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Af' ,MW A V -Wwmwfw .faux-ww: 5 - M. N tai' -yawn ,QM ,.,. ,, ww:-a ww .M Wmmw Vf f, Q-W S 1 Q , , 5 if , 'fi Yu 61 QS' K 'Lf "W ,uigqgge 1 M +L if A M w an 1. V W . 5 X Q at V A M , . 5 2 , Q A Q . V X Q, Maw' x',- -,kg K K ,, V A -' ' W I L L :L1 V ,L,' N ' , yr q ' 930, is FSM ,7 "+ K MQ if - y .k., fm, P , V 5 4, w-1 f vf 3 X 5, A me gm Q Q J , Q' , ii ,Q WV . ,mm xL,Lk , ., .v , 5? Q id- gg' K 2 W.: Q SG ,af 1 ' nf 4isf,Lf?'Q?fz., , 5 I fx? ,Lay Q, y . .tl, I A L W A K , , K V V K my -Vkk Q96 Zhi? My W if H559 A V 1 A if . - - fi iff? 7 f , , A A ,W , , QM L 3 I Ei S L WY' 3 k x'-' R L 4 . r I 1 1 A Y ,fr ' 1' n . if V , X - -'V . ',,.A.a'3miV A W L 'fTfff2 lg,f 1 xl Si? 5' 55,1242 11 k :'!ig,2iZ g I .1 ,1 4 4 7 1 f .fi Lyn Qiirfl ,ii J 1. K ' , 15' iv ' X Efvfvg Uk- 2? . Ay- iv ,JL A Aa 3 if in I 2 1 all , 'J f uf, ,, Q Hn, A ww ,ff I fx .f ,K -fi" , ,QI ' . sf' P . , .f,- ,S W Iii, ,K 9? 21 ,A , . 5 , . M f , '1 -, f N . . wig , + ' x1,,w51g,wf .. Q, I --L 7Qlaf"' Lzf-AW? TQ? 'fi-I V: , pzieiagi TQ'-H K' C 2 ,f :'f'L5'?YJ'-fn ,517 y fy Q Y zgggeggif ,f'z',m?!K,?!9if5,zX::F' fgwggi jj: ' f ' R fei,,'gf.nQ1?IiQ1' 'i 14: J , W' sawgefx. , -My ' ,,J5:5..3,f2 ly" iw- gi, , I , S, 1 ' V, . V 4-, W . . , ,V , 1 f ,1 Q ,,.s..2,.,l,.. f L, , 5 - i7 -V - 'J X 4 Him , , f we ,y . ' ' ,,41u,'yQ1'4-Nw igjig'-zvigr-3 K, j,'LTffY?,' W 'K M ' , I 9. g ' w H sf 5.4 V N f A Q viii' "J Q i f ' fs ,g:w,i'31 552 ?if ' lf' ff 'lf . 1 'ixffiguiiif f., i. . 4, i 3 mf, g,.-1f.,vgf,H Mug ,, FS? ,Af ,- ,1 .,., ,QA , Yew: -' ' ' fx,-WN 'vmww-fi ffw jtqiff g1,-yi-w,g,fsL-ifiwuiryr, 3' '5 if-5 W-lfmf WP' Ylffsiif 7254- 7 Q5iii3?2i7 64233 if "iN5' ' if 45 fi 'f ' 1- Q. " ' - ' .mfubff-.., 7 'ui LQ"7f'4iQ If fi 'A A KEsff"1?Wf'Ti " .' 5 'A 2,7 ' 1 W xfvfaf ,Li N , "L 1, 2 JS' Sz! L4 'Nil x lv :ws1".Qx. , . qv 'f - 45, 1-.ei,sw.X.+g,.:-mf. Wwvwgsyegr . Q ,A .M 5 5 sfgf? .55 Q 3 . M-Nw . xv . ...wr 0-'WA Nav 9' D4 3 'QQ gg' J 4 m . YV vqlslfil 3 vin. Q 'fl' . . A 1 5 i. - 'u x 5. , I , ' T,-1' ' 5 J- I 9, . 'I 0, s. 3 S. si. was-Q.. y , .nxt 4 Q 0 K Q g . f .Q . A L 1 n A p 3 I "1 N , " 1 u. .e 1 6 R . x ii- L Q. . K 'bi' ' ' ' 'Q' v U . Q K . ' 5 M v gp xp- Q Q x I I 4... i ,N 1..f. Q A':1'- N: . W "W . R., 'W N. ' A ll . - xWQ5'25..5?fM Ffsff Qi., ' 'T ' ' 3 Y 'N M, -if Q S 3.2rfi-. "-Mfg.. 'Q 'Q V ' Q -K .K . 4 ,mf ' Q Q " , . W . . x .. z . .,, f img if . is xy. -fe nl . -M 1 hi 1 ,f sl 'w 1' A . . Y ' K ,.. K. .-. M, ,. .2 .. .. . , ., . L 1 f K . ' "X flimi Al.. - ' A .FL f . f Q 1 S Q. X3f'B-fliilii? '- fxjfgf. Nl ix. M555 ff 2 . .Ali ,xg - ' ' lf gx. R- , ' Y .R-uw xg wq.if"ff55H., - . . ,f,, Mg fxikiw.-,3st'.x-4 . .- "-, 4- , ' f,'Q.-QS ,f Q-'I'-. - Q . - ' Q- T gs-. Qs-Y-,"?W5i..,g .x 'T-,Q 5 - A ' fX'f.i-'L-.'q - - '-.-X-S','3,':,-,432-KA f -wax . - --.xywfx-Nfl, KJ-wvxxk-5-xarfi -sk-..'-,,., , K . 4. 753.2 Q' ' . .Q k. "x,.wifXfS ff Sk SS g.. . ,, , g, .L, -giffi..-+faSH-ifn 1 -wr - s . M r , ' AA? - lf mx Q19 Q uw Yi" fin -- f - f , - 4.4 ' f .. -5- 'X X- A ...F ,-..- 5. fax WNSENW. : . 4: "Gig K K . TS. Q 'ff K 'Q , ' ,211 Aviv. - ff L Mi- S15-. ,W hh ,' 5 ,far . . . g as-.. ,..,.-f -'Hx -wiv: W I -, . ' Q, 5 lim. .Hg ig-2 2 Q . gig? .. .f . W A k kgfki.. Q ,y xg ,fr ik K, k K K f WX Q-r gvfggygij . .. .. - . . V E N x 5, Vw Q, f -- .,..,.,.-'S' rx' 5- ivy X -x -Sf. .-.lf 'ff Q . .Q 5 K , .J . ' f ,x Q,-4 img .L+ fi 54-r .. 1 Q f- 'V ' W- . 1.--A 'ww - - . 2, -- Q. We - 1-xqgm ,fini 1 ' . Q ,jfs . , -Q . 3' x i.11faf.g.z'2f,.+f X. -wig. . 1-+: -3,1 -155-a li' 1 115, ifizsk qeffibiit, f fa, -Q. aff Q'1,g,fwg5-g?i.,if'g-x2'5.,'f' gf5'..i,.yL..,x ,,1j.xf.- N - - - X N wi' Lf Q.- E - 4 - -Lf'1r-5?-X-.52-L ga LK'!'w'X .6 rr V --ar',, - +L . . - K. M' fs -- 6. X, - .. , f K N' Xa ,-5 54- . t..,qfQ,. .gp-,U - - Q. , ' -L N ,. X :ai .ii . . . .V -. A.. ish. . , gig K ,q..,.?Il.1.iX, xg- ,. , : XE 7 y y , fs, ' r ' . sz. . -Q 4 V' fx M ' 3 k hu . ' , ', -..g.E.41'gZ3z's.f-225'-34 -- 5. 4 ' --'F -2 "kk f' A x Q . f f f - Q. 5 -'Sggmg vvg- .3g.2i-.Lf Q, ..s .. ., 1. -,fy -U .: M1355 .qw Q56-v ,- --g. 1. K, J-,,+,, ,Q . -. Q. -M., ,-M, 45 , - K k 5 fx WP-2 -1 33+ -f. -, - . K-.xii .. mm... .ks Q " f ' . . R. Q ffiwasfg 1 xii -aff r Q . . . , -" .. - . if 5 .. -.- ' A . 3 'Q QS Q 'V X .T "0-, . 3 ,, - X 4 N Q . N 'f E -f N 4- Q --R ggiiiwi ' WN-7f1l..:",.f'48?i -Q xii -F Tx lUl A -AV GRAY THE MOUNTAIN VIEW UNION PUBLISHED BY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS -- 1951 Mountain View, Califorrua v 1 ,A ff, wr . Q A , K . 'YHA . 5 . yi 5 6 ' '24 X sf ,Sw 41, ,V fy . 4 wif - 4: +13 F if i 3'4- 'W Q M ,im -'.. ' 1. w."-1-r .Ms Q ' ig 5 ,QW .:'..x.v Q, Q.. M.: e N X N X ,ATV W - QA NK? 1' W -. rt, -3 A Hi- gg + N' RS -SQ ' : , kg. KX . . A- N? X Q ? 095, X Zi N EQ 5 . QQ fx- , T .: Viv N ,- . .x -- K fmt.-x .959 .RL kjit.QS.1?, :Eggs Q . 0 O G if MF v X xi fm lyk! wggwfxp X1 as xx . k 1 WRX EM gf Q .X,,Q, , X ,fy V M if mama 15 5 E, 5? 'Q .. Q R5 ,, W' N? xy 'W ,Q laws, 6' t tty 'YU Z- ig, iff 4 ' +I f- 38 -if W ni I' my c I- 25? MII. CLIIOOKIQ Principals When talking to you stu- dents on the opening day of school this year I used an ex- pression that Iliad recently heard, I liked it, The more I think of it the niore it irn- presses ine. May I repeat it here? "The niore people you know the more you know, " It is iniportant for you to know people, It is iznportant because you cannot help but gain something froln each new acquaintance. Whether th at something will be of value to you or a detrinient will depend upon the eharacte r and pe rs on- ality of your new acquaintance , 'l'ha1 means, in turn, that you should lie careful in thy selec- tion of your friends and as- sociates. It is highly iniportant that you "know more, " butit is e qu ally iinportant that this knowledge is such that yourlife will be fuller and happier be- cause of it. 'l'he niore people yoa know the inore friends you will have. The niore friends you have the happier you will be. Friends are the niost valuable estate you can aecurnulate, The only person who can live successfully unto hiniself alone is aherniit, I ixnagine he lnust despise hirnself: every- one does. Chas, II. Crooke Mr, spqinygler Mrs, Cheeseman Mr. Simmonds Mr, Nordberg Mr. Campbt ll MISS WILBUR Dean of Girls MR. CARTER Dean of Boys DEDICATION One of the parts of the Annual that the editor looks forward to is writing the dedication. It is there that she can express her ideas about what she be- lieves is important in a dedicationg that is how I came to write about school life . Iwould like to dedicate the 1951 Blue and Gray to all the academic and extra- curricular activities that make up each school day and to the people who make them possible. Neither one of these can stand alone. Each helps us to accept re - sponsibility, develop leadership, and accumulate knowledge. All four years can hold these things for everyone if they only take advantage of the opportu- nities. The more you interest yourself with these activities the more interest they hold for you. Remember, no matter who you may be in school, well known or not, there is a place for you some- where. There is always a need for an extra hand. The freshmen this year are off to a fine start in making school something that they enjoy and not just a place that they must attend. The othertwo classes are well on their way to realizing the school's true purpose, And then the re is the 1951 graduating class. There will be many sad and somewhat wistful faces of those who have come to realize how marvelous the four years of ups and downs have been. Barbara Zeiss , Editor MR. CRITTENDEN Art. MISS LAWRENCE S h0I'Ih21 Ild , Typing, j0urn31i5m-- Sophomore Counselor. I FACULTY MRS. ROBBINS Typing, Textbooks. MR. WILDER Typing, Junior Business Training. MR. BLALOCK English III B, English IIB--Sophomore Counselor. MRS. DUNN English I B, English III B, Study. MR. EDWARDS English IIA , Public Speaking, Study. MISS MC GILVREY Dramatics, English I B, Stagecraft. MR. MARSHALL English I A , Business English. MR. SAVSTROM English III A, English IV A. MRS. DOWNEY Clothing I, Clothingll, I-Iomemaking. MISS RUTHERFORD Cooking MR. CALLAHAN Study, Spanish I, II, III. MR. MANEELY Spanish II, Latin I. MISS WILBUR Dean of Girls, Senior Counselor, French I, II. MR. G. DUNCAN Study, Freshman Counselor. MR. DOANE Algebra I, Geometry, Junior Coun- selor. MR. HANCOCK General Math. MR. NUDLEMAN Geometry, Algebra Theory I, Fresh- man Counselor. MR. CAMPBELL Instrumental. MISS FROEHLICH Vocal, Piano, Choir. MR. FIORINI Physical Education. MR. CAVELLI Physical Education. MR. ANDERSON Physical Education. MRS. SAGER Physical Education. MRS. MOCKBEE Physical Education. MR. GRUBB Advanced Woodwork, Elementary Woodwork, General Shop. MR. CARLTON Study, Mechanical Drawing, General Shop. MR. OLSON Metal Shop, General Shop, Auto Mechanics. MR. WILKINS Visual Aid, Senior Problems, Coun- selor. MR. TAMONY U.S. History, Civics, Study, Fresh- man Counselor. MR. HARRINGTON U.S. History, World History, Study. MR. ALLEN Social Living, Study, U.S. History. MR. J. DUNCAN Social Living, Study. MISS SHOSTAR Clerk. MISS SEAL Clerk. MRS. SESLAR Registrar. MISS KUFFLER Nurse. MRS. THOMPSON Registrar. MRS. WHITE Cafeteria. MRS. FORBES Cafeteria. MR. THOMPSON Custodian. MR. CILLONI Custodian. MR. HENDERSON Custodian. MR. GRILLI Custodian. MR. FOX Custodian. MR. BLAKE Gardener. MR. MADSEN Transportation. MR. OCHOA Custodian. MR. MULLER Gardener. MR. AITKEN 'I Consumer Science, Chemistry, Sen- ior Counselor. MR. TENDICK Physics, Biology, Physiology. ,,,..,,A xx , 1 is is . Qs ,Q wr. , t ,ra . . , RS., . -if I' K - si ws' 4 as ,aw its .MQ K.. ' sf' ii' S ,af SENIORS HAR OLD GAR CIA ANN GLASER JOHN GRIFALL RONALD KR AMER BETTE GRIFFIN ROGER GOLDSMITH ROBERT HALL CAROL HANSEN .agp 4' ,Qs -ainjih 1'-T f eff -if 'Ur-vi - CHAR LES HENDERSON RUSSELL HOLCOMB DICK HOLLEY ANNA HOLTHOUSE NANC Y HOSHI JIMMY HOSHIDA 4'-:Q EVELYN HUGHES ALAN HUGO 3 1 ww? SUSAN JOHNSTON GEORGE KANEDA ARNOLD KNAB HARRY KOBAYASHI f" - -. vi' JOSEPHINE LOPEZ GEORGE LUIZ TONY LUIS GENE MACIEL DON MACKEY VICTOR MAR OUEZ FRANK MATIENZO VIRGINIA MATTINGLY' JIM MAULDING CONNIE MAYFIELD MARY ANN MEEK MELVIN MELL JV' Y . 1951 TED KRIISA JOYCE BEAVER O. H. LANE DICK LE BAUDOUR THELMA LERA BARBARA LE WIS JO ANNETTE BARNES MARIAN LOOMIS 'P xiii? 5 I ! , Ls 3' Q :Q SENIOHS JIM MELTZER VERNA MILLER ROGER MOBERG JOE MORALES MELBA MORRIS HAR UKO MURANAKA KATHERINE MUSTAIN RITA MADDEN BILL COSTA 'Q If Iii ROY MATSUMOTO JOYCE CABRAL BARBARA MARTINSON JOANNE MANELY RICHARD MONIGHETTI VALERIE NASH CLARIS NEFF CARMEN OCI-IOA EMILIE OGATA ESTELLE OROZCO LORENE PAYNE DAVID PETERSON x 1 I 'f--'J LESLIE RANDALL ELEANOR REINHARDT AL ROBBINS MARY ROBINSON DAN RODRIQUEZ. BARBARA ROSS MARY BLASQUEZ DONNA ROUSV-T BARBARA SALTALAMACHIA JOSE SANCHEZ EDDIE SHAW BILL SILLS -3 X S 1951 DORENE IIHPI: IM LI DOROIII II' JOYCE SIANI LY MO XI ANNE CORY PI OEG PI OEG TOM POWEI ANTONIA QUIIAGUA PHIL RA KATHRYN RADOX AN 11' ff? i SENIORS ALBA SILVERIA DOLORES SMITH MARTY SPANGLER BARBARA STONE CLIFF SUGIMOTO HERB SUTTON JIM SULLIVAN BILL TIBBS fi 41 C? 1 FAUSTO TOLEDO VIRGINIA TSUNODA SHIRLEY WHITE VIRGINIA WILHELMY DARLYNE WOOD TOM WIDER DONNA WITAKER JACK CASANOVA ANNA LUIS JUNE CHIKASUYE LOUIE COCHRAN TAD CODY GIL DUNCAN JOYCE ENDERS BOB FISCHER BILL FOLAND ED FORNER DON FRANTZ aw 'T 1951 BRUCE COL WELL PAUL CONROTTO EVA CUTRELL GLORIA CROXTON RODNEY BEYER AL DENZER NORMAN DIERKS OSCAR DIESSNER GAIL KORRUP 'Z' BARBARA FULLMER BETTY FURUICI-II JAMES GILBERT PAT ARMANINI DULCIE ALEXANDER 'E 1 gov SENIORS TED ALLURED EVA ALVA JOYCE ANDREWS JEAN APPLEGATE LAVON ASBURY DOUGLAS AUSTIN ALICE AVILA ART BARRERAS JK s ,tv HARRY BARRETT RUSSELL BEGLEY BONNY BERGMANS MAURICE BOOS TONY BORREGO RONALD BOTELHO RICHARD BOWMAN JOHN BUGGE PATRICK BUNDS GEORGE TAKAGI JACK BURNHAM JOEL BUTLER ..f4IY JAY SMITH MARILYN JONES DON NUNES JULIA HANSEN VINCENT PISANO BEVERLY PETERSEN WENDELL HARTLEY CYNTHIA AU COURT 1951 GLENN ROUSH BARBARA ZEISS DOUGLETA GOVREAU WILLIAM MARTIN TONY JIMENEZ MARY LUNA LOWELL RYDER GRACE CHAMBERLAIN SENIORS TO THE CLASS OF '51-- Graduation is so close . . . . you're humming "Pom ' p and Circumstancen . . . , , soon you'll have that"hard to'l d ' worked and 1 e for" diploma clenched in your hands, This weekhas always seemed so far away, and now that it is actually here, you can't help reminiscing to those ol' times . . . . Can you ever forget , . , . that first daly of high school . , . . our new clothes with that 'new look' , , . . whata scared, but courageous frosh you were ,,.. how you envied the upper classmen and copied them .... how V011 le arned the yells and re ally had lots of school spirit . . . and how you detoured around the senior lawn--in fact, regarded all tradi- tions. Do you remember---football season , . , , the hilarious pep rallies , , , the problems of that "block aspirant" h spentmost f th w o o e season warming the bench th m t en S whenaplayer rce yelling and the , the confetti th e i r ne w u . . . ose terrible mo wa h s urt. . . . thefie sore throats afterwards the band in." forms. . . ni- BOYSg Holley, Kobayashi, De GIRLS: Glaser, Mattingly. President , . . Vice-President . Secretary , . . Treasurer , , , , Council Representive Sergeant-at-Arms , 18 HZCI. a :,,,...-f" wif' , ,Harry Kobayashi , , Dick Holley , Joyce Stanley Morales , , Virginia Mattingly , , , ,Ann Glaser , , .AlDenzer THE CLASS OF 1951 s...Y0uI' Remember? the teacher social living teacher who blushed so . . . the gym teachers who were never really k'dded by all those excuses . . . the jokes d his wonderful 1 of the chem teacher an the Spanish teacher, sense of humor . . . whose bark was worse than his bite . . . the understanding, consoling nurse . . . and all the others , , , even those you complained about---now you have to admit they weren't so bad after all , . . And remember? the kids , . . your bestpal . , , the ones in yourcrowd . , , the fellows and gals you dated . . . our lass prexy , . . the athletes . . . the d actresses , , , c journalists, and actors an a . ' d little cogs who naade the the big wheels an wheels go round . . . they all inade up for lot of fun and good friends . . , ' l vin Y your Alma a And now that you re ea g ' sad You've left soine traces ' 11 Mater you re , behind: the annual tradition now of varie y shows, the new Constitution passed in your senior year and many others, Now you're going to meeta ncwworld, new people and form new memories, But, in spite of these new challenges, you'll rhigh schooldays, I1 ever, never forget you X W BOYS: Costa, Cody, Denzer, Kobayashi. GIRLSg Stone, Hansen, Hughes, President . . Vice-President Secretary , . , Treasurer ,,., Sergeant-at-Arms , , Council Representives , . . Tad Cody , , Bill Costa .Barbara Stone Carol Hansen ' . 0 A.lDenzer :Evelyn Izlughes , and Harry Kobayashi 19 ,.--V ,,.MW-" .weH"""' Q ,Nf- X r 5 93 x 7 w? ,X :P X 43' an W ,, ziggy: 2 A 3 A Mwvfw , 'QL-g-,:,." 'EM 7 W Eh :wif-5 ' ' 'l- 4 L' C lAS SES lA S SES II Jones. This year the Junior Class found that extra-curricular activities took up niore oftheir Urne than ever. The first niajor activity of the year was the Junior Variety Show, The acts included singing by Marilyn Schlagel and Buddy Ke ran, a magic act by Bruce Jones, askit by Barbara Kopp and Ken Rooney, and record hnerpretahons by Shirleyl urhaxn. The rnoney froni this show will go into our class fund for our senior party next year. In the spring the Juniors we re again kept busy by the planning ofthe Junior Carnival, which was headed bythe Junior Class. And lastcame the Junior-Senior Prom, It tooka lotof planning and hard work, but all of it was forgotten when we saw our class- mates all dressed up in fluffy formals and tailored tuxes, dancing to the dreamy music of a dance band. Such was our junior year, which we always will remember. And now with our pleasant memories, we look forward to a senior year. TOP ROW: Galedrige, Mancini, Meyer, Kirby, Malone, McCurdy, Greiner, Merritt, Lawrence. SECOND ROW: Montalvo, New, Murray, Machado, Jones, Jones, Lopes, Knight, Guerrero, Moore, Lira. THIRD ROW: Hursh, Machado, Gilbert, Lumello, Grilli, Marano. Leonard, Lardizable. FOURTH ROW: Kalcic Marvin, Gruner, Moni, Jensen. ..Y iL,.lvQ Ikebe, Moreno, Miranda, Giusto, JUNIOR CLASS BOYS: Warburton, Mancini, Cargill, GIRLS: Durham, Clifford, Gonzales. JO Fa1iHg,,fI7SAZ.1N Pre s ideiflng McKenna, Fulton, Going, Kopp, Lindholm, Lewis, , Lurvey, Ligsay, Kehr, Garrett, Martinez, ZZ if Y TOP ROW: Lindsey, Butcher, Escobar, Enright, Smith, Cummings, Bewick, Farwell, Collins, Fainaru, An- derson, Cooper, Blazin, Escano, Cowden, Flamer. SECOND ROW: Ames, Eichenger, Corral, Alonzo, Car- gill, Elich, Duarte, Coffaro, Angeles, Correira, Castillo, Apcar, Anderson, Folsom. THIRD ROW: Cady, Borges, Aeberhard, Balero, Hebei, Carr, Bernardi, Borges, Avidano, Bore1lo,Cowan, Ashton, Brown. BOT- TOM ROW: Collins, Dewart, Ferrando, Dulleck, Cossuto, Banc, Cabarloc, Gonzales, Esteban, Clifford, Durham, Esteban. TOP ROW: Sullivan, Suzuki, Rooney, Tamony, Murakami, Veteran, Ware, Simicich, Schuesler, Simpson, Stiver, Warburton, Popovich, Rockhold. SECOND ROW: Ruiz, Penna, Reis, Nishiura, Takaki, Tutman, Rettig, Quigg, Orwitz, Silver, Olivo, Rossi, Ochoa, Tadin. THIRD ROW: Lopes, Sartain, Sills, Vieira, Wagner, Sibert, Sabastia, Osuna, Taylor, Prosper, Tygcson, Pearson, Winslow, Souza, Nakamoto. FOURTH ROW: White, Scibert, Yamaji, Takamoto, Pastorino, Pickar, Nagayama, Sledewitz, Randolph, Sutton, Slater, Uchiyama. Z3 5- The first school dance of the year was the freshman reception and it was up to the Sophomore Class to make it za success. With the co-operation of their advisers and the hard working students it was a perfect welcome for the incoming freshmen. The times were few when an entire class can get to- gether, but the sophomore party is one incident that will stand out in their memories. The showed their talent at the "Sophomore Variety Show" and their beauty by taking both first and second places in the 1951 Beauty and Talent Show. They have alot to live up to in their coming years, but as they are a body of fine worke rs they will surely go far. TOP ROW: Jones, Hileman, Leuenhagen, Montalvo, Lumactod, Gutierrez, Hoshi Matliais, Luiz, Mello, Gann, McCurdy, Horan, Holster, Maruyama, Leong, Kamiya SECOND ROW: Maughn, Gidley, Griifeth, Loomis, Goodrich, Hanson, Machado Munoz, Hess, Mortimer, Mustain, Lewis, Mclilrath. THIRD ROW: Mantelli, Lock, Holcomb, Norman, Meyer, Gibson, Killen, Hicks, Moore, Hickman, Haun, McCul lock, Ginepro, Gonzales. BOTTOM ROW: Hirschbek, Mustain, Hollister, Hinds, Gloeggler, Marquez, Macias, Harvey, Gilmore, Guerrero, Garcia, Guerrero, Gomes, Greene, London, Meltzer, Hermano, Haun. SOPHOMORE CLASS BACK ROW: Goodrich, Unquera, Schenk, Jones. FRONT ROW: Bleiscli, Parry, Evans, Snow. all President 24 an 3525 --Q--.w -um-...t W- - f TOP ROW: Stone, Miller, Souza, Schultz, Penna, Warrington, Wallis, Pate, Martin, Weaver, Robello, Thomas, Spencer, Waller, Tusch, Summers, Smith, Jones, Wolfe, Thorson, Pearson. SECOND ROW:P1sano, Unquera, Nunes, Ogata, Treece Salado, Delgado, Ra, Radlsich, Harrison, Guthrie, Whitesell, Sampson, Reynolds, Ottaviano, Rudolphs, Pollard, Williamson, Sharp. THIRD ROW: Schnitker, Zeiss, Trist, Rodrigo, Pomares, Radisich, Sandigo, Segovia, Wilson, Williamson, Smith, Vorhees, Vuinovic, Unquera, Marano, Patton, Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Smith, Patton, Snow, Speer, Parry, Whitten, Saich, Rivas, Peterson, Peck, Price, Yates, Ramirez, Salvatierra. BOTTOM ROW: Norman, Valloton, Schenk, Neff, Williamson, Siegfried, Ozawa, Schmidt, Sakae, Salas, Orosco, Pratt, Wood, Yamada, Olivo, Stillens. TOP ROW: Cowllshaw, Ames, Arlmborgo, Bassett, Corrlea, Black, Dumo, An- derson, Bailey, Erving, Everson, Cline. SECOND ROW: Brackett, Bell, DeLaugh- ter, Fowler, Eschenbruecher, Allen, Calvo, Bailey, Clarke, Cox. THIRD ROW: Benson, Fischer, Craig, Esperanza, Camin, Dankart, Evans, Corzine, Bowman, Burkhart, Christiansen, Cutrell, Campbell, Gamel, Amaral, Burkhart, Cousins. BOTTOM ROW: Canter, Daniloff, Erickson, Aristo, Delayhouse, Dampier, Benton, Carranza, DeLeon, Benton, Estcourt, Denham, Dutra, Cox, Blelsch. 25 BA RRY MACHADO Sp 1' 1' Ilgp S id eil ,xx as Ni On thc first bright clay of the '50-'51 school year, the frcrshmzin class made a spectacular appearance on the Mtmntain 'v'iewHigh School grounds with 2.75 young mem- lla' Yrs twigvr to begin their high school careers. Although they wt-re with--eyed and felt strange at first, they soon got into thc swing and began enjoying themselves. 'lhc first big event of the new year was the freshman 1'0cL'pI1uIi vthichwas given by the sophornores. Following it was frcshmanday. After Schoolthere were swimming and ggziiiics for all the freshmen. At five o'clock they were st-rxt-rl refr,-,-hments. After that they danced until nine o'c'lot'lQ, 'itil' lltlWg Presl y, Riddle, Wilder, Vierira, Spears, Wood, Perez, Brown, Olivo, Stitmt .1t1, Word, Rhett, Youtsey, Stephens, Toste, Tipp, Scott, Richardson, licairtlslt-ty SISCUND ROW: Ti .iti S, Vorrath, Toro, Parks, Smith, Sinclair, Wickrnan, limicvttiito, Lgitilgmiitlo, Illini. i, Yatnaki, Fenech, Chikasuye, Luiz, Weber, Sayre, tt'tjtmn-ir. THIRD RttWg Richter, Thompson, Riggs, Von Tauffkirchen, Rogers, lxititti, Smkscn, Smith, Sharp, Orozco, Ward, Skinner, Willhur, Stillens, Schott, X', l'tiUR'lll ROW: Ukaninto, Nettle, Ryan, Ploeg, Parks, Schuesler, Nelson, Srlllt.,L'Z, Silvt-ira, Weaxer, Vaughan, Yarhrwugh, Weher, Takarnoto. BOTTOM RUXXE Sttrizt, Reagan, Roltlan, Unqucra, Sierras, Partridge, Pratt, Ortiz, Ochoa, Sakai, Nalcalu-, Rnhart, Recd, Slayton, Proctor, Wahl, Voorhees, Wilson. FRESHIVIAN ClASS BOYS: Humpal, Toro, Chikasuyt Smith, Guttierrcz. GIRLS: Buggc, Rich ter, Cohen, Locke, Slayton, Cutrt-ll. TON N. 4 'X' fx. SQUEZ I 314' Z6 v E4 Q Y. ,s , , r f' P 1 - .J ., V' 5 1 rf- -. " ' L if V 5, , A i :N 27" Vs 1 y 7 I ,Na R71 if , K Ml ,V-N ,M-vw as fl J, .3 'Bw n Q ll lg? YE, il v ' N- 9 H...-v V e 1. 5 TNQ 7-I-'l. J g.V1"K W.-L, K Y ywkkf f x wa Double or Nothing Building Quartet All Wet Look Here Some Strut All Sophomores Chins Up Enjoying Life Two Pals See No Evil Speak No Evil Hear No Evil W, ,"N N ll 'U-In-.,,,,, 12 i. R ii ...- N 1,1 4-lo W if K 1 I wrvy . I Tops y I urvey Going Up :svn x I , L... Wish I Could Do That Two Guerreros Favorite Work. Ha Ha What a Joke Fcllas All of Us. Discarded Dro something? '1 6 r W Jw 4 i 'N P . Shoppumg A 'M A .- N w f 'w 4 ' Lv ii MIIIVIHIES Q0 f 5 . . , ws f 5, Q ,B fi' K 'R . Ms + X iqgiwk 35 4' - nw, 1 vyw.-5" f x HI ES All T IV FALL COUNCIL STANDING: Wilhelmy, LeBaudour, Bleisch, Degen, Frantz, Cutrell, Hansen, Glaser, Ploeg, Jones, Armanini, Kobayashi, Fiorini, Takagi. SEATED: Clifford, Duncan Sugimoto, Applegate, Zeiss, Bernardi. This year's fall council, ably led by Cliff Sugimoto, accomplished much. It finally passed the new, completely revised constitution which the pasttwo councils had also worked on. It did much in standard- izing and setting down in exact te rms many points the old constitution did not make clear. This fall's council also met on oc- casions in the new board room whe re the affairs of the school we re run smoothly and efficiently. President , , , Vice-President , Secretary , , , Treasurer ,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms Annual Editor , , , Advertising Manager, Marcella Be rnardi . Cliff Sugimoto , . . Gil Duncan . Jean Applegate Bobbette Clifford , Dick I..eBaudour , Barbara Zeiss Yell Leader ,,,,,, Don Frantz Activity Point Secretary , Pat Armanini Girls' Athletic Commissioner , , , Virginia Wilhelmy Boys' Athletic Commissioner .... Marvin Fiorini Girls' League President . Carol Hansen Boys' League President. George Takagi Senior Representative , . Ann Glaser Junior Representative , , Bruce Jones Sophomore Representative ..... Louise Bleish Freshman Representative ,.... Jeanene Cutrell Third Member Auditing Committee . . Donna Degen Parliamentarian . . . Harry Kobayashi Eagle Editor . . . .Anne Ploeg SPRING COUNCIL President , , , ,Cliff Sugimoto Vice-President , , , , Bill Costa Secretary , , , , Jean Applegate Treasurer , , , Bobbette Clifford Sergeant-at-Arms , ,Harold Garcia Annual Editor , , , , Barbara Zeiss Advertising Manager , , Donna Roush Yell Leader, , , , , , Don Frantz Activit Point Secre tar Pat Armanini Y Y - Girls 'Athletic Comr.. Virginia Wilhelmy Boys' Athletic Comr, , , John Escano Girls' League President , Carol Hansen Boys' League President, George Takagi Senior Representatives , , , , , , Evelyn Hughes, Harry Kobayashi Junior Representatives , , , , , . Shirley Durham, Lawson Warburton Taking up where he left off last se- mester as president of the Student Body, Cliff Sugimoto had his hands full in main- taining the affairs of the school in fine order. One importantevent that takes place in the Spring Council's calendar of events is the annual council dance. fhis year the dance was postponed from February Z3 to April Z7. Nevertheless it turned out to be very successful. As the spring semester drew to a close the council stepped up its tempo a bit to conclude all unfinished business so next year's councilcould start out anew. CLIFFORD SUGIMOTO Fall and Spring Student Sophomore Representatives .,.. Roberta Parry, Don Goodrich Freshman Representatives , , , , Pat Locke, John Chikasuye Third Member Auditing Committee , , Bette Gonzales Parliarnentarian , , , , Bruce Jones Eagle Editor , , Haruko Muranaka STANDING: Locke, Wilhelmy, Chikasuye, Takagi, Gonzales, Warburton, Escano, Jones, Goodrich, Parry, Frantz, Hansen, Zeiss, Muranaka. SEATED: Roush, Costa, Clifford, Armanini. Bod .x V. 'ii 1,, www. sf' 'f--1 l ,I lag' if J' ny' 9' ' ,X BLUE AND GRAY gn-1, 4Cv1,?"' ff' , . if f 9 K Q' BARBARA ZEISS Annual Editor .Lditor , . , Business Manager Senior Editors . . Junior Editor , Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor , Girls' Sports , Boys' Sports , Activities , Typists , , Advertising, , Photographe rs , STANDING: Suginiolo, Takagi, Leliaudour, Garcia, Hansen, Stone, Armani ni, Saltalamachia, Evans, Zeiss, Muranaka, Spangler, Denzer, Duncan Kobayashi. 5EATEDg Shaw, White, Borello, Hughes, Fullmer, Miller, Ploeg Mattingly, Zeiss. . . . . . Barbara Zeiss , , , , . .Barbara Stone , Anne Ploeg, Harry Kobayashi . . . . . Claudia Borello , . . , , . . Carol Zeiss , . . . , , , .Connie Evans , Betty Furuichi, Barbara Fullmer . . . . George Takagi, Gil Duncan , , Virginia Mattingly, Verna Miller, Evelyn Hughes, Eddie Shaw, Carol Hansen, Shirley White, Pat Arrnanini . Jean Applegate, Haruko Muranaka, Barbara Saltalmachia , Clifford Sugimoto, Dick LeBaudour, Harold Garcia, Marty Spangler, Al Denzer, Tad Cody , .Clifford Barbera, Ed Forner 34 MOUNTAIN EAGLE N K ,ns 15 BACK ROW: Gilmore, Roush, Ploeg, Miller, Korrup, Hughes. FRONT ROW: Kramer, Payne, Bergmans, Mur' 7 N anaka. Q .,, Q . y , ar lo A I "" f ANN PLOEG HARUKO MURANAKA Fall Editor Spring Editor Ediwl' .... . . Anne Ploeg Editor . . . . Karuko Muranaka Associate Editor , , Haruko Muranaka Feature Editor ..... Anne Ploeg Feature Editor . , . Carl Gilmore Boys' Sports ...... Ron Kramer Boys' Sports . ..... Ron Kramer Peninsula Correspondent . Donna Roush Peninsula Correspondent . Donna Roush Exchange Editor .... LOTCTIC Payne Exchange Editor .,,. Verna Miller Reporters . Carl Gilmore, Gail Korupp, Reporters , Gail Korupp, Evelyn Hughes, Evelyn Hughes, Bonny Be rgmans, Bonny Bergmans, Darlene Wood, Darlene Wood, Verna Miller Lorene Payne 35 74' -s-I-'Sr .X munmrilkif 1 , s .3 A'Qf e- 4527. " 5 ' . y l gli? - 4.. ...i.f,.x pm-'L' . f' . 11 I X I,-visa!! ibm h' b 6 1 ' , 5 E .J Q Sw X fe W 5 6,91 4-9 fs wiv? X O I :WX ffgis- 4 , E54 fs "' ,gif Azz? ff 34 -1 ff Film AQ SY MQ , 9? 'RVs 5 .Rf i W a ,Q CHHLS' Together with Miss Wilbur, our new Dean of Girls, the Girls' L worked to LEAGUE get all those snowflakes, the angels' hair, eague has and those snowmen! ward new goals this year, Headed The Mothers' Tea and fashion show by June Chikasuye, the girls who worked came in the spring with all the spring in the cloakroom carried out a very suc- flowers and bright dresses. Our lastevent cessful p roje c t. The "Football Queen was the traditional program given by the Contest" proved to be one of the best we juniors imitating the graduating senior have ever had. December rolled around girls. As we sat watching them, we knew and with it the Girls' League Christinas that our year had come to an end. But we Dance, This year our theme was "Winter saw a new one beginning again for all the Mist" and with all the chairmen and com- girls who will return to M, V, U. H, S, in mitte,s planning and working together it the fall, was awonderful dance. We well neverfor- TOP ROW: Hansen, Stone, Armanini, Wililclmy, Mayfield, Glaser. BOTTOM ROW: Hughes, Zeiss, Saltalamacliia, Murauaka, Applegate, Esteban, Clifford. President , . Vice President Secretary . . . Treasurer .... Publicit Ch y airman . Decoration Chairman Refreshment Chairman Scrapbook Chairman CAROL HANSEN Welfare Chairman . President Cloakroom Chairman S ong Leader , . . Musicians , . . 38 . . Carol Hansen . Barbara Zeiss ,Bobbette Clifford . Esther Esteban C . . . onnie Mayfield , , , , .Ann Glaser , , , , Evelyn Hughes . . B arbara Saltalamachia , , Haruko Muranaka . . . . . June Chikasuye , , , . . Virginia Wilhelmy , Barbara Stone, Pat Armanini BOYS' LEAGUE Boys' League this year was a great success, due to the hard Work of President George Takagi and Program Chairnian Gil Duncan. All the programs were good, but the highlights were Mr. Schmitt ofthe San Jose Police School, talking on police Work and the F. B. I. 3 the fencing team from Stan- ford, and the exciting movie of Stanford and the University of California in the Big Game, even though we did ha-.e to wait four months for them. These programs were made possible by hard work, and it was obvious that the boys appreciated it, C8l'lllCl1OCllOZl, Phillip Ra, Tad Cody, Gil Duncan, George Takagi. President . . George Taliagi Vice-President . . Program Chairman . Secretary, Treasurer , Sergeant-at-Arms . Carmen Ochoa . . Gil Duncan . Tad Cody . Phil Ra g SQ, GEORGE TAKAGI President 1-in RED CROSS COMMITTEE MARVIN FIORINI President 'ind' GIHlS' BLOCK M. A gf, M. x? L VEIRNA JIILLER resident TOP ROW: Spangler, Fiorini, Faravelli, Loomis, Duncan. SECOND ROW: Giusto, Durham, Sutton, Stone, Armanini, Aeberhard, Bernardi. BOTTOM ROW: Rogers, Pickar, Delay- house, Newfarmer, McKenna, Sledewitz, Nagayama. The Junior Red Cross hada busy year promoting such things as a slave sale and membership drive, These turned out to be very successful. The proceeds from these activities are used for the benefit of dis- aster victims and to help carry out the work of the Red Cross. TOP ROW: Reinhardt, Stone, Morris, Glaser, Chamberlain, Barnes, Winslow. SECOND ROW: Chikasuye, Shaw, Neff, Mayfield, Hoshi, Takamoto, Hansen, Hebel, Payne. BOT TOM ROW: Zeiss, Miller, Fullrner, Wilhelmy, Applegate, Furuichi, Kellam, Hughes, Gonzales, Balero, Ploeg, Mat' tingly. The Girls' Block M. is organized for both work and fun. The successful aquacade , Under the Big Top, was managed by the Block M. During December, a book drive was held for the war veterans. Then to complete our year, the girls got together to go out to lunch on Washington's birth- day. STAGE CREW VISUAL AID Souza, Bunds, Hall, Rodriguez. The stage-crew, under the direction of Miss McGilvrey, handled all the difficult and wonderful lighting and stage effects seen in all our stage productions. They handled the public address system at the rallies that were held in the gym and also the broadcasting of our football games at night on our own field. Movies toda ! The word flashed around the classroom like wild fire. Again Mr. Maulding, Guerrero, Rochlitz, von der Wall, Kelley Wilkins and his v-isual aid group had come to the rescue. Mr. Wilkins has the job of securing all the movies to be shown in school. With the aid of his boys, one for each period, these films were shown as supplements to reg- ular classroom curricula. They provided both entertainment and worthwhile knowl- edge. TOP ROW: Butcher, LeBaudour, Frantz, Takagi, Duncan, Bugge, Garcia, Denzer. SEC- UND ROW: Chamberlain, Aeberhard, Balero, Boozell, Degen, Wilhelmy. THIRD ROW: Lciss, Bcrnardi, Nagayania, Sleclewitz, Payne, Enders, Applegate. The rally committee can really be proud of themselves this year. During football season they put on three big rallies to build up spirit for the games. The Fremont rally was the biggest, It included a half hour Kangaroo Court, a half hour ra y, and a big parade after school, Many noon hours and out of school tiirie we re given up to bring the Mountain View Student Body peppy rallies, EMA-..G..L..E..S .... EAGLES! Led by Don Frantz, the head cheer leader, and Joyce Enders DON FRANTZ, and George Takagi, the two assistants, the student body cheered H8351 Chrger Leader our football and basketball teams to many a victory this pastyear. The cheerleaders worked with the rally committee to put on some really fine rallies. Many students took part in the yell contest in the spring which the cheer leaders and the rally committee spon- sored. Frantz, Enders, Takagi . DICK LE BAUDOUR Fall Se rgeant-at-Arms HALL Cody, Roush, Duncan, Leliaudour, Holley, Garcia, Fiorini, Barreras, Takagi, Sugimoto. "Just a moment there, will you please Walk in- stead of run?" You've probablyhe ard those words at noon sometime or another. They were spoken by the members of Dick lA.eBaudour's hall patrol whose duty was to see that order was maintained in the hal s and in the cafeteria at all times. They did an excellent job of maintaining order. Under the able management of Harold "File" Garcia the hall patrol maintained order in the halls equally as well as the forrnerhall patrol had done. The members of the hall patrol are let out of class a few minutes early to get to their stations so they are in a position to regulate and keep order prop- erly. HAROLD GARCIA Spring Se rge ant-at-Arms PATROL TOP ROW: Burkhart, Cossuto, Weber. SECOND ROW: Lowman, Smith, Lassen, Zeiss, Manley. THIRD ROW: Ploeg, Chikasuye, Applegate, Furuichi, M Seibert 'L .fill .K .. L' ?p,,,,,,l.. ,.., ., .W,,,. L .:. Z'I 2-2 a'0 0.0 .j. I.: l'u 1.0 5.0 1.1 v. nil l'0 .:. In n A ' p.l'ftQr1l ,jk . ,,f-,Lg ' pn.: . . ijt w I I VA ,- , , , .- . . , ,. g, . ,,,--,t y. 5 1 wa- f- -rf . 4 I ' ,, ' ss, 'L N ff wk rl! , w F4 B . 1 TOP ROW: Schultz, Anderson, Ottaviano, Nunes, Sutton, Sugimoto, Kobayashi, Cody, Stiver, Nishiura, Sharp, Goodrich, Jones, Hugo. SECOND ROW: Fischer, Taylor, Olivo, Patton, White, Hansen, Reinhardt, Meyer, Burkhart, Ploeg, Armanini, Leonard, Denham, Bailey. THIRD ROW: Borello, Shaw, Muranaka, Chikasuye, Harvey, Yamada, Estecourt, Killen, Aeberhard, Kellam, Evans, Payne, Walther, Warrington. To start the year offright We made our iirst field trip to the Permanente Cement Company near Monte Vista. We were much smarter the rest of the year because of it. Did anyone notice? Remember how we we re afraid the bus wouldn't make it up that steep grade to the plant? Our second field trip, to make us seem even -was .,4, more intellectual, was to the Food Machine ry Company in San Jose. During the second Semester the new members had a chance to meet their predecessors on February 27. The annual banquet, which both old and new members attend, was the occasion for this. Our annualspring dance, our firstwith aband, was ahuge suc- cess. We worked hard on it, but it was all worth while. TOP ROW: Hugo, Cody, Shultz, Kamiya, Warrington Beyer, Knab, Sharp, Crumb, Mackey, Jones, Eschen bruecher, Spangler, Garcia, Duncan. SECOND ROW: Su gimoto, Edwards, Benevento, Aeberhard, Wahl, Frye, Degen,.Bergmans, Hansen, Morris, Meyer, Bakotich, Speer Parry, Newfarmer THIRD ROW:whQntalvo, Clark, Stone i1 Roush, White, Patton, Esperanza, Prosper, Taylor, Lock Olivo, Stillens, Ward, Nettle. FOURTH ROW: Walker, An derson, Muranaka, Shaw, Chikasuye, Estecourt, Denham Zeiss, Borello, Leonard, Mena, Luna, Walther, Richardson Yamada. Qi TAD CODY Fall and Spring President C. S. F. , , , ,',-,v.-,-.- ............ . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . .' ' ' ' ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .'.'.'.'. . . . . . '-.-'-'...-.--n.-.-. .A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A4f. A95u. FUTURE TEACHERS OE AMERICA Pippenger, Canter, Shaw, Hughes, Olivo. The F.T.A. was reorganized this TOP ROW: Crumb, Esperanza, Patton, Williams, Glaser, Miller. SECOND ROW: Moore, PAT AR MANIN1 Secre EDDIE SHAW President year under the sponsorship of Miss Ruth Lawrence. Speakers spoke on teaching ' as aprofession at some of the meetings, The aim of the club is to aid students inte rested in becoming teachers, The F. T. A. sponsored a successful toy drive for the needy children of Mountain View. ACTIVITY POINT COMMITTEE ADVERTISING STAFF A5 MARCELLA BERNARDI Fall Advertising Manage r SPRING ADVERTISING STAFF TOP ROW: Rogers, Giusto:Booze11, Balero, Lindholm. SECOND ROW: Mayfield, Bernardi, Randolph, Prosper, Borello. BOTTOM ROW: Gonzales, Aeberhard, Nagayama, Sledewitz, Durham. Marcella Be rnardi, as advertising manager for the fall semester, worked in coordination with a fine, supporting staff under her to ad- ve rtise the M, V, U. H, S, football and basketball games. DONNA ROUSH Spring Advertising Manager TOP ROW: Duncan, Garcia, Holley, Denzer, Roush. SECOND ROW: Esperanza, Bautista, Sills, Roush, Moore, Barnes. THIRD ROW: Aeberhard, Bernardi, Nagayama, Sledewitz, Hursh, Barnes. As spring semester advertising manager, Donna Roush and her committee worked hard and successfully to adve rtise the end of basket- ball season, baseball games, and track meets. This helped to create enthusiasm among the spectators as well as the participants. 46 l l VIRGINIA WILHE LMY P res ide nt GJXA. HAR UKO MURANAKA Fall President PEP ClUB TOP ROW: Gamel, Winslow, Wilhelmy, Stone, Burkhart, Fullmer, Burkhart, Williamson, Williams, Smith, Olivo, Esperanza, Vuinovic, Patton. SEC- OND ROW: Dampier, Delayhouse, Dutra, Doolin, Machado, Yamada, Gloeggler, Schmidt, Hickman, Lozano, Armanini, White, Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Speer, Zeiss, Shaw, Chikasuye, Canter, Muranaka, Lyddane, Proctor, Garcia, Estcourt, Pippenger, Robart. Pep Club, the most active club in school, has HJUAZEGYE had another successful year. Some of the activities C gi , on its list, under the direction of Haruko Muranaka pring President and June Chikasuye, its two presidents, are as follows: The Sadie Hawkins dance,the skating party, the food drive, selling refreshments at games, and noon movies. The success of the Pep Club can be attributed to its hardworking members and officers, and to Mr. Callahan, the faculty sponsor. OFFICERS AND MA NA GERS - - TOP ROW: Zeiss, Hansen, Miller, Glaser, Mayfield, Wilhelmy. BOTTOM ROW: Shaw, Furuichi, Hughes, Applegate, Muranaka. 47 139' ORCHESTRA STANDING: Rudolphs, Sharp, Harvey, Kirk, Campbell. INSIDE ROW: Walther, Smith, Voorhees, Francia, Fishcer, Voorhees, Machado, Wear, Taylor, McCoy, Zangrando, Cochran, Andrews, Beyer. FRONT ROW: O'Connor, Wahl, Rudolphs, Soria, Barnes, Barnes, lloeflcr, Bailey, Smith, Schultz, Nlorely, Henderson. BAND TOP ROW: Machado, Smith, Goodrich, Moberg, Wilder, Davis, Souza, Wildermuth, Rudolphs, Penna, Cochran. SECOND ROW: Wear, Gilmore, Anderson, Edwards, Baker, Bailey, Schultz, Spears, Spencer, Clark, McCoy, Craig. THIRD ROW: Morley, White, Warrington, Vieira, Simpson, Stone, Cummings, Fullmer, Holcomb, Wallace, Cor nelius, Benn, Campbell. FOURTH ROW: King, Sharp, Jones, Slayton, Taylor, Andrews, Clifford, Leonard, Barnes, O'Connor, Kirk, Harvey, Denham, Bautista. BOTTOM ROW Cutrell, Guerrero, Gonzales, Carr. 48 MAJOHETTES VOCAL rfgw, -5 eral' 'fl at ,it -:smirk ' T X53 Q pwgxk x CHOIR- -LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Sugimoto, Cofar- Guerrerro, Carr, Esteban, Gonzales, Cutrell, Clifford. ro, Morser, Garcia, Blasquez, Roush, Cox, Bell, Crumb Kline, Patton. SECOND ROW: Cox, Burkhart, Dutra, Wil- helmy, Hinds, Whitten, Payne, Armanini, Cowan, Triest, Miss Froehlich. THIRD ROW: Grilli, Collins, Bates, jones, Degen, Holcomb, Gloeggler, Beaver, Manley, Price. FOURTH ROW: Hall, Garcia, Schmidt, Blasquez, Macias, Haun, Applegate, Alva, Ogata, Ozawa, Cutrell. I The Mountain View Union High School Choir uncle r the fine direction of Miss Helen Froelich led a very successful and eventful year during 1950-51. Among its many activities we re the Christmas festival in San Jose, the Beauty and Talent Contestin January and Choir Night in the spring. They were very proud to be one of the four schools in San Jose to re- ceive a Superior ratin at the State Music Festival which was held in San Jose. Cliff Sugimoto and Franz Cox, members of the choir, also received very high ratings while competing with students from Northern California at Berkeley. Headed by Bobbette Clifford, the Mountain View Union High School majorettes strutted and twirled with agreat deal of grace and precision as they led the band in parades and on the footballgrid irons this past year, Their excellent a.nd entertaining routines had a share in bringing more spirit to the games and to the school, besides adding much color with their pretty blue satin uniforms, 49 ,............- -sv- FUN IN SCHOOL ' -l ef' ss.. f l ,fl We llella Q l l ' 74 ,fall- . 'F--,:1:r Q ,I 6,Lk 31 G, f- M , an ,. we Belles of Brazil M ....,,,,n , ,, N. ,, -, .., n..,,,,,. .ww , ff-up ..,- , M. f., qi, ' The Captains greet the Queen and he attendants. Talking O11 the job Let's sing! Industrious Art Class M... ' 50 The 44 to 14 score of our big game won for us the axe. ew Xadieg 0 wx' ibiza BIG GAME ACTIVITIES ,Y Jump, Tony! Keep your eye on the ball! What have we he re ? 51 I VARSITY Holley Sugimoto Roush, Kobayashi Cody Duncan Powers 54 Ra Colwell Sanchez OOTBALL Nakamoto, Fiorini Barreras Ishimaru 55 Marquez Ochoa Maciel Jones Maruyama Keran Suzuki Jimenez Reis Unque ra Butc he r Murakami FOOTBALL Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain SCORES Campbell VARSITY FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Peterson, Mortimer, Pi- sano, Unquera, Sutton. MIDDLE ROW: Olivo, Goodrich, Muchado, Stone, An- derson. FRONT ROW: Pearson, De- Laughter, Robbins, Williwmson, Milo- vina. BACK ROW: Colwell, Rowers, Roush, Holley. MIDDLE ROW: Denzer, Bar- reras, Spangler, Bunds, Bryan. FRONT ROW: Nakamoto, Ishimaru, Sanchez, Ochoa, Sullivan. TOP ROW: Kramer, Cody, Fiorini, Ra. MIDDLE ROW: Botelho, Rudee, Cas- tello, Enright, Cargill. FRONT ROW: Maltzer, Duncan, Sugimoto, Kabay- ashi, Bell. 0 San Jose Tech 0 Santa Clara 0 Fremont Los Gatos 14 7 Washington 13 I3O'S FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Ruiz, Moreno, Unquera Murakami, Ochoa. MIDDLE ROW: Mar quez, Suzuki, Maciel, Keran, Maru- yama. FRONT ROW: Takaki, Vina Butcher, Rooney, Jones. BACK ROW: Nunes, Faravelli, Rombi, Summers, Morita. MIDDLE ROW: Loomis, Bailey, Jimenez, Barrett, Ed- wards. FRONT ROW: Wesley, Reis, Munoz, Horan, Montalvo. BACK ROW: King, Salado, Delgado, Beerdsley, Souza. MIDDLE ROW:Arim- bargo, Hostetler, Zangrando, Ogata, Parks. FRONT ROW: Spears, Doolin, Ra, Reynolds, Chikasuye. Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain SCORES View Z8 Campbell View Won San Jose Tech View 13 Santa Clara View Z4 Fremont View 18 Los Gatos View 12 Washington 59 0 Lost 6 6 6 8 VAHSHY BASKETBALL W Wm J I . Fiorini Z Marquez f Kramer Cargill IBCYS O BASKETBAll P' ano Matienzo Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain View View View View View View View VARSITY BASl4ETBAll BACK ROW: McE1rath, Blazin, Bugge. FRONT ROW: Cargill, Ochoa. BACK ROW: Machado, Rudee, Bell. FRONT ROW: Stone, Pisano. BACK ROW: Marquez, Escano, Kramer. FRONT ROW: Fiorini, Nakamoto. SCORES James Lick 34 Campbell 45 Los Gatos 51 San Jose Tech 46 Fremont 48 Washington 48 Gilroy 32 62 BACK ROW Matienzo Harrison, Tut- man FRONT ROW Sanchez, Pisano. BACK ROW Olivo Gutierrez, Gutier- rez FRONT ROW Reis Unquera. BACK ROW Roush Duncan, Rudee. FRONT ROW Suzuki Lujan. Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain View View View View View View View SCORES 63 Gilroy Jame S Lick Campbell Los Gatos San Jose Tech Fremont Washington TRACK l l VARNTY HO42043O 1 . K y TCP ROW: Hugo, Robbins, Tadin, Powers, Cargill, Molberg, Cody, Sharp, Rochlitz, Machado, Pate, Morre. SECOND ROW: Booz, Kenada, Nalurnoto, Le Baudour, Fiorlnl, Denzer, Escano, Edgmond, Bell, Schuesler, Bugge. THIRD ROW: Dies- lner, Garcia, Iones, Nunea, Murakami, Rodriguez, Moore, Duarte, Smith, Pnddleford. BOTTOM ROW: Frazer, Gutierrez. Luiz, Warrington, Butcher, Sanchez, Manryami, Ochoa, Barrett, Gongaware, Costa, Luiz, Eichlnger, Benn. TOP ROW: Wickman, Davis, Machado, Corral, Alanzo, Wood, Emory, Murakami. SECOND ROW: Presby, Falnanru, Montalvo, Morano, Garcia, Reynolds, Lujan, Horan, Car- ranza, Olivo, Sliger, Toste, Eberhardt, THIRD ROW:Ruiz, Kelly, Erving, Montalvo, Bailey, Suzuki, Gutierrez, Spears Gomez, Morales, Vardas, Richardson, Dunn. BOTTOM ROW Ra, Holley, Beardslee, Bailey, Anderson, Delgado, Arim- borgo, Foland, Munoz, Reis, Unquera, Salado, Hosterler Leong, Matienzo, Ra. I 15 E I E VARSITY BASEBALL JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Q L if fs ..4b4t-v- TCP ROW: Balero, Johnson, Edwards, Summers, Goodrich, TOP ROW: Lozano, Wildermuth, Duncan, Takagi, Holley, Humpal. SECOND ROW: Rombi, Ra, Torro, Munoz, Arim- McE1rath, Bryan. SECOND ROW: Fainaru, Lingo, Escano, borgo, Delgado. Cargil, Barreras, Fiorini, Denzer, Pisano, Nunes. THIRD ROW: Gutierrez, Rettig, Takaki, Kramer, Sugimoto, Bunds, Ra. Matienzo. 65 V . Qmmgii I '24, fi Fu if 99 , , A-and 1 'V Q . , Q ,Q 1 'ltf li tear , ,ia if 9,51 if : , T f 5' I 4 , ?'fl I . ' , um 'W 45 Wg J '41 A' I 'y .lr . 'F' ar. is '-I Q' .22 BASKETBALL TOI' Rtmg Ri11t'ri,,loiies, Willhur, iviuchado, liakotich, Chappell, Frye, Beaver, Gavelek, Massey, Robart. SECOND ROW: lslarquez, Oehoa, Leos, Thompson, Jennings, Brown, Groves, Giles, Schuesler, Borello, Wilson, Draga, Riggs, THIRD ROW: Salvatierra, Sakai, Nakano, Oltamoto, Allen, Ploeg, Weaver, Cossuto, Coale, Newell, Engstrom, Bautista, Skinner, FOURTH ROW: Frantz, Reed, Mathias, I"lLllIllL'I'y, Slayton, Cutrell, Fanucci, VonTauffkirchen, Snow, Middleton, Morley, Richter, McKenna. TOP ROW: Lavery, Saich, Bowman, Perino, Manrelli, Tuseh, Williamson, Snow, Hollister, Esperanza, Vuinovie, Olivo, Zeiss, Schnitker. SECOND ROW: Killeu, Patton, Smith, Parry, James, Sarto, Corzine, Hermano, Castillo, Orosco, Salas, Hickman, Wood, Benton, Gloeggler, Smith. THIRD ROW: Hines, Asbury, Hicks, Harvey, Richardson, Shank, Evans, Siegfried, Cutrell, Yamada, Garcia, Gonzales, Salvatierra, Carrariza, Ramirez, Dutra. FOURTH ROW: Norman, Haun, Denham, Whitten, Ilaun, Walther, Canter, Esteourt, Guerrero, Guerrero, Aristo, Marquez, Macias, DeLeon, Holcomb. 'lOl' ROW: Chairiherlain, lvlekenna, Johnston, Dulleck, Sartain, Bane, Lewis, Pearson, Sutton, Guitugua, Meek. SIZCOND ROWg Barnes, Payne, Zeiss, Stone, Mattingly, Ploeg, Glaser, Randolph, Prosper, Leonard, Winslow, Huber, Petty. THIRD ROW: Hughes, Andrews, Ligsey, Yatrraji, Hoshi, Ca varloe, Takarnoto, Wilhelrny, Barnes, Peterson, Morris, Pate, Duncan, White. FOURTH ROW: Rayne, Applegate, Shaw, Muranaka, Tsunoda, Gonzales, Furuichi, Gomez, Croxton, Alva, Orosco, Osuna, Marvin, Kalcic, Borello, QA- . 5 ' 1. 'V T :s i .E my S , I ' 4 . , t Gag , 1 be , lg ,f 3 M. I, A A U A ,, 3 f l M I 1 1 4, 'ul A 1" 'i ' t ,' it , ' Q A., w X 'X' T52 Y - s it R as 5 a 3 E or-A Y Q ' A """1 S vottrv BALL Manager TOP ROW: Burkhart, Parry, Parrino, Smith, Sarto, Dutra, Holcomb, Benton, Gloeggler, Schmidt, Meek, Richardson, Camin, Viunovic, Hollister, Williamson, Bowman, Lavery. SECOND ROW: Harvey, Estcourt, Saich, Evans, Schenk, Hickman, Garcia, Orozco, llermano, Marquez, Trist, Snow, Matelli, Olivo, Zeiss, Schnitzer, Tusch. THIRD ROW: Killen, Wood, Craig, Corzine, Haun, Yamada, Hursh, Segovia, Pomares, Guerrero, Ramariz, Castillo, Orozco, Salas, Cutrell, Siegfield, Lopez. FOURTH ROW: Canter, Denham, Whitten, Haun, McCulloch, Guerrero, Aristo, Salvatierra, Carranza, Gonzales, Macias, DeLeon, Norman, Norman, Asbury, llinds, Hicks. TOP ROW: Grass, Willbur, Parks, Richter, Bugge, Allen, Frye, Schuesler, Engstrom, Bautista, Draga, Cochran, Chappell, Ochoa, Marquez, Leos, Bakotich. SECOND ROW: Gavelek, Ploeg, Allen, Partridge, Ligsay, Jones, Morley, Evans, White, Weaver, Groves, Jennings, Orozco, Machado, Middleton, McKeeman, Robart, Massey. THIRD ROW: Nakano, Sakai, Morita, Lowman, Skinner, Conners, Okamoto, Beaver, Wilson, Fanucci, Cossuto, Lydane, Lloyd, Locke, Brown. FOURTH ROW: Elliott, Voorhees, Killen, Frantz, Reed, Mathias, Cutrell, Slayton, Flannery, Coale, Newell, Snow, Griswold, Salvatierra, Lassen, Weber, VonTauffkirchen TOP ROW: Ploeg, Glaser, Mattingly, Miller, Ploeg, Wilhelmy, Sabastia, Winslow, Sinksen, Meek, Sinksen, Duncan, Pate. SEC- OND ROW: Armanini, Hansen, Meyer, Patton, Esperanza, McKenna, Randolph, Marvin, Prosper, Bearson, Sutton, Bane, Sartain, lloshi, Ogata, Peterson. THIRD ROW: Radovan, Andrews, Camp, Wagner, Gomes, Yamagi, Borello, Leonard, Gutierrez, Morris, Barnes, lluber, White, Lera. FOURTH ROW: Chikasuye, Tsunoda, Barnes, Hughes, Blasque, Muranaka, Cabarloc, Takamoto, Lig- say, Alva, Orozco, Osuna, Avidano, Kalcic, Marano, Dulleck. f riiiif f 4 K Q 1 t , sas, Hi' ANN GLASER BADNIINTGN IAYFIELD Manage r ,1- KW' 1 41, ,V CON NIE 555' F "5 W Y T fr: 9155 5' .5 'g f 2if,1af,J,f 5 W L .V l he - ,jj , A , ,E 5 fa ' P 3. 'D 'Qs' TOP ROW: Burkhart, Vuinovic, Stillens, Williams, Hughes, Johnston, Mattingly, Miller, Ploeg, Glaser, Mayfield, Han- sen, Quitugua, Meek. SECOND ROW: Perino, Stillens, Mantelli, Evans, Smith, Killen, Asbury, Hinds, Hicks, Olivo. Snow, Williamson, Bowman, Tusch, Lavery. THIRD ROW: James, Barnes, Radovan, Barnes, Andrews, Zeiss, Borello, Prosper, Duncan, Moore, McCulloch, Bane, Win- slow, Lewis, Pearson. FOURTH ROW: Wood, Harvey, Est- court, Canter, Chikasuye, Dutra, Ramariz, Aristo, Guer- rero, Schmidt, Norman, Camin, Meek, Sprunger, Petty, Haun. Manage r .ei--92: s ' Ti I rg ' F K I 5 V K 4' 05,25 ' 'N as ,gf f Wifi. ' lf'- , . TENNIS TOP ROW: Zeiss, Payne, Andrews, Meek, Glaser, Peterson, Quitugua, Petty. SECOND ROW: Miller, Ploeg, Wilhelmy, Mayfield, Fullmer, Morris, Chamberlain, Mattingly. THIRD ROW: Applegate, Muranaka, Shaw, Chikasuye, Furuichi, Hoshi, Orozco, Stone. 1 BAR5535ieZfEISS ADVANCED SWIMMING B TOP ROW: McKenna, James, Parry, Johnston, Glaser, Bautista, Weaver, Zeiss, Randolph, Patton, Schuesler, Wil- low, Machado. SECOND ROW: Bakotich, Leonard, McKenna, Speers, Engstrom, Richter, Vaughan, Borello, Morley, Jones, EGINNEIIS' SWIMMING Zeiss, Bane, Dulleck. THIRD ROW: Bugge, Delayhouse, Dampier, Haun, Wood, Slayton, Voorhees, Chancellor, Cohen, Marvin, Trist. we Q Q , TOP ROW: Camin, Richardson, Ward, Meyer, Wagner, Marquez, Hermano, Castillo, Carranza, Ramirez, Cavarloc, Evans, Corzine, Asbury, Yamada, Hickman, Olivo, Sch- nitker. SECOND ROW: Gertsch, Sinkden, Skinner, Esperanza, Middleton, Salvatierra, DeLeon, Frye, Mathias, Gloeggler, Chappell, Orosco. THIRD ROW: Price, Osuna, Siegfried, 69 Garcia, Draga, Salas. FOURTH ROW: Denham, Cutrell Garrett, Salvatierra, Robart, Gonzales, Marquez, Liu Schmidt, Ligsay, Yamaki, VonTaufi'kirchen. JEANNE Manage r TOP ROW: Bautista, Robart, Massey, McKeeman, Sutton, Pickar, Tusch, Vuinovic, Willbur, Allen, Ploeg, Sakai. SECOND RO 'h P ' H llister Gonzales Coale Ramariz White Parks Doole Draga Rogers THIRD ROW: Bowman, Morley, Estcourt, Smit , errno, o , , , , , , . Sprunger, Carranza, Christensen, Yamada, Hickman, Gloeggler, Thompson, Ochoa, Salvatierra, Morita. FOURTH ROW: Denham, W Payne, Skinner, Henkel, Mathias, Slayton, Cutrell, Garcia, Snow, Orosco. TOP ROW: Gruener, Mom, Lopes, Siegfried, Cutrell, Harvey, James, uarnpier, Delayhouse, Lewis, Dewart, Hines, Norman, Hicks, Sanchez, Newell. SECOND ROW: Patton, Fulton, Voorhees, Elliott, Crothers, Weber, Lloyd, Killen, Castile, Marquez, Marquez, Leos, Ortiz, Schuesler, Jones, Triste, Sinksen. THIRD ROW: King, Mantelli, Kalcic, Wilhelmy, Armanini, Furuichi, Frantz, Aeberhart, Newfarmer, Macias, Salvatierra, Proctor, Reed, Orosco, Salas. FOURTH ROW: Shank, Borges, Gertsch, Garcia, Liu, Huber White Marano Sartan. FIFTH ROW: Muranaka, Haun, Evans, Lasmitt, Holcomb, Rodrigo, Pomares, Applegate, Garrett, Esteba'n, Olavsen, Gonzales, Borges, Lira, DeLeon, Alva, Osuna, Nakano. TOP ROW: Meyer, Winslow, Salvatierra, DeLeon, Jennings, Huffman, Giles, Groves, Cossuto, Weaver, Partridge, Bakotich, Frye, Lassen. SECOND ROW: Ulahan, Snow, Williamson, Sarto, Spears, THIRD ROW: Hall, Okamoto, Engstrom, Bugge, Richter, McKenna Locke, Griswold, Brown, Coale, Leonard, Takamoto, Borello, Cohen Flannery Richardson Chappell Allen. FOURTH ROW- Evans, Voorhees, Craig, Haun, Benton, Schmidt, Wilson, Guerrerol, Dutra: Walther,'Norman, Gavelek, Beaver. ' 70 CVELYN HUGHES Manager .Q ., is-wvgvu-it X iii Nm ' New-V -f-N X9 ARCHEHY TENNE ll TOP ROW: Jones, Allured, Cody, Sutton, Goldsmith, Butler. TOP ROW: Ligsay, Bcrnardi, Marvin, Meek, Mattingly, Sc BOTTOM ROW1Cowden, Spangler, Deissner, Mackey, Beyer, bastia, Yamaji, Cabarloc, Camp. SECOND ROW: Kopp Rooney. Kellam, Going, Cady, Hughes, Fullrncr, Croxton, Putty. 71 SENIORS' ACTIVITIES FRANTZ, DON'-Yell Leader 45 Senior Play 45 Football 35 Rally Committee 45 Track 3. FULLMER, BARBARA--senior Play 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Pep Club Officer 3,45 Band 3,45 Block M 4. FURUICH1, BETTY--Senior Play 45 Block M 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Prom 35 Ir. Carnival 3. GRIFFIN, BETTE'--Pep Club 15 Jr. Carnival 35 Prom 35 Dra- matics 45 G.A.A. 3,4. HOLCOMB, RUSSELL--Band I,2,35 Senior Play 45 Variety Show 45 Pep Band 3,45 Jr. Carnival 3. HOLLEY, DICK--Football I, 2, 3,45 Baseball I ,2, 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Jr. Carnival 3. PLOEG, ANNE--Eagle Editor 45 Senior Play 45 Block M Of- ficer 45 C.S.F. 1,2, 3,45 Annual Staff 4. POWERS, TOM--Football l,3,45 Basketball 2,35 Track 2, 3,45 Class Officer 25 Jr. Carnival 3. REINHARDT, ELEANOR--C.S.F. 45 Orchestra I,25 Variety Show 2,45 Jr. Camival 35 Prom 3. ROBINSON, MARY--Pep Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Block M 3,45 Jr. Carnival 35 Prom 3. RODRIGUEZ, DAN--Christmas Play x5 Boxing l,2,35 Jr. Carnival 35 Track l,2,45 Senior Play 4. ROSS, BARBARA--Transfer 15 C. S.F. 2,3,45 Band 2,35 G. A.A. 2,45 Senior Play 4. ROUSH, GLEN--Football I,2, 3,45 Student Cou.rt45 Basket- ball 25 Block M 35 Jr. Carnival 3. SALTALAMACHIA, BARBARA--Girls' League Officer 45 Senior Play 45 G.A.A. 25 Ir. Carnival 35 Prom 3. SANCHEZ, ICBE--Football r,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track I,2, 3,45 Class Officer 35 Senior Play 4. SHAW, EDDIE--C.S.F. I,4, Officer 2,35 Pep Club 2,4, Pres. 35 G.A.A. I,2,3, Officer 45 F.T.A. President 45 Senior Play 4- SPANGLER, MARTY--S.B. Adv. Mgr. 25Footbal11,2,3,45 C.S.F. 3,45 Class Officer 25 Tennis l,2,3,4. STONE, BARBARA--Senior Play 45 Class Officer 45 C. S.F. 3, Officer 45 Annual Staff 45 Girls' League Officer 4. TAKAGI, GECRGE--Student Council 3,45 Cheer Leader 3, 45 Boys' League Officer 3, Pres. 45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Class Of- ficer I,2. WILHELMY, VIRGINIA--G.A.A. I,2, Mgr. 3, Pres. 45 Senior Play 45 Rally Committee 45 Pep Club !,2,3,45 Choir 3, 4 WOOD, DARLYNE--Eagle Staff 45 Choir 25 Ir. Carnival 35 Senior Play 45 Christmas Dance I. zsrss, BARBARA--Annual surf 3, ad1mr45 G.A.A. 2,3, Mgr. 45 Girls' League Oficer 45 Pep Club 2,3,4, Officer 2,35 c.s.r. 3, Officer 4. MATIENZO, FRANK--Basketball 3,45 Trackl,2,3,45 Foot- ball 35 Ir. Carnival 35 Clan Officer I. MAULDING, JIM--Football I,2,35 Student Police 2,3,45 Clan Officer 1,25 Ir. Carnival 35 Rally Committee 2, 3. MAYFIELD, CONNIE--S. B. Adv. Mgr. 35 Girls' League Of- ficer 45 G.A.A. r,2,35 Mgr. 45 Block M 45 Dramatic: 4. MI-IEK, MARY ANN--G.A.A. 3,45 BlockM 45 Ir. Carnival 3: Pep Club 25 SQUID! PHY 4. MILLER, VERNA--Block M 2,3, Pres. 45 G.A.A. I,2,3, Mgr. 45 Senior Play 45 Eagle Staff 45 Pep Club 2, 3. MOBERG, ROGER--Transfer 35 Band 3,45 Track 45 Pep Band 45 Ir. Camlval 3. su'r'roN, rms--c.s.r. z, 3,45 'remm 3,45 rmbau Mgr. 45 Senior Play 45 Latin Club I,2. MORRIS, MELBA--C.S. F. 4: Senior Play 4: laaketball Rating 35 Ir. Carnival 35 G.A.A. l,2,3,4. MUSTAIN, KATHERINE--Freshman Day I5 Beauty Contest 2,45 Christmas Play 35 Senior Play 45 T. V. Model 3. NASH, VALERIE--Senior Play 45 Christmas Dance 45 Prom 35 Jr. Carnival 35 Advertising Staff 3, NEFF, CLARIS--Block M 2,3,45 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Ir. Carnival 35 Pep Club l,2, Officer 35 Christmas Play 3. OCHOA, CARMEN--Boys' League Officer 45 Football 2,3, 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track I,2,3,45 Boxing I. PAYNE, LORENE--Class Officer 35 C.S.F. 35 Rally Com- mittee 45 G.A.A. I,2,3, 54 Choir Officer 3.4. SUGIMOTO, CLIFF--S.B. President 45 S. B. Vice-President 35 Football r,2,3,45 Tennis 3,41C.S.F. 3,4, Officer 4. GARCIA, HAROLD--Class Officer 1,25 Student Council 45 C. S.F. 3,45 Track I,2,3,45 Senior Play 4. CASANOVA, JACK--Tennis 3,45 C.S.F. 25 Boxing 2,35 Track 35 Baseball I. MURANAKA, HARUKO--C.S.F. r,2, Officer 3,45 Pep Club 2, Officer 3,45 Girls' League Officer 45 G.A.A. 2,4, Secretary 45 Eagle Editor 4. PLOEG, CORRIE--Transfer 4:SeI!10l' Play 45G.A.A. 45 Pep Club 4. BARRETT, HARRY--Transfer 45 Football 45 Jr. Carnival 45 Senior Play 4. RANDALL, LESLIE--Senior Play 45 Jr. Camlval 35 Baseball 1,2, 35 Football 2,3,4. ROBBINS, AL--Track l,2, 3,45 Senior Play 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Jr. Camival 3. SILVERIA, ALBA -G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Annual smff I5 Ir. Carnival 35 Pep Club I. COCHRAN, LOUIE--Band2, 3,45 Orchestra 3,45Jr. Camival 35 Senior Play 4. COLWELL, BRUCE--Basketball I,2,3,45 Football x,2,3,45 Jr. Carnival 35 Baseball I,2. ENDERS, JOYCE--Yell Leader 45 Ir. C8l1llV8l35 Senior Play 45 Pep Club I,2. PETERSON, DAVID--C.S.F. I,2,3,45 Football Mgr. 45 Tennis 3,45 Senior Play Crew 4. LUNA, MARY--C. S.F. 2,3,4: Jr. Camlval 1,25 Senior Play 4. oaosco, ESTELLE--G.A.A. 2,3,45 rr. Carnival 35 Orch- CSU3 I. SULLIVAN, JIM- -Transfer 45 Football 45 Senior Play 4. PISANO, VINCE--Basketballz, 3,45 Boys' League Dance 4. QUITUGUA, ANTONIA--Transfer 35 G.A.A. 435811101 Play 4. AUSTIN, DOUGLAS--C.S.F. 1,25 Student Police 45 Ir. Carnival 3. AVILA, ALICE--Jr. Camival 35 Senior Play 45 Christmas Dance 4. CAMP, MONICA--Transfer 45 Senior Play 45 G.A.A. 4. KRIISA, TED--Transfer 35 Track 35 Jr. Carnival 3. LERA, Tl-IELMA--Transfer 15 Ir. Carnival 35 Senior Play 4. TIBBS, BILL--Senior Play 45 Ir. Camlval 3. TOLEDO, FAUSTO--Track I5 Ir. Carnival 3. HOSHIDA, IIM--Football 35 Jr. Carnival 3. KNAB, ARNOLD--C.S.F. 45 Ir. Cll1llVl13. Jonas, MARILYN--Transfer 45 choir 4. ALEXANDER, DULCIE--Transfer 4. LESLIE, ANDERSON-'IL Carn1va13. , BORREGO, TONY--Transfer 3. BOWMAN, RICHARD--Ir. Camlval 3. Ml-ZLL, MELVIN--Ir. Carnival 3. NITTA, Elko--Transfer 4. MONIGI-IETTI, RICHARD--lr. Carnival 3. GOVREAU, DONALETA--Transfer 4. LIRA, JOSE--Ir. Camlval 3. HARTLEY, ELOUISE--Transfer 4. NUNES, DON- -S.B. Adv. Mgr. 35 Yell Leader 2. '72 APPLEGATE, JEAN--S. B. Secretary 45 Senior Play 45 G.A. A. Mgr. 45 Class Officer 35 Annual Staff 4. ARMANINI, PAT- -Activity Point Sec. 45 Girls' League Of- ficer 3,45 Choir I,2,3,45 Girls' State 35 C.S.F. I,3. BARNES, JO ANNETTE--Transfer 45 Orchestra 45 Aquacade 45 Band 45 G.A.A. 4. BOTELHO, RON -Transfer 35 Football 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Jr. Carnival 35 Senior Play 4. BURKHART, CAROLYN--Pep Club 2, 3, Officer 45 choir 45 Freshman Reception 25 Jr. Carnival 35 Christmas Dance 4. CHAMBERLAIN, GRACE--C. S.F. 1,25 Jr. Carnival35 G.A. A. I,2, 3,45 Senior Play 45 Dramatics 4. ANDREWS, JOYCE--Transfer 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Band 45 Or- chestra 45 Senior Play 4. AU COURT, CYNTHIA--Senior Play 45 Christmas Play 45 Jr. Carnival 35 Prom 35 Pep Club 2. BLASOUEZ, MARY--Choir I,2,3,45 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Christmas Dance 45 Christmas Play 45 Variety Show 4. BUGGE, JOHN--Transfer 45 Basketball 45 Rally Committee 45 Baseball 45 Track 4. BURNHAM, JACK--Football 35 Track 3,45 Basebal125Jr. Carnival 35 Varsity Show 2. HUGHES, EVELYN--Eagle Staff 45 Class Officer 2,45 G.A. A. I,2,3, Mgr. 45 Block M 3,45 Senior Play 4. HUGO, ALAN--Track I,2,3,45 C.S.F. 3,45 Senior Play 45 Chess Club Pres. 45 Jr. Carnival 3. JOHNSTON, SUSAN--Senior Play 45 Christmas Dance 45 Freshman Reception 25 G.A.A. 1,45 Prom 3. KOBAYASHI, HARRY--C.S.F. I,2, Officer 3,45 Football I,2,3,45 Class Officer 2, 3,45 Annual staff 45 Freshman Recep- tion 2. KORRUP, GAIL--Senior Play 45 Jr. Carnival 35 G.A.A. 2, 3,45 Eagle Staff 45 Latin Club I, Officer 2. KRAMER, RONALD--Baseball I,2, 3,45 Basketball 2, 3,45 Football 2, 3,45 Eagle staff 45 Senior Play 4. LEWIS, BARBARA--Talent Show 3,45 Christmas Play 45 G. A.A. I,2,35 Senior Play 45 Jr. Carnival 3. LOOMIS, MARIAN--Senior Play 45 Jr. Carnival 35 Prom 35 Freshman Reception 25 Christmas Dance 2, 3. LUIS, ANNA--Choris I,2,3,4:Il'.C3l'l'liV3133G.A.A. I,2, 35 Senior Play 45 Talent Show 4. LUIZ, GEORGE--Senior Play 45 Track 1,45 Band 2,35 Bon Fire I5 Jr. Carnival 3. MACIEL, GENE--Football 2,3,45 Track 1,35 Jr. Carnival 35 Senior Play 45 Basketball 3. MARQUEZ, VICTOR--Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track I,2,3,45 Jr. Carnival 35 Senior Play 4. CODY, TAD--C.S.F. r,z,3, Pres. 45 Football I,2,3,45 Track 2, 3,45 Tennis 3,45 Class Officer 4. COSTA, BILL- -S. B. Vice-President 45 Class Officer 45 Track I,2,3,45 Basketball 35 Band I,2,3. CROXTON, GLORIA--Transfer 45 Senior Play 45 Pep Club 45 G.A.A. 45 Christmas Dance 4. DENZER, AL--Transfer 35 Baseball 3,45 Football 3,45 Class Officer 45 Senior Play 4. DIESSNER, OSCAR--Track45 Tennis 45 Senior Play 45 Base- ball I5 Jr. Carnival 3. BARRERAS, ART--Baseball I,2,3,45 Football i,2,3,45Bas- ketball I,2, 3,45 Track I,2,3,45 Senior Play 4. GLASER, ANN--Class Officer 45-Girls' League Chairman5 Council 45 G.A.A. Mgr. 45 Block M 4. RA, PHIL--Baseball I,2, 3,45 Football 2, 3,45 Basketball 45 Boys' League Officer 45 Jr. Carnival 3. BEYER, RODNEY--C. S.F. 2,3,45 T6Ill'liS2,3,4: Boys' State 3: Orchestra I,2,3,45 Track 3. FORNER, ED--Annual Staff I,2,3,45 Orchestra I,2,3,45 Band I,2, 3,45 Choir 2,35 Stage Crew 3,4. MANLEY, JOANNE--Chou 2,3,45 G.A.A. I,2,45 Senior Play 45 Jr. Carnival 35 Prom 3. MATTINGLY, VIRGINIA--class Officer 3,45 G.A.A. z,3, 45 Variety Show 2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Annual sraff 4. FOLAND, BILL--Band 1,25 Class Officer i5 Track I,2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Football 3. DUNCAN, GIL--S.B. Vice-President 45 Class President 35 Boys' Athletic Comm. 35 Football I,2,3,45 Baseball I,2,3,4, MACKEY, DON--C.S.F. 45 Senior Play 45 Tennis 45 Bas- ketball Mgr. 25 Prom 3. PETERSON, BEVERLY--Transfer 25 G.A.A. 3,45 Jr. Car- nival 35 Block M 45 Senior Play 4. PIPPENGER, DORENE--Pep Club 2,3,45 C.S.F. 35 Senior Play 45 Jr. Carnival 35 Variety Show 3,4. SMITH, DOLORES--Class Officer I5Senior Play 45Jr. Car- nival 35 Prom 35 Freshman Reception 2. ROUSH, DONNA--S.B. Adv. Mgr. 45 Eagle Staff45 Choir I,2,3,45 Senior Play 45 C. S.F. 4. CONROTTC, PAUL--Prom 35 Freshman Reception 25 Senior Play 45 Boys' League Dance 4. OGATA, EMILIE--Choir I,2,3, Officer 45C.S.F. 35 G.A. A. 2,3,45 Jr. Camival 3. PATE, JOYCE--G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Jr. Carnival 35 Choir X, 25 Senior Play 4. ' PETTY, DOROTHY--Choir I,2,35 Orchestra 1,25 Senior Play 45 G.A.A. 4. TSUNODA, VIRGINIA--Transfer 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Senior Play 45 Jr. Carnival 3. WHITAKER, DONNA--Drill Team 25 Jr.Carnival35 Christ- mas Dance 25 G.A.A. 4. WHITE, SHIRLEY--C.S.F. I,2,3,4, Officer 35 Annual staff 4: Pep Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3. HALL, ROBERT--Senior Play 45Jr. Carnival 35Camera Club 1,25 Stage Crew 4. HENDERSON, CHARLES--Transfer 35 Band 3,45 Variety Show 45 Pep Band 3,45 Jr. Carnival 3. KANEDA, GEORGE--C.S.F. 25 Senior Play 45 Jr. Carnival 35 Track 4. LE BAUDOUR, DICK--S. B. Sgt. at Arms 45 Senior Play 45 Dramatics 45 Track I,2, 3,4. BERGMANS, BONNY--Eagle Staff 45 C.S.F. 45 Aquacade 45 Jr. Carnival 3. BUNDS, PAT--Football 45 Baseball I,2, 3,45 Senior Play 45 Stage Crew 4. LOPEZ, JOSIE--Dramatics 45 Jr. Carnival 35 Senior Play 45 Freshman Reception 2. RADOVAN, KATHRYN--Transfer 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Jr. Carnival 3. SILLS, BILL- -Advertising Staff 45Choir 2, 3,45 Jr. Carnival 3. CORNELL, RALPH- -Jr. Carnival 35Football 35Senlor Play 4. CUTRELL, EVA--Choir 3,45 Jr. Camival 35 G.A.A. HOSHI. NANCY--Block M 4: G.A.A. 2,3,45 Jr. Carnival 3. ALLURED, TED--Transfer 25 Tennis 2, 3,45 Jr. Carnival King 3. ALVA, EVA--Choir 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4: Jr. Carnival 3. RIST, HERMAN--Transfer 45 Senior Play 4. DIERKS, NORMAN--Transfer 25 Jr. Carnival 3. MELTZER, JIM--Footba1l2,3,45Jr. Carnival 3. HARTLEY, WENDELL--Transfer 35 Baseball 3. FISCHER, BOB--Band I5 Jr. Carnival 3. HANSEN, JULIA--Aquacade 3,45 Jr. Carnival 2. HOLTHOUSE, ANNA--Jr. Carnival 35 Christmas Dance 2. BUTLER, JOEL--Jr. Carnival 35 Tennis 4. MADDEN, RITA--Transfer 4. GILBERT, JAMES--Transfer 4. GRIFALL, JOHN--Jr. carnival 3. SMITH, JORDAN--Transfer 4. WIDER, TOM--Transfer 4. MATSUMOTO, ROY--Jr. Carnival 3. nf 4 R. sa, . T P S I can't bear it! Three Good Sports Q., The B's Aren't they sweet? Logk up, 4 K Brr' it's cold Human Spoke s 74 ' Welcomed by a sea green school, we ENTHUSIASTICALLY strolled down the halls CLAD in our first day FASHIONA- TIONS. It was SEPTEMBER 18--thesum- mer vacation was ALL-GONE and school days were here to stay. Frosh were confusedly ESCORTED around, seeing all the intimate details. Then came the locker PROBLEM. The combination was so many rights, that a- mount left, and still it STUBBORNLY stayed closed. The TRIALS and tribulations of the first three weeks we re excitingly CLIMAXED by the "welcome -mat-is-down" treatment-- yes, the FRESHMAN RECEPTION, SEP- TEMBER Z9 .... then the THRILLING season of FOOTBALL began. School spirit exploded, our first rally fCampbellj on OCTOBER 6 produced skits with dice games and utter confusion, but just DAR- LING. Songs and yells BURST from our lungs . . . after Campbell, came Santa Clara-and Menlo .... and on OCTOBER 24, the frosh again RATED a good time at the FRESHMAN DAY. From 3 to 7 it was PACKED full of games, swimming, and eats, fslurpj. On OCTOBER 27, the dramatic stars gave "SPOT CRASH" and "JERRY JOINS IN"--two POSITIVELY cute plays. COLOR WEEK quickly eme rged--'t was from OCTOBER 30 to NOVEMBER 3. And in the middle of it POPPED the AQUA- CADE, splashing and dancing FIERY tunes to the theme of LATIN AMERICAN WATER COLORS .... SURMOUNTING all the excitement of the week was the FREMONT GAME, complete with a queen, rally, and spirit . . . yes, our team POWERED to a 44-14 WIN. The ever MYSTICAL hatchet was once more reclaimed. Buying and selling took place in the jam-packed gym NOVEMBER 8. The ob- ject of sale: SLAVES . . . and, Friday night NOVEMBER 10, the girls SNATCHED up the fellows and raced to the SADIE HAWKINS' DANCE. Saying good-bye to the 1950 Football season, we Eagles SLUSHED our way through the rough antics in pouring rain at WASHINGTON--a'thriller it was, too. Following the game a whole week of vacation WHIZZED by, and the turkey- stuffers came back on NOVEMBER Z7, rarin' to go ..... then, DECEMBER 13 called for the Junior Variety Show which was FABULOUS. Winter mis t, complete with snow crys - tals and HUGE frozen white ChI'iStmaS trees, intrigued all who danced SMOOTH- LY to the music ofEddy Berry . . . . fol- lowed by a whole week filled with chari- table drives --books, toys, and food FLOODED the school. A play, "WHY THE CHIMESRANGH came next, and then luxurious vacation. Another sport season was soon upon us-- first came Lick, JANUARY 9, thenCamp- bell.The sport: BASKETBALL. With the GLAMOUR of Hollywood, "THE BEAUTY AND TALENT SHOW" smoothly slithered to the BIG decisions. Definitely CHARMING .... excitement reigned as our new constitution passed and election day neared-- January 23. Busydramatics again presented Z plays . . . . followed by Senior Play Tryouts. The commotion was beginning . . . Basket- ball with S. J. Tech, Fremont, Live Oak, WaShiI1gt01'1, and Santa Clara followed in quick order, CSFers took over the spotlight with their banquet. This year's theme: UNDER THE BIG TOP .... and Harvey-minded, the Boys' League staged the BUNNY HOP-- and it was ever-clever. Vacation all of a sudden this time Easter, MARCH 15 to Z6 .... and once back the Senior Play "OUR TOWN" burst, SPARKLING ineverydetail, suc- cess was spelled in GLORIOUS letters . . . . . soon, SPRING FEVER grasped everyone--no wonder it was the theme of the CSF dance --April 6. The juniors grabbed their day--April ll and loaded it with excitement .... and then on the night of APRIL IZ, soothing strains of music filled the auditorium for it was CHOIR NIGHT. And SORT of sneaking off on May 1, the seniors SCRAMBLED to "OLD HEA.RST RANCH" retreating tc fun and food. Flappers with their escorts were def- initely s tyle at the Junior Carnival's "ROA.RING TWENTIES. "Purty cute, too. Sipping punch and gazing at new fashions, the mothers enjoyed the Mother's Tea on May 19. Bidding goodbye to memories ina fun- loving way, "THE SENIOR NIGHT" clever- ly gave entertainment on JUNE 4 .... then, switching to JUNE 8, we found our- selves dancing at the PROM--so proper and polite. At last, donning the blue and white grad SOWHS. the seniors SEDATELY marched to their WAITING diplomas, June 4. For the frosh, sophs, and juniors June 15 meant one step up. To the seniors it meant anew world. Both ways, 1950-51 school year will be remembered and rnissed. Q55 fl- CQ. Ready, Set, GOU -Q , om Pwiilce' C1006 Senior Play "Our Town 16, ' 0 I -A - 'rw' a ' '.r' J-""'.'5! Qt-V' ' la 'gi M1 if it ' If my f 'ws f A - J fm ig , it L if J --:Q EDDY'S SPORT SHOP 871 Castro Street, Mountain View ROMERO's FLOWERS 873 Castro Street, Mountain View DIPS ICE CREAM 82.5 Castro Street, Mountain View SPANGLER MORT UAR Y 895 Castro Street, Mountain View MORT BRENNER PONTI 586 Castro Street, Mountain View LOS ALTOS NURSERY FURUICHI BROTHERS Los Altos VOLL'S .IE WELRY 180 Main Street, Los Altos .LOS ALTOS HARD WARE Los Altos ADVERTISERS AC SALES GORDON'S FOOD MARKET First and Main Streets, Los Altos KAI-IN'S PHARMAC Y First and Main Streets, Los Altos WILLIAMS AND WALKER Radios, Records, Televison, and Appliances Los Altos LOS ALTOS LAUNDRY State Street, Los Altos VAN DE SAN DE A Store For Men Los Altos SUTTON--LEISER MOTOR SALES Los Altos SKYLINE CLEANERS San Antonio and El Camino, Los Altos JOE MUSSO SERVICE STATION Castro and Yosemite, Mountain View xfwmx X XZ? THE PACEMAkERb Of QUALITY .ifi f ERsAy-I-1'-F YEARBQOKS . : MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS QSM b M ' my WY. - r . -l Q .f'Q' ,"'w " Q15 'R'-'ll B r 1. -Q-4+ s ., '4 Q' : 'ff 4 . ' wa, Qi ' Mfr- S 43 -XS , . 4 wx gg Q S sw- was ,S 9,6 I X OO Liliiii 4 if F1 ,Q Q 1 f' L4 'Nil x lv :ws1".Qx. , . qv 'f - 45, 1-.ei,sw.X.+g,.:-mf. Wwvwgsyegr . Q ,A .M 5 5 sfgf? .55 Q 3 . M-Nw . xv . ...wr 0-'WA Nav 9' D4 3 'QQ gg' J 4 m . YV vqlslfil 3 vin. Q 'fl' . . A 1 5 i. - 'u x 5. , I , ' T,-1' ' 5 J- I 9, . 'I 0, s. 3 S. si. was-Q.. y , .nxt 4 Q 0 K Q g . f .Q . A L 1 n A p 3 I "1 N , " 1 u. .e 1 6 R . x ii- L Q. . K 'bi' ' ' ' 'Q' v U . Q K . ' 5 M v gp xp- Q Q x I I 4... i ,N 1..f. Q A':1'- N: . W "W . R., 'W N. ' A ll . - xWQ5'25..5?fM Ffsff Qi., ' 'T ' ' 3 Y 'N M, -if Q S 3.2rfi-. "-Mfg.. 'Q 'Q V ' Q -K .K . 4 ,mf ' Q Q " , . W . . x .. z . .,, f img if . is xy. -fe nl . -M 1 hi 1 ,f sl 'w 1' A . . Y ' K ,.. K. .-. M, ,. .2 .. .. . , ., . L 1 f K . ' "X flimi Al.. - ' A .FL f . f Q 1 S Q. X3f'B-fliilii? '- fxjfgf. Nl ix. M555 ff 2 . .Ali ,xg - ' ' lf gx. R- , ' Y .R-uw xg wq.if"ff55H., - . . ,f,, Mg fxikiw.-,3st'.x-4 . .- "-, 4- , ' f,'Q.-QS ,f Q-'I'-. - Q . - ' Q- T gs-. Qs-Y-,"?W5i..,g .x 'T-,Q 5 - A ' fX'f.i-'L-.'q - - '-.-X-S','3,':,-,432-KA f -wax . - --.xywfx-Nfl, KJ-wvxxk-5-xarfi -sk-..'-,,., , K . 4. 753.2 Q' ' . .Q k. "x,.wifXfS ff Sk SS g.. . ,, , g, .L, -giffi..-+faSH-ifn 1 -wr - s . M r , ' AA? - lf mx Q19 Q uw Yi" fin -- f - f , - 4.4 ' f .. -5- 'X X- A ...F ,-..- 5. fax WNSENW. : . 4: "Gig K K . TS. Q 'ff K 'Q , ' ,211 Aviv. - ff L Mi- S15-. ,W hh ,' 5 ,far . . . g as-.. ,..,.-f -'Hx -wiv: W I -, . ' Q, 5 lim. .Hg ig-2 2 Q . gig? .. .f . W A k kgfki.. Q ,y xg ,fr ik K, k K K f WX Q-r gvfggygij . .. .. - . . V E N x 5, Vw Q, f -- .,..,.,.-'S' rx' 5- ivy X -x -Sf. .-.lf 'ff Q . .Q 5 K , .J . ' f ,x Q,-4 img .L+ fi 54-r .. 1 Q f- 'V ' W- . 1.--A 'ww - - . 2, -- Q. We - 1-xqgm ,fini 1 ' . Q ,jfs . , -Q . 3' x i.11faf.g.z'2f,.+f X. -wig. . 1-+: -3,1 -155-a li' 1 115, ifizsk qeffibiit, f fa, -Q. aff Q'1,g,fwg5-g?i.,if'g-x2'5.,'f' gf5'..i,.yL..,x ,,1j.xf.- N - - - X N wi' Lf Q.- E - 4 - -Lf'1r-5?-X-.52-L ga LK'!'w'X .6 rr V --ar',, - +L . . - K. M' fs -- 6. X, - .. , f K N' Xa ,-5 54- . t..,qfQ,. .gp-,U - - Q. , ' -L N ,. X :ai .ii . . . .V -. A.. ish. . , gig K ,q..,.?Il.1.iX, xg- ,. , : XE 7 y y , fs, ' r ' . sz. . -Q 4 V' fx M ' 3 k hu . ' , ', -..g.E.41'gZ3z's.f-225'-34 -- 5. 4 ' --'F -2 "kk f' A x Q . f f f - Q. 5 -'Sggmg vvg- .3g.2i-.Lf Q, ..s .. ., 1. -,fy -U .: M1355 .qw Q56-v ,- --g. 1. K, J-,,+,, ,Q . -. Q. -M., ,-M, 45 , - K k 5 fx WP-2 -1 33+ -f. -, - . K-.xii .. mm... .ks Q " f ' . . R. Q ffiwasfg 1 xii -aff r Q . . . , -" .. - . if 5 .. -.- ' A . 3 'Q QS Q 'V X .T "0-, . 3 ,, - X 4 N Q . N 'f E -f N 4- Q --R ggiiiwi ' WN-7f1l..:",.f'48?i -Q xii -F Tx

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