Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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This nation, under God, Shah have a new birth oi freedom, that government oi the peopXe, by the peopXe, for the peophz, ahah not perish from the earihf' f Abffaham Lincoln F L rv E15 lfjz. I Lf, X 1 E -N F I I an P Ei u Truthfulness is a corner' stun ' e m character, and if it lv rmly laid ' c not fl 111 youth, there will ever after be a weak spot in the foundation," X feferson Davzlv 474-' EN: BLUE AND GRAY STAFF 1956 BUSINESS MANAGERS: Carolyn Wood, Debbie Dexfer ART EDITORS: Ralph FeH'erIy, Mike Peak, Diane Baldwin, Jane Wong PHOTOGRAPHER: I-'eI'er Curry SENIOR EDITORS: Diane Huni, Rick Ogden, Mary Lou Hoover, Ofha Visser JUNIOR EDITORS: Jehanne Teilhef, Nancy Nu'I'e SOPHOMORE EDITOR: Dave Lira FRESHMAN EDITOR: Doug Campbell BOYS' SPORTS: Paul Suzuki, Jim Dempsey GIRLS' SPORTS: Surry Thafcher, Jo DeFrees SCHOOL LIFE EDITORS: Sally Haines: Gail Giberson STUDENT GOVERNMENT EDITOR: Jim Barber PEP and SPIRIT EDITORS: Terry DeBevoise, Yvonne Gardner ORGANIZATIONS: Meredi'I'I1 Gregg, Pam Garry FACULTY: Deanna Tomei, LeeLee Walker, Kay Kinney EDITOR: Conny S'IanIey INDEX: Joanne Miller, Sfuarl' Farwell TYPISTS: Polly Marclen, Kafie Garcia, Shirley Canfer 3 1 E J- ff!! 3- X "'1 :- WH -ra.-..,,,.,, GN-' '11 Cdlw - Q 4 - ' man P ,h . 4 .., , , v , . ,. E ' V ' 4 ,- u H. V ,ff-. . , x J V. Q, . ' f, Q ,Wk QQ' f' I X .f f- .gr xv ,. C-4' 2 I W, e ,f - Q 'QQ ' g 1 T W, in nf' f 5 Iv V .-4' L1 .AFR 1 Q A V -'Q W, ' r f 2. ., 'f . Q ' 'f f .gl .fx , Q. , - ' , J, . ,,. lv.: Y : if' ,Ll Q , 1' ,Kg-ji ' ng ' , , , , ,f. v .4 H- , 4. ,5 . ,, L ,FM 3 . , ,, L., ,, , -.cfm 'fy , xxx . ., It ' ' 'J fx' 1 if vw 14 " N. ,L f- . " V, , n... ' 51.1, -- G ,, N "w" I , 0+ ' I. ,. ' :VT 31- F3 I: mi, 1 ,- inf 2. ' 3 'ifxuly X WE THE STUDENTS OF MGUNTAIN VIEW HIGH SCHUUI. MOUNTAIN view, cAl.lFonNlA PRESENT THE 1956 BLUE AND GRAY Our school colors, blue and gray, symbolize fhose of +he Union and Confederafe armies during Ihe Civil War. Moun'I'ain View High's lirsf Iwo graduafes represenfed bolh sides of fhis pasl' era, and made Ihe foundafion for Ihis school a friendly one, promising much for Ihe fulure. The following pages are provided fo show how we, 'Ihe sludenls of fhis school, live in an afmosphere of 'friend- liness, cooperaiion, and consfanf aclivify. - Conny Sfanley TABLE OF CONTENTS WE LEARN TO KNOW LIFE . I ,, me I0 WE ELECT LEADERS, ,,s, ,,s,A , ,,oVo oV,,,o,,o , 4 4 WE PARTICIPATE WITH ENTHUSIASM 58 WE DEFEND OUR HONOR 74 WE'RE HAVING A BALL ,,,.,,,,,,, ,-,o n HI00 3 DR. HOPKINS MR. AWALT MR. CHRISTIANSEN 5 M ek 1 Q ww, . ...M--suv-0 , MR. CROOKE Board of Trustees i M, X X, x MR. DETHLEFSON MRS. FORNER KRW 'i X R ,.,,,,Q 3:63 s I ' as y - s A ,Q xt , ..?Yg:fxl Xi T ' 2 s - + 9. "Pi MR. CARTER MR. DUNCAN Administration Mzcgizzfls' Qffesszzga Fifiy-four years ago ihis coming June 'iwo sfuden+s comprised fhe firs+ and enfire graduafing class of fhis schobl. These +wo sfudenfs were from fwo disfincf sec- fions of our counfry, one 'lfhe nor+hern sfaies, and ihe ofher soufh of fhe Mason-Dixon Line. The iwo graduafes selecfed 'lhe class colors very appropriarely, blue for fhe Norfh and gray for +he Soufh. These colors symbolized a friendly undersianding and folerance for each ofher. Laier, fhese same colors became fhe colors of our school. They sfill are a symbol of friendliness and folerance as +his is 'lhe very life of our sfudeni' body. Today our grea+ counfry is sfill having in+ernal social problems aggravafed by fhe recenf Supreme Courf decision concerning anfi-segregafion. The only solu+ion fo fhis problem is a friendly unclersfanding and iolerance. I believe fhe social experiences you have had and lessons you have learned in fhis high school will cause you fo be beffer ci+izens of our greaf couniry by being more +oleran+ of ofhers, regardless of race or creed, and more cognizanf of basic human values. - lrval Carfer ...iss MRS- HAWK5 Miss LAWRENCE + ENGLISH Miss Claire Fosler, Mr. Danle Lo Presli, Mrs. Joan Flear, Mr. Charles Pelfon. LANGUAGES Mr. Ted Maneely, Miss Marilyn McCammon, Mr. Roberf Callahan. FACULTY ENGLISH Mr. Edward Blalock, Mr. Frank Savslrom, Mr. Harry Edwards, Miss Marjorie McGilvrey. BUSINESS TRAINING Mr. F. E. Wilder, Miss Har? Crabfree, Mr. Cecil Gummersall, Miss Rulh Lawrence. F CUL TY Mr. Raymond Hoclc, Mr. Sibley Bush, Mr. Mal- colm Aiflren. Sitting: Mr. Roberf Orr. HOME ECONOMICS AND SHOP Mr. Aubrun Powell, Miss BeHy Kendall, Miss Barbara Huse, Mr. Wendell Grubb, Mr. George Olsen. MKTHEMATICS Mr. James Nudelman, Mr. Bob Gonzalves, Mr. Roger Bagnall, Mr. Conrad Schwarze. ART AND MUSIC Miss Helen Froehliclw, Miss Elizabeflw Ingram Mr. Lyle Campbell, Mr. Jim Criffenden. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss LaureI'+e Lousfau, Mr. John Gilkey, Mrs. Mary Sager, Mr. Collie Kiclwell, Mrs. Eva Mockbee. Nof picfured is Mr. Anfhony Calvelli. CAFETERIA Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Shaw. FACUI. TY SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. James Gaunflefl, Mr, Paul Barlcman, Mrs. Loraine Hawks, Mr. William Nichols, Jr., Mr. Joseph F. Tamony, Mr. Lindley Allen. SCHOOL NURSE Miss Esfher Kuffler. FACULTY OFFICE Mrs. Peggy Wirebaugh, Miss Elaine Burlcl'1arI,Mrs.lnez Carfer, Mrs. Gladys Sesler, Mrs. Pafricia Freeman. 4 40 T' We BUS DRIVERS Mr. Lorlon, Mrs. McCoy, Mr. Griffefh, Mrs. Chappell. BUS DRIVERS Mr. Waller, Mrs. Madsen, Mr. Madsen. CUSTODIANS Mr. Harfie, Mr. Sfruck. Mr. Cilloni, Mr. Thompson, M Heisinger, Mr. Propin, Mr. Tamanovich, Mr. Young. CL LE QED A L V LHTE 9 .1 fb XA 4 8 QM H , 4, ix 4-Ja Q23 ' x .Q X ' f f QR Dora Acosla Gary Allison Malhew Ames Josiephene Anglin Judy AHerbury Barbara Jean Afwood Diane Baldwin Jim Barber Marilyn Barczi Doug Barnes L55 Vern Barnes A Susan Jane Barflmold 5 7 Lore'r+a Bell Elizabeflw Bel+ran Anne'H'e Bender Don Benlce Barbara Ann BenneH Karen Bergquis+ Armand G. Burgini Pai' Bryan L Bunf Burlchalfer David Burnham Jerry Buzzell Ruben J. Cabello Roberl' B. Cady Forfuna Camin Shirley Canfer Ron Casella alll' l Q if ,A 3 la I x . ly 295. ls L4 ll f , I Dave Chambers Jane Yoelc Chan Susan Yee Chan Olis Cherry Jean Clarlce Charles Cliffon Russell Clousing Larry Cochran Paul Cass Bill Cafambay Raquel M. Cervanfes Bob Cha mberlain V? 1 in is we ANP' Y .5 if 1, 5 as Marilyn Joan Cox i Shirley Cox A Joanne Cra ner Carole Crawford 1 sri, ..kkV kr iq ii x N if ia if S 3 -P' , 'rw , S 4 . mfr , ' ff-H ,ff fs, 1 131 1,-115 A lm Us , 4 955915 Qbrsi i Ha ig iw 3 Ye YK B C Marilyn Colgan Sonia Cool: Phyllis Cormacl: Nacho Corrales Susanne Cos+a June Coulombe Marlene Cousins Audie Cox , l fi Mil fw- X WL Bob Crosby Lee Crofl-:ers Carol Crow Pefer Curry Ed Daugheriy Roland Davey Sibyl Barbara Dawn Geraldine Y. Deal I4 3 lx fx ,K H 1 X, I ' X " X if i. X NX K xx Terri DeBevoise JoAnne DeFrees Jim Dempsey Marilyn Dewarf Debbie Dexfer Lupe Diaz Diane Jean Diclzinson Roberl Diffenderfer Wifi T 1 X IVE W Beverly Eddy Joan Edgemond Joe Edwards Nicholas Eliclw Judifh B. Enlerline Janef Ervin Frank Escobar Rober+ Esperanza R. 1 ' A fe fis is -A -- 4 1 ,. i y E Q gi D Carol Dochnahl Jerry Duarfe Susan DuBose Roberl Duensing R LL AL George Es+iIl Lee Fairchild S+uar+ Farwell Ralph FeH'erly Daniel Richard Fuenies Margarei Fuiii Frank Flores Roberi G. Flynn Rifa Fruzen George Frye if James M. Furuchi Sue Ye+sulco Furusho gf"'?'K ,, y ' ..-. L -X R .Ah-'sm .-"4 y Y, r,,f5 y no Carl W. Gabler Frances Rachel Galedridge Ron Galli Carmen Garcia Ka+ie Garcia Manuel G. Garcia Yvonne Gardner Pamela Garry I6 Gail Giberson William Hanson Gifford llla Gilberf Thelma Lorraine Gillard Virginia Gloria Rosalie Gomez Li'I'a Gonzales Lorefla Gonzales 0' Par . sl ' rf, ff! ' .f 3' ,nj 4 -5 eil -vgggy Smgfv AT gf? William C. Green Meredifh Jane Gregg Al Gregory Paul Gre+z Ronald Gronwall Grace Gross Erns+ Grund Greijen Gumperfz I , , has ig! e K si. Q :n z - Ex .' . 2 ' 1 we Q w , 1 , 3 i Q . Elf V X Pal Gran'I'l1a m Pal' Graves Caryl Helen Gray Carolyn Green 5 CNA Q XX 3 l 1 Nick Gufierrez Sally Haines James Hall Linda Hall Gu Alexandra Hamilfon ...un Barbara Ann Hayden Suzanne Hari' George Mead Hemmefer xi Q 0 Thomas C. Hendrix Q FX ,l A1 L ' Hen'I'zell ' O 51",-37 orranne . Qyy js K . ,cf A 3 V6 k 5 Q y ar '11 M x--. " life L ff. ' as lia o, is , Barbara Jean Hicks Jon Higashiuchi 'F R Nancy Hoehn Lawrence Coyne Holian Theresa G Holfhouse .r " 1 i ":' ffl eyisr Elaine Hood Lenor Hooks Mary Lou Hoover Carl Horr Brian Hourigan AK Sandra Kalaveras Jack Kawamofo Terry R. Keeney Richard Kennedy -- W' .5 bl -A 1- f -w. . , E S Alan Lane Edwin "Winl:ie" Lane Eddie Laughlin Roberi' Lewis Burl Liblcils Gerald G. Ligsay Gerald Lindholm Rommie Llamas Carole Long Bob Lopez Avffefi if f -if ,, ' 'Q -X CCC? . so D C Arlene Troy Lorenz Be'He Lovelace Sonny Lum Gloria Luna Diana Lusk Charles Lynn Marfha McAvoy David A. McConnell John W. McCrea Roberf McKeeman Jon McPl1ee+ers Al Maciel Vera Ellen Malloy Doro+l1y Jane Morano Polly Ann Marden Rufh H. Marlcs Beverly Marler Carmen M. Marquez N ' AK J so y 1 N 4 J . f- rn, J Manuel Machado Medina Rulh "Cookie" Mendoza Herberi' C. Meyr, Jr. Joanne Miller Margaref Miller Mary Miner Addie Molina Vicforia Molinari .al f... FQ' if ff A .sh l J, Louis Gil Marlin Sonia Mar+in Joanna Massiczel: Roy Mas+erson Nix 1'1- '!"'v rg -L . 15" a K Edna Nakano Fred Nava Doug Nelson Joan Neveu Ronald Monfana Tommy Moreno Clarence Moy Ray A. Murakami Mary Jo Murray Miles Murray Roberf E. Murray Helen Nagli .ix ,I x S Y CYX 1 x r 3 QX N.xXNJ'H,x v. IWXX ' Y f 1 ij: e,,, Z' Y xx N 'SE' 51' Pile Donald Noon Pauline Ochoa JoAnn Ogafa Richard Ogden Al Orosco Ka+hryn Zifa Overman Jerry L. Paddock Andre T. Palmaleer 22 Rosalie Parga Marie Parry Irene Pasiorino Kim Pa+'lon Celia E. Paz Virginia Lee Peferson Peier H. Piclxslay James Frances Pisano .5 M an Audrey Pouse'H'e Q Cecil A. Praclr ,fi ll .llilli ' x Ni. l . Michael B. PraH ,.y Judy Price Egg? WA? Dianne Prifchard Joe Procfor Ann Quigg Richard A. Ray Alvin L. Rayiield Burfon Rees Paul Riba Pairicia Lee Reagan 23 is Lily Sakae Joyce Sarfain George E. Schafrle Dave Parrick Scholl Pefer Rich Gerald Richfer David R. Robinson Salvador Robles Ronald Roney Ann Ryder Eula Saindon Allan Sakai S R l P Y ,ly i f 3 f 5 B A mf li Q X 4 .Yea , ' . M f X. l Y N T ir EH ,ska 1 wa 'J Richard Scholl Jackie M. Scialabba Dorofhy Shackelford Barbara Shirley Frank Shriver Tony B. Silva Jack Sims Ronald Singlefon Gary T. Siress Dorofhy G. Siu Sam Skropanich Donna L. Smifh Merriiyn Smifh Phil Snarr Diane M. Sohler Shirley Spears 'MQ'-lu Karol Sue Sfeele Carl Sfeinmann Annie Sferner Fred Siieler Elizabe+h Anne S+reclr John SubleH' Gary Swanson Paul Suzuki 25 Joan Spencer Marilyn Spohr Tony Sponsler Conny S+anley L. 13M-2 f Y-'gl S x ,E X an Q S65 Deanna Tomei Marie Francoise Tourei' Takashi Tsunoda Bruce Uyeda Carole Vina Ofha Visser Curiis Thomson Alan Tippeh' Nancy Tobin W John Sweeney EvereH' Tedder Dorine Tesla Surry Thacher fl j i A Wayne Vogl' Leelee Walker Leonard R. Walker Wayne Walker 26 Rifa Walley Allan Warringfon Judifh Webb Laurence S. Webs+er l . Ni+a Williamson Norman A. Wilson Kay Frances Winsfead gagff F l only ef- Q rf Xi ' ix .EATIQN Gary Wood Georgiana B. Woodruff James Wrighf Danni Wunderlicln Nola Yancey Ralph E. Young 27 John Zeller Dan Win+ers Edward Winfers Jane M. Wong Carolyn Wood Q ye-1.5 k -- X The Senior Class of l956 presenfs BEST FUUT FURWARU Our indus+ricus s+uden+ direciors. lSurry Thacher, Joanne Miller, Ralph Felferly, Joan Spencerl. The Grand Finale. ,V l Ng- V N fe Everyfhing worked ou+ okay af+er all. Tighf Iiffle gi+uafion. I A ' 1-- pu pl sk y k l Wg .- 5, I . X I Oh, Oh. Here comes Doc Reeber. lGary Allisonl. , A Q Hollywood invades Winsoclri. o Xl Why, Professor. lcurlls Thompsonl. "You shameful girls," grieg '- Gale Joy. lAnneH'e Benderl. 1, r. L. Xzg Li. V.-133, . ,l vi sk., . N wk! K as ,Q f my : ll A' . i iw .A ,,o. , I ,M . Y , ?Y1 sf,. 75' - ' .ffl lfggiil' ' 1 if , -41-so ,C X os lk 'ffSgv3ibfX3,,5 WX? The plot +hiclcens. lPolly Marden, Jim Dempseyl. Preparing for +he Prom .I 7 lil' .YENIUR SNUW TRIP You need .3 caddy' Jane, Why Mead, Wl'laf preffy l'oO'lSleS. i I fgfi 1 W 3 Keep going. You'll gel +0 fhe fop. 30 The Pro, Wl'1dllS +his? A bean slmoofing par'ry7 Well if H isn'f Doug Barnes pacing ilme aisles of flue bus. ix And here we have modeling lhe lafesf in snow suifs, Doug Nelson. vi SFNIURS AT EASE lx ,il 1 Making up for a dramafics play, "A NIGHT IN THE COUNTRY". This is fhe new sleeping arrangemenl' for +he fall: all nigh? slumber parfies. Q r n . You're supposed lo be painfing scenery, kids. Some play rehearsals lasled lale, and a few people gal' sleepy. "N, if-"X", I i... Whaf acfivi+y is Yhis? The Seniors lasf game. And wha+ a game if was! 3I - 1 lr , J' . Q. H a J U N I 0 R S ' W? -. 'ESQ Top Row: E. Croshaw, V. Benighl, D. Booz. Middle Row: B. Borello, R. Bernardi, A. Balero, S. Wilch, B. Baer, A. Anderson, C. Anderson, G. Anderson, S. Balch, J. Badie, D. Ausland, D. Allen. Boffom Row: P. Barber, L. Bennell, V. Bailey, I. Bour, P. Bell, R. Belasco, M. Anlonuccio, C. Ainsworlh, A. Berlozzi, B. Arimborgo. Middle Row: C. Crouch, V. Crosby, S. Campbell, R. Burkharl, M. Dooley, L. Cornelius, A. Cram er, J. Gross, G. Cadwell, B. Brunner, K. Carson, S. Denlon. Boffom Row: E. Clemmensen, P Bragga, D. Cervanles, C. Burlce, M. de Mello, J. Biedma, S. Chavez, S. Barker, C. Burch, B Chapin, A. Calhey. ' Top Row: P. Flood, D. Flores, A. Egnew, R. Edwards, R. Dykes, S. Flynn, C. Flowers, D. Dulleclc, S. Dunlon, J. Avila, M. Dufra. Middle Row: L. Genlry, M. Greeny, L. Drocco, D. Frosl, K. Die+sch A. Eilcenberry, K. Goldslein, S. Dursl, M. Gordia, A. Garcia, C. Eng, C. Geiman, V. Goldsmilh F. Galbrailh. Bottom Row: B. Enders, A. Gloria, N. Garcia, H. Gonzales, S. Fackler, G. Alonzo T. Griffe+s, C. Fanucci, J. Escobar, B. Farringfon, B. Gill, P. Elwin, J. Gross. A li 4 ff-1 Top Row: K. Jones, J. Hen+l1orne, D. Kinney, W. Kohl, D. Highfill, C. Hemmefer. Middle Row: S. Dewards, L. Johnson, D. Kirlrorean, K. Humpal, H. Tony, J. Keenan, J. Kuehn, P. Higgins, J. lshi- liawa, J. Johnson, J. Hicks, A. Jones, M. Hibbard, K. Kasper. Bottom Row: L. Lane, L. Irwin, B. Hansen, J. Kyles, J. Kirk, M. Hernandez, E. loano, H. Hoshiko, P. Lane, K. Halvorsen, E. Hunfher D. Hilllwouse, B. Kirby. ,fl Q - . - - - Q! Top Row: K. Hoshi, B. Nalcamofo, J. McCurdy, J. McCulloch, G. Ewing, L. Maughn, B. Mendez, D. Malmslrom, R. Meelc, B. McGee, B. Lane, D. Lemmon, R. McCoy, B. Lung, R. Maciel, D. Lopez. Middle Row: B. Mardesciclw, J. Machado, B. Marbin, A, Lopez, C. Melcalf, M. Killmer. Boffom Row: J. Lumacfod, J. Marlin, L. Leconfe, N. Malmsfrom, B. McCrea, C. Hemrnefer, B. Mehring- er, G. Loomis. Top Row: F. Meyer, J. Miner, D. Miller, M. Palmafeer, C. PyeHe, B. Mueman, B. Morales, A. Orosco, D. Oriiz, J. Oclioa. Middle Row: A. Miichell, J. Nelson, A. Mensor, L. Myers, B. Nolan G. Ogafa, D. Nickle, K. Ohens, I. Morifa, B. Nesvold, D. Mowser. Bofiom Row: D. Robinson, A Mouser, S. Owens, N. Nufe, K. Miller, J. Miras, M. Milelich, P. Naler, W. Morgan, N. Merra B. Nesvold, A. Papagni. I i JUNIURS 4. 'Q di Top Row! R. Silva, G. Queeny, J. Planchon, G. Rellig, C. Sills, B. Randall, B. Roach, V. Shirley, B. Robinson, H. Salas, B. Olclemyer, Middle Row: B. Roland, N. Scolf, C. Schill, P. Rogallo, S. Howarcl, L. Scoll, A. Salclierra, B. Schelaley, G. Reedlwead, B. Schmiclf, D. Roldan, M. Peak. Bottom Row: J. Silveira, S. Segovia, G. Prince, C. Rol- dan, A. Sakai, C. Robison, G. Scof+, A. Sandiego, M. Rickli, J. Ransom, L. Rielman, S. Pollas+rini, R. Rice, C. Raz- zari, J. Roldan, R. Seizas. C7 Why Eula, are you really a junior? Brooke and Claude, second place falenl winners in flue Beaury and Talenf Show. ll. -ff .. X . X. iq, 4 . n 1l'1A The juniors' eagle flys down Caslro Sireel. ..... . ...N Q., -,R ,t-gigs..-Q5 W' , Lorefia loves lo fighf wifh pillows. . ,,,, 4-, 1 A .D .lg Top Row: E. Souza, R. Sierres, J. Volpe, T. Tiersland, D. Marlin, R. Wiclcman, D. Thompson, C. Wi++ges, B. Monford T. Webb, P. Tadin, B. Conanfe, M. Winlers, G. Sipple, F. Walgren. Middle Row: H. Vega, S. Yoshilcawa, J. Vicory W. Saindon, B. Shebley, J. Teihlef, M. Slcallwo, S. Swanson, J. Thom, R. Thayer, N. Uhlehberg, A. Tamony, M Walanabe, K. Yamamolo, D. Wrighi, P. Small, M. Willbur, L. Talcamolo, R. Toledo, S. Thompson, H. Morris. Bo?- tom Row: S. Spalsbury, S. Soares, S. Wilson, J. Schenk, D. Suffon, A. S+ahor, B. Sommers, F. Wood, S. Zacher, J Worfrnan, J. Spuehler, V. Woods, J. Robello, D. Wesf, P. Vina, B. Viariaeo, M. Sinclair, I. Sipe, N. Spain. Margie and Ray, a perky pair vvm:u0Z0:l:"u0vl 'awww 'Shu-.... Top Row: J. Borrego, T. Ahyo, V. Black, D. Bronson, C. Boslwick, J. Bonnell, E. Capella, l. Car- dona. Middle Row: S. Bransfeffer, M. Cairons, P. Callaghan, H. Bonfig, G. Anglin, P. Beaver T. Bozicevich, S. Brown. Bottom Row: D. Cady, J. Baker, V. Bailey, J. Chick, C. Bento, M. Alva- rado, V. Ames. Z, ...., Q? -My V L Top Row: J. Duira, M. Correia, J. Cornelius, J. David, C. Clark, W. Culrall, l.. Dowell. Middle Row: T. Erkson, B. Dole, C. Copenhaver, M. Corona, R. Dominick, J. Rear, N. Fred. Bottom Row: P. Donaho, S. Dickson, J. Da San Marfino, P. Childress, D. Correia, V. Di Mercurio, A. Fako. ef' Top Row: B. Fleming, R. Grifall, M. Gufierrez, L. Hammond, A. Gross, M. Hall, R. Green. Middle Row: P. Farina, T. Hanson, J. Gervais, G. Garner, S. Gingpro, B. Guerrero, R. Gabler. Bottom Row: M. Gloeggler, J. Gusfafson, J. Hammond, P. Garcia, N. Fox, B. Griffin, R. Gomez. U'l'l1IUO!OI'u0m Aj' ,. 11 "3 sw 1.9.1 . -W-if ffflfix bm... J. Kaclc, J. Johnson, J. Hen Harper, DB. .1- ,. C A --.... ,. . . un.- . .,,. Joans, B. Keer, J. Hodges. iddle Row: T. Jenson, N. Karelin, M. Hermann, H. Hughes, D. Jones, M. Herera, M. Hernandez, J. King. Boffom Row: C. Issa, C. King, P. Kelly, P. Hunler, J. Keenan, K. Hirolo, M. Hingsberger. X ' A.. I . xfn . .Aft ,, A-Ag Row: E. Lopez, E. Lung, F. Kubo, F. Lira, P. Luna, D. Lira. Bolfom Row: J. Lawson, L. Kirlr, E. Luiz, T. Lami L. Lawrence M. Machado, A. McMurphy. 1 CB, E. Nagley, L Top Row: P. Marlinez, J. Mazza, L. Nagayama, L. Mafeo, D Middle Row: V. Mendez, D. Mendoza, L. Marencc, A. Malin, R. Marano, M. Maldonado. Bottom Row: J. Ody, L. Munoz, J. Morfimer, C. Nelson, L. Milburn, V. Norman. SUPHUMURES 1+-f an i 5 ,fx ' ' Q Soil .wx 1,4 as , :grail .51 , ....- 3 in ji' L, f ,MJ Y Top Row: M. Prilchard, W. Riggen, W. Parish, E. Passus, D. Olcu, M. Pisano, B. Sanchez, H. Rein- harf, M. Donali, H. Townizen, A. Roller. Second Row: E. Solo, M. Salinas, D. Rodriguez, J. Philipp, S. Rangel, E. Sanchez, T. Soria, B. Sawicki, S. Smifh. Bottom Row: S. Perez, M. Oroszo, J. Oriiz, A. Salazar, C. Prouly, C. Prouly, S. Price, C. Roberls, B. Orsi, D. Reeves. N L.,,,. Paul and Janice give +l'1e fresh a show. Sophomore Class Big Game floaf. 38 'qu fan, , lg 1' 'f Twins .... , Quadruplefs .... Sexiuplefs . . . . 7' Lady from Mars Senor Rangel Q J Sanfa Cruz fun. f 1 'ws Q I nw 'J 3 1 -'H T 1' lk Trp Row: D. Walker, J. Turner, L. WyaH. Middle Row: E. Vasquez, J. Zeimer, D. Wolfe, G. Vasquez, C. Duira, M. Weaffall, I. Vargas, D. Todd, V. Waikup. Boffom Row: T. Waller, E. Wada, D. Torres, H. Spraker, P. Sfephens, M. Whiffingfon, J. Yoshikawa, F. Waianabe, D. Scharninghaucen. - a.- 84 39 F R E S H M E N Top Row: E. Alvarado, J. Barrick, E. Aquilino, F. Blasquez, L. Auger, S. Anderson, C. Bailey, A. Balaan. Middle Row: F. Ausano, J. Bailey, O. Avi+a, R. Bergford, B. Bell, B. John, F. Beanco. Boffom Row: J. Ames, A. Bonham, D. Baufisla, K. Angler, A. Blas, J. Beffencourl, M. Abey, E. Anderson. if If A 2. X M .f 'wg ., 'xx f U Top Row: R. Espinosa, J. Eafon, T. Fabro, J. Domingo, G. Enriquez, J. Duncan. Middle Row: C Fabro, G. Carnin, F. Cervanles, H. Chaplin, D. Campbell, G. Dennis, E. Dominick. Boffom Row L. Dykes, J. Ferguson, J. Ebere, R. Colsen, C. Dias, F. Dawkins, D. Downen. ,fx . Top Row: A. Huber, R. Hill, J. Lamb, J. James, R. Llamas, D. Hockef. Middle Row: D. Loughry, B. Hilchcock, M. Giovacchini, N. Keck, D. Kubo. Boffom Row: M. Lopez, M. Kuehne, l. Lowns- loerry, Z. Karelin, B. Hickman. ng-in zo.: V I V., 2.8.5. na ' , 0 i. ' ' To Q if . . ,. p A J , 1 ,Q ? Cl' F R E S H M E N 'T Top Row: R. Evers, D. Har+man, R. Goularfe, B. Har, J. Floyd, C. Fujii, B. Fogleman. Middle Row: D. Dodd, D. Gabard, E. Daugherfy, K. Giagiari, S. Garcia. Bolfom Row: J. Harrison, B. Gordan, M. Gilberl, J. Gramfham, S. Flores, B. Grant 1 1' ih- Q. an Q11 Top Row: H. Caddell, B. Daniloff, S. Boynlon, T. Clwiono, R. Broflvers, P. Collinge. Middle Row: R. Borrego, S. Davis, J. Cosla, E. Cornelius, G. Chun, L. Boynlon. bf- , xx O i ia, - Ji 'S 'S A Top Row: T. Hillon, B. Marler, A. Nava, D. Mafeo, R. Morgan, J. Mello, W. Marlinez. Middle Row: S. Marsh, V. Luna, J. McCulloch, L. Mullen, G. Mann, P. Miller, C. Melior. Bottom Row: J. Mansfield, S. Mann, L. Judson, P. Mclnerney, L. Lucerno, S. Malm, R. Munoz. FRESHMEN Top Row: J. Ollaviano, B. Paulk, F. Oclwoa, H. Sandiago, B. Ravello, C. Sullivan, T. Nielson, R. ScoH', M. Pihl, A. Solo, P. Reynolds, F. Parra. Middle Row: W. Oliver, G. Nielson, H. Robleda, N. Orliz, B. Nobler, Z. NeHle, S. Robida, K. Poncini, M. Ramirez, A. Salazar, V. Orozco, J. Sanli- ago, C. Parrish. Boffom Row: B. Schmidf, B. Radriquez, D. Oclwoa, C. Riefman, A. Nishimoro, J. Parfridge, B. Palmer, A. Reed, M, Pale, B. Reynolds. ', 5 ,f,f :..a1 , . 'ifgigl .-,vs Q-I P Frosln lineup. Baron lwirlers - Freshman Variely Sl1ow. FRESHMA RECEPTIUN Don and Nancy have fhe bop bug. Our beaulilul float .7 -h x Top Row: E. Giron, E. Slay, W. Slerner, K. Keiih, L. Frizzell, R. Williams, G. Sinlrson, R. Torres, B. Sommer, B Shipplcy, K. Smith, J. Welch, A. Salas, R. Siegel, R. Sabasiia, H. Silva, E. Wennen, M. Townzen, S. Wisham, S Parry, V. Garner. Middle Row: J. Scolf, R. von Taufflcirchen, T. Thompson, H. Tjernagel, J. Winsiead, L. Velez, T Trinnlos, L. Sergenf, A. Weber, K. Yarbrough, M. Tonsin, E. Simenfal, R. Villasensor, J. Rieben, B. Monugian Boffom Row: L. Hedquisi, D. Burks, D. Vanni, T. Rangel, R. Ramirez, A. Shehan, L. Mohrmann, A. Vanni, A. Sanchez R. Reeves, S. Kallman, K. Mitchell. . . .--. fa 'STUD N WE ELECT ?iAQXfj .- K, A,-,,71 'Qi' X C' Lx XX ff N -is J, X YERNMEHT Ed9E'lQS x L -ffl lj L Nw 1 N i FAU. s T u D E N r c o u N c I L Mead l'lemme+er Presideni Bur+ Rees Ann Qulgg Vice Pregidenf Secrelary Treasurer ,-""""" Mary Lou Hoover Mary Jo Murray Henry Salas Auclifor Acl. Poinf Secreiary Adv. Manager 15 'Fra 3 Q 4.-f 4 Q , wir? iiwtr ""f+j"" . svsf-+mmq. LW a+w++w'ri'l1'f ,uy.,+f+ .wr .1 1' f i:!+Q+Q+-p,r+iff,, -as Rf !+4xi,,",v M, if YQ' 547+ wanna. Marie Tourei Bill Cafambay Sfeve Flynn Wil Kohl Exchange Sfudenl' Sergeanl af Arms Boys' Afhlefic Comm. Parliamenfarian C, 5 -x Pam Garry Eagle Edifor J - f P fo, Y' v L I l if gr, f I f is Carolyn Wood Jr.-Sr. Girls' League Pres. I 1. Q7 lrene Paslorino Jr. Sr -1-'4""-nw 'N TM5 -g .-., y . I u. Conny Slanley Annual Edifor 1. 'af 1 M f 'ay f. 1, i I Paul Suzuki 'Sex 'I'? Jim Barber Senior Represenfaiive Senior Represenlalive . Boys' League Pres. 1 Q.. 5 K. . ' 'Y 1 ,5 ' ,, ' Q s 5. sf- VK W 9,5 1f'f.f,3g f J' ' ' -T .f.'4' f Zfla Kay Overman GAA Presidenl Jimmy Furuicl1i Head Yell Leader ,J Dolores Cousins Jolwn Jol'1ns+on Fr,-So. Girls League Pres. Fr.-So. oys League Pres i if ' X , K r ' , F . - ..-. ' - --1 s -- W ,--- Q- t 1 . g x , ii if?- A 5 - N xr' 3 N . Y , X X . B fi re. ' 'ax Plnyllis Elwin Chris Hemmefer Junior Represenlalive Junior Represenlafive PN Q x I5 if all J Emma Lopez Howard Lane Carol Riefman Don Bauiisfa Soph. Represenfalive Soph. Represenfaiive Frosh. Represenfaiive Fresh. Represenlafive Phyllis Cormaclc Secrefary sg . ,,, A is n Swim f' 5 , . f -2 "' f AU' , . .4 J. s' i ' sv + sv Q Jimmy Furuichi Treasurer Ray Murakami Vice-Presiden+ . .., ix E i'-" ,S Q-N., 1 . 2' ' U ll Pi Q ll ff. Jon Higashiuchi Sergeanf-af-Arms F A L L Senior Class Officers Pa ul Suzuki Presideni There is somefhing very free and easy abouf being a senior. When we enfered school on Sepfember IZ, I955, fhe privilege of lounging on fhe iunior-senior lawn was old sfuff, buf fhe righf 'ro sif on fhe senior sfeps was ours and ours alone. Somehow in fhis parficular year classes became a small parl' of our daily acfivifies. In presenfing "The Senior Variefy Show" we fried very hard fo malce our fourfh and lasf show a good one. We feafured our besf falenf in singing, dancing, panfomime, and also a skif. A new idea for boosfing school spirif hif Mounfain View High when big game fime came around in Novem- ber, fhe idea being a floaf confesf. The Senior Class combined genius and falenf fo produce a firsf class floaf, and as a reward for winning fhis confesf, a plaque bear- ing +he inscripfion, "I956", was boughf and placed in fhe frophy case. So broughf fo a close fhe firsf semes- Irene Pasforino Jim Barber Council Represenfafive Council Represenfafive Junior Class Officers Dave Nickle Presideni Juniors! Whaf a year! Whaf a class! Did we ever sfarf ours wifh a bang. The Junior year began wifh a day all our own. Junior Day broughf wifh if a sfeaming chicken dinner and dancing in fhe music room. The Variefy Show sporfed an appropriafe fheme of "Judgmen+ Day." Hs acfs ranged from "Six+een Tons" fo fer of our senior year. f ' , , - .. Am, Q" s g 1 i .,g:5:sf' 5. . . Q' - a in S x use . li 2 . . gm s -5' ' .J is-E xsf'1'f'ai -fl'-22'fS3.5i5E:?E'fLf2 3 Virginia Bailey Vice-Presiden+ Ari Ei kenberry T X., Nh Y ' I ,Q Helene Hoshilco Secrefary Diane Hillhouse a group of naughfies. How could 'I'he show be iudged 5e'9ea"i'ai'A'mS T"eaSU"e' anyfhing buf superb. The firsf semesfer of our fabulous year began wifh y .E fhe besf and ended wi+h fhe beffer fhan fhe besf. y fsile i ,,,'2," f:"ii i ' ll , - 1 - 125 Phyllis Elwin ffninu-ii P nnraennlfa-G Chris Hemmefer ffnnnf-nl Rnnrncnnfahvn Sophomore Class Officers FALL Our sophomore school year sfarfed off wifh a bangl On Sepfember 23rd, fwo weeks affer school began, we welcomed fhe freshmen af fhe Freshman Recepfion. Ocfober 7fh broughf fhe firsf Frosh-Soph. League meefing of fhe year. Our nexf proiecf was fhe making of a class floaf for fhe homecoming game. Our second league meefing was held on December Znd. These league meefings were enjoyed by all, and fhey were a special freaf for freshmen. Our firsf semesfer passed quickly wifh numerous acfivi- fies. Our parficipafion in fhese acfivifies is acfual roof gi: ',0q.-mx. . 'ri 5 1 gif. L XAFQ 'X , Ursalle Di Mercurio Dave Lira Judy Lawson Presidenf Vice-Presidenl Secrelary 2 ,,,. . 5 'lk . IQSE5 V Q gif.. Img Louis Mafeo Judy Keenan Sergeanf-af-Arms Treasurer P of how mach we are enjoying fhe wonderful experience called "high school". -.. 33- T , ' , y Emma Lopez Howard Lane ' V-fr Council Represenfahve Council Represenfaflve , r X .X V if Frances Blasquez Fidel Ochoa Doug Campbell class Secrefary Vice-Presidenf Presidenl x ew Sonia Anderson John Domingo Treasurer Sergeant-af-Arms Carol Riefman Don Baufisfa Council Represenfafive Council Represenfafive Whaf a wonderful fhrill if is fo be in high school. This senfence was on fhe lips of many freshmen on Sepfem- ber l2, l955. Surprises galore were in sfore for us foo. Some of us found difficulfy in reaching fhis level of our educafion, buf wifh all Mounfain View High offers us, we are cerfainly looking forward 'lo fhe four years ahead of us. Our firsf acfivify af high school was fhe Freshman Re- cepfion. The Sophomore Class hosfed us and provided fine enferfainmenf for fhe evening. Surely fhis was a grand welcome fo all freshmen, and every member of our class appreciafes fhe efforf puf forfh 'lo make us feel al' home here. Our variefy show was packed wifh excellenf falenf. and many freshmen worked exfremely hard fo make our firsl' show fhe success fhal' if was. Nafurally fhe freshmen were represenfed very well wifh 'lhe beaufiful floal' we made for fhe Big Game parade. Junior-Senior League Officers A lg ii as-3 ' ii! 4 3 1 vi WF 31 5.1 .. Paul Suzuki Ray Murakami Jim Bafbfl' Presidenf ViCe.Py-egidenf PI'Ogl'am Chairman gi' ' 3 J ::' ... - 3 if Carolyn Wood Presidenl Sally Haines Decoraiions Chairman 50 Nancy Tobin Vice-Presidenf r as 'e , X., Q YQ ... 5 X , L x T if ,E 3 :.5sl'zQH.Q-5' ' ,J 1" Q Q H+- Q 'X 4' ,QQ ,rf .Iss T , QI Q :ia S Q X 'ist Ts , Joanne Miller Big Sisier Chairman This year +he Boys' League succeededg once again, in bring- ing fine en'l'erl'ainmenl' 'io Moun- fain View High School and in providing an ac+ivi1'y for every boy here in school. Some of fhis year's aclivilies include: our annual Faiher and Sons' Nighf, a very inferesfing falk on police work and F. B. l. by Mr. SchmiH' of fhe San Jose Police School, movies on safe driving and ah in+rumural bas- kefball game. The Boys' League was very successful due fo fhe hard work of all fhe officers. Our +hanks goes fo Principal lrval Carier for his fine assisfance as facul+y adviser. Nm 8- - Y El s rf? 1 x 1? 5 fe! sv se W Chris Hemmeler 3 T EE Susan Barihold Treasurer Ann Balero Secreiary , Nfl? ,JJ J fr Pal Janzik Hilda Coriasso Publicily Chairman Cloak Room Chairman eff Donna Smifh Carolyn Burke Q Judie Enierline Refreshmenfs lplanningl Refreshmenis lservingl Music Chairman Sonia Anderson Decorafions Chairman Freshman-Sophomore League Officers Bob Grifall Secreia ry-Treasurer M Dolores Cousins Presideni fe I 4 I M! I 1 L 4. A Janie Yoshikawa Secretary Toni Bozicevich Welfare Chairman nl fn U I y ii . 5 .. ' "e ' u 'Y l 9 2 QA x me X X, his f Z " 5: 4 X 1 ' .' ,"f. ' . i. :f Tj.-'," -Q1 ,. :f:':.1 Z 4 1 U ' a , , .01 : Ml- :::: g f-f M gs ..--ea. g5,g 9' ' I '.2i!::' ,a.' v n e ,O ,J ',' fs if ,,: ... fs O ,gs n " 'Q Q' Pi: f fl! ln. . U' John Johnson Presidenf Girls' League is an exfremely busy organizaiion. Besides ihe four league meefings each year fhey pui' on many acfiviries. One of 'ihese acfivifies was fhe Fooiball Queen Confesf. The Chrisfmas Dance was a big even'I' for ihe Junior-Senior League and if iook weeks of preparafion. Then 'ihe Beauiy and Taleni' Show was held on February 2I. The Freshman-Sophomore League held a dance in ihe spring which 'ihey enioyed work- ing on and we all enioyed ai'- iending. On May I8. ihe girls inviied iheir mofhers io aiiend a 'I'ea in fheir honor which included a fashion show for enferfainmeni' ai 'lheir four meefings. The Juniors and Seniors had a dance exhibii by Frederick and Assella, a fashion show, a pro- gram by fhe Sianford Ram's Head Socieiy, and af 'ihe lasi meeiing ihe Junior girls gave fheir in+erpre+a+ion of some Senior girls. Connie Co penhaver 2 :a Dave Lira Sergea nf-ai'-Arms 3 .r.. .ik E3 .,-. 1 x Xa. E Margie Gloeggler Vice-Presideni , Sandie Dickson Tracy Jenson Treasurer Publicify Chairman ll f 3 A ar li!! Mercedes Mena Refreshmenis Cloak Room Chairman 5' FAU. if STUDENT S h i Debbie Dexfer Barbi Baer Pam Garry Judge-a+-Large Chief Jusfice Clerk km Doug Nelson Audrey Nishimoro CharloHe Plum Dave Burnham Prosecuiing AHorney Freshman Represen+a+ive Junior Represen+a+ive Senior Represenfa+ive Jehanne Teilhef Judge-af-Large Suzy Malm Freshman Represeniafive 52 ga, Y . i .L ,. e i r as vs : YA.:- , Y 1 SPRING STUDENT CUURT Mar+ha McAvoy Vera Malloy Judge-af-Large Judge-a+-Large 9 . Emma Lopez Sophomore Represenfaiive J E R CharloHe Plum Tom Hendrix unior Represenrafive Senior Represenfafive 1 is 'Und fx E ,.,.r"' All ready fo hand ouf ballofs. lT'S STUDENT BODY ELECTION TIME 'SEZ ff, , . Vice-Presidenf Burf Rees wafches Hue secref ballois as Huey are dropped in Hue box I--02:00 S T U D E N T Meacl Hemmeier Presideni Chris Hemmefer Vice-Presidenf Ann Quigg Audiior Miss Lawrence Council Adviser Marie Tourei Exchange Siudeni SPRING Pam Garry Mary Lou Hoover Secrefary Treasurer Lily Sakae Ralph Fefferly Acl. Poinl Secreiary Adverlising Manager Wil Kohl Louis Marlin Parliameniarian Sergeani-al-Arms JoAnne DeFrees Eagle Ediior Jan Ervin Conny Slanley Eagle Edifor Annual Edilor Q. 35 6 h - 3 it V: K .1 1 ,L "4,,Qg,' '. " v H Q ' he . . 4 in M , . ' Q, . ' - . .L Lf ' ' :-. QT- ' . Q22 i .A ii Q. ,. it A ' '11 .H "'4 ,ir ,- .ygnf .Q ' as X A ei.. YR I "' I 5 z 9 ,gil we pu 3 ' " A 1 2: if , i J. , . , - S W l ' 1 fy' l it gg S ' -f' ' ' .:- -. ' S N ' Sy' : iff' RN sas, ri 'X' QQS R E km , .. 43? VM 'ap t X ., . ,,, L 5 ft Q. l 4 ' s Q 'i Q l ' -- fig -L ,, : """' ' -- 1. ' ' -E!-SQQQEXVI . - . 5 - - . .. .L V2 Paul Suzulci Boys' League Presidenf Carolyn Wood Girls' League Presidenf Zila Kay Overman G. A. A. Presidenl' X Gail Giberson Bunl Burlchaller Viclri Crosby Senior Represen+a+ive Senior Represenialive Junior Represenfafive s ,, L :if 34 I .. I? X 'li ,I X r is sig 5 ff' 'F' Toni Bozicevich Lance Nagayama Sonia Anderson Sophomore Represenfaiive Sophomore Represenlalive Freshman Represen+a+ive Dave Niclrle Boys' Afhlefic Comm. SS , i-if-iii ' I A Q if 5 ,k 2 S T . ryq S Jim Furuichi Head Yell Leader Sieve Flynn Junior Re presentalive -i V Nw to -X L Q-Ns as niimgligg mars Q A133115 V XMSPSMEIKL Johnny Domingo Freshman Represenfaiive 5 .. sf s 'ii s T 'X' qi ,5 W - 'lfiifi mis: 4- S ,gs -r Q1 , ig JoAnne DeFrees Polly Marden Secrefary Vice-Presidenl I jj pf Jimmy Furuichi Frank Escobar Treasurer Sergeanl-al-Arms S P R I N G Senior Class Officers Paul Suzuki Presiclenl Our lasl' and final semesler was one gay whirl of aclivi- lies. The firsl' of ihese, our senior play, "Bes+ Fool For- ward", kepl' l'he casl, crews, and direclors working vigor- ously and diligenlly lo produce a huge success, a play l'o,, be proud of. Senior Day, May l5+h, was a feslival of swimming, singing, ealing, and olher pleasurable ac'l'ivi'l'ies. Our final week was crammed wilh excifmenl. We reminisced of good limes, dined a+ l'he Senior Supper, signed one anol'her's' annuals, and busily prepared for lhe evening of June I4, l956, a long awailed and meaningful dale 'lo each of us individually. Following +he splendor of commencemenl' ceremonies and lears and laughler of l'he receplion, we a'H'ended a parly held in lhe gym. To our parenls we are sincerely graleful for lheir lime, money, and enlhusiasm lhey so freely gave lo make lhis occasion a final and lasling mem- ory of our high school days. X: s I - E a 3 . ,' , Gail Giberson Bunf Burkhaller yv., 2 Council Represenlalive Council Represenlalive 4 1 "ly Ei, is Phyllis Skalko Karen Halvorsen Phyllis Elwin Presidenl Vice-Presidenf Secrelary The school was in a 'lizzy on May 4, I956, because lhe juniors of Mounfain View presenled lheir slupendous Junior Carnival. Needless +o say our carnival was a speclacular feslival enjoyed by all. Special 'lhanks were ,given 'lo our newly elecled class officers who worked hard fo make i+ a success. The juniors shared lheir linal bow wilh lhe seniors on lhe never-'lo-be-forgoH'en nighl' of lhe Prom. All lhe ,4- 40 Billy Lane Carolyn Burke Sergeanl-al-Arms Treasurer hard-working juniors were proud 'lo reporl lhal' nol' one of 'lhe aches and pains repor'l'ed in lhe slrenuous hours of preparalion showed lhal' evening. And how belfer could lhe curlain fo our junior year close 'lhan on such a selfihg, wi+h formals of every color whirling in lempo 'lo heavenly music. se fi A i :.- j 'sage Vicki Crosby Sieve Flynn Council Renresenlalive Council Reoresenlalive S P R I N G Sophomore Class Officers During fhe week of January lbfh fhere was compefifive spirif in fhe air. The fufure Sophomore Class officers were Sfeve.Olsen Connie Copenhaver Maureen Corona Presndenl Vice-Presidenf Secrelary launching fheir campaigns wifh much vigor and en- J is fhusiasm. 'gk Q The Freshman-Sophomore Beaufy and Talenf Show was 'mi Sd S . -adn: Q. .S very well represenfed by our class. The freshman and . so Q sophomore boys had a wonderful fime playing againsf fheir fafhers during frosh-soph fafhers' and sons' nighf, 3 3' .9 S- S in fhe boys' gym on April 6. Righf affer spring vacafion X our class and fhe freshman class puf on a marvelous - Y si dance for fhe enfire sfudenf body. Everyone who alfend- ed agreed fhaf if was a 'lremendous success. On May 3 our class's biggesf annual acfivify was held. This was Sophomore Day, and whaf a dayl There were field sporfs, volleyball, ping pong, and baskefball games, and also swimming. Then for fwo solid hours we danced in fhe Q.. K wg David Oku Keo Hirolo Sergeanf-al-Arms TFGBSI-'fel' girls' gym. There can be no doubf in any sophomore's mind fhaf fhe Sophomore Class as a whole had a ferrific and progressive year. ., J-. 5 .Q V u Fidel Ochoa Miyoko Abbey Secretary Vice-Presidenf Dorolhy Ochoa Claylon Fuiii Treasurer Sergeanl-al'-Arms Sonia Anderson Johnny Domingo Council Represenfalive Council Reoresenfafiva X Q59 ss if M Q if Q X 'E X x NX a .mfg s is Toni Bozicevich - Lance Nagayama Council Represenfalive Council Represenfafive A ' - D... BM... Freshman Class Officers Presidenf Our second semesler of high school life began wifh fhe Freshman-Sophomore Beaufy and Talenf Show. Six of our combined classes' besf looking girls and six enferfaining falenf acfs were chosen fo compefe againsf fhe upper classmen in fhe final Beaufy and Talenf Show. We had winners in bofh divisions, and we are proud of fhese persons lo have represenled our class so well. When fhe Junior Carnival rolled around in May fresh- men were seen on fhe foofball field, working wifh fre- mendous spirif. Lef's keep our class as eager for parfici- pafion in every school funcfion as if is now. 57 A T WE FBETIQX FATF fa I I 4 1 4 ri,-,,,,,., W,ff""f is ...if SN F K 3Zf!f'QiEKEw,W I m A X vi F N A X X" si Y: vm, lv -F ,--" -Y A' lf! ' a XX 'Lgl fi M 2, x ., A X.,-W gixx. f 55 , x N 7 ,A- Q, X 'i g"' f' wh W N: 1 , X A I. hx . 'K' if gy g W A X K f W + 1955 Z f- , f'- f X X 4' iff, I if I f ,f f' f Qi! -' ff HQ, , Rf 1 bv' I V f MW 'V 'Sf f I I ff ' ,Q X -K f 114 :V 'Lk' .MN - ffd"f"'g:' f 1ll f f i, l , -4' W X ' , , I f X ' fi ' 1 f 114 ' A1vNN'x KL 4, ff ' ,f ,7 J rim ,Ii ,, Z , .tif if g -,ff fe. MJ, jf ' to iygf ,,', A 1 if , ff f A f 49. f my ' W' 1 . 1 ? xA" 54.535525 'TL N, ,X , Cf 'M ' X . Wg , 4 ' I M, 2 , M ,--.5 N' Q AX V 4 fe QW ' - N- -- ' "' 14, -i L . ,1 X D -K-ww , ,ff xxx ' M ig if 1' I ii U Q ' , f-P q fi g .2 -I 5 4 l ! if-N HW' 'x ' i SPORTSWRITERS Y. Gardner, J. Anglin, J. Buzzel, P. Garry. 3 .ffm ..--1-5-"m""'5"AA COLUMNISTS Top Row: E. Laughlin. Third Row: D. Wunderlich, D. Hunf, M. McAvoy, D. Shakleford, M. Parry, D. Jones, S. Sfeele. Second Row: O. Visser, P. Marden. Bottom Row: T. DeBevoice, S. Thafcher. THE EAGLE EDITORS J. Ervin, P. Garry, J. DeFrees. V5 ? R? 7 X . ' is 355 ' f M: 5 A REPORTERS V. Malloy, G. Gumperfz, L. Salcae, R. Clousing, D. Tomei. BLUE AND GRA Y Editor and Business Managers D. Dexter, C. Stanley, C. Wood Section Editors Top Row: P. SU1Uki,J. Dempsey, T. DeBevoise, G. Giberson, Y. Gardner, S. Haines. Bottom Row! P. Garry, J. DeFrees, S. Thatcher, M. Gregg. Q! Top Row: A. Tippeff, I. Kiyomura, B. Hourigan, E. Grund. B. Uyeda, R. Gronwall, G. Esiill, M. PraH, T. Hendrix, J Higashiuclii, B. Chamberlain, B. Libkifs. Middle Row: D. Hunl, C. Sianley, R. Roney, A. Warringion, J. Coulombe Y. Gardner, J. Afferbury, S. Cook, D. Lusk, J. Enferline, G. Wood, C. Cliffon. Boffom Row: D. Dexler, B. Marler Z. Overman, S. Dawn, A. Quigg, J. Miller, B. Hicks, M. Miner, L. Walker, L. Hall, J. Kawamofo, B. Cafambay. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Q-Nm W , ii xv I . 62 f J. , Y ' ,g ive-or sr- z on i I Top Row: S. Fackler, G. Alonzo, A. Van Lehn, C. Plum, C. Dee, C. Ainsworfh, P. Small, M. Mead, P. Bell, F Meyers, B. Robinson, V. Black. Middle Row: B. Sommers, M. Wafanabe, C. Eng, K. Miller, I, Shimiza, W. Kohl A. Eikenloerry, E. WyaH, P. Skalko, C. Burke, D. Hillhouse, V. Crosby, B. Baer. Boffom Row: V. Goldsmiih, G Anderson, J. Gusfafson, M. Gloeggler, C. King, J. Baker, L. Harper, S. Denion, J. Johnson, V. Bailey, P. Elwin J. Philipp, J. Johnson. T FALL ACTIVITY POINT COMMITTEE Back Row! C. Dochnahl, J. Ervin, M Murray, E. Saindon, D. Shelrleford Second Row: B. Eddy, E. Nakano First Row: L. Salcae, P. Marden. l P E P B A N J D 3342. W flk V gm , 3. ,Q . 3 5 W ii . f 5 5 , ' 2 2 - - . ,, . ,W Top Row: P. Mar+inez, D. Wolfe, R. Murakami, D. Fuenles, B. Diffenderfer, C. Sills, L. Maughn, C. Clark, P. Flood G. Allison, R. Burklhari, C. Plum, F. Blazin, P. Higgins, L. Riefman, B. Lezchuk, H. Lane, N. Williamson, A. Mouser Third Row: C. Garcia, C. Crawford, J. Craner, R. Green, R. Kobayashi, D. Roldan, B. Nakamofo, J. Rolclan, S DuBose, P. Bell, R. Marks, M. Rickli, J. Enlerline, G. Schalile, S. Rangel, L. Takamolo, N. Gufierrez, K. Humpal Second Row: P. Bryan, B. Bennefi, D. Smiih, K. Lewis, J. Luna, J. Kuelwn, B. Slwebley, M. Cox, L. Burklwarf, M Mead B. Guerrero B. Nolan, M. Alvarado, S. Fackler, W. Morgan, Miss Froehlich. Bottom Row: S. Spalsbury J. Ishikawa, L. Gouizalves, J. Neveu, M. Miller, J. Guslafson, S. Owens, C. Roldan, R. Frazier, D. Cady, J. Thur- man, L. Lane, L. Belfran, C. McClelland. O R C H E S T R A Top Row: Mr. Campbell, P. Small, W. Maddox, P. Higgins, J. Meidinger, D. Lira, T. Sponsler, C. Flowers, B Workman, P. Ross, J. Domingo, D. Bauiisfa, J. Domingo, K. Owens, F. Riba, R. Meek. Boffom Row: J. Lumacfocl L. Scorl, C. Proufy, P. Hunfer, S. Davis, R. Reeves, L. Wyaff, B. Esperanza, B. Marler. E , ,T gs K 1 if ... ...s , A QFD-0 m:z0I0 Top Row: K. Wahlgren, K. Mole, S. Hari, M. Loose, R. Rice, S. Swanson, M. Wilbur, C. Gloria, F. Blasquez, D. Gabbard, Miss Froehlich. Middle Row: P. Housfon, P. Collinge, E. Luiz, A. Weber, C. Callania, D. Soule, H. Gone zalves, H. Simenlal, J. Orfiz, G. Graniham, K. Yarbrough, C. Bailey. Boffom Row: D. Saniiago, C. Rielman, A. Nishimofo, S. Malm, V. Norman, C. Benio, L. Lira, V. Mendez, L. Dykes, D. Ochoa, J. Walker, B. Hickman, B. Granf. 65 ADVERTISING 5 STAFF ,Q Top Row: B. Robinson, C. Jaime, J. Ochoa, K. Hoslni Bottom Row: D. Roldan, R. FeHerly, N. Tobin, J. Rcl w dan, H. Salas, B. Nakamofo. 5 Y-TEEN CLUB 66 an STAGE CREW Left fo Right: D. Malm- J sfrom, D. Chambers, D. Fa+s+on, R. Casella, Miss McGiIvrey, J. Henihorne, G. Siress. Top Row: Miss Crabhee, S. Robida, R. Walley, L. Belfran, B. Hicks, E. Hughes, M. Mena, D. Jones. Middle Row: S. Fackler, S. Brown, M. Gloeggler, A. Lopez, C. Green, B. Margolis, D. Tomei. Boffom Row: M. Sal- is, J. Keenan, T. Gillard, V. Bailey, J. Miras, C. Eng. CHESS CLUB Left to Right: G. Alonw, H. Cl1apman,S.Ceeve, R. Scott, B.'Cl1amberlain, Mr. Nudel- man, B. Liblrits, R. Calsen, L. Hill, E. Grund. R. Clousing B. Hourigan, M. Sworalrow- slri, A. Huber. VISUAL AIDS CREW Left to Right: D. Bronson, E. lsacson, K. Owens, Mr. 1 in Callahan, L. Diesner, T. Forsyth. n VISUAL Qy' AIDS CARD HOLDERS Top Row: B. Benson, D. Roldan, W. Dulce, E. lsacson, P. Flood, A. Egnew, Middle Row: B. Waite, R. Pealc, C. Teaque, D. Frey. Bottom Row: T. Smiih, D. Avatid, B. Arimborgo, P. Larlma, R. Colsen, E. Souza, H. Lane. . 6 7 A F F I LC IL AU TB I 0 N Boffom Row: B. LeH, D. Reeves, A. Eikenberry, V. Crosby, N. Nuie, A. Caihey, C. Plum, S. Zecher, R. Goularle, H. Lane, D. Balwin, C. S+anley, M. Touref. Second Row: P. Lane, D. Wrighl, K. Halvorsen, S. Soares, M. Lewis, J. Johnsion, V. Bailey, N. Yancey, J. Price, R. Walley, R. Thayer, D. Kirlcorian. Third Row: S. Denion, C. Schill, P. Rogallo, A. Cramer, B. Marler, A. Ber- lozzi, S. Dursi, F. Wood, S. Chavez, C. Blancell, D. Winfers. Tap Row: Miss McCammon, J. Hicks, B. Kirby, G. Anderson, L ScoH, B. Greeny, W. Kohl, T. Webb, E. Grund, C. Clif+on, Mr. LoPres+i. S P A N I S H Bofrom Row: N. Fred, E. lbarra, A. Caihey, S. Durs+, L. Sco'H, K. Kinney, Mr. Maneely. Second Row: L. Oiero, C. BlanceH', D. Wrighl, S. Yoshilrawa, J. Miner, E. Ewing. Top Row: J. Moriimer, M. Bau+is+a, J. Bridmer, A. Berlozzi, B. Libkils, D. Noon, P. Pickslay, M. Greeny, S. Chavez. Girls' S+a're, sponsored by 'rhe American Legion Auxiliary, was crewed U +o give knowledge of governmenl and a love of your couniry. H' gives V4 prac+ical ins+ruc+ion +o you+h in fhe privileges, dufies, righ+s, and respon- ' . Qi' sibilifies of American ci+izenship. Girls' S+a+e is a program of educa'I'ion, of Americanism, and a course in pracfical civics. l no+ only learned +he funclions of our governmenf, bu+ l also had a 'lerrilic 'lime and made many life+ime friends. If was really a greaf honor 'I'o represenl' Mounfain View l".,y: fi' S High a+ Girls' Slafe. - Debbie Dexfer. T ' A A Q?-. Lasl' summer we had +he opporfunily +o rep- T resem' our ci'l'ies and Mounfain View High a+ fhe E I955 California Boys' S+a'I'e. Under 1'he sponsor- ship of 'Phe American Legion we spenl' one week learning aboul' our cify, coun+y, and s'I'a1'e govern- men+s. We were able io apply 'I'his learning, for we had sei' up model governmenfs, wi+h +he offi- ces filled by boys elec'l'ed by lhe ci+izens of Boys' S+a're. Along wi+h 'This learning were sporfs, 'I'rips +o +he Capi+ol Building, and SuHer's Fort Truly fhis profilable and enjoyable week af Boys' S'I'a1'e will be remembered as a highlighf in our lives. . Marie Tourel, Mead Hemmefer ' E s ' . X T The American Field Service Exchange Program C U allowed Conny Sfanley +0 go +0 France and Mead Hemme+er and Beverly Marler +o go +o H D Germany las+ summer: and if allowed me +o A E y in spend +his. year in Mounfain View High School. The American hospufaluiy has made ihis year a N N happy and fruifful one for me. l can sincerely G T say +ha+ I have learned how +o undersfand and E S like American people and cusfoms, and l hope I have helped you fo undersfand France a li'Hle be++er.-Marie Tourei' 5' Q.. Conny Slanley, Beverly Marler W., c L u T B sf' wwf ' Boflom Row: F. Wafanabe, E. Lung, M. Wa+anabe, A. Salcae, K. Yamamofo, V. Goldsmi+h, J. Roldan, H. Salas, R. Goularfe. Second Row: M. Hermano, F. Kubo, M. Zecher, D. Kirlcorian, B. Reynolds, L. Talcamolo. Top Row: J. Wong, H. Hosilmo, S. Chavez, N. Yancey, J. Ishilcawa, S. Spalsbury, B. Marvin, T. Webb, G. Anderson, B. Bruner, D. Roldan, P. Farina. S E R C V L I U C B E tilt: Boffom Row: D. Hillhouse, M. McAvoy, K. Yamamofo, K. Garcia, M. Lewis, T. Waller, N. VerreHe, D. Lira, G. Gib- erson, J. Miller, P. Kilmer, D. Dex+er, M. Hoover. Second Row: S. Zecher, M. Zecher, E. Saindon, J. Gross, J. Johnsfon, V. Bailey, G. Deal, D. Baldwin, M. Tourel, J. Ogala, F. Galbraifh, P. Barber, P. Reeves. Top Row: B. Mar- vin, S. Dursf, A. Papagni, C. Fanucci, M. Murray, C. Bur lee, J. Ervin, L. Hoolcs, S. Sfeele, B. Shirley, C. Wood, A. Quigg, V. Crosby, B. Kirby, M. Gregg, Miss Kendall, S. Haines. 69 G I R L S J- Q 1 9 f 9 .LAL ..,, 70 . B L Top Row: Mrs. Sager, D. Dexfer, G. Alonzo, R. Walley, C. Plum, D. Shakleford, A. Quigg, L. Hooks, L. Sakae, A Lorenz, M. Barczi, D. Hunl, S. Cook, D. Lusk. Middle Row! Y. Gardner, C. Wood, K. Kinney, J. Ailerbury, J. Enier line, D. Smiih, D. Acosla, C. Paz, L. Walker, M. Miller, Z. Overman, L. Hall. Bofiom Row: M. Murray, T. DeBevoise S. Barihold, S. Thafcher, J. DeFrees, P. Marclen, P. Garry, N. Tobin, M. Fuiii, G. Giberson, S. DuBose, J. Clark B. Marler. Top Row: B. Nakamoio, B. Sanchez, T. Hendrix, T. Smilh, B. Mendez, P. Farina, J. Ochoa, R. Sierrez, L. Drocco, J. Volpe, G. Reilig, B. Burkhalier, D. Parker, B. Rees, D. Roldan, J. Morales, K. Humpal. Third Row: K. Jones, B. Roland, l. Kiyomura, T. Tiersland, R. Kobayashi, J. Volpe, L. Drocco, G. Rellig, M. Dulra, W. Walker, R. Cassela. Second Row: J. Keenan, G. Siress, P. Luna, H. Meyr, L. Nagayama, J. Borrego, G. Dennis, D. Roldan, T. Silva, A. Sakai, A. Tippe++, T. Fabro, C. Fuiii. Boffom Row: J. Mazza, B. Uyeda, H. Carsbey, J. Kawamo+o, L. Marfin, H. Lane, M. Pisano, P. Pickslay, D. Oku, R. Cabello, K. Hoshi, M. Hemmeler, D. Thompson, C. Jaime, H. Greenberg. Top Row: S. Olsen, J. Escobar, G. Eslill, A. Lane, J. McCrea, C. Pye++e, J. Ochoa, C. Hemmeler, D. Highfill, Robinson, J. Ligsay M. Palmafeer, K. Hoshiko. Third Row: B. Hourigan, B. McKeeman, L. Maughn, R. Murakami, S. Flynn, P, Suzuki, J. Higashiuchi, P. Edwards, B. Greene, M. Dulra. Second Row: C. Wi++ges, F. Escobar, D. Wolfe H. Chapman, J. Dempsey, J. Furuichi, A. Warringion, M. Pra++, B. Workman, L. Genlry, A. Eikenberry, P. Cass Boffom Row: R. Flores, B. Lusiig, R. McCoy, B. Randolf, B. Lane, D. Nickle, J. Roland, N. Corrales, B. Koyano, T. Tsunoda, B. Ca'rambay, C. Moy, P. Cass. B. C O R M A M L I L T Y T E E Top Row: J. Ochoa, G. Frye, J. Richler, A. Balero, L. Rielman, D. Hunl, P. Killmer, P. Garry, J. DeFrees, V. Crosby, S. Dursf, S. Zeclwer, G. Anderson, A. Cramer, D.Wunderlicl1, H. Salas. Middle Row: J. Roldan, D. Rolclan V. Malloy, V. Shirley, A. Quiqg, O. Visser, K, Kinney, D. Dexfer, P. Marden, S. Tl1alcl1er, S. Barfhold, T. DeBevoise E. Saindon, B. Slwc-blcy, F. Galbrailli, P. Barber, K. Hoshi. Boffom Row: J. Furuichi, P. Bell, Y. Gardner, D. Jones M. McAvoy, K. Garcia, L. Salcae, D. Kenison, B. Kirby, C. Burke, J. Gross, S. Wilson, J. While, M. Fuiii, C. Clay- comb, S. DuBose, B. Nakamolo, S. Kallman. S 9 U A R L U B . i .if D A N C E Top Row: J. Unquera, R. Reeves, W. Keen, J. Marfino, E. lsacson, J. Henllnorne. Third Row: Mr. Orr, J. Chiclr, L. Munol, T. Erlcson, B. Griffin, D. Yarbrough, B. Joans, J. Price, S. Cox, R. Walley, L, Bellran, Mr. Bush. SeC0l'ld ROW: C. McClelland, J. Ziemer, S. Price, J. Iservais, M. Barczi, C. Ainsworlh, K. Owens, P. Farina, E. Clemenson, B. Flem- ing. Bottom Row: R. Goularie, D. Reeves, H. Lane, M. Liichfield, R. Thayer, B. Hicks. P E P C L U B Top Row: C. Anderson, A. Papagni, S. Pollaslrini, A. Cramer, C. Scliill, P. Rogallo, J. Oqala, J. Edgemond, B. Mwrier, J. Afferbury, S. Cook, C. Eng. Middle Row: R. Bernardi, B. Kirby, C. Fanucci, C. Burke, J. Gross, V. Bailey, J. Jolmslon, S. Denlon, P. Bell, Z. Overman, D. Kenison, S. Zeclwer, S. Dursf, L. Hoolcs. Boffom Row: L. Salrae, M. Lewis, S. Canfer, V. Shirley, M. Smifh, S. DuBose, D. Shalrelforcl, V. Golclsmiflw, M. Zecher, M. VValanabe, K. Yamamofo. 7I Q 'E I Top Row: R. Fe++erIy, C. Cliffon, K. Soufh, R. Roney, I. Kiyomura, G. Esfill, M. Praff, R. Gronwall, D. Nelson, J. Kawamofo, A. Warringfon, B. Chamberlain, B. Hourigan, E. Grund, B. Cafambay, B. Liblcifs. Third Row: C. Slan- ley, D. Dexfer, G. Giberson, J. Miller, A. Quigg, J. DeFrees, C. Plum, B. Marler, J. Alferbury, J. Enferline, T. DeBevoice, S. Thalcher, E. Saindon, Y. Gardner. Second Row: D. Hunl, L. Hall, M. Miller, M. Miner, S. Dawn, B. Shirley, M. Abey, S. Malm, J. Johnsfon, S. Den+on. A. Nishimofo, C. Teague, D. Lusk, L. Wallcer. Bottom Row: M. Hoover, Z. Overman, M. Touref, J. Wong, L. Salcae, K. Mefcalf, B. Baer, J. Teihlef, C. Burke, V. Bailey, H. Hoshilco, J. Yoshilcawa, J. Balmer, C. Ainswor+h, J. Kuehn. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION 'YA Top Row: G. Alonzo, J. Johnson, L. Nagayama, J. Philipp, V. Black, S. Thompson, K. Humpal, D. Lopez, K. Smifh, J. Baldelli, J. Kankel. Middle Row: J. Shimizu, A. Van Lehn, L. Harper, A. Eilcenberry, W. Kohl, L. Genfry, M. Mead, F. Meyer, J. Voelker, J. Ebere, D. Suffon, D. Dodd. Boffom Row: M. Pihl, J. Davis, A. Huber, C. Prou+y, C. Proufy, F. Galbraifh, V. Crosby, D. Hillhouse, G. Anderson, P. Skallco. X, K SPRING ACTIVITY POINT COMMITTEE Left 90 Righf: L. SaIcae, S. I-Iamil Ion, A. Lorenz, M. Murray, D Shakleford, E. Nakano, H. Hoshiko, M. Wafanabe. K. fi SPRING ADVERTISING STAFF Leff Io RIgIlI': R. Fefferly, S. Dawn, P. Skalko, J. Wong, R. Murakami, D. Shakle- SPRING HALL PATROL Back Row: F. Escobar, K PaHon, C. Moy, B. Caf ambay, L. Piaz, N. Cor rales, P. Cass. Fronf Row P. Suzuki, L. Marfin. 73 G WE XE 'Exif , 1, ff M27 1 "3 L , f 2-fir -V -- .. - ..,. ..... A, .. ffm .,f 'f f, Q MTS' QUE HQNQR Rm A- 'Q ' K 1' 4 xx XX? . Q "'-. XL H RQ' M, " pm x .,'A. . 'J' If rl, . V , . A E . Q ik lamxlxxwi MN ,, A tl 4.-fb., . X.-XXBZX r,,,Qvrq, XM v f.1f.m..N . M x nk K,.1f"-'Sim wack? I i ff --Z I ln v , 'f-'52, 7 2 J'-,J 'fl'-3:f:s,Q"TA'f an ., ' ,f Jr. ---xx I l "'.N'fsN-Q .hh ,' J , .M figXN su., v, I imgk ""wf..,.Q,J' q'Xi:XRxx wXY1Q,.QwN x 4 1 MA S+eve Flynn - E. Paul Suzuki - H. B. Gerry Volpe - Q. B. Bill Koyano - H. B. Bernie Workman - C. Craig Wifiges - T. Loyd Mauglm - T. Bob McMurpl1y - G. Ken Hoshi - H. B. JOHN McCrea - E John Escobar - Q. B. Lee Drocco - F. B. Marne Palmeieer - G 10? Frank Escobar - E. Allan Sakai - G. George Esiill - G. f P n I30'-7 Beri Man+elli - Q. B. Mike Pisano - T. Pe+e Edwards - C. Ed Laveroni - T. Hsuo Morifa - B. Bob Nakamo+o - B. David Rodriguez - B Dick Highfill - Q. B. CIay+on Fugii - C. 5+eVe Olsen ' T- F00 TBALL l John Miner - T. Pedro Mar+inez - B. David Oku - G. f Tyrone Fabro - F. B. C' 'Q Jack Kawamoio - B. Eldred CFOSIWW - G Louio Marfin - G. I ff JOB OCIWOG - T- Paul Luna - B. Billy Lane - E. x Faaranu A J L L1 C. Kidwell J. Gillrey l B. Nichols A. Calvelli H. Sandiga - Mgr. B. Lezchulr - Mgr C. Pelion Under fhe able coaching of Collie Kidwell and John Gilkey, fhe varsi+y found lhemselves in fif+h place in league slandings wifh a +wo win - four loss record. Af+er a slow s+ar+, due +o +he lack of experience in fhe T for- mafion, Mounfain View caughf fire in 'rhe Fremon+ game and al- mosf bear 'Phe championship-bound Indians. Halfback Ken Hoshi, fackle Loyd Maughn, and guard Marne Palmafeer were named +o fhe all S. C. V. A. L. second slring feam. End S+eve Flynn and cen+er Bernie Workman received honorable menfion. Loyd Maughn was chosen as +he Eagles' mosl' valuable ream player. The I3O's squad, coached by Tony Calvelli and Bob Nichols, furned in a one win - five loss record in league play. Halfback Bobby Nakamofo and fackle John Miner received all S. C. V. A. L. second sfring feam honors, while quarlerback Dick Highfill received honorable menfion. Bobby Nakamofo was 1'he +eam's mosf valuable player. s n s ... . .. . .'i, 'V . L B .ff P. Mausa - Mgr. L. Diesner - Mgr. A. Eilcenberry - Mgr. K. Jones - Mgr, F. Walanabe - Mgr. V Clash Wilh Koyano 80 Hoshi ai' Sequoia Game Top Row: C. Pyelte, G. Es+ilI, L. Mauglm, B. Workman, M. Palmaleer, C. Wiffges, S. Flynn, D. Ortiz, J. Mccrea, J. Borreqo. Middle Row: P. Suzuki, B. Uyeda, L. Drocco, M. Dufra, A. Sakai, B. McMurphy, G. Volpe, J. Badie, K. Pallon, B. Calambay, D. Roldan. Bottom Row: K. Hoslwi, B. Robinson, R. Davis, J. Dempsey, D. Wolfe, J. Escobar, F. Escobar, J. l'ligasl1iucl1i, l. Kiyiomura, T. Tsunoda, R. Murakami, B. Koyano. Flynn For First TD Of Year I3 0'-7 Big Game Peace Conference 1 vi i 1' ' W' R. s,e-1.4- .4 W.. i. vi 6 . . .. i ,Q-M.. 1 Top Row: E. Laveroni, B. Lane, T. Fabro, M. Pisano, J. Oclioa, R. Caviglia, L. Marlin, E. Croslwaw. Middle Row! D. Oku, C Fugii, J. Solden, D. Higlifill, J. Miner, D. Rodriguez, R. Dykes, B. Freed, S. Olsen. Bottom Row: P. Luna, l. Moriia, G. Cooper P. Edwards, B. Manlelli, B. Nakamofo, P. Marfinez, J. Kawamolo. OZ-IGMP! Uzbw D R I L L T E A M l M A J O R E T T E S Left to Right: M. de Mello, N. Malslrom, K. Vernon, V. Shirley. Kneeling: S. Barllwolcl, J. DeFrees. Front Row: A. Sfahor, B. Nesvold, R. Bernarcli, K. Kinney, B. Chapin, A. Callie Second Row: P. Bryan, C. Nelson, M. Rickli, P. Bell, C. Eng, C. Lee. Third Row: M. Murray, B. Margolis, S. DuBose F. Galbrailh, D. Tomei, A. Papagni. FOIIYTTI Row: E. Nakano, L. Myers, B. Farringlon, G. Loomis, P. Barber, S Pollaslrini, N. Nule. Fifth Row: B. Arimborgo, J. Wong, P. Elwin, S. Thalclmer, D. Dexler, C. Plum. Back Row: L Salcae, B. Bennelf, J. Teil'1le+, K. Halvorsen, P. Garry, C. Anderson, B. McCrea. -1 i F lr ?.-.1 E .uu- -. jj and Yvonne Gardner. c H E V E A R R L f E A T D Y E R s 1 Margaref Fuiii, Louis Marfin, Diane Jones, Jimmy Furuichi, PEP BOOSTER! - X' , s PM rf' 130's CHEERLEADERS POM PON GIRLS 4:1 - 1 N. V' -6 'W-v.. 'S ' 1 I . 1 4 I s H x N I -. Barbi Baer, Euia Saindon, Beverly Gill, and Brooke She 5 bley. Top to Bottom: Phyllis Skaiko, Grace Gross, Carolyn Burke, and Sandi Spalsburg. 2. f X Q Seniors Win Floai' Con+es1' Floai' Con1'es'I' Judges 'J OUR HOMECOMING QUEEN VICKI . . . VIVACIOUS AND OUR TEAM . . VICTORIOUS lmporiani' S+ra+egy .... Bu'I' Don'+ Worry .... Head Yell Leader Jimmy crowns Queen Vic ' as Viclci's escorf, George, looks on. Flash! Vicki is 'I'l1e winner! V7 KY, N ,gf S i X: X x lx ueen Vicki and her aH'endan'fs . . IT'S A TOUCHDOWN !! S 1 YW , J Y ,X A X 130's BASKETBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Under fhe fine coaching of John Gilkey, Ihe l30's rolled over all Iheir league opponen+s excepl' for a close and Ihrilling defeal' a+ fhe hands of Campbell. Buf even wifh 'Ihis defeai' Ihe Eagleis copped fheir second sfraighi' S. C. V. A. L. crown. Manuel Du+ra was selecied on +he all-S. C. V. A. L. firs+ feam and was also voled +he league's mosf valuable player. Domingo Roldan and Chris Hemmefer were chosen on fhe S. C. V. A. L. second unif, and Dick Highfill and Bobby Naka- mofo were given honorable menlion. VARSITY BASKETBALL LEAGUE CO-CHAMPIONS The varsify baslcefball +eam, un- der 'rhe wa+chful eye of Coach Charles Cooke, fool: a S. C. V. A. L. co-championship wi+h Sanla Clara and rival Fremon'r. The Eagles en- joyed a very successful season, I7 wins and 3 losses. In league play 'Ihe Eagles compiled a 5 win - I loss record, +he one loss ai' Ihe hands of 'Ihe Fremoni' Indians. Mounlain View placed Frank Escobar on Ihe all-S. C. V. A. L. +eam. Sfeve Flynn and Paul Cass earned berihs on Ihe second Ieam, while John Escobar and Dan Or'I'iz received honorable menfion. This year 'Phe Eagles were invifed Io fhe Tracy Tournamenf, where +hey advanced all +he way Io +he finals bu+ were +hen defeafed in a hard foughi' game by James Licl: by a score of 46 fo 45. We were awarded +he second place +rophy and landed Sieve Flynn and John Escobar on fhe all-Iourney feam. 88 my 52 A-..,, I ful! s' L , ,HQEWIGBV ' li" My Mg 1 SE .,giw,, Q . 6 4 ,,, ff ff x :sv A A-I1 425 ,L , G--Q lnC' 65 Top Row: K. Hoshiko, A. Eikenberry, J. Johnson, L. Nagayama, J. Keenan. Bottom Row: F. Ochoa, B. Lusfig, M, Pisano. Top Row: C. Wiffges, W. Kohl, D. Thompson, R. Seiias, D. Borrego, L. Harper. Bottom Row D. Kinney, D. Wolfe, S. Sfevens, R. Davies. w , R E S T L I N G T E A M Top Row: J. Roldan, C. Angler, R. Casella, A. Takaki, W. Walker, J. Miner. Boffom Row: J. Phelps, E. Sanchez C Fuiii, D. Burnham, J. Kawamo+o. -lu , ,Q sign ,ii T 'E- -A' I A A, ,Tm 7,5 X ,S-Q 3, V , as ,, 5' VL V Q. Bl S I ,. J x 'Al, ' WW J :'E ' llni . zg' " , T ,Uma - gg , s . , ,, J ,lll .-E. , c. ll J 11 fm 1 , A. 4,57 i 2- Y. , I 5 + X AN- jg fi all xv W 'xixl Nil if f V xl M J' 'ix 3 's ai D' ijt. Q.. 5i,i.f', ix"N frir''i4i-is? ,Wg-rig! ,ig as .-I f 7' . J l' V 7 J . 'I 5 4 s"':, . wqswsshxs, f is 0,3 S3 N-vl - 'L gSf,,i5glfe!f.,, 5 fi. '03, J' w E L M A X 5 EU' ,,- K My 0' 1 ,KA Taxi s .3 K A kr .. JV . l ,Qi BA yr 354, M gm, nd is . S if ,4 iff, . S ixiii,-if . J , -X.-' M . Qi 5 , KW' 'V I ti , W? .3 ' S . f A . .rf K 'ft J I 4, ,, ,A V gxtrxg? 12 'I ff' 'W ' Y i--is Top Row: M. Duira, R. Sierras, S. Thompson, W. Lang, J. Bodie, M. Palmaleer, E. Duarle, F. Escobar, Boffom Row: D. Williamson, T. Webb, J. Dempsey, B. Reeves, B. Robison, A. Saldivia, D. Cody, B. Kayano 'c A. Sakai Top Row: B. Hourigan, S. Farwell, P. Edwards, B. Greene, W. Kohl, B. Uyeda, P. Suzuki, R. Murakami. Bottom Row: Coach Cooke, J. Furuichi, D. Nickle, H. Meyr, R. Kobayashi, K. Deich, H. Chapman. TENNIS LADDER I. P. Edwards 6. S. Farwell 2. B. Greene 7. D. Nickle 3. H. Meyr 8. E. Grund 4. B. Hourigan 9. W. Kohl 5. P. Cass I0. B. Uyeda wx MY Fi Pele Edwards 5 4' -P 5... Bill Greene Herb Meyr 1 3 0 S .43 YVX: V A R S T Y Coach Pellon Coach Calvelli Top Row: N. Corrales, J. Volpe, M. Greene, B. Lane, G. Reffig. Middle Row: D. Highfill, T. Tsunocla, T. Hendrix, M. Prafl, L. Drocco. Boffom Row: C. Hemmeier, J. Higashiuchi, D. Thompson, B. Burkhalfer, S. Flynn. Top Row: D. Davis, D. Oku, J. Johnson, M. Pisano, R. Torres, B. Jones. Middle Row: J. Mazza, F. Walanaloe, P. Farina, L. Nagayame. Bottom Row: M. Hall, L. Haroer, M. Wallen, T. Booker, J. Borrego. VARSITY IN ACTIUN D. Highfill, T. Tsunoda, and N. Corrales. S. Flynn, J. Volpe, and J. Higashiuchi. . . K , ., -, '91 J. Higashiuchi and B. Burkhalfer. M. Praif, C. Hemmefer, and T. Hendrix xii xx C. Hemmefer and L. Drocco. 95 l A ' A.- ' Yvonne Gardner Marilyn Spohr Secrelary-Treasurer Recording Secrelary Zila Kay Overman Nancy Tobin Presidenf Vice-Presidenl E .ig , r 5 Gail Giberson Susan Barlhold Ann Quigg Swimming Manager Baskeiball Manager Volleyball Manager Q A .... T f ' ...qs ' - 2 5? if . I .,y , y y Maggie Miller Jean Clarke Badmin'I'on Manager Archery Manager Judy Alferbury Soflball Manager G. A. A. This year Mounrain View High had Hs own "Win+er Olympics" in +he form of lhe winler G. A. L. meeling. There were represenlafives from many high schools alfending. Afler 'lhe general meefing, which was held in lhe audilorium, l'he meefing was adjourned +o +he cafeferia, where dinner was served. Our sporlswoman of lhe year and l'he winner of fhe high-poinf pin were an- nounced al' l'he annual G. A. A. Banquel' in May. Block M, which is also a parl of lhe girls' sporls program, did a wonderful iob in sponsoring "Navy Blues", lhis year's aquacadeg fhe book drive, ancl 'lhe Chrislmas parly. X. i 9 Top Row: J. Ebere, R. Borrego, L. Mullen, O. Cardoza. Middle Row: Z. Nellle, S. Robida, P. Mil- 6 ler, G. Cardona, J. McColloch. Boffom Row: G. Mann, S. Anderson, S. Mann, A. Salazar, L. Judson. SGPHUMURGS ' Q . 443 e J, 7 .xv ': E .1 A L 2 f J, 3 .A X . ,I F v X sw Q A if Ai E K ' s A 2 S . Top Row: S. Dickson, P. Donoho, C. King, T. Bozicevich, E. Luiz, A. Fako. Middle Row: M. Salinas, E. Lopez, N Karelin, N. Verreffe, T. Waller, S. Sm'1h. B ff R ' ' ' I o om ow. A. Salazar, V. Mendez, J. Orhz, L. Llra, S. Perez, M. Orosco: We , , -A 'I7 -ix: aiu. ' 3, 3 , ' -""j Humming K- 1: ! igr anna: , 1 . 1 7 HT . 2:- 4:1 Top Row: J. Oriiz, L. Lira, S. Perez, A. Salazar, V. Mendez. 3 Q If , V10 wee ' Q Kid 5 X X + Q Q I in. .. V Q M Middle Row: M. Cairne, S. Bransfeffer, F. Kub Lung, F. Wafanabe, M. Hermano. Bottom Row: P. Hunfer, J. Keenan, J. Lawson, E. Wada, D. Torres. o, E. 97 JUNIOR! zbb ng 4 .. - ..,. ' ,rf 1 K. A .,..:LLVL ' . ' I I . K f yh , , 1, f I a .. ,L : , -J ,.. . , , k -Q wagging. - 5 Q,,.,,,A 5 f2':'.i" 'I' ' ?' +5 . 'H A M L .. .+A -- -M... A V" J f zzv v-', S "" 2 fl A - A' ll Imh . A l l J: A' In . W 1 ., ' 'ap ff? E 1 , a 4 ..... . - - J . A . .1 M l J W-fl' A. of . J .. . . .f B f R . A 1Q 'A Q f- . Q-.A A . A Q. i ' X,: ,,, g 1 ' an A if an ,Q 4' , ' J 1 l ' ' . r B qqin ,V f mK A :bg r. N z A ':" eessa ' .if l ' , sl . . Q . 4 5 Q -is., , b A if 4. ' . . N K x I, .ni 1 V . .aw fi g 4 'g , 'Q oo' ' .javzleff Z l 4. J, S1 Top Row: S. Zecher, C. Fanucci, M. Hernandez, M. Acosla, R. Munoz, B. Farringlon, P. Lane. Middle Row: K. Hal- vorsen, M. Walanabe, C. Eng, S. Owens, E. lbarra, A. Lopez, M. Anlonuccio, S. Edwards. Boffom Row: C. McClel- land, H. Hoshilco, C. Roldan, A. Salrai, L. Leconle, C. Ainsworlh, H. Coriasso, M. Garcia. I .WK Top Row: L. Myers, N. Nule, A. Anderson, B. Kirby, V. Crosby, S. Denlon, G. Anderson, B. Baer, A. Tamony. Middle Row: G. Loomis, N. Malmslrom, L. Leslie, P. Bell, J. lshilcawa, C. Giaman, S. Swanson, F. Galbrailh, P. Barber, J. Ransom, B. Nolan. Boffom Row: R. Thayer G. Ogala, A. Balero, M. cleMello, B. Gil, S. Pollaslrini, J. Teihlel, L. Riefman, B. Borello. f i , Kd' K , . SENIURS rw, b ja Q Rf, 1 x , J 31, '- . i- KK .: K .. 9 N . ... . -'S'.n.' K . S S 1- if U i l , J x Y' f i 5, .X.. 55 Top Row: G. Giberson, P. Cormaclr, J. En+erline, D. Morano, S. DuBose, Z. Overman. Middle Row: S. Furuslwo, D. Dexrer, M. Spohr, C. Wood, B. Shirley, J. Ervin, A. Quigg. Bottom Row: A. Lorenz, D. Hunf, O. Visser, C. Garcia, D. Acosfa, M. Tourer, S. Heins. 9. 1 K. K. ' 4' I' K Ir s 'M' K . K U , KK is W H- 8 K rv M 5 ll' , S A vu 1 X . 2 KA f v A I Q K' K- ,K g In I QP- KL K K Q S E X K 'ig 'xx H P Ki af' K -r frf fx Top Row: N. Tobin, S. Barfhold, S. Thafcher, P. Marden, P. Garry, J. DeFrees, Y. Gardner, S. Dawn. Middle Row: D. Shackelford, B. Marler, M. Fuiii, D. Jones, B. Hicks, R. Walley, M. Parry, S. Cook. Boffom Row: M. Gregg, M. Murray, S. Canfer, M. Miller, C. Paz, J. Anglin, C. Gray, L. Walker. 99 , f -KKLA f TfEzQN?is7 S! f Q 4 f "' ,fl I ' ' " K 4 E rl m Li W, ,lK gf, 4 :Qi52'. xg:-gfsd Q fi, C? WL W 5 32 8 ? gg f 1- 232: bn l..' ' "fm" if-iflf ' 21- . ff Llgyy V -Nff! . lf M Q iff? fihf fiffvjx 5 r ' x-fi "J" sim k J . a Kg if Q! jf t , 'rl ' X 'fl X. -f,.5 1 VH. -1' f i Q . X 1 ff J, . xx K , , ,.k, :,k, , lx , X Zmjjx I I My 1 Q5 V 5 V Ak .ex X , N ,,,,,. ,W -x - 11,i Kgwf Jw fn 'A x ,.f:f NX XX'-Q4 X W xx, fxv W Q WT-e A ff 'X XX . , J' Nj x y g XX H VVMF9' ' ' X7 V W f Xx Y 1 ..e fx QE! iF' IN ISQILL if ' .ff ff Alyg Q N: I ii fl' A If Sy fC2,2g1.qt + if DIY 'W' 5 ' f ' QQ "A ' P ff - ggx H' Palm W l?? , 72 F2 5 XX , fri X, Q Q, -isghx mx F KC XXX X' - thsgy ,. ,- Q ,f 4- . 'xikggm- ,xx jjj? ., ksxj-4:-igiml fi., px QC 4 f Q11 QA m ' X. Dir an ?': X 5 I -X 3:7 N .Z X E:-3-V--f 'L I ,f L ' R ,,F9,,f 4,1 5,xNhlLJN1 1 Ex , ,ff ,f "' Lx ' ,. L. , F Xb , Sm. . ,' N, f" f f K Vx, 1' i. ,. 'xx I X ,my Y I W 1 ff fl f K I I X Ham, . Q i ' . ' : Y". 'f ,' ' J ' ' '- 1 1 ' " U A. mm 5'Q 'Pal ix - l02 gangiefulzhbns MISS ANNETTE BENDER our Beauty Queen Lynn Riefman A neHe Bender BOUQUET OF BEAUTY Maureen Corona Marily C lg Barbara McC 'fb lr! , "A Nighi in ihe Coun+ry" IO3 ,mv HMV' R Honesf Teach "Ankles Aweighu The winner as H4 Nun Sibliology Give us Hue old Ipana! JH? xx. If will be clean in June. Yay Juniors! ,-is Rummage Sale ,X-if This emerged from +he dark hole, alias my closet OOOOOH LEE! 'rem ,M FOR TREASURER 1 and if I am elecfed .... Pho+ogenic? ia A si is w. siege is S Goin once, going 'fwice . . . ,. pw... i x,-j 'ff Q! 'X vllj' X' iv i , s'51l2Zf"i'x My, wha? fall heads you have! And which plans-P are you from? K -f0R Hi Frosh! Hi honey-chile! Oh Sluarf, aren'+ you a flirf? R-wa Wai+ing for lhe floals +o pass Our wonderful Drill Team. Fashions af ihe Girls' League Fashion Show. The reviewing- sland. Their ship was wrecked bu? nof iheir spirit JUNIOR CARNIVAL FUN Go+ ir. We really had fun fhaf nighf ai fhe carnival. vena 4. J 'w Boy! Thai was some dancing. .Al Those lazy sensors ,, .141 .....-n aw- I09 Correia, Manuel 36 Abey, Miyoko 40, 57, 72 Acosla, Dora I2, 99 Acosfa, Margarei 98 Ahyo, Terry 36 Ainsworih, Charmie 32, 62, 7I, 72, 98 Allen, Don 32 Allison, Gary I2, 64 Alonzo, Gerald 62,69 Alonzo, Geraldine 32, 72 Alvarado, Esiher 40 Alvarado, Mary 36,64 Ames, Jonquil 40 Ames, Mallhew I2 Ames, Vashli 36 Anderson,vAudrey 32, 97 Anderson, Carlee 32, 7I, 82 Andersen, Edward 40 Anderson, Gail 32, 55, 62, 70, 7l ,72, 97 Anderson, Gene 7I Anderson, Sonia 40, 49, 5l, 57, 96 Angler, Karl 40, 92 Anglin, Gale 36 Anglin, Josiephene I2, 60,99 Anlonuccio, Marie 32, 98 Aquiline, Evelyn 40 Arimborgo, Bea 32.69, 82 Alierbury, Judy I2, 62, 7l , 72, 96 Alwood, Barbara I2 Auger, Linda 40 Ausano, Fred 40 Ausland, Dell 32 Auiha Johnn 32 I Y Avilia, Dave 40, 69 Badie, John 32, 83 Baer, Barbara, 32, 52, 62,72 83, 99 Bailey, Calhleen 40, 65 Bailey, Jerry 40 Bailey, Virginia L. 32, 48,62 70, 7I Bailey, Virginia M. 36, 68, 72 Baker, Judy 36, 62, 72 Balaan, Annelle 40 Balch, Sandra 32 Baldelli, Joseph 72 Baldwin, Diane I2, 6l, 70, 7I Balero, Ann Marie 32, 50, 7I, 98 Barber, Jim I2, 48, 49, 50 Barber, Pal 32, 7I, 82. 98 Barcxi, Marilyn I2, 7I Barker, Shirley 32 Barnes, Doug I2 Barnes, Vern I2 Barrick, Judy 40, 5I Barlhold, Susan 7l, 50, I2, 82, 96, 99 Baulisla, Don I2,50,7I, 82,97 Baulisla, Marlene 70 Beanco, F. 40 Beaver, Paul 36 Belasco, Rachel 32 Bell, Bobby 40 Bell, Lorefla I2 Bell, Pal 32, 62, 64, 7I, 82, 98 Bellran, Elizabefh I2, 64, 68, 7I Bender, Annelle I2, 87 Benke, Don I2 Bennell, Barbara I2, 64, 82 Bennefl, Lillian 32 Benson, Bob 69 Benfo, Cheryl 39, 65 Bergford, Roger 40 Bergquisl, Karen I2 Bernardi, Rose Marie 32, 7l, 82 Berfozzi, AnneHe 32, 70 Beffencourf, JoAnn 40 Black, V 62, 72 Blancei, Carolyn 70 Blas, Adrianne 40 Blasquez, Frances 40, 49, 65 Blazin, Fra nces 64 Bodie, J. 92 Bohn, Bobby 40 Bonfig, Heidi 36 Bonham, Anila 40 Bonnell, John 36 Booker, Alberf 40,94 Booker, Elroy 40 ' INDEX Boos, Don 82 Borello, Belly 32, 98 Borrego, Jerry 36, 70, 83, 94 Borrego, Rachel 40, 96 Boslwick, C. 36 Bosfwick, Richard 82, 9I Bour, Irene 32, 82 Boynlon, Lucile 40 Boynlon, Sandy 40 Bozicevich, Toni 36, 5I, 55, 57, 97 Bragga, Palricia 32 Bransleller, Sandra 36, 97 Bredina, Jeanelie 32, 97 Bredina, Jeanelle 32, 70 Bronson, Richard 36,69 Brolhers, Ray 40 Brown, Susan 36, 68 Brugioni, Armand I2 Brunner, Befly 32, 7I Bryan, Pal I2, 64, 82 Burch, Cecilia 32 Burke, Carolyn 32, 50, 56, 62. 7I, 72, 83 Burkhalfer, Bunl' I3, 55, 56, 70, 94, 95 Burkharl, Lorna 64 Burkharl, Rae 32,64 Burks, David I3, 92 Buzzel, Jerry I3, 60 Cabello, Reynaldo 70 Cabello, Ruben I3 Caddell, Herberl 40 Cadwell, Georgia 32 Cady, Deloris 36,64 Cady, Roberi I3 Cairns, Myrna 36,97 Callaghan, Pafricia 36 Callanla, Carmen 65 Camin, Forluna I3 Camin, Geary 40 Campbell, Douglas 40,49 Campbell, Susie 32 Canler, Shirley I3, 6I, 7I, 99 Capella, Eddie 36 Cardona, Ismael 36 Cardona, Olga 96 Carsberg, Henry 70 Carson, Kel 32 Casella, Ron I3, 68, 70, 92 Cass, Paul I3, 63, 70, 73, 88 Calambay, Bill I3, 62, 63, 70,' 72, 73, B3 Cafhey, Anne 32, 70,82 Caviglia, Ronald 83 Cervanies, Frank 40 Cervanfes, Gloria 32 Cervanles, Raquel I3 Cewe, Sfewarl 69 Chamberlain, Bob I3, 62, 69, 72 Chambers, Dave I3, 68 Chan, Jane I3 Chan, Susan I3 Chapin, Barbara 32,82 Chapman, Henley 69, 70, 90, 93 Chavez, Shirley 32, 70, 7I Cherry, Ofis I3 . Chick, Janice 36, 7l Childress, Pal 36 Chiona, Terry 40 Chun, Geraldine 40 Clark, Charles 36, 64 Clark, Ronnie 64 Clarke, Jean I3, 96 Claycombe, Chris 7I Clemmensen, Elizabelh 32, 7l Cliffon, Charles I3, 62, 70, 72 Clousing, Russell I3, 60, 69 Cochran, Larry I3 Colgan, MarilynfI4 Collinge, Par 40,65 CoIsen,,Ronald 46, 69 Cook, Sonia I4, 62, 7I, 99 Cooper, G. 83 Copenhaver, Connie 36, 5I, 57 Coriasso, Hilda 50.63.98 Cormack, Phyllis I4, 48, 9.9 Cornelius, Edith 40 Cornelius, Jerry 36 Cornelius, Lorna 32 Corona, Maureen 36,57 Corrales, Ignacio I4, 63, 70, 94. 95 Correia, Dorolhy 36 Cos+a, J. 40 Cosia, Susanne I4 Coulombe, June I4, 62 Cousins, Dolores 49, 5I Cousins, Marlene I4 Cox, Audie I4 Cox, Marilyn I4, 64 Cox, Shirley I4, 7I Cramer, Anila 32, 70, 7I Craner, Joanne I4, 64 Crawford, Carole I4, 64 Crosby, Roberl I4 Crosby, Vicki 32, 55, 56, 62, 68, 69, 72, 84, 85, 97 Croshaw, Fred I4, 83 Cross, Joyce 32 Cross, Ken 40 Croihers, Lee I4 Crouch, Carolyn 32 Crow, Carol I4 Curry, Peler' I4, 6I, 66 Culrell, Wayne 36 Daniloff, Barbara 40 Daugherfy, Eddie I4, 4I Davey, Roland I4 David, Jerry 72 Davis, Glen 82 Davis, Ronnie 83, 9I, 94 Davis, Sue 40,65 Dawkins, Frenchell 40 Dawn, Sibyl I4, 62, 72, 99 Deal, Geraldine I4, 7I DeBevoise, Terri I5, 60, 6I, 7I, 72 Dee, C. 62 DeFrees, JoAnne I5, 55, 56, 60, 6l, 7I, 72, 82, 99 DeMelIo, Margarel 32, 82,98 Dempsey, Jim I5, 6I, 70, 83, 92 Dennis, Gary 40, 70,82 Denlon, Susan 32, 62, 70, 7I, 72, 97 Dewarf, Marilyn I5 I Dexler, Debbie I5, 52, 6I, 62, 70, 7l, 72, 82,99 Diaz, Lupe I5, 63, 73 Dias, Charles 40 Dickinson, Diane I5 Dickson, Sandi 36, 5l, 97 Diesner, Lynn 69, 82 Dilfenderfer, Bob I5, 64 Dielsch, Ken 32,93 DiMercurio, Ursalle 36,49 Dochnahl, Carol I5 Dodd, Deanna 4I, 72 Dole, D. 36 Domingo, Jim 40,65 Domingo, Johnny 49.55.57 Dominguez, Mary 43 Dominick, Elaine 40 Dominick, Roberf 36 Donali, Mario 38 Donoho, Phyllis 36,97 Dooley, Barbara 32 Dowell, Loren 36 Downen, Donna 40 Drocco, Lee 32, 70, 79, 83, 94, 95 Duarle, E. 92 Duarie, Jerry I5 Du8ose, Sue I5, 64, 7I, 82, 99 Duensing, Bob I5 Duke, Warren 69 Dulleck, Dean 32 Duncan. Jim 40 Dunlon, Sydney 32 Dursf, Susan 32, 70, 7I Dulra, Clyde 39, 82 Dulra, John 36 Dulra, Manuel 32, 70, 83.88.92 Dykes, Lynne 40, 65 Dykes, Ralph 32, 83 Dykes, Richard 40 Easlon, John 40 Ebere, Judy 40, 72, 96 Eddy, Beverly I5 Edgemond, Joan I5, 7I Edward Edward Edward Edward Egnew, s, Joe I5 s, Pele 32, 70, 80, 83,93 s, Ronald 32 s, Susan 33, 98 Allen 32,69 Eikenberry, Ari 32, 48, 62, 70, 72, 82 Elich, Nick I5 Elwin, Phyllis 32, 48, 49, 56, 62 Enders, Barbara 32 Eng, Charmaine 32, 62, 68, 7l, 82, 98 Enriquez, Joe 40 Enlerline, Judie I5, 50, 62, 64, 72, 99 Erkson, Teddy 36, 7I Ervin, Jan I5, 55, 60, 7I, 99 Escobar, Frank I5, 56, 63, 70, 73, 79.83, 88, 92 Escobar, John 32, 70, 79, 83,88 Esperanza, Bob I5, 64, 65 Espinoza, Doris Espinoza, Ronnie 40 Eslill, George I6, 62, 70, 72, 79, 83 Euers, Ray 4I Ewing, George 33, 70 Fabbro, Charleen 40 Fabro, Tyrone 40, 70, 8I, 83, 88 Fackler, Susan 32, 62, 64, 68 Fairchild, Lee I6 ' Fako, Anne 97 Fanucci, Cam 32, 7I, 98 Farina, Paul 36, 70, 7I, 94 Farringfon, Barbara 32, 82, 98 Farwell, Sluarl I6, 6I, 93 Ferguson, Jo-Ellen 40 Feflerly, Ralph I6, 6I, 68, 72 Fleming, Don 43 Flemming, Barl 36, 7I Flood, Paul 32, 64, 69 Flores, David 32,82 Flores, Frank I6 Flores, Roberl 32, 70, 90 Flores, Sylvia 4I Flowers, Charles 32, 65 Floyd, James 4I Flynn, Roberl I6 Flynn, Sleve 32, 48, 55, 56, 70, 78, 83, 94, 95, 98 Fogleman, Bill 4I Forsyihe, Thomas 69 Fox, Nancy 36 Frazier, Pal 64 Freed, Bill 32, 70, 83 Fred, N. 36, 63 Frey, Dwayne 69 Frizzell, L. 43 Frosf, Dan 32 Frye, George I6, 7I, 87 . Fruzen, Rifa I6 Fuenfes, Danny I6, 64 Fuiii, Clayion 4I, 57, 70, 80, 83, 92 Fuiii, Margaref I6, 83, 87, 9l. 99 Furuichi, Jimmy I6, 48, 49, 55, 56, 83, 87, 93 Furusho, Sue I6, 99 Gabbard, Doloris 4I, 65 Gabler, Carl I6 Gabler, Roberl' 36 Galbraiih, Frances 32, 7I, 72, 82, 98 Galedrige, Frances I6 Galli, Ron I6 Garcia, Carmen I6, 64, 99 . Garcia, Evangeline 32 Garcia, Kalie I6, 48, 6I, 77 Garcia, Manuel I6 Garcia, Margie 4I Garcia, Neve 32 Garcia, Phyllis 36 Garcia, S. 4I Gardner, Yvonne I6, 60, 6I, 62, 63, 72, 83, 87, 89, 96 Garner, Gwen 36 Garner, Veslal 43 Garry, Pam I6, 49, 52, 54, 60, 6I, 7I, 82, 99 Gaiman, Carolyn 32,98 Genfry, Loo 32, 70, 72 Gervais, Jerome 36 Giagiari. Kelhy 4I Giberson, Gail I7, 55, 56, 6I, 7I, 72, 87, 96, 99 Gilford, Bill I7 Gil, Beverly 32, 83,98 Gilberl, llla I7 Gilberl, Mary 4l Gillard, Thelma I7. 68 Ginepro, Sandy 36 Giovacchini, Marie 4I Giron, Ed 43 Gloaggler, Margie 36, 5l, 62, 68 Gloria, Anile 32 Gloria, Connie 65 Gloria, Virginia I7, 32 Goldsmilh, Virginia 32, 62, 7I Goldslein, Karen 32 Gomez. Rosalie I7 Gomez, Rulh 36 Gonzales, Henrialla 32, 65 Gonzales, Lila I7 Gonzales, Lorefla I7, 64 Gordon, Belly 4I Goularle, Ronald 4l, 70, 7I Granl, Barbara 4l, 65 Granlham, Gerry 4l , 65 Grass, Alan 36 Graves, Pal I7 Gray, Caryl I7, 99 Green, Carolyn I7, 68 Green, Richard 36, 64 Greene, William I7, 70, 93 Greeny, Myron 32, 70, 94 Gregg, Meredilh I7, 6l, 7l, 99 Gregory, AI I7 Gralz, Paul I7 Grilall, Bob 36, 5I Griflelh, Thelma 32 Griffin, Belly 36, 7l Gronwall, Ronald I7, 62, 72 Gross, Grace I7, 83 Gross, Jean 32, 7l, 83 Grund, Ernsl I7, 62, 69, 70, 72 Guerrero, Barbara 36, 64 Gumperlz, Grelien I1, 60 Gunlher, Elaine 33 Guslalson, Joellen 36, 62, 64 Gulierrez, Manuel 36 Gulierrez, Nick I8, 64 Haines, Sally I8, 50, 6l, 7l, 99 Hall, Jim I8 Hall, Land. is, sz, 72 Hall, Mac 36, 94 Halvorsen, Karen 33, 56, 6I, 7l, 99 Hamillon, Sandie I8, 73 Hammond, Joan 36 Hansen, Gary 36 , Har, B. 4I Harper, Loren 37, 62, 72, 9I, 94 Harrison, Judy 4I Harf, Suzanne I8, 65 Harfman, Richard 4I Hayden, Barbara I8 Hedquisl, Leslie 43 Hemmeler, Chris 48, 49, 50, 54. 70, 88, 94, 95 Hemmeler, Mead I8, 48, 54, 70, 7l, 86 Hendricks, John 37 Hendrix, Tom I8, 52, 62, 70, 94, 95 Henlherne, Jim 68, 7I Henfzell, Lorraine I8 Hermano, Mary 37, 7l, 97 Hernandez, Mary 37 Hernandez, Mike 33 Herrera, Mary 37 Hibberd, Milford 33 Hickman, Barbara 4I, 65 Hicks, Barbara I8, 62, 68, 7l, 99 Hicks, Jare 33, 70 Higashiuchi, Jon IB, 48, 62, 70, 83, 94, 95 Higgins, Pal 33, 64, 65 Highlill, Dick 70, 80. 83, 88, 94, 95 Hill, Leonard 69 Hill, Ronald 4I Hillhouse, Diana 33, 48, 62. ' 7l, 72 ' Hillon, Ted 4I Hingsberger, Margarel 37 Hirolo. Kao 37, 57 Hilchcock, Beverly 4l Hockelf, David 4I Hodges, Jerry 37 Hoehn, Nancy I8 Holian, Lawrence I8 Holfhouse, Theresa I8 Hood, Elaine I8 Hooks, Lenor I8, 7I Hoover, Mary Lou I8, 48, 54 6l, 7l, 72 Horr, Carl I8 . Hoshi, Ken 33, 68, 70, 7l, 79, 82. 83 Hoshiko, Helene 33, 48, 7l, 72, 73. 98 Hoshilro, Ken 70 Hosleller, Gary 82 Hourigan, Bryan I8, 62, 69, 70. 72, 93 Houser, B. 33 Houston, Pal 65 Howard AI I9 Howe, Linda I9 Huber, A. 4I, 69, 72 Hughes, Helen 37, 68 Humpal, Kenl 33, 64, 70, 72, 90 Hunl, Diane I9, 60, 6l, 62, 7l, 72,99 Hunler, Pal 37, 65,97 Ibarra, Elba 33, 70, 98 Irwin, Linda 33 lssa, Carole 37,82 lsacson, Eric I9, 69, 7l lshikawa, Joyce 33, 64, 7I, 98 lservais, J. 4I Jaime, Celso I9, 68, 70 James, Peler I9 Janzilr, Pal I9, 50 Jensen, Tracy 37, 5I Joans, Bill 37, 7I, 94 Johnson, Jim 33 - Johnson, Johnny 33, 49, 5I, 94 Jones. Diane I9, 60, 7l, 83, 87 Jones, Donna 37, 68, 99 Johnslon, Jacquie 37, 5l, 62. 70, 7l, 72 Jones, Keilh 70, 82 Jones, Ann 33 Judson, Leona 4I, 96 Kalaveras, Sandra I9 Kellman, Sleve 43, 7I Kankel, Jim 72 Karelin, Nina 37,97 Karelin, Zena 4I Kaspar, Kalherine 33 Kawamolo, Jack I9, 62, 70, 72, 8l, 83, 92 Keck, Jim 37 Keck, Nancy 4l Keen, William 37, 7I Keenan, Jim 33, 70 Keenan, Judilh 37, 49, 68, 97 Keeney, Terry I9 Keilh, K. 43 Kelly, Paul 37 Kenison, Diane 7I Kennedy, Dick I9 Killian, Jean I9 Killmer, Pally I9, 7I King, Carole 37, 62, 97 King, Jerry 37 Kinney, David 9I Kinney, Kalhleen I9, 6I, 70, 7I. 82 Kirby, Belly 33, 70, 7l, 97 Kirk, Joyce 33 Kirk, Lynelle 37 Kirkorian, Don 33, 70, 7l Kiyomure, lra I9, QH70, 72,82 Kim, Erik 43 , Klimpel, Diane I9 Kobayashi, Roy I9, 64, 70,93 Kohl, Wilfred 48, 54, 62, 70, 72, 9l, 93 Koyano, Bill I9, 63, 70, 78, 82, 83. 92 Kubo, David 4I Kubo, Frances 37, 7l, 97 Kuehn, Judilll 33, 64, 72 Kuehne, Grace I9 Kuehne, Mary 4I, 63 Kyles, Judy 33 Lamb, Jim 4l Lamica, Ted 37 Lane, Alan 20, 70 Lane, Billy 33, 40, 44, 56, 8l, 83. 88 Lane, Lois 33,64 Lane, Phyllis 33, 70, 98 Lane, Howard 49, 64, 69, 70, 7l, 90 - Lang, Winkie 20, 92 Larlma, P. 69 Laughlin, Eddie 20,60 Laveroni, Edward 80, 83 Lawrence, Dan 37 Lawrence, Larry 37 Lawson, Judy 37, 49,97 Leconle, Liz 98 Lee, Chrisline 82 Lemmon, W. David 33, 64, 82 Leslie, Linda 33, 98 Leif, Bea Anne 70 Lewis, Bob 20 Lewis, Kalherine 64 Lewis, Marlha 70, 7l Lezchuk, Bill 64, 82 Libkils, Burl 20, 62, 69, 70, 72 Ligsay, Jerry 20, 70 Lindholm, Jerry 20, 82 Lion, Gordon 37 Lira, David 37, 49, 5l, 6l, 65. 7l. 82 Lira, F. 37 Lira, Linda 65, 97 Lira, Memecio 37 Lilchlield, Michael 37, 7l Llamas, Raymond 4I Llamas, Romelia 20 Long, Carole 20 Loomis, Grace 82, 98 Loose Margarel 65 Lonez, Anile 68, 98 Lopez, Dan 33, 72 Lopez, Emma 37, 49,97 Lopez, Mirla 4I Lopez, Roberl' 20 Lorenz, Arlene 20, 73, 99 Loughry, David 4l Lovelace, Belly 20 Lownsberry, Irene 4l Lucero, Lucy 4l Luiz, Elaine 37, 65, 97 Lum, Sonny 20 Lumaclod, Josephine 65 Luna, Lune. Alberl 37 Gloria 20, 64 Luna, Paul 70, 8l, 83 Luna, Vivian 4l Lung, Bennie 33 Lung Ella 37 7l 97 Lusk: Diana 20, 62, 72 Luslig, Roberl 37, 70, 90 Lynn, Charles 20 Machado, Marie 37 Maciel, Al 2I Maciel, Richard 33 Maddox, Wanda 65, 85 Maldonado, Mario 37 Malin, Annelle 37 I Malloy, Vera 2I. 52, 60, 7I Malm, Suzy 4l, 52, 65,72 Malmslrom, Nanci 82, 98 Malmslrom, Dick 33, 66 Mann, Gloria 4l, 96 Mann, Sheryl 4l, 96 Mansfield, Gerry 4I Manlelli, Berl' 80, 83 Marano, R. 37 Marano, Dorolhy 2I, 99 Marden, Polly Zl, 56, 60, 6l, 7l, 99 Marenco, Lucy 37, 63 Margolis, Barbara 68, 82 Marila, J. 7I, 83 Marks, Rulh 2I, 64 Marler, Beverly 2l, 62, 65, 70, 7l, 72, 99 Marler, Brian 4I, 65 Marquez, Carmen 2I Marsh, Shirley 4I Marlin, Louie 2I, 63, 70, 73, Bl, 83, 87 Marlin, Sonia 2I Marlinez, Pedro 37, 64, BI, 83 Martinez, William 4l Marvin, B'elle 7l Massiczek, Joann 2l Masierson, Roy 2I Maleo, Dennis 4l, 82,90 Maleo, Louis 37, 49 Maughn, Loyd 33, 64, 70, 78, 83 Mausa, P. 82 Mazza, John 37, 70, 94 McAvoy, Marlha 20, 52, 60, 7I McClelland, Carol 64, 7I, 98 McConnell, David 20 McCoy, Raymond 33, 70 McCrea, Barbara 82 ' McCrea, John 20, 70, 79, 83 McCurdy, Jack 33 McCulloch, Jeannine 96 McCulloch, Jerry 33, 4I McGill, D. 33 McGill, Maureen Mclnerney, Palricia 4l McKeeman, Bob 70 McKinney, Larry 37 McMurphy, Arlene 37 McMurphy, Bob 78, 83 McPheeIers, Jon 2I Mead, Maureen 62, 64, 72 Medina, Manuel 2I Meek, Ray 33,65 Mehringer, Bob 63 Meidinger, JoAnn 65 Melior, Calhy 4I Mello, Joey 4I Mena, Mercedes 5I. 63, 68 Mendez, Benny 33,70 Mendez. Virginia 37.65, 97 Mendoza, Delia 37 Mendoza. Rulh 2I ' Menson, Arlhur 33 Melcalf, Keren 72, 85 Meyer, Fred 72 Meyers, L. 33, 82, 98 Meyr, Herb 2l, 70,93 Milburn, Elizabelh 37 Milelich, Mary 33 Miller, Joenne 2l, 50. 62. 7l, 72 Miller, Kay 33, 62 Miller, Margarel 2l, 64, 72, 96, 99 Miller, Paulelle 4I, 96 Minafo, Frank 82 Miner, John 70, 8l, 83. 92 Miner, Mary 2l, 62, 72 Miras, Joan 33, 68 Milchall, Alan 33 Milchell, Kalhleen 43 Mohrmann, Lynnefle 43 Molina, Addie 2I Molinari, Vicloria 2l Monugian, Belly 43 Monfena, Ron 22 Morales, Jim 70 Morgan, R. 4I E Morgan, Wendy 33, 64 I Moreno, Tommy 22 Morila, llsuo 33, 80 Morris, Harry 35 Morlimer, Joan 37,70 Mouser, Alfrieda 33, 64 Mouser, Diane 33 Moy, Clarence 22, 70, 73, 90 Moya, Kalhy 65 Mullen, Lee 4I, 96 Munoz, Lillian 37, 7l Munoz, Roberla 98 Munoz, Rosemary 4I Muraka 70 mi, Ray 22, 48. 50, 64, ,73, 83, 88, 93 Murray, Mary Jo 22.48, 7l, 73. 99 Murray, Miles 22, 82 Murray, Reber? 22 Myers, Karleen 62 Nagayama, Lance 37, 55, 57, 70 72, 90, 94 Nagli, Ernesl 37 Nagli, Helen 22 Nakamolo, Bobby 33, 64, 68, 70 7l, 83, 88 Nakano, Edna 22.73, 82 Naley, P. 33 Neva, Alfred 4I Neva, F Necker, Nelson, red 22 S. 35 Carmel 37, 82 Nelson, Douglas 22,52 Nelson, Nelson, Johnny 33 S. 72 Nesvold, Barbara 82 Nesvold, Brenda 33 Nellie, Zona 42, 96 Neveu, Joan 22, 64 Nickle, Dave 33, 48, 50, 70, 82. 90, 93 Nielson, Gloria 42 Nielson, Rex 42 Nishimolo, Audrey 42, 52, 65, 72 I'l I .35 Qi? 1 Khalil , bi. I :W . if' 3 4. of 'rw .,.. .53 ,Z Ls: I, .gi F 5 fl! I Sandiag Noble, Beverly 42 Nolan, Barbara 33, 64,98 Noon, Don 22, 70 Norman, Virginia 37, 65 Nufe, Nancy 6l, 70, 82, 97 Ochoa, Dorolhy 42, 57, 65 Ochoa, Fidel 42, 49, 57 Ochoa, Joe 68, 70, 7l, Bl, 83, 88 Ochoa, Pauline 22 Ody, Janice 37 Ogala, Grace 98 Ogaia, JoAnn 22, 7l Ogden, Rick 22, 6l Oku, David 38, 57, 70, 8l, 83 Oliver, Waller 42 Olsen, Sieve 57, 70, 80, 83 Orosco, Al 22 Orsi, Barbara 38 Orozco, Marlha 38,97 Orozco, Vicky 42 Orlez, Nancy 42 Orliz, Dan Bl, 87, 88 Orfiz, Jenny 38, 65, 97 Olero, Lydia 70 Olraviano, James 42 Overman, Zifa Kay 22, 49, 55, 62, 7l, 72, 96, 99 Owens, Kennefh 65, 69, 7l, 82 Owens, Sharon 33, 64, 98 Paddock, Bob 82 Paddock, Jerry 22 Palmaleer, Andre 22 Palmaleer, Marne 70, 79, 83, 92 Palmer, Bonnie 42 Papagni, Ann 33, 7l, 82 Parga, Rosalie 23 Parish, W. 38 . Parrish, C. 42 Parker, D. 70 Parra, Frank 42 Parry, Marie 23, 60, 99 Parry, Slephanie 43 Parlridge, Jan 42 Passus, Eddie 38 Pasiorino, Irene 23, 48, 49 Pale, Mary 42 Paislon, Don 68 Pa++on, Kim 23, 73,83 Paulk, William 42 Paz, Celia 23, 99 Peak, Mike 39, 6l Peak, Robin 69 Perez, Sue 38, 97 Pelerson, Virginia 23 Phelps, J. 92 Phillips, John 38 Philipp, Joel 62, 72 Pickslay, Peler 23, 70 Pihl, Marilyn 42, 72 Pisano, Jim 23 Pisano, Mike 38, 70, 80, 83,94 Plum, Charlolle 52, 62, 64, 70, 72, 82 Pollasfrini, Shirley 34, 7l, 82, 98 Poncini, Kalhy 42 Poussefre, Audrey 23 Prack, Cecil 23 Prafl, Mike 23, 62, 70, 72, 88, 94, 95 Price, Judy 23, 70, 7l Price, Sherry 38, 7l Prince, Georgia 34 Prilchard, Dianne 23 Prilchard, Norman 38 Proclor, Joe 23 Prouly, Cassandra, 38, 72 Prouly, Cynthia 38, 65, 72 PyeHe, Claude 70, 83 Quenning, Gerald Quick, Barbara Quigg, Ann 23, 48, 54, 62, 7l, 72, 96, 99 Ramirez, Marina 42 Ramirez, Rachel 43 Randolf, Barr 70 Rangel, Sam 38,64 Rangel, Tony 43 Ransom, Jeanne 34, 98 Ravello, Roberf 42 Ray, Dick 23 Rayfield, Alvin 23 Razzari, Carol 34 Rear,1J. 26 Reagan, Pal' 23' Reed, Ann 42 Rees, Burl 23, 48, 70 Reeves, Doris 38, 70, 7l Reeves, Larry 92 Reeves, Roger 43, 65, 7l Reinharl, Harold 38 Rellio, Gene 70, 94 Reynolds, Bonnie 42, 7I Reynolds, Jim 90 Reynolds, Pal 42 Riba, Paul 23, 65, 82 Rice, Reafa 34, 65 Rich, Peler 24 Richfer, Jerry 24, 7l Rickli, Marilyn 34, 64, 82 Rieben, John 43 Rielman, Carol 42, 49,65 Rielman, Lynne 34, 64, 7l, 98 Riggen, Wayne 38 Robello, Jean 35 Roberls, Cora 38 Robida, Sara 42, 68, 96 Robinson, David 24 Robison, Barry 63, 68, 70, 83, 92 Robinson, Deloris 83 Robison, Chloe 34 Robleno, Horlencia 42 Robles, Salvador 24 Rodriguez, Barbara 42 Rodriguez, David 38,83 Rodriguez, Ramiro 80 Rogallo, Phoebe 70, 7l Roland, B. 70 Roldan, Conchila 34, 64, 98 Roldan, Domingo 34, 64, 68, 69, 70, 7l, 83, 88 Roldan, Jerry 64, 68, 70, 7l, 92 Roller, Alfred 38 Roney, Ron 24, 62, 72 Roman, Rose 43 Simms, Jack 24 Sinclair, Mary 35 Singlefon, Ronald 24 Sinkson, Gale 43 Sipe, J. 35 Siress, Gary 25, 66, 70 Siu, Dorolhy 25 Skalko, Phyllis 35, 56, 62, 72, 73, 83 Skropanich, Sam 25 Slay, Emmell 43 Small, Priscilla 35, 62, 65, 72 Smirh Dan 50, 64 Smilh: Donna 25 Smilh Smilh Smifh Smilh ,King 43, 72 ,Merrilyn 25, 7l ,Sharon 38, 97 ,Tommy 69,70 Snarr, Phil 25 Scare s, Suzanne 35, 70 Sohler, Diane 25 Solden, Jim 83 Sommers, Bonnie 35, 43, 62 Soria, Solo, Solo, Louie 38 Alberl 42 Elba 38,63 Soule, Dianne 65 Soulh, K. 72 Souza, Eugene 69 Spain, Nancy 35 Spalsbury, Sandi 35, 64, 7l, 83 Spears, Shirley 25 Uhlenberg, Nancy 35 Unquera, Johnny 7l Uyeda, Bruce 26, 62, 70, 83, 93 Van Lehn, Allan 62,72 Vanni, Alice 43 Vanni, David 43 Vargas, lrma 39 Vasquez, Esaw 39 Vasquez, Gilberr 39 Vega, Henry 35 Valez, Leo 43 Vernon, Karen 82 Verrerle, Nancy 39, 7l, 97 Viariseo, Barbara 35 Vicory, James 35 Villasinor, Rachel 43 Vina, Carole 26 Vina, Pallie 35 Visser, Ofha 26, 60, 6l, 7l, 99 Voelker, Jeri 43, 72 Vogl, Wayne 26 Volpe, Jerry 78, 83, 94, 95 Von Tauffkirchen, Russell 43 Wada, Elaine 43 Wada, Ellen 39, 97 Wahlgren, Fred Wahlgren, Krislin 65 Waile, Bill 69 Walker Leelee 26. 6l, 72, 82, 99 Ross, Ph amp 65,82 Ryder, Ann 24 Sabaslia, Ray 43 Saindon, Eula 24, 7l, 73,83 Saindon , Wayne 35 Sakae, Lily 24, 60, 72, 73, 82 Sakai, Aileen 34,98 Sakai, Allan 24, 70, 7l, 79, 83, 92 Salas, Alberl 43 Salas, Henry 48, 7l, 66 Salazar, Ann 42,97 Salazar, Alice 38, 96 Saldivia, Alfred 92 Salinas, Mary 38, 68, 97 Sanchez , Ampa ra 43 Sanchez, Bill 38, 70 Sanchez, Epifanio 38, 82, 92 o, Ann 34 Spencer, Joan 25 Spohr, Marilyn 25, 96, 99 Sponsler, Tony 25, 65 Spraker, Helen 39 Spuehler, JoAnn 35 Srahor, Anne 35, 82 Slanley, Conny 25, 49. 55, 6I. 62, 68, 69, 72 Sleele, Sue 25, 60, 7I Sleinmann, Carl 25 Sfephens, Pat 39 Slerner, Annie 25 Slerner, Wayne 43 Srevenson, Shan 9l Slieler, Fred 25- Sfreck, Elizabelh 25 SubleH, John 25 Sullivan, Charles 42 Sullon, Diane 35, 43, 72 Suzuki, Paul 25, 48, 49, 50, 55, 56, 7l, 70, 73, 78, 83,93 Swanson, Gary 25 Swanson, Sharon 35, 65,98 Sween, Danuel 43, 82 Sweney, John 96 Sweelman, Jerry 43 Sworakowski, Mike 69 Walker, Jeanie 65 Walker, Leonard 26 Walker, Wayne 26, 62, 70,92 Walkup, Vesron 39 Waller, Trude 39, 7l, 97 Walley, Rila 27, 68, 70, 7l, 99 Wallon, Arfhur 94 Warringlon, Al 27, 62, 70, 72 Sandiago, Henry 42, 82 Sanliago, Juanifa 42,65 Sargenl, Lee 43 Sarlain, Joyce 24 Sawicki, Barnelfe 38 Scharninghousen, Dorolhy 34 Scharlle, George 24, 64 Schenk, J. 35 Schill, Calhe 70, 7I Schmidf, Beverly 42 Schmidl, Bill 43 Scholl, Dave 24 Scholl, Dick 24 Scialabba, Jackie 24 Scoll, Jerry 34,43 ScoH, Lorea 65, 70 Scoll, Nancy Scoll, Ronald 42, 69 Segovia, Sylvia 34 Seiias, Reynolda 34, 9l Seymore, Jimmy 43 Schakleford, Dorolhy 24, 60, 7l, 73, 99 Shehan, Anna 43 Shebley, Brooke 35, 64, 7l, 83, 87, 99 Shimizu, John 62,72 Shippley, Roberl 43 Shirley, Barbara 24, 7l, 72,99 Shirley, Virginia 7l, 82 Shriver, Francis 24 Shull, Annelfe 43 Siegel, Roberl 43 Sierras, Roben 70, 92 Sills, Charles 64 Silva, Henry 43 Silva, Tony 24, 70 Silveira, Jeannelre 34 Simenlal, Eleanor 43, 69 Tadin, Peler Takaki, Arl' 43,92 Walanabe, Frances 39, 7l, 82, 97 Wafanabe, Fred 43, 94 Wafanabe, May 35, 62, 7l, 73, 98 Webb, Judy 27 Webb, Thom 70, 7I Weber, Arlene 43, 65 Websler, Larry 27 Welch, Frank 43 Werner, Edala 43 Wesl, Darlene 35 Weslfall, Millie 39 While, Judie 7l Whilfinglon, Mary 39 Wickman, Ray 35 Wilbur, Marie 35 Williams, Rex 43 A Williamson, Delmar 92 Williamson, Nila 27, 64 Wilson, Norman 27 Wilson, Sharon 35, 7l Takamolo, Leo 35. 64, 7l Tamony, Ann 35, 98 Teague, Calvin 43, 69, 72 Tedder, Everell 26 Teilhef, Jehanne 35, 52, 6I, 72, 82. 98 Ternagel, N. 43 Tesla, Dorine 26 Thalcher, Surry 26, 60, 6I, 7l, 72, 99 Thayer, Roxanna 35, 70, 7l, 98 Thom, Judy 35 Thompson, Richard 70, 9l, 94 Thompson, Sluarr 35, 72,92 Thompson, Terry 43 Thomson, Curlis 26 Thurman, Judy 64 Tippen, Alan ze, 62, 70' Tiersland, Tory 63, 70, 88 Tobin, Nancy 26, 50, 68, 96, 99 Todd, Dennis 39 Toledo, Dudy 35 Tomei, Deanna 26, 60, 6l, 68, 82 Tonsin, M. 43 Tony, H. 33 Torres, Alonzo 94 Torres, Delia 34,97 . Torres, Richard 43 Touref, Marie 26, 48, 54, 70, 7l, 72, 99 Tovar, Maria 43 Townzee, Harold 38 Townzen, Margarel' 43 Trianlos, Tom 43 Tsunoda, Takashi 26, 70, 83, 94, 95 Turner, L. 43 Winslea d, Kay 27 Winlers, Dan 27, 70 Winfers, Ted 27 Wisham, Sharon 43 Wilfges, Craig 70, 78, 83, 9l, 35 Wolfe, Don 39, 64, 70, 83, 9I Wong, Jane 2I, 6I, 7l, 72 73, 82 Wood, Carolyn 27, 49, 50, 55, 6l, 7l, 99 Wood, Frances 35, 70 Wood, Gary 27,62 Woodruff, Georgiana 27 Woods, Vicki 35, 87 Workman, Bernie 64, 70, 78, 82, 83 Worlman, Janef 35 Wrighl, Jim 27 Wrighl, Donna 35, 70 Wunderlich, Danni 27, 60, 7l Wyafl, Eual 62 Wyall, Leon 64, 65, 82 Yamamolo, Keiko 35, 7l Yancey, Nola 27, 70, 7l Yarbrough, Dorolhy 7l Yarbrough, Kay 43, 65 Yoshikawa, Jane 39. 5I, 72 Yoshikawa, Sammy 27 Young, Ralph 27 Zecher, Molly 7l Zecher, Sally 70, 7l, 98 Zeller, John 27 Ziemer, John 39, 7l Nw 2 .., w W 1 mp: . :.z:,a3Q.:g Q' ' V f A Ty." ' 'g,. pw. .. gg., ' V fu, Lf P, ., 1 .X , . Mp- . , ww". A' . .- af , . 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Suggestions in the Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) collection:

Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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