Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Qrrmf. fffiwvfi WWW ip wig? M K Mjw Lfv Vilwf jf' fd 5, ,QM Ziff I Q5 JJ LJ ry if I f'Vf1"3M V QW? ,M N D vfpcwlybt ji MM WW WWW 1 J W 9+ QW 2 M 301 .Lf Fw -,Q V6 R if 1 MMPA Sf iff i Hers 93 ff f' .. fx , A, QQG,Njw My iwf 05091, S ' bo lguvqim x -Jf ,N M bb 7 r" ' -L 1' 5'-D bw . B , f In 5 D QR FD no A 6123905 1550 -A "dit iQf"Q,3 Ebb A X B M on X 12? f53 N A wwf? Nm f:RQw J afl MXOELR gf " Dis -' I - No , fx N S ' Bu M fc 2 -, 2 A 1 V I Q 1 JW 2 Jpw-5ff,DfMggQW!ffzj1iZf,,jf7f QS WWW MD 3x Mffffp WWW ix 53 3 ,ff ff -X , -fjffffmff M . ggi ES is A 'S 3 S sf 5'-'LfTi:"..0 Yxgf vf' 'QA ' , wwf? of 1 Mi N , ' Q L.f'.-f QL VE Y A 5,,!,1,?UA!1i:c1,j , iff! '. ,I mx 7 L I Ak . ff! 4: V' bd, x.,'1-x'v 'x lx N M . ...S W , fa yw ' ffif law ' ' ff 2117! WQSWW? ,AMX 'QA W fik L! 1, K A , , f fp ' if C 1 D i If wif ' R UA, ibwkh 119 R"-ff-"W-' M gk VK ak, W Muni' 44 L Lflwml Hx , ms EVM 5'fM' XMW V X, .gb Q52 " ',,5ff'3 ' , ' !YYvL,fv1'J5? H P RIA? Aig,g.3.f3 'xg ,V '5' FQ 2 gg.. fif3"fJ f L1iff?'f'j 6 A f 5 M' My 4 Q J S,f'fgKXf K Q VY VX LCV V WJ! v m .S SK YQNQNN yi K ' w 6 3 w AQJ N A? rg Q0 is W fl: W X Y if ' Q , , "X ff-7 gf? mg eff -.5z.4,WMyig,?4Qg,f ,,4,f:5, Jw 2 .. PM X ! X if N A LY 'E i 4, 5 XS S X 'Q jim? fwwww ., ,V .,,,, Yi ff iii 1' Q 'JE ' ik My 95427 .fy luxg. M M 7, rm' HW: ai , fa,-5 2 Hg '.-nf? 4' gif Q 1 -1"1,,:. ' ,w cgi .- ,- -'I , vt' . -'elk iv 'ff , ff? f f F' vw- X 'Ei , - a f? 1" , "3 ' , , ,- nlygf 'E T 5 5 :v t 3. 'N VT fp!-V' ESygL'f,' .-mm ,f - Fm al, ' 3592.5 1, .mv ,QL 'fff' 1-is , f ,', 5:34 .VU Q Q, an J 554, " f' jg JQ , QQ fd-EAM? ', ,5V44x:,.fQ Xi fi! f M410 M Kgflf, Z Af?lfz J4, 16lfQ14kf5!Q66 A U A J I X f'5"'5'?...C1 g - ' g gffffaifvwflfi A 5 W M f My W A V M ,dk up M Jfyinifbu JE ,OL f ojgyfq' xg W NES RX iq Eff 525122 X 5 XXL ,Z giil 2 fiswijlg 'Jffgv g fi? Aff pwwiyfy ,,,,., GJ Mjffyfif q,,w'f,J,,5J 'V My vfwj W ,af if 0 ,Q 'WW lk?-'3fJ fi ffi pajyjwyfwwf WRU v grcilmxnnefwatuow ac?lf3?tio,e QL N J UC M, qi M MYZ f'X9jjj5IlJQ, YQJJ www , My KW fail W 'YW f+k,,,WY N ' 5w JW Mr. CHRISTIANSEN Mr. AWALT Mr, CROOKE Mr. DETHLEFSON Mrs. FORNER Dr, HOPKINS BOARD 0F TRUSTEES The Board ot Trustees ot a school district has the same relation- ship to the management ot schools that any Board ot Directors has to the management of any business or industry. It establishes policies, employs all teachers, administrative staft, clerical, transportation and custodial personnel, It has the tull respon- sibility ot planning, building needed new schools, purchasing school sites and financing all ot these as well as the cost ot operating the schools. Serving on o board is a tremendous responsibility and remember that these people give their time, their ability and their interest Without one cent ot financial reward. They do it only because ot their sense ot civic responsibility and their intense interest in you young people. Our district is and has been most fortunate in the high caliber ot the men and women vvho have and are serving this district so unsel- flshly and so well. Let us all be grateful to them tor this great service. A-'X IRVAL CARTER PRINCIPAL The theme of the I957 yearbook is crossroads. A crossroad is a road that crosses a main road. Many of them lead to fields of greater service to hu- manity and greater accomplishment than the main road traveled by most. At no time is the choice of a road an easy one, This year, the choice facing the high school graduate is most dith- cult because of the social, economic, and political problems facing our world. Your training for world citizenship, I am sure, has been greatly strength- ened because of the experiences you have lived and shared while here at high school. May you have the wis- dom to make the proper choice, one which can help produce a better world, Your high school career ends at a cross- road for which the stop sign is graduation. Three broad choices lie before you: contin- uing your education, marriage, or work. We hope the four years you have had in high school will help you in making a wise 244, decision. A man traveling along the highway came to a fork in the road. The road signs indi- cated that the left fork led to Chicago, the right to Detroit. His destination was Chicago, so he took the left turn. The signs on Life's Highway are iust as plain if you will only look for them. The class of '57 needs only to read the signs at the crossroads to make the right turn to a happy and rewarding life. A crossroad indicates decision, action and progress. Because progress is governed by intelligence, the light at a crossroad is truth. Our aim in counseling is to enable you to enter each crossroad with confidence and joy, with faith in a future that you can im- prove not only for yourselves but for all men. ,five . X LORAINE HAWKS DEAN OF GIRLS Q s G , X 11 " c 5 A fkyds- I GIL DUNCAN VICEPRINCIPAL 'Ns C ,,-, fs P Q X m X3 sr I M QAAQ. RUTH LAWRENCE GUIDANCE COIINSELOR 3 ENGLISH Miss Mariorie McGiIvrey, Mr. Edward Blalock, Miss Sally Sproles, Mrs. Joan Flear, Mr. Dante Lo Presfi, Mr, Wilson Pinney, Mr. Harry Edwards, Mr. Frank Savsrram. tk 5 . 5 f E sw' 2 3 Q Mrs, Phyllis Winde Roberf Nichols, Mr. er, L SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Lorraine Hawks, Mrs, Joan Flear, Mr, Joseph Tarnony, Mr. indley Allen, Mr, James Gauniletf, Z 2 S l Q QQ Mr. Theodore Maneely, LANGUAGE Miss Marilyn Mcfammon, M l 2 is . I., X r. Rob er? Callahan MATH AND SCIENCE Mr Rolmrf Orr, Mr. SibI0y Bush, Mr. Max Aitken, Mr. Jmvwi Nudolmuu, Mr. CIIGIIQ Cooke, Mr. Conrad Schwarz:-, Mr Rohm? GoumIv4-S JJV BUSINESS Mr Floyd Wuldn-r, Musa Hurt Crubtroc, Mass Ruth Luvvrunco, MV. Cefll Gummcrscdl, Mr. Strunk-y Sondc-no ,f vs- -. X7 ART AND MUSIC Ml Hfl O IKII, My Ifvrvvi CriHv:1:Ir'vw,Mr Jmwcvi Cumpfmmx, MISS BOIII Ilvqrrum a v HOME ECONOMICS AND SHOP Mrs. Betty Gerhordt, Mr. Wendell Grubb, Miss Barbara Huse, Mr. George Olsen, Mr. Auburn Powell. Q Nm? E ve L S l Mr. Collie Kidwell, Mrs. Evo Mockbee, Mr. John Gilkey, Mrs. Mory S tn M MJT Mfflflll M ,lb Jil PHYSICAL EDUCATION My Q ' Qfwly nl"""' Colvelll, Mass Borburo Almeida ,J A L W ' 7 ly f I V SCHOOL NURSE: Miss Esther Kuttler. STUDY HALL: Mr. Lyle Campbell. F l L f J AA X ,AN M l 3- lt J J rx Ru 19-f Mr N, M CUSTODIANS AND BUS DRIVERS Husklll Wrnsteud Vern Husnnger Stun Thompson Ben Propnn Chrus Modsen Helen Madsen Otto Pearson Helen McCoy Eorl Waller Phyllus Chappell Floyd Lorton Frank Struck Earl Thompson Arthur Struck ,,,.,..--4 ,-- XYRCBEZ fb, . X- X11 ,, ,wwf " if-'-A LQ A1 -3512 EQEEQX k 'Qgjth -2 K 'x Q3 6 E MS Q-R 15- ' Q xii , 3 Q R -1 f. Nmbg X5-253g Q-Sc, QT.: is ET, Ni My Q iff W iw IM' J' fffff W MW 45 J 1fffW1W ljyw WM R W5 tl M , W S -Qfffvoff 2233235 '5kW E S QQ E si Y. sf MARGARET ACOSTA TERRY ALTON GENE ANDERSON JOHN BADIE ANNE BALERO IHARMIE AINSWORTH AUDREY ANDERSON CLARK ANTON BARBI BAER PATRICIA BARBER GERALD ALONZO GERALDINE ALONZO .-1-4, .V via Qi sn-"" CARLEE ANDERSON MARIE ANTONUCCIO VIRGINIA BAILEY SHIRLEY BARKER GAIL ANDERSON DELL AUSLAND JOSEPH BALDELLI GLEN BATES rr F Q. R is q Tai -w ,,,,, , I W 'C' "TI I 5 'S' ' A L S 1 IIII x .3152 4' 3- ,-w,-Q 23 , -S 0. Q. 'TK Q- K Ie Y MQ 1 o"'1 I AW . Q. ,Lfvf""I' ,, I I ar df Y 14,5 xp , 26 in A 59 lg Y "x " Q Q ,-,L.,nn0' 'X , .. ' " ' if " X- X I , 7' '-r A "" l l S I K5 'E' NJC X 556. A " I A 9 9: TZ-3 4. '2 0 I - .W ,, . 14 2 ' 4 g.--A., fr. f- T ,.. ., Y, 4 N S , , IVR 43, ARLENE BAUSTISTA PARTICIA BELL VICTOR BENNIGHT BILL BERWICK ILSE BOCCIUS JAMES BEATON MICHAEL BEMIS ROBERT BENSON JEANETTE BIEDMA MILLARD BOLT MARILYN BEEBY LILLIAN BENNETT ROSE MARIE BERNARDI CAROLYN BLANCET DON BOOS RACHEL BELASCO RAY BENNETT ANNETTE BERTOZZI FRANCES BLAZIN ELDRIDGE BOOTS . :wa 3 5.2 I as -If L li 5 Q I Yip., I' I Q "'av'i. f I :'. QM ff i R.. A IE A E x MQ. W .J .J X I A-4 . if 4. xy M3 I Fx Y! if pl? fm? my M., . W , ,E 1. '2 gf-,. 1, - X-7' ., .. ' B? -' If gag B 9 Mar 7 si .sv 'Sm .v' I 'St T399 Q-iv QT' BETTY BORELLO BETTY BRUNNER RAENNA BURKHART SUZANNE CAMPBELL ANNE CATHEY PAT BRAGGA CECILIA BURCH GEORGIA CADWELL GAY CARRARO GLORIA CERVANTES JOHN BROEDER CAROLYN BURKE GARY CADY HENRY CARSBURG STEWART CEWE EDWARD BROWN LORNA BURKHART WILLIAM CAMIN KEL CARSON BARBARA CHAPIN SHIRLEY CHAVEZ ELIZABETH CLEMMENSEN MARIE CONKLIN STEVEN CHEUK LAURIE CLOUSING OBERT CHILDERS SHIRLEY CLUTTER HRIS CLAYCOMBE WILLIAM CONANT pw'-1' .g Shiv ,Qo- I-1 ... my? ,,5'X f--fr .awa- ,-bi . 'S' 'RZ-R ANITA CRAMER DON CROTHERS HILDA CORJASSO VICKI CROSBY DICK DAWSON LORNA CORNELIUS FRED CROSHAW DON DEAL NICK COTE JOYCE CROSS MARGARET DE MELLO A gffa va. A ' 5 K it E. fb, L : b A 5 'D ' f I . , 'ff - . I nf I li X. fx . X -0- Q 'Q wif Q, 6 7 XX 50'- ,f S E R.. v SUSAN DENTON LYNN DIESNER MARIO DONATI BARBARA DOOLEY Y In Q' N X ww 3232 2 x 'V R :I LI'-J 0 ki ,kik I - S5 Q if ' . 'gt ...,- 2 " g W' LEE DROCCO DEAN DULLECK SYDNEY DUNTON SUSAN DURST ' f. 'W kkik .. I Jvlff Iv wa, I QW V J ':1V547E'5S',gisE!3 5 :2 if 3 tm ,, ,S,AS ,gy 'VX :5,3:v,.f1, - .. ilzwslssm . , WI. I if, V . -Rza, I MANUEL DUTRA CHARLES EGLI PHYLLIS ELWIN RALPH DYKES ALLAN EGNEW CHARMAINE ENG PETER EDWARDS JOANNE EHRLICH JOHN ESCOBAR SUSAN EDWARDS ART EIKENBERRY WILLIAM ESTES ,H is 1-awww' KN 1 '-Q" E25 I :I If g... 'A Q..-A 1' ga tf .qs ag QTY? -I iff-x -fb 5 .. .1 '.p M ' if nv 'H .4 3 5 I 4 , .-v IR S-, .' 1, Q 0 '20-If JG" 4 7 f N7 'I .l W,ggW1 ' "' 1 .Q I . L, A.., , I " -f I 1 ., , Q Q 4' vi f., I 4 , q K 4 , ,YQ 0-' mn-V. Q X: if .. A 'Sf ,1 -.-Q. f x 'T F Q . ,Jig ,V .. v. f " . ,-s E a15"" A A W-uf if? S 'I eb x : Q T A SEORGE EWING DAVID FLORES DON FOLEY BILL FREED FRANCES GALBRAITH SUSAN FACKLER ROBERT FLORES PER FORSSKAHL MARILYN FREITAS EVANGELINE GARCIA AMILLE FANUCCI CHARLES FLOWERS THOMAS FORSYTH CAROL ANN FRINEKE NEVA GARCIA 3ARA FARRINGTON STEVE FLYNN EDWARD FOX DAN FROST CAROLYN GEIMAN X I 1 .L fn LEE GENTRY BEVERLY GIL ANITA GLORIA VIRGINIA GOLDSMITH A ,,.... my was . II . W, , I KAREN GOLDSTEIN JEAN GROSS BOB HANSON VERNON HENRIETTA GONZALES DAN GUERRERO JOHN HARDESTY CHRIS HEMMETER GEORGE GORBET KAREN HALVORSEN LAVERNE HARRIS JIM HENTHORNE MYRON GREENY BONNIE HANSEN AUSTIN HEASLET MILFORD HIBBARD I ALDINE HICKS IICIA HIGGINS CK HIGHFILL ONARD HILL '77 -QQ- -an 'Q ,N .' . i A v, I gs. 74. 4. "'. 'Nr Q-H E96- LA ev DIANE HILLHOUSE HELENE HOSHIKO KENT HUMPAL JUDY JACKSON TONY HOO KEN HOSHIKO ELBA IBARRA JACQUELINE JOHNSTON BETTY HOSHI SANDRA HOWARD LINDA IRWIN JANICE JOHNSTON KEN HOSHI OTIS HOWELL JOYCE ISHIKAWA ANN JONES 431. 'f' Tolly ,X Y 3 6' vp Q R ,., an 'I' ,QC by Q-nl ,,, G l Tu'-uf K' ' ' Nur S-I A S- Marx 7 ,sag 4-5 KEITH JONES NANCY KING WIL KOHL WILLIAM LANE PATRICIA LEDWICK JIM KANKEL DAVID KINNEY JUDITH KUEHN JIMMIE LATHAM CHRISTINE LEE JAMES KEENAN BETTY KIRBY JUDY KYLES EDWARD LAVERONI DONALD LEE CHARLES KIGHT DONALD KIRKORIAN PHYLLI5 LANE ELIZABETH LECONTE DAVID LEMMON in Us Y, 4.4 is V A D4 bv LE' A Q ,C rg 2- 'l L f--V, 5 , Y L LINDA LESLIE KATHERINE LEWLS MARTHA LEWIS LUPE LIRA QM S L 'fs LLLL L ng A L A .EEEEL A A I W my 5 5 'M ' 'Lv 41" 4,,.,., ALFRED LLAMAS BENNIE LUNG JERRY MCCULLOCH KAREN MELYER GRACE LOOMLS CAROL MECLELLAND JACK MECURDY OENEVLEVE MEKINNON ANITA LOPEZ RAY MECOY BRIAN MEOEE JUDY MACHADO DANIEL LOZEZ A l MXBSARBARA MECREA TOM MEOOLDRLCK NANCY MALMSTROM ,UAT LJl?,1L!x-Lbix h f 5 VF f L L A ALv'1L,7 L L WLMMLx3f A .,,,,-,uk . gm 3 lv x :F ,Qa- wff.. ,is E E 5 I I I I-A-..,,, I . .. A A! -..- I Eff 'Y- nib Swv- wr ng:-. I I I 3 , MIQQQ I Q, I, . " " 'I , LV. jim, E . -. E"W EWWEE, I 'ff-I f f IX 1 , Q' -" ' ' . NEI W gf -N...,. 1 ,tt up is EVQ QQ I' RICHARD MALMSTROM LEA MARTIN BETTE MARVIN MAUREEN MEAD FRANK MENDOZA BERT MANTELLI JUNE MARTIN DENNIS MATASCI BOB MEHRINGER ARTHUR MENSOR BETTY MARDISICH DOUG MARTIN LOYD MAUGHN JUDY MENA NYLA MERCA BARBARA MARGOLIS ROBERT MARTIN EVELYN MAZZA BENNY MENDEZ LEE MESSICK 'S 2 -1: 3 ,N Q 2 I FRED MEYER VIARY MILETICH IHARD MILETICH KAY MILLER , , Q 'C- -.1 FRANK MINAFO JOHN MINER JOAN MIRAS ALAN MITCHFII 4'-Q 'Tr . Z ,- ,,., X I , ,,,,, ' nv fix ,P-. 1 D ,I 1' v ,AI I ,,, 4 ' If rv, V K 17 '., In ,, JILL MONTGOMERY JIMMY MORALES ITSUO MORITA HARRY MORRIS 'Yv- 1' Q .Q I. -' N 'N S X an 'Q 4 5 'Q , -fs ,- -.asf v '15 .Ee A1 ALFRIEDA MOUSER DIANE MOUSER ROBERTA MUNOZ LINDA MYERS inf ,K - X ' . Q I ' qw X. LYNN MYERS BOB NAKAMOTO POLLY NASH ffif F' 'kk C? iffx X Q Q fiiis W-.NL W nr L ,. A 1 ' 'ya New f f r 1 I Y 'LK ' ' ...rg-v Y . of' '- , ,Qs ' w.. I M 4ISJwQ 'ffl QI JOHN NELSON BARBARA NOLAN BOB OLDEMEYER SHARON OWENS DON PATSTON BARBARA NESVOLD NANCY NUTE ELIZABETH OLIVER MARNE PALMATEER MIKE PEAK BRENDA NESVOLD JOE OCHOA AL OROZCO ANN PAPAGNI JOHN PETTEE DAVE NICKLE GRACE OGATA KENNETH OWENS JUDITH PAQUETTE ALLEN PHELPS X 'S' av.. ik 4 K ' A I .. , . as W Q 'Tw ig, vlfwlllyg. fx 'X f"1"'f' Lx as ,,, IRI I E, V cw f I . 1 'I I I iff-H - vfik In in V A Il If sw ww 'I an Q n Bm L K K BIJJZJI i i Ll D PI fi 'I pm 'Q . 0-0 1 ,W x-' Q' Q . up 4 pun-' LCP .f' JOHN PHILLIPS SHIRLEY POLLASTRINI ERRY PLANCHON JEANETTE POTTER HARLOTTE PLUM GEORGIA PRINCE IHARD PLOWMAN SHERRY PUTNEY wk- Y' NY Yam- CLAUDE PYETTE GERALD QUEENING BARBARA QUICK GERTRUDE RAMOS Q Q E. PQ 'Q -My in -C :ss X S 1 I - by 2' 6311 A ag BART RANDOLPH GARY READHEAD MARJORIE RANKIN LEAH REED JEANNE RANSOM LARRY REEVES CAROL RAZZARI GENE RETTIG QQ 'wr Q' -WIC' ,Wir Mm. Q? xg? W .Nam if ,SEQ 5 f -"W-W-Q. 1190- au- fn' LA EM X KQJYN ,vi ilk' ww- -WB ,,,,,,, my -its My 'S' 'QW JAMES REYNOLDS BOB ROACH BARRY ROBISON SHARON ROGERS BOB ROLIN REATA RICE MARY JANE ROBART CHLOE ROBISON CONCHITA ROLDAN WAYNE SAINDON MARILYN RICKLI JEAN ROBELLO DELORES ROBISON DOMINGO ROLDAN AILEEN SAKAI LYNNE RIETMAN BOB ROBEY PHOEBE ROGALLO JERRY ROLDAN HENRY SALAS Lf. BOB SCHAETZLE CATHE SCHILL BILL SCHMIDT LEON SCHMIDT 'Z5' A . C . mb 'L- 4 6- 'wax T' x 9- . JEANETTE SILVEIRA GRACE SIQUEIROS SUZANNE SOARES NANCY SPAIN ANNE STAHOR MARY SINCLAIR PRISCILLA SMALL JAMES SOLDEN SANDI SPALSBURY ROY STEHLE IRMA SIPE FRANK SMART BONNIE SOMMERS EVERETT SPRAKER VIRGINIA STEVENS GARY SIPPLE ROBERT SMITH EUGENE SOUZA JOANN SPUEHLER SHAN STEVENSON F f ga i'iP 'tr' I' - I 53,1 A, R X 442 A 1- "" .V A U f , 'x - I 9' 9- ' . 3 A SALLY STILES SHARON SWANSON RICHARD TAYLOR GARY THOMPSON TORY TJERSLAND KAY STOUFFER MIKE SWORAKOWSKI JEHANNE TEILHET RICHARD THOMPSON RUBY TOLEDO JIM STOUT LEO TAKAMOTO ROXANNA THAYER STUART THOMPSON DAVID TOVAR ORETTA SUTTON ANN TAMONY JUDY THOM JO ANN THORNTON NANCY UHLENBERG xx 1 N K Q' Sw sv Q . 3 id. ,.k 3 sl wx Basil' .... I ir 1 E Q QQ, 2 In M535 V , f 4""'J'5.. wr QE, MARY LOU VALDEZ ALLAN VEN LEHN HENRY VEGA BARBARA VIARISEO v w. ,I 3.4. 23 7 ., 3. - -. 5.391 4.-If . f, r- : A 'HA N Q23 ' ' I fav' F Hi. QQ' r I fi in , I 'ak ir '9,Q .H 'K' "in-1 it" 5- Q 'QT' -r:"f Y' -WSH If S:l'5Q,:E':1 ' . ,. ' . . I I , . ,. - - - Z., I,-In A . . I I N , ,i-:aw v -wr - . 1 '75 in 4 sg I- -sf QQ . - -- PATTY VINA GERRY VOLPE FRED VOLTMER FRED WAHLGREN .I -,MN 7'Ymg1ffm5 gr ,, , y y I k A an ,L 'EL 1,44 I Wf.1f,Z3' I K MAY WATANABE THOMAS WEBB DARLENE WEST JUDIE WHITE gaggfzfz ' ' . . ad? Q'-1 wiki wit. RAY WICKMAN MARILYN WILSON MARIE WILBUR SHARON WILSON DELMAR WILLIAMSON MIKE WINTER RICHARD WILLS CRAIG WITTGES gf P , BANCES WOOD JICKI WOODS QNIE WORKMAN LJNNA WRIGHT 1 w 4. iii-v 6 . O10 ' . Ad EUAL WYATT KEIKO YAMAMOTO ISAIAS YBARRA ng 1 A N SAM YOSHIKAWA SALLY ZECHER 5 X .J JK X x M P- I Dx M ww w Qjgkggflyyiimw W ,X MW 3 3 WWW Yzfawk P WWW Q ,Q S P Jozz at M,V I Dorn Yankees' R I T O F 5 7 , ...Q N Love Me Tender Scooby Doo Finale SPECIAL EDITION HEY, YOU GUYS! ' .- we " ff fi 4. --AND AWAY WE GOI REMEMBER THE JUNNOR PROM? WE WON! SI NIORS MARCH ON! HERE WE GO, HEY-- S. I r-'X 5' LIV- I LI SFNIORS HEAD PARADI EIR! , I 1 rpm f' ,IZl,L0fII'L' VUIWIAII ,bowl . D Ifiykvy In I z v,ov7C4fff AJ .QLIIV zu 'r R I , LJ Cfpb I ,buiwl THE SENIOR LAWN IL ,W SENIOR CUT--UPS nm. 5 . xi 51. .8 1 1 . wa- , I , U ? www ...!a4M,.- tux .QI I I 'G as if QQ' R se they Brunstead Pot Hunter Jane Yoshikawa Vice-Fresident Secretary Treasurer W Junior Ctass President Judy Keenan Harper Judy Lawson Lance Nagoyuma iw? , . l 2- i If ' ,L.-- :V L in ' - ' fTf?5Ti,L'l3s'5 7 ' ' , li - I , - f fe- . me :. -,. , New Q '- RTT' f , Q.'.g9iiee?:i1p 3 C S s l ew' In 3' ' f ll L"' 'F ' ' 7 Q ' F'5?,sff'..: IEEJSFIL. :!..?:J' . - ' jf-155' Sergeant-At'Arms Council Representative Council Representative FALL OFFICERS Our Junior year has really whizzed by! All through the year we have worked together as a single unit to complete successfully the tasks that went along with our title of Junior. The main activities ot our class have included Junior Day, the Junior Carnival, the Junior Variety Show, and the Junior Prom. lt was a real thrill to work on these big events and feel that the whole success of the things depended on us. Now that the year is over, we hope to fulfill the obligations of the Senior Class next year as well as this year's seniors have done. -Anne Falco, Dave Lira Victor Black Judy Baker Etta Lung til ue- ge it SGCVSTGVY Treasurer SPRING OFFICERS Junior Class Counselors: Mr, James Nudel- man and Mr. Joseph Tamony. allure, Lancs Wogoromc Junior Clam President gps- LR, TOP ROW-E, Capella, W, Cutrell, J. Bonnell, C. Clark, R. Bostwick, V. Black, J, Borrego, G. Baldwin, M Corrirra, B, Dale, J Anlonucri. MIDDLE ROW-A. Brady, K. Clark, P. Donaho, T Boricevich, D Cousins, C. Copenhaver, M Corona, S, Bransietfer, G. Anglin, S Brown, J. Arnands. BOTTOM ROW C. Bento, H, Bonfig, D. Cady, V. Aimes, U. De Mercurio, J. Chick, J. Baker, V. Bailey, V. Bradford, T Bernier, M. Cairns. LAI. TOP ROW R. Gabler, R Dominic, R Greene, J. David, J. Gervais, B. Grifoll, L, Dowell, B, Flemming, P. Farina, M Hall, A Grass, MIDDLE ROW C. Dutra, G. Garner, A. Fako, L. Gross, J Dear, S, Ginipro, M Hingsluerger, P, Garcia, T, Erkson, G, Fogelsong. BOTTOM ROW-B, Griffin, N, Fried, R Come-1, J De ScinMcirfino, M, Gloeggler, N. Fox, B, Guerrero, S, Dickson, J. Gustafson, J. Hcimrnond N7 ll TOP ROW B Kc-on, P Delly, J King, L Hammond, L. Lawrence, B. Jenecke, J. Hendricks, H. Lane, B Le-zchuk, G Lion, VV Jackson, B Joans. MIDDLE ROW H. Hughes, C. lssa, M. Knob, B. Lert, M, Hernano, L, Jiminez, K Hirata, J Hodges, J. Johnson, L. Harper, D. Lira. BOTTOM ROW-C. King, N. 145 Karelin, J. Keenan, P. Hunter, F, Kubo, D. Jones, M. Hernandez, G, Hutchinson, J. Keck, F. Lara. L-R, TOP ROW-J. Phillips, L. Nagayama, N. Pritchard, M. Pisano, E. Passus. MIDDLE ROW-B. Mc- Murphy, B. Lustig, R, Marazzo, A. Luna, L. Mateo, L. McKinney, P. Luna, M. Maldonado. BOTTOM ROWH L. Mullinix, J. Meidinger, L. Kirk, E. Lopez, E, Lung, A, McMurphy, L, Marshall, L. Manlove, L. Milburn, L. Munoz, M. Mena, S. Miner. , L we sr.. TOP ROW-S. Olsen, J. Rice, A. Roller, C. Mutobe, E, Nagli, E. Sanchez, E. Otwell. MIDDLE ROW-D. Scott, D. Oku, D. Reeves, M. A. Salinas, B. Sawicki, B. Orsi, C. Mostes, B. Sanchez, H. Reinhart, B. Pad- dock. BOTTOM ROW-S, Price, V. Norman, C. Robertson, C. Nelson, A. Salazar, M. Orozco, L, Otero, C. Preston, D. Peterson. TOP ROW-D. Walder, D. Smith, W. Yates, P. Way, R. Spenser, W. Wellmaker, K. Wassner, F. Sismil, D. Sween, L. Wyatt. MIDDLE ROW-C. Turner, J. Mazza, D. Valencia, A. Walton, H. Townzen, D. Wolfe W. Van Bracken, L, Sofia, J. Vamamoto, D. Thoemmes, G. Vasquez. BOTTOM ROW-E. Soto, L. Wood E. Wada, D. Toree, J. Yoshikawa, F. Watanabe, N. Verrette, l. Vargos, T. Waller, S. Smith, K. Vernon I-I Qnrnnnr F Qinnnin-.Q 1 JUNIOR ACTIVITIES CLASS OF 1956 PRESENTS JUNIORAMA Momma Will Bork LYW s gi ilff I ' - f . I .3..w,3 Q lcv sn . g s .,-i k ? . K .. i Bill Fogelman Marie Giovacchini Audrey Nishimoto -uracil Representative Treasurer Secretary 3 . 5 . . Tyrone Fabro I Sopiaomqm Class President Clayton FUIII Lynne Dukes Dan 5596910 I A ,. S s tif s sf -I . ' rgeant'At-Arms Counqil Representative Council Representative SPRING OFFICERS ophomore Class Counselors: Mr. Edward Ialock, Miss Ruth Lawrence. FALL OFFICERS This year as sophomores we have grown accustomed to our alma mater. We started out the year by building a float for the homecoming football game against Fremont. Everyone co-operated, and our float placed second. Then came our variety show which was titled "Surprise Package." The show was very successful, and everyone in our class, not to mention the audience, was very pleased. On Sophomore Day, we all had an enioyable afternoon with the members of our class. As the year nears its end, the Sophomore Class looks forward to next year and becoming upper classmen. -Evelyn Aquilino, Tyrone Fabro Clayton Fuiii Suzy Mqlm Judy Ebere 1 i r E i me I Vw I Secretary Don Sophomore .Ctnss Preaiden James Ottaviano Gloria Mann BIIIIFQQQIMGR Sergeant-At-Arms Council Representative I VICBJWBSIQQM e-tam 1.1111 -incl lk, TOP ROW R Cayigl.a, R. Bergford, D. Burkes, D Campbell, H. Chapman, D. Bautista, K. Angler, H Cadclell, H Bittner, B. Betters, M. Bartlett, B. Bell. MIDDLE ROW-K. Cross, A, Booker, L. Auger, J, Barrick, E. Aquilino, C. Callanta, S. Burgess, A. Balaarn, F. Ausano, J. Bailey, B. Bohan, F. Cervantes BOTTOM ROW -H. Albright, L. Boynton, L. Blasquez, M. Abey, S. Anderson, A. Blas, A. Bonham, J Anies, E. Chan, M. Byrd, C. Bailey, A. Brady, F, Blasquez. TOP ROW--J. Enriquez, R. Chacon, J. Domingo, T, Fabro, J. Domingo, J. Duncan, W. Duke, C. Dias, 1 Finn, l Chrono, R Fspanosa, MIDDLE ROWV- P. Cingolani, T Cortez, B, Foglernan, V. Garner, J. Green, G Dennis, R Evers, D, Flerning, L Frizzell, J. Floyd, R. Dykes, J. Furuta, BOTTOM ROWf B Danilofl, L. Cornelius, L. Dykes, E. Daughertty, D. Chun, J. Furi C. Fabro, J. Ferguson, S. Flores, D Downen, F Dominick, F. Dawkins, F. Fuller, G. Grantham. L- -. Q. is .. T' TOP ROW R Moran, D Kubo, G Hostetler, D. Loughry, D. Hartman, D. Mateo, R. Goularte, J. Lamb, M Gonzales, F Klatt, R Hirschbek, T. Hilton, M Gonzales, J Gutierrez, A. Huber. MIDDLE ROW-R. Hill, P Jann-s, V lin ifi, N Lopez, P. Hickman, J Harrison, P. Houston, D. Jackson, S Mann, K. Giagiari, G Mann M Giayarrhini, G Manstield, K Machade, L Judson, L. Hedquist, D. Hackett. BOTTOM ROW-S. Malrn, N MrGuire, N Keck, P Coll-nge, J Ebere, G. Garcia, D. Gabbard, L. Mohrrnern, B. Grant, M. Gilbert, D Dodd, I Lawnsluury, J McCullock, Z Karelin, M. Humphrey. TOP ROV'-B. Paulk, A, Nava, J. Ottaviano, R. Nielson, F. Ochoa, G. Myers, R. Llamas, E.Mutobe, N. Ortiz, W. Oliver, A. Patterson. MIDDLE ROWfW. Martinez, Z. Nettle, C. Mellor, D. Mesa, L. Mullen, J, Partridge, B. Palmer, C, Rietman, H. Robledo, S, Kallman. FRONT ROW-P. Miller. A. Nishimoto, K. Mitchell, B. Moss, B. Nobles, N. Ortez, D, Ochoa, D. Parga, V. Orozco, A. Reed, D. Seaton,A.Shull, S. Pencille. i' dip TOP ROW'-B. Shippley, F. Mangel, L. Sargent, J. Welch, A, Soto, F. Parra, P. Reynolds, R. Sanchez, H. Silva, R. Siegel, J. Ricben, G. Parsons. MIDDLE ROW-J. Scott, C. Teague, M. Rose, L. Turner,J,Voellcer, C, Poncini, K. Wahlgren, M. Pihl, E. M'Werner, B. Ravetto, R. Scott, J, Seymore, R. Reeves. BOTTOM ROW-J. Santiago, A. Salazar, M. Stiles, A. Vanni, B. Reynolds, S, Robida, B. Reed, E. Wada, J. Bettencourt, M. Townsend, A. Weber. TOP ROW-J. Winstead, E. Giron, J. Cox, C. Sullivan, R. Jones, K. Smith, A. Takaki, R. Vargas, K. Turner, A, Thogrnartin. MIDDLE ROW-B. Sommer, T. Thompson, W. Sterner, D. Vannir, B. Tiernagil, F. Wat- anobe, D. Kubo, L. Velez, T. Traiantos, A. Torres, C. Thomas. BOTTOM ROW-V. Garcia, C. Gloria, R. Munoz, R. Ramirez, A. Sanchez, M. Ramirez, E. Simental, I. Garcia, A. Shehan, W. Nickerson, R. Vil- lasenor, R. Llamas. SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES I Soph TIOCY FEW' ' Hi Gongl Jusf Chumng SANTA'S SURPRISE PACKAGE W Fats Takes Over BIo'v, Mon, Blow F is 4 is 1 Q . Z gs: it Mary Marks Secretary Kay Blancett 'li 1 '5 .is - , -55 1' Lab ssrlxl at ll . , .r 25.3 2 5' A wi K ' rgeant-At-Arms Council Representative 1 1 'L ig? Q . A' , U .. V A gy. X ,-.. f feijs.: 2-- .msff 2 " 3Z3,a1ggf-gli l l Cathy Henning Treasurer ,' K' ' iiGYf'iZvizI?5fl.1f. - .1 .1 f-'-- for,115-55g.q?,g.-V is i S' Council Representative SPRING OFFICERBW .Qs f-CTE Freshmen Class Counselors: Mrs. Phyllis XL i X Wincleler, Mr. James Nudelman. 'N A F' EQ M T -Q5 . if is c are 'fb Q s il xv sie. is , lx Q NX.: 'QA . FALL OFFICERS The Freshman Class started high school in bang! Of course, we were all scared silly the how we survived. The sophomores gave the annual Freshman and all who attended had a wonderful time. girls nominated for homecoming queen, Our in the homecoming parade which took many make. We learned a lot about school spirit at Mou school spirit means to every one of us now, an be here to help share it! The class of 1960 is really proud to be a pa Fran Baptise Kay Blancett September with a big first week, but some- Reception in our honor, We had two freshman class also put a float days of hard work to ntain View, How much d how glad we are to rt of wonderful MVHSI -Pat Bowman Secretary Barbara Lazo Representative Pam Reed i i I .:.. ,f--,. '21 is . Troow rar Ralph Corfu W Freshman Class President Richdfd Hernandez Cou ndl Rspflitntative -sl . k X 'sb Qu ag I X X1 so xc, ' an-sunmmawm l-R, TOP ROW J Christensen, v. DJ Anderson, A. Barczi, A Beasley, L. Amorillos, J, Campbell M. Burch, J, Bell, B Burgess, R Brackett, R, Bidinger, L. Capote, J Block, S. Burglund, MIDDLE ROW- F Bonnell, J Bernardo, M. Anderson, M. Alexander, K, Blancett, F, Baptiste, K. Chombliss, L. Bernardo S Busanq, B Alley, R. Chappell, D. Rann, H. Anderson, A. Chapman. BOTTOM ROW--P. Chiono K Chiono, J Bown, S. Bortels, B. Brournilleu, C. Borene, B. Aden, M. Chicon, R, Barreros, S. Anglia P Bowman, K Butler, G Behr, M. Bernard. TOP ROW f-G. Clingrnan, D. Fursman, B. Clarke, B. Drennon, J, Easton, P. Cox, M. Ervin, D. Cooper, B Daugherty, K Fuiii, R Cortez, J Fought. F. Lewis, J, Coburn, B Conser, MIDDLE ROW- J Faso, K, Eberhardt, B. Dickson, D. Dishaw, K, Clernmant, N. Condon, A. Earls, B. Durkin, E. Delucki, L Cru1, S. Fast, L, Gomez, E Enger, D, Diesner. BOTTOM ROW-B. Clulton, J, Davidson, B. Estes, M Clnlton, Y Contento, R Correa, R, Davila, P. Clayclon, Y. Cornatzar, P. David, B Fisher, S, Enders, A. Esplnoso - . K3 ,V I- C. A -. , fn X TOP ROW C, Grifliths, L, Garcia, R, Garrett, C, Hall, D. Griffin, R. Gustafson, J. Hildebrand, T. errera, R He-rnandrez, M ldeinandez, R. Halpaine, S. Keller, L, Garner. MIDDLE ROW-R. ibbard, R. Harper, M Sixson, E. Hansen, M. Gonzales, K. Floyd, V. Floyd, V, Hill, B. Gaxiola, L. Garcia, J. Harris, J. Hinsen. BOTTOM ROW-K, Gilmore, B. Hite, J. Haugh, J, Hedquigt, C, Henning, D Haglund, G. Gross, M Gertsch, R. Gutierrerz, D. Hitchcock, C. Gavler, J. Forte, P. Hermano, B. Gurierrez. ffl ...ani LYR, TOP ROW-A. Johnson, C. Johnson, D. Holt, J. Lyngar, K. Kline, S. Liu, R. Jones, L. Holtliouse, J. Juracich, R. Llamas, D. Macias, T. Lara, B. Humphrey, E. Luna, R. Irvine, H. Navarro, T. Mendoza. MIDDLE ROW-J, Krieg, O. Langaehr, S. Lira, W. Lett, D. Lezchuk, R. Hoshiko, D. Hopkins, A. Hoshi, B. Judnich, F. Jones, J. Medina, H. Lopez, R. Frank, C. Lira. BOTTOM ROW-F. Junta, L. Johnson, L. Holden, B. Lazo, K. Hunter, C. Kunz, M. Kirouac, B. Huebner, C. Ingle, R. Jenkins, P. Kim- inell, N. Kirkland, A. Jetfon, M. Linville. 1'5fi:..a ' TOP ROW-F. Nishiura, B. Martin, F. Minor, R. Oglesbee, W. Moore, J. McMurphy, B. Morales, W. McFadden, W. Miller. MIDDLE ROW-H. Minyad, J. Mapes, B. Ollemberger, L. Madriago, K. Marinovich, J. Ogletree, B. Mullinix, B. Loucko, G. Minor, R. Medina, M. Moss. BOTTOM ROW-J. Mendoza, J. Moore, M. Marks, D. McHenry, P. Olds, C. Malin, S. Miner, L. Nugent, J. Morello, M. Macias, B. Massey, M. McKinnon, M, McCanta, S. Martin, N. Moron. TOP ROW-J. Reger, E. Rodreguiz, D. Polston, I. Remus, J. Papagni, J. Shippley, L. Riggen, R. Schrech, S. Rice, T. Queening, W. Putman, C. Newman, L. Raldan, J. Roe, MIDDLE ROW-G. Piazza, K. Shirley, S. Reese, M. Salinas, A. Rico, W. Sako, B. Scott, S. Sartain, F. Passantino, N. Reily, D. Reynolds, R. Renteria, R. Sinental, D, Serrano. BOTTOM ROW-J. Partridge, J. 44 Razzari, K. Saia, I. Soares, E. O'Neill, D. Rice, M. Salvatierra, C. Rocha, S. Pieratt, D. Rodriguez, C. Phillipp, K. Piccolo, K. Rhinehart, P. Reed. L R, TOP ROW'-J. Vierra, R. Yokoyama, W. White, V. Williamson, B. Tsurada, A. Tindall, J. Waller, R. Tressel, J. Turner, H. Walder, J. Stewart, B. Smiley, S. Tenneson, P. Williams, E, Wilson, MIDDLE ROW4 F, Silva, S. Wellernaker, S, Steel, B. Steel, J. Zangari, H. White, J. Young, R, Triano,C, Warren, D. Ybaro, P. Terwilliger, F. Volpe, C. Wilson, B. Untalan, BOTTOM ROW--J, Stephens, B. Sween, B. Valdez, C. Taylor, N. Voss, C. Trujillo, D. Weidlick, R. Spalding, C. Smith, O. Tovar, P, Wooley, J. Sutton, C, Wahl- quist, K. Viscovich. FRESHMAN ACTIVITIES Whatta Lawyer A Flooring We Will Go Wow-That Brunette Lookin' For Somethin Crazy Routine "GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY?" A! QI!!! Jak, 74Q!rf'fL" Looking Ahead To The Future 1 1ul11,w1f . 1-1- 1331-'K 459 0 '53 "5 J.-1 . -' 2, P' 8 ' 2 4 5' M 2. "b , 3 . , ', y . 'ng I , 'vm I 'K X x aka I' V :X if 4 , Q A2 -V1 ' Az L vig Q1 , Hia , 5' " W " e 'f Qi. vii, H A 1, P' A! ' n v" l af x . " -iL'?'u-1' . , wh, ,. f ' V m5 1 :V ?'l?", dis: 1 X A f ,gt 4' --13- FALL STUDENT COUNCIL r X' iw- x 'Y fx Guides Help New Freshmen We Challenge Fremont! "And If Elected" el usa, "T"'i":9 CHRIS HEMMETER Studenf Body President I 4 L ,sk M l. VH , - Q1 -f ' RRVQJEQ' 'Y . 1, .ii-. MISS LAWRENCE Adviser if fm -rv-4 Q if r in I DAVE NICKLE Vice-President -X K , Q .. ' K. E "" '- - -' ZR I , I - 311 if MIKE PEAK Advertising Manager BARBI BAER Annual Editor is v VICKI CROSBY GERRY VOLPE Jr. Sr. GirI's League Pres. Jr. Sr. Boy's League Pres -- ki. .fum ,raw we iff- -- ,-Q.-ezeifzg. , Aflsi -- ' ' me --Kim, 2,-E , W-Qfgze-f :.. .s,.e:2:w ff1:iw1 i M2525 sz - gs gx i ffi' K ,uw . - Q 1 Q ,S . 1 1 mr i 3' I ig fk Q r JUDY LAWSON LANCE NAGAYAMA Jr. Council Rep. Junior Council Rep. VIRGINIA BAILEY Secretory MAY WATANABE Activity Paint Secretary 'Z ROSIE BERNARDI Eogle Editor CAROL RIETMAN Fr. Soph. Girl's Lecxgue Pres. LYNNE DYKES Sophomore Council Rep. 1 CAROLYN BURKE Treasurer 812 : 5 1 ,f ART EIKENBERRY Parliamentarian fm I .1 IC, JOE OCHOA Head Yell Leader JOHN DOMINGO Fr. Soph. Boy's League Pres. . .. 5,1 DON BAUTISTA Sophomore Council Rep. Q38 Q ., P' Q w 5 BROOKE SHEBLEY Auditor .pf SAM YOSHIKAWA Boy's Athletic Commissioner BETTY BORELLO GAA President ANN PAPAGNI Senior Council Rep. KAY BLANCET Freshman Council Rep. 3 A. .ug ""5f?'ix f I FRED MEYER Sgt.-at-Arms ar cf! PER FORSSKAHI. Exchange Student .ii STEVE FLYNN Safety Commissioner X .. .. li s r Q WIL KOHL Senior Council Rep. , s. ik- " .' Q. . if S . a ,g 2. Af i A f f l: X Tl: fs RICH CHAPPELL Freshman Council Rep. SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL SPA' l 'ir Election Excitement! STEVE FLYNN Student Body President Miss RUTH LAWRENCE Advisor VICKI CROSBY Jr. Sr. Girls' League Pres. CAROLE KING Junior Council Rep. WILL KOHL Vice-President JOYCE ISHIKAWA Activity Point Secretory BARBI BAER Annual Editor GERRY VOLPE Jr, Sr, Boys' League Pres, JERRY BORREGO Junior Council Rep, 'Q 1 KET DIANE HILLHOUSE Secretary RAY McCOY Boys' Avlilclic Covnnnssianer Fr '31 . .4-wk JUDY KUEHN Fagle Representative CAROL RIETMAN Soph Girls' League Pres F GLORIA MANN Sophomore Council Rep. All CAROLYN BURKE Treasurer NANCY NUTE Advervising Manager 1, U x v . Sri BETTY BORELLO GAA President JOHN DOMINGO r. Soph Boys' League Pres BILL FOGELMAN Sophomore Council Rep. f"s Qi? BROOKE SHEBLEY Audilor LEE GENTRY ST. at Arms PER FORSSKAHL Exchange Siudenf ART EIKENBERRY Parliamenlarian L-, JOE OCHOA Head "A" Cheerleader CHIRS HEMMETER Safety Commissioner ,us-Q. DAVE NICKLE Senior Council Rep. KAREN HALVORSEN Senior Council Rep. qy X BARBARA LAZO Freshman Council Rep. Freshman Council Rep. RICHARD HERNANDEZ 'iff H LANCE NAGAYAMA KEN Hosni Mr. CARTER . secretaryetreasurer vice-president advisor . I I """l ?? .... R if JUNIOR- . GERRY vows RRRR . president v Q ' :-1 ., ' 5 . ' iff, it . 4. SENIOR KENT HUMPAL BOB NAKAMOTO program chairman Boys' League is an organization composed of all the iunior and enior boys in the school whose main purpose is to create entertainment, 'iendship and unity among them. Boys' League holds four meetings a year. Entertainment and busi- ess compose the hour long meeting. For entertainment we have had programs from Ames Aeronautical uboratories and from General Motors. Boys' League sponsors the annual iazz concert and Father and ons Banquet. The Father and Sons banquet last December offered a hance tor the fathers to hear about our athletic program. We try to lan all our programs so they will be useful in giving boys experience 1 cooperating with their fellow students. GERRY VOLPE President tur Trophy Case A sergeant-at-arms Per Speaks BOYS at-'P " " 7 4-n. Q. t., t Q' .-Q Bk -sf 14? 4 xl' 4 NKJV, Y A -, 1' -. xx Mr. ORR SAMMY LUI JAMES OTTAVIANO 5, F adviser treasurer Program chairman -Q .. -my , 5 94 g :ROSH . l . s - - f ,f f,,i.f ,fill st swyi JoHN ooMiNco .ffififf x J - president N. V O fx IX 1. xx X K FRANK CERVANTES 3 RALPH CORTEZ sergeant-at-arms , ' vice-president SOPH. 1 The purpose of Boys' League is to provide entertainment for the freshman and soph- omore boys. Boys' League has four meetings each year. The ofhcers organize and conduct the meetings with the help of a faculty sponsor, this year Mr. Orr is our sponsor. With the officers leading the way, our league presents good entertainment and informative EAGUE At our first meeting, we had the pleasure of seeing and hearing a representative from General Motors tell us about a new car in development which will run without gasoline. lt is hoped that through our League, the freshman and sophomore boys can find a good source of entertainment and friendships. BLOCK ,,M,, JOHN DOMINGO President -.J TOP ROW-L. Harper, D. Williamson, P. Luna, H. Mazza, B. Lane, M. Hall, J. Miner, L. Maughn, G, Cody, L. Dracco, T. Tiersland, J Roldan, B. Lezchuk, H. Morse, E. Laveroni, D. Roldan, J. Keenan, W. Yates, R. Dykes, FOURTH ROW-T. Fabro, I. Ybarra, D, Thompson B. Shippley, M. Pisano, C. Hemmeter, F. Croshaw, J. Borrego, M. Palmateer, A, Takaki, B. Workman, C. Moy, J. Morales, C. Fuiii, F. Wahl gren. THIRD ROW-C. Wittges, J. Escobar, D. Wolfe, B. Tsurudo, I. Morita, F. Meyer, K. Jones, B. Paulk, A. Eikenberry, H. Carsburg, J Hendricks, A. Phelps, R, Serras, R, McCoy, J. Domingo, B. Robinson, C. Angler. SECOND ROW--G. Dennis, B. Mendez, W. Kohl, B. Man telli, M. Greeny, G. Volpe, P, Edwards, D. Highfill, M. Dutra, B. Nakamoto, L. Nagayama, H. Salas, B, Flores, H. Sandiego, F. Watanabe J. McMurphy. FRONT ROW-S. Flynn, J, Yamamoto, S. Olsen, K. Hirota, H. Chapman, J. Soldan, P, Farina, D. Nickle, B, Randolph, .1 Bodie, L. Gentry, J. Ochoo, K. Hoshi, D. Lezchuk, D. Mateo, R. Cortez, B. Soans. VICKI CROSBY ANNE BALERO ANN PAPAGNI CARLEE ANDERSON ROSIE BERNARDI President Music Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JEAN GROSS Mrs. HAWKS GAIL ANDERSON KAREN GOLDSTEIN CAROLYN BURKE Refreshment Advisor Decoration Sales Manager Big Sister JUNIOR-SENIOR GIRLS SHIRLEY POLLASTRINI JANE YOSHIKAWA ANITA CRAMER Publicity Serving Welfare A busy year tillecl with many activities has come to an end for the Junior-Senior Girls' League othcers and committee heads, We sponsored the big and little sister program, Football Queen contest, Girls' League Fashion Show, Christmas Dance, Beauty and Talent Show, Mothers' Tea, and the Girls' League Scholarship. l'm sure Girls' League has been a wonderful experience this year tor everyone who participated in it. -Vicki Crosby Surprise for our Homecoming Queen! FROST S 54 CAROL RIETMAN Miss WINDELER MYKO ABBEY JUDY BARRACK GLORIA MANN President Advisor Secretary Treasurer Vice-President l L . DOROTHY OCHOA EVELYN ALQUINO SHYRL MANN SONIA ANDERSON JANET MORELLO Publicity Decoration Refreshment Welfare Music DONNA DISHAW ZENA KARELIN This year the Freshman'Sophomore League got oft to a good Serving Cloak Room start with representatives from Arthur Murray Dance Studio dem' onstrating dances from difterent countries for us at our first meeting. Our annual fashion show came next, and it was very success- ful, Working with the Junior-Senior League for the Homecoming Queen and Beauty and Talent show was also a new and exciting experience. Shirley and Friend Model. I know that all the girls who worked and were officers in the League were proud and honored to have been a part of this wonderful group. -Carol Rietman League Fashion Shows. mf' aww, ,Q 0-. X I fr .L-:.. A.z.i i. EA, ,gs iEHANNE TEILHET Chief Justice BACK ROW-Bob Benson, Dave Lira, Charles Egle, Eual Wyatt. FRONT ROW- Brian McGee, Dean Dulleck, Jim Beaton, Fred Meyer, Sergeant-at-Arms. BARBI BAER -wg- . FALL STUDENT COURT BACK ROW-Dave Lira, Art Mensor, Mr. James Gauntlett. FRONT ROW-Irene Lawns- berry, Jehanne Teihet, Anita Cramer, Sally Zecher. FALL HALL PATROL GIRLS' STATE The privilege of representing our school at California Girls' State in Sacramento last summer was the most wonderful experience l've ever had! Girls' State not only teaches its participants, senior girls from high schools all over California, the workings of our government, it gives an insight on the importance, duties, and privileges ot an American citizen as well. Friendships and memories I have gained from that one short week in Sacramento will remain with me always. I wish so strongly that each girl could have shared a part Wifh me- -Barbi Baer I S -. s...,.,,M..,sM it . 1 i . L arena-.qAi8',!1il'hf11"ls tw TOP ROW'-V. Black, S, Denton, J. Johnston, W. Kohl, A. Eikenberry, L. Gentry, J. Kankel, G, Alonzo, L. Hill, A. Huber, J. Johnson, R. Green. MIDDLE ROW-G. Anderson, C. Lee, C. Ainsworth, C. Geiman, K. Halvorsen, C. Isso, E Eng, E. Clernmenson, C. Burke, BOTTOM ROW-C. King, B. Borello, .l.Baker, M. Gloeggler, N. Korelin, J. Chick, F. Galbraith, D, Hillhouse, B. Baer. 'G' 'x FALL HN 5 W '?vs 4 ei s . A 'sos' S J ann I Q-los if 2'-,4.j,.f:- Jszstifi' X TOP ROW--A. Van Lehn, S, Yoshikawa, L. Nagayama, J, Shimizu, M. Sworakowski, J, Phillips, C. Teague. MIDDLE ROW ---M. Pihl, M. Mead, C. Plum, P. Small, J. Yoshikawa, F. Watanabe, K. Smith. BOTTOM ROW-J. Voelker, B, Reed, J. Miras, K. Miller, l. Sipe, S. Malm, A, Nishimoto. CHRIS HEMMETER mm E BOYS' STATE Boys' State was an event we will never forget. It was the TIQSSR great boys, the journey to Sacramento, the cow barns where we stayed, the good meals, the party excitement and con- were memorable highlights. We would like to thank the American Legion for sending us on such a wonderful trip. Chris Hemmeter and Bob Mehringer ART EIKENBERRY S CSF President FALL CSF 3' . BOB MEHRINGER an 'NP AX X at i fi? A A ' '51 A ff f N I f 4 I ventions, and the interesting trips to our State capitol that X W 'L nf Q gxun L P I , 1 -. A f 5 g QS f . ,xyy x XL . N' X , 11 h X f I i' f l Ii L' SPRING STUDENT COURT ART MENSOR Chief Justice SPRING HALL PATROL BACK ROW-Lee Gentry, Tom Forsythe, Nick Cote, Marne Palmateer, FRONT ROW-Bob Mehringer, Dave Nickel, Fred Meyer. DAR AWARD WINNER CAROLYN BURKE wily BACK ROW-Art Mensor, Anita Cramer, Jehanne Teilhet, Fred Meyer. FRONT ROW-Marlene Gertsch, Frances Watanabe, Miyoka Abey, Every year the Daughters of the American Revolution give a Good Citizenship Award to a senior girl who has been outstanding in leadership, citizenship, dependability, and patriotism. After preliminary nominations in a class meeting, three girls are chosen by ballot to be considered for the award. A committee of counselors select the final award winner at Mountain View. This year the award was given to Carolyn Burke. She took a test on American history and hlled out an application concerning her high school activities. These were sent to the district headquarters where her test was graded and her qualifications for state and national honors were considered, Carolyn placed fourth in this district of high schools. She will also receive a pin in recognition of her award. 58 TOP ROW D Kirkarian, G. Alonnzo, C. Kight, W. Kohl, S. Dunton, L, Gentry, A. Eikenberry, J, Konkel, P Forsskahl, A. Heaslet, J. Baldelli, F. Minor, V. Hill, R. McCoy, A. Huber. MIDDLE ROW--M. Abey, F. Junta, B Borcllo, P. Bell, A Cothey, V. Crosby, R. Burkhart, E, Clemmensen, K. Halversen, J. Hedquist, J. Feebeck, M. Bolt, B. Boer. BOTTOM ROW-M. Gloeggler, J. Ishikowa, V. Bailey, S. Denton, B Adan, V Goldsmith, H, Hoshiko, S. Fackler, B. Judnich, F. Jones, C. Burke, D. Lezchuk. SPRING C. S. F. TOP ROW -V-E, Sipe, R, Oglesbee, F. Meyer, R. Stehle, K. Smith, R. Wickman, A, Van Lehn, G. Lion, L. Nagayomo, J Philipp, C. Teague, Mr. Gountlett, MIDDLE ROW-L. Wagner, S. Yoshikowa, D, Petterson, S Zecher, M. Mead, M. Pihl, G. Siqueiros, L. Rietrnan, J. Thornton, S. Pollastrini, C. Plurn, V. Stevens, N. Uhlenberg BOTTOM ROW-S. Malrn, A. Nishirnoto, M. Watanabe, J. Miros, B, Reed, B. Sommers, C Wahlquist, B Allemberg, J, Yoshokowo, J. Shimizu, P. Small. C.S.F. PRESIDENT lo start oll the Calilornia Scholarship Fedeiotion's activities for the year, two field ART HKENBERRY ps were planned Members had a choice to go to either Sunset Magazine or Hewlett- ickard Both trips were most interesting. Also this year the CSF has begun a program of "more activity" instead of being st an honor society as in the past. Much credit goes to Mr. Gauntlett, our new and energetic lviser. To illustrate the above fact, C,S,F. merged with the Art Club in sponsoring o dance ld on Marrh B and entitled "Calypso " The highlight ol the ycar's activities came to a climax on February 28 when we held r annual Awards Banquet, A swiss steak dinner and entertainment preceded the presen- tion of Lite CSF Membership Pins to deserving seniors. New ofhcers for the spring vicster were installed and members received their numerals and blocks for membership P C.S F, Thr' large audience attending had an enioyable evening. Art Eikenberry, president 59 if S I if m it 3 E si BLUE AND GREY STAFF 4i FRONT ROWwBarbi Baer, editor, Bev Gil, typist, Carolyn Burke, Girls' League, Sam Yoshikawa, index, Mike Peak, art editor, Dave Nickle, sports. SECOND ROW-Steve Flynn, sports, May Watanabe, girls' sports, Brooke Shebley, music, Betty Kirby, pep and spirit, Vicki Crosby, activities, Jim Beaton, candids, THIRD ROW-Anita Lopez, clubs, Lee Gentry, photographer, Helen Hoshika, girls' sports, Fred Meyer, seniors, Joe Ochoa, pep and spirit, Henry Salas, seniors, Lance Nagayama, index. TOP ROW-Virginia Bailey, art editor, Karen Halvorsen, assistant editor, Virginia Goldsmith, typist, Gail Anderson, assistant editor, Pat Bowman, freshmen, Carolyn Geiman, faculty, Anne Falco, iuniors, Maureen Mead, faculty, Charlotte Plum, index, Nancy Nute, assistant editor, Mike Sworokowski, photographer, Lynne Rietman, Girls' League, Anne Balero, seniors, Tyrone Fabro, sophomores. 'SEQ BARBI BAER NANCY NUTE KAREN HALVORSEN GAIL ANDERSON Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor L,.o 1""""'I? ROSIE BERNARDI DIANE Hll.LHOUSE Fall Editor Spring Editor EAGLE STAFF -1 .1 FRONT ROW-Betty Hashi, sports editor, Judy Kuehn, editorial page editor: Sharon Wilson, typist and news writer, Rosie Bernardi, editor: Anne Balero, feature writery Anita Lopez, girls' sports writerg Barbi Baer, correspondent. BACK ROW--Jacquie Johnston, news page editor, Jean Gross, feature writerg Nancy Malmstrom, exchange editor, Lynne Rietman, typist and feature writerg Diane Hillhouse, feature page editorg Frances Blazin, news writer and head make-up, Susan Durst, cinnouncementsg Henry Salas, sports and feature writer, Mrs. Flear, advisor. X Q .L FALL ACTIVITY POINT COMMITTEE BACK ROW-Aileen Sokii, Diane HiIII1ouse, Frances Watanabe, Frances Kubo, Marilyn Beeby. FRONT ROWAJc1ne Yoshikowa, May Watanabe, Betty Hoshi, HeIen Hoshiko, Conchita Roldan. SPRING ACTIVITY POINT COMMITTEE We ,, S 9 BACK ROW-Keiko Yamamoto, Helen Hoshiko, Conchitu Roldon, Frances Watanabe, Joyce Ishikowo. FRONT ROW Aileen Sakii, Jane Yoshikawa, Moy Watanabe, Frances Kubo, Betty Hoshi. LEFT-RIGHT-Nancy Fred, Lorraine Marenco, Virginia I-IiII, Zinc Karelin, FrancI'1eIIe Dawkins. CLOAK ROOM GIRLS it Nw V gm , 5 .Q Through the American Service Exchange Program Karen Halvorsen had the opportunity to spend the summer months in the southern part of Sweden. Thanks to the same organization I got the chance to come from Finland and stay for a thrilling year here in Mountain View High School. During this year I have made more friends, and had more fun than ever before. You, the teachers and students of M.V.H.S., have made this year a happy and unforgettable time for me. The friendly atmosphere made me feel at home here among you onthe very first day. Now I think I begin to understand "The American Way of Life" so when I am back home I can tell my friends about my experiences here in the golden state of California. -Per Forsskahl PER FORSSKAHL Exchange Student From Finland Because the American Field Service had the organization, because the Affiliation Club held the Rummage Sale, and because the students of Mountain View High School helped to raise the necessary funds, Per Forsskahl came to us from Finland this year, and I had the opportunity to spend last summer in Sweden, That summer in Sweden meant more to me than anyone knows becasue the families with whom we lived were wonderful to us, and their friends were our friends at the end ofthe seven weeks, I honestly believe that this exchange of students between nations is important, A few more people in both America and Europe learn of other countries each year from the students and by learning, they understand. I think that understanding is one key to peace. KAREN HALVORSEN Exchange Student to Sweden -Karen I-lalvorsen BACK ROW'--R. Thayer, M. Wilbur, I. Boccius, B. Lezchuk, P. Forsskahl, A. Malin, M. Valdez, F. Meyer, W. Kohl, C. Egli, D. Lezchuk, MIDDLE ROW-D. Kirkorian, S. Zecher, L. Reed, C. Plum, K. Miller, C. Malin, D. Lezchuk, N. Nute, A. Cothey, M. Lewis, C. Geiman, C. King, J. Baker, P. Garcia. FRONT ROW- Mr. Lo Presti, F. Wood, S, Miner, A. Cramer, G. Scott, B. Lett, P. Small, V. Stevens, P. Lane, D. Reeves, 63 E. Clemmenson, K. I-lalvorsen. CHESS CLUB TOP ROW-L. Hill, G. Alonzo, D. Toylor, Mr. Nudelmon, L. Clousing, M. Sworokowski. MIDDLE ROW- A. Huber, C. Kight, P. Forsskohl, S. Cewe, R. Nielson, C. Teague. FRONT ROW-D. Conn, F Jones, D. Slwcnnofelf, B. Clarke, L, Sorgenf, V. Bennight. 'EP CLUB 6-I Y TEEN CLUB TOP ROW-A. Cromer, S. Perry, R. Borrego, M, Hermono, V. Stevens, H. Hughes, L. Mullen, J, Spuehler, Mr. Collohon, V. Goldsmith, V, Woods, M. De Mello, K. Clnornbliss, S. Zecher. MIDDLE ROW-R. Thoyer, M. Wofonobe, J. Miros, C. Eng, I-I, Hoshilco, K. Yamamoto, J. Ishikowo, M. Freitos, C. Rozzori, F. Bopfisfe. FRONT ROWAF. Kubo, V, Boiley, A, Sokoi, D. Ochoo, M, Scllvoflerro, N. Moron, M. McKinnon, Z. Kore- Iin, H. Gonzoles. TOP ROW-I. Lownsberry, K. Wolwlgren, V, Luno, L. Mullen, S. Owens, S. Chun, Miss Crabtree, D. Sween D. Reeves, E. Clemrnensen, MIDDLE ROW-Z. Netlle, J. McCulloch, J. Hedquist, M. Menu, F. Junto, N Solco, P. Dovid, S. Reese. FRONT ROW-V. Bailey, S, Brown, C. King, M. Gloeggler, J. Miros, C. Eng M. A. Solinos, C Melior. CALIF. ED. CLUB BACK ROW B Reed, R Tlmyer, N. McGuire, K. Frunclnul, C. Ainsworth, A, Cromer, D Wvight, Plmn, P Svncxll, P Lune- MIDDLE ROW C. King, J Mnus, C. Eng, P, Barber, P, Elwln, Mr Nichols Cvosluy, K Mclver, S Flynn, M A. Solinas. FRONT ROW--G. Anderson, S. Zecher, N. Nute, Gr-imun, M Lewis, C VViTfges, J Poquelle. MERRYMAKERS BACK ROW R. Goulurtc, C, McClelland, K. Owens, J. de Son Martino, Mr. Orr, Mr. Bush. FRONT ROW- R Tlnnyer, Y Clemmenson, A, McGuire, D Reeves, B. Hanson. RECORD COMMITTEE BACK ROW A Mc-n-mn, S Spmlslnury, J lcxmln, 5. Denton FRONT ROW G. McKinnon, P. Bell, S. lcu Llc-1, A Cum '11, Zu 2- . :N A by -3 f Q .-1' I SPANISH CLUB 5 ...sf , 'sms BACK ROW-E. Possus, E. Ohu, E. Wodcz, Mr. FBLA CLUB 'K r T. Hoo, B. Lezchuk, A. Vonni, G. Alonzo, J. Lone. MIDDLE ROW-V, Stevens, Gummerscill, E. Dominic, P. Mclnerniy, J. Porter. FRONT ROW-A, Lopez, L. Mul- linix, F. Lewis, E. lborro, G, Siqueiros. .. .-Y 1-V . was is FUTURE NURSES' CLUB 66 -Q'--s.-...,,, BACK ROW-N. Fred, M, Meno, Mr. Mcineely, C. Eng, A, Gordo. FRONT ROW-L. Liru, E. Iborro, M. Bemis, G. Siqueiros, G. Cervantes. BACK ROW-E. Luiz, K. Chomeliss, M, Mena, Miss Kumer, L, Judson, F, Dawkins. FRONT ROW-L. Mcrenco, P. Lone, G, Chun, N. Fred. 1 I f 5 5 . Q W SERVICE CLUB BACK ROW -E. Mozzo, D. Reeves, Mr. B. Dooley, J Robello. MIDDLE ROW-fl. Gummersoll, E. Eikenberry, V. Crosby, P. Borber,VR. Burkhart, Ransom, R. Rice, J. Teilher, P. Elwin, K. Mclver, S. Durst, M. Freitns, M. Ricki. FRONT ROW--S. Pierctt, C. Rozzori, N. Merco, D. Hillhouse, N. Molmstrom, F. Galbraith, V. ShirIey, B. Quick. BACK ROW-S. Tennyson, E. Souza, D. Bronson, T, Erkson, B. Durham, L. Diesner. FRONT Huber, B. Bohn, H. Corjosso, F. Silva, A. Tindoll. E. Souza, L. Diesner, Mr.CoIIoI1on, D. Bronson, T. Erkson. p www., ROW VISUAL AIDS M--.. CARDHOLDERS VISUAL AIDS 67 iii i f 1 , i f i 1 1 1 A4 245 g gi l lil ll CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY Morley's Glwosf "CHRISTMAS CAROL" "Merry Christmas? Bch-Humbugln h d d Stage Crew, BACK ROW-Bill Poulk, Al Novo. FRONT ROW-Bob Bohn, Miss Morgorie McGilyrey, Fidel Ochoo, "Tiny Tim Be ave os Goo os Gold ond Be YYY "God Bless Us Everyone nang. Q is :mtv 11- iuxniraau KRTS V A A N THE MAD BREAKFAST" THE JEWELED HAND COMMON CLAY" 'Q' lg 1' N 'FQ 'll 4? 7 352 J J' la,-1 f VH I i V We ' li fl 'fill l. fn ,',,,,. - gf,-51 .JU ' T , sir by ORCHESTRA BACK ROW-R. Reeves, P. Wooley, D. Tovar, R. Meek, S. Dunton, B. Sommer, D. Lira, C. Flores, D. Lem- mon, B. Workman, R. Bostwick, D. Boos, Mr. Campana, M. Bolt, G. Eston, D. Nickle. FRONT ROW-L. Scott, B. Reed, l. Boccius, E. Boots, L. Wyatt, K. Reed, V. Bennlght, K. Chambliss, G. Scott, L. Oliver. Susan Fackler, Broo 70 THE TRIO ke Shebley, Lynne Rietman. .WWW TOP ROW-J. Eber, K. Walgren, B. Dooley, R. Burkhart, V. Crosby, E. Souza, B. Paddock, P. Martinez, T. Tiersland, A. Takaki. THIRD ROWAL. Rietman, J. Ehrlich, B. McCrea, J. Spuehler, J. Machado, G. Hostetler, F. Ochoa. SECOND ROW-Miss Froehlich, M. Freitas, M. Rickli, B. Nolan, P. Bell. FRONT ROW-B. Guerrero, S. Swan- son, B. Shebley. A .. 'N M I X E D C H O R U S r TOP ROW-F. Parra, D. Myers, C. Fuiii, C. Hall, Miss Froehlich, F. Minor, M, Hernandez, B. McFadden, J. Black. MIDDLE ROW- B. Pad- dock, S. Parry, B. Stevens, K. Machado, R. Martin, D. Lezchuk, W. Moore, J, Anderson, F, Volpe. FRONT ROWAB. White, EfMendozci, R. Munoz, J. Ottaviana, G. Grantham, S. Flores. ! ANNUAL VOCAL AND PIANO RECITAL 'tr G I R L S C H U TOP ROWAJ. Hicks, A. Earls, B. Valdez, S. Anglin, G. Mansheld, F. Passantino S P. Kimrnell, K. Clemens, M. Moss, R. Jenkins, H. White, B. Conklin, B. Reynolds THIRD ROW-M. Bernard, J. Barrick, D. Rodriguez, B. Judnich, D. Dawnen, S Robida, B. Manugian, S. Pieratt, R, Barreras, Miss Froehlich. SECOND ROW-S Miner, K. Saia, B. Steel, B. Ollenberg, Y. Contento, B. Adan, M. Chicon, J Mapes, M. Smith. FRONT ROW-M, Salvatierra, V. Orozco, C. Wahlquist P. Hermano, M. Giavacchini, A. Bonham, B. Hitchcock, S. Fast, J. Young. TOP ROW--J. McCulloch, D. Wolfe, L. Maughn, G. Cady, C. Flowers, C. Clark, D. Bautista, C. Sul- livan, C. Sills, B. Frizzell, J, Ottaviano, M. Wilbur, V. Stevens, F. Blazin, P. Higgins, C. Plum. THIRD ROW-J. Domingo, J. Domingo, D. Roldan, B. Nakarnota, L. Nagayama, L. Mateo, D. Malmstrom, D. Gabbard, A. Jones, W. Morgan, F. Blasquez, A, Mouser. SECOND ROW-B. Klat, D. West, L. Burkhart, J. Kuehn, M. de Mello, C. Fulii, F. Parra, F. Mendoza, B. Lustig, F. Minor, R. Martin, C. McCelland, C. Fabro, K Lewis, P. Collinge, 5. Fackler. FRONT ROW-C. Burke, J. Gustafson, C. Fanucci, J. Kuehn, J. Mena, S. Spalsbury, J. lshikawa, C. Roldan, B, White, L. Takamoto, K. Humpal, D. Lezchuk, D.Ochoa, L. Kykes, L. Lira, J. Walder, V. Norman, D. Cady, T. Bradford. A C A P P E L L A C H O I R 7I Qywf O l ' 2 ' It IDI 'J 40 O , R O ' iia- 0 X f .-il! 11769: ' 0 O ff A R T C L U B BACK ROW-G Sipple, L. Tokomofo, N. Nure, S. Edwards, R, Goulorfe, T. Webb, H. Gonzales, V. Goldsmith, J, Spuehler, V. Woods, P, Nash, G. Anderson. FRONT ROW-S. Zecher, D. Kirkorion, F. Wood, B, Marvin, M. Lewis, C, Geirnon, S. Reese. Q f, I5 f 4 1 ,au C7 11' FALL ADVERTISING STAFF 'I N NUIP, S Spolsbury, B Gil, C Burke, J Beovon, V. Shirley, F. Galbraith, R. Thayer Edwards, ,I Popuctve SEATED M. Peck, D. Boos. SPRING ADVERTISING STAFF Y? IV .,f BACK ROW B Szhmldt, C Plum, N Nufe, K Hc1Ivorsen, S. Dunfon. FRONT ROW-B. Boer, A. Cofhey, CI Cr-mmm M I f-wan, S Durst ,v. - up 1 'W 40-ff BROOKE SHEBLEY VARSITY CHEERLEADERS . HEAD YELL LEADER JOE OCHOA BETTY KI RBY PHYLLIS ELWIN LANCE NAGAYAMA 1 30'S CHEERLEADERS Gloria Mann, Don Bautista Bobble Guerrero Anne Salazar Ursalle De Mercurio POM PON GIRLS I:-'W Jeanne Ransom, Karen Mclver, Fran Golbrairh, Bobbi Quick J W Fury H I O U x SA 4 f ., W ?- ,osx ' , 1? . 'C Q Q , 1 x Sl' ' w X 7. XL. 71 ,5f'. ,-ef f' in 21 f f T Y V 1 N' iii , IW" 3 T 3 I ar 1 ' 1 . fs x. , , in - -Q. . 1 s -5 a h h-X: . , . 3 Li. , I 5 . .uh , 'U' 5 I 9, 1 ' 3 Eg p 1 f ' f 'y . mi . l , W , , ' 4 N, w 1.0 1 I Q u. k s I V V I , . . 1. A, v 1 M , Q, 1 WN gk i F I .4 it Q' Q' ai 4 E, " i .J 'Wi W' 1 My ' if W2 xl it is 'N' I 'gl If 'g K v 1 H 51 3 3 i ?IAx "ik ,fx y 5 I X V 4 f X . 2.7, k ., w1 -ff 5 an R Q wg Q- 'Q if " 0 gi n' ff 'T 'QW 'g 2 ' ff, 'wwf tg . F I V Q Q 13, . ' -m ' 3 'eg K sv Q g Y gil .S A ii . we fu wg iii-if Wi2swa"'i3,:isif S29- Q 'qe. .,, 421 STEVE FLYNN Znd. string SCVAL end F521 MANUEL DUTRA left-hallback .Vip 52' JERRY BORREGO 2nd string SCVAL tackle ,Q Q.. .1 IB DON WOLFE right half-back :OCTBALL .O-CHAMPIONS 355, L:- ag 4 'VAYNE VAN BROKIN quarterback A .gt mea I NICK COTE guard 39 1 . ,ls GERRY VOLPE 2nd string SCVAL quarterback If 1 Q F l . i"t Q31 K HENRY SALAS fullback Q Z' 35x T537 -if 5 X rffim . L , , dllll f'4"', ilmw W ,,,,,- X 'il ' l i "'i"' , L , p i, i,,. 'Q ll i" 'liiv 'I milf orc.1 DICK HIGHFILL quarterback 41- . i 3.3 , 17. JOE ENRICAS guard A --. .v xloph BOB NAKAMOTO left-halfback -Q- 115 CARL ANGLER end ,qui 'Q '27' ,sir la al BARRY ROBISON fullback in L4 E X X A Q I JOHN BADIE tackle . wee fx it Xi A . E Ex 49 DELMER WILLIAMSON GARY CADY end tackle ful Q2 ws i 49: L Y - f i JOHN HENDRICKS LEON SCHMIDT end tackle 'QF' K X fi .ij Q i ALBERT SOTO LOREN DOWELL tackle tackle BILL Strung KEN FUJII Center 1 30'S PAUL LUNA Halfback Honorable Mention SCVAL ALLAN TINDELL Halfback . l ' A . ' . I A--- ,.., - ..L, .. r ig-11,5 ,i Q T L : ..,' A . 82 JERRY MCMURPHY Guard i A . , x 1 , U X ry ww 13 SOLDAN BERT MANTELLI Quarterback "H 9 V Z:-1: L ' 3252 5 ,.- , VERNON WILLIAMSON Guard REQ RICHARD IRVINE Guard SIHQM ITSUO MORITA Holfbock if-V, L57 fs 152 JIM DOMINGO Holfbock 51 K Q X .2 PAULK Quorferbock S RON SANCHEZ Fullbock FOOTBALL LARRY ROLDAN Guard K L. , R L Qs I? FIDEL OCHOA Tackle U 3. f', 347, ...-..- DAVE LIRA Holfbock in - . - X BOB FRANK Holfbock F ja 83 JOHN MAZZA manager A-ig it L il k WARREN YATES manager BILL LEZCHUK manager VARSITY FOOTBALL COACHES Head Coach-COLLIE KIDWELL, CHARLES COOKE, JOHN GILKEY. S C V A L CO-CHAMPIONS HENRY SANDIGO I' MT. VIEW SEQUOIA 7 MT. VIEW LOS GATOS .. o MT. VIEW ST. MAIzY's 12 MT. VIEW JAMES LICK .. 7 I MT. VIEW CAMPBELL .. I2 MT. VIEW SANTA CLARA o 'MT. VIEW EREMONT ,... 7 MT. VIEW WASHINGTON 6 1..E TALIE p IN .Q I n A ISAIS YBARRA REX NEILSON manager mvndgef manager Q v diy .kv ,mv L'A+.4 16 F ' "v"1 I , Nfl A-ff 1 1,5 'f , I F'c'J"i ..,,' 5 O . lllig., JOEY MELLO FRED AUSANO manager manager VIEW . . . O SALINAS ...... ... 42 VIEW . 21 LOS GATOS ....... I3 VIEW . . . 36 LOS ALTOS . . . . . . 9 VIEW . . O JAMES LICK . . . . . I3 VIEW . . . 0 CAMPBELL ...... . 26 VIEW . . . 0 SANTA CLARA . . . 26 VIEW . . . 6 FREMONT .... . 6 VIEW . . . 6 WASHINGTON . . 38 I30'S FOOTBALL COACHES ToNY CALVELLI, sos NICHOLS I ... .l . .a ' Visa Eb L S f 4 D Yi. f NE , Q- V wi I 1 -Jfzfssasa DENNIS LEZCHUK manager aff FRANK VOLPE manager C A BILL JONES manager PARADE AND RALLY CREATE SPIRIT FOR CLASH WITH FREMONT 'ilnuq QUEEN CANDIDATES-Janet Morello, Donncl Dishow, Betty Kirby, Brooke Shebley, Vfcki Woods, Sharon Wilson, Lynne Rietmon. -ka ig If - R V11 .Elf II Fifi X MA- ., FLOAT Juocsss MV' CN PARADE Bos Hess, LAWRENCE ANDERSON, JOHN GILKEY. DRESS IT UP! vw .gf f, fp xmy-.1 ,X X97 yy! ,xg r lnduuns Con't stop Nukomoto f6 Ju -4 -,vw wi ' wc X Q. ' X3 f' 1 X , E, W H. , ,', ,,, IU" HER MAJESTY Wm ,f W W' QUEEN BROOKE SHEBLEY I ff? i E C I 4 N QUEENS ALWAYS GET KISSED! GIVE 'EM THE AXE FOO FREMONT SCORES--WE WIN! Pg, FOOTBALL SEASON - 1956 Always Terriflc-Drill Team And Band Congratulations! , , , ,Q--H' , ,gm . X l, -f 'Bu-:f-ff it Get That Score Right Wolfe And Maughn Lead The Way Wow! Attention! 1 Nakamoto Through The Line X ,,,,,, o Fighvl S 5 1' Yon Team l!'s A Touchdown! -:J Ex Y Keep Thur Boll, Hoshi Pepsodenf Smiles! 89 .1 ...- "fi" 'vw-ff . vw- s 'N-' E3 d""u-fx NS L bfbf-if DICK THOMPSON IENNY MENDEZ BASKETBALL N 3 - ' Q 'i 5 by 'If I PETE EDWARDS DOMINGO ROLDAN Ev 1 Q, Q v x , .. ' ' .Y , " f..Qm.w n1.. DAVE LIRA A ., .. A:,g,:U,. ..:. N.. ,, ,.::,.:- ,,,,-,,: ,ff.-gy,f1f:w.- wr.:-W1-fg -',. j1af11:f'z1:4+' ie' f '::' k fi fa? -k a A mom mm X W DENNIS MATEO H LWSSWQ mmmmmawnm RAY EV E RS X K ' X Sf A cov - if f RAY Mc W Q X -. , Q Xi x gy-sii. N ' 1 g f. . .rigx ,LX Q 'AKYLFQ 1 x ' GSXR Q-'zikxy X . Y .X 1 -gy. Q.-Q FIDEL OCHOA um 1 2' ' '.1 Y' ff 'SS ' BASKETBALL SEASON-1 957 ESS, L 1552 ,3i:wgsk9g'5 . , W 1 T? wi? mfs i - if -Q Nas, if was 33:5 -.5 3? I... X453 if? ' S a k mfs- ' E- A 5 jaw, ' 'eggs J 2.1, - K , , ' ilk as - M1 A , V' S .2 m i . an ' 17 , 1 iA rf. Sf A f W i W X fi 'X ' 2 3 x . Fi A+ XJ? L '2' Q 5 j"w, f1 A13 :sf - 'eff F 5,12 Q53-J 19 fw i.?zfv.'ELu2 5 , N 1- ww. : Ju 1Q"Ek?5f'i' 'C-F? .g,. K ,rg Q A219 my 1 , in 4 5 -. Mvyws pg' . , gf 'w w 'fif' ff . ' Q- av gg ,gn -U, 'L ?. . .... , ,L K 5 , an fy , - - L ,ig , Kfx BACK ROW Pete Edwards, Manager, Dave Kubo, Kun! Humpal, Bob Slwippley. ,,..y... -,--- V ...Q 1 B f 23,1 A , ,, Rig " 5515 fc, wa, ' s vu. 'M' E 7 f' X Gary Dennis, John Shippley, Mr, Sondeno. FRONT ROW . .Jr dv- an 1 Y, X 1 . BACK ROW Jrnv Keenan, manager, Gary Piazza, Solvadore Lira, Frank Nishura, Bob Neuman, Mr, Sondena. FRONT ROW A! Johnson, Steve Kallrnan, John Yamamoto, Byron Tsruda. 1205 B A S K E T B A L L IIOLS B A S K E T B A L L 95 DNCHITA ROLDAN BETTY BORELLO BARBI BAER vice-president president secreturyetreosurer W4 CX ...W--x Q4 S KILEEN SAKAI HELENE HOSHIKO JEHANNE TEIHLET VIRGINIA BAILEY 'olleybqll mgr, recording secretary tennis mgr. badminton mgr. New W? DYCE ISHIKAWA SALLY ZECHER SUSAN DURST HILDA CORJASSO basketball rngr. archery mgr. swimming mgr, softball mgr, I -a TOP ROW-VS, PolIastrini, A, Balero, S. Durst, G. Anderson, A. Sakai, M. Watanabe, H. Cariasso, M. Hermano. MIDDLE ROW--G. Hicks, C. Plum, F. Galbraith, S, Zecher, B. Baily, E, Lung, H. Hoshiko, M. Mena, A. Lopez, B. Hoshi, FRONT ROW-M. Mead, C. Geiman, M. Lewis, J. Ishikawa, B. Baer, L. Le- conte, P. Lane, K. Halvorsen, C Roldan. R L S A T H L E T I C S 0 C I A T I O N BLOCK IIMII lb' TOP ROW-C. Fanucci, A. Balero, J. Gross, B. Borello, C. Eng, A. Anderson, G. Anderson, L. Irwin, V. Crosby, P. Bell, K. Holvorsen. MIDDLE ROW-H. Hoshiko, J. lshikawa, B. Farrington, B. Hoshi, E Ibarra, M. Antonuccio, D. Hillhouse, B. Gil, F. Galbraith, B. Baer, B. Hansen FRONT ROW-S Denton K Siauf- for, B. Bailey, J. Johnston, S. Howard, J. Kuehn, C. Ainsworth, H, Coriasso. G A A I O I 'Jw .A 5 19' TOP ROW-J. Mena, G. Scott, A. Papagni, J, Teilhet, L. Rietmon,,V. Shirley, L. Oliver, N. King, J. Ransom, S. Pollastrini. MIDDLE ROW-S. Rogers, G. Siquieros, B. Hoshi, S. Owens, A. Lopez, C. McClelland, F. Wood, S. Zecher, P. Lane. FRONT ROW-A. Tamony, C. Roldan, A. Sakai, G. Ogata, G. McKinnon,V. Stevens, N. Uhlenberg. -Zmvb L2 ' ,NJ ,4 . is ' N 5 Mli :Tl " ' 4 'tag-..i -f . VP E :Q f Q ,Q--'W l ff qi .. ' Y , Q V ff .". E A-' . " f-sig E ' L W , . . at 4 .,.: ,. fu wganmmf-sr'P""' X 3? 35 ,Mr uv an 0 S E L U I 5 R m:uO-ZCH 3011010 0 wn1WO TOP ROWYC. Nelson, M. Menu, M, Hermano, A. Fako, B. Guerrero, L. Mullinix, E. Luiz, T. Bozicevich F. Watanabe, F. Kubo, D. Correia, MIDDLE ROW-YN. Verrette, D. Jones, N. Fox, C. King, P. Garcia,C lssa, E. Lopez, G. Sawicki, M. A. Salinas, FRONT ROW-S, Smith, J. Lawson, M. Cairns, E. Lung, N. Kare lin, A. McMurphy, T. Waller, P. Donaho. Z 5 J 2 ' L.. J L.r. ff YR Q f P J Q IJ lf? 'f--. 1 . ' - A A .5 ' f f is F i FJ if Q5 ' Rf . . Y Q' 4 'Q TOP ROW-I. Lownsberry, L. Mullen, J. Hanson P. Miller, Z. Karelin D. Parga R. Borrego, S.Robida J. Ebere, Z. Netile, J. McCullock, G. Mann. FRONT ROW-A. Bonham, B. Reynolds, B. Reed, N.McGuire, K. Machado, J. Chun, L. Judson, C. Fabro, D. Downen. TOP ROW K. Hunter, B Luzo, K. Eberbordt, C. Henning, P. Reed, L. Holden, D. Rice, S. Angiin,M, McCrmtr1, C Bmuni-, f Tciylrir, A Je-tton, P. Wooley, C Phillip, E G'Neill, M. McKinnon. MIDDLE ROW- B. Mullinix, D. Dishnw, L Wuhlquist, K. Chumhliss, A, Hoshi, B. Mossey, C. Gctbler, B. . CTUI, D. l0ICl'1UK, P Dctvid, J. Hedquist, S. Reese, B. Scott, FRONT ROW-J. Sutton, P. Gutcrriel, D. Correiu, M. Solinas, M, Mocios, D. Hopkins, G. Gross, S. Miner, N. Judnich, J. Young, C. Kunz, F. Junto, Condon. E . r . ' H is i X ' -r ., " , N 55 Q - rr f ' if i . . A I 1 v f k . 1 A X . A N ' . . r l .. ' 7 - .. -se' A . we 9+ as L, Q f Q , Q . 2 iff? ffl Q 5. K . ur ' - I , K A i 1 X f V S . i I n li lx 1 ' 1 5. ' A 'S 1 ' x ' ' A " i v -4 s Y N 5 . . f 2' . A N . -JL X , ' A 5. ' 'J I V ,, , . l 1 , I i A - -i , w Y ' t " 1' -f X - r I T SX-. " ii , g 5 V iw, , Q.. . ' 6? Q: 5 J ' -T1 . . Q ,Q U 'K 4 . , A g 1 Q2 ' S TOP ROWH N. Verrette, T. Waller, Z. Korelin, L, Myers, P. Lone, C. Ainsworth, V. Shirley, A. Bczlero, B. Borello, V. Crosby. G. Anderson, C. Wohlquist, J. Hedquist. MIDDLE ROW-N. Kurelin, C. McClelland, Mrs. Sager, F Kuhn, M Wotnnnbe, D. Hillhouse, G. Ogoto, K. Mochodo, S. Soares, Mrs. Wilson, J. Gross, J. Kuchn, B. Boer, B. Hoshi, J. Ishikowu, C. Roidon, A. Sokoi, A. Lopez, H.Coriosso, S. Owens, J. Luwson, S Smith, M. Cairns. H1211 ZNZIW b-0--n-nO IDI' BAS BACK ROW-G. Reffig, M. Greeny, B. Robey, G. Volpe, J. Borrego, L. Harper, B. Lane, L. Drocco. FRONT ROW-Mr. Colvelli, H. Corsburg, D. Highfill, B. Keen, J. Shimizu, B. Manielli. VARSITY BACK ROW-Mr. Cooke, D. Burks, B. Smiley. FRONT ROW-J. Popczgni, R. Chappell, R. Rodriguez. ALL - P, BACK ROW-S. Flynn, D. Thompson. FRONT ROW-L. Schmidt, P. Farina. 'I 5 FROSH-SOPH BACK ROW-K. Kline, R. Torres, W. Duke, R. Ccvlgliu, J. Bell, R. Evers, P. Uhlenberg, J.Winsfeod, B. McFadden. FRONT ROW-S. Lira, R. Bruckelf, J. McMurphy, W. Left, J. Fought, R. Bergford, F. Wof- cnobe, G. Piazza. TRACK TEAM TOP ROW-R. Ridinger, M. Hernandez, T. Ramus, B. Tsuruda, J. Yamamoto, B. Shippley, L. Roldan, R Reeves, R. Halpaine, J. Domingo, D. Mateo, B. Fogelman. FIFTH ROW-B. Bell, D. Vanni, E. Brown,A Tindel, F. Nishiura, W, Moore, F. Volpe, B, Lane, A. Johnson, D. Ybarra. FOURTH ROW-J. Kankel,R Hernandez, R. Cortez, L, Hoshiko, C. Wilson, K, Fuiii, J. Shippley, D. Avitia, J. Mello, H.Silva,J.Gilkey THIRD ROW-P. Kubo. S. Liu, B. Paulk, K. Humpal, C. Egli, F. Voltmer, R. Sebastian, B. Frank, F. Cer vantes, G. Dennis, J. Morales. SECOND ROW-C. Newman, P. Cingolani, D. Rodriguez, P. Luna, I Morita, J. Badie, M. Palmateer, G. Hostetler,,R. Sanchez. FRONT ROW-K. Smith, R. Dykes, K. Owens D, Tovar, L. Reeves, D. Williamson, P. Forsskahl, C. Fuiii, J. Domingo. WRESTLING TEAM BACK ROW-A. Takaki, D. Wolfe, L. Maughn, F. Smart, P. Forsslcahl, G. Cady, R. Wickman, W. Yates, J. Rieben, K. Angler, J. Hendricks. MIDDLE ROW-B. Tiernagel, J, Miner, C. Fuiii, R. Dykes, T.Ottwell, 2 J. Juracich, E. Anderson, L. Reeves, Mr. Calvelli. FRONT ROW-J. Easton, H. Silva, F. Silva. J.Shimizu, B. Fogelman, R. Garcia, R. Sanchez. SWIMMING TEAM 4 .mmm L , . l Ms-r-fm J' "m"'1" .Af 4 5 , B 'V , N U an ...P 4 . 5 X BACK ROW- Mr. Sondeno, D. Lezchuk, C, Witlges, B. Roach, D. Kinney, E. Anderson, P. Reynolds, C Hemmefcr, J. Block, B Lezchulc. MIDDLE ROW-G. Hodges, A, Heoslett, D. Horpmon, B. Ellis, J. Jurcucich G. Borgsmhl, B. Benneit, B. Randolph, K. Hirofo, J. Rieben. FRONT ROW-L. Hedquisi, F, Ochoo, R Yokoyomu, V. Garner, R. Neilson, S. Olson, F. Smart, D. Vulencio, L. Gentry. TENNIS TEAM i BACK ROWfA. Mensor, L. Nogoyomo, M. Sworokowski, A. Walton, B, Coy, W. Kohl, J. Escobor, P. Edwards, FRONT ROW-- Mr. Pinney, F, Meyer, H. Solos, E, Brown, D. Nickle, A. Thogmortin, D. Lira, H. Chapman, J. Welsh. ws CLASS OF 'I957 PRESENTS "STAGE DOOR" 'Ai-'Swv +2-'P "VD LIKE YOU TO MEET MISS HAMILITONJ' TEXAS MEETS NEW YORK. 104 'NOW EVERYBODY LOOK AT MISS MAITLANDJ' "OH DAVID, NOW YOU'VE LOST YOUR JOB1 111' ' ,A U Q sh ,MEF an V Q . Q i 2321 1 w x ' - mg, ' Tig, ,fi - E ,gn 'W ,uw H745 ,,.J,..- was ' ..,..-1' FR fu W Sf "rw, .- -SZ," Lk. H5 iff- ' gig" ,T W L, wx ig: W' Arif? f K btw AVL SE f , W . . k 5 f 'Riff X .1 is 3 Y 5? if:- K l A NIGHT TO REMEMBER . . . FEBURARY 20, 'I957 GIRLS' LEAGUE BEAUTY AND BEAUTY WINNERS VICKI CROSBY, THIRD Miss MVHS, BARBARA MCCREA Miss MOUNTAIN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL f SHARON WILSON, SECOND I -1 I , I H 10h P , 1 BARBARA MCCREAXQ . X v. X. ID' X K I N fi JI' I V A fb MI M II in EMI , xi I . ,ti 1 ' I . 1 , . IX ' 'K 1 X I I fp! IJNUX ww I VI, IAJDI J Ik Y A Ax! Qi NJ III' IAAIIIYAI1 BIA V AMW A 'NIJ I by A IPM' Y I, 4 X64 xxx I .W X' VJ 'T ul' NJ i I e - ' EXCITING MOMENT! MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES EOR BEAUTY, CAROLYN BLANCETT INTRODUCES SIX CANDIDATES EOR THE CROWN IX PRESENTS THE TALENT WINNERS DON BAUTISTA AND IHE BAND TA JIM WAY, GARY HQSTETLER, ROGER BERGEQRD, RON HILL MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES FOR TALENT, SHIRLEY POLLASTRINI ANNOUNCES TI-IE WINNING ACTS SECOND PLACE WINNERS "TI-IE TRIO" LYNNE RIETIVIAN, SUSAN FACKLER SOI-LI?!LREI5E'2E5ON BROOKE SI-IEBLEY X34 ,ig 1957 BLUE AND GRAY FASHION FIND-THE "IVY LEAGUE LOOK" CANDID CON FIRST PRIZE WINNER BY PHYLLIS LANE E IIII , A L I .III MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL. .. CHARLES ATLAS? 232 I ef R. IT TAKES THREE TO TANGLE "WHICH WAY'S THE FREEWAY???" WINNERS OF THE: Pl-loro TEST BACK TO NATURE TO YOUR HEALTH, SIRI JEWELRY BY CORO HINT: NEXT TIME TRY THE TRAIN RADIO STATION KZKZ ON THE AIR! ia, U. 35,77 Index A Abey, M. 39.55.58,59,78 Acosta, M. 10 Adah. B. 43.59.71 Ainsworth. C. 10,57,65,97,99 Albright, H. 39 Alexander. M. 43 Alley, B. 43,79 Alonzo, G. 10.57,59.63,66,79 Alonzo, G. 10 Alton, T. 10 Ames, J. 39 Ames, U. 35 Anderson A. 10.65.97 smrrnger 102,103 10 54 60 79 An - erson, G. 1O.54,57,60,72,79,96, 97,99 Anderson, G. 10 Anderson, H. 43 Anderson, J. 43,71 Ander - M. 43 -.mga 39.55.79.l07 435155.17 9,53,a1,1o2 Ang in. - 35 Anglin, s. 43,71,99 Anton, C. 10 Antonucci, J. 35 Antonuccio, M. 10.97 Aquilino. E. 39,55,7B,79 Armarillas, L. 43 Arnauda, J. 35 Auger, L. 39 Ausano, F. 39.85 Ausland. D. 10 Avila, M. 43 Avilia, D. 102 B Badie, J. 10.53,81,102 Baer. B. 10.48.50,56,57,59,60,61.73, 79,96,97,99 Bailey, C. 39 Bailey. J. 39 Bailey, V. 10,49.59,60,96,97 Bailey, V. 35.64.78 Baker, J. 34.35,57.63 Baliam, A. 39 If Baldelli, J. 10,59 Baldwin. G. 35 Balero. A. 10.54.60,61,79.96,97.99 42,43,64 Ba -- . . l0,65,67,78,79 Barczi, A. 43 Barker. S. 10 Barreros, R. 43,71 Barrick. J. 39.55.71,78.79 Bartels, S. 43 Bartlett, M. 39 Bates, Q I0 Baulk, B. 40 Bautista, D. 38.39,49,71,77.79,107 Bautista. M. 11 Beasly, A. 43 Beaton. J. 1l.30,56.6O,73,79 Beeby, M. 11,62 Behr, G. 43 Belasco, R. 11 Bell, B. 39,102 Bell. J, 42.43.101 Bell. P. 1l,59,65.70,97 Bemis. M. 11,66 Bennet, L. 11 Bennet. R. 11,103 Bennight, V. 11.64,70,79 Benson, B. 11.56 Bento. C. 35,78 Berg. G. 104 Bergford. R. 39.B2.l01.107 Bernard, M. 43.71 Bernardl. R. 11,49,54,61,79 Bernardo, J. 43 Bernardo, L. 43 Bernier. T. 35 Bertozzi, A. 11 Berwick. B. 11 Bettencourt, J. 40 Betters, B. 39,80 Bidinqer. R. 43 Biedma, J. I1 Bittner, H. 39 Black, J. 43.71.103 Black. V. 34.35.57 an t . 11, Bl 106 wimml- 42.43.49 Blas, A. 39 Blasquez. F. 39,71 Blasquez. L. 39 Blazin, F. 11.61.71 Bocclus. 1. 11.63.70 Bohn, B. 39.67.63 Bolt. M. 11,59,70.79 Bontig, H. 35 Bonham, A. 39.71.98 Bonnell, F. 43 Bonnell, J. 35 B A. 39 . 11,70,73.79 OtS, B. 11,70 Barello, B. 12,49,51,57,59,79,96.97, 99 Borene. C. 43.99 Borgstahl, G. 103 Barregc, J. 34-.35,50.53,Bl ,90, 1 00 Bostwick, R. 35,70,79 Bowman, P. 43,60 Bown, J. 43 Boynton. L. 39 Bozicevich, T. 35,98 Bracket. R. 43,101 Bradford, T. 35.71 Brody, A. 39 Brady, A. 35 Bragga, P. 12 Branstetter, S. 34,35 Braumiller, B. 43 Breeder, J. 12,108 Branson, R. 67 Brown, E. 12,102 Brown, S. 35,64 r n r B. 12 BW?-43 Q- Burch, C. 12 Burch, M. 43 Burgess, B. 43 Burgess, S. 39 Burke, C. 12,49,51,54,57,58,59,60,66, Dale, B. 35 Danllofl. B. 39 Daugherty, E. 39 Daugherty. R. 43 David, J. 35 David, P. 43,64.99 Davidson. J. 43 Davila, R. 43 Daw ' s F. 39.62.66 4l f 13 e n 13 a . Dear, J. 35,78 DeMello, M. 13,64.71,78.79 Delucci, E. 43 Dennis, G. 39,53,79,95,102 Denton, S. l4,57,59,7B,97 de San Martino, J. 35,65 Dias, C. 39 Dickson, B. 43 Dickson, S. 35 Diesner. D. 43 Diesner d' lr - rc , L. 14,67 67,71,73.79 Burkhart, L. 12 Burkhart, R. 12,59,67,70 Burks, D. 39.83.101 Burglands, S. 43 Busans. A. 43 39 Byrd, M. C Caddell, H. 39 Cadwell. G. 12 Cady, D. 35.71.102 cody, G. 12,53,71,a1 Cairns. M. 35,98,99 Callanto, C. 39 Camin, W. 12 Campbell, D. 39 Campbell, J. 43 Campbell, S. 12 Conn, D. 64 Capella, E. 35 Capote, L. 43 Cervantes, G. 12 n .. , 39 Carsburg. H. 12.551.80.100 Carson, K. 12 Cathey, A. 12.59,63,73 Coviglia, R. 39.83.101 Cervantes. F. 39.531.82.102 Cervantes, G. 12 Cewe, S. 12 Chacan. R. 39 Chambliss, K. 43,64.66,7O,99 Chan, E. 39 Chapin, B. 12 Chapman. A. 43 39,53,1o2 opman, R. 43, Chappell, R. 42.49.83 100 Chavez, 5. 13 Rcirerrk, s. 13 thick, v. 35,57 Childers, B. 13 Chicon, M. 43,71 Chiono, C. 43 Chiano, P. 43 ,V Chion. T. 39 M' fkhristensen. J. 43 Chun. G. 39.64.6698 Cingolani, P. 39.80.102 Claycombe, C. 13,79 Clark, C. 35.71 Clark, K. 35 Clarke, B. 43,64 Claydon, P. 43 Clemence. C. 43,71 Clemmenson, E. Clifton, M. 43 Clifton, R. 43 Clingman, G. 43 Clousing, L. 13,64 43.54.8699 Domingo, J. 39.83.71 Domingo. J. 51,53.49,71,83.10'Z Dominick, E. 39,66 Dominick, R. 35 Donati. M. 14 Donaha, P. 35,98 Dooley. B. 14.67.70 Dowell, L. 35,81 Downen, D. 39,71,98 Drennen, B. 43 Drocca, l.. 14,53.B1,1O0 Duke, W. 39.101 Duileck, D. 14.56.79 Duncan, J. 39 14,59,65,70,73 U D r in. B. 43 Durham, B. 67 Durst, S. 14,61,67.73,79,96 Dutra, C. 35 Dutra, M. 14,53,81.9O Dykes, L. 38.39.4971 Dykes, R. 14.53.102 Dykes. R. 39 E Earls, A. 43,71 Eastons, J. 43.70.102 Ebere J. 38.39.70,78,98 43199 war s, P. 14,53,91,95.102 Edwards, S. 14,72,73 5911, C. i4. Egnew, A. 14 Ehrlich, J. 14,70 Eikenlaerry, A. l4.49.51.53,57,59,67 Ellis, W. 103 Elwin, P. l4,67,76,79 Enders, D. 43 Eng, C. l4,57,64,65,66.97 Enger, C. 43 Enriquez, J. 39,81 Erkson. T. 35,67 Ervin, M, 43 Escobar, J. 14,53,79,B0,90.102 Esparosa, R. 39 Espinosa, A. 43 Estes, B. 43 Estes. B. 14 Evers, R. 39.93.101 Ewing, G. 15 F Fabra, C. 39.71.98 Fobro. T. 30.39,53.60,B0,92 Fackler, S. 15,59.65,70.7l,107 Faka. A. 3660.79.98 Fanucci, C. 15,71 Farina, P. 35,511,100 Farrington, B. 15.79,97 Clutter, 5.13 Coburn. J. 43 Collinge, P.'39,71 Conant, Conklin Conklin Canser. W. 13 N. 43,99 Condon, , B. 71 , M. 13 R. 43 Contento, Y. 4.43.71 Capenhover, C. 35 Cooper, D. 43 Coriasso. H. 13, Cornatzar 6,43 Cornellius, E. 39 Cornelius. L. 13 Corona, M. 35 Faso, J. 42,43 Fast, S. 43,71 Fought, J. 43,101 Ferguson, J. 39 Fisher, B. 43 Fleming. B. 35 Fleming, D. 39 Flores, D. 15,79 Flores, J. 39 Flores. S. 39.70.71 Flores, R. 15,53 Flowers, C. 15.71 Floyd, K. 43 Flo d V. 43 Y 7 nyrrrr, s. 15,49,5o,53,6o,65.79, ioo 81.90, Furuta. J. 39 G Gabbard, D. 39.71 Gabler. C. 43.99 Gabler, R. 35 Galbraith, F. 15.57,67,73,77.79,96,97 Garcia, E. 15,66 Garcia, G. 39 Garcia, 1. 40 Garcia, L. 43 Garcia. M. 43 Garcia. N. 15 Garcia, P. 35,63.98 Garcia, R. 102 Garcia, V. 40 Garner, G. 35 Garner, L. 43 Garner, V. 39,103 Garrett, R. 43 Gaxida. R. 43 Geiman, C. 15,57,60,63,65,72.73,7B, 9 16,51,53.57.58,59,60.103 Gertsc , .43,5B Gervais. J. 35 Giagiari, K. 39.78.79 Gil, 8. 16,6O,73,79,97 Gilbert, M. 39 Gilliam, E. 16 Gilmore, K. 43.79 Ginepero, S. 35 Giovacchinl, M. 3B,39.71,79 Giron, E. 40 Gloeggler, M. 35.57,59,64 Gloria, A. 16 Gloria, C. 40 Goldsmith, V. 16,30,59,60,64,72 Goldstein, K. 16,54 Gamez, L. 43 Gomez, R. 35 Gonzales, H. 16,64 Gonzales, M. 39,72 Hite, B. 43,79 Hackett, D. 39 Hodges, J. 35.103 Holden, L. 44,99 Halt, L. 44 Holthouse, L. 44 1-166, T. 17,66 Hopkins, D. 44,99 Hoshi, A. 44,99 Hoshi, B. 17,61,62.96,97.99 Hoshi, K. 17,52,53,80 Hashiko, H. 17,59.60,62,64,96.97 1 Hashiko, K. 17,102 Hashiko, R. 42,44 Hostetler, G. 39.70,79,102,107 Houston, P. 39 Howard. S. 17.97 Howell. D. 17 Huber, A. 39,57,59,64,67 Huebner. B. 44 Hughes. H. 35.64 Humpal, K. 17.52,71,95,102 Humphrey, M. 39 Humphrey, W. 44 Hunter, K. 44,99 Hunter, P. 34,35 Hutchinson, G. 35 l Ibarro. E. 17.66.97 lngle, C. 44 lrvine. R. 44,82 lrwln, l.. 17.97 lshikawa, J. 17,50,59,62,64,71,96,97. 99 lssa, C. 35.57.98 J Jackson, D. Jackson. J. 7 Jackson, W. 5 James. P. 39 1 Jenecke. R. 3 Jenkins, V. 44 Gonzales, M. 43 Jetton, R. 44 Gorbet, G. 16 Jiminez, Goularte, R. 39.65.72 Joans, Q. ,53,83,99 Grant, B. 39 Johnso "A 44.95.102 Grrrrrrharrr, G. 39,71 ,Mori 6 ,c. 44 arms, A. 35 17 11611 rr, J. 35,5l' Green, J. 39 r Joh son, L. 44 ' ,, V Green, R. 35,57 1 s. Xynrron, 1. 17,57,61,971 L' Greeny, M. 16,53,100 ohnston. J. 17 'ii Jones, A. 17,71 f Gritall, R. 35 Gritiin, B. 35 Griffin. R. 43,79 Grifiiths, C. 43 Gross, G. 43,99 Gross. J. 16,54,61,79,97,99 Jones, D. 35.59, ones, . 18,53 ones, . 44 Jon r ,r Jones, 11.40.64 .f . 44 R. Gross, L. 35 Jud , B. 44.59.7139 Guerrero. B. 35.70,77,98 I Juds .1 L. 39.66.98 ek Q Guerrero, D. 16 Junta, 44.59.64,99 - Gustatsen, J. 35.71.78 Juracic J.'44,l02,l03 Gustafson, R. 43 K Gutierrez, B. 43 Kallma S. 40.9 . Ng Gutierrez, J. 39 -, Kan 1 J. 18,57 9,102 XN Gutierrez, R. 43,99 x , K r rr, N. 35.57, .99 ' s., 4 f n 1 e , z. 39,556 4, VF' .' N1 Haglund, M. 42 X r , 35 3 HQ11, c. 43.71 , Keck, 39 rx iw Hull, M. 35,53 1 - wr, .35,1oo - he HalXe,h43.102 anon J. 18.53.95 X-. Halvo en . 16,30,51,5 69.60, K na J. 5 , 7 78.96.97 71, rf Kelis .43 it Hrrmrrrorr J. 35,78 XJ Kblly. 35 ' Hammond L. 35 ' KJQMQ. 18.7 6 Hansen . l6,75,97 L, Kinime, P. 44, Hanvft. E. 43 1 'NQJ 4,35,57,6 65,98 Hanson, R. 16 . J. 5 ' Hardesryu. 16 g 4' Kr 3 a,7a,79,97,1o Harper. L. 34.35,53.9Q,1mJ Kinn 18,103 Harper, R. 43 f X1 Kirby, 5,60,76,79,86 Harris, J. 43 h .' "1 Kirk, L 3 Harris. L. 16 .4 ' Kirl-lo d, 4,79 Harrison, J. 39,39 Kirkorian, a,59,63,72,1o4 Hartman, R. 39,103 Kirovac, M. Hough, J. 43 1 Klart, E. 71 Heaslet, A. 135.5 103 Hedquist, J. 13,5 ,64.99 Hedquist, L. 3 3 Heisinger, V. 16 Hemmeter. C. l6,30,4B,51,53.57,90. ' - 42.43.99 ent orne, J. 16.10B Hermano, M. 35.64,76,9B Hermano, P. 43,71 Hernandez, M. 43,102 Hernandez, M. 71,102 103 Hendricii J. 35.53.102 Correa, R. 43 Correia, D. 98,99 or . . 42.43,53,82,102 35 Cortez, T. 39 Cote. N. 13,5B,81 Cousins. D. 35 Cox, J. 40 Cox. P. 43 Coy, B. 102 Cramer. A. 13.54,56.5B,63,64,65 Crosb V. 13,3O,48,50,54,59,60.65, Yr 67,70,79,97,99,l06 Croshaw, F. 13.53 Cross, J. 13 Cross, K. 39 Crothers, D. 13 Cruz, L. 43,99 Cutrell, W. 35 Fogelman, B. 38.39,51,102 Fogelsong, G. 35 Forsskahl, P. 15,3o,49,51,59,63,64, 102 Forsyth, T. 15.58.105 Forte, J. 43 Fox. E. 15 Fox. N. 35,78,98 Frank, R. 44,813,102 Fred. N. 35,6166 Freed. B. 15,80 Freitas, M. 15,64,67,7o Frincke, C. 15 Frizzell. L. 39,71 Frost, D. 15 Fujii, C. 38,39,53,71.80,102 Fuiil. K. 43,82,102 Fuller, M. 39 Furi. J..39 Hernandez, R. 42,43,51,102 Hernandez, T. 35 Herra ra, T. 43 Hibbard, M. 1 6 Hibbard. R. 43 Hickman, B. 3 9 Hicks. G. 17.71.96 Higgins, P. 16.71 Highfill, D. 17.511.92.100 Hardebrurrd, J.'43 Hin, L. 17.57.64 1-1111, iz. 39.71.107 1-1111, v. 43.59.62 Hriihouse, D. 17,5l.57,61,62,67,79,97, 99 Hingsberger, M. 35 Hinson, J. 43 Hirota, K. 35.53.103 Hitchcock, B. 71 44,101 ' na , D. 35 Kohl, W. 18,30,49,50.53,57.59.63,102 Krieg, J. 44 Kubo, D. 39,40,95,102 Kubo, F. 35,62.64.9B,99 Kuehn, J. 18.51,6l,71.97.99 Kunz. C. 44.99 18 Kyles, J. l Lamb, J. 39,65 Langrehr, O. 44 w18,53,82,91,l00,102 one, H. 35 Lane, P. 18,63,65,66,96,97,99 Lara, F. 35 Lara. T. 44 'A' Latham, J. 18,108 Lawrence, L. 35 Lawson, J. 34,48,98,99 Laveroni, E. 18.53.82 Lazo, B. 42.44,5l,99 Leconte, L. 18,96 Ledwick, P. 18 Lee, C. 18,51 Lee, D. 18 Lemmon, D. 1B,70,79 Leslie, L. 19 Lett, B. 35.63.78 . . Len, w. 44,101 Lewis, F. 43,66 Lewis, K. 19,71 1 '4 .. 1... ...ZA Newt. M. lvl8.ll.r1J1I.7lwa - 'f l.enhuk,'l. l5.60.63.46.l4.91,1N Leaelwlu. D. 63.63.71.I5.103 tudwk. 0. 4459.43.99 Ltllvltle. M. 44 11011. G. 85.89 Ura. C. 44 Ure, 0. 35.-56,70.79,I3.92.l02 Ure. L. 19.66.71 Llre, I. 44,95,101 Ltu, 8. 44.651.93.102 Uamal, A. 19 Llannn, R. 40 Hamas, I. 44 Iponu. G. 19 ups, A.,97.99 Lapel., 0. 19 lopez, I2 36.98 Lopez, H. 44 Lapel. M. 39 Lwdu. I. 44 Leughry, W. 39 lmnubervy, 1-,79.9l Lull. I. 66.78.98 Lvno, A. 36 Luna. I. 44 Luna. F. 36.511.82.102 Luna, V. 39.64 Lung. I. I9 Lung. E. 34.36.7I.96.9u Lustlg. I. 36.71 Lynqar. J. 44 M M. 44.99 e and, C. 19.65,7I,7I,97,99 MSW. R. 19,51,53,59,93 MGCNG, 8. 19.70.78,79.106 McCulloch. J. 19.71 Mivlloch. J. 3954.78.98 Mfvrdy. J. 19 Mdadden. W. 44.71.101 McGee. I. 19.56 Medoldrtclu, T. 19 Mdulve, N. 39.65.98 Mdfenty. D. 44 Melnevney. P. 66 Mdwf, K. l9.65,67,77,79 McKinney, L. 36 Meklnnon. G. 19.65.97 -Mellnnan, M. 44.64.99 MuMufP1W. A. 36.78.98 Mvdvrphy. l 36,00 11: Y- HUM! Mlller, W. 44 M1 F. 21,79 21.511.30.102 . 36.71.79 Mlner, S. 44.63.99 Mlttor, F. 44,59,71 Mlnar, G. 44 Mlnyard. M. 44- Mlrm, J. 21,57,59,64.65 Mitchell. A. 21 Mltchell, K. 40 Mohrmann, L. 39 Montgomery, J. 21 Monuglan, B. 71 Moore, Moore. J. 44 W. 44,71,102 Moralel. J. 21.53.102 Morolel. R. 44 Moron, N. 44.64 1 Margcn. W. Morltu, I. 21,53,I3.102 Morrll, H. 21.53 Mon. I. 40 Mon, M. 44,75 Montes, A. 36 Mouxer, A. 41 Mouser. D. 21,79 Moy. c. 21.53 Mulllonll, 8. 44,66 Mulllonlx, L. 36.98.99 rw-F -. .- . PMI. G. 44.95.501 ' Plumb. K. 44 Pleratt. S. 44.67.71 Plhl. M- 40.57.-59,73 Plmno, M. 36,53 Planchoft, J. 23 Plum, C. 23,57,59,60.63.65,71.73. 96 Plowmon. R. 23 78, Pollastrlnl, S. 23.54,59,79,96.97,104. 107 Polxton, D. 44 Poncinl, K. 40 Potter. J. 23.59.66 Preston, C. 36 Price, S. 36 Prince. G. 23 Pritchard, N. 36 Putman, W. 44 PutnlY. 5. 23 Pyen., C. 23 Q Quoenlng, G. 23 Queenlng, T. 44 Quick, B. 23,67,77,79 R Ramirez, R. 40 Romos.G. 23,102 Ramos. D. 102 Randoll, B. 23,103 Rangel, T. 20 Rankin, M. 23 Mullen, L. 40,64,9I Munoz, 1.. 36,78 Munoz, R. 21,53 Munoz, R. 40,75 Mutobe, C. 36 Mutobe. E. 40 Myers. D. 71 Myers. G. 40 Myen, L. 21,99 Myers, L. 21 N Nogayamu. L. 68,71,76.79.83,92.102 Nogll, E. 36 Nalnornoto, B. 21,52,53,71,Il,92 Nash, P. 21,72 Nova, A. 40,68 Navarro, H. 44 Nelson, C. 36,98 Mnhhrphy. 1. 44.53.82 Machado. J. 19.70.101 Machado, K. 39,71,98,99 Moclaa, D. 44.99 Moda. M. 44 ftadrlago, L. 44 Maldonda, M. 36 Malin. C. 44,63 .MaIIn, E. 63 Malta, 3. 3I,! Maltnetwm, N. 19.61.67 Melmstrom, R. 20.71 Manger. F. 40 Mantave, J. 36 Mann, G. 3I.39,51,55,77,9I Mann. S. 39,55 Moneield. G. 39,71 Mantelll, I, 20,53.79,62,100 Manaunam, H. Mapel, J. 44.71 Moroua. R. 36 Moreneo, L. 62.66 Mordeslch. I. 20 Margohl. I. 20 Mdrlnovlzh, K. 44 Marks, M. 42,44 Marshall. L. 36 'mmm J. 20 rtln, L. 20,79 Martin. M. 20 Monln, I. 20 ' n R. 44,71 44 4 P. 70 Martinez. W. 40 MGM. I. 20,12 key. I. 44,99 Matokl. 0. 20 Mateo. D. 39.-'13.79,I3,92,I02 74090, L. 36,79,71 Jhvghn, L. 20,30.53.71,I0,l02 E. 20.67 Main. J. 36.53.84 Mead, M. 20,57,59,60,96 Medlna. R. 44 Meltrlnger. I. 20.57,5I WHIDQN. J. 36.78 Mellor. C. 40.64 Melb. J. 83,102 Alena, J. 20.71.97 Mena, M. Mendel. I. 20,53,91 Meadow. D. 71 Mendoza, F. 20.71 Meadow. J. 44 Nandan, T. 44 Meuor, A. 20.56,5I.65,102 Mena. N. 20.67 Meta. 0.43 21 ,30,49.53,56, 102 Mlletteh, M. 21 Mlletltll. R. 21 Mmlturn, L. 36 llet. K. 21.57.63 Nelson, J. 22 Newold. 8. 22 Nesvold, I. 22 Nettle, Z. 40.64.7838 Newman, C. 44,95,l02 Nickerson, W. 40 Nickle, D. 22,30.48,51,53,58,60,70, 79,102 Nlellon, R. 40,04,I4,103 Nlnhlmato, A. 38,40,57,59 Nlshluro, F. 44,95,102 Nobles. I. 40 Nolan, I. 22,70 Norman, V. 36,71 L. 44 ute. N. 22,51.60.63,65.72,73.78 O Ochoa, D. 40,55,64,70,71 40.6I,I3.93.103 I aa. . 22,49,5l,53 60 76,79 Ogata, G. 22,79,96.97,99 Ogleabee, R. 44,59 Ogletree, J. 44 Oku, 0. 36,66 Oldemoyer. I. 22 Oldl, P. 44 Ollberger, I. 44,75 Oltver, E. 22,70,97 Ollvor, W. 40,83 Olsen, S. 36,53,83,103 O'Nel1, E. 44,99 Orazoo, A. 22,79 Oraxo, M. 36 Ofazco, V. 40,75 Orxl, 8. 36 Ortll. N. 40 Ortll. N. 40 Otero, L. 36 Ottavlano, J. 38.40.6171 Otwell, E. 36,102 Owinl, K. 22,65,79,102 Owens, S. 22,64,97,99 r Paddock, I. 36.70.71 Paltnatler, M. 22,30.53,58.80.102 40 1tU'm1l.1 22 an 49.54.6037 . .. s. 44.100 oqu e, J 22.65.73 Pa . 40,98 40.71 Panom, G. 40 Parry, S. 64,71 Partrldge. J. 40 Portrldge, J. 44 Pauontlno. F. 44,71 Fauna, F. 36.66 Patlton, D. 22 Patterson. D. 40 Poulln, I. 53,6I,I3,102 Peak, M. 22.48,60.73,79 Peterson, D. 36,59 Pettae. J. 22 Phelps, A. 22,53 PMIIPP. C. 44.99 Phillips, J. 36.57.59 Ransom. Ranu. O. Rovstto. Ruuori. Rauarl J.,97 43 R. 40,53 C. 23.64.67 J. 44 n.5a1..l.a. G. 2:1 Reed, A. Reed. B. Rood, L. Read. P. 40,57 40,59,65,70,98 23,63,70.79 42,44,99 Reese, S. 44,64,72,99 Reeves. D. 36,63,64.65,67 Reovos, R. 40.70.102 Roevos, 1.. 23,I0,102 Roger. J. 44,79 Rellly, N. 44 Relnhordt. H. 36 Renus, T. 44 Renteria. R. 44 Rsttlg. G. 23,100 Reynolds, B. 40,7l,98 Reynolds, D. 44 Reynolds, J. 24 Reynolda, P. 40.103 Rhlnohar I, . Rlce, D. 44,99 K44 Rice, J. 36 Rlce, R. 24 Rice. S. 44 Rlckll, M. 24.67,70 Rldlnger, R. 102 Ria J. 40,102,103 05,1555 40,49.51,55.97 ' emon, .,70.78,79.81. .107 Rlggun, L. 44 Roach. B. 24.103 Robart, M. 24 Robello, J. 24,67 Roberts, C. 36 Robey, R. 24,100,108 loblda. S. 40,71.78.98 Robison, Robison. I. 24.53.81 C. 24 Robleda. H. 40 Rocha, C. 44 Rodrlquez, D. 44,71,102 Rodrlquet, E. 44 Rodrlquez, R. 100 Roe. J. 44 Rogollo, P. 24 Rogers. S. 24,97 Roldan, C. 24,63.71,96,97,99 Roldan. D. 24,53,71,79,91 Roldan, J. 24,53,79,80 Roldan. Rolln, I. L. 44,I3,102 24 Roller, A. 36 Ron, M. 40 S Sola, K. 44,71 Salndon, W. 24 Sakal, A. 24,62,66,96,97,99 Soko, W. 44,64 Salon, H. 24,53,60,61,79,I1,102 Salas, L. 25 Salazaar, A. 40 Salinas, M. 44 Salinas, M. 36,64,65,7I,98,99 Sanchez, A. 40 Sanchez, E. 36,79 Sanchez, R. 40,83,102 Sandlgo, A. 25 Sondlgo, H. 53,84 Sandoval, F. 25 Sanelez, B. 36 Santlogo, J. 40,78 Sargent, L. 40,64 Sartoln, D. 25 Sartuln, S. 44 Suwickl, 8. 36,98 Schuetzle, R. 25 Schlll, C. 25,78 Schmidt, L. 25.81.108 Schmldt, 11. 25,73 Scott. I. 44.79 Scott, I. 25,99 Soott, D. 36 Scott, G. 25,63,70,97 Scott, J. 40 Scott, L. 25,70,78 ' Scott, N. 25 Scott, R. 40 Seaton, D. 40 Secoulu. S. 25 Sibcttlon, R. 102 Seliaa. R. 90 Serrano, D. 44 Seymore, J. 40 Shanafelt, D. 25,64 87,107 Shelan, P. 40 Shlmlxu, J. 25,57,59,100,102 Shlppley. J. 44,95,102 Shippley. R. 40,53.95.102 Shlrley, E. 44 Shirley. V. 25,67.73,79.97.99 Shull, A. 40 Slegel, R. 40 Slerros, R. 25.53 Slllx, C. 25,71 Silva. F. 45,67,72.102 Sllvo. H. 40,102 Sllvelro, J. 26 Slmental, E. 40 Slmentul, L. 44 Slnclalr, M. 26 Slpe. E. 26.57.59 Sipple. G. 26.72 Slguelros, E. 36 Slguelroa, G. 26,59,66.97 Slsmll, F. 36 Slxson, M. 43 Slnolko, P. 30,79 Small, P.,65.102 Smart, F. 26,103 Smlley, 11. 45.101 Sm1tl1, C. 45 Smith, D. 36 Smtth, K. 40,57.59.l02 Smlth, M. 71 Smith. R. 26 Smith. S. 36.78,98.99 Soarn, I. 44 Soares, S. 26 Soldan. J. 26.53.82 Sommer, R. 40 25.49.51 .60.70,76.78.B6. man. 9. 46 - W... Tnunuupr. 40 5' N pq A Trullllol. K.'4S ' +5.24 rum, m 5:1.79.95,1o2 ij, Turner, C. 36 .-11 af Turner, J. 45 Q Turner. K. 40 - .L Turnr, L. 40 5 U . Uhlenburg, N. 27.59.97 1 Uhlenlaurg. P. 101 Utalcn. I. 45 V Valdez, 8. 45.71 Valdez, M. 2I,63,104,10I Valencla, D. 36,I0,103 Von Boekern, W. 36 Van Lehn, A. 20 Vannl, A. 40,66 Vannl, D. 40.66.102 1 Vorgoa. R. 40 Vargul, l. 36 Vasquez. G. 36 Vega, H. 28 Velez, L. 40 Vernon. K. 36 Verrette, N. 36,78,9I,99 Vlariseo, B. 28 Vlerra. J. 45 Vlllasenor, R. 40 Vlna, P. 28 Vlxovlch, K. 45 1 Voelker. J. 40,57 Volpe. G.,53,I1,100 Valplg, F. 85,102 Voltmer. F. 28,102 Voss. N. 45 W Wada, E. 40,66,7I Wagner, L. 59 Wahlgraen, F. 28 R.: ...Q Wahl r . 40.64,70.79 ' 45.59.7199 , . ' Q Wal er, . 36 ,glib Walker, H. 45 7iQ'g' Walker, 1. 45,71 . QQ 2 Waller. T. 36,38,98,99 ' i-1"-.Qqj Walton, A. 36,102 , 3,3-10 Warren. C. 45 4072526 Wuuner, K. 36 . Watanabe, F. 36,57,5I,62,10l .-, Watanabe. F. 40.53.98 '-93' "f"W' w.........1.. M. 28,,'11ii.:--, 11. 2059.70.79 99 . , Sona. L. 36 way. 137 ' X' Soto, A. 40,81 oy. . , 5515, 5. 36 wma. 1. 211,72 ' 1. Q som, 5. 26.67.70 wm., A. 40 tx? Spain, N, 26 Weldllch, D. 45 14 Spalding, 11. 45 wnkh. F. I2 - Spalxbury, s. 2505.71.73 wow. 40512 g Sp , , 35 e rna er. . ' ' 1 Sprm 26 Welltn er, W. 36 Sprak , H. 36,78 Wir . E. 40 1 V-1 wwf. . 25,54,7z2,79 - 28 , , f St o e, 7' ' j! se. 5. 45.71 Wh --J. 8 1' 1 5 131.1 sem., 11. 9,79 wh1n.w. 1 'V tell , ' 1 .1 "' 1 l v1'1'. " l'f1'.' , r. 28 ' ' 55- te 1, W. 40 llllcmwn. D. , 1 'Q S1 ns, v. 26.59,6 4,55.71, 111102100 K1 . , .45 .. 1.8-fq 45.79.102 St I 1, M. 1 llson. E. 45 Q I ' 1 ' " . 5 L f. x. 27.97 I wllm' 401378 9.86.1116 A ' 51 1, J. 27 f . . .1 ,. -. - ... M. 28 j, lm,....QZf"' - I 4 .8031 ,- ' - Sutton, 7 303. . 9 Qg.l f 4-1g"',..- 3' . .7 . . . . 5 Sween. 8. 45 v MQ Swan, D. 36 if - I I 4 - ' T swm., 1.. 64,79 Wwlev. P- 45.70.99 work... , 5. 'yr Sworakowxkl, M. 27,57.60,64 T Talnamato, L. 27.71.72 Takokl, A. 40,53,70,80.102 Tamony, A. 27.97 Taylor. C. 45,99 Taylor. 11. 64,27 Teague, C. 40,57,59.64 Tellhet, J. 27,56,58,67,9 ,9 Tnnnnan. S. 45,67 Terwllllger, P. 45 Thayer, R. 27,63.64,65,73 Thoemmes. D. 36 Thogrnartln, A. 40,102 Thom, J. 27 Thomas, G. 40 Thompson, G. 27 Thompson, R. 27.53,I0.91,100 Thompson, R. 40,100 Thompson, 5. 27,80 Thornton, J. 27.59 Tlndall, B. 45,67,I2,102 Tlernagel, H. 40,102 Tiersland, T. 27,53,70,104 Toledo. R. 27 Torrel, A. 40 Tarrex. D. 78 Torrel, R. 101 Tovar, D. 27.70.102 Tovar, D. 36 Tovar, O. 45 Tawnzen, H. 36 r . .65 3 L. 11. - .56 .f WYUN, L. 36,70,79 v Yamamoto. K. 2 Yum o J. I. . , 1 . Ybarro, 1. 29.53.84 ' Ybarra, D. 45,102 A Yolnoyama. R. 45.103 Yashtkawa, J. 34.36,54,57,59,62 Voshlkowa, S. 29.49,57,59,60 Ioung, J. 45.71.99 Zerhef, S. 29.56,,96,97 Ei siiiigsifihxs . ' G N K , Nh N ii X. A E- kk .xg as , xl .,'2ZfglTf.Tfo'QN O Gp' " Yeo' Q .y f ,fffuf "Crossroads" was chosen as The Them ofmthis annual because iT seemed ThaT during The past ye , noT only our futures were aT a crossroad, but The peace The world as well. The class of 1957 faces The many roads leading info The fuTure. College, marriage, jobs, and Travel lie before us, wiTh our decisions determining which road we will Take. IT is our choices ThaT will defermine wheTher we live in a peaceful Time or one Torn wiTh strife. We each have a responsibilify To help build a beTTer world. A crossroad is also a wonderful place To sTop and look back. IT is our hope ThaT The pages of The 1957 BLUE AND GRAY will make your high school years come alive again. O Zkiigvzmal ,f 7 J Q Q 57 vc.fff'l'lJ fy.-f .L-ffl, Lcfzwfif' gg., ,4,'4.f1,6'r9!f f" ,Cy sfffLcz"f rg, fy, A A fggsrighlfofl-xfsio GRAY M 1 Vp, H5 ff ,.feZ.fJc'f9!' - ff if Q ii RY ,, , fl fl T .Lg ' . . E? ' fl!! ff M l X Jfiki Y all Ja A 1 A 1 M .y V Ll T J .. V I fl .T Y' IV if Di J FJ 'sf-.. . ii, fi V , Av X lv Y F. Kfllxgiklw A Jax Q16 Y 1 l jd IV 5 joy? qvffdaxeefxr A BT pw A VJ 1 vfvwj by X ,lf V17 C3 Q X W J ff rv QV Q3 ,De ff N' JN Qv 1 L 44, CHN A ff 114 4 lczffx L Lit ncqqof 34,320 713 Q My L6 A Wk CUMLQMAB ?Z M1 WJ' ' S ii W iffji W fi,f,i.2z23L C C ffm U t 'id I -, 5,3 I f 5 53 E : gi 3 X115 R A Q ' ' 1' ' . . ,gb b A'bVV H N XD W X V Al, if , My . M l f7"f,5,.3f" A ' GJ - jx g if AON WUJQ W ww M X IMVNAQ-jWMUd8N Jaffkffvbf 333, f52?5fM ,gf M X55 ff3fil'Mw iff N ff -' V 4 1 N W Q fQfff,fP 'W Jr My M515 yjjjg,N . My UQ off rf www U K 00 M Mb 1 bk Q X f E75 , - O - , I 9 :ij U1 I Kr, K X59 fa XX N A 4.5 ' W X " GJ M fi , . N M?! Ayr 'xy xvfjhq' V Q . ' I x an-,,,,,.-J I LK, if kdm! ' in ' + Q -Y 1 KVM llrg 2 ,ff ,z '-fx ff - 'X gxifu, f Q ff! Q4 U' A viii? if 5, 'W Ji 'fx .X , 0 4 A Q ,if df P ' V 1 Q , 'T 'A 5, , if K Q TS X :X Q3 , ,Vg V' ,N , K 20 I, L ' r f Y . ' Kuff X -if' lx LJ - 13-ki I jd! Z JP 1 do RWM M wp A Wi I x WG? ' v XJ P y 5 X, A5 , Q---4, , at Z4 -fi ,Q ui V A ,V TX' X' 1' ' -1 . Hx "' f 1:1 of R JM BX V Q img J fi ff A D ' . ' I E . . A' -u ' 1 'g f mr ' Wx b f QQ! LW NNN ,I I if . XXUN0 pl X iw: My R I mx ff X' LJ I my U W K 3 j IU N ' if IAN X W fd ' ' w W M MQW f 6 K. 077 A 5:68537 M6 Ce ff if Q1 Q1 ' . Q52 R fffff .P kJ5QzC7Z 913' wbUQWTlTf1'5???'-Qfw if , 'bg Q 526. ' --ag, N 40 4 5' 'X ,P 'lf 'Pgglff hx 'j !Lt-ff, My A M K? I, 'Yr' f 37 QQQL, . E ' ,1'l V r K:?f ' A " C? fp 7 Zlrg, 'n 5 X -I 'rx , L45 33 ,xv "LQ , 1 f'1 f1Q V, 'G C- CX - " ,rv QQ mf C .ff J U , T46 f. ff" Li! 'V af 'du f Rf ic . ,QL ,Gy 'jul ' f " KZ VM: if , ' . . ik 't 5 . .f W M , " XJ VI' If ,, V A 7 ' ' ! fi k"'C.t-uf? Y?"c.EK , M If r f.-' e'w. , N K V I Q 4 I' A I ' . .V -7 ld awww!

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