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Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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M... 1 frrmy 7777 . Win? "Ti-,, . 1 , ' E' A w..,,.L., if 5 N: ix", -bl.. 'KH if I "' in "-..,..' 1 f , f., ik frm ui-J, 1, 1-. '-, " ' ' ' 0 , 1 'em'-.,y" qv . 'SLI I H3 11 1 --z, '-Q. 1 -1-.,, .Jw W4 3 , x .' -2,11 3 4-11--11.1 . Lrj -Ls. sq NJ ' .fi 'I "V 21313551 . W. , 1. Q., A., , A. K, ,ml . 1 V1 :Nil -1 I ,bt N sQ N., 3. 'Q' A I .:, -.'f' 4-1-..,-,, -, s...4' .. 1 E' 'Q' " ' ' " 3 1-----.7-1:-..,A ,A-cv 1. Q . A 4 E 'Sq' A'X,v"' RNA SA. AK' U:-' -Mi: 'I MM.-,J 'fC:ZKiw,,f" K, 1 :xx "1 .- :Lex V WN, wa., as ,A -- ,-- 1 2 , 1'1- "-K M-.52 gms," --" '1x":3A-"' 'ff , 1. . , , . . , . K X T- 1 X'-.f ., 1 .- 0 4 -Vg -1, ,f "-x:..f' N , Y I4 Qin' 5? "'-4 I' ,,,.v' '-.g7fL L' "x N37 'N'-' 'QJ X? "-F-.fx r "- " .J X '-' ,-.. 'if - ., 1 Z .. , 1 i '-,Nxt 'G-9.41 . Z -1 -5--...-. :""-I 11 I "N --.. ,. ..,:, , '.,','f ,l 1: . ,Q '. J 5:-.5 -Q...,' XP" 1' R1 2 .fiiim ...W 'w-T-5... ft 1 'MV 'f-,. : 1, 1 X 1 -f . ' Q , -ru ,' -f -'.. -..,.l "'-. "w,1..J xv' A ,gi " 'x 5 S , ,..,,n . .V 7 ' W V .A I .,...g1?,..'.' 'ini . .gf 1-3.3, J x .1 '-1' X'--f .--'wg 1.. Q! K' , 1, '11-.i 1' A ' . hug -,. 'igffiz-aa.. ,f 'HN B , s -,hi I, , G Mx. ami, ,r . 1 , .5 . j 1 W'-fv ,, if W 51" I .Hifi 9 "'-sx,4A. :fr ,V '-,Ml . J .',..,., 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. Rn N "1 P , 1 f 1k Xi I I 1. .21 ,f I -- ' 'Z X W. 1 ,N , NX , f 1 11 A 2 1 1 1 1 I, 1 s . J 1 . 1 1 ' . K ' 1 5 Lf L- ,. J 'J ' 1 '1 f . . -. NC mu-1uw,,W , fUjf11U - 1 EHQIJEE fXTJIJ GRAY 78-79 1 4 Mountain View High School Mountain View, Calif. 75th Edition Photographs and Memories of the days gone bye Sometimes a look or thought can make you cry Thinking of all the happy times we shared After the years are gone we realize how much we cared Seeing pictures of how we looked Makes us forever wish to treasure this book Thinking of all the times we fought and won Thinking of all the things we left undone These will all linger on when these days are done Living with each other for all these seemingly long years ,, mari' wind? 'V I Viyyk i I Makes you get to know and love all your peers Learning, loving, laughing, crying Hoping, dreaming, caring, sighing Just a few of the emotions we have shown 'Tis a reminder of how much we've grown Just remember when these days are done We will have to pick up and carry on Yet no matter how separate our paths do flow We will have these memories where 'ere we go So keep these photographs and memories sacred For remember friend These are all we have to remember one another by Sz" is M 5 1. Wg, A , K 'U 1+ 'QF E 1 6 l ' ' x X-fx if A, J' 8 N-,ff X 6 2 fa ww Amwvidiif Eiibwifffmm. Q Tgjlff- 4 W A-tm Aks, Y"'E" 11 .-. A 1 4 , :N Q . . 1 .Na D nJ""' 3 Q 'T f' x li was 'wr 35 34 fu 'Nm . Luz. sw, .ii ' ,bw k... 4-f my K ,k:.L. . X. ..- w- -, M1 av-Q xx Q W M ES. XV 2' -W, , , Q , .Wx .-. E' ,.N1: lv ::1 W. ,- -A i G f' 5 1' " Q ' X QP we , yfxfx x . . .K 3 A ha' imamy vw Q? t-. 'E Q ff' ff S 1,W"Z, ge?5f -3 'vfff ' TQ? 'Mm I '- M ii 1' iii " My H TE' f, 513 -I i ig Rini E 'gif' 55: ' ii S5175 - ' 'if iff A 'fl a.V.iI4 A 5 . n ,ff Mzfaisxw ,QQ 523223 . - N, LM QA ii LL.,.. N fs sf P "S ,,, g' -5. 'iw NX gggg! s gm S 3 5' ,- 1 - 1,5 - -. ff 5851 f W A 'sv Xi' 5 x ' . Seniors 17 Fall SportsfActivities 42 Winter Sports! Activities 96 Class SectionfFaculty 152 Ads 181 BLE GF C TE TS CLASS 0F 7 9 Alan Abkld Lladira Abarca Diane Abey Rafael Aceves Reynold Agbayuni Joyce Allen Marty Anderson Sallie Anderson Tony Andres Jacqueline Arbas Victor Avila Linda Balmonte Lori Barnes Danny Bascos Jeff Baumgartner Amber Beane Jim Beirn l Denise Bellamy .X Q WED" ,iv,,,,f , , V, . ,f 4,-an ,, , f, -f .t - 'f ' i 1 1 .x Ng?" . 3 , 1 as w im :RT I mr- : 2743 in-A Swv' li 'Z K? Wa. 1 X ...x. 'PWF Z w x Q if vs 1' ES N Q f ,A Q N 1' Q fs. CU M h lle Smith Danie h Snyder Javier Solis And all the years that I spent lost in mystery Fall away, leaving only the sound of the drum Like a part of me It speaks to the heart of me Forget What life used to be You are what you choose to be b Sumner Cole T Mary Tom May Tom My na Torda John Turner 31 Todd Turner Suzie Vago Plaridel Valdez Margaret Vega Aaron Wallace Roberi Weber Tori Winder Sandy Yamaji Carmen Zelaya German Zelaya Sylvia Velasco Karen Wcyland Ronald Yee Maria Zelaya Sandra Vida Renee Williams Albert Yu Glenn Zweigle IN MEMORIUM ALLEN FGSTER, 1962-1978 OUR FRIEND AND BROTHER BEST EYES: Molly McCIurg SL Brian Hopp Super 'N Senior MOST IN THE FOG: Denise Meier 8L Adrian Mulien IIIQST DRESSED: .loy Bishop SL Rey Agbziyzini CLASS CLOWN: Lynn Shaw 8L Jon Pont GABBIEST: Rhonda Harris 8: Kevin Haralson 1' ' - 124511, -5 S X Y ' me gm. SAS MOST SPIRITED1 Kathy Phelps 8a Jeff' Baumgartner ,,,.. if W Q may ei N , L 'G ,N,, Ni A ti: F N rc A F A I LLZL ij it 3:4 fa: ia i A a .YQQQFQ " ef, c ' H5 .Q 1 ' A. ' 5 S reg "l 5 L, gr ssl: g ic 2. Q.. A L we xi Q if M Must Athletic: Susan lmai, Charlie Passantino W - - - 3 i. fc.,3,, I f Q ,VA 4..- ,,.. w-'f 1'-n, Most Sludious: May Tom and Ronald Yee lnnligator: llorlencia Romo, Emmet Bryant 1,1 i ,f 1 A l-riendliest: Dolores Garcia, Vince Romao 14 Most masculine and feminine: Brin McCloskey, Davi d Medina , . ri Most Likely to Succeed: Linda Loney, Orlando Darang J ns.. Tallest and Shortes: Suzanne Nolan. Steve Dudley, Diane Abey, Alai Abad. Best Couple: Charlie Passantino and Wendy Harris Biggest Flirt: Sara Mead And Tom Galicia IW' , , vwmawivv- Shyest: Margaret Kyles and Bruce lmai l Most Artistic: Teal Nakayama and Xavier Bovie Bcst Smile: Grace Endberg and Bobby Fowler Senior Class Wills I, DIANE ABEY being of sound, mind and body hereby be- neath, 13 of my shortness to any tall freshman. I, MARTY KAY ANDERSON hereby bequeath, safety pins id tape to Karry Dennis for her uniform. I, JEFF BAUMGARTNER hereby bequeath, Ms. Rossano's gs and tests, and Mrs. Graham's essays to the incoming freshman ass. I, MARK BETTENCOURT hereby bequeath, my mustache, rich has accompanied me through four years of high school, to iyone with a cold upper lip. I, LESLIE BEYER hereby bequeath, my ability to talk my dad to things to my brother John Beyer. I, JOY BISHOP hereby bequeath, all my love to my close ends, especially 3-4-3, who made this year complete. I, XAVIER BOVIE hereby bequeath, all my funny and corny kes to James Retting. I, KENNETH BRADLEY hereby bequeath, my one handed um rolls to Benny Pugh. I, EMMETT EDWARD BRYANT hereby bequeath, Patty ennis and Karry Dennis to Nick Siler. I, STUART CAMPBELL hereby bequeath, all Monty Python .tics and rituals to Mark "The Tak" Takayama. I, YVONNE CARSON hereby bequeath, my happiness to all y friends. I, SANDRA CHOW hereby bequeath, all of my cut slips and tony notes to Vizar Balcita. I, LAURI CODE hereby bequeath, all my school spirit to the w coming class of freshmen '83, I, GLORIA CORRALES hereby bequeath, my love-life to ena Zavala, who's use to a one-way street. I, MR. CLARENCE JAMES CUMMINGS hereby bequeath, my underclassman my knowledge and skill of playing great ,sketball to Michael Lewis, class of '8O. I, ORLANDO DARANG hereby bequeath, all my loose ange in my locker to my brother, Mario Darang. I, IRENE MARIA DASHLER hereby bequeath, all payments wards the new piano I hope to have someday to Julie Ann arver. I, PIERRE DECKER hereby bequeath, my Cross-Country oes to Barry Miller. I, BABETTE deRUITER hereby bequeath, a practice set of finding up dominoes to knock down to Julita Madera. I, DOLORES GARCIA hereby bequeath, my pillow to Charlie :avers to reach the gas pedal when he drives. I, EARL R. KRIEWALL, being of questionable health, hereby queath, my reserved seat in the library to Patrick Dunbar. I, PHILLIP IVAN LAVRISCHEFF, the Master of Mirth, reby bequeath, all my rotten and terrible jokes that are found irthy of"gonging" to Robert Rollison, the Jr. Master of Mirth of ountain View High School. I, Ruth L.G. LIM hereby bequeath, anything I leave behind, od or bad to Cyril Chong '8l. I, HENRY LIU hereby bequeath, refined sugar and chemical ditives to Steve Reiling. I, LINDA LEE LONEY hereby bequeath, my running shoes d my Johnsonls Baby Powder to Laurie Wenger. I, MIRZA LOPEZ hereby bequeath, my pottery wheel in Ce- mics to Tony Garden. I, TERESA E. MARRIOTT hereby bequeath, all of my undone tmework and flunked test to my sister Pam who may be able to e them. I, DOUGLAS JAMES MCILWRAITH hereby bequeath, my -ility to play the trumpet to Jack Lugn - He'll need it. I, SARA MEAD hereby bequeath, my car communicator to Mike Lara. I, LINDA MORIMOTO hereby bequeath, my Corvette friend to Nadine Sala. I, GUS MUNIZ, hereby bequeath, my chess ability and some acorns to Per "Chipmunk" Thompson. I, SUZANNE OOKII NOLEN hereby bequeath, my height, craziness and spikes to JoAnn Chiisai Kikuchi. I, EVELYN MARIE PARRISH hereby bequeath, a pound of "Lumbo Gold" to Phillip Roberson. I, CHARLES PASSANTINO hereby bequeath, all my extra locker space tohave a place to put his junk to Frank Dowse. I, MONA PEARSON hereby bequeath, fdistributed evenlyj all my love and craziness to all of my friends, especially the shy ones. I, KATHLEEN M. PHELPS hereby bequeath, my sister Karen to Mr. Bissell - may they go through another year together peace- fully. I, JON PONT hereby bequeath, all my band aids to Lon Tokun- aga. I, ANA RAMIREZ hereby bequeath, my favorite chocker to Janet Cox. I, CINDY RAMIREZ hereby bequeath, my cheerleading outfit and briefs to my little brother Raymond. I, JULIE RANEY hereby bequeath, Mrs. Vidal's Spanish Class and Book with all my luck!! to Valli Davis. I, KAY RASMUSSEN, hereby bequeath, my grades and my ability not to skip to Darrell Rasmussen. I, VINCE ROMAO hereby bequeath, all my skateboard ability to Louis Pena and Mark Peterson. I, MARINA SANDOVAL hereby bequeath, my love and my thoughts to Martin Sanchez. I, PAUL M. SCHWARTZ hereby bequeath, my P.E. locker to Purr and Vert fBecca and Maddyj. I, LYNN S. SHAW hereby bequeath, all of my Dolly Parton jokes to Karen Phelps. I, GILBERT A. SMITH hereby bequeath, the highly presti- gious position as president ofthe MVHS German Club to Steve Kinaman. I, MICHELLE SMITH hereby bequeath, my faulty gross skirt that I used in Dance Spectrum that kept falling off to Margo Martin. I, DAN SNYDER hereby bequeath, all of my trombone abili- ties and music knowledge to Steve Mayeda. I, MAY TOM hereby bequeath, all my fears, frustrations and worries over grades from Mr. Lee's and Mr. Chadda's class to Julie Morimoto. I, JOHN R. TURNER hereby bequeath, a whole day with me and another couple at Great America to any Junior girl with a nice personality, humorous and just have a good time. I, PLARIDEL VALDEZ hereby bequeath, my gratitude to all MVHS'S students. I, AARON WALLACE hereby bequeath, my blue striped run- ning socks that the cross country fans love to Paul Aoyagi. I, ROBERT H.D. WEBER hereby bequeath, my passtime memories to teachers and friends. I, SANDY YAMAJI hereby bequeath, all my yellow admit slips to my sister Shari Yamaji. I, RONALD YEE hereby bequeath, my remarkable skill in postponing a tennis game indefinitely to Jacob Wellington. I, CARMEN B. ZELAYA hereby bequeath, my love and friendship to David, Scott, Stuart, Bob, Larry and all my teachers. I, GERMAN A. ZELAYA hereby bequeath, the whole school building and its students to the one who wants to take it. 37 t i i I I c., DIANF ABIEY-Sr, Board. 4 yrs. class activities. Favorite Pastime-Partying. Best Friends- Denise Meier. Dolores Gar- cia XL I.ynn Shaw. Favorite Song-"Chocolate Pudding" Memories-The Ilaunted Ilouse. CCS Game. RIZY AGBAYANI-4 yrs. FYO tPres.l. 2 yrs. Basketball, 4 yrs. Dance Spectrum, 4 yrs. Tamaraw. Track. Baseball. Stu- dent Gov't,, Sr. Class President. Best Friends-Orlando. Glenn, Ron. .lulian. Rastrniio. Sign-Cancer, 7-IX. MARTY ANDIERSON-3 yrs. Varsity Swimming, 2 yrs. Band. 2 yrs. Band-Aide. Soccer, Meinories-CCS, Snow in the winter of '75-'76, Best Friends-Ross 81 Gregg. Debbie. Brian. Julie. Sandy. Mike, Marty. l.aurie. .leff. Pastime- Swimming ANTONIO ANDRHS-4 yrs. FYO. 3 yrs, Soccer. 2 yrs. Track. Tennis. Basketball. Tennis. AFS. Favorite Pastitne- Aftcr'School Practice. Nickname-Tony. Song-"I Iigh School Dance". Favorite Food-Pepperoni Pina. Best Friends-"To Many Things To Write." DANNY BASCOS-FYO, Favorite Pastime-Basketball. Nickname-Danny. Best Friends-Danny Sarmiento. Ana- belle. I.arry. Danny Agloro. .lesus. Favorite Song-"KiIawen" tTagalog Song.-Pangakoi. Memories-Grad Night, Sr. Pie- ntc. ' .lIiFF BAUMGARTNIZR-3 yrs. Student Government. 3 yrs, Drama, Choir, Swim Team, Waterpolo. Memories-"Go- ing to the best school in the Bay Areaf' I.IiSl.IIi BEYER-2 yrs. Volleyball. l.ettergirl. Ski Club. Sr, Board. I.ife Science Club, Prom Comm.. Senate. Sr. Play, Nicknames-Span 314. Noodle Arms, Memories-Young l.ife camps. Barffo, Football u- the beach. CCS. Ilawaii. MARK BFTTFNCOURT-3 yrs. Cross-Country. 3 yrs, Track. CSF. Se. Board. Business Club. Song-"Dazed and Confused" by I.ed Zeppelin. Memories-Dropping the pizva IRFNF DASIII.liR-2 yrs. Drill teamfColor Guard. 3 yrs. Dance Spectrum. 2 yrs. I.ife-Science Club. Swim Team. Best Friends-.lulie Carver, Raelene Ilourany. Memories-Gather- ing at the pina parlour after football games. PIFRRIZ DIECKIZR-2 yrs. Track, AFS, Cross-Country. "Business Club, German Club. Best Friend-Iiarl Ilarris. Memories-Karla Raubitsehec. Favorite Pastiine-Metal Working. Best Group: Beatles, Nicknatne-Pepsie Tissue tCommissionerl. BABliTTIi DIERU ITFR-2 yrs, Volleyball. Soccer. Discoing. Sign-Aries 8: Taurus. Best Friends-Grace, .lulita. Andre. Fa- vorite Song-"tYou're at Special Part of My I.ife" by Whis- pers. Memories-Summer of '78, Favorite Pastime-Sewing, .lUl.Ili DIZWITT-Drill team. Memories-CCS Champion- ship. Bandroom. Doobies Concert. Cal Band Day. Pleasan- ton. and "A Star is Born". - RANDOl.PII DIRIECTO-PTI.-CSF. Business Club tPTI.l. German Club tPTl.t, I.ife-Science Club tsemi PTI.l,- Sr. Board ta division of PTI.l. Nickname-Oscar Madison. Pas- time-Ingoltrating gov't. secrets to underground Comm, Spies. MARK DRIiBIiRT-Tennis-Motocross. everybody-I.ed Ze- plin and spaghetti-The Varsity Cheerleaders from l975. Memories STIiPIlIiN DUDI.liY-Activities-4 yrs. Basketball 4 yrs Track, I yr Football 2 yrs. csf. Senior Boards, Nickname- Slug Best Friends-,I.Ii. C,P. V,R. K,II. Favorite Song-The l.lGllT Memories When the Varsity Basketball beat Peter- son who was ranked 7th in CCS. IEIIFIQN DUIIAIMIE-Activities. Gymnastics 4 yrs. Pep Club Secretary I yr mascot My l.ast 5 years in Frankfurt Germany have been the best I've ever had in school. I wish thi- Qt-ninrs tht-rt: as well as here the best 79 Uber Alles. GRACIQ IQNGBIZRG-Nickname. Ace Other Aries Memo- Lies Wes ' i ' ' "s W'dn'sda' ni'hts snow ' G " ' vi ite Patglute-B:tckp'ielg'ng. naine-George .lOYSI.YN BISIIOP-Sr. Board. .lr. Class Sec.. I-'YO Vies- Pres.. 3 yrs, Tamaraw. 3 yrs. Basketball. 3 yrs. Dance Spee- trum. 2 yrs. Flag Girl. 2 yrs. Badminton. Honor Roll. Nick- natne-.loey. .lo-.lo. Song-"Your I.oves Too Good . . TFRFSA BFANCIIARD-2 yrs. Drama. 2 yrs. Choir. 2 yrs. Theatre. 2 yrs. Dance Spectrum. Sr. Board. .lournalisin Club. Iixecutive Cabinate. Song-"Fair Share" lTheme from One on Oriel. "OIiver!" east party, Rhonda doing "The Tree". RFBFCCA BI.OTTliR-Favorite Pastiine-Iliking. Memo- ries-"Fd rather not remember". Best Friends-Cherie Chan- cellor. .lim Melanson. Nickname-Becky. Favorite Food-Ice Cream. XAVIIER BOVIIQ-Tennis. Pastimes-Swimming. Guitar Playing. Art. Tennis. Best Friends-Mark Drebert. Kim Roys- ton, Michelle Smith. Favorite Food-Gourmet fo d. Song- Rock 84 Roll. Memories-Goingto concerts. Frana. Parties. KIENNIETII BRADLEY-4 years of Track. 4 years ol' Band. I year ol' Football. liMMliTT BRYANT-Football. Baseball. Favorite Pastime- Partying, Football. Nickname-Iimm., Best Friends-Dolores Garcia. Sara Mead. Totn Galicia. Glenna Ilall. Favorite Song-f'Mary .lane". Food-Steak. I.obster. Memories-CCS. Riots. STIIART CAMPBlil.I.-3 yrs. Cross-Country. 3 yrs. Track. Soccer. German Club. Computer Club. Favorite Pastime- I.iving, Nicknaine-Scotsman. Best Friends-Brian Pullen. Mark Betteneourt. Memories-Painful Days of Cross-Coun- try. YVONNF CA RSON-Drill Team. Badminton. "Spoon Riv- cr Anthology", Best Friends-Melody. Ptllli-TTIIIIT. Memo- ries-Sally Pearson as my best friend in my past years. Nick- name-Bavonne, Favorite Pastitne-Dancing, SANDRA CIIOW-Best Friend-lid Casuga. Favorite Song- "I Write a Song For You". Memories-The joy and excite- ment of the school when we won the CCS championship in A75-'7o. Favorite Pastime-Bowling. I.AURIIi CODF-3 yrs. volleyball. Tennis, Drama Club. Ski Club. CSF. Sr. Board. Mural. Wrestling Seorekeepcr. Math- ntatieal I.eague. Ilomecoming Float. Favorite Pastime- Reading. Being- Rowdy. Skiing. Going to football games. liI.AlNli C0l.l.lNS-Nickname-Tasha. Best Friends-l.i7 O'ConneII. .leanette Sumpter. Favorite Pastime-Making Friends. Favorite Song-"Dust in the Wind". Metnories-Be- ing in Plays. GLORIA' CORRALIZS-2 yrs, CSF. Sign-Virgo. Favorite Song-"Zoom". Favorite Pastime-Dancing, Best Friend- Nena Zavala. Memories-"Memories a recollection of the past both good and bad engraved in your mind never to Ie Cl.ARIZNCIi CUMMINGS-3 yrs, basketball. Sr. Board. Best Friends-Iivelyn Parrish. Iilana Foster. .loc I.yle, Russell Poeples. Favorite Pastiine-Playing Basketball. Nickname- Tobey. Metnorics-Playing Var. Basketball Since I was a Soph ORLANDO DARANG-3 yrs. Football. 4 yrs. Wrestling. 3 yrs. Baseball. Basketball. Sr. Play. CSF. FYO. Sr.- Class Vice-President. Boy's State. Tamaraw. Ilomecoming. Best Friends-Glenn Zweigle. Rey Agbayani. Pastime-Sports 84 TV. mothers. Favorite Song-I.ights .lourney .IONATIIAN IZNGQLIIST Activities- Football .l.V. Varsi- ty. 2 yrs Basketball 2 yrs Baseball Favorite Pastimc. Cars Sports Nickname li Best Friends Richard Ramirez Favorite song A horse with no name. Favorite Food Pllltl. GUSTAVO FIEVRNANDFZ Drama Club l.a Raza Unida Club I.os Americas Student Council Senior Play Cinco De Mayo Soccer Club Favorite Pastime Reading. Dancing Nicknatne Gus Best Friend Carlos Rodriquel Favorite food Cuban Food. I.ARRY FI.ORIiS- CSF. German Club. Business Club. Fa- vorite Pastitne-Ilunting. going out and eating arottnd in my jeep. Best Friend-B Pullen-M Bettencottrt-G Smith-G Munil C Thompson-P Decker. Memories-Conning all the teachers, physical Science disasters. XL good M.V, spirit. Best Ye ' 0 ROSSANNA Fl.ORIiS-Vice-pres, Club las Americas. Rep. for IESI, classes Favorite Pastime-Tennis. Volleyball Best friend-Anita Ochoa. Noemi Garcia. Pinnky Martinel. Car- men Zelaya. Maria Sandoval, Frank Sanaloni. all the boys! Favorite Song-l.ast Dane. Baby come back. TYRONE FLOYD-4 yrs. Football. Senate. I yr Soccer. Best friend-Kim Cauz. Memories- Bush babies. summer school 76, Sra, UlDAl,. Favorite pastime-P.U.C.-ING. Beach buinming. Nick name-Boogie down Tyrone. FDGAR FORONDA-F.Y.O. Pastime-Bowling. Nickname- Garl. Best Friends-Danny Baseoo. Danny AgIoro,,Danny Soriniento. Favorite food-Italian Memories-Grad-night. Senior Picnic. Sign-Virgo Birthdate X-30-ol. BOBBY FOWI.liR-4 years. Football. 2 yrs, Basketball. S,O.M, Committee. Best friends-.Iohn Paeella. Vince Ra- inao, Alice. Chris. .lohn Ii.. Charlie P. Favorite Pastime- Playing chess. sports. Nickname- B.F. Buddie. Favorite Song- Sweet Ilome Alabama, DOFORIES GARCIA- 3 yrs. Soccer. 3 yrs. V. Baseball Seorekeepcr. Ilead V. Cheerleader. Senior Board. Iixecutive Cabinet. Tri-School Rep.. Yearbook Staff. Best Friends- Denise. Diane. I.ynn. Sara. Cindy. Dale. .lon P. Nicknatne- Pce-Wee. KIT GII.MOR'Ii- Nickname- Coyote Duster. Favorite song- Tlie Wanton Song. Favorite Pastimc- Car Racing. Best Friends-Relatives. Stlli GUNION- 2 yrs. I.ettergirl, Senior Board. Best Friends-Sandra lloecker. Memories-C.C.S.. Wright Ave.. Rengstorle Mansion. Journey Concert. the summer of "7X". Nickname- Grunion. Favorite Pastiine-Water skiing. Ilorse- back riding. Sign-I.eo KIQVIN IIARAI.SON- 3 yrs, Drama. 4 yrs. Young'e. 4 yrs A,S.B.. Youth Service Program. Favorite Songflfood- Nature Boy. l.obstci'. Favorite Pastime-Guitar. writing. Nickname- Bumble. Memories- First play-l.iI' Abner. Insan- ity of Freshman year. l.lNDA llARI.OW- 3 yrs. Volleyball. 2 yrs. Basketball, 2 yrs. Softball. 2 yrs, Band. Favorite Pastime-Sports, Nick- name-llair Bear. Best Friends- Susan Morano. Dana .lones. Michelle I.ipnick, llelen Grilli. Kathy owens. V RIIONDA IIARRIS- 2 yrs. Chior. 2 yrs. Drama Club. 2 yrs. Dance Spectrum. Senior Board. Iixecutive Cabinet. .lournalism Club. Memories- Iiarl llarris and Steve llopp giving me roses for "OIiver." Favorite Pastimc- Doing the tree. Nickname- Bee Bee. O WFNDY IIARRIS-Freshman Secretary. Sophmore Secre- tary, Senior Secretary. Senior Play, 2 yrs. l.ettergirl, 2 yrs. Track Secretary. Memories- Football games, Woodleaf Camp, Volleyball Marathon. Nickname- Mimmy, Wendell. Favorite Pastitne- Writing. Camping. MICIIAEI. IIAWI.EY- 2 yrs. Football Senior Board. Fa- vorite Pastime- Flirting. Memories-69. the band. Denny's. Bob's. Nickname- Mikey. Best Friends-Doug Mcllwraith. Favorite Food-Steak with mushrooms. BARBARA IIATT- Senior Play. 2 yrs. Student Govern- ment, 2 yrs. M.V.A,A. Nickname- Giggles. Best Friends- The Gang, Favorite Pastimc- Procrastinating. Favorite song- Of a l.ife Titnc. Memories- When it snowed in M.V. TIZRIZSA IIELD- lfzyr. A.F.S. Nickname- Red. Favorite song- Beast of burden. Memories- I.os Gatos. good friends, Mothers, beach, mountains. concerts. Ilonda in the quad, parties. Favorite Pastimc- Maerame, music, skiing, Sign- Virgo CYNTIIIA IlIGARliDA- l.a Raza Unida. Favorite Pas- time- Softball and George. Nicknatne- Diatttond. Best Friends- Shy and Tony and The Teen Angles. Favorite song- ffood-First Impression, Mexican Food. Memories- Teen Angles and Las Mestizas. BOBBI IIII.I.- 3 yrs. Band. Color Guard, 3 yers. Drama. Student Government, 2 yrs. Tamaraw. Senior Board. Dance Spectrutn. Memories- The oth period lunch bunch. Siberian lee Mosquitoes. T.V, Farrah look, I.ate Nights at Denny's. Nickname-Tweety. f .IIENNIFIZR IlIMI.IiR- Radio club. C.S.F.. Senior Board, Drama crew, 2 yrs. Color Guard. 4 yrs. Badminton. Memo- ries- oth period lunch bunch. Round table pina-after foot- ball gatnes, educational Iixperiences, Tom's birthday pre- sent. Nickname- .lcl'finer. SANDRA IIOFCKER- I.ettergirI- spirit leader. Senior ing. Ilorseback riding. Best Friend- Sue Gunion. Favorite Songs- Dreams and You see me crying. Sign-Taurus KARIEN IIOPKINS- German club secretary. Best Friends- Al Ilarris. Tassy Drummond. Favorite Song- You needed me. BRIAN IIOPP- 4 yrs. Water Polo. 2 yrs. Captain. 4 yrs. Track. 2 yrs. Ski club. 2 yrs. Young'e. Senior Board. Favorite Pastimc- Snow skiing. Favorite Soitg-l.ean on me. Nickname- Ilyroin Bropp. Deadly Brian. Frian Fropp. RAIiI.IiNIi IIOURANY- 4 yrs. C.S.F., 3 yrs. Radio club. 3 yrs. Drama. German club. 4 yrs. M.V.A.A.. A.S.B. secre- tary, A.F.S.. Senior Board. 4 yrs. Concert Band, 4 yrs. Marching Band. 4 yrs. Pep Band, 3 yrs. .lan Band. Favorite Pastitne-Music. MIZRIANNF IIUNT- 4 yrs. M.G.M.. German club, .lr. Prom Advisor, Girls Stale Citizen.' Abner. Favorite Pas- timc- Movie-going. Favorite Food-Baked Alaska. French Fries. Memories- 1975-76 S.C,V.A.I., and C,C.S. football championship. BRADSIIAW IIUPP- Band. Favorite Pastimc- mttsic. Nickname- Ilandsone. Best Friend-.lay Creamer, Dager Mcllwraith. Favorite Song- Red neck mother. Memories- spending the night at Discovery Park, CIIARLIES HURT- Best Friend- Daryl Davis. Favorite Pas- timc- Skateboarding. Favorite Songflfood- "Fm at war with the world", l.obster. Nickname- Chuck. KURT IIUTSI2I.l.- 4 yrs. Baseball, Senior Board. Favorite Pastimc- Baseball, cars. Best Friends- Becca Gustavson. Charlie Passintino. Memories- Being in C.C.S. playoffs for baseball. Favorite Song-Sweet Emotion. Nickname- Ilut TIQRIESA IIUTTFR- Volleyball. 4 yrs. Gymnastics. Ski club. Best Friends- I.eslie, Molly. I.ynn. Iiileen. Cris. Ile- Iayne. Nickname- Tiger. Muscles. Favorite Pastiine-Water skiing. Acting crayy. Cruzinl Being laly. Memories- Foot- ball games. beach trip. BRUCF IMAI- Football. Wrestling. linai shorts. SUSAN IMAI- 4 yrs. V. Tennis, 4 yrs. Basketball. 4 yrs. Softball, Volleyball, Asian club. Vice President M.V.A.A.. Sister City. Nickname- Imoose. sing- I.ibra. Favorite Pas- timc- Sports. Memories- I975 C.C.S.. Favorite Food- .lapa- nese and .lunk. DANA JONIES- 3 yrs, Softball. Favorite Song' "Cocaine". Favorite Pastitne- Dancing. Best Friends- Duane Collins, I.auri Code. I.inda Ilarlow, Michelle I.ipnick, Marty KAY ANDIERSON. Memories- The time it snowed. C.C.S. championship, ADRIAN MUI.l.IiN- 2 yrs. Theatre acting. Favorite Pas- timc- Playing electric gttitar. Favorite musician- .limi Ilen- tlrix. Memories- communicating with people. "I wish stu- Niekname- Moose, dents at M.V.Il.S. would strive to be themselves instead of putting up a front". TIM .l. KIRI.IiY- .l.V. Football. Favorite pastiine-Drag- racing and working on ears, Song-"Always and Forever". Memories-The Senior Prom. IQARI. KRIIiWAI.I.- 2 yrs. track. 3 yrs. MGM, Pastimc- I Quoting Monty Python Nickname-Beast, Best Friends-Chris Iindicott 8: Terri Marquel, MARGARFT KYl.IiS-Spring Frosh cheerleader. Nick- natne-Marg. Best Friends-Yolanda Kelleigh 81 Dana Jones. Pastiine-Camping. reading, music, dancing. Song-"Love is in the Air", Food-Pizza. Memories-CCS. pizza parlor CON RADO LAVARIAS-4 yrs. Basketball 12 yrs. Varsityj, FYO. Nickname-Cojo, Song"'It's You That I Need", Zo- diac Sign-Taurus. FELISA LAVARIAS-4 yrs. FYO. Nickname- Felis, Song- "Forever Yours" Zodiac Sign-Libra. PHIL LAVRISCHEFF-Choir. Journalism Club, Sr. Board, School Paper. Song-"He is the Music" by Truth. Best Friends-Robert Rollison. Diane Alldinger. Michelle Smith, Alice Thai. Pastime-Playing football. RUTH I.IM-Drama, AFS. Favorite pastime-reading, danc- ing, tennis. Favorite food-Lamb Stew. Best Friend-Cyril. Other Activity-Sr. Play. VUOKKO LOKSY-AFS. Skiing. Sailing. Favorite Song- "Suomen Kansallislauluu. IIEN RY l.lU-CSF. Business Club, German Club. Comput- er club, AFS. Asian Club, Football, Sr. Board. Metnories- Mr. .lohnson's Educational Experience. Song-"Echoes", Best Friends-Gus, Mark, Brian. C.T. LINDA LONEY- 3 yrs. Band, 2 yrs. German Club. ASB Treasurer, 4 yrs. CSF, 2 yrs. Cross Country, Track, Volley- ball., AFS. Sr. Board, 2 yrs. Inter-Club. Senate. Nicknames- I.. Triple L or EGEITSHZEETWYSN in band. 'TTTTWT MIRZA LOPEZ-Mudders Volleyball Team. Best Friends- "The Girls". "Ifanyonc is to be taken captive to captivity he goes, If anyone slays with a sword he must be slain. tl.uke 471 Memories-Paul Chandller, CCS BRIN MCCLOSKEY-Favorite Pastime-Skiing. Nickname- Nirb. Favorite Song-"Beast of Burden" by the Rolling Stones. Memories-snow-skiing. loft. Wed, nights, driving llonda car through quad. fighting with Mary, Mike MOLLY McCLURG- 3 yrs. Varsity soccer. 4 yrs. class activities, Homecoming Commisioner, Munchkin Club President. Drama Club, "Oliver!", "To Killa Mockingbird", Sr. Play, Head JV Cheerleader, Nickname-Mudball. DOUG MclLWRAITH- 4 yrs. Marching Band. Stage Band, and Pep Band. Favorite Pastime-Cars-Developing Speed. Nickname-"Dung". Dougie. or Dougal Best Friend- Mike Ilawley. LUZ MARIE MALLARE-4yrs. FYO. Dance Spectrum. Nickname-Luz. Favorite Song-"You Were Meant For Me". Sign-Auuarius. TERESA MARRIOTT-4 yrs. of being a Sports Fan. Favor- ite Pastime-Sit by myself at times, reading. Nickname-Ter- ry. Best Friend-Janet Cox. Memories-"FII always remember' my graduation". "Fun I had wffriends SARA MEAD- 4 yrs. Volleyball. 2 yrs. Swimming, 3 yrs. Softball, Badmitton, AFS, Varsity Cheerleader. Sr. Board. Sr. Play. Yearbook Staff. Best Friends-Lynn Shaw, Dolores Garcia. Cindy Ramirez, .lon Engquest, Jon Pont. DAVID MEDINA-Best Friends-Tim Kirley, Patty Kel- leigh. Ed Villesenor. Favorite Pastime-Racing. Weightlift- ing, Flirting. Memories-Giving Mr. O'Keefe a bad time. Song-"Running with the Devil". Nicknatne-Medina. DENISE MEIER-3 yrs. Dance Spectrum, Drill Team. Fa- vorite Pastimc-Partying. Best Friends-Diane Abey, Dolores Garcia. l.ynn Shaw. Memories-The "Haunted House" on Alpine Road. CCS, Steve Martin's "'s Get Small". .IOANN MERIALES-2 yrs. Dance Spectrum. 3 lrs. Ta- maraw. 4 yrs. FYO. Favorite Song-"You Were Meant For Me". Nickname-Jo. l.INDA MORIMOTO-Band, Volleyball. CSF, Drill Team. Asian Club. Sr. Board. Senate. Song-"l.ove's Holiday "by EWF. Sing-Pisces. "ahmo". ' GUS MUNIZ-Football, CSF, Business Club. Sr. Board, Computer Club. German Club, Memories-A really neat per- son, .lean Bornschlegel, and my favorite teacher. Mr. .lohn- son. Song-"Enjoy and Get it On "by ZZ Top. VICTORIA MUTIA-2 yrs. Badminton, Sr. Board. .lr. Class Treasurer. Drill Team-Flag Girls. FYO-Treasurer and Sec- retary, Tamaraw, CSF, Dance Spectrum. Honor Roll. Nick- name-Vicky. Song-"It's You That I Need". Sign-Aries TEAI. NAKAYAMA-Favorite Pastimc-Horsebackriding dc Discos. Best Friends-Linda Morimoto, Susan lmai, May Tom. Zen Hines. Favorite Song- "Zoom" by The Commo- dores. Meinories-CCS '75 Football. Sign: Scorpio. SUZANNE NOLEN-3 yrs. Volleyball, 4 yrs. Softball. 4 yrs. CSF, 3 yrs. Band. Homecoming Commis.. ASB. .Ir. 8: Sr. Boards. MVAA Pres. Nicknames-Spal ifl. TTN. Ookii. Noley. Pastime-Spazzing out. Song-"lf You Leave me Now." MARIA OCIIOA-Best Friends-Ana Ramirev. .Ianet Cox. Fevorite Song-"Get Oli". Pastime-I.iste'1ing to Soul Music. Sign-Virgo. Nickname-I.ctty. .IOIIN PACELLA-4 yrs. Basketball. 4 yrs. Baseball and 3 yrs. of Football. IEVELYN PARRISII-Varsity Basketball. B.S.U. Nick- name-Evil Eve. Best Friends-Betty Robinson, Alan Foster. Elana Foster. Favorite Song-"One Nation Under a Groove" Favorite Pastime-Loving. CHARLES PASSANTINO-4 yrs. Football. 4 yrs. Basket- ball. Frosh Baseball. 3 yrs, Track, Sr. Board, Ilomecoming King. Best Friends-W.Il., .l.P.. F.D.. .I.E.. Memories-Oct. 23. '7n. Woodleaf. Volleyball Marathon. WENDY PATIENCE-Softball. Yearbook, Sr. Board, Camp Counselour. Nickname-Breezy, Best Friends-Shari Senior Survey Bauman, D.S. Favorite Pastime-Music. Soaking up KL laying in the sun. Favorite Song-"Oh Darling" Sign-Leo. MONA PEARSON-Drill Team, Color Guard. Sr. Pley. Best Friends-Bobbi Hill, Karen Weyland, Doug Mcllwraith. Mike Hawley. Jennifer IIimIer.l Irene Dashler. Nickname- Mona I.isa, Mo. Mooooonnaaa. Song-"Il" by Bread. Ilobby- Drawing ' GREG PERKINS-Tennis, Basketball, Baseball. Best Friends-Everyone is! Memories-Staying after school for be- ing tardy too much. Missing the school bus 8L also waiting for it. Driving golf balls over the bleachers. KATHY PHELPS-3 yrs. cheerleader, Ilead Pom-pon, Frosh Treas., Sophomore Vice-Pres., ASB Vice-Pres., "Spoon River Anthology". "Oliver!", Sr. Board. Drama Club, 3 yrs. Senate, Yearbook, Munchkin Club Vice-Pres.. Tri-School. .ION PONT-3 yrs. Football t2 Vars.I. 2 yrs. basketball. 3 yrs. baseball, I yr. wrestling, Senior Board, Yearbook Staff. cia. .Ion Enquist, Chris Kikuchi. Favorite Pastime-Sports. T.V. Laughing ANA RAMIREZ-Favorite Pastime-Ballet dancing, Best Friends-I.etty 8L .lanet. Favorite song-"Teen Angel". Sign- Cancer. CYNTHIA M. RAMIREZ- 3 yrs. Basketball. 3 yrs. Soft- ball. 2 yrs. cheerleader. I yr. soccer. Nickname-Rams, Best Friends-Cindy Higareda, Favorite Pastime-Softball and eat- ing. Favorite Song- "Always 8L Forever". Favorite Food- "everything. ' CIIERYI. F. RAMOS-Senior class treasurer. Senior Board. F.Y.O.. Tamarraw, Dance Spectrum, C.S.F., Ilonor Roll. Nickname-"SherreIl". Memories-The way we were in "79" Favorite Song-"Wishing on a Star". Sign-Scorpio. .IULIE M. RANEY-Senior Homecoming Float, Senior Pancake Breakfast. Memories-Making the Eagle at l.ynn Shaw's house for the I97X Homecoming lloat, Ilomecoming game '78, 3rd period P.E., lst Semester 78. Hasseling Su- zanne Nolen. Chemistry 2nd period. KAY D. RASMUSSEN-Finance' Bob Sumner. Best Friends-Nancy Schmidt. Favorite Pastime-going out. Favor- ite Song-"Your the one that I want". Nickname-Legs. VINCE ROMAO-3 yrs. Football, Gamesters. Senior Board. Memories-Cruising down El Camino throwing snowballs at people and cars. Nickname-Vinnie. Best Friends-Grace Eng- berg, Brin McCloskey. Favorite Pastime-Skateboarding. Fa- vorite Food-All Food! MARINA SANDOVAI.-Badminton. Best Friends-.Iosc. Carmen P. Ninet, Virginia, Mirella, Arturo, Rossana. Fa- vorite Pastime-Badminton, Volleyball, Dancing. Favorite Song-"Always 8L Forever". Memories-February 5. l975. Raining days, Summer .lob. NANCY I.. SCIIMIDT-Worked at a job most of the time. Was a good student. Best Friends-Suzanne Nolen. Molly McCIurg. Kay Rasmenson, Denise Meier, Wendy Harris, Tyrone Floyd, John Pacella, .Ian Sampson, my boyfriend Gary Ashford. PAUL M. SCIIWARTZ-Nickname-Schwartzc. Best Friends-Everybody I hanged aroung with over the years. Favorite Pastime-Partying-wrecking and fixing cars. Memo- ries-Thc time Becca and Maddy got locked in the boys locker room. I.YN N Class Pres.. Sr. Board. Sr. Play. Softball, Soccer. Exec. Cab.. Yearbook Staff, Presidents Council. Best Friends-Sara Mead. Dolores Garcia. Cindy Ramirey. .lon Enquist. Favorite Pastime-Kipitling, Cruisin'. GIl.BERT A. SMITH-German Club. C.S.F.. Inter Club Council. A.F.S. Best Friends-C. Thompson. M. Bettencourt. B. Pullen. 'R. Yee. Memories-German Club Ski Trip '77. Favorite Pastime-Swimming. Favorite Food-Lasagne. MlCHEl.I.E I.. SMITH-3 yrs. Gymnastics. 3 yrs. Dance Spectrum, I yr. Tennis. Best Friends-Chris Endicott. Aaron Wallace. Xavier Bovie. Earl Kriewall and gang. Favorite Song-A scene from a night's dream "by Genesis. Nickname- Peanut. DANIEL A. SNYDER-4 yrs. Marching Band. I yr. Tennis. I yr. German Club. Nicknamc-"Schneider". Favorite Pas- tiine-Old Cars. Tennis. Girl Watching, Music. Memories- Playing in the CCS Football finals during half-time in the marching band. ROBERT A. SUNMER-I yr, Varsity Soccer. Best Friends- Kay Rasmussen. COLE D. TIIOMPSON-German Club. C.S.F.. PTI.. Busi- ness Club. MGM. Computer Club. I yr. Football. Memories- I forgot. Favorite Food-Bread. Favorite Pastime-Bicycling. Nickname-Cole Portor. Best Friends- Gilbert. Henry. Mark, Gus. Brian. MAY TOM-C.S.F.. Asian Club. Sign-Taurus. Favorite Pas- time-Tennis. Bowling. Ice Skating. Favorite Food-Chinese food. Best Friends-Linda Morinioto. Ellen Wojnar, Susan Imai. Teal Nakayama. MYRNA T. TORDA-4 yrs. F.Y.O.. 4 yrs. Tan1araw.Senate representative. Best Friends-Nancy .lusto. Favorite Pastime- I like dancing. playing Tennis. Nickname-Myr or Myrna. Favorite Food-Chinese dish Kc Filipino dish. - .IOIIIN R. TURNER-4 yrs. B.S.U.. I yr. Var. Soccer. Fa- vorite Pastime-Model Builder. Best Friends-Carl 'E. Gill. Nickname-Sabwafare, because Fm everywhere. Favorite Song-l'll write a song for you. Favorite Food-Chinese. TODD TURNER-2 yrs. Football, 2 yrs. Track. Nickname- Toad. Favorite Hobby-Shootin' Pool. Favorite Food-I.a- sagnc. SUSIE E. VAGO-3 yrs Spirit Club. Senior Play. I yr. M.V.A.A.. Ski Club, Sr. Board. Memories-"C.C.S. Football Champs '75". English I Class. Favorite Pastime-Waterski- ing. Snowskiing, Gymnastics. Best Friends MM.. l..B.. S.N., T.II.. D.G., C.R.. S.M. PI.ARIDEI. DAUZ VALDEZ-F.YO. Favorite Pastime- Guitar. Nickname-l.arry. Best Friends-Pinoys. Favorite Song-"Who Can I Turn To'?". Memories-Good Times. AARON WALLACE-3 yrs. Track. 3 yrs. Cross Country, Senior Board. Best Friends-Michelle Smith. Earl Kriewall and gang. Favorite Classes-Ms. Rossano's Biology class. Mr. .Iohnson's Physics Class. Favorite Pastime-Flying. Nick- name-Error. ' Friends-Steve Myers. .ludy G.. Motn, Dad. sisters, Denise Bellamy, Sue N.. Les B., Vince R., Chas ll., Darel D.. Molly M., Barb ll. Favorite Pastimc-Bicycling. Touring. Skiing. KAREN WEYLAND-2 yrs. Drill Team. C.S.F.. M.G.M.. I yr. Color Guard, 4 yrs. Drama Crew. Senior Board, 3 yrs. Student Government, Dance Spectrum. SANDRA A. YAMA.II-Nickname-Sandy. Sign-Aries. "Chaka" tllang I.oose!I. Favorite Song-"First Impressions". Memories-".lo. Remember when we went to SVIIS in your dad's car and. . .!!!" RONALD ll. YEE-3 yrs. AFS. CSF President, Bus. Club Treas.. 2 yrs. German club. 2 yrs. Asian Club. AFS Secre- tary. Favorite Pastime-Assembling model war kits. Best Friends-Gilbert Smith. Nickname-Reggie. ALBERT YU-3 yrs. Soccer. Badm inton. CSF. Best Friend- Robert Manzano. Nickname-Albert "You". Memories-As an ESI. student. I would like to thank Mr. Benurdes for teaching me ESI. English at the beginning because it had been quite helpful. Group-Bee-Gees. CARMEN ZELAYA-Volleyball, Badminton. Other-"Good l.uek To My Friends". Memories-To the I975, I976, 8: I077 years of my life. Song-"A Kiss And Say Good-bye, See Me Obvido Otravvcz". Favorite Pastime-Singing, Dancing 8: Music. GERMAN ZELAYA-Swim Team. Waterpolo Team, 3 yrs. I.a Rala. 923 yrs. Las Atnericas, "I.a Batalla Del Cinco De Mayo" "El Despertar Del Io". Memories-My two 'ra yrs. through Mountain View Iligh, Friends. enemies? Plats, school. cut. Best Friends-Tim K.. Ana Tierney. GLENN ZWEIGLE-Frosh Football 84 .IV Football Cap'I., Var. Football- 2 yrs. Basketball. Frosh Baseball Cap't.. .IV Baseball, 2 yrs. var. Baseball. .lV, VAR. Wrestling. Favorite Pastitne-Waterskiing, Snow Skiing, Surfing. Sports. Nick- name-Monkey. Song-"Always 8: Forever". ROBERT MANZANO-4 yrs. CSF, 2 yrs. Business Club, Track, C 8c D Basketball. Tennis, Sr. Board. Favorite Pas- time-Sleeping, Fishing. Playing Tennis, Baskeball. Jogging. Favorite Song-"Dust in the Wind". by Kansas. Nickname- Bob, Berto. Sign-Aquarius. IIORTENCIA ROMO-Mascot. Soph. Treasurer, .Ir. Clas Vice-Pres.. 2 yrs. I.a Raza, 2 yrs. Cinco De Mayo, Home- coming. Yearbook, Sr. Board, Sr. Play, "EI Despertar". Cinco De Mayo Queen. Ilomecoming Princess, 2 yrs. Ilonor Roll. Boyfriend-Danny Garza. Nickname-Orty. 39 he agnificent Senior Class The seniors worked hard and they pulled off a really great show. Here and Nowis a play about real life kinds ofpcople with real problems. lt was hard, but they did it and they did it well. And they learned a lot! All the seniors helpedg some acted, some ushered, some worked the lights, and one pulled the curtain but they all worked together to pull off one of the biggest fundraisers of the year. Working with others on a play is a real experience. It brings people close and the cast and crew of Here and Now will never forget the closeness that they felt towards one another. The future memories will be ofthe long rehearsals, the hard work on the programs and posters, the nervousness of opening night, and the patient help of their director Jim Vaughn. It may have been a little bit of a shock to parents, teachers, and friends but to them it meant a lot and they were proud of it. wt Russ says ". . . But when you say I Love You . . ." Karen, Bobbi and Lauri do their tech' stuff. Here An .,r.,.,..,,. -,..,., ....,..t,. , W ff., r "None of you understand Mel Rhonda wants to say her line, "whether you like it or not" 'I'6SC1'1'lS OW Stu fKcvin Haralsonj breaks up the fight. -- --"L 'X'A4, ! Adrian, lets get on with the play." Thc group hcsituntly gets up to Form a circle. Terri bubbles on about thc problems of the play To poor Lynn. l 41 , . Fall Activities ' f f f 901 1' Z., nf 2 k A A AV Us M , -M L ,,..,,, Y E5 5-:L KKLLVVL st ::7,L i , ? . 5 ,i , in 'E kwa,- ,z-:zz ,,,,,., 11 ,II, :,,:1, n ,gg f. A ",L H "LI I ' ,ya , ,X -'-' ,, I -A 5, V, ,,, ' an. I Q kil , L,,,.. uf V ., l WW 7 J' x f VF, ' 1 QV K A ,.,. .A-""'Hk ij X Vg ,E 5 Lf M K K 1 R K, K In gg ' :"' iliif 22 Q ' Mf"ip1Sf"1 5'- 'Q We . .6 . ,QW .., - f' E 4 '. 5 ' N. , A ,--b-,- If 1 :ZLV I A K bkyhh ,. .. . ' ,. 5 A E k : -up I ,i kkk::'k ,Sk NM ',k:k i K. 1, 5315 1 E il- ,:V,::'- v :KV t . R wx Qi? .., , 331223 1 ' Y F9 eff 4 E E11 V Eagles Play Tough ut Don't Get The Breaks This years Varsity Football team did not have one of the most successful seasons in the schools history, but the Eagles played their hearts out and made every game a good one. The eagles played good offence at times, as witnessed by the 21 first downs against league champion Peterson. The Eagles also played good defense, holding Palo Alto to Zyds. rushing and 37 yds. passing, but the Eagles never put a complete game together. Fine efforts from seniors, Charlie Passantino, Emmit Bryant, .lon Engquist, Orlando Darang, John Pacella, Todd Turner, .Ion Pont, Tyrone Floyd and Vince Romao made the team a potential threat everytime they took the field. The team recieved fine play from their sophomores and junior players Russell Peoples, Frank Dowse, Tom Cooper, Eric Cook, Mike Copeland, Lon Tokunaga and Gil Tachibana. These players will make a good nucleaus to build around for next years team. Passantino throws for six sw w Passantino looks for open man Russell gives Charlie time to throw Eagle defenders put a good rush on Santa Clara . mf' . i S fi ws. - is ..,. M M 5 S R. ,J , " K - , -. 2 1 4 4 l :Q , H ., ' K U Q 4 .,, . . . Qing.: -.,.. w Q... R... f ' 7 I 5 z E Y l fl' ,Qi 2' --P' 5? at-5 X rfzfi 4 R1 I . l, :XXS if li-I wth A if N N VY ,wg 1..- 26.111 Front Row L-R: V. Romao, D. Bishop, L. Tokunaga, N. Siler, O. Darang, A. Armstead, M. Hawley, C. Mateo, D. Olmos Second Row, W. Kaku, M. Copeland, J. Pacella, G, Zwcigle, J. Brewer, C. Passantino, J. Pont, T. Floyd, C. Thompson, E. Cook, Standing: Coach Horn, Coach Ryerson, G. Tachibana, T. Cooper, F. Dowse, J. Engquist, E. Bryant, R. Peoples, T. Turner, L. Garoner, C. Smith, O. Rapp, Coach Navaro, Coach Klamm ,4-. QD 'Wi Mus' ff' Our coaches: Many Thanks. L-R: Paul Horn, Bill Klamm, Dan Navaro, Rich Ryerson 2 v at "we, l t W '1 4 . X ii- ' Z M Qt ,,N..w-Msg ,,-' ,W A W , :L ' VVV 517' H . . Q: J 3- -,-., V .J V V s a' fuzz ' ' Tokuntxgu takes u much deserved water break Floyd makes brilliant catch between two Awult defenders Us r ML N W A t . w gf tg: rf , f ..:.-Q: . ' Rf tg- W f- -it - A :r1S:9g- -:1!:,t?'."' '- ,NXT :i5TQfff',,f ' . A . 1 li ' .- Y t:Emd2gf:f1x-- si . ,K 1f1Hg,,.-Sig .2195--t t i iff: 1-1-uiwgfiggxqgi-,-Q - , Eur! .'5 ikfa.-1' - iii? 'S-52. 'R-fiifei-4" 'I :,gf1i?',J'1'l' lv r "":s?e"L- 1 -, ' in gg! f wt-'.::!l23g3gX ,G fist, , ll ,lf .-In-f V L ,,lL ,, k,tiw , 5 W K V sgffgg, 0" 21 ll.. r . H t , 1 F '51 k V K 'v-me R A,- Pttssuntino sets to throw l A 'Ski Q Zwieglc off to another long kick return 1 an . ff- ..,r::,:,- -K r if -- . 1 .,,..:,,..,- Q Q S V. - 'f - 1 X - Q . Y E .. .Il . X . ..,. . , 1 X -S K A 'J . ii- . Y we i 'X gm R S sf we in Q . ,N aw. . ,::. ll K I . i i ' Q1 ' s ra s 1' Nxth ' -kik A A :VxLt X XLAVIL Z . ,. L. L Q . Engquist lets it fly. Q sv: A K ,,X,,,, y W-v,,, .4 .. 5 l LA' I M, , mb, 1 i f --H, r i, I MM ,Nw .4 ,, .. Hi 4 ., 15" I 'Wx Qs , Q9 if i ,,,,,A U M llllllr l ss ,ka ss als l 1 r. a i Ai , lll f2fff an f' ll 2 . r l ?,1i L. -z1' " 1 an 'Lf'Y ,B at X ix + Pont cools off after a hard nights work. The Eagle offense ready to roll. Passantino throws over defender Dowse breaks from two opponents 5 Y ii? ly i 'if SE ik ra r N if if : Q 12 - .sk Y K E S a 5 a Near Championship For Frosh-Soph Missed Extra Point he Difference The Frosh-Soph football team ended with a 7-1- 1 record. Although the Eagles missed the cham- pionship by half a game, they had the best record held in many years. Their only missed win was over their rival school Los Altos. The score was 14-0 , until the Eagles came back with two touchdowns. 1 They didn't get the extra point because ofa mis- take and lost 14-13. This cost them both the game and the championship. The Frosh-Soph team had an excellent offense and an excellent line, which made holes for the halfbacks and held together for passes. The half- backs and receivers were excellent in making yard- age when it was needed, and scored up to 34 points -f, ,sw in a single game. This was one of the best teams ever on its level and looks for a championship next year. 1' 'ld Eagles plan strategy ,sg EE. y .,.,,....,l 33- ik rib, 4 X EQ- ob! Mateo goes around end led by Dalton and Kirkpatrick i i Top Row: Coach S. Alban, Coach D. Mateo, R. Cash, M. Preston, J. Glenn, G. King, L. Gardner, L, Cole, S. Kirkpatrick, T. Acala, B. McKay, Coach ll Whitney Middle Row: T. Miller, J. Perez, T. Mateo, I.. Blackletter, F. Mcmolo, A. Osborne, T. Taylor, L, Nair, K. Ranieri, M. Dalton, SD, Greene Botto Row: R. Zavala, C. Beavers, S. Pena, J. Villarreal, A. Cavagnaro, M. Bush, R. Martinez, B. Bryant, C. Fowler, J. Tillman Lx 3 gg e do ' o r l r 1 .. .Q A Q4 E 2' R H e . we ff . i K Ve .. of ,rj . 'Q K . ' .K ,kg A in Vgiwz kg no A5 :KS A .. :Jr Qi H f' V -. Gardner looks for a hole to run ro, Gardner goes around end lead by M.V. blockers. Bush downs it on the punt. wo N 'Q u. W.,,5 -- A f fu, W.-M o. ' 1 rw...- D - -M..---- , RQ A 3 lm-www - 4 Perez kicks off to another victory. Z Vu!! 'ffl 6 B X Q 4 4989, 'M fl 4 e 49 man runs past P.A. defenders. -Q. Kirkpatrick runs in open area for long yardage. Cole scrambles for yardage. Bryant and Acala get ready for the second half. , 7 I sv ' , ' ' , . - ffm 4" f . ' , rr ' , ,1,:: 'N" 5 W. ,K "'L 'J' ' ' ll- ',-- 122,24 ,f Z , " Vi V1 'f,. 1' V we f ,sf ,f , b'f"'i Kirkpatrick looks for lead blockers. ,K mf.. to L A Y . , ,s.,s.s.. .l.,. .N . . f . i' in - e or or sf We B 52 16 Cole gels the pass off to an open receiver. ui W ,, if 5 - iffliif' ii , . l Q is V t lool t . f ,, VVLV ' rr is l s l ssls we l I JI' A If fs mi - If s, W, :ffm I-My It f- A-.H W' ff, 1 ,, wi - . .. ' ' V' . . . -. wg 4A'fl ' 'Q ,. -.1 , . K . A, ,, ,, ,. W , 'Q,V?i wk' L V Va r l s , s' ' it A s M.V. offense gets set for some more drives. s s eelle 5 e 2 ,Q x f ' t s I Q I t E W I , . f -e 'Wt 5 at W -,.....f X t , I K 'Akhk I Cole throws to Kirkpatrick for a screen. 51 Spikers 79-Itis A Hit! Inexperience is the word you can use to describe this year's Varsity volleyball team which had only two returning veterans-Sue Nolen and Margie Higa. The loss of veteran, Sara Mead was another factor that hurt the team's overall record. The team started off league play against the two toughest teams in the SCVAL-St. Francis and Los Altos. Victories over these two teams could have led to a CCS berth in the league playoffs, but a couple of off nights thwarted the girls. Led by coach Jan Peter- son, the Eagles proved to be tough competi- tion in the remaining league competitions. Top hitter for the team was Sue Nolen, aided by setters Margie Higa and Joann Ki- kuchi. The team looks to next year with five experienced returnees. f c llgl iii' ii' g Coach .lan explains "how to" at Q Nr Varsity hams it up Back row QL-RJ: S. Nolen, S. Mead, L. Beyer, K. Miura, Coach Jan Peterson Front row CL-RJ: M. Higa, J. Kikuchi, J. Madera. 52 Nolen goes for the dink The "thrill" of victory The "agony" of defeat out strategy, 5 all ff for Qhhh F Kathy and Sara up for the block Kathy dinks one over Margie slams home a serve. Sue gets set to "slam!" Eagles find holes in opposition defense. W .1 i9 ..,.,, ,W Julita and Sue block out LA. Jyfs-we Can" ig, . ,T .W asf N b 'l G 4 'W - T l W . N'fij..d.jt ff W 4. . . iiii J.V. volleyball, under the direction of M coach Angie Fischinger played their way 1 T . 4 to a successful season. X . T . ,, A 'h Team standouts were Linda Harlow and 25 'iiir ' tif! 'ff M Elana Foster who was later moved up to ll' raL1--f-swr 5 is M' Varsity. The climax of their season was E y T rlti . y, their victory over Los Altos. A . Q ,ii, AAV' T These tough, spirited girls will provide ' A iiii n the needed experience for next year's Var- M A , T jg sity Team, and we know they will do a Vv Z iyyz J't. good job if this year is any example. ggw. ,.-4 A. M ,. 'H ... 'iii 'i' Elana spikes it down on Los A . A Cathy serves a tough one ltos Back row QL-RJ: Coach Jan Peterson, R. Tom, Y. Tsuge, C. Blcisner, Front row tl.-RJ: T. Macklin, J. Murphy, L. Harlow. Not Pictured: E. Foster, P. Eulate and Coach Fischinger. 5 QA 55 I .,, i Elana and Yurl show tough defense. Linda spikes over Santa Clara. ws! Coach "Fish" explains team strategy. Tea m congratulates Pat on excellent play 'flive I mglfivel' Cee's o 'F JoAnn puts "oomph!" into her serve Nadine "hustIes" for the ball! i L. l Q 'ma l a L f 1 ' , It ith A Bump!! This year, our Cee volleyball team ended the year with a 10-7 record. Veterans Teri Floyd, Ela Ancheta, and Lianne Adamson provided the backbone for the team, aided by Lauri Code and Terry Hutter. Many of the girls will be returning next season to provide the needed experience for the Varsity and JV teams. . M, ,. .K -. . .W , 'H' is I, Teri completes a perfect pass Cee's X , sy 1: S f .46 t'ee Z A sl ' Q i Q sss ' K L 1 2 3 L' l . e nuumam view f votmvmu , 3 cftunicn! E, 3 , . " ,Q . . Q1 C555 its Wi ack Row tleft to rightbz S. Ramirez, Coach Cotton, M. Copeland, T. Hutter, T. oyd, J. Wellington Row 2: C. Zelaya, M. Garrido, L. Code, L. Matthews, Row 3: E' '. Luna. L. Adamson, J. Okimura, T. Alvarado, E. Ancheta. a Sets one up' xifffbf 7 I Q Y C's Faced Long Hard Season The C basketball team struggled their way through a no win season. Though the eagles fought hard, they couldn't quite seem to get the eagle ma- chine to work. Outstanding players were sopho- more, Mike Gill and freshman, Andy Ariyama. The team is looking for a better sea- son next year. The eagles shoot For 2. r a t i err yy y Thomas shows concentration. i Top row: Coach K. Bailey, N. Carbonel, E. McGee, M. Gill, A. Olsen Bottom row: L. Williams, R Edora, A. Ariyama. Not pictured T. Mathis. ............ Noli makes a shot. Mike Gill takes a free throw. -Q 5 A Q f ,S Come Gut th 3 7-3 Record , C i . Clint keeps eyes on basket. Eagle looks for open player N op row: V. Balcita, A. Valdez, C. Labsom, E. Barrera, A. Lavarias, J. Sarmiento, Coach Bailey. ottom row: T. Jcnvey, J. Rin, R. Rin, E. Andrade, M. Lavarias, D. Sarmiento. The d's played an abbrevlated season endmg m 7 3 record The team worked exceptionally hard for thelr wmmng season Awards were given to the outstanding performances of Armando Lavar ias M.V.P. and Visar Blalclta M I P ,,,9,Q,,i+1,.,.,.q My T A 1e:efft"i"1,L 4 60 agle Smashers 78 Our 1979 smashers had an experienced season. With 12 Frosh on the team and returning players from 1978, next year looks to be a good season. Top seeded Varsity players for singles were Sara Nakamura, Judy Haya- mizu, Cindy Carson, and Lori Oakley. In doubles top seeded players were Debbie Snyder, Susan Imai, and Cora Sevidal and Marijo Santos. J.V. individual honors went to Lori Oakley, Charlene Howell, and Susan Bal- cuta. It looked good to me! v X A le 5 'Q li ji 3 5 Veronica makes 3 quick return- Concentration before the serve ,r' zz, ,. 4-1?-3-: H. ,110 ,QV . O C' 1 1 21- 8 . K n A ' v ,6' . ,os J . , , Gkf? 1 2-,f N 4 'i ,sb 9 qi ,tt 'N if up row. L to R: Susan Balcita, Charlene Howell, Terri Czifrik, Becca Gustafson, Cindy Carson, :ronica Nogales, Susan lmai, Mrs. North, Judy Hayamizu. Bottom Row. L to R: Lori Oakley, Cora :vidal, Melonie Divina, Marijo Santos, Janet Sloan, Dani Moen, Kelly Fleming. Not pic. Sara akamura, Elizabeth Sevidal, Debbie Snyder Sisters work together Cora awaits patiently to serve. " J . as 1 nkbk it QI, .t.,,, - . k,"""i Janet ready to return Elizabeth shows style and form. 5 .5 ,. .. I ' i I -1 , ...Vg EAGLES EN DURE Cross Countr Garners Championship This year the 1978 Mountain View Cross Country Team mad a bit of history. For the first time in over 2 decades the cros country team capture the Santa Clara Valley League Champior ship. Throughout the season MV had beaten every team in thre center meets and three invitationals. Halfway through the leagu championship the race was slipping away from Mountain Viev At the halfway point in the tough 3 mile Foothill course, Da Gonzalez was leading Cubberlys Martin Vavuris, last year champion by three yards, Barry Miller and Doug Aoyagi were Z and 22 place and Steve Reiling was dragging the team to su defeat in 35 place. Mountain View looked as though they woul whip. Their places were 7,8,9,15 and 16, defeat was immenen But MV put it together. Dan Gonzalez set the meet recor running 15:31. Mario Springer blew Vavuris away at the two mil mark, finishing at 15:45. The big story was number five, Stew Reiling. He moved up from 435 to finish 12th in front of Aoyag and Miller. For the first time in Mtn. Views history we've had a girls tean They qualified for the regionals by finishing 5th in the leagu' Linda Loney, with an impressive year, beat Irene Vavuris, la: years champion, losing only to Wendy Huston of Gunn The final victory of the day forMtn. Miew was Brian Pullen amazing victory in the JV race, with Stuart Campbell runnin third. MOUNTAIN VIEW IS A CROSS COUNTRY CHAN PION!! DANNY 8L MARIO "CONGRATS', Linda pushes for the finish. nw! 'S..,,. X Rowl L Wenger M Springer D Aoyagl S Rerhng Mr Forsythe Row2 L Beltran N Neumann P Aoyagi,S.Campbell, B. Pullen Row3 L Loncy T -L-,ff EAGLE QUALITY HGWS QUALITY QYERCQMES QUANTITY Although our 1979 swim team was very small, our girls still prove tough. With only a 9 person team, our team competed against the larger and more experienced teams with alot of courage and blue pride. ,The team has been improving all season in time, and techique. Karen Rollison andSTammy Velho qualified for C.C.S. IAI Coach Hettinger looks on. Zobel pulls to the finish. JX.. Standing. L to R: Karen Zobel, Sylvia Ayala, Coach Pam Hettinger, Pam McQuill: AA' N-f Karen Rollison. Sitting. L to R: Elizabeth Biancardi, Diane Aldinger, Andrea Bornsch " gel, Tammy Velho, Not pic. Dena Stolte Eagles check their times, Dena goes for it. X A, A VV.Lk gk tt s ' 1 s Eagles cheer their swimmer to victory. Diane beats'em at the start. Varsity Water Polo Comes Up With Best Record Ever 2 The Varsity Water Polo team emerged with the best record in the schools history. The teams 7-ll record was highlighted by an exciting win over Peterson, which proved to be the schools first water polo win since 1975. Headed by Mr. Bill Smith the Ea- gles worked very hard as indicated by their outstanding record. Congratulations to Mr. Smith and the team for a job well done. pvvpz Top Row: J. Beirn, R. Eastwood, G. Switzer, T. Downey Bottom Row: J. Okamura Bukalish, J. Little, J. David, A. Bernal, Coach B. Smith, Not Pictured B. Hop . .... ,. , .,,,.,,,,,.,. , i X . A tX'etee eeeeeee tifi J Z if . E SQ? 4 . . .,,. ff 7 2 . have rg:-fr m ., fr. .., "f. :ffm 5 ff .. . . .... I ffQf5i1B.il5ii'i'ff' H Beirn looks for an open Man Downey swims toward the goal. Usher gets set for a pass Hopp Throws for a long point Frosh-Soph, Successful Season . :1 . W Porta looks for an Eagle. . X . , .,.. . Vs . The Frosh-Soph water polo team en- joyed a great deal of success this year as pointed out by their overall 9-10 record. Unfortunatley only one of the team's 9 wins came in actual league play. Placing 3rd in the Santa Cruz Invita- tional proved to be the highlight of the Frosh-Soph season. League honors went to first team all leaguer Guy Vaughn who will be only one of the spirited players to move up and compete at the varsity level next year. 'Nas Pat clears the ball. Loughran sets for a shot. ttom L to R: Brian Bellamy, Matt Nolen, Pat Burke, Dave Leiser, Eric Hutsell. Top L to R: Eve Walker, Dave Muhlestein, Guy Vaughn, Gary Porta, Tom Loughran, Pat McMordie- f raCh '5' JMB, FALL DRAMA STARTS OFF WITH AN TO KILL A MQCKINGBIRD-A HUGE SUCCESS Teachers, parents, and students combined to make this play a hit. Many long hours where put in by the company of 43 to make the elaborate set, authentic costumes, and realistic make up. It was an experience for everyone company and audience included. The director Mr. Vaughan put in much time, effort, and dedication, which was the founda- tion that enabled the company of "Mockingbird', to make the play the success it was. Altogether it is an event that will belong remembered by all. and he ns 6 M feet tall." Jem describes Boo Radley. Take Helen inside Cal," Atticus advises The audience is shocked at the Jury s verdict of guilty Dead Shot Finch takes aim. Jean Louise describes the court scene. C 'ian mn Oh Atticus, do we have to go home?" The Cast Jean Louise Finch Scout ........... Calpurnia ....... Maudie Atkinson Heck Tate ..,,... Judge Taylor ...,. Boo Radley ..... Stephanie Crawford Mrs. DuBose ....,... Jem ............. Reverend Sykes . . Mayella Ewell . . . Dill ....,..... Nathan Radley .... Atticus .......... Walter Cunningham Mr. Gilmer ....... Tom Robinson . . . Helen Robinson . . . . . ..., Teresa Blanchard . . . Delia MacDougall Rhonda Denise Harris Laurie Vanderhoffven ..... . . Dave Whiting . .... Herschel Sanders . . . ,... Herschel Sanders . . . . . Leslie Stanton . . . . . Molly McClurg DonTerry . . . . Clea Arthur Lee, Jr. ..... James Vaughan EliSmith . . . . Steve Reiling . . . . Will O'Connell . . . . Russ Korupp ...Hugh Ridell, Russ Korupp . . . .Kevin Haralson . . .Rhonda Karriem YN! - 6'El Despertar Del l6" A Play With Cultural Pride! El Despertar was performed on September 15 by Teatro Estu- diantil De La Raza. El Despertar was the first play performed in the history of M.V.H.S. concerning Mexican independence day. The play itself was about a classroom of Chicano students coming back to school from summer vacation and finding a mural painted on a wall of the classroom. A figure in the mural suddenly comes to life and shows the students, through historical and modern scenes, that they are like their ancestors-involved in a struggle for justice and equa- lity, and that education, pride and unity are the keys to determing a better future Cmore coverage on pgl32J. ". .. AND THE MUSIC OF THE PEOPLE STIRS THE REVOLUTIONP Joe and Larry are amazed at the sudden life in the mural Martin discusses the hard life of the Mestizo Students discuss the opportunities for chicanos as well as pride within themselves , , ,mx -vv-- in W , Q , - 'ifi A 'LLL1 LZI, I V -f'iL1, 8 55 in J ,LmV W LL., IL1, m uf" 'hri S K 5 L . ggr, .. K ",- Q , ' if af an xaemasw I errvsss aura 'vw -w4mM.,, HMJQYJQ- M, QQ 1 wx-wwhsw m QW WSH '1 ,, t lf i O sz. Q-" YW! 'Lk ,. is J' ' ,. f Q' ii Q J f Q , i'n"'ul9'r Q -na gh ar ng 1 , K Www 14451-fa, -rig Jxfxmw errl Blanchard A Journalism nd I 'A-. Rhonda Harris Drama Noien 8: M.V.A.A. ' 4,3-1 ,LM g ,: " f 1978 Homecoming ,, Ly if b n . nnnn n n Vvwf- A ,n,n ,, nnn,, " 1 . M! 5 Ir, 1 kyhy J if W 'II' H if - vf 'N ' ' 5 4 3 an J - '- - agles Let Their Spirit Fly The Eagles flew through Homecoming week, enjoying many memo- rable events. Dressed in funky hats, rolled-up jeans, bobby socks, skirts and shoes, the eagles recreated a 50's day. Classes competed in pump- kin carving, pie eating, balloon stomping and float-making contests. At the rally on Friday, a very happy Charlie Passantino was crowned the 1978 Homecoming King. Later, the eagles paraded down Castro Street with their floats which showed the hard work and effort put in by the classes. The sophomore class float took top honors in the parade. That night the eagles showed their spirit at Foothill College. The game was dedicated to Phil Rognier for his work as a teacher and Dean of Student Activities. Though the game was lost, sparkling halftime ceremonies lifted spirits. Returning majorette and Homecoming Queen of 1977, Alice Nicholas, entertained the crowd with her twirling of swords and batons. It was also a special night for Dolores Garcia, who was crowned the 1978 Homecoming Queen. The week ended with a dance held Saturday night hosted by the Senior Class. The eagles got down and boogied to the sounds of their favorite disco music. The drums roll A- .,,.i.:w - - - ...... is ff 1 . fl . . .Y v.. . ,. X s as ,. .... .,.. . .... . ...., ., h is - -,,- -- '- 1 ' ,-f- t - ' . 'MUSIC 1 ,, .. :rf frr I I it H M -Q2 ,W til is it N Q X' w sag? Q. wb The band leads o Candidates show their spirit ,H at 3 K1 .rf iff! ' wx A Ma. . 1, ' . ,,,.,,..,.' 7 A itti ' s Alex and Gustavo lead the way to the club float M A X: . . Nw it l. , N K ' '81 captures first pl le ?' 3 n 5 2 5 1 L.A. Knights threaten Eddie Eagle Super Eagle celebrates victory over crunched knight rd U' i 5 I M '82 ,L Her V , V 7 t . 3 Tiff ,A a .-X . 7 ' 1 l :4,,:. ' ' 'EZL ' 1' '. ,K l lfgjfifl , iugh competition fi-. Dolores is crowned queen ug V. .,, it iJ W if Q iflw gs , , .. at he Surprised Charlie, receives crown Flag girls show their stuff ? g'-in V Cheerleaders watch eagerly Last year's Homecoming King Kent Cole, is being pictured here because of an error in the 1977-78 yearbook. Kent was our Senior Class Vice-President and our stu- dent body president as well as one of the most active students at Mountain View. We wish Kent the very best at Chico State Uni- versity, and we will always re- member his contributions at Mountain View. Cheerleaders Build Spirit. Always visible, the school rah-rahs play an im- portant role in building and in encouraging our teams on. Like working for the post office the cheerleaders are expected to perform their cuties rain or shine- light or dark- if all this sounds really bad and overly sentimental, just try standing in the rain at 9:00 at night during a football game and losing 20-0. Seriously, the job of a cheerleaders is demand- ing, one that requires dedication and hard work. Thanks to all the girls who contributed their time and effort, and to Mr. Randall their outstanding advisor. .IV Top, .lerylann Mossner, Middleg Maggie Costa Bottomg Joann Mossner, Christy Nunley, Leslie Kinney lettergirlsg L to R: Madeleine Emery, Rhonda Karriem, Stephanie Vowell, Michelle Lipnick, Anna Tierney, Patty Dennis, Donna Kirley Varsity-L to Rg Top Row: Kathy Phelps, Cindy Ramirez, Sara Mead, Dolores Garcia, Glenna Hall 9 N' ! Pom Pons-L to R3 Denise Stevens, Karen Phelps, Sherry Picardal, Suzy Va Mascots-L to R3 Rhonda Harris, Kristi Miller 1-Q D' "'i!1.i, Tumblers L to R Eileen Duhime Debbie Duhalme Advisor Mr Randall f"s T15 ' 44 fheerleading squad: Top Row-L to R1 Suzy Vugo, Sherry Picardal, Karen Phelps. Denise Stevens, 2nd rowg fladeleine Emery, Rhonda Ktirriem. Stephanie Vowell, Michelle Lipnick. Anna Tierney, Putty Dennis, Donna Kirley. 3rd row: Dolores Garcia. Kathy Phelps. Cindy Ramirez. Sum Mead. Glenna Hull. Jerylunn flossner. Christy Nunley. Leslie Kinney. .lotinn Mossner. Maggie Costa. Bottom row. Debbie Duhuime. Kristi fliller. Rhonda Harris, Eileen Duhtime, Go Team o! 'fs 60 P if K .X N if K ii l, t ,,f' ,J -XJ Shift Q fe 2 av Band akes Top n I' III I1 i i I1 Front Row: J. Himler, L. Wclls, B. Hill, M. Pearson, Back Row: C. Whiting, T. Osborne, K. Weyland, I. Dashler, li Dennis, L. Wheat, J. Smith. Front row: A. Ashby, G. Haase, D. Aoyagi, R. Obuchi, D. Okubo, S. Kinamin, L. Padilla. Second row: B. Knitter, P. Aoyagi, B. Hagen, Conway, K. Watanabe M. Saturnino, K. MacGowan. Third Row: E. Lau, C. Labson, T. Calica, A. McNeil, B. McKay, D. Snyder, L. Davi Fourth Row: D, Leger, J. Hogsett, B. Pugh, S. MacDonald, J. Baldwin, N, Burke. Fifth Row: J. Carver, P. Farley, J. Bettencourt, P. Carve: E. Smith, A. Harmon. Sixth Row: F. Allen, J. Lugn, D. Mcllwraith, J. Renke, R. Libuano, B. Randall, D. Edwards. Seventh Row: A. Royol V. Vanden Bosch, J. Dooley, M. Tidwell, J. Spenader, A. Wilbur, A. Ariyama, D. Dessun, Eighth Row: R. Skare, R. Hourany, M. Takayam B. Douglass. iw , , , .. 'wee 'ef ff r' 1 ,eti 1 ,r r,,,, , , 2 if ,af s as A e, Wf'Tf1f.59 Eagle marchers show their stuff I' ,M ,cf Congratulations to the Marching Band and Color Guard for their outstanding performances in competition this season. With their change in marching style and brand new uniforms, our eagle marchers captured two awardsg one at the San Jose Parade and First Place at the Cupertino Band Review. Directors Don Nelson, Gary West, and Drum Major, Richard Obuchi have done a great job. 1-2-3- Band Rah!!! The band moves on Y kiwi? 1 Q W 79 CONCERT: FRONT ROW: K. Watanabe, L. David, A. Ashby, L. Padilla, D. Okubo, R. Hourany, D. Aoyagi, S. Kiniman. SECOND ROW: B. Randall, N. Burke, J. Bettencourt, E. Lou, K. Watanabe, A. Ariyama, D. Dessun, M. Saturnino, P. Aoyagi, M. Takayama, B. Pugh, THlRD ROW: .I. Renke, J. Dooley, V. Van- den Bosch, J. Baldwin, S., MacDonald, R. Skare, A. Royala, J. Lugn, D. Mcllwraith, R. Libuano, J. Spenader, R. Obuchi, M. Tidwell, A. Wilbur. BACK ROW: B. Nitter, B. Hagen, K. McGowan, D. Sny- der, D. Leger, A. McNeil, K. Labson, B. McKay, T. Calica, P, Carver, J. Hogsett, A. Harris. CHOIR: FRONT ROW: K. Fleming, S. Seymour, K. Crosson, C. Whiting, C. Nunlcy, J Sloan, M. Costa, D. Berg, C. Higuchi. SE CONG ROW: R. Harris, T. Daniels, L Stanton, K. Willisma, D. Richey, M Hunt, D. Stolte, R. Harris, T. Blanchard BACK ROW: B. Van De Muir, D. Terry P. Lavrischeff, .l. Harold, P. Scheid, M Reeves, J. O'Conncll, E. Collins, H Stokes. STAGE BAND: FRONT ROW: S. Maycda, R. Hourany K. Watanabe, D. Jack, B. Holden, B Pugh. BACK ROW: A. Pinter, S. Brad- ley, J. Lugn, D. Mcllwraith, R. Skare. THE CHRISTMAS CAROL A Christmas Play With Holiday Charm Cast takes a bow +A ,Wwe -K . What did 5th period drama class do this Christmas? Did they do their shopping? Sleep? No! They went to play rehearsals. They put on a play. They did The Christ- mas Carol starring Steve Reiling as Eben- ezer Scrooge, and which was directed by alumni Greg Jenkins under the guidance of Jim Vaughn. With a 15 person cast and the rest help- ing on crews, they presented a really enter- taining show which had holiday spirit and charm. Agun Scrooge denies the Christmas Spirit. 4 ' v t I , - 5 The ghost ofthe future takes Scrooge on a journey y, f' K 4 i t' itii Z -f f b A Christy Nunely makes up the ghost of Christmas past 'Ci XS x XX. fi 'ii 4 ww' fiuif., W 2' W 112 mg a .54 7 L ,- My ',5.Lf,:, wmwg, fine'- Z Q 4 X ig 1 J Z Q 2, 22,5 ,: " 1 , f- ,,,,,. rf ,,,, .s 'S ,e 'B' Ii K vi Y I f I ...uf if my fs as' , x"n ' s M , v 9 'nf A' .MQ Q.. ' ' ...if ei E, FL. ,gi ,I 'I l ' X1 Q 3 .Q "u .a 1. M r , Q N . gk . i. I . .. , 9, i, . vs' i z k .,, g K. H.. , ' NS: , .Q 1. ' . s' 7 in it 5 . fx . . ff-nz f W Q Q , 4 ,. 4- ,' Q k'd' ..-rlsn, ,,' Q up 'N Q u .v. . A.. ,.x, W 'K-, Q LV .. ., 6 +1 '. - A N...,1-an , .1 if X. E. if 1? K Tk, ye .-' ,,-yv 5 ff' Wigffy , . . ,. " .. ,.., - 539 ' ' ...GY- if 'Wig 5231553121 ,x.4,,ffeg4fsfff ku 1 ,mf 'f-W gf, ...fx-:iw xuiyamw.. .. .H+ z,1'1M1-Yiw ,. 5 I ., 1 . V X Y S, 2' I . 5 ,W N 4 rm 0 "'..'-4 .4 f 5'1'W77ff3 , W-ff 1 f A .Q 3 y xx 4 ,,a.l, f 5 2 ' 1 'i5 'N 'vw ' xmas fs as W KV EK I " 2 f W b , l A x f Q m 1 et ,, m '15 +- wr, 'J A . , 5 K . 4'-' Sw- N if Y I K -, -.:-, nf' '41 K -A , 1 A ' A ,xr g'g' V ' , - L K 1 1 ' . ' x F- , 5? - ff Y? ' 7 7'f" f . . KX f- K' ' - ii ., 4. ..-. - ' .p ig , V . rw- , -'L , H E 75- 89 wk' QS. gl?-5 gdb? dWf1r.,4Um ee. Wwiiw w :Wi 'Fx '24, f Eid? -my -1,5 55 WWW X' Q if sfsf if X is 2 w 5 A ,N 1 X QQ S 9? 5 M Xi X J 's-av-1 g .lg :Lf 4. i 3 J' gg. WWTQ " ,f V135 Eff -Va r -S, 'Cv J I Vi ? N I W n 4 s 5 '37 -H' 'hw-..,,, 'ls..,, Www J A wil' 3 X if W ,g i 1 i T W' 2lI'S1 E L 3 I Easy jump for Nolen. Theresa shows what she's got. Foster ready for action! pu my 'mai out Sized by opponent. ,1f,,,,,ff,,,., , ,,,.,,,.,, M An easy score for Rose. omen Just Miss Playoff lmai puts it up and up... Suzanne pounds it down court! GIRLS DO IT WITH FORM!!! Basketball is the name of the game. That's what our girls proved it to be. Our girlsjust missed the play-offs in a close game against Santa Clara. They were de- feated 39-45, but still wrapped up a fourth place league finish with a record of 7-4. One of the high- lights was the Christmas Tournament, which took place at Cupertino High School. Our girls were de- feated against Jameslick and Independence High School. But came back with two victories one over Sunnyvale and the other over Pioneer High School. They placed fourth out of sixteen teams. You did a good job Eagles!!!!! Eagle girls relax down court! Macklin conccntr Iles lor the h i mp' x 5.5 Macklin hits over 2 defenders. Elana seta up the offense. ' S'-def-N-1:-var, , ,s sr 1? lmai charges down the court Rose tips it in for 2. ' Sitting L to R: Julita Madera, Sue Nolen, Margie Higa. Kneeling L to R: Caroline Bishop. Susan li Joanne Kikuchi, Elana Foster Standing: Ms. Cotton, Linda Harlow, Rose Tom, Theresa Macl Grace Zcelig Girls In ough Competition Led by Kathy Miura and Donna Okubo, the J.V. team finished a tough schedule with a commendable record of 6-7. Strong defense coupled with a hard "press" gave teams in the league a rough session when the eagles took the court. Coach North saw great improvement in her squad and is looking to the next season. Good job eagles! Murphy takes it down the court i at ., 2. iii,eiyy y- Donna socres an easy 2 Yuri throws down for a fast brake R Mrs. North. Kathy Miura. Donna Okubo. Yuri Tsuge, Karen Hopkins, Jackie , W why, Julie l.arvcr. Mari .loSantos, Gloria Hayes, Caroline Bishop Gloria on the move! 101 Donnzfs up for two Jackie over powers her opponent ., 5 Karen takes the ball down court Kathy and Julie ready for action Donna dribbles down court for Z! M The Eagles bring it in Lf 1, NNN Santos on the move! """-Inu.. Foster takes on the opposition 'wa ,, 4, ,, I H 'awww' Rose drives to the hoop .,,Mff' Okay, lets set up the offense ,. ..,, . ,,,,,,,, , 1 E ' 5 f llilf l ffiiif '2l ?l"l?' Wfiieilf ,M ,,,,, ff fl wh- , 3 A ' E Q 2 1' f Z ,Qt ' f . 'r ,,,L - ,,,, + wr " ' , ' ,,.., . Q if I - 1 5 e V ,M ,,,.,,,, 5 , .5 A rtes s t ,, ,,, ,i ,,,lfm.,f H ffl i iiis in l A A,,,, i V V ':"' f. , . .,. ,, Q it it or , ' ,,f f rntlt s K ' ' it I 'f'k illl n s Z , ,,..,, ggykk , 3 B v V -V f f , tt- Dudley protects the ball from opponents 2 4 Z 5 9 Passantino and Peoples sky for rebound ' Ji Vfmliivii-rricfifififi i5::.::::::LgrQ3j5g:kg'- . .k.:-IEEJ:tgyiigligiigigimm, Niggtixiiygnkfiil l 1 'XEE33 -f ' gi " I ,V , 1.31.2 ..,.. rr I s . Q. ...,, 'Ss-I: it .,.L H s"o eee: g i s - l . ..,, Tf' slfs , 2 .x.,, fi lt? A nses s be se S l nnsss Q gl, K,,,,k 1 t ' -' B . Q i ref222211252211ufszvzwses Q ses: h sssg.. iiiii Enquist and Peoples crash the boards Dudley drives to the hoop for a basket Enquist hits from the charity strip once again agles Struggle With Tough Schedule This year's Varsity basketball season can only : decribed as unfortunate. The team emerged ith a 0 and I0 season, as they played in the ughest SCVAL league in I5 years. The high- ght of the Eagle year was their only win over lenlo school in the early part of the season. The team played hard in all of their outings ltC0l1ldI'lil pull out a victory. It was the feeling 'many that if M.V. could have won one game, would have been the start to a winning season. .andout include MVP Jon Enquist and MIP eve Dudley. When asked about next years season some of e younger players said "theres no where to go it up." Better luck next year. is j. .L Ei. g ift ,, y My .,., . , . E 14 A' Hifi 'ri 4 ' "" . ,,.. r ' ' ' J 'rr Enquist plays tough defense against Opponent Passagitino beats all opponents downcourt for an easy Cummings takes his man to the hoop Pacella uses an elbow to get around dc- fender P ROW FROM L TO R: Coach Bailey, G, Perkins, R. Peoples, J. Enquist, S. Dudley. E. Hegwood, J. Pacclla, BOTTOM ROW FROM L TO R: ku, J. Harvey, C. Passantino, C. MHICTO, C- CUmmiflgS W' 105 5. L x'1", John drives past Los Altos. Cummings scores two ,,N.i,,A R331--v Wi W S Q iQ WJ J.P. M.V.P, Jon Enquist 341 1 V . gs.. Mr. Hustle Steve Dudley goes for takes in bounds pass for Charlie. may R uss Charlie shoots over paly. Y, g in "hw Eddie grabs a bound. Enquist goes for two again. , fm, , M ,L:,,L 5 Q' V .Z ,.,,, M I, A i fzgffrfff 1,.- 1f,- ...avwf-'r"""""a' 'ff-if .1,,,, W. ... trys for a rebound. Cummings takes it up against Cubbcrly. "ill Mr. Bailey encourages team. .sg W i ffa' N J i 107 Frosh- Soph njoy Success Frosh-Soph started their season off with a bang by coming in second in the Fremont Tour- niment. They continued their excitement throughout the season, as each game seemed to be more exciting that the previous one. The team had a good year and produced many fine players that should help the varsity in the come- ing years. All-leaugers and Co-M.V.P's Leigh Cole and Fernando Mutia, led the way as the Forsh-Soph enjoyed their finest season in resent years. Fernado drives the lane for easy bucket. X Left to right: Top row- F. Allen, F. Mutia L. Cole, G. Tachibana M Dush Bottom roi R. Martinez, M. Lewis, Costa, R. Ramcriz. Tachibana from the corner Tachibana plays good defense Cole sky's for the tip-off Cole sets for free throw Tlchlbana lay s lt In For an easy two '55 If J .2 Girls Struggle Through Long Season Injuries, inexperience and bad weather played key roles in this year's Girls Varsity Soccer team's play. Although they captured a few pre- season victories, their efforts were not as successful in regular league play. The girls played their hearts out and held defending S.C.V.A.L. champi- ons, Los Altos to a score of 2-0 in an exciting rematch from last years. Karen Zobel led the tough defense and was voted M.V.P. by her teammates. Other defensive standouts f A u uuu Wm W ,r r, yy,.yssyr ,yy ryrriyyyyi , 4 rr o, r H it or 5 you I, ,, yyy, if ,ir frrrr lti ti! 5 S K 'rrer as r ,i.V,, ,.,,, -V , ,, "" H ii' A Q ig yiyrr. r - 4 aasasl. saassaa i ,, .,,, ,V ,I ,,,,L. ,,kL , aes: use:ffasszffeffIII:1:1f:f:::f2mmrgv8fasvaf:t:'saga ,,LL H ,,,,ss, M,,,:,,m, . gmt,,I.,,,:,5,535353555,355rigw:-'rQ:,,::::r::, ,::f'YYY2222i!f21zeefsw, gggg'gg::55m::ur::Z:-:rQ::f'ritE?22viiP322525?k. Katie outkicks opponent. were Katie Bornschlegel and Diane Aldinger. High scoring honors went to Pari Rossi who also contribut- ed to team effort as goalie. Pari puts ball into play. Stephanie fakes out a pirate. r , I IU if Moppy shoots again! A fight for the ball, .4 ak, .. 4' Top Row: Coach Nava, L. Beyer, S. Vowell, K. Zobel. Middle Row: P. Rossi, K. Rollison, A. Bornschlegel, D. Aldinger. Bottom Row: D. Stolte, M. Luna, M. McClurg, D. Garcia, L. Shaw. JG? .C ,Y F ll Ready - Aim - FIRE! Moppy gets around 'em. .Vfs-Ready For Next Year The J.V. Soccer team experienced quite a building year, gaining the much needed skills and endurance necessary for the game. The training received will be most valuable to the varsity squad next year. Eva Rivera was voted MVP and led the team offensively. Other standouts were Valerie Quintana and Sylvia Ayala. Ayala was later moved up to the varsity team. 2525? .N Y Valerie takes it down. Top Row: S. Little, C. Howell, S. Ayala, N. Neumann, Middle Row: A. Harman, J. Milton, E. Rivera, P. McQuillan, Bottom Row: V. Quintana, J. Ramsey, K. Mann, W. Hajenious, D. Saulus. 112 me as -3 -. not 13? Y 'II' 1 r 1 4, Kelley stops the opposition Val Worries Peterson Goalie Eva takes a shot Pam sets up defensivlcy "I thought you called it." Eagles Kick Through Season SEASON STA TS 'i Pre-Sea son . K Mtn View 0 Mitty 0 gg my Mtn View 0 Sunnyvale 2 M - A Mtn View 1 Ayer 0 ti We A i - . , tt. "' i A Mm View 3 PiCdm0HtHil1S 2 tttai ti J Mtn. View v.s. Camden forfeit li s t' , 'ii' Q5 ' ii l J t Q a 1 ,N Lea iin Atei gue .2 r Awi Mtn- View 0 LOS Altos 4 tt f .., ,,. it - , ',,: Q , , t 5" Aa- Mtn- VICW 0 Gunn 2 ,. ' r is ' ' f I. ill 5 Mm- VICW 0 Wllcox 4 5195 i' E' A - 2 - t o st Q .t s MQ :MES -3 FX ...t. e ...s .a,, . . .. , at Q .i .. Mtn View 0 Awalt 2 Aiin A ,. , , i.t.Etfi S552 3 g" f S .tlnt - t1-w- Q ' Mtn. VIEW 2 PCICFSOH 4 ieeeen Mm View I Santa Clara 6 a a A . . at tattt Mtn View 0 Buchser 2 i ittt . A - i f tsl t ti. fe , " i 5 tif' " - , SQ i i'ii f ff L Mtn. View 0 Cubberly 2 ' . ..., .ft ga aitl. - . . ,,:. i"" Mtn- WCW 2 Palo A110 1 eef QL-RJ Back row: O. Stcrba, I.. Holton, H. Arias, B, Sumner, S. Saulus, M. Sanchez, Eichler. LL- Monem. The Mountain View varsity soccer team had a long season but got by with a victory over Palo Alto. Although the team had a tough season there was outstanding play by JOE CASSARA, who made co- M.V.P. of the league on defense, and also made lst team all-league in the S.C.V.A.L. There was also some ex- cellent play from ALBERT YU and HECTOR ARIAS. The Varsity Eagles are looking forward to being contenders next year in the league, according to Coach Otto Sterba. 1 'l' E gl E . ,Lf J, Cassara, P. Alvarez, and RJ Front row: A. Yu, J. Aceves, H. Lu, T. Hinshaw, J, Flanagan, T. T. Nguyen, T. Andres, and Mchrdad looks on. Tony goes for a score. Albert passes it on. Where is everybody? ,J M.V. gets close. si - ... .,:: K g Qee' 4 e e e ee 5 V V .... ,.e, nl K A eg .K i X ,s .,,e :Q ,. , .t -. -,Rig ,.- --:"f"'--'-- W ff'-1 2: +ffk , f Q --:- . .-f e '- 5 5? ':L' ' e V S e eee - ' -f--" Q., ,eeee , - gg ' R 5 e e 1 iee F ' m LL 2:Ih e . ee,, ere :nge - 111 El . , 4, ZZL L:',11 ,. 3 .-"' ' Ns '. -' ff' "F ..:. ii ,.--f1., 51155 :.: 525335 14511 1 5 A '.'A ,11 kk ,.,. .W I . E - ee e e 21- llf e e , e liii '..e W ' ks :1 :,.. - ., ' K'e' ,,LQ: ilf :' X ig, ee eee X f .J M-5:2 'L ffzs 'Lk' Q ee eeee e 2 M h e, m',. ' 1:: . iF:l'7' ---' , ,-,1 .. - . Bob makes the save. .locy dribbles past Buchser Cussuru scores Thllfl gels injured V's ave A Good Season. The frosh-soph soccer team had a good sea- son, according to coach Dienger. The team had outstanding performance by Vince VanDen Bosh, John Dooley, and Clint Hayes. The most notable by Jeff Baskins, who made All-league at goalkeeper. Through the team will be losing a great coach in Mr. Dienger, the Frosh-Soph will be looking forward to a rewarding season nest year. B-R Jose Dooley. Ian Gillern, Jeff Baskins, Vince Van Den Bosch, Duc Tran, John Davids Jacob Wellington. M-R: Donald Marcy, Eric Labson, Clint Hayes, Jamie Rettig, Todd Lit Ken Pritchard. F-R: Vicngxay Phetsinorath, Warren Harpcl. Grego Dodge, Bill Vogal, Saurez. Hey! look at that girl. 116 Dooley Takes a slot. Warren boots the ball. U , . ,ww . W,.. - ....., .W ,..,,.,.. .... MNiw:Q.MsQ'::k .855 ix: 6 is fi ,. .. 'QE What did I do wrong? .,., , , My M, . ,, VMMM 7 " '. . H f V,V ,,, , 3, , V --. ' " ' W 'xg " WW ",Yf my ' I V W :J ,E Q ' www A ' I V 7 f , I : ff. : , ff , M ' 'V by 3 H M if , ., , ' K ' " J ff W if 'ifffffi A W f ,V M , I ' V ,.,,, gy, Q ' W ' ' 'F ' " - Q ,- Q nflff' M EV W f 4 ,.i f57ff X I I - M , , L1-wi W , I W Jamie checks it out Greg takes a shot! An Eagle sqeczcs by Varsityf .V. rapplers Finish Tough Seasoi The wrestling team, under the coaching of Art Olmos, struggled their way through a long season with a final record of 4-5. The memorable events for the team were beating rivals Los Altos and Awalt. Although the teamls performance didn't fly with its record, they showed good competition at four tournaments. At Cupertino, C. Beavers placed 6th, D. Olmos - 3rd and M. Darang - 2nd. At Blossom Hill, D. Olmos - lst and M. Blevin - lst. At Cam- den, D. Olmos - lst, and at Overfelt, D. Olmos - 3rd and M. Blevin - 4th, Individual statistics proved to be the highlight of the season. M. Blevin placed 2nd in league and regional tournament as a heavyweight. D. Olmos placed 4th in league tournament at l23 lbs. J. Tillman placed 4th in league tournament at l35 lbs. C. Beavers placed 3rd in league tournament at 98 lbs. L. Gardner placed in JV Tournament at 177 lbs, and L. Garcia placed lst in JV Tournament as a heavyweight. Qi 06 W 5 gign: Top Rowz Coach A. Olmos, O. Darang, M. Preston, M. Dalton, B. Arellanes, D Olmos, Bottom Row: ll. Masuda, C. Beavers, M. Stienke, J. Tillman, T. Mateo, R Zavala. Not Pictured: M. Blevin, G. Deleon, I-I Sanchez, M. Darang, N. Siler, T Galica, M. Fowler, F. Gicale, S. Usher. Another eagle goes for the pin. I Gailicu tries to knock down his man. Tillman tries i0 BCI im0 Comfoi' Olmos comes closc ol' pinning his mun. Mzilco lrics lo brcaik down his man. O. Dairung lircs U7 get his opponent on his buck. Mateo tries a switch on his man. Blevin tries to throw his man down. Usher comes close to u pin. Tillman tries to make his move work. Olmos finally pins his man. Dalton puts a half on his opponent. Dalton comes close to a pin. aw' Gulicu tries to break down his man. Gardner attempts to pin his man. Top Row: K. Darrow, K. Munn. R. Ballou. M. van Erp, M. Code. N, Dclcon. Bottom Ron: .l. Torres. W. Hajcnius, T. Tillman, D, Suulus. A. Ochoa, 121 , Y? J., yf, 'Q 2 if Ef 4 E Z 3 ,,A W , 6 , A ,A, , Z , , , A ,. , , , , . A 6 k A F , , Spring Sports Preview Hr I , r r 5? r2r1 f fx i:kiir:2?l:4, rr r r. X511 ' gf , ' A 4 X .,,, " r Nw ' P .. , - '- r ,, ,,,.. Q ,:r1,11l,,r F :V Q1 ' .,,, pw Lv, 2 I .. mffr Y f '- i it 1 5.3, ' - W . v ... , , . if , A, , f '. f 4 I . ' ' ' in ' fi "ff . -- Q S. ,Q , WWW? M IH qi, A X Q f it x X 6 f ' if , f4f tw-,ww 1 , Q, A - N 4 335' f ' M X 3 5 . Q fig' ' " Q '4 . riff ar. 125 26 A . F MW. Sf? is 1 W4 f w Q ' A ' , 11 A xaemw-ww f- dm .. Q19 ' X--:L ' fi ,gd fr F ,.., W ,,,, ,, . J,,, .,,,, ? K 1 ,, .a -dbg? ,Mai ,W ,W 3 Q' wx R ka www ,,. ,f we n .Wi ,I , dvi . ,. W HI! if someone says "America", the first things I remember are peanut butter and football--but that sure isn't all! I have had such a great time here in California that I just can't forget this year. So many things are different here than in Finland but I find it fun to try everthing new. Mountain View High is a lot different than "Iisalmen Lukiof' my school back home, but i enjoy being here and having all my great classes and great teachers. To me it was new to have all six classes every day, but I like it. I want to thnak all those nice people who have helped me and I hope that you all will have a nice summer! Vuokko Loksy, exchange student from Finland. QW-S Playing with their dog, Daisy. QA r-1 r-1 Q M... ,s . I we , .MW Our AFS'er friend, Vuokko Loksy. KX fs AFS I .3 6 ti ' Q I L .saw I X . 5 Taking a "spin." Vuokko and sister Linda playing their favorite game. Last year, I never would have thought I'd be spending this year in Germany. In fact, I was looking forward to being a MVHS senior, not wondering where my new home for a year would be or how my new family and I would get along. How life changes! Now, instead of being so involved with senior activities, I don't even have time to think because I am so busy trying to learn how to speak German and get along in a new culture. l'm living with a family of three in a town called Lage tbetween Bielefeld and Dermoldj. My family, as well as people from school and around the neighborhood, have made me feel very much at home, despite the contrasts between American and German cul- tures-several of which l've already come across. Learning about these cultural differences, which l'm sure I'll encounter more of as the year goes on, is part of the reason I applied for AFS and besides, without these differences, you could hardly call the "AFS exper- ience" an experience!! Auf Wiedrsehen, Denise Bellamy exchange student to Lage, Germany. Thanksgiving in Deutschland with another AFS student. Denise and little brother at 4. Q. W .15 Denise with dad, brother and grandparents on Hcligabend IChristmas Fvcl kfgfs mi N . MM M' w. Clubs Make It t dm .ms Perez . . , .. ... ..... .Q.m, ...,.. Miller 5 ,,.. .. gbxane Isela Kas a young childl ..... el. . E .Isela Josie ..A....... ...... 1 w 1.Iosie l 0 sa ........... . , . ....... Rosa X U LN '1' 1:- AQLL EN RE! xf AN N A I LL END 1 f: Lb igl Xt . 5, .- ,EL 5' Pinnky and Noemi resile ll poem T. Mccabe, V. Hernandez, J. Diaz, R. Jara I. Hernandez, H. Romo, Mrs. M. Dcnevan, A. Alvarado, H. Montez, B. Sias, Not Pictured: V, Quintana, G. Corals, D. Corals, S. Austin. CLUB LAS AMERICAS Club las Americas, under the sponsorship of Diane Meyers, is a group of active students, representative of various Latin-American backgrounds. With great pride in their language and cultures, they have presented several school and community activities including folkdances, dinners, fund raisers and dramatic productions. One of the most successful schoolfcommunity events is thedCinco de Mayo celebration, sponsored by Club las Americas and MEChA. This activity has involved hundreds of people in a culturally traditional fiests where everyone enjoys the food and entertainment of the Spanish-speaking commu- nity. M.E.Ch.A M.E.Ch.A. CMovimiento Es- tudiantil Chicano de Atzlanj earlier known as "La Raza Un- ida", is a group of active chicano and Latino students. In the past years they have had many fund raisers which lead up to the cele- bration of "Cinco de Mayo". The profits go to scholarships for Chicanos and Latinos. This school year, MEChA along with Club Las Americas had a dra- mactic production which had students realize that they too are involved in a social struggle, and emphasized that pride, unity and education are the keys to self- determination. The club also sold carnations at Valentineis Day, watermelon at the May Fair, and participated with Foothill College's MEChA's Cinco de Mayo celebrations at Rengstorff Park. We would like to thank Maria Garcia and Ralph Bettencourt for all their time and effort they have put into the Club. Con el orgullo y espiritu de nuestra gente, VOLVEREMOS! C. Rodriguez, M. Zelaya, A. Hernandez, G. Alas, J. Zelaya, C. Ze- laya, N. Gody, A. Ocboa, M. Cuevas. Not pictured: R. Ochoa, S. Rodriguez, S. Zamudio, M, Sanchez, A. Marcy, P. Rivera, B. Avila, P. Alvercz, P. Branbila, I. Hernandez. DRAMA The drama club was very active again this year, they had various found rasiers such as the sale of cookies at football games, along with perform- ing two major productions, l'To Kill a Mockingbird, and Once upon a Mattress. The two fall and spring term presidents were Teresa Blanchard and Molly McClurg. They on the behalf of the club wish to thank the student body for the support of the drama clubs productions, and promise that "The Drama Club will be back next year even brighter and stronger under the leadership of the upcoming underclassmenl' Asian Club The asian club combined with the Sister City organization to promote a better understanding of the Asian background of many of our students. Through Sister City, M.V. students can spend part of their summer travling in Japan, and on alterna- tive years, Japanese students can visit our country. A most interesting and lively club. . The Journalism club The Journalism Club was a new club this year, and its major job was to publish our school paper, The Eagle. The club lead by 'Mr. Leo Van Munchin, was quite success and the paper was welcome around campus. One of the bi accomplishments of the paper was to campaign for student rights in a local business that was borowing students durin classtime. The students won- Thanks Eagle! l34 The Mountain View High School Business club is going to Yosemite again. Members raised funds for their trip by selling stuffed animals at christmas. The project was successful one and the money was raised necessary for an over trip planed the weekend of April 27. The group plans to hike and hopes there will be some snow left to enjoy. Members may plan another activity before the end of the semester but right now they are polishing their biking boots! iiuuniinn vrrw msn Snaontiils - , U ,. ? 'deg 3 If w...,,,i CAROL FRI 8PM 'Y i 'Qt -' J Ggkcyi Cas 1 I If VC l r If' Gb! icy f' I 'lL l ll The computer club is a group of students who use the M.V.H.S. computers outside ofclasstime, before and after school and at lunch and brunch. Members write programs and play computer games, for which no previous experience is necessary. The club has raised money to buy new programs including one which allows people to play chess against the computer. 135 0 l The Runners' Club was a new club formed this year club went to a Midnight Run in Los Altos on New Years designed to promote running in the school. This year, the Eve day. 5 3 i 452334 rg? The Mountain View Ski Club has been very active this year. Among a few weekend trips to lake Tahoe they went on a trip to salt Lake City Utah during the week of February I2-l9th. All the trips were made possible by the dedicated president Robert Weber and the club advisor Mr. Smith. 4" E X SH Bum I I t The club is made up of people with skills ranging from beginners to experts. All of which have the bug for sking and snow. The Mountain View Ski Club is a unigue group who's primary goals are to ski as much as possible and to have fun. They succeed very well in these areas. 1 Munchkin Club, new this year, was founded by four little seniors. rst they had to find an advisor so they picked another proud orty, Mr. Finnell. This little club was headed by Molly McClurg- 'esident, Kathy Phelps-Vice President, Dolores Garcia- Secretary id Diane Abbey, their super munchkin, as Treasurer and they lded eleven more members. n They started out the year by nominating Kathy Phelps and Vince omao for homecoming candidates. Later they carried out a super and raiser selling munchkin candy bars. The profets of which took lem to Great America. Besides all these they had the added fun of articipating in the gong show singing "We welcome you to much- in land" and "Short People." 4. .lj -52 iii' Mtn. View Athletic Association held one of its most suc- cessful candy duries ever! Under the leadership of President Suzanne Nolen, the club set a record for candy bars fund raising. This enabled the club to hold three separate banquets instead of the usual end-of-the-year banquet. "Congrats to all of the board members and participants." And thanks for all the hard work done which lead to such a successful year! L+ GERMAN CLUB, ! f 'gr X 1 -' ga' .. ,,., The German club uner the sponsorship of Mr. Otto Sterba, engaged in a number of activities designed to give our students a sence of German culture. 137 B.S.U. ACTIVITIES The B.S.U. here at Mt. View High School planed activities for the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday and for Black History Month. During November and December the group sold Hot Chocolate before school in the morning to raise funds for Black History Month. They planned to have at least three major activities, here at the school, to highlight the contributions of Black Americans in this country. They will also be having some traditional African artifacts in our displays for the month. 4 . .... Q oofm iii .X as . I 'W' ff' I llss 95.1 4. S it . I fe . BUSINESS CLUB The M.V.H.S. business club went to Yosemite once again. Members raised funds for their trip by selling stuffed animals at Christmas and the project was huge success. The money was raised for an overnight trip which was planned the weekend of April 27. They were involved in many other activities and also added to the great number of successful clubs here at M.V.H.S. ' A.F.S. AFS is the American Field Service, an international, non-profit iolarship program operating in over 60 countries to give I6-I8 ,ir olds the chance to live for a summer or a year with families in other culture. A is for Americans Abroad, which Steve Kinaman hopes to some in I979, After a series of interviews, Steve was chosen to be Juntain View High School's candidate. Steve hopes to follow in : footsteps of Francine Howell, who is living with a family in Jrway and Denise Bellamy, who is in Germany this year. F is for field, friendship and families, which make student ex- inges possible. Hosting an AFS student offers a chance for new sndships, personal growth, and discovery. Last August, the ney family welcomed Vuokko Loksy from Finland. Vuokko is loying this year as a senior at MVHS with the help of her neriean host sister, Linda. S is for service and support from the volunteers who make dents exchanges possible. Students, parents, teachers, staff and nmunity members help to provide moral support, to raise funds ' scholarships, to find families who have an extra bed and lots of 'e. AFS needs support from anyone in the community who would e to help. Lfhis year's student president is Linda Loney, faculty advisor is trcia Largent, Americans Abroad chairperson is Dolores Loney, homefinding chairperson is Marilyn DeRousse. Carol Baum- tner is the chairperson for the international Dinner, an annual idraising activity. Working together, volunteers and AFS ers benefit. lt is a special portunity to understand the values and beliefs of another culture d to discover that the similarities among people from all parts of : world are more important than the differences. 1 4 f , .z .. F.Y.O. This past year the "Tamaraw" group presented their perfor- ance, "Nightmares of Dreams," in San .lose for the United Na- ons Year of the child. ln addition, several fund raising activities eluded diseos, guessing the correct number of beans in a jar, and mpia making demonstration. The featured seniors in this year's YO are: Rey Agbayani, Joy Bishop, Orlando Darang, Vicki Mutia, heryl Ramos and Myrna Torda. The Life Science Club this year was made up of the members ofthe Physiology class. The primary shared interest of the members is in careers in the medical or biological fields as indicated by the clubs included an analysis of the school's energy consumption in cooperation with PG and E. 139 Student Government Leads The Way Student government is a combination of everyone and everything in the school. It includes the Administration, the faculty and all the students. All these factors make up this group which helps the school to grow and become more recognized by the community as a good and hard working school. Being involved in Student Government offers a price- less and valuable learning experience on how a demo- cratic government works. lt helps you to get opportuni- ties in future schooling life that you wouldn't ordinarily get. lt also helps an individual develope his or her leader- ship qualities. The 78-79 school year has brought many successful programs. Among them are the Drama Program, Band Program and the many varities of ethnic and social clubs. My experience as A.S.B. president has been a learning and rewarding experience. lt has helped me to recognize the importance of a bureaucracy, I certainly hope that Mountain View High continues to grow with the many endless opportunities. Benny Pugh A.S.B. President i i 3 2 S l l 5 , .6 xg, . e gygg P . Inner Club Council takcs time out to think about a new proposal. . . i f r S . ' ttt ttt ' H .vi . 1 .... Q tttr at ' " :ah ...fl 'li' 'vgftf '+G .' l "" M 'E Benny reads off new agenda. A.S.B. President: Benny Pugh A.S.B. Officers: Vice Pres.: Kathy Phelps Sceg Raelcne Hourtny Tresuru Linda Loncy. We fff f ni 55. 1 IFYQ9 SNQQQ' A.S.B. Commisioners: lst row: Russel Peoples. K. Kiebkc. S. Nolcn. R. Harris Second row: M. MCClurg. C. Whiting. D. Gzireizi. Third rovi: K. Wheyland. B, Hill. T, Blanchard INTER CLUB COLJNCII.: lst row: K. lliirzilson, M. Bellencourt, R. Kihurzi. D. Tcrry R. Dircclo, G. Smith. R. Yee: Second 2nd row: C. Ramos, R. Agbiiyiiniul. Himler.T..lenve5..l. l"l1ll'lLlg1lll. D. V2lI1ClCl1lJUS.T. NgUyCll13l'Cl row: R. Houruny, L. Loncy. D. Garcia, B, Hull, M. McClurg. B. Fowler. A. Bornsehlegel. K. Phelps: 41h rovl: S. Nolen. G, llziyes. R. Peoples. ssh , , t Sara Mead, Lynn Shaw Our staff is proud to bring you this year's Blue and Gray, and we hope you Editors Specialist Editors Linda Morimoto, Suzanne Nolen, Brian Hopp enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the work involved. Unless you are on a staff, you will nev- er know the time, pressure, problems, and hassles that go into creating a visual history of a years' activities. To all who worked with us we say Thanksl- Thanks for the understanding by the Faculty, Administration, and you the students. A special thanks must go to our own Les Peterson. Les is our Yearbook Re- presentative who gave us help and under- standing during those tramatic 'fdeadline days." Enjoy the book and years the good times High School. Blue and remember over the at Mountain View Gray Staff '78-79 ' Cindy Ramirez, Hortencia Romo . L ,, . L ' ..,,.. e ' .f ,.,. L. f I 1 111: .t H .1... I ',,i V 5 1 'll if .ss. A L .,re 1 t L ' f i . A ireeer S' . ,f ' ' iii V... f iiiielt 2 xl ' t V557 5 U .... t H . .t,., .., , . K X 'ti ff .. ' f f.-- 1 ' ' ' 1 .1 Mm V ff.ff ,. ff-- swf- WW . ,.:..,,..,ff,.v...,,.,, .,, r E. Q X X N 4.- ' .,,,, W ..., , ,af Z G 3 z Cn 'U G -i -- I . 1 ata, M X . .. ie? r 3 9 4 :F J, . ft i ..... . .... . ga Shane Suulus, Robert Zavalu, Jon Pont, Charlie Passantino, Wendy Harris Womens Sports Suzanne Nolen, Do lores Garcia, Elana Foster Blue And Gray-"We Did It Your Way." Photographers Brian Hopp, Robert Weber, Paul Schwartz Class Sections Myrna Torda, Annette Eichler, Sue Gunion, Molly McClurg Class Sections Glenna Hall, Patty Dennis, Leslie Beyer, Karry Dennis 5? Q, K. Photographers Dennis Roach, Dean Montooth, Rod Davis, Matt Nolen, Mark Bakalish Advisor Hugh Riddell Faculty Carol Carranza Photographer Typing Conrad Zavala Wendy Patience Fi? Van The odds certainly seemed to be stacked against the journalism class printing the news- paper this year. First of all, the class was jinxed by three members of the winless MVHS foot- ball team: FRANK DOWSE, TOM COOPER, and MIKE COPELAND. Try to imagine how much worse things got when ED "THE HULK" VILLSENOR and student body presi- dent BENNY PUGH enrolled. Or consider try- ing to work with such characters as MATT TRUJILLO, NINO SVEVO and 'IGLORYI' LAURIE WENGER. VALLI DAVIS and ROBERT SINCLAIR turned out consistently good stories, as did DIANE ALDINGER, JIM DAVID and PAT EU LATE. And where would the newspaper staff have been without reporters like PATRICIA WHITE, TED TAYLOR, TERESA RYAN and TONIA OSBORNE? DEBBIE JOHNSON and MICHELE HEA- LY won the coveted "SILENT BUT DEAD- LY" Award. PAUL SCHWARTZ was a dou- ble threat this year because he worked on the yearbook and journalism staffs. Finally, there were hard workers like THERESSA MACK- LIN, BRAD McKAY, SCOTT KIBLER, RON VALENZUELA and MARY FRANK- unching Beats The Odds! Family Portrait ,.:,.M -Q X T he-X Two finger TRUJILLO at work. I S l 6 - I , S 'I44 , PQRRRRSSL must TAYLOR works o Put it right there! ,M MQ.. as I' B is . , n the letterin s I X I' x nce Upon A Mattress Each show the Drama Club puts on is better than the last, and "Once Upon A Mattress" was the best one yet. The cast and crew worked hard for six weeks straight. Sewing costumes, building a magnificent set, designing the lights, and not to mention rehearsing for their parts made this show one M.V.H.S. will never forget. With the help of Mr. Vaughan, the director Laurie Vanderhoven, his assistant, two alumni Greg Jenkins and Johnny Stienwinder, and a volunteer from the Community School of Music. Over forty students had the fun and excitement of producing a play. The students learned about acting, dancing, building, sing- ing, and working with other people. The cast and crew will never forget the pride they felt when they peeked through the curtains and saw the excited people waiting to see the best play ever: "Once Upon A Mattress." What is the middle name ofthe daughter-in-law of the Blacksmith who forged the Sword that killed the beast?" l "The King and the Minstrel! and I" Row cena and the Minstrell discuss the New Princess I 3 2 s S E S Court dancers, Frank Dowse and Andy Bornschlegal dance Spanish panic. The bird sings and caws over the princesses bed The court nervously awaits the results ofthe test. Lady Maybell plans her next flirtatious jesture. ,.,. E ie Wizard takes a swig while everyone fills the bowl to over flowing and ises the goblet high. i g - , Q11- .X h ,LI-, fm -tl C' f Q ' 1 ,, N, if QI 1 S 'ff , K a '- FW ,H E lj ' f K i Harry promises to always protect his true lovc, Lady l.arken. "l'm shy." rw Wk, fb ffl 161 VV: ,K f Ml 'K My wi 4 it Mya -Z, 0, ,- Q X fl,,xx C , y 6 v 1? 59 lr ri gh' , I ,J V K . v Y A ' -'Z,Q1fiX'-325' ' A,f1Q2'VW"1 , f. ww' f' 52 ,Q fm ' nn W :rw - , W . . x L. . qi .L QPR , Mgt ,A ' Qi1ii"'?QLrVy'i .July .X . ,L W ., :il 1 nga! :gn , K M '77, . Q' Y A . V r g, ,,,, W. ,, ' , My , if -f ' ' 4 J' 253 z , 1, 4 ,X H-. . . ,V iw.-V--1. . f, z L. - ...D i . Q54 - if , ., . ,' ' 3 C . Q' , L .Y "J K , 5.-Jani 'V .TA "Nw-.,...," A .J is . ' -ws-1-,W A ,f'f'X XX X 3 .-, - . . . Q .-Y, K, 1- " s-s,2fH5'f.a-, 1, ' . , ..x.,4f?,iua X- V '9 f . ,Af ,, " ii sg- ." A C5 5 H, - f- . rd.. f 1 I f ,R T Y I Ngix ,L Jw V5 G f' 'NL 'Y . i A ' .JN U f ff wg xg , -Aug 'E X W Q 1? K Al ix 0 Q ' V A I ,Q l Q Y 5 fx ,Y UH 'E .QQ mv I5 3 W -.Mx ' ' 228. , , 3,. 3 X if mn ,XY Q S X ' I f Q M , e Q Ax Y X ,Li,.gC 1 . . ' g ,, ww: ,:: :g,,f: ,ii s, 3 ' 53:53 ,x'2 imwwff fwmw Vw xiii, gy? iff' 3, L Q . ,K , if fgfg 5 .Q ,f K2 Pia Q N Q gf. T 1 53 ' Mmm, ,ef .N .4 MV L'f'Z2M1WL,-Z'I.f'h'3 , ,, , Q 1 rv 1 i f 5 X'-'-" vi' - , , -121 "A2 W H ' in n if 25,5 X R NNW ' QW f '2 :A -v --1 ' ipiln t Raimi Q Us X W A L -' - x gg if - X HW N mme we W A, ggi '13 R -25 gf T a, L ' Qin jf ex- X ,fm . Q X . f Q, . 5 X NR M-W. F Lifwgw 5 1 235' , m L , "5L l :'L " Vi I J fx" I ",, .- . fi :P K , ,.W,L " -H? 3 fm Q' "4" A Ng, Q' ,F , - A E5f?s5igd, 5 A 4, 5-2? 3 N6 1 ,1 xg ,,.-nz-,N l, 'Z e Juniors Fly Through he Year Under the leadership of President Russell Peoples and Advisor Mr. Sanders, the Junior class sponsored many memorable events during the year. High on the list of activities were the dating game, disco-swim party, dance, skating party, and junior pep rally. The class also participated in successful fun- draisers such as a clean up at the school, car wash, and flower and candy gram sales. Rosendo Abarca Jose Acevcs Doug Aoyagi Bruce Arellanes Vincent Baldwin Pam Barr James Bergvall Andy Bernal Dung Bui Joselito Carboncl Lianne Adamson Scott Akiyama Diane Aldinger .lohn Anderson Dean Andrews Silvia Arreola Danielle Baines Paul Bains Susan Balcita Vizar Balcila Dayna Bauer Elaine Belen Sylvia Belion Leanne Beltran Deanna Berg Anna Biancardi Caroline Bishop Dave Bishop Kim Black Katie Bornschlegel Annabelle Cardona Carol Carranza Cindy Carson Julie Carver Nadine Catolieo Left to Right: Teddy Jenvey, Lynn Schafel, Russell Peoples, and Karen Zobel Emiliano Celi Alfred Chavez Karen Chow John Cochell Michelle Code Erie Cook Cherri Cooper Tom Cooper Mike Copeland Pablo Cortes Keith Crosby Joey Cruz Phyllis Curry Lucy D'Aura .lim David Anna Del Real Patty Dennis Steve Due Debbie Duhaime Alicia Easton Scott Enbysk Jose Fayard Nicole l-'erina Wilma Fernando Murray Fisher Jadine Foo David Fulmer Frank Garcia Mirella Garcia Rosa Garcia Helen Grilli Patricia Cole Robert Cole Maggie Costa Janet Cox Patricia Davis Sharon Davy Annette Eichler Madeleine Emery John Flanagan Scott Flatmoe Noemi Godoy Danny Gonzalez Rebecca Gustavson Bobby Hagen Linda Harlow Roger Hartje Gloria Hayes Michelle Healy Margie Higa Troy Hinshaw Susie Hodgkinson Carla Hudson Teddy Jenvey David Jocius Angela Johnson Phil Johnson Tracy llartman Richard Hayamizu Ronald Hood Sharon H uber Sharron Jones Michelle Joshua Maddy Jurado Alecia Kanazawa Rhonda Karriem Danny Kee Kristi Kiebke Scott Kibler Randy Kihara Jo Ann Kikuchi Bae Sung Kim Steven Kinaman Donna KirlCy Bill Lagman Robert Liano Laura Langford Mike Lara Ginger Lau Amando Lavarias Nancy Lethcm Marcus Lipsett Devendra Luhar Ernie Luna Johnny Luna John Lutt Joe Lyles Terrence McCabe Dave McConnell Penny McCrary April MacGowan Theressa Macklin Julita Madera Monica Maramba Lucy Marquez Debbie Martinez Naomi Masuda Chris Mateo Barry Miller Joe Montoya Jeff Moore Jeff Morales JoAnna Moreno Susan Moreno Joe Mossner Kelly Mulford Carmela Mutia Sara Nakamura Vijay Nambiar Pat Nemchik Natascha Neumann Hoang Huy Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Scott Niblock Gavin Nishiura Veronica Nogales Richard Obuchi James Okamura Alan Olson Tonia Osborne Kathy Owens Judy Padilla Carmelita Palma Steve Paskos Tom Paulson Scott Pelley ff 'ss f. K t. al 1 V Q Vicky Pellouchoud Luis Pena Mark Peterson Sherry Picardal Alan Pinter Scott Pritchard Benny Pugh Lorrissa Pugh Adrienne Pullen Debi Randazzo Owen Rapp Lorna Raquedan Michael Reeves Steve Reiling Diana Richey Jacob Rin Michom Rodondi Sandra Rodriquez Robert Rollison Teresa Ryan Robert Sabala Debbie Saito Nadine Sala Gerardo Santos Jesus Sarmiento Shane Saulus Tami Lee Scholz Lynn Shwafel Irma Segura Selia Serrano Joe Siler Nick Siler lsabel Simoes Ricky Slaughter Cheryl Sloan Charles Smith Todd Smith Zibby Smith Derek Sousa Mario Springer Mark Steinke Denise Stevens Dena Stolte Dwan Strong Jack Su Nino Svevo George Switzer Mark Takayama Lisa Thompson Montgomery Tidwell Anna Tierney Lon Tokunaga Josephine Torres Bryan Turner Scott Usher Anselmo Valdez Don Vandenbos Annette Vargas Cindy Venegas Therese Villasenor Stephanie Vowell Michael Wells Laurie Wenger David Westfall Pulriciu White Conrad Zuvula l Qi ai ' .eq 1 Cathy Widmonl Kcn Willis Mary Willson Pam Wohlkcn Mzlgdulcnu Zavulu Karen Zobcl l'runk Nicoluison 'WT ur , , f '1 r- , 5 . . 1, pw V15 - I .ff 40 -KK 1 'X Q f 4 ,l ' ff XQHF, XS 158 L X f is -Jaw' if fu " D , , ix ....,f,m k. .pn--,U 5 .ng , . sui W 5 I w . f.t. . ' ya 1 ,.'k X - ,X Q W if ' lr , fu W. X - if X g 1 , 5 i W ,,i.i if My la, 'i P5 . -R ' xii ,,. .f 4 f W' X ln Mi .J we ifEfZ.lg,.fi Sophomores Have K3 L Z a fi 1 vi 6 via. it L,h.W,Ak it ff X M , ft to Right: Karen Rollison, Andrea Bornschlegel. Elana Foster hied and Cindy Cruz. and Not Pictured: Philip 4, ., . Q. 'xx N s. ff' M1 nf T " if 'E- in X , 5 It Together!! The Sophomores started the year off by tak- ing first place in the Homecoming parade, then under the constant guidance of class advisor Walt Gaffney they also took first place in the Christman Exchange. Class President Elana Foster worked hard with her Executive Cabinet to put together a top year for what will become a top class. Sophomores are participating in many of the sports here, and no doubt will aid all areas of the school life. Go Class of 813. Danny Algoro Frank Allen Theresa Alvardo Ela Aneheta Paul Aoyagi Gloria Avila Vicki Bain Kellye Barlow Beverly Barnes Ernesto Barrera Charles Beavers Ellen Berg Daniel Bergvall Debra Bjogre Lev: Blaekketter Catherine Bleisner David Blohm Andrea Bornsehlegel David Brandon Micheal Brewer Pamela Brooks Annie Brown Eilleen Brown Robert Bryan Lawrence Budd Mark Burd Niki Burke Micheal Bush M, Timothy Caliea Dolores Carbonel David Carter Joe Cassara Arthur Castro David Cedarblade Trino Ceja w -eq-.-4 , Rizalde Celi Abelardo Cervantes Bob Chavez Thomas Chaves Cyril Chong Leigh Cole Patrick Collins Johnny Colon Jeffrey Conway Mitzi Copeland Diana Corrales Rene Cortes Ano, Costa Cynthia Cruz Yuette Cruz Micheal Dalton Mario Darang John Davidson Rod Davis Valli Davis Karry Dennis Joseph Discipulo Darei Dorrheim Cheryl Dowling Timothy Downing Kathy Dubois Patrick Dunbar Robert Dunton Dale Ecker Debra Edwards Patricia Eulate Terri Feldmann Lisa Fisher Lisa Fitzgerald Laurie Fletcher Kathy Flores Teri Floyd Ronald Foss Elaine Foster Chris Fowler Melody Fowler Erin French Lamont Gardner David Gibson William Gilter Cassandra Gore Gina Green David Greene Arcelia Gutierrez Eva Gutierrez Hector Gutierrez Grace Haase Shawn Hamilton Terrence Hardie Warren Harpel Rhonda Harris Judy Hayamizu Lynn Hayes James Hernandez Timothy Hernandez Sabrina Hesterly Randy Hixson Gerald Hogsett rt-1 5 ,J Lorraine Hotlon Micheal Hopper Charlene Howell Calvin Hui Steven Hunter Terrence lvie Chris Jacobs Debra Johnson John Johnson Martin Johnson Teresa Johnston Robby Justason Patricia Kelleigh Martin Kiebke Howard Kimpel Gary King Sean Kirkpatrick Russel Knab Sonia Knoebel Brian Knitter Adina Korpiel James Kowaski Cheryl Larremore Mario Lavarias Mercy Lavarias Susan Lawson Darryl Lee David Leger Micheal Lewis Raul Libundo Stacy Little Garcia Larnzo Thomas Loughran Daniel Lowe Rita Luedke Julie McClain Mark McClure Charles McGee Suzan Mcllwraith Harold McKay Pamela McQuillan Delia MacDougall Manuel Machedo Charles Macias Sandra Madsen Tony Manuel Willie Maples John Mereneo David Margolin Pamela Marriot Perlie Marron Margo Martin Gloria Martinelli Angelic Martinez Richard Martinez Henry Masuda Tim Mateo Laresa Mathews Steven Mayeda Kim Mays Racheal Meier Rebecca Meyers Richard Meyers Joseph Mijares Kristi Miller Margaret Miller Jan Millton Barry Mitchell Rick Mills Naoko Miura Yolando Molinari Peter Moore Julie Morimoto Jerylann Mossner Joann Mossner Jaqueline Murphy Fernando Mutia Larry Nair Mark Nelson Diep Nguyen Matthew Nolen Christy Nunley Lucinda Ochoa Olivia Ochoa Joann Okimura Donna Okubo Connie Ortega Elizabeth Padilla Noreen Palmyra Donna Pearson Gina Pena Paul Peterson Jim Phillips Raymond Pietersen Anthony Pineda Keith Poythress Micheal Preston Andrea Pugh Jose Quilici Elaine Radzik Sylvia Ramirea Alexander Ramos Bruce Randall Kenny Ranieni Sherry Reichart James Renke Robert Ringel Jose Rodriguez Karen Rollison Evelyn Roquero Amado Royola Debbie Ryan Alfred Sanchez Ricardo Sandoval Maria Santos Danilo Sarmiento Mendel Saturnino Philp Scheid Kelly Serby Glen Serrano Joseph Siligato John Simpson Russell Skare Eli Smith Jean Smith Jeffrey Spenader fx K? if ay 1 5 Jeanette Sumpter Teddy Taylor Alice Thai Kathryn Thalman Per Thompson Richard Thompson James Tillman Rosalie Tom Diane Toombs Patricia Torres Matthew Trujillo Yuri Tsugc Tony Valencia Frank Valete Diane Vargas Guy Vaughn Ed Vickers Evette Vida William Vogel Tuyen Vu David Walker Melody Wargo Alice Washington Kenichi Watanabe Jacob Wellington Robin Wellmaker Lori Wells Melisa Wheat Bridget White Carolyn Whiting Aaron Wilbur Brett Williams Denise Wilson Kenneth Womack Curtis Woods 55 fi 5 71425 itffff:fq:fff.!,ff:wiez'f,f "if Fiirf ,,,,,V , ',, is ,.,, .,..,,,,,,,, , if W V ggi . , 1 I , W ,,., ' jj fb, ,T 6 A, Z, 5 7 K . :img A "L"-'A fav' ,I fi 4 +91 A 4' 6 T. ...M--f"' V A Q aww "aa ' y, " Y W- .,,, H V if, Vcj, , , ' S i Me, That's who! A ' gf tt Y X . X N 'W-, 'N-jk Hi There, Guess Who? -'Why if agx Q I S U I . ' 5 4 f ,'i:s:"i- X -, , b ' 'W f ,C Q '- , .ll - - X . .' 9' Y. 3 V 'fi l - gp h I Freshman ll I 9 I W , ,',.,.? fiutf ff .ai Azgc Ml W' t -. ntieipate Successful Future C-if 1 Freshman Class Officers Don Terry and Julie Holt Alice Abad Relian Abad Dave Adams Lee Adams Marivel Alaniz Tony Alcala Chuck Allhands Eymard Andrade Reaty Andres Dorothy Arakawa Andy Ariyama Vincent Arreola Angela Ashby Kimberly Baker Robert Baker Nancy Baleita John Baldwin Robin Ballou Bruce Baumbartner Andy Barnes Jeff Baskins Tony Bates Brian Bellamy Theresa Bernieken Rick Best Albertina Beltencourt Joe Bettencourt John Beyer Karen Bishop Tammy Black Robert Blank Lezlie Blotter 4 , ,as C., Michael Boatwright Matt Bohwert E Sheryl Brandon Sharon Brewer Chris Brignani Linda Briones Caroline Brodmerkel Rochelle Brown Donald Campbell Jan Canning 'lf ini V Cristina Capella 1 Noli Carbonel Jenny Cardona Cathy Carrillo Vickie Carr Casey Carranza Ralph Carson Paul Carver um' , in 5 5 M . r Roehl Casasos 5 F .mggf-af-5 ga, at Robert Cash AI Cavttgnaro Beatriz Celi Mei Chan David Childers Eun Joo Choi Carrie Christie Robert Cleveland David Cole f Marcie Colvard Patricia Cook Lee Cowen 1 3' M 2-fi ' Q" 4 -G rf 1 .af 4? 2 1' 1 'ka ' ,. . i in Rl x i fb-' V I 3,2 Q T F, 'rr -3 I . F ' ' ' V 3 ,ia Q ' , I -v Y 'L m, if C L it Ei ' 'AU 1 wha J ,gl 11, Y, ,, -M at i ' .. ii, l I Q , ., V W 'T " l y A,,,5 V se i L! I A' k V K ' V I , ,J ":'.L L 'f et Wyatt ' tt- Qfftm'Y e at its A ik , ' " ' V L. 'Q " 4, fy ff is W tm x ig. ' C 4 -4 I 'M Y , , ..-..... F ,Q i f , ,W 1 J 4. ' l l A l 15 v :Wt eye Q Ft, V' " C ,, V. s V 1 :yy , f tx. Q ,uf M' , , I, 3 i' M! ,f 2' 1. - K . w g, f W vyrfeyiywffgfb , . Q g 'Z ' in ,K 41- s f?f-EEE!! Allis it ,L'lYt, l W Vivienne Craig Joey Crockett Stacey Cross Kathi Crosson Theresa Clifrik Mike Daniels Tami Daniels Kim Darrow Becky' David Willie Wright l,t7 David Norma De Leon Ruben Dcl Rcal David Desscm Joseph Dial Matthcvt Dickey Melanie Divinu Greg Dodge Christina D'Aura ,Iohn Dooley Darren Dorrheim William Douglass Lisa Dunton Evelyn Edora Russell Edora Bill liichler Scott Elliott Sandra Fncarnaeien Patty' l-arley Frank Fazio Mary Fernando Kathy Fisher Keith Fischer Ed Filkovnski Chris Flatmoe Kelly Fleming Walter Fletcher Mark Fowler Robert Fowler Natalie Franklin Diana Fruciano Claudia Fuentes Galen Gabriel Tony Gareia Marilyn Garrido lan Gtllern John Glenn Alex Gonzalez Heliana Grainger Frank Gieale l.atonya Griffin Carla Grimminger Roger Guess Regina Gumabo l'illiberto Gutierres Wendy llajentus Natasha Hamilton April Harmon James llarold Scott llaris Sherry Harris Dean llarrman George Haruta Karen Hatfield Chester Hayes Clinton llayes Anita llernandez lid Hernandez lgnoeia Hernandez Vinee Hernandez Angie Henson Garret Higo Carol lliguchi Janice Hogan Cynthia Holland .lulic llolt Sandra llolt7en Karen lludson Erie llutsell David Jara Martin ,luarel Derrick Kanuzaua Paul llarpinski Monique Karriem Patricia Kessler Judy Kihara Cheri Knaak Kevin Knitter Vicki Knowles Michelle KUI1l7ClID2lll Sulanne Kramer .leanctte Krueger Dwayne Kunimoto Clint Labson liric Labson Victor Lagman liugene Isabel l.avarias Nicki Lawrence Phung Le Tomi Leavenworth David Leiscr Lou Lethens Jeremy Lcvenberg Cassandra Little Todd Litls Cheryl Loughran Kim Loughran fn at Us ,Q - i '59 or I I If . 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H 1- -2 " " if 1 xv T Qing ' ' Melina Wilson W 4 - .9- .. llii -f . Q f .R Q i 1 K Yi In . 9, K v Kandi Williams M " N , V' X ' V T5 za Kim Williams g - Xl lg 1 a I 3. k I h Leonard Williams ,, - ' .. Edward Willis a r I omwww . in M in ,wi i i' E, ' ' 1 1 I It 1 fr Q1 ll ,,,, I af if f asa U n 'E' Y fling., , 7 ' . ,577 AIA . ', ff JN TERRY Plays "Jem" in "TO KILL A MOCKING- "GOTCHA" RD" "SMILE PRETTY, MARY" X511 J 5 . v 5 fl 'fl F l 168 1 Dr. Ott, Dr. Alexander, Mr. Spangler, Miss Ybarra, Mr. Bandettini-our school board. Dr. Sakamoto Jesus Sanchez Superintendent Principal E Ben Menor-Dean of Students, Gary McHenry-Vice-Principal, Phil Rognier-Dean of Student Activities Y Trude Hoflqacker English Will O'Connell English f C i , gf X .l at . I ,,, I llll A a A 6 AAV.- Bill Smith Social Studies 1 X x N X P N A S X we s - - liz -1,:l:.:111.l-,: Q .11,.:L.1 W s lil .. K1?.::l1 .... ll S' x Qs D Q33 lik X16 s X K K ,.,.. . ,..., 1 ,Q X Q E1 s-,.--' , A it ssss C i -,cgi - , . S gt . 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English f l Q gi R as as w X' Carol Rossano Science 'S -Q H'- '-..A" ll l I Herschel Sanders Science his is E ff fn John Johnson Sci.fMath 5,1 on ,Yam 0 K xx Q., 172 Howard Dienger Soc. St. Donald Nelson Music if 1, 2 a Gary Bonano Special Ed. Jess Muller P.E. ' Hugh Riddell PhotographyfYearbook Lowell Woodman Ind. Arts Eugene Olaveson Science X Roberto Randall Math as A9 '5 ,'- 02 ,,is ff- M"i'W"'W Pamela Ynzunza P.E. Carlos Benavides ESL A A his qw Q f f 1 GSR if f. -ws: Sigh? . W K L+ ' Mix. j.. ---'- ni gh. .M Rudy Kelly Bil. Gregory Haney Ind, Arts ji V . Y . f ...-Qi' Sheila Vidal Spanish Thomas Bissell Soc. Sl N i Homgxooryx F Q 1 3- .Iudy Graham, English Marjorie Cotton, P E for 1 2 1 its , Q Es Q ,,-, QA, 5 .t ,....,,,....., 1 l Hector Montes, B1.fSoc. St. Thomas Rogers, Reading Patricia North, P.E. Leo Van Munching, English X' mt W X gif fift' 5 ..-: iifffgff - .I W 5 R S iiiiii R -- -A H A Yfr- 311, ik N N X :XQSSSEHY 29 iiflfff' Ms . X Wi, i :MM ,tM, ..,,...., i f . Jeanne Ryan, Business Hal Partelow, Multi-Media we was wx - . . -- . X SQ? QXX . ,Riggs sg-,L wp 'fi li S 5 X t X X N X William Lee, Math Walter Gaffney, Health Kenneth Balley, Business 174 Daniel O'Keefe, Social Studies 1 Helene Quita, Bilingual i i',' .. z l 'Q Le .l K Maryce Freelen, Community Schl. Dir, Terri Marquez, Librarian ts tp' Q. x, Q ,x 'a If .Qi il i u .ixix Louise Schooley xx' ol i,3'k , A V xxx-. ixxi Yvonne Slavich, Weep , e i iei we ' K X. e ere r , .ta Q? f E Angelicia Fischinger, P.E. Joseph McMahon, Sciflinglish 'fx 1 5 K ,fm XX , Hanel Handley, Holi' ,Economics E Our Friend, Tony Calvelli Q V 175 Margarita Denevan Counselor Geor Co ge Olsen unselor so 4 2, Marjor Counselor 2 ie Haymes Edwin Hathcrly Counselor ul f M ' E ' l ll l'o , 22 4 sl A 4 5 Y 4 gi 5 we 'fiiggil , ,MHJZ 6, 5 l l i A ,r,, 3 ' 1 '--f- - ' 1 - ff ', 'Wil ,, C lels ' f'i 1 , f . 1. A . xi l cz ,gg A , Marion Clem Counselor T- C Arthur Olmos ESLfBilingual Coun. ons l Vance Lee Financial Aids Counselor Esther Montoro Special Day Class Kerri Collinge Biology Janet DilS Vance Wahlberg English Marie Ostman English Boys PE Diane Meyers Jerome Shaw Spanish Bilingual Gayle Cribb U.S. History few., ' l Bert Bower History Daryl Jack Music A,,4--.NN Larry Cotcher Science Lila Stout, Weep Secretary Jean Kotila, Bookroomf Librarian 178 Lupe Zavala, Counseling Clerk Carole Stanley, Mag Card Operator Frances Kagawa, Health Clerk Joan Kimpel, Sec. For Dean Of St. Barbara Risso, Bookkeeper i Ann Botting, LibrarianfRepro Edith Wilder, Library Clerk Lynn Cox, Vice Principal's Secretary Betty Gardner, Bilingual Program Secretary Barbara Westburg, English Resource Center Clerk 1. ,BWV we r 3, Yvonne Shipley, RegistrarfData Processing Clerk 'K ifw.-.............. I.-R: Janet Vierrgg Marie Gutierrezg Paul Grieseg Beverly Olafsong Lena Blazin W Hlinf 3, K ,1-"' CJ NZS, ff' 'v f-fi-fi , A Our Super Support 5 Staff Eagle Autographs N NCI-I CW Q, :- P , -rr' 41- ff ' - X 452 I W gv- L J "A L .X l Q 'ka' ' 'WA ' PQ TO THE CLASS , O If L v 0-ff me QQ i 5 M 'K 5 o A L C I U - ' 7 U My C 2 Wx. 4,0-9 "-' ,f'1'?f2 ' ' 6' "fig, 15 . '? i1:f1f? 7 if V ' ' 9'-' Jtfflb ' ' '- - 1-qufA.w-f-- ' fwiEw-- HB, I -- -N fe., , . ea, aa J 1 V" 3 ' X f f fu sf 1 , 15 xx W +2 a 4 st .1 at 134 A '1 aw 1 'Q ,s gd: L"'4r., , 3 . X, :ga ,, , am., -4 ' nip. " f'P""'Wg" . . , 1:-,Awww-w,,i, . -. ,2?'- ffl.. ' 544 'f:5fs'a1Q1?-Wir i3fF?"ff' P " ' mia if +1 mi Z t - -:fs-,.': A ,,' . . , m . wJ- af,-. ,' 1,-. ffm- f f' f f ' I f .1 M ,wa mg- ,J . 4 .KM , l I x , 1 -- .f1.A.,., -g.--, 5. , fn 21, -f rf fy Y x ,-Qi'-k , ',.' w yn, .- , Y .1.,,,,ye.,,-ff , e 12311 g3'f.f'5-' 13,-Ei , , , -,- jf-if? ' K ILT V A- 'T . 1"f'ff. -11-', Z4--'J ' J' L ' 'L51?'V!"'.' 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Murphy, CSNI General Manager The Old Mill SO Qllwl S 8 Flestatlrants 5 Theatres 2540 Calltornra Street Mountain Vlevv, California 94040 Telephone: C4153 94199595 ' Wh N WM s at on 620 xg S is ' X , . rg ' M Y W F '1 4' , - Qi sl is " g xl ' QW. - 'K ' N Q 5: us. . F, A K on k Best Wishes 0 ii s UQ: ii 'fig To The Class Of Located In The Old Mill 1979 2540 California Ave. Mtn. View, California 94040 Q06 Carl Slmpson Bulck Inc. Patna 'nazi C I a s S O f a 7 9 Mountain View Ca 94040 553 Cdstro SI Mtn Vicw tfdfff-fUfIl,U6 bbmpany WINDOW COVEFIING SPECIALISTS DRAPERY CLEANING DRAPERY MANUFACTURING 0 Commercial 0 Residential 0 Variety of Fabrics 0 Woven Woods Non Immersion Method 0 Riviera Blinds Alterations and Relining 0 Window Shades Rod Rebuilding and Adjusting ' EXDBU Installations DRAPERY HARDWARE 0 Decorative Rods 0 Super-Duty and Heavy Duty Traverse Rods 0 Architectural Track Courtesy Cleaners and Laundry, Inc. Jim Hollingsworth, Manager 835 Leong Drive Mountain Vievv, CA 94043 I415I 967-3757 Palm Y0rksh1re Inc ng? LUHBER GARDE FIRE V000 TER Los Altos Garden 8a Supply Brings Best Wishes To The Class Of "79l'. Larry V. Riches-4730 El Camino WHY LEAVE HIGH SCHOOL JUST BE- CAUSE YOU'VE GRADUATED? Lots of adults like you keep coming back to school as ADULTS. It's a fact-THOUSANDS of adults of all ages flock to Awalt, Mountain View, or Los Altos night after night. Why? Check out the schedule. Youlll find courses in art, music, home- making, business skills, technical training, psychol- ogy, crafts, or high school credit programs. Enjoy your new status-you've earned it. And think about keeping your ties with Mountain View through one ofthe hundreds of classes offered just for adults like you. For more information, call 967-7986 or 948-2948- 3278. Better yet stop by the adult school office at any of the three high schools. MOUNTAIN VIEW-LOS ALTOS ADULT SCHOOL ,V MTN. VIEW COMMUNITY HEALTH CEN- TER. If you cannot afford to see a doctor. Then visit the Mt. View Cummunity Health Center, Santa Clara County Bldg. 101 Sterlin rd., Mt. View. Evening house Tuesday, Thursday 8: Friday 6:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. This general Medical Clinic is operated by Medical Staff that speaks spanish 8L English. g,Probles De Medico Se Habla Espanol llamenos por telefono 965-3323? We here in the gang would like to dedicate this ad to our very spastic Hriend, Denise Bellamy, AFS 'er in Germany-we love you!!! lasona, where it all began . . . be cool . . . what a drag . . . the pits . . . are you high'?'?? . . . lashers . . . At the Hop . . . K.C. concert . . . mellow out . . . Gurgle . . . ILOVE YOU!!! . . California girls Cyou all should be . . . J I want your body!!! YEEHAW!!! have a ball, maby . . . Afternoon Delight . . . Dense . . . Walnut Creek . . . I feel sick . . . Tahoe . . . Vludball . . . Chevelle . . . I think I'm in love . . . kick back . . . we're flying!!! my dad is gonna have a cow . . . Sweet Home Alabama . . . burritos . . . J-J-Jack in the Box . . . .wimming at G.A.'s . . . Fooled Around and Fell in Love . . . MV Shell . . . CCS football . . mentals have more fun . . . SPAZ OUT!!! laughed so hard, I almost had an accident p , . Who Love You . . . I can dig it . . . Pick me a winner . . . We Just Disagree . . . Marching Band . . . R.M. High . . . El Camino . . . Day on the Green Jil the Soph, Jr, Sr, pench . . , Homecoming 78 . . . twiggs I can relate . . . Too Hot Ta Trot . . . your carls Jretty . . . Best of My Love , . . spam ham in the Comet . . . TTN . . . spaz's 1-7 . . . Vlystic Mr. Sam . . . lunch line . . . hels a sweetie . . . oh gross!!! hi fans . . , check it out . . . Fool for the City . . . Y.L. camps . . . Hollywood smile . . . the '78 Prom . . . Mr. Ree s a Mysteree to me . . . Bass drum . . . Molehead . . . Mork from Ork . . . get off my case 1 . . Zaszba!!! have a heart, cutie!!! Ilm HYPERR!!! I've got the munchies . . . TINK, l'INK, TINK . . . RR Tracks!!! vacuum attack . . . french . . . Swenson's , . . 2nd set , . . Qahahaha!!! SUCKER!!! how big are your boys'?'?'? YOWZA, OWZA, YOWZA!!! hang a L!-E . . . BA! CA! BD! Welre going to the movies . . . Brick . . . House!!! babababaBarbar- 1Ann! Noley . . . WHEE DOGEE!!! Rognier's US final . . . Peel out . . . run into any loorknobs lately? wherels the party'?'?'? baha bug . . . Just Give Me A Kiss . . . flag ,em lown, girls . . . Sarah Smell . . . flashlight . . . beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, dadadadada . . . down to earth . . . Zippo . . . bike trips . . . Gumball Rally . . . Woof Woofs . . . Having My Baby . . . HBR . . . Z-28, Supersport . . . Woody . . . 69 Nova . . . orange sports car grew up into an orange four wheel drive truck . . . 74 Chevy Stepside . . . Vlustang . . . SSJ . . . Jackson Browne concert . . . !'Jeff, put in whoa-whoa!!', 1932 wine :owboys . . . KOME van . . . catch a wave . . . sorry buddy, I donlt race . . . Kome drive-in . . . wanna get married??'? I'll race you for your body!!! Kim Saabe ready to pick beep, Kim Saabe pick beep!!! notes on cars . . . Chris, Hal and Doug , . . Nevada boys CMike and Jessb . . . Hey Beaky!!! never going back again . . . MV 8-LA 7 . . . Woolworth softball games . . . Fremont. HOT STUFF TSSSS!!! Boogie Man . . . Pull my finger!!! lst street . . . KISS HIM!!! December 1963-!'Oh what a night!!!" The gang is: DN, SN, DEN, DB, LB, MMC, AND BH-WE ARE ALL NUTSOS!!! In Antd 77' uipl u f: , gg Qc ,f21,fitQiCitt5L5" L7 Jfifoi, g . ,ju Kg Q13 - g I ff ! as is . If 4 I if fl A Q A IONLOT gy , is , " 5 ,1 K. W G I -5 'li ,PTC ,if I 5' f'Jf.L ltfffli 61, . f7 I Q ! W M!! 2 iz t o r fa' gg ,Q 3 A , Xi iJTil' AV 14 1 i . U 189 'erm EEN-I See Us For Your Electronrcal Parts. 1036 Castro St. Mt. View Ca. 94040 968-8894 Congratulation Class Of 979 Best to From To The Class Of 1979 From Larry Beyer Good Luck In The Future Congratulation MEET ME A7- dr 6 5"F4-W-sunssns-s1uKS'V'1"xk 1616 EL CAMINO REAL ' MOUNTAIN VIEW CA 94040 Phone: 961-7414 1 190 BANKAMERICARD MASTER CHARGE IST NATIONAL 948-0272 NORNEYIS YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL SCHOOL NEEDS San Antonio Shopping Center 14155961-5825 914 W EI Cam R I M M , CA94040, 14151968 6539 's ' M I pewmg acigfj I 'Yacuum Cleaner I ly I YT SALES - SERVICE 1 PARTS - ACCESSORIES 0 0 4940 El Camino Los Altos Calif. Open 7 Days 964-7500 II AM - 2 M A NIISRA JOE'S AUTO SUPPLY, INC IX HNIC IANS 1398 WEST EL CAMINO REAL MTN VIEW CALIFORNIA 94040 O X'I'IiRNA'I'ION AI, JOE T WARD 967 3914 - 967-3865 Q AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 0 TOOLS Q EQU WHOLESALE 0 RETAIL TB 9 Maggie I 31 , C. Mori' MOORE S 32l ff? 1 I ph 957-3OI3 f' 1 nf. 27 YEARS OF EXPERT CAMERA REPAIR 254 MOFFET TAIN VIEW. CA. Cecils AMPRA'S Ice Cream 86 Candy Est- Secretarial frkclminishrative Service Specializing in: ' Secretaries - lr. frxclministrative Typists - Tec nica Statistical Word Processing Operators AMPRA PICARDAL l44l5l 961-8745 651 SIERRA VISTA MOUNTAIN VIEW CA 94040 Open ll:30 A.M. fo 9:00 P.M. Phono 968-9494 Closed Tuesday AIR CONDITIONED A ,flmly s Cfhlucsc 'Ty-ay: Restaurant In The Old Mill I74 Castro Street Mountain View California Mountain View. Tglgphone ORDERS TO TAKE OUT COCKTAlLS THE wAl-I SING nomsr FRESH CUT FLOWERS 50c UP FOR ALL OCCASIONS d'g- - - up-961-9683 ma EIC ' 967-aoso MI. v' xv. Q ' ' A ' mi A f,Af4,QfNf' 0 Jerry Gauthier Mgr. C4081 274-4302 14153 948-9948 MALONE S TEXACO O 334 sAN ANTONIO no moo, MT view CAL 94040 030 O ,yr 967 2259 223 CASTRO STREET Complete Auto Repanr Arr Conditioning MOUNTAIN VIEW CM-'F Servlce Motor Tune Up ' lu 1 f l O Q 1 1 1 ' Z , I . . I . 0 Wed un s Funerals Corsages Arrange i 9 Plants - Gifts ammo Real or lew, CA F A ,f 'fri " ' 1 S ' GSW lg owl 8 CN C XCUIT AGRICULTURE SUPPLY COMPANY SPP ..ata DONALD J. PASSANTINO MPP-Y' TELEPHONE 4 SJ - F' O BOX COYOTE CALIF 95013 Choice Meats Fresh Produce Rengstorlnl At Central Expressway Palm Variety 557 Castro St. Mountain View Ca. 9404l 968-2101 Qffallm df gwagcuz INTERIORS LIC 4 229101 '3N5 'Gf ' 944 275 Castro St. lVltri. View Calif. 968-4441 Castro City Market 40 South Rengstorff Mtn View 967 3630 BADALAMENTE SAUSAGE Manufacturer of Italian Sausage S Pork Sausage 54085 794-7ll,' Joe Sehillaci 74 Willow Nl.. Leo Vinciquerra San Jose VA 9,1 HINPL 'CITY West El Camino Real Mountain View Phone 968-4445 Special Luncheon Plates And Dinners To Take Out. 14151 967 4451 Jlwuua JIEWIELEPS 260 CAs'rRo STREET E POLISH Mounnm vizw, CALIF. 94041 Assocumon ANDERSON'S CUSTOM FRAMING 852 Villa St. Mt. View, CA Phone 967-3821 1 U0 3 f 0 NURSERV FAI M UILDING MAYEPIALS . 00 A L ef FII ri 3 gigzix q o 3 ' N HL' Super Duper Market E33 855 . L . Za. CHE IA Q Ja A : I Specializing ln Oriental Foods J Service Center TOWIHQ R O h I 584 North Flengstorff Clggiligiion epairs Ver au S Mountain View California - V Electronic Diagnostic Analyzer f4l5l 967-9989 Brake Service Dean Grafmiller Reasonable Rates Owner Guaranteed Workmanship Man is challenged today to excel in almost every endeavor. . .those who do succeed often trace the beginnings of their performance pattern to accom- plishment in high school and to those who offered stimulation and inspiration in these formative years. Josten s has long been a partner to these educational leaders in providing a means of moti- vation and the rewards of recognition and Josten s products have become tangible symbols honoring perseverance and achievement. The class ring is representative of the fine tradi- tions of school spirit and unity Il The yearbook provides a lasting memento of the years accom- plishments E The diploma is a lifelong record of scholastic success U The graduation announce- ment heralds this achievement U Awards recog- nize academic and athletic leadership. Serving you locally: P.O. Box 503 Menlo Park Calif. 94025 Serving The Third Generation of America s Finest Students CLASS RINGS GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS DIPLOMAS YEARBOOKS AWARDS ' ' GAR EN Dean SEXXQI1 Complete Automotive Service Y T PAUL A. ECHE STORE IVIANACE. rA15l967-3154 iii Y" iA DRILL MOUNTAIN Vliflfll CAL IFOFHXHA 9-404i J X Xvo uh m rtlx J ,O .1 .. E. ' C J P 7 Denis Moore Ph 941 42 1 94 H J., 5 rl K-I HCC gags., jewelry 0 Antiques 0 Real Estate T K ' K ff C! cj I " v Coach Leo Long . -9 5 IOGGER S WORLD Phone: 732-5430 LaBella . Coiffures EVERYTHING Fon THE RUNNER ll75 W. El Camino Real San Antonio Center SUl'lIlyVZ1lC CH. 94086 2550 W. EI Camino Real Mt. View, CA, O40 CODE LL 2, ARCHIVAL PHOTOGRAPHY 'X Q V Q A - Insure With Photographs - Hugh Riddell Chuck Coovert 732-2023 941-5494 Cdlifgfnid Bakery A STORE wiri-i MUCH MORE Cakes For All Occasions 235 Castro St. MO3,2tamQ53,Sf1W' cAsTno uouons s DELI OHC 1032 CASTRO ST. MT. viEw, CA. 94040 14153 968-0593 Open Mon. Thru Fri. G 6130 A-M' to 6300 P-M- c:ARLoi.AFsoN DEE OLAFSON Manuel 8L Dian Medina Sal. 6:30 To 3:00 Mon. Thru Sat. X-6 Discount Prices Photographic NATIONAL AUTO SUPPLY , , l Open 6 Dos We give special discounts to 881 Castro Street Mountain View, Cu, 94040 Students Drums Turned ' Bearings Pressed llnel. Sam Old Mill Center DAVID FOI-M, O67-9324 2540 California Street ' Mountain View Ca 94040 941-9631 CODE LL BERGMANS DEPT STORE . , , ARCHIVAL PHOTOGRAPHY - I men s, Women s and childrens In L ' lewelry 0 Antiques 0 Real Estate .Q , - ,mme with Ph0,0g,aphS- wear, yardage, toys, housewares I 3 I 5 shoe dept. Hugh Riddell ChuckCoovert NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Telephone 44155 969-4300 Palo Alto 94306 FRANK A. HIMLER Pjon I 1710 Miyamonte Avenue fx of D' AND Mountain View, CA 94040 A -. vb, 1 2455 OLD MIDDLEFIELD WAY - f"' MOUNTAIN VIEW. CA. 94043 1415! 968 7034 - I X-NN N , 3 7 2 'f X I R ' ' I U C .Ji I 'R 4 732-2023 941-5494 2741 Middlefield Rd. 0 I L f X 4 1' ,I X 1 'U l El N- , U A '. ga I W I ' .sf 40 ABC Cert. Lanes Billiard Tables Cocktail Lounge Coffee Shop I llllllllll 2025 EI Camino Real 0 Mtn. View 0 961-2121 FEED - CAGES - SUPPLIES Carr s PETS OF ALL KINDS 701 w. EVELYN Ave. PHONE 967-5748 MT. viEw cAi.iF. 1415! 941-2711 AL Bc ALICE BROWN O w N E R s BAILEY Pi.AzA Pharmacy fl3liil'ps Qoalery DRUGS COSMETICS GIFTS ISI-IOE5 FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILYJ BROVV 570 STIERLIN ROAD N NIT VIEVV CALIF 94040 SAN ANTONIO SHOPPING CENTER R A PENNY MILLER PHONE 964 5572 2550 EL CAWNO EAL J N BROWN MOUNTAIN VIEW. CALIF. 94040 I I 1 ED MANAGER - BOOKKEEPEF2 Q 6' 9 Seniors SAD, Alan 18, 36 BARCA, Lladira I8 3EY, Diane 6, 11, 18, 36 EVES, Rafael 18 JBAYAN1, Reynold 72, 18, 141, 34 -LEN, Joyce 18 SJDERSON, Marty 18 NIDERSON, Sallie 19 NIDRES, Antonio 19, 114 QBAS, Jacqueline 19 HLA, Victor 19 KLMONTE, Linda 19, 139 XRNES, Lori 19 XSCOS, Daniel 19, 139 XUMGARTNER, Jeff 19, 34, 41, 92 ANE, Amber I, l1,13, 19 IRN, Jim 66, 19, 136 LLAMY, Denise 19, 131 TTENCOURT, Mark 15, 20, 63, 141,I35, 136,137,138 YER, Leslie 9, 20, 52, 110, 111, 136, 139, 143 SHOP, Joyslyn 20, 34, 139 ANCHARD, Teresa 20, 41, 69, 72,141, 80,146 OTTER, Rebecca 20 UGUIREN, Paul 20 VIE, Xavier 20, 36 ADLEY, Kenneth 20, 80 EWER, John 20, 45 OTHERS, Tammy 20 YANT, Emmett 10, 20, 45, 35 AMPBELL, Stuart 20, 63, 136, 135, 137 APPELLI, Albart 20 ARREON, Eileen 20 ARDOZA, Saul 20 ARSON, Yvonne 20 ELI, Domingo 21 HOW, Sandra 21 LEVELAND, Teresa 21 ODE, Lauri 21, 40, 93, 121, 136 OLLINS, Elaine 21, 80 ORRALES, Gloria 21 UMMINGS, Clarence 21, 105, 106, 107 ORRILLO, Mario 21 ARANG, Orlando 45, 72, 21, 35, 118, 119 ASHLER, Irene 21 E BOER, Faith 21 ECKER, Pierre 21 E RUITER. Babette 21 EWITT, Julie 21 IRECTO, Randolph 22, 135, 141, 137 ORNBERGER, Michael 22 REBERT, Mark 22 UDLEY, Stephen 12, 22, 36, 72, 104, 105 UHAIME, Eileen 22, 77 NGBERG, Grace 22, 36 NGQUIST, Jonathan 6, 22, 45, 47, 72, 104, 105, 106, 107 AHIM, Rizan 22 RNANDEZ, Gustavo 22, 132 RRIGNO, Matteo 22 LORES, Larry 22 Index FLORES, Rossana 22 FLOYD, Tyrone 22, 45, 46 FORONDA, Edgar 22, 139 FOSTER, Alan 33 FOSTER, Loise 22 FOWLER, Bobby 22, 36, 141 FULMER, David 23 FREEMAN, Rona 23 GALICIA, Thomas 23, 36, 118, 119, 121 GARCIA, Dolores 23, 35, 71, 75, 76, 79,l41, 142,139 GREENY, Penny 23 GRAYWOOD, John 134 GREGORY, Brian 23 GUEVARA, Salvador 23 GUNION, Sue 23, 143 GUTIERREZ, Juan 132 HARALSON, Kevin 6, 23, 41, 34, 92, 141, 147 HARLOW, Bernedia 23 HARRIS, Rhonda 6, 23, 40, 68. 72. 141, 80, 34 HARRIS, Wendy 11, 23, 142,36 HARVEY, John 105 HATT, Barbara 9, 23, 40, 141 HAWLEY, Michael 23, 45 HAYES, Katherine 24 HELD, Teresa 24 HENDREN. Kevin 24 HIGAREDA, Cynthia 24 HILL, Bobbi 24, 40. 139, 141 HIMLER, Jennifer 24, 41, 141 HIMMAUGH, Karen 24 HINES, Zendolyn 24 HINMAN, David 24 HO LE-TRINH Thi 24 HEOCKER, Sandra 24 HOPKINS, Karen 24, 137 HOPKINS, Kathleen 24, 101, 102 HOPP. Brian 3, 24, 34, 66, 72, 11, 136, 142, 143 HOURANY, Raelene 24, 78, 80, 140, 141 HUMMEL, Valerie 24 HUNT, Merianne 25, 80 HUPP, Brad 25 HURT, Charles 25 HUSTEN, Lynn 25 HUTSELL, Kurt 25 HUTTER, Teresa 5, 6, 25, 136 IMAI, Bruce 25, 36 IMAI, Susan 25, 35, 61, 98, 99, 100, 134, 137, 139 JARA, Richard 25 JENKINS, Kathy 25 JON ES, Charles 8 JONES, Dana 25 KEE, Charles 25 KIKUCHI. Christopher 25 KIRLEY, Timothy 26 KORPP, Russel 26, 40, 41, 134, 146, 147 KRCH, Rosemarie 26 KRIEWALL, Earl 26, 137 KYLES, Margaret 26, 36 LAVRISCHEFF, Phillip 26, 80, 146 LAVARIAS, Conrado 26, 139 LAVARIAS, Felisa 26 LAVARIAS, Pacita 26, 139 LIM. Ruth 26, 139 LIPNICK, Michelle 11, 26, 76, 77 LIU, Henry 26, 135, 137, 138 LOGWOOD, Mike 26 LOKSY, Vuokko 1, 26, 130, 139 LON EY, Linda 26, 35, 63, 130, 136, 137, 139, 140, 141 LU, Harold 114 MCCLOSKEY, Bryn 27, 35 MCCLU RG, Molly 27, 34, 40, 72. 92,130,134,110,Il1,141.143. 137, 147 MCCONN, Shawn 27 MCCREADY, Mariadel 27 MCILWRAITH, Douglas 27, 78, 80 MACGOWAN, April 27 MALLARE, Luz 26 MANZANO, Robert 27 MARRIOTT, Teresa 27 MARRON, Joselyn 27 MARTINEZ, Pedro 27 MATA, Betty 27 MEAD, Sara 11, 27, 32, 36, 6, 52. 53, 77, 142 MEDINA, David 27, 35 MEIER, Denise 27, 34, 139 MERIALES, Joann 28 MONEM, Mehrdad 114 MORIMOTO, Linda 28, 142 MULLEN, Adrian 28, 34 MUNIZ, Gustavo 28, 135, 137 MUTIA, Victoria 28, 139 NAKAYAMA, Teal 28, 36 NOLEN, Suzanne 52, 54, 72, 13, 28, 36, 98, 99, 100, 137, 139, 141. 142 OCHOA, Ana 28 OCHOA, Maria 28, 133 OWENS, Mary 28 PACELLA, John 28, 45, 105, 106 PARRISH, Evelyn 28 PASSANTINO, Charles 28, 34, 36. 8, 44, 45, 46, 47, 71, 75, 82, 104, 105, 106, 107, 142 PATIENCE. Wendy 28, 143 PEARSON, Mona 28, 40, 41 PENA, Menchie 29 PEREZ, Jesus 29 PERKINS, Greg 29, 105 PHELPS, Kathleen 29, 140, 141, 34, 76, 77 PLATH, Shari 29 PONT, John 29, 34, 45, 47, 142 PULLEN, Brian 29, 63, 135, 136, 137 QUEEN, Tammy 29 RAMIREZ, Ana 29 RAMIREZ, Cynthia 6, ll, 29, 76. 77, 142 RAMIREZ, Estella 29 RAMIREZ, Jeneva 29 RAMOS, Cheryl 29, 139, 141 RANEY, Julia 29 RASMUSSEN, Kay 30 ROACH, Dennis 30, 143 ROBERSON, Phillip 30 ROBINSON, Betty 30, 138 ROBINSON, Carolyn 30 ROMAO, Vincent 30, 35, 41, 45, 136 ROMO, Hortencia 30, 35, 72, 132, 133,142,146,l47 RONALD, Kimberley 30 SANDOVAL, Marina 30 SANTIAGO, Mary 30 SCHMIDT, Nancy 30 SCHNEIDER, Kurt 30 SCHWARTZ, Paul 30, 92, 134, 143. 144 SEGURA, Cirma 30 SHAW, Lynn 6, 30, 41. 34, 111, 142 SIAS, Rebecca 132 SMITH, Gilbert 30, 137, 141 SMITH, Michelle 31 SNYDER, Daniel 31, 78, 80 SNYDER, Deborah 31, 61 SOLIS, Javier 31 SUMNER, Robert 31, 114, 115 THOMPSON, Cole 31, 45, 135. 137, 138 TOM, May 31, 35 TOM, Mary 31 TORDA, Myrna 31, 143 TURNER, John 31,134 TURNER, Todd 31,45,143 VAGO, Susan 8, 31, 136, 76, 77 VALDEZ, Plaridel 32, 139 VEGA, Margaret 32, 132 VELASCO, Silvia 32 VIDA, Sandy 32 WALLACE, Aaron 32, 63 WEBER, Robert 32, 136, 143 WEYLAND, Karen 32, 40, 93, 141 WILLIAMS, Renee 32 WINDER, Tori 32 YAMAJI, Sandra 32 YEE, Ronald 32, 35, 137. 139, 141 YU, Albert 32, 114 ZELAYA, Carmen 32, 132, 133 ZELAYA, Jerry 32, 132, 133 ZELAYA, Maria 32, 133 ZWEIGLE, Glenn 5, 8, 32, 45, 46 Juniors ABARCA, Rosendo - 154 ACEVES, Jose' - 114. 154 ADAMSON, Lianne - 154 AKIYAMA, Scott- 134, 154 ALDINGER, Diane - 64, 65, 111. 144, 154 ALAS, Gloria - 133 ALVAREZ, Porlilio - 114 ANDERSON, John - 154 ANDREWS, Dean - 4, 13, 154 AOYAGI, Douglas - 63, 78, 80, 134, 154 ARELLANES, Bruce - 118, 154 ARMSTEAD, Allred - 9, 14. 45 ARREOLA, Silvia - 154 AYALA, Silvia - 64, 112, 137 BAINS, Danielle - 154 BAINS, Paul- 154 BAKALISH, Mark - 66, 136, 143 BALCITA, Susan - 61, 139, 154 BALCITA, Vizar - 59, 139, 154 BALDWIN, Vincent- 154 BARR, Pam -154 BAUER, Dayna - 154 BELEN, Elaine - 154 BELION, Sylvia - 154 BELTRAN, Leanne 63, 154 BERG, Deanna - 15, 80, 154 BERG, Deanna - 15, 80, 154 BERGVALL, James - 154 BERNAL, Andrew - 66, 154 197 BIANCARDI, Anna - 64, 154 BISHOP, Caroline - 100, 101, 139, 154 BISHOP, David - 45, 154 BLACK, Kim - 154 BORNSCHLEGEL, Katie - 110, 154 BUI, Dung -154 CARBONEL, Joselito - 139, 154 CARDONA, Annabelle - 154 CARRANZA, Carolyn - 143, 154 CARSON, Cynthia - 61, 154 CARVER, Julie - 78, 101, 102, 103, 154 CATOLICO, Nadine - 139, 154 CELI, Emiliano - 139, 155 CHAVEZ, Alfred - 155 CHOW, Karen - 155 COCHELL, John - 155 CODE, Michelle - 10, 14, 155 COLE, Patricia - 155 COLE, Robert f 155 COOK, Eric - 45, 155 COOPER, Cherri - 1,55 COOPER, Tom - 45, 134, 136, 144, 155 COPELAND, Michael - 45, 134, 144, 155 ' CORTES, Pablo - 155 COSTA, Margaret - 8, 76, 77, 80, 155 COX, Janet- 155 CROSBY, Keith - 155 CRUZ, Joseph - 155 CURRY, Phyllis - 138, 155 D AURA, Lucy -137,155 DAVID, Jim - 11,15,66, 134, 136, 144, 155, 158 DAVIS, Patricia - 155 DAVY, Sharon - 155 DEL REAL, Anna - 155 DENNIS, Patty - 76, 77, 136, 143, 155, 158 DOWSE, Frank - 45, 47, 134, 136, 144, 146, 147 DUE, Steven - 155 DUHAIME, Deborah - 77, 155 EASTON, Alicia - 155 EASTWOOD, Richard - 11, 66 EICHLER, Annette - 114, 143, 155 EMERY, Madeleine - 76, 77, 155 ENBYSK, Scott- 155 FAYARD, Jose - 155 FERINA, Nicole - 155 FERNANDO, Wilma - 155 FISHER, Murray - 155 FLANAGAN, John - 114, 141, 155 FLATMOE, Scott - 155 FOO, Jadine - 155 FULMER, David - 155 GARCIA, Frank - 155 GARCIA, Mirella - 155 GARCIA, Rosa - 132, 155 GODOY, Noemi - 132, 133, 155 GONZALEZ, Daniel - 62, 63, 136, 155 GRILLI, Helen - 155 GUSTAVSON, Rebecca - 9, 61, 155 HAGEN, Robert - 78, 80, 155 HALL, Glenna - 14, 76, 77, 143 HARLOW, Linda - 16, 55, 56, 100, 155 198 HARTJE, Roger - 155 HARTMAN, Tracy - 155 HAYAMIZU, Richard - 155 HAYES, Gloria - 101, 103, 138, 141, 155 HEALY, Michelle - 134, 144, 155 HEGWOOD, Eddie - 105, 107 HIGA, Margie - 52, 54, 100, 137, 155 HINSHAW, Troy - 114,155 HODGKINSON, Susie - 155 HUBER, Sharon - 155 HUSON, Carla - 155 JENVEY, Teddy - 59, 135, 141, 154, 155 JOCIUS, David 12, 155 JOHNSON, Angela - 155 JOHNSON, Philip - 155 JONES, Sharron - 155 JOSHUA, Michelle - 155 JURADO, Madelena - 15, 83, 156 KAKU, Wayne, 8, 45, 105 KANAZAWA, Alecia - 156 KARRIEM, Rhonda - 68, 76, 77, 138, 156 KEE, Danny - 156 KIEBKE, Kristi- 141, 156 KIBLER, Scott- 144, 156 KIHARA, Randy -134,141,156 KIKUCHI, JoAnn - 3, 52, 100, 137, 156 KIM, Bae Sung - 4, 156 KINAMAN, Steven - 78, 80, 134, 156 KIRLEY, Donna - 76, 77, 156 LAGMAN, William - 156 LAINO, Robert - 156 LANGFORD, Laura - 156 LARA, Mike - 156 LAU, Ginger - 156 LAVARIAS, Amando - 59, 156 LETHEM, Nancy - 156 LIPSETT, Marcus - 156 LITTLE, John - 66 LUGN, .lack - 78,80 LUHAR, Devendra - 156 LUNA, Ernesto - 156 LUNA, Johnny - 156 LUTT, John - 156 LYLES, Joseph - 156 MCCABE, Terrence - 133, 156 MCCONNELL, Dave - 156 MCCRAY, Penny - 156 MACGOWAN, April - 156 MACKLIN, Theressa - 55, 98, 99, 100, 134, 144, 156 MADERA, Julita - 3, 52, 54, 100, 156 MARAMBA, Monica - 156 MARQUEZ, Lucia - 156 MARTINEZ, Debbie - 156 MASUDA, Naomi - 156 MATEO, Chris - 45, 105, 156 MATHIS, Thomas v 59 MILLER, Barry - 63, 156 MONTOOTH, Joseph - 143 MONTOYA, Joseph - 156 MOORE, Jeffrey - 156 MORALES, Jeffery - 156 MORENO, Jo Anna - 156 MORENO, Susan - 156 MOSSNER, Joseph - 156 MULFORD, Kelly - 156 MUTIA, Carmela - 137, 139, 156 NAKAMURA, Sara V 6, 61, 134, 46, 156, 158 NAMBIAR, Vijay - 156 NARVAEZ, Lisa - 4 NEMCHIK, Patricia - 156 NEUMANN, Natascha - 63, 112, 113, 136, 156 NGUYEN, Hoang - 156 NGUYEN, Thanh - 156 NIBLOCK, Scott - 156 NISHIURA, Gavin - 156 NOGALES, Veronica - 60, 61, 156 OBUCHI, Richard - 78, 80, 156 OKAMURA, James - 66, 135, 156 OLMOS, David - 45, 118, 119, 120 OLSON, Alan - 58, 156 OSBORNE, Tonia - 134, 144, 156 OWENS, Kathleen - 135, 156 PADILLA, Judy - 156 PALMA, Carmelita - 156 PARRIS, Angela - 156 PAULSON, Thomas - 156 PELLEY, Scott- 156 PELLOUCHOUD, Vicky - 157 PENA, Luis - 157 PEOPLES, Russell - 44, 45, 104, 105, 107,138, 141 PETERSON, Mark - 157 PHELPS, Karen - 76, 77, 90, 158 PICARDAL, Sheryl - 76, 77, 157, 158 PINTER, Alan - 80, 157 PRITCHARD, Scott- 157 PUGH, Benny - 78, 80, 140, 144, 157 PUGH, Lorrissa - 157 PULLEN, Adrienne - 157 QUINTANA, Valerie - 112, 113 RANDAZZO, Debi - 157 RAPP, Owen - 45, 157 RAQUEDAN, Lorna - 139, 157 REEVES, Michael - 80, 157 REILING, Steven - 4, 63, 81, 95, 136, 147, 157 RICHEY, Diana - 80, 137, 157 RIN, Jacob - 59, 157 RODONDI, Michon - 157 RODRIQUEZ, Sandra - 157 ROLLISON, Robert- 13, 157, 158 RYAN, Teresa - 144, 157 SABALA, Robert - 157 SAITO, Debbie - 157 SALA, Nadine - 135, 157 SANTOS, Gerardo - 134, 157 SARMIENTO, Jesus - 59, 157 SAULUS, Shane - 114, 142, 157 SCHOLZ, Tami - 157 SCHWAFEL, Lynn - 154, 157 SEGURA, Irma - 157 SERRANO, Celia - 157 SILER, Joseph - 157 SILER, Nicolas - 9, 45, 93, 157, 158 SIMOES, Isabel - 83, 157 SINCLAIR, Robert- 144 SLAUGHTER, Ricky - 157 SLOAN, Cheryl - 157 SMITH, Charles - 45, 157 SMITH, Todd -135, 157 SMITH, Zibby - 157 SOUSA, Derek - 157 SPRINGER, Mario - 62, 63, 157 STEVENS, Denise - 76, 77, 157 STEINKE, Mark - 118, 157 STOLTE, Dena - 65, 80, 111, 157 STRONG, Dwan - 157 SU, Jack - 137, 157 SVEVO, Nino - 134, 144, 157 SWITZER, George - 13, 66, 136, 157, 158 TAKAYAMA, Mark - 78, 80, 157 THOMPSON, Lisa - 137, 157 TIDWELL, Montgomery - 78, 80, 157 TIERNEY, Anna - 76, 77, 157 TOKUNAGA, Lon - 45, 46, 157 TORRES, Danial - 157 TORRES, Josephine - 121 TURNER, Bryan - 157 USHER, Scott- 120, 157 VALDEZ, Anselmo - 59, 139, 157 VANDENBOS, Donald - 141, 157 VARGAS, Annette - 157 VENEGAS, Cynthia - 157 VILLASENOR, Therese - 157 VOWELL, Stephanie - 12, 76, 77, 110, 111, 157 WELLS, Michael - 157, 158 WENGER, Laurie - 1, 11, 63, 134 136, 137, 139, 144, 157 WESTFALL, David - 158 WHITE, Patricia - 138, 144, 158 WIDMONT, Catherine - 158 WILLIAMS, Gwendolyn - 158 WILLIAMS, Kristy - 80, 146 WILLIAMS, Miguel- 139 WILLIS, Kenneth - 158 WILLSON, Mary - 158 WOHLKEN, Pamela - 158 ZAVALA, Conrad - 143, 158 ZAVALA, Magdalena - 158 ZOBEL, Karen - 64, 93, 110, 111, 154 Sophomores AGLORO, Dan-159,139 ALLEN, Frank-4, 78, 108, 159 AOYAGI, Paul-63, 78, 80, 134, 15 ARIAS, Hector-114 AVILA, Gloria-159 BAIN, Vicki-159 BAKER, Kim-13 BARLOW, Kellye-159 BARNES, Beverly-159 BARRERA, Ernesto-59, 159 BEAVERS, Charles-159, 118 BERG, Ellen-159 BERGVALL, Daniel-159 BJORGE, Debra-159 BLACKKETTER, Lee-48, 49,51,1 BLEISNER, Catherine-55, 159 BLEVIN, Matt-118, 120 BLOHM, David-159 BORNSCHLEGEL, Andrea-83, 14 159, 111, 147 BRANDON, David-159 BREWER, Micheal-159 BROOKS, Pamela-159 BROWN, Annie-159 BROWN, Eileen-159 BRYAN, Robert-159 BUDD, Lawrence-159 'RD, Mark-159 RKE, Niki-78, 80, 159 RKE, Patrick-67, 134 SH, Michael-108, 159 LICA, Timothy-78, 80, 139, 159 RBONEL, Dolores-159 RTER, David-159 SSARA, Joe-114, 115, 159 STRO, Arthur-159 DARBLADE, David-159 JA, Trino-159 LI, Rizalde-139, 160 RVANTES, Abelardo-160 AVEZ, Bob-160 AVEZ, Thomas-160 1ONG,Cyri1-134, 160 ILE, Leigh-49, 50, 51, 160 ILLING, Patrick-48, 49, 160 ILON, Johnny-160 INWAY,Je1'frey-78, 160 IPELANE, Mitzi-160 PRRALES, Diana-160 PRTES, Rene-160 IRTINAS, Andy-160 USTA, Arsenio-108 UZ, Cynthia-160 UZ, Yuette-160 .LTON, Michael-48, 49, 160, 118, 21 .RANG, Mario-160 .VIDSON, John-160, 116, 117 .VIS, Rod A1Ien-160, 143 .V1S, Valli-81, 144, 160, 147, 146 ,NNIS, Karry-12, 160, 143 SCIPU LO, Joseph-160 PRRHEIM, Darci-160 PWLING, Cheryl-160 JWNEY, Timothy-66, 160, 135 IBOIS, Kathy-160, 139 INBAR, Patrick-160, 146 JNTON, Robert-160 1KER, Da1eJoe-160 IWARDS, Debra-78, 160 ILATE, Patricia-55, 160 SHER, Lisa-160 FZGERALD, Lisa-160 ETCHER, Laurie-160 ORES, Kathy-160 OYD, Terri Lyn-160 ISS, Ronald-160 ISTER, Elana-55, 56, 160, 98, ,42, 100 'STER, Regina-138 IWLER, Chris-160 ENCH, Erin-160 IRDNER, Lamont-2, 4, 12, 45, 19, 121, 160 BSON, David-160 LL, Michael George-58 LTNER, William-160 JRE, Cassandra-160 IEEN, Gina-160 IEENE, David-48, 160 ITIERREZ, Arcelia-160 ITIERREZ, Eva-160 JTIERREZ, Hector-160 IASE, Grace-78, 160 IMILTON, Shawn-160 IRDIE, Terrence-160 IRPEL, Warren-116, 160 KRRIS, Rhonda-68, 76, 77, 80, 146, 160 HARRIS, Stacy-7 HAYAMIZU, Judy Ann-61, 137, 160 HAYES, Lynn-160 HERNANDEZ, Timothy-160 HESTERLY, Sabrina-160 HIXSON, Randy-160 HOGSETT, Gerald-78, 80, 160 HOLTON, Lorraine-114, 161 HOPPER, Michael-161 HOWELL, Charlene-61, 112, 113, 161 HUI, Calvin-161 HUNTER, Steven-161 IVIE, Terrence-161 JACOBS, Chris-161 JOHNSON, Debra Jo-144, 161 JOHNSON, John-161 JOHNSON, Martin-161 JOHNSTON, Teresa-161 JUSTASON, Robby-161 KELEIGH, Patricia-161 KIEBKE, Martin-161 KIMPEL, Howard Jay-161 KING, Gary-161 KINNEY, Leslie-8, 76, 77 KIRKPATRICK, Sean-48, 50, 51. 161 KNAB, Russell-161 KNITTER, Brian John-78, 80, 161 KNOLBEL, Sonia-161 KORPIEL, Adina-161 KOWALSKI, James-161, 135 LARREMORE, Cheryl Ann-161 LAVARIAS, Mario-59, 91, 161 LAVARIAS, Mercy-161 LAWSON, Susan-161 LEE, Darryl-134, 161 LEGER, David-2, 78, 80, 161 -LEWIS, Michael-11, 14, 108, 138,161 LIBUANO, Raul-78, 80, 139, 161 LITTLE, Stacey Lynn-112, 137, 161 LORENZO, Garcia-161 LOUGHRAN, Thomas-11, 67, 161 LOWE, Daniel-134, 161 LUEDKE, Rita-161 MC CLAIN,Ju1ie-161 MC CLURE, Mark Elliot-161 MC CONNELL, David-6 MC CEE, Charles-161 MC ILWRAITH, Suzan-161 MC KAY, Harold-78, 80, 144, 161 MCQUILLAN, Pamela-64, 112, 113, 161, 137 MACDOUGALL, Delia-10, 68, 147, 161 MACHADO, Manuel-161 MACIAS, Charles-161 MADSEN, Sandra-161 MANUEL, Tony-161 MAPLES, Willie-161 MARENCO, John-161 MARGOLIN, David-161 MARRIOTT, Pamala-161 MARRON, Perlie-161 MARTIN, Margo-146, 161 MARTINELLI, Gloria-161 MARTINEZ, Angelica-161 MARTINEZ, Richard-51, 108, 161 MASUDA, Henry-118, 161 MATEO, Tim-2, 48, 118, 119, 120. 161 MATHEWS, Laresa-161 MAYEDA, Steven-80, 134, 161 MAYS, Kim-161 MEIER, Rachel-161 MEYERS, Rebecca-161 MEYERS, Richard-161 M1JARES,Joseph-162 MILLER, Kristi-76, 77, 162 MILLER, Margaret-162 MILLS, Rick-162 M1LLTON,Jan-112, 162 MITCHELL, Barry-162 MIURA, Naoko-52, 53, 101, 102, 162 MOLINAR1, Yolanda-162 MORIMOTO, Julie-134, 162 MOSSNER, Jerrylann-8, 14, 77, 76, 162 MOSSNER, Joann-8, 76, 77, 162 MURPHY,Jaque1ine-55, 101, 102, 162 MUTIA, Fernando-108, 139, 162 NAIM, Mojgan-162 NAIR, Laurence-162 NELSON, Mark-162 NGUYEN, Diep-162 NOLEN, Matthew-67, 143, 162 NUNLEY, Christine-8, 12, 80, 81, 76, 77, 134, 162 OCHOA, Lucinda-162 OCHOA, Olivia-162 OKIMURA, Joann-162 OKUBO, Donna-78, 80, 101, 102, 134, 137, 162 ORTEGA, Connie-162 PADILLA, Elizabeth-78, 80, 162 PALMYRA, Noreen-162 PEARSON, Donna-162 PENA, Gina-162 PEREZ, Jose-48, 49, 116 PETERSON, Paul-162 PHILLIPS, Jim-162 PIETERSEN, Raymond-162 PINEDA, Anthony-162 POYTHRESS, Keith-162 PRESTON, Michael-118, 162 PUGH, Andrea-13, 162 QUILICI, Jose-162 RADZIK, Elaine-162 RAMIREZ, Sylvia-162 RAMOS, Alexander-162 RANDALL, Bruce-78, 80, 162 RANIERI, Ken-162 REICHART, Sherry-162 RENKE, James-78, 80, 162 RINGEL, Robert-162 RIVERA, Eva-112, 113, 137 RODRIGUEZ, Jose-162 ROLLISON, Karen-64, 93, 111, 137, 162 ROQUERO, Evelyn-162 ROYOLA, Amado-78, 80 RYAN, Debbie-137, 162 SANCHEZ, Alfred-162 SANCHEZ, Martin-114, 132 SANDOVAL, Ricardo-162 SANTOS, Maria-61, 101, 103, 139, 162 SARMIETO, Danilo-59, 139, 162 SATURNINO, Mendel-78, 80, 162 SCARE, Russel-80, 90, 137, 162 SCHEID, Philip-80, 162 SERBY, Kelly-162 SERRANO, Glenn-162 SILIGATO, Joseph-162 SIMPSON, John-162 SKARE, Russell-1, 78, 80, 162 SMITH, Eli-68, 78, 138, 146, 147, 162 SMITH, Jean-162 SPENADER, Jeffery-78, 80, 162 SU MPTER, Jeannette-163 TACHABANA, Gil-45, 108, 109 TAYLOR, Teddy-134, 144, 163 THAI, Alice-163 THALMAN, Kathryn-134, 163 THOMPSON, Per-138, 163 THOMPSON, Richard-163 TILLMAN, James-50, 51,118, 119 120, 163 TOM, Rosalie-55, 98, 99, 100, 163 TOOMBS, Diane Elise-163 TORRES, Patricia-163 TRUJILLO, Matthew-144, 163 TSUGE, Yuri-55, 56, 101, 134, 163 VALENCIA, Tony-163 VALETE, Frank-139, 163 VANDERHOOFVEN, Laurie-134 VARGAS, Diana-163 VAUGHN, Guy Allen-163 VICKERS, Ed-163 VIDA, Evetle-163 VOGEL, William-116, 163 VU, Tuyen Tam-134, 163 WALKER, David Art-67, 163 WARGO, Melody Ann-163 WASHINGTON, Alice-138, 163 WATANABE, KeniChi78, 80, 134. 163 WELLINGTON, Jacob-116, 134, 137, 163 WELLMAKER, Robin-163 WELLS, Lori-163 WHEAT, Melisa, Lori-163 WHITE, Bridget-138, 163 WHITING, Carolyn-80, 141, 147, 163 WILBER, Aaron-78, 80, 163 WILLIAMS, Brett-163 WILSON, Denise-163 WOMACK, Kenneth-163 WOODS, Curtis-163 YEE, Michael Harry-134, 137 YSMAEL, Edwin-139 ZAVALA, Robert-118, 142 Freshmen ALLHANDS, Charles-164 ALVARADO, Alex-133 ANDRADE, Eymard-59, 139, 164 ANDRES, Resty-139, 164 ARIYAMA, Andy-58, 78, 80, 134, 164 ARREOLA, Vicente-164 ASH BY, Angela-78, 80, 90, 164 BAKER, Robert-164 BALCITA, Nancy-164 BALDWIN, John A1vie-78, 80, 164 BALLOU, Robin-121, 164 BARNES, Andrew-164 BASKINS,Jcf1rey-116, 164 BATES, Anthony-164 BETTENCOURT, Albcrlin-78, 164 199 BAUMGARTNER, Bruce-134, 164 167 BELLAMY, Brian-1, 67, 164 BERNICKEN, Theresa-63 BETTENCOURT, Joe-80, 164 BEYER, John-164 BISHOP, Karen-164 BLACK, Tammy-164 BLANK, Robert-164 BLOTTER, Lezlie-164 BOATWRIGHT, John-164 BOHNERT, Timothy-164 BRANDON, Sheryl-164 BREWER, Sharon-164 BR1GNANI,CHRISTINE-164 BRIONES, Linda-139, 164 BRODMERKEL, Caroline-164 BROWN, Rochelle-138, 164 CAMPBELL, Donald-164 CANNING, Janet-164 CARBONEL, Noli-58, 164 CARDONA, Jennylee-164 CARR, Victoria-164 CARRANZA, Cathleen-164 CARRILLO, Cathy-164 CARSON, Ralph-164 CARVER, Paul-78, 80, 164 CASASOS, Roehl-164 CAPELLA, Christina-164 CASH, Robert'164 CELI, Beatrix-139, 164 CHAN MEI, Cheung-134, 164 CHILDERS, David-164 CHOI EUN, Joo-164 CHRISTIE, Carrie-164 CLEVELAND, Robert-164 COLE, David-164 COLVARD, Marcie-164 COOK, Patricia-164 COWEN, Edward-164 CRAIG, Vivienne-165 CROCKETT, Joey-165 CROSS, Stacey-165 CROSSON, Kathleen-80, 165 CZIFRIK, Theresa-61, 165 DANIELS, Tami-80, 147, 165 DARROW, Kimberleigh-121, 165 DAURA, Christine-165 DAVID, Elizabeth-78, 80, 165 DAVID, Rebbeca-165 DE LEON, Norma-121, 165 DEL REAL, Ruben-165 DESSEM, David-78, 80, 165 DIAZ, Joseph-132, 133, 165 DICKEY, Matthew-165 DIVINA, Melanie-61, 165 DODGE, Greg-116, 165 DOOLEY, John-78, 80, 116, 165 DORRHIEM, Darren-165 DOUGLASS, William-78, 165 DUNTON, Lisa-165 EDORA, Evelyn-165 EDORA, Russell-58, 139, 165 EICHLER, William-165 ELLIOTT, Scott-165 ENCARNATION, Sandra-165 FARLEY, Patricia-78, 165 FERNANDO, Mary-139, 165 FILKOWSKI, Edward-165 FISHER, Dennis-165 FISHER, Kathleen-165 FLATMOE, Chris-165 200 FLEMING, Kelly-61, 80, 165 FLETCHER, Walter-165 FOWLER, Mark-165 FOWLER, Robert-165 FRANKLIN, Matalic-165 FURCIANO, Diana-165 FU ENTES, Claudia-165 GABRIEL, Calen-165 GARCIA, Antonio-165 GARRIDO, Marilyn-165 GICALE, Frank-165 GILLERN,Ian-116,165 GLENN, John-165 GONZALEZ, Alex-165 GRAINGER, Heliana-165 GRIFFIN, La Tonya-165 GRIMMINGER, Carla-165 GUESS, Roger-165 GUMABO, Regina-165 GUTIERREZ, Filiberto-165 HAJENIUS, Wendy-112, 211,165 HAMILTON, Natasha-138, 165 HARMON, April-78, 80 112, 165 HAROLD, James-80, 165 HARRIS, Dwayne-165 HARRIS, Sherry-165 HARTMAN, Dean-165 HARUTA, George-165 HATFIELD, Karen-90, 165 HAYES, Chester-165 HAYES, Clinton-116, 165 HENSENIGS, Angie-165 HERNANDEZ, Anita-133, 165 HERNANDEZ, Ed-165 HERNANDEZ, Ignacia-1-33, 165 HERNANDEZ, Vincent-133, 165 HIGA, Garret-165 HIGUCHI, Carol-80, 134, 165 HOGAN, Janice-165 HOLLAND, Cynthia-154 HOLT, Julie-164, 165 HOLTZEN, Sandra-165 HUDSON, Karen-165 HUTSELL, Eric-67, 165 JARA, David-165 JUAREZ, Martin-165 KANAZAWA, Derrick-165 KARPINSKI,Pau1-165 KARRIEM, Monique-138, 165 KESSLER, Patricia-165 KIHARA, Judy-134, 165 KNAAK, Cheryl-165 KNITTER, Kevin-165 KNOWLES, Vicki-165 KOMZELMAN, Michelle-165 KRAMER, Suzanne-134, 147, 165 KRUEGER, Jeanette-165 KUNIMOTO, Dwayne-134, 165 LABSON, Clint-59, 78, 80, 139, 165 LABSON, Roderick-116, 165 LAGMAN, Victor-165 LAU, EUGENE-78, 80, 165 LAVARIAS, Isabel-165 LAWRENCE, Nicole-65 LEAVENWORTH, Tomoe-165 LEISER, David-67, 165 LE PHUNG, Duc-165 LETHEM, Luther-165 LEVENBERG, Jeremy-165 LITTLE, Cassandra-165 LITTS, Todd-116, 165 LOUGHRAN, Kim-165 LUNA, Martha- MCALLISTER v MCCONNELL, MCCORMICK, MCCORMICK, -58, 166 MCG EE, Eddie 110, 111, 166 Bruce-166 Debbie-166 Maryann-166 Susan-166 MCKAY, MELANIE-166 MCKIERNAN, Alene-166 MCNEIL, Alvin-78, 80, 166 MACDONALD, Scott-78, 80, 166 MACDOUGALL, Colin-135, 166 MAC GOWAN, Keven-78, 80, 166 MANN,Ke1Iy-112,113,121,166 MARCY, Dona1d-116, 166 MARGOLIN, Michae1-166 MARGULIES, Marc-166 MARINOVICH, Antonia-166 MARQUEZ, Emelina-139, 166 MARQUEZ, Jocelyn-166 MARQUEZ, Joni-166 MARTINEZ, Anna-166 MARTINEZ, Norma-166 MEMOLO, Frankie-51, 166 MENDES, Richard-166 MENDOZA, Manuel-166 MERCADO, Liberty-166 MERCADO, Namoi-166 MILLER, Harold-166 MILLER, Lisa-166 MILLER, Timothy-166 MOEN, Danielle-61, 166 MON EM, Mchrdad-166 MORENO, Frances-166 MORRIS, Vicki-166 MORRISON, Larry-166 MOY, Michelle-13 MUHLEBACH, Emil-166 MUHLESTEIN, David-67, 166 MUTIA, Rosanna-139, 166 MUTZ, Lynn-166 NAKAYAMA, Perri Lehua-166 NG, Gregory-166 NIBLOCK, Mike-166 NICHOLS, Crystal-166 NILMEYER, Mark-166 NISHIURA, Denise-166 NONG THUAN, Ding-166 OAKLEY, Lori 61, 166 OCHOA, Anabel-121, 166 OCONNELL, James-80 OGAZ, Jerry-166 OKAMURA, Edward-134, 166 OLSEN, Eric-166 OLSEN, Sherrie-166 OLSON, Mark-166 OLSON, Rick-166 ONEIL, Heidi-166 ORDAZ, Salvador-166 OSBORNE, Anthony-166 OTERO, Henry-166 PALMYRA, Andrew-166 PASIN, Veronica-166 PAVLINA, Danial-166 PELCH ER, Ocean-166 PEREZ, Lalo-166 PHETSINORATH, Vicngxa-116 POMROY, Gary-166 PORTA, Gary-67, 166 POYTHRESS, Michael-166 PRENTICE, Roy-166 PRICE, Lisa-166 PRITCHARD, Kenny-116, 166 QUE, GLENN-116,166 RAMIREZ, Bruno-166 RAMIREZ, David-166 RAMIREZ, Raymond-108, 166 RAMSEY, Janice-112, 166 RAPUET, Ronald-166 RASMUSSEN, Darrell-166 RAUCHWERGER, Sara-166 RETTIG, James-116, 117, 166 REYES, Roland-166 RIN, Rizalde-59, 166 ROBINSON, Jackie-1,'l38, 166 RODRIGUEZ, Carlos-132, 133, ROGERS, Trisha-166 ROM ERO, Juanita-166 ROSEBLADE, Nancy-166 ROSSI, Pari-111,110,166 RUTLAND, Ronald-166 RYAN, Diane-166 SALA, Lesli-166 SASAKI, Brian-134, 166 SATURNINO, Arlecn-166 SAULUS, Desiree-112, 113, 121, 166 SCHWAFEL, Carol-166 SEGURA, Suzanne-166 SEVIDAL, Corazon-61, 166 SEVIDAL, Elizabeth-61, 166 SEYMOUR, Sylvia-80 SINGH, Patricia-166 SLOAN, Janet-61, 80, 166 SPINOSA, Renee-166 STANTON, Leslie-80, 134, 146, STEINKE, Robin-166 STIVER, Larry-166 SUAREZ, Martin-116 STOKES, Heather-80, 166 STOLL, Linda-166 STOUT, William-166 TERRY, Donald-68, 80, 134, 135 141,146,164,166,167 THONGMANIVONG, Olasa-16' TILLMAN, Tracy-121, 167 TORALBA, Emmanuel-167 TRAN, Duc-116, 167 VALENZUELA, Teresa'144, 167 VAN DEN BOSCH, V-78, 80, 1 167 VANDERMEER, Brian-80, 167 VAN ERP, Mary-1, 121, 167 VAN ZWOL, Mark-167 VELHO, Tamara-167 VEN EGAS, Angelita-167 VILLARREAL, Jeffrey-167 VILLASENOR, Maria-167 VINCENT, Sandra-167 VOWELL, Chris-167 VU, Tuyet-167 WALKER, Brenda-167 WATANABE, Ryoji-80 WELLINGTON, Jenniger-167 WELLINGTON, Toni- WHARTON, Kevin-167 WHITE, David-167 WIDMONT, Shirley-167 WILLIAMS, Kandi-167 WILLIAMS, Kim-167 WILLIAMS, Leonard-58, 167 WILLIS, Edward-167 WILSON, Melina-167 1

Suggestions in the Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) collection:

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