Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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rNx ,L ,, gi, I . . , ,,, ,, -.-.. Zv- TX 'Sirk ,,,.,.b-N-P-""" N AF'-Par dv- N.,- ,yuhf W C .49-' ' . "',. X1 Mx Wm 5 4,4 i, ,if gf 47 l - Y ,v ,Y ,- 4,-fl" ,.-1' ,L-F, " '- 7 4:22 Xgqafjsfvy -2'-IJ fC:3 5'-4 N g T W' -1 HL "' 3. gl' HIMJIJ. 71-714 M' EE, 5- C 9 fri -'-f-ff WWIMW-J fggigv X ' XX ffwaf X,Ma L .. 3 if ....-T i Zfa :ELM ' :FAI- 'iig- Y xy' xm,-+"hMc-A. fx nv ,, :X - -J -' ' " A Likri- ,-'- iw, K ' Y N r I-A hd I 1 'l-1' la -J- ff-'N' ,,.,--' ' 'X ' .sr-J ,,. Us I I4 u um QL I '-li - 1 U i , -i V V n . , - J' . 1 "" l, .. -- ' 'L" . !1H,IlH ,'- , Q S A I, -44'-T' I I It "V ffm "fwfr - ' ' - "hi ' - - ' ' ' . Pj-Wifi f:'w-WF' 5" -M'l,r"I H ' "' . I' J gl I' X 1' 'f ,Ii I. . " !z fn 1' :I L Q :,.. 1,4 X ! - w X, ' ' M f N ,IM ' V Q. , X I X X' -I' 'J A V XR x 5 Q X , 6 - X v . J fb- -uh ' X x Y Alv ' :L , . ff as-. -in V K Av , Y' - ,, " 'i "- X. 1 ff' A , , K X. "V ig .' , f X -' "' 'If' 1 f- g,.:,,,, 3 X anvil' H-A xqlnlzlw I 2 ll . IM U Aniqff 4.71. ,fp 1' . - '-1 I- ' if i I' , ff -mu: X -, , A 1 ,- W 1 I ,N I -1 . :,.z,..wg'f '--1--'gy l "' 12 5 , ll 8, A 'X E . ln. 41 r' 5 u. .,,..A - , ir. Ffh" A , if U" W K Q L 'V 7 - -N . -A kk .QQ 1:7 1 A, 1 ,I ABI... i Y: 3- ,- TN ha. I sr Q 041255-' ,. ,ft ' ' 4 X av: 'Q , ' I. '!""Y' Y gr- SY xx '-'11 gi ,Inu-. J- D , --- W' ?z lg . . 'A' f?" I A Y f""' 1 Y X, A , n -417- ' P , -I' i 77 Blaewufqwff ffl sf-sa,L,N xgdl X I I 1' AA 1 N' . wg W 42 F 5 rf M J als' I n'n I M6 f 4 pun IIf',E'54.,m2 ww egg-EQIL PRESENTED BY THE STUDENTS OF MOUNTAIN VIEW UNION HIGH SCHOOL ROBERTA PARRY EDITOR - X Lf- ,JW 'I Ef7'N 'I K 7f7 Q ' , ,jf 5 V - fji SH .,, n' -6:-"-Avia YvA-A A ivA-- A Ai H X 1diF,ii'i,Y,,,, --AQ.,-,,f" 'I X 1,714 ,K - f x N '-f Y I - X -i if ffl?- --- - --- I I .I 'ff' IE ,H I fm I E ."FP ' um I , K DI' 'I .ff ff ff f ' ' V Mn., 'IIIII2 N IE? IIIIII 3 ' ,, 1' M gm W I ,I Ili L 1' E15 IL U --!' I I uv I IIIII mx ' ,E I ,wx A V, -, ' F' -in E - f "' ' -III' , :::,a-,-f:::- - -'-"----'--"-"' I I 'Ie 'IIII2 me we fa I In I' ' " 'I -III? IIIIIQ Illi I Iv, IS' 2 f I I f1fev:sf2s4f:gImf aww gf: l I ,,.j I II I I '- '- -'M I f ' : I ee1z,aa:II2zII,4"' V22 I"'wII I II III II ' L . '41 I I 'Y' fr I ,uv ' 3 , -r----.---..,-.-,.- v- vs4,sp- - DEDICATION To lhose who have dedncaled 'rhelr hme fo 'Phe leaching of foday s you+h THE TEACHERS OF AMERICA They have guven +helr besl efforfs fowards +he goal of mshllmg fhey mlghf help prepare us for our fufures as responsible, adulf CIllZ6f1S I+ vs our desure +o see +ha+ 'fheur efforfs have no+ been an vaun The Edlfor and Slalif knowledge in our minds. Unselfishly have 'rhey worked in The hope l'ha+ Qaomlhe WMQW X l My X me A Qfjimg Z Www The Eagle us a large burd of excellenf vusuon grea+ sfrengfh and us a champuon flghfer among olher anumals ll has marvelous powers of flughf soarung very hugh on apparenlly moluonless wungs The Eagle males for lufe and us a proud and dulugenl par enl lf somefumes reaches a greal' age I+ may be found locally all over +he conlunenl near sfreams lalues and seacoasfs If us a handsome burd wulh blaclu plumage slrealced wufh whule and havung a whule head neclu and fall Sunce ancuenf fumes 1'he Eagle has been a symbol of royal power and malesfy ll was lhe symbol of Jove and represen+ed flue sun un varuous myfhs lf us fhe emblem of lhe Unufed Sfales lf us quufe flfhng fha? such a greal crealure as fhe Eagle should be fhe emblem of our hugh school Mounfaun Vuew us an example of beaufy and leadershup among hugh schools as fhe Eagle us among burds Roberfa Parry 'Trl xx ful KO ll X V ullluj full u 2 w Q Q X .fuxgj ff .u fy r ii if if Mr C Crooke Our Principal I see our school one of fhe mos+ beauhful spols PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE . . . Your edifor Roberla has asked me fo wrife a special arhcle for your Blue and Gray. I say special because she specified she wanfed ihe arficle wrnHen as if I were an Eagle high in fhe air or on some mounfain 'lop overlooking fhis valley. I am fo de- scribe whaf I observe from fhal vanfage ponnl' looking down upon our school. I am sure I lhink I am sure fhai her requesl was mofivafed 'by fhe facl thai Ihe Eagle is emblemaiic of our school and ifs acfivilies and noi because 'lhe BALD Eagle is +he symbol of our greal counfry Websfer says an Eagle is a bird of prey I don I like fhal so we shall move on +o ofher defim hons lhe Eagle has greaf sirengfh excellenf vision and dwells in hugh places Le+ us assume for fhe purpose of fhns arhcle and whale I am an Eagle 'lhaf I have excellenl' vision Whaf do I see? I believe fhal' l have seen almosl every beauhful spof In our greaf America I am now gazing a+ Ihe Sanfa Clara Valley I lhmk ii is one of +he mos? beauhful spofs in all America ll IS also my home In 'lhe whole valley wrlh 'Finely consfrucled and well kepl' buildings yards and gardens fhal' are unexcelled because of +heir symme'I'ry and beauly lawns shrubs and blooming flowers Even 'lhe smallesl organlzahon an exls+ence musf have some guiding hand back of rl as has 'lhls whole universe wrlh rls Mlghly Hand dlrechng nfs deshny I see a Board of Trusfees mfensely lnferes'l'ed in 'lhe welfare of our school else we would noi' have rl I see a capable 'faculfy carefully framed and selecled so you may have lhe besf lnslruchon possible I see mamlenance men and office personnel dillg nlly and efficrenlly applying 'lhemselves so lhaf you may have a more beauhful and eFficuen+ school I see lasf buf cerfamly noi Ieasf almosf fwelve hundred youfhs God s greafesf gnfl io humamfy and 'lhe sole hope for 'lhe fulure of America and cuvnllzahon Pray God 'lhaf you 'lake advanfage of 'lhe heruiage and oppor+um+ues fhal are yours I+ IS 'lor you 'lhal' 'lhe Mounfaln View Union High School exrsls Be worfhy of 'lhe opporlunnhes +ha+ are yours and assume your responslbnluhes I do noi luke lhese hugh places 'lor long May I now flulfer down from my hugh and somehmes cold nesf and loin you where everylhmg IS so much warmer 'friendlier and human? The day is done and fhe darkness And 'lhe mghi shall be filled wrlh music Falls from fhe wings of mghf And +he cares fha? mfesf fhe day As a feafher is waffed downward Shall fold lheur lenls like Arabs From an eagle in nfs flighl And as sulenfly sleal away BOARD OF TRUSTEES Qt. aff' Mr Simmonds Dr Hopkins Mrs Cheeseman Mr A all Mr Spangler X J X I I I I I I ll II Il ll . I I n , - I , , I . . lx X 0 l Q 4 I I ' o Q . o c I . . I I - I I I I ' , . . .. 9 . . a l I I a I I I . . , I I I I I I I I I D X . 1' , , , ' -L g Q I . IL VA F I - ' ' J E' .. , v - A A Y ' , I, X . 4 . ,v . ' If F gs , .5 K g- f A D ..' r"-..,.-. MR. CARTER Mr. Carfer, our vice-principal, has a very responsible posifion. He plays a very imporfanf par+ in fhe life of Mounfain View Union High School. Mr. Carfer is Dean of Boys. He counsels wirh fhe boys and falks over rheir problems. He is sponsor of fhe Boys' League. He also looks over fhe Juniors' programs +0 be cer+ain fhaf fhey have all lhe high school gradua+ing requiremenfs by fhe fime fhey are +hrough fhe Senior year. Mar+ha Schenlx MRS HAWKS Mrs Hawlrs rs our ever popular Dean of Girls Besides helpmg rhe girls wifh fheir many problems she checks +he daily sfudeni' body affendance Somehow she finds hme fo reach fwo classes of Social Living serve as sponsor of fhe Girls League and acf as a Freshman Class counselor Dixie Evans MR WILKINS Mr Wulluns as fhe one person in our faculfy fha? 'lhe sfuden+s lusf couldn + gef along wrfhouf His calm quref manner his pahence and his abllr+y lo undersfand 'lhe feenager malre hur' an ideal direclor of guidance 'leach er of Senior Problems and dnreclor of Sfudenf Body achvi has He organizes 'the school calendar and is also drrecf or of 'the mghi' school Has advice and guidance have been greafly apprecuafed by 'rhe s+uden+s Marfha Schenln L. QQ.. '-Pvfyrw' ll .flil 5252 i I 'N FACULTY Muller Gardener G Duncan Lnbrary Sensor Achvuly Counselor Bush Physnology Buology Alfkell Chemlsfry Consumer Scuence Junuor counselor Hock Physics Chemaslry Gordon Vusual Alds Chemuslry Algebral General Malh Doane Algebra l Geomelryl Freshman counselor Nlldellllan General Malh Algebra Theory ll Junior counselor Chess Club adviser olud Geomelry Trngonomelry Angllls General Shop Malh General Mafh Alge b a I Gonxalves Geometry General Malh Olsen General Shop Mefal Melal Shop Aulo Mechanics Carlfan General Shop Drawing Mechanical Draw In Grubb General Shop Woodwork Elemenlary Woodwork Advanced Woodwork Marshall Englnsh lA School Afflllahon Com mlllee adviser Brown Engllsh IB lll A Freshman counselor Freshman counselor English lll A B Mrs Reynolds E glrsh Ill A Ill B IV A Jallllsan E gllsh lA l B MISS McGllVrey Dramahcs Englrsh l B Annual Adv: ser Slagecral-l Mr Edwards Englush ll A lll B Public Speaking Mr Blalock Englnsh ll B Semor counselor MSS Wilbur E gllsh IIA Frenchl ll lll School f 'lllnahon Commlllee adviser Ml' Callahan Spanish I ll lll Pep Club advrser Mr Moneely L lm I II Span h I Mass rs rs M ss fi If fl Kuffler School Nurse ll'Vllll Speech Correchonusl Sesler Accounlanf McDonald Texfbook Clerk cafflr Clerk Farellclcll Regnslrer wlllh Cafeleree llllhardf Cefelerla Mr. : Mr. . : ' . ' ' ' . Mr. : ' . ' . Mr. . : . D . ' . Mr. : ' . ' . Mr. : ' ' . ' , , Mr. : D . , . Mr. : . , . ' . ' S . Mr. : , , - I' . Mr. : , . Mr. : , , Mr. : ' , ' - . 9. Mr. : , Mr. : ' - . " ' - Mr. : ' - , - . . Mr. Savslrornz English IV-A, lll-A, Business English, Mr. Ely: ' - , Ill- , IV-A. . 2 n ' - , - , - . Mr. : n ' - , - , II-A. l ' 2 n ' - . . . . a - . : a ' , , is . M . ' : ' ' M . : . I : . M . 2 . M . : ' . Mrs. : ' . M . : ' . FACULTY Mr Propm Gardener Mlss Lawrence Shodhand Journalnsm Ofhce Prachce Sensor counselor Mlss Ridge Typmg I ll Busnness Englnsh Red Cross advnser MISS Crabtree Typing l Y Teen Club adviser Mr Wilder Junlor Business Tranmng Boolclceepmg Talnony Clvucs U S Hlslory .lumor counselor NICPIOIS U S Huslory Sensor Problems Social Llvmg larhnlan World Huslory U 5 Hlslory J Duncan Socual Lnvmg Sophomore counselor Allen U S Hnsfory Socual Lnvnng Freshman coun se or Anderson Boys Physlcal Educahon Flarlnl Boys Physical Educahon Calvelll Boys Physical Educahon rs Sager Girls Physical Educahon Mrs. Maahee Girls Physucal Educahon Ms: Corbm F ods I II Mrs. Downey Clolhmg I II Homemalung Mr Crmenden Art I II V VII Miss Fraellllcll Vocal Glrls Chorus Advanced Plano Chonr Elemenlary Plano cClllPG1l lnslrumenlal Orcheslra Band Sopho more counselor Mr Larfan Bus Driver I' Madsen Superunfendenl of Transporlahon Marflnl Bus Dnvar Mrs Madsen Bus Driver Mr Callanl Cuslodcan Mrs. Howe Bus Druver Mr sllllfh Bus Druver Mrs. Sllllfll Bus Driver Ml' Oehoa Cusfocllan Bus Driver Tllanlpsan Head Cuslodlan Kalllel Cuslodlan Grllli Cusiodlan Harte Cuslodlan 5.1- 'WI L 3' Q Q I all Flyrng hrgh beyond 'lhe powers of o+her brrds fhe Eagle has command of lhe enhre unrverse He never qurie reaches hrs grea+esf herghf bu+ each day soars a lrHle hrgher seerng more 'rhrough hrs lceen vrsron and addrng io hrs knowledge So may fhe Senrors be each day may fhey progress beyond fhe day before wr+h eyes and mrnd opened and each day may +hey learn a new lesson lo help fhem fhrough 'fherr lrves r r o I ZW ck aj CLLZLULWM fag Af, XS. 5336 Qi? fl' A af... MX FK XX 3 Zhu.: f' ' ,ff . br VI 6 SX t' xx V b, -' X 'xg X I 'T f f M: . X 1 I' .' wkf I 1 yi : X X XX ' X , 'w X - 42 Q 4'-M-Q VXI 3 L l 42 6, wimm Allen Betty Amaral Q Shirley Arista Bob Anderson 'D 3. Dick Arlmborgo I v Louise Blelsch Bruce Bassett Anna Lee Canter Xa l ,fr 5 Robert Bailey if .4-"" M Phil Bailey Elaine Burkhart argaret Castilla Arthur Bell li if Kathryn autumn 'v i ' I Charles Blank Susan Chancellor Carolyn Camin IILHSS UF 1953 fi. " 5 i 13, XY '27 cg- D Q .4 63, 6'- C i eff 'Ml '3 0' ' h Ben Baptiste Marilyn Corzine Borbora Cousins Barbara Cox Raymond loyes Larry Bracken Phyllis Craig Sandra Craner rmmp men Irene Delayhouse Ralph Calvo Jerrle Dampler Richard Cowllshaw Mary DeLeon Nancy Danlloff John Cllne Joan Denham Sunny Cummins Gary Clark .ol Irene Dankerf Shirley Dufra Molly Anne Engelharf Q--4 wry ' 2' A Y QL-1 Allen Davies Pani Erickson Q. Dolores Esperanza Kent DeLaughler John Delgado Valerle Estcourt Ralph Ferguson Dorls Gllmore CLHSS UF 1953 x 13 ED Qi. Av 9, 4:5 E5 s Dixie Evans 5 Y lil Q 'S 0.x Frank Dumo Georgia Ginepro Darrell Gann William Esclle Gladys Flsche nbruecller r Donald Goodrich Barbara Gloeggler Mary Lou Garcia Davld Everson Belma Gomes Pav Greene V wi GDT7 1fT'T7 C3 ' ,6' I vi fa ,5 3 'u wr-Q 'Y 4' '4 -3 K Jeanne Grotheer Glenn Grlffetll Richard Gutierrez Dorothy Guerrero Jeanette Guerrero James Hansen Joseph Helenlhl 0- ., June Haun Vern Hostetler Janet Holcomb Marvin Jensen ff I 'Y gg Ps U . J 5 Q Sherry Harvey Marty Hess - , ,Q , , ON A I Jorge Hoover X Apw Dorothy Hickman A Us 2 ts 'A' Helen Holtllouso 'sv' ' Tl? K' fi -.ii , Y 5. in Q7 A James Johnson Joyce Jennings CLHSS UF 1953 Arlene Kampfen Ronald Jones l. 2 'Y' f'7 Q Q uma name T? L QU' Sandra Keeney V Richard Lamacrod Carolyn Langley Barbara Killen . - -X - 05 I1 ,Q-9 ,3 C Earl Klng .V X AA 777' X4 ' Q." -ad Mary Larsen Lang Leong .l Y Thomas Knlght name. Klalowlfx '-7 A -v a ' lenlamln Lewis Virginia Macias 1 rf Inge Kuner Byron Kohfleld Q i"'-'Y ? l Shirley Manfelli lrls Markle 1 CLHSS UF 1953 Matilda Marquez Jerry Lewis Robert Loomis of Shirley Mattels Q4 aug ,M M K tv" 1 fs X 'r Ka , N 1 54 Q ,.. Eleanor Maxwell rf uv 1 Barry Machado V v"'Y a Nancy Mellow James McCarthy A l Glenn Mann Z.. Z2 .ag f'1 I 3 Cecil McCormIclx Charles MeCurdy Ruth Melrxer Shirley McCulloch Warren Martin C' Jean Meyer Mille McDonald Thomas Maruyama Jeanette Meek PN by av 117 'Qi i' mf wmv -. 777 S.. "F" Nadine Meyer ni Barbara Moore 'Q f--v ,fr -s . ' U sn 'T X 1' 1 1 i l fu? J lt., Orval McEIrath Jane Cutrell Morales Frances Mustain Richard McGorry IILHSS UF 1953 Thomas Miller 3 5,- Lynne Nelll AI Ottaviana Ida Olivo 92. 5' - tu: on 'L' Carale Newfarmer Dennis Mitchell Mary Lou Orosco Richard Patton Robert Montalvo Janice Norman 4? 5 4-D A' Robert Pearson Gloria Oroxco Dorothy Oliver P- ,N George Nakamura 4- -vs sf Janet Ozawa lernadlne Parrino -A .- fox In ig-Q 'C j -'YI f"x 1, '23 I S ? iq. K ULHSS UF 1953 Roberta Parry Jerry Pisana -as Q' 'C' f '34 'D 3 Ne--v Nar Ra N I Beverly Patron .-Z' Barbara Paul 'F it gs! Q George Rayfleld Y 5, ff C Arlene Radlslcll Borls Rudolfs qs. Lawrence llabello Lorna Perersan Harald Salado Barbara llaper 4.4 ,ns Q "4 " 1- Berry Polnares William Roe Shirley Richardson James Sluarruck Jn. it Lea Rudee 'R Q f' Q ' Mary Rlvas Anita Pratt Ann Rodriguez fps: 5-0 f' 2 Z l '-.941 :lv . RI 1 Q i so 'Q' S- :H-f l eras if fi? v Tff Gerald Shultz Shirley Rogers Beverly Saich James Smith Bill Spears Katie Sakae Kit Stewart Martha Schenk Rebecca Salas Joseph Souza LaVonne Schmidt Elmer Stone Wllllam Sommer IILHSS UF l953 l i 9-1- 'R 1' '9 'TY and 'P tug 5:3 Edilia Salvatierra Jerry Taylor Kay Schnitlxer -v' "2 , . f 1 Loreta Sarto Ed Spencer C... 7? JZ! Rose Seqavia Shirley Mae Shultz , if 'V f--V 'CJ - Sally Sldebottorn ' ' fi' Joseph Thomas 6-9 y IILHSS UF 1953 ' 1 Y il 'Y ini .-L 6 ! 'va 5 Q V ...J Terry Thrush Elizabeth Snow ef l - Carol Sprunger Edward Treeee 9' sa Alice Torres Dee Wayne Wallls I S Carl Tuseh A X Nancy Steele .6', Robert Warrington Karen Tyersland b" 1 C" f2' 9 Q 1 'id Al V 1 Lorralne Stlllens Anthony Unquera 'J-' f-4 Mary Vallotton . I A William Watson ' Frank Unquera Eleanor Svendson fa- if 'iv -r Corel Voorhees y Barbara Walther .'x C" 'U' ,gy- f'5 .4 ' 'Q 'fl' I 1. ll J' ev , , "'7 A W I. '-vw. J l ,- 'U if fi L 1 l 5795? -4 1v"'Y are v""V 4 faq I mlm ,M 9 I 6'-'ew 40x 'xp' QTY Carmen Taxan Marguerite Trlsf Norma Tuscll Lorraine Warburton Ann Wluirren Kelly Weaver Dana Williamson Shirley Wilson Susan Wood Nancy Yamada Bill Zeller Carmen Garcia CLHSS UF 1953 Annie Yares Carol Zeiss is ,bf X Joy Siegfried I . X - nr- gx " 4 ILT' .1 N' f "-7:9 " X QS' 3 Ries lk 'E' In . x ....,, HONORARY SENIOR Sepfember 52 The fypusf s fingers fly over fhe keys as she busnly 'Iypes ouf Ihe names of Ihe new sludenfs un fhe regusfrars office INGE 9 KUTZER Whai' s +hus7 I+ us a specual name fha? of our Ersl' ex change sfudenf who comes from our pariner school Ihe Ulruch von HuHen Schule un Berlun Germany lf us a name +ha+ means one s+ep fowards fhe be'Her unders+andung of +wo coun+rues as lnge experuences Amerucan lufe un adduhon +o lellung Ameru cans aboul' lufe un Germany June 53 As Inge looks back on her busy year a+ Mounlaun Vuew she sfafes some of her Hrsi' umpressuons l nohced +ha+ here un Ameruca you emphasuze socual lufe more 'Ihan we un Germany W I found 'lhus emphasus even un some of your sublecfs cuvucs senuor problems and socual luvung Your unformal afhfude af school siruck me 'I'oo buf mos'I' of all I was umpressed by your sludenf governmenl whuch showed me your Independence and sense of responsubulu+y a spurrl' whuch us also reflecfed un your Varuely Shows and varuous programs un which everyone fakes an achve par+ As Ihe school year draws fo a close Inge says lm quu+e excufed and curuous aboul graduahon Here you have bug ceremonues we un Germany bug Iesfs Now good bye and fhank you all so much for a wonderful and unforgelable year af Mounfaun Vuew When I re'l'urn Io Germany I hope I can convey Io my fruends wha? you have shown me so well of lufe un your counlry Inga Kuizer Trude Hoffacker SCHOOL AFFILIATION COMMITTEE Sunce I948 Moun'l'aun Vuew Hugh has been affiluafed wu+h Ihe Ulruch von HuHen Schule un Berlun Af 'lhe end of lasl' year an afflluahon commuHee was sei up by +he s'Iuden'I councul Thus parfnershup be 'Iween Ihe fwo schools has been very successful especually fhus pas? year durung lnge Kuhers vusll Our school senf a large box of yarn +o fhe Ulruch von HuHen Schule as a Chrusimas gulf I+ was ac companued by a handsome Chrus+mas card The freshman classes have corresponded wufh our parfner school for several years and fhal' prachce was conhnued fhus year We parhcupaied un a meehng un San Francusco on exchange sfudenls 'l'hus year Thus meehng proved fluai school affiluahon us becomung of un'reres+ Io more people Mounfaun Vuew was also unvufed by 'Ihe American Fueld Servuce CommuHee Io send un Iwo applucahons for a summer 'I'rup 'ro Berlun As +heur Chrusfmas greehng fo us 1'he Ulruch von HuHen Schule senf us an ex ample of fheur arf work whuch was placed un fhe dusplay wundow Because of our school affiluahon we had The opporlunrly of welcomung Frau Docior Gerfrud Panzer Superunfendenl' of Secondary Educahon for Berlun who A. xp vusuled our school for a week Through or 4. In her luvely speeches +o all 'Ihe Englush classes our unfernahonal relahonshup 'I' g i was sfrengfhened Donna Degen ldcl Row J Furulchu E Baker L Crumb P Cass J Tamony Flrsf low J DoFro0s C Cooper I Kuher T Hoffacker D Degen , N 1 I ., . Tr V . . u g . . .l . . I - . u , . 0 Q A l to I 0' . . . u l . . I. . . 5 X Q . . . X N . . . . .- 1 l , . u u I . . .. .. . . . . I I l , I ll . H. . . . . f I . I u - ' . I Q l ll ' . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . u .. , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . u . ,. . I . . ' s .F . X-- -I I up F y u ' 1: . C., 4- L, . ,', l . . . .1 51 ' ' . - 1 - H., , A ' A .4 . A . f 6 . .I I 3 l 1 ' I ' ' : r - u - 1 ' ' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Fall QCA? AI Offavlano Presrdenf Deck Anmborgo Vnce Presuderd Lorrame Shllens Secrenry Barbara Walther Treasurer JIIIIIIIIQ Johnson Sergeant af Arms larry Machado Boys Councnl Rep Barbara Moore Gurls Councrl Rap Senlorsl Such a hny word fo sum up +he four years of hugh school A'F+er 'foofball along came Chns+ mas wuih fhe Chrns+mas dance parhes and all 'I'he usual feshvuhes IQ" ACTIVITIES Bern and Rene G hum' Knll hum' DragneI?7 Procluchon Managers The Play Cas? Seven Snsiors Our Ialenlod classmah 2' Na.Z'.a...r.-.ah SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Spring XA, " . ,, Q. , - " L 6 Louise llelsch. President George Nakamura. Vice-President Jeanette Guerrero. Secfefiryi Dona Williamson. Tre! surer: Mdrfy Hess. Boys' Council Rep.: Ellldbefll Snow. Girls' Council Rep. Finally graduallon II Ioolc us four years Io aflann Ihns goal buf now fhese four years un whnch we were Io learn Io lnve fhe resl of our llves seem more lllre four smell mlnufes Now as we leave we wanf io Ihank everyone here for Ihe educahon friendship smiles and underslandang Ihaf you have glven us Thenlx You' ACTIVITIES it Dancers Prachce Apprecuehve Audnence Ho? Sax A Vrennese Wall! The Play Crews Hugh Noon7?? Two Droopy Dnreclors .-,nl "9 1 J 'f p, A sl 1 1 4 ei l J X, iv r P --fl ,gd-ak B' g-C ,sf As Babies, Our Lives Begin Sandra Keeney Bob Pearson .Carmen Garcia Kay Schniflzer .Dorofhy Guerrero .Gail James .Glenn Grifferh .Sherry Harvey .Carolyn Camln Barbara Klllen Irene Delayhouse Mary Larsen Barbara Cousins I4. Beverly Saleh I5. Carol Sprunger I6. Bob Loomis I7. Bob Anderson IB. Ben Baplisle .John Delgado . Joy Siegfried Marlha Schenk Bob Warringion Jerry Lewis Ann Whlffen Jerrie Dampier Al Oifaviano Carel Voorhees .yc"""' as as H '. f'. .TN 9 , 'v 4. , 5 .lr ii: "' 1 -dunffzii As Seniors, lnge Kufzer Sally Sid'eboHom Joan Denham Mary Lou Orozco Lorraine Sfillens . Jeanne Groiheer Vern Hosfefler Frank Unquera Roberia Klalrowic 1 Our Lives Begin - Shirley Richardson Barry Machado LaVonne Schmid? Doroihy Hickman Diclr Arimbcrgo Barbara Walfher Na+ Ra I7. Jeanneffe Meek Barbara Glceggler I XX as Adults l9.Ka1hryn Burlrhari 20. Shirley McCulloch 2l. Elaine Burlihari 22. Don Goodrich 23. Shirley Duira 24. Susan Chancellor 25. Carole Newfarmer 26. Roberia Parry 27. Shirley Rogers Av 1 ' 04' AW 1 U. - 5 , 5 ' ' ul! yi Wk ii :Q fn ' '3' 'GK' 12 df" 1' .i JNX' Fa-w K, i , 4 2 A f.. 1 -Hg, 'I As x X. N B -ar H? fly I Emi K Q fl s 3 NY.. In ' G I 5 I . As Seniors, Sandy and Bobbie Coolrie DOFOIIT Doris . Y. Tom and George Molly Anne Engellwarl Dolores Esperanza Bev, Liz, Dana, Norma CHANCELLOR. SUSAN 3 G. A. A. I, 2, Jr. Carnival CLARK. GARY Transfer 4 Tennis 4 CLINE, JOHN Jr. Carnival Our Lives Begin J f'v y '-al? ."Tl1e Miglnfy Midgelsn I4. Margaref Caslillo IS. Carnival Day I6. IO. James Srnifh Off fo School I8. Carol, Lea, Carel Frances and Friend I7. - as Adults Nancy Yamada Barbara Killen Rebecca, Nancy, Gloria "Glamour Gal" Parry Inilialion for Gail I9. Carolyn and Milre DANILOFF, NANCY G. A, A. I, 2 Jr. Carnival 3 DAVI ES. ALLAN Transfer 4 C. S. F. 4 DELAYHOUSE, IRENE Chrislmas Play 4 CORZINE, MARILYN G.A.A. I, 2, 3,4 Freshman Recep. 2 COUSINS. BARBARA Jr. Carnival I, 2, 3, 4 C. S. F. 4 COWLISHAW. RICHARD Foolball I COX, JAMES Jr. Carnival 3 Foolball 4 CRANER, SANDRA Jr. Carnival 3 Drill Team Direcl. 4 CRAIG, PHYLLIS G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 CUMMINS, SUNNY Band I, 2, 3, 4 Traclr I DAMPIER, JERRIE Annual Slaff I Block "M" 2, 3, 4 G.A.A, I,2,3,4 C. S. F. 4 DELAUGHTER, KENT Foolball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 DQLEON. MARY G.A.A. I,2,3,4 Bloclc "M" 3, 4 DELGADO. JOHN Baseball I, 2 Traclc I, 2,3 DENHAM, JOAN G.A.A. I,2,3,4 C.S.F. I,2,3,4 DUMO. FRANK Track 2, 3, 4 Jr. Carnival 3 DUTRA. SHIRLEY G.A.A. l,2,3,4 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4 ENGELHART. MOLLY ANNE Sludenf Council 4 C. S. F. I, 2,4 Aloq NAKAMURA. GEORGE Jr. Carnival 3 Variefy Show 3, 4 NEWPARMER. CAROLE Class Off I, 2 Foofball Queen 3 NORMAN, JANICE G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 3 NORMAN. MARY Transfer 4 Senior Play 4 OLIYO. IDA G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4 C. S. F. I, 2, 3, 4 OROSCO. GLORIA G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4 OROZCO. MARY LOU Pep Club 2, 3 Jr. Carnival 3 OTTAYIANO. AL C. S. F. I, 2, 3 Class Pres. 4 OZAWA. JANET G. A. A. 3 C. S. F. 2 PARRY. ROBERTA C. S. F. I, 2, 3, 4 Sfudenf Council 2, 3, 4 PARRINO. IERNADINE Jr. Prom. 3 Rally Commiffee 3, 4 PATTON. DICK Traclc 3 Foofball 3, 4 PEARSON. DOI Foofball 2, 3, 4 Jr. Carnival 3 PETERSON. LORNA Transfer 3 Jr. Carnival 3 PISANO. JERRY Foofball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 POMARES. IETTE G. A. A. 3 Rally Commiffee 3 PRATT. ANITA G. A. A. 3, 4 Y-Teen Club 4 RA. NAT Foofball 2, 3, 4 Baslcefball I, 2, 3 RADISICH. ARLENE G. A. A. 3, 4 Jr. Carnival 3 RAPER. IARIARA Variefy Show 4 Aquacade 4 RAYFIELD. GEORGE Transfer 2 Tennis 4 RICHARDSON, SHIRLEY C. S. F. 2, 3, 4 Eagle Edifor 4 RIYAS. MARY G. A. A. I Jr. Carnival 3 ROBELLO. LAWRENCE Track I Foofball Mgr. I RODRIGO. ANN Rally Cornmiffee 3 Jr. Carnval I, 3 ROGERS. SHIRLEY G. A. A. I, 2 Jr. Carnval 3 RUDEE. LEA C. S. F. 2, 4 Sfudenf Council 3, 4 SAICH. BEVERLY Freshman Recep. 2 Adv. Sfaff 3, 4 SALVATIERRA, EDILIA G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4 Bloclc "M" 3, 4 SAKAE. KATIE G. A. A. 3, 4 C. S. F. 3, 4 SCHENK. MARTHA C. S. F. 3, 4 Class Off. 2, 3 SCHMIDT. LUYONNE Transfer I G. A. A. 2, 3 SCHNITKER. KAY Freshman Recep. 2 C. S. F. 3 SCHULT2, JEROLD Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orch. I, 2, 3, 4 SCHULT1. SHIRLEY MAE Transfer 3 SHATTUCK. JAMES Transfer 3 Jr. Carnival 3 SIDEIOTTOM. SALLY Transfer 3 Jr. Prom. 3 SIEGFRIED. JOY G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4 C. S. F. 3 SMITH. JAMES Band. Orch. I, 2, 3, Chess Club Pres. 4 SNOW. ELIZABETH Bloclr "M" 2, 3, 4 Class Off. 2, 4 SOMMER. DILL Transfer 3 Band 3, 4 SOUZA. JOSEPH Baseball I Foofball 2 SPEARS. BILLY Traclr 2. 3. 4 Hall Pafrol 4 SPENCER. ED Band I, 2 SPRUNGER. CAROL G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club I. 2, 3, 4 STEELE. NANCY Jr. Prom 3 Variefy Show 4 STEWART. KIT Chrisfmas Play I Track I STILLENS, LORRAINE G. A. A. Mgr. 4 C. S. F. 2, 3, 4 STONE. ELMER Foofball 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4 SVENDSEN. ELEANOR Lafin Club I G. A. A. l, 2, 3 TAZAN. CARMEN G. A. A. 4 Jr. Carnival 3 THRUSH. TERRY Transfer 4 TORRES. ALICE Transfer 2 G. A. A. 2 TREECE, ED Orchesfra 3, 4 Jr. Carnival I, 2,4 TRIST. MARGUERITE Transfer 2 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 TUSCH. NORMA Block "M" 2, 3 Jr. Prom 3 UNOUERA, ANTHONY Foofball 2, 3 UNOUERA. FRANK Foofball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 YALLOTTON. MARY Jr. Carnival I, 2, 3 WALTHER. IARIARA C. S. F. I, 2, 3, 4 Orch. I, 2, 3, 4 WARDURTON. LORRAINE Jr. Prom 2 Jr. Carnival 3 WARRINGTON. ROBERT C. S. F. l, 2, 3, 4 Sfudenf Courf, 3, 4 WATSON. IILL Transfer 3 Jr. Carnival 3 WEAVER. KELLY Class Off. 3 Hall Pafrol 3, 4 WHITTEN. ANN G. A. A. I, 2, 3,4 Choir 2, 3, 4 WILLIAMSON, DANA G. A. A. Off. 4 Block "M" 2, 3, 4 WILSON. SHIRLEY G. A. A. 3 Pep Club 3, 4 YAMADA. NANCY G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club Off. 3, 4 YATES. ANNIE Jr. Carnival 3 Choir 4 IEISS. CAROL Annual Sfaff 2 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 IELLER. IILL Tennis 2 Chess Club The Eagle xs a proud parenf Each year he welcomes new young ones and dnlugenfly works +0 prepare 'them for +he hme when fhey musl leave fhe nes? Jus? such a proud parenl' and anxlous leacher IS 'the Hugh School Among fhe classes fhere are 'rhose who are near ready for ihenr Independence and fhere are fhose who are shll preparlng fo leave When 'lhey do leave fhe nesf may fhey malxe ihe mosl of wha? 'they have learned fo gunde fhem 'rhrough wha+ever course fhey choose 6 fi k?3, ,jjf JJ' mf? XXM'Z""sQ,Jx yy Lf '1x:s k ++SZ""3 5f"X'V"' NA ,ff-Lk fuk X J E ,MR Z N Y " f f K - 4 f J 1 ff -J dfk - --A . A-Q X? J ,f-9"'5gp ,J sffg . fW 1' J' X-: QW , 5 fa 1 we V QD.: , 'S f ' , , W ix , ff " by 11-:Q Qi-C , L' XJ -1 AV, f j A3658 Q ff D XXX K ? fdf'-M Nt I 1 Xl W "X X AROUND THE SCHOOL .Z Prachce In fhe New Musuc Bulldmg Ari' Deparimeni 'Q 'O Typmg Class Wood Shop Gurls Gym A+ work In fhe Audl forlum Freshman Enghsh .--4 1' , f 5 Z - A 1 , P x i AT ix' 'Q L X a v- I - 4 A '4 ' fl, I A' iw , , W, . 5 f I. ' ' S . . . I 5 x Q - 2. D . 1 3. . I X 4. 1 .F ' 5. ' ' . 6. ' '- . 7. ' . . -o 1 ' I 1 1 o 'ALL JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS S"""'G in HN-sl' 51:- Rudy Guflerrez Presudenf Ronnie Bryan Vnce Presndenf Jerry Hamm' p,,,,d,,,, gn, pmks Treaswe, gamer, MUVY -Inn' BU999 S'CfeI5"Y CUVUIYII SNIIHI5 Treasure' Fldllllery Secrefay BYYOII Alldersbll Vice Presldenf JQCII lyrnn Andwnn 59+ n+Afn-S Jnnnnv Nnnes Connell sleym com.: Rep Roger sm-fn Council Rep John Rep Karen Morley Council Rep Qhigqwy, 59+ af Arm, ACTIVITIES Our fIrs+ year as upperclassmenl We nafurally fel? a lrHle superror foward 'lhe class es under us a+ Hrsl for we remembered how we looked up lo lhe lunrors and seniors when we were underclassmen We began our class achvuhes wrI'h +he Jumor Varuefy Show The fheme Grave yard Fanfasy was carried ou+ successfully by panlomrmes and a scarecrow dance The class as a whole has par'hclpa+ed In many school achvlhes whnch have helped 'l'o make our lumor year one of The besl' The lasl semesler of our lumor year held many excuhng evenls Among fhese was Jumor Day whuch was held on Aprrl 2l and Ihe annual Jumor Carnival In May The grealesl' excrfemenl' of 'lhe year was fhe Prom whnch was sponsored by +he Jumor Class Thus brough+ our lumor year Io a pleasan+ close Carrying many happy memorles we look forward +o becoming sensors an anhcrpa hon of ano+her successful year Norma Yarbrough 4, - . C31 'I 'E , 4 Q . - .. -n ' " ' - I I I49ff 'T' 'f ,r -1 l .' 1...-Y - 4 . 9 1 1 I J ' ' " " ' I rf- 4, 1 ' 1' 5 , , ' X C ' .al ' . ' . I . : . - . I I . I I I - I ' .1 . : . ' - ' : - -' ' g 3 ' . ' .: ' . ' . -I - - . .- - . . . .I . .. . . .. -- a I ' rl - ' , . Il 0 ll l u ll l ' s ll 0 , . I ll II ' . n . . - JUNIORS 606 mn Anile' Top Row J Clwllrasuye E Baker J Ba d E Baldw C Copenhaver J Balero D Carranza B Benevenfo R Bryan M Braslu E Burke J Bend B Clarke Second Row B Boggne B Anderson F Corneluus L Crumb J Clarke F Caraway S Anderson M Avuha F Correla C Brown Firs! Row M Bugge E Bureau J Chappell A Burrows N Crofhers P Allen T Beaver C Borello J Bafes E Biggs R Agee S Balcohclw C Allen T Allen T Top Raw E Gonzaleg R Guherru H Fox B Fr gr W Fulle J Jnrmnez T Faravelln E Demeul D Cerranza L Eberhard! Second low L Gavelelr J Engslrorn G Dnerks D Edwards G Davey T Derrncluon C Fenech D De Fel'1r J Fahlb sch M Drege V Elloi Flrsf low M Frye C Evans D Grass J Francie J Fanuccn Damaano J Duley J Gerlsch B Flannery C Jennmgs G Groves J Franh D Degen JUNIORS me if Top ROW R Howley H Harris L Luiz N Slsevuch l Lublch L Holfhouse B London R lld S Keeny Stcblld Row H Hoshu A Luna ulan R Lopez J Humpel J Loz no J Hashngs A Kung B Kelly Loenner Flrsl Row J Lowman D Jones L Hoefler l Kufzer T Hoffaclrer M Loo M Lugsey P Liles N Krue ger M Lloyd P Locke M Liu J Lozano B Hockefi rs D P2 Tiff 1T"" jf fl, xx , S. x Tifllif Top Row: A. Olivo D. Calvo T. Blasquez J. Oconnor W. Kirlx J. Laclrey R. Milovina D. Esperanza B. Kelly D. MdfClldHi B. Malsfrom D. Moore T. Gray, T. Cabarloc. Second Row: B. Madden J. McClure, K. Olcamofo J. Middlefon S. Morifa A. Minchin J. Nakano J. Moorhead J. Miller L. Massey O. NeHle C. Killen L. McKinley B. Boggs. First Row' M. Ochoa M. Marquez N. Marquez L. Moragues C. Mena M. Mathias P. Newell J. Barras K. Morley R. Baufisia C. Nelson B. McKeeman C. Marvin D. Machado. JUNIORS H9 lf" Top Row D Tosfe F Marfam L Luux G Tesla P Preslay D Rnchardson R Scholl L Shelfon C Hood P Prana J Belero Second low D Salman Z Salvaherra V Sore S Keeney A Sfewerf E Rudolf: G Talzemoio F Scoff M Rowe D Thompson I Salvelra Flrxf Row M Sandngo C Shllens J Slayfon G Rlchfer V Sfewarf J Franfx J Rogers J Cerier E Slunner G Ploegg C Parirndge C Lamaciod A Roberi E Schuesler M Reagan do ff Yop ROW J Nunez D Tnpp A Escano H Youfsey J Wallace A Vor D Sldeboffom R Plfki F T' 5 J Morales T Wes? D Merchanf Second low D Zengrando J Vu ne un nr Emery Se re McCoy J Wood R Helch C Wilder L Weaver M Weber First ROW F Welker R Smlfll J Wahl C Von Tauff lnrchen N Voorhees N Yarbrough G Ruggs S Parlu N Weaver P Huffman L Whnie J Weber J Wnck man R. Werlnclt. 1' f' 1 , K -1' x.. "N- Nh 'QEYTWX 4 u 1 4.-J JUNIOR SNAPS True Hawauens Sweeihearfs Besi Leg Forward Lools Good Timber' From Across 'Phe Sea Hey You Across fhe Page Bards of a Feaiher Three Muskeieers Are They Clean7 Greaf Fruends Llfe Gefs Telnous Bafhung Beau+y The Bug Wheel Down Gurl lm Shll Wlih You One Two Heave Surprise V7.2- 3 5 Allfb 0 SOPHOMORE SNAPS -PY -.. ' 4 I b Q. . ' .L , C32 I7. ir? is 'X gun---v"""C Sailing PreHy The Gang Hear Speak See No Eval The Lune up Dressed 1 KIII The Thinker Summerhme Posed Pal' Careful Now Um Pah Arenl We Swee+7 Sophnshcafed Lady Greaf Love Honey Uh Oh John aw All Here Slep Right This Way Speak a Few Words .As fhe Slory Goes Hello Dahlings .Rub ln Well T J 1 1 3 N T N k-X ,nn Q. I W. X FW gel 'lf' N 5, . lj , We ffqnf SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICE I L Gary Edwards Presudenf Par Nushlura Vrce Presrdeni Gary Edwards Presnden+ Lorna Waugh Treasurer Lmda Joanne Whlrtlesey Secre+ary Grace Hoshl Treasurer Christensen Secrdery Gail Browne Vnce Presrdenf Laura lugs Garcia Sgf al Arms Tom Blackwood Councnl Rep Rhoados Councnl Rep Bull Nevarrex Councrl Rep Linda Christensen Councrl Rep ACTIVITIES The Sophomore Class of I953 s+arled fhe school year off wlfh a bang when Ihey welcomed Ihe mcomnng freshmen mio our school by siagmg Ihe Freshman Recep hon As fhe enhre school was lnvu+ed Ihere was a Iremendous furnoui' fo 'Ihls dance Early ln November fhe whole sophomore class look parf In Sophomore Day Affer school we gafhered an fhe gurls gym fo dance swam play baslcefball volleyball and o'I'her games La'I'er refreshmenls were served and everyone had a wonderful hme The annual Sophomore Varlely Show was held 'lhe firsf par+ of fhe new year Thanlrs +o lhe co operahon of 'rhe class a successful show was 'turned ou+ for +he sludenl body We have really enloyed our lasf year as underclassmen and wnfh rhe help and en couragemenl' of our counselors we look forward eagerly +o our Iunnor year Joan Ruchfer and Wayne Car+er I :Q . f ' if I X Y? .1 ' Wv 3 I I I I is -I I i VI - "' -' 'JL' ' f: .. I -5 ' - 1 Ai I iff , V0 I -aw - U I I SOPHOMORES V . F366 Top ROW R Cox A Angeles B Afwood T Blackwood D Ashcraff J Horrnllo B Brown R Alvarado B Chancel lor J Alherfon D Chau D Buff G Allfucker M Capalla J Audlno J Cooper B Carlule R Coxner Sicolld ROV! R Clerk C Cooper J Chamberlin J Ames W Chabode B Arnmborgo L Carpenfer W Carier R Cossufo C Carney M Cenfro M Benham M Beane Ames B Bernard Flrel' Row G Browne C Crowshaw B Crocksfon S Allgood S Ahyo D Bellows R Adamson L Chrnslensen C Cooper B Crener M Beaver J Asada C Alva C Brown 1' Top ROW G Dickson G Ebere G Edwards H Goldberg J Fnelds G Ferguson D Flamer D Duslun C Dodd! F George J Gannafal J Derruckson J Evans R Forsyfh J Gross Secclld ROV D Dafoe J Davies E F e beck R Deel P Garcle C Ferguson S Forls J Gruffefh M Duerlu G Beyer M Carr D Douglas R Delhlel ion D Dulleck Fl!!! Row P Genfry D Gllberi B Gercla S Edlson S Deva on M u erg G Du ey Devnes D Guzman D Guerrero M Esreben M Guherrez R Denham R Erickson SOPHOMORES ..l ,-J ff Top Row C Edwards T Flores T Leonard A Kuehn B Kuensfler R Keenan J Holley H Kenyon J Johnson R Hughes R Llra J Dodds Second Row P Ferrara D Krausch R Lamlca A Hmqsberger L Hennes M Kopp D ark J Hoshu C Lamacfod J Ishnmaru G Hoshn Flrsl Row B Lamlca J Hardosly S Luborde B Harla R Lloyd E Vina C Huffalrer A Kunz C Holfhouse S Lau B Hornung D Hoclreff 'WW l AZ-Lf UI' Top Row D McGull T Mnnmclc D Maneely K Pehrs A Mangnm D Munoz K Muller D Nargen N Ow T Plclulay R Peel: J Hall A Luna T uonmez R Peforson T Morales F Phullnps T Moore Second ROV A McKee W Nevarez R Murry B McKee D Pannler R Mendenhall L Mafhuas M ODay M Palmor D McGllI A Polhernus C Readhead P Nuclrle C Muddlelon M Mllovma Firsf Row J PraH J Prnor J Olson D Muller A Mafieuccl E Marsh P Mack M Mancunl P Nushlura B McGorry M Murano R Medan: C Mena J Owens H Oroxco SCPHOMORES E' Q D I Top Row G Rrchards D Robarf M Samaduroff J Rlggs E Ray J Ramuraz A Sandoval J Slsevlch A Ramo B Schenk R Rnclrlu Second Row V Slaybaugh J Ross H ScoH G Ruder B Russell B Sandlgo P Swnncky Shari M Sona W Sllger S Sellers R Rolharmel D Shver First Row B Sandoval W Robrnson J Slcallro SCILIHI D Shearer C Sllces P Scofl B Ross S Rose E Ryder L Rhodes 4:i..'r 4-10- UT' Top Row R Torres R Vega H Wafanobe B Toodles T Wnlls J Tad: L V E GD B Turk B 601570 D Tracy D Weber 8 Yorlr SGC0lld Row D Wood J Tarnony H Weaver R Guy P Wnlluamson C Tobin S Tay lor J While L Waugh L Von Taulflurchen J Woods A Veglua F Robbms Flrif low J WhIffl05'Y J Rlcl' fer C Zagala M Zecher J Weaver M Wnghl' G Tyluson J Whncomb M Ufess M Wrlghl J Wilbur 'ALL FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS s"""G NWN as-53 H E3 'sadism Gtbrge Helllllleler Presldenl Palll SUZUKI Vlce Prosldenf calmly" w99d Pf'5'd9"f Mn oulgg Tfeafuwf Nancy Carolyn Wood Secretary Ann Quigg Treasurer Rgy Tobln Secretary Paul Suzulu Vrce Presrdenr Kane Gar Murakami Sgf af Arms George Eshll Councnl Rep CIC COUHUI ROP GNV90 ESM' C0U"C'l RQP RUY MW' lonnie Simrell Councnl Rep hm' 597 ef Afmi ACTIVITIES This year lhe Freshman Class has had many nnfereshng achvrhes whnch have made us feel more a+ home during our Hrsl' year of hugh school Of course our Ersl day was very 'lhrlllang and we fell very sfrange as we were shown fhe school mslcle and ouf by fhe semors We fell a buf scared as was nafural The firsf of our achvlhes was fhe annual Freshman Recephon grven for us by 'lhe Sophomore Class and nfs officers Refreshmenls were served afler 'lhe dance and all pronounced If a greaf success On November I9 our class officers organized Freshman Day during which we were perny++ed 'lo wear afhre less formal fhan whal we normally wear 'ro class Sporls such as volleyball baslrefball and swnmmmg were oFfered unhl 5 30 af whach hme re freshmenls were served Laler un fhe gurls gymnasuum an Informal dance was held The Freshman Varlely Show held nn January was a huge success Acfs mcludung comedy and slngmg helped Io form a well balanced program Many freshmen have parhcnpafed un achvuhes uncludung sfudenf council sporfs nn sfrumenlal and varuous clubs Wlfh many excahng experuences behind us we lcnow our hugh school career has really begun Bonme Sumrell X1 4 :xo K g -'T ef ' . a :E I 5' I -A ,, I sn- , ax g 4 6 - g, , - 1 ff si f 4' ' ' I an 'A++ A 1 I ' -4 - 1 :I If Os?."' , I A.: ' ' -F Q I W 'fr fl ' -E9 g f V 'I' W h I ", vp! A Q 1- I , ' , ', ' . ' 5 . ' : . ' . : . : .. : - , 3 -, ' , 7 ' . -- - 1 . .: - -3 ' -7 ' ' ' . I .- ' . . . l I . - . . , . - . . U ll Il 0 a . . . I o J I I a : I - ' I I U -I . .. . V . . I I ' I I - , . . FRESHMEN SI Top Row D Chambers H Caslro E Burkharl R Carr D Beaver l Corrales R Casella G Braclcelf R Busse W Calambay D Callelo P Curry L Crofhers P Cass E Anderson J Ames R Chamberlann M Carler T Bur ness G Angeles P Adanr R Cornelius Second Row C Crow J Craner C Crawford P Cowden L. Correla M Barczl A Confheras S Cox L Bell C Cllfion T Correla R Cady E Cox R Cabello T Burness A Burlrhaller V Barnes D Burham Fir!! Row D Baldwin S Cool: J Clarke S Canfer S Cargle N Ball P Bryan D Acosla F Cole M Cond J Anglun M Cousins J Coulombe L Bureau M Cox S Barlhold P Cormack B Adams 'ii' TOP ROV E Grund G Forman R Geflerly G Frye W French L Franuch J Duerle F Gregory B Freeman N Ellch D Fuenles G Gray E Daugherly R Davey s8COlld Row J DeFrees Y Gardner J Edgemond G Gumperlz J Enferlme K Garcua C Eduson N Guherrez F Escobar L Dnaz J Glover J Dempsey J Furuuchu G Eshll R Gronwell S Farwell J Goodman Flrif low F Galednge C Gray S Delose R Gomez P Garry T Duner I Gllberf R Fruxen C Green G Gross ,mv I l I I - - I I I - I I I - I I I I I I . I , I I - I - I - I I I I I I I I I I , I - , I , I , . I I I , . , I , . , I . I I I - I I I - I I I I I - I I I - I I I I , I , . , . , . , . , I , . , I , I I , I I T U- v XA - L, ' E -II I- , I ' I 4 I - ' . I 1 , I I - 4 I Q, - rf I n A ' 1 I .. II wp' V' I tu I .,3.II',.,I I I ' ' 4 J' ' , K "lf, ' VI". -I - 'I .' -JI N - I' -I. I. II'LIv I . , I , I , . , I I I I - I I I - I I I I I , I , I , . I I I - I - II I- , I ' , . , I ' . I I I I - I - I ' I ' I I ' I I I , I , , 1 . I I I - I I I I I I e I I I I I I - I I - FRESHMEN I Top Row G Hemmeler B Hourngan T Hendnx A Tlppeff G Lmdholm E Lang E Isacson J Hlgashuuchn K Hansen L Llcafa J Llgsay E Hoover R Kobayashn E Hernandez C Jalme R Lewls Secold Row R Kung C Gabler W Koyano I Kyles R Kung C Lynn B Hacks C Henderson D Lucchefh A Lane N Kursch T Kenney L Holman P Holf E Laughlln J Hall I Klyomura J Kawamofo Third ROW D Luxlt L. Howe E Hoover L Krausch L Hall S Hurd D Kllmpel K Keeney Y Gardner J DeFrees L Henfzell N Hoehn L Lund P James C Horr Tep Rev! B McKeeman M Marquez J Marquez W Melascn D Mulberry R Masfersen A Orosco T Morales J Navarro B Mendenhall D Mlsquez R Ogden D Noon F Moorehead J McCrea R Muralraml M Murray H Meyer Second Row M Smufh P Marden B Moore V Molmarl M Mlner J Ogefe D Mlfchell R Hansfneld J McDonald A Maclel T Moreno M Medlna L Marhn A Morris M McAvoy J Maxslcluelr Fir!! Row Z. Overman P Olsen L Hoolu B Marler V Malloy E Massey T Moreno P Ochoa B Newell J Norman C Marquez M Marquez M J Murray FRESHMEN 5 Top Row T Plsano R Paffon J Paddock D Pralf J Plsano R Reagan F Shriver J Procfor S Skroprnlch G Peferson M Praif P Suzukl B Sandngo E Roggasch C Sfemmann S Sfuari N Robinson A Rayfleld F She ler M Run S San Flluppo J Subleff Second Row M Sheldon B Cosnclk D Shakelford L Sakae S Spears R Perga P Pnckslay T Sllva J Ruchler B Rees T Sandlval F Sanchez J Sweeney D Roblnson B Pelllzarl P Slrnpson T Sanchez D Roy A Palmaieer First Row T Holfhouse S Sfeele J Sarfaln M Spohr C Sfanley B Slmrell P Reagan A Qulgg D Praff M Ramirez D Sohler D Smlfh E Saundon J Spencer M Smllh A Sferney C Paz M Perry M Parry T Pla I Pasiorlno B Sllvelra E09 '-'Y' I I JW AM Top Row L Websler A Tsppeff W Vogi R Young N Wulson C Thompson J Wraghf D Wanlers J Torres A Warrlngion J Zeller Second Row E Todd R Trovulluon D Tomen C Vane B Thuesse C Wood N Tobun B Wolge L Walker T Tsunoda B Uyeda W Walker C Wallace Flrsf Row E Wallis L Trlffharf F Tharp K Wmslead S Thacher B Wallace L Walker R Walley D Thurman D Tosh D Wunderllck A Uchlyama B Tracy N Wnllnamson 'Fw-5 'f' j ,. ' -"f'I'o ,3 f I FRESHMAN SNAPS Fruends The Hoods Side By Sl e On ihe Lawn Freshman7 Happy Days Us Agaun Whai Have We Roughlng I+ Aloha Real Preffy Leis E 1' Hmmmm This ls A Team? He Gefs Around la.. l.. .,,. 'A - 1 ' s .V 1 D. I :RJ - ig, ,. A I 'fLER.L4. ,a A H Niall' " Here? 41 fo l 2 7 I f"'1'1, I A QR fx '11 fv- f-1 WX My Any changes whuclm may occur upon fhese 'lwo pages are complelely beyond our confrol and we are nol responsuble for any resulhng curcumsfances The Edufor and SfaFF PAIR Carmen Garca and Dennns McCabe Jean Slayio and Vern Hosfefle Jos Rchfer and Harold Salado B e ly C chra and Ari Bell Jere Lou o a d Jo ge Hoo er Joy F enfz and Ron e Ba oN 7 Joan Olson and Frank Scolf l my ' 1 . Q., 4 c Q 'A I. 'jyxj 2. z lsr. 3. Q I I F X , I 'VII' Isl A 8. 6 ff K. EVP 5- 7. , li ' , 3. n I XN , 2 X, .I 4 A I Ik, 'I fi? gffg ? M jf R.,-.f AAKSLDI -Tix:-f' s.JJ Xix L , iz' 13. 'I N Q V 'Sw' R W D7 1 ,Q f L K.. V 5 X KX, -Q Q L qw, ,fx 52 QL V C7'A The Eagle may be found locally all over fhe conhnenf near s+reams lakes and seacoas+s Because of hus close con+ac+ wn+h all forms of na+ure he possesses knowledge beyond +ha+ of o+her ammals He derives greal menfal and physncal sfrengfh from lhns knowledge and ns able fo exnsf under many condlhons wnder our knowledge spreads +he be++er prepared wull we be 'ro face any cnrcumslance +ha+ may arise The ach vnhes un which we parhcnpafe develop our characfer and s+reng+hen our msughl' ln+o fhe varied conduhons of life Similarly do we beneflf from expanded inleresfs. The U 0 I ff 3 I W fp Lf f www fy ZW M QP iii xxx ..g-,f?.N-,,v---"' K 1 2 5 5 f X SM P J srxyyx-i-,F xl I . i V JE J X, DBR Nut' ,J if Q frbjs f K UQ-W N-X K, X-QRX....P -x""'R"' X FALL Presldenf Vice Presldenf Secrefary Treasurer Audlfor Sergeanl ai Arms Boys Afhlehc Commissioner Parllamenfaruan Achvlfy Pom? Secrefary AdVOfiISlllg Manager Annual Edllor Eagle Edlfor Girls League Presndenf Boys League Presldeni G A A Presudenf Head Yell Leader Exchange Sfudenf Freshman Class Represenlahves Sophomore Class Represenfahve Jumor Class Represenfahves STUDENT COUNCIL Don Goodrich Bob Loomis Dixie Evans Eluzabefh Snow Susan Chancellor Bob Monfalvo Jerry Lewis Lea Rudee Carmen Mena Dorofhy Hickman Roberfa Parry Shirley Manfelln Kalhryn Burkharf Dick Arlmborgo June Haun Marfha Schenk Inge Kufzer Bonnie Slmrell George Eshll Linda Chrlslensen Tom Blackwood Karen Morley Johnny Nunes Senior Class Represenlahves urwwxvnvvikelww- Barbara Moore Barry Machado Don Goodrich Presiden? sfIldllQ D Arlmborgo T Blackwood L Rudee K Morley D Hickman l Kuizer J Haun M Schenk S Chancellor G Eshll B Moore K Burkharf R Parry L Chrlsfensen B Sumrell J Nunes. Sided. C Mena, E Snow, B Loomis. D Goodrich, D Evans, J Lewis, B Monialvo The Fall Council fhis year was honored by fhe presence of lnge Kuher, our exchange sfudeni, ai lheir meefings. lf is hoped lhaf ihrough fhese meeiings she has gained a beffer undersfanding of fhe way American sfudenf governmenf funchons. Under fhe able leadership of Presideni Don Goodrich, ihe Council carried on Siu deni Body business wifh an efficiency and resourcelulness fha? made each member of fhe Sfudenf Body sul' up and 'lake nohce Among fhe Councnl's accomplnshmen+s were fhe insfallafion of a new and affracfive 'lrophy case, fhe lowering of grade require menfs for sfudenfs seeking office. and 'rhe purchase of a complefe amplifying sysfem. All in all, fhis Fall Council did a fine lob, and il cer+amly deserves 'lo 'rake i+s place among 'lhe pas? Councils which have been known for fheir work in improving fhe school. Dixie Evans y , SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL Presndenl Vice Presldenf Secrefary Treasurer AUdlTOI' Sergeani a+ Arms Boys Afhlehc Commissioner Parluamenfanan Achvufy POINT Secrelary Adverhsmg Manager Annual Edllor Eagle Edafor Girls League President Boys League Presndenf G A A Presudenf Head Yell Leader Exchange Sludenf Freshman Class Represenlaluves Sophomore Class Reprasenfahves Jumor Class Represenlahves Sensor Class Represenfahves AI Ollavlano Lorna Peferson Molly Anne Engelharf Ann Whlflen Susan Chancellor Bob Bailey Jerry Lewis Bob Warrlngfon Carmen Mena Ralph Alvarado Roberfa Parry Shirley Richardson Kalhryn Burlcharl Duck Arlmborgo June Haun Marfha Schenlz Inge Kufzer Kahe Garcia George Eshll Laura Rhoades Bull Nevarrez Jean Slayfon Roger Smllh Ellzabefh Snow Marfy Hess Sfolldlllg D Arnmborgo C Mena S Richardson l Kuizer J Haun M Schenk K Burlzharf E Snow L Rhoades R Parry M Hess B Warrmglon G Eshll R Alvarado Sedhd S Chancellor A Whlffen L Pelerson A Offavlano M A Engelharf J Lewis B Bailey Al Olfavuano Presldenf Under rls new presldenf, AI Ofiaviano, 'lhe Sprung Sfudenl' Council immediafely gol' busy wlfh rl's many adivrhes Among +he various prolecfs was fhe annual Sfudenl Council dance, held on Friday, March I3. Lafer In 'rhe sprang was +he Council picnic which bofh Fall and Sprung Councils aHended We 'found fhere was a greaf deal of worlc 'lo do in Council. If was by no means all fun. By June and lhe end of school, many worfhwhile proiecfs had been successfully complefed. Molly Anne Engelhari Roberla Parry Molly Anne Engelharl Lea Rudee Bull Eschenbruecher Dana Wnlllamson Slurley Rogers Jerry Taylor lonme Snmroll Wayne Carler Norma Yarbrough BLUE AND GRAY Edllor Asslslanl Edllor Pholographer Pholographer Ari Deparlmen? Arl' Deparlmenl Arl Deparlmenl Freshman Represenlahve Sophomore Represenlalwe Jumor Represenlahve Sl-urley Ruchardson June Haun Marfha Schenk Ann Whlllen Trude Hoffacker Donna Degen Duck Anrnborgo DIXIE Evans Kalhryn Burkharl Gall James Eagle Slaff Gurls Sporls Facully Musnc Deparlmenl' Exchange Sludenf School Afllllahon Commlllee Boys Sporls Boys League Facully Glrls League Facully Typrsl 'Q oberla Parry CM? Ednlor C7 IQ Sflldllq W Carlar J Haun M Schenk, A Whllfen, N Yarbrough, T Hollacker, D Degen, D W Arimborgo Stahl' D Evans. K Burkharl, R Parry, M A Engelharl, B Snrnrell Molly Anne Engelharl Asslslanl Ednlor l ran for lhe office of Annual Ednlor, blnlhely 'lhmkmg how much lun nf would be lo produce a year book all my own. My mind was 'full of wonderful udeas and l could hardly wall lo sel' 'lo work Bul, l soon discovered fha? lhe business of annual edihng ns nol as easy as one may suppose My slaff and l have worked almosf conslanfly on lhe annual snnce Sepfember There was lhe aclual desngning fo do flrsl. We plo'Hed fhe pages decnded whaf suze pucfures we wanled One flung we had fo keep nn conslderahon whale desvgnmg lhe book was 'lhal' a good annual musf have perfeclly balanced pages. As we worked on, many of fhe 'llrsl udeas had fo be discarded because nf was simply lmposslble fo carry lhem ou? Oflen we were ready +o fhrow fhe whole 'thang over and lake a long resf. Bul, for some reason we worked on as lervenlly and as consuslenlly as such a large 'ob demanded. Now lhe annual is finished and waahng for your approval We lake greal prnde m presenhng ul lo you. We all feel lhaf our eflorls have been well worlh nl. We hope you are as pleased wulh lhe Blue and Gray of I953 as we were pleased wifh lhe opporlunily of pulhng il oul' for you. The Edilor and Sfafl slmley Manfellu Shnrley Ruchardson Rufh Mellzer Kay Schmfker Nancy Yamada Duck Arumborgo Barbara Gloeggler MOUNTAIN EAGLE STAFF Edlfor Reporler Reporier Edulor Repor+er Assusfanl Edlror Asslslanf Edlfor Reporfer Fealure Edlior Boys Sporfs Edufor Gurls Sporfs Edlfor Kafle Salrae Edllld Sal aherra Glenn Mann David Kable lnge Kmef Mary DeLeon Barbara Knllen Shrrley Manlelln Fall Edufor Exchange Edufor Reporfer Repor+er Exchange Edafor Reporler Reporfer Reporler Reporier Reporfer l Sfdlldlllg G Mann D Kable R Melizer S Manfelln K Schmflxer N Yamada D Arlmborgo Sdlfed S Richardson B Gloeggler K Salrae I Kuizer M DeLeon E Salvaherra B Klllen Shnrley Ruchardson Sprung Edlfor Enrolled an fhls years lournallsm class were I5 s+udenfs all of whom were lnferes+ed In producing a bugger and beHer paper for fhe sludenf body Wn+h 'lhls goal an mund we worked fogefher wl+h greaf enfhusnasm A budgef was figured ouf 'rhaf would besf sud ihe money +ha'f Sfudenf Councll ap proprlafed us and we planned +o publush fwo page and 'four page papers alfernahng from weelr fo week Our Chrnslmas Issue was one of which we were all proud The fron+ page was prmled wafh green ml: and fhe second page was red wnfh black ml: Ano+her Issue fha+ we were proud of was +he one devo+ed mosfly fo 'lhe candldafes for sfudenf body offices We published fhe candnda+es plcfures and former achvrhes Thus was done fo help sludenfs vofe for fhe candldafe besf qualified for +he office One new 'feafure of our paper fhls year was fhe classlfied ad sechon Thus proved successful as we aquvred money for our paper from fhe ads All nn all, I am sure fhaf 'rhe sfudenf body was sahshed wi+h our paper, The Moun+am Eagle Shwley Rlchardson Presldenf Vice Presldenl Secrefary Treasurer Welfare Chairman Publlclfy Chairman Music Chairman Decorahons Chairmen Kafhryn Burlrharf Q Presudenf GIRLS LEAGUE Kafhryn Burlrharf Shirley Aruslo Louise Blelsch Dorolhy Guerrero Belly Amarel Belma Gomes June Haun Shirley Rogers ,Z fifwwf 'M Incl low B Amaral J Haun D Guerrero K Burlrhar? S Aruslo Center B Gomes S Rogers This year, Girls' League has had an especially successful hme. Wuih only four meef ings for 'lhe year we were able io plan fhem io fhenr fullest We had our annual baslcei ball game befween feachers and sfuden+s, our wmier fashion show, a play from San Jose Sfafe, and lasf was ihe +radnhonal program given by fhe Iumors imifahng fhe senior girls. The firsf proiecf was our fooiball queen confesi, followed by our pom pom sales A+ Chrisfmas, Girls' League sponsored our annual Chrusfmas dance, "The Snow Ball". A+ Easier we filled Easier baslzefs for unforfunafe children ln ihe sprung +he girls wel comed fheir mo+hers lo our Mofhers' Tea wifh a fashion show for en+er+ammen+. Wnrh fhis lasf evenf we lrnew school was ready fo recess for a fume, and we were sad fo see our eclivifies come fo a close. Kaihryn Burlrharf BOYS' LEAGUE Presidenl' ..............,..,,...,, ., ,,,..,,......................,.. .... . . ...... ..,.,, , ..,.., .,,,....v......... D I ck Arimborgo Vice-Presiden+ .... .... . , ,, ,, ,, , ,, ,, . ,, ,,, Johnny Nunes Sarge-nn+-ai-Arms .. .. . .. ,...,...,. ,.. . .... , ... . ,. , Jorge Hoover Treasurer-Secrefary ..,..,.,,,,..,,...............,...,....,,....,........, ...... , ..,.................. ..,..... ,,,, J o h n Chilzasuye Program Chairman ..,....,........,,.....,.,., ,,.... ......,..,,., ........,. ,,r.. ,.....,..,,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,A......,, R o n n i e Bryan 4. Deck Arnmborgo Presldenf L Rudoe J Nunos J Hoover J CLIIRCSUYO D Arumborgo R Bryan Thus year Boys League had a beffer fhan average yearly program The bnggesi' fhrull was +he Sfudenf Body vs Facully baslrefball game whuch fhe la'H'er won The ap pearance of fhe San Francisco 49ers foo+ball players al one meehng was more fhan welcomed The Boys League once again sponsored a Boys League Bloclr M dance whuch wen? over wlfh greaf success Much of fhe crednl' for fhe 'Full and well planned achvl hes of 'l'he orgamzahon as due +o fhe co operahon of +he officers of Boys League and members of fhe Boys Bloclr M club Duclx Arumborgo . , . , . , . , . , . . . I . . , . - . I - 1 lr n . Q - . . . . u I u ul . 1 . GIRLS BLOCK M N. Top low Harvey Allen Elliofr Shllens Manielli Evans Denham Snow Parrino Salch Flffll Row Weber Beaver Borello Bakohch Allen Chappell Wood Nakano Liu Machado Fourfh Row Richier Bugge Slay+on Morley Orozco Olivo Walfher Klllen Jones Parfrldge Ploeg Tlllrd Row Weaver Engsfrorn Hermano Marquez Richardson Garcia Camln Meek Yamada ,Q Hickman Klllen Second Row Salas Orosco Hicks Schnl+ker Corzine Whiffen Haun Dulra Glooggler Esperanza Flrsl low Evans Zeiss Schuesler Massey Canfer Salvaherra DeLeon Fanuccl Arisfo Delayhouse Burkharf at Kafhryn Burkharf Presideni' BOYS BLCCK M il- Q Top Row: Alvarado, Bryan, Moore, DeLaughfer, Cooper, Garcia, Eslill, Maruyama, Hosfefler. Unquera, Faravelli, BarreH, Tesla, Gufierrez, Nougues, Diaz, Marlin. Horrillo. Fourfll Row: Uyeda, Zangrando, Machado, Bailey, Pearson, Goodrich, Monfalvo, Carranza, Dumo, Luian, Olivo, Eberhardf, Baldwin, Paffon, Bell. Third Row: ScoH, Humpal, Lozano, Morifa, Suzuki, Edwards, Davey, Benevenlo, Warringfon, Schein, Richardson, Lewis, Erickson, McElrafh, Helenihi. Second Row: Rees, Cafambay, Escobar, Mangini, Edwards, Arimborgo, Delgado, Goldberg, Carler, Con- ser. Sideboffom, Anderson, Demezzi, Schulfz. Fits! Row: Mendenhall, Evans, Toolle, Blackwood. Salado, Vardes, Keeney, Smifh, Milovina, Slona, lld, Pisano, Ra, Nunes. PEP CLUB A4 3-ns Jere Lozano Valerne Eslcourl M Sprung Presudenf Fall Presldenf Top ROW D Hlckman M L Garcia S Richardson B Walfher T Beaver C Borello E Burkharf B Marler DuBose S Dufra L Whlfe J Weber S Wilson V Eslcourf Second Row J Pruor D Esperanza A Polhemus Olsen C Sprunger J Whl+e J PraH P Nickle G Beyer M J Wrlghf J Crofhers B Klllen Flrsi Row A Canfer A Veglna J Francna J Wlllbur G Ploeg C Parfrldge D Jones C KII n L Sakae M Ramorez J Lozano C Evans D Grass J Fanuccn RALLY COMMITTEE Top Row M A Engelharf S Craner E Snow B Raper J Denham B Amaral L Chrusfensen M Adamson D Machado P Nnckle E Burkharf J PraH C Tobnn B Kullen C Sprunger L Peferson M Larsen J Weber Sec old Row H Holfhouse R Melfzer B Parrmo I Delayhouse D Evans C Shllens G Rlchier M Carr J Whlfe D Dexler G Beyer J Olsen l Kufzar T Hoffaeker J Lowman FITS' Row A Whlffen N Yarbrough B Saleh D Wulllamson S Manfelln J Prlor L Hoefler M J Bugge E Bureau B Flannery K Morley J Whniilesey N Voorhees S Laborde R Denham Klleillllq R Lloyd J Rlchler C Huffacker B Schenk M Schenk S Side boHom :N Bob Werringfon C. S. F. 'Q Presndenr e Top Row Carler Goldberg Scofl' Plckslay Benevenfo Vardes Nellie Lusk Kulzer Mena Mena Rorhamel Schearer Scoff Fourfll Row Edwards Wes? Walker Clark Hoffacker Degen Mancunl Ishura Skalko Kunz Ferguson Holrhouse Whufe Olsen Tlllrd Row Wllder Frazer Moore Schulrz Derrlckson Crumb Warrmgfon Edwards Baker Browne Rhoades Olivo Davles Second Row Parry Goodrlch Loomns Bailey Richardson Hughes Brown Bell Davies Lamlca Beaver Borello Sakae Yamada Richardson Ftrs! Row Boardman Ander son Baphsla Allen Harvey Kullen Waliher Schnliker Manrellu Burkharl Denham Pelerson Larsen Shllens SPRING C S F Bogrxjsxon low Flflll low Edwards Carfer ScoH Pnckslay Benevenfo elle usk Kulzer Mena Delayhouse Evans Schenk Vosh Fbllrfll ROW Hess Cousuns Burke Brown Wes? Walker Clark Nnshuura Skalko Ferguson Holi house Whnle Nnckle Olsen Third Row Maneely Keeney Peck Burke Zeller Ramnrez Marler Garry Warrmg lon Crumb Edwards Davues Marfm Weber Second Row Engelharf OConnor Walker Lusl Sfanley Gardiner Hoeller Schein Davies Beaver Borello Yamada Camun Rnchardson Flrsf ROW Wahl Von Taullkurchen Riggs Rnggs Slayfon Whnfren Keeney Waliher Burkhari Larsen Shllens Burkharl Manfellu Denham . . . , Q, Top ION! Brenner, Wood, Cliflon, Kiyomura, Anderson, Bapfisfe, Allen, Meyer, Esperanza, Bakofich, Fischer, Mel . ' : , , , ' , , N 0 , L , , . . ORCHESTRA Slcldlllq L Walker G Beyer P Nuclrle V Malloy Y Gardner Back low N Voorhees Mr Campbell B Esper za D Kable J coufh S Marhn N Hoehn N Yancey P Barley Second Row E Rudolfs L Sorla E Ander son L Hoefler J Afferbury R Hughes J OConnor K Sfewarf D Salas C Feebeclc D Zangrando S Cum mms Fll'Sf Row J Wahl G Peferson B Walfher E Treece L Rhoades J Whufe S Hurd L Hall G Breclzelf J Grofheer C Wood B Smllh cellfef J Schulfz G Gumperfz BAND SBCIIJBIIQ J OConnor G Beyer G Knrlr J Lmdholm C Wallace L Rhoades C Wilder R Carnellus W McCoy S Cumrmns B Summers E Massey J Killeen luck low D Kable J Vnenra D Robarf G Braclref? E lssacson D Jones W Vogf S Davndson G Edwards P Craig R Macedo C Feebeclc D Salas D Mlfchell Second ROV M Berfozzl J Grolheer L Hall E Slunner K Srewarf M Hemmerer J Peck B Kuensfler O Cherry Derrickson Flrsf Row B Esperanza J Afferbury N Hoehn E Balmer L Hoefler J Kawamofo J Schulfz B Rudolfs Mcioreffes J Whnfflesey L Massey C Tuslra S Ahyo A Robarf Center P Lules GIRLS CHORUS Q Top Row Mlss Froehllch C Jennings M ODay T Holfhouse C Ploegg B Harlen C Salsas J Mlddlefon I Snlvalra Third Row C Sprungar J Myers L Sario G Green S Craner H Orosco B McGorry J Norman L Correla Second Row R Denham S Laborde J Enferlme G Duley S Delose P Reagan B Lamnca A Whn 'len M Davies Flrsf ROW B Ross C Huffalrer J Goodman C Alva J Dampuer J Haun D Evans M Cox THE CHOIR l Top Row Ashcrall. Boyes, Jonas, Calvo, Lua, Dulay, Munoz, Enferlnne, Alvarado, George, Bush, Clark, Angeles Socold Row Mus Froehhch, Parry, Waugh, Draga, Ramon, Balzohch, Eddy Haun, Whufhn, Tuxch, Muller, Moor head Fin! Row. Von Taufflurchen, Carfer, Hoellar, Bugge. Correua, Holcomb. Loclre. Gleogqler, Duira, Silva, McKinley, Balls, Bellran, Roldan l :A 4 5 Q Q a . , ,I ' l ' K I 'Z Y 3 of 1' 5 Q -sl 1. I. -- 4-1 - P V lf f of l . I I -if r 1 1,9 . V Y "' Y y , , J I' ' 4 - 4 L V dv ,L v ' A M I R - 4 4 A I X Au ' l .1 I 1 ' D E Twig. vs... ' X - ..f THE CHOIR This year Moun'l'am View Unuon Hugh School had +he larges+ choir ll' has ever had fhere were approxlma+ely elghiy members The choir dnd mosl of nfs programs durung fhe Chrusfmas and Eas+er seasons The climax of all of +he programs was +he San Jose Chrlsfmas Feshval whlch rs held annually In fhe San Jose Cnvlc Audn+orlum A grea+ help fo our cholr fhls year was fhe new musuc bulldung which +he vocal and msirumenfal classes occupy An dddIllOI'l fo our music deparimenl fhls year was a Girls Chorus Being new and unknown +o many fhe chorus dad noi have foo many performances bu+ fhe few +ha+ were guven were very good Ann Whu++en Top Row: Erickson, Souza, Cox. Lamica, LuccheHi, DeLaugh+er, Bales, Kable, Hawley, Tosle, Guidicaffi. s0C0lld low: Hawley, Brandenburg, Snarr, Kuehn, Crumb, Grass, Wright Avifia, Schmidf, Garcia, Orozco, Gaveloclr. Fir!! low: Evans, Wood, Tazan, Davies, Yafes, Cox, Oliver, Dampier, Schenk, Raper, Saich, Eslcourr, Degen. 'N ii +84 sl' I 5 I L The Library Cooking Class Amo Mechanics Freshman Varieiy Show First Period Dramafics Block "M" Book Drive Chrisfmas Dance all I " ",.,.l I 2 3 4 5 6 7 "Seven Skiers" Sewing Class Mechanical Drawing English IV-A .Tlwe Chrislmas Play The Aquacade Pep Club Food Drive an 'ET' 'r If Q A. fl j L X VARSITY YELL LEADERS Sally Sldeboffom Buddy Schenk Marfha Schenk Rx l 'ff' 130 YELL LEADERS Joan Rlchier Carol Huffaker Roberha Lloyd Jumping Paullne Delgado fl PEP BAND loci Row R Peck B Esperanza C Wllder M Berfozu Vogf D Kable Braclreff Center C Fee back B McCoy STAGE CREW Lefl fo Rlgll! B Kelly A McKee J Shafiuclx G Gruffefh T Leonard VISUAL AIDS Top Row H Kenyon L Robello M Weber K Weaver Furs? Row G Mann G Rlcherds VISUAL AIDS CARD HOLDERS Top Row D Calvo R Keenan Healey L Holfhouse J Johnson Curry Second Row J Procior GUISfO D Merchenf J Marquez Cummms H Goldberg Flrif Row Shrlver G Telnemofo B Kelly T Le erd W Neverez on 1 nP'fx3" lite 3- 4 FALL ADVERTISING Standing K Salma G Nakamura S Rlchard Tusclw Sedfed Wulluamson SPRING ADVERTISING ' sen, 'J lack Row: R. Garcua J Cholrasuya P Locke, R. Alvarado Front Row A Wlm len, B. SaicI1,D Wnlllamson M Drega .W is S Richardson N 'x SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS L Weaver L Rudee B Esclwenbruecher T Leonard Model M A Engelharl Dorollwy Hnclzman Manager Ralph Alvarado Manager FALL HALL PATROL Sfdldlllg K Weaver B Monhlvg B, -f Kelley R Smolln B Balley B Loomu K Weaver B Eschenbrueclwer D Anmborgo .aa Bob Monlalvo Sergeanf al Arms SPRING HALL PATROL Bd RW B Anderson B Belley R Smulh P Bailey S Keeney B Monialvo Fin! Row B Spears E Kang B Loomis K Weaver B Eschenbruecher D Aram borgo Bob Bailey def-" Sergeanl-al-Arms Ni CLOAKROOM GIRLS Back Row. C. Allen J. Allen L Mora- guos C. Perfridgo. Colfer G. Ploeg. 1 CHESS CLUB Buck low H Fox D Marchan+ J Dods A Raphael R Clousmg B Zeller sf low B Warnnglon B Srnllh R Er k s n G Rayfueld J Sc u z ps 1 Berf Smnfh Presldenf Y TEEN CLUB Top Row M Cousnns G Gumperlz Gray L Hooks J Wnllbur J Spencer McKinley I Pasforlno F Galerldge Walley C Lumaclod Second Row Clark A Kunz H Romeun S Allgoocl Frsf Row D Dex+er L Gavelek L ae T Pla D Bellow J lsI1lm ru Aluce unz Presldenf ACTIVITY POINT COMMITTEE Mena C Mena J Loxano C ew farmer A Molina 1' Carmen Mena Secrefary . ' , '. ' " , . ' '. rar ' : . ' , . ' , . ic - o , . ' , , I1 I+. I, 7 A. , : . ' , . , C . . . . ' , . , J Shoemaker. Tlllrd Row: J. DeFrees, L . ' l . I ' . I R , . . : J i I I: .I I , .I I , Sak . . ' , . s. . ' a . Q! It l l g K C. . . , . , . N - FALL STUDENT COURT sfdlldlllg L Rudee R Young L Crumb E Baker Seated M A Engelharf G rowne B Warrlngfon S Wood Lozano Bob Warrnngion Judge SPRING STUDENT COURT Sfdndlng B Barley B Warrmgfon L Crumb A Warrmgion Seated B Wal er C en er Loiano Rlchardson Ed Baker Judge JUNIOR RED CROSS luck Row I Kurzer D Evans J OI en L Bureau C Sflllsns Frou! M J Bugge J Whdrlesey D Deqen K Okamofo X. 6-4'4o rf 'ill iv., had n-v'5 QXQQ :nibb- The Eagle as a champuon fTgh+er among ofher ammals Hrs body ns slrong and well co ordnnaled hus senses are sharp and quuclc ln combal every par+ of fhe Eagles powerful buuld and hns keen mund combme and s+ram fo In sporls +he ieam IS one complefe body each mem ber IS very necessary +o +he success of fhe o+her members Worlung +oge+her as one for a common goal fhey can wan Bul' alone all are losers The +eam demands respecl' and admurahon before :fs foes as does +he mlghfy Eagle when If goes m+o combaf slrong In lolned forces S gefher for inevifable vicfory. 'L N 0 eff K my f gi-fx, 431 4 W-EA? my f 'R x Xflvgx "fd '? 5' N'x5q7 S5 ' Z 9 fauna A 4,5 'ukff 31 E1 N XA ' ffigifisf S XX fi? 4 4 f"0,fJ X 'ZQEQM FNB A ff. g E 4 g """' f cvs .291 ,,,3,-gf Ir'- ...NA 717-1,71-qi L .1 1345 . :fi . r ,, rx. era a BIG I. Coronafion of Queen 2. Big Game Parade. 3. Pom Porn Girls - Elizabefla Snow Molly Anne Engelharf Dixie Evans Sandra Craner 4. Drill Team. Louise. , f U6- , ,W 1. , ' x W A. , V1 ' . 6 5 ' t -' .Sa kifpi 1 0 Q .al--' -'Q 4 ' 1 l. A Q x ,, . rw Q, 1.44 5.4 9 -5' 15 M . ,Vx 5 . f Im it V. ' I" QW, Z' 40 'FG GAME "5 d 431091 ff' VARSITY FOOTBALL Johnny Jimmez R g 1 E d Torn Maruyoma F llback Johnny Homllo Ilba Joe Helemlu B ck g ack Frank Unquera W g Back Ronme lryan Co for G a d Ken! DeLaugMer Tx R ghf Tackle II iw, ? 5 I. fl. VARSITY FOOTBALL loberf lld Leff Guard Ted Moore Lefl Tackle Douglas Edwards Tail Baclr Gene Testa Righf Tackle Sklp Anderson Tail Baclr Jerry Plwno Rig hi Gu a rd Art lcll Leff End Kp," 1 53 L, eil... as Q., i-.4 1-. .1 rf ' M., 9 461 -l Y 14" f-2 5435 as 441248 5 133 5229319 M 'if I5 "6 1241 30 ll? Top Row Dude Anglus A OTTavnano J Hoover E STone A Kang B Rnckln R Mnlovma C Duskun J Jimenez lsano D Nlcawonger G Clark A Oluvo B Pearson D Shver Sian Anderson Second Row R Garcia J Lawns S Morda R BarreTT D Edwards S Anderson T Maruyama J Horrlllo F Unquera B Machado A Ball N Sayre D SudeboTTom D Flamer First Row D Asl1craTT T Helennhu J Helemhn B Ild R Bryan G TesTa K DeLaughTer N Ra T Moore R Warllck E DeMezz1 VARSITY FOOTBALL Under The compeTenT Tranmng oT STan Anderson head coach and Dude Anglus lme coach The MounTam Vlew Eagles had a beTTer Than average season They played a ToTal of elghf games havmg Tour losses Three wlns and one Tue The Eagles mosT Thrullmg game was when They beaT The Jefferson Indians An 86 yard run for a Touchdown durnng The WashmgTon game was The mosT shrrnng play The upseT of The season was when The Eagles beaT The Los GaTos WlldcaTs who were undeTeaTed MounTaln View placed one man Ronme Bryan on The All Valley Team Frank Un quera and Jerry Pasano were selecTed Tor The second Team Ron was also packed The ouTsTandmg varsnTy TooTball player of Moun+am Vuew Duck Aremborgo 1.1: v ' -T :I I ' 4 ' We WKQSLQ Elisa ivisoreisea le 940909319 or 3 -113 get-I .13 M Al 4 -3 15:-ji29fq47 fE38?,:l 2? 51552 114 ' 4 fam Top low I Corrales H Salado V Hosfaller T Blackwood G Peierson K PaHon J Pnsano A Hansen G Eshll D Carranza J Cooper R Muralcamu Second Row Manager H Goldberg R Anderson D Zangrando J Tamony R Lara R Lopez R Navarrez G Edwards C Coopers S Eberhardl P Suzulu J McCrea J Chllrasuye Fir!! Row J Nunes E Hernandez G Davey T Shelfon R Al arado D Munoz M Prarf H Wafanobe C Jaime W Wallrer W Chabode S Keeney B Monfal o 130 FOOTBALL Coach Tony Calvellu s I30 foofball 'leam broke a losmg sfreak by beahng James Luck wl'I'h a score of I3 fo 7 af fhe laH'er par+ of fhe season The Eagle+s had a more enloyable season lhls year fhan lasl losing several of iheur games by close scores One of fhe mosl' excrhng games was wlfh our cross counfry rnvals Fremon+ The Eaglei' 'leam had greaf fighf and spnrnl and was full of good maferlal for nexf year s varsuiy feam The oursfandnng player on fhe Moun+aun Vuew I30 'ream was Bob Monfalvo semor Duck Arnmborgo I, 7. . 130 FOOTBALL 1 . lab Anderson End 2. Harold Salads Fu Ilbaclz 3. Elmo Hernandez Right Tackle 4. Paul Suzuki Righf End 5. Tom llaelrwood Wing Back 6. lob Monfalvo Quarferback 7. Jack Cooper Conhr Au - Q l J 5 wk . '17 xv-f 0437 Jud-sAay5...Eg Q32 nf' . 1. aj! S. Dil I 'L 30 FOOTBALL Vern Hosrefl Wing Back David Ca LQHT kl Jehu Ch lx Confe Gary Dav y Righf Guard Walt Chabad Left End Ralph AI Leif G d KIPN TlBk 5. f . Ffa' N? Q VARSITY BASKETBALL I. Rudy Gufierrez Guard 2. Bugs Garcia Guard 3. Ari Bell Cenier .Jerry Tex" Burch Guard Orval Mcfflrafh Forward Sloppy Anderson Cenfer Johnny Lozano Forward ii' A 4 7.5 's..,,ff 'I30 BASKETBALL Torn Blackwood Cenfer Don Rlchardson Cenfer Dave Carranza Guard Bob Mendenhall Forward Frank ScoH Guard Gary Edwards Forward Max Toolle Forward -N? :5 Y f 32 XV X L Adorson Mac ad A Bell O McElalh R Guia ex Fin! low O oDEd ardsJ on n e Top low B Garcia A VARSITY BASKETBALL The varslly baslcefball feam under 'I'he coachmg of Larry Flormr had a very good season Ih I952 and 53 wmmng five games and losmg +wo The Lugh+weugh+ feam had fhe same ndenhcal record and bolh feams Emshed nn second place nn fhe SCVAL race The mosf mfereshng game of fhe year was when our varsnfy and lughfweughi qunn fefs beaf fhe Fremonl' lndlans qunn+e+s John Lozano won lhe scormg champuonshup for 'I'he second siranghf year wnfh I40 polnls ln seven games for 'lhls season Lasf year If was 'lhe lnghfwelghl crown and fhls year ll' was fhe varsufy crown Lozano was also chosen for fhe Hrsf feam of +he SCVAL and was named +he mosi' oufsfandung player along wufh Jnm Choafe nn +he varsu+y dnvnsnon Lozano was pnclred as fhe oufsiandmg player for fhe Eagle Varsnfy Baslrefball feam Makmg fhe second leam of fhe SCVAL were Ari Bell and Jerry Burch Duck Arlmborgo 9 l. 1 ul ' 45" K T' A 'N I 'vs lf, l 4E'f5 . aan, ,XL ', A V 1' K , .f 4 -f' , f' . I l X RT 4 31 ' lass lisw 22 27 I A ' 28 ' W' l y ' A , X : yi , fx , A 23 ' y 25 :zu X' 21 ' 30 24 l - L l' 1 2 . ' , . Mangini, S. n , B. h o, . , . r , . i rr . : A. liv , . w , . L no, A. Luia , B. Benev nro, J. Burch. . a ' 1,115 I . . ' lt A I I af i Top Row T Blackwood B Burlchalfar J Barber D Richardson C Ed ards F Scoff Flrsi low D Carranza D Munoz B Mendenhall M Toolle G Edwards B Monlal o P Jaume 130 BASKETBALL Mouniam Vlews llgh+welgh+ feam had a very engoyable season endlng second In +he SCVAL wnfh Eve wms and 'l'wo losses The mosl' excrhng game was wrlh Lnve Oak fhe Co Champ of fhe SCVAL The Eaglefs were un fhe lead during ihe malor parf of fhe game buf losf In 'l'he closmg mmufes of play by a score of 38 'Io 35 When rl' came around fo choosing fhe members for lhe All Valley 'I'eams cenfer Tom Blackwood was unammously picked He barely mussed gefhng fhe oufsfandmg player award of ihe lnghiwenghl +eam Besudes malung fhe Hrs+ +eam he won fhe llghl' weughl' scoring champuonshup wnih I I3 pomfs In sux games Tom was also plclxed as fhe mosf oufsfandung player of +he Mounlam View l30 s squad Anofher player fo gel recogmhon was Don Richardson who recenved an honorable menhon on fhe All Valley ieam Duck Arlmborgo V " Tl gr , xl' B f X x If xl y, F 2 X v y .XMI V. 3 y ij. V K Xl- y. .v K! Vg: lk rf Q Q kg' Q . L 6 8 7 I I Q 4 ID 120 BASKETBALL I. Jim Evans Guard 2. Jim Derrickson Cen+er 3. Takashi Tsunoda Guard 4. Wayne Carter Forward 5. Clyde Dads Cenfer 6. George Ferguson Forward Y Q! was in 49 ms? X . 2 110 BASKETBALL 1. Lupe Diaz Guard 2. lill Cafambay Forwa rd 3. Frank Eseobar Forwa rd 4. lill Mendenhall Cenfer 5. TOIIY Morales Conier . An Nouges Guard 1.40 h-,Ji 1 v""1 2 .1 fl I eva 38x Q VJ vf 'S A wh fllmvvl D Top low L Marhn T Moreno B Rees G Rnchiar T Morales B Mendenhall B Uyeda T Fara ella A Hnngs burger A Orosco E Daugherfy C Dods Second Row J Furuuchl E Ray J Ka amofo A Nougues L Diaz B Cafambay F Escobar T Silva F Nava D Maneely Manager A Kuohn Flrsf Row R Lane R Turelr G Forgu son B Arlmborgo T Tsunoda J Evans P Plazza W Carfer J Derrlclrson 'I 'IO 120 BASKETBALL The Mounlam View IIOs ieam weni' +hrough fhenr I952 SCVAL season wnfh only one defeaf ou'l' of seven games They wound up as Co Champions af lhe end of fhe season The Mounfam Vnew l20 s dnd no+ come ouf as well as +he I I0 s In fhenr league com pehhon The l20 s los? every one of fhelr lea'gue games buf ihls was due mosily fo lack of experience and laclr of heugh+ As wlfh fhe I I0 'team fhls was Mounfaln View s Ersf year of I20 s baske+ball and we all hope and expec+ +he I20 s +o do much beHer nexi year Wayne Car+er .Mi-kfsl X H TJ ,gg ,Ntxa , L4 J, f-ri J TENNIS E I SCVAL ln many of our spor+s wru+e ups we have referred +0 'l'he S C V A L and lo fhe +erm All Valley S C V A L s+ands for 'rhe Sanfa Clara Valley Aihlehc League There are elgh'I' schools In fhe league whuch play fhelr games befweer' one anofher Fremonf Sanfa Cara Luve Oalr Campbell Los Ga+os James Llclr Washmg+on and Mounfann View Affer each season a 'team ns made up of fhe ou+s+andmg players nn fhe league and fhus feam IS called +he All Valley feam A boy us chosen for All Valley accordmg fo hls ablhhes In 'rhaf parhcular sporf He musf nof only excel as an nnduvndual buf musl' also prove +ha+ he IS a vl+al member In fhe +eamworlc and IS a good spor'I' The respecf and courfesy he has shown members of o+her feams and ofher coaches IS an lmpori'an+ merur The coaches of each of +he schools In fhe league selecf an afhlefe who fhey rhlnlr deserves recogmhon and who lhey lhnnlc would be a good represen+ahve for his parenf school un fhe All Valley The coaches submlf 'lhelr voies and fhe player wn+h fhe malorlfy of vo+es wms fhe posuhon on fhe All Valley feam Dnclu- Arlmborgo i 1- I VARSITY BASEBALL 6-5 gi: ' ,-f,: ,H , -"L: 'J' V, E f'-AL' TOP Row B Benevonio F ScoH S Anderson O McElraH'1 D Edwards K Delaughfer R Bryan M McDonald FIPS! Row D Arlmborgo D Zangrando R Guherrez J Nunes J Lozano N Ra J Humpal 130 BASEBALL TOP ROW A Manglm T Puseno Marques Ftrs? Row T Hendrix G Edwards W Cer+er T Flores J Hngashnuchl M Todal T Qumones I N5 X 15' 1 :ff 3' ri.. ...R-1 4 1'?BI TRACK LBJ-5 S g as fri 'V X TOP ROW D Munoz B Boggs T Boardman D Pannler A Bell 8 Machado A Olivo A Lulan B Warrmgfon T Wesf J Lewis B Anderson G Eshll D Flamer A Hansen R Moore D Richardson R Macedo SQCOIJ ROW Suzulu Hoslfo J Hoover P Bailey R Ferguson B Mendenhall Laro B Nevarrez B Spears T Meruyama S Keeney Salsa Pnsano T Moore B Baldwm T Blackwood H Salado B Monfalvo 130 TRACK Q xg, ' D V AC IS 'Jr 1' ll yr, X S TOP Row Morlno G Rlchler A Nougues B Arlmborgo B Mendenhall Munoz McCrea A Lugan F Dome Mura lceml Mendez E Dougherly R McKeeman sQCOIld Row Morales F Escobar B Kayano Angeles T Maruyama First ROW W Lang D Burnham N Guherrez F., 13? 1' 2 ? gmt' 1 .ai lil l I ' l " ' , I - , ' , 4 ' l ' - ' ' . ".' T ., .A -.1 ' J7 "L, . 4: "f I l ' ' W P' ? Q Van. Anka, F , ' V ii M., . ' vu, . v ' X I 0' I 1 - . Ll ' f fr , l vm. ' . ' -' u ll' RJ H 'IL R ,L ' '. . "V -'M 'A -'V -K Q ' , X x' ,s N Xt' K . ' R f 712, ' ,I ' 1. ' . ' V QI. 'D ' l Q as I axzgg-f F' 1 I 4 ,lux ' f- T L . T, - f ' '- ' C Q 'Y vw ' l 5 11? 1 , .155 -K 'Q' , . Q. ,IO4 1 ai' I i ' ' , 1 . I - 1 3 ' ' ' I ll 'f b it 1. ' 4 , ' I ' 4 ' ' ' ,' . "vi R 1 I 1 , X, I, ,, my I wk fy, Q, :- A ' 1' N, .4 4. ,. 14 , 'gs-2 1 ' ' ' 4 , In 1 , . 77 ze ' T.: , "'4 ' , -fl 1 T n in l ' ' , , ' J K .4 , I if If 1 B A . . ,IW - . , V 1 N A. v , . . ' 1 , ,ja S I V-Q ' - X -, X ' 5 f' 5 af ' ,, I K, . 7-ir I , ,. .i rf A 1 A Presudenf June Haun Vuce Presudenl Dorc+hy Guerrero Secreiary Treasurer Dana Wulluamson Achvuiy Pounf Secrelary Nancy Yamada Tennus Manager lda Oluvo Swummung Manager Sally Balroluch Baslcefball Manager Jere Lozano Badmunfon Manager Lorraune Sfullens Baseball Manager Georgune Ruchfer Volleyball Manager Lenore Whufe Archery Manager Kafhryn Burkhart Q-nu K Sfdlldlllq S Balcoiuch I Oluvo J Lozano G Ruchfer L Whale L Shllens Seated N Yamada D Guerrero J Haun K Burlcharf D Wulluamson The Gurls Afhlehc Assocuahon commonly lcnown as G A A us fhe afler school program for gurls Seven sporfs are offered swummung fennus badmunfon baslce+ball volleyball soffball archery A gurl us lumuled fo four of fhese sporfs per year Twenfy Eve pounfs are awarded for each sporf uf +he requuremenfs are fulfilled When a gurl has earned ISO poun'rs she us awarded a Bloclr M and becomes eluguble +o uoun +he Gurls Blocl: M organuzahon The G. A. A us a member of 'rhe Gurls' Penunsula Afhlehc League whuch uncludes fweniy one hugh schools on fhe penunsula The purpose of +he League us +o provude an opporlunufy for gurls from lhese schools fo parhcupaie un a+hle+uc compehfuon on an equal basus and fhe same slanclards The G P A. L holds fhree meehngs a year sprung, wunfer and fall The G A A presudenf, fwo sludenl represenfafuves and fhe gurls' physucal educafuon feachers al fend fhese meefungs Thus year G A A has had u+s largesf group wufh 350 gurls lf us aboul fhe mosf acfive organuzafuon un school G A A sponsors flue spor+swoman of fhe year, 'lhe G A. A. banquef, G A A playdays, and occasuonal dances Bloclc "M" sponsors fhe annual aquacade and flue book druve whule fl-ue G A A carrues fhem ouf June Haun in A SWIMMING I Top Row Machado Balrohch Chappell Evans Davndson Hardesfy Shoemaker Adamson Hackman Grofheer Second ROW Crofhers Llu Morley Tobun Croshaw Kunz Follre Alnsworfh Beyer PraH FIN! Row Fenuccl Whnfilesey Rnchfer Rlchfer Bugge Holrhouse Zecher Hendrix Nrclrle C-"BW Top Row Ahyo Craig Allen Parfrudge Ryder Jones Kufzer Second Row Polhemus Saleh Carr Harlen Whlf fan Robms Denham Laborde Ploeg Flrsr Row Sprunger Chrlsfensen SldeboHom Raper Voorhees Cooper Denham Parrmo Delayhouse BASKETBALL ea " Se QQ .7 0' 'Q 'Y 4' Top Row Asada Full: Pasiorlno Gumperlz Salvaherra Schuesler PraH Hendrux Ryder Woods Jones Nakano B Wll Selma: Veglua Second Row Marque: Edgemond Thnesse Kinney Overman Maclas Kunz Pla Nlclzle eyer I bur Hoshl Uchlyama Furs! Row Alva Wrugh? Croshaw Zecher May Craug Sakae DeLeon Krllen Fanuccn Croihers Lurnacfod lshlmaru 1' ,x , X l W1 -----M l f , ,- A f A , ' ' w '4 'F - ,X M . U I I I 1 - . 5, l l tv b l l L E , , ' ' L' "AY f ' . . ' in l 'rx A A x l IL AL 'V 1 Q 5 A 'Y , 1 V lg N- AW' , he K' A -E 3 .J 3 Q . A V. , ' I Y l 3 ' , x K x f , l x 1- '1 A K D 5 s, I l T: A 4 BASKETBALL .. 0,8 43 I we A O Top low Carney Garry Marvln McCulloch While Dexfer Weber Degen Lloyd McKeeman Borrello Nlshlura Mancml Beaver Kufzer Lau Second ROW Hoffaclrer Woods Cashllo Balxohch Denham Laborde Holfhouse Readhead Carr Polhemus Erlclxson Pomares Shaw Mack First Row Olramolo Yarbrough Whnfilesey Rnchfer Morley Guerrero Gilmore Rlchrer Flannery Shllens Harlan Whn+en Barczl QQ TOP Row Burlrharf Parry Shllens Huclrman Yamada Gloeggler Dufra Evans Frye Hornung Croxfon Marsh Spears Parga Second Row Orosco Orosco Lozano Salas Esfcourf Schenk Craner Williamson Snow Saleh Larsen Sprunger Davues Garcna Ruchardson Furs! Row Engelharf Enferlune Smulh Manfelln Evans Raper Slde boffom Parrlno Denham Delayhouse Burlcharf Cooper Adamson Q QQ .. eh 91 ln. If-if l Top Row Marler Muller Wood Allen Marquez Marquez Ochoa Leos Roschecle Hoshn Shackleford Gonzales Ramirez Arierbury Setblld Row Ploeg Moragues Markle Roblnson Moragues Rhoades Rose Davidson Mas sey Salvaherra Murray Salndon FlfSf low Snmrell Barrholde Tobln Bureau Cowden Gardiner Thalher DeBevonse DeFrees Spohr Cousnns Walley Marquez A 0 " ' - X l . A' ' -- Y 'S 1 v' . ll- 1, 2 " e -Q D! Q ' " 'L ' ' 'ff ' I u . il lf Q 3 f 1' el of D -A Y " ll IE lx u. .. Q 4 ll bbq 9' V My I L fx I' all L 4, As l, ln ,ssl fi L, .Pl . ii I 1 ,M . . ' ,Ib , . Q U lt, U fl L y fx! fx "' " l K yd' x. . N1 L -Il h L 3 ' n l 4 VOLLEYBALL M 9 rn 'D 0545 I Top low Cashllo Wlllnarnson Sakae Lnu Hoffacker Okamofo Lowman DeFrees Spohr Couslns Markle Ochoa Walley Marquez Crawford Llu Fulu Third Raw Sllvelra Correla Holcomb Orozco Hoover Thlesse Eddy May Schuesler Marquez Ramnrez Marquez Salvaherra Leos Llgsay Denham Second low Duira Ros check Murray Gloeggler Esperanza Whlfe Olsen Hlckman Ploeg Acosfa Alva Llles Massey Marquez Reed head Leborde Flrsf Row Marler Jones Ruchardson Camnn Waliher Degen Moragues Fanuccl Hooks Smnfh Lloyd Swlncky Spears Brofhers Tracy Gomez Parga 6 0 Top Row Nlshlura Burkharl' Barfhol Rose Waugh Skalko Racer Denham Craner Asada Uchlyama Hoshl Third Row Gonzales Hermano Moragues Garcia ulgg Bureau Allen Yarbrough Bureau Orosco Sandoval Salas Orosco seCOIld Row Zecher Kunz Manclnl Carney Holihouse Ferguson Masslczek Coulombe Rlchfer Shllens Pasforuno Tazan Hermano Salvaherra Flrs? Row Pez Ellloff Parks Tobin Taylor WhrH'lesey Morley Voorhees Slayfon Rlchfer Bugge Massey DeLeon Parez Marsh Ahyo J' Q . 04 1 7 V Y n I l ' 1 Top Row Garry Pra'f+ Edgemond Ramon Lumacfod Brown lshlmaru Hoshl Sakal Nakano Croxfon Woods Veglla Alnsworfh Muller Goodman Samdon Spencer Third Row Amaral Snow Bakohch Suegfrled Nickle PraH Hendrix Adamson Wlllbur Canfer Clarke Cook Weber Marvin Machado Second Row Salch Burkharf Dolayhouse Parrnno Anglm Psa Sakae Shackleford Dooley McKeeman Newfarmer Dampler Dexfer Yamada Whlfe Fin! Row Wnghf Croshaw Duerks Beaver Beaver Borello Evans Lozano Draga Frye Chappell Har lan Moreno Barczu Garcna l ew - 6. n if K 9 v ,iv 1 f 'U I ' '- 0 .-. U, 5 4 ' .g Q-56 K. . 4 , , 4 Q 0 - 9 v " 4 1 ," , 'Y ' I VY f 3, .5 as .Q C 1. ? no . Q l 'f A 00 y' ' of r - ' Qi . ig E f - 952' ' . L' . ' a f. l l X Nl rs C 1 L s H1 ' fw L -,- lr 3 1 Y. 'J Q t Y 1-4. Q I . X ' 1 , , 3 fri' 1? 1 ef 5 g Q56 D . yr ,gy . Q V z W. , W ' ' W l v , I K I: II I I . I' ..'eIQ. 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Degen Allen R w H 'ff lx Olc o e o ac er amolo Llu Schuesler Ramon Amaral Sulveura Roscheclr Veglla Croxlon Carney Crawford Thlrd Row Ploeg Denham Prall Nmckle Hendrnx Salvaherra Moragues Marquez Leos Llgsay Gonzales Brown Readhead Laborde Second Raw Rodruguez Alva Acosfa Hennes Marquez Mar quez Pedules Massey Kunz Davnes Norman Slmallco May First Row Wru hv Cr sh Z h P g o aw ec er az Moragues Garcia Hermano Marquez Marlrle Ferguson Hollhouse Massey Nlshlura Manclnl QQ Q Flfv Top low Chappell Evans Lozano Frye Draga Harlan Eraclcson Lloyd Nakano Salman Wullnamson Cooper Chrlsfensen Ad Tlll d R emson r OW Carfer Franlz Gomes Allen Balrohch Morano Cashllo Garry Thorp Praff Ramirez Massey Salndon Ahyo Second Row DeBevouse Qulgg Thacher Barlhol Tazan Hermano Marvnn Weber Beaver Anglm Beaver Borello Dexler First Row Taylor Ruchfer Whnlllesey Tobm Shaclxleford Salrae Pla Paslorlno Colgan Perez DeLeon Salvaherra Edgemond Whnle 0 ,,, 4 fl "' A 0 lb 'll QQ Q Top ROW Tobin Slmrell Walley Hoshl Hoshr Uchlyama Asada Krueger DI8l'k5 Allerbury Cool: Thlrd low Bureau Thelsse Eddy Lnu Fugn Overman Orosco Salas Orosco Sandovl C f Cl lc e an er ar e low lshlmaru Lumacfod Wnllbur Coulombe Hoover Wood Muller DeFrees Gumperlz Rlchler Barczn n Fl f I G d H so rt ow ar ner oolzs Massvczelr Spohr Cousnns Tracy Gomez Parga Brofhers Lloyd Smulh Muller Second Wulllem -1 ' if ,gr , . .-.24 in .. 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Suggestions in the Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) collection:

Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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