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m1'.'sg.i.g,, L,., N 1 , .st X 1 fx ' , , Q , -x-- 4" 5 ' 1- ' " Y ' 1 2. . YT " A six. , 2313- '45, ,, ' 4. 1 -m' mm, w mu: w. W1 an 5 - - - ,f -1' H fy: - " ,'17j"9L :?,?W?sZ1: ffjfwf1'm-452535,' g - " , . , ' Wi. ' A ' ' 1 5' My ' .I f -Q - , r, .. " . V '- 7,'2'f 5" 1 . -' V - 1-1. ,.-f A v,y,,'f , 'rf 1 . 36f?:"..r , ,- -' ,- K .:y.fsQ' -,I , V , 114 ' -' , fi 'f "4 . , ,Y 251.9 , -'7'f - - Til ixifg ' A 52. if - ' A Qi. -gif.. . fn, ' 'f,,:'f'L?:1:-A51 E' . ,LN ki' ' ' ,, Q 4 . . :N , A W r-gh. - 9 .,-. ,G-Q: , 1 V. n -:gg : .1 2 111-1 1 f Mg , . , iff: Aff' ,,Qi.'.1g5,A f:A21'3::.Q, uw- ffw -.hw-54 nv: 9 '.-fa. ,f ' , '12 EL, 4.83 -,g I ',-E" 443- "W 1 K- Q X ,f'+"'f'1,'7.",z'Ji, ' 45' ' Y" T -iii?-hifi? 1i15g25?i4:H , "f RYEKWQQEZS ' 1 ,. 2, ,,K A . ,N ,fgiaxgga Qiffie '?,'Q'v'pwffi'i7i?3i?fl'k??if71v' ' Qiiiffiff? I 'W' 1 , t 'EW ,114 3411. Ma- 1 'lf'-viii. 'W A Vkh'. 'L ' . 5-iif-rfffifaigal,gf' -'sffizg3,Q3,g,gf?if5,-.5 ' . . E51 , - ' .CA , .,,Qz' ' if . Table of Contents Photo essay ......... . . Faculty - Curriculum .... Autumn ................ Winter .... . . . Spring .... . . . Seniors ......... . . . Senior credits 84 Student index ........ Advertisements . . . . . . Editors' dedication ..... The night set softly . so Withlhse hush of falling Leaves castin g shivering Shadows on the houses g Through the trees. 1 -gui And the light from the Street lamp y l Paints a pattern on the wall , Like the pieces ofa l Puzzle 1, Or a child's uneven scrawl. r ff Up a narrow flight Ofstairs in a narrow Little room My eyes can Dimly see The pattern of my life And the puzzle That is me. E' i I f 1 , - X l-. X l X 'EB' '-'.'.'.'. . I-1'2" -. . ....--.....'.-. . 1 . . .g.g:g:g: g:g:g.,.,.,. :-:- :-:-:I:I:1:-: :5: :-: ........... ' :-:-:-:-:-:-:-' ' ' '-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.- :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:S:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:::':-.,. -'--:535:--- 5::535:535gg33E3::: -.-:-:-.-:"1fZf1fIi'5'f" ' 'f'Q:f:::3: !'3:f:f:f:f:f:f:f'3' :-:- :-' .... ' I.: I. . . 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' -Z-F-f-Qffffuffilfl' A'LfQ5EQ?QfjQi-rf5??13 N x x -44537 I fl 133l'3'1f"' I-I 3-1 ' 'Sail 6 From the moment of my birth to the Instant of my death There are patterns I must followjust as I must Breathe each breath. Like a rat in a maze The path before me lies. And the Pattern never altars Until the rat dies. I 7 Like the Or thed My life IS made Patterns that can srfarcely be controlled. E I nf M -'i .,W, 2?f,fe:fTQ1pf' Ea iw "2f 3if:V ,.,,.. L ,pg A , , H f assi' ' ' f rric: ul um Mr. Harry Malnes, vice-principal V Mr. john Fox, principal Establishment strives for understanding Dr. Harold Silvernail, superintendent Characteristics of the individuals who make up a stu- dent body would have to be the most important reason for a school to be outstanding. Among the most desir- able student characteristics are a spirit of friendship, maturity, a desire to excel, a sense of humor, and a feeling of togetherness. Striving for this program of education which chal- lenges our student body, is the goal of our ambitious administrators. They have, together, added a combina- tion of authority, discipline, and understanding to our school. Mr. Ron Fraser, activities co-ordinator Mr. Ed. Aliverti, counselor "Sheer idiocy!" Mrs. Beth Garrett exclaims, trying to decipher a teacher's handwriting. She must be a com- bination secretary-Ann Landers. Life at the main office is just as hectic. There, the secre- taries work their fingers to the bone helping students and faculty. Assisting students with their problems, finding jobs, and selecting colleges, keep our counselors busy. It may be a crazy life, but whether writing passes or right- ing schedules, the secretaries and counselors are defi- nitely needed. Mr. Win McMullen, counselor Mrs. Lucille jones, counselor Whether writing or righting, th ey're needed Mrs. Pat Rein, head counselor L. TO R.: Mrs. Patricia Lindblom, Mrs. Wilma Bruce, Mrs. Shirley McElroy Mrs june Brightman, Mrs. Bernita Grimm, and Mrs. Doris Alaniz 13 it ii MEA E Q la W, 3- Mrs. Gertrude Butler, head librarian Mrs. jean Michl, Mrs. Rosie Anderson, and Mrs. Peg jewel, cooks. 54 Q Kli- 1' ls Terrace's food good? Ask the cooks. Mrs. Hester Davidson, librarian Mr. james Strong, Mr. james LaPonce, Mr. Harry Royer, Mr. Ray- mond Goebel, and Mr. Frank Smith, custodians. Without the cooks, nurse, librarians and custodians, school wouldn't be as healthful, knowledgeable, or clean. . Ep' Mrs. Marion Fyall, nurse V ,a,A. , tix Mrs. Lois Hutchinson, study hall Surrealism on a school bus? The reflecting roof mirrors the morning ride "Quiet it down!", a voice booms across the cafete- ria. Study hall is in session. Around the room, heads bow in concentration. An occasional whisper, gig- gle, or snore are the only occurrences that disturb the silence. ln' the driver's education class, however, engines roar. Students, trying to distinguish between their left and right hands, grin over their steering wheels. Engines will murmur the sounds of machinery in the driver's education classes, while silence looms over our study halls. Mr. Richard Ayers, driver's education Educational training bolsters youth Mr. Louis Sternberg, pre-vocational training Mr. Will Caldwell, pre-vocational training Mrs. Delores Uhlman, business education . za QM? l S Mrs. Beverly Funk, business education "Mind your own business," - result ofskills W - 1 25' mp Listening to business education's "big brother" is Pat Jaeger, senior. 16 Mr. Leo Sherrick, business education si. -f ,- ' sf Msg.. ft, Q -fiv-.ttgfgrtw ,mug 4- 2 ,J .inf-J 'H . . , .. U. .. .Huff I f f- .--.5-mtisu , -- 'aww-:5is.ff,, ' . ff" A ge 5, ,V .,wH.,i,. M ,. . N,,.,,e-1.-. ,, 5 V. -' H , A. ' f . . ws? ,4 5 g -W Mi.. ,M fugsggls. ,Q ,A -ft: K fi-. .: . N -,Ji 'init , .j-Hz 'fg,,2f:?i'i3 i M it ' . an-ff ., . 5: 'L Wiff' ' .1 i ,gs ,. ww -1' -K , X ti 163 .w - ,Q if' " W' iff? Y - 1 e lif..- ' -- s .. -ff e .. . """""J Mrs, Ellen Thornburgh, business education 3 V,W.f-"F Mrs. Marion Bellows, business education "The student with the skills is the one who gets the job." The business education department trains stu- dents to become competent in the necessary skills which are used in the fast moving business world. ln May, the secretarial and office laboratory classes for seniors planned a workday. Each girl spent an entire day in a regular office, working and observing the em- ployees. Activities such as these are planned to fa- miliarize students with the business world's "tricks of the trade." l' Mr. Lloyd Keily, distributive education Mrs. Edyth Henderson, business education Mrs. Carol Flakus, business education A 5 .,,. . pug -C Mrs. Mavis Troyer, business education I Xe Mrs. Barbara Bumgarner, history Mr. Gordon Buslach, history There is more to it than just history! l QIPF' Nat k Y X. Mr. Bob Plaisance, history Miss Penny DeCraaff, history 18 .Ju E Mr. George Yount, history Mr. Don Ford uses the overhead projector to teach his class Mr. Larry Burke, history Trying to acquaint each student with history and what it has to do with him is the goal of the history department. Names and dates are not nearly so important as in previ- ous years, but they do have their place. In history, teach- ers strive to emphasize the importance of the students' heritage, and to help the student find his role in society. In the social studies complex, students not only study about the past, but they also learn of the world around them. 19 Mr. john Reid, history Mr. Don Ford, history Mr. Sam Beesley, history Mr. Bruce Beaman, history Upon entering the Social Studies Complex, a student might encounter many strange things. The secretary tries to beg, borrow, or steal any booster button she sees. And any unsuspecting student may find himself lost in the maze of seminar rooms. Of course, in history one is expected to become acquainted with the subject matter and they do this quite well. History opens doors to tomorrow Congressman Lloyd Meeds dynamically lectures. Mrs. Ora Cottrill, history viii, Mr. Ken Bumgarner, science Mr. Marty Terzieff, science "Developing an understanding of environment using natural student interest as much as possible," is the main objective of science. Mr. Chuck Rishor, science Operation ofthe microscope is essential in biology Hawk scientists examine new worlds F Mrs. Mary Stites, science l 21 4 . e - - M ,f . .. . Q A --L X, . MM 1- -- Q, -wfafmxfissemfw ------ww-ms 2 Hwgm s f ei' ,es Qegsmeiexrfis 155-age?-?Ei5yfai:i W 1' --'I?::E'l:-2-:.':k': ':-:' y K A' .-:.::-1.1512 w'ff1.2?" . r' 'Q' 2 W 7f9VTSi5T!j Eff' lfT25'l3a57 -1--':.i"a.E'fI1'2fF'f::-"F:- V" ' ' X JWFWEQQ5-e?.55.i5-A ferr?-55LfSLiSEZEiEI'Evi - 91 V- ms A-im . -. - -zg::.:':i:- 5: :af--" -: - ,- .- if. .V :fi - 'SF' 2 K ,,.. Q , i , , ,, . -n,m,,-2 , is . H ' -1- 5 ewwme1g22Qg- ,Y 'Em M B -, l i, fs segegeasissfzs- -S Qi Y Q? ' " 1 , ,- Q?H:,::fg::?:':ll:'.: ' 2:3 ll.. , A 545135 - ,251 51 if if llwflg 5 , Y - " - W : - - -2,1 -.,--v - it fs-ggggwfgwus-W-a,'1a 5 . . . S -- I - - - ' - ' is 'fi - Qmisggeasa K HN, 2 Mi- , ,-'HSQQH -ww emit? 1m?Pvw-Q .. .. .. ,A -. -- -,- - A g,?fe,f- i 'i f 'W' ".-":5' ,.:'j,:: -- 1925?-,gr,:g4v4Qx:e2if2s 1 ,Q , W a Swap 1 gf as ,rs, i, A Mr. Ken Riggers, science Mr. Merle Blevins, wood shop, helps measure a piece of wood. im .z., ,gg . l l 0 ,Q 4- 1 gi? F S ,MM 7' J? ., 3 r -. Q0 , wr 2 s Rusty Straw is busy creating a "metal masterpiece". Industrial Arts is an active training depart- ment on campus. It involves metal, wood, auto, and electronics classes. Architectural drafting incorporates all the understandings in this field. Mr. Melvin Kolstad, metal shop Mr, Wayne King, drafting Unitin g, carving, assembly, designing . Mr. Dale Shotwell, electronics Mr. Murray Cleveland, auto shop 22 Q 2 ' Mrs. jean Ove, arts Mr. Ray Martyn, band Intense art creation lurks in junior Greg Martin s hands. Fine arts mark expression and creativity Mr. Frank DeMiero, music Kaleidoscope of school life was displayed in the HUB by the art department. During the year, the teachers strived to "entangle the student's everyday activities, decisions, and thinking with art thinking in its widest, most general sense." Expression and creativity were also a mark of the music students. Choir, Dynamics, and stage band planned atour across the state, while the Concert band and Girl's Glee planned tours to the junior high schools. Dynamics entertained the community. wi ., T-ts' vi Sat, .,. l fwz .f fi N, 15, Es' Q W? if t I il aw 1 i s ssc! Mr. Bill Anderson, orchestra Mr. Bernie Fredrickson, crafts 23 l l ' . wgm 1 Cliff Wind and Mr. Hal Broenkow experiment with inertia. Mr. Don Haase, mathematics. Our math department hopes to instill the ability and the desire to pursue whatever vocational or academic goals any individual might have as far as mathematics are concerned. They strive to show each student in their classes the best way to truly effectively learn all there is to know about mathematics. lt can involve anything from bal- Mr. Hal Broenkow, mathematics. ancing a checkbook to abstract reasoning. Good checkbook balancing: mathematics' goal Mrs. lUdY R0b9fi5, m2fl'l6m3flC5- Mr. Cale Filer, mathematics. 24 i Para '--3. -oi- at-: . . --.1s:. ' -: :ft 2 s fi '1' f':st'i t- iff lil f. l .. K 1 I ' 'I -I H' V.., : . A 'i': '?':-:s.e' . -.3 i 'i:.1 ?l ff ?"' t'x . 'f 'lP! -- - X Q, ' xii, We :W !"m""S Mr. Nelson aids Richard Nelson in swimming exercises. Mr. By Nelson, physical education and health "Run you chicken fats, run"! "Sprinting seems to be a great opener in physical education classes. Students share in team and individual sports. Mr. Bob jacobs states "Sweating" as one of the main activities. Although the work is hard and rough, the teachers are always helping keep the "body" l Miss Margaret King, physical education on the go' "Everything seems to be shaping up." Miss Lucille Case, physical education and health. Mr. Bob Jacobs, physical education and health 25 'unq- +.4 L ,F 5 ai-T sf li V 1 W -s . trgr g ' T Miss Cherry Ann Courteau, home economics Mrs. Betsie Snoey, home economics Mrs. Gwen Tollefson, home economics Home economics: an aid to better living "Gee, Miss Courteau, I always thought you couldn't get married!" "What will you do if I run the needle through my finger?" These are just two of the many remarks the home eco- nomics teachers are faced with each day. The instruc- tors work hard to get points across concerning the many 'discussable facts' found in these classes. Mrs. Betsie Snoey says boys are much easier to work with than girls, because they don't think they know it all! Family living is also offered to the "mature senior student." Rick Gunselman Mike Crowley, Wayne Erickson, jim Caswint, and Pat Pearson enjoy their own cooking? 26 The selection of Miss Standards is another event that took place often in the home economics room. Mrs. Clorinda Arnold, Spanish No matter how you say itg that's life! The main purpose of the foreign language department is "to give students as great a knowledge of the languages as possible in the time alloted." Teachers feel that a Foreign lan- guage can "broaden one's background, add to one's knowledge of English, and can help one in a career while traveling." A 790, A 40" MLM... Cheri Barr learns French through earphones. Ce'st la vie, asi es la vida,or la vida es asi' ,Q 13- kgji-5.5 X Q Mrs. Debbie Kozeligky, French Mrs. Barbara Chamberland, Spanish 27 ff? QM. Miss Anita Kilponen, Russian Mr. Don Timmerman, English Prepositional and participial phrases are not the only topics included in the English curriculum. Teaching an appreciation and knowledge of literature is also a battle for our English teachers. Public speaking, journalism, and yearbook are also in- cluded in these English departments, but are taught in separate courses, as electives. English 12 is no longer a graduation requirement, but is still offered as an elec- tive. It can be a good or bad thing, but whether we like it or not, English is here to stay. Mrs. Barbara Logan, English Mr. Bob Sanford, English E f W Mr. Dave Empfield, English Mr. Don Schlieman, English Z fl -' Q A Q -'-. , Q is -lm .357 .- Q E Mrs. Barbara Carlson, English Mr. Paul Weaver, English 'E " A 2 ' is is 1 E 1" Mr. john Logan, English Miss Ann Pym, English Mr. Mike Sullivan, publications 'mv S Miss Elaine Klein, English Mr. Don Scholl, reading Good or bad, English will always be here to stay Mrs. Elizabeth Houff, English Mrs. Kathleen Kreiss, English 29 ,J P m anti' , 4 if f Q 3' 4. fw if Q .f r' 41' 5' m. is 'Silva fl? 9' '55, We Q' 1 f' QF? ug 'H Fi 3,13 W 'f 393' 5 'I AL' ws' 4' fm vim I Q 'E 4? " 'ws f - mf i xf,Wf, if 0 s .X v 'S W . 4 ml X q 0 se, .1 '35, wi 1 W f .P .ix In Susan Abston i get if . E -' 2- Q, if so '- 1: ff in ,. ME. Bobbi Alexander john Andes Brian Bailey t 3 Q ,E 5 is SX 9. 5 ,S V W Barbara Beals L , MQ L laaaal an A . 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Howard Haley K is-gg 9 ' S ,is T L x t. ftiifiiimif 2' ff t -F -t judy Hania Carol Hans jeff Hansen 52 jerry Hansen Sandra Harrell df is 'fir 'E 542 E lk Rick Harris Chris Haynes Peg Hardy CathiHarris A L Sm, Edgar Harry Linda Heikkila james Harrell Mark Harris . 'N' E, 'iii' Mary Hartun g F X -I' is ,,.., ,ol Q K FL' Q .-z 'Tx lohn Hereford Bob Hill Diane Hill Kris Hines i 6 ' s i i i ii H i -H .-:i .5 1 it Lax at a 'st 5 H Thea Hollingsworth Allen Holmes Ed Hopf if Teach ers appreciate captured! Sue Herrmann Sue Hodgson Hi Qi i f Mike Hopkins captive audiences, and Bea Willoughby seems jenny Hickenbottom i fi ' i s W: f E x ' -.kx ' - glssgfk Dean Hoekema Mike Hornberger cf rises 1" fill Sz, Robert Hildahl Diane Hogan Bob Huggins ww: Really digging their work are Bob Hill, Bill Machado, Jim Ils, and friend. C aulnsem Chris Jesmer Laurie johnson Paul Johnson A T 3' af J gh H im Mt Y H xx ' , Norma Jones Sharon Jones Tim Kalitovic ,Z.i i 1.- ,,ag,g ' IIA is f i Deb Kemper Judy Kilbury Rick Kimble Debbie Humpal t Dan Hutchins H il , x f 'F Dan Jachalke Stuart Johnston Carolyn Kallstrom M F, 2 xt if . ks. X Tim King 54 Merilane Huston Larry Hutchins ew K - Kathi Jacobson Da ve Jon es Roy Karrer br i i? Kathy Kirkpatrick Cheryl Hutchins Jim Ils it as is 'tlt 2' 1 15. Dave Jaeger Guy Kazala Cherl Kleineau 1 ..., ' Marsha Kniffen , we R f 3 Scott Kreiman R i K H 3: 5 QM. - x 3 is FXR 3 Larry Land E ' iw john Lawson Nancy Lilja Russ Lonn it , is 516121 Am Harold Knox Don Kreiman v-N. .. Ea E ,Wig . ' Bob Lane Terri La y Jeanette Lindberg -. 'arft tf 9' F-55 5 .,, 'V -"k V ii. lody Loomis lean Knutsen Duane Kremel Q. E Q 6 J! we Lf 'Yi ts? 22 T72 Tom Langdon gf X Richard Lee Gloria Linderman I H , r if 1 gk 3 'iw' 50? L l 2 gf ,t,g,i if David Lowe 55 .' 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Ernie Najar Brian Nordness i ,K 15, 2 91 g i 91 E ., t.. 1 - 5 ei 5 S is Em Y Chris Miller Ioyce Miller .1 me My S Becky Moffitt Lynda Molitor aaan S C i ss i igg W 7 - .i -' S .- , S fi i s 5 Sunny Moor 'R 'i It st X 'S joe Moseley Kathy Nash Sue Norman Mike Morehowe "I promise, etc . . . ", Steve Lance, junior, pledges during ASB pre-elec- ,wt Ai V ' 'YR aim 5 1- 3- 1 P Qi 5' Lf WN M ' If vi Dave Moses tion assembly. I stt ,Q gg fi 1 'g i' V ff?" -QS - Wayne Murphy -at if M K . Kathy Nellis Renee Nelson 2 6 , -f S iii, Laurene O'Brien Cathy O'Donnell gXsj.ii f1E gq c,t ,, :5fi' . is-"rw f". v1aggse21: t.: lh Dale Myers Wickie Newell Elaine Oldenkamp Peggy Myers Mark Nolton Nancy Olin jeepers Creepers! Where'd you get those peepers, Bruce Bart, junior? Ida Pennington 'fww - s a , Duane Pricer lx' wb 5 'W-4' ,s we, fx i , ye YK Bonnie Rasmussen 5 1 ' ., A 3315 Les Pheifer ii gf Denny Pynn i,V, rrsissie jean Rasmussen ,K . .ffl was ' T' fi ' Wade Pfrimmer , X s L, l ilzg " 5 . . ,: A ' .si, 'ia 5 g I Laurie Quay 3 ii is We s M if Patty Rasmussen iissi Karen Olsen P14 - 5 s :..,: arf I .... - ' or gi Ralph Parise s o W. F Greg Pearce A 1 ,-. 1 fewtv' ,- i l " ywlsfuffz. 21 fi Randy Phillips Dave Quick Randy Rauscher 58 H, 3, if Nia wb., 1 Paul Olson , Q? 5 2' Bill Paulin .:,, If ' 'ri Eg' si loAnne Pearson La Velle Pinkey . an X. ,. 1. . : ly Q si Y- j.,,i.i "if"-W 1+ X. , , I 4 I s wa, Cliff Rairdon Maryke Ravensberg Wayne Oppie Q fa g? Billy Peacock Linda Peer Laura Potter 41 QF RN Buford Ransom .4 Ed Reilly J' .a 7 .ifwfffafi " . ff ' ,V , Hia , K . :- Michelle Reschke .Dj br ,945 S tg., .Q s MW: KL it ,, , V g,,g,e-an ga ft-7,1 g , is-qgjg? V-Wim Q. -. , ,. Barbara Roberts Lori Rogers E . -,:. ' L"' t L' f sk Richard Scates 5 R - raara I Agfa, Dennis Seeber 1 S iezai S giggiiig QEQHi5g ei. 5 Evie Rhodes Margaret Roberts Geri Romero Rita Rice it i x f S X , ff ,te s. mga? J. 1 as J, mt , Mike Robertson jerry Ruff Wayne Schlumbaum Cliff Schroeder Kerin Seek Bob Setting Chris Sibley Steve Silliman ludy Simmons 59 Linda Rich Linda Robinson I 4.,." i fi tw' S' U Bruce Ryback taiaaf W 'nk X john Scott M 3 ' t iia , if-V ' . ' 145:33-i. Stephanie Sharp 5 Ed Sisom Fred Richards iz " tm : -' 'f A Mike Robertson Cindy Sandel Michelle Scott S QM: it W2 as 4 V ff ':'f9,,:AQ . Six' , Kathy Shemaria jeff Skittrall David Rings 373232. ,QQ ' min .-:E,:I. , , nag H- ' .- eff. ' ',. :E9' asf 3 . - , , S .-,,,- 3 -,,aI ' S5 ,f t A 4, '- Q, ,vi Pam Rock janet Sawyer Q ,Q mat 3 Q Y 2 Q Y QU fi, Roger Seatthrlee Dale Sherwood as :::,- 1 H :.: V FEW , ., , V55-1 1: .. item f . f -P S ,f .:f:EQ , 12521 K Randy Skiver jf ,- Vernon Smith Linda Speed x Ae ,, .Z Q a 1 Dick Stillian F mg Q l Debby Tait A S2 S'-:P ifgi jerry Thurman Bill Ulberg Sharyn Snow A it 1 Frank Springob Linda Stockman Y f inf Tim Tallman .T y L: RW Larry Thurman julie Vallejo ii f Brook Somerville 4 .P ie "' A "' fs. 2, . as 1.5 2 1! a L EY Ed Stamp . . We 'iw P Art Stoltz Pat Tarleton ,A Candy Tinsley Eric Vierthaler s-33637 , af' , 1 ,C ug. ,Zim in .WE " flu? i ii, 3 av ,- Zk. . Monika Southworth S fm I V X Bill Steele 524 Rusty Straw S -a I' If ? C tytleil helix S fi 'ai lohn Taylor gz y ox J Q A A -Q as X A james Toomey to S riiioii'ii 1 C jeff Voogd 60 Shelly Spafford ff" , :gg Ma . J W ww 6 " E 5 ,. Sandy Steffan Randy Swift .1,. A M I 37 3 , it 'P Debbie Tedford Tom Travis Q L1- w K Colleen Walker Kim Sparks .MMM .ifsisf-efvv :QTEWISS ' ,QA 5 Gene Stevens Carl Syltebo Chuck Thomas Andrew Trefethen W 'ss , ' is so Y . S Connie Wallar Cheri Wallin Pat Weiland Q .N W G fsfmfvzihiii S 'A'L X Chuck Wester ,'i hge:-Ll TEN. Q: Vf-' 533' t john Whitson Beatrice Willoughby Pat Wright Laura Watson Sharon Wells Bob White Ek ,i!1'f"?i 'T i .. .,.. ., A Terry Wilcoxson Becca Wilson Tim Yates rg! ix S . g g 5' Q 'X tt J 1 - W 3 ,- A 53 Steve Watson iii we ' " I f ,J ' sgisic zt -' .f , V - - ,,,,. . , . , .+- ye-nh, , ., Ays1s" wifi: it:xe'e-fws,ffmmvffh ' , f a. r fi -' .k:.v ' "con vin cer. " Karen Werlech S fit- S at " ' I f E g ig ' Carla White Dave White Steve Wilkes john Wilkinson f tf: 'Q-fmg .'-: E ,K i ggs -z wt. I 'rssti ig, Dale Wilson Clifford Winn ls it a sneeze? No! It's Pat Wright, riding th P -as A - W,.1, ,,: ,r A -5' lan White 'VNV Scott Williams i52 7 -gg LQ fb Q iff-Y it 1 S l - - 4' X as G at- 1-milf Ki ' s Lewitt Winney Steve Young Dave Zuend 61 e driver's training Robert Whiting Carol Willis 3 S155 fs Q? fr gg ,F ' ' if : ':e.5i .. . Mark Wood adm' fad Assemblies gave juniors a chance to let offsteam, impress the sophomores, and try to top the seniors noise juniors find school rousing, relaxing While the instructor supports his ideas, Tony Manzanres, junior, has his supportive hands full. 62 juniors express variety of Terrace life Restlessness was prevailant in thejunior class. Andy Trefethen exemplifies. 63 fi Halloween was celebrated early at Terrace. Trista Carlson, junior, proudly poses for her art Class during a face-painting session. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to be born, A time to die, A time to kill, A time to heal, A time to break down, A time to build up, A time to weep, A time to laugh, A time to mourn, A timeito dance, A time to keep silence, A time to speak, A time to love, A time to hate, A time of war, A time of peace, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 A time of peace. . . Oh God, we hope it's not too late. in T 13-.O 4-A -gx, at l D- . Wu Q t' ,ff x i 1 lf. ss- T? it JJJJ JJJJJ JJJJ J, J JJ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ JJ JJJJJJJJJJ J JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ J J, J JU J JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJJJ J J JJJ ,JJ JJ JJJJ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJ J J 'J JJJJJ J VI JJ IQJJJJ yy JJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJ Jw, 'IJ' IJ I J JJJJJ' ,X , JJ J,. ,,,,,J JJ, J J J,,.J JJ .J 'JJ , J JJ: ,J JJ' J JJJJ J J JJ JJJJJ JJJJ JJ Us v ,, Q 19.-ww' rm, , ymwxw, ,, .. my .,,X, ' wasfw., 1 f'11If4".'- "1 nd' ,ww ' 5165.2 ' fwsgass ,ff Q55 Nz, , 4 "rw, A Q Q 7 1 "' T' -+Qf"fa , .wa1"mJ' Q. glenn? 1 , "fl Nzffbiw wil, ."7,4' , 3V5'ff'55fLfmi+iv V ' :pAgs5E'::f' " , 'ww , V. lHfZ::'Q5'?1Q" 1 Y Q3,.af.-Y - Nr xr F .. if , 'K K w- ,. ,f-yy-,Jr.gzpn, -PQ is Q we W.X.,,4f ffyr gif fv1S"W""' Q 4 Q an +I .xg w M Ab I 3 L M I Y, W Q ,wx hx 'My , ali: 5 I if-N . :.,:f, I I 'Q I' E 1 , -f 'W f 37:4 , 5 V ' W , g at 5 4 Q I .. Q. x , .M .X 05. A,eY sie ,T H, H S' 5' .Ja vi, fw ,Q V- , .M 4 1 f N Q , A fi 1 , , 1 A A 2 df M ix Q ff H52 ' , wi wr is? 5 N 'Q f- - tuipcw , X, A , .. - -,gg , np ' V .M Q. ,H X - fx. 'SWW-455: Sw ' , , an W A H n 3 J , , Q1 Q 232-, H? ' 42 f N 5 lvl Jr: 113, ,ig S, , L Q 1 5 eY.1,u GF' wwmw sum L 3 JH? if V , ,, 'gssylff' ' 5 13 Q Ugx EQ" ., Ji ' L, " 3 :rf 3,-ff':iZ.9-FN gg-,,f,4, , Y ' - :Q E' W H-isffwk ' 12521333 f if ,paw J 9 Q, 2152 X 1 mi f-:Q 2 A.f:s+-fzaiff' F , 5, K ggiliiiwwak 1 Jw,-If i su J 'Si 'K f,:?7?E??:3?1S?'Q Af ,, M V 35 5 ,gfggg um, ww H., in M Wwe Wendy Wagner, float chairman, directs members ofher committee. Homecoming queen candidates practice their speeches with Miss Klein. Let's begin with the Queen nominations. Add the fes- tive air ofthe displays exhibited across the campus, and tack on the pep assembly. Here we gain the grandeur of the confetti and the loud rumble of our student body. Soon our procession blooms. The Homecoming game begins. Created before our eyes is the grace of the float carrying the radiant Queen candidates. Com- pletion ofthe game leads us to the grand finale . . . the crowning at the Homecoming Dance. Etching an im- pression on our hearts, Homecoming 1968 says its final farewell to alumni and students. Af VM? W' Q .2 we . - A V swf' 4 .-'fwlgf AE 9 L f ,,..,.,...a..,.,,,..,-M'-ff" .g f wlA'ln'A" 'f-ng., V. M, . f.. .wiv M ""Uw+0 i Tri-Hi-Ydisplay Traditions maintained l l l Wayne Murphy in junior skit. X Special feelings of excitement and anticipation filled the air as Homecoming drew near. First came the club nominations for queen, fol- lowed by the announcement of the seven final- ists. A special pep assembly, complete with Robert O. Smith and P.0.A. from KOL, helped instill and heighten the quickly growing school spirit. Mr. Fraser was honored with a pie in the face from Mr. Frank DeMiero and Mr. Ed Aliverti. All of New Year's confetti passed through the hands of the students at both the game and the pep assembly. The Coronation and beautiful dance brought the evening to a close. for homecoming Spontaneous laughter results from Evie Rhodes and Dave Larson, center, working on a skit for the pep assembly, as - QA Y Homecoming Queen Casey Walker, right, pins a corsage on her first princess Dar Macumber. 69 Homecoming queen candidates ride on the float during halftime. Mr. lrrestible Chuck Thomas,junior Last minute touches are put on the winning display. f. 'F' 5, -Q W7 5 r c... A ze , "nfwf'i4H'-51 V r' f-' V. . ' "" iw' K' ri- K! " -'nl 9 f 5 , 'YT' The football team gathers around the cheerleaders to sing the alma mater. ,. s.,,, J ,' Our Home: This is what we're coming to! l Xie Seniors represent their spirit with a burst of Confetti. Evie Rhodes, Sue Hodgson, and Culest Bynum prepare a car for the caravan F ,. ... Football captain, Dan Russell, congratulates Queen Casey Walker. ...wig W. During one of the early season workouts, starting quarterback Dan Russell breaks a Cecil Boot tackle under the watchful eye of Gordon Buslach, head football coach. Tough con ference provides difficult task Bob Plaisance, assistant coach, drives his players on the eight-man sled. Members ofthe rally squad untiringly supported the Hawks. 72 It takes much hard work to make a dent in one of the toughest football conferences in the state. This year the Western Conference was one of the strongest. No less than four of its ten teams were, at one time or another, ranked among the state's AAA top ten. Late last summer, pre-dawn practice initiated the 1968 football season. Later, for three hours each school day the squad worked out, pointing for that one important hour on Fri- day or Saturday night. Although battles with other Wesco teams did not always end in victory for the Hawks, the team's spirit and will to win was never lacking. for gridders YW' 3- ,. ti' Although peaceful now, this quarterback's the defensive charge of enemy linemen. view of center Blaine Crichton was usually marred by Halfback Kurt Karlsson scrambles behind the blocking of Mike Ma- Karlsson and Magee were two of the eight senior Iettermen that gee during the opening pre-season game with Meadowdale. The served as the backbone ofthe 1968 team. Hawks came from behind in the second half to beat the Chiefs, 20-6. 73 Spirited '68 hawks find season rough During a mid-season game with highly-rated Seattle Prep, quarter- Helping to provide the fine pass-protection is No. 22 Chuck Edel back Russell lofts a pass for end Mike Kessler. brock. The sock-it-to-'em contest ended in a 39-6 loss for the Hawks Games in which the Hawks played were not gentle. Here Neil Baker, shaken up in a play, rests on the sidelines while Rick Ackerman looks on. 74 Although pre-season polls rated the Hawks as possible threats to snatch the Wesco crown, the schedule was not as friendly. During one gruelling stretch, Terrace faced four of the state's best teams. ln spite of this, two ofthe Hawk's first three opponents fell to Terrace. The team then slumped, however, losing five straight. Yet the Hawks ended the season strong, winning their last two games, and making 1968 Terrace's most successful pigskin season. fw 55,5 J Last fall's gridiron was far from peaceful. Sam Beesley, assistant coach, a 1963 Terrace graduate, returned to help Bernie Fredrickson, sophomore coach, spurred the first year Hawks on guide his former team. to another winning season. Coaches and players work to make hawks go -JJ 'Qt 11 ,1 57 gig., Halfback Buford Ransom about to grab Dan Russell's handoff during Each of the many offensive plays that the Hawks ran had to be pol- an after-school practice session. ished in this manner, before they could be used in games. 75 Presenting 1968's varsity football hawks. FRONT ROW, left to right: Dean Hoekema, 31, Bill Machado, 63, Dale Wilson, 65, Buford Ran- som, 30, Dan Russell, 12, Neal Baker, 64, Kip Rummel, 61, Mark Er- ickson, 82, Dave Caren, 20, Rick Ackerman, 60, SECOND ROW: Chuck Edelbrock, 22, Mike Kessler, 43, Larry Frank, 50, Mike Roben- Hawks come from behind to trip chiefs in opener Overcoming a six-point halftime deficit, the Hawks came storming back in the second half to score three touchdowns and stop Mea- dowdale 20-6. Tigers blunt hawk attack in conference upset Behind the running of halfback Kurt Karlsson, Terrace fought back to a 7-7 tie in the third quarter. Edmonds then exploded for two TDs and upset the T-birds 20-7. Woodway squad falls before hawk grid machine A young Warrior team proved to be a pesky opponent, giving the Hawks a rough time in the first half, but Terrace power prevailed as the T-birds triumphed 19-6. Sehome overpowers hawks in hard-fought contest A quick-hitting first quarter left the Hawks down by only a point at 13-12, but the Mariners then out-scored Terrace 20-7 as Sehome won 33-19. Varsity football results Terrace 20 Meadowdale Terrace 7 Edmonds Terrace 18 Woodway Terrace 19 Sehome Terrace 6 Everett Terrace 6 Seattle Prep Terrace 14 Bellingham Terrace 14 Blanchet Terrace 31 Cascade Terrace 33 Meadowdale Western Conference Won 3 Lost 6 Season Won 4 Lost 6 son, 71, Noel Cruse, 72, Cecil Boot, 40, Tim King, 75, Lance Axness, 84, Mike Magee, 73, Carl Ebbighauser, 23, THIRD ROW: Kurt Karls- son, 33, john ludd, 85, Mike Campbell, 83, Harold Willis, 62, Blaine Crichton, 52, Kyle Buslach, 80, Art Stoltz, 81, Scott Morgan, 13, Rog- er Connelly, 70, Rob Baker,11, Ron Martin, 74, Ed Reilly, 51. Seagulls tackle terrace in homecoming defeat The homecoming Hawks tried hard to upset a highly-rated Everett squad, but the Gulls put a damper on the Terrace bid as Everett emerged victorious in the 19-6 contest. T-birds tripped by panther powerhouse The Hawks fought gamely, but desire and the home-field-edge were not enough to stop the state's best team. Seattle Prep, as it did to ev- ery other opponent, whipped Terrace 39-6. Bellingham staves offterrace threat to triumph The Red Raiders built up a 21-point lead only to see it slowly whittled down by the Hawks. Two touchdowns and a safety were not enough to catch up, however, as Terrace lost 21-14. Braves edge hawks in bitterly contended contest Terrace snatched an early seven-point lead but then lost it as Blan- chet scored 19 unanswered points. The Hawks came back with an- other touchdown in the fourth quarter, but lost 19-14. Terrace gridders swamp cascade in big upset Quarterback Dan Russell engineered a varied attack that completely cut the Bruins to pieces. The Hawks' built up a 24-6 halftime lead, and coasted in to a 31-12 victory. T-birds end season with romp over meadowdale The entire team played superbly with both the offense and defense playing havoc with the hapless Chiefs. The game ended the 1968 football season with a satisfying 33-0 win. 7968's sophomores, FRONT ROW, left to right: john Andes, 23, Dale Chervenell, 73, Artie Cisneros, 27, Terry Prewitt, 77, Ron Black, 47, SECOND ROW: john Pennington, 40, Michael Bento, 87, Mike Bor- land, 63, Earl Brock, 32, Les Bolton, 53, Mike Ceisenhoff, 72: Doug Vickroy, 74,' Cliff Goodrich, 64, Roland Roberge, 80, THIRD ROW: Mitchell jones, Manager, Ray Howland, 65, Ralph Bullock, 52, Craig Courley, 57, Steve Bensen, 75, Larry Civarra, 70, Leon Frazier, 85, Rick Carter, 73, john Krueger, 72, jim McCinty, 83. Football is experiencing to j. v. 's, sophs junior varsity football results Terrace 0 Edmonds Terrace 79 Woodway Terrace 7 Everett Terrace 0 Seattle Prep Terrace 6 Blanchet Sophomore football results Terrace 73 Meadowdale 6 Terrace 7 Edmonds 6 Terrace 6 Woodway 0 Terrace 0 Meadowdale 6 Terrace 7 Everett 7 Terrace 0 Seattle Prep 79 Terrace 73 Blanchet 6 JFK-', 2 f in E fi Q'--1 Members of the Terrace defensive squad, Larry Frank, Mike Campbell, and Lance Axness, having a mild disagreement with the referee. The Hawks' defensive unit was the worry of many an opposing quarterback. "For he's a fine upstanding, patriotic, healthy, normal, All-American boy!" Prior to the performance Mr. Bob Sanford gives the final directions to his stage crew. Morning Glory, what's the story?" Everyone's talking during the "telephone hour." Mr, frank De Miero and his Sound Crew work for good vibrations. 78 Excitement begins as Conrad Birdie arrives in Sweetapple, Ohio. The make-up crew is busy beautifying the actors before curtain l' . . .- ' if at me-gT"'M,x., li 2 ,LM vtpliwqg - -51:-' A.4:.i?4w'0f-"'y,i, A , -, i-ii ' 1 ,ff -f H wi ,T 3 , 11.911, ,, ' 7 42" ' 1 rf, Aiyfgxh V ' MC' H iw , , '- "G A 6 A , 321 sf3.""'-f.-.e5.M.w , if . .A U f': "2 P""ri NMQMV4' :Q .' ,. . J 'il ig A i L t. t"tf,,t5' MH, i i . - ya., x' .3 :P 'j' "5Q'1F!55""Qii' V ' ll ' 'ir r "V nf al V 1"-"" -' me I V ' V ' Z" 'gWf . Fix t ' -' ' ' s 3f f1- . 1 - r it . . . .. 5 'vJl:.. Ll ." 'V U. ,- Noel Cruse, Mike Kessler and Sue El- vrum practice their favorite scene everywhere! Bonnie Costa, as Ursula Merkle, con- vinces Kim Macafee, played by Sue El- vrum, to remain in the Conrad Birdie Fan Club. call. Albert Peterson, played by john ludd, jumps up in distress to refuse Rose Alverez, played by Shelly Nopp, her resignation. 79 john ludd, as Albert Peterson, admires Conrad Birdie played by Noel Cruse, as the teenagers welcome him to Sweetapple, Ohio train station. Directors'Frank Demiero, Bob Sanford, and Elaine Klein discuss possible stage improvements. lfloel Cruse, john judd, Janice Springob, and Linda McColdrick listen intently to a director at one of the many rehearsals. Dancers Earl Brock and Cecil Tyler get their rehearsal instructions from Miss Klein, for a routine. Determination and ambition played an impor- tant role in the success of the all-school musi- cal, "Bye-Bye Birdie." After much tedious preparation, the cast displayed its final per- formances at Edmonds junior High. Independently, the cast quietly reviewed their parts, while make-up and stage crews were busy working. The opening curtain interrupted the reflective air with the excitation of "The Telephone Hour". Frank DeMiero, director, and Elaine Klein, as- sistant director, furiously stamped their feet and wore out their voices. All of their hard work paid off with the satisfaction of a very impressing, first-rate play. The cast waits patiently before going to perform at Mountlake Terrace junior High. Stephanie Anderson was a show-stopper as Mae Peterson. Conrad Birdie is greeted as he steps off the train. Ursula Merkle, played by Bonnie Costa, explains her teenage emo- tions to Conrad Birdie. Albert is remembering the sad loss ofhis dog, Lou. Bye-bye birdie takes a flying leap to fame Albert Peterson, john ludd, is surprised to see Rose Alverez, Shelley Nopp, dancing with his brief- case when she should be preparing for Conrad Birdie's arrival. 81 Hugo Peabody, Mike Kessler, swings Rose Alvarez, Shelley Nopp, around in glee. K N -1'-.. - . I- kh,- ' f S at 5 S i.., . ffl bLL"! ' A 'li , K, ., 1 , H Y : A K, K1 y- if ,.-M Al' I 1, 5 QV' A fl 'L ' , 7 , gk, .Y K M X., fa.. g- A .,,. I is i u- ' ifmsxitiiiifwsg New in , 'M ' i '-,. Mike Baunach stops to aida fallen lnglemoor runner. Student supporters flocked to football and basketball games, but at cross country meets, the contestants outnumbered the fans. Student apathy, however, did not dishearten the Hawks, or deny them a winning season. Members of the cross country squad worked out each day. And in practice too, they went unnoticed. The runners' silent and individual workouts, were much evidenced by mud-tracked locker rooms. The practices were monotonous com- pared to football's colorful scrimmages. Other teams noticed the Hawk joggers, howev- er. In conference play the varsity racked up a respectable 4-2 record. And the presence of Terrace scurriers was felt at both Northwest and State meets. Steve Andersen sprints in a 37-24 win over Sehome. Cross country is straining task "Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night" will keep cross country runners out ofsight. Here the pack sloshes through the muck at the Western Conference meet. if ff JA f I' .fi-gimme-'iillgll QM Muscles tense as Coach Don Timmerman readies the runners Rest comes first to early finishers -Q at sf 4, "in t-as 'Q' " if Finished! Although not everyone can be a winner in cross country, it is a satis- Spattered with mud from the rain-soaked course, and exhausted by fying accomplishment merely to finish. the two-mile ordeal, the runners relax after the race, 84 1 ' I L L 3 A k. . . QS' ' 5 ' L A The junior varsity cross country team: LEFT TO RIGHT: Clay Burrows, Bill Cary Rasmussen, Warren Lee, Mike Lange, Kirt lhlenfeldt Ernie Najaf Cogal, Mike Baunach, Dennis Seeber, Larry Gormley, Ed Macumber, and Richard Lee, and Dan Hutchins. Bill Hildahl, Coach Don Timmerman. The varsity squad: john Richardson, THS runners have 'building'season l Dan Hutchins, the team's most successful runner, blasting towards the fin- ish line. Dan placed eighth in the Northwest District meet, making him the only member ofthe Terrace team to go to State. 85 Ernie N8j3f charges past the finish line during an early season race Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Varsity meet scores 27 Inglemoor 45 Blanchet 24 Sehome 38 Cascade Bellingham 17 Everett junior varsity meet scores 15 Inglemoor 66 Edmonds Meadowdale Woodway 26 Blanchet 31 Sehome 18 Cascade 15 Everett Young and full of excitement, Aspiring dreams and new ideas, Discovering, Experiencing life's pit falls For the first time. Sometimes lonely, When "small" matters crumble. Often full of joy, And an immense desire to help others. Challenging the "Establishment," And the old way of life, But longing to hold the familiar, For just a while longer. This is youth. School clubs help them find their place. It's "their thing." I x 4.- 1.-suv X, g They know they belong, Y A Z:f- , Q Each has his job, T But it's what they want to do. I .'i' I K T They are working for what is their's, A X W VL Q A And what will benefit their school. it V . Q Meetings areatime to laugh, ,.,.,,f.3 WM T ' c A And be with peers, Expressing views, leffjohnston and Steve Watkins, seniors, sell Iollipops for MUN. Side by Side. Active clubs function ithm WY' 1 Terraceans welcome new members at their initiation. Beth Garrett, secretary, writes away in the attendance office. 86 lnducting a new member is Steve Andersen, Honor Society President. Selling Tel-a-Hawks are Vicki Rosenau and Barb Paschal, seniors. 'heavily' in the fall of '68 l Success of the Senior class paper drive was marked by the devo tion of Cary Lintz, class president Always ready to help is Ron Fraser, activities co-ordinator 87 Marcia Harring, senior, fills two little girl's big order. Car washes aided Car Club's piggy bank. Greg Pontius, senior, and Dennis Tassin, senior, lend each other a helping hand during the new Boeing class, held here after school. wg J Ripping a car apart with your bare hands must be fun, at least these boys seem to really be enjoying it! 88 Peering through a menagerie of experimental equipment are three great? scientists. s. ,si fwawawfui ,, . N ya Fashion board representatives talk over new dis- coveries with Gwen Tollefson, adviser. Intense faces and troubled eyes, What are they trying to say? Mechanical movements Of youthful hands, Rapidly jotting down every word. Wooden seats, And regimented classrooms. A few industrious scholars, Some drooping heads, Others somewhere in between, Knowledge is on its way. Margaret King's sophomore p.e. class gets excited over a crab soccer game. The friendly administration is once again helping stu- Marsha Kniffen, junior, helps Chris Moore, senior, put on her morning make-up in an dents around the campus. Becky Brill and Melody Sanders, seniors, enjoy the sights ofa recent home furnishings field trip. arts class. Mark Bisson, senior, reads to an intent audience of pre-schoolers, in an experiencing af- ternoon with them in the home economics department. 89 Trumpets sound the beginning of another fun-filled session of group lung therapy. Peppy seniors show their spirits even after the assembly is over. "Pull,"says strainingjim Quintel to laughing Barb Beals, sophomores. Wayne King, in donkey ball, receives a pass. Oops! Wayne King losing his pass! Thesejuniors! 90 Together, They are making way down the Road to life. They are helping one another Open doors to the world around them. This is something extra, And, for many, new. Perhaps a glimpse of the future, Entertainment, and participation, Helping pave that road. 4 fs Q, at W as ga-. The sophomores tug away. john Logan is heap big chief! Wild things happen at Pep assemblies! Chuck Burbank and his voice. 91 Seniors Dee Lively and Kim Bowman, swing! Ken Hermann and Pat Johannes "love" dances. THS students are on the move! Sophomores settle things among themselves. ff' W Ng! ff A ,Af A g W, Vicki Rosenau, senior, eyes brunch cupcakes, while Dave Gossett, senior, gawks. ill rr-gf! , 1 AL Come on now! Study hall isn't that boring! 92 . . in is Sh-h-h! Mike Campbell, junior, is thinking. "Barefoot in the park." I Seniors, Warren Caveness and Deb. Stockman enjoy another "yummy" lunch. Ralph Rlllledge, SGFWOV, 895 f93dY f0f-9 big night- A time for separation, To be alone with thought. To sit and study the aspects Of this thing around them called life. A time to share a personal friendship, Rather than mold into a crowd, just existing in solitude, To see just what they've got. They are out to win the world, And some just may do it. . . Steph Anderson, senior, Marti Mallory, junior, and Sara Reed, sophomore, are September's Miss Standards. fl " I E34 1 ' 'sc if 'fa :QQ Eff ' 4 Q Q! 1 if R I k Y 5 6 df x QV WL :J I 5 ig . 'L' 'll 4 f li H Ei ki ? V? 'sf' In K , as 5 K an Enthusiastically, Frank DeMiero leads the choir into a fantastic display oftalent. 1 1 i Music department snows audience Chorus seems to keep the audience enhanced, with an excerpt ofsongs. 96 Concert band blows its horn to mark the beginning of another number. Dynamics seems to 'fanaticize' the audience during a spotlight melody. Christmas spirit was in the air as the Mid-Winter Concert opened with "The Night Before Christms," sung by Carrillon Choir. The 550 participating students made December 14 a day to belong remem- bered by the entire music department. Frank Delviiero, vocal director, and cast practiced their performance throughout the spread of early winter. Practice makes you perfect? - well it sure helps! at mid-winter concert, 1968 Gail Waterland, a music cadet from Western, receives a Christmas gift from the music department, presented by Ken Sellerrte senior Waiting for a cue, the Dynamics look to their left. Dynamic duos, trios - all part of An elite 30-member singing group reached for the stars this year. Dynamics was not only presented at the Norse- lander Restaurant, the Elks Club, and the Nile Country Club, but also scheduled a 5-day tour duringthe year. To belong to Dynamics, one must first belong to choir and then try out for the festeemedf Group involvement, with the Dynamics, starts in the Edmond's Senior Citizen's Ralph RUfledge.Sif18S 3 50l0 in the "T9l9Ph0f7e Hour," Home. while the Dynamics look on. 98 L 5 E Anticipation lingers as Dynamics prepare for a performance at the Lynnwood Elks. terrace's select warblers "Softly now," as Frank DeMiero directs the Dynamics. Stephanie Anderson and Bud Bergdahl, seniors boast about their dog named "Blue". 99 W it '5 , K ZA. A M ,.,x . 3,4--f"""'MY X' I if .af-"':" 'Q 47 A highly complicated instrument, the french horn, is being mastered by l Carol Govier, senior. Director of Orchestra, Bill Anderson, again played "ba- ton" for his music-makers. Featured in Mid-Winter concert, orchestra brought a festive airto the auditorium. ln the last year, Mr. Anderson has improved orchestra to its best, with the addition of several new members. lt was proved by the warm response from the audience. Quit "fiddling!"around, Pat Bellamy, senior. Melodic harmonies - Orchestra Mr, Anderson guides orchestra in preparation for another concert. 100 Members of choir, Noel Cruse and Kurt Karlsson, seniors, enjoy the Christ- mas assembly as they await their turn to perform. and vocals succeed Q ,,.. it . as Mr. DeMiero sits on edge awaiting the performance group." Boredom does not linger in choir and chorus. Always up on the edges of their chairs, these groups let their voices ring out. Choir planned a five-day tour, and chorus pre- pared for concerts. Frank Delvliero has really brought out the spirit in two of the biggest vocal groups on campus. of "his Mr. DeMiero throats his organization ofthe group to begin another practice session. lOl Ax Tim Yates, juniorg helps a new student learn the "trait of a trumpet!" Band and stage band had a lot to "toot" about this year. Not only did stage band make an "excellent" A showing in "Bye-Bye Birdie," but two members of 35 band now belong to "All-Northwest." Band has daily sessions with about 80 people involved. Bd' 't b.. , an Swmgsm Ca hwy mlm H Stage band is made up of 15 students who turn out on their own time every Tuesday night. Strike up the band for a melodious year Student director Ken Sellerite, senior, conducts band members, as they practice for a game. 102 WNW Rick Nelson, sophomore, and Mike Crowley, junior, accompany seniors, Mike Magee and Greg Norris, in mens' glee. R Comprised of 35 male vocal cords, Mens' Glee, directed by Frank DeMiero, is a product of pow- er - the power ofthe lung. Originated later in the school year, Mens' glee got a hoarse start because of inclement weather. Girls' glee, also directed by Mr. DeMiero, was enthusiastic in their endeavors. Working hard, they made an illustrious appearance in the Mid- Winter Concert. HF 5' A Q, l 1 A f , fi! J 1, 'TE 1' -,.' W 1 1 'ni -st 5 if 5' 26 V' i A it K it at 3 Alf A r,,Q M if All iis 422, 'Qt k K 1- K 3 s, s ex t - ' in .Ms it , L Girls' glee learns the lyrics to a new melody, Glees vocalize with vivacious vitality Frank DeMiero helps out some members of mens' glee. Girls' glee raises their voices under the direction of Mr. DeMiero. 103 Center Tex Knutson fires one from the outside during the Hawks winning opener with the Sammamish Totems. Foreward Rocky Farrar defensively intimidates an Edmonds player during the season's second contest. The Tigers emerged victorious. Kurt Karlsson, the squad's captan and leading scorer, pops in a jump-shot over the Issaquah defense. Slick terrace cagers attempt repeat as Over the years, a controversy has raged over whether basketball or football is more physically demanding. Clearly, both sports are tough. Those that maintain that football is much more strenuous, however, certainly have not seen too many round-ball contests. The fierce body-contact under the boards, the shattering collisions in the backcourt, and that hard floor combine with the lack of protective padding to make basketball excep- tionally rough. Guard Dan Russell charges down the court, with Karlsson, on a fast-break during the ls- saquah affair. Terrace dropped the non-conference game. 104 aim' SBU W ' " 2 , 1 . , . A iii, 'A-Qf S E iq,,, Merle Blevins, head basketball coach, symbolically forms the "T" to stop the game with a time-out. northwest dist. champs in '69 wesco action at Bruce Farrar, 34, and Kurt Karlsson engage in a massive search for the elusive ball with Cascade players. 105 Farrar and Knutson battle two Tigers for a rebound during one of the rough contests with Edmonds. 4. Rs H , -"WM Don Timmerman, junior varsity coach, discussing strategy with the team during a time-out. This year's IV team contained many fine individual play- ers who will next year move up to fill the varsity. Hawk dribblers give Robbie Baker, junior foreward, sweeps into the key to put up a shot ' over the outstretched arms oftwo Edmonds players. john Freeman, guard on the IV team, yanks the ball away from a Kurt Karlsson leaps high in the air under the defensive boards to bat- houndmg defensive player. tle an Issaquah player for the rebound. 106 ,iii LFLW4' " ' '. ,:. , Q 'flat wikis? f ' :Ti ,, f'E:'l' Kyle Buslach, junior guard, lofts the ball from 20 feet, while Rocky Farrar Coach Blevins talks things over with the team during a briefhalt in game positions himself for a possible rebound. action. supreme effort in '69 round-ball battles The rally squad whooping it up in support of the Hawk dribblers. During the winter months, the rally squad minus many members was twice as busy as it was in the fall, giving both wrestling and basketball teams much welcome moral support. 107 K VARSITY HAWKS of '69, Coach Merle Blevins. FRONT ROW from l. to r: Farrar. BACK ROW includes Robbie Baker Kurt Karlsson Tex Knutson Mike Kessler, Dan Russell, jeff Call, Roland Rhue, Kyle Buslack and Roger tlnspirational Award Winnerj, Bruce Farrar and Lance Axness Cagers find year difficult but rewarding Final Wesco standings W L Seattle Prep 12 2 Edmonds 11 3 Everett 10 4 Cascade 10 4 Meadowdale 7 7 TERRACE 5 9 Blanchet 5 9 Sehome 5 9 Bellingham 5 9 Woodway 0 14 Demonstrating the comradship that prevails at all Terrace sporting events Dan Russell, 27, shakes hands with rival Greg McCollum of Meadowdale. 1 108 THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS Varsity basketball Regular season Game results 47 Cascade 41 Everett 55 Issaquah 67 Woodway 57 Edmonds 68 Bellingham 42 Seattle Prep 58 Meadowdale 54 Blanchet 44 Sehome 39 Everett 55 Seattle Prep 57 Bellingham 60 Meadowdale Responding to a ref's call, Coach Blevins rocks back on the bench to help vent his despair. Bob jacobs, head sophomore mentor, coached the little Hawks to the best record 517-32 ever for a sophomore team at Terrace, The first-year Hawks tied for second in their league. Another of the fiercely competitive j. v. games about to get under way with Scott Morgan's center-jump. THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS j.V.'s Don Timmerman, assistant coach. BACK ROW, l. to r.,' Bruce Ryback, Bill Hale, Scott Morgan, Steve Lance, Steve Francis. FRONT ROW: Bill Cogal, jeff Voogd, john Freeman, john Elsasser, Lew Winney. junior Va rsit y Came scores 37 Sammamish 43 Edmonds 27 Cascade 26 Everett 70 Woodway 30 Edmonds 49 Blanchet 28 Seattle Prep 45 Meadowdale 50 Blanchet 51 Everett 55 Sehome 36 Seattle Prep 37 Meadowdale 54 Woodway First year hawks include: Bob Karlsson, Kim Voelker, Dean Clark, john Krueger, Lynn john- son, Craig Ortloff, Ryan Causman, Randy Schroder, Coach Bob jacobs, Kelles Cottrell, Drew Garrett, Bryce Siegel, Dave Ford, Rod Wright, Christian Paulson, Artie Cisneros, and Mike Chamblin. 109 Cecil Boot scores 2 points over the opposition on a reversal, during the 754 bout with a Cascade grappler. The Hawks won the match. Terrace grapplers strive for top honors 5 5 Dave Caren, at 703, warily sizes up his Marysville rival. Tom Oberholtzer, going 145, tastes victory against Cascade. 110 Grimacing Steve Andersen, a senior and 775-pounder, but here wrestling 797, fights to keep his man down. By Nelson, head wrestling coach, and Wayne King, jV mentor, concentrate on a close match. ln wrestling, perhaps more than any other sport, the individual plays an extremely important part. When a grappler goes out on the mat, it is he alone against his opponent. If he wins or loses, it is he who is responsible, no one else, But teamwork is also very necessary, the individual wrestler being part of a team, and the results of the grappler out on the mat alone greatly affects the entire team. in strong western conference mat-circuit Ron Schmitt, wrestling 754, tries to roll his Marysville opponent. The frenzied excitement present at matches is here displayed by the rally-squad. Z- Q? 'X Gif? is ig 3 QQ hw .. xi Coach King looks on as members of the junior varsity squad shout encouragement to their teammate out on the mat. The IV grapplers were, again this year, a potent force in con ference play. john Wilkinson, a junior, wrestling 112, appears to be humbling his Cascade opponent. Terrace has had a winning tradition in wrestling for many years, the Hawk grapplers have never had a losing season. Last year, our matmen wound up in a tie for the league lead, losing only two matches. As they aimed for their second championship in two years, the Hawks were this year considered to be the team to beat in the Western Conference. Dynasties are formed from material such as this. l 113 Bill Machado, ajunior going 165, forces a Blanchet wrestler into a stall. 1 ,,mYhL . K Like an uncaged animal eyeing his prey and ready to pounce, Ken Herman, senior wrestling 133, eagerly encourages his teammate. THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS Varsity Wrestl in g Match scores 27 Marysville 21 Blanchet 39 Cascade 26 Longview 31 Shoreline 33 Shorecrest 30 Bellingham 36 Woodway 23 Meadowdale 17 Sehome 51 Everett 26 Edmonds THS Sub-district champs!! Varsity Wrestl in g League standings W L T Sehome 8 0 O Terrace 6 2 O Edmonds 6 2 0 Blanchet 5 2 1 Woodway 4 4 0 Bellingham 3 4 1 Meadowdale 2 6 0 Cascade 1 7 O Everett O 8 0 As he does with all the Hawk grapplers, Coach Nelson gives words ofencouragement to Warren Cavaness, senior. 1111 4 1 i Those Crappling Hawks. FRONT ROW from l. to r: Dale Dake, Randy Mike Haggarty, Dan Alexander, Cecil Boot, Larry Frank, Leon Frazier, jack Rauscher, Ken Hermann, Vic Crandall, Kip Rummel, Wayne Murphy, Ed McGinty, Scott Williams, and Bill Machado. Nine of these men went to Vallejo, Warren Caveness, john Wilkinson, and Blaine Crichton. BACK District! ROW: Steve Andersen, Steve Meier, Ron Schmitt, Tom Oberholtzer, Fourth at district, thirteenth in state. Part of this year's junior Varsity Squad. L. TO R. IN BACK: Marty Willard, Robin Rummel, and Ray A win on the mat after a tough battle is a Howland. FRONT: Dave Jaeger, Forrest Sims, Bill Thompson, and Cordy Buslack. The Semi-main major achievement for a wrestler: here, eventers won nine and lost one. teammates show their appreciation. 115 Wx ia, CNA at A W "' ,im iltsff-Q-1f: ,Q , 'N' A -- .,. , Jw S , We , :trims-91' - , Fr E """"""""llnf V, fi' an lu. hiv "' ws. 4- ' S' fs' .of an-.L ave' X' ',.v s. 4ykV :gf A t V A in- K .-at ,, 111.4 t ff .... 45 4' - W ' ,A gg! , Model United Nations were busy selling candy canes for the holiday season. STA RD P ou K EQ 'rms DMR G iiir w rgif X Af! ' -R2 Students were exposed to an alley way poster while on an urban renewal field trip. 116 Mr. Empfield's home room class enjoyed a free break- fast for having WOM A.5.B. sales. AF' ft? gigs. I W ? my xk1.r if j is -' -e e y 1 ,,,a E , A wg 7 -:V 5 1:1 '-3451 i s s is Ki 'ir, Q p 519- n. J A . a 5' . r Mike Kessler, Pat Johannes, and Ken Hermann, se- niors, seem to be interested in the displays at Trident Imports, while on a home furnishings field trip, Smiling, energetic, sincere, happy, exicited, joyous, fresh, eager, alert, sensitive, alive, - this is the face of youth. Ours is a stupendous genera- tion, working together and excepting each individual for their separate worth. , l lackie Dupre, junior, celebrated her birthday with fellow classmates in the HUB. Christmas lights glowed upon the quiet night after a busy school day. Seniors were amazed to see the wonderful job they had done decorating the Christmas tree. i Various obstacles block the driveway during a fire drill. or fit fp xg A XR uit Q l v, I- ll' gt A member of the New Hope Singers writes an autograph for Kathy Renz, senior. Three hilarious seniors, jim Zueger, Randy Bashore and Doug Hjel- len, joined together in the introduction ofthe Christmas assembly. A quartet from Dynamics, bands together to sing a Christmas carol. Q31 Duringa "sing-along" carol at the Christmas assembly, everyone "did their own thing." Sue ElVfUm, junior, Sif7gS 3 fOll4 SOf1g A gathering of sortsg Rare moments to spend together as one, An Entire body - Making up a school. Beth Holmes, sophomore, watches as a member of the New Hope Singers gives her an autograph. Bob Plaisance shakes the hand of Kyle Bushlach, junior, at the awards assembly. 119 at the Christmas assembly. iii The Beard plucked out a song at a victory dance in the cafeteria after a game. ,f 1 1 , f f is at XE.. E 3 l - ,W-Fx ,oem Larry Gormley, junior, manipulates his fingers in con- be--is quering the contra-bass clarinet. 6 Mike jones, junior, wears protective glasses while welding a car in auto shop. CLASSROOM: Hard work for some, fifty minutes of sleep for others, Diligent workers striving for recognition, while some strive merely for a piece of paper, Some searching for knowledge, others for peace of mind, p,epa,atiO,,S ofthe Tom, with he, Cabinet' The never-ending circle of education continues to run its course. Casey Walker, senior, girls' club president, discusses Q ig S M X I il, w,..,,,. Dave Ditzler, and Dell Deach, seniors, and Terraceans, amuse Miss Linda Loss, Sue Lija and joan Carlson, sophomores, receive instructions Kline in a discussion of brunch mini-plays. from Miss Courteau in a home-ec preparation dinner. 120 qmmtmnw-Mmm Taking a course in 'make-up' from Holly Diebert, sophomore, is April Cruse, sophomore. La MW., !,.f-f", A xx? ,Akk , ff' ' .15 I K me 'M bfi i C? fini ., K Xff7x"ki! 'H ff ,f ,f M- f ,, 0' .,-ff Kandy Favrow, senior, learns about development. i ,h1w5e:i2E5W1SfS ' ' 3 Val Albin, sophomore, takes a rest during weight lifting, Sanford. 31251 children's habits in child Drumming up business for TEMPO are Bruce Bart Scott, juniors. 121 Gina Bailey, junior, attempts a "relaxing exercise" from Mr 5, K and Michelle ,mm .. .,..,. cpl W f- Q , ri ,,,.,.,gi,w11a., , . . . v ft' . 'iflxslgwwgfqf l f ' i ,. Wg. 4,.L 4,-L- 1 ,gimggggggi Im . L 5:-.issae,1,f1,Q , , -as , swiswassiszsflifltiixsefgif- ' , wewvf get 1,.wwM,. My-Qififiw ti . ,Wx ,,..i3gi5,fgg1Qf ' lm aaa fb 1 an in-.,,. Alone in a loneliness of warmth t Individual minds Hands play an important part in a creative crafts class as Being brave, Brad Elken, genior, climbed shown by Mary Rammler, senior. tlvajslfarclcier to reach the top of the Christ- exploring their OWU Quiet moments l l alone A , .. 3 ' it L With thought Each enveloped W llll .IH by peace. Sun glasses in the winter? Really, Mr. Empfieldl .V ff? J- , Nil- ' wal.. Splatl Ralph Lambert, senior, learns how it feels to Group therapy begins with a big project: a two-foot snowman! b ld e Co and very wet. 122 N 3'5- .4-QM 'S Hub club enjoys the merriments of the Christmas season. 4 i jeff Johnston, senior, drudges through the julie Willits, senior, and Vicki Crim, sophomore, dig into the fried chicken at the Big-Little snow on a crisp winter day. Sister Banquet. Members of MUN, Vickie jamison, sophomore, and Michelle Murphy, senior, attenda conference Dear old Santa, Darryll Federmeyer, se- representing Honduras. nior, lacks a smile, a beard . . . a hat ., 123 'ag gsm Peg M 21 3 .Lk , as . 'iii-5 mag, X , : K -ggzggai - ,uf Wfes' ,: ..,. ' 75333 , hr sf-1+ HQ 5- 1 x 3 YT ggi f E-H645 fbi? fi A Fi E ' Xi 5 3 W. Q as dl KF' .gp- 'bags 1+ Hi-q squad bolsters school's image l Gary Lintz, alternate, sits in as the 'champs' prepare for the next match. Although Gary did not get the chance to sit-in on the real-thingy the team Could feel at repose knowing someone was there ifthey needed him. Coach, Mr. Sanford, and wife, talk it up with team members to make them feel at ease in front of those strange t.v. C3fT76I'35. 125 , I Qs f awaits in. 'ZQUQEWYJ Mark Bisson, senior, instructs Marsha Kniffen, junior, in the art of drawing up a layout. TEMPO STAFF Layout: Ellen Clreatorex Katy Gunn Marsha Kniffen Copy: Jerri Fesler Evie Rhodes Candy Tinsley jerry Wilson Business: David Aronson Therease Warner Photo: Michelle Scott Photographers: Bruce Bart Tim larboe Dave Lowe jerry Walstrom Sports: Bill Machado Dave Diehl lr' Patti Freeman, senior, and Candy Tinsley, junior, are hard at TEMPO, work writing copy. Culest Bynum, junior, studies pictures, making careful selection for 128 Evie Rhodes and Culest Bynum, juniors, count copy. f tr l H 'mmig s "l've decided to cancel this, this, and this," says Mike Sullivan. Marcey Rhodes, senior, looks aghast and Shelley Voelker, senior, appears to be more than a little angry. Actually, this year's budget was increased by 52,000 A yearbook is made. Adviser Mike Sullivan Co-editors-in-chief . . Shelley Voelker Wendy Wagner Layout Editor . . .... Mark Bisson Copy Editor .......... Patti Freeman Business Manager . . . Dar Macumber Photo Editor ........ Marcey Rhodes Head Photographer . Steve Andersen Wendy Wag on a layout. ner, co-editor in chief, works diligently lerri Fesler, sophomore, gazes into space as she waits for a creative thought to come to her. Therease Warner is one of the three members ofbusiness staff. 129 Ellen Creatorex, senior, selects photographs. Peering through his printing press, is Larry Berg, senior. This is the HAWKEYE through the eyes of first semester editor Hawkeye stafftells it like it is, was, Using the off-set method, HAVVKEYE acquired a new and more professional look. It is created by advanced journalism, Busy at work proofreading stories for the HA WKEYE is Mike Sul- livan, adviser. Adviser ..... Editor ........ Page 2 Editor .... Feature Editor. . , Sports Editor .... Ad Managers . , . Business Manager Circulation i.... Headlines ... Mike Sullivan Connie Huck . . Tina Steele . . Pam Buck . . Bruce Helm . . George job Dave Larson . . Ruth Finch loan Cooper . . . Larry Berg Ralph Lambert Proofreader ..,.............. Kathy Cunningham Reporters .........................,. Dave Diehl Cheryl Marshall, Diane Hall, Patty Freeman Bonnie Rasmussen, Gil Strople Cinny Lowman, Candy Tinsley Public Relations ii.. ...,............ G ary Nelson Typist ........... . .. Mary Rammler Photographers . . . . , , Steve Andersen Tim jarboe Richard lunot Randy Rauscher Connie Huck, senior. a n d wi I I b e Pam Buck, Patti Freeman, and Tin latest edition. -- z .1 . .N Q a, . rw, 1, I 1,2 S Dave Diehl, senior, is busy preparing articles for the sports page. f '52 Pam Buck and Tina Steele, seniors, are busy pasting up their page for a new edition ofthe HA WKEYE. LW a Steele, all seniors, keep themselves working, on a typical UHAWKEYE Friday", with counting and passing out the 131 .,:.:1s:-f 4 wiwL...f' W .Q ,, .P , F. K ,t 'Z .f'1,'Y -f"'.A as tefigfse ,. ..,..,, k .L , 1 5- Md., 1 'r .' ,-153, 4 ' :fd fr ' , ,. uf 'A -us " V K K, N A it ?5ffgg-b-lg,-aziafwa ,A J., .W N. J- "'?TQ4-wif ' i ' JN' " Hifi.: ff' , ' 1.1 . . E v 4 M K 7' is ,Q , vs' 'N -Ag. 'W .,r,,s,., e ' -, W. . , The pain of striking out is shown by Cecil Boot, junior, while the difficulty of bunting is portrayed by Mike Kessler, senior. Dave White, junior pitcher, hurls the ball to wards home plate. As spring warms Terrace, home plate is dusted off, the smell of oiled leather permiates the locker room, and baseball season gets under way. This year Bob Jacobs, head coach, entered the season with the hope of improving on last year's so-so record. Returning players added experience to the squad, and made pre-season prospects appear bright for the 1969 Hawk batmen. Batmen charge into league action with 1 ..,, 1 V. .mit H-f:g.5-.a.g'-rf ,V -1 ti' : ssss strt 1 tttt ' f - ' ' .. t ' '-is t Q f .. - - X ft. , ,FQ ,it r .. . -' -. S98 r. Q . V- ' 1 f W . me w i., rg..g .tg S,t ty t s I , gi . ' "-" "f,. 1 ,a f t K mf , . . Q ' 3, If J bf vi ff 1 ,Q . - f I f , S. if. .f fs, , '- , - . f A - i 1 ' , . vt , If J' V .K7u',,:. , K K, I K. rj! 4 .,,,1......, tyfign , My I , xii- ,I mu Q gf' V, A if-:m l L ft., 'fig tug? .V ,M p S 5 i . I rr V K K ,. ,, 13 k , mlwiky i iy ky V -' -f . ff- f w - ttr- ' f' . ' F ff ' rr W , , fl i' ir's I I W ' g . ssr. v te.' , Whit je , i,i.' t'r' ' . V WMA' i Q .. M . rW,g a V V ,, 3 f K f -, , ' f , Loaded with protective armor, lohn judd, senior catcher, storms out to cover the plate. 132 Eyeing the pitcher warily, Cecil Boot, junior first baseman, awaits the ball. ss.-If Crouched low, ready to speed back to the base at any suspicious move ond base. At the pitch, he streaks down the line and skids safely into third., from the opposing pitcher, the Hawk, CTOPJ, cautiously leans toward sec- high expectations for winning season His arm cocked and ready to fire, Harold Willis, senior, catcher, goes through a pre-game warm up. 133 gf' wa-Q 1 X 'E 2 Ed Reilly, junior pitcher, reads his catcher's signals before the throw. Varsity Baseball: FRONT ROW, I. to r. are Head Coach Bob jacobs, Bruce Steve Schlinder. BACK ROW: Pat Castro, john ludd, jeff Voogd, Mark Er- Farrar, Roger Farrar, Dan Russell, Harold Willis, Ed Reiley, Cecil Boot, and ickson, Buford Ransom, lim Dunn, and Mike Crowley. l l z s Bob lacobs, head baseball coach, and Sam Beesley, assistant, eye the practice field from in back of the pitching machine, 4 Batmen plunge into Crouched in a stance a la Carl Yastrezemski, Bruce Farrar, senior, waits for the first pitch. 1. V. Baseball: BACK ROW, l. to r. are Mr. Beesley, Kim Voelker, Dave FRONT ROW: Mike Leonard, Terry Prewitt, Bill Thompson, Artie Cisne- Ford, Craig Ortloff, Chris Paulson, john Orrison, and Chuck Thomas. ros, Curt Carbary, Mike Geisenhoph and Steve Lockwood. '69 campaign searching for winning year The cheerleaders are hard at work trying to improve their batting averages if Cecil Boot, LEFT, attempts to get by Neal Baker, junior, during an inter-squad Determination etched into his face, Mark Erickson, junior, workout. leans into a swing. 135 l A good timing is marked for Bruce Bringedahl, senior, by Gordon Buslach, assistant track coach. Members of the track team warm up before another meet, while Bob Plaisance, head track coach, barks orders. 136 "The best track team Terrace has yet produced" was the consensus opinion of '69 cinder squad. And the trackmen went out to prove the opinions correct. "I don't think there's any doubt about it" proclaimed letterman jeff Johnston, "'l969 will be our year in track." It is said that much ofthe success of a team is dependent on atti- tude, and the '69 Terrace spike squad had the optimism of a winner. 52: 5 FEI! Q.. Chuck Edelbrock, junior, reaches for the sky to maintain a good shot put average. 1: if CN 'QI Staffing? tt Q24 . fu in - litigcf' it L ew, xi 3 Cindermen jump off their starting blocks as the gun sounds. Terrace cindermen speed towards victory at Q V. x ,Sn , if-,sf aQ.,,:,p 'md' , T' if - 54 fr af, ,, wk it 3 t t W i nfl s f -,:- w z,1m,wt My sw V A- 'r'r , , s"hpn,,.t , ,W , a-WWQZWMWQVM-, ' www mxrrk r,: , ,m,rm,,AA.A , ,tl xrr ,M " ' UH K "',qc.f. 'Q m-Qu ,R W 1- Q Dale Wilson, junior, accelerates his stride in an important practice race. -tl, , , ai V . 7 3 fr .-.,..,.....,15 f i gff.,-f-.--H-A' sa... j ' Ai - . . N , 4 A Y 'yin-m.,-. 4- ,,.7' ff - J A ,QL 'L' 'rf .aa A , , W . -,mf we jeff Johnston, returning senior letterman, plunges forward in hopes of a first place in the 700-yard dash. C. ' , . It . .174 -f , A L,.,.. . K Chuck Edelbrock, junior letterman, follows through after a lengthy shot put. This year Chuck threw over 50 feet. Through a muddy track and a constant drizzle, cindermen push through a vigorous turnout. 1 M, ,. , . . "'l.Wfi'fi+31 QL,-f:3i....Q'fif1ft.?f?f4'tu?J. The cheerleaders, L. TO R.: Pat Bellamy, Debbie Paul, Marcey Rhodes, Gail Mc- Donnell, and Evie Rhodes, pause after a busy afternoon of spring cheering to watch an exciting track meet. 138 Bill Machado, junior, balances himselfafter a discus throw. Terrace's best Strength and power are vital for a trackman's success as shown by Mike Lang, junior. junior Varsity Track: BACK ROW, l. to r. are Milo Pipkin, Mardy Willard, ron Gilbert, Eddie Appleseth, Ray Howland, Dale Chervenell, john Andes, Art Stoltz, Bill Hale, Rod Martin, Kelles Cottrell, john Hartly, Bruce Ry- jim Quintel, Winney Lewitt, john Wilkinson, Mike Regan and Craig back, Tony Robinson, Lee Warren, and Steve Bensen. FRONT ROW: By- Corley. spike squad ever' brightens spring for cin dermen A wpxaxfrfegg? ,iil Mm? . ,Wisiffzsgf 'Mtffmy , UE! Q95 :diff 3559 QL! ty ' i iw 'li EB 'A 1' mica B C ' S A gs, ' ,,,......-........ ., Aww -'fx sac: ff ' li' wg Q W V, 1: 1. . 1 ' Witch ss, Uh, sv-Wlllk f 630' 'wmv' Sm 3 lrhvgg? A mf I - fl yi,-an ,l 'RW f 1 ,IAQ ,QA Varsity Track: BACK ROW, I. to r. are Mike Lange, Noel Cruse, jeff john- Hutchins, Steve Andersen, Kyle Bushlach, Mike Robinson and Coach ston, Bruce Bringedahl, Roger Connelly, Mike Campbell, and Mike Ma- Plaisance. gee. FRONT ROW: Ron Hesse, Chuck Edlebrock, Bill Machado, Dan 139 Kurt llenfeldt, junior, pours it on for a burst of speed that carries him past a Blanchet runner in the two-mile. Eyeing his goal, Bill Machado, junior, prepares to lob the discus. M "' f QQQMMTMWQW "' ssiis f twHWw+"'1 ciissi t t ,K ,- . kkk- - , ,K . K in .f ssii ciis ssci , e issc sils iccc 3 sili t slfsi f csirc s Arms and legs outstretched in perfect form, Kurt Karlsson, senior, soars Still clutching the pole aftera fine vault, Kyle Buslach, junior, through the air on a running broadjurnp. Glen Milner, senior, speeds down the track and attacks the next high-hurdle. flys over the bar. . ,, . QW - ' ti" A ' s ' -r" 4 fl' , f1"r ' ' ' t, ','- L . C s s t - at -fi A , ' Q J . Us Y? . 1 , -s rrttr t ttes 5 Ease f W r wig Hiems A M rw, 2 P r K Streaking past the timer, jeff Johnston, senior, finishes the 220 in good time. 140 Girls' Tennis Team, Left to right: Pam Rock, junior, Sue Elvrum, ju- niorg Vicki Knutsen, junior, Lynell Kyzar,junior, Nancy Rock, seniorg Cecile Noe, senior, and Sandy Steffan, junior. Sue Torrence, sophomore, is working at being quick on her feet. Cindy Olson, sophomore, displays the superb form needed in tennis! Terrace racketeers begin with luv! Through individual efforts, hard work and abili- ty, our tennis team has shown its superior strength. These enthusiastic girls spend hours after school combating the wind, lost balls, and broken rackets. Coached by Margaret King, these girls placed first in the doubles and second in singles, for a fine league standing. 141 Miss Margaret King, girls' tennis adviser W :YK Qt Coach Bernie Fredrickson confers with Mark Borland, sophomore, about one of the finer points of the sport. Setting out to improve last year's unspectacular record, Coach Fredrickson's racket squad was this year sparce in ex- perience but not in attitude. "We're going to do better," was the simple sum-up of the coming season by Mike Dolphin, returning Senlor- Scott Morgan, junior letterman, keeps his eye on the "fuzzy little ball." Racketeers set sights on winning season junior Varsity Tennis: BACK ROW, l. to r. are Ralph Bullock, Wayne Mur- joe Murphy, john Pennington, Steve Watkins, Mark Borkland, Dale Dake phy, Mike Lee, Mike Taylor, Leon Frazier and Rick Carter, FRONT ROW: and Ted Mier. 142 Varsity Tennis: BACK ROW, l. to r. are Roger Seatthrlee, Mike Dolphin, Scott Morgan and Darrold Erickson. FRONT ROW: Steve Manning, Gary Nelson and Mark Engler. Z-112-If,fflfi-EfEHI?f'fIf""I+I'I'If2sI'?iiiI'fZtfIfE'2?2'I'I'fffZ on 1 syn la Q as s Q af: uf at i,,jii?Ff? il Q w is as Q H' 1 my D 1 tvs Eigifwiszassisfszsiiiixhiggsgsfag Siifggivfff :Q Q wus, fit, gifts uFiff1Sivw-' i H as-"2:fsrtilifffiftf:rs:rss:i:rt2f?s:fiff 4.3.5 2,11"45fsfLg.'g'.".sg.3.g.gggZsy 4 . - ' ' -fn - ' , is-.1 i fs- 45.35 .fZzf.s.+.'.fS' ess. qjq. M t N? plgbzgf fgixyeaa 'fan' ,MSM gtg ,Wifi Q' ,Mm 2 if 1 + K '? Wifi t ,ff 1. t V 1.03 SW ft" is ,gi -' - ' Q. 5 rffzq I ' . 'Q Q ' ' 'ev xr 1- wp 5,53 w ith fifty? Q'qf",ff5 -'Q ' 5 5?-5,3 Q1 E53 'N " 4- Q1-fix'fks"'ifQ -L, J 'f ,.'i fr ik R R s K R tfmt R ' ,J ,Q A its fgilg i 1,5 A, 59,49 SQA, gigizgf 4, U ' ' ,, , W- ..., , V , Q L, .T j .5024 15 Vi HA g 1' , rf' Racketeer Lance Axness, junior, carefully addresses the ball. Swinger Darrold Erickson, senior, makes ready for the serve. 143 i g mi 1 ffl ,M -ss H7 A .f,- e Q-F? ' 3 as, .. ,A .. I .,,. I ',V,, ' if Vi - H ,iyl Q A sislii - ii Q i g A Q Mark Engler, junior, anticipates the return Shelley Bennett, senior, helps Sandi Cross, senior, with her hair. 5 'ft' ' jim Gaswint, junior, Anastasia's blind servant, kisses Lynette Andresen's hand to see if it is really her, while Karen Vanke se nior, another servant, looks on. Lighting dims. The curtain slowly rises. The audience leans forward in apprehension. The empty stage is suddenly ingressed with players as Terrace High's spring play begins. This year's drama department was well-sat- isfied with the production of the play, 'Anas- tasia.' Playing in the little theatre, it was termed to be exceedingly successful. After much hard work on the part of the players and the behind-the-scenes people, Anastasia could possibly be the event that brings the highest esteem to our drama department. 'Anastasia' follows 'Birdie' well 1 F jill leffers, senior, puts the finishing touch on her make-up. Alan Andresen, senior is critically surveyed by jill Jeffers senior 144 while Sandi Cross and Gary Rasmussen, seniors, look on Cecil Tyler, sophomore, seems to have found somebody's lost pants. Lynette Andresen, junior, gladly accepts help from Miss Klein, play director. 145 Ji t--n NNN, v fig- 414 jill jeffers recognizes Casey Walker in a climactic scene from 'Anastasia' ' 1 . Q. A 4 i If -59: -' z ai 3 9 Duane Buxton observes while Sandi Cross speaks. Tom Oberholtzer, senior, receives a third place award in the State wres- tlingtournament. Blaine Crichton, who placed fourth in the State wrestling tournament, holds down a member ofan opposing team. 146 nzollllflake Fil efrace SCH00 GH E... REST Ll From sub-district, Terrace sent nine men to the district wrestling matches at Sehome. Tension-filled, the crowd and the rally squad bite nails at a wrestling match. Wayne King, assistant wrestling coach, holds coach Byron Nelson's feet for curl-ups. They're spirit! The finished product does project A group-effort effect Clubs are a time to work with friends And slowly depart as the school year ends. Ellen Creatorex, senior, prepares fight ribbons with the silkscreen. Cary Lintz, senior class president and Ed Long, senior class vice-president lead a discus sion at a class meeting. juniors enjoy the atmosphere at their early morning brea ast 147 Q 4' .L L 1 r t 5 " 53 fgfiiigrg K iifftffif-!5'5 kf . Culest Bynum, junior, leads the monthly meet ing for selection of Miss Standards Q' .iq 1152 Y. Dexter Taylor, senior, seems to be enjoying? his school lunch. john McCinty, senior, breaks in a new lens for the photographer. A child is born, unto this world of wonderment He begins his life alone, but with love to shelter him. His existence progresses, the child grows up, And finally grows old, but alone . .. always alone. 1118 Glen Kribble, sophomore, expresses his feelings about another Monday morning. lake Weishaar, senior, models with clay during crafts class. A tour to Brier junior High by our choir gave many memories. Books opened, copy read Instructor standing, facts said soulful Knowledge strived for, obtained by some School completedg nothing to do, but Wait for what shall come. Q., m tts Q. si 3 1 1 Q E S jeff lohnston, senior, works out on the universal gym. Becky Brill, senior, and Lynette Andresen, junior, portray the witches from "Mac beth." 150 Maureen Dooley, junior, stands up for her country. ,I-mf V 'gf A X joan Carlsson and jill Tullar, sophomores, enjoy a Chinese dinner in home-ec. i 151 ...wg ,nm Y' QF'-T.""'f'g Heidi Blendheim, junior, tries to master the world ofseeds in biology N s Senior ball chairmen General Chairmen .rr.,, Cheri Olson Decorations Pictures .... Sherri Wilson ... .. Ellen Greatorex . . Steve Andersen Programs ,,..,,,. . . Wendy Wagner General Assistant , . , , . Marcey Rhodes Therease Warner, senior, is absorbed in pinning on his boutineer while Bob Kraft, senior, seems absorbed in something else, Glendale Country Club, on Whidbey Island, made an excellent site for the 7969 Senior Ball. l 1 ll CZ? , at Xl- QQYSSL s, . try, ,fs , 7 12 'wg : 'W-In sl 2 77 9:55512 .. l t - 'nazi Sli ,112-15, , 1: ,, llj in K K Nz Mr, Malnes introduces speakers at the drug assembly, Dr. A. W. Dahl, Mr. Lloyd Stanley, andludge Holte. 152 Students drawn together in times of recreation Words of the faculty, a doctor, an atomic authority, or an ex-addict The songs of The Army, The Beard, or Liberty Flash All are given their respect and appreciation Mr. Ron Fraser accepts birthday congratulations from Mr. Frank DeMiero and Dave Gossett, senior, at the Atomic Age Assembly. dvi' The Sweetheart Dance proved to be an exciting one as Debbie Paul, Debbie Snider, andjulie Willits, seniors, clown around. Joyce Miller, junior, gets an explanation of atomic energy by the narrator during the assembly. The oriental atmosphere envelopes couples at Ping Yuen, this year's Tolo. 153 1 'ms 31 A nsqfaiiikf fr . 5 5 Q N 2 , Q X X 15 Q 4 9 Ji a v Q 5 gf Q1 2 B, ,Q 2 E . K ., . Sw ,e ,LW A ., 5 v - fwfszw r'-" wsffffsfvsxi., :wid gn! Q ?- ,K mmA. MES. .,... .5,., . ff 5 mm 'f S, ., ,,'fi'1, . , .f-gg, .V , . V., , , v,.. Q. .,.. A 5, V,w11P,-131 ,wa my .. -.Q g,.,Q1Wf1s55Qxl -'ww S X M -:ggi Ls- 15, ff' ' -1s1v?f. Q' fi lkimilfiixfiffisf ar W, we-Infw' ' Dave Larson and Wendy Wagner, seniors, are recipients of the Elks Leadership Award. This is our best These are the returning members of Honor Society, who have upheld their academic standards throughout high school. However, there are many more members of Senior Honor Society initiated late in the year. 1 1. 3 aw- J' WF' S ab if Z 1 gi. Q .fy K Steve Andersen Kathy Rockness, senior, a Scholastic Art Award win ner, prepares paint for another picture. A -'.i .Davepossettgggil lj 5 .ig . . .... . 35 L vllv .f,. I is 3 s. . ,. 5 ,ff -jjj. f 1 Mike Mchlamargaf .aw ff' '13, 0, an A. i f :ai L H .,, F -K M k' lgy vt' 'Ar ., ,,--.X ' Y I 'Q 6 K 'Cf . K ' X Q ,. A.., WWWMW,-Qui-naw.-w.,.,t.m,,.Mwwwn v X, "V H U 2 X Q K hw, , 41 Ellen Greatorex, senior, a Scholastic Art Award Winner, prepares Tolo decorations. lanean Miller, Vicki Rosenau, Teresa Primrose, john judd, seniors, and Richard Nelson, sophomore, were selected for the All Northwest Band and Choir. , fi K sa 9 x ,Z 4 . i :' : 5 .. . V imc, 5 3 I A ,exter Taylor i HX isle Wflghf Dave Gossett, senior, an award winner in Forensics studies his resources. 3 t 5 KAREN ABSTON LINDA ACKLEY Spirit stayed with the seniors even after the pep assembly was over. LINDA ALEXANDER FRITZ ALLYN RICHARD AMUNDSON ALLEN ANDRESEN STEVE ANDERSEN STEPHANIE ANDERSON TERRI ANDERSON RICK ANTTI MARY ASBERY PHIL ASH 158 KRIS BAKKEN MARY KAY BAKKER IOHN BALCH ANN BALDWIN A I IANICE BARNES RANDY BASHORE DA VID BEATTY PAT BELLAMY , N MICHELE BENNETT LARRY BERG TERRI BERG BUD BERCHDAHL N s kv' IOHN BIDDLE NANCY BINCAMAN MARK BISSON MARRIANNE HOIVIN 159 2 -4Qgs,12g gjQ agQ ROBERT BOSTICK CATHERINE BOWLES KIM BOWMAN LINDA BOWMAN MARCIA BRANTLY BECKY BRILL BRUCE BRINCEDAHL MIKE BROOKS Wi. PAM BUCK DUANE BUXTON CAROL CAIN CELENA CALKINS JEFF CALL DAVE CAMPACNA DAN CARIVEAU CAROL CARTWRICHT 160 WILLIAM CASEY PAT CASTRO ww CINDY CASWELL WARREN CAVENESS Roadrunners make up Dave Larson, senior. GORDON CHERVENELL LYNN CHRISTOPHERSON MOLLY CIVARRA LARRY CLARKE DALLAS COLTON CHRISTINE CONRAD IOAN COOPER VIC CRANDALL 161 x,.w1,,WNW,MLMM-Wwwwm-W BLAINE CRICHTON SANDI CROSS Hanging around is Dennis Tassin's "thing," NOEL CRUSE JERRY CULLINAN KATHY CUNNINCHAM DON CURTIS MARTY DAHL DAN DAINES DELL DEACH IOANNE DICKSON MORRIS DICHTMAN DAVE DIEHL 162 K I DAVE DITZLER MIKE DOLPHIN DIANE DRAKE MARY DURDY 'fi M' SANDRA EATHERTON BETTY EDWARDS MIKE ELDER BRAD ELKEN IANET ELLIS DIANNE ELTON DARROLLD ERICKSON WAYNE ERICKSON IONATHAN EVANS BRUCE FARRAR KANDY FAVROW CHARLENE FIKE 163 j? Qi gf: ,- ,gj 5, If I BILL FINCH ELAINE FITZHUCH ION FRANTZEN MARK GALLACHER RUTH FINCH LARRY FISHER IOANNE FITHEN 5 ,ff KATHY FLUMERFELT LINDA FORTUNE MIKE FRANCIS PATTI FREEMAN PAT FROUNFELTER CHARLOTTE GABRIEL KEN CILLETTE TERESA CILREATH BETTE COBLE 164 DONALD GORDON SHEILA GORDON DAVID GOSSETT CAROL COVIER "Did you hear the one about the traveling salesman P DEBBIE GRAHAM ELLEN GREATOREX MIKE GREEN RICK GUNSELMAN BOB GWALTNEY CATHY HADENFELDT 165 DENNIS GUNN KAREN HALE 'YQ .'.V , eff' f. Q '14 Ed Long, senior class vice president, project. NORMAN HARER KAREN HARSCH .div-"W meditates over another senior class MARSHA HARRINC SANDRA HEIDBREDER JAMES HAMILTON LINDA HAMMOND KAREN HARDIN KIM HARDY JUDY HARRIS LORI HARRIS BRUCE HELM VALERIE HELMS KEN HERMANN DENNIS HILL IOHN HINDS RON HIZEY DOUG HIELLEN BETTY HOFFELD CATHY HOLEMAN LINDA HOLZMAN IIM HOPPER BRUCE HORST CONNIE HUCK EUGENE HUNT ANITA HUNTZINGER MARY ANN IVERSON KAREN JABLINSKE RENEE JABLINSKE 167 PATRICIA IAECER IIM IINHONG LYNN IOHNSON IOHN IUDD TIM IARBOE IILL IEFFERS MIKE IENNINGS GEORGE JOB PATIOHANNES CAROL IOHNSON RON IOHNSON JEFF IOHNSTON KYLE IOSEPH BILL IURY KURT KARLSSON BARRY KELLEY 168 ,Xl- MIKE KESSLER CHET KLEIN TEX KNUTSEN MIKE KOEHN Inspecting the latest Hub Club literature are Mark Mesiani and Dennis Gunn. ROBERT KRAFT IULIE KRAMLICH SANDRA KREB5 IOHN KUMMA PAULA LANDBERC RALPH LAMBERT MONICA LANG DAVE LARSON 169 i .LW ,,,..y..... s LYLE LeDUC MIKE LEE Doug Hjellen, senior, is just one ofseveral who lost their razors this year. WAYNE LEEDY PATRICIA LEITCH GARY LINTZ LUTHER LITTLE DOLORES LIVELY VEIVA LIVELY I EDWARD LONG VALARIE LOOK VICKY LOOK WILLIAM LORENSON 170 CARY LORENZEN LINDA LUTZ CHARLENE MACUMBER DARLENE MACUMBER IILL MACY MIKE MACEE RAYMOND MAJESTIC ROBERT MAKUS MIKE MALLORY CERI MARKHAM DEBORAH MAULTSBY BRUCE MCBRIDE MIKE MCCONVILLE KEITH MCDONNELL IOHN MCCINTY JILL MCKENZIE 171 NM 52 SUSAN MCKINNON LINDA MCMILLAN MICHAEL MCNAMARA IUDY MERRYFIELD farm MARK MESIANI DUANE MESSIER BILLIE MEYERS IIM MILLER IANEAN MILLER RON MILLER SHARI MILLER SHIRLEY MILLER i. CLEN MILNER JUDY MINNIS CARL MINOR PAT MISTISION 172 CHRIS MOORE NADINE MUND w SUSAN MYERS GAR Y CA RL NELSON 5 1 'Fam Y 1 . "' 'L ' . ' ' ,Q 7,5 'xv 1' . L .- W' , it ff' 'L 2 .. . .- 7 if ' A V . - 5 Q, Zgwwfaif,:':a.,gg:.tfLwm-Wf2iifS4iffiE11L1..e.. '.,,.aA,.a." "'k 1f"',,'-:WI-. ,.,.g,.q, S , A4 IANET MORGAN S MICHELLE MURPHY "Look buddy, 'R' doesn't mean race!" Ralph Lambert, senior, learns DEBBIE NACEL PAT NACEL CAROL NELSON CARY LEE NELSON GARY LYNN NELSON CECILE NOE 173 ,Vw Roast gull was offered to Kip Rummell, senior, and hungry fans for Homecoming dinner. MARY O'DONNELL LINDA OLSEN ALAN OSTMAN GREG OUELLETTE SHELLEY NOPP GREG NORRIS TOM OBERHOLTZER BONNIE O'BRlEN CHERYL OLSON KRIS OLSON 4 NANCY PALMER LAURA PARTEE BARBARA PASCHAL IOHN PATTERSON BONNIE PAUL DEBBIE PAUL DIANE PA ULIN RYAN PAYNE PAT PEARSON HARLEY PENNINGTON KAY PERRON ROSEMARY PHEIFER GREG PONTIUS HEATHER PONTIUS PATTY POPE TERESA PRIMROSE GARY QUAYLE KATHLEEN RALEIGH 175 MARY RAMMLER KATHLEEN RENZ IOHN RICHARDSON KATHRYN ROBINSON if JW , 'T A L ROD RANDALL CARY RASMUSSEN THOMAS REED MARCY RHODES ROLAND RHUE SHERRY RICE LARRY REIS GREG RICGS ROBERT ROARK L NANCY ROCK KATHLEEN ROCKNESS MYRNA RODMAN 176 is, STEVE ROGERS VICKI ROSENAU CHARLOTTE ROSENQUIST PAT ROSS "You're the only guy that understands me around here." Mike Lee, se nior, and friend at brunch. KIP RUMMEL DAN RUSSELL RON RUSSELL RALPH RUTLEDCE KAREN RUTTEN GAIL RYAN PAUL SALVESEN MELODY SANDERS 177 SHERYL SAWYER STEVE SCHINDLER Mike Kessler and Kip Rummel amuse themselves over the antics of the LINDA SCHLEVE RON SCHMITT sophomore football team. IILL SCOTT MARY ANN SCRIVANICH MICHAEL SEBASTIAN KEN SELLEREITE IOHN SHABRO HOWARD SHAW KATHY SHEETS PHYLLIS SHERBURNE 178 L :JCKHIWK DIANE SHOEMAKER BILLY SIBLEY ALICE SMETHURST DEBBIE SMITH L LAUREL SMITH SUSAN SNELL DEBBIE SNIDER DAVE SNOW DENNIS SPICKLER SUE SPRAGUE IANICE SPRINGOB GREG STACKHOUSE CHRISTIANA STEELE RODNEY STEARNS ROGER STEARNS ALLEN STEVENS 179 DEBBIE STOCKMAN STEVE STRIMPLE IULIE STROM GILBERT STROPLE CARYSUNDE CEORCINESUSLO MIKE SUTTON IAYSWAN TERRI TARABOCHIA RONNIE TARLETON DENNIS TASSIN DEXTER TAYLOR Q.-ww DEBBIE TENNISON NANCY THOMAS SHELLEY THUNDER ANNA TIMMERMAN 180 w an ANDY TRAECER KIM TULLAR SHERMAN TYLER SHIRLEY VAINO "Sweet dreams, Lyle Warren!" ED VALLEIO KAREN VANKE KAREN VICKROY SHELLEY VOELKER WENDY WACNER CASEY WALKER CINDY WALKER 181 Mike Magee contemplates, Phil King dances, and Mark Mesiani watches intently as brunch slips away. LEROY WEBER ROXANNE WEDDLE KIRBY WALLACE LYLE WARREN DALE WEISHAAR THEREASE WARNER STEVE WATKINS IAKE WEISHAAR SUE WEYTHMAN CINA WHIPPLE CANDICE WHITE JOHN WHITSON 1 82 CORAL WILDE HAROLD WILLIS STEVE WILKERSON TIM WILLIAMSON IULIE WILLITS DANNI WILSON SHERRI WILSON SANDY WILTSE PAM WING PAT WOLSTENHOLME PAT WOOD DALE WRIGHT ANNA ZESBAUCH HM ZUEGER 183 SHARON WOOD In Remembrance: Lee Ann Dorsett, senior Gary Goulet, senior David Holt, sophomore .. - W""'ws..QM ' Another pen is devoured by Dave Larson, senior, during lecture. Facial patterns reflect se , -as . ., X , My ff- , WV .sa-fd .law ,wefisfsr , -f , 'X'?Jg'f"T'tL "A stitch in time saves a grade." Nancy Thomas, senior, ponders her Someone "does their art thing" next move in clothing. 4 I n 1 jr fi The last laugh is had by Tim larboe on Bruce Helm before an assembly skit. OFSI yeal' of eXpef eflCeS ls 'A "Will the real mannequin please remain mute!" Cheri Olsen is mesmer- ized beside the D.E. dummy. Something has caught senior Gayle Daly's eye. Who could he be? fsgf lkl lll ll l l l J on the pretty face of Chris Conrad, Senior, Woody High's sign appeared at TH5. Darryl Erickson, right, was among many puzzled students here. 185 BISSON, Layout coming Queen Candidate 4. BENNETT, SHELL Y: GAA 2, Debate 2, Ski Club 2-3-4, Tri-Hi-Y Vice President 3, Chorus 3, Car Club 4, Dynamics 4, Choir 3-4, Homecoming Chairman 3-4. Youth Pre-legislature Jl,fdpUUUK k.,U"L.lidlfllldll J, Mother-Daughter Tea Chair- man 4, FTA 3-4, Chorus 2-3, Choir 4, Bye Bye Birdie 4, Anastasia 4, Honor Society 4. CRUSE, NOEL: Football 2-3-4, -- ' ub Track 2 3 4, Lettermen s Ci COBLE, BETTE: Girls' Track 2, Sk VICE FTCBIUEIH. 4, LJIUII 9. Club 4. COSSETT, DAVE: Band 2-3-4, Stage Band 2-3-4, Debate 2-3- 4, MUN 3-4, Drama 3-4, Hon- or Society 2-3-4, President 3, 1 cl I aLt:all3 nr. i IABLINSKE, KAREN: Ski Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y Vice President 3, Chorus Officer 4. IABLINSKE, RENEE: CAA 2-3, Concert Band 2-3-4, March- ing Band 3, FTA 3-4. V Representative 3, Bye Bye Birdie 4, Plays 4, MUN Dele- Cho Club 2 DECA 4, Car 3-4, Choir 3-4, Dynamics Bye Bye Birdie 4, Men's tie Sister French 4, Road ASB President 4. GOVIER, CAROL: Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Honor Socie- ty 3-4, MUN 4, MO!ller- IARBOE, TIM: HAWKEYE Z-3-4, TEMPO 3-4, MUN 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Hi-Y 4. IEFFERS, IILL: Transferred from Tea DECA As- 2-3, Car I 3, Tri-Hi-Y Terra- Bye VUS OHANNES Club 3, Drill Cap- '- f 4. V., SE .. . -a ,H - ii .. , ,... 1 V .. ,,., " " -. ',L, rus 2-3, Choir 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, ff0m Massachusetts 3, Bye 2- at P Hongr 5006-fy 4. Bye Birdie 4, Roadrunner 4, i V . 3 AL,, -.- . ., . -LVV Si r- . - . - 'Ht . it v i Fl' 'X fi A ' li- 1 ii. tt- .ii L 5' . Q24 , 5? sl ' t 3 tn 5 E ' t ' if 5 L X.. .. , .s . ..f.. . l , ,. . .. . . . . ,..,- .. . . ., . ..,. .,,,. L. .. .,. .. ,, t . . . ,, . ... .. , , Y. ,. . ,. ax. .. ttf., f., . . ,...,,e 1g,5,, '3t .il,t . - 5 2 eta ,gat i - : l at ig, ,,f,f if it ,- L 4 ' . ' ll 3223 ev. - -pe ' -wt.rr--m:1. .t- iran:-f. . ,ta pt- .- -. lf s- -affrfvfs: 2- 'V I A N -:Z 7 -usa .. 44 " 'Nfl '- "" F 'ePese'f4nf- ' ' lifter 3 4. zi 52 it .. t- -ggtt-wi -,.a4.,-4 . 4 -West Es - ings. 1 ,- 1124? , 1 T 'rfb " "-' ' 5 2 fTd'fCtT-if ie 4. 55 ',-w 1 -',,- r . ,,,. t- RQ 2-3-41 . 5 tandards -4.1 it f , , .f,.- Can- 5.-t,..f..1ia. 1 sz, .-,,.i.f ,s,-.. x - 7.'. ,,f.'-,- . f,- . -if 5- -4 .v--15.1.-2 1. t-, -:-L . i .: 1t-f:-- .-:tfh . .f -f L, --,.z,.s-,.f...-we Je 1- L... - . .44-. H ,-..f, - were-s fa---,..,xf .tion--. :L ff.-,s.,.,,.t-.i,. .s.-fs. - W ,.., . ,-.Q 4 ., . ,,,. L. 4. 4....f -. ,. L . . . . .. ,ax , , . ,,.fa s ,., .. ser - L.g,,mr,,te3t 4 54 tag.:-gamma--asa! -,,Qg5,,, ,-...,k . .sasaeeg -- . 1- 2: - 4--,..g.,,t:ii::,.ts nf.. . f ' 1' N ff tw -' 1-:ff-rr - If 353 5 3 . ts .4 ,. ny?--. ,ia-5,34 gs. Ln., ..-. ..,. ,. ,aw ..,,,. a .ff5f,-,.'1f,a,CfEqs-Wg, 4 - 2 - .45-..t . ..'.. ,,. 3, .... X 3.5 ,- - fa, .., ,em-U ,. h,.. . g - "1 -' -.'k J 1 J , 1 , ' -"' J 4 it ii ' ' r -- ff " ' f f . , 'L" " " , 95311 2-3-4, ' ' - . . ' r ts. -7 , N zz. jj- Choir 2-3-4, Choir Council 2, 5048 H9454 Otngf fbg 8 T N D, amics 3-4, All State Choir Princess 4, TEMPO Business 2. 3, oys' Club Council 3-4, All D Edttor 4, Inter-High Council 4, MURPHY, MICHELL - -S fa - r - Car Club M , Ndnhwest .Ch0mg4, Bye Bye W, VL, Bye Birdie 4. T retary-Treasurer 3, French PERRON, KAY: DA VID- Ch GSS Club 3- GAA 2-3-4 Leffef' - 3'4f C"l5'Cl4- s ais 4- 2, Track women 2-3-4, Girls' Club Fi- PONTIUS, GREG.. . .A .L,A , . , ,,,,, . ,,.. ,. ,..h,. .. . . , . ,,.., , ,,, L J FLS V J K, t termen's Club 4. 1, -..A Manager 2, and nance Comm. Chairman 3, PONTIUS, HEATHVEL -if-13? r. , ' .',- . - g 4 '2lEJ.LEY, BARR Y5, Ski Band 3, ' -",',,' ' Miss Standards 3. 4, . 3' . . .5 .51 ij,-ji , f' A ' I namics 4,Chorr,4, MCGINTY, IOHN. Footba , MYERS, FBLA 3-4, Road- PRIMROSE, TERESA,-L g gand Gif, 445555-.g-5R, -MlKEg Fggjggall 23:21, Wrestling 2-3-4, Honor Socie- runner .5 A Vice President 4,ii ,nor S04 Basketball 2-3-4, Baseball 233, ty 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Boys' NACEL, 3-4, Ciezy 3-4, Debate 2. 1 Secre- Chorus 2, Choir 3-4, Dynam- Club President Council. FTA 3 ary 4 Bye Bye Blrclt Pit Or- . ics 4, Homecoming - Escort 4,3 F .. Lettermen's Club 3-4, Bye Bye , MC A ilk Y f :- :a5'.tfe'5-if. ,,,, . ...-.,-,.... M'.Lp,gfE1i.,i y- xqyyp m ,, L xt KENZIE, JILL: Marching Band ..-4 ,,-2.g..t-- as 455.1-,Sas:.,,ai,.,..1e'f .' :-' f-42' -' L 5 NELSON CARY Lettermen s ch 3 BandLetter3. W C' ,412-W . Ru s . s 4 ,- Q -A 4, N ra: if -fmt,- if f,. .,,5 ... a-. '- L --v '59-gk - r' - V 4, , at as t,, X gg, 4 , eff -,W .FJZ . .' 4. mi. 1,.3'4..' ,. ra1 W.e,59.2 .4 em .Ja ru , s - L, ,j ,,,.1 , , ,. , ,ts , - .e , . . . E , . at 'vi t.-W - .1 12+ xfii' I-Lf, '!- 214 J Wifi "F" 'fi 135 'T'- ..- Cornm. Chairman 4 Home- iiii estra 4 All Northw and MARY Ski Clu SDL 4 C 5 ., AA7 -'. g g - wg , .,., ess ! . , A ,.t--.,1..-- 5:44-s ., ,-5 - Agcv . ga . ' a ww A 4 Y' ' - .., t 12 5 as . 3 ' a n :..f r"t2S:.f Mfg. E' l 4-fl '35, .,-',::.,a,. , 7 - --g..::.,.ef' if f-'W-5..----xt' . - . A I5 gf ' 4 ,, ,, , 1 'E iR,.. - , , .,.. ., . ,,.- aa.-., -5 , , 9- -,Q I 1, 35-53, , H 'S f 4 ,'ft9W1Z'f 421, 4 H 'Q ii-pri-f-F ii f , ,.. . . , .., . . , f. -t.. - .1 1 X 1 -,t '- f--ata-V 2 . . 59 : 5 ' , X 41- 5 1-1 -,es 3 . ee 4 fl L. 5 '5 . -, - .f gi s : EQ at 4By .'fd'e--.41 -sf . - is 1 4 Of f ' aw 'L , ' . 1 a iemifma-it 1 ' . 'F , L , s, ..-:-warg .3 ., - , . at . a ffm.---.. Q -t.L.t.-.f :nw-.-...-ff: fy. :-.s-.s.- ..-ef - -,P 14- f..g.t'-a - ,-33- -f-...tal-,it-fare 4- -. : L Q ea . '.'- ' 'B 1' -H 5 A fs ' , Q, ' isa A - Nfl . f I-4 1: 4 - t :i f -f y e . -. 5 -.. ' it - fn S. t , 4- 'L . ,Q 2. s g . . -. 4- L- 'V '- 1 5 4' L . Cl-355 Off 4' A 4 2 . . , ,... ,.,.. ,,,, . ,. . ,, V. , L , ,L my ,V i 1 Band 2-3-4, Chorus 4. Presi ershi Mon dent 3, Elks' Yo uth Lead- p Award 4, Boy of the th 4, Boys' Club Presi- room Comm. Chairmani4, ph Inter-High Council 4. O'DONNELL, ALLYNE: DECA House of Fabrics Fashion 4, oto Editor 4, Cheerleader 3-4, Chorus 3, Homecoming dent Com Con Seco and Bye 4, Sk 2, Se Ann Council 3-4, Everett munity College Leaders ference 3, HAWKEYE nd Page Editor 4, Quill Scroll 4, Band Manager 2, Bye Birdie Pit Orchestra i Club 2-3-4, Terraceans nior Ball Doorman and ouncer 3, Homecoming MA MA MA KUS, BOB: Football 2, Wres- tling 2-3, MUN 3-4, Debate 3- 4, Vice President 4, Boys' Club President Cabinet 4, Home- coming Comm. 4, Senior Ball Comm. 4. RKHAM, GERII CAA 2. ULTSBY, DEBORAH: Trans- ferred from Alaska 2, CAA 4, Board 4, Hawk Shop 4. OLSON, CHERIE: Chorus 2, Ac- comp. 3, Choir 3, Accomp 4, Dynamics 3, Accomp 4, Miss Standards 2-3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Ski Club 3, Girls' Club Chair- man 3, Tolo Comm. Chairman 4, Senior Ball General Chair- man 4, Bye Bye Birdie 4, Hon- Princess 4, Bye Bye Birdie 4, Quill and Scroll 4. ROLAND: Basketball 2-3-4, RHUE, Baseball 3, Letterman 4. ARDSON, JOHN: Track 2, RICH Cross Country 2-3-4, Letter- man 3, Concession Chairman 4, Lettermen's Club Treasurer 4. Elections Comm. Chairman 4, Chorus 3, Choir 4, Drill Team or Society 3-4, Homecoming ROACKI RQBERUV Transferred Senior -Claes .... ..,.ff40d:R.afSiHs . t -...3,..Sa-at-ad-...Leader ...i.,, endfd-are 4' '5f?dfl9l9.f3'?d . "WV Cal'f9fF'?f?f.C?' CM' 3' . i.i, f Q ..e., ,.e, . rr4'4rr rese .r.- is . irss Bibb 2-314-...fge-framean-4-,.3204 r2f3-4 514893304 -22 M2 V',' 4 V,,. -..V. llii' 'L L f.r. t-.t4,' .,..' , .,. . -,l,l4r N UN , , , 1' .K --.- 1 r ,",','f, -r'- vice ferred.-from Burien 4, FB 4. mics 4s. fCl1eS- 4, f" -- -Z .. J - r ' . E - F -' -.,- Pres- MESSIER, DUANE: Art 4, FTA 3, Presb Women.. . - E - . A iisrt f --.-f eiisi 4.-' .,-..-.'- rii. 4 .',' .A Youth Leadership Awar Club Chafrman 2,3, HOffI18Cf3ff1?lTg'C8Udld8f6's't'j?F,gt-22 - ' 92essTf2nSfeffed 'WNFR' GLEN- Tfadf 2-3-44 . .l rfety 4, Bye Bye 4, 51455 Clvbfe-stole Ch2'fm3'7l1i:f- T , gait 345-L L ,'., L - , F il. pri: , Q , .Q QQ' H i tl K khyr I K W I W gp ., A- . il ,I sl ,I , -X lv . .. . f A .3 . - ,. .... .-.. f . .. - 4.1m-ye,..a-'L,.w f-fires, gait- --4 . .- .L-at-452 -. - - ',-- :L-, .amsf . s4,tt.qs,. 1-4.3.5, ,.w, 1 4-.'s- .s, s ,.-:tt,..fRe,.1 - .. ,,t..,.s.,...- M ,WW tt... .L f- ,:m1s..... . -.. gr.. ,,,,.,...,,, ,,- t5m.,.,,.w,...:-.-, .. ,-5.5 ,. ,-t.s.r,sqWs2-54132 Q. stsr 3 -4 4 4' it itris. H .,.. fa QA 1. . Q A Q .L . A ,ii - N X ' As . if 4, Girl of the raceans 3, School Play 4, Cho- , Bye B:rdfe 4. rus 3, Choar 4, DECA 4, CAA 3. g g? t ROD MA N, M YR QQTEEL E, CHRISTINA .- HA WKE YE 3- -Q ig Chorus 2. 4, FTA 2, Bye Bye Birdie 4. RUGERS, STE VENS, ALLEN. WVGSUIHH 2, n X w 4'-h Chow 3'4z 4,4, 4444 'Hb 3-4 - . '44' '41'-21 WVL. Marchmg B Q:5gf!,:f-s? . QQQZ LKMAN, DEBBIE: --.4 1 . . Glee 4, 44444,4 2-3, Chow 4, SOPHOMORES g f 4 .'-"- . f ' . .Q -'-" b Bye Bye 4,,4 Cfub Cabinet 3-4, ",-.- - 3 4, Comm- ' Amon susan- 323 Lkkk ' ' 4 - " , ' . ' 4 f Band 444,44, ' Ad'Z'ge"C"e'y': " 'W iii E 44,1 A ' 'f - - V A ' W Confe5?i32?f2f ?5flFl F9 5fei3a '7d4r GILBERT-' AC"'ey""'7' '-" 3 lg Rosmfx 4444 2 -3-42 4yy4 Qflsbflfj' ' ' I f ---44- O'Cl75?f5ail2'4'.Aufwqnhwest E: Bangfwg 4,444444 ,444 4 ,, , 3 "'--"f:' 1 "h, '.-h 1 w 'Y ' Mari 1 Eiiwff - fi VLL" Aii' if-lf? EAfIf GAA 215' 444444 r M r fff gy, Q '44,4: Q 4444 ' 44,4 3, ,. K- Q . -, -.,' f' 1 2,if,gf5giv-:- 1, Vykk ki' ,V:.' f -R 1335.14 -7--3 3-, f fwv xxkyifimwwfgffff 4zf 'R0adfUUners . 4444 K,,,. Honor 4444 ' '1 4 ,44,k 444' - , 444 Nj 44444 3 4: .Te'm'5 .2 3 4' 44,4 C105 314 Hom ,,,4 E ,5l5lyQugf1ge ifor Pohtfcal Acuon 4, ,,,, P f 44444 44444 i - . ,44, 4444 ,4444 44-- 4444444- 4 Pl'65ld6nI Coun If 4'4- f-1' -"4. - ' '4444 rtClub Wf9 ,44, 4444 C 44,44 1 5 X 4,4, . , ' L 'ffiapffvp-i'.v, .4444 w wf . W - - . ffl? ' .. I-I ,im z ,4.4 A ,4.4 mfs: 44 ff? 1: "K DAN' ga, Club 3 2-3-4g Cap b 4 ' 4, 4,444 w -444 4444 4,,4 rt . f 4444 444444 wggg. tbaIl 2-3-4, 444444 if -pu - WHlTE,CA Nl3!SE: , FEeQfch4 i27iQ12f42f?-14 hptam 4. Leuerhae-g gi? 4 Art Club 4. M iii l4'4 1 N - L' - 444'4 E 4 " 444l 4,44 ' 4,-. .f 44'4 J 1 ji -' ES WS' A 4 4 Q f 4 , . Tff-I 4,4 I 444 D 3, - f A .. - rv it f444 A gg.Wg,-,pfxgfyifvgglf ,,4, 9 0 hdgqggeuncsi 4,,HQmECOmIHg ,444 QQQQESCGVI 4. 4444 '- 1+Yfa jA, 1iScho!ar- zof the 4 V 4 fi 4"4 xg. 4444 -if fi'-f.. 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I ".-' A-'-.L- -'-- - ' - 5. Q 4f C0HdQn, Naneyf 34 -"-k -hL' m' KC okmoeb 34 5 ME SMP cZDp2,g 1fSZef . ... 34 z :fdff0f Assem- CoOpe, ,,m.y, 3, 7.f' "'k ' ' K 4 'k-' - - , - --f ' 1 , SNE Q Q Cha'f 4, Sk' cQufe1f,xe:fgf , . ... 34 LL'-1LL, 1"L -"1 - ' LLL' L--,-'. ,LL- JL-5 - - ' 5F Banque! C'eSfWef'fC0'd0'1f --'- -'-- 3 4 ii. Q -fff'- 1- ,'-h- f k.'-1 .f-:,--.-- - -- . . -,-: M '-kk, J. 1 7 L.-: Lmmk N"k . A 1 1 A Crim, Vickey: . , Crocker, Sherrie: . . . Cross, Terry: . . , Cruse, April: .. . Dake, Tamara: . Dally, Gene: ,. l Cquld, Douglas: . Courley, Craig: . . Green, Regina: .. Green, Sheila: . Gunn, Katy: .. . Cunselman, Sandy: .... ,,.,. 1.' , ' Lambert, Daniel: 4 Lamph ear, Dennis Landburg, Robert: Landergreen, Kim Large, ludy: .... Larson, Mike: ,,., LaRue, Lynn: ..., Lawrence, Craig: . Lawson, Diane: . . Dally, Ron: .,.:5,- ::..... . ., Haas' Ma,-Sha, .H Dalton' Debbie: , berta: Lay, Steve: .. . Holly' Terry: . . , Karen: . Hamilton, Kathy: . Hammond, Steve: Leary, Mike: . . , Leath, Sheryl: .... Lee, Becky: .... Lee, Palmer: ...., Lehman, Mike: . . Lein, Debbie: .... Leonard, Mike: . . LiUa, Nugent, Ober, Bob: L .,...., Oberholtier, Chris: O'Brien,jim: .. ,, Olsen, jane: Bates Steve Baunach Mike Edelbrock Chuck 43 85 Edwards Bob Linda Mike 52 52 52 Galbraith, Steve: ,,.... Gallagher, Arlene: Garen, David: . , 'Q ,,,,..,, 52, 76, 710 . .a,,,. 52 77 92 Gaswint,1im: Y . t,.......,t.... 52 Larry: , , Kurt: Laurie. , Paul: . . . lohnston, Stuart: jones, Dave: ,. . . jones, Mike: ,,., jones, Norma: . . lones, Sharon: . . . Kalitovic, Tim: , ,, 54 54 45 ,..54 . ,.,,54 . 54 . ,..54 . .... 54 . ,,.. 54 54 .,..54 , .... 54 ...54 Kallstrom, Carolyn: ..,. , :. 54 Karrer, Roy: .... Kazala, Guy: .... Kemper, Deb: , . Kilbury, ludy: . .. Kimble, Rick: ,,,, King, Tim: ,,...,. Kirkpatrick, Kathy: ., ...54 54 54 ..,.54 . ,..,,,t 54 54, 76 ill, ..., . Gonzales, Phillip: Gormley, Larry: , Gosch, Glen: , , Grazani, Pat: . ,. Cuckian, Tom: . Gulden, Gerrit . . .,..50 ,,..50 Goodman, Sandra: ..... Gmbb, Jeri : ,.,,., .,..,..52 .,.,...52 52,85,720, ,,...,..52 52 52 . 52 52 Manning Steve Manzanares Tony Marshall Anne Marshall Cheryl Marshall Nancy Martin Cary Martin Pam Martin Ro . Marzolf Kim: , . , Mason Dessa: .. Massie june: . . Meadows Doug: ,... Meier, Steven: ,... Mellors, Marty: , , , Messier, Nancy: . . Meyers, Shirleen: . . , Miles, Marti: ...., Miller, Barbara: , , , Miller, Chris: . . , Miller, Joyce: . . Minga, Dan: ... Moffitt, Becky: . . . Molitor, Lynda: . , , Moon, Connie: , , , Moor, Sunny: ,.... Morehouse, Mike: . . 06 57 76 Shemaria, Kathy:. Sherwood, Dalei, J. Sibley, Chris:. . ,Might , Silliman, Steve: . '. Simmons, ludy: , , Sisom, Edf, .. ... Skiilralhleff: , . , Randyf, , , 58 58 Stoltz , . . Ihurman, Larry: . . , . . P??i'nsleygCandy:, , .pix . we .1 -,gwz-vw 'kk' Margtiaris.. K. Beckyf ' 160 jgiiigk , Wells, Pat Gordon. Chuck .,.. .... 5 , 61 Lynnz.. I 5 s 3 E I . f i E s 5 N 5 I I r w w , , X i 1 r r l 'P+ N 5 2 Q 1 . 5 2 5 ,i 1 .f ?.l'F Fi 2? CARY'S CLOSET Gary's Closet is a unique store for men 's clothing. lt has long been a quality shop for the new and modern styles in suits, sportswear and accessories. "Best Dressed," Barry Kelly and Mari Lynch, look over the clothing. , COCA-COLA The coca-cola company is really on the move. They're the ones satisfying the thirst of the many students everywhere. "Cutest Couple," Kim Tullar and Noel Cruse, believe that "things go better with coke after coke after coke . . . " if you have a dime! MARCHANDS Marchands Studio, located in two areas: Lynnwood Shopping Center and 2777 Colby street in Everett, believe in excellence. Excellence is fine quali- ty and a sharp picture. lfyou're "Most Intelligent" such as Candy White and Mike McNamara, you'll pick Marchands as your photographer. Nationally recognized photography E f 1 . 5-1 2 EE 4 A ,ti ' Q E5 L za I wt ,- Y tit iffy x -ig EVERGREEN STATE BANK Serving the South county line area, Evergreen State Bank believes all your bank connections are vital. This is why more people depend on Evergreen for their full-service banking. Saving money is a big thing at Evergreen as it is with "Biggest Tight-Wads," Shelly Voelker and Cary Sundae. S-. WJ CAL ULBERC OPTOMETRIST Dr. Cal Ulberg has complete visual service for eyeglasses as well as contac lenses. Located in lvlountlake Terrace, Dr. Ulberg is also a member of the Washington Optometric Association. Trying on the many types ofpersonal- ity glasses, are the seniors with the "Prettiest Eyes," Becky Brill andjeff Call. fx T, LYNNWOOD BEA UTY COLLEGE Nationally accredited by the school of cosmetology, Lynnwood Beauty College pride themselves on results. Located at 79829 Scriber Lake Road in Lynnwood, the beauty college is open for scholarship application to graduating seniors, Finding the "Prettiest Hair" by making use of the college's fine facilities are Casey Walker and Chet Klein. YORK STYLINC SALON open 7 days a week 5603 231St S. W. Mountlake Terrace ROYIENNINCS CHEVRON 23208 56th Ave. W. Mountlake Terrace Pr 6-9910 O. K. TIRE STORE 4933196th s. w. Lynnwood 'For the best in Mags and Chrome Wheels" Q R YE-CO INC. Electrical-Telephone-Water-Sewer , f 4. , AT 4-0124 fg ALDERWOOD DR UC joos Music, 79926 Highway 99 in Lynnwood, offers the ultimate in music Alderwood Manor education. The Northwest's Guitar Center gives generous trade-in allow- Pr 8-2345 ances and terms on a roval of credit. "Talent" is their specialty, as it is with PP Shelly Nopp andjohn ludd. STAN'S VARSITY SHOP Lynnwood Shopping Center Pr 8-1202 EVERYBODY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Lynnwood Shopping Center Pr 8-0400 CHESTER BEARD SHOES Lynnwood Shopping Center 776-0041 MACCIE'S MARKET 22826 56th Avenue West Mountlake Terrace PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK 5703 232nd S. W. Mountlake Terrace Pr 6-9101 IOHN FLUKE MFC. COMPANY 7001 220th S. W. Mountlake Terrace Congratulations Seniors! LA FEMME WICS Be the queen you are with individually designed cascades and falls at La- Femme Wigs, 79805 Scriber Lake Road, in Lynnwood. Happiness is a La- Femme wig. Happiness to you and others around you. Displaying their splen- dor feelings for the falls and cascades with sincere and "Sunniest Smiles", are Marcey Rhodes and Dennis Tassin. f"',?" I or IIM PALM - AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY Congratulations to the TEMPO staffof '69 for their efforts and desires in publishing Terrace's best book. R 84 R COINS Buy - Sell - Trade Lynnwood Shopping Center 776-7087 Ask for manager lon Evans EVERGREEN AUTO PARTS 19815 60th West Lynnwood Pr 8-0317 ARTHUR'S GIFT HOUSE Incense, Beads and Fun Things Scriber Square, Lynnwood COL UMBIAN OPTICAL CO The Best in Sight Lynnwood Branch, james Village Pr8-3311 ALBERTSON'S 23302 56th Avenue West Mountlake Terrace BRlTAIN'S OFFICE SUPPLY 220th and Highway 99 Edmonds Pr 6-2104 TERRACE PHILLIPS 66 Mountlake Terrace Phillips 66 station specializes in tune-ups and minor repairs, "Most Unlikely to be Seen in Class", Myrna Rodman and George job fill up their car for a pleasant drive. MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS HARRIS FORD Three steps to beauty, how to select flattering shades in powder, The slow pace of '68 went out to the wind last year as Harris Ford, P.O. Box 267 in lipstick and eye shadow are all specialities of the Merle Norman Lynnwood, brought on the new ones. Ford is the "going thing" and going with Cosmetic Studio. Together, Rosemary Phieffer and Mike Kessler them are the "Quickest Movers" on campus, Pat Mistision and Darrold Erickson. flatter their "baby faces." BALLINCER BEA UTY SALON Ballinger Beauty Salon, located in the Ballinger Shopping Center, specializes in beauty. Coloring, cutting, and beautiful coiffures are a part of their many serv- ices. john McGinty enjoys a new beauty treatment, given by Mary Ann Scrivi- nach, "Most Gulliblenseniors. SUMMERS DRUG STORE Home of the world famous products, Summers Plaza has the largest prescription department in Mountlake Terrace. It also carries cos- metics and photographic equipment. "Most Athletic," Nancy Rock and Blaine Crichton, play a quick game in the drug department. it 7 crm VEN 7'UR.. YUUR Tlili AWAY ww-a' t..g2 wlqlgstnmmaa- of :E:.E,.' . 5 SEVEN-UP Made to go the colas one better. Fresh. Clean. Crisp. Never too sweet. No aftertaste. Everything a cola's got and more besides. 7up . . The Uncola. The un and only. lt's the "Wildest" and so are Kyle joseph and Darryl Federmeyer. i CROWN MOTORS i Crown Motors, located at 20700 Highway 99, in Lynnwood, believe that every customer is King, Specializing in foreign autos, including Volvo, Datsun and Saab, Crown Motors treats you as if you lived at the castle. Recently crowned with motor specialties for their "Personali- ties" were Dar Macumber and Steve Andersen. SHORELINE MUSIC Shoreline Music sells Conn and Selmer band instruments and has complete musical instructions. Being a complete ticket agency, Shore- line Music also does instrumental repairs. "Spirits of Terrace" Debbie Paul and Mike lennings instruct each other on basic fundamentals. l 1 V VYYY..,Y,Y -..- It was a very good year - especially for those at Terrace High. The Western Sun let all of south Snohomish County know how things were with the "Hawks" by a weekly column written by Connie Huck and by many stories from our own staff. Again our sports writers wrote more lines on athletics at Mountlake Terrace than any other news- paper. We're proud of our association with your fine school and join with the entire community in wishing the very best to each WESTERN SUN A v l VAN WINKLES Van Winkle's believe in the future, and youth builds the future. This is and every graduate' why Van Winkles wants you to come in and see the many varieties of their furniture styles. Do not pass go, do not collect 5200, do not watch Wendy Wagner and Lyle LeDuc "Pose" it up, but go directly to Van Winkles! THE LOOM The Loom, located at 19823 Scriber Lake Road in Lynnwood, deals with many material things. Being sew-wise and self confident are Cheri Olson and Dan Russell, "Most Innocent." - ' MAC LEODS FURNITURE Sheer imagination alone is not the only start to a smooth line in furniture. Thats why MacLeods furniture, 7975 Highway 99 in Lynnwood, takes pride in their skilled craftsmanship, and crafty people they are who have the "5moothiest Line", as do Candy Lively and Dave Larson. fm It was a year of Confusion . . Love - contempt Trust - mistrust Elections - re-elections :Q War - peace Constant battle with Few victories . . . Shelley Voelker Wendy Wagner It has been our ultimate effort as editors to capture your year: your individual experiences and feelings. Ifthis book has done so then we have succeeded. In order to comprehend the full essence one must read between the linesg reach for every word and every suggestion ofa word. We dedicate this book To the seniors as something to look back on . . . To thejuniors as something to look forward to . . . To the sophomores as something to improve upon . , . With the hope that the Tempo of '69 marks an end yet a beginning in your life, f' ay Xl Z rc?m,Vc,f----- . I ,X ' UU ' mi if l ' Acknowledgments jim Palm - American Yearbook Company Harry Malnes - special passes Bill Marchandjr, - Marchands Studios Harvey Williams - state wrestling pictures CK Color Labs Ron Fraser - publications dance Cary Lynn Nelson - publications relations All our advertisers Don Pringle - Pringle Studios

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