad try-outs as the Spring Play closes a suc- cess. Spring fever burns us all. . .over. i Nerves on end, sore limbs and tight muscles ac- company the many hardworking girls who partici- pate inthe Rally Squad turn-outs. Returning graduate Mike Kessler discusses the ROTC program at the University of Washington with Roger Seatthrlee, senior. M: when nilfau Each week diligent workers of Mr. Malnes prepare spring announcements for the public on the reader board. Throwing up an extra letter for Rod Martin is his fellow senior , Chuck Edelbrock. Looking on is senior Roger Connelly. X A af' Luv-one, luv-all, lobbers, smashers, 1 swing again Showing two different ways of smash- ing the ball are senior, Scott Morgan, RIGHT, and Mark Engler, LEFT. Scott prefers the side smash while Mark's favorite style is coming down on top of the ball. Holding number one position, Scott has lettered since his sophomore year, and was chosen cap- tain while a junior. Being a real com- petitive player , Mark Engler is the only other returning letterman. 1969 Varsity League Standings 1 Seattle Prep 2 Everett 2 Edmonds 4 Blanchet 5 Bellingham 0 Sehome 6 Woodway 8 Cascade 9 Mountlake Terrace 9 Meadowdale Members of the '70 tennis team are, STANDING: Ted Meier, Steve Glover, Roland Roberge, Ralph Bullock, Tom Moran, Allen Rascal, Mark Engler, Scott Morgan, john Carroll, Bruce Miller, joe Murphey, Dave Cooper, Cris Sherman, Steve Farrar, lim Stephens, Coach Bernie Prederickson. KNEELINCH Rick Williams, John Pennington, Ron Cameron, Mark Borland, lack Rogers, jim Cartwright, jim Bakker, and Russ Nelson. 72 Tennis 'Z , 31- , H X 'A Q A v an 4. 5 -Ewa' Hamid? Tracksters attempt to set records, reach new heights 1 w sv as Q his .gr Q45 Ext Squinting interestingly at a multitude of events, panting wonderlingly a missle from a body built like a battleship, crowds unite in common as tracksters pound down a Cinder stretch, soaring into a pit, or shooting expectation of results at track meets. 74 Track FE lg 5 xx 5 ig wh ai 3 P -nfs 553 , was bk .,,, , , ff ,gf 99? , nn- 1 n f "Ly F' 1 9 v it 'f Aa 0 . . 2 Egg, . was-Mwcmwgawmsiswfaempww J M Pr. Q-mx . f CY. S-QMS 5 i megs. A K -x AW 'N .AX 1, is ii' P.. L we - is-,rg JW 1 'L 'iii N2 'HW , 5 Q . E ang: Q' Q wt '--- , ini me , ,ke ,yu :x ,JP Gliding effortlessly over hurdles, Bill Hale, senior, LEFT , attempts to break his personal- ly set high hurdle record. Overflowing with experience and potential, tracksters leap, stumble, and flop to ful- fill the hopes of a confident coach. For the first time, the squad has the depth to not only takes firsts, but seconds and thirds aswell. 1969 Varsity League Standings I Meadowdale 2 Bellingham 3 Cascade 4 Edmonds 5 Mountlake Terrace 6 Blanchet 7 Everett 8 Seattle Prep 9 Sehome 10 Woodway 1 Mud-splattered legs follow the plodder. .1-5+ , ,I Q at.,xW.,., -.113 t i f 2-s, 1 -X -,:. Q , f" it fi, .H -.,::'-f.'.+' ,, 'Ht rf, , 11 Y, ' . ' . .L : Ls- Sw, -1 "w- V 5 A .ha . -. f- y. :fi :pgs , h , ,Y e , E ,M X . . ,..s E E W W ,S Q, Q t " 1 - . 's ,M V E , 1 1 , : - , " , ' i f 5 t 'kqiiafi Q ' ' E fling 'Q " "' ' egiffgy A .. W " . . -'i' L f 43' .' ii' ' ,g"i'i"' + ' Q, ax I " 12. i 1 P WK- ff.' at A ,sim ,. 1, ,gg c, , 'ff s as K as I f , s be .es X wxim i .- r -, , .- I'. 1 " : l " 4 4 s l , ' - ' E -- - Q' E E 1' 3 ' 3 , ., 1 . 1 , ' i it ,, . ' . : ' L ' .. A' I ' I " E L 7 ' E i M so . rp egg at 's ag t 3,3 i fys 3 ' i E t -- . E ' Q ' 'MM - 1 " 1 ,Q W I ,. E ' " ' . Qi " i'i. ,, F X E - f 4 Vk,, -ig? -vig, kk.. ST .1 -is W., I in V K y K E , -22211. . fy A I -,,- Q -1 L - -j '51 -- Ni A' , x Q1 ,il A I S QQ I , . Qmkjfslemawhfl A his gk,-v ,. Oilf WL .K 1 , E r e e ' , e cm - if ' :E- Fife ? -iv' asf ' X ii 1. 1 : A K I K at r e E , l t E 5 ky K W ., ,. g V K hgh s ii 5 ' A . . ,sec f is is if S p . l L 5 I A ' ' A " F M' " : M ,, ii' QP ,Q as HW I ,mm - A 'Z . A X 3 . . . l Returning Track Lettermen, BACK ROW, Robby Baker, Rod Martin, Bill Hale, War- ren Lee, Coach Bob Plaisance. FRONT ROW, Chuck Edelbrock, Ray Howland, john Krueger, Dan Hutchins, Kyle Buslach. 1 Pivoting to gain body momentum for a pelt of the discus, Rod Mar- Thrusting forward his powerful legs, john Krueger, junior , spurts ahead in a sprint- tin, senior, brutally hurls the slender disc towards the field. er's stance. l I Trackmen, BACK ROW, joe Proitte, Dugan Lange, Rick Hall , Doug Gilbert, Byron Gilbert, Larry Civarra, Craig Gourley, Kevin Weber. THIRD ROWp Drew Garrett, Roger Connelly, Robert Hildahl, Roger Moore, Mike Maultsby , Keith Kreiman, Pat Taylor, jim Quintel, Gary Shumski , Dick Frost, Steve Ben- son , john Hartley, Kevin Haney, Mike Regan. SECOND ROW: Tony Moreno, Guy Middleton, Dave Moses, Ron Hanrion, Rex Cruise, Gordy Buslach , Dan Ils, Milo Pipkin, Dan Brendt, Earl Brock, Lew Winney. FRONT ROW: Ed Appleseth, Ron Wat- ers, Tom Wilbur , Ken johnson , john Reese, john Andes, Eugene Brandt, john Lavell, Ernie Na- jar,Dan Najaf. r Track 77 -7 Similar to "Hank Aaron" is senior Buford Ransom while smashing the ball with a powerful snap of the wrist. 7 Coughing and choking up dust is Neal Baker, senior, while tearing into second base. 78 Baseball Using his restful moments wisely, senior catcher Erickson, decides on his next calls. Tensely awaiting the advance of the ball, jeff Voogc senior, changes position. in 'fwlgz Agn . azdfv " ,Q ' R 29,51 " in as wa 9- - .,.,.. 1 V- ,. ,M , Y W' VU, 5 - Y, . 1 M W f if W we 1 F 4 gg? , ff, Q 91' s x W ' ' Lil, is -f'?W55V, 1 N??',. X in fa A V 'M -F55 0 hm? Q. K . , wwfewm f f , m1w.r ff 2 5 -new , ,if ' sw- 2 Q, . ,fjfw,.,,w.,4 an W :155P55jzg:fe,:sgE, 91? fif- Haag 5992 :K ,if , W, The do's and don'ts in baseball,, as demonstrated by Curt Carbary , junior , appear to be very basic. Do swing straight and hard. Don't lose your head. Simple. . , Baseball Varsity League Standings 1 Edmonds 2 Seattle Prep 3 Blanchet 4 Bellingham 5 Cascade 6 Everett 7 Mountlake Terrace 8 Woodway 9 Meadowdale 10 Sehome Getting themselves in shape for the hectic season ahead , Dave Ford, junior , and Neal Baker, senior , Terry Prewitt, junior, squints fiercely into the su W0l'k Ol-It 5fl'9m10USly- as he awaits the first pitch. This year's junior varsity base- ' 112 atm s A 1 ball team is an active group ot sophomores and juniors that are just rarin' to go. Taking a stand in the back row are Dennis War- Rick, john Orrison, Ryan Caus- man, Bob Dyche, Terry Hackett, Kim Voelker and Mr. Sam Bees- ley, junior varsity coach. Ap- parently at Ease in the front row are Chris Paulson, Aaron Ar- reola, George Francis, Dave Ang- dahl, and Terry Prewitt. 80 Baseball l nning after inning i . . out, safe, hit, miss First baseman Cecil Boot , senior , is on his toes as the opponent's batter connects with a swing that may give him his first step to home. Varsity Hawks are, stand- ing, Chris Paulson, Craig Ortloff , Neal Baker, Dave -H Ford, Cecil Boot, Ryan Y Cwausman, Ieff Voogd, Kim Voelker , john Walk- er and Coach Bob Freisen. Kneeling are Dave White , Artie Cisneros, Curt Car- bary , Terry Prewitt, Mark Erickson, Buford Ransom, and Iim Dunn. J if 'I bv sf Members of the varsity squad practice each after- noon in the soggy quag- mire known as the MTHS baseball field. Lack of attendance by spectators does not stop this group from giving their best effort to provide Terrace with a baseball season to -W' ' remember. Under the watchful eye of first-year varsity Coach Bob Freisen, Dave White returning senior pitcher, winds up and delivers. , . ,rib i , Q ' Baseball 81 if :star Enter the Age of Comprehension ' Mr. Harry Malnes Mr. Iohn Fox Mr. John Garner Vice-Principal Principal Vice-Principal Faculty. . .they mold minds hopefully minds respond Mr. Ed Aliverti Mrs. Lucille jones Mr, Win McMullen Mrs. Pat Rein COLlHSGlOf COUI1S6l0f Counselor Cgungelor 84 Administration Mr, Roger Aase Mrs. Doris Alaniz Mr. Bill Anderson Mr. Richard Ayers Mr. Bruce Beaman English Secretary Orchestra Driver Education History Mr. Sam Beesley Mr. Merle Blevins Mr. Hal Broenkow Mrs. Wilma Brufe MIS. Barbara Bumgarner History Wood Shop Math Secretary History Mr. Ken Bumgarner Mrs. Leslie Bunnell Mr. Larry Burke Mr. Cordon Busiach Mr. Will Caldwell Science Foreign Language History History Pre-Vocational 1: 235 .525 Mr. Bob Carkeek Mrs. Barbara Carlson Mrs. Lucille Case Mrs. Barbara Charnberland Mrs. Ora Cottrill Ari English Physical Education Foreign Language History Faculty 85 - Miss Cherry Ann Courteau Mr. Tom Davenson Home Ec. Auto Shop Mr. Dave Empfield Mr. Cale Filer English Math Mrs. Beverly Funk Mrs. Beth Garrett Business Secretary Mrs. Hester Davidson Mr, Frank DeMiero Librarian Music Mrs. Carol Flakus Mr. Bernie Predrickson Business Art Q ui Mrs. Bernita Grimm Mr. Don Haase Secretary Math ..., V "t ii if Q . -1 L Q s U x Q wr Mrs. Lois Hutchinson Mrs. Irene Iohnston Mr. Lloyd Keily Mrs. Ioan Kenny Secretary Study Hall Distributive Education Pre-Vocational 86 Faculty Mr. Stephen Eells Business Mr. Bob Friesen Science Mrs. Elizabeth Houff English Miss Anita Kilponen Foreign Language if Mr, VVayne King W M Y Mechanical Drawing Q a a i Miss Elaine Klein English , i er, during faculty lunch. Mr. Mel Kolstad Metal Shop ISN.. Mrs. Debbie Kozelisky Mrs, Kathleen Kreiss Mrs, Pat Lindbloom Foreign Language English Secretary A a v 'is t'-I V -Ili . .. 5 , gf N PV fbi ' 7 , M29 imap if , V M -v , , V - 7 5 p g? if V' fr , djf,."?, ft-an f iiiai 1 Zia j M N -- .. . . 'J -r f 'r-'ir- M -ii i."e , 3 4 we FEW 1kKm!l.r tg - we ,ax my M ' .Q :gi if 511+ , 4 "' A is in W MN we XL -" -iii 'fx 'Sl' ,ag fe 4 Y 1 5 A an :Q M' va ,yr 9 rm ,ww ,mg-it ATM at V. ,. is ages 'f i-is fig 'stiff' "'- ,, ya ,Meng .wh 'f 'fr efeif.T'e-I K thin From where do teachers originate? The evolution of man is exemplified here by Mr. Hal Broenkow, a mathematics teach- Mrs, Barbara Logan Mr. Iohn Logan English English Faculty 87 Trying to make a point during a meeting concerning Homecoming is Mr. Don Haase, a mathematics teacher. As general Mrs. Mary Martin Science chairman for Homecoming, Mr. Haase finds himself directly involved with many students. Mr. Ray Martyn Music Mr. Iulian Milkes Mr. Byron Nelson Mr. Dan O'C0nnor Business Physical Education History hw Expressing himself not only with his mouth, but through his Mrs. Jean Ove Mr. Bob Plaisance Mr. John Reid hands also' is Mr' Ed Alivertif Counselor' A t I ' 88 Faculty r History History Mi-5, Judy Roberts Mr, Ken Rigefg Mr. Derris Schlieman Mr. Don Scholl Mr. Anthony Seneff Math Science English English Auto Shop Mr. Leo Sherrick Mr. Frank Smith Mrs. Betsie Snoey Mrs. Nancy Stevens Mr. Mike Sullivan Business Engineer Home Ec. Secretary English Mr. Marty Terzieff Mrs. Ellen Thornburgh Mt. Don Timmerman Miss Gwen Tollefson Mrs. Mavis Troyer Science Business English Home Ec, Business Mrs. Delores Uhlman iMr:1 Paul Weaver Mr. Lyle Wirtenin Mr. George Yount Business fi English Audio Visual History Faculty 89 Ss 1 Working to bring news to the eye of the reader are Cynny Lowman Accuracy is the goal of Rick Hall, sophomore, as he carefully plans and Randy Rauscher, both seniors and members of the busy and drawsalayout for the greater-than-ever TEMPO'70. HAWKEYE staff. English: the never-ending talk of time . Q ,?'ef!n?E' wgdii .iifzifxsfl -' iii! flLi?7l5'f ft ' V .. A.. ',,:. 5 1 Qbz .v', fi - K ff-- tm-fs-. Q ""K"5'!nn Co-operation between newcomers and the experienced enables the TEMPO staff to reach each dead- Friendship and loyalty are shown line successfully. Katy Gunn, junior, explains the tricks of the trade to Laure Schindler, sophomore. in Speech by Dale WilS0n, SCH 90 English and companion. ior, Ee 33 ,S ,E .... 7 sg K if x .' 1- . x Buy your TEMPO now" rings throughout the school as full or down payments are received during all three lunches t-nr "ilk Natural skill emerges as dancing Earl Brock, junior demon Expressmg opinions plays a large role m the debate class Nancy Cooper strates the correct method of swinging and swaying to the beat Junior tells her side of the story m Speech. From essays and novels to speeches and deadlines, the English curriculum is by no way sparse. Offering much more than the required sophomore and junior English, this department expands to include the fields of jour- nalism, speech, yearbook, and a number of senior classes including Shakspeare, humanities, college prep, short stories, novel, and poetry. Adding excitement, the members of speech class and I-IAWKEYE are film producers. The first reel, "Spirit," brought profitable success. There is no way to escape the never-ending English classes. We run into it in all walks of life. Rich or poor, young or old, weak or strong, for all, Eng- lish is the talk of time. li W 1, fm f QW. 51 Siem VEMSEE' ws Q5 'L 25359 fi :S x if Nu.-.t..avv""' it T li f ' ft s. , 1 ,I . s X" 'iT"""1"" sw 591 . ggi ,A 3, , I We 2. .11 KVAL Z' Exchanging a library card for a history book becomes a reg- Something catches their attention as Frank Sykora, sophomore, is assisted by Michelle Can ular routine of sophomores during world history. non, supplying him with the necessary books. Through ages history grows, knowledge mounts X ,...,,s -r- ,an K . The Little Theatre allows teachers room to expand their class during a test. With the While in history, jerry Dunn, junior, intensely studies the assign- seats near her empty, Shelly Keener, junior, carefully takes an exam. ment hoping the answers he selects are correct. History 93 a t H Q , P? Do not pass "go" and do not collect 5200! With a monopoly of activities, contemporary problems, including Don Kreiman, Pam Rock and Sharon Snow, seniors, visits the city jail. "Moving up in history" are the ever busy classes of the complex history department. Sopho- mores experience a first in team teaching during the world histo- ry classes. With United States history as a required subject, juniors are also eligible to take courses such as contemporary problems and political theory. Seniors have all classes available to them including minority races, which explains racial problems throughout the world. Learning the fundamentals of living is taught in the communi- ty living and city administration classes. Uur world and welcome to it: Minority races . . Polit Team teaching is one of the biggest aspects of the history department. Various teachers take a subject and discuss it with many classes. Giving a speech to her class is Mrs. Ora Cottrill. 94 History - 5, L .Ska- ai Taking notes on a world history class are Debbie Bolinger, senior, and Liz Engel, al theory . . History . Providin facts for futher studies, oral presentations are very fundamental, as g shown by Lynette Andresen and Dave White, both seniors. ,,9o"""'-A ff? X 2 or' fvw nur' -P.-nl Refusing to agree with a fellow student, Lynda Molitor, senior, carries on a lively conversation. Studying and preparing for classes are history teachers Mr. George Yount and Mr. Don Ford. Studying their information sheets during team history are Dave Ford and Terri Elsasser, both juniors. llistory 95 W 5 iw., w,.Tut6 5 Talking in front of the class looks like fun from the facial expressions of While sitting in Russian some students juniors Vicki Nordness and Fran Sinrud. idly about nothing. 'Un, uno, einsz' b sit in a quiet daze, while others babble on s l f I 1 Being in French holds a great deal of excitement, especially when it comes to putting on a play. These mournful on-lookers play their parts well and with great dedication to the young man who is gravely ill. 96 Foreign Languages Q innings for foreigners 1 . -fgfim-,... 9 4 I 3 , Q.. f 4 E. 1 M we n U . gW ,ow , 'Himsa I-liz' "' 1 ' H Y fi F K X "El Gigante," the giant, is portrayed by Sandy Goodman, senior, as she gives a push Spanish is a real swinging subject, at least it looks like it is for se to a little toy chicken while in second year Spanish class. niors Mike Loy, Tony Manzanares, and Ed Sisom. "Why should l take a foreign language when l'li probably never step a foot out of Wash- p ington," is often a remark made by students who are asked about taking a foreign lan- guage. French and German are very impor- i tant for those who intend to go on and study science or medicine, while Russian and Span- ish can be equally valuable. Spanish and French have been offered for a number of years, then came Russian. This year another language was added, "Deutsch,'f or German. One of the purposes of these languages to teach students about other peoples lan- guages and cultures. Many plays and dia- logues are put on by these individual classes which add a little more excitement to the classes. Overall, the students who do take a foreign language learn to appreciate the fact that they're not a foreigner trying to learn the English language from scratch. "Ah come on, we can't be that funny," giggle juniors Ann Cassidy, Ron Davis, and Leone Werner as they do their thing in front of their Spanish class. Foreign Languages 97 ...Q .-gg ,,,".- f5g5eaifi,5,1se5.s- i f , . ,,,.i,,i,f.,, .tw For quick and accurate addition of her insurance contracts, Peggy Myers, se- With deep concentration on the work at hand, Laurie Quay, senior, solemnly nior, uses one of the several adding machines available for use by the business figures out details of a simulated oil company during steno lab. classes. uf Deeply involved in her bookkeeping project, Pam Drye, senior, tackles the complicated task of evenly balancing the account. 98 Business There is more to business then just typing and shorthand. Being very extensive, this depart- ment prepares and trains students for the active business world ahead. Offering business law, bookkeeping, secretarial lab, clerical office lab, and business machines and math, students are able to become skilled at their prospective occupations. WF' Business moves along as a group of senior girls uses the helpful typewriters and adding machines. iw" With the aid of the posting machine, Lynda Molitor, senior, figures bank statements for the model insur- ance companies. Checking his typing for mistakes, lohn Leger, senior, is one of the few boys in office lab. nior, types while using a transcriber. Business Education: more to it than just typing Words ring in her ears as Linda Speed, se ,,. ye ' Q a,W?7'f' i ww Mm-Mk, Busy at work, Renee Nelson, senior, undertakes one of the many responsibilities of successfully managing her model insurance company. During of- fice lab, she attempts to balance the books. Business 99 .31 A. 1... Chemistry labs are sometimes very boring and mind-bending affairs. Reading up on an important experiment are Dave Garen, senior, and Dennis Hobbs, junior, as they skim their favorite lab manual complete with fold-out pre-lab instructions. Concentrating on his work, junior Forrest Sims decants a solution Wearing a pair of spot-free goggles and his trusty rubber apron, a sophomore chemist in Chemistry 3 8: 4. David Cooper strives for "the exact measurement." 100 Science Biology is an extremely complex course. The puzzled and contorted expressions of Kim Anderson and Sandy Major, sophomores, illustrate this. Y 7 .F . s - E13 I if gay l i if il 1 f ' 653, A., ff -C fb . 'fi . L A I , 2 V IN Y 11' K 'A .1 i,q,g,.. 3' JVM . I 'M 1 it 3 Chemistry is mincl-bending and time-consuming. Pondering over impor- tant experiments are Vicky Flores and Byron Gilbert, seniors. Student scientists explore worlds - discover selves Filled with a great craving for knowledge and a strong desire to learn are the students of the science department. These hungry students gain a vast understanding of the world in which we live along with the life that exists in it. ln preparation for an important experiment, Roy Littler, senior, adjusts his equipment. Making sure that his calculations are accurate is Bill Attempting to discover the secret of life Peacock, senior, during physics. is Mark Kanarick, sophomore. Science 101 -Y Indicating the use of the side-angle-side property, Mr. Broenkow shows his geometry students the correct way of proving a theorem. Holding the complete and undivided attention of her intent students is Mrs. Roberts, math instructor, during a stimulating class period. 102 Mathematics Engrossed in the subject of geometry, sophomores Debbie Engel, jeff Hale, Steve Cossett, and Pam Riggs listen to problem after problem after . . Sometimes during an hour of math, students must find various types of fun. Kitty Kreiman, sophomore, counts the number of hairs per square inch. Math analysis: combined concentration, grasping , ,.,. ,mg Understanding completely all the various aspects of math is a very entailed and complex job. Helping his students with their many questions is, at cen l ter, Mr. Cale Filer, mathematics instructor. fl , .ff J Utmost involvement contains David Quick, senior, as he trys to cipher out Centralizing all her attention on a very deserving problem, Marsha Voohress 1 difficult problem. junior, assembles her thoughts. M athematics 103 'Wrecklessly' from study hall, safely into drivers' ed. Teaching important procedures and precautions, Mr. Ayers, drivers' education instructor, helps Terrace students learn necessary driving skills. Study hall: it's the only period of the day that it's o.k. to sleep and study, but it's never o.k. to talk . , . oh, fun , . . With the hope of more freedom and more choice with study time, the new independent study hall program was intro duced second semester. After paying a raised price of twenty dollars and spendin hours in classes, drivers express their feelings with "Leav the driving to usff By teaching pre-vocational students on-the-job training, the students learn many good work habits and skills. Learning the basics of driving, these curious students dream of using the car and going without a parent, contemplate about reading the next assigned chapter, and worry about whether they will even pass the driving test. 104 Study Hallflflrivers' Education I lg, A. ,,!"w Studying blood under the microscope and then typing it is Lois johnson, se- nior, as she sorks at Stevens Hospital. FN.- V .ut A New 1: , f y.,,,sfsu.iV f i Assisting in the preparation of hospital sterilizes equipment for Stevens Hospital t 1 K J routine, Maudine Schienk, senior, Semi-skilled trades build and brighten futures Senior Harold Knox services cars at a local gas station. He enjoys working with cars and is learning to be a mechanic. By working five days a week Harold receives school credits. 4, Pre-VocationalStudy 105 , , fa Ven- . of I a KN 3 1 ag .Q ti X' 49 i yt In Vy NYM' 'i V ,w X Sewing right along is Patti Moore, "Cooking is fun, it's the eating it that kills ya," exclaim "Oli, are these ever good blueberry muffins," juni0r. Steve Meier, senior, and Dennis Hanks, junior. "00h's" jim Dunn, senior. Home Economics: a time to prepare Physical Education: a time to plan "Beating these eggs are fun, fun, fun," exclaims Cutting away at a Home Economics project, Lynell Kyzar, senior, carefully follows the guidelines on her Dave Beers, senior. skirt pattern. 106 Home Economics Attention and silence is a must when waiting in line for roll call. for a future home, family "" .i., 1 ,, 1-i...: 'L..:'gzfv.,- Str' -. Pity as' K Mfr 7 ..:rQt1, if V Q -af? - 1.-.z,,...:m i:wmW,,,ifq,f-as -t,,,-,.W- -4 5,1 ,yr Q ..r,g,,'eaf ,uw arg,- M i Egg Q Q i gg fa Q , N, Q ,Qi at f 1 Q is 5 X 5 ' ,I ' at is 3' ea ex 4 if fir ia if ti if 'H A 1, its 5 M , Q , . ..,, :, t ,,.. ,, f f2f?i " ' V , ' I K ' ' " 1 ,Q f -W -w?,+4g5f', . W ,, -. ' 21.12 kk Q W ,..i. ,.,1M,.,,,, ,. V " xagseif .1-11' -3-1553? A 2' t 3 ft I , SL It's hard enough to hold one's self in a squatting position but these push-ups are murder. for a healthy, happy future Flapping on the floor is the best way to ease one's tension but also is a good way of getting sore back and leg muscles. i.. , Y This year home economics offers a varietyof helpful courses, such as family living, com- munity living, gourmet cooking, home fur- nishing, and tailoring, besides the basic home economics classes. The regular physical edu- cation classes are filled up again this year, along with the advance P.E. classes. "Come feed your tummy at Mama Snoey's Restau- rant." This is one of the eye-catching posters for the boys' home economics money mak- ing projects. The feed is for all senior boys wishing to fill their tummies with fudge, lemon-aid, cookies, and candies. ggwrik Celebrating Miss King's dog's shower is her third period fun-loving P.E. class. Physical education 107 K 'N 'ff - Five slide trombones and nine noisy drummers lead the way ik. With the nickname "the swingin'est drummer ever", Stevie McCormick, junior, keeps the rhythm fast and steady at one of the twice-weekly stage band rehearsals. 108 Band jim Locke, junior, finds a handy rack for his music binder as he rearranges his tunes. Being the top-rated band in the district, the MTI-IS music-makers have many obligations to fulfill. From the concert band of 80 mem- bers, there is a stage band of 20 talented musi- cians, this year boasting two drummers! The concert band also shows itself as a marching band during football season and as a spirited pep band at pep assemblies and basketball games. The band is usually overworked and underappreciated, but, the members keep the enthusiasm going. This year, the many phases of band, all under the direction of Mr. Ray Martyn, has as its officers Larry Gormley, president, Mike Leonard, vice president, Mar- ly Calkins, Cheryll Crim, Karol Dereg and Linda Merriman, secretaries, and Jose Valen- zuela, manager. Trombones lead the way tbelowj as the red-jacketed marching band practices for one of its many football sea- son shows. The marching band performs a pre-game show I E ,WM su 4 A Www ,gf H ' 2 1 3 . , n 1 2 1 .Q 4 , ld 2 1, . .WS k rl 1 aundv' .Q, X '?fw,M nw f S ' 5. ,... 5, , an Q? 1 . I 2-if ,of sf r ky-. M f- ,:,s.: y vw 1' A " f My v ,Q Q.: K y fl' 36? '- ' YNY ' A. fi 9' Q 5 X, . .La C a Pounding out their notes to achieve perfection the male voices of Chorus practice for Sitting alone like a quiet little nightingale is Pamper Haas, sopho- 1 their next performance more, while in Chorus. Harmony, melody ring out in choral groups , ffm M,M,1'f fi Concentration is evident upon the faces of the girls in Girls' Clee while rehearsing for one of their concerts. - Crchestras not quite a symphony - but still trying 5 f 5 , Contributing all her attention to the music of the violin, Kathy Parks, junior, above, strives for perfection as a curtain of hair partially covers her face. Giving their musical minds a rest during orchestra, left, Thelma Si- mons, sophomore, and Coergianna Mann, junior, sneak an intermission into their music lesson. Trying to go unnoticed, they conceal their conver- sation behind the big, curved bodies of their cellos. Brass percussion, string and wood- wind sections all work together in Orchestra. Q61 'QQ C.. Q i Serenading Tri-Hi-Y members and their parents at the induction ceremonies are the Dynamics, an ever-popular se- lect vocal group. 112 Ch0irfDynamicS - if jig A 5 .1 Concentrating on a difficult piece of music, under the direction of Mr. . . . i 1 Focusing on Mr. Prank Delviiero, left, the Choir entertains students at Evergreen Elementary School. The Dynamics and Carillon Choir have shown much enthusiasm and involvement in their concerts and rehearsals. Another highlight for the Dy- namics was the performance of "Gloriaf' with the Cascade Sym- phony. Sponsoring a dinner and concert in March for two vocal groups from Eastern Washington State College was the undertaking of Choir. Going to Contest and singing at elementary and junior high schools, besides performing at three major concerts, played an important part in the activities of Choir. Dominating the scene in Girls' Glee and Chorus was much time and hard work spent on learning music in and outside of class, which is not always an easy task. Providing a challenge is only one of the many functions of vocal music. Lung power launches sound of seventies prank DeMie,-0, is the Carillon Choir lntensely striving for perfection on the piano is Cammie Watts, a sophomore during one of their many rehearsals. Pianisi for Dynamics and Ciifiif- ChoirfDynamics 1 13 Using as much ability as imagination, Rob Magner, senior, adds finishing touches to his unique sculpture in a crafts class. LP' Adding a touch of the African native to the "hallowed halls of Terrace," Pat Grazini and Kyle Bus- lach, seniors, take refuge behind the nearest foilage. 114 Pine Arts I Preparing for her premiere, Jody Loomis, senior, pre- sents her countenance to the mirror. Arts - they keep The urge to create and invent finds many manifestations. Some are useful, most are fun to do and fun to look at. Although making something in woodshop, fixing a car in auto shop, or working on a drawing in drafting may not take as much imagination as do projects in arts and crafts classes, there is still a lot of skill necessary. Industrial arts classes give students an idea as to some of the responsibilities of related jobs after graduation. Even though the pro- gram lacks much in the way of job back- ground, the experience that is provided can be a good building block for a possible livelihood. Unlike the practical usefulness of industrial arts, arts and crafts teach the art of relaxation while they help develop the talent of the indi- vidual. For aesthetic value alone, the arts and crafts classes are important, giving all of those who take part a feeling of accomplishment. gill Making up for some lost Fourth of july, Brian Bailey, junior, sends out the sparks as he works Buzzing right along, Cecil Tyler, junior, spends another lm 3 Car in auto ghgp, hard day at the saw in wood shop, kids on their toes, develop all that latent talent ,L -rt - ,,. ,iw , 3,45 ' , My N l , , Doin the tedious littl ext that k d ' f t, R b Planing a graceful curve, Randy Waters, junior, brings an artist. touch to wood shop. Bake? senior works inedraf:-fig' ma e 3 mwmg per ec 0 by Industrial Arts 115 VW awww-vw ,555 we 4 . WSH 'bunk nfg XL 11. A 'K 5. I QQ x we ,, f " , iw 3 , J t 'E 578 K u, K . A wg w Q Q Y :Af ,, ,ga 1 VW 2 'Q wi A 4? w" wwf FW we 'J , ig e e S , a E ,qu 3 "' r ix is as I Q 5 EL . W -5. ff Q A,m 'Q :IQ 1. .. ,,V 118 Sophomores gqscsbvw, A an.. 4' :MMM I Q, Q R 'is gi H 4 Aa, if 1 f Lai, Pfff 1. f gg 4' Living a short-but-good life is the sophomore stage band working up a number. ROD Cameron is really intrigued. Sophomores make first ear one to remember Char Lumis and Nancy Tarabochia cheer enthusiastically . Diane Beam loves to paint . Benny Greatorex's overalls. 120 Sophomores v - 1 .- Paul Zoretic and Russ lsam, both sophomores, chat continually, as if the rest of the class doesn't exist. :L-1 - iiiiifl ' -' 1S2?u' ' 4' -'11,-' 4-1 ' bw . Q -15, M he i Z X an V :GX Sega X 1' S 3 M if kr -4-V... Z A , 1 if "s, flu Z: ' 'R Gene Adams Mary Akers Teresa Alderman Lorri Allcire A 3 1 lall ?f1'if ' .:' l"i W fx i 1 Z- 3 s Henry Allbritton ,lohn Allen Debbie Amble Steve Amsbaugh p p p ,..s .l.,r --rr 2 as f f ' . ii Giiml' M ?? A K" 1, 2 e'r 4,1 7 ff" " A .. ff if g if . f f ' A-12235532 V sq QW' "'l i w I ' ' Z VE Azl' an ii 1 l 1 ' f ff f rrl' l N i lndustrious sophomore class boys Dave Angdahl, Mark Kulle, julie Anderson Kim Anderson Dave Angdahl Jeanne Appleseth Ieff Wang, and Ardell Moe paint signs to show their spirit. Sophomores 121 -1 W. . g f 1 9 si z a Q J, Q, B :,,., Mft 2 K X fix Q 1, if t 9 ' Nam wi l A h Q E' Q X N ,f . fs 5 3 A lim Bailey J Y .. 253W 5 gf 1 B B 1 ,gt Michael Arthur Debbie Asher fi ' ii Ahhh it f I -W .E ga- ri p Sue Baker Sam Bare rw e Lou Beatty 4 x wr , . Q" , -. Q .W ' Q- Q . is 3 we rl st. ' 4 It '-v Sue Berg Val Beglau s.fwt'fv 5, A w Sherry Best ,,,, K " if B J Pl Beth Bittner Lucinda Black K 1 we ' R 0 an , .gy 5 F533 .- a n Bob Blendheim Sherry Bolinger 122 Sophomores A-1l.l lay Barnes Q1:f2a.,j-f 'ew "A ' 'Ka .V a .- 1 sw 5 -6' r Debbie Benning Linda Bird fa PM ts M , 'gs Q W Rodger Bleiler Lynn Bailey Bob Baker new .. , .W Q 1 Q L t Dawn Baker Ken Baker page 4' - B 2 iii:-' 'F :' . ' ' Ek 1- ' 1 3 : , 1 f sg 1 .1 1 it . Li. W -1: W" -'t , T ' L B .. z.,w, ,,f,:. - a- V, ' A K-'figi tv -E' -M Bruce Barnett Ron Bart Nancy Bates Diane Beam Looks ranging from enthused excitement to serious interest to extreme apathy are donned by a crowd of sophomores as activities and contestants are introduced at this year's most important assembly, Homecoming, a myriad of new experiences for these underclassmen. tti y - titti a f :D a- ' A in .M- .y 'Vg A :zzz :.v ,.: ,, v ,ea s e fk-,-, if Q zzv 3 V H' B 22 all ff. - , -t , ' , :e-l --ei " if Mike Bond Pete Bonneau Kelly Bopp Cynthia Bowers jim Boyd af, Eugene Brandt Roberta Branham Terry Bredereck l .. Q t 1. - M -PI ,B :2'? f' ' gag I , , ., ,,,, , Tanya Brunsell Ioy Bryan Donna Buckeye , . .sf 3521" ., .qv A f ,, -' X -: Q' ' if Y ' " 7' ,- wa -I '- wx - av 43 I , ,M M Va Z , 1 y B , at t ff 1. ,lv 9:2 2 f Conchita Castro Margaret Cawdrey Sue Chesley , Barb Brewer glut? . Gloria Bumgardner Renee Burgoyne 1 u Cleta Bynum Linda Carter , :" B 17' J v ,Lg F' 2 W . ,N 'Sn i ,, L Cay Brewer 3 cw 'K 9' '4 Q .. c S, H 1T'9ff-T""t if Morgan Bunt me v ,A I 4 if 't in S I , 1 Q Bev Burns RWM Q sit' Y f ar . all xl ! 1 2, ,X ,ma as , Ron Cameron Q ro. lim Cartwright ie' VI: f. 4 'N L.. In - E Bobbie Brooks 'Z . ,. 6- 5 L, Xml, -i y "Y ., X of inf' Q Q KA Irwin Brooks Norman Buntting Roberta Burger K - 1 ,Y ,ff 8125? 1 Linda Butters f l t Dan Campbell Nancy Cary if rf. 1 : a V ,:,. 2 .. geee mf, Q Sandra Butters QW' A l 5 Q A Cherri Carlson Elizabeth Castillo .Q V, , 1-HM ,fz it, Iulie Christenson Michael Christenson Donna Christian Phyllis Clapp Sophomores 123 8 S, v K , Q E wa . ..- Jie sv 4' z E ,,.x'T,, . , fX,.:,, 5 M 11 1 Et sg? n L "fe: Al 9 E re as 'la 'M L,i1 Kevin Clark R 'ffl 'Q H: Lee Collins 613, Q we x a Q bg al M gg ,Q - .. 4, In 1 Jkt l , X555 42 , Lee Clark Randy Clark Dave Clements Debbie Cocking Karen Comer Linda Condon Bill Coons Linda Crabtree Cheryll Crim Chuck Crosby WR 2:- in 1 1 .We gg L,r. TQXQBWW tx XV if f Kathy Cumberland Deborah Curtis jim Dahl Q lx offs Steve Davies Kristy Davis M293 48338 i n as an 1 '51 , 5" 3 X Pamela Davis ,i5"::"'2?S:::Efg... , MQW 7 g k ti tx, ,5 wk tems: Dave Cooper .EZ-:-" ' z'f?ff1, -' .nrt ml' - if . C' , - ,"' ' Lf, 'A I f :' . A Q lanet Crossen Kathy Crum , :Fw f' VS A ina 3 1 ' if 1. Q51 sf' 'Q l- - if S , ji fp' I 33 ' 4-2241! ' a P ii Q f 4 in w+ .J , Randy Colby Terry Coleman 5 J w -T Q HJ V is-ff' Y - .' it e' ., , ,, n 1 f'fi'f:-'?ffis2?m . fL, ftrffz K - iff 1, Laura Cooper gf' - E , . l . al 1'- wt . M 52' X L Q A S '15 W .e 1 1.7 r I P Y . 1 X y f Rex Cruse Iody Dainard Cindy Dale Morris Daly Randy Davis Karol Dereg Melissa Derickson Mark Dewey Cheryl Dizard 124 Sophomores Thais Davis A Sig ig ,lg jacinta Delacruz Joe Cornwell lay Cullinan A L' -ig gina :.. gauge Mi ,Qi wk Jerry Darby Richard Denman Ieaninne Dorbecker Margie Downey Paul Drake rg K. bar. 1. ' -- 1.4 .w '53 79.315, Lg f -J :wax ... .,,, ,. -. vwffgmsab :if2,:'r?g gl -f':.Qf-,Q iiygilgjw wg".f,,gsig -f '- f' .f:,.Ly- t. ty lb Je ,nuwka Wnm.,r, Draftsman Mark Gilbert, sophomore, demonstrates the concentration and patience chanical drawing. Seniors Bob Huggins and Chris Sibley do their work diligently. . . , J! Fx i 2 Q 1 If it ' gl ., W2 ul l 3 Y 'YL 1- J a,Xleli'l'tg,, ' A atv' M Q ig . Linda Eades Lynn Edwards Linda Elam Randy Elliott . K 5r 'i'fV ' X A Wa' , , E ,. V 0 tw f, , . Z E .. as fi 6 . t,- .,., . ,M-fr - xg 5' ar- V ' .. 'fl' ' ., v K X :ffl ,. W we 4 Debby Engel Denise Engel Gary Engel Liz Engel f Cathy Fitzpatrick Kathy Foltz 5116 Forsythe Greg FOX 1 . 1 'ii R, xl W . ,W E' W at Teri Dunlap all -. ,H i Q ig ,jp g X F. F . 51g::3i:gjQ.e . .fy Pam Durfee .t Es. as - :- . "" V Vi , needed to perfect each line in me- ' ,,'.ffQg 4 .,.,Ni, .. , S M, an if H 7. 3 l ef: W8 t . Ray Elliott Sue Engler ' E., 5 Robert Dyche E RuthAnn Fredrickso Il Trudy Ellis Chuck Emanoff Dave Erickson Steve Farrar , 352 .i if , QE : X, 'fu 3 .gy . ft ffl JJ!-5 ff e if .-2 fy Terry French Linda Friez Sophomore-S 125 - nt. -,., ...M we 'H-L 1-f ,J 155 ' ' , 31, 5 5 53 'X . ,, - 4 Ll ' fi , ' 'V' f- xii L 4- l p 'f a fa li in it Dick Frost Ellen Frost john Frost X ,, 91' wx! if ff ,A sa M -L L- 51 f G M 1 - be sss. s ' . Z 'ii 'Eg X is M . f t avg H if mt 4' X im 1 ' 5. .mg x ,K , Rick Fuller Dyana Galloway Michelle Gannon as a s c b , gg K F Vc '41 . ' 3 V Laura Garcia john Garen Don Garka -f ,L A fiikii fit 3 -Luz. f if . H 'X Xfys' ' ,wifi Katie Gaswint Don Gibbons Doug Gilbert i' f - we-ff t - r ,. L F L . nr ,, by 5 , ,fra is ,- for X ig Q Q 3 , -J .52 . gyk,4fJf'ff 11, 1 hi V I -K i . ,,k.mTw is N Catherine Gogal Patricia Golder Carol Gonzales ff A.. ga, , gi 'cell' ik- Q Fm, K G Q A I ' i-.k Q 'A L at eaigi i x , 5 Eileen Gunselman Laurel Haas Vicky Hadenfeldt 126 Sophomore-s 5 NNT!! 5-5.3, D'Oqq: 535' ':.,,::9. omg CU....l4S gr?- Elwgo 53502 . EB- my--fb .aim Ph ll! 325 2-19- ...Q gm: :U 'naw 355 D- :Er 0 522 a-'TL :gr gfffz sig QED? 512' 2-58 Sas N 9."1n- 29-2 7955: gg Q ,,..e 55: eg z"Q, a"'w :rin mo- 3.71-S u15"u f 3 .33 .ss K 5253 Mark Gilbert Kim Giles Steve Glover Karen Goetz . 3' ,. fq wag .1 , M . I Q Vt X ,fi , Qyk Z ,LA. Kathy Goodrich Steve Gossett Benny Greatorex Lloyd Green 3 KA 1 Vkxq P '-- as v ii: Dan Haggerty jeff Hale Rick Hall Kevin Haney "N"-Q--NA. Jo Helbock Cliff Helgeson Scott Henage Z sv ka 'x M aw, Dan Hodo Jim Hollinger Alan Holloway Q ,J S oooo . , Q Ahv, Z ll f K k,, I 'K E , , g ,V-" I at ' V f f: - ' f l , A' '42, I ,, .,.., A , .sw ,, 2 .: . - , ,r w ,- X f ll,' t , I '1,, A T if. 7'l ,' Vim Zsj' iv ' .' ' L Y' 'i ' Janine Huso Don Ils Russell ISHIII l tax 1' 3 mg X t Q we wail' 'S 6 -:LM 4 ' 330 ' A Kitti Hansen Elaine Hardesty R011 Hilrrel ooon Q, -., if A " 5 , Q' if - j 2' '55, Tom Harris Marian Hayden Bonnie Heavrin iw' Frank Henderson Steve Hennings Ralph Holte Jamie Hunter , ,. V .'e, I , M, Chris Jaap Gary Jablinske s Gina Hanison Mark Hartshorn V- 5 2 gg if V -Q' ,, :-, Q . i , is Q 5 Lori Heikkila Duwayne Hill Rich Hurtig Kari Jacobsen X-vw wr' ,M 7 X Bruce Harris ii Ed Haute: Becky Heil an if-ss it ' 5 H ff Sandy Hodgson ,f-- . Lg S5 ,K ,f -f,. -, i,q Q , Linda Husby Q' wg X l aww Milton Jacobson Sophomores 127 . 'Q f -VA. ii i4 ' 'A ' I , ,, , ' y K .,q,A N L .,,, Q Q y V Z W : ,.., 4. 4, ' H 5 3 'if X , "tl - M ."L 51 iff Gwen james Debbie Iennings Aleta Jensen ,, ayggw 'A r Ken lohnson Paula johnson Rick johnson q f,Z o,LoA . , . s to M :-o: y if ..,A. K 1, 57 ,.rr t .. o oo 7 . N , :., at 'Qt Robbin johnson Donna Iolly Brent jones f.kon . a w it A A iii 5 ..: gt. While working readily, Kitty Kreiman, sophomore, holds her apple in her mouth because her hands are busily tearing confetti. ssee K, I i y V A 'heei K' ' .ip . Q R. Lryhk ' - Q at V i I kykk Sk -,,, . .. t X eeee . K s t- f i t- wr, . , . V yrrh .5 . . T5 T ' Q Cary jones Ken jones fl,- Mark Kanarick Karleen Kelley Tom Kelly zwff-1 f fr A at '1 . - Xi -,away k ,rf 5 . rf I: 1 ' it Q Viz' U5 6 " Cynthia Kilbury Bob Kloppenberg K 5 156 ,V ,Af Kitty Kreiman Mark Kribble 128 Sophomores Ed Knutson ff fi A 5 t . I J Mark Kulle F lg Q st if ak tx xx S, Randy Kocher Dean Krahn Q .M R 1 J wg Q ax ,, K x- .S tk 'fgj J' 'ld' C sl 9 Mike Kulle Arlyce Kumma Cindy Kemper lolene Kennedy .f sigh Kat -. K Mike Krajack Keith Kreiman F .." . :Q f .. .---77," 7- .,, saws'-' s 21.1 af X -1 , -- - fm ' H, ,..: yy f eaafao.. to 4 If june Lamson Paul Langdon Q 72' -E 'Q ., 1 E in t ., ,A Dugan Lange Pam Larsen Pam Larson ' ,,, 'M-e . .. Q. Bob Laycock Bob Lee David Lee Terri Larson Anne LaTour Q ' A -.gtg if f X ' .-.: , Q y L john Lavell Debbie Lawson W i D 5 il I x L ,r if we -,, ,W if Cliff e e Q1 DaveLeger VickiLeverette a M! gnee 9- . . M I ' A K V '76 "M ' A '1-: f .3 ,f ., . A i ..:. la ml gg .. Q -1. km if"' 4 ' W if 'i W ' L 1 V ' - V ','e - Y it 7' , 7 Q M E :., , I A Q .. S.. T X Q ,K L N WK Vg K 1 I Sue Lewis Andy Lilja Pat Lintz lerry Little Butch Long Debra Long 2 of 'W Kirby Lucich Mary MacLeod Kathy Mann Carl Manzanares M L , V,,, A A t ,Tb With a look of disbelief and confusion, sophomore Rex Cruse Pam Martin Wendy Martin watches restlessly from the sidelines. Travis Macy itffsanff ' 1. , - 7,4 a ' ' I ' Barry Levon Iudy Loyd 'L 12 'iii 71:1 .::.. Ron Madden 1. Betty Marsden 'a - Q. , l. - - Pat Marshall ,fn 'V 1 1 Vickie Mason Pam Massey Sophomores 129 ff l K l e l iwwfugi , , f qw. , 'f 5? it - L if 71 fir? ,lr Ki . KKVK: 3 X ir .. .. Jn- H I f L Don McDonald Bill McDonnell Aneta Mclfarling Rick Mathews Merrilee Mauceri Mike Maultsby jeff McBride . E: ' K I A G- : ' ,.,, " "A' in Q fi . D f .T 'S' f m o, 1 A rf" r i f ' , ,m in x , 'B nv? - 0 W :.. R R A ISAAZ l 4 y p H, 8 r V. ki I 1i" . -A-, lt, , ,' Z , Patricia McGraw Brian Mclntosh Lynn Metzger Guy Middleton - a of L . 4 A.. V ,, aaa Bruce Miller Daryl Miller Iohn Mills Cale Missler , .5 gym PW., - i , i f ,, F ,f 1 f r iiaa - M fr Ardell Moe 130 Sophomores S g Q YQ ,F fe X gf Sr ,AH Q ' A 2 4 .Ja J 1 Q 8 Robin McKenzie Sandy Miessen 3 g giaihs-11: ,M I I . Q 2 ,ig 'H A? ' T s- W 1 jeffrey Miller in was fi f . gt. E V 95 t lim Mock Diane Moon Roger Moore Terri McMahan Mike McNulty Gary Meissner Rita Messina To push the class on to a productive future, Diane Beam, representative, and Cindy Kemper, secretary, discuss possible fund raising projects at a sopho- more class meeting. Y -Y. 'rv the 'xref Ng, f Tom Moran Tony Moreno Kathy Morgan Rod Moss Q it a .SWE lerry Mullis -' " ':a:f,:, f ill Q- ----:: 5 b S if Gene Mund Genny Murphy . IJ' . Carla Nolton Mike Nord Ken Norman l ,wr "ii , . it 'K l G fr , I f fi? PRS ,P Cheryl Patterson Patty Paulin Steve Paulson E Bob Needham P we . 42 A fi Pat Numsen Don Nelson .,.,- , X P f-f 1 .M As sl Donald O'Connor Q.. . Vivian Niccolls Michelle Nielsen may Patsy O'Hara qi QCA? , Qs . f fix Linda Ohl 5322 kk.- is , Bob Oldenkamp Rick Olson Valerie Olson Alf E Z A " ,gig iw ,R X We Ian Osborne -, 'V' ff, A W . an " Diana Palmer f' ia? Y!! .I as C1 r I ,I ,gi f Q' , .ff .. , Susan Pearson Gerald Osenbrock Don Ostby i 'H-s.,,x' Pam O'Meara f Y? ' ll 'xl Charles Paige i 1 ., ' '-. i f All X' ,, V H fit?" l' - I f' Lisa Palmer Toni Parise Iann Paschall ' X at V- P , as "V fl V- ..,..- y , x E W -, 1 Q .. .. . I , '1 uf 2+ -P 4' yn a ,, ,, l,.. 4, I , Y 'v . he . r f m fe , 3 All U ' ,' 1 Gail Pennington Donna Peterson june Peterson Sophomores 131 X 1, K A-4- -- X 59.4 25.4. "' 565 . if . fi. fl ,W Willa Peterson si? ag . gif.: Vl.. lg- .J ' jim Pettibone K .wav t' l -i ,:. , w fifsis -.. t kk E lx . Lynn Quick Ion Quinn isysaw IFES 1' -- Agyn M . Doug Phelps William Rasell . ii.l. '42 1 , - .1 W'f?.i3,,,. - . 15 W, . we Merlin Reeder Ion Rees Cathy Reynolds H ,:: Robert Risher Omalee Robbins Ken Roberts r K . 1 1 . - .L . ,., if f 'TIF' ...fine 'J 1i'2.g2xQ1e-.."::i3. ,ar z 1 5 : Frederick Price F f ".- N li X 3 9' 1 if S if ra, Bob Rasmussen pm . M if 1: 6,1 r W Sk x Chuck Reynolds if Q.- YXN ,, Ritchie Roberts Dan Rollins Paula Rose Debbie Ross Bob Rutan lluuu Q . . 11, . 3 A .rfff 1 .. ' R R 1. 'Yf' sis: ' f 5 Sksr xg? 1 .A , - fs EJ an .SQ , is .2 i 35 .5 3 :Q l t Wendy Pursell Wir- 1 . --N in . mfz-f.t - 'W Patrick Rau Kathy Richards gf. .My ..f., 1, A c Sam Robinson . .:.J?F,.. . .. 4... .df 253539-K, Greg Pynn Brenda Ravensburg Jimi S Rhonda Riggle N .3 A. .- .,, .5 Yvonne Roehl sm. iffffl X e1lle.s ' 1 -ef s I A 4' W VR? Q Q fy X! Russ 3 li 51 : 2 ,1s- il .' . . :lux sf .QQWM-vi af . J' Bruce Reed Pam Riggs 5' V ' ,. 1 5 Wt ,i RST V Will Rogge I 4 I az e lx 'HD' x Q , 5 a v ' , , , ! 1' fe 1 5" K W X X 5' f W1 f , I y P Iackie Rutten kv Dawn Ryen Laure Schindler Shirley Nfickie Schmidt Prank Schmotzer 132 Sophomores Schlumbaum E QM. ".' vvl' ,Zi . s ZI' '11 . K if fm : :.a.: john Rybak Dave Ryen K 77. 5" .5 il' 14, 'it .f P X R l 2 Debbie Scott Dave Scrivanich l 'S 5 Q - 1. Q lege in . ,, JV r 3' yt 'x as h l d timulate enlivened spirit within these sophomore representatives of the male species within "Alright, boys, here is your chance!" Peppy c eer ea ers s the "hallowed halls of Terrace." as ' 12' V, A V Zgv V ,V . V IV.. . JV IVZI: V V , X H K ,A ". 51, ,L 5' " 3 ' nw- if .4-N 2 Y' ' E mg .n i , K S" K V ' N. WY? V A Ji A V, V V V VV - 'V if V? V K .VVYV V V V x iii V WV, V V .V -as y V V , .ii, X ,S i 1 H ilk E4 Debbie Sewell ' Evelyn Seymour Mike Shabro Craig Sharp Cris Sherman Mary Sibley Michele Siefkas , , My 0' 5 "l- ' wg' 'Q' ' I C: L - 1 ' Vi . VX VV V V VV 'V 1 VV V' 'XV M VW V V , VV ,,:s,,. VV V V VV z " ,Vyi i wwe i e"-y. V 4V VV ., , S. V VVVV V Maureen Silliman Bob Simon Thelma Simon Debora Skiver Melody Smith Mark Snow Kathy Snyder 1 3 a iyi' E L if i it f ff - S fy N y e-v wh ' ,N g,W by fy av! '-w na, 4, ,, ZZ, Q. .. I ' - 5 V 5 . M 'x Dianna Soini Michele Somerville Terri Squire Elizabeth Stauff er Ianis Stave Lynn Stenberg Karen Stenger Sophomores 133 .13 f V, rr" 'W' 4 ? 1 Terry Tarleton ' K SYS ggi x if f is T ie K - G Peggy Thomas Syd Thomas Vlckle Thompson Cindy Thurman Kook Thurmond Shawn Thurmond VonlTrettev1k if , g,:m,,, -i - na 155431953 dm' m gf, fm, v 13551, -. g Kathy Tucker Merrlll Tucker lxll Tuttle Lea VanderWell Marc1Vlerthaler Rodger Volker Brll Votaw iz' -3 ' 'v- ,Calm, watchful attention is shown by the sophomore class at just one of the many assemblies this year. Given the chance to prove their maturity to the upperclassmen, the sophomores help make ls Q- i ",-1. g'5 :i:i. 'IF Qvjlgg-.rf , ,,,.., . . vi'4f55 59 " , ' fs iiiiiillfilig fgks h as-: t . Nancy Wagner W as Q viii- if -arg Dennis Warrick xv jeff Wang .v-- gi., ii' at us, lu a., Wendy Warner .Z .,:g:, Vp 1 A f T1 3 Mew' .' W it 5 fn Linda Watkins Bob Watson Kevin Weber ,s .5 . 1" si l ' z H gl 54.1 21' - Renee Weddle , .,,.: 3' , f Dan Warrick F g A Algg 'A . Ron Watters lim Wesley gf-,Q as Im ,W .1 the assemblies both delightful and worthwhile. Cammie Watts J l - 1' ti . " vi' if ,QM w S A. , if lan White Barb Whitney Benny Whitson Mary Wickman Tom Wilbur Brian Willard , fi K' ' Eileen Williams xg s,,. F Kathy Williams Mike Williams Rick Williams Robyn Willingham Larry Willoughby Cindy Wind Cindy Wolfe 'fbi' ,. -,L w l Steve Yates Dave Yoakum Tim Younker Carey Young joe Young Debbie Laura Zanger Youngkrantz b b4, s Sophomores 135 M we SX, My , , f bi? I A., , my .j .kkyyk WV.f ,f ,um .. Bi en f - 11, t I , Mg fill' "r"""' J' .awgillir 'EB of Preparahon... f ' h' Q , my 'mu rl '.Z'z.:,Qgy7m M '2, ,. ,S O 's lt! tml Enthusiasm soars and onlookers scream, clap, and throw their arms around each other as another Milo Pipkin, junior, does his thing, shocking Marti touchdown is carried through, and another victory captured. 5 if w Although history appears to totally bore Francis Ross, ju- nior, Cordy Buslach, junior, will rule the world. 138 juniors Mallory and Pam Driver, seniors. A :Mi Ei Making sure that the separate lines of music will intertwine to form the written chord are these melodic members of Girls' Glee. ,f"' Cecil Tyler, Bill Thompson, and Cindy Olson, all active members of the junior class, pay strict attention to the lesson being taught in Mr. Haase's U.l.C.5.lVlr IV class. Busily painting a sign to boost the team's morale is Carlynn Rhue, junior. Juniors - waiting for their turn, but not silentl Ionnecting calls and generally being of assistance, Nancy Condon, junior, works at he main switchboard. . ,f,, r,,r,, - With what looks like a vicious snarl, Craig Courlet, junior, re- cuperates from one track event while waiting for the next. juniors 139 l l l ,:. . an. . W X,,, .3 , W , me X 2 9 K4 Q si. , is Q I vim., N is ,W ,.,..,A , ,,.,. .. sw x 1, iw, J ' ' " 'X - W1 1, 1531.1 ws . Susan AbSl0Il Cheryl Achziger Swiss' ' - 3. z- 1 51 .f,, as ,,.. . V . ., if xi sr - i ii, ' if 4 is gi in eWi'?S Q 8 W 5' W Y 1 w if? wiv E, .,,E,.A p M ,L 'mise 3 , be sf A125 2 swif,-If jim Ackley s1'fx'T555 ,Qf,:+,:Z". '5l2i5f555 . ifg,,., .... , ri 2 A fini i n ' ' 'ff' B . Carol Akins , ':Y'T5ff .:E ,,. gA,: -1 2i 'i' w J tal. ",L 5. L. ir ,P Mike Adams " M, A ,Z 5 'H sie f 3' , 5,.'.f .kr ? ,M -,ae e Val Albin Richard Albrecht Dave Allbee fy z A - , 4 ,ff , ii l ' if'5'Q'1i'f1 i' E r -- 1 . H ....,, 5 Vicky Anderson lohn Andes lim Bakker Tom Baptista 140 Iuniors Worried? Perplexed? Sad? Mad? Pam Fitzsimmons, junior, being hopefully humored by Larry Civ arra, also a junior, appears to have something troubling her. 'ii in f W s 4 v Q W L gifs. X N , w Berry Allen .--:sg ,.,. .,,,,. , V L Q if 354,-.K ' wo.. i : ' Io Anderson 4 4 f l .sf M if .. sgig11fiE1gff 1 2 ggizcg ' .hw QF' if K' , Q f f X 6 F Mark Anderson xx .,.. . , .LV .. Mitchell Andrie Ed Appleseth Aaron Arreola as B eeeiie A . aesie.acs if as h 4 M lim E re 525 fi F M ap a 1 . if if sf X . ig K A ii A P' 'lf jeff Barker 1 eae B Rick Bass Bob Batson Ni V' W4 3,15 K , Q is i ,, 'S ff55fV1"+ as Wx l X sf Maureen Anderson Mike Anderson - . yiiis a Q ? v-K f s 3 fa 4 if wg K L my N 2 K'- .11 - 15 , 'fi X A si X 325. 5 Allen Ashby X 5 K Fw X f Q V .,. y . "saws Q K x G Q xx 'Q K x 3 1, Q is ' 5 Q53 J Barb Beals Brian Bailey WB ,QV if,r , if rev? , Earl Becker 1 P 29 ts 4 ii 'mf e M 2 1 Edna Bellamy Louise Bendt Heather Benner ' Dave Biddle Loren Bingham Debbie Blenden K W- J :ffm Barb Brammer Bonnie Breseman Mark Bringedahl i i , ,Af ff ,-5 2'-1: ay., 1 l ' B V naw ,-.- f . sw- f , ,-'fi-f 1 Hgsfs fsis '31 Na ff 1 1 sr 1 ff '55 wail uh- Q 5,5 mgstaf QA' 11 ,E M xx, . . '::,... . . .r 1 af Nfifx 'n u A e,'1 g . L. I I Ag. Gretchen Bennett Loren Bennett Tif f B . " 1. 5 B L 53i53Tjft f." iw- f Sheryl Boarts Les Bolton . f -sa .- tei wr, P . , t Z . "s Linda Britzius w H, ft -K W va 11 ' Q 1 ,gg + ., . '11, af .- . ', 'gl fwgify fzhvlkt a, ,ayaryasy e. ,gt i. ' 3'w.E'nF+1-'fmt Gordy Buslach Gwen Caldwell Marly Calkins Cheryl Campbell Curt Carbary . . . f.:, .. ,,,v,,.' M,-ts, -- mfg- .- C, v 2 A 5 S' W A 2 A if Qt as 5 4. fr. Q 5? , 2 .,., in if! ,,. .sg , Y Q l fig? 1 iq , ,W M f 1 V ,gimp as ' K I Ioan Carlson john Carroll 441+ ma Richard Carter 'lar ii YJ 4 A A 4 Q E f tx it , A! Steve Benson in in t iw, ' if 5 K 1 s 24337 4. fur' ' -Ml. Mike Bento A. X , U .,:. ..., I a C X e "i.' r -,X ' u V Q K - - 3 , 7 td S 8 Q We fe 3 A 5 W Laurette Bordeaux Mark Borland I-:H 75 5 , - fc: . ,ii 5' .wit ',2I:. :E-- ikllw' - " Q, t,,r ,. , ,jfgii if? ' ,. K 23,1 K :gk Q43 Earl Brock Ralph Bullock Lynn Bush ' Caught while struggling with a duck, Greg Wilkes, junior, seems to put up a good fight. Cathy Cartwright Ann Cassidy Jesus Castillo Ann Chaffee Juniors 141 rrrtr iiec is 1g5?5,'i:7 - iff ' K 'k'. f 1 zz ,. - H,-f. ,- - , Gigi' -' f . y V . M y 7 . W is . . , I sire- , ' 3 ' , F X? M I, -1. .- ji - I 3 - A K L. i 'UN 1 . AP f,.,. ws X 1 K i 5' I K LW V? 1' , ki K, .,,, V I i n . K V--:-A f ' 1 , : V A .W ,,. ,E ., . 5 W ' 'S 'wwf ' , 5 . .. ,r',:"i-' . ,,-, A. 'a ' ' T322 - ai 4 ' k-- - 7 ' --,. Q 1 . f -755' il' K .1 21- K t Mike Chamblin Ken Chaplin Dale Cherveflell Karin Christensen Pam Christensen Artie Cisneros - S N E t ,,.2' 1 1 f .V 5 WW' . Q. QA S K,,:. -ss- ' i - - i.,, ' ' iii , X H i':' K 'A fl it X K l if . if 'i z w e fm Dean Clark Larry Clark Morris Clayton Bill Cogo Kathy Collison Kathy Comer Debra Cook 5 .: ' it ? M l 1 Q Irene Cooper With all its interesting architecture, Pike Place Market is an artist's paradise. juniors, design sketches about the busy market on an art class field trip. Nancy Cooper Here, Brent lsam an -x I Larry Civarra P52 Q f If -in ttf? N 1 y fe I V Nancy Condon d Teri Northup, both I V, 5 X L 9,344 ir 1 W 1 ibm' ti eq Chuck Corby Kelles Cottrell Don Creery Vickey Crim Chuck Criss April Cruse 142 juniors Tammy Dake Gene Dally Ron Dally joe Danoff Q i 3 2 A , , www , . .Wm . If an f V ,f Janie, Q ,,'. -Z, Wsgiagx , :fx Q - ' ' '- ,..,,. , , -up-..J.... . . 'mm .:.V - 5 ,I Brian Davidson Frank Davis Gene Davis Ron Davis X on . --f.-Mex, 1 J Q , 4, , T A VL H, K Q 9 6 N' "f . N gg ,H ' "' ' if 251- .M .. Ji Q F if 1. 3 f f few 2151 'af , em., We :aw i aaaaa F 1 ,QQ ,g 41 'K 1 f J ,fo via' e QQ 2 .. xr 4 V K S52 ' Ian Day Mike Deeter Holly Deibert Debie DeMarce Tim Dereg jim Dewey Dee DeWitte V- ,, ,fy N if --1 ilw Q ..a'A F ,. Y F it 4 dl ' ff 5 ' if' lpv 2 . 112' . Debbie Dixon Tom Dodgson Mary Dolman Debbie Dorothy Rick Downey Diane Draisey Shelby Duke 'A 55: 1' S5 F - wi A W 4 Mark Dundon Ierry Dunn Bonnie Durdy Mildred Dykeman Donna Edgerton Chris Edwards Paul Edwards i eii 1 'fm iyel : W F ff .f a 1': F oyeae : F 2 A W we fi i C ii ee a D an fe no e e 5 ,,.",... .: ' 4 . , L, it I Fred Eidson Cindy Eisen , Ng Teri Elsasser , , f ff ,Q , gy Q! ' 'Y Sam Elwonger Donna Ensminger Ierry Ernesti LaNae Farrar N yyya L n ee we il y ' li Q E l 5? i i iii i 'lli "ee .:-v ef' X an ii ff A do A,:rE1., i'l5 e-.1 Dave Ford Cindy Farwick Curt Feely Dawn Fierke Andy Fithen Terry Fitzgerald Pam Fitzsimmons juniors 143 t Q- ni . K, 4' it 2 if Q. Q QM. . Patti Ford Connie Foudray I f F5151-ns wi -,ggi , R 2 it i Z4- ,., 5 5 5 xl' f W' " 'rf ,pg flslclgr ' ' ' Q 1 George Francis , ' , iii i at fm. ,Q .rw fish.. Hungrily devouring two enormous plates of varied food is Iohn Krueger, junior, a varsity football player, at one ofthe dmners sponsored for the team by interested parents. john enjoyably shovels a forkful into his eager mouth. 3. 'E it 12,,- t it TE as Q? ,Ks ' is Ann Marie Frank Dave Frank Keith Frashure Leon Frazier t t 3, 'M , .. xl , rv" ' W Della French Betty Friez . -. R ' " .QL v if f gli 2 Ryan Gausman s af f me L. , t , ---: flllt as We I . F . . F H r ,ii F VW, N Y ? , V ' gk Cathy Gallagher Drew Garrett Virginia Garrity Dorothy Gaswin my QE r " 3 5 if Aix , ,. 33 A f I gi n 5 - , " G if . l , if it f ' ,X Lynette George 1 44 Jun iors Steve Gerken Sue Gilbertson Greg Gilles . Nw , .5 9' ,S W' 'Q A 1 Peggy Gillette Ron Geddes Sn' ' , ig t nz, ws ,' Aw- 'X ,. 1 eg. . Brenda Gilseth iv, e rQ'1,,,,, .,.-,', on . WL, ,,,-- 7. .- i t F Ed Friez .,'2- N Mike Geisenhoff 2'ff2fL1,'sff,s' Ramona Girvan Kris Hanson r W Z Er fi X V .:-:H . se K x' :E l R- . k ., 'Qt : 'L me - r' 4 , , as . ,X -Lh , fe :., ' G K F L A V x H lx X . M -fx M R ' 551 Garnee Glance QE n V: my ' Si' cf .W fl J we ll Douglas Gould Debie Gochanour Dennise Goetz , Craig Gourley X, , H 3, . . 1 Xl , Bill Grace , his lg? W fx Katy Gunn t 'KY jim Haggerty ' 7' ,J .ZH -' V ,e5eT:'4f,:. Q ' X be Q? ,sf Sandy Gunselman NL o f ,,ri X In 'G . 52 , Karen Hamilton Bob Harris ' , ' Greg Gwaltney I: 'J A . ' G g Kathy Hamilton Mark Harris Ginny Gogal Gina Green eleee G 5 5 'W'-+ .f is "" . Marsha Haas Dan Hammer Lynn Harshburger Mike Good Kathryn Gordon Rick Gossett M. tg Sheila Green Sherry Green Valrie Green Bobbi Hackett Steve Hammond , AF 'fi 'B 5 Hin X! 'S . A , t ws: ff? , 'QQ ' ff .. ' z .. zi'fTL? -X52 - 1 1 , 5 ,f is fi' t - . 1 I. i - ' ,, 5 " '5EifiL-,V V 0 W W ' wma,.- ,A A 3 7, ,,,h. V, 'EW5-.","'. .- ,.2 F Debbie Hackett 1 'QF , -Ei, 'hw Ron Hanrion ' . Q, cety c lack Hartley Chuck Hein A 5 7 , K HW" A Loretta Henderson Sherry Hennessey Darcy Hernandez ROR H9556 x .r u Peggy Hill jim Hjertstedt Terry Hackett 5 Q :FL X 5-fs: Q 1' A . rt, ' sz I " 13:5 Fiiilf' 2 rf, : E Kris Hansen raerti r 1 Lou Helms Becky Hobbs Juniors 145 f3.?1mffffg, 5 rM?.f'f, swf,-ff: gifzffffx 252153 WJ, 55:31 A. 1 e - .,: - '- . .fkL-, gm- :.. v I K R I 'M ta' di" .fl ..,,t 3' - K Dennis Hobbs Beth Holmes A 'A . ' ' 7, " ' ' Sandy Huck DeAnna Huebner flew 'Qs wiigw- , LQQg.1iff.f- 5551! 'V - lf: .Mg f gvf1,, - .- - K ' + 1 5 Lkk' Helen Holmgren Ray Howland 53 ' .- , -- I 1 iff' ' 4 tf gff 5 i E f 3 .2 fwf f . Y 4 Ben Hurtig Brent lsam a . ssl' ' - -Q f -:s5 . . 5: 54 .,. '6-z""'i ""t1- E' 7 vt- - .- t .4 ,ek 15555 ff3,t,:fr , 'la 'I M9241 " Danny Israel Cindy Iverson Tifff . 5 K I K: A . .1 K 5. , 3 ' ee se 1, Q if Q R ig.. Q ,Q ., +1 my x 'Q X P P 5 3,21 t La W e Q Q fha K . .rssb Y 9 Mike Iaeger Vickie Iamison A n f-Q, S, ies tml +ve, -.:k ii, l If - A I J ii f 4 9 Overwhelming excitement precedes the presentation of cakes to the team for Louise Bendt and Lou Helms, both juniors. ' 'f .',: 'ill 9 ':"' ' ' aaee f J Debbie Ieffs Dan Jennings Emma Iennings Betty Iesmer Nancy Iesmer Becky johnson Brenda johnson - ' . 'tt-,t f , etel ' , R f :- I. . Vkkr kr x ::'?.?J.l13Tv Aj: T :atm QKVKV: ,Ei V,i. i A nf I -' -Q ey, 'fx-52, e . . ...: : k',': .21 " -' .:. - sexi? -. , fir :KV i kk-, i K ' gf k'-'k', i rw hindi ','--k A Q f , " , '-'h-' 3 see " saase f tV,et', ' 4 V A B' f z V -- M B e'-, - , Kim Johnson Lynn johnson , 9 P f K 1 S S X E W Iohn Iury Randy Karg 146 juniors Marty johnson William johnson Diane Iones ,, e,l,, f' 4 B ' l-e A Bob Karlsson Shelley Keener Bill Keller ,mf . 1:1 Mitch jones Kim Ioseph - ig.. H ""' ' ' Ioelle Keller Ann Kelly -sg M, 55? ' A , A ., . L . '. I f W is Penny Kesti fr F K wx W Iudy Kimball -1 5: 1-,: E A W e ' f i t V f. . if , -. . ::,... ii- I . iz' wa. Q! fm, 4 V5 an Q MA sw Q fi W-,., K s- it 'WTI 1? K f - X Zoanne Kitchener Richard Knapp Teri Koepp Sonya Krause john Krueger Donna Kuntz Louise Kvande Corynn Lafranchi 6.5. . nw, , 1 in aff-J Hi iii 2 fe Mike Larson V. nn. ,A Vw 1 A- is 1 wiaw, Palmer Lee ft? fn if 1 .1 , yr s if Mary Leseman Rolf Larson 5 'F 3 r1,, y M Philip Leer I if RickLilja , 'N Q4 i p -.Kem xx Steve Lockwood Dwight Logsdon Lyn LaRue 1 W .W T M rrrissrr,r or Mike Lehman M ,J it s . 1 Sue Lilja - tr. A "i': in E Betty Long , 5 f f ' f i Craig Lawrence ' if , , kia rt,: L A 1 Mike Leonard S w f mw- 1 M lim Locke Linda Loss Lambert Bob Landberg aff ' . if" -i . is . i .., 'Si t -vw 'libw W, M, : i igigm1,'f7v , ,fi2gf, K -1 riff X. - w., wi.. 1 ny ' ffiil . wg, -M ' , V "wa ily-A ., " in z - 1 X r ' ff , fi, 7 K ii. V . fwwg Glenn Kribble B 'gg f- -' 5 ' 1 .45 , ,, , k Kim Landergreen Steve Lay 'Sheryl Leath Becky Lee Using his hood as a heater, Chris Paulson, junior, finds another sure way to keep warm on the baseball field. juniors 147 Debi Lovell A' K ,Qs , K A P , Z: Cathy MacMaster - 5 lay Martin it s 'S-.X .373 Shaun McCann ,- . ,- . K nn' vs . rf' - 71 V' 'ZS .gs Steve McCormick Sheryl McKinley 1 48 ju niors i dl' ' . Donna Lowe Ioe Malley Q In N S I 2" - S- "Vi V ffutxii 2 lg"-A Shelley Masterman na. 'A Dennis McCartney k.L i it S 5: 1 ilk .W lim McCinty Kathy McLeod 2 .I f ' s ,,,,f . We wi K Rob Lyon 'fri M. M R 5 wi' S , i t v . Georgianna Mann G Iudd Matthews i -vs M Lorna McCollum ff in A Linda McColdrick GH, Q a if A. 1 .M Colleen McMahan Cathy M acKenzie Gregg Martin , ft an 3. . 21, V! . if? fa ' ,a Lillian Mayer arf if 1 1-. ex Kathy McCormick Larry McKee Rick McNeal Practicing for a junior class Homecoming skit, Becky Stout, junior, portrays her role, a fearless Hawk. N ,swf wg As a poster painter in the Hub, Becky Lee, junior, seems to become easily distracted. Wa- Cheryl McRill f Ex ii L- - Debbie Molitor joseph Murphy is Russ Nelson Terry Noyes .. . J 5 .-A , Patti Olson Alf o Ted Meier Karol Monson Cheryl Murray is ,V 1 sg '- Lee Nicholson Su 4-'f' V? K Vis? Q f .,,. 1 2 8 'W is Q X lil., Sue Nugent ww- M 'il Q1 ' as .i 1 A , N ju.: is A I K , ' N ,i f, 1 : .A W , , 'i N ii faux 2 w x L vs fi :gmail f . 'K ' Linda Merriman lenneue . Cindy Metzger Ian Miller Mary Moell Messersmrth A i 1 E ," A i ' , gl 'ni ' ,Q ele ,ig X f A gi Kit Moore 2t,,klgQi fi", -:':' .. f ,V .fm 5 Q Paul Mustoe r ,iw E 5, . '10 5 'G fd is W, f ks A' Rod Niedert Bob Ober fx ! - ' f' Am: fig, i ,Vf, fr Don Morris janine Morris Kevin Moss :gig Cary Nash David Nelson ' " . 1, 1, ,Q 4 'fi 'C VZ, 9 W fri., K W in R54 W?-C ff., , , ff? we 'qi K if jxfz . Q ik it Duana Nance 3:55.-Q5 ,gl , rf Xi , Launa Nielsen Vicki Nordness 'isa-4 . :" is 3 Ruthy Norman Hi , 1 'K my I ?w,i'i if , xg? Ks Q K K, 5 Machelle Murdock i ic 2' 1, -' if X , Richard Nelson , f ' 4 wa ,e 1 L -2: P P he .Q VV'Q Teri Northrup Chris Oberholtzer jane Olsen Russ Olsen Cindy Olson if 'W' K is 391 lohn Orrison Craig Ortloff Sue Ostman Pat Owen Cathy Parker Dianne Parker Juniors 149 W if ia 5 Kathy Parks Mike Paul -fr . W, , I 4 Chris Paulson 'V' wi -QQ t., we Guy Pelkey if Barely reaching his mark, pole-vaulter Gordy Buslach, junior, is one of the many high-fliers competing at a spring track meet :- ",' if--e ,., -f""3. Q, , i A resize 51-1 sr .- z .1: - 'h'i -C NV gig H- , 5 IQV- g :ns -fy A :v-' ,. . t julie Pelzel Vicky Pendell John Pennington Pat Perrine Roger Pettit Suzanne Phelps I U I T : kkkr' ,R ,, M K Y f'?, C s S fa il' ef- .-a H u fa aa' W Vkiy, Vggy K L A A L , A f ., - , ' . M' ' . ?lff5Tf"P ' 'A .W-1 f-".' W- - f--P , s P cc'K C R f Q fff Q-- - , gyy P it me t , ,- Milo Pipkin Linda Potter Terry Prewitt Cynthia Price Ioe Proiette Linda Provost jim Quintel by y f . A 'll litgl g t,. ,, H . ' U W M Tig, , 2, -I ' l ' K .Q f " ' - ' 'g Q' 713 . -1 - , fl If? V . 'C V, f Y 2 Y 'ic' K gg. , , VZ 3? 5 E i 'L f , -, ' X ' xx! . ii' , ---- 1 R 5 - "i f f 'wc W Dale Reese Mike Regan Chris Rammler Tim Rau D 150 juniors ebbie Raymond Sara Reed Shawn Reed I L. 1 'Fw .k,., Karla Reno 1 -Q 'Y 31? 2 H at si if it 4 2? 1 Doug Roberts fo-f W .mv , if f Mitchell Rowe X. Wy at 1X Jian if S is QQ ' ss Marnie Renz Ioanne Reilly Carlynn Rhue 1 C lg C lzll? M H C 'lll 3 K fi,f Cordon Robinson Tony Robinson Renee Rohwer ,Mg 4 .. -S ' Aly ,A ..-: ' ati- '-- f-S52 35 ya wx , ,L, ' ,',AA Y A "' " 1l1 - rv 'Q' i i 5 X .H wi 2 , Rob Rummel Debbie Russell Patti Rutten Chris Sanger Debi Savell Maudine Schenk Curt Schexnayder ,I ,.,, - C . if Cir' . -bf ,, ,W . H ., ,fs "gpg , 'ilffazs . nys f ' AP . vw Mike Ring x x 5 2 5 Virginia Romero F , I -if 3 , 2 . Q Beth Ryen f'-E 'if ii ,. Et Carol Schindler 4, 1 V Roland Roberge Marillyn Rosenquist ev- y is 4 ,-,KA I 4 Chuck Rynders 3 . 7 Al Schmotzer Al Roberson 9' 4 3 Q ...- .rg M. ' Frances Ross T' '41 Q 'QQ l f J if a,5frs rf .,,.s wig jeff San Cartier Linda Schneider 'fe ,s,, , 5' ff Q ' l ' Randy Schroder Ian Schwald Stephanie Scoles Carol Scott Bill Scriver Virgil Sebastion Mike Sergeeff 11? .1 ..- , 3 -M 8, X I, 1' - , xt W 1 sl 1 as . Wfl? S i jerry Shuck Gary Shumski Bryce Siegel Bruce Simpson Woody Sims Juniors 151 Fran Sinrud . .W as vs .X . Q W Sherry Staley e li 9 tsl A 'Y Tom Stiles r : , .':1 Dean Swierenga Patti Tarabochia Bill Thompson 1 5 2 juniors Nina Simpson C - .:, 4- . ... - M Gail Stenberg S M Becky Stout Br "M, 'C -1 - 1 f . 'Q 2 Lee Swearengin Barry Tarleton fig., J Gary Thrasher , If, R311 . 5 Cary Smith ," Jim Stephens ! ' V-,,,. Lester Straw if 5 5 ' . it -ilfz. ' Brent Swenson '5- as ,W wr ,S W f 1 Byron Tate -c ff , Sue Torrence .. rm., , 'K- .fvh I V '- at 'N it Nancy Speed , t .5411 9" .. .L ., 4 Z. t V- ,.,V an K : f its Larry Stevens .'.j,1T13""' "1----C, Terry Strimple Loretta Swift Mike Taylor wrt is 4 ,l rv' fn 5 3 w .f Wide-eyed apprehension envelops Vicki Crim, junior at the Great Pumpkin Carving Contest sponsored by the senior class The two pumpkins she holds are about to become hauntmg jack-0-lanterns. Paul Swift at Dawn Tedford 54- A " 2' .g :Q .4 W as y ii V 'Fl it 'V 2 , 1 1' ,S ' Qf,fl5,S' .1 '--f- i E' 5 fi f w ga, ss, 1 , . .L Dennis Tanis Mel Thom 1 W , i , -f , if- ,, 3 D s Kktr r i .,,. y i K ,tl 3 'fel Verna Tanis Theresa Thomas Iill Tullar Carol Turner Cecil Tyler Curtis Umbaugh Mary Underhill Ray Underhill be K Ns A 2 jerry Wahlstrom Iohn Walker gig , M E ,ii 3: H MM il'2: Q .a - X , aw L -I , f . ,, as if gr- -L f H B92 fs J if 53? fl " r ' , 1 Rex Underhill Doug Vickroy Kim Voelker will eleiil f Wea Z L sz' Lisa Ward Lee Warren Debbie Weaver fi' Cl 'lags 7 7 1 .f Richard Whipple Robert Whitaker Toni Weiss Connie Wells Leone Werner a a L e , l as be eiee l Mardy Willard Lanay Williams Ruth Williams Merel Williamson L ' 1,- M 3 il sli,l A 3 gg ' ii' 2 e fax e'eeeii L so ' 3 Lorna Wilson Marty Wilson Sherry Wilson Greg Wilkes ft an 7' 1 ' ii in by f '- f L' V gi it 1 A X Iucly Wright Pauline Young Wanda Zeiler Iackie Zissel Andy Voogd .E. 1 , 'lfiiif 'ki ii ' 'W- 5 A' R N- X' f gill' Al Weber i ,:-. if .F it E 'Va WH Bob White Marsha Voorhees .l f fe r L Q 5 Z Q Stacy Weddle f A awww 1- ,g 3, I '-+f"'a " 1 ,-5' , J, 1 ff I 2 Linda Wilcoxson Unselfishly devoting her time is Machelle Murdock, junior mak ing fight ribbons to support Terrace. juniors 157- iii, My 'P i E ' 2 f ig .. K Enter - the Age of Completion... Rick Ackerman Frank Ahal Linda Allen -1-an-...........t-f - X With hair falling gently, covering a studious expression on her face, Cathy Durkee, senior, artistically reveals her personality Sun shining and warming the area, she modestly draws as a beam lights her sketch. Shelley Allyn 150 Seniors Ron Amon Mike Anderson Lynette Andresen David Aronson Karen ArVidSon Marcia Bagley Gina Bailey David Baker Doug Baker john Robert Baker Neal Baker Cheri Barr Bruce Bart Judi Bartho Steve Bates Bill Batson Mike Baunach Karen Benjamin Diana Berg Larry Berg jackie K. Bickley Ted Billings Kay Blackorby Bob Bleiler Seniors 157 Debby Bolinger Btephanie Bonneau Cecil Boot Shirley Border Brian Borger Mariiy B0ulSf Joyce Bffmdf Debbie Breeze Bob Brooks Tom Brooks Bernie Bruhn Fran Buntting Bruce Burgoyne Cl.1yBurrows Kyle Buslacli jim Cameron Lorne Cameron Mike Campbell Tina Campbell Dennis Cantrell 158 SCIHOY5 .lenotes use of Honor Sol ivtv Sta 4 ways. fwffzgiy A 'P .,is,.f- si. i 1 ,W ,ea wfaffr- wma , QQ' dia wav ?rLl I WMM l is C L, glkf ,f 5 gs u , araarr Q ai ' . 1. ww, 9, Producing the pulse of Homecoming is Dave Biddle, junior, with Larry Hutchins and Bob Hill, seniors, continuously beating out the longest drum marathom ever. l 'VM' N .. ,::. , .. ,.: mn .w 5,5 Hsgeisffseki ii-5.1,s, . . mafia if - K' iiiigifffflibfli,7lf'9HEI'Jf:' ' Dave Cariveau Trista Carlson Larry Carmody Mike Casey A look of satisfaction gently absorbs this onlooker. Buford Ransom, senior, watches in- tently at a senior class elections meeting. Thomas Castillo Denny Chapman Linda Chivers Karen Choate Seniors 159 iv AW' Dave Christenson Debbie Christian Michael S. Clark Kirn Clay lay Cline El Coakley Becky Cole 1. lim Colinas Mary lean Collins Cathy Conley Roger Connelly Sherrill Cook Ann Cooper Kristen Cooper 100 Seniors of 5, A ' ,uv 4. I Getting themselves totally involved in .1 summer cotton candy sale for the senior class are Pam Rock and Debbi Tait, both seniors. Excellent crowds, along with favorable weather, prove this fund raising project to be a success. fre.-411' Robbie Dixon Confetti covered, the spirited class of 1970 roars hilariously at an assembly where enthusiasm engulfs all. Squinted eyes on smiling faces only partially symbolize the extreme spirit generated by the leading class. Maureen Dooley Pam Driver Marilyn Droscher Pam Drye Greatly appreciated by teachers is the complete atten tion given by lack Barnes, senior. Cindy Dunlap Cathy Durkee Chuck Edelbroclc 1oZ Seniors f. 5 John Elsasser Susan Elvrurn Mark Engler Mark Erickson Pat Fallis Rocky Farrar Vic Felton Judy Finnerin Bob Fitch Curt Fleck Vicky Flores Becky Foudray Steve Francis Dan Frank john Freeman Cindy French Phillip Frost Steven Galbraith Arlene Gallagher Gisela Camrnert denotes use of Honor Society 5tarnp 5GI'1lOI'S 163 Showing her concern for the topic being discussed, Debbie Koehn, senior, stares interestingly at the speaker. Dave Garen Don Gaskins Vernon Gaskins jim Gaswint Kathy Gerken Byron Gilbert Rae-Lyn Gilles 104 Seniors Paul Gillette Bill Gogal Sandra Goodman Larry Gormley Glen Gosch Pat Grazini Tom Guckian Bonnie Haas Bill Hale Dianne Hall Linda Hamilton Bonnie Hammond Tim Haney Carol Hans jeff Hansen jerry Hansen jim Harrell Sandra Harrell Mark Harris RiCl4 Harris Edgar Harry denotes use of Honor Society Stamp Seniors 165 Mary Ann Hartung Kris Hines Mike Hopkins jennifer Hickenbottom Sue Hodgson Bob Huggins Robert Hildahl Bob Hill Diane Hill Thea Hollingsworth Allen Holmes Ed Hopf Debi Hurnpal Meredith Huston Cheryl Hutchins Dan Hutchins Larry Hutchins jenny lsotalo Ken Iverson Kathi Jacobson 106 5eniors S an X6 s , ., - - X 6 N' V Q WL , 'fx 'rw , f gy , ' , ,512 Qs K 1 t- H 3 gk :Mya 1 sem I w T H? A' " f .Vt 2 ,M ,f -N ak X ,Q-ifzif Liwzf I fx wif-gif, sw N4 . , ' ' Y' 1 Y"'- I1 Q A ,Q , A A wEWf"?, .. ' " A 7 fm -Muff M , in Q Y K P' .f M A ,gwflggm , rw a'm5'5f' wCiN4j1.,.A 7 V k,4V WWW UIQ:--s-.. 1-M ugrg I" ,L ,., ., 2-m.. -Q- W Veronica Lehde i "S ...ul Decisions, decisions, will it be eggs and bacon or cocoa and toast, are among the many problems encountered by Rod Martin, senior, as he makes his choice at one ofthe senior class breakfasts. 1 Robert B. l.entz Sue l.eVon Nancy Lilja Jeanette Lindberg At a senior class meeting, Lynda Molitor, senior class secre- . . . , . . . t , l k fb 'ld t l. blond Lmderman hm Llttlejohn Roy Llttler ary wearsa 00 o ewr ermen overanew proposa 170 Seniors Sue Lloyd Debbie Locke Russ Lonn Jody Loomis Dave Lowe Cynny Lowman Cathy Lowndes VN'illiam Machado Rob Magner Marti Mallory Mark Mangels Steve Manning Tony Manzanares Anne Marshall l Cheryl Marshall Nancy Marshall Gary Martin Pam Martin Rnd Martin beniors Kim Marzolf Dessa Mason "A shipper I would be. Here ai feather, there a feather, pop my bubble . . . ooh!" Announcing il future career to the stu- dents at the first pep assembly is sexy?! Evie Rhodes, a senior onthe cheerleading staff. june Massive Evelyn Mayer AliSOr1 MCAb96 Linda McCann Gayle McDonnell Sharon Mcfie 172 Seniors Terry McPie Jeff MCI-Ieffey Cary McKee Cherie McNamee Cheryl McPherson Doug Meadows Steve Meier Nancy Messier Dale Meyers Marti Miles Barbara Miller Chris Miller Joyce Miller Rebecca Moffitt Lynda Molitor Connie Moon Sunny Moor Mike Morehouse Edward Scott Morgan denotes use of Honor Society Stamp SSIUOTS 173 Wayne Murphy Peggy Myers Mark Nolton Brian Norclness WF Karen Qlsen Paul Olson Kathy Nash Sue Norman Wayne K. Oppie Kathy Nellis Renee Nelson Laurene Q'Brien Elaine Qldenkamp Ralph Parise Billy Peacock Greg Pearce JoAnne Pearson Linda Peer Les Pfeifer VVade Pfrirnmer 174 Seniors Using hand gestures and facial expressions, is oratorical Cynny Lowman, senior, voicing her opinion on a very important matter. f ' A ., WM ..M,1, ,, f' is 'f ' 'lfixfv , i in gi ., '.:,,,'He1u 4- ' ll 'L' izzw V V ia E if an g .A ,YQ 4 . ' Vg: is 1 A I Y I m1.ff:A1,f1:afs?a - y, f 'Emi' up-A 5:30 in the morning is too early to eat breakfast, so Neal Baker and Tim King, both seniors 3 on the football team, gulp down food after a Saturday practice. Clenotes to use the Honor Soi iety Stamp Laura Potter Cheri Price Denny Pynn Lory Quay David Quick Cliff Rairclon Buford Ransom lr. Bonnie Rasmussen Seniors 175 gg-, 4 wi . :"" . . ein 2 NO, xw 5 .. , , I wan- fi? A i 4 A Y N I i ' Mfr: H: 3' . . 1-nz I V . J' A ' ' Eg-' r ia - rn 1- . ' f' , yi ff? ,V J V ijiiz rii h a f 1. 7 J gk : M If Qi f , - ri. V ls. -1, V 663155 . I ' f A. A K . K, " "Q - .Q 'bv , ig gl Ei 55 5-15 F7 L f 3 sz -. f 52445-W9 ' PJ' , - f A ' L -V,"-5 3 ' ., ,H -I ' Y v A4 iim z mn? - -53 , K Q , 1 22 f " - 'Q ' 5 Q .-5 f W f- iw. v'-- nf , f..-sg' fmwka K u ff fLL ,Av,,L 5 QF Z,hL 2 4? V , ,.,4 Q ' ,. X , Q ' - ,i if N wt .6 u 5 333, 5' is? QE, vf, 1? Ai' E ,, Wg, Vs 45 'Q F A ? Pam Rock Loretta M. Rogers Thomas Rutten Bruce Rybak Cindy Sandel lanetSawyer ff' Richard Scates Donald Wayne Cliff Schroeder Michelle Scott , it lf li 5' Schlumbaurn Roger Seatthrlee Dennis Seeber Kerin Seek Bob Setting denotes use of HCNOR Society Stamp Seniofg 177 JF Holding the glassy-eyed, smiling expression of Bonnie Haas, senior, is Laurie johnson, also a senior, at the Tri-Hi-Y initiation. They humorously discuss a topic presented by Laurie, Tri-Hi-Y President. Cheri Sharp Stephanie Sharp Kathy Sherrnaria Dale Sherwood Chris G. Sibley S 4 "Yes, the skill in constructing a top notch ashtray does come in handy sometimes," says Dave White, Steve Silliman Judy Simmons Ed Sisom senior. 178 Seniors denotes use of Honor Society Stamp leff Skittrall Randy Skiver Sharon Snow Brooke Somerville Monika Southworth Shelley Spafford Kim Sparks Linda Speed Ed Stamp Bill Steele Sandy Steffan Gene Stevens Dick Stillian Linda Stockman Arthur Stoltz Randall Swift Carl Syltebo Debbi Tait Patty Tarleton John Taylor denotes use of Honor Society Stamp Seniom 179 Debbie Tedford Frank Thomas Attention all Seniors: Bring paper napkins and yourself to the HUB after school. Bonnie Costa and Bill Cogal, W seniors, help fold, fluff, and pile the flowers used to decorate the Homecoming float. l Larry Thurman Candy Tinsley Deborah Todd James Toomey Tom Travis Andy Trefethen 180 Seniors John Wilkinson Scott Williams Carol Willis Bea Willoughby Talking the ball into cooperating is Steve Lance, senior, this year's starting center and a first "Y year letterman. Dale Wilson Jerry Wilson Clifford Wind Lew Winney Mark Wood Tim Yates Steve Young 182 Seniors denotes use of Honor Society stamp mf ,Q . emi, i 5, ,, 183 Ackerman, Rick: Football 2,3,4, Letterman 3,4, Car Club 2,3, Pres. 4, Tennis 2,3, Chorus 4, Class Rep. 4. Allen, Linda: Terraceans 2,3, Art Club 2,3, Sec. 4, ASB Rep. 4, Class Rep. 3, Girls' Glee 2. Anderson, Michael: Car Club 3,4, Terraceans 4, Band 2. Aronson, David: TEMPO 3, Asst. Business Manager 4. Arvidson, Karen: Trans- ferred from Roosevelt High School, Seattle, Washing- ton, Pep Club 2, Drill Team 3, Terraceans 4, ASB Rep. 4. Bagley, Marcia: Trans- ferred from Grand Island High School, Grand Is- land, New York. Bailey, Gina: Fall Play 4, Spring Play 3, Terraceans 3, HAWKEYE 4, Fall Musical 3, Spring Play 4. Barr, Cheri: Band 2,3,4, SkiClub 2. Bart, Bruce: Marching Band Z, Chess Club 4, 3-D Games Club Sec. 3, Pres.4, Band 2,3,4, TEMPO 3, Head Photographer 4. Bartho, ludi: ASB Rep. 2,3, Choir 3,4, Chorus 2, Class Rep. 4. Bates, Steve: Football 2, Chess Club 2,3. Baunach, Mike: Cross Country 2,3,4, Track 2,3, 4. Benjamin, Karen: Trans- ferred from Butte Central High School, Butte, Mon- tana, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Terra- ceans 4. Berg, Diana: FBLA 3, Treas. 4. Bickley, jackie: Drill Team 2, Girls' Glee 4, Terra- ceans 2,3, DECA 4. Blackorby, Kay: Trans- ferred from Rock Lake Public School, Rock Lake, North Dakota. Bleiler, Bob: Band 2,3,4, Marching Band 2, Stage Band 2,3, Orchestra 2, Fall Play Pit Orchestra 3, RMFC Pres. 4. Bolinger, Debby: Trans- ferred from Wichita High School South, Wichita, Kansas, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Hon- or Society 3,4, GAA 3, ASB Rep. 4, Class Rep. 4. Bonneau, Stephanie: Transferred from Mercer Island High School, Mer- cer Island, Washington, 184 Senior Credits Winter Musical 4, Spring Play 4. Boot, Cecil: Dynamics 4, Choir 4, HAWKEYE Page 4 Editor 4, ASB Pres. 4, Class Rep. 2: ASB Rep. 2,3, Football 2,3,4, Wres- tling 2,3,4, Baseball 2.,3,4, Boy of the Month 4, Inter- High Pres. 4, Letterman 4, Homecoming Comm. 4, Winter Musical 4. Brandt, Ioyce: Terraceans Z, Russian Club 3, Chorus 3, Choir 4, Dynamics 4, Honor Society 4. Bruhn, Berneva: Trans- ferred from Cascade High School, Everett, Washing- tOI1, FTA 3. Burgoyne, Bruce: Chess Club 2, Car Club 3,4, Class Rep. 3, ASB Rep. 4. Burrows, Clay: Cross Country 2,3, Letterman 2, 3,4,Track 2. Buslach, Kyle: Letterman 2,3, Pres. 4, Art Club 2,3, 4, Track 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Homecoming Escort 4, ASB Rep. 2,3, HAWKEYE 4, Boy of the Month 4. Cameron, Lorne: ASB Rep. 2, Class Rep. 3, DECA 4. Campbell, Mike: Track 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Ski Club 2,3,4, Letterman 2,3, 4. Cantrell, Dennis: Choir 4, Winter Musical 4. Cariveau, David: Basket- ball 3,4, Chess Club 2. Chivers, Linda: Chorus 2, 3. Choate, Karen: Band 2,3, 4, Club 2. Christian, Debbie: Car Club 2, Ski Club 4, Art Club 3,4, GAA 2, Class Rep.3. Coakley, El: Transferred from Valley High School, Las Vegas, Nevada, Car Club, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Terra- ceans. Cole, Becky: GAA 2,3,4, Letterwoman 2,3, Vice- pres. 4, Tennis 2,3,4, Fall Musical 3, Choir 3, Sec. 4, Class Sec. 4. Conley, Cathie: Trans- ferred from Charles M. Russell High School, Great Falls, Montana, Ski Club 2,3,4, Glee Club 2, Art Club 4. Connelly, Roger: Football Z,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Letter- man 3,4, ASB Rep. 4, Choir 4, Ski Club 4, Homecoming Escort 4, Chorus4. Cook, Sherrill: Girls' Glee 3, FBLA 3, Vice-pres. 4. Cooper, Ann: FBLA 2,3, Terraceans 3, Choir 3,4, Fall Musical 3, Music Council 4, Girls' Glee 2,3, 4, HAWKEYE 4, Spring Play 2,3, Fall Play 4, Win- ter Musical 4. Crandall, Ken: Fall Play 4. Crowley, Mike: Letterman 4, Baseball 3,4, Chorus 2,3, Pres. 4. Crum, Steven: Trans- ferred from Shoreline High School, Seattle , Washing- ton, Track 1,2. Dake, Dale: Transferred from Roosevelt High School, Seattle, Washing- ton, Tennis 3, Letterman 4, Football 3,4, Wrestling 3,4. DeHart, Kurt: Track 2, Art Club 2,3, Car Club 4. Driver, Pam: Herky 4, Letterwoman 3,4, GAA 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Sec. 4, Mother-DaughterTea Chairman 4, Tolo Chair- man 4, FBLA 2, Senior Ball Comm. 4, Mother- Daughter Chairman 3, Tolo Chairman 3. Drosher, Marilyn: Trans- ferred from Fergus Coun- ty High School, Lewis- town, Montana, Pep Club 2,3, Ski Club 3, Chairman Class Play 3, Class Publi- city Comm. 3. Dunlap, Cindy: Girls' Glee 2,3, Chorus 4, Class Rep. 4, Ski Club 2,3, ASB Rep. 4. Durkee, Cathy: Chorus 2, Girls' Glee 3, Girls' Club Cabinet 4, Art Club 4, ASB Rep. 3. Edlebrock, Chuck: Foot- ball 2,3, Inspirational Award 4, Track 2.,4, Cap- tain and Inspirational Award 3, Letterman 2,3, Vice Pres, 4, Homecoming Escort 4, ASP Rep. 4, Hawk of the Month 2,3. Elsasser, Iohn: Basketball 2,3,4, Choir 4, Chorus 3. Elvrum, Susan: Class Treasurer 2, Class Pres. 3, Wesco Inter-High 4, District 15 Inter-High 3, 4, Chorus 2, Choir 3,4, Choir Council 3, Dynam- ics 4, Terraceans 3, Pres. 4, MUN 3, Pres. 4, Tennis 2,3, Letterwoman 3,4, Honor Society 3,4, ASB Committees 3,4, Fall Mu- sical 3, Winter Musical 4, Talent Show 2,3, Tolo Chairman 4, Girls' Club Cabinet Z,3, Homecoming Queen Candidate 4, Miss Standards 3, Girl of the Month 4, St. Wrestling Photographer 4. Engler, Mark: Trans- ferred from Meadowdale HighS Engler, Mark: Trans- ferred from Meadowdale High School, Lynnwood, Washington, Cross Coun- try 2, Tennis 2,3,4, Bas- ketball Manager 2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, Chess Club 4, MUN 4, 3-D Games Club 4. Erickson, Mark: Football 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Chorus 2, Choir 3, Pres. 4, Dynamics 3,4, ASB Rep. 2.,3,4, Boys' Club Pres. Council 2,3, Class Rep. 2.,3,4, Boys' State 4, Ski Club 2,3, Pres. 4, ASB Constitution Comm. 4, Letterman 4, Fall Musi- cal 3, Winter Musical 4, Intramural Basketball 4, Homecoming Escort 4. Fallis, Patti: DECA 4. Farrar, Roger: Chess Club 2,3, Basketball 2,3, Cap- tain 4, Letterman 3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Football 2. Felton, Vic: Debate 4. Flores, Vicky: FTA 3, Pres. 4, Terraceans 2,3, Vice Pres. 4, Choir 3,4, GAA 2,3,4, Letterwoman 4, Honor Society 3,4, Homecoming General Chairman 4, Girls' Glee 2, ASB Rep. 4. Foudray, Becky: Trans- ferred from South High School, Wichita, Kansas, Talent Show Comm. 3, Spring Play Make-up Comm. 3., Francis, Steve: Basketball 3, Honor Society 3,4. Frank, Dan A.: Trans- ferred from Warwick High School, Newport News, Virginia, Football 2, Bas- ketball 2, Car Club 2. Galbraith, Steven: Base- ball 2,3, Music Council 4, SkiClub2. Gallagher, Arlene: Girls' GIee2,3. Gammert, Gisela: Trans- ferred from Ingraham High School, Seattle, Washington. Garen, Dave: Wrestling 2,3,4, Football 3, Letter- man 2,3,4, Honor Society 2,3, Vice Pres. 4. Gerken, Kathy: Chorus 2, FBLA 4. Gilbert, Byron: Chess Club 2,3, Pres. 4, Football Manager 2,3, Baseball Manager 2, 3-D Games Club 3,45 Track 3,4. Gilles, Rae-Lyn: FTA 45 Class Rep. 45 Girls' Club Cabinet 35 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Goodman, Sandra: Tri-Hi- Y 45 Honor Society 41 Homecoming Comm. 42 Senior Ball Comm. 45 FTA 4, Gormley, Larry: Cross Country 2,35 Band 2,3, Pres. 45 Letterman 2,3,45 Stage Band 3,4. Gosch, Glen: Dynamics 45 ASB Rep. 2,35 Home- coming Comm. 45 Senior Ball Comm. 4, Talent Show3,4. Haas, Bonnie: FBLA 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Letter- woman 3,45 Chorus 25 Choir 3,45 Homecoming Queen Candidate 45 Homecoming Comm. 45 Honor Society 3, Treas. 45 Rally Squad 45 GAA 2,35 Girls' Track 2,3,45 TEM- PO Business Editor 45 Class Rep. 3,45 Miss Standards 45 Girl of the Month 45 Senior Ball Comm. 45 ASB Rep. 4. Hale, Bill: Transferred from Tyee High School, Seattle, Washington5 Cross Country 2,35 Bas- ketball 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Letterman 4. Hall, Dianne: Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Art Club 45 HAWK- EYE 2,3,45 Nordstrom Best fFashion Board 45 Fall Musical 35 GAA 2,35 Class Rep. 2. Hamilton, Linda: Terra- ceans4. Hania, Iudy: Choir 3,45 SkiClub 2,3. Harrell, Sandra: Chorus Treas. 4. Harris, Rick: Cross Coun- try 3. Harry, Edgar: Chorus 25 Choir 3,45 Dynamics 3,4. Hartung, Mary: Girls' Glee 45 Car Club 35 Home- coming Comm. 4. Hickenbottom, jenny: Ski Club 2,3,45 Girls' Club Cabinet 35 Girls' Glee 2.5 Chorus 4. Hill, Diane: Car Club 25 Art Club 45 Ski Club 45 Class Rep. 35 GAA 25 TEMPO 4. Hines, Kris: Ski Club 2,3, 45 DECA 4. Hodgson, Susan: Class Rep. 35 ASB Rep. 45 Miss Standards Chairman 35 Honor Society 45 Ski Club 35 Tolo Comm. 45 Senior Ball Comm. 45 Miss Stand- ards 35 ASB Constitution Comm. 4. Hollingsworth, Thea: Choir 45 Girls' Ensemble 3,45 Music Council Rep. 4: Girls' Glee 3,45 Chorus 2. Huston, Meredith: Ski Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Class Rep. 45 GAA 2,4. Isotalo, jenny: Trans- ferred from Denbigh High School, Newport News, Virginia. Iohnson, Laurie: Honor Society 3,45 Chorus 25 Choir 3,45 Class Rep. 45 GAA 2,3,45 Letterwoman 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, PWS. 45 Senior Ball Comm. 45 Girls' State 3. Iohnston, Stuart: Ski Club 2,35 Stage Band 2,3,45 Band 2,3,4. Iones, Norma: FBLA 45 Terraceans 45 DECA Sec. 4. jones, Sharon: FBLA 3, Pres. 45 Terraceans 2, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 45 ASB Ass't Treas. 3, Treas. 45 Letterwoman 45 GAA 2,3,4. Kallstrom, Carolyn: Choir 3, Sec. 45 Dynamics 45 Girls' Glee 25 Art Club 45 Sr. Ball Comm. Chrmn. 45 Ski Club 2,3,45 Girls' Club Chrmn. 45 Terraceans 35 ASB Rep. 35 GAA 25 Car Club 35 Talent Show Posters 4. Karrer, Roy: Marching Band 25 Ski Club 35 Home- coming Comm. 45 Band 2, 35 Car Club 3. Kemper, Debbie: GAA5 Letterwoman5 Class Rep. 3. King, Tim: Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Chorus 45 Choir 45 Usher Corps 3,45 ASB Rep. 45 TEMPO 4, Letterman 35 Talent Show 3,4. Kjenstad, Judy: Terra- ceans 45 Girls' Glee 2. Kleinau, Cheri: ASB Rep. 45 Letterwoman 2. Koch, Robert: Art Club Pres. 3. Koehn, Debbie: Class Rep. 35 DECA 4. Kubec, Kathy: Trans- ferred from St. Euphrasia High School5 Girls' Glee 4. Kyzar, Lynell: Girls' Club Sec. 45 Class Rep. 45 Miss Standards 25 Chorus 2,35 Letterwoman 2,35 Tennis 2,35 ASB Rep. 2. Lance, Steve: Basketball 2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Choir 45 ASB Rep. 45 Class Rep. 35 Letterman 4. Lane, Bob: Dynamics 45 Choir 45 Car Club 3,4. Langdon, Tom: Band 2,3, 45 Class Rep. 45 RMFC 4. Larson, Iudy: Class Rep. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 4: Sr. Ball Comm. 45 Home- coming Comm. 4. Lawson, Iohn: Basketball 25 Track 3,45 Debate Club 45 Homecoming Comm. 4. Lee, Warren: Cross Coun- try 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Letterman 2,3,4. Leger, john: Transferred from Long Beach Poly- technic High School, Long Beach, California5 Master Sergeant in Military Sci- ence 2,3. Lehde, Veronica: Art Club 45 Girls' Glee 25 Choir 3, 45 Homecoming Comm. 45 Sr. Ball Comm. 4. Lentz, Robert: Debate 4. LeVon, Susan: lrans- ferred from Templeton Secondary, Vancouver, B.C.5 Terraceans 45 Car Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Fall Play 4. Lindberg, Jeanette: Terra- ceans 3, Treas. 45 FBLA 3,4. Littlejohn, james: DECA Treas. 4. Littler, Roy: Transferred from Chester City Gram- mar School, Chester, Eng- land. Lloyd, Sue: Girls' Glee 25 ASB Rep. 2,35 Chorus 3,4. Locke, Debbie: Girls' Glee 2,45 Chorus 35 Choir 45 Fall Musical 3. Lowe, David: Debate Club 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 45 MUN 3,45 Honor Society 3,45 TEMPO 35 Chess Club 25 3-D Games Club 3, Vice Pres. 4. Machado, Bill: Football 2,3, Top Tackler Award 4, Gerald D. Swan 11096 Memorial Award 45 Wres- tling 2,3, Captain 45 Let- terman 3,45 Track 2,35 tempo 2,3,45 ASB Rep. 2,3,45 Chorus 25 Choir 3. Magner, Rob: Band 2,3, 45 Orchestra 2. Mallory, Marti: Class Rep. 25 FBLA 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Vice Pres. 45 Honor Soci- ety 3,45 ASB Rep. 45 Rally Squad 45 Sr. Ball Program Chairman 45 Tolo Publicity Chairman 45 Miss Standards Chair- man 45 Miss Standards 3, 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Chorus 45 Pep Club 2,3. Manning, Steve: Ski Club 3,45 Tennis 2,3,4. Manzanares, Tony: Base- ball 2.: Class Vice Pres. 2,fTreas. 3, Pres. 45 Boys' State 4: Homecoming Chairman 45 ASB Rep. 2, 45 Ski Club 45 Debate 25 HAWKEYE 45 Boy of the Month 4. Marshall, Anne: Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 45 HAWKEYE 4. Marshall, Cheryl: Honor Society 3,45 ASB Rep. 45 Tolo Picture Chairman 45 Sr. Ball Chairman 45 HAWKEYE 3, Editor 45 Western Sun Columnist 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 GAA 2,3,45 Fall Musical 35 Western Sun Most Valuable Staff- er Award5 Film Plus 4. Martin, Gary: Chorus 3,4. Martin, Pam: Girls' Club Cabinet 45 ASB Rep. 35 Sr. Ball Comm. 45 Tolo Hospitality Chairman 4. Martin, Rod: Class Rep. 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 35 Tennis 25 Track 3,45 ASB Rep. 2,3, 45 Letterman 3, Treas. 45 Usher Corps 3,4. Mason, Dessa: Car Club 2,3,45 Art Club 4. Massie, Iune: Girls' Glee 25 Choir 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 GAA 2,3,4. McCann, Linda: French Club 25 Chorus 25 Girls' Glee 3. McDonnell, Gayle: Ski Club 2,3, Vice Pres. 45 Rally Squad 3,45 Mother- Daughter Tea Chairman 45 Choir 4. McFie, Sharon: Class Rep. 25 ASB Rep. 25 Chorus 2,35 Girls' Glee 2,3, Pres. 45 Cl'10il' 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Terraceans 3,45 Fall Musi- cal 35 Fall Play 45 Winter Musical 4. McFie, Terry: Band 2,3,45 Chorus 45 Class Rep. 4. McNamee, Cherie: Girls' Glee 2,35 Chorus 35 Choir 45 Terraceans 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Fall Play 35 Drill Team 2. McPherson, Cheryl: Fred- erick 8: Nelson Fashion Board 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 ASB Rep. 4. Meadows, Doug: Band 3, Vice Pres. 25 Stage Band 2,35 Ski Club 2,3. Meier, Steve: Transferred from Kennewick High School, Kennewick, Wash- ington5 Wrestling 2,3,45 Letterman 3,4. Messier, Nancy: Art Club 4. Miles, Marti: FTA 45 Tri- Hi-Y 4. Senior Credits 185 Miller, Barb: Chorus 2,3, Choir 3,4, GAA 2,3,4, Honor Society 3,4, Tri- Hi-Y 3,4, Girls' Club Treas. 4, TEMPO 4, Let- terwoman 4, Sr. Ball Comm. 4. Miller, Chris: Letter- woman 2,3,4, GAA 2,3,4, French Club 2. Miller, Joyce: Girls' Glee 2,3,4. Molitor, Lynda: Letter- woman 3,4, Honor So- ciety 3, Sec. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treas. 4, Class Treas. 4. Moller, Diane: Chorus 2, Pep Club 3,4, GAA3. Moon, Connie: Drill Team Z: Class Rep, 2. Moor, Sunny: Trans- ferred from Loara High School, Anaheim, Cali- fornia, Tri-Hi-Y Refresh- ment Chairman 4, Terra- ceans 4, Fall Play Costume Comm. 4, Makeup Comm. 4. Morehouse, Mike: Car Club 2,3, Chorus 3. Morgan, Scott: Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2.,3,4, Tennis 2,3,4, Letterman 2,3,4, Class Rep. 4, Rus- sian Club 3, Band 2,3,4. Moseley, joe: Russian 3. Murphy, Wayne: Wres- tling 2,3,4, Honor Society 3,4, Class Rep. 3. Najar, Emie: Chess Club 2, Cross Country 3, Track 3,4. Nelson, Renee: Art Club Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4, ASB Rep. 3, TEMPO 4: Miss Standards 2,3. Norman, Sue: Trans- ferred from Nathan Hale High School, Seattle, Washington, FBLA 4, Homecoming Comm. 4. Oldenkamp, Elaine: ASB Rep. 3, Art Club 2,3,4, Class Rep. 4, Sr. Ball Comm. 4. Olson, Paul: Class Rep. 3,4. Parise, Ralph: Car Club 2,3, Class Rep. 3. Peacock, Bill: Trans- ferred from Edmonds High School, Edmonds, Wash- ington, Cross Country 2,4, Honor Society 3,4, ASB Rep. 4, 3-D Game Club 3, Homecoming Comm. 4. Peer, Linda: Ski Club 2, 3,4, Art Club 4. Pfeifer, Les: Car Club 2,3, Chorus 3, Class Rep. 4. Ransom, Buford, Ir.: Foot- ball 2,3,4, Basketball 2, 186 Senior Credits Baseball 2.,3,4, Letterman 3,4, Class Rep. 4, Choir 4, ASB Rep. 3,4. Rasmussen, Bonnie: HAWKEYE 3,4, Honor Society 3,4, Girls' Club Cabinet 3, Terraceans 2, FallMusical 3, GAA 2. Rasmussen, lean: Girls' Glee 2,3, Choir 4, Fall Musical3. Rasmussen, Patty: DECA 4. Rauscher, Randy: Chorus 3, Choir 4, Dynamics 4, Class Rep. 3, Vice Pres. 4, Wrestling 2,3,4, HAWKEYE 3,4, TEMPO 3,4, Sr. Ball Comm. 4, Winter Musical 4. Rairdon, Cliff: Chorus 2,3, Choir 4. Ravensberg, Maryke: Tri- Hi-Y 4, Ski Club 2,3,4, GAA 3,4. Reilly, Ed: Football 2,3, Baseball 2,3,4, ASB Rep. 2. Relyea, Lea: Transferred from Logan High School, Logan, Utah, Spanish Club 2. Rhodes, Evie: Girls' Glee Pres. 2, Director's Musical Award 2, Choir 3,4, Rally Squad 3,4, Car Club Treas. 3, Ski Club 2,3, jay Jacobs Fashion Board 4, Miss Standards 2,4, TEMPO 3, Copy Editor 4, Homecoming Princess 4, Father-Daughter Banquet Chairman 4, Homecoming Comm. 4, ASB Rep. 2,3,4, Class Rep. 3,4, Sec. 2, Honor Society 4, Pep Club 2,3,4. Rice, Rita: Girls' Glee 2, Chorus 3, Class Rep. 3, Choir 4, ASB Rep. 4. Roberts, Barbara: FBLA 3, Sec. 4, Honor Society 4. Roberts, Margaret: Cho- rus 3, Marching Band Z, Girls' Glee 2,3, ASB Rep. 3, Band 2,3, Orchestra 2,3, Ski Club 2,3, DECA 4. Robinson, Linda: Chorus 2,3,4, Class Rep. 4. Rock, Pam: ASB Rep. 2,3, 4, Girls' Tennis 2,3, Cap- tain and Inspirational Player 4, Miss Standards 3, Bon Marche Fashion Board 4, Girls' Club Cabi- net 2,3, Vice Pres. 4, Let- terwoman 2,3,4, Home- coming Comm. 4, Sr. Ball Comm. 4, TEMPO 4, Homecoming Queen Can- didate 4, Chorus 2,3, GAA 2: HAWKEYE 4. Rogers, Loretta: Drill Team 2, Chorus 3, Terra- ceans 2,3, Class Rep. 4. Rutten, Tom: Art Club 4, ASB Rep. 4. Rybak, Bruce: Basketball 3,4. Sandel, Cindy: Girls' Club Cabinet 2,3, Chorus 3. Sawyer, Ianet: GAA 2, FTA 4. Scates, Richard: Trans- ferred from Renton High School, Renton, Washing- ton, Ski Club 4, Football Manager3,4.QL Schlumbaum, Donald Wayne: Class Rep. Z, Chess Club 2,3,4, 3-D Games Club 3,4, War Games Club 3, Pres. 4. Schroeder, Cliff: Chorus 4, Car Club 3,4. Scott, Michelle: Band 2,3, 4, Sec. 2,3, Marching Band 1,2, Orchestra 2, TEMPO 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Honor Society 3,4, Girls' Club Cabinet 3, Class Rep. 3,4, Quill 8: Scroll 4, Sr. Ball Comm. 4: ASB Rep. 4, RMFC 4. Seatthrlee, Roger: Foot- ball 2,3,4:Letterman 3,4 Ski Club 2,3,4, Tennis 2,3. Seek, Kerin: FBLA 4, GAA 2,3. Sharp, Stephanie: Herky 4, Roadrunners Pres. 4, Tolo Chairman 3, Mother- Daughter Tea Program Chairman 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Sr. Ball Comm. 4, GAA 4, ToloComm. 4. Shemaria, Kathy: Class Rep. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, GAA 4, Honor Society 4, Sr. Ball Comm. 4, FTA 4. Sherwood, Dale: Chess Club 2. Simmons, Judy: Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Miss Standards 3, Girls' Club Cabinet 4. Southworth, Monika: Chorus 2, FBLA 3. Sparks, Kim: Chorus 2. Speed, Linda: Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chaplain 4, GAA2,3,4. Steele, Bill: Chorus 3,4, Class Rep. 4, Car Club 4. Steffan, Sandy: Honor Society 2,3,4, Letter- woman 2,3,4, GAA 2,3,4, Girls' Tennis 2,3,4, ASB Rep. 2,3,4, District 15 Inter-High 3,4, Girls' Club Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Miss Standards 2, MUN 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Girl of the Month 4, TEMPO 4, Sr. BallComm. 4. Stockman, Linda: FBLA 2,3, Girls' Glee 2, Chorus 3, FTA 4. Stoltz, Art: Homecoming Escort 4, Football 2,3,4, Baseball Z, Basketball 2, Track 3, ASB Rep. 3, Choir 3, Vice Pres. 4, Dynamics 4, Chorus 3' Letterman 3,4. Swift, Randy: Art Club 4. Tait, Debbi: FBLA 2, Tri- Hi-Y 3, Chorus 3, Class Rep. 2,3,4, Girls' Club Cabinet 4, Sr. Ball Comm. 1 4. Tarleton, Patty: Trans- ferred from Aiea High School, Aiea, Oahu, Ha- waii, ASB Rep. 4, Class Rep. 4. Taylor, john: Band 2. Thonias, Chuck: Chess Club 2,3,4, ASB Rep. 3, Letterman 4, Football Manager 3,4, Basketball Manager 3,4, Baseball Manager 3,4. Thurman, Larry: Chorus 4, Music Council 4. Tinsley, Candy: HAWK- EYE 2,3, TEMPO 3,. Class Rep. 4, Enterprise Correspondent 3,4. Todd, Deborah: FTA 2,3, Treas. 4, Band 2,3, GAA 2,3,4, MUN 3,4, Chess Club 3,4, Terraceans 2,3, 4, Debate 3, Letterwoman 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Class Rep. 3, ASB Rep. 3,4. Toomey, Iames, Chorus 3,4. Travis, Tom: Choir 4. Ulberg, William: Ski Club 2,3,4, Car Club 4. Vallejo, julie: Tri-Hi-Y 3, MUN 3, Chorus 3, GAA 2, ASB Rep. 2,3, Sr. Ball Comm. 4, Home- coming Comm. 4. Voogd, jeff: Transferred from Ballard High School, Seattle, Washington, Honor Society 2,3, Pres. 4, Letterman 3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Basketball 2.,3,4, Football 4, HAWKEYE 4. Walker, Colleen: ASB Rep. 2, Girls' Club Cabinet 2, 3, Chorus Z, Girls' Glee 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Choir 4zMUN 4. Walker, Iohn: Trans- ferred from East Valley High School, Spokane, Washington, Football 2,3, 4, Basketball 2,3,4, Base- ball 2,3,4, Letterman 2,3, 4, ASB Rep.3. Wallar, Connie: Art Club 3,4, Ski Club 4, Home- coming Comm. 4. Wallin, Cheri: Honor Society 4. Wells, Sharon: FBLA 4, ClassRep.3. Werlech, Karen: Orchestra Z,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Terra- ceans 4, GAA 2,43 Fall Musical3. Wheeler, jean: Trans- ferred from Shoreline High School, Seattle, Washington, Girls' Club Friendship Comm. 2: Girls' Track 2, Fall Play Make-up and Costume Comm. 4. White, Dave: Baseball 2,3, 4, Class Rep. 3,4, Letter- man 3,4. White, jan: Tolo Program Chairman 2, FBLA 4. Whiting, Robert: Tennis 2, DECA Historian 4. Wilcoxson, Terry: Rus- sian Club 3, DECA 4. Williams, Scott: Wrestling 2,3p Track 2,3, Car Club 2,3,4, ASB Rep. 2. Wilson, Dale: Football 2,35 Wrestling 2, Track 2, 3, Letterman 3,4g Ski Club 4: Boys' Club President's Council 2. Wind, Clifford: Honor Society 3,4g MUN 3,4, 3-D Games Club 3, Pres. 4, Hi-Q Team 3. Winney, Lewitt: Basket- ball 2,3. Wood, Mark: War Games Club 2,3, Russian Club 3, Chess Club 2,3. Yates, Tim: Car Club 4g Band 2,3,4, Choir 4. Administration ............,......... 84, 88 Advertising ...,............... . . . 188-195 "Amahl and the Night Visitors" . . .... 54-55 Art Club ........,........,........,.... 59 A.S.B ....... .... ................ 2 2 -23 Assemblies .... .... 4 , 9, 24-25, 26, 27, 32, 33,36,37,53,56,58, 116-117,119,123,126,135, ClrE'CHee ..................... 38,110,138 Girls' Tennis .... ..,... 2 0-21 History ......,.... . . . 93-95, 138 Homecoming '69 .,............. 4, 29-31, 88, 123,148,159,167,18O Home Economics . . . ........... 36, 37, 52, 58,82-83,106,169 Industrial Arts ....... ,.... 1 14-115, 125 Inter-High Council .... .............. 6 1 Iunior Class ....,...,,.....,. 24, 61, 138-153 Lettermens' Club ........,.............. 33 Mathematics ....... 82, 87, 102-103, 119, 139 146,154-155,162,172 Band .... .. 8,9,38,39,56,108-109 120 Baseball , . . .,..,....,... 8, 9, 76-81 147 BasketbaH .... .,. 9,40-45,52,53,58 182 Booster Club . . . ...,....,.......... . . 11 Business .... ..... 6 0, 98-99 Chess Club . . . ........... . . 37 Chou ........ ...,. 38,39,112-113 Chorus ..,..... .......... 3 8, 53, 110 Cross Country . . . .... 6, 18-19, 36, 37, 118 Dances ........ ....,..,... 2 6, 27, 31 Debate Club .......,..., ....... 6 0 Donkey Basketball Game . . . . , , . 33 Drivers' Education ........... ......... 1 04 Dynamics ....,.............,.. 38, 112-113 Edmonds' Junior Miss Pageant ............ 37 Electronics ............................. 60 English ............,..,..... 52, 58, 60, 82, 90-92,118,120,136-137,154,196 Faculty ........................,.... 82-89 Fall Activities ....... . . 24-37 Fall Sports Banquet . , . ..... . . 36 F.B.L.A. .....,...... .,...... 2 6 Fine Arts . . . ..,........ 6, 8-9, 58, 59,114,142,156,178 Football . , . ............ 4, 5, 6, 8, 10-17, 25, 29,36,37,56,129,138,144,175 Foreign Languages ........ 28, 96-97, 154-155 CHrE'C1ub ....... ........ 28,56,61 Memorial ......... ...................183 Mid-Winter Concert . . . 38-39 "Miracle Worker" . . . . . . . 34-35 Orchestra ........ ...,...........,, 3 8, 111 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" .... 64-65 Physical Education ..,.............. 53, 107 Pre-Vocational Stud Rally Squad ,...... Science ......,,,.. Senior Celebrities Senior Class ..,,. Senior Credits . . . Ski Club ........ Sophomore Class . . Spring Activities . . . Study Hall ....., Tennis ..... T.G.S.S. . r Tolo '70 . . . Track .......... Tri-Hi-Y ........ Winter Activities . . Wrestling ........ Y ... ............, .105 14,24,25,29,40, 53,62,133,138,153,172 . 52,58,82,100-101,119 .................. 188-195 .............. 4,24,25, 27,30,33,152,154-182 ...,......... 184-186 ......,..36 ... 7,118-135 ....., 62-71 ......104 .... 9,70-71 ...............,,. 57 ...,................ 65 4,8,9,72-75,139,150 ................28,178 ....,,... 52-59 ....46-51,61,154 Index 187 W EVERGREEN STATE BANK Serving the south county area, Evergreen Bank in the Ballinger Terrace believes all your bank connections are vital. This is why more people depend on Evergreen for their full-service banking. "Most Intelligent" people don't hold up banks but what happened to Dave Garen and Sandy Steffan? D .NK in COCA-COLA The coca-cola company is really on the move. They're satisfying the thirsts of many students everywhere. "Campus Plirts," Tony Manzanares and Evie Rhodes know "lt's the real thing." 188 Advertising IOI-IN FLUKE MFC. CO. INC Mountlake Terrace Congratulations MANOR HARDWARE City Center Alderwood Manor 778-2.841 7001 220th s.W. YORK STYLING SALON 5603 231stS.W.' Mountlake Terrace Open 6 days a week Lynnwood Shopping Center Lynnwood 778 1202 STAN'S VARSITY SHOP Seattle 244-5700 Alaska U.S. Canada Mexico WESTERN AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL Lynnwood For Full-Service Banking ' SEAFIRST NATIONAL BANK 19405-44th Ave. VV. Lynnwood Washington 774-2155 I-IIGI-ILINE SAVINGS AND LOAN Lynnwood Shopping Center Lynnwood Washmgton 778 0400 EVERYBODYS DEPARTMENT STAR J, - 1 TLV' ,J I fa 4? .W , 'ff ,if fs V 1 .akw..,.,rs . it f 1 BURGER CI-IEE Attributed for their excellence in hamburgers and quick service, Burger I Chef, located on 196th in Alderwood Manor, is the "satisfier." "Biggest l Appetites" Linda Speed and Mike Campbell are involved with a race to I the finish! I l l in , dit ALDERWOOD DRUGS Alderwood Drugs, located at 3618 196th S.W., features the highest quality in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. "Most Athletic," Kyle Buslach and Bonnie Haas take a leisurely stroll throught the magazine section. BOB'S A Sn W Serving the finest delights - the burger family, Bob's A 8: W, on 220th near Hiway 99 in Edmonds, also has the world's largest-selling root beer. Taking an order from Renee Nelson, Kyle Buslach calls out the "Cutest Couple's" delight. Advertising 189 ' X , rwuv ALDERWOOD CHEVRON For those special tune-ups, and that very important brake work, go to Alder- wood Chevron, 3801 196th, Lynwood, Washington. Senior Bill Machado poses with two of the station's employees. SECURITY BANK - ALDERWOOD For full-pledged service, people depend upon Security Bank tAlderwood- Branchj 3609 196th S.W. Alderwood Manor, Wash. "Spirit of Terrace" Marti Mallory and Neal Baker pose it up in front of the bank. 190 Advertising of the Northwest 5903 196il"i Lynnwood Washington GENERAL TELEPHONE CO. PLAZA SPORTS WEAR 23111 56th W. Mountlake Terrace, Washington 778-3669 TERRACE RESTAURANT 5610 232nd SW. Mountlake Terrace, Washington 776-3013 LYNNWOOD BEAUTY COLLEGE 19829 Scriber Lake Road Lynnwood, Washington 776-9178 mg ' ' H 0-1 415' .4 f .jew ,mana-3, at. - P.. ' W.. .. ' X, ,. f , 1 -'QA' , ll - Q .5 A it-is . 'QI in TERRACE DEPARTMENT STORE Featuring brand names, ready-to-wear yardage, and domestics for the entiri family, Terrace Department Store, 5616 232nd S. W., Mtlk. Terr., has "Bes- Dressed" Buford Ranson and Evie Rhodes try on some sexy attire. Fi HARRIS FORD BALLINGER BEAUTY Ford has a better idea," expecially Harris Ford, 2,0000 64th Ave, W,, Lynn- Coloring, cutting, and beautiful coiffures are part of Ballinger Beauty Salon ood. Going people, "Most Musically lnclined" Sue Elvrum and Mark Erick- 20340 Ballinger Rd. N.E., Seattle. Using the salon's facilities are "Most Ac- vn, with "Most Artistic" Bob Koch and Trista Carlson, ride away. tive" Sue Elvrum and Cecil Boot. Mr. Jim Palm, American Yearbook Company "Ta-dah!" Mr. Mike Sullivan, center, adviser, proudly presents the fun-loving staff of TEMPO '70. Each day this past year, one could find this group of nutty people, pencils, rulers, and typewriters in hand, busily working to put this yearbook together. They couldn't have done it without the aid and assistance of Mr. Iim Palm, American Yearbook Company Representative, who paid money to run this crazy picture!? Advertising 191 N N Y MOUNTLAKE TERRACE RECREATION PAVILLION ' Snack Bar Best Burgers Anywherel 776-3197 AND Alderwood Manor DRY CLEANERS INC. 7779977 PRED MEYER SUPER CENTER 4615 196th SIN. Lynnwood BEN FRANKLIN STORE Lynnwood Shopping Center Lynnwood 776-7307 ALDERWOOD LAUNDRY 3311 196th SW- REC1AL CLEANERS 23119 56th W' LYNNWOOD BEAUTY COLLEGE Mountlalce Terrace 778-7800 19829 Scriber Lake Road is the home of the Lynnwood Beauty C ll It students are ersonall instructed and su ervised nat' ll t We DR. CAL ULBERC-, OPTOMETRIST Having complete visual service for eye glasses and Contact lenses, Dr. Ulberg has his location at 23107-57th Ave. W., Mountlake Terrace. Terrace "pupils" are "Prettiest Eyes" julie Vallejo and Scott Morgan. 192 Advertising if eeess Q' X P y P by 'Ona y ts. Taking advantage of the facilities are the "Sunniest Smile d Dave Zuend and Pam Rock. SECURITY BANK- SEATTLE HEIGHTS BRANCH 22019 Highway 99 Edmonds 774-9531 K-MART DISCOUNT STORE 22511 Highway 99 Edmonds Congratulations seniors' BLACK MARKET TIRE COMPANY 22324 Highway 99 Edmonds Congratulations seniors I MARTHA LAKE EOODS 52.6-164th St. Alderwood Manor The FUN PLACE TO SI-IOP! Wnasfwf 7-UP If you can't get the "uncola," make yourself "unvisible." The fresh, crisp, and clean taste of 7-Up is made to go the colas one better. 7-Up is never too sweet, and doesn't have an aftertaste. 7-Up your thirst away with the zingling taste of the uncola! In an effort to get a cup of the uncola, "Cam- pus Cutups" Iudy Hania and Roy Littler are pulling a nickle so hard, the buffalo is starting to squeal! SUMMERS PLAZA DRUGS From cosmetics to prescriptions, Summers Drugs, 5602-232nd St. S.W., Mount Lake Terrace, can fill your every need. Getting involved in the toy department are "Most Cullible," Connie Wallar and Chuck Thomas. MACLEODS OF LYNNWOOD Macl.eod's Furniture, located at 19215 Hiway 99 in Lynnwood, takes pride in their skilled craftsmanship. jeff Voogd and Lynell Kyzar, "Most Ladylike and Centlemanlyf' wrestlel? Advertising 193 M arch ands Nationally recognized for photography, Marchands Studio are located in two areas: Lynnwood Shopping Center and 2717 Colby street. Modeling "Best Figure and Physique" are Linda Peer and Chuck Edelbrock. 194 Advertising SEATTLE-FIRST NATIONAL BANK Lynnwood Branch 774-4121 Think first. . .First Bank MR. Kc MRS. LEVY S. JOHNSTON Our Best Wishes To The Graduating Class of 1970 To Our Many Friends The Class of '70 May you reach your unreachable star Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert W. Scott BILL'S ENCO 6510-220th St. S.W. Mountlake Terrace 778-9966 general car repair-tune ups-front end alignment Ballirige r Bowl Ballinger Bow, 20202 Ballinger Road N.E. in Seattle, offers fun and excite- ment for the entire family. Doubling their chance, Carolyn Kallstrom and Buford Ransom display their "Most Interesting Walk." Best Personality Cheerful smiles are the beginning of a good personality. Crowned with the honor of "Best Personalityff Pam Rock and ,left Voogd never fail to dis- play their outstanding qualities. VILLAGE TRANSMISSION 23710 Highway 99 Edmonds Automatic Transmission Specialists A Sn T TRAILER SERVICE 23704 Highway 99 Edmonds "You name it , We'll hitch it."' FRANKLIN SAVINGS 2.3206-57th Ave. W. Mountlake Terrace Branch 774-0537 PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK 5703-232nd SW. Mountlake Terrace 776-9101 RYE-CO., INC. Electrical-Telephone-Water-Sewer 22207-60th Ave. W. 774-012.4 Most Talkative "Gimme that phone!" demand both Connie Wallar and Tony Manzanares, "Most Talkativef' seniors, simultaneously. With mouths like theirs , a switch- board does come in handy. Advertising 195 1969 - end of a As the year ends and we all say "Farewell" to our friends, many of whom we will never come in contact with again, it seems natural to reflect on the past 365 days or, better yet, the past 3,65O. This summer, when the halls are finally empty and silent, the doors closed and locked, and the HUB lights darkened, Mountlake Terrace Senior High School will mark the end of its first decade. This has been a decade of change and pro- gression-progression into the next decade, into the Age of Aquarius. We all gladly welcome the Age of Aquarius and the message of peace and understanding its arrival conveys. This Age will become a reality only through the combined efforts of all. Through introduction, preparation, exploration, participation, cooperation, comprehension, and completion, the im- possible becomes possible. "No doubt the world is working itself out as it should." Anonymous-from a document in Old St. Paul's Church in 1694. PS. I wish to express my thanks to the following people for the following things: Mr. Sullivan for being our adviser, Mrs. Sullivan for being our errandsrunning person, Mr. Palm, our representative from American Yearbook Company, Marchand's Everett Camera for our Senior Portraits, Photo Equipment, Mid-Winter Concert pictures and color processing, Kyle Buslach for the use of his MTHS Hawk design, Rick Hall for his artwork, Richard Foster and Dave Lowe for being Special Assignment Photographersp Mr. Garner for the game passes for our photographers, the coaches for their cooperation with photos and statistics, Pam Rock for running errands and doing odd jobs, special thanks to Bruce Bart, TEMPO '70's head photographer, for all the extra hours he put in towards the production of this book, and all the others who are too many to mention. 196 Editor's dedication Q Mmucyw vmxlaook fouvmv ., .,, ,. 'JV q , . Q ra w '37'ZT'W'YL Q Q r. ! uf. ! l xl r! ! I E l 5: 5 Nw-lv ! 1m! 2Ti'f?TWf1'4A5'L15' ! A " ' V ' J 1 1 , . , x www WWW dggqfiwip pg FY? Sw fifjbgwlww Qwwjxwaw Nigga f QQ, Mir, 1 Mm fijmfqfwgs, '.KX 'X ' -X f Qxixpg ' J ' X U' ' 0 5 , X f ,, 1 E X S , 1 "' ' " ' '4, ', A , ".i f V .fy . N K 5 1, V V l U Wx XXL, ',l, ya .. 1 A f H 5 .f QQ, w,'?06v9ff ,v',, ,p A 4, - ff1,fwfQ,, ,,w W f ' ., Q.-.q h- ' ' - I' f, . .f ..' 4 . A L g -"A am , Q - , pi 1 X 1 ffi gfi h yi it iff. , 5. ,'.,.f1 A,i P i if Q 5' i : fi 4- ., . ., . . . ..',.1,. ,A ,,,.. f- , ., , 15, , 4? 'QQ we L, We .QW 4 ' I My Q A 5 Q. wfyfgv H fjggg,-V , i " "w w, , . V4-fi 2 .. Q M , Ffify 1 . f , ,. 1335 INV. 5 i A I .55k,mf4g,3i ,U 7 , ,, Q, 411 . if . -F451 fig Spring Division 57 VARSITY STRIKES OUT .V.'s light gloomy cellar Finishing the season in the cellar, with a 7-14 season mark, the varsity suffered a person- nel blow which ended in the releasing of several playes. With a shortage of seniors, the junior varsity was called upon to fill the empty positions. Though the seasoncarried dark shadows, the prospects for this young squad are promis- ing as they will not go unnoticed in 1972. New to the Hawk squad were two young ladies, these two Hawk"ettes', were Brenda Johnson and Marly Calkins. These two par- ticipated not as players but as maids keep- ing "home', clean and picking up after their men. They certainly added variety to the bench! TOP, Doing the "belly scrape", the opponent tags third base while baseman Dave Angdahl prepares to pocket the onrushing ball. BQTTOM RIGHT, Taking a rounded look at Coach Friesen hitting "infield," squad could be found in the afternoons preparing for a 2l game schedule. 58 Baseball r ,E yhdmwub Z li' LEFT, Racing out deeper and deeper into outfield is sopho- more outfielder Tracy Farrar, the positioned glove provides a landing pad for the cascading ball. RIGHT, Scoring another varsity run is senior Craig Ort- loff, while the base coach holds the following runner. BELOW, VARSITY BASEBALL: BACK ROW, Bob Dyche, Earl Brock, Kim Voelker, Craig Ortloff, Dave Ford, Ryan Gausman, Bryce Siegel, John Orrison, Chris Paulson, and Coach Friesen. FRONT ROW, Mgr, Dennis Warrick, Terry Prewitt, Bill Thompson, Curt Carbary, Artie Cisneros, Dave Angdahl, Dan Campbell, and Mgr. Mike Leonard. i L ' Baseball 59 if-nl wb was M it ,504 i , , ,LL. .I , . A 'K . f' f . ,g-M -"SM A we-wt' I 'I I iktvgqif W, ,Y .. K ' A I, M .K , p V. ik offer. NMA F N .WI ' R WHY ""'WN ff ' - 4 I i ff, r 2 aff' or 91. an,- TOP, JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL: BACK ROW, Coach Vance Spangler, Bob Kloppenberg, Tracy Farrar, Brad Ortloff, Greg Flores, Dave Williams, Mgr. Daryl Miller. FRONT ROW, Bob Dahlquinst, Ran- dy Raymond, Tom Hackett, Erik Voogd, Kent Brunsell, and Al Thom. BOTTOM RIGHT, Cocking his arm, senior Artie Cisneros prepares to tire the ball from his shortstop position to first base. BOTTOM LEFT, Called to deliver varsity 'Flame' late in the season, sophomore Bob Dalquinst, pitcher, smokes some of his "stufF' to home plate. 60 Baseball RACKET RAISERS Swingers net smashing season Q 4, , ,nr , ,LLA, .M . ,. y I fs' ii '-1 HF 3. A f .., .'Lk ,ff if 'if at i ltr ' , if fl? 5' S TOP LEFT, Roland Roberge, senior, stands ready to assist in a return af- ter his partner serves the ball in their doubles match. TOP RIGHT, Leaping up, Jim Stephens, senior, attempts a smash with his super-new-aluminum-light-weight racket, to place the ball out of his op- ponent's reach. BOTTOM, TENNIS TEAM, KNEELING: Jim Bakker. Alan Rassel,Russ Nelson, Ralph Bullock, Roland Roberge, Jim Stephens, and Coach Bernie I Fredrickson. STANDING: Rick Williams, Doug Ross, Lester Lange, Ran- dy Bontanini, Phil Erickson, Steve Lay, Ron Fulton, Jim Cartwright, Steve Glover, Tom Moran, Chris Sherman, Mark Borland. The strongest point for the team this year was its depth and solidness. The roster held many top contenders rather than one or two superstars as in the past. With a better record than the previous year, the racket squad finished fourth in sub-dis- trict. Tennis 61 ALL SWEAT, NO PLAY PAYS M W. Track team wins title ' . u "s 2" 1 3 wax aw..- H , , LL.,L . , A ' tttt '55 E mat 935 ms ,,,. ,,, 4.6, ff W M gg i, mm tttt A K X 1 3 wfmfg, S fm, N1 ez!-4. if 'a . A ,Af , K mv Q P ,, '?'A, Q 1 4 8 f .. . f file sh . 21-3 f if ' in ' . , - -.., A .Ezg 5 5 A A 4' M ,twyk WS. . Z if M LVVL .sq l ,,,, -FP ,, si . ., kk : K 5 x 'L Y Y 2 W-IES, ,:,v Q , , . -1 I Y OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP, John Krueger, 352, breaks the tape in the 100. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM SERIES, In set position, Gary Shumski prepares to burst forth at the crack of the gun and breaks the tape several strides ahead of his nearest competitor, then receives his reward for the hard hours of perfecting his skill. TOP LEFT, Finishing his leg of the 880 relay, Mike Maultsby, 365, hands off to Eugene Brandt who takes off on his leg ofthe record-breaking relay team. TOP RIGHT, Starting the season with a jaunt through snow covered halls, Bob Radthke, Scott Lange and Jim Nance begin their conditioning under unusual weather conditions. BOTTOM, Grimacing toward the finish line, Dan Tade, 368, tries to get the edge on Ed Ap- pleseth, 351. Dan and Ed made up an outstanding duo in the high and low hurdles. ff Meng: Track 63 -' . 7? J i FAR RIGHT, Milo Pipkin 'releases' after a 13 foot vault. BELOW LEFT, Combining proper techniques with strength and determination Rick Hall sends the discuss on ajourney of l30 feet or more. BELOW RIG HT, Exploding with all the force in his body, Dick Frost launches the shot to distances far enough to place him second in the Edmonds District. V RACK FIRST ROW Jack Rogers John Lavell Jeff Brunell BOTTOM LEFT, J. . T 1 , ' , , , Chuck Dolan, Peter Evens, Tom Armstrong, Larry Ramos, Tom Harris, Guy Middleton, Tom Cook, Dana Feller, Jeff Wang. SECOND ROW, Mike Deter, Gary Jones, Keith Krei- men, Kevin Haney, Dan Nance, Ken Baker, Mike Allen, Stu Hennesey, Berry La-Von, Brent Jones Rex Cruse, John Primrose, Ernie Emert, Coach Gordy Buslach. BOTTOM RIGHT, VARSITY TRACK: FIRST ROW, Ed Appleseth, Ron Dale, John An- des, Ray Howland, Eugene Brandt, Milo Pipkin, John Kreuger, Bob Radthke, Doug Phelps. SECOND ROW, Kevin Weber, Rick Hall, Mike Maultsby, Gary Shumski, Dick Frost, Doug Gilbert, Dan Tade, Dugan Lange, Mark Kanarick, Coach Bob Plaisance, and Mgr. Brian Kai. fm 'N t, A '4- l W ,. , T f f- , 1: 'iv-3,5 , J 1 M ' 1 at f we M' "' , 'f ' " ' 'W Ticls- D ' ,, 4 s rw' " M' ,,,,,,M, W ""' rm Hr' ' e ' :' 3-1 1 ,, 3' 9 . , , iii, ' , l X . 4 1 -, i'- , ' M , 5 it , ,, if ' I ' I I M ,M A 39 373 -. as i 3' 1 . 1 ' la FN fel, ' 551 izgw - y uit A t,:,w:.,,.,a'-, Y tc it , ',,, .qI.' ,Sw. 'A F Q 'if' v' Y of A ,' - " Ji W X KV! A J' I , V , 1 , f ,- he , I yu A ' . f M ' , . - .,.,.. , M Y' -' 3 w , .sign 1 4, V ' Iliff-, ffklfi . ,A , Q , K - if-3I,.5.,, ,... uf-ig5,'ffTa3sg,.,Z'l2E Qggf, 'ey ,.. J Y wa 64 Track l l I l l l l I I 1 I l I l l l I l 7 .r Q . THEY'RE ALL HERE Catch, run, leap, swing standings . . TRA K VARSITY TRACK SQUAD SEASON J V C SQUAD SEASON MEET aw: ka 139 are mm fsrgesi as 111 SCORES MEET SCORES Mountlake Terrace 68 gleildowfizlc Mountlake Terrace 99 Inglemoor 36 Mountlake Terrace Cggcsrzls sq , . M 1 1r T 68 Meadcwfrale 68 Mountlake Terrace isgji Duma C mace Edmonds 77 516 at Mer-rn 90 Snohomish 46 Mountlake Terrace 1 re tlake Terrace Be111rr ham 45 Lynnwood 85 5f6 -. Mountlake Terrace 91 g Everett 53 Meadowdale 139 lf3 Mou ntlake Terrace 66 , Woodwa 89 ig- Q 1, Seattle PWP 50 Mountlake Terrace y 7 " fl ! Seattle Prep 37 . ' Everett 49 DIVISIONAL TO STATE MEET I Mountlake Terrace Senior Varsity Track Placed- l 2 out of 7 schools in the Divisional Meet. 2 out of 12 schools in the Conference Meet. 1 out of 10 schools in the Pre-District Meet. 2 out of 20 schools in the Northwest District Meet In The STATE Meet- I Gary Shumski placed fourth in the 440 yd. run. Milo Pipkin placed fourth in the pole vault. 1 , 1 , VARSITY BASEBALL SEASON SCORES JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Terrace Redmond 20 Terrace 2 Meadowdale 1 SEASON SCORES ,-.. Terrace Easrmerrt 2 Terrace 3 Snohomish 4 'R Terrace Wenatchee 8 Terrace 8 Bellingham l Terrace Mariner 1 Terrace 4 Seattle Prep 6 i Terrace I6 Lynnwood 1 Terrace 18 Lynnwood 2 Terrace Blanchet 0 Terrace 1 Everett 2 Terrace 6 Marlnel' 0 Terrace 14 Searue Prep 0 Terrace Sehome 1 Terrace 3 Meadowdale 12 7 Terrace 0 Edmonds 2 Terrace 7 Everett 11 Terrace Edmonds 1 Terraee 0 Snohgmish 7 I Terrace 7 Cascade 0 Terraee 0 Meadowdale 10 Terrace W00dWaY 10 Terrace l Bellingham 2 Terrace 2 W00dWaY 3 Terrace 6 Snohomish 2 Terrace Edmfmds 5 Terrace 0 Seattle Prep 7 Tefface 6 Meadowdale 0 Terrace 2 Woodway 1 Terrace Cascade 2 Terrace 0 Everett 5 - Terrace 23 Snohomish 0 ' 'ftt ' Terrace Woodway 2 6th in the Eastern Division Season Record. 9 wins 4 losses 1 'yrrr if 15,11 .lr .rr VV,. ' - , iff 9 Dim GIRLS TRACK SQUAD BOYS'TENNIS FINAL STANDINGS CONFERENCE MEET SCORES AND FINAL STANDINGS WESTERN DIVISION EASTERN DIVISION Sehome 114 Meadowdale 34 Blanchet 13 Won Lost Won Lost Mountlake Terrace 84 Mariner 22 Edmonds 7 Blanchet 10 0 Snohomish 8 2 Everett 72 Snohomish 16 Bellingham 4 Edmonds 8 2 Seattle Prep 7 3 Cascade 54 Lynnwood 14 Woodway 0 Sehome 5 5 Meadowdale 7 3 .. Woodway 5 5 Everett 5 5 , it . ,V Cascade 2 8 Mountlake Terrace 3 7 9 Mountlake Terrace 166 Meadowdale 143 Edmonds 83 Lynnwood 15 Woodway 10 Nathan Hale 34 Shoreline 32 Mountlake Terrace 30 Sehome 29 Wopato 28 GIRLS' TRACK SQUAD DISTRICT MEET Broken District Recordsg 220 and 100 yard dash Pam Riggs Discus Kim Joseph, record ll6'1" 880 Relay Brenda Akins, Cheryl Engel, Pam Riggs, Karen Speed A Mile Relay Terry Walker, Cheryl Engel, Julie Adams, Karen Speed in GIRLS' TRACK SQUAD AT STATE 880 Relay Brenda Akins, Cheryl Engel, Karen Speed, Pam Riggs 3rd Place 220 yd dash Pam Riggs, lst place, record 25.8 fold record 26.61 100 yd dash Pam Riggs, lst place, record 11.15 Qtied old recordj Hurdles Kim Joseph, 5th place Shot Kim Joseph, 5th place Mariner 0 10 TENNIS Bellingham 0 10 RECORDS Jim Bakker-Alan Rasell tied 18 wins in school matches in one year. Jim Bakker-most total win in one season, 21. Jim Bakker-Alan Rasell tied tournament record of wins, 5. Team finished 4th in Sub-District. Jim Bakker-Alan Rasell finished 4th in Doubles at Sub-District. Spring Sports Stats 65 THIRD IN STATE Gals give boys 'run for money' as swatters, sprinters compete "Keep your pacegjust relax." "Watch the birdie." "Shoot it now." Whether it be running, jumping, or throwing, the girls' track team proved that boys were not the only ones that could compete. Headed by Coach Mar- garet King, the 26 tracksters had a very successful season and placed third in State. Although handicapped by losing some of the senior team members, the track squad, mostly sophomores, continued to win. Among the State rec- ord breaker was Pam Riggs, junior, who knocked almost a second off the State 220 record, and tied the 100 yard dash State record. At the Meadowdale Sports Day, the badminton swatters placed second in both divisions while the "Womens' Dribblation" fbasketballj teams resulted in sophomores first, juniors second, and seniors third fall within their own divisionsj in ti ai ,fx Q, .15 Girls' track team: FRONT ROW, Cheryl Engel, Terri Wal- ker, Debbie Hutchins, Brenda Akins, Julie Adams, Lilly Mayer, Sue Haas, Jeannie St. Laurent, Mauree Arthor, Ellen Frost, Linda Friez, Ritchie Roberts, and Kim Jo- zger, Terri McMahan, Lynn Metzger, Pam Riggs, Cindy Olson, Karen Speed, Jan Schwald, Lynn Bugai, Laurel Haas, Nancy Speed, Donna Peterson, Joy Reeves, and Beth Holmes. 66 Girls' Spring Sports seph. BACK ROW, Margaret King, head coach, Kass Met- m.. Kal? f an-.1 -.fa we--.SM Yr---M 1 .E . mifiw .i1.,,,2g,51 1- 1 Qi, , ? 5232 nr' in --:K 197: W te 5597?-3iZ2sG'e si-am, -f1w..1-A 1. .S 5 .W .55 7 """"Q-SWL"'I--Vliflfcti".11flsgi-egciqx. if-vg.1tlt,55K1siQi1az4akw1saggstlgisag-t, si iiasziaigtttaf ls fr if 5, 2 11231 1 mf- si We 3,159 , . wa .. M , 1 svszzms-if1i23itgEg5sggfi,s3gg f-M....Q,.,.. , . 1. f. . ,. , ...f . ,.,,.. , .. .. ayymmwsag .i11s,,g'Q5w,,,-, an we ., ., ,.,, ,,. --Mums 1 ., .,-. vf:-. Q' . . 'fs-are-11 1 1 .1-1Q21.1f'--if , ..,,,., ,,-Lgme. fa'-'wtumzm .f .wi 1 ..,..i"l -s,,ffw..,gl3i. 'S 'Z.xf?Qi:xQz:s-'siil .gn 5,5 .f...., ,. . Q sfemgf- 1.52531 wlmsxzsv m,..,,..,L,.., -1 -1s,,f12q1g.g. wzgig-kg ig, ws: .f, . ,S,5,,5,M,,,.i,L .,.,, . 5 W .5 ,..,. Sf me ,,,.. ,,.,..,M if , . -219155 , .,,.. ,,..,,,., ..,, 'I-'1'91Ic9?-f5i::'t1 !'?f'5L:t'Gsw ser? 55z.1Lg1v1P271'cSqf 5g1I57:,A.s -,gay iiifii-5 ' S-lfesvas jeg. . 11,zi.,z1im1 .-. zwarg. f- 1- wma! !!-K1faMe,.m,.s g,.,,.,g ,,,.. , a, Hff.1aevta!rg.s422g A i 45232425521 -f .f -- 1wag.,, BE.. -.1 ,af -seems.. ,age K Q W- W-fa: fm K -5' -WVEQ1 'f ,ii s?sSgs2i.2f Mix, 2 -1 !?lAfsszz.1,z-- f,,,-,W .a,,,,, -vw-1a ,, . ,, . . isa .sexi -'si' S. -vg,,,.w5, . .,5,ns, was .ax ,,,,,,,,w arab...-,s.s:e,g , ,ws . .fr ' frwssznai .Yr 5- zsyzssii-.aah zzcsv al me sm.. gy .ty 1 .M -.wa,,1.f .a.w--.-- . .J .al 111z..wi5n,.. 13, 11 W. .if-Wnkfi vw .i -i f -V W in M r'sw:rs:1 fi 5 f-g.gjf'eEg2,'1szEsazsf3??12 g---1a19?f5ff" vS've9'i21l2i T 'liiigylgljgyi j-Y'-fx-:PL .K I .33SlZQiV11" ' .ISS-LQ53' 1-'1ZE3E55El3fJS5'llifiififseiicifi ' UWSA .saw W -Yi -95-A57--:z3i.HZZ.1eL F"S'V" c'5"'v-if-3?Z':-via -21lsYir25'.l2Lm ussxazisr' "gin-S"k3,'9S?:wmsff:salfx fisriag 55ftgm.,z,.ss,.S,a: mm 1 W Q . tw,- ..v .ffms-1i. - 1.5-ai... . .. ...,.,.., . , sf. ,fa:ssgi1s-11-fQ,:eg2-..- any-If-,.. ..,.nm.s-N - , - ' 'lszanrz ,,,.. 1 -,,,m.g,. sm.. -432531592 saw ns, 1. fvsfiaazmsai'-Piveafss'szz.1ss-11-ee 4-if 1. ,,g,,,,,,,,,,g5,a , .K is 2, ., Q eww-az. rms-1--fs me .1az.1m.w--1a W -tammy we ' 'cs221i..e, - . 1.1-id ,. .. 1 1 f--f-7' so-1-, , xiifgggg, , ,, 11 we--11t1g--1 ,.1Q.1f...,. Wfigssifgg s igQ55,1af,gg1svi?is:gg,znstesi5,.,,,..,,.. .Mg--11 X-z..,..,z.f -,,,-. -315 .--ww.3-.1gf.--13-1em..fW,z,, 1.. .. ..ta11,.., .. fi .sag H21 ifigsssall' 'Y' -new "sw We-siizftvsssfsi-.L-.s.1 ,. ,, .W .5f152E5EE55i?9iZl55l5i..,.., . --misfit-a1z':fg1tigf2vis-,,.'1sfzs:1w.-frihwgsgiif- A fiiiifilg- 7 1 -5 1 1- M, K. ta, .,,f. 1.5: ---: 11.-svwvfv.fv'1w,.g1 am ., .11 my 111m-511111-221f21.f1-tw -tes,frap1g.,:,is-915632 4s'vfzsi45-55 if S96-14122z2'?fHt11mf9w?af-M1 'I-fiiiiiffi .1 -9522.55 .57 -if-1t?1iib6,1 5:.e?E35f" f- -1 s--wg 11 '1s,,sz,g-.. z,1 W 1115, 15251: ei... , me -ff,'.. ,. U--el-1 .V M 'Wfasts-WL---3325552115215-1Q. ws " ' Q 'Q ,.,.,,gL,. .. E-1 waz?'tSi1ss'T2-535-i?e?SQ'cf2XfWiSiii. 'zwaiiiili-'li-L 511. sz fn-m-1.,m:?e2.f2v,-- Messire-1f1fs..fefSg,.H . ,- me c, ,. 1 We -V112-11315 ' 1: 21..1wfsg1S--15-.agar .112 ww raw-:M1s111rs1S1m eww. 113- wi...1. me his 1 M-g:1wW.-15-1.51.1 I' K Zlfiiiaizza- ,,,,,,,,,,.1q,,, ,g ,E ...,,.,, Us ..,.. s ,.., . 1 ,F as-"""" ',, , . --11-as Way. tw ,.,,.2z,w,.-.g,,fgg,1s.r. ,,,t,..a.,g. 5, gg M 4es1rQe51fg.f1f25a,gegza,, V, L, me . ...... t.f--1--1,.ez11 a.., 'ass 1 - - ff -11 3j,,3,5.W,,- , 1-:i"55aQ!. -if ,.:1z:si'1 Sv fi Sl im- in 5 ,, .saw -- ,ffgaiwi - , gggimsaftzitziiaszkgiggw1z,Sf-si.gz,g,,,11,5- ' " -WS,..,,,,..M. ..i , .,,,.,,.3,.,, H, - .M-...1-aa,,fg.. .s11,s,s52,Iiz,-.1 --mfseaezifsalvr 11 1 if, if 51. , 1 - ,, 1, ,.1w,,., 1 1- -f1- -arf... -.e-1--- win-m,,w, A Wk , 'ts-fffssiim' ,,------M1211 2.4 Q, . , .WW- f w...1. . f ,, ,ra WJ ---- f7.f:,1Q .?ii?l5i5"1f' 'imiliiifkf Lzlksileixi 1 - gm, ... ....... W.. 111 g.,,,,.,,, , -.e,1..., - . ., f 5. ,..,,.,,,. 4... .,,. es, 5 'L,lfiiifiif,115Si"i.izli?-55155 ., ..f. f fam.--2-.--1,, H .1---1 X 9-ici? Sh- wvssafrflf-H55 511,-113- -a,11 .. ,..,,.., it. ,W 4535??l52gis1.wi,9ige2s11s Qs ,tr f ,, an-tis.. , 3 Q. s 51 -11.259515--L., QTY'-'14'f'5i1'i,zfk11 gissilewts-ttiztgigfsf-,iq '55, yu Qt 4 ww. ,M ,M . ,Mmm 4 OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP RIGHT, Jacinta Delacruz, junior, eyes the basket while anticipating a shot. TOP LEFT, Once again, Pam Riggs, jun- ior, breaks the tape to win a first place rib- bon. BOTTOM LEFT, With a look of con- fidence on her face, Robyn Willingham, junior proudly baps the birdie. CENTER, V-sitting is one of the many warm-up exercises done in track. mg, - i. f-513 ' , V i ' Q Girls, Spring Sports 67 inf we .1 TO SAVE LIVES Students give gifts of themselves 68 Blood Drive HN 9 l If you had a history class first semester, chances are pretty good that you got to listen to Terrace graduatel Joe Black talk about life on the kidney machine and the work of the Northwest Kidney Foundation. Part ofl his presentation included a plee for donations of moneyi and blood. Because of Joe's visit, the blood drive was conceived and soon carried through. A history teacher, John Reid, got busy and was able to obtain enough promises of blood from students and faculty members to war- rant a visit from a King County Blood Bank mobile unit. Students with parent permission slips were excused from classes to give blood. Response to the plea for blood was so great that at least twenty-five students who were prepared to donate were unable to do so be- cause of a lack of time and equipment. The "blood-1 mobileu left full. In all, over 160 pints of blood, wort about S5000 was collected for the Seattle Kidney Cente to help pay their increasing debt. The blood drive had a big day at Terrace, and many go a chance to help save a life. Besides, a few students go to see themselves on television. ABOVE, Debbie Crawford, sophomore, smiles bravely at one of th nurses as she awaits the initial poke. Acting as overseers, Ed Alivert and John Reid, the project's instigator, stand by. BELOW, All set for what he imagines will be a painful encounters Sam Elwonger, senior, grimaces as he cautiously extends his arm ti receive the needle hovering nearby. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK Terror of hunted portrayedmon tage l To the world, Nazi Germany was a terrorg to the Jews it was Anne's eyes, and one can see the viewpoint change as Anne hell. matures from a happy girl of thirteen to an intense young 5 woman of fifteen. The Frank and VanDaan families decided to run to Holland where they soon after went into hiding with a Dutch Jewish The Thespian Society, under the experienced guidance of dentist, Mr. Dussel, in a factory attic. These eight obtained Miss Elaine KlCiH, and difeclcd by Pam Chfistensell, SCI1i0l', any outside supplies and information from the factory owner, added a touch of humor to a moving drama and disclosed a Mr. Kraler, and his secretary, Miep, tenseness to the audience that lasted through to the end. Un the photo below, Anne appears to be preoccupied with put- Their mter-relationships are presented as seen through ting on her shoes while Mrs. Frank talks to her.J " ,pw mini K 4 Q J ,- - 'Y . xx -raw! ,Qt 5.3 K f P .. f,,,fs4 . ,.,,,,, . . . 53 . , f 4 Q-.1 ft Q A s r . The Diary of Anne Frank Director ............. Miss Elaine Klein Student Director ....... Pam Christensen CAST OF CHARACTERS Stage Sets ...,.......... Sam Elwonger Jerry Wahlstrom Mr. Frank ..... .... L oren Soland Lighting ...... .... D onna Edgerton Miep ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, P enny Howell Sound Effects ...... ....... .I eff Cleppe Mrs. VanDaan .......... Nancy Cooper Tickets ................. Kathy Sparlin Mr, VanDaan ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, C ecil'1'yler Publicity Managtf ........ Kitty Hanson Peter VanDaan ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pax Locke Usher Committee .... Linda McGoldrick Mrs, Frank ,,,,,, ,,,, M glinda Brown Make-Up ............... Gail LUlldgfCIl Marggt Frank ,,,, ,,,,, B rook Balgef Costumes .............. Nancy Cooper Anne Frank , , , ,,,,, Bobbi Hackett Georgianne Mann Mr. Kraler .... .... R andy Kocher Program Chairman .......... Pax Locke Mr, Dussel ,,,, ,,,,, P aul McKee r V 3 Spring Play 69 A wa iiii A A ,, f :nr W ffvti tfw wi . PUCKERED PORKER REIGNS- 70 Carnival ww: It ' K L , -i if w JW-.,,...M, - N . If ni .QM -, fig gm 5 QM af 3 12. 1 af ,Q K 13 'T 5, 5- in I f. z,,,.,,, W Carnival 71 ENTERTAINMENT TIME Talent displayed in 'Spotlighfg down runway to fashionable tea k 72 Talent Show 5 L 3' Ya? nw. 1, 63 ? if ' L, -'M ark, N 461' f 1 f +1-.M 92 Sian gk 1 ,QQ Y. X' . , ,, yfw S - , I . 4, V ,F g, Ni k X www 5 jg- , K. H V , 5 Us ,x , - I 2' QW ' - . ' 3. ,ik if " ,F V 'wif eg af-Har' '4 ' C ' in 931 4 xiii A JS A wr f, ,ggi Q as W' 2 - U 4 fx , 4.. ,Q V7 N, S., ff, ,PH M -m , ,e' mf ' .f 1 Mother-Daughter Tea 73 ww.,- Sw 74 Spring vw... as A' 3 3' OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP RIGHT, Struck by Spring fever, Mau- reen Silliman, junior, and Sheryll Norris, sophomore, stroll lei- surely to their next class. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM LEFT, Throwing responsibilities and cares away, Ray Stevenson, activities co-ordinator, relaxes after a long school year. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM RIGHT, The unveiling of the 1971 TEMPO was an exciting event for the anxious students at the yearbook distribution. TOP, Receiving recognition for their outstanding ability, Artie Cisneros, senior, receives a plaque for the dynamics from Gover- nor Dan Evans. BOTTOM, An everyday scene, the "Christains" met at brunch to sing and praise Jesus. "We love Jesus because he first loved us." WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN 'Seniors dance night away' On the rainiest night of Memorial Day weekend, the Spanish Ballroom of the Olympic Hotel sheltered approximately 100 couples at Senior Ball. The band was described as being "Superb". The eight-piece orchestra, Pacific Northwest Ter- ritory, gave the stage to Artie Cisneros while he took a few minutes to sing the theme song, "We've Only J ust Begun". Picture takers found a perfect angle from the balconies sur- rounding the ballroom. Some couples also found the bal- conies to be at a perfect altitude. Dimly lit chandaliers gave enough light for the males to do a fancy new rendition of the "two-step", unrestricted by their cumberbuns. There was an indication that most of the girls were Cinderella in disguise- the bewitching hour found the room nearly vacant. Committee chairmen were: publicity, Tom Baptistag refresh- ments, Debbie Dixon, correspondence, Glenda , Hamlin, decorations, Debbie Weaver, programs, Machelle Murdock, tickets, Gary Shumskig entertainment, Sara Reed, Hospital- ity, Pat Raug over-all, Siam Elwonger. 76 Senior Ball OPPOSITE PAGE, Mesmerized by the music andfor each other, couples glide over the floor, taking care to coordinate their footwork. TOP LEFT, Donna Kuntz and Jim Stephens, seniors, present their program to Pat Rau, junior, as he formally an- nounces their entrance. TOP RIGHT, An unannounced surpise, even to himself, Artie Cisneros, senior, vocalizes with the band to "We've Only Just Begun". BOTTOM, What words can say, eyes can show. LaNae Farrar, senior.' anu Doug Phelps, junior, show a typical ex- pression of couples on the special night. Senior Ball 77 MILL GRINDS OUT 400 MORE Grads, 'Frank' finall make it "Is it working?" "Testing, l,2,3,4, testing." At 8:00 sharp the whispering in the audience was hushed by a figure on stage. Bill Thompson, senior class president, stood patiently in front of the micro- phone waiting to begin the commencement. "Ladies and gentlemen, the graduating class of nineteen-hundred and sev- enty-one." The "Star Spangled Banner" proceeded and then the exercise unfolded, the theme being-"To be, not to seem." Commencement speakers included Milo Pipkin, selected by senior class, Linda Merriman, by teachers, and Sam El- wonger, by Honor Society. The ceremony ended with the Alma Mater, "Pomp and Circumstancef' and the tearful procession of the graduating class. BOTTOM, Milo Pipkin, center, addresses the audience while Linda Merriman and Sam Elwonger show off the new plaque presented by the Crown Company. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT, Bill Thompson, senior class president, receives his corn flakes and a bad time from Mr. Haase at the senior class breakfast hosted by the faculty members. OPPOSITE PAGE, RIG HT, Mr. Smith, engineer,gradua- ting with honors, gives his warmest wishes to Machelle Murdock. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM, Ray Howland halfsmiles as he awaits his turn to receive his diploma. if F 1-. ., ....., . .Lnnin....-M . .. eff'-fi A ii i S l 3 l E i E f E 78 Graduation l 'T Q 3 1 i , Hifi -ef'3eLrfg121 E l M . ,ba Jae .. mf Q If ,1' Graduation 79 YZ

Suggestions in the Mountlake Terrace High School - Tempo Yearbook (Mountlake Terrace, WA) collection:

Mountlake Terrace High School - Tempo Yearbook (Mountlake Terrace, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mountlake Terrace High School - Tempo Yearbook (Mountlake Terrace, WA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Mountlake Terrace High School - Tempo Yearbook (Mountlake Terrace, WA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Mountlake Terrace High School - Tempo Yearbook (Mountlake Terrace, WA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 36

1970, pg 36

Mountlake Terrace High School - Tempo Yearbook (Mountlake Terrace, WA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 95

1970, pg 95

Mountlake Terrace High School - Tempo Yearbook (Mountlake Terrace, WA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 53

1970, pg 53

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