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4 3. H ,, . V 5..- .X I Y' v 10 I I .iv S 'G' ---I 4' K rl- s fif 4 . ,X C 1 I - D., .1 3,1 4. 7aA.f-fin" vhs if 1 dw My 5.2 . M 'x rx ,. I 1 I .lf nal ..,..F -f-W-1'--'s" 153 4 13, F' Vbvmmwmmeau U --I ' ::., 4 F in-1 4 -I Nm E J . , i9 fmxw 2. . , ,. I-g..-,vw-o'-' ' ' 5 '. K H A ' P.--l' M A E-4 ,,,ul . xl .--1. ww? sag., . Traditions Are Initiated Everyone listened atfentively Io ihe speakers of our first assembly. They very warmly introduced us fo our new school and made us feel of home. -S 'fl .f' 'Q- ,.- YR Our first paper the Hawkeye was a bug seller It especially went over In a bug way when we received our new printing press The United States history classes fluke the one at rlghtj wlth its team teachrng were the first of their type In his area As we look over the first year of our beautrfully landscaped Mount lake Terrace Senior Hugh School we recall the many flrsts of our new school Such things as brunch whrch usually found us near the reflect Ing pool rn mce weather were tned for the first time Later as the experimental mnlkshake machine was brought unto effect many student bought new pounds for themselves in First Year of Terrace High "Hrcks' Holiday" was the theme of our flrst cos tume dance 'Et 4. A - , 'A Effie- T " '11 , , .65 ,I X ' - 'E' : Y . 913 ff' l T x ,4 'A my 9 x ' 3 . 'A 1. A 1. 1 " ' . .-- 1 lr 1. , K 1 . - ' ,g .5 Q , N V N I 9,4 -4 , I , t . xt 1 , , - . . . if ll 'N C I . , ' , . 1 X is 'nr Q. ' . . Y ' 'gl' avi E ,br A'l'i:1- i 4, ,FU Y 'i NF' , T: ., . l :Tr I - ' I - ,. 4,3 L ,., E 'wLnl-- Q Y . fr .-f e 4, 1.3 L ' . -Y 531451 . . . " ' '- "1-'41 fy - .- '- - ' ' 1,1 -yo e-1 f' A - - K. er e -in W - We students will not forget our fifteen minute "Brunch" period which we had each day, lt seemed to give the morning lust the break we needed. -. - ,. New School Offers Terrace's first football team was presented to the students at one of our as- semblies. They demonstrated a few of their regular plays at this time. A few weeks later at their first varsity game with Mercer Island lhey found conditions much worse in the extremely muddy field pictured at right. I r-an-3 i N Af f. 4,-4 Many girls turned out for the first Girls' Athletic Association program in our school. The boys' intramural program was iust as big a hit and had just as good a turn-out. Several different sports were included in these programs. ' QQ 0 i! Students Variety of Firsts Our round gym was the first of its kind in this area. Its triangular windows contribute to its design of beauty. ld luke to take thus opportunuty to convey to the Student accomplushment loyalty and a maturuty that would do credut to the students of any hugh school Our first year problems of an unflnushed buuldung an unde veloped athletuc and actuvuty program sharung the buuldung wuth an elementary school and a brand new student government have not been unsurmountable un fact theur presence has gen erated spurut and unuty among the students and faculty whuch we hope has set the pace for years to come A C Chrustensen Pruncupal f Few students un Ameruca have had the opportunuty of unutually developung school tradutuons Mountlake Terrace Hugh School students are now experuencung the thrull of desugnung and testung operatuonal polucues for our new buuldung whuch wull soon become school tradutuons Your greatest challenge wull be to establush tradutuons un whuch every student feels he has a rught an opportunuty and a responsubuluty to actuvely partucupate un student governmen tal processes Whale you are engaged un your task of de velopung self government I hope that you wull learn to apprecuote the efforts of our own governmental leaders from the framers of our Constututuon to our present om cuals local state and natuonal Dr Harold E Sulverncul Superuntendent of Schools 5"1wn,.li Enthusuasm desure to do a good uob loyalty and sun ceruty of purpose by our students have made possuble year of tremendous progress un our brand new school Graphuc proof of thus us evudent as one turns the pages of thus book thus us evudence of greater thungs to come It has been a genuune pleasure to be assocuated wuth our flne group thus year Byron E Norman Assustant Pruncupal 1 ,J - . . . . . E s ' . . . . s i I . . . . . . F' . , , , K . . ' f N 1 I I l . . - 1 Y ' - - 'v , . . . y Body a sincere thank you for an opening year of enthusiasm, , , 3 . I . . . . I . , 6 1 , . . I -1' 1-' 6 ii .,, . 'v J , I . . I I .- . . G 7 Q www?-W fa -Q.. Mr Norman IS shown gavnng on announcement over the public address system Mr Chrlsfensen rs shown leodnng faculty discussion on school prob lems The cooperohon ond helpful ness of the faculty thus year was greatly appreciated by the students 9 "Nm ,,,..--L Good Admlnlstratlon Builds Strong School 5 Mrs. Beth Garret Attendance Secretary If Mr. Rollo Hill Head Custodian ,nn X Mrs. Freda Purton Princlpal's Secretory l S 'SL' x 'ED R' 6 MR. EDWARD ALVERTI MR. BOB ANDERSON 5 N . Bond, Choir Orchestra ii X " MR. GENE ADAMS MISS LUCILLE BALCH English, Publications English Our First Faculty 11" MR. MARK FREED MR. MERLE BLEVINS Biology Wood Shop, Athletics MR. JOHN GARNER MR. LES KIRKENDORFER U.S. History, Athletics English, Counselor MR, JOHN FQX MR. KEN BUMGARNER World History, Athletics Chemistry, Biology MR. JERRY CONRAD MRS. BARBARA CHAMBERLAND Art, Geometry French, Spanish T919 MR. GALE FILER I MISS JOAN CARLSON Ge0meffYf Algebf'-1 Home Economics X 51594: . Q- , ..,a- ff . 1iFf7"" 'T' av ..,, I FTW: iw an Z' 1 mls, MR. BILL MORAN MR. BYRON NELSON 'lk 1' if -Nc xl ." U i V i X 'J 41 . ,,- g . 143, fi ., ,Q MR. JOHN PLESHA Geometry, UICSM MR. BERT REESE World History MRS. MARY ANN ROESLER Commercial Courses MR. GORDON WAGONER MR. STU SMITH MRS. SANDI SCHOLI. English, Typing ,- ""..63:V ' In . r., ' A '-5, n . fi, if 1' , R . W I 5 ii x ' s - V. 1 ,qw . 5 V, , X 27 L 'f W-rjq fx ,, -. f 1' ,Qxy V X,--N A 'S Z-'Z " ' -1' 1 x ' 'E-,' 5 A e y y" .Q fs I 5 - 3 F If 3. ' . 5 D '- ' ta ,. . ' . b , I - .nl x . sq. -. A Ig .'4.i V' 'Li' .flat V I N 'V-'iii 'Er . 3' . ,Z "X-'lffv - 15 '1LT:,g.:-Y Q' - ' n Q Q .5 51.9 L, 'Hgh I j., V fvl, X5 -kr . - .1 4 xii: 5 .. I ,J f f vm- Q an ' r 8-13- -.1 4,8 A "L 'N-K 3",.g,. , JL , Q tk , 'dsx f- ' '. 4. ' - - f-s,,--..- ,-,A ' .4 - ,-.LWTK-' "T, '51 hy" K' ' . .9 , . . . v ,X Auu. ,.- v xsgt 'pri pr Xxx? ,, K Some call it Autumn Others call it God. ...W.H.Carruth 3' 'V :fri 'LJ gf- ,, 0"g .1 x. -i- x , Y , ' P24 T"."s!' - ' 4.-1 " , ' This summer the Election Committee set up the rules for the school year's com- ing elections. They are from left to right: Linda French, Sharon Fisher, Pam Quay, Janice Bergerson, George Sullivan, Larry McNary, Dave Case, Joan Erickson, Kathy Hoff, Sherry Ford, and Barbara Shierk. Summer Committees Make Plans for School Year The main purpose of the Social Committee which met this summer was to plan a dance to begun the school year Members Include left to right BOTTOM ROW Barbara Rupp Kay Wargmer Glennda Bainbridge Kathy Silver Marla Mack Carol Johnson Penny Hull Marne Hamilton Judy Jenkins TOP ROW Pat Hardisty Vikki Sweet Pam Quay Sara Atkins Carol Cole Janice Berg erson Eva Starnes Carol Learned Sharon Fisher Barbara Swenson and Barbara Shlerk The Rules and Regulations Committee worked together n August to set up many of our rules and regulations for the school year They are from left to right BOTTOM ROW Jo Ann Hendrickson Glennda Bainbridge Penny Hull Judy Carlson Kathy Hoff Frances Bedrick and Janice Costa TOP ROW Clint Hollingsworth Karen Irby and Tom Hed lun The students on the Constitution Committee devoted a part of their summer to begun the drawing up of our school can stutution Members include left to right Kay Wargnler Cheryl Harris Barbara Rupp Barbara Swenson Vikki Sweet Claudia Sievert Dave Case and George Sullivan 0 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , . I L , 4 l 1. i l . . I . 1 5 ' - 1 5 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' : , 1 ' S xicj Curtis Goodman Jim Brady Students Get Acquainted at Dance Welcome . . . This was the theme of the first school dance in the history of Terrace High. The theme was carried out by the friendly atmosphere that prevailed. The sole purpose of the dance was to get the students acquainted. The dance was staged by a social committee which met during summer and mode plans for the back to school get-together. Entertainment was provided by Jim Brody who sang and played the guitar. Curtis Goodman was the winner of a word contest held using each letter in "Welcome." Terrace .... Terrace .... Terrace .... Terrace .... Terrace .... Terrace .,.. Terrace .... K Dan Bell fhalfboclcl Second Team Scores 6 ......... 7 ......... T4 ........ 0 ........ 20 .......... 13 ..... Mercer Island 20 ...,..,... 4. -J '- 1 Shoreline l I Edmonds Roosevelt it Q Q 1 QL , Ingraham Ballard I fi 3:1-ga . Lincoln Terry Lane lhalfbackl The Terrace Junior football squad received a rough baptnsm unto the strong Metropolntan Sec ond Team League Although they won only one game thus year they ganned much valuable experuence for next years Varsity competntlon They won their game wuth lngra ham the Leagues second place team Barney Meyrlng lquarterbackl J Jerry Ulsund fhalfbaclcj School Shoreline Roosevelt Ballard Edmonds Lmcoln TERRACE 'lfx is Y 3 - I Ps 7-. cs Sud Joy lguardj it Gene Hussey ftacklel Metropolitan League Second Team Standmgs Q A 6 Y .L V I I , ,f 'mvsf . . - I 'A I . i " vv L T ' ' ............... 5 I 0 Ingraham . .,.. ,......... 4 2 0 - ............... 4 2 0 . .............,. 3 3 0 2 4 0 ' ................. 2 4 0 2 ............... 1 5 o l O Hawks Make Debut In Metro Competition Crcng Homo fhclf bcckj Greg Tutmork Knot plcfuredl KHclf backl R 'c 2 Q af N- A4 J 1 .4 nr N: Terry Hurd X' x Uacklel 6'5- ,pf J Jeff Wiison 4 Uacklej Don Seeber fhalfbackl 5. f .1 .. ,,.,w,,.,,..-T.,:.,.. -. -, I iq! .,s,qv-3... --J- Paf Powers fendl In The firsi game of ihe year, Dan Arnim makes an end run for a gain of 40 yards. Terry Lane fakes hand-05 from Bar- ney Meyring in game against Lin- coln. Lane gained 8 yards on the Barney Meyring passes off to Bob piay for the Hawks. Eschrich for a 6 yard gain. i X nfl Metropolitan League Third Team Standings School W L T Ballard . . . . . 5 O 'l Shoreline . . . . 5 0 'l TERRACE . . . . . 3 2 'l Roosevelt . . . . 3 2 1 Edmonds . . . . . . 'I 4 T lngraham . . . . 'l 4 T Lincoln . . . O 6 0 ln the game with Lincoln, Terrace returned the opening kick-oft 22 yards and went on to a touchdown, and a victory. Richard Hamilton is shown catching the pass for the conversion. 3 Clyde Roberts catches o pass over the goal line to give Ter race's Third Team two extra points. Metropolitan League Third Team Scores Terrace .... . . . 7 O .... . . Edmonds Terrace .... . . . 6 6 . . Roosevelt Terrace... ...'l9 0 .. lngraham Terrace... . .. 6 T3 . . Ballard Terrace. .. ... 0 18 ... .. Shoreline Terrace .... . . .20 6 .. Lincoln Sophomores Have Big Season The hard-working sophomore squad had a real good season in the Metropolitan League under coach Merle Blevins this year with three Victories, two Losses, and a Tie. Squad members were, Qfrom left to rightb FRONT ROW: Clyde Roberts, Mike Walker, Joe Demuth, Don Light, Sam Beesley, Jim Morgan, Ray Glover, Jim Brady, Terry M . McCann, Don Kimmel. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Hobbs, Dick Wolters, Steve Alford, Jim Kosney, John Rhodes, Jerry Baptista, John Becker, Jim Coombs, John Tobias, John Langseth. BACK ROW: John Koay, Skip Sessions, Richard Hamilton, Rick Fontone, Larry McNary, Mel McClintock, Herb Meyring. Q96 l . t 'X - , V 1 ,D -ff, ' J 13' it. sg- i'- " F' 313-f .2 28 :BQ Stu Smuth dld a great 'ob nn Hawks tlrst season f ?'0w ,- John Garner has lent valuable assistance to He says of coochlng athletucs are like o bank hea couch Sw Smnh HIS phlgosophy on account YOU 997 buck Wnl' 'Mews' all You PU' coaching ns condltlomng equals morole morale 'mo 'l plus executlon equals a team wxn Fall Sports ,L 4w"' fur- Les Knrlxendorter head cross country coach helped to popularuze thus young sport Accordlng to coach Klrkendorter seconds really count and ut as the lnttle thungs that save seconds In Good Hands Merle Blevms osslstant football coach headed the vxctorlous squad He emphatically states a boy gets from athletucs the exact amount that he puts Into It ,ll . I ,, . . d I I I ' l l Q , w so ' I ' ,l ms' X l . Y, 'X . Y ' , Y , vs X Y X X N . 4 a,.L lg N. Q 1 , t , . . an - 0 'U' V ' -- -. .. V Q ' , , L S Q up. . Q i b 1. eff: we. -W ti no .N . I" , ' t , V. , . . '- r i .I Mali l ic' fulf- r ' 'Y -4 fu Q E' 21- S k .S I ' ' s, 1 If K ' 7. 4 ' bv' ,ge ' A ' ssc. 1, -ff . , ' .D ,Q ft .5 m V, 3' ' ' ' The Terrace cross country team in its first season established itself as a future power in this part of the state. FRONT ROW lleft to rightj Larry Nelson, Ed Massey, Paris Bendixsen,Terry Hawley, John Coan. STANDING Dennis Hardy, Mike Myers, Don Kulle, Martin Jackson, Tom Ryberg, Pete Seale, Dale Menghini, Coach Les Kirkendorfer. Cross Country Starts Fast Hawk harrlers start a race with Edmonds Te Larry Nelson leads an unidentified Snohomish ,. runner with Martin Jackson In close pursuit race runners in the foreground were Ed Massey Tom Ryberg Mike Myers and Martin Jackson NN Q-A 21 ll xl I Gif' gi .,... M4 T-...nas--me ,as ,fb ! V-Vs' 1.9 2. .F yy, 4 ., X -. YELL LEADERS Pepsters Build Thus years pepsters dad a greaf 'ob of sfarhng school splrlf and fradmon A1 leH Vhey lead sfudenl cheers af a pep assembly They were arded by rousung efforts of fhe pep band pucfured below ,I 9 , l 5 f' yr' fs. ,V x .- f A 'av 'A lx. 'Alf . . . l ..l. A ff- ' y ' I ,s --v' 'fy' 'ffl' , 1 - wc X I if , x U. 1 - D I f 'V 1 9 57 ' l 'll N" .fl , .5 ia.. ' Q' 's '. x A . T il . . P,.iV 1 5' I . . . Q ' ' Q 2 l 1 l I br- ., N I . I asf? gs 4 0? NN lfvgnv Q3 'x Terrace Hugh was new and so were most of its cheers and songs orlgmafed by the pep crew above Cheer leaders lleff fo rlghfj are Judy Hlckenboffom Karen Adams Marpe Homllion Cheryl Potter Charlene Tep fer Pct Hardlsfy Barbara Palmer and Bob Glasgow Enthusiasm and Traditions SONGLEADERS t 453' U1 iv Susan Murphy and Pa Hardlsfy are shown dlsfrlbuhng programs 1 Tolo hckef folers f yf Shown hard at work are the members of ihe decora fron commlfree under the guidance of the Gurls Club Advusor Miss Carlson The dreamy decorations helped so much to make our first Tolo a complete success Pmciured ai left are ihe chalrrnen Yhaf contributed so much fo making fhe hrs? Gurls Club Tolo a success STANDING lleft io flghfl Margie Berirand Eva Siarnes Claudia Suevert Ruihle Sherman and Kalhy I 0 2 CL' "4 1' Z Q n. O Q :x rn I n r v- O J U7 Q -1 O P -. F 3 U- Q :x Q. ': 3 U. D fl XX 0 ll Slnrud x N.-4 rh si'-l 24 . . I. 0 I v k X , . l 0 1 r V' 'xx . - g 1 - W 4 l aiu e ee reer P Q . ' W, ,lqyh lb G F 4,11 .1 Q, V .r -..:m:gs U f 1 ' 'I K r A . Y i fa f -. N X ' ,L L A ' is g 'f f v I N x QW ' f I ' l X I N v . ' E A ills-3 ' 4 'I "1 In X X - ld 1 f' ' Y, N . 1 l qv 1 I , . S - r J. -: a l , ' . X g 5 1' D I Mid Inter Night Heralds Romantic Eve One hundred eight couples attended Terrace High's Ist Tolo. The theme of the dance was Mid-Winter Night and it was carried out in a dreamy way with dim lights, low fluffy clouds, and' the scent of pine mingled in with the music of the popular MEMBERS." It is hoped that the eftorts of many students to make our first formal dance a success were appreciated by all in attendance. The music-makers ot the evening were the MEMBERS 25 Muss Joan Carlson Gnrls Club Advisor CD Q1 'NS Carol Wnllenberg Vlce Presrdenf L c Ruthie Sherman Treasurer Not pucfured Barbara Woods Secretary L Eva Starnes Presrdent Boys and Girls Clubs The Grrls Club got oft to a roarrng start thus flrst year Tolo, a great success thus year was sponsored by the Girls Club members Regulation which rs provided for all gurls of Terrace Hugh, was put unto effect every Tuesday for the pur helped nn the finances of the club Grrls Club representatlves are left to right FRONT ROW Carol Younker Kay Wargnler Laveta Russell Carol lmholte MIDDLE ROW Cheryl Harrns Julue Nygren Karen Adams Sharon Baever Joan Errckson Leslie Lucas BACK ROW Gayle Porter Kathy H05 Lynn Brewbalxer Kathy Silver and Manlyn Chrrsfensen I l I ' A Y ' Q X . , . . 1 ff pose of equality of appearance. The selling of Pom Poms T: I L-X -titans- X! it 6 ll FII Boys Club representatlves are left to rlght FRONT ROW Jerry Ulsund Roy Wllson John Shurtz Tom Hedlund Robert Roberts MIDDLE ROW Jack Wedelund Steve Moen Joe Marclnluewncz Don Kulle Tom Clark BACK ROW Clint Hollingsworth Jeff Wilson Gene l"ussey Ed Ruosch Barney Meyrlng and Dan Myers Have Successful Year Boys always pay their debts The Boys Club pand therr debt to Gnrls Club by spon sorlng The Thanksgrvmg Dance as a result of A S B card sale contest won by the gurls The first actrvuty sponsored by the club sellmg Terrace puns and pennants made the school sparkle with sperlt The club also supported the 'IOO mule club wlth a shurt for each boy that ran lOO mules At left Clunt Hollmgsworth Vuce Presudent At rrght Jerry Ulsund Treasurer Not puctured Roy Wilson Secretary Mr Smuth Boys Club Advusor A J I ff. U egg Z 11 ' ' - - l' . V .. .J.i..L..s, , V p al i C ' x A . 'igvyg ' , h xi , I. A g et P A Q . , .5 s, A T I u is sg. y T , ' s Q' ' N T Q ,R 'N , x Q I: T - I 'fi V1 .Q A A F Plctured above ns Mr Allverti the advisor of the Interim Councll To the Iett JoAnn Hendrickson and Gene Hussey represented the council In the Booster Club, o parent- teocher group formed to help the student body. Interim Council Forms Plan The Interim Council found much work to be done during one of its meetings which were held in the Hub. T f 7 "A 5 is E 1, A aj , N Q 1 First semester Interim Council members were BACK ROW, left to right, Jerry Ulsund, Sam Beesley, John Langseth, Dave Case, John McKinnon, George Sullivan, Gene Hussey, Dave Wahl, and Terry McCann. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Eschrich, Claudia Sievert, Sara Atkins, Margie Hamilton, Greg Tutmark, and Joe Schmidt. BOTTOM ROW: Ed Ruosch, Pam Ceis, Randi Davies, Diane Powers, JoAnn Hendrickson, and Ed Massey. r xp OHicers for the first quarter were Gene Hussey, Vice Chairman, Bob Eschrich, Chairman, and Greg Tutmark, treasurer. Not pictured, is Claudia Sievert, secretary. X--efx for Future Student Government Second Quarter officers were Ed Rousch, vice chairman, George Sul- . livan, chairman, JoAnn Hendrickson, J- .1 ." X 'lj , r, ,Q-I : X I 71 X f K , F' K ,A ' ' 1 f 5 . . f 1 . r i ' XL! ' if 'f , Xl 4 secretary, and Greg Tumartk, treas- . Ufef. 4 S . 1 1 XGNK:-.. . ,N X 1 - 7 .fffi ' , ifjfl-ZifAf:,' -1332233 '..-...-.- X 1 The Qualifications Committee consisted ot Greg Tutmark, Jo- anne Hendrickson Jerry Ulsund and Gene Hussey, Chairman. Students on the Interim Council were divided into cam mittees to write the constitution of this new school Randi Davies was the chairman of the Awards Com mittee. From left to right are Mike Rentfrow, Sam Bees ley, Ed Rousch, and Randi Davies. , P N v-5 X xx XX lb! 4 The Otticers and Student Council Committee in- cluded Pam Cels Cheryl Harris Glenda Knapp, Margie Hamilton Chairman and John McKinnon. Chairman George Sullivan's Nominations and Elections Committee included John Langseth, Sharon Baever, Sara Atkins, and Ruthie Sherman. A ,.,.l..l.. 1 'Ti 'i ' 1 fs ff - 2 -2, .'- . ffl -l- 1, V , l . i ",,4 ' K f ' 1 it . ffff? ' O-. T ' ' rf' 1 ,.., .-1 TF 1 ,.- . 1 x Ar N P I: ,il-fl . V., l A x r .24 1: In .' A . ,LAM Nil f t r, K -V - lj, Q Y s AA W ' n ' .rs rn.. W ,p W, BACK ROW: Roy Wilson, George Winn, Bob Mann, Joe Schmidt, Ed Besaw, Bob Stromberg, and Milton Maas, Usher Captain. SEC- OND RONN: Clint Hollingsworth and Jon Becker. Tl-llRD ROW: Don l . i Kulle and Harry Chase. FRONT ROW: Tom Clark and Robert Bert, hiawme. Usher Corps Active at School Events The Usher Corps, a newly formed organization, was supervised by Mr. Wiggington. This group was formed to aid students and adults at various activi- ties such as football and basketball games, dances, and iamborees. This well-organized group was very reliable in their responsibilities. The school soon be- came dependent upon them for the smooth running of school events. X Y K t At left is Clint Hollings- worth ushering students into gymnasium. Mr. Wlggungton: Usher Corps Ad- visor Li ...- ""!E9" '-MJNMA ff .....-. .- .----mu: .p..,.5.. 4- Suroly you ies? ! l I ax' oo. One good furn always deserves a Nope, fhey're lu r nofher. niors alright ! l I ,LE and whats so evil ? ? ? li l .1---D .. -,. - f XJ N ri an-5,33 .sa Oh Mister! Please don'l hurl f I .W Na+ 'nl- H . 1-' .ff Oh, woe is me ..., . .,,.,...... XQ3 ,-A",--N . , . ' q Ain't we gov funmmuuu R Q14 ' Wixxg Q A'f5'fw X r- . , 0,33 N55 4 'QE f-94-if ,-5 ,,..a Down, fella, down!!! I I 1 X , K 2.5! Carb' C 'Nw-Y X 1.5! 4 , 1, ,111 in Wheeeeeeeulum! 33 Make honor roll 1his1ime????????? f.. .1 Xa X f1nX I! ll .Z 4 ,Q Q.. Nor frdflg Circle of the year Can gems be spared. . . . Chrisiopher Pearse CTUHCI1 4 nw: n 4" it . .Qtvxgf 3 'xi f 'WV ffm I Hawks Hustle IH Winter Sports Leadership, Aid Given ill-1.40 J HA KS Don Olson and John Shurtz football managers, patch up the iniured arm of sophomore quarterback, Richard Hamilton. Merle Blevins, assistant bas- ketball coach at Terrace High, has been a coach for 10 years. He was a football and basketball coach at Ed- monds for two years. Prior to this he was at Valley High coaching football, bas- ketball, and baseball. When asked what, in his opinion, made an athlete Coach Ble- vins replied, "Hard work and tremendous sacrifices." -55:1 -T i Terrace Athletes fs, , Roy Wilson, Mike Todd, and John Tobias performed a hard and some- times thankless task as basketball managers, but they did a good job Mr. Byron Nelson, Terrace YMCA in Aberdeen coach- ing their wrestling squad. Coach Nelson has been coaching in the Edmonds district for three years. High's wrestling coach, has been two-time Pacific Coast Collegiate Wrestling Cham- pion. The tirst year Coach Nelson won the champion- ship was in 1953 when he wrestled in the 147 pound weight class. The second was in 1955 when he wres- tled in the 157 pound weight class. After gradua- tion from WSC he took a coaching position with the Coach Fox, Terrace High's head basketball coach, has had 13 years. coaching experience. He was head coach at Central Kit- sap in basketball and baseball for five years before coming to Terrace. Coach Fox graduated from Western Washington Col- lege of Education and has re- ceived his Masters degree in Administration and Supervision. With experienced leadership like this our future basketball squads should go tar. T T it T T l fi ., ! i i r I 1 Sam Beesley sophomore forward ! f 1' gil Ed McKinnon iunior forward T fr . 9 l f Pat Powers iunior center Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace i .1 ' x l sl TEAM SCORES King's Garden King's Garden Ballard Central Kitsap Shoreline Edmonds North Kitsap Lincoln Roosevelt Central lngraham North Kitsap Ballard Shoreline Edmonds Lincoln Roosevelt lngraham Jim Morgan sophomore guard li 23 s- E' 4,,f' Hawk Hoopsters Dave Johnson junior guard I 'ws ,1...,, x X If CI x S Exx- John McKinnon junior center ZR .IA V .f 3 Complete First Season Rodger Van Spoor iunior forward X I THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS Q - as -' x ,fx-X I 3 ' F Bob Cardwell iunior forward Kings Garden . Kings Garden . Ballard ....... Central 'Kitsap . . . Shoreline ..... Edmonds .... North Kitsap Lincoln . .... . Roosevelt .... . Central Kitsap .. . lngraham ..,. North Kitsap . . . Ballard ..... Shoreline ... Edmonds . . . Lincoln , . . Roosevelt . . lngroham . . . Leo Belmore lunvor guard 5 1 'ij 1 X if s. ,-l 33 30 40 74 41 25 62 53 49 40 70 63 34 31 54 35 63 li ,. Ken iunio X I A L km 'x ., X 'XML l Amundson r forward Jim Morgan, scores for the Hawks against North Kitsap. Sam Beesly, number 32, successfully evodes two North Kitsap guards in an attempt to score. The first year of basketball at Terrace High was closed with everyone looking to next year when we will be playing varsity basket- ball. Next year and in the years to come the Terrace High Hawks will really make them- selves known among the other Metro-League schools. As a new school Terrace did very well during their first year at basketball. With a good junior varsity squad and a strong sophomore team the future for bas- ketball at Terrace High looks good. These players coupled with a responsible coach- ing staff are sure to be a formidable com- bination in future seasons. MM Dave Johnson, a Hawk guard, battles two North Kitsap players for a rebound as Ed McKin- non looks on. 21 l XY 7 The Terrace High sophomore basketball squad completed the season Seale, Jim Brady, Joe Dernuth, Rodger Cuttin. BLCK ROW Ray with hopes running high for even o better year next year. The Glover, Skip Sessions, Roy Fullerton, Rich Hamilton, John Langseth, players are from left to right, FRONT l2OX'i.' Dale Menghini, Pete Tony Armlin, Sophomore Squad Completes First Season Roy Fullerton, sophomore, is shown scoring against Ballard with a iump shot despite Joe Demuth sinks a hook for two paints the efforts of the opposing players. against Ballard. f X R or Pldured above IS the Terrace wre rlung squad FRONT ROW llefi fo Ylgllll are Jack Wedeklng Clin? Hel llngsworih Dan Smoofs John Shuriz Tom Clark Terry Hawley BACK ROW Evan Shull Jerry VanAnfwerp Sidney Joy Bull Sprague Mike Hobbs Terry Lane Dave Thompson Duck Walter Terrace Matmen Terry Lane 191 lb Terrace wrestler as shown puftung hrs man Coach Nelson I5 shown workung with John Sfurfz an preparahon In a preducameni worih 2 polnfs for a coming mafch , , I 71' A ff . f' ,y . Q ., W X .. . tx I, - E .. Q, , 'wg - 1 'X I r 4 X . V x N " l fy X X 'I T .XY l 2 - '. ., A T I , ' I . fl e X K . he 1 5 l X' 'fl it I 1 I . . . ' v 1, X 42 A Terrace wrestler gets a near pun on hls man as ,uv i' Terry Hawley lnspuratlonal Award Wlnner the referee looks on Fmlsh Strong Bob Reynolds a Terrace matman succeeds nn break mg down his man Terry Lane Team Captaun Terrace Hugh s wrestling squad fimshed nts first season wnth a record that promuses even better thlngs to come Even though the squad was mexperuenced they learned fast and Hmshed strong Under the leadershlp of Coach Byron Nelson who was hum self a two tnme collegiate wrestlnng champ the Hawk wrestlers future looks brnght Next year Terrace Hughs matmen prom use to make the Northwest League slt up and take notnce Jerry Van Antwerp Runnerup for most VICTOYIES 43 f l 4 , 4 V 5 A . , S4 H I c, 5 T . , lx . . . L f 'N I 1' 'B Y S , I ' l . . sl L- 'IP Above Roy Fullerton, Tony Armlin, and Mike Ross are shown practicing dribbling the basketball across the gym. These boys and their teammates won the intramural basketball championships. Terry Hurd, Mike Hendrickson, and Larry McNary are a few of the many participants of ping-pong. 31-. the competing bowlers. 4 f Boys' Intramurals Draws To the left is Art Phelps, high point bowler of the bowling intromurals. ln the picture below Art Phelps, Terry Hurd and Clif? Rinehart illustrate a few of the difterent forms of ff' W I" ' 1 ' 'sv From left to right are Mr. Fox, Mr. Garner, and Mr. Smith closely watching an intramural event. Enthusiastic Group 5 -3- fe," - .,, I !"5'0-WN. 'tex I "W ru, gf' ui- Above ore some of the men in the faculty who supervised the intro' mural program. They were Mr. Garner, ping-pongg Mr.Moron, bowling, Mr. Fox, basketball, ond Mr. Nelson, volleyball. Boys' Intramurals are designed to give boys not regu- larly participating in varsity sports a chance to ploy com- petitively against one another. Throughout the year these sports have attracted many boys. Some ot the sports available were volleyball, basketball, bowling, ping-pong, and badminton. .4 A is Up and over is the order in volleyball. 'im V -Q --. Z?" 45 -,. .. ... 4 - x .A X Lorraune Day rolled o 252 the top score for thus year One gurl to an alley PLEASEIII Puctured above are Arlene Learned Carol Learned Eva Starnes and Barbara Pal mer members of one of the tcp teams The Gurl s Athletuc Assocuatuon was organuzed to stumulate better sportsmanshup through gurls sports Play Day us the chuef prouect whereby several gurls outstandung un volleyball basket ball etc partucupate un Intramural sport meets The enthusuasm dusplayed has made uts actuvu tues successful The actuvutues of the gurls not only contrubute to theur physucal well beung and theur sense of faur play but also to guve them recognutuon through theur pounts system and letter award Januce Bergerson demonstrates the art of badmunton -uni, 1 'S A-Lu, mi.. frm + as at "' 7' Good sportsmanshup us one of the most Important factors un an sport Girls Excel in G. A. A. Many girls were seen chasing after a ball at Ping Pong time Mrs Matson the instructor of GAA is shown at right spot ting for Lorene Norris on the trampoline ..ll... At left are the managers of GAA. TOP ROW: Bonnie Ev- bara Swenson, and Carol Learned. BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Hoff, Pam Quay, Margie Bertrand, Sara Atkins. little white All this fuss over a little o busketball997 j .-.f3.s-:arcs h 47 l l H, ' la l T ' ' ld , I ans, Judy Jenkins, JoAnn Hendrickson, Kathy Silver, Bar- -Ds.. E X YQ as v- 'ek Opps, who's peeking? All the neophytes bow down to letterwoman, Bonnie Evans, during their initiation. TE i S The letter sweater, the coveted goal that all G.A.A. girls strive to attain. Busy Femmes Become First Letter Winners When Letterwomen's Club was begun this year, only one girl, Bonnie Evans, had earned enough points from her sophomore participation at Edmonds High to qualify. Other girls qualified during the year. To qualify as a letterwoman, girls must have earned 1000 points from the various sports held after school. The girls become neophytes and go through all the fun and excitement of initiation. Girls in the Letterwomen's Club demonstrated an interest in sports and a high standrad of sportsmanship. The letterwomen pictured below are, left to right, Kathy Hoff, Bonnie Evans, Pam Fosberg, Kathy Denby, Arlene Learned, Kathy Silver and Carol Learned. Not pictured are Sherlie Miller, and Barbara Swenson. T Under the good spirits and guidance of Mrs. Matson many girls participated in the Girls' Athletic Association after school sports and became letterwomen. L.. X il i TC' 'iflb Pictured above Terrace High's first Lettermen. They are Cleft to rightj FRONT ROW: Bob Cardwell, Gene Hussey, secretary-Treasurer, Pat Powers, Barney Meyring, Jerry Van Antwerp, Larry Hodges, Bob Eschrich, president, Dan Meyers, vice-president, Jerry Ulsund, Mike Meyers, Ed Massey. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Morgan, Milne Todd, Don N I i i i Olson, Dorie Thompson, Doug Knutson, John Rex Widener, Roger Van Spoof, Sam Beesley, ROVV: Don Seeber, Dick Walters, John Cohen, McKinnon, Dave Johnson, Paris Bendixsen, Terry Harley Lang. Shurtz, Evan Shull, Don Smoots. BACK Ed McKinnon, John Hawley, Dan Arnim, '60-'6I Hawks Earn First Letters J i , 5 4 ' I . , 0 Q -. V1 Z 9 - f V in . , f " ' 9 'E it . Q Q 1 " .. ' -g 'J 1 E C A ' V G . . ' It 2: , , I . , ? . , , ., v Q ' I J - ' I ' v Y CF - . ,- . - 4 t n , ' ' .A ,.- .QJQI F ,-iv' r - - 99 " J, . "k":" Q -3' '- Rex Widen men's Club locket. er, a iunior letterman, and Mr. Smith, Letter- advisor, are shown examining the new letter x if " ,, '- .3 . L 4 Q ibn. : . if .W , if 1-. 'ATT' , Gene Hussey Pat Hardisty Greg Tutmark Susan Murphy Dave Johnson Kathy Hoff Cheryl Potter Roger VanSpoor Claudia Sievert Jerry Ulsund Barbara Rupp Martin Jackson Joanne Hendrickson ' 45' Sid Joy Sharon Fell ' "' Mike Hendrickson lik' Joan Erickson Top Students Honored These students were shosen this year as members of the National Honor Society. They were selected by the faculty according to their merits of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. lt is the purpose ot the National Honor Society to create an enthusiasm for scholarship throughout school, to encourage a desire on the part of the students to render service to the school and the community, and to promote potential elements of leadership. Tony Armlin Carol Albers George Sullivan K' Susan Arnquist Y? Bob Eschrich Linda Brill Dave Case Judy Carlson George Winn Marilyn Christensen Carol Younker Bob Stromberg . L.. he . X V John Arnquist ' -I Kathy Rentfrow A Ken Amunclson A Joe Schmidt ' ' Bob Ecklebarger Pat Patow L. nl. x Diane Power John Langseth on Engle ,bl Susan Myer Joyce Knutson bl., Barbara Meadows Judy Hickenbottom Joan Erickson Hawkeye Sharon Baever Sha,-on Fell Tempo Hawkeye Tempo Hawkeye The '60-'6'l Clarion Award was pre' sented to George Sullivan for making the most outstanding contribution in the field of publications. Gutstanding Journalists Honored Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society for high school iournalists, has over seven thousand chapters spread throughout every state of the Union, the Philippines, and a dozen foreign countries. The charter members of this organization were selected this year by the publications' advisor, Mr. Adams. ln order to quality for membership in this honor society the student must be a iunior or senior, be in the upper third of his class, and have done superior work in some phase of journalism. Ruthie Sherman Tempo Barbara Rupp George Sullivan Hawkeye Hawkeye GT Susan Murphy John Murray Janice Bergerson and Rufhie Sherman Tony Armlin and Pairicia Reed Judy Hickenbofmm Marilyn Barbeau Gary Cruz s .4 x Y 1 .I xl K f A f 1-- .11 l I Patti Bonney Sharon Baever gd Members of the Tempo staff are pictured above. BACK ROW lleft to rightl John Murray, Carol Albers, Patti Bonney, Janice Bergerson, Larry Nelson, and Tony Armlin. FRONT ROW: Patricia Reed, X , K Marilyn . I-r-' S ' ' r , x' -'5L,xx 5-X .t YL O - ...n Barbeau, Ruthie Sherman, Judy Hiclxenbottom, Cheryl Potter and Sharon Baever Tempo Tells First Year Tale The 1961 Tempo tells the story of our first year at Terrace High with stories and pictures. The inexperienced staff mem- bers learned the skills of constructing an annual under the supervision of five editors and the staff advisor, Mr. Adams. Working steadily to meet deadlines, each student had a re- sponsibility to fulfill, often spending afternoons and evenings Mr. Adams and Cheryl Potter completing their iobs. Drawing layouts, mounting pictures, sel- ling ads, and writing copy were all a part of putting together the Tempo. 53 Larry Nelson and Carol Albers L Barbara Rupp, second semester associate editor, and Jerry Ulsund, her predecessor, examine the assignment sheets for the next page. 1 Above Sharon Fell, second semese ter feature editor, and Linda French, her predecessor check a negative ofthe Hawkeye page. At right Greg Tutrnark, staff photographer, is working in the dark room. Becky Gelin- eau, morgue director, and Cheryl Lee, circulation man- ager, check their tiles. ' I ' Qc'- iii? Jig' 9597? - ' 'fit-Z2 . ' elf' b Ni fi 6:5Q'Q17l -.Jr tj KH.. ,V A ,K Bob Cardwell, sports editor, and Dave Thompson, assistant sports editor, work on a paste-up page. S. , 5 r George Sullivan first semester Editor Joan Erickson second semester Co-editor Susan Murphy second semester Co-editor ...-.,-X KX .4 X z. in ' 1. L As the only school paper in the area that prints its own paper, the Hawkeye has done very well. By printing their own paper, the stat? does not have to use a large portion of the paper for ads to finance its operation. From a small stapled issue with head- line problems the Hawkeye has advanced to a pro- fessional appearing lolded paper. Janice Costa, head typist, is pre- paring for the next issue of the Hawkeye. A KEYE Journalists Publish "Homemade" Paper The Hawkeye stat? takes time out to oblige the camera man. From left to right, BACK ROVV: George I if Sullivan, Jerry Ulsund, Janice Costa, Bob Cardwell, Linda French, Susan Murphy, Dave Thompson, FRONT ROW: Kevin McCready, Cheryl Lee, Arlene Learned, Barb Swenson, Joan Erickson, Barb I Rupp, Sharon Fell, not pictured Patty Hardisty. At left Mr. Gene Adams, publications advisor, makes arrangements over the phone. y : I ' - . 1 L X re X-x A , -i i i t, xl - ..i..., -- V-q '- -. - .- AK . , .,. .1 -" , r The Ski Club members are lleft to rightl FRONT ROW: Barney Meyring, presi- dent, Janice Bergersen, secretary, Gene Hussey, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Lesley Partridge, Sue Overstreet, Sharon Fell, Barb Rupp, Linda Jones, Susan Stick. TH'RD RONN: Gayle Porter, Jocille Miglorie, Karen Irby, Pat Hard- isty, Kathy Silver, Judy Hickenbottom, Barbara Meadows, Carol Lindbloom. FOURTH ROW: Bill Sprague, Herb Meyring, Joan Erickson, Mike Ferguson, Carol Cole, Barbara Palmer, Dan Arnim, Jerry Ulsund. FIFTH ROW: Leonard Spain, Jerry Van Antwerp, Greg Tutmark, Mike Walker, Steve Alford, and Don Olson. P E- -dll Members of the Future Teachers of America Club are Cleft to rightl FIRST ROW: Judy Christiana, Barb Rupp, Arlene Learned, Barbara Palmer. SECOND ROW: Carol Learned, Eva Starnes, Kathy Hoff, Judy Knorr. THIRD ROW: Susan Murphy, Linda Sinrud, Ardis Manfrida, Gail McKinnon. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Fell, Linda Jones, Karen lrby. L 1-. - ,- . , v A no-Y. .... 1: , is XZ- ' 1 - if - - .,.-1-1 ..-. -,- if A -- an az,,,-..-,+-- X L Q .- Letter writers banded together in the Pen Pal Club. FRONT ROVV Cleft to rightly Karen Kingsley, Sara Atkins, Margie Bertrand. SECOND ROW: Barbara Shierk, Glenda Macumber, Barbara Murphy, Sherry Ford, Linda French, Susan Murphy, Judy Knorr. THIRD ROW: Pam Simmons, Carol Learned, Eva Stcrnes, Carol Smith, Marie Mack, Joyce Knutson, Nancy Engelhart, Nancy Cessarini, Linda Sinrud, and Carol Lindbloom. Terrace scientists belonging to the Chemistry Club were ileft to rightl FRONT ROW: Ken Amundson, Dave Case, George Winn, John Arnquist. SECOND ROW: Sid Joy, Claudia Sie- vert, Joan Erickson, Terry Hurd, Joe Marcinkiewicz. THIRD ROW: Ed Massey, John Wagaman, Jim Honeycutt, Mike Rent- frow, Bob McCulIa, George Sullivan, and Doug Knutson. X. LJ l Y'T'm 'Ii 'tl Shown above are the activities ottices in the student union building. Activities Surpass Expectations Due to the participation of many students, activities got oft to a good start this year. Several clubs were formed, providing activities for a variety of interests. The enthusiastic members, with the help of their advisors, attained many goals this year and are anxiously awaiting next year, when their membership will have a chance to increase. Mr. Aliverti, the activities co-ordinator, said he thought the clubs this year were great, and that he anticipates more next year when the student body increases. The clubs range from the F.T.A. to the 'IOO mile club, and all have advisors or sponsors to guide them. A charter membership of ten is required for each club. Meetings are usually held at school to plan their various activities. Mr. Aliverti, activities co-ordinator, was very helpful in this first year of planning and organizing the clubs. The boys ot left ran 100 miles. to qualify for the l00 Mile Club. They are Cleft to rightl FRONT ROW: Charlie Debruler, Ed Massey, Paris Bendixsen, Milne Meyers. SECOND ROVV: Larry Nelson, Pete Seale, Terry Hawley, Tom Ryberg, John Coon, Dale Menghini. THIRD ROW: Don Kulle and Martin Jackson. Variety of Dances Provide Sharon Fisher and Glenda Knapp e ferfamed siudenis by smgxng af ihe Funny Valentine dance put on by fhe Boys Club Lb The Bunny Hop IS seeing some achon here by Terrace Hugh sfudenis at o sock hop v8 ,Q I if 5, 1 l ' v il. . . . n- lly l A . . ,N X . xi: l v ... M1 X Adding splce to the usual school GCTIVI tles a variety of dances were held ln which John Rhodes IS pictured above helping out for The students pClI'TIClpClleCl Wl'lOl6l1eCIl'fedly Whether the dance was formal or lust a sock hop after a game the students were stall filled with the usual excitement of hav mg fun Thanks to the efforts of the sponsors the chaperones the faculty and the general at tntude of the students the dances have been a tremendous success Enjoyment for Students After the North Kvtsap game many students had fun by attendmg the sock hop v9 I . . 5' , . ,, . ,, . . E I ' the Girl's Club Tolo. ' I l I , 0 F l I I 5 X ' l The spring'-5 behavior here is spent To make the world magnificent. John Drinkwcfer .uf-sf AA," " " --.- llxffiz R2-' f . 'fi':f4a1..f1 if? if , Qvffg ',.,'V' A ,C w 323492, 13 !?' - 2 ' ' "'f,' , . . A - f ix ., , . , v .. 'Tv' Members of the Carillon Choir were as follows: FIRST ROW: Carol Metvler, Calhy Schumacher, Carol Dahl- gren, Bob Eschrich, Jim Brady, Jack Prigger, Bill Lasich, Sue King, Marilyn Christensen, Linda Braga. SEC- OND ROW: Kafhleen Cain, Maria Mack, Sherlie Miller, Bob Glasgow, Gene Hussey, Bob Sfromberg, Dave Johnson, Ed, Ruosch, Carol McKee, Jeanne Roche, Glenda Knapp. THIRD ROW: Chris King, Janna Millage, Sharon Peferson, Ronda Davies, Dan Myers, John Langseth, Dave Holcomb, Skip Sessions, Sam Beesley, Jim Coombs, Sharon Baever, Sharon Fisher, Carol Tuifle, Carole Lamb, Geri Roche. FOURTH ROW: Dianne Summers, Eva Starnes, Kris Thorgaard, Kathy Hoff, Ron Bingham, Dan Arnim, John Rhodes, Larry Hodges, Joe Marcinkiewicz, Joan Erickson, Pam Fosberg, Carol Cole, Ellen Dawson. Vocalists Huge Success Members of the Chorus were as follows: FIRST ROW: Judi Rairdon, Carol Greene, Sandy Spanfelner, Janet Morse, Barbara Woods, Karen Irby, Sonia Arns, Gloria Rose, Carol Goodrich, Paulehe Fox. SECOND ROW: Sheryl Hohl, Candy Fritz, Darlene x Shimokon, Karen McFarland, Mike Kennedy, Jerry Hurley, Roy Wilson, Mary Jo Rol- pl lag, Jan Hurlbui. THIRD ROW: Karen Handegard, Charolefr Larsen, Carol Lindbloom, Sharon Hendrickson, Jim Williams, Jeff Wilson, Dave Becker, Faye DeLap, Kathy XZ. Nu rre, Colleen Pearson. r- , A Q in ' E: K N - I, ' -r K 'QW mf " , if P- I I , 4 P 2 The Carillon Choir is shown performing at its first concert. The success of the Choir was proved at the Winter Concert by the many rounds of applause from the audience, . ,Mr The Dynamics, pictured above, consisted of selected students from the Choir. They performed before various audiences rang- ing from concerts to banquets. The members were as follows: FIRST ROW: Chris King, Pam Fosberg, Joan Erickson, Ellen Daw- son, Glenda Knapp, Sharon Fisher, Sharon Peterson, Randa Davies. SECOND ROW: Sharon Baever, Janna Millage, Kris Thorgaard, Kathy Hott, Patti Bonney. THIRD ROW: Jim Brady, Joe Mcrcinkiewicz, John Langseth, Sam Beesley, Bob Glasgow. FOURTH ROW: Dan Arnim, Ron Bingham, Bob Stromberg, Skip Sessions, Gene Hussey, Jerry Ulsund, Dave Johnson. 16"- ,mg Concerts Prove Eva Starnes, student director, took over for Mr. Aliverti many times. s I l .45- "?...,. Y., John Langseth, student director. The members of the band were: BACK ROW: John Wagaman, John McKinnon, and Ed Besaw. SECOND ROW: Dick Walter, Robbie Roberts, Tom Olson, Bob Roberts, Peter Seale, Don Kulle, Bob Berthiaume, Joe Marcinkiewicz. THIRD ROW: Chuck Debruler, Sue Myers, Jim Brady, Bob Ecklebarger, Jack Sum- merson, Lloyd Finnerin, John Coon, Bill Brown. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Rentfrow, Barbara Palmer, Carol Smith, Ray Glover, Greg Tutmark, Jerry Bapista. FRONT ROW: Pat Patow, John Langseth, Barb Mea- dows, Dale Menghini, Kathy Denby, Ulla Little. 5 F g Even though they were small in number, the band, introduced as "The Roaring 29" received a great amount of applause during performance. Not only did the members of the band acquire better knowl- edge of instruments, but they also learned to follow a director, work in a group as a whole, and work under pressure. Mr. Ali- verti, director, drove himself and his students until perfection was at last maintained. The music department, as well as the students and faculty, were extremely proud of the band at all three con- certs. The members showed an enthusiasm that isn't always found in a high school band. This enthusiasm helped the new band to get off to a real good start in its first year. Music Makers Great Q A -4 . v . -Q- gg w Due to the lack of students for the orchestra from Terrace High, THS students ioined the District Orchestra. This orchestra consisted of students from Terrace and Edmonds, The stu- dents from Terrace were as follows: Martin Jackson, Cheryl Harris, Judy Carlson, Karen Adams, Pam Foster, Pat O'Connor, Lorene Norris, Paul Wilcox, and Ellen Dawson, Con- cert Mistress. ja. Manyhours spent in Tuesday night rehearsals made the District Orches- tra a talented organization. Mr. An- derson and his students put in the effort necessary to perfect their selec- tions for performance. Success in First Year VV V V' Under the leadership of Mr. Robert Anderson, the high school orchestra, as an organization, has grown from a small group at Ed- monds High to a large and highly respected district wide orchestra. Mr. Anderson, long a well-known director and instructor in this area, has continually raised the quality of concert music in the Edmonds School District. 99: 5.1 ., 0 xi V, f i A I 24. , 0 I 4 r 4 Fi' I nl f , ff! s . z in li. ., f mxxmi, , 4 NNE.. - . . e' X Mrs. Savage meets inmates in the asylum. Titus tries to make Jeff reveal what he did with the bonds. "'Z'W!"""UW' I Miss Willy Presents the burnt bonds. M 2 - 1 Mv- Mrs. Savage relates the story of her life to inmates. ,-v A f I 1 W 'F '-'lat .J ' -4 77ivfQ'f2g-:.1..5 . '52 'jusgii A 1 3 ' li. M r ' . f: u S 'X Y ws Zi 1 J.. Y -A , c,I ,vii 1 .X ' san l ,sy . .3 ,, .- .rt . -qs- ll' V' T A Shown in a scene from "The Curious Savage" are from left to right: Glenda Knapp as Lily Belle, Joyce Knudsen as Florence, Cheryl Harris as Miss Willy, Pat Reed as Mrs. Savage, Kevin McCready as Senator Titus, George Winn as Dr. Emmet, Barbara Simpson as Mrs. Paddy, Ed Ruosch as Samuel, Maria Mack as Fairy May and Gary Cruz as Jeff. Not pictured is Gene Hussey as Hannibal. Budding Dramatists in "The Curious Savage" "The Curious Savage," a delightful and dramatic play dealing with the mentally ill was presented on March 17. This was the first play performed at Terrace and proved to be a big hit. An inexperienced cast gave an outstanding performance. A- f ,lr r A' , C ff 1' b 1 lr. l:f 0 0 I Wytriigiiilxlm'file 3 ' ' , 5 'J A -if H, , As the play closes Mrs. Savage leaves the asylum. The plot centers around Mrs. Savage who tries using her late husband's estate to set up a charity. Her selfish children tried to get the money by sending Mrs. Savage to an asylum. The asylum harbored a strange, but kind group who added humor to the play. Much credit for the success of the play is given to the directors, Mr. Hatch ileftl and Mr. Wigington Crightl. Also giving a helping hand were student director, Crys Campbell CCenter leftj and prop- erty director, Sharon Fisher lcenter rightt. The people in the make-up club were fortunate in having Miss Balch as their advisor. Ale though the students had no experience they came through very well. ip- T pi 1 5 . is A J 'A' Stage Crew Sets Stage for Dramatlsts No play could be presented without the unseen heroes ot X back stage These are of course the stage and lighting crew .' and the make up club These students worked night after night - trying to perfect their 'obs Without these students there - 5 u would have been no play X ni! S Pictured above are the energetic members of the stage Willis Bullard and Wayne Haugen dl a fine 'ob o crew The boys STANDING Dan Bell Mike Awtrey SlT the lights for the allschool play TING Bull Dohlman Eric Mnllholland Terry Hurd "N C! 'HCM X Sf-wx' Jb- Plctured above are the 'nembers of the Debate team From left to rlght Mrlce Lasnch Roxanna Nelson Make Kennedy Pat Patow Debate Scores In First Year Under the supervlsnon of Mr Wxgxngton Debate proved to be one of the most Interesting clubs at Terrace Hugh Debate Club IS a valuable actuvlty which furthers knowledge and composure In public speaknng The debate team IS comprised of slx members Mnke Kennedy and Terry Hurd Debate T' Carol Imholt and Roxanna Nelson pre parmg for their next debate Pat Patow reviews her notes Mr Wlgnngton IS debate club advlsor .ffhqi 1 -gang Exif A M 1 x L , . ' Q v1 ' It 4 t . lr' V , , I ,I , .1 ,Q , Q5 , A,- . . 'l "W - K, Q ' 1 'A .lt .t M , " I ,gt rf' ffiitf TQ- ft ' 1 ,J ' Q u i w , '- - ' - 'fl n 1 Xqqffv-yu 1. , ,- . I 4 O O ,, 'Q X I . , .X l , . H H Members of the decorations are John Murray, chairman, BACK ROW, left to right: Alice Brown, Dave Thompson, Lynn Brewbaker, Judy Knorr, and Judy Christiana. FRONT ROVV, Linda French, Sherry Ford, Barbara Murphy, Patty Hardisty, Susan Murphy, Jo- Ann Hendrickson, Judy Hickenbottom, and Sharon Fell. Greg Tutmurk, both the refreshment chairman and the committee, la- bors over the punch for Prom. . :- . 3 ' -3' c U I nf., Thinking up ideas for Prom entertainment are f Joan Erickson, Linda Choate, Becky Gelineau, Jenkins. 5 Xi X, S. i N i A r' s rom left to right: chairman, Judy '6I Prom ls ' Big Hit George Sullivan, chairman of programs, along with his committee, from left to right: Kay Wargnier, Ruth Weiss Ruthie Sherman, Barbara Swenson, and Becky Gelineou v sketches a sample program. 2: il' X Due to Much Work Linda Jones was chairman of The ticket commiffee consisfing of from left ro righf: Sherry Ford Barbara Shierk Jocille Mi- glorie Karen Kingsley Linda French Carole Ccrper Lindo Sinrucl and Sharon Thaler. Fr ,'l'lc..KL'l' ' JUNIOR .1 4 if 'N . 1 I ,f ,.. . , f. ,QQW ,. .. Li. m Q 1 , Egf Ji Dan Myers, pitcher ,X- Gene Hussey, utility , QNX Bob Cardwell, outfield 'A Future Bright for Dave Johnson puts ci tog on Milton Maas sliding into second bose dur- ing practice. -5----f. ,. - , -.-, - , . Pictured below are the first Hawk Diamondmen. FRONT ROW, left to right: Gene Hussey, Dan Myers, Bob Glasgow, Terry Tibke, Dick Towner, Bob Cardwell, Terry Lane. MIDDLE ROVV: Don Bowe, John Woodruff, Milton Maas, Rick Fontaine, Rodger Cuttin, Ken Wilson, Clyde Roberts. BACK ROW: Dan Smoots, John To- bias, Tony Yoder, Larry Cessarini, Dave Johnson, Ray Glover, John Langseth. Hawk Diamond Squad Dan Smoots is shown in one of the Coach John Garner is shown directing the activity of the Terrace baseball squad. x 1 f Terry J " if I 0 I s P QA ,. ., M... Dan Arnim quarter miler Barney Meyring miler Herb Meyring half miler Evan Shull sprinier Coach Sfu Smlfh Roger Von Spoof high iumper ix, ,i-1,0 C! -S", Q. Urn g M ,J L A ' A . dj ' D 4- ? , v Mil, ' ,Qi DR M , l 1 i , 1 A Picfured above is Terrace High's first track squad: From left to righi they are: FRONT ROW, Paris Bendixsen, Barney Meyring, Dan Arnim, Tom Ryberg, Craig Hania, Roger Van Spoor, Evan Shull, Dennis Orvold, and manager Joe Barnefi. SECOND ROW, Jeff Wilson, Mike Hendrickson, John McKinnon, Doug Knuison, Ron Han- sen, Joe Marcinkiewicz, Ed McKinnon, and Som Beesley. THIRD ROW, QF 1 gl 'urr Joe Schmidt, Roy Wilson, Herb Meyring Rich Hamilton Don Lighi Jerry Ulsund, Greg Tufmark, Bob Eschrich Jim Morgan and Jack Prigger. TOP ROW, John Coan Terry McCann Jim Brady Dale Menghini, Joe Demuih, Milce Hobbs Jim Guckean Jim Kosney Don Hawk Tracksters Finish Season Strong Jim Morgan hurdler -1'-"4 A variety of assemblies that provided for education, entertainment, and iust plain "fun" were staged this year through the planning of Mr. Aliverti, activities co- ordinator, and the general cooperation of the student body. Well-planned assemblies are beneficial to students in helping them view many aspects of activities and vo- cations as well as for enjoyment, The scope of the assemblies oftered a wide range from things such as the W.S.U. Orchestra, the U.W. Gymnas- tic's Team and Mike Hobies Shakey City Seven iazz group 3- 11 ,A- 4? i. ucational speech on Americanism H ended his speech by singing This l My ' r 'X Mr Norman is pictured speaking at Terrace Highs first assembly This was the forerunner of many other interesting assemblies to follow First Year at Terrace -A gf Karen Adams is seen above leading a song in a pep assembly Pepsters found this a good way of rousing school spirit Country Mike Hobie and his Shakey City Seven entertained the student body in a 'azz assembly 1,-g Z The Univer ity of Washington Gymnastics Team is plc tured above nn an action packed assembly in which they entertained students nv-4 g t M , X., X . of ,gig l ax ' -A o-r N t ee- . it ww , f A' s ' gjfx of W2 ,. x 4 ,Xzsx Q ,L " K 'iisf .4 - ' ur' U ,T I Mr. Quaker gave a very amusing and ed- - if . . .H e . . . ,, . S 1 ,fs 1 I l ,Q 4 It , ' ' 1 5 . ig '-- '- ' 2 Q A v - ff , . M - . 1 l ' L . 5. . . , . . i . H - ,, . . ,. 2f' F " " Brings Good Assemblies ff? ff, A-4" if I Achon on the parallel bars illustrates some of the sfunls that the University of Washinglon Gymnashcs Team displayed rs! . 5. 2 . , A 1 . 1 "'. it 5 ,. The Washington Sfafe University Travel- ing Orcheslra gave a beauiiful perform- ance on a variely of music primarily clas- sical. The sfudents were transformed into quiet music lovers and were complimenfecl by the direcfor as being a good audience. Bob Glasgow Eva Sfarnes and Bob Eschrich are pxcfured above In a loan! Boys and Girls Club assembly Kenlh Jackson well known tele vision personalufy spoke The Price We Have To Pay fo an af fenhve sludenf body f . ,V- ' I ' . 1 .. 0 0 K , . 1f h l l. 14 X . .-.i V," , , r . . . , - . , I 4' T, -Tlrwqkt' I ' 05+ i. . X.: I J.. , 1 .11 T I sail 'fglzf V, X ,f' ' iq . I " ,, fl- I AIP' i p""u - 'fm . I II Q r . . . . , ' ' . . . . I on ,, - - H V 'Q 'U' .1 At the change of the semester the firs? class officers for the first graduating class of Terrace Hugh were eleciecl Clockwlse they are Dave Johnson, treosurerg Gene Hussey president Claudia Sueverl secretory and Greg Turmark vice president. Juniors Set Pace During First Year. Carol Alberg Ken Amundson Dan Arnim John Arnquisi hun Bill Beam Dan Bell Paris Bendixsen Dennis Benning Jianige -Bergerson Margie Bertand Ronald Bingham Patti Bonney Pak-iisdefifk Lynn Brewbaker Alice Brown Bill Brown Willis Bullard '9 Gv 1 T' RX X Lee Conway Janice Cosia Gary Cruz George Culver N Ari Dallman Peter Davis Ellen Dawson Roberta Day Kathy Denby 5 Kathleen Cain Carole Carper Dave Case Nancy Cecsarini Linda Choaie Jim Chrisfensen Judy Christiana gy Crystal Campbell Bob Cardwell Alun Clifford Carol Cole JoAnn Connors its Riedun Eidseih Lily Ann Ellison Nancy Engelhart Louie Engle Joan Erickson Bob Eschnch Bonnie Evans Sharon e Sharon Fisher VN vi JoAnn Hendrickson Mike Hendrickson Sharon Hendrickson Sally Hergert Judy Hickenboffom Ron Hightower Penny Hill Larry Hodges Kathy Hol? Martin Jackson Judy Jenkins Curhs Johnson Dave Johnson Arlene Learned Carol Learned Sue Loper CaraLyn Holmquisi Terry Hurd Gene Hussey Karen Irby Karen Jacobson 6" 6 Joe Lu schen Mike Kennedy Suzanne King Karen Kingsley Judy Knorr Douglas Knutson John LaBrow Margaret Lyen Sfephanie Lyons Glenda MacCumber Roy Maier Karen Manfricla C S., 45 'fha L I 'Ar 'E' Bob Moran Janet Morse Barbara Murphy Susan Murphy John Murray Dan Myers Joe Marcinkiewicz Ed Massey Larry McCauley Janice McCown Lynn McGinnis Ed McKinnon John McKinnon Linda Mclean Carol Meitler 3' Lorene Norris Sophia Novak Julie Nygren Tom Olson Dennis Orvold Susan Oversireet Barbara Palmer Joe Pantley Leslie Pariridge Dale Pearson Arthur Phelps Ken Piaft Cheryle Pofier 55 Gwen Pullium Pam Quay Pav Reed Michael Renffrow K 1 Penny Reynolds 'ww' 5 Evan Shull Claudio Sieverf Kaihy Silver Pam Simmons Linda Sinrud Bill Slribifzke Dan Smoots Leonard Spain Roger Spoor Jeanne Roche Cheryol Rosfad Ed Ruasch Barbara Rupp Tom Ryberg Cathy Schumacher if T 4- Robert Reynolds Clif? Rinehart Geri Roche Ruthie Sherman Barbara Shierk Darlene Shimokon 5'-' 3 3 Al Terry Sharon Thaler Dave Thomas Virginia Uram Tedi VanOververke Lee Varn Dave Thompson Terry Tibke Dick Towner Greg Tutmark Carol Tuttle Jerry Ulsund 'VS 9? Atv' QT' Sr Bill Sprague Eva Starnes Carol Stern Ruth Stull George Sullivan Dianne Summers Vicki Sweet Barbara Swenson Davette Talmadge I i wg! Marilyn Walker Kay Wargnier Linda Weiss Sandi White Rex Widener Jeff Wilson Ken Wilson George Winn Sharon Wood '4 'M I 'Ilruv-v 11 llli ll --ni sk .4-nl e first ofticers for the class of 63 were ileft to nghtj Karen Adam secretory Marlle Hamilton treos urer John Langseth vice presldert and Sam Beesley president 5 wb 6 fuftf Sophomores Show Enthusiasm J bel 6: A Adamo X vi D Andrews J A m nn S Arns Adams S Allard C' T' 5 maui' ML C Audal C Austm G Baptlsta L Axcock J Barnett X Baer W Bea s 85 is D. J. F, Becker Becker Bedrick S. Beesley S. Beglou R. Berihiciume E. Besaw D. Bowe J. Boyle J. Brady l.. Braga l.. Brill . V 'U .gh N in Q- 5 T. Clark J. Coon M. Connof JH s 4 K 1 -X 44 C y N I I R. C. R. Cumn Dahlgren Davies A. Daw B. Dawson C. Debruler P. Foster P. Fox B. Frazier C. Frill R. Fullerlon K. Gilbert F. De Lap V. Delay J. Demuth R. Dokken B. Dom Bek S. Douglass l.. Else G. Evans V. Faurie l.. Finnerln R. Fonicune N. Fosfer 86 J. Coombs M, Cornelius S. Crichton M. an Harwood Hailesfad Hawley T. Hedlund M. Henderson S. Hess -:I I.. King S. Kirk G. Knapp J. Knudsen J. Kooy J. Kosney M. Hamilion R. Hamilion l.. Hanson D. Hardy P. Hargiss C. Harris M. Hobbs S. Hohl D. Holcomb C. Holdorf C. Hollingsworih B. Houseworth Johnson Johnson Johnson J. Johnson D. Kimmel C. King D. Kulle M. Lakes S. Lang J. Langseth F. lonning C. Larsen C Lee G Legute gy! R Lehhnen 87 L. C. L. A 1 L- f Liffle Lovejoy Lucas M M . Maas . Mack . Munfridc B. Mann T. Moson T. Mc Co M. Mc K. Mc T1 Intosh :LB Q6 C Reed Meyer Me rung Muddlebrook J Mnllage M Mxller R Minor Moen organ Murre Nance Nelson P Nelson Nelson Nopson Nuesse OConnor B Olstad D Osborne G Porter Powers Pr gger M Pulllum T Pursche J Rmrdon Ro1clnH Redman Rego C Renff row J Rhodes 88 n Clinfock Forlcnd hr D. Ritchey M. Robinson Q' C. Roberts .j R. Roberts M. Rollag G. Rose E J. Rose K. Ross M. Rossi 'E' L. Russell J. Schmidt P. Seale Session Shierk Shurtz B. Simpson C. Sleeper B. Smith D. 6 s Smith Smith Smith V. Snider S, Spanfelner M. Stammen C. Tepfer R. Thomas K. Thorgaard L. Thurman J. Tobias M. Todd E. Stamp G. Steele S. Stick B. Stromberg c J. Summerson D. Talmadge Trautloft Wagamun "' Wahl 5 C. Wallenberg X M. Walker D. Walter . Washburn J. Wedekind R. Weiss P. Wilcox R. Wilkerson I.. Willden li' . O 3 -- C. Wilson . R. Wilson " P. Wise LY B. Woods , M. Wright 89 C. Younker in if .arf 5' Q-v sf L 4, X I L- '57 5.- 1- sr S. 'Yo 'wr BALLINGER BQWL PLAZA BARBER SHOP 20202 Ballinger Road 2310956111 Wes' RpGAL CLEANERS Mounflqke Terrace Em 3 6982 Mountloke Terrace Pr 8 7400 MOUNTLAKE APPLIANCE SERVICE Bollunger Shopping Center 20058 Bollinger Road, Em. 2-1457 Area Merchants Host WICKERS FOOD 196 S.W. 36th. Wes? Alderwood Manor Pr 3 TOTEM SHOE STORE LYNNWOOD LUMBER Shoes for the entire family Everything for ihe builder" Lynnwood Shopping Cenfer Pr 8 0969 19901 Highway 99 Pr. 8-3344 MANOR HARDWARE Alderwood Monor Pr 8-2841 COY'S TERRACE BARBER SHOP g 205th and Ballinger Road MARLIN OFFICE AND ART SUPPLY Lynnwood Shopping Cenfer Pr. 8-6060 ' QQ 9? Terrace HI h elebs LYNNWOOD HARDWARE 8- SPORTS CENTER Lynnwood Shopping Center Pr. 8-7'I4'I MARTIN FUEL COMPANY INC. Lynnwood Shopping Center Pr. 8-2070 Mouniloke Terrace LOOP RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION 16808 Highway 99 Pr. 8-3575 'fm v-W.. "-i""""'lfOMw4 -- qu - A 'fa '. .m -li ni! nl pw: 'I n . -Z. m. W W W Y -M . - -f "1"'f"' I Ku? X qu 'Q' J , ' 4 'Jil' ' 4 diff 'lx' , JV 11. . fi if 1 Af. 1 " -nl s . 1-' "L 's I est 'Z Nl , .. ,,.- Q Ken SUMMERS PLAZA DRUGS KEN'S DRIVE-IN "The home of the world famous producisu 1531 5351205 Mountloke Terrace Pr. 8-1154 Lower Terrace Em. 2.9700 r .Y l 'WI gn- Talkative Q - Bill Denby A A T' ' Y, ,xiii THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF EVERETT TERRACE REALTY COMPANY "Snohomish Counry's largest and oldest home-owned bank" 23008 West 56111 Lynnwood Branch Pr. 6-1141 94 Mounilcke Terrace Pr. 8-1161 I A -tif... .rl til. s SNO-KING BAKERY LYNNWOOD FLORAL "Specializing in Wedding ond Por?y cakes" "For QII your floral needs" 20054 Boilinger Wcy Em. 2-0555 Lynnwood Shopping Center Pr. 6-2266 -af Figure 1 i iq. Q ,, Lynn erry iviiadviilif-wi. LYNNWOOD 884 CENTER BAL-.WAY HARDWARE HN07L'iV'9 OVEV 88511 "Paint ond decorofing center" 5119-196 S.W. Lynnwood Pr. 6-1600 96 20230 Bgllinger Road Em, 2-1212 X. rw -'Q 'fan K, s. " " U u ,,, Q . Q . wp wgli, afwlf JIM PALM AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY ROBERTS 5TUD'O Publishers ofthe Tempo 2435 W. l52nd Seattle, Wash. Ch. 2-6440 Honnubul Mussouru Photographers for the Tempo if .s lim BEN FRANKI.lN'S STORE PARK OIL COMPANY "Locally Owned-Nationally Known" "Automatic refill ond Budget terms" Lynnwood Shopping Center Pr. 6-7307 97 Mounflqke Terrace Pr, S-3106 .lo y ECHS EVERYBODYS DEPARTMENT STORE ECH BURNER OIL INC ly d Sh pp' g C CI C f O ble, Depend bl P 8 0400 ly d P 8-3124 744 7m,eo4z4gz46uz4wa,epouwezqz0z4ue tkdoealvnnedaatafoatieeappoutdeqgautoaaa tiattdeufadeateaulatiaieownnauadargtieaeade andeewczutdattlaelaaaraaaaffatoaa. 99 The staft of Terrace High s first Tempo owes a debt of gratitude to many individuals and groups who assisted us in the publication of our first book. We are very appreciative of the cooperation and suggestions rendered by Mr. Jim Palm sales representative for American Year- book Company the publishers ofthe Tempo and S.K. Smith Company cover manufacturers. When we needed pictures Roberts Studio our photographers were quick to the rescue Their cooperative attitude was sincerely appreciated The publication of the Tempo was an easier task as the result of the assistance given by the administration and faculty of Terrace High Members of the staff like all Terrace students have learned a great deal and profited from their experiences in our first year at a new success and to thank you for your help with the Tempo The Tempo Stafif 100 Cl school. We wish to congratulate you, the students, on your first years QD

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